couldntpickausername: we can finally settle the rottweiler vs a rottweilers weight in chihuahuas question
whenwearebothcats: i'd like the devs to add support units or something
Compleatly: Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator gets really old really quick
Compleatly: because nothing interesting happens
whenwearebothcats: even though its probably dumb to think theyd put that much work into it
Compleatly: the units just slam into each other
Compleatly: And the dev has said that he basically can't add custom animations or things like that
Compleatly: because of memory usage
Compleatly: you can have massive scores of units, after all.
whenwearebothcats: yeah it would just tank the framerate
whenwearebothcats: just add some raptors and compys for the t-rex though, i'd be happy
SniperPumpkin: compleatly, but G+adam+Alex comentary will make the essential repetitiveness funny
whenwearebothcats: maybe if they add some kind of gamemode with simple objectives like ctf or koth
whenwearebothcats: and when steam workshop support is in
GorillaDetector: !next
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Compleatly: custom character models would be nice
Compleatly: even a repaint function
Compleatly: a repaint function would be great actually because it'd make the whole thing look like a bootleg
Compleatly: we could paint the zombies to Beejs and the knights to be banana coris
J4Y_4NDY: !next
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GorillaDetector: !advice
LRRbot: Don't be a James.
TacitusVigil: Good advice, or Best Advice?
Trippzen: Watching the W&P VoD now and that Brazilian game has a really kickass soundtrack.
blacktiebartender: next!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !next
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Steel_zsar93: !next
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couldntpickausername: ok I've talked myself out of spending 20 bucks I can't afford right now but if that thing goes on sale...
DarkMorford: Hey chat
TStodden: G'Evening DarkMorford
couldntpickausername grabs couch cushion and charges
couldntpickausername: TOOOO BATTTTTLLLLLEEEEEE
All_mankind: from epic battle to battlegrounds
All_mankind: we doin a lot of war today
ArtofDaDress: wait, is PuBg on cts tonight? :o
ArtofDaDress: i love pubg
Juliamon: yes
Juliamon: !week
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ArtofDaDress: Noice!
blackwlf: Wonder if Kate will be joimimg them. . . or hunting them. <_<
All_mankind: i'm sure they'll have time to mix it up
Earthenone: what kind of game is it?
Kidror: blackwlf As far as I know its Graham, James, Alex, and Kate so
Juliamon: It's a shootyman game
All_mankind: i'm not sure how big teams you can have
blackwlf: Excellent.
Kidror: All_mankind 4 is max
ArtofDaDress: @Earthenone h1zi but without zombies or cheaters
All_mankind: welp
ArtofDaDress: z1*
ArtofDaDress: it has really realistic gunplay, too. shotguns actually have real life shotgun range, which is rare
All_mankind: really all it needs is tighter net code and less bugs
ArtofDaDress: mhm
All_mankind: to be the ultimate hide and seek simulator
ArtofDaDress: its really solid for an early access
Flea_Hastings: @ArtofDaDress It's based offa game that was based off a game that was based off a game that used the Arma engine.
Flea_Hastings: So everything should be accurate to life.
cuttlefishman: What the heck is this dragon / monster game they played
cuttlefishman: Is... strange
TorvakMOS: Dunno man
ArtofDaDress: i missed W+P cuz i had to mow the lawn and then work on college stuff
ArtofDaDress: but ima watch it now
All_mankind: have fun
cuttlefishman: It's... strange so far
TorvakMOS: The table battle was interesting
VAB0L0: Did the Archers/Soldiers get to defeat the Wildmans/Chickens?