MegaDosX: A third Vampire Spawn, good lord
Tom_Bruise: oh no, they keep killing you, and then they'll keep killing you
AzaleaCloud: Just draft 12 Vampire Spawns 4Head
TehAmelie: something stupid sexy half-orc something
MegaDosX: Black was evidently open for opponent
NewtyNewts: Bring back the dissables
NewtyNewts: *diss-iples
MegaDosX: Your wrath :p
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eddieatthegov: The fact I no longer play magic but love watching you play says good things about lrr.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, eddieatthegov! (Today's storm count: 25)
AzaleaCloud: x_x
TehAmelie: i never played Magic aside from the Microrpose game but i do like watching the LRR gang whatever you get up to
hi_im_emily: the ol' "still had these"
hugogol21: hi Graham and James!
MegaDosX: Oui
Foxmar320: Hello Graham and James hope you're both well
AzaleaCloud: Opponent just had a gross amount of 2-for-1s in the games it didn't work.
MegaDosX: It works out until it doesn't
lirazel64: So... 33% of the time.
Diabore: i was about to say that about wrestling LUL
TehAmelie: same thing with sWs
NewtyNewts: That's my stance. I don't play magic so I'm fine watching/listening to how things go from you guys
DAC169: I lost my first match of my draft last night because I had 1 creature in my opening hand then none for 10 draws even though I had plenty of creatures in my deck. aipBooli
MegaDosX: Sounds like WWE is improving with Triple H at the helm now
AndrewBMORE: THey like the personality moreso than the game
Joalni: A big reason why I like your podcasts is hearing the tangents.
QuantumTwitch: Wrathing is always difficullt it i find thay one always whanted to cast it at another time :)
Foxmar320: Can't complain
eddieatthegov: I'm subbed to Lrrmtg too, for that reason.
MegaDosX: !card ulder ravengard
LRRbot: Did you mean: Ulder Ravengard, Marshal; Duke Ulder Ravengard
wulfram77: He's still a Centaur Courser
AzaleaCloud: "I sense a trap." "So what's the plan?" "Spring the trap."
Diabore: bunch of people already back in and johnny ace out, WWE hasnt been this good in decades
MegaDosX: !card ulder ravengard, marshal
LRRbot: Ulder Ravengard, Marshal [1RW] | Legendary Creature — Human Noble Soldier [3/3] | When Ulder Ravengard, Marshal enters the battlefield, another target nontoken creature you control gains double team until end of turn. / Whenever Ulder Ravengard attacks, conjure a duplicate of another target nontoken attacking creature into your hand.
NewtyNewts: Trap: insert face here.
MegaDosX: I mean
MegaDosX: They're not wrong
TehAmelie: hey it's Kathleen
MegaDosX: Is the Earl Grey hot?
Foxmar320: woah
jessieimproved: ooo
GhostValv: :O
MyrddintheWizard: Ohh now I want Boba
demondrinkingtea: bubble tea op
A_Dub888: Dang now I want boba
LurkerSpine: all of the paper straw stuff was based on such bs
like_100_bears: the earl gray would not, in fact, be hot
Diabore: what have turtles ever done for me? (just kidding do the save)
MegaDosX: I'd have laughed if there were a sudden torrent of liquid up into camera when Graham did that
Loonatic93: That's why I got my own set of stainless steel washable straws.
MTGDiversity: So I made an incredible discovery at Costco a couple of weeks ago - bubble tea popsicles. Came in very handy for the latest heat wave.
wulfram77: If your has double double team, does it have quadruple team?
lirazel64: Y'all need to work on your stabbing.
MegaDosX: Uh oh, dragons
Grimnus: Yup double team can stack
MegaDosX: I believe so
NewtyNewts: Make sure to order the triggers?
MegaDosX: And I think if you stack it right the copy keeps Double Team
Euphemion_RFB: I hate that "paper" is the default replacement material for plastic. I hate how paper sticks to the lips and also the really cheap ones make things taste like cardboard.
TehAmelie: well, it went better than the time James showed up with a paper cup of coffee and Alex almost punched it all over the streaming computers
NewtyNewts: But the keyword would deactivate if it doubleteams first?
micalovits: The uldur one should always have double team
MTGDiversity: The duplicate might not have double team though
LurkerSpine: Do you put Ulder's trigger on top?
Diabore: @TehAmelie i think that was cam?
micalovits: Even if the dwarf had allready "used" it
bainard656: So is this a be careful how you stack your triggers situation?
Diabore: @TehAmelie or its happened more than once
MegaDosX: I mean if you stack Ulder's trigger first, the copy he makes would keep Double Team, right now it's about to lose it
NewtyNewts: Does the duplicate still keep doubleteam if you doubleteam first?
TehAmelie: alright, he also almost punched it all over Cameron
MegaDosX: Oh right
MTGDiversity: ok sweet wasn't sure it it just removes it right from the card when it happens
MWGNZ: "flat meeple"
MegaDosX: Do we kill the Kalain now?
Grimnus: Perpetual does not carry over to copies essentially
leviathan3942: why'd they have to make alchemy interactions so confusing and not at all magic
NewtyNewts: Yeah, I wasn't sure if it'd be something 'perpetual'
MegaDosX: That's a hasty dragon
QuantumTwitch: Dargon seems like a nice play
TheWarbo: Perpetual effects still seem to be effects. Copies don’t retain loss of abilities; it doesn’t matter if the loss is perpetual or not.
MegaDosX: Ah, la problema
TheWarbo: *jazz hands* layers!
MegaDosX: I would have been tempted to block there
TehAmelie: who is your favorite, Earl Grey or the Earl of Sandwich?
MTGDiversity: oh wow so many disciples
frnknstn: Sandwitch Boba Tea sounds terrible
AzaleaCloud: Moradinism, the world's fastest growing religion.
MegaDosX: Ulder and the Disciples of Moradin
lirazel64: Based on Pepys' Diary, I'm fond of Sandwich.
MegaDosX: Oh do it
NewtyNewts: You are overwhelming in discipline.
NewtyNewts: How about... disciples?
kilnfiendpotter subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 6 months!
kilnfiendpotter: And here's to many more months! Always great to see your faces.
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MegaDosX: Remember they can cast whatever you give them
TehAmelie: i think we have more than enough kinds of tea, but i am loath to imagine a world without sandwiches
MegaDosX: Though they do just die here
AzaleaCloud: Cameron showing up with a shoebox full of Moradin's Disciples. "Please. I insist."
micalovits: I guess that was a pretty good 3/3 for 3
MegaDosX: Ulder is so dumb I love it
MegaDosX: *dun dun dun*
QuantumTwitch: that was a sweet play
korvys: Is it.... a wrestling podcast?
MegaDosX: You're saying you have to, curb your enthusiasm?
matthaus_c: sun's out worn's out
TehAmelie: just as long as you don't fall off a sea cliff
NewtyNewts: Calm your enthusiasm? that sounds familiar
NarishmaReborn: secret friday recordings
Diabore: something new on friday? maybe at night? maybe?
Diabore: a week
matthaus_c: up to the 14th
MegaDosX: Only while the queue is around
Marcanius: Have you read the Dominaria United story?
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX that's true of every format :p
MTGDiversity: next step: Gladiator play queue
Tom_Bruise: gladiator queue's been fun, a little weird, but fun
MegaDosX: Based on how Historic Brawl used to work, it's a deck option only while the queue is around, afterward it'd disappear from the format list in deckbuilding
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c You know what I mean you potato
kilnfiendpotter: The story is VERY good. Moral: Birds aren't real.
matthaus_c: ^
matthaus_c: birds are a phyrexian hoax
AzaleaCloud: @MegaDosX Thanks, this theme song won't leave my head now. :p
Tom_Bruise: Went up against someone who played Shrines & Slivers... I think some people might be treating it like commander
AzaleaCloud: Uhhh... rip stream?
NewtyNewts: Stream freeze? Refresh didn't fix
Diabore: F
DAC169: stream?
matthaus_c: oh no the birds got to the stream
Svengineer: F
MegaDosX: Oh good that one wasn't me
underhill33: lrrFINE
dumbo3k: oh good, it wasn't just me
Ditfing: welp
korvys: Oh, good, it's not just me.
DAC169: F aipCry
MegaDosX: My internet has been butts this morning so I thought that one was also my end
TehAmelie: it literally occurred to me only now, but what happens to the old planes when Magic moves to a new set and no one plays them anymore?
azidbern95: lrrFINE lrrFINE
NarishmaReborn: i blame shelodred
NewtyNewts: Online again
korvys: There is it
NaeBumaye: Dang, I JUST tuned in
Diabore: back
korvys: it is
DAC169: back! aipOMG
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Spades_Slicc: Mandatory commercial break
matthaus_c: @TehAmelie mostly politicking between whatever beings are trapped in them
TehAmelie: highly irregular crashing
NewtyNewts: Steffy + Unicorn BFFs
AzaleaCloud: You're not Rowan's twin brother!
Nebula662: Is it time to draw more land?
TehAmelie: ah, rebooting fixes the crash
matthaus_c: oh Wyll doesn't untap it?
matthaus_c: that's awkward
micalovits: So I guess we blink?
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Euphemion_RFB: Hey, look at that, an anniversary!
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MegaDosX: I kinda like blinking to deny value
Spades_Slicc: what does white wyll do?
AzaleaCloud: Feels bad, but not as bad as it could have been.
TehAmelie: who names himself Wyll, honestly
NewtyNewts: Real F*** Brilliant?
Euphemion_RFB: Roll for Bull
MTGDiversity: Returns For Boba
MegaDosX: !card wyll
LRRbot: Found 11 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Lord_Hosk: Royal Flying Barge
Euphemion_RFB: I stream a D&D stream on Monday nights
leviathan3942: Rannel Fire Ball
MegaDosX: Thanks Lrrbot, I knew that >_>
AzaleaCloud: Ragic Fhe Bathering
matthaus_c: !card wyll pact bound
LRRbot: Wyll, Pact-Bound Duelist [3RR] | Legendary Creature — Human Warlock [4/4] | Specialize {2} / When Wyll, Pact-Bound Duelist enters the battlefield, gain control of target artifact or creature an opponent controls with mana value 4 or less until the end of your next turn.
MegaDosX: Wanted some help finding the white one :P
matthaus_c: oh lol
matthaus_c: yeah poor lrrbot won't do much there
MegaDosX: !card wyll of the celestial pact
LRRbot: Wyll of the Celestial Pact [3RRW] | Legendary Creature — Human Warlock [5/5] | When this creature specializes, you may sacrifice another creature or an artifact. When you do, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. It gains haste. If its mana value is 4 or greater, sacrifice it at the beginning of your next end step.
MegaDosX: Found him on Scryfall
MegaDosX: The same devilled egg
MegaDosX: That's lethal right there
AzaleaCloud: FBtouchdown
Lord_Hosk: Two Liara's! thats one more Liara than a person who has a single liara
matthaus_c: big mclarge huge
AzaleaCloud: Pick em up Trash God, you're 1000% dead.
DAC169: time for breakfast rooC
NewtyNewts: @Lord_Hosk Correction: only those who played Liaras were able to play two Liaras. Those who didn't draft Liaras were not allowed to play two Liaras.
AzaleaCloud: Pffff it crashed during the commercial break. XD
Ditfing: oh I thought that was just me again
TehAmelie: ri****ulous lrrEFF boners, but unexpectely it's the 1950s meaning of "boner" where it means hilarious mistake
AzaleaCloud: No, Twitch is just having Problems.
NewtyNewts: Note the capital P
AzaleaCloud: Notice how the viewer count keeps wildly jumping up and down.
Anubis169: unrelated to anything
Anubis169: i friggin' love that fresh out of the shower "clean clothes on clean body" warm and fuzzy feeling <3
TehAmelie: it went wobbly like 20 minutes ago for me, but is fine now
Wiliart: That chair is unstable.
AzaleaCloud: JAMES. D: DUDE.
xantos69: The James part.
Anubis169: If the stream reaches unfinity, we may need to call ghostbusters
Anubis169: Gimme 50ccs of WD-40 STAT!!
TehAmelie: chairs has to be a big item in the moonbase budget don't it
LurkerSpine: wait, why was twitch telling me the stream was down?
MTGDiversity: Speaking of unsets I need to run a backyard uncube draft while it's still summer
matthaus_c: what are the odds this priest finds us 5 more :(
NewtyNewts: Dang, I thought we were still offline lol
Anubis169: LurkerSpine: Twitch be twitchin' yo
Anubis169: stream's up now
AzaleaCloud: Boom. 250 viewers to 600. :p
chrono2x: Oh, they missed a land though.
AzaleaCloud: Aaaaand back to 250.
Joalni: Goodbye, chair. You will be missed.
Anubis169: btw, WD-40 also do silicone grease in similar cans. Wonderful stuff for a de-squeak that doesn't really wear off
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SolarBlitz1: Just got back from playing MTG for first time in a year with friends, the prismari commander deck shenanigans caused us to laugh so much we all got lightheaded
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fox_of_forest: Graham, You pull off the bald look rather well... okay yeah It's a bit disconcerting. Get well Soon!
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Anubis169: only downside is it doesn't smell like stock WD-40
Wiliart: Who is this Frisky person and why do you want to 'get' them?
matthaus_c: oh no we found the mirror
AzaleaCloud: Coming up on Tinker Tailor Solder Fry: Repairing an office chair.
TehAmelie: i so regret getting my butt on a "gamer chair" that's pretty much falling apart after less than 5 years. it's gots to be regular, sensible office chairs
Anubis169: a nice ergonomic office chair is worth its weight in gold
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DrMagnify: oh boy alchemical madness
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TehAmelie: literally!
Anubis169: whatcha drinkin' G? :)
matthaus_c: first strike best strike
NewtyNewts: Hang on, that guy IS a barbarian!
NewtyNewts: From the earlier discussion, I thought there wasn't a barbarian type
Anubis169: It's a non-squeaky James
AzaleaCloud: We established there was, though.
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hold_no_carter: 24 months? That's like 12 years!
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micalovits: Doesn't seem great?
DrMagnify: !card kobold warcaller
LRRbot: Kobold Warcaller [R] | Creature — Kobold [1/1] | {T}: Choose a creature card in your hand. It perpetually gains haste.
Anubis169: lol
NewtyNewts: Must've missed that bit then
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun special code released for the issues of today, put in code STICKTOGETHER uin store for ???
MTGDiversity: I mean you could make a bunch of trades while they play out more stuff and then wrath becomes good
Anubis169: 'ello Div :)
TehAmelie: it's funny cause 24 months IS almost two years
Diabore: i got 1000 gold and 3000 xp
plundypops: i'm assuming they have answered it before by now, but are they planning on streaming some gladiator queue games this week?
chrono2x: I like trading for their priest if you can
micalovits: You COULD tripple block it
matthaus_c: we'd need to 2 for 1 ourselves
AzaleaCloud: Triple blocking sounds good actually.
AzaleaCloud: If you lose a Priest, no big deal, you're only keeping 1 after the wrath.
TehAmelie: i picture the rabble rouser just mumbling "rhubarb rhubarb" and hoping no one's really listening
MegaDosX: Ah, la problema
MegaDosX: Dargon!
NewtyNewts: Real not-bad
MegaDosX: Big dargon in fact
matthaus_c: beeg dargon
micalovits: I mean... If they don't have removal we good
RetroWaffles: will LRR make an appearance at vegas in october?
NewtyNewts: You're getting all the lands in your deck.
MegaDosX: James pls
Piecrust9: James strikes again
matthaus_c: dobchamp
korvys: Danny Elfman
MegaDosX: Conan?
chrono2x: Force dragons?
wulfram77: Drawing not 10 lands would have been nice too
TehAmelie: somebody's winning!
MegaDosX: Hey you should draft Miirym, that's my suggestion
DAC169: 3 wins? that's better than I've gotten since Kamigawa sealed! aipCry
RayFK: Put it in put it in
matthaus_c: that's quite a bit
MegaDosX: Neat!
MegaDosX: That's significant
matthaus_c: raggadragga!
wulfram77: Is a Mastery Pass better than a Pasta-ey Mass?
MegaDosX: I keep trying to build Raggadragga Historic Brawl and getting stuck >_>
korvys: Kamigawa
leviathan3942: kamigawa time?
AzaleaCloud: Kamigawa
matthaus_c: I'm partial to HBG
Diabore: kamigawa!
MTGDiversity: Neon Dynasty is fun
Spades_Slicc: Gladiator!
frnknstn: wait you haven't drafted Raggadragga yet?
MegaDosX: @wulfram77 Depends how much you like pasta
Ditfing: kamigawa
CardKingdom: Because this is the last time I can do this, Gladiator.
Spades_Slicc: NEO!
cmdrelk: Kamigawa!
BloodnBullets: baldurs gate only if we draft dragons
TehAmelie: speaking as chat, saying what we do is "thinking" may be generous
matthaus_c: raggadragga is a blast
superdude097: Premier New Capena Kappa
Spades_Slicc: @CardKingdom 07