coriolis_: Camel parents are now BibleThump
ExhaustedElox: Mini-Sun Titan
mastershake29x: @AlonsoSwift oh, right (also, that comment might have been in jest)
missbendaley: @xMerce magic takes infinitely more skill
ChaoticCrawler: Soul-Scar Mage, AKA The Return of RDW
xMerce: it doesnt though
missbendaley: yes it does, ask anyone
mikeyknew: I missed the draft portion. How many players went boros?
EikoandMog: Not the ones we saw.
xMerce: it is far less skillful than many card games that came after it
Thylian1: @ChaoticCrawler if only
PsychoI3oy: mikeyknew these two and possibly adam
xMerce: pokemon, and yugioh to name 2
LRRbot: Sparring Mummy [3W] | Creature — Zombie [3/3] | When Sparring Mummy enters the battlefield, untap target creature.
SoundGuy0dB: CAm is U/G & Serge is B/W
Evandill: @mikeyknew only two from what we know
SoundGuy0dB: unsure about adam & ben
mastershake29x: @xMerce let's say among many that would be an unpopular opinion
LRRbot: Compulsory Rest [1W] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature can't attack or block. / Enchanted creature has "{2}, Sacrifice this creature: You gain 2 life."
Lagrangeismyhomie: @missbendaley don't worry about @xMerce stating their opinion. They think yugioh is a game of skill. best let them be.
Evandill: @xMerce I respect your opinion, and politely disagree.
coolbond: hey paul i know this is sudden but seeing as it's eurovision final tomorrow you guys could make some kind of joke about it for LRL tomorrow
silvalunae: Ian, are you my mummy?
ChaoticCrawler: Adam is Black and I think Red
Inglonias: C O O L D E C K N O L O G Y
Juliamon: well it's Amonkhet, they're probably glad to see their child fall in the glory of battle
xMerce: you can disagree and be wrong.. im just trying to enlighten
LRRbot: Magma Spray [R] | Instant | Magma Spray deals 2 damage to target creature. If that creature would die this turn, exile it instead.
xMerce: no worries
LoadingReadyRun: Coolbond maybe?
LRRbot: Devoted Crop-Mate [2W] | Creature — Human Warrior [3/2] | You may exert Devoted Crop-Mate as it attacks. When you do, return target creature card with converted mana cost 2 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.
claritycasey: @xMerce nice trolling
xMerce: im not but okay
Lagrangeismyhomie: @XMerce consider us all enlightened as to your tragic worldview
mjihde: LRR, did Ian put that into his graveyard or exile it?
Undertowst: Did Ian exile the card?
KilrenKrae: guys calm down, this is not the chat for hate
ExhaustedElox: @LoadingReadyRun His red mage should be exiled by Magma Spray
Undertowst: The one that Nelson hit?
Dion_asselman : exile ian!
Lagrangeismyhomie: @KilrenKrae hate is a strong word. Pity?
LRRbot: Bloodrage Brawler [1R] | Creature — Minotaur Warrior [4/3] | When Bloodrage Brawler enters the battlefield, discard a card.
DoodlestheGreat: A minute taur.
LRRbot: Flameblade Adept [R] | Creature — Jackal Warrior [1/2] | Menace / Whenever you cycle or discard a card, Flameblade Adept gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
mastershake29x: GRV to nelson for failure to maintain game state, or something else that sounds judgey
claritycasey: @KilrenKrae not hate, annoyance. But I still agree with you.
skiplives: That card does some work
SoundGuy0dB: a mime-ataur
Inglonias: H O T P R I M I T I V E N E S S
mikeyknew: I've never played Pokemon or Yugiyoh. What would you say makes them better?
ChaosInfest: I'm legitimately curious as to the arguments, xMerce. Do elaborate
ExhaustedElox: I really want that guy to be good. The ability to pump on a Menace creature seems good.
w1nsol: This has been a great game
LRRbot: Bloodrage Brawler [1R] | Creature — Minotaur Warrior [4/3] | When Bloodrage Brawler enters the battlefield, discard a card.
somewhatclever_: So, potentially 2/3 of the drafters tonight are in white?
j0xer: waiting on ian to slam a dragon
AlonsoSwift: Ooh, what's everyone drinking tonight?
grgriffin3: Menace: A relevant ability.
LRRbot: Manticore of the Gauntlet [4R] | Creature — Manticore [5/4] | When Manticore of the Gauntlet enters the battlefield, put a -1/-1 counter on target creature you control. Manticore of the Gauntlet deals 3 damage to target opponent.
Lagrangeismyhomie: @AlonsoSwift Vesper Martinis
channelarcane: Hi! First time here for a draft!
mikeyknew: @AlonsoSwift dry cider
Inglonias: @alonsoswift The most boring mixed drink in the world. Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen
SharpCookies: tos
SoundGuy0dB: I think the card templateing on yugioh is too crowded. I like the ease of reading magics templating
coriolis_: Ian on the ropes
LRRbot: Seraph of the Suns [5WW] | Creature — Angel [4/4] | Flying / Indestructible
KilrenKrae: brb my shoe is ringing
claritycasey: @AlonsoSwift Water, on the rocks ;)
immanency: Seraph OF THE suns
Lagrangeismyhomie: @Inglonias going at it hard, then, eh?
LRRbot: Bloodrage Brawler [1R] | Creature — Minotaur Warrior [4/3] | When Bloodrage Brawler enters the battlefield, discard a card.
Inglonias: Compromise and play Yu Gi Oh the gathering. kappa
mastershake29x: just a 4/4 indestructible flyer
Inglonias: @lagrangeismyhomie You know it
AlonsoSwift: I guess I was wondering about what the LRRsfolks were drinking, but interesting to hear what chat's got too.
ExhaustedElox: Yeah, he kept losing his board and ran out of blockers.
lightning_maker02: Let's respect all tcg equally everyone has a different thing. some people think yugioh is harder than magic others are waiting for a digimon tcg.
Lagrangeismyhomie: @Inglonias dissolve some magnesium it, go at it actually hard, lol
lightning_maker02: Everyone can be equally disappointed
Inglonias: @lagrangeismyhomie Or go for two parts hydrogen and TWO parts oxygen. see how well that goes. Kappa
Evandill: @lightning_maker02 A digimon TCG would make someone I know VERY happy.
SoundGuy0dB: I am currently drinking a Coke @AlonsoSwift
AlonsoSwift: @Inglonias [shivers] Casual formats
KilrenKrae: there actually was a digimon tcg
KilrenKrae: i know because i loved it
KilrenKrae: and now it is edead
KilrenKrae: dead
Lagrangeismyhomie: @Inglonias He ordered an H2O and I ordered an H20 too
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:23:37.
MC_GigglePants: Is this round one or two?
Tokkanada: Just end of Round 1
lightning_maker02: Because reasond
Undertowst: The Angel is good, but Soulstinger can easily deal with it due to just piling -1/-1 counters onto it.
Lagrangeismyhomie: round 1
mikeyknew: Wait, I'm legitimately curious. What would make someone prefer one of those tcgs over another? I have heard a lot of people say that they like that Hearthstone gets rid of mana screw, for instance
mjihde: @KilrenKrae I have some of those cards sitting around, but never played that game
SoundGuy0dB: The angel was great in my pre-release W/R/B deck
ChaosInfest: never love me KilrenKrae
Lagrangeismyhomie: Thunder "punch"?
AdmiralMemo: Is it like fruit punch?
mastershake29x: thunderpunch is a great drink name
SoundGuy0dB: it is great with stuff like black cartouche
KilrenKrae: I love you @ChaosInfest
Suffix: You totally should
Lagrangeismyhomie: The scare quotes around punch is troubling
claritycasey: Time to die
lightning_maker02: Rip @chaosinfest
MC_GigglePants: Who won round one?
DoktorLoy: can confirm that Nelson is not the nerdiest person to ask philips for free beer
MC_GigglePants: Woops nevermind
LRRbot: Bloodlust Inciter [R] | Creature — Human Warrior [1/1] | {T}: Target creature gains haste until end of turn.
ferretbadger84: quick-free-beers
Evandill: @KilrenKrae Guess I'll die?
coriolis_: Thunderpunch: Beer name or Magic Card? ;)
LRRbot: Honored Crop-Captain [RW] | Creature — Human Warrior [3/2] | Whenever Honored Crop-Captain attacks, other attacking creatures get +1/+0 until end of turn.
KilrenKrae: wait...maybe my love note is a ... death note lrrBEEJ
AlonsoSwift: @coriolis_ Neither, it's a Pokemon move Kappa
ChaosInfest: I buried... The Treasure... ugh...
LRRbot: Nimble-Blade Khenra [1R] | Creature — Jackal Warrior [1/3] | Prowess
Lagrangeismyhomie: All every beer straight punched
ExhaustedElox: Figures that the two players sitting across from each other are in the same decks
mikeyknew: Magic cards names that would make good beer names... go:
Lagrangeismyhomie: See that beer? PUNCHED!
mikeyknew: Savage Punch?
LRRbot: Trueheart Duelist [1W] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/2] | Trueheart Duelist can block an additional creature each combat. / Embalm {2}{W}
KilrenKrae: no you're good @Evandill
ferretbadger84: All every bear straight punched
Inglonias: This is the exact same game as match 1!!!
ExhaustedElox: @Lagrangeismyhomie Double IPA? Double Punched!!
lightning_maker02: Toxic Deluge
mikeyknew: Stout: Dark Ritual
Dryhad just subscribed with a $4.99 sub. Dryhad subscribed for 19 months in a row!
Dryhad: #PowerSerge
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Dryhad! (Today's storm count: 55)
LRRbot: Minotaur Sureshot [2R] | Creature — Minotaur Archer [2/3] | Reach / {1}{R}: Minotaur Sureshot gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
somewhatclever_: Ask Rainer beer. I hear that they are more open to sponsoships.
claritycasey: Surrak's only friends are bears
ExhaustedElox: Surrak's only drinks are beers.
MechaKuuga: insult // injury
Artirion: Which mean Surrak punch all friends
lightning_maker02: Bears make perfectly fine friends
claritycasey: Therefore, Surrak drinks all friends.
kpiozero: !quote bears
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Artirion: Surrak tragic figure....
LRRbot: Oketra's Monument [3] | Legendary Artifact | White creature spells you cast cost {1} less to cast. / Whenever you cast a creature spell, create a 1/1 white Warrior creature token with vigilance.
lightning_maker02: Except for those nasty hate bears
Lagrangeismyhomie: Surrak tragic figure...or just drunk?
Inglonias: In heaven there is no beer... thats why we drink it here...
Thylian1: monument Kreygasm
claritycasey: *sheds a tear, for Surrak*
MC_GigglePants: Time to... swait
essenceofclotheslining: swait
AlonsoSwift: Wouldn't it be thinking carefully about blocking?
AlonsoSwift: Incidentally, a flunge would naturally lead to an opponent swaiting.
LRRbot: Minotaur Sureshot [2R] | Creature — Minotaur Archer [2/3] | Reach / {1}{R}: Minotaur Sureshot gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
Inglonias: And when we're gone from here.... Our friends will be drinking all our beer!
couldntpickausername places bet on the one with the beard
Thylian1: does ian have insult to injury?
Dion_asselman : May the force be with you Ian!
Lagrangeismyhomie: Beer is proof that there is a God, and that he wants us to be happy.
TwilightAvalon: yes
LRRbot: Mighty Leap [1W] | Instant | Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains flying until end of turn.
Inglonias: @lagrangeismyhomie did you not listen to my song RE there being no beer in heaven?
Tokkanada: !card onward // victory
LRRbot: Onward // Victory | Onward [2R] | Instant | Target creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is its power. // Victory [2W] | Sorcery | Aftermath / Target creature gains double strike until end of turn.
Lagrangeismyhomie: @Inglonias I was just trying to provide a counterpoint.
Inglonias: @lagrangeismyhomie oh. carry on then
LRRbot: Sparring Mummy [3W] | Creature — Zombie [3/3] | When Sparring Mummy enters the battlefield, untap target creature.
Thylian1: token?
essenceofclotheslining: you get a token?
LRRbot: Winged Shepherd [5W] | Creature — Angel [3/3] | Flying, vigilance / Cycling {W}
ArcOfTheConclave: token?
lifecharacter: It only costs 3? And you get a token?
killerkorpse99: monument
DuckRunAmok: Monument trigger
MechaKuuga: 1/1 vigiliance warrior token
blackwlf: @Inglonias But is there vodka?
willywonka003: monument?
coriolis_: Ian gets a soldier
LoadingReadyRun: Inglonias Beers in Heaven is my favorite Eric Clapton song
Inglonias: @blackwlf I dunno. havent been.
Lagrangeismyhomie: @blackwlf there are presumably a lot of Spirits in heaven, so....
ferretbadger84: Swaight
MC_GigglePants: swait here for sure
ferretbadger84: or Swate
KilrenKrae: can bears drink beer in haven?
MC_GigglePants: let swait
essenceofclotheslining: swait
blackwlf: @Lagrangeismyhomie First of all, how dare you.
MechaKuuga: ian in trouble>
MechaKuuga: ?
ferretbadger84: What gives you the right?
Lynks_9: Ian's always in trouble MechaKuuga :P
Lagrangeismyhomie: @KilrenKrae depends on local laws?
LRRbot: Winged Shepherd [5W] | Creature — Angel [3/3] | Flying, vigilance / Cycling {W}
LRRbot: Bloodlust Inciter [R] | Creature — Human Warrior [1/1] | {T}: Target creature gains haste until end of turn.
thecrafter703: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:33:05.
MC_GigglePants: All these angry boys down here
AlonsoSwift: How inciteful
Lagrangeismyhomie: @blackwlf I'm just a soul who's intentions are good...who is also pretty drunk
Thylian1: blood is incited
Lagrangeismyhomie: whose*
lifecharacter: Ian needs to incite some lusty bloods.
setralynn: I just tuned in and Nelson is looking very stylish tonight!
Thylian1: token
somewhatclever_: Oh man... I forgot to make a six pack of dicks joke during the draft portion. :(
ChaoticCrawler: "By the armor" AKA "smacking his butt"
Thylian1: lol
coriolis_: Ian gets a warrior
pedrodamoth: Isn't that card ian has is deal 1 to everything card?
KilrenKrae: something something sanctuary cities something something merica
killerkorpse99: why no twofer?
LRRbot: Honored Crop-Captain [RW] | Creature — Human Warrior [3/2] | Whenever Honored Crop-Captain attacks, other attacking creatures get +1/+0 until end of turn.
Lagrangeismyhomie: You gotta incite! For Your Right! To PAAAAAARTAY!
ferretbadger84: I think Ian's just dead here
KilrenKrae: lrrSCOOP
TwilightAvalon: Ian can win if he says the play
derek_underscore_g: Yo why does Nelson look like he's about to serve me a nice sarsaparilla
Lagrangeismyhomie: Ian pls
DuckRunAmok: Ian has blazing volley which could help a lot here
ferretbadger84: Look at the cards?
LRRbot: Blazing Volley [R] | Sorcery | Blazing Volley deals 1 damage to each creature your opponents control.
pedrodamoth: Ian shoulda used blazing volley a long time ago
ferretbadger84: !advice
LRRbot: Light a fire in your crotch.
MechaKuuga: that is a sorcery
LoadingReadyRun: Lagrangeismyhomie I always loved the lyric from Home for a Rest by Spirit of the West "The spirits we drank now ghosts in the room
MechaKuuga: SORCERY
DuckRunAmok: Oooooh no
killerkorpse99: it would've been good last turn
Lagrangeismyhomie: @LoadingReadyRun oh, I like that
AlonsoSwift: rip ian
killerkorpse99: RIP
Darth_Dredge: oh?mI thought we were drafting cube?
lifecharacter: The well dressed winner.
killerkorpse99: rip 'n' zip
Lagrangeismyhomie: Nelson just too good
lifecharacter: Ben and Adam
Lagrangeismyhomie: has Nelson ever lost in draft?
lifecharacter: Da bois.
AlonsoSwift: Is that an Xsplit I saw?
mastershake29x: they got there
killerkorpse99: Adam SAVAGEDAN
Inglonias: #bengineering
Darth_Dredge: oh? I thought we were drafting cube?
VerdantMushroom: notcam and alsonotcam Kappa
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: had to postpone since Alex was sick Darth_Dredge
MechaKuuga: loose plays, goose lays
DuckRunAmok: Darth_Dredge Alex is ill so they're doing Amonkhet instead
AlonsoSwift: @Darth_Dredge Alex is out sick, so they didn't want to draft his cube without him.
MC_GigglePants: Beter James and Jame's Son
LoadingReadyRun: AlonsoSwift lrrFINE lrrSLOTH
Darth_Dredge: oh, RIP
JinaMahavira: @Darth_Dredge Alex is sick and it's his cube so next time
coriolis_: Darth_Dredge: Alex is unwell. They'll do it in a few weeks
Evandill: @Darth_Dredge Alex is sick, and they're not gonona draft his cube without him
Inglonias: @verdantmushroom Really, they should replace the whole schedule with all Cam All the time
somewhatclever_: poll for who wins, adam vs. ben?
lifecharacter: Should I also jump in to tell the same person that Alex is sick?
Lagrangeismyhomie: Hey, guys, is Alex sick or smething?
KilrenKrae: @Darth_Dredge im not sure but i think he might be dead, you see....i loved him
Lagrangeismyhomie: Kappa
Lagrangeismyhomie: lrrBEEJ
Lagrangeismyhomie: Omg, the beej is real
Dryhad: Oh wow
KilrenKrae: lrrCREEPL lrrDOTS lrrCREEPR
lifecharacter: lrrBEEJ All will be one lrrBEEJ
Dryhad experienced Beej
missbendaley: did cam win?
missbendaley: !standings
Inglonias: @missbendaley Cam ALWAYS wins
coriolis_: @missbendaley Hasn't played yet. He's last with Serge
Lagrangeismyhomie: Cam is up after this next match between Adam and Ben
killerkorpse99: (V) (;,,,;) (V)
Inglonias: #AllHailGloriousCammander
ferretbadger84: #PowerSerge
Issurru: \{T}/
Lagrangeismyhomie: I'm always curious to see how an individual plays the new Nissa
lifecharacter: Plaidboi vs. Swoledad.
killerkorpse99: Cam "the magic conch" lauder
KeiranCoon: lrrCREEPL lrrCIRCLE lrrCREEPR
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:40:55.
ferretbadger84: Lagrangeismyhomie Cam will probably just keep scrying
ferretbadger84: forever
killerkorpse99: into eternity?
Lagrangeismyhomie: A B S
Lagrangeismyhomie: Always Be Scrying
ferretbadger84: N N B S
terminalvelocit3: Who won game 1?
ferretbadger84: Never not be scrying
Azsedcf: !song
LRRbot: Big Giant Circles - Snowcones -
RavingPenguin: lrrCIRCLE lrrDOTS lrrSPOOP
killerkorpse99: A D C
migelino164: WWBD: What Would Beej Do?
ferretbadger84: lrrBEEJ
killerkorpse99: Always draw cards
Artirion: Nelson won game one
Inglonias: dasSup dasNASA
terminalvelocit3: Thx
Lagrangeismyhomie: Beej always Flunges then Rotates at the end
thecrafter703: He would play 40 Shawdowborn apostles
lifecharacter: Spindown to Flunge to dropping the game for Fire Emblem.
ChaoticCrawler: Cam v Serge is going to be crazy, the two of them basically got tons of awesome cards
killerkorpse99: and then forget the big demon
JinaMahavira: ***
Dusk_Shine: what happened to the cube plan?
Lagrangeismyhomie: "Ladies"
Suffix: IT'S A RAID
migelino164: WE'RE HERE!
Kramburger: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #282: "I'm not necessarily black." —Adam [2015-05-17]
BopRock: Lotta arm there
RavingPenguin: GO TEAM ADAM
Halvhir: Hallo!
MCJiopur: @Dusk_Shine Alex is sick
essenceofclotheslining: THE Adam
thecrafter703: @dusk_shine Alex got sick
Suffix: Lookat these WoW nerds. DansGame
going_medium: Mirror match?
Dusk_Shine: oh, boo-urns
mastershake29x: not sure if this will be the best match of the night, but it will certainly be the loudest
Akaiatana: Ben, can we see that awesome tattoo?
BopRock: lots of arm
somewhatclever_: Never seen Ben's tattoo before. Ben will you show us it now?
LloydWallace: Let's go Adam! :clap clap clapclapclap:
thehappypurplehippo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Adam's Gamehaus at Sat 11:00 AM PDT (15:08 from now).
shurtal: Careful Ben, Adam might dab on ya, how will you come back from that?
Procrastronauts: Never noticed that Ben has a troll on his arm
Issurru: Ben casually showing off his huge arm
MCJiopur: I'm so confused, I don't know who to cheer for
ferretbadger84: #TeamZippoTricks
Dryhad: "That mysterious beverage Ian had"
BopRock: lots of arm
Swamplor: This lens makes Ben look swole AF
Evandill: I'm cheering for Ben
ChaoticCrawler: Seriously, they're Boros as well? No wonder Cam and Serge it the jackpot
essenceofclotheslining: HE KEEPS IN THE DARK
BusTed: He's Mavericking!
underhill33: Hoo boy
Flea_Hastings: Now play without looking.
killerkorpse99: adam "the luck sack" savidan
Rocketman210: magic roulette
Dusk_Shine: They STILL have Moonbrau kicking around?
Kramburger: HOO BOY
SolarJudas: Yes Adam Yessss
Azsedcf: what happened to cube?
spicydungus: go adam
Lagrangeismyhomie: They both drew sleeves...straight gas
FireBasilisk53: oh no
Spacecarl: lrrGREED lrrGREED
RavingPenguin: Adam "Heart of the Cards" Savidan
Lagrangeismyhomie: Ben, no
killerkorpse99: welcome to the gun show
underhill33: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
Thylian1: hopefully ben is drinking beer lol
migelino164: GG EZ Game 2?
lifecharacter: Bad first hand vs. Boros.
MCJiopur: @Azsedcf Alex is sick
Dusk_Shine: Ben's sleeves now entirely appropriate
lifecharacter: What could go wrong.
Inkompetence: Of course he sticks to his guns, they're attached to his shoulders!
coriolis_: LOL
Akchipman: All the errors!
LRRbot: Fan Bearer [W] | Creature — Zombie [1/2] | {2}, {T}: Tap target creature.
Rocketman210: fabreeze
LRRbot: Irrigated Farmland | Land — Plains Island | Irrigated Farmland enters the battlefield tapped. / Cycling {2}
MalBeam: fandango
killerkorpse99: fan easy
Thylian1: LUL 4Head
Akchipman: First time seeing that cycled turn 2
thehappypurplehippo: Ben goes turn 1 ritual into riual into ritual into tendrils into tendrils I win.
missbendaley: cast out PogChamp
LRRbot: Bloodrage Brawler [1R] | Creature — Minotaur Warrior [4/3] | When Bloodrage Brawler enters the battlefield, discard a card.
Lagrangeismyhomie: EZ BREEZY
killerkorpse99: it begins
SolarJudas: Yikes
ferretbadger84: Everyone is boros
Fuzzypanda2011: do i see all landd in bens hand?
Akchipman: focus!
RavingPenguin: Bens card sleeves predicting his future
Dryhad: @thehappypurplehippo One mana short?
Kramburger: Adam's brain's too big
LRRbot: Splendid Agony [2B] | Instant | Distribute two -1/-1 counters among one or two target creatures.
LRRbot: Fan Bearer [W] | Creature — Zombie [1/2] | {2}, {T}: Tap target creature.
killerkorpse99: the fanboys
migelino164: Ben's sleeves just say it all
teavian: 2 BREEZY 2 QUEEZY
Inglonias: Even with a proper hand, ben is toast when there are two fan bearers tapping him down
Akchipman: don't make deals with the devil
ferretbadger84: I got lrr'd into
Rocketman210: never trust the savidan
LRRbot: Archfiend of Ifnir [3BB] | Creature — Demon [5/4] | Flying / Whenever you cycle or discard another card, put a -1/-1 counter on each creature your opponents control. / Cycling {2}
Thylian1: PogChamp
killerkorpse99: adam savagedan shows no remorse
Akchipman: And there is the demon!
Thylian1: Bomb PogChamp
LRRbot: Honed Khopesh [1] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature gets +1/+1. / Equip {1}
mastershake29x: "something" = top 3 creature in the set?
AlonsoSwift: The only equipment in the set, and it's kinda lrrGARBO