TehAmelie: trying some Street Fighter 5, and i have to say, i have not been subjected to such a barrage of information standing in the way of using the thing since the last time i installed WIndows
thegreatwyrdling: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (7m from now).
Nigouki: lrrSIG
TheAinMAP: Signal.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Talking Sim is gonna be catching criminals in a tactical way in TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1557101942605656065
TheMerricat: Chat, not only am I excited for today's Talking Sim, but I just happened to check the schedule and did we already know that Adam was doing Returnal as a bonus stream after this?!?
LordZarano: Ohh a shooter, how fun- ...oh.
LoadingReadyRun: gottem
CastleOtranto: @TheMerricat James mentioned it during MoC
accountmadeforants: @TheMerricat Ben caught Covid, so it's just Adam for now
TheMerricat: @TheMerricat Well crud but yay?
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AveryCorvus: The four years!
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princess_intell: hey there!
princess_intell: guess who just got a beefy new laptop
TehAmelie: mm, beef
matufin0: o man yeah troubleshooter whips
Sarah_Serinde: Hi Cori :D
TheAinMAP: Hello.
GhostValv: oh hi :)
thegreatwyrdling: hi ccori
Gekyouryuu: @princess_intell stellan skarsgard?
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Angnor33: How Cori! How will you be simulating talking today?
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Sarah_Serinde: Oh good, haven't heard from Ceiling Egg in a bit
thegreatwyrdling: look at this cutie
ND_Ericson: e g g
GhostValv: @princess_intell was it ... you?
princess_intell: for context, my old laptop had about 90 minutes of battery life, the touchpad had a mind of its own, and it couldn't run games made after 2010
TheMerricat: @princess_intell double congratz! Time to install Skyrim :P
princess_intell: literally anything would have been an upgrade, and my new one is soooo nice
TheManaLeek: So only part of the controller is supported? I hope it's the A button!
accountmadeforants: You shoot three throublets for the price of one Digimon!
Gekyouryuu: gay music? good for the music! love is love!
accountmadeforants: I want that paper plane
Nigouki: oh no, everyone in this game is hot
TheMerricat: High but not max?
margieargie: Graphics level: 420
princess_intell: nice
TheMerricat: You have to set the stuff to manual
accountmadeforants: There was a "Manual setup" toggle up top in graphics
princess_intell: what is it about boys with dark hair
TehAmelie: is it wrong if i picture our Troubleshooterhere being Mr Smith from Neil Gaiman's short stories?
princess_intell: ugh never mind
accountmadeforants: I imagine "Ratio of the Choice" is some online integration, like "N% of players chose ..."? Unless that tooltip is really misleading.
princess_intell: i don't think Cam wants to be moved, let alone via Understriking
StickInMud: @accountmadeforants that is correct, this game shows players' choice percentages
noSmokeFire: I've got plenty of problems, but video quality isn't one
accountmadeforants: StickInMud Neat!
AveryCorvus: We should honor the absence of Cameron by playing Cruel and saving every turn
accountmadeforants: Cruel disabled the tutorial, interesting
noSmokeFire: lol. cruel disables the tutorial?
PMAvers: Mixing drinks and changing lives! ...wait.
Gekyouryuu: Valhalla? let's mix drinks and change lives!
accountmadeforants: Valhalla? Not VA-11 Hall-A? OpieOP
noSmokeFire: why is donkey kong on top of that building??
Nigouki: oh no, capitalism strikes again
PMAvers: But why not?
Gekyouryuu: but why NOT, cori?
princess_intell: well i'
Kaorti: oh, they invented Pinkertons again?
AveryCorvus: Oh good. A fantasy realm where everyone is a cop.
StickInMud: you say that, but your HQ is literally a bar backroom
accountmadeforants: It'd say OG Valhalla is a kind of bar! That makes 2/3!
GhostValv: the gig ecopoly
noSmokeFire: someday we'll get a game when we get to deter the cops
Sarah_Serinde: I can't not think about Paranoia here...
unsmithy: Showing up all "I AM THE LAW"
PMAvers: Thankfully the Troubleshooters answer directly to Friend Computer.
princess_intell: so.... psychopass but privitized?
asthanius: ACAB but the C stands for Children
unsmithy: @Sarah_Serinde We all love friend computer
StickInMud: correct. though their theming is even dumber
AveryCorvus: @Sarah_Serinde Right? I assume the main character's hair is red to denote their clearance.
noSmokeFire: we need MORE GUNS
KeytarCat: @asthanius Assigned Child At Birth
PMAvers: I keep on imagining Cam walking in, reading this, and walking out.
EricTheOrange: If only we had given more money to teh police! If only!
unsmithy: This is the most texas game I have ever heard of
princess_intell: @KeytarCat technically, yes
TheMerricat: Unchecked PMC's don't cause crime to go down? How curious!
Rourke9: Ah yes, POLICE
noSmokeFire: your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to SHOOT EVERY CRIME
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asthanius: Valhalla Halla PD
noSmokeFire: Valhalla Hanky Panky Department
EricTheOrange: No it's not Valhalla it's Vall Halla
StickInMud: the devs are korean, if that means anything. localization... isn't the greatest lol
Gekyouryuu: Val Halan, the viking god of rock
noSmokeFire: ah, we're starting the euphemisms early in this one
princess_intell: @noSmokeFire does that mean they want everyone to be kissing or no one to be
Mangledpixel: Very Heavy Potato Department
Rourke9: “Out of action”
TheAinMAP: Simply out of action.
unsmithy: They faint, and then get a fair trail, and a lawyer. Yes
Gekyouryuu: this looks especially xcom
Nigouki: huh so it really is Anime XCOM
margieargie: Take all enemies to a farm upstate
noSmokeFire: @princess_intell SWAT teams use special weapons, so I think hanky panky must be their specialty
princess_intell: all i can think of now is cam's desert bus discussion about xcom
KnifeRollinaBakery: load your rifles with sleepy time bullets and set your phasers to Nap.
GDwarble: Ooh, I bought this game a while ago but never got around to playing more than a small amount of it. It's got a lot of neat ideas
Mangledpixel: good ol' WADS
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Molladia: This Xcom looks wierd
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EricTheOrange: we made a whole department to take care of this one very heavy potato. You may think that's excessive but this potato was REALLY heavy.
unsmithy: This is so tacticool
Rourke9: I think those are mostly the same movement UI colors xcom uses?
princess_intell: am i wrong for thinking this looks very silly
Gekyouryuu: Dash! Cheetah's ability!
Rourke9: @princess_intell you are not alone
Mischievous_Catgeist: hiya everyone
EricTheOrange: @princess_intell I mean can your opinion be wrong?
KnifeRollinaBakery: So there are two types of things "survivors" and those "out of action"
princess_intell: the name valhalla doesn't even work thematically-- valhalla isn't a blanket heaven, it's specifically for warriors who died in battle
noSmokeFire: well luckily we're about to make a LOT of warriors die in battle
noSmokeFire: sorry, out of action in battle
noSmokeFire: love how the trouble shooter (singular) gets a billboard
KnifeRollinaBakery: names Hoodlum, Street Hoodlum.
Thisbymaster: nuke them
Mangledpixel: "HP stands for HEALTH POINTS. HEALTH POINTS stands for Hydraulic Eastern Airlines Large Tomato Haulage Practical Oil Inclusion Natural Targeting System."
GDwarble: Yeah, the game's UI could use some fine-tuning
KnifeRollinaBakery: they look really out of action.
KnifeRollinaBakery: like so out of action they're leaking action fluid.
princess_intell: i have very weird, specific gripes about creators naming things with the intent of being thematically poignant, when in fact the name means something very different
Thisbymaster: just executing people on the streets, we are the good guys
Gekyouryuu: off topic: i'm eating pocky, and the box has an ad on it for a mobile app to use pocky to learn how to code
Mangledpixel: "Leave the kid, help me instead!"
KnifeRollinaBakery: they're just very out of action
TheoreticalG: No, they literally just run when you reach them lol
Juliamon: princess_intell I dunno, them saying the govts made this place and named it makes it feel less of a "devs making weird naming choice" and more "haha look how the people in this game were so arrogant as to name their city as though they were brave warriors"
KnifeRollinaBakery: time to take out the trash
princess_intell: @Juliamon fair point
jessicaengle: sergeHi
jessicaengle: Yo
Angnor33: Every day is child explosion day, if you do it right.
KnifeRollinaBakery: shoot the kid, the terrorist will never expect that
TimeToFry: "My radar broke up boss, you said eliminate the child?"
Astra7525: I get a slight "Are we the bad guys?!"-feeling
princess_intell: do the dialogue boxes look like p5 or am i misremembering
noSmokeFire: always remember that there's a very real intelligence software company called Palantir, i.e. the scrying stones from the Lord of the Rings that inevitably corrupt all who use them. So it's hard for a *fake* company name to be over the top
StickInMud: @Astra7525 not so much bad guys as "lesser evil"
thesjans: yeah, gotta shoot the head to take them out of the action
KnifeRollinaBakery: "Why are the terrorists always poor sir?"
Astra7525: the icon for the little girl
noSmokeFire: @thesjans the head is the nap center of the body
Astra7525: o-o
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: ohhh I love this game \o/
Mangledpixel: always thankful? does... does this happen to you a lot, kid?
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TheManaLeek: If we're troubleshooters, I feel like we should be saying "well there's your problem" after every shot
bytecaster: @noSmokeFire The last few years had a real theme of: "Things in reality coming to light that would have been called unrealistic or over the top in fiction".
GhostValv: nice
noSmokeFire: <new yorker voice> eyyyy, I'm flank' 'ere
KnifeRollinaBakery: "that'll show these eco terrorists, now the mall can be built undisturbed!"
princess_intell: i have tons of excess channel points. what emote should i give sunglasses?
Mangledpixel: the 'in half cover' symbol appears to be an upside down Ukranian flag
jessicaengle: @princess_intell all of them?
GhostValv: tqsSmug
Kaorti: the whole team?
princess_intell: well then which is first
noSmokeFire: time to non-fatally put them out of action with this sword
StickInMud: trademarked!
graal_smith: Is this like x-com, I'm guessing?
Kaorti: all of them?
KnifeRollinaBakery: "we stopped to get making suits!"
GDwarble: Irene's great, at least
princess_intell: this is so anime i can't even
graal_smith: Also, if the troubleshooters do anything but shoot the trouble I'm gonna be mad.
bytecaster: @graal_smith Only with teen activity instead of alien activity.
EricTheOrange: Very anime. Whats the best people for the job... highschoolers
GDwarble: Yeah, the translation is a...touch rough. :P
noSmokeFire: we'll send our strongest warriors....teens
StickInMud: @graal_smith and literal magic instead of scifi magic
TheMerricat: Solved WITH BULLETS!
margieargie: Crimes became solved. Don't worry about it
noSmokeFire: donkey kong is on the building!
princess_intell: most teenagers think they're the best people for the job
princess_intell: source: was a teenager
bytecaster: I wonder what the police code is for "Throwing cars of a building"
KV1NN4: is this good or Watch+Play adjacent? o.o
TheMerricat: We just started @KV1NN4 but.....
graal_smith: @bytecaster It's AAAAA-*squik*
princess_intell: @KV1NN4 well for one thing, it's mechanically functional
iris_of_ether: emerging out of lurk: I hope to sweet everything that someone's clipping the heck out of this show :D
noSmokeFire: @KV1NN4 we're an hour into the stream and Cori hasn't gotten to make a single decision, so tbd
Juliamon: It's way more competent than the typical W+P
TheAinMAP: Mission SOLVED
Mangledpixel: Judge Judy and executioner, yes
niccus: find trouble and shoot it, yes
StickInMud: @KV1NN4 it's good. but bear in mind the devs are indies from korea. localization is rough, and the polish isn't quite there, but it's a fun game
noSmokeFire: Judge Dredd: Babies
princess_intell: oh god what would anime judge dread be like
bytecaster: Who could be a better judge than a plucky teen
Sarah_Serinde: noSmokeFire Half hour, actually
noSmokeFire: oh, my b
GDwarble: @Juliamon It's legitimately a fun game, but it has some pacing issues, some UI issues, and a somewhat rough translation
Juliamon: I don't think "substandard localization" is a fair element to use when judging game quality
GhostValv: fruit armor :O
Mangledpixel: Gaim? What's a Gaim?
Mangledpixel: Ohhhh, a Gaim.
Juliamon: especially with a small team
GDwarble: But, like, this isn't a bad game, it's just one that has a very limited localization budget for the massive script it's got
Gekyouryuu: also, it's Zawame City
StickInMud: @Juliamon oh absolutely, i think it's fair to inform people of what they might be getting into though
Astra7525: That's one heckin chonker
GDwarble: That shirt and jacket combo is excellent
SnackPak_: it's a good look
LordZarano: 👍 👑
StickInMud: if oyu turnj on online play, these choices show the percentage of players who chose it
bytecaster: He is following the chain of command, what a yes man
princess_intell: oh no, it's my least favorite anime trope... the endless rankings systems
KV1NN4: gasp a choice
GDwarble: @princess_intell In this case it kinda makes sense, since there's an organized system of hiring mercenaries to do law enforcement
Mangledpixel: ah yes, American engineer, Senior NIST Fellow and founder and former chief of the Intelligent Systems Division of the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, James S. Albus
StickInMud: lethal warning shots
princess_intell: sometimes, your brain just takes a step back and goes... why is a child waving a katana at a bunch of armed hoodlums
SaxPython: 114 hrs to Bite Club FBtouchdown
princess_intell: @princess_intell fair point
GDwarble: @princess_intell Apprenticeships are wild
TheMerricat: At! Now we get the Sword Arts Online action! :D
bytecaster: @princess_intell Because no adult really has the time to master the blade anymore
GDwarble: Yes, subdue
EricTheOrange: Yeah die, when you shoot them.
princess_intell: are they doing a hot fuzz?
margieargie: Hurt, die, or even worse, be out of action
TheMerricat: Like those folk I shot!
Gekyouryuu: oh! cori, have you been watching the kamen rider w anime?
princess_intell: isn't all kamen rider anime?
GDwarble: I like the "Welcome" graffiti
Gekyouryuu: we're 2 episodes in so far
princess_intell: this game is wild
StickInMud: i mean kinda?
GhostValv: possibly
Gekyouryuu: and they brought back the guy who did the voices of the memories, so the henshin sounds EXACTLY the same
noSmokeFire: judge dredd: babies
GDwarble: It's...it's not *not* Judge Dredd
GDwarble: That building is named something .exe
bytecaster: I feel that wearing a motorcycle helmet is quite dangerous in that city.
Raiz0k: Is this anime Training Day?
princess_intell: @bytecaster but what if someone shoves a cop car on your head
princess_intell: oh my god, did he just hit the child with a pistol?????
PotatoWraiths: you now have an patience
bytecaster: @bytecaster I'm sure a plucky teen will use their katana to slice the car in half while still in the air so it doesn't hit you.
princess_intell: "troubleshooters" sounds like vigilante tech support
gamercat88: spoderman
bytecaster: The rain really got to him after all these missions, the only thing that kept him sane was all the killing.
TheMerricat: -the disaster-
NewtyNewts: Troubleshooter? What is this, a Paranoia game?
GhostValv: this seems familiar. I forget who played this that I saw
princess_intell: i have to say, i haven't laughed this hard in weeks
princess_intell: it's so -goofy_
NewtyNewts: This is a lot of... support and meeting up. even in the 30 seconds I've been here
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah sure you have my support, bye
TheMerricat: She's actually dead and replaced by an AI isn't she chat?
StickInMud: oh it gets goofier. the religion cult is great
princess_intell: @StickInMud what do they worship?
Pteraspidomorphi: TheMerricat: That would be tropelicious
StickInMud: @StickInMud a spoon
princess_intell: they worship a what now
StickInMud: you read that correctly
Gekyouryuu: @stickinmud the tick started a cult?
princess_intell: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
princess_intell: this game is amazing. game of the year, all years
Mangledpixel: nose height?
Mangledpixel: Calamity Level: Jane
bytecaster: How much calamity is a hand full of thugs?
Raiz0k: This looks very much like one of the standard XCOM2 setpieces.
bytecaster: The perfect move
Angnor33: You broke dance that man to death.
bytecaster: Always combat roll first for safety
StickInMud: there's a LOT of systems in this game lol
noSmokeFire: kirby?
Pteraspidomorphi: There is something comforting about that alarm sound effect. It sounds exactly the same in every IP
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh, *that's* why it's called Checkpoint
Lysander_salamander: Hello folks!
margieargie: "Your life ends thirty minutes from now!"
Lysander_salamander: Oh, I think I've heard of this game
Lysander_salamander: Is this sort of like Xcom but with only humans?
bytecaster: None of these thugs can parry properly
Laserbeaks_Fury: aww, I thought they were gonna use the sword for wind effects
Juliamon: "only" humans not counting pet classes
margieargie: "Gentle gust"? "Fresh breeze"? Those aren't attack moves, they're fabric softener scents
Laserbeaks_Fury: XCOM has jaded us all
bytecaster: @margieargie At level 10 I'm sure he'll learn the much more powerful Febreze
StickInMud: as a word of advice: melee skills will almost always move as part of the attack, so if they aren't greyed out, it's in range
Gekyouryuu: xcom rules. 10% = 100% and 99.9% = 0%
Laserbeaks_Fury: Mr, Jean is not my lover
Kaorti: WOW
Raiz0k: "Also pointing the pistol in my face apparently"
Kaorti: I hate everything about this
hyralt: Mr Jean has the WORST muzzle discipline
Raiz0k: "(with what looks like extremely poor trigger discipline)"
Lysander_salamander: I sort of want an X-com spinoff like Chimera Squad, but with the humans and aliens doing heists instead of being cops.
Gekyouryuu: he's always hitting us in the head with his gun? is he from the American midwest? is this Indiana Jean and the Pistoled Skull?
noSmokeFire: @Lysander_salamander hell yeah
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tergonis: i want Mr Jean to turn into a villain for later to make up for this
TheMerricat: @Lysander_salamander So XCom Payday?
Raiz0k: @hyralt That too xD.
Lysander_salamander: There are a couple of X-com-alikes that are also heist games, but they don't have space aliens in them.
Mangledpixel: Security Level: Tolkein
CouldntPickAUsername: I'm curious about LRR's response to this game. I tried it myself but found there were just too many mechanics. Like it wanted to be everything
bytecaster: We got three ordinary uniforms!
Pteraspidomorphi: They do seem to only have tolkien security
Mangledpixel: Shubbletooter
GhostValv: Judge Judy and Executioner :)
Raiz0k: Sweeper sounds like the best mastery by name alone.
EricTheOrange: I suggest: linens and things
KeytarCat: cantdrawhorsesclub
Mangledpixel: Hobo cop!
tergonis: trash pandas incorporated
Raiz0k: @KeytarCat cantholstergunsclub
bytecaster: The Trash Pandas?
Raiz0k: See? Told ya!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Trash Hot Dogs! Trash Hot Dogs!
Piratical_tendancies: loot goblins!
Lysander_salamander: RaccAttack
KeytarCat: Pigsty
Raiz0k: +1 on loot goblins
InquisitorGaia: Loot, loot, loot! Its what gets the boys to get up and shoot!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Can't Loot Boxes
gamercat88: Dumpster Horses
SpacePotato01: legally not allowed to draw horses.
Mangledpixel: Troubleshorses
CouldntPickAUsername: tribble shooters
bytecaster: Equine Trouble
Sarah_Serinde: Can't Loot Horses
Alephred: Big Hoof
CouldntPickAUsername: bubble bubble toil and trouble shooters
EricTheOrange: Fancy pants club
margieargie: Oh no...
Lysander_salamander: Three Raccoons in a Horse Suit
Chronomagistrate: Loot Centaurs
Raiz0k: And 20 chars max
Lysander_salamander: nice
FlamingSpipernado: lol
Lysander_salamander: love it
Raiz0k: Great one.
bytecaster: Do you master the sword, or being responsible?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Man, I would give this game mad props if every once in awhile he was named Albus Bernstain
margieargie: Hey, this guy's the same height I am... wish I could say the same about weight <_<
hyralt: Albus’ piercing green eyes stare into my soul on that expertise screen
EricTheOrange: The charecter model makes me think persona 4 for some reason. Kinda smooth PS2 vibes
hyralt: @margieargie same, same
Laserbeaks_Fury: man, a room with a mini kitch and a bed
Laserbeaks_Fury: so jelly
Raiz0k: "Fragile", like Albus' sense of independence?
gamercat88: Shoe plates
bytecaster: All my things, hp potion and shoes.
constablecrab: Wow, they already released a prequel to Unpacking?
hyralt: @raiz0k lol
Rourke9: it'll also help you burn your apartment down
Laserbeaks_Fury: Locally Sourced Munitions
EricTheOrange: So he's never met Aunt Lily? Bets on that shes not real or some kind of government plant.
Piratical_tendancies: make flashbangs! great!
InquisitorGaia: kids, dont make your own flash grenades they will go off in your face
Alephred: Boutique flash grenades, each individually crafted with care.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Pack your Mr. Jean dakimakura
Laserbeaks_Fury: Starts Packing, immediately gets distracted. Big Mood
Raiz0k: @Alephred I believe the current target word is still "artisanal".
tergonis: Existential Dread mastery unlocked
GhostValv: Imposter Syndrome mastery unlocked
EricTheOrange: exp share from them pokemans
Alephred: @Raiz0k That's the word I was thinking of, thank you.
Raiz0k: :)
Mangledpixel: ah, but have you mastered optimism
Laserbeaks_Fury: That is...entirely too many things to learn
Raiz0k: Yearning looks like an OP trait, that is if you're actually allowed opportunities in the game to use it later on - so depends on the "plot"?
Raiz0k: At least the "T" is there.
Laserbeaks_Fury: See, this is when you should be making your company
Raiz0k: Wait, did he pack that entire ginormous S-shaped looks-like-solid-wood bookshelf by himself?
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InquisitorGaia: so theyre just judge dread mercs?
GhostValv: D:
Mangledpixel: s y n e r g y
Raiz0k: He said the forbidden word.
margieargie: He really does own a company now
TheMerricat: Look at Albus, registered his first LLC and all the sudden he's using big words like synergy.....
bytecaster: We are a drug crafting professional
Lysander_salamander: funky
Mangledpixel: woooow
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat Well, since LLC gives you, by definition, limited liability, it's only natural it can also provide some limited BS Mastery (such as saying "synergy" in earnest).
TimIAm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Adam is checking out Returnal on this evening's Bonus Stream! Game: Returnal) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (2:24 from now).
TheMerricat: @TheMerricat :D
ArdentSlacker: OMG, Troubleshooter! ghostg19GASP
Mangledpixel: there's an 'available only' filter
bytecaster: Maybe we could equip Counterattack if we had more TP
TheThirdTail: Just tuning in - do you have an ability called "Optimism"?
bytecaster: And by TP I mean toilet paper
Mangledpixel: TheThirdTail yep, and 'Yearning'
TheMerricat: And competence and patience.
bytecaster: We are gonna train our "Patience" skill
Mangledpixel: f l u i d s
PotatoWraiths: make sure to flip yourself turnways
Coloneljesus: touching grass? ew!
hyralt: Ah good. I needed to rotate some fluids
CouldntPickAUsername: cash grass or ass no one touches for free
PotatoWraiths: xD
InquisitorGaia: theres a new crapshot out!
ArdentSlacker: Come for the "X-com, but with anime protagonists", stay for the byzantine skill-crafting system where you go "Wait, if I turn these two abilities into that, I can make this one and get free retaliatory strikes?"
Raiz0k: It definitely looks like the kind of game where half the fun is exploring the ability tree to find the absolutely, and hilariously, broken combos.
wildpeaks: as the legends foretold
bytecaster: Only baby-adjacent
hyralt: I came because I thought this was related to the Trouble Shooters in Paranoia (though maybe that’s just from Dale’s campaign), but this is rad even though it wasn’t what I was expecting
TheThirdTail: 27, or in Anime Years, late 50s. Basically already dead.
bytecaster: Wearing a katana on his back, like an adult
Raiz0k: But not a 1000-year old dragon?
wildpeaks: Unpacking, the anime version
hyralt: He can read his emails from across the room?
hyralt: Most impressive
Raiz0k: Well that's a novel AR approach to "zero inbox".
hyralt: Albus’ eagle eyes are clearly the reason he’s a Trouble Shooter and I’m not
Lysander_salamander: maybe she really likes lilies
Lysander_salamander: Like a cat fancier, but for lilies
TheMerricat: V
bytecaster: Really, I would have assume Villfred
Mangledpixel: concentrated power of Vill
They_Are_Alyx: Javier? Are we going to sing a song of angry men?
hyralt: Vill, also known as the big V
KeytarCat: I got a letter from the President when I got my Eagle Scout rank
TheMerricat: Lilly Lover!
Raiz0k: @Mangledpixel Is that a Mike Shinoda reference?
Lysander_salamander: dramatic.
bytecaster: We will always have Paris, my old studio
TheThirdTail: If you're short on cash in this world, are you in a Vill pickle?
hyralt: Wow. I have to start bidding Adieu to every room I leave.
hyralt: Adieu, living room!
margieargie: We shall never meet again, old studio, but I shall keep you in my heart forever... adieu, adieu, remember me
CouldntPickAUsername: oh come on Cori, the disaster, everyone knows the disaster
Pteraspidomorphi: The day of leaving is just
bytecaster: @CouldntPickAUsername You know, second impact, the disaster, we learned about it in school
Laserbeaks_Fury: 10 years, JFC how backed up are these trains?!
wildpeaks: that's one heck of a slow train, takes 10 years
Crazyginder22: this game is so good! I have sunk WAAYY too many hours into it
GhostValv: :O
Kaorti: eugenics huh?
Mangledpixel: yikes!
Raiz0k: Riiiight.
Kaorti: pinkertons, eugenics, checkpoints
NorthHillLive: that is dance floor room
margieargie: I want to watch the anime those two on the right star in
TheMerricat: I feel attacked by today's crapshot btw.
Lysander_salamander: dang, nice
SpacePotato01: probably a Dutch train
hyralt: You could have a cricket match in that leg room
wildpeaks: multipass
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat Aren't we all?
TheOneCalledStu: Papers, Please
Lysander_salamander: this really is a utopia
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CouldntPickAUsername: @TheMerricat my response was to go look at what humble bundles are currently out
princess_intell: i'm back. is it still incredibly anime?
Lysander_salamander: wow, she's got a lot going on
Raiz0k: "Yeah, yeah, shout my name a little louder!"
hyralt: Wow. She is amazing
princess_intell: that
noSmokeFire: she looks like goth captain america
Kaorti: oh hi
Lysander_salamander: oh, an albino too
princess_intell: is.... a character design
TheThirdTail: 6/10, not enough belts and zippers
margieargie: @princess_intell Take a look at the people on screen right now and make your own decision on that
TheOneCalledStu: this aint a scene its an arms race
bytecaster: Life pro tip, always bring your sniper rifle to the train and people will be very eager to give you their seat.
They_Are_Alyx: They're girlfriends, your honour
TheMerricat: @princess_intell tbf this is more Manhwa than Anime :P
wildpeaks: definitely roomates
Laserbeaks_Fury: They have names, they must be in the game
princess_intell: @margieargie yes, but when i left it was incredibly silly and.... teenage is a good way to put it?
Lysander_salamander: my god, they're roommates
GhostValv: creepy
princess_intell: this game is... a lot
Raiz0k: "Heheh, it's funny, cause her hair is black, her whole clothing is black, but she's called Bianca, see?"
hyralt: The little girl with pink hair in the seat ahead of him is DEFINITELY another troubleshooter
TheOneCalledStu: your outfit is a lot
Lysander_salamander: Albus, dial it back like 20 percent
Kaorti: y cori?
GhostValv: D:
TheMerricat: CORI!
Rourke9: Cori...
Lysander_salamander: hahahahahahahaha
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: CORI!
wildpeaks: cori
tergonis: the face of instant regret
Raiz0k: :D
princess_intell: uh.... phrasing?
hyralt: Cori is just saying what we’re all thinking
Lysander_salamander: sometimes that happens it's ok
TheMerricat: !adult
LRRbot: Adult currently unavailable, please try again later.
CouldntPickAUsername: wow, I didn't get this encounter when I played....
Travilogue: Cori! I almost spit coffee into the insides of my computer!
princess_intell: i think ian is rubbing off on her
TheMerricat: @princess_intell I'm scared, what if Cori was actually why Ian is Ian... :D
princess_intell: @TheMerricat LUL
Laserbeaks_Fury: yes, the 5 kinds of people are all here
Lysander_salamander: Tall guy and tiny girl duo. Neat.
Raiz0k: @princess_intell Wait, y'all didn't assume as much?
Kaorti: @princess_intell there's a thing called a virtuous cycle...
princess_intell: i forget that they've been together for a long time lol
TheMerricat: lol
Kaorti: no psychic bleed?
Lysander_salamander: congrats!
tergonis: cross contamination
hyralt: DEFINITELY no side effects
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh no, I'm so sorry
princess_intell: fourteen is a log time, congrats
CouldntPickAUsername: no sidebets? so your gambling monogamous
EricTheOrange: the side effect of random dooting around the house
GhostValv: some light watching of victory gundam :)
Nigouki: oh boy, Victory Gundam is definitely A THING
princess_intell: how much gundam is in your home right now?
princess_intell: never mind
Raiz0k: Oh yeah, the SpyxSpy little girl expy!
Lysander_salamander: Is Marco a Texan?
hyralt: I called it. Luna is definitely a troubleshooter
Laserbeaks_Fury: Everybody Hates Chris
princess_intell: who gave the twelve year old a weapon?
TheThirdTail: Chris Redfield?
TheMerricat: -The Disaster-
Raiz0k: Oh, it was his umbrella there under the radiator!
They_Are_Alyx: @princess_intell I bet she's actually like 25 or something
princess_intell: oh good lord i hate it when anime does that
noSmokeFire: someone's listening to music without headphones
Lysander_salamander: This whole open-carry thing is giving me mixed feelings.
noSmokeFire: has Albus ever had a job before? does he have any money? or a credit history?
TheOneCalledStu: Time to troubleshoot getting an office
bytecaster: @princess_intell Normally they go all out and make them thousand of years old, just to be safe
Laserbeaks_Fury: okay, we have to stop and find that Missing Cat
princess_intell: because they're like 14.
margieargie: Is that a pair of posters of D.B. Cooper on there?
TheMerricat: who posts three copies of wanted posters and missing posters right next toeach other. wouldn't you move them farther apart?
TheOneCalledStu: its a punchaman
Juliamon: bruh
GhostValv: good start
Lysander_salamander: I mean, what's the point of the story? Is this like, a cautionary tale of what happens when you defund the police?
Coloneljesus: this game couldn't be more anime if it tried
wildpeaks: one entire Unit
princess_intell: no, people don't want to rent apartments to people who can't legally sign leases
princess_intell: also hnnnnnnng
on_and_awful: Alan Thicccman
Rourke9: I could see Ian in that outfit
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hello, Not-Kiryu
wildpeaks: oh yeah Ian could rock this outfit
Lysander_salamander: Wow, look at all the veins in that guy's forehead
TheMerricat: So just an FYI chat, but this apparently was meant to be the first game of a whole franchise universe.... just going to put that out there...
noSmokeFire: that man just out-punched a guy with a gun
Coloneljesus: cravatte but in the back
tergonis: he's so majestic
Juliamon: this guy is Yakuza by way of Jojo
princess_intell: it looks straight out of jojo
hyralt: This game is breaking Cori!
GhostValv: it's a good picture
margieargie: @TheMerricat I'm already hoping we get the rest of them
princess_intell: he needs to pose more though
Lysander_salamander: such big hands
Mangledpixel: his collar is so pointy
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KV1NN4: i need ot get my partner this vest..
noSmokeFire: BYOButler
bytecaster: Buff pirate butler
TheMerricat: @TheMerricat Pray this game does gang busters then, they kept it in EA for 'forever' and only released it because they were running out of money so....
Laserbeaks_Fury: Don Arrrrleon
princess_intell: so children can sign leases in this universe?
wildpeaks: his hands are bigger than our character's head o.O
Coloneljesus: 20x month's rent as deposit. wtf?!
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's discrimination
bytecaster: @princess_intell I feel if they are allowed to kill, they can be trusted to sign a lease
hyralt: @laserbeaks_fury Don Yarrrrleon?
They_Are_Alyx: @wildpeaks Oh lord, he has Yaoi Hands
Lysander_salamander: yeah, this sucks
Loonatic93: "Troubleshooter?" I honestly thought I was the only one who knew about this game!
TheThirdTail: Down with landlords and all that
princess_intell: in this universe, i'd start a troubleshooter property insurance company for building owners to join
Raiz0k: @princess_intell "Sell shovels", huh?
princess_intell: @They_Are_Alyx oh my god he does
Loonatic93: The localization in this game is half of the entertainment.
princess_intell: this game is wild and glorious
Raiz0k: Backstreet Enforcer? Gee, I wonder what they are collectively called...
Lysander_salamander: aha, so this is how we get a discount
bytecaster: @Raiz0k The Boys of the Backstreets, of course
Raiz0k: @Raiz0k Of course.
Lysander_salamander: Negotiate for a better lease!
Loonatic93: @LoadingReadyRun Have you played this game before?
noSmokeFire: this is a NO JAMMING zone
wildpeaks: "stop right there, criminal scum"
Loonatic93: You are in for a ride!
hyralt: This is the absolute best time to negotiate
princess_intell: he knew the parents and their secrets. calling it now
Sarah_Serinde: Ahh, exposure
ArdentSlacker: Capitalism!
Pteraspidomorphi: Work for exposure!
Kaorti: something something privatized cops
bytecaster: Don't work for exposure
noSmokeFire: "work for exposure"
Lysander_salamander: hahahahaaha,
Raiz0k: @Lysander_salamander Well, cross that one off your bingo card!
Kaorti: 1. Fuck you 2. pay me
Juliamon: To be fair, Don absolutely looks like the kinda guy who would try to con you with the exposure trick
princess_intell: how dare the child ask for a discount on rent from an adult
hyralt: Get the guy with the rifle!
princess_intell: how old is albus supposed to be?
wildpeaks: so it's anime xcom ?
TheOneCalledStu: Flash and Clear time
Loonatic93: Specifically K-Anime X:Com.
princess_intell: @wildpeaks 90% anime, 10% xcom
ArdentSlacker: @wildpeaks It's anime x-com with crafting rpg skills.
Mangledpixel: lightswitch rave!
Lysander_salamander: Freelance Police, the anime. Oh man, if only this were a Sam and Max game
margieargie: Oh no, one of them had sunglasses!
Raiz0k: @wildpeaks What clued you in? The extreme subtlety of the hints?
Mangledpixel: the system - is down - the system - is down
Loonatic93: With some amazing localization and dialogue.
wildpeaks: like Albus Dumbledore used to say about the light shining bright in the dark, turns out he was talking about flashbang grenades after all :D
Juliamon: It feels kinda Shadowrun-y
princess_intell: can someone please affirm that we shouldn't be putting teenagers in positions of authority
princess_intell: i need a sanity check
wildpeaks: oh yeah Shadowrun would be a better description
TheOneCalledStu: very standard for jrpg
Viscount16: @princess_intell we absolutely should not
Loonatic93: @princess_intell Not in this games Universe.
princess_intell: thank you
Raiz0k: BTW, this is post-tutorial encounter No 1, and if I'm reading it correctly the "envy" trait (or whatever its called) would have already paid off here.
Crazyginder22: damnit this is going to make me go play some of the recent updates the devs just put out for this game .. ugh
ArdentSlacker: I love how this game lets you pick exactly what square to punch from.
princess_intell: call me crazy, but i also don't think teenagers should be willingly putting themselves in the line of fire
Raiz0k: @Juliamon Did we ever have Shadowrun on Talking Sim, BTW?
Juliamon: I don't think so, just Beej's playthroughs
ArdentSlacker: Which shadowrun?
princess_intell: i know this is all par for the course for manwha, but every so often i just need to take a step back for my own sanity
Raiz0k: @Juliamon Oh, that's what I remembered, thanks!
bytecaster: With all these stressed dudes in a small space, I bet you could really use that "Fresh Breeze" right about now
princess_intell: wait why is the cop for hire calling the actual cops
Raiz0k: @ArdentSlacker I meant the Hare Brained Schemes games.
hyralt: As good as you say yarrr
Mangledpixel: move first
bytecaster: @Mangledpixel then banana?
princess_intell: make that katana into a boomerang
ArdentSlacker: @ArdentSlacker Yeah, they made 3.
Juliamon: Shadowrun: Dragonfall was on Beej's Backlog, and then Shadowrun Hong Kong was a PiF
ArdentSlacker: oh, he ded
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wildpeaks: daww <3
hyralt: Dude just got punched into season 2
KeytarCat: turns out he was ready for a fresh breeze
xantos69: Just got here. No "the life and suffering" today?
Raiz0k: @Juliamon The OG Shadowrun would probably be a good Talking Sim candidate then, given its short length.
Juliamon: xantos69 Cam is unavailable
Loonatic93: I do like how turn order is handled... That is once I was able to get my head around it.
xantos69: @Juliamon Makes sense. Hope Cam is well.
noSmokeFire: it's not stealing if you're taking it from your landlord's...weird, hovering cube
bytecaster: @xantos69 This is the new Korea expansion, and we are following the adventures of Billiam Bernstein.
Raiz0k: There's a floating cube down in the corner?
Rourke9: it would be very funny if they just didnt do anything after you called
hyralt: Gonna be tough to survive when all the enemies are dead
ArdentSlacker: Yeah, my fave initiative sequence... I had this retaliatory strike setup, so that character was in a Bruce Lee movie where everybody ran at him one at a time and died.
ArdentSlacker: but he never got another turn
ArdentSlacker: because it kept shoving him farther and farther down the track
Raiz0k: Oh look, they have a face!
Mangledpixel: that is a child
margieargie: I think Mike was the better squad leader
Lysander_salamander: like a super anime robocop
Juliamon: the babiest face
They_Are_Alyx: On no, it's a Twink Cop
GhostValv: oh like that one gym leader in Pokemon
SquareDotCube: but what if the opposite - tiny body, big head?
kusinohki: quick, save the trooper 3 days away from retirement!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Red hair and blue eyes feels super rare, right?
bytecaster: Third civilian: Are we talking about Mr. Don Bruce's bar?
Lysander_salamander: darn, he's ordinary-sized
wildpeaks: "roomba has entered the battlefield"
Raiz0k: @Laserbeaks_Fury Both are correlated, red hair with brown eyes would be unusual.
KeytarCat: wait, what...what just happened?
Loonatic93: Yeah, I believe the crumbling buidling icon is the mission objectives.
bytecaster: @Loonatic93 Everybody knows, always run towards crumbling buildings!
hyralt: That’s an interesting icon choice
Loonatic93: Or maybe it's a broken door?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wow, this is like if they made a Persona grid strategy game. Atlus should do that. Kappa
hyralt: Simp Team is my favorite store
Alex_Frostfire: Between the guns and the cover I'm getting XCOM vibes. Just needs aliens that will end you if you move slightly wrong.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I am concerned though that we seem to be the side with the faceless uniformed enforcers
bytecaster: Imagine living in a society where there is a need for health boxes at every street corner.
kusinohki: I wouldn't mind a health box on every corner...
wildpeaks: at least they have some form of affordable healthcare
KeytarCat: A first aid station every block sounds pretty nice, yeah
Loonatic93: @Laserbeaks_Fury Well we are part of Law Enforcement. A contracted Detective Frim/Mercenary squad.
wildpeaks: bonk
Viscount16: why did this guy need our help again? he's doing way more of the work than Albus is here
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm just saying, if I were to see SS of this game with no context, I would assume the uniformed thugs were the bad guys
bytecaster: Turtle or Crocodile, that classic choice
TheMerricat: @Laserbeaks_Fury I mean how many times in a game like this have we started out working for the bad guys.... it's not unprecedented.
Laserbeaks_Fury: OMG are they using Diablo suffixes?
bytecaster: They sure are
Raiz0k: @Laserbeaks_Fury Would you? After all, they're at the bottom, where the good guys traditionally are.
Loonatic93: VHPD "Suppressor" *shiver*
TheAinMAP: Yay Pizza
wildpeaks: woohoo pizza
Lysander_salamander: So the Troubleshooters outrank the police?
Mangledpixel: "Check the surroundings. Leave no survivors."
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Laserbeaks_Fury: I pity The Foo
Raiz0k: @Loonatic93 Oh I wasn't the only one with that reaction, good to know.
bytecaster: Does that gang also have a member called Bar?
TheMerricat: I thought the police said there weren't any more criminals in the area....
kusinohki: these guys are 2 steps outside "the area"
Loonatic93: @Lysander_salamander Kinda in the same way Superheroes generally outrank the Police.
Juliamon: Lysander_salamander The Troubleshooters came to be because the police were so ineffective, I imagine even if they are lower rank the cops can't stop them.
TheMerricat: Just like I advertised in the first place!
Lysander_salamander: aha
Anubis169: Hmmz0rs...
TheMerricat: Hey chat! loophole! We only pay rent when we do missions! Don't do missions!
Raiz0k: That "minutes" are mentioned as perks is interesting.
bytecaster: I also only pay my rent at the end of successful missions and never take any. Checkmate!
Anubis169: TheMerricat: If only that's the way it worked IRL
Rourke9: rent not decided by time, but by your gig rate?
EricTheOrange: does the size of your place actually matter? is that agame mechanic. Does upgrading to a new place help?
Lysander_salamander: That's an interesting crater
Laserbeaks_Fury: Some sort of Impact
Raiz0k: Oh, the Catastrophe!
TheMerricat: -the disaster-
Lysander_salamander: how Akira of them.
bytecaster: I called it second impact as a joke before, you cannot be serious
TheMerricat: Why do people live here again?
Takani42: Maybe there was a cat butt involved, hence catastrophic
Laserbeaks_Fury: The glassed crater is pretty in the morning
Raiz0k: The big crater with neon blue highlights. Must be going through its teenage rebel phase.
TheMerricat: How again does Albus carry all this stuff?
kusinohki: what was the phrase from eden of the east? "noblesse oblige" ??
noSmokeFire: male living spaces
EricTheOrange: Does this game have a room decor mini game? that's wild.
wildpeaks: in a surprising twist, Albus turns into a Twitch streamer
bytecaster: @kusinohki That was the phrase indeed
TimeToFry: That's what I call the internet too
TheMerricat: It's a bit troublesome
Mangledpixel: Troublr
KV1NN4: oooh
noSmokeFire: turns out Troublesome Net is a dating site
They_Are_Alyx: A printer? In the cyberpunk future?
wildpeaks: ohh, fancy shelf
Laserbeaks_Fury: The SShelf
Mashamino: the Internet is dark and full of terrors, do not enter the Troublesome Net
bytecaster: Did he bring that giant shelf on the train?
kusinohki: troublesome net sounds more like a service provider...
TheMerricat: @bytecaster in his pocket!
Raiz0k: Why did the Shelf™ become gray all of a sudden?
Tangsm: Albus has no interest in any books that don't mention him.
wildpeaks: mood
Raiz0k: @bytecaster That's what I was asking!
bytecaster: @Raiz0k Maybe there are ghosts in the shelf
Raiz0k: @Raiz0k FootYellow
TheMerricat: BOTH
margieargie: Just like the game backlog I'll definitely play through! (for "some reason" I have that on the brain today :p )
Raiz0k: Desk != table, come on!
Loonatic93: How is a Raven like a Table?
Raiz0k: @Loonatic93 A miserable pile of secrets.
hyralt: Thar be the key, laddie
noSmokeFire: who puts a locker in front of a door???
TheMerricat: how fast does the VHPD work that he signed the contract and moved his stuff in and they managed to ship the control panel to him this fast?
bytecaster: "The beverage"
kusinohki: why is the computer not hooked up to the tv screen??
noSmokeFire: I love <the beverage> it's my favorite <drink>
wildpeaks: "does this taste like chloroform"
TheMerricat: @kusinohki Vlutooth
bytecaster: @kusinohki I prefer Vlusb
Mashamino: these two statements are in no way related, I'm sure
KeytarCat: @TheMerricat Local fulfillment centers with auto-requisition whenever a Troubleshooter signs a lease, which, of course, they know
wildpeaks: fancy water
TimeToFry: Special water
Juliamon: It's Perrier
TimeToFry: 24 for a sandwich? Wha
Rourke9: hard to get water that wont give you dysentary around here
EricTheOrange: So can we move into somewhere else with a bigger floor plan?
hyralt: I they have the biggest margin on the water and salad
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bytecaster: If there were an actual second impact, I bet Anno would be even more well known too.
Mashamino: that street must smell awful after a while
quatoria: did he turn into a pirate at the end there?
EricTheOrange: so why is he a pirate?
hyralt: Why are any of us pirates?
quatoria: you gotta make a lot of people distinct, sometimes some of them become pirates!
Mashamino: you can't just ASK why someone's a pirate, come on now
quatoria: a person only has so many voices!
EricTheOrange: they love their water cubes around here
Raiz0k: I'm torn between "they've essentially rebuilt from the ground up until a specific radius from ground zero" vs "the Catastrophe® only affected an area up until a certain very specific radius".
Sunmare_Dragon37: it is minrcraft?
SpacePotato01: Now it's a field with stuff in it.
Mangledpixel: "And now, it's a videogame level"
gualdhar: comedy knows no boundARRRRRRies
Raiz0k: @SpacePotato01 Better than a field of stars.
Tangsm: Was it named "The Catastrophe" or was it a criticism?
SpacePotato01: @SpacePotato01 Can't mow a lawn of stars
Raiz0k: @SpacePotato01 Not with a regular matter lawnmower, you can't.
EricTheOrange: I do find it funny when people try and "make a prophecy" happen. Like, that's not how it workls bro.
hyralt: Oh hey! That’s Bianca and her gal pal in the painting on the right
Alex_Frostfire: Relatable!
Loonatic93: I adore this couple!!!!!!
They_Are_Alyx: There is no heterosexual explanation for this image
margieargie: Ah, they're on a date
wildpeaks: daww
KeytarCat: @They_Are_Alyx good LesbianPride
Raiz0k: Bibi <3.
Loonatic93: It's Saki Hanajima and Haruka Tenoh!
TheMerricat: Are these all the people we can recruit to our company?
Mangledpixel: ah, they speak emoji
hyralt: Participating in capitalism again?
bytecaster: The "Hero" is back
EricTheOrange: all of our charecters just so happen to be in this plaza at this exact moment.
TheMerricat: I feel like the people who named these spots were really unmotivated.
quatoria: me too bro, me too
Alex_Frostfire: This is a little more "tell" than "show."
Mashamino: like you do
Lysander_salamander: just a little bit of screaming internally
They_Are_Alyx: Standar anime protag behaviour
Raiz0k: Just usual protag things.
They_Are_Alyx: Standard*
KeytarCat: This is my son and I'm sending him to therapy
SquareDotCube: but you're just getting started
Rourke9: battle music??
Nigouki: oh no, did someone get isekai'd?
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VariableVacancy: but what happened so suddenly
bytecaster: @Nigouki Did they get transported to our reality?
Mashamino: thank you, hyralt ! lrrSHINE
jessicaengle: Babies.
hyralt: You’re welcome! braven10PRISM
They_Are_Alyx: Oh he's a Twunk
Raiz0k: Joel!
wildpeaks: backup uploading to dropbox, copy
EricTheOrange: Our protag is so bland. what is this a harem anime.
hyralt: Should I wait for police backup? No, it’s the cops who are wrong.
roastbeefsandwitch: So... a brighter, happier version of X-Com tactical combat simulator?
TheMerricat: @EricTheOrange Our protag is knockoff Kitaro, of course they are bland
ArdentSlacker: This is very anime. "Those 'civilians' have names and character design! They're badasses!"
SplittingImage77: Abandoned Children? One time my parents forgot to pick me up from pre-school :P
TimeToFry: I think they'll be fine
bytecaster: @EricTheOrange Gegege no Kitaro?
TimeToFry: Never mind
margieargie: Sure is show time
Mashamino: LUL
wildpeaks: :D
GhostValv: tqsSmug
EricTheOrange: i like this engrish man. You have to put him in your main team
bytecaster: What is that arrow pointing to?
quatoria: On BOTH ARMS
BusTed: maybe his icee melted
InquisitorGaia: mana drip?
TimeToFry: @bytecaster "You are here"
Raiz0k: @EricTheOrange It's not even engrish, more like just slightly accented gratuitous English.
redpelleas: it's an antifreeze pack
bytecaster: Gotta stay hydrated at all costs
redpelleas: he has freezing blood
gualdhar: ugh, I was so excited to make sausage peppers and onions when I got home, but the sausage is still frozen :(
EricTheOrange: Does he like not eat and just has like a constant saline drip
TheMerricat: @gualdhar doh!
hyralt: Leton is blue blooded
EricTheOrange: Like "i'm too busy to east so I just have this food slurry straight into my veins".
Loonatic93: Leton's blood is roughly 50% Blue Gatorade.
Raiz0k: @gualdhar Pierce the casing with a fork, and nuke at low power to dethaw.
bytecaster: @Loonatic93 And I thought he was the only person actually running on G-Fuel
Loonatic93: Take out the fork before putting into microwave though.
ArdentSlacker: Harem detector activated!
gualdhar: @gualdhar I would, but the ends are already thawed, its only the middle thats still frozen. I don't want to overcook it
quatoria: oh he's just... being transfused! with some kind of serum!
quatoria: i guess this is what energy drinks are like now
TheMerricat: "Excitement State"
gualdhar: Ray's in excitement state? oh no the phrasing
ArdentSlacker: Hard to say if it's medical or just a really edge-y waterbottle
quatoria: @gualdhar no i think it's accurate
ArchmageBlackstone: Quick question for chat, because hopefully someone might know - but does anyone know if the crew has/will play either the Phoenix Point video game, or the Kingdom Death board game?
Raiz0k: @gualdhar If you got lowest power (~100W), and stay withing 2m, you should be fine. Also, the "far sides" probably have the lowest thermal transfer to the frying pan anyway. So it won't be perfect, but it'll even up a bit.
Mangledpixel: "A presence I've not felt since..."
Raiz0k: Did Ray do the Naruto run?
bytecaster: Don't you when you are in the excitement state?
Raiz0k: :D. Fair.
EricTheOrange: What are those little pod things?
EricTheOrange: Like some kind of hybrid between a motorcycle and a go cart? the transportation of the future
TheAinMAP: RPGFireball HahaThisisfine
TimeToFry: Convo!
EricTheOrange: So whats the future tech explanation of fireball kick?
bytecaster: Gotta network for our company
Loonatic93: Convo... Always Convo.
Mashamino: this is Talking Simulator, after all
hyralt: Attack first, conversate later
They_Are_Alyx: Red panda!
Makimachine: In our moment of triumph?
They_Are_Alyx: LMAO
bytecaster: I like Irene
Lysander_salamander: oh dear
TimeToFry: Lmao
margieargie: Looks like it's villain o'clock!
BusTed: 🤔
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That's great!
Raiz0k: I am Spartacus!
bytecaster: To be fair, networking is villainy
Lysander_salamander: oh, she's like what's her name from Slayers
BusTed: Sounds like something a villain would say...
Alex_Frostfire: seabatCHOICE
Raiz0k: @bytecaster Only with synergy.
Lysander_salamander: For great Justice!
Raiz0k: Yes!
TimeToFry: The hoodlums are just like "Should we intervene, or..?"
Alex_Frostfire: Phoenix Wright vibes for some reason now.
bytecaster: Talking is a free action, huh
Lysander_salamander: oh dear
Dog_of_Myth: Oh, how the tables have turned
Mashamino: the Anime levels are off the charts
Rourke9: I love her lol
Raiz0k: This. Sentence. Is. False. Dontthingaboutitdontthingaboutitdontthingaboutit.
SplittingImage77: Reminds me of Robot Santa from Futurama
margieargie: @TimeToFry They've made some popcorn and are just watching
ArdentSlacker: Irene is like, anti-Albus. All personality and no paperwork.
kusinohki: @raizok um..... true?
bytecaster: @ArdentSlacker To be fair, that was direly needed
Raiz0k: @kusinohki No recruitment for you then ;).
kwantumbit: wow big views on tiny game :)
TimeToFry: Wait, is it civillian or citizen?
redpelleas: this mission lets you temporarily recruit a bunch of units that you get to permanently recruit later in the game
Lysander_salamander: Well, now I want an X-com but with Slayers characters
bytecaster: We have to recruit Irene!
EricTheOrange: @ArdentSlacker It's pretty standard fair in these kind of large casts for the protagonist to be bland and all the side characters to have personality.
Loonatic93: Yep! Haruka Tenoh and Saki Hanajima! My absolute favorite couple in this game.
kusinohki: giga-slav would take forever to charge up though
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EricTheOrange: I think the idea is your supposed to project onto the protagonist so they don't want to give them any character traits besides "good guy". Generally ends up making the protag the most boring charecter.
LilacAndLilies: whoa, Troubleshooter? the mechanics of this game rule
kusinohki: thank you ananonymousgifter !!
They_Are_Alyx: Ah, Mage X Sword Wielder. Truly a great ship dynamic.
EricTheOrange: I recently played Va11hall-a and alisa reminds me of a charecter in that with the short hair and tanktop.
Lysander_salamander: hahahahaha
Raiz0k: Alisa!
TimeToFry: "Bianca, I'm about to unleash my rage"
kwantumbit: "I can't unleash my full power when you're near. I don't care about what happens to this guy in the tracksuit though
bytecaster: @kwantumbit To be fair, nobody real does
Raiz0k: Oh, if only civilian rescues in XCOM were that easy.
Raiz0k: Also, that soundtrack motive is verry familiar.
kwantumbit: [dodges every piece of grenade shrapnel] "nice try kiddo"
Raiz0k: @kwantumbit nothing personnel
roastbeefsandwitch: All hail our anime X-Com
bytecaster: So Alisa is a barber?
Lysander_salamander: hmmm
Lysander_salamander: nice, she shouts the attack name
TimeToFry: So can, like, just anyone use magic in this universe?
Lysander_salamander: funky
bytecaster: Nobody is allowed a beard when Alisa is around
kusinohki: is alisa's "sword" just a bunch of razor blades taped to a stick?
Loonatic93: Fire Veil is a messed up ability.
kwantumbit: @timetofry don't worry there's big plot dumps to explain everything B)
Raiz0k: Huh, how old this game? Could Alisa have been inspired by the Sword Interval character?
Lysander_salamander: wow
Lysander_salamander: harsh, civilian, harsh
Loonatic93: I still maintain that Alisa was inspired by Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus.
kwantumbit: @raiz0k game is only a few years old, but in development for at least 5 years before that
Lysander_salamander: drat
kusinohki: ah, yes. bullets that barely scratch you...
BusTed: Oops.
TimeToFry: Wuh oh
margieargie: Welp
hyralt: That’s one way to rescue the civilian
bytecaster: Maybe that civilian should have gotten out of the way
margieargie: Just a little oopsie collateral damage...
Alex_Frostfire: Okay, Cinderace.
Rhynerd: how many healers do we have?
Rhynerd: Also, Hi
Raiz0k: So not out the question, given the timing. And might be both, @Loonatic93 :).
redpelleas: no healers, but everyone should have potions
Loonatic93: @Raiz0k True enough!
hyralt: Nothing relaxes me like civilian casualties
bytecaster: Lets shave that dude
redpelleas: you have to heal the injured civilian first
Raiz0k: @hyralt Yeah, we've all seen that piece of LoadingReadyLive ;).
margieargie: Oh dear...
They_Are_Alyx: Welp
kwantumbit: the municipality must have cheaped out on the benches of they offered no explosion protection...
bytecaster: "Next turn"
hyralt: @raiz0k ;)
kwantumbit: it's fine, more bad guys died so it's a net gain still
bytecaster: If they are dead, they despawn
margieargie: And in that case, guaranteed 100% success rate!
gualdhar: something something "the terrorists did it"
KeytarCat: @gualdhar "How was I supposed to know the combuster would explode?!"
margieargie: Right person showed up -and- they weren't set on fire, win-win!
Rhynerd: The hero Irene is rushing right in!
kwantumbit: Heroes never do the math B)
Loonatic93: Math is for Villains?
Rhynerd: Just like swords.
kusinohki: PLUS ULTRA!
bytecaster: @Loonatic93 I sure hope not
Lysander_salamander: nice
margieargie: Okay, THAT was properly cool
Raiz0k: Nice, half a mag dump in the face for minimal damage.
TheMerricat: I feel like maybe toubleshooters are a bit op, they punch people dead and the villians can't even kill folk with guns....
wildpeaks: making it raain
bytecaster: "Little kid: Cannot be attacked"
kwantumbit: I remember the patch note that read: FIXED: ABLE TO DAMAGE CHILDREN
TimeToFry: That was NOT what I was expecting
Alex_Frostfire: Please don't tell me they can't be attacked, because now I want to explore edge cases like AoEs.
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat Looks like a setup for either "are we the baddies" or a curb stomp battle immediately after this one.
wildpeaks: planking
bytecaster: I would be hype too, if I was a master of the red panda style!
Rhynerd: Now I have 2 reasons to be reminded of Fire Emblem
kusinohki: Fool! you brought a gun to a sword fight!
kwantumbit: red panda style was a retranslation of "savaging red panda style" because that made the attack names too long :D
markvd: "My dad can beat your enemies"
Mashamino: very necessary flip
bytecaster: @Mashamino Gotta keep your combo meter going
LilacAndLilies: so who's in the main party so far?
Mashamino: heh
TheMerricat: @LilacAndLilies All the folk we've been introduced to minus their partners
BloodnBullets: and nooone died
TimeToFry: Think you might've missed out on some stuff by not rescuing the named child?
bytecaster: There are still so many men to shave in other places, gotta go
kwantumbit: hey Alisa are you a real troubleshooter? can I see your badge? :)
LilacAndLilies: no, I mean, I just got here, what's the name of the person who most recently joined the party? that'll tell me how far this is
Loonatic93: Nobody yet.
kwantumbit: @lilacandlilies super early game, only protag in the party so far
TheMerricat: @LilacAndLilies This is our first mission outside of fighting bad guys to get our office
LilacAndLilies: oh, we're still in the intro, gotcha
They_Are_Alyx: I wasn't trying to help you or anything, b-b-baka!!!
Makimachine: suuuure it was.
bytecaster: Nobody talk about that one dead civilian
Mashamino: hmmm, she's not speaking with hearts, stars, and horseshoes this time- no wait, there's one
Loonatic93: Freaking Yanki!
BusTed: tqsFine
wildpeaks: they slipped on a banana peel, a terrible accident
kusinohki: this music reminds me of lupin for some reason...
margieargie: REALLY would have been a help to that guy who was on fire
wildpeaks: and the banana was on fire
LilacAndLilies: next time
Mashamino: "Suppressor" feels like a concerning title for a police officer
Alex_Frostfire: Wow, Alisa is level 36.
TimeToFry: Why is Alisa like 4 times our level
LilacAndLilies: uhhh, don't worry about it
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Rourke9: its your troubleshooter rights :)
Loonatic93: Rank: Perfect.
TheMerricat: @Mashamino For a police officer in a town where it's ILLEGAL to travel between districts unless you are a police officer or a PMC.....
bytecaster: @TimeToFry Because she is cool like that
BloodnBullets: better than taking ears I guess
Rhynerd: That explains why she had over 2000 ho
Raiz0k: Ah yes, left their own ghet... I mean, "districts".
kwantumbit: @themerricat all for you safety, citizen B)
Mashamino: @Mashamino oh dear
kusinohki: so how do I level up to lv 36 and have 2000 hp irl??
LilacAndLilies: now you're in the real game, the mastery board
Lysander_salamander: Funky
bytecaster: "Somewhere"
Rhynerd: @kusinohki take up haircutting and greatsword practice?
Juliamon: It seems like something you can accidentally pull an all-nighter playing
margieargie: Hmmm... this looks fun, but if it's grindy I might not have time for it... ah, well, what's one more in the Backlog (tm)?
kwantumbit: I recommend this game to anyone here, at the price it's sold at its an INSANE value :)
LilacAndLilies: in my experience, the game is an extremely slow burn, it only tips it's hand mechanically around hour 20
Raiz0k: @Juliamon Ah yes, the "just one more turn" syndrome.
Sky_Kast: how's the troubles today wyrmwPKzen
redpelleas: this is definitely a game to sink a couple hundred hours into
Juliamon: "I could go to bed, but I really wanna see what *this* thing does"
LilacAndLilies: but then it's an arms race of breaking the game in half and then meeting the perfect counter for your build in the next mission
TheMerricat: of course steam store is DOWN at the moment....
Rourke9: Yea, it seems good! and i've heard good things
Lysander_salamander: Are there any good superhero xcoms? I know there's that Marvel alternate universe one that's coming next year.
Rourke9: Thanks for the stream!
Rourke9: yea lots of games like this have a loooong on-ramp
Raiz0k: @Juliamon Turn off that surveillance equipment, please.
Rhynerd: Yes, Thanks for the stream!
Bearudite: remember freedom force
kusinohki: @lysander_salmander have you heard of "Sentinels of Freedom" ?? I've only played the tutorial, but looks good
Lysander_salamander: Or Freedom Force
Laserbeaks_Fury: Legally distinct Woverine
Rourke9: I would love a Destiny tactics game
maxthefourth: !next
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Plasterboard: Orbital Strike spiky-bit hug attack
LilacAndLilies: Fae Tactics is fantasy but kinda feels like a superhero game
Rourke9: get a combined fireteam of Cabal, Eliksni, Guardian, and human? sign me up
Laserbeaks_Fury: I hear Mario and the Rabbids is pretty good
SquareDotCube: Oh yeah, Tactical Breach Wizards should be out in a month or so?
Lysander_salamander: Neat. I've heard of Fae Tactics. I'll give that another look
kwantumbit: anyone here know Lost Dimension? underrated tactics game where everyone has unique powers
Rourke9: Have a great night everyone!
wildpeaks: baiii
hyralt: Thanks, Cori!
Seagulyus: have a good night Cori, thank you for the stream
spethycakes: Thanks, Cori!
kwantumbit: ciao, thanks for spotlighting this game to so many people ^^
Raiz0k: Thanks lrrCORI ! Thanks everyone!
Plasterboard: g'bai