All_mankind: tag yourself, i'm Farming
Twinklebees: I like Q's Invisibility
All_mankind: it's a spell that takes a summer to cast with the reagents dirt, potatoes and rainwater
All_mankind: conjures carbs
LadyTL: Mmm... True Steake
Twinklebees: Ritual with cast time 1 season?
LadyTL: 'Gland Growth' ....UHM
All_mankind: !adult
LRRbot: I need a better adult!
Twinklebees: "Wait a minute, this isn't magic, this is just farming! You're not a wizard at all!"
zazamost just subscribed with Twitch Prime!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, zazamost! (Today's storm count: 4)
All_mankind: that's just wizard prejudice
DennyMcG: Well, time to head out wearing my "Anti-Fascist, Anti-Violence, Anti-Racist" t-shirt
DennyMcG: Seeya folks
All_mankind: good hunting
QuietMyth: ah, the buzzword of the year
Navi_Chem: i take it you are pro-facist quietmyth
GamerWife1206: anyone else having a problem with the past broadcast player not...playing?
All_mankind: works fine for me :x
Skyboss1996: Happens every once in a while
All_mankind: in Chrome with no extensions
Skyboss1996: Try reloading until it works.
Skyboss1996: If that doesn't work, I suggest waiting for a few minutes, then trying again.
GamerWife1206: thanks skyboss :)
Skyboss1996: No problem
Skyboss1996: Twitch will be Twich
QuietMyth: i had to clear my cache yesterday