Jeezy56: I bet the f1 cars are cleaner than the gt race around Zandvoort I watched online a while ago, but yeah Fe would be a much better series to get in now anyway
Undertowst: But Zandfoort is currently only really good for street car racing, that track is just way too outdated.
Jeezy56: yeah, is it the one that's almost on the beach?
Undertowst: Safety is mainly an issue there, especially with the more sensitive Formula cars.
Undertowst: Yup.
Undertowst: Ah damn... won't post the full coordinates.
Jeezy56: twitch is weird with links sometimes
Undertowst: Oh wait ... it goes even stranger...
Undertowst: Nevermind then.
Undertowst: That link is just weird.
Undertowst: But yeah, Circuit Zandfoort is right at the beach. One of the main beaches of The Netherlands. The town is a bit *** though.
Jeezy56: lol
Jeezy56: close to cities though
Jeezy56: from what I remember of the Hague some of the roads around there might be nice for Fe
Undertowst: Yeah, super close to Den Haag, where the Dutch house of parliament is.
Jeezy56: that's pretty much all I saw of it actually :P
Undertowst: Oh wait no ... wrong beach.
Undertowst: Zandfoort is close to Haarlem.
Undertowst: Which is a pretty nice city.
Undertowst: And Haarlem has a good connection to Amsterdam, which is always a nice thing.
Jeezy56: yeah, transport links is often the trouble with some ofthe old circuits not being great venues for F1 these days
Undertowst: The Netherlands has two main beaches, Scheveningen and Zandfoort. I keep mixing them up.
Undertowst: Well, Dutch transport is pretty great. We have one of the most well kept road systems around and constantly being updated. The Netherlands is mainly an export country and the port of Rotterdam is the supply line for most of Europe. So keeping the roads in good order is pretty much of national financial importance.
Jeezy56: I mean keeping the roads in good order should be important everywhere
Undertowst: But anyway. Need to head to the stores for a bit to get stuff for dinner. So see you all later! And enjoy the FE Race at Monaco!
Jeezy56: I shall see ya
Earthenone: aww "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."
Jeezy56: I guessed that'd probably be the case :(
Jeezy56: it's on fox sports later if you get that
Jeezy56: not live unfortunately
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