MegaDosX: I mean
MegaDosX: They're not wrong
TehAmelie: hey it's Kathleen
MegaDosX: Is the Earl Grey hot?
Foxmar320: woah
jessieimproved: ooo
GhostValv: :O
MyrddintheWizard: Ohh now I want Boba
demondrinkingtea: bubble tea op
A_Dub888: Dang now I want boba
LurkerSpine: all of the paper straw stuff was based on such bs
like_100_bears: the earl gray would not, in fact, be hot
Diabore: what have turtles ever done for me? (just kidding do the save)
MegaDosX: I'd have laughed if there were a sudden torrent of liquid up into camera when Graham did that
Loonatic93: That's why I got my own set of stainless steel washable straws.
MTGDiversity: So I made an incredible discovery at Costco a couple of weeks ago - bubble tea popsicles. Came in very handy for the latest heat wave.
wulfram77: If your has double double team, does it have quadruple team?
lirazel64: Y'all need to work on your stabbing.
MegaDosX: Uh oh, dragons
Grimnus: Yup double team can stack
MegaDosX: I believe so
NewtyNewts: Make sure to order the triggers?
MegaDosX: And I think if you stack it right the copy keeps Double Team
Euphemion_RFB: I hate that "paper" is the default replacement material for plastic. I hate how paper sticks to the lips and also the really cheap ones make things taste like cardboard.
TehAmelie: well, it went better than the time James showed up with a paper cup of coffee and Alex almost punched it all over the streaming computers
NewtyNewts: But the keyword would deactivate if it doubleteams first?
micalovits: The uldur one should always have double team
MTGDiversity: The duplicate might not have double team though
LurkerSpine: Do you put Ulder's trigger on top?
Diabore: @TehAmelie i think that was cam?
micalovits: Even if the dwarf had allready "used" it
bainard656: So is this a be careful how you stack your triggers situation?
Diabore: @TehAmelie or its happened more than once
MegaDosX: I mean if you stack Ulder's trigger first, the copy he makes would keep Double Team, right now it's about to lose it
NewtyNewts: Does the duplicate still keep doubleteam if you doubleteam first?
TehAmelie: alright, he also almost punched it all over Cameron
MegaDosX: Oh right
MTGDiversity: ok sweet wasn't sure it it just removes it right from the card when it happens
MWGNZ: "flat meeple"
MegaDosX: Do we kill the Kalain now?
Grimnus: Perpetual does not carry over to copies essentially
leviathan3942: why'd they have to make alchemy interactions so confusing and not at all magic
NewtyNewts: Yeah, I wasn't sure if it'd be something 'perpetual'
MegaDosX: That's a hasty dragon
QuantumTwitch: Dargon seems like a nice play
TheWarbo: Perpetual effects still seem to be effects. Copies don’t retain loss of abilities; it doesn’t matter if the loss is perpetual or not.
MegaDosX: Ah, la problema
TheWarbo: *jazz hands* layers!
MegaDosX: I would have been tempted to block there
TehAmelie: who is your favorite, Earl Grey or the Earl of Sandwich?
MTGDiversity: oh wow so many disciples
frnknstn: Sandwitch Boba Tea sounds terrible
AzaleaCloud: Moradinism, the world's fastest growing religion.
MegaDosX: Ulder and the Disciples of Moradin
lirazel64: Based on Pepys' Diary, I'm fond of Sandwich.
MegaDosX: Oh do it
NewtyNewts: You are overwhelming in discipline.
NewtyNewts: How about... disciples?
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kilnfiendpotter: And here's to many more months! Always great to see your faces.
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MegaDosX: Remember they can cast whatever you give them
TehAmelie: i think we have more than enough kinds of tea, but i am loath to imagine a world without sandwiches
MegaDosX: Though they do just die here
AzaleaCloud: Cameron showing up with a shoebox full of Moradin's Disciples. "Please. I insist."
micalovits: I guess that was a pretty good 3/3 for 3
MegaDosX: Ulder is so dumb I love it
MegaDosX: *dun dun dun*
QuantumTwitch: that was a sweet play
korvys: Is it.... a wrestling podcast?
MegaDosX: You're saying you have to, curb your enthusiasm?
matthaus_c: sun's out worn's out
TehAmelie: just as long as you don't fall off a sea cliff
NewtyNewts: Calm your enthusiasm? that sounds familiar
NarishmaReborn: secret friday recordings
Diabore: something new on friday? maybe at night? maybe?
Diabore: a week
matthaus_c: up to the 14th
MegaDosX: Only while the queue is around
Marcanius: Have you read the Dominaria United story?
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX that's true of every format :p
MTGDiversity: next step: Gladiator play queue
Tom_Bruise: gladiator queue's been fun, a little weird, but fun
MegaDosX: Based on how Historic Brawl used to work, it's a deck option only while the queue is around, afterward it'd disappear from the format list in deckbuilding
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c You know what I mean you potato
kilnfiendpotter: The story is VERY good. Moral: Birds aren't real.
matthaus_c: ^
matthaus_c: birds are a phyrexian hoax
AzaleaCloud: @MegaDosX Thanks, this theme song won't leave my head now. :p
Tom_Bruise: Went up against someone who played Shrines & Slivers... I think some people might be treating it like commander
AzaleaCloud: Uhhh... rip stream?
NewtyNewts: Stream freeze? Refresh didn't fix
Diabore: F
DAC169: stream?
matthaus_c: oh no the birds got to the stream
Svengineer: F
MegaDosX: Oh good that one wasn't me
underhill33: lrrFINE
dumbo3k: oh good, it wasn't just me
Ditfing: welp
korvys: Oh, good, it's not just me.
DAC169: F aipCry
MegaDosX: My internet has been butts this morning so I thought that one was also my end
TehAmelie: it literally occurred to me only now, but what happens to the old planes when Magic moves to a new set and no one plays them anymore?
azidbern95: lrrFINE lrrFINE
NarishmaReborn: i blame shelodred
NewtyNewts: Online again
korvys: There is it
NaeBumaye: Dang, I JUST tuned in
Diabore: back
korvys: it is
DAC169: back! aipOMG
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Spades_Slicc: Mandatory commercial break
matthaus_c: @TehAmelie mostly politicking between whatever beings are trapped in them
TehAmelie: highly irregular crashing
NewtyNewts: Steffy + Unicorn BFFs
AzaleaCloud: You're not Rowan's twin brother!
Nebula662: Is it time to draw more land?
TehAmelie: ah, rebooting fixes the crash
matthaus_c: oh Wyll doesn't untap it?
matthaus_c: that's awkward
micalovits: So I guess we blink?
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Euphemion_RFB: Hey, look at that, an anniversary!
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MegaDosX: I kinda like blinking to deny value
Spades_Slicc: what does white wyll do?
AzaleaCloud: Feels bad, but not as bad as it could have been.
TehAmelie: who names himself Wyll, honestly
NewtyNewts: Real F*** Brilliant?
Euphemion_RFB: Roll for Bull
MTGDiversity: Returns For Boba
MegaDosX: !card wyll
LRRbot: Found 11 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Lord_Hosk: Royal Flying Barge
Euphemion_RFB: I stream a D&D stream on Monday nights
leviathan3942: Rannel Fire Ball
MegaDosX: Thanks Lrrbot, I knew that >_>
AzaleaCloud: Ragic Fhe Bathering
matthaus_c: !card wyll pact bound
LRRbot: Wyll, Pact-Bound Duelist [3RR] | Legendary Creature — Human Warlock [4/4] | Specialize {2} / When Wyll, Pact-Bound Duelist enters the battlefield, gain control of target artifact or creature an opponent controls with mana value 4 or less until the end of your next turn.
MegaDosX: Wanted some help finding the white one :P
matthaus_c: oh lol
matthaus_c: yeah poor lrrbot won't do much there
MegaDosX: !card wyll of the celestial pact
LRRbot: Wyll of the Celestial Pact [3RRW] | Legendary Creature — Human Warlock [5/5] | When this creature specializes, you may sacrifice another creature or an artifact. When you do, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. It gains haste. If its mana value is 4 or greater, sacrifice it at the beginning of your next end step.
MegaDosX: Found him on Scryfall
MegaDosX: The same devilled egg
MegaDosX: That's lethal right there
AzaleaCloud: FBtouchdown
Lord_Hosk: Two Liara's! thats one more Liara than a person who has a single liara
matthaus_c: big mclarge huge
AzaleaCloud: Pick em up Trash God, you're 1000% dead.
DAC169: time for breakfast rooC
NewtyNewts: @Lord_Hosk Correction: only those who played Liaras were able to play two Liaras. Those who didn't draft Liaras were not allowed to play two Liaras.
AzaleaCloud: Pffff it crashed during the commercial break. XD
Ditfing: oh I thought that was just me again
TehAmelie: ri****ulous lrrEFF boners, but unexpectely it's the 1950s meaning of "boner" where it means hilarious mistake
AzaleaCloud: No, Twitch is just having Problems.
NewtyNewts: Note the capital P
AzaleaCloud: Notice how the viewer count keeps wildly jumping up and down.
Anubis169: unrelated to anything
Anubis169: i friggin' love that fresh out of the shower "clean clothes on clean body" warm and fuzzy feeling <3
TehAmelie: it went wobbly like 20 minutes ago for me, but is fine now
Wiliart: That chair is unstable.
AzaleaCloud: JAMES. D: DUDE.
xantos69: The James part.
Anubis169: If the stream reaches unfinity, we may need to call ghostbusters
Anubis169: Gimme 50ccs of WD-40 STAT!!
TehAmelie: chairs has to be a big item in the moonbase budget don't it
LurkerSpine: wait, why was twitch telling me the stream was down?
MTGDiversity: Speaking of unsets I need to run a backyard uncube draft while it's still summer
matthaus_c: what are the odds this priest finds us 5 more :(
NewtyNewts: Dang, I thought we were still offline lol
Anubis169: LurkerSpine: Twitch be twitchin' yo
Anubis169: stream's up now
AzaleaCloud: Boom. 250 viewers to 600. :p
chrono2x: Oh, they missed a land though.
AzaleaCloud: Aaaaand back to 250.
Joalni: Goodbye, chair. You will be missed.
Anubis169: btw, WD-40 also do silicone grease in similar cans. Wonderful stuff for a de-squeak that doesn't really wear off
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SolarBlitz1: Just got back from playing MTG for first time in a year with friends, the prismari commander deck shenanigans caused us to laugh so much we all got lightheaded
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fox_of_forest: Graham, You pull off the bald look rather well... okay yeah It's a bit disconcerting. Get well Soon!
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Anubis169: only downside is it doesn't smell like stock WD-40
Wiliart: Who is this Frisky person and why do you want to 'get' them?
matthaus_c: oh no we found the mirror
AzaleaCloud: Coming up on Tinker Tailor Solder Fry: Repairing an office chair.
TehAmelie: i so regret getting my butt on a "gamer chair" that's pretty much falling apart after less than 5 years. it's gots to be regular, sensible office chairs
Anubis169: a nice ergonomic office chair is worth its weight in gold
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DrMagnify: oh boy alchemical madness
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TehAmelie: literally!
Anubis169: whatcha drinkin' G? :)
matthaus_c: first strike best strike
NewtyNewts: Hang on, that guy IS a barbarian!
NewtyNewts: From the earlier discussion, I thought there wasn't a barbarian type
Anubis169: It's a non-squeaky James
AzaleaCloud: We established there was, though.
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hold_no_carter: 24 months? That's like 12 years!
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micalovits: Doesn't seem great?
DrMagnify: !card kobold warcaller
LRRbot: Kobold Warcaller [R] | Creature — Kobold [1/1] | {T}: Choose a creature card in your hand. It perpetually gains haste.
Anubis169: lol
NewtyNewts: Must've missed that bit then
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun special code released for the issues of today, put in code STICKTOGETHER uin store for ???
MTGDiversity: I mean you could make a bunch of trades while they play out more stuff and then wrath becomes good
Anubis169: 'ello Div :)
TehAmelie: it's funny cause 24 months IS almost two years
Diabore: i got 1000 gold and 3000 xp
plundypops: i'm assuming they have answered it before by now, but are they planning on streaming some gladiator queue games this week?
chrono2x: I like trading for their priest if you can
micalovits: You COULD tripple block it
matthaus_c: we'd need to 2 for 1 ourselves
AzaleaCloud: Triple blocking sounds good actually.
AzaleaCloud: If you lose a Priest, no big deal, you're only keeping 1 after the wrath.
TehAmelie: i picture the rabble rouser just mumbling "rhubarb rhubarb" and hoping no one's really listening
MegaDosX: Ah, la problema
MegaDosX: Dargon!
NewtyNewts: Real not-bad
MegaDosX: Big dargon in fact
matthaus_c: beeg dargon
micalovits: I mean... If they don't have removal we good
RetroWaffles: will LRR make an appearance at vegas in october?
NewtyNewts: You're getting all the lands in your deck.
MegaDosX: James pls
Piecrust9: James strikes again
matthaus_c: dobchamp
korvys: Danny Elfman
MegaDosX: Conan?
chrono2x: Force dragons?
wulfram77: Drawing not 10 lands would have been nice too
TehAmelie: somebody's winning!
MegaDosX: Hey you should draft Miirym, that's my suggestion
DAC169: 3 wins? that's better than I've gotten since Kamigawa sealed! aipCry
RayFK: Put it in put it in
matthaus_c: that's quite a bit
MegaDosX: Neat!
MegaDosX: That's significant
matthaus_c: raggadragga!
wulfram77: Is a Mastery Pass better than a Pasta-ey Mass?
MegaDosX: I keep trying to build Raggadragga Historic Brawl and getting stuck >_>
korvys: Kamigawa
leviathan3942: kamigawa time?
AzaleaCloud: Kamigawa
matthaus_c: I'm partial to HBG
Diabore: kamigawa!
MTGDiversity: Neon Dynasty is fun
Spades_Slicc: Gladiator!
frnknstn: wait you haven't drafted Raggadragga yet?
MegaDosX: @wulfram77 Depends how much you like pasta
Ditfing: kamigawa
CardKingdom: Because this is the last time I can do this, Gladiator.
Spades_Slicc: NEO!
cmdrelk: Kamigawa!
BloodnBullets: baldurs gate only if we draft dragons
TehAmelie: speaking as chat, saying what we do is "thinking" may be generous
matthaus_c: raggadragga is a blast
superdude097: Premier New Capena Kappa
Spades_Slicc: @CardKingdom 07
CardKingdom: YEP
YeetTheRich_: wait what kamigawa?
YeetTheRich_: let's gooo
MegaDosX: Yeah Kamigawa's the quick draft right now
CardKingdom: James gonna have to be POLITE
micalovits: Naaaa, they just gotta learn some hard love
kilnfiendpotter: Generous Visitor!
matthaus_c: the bots seem to pass Reckoner Raid a lot
kilnfiendpotter: Oh man, GB is so good in this set
Diabore: do-kuchikuchikoo
NewtyNewts: !card generous visitor
LRRbot: Generous Visitor [G] | Creature — Spirit [1/1] | Whenever you cast an enchantment spell, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
MegaDosX: I assume the person next to take over the CardKingdom account has been warned about James
Diabore: my absolute favourite combo in this is ur
MegaDosX: Just play five colour bombs lrrBEEJ
matthaus_c: I can't read Dokuchi Silencer the same way after Amy ruined it
zhrang911: White green enchantments is my go to for kamigawa
kilnfiendpotter: LOL, this set is VERY good!
TehAmelie: what if. . .ALL the colors work?
mrf1shie: It was fairly medium
kilnfiendpotter: My partner is actively in love with the Sky Turtle.
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frostownik: that's a lot of years
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MegaDosX: I seem to recall that winding up worse than people first thought it was
eddieatthegov: @tehamelie are... we even still playing magic?
mrf1shie: Oh no storyweave in particular
MegaDosX: Kunai with chain!
frostownik: henlo
kilnfiendpotter: I think it's mostly like..what flavor of awesome would you like to play?
matthaus_c: Kamigawa is one of the all time bangers
YeetTheRich_: oohhh boy
NewtyNewts: Big drago
AzaleaCloud: WOOOOAH
MegaDosX: Holy shit
mrf1shie: Oh no we have to pass a turtle
DAC169: Kura aipEZ
micalovits: Hura for Kura
AzaleaCloud: *cough*
TehAmelie: maybe Unfinity will balance it out by inventing a sixth color and having it suck
A_Dub888: Ku-RAAAA
matthaus_c: kura semper fi pumpkin pie
TehAmelie: i just remembered to be excited for Unfinity
mrf1shie: Prouncer was my favourite thing to be doing in this format
kilnfiendpotter: Prance prance!
frostownik: Kura is Polish for hen, checks out
NewtyNewts: I think you've now seen 4 of the go-shintai colours now
matthaus_c: jund 'em out
MTGDiversity: could speculate on backwater
CardKingdom: Be Greedy
CardKingdom: Win Games
CardKingdom: 5 Color
kilnfiendpotter: I'm a very conservative drafter
MegaDosX: Just Jund 'em
YeetTheRich_: gotta listen to the sponsor
AzaleaCloud: For curve reasons, I'd rather thake the red one.
matthaus_c: kami war
DukeLetoAtreidesII: always shrine
mrf1shie: White shrine if you are splashing
Spades_Slicc: !card go-shintai of hidden
LRRbot: Go-Shintai of Hidden Cruelty [3B] | Legendary Enchantment Creature — Shrine [2/2] | Deathtouch / At the beginning of your end step, you may pay {1}. When you do, destroy target creature with toughness X or less, where X is the number of Shrines you control.
kilnfiendpotter: So I'm all about staying in your lane
micalovits: Not without the green one probably
MegaDosX: White one's probably the right call, but on the other hand, Jund
mrf1shie: or splash oath
kilnfiendpotter: But yolo!
MadWolf1290: shrine tribal?
micalovits: But the white one of those 2
TehAmelie: streamer logic dictates lrrGREED
spectrolwraith: i never think shrines are worth it, but then again, i dont win games
mrf1shie: samurai for the splash?
kilnfiendpotter: Harmonious Emergence has gotten me soo many times
TehAmelie: hey, Mario never taught us there might be a greater tanuki
matthaus_c: Long Reach of Night rules
kilnfiendpotter: Ohhh the long reach of night tho
kilnfiendpotter: Such long, very reach
BloodnBullets: it seems like the bots dont care about shrines, id love to see a 5c shrine draft
kilnfiendpotter: Oh hey it's me!!
kilnfiendpotter: Rabbit Battery looks like me but as like a 8 year old
AzaleaCloud: Need more 3-drops anyway.
chrono2x: I love tanuki
kilnfiendpotter: Asuza's is so good. This is such an amazing set.
mrf1shie: So many journeys
DAC169: I always love when it's "do I want this or this?" pick one, then I get the other when the cards pass aipLUL
TehAmelie: there must be a joke about robots not understanding religion here somewhere
NewtyNewts: Journey on, Asuza.
Piecrust9: The audio bug always happens to me if I'm playing for over an hour
matthaus_c: I mostly switched to listening to y'all's podcasts while I get my matches in. can't get hit by audio bugs that way
RayFK: I've never gotten that
korvys: Yeah, me too. Various effects stop working, and eventually all sound.
MegaDosX: Speaking of ninjas, yesterday's Game Knights had a ninja deck, and they played a Gingerbrute as an evasive creature to ninjutsu on, and I am sad nobody made a "ninjabrute" joke
RayFK: Graham are you okay?
Spades_Slicc: Or old school game kill screens
Piecrust9: Sparky is just checking in our mental health I guess
TehAmelie: doomscrolling? don't do it *rainbow*
matthaus_c: can always cut 6 lands
AzaleaCloud: Just don't social media 4Head
spectrolwraith: cut lands, cos you'll draw them
Diabore: i dont like that it puts the sagas with the creatures
micalovits: The shrine maybe?
Spades_Slicc: but you can throw that kunai into someone's face
matthaus_c: you can do "t:creature -t:saga" to put the sagas down
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c Damnit you got there first :p
MegaDosX: I was just typing that
TehAmelie: can we go mono sagas?
Piecrust9: TIL
MegaDosX: Yeah minus is a "not" boolean symbol
mazemindtom: Might be able to get away with playing 16 lands with azusa and two tanukis
Diabore: i dont like cutting enchantments with 2 visitors
AtomicAlchemical: Go to single tanuki?
YeetTheRich_: azusa, two tanuki AND james on stream
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX ha, you're drift compatible with me benginDab
kilnfiendpotter: I think the Searchlight Companion isn't doing much
kilnfiendpotter: But we can go with tit
spectrolwraith: why is the tanuki a dog, when racoons where in new capenna?
AzaleaCloud: Searchlight Companion gets them into potential ninjutsu shenans.
Piecrust9: fun fact: you can filter lands by set if you ever want set specific lands in the future
TehAmelie: i think the cleverest thing anyone ever told me about Magic is that you can play a deck with 10 lands and it's just like slow rolling in Dark Souls: risky
kilnfiendpotter: The bamboo forest is amazing. It's so serene, even though it was crowded.
Diabore: @spectrolwraith iirc tanuki is closer to dog than racoon genus wise
AzaleaCloud: !quote noises
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
BrowneePoints: Oh heckle it's Shigeckle
chrono2x: I think it was the second time, since it was in the travel vlog
kilnfiendpotter: I'm really glad we got to go before the pandemic
HailtheRNG: I think I remember that from your vlog, so probably the second time
kilnfiendpotter: Sending a message!
Diabore: LUL
TheWriterAleph: whoooo lrrHORN
delusionalprole: LUL
Ditfing: LUL
tehfewl: the ol shame scoop
spectrolwraith: easy game
AzaleaCloud: The shame scoop LUL
MegaDosX: Tap tap concede I guess?
Diabore: poor op
TehAmelie: James, you're a genius!
BloodnBullets: sending a message
RayFK: Chip Damage is real
kilnfiendpotter: Apparently that was a very strong message?
TehAmelie: (i don't know what happened at all)
SolarBlitz1: Sometimes they rip up the message
MTGDiversity: I refuse to believe in this reality
Grimnus: Message was sent and it was damning
MegaDosX: @RayFK Goddamnit that got me
Piecrust9: deathtouch kills the messenger
BrowneePoints: That chip experienced the Blue Smoke
AzaleaCloud: You juked them out by swinging into the Chip. XD
gamercat88 subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 49 months!
gamercat88: lrrSHINE lrrGRAHAM lrrJAMES lrrSHINE
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, gamercat88! (Today's storm count: 34)
kilnfiendpotter: Oh yes, the forest is large! And it's gorgeous.
BrowneePoints: I'm just not so patiently waiting for WotC to release the Kamigawa D&D Setting
HalfHaf: Honestly Kamigawa is lit
spectrolwraith: @BrowneePoints same
TheWriterAleph: bb no
Diabore: nope, this is infinitely better
AzaleaCloud: OP caught not reading.
delusionalprole: BRUH
AzaleaCloud: XD
electra310: lmao
HalfHaf: lmao
Ditfing: LUL
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
tehfewl: 2 shame scoops
HalfHaf: Magic is EASY
xantos69: G you are a living god.
Tom_Bruise: just take it
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: easy game for easy babys
MegaDosX: Reading the cards is overrated apparently
micalovits: The double shame
CreedSukai: draft dif
YeetTheRich_: what did you DO
Piecrust9: 2/2 shame concedes
AzaleaCloud: LUL
SolarBlitz1: We're just too good at Magic
zhrang911: Welcome to GOOOOLD baby
baskwalla: omg, is this the shame scoop queue?
kilnfiendpotter: Your energy is TOO STRONG
odiv: I think I need to get in this queue.
AtomicAlchemical: Trade a 2 drop for you not gaining 2 life?
electra310: GG EZ
kilnfiendpotter: You need to STOP
matthaus_c: shame scoops are very good content
spectrolwraith: Paid actors
chrono2x: Time for a third?
SolarBlitz1: Double Shame Scoops across the Stream
mazemindtom: Is this why they call it quick draft?
LurkerSpine: lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP
TehAmelie: related, dear Dr Graham, have you watched the bamboo grow? i believe it's somewhere in Japan they have the bamboo that grows 3 feet per day
MTGDiversity: what are the odds
MegaDosX: So that was two in a row, do I hear three?
Piecrust9: I guess I better join the queue just to concede then
DAC169: watch, this OP mulligans then scoops
kilnfiendpotter: Man, now I'm craving bamboo shoots
BrowneePoints: No no, it's Adam's feet that grow 3 feet a day. If he's to be believed
Diabore: can we go 3 for 3 chame scoop?
Diabore: shame*
MegaDosX: I just remember Mythbusters testing the myth of bamboo as a torture technique, and it grew straight through their human analogue without hesitation, and it was so unsettling
TehAmelie: oof
kilnfiendpotter: LOL, the brushwagg!
BloodnBullets: I suppose some Opponents must recognize the account and realize they also just F-ed up on stream for added shame
Diabore: @MegaDosX yup, after they changed location so the bamboo didnt die in the gel that thing WENT
kilnfiendpotter: I felt like that when the Creative Director of Lego responded to me about Queer Eye stuff, and I was like...oh. Oh hello.
kilnfiendpotter: @MegaDosX I deeply miss Mythbusters.
Diabore: like, 6 hours a day for 70~ days, thats so much content
AzaleaCloud: God, Mythbusters was the best.
BrowneePoints: I miss Mythbusters, but I do love watching Adam Savage's tested
BrowneePoints: I miss Grant Imahara too
frnknstn: That reminds me of something, how long did you film for Strip Search?
electra310: Beeg tanuki
Spades_Slicc: Is mythbusters still on netlix?
Diabore: @BrowneePoints RIP :(
MegaDosX: @Spades_Slicc I know it's on Amazon Prime in Australia
AzaleaCloud: Oh... I'm sad now.
YeetTheRich_: just give us the full dashcam footage amazon
TehAmelie: filming must have been like two weeks right
AzaleaCloud: Like, I already knew Grant was dead, but still.
aussie_rob_w: my favourite MythBusters thing was the Dairy Creamer Cannon.
Piecrust9: ninja next turn
MegaDosX: The dairy creamer cannon was one of the most terrifying things they ever built
BrowneePoints: the wilder thing was thanks to Critical Role(Matt and Taliesen were very, VERY good friends with Grant) is finding out how influential he was to the film SFX industry and that he was like, the "Kind Safe Haven Dad" of the communities he was in
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BrowneePoints: I just loved their ethos like when they tested making that "drugstore bomb" or whatever it was and then found out it WORKED and did NOT release the episode
aussie_rob_w: The fact that even within the safety of their bunker, the gut reaction was still very much "duck and run"
Mattmitchell45: @BrowneePoints That's nice to hear
princess_intell: how goes draft
MegaDosX: Just play Roman
TehAmelie: just gonna throw this idea out there: Strip Search Kowloon Walled City
TheOneCalledStu: My sound constantly breaks before I finish one match
princess_intell: sound has been a bug for a few weeks
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: shamescooping is different from regular scooping?
aussie_rob_w: I have found cycling arena does not even fix that bug anymore.
TehAmelie: sure it might be unfilmable for like 50 separate reasons, but
princess_intell: @fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn different set of emotions
Diabore: wait, queue? so just jamming in the event?
Spades_Slicc: misplay then scoop @fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn
aussie_rob_w: Graham, I must know: Is there an increased urge to wear a hat?
Grimnus: Definitely makes you appreciate sound design even more when you see what its like without it there
TheOneCalledStu: ive taken to listening to things, like this stream, while playing Arena
Diabore: cool
princess_intell: i'm quite sound-sensitive, but it always feels like i'm losing a limb when i don't have sound queues
Mattmitchell45: Had a lot of respect for Blake R jamming a weird Gladiator deck while playing with Wheeler
princess_intell: i know that sounds overly dramatic, but that's how it feels, kinda
TehAmelie: you're saying you have decks on deck eh
matthaus_c: when we get the Gladiator Ranked Queue
Diabore: the sun is rude
HalfHaf: i started playing with music in the BG without effects so that I don't feel it when the sounds dies
micalovits: James!
cisco236: James pls
MegaDosX: James pls
Juliamon: The sun is a deadly laaaaser
Diabore: james go stand outside the room for a few draws
Spades_Slicc: The sun /is/ a deadly laser
spectrolwraith: JAMES
princess_intell: @HalfHaf that's not a bad idea, actuallly
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: You think Cow-tec is weird?
LurkerSpine: As a bald person, no hat means burning the crap out of your head
kilnfiendpotter: The Day Star is not your friend.
Joalni: @Juliamon Not anymore, there's a tuque.
matthaus_c: humans are hardcore. living under a deadly laser beam and breathing poison and such
TehAmelie: i started wearing a hat in a blatant struggle against my bald spot, but it feels cool to be behatted
eshplode: "You've got a nice head" is a hell of a compliment
TheWriterAleph: You have a cromulent dome, Graham.
HalfHaf: @HalfHaf I enjoy the arena music more that other games, but I'd rather listen to Girl in Red or whatever and not notice when it dies
MegaDosX: Hat choices are not up to Youtube comments
princess_intell: i also imagine that it gets cold in the AC
Mattmitchell45: Some of the old LRR hats need a ride around the block
Diabore: thanks for coming, get in the box
zhrang911: James...
LurkerSpine: #blameworth
MegaDosX: James why.
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: But yeah, props to Blake for piloting Cow-Tec, was a blast watching that.
Spades_Slicc: It's probably some species of ant
Diabore: audio memory leak?
aussie_rob_w: I totally just meant in terms of sensory experience, I forgot about seasons and the fireball in the sky.
KenKopin: This feels like a memory leak
princess_intell: @TheSoundOfWhiteNoise was it vehicles?
NicoTheSly: Glad to see it's not only me
laundreydhull: because, "Waiting for the Server"
MegaDosX: I've found it historically used to do this if you overloaded the client with sounds on a really massive board, so maybe it's an old bug that's just gotten worse
Snowwraith: Never question why any software breaks in the way it does. All games are held together with string.
aiamethyst: my guess would be unclosed file handles
MTGDiversity: I am very pro hat is mandatory when outside, but only between 9 am - 4 pm, april to october
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: @princess_intell Belzenlottery
TheWriterAleph: "Why does this Arena bug exist?" is a worryingly frequent refrain lately...
Xaunaught: Yeah afaik Unity deals with audio breaking by just not playing it, so the user doesn't get speakers blowing up
NicoTheSly: I was very confused when it first happened during my Brawl session xD
Masslost: hmm the sound slow dies i wonder if its something in the code thats failing and as it keeps failing it takes more and more of the sound out
matthaus_c: we have 11
MegaDosX: Probability hates you right now
Diabore: they have 9, they creatured one of them
Spades_Slicc: Good news, there are only 6 lands left in the deck
Tom_Bruise: @TheWriterAleph In fairness, it's been a refrain since 2019, it's ostensibly "full" release
matthaus_c: I guess we try to draw our Damnation :p
Diabore: @Spades_Slicc bad news theyre the top 6?
princess_intell: arena has sooo many bugs
TheWriterAleph: @Tom_Bruise even moreso with the overloaded release schedule, though
princess_intell: it's bad that i stop noticing them and keep playing it
BrowneePoints: Speaking of Bugs, I hope Xira Arien gets a new Insect Tribal version in Dom U
princess_intell: i feel bad for whatever IT guys that are being kept in the basement desperately trying to patch it
matthaus_c: these creatures sure woulda been nice 5 turns ago
BrowneePoints: Xira was one of the first Commander decks I ever built
laundreydhull: tis a meme I wanted to start up in mtgweekly, but lrrWHEELER was streaming there so I refused myself from memeing "Waiting for the Server..."
princess_intell: !card xira
LRRbot: Xira Arien [BRG] | Legendary Creature — Insect Wizard [1/2] | Flying / {B}{R}{G}, {T}: Target player draws a card.
laundreydhull: I agree
princess_intell: neat commander.
laundreydhull: chat is quiet. wth?
TheWriterAleph: @laundreydhull we're imitating the client
princess_intell: oh is mtg still live
TehAmelie: a ha, our mortal shells am i right
MegaDosX: Gross.
artemi7: Draft? No Gladiator?
electra310: Graham, go cycle :D
princess_intell: @artemi7 gladiator is tomorrow
jessicaengle: Helloooo GlitchCat
MegaDosX: Gladiator is tomorrow
Piecrust9: blocks for day
Spades_Slicc: it flies
MegaDosX: Kura, pumpkin pie
artemi7: oh rip me
kilnfiendpotter: Oh Kura is VERY good
kilnfiendpotter: Flying Deathtouch
princess_intell: it's a 4/4 flier, i think it'll get some damage in
Wiliart: Number of lands you control, that card was made for James.
Spades_Slicc: when dies
adambomb625: That's pretty Cool-ra
TheWriterAleph: LUL
micalovits: F
matthaus_c: lol
MegaDosX: All the dragon spirits are death triggers
electra310: ooofa
Piecrust9: the rare exile
spectrolwraith: kura was made to turn jame's curse into a boon
CreedSukai: rip
AzaleaCloud: Well, dinger.
princess_intell: welp rip
artemi7: WELP
MegaDosX: Holy shit
MWGNZ: elfunkSad
BrowneePoints: seriously OP
MegaDosX: Get demolished
tehfewl: they had your number
EMNetwork: your plan was ku-rushed
NewJerseyTV: gee gee
princess_intell: op's deck is so op
HalfHaf: Bread? more like Rbead
frostownik: to shreds?
matthaus_c: to shreds you say
Spades_Slicc: To shreds you say?
jessicaengle: jlrrCoolgame
princess_intell: it feels like losing a limb. i need sound.
BrowneePoints: Zeorena? Is that one of them new Pokemanz?
anbuagent12: Just say you died to Embercleave. No matter the format, someone will believe you
MegaDosX: Chat only has one joke, never change
kilnfiendpotter: James: "I hate it."
frostownik: might wanna also kill any related processes
artemi7: Is the desktop background from Road Quest?
AzaleaCloud: "Thanks, I hate it."
jessicaengle: @MegaDosX Chat has a joke?
TehAmelie: is it time to blame Graham? it seems too obvious to say it's all James' fault
jessicaengle: What is it?
princess_intell: @MegaDosX hey, our job is to roast/egg on the streamers while they game for our entertainment
TheMrBrazill: As someone who always plays without sound, I don't think I'd ever notice this bug without watching streams haha
frostownik: seeing Gladiator in the damn main menu is so nice
artemi7: James, why is the LRRMTG account not in Mythic Orange smh
princess_intell: here's to hoping it's the test run for a permanent queue
r10pez10: i blame gavin
matthaus_c: the brushwagg entry is SO GOOD
MTGDiversity: TFW you haven't updated your gladiator decks for the last few sets...
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ZackTheCatKing: Hey, look at us, who would've thought huh?
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princess_intell: i don't play standard or draft, so more eternal formats are always nice
Formerly_Beef: Hey there James! You all have probably been asked this a bunch but do you know if anyone from LRR is going to Magic 30?
artemi7: Can they just leave NEO draft on permanent que? That'd be great thanks
Diabore: land tanuki?
micalovits: Tanuki+land?
CreedSukai: yeah
frostownik: pitch the land, you'll draw plenty
princess_intell: i think neon dynasty is just going to go into the books as they great set everyone loved for various reasons
princess_intell: god knows i do
TehAmelie: hi again Graham we did not lose or anything
Xaunaught: I know LRR has a Glad event tomorrow but are either of you thinking of playing it in your own time? what decks are you thinking of playing?
RayFK: Wow Season of Renewal is a good card! Sea's Nuts
artemi7: TBH I kinda wanna just buy singles of everything and make a Neo Cube
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endstepexarch: Look at these good bois, playing this good game, making that good content.
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TehAmelie: okay we did lose
princess_intell: are headphones a consistent solution?
Diabore: wat
AzaleaCloud: Jordan, seas don't have nuts. lrrBEEJ
laundreydhull: VRMMMM
princess_intell: i'm trying to troubleshoot in my head what the problem is
matthaus_c: we found the one person ever to pick that card
laundreydhull: vrrm vrrm
Juliamon: Seas definitely have nuts
frostownik: limited staple Mind Rot
Catastrophil: Mind rot is eh, two mind rots is tough cookies
endstepexarch: Kaito pursuing at WARP SPEED
artemi7: Kaito : GOTTA GO FAST
princess_intell: i always forget how many meh cards are backbreaking in limited
TehAmelie: wow Billy, how come your mom lets you rot two minds?
micalovits: I think we hold it?
matthaus_c: yea I think that's an expensive plummet
artemi7: Hold it for Mind Rot 3
BrowneePoints: Wow Nashi, how come Wizards lets you have TWO No Moms?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: They're probably going to make you discard it; they probably have more mind rots. Or virus beetles.
princess_intell: jank sure wins a lot in draft
AzaleaCloud: I don't think holding cards back against this deck is a good idea considering they seem to HEAVILY value hand hate. XD
matthaus_c: is this a vanilla kami? I think this might be a vanilla kami
princess_intell: what a weird format
micalovits: Seems fine?
princess_intell: (says the historic brawl devotee)
HalfHaf: is a goat format
AzaleaCloud: Is our opponent actually stabilizing?
TehAmelie: weird game is our middle name
matthaus_c: Anvil stabilises a game at top speed
TehAmelie: or such is the theory i'm developing
AzaleaCloud: Yeah, wham the jangle, blossom the Prancer.
micalovits: Else they just replay something else right
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TehAmelie: Blossom Prancer sounds like the name of a middle schooler who hates their parents
Raincoast_Bear: Good afternoon James and Graham. You appear to spectated by an electric bee and a tumbleweed cat...
matthaus_c: ronin ronin ronin (to the tune of rollin' rollin' rollin')
matthaus_c: DM I get a 6/5
TehAmelie: Limp Bizkit would make a strange new soundtrack for the stream
frostownik: roses are red, violets are blue
tehfewl: 5 bucks says they didn't read the only on your turn part of the anvil
frostownik: omae wa mo shindeiru
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matthaus_c: Anvil only makes a token on your turn, but you can activate it anytime
AzaleaCloud: @tehfewl No bet. That seems to be exactly what's happening here.
matthaus_c: I think they read the 'only on your turn' part too much actually :p
papagette: they made sure its not cat oven 2.0
Diabore: is op coming back?
Piecrust9: Maybe only swing with one so you force the engine to stop?
TehAmelie: it's story time!
TehAmelie: needs something more as a catchphrase
AzaleaCloud: @TehAmelie Ryan Gomez? modCheck
frostownik: op didn't hear no bell cause of the sound bug
artemi7: NEO taught me I'd join a crime gang just for the swag
kilnfiendpotter: The lack of embroidered jacket swag for this set was a severely missed opportunity
TehAmelie: imagine designing a terrarium for an ecologist
AzaleaCloud: o_o
artemi7: lol what
TheWriterAleph: neat.
matthaus_c: this deck is wild
MadWolf1290: well then
kilnfiendpotter: Mmm don't like that.
SolFerrum: am I late?
AzaleaCloud: lrrFINE
drcthulu: Oh I see
artemi7: They want to kill you with Anvil and drag it out with Kirin
AtomicAlchemical: Maybe they forget it has reach?
korvys: !card Cloudsteel Kirin
LRRbot: Cloudsteel Kirin [2W] | Artifact Creature — Equipment Kirin [3/2] | Flying / Equipped creature has flying and "You can't lose the game and your opponents can't win the game." / Reconfigure {5}
Raincoast_Bear: @SolFerrum 4 demerits
korvys: Only can't lose while equiped
korvys: yeah
matthaus_c: what do we have that can kill that? we lost our Lethal Exploit to a Mind Rot before
matthaus_c: I mean, we're not gonna Lava Axe them, are we
EMNetwork: they care not for their safety!
Utilitarian_STFD: "Ah sir, you are bold, but are you ALSO daring?" They were indeed Bold and Daring
TehAmelie: they might not be able to lose but they still got to try to win i guess
DAC169: Master's Rebuke it?
artemi7: I thik they got this?
matthaus_c: this sure is a game of magic: the gathering
micalovits: Oh no
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: not the mystery ramen!
EMNetwork: oni-cult noodles
Diabore: op has heart
spectrolwraith: they have synergy
Diabore: ours, specifically
Piecrust9: Could you still draw Kuro or was the exile this game?
matthaus_c: turns out, Oni-Cult Anvil is a good card
TehAmelie: why does it feel like we're playing Ted Lasso?
spectrolwraith: This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Any chance they deck out?
artemi7: gg
papagette: how many cards do they have left? they have so many lands already
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: youll draw a swamp and like it Kappa
Diabore: tanuki is bottom from prancer
EMNetwork: do they know?
micalovits: Oh no
TehAmelie: someone's going to get pedadogiced
matthaus_c: oh my god
EMNetwork: do they know?!
spectrolwraith: lmao
AzaleaCloud: If you win off of this...
Diabore: now they know
EMNetwork: this is a triumph
xantos69: The dug too greedily and too deep.
SolFerrum: what
AzaleaCloud: XD
AzaleaCloud: Shame scoop?
Ditfing: LUL
artemi7: lolll
MrTheWalrus: This is the weirdest game
Piecrust9: Somehow, you guys pulled it off
AzaleaCloud: Shame scoop incoming?
spectrolwraith: as i said earlier, Paid Actors
EMNetwork: as crazy as their icon
korvys: This was also a weird game to win
TehAmelie: cursed, or maybe even accursed?
DAC169: aipLUL
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: inb4 craterhoof lethal Kappa
matthaus_c: this is a statistical outlier for this format
micalovits: They dug to greedely and to deep
SolFerrum: what did I walk in to
delusionalprole: What in the world
Utilitarian_STFD: That game was a rollercoaster of emotions
korvys: Weird game to lose. Even weirder game to win
drcthulu: ok thanks, byeeee
AzaleaCloud: What is HAPPENING LUL
HalfHaf: I do not understand
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: I dont they did either
electra310: That was definitely a game of Magic
TehAmelie: so sudden
Terry_Byte: they popped off too hard
Dread_Pirate_Westley: They kept re-doing the samurai egg.
Favre_the_Undead: you won?
matthaus_c: they died doing the best thing in magic. what a hero.
AzaleaCloud: Dockside Chef
HalfHaf: Why did what
ExarSnow: they dug a lot of land out
Piecrust9: They did like 4 synthesizers
micalovits: So many synthesisers, and then like 5 from chef
electra310: @Favre_the_Undead They decked themselves
matthaus_c: they had 3 synths, 2 reckoner bargains, a dockside
artemi7: They played everything they had and still couldn't kill you
frostownik: op got lost in the manor of Baron Poppinof
BrowneePoints: Or in the original Japanese "Samago" @LoadingReadyRun
MTGDiversity: TFW you discover the hidden mode of that saga (gain 2 life aka mill your opponent 2 cards)
spectrolwraith: digging for answers that wasnt in their deck
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AtomicAlchemical: Hazards of Magic. Live by the Eggs, Die by the Eggs
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AzaleaCloud: @BrowneePoints You. Pun jail. 5 years.
TehAmelie: i'm thinking of the xiabulba impact what killed the dinosaurs, but that might be too exaggerated a comparison even for chat
BaronVonPoppinOff: more of a shed
kilnfiendpotter: They were so interested in what they COULD do, that they didn't stop to consider what they SHOULD have done.
artemi7: Generous Visitor is so good
matthaus_c: let's pump up the jam
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: @BaronVonPoppinOff you have a shed?!? in this economy?! you really ARE a baron
matthaus_c: B.Y.O.Q.B.
drcthulu: 3 turns till big tanuuks
MTGDiversity: @matthaus_c no it's generous visitor not jamerous visitor
matthaus_c: @MTGDiversity >:|
matthaus_c: we can fog their lifelinker if we want
148 raiders from Seabats have joined!
Kramburger: seabatClap seabatClap seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
BusTed: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN ItsBoshyTime
MegaDosX: Raiders!
the_fanerdic: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
AzaleaCloud: Eeeeey Seachats! :D
Forgotten_Lizard: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
frostownik: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
spectrolwraith: hey raiders
DAC169: hi raiders! aipHi
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
jessicaengle: sergeHi
Joalni: Hi, raiders! Is Adam once again the Boshy?
chaostreader: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (21:30 from now).
Tom_Bruise: Has Adam reclaimed the title of Boshonaut?
the_fanerdic: Not yet @joalni but soon!
BusTed: @Joalni Working on the last boss.
Joalni: He'll get there!
MegaDosX: Yeah that's a good draw
AzaleaCloud: Bodies to throw to the Chef if nothing else.
MegaDosX: Next turn you get to play Roman Reigns
artemi7: Why is it not a Raccoon Dog ;~;
frostownik: play that tanussy
TehAmelie: woof has been called
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: you just had to say something
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: No checkpoint today?
MegaDosX: Yeah
AzaleaCloud: lrrFINE
TehAmelie: do tanukis bark? it feels wrong but i don't know enough to dispute it dor jpg
TehAmelie: dot
matthaus_c: @TehAmelie the ones on kamigawa sure do I guess
micalovits: Dont we need it to block?
spectrolwraith: play a body?
korvys: Well, replaying companion gives an extra blocker?
MTGDiversity: @artemi7 you'll find some interesting posts about this on Blogatog
AzaleaCloud: I would Chef.
heronblademaster: @LoadingReadyRun I thought Graham was Jerry Holkins for a second when I opened the stream just now
ineluki__: Replaying companion is worth it, it think?
easterncaveofwonders subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 63 months, currently on a 63 month streak!
easterncaveofwonders: Hey there Graham and James! Graham, you may have helped me get a job , you remember the Half Piping from ruction the golden tablet (W+P)? Zenimax asked me to write up a defect and thats what I Picked Fingers crossed.
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matthaus_c: whoa.
TehAmelie: The Fall of Marie Kondo here
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: lord konda should really install an elevator if they keep falling like this
matthaus_c: we merely have the look of a dead person
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Dread_Pirate_Westley: Not drawing a wrath makes us pretty dead.
adambomb625: Lord Konda falling more than James
TehAmelie: it was a terrible game with incidental half-pipe physics
SkylerRingtail: QA job I take it?
Foxmar320: I think that was an Uncharted like game
Grimnus: Only option is decline for the life sadly
Grimnus: But its still chump city
micalovits: Still very dead
Foxmar320: I believe Alex glitches all the world objects out of existence somehow
easterncaveofwonders: it was a jungle game, you jumped onto a river bank and the game was computing momentum wrong and you were able to half pipe alll over the place
Piecrust9: exactly dead
easterncaveofwonders: lol @Foxmar320 I considered that one but that one didnt seem to have a root cause XD
Foxmar320: easterncaveofwonders yeah thats the game im thinking of!
Diabore: oh that game
Diabore: the one where all the assets uhhh went away
easterncaveofwonders: lol, its actually a huge pay cut, but its a job, and will allow me to retrain by playing videogames
AzaleaCloud: o_o
spectrolwraith: gl
AzaleaCloud: lrrJUDGE
TehAmelie: just launchin ourselves like a rocket out of a little river
Piecrust9: I was about to call t1 disrupter
Piecrust9: I am freaking out here
TehAmelie: good times
easterncaveofwonders: thanks everyone!
mazemindtom: Both
micalovits: Will it though
AzaleaCloud: GROSS
easterncaveofwonders: Azusa saves the day
TalpTheScot: welp
frostownik: i think my first LRR experience was Adam guesting on W+P playing some Russian Dark Souls
tehfewl: ah yes, i can see why they are mythic
Dread_Pirate_Westley: This must be some unusual definition of "great" with which I am unfamiliar.
TehAmelie: Dark Sasi, now there's a name i have not heard in many years
easterncaveofwonders: OHHH Dakr SASI , Fantastic Garbage
artemi7: Looks pretty great to me
Diabore: another disrupter LUL
artemi7: (for Op)
Utilitarian_STFD: x/x is static
RayFK: Oh it THICCENS ( I dunno)
easterncaveofwonders: absolute chefs kiss of knock off slavic darksouls
Diabore: does not grow
drcthulu: x/x stays what it is
spectrolwraith: number of land upon death
frostownik: the big butt baby bosses were profoundly cursed
Diabore: @frostownik ...the wat
SuddenlyPandas: Prayge please
matthaus_c: no soul transfer one time
Piecrust9: One card in hand no removal?
frostownik: @diabore yes
AzaleaCloud: They passed. o.o Ohhh baby.
DAC169: now they're wishing they kept that other Network Disruptor
matthaus_c: turning the corner at record speeds
Grimnus: The stabilisation has occured
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It will always be Sonic's 30th anniversary until CheckPoint says otherwise. | ||
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Juliamon: Rejoice, for you may now point some checks
Diabore: tanuki?
AzaleaCloud: Tanuki.
Piecrust9: gain 4?
micalovits: Dog or life
Diabore: or we can deline and gain 4
artemi7: You just need all the big boys
Grimnus: White splash is usually oath
Diabore: might be the bw legend
TehAmelie: and every day is someone's first time experiencing Sonic Suggests (the prequel to Sonic Forces)
AzaleaCloud: Replay Kura so you have a blocker for their first Disruptor.
frostownik: @tehamelie the Hideo Kojima game
matthaus_c: I like not attacking with too much because they're in the colours of Assassin's Ink, Soul Transfer, the Channel Freeze creature
Diabore: kura attack hope for blocks?
artemi7: Kura, you have to have two blockers here
easterncaveofwonders: also complete side note, Graham you're looking well I hope you're feeling well.
Diabore: 0.o
Grimnus: Called it
AzaleaCloud: Sir, this is a Forest.
MTGDiversity: if they are splashing 1 they are probably splashing 3 of them
ExarSnow: having horrible luck with so much land late game
artemi7: you can attack with Kura maybe?
Diabore: we just die
artemi7: gg
Grimnus: We were dead they had 6 attackers
Grimnus: And 4 blockers left
Diabore: fang grow dog attack all?
artemi7: Flunge
Diabore: or just attack all i guess
1MrGhost: Swing out and concede for the principle?
spectrolwraith: swing out?
matthaus_c: swing out, QQ to tap all our mana, concede
MegaDosX: Maybe they forget to block
Diabore: @Grimnus but they have 3 2/2s?
MTGDiversity: remember to tap tap
TehAmelie: flunge, flail, concede?
AzaleaCloud: Disruptor into double Silver-Fur Master is... basically a Constructed deck.
MegaDosX: Maybe they forget to attack
artemi7: tap tap
Loonatic93: The thing I completely forgot about Bo3 (Gladiator) is the 30-minute timer. I just had a Azorius Control opponent time themselves out the first game.
RayFK: Kami's nuts
Grimnus: Was just some rough games with both the wins and losses
matthaus_c: quick draft is always off-kilter
MegaDosX: Another 3-3
TehAmelie: it's like Ryu says, victory means nothing; the fun is everything
Piecrust9: alchemy
Diabore: alchemy changes
BenByTheWay: 3/3 is a respectable result
papagette: first mode is way better though
Grimnus: New one puts it on top or bottom of library instead of hand
MTGDiversity: apparently a totally different river
Diabore: "black was getting beat in the early game, so we made the top end have 1 more power"
AzaleaCloud: Thanks for the stream. ^^
kilnfiendpotter: Aw, thanks for the stream!
kilnfiendpotter: Have fun, stay safe!
CardKingdom: Bye forever
SolFerrum: ty for stream
easterncaveofwonders: Cheers have a good one!
Diabore: probably vod for me, fnm calls
frostownik: thank for strem
mazemindtom: GGs gang
plundypops: excited for gladiator :D
SolFerrum: got me to play arena again
spectrolwraith: a kingdom of cards?
mazemindtom: Thanks for the stream
AzaleaCloud: Are you telling me a card built this kingdom?
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
matthaus_c: oh right the button says A Kingdom of Cards benginLul
Utilitarian_STFD: Soup Or Thanks?
TehAmelie: super thanks for the stream [unironic]
Diabore: ooh new sponsor
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (21:14 from now).
Diabore: oh is that tonight?
Diabore: coolio
BenByTheWay: does the auctioneer talk in that weird fast cadence?
spectrolwraith: bye
matthaus_c: and if they lose, they owe Post Malone 100k lrrBEEJ
Phailhammer: cya :)
kilnfiendpotter: bye!
AzaleaCloud: "My name is Post Malone, I have lots of tattoos, beat me in Magic, and win 10 thousand smackeroooos~"
Darleysam: big fan of the nouvelle malone movement
Mattmitchell45: Exciting!
Diabore: i thought it was 100k? did that change or did i misread?
matthaus_c: should be in the decks tab
BloodnBullets: checkpoint has just gone up, so I guess i will go watch that
matthaus_c: scroll down to community spotlight
artemi7: Angel? Are they new?
drcthulu: ok bye
artemi7: oh neat
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care!
Diabore: @artemi7 frequent chatter and irl friend
Juliamon: Angel is a frequent CDHC guest
Orxolon: thanks for the stream!