Metric_Furlong: lesser known space marine chapter, The Furniture Yeeters
Metric_Furlong: (honestly, only about 30% sillier a name than you'd expect of a marines chapter)
TXC2: Title change!
Metric_Furlong: panic!
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
GhostValv: amazonTasteTheRainbow
AveryCorvus: Oh boy, here we go killing again!
accountmadeforants: lrrSIG sajamVibe seabatClap
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for a new Play it Forward and Cameron is about to explain to Mortarion why the Imperium of Man doesn't have healthcare (When your opponent is Grandfather Nurgle, Grey Knights are healthcare.) | 📷 ||
princess_intell: yay 40k
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Metric_Furlong: Play it Forty-thousand
princess_intell: is this game about the horus heresy or is it different
EvilJin96: yay cameron PIFW :)
TXC2: way way after the heresy
princess_intell: ok thanks
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LoadingReadyRun: ack forgot to run ads >.< will be 3 more minutes
NightValien28: yay pif
TXC2: no worries Cameron
DoodlestheGreat: @LoadingReadyRun S'okay, gives me time to get another cup of coffee.
truediamondback: Ready for those ads to run
Konda020946: @princess_intell idf its got 30.00 in the title its heresy if it has 40.00 its the mainline
niccus: wow, forty thousand wars hammer
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codatski: Oh yay! More Warhammer Fourty Thousand Content!
SunDancerGE: How ever you play: ya need moar DAKKA!
TheThirdTail: Time for warhammer 4x10^4
TXC2: it's time for war lrrHAM with war lrrCAMERON
TXC2: here we GO!
truediamondback: Clever use of emotes for that pun
TXC2: truediamondback thanks
Walla_tv: ?
TheThirdTail: nice, asm thousand
bigpuppystuart: In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, burning promethium are Ceramite coated explosive rounds are the best medicine.
Koshindan: The most delicious crack-a-pack.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
princess_intell: booooooooooooooooooooooooooo
AveryCorvus: When do we get just a stream of only Cam carefully opening and sampling food?
cmdrelk: LUL
TotallyNotaBeholder: BaDumTish
jpost042: cameron
accountmadeforants: How do you do, fellow Warhamsters? I've brought our favourite spiced meringues!
Critterbot: Boo!
Konda020946: nice
taruan: lmfao
JeremyDevoid: it was a very good opening
TXC2: rimshot.wav
pixieproxy: LUL LUL
underhill33: lrrWOW
thekrausshaus: A+ opening
codatski: Oh my gosh Cam
TXC2: Hello Cameron
bookwitchjane: That’s some quality asmr!
NightValien28: flawless opening 10\10
LordZarano: escher3PUN
pixieproxy: PrideLaugh
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Snowwraith: A title with too many words.
TheThirdTail: Wait, how many colons do you have
Konda020946: there needs to e at least one awesome and a mega i that title
malsareus: unlike yersterday Cam will not be playing a very good boi with blood magic
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Walla_tv: they are rad
Elaro_56: I think they're cool too!
AveryCorvus: It's XCOM with the bad parts filed off, and a cooler setting.
tyrsredritehand: Yay! It's a Cam!
Gekyouryuu: I say we call this Exterminatus-COM
TXC2: TheThirdTail I don't know, like two?
vegetalss4: Grey knights are the psychic space marines right?
bigpuppystuart: Cam, is that your way of accouning you are having a child? cause that is the most dad joke gag there is. You might even be issued a child for that.
accountmadeforants: Cool, insomuch as humans in this setting can be cool.
Nosser2: I'm excited for the Grimdankness of the far future.
Elaro_56: They fight daemons and don't afraid of anything!
TehAmelie: oh hi
ravenlord_xix: Hey Cam, gotta say, the LRR kill team stream has really inspired me to pick it up and try (been mainline 40k for years). Still mad about the shape measuring system tho
princess_intell: why does the 40k community have such amazing memes
TehAmelie: my nap ended just in time huh
transient_b: hello Cam! sorry I missed your twitch strean the other day
Luminaire_p: Hello unarmeHeart
TXC2: like demons manifesting in the warp, does making enough dad jokes make a child appear?
tyrsredritehand: The extra extra bois
bigpuppystuart: i know this is supposed to be over the top, but i have family who talk likt that
ravenlord_xix: gandpappy nurgle
Koshindan: This title scene is rad.
Gekyouryuu: actually, cam, which do you like more? Exterminatus-COM or Xcom-inatus?
TehAmelie: if that could happen i should have been a parent by age 12
accountmadeforants: So many Camerons being unlocked
NightValien28: gam gam nurgle is gonna give to ya
Rourke9: love content
malsareus: you have unlocked AUTHORITY
Snowwraith: Love to unlock Authority.
Walla_tv: ya there was some drama when it first came out about twitch drops. They unlocked it for everyone
Zaraka00: As a gamer my primary interest is in unlocking content. 10/10
Elaro_56: Did you buy this game at launch?
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notthepenguins: A nice day for 40000COM!
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princess_intell: we've unlocked cam guys mission accomplished
tyrsredritehand: Our Cam appreciation is always unlocked!
bigpuppystuart: They unlocked the content, and then they are going to unlock me, Oh my GooooooooooooooD
Koshindan: 1088 content?
TehAmelie: motion blur and bloom are both on. . .
accountmadeforants: This is already one hell of a UI. Skeuomorphism for the space future 40,000.
TXC2: bigpuppystuart :D
Elaro_56: @princess_intell We can all go home! Wait...
malsareus: Wonder if this game will let you unlock respect at some point after the authority
Gekyouryuu: I think i'm leaning towards Xcom-inatus, now, actually. unless I get a better idea, i'm calling it that forever
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princess_intell: so which of the many demon factions are we fighting this time?
tyrsredritehand: InonCam
Metric_Furlong: princess_intell seems to be Nurgle
Korolan: Hi. Hello. I am here for Cameron 40k PIF
malsareus: playing on iron man out of self defense, a true power move
thasmiel: no
tyrsredritehand: Iron
princess_intell: go big or go home cam
accountmadeforants: Means you can't blame yourself for losing progress, at least.
Elaro_56: A bit?
Gekyouryuu: i've SEEN it played by Jacob on Ysbryd streams
princess_intell: @Metric_Furlong thanks.
malsareus: promising better AI seems a risky claim to make
Snowwraith: You get squisher, they get tankier.
Walla_tv: they get tankier you get weaker
TXC2: sure looks like it Cameron
Snowwraith: Standard seems to have a good curve for a lot of people.
malsareus: lame
Gekyouryuu: I don't remember, actually
Snowwraith: But I've only seen various people play it.
TehAmelie: "some enemy squads are larger" seems sort of interesting
Walla_tv: i enjoyed standard but who knows
DanTheMediocre: this seems primarily like a damage weight factors way of scaling difficulty
Elaro_56: You're a X-Com vet, right? I suggest something above Merciful (mine).
malsareus: there is only 1 Cameron Lauder, right? RIGHT?
Luminaire_p: Without Ruth?
viowof: turns out they're just taller and broader
Rourke9: Better AI seems like a deceptively difficult thing to develop.
Gekyouryuu: X-cam Squader
princess_intell: i keep expecting cori to pop in lol
bigpuppystuart: Ruth is that one Soritas who brings rice krispies and tang
jellybean57: targeting priority is a pretty common thing to tweak in AI 'improvement'
notthepenguins: that would definitely be possible yeah
Rourke9: yea, more aggressive AI can certainly be done
princess_intell: what would a 40k talking sim even look like lol
malsareus: what if we openen all the pipes
princess_intell: go with your gut cam
tyrsredritehand: Just a wafer thin legendary
engineerbudy: Hi all, Hi Cam
malsareus: really, whats the worst that could happen?
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erased_citizen: woop woop
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Gekyouryuu: @princess_intell a thoughtful, in depth contemplation on the correct level of dakka
TXC2: princess_intell "once upon a time there was this person called Margaret thatcher...." Kappa
Luminaire_p: PrideLaugh
notthepenguins: hey im game for it...
Koshindan: The Legendary tech costs seem like it would be less fun because you get new toys slower.
princess_intell: @Gekyouryuu the correct answer is maximum. maximum dakka
Rourke9: ruthless seems like a fun balance
vegetalss4: Seems likely yeah, more time to kill enemies + more time to recover afterwards
accountmadeforants: If difficulty could be changed I'd say go for it, but it'd suck to hit a difficulty spike several missions in. (Is my thinking.)
niccus: ruthless ironman i suppose
Snowwraith: Only one Resilience is *really bad* as Resilence is how many times your marines can get downed before dying.
bigpuppystuart: Bye ruth
Gekyouryuu: this play it forward will end when Penelope is old enough to do the PiF after
malsareus: also what is this new business? we're the imperium! new stuff is heresy!
princess_intell: aw no more ruth
TehAmelie: Quake 3 did such great work with having like 20 AIs with distinct personalities and difficulty levels. of course for an FPS it was harder to make them easier
Elaro_56: Wait, does Ruthless slow down research?
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Elaro_56: Ok, sorry
niccus: hmmmm grand master mode on or off
malsareus: Not interested in envoutntering an All greater demons Pod Cam?
princess_intell: i thought humanity's version of "research" was just more bullets
Walla_tv: LUL
TXC2: you do you Cameron
Elaro_56: You could do Legendary at home?
accountmadeforants: SeemsGood
princess_intell: try it for 2 levels and switch back if you have to
Gekyouryuu: what slows down research is the realization that it's heresy
notthepenguins: truly the imperium is its own worst enemy
TehAmelie: we can just try Legendary, lose and go "please sir, may we have it easier?"
Metric_Furlong: Cameron is Cameron's greatest enemy, once again Kappa
princess_intell: adam would boshy
Snowwraith: Well, you have ironman on so if you do explode in a fireball, you will probably find out quite soon!
Walla_tv: and these guys cant miss so how hard can it be
princess_intell: but i don't think that applies here
accountmadeforants: Adam chose the easier mode of the Boshy. (But also it's the Boshy)
malsareus: @Metric_Furlong isn't that true for all of us?
Invitare: Adam would lock it behind a million channel points
NightValien28: adam would do the hardest difficulty for six months
Koshindan: Adam would throw himself at Solgryn for 8 hours straight and come back the next day to do it again.
Manae: WWAD might not be the *best* question considering he's playing through Boshy for the... second time? right now
Rourke9: @malsareus Cameron of all of us's greatest enemy?
princess_intell: adam's idea of a good time is bashing his head against a brick wall for hours on stream
NightValien28: Adam would make agron look like a chump
TXC2: that's holy Terra you Heretic
Critterbot: "Daemon" is pronounced the same way as "Demon" (Deemon), not "Daymon". It's an alternate spelling.
malsareus: @Rourke9 Cam's our secret true ending boss fight
GDwarble: "So what's your job?" "I'm a cyborg skull that hangs out to provide ambiance"
princess_intell: not to be confused with all the nightmon running around
TehAmelie: he said the thing!
tenthtechpriest: he said the thing!
tyrsredritehand: But who protects humanity from the Imperium?
Invitare: Joke's on you, I'm already joyless
Simriel: The grey Knights are Malcadors plan, but ya know, 10000 years have passed :p
notthepenguins: I cant even keep track of what Emps' plan even is/was anymore
Metric_Furlong: malsareus well, for those of us without evil dopplegangers anyway
TehAmelie: Captain Ever-wreck huh
niccus: wow, the game is so hard you lose before you start
bigpuppystuart: Call me a heretic, but sometimes i think the emperor is Malal.
Elaro_56: Joyless... Falcels? What does that mean?
princess_intell: @bigpuppystuart heretic heretic i found the heretic
Metric_Furlong: notthepenguins neither can The Imperium, to be fair
jellybean57: 'baleful edict' feels like the most on-brand grey knights ship name
JeremyDevoid: welp some one or something is going to die
Rourke9: @Elaro_56 volcels, voluntary celibates
princess_intell: does the imperium consider alien nonbelievers to be heretics?
ravenlord_xix: Hmm, is it just me, or is there some nice Imperial March hints in this background music?
Metric_Furlong: I do like how 40k's spaceships are all absolutely huge
Elaro_56: @Rourke9 Ohhh...
Invitare: @princess_intell The Imperium considers *aliens* to be heretics
DanTheMediocre: that's just Cels then
TXC2: princess_intell being alien is bad enough already for the imperium
princess_intell: good to know
DanTheMediocre: or tautcels
tenthtechpriest: I bet someone on staff got a gift card for coming up with the name baleful edict
Mangledpixel: boop
notthepenguins: Sir? Sir, your scrolls...
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
T2_zain: @princess_intell Xenos are treated as a different thing to Heretics, but the response is generally the same
Mangledpixel: how goes the herasy?
LambMower: Palamedeez Nuts
accountmadeforants: @Metric_Furlong No gravity = nothing stopping us from making gothic churches as spiky as we've always wanted to make them!
princess_intell: we aren't heretics, the enemies are
TehAmelie: remember that 40K battleship battle game? haven't been so let down by a game's high promises since Rise of the Robots
TXC2: Mangledpixel we chose max difficulty
bigpuppystuart: Really though, if the emperor was a flawless person with flawless plans, there would be no story conflict, and thus no game, so it behoves them to leave the emperor's true nature and intent murky
Snowwraith: Time for the scripted tutorial.
princess_intell: are heresy memes still funny or am i just rehashing bad jokes
Slasheboy: is this xcom space marines?
notthepenguins: Sufficiently mutated humans too @prin! Except for the Abhumans which are definitely a fundamental distinction and not a convenient political one exposing the entire idea as BS right
notthepenguins: err
TXC2: Slasheboy apparently
Mangledpixel: TXC2 *nods* good good
notthepenguins: @princess_intell
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie they did used to have a spaceship miniatures game, although that got discontinued in the 2010s, iirc
notthepenguins: idk why it cut off the tag
Elaro_56: @TehAmelie What were you disappointed by?
JeremyDevoid: cant miss if the damage is reduced
JeremyDevoid: maybe
gualdhar: yeah this game thankfully avoids the 99% miss of XCOM
Koshindan: I love the lack of randomness.
Walla_tv: rail road tutorial
TehAmelie: a general lack of epicness
Snowwraith: Yeah, this game doesn't do hit rolls, everything hits, it just does reduced damage.
Invitare: that's how you work out that they're not human
tenthtechpriest: fire once then reload?
notthepenguins: that would be a CHONKY boy
princess_intell: so it's xcom minus all the stuff cameron hated about xcom
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie no no, Epic was the 8mm scale 40k wargame that was also discontinued Kappa
Elaro_56: Uther is the Emperor's furry- no wait
ravenlord_xix: Cultist just tanked a power sword strike
TehAmelie: this was a PC game. . .
bigpuppystuart: also a human that can tank a powersword is not something to trifle with
T2_zain: @ravenlord_xix Chaos PCP is a hell of a drug
notthepenguins: to be fair, if it's a power sword and chaos cultists he might just be too high to notice his missing limbs
princess_intell: so is heresy still a funny meme or is it overdone
TXC2: Elaro_56 pretty sure Leman Russ is the emperor's Furry Kappa
Walla_tv: fuck doors
accountmadeforants: He broke that door with his toe!
JeremyDevoid: very nice cinematic for opening the door
tenthtechpriest: good breaching animation
tyrsredritehand: Leman is the emps wrath
Elaro_56: @TehAmelie BFG 2 covers the Fall of Cadia and the Indomitus Crusade, if that helps
notthepenguins: BEAM
Koshindan: Now you're thinking with pillars.
notthepenguins: oh, pillar, still cool
princess_intell: @tyrsredritehand is that an epithet or a job title
TehAmelie: funny cause when they do the same door opening move in XCOM we're annoyed
T2_zain: damn, that shoulder check
tenthtechpriest: BROTHER I AM PINNED HERE
Snowwraith: Yeah, as there's no hit rolls, Overwatch is cone-based instead.
notthepenguins: the grenade slow mo, amazing
marxmarksman: Holy Hand Grenade
Dalrint: I appreciate when space marines have absolutely no subtlety or chill.
tenthtechpriest: angry hand grenade
accountmadeforants: Imagine embossing "Wrath" on a grenade, so very, very extra.
T2_zain: ok, Art designers 100% understood that 40k is silly, Well played game
princess_intell: 40k is about being as goth/metal as possible, regardless of realism
tyrsredritehand: @princess_intell Given what I know of the Heracy, both?
notthepenguins: well they are demons
T2_zain: we are talking about a game with pipe organ based artillery
accountmadeforants: Did they just get Hero Quest-ed?
Elaro_56: @accountmadeforants No, it's necessary to make it more psychically effective against Daemons. It's a Warp thing.
tenthtechpriest: just keep trucking
notthepenguins: sick
accountmadeforants: Elaro_56 Fair enough
Rustymagus: The tutorial is very hand-hold-y. Once you finish it, the game opens up significantly
princess_intell: @T2_zain not only that, but wielded by battle nuns who see death as purification of the soul
notthepenguins: ooh, thats neat
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T2_zain: @T2_zain and who sometimes are so pious they get literal superpowers. 40k is rad
Dalrint: Cooperative team attacks!
bigpuppystuart: "deploy the purple nurple battle brother"
Walla_tv: Stun is very poorly explained if you want some tips
JeremyDevoid: everybody loves a good execution
CodeIndigo: I watched this for 15 seconds before I realized it's turn-based.... instant buy. Thanks Cam!
Koshindan: What made the first hit a critical? Is that part random?
engineerbudy: It makes the next hit critcal
engineerbudy: so you can combo them
notthepenguins: stun makes the next hit received an auto-crit
princess_intell: i love how silly 40k is
notthepenguins: which lets you do the select-your-result thing
Snowwraith: Points of stun are added when you hit them until they are fully Stunned, which is the instant crit state.
accountmadeforants: So then what's the difference between +1 Stun and +2 Stun? 2 crits?
notthepenguins: I assume 'execute' only becomes available on either subsequent crits or sufficiently weakened enemies
princess_intell: like it's totally metal and very serious, but it's also fundamentally silly and it can be both at the same time
Walla_tv: check the yellow skull next to their HP there are bars. each time they get hit a bar goes down when empty you can excute
Snowwraith: Different enemies take more points to stun.
Dalrint: I hope this is hero based and not xcom dead forever based
TXC2: accountmadeforants stun 2 fills up stun meter faster
CmdrMadMoe: Grey Knights are also psykers
notthepenguins: because the first crit you got didn't have the execute option i dont think
CmdrMadMoe: sorta
accountmadeforants: Ah, so it is meter-based. Thanks y'all.
Astramentha: Just arrived - has anyone said “Warhammer 40 Keyboard” yet?
Snowwraith: @Dalrint Knights are hard, so they have a number of "lives" essentially, before they die.
TXC2: Astramentha no, you're the first
Astramentha: yessssss
TehAmelie: Games Workshop be like "is it possible to be so over the top grimdark no one can mistake you for being serious? let's find out"
betazed15: It's a Cam!
Elaro_56: @princess_intell And the HH is about asking "what kind of whack Universe would force normally reasonable humans to become as goth/metal as possible?"
Laserbeaks_Fury: I didn't know there was straight up Hell in 40k
Walla_tv: you were right everyone has storm bolters atm
notthepenguins: looks kinda... corny ;)
tenthtechpriest: oh boy, khorne flakes
T2_zain: I mean Grey Knigts are the most special of the Space Marines and focus 100% on demon hunting
CodeIndigo: Frosted Flakes of Khorne! They'rre grrrrrrrrrrrrIMDARK!
Metric_Furlong: Laserbeaks_Fury oh yeah, it's how FTL travel works
Fanklok: This exact voice sounds familiar
princess_intell: oh my god this game is awesome
notthepenguins: the Warp is basically hell @laserbeaks_fury
accountmadeforants: The line!
CodeIndigo: Harriers for the Cup!
QuixoticScrivener: He said the thing!
BusTed: he said the thing
Dalrint: Smoosh
tenthtechpriest: He said the thing!
princess_intell: he said the thing!!!!!!
tyrsredritehand: Oh damn
T2_zain: @Laserbeaks_Fury It's called the Warp, it's where chaos and (maybe) the emperor live. also it's how FTL works (you get shortcuts via hell)
engineerbudy: Milk for the Khorneflakes
TehAmelie: has anyone ever used the word "futile" as a taunt successfully?
Snowcookies: blood for the blood god!
Metric_Furlong: yeah, you don't really want to melee a bloodthirster if possible
Dalrint: I love the shift to cinematic camera
TXC2: you the movie "Event horizon"?, that's the warp
T2_zain: @Metric_Furlong on the other hand, it's significantly easier to kill a demon via melee in lore.
princess_intell: do people still think all the classic 40k memes are funny or are they just hopelessly dated
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dumbo3k: For the Emperah!
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CodeIndigo: @Metric_Furlong Well, you *can*. ONCE.
Gekyouryuu: @engineerbudy beat me to it
tyrsredritehand: We're gonna need more dakka!
Metric_Furlong: T2_zain yeah, it's a real catch-22
TXC2: princess_intell it depends on the meme
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: Hello all. How is the GrimDark future treating you Cameron?
princess_intell: is calling everyone a heretic still funny
TXC2: hello MyOnlyAliasIsTaken welcome
Dalrint: Did the leader dude just get erased?
T2_zain: @Metric_Furlong as like, a thing made up cause swords look cool, it really vibes well with 40k
TehAmelie: the question is really has any single person ever quit something because they were antagonistically told they couldn't do it?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I just pictured the Warp was more cosmic than Abyssal
TXC2: princess_intell all the time? no, you gotta pick your spots
princess_intell: fair
T2_zain: @Laserbeaks_Fury bits of it can be? and it probably was before chaos showed up
tenthtechpriest: depends on what part of the warp
GDwarble: @TehAmelie I mean, yes
niccus: speaking of ending now
CodeIndigo: @Laserbeaks_Fury The Warp is basically.... anyone ever read Xenocide or Children of the Mind? It's basically where imagination can become reality, and some folks have some hecked up imaginations
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: Why does that grunt sound less pained than.... satisfied?
JeremyDevoid: well that had to hurt
gualdhar: what the actual fuck how could that guy take that hit
Elaro_56: @TehAmelie Very rarely, and not in any fictional story I've witnessed...
princess_intell: oh, and there's the orks that make things true by believing in them
Metric_Furlong: gualdhar space marine
princess_intell: according to some fan theories, they keep the emporer alive by simply assuming he is
Laserbeaks_Fury: Tis but a flesh wound
T2_zain: @gualdhar he's a barely human super soldier with the best possible armour//training//body mods for this
Invitare: a hammer... of war? Some sort of... warhammer?
Nemo_Rasa: @invitare no, he said he was the light, so some sort of flashlight-hammer
T2_zain: @princess_intell this is apparently disputed lore. It's one of the imperium's theories on how orks do ork things
princess_intell: disputed as in "fans disagree" or disputed as in "characters within the narrative are debating it"
tyrsredritehand: Less than 100% loss of troops is a win!
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CodeIndigo: Everyone on your team died! YOU WIN!
T2_zain: @princess_intell the second one.
Elaro_56: @Laserbeaks_Fury It's more like the Force (energy field influenced by all living things) but not on anyone's side.
princess_intell: that's really interesing
TXC2: space
princess_intell: 40k names are so funny
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: This game is very pretty
T2_zain: @princess_intell Yeah, it's my personal headcanon (cause orks running on looney toons logic is hilarious)
Walla_tv: I really like lunette
Dalrint: The tech priest's voice sounds so familiar...
princess_intell: orks are my favorite faction. they're the only ones having any fun in the grimdark future
TehAmelie: i thought science had proved red cars go faster for orks
CodeIndigo: It took me entirely too long to realize that was a techpriest... I thought it was some kind of xeno
T2_zain: @Walla_tv I feel like they have like, an entire footlocker of spare arms for when they need one
Metric_Furlong: princess_intell I think the daemons are also having fun for the most part, to be fair
princess_intell: i hope we get to see the sisters of battle, but it's not likely
CAKHost: "So how do we do a sick u turn?"
CodeIndigo: @princess_intell That's categorically not true! The Slaaneshi cultists are having fun!
CodeIndigo: Too much fun.
Elaro_56: @princess_intell Well, the only ones having good clean fun...
Metric_Furlong: (Dark Eldar as well, arguably, for certain definitions of 'fun')
princess_intell: true
CodeIndigo: WAAAAAAY too much fun
Dalrint: The strategium is where strategery happens
Laserbeaks_Fury: The end of a pyrrhic campaign is a smooth way to start the game depowered.
Mushbie: @princess_intell basically it originates from a report from the adeptus mechanicus that have a political interest in it being true, so it has to be taken with a mountain of salt.
TehAmelie: is it close to the gymnasium?
princess_intell: "how much party is too much party" "no" @CodeIndigo
T2_zain: @TehAmelie In rules? Yes. In lore it's a toss up if an ork just drives red trucks more recklessly, if Meks prefer to upgrade red trucks//paint it red post super charging, if if the ork's collective belief makes it true, or a mix of all of it
TehAmelie: aha
accountmadeforants: All the Space Marines are playing Final Fantasy inside their helmets, it turns out.
CodeIndigo: @princess_intell "We'll let you know when we find it." "but you just blew up a planet" "Yeah, weaksauce planet, it couldn't even handle the preamps"
Walla_tv: yes there is a default set
niccus: skill gr i d
holidayMD: Yes you a default set
Snowwraith: Yeah, they just need the honours to wear it.
dumbo3k: I believe you have a default set of everything, terminator armor included
TehAmelie: is it made of terminators? cause those bots were tough
Laserbeaks_Fury: That... is the most BADASS skill tree I've ever seen
princess_intell: it's like asking if mork or gork is more cunning and/or brutal
TXC2: terminator armour, which used to be hazardous environment suits :p
princess_intell: this game's visual design team gets a gold metal
Walla_tv: this skill tree will also be different depending on the knight's class
tyrsredritehand: one is cunning but brutal and the other is brutal but cunning!
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Metric_Furlong: TXC2 technically, a combat zone is also a hazardous environment Kappa
TXC2: Metric_Furlong touché
Rourke9: cant go wrong with tanky I guess
TehAmelie: we'll make our justicar a car of justice!
accountmadeforants: It's interesting that one side has two branches to the corners, two have one branch, and one has no branches (the one on the right)
princess_intell: do you think osha would have any issues with this decimated cathedral
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engineerbudy: not that I know of
Walla_tv: one of the weps allows for attacks of opportunity
TXC2: CodeIndigo lrrHEART
engineerbudy: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
DarkAbyssKeeper: I see we have a nice crunchy skill tree. What's the main gameplay loop in this one?
TXC2: DarkAbyssKeeper like x-com
Elaro_56: @Snowwraith Wait, I thought GK didn't need honors to wear Termi armor; i thought they were trained in it as part of normal training
PixelArtDragon: @DarkAbyssKeeper X-com-like
DarkAbyssKeeper: Oooh, neat.
tenthtechpriest: pretty sure only the tau and mayyybe the votann have an OSHA equivalent
Snowwraith: @Snowwraith It's a very beaten up ship, he was the new guy.
Walla_tv: you start with one of every wep and armor possible just a basic version
Oohlgrist: there's ways to increase the chance ...
PixelArtDragon: RNG sounds very "perils of the warp"
BrindleBoar: chance can be more-ified
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mrMorphius: 79 War Hams
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accountmadeforants: The sword icons in the background do point to melee, yeah
Walla_tv: and this is just the justicar skill tree
Laserbeaks_Fury: It does look like there's more tree?
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princess_intell: i forgot how much i love 40k's overall aesthetic
T2_zain: @Laserbeaks_Fury or like, crossover trees
TehAmelie: i guess if this is the skill tree for each soldier we're getting even more into "feewer and better units" than XCom
DarkAbyssKeeper: Remains to be seen whether it's better to specialise or jack of all trade, I guess?
accountmadeforants: @Laserbeaks_Fury I do hope this is a full-on Sphere Grid.
DarkAbyssKeeper: And thanks CodeIndigo. :)
Rhonlore: Hi CAM!
Slasheboy: But terminator armor...
Traion: Better and fewer is very in theme for GK
princess_intell: the goth in me will never not be extremely happy seeing cathedrals bathed in cybernetic blood
fiftymcnasty: 2 armor points
Oohlgrist: the skill that grants AP other knights is a strong choice btw
Walla_tv: passive armor and you cant climb
dumbo3k: I think their starting ability points are put in randomly
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SpacePotato01: For the Camperor. (sorry if this pun has already been made)
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164 raiders from James_LRR have joined!
GapFiller: JAMES RAID!!! jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
Leonhart321: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TXC2: Hello Raiders
dumbo3k: Another thing to consider is each knight has a random talent that affects thing, you can see it by highlighting the middle node
red_shoes_jeff: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Sarah_Serinde: Hey Cameron!
bethyfi: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
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jessicaengle: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch sergeHi
PsychoI3oy: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
T2_zain: when I played they got 2 saves instead, +2 armour and +5 invulnerable
EscherichiaCole: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
wench_tacular: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
EscherichiaCole: Pit Crew
Sarah_Serinde: Pit Crew
jessicaengle: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
wench_tacular: pit crew
PsychoI3oy: THE PIT CREW
Xed_Regulus: Pit Crew
Leonhart321: Pit Crew
BlackIsis: Pit Crew
LordZarano: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
red_shoes_jeff: Pit Crew
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GapFiller: Caillou Club Kappa
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Piratical_tendancies: Pit crew raid!
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NightValien28: the chunkers Kappa
Sarah_Serinde: not remember
Snowcookies: pit crew
hexi_lexi234: we're The Pit Crew
Sarah_Serinde: Though I still like Heather's suggestion of Block Party tbh :D
T2_zain: @GapFiller isn't that Adam's chat?
Snowcookies: We all did
wench_tacular: lost in the mists of time
Leonhart321: It's very clever, so I'll say Ashley
omnilord: jlrrPunch
princess_intell: welcome raiders, you have been transported from the bottom of a 16x16 hole in the ground and into the blood-soaked cybernetic space war
FITorion: so is it basically the TT Game or quite different?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: The Chunkies
cidalfos: @t2_zain seabatUseless
holidayMD: Justicar's are supposed to be tanky support so I would recommend Terminator armor
jessicaengle: Chunkleheads?
princess_intell: eh, more like 3
GapFiller: Sarah_Serinde same Bloc Party sounds better; also having two Crews is confusing
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daphizzle: Hey Cameron hope you enjoy your day and stream!
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Leonhart321: Ah, the typical Xcom decision tree then
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graal_smith: So, do heretics get banned?... Asking for a friend. I mean, not a friend, an acquaintance, or, or, not even that. Asking to make sure this chat is Heretic free. Please don't inquisit me!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Sloth Love Chunk
Snowcookies: but this stream has only been live for 48 mins !
TXC2: you gotta put your faith into RNGesus AKA the Emperor Cameron Kappa
Walla_tv: the thickest of lads
TehAmelie: somebody mentioned the terminator armor gets reduced mobility so it could be equivalent of a mec trooper?
Greyah: Having your limited number of units not die does seem solid.
dumbo3k: Each knight has a random talent, you can check it by highlighting the central node, the helmet icon
princess_intell: so is any criticism of the imperium automatic heresy
Snowcookies: @graal_smith thankfully, chat is not located in the WH4000 universe
Metric_Furlong: princess_intell yes
Metric_Furlong: according to the imperium
Walla_tv: oh and deathless nice
Snowcookies: do what wheeler does and call blocking for cowards Kappa
graal_smith: @graal_smith Oh, thank goodness. I was worried an inquisitor or a commisa-*Blam!*
princess_intell: @Metric_Furlong even if the criticism is that you're not being fantatical enough
mizzytastic: I recently found pdfs of a bunch of 3rd and 4th ed codices and it made me very nostalgic
Greyah: So this knight is actually literally immortal? Sweet.
mizzytastic: also very good sources for colour scheme ideas
dumbo3k: Ah, that particular knight is deathless, so he can’t permanently die, sounds perfect for a tank
engineerbudy: you can get both
princess_intell: so are we handcrafting our own strike team?
Walla_tv: you can do both
Snowwraith: You have 2 points to spend.
Walla_tv: 2 points
holidayMD: You have 2 points
Snowcookies: health is always good
tyrsredritehand: Death is no excuse for dereliction of duty.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Enmeaten the Man
princess_intell: i may or may have not been paying more attention to chat than the game
T2_zain: I think my fav commissar story was one of the Gaunt's Ghosts short stories where he can't just *BLAM* the problem cause apparently Guard Commissar's can't *just* execute Imperial Navy crewmen
Oohlgrist: SeemsGood
Snowwraith: It makes you do the tutorial tour of the ship first.
Walla_tv: locked behind story for now
princess_intell: suppose i want to get more into 40k. what novels have the best writing?
KnifeRollinaBakery: hey I got a delivery of blood for *reads tracking label* "the blood god"? Should I put it on this pile of skulls in the shape of a throne?
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Badchop: Whoo!
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DracoFire87: @princess_intell The Ciaphas Cain novels by Sandy Mitchell
Dalrint: I love cathedral ships *so much*.
T2_zain: @princess_intell Either that or Gaunt's Ghosts, probably?
compuNIC: Hello, I am here for Warhammer
princess_intell: @KnifeRollinaBakery no, you deliver it unto the faithful and hope your higher power finds you
tyrsredritehand: 100% recommendation
compuNIC: How much warhammer is there?
TXC2: compuNIC a lot
Walla_tv: hard retweet on that statement
LidofLoathing: @princess_intell I second Gaunt's Ghosts, though there's not a lot of Space Marines in those
PsychoI3oy: about fourty thousand
princess_intell: sorry, would someone mind writing those names in chat>
princess_intell: *?
TehAmelie: i remember reading a comic where there was a robot that had two of those ship for feet. it was amazing
T2_zain: @princess_intell dan abnett, missed the other one
LidofLoathing: Gaunt's Ghosts and others are by Dan Abnett
princess_intell: thanks!
LoadingReadyRun: Dan Abnett and Aaron Dembski-Bowden
dumbo3k: Uh oh, an inquisitor is showing up, better hide yo heresy!
BrindleBoar: TehAmelie in the grim darkness of the forty-first millenium there is only Voltron
princess_intell: i am quite frankly the worst when it comes to purely auditory information, your recommendations are appreciated @LoadingReadyRun
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ggodopaste: 33 months! That's almost 40k!
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Walla_tv: gaunts ghosts is now a 12 book series so thats a hell of a backlog
DarkAbyssKeeper: Cat Walk
TXC2: oooh a lady inquistor
Slasheboy: Suddenly inqusitiory waifu
notthepenguins: I'd add in Alex Stewart's Ciaphas Cain series for something a little more lighthearted @princess_intell
DiscordianTokkan: Hi Y'Stola!
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Mushbie: heeeello Inquisitor
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: Oh god, the studded bood plate
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: What an aesthetic.
LidofLoathing: Heresy
TehAmelie: i hope there is a hilarious explanation why the armor needs that shape for magic reasons
mizzytastic: @princess_intell I second Ciaphas Cain. It presents an Imperium I can actually imagne existing, while still having 40k's impossible scale
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DracoFire87: It's also the only WH40K series that's funny.
quatoria: chaos is ALWAYS dispersing on my etheric winds
Badchop: Well, that seems bad.
princess_intell: thanks everyone for the rec's, 40k lore is vast
notthepenguins: Yeah, Abnett's stuff is really good but funny it does not have
Leonhart321: The gardener?
engineerbudy: who is ready for grandpappy
TXC2: the gardener ?
LidofLoathing: many astropaths died to get us that information?
notthepenguins: the gardener's Nurgle typically
rotarysorter: Dan Abnett changed what I thought was possible in the setting. cannot recommend his writing enough
princess_intell: putting two stars next to abnett in my notes app
PsychoI3oy: the ship looks like a cathedral from a dark souls game
ravenlord_xix: Abnett's got some funny moments in his books. Torgaddon just ripping into Eidolon is always a good one
notthepenguins: correct Psychol3oy
Walla_tv: they get pretty samey
Dalrint: It is, in fact, a cathedral!
Konda020946: my favourite 40k novels were the souldrinker series
Dalrint: *in spaaaaaace*
princess_intell: oh, i won't be reading 40k novels for humor, i'll be reading them for grimdark
LidofLoathing: I only read the first two, as well. There's a certain formula he has that's good, but it's, well, a formula
PsychoI3oy: (literally the only thing I know about 40k is 'more dakka' )
Badchop: I love the word cute. Usually a compliment, but to anyone who really wants you to take them seriously it's the deadliest insult :D
DiscordianTokkan: They're Blackadder or Lord Flashwhatsit ones, but in Space, and all that entails
TehAmelie: what i'd like to read is the Exalted fight the whole 40K universe
princess_intell: @Badchop it's like a southerner saying "bless your heart"
Walla_tv: nightlords or black legion books from aron
DiscordianTokkan: ADB's books are solid, yea. I liked his Cadian one
notthepenguins: Ciaphas Cain isn't like... /humor/ books, but they possess humor
Badchop: @princess_intell Well said
Walla_tv: spear was awesome
notthepenguins: They were a needed breath of fresh air for me
DracoFire87: Yeah, and Ciaphas is one of the more...unambiguously GOOD characters in the setting.
notthepenguins: Thoug I get why they wouldn't land for everyone
AlexTremayne: I will admit I found the contrast of the grimdark setting with the more comedic tone of the Cain books to be very refreshing.
ravenlord_xix: Yea, those marines had some good personality to them
DracoFire87: But yeah, if you're in it for the grimdark, don't read Ciaphas
princess_intell: have the adeptus sororitas gotten any good novels
Walla_tv: 52
DiscordianTokkan: I like to think that everything in Caiaphas Cain's novels are down to Tzeentch fucking with the other Chaos Gods
Walla_tv: ya...
Metric_Furlong: look, it was a big heresy Kappa
CmdrMadMoe: Heresy's big yo
ZealousCrow: lmao
princess_intell: sorry, i'm not comitting to a FIFTY TWO book series
TXC2: there's 18 legion to talk about Cameron
ZealousCrow: so much heresy
ravenlord_xix: And I don't think that 52 counts the 8 siege of Terra ones (and related novellas)
notthepenguins: you should not @princess_intell
ZachtlyAsIntended: put some heresy back
chumpofthemonth: @princess_intell Daemonifuge is a graphic novel but it is amazing
tyrsredritehand: Too mush heresy
TXC2: princess_intell oh you don't have to at all
CmdrMadMoe: Galaxy spanning thing
KnifeRollinaBakery: tzeentch gonna give you exact change
Dalrint: This is too much heresy
AveryCorvus: Fifty two books, the one year!
notthepenguins: If for no other reason than the horus heresy books are...
DoctorHutch: is the name a nod to Horatio Hornblower and Honor Herrington?
Walla_tv: i own like 400 warhammer books LUL
notthepenguins: often really dubious takes
bigpuppystuart: Commit to a book, not a series
SolarBlitz1: Yeah there's a number that are... not good
Walla_tv: oh ya lots are TRASH
notthepenguins: and really mucked up some things
Metric_Furlong: TXC2 and also the remaining 2 legions [redacted] and [name missing]
TehAmelie: 52 heresies? that's almost enough to found protestantism
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TXC2: Metric_Furlong indeed
tenthtechpriest: some are really, REALLY bad
TXC2: TehAmelie :D
Walla_tv: gav thorpe
PsychoI3oy subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 42 months!
PsychoI3oy: the life the universe and... wait, wrong sci-fi
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, PsychoI3oy! (Today's storm count: 34)
princess_intell: oh, i imagine there's a lot of bad 40k fiction, just like any other ip-based work for hire
malsareus: Partake in Gav Thorpe in moderation
ravenlord_xix: heck yea, Graham McNeill, teach everyone about Honsou and the Iron Warriors
Invitare: That sounds like heresy
Walla_tv: Mike brooks has been good. one of the few authors adding things like nonbinary characters
princess_intell: lol
gualdhar: *gasp* the audacity
Tregelen: I liked the Last Chancers but yeah
Metric_Furlong: Gav Thorpe was more of a rules design guy, iirc (mostly in warhammer fantasy, back in the day)
KnifeRollinaBakery: yeah that's heresy alright
Temperature_Droplet: the battle sisters comics are quite good, dont know how old they are
princess_intell: thanks for all the rec's guys
princess_intell: now to find the time to actually read any of these...
cidalfos: HEResy
Konda020946: ben counters souldrinkers weremy favourites
holidayMD: Dante has a lot on the process of becoming a space marine in it
fabiank22: its hart to deal with how formulaic they are
Walla_tv: @Konda020946 love those purple bastards
Temperature_Droplet: "sisters of battle" by Grønbekk
princess_intell: @Temperature_Droplet oh, i do not care about current canon-ness, just a good story
TehAmelie: haven't read any Warhams comics since the deep 1990s. now i miss them
SolarBlitz1: If you enjoy Audio books, then I believe a lot are on Audible
ZealousCrow: Cam have you read Gideon the Ninth? It's not 40k but it seems like it would be big with 40k fans.
ravenlord_xix: The Severina Raine stories have been really good (I just wish another book would come out), female commissar written by Rachel Harrison
Konda020946: @Walla_tv an abolutely acuurate description XD
fabiank22: Abnett is the only one who really manages to break out of the step by step
mizzytastic: the horus heresy novels make the lexicanum wiki pages on heresy stuff far more interesting
ravenlord_xix: @ZealousCrow I just bought that to add to my reading list this weekend
notthepenguins: I will say, they weren't top tier writing, but Ben Counter's Grey Knights books are... somewhat magnificently pure in being exactly what they are
engineerbudy: How?
fabiank22: Legion almost does not seem like a Heresy book
princess_intell: thanks again
engineerbudy: how is that possible?
ZealousCrow: ravenlord_xix it's one of my favorite ongoing series rn
notthepenguins: Turns out the Ultramarine problem is that they're written terribly and generically!
ravenlord_xix: Know No Fear is legit one of the greatest ones in the series
Walla_tv: @Konda020946 i was so disappointed with the recent novel where we get primaris souldrinkers and the old chapter isnt mentioned at all
Walla_tv: no know fear is awesome
ravenlord_xix: I listen to the audiobook every few months
engineerbudy: I'll look into it
T2_zain: best call they made was making Ultramarines the like, library nerds of the space marines
Metric_Furlong: "We're the generic marines. we wear blue and that's what we're named after"
engineerbudy: its Know no fear by dan abbet?
princess_intell: @ravenlord_xix putting two stars next to that one too
TXC2: engineerbudy yes
ggodopaste: I remember when my Tyranids Codex was largely about "The Valor, and Sacrifice of The Ultramarines"
Walla_tv: yup
DiscordianTokkan: Dan Abnett, yea
ravenlord_xix: "Return of fire so ordered"
princess_intell: so my first stop is everything dan abnett has ever written
notthepenguins: <message deleted>having feelings? cringe, man
Walla_tv: @princess_intell mostly yes
fabiank22: what is the worst Horus Heresy Book? Fulgrim?
notthepenguins: Dan Abnett is basically your go-to for the most serious 40k stuff
ravenlord_xix: Damnation of Pythos is pretty not good
Walla_tv: descent of angels or battle ya
DarkAbyssKeeper: *imagines* *desperately tries to stop imagining*
DiscordianTokkan: I should read Dan Abnett's Double Eagle book, since it's one of the ones I haven't seen yet
truediamondback: Most of my 40k knowledge comes from the web series “If the emperor had a text-to-speech device”
creasehearst: a lot of the problems with Ultramarines getting very generic stems from the Ward rulebooks, GW have been working very hard to dial that back and give them actual flaws and character since then
fabiank22: Abyss right, that one made no sense
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Pseudonym_Ken: That's a long time
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DiscordianTokkan: (For Jet Fights in 40K I mean)
princess_intell: @truediamondback oh that thing the girl on reddit salutes to every day
Walla_tv: oh ya theres a game happening
Walla_tv: LUL
ravenlord_xix: My first 40k novel was Baneblade, and I'm still surprised I don't have a superheavy Imp Guard tank army yet
AlexTremayne: I stopped reading the Horus Heresy books because I found the actual fall of Horus to be really not well done.
princess_intell: no lie, half the time the gameplay going on is background to my experience in hanging out in chat's clubhouse
tidehollowcat subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 41 months!
tidehollowcat: You and Ben got me into Warhammer with Space Hulk, and I'm finally assembling my first Kill Team. (fire team of Sisters of Battle and a fire team of Sisters Repentia).
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Dalrint: So are each of those chaos detections something you can fix?
KnifeRollinaBakery: this game needs a longer title.
TehAmelie: i want every spaceship to have a teleportarium now
princess_intell: did horus heresy have a different name before he became a heretic
fabiank22: AlexTremayne: I think Abnett hat a good setup, but then everybody else made the fall seem really out of nowhere
Badchop: This reminds me that I'm very looking forward to playing Darktide in a few months.
Invitare: there's a plague? Better Exterminatus that
notthepenguins: His name is just Horus @princess_intell
ravenlord_xix: @AlexTremayne I wish they had his fall take more than 1-2 books, it felt really rushed to me.
TXC2: princess_intell I think it was Horus Lupercal or something
Snowwraith: It lets you change them after tutorialising how it works with this example.
Walla_tv: you should
AlexTremayne: @fabiank22 Yep. Abnett started out real strong and then the following books fumbled it badly.
princess_intell: that's kind of boring
notthepenguins: yeah, Lupercal iirc
dumbo3k: you do, but you are stuck in the tutorial right now
Oohlgrist: it's still in tutorial mode I guess
compuNIC: still being tutorial'd
DiscordianTokkan: Inquisitor Y'Shtola, hiding her cat ears and tail. (Her VA is the same as FFXIV's Y'Shtola)
creasehearst: you're still in tutorial mode where the game won't let you access all options
TehAmelie: it sounded like you only had to unlock the skill to carry it and equip it
Badchop: I saw "Daemon Hammer" and I have questions.
notthepenguins: no, the codex mandates the tutorial
notthepenguins: i assume
Badchop: Oh, we got beeg.
TXC2: Badchop it's a hammer for killing daemons
creasehearst: not once you've started i believe, it was an option on starting a new game
princess_intell: @Badchop bash evil demon on head with hammer
Badchop: @TXC2 I won't lie, I was hoping it was a hammer constructed from daemons :D
Snowwraith: @creasehearst I imagine it only appears after you do the tutorials once in a campaign.
Walla_tv: love a bolter named forgiveness LUL
creasehearst: @Snowwraith
Badchop: Also, the main question I had was "Why don't I have one?"
princess_intell: @Walla_tv it's so sororitas
bigpuppystuart: "i believe in forgiveness. Forgiveness is the name of my gun"
Badchop: You can always sell me giant hammers in video games.
TXC2: Badchop those probably also exist
notthepenguins: they have a couple swords with demons shoved in them @badchop but I don't recall any canonical hammers
Greyah: @notthepenguins Good thing the Grey Knights aren't really bound by the Codex in the same way other Space Marines are.
princess_intell: @Badchop have you played monster hunter?
creasehearst: bleh, sure messed that @ up, the option to disable it was there when i started my first game
notthepenguins: I mean the Codex is more guidelines anyway :V
Badchop: @princess_intell I have played a little bit of Rise and World, and need to play more of both :D
AlexTremayne: @ravenlord_xix Yep. Needed to be allowed to breathe more.
notthepenguins: basically every chapter diverges noticeably forom them
TehAmelie: can we make these gun names fight the Culture ship names?
princess_intell: spell that?
Metric_Furlong: Sharpe
TXC2: sharp
Walla_tv: sharpe?
LidofLoathing: Sharpe
Snowwraith: Sharpe!
Leonhart321: Sharpe
notthepenguins: Gaunt's Ghosts is military drama
cidalfos: Sharpe!
notthepenguins: effectively
Walla_tv: @princess_intell Gaunt's Ghosts
princess_intell: thanks
notthepenguins: Save the imperium against the best efforts of their own allies usually
Walla_tv: great story good characters
Leonhart321: I am geuinely surprised just how many people know about Sharpe (I only know of it through proxy since my dad read it)
malsareus: it's also written from the perspective of what are, in the grand scheme of things redshirts
notthepenguins: Gaunt's boys get thrown under the bus by other generals realy frequently
Dalrint: the real enemies are the friends we made along the way
notthepenguins: sometimes directly shelled!
engineerbudy: exactly
red_shoes_jeff: Oh, like the Scintillian Fusiliers?
apocalyptic_warlock: Not the catachans! The only required part of the uniform is a red bandana
DiscordianTokkan: The REAL villains are the other regiments that are Very British, and not good SCOTS like the Ghosts, the book.
notthepenguins: I mean, you're not wrong
princess_intell: so gw is based in scotland, good to know
Coloneljesus: is this game a bit like WH40k Battlesector?
DiscordianTokkan: lol
engineerbudy: we can
engineerbudy: its funny
ravenlord_xix: Yea, and in a couple books it's "let's use stealth focused recon troops as trench fighters and garrison troops"
Slasheboy: love the bleeping
red_shoes_jeff: Yis
DiscordianTokkan: We could, and it was perfect
AlexTremayne: I mean, we are the bad guys.
TXC2: princess_intell they're bassed in Nottingham :p
DarkAbyssKeeper: f-bleep-ch
Zaraka00: Not the Finch D:
Rourke9: thanks for bleeping that awful word
bigpuppystuart: the real villains are the ones who get uppity because of the pattern of las-gun they used.
Badchop: I need to set up that button
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TehAmelie: does it mute your voice as well as make a bleep? so fancy
Mushbie: if you are willing to read fan fiction, I really enjoyed The Ragged Edges by Staffen.
notthepenguins: I still need to read Eisenhorn
princess_intell: *insert ip-appropriate "englishmen and scots" meme*
RayFK: The only 40k novels I have read are the Ciaphas ones
apocalyptic_warlock: Have you read any of the Fehervari stuff?
Walla_tv: 4 eisenhorn 3 ravenor 2 becquin and a 3rd on the way
TXC2: hello RayFK
RayFK: Heyo
princess_intell: well my reading list is now a mile long and i'm excited about it for once
apocalyptic_warlock: not-Professor X
RayFK: It goes well, first workday of funemployment for 2 weeks
RayFK: It's weird
Anonomuss: Author of the Spheres of Longing
ravenlord_xix: I do still wanna read the Adrian Tchaikovsky genestealer book
tenthtechpriest: too far or not far enough
princess_intell: all things are better when set in sci-fi goth metal space war
Walla_tv: yes but also no
creasehearst: he's also got the Bequin trilogy, that follows on from the Eisenhorn and Ravenor series
apocalyptic_warlock: The Night Lords books are just Stockholm Syndrome: the Series
Walla_tv: The night lords books gets you to root for people who skin children
princess_intell: that sounds really interesting
notthepenguins: we call that the punisher
Metric_Furlong: it would be Very Bad for lots of people
TXC2: "what if Batman skinned people?!"
notthepenguins: in a funny hat
tenthtechpriest: the answer is "escalation"
malsareus: And what if batman constantly got styled on by bigger better organised people
apocalyptic_warlock: but what if the joker is also batman i.e. Curze?
red_shoes_jeff: That would be like the ORIGINAL Bat Man stories.
tyrsredritehand: Not just the joker but all criminals within range
Walla_tv: yes
bigpuppystuart: What if batman was a fruitbat instead of bruce wayne?
TXC2: anyway back to this game
DarkAbyssKeeper: I do like: "What if all the villains in Gotham were actors hired by Alfred to help Bruce process his grief?"
fabiank22: Alan Moore: Blessing or Menace?
Walla_tv: thats fair
princess_intell: menace
Defrost: RayFK, taking some time off after leaving the kingdom of cards?
Metric_Furlong: The Imperium aren't good people
malsareus: complete loonies
RayFK: @Defrost Indeed, secret new job ina few weeks
AlexTremayne: Alan Moore: Blessing / Frank Miller: Menace.
Ritaspirithntr: Hope you’re enjoying the rest of summer! @rayfk
Walla_tv: 5k years later
RayFK: @Ritaspirithntr So far so good!
malsareus: 10.000 years later and still looking for the better days
Slasheboy: seems like they are currently just basic + 5% crit or +1 crit damage for now
hamfistedoaf: That sounds like my life in the military
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: What are Servo Skulls?
malsareus: mechanized human skulls
Walla_tv: Ya you can really go deep into customizing
bigpuppystuart: I want to get the warp stoned.
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: Mechanized to do.... what?
notthepenguins: they take a skull and make a drone out of it
princess_intell: @MyOnlyAliasIsTaken thank you for subscribing to servo facts
notthepenguins: for uh, Reasons
Laserbeaks_Fury: There is no Darig, only THULE
malsareus: @MyOnlyAliasIsTaken a variety of things
KinoGami: do they have... teeth?
DiscordianTokkan: Some!
TXC2: servo skulls are skulls, that serve
Laserbeaks_Fury: with the benefit of also being a skull
PsychoI3oy: !subscribe servoskullfacts
Walla_tv: Dont ask about the cherubs
malsareus: Servo skulls can also be roombas
compuNIC: Locally sourced materials on the servo skulls
NapalmSideburns: servo skulls are very expendable
RedNightmare7: Warhammer + XCOM? Sounds like a match made in heaven for Cameron
malsareus: or privacy screening thingies
tenthtechpriest: skulls are suprisingly economical to use in the grimdark future
princess_intell: @KinoGami teeth teeth teeth teeth
AlexTremayne: Also: Is this just the Final Fantasy 10 Sphere grid?
DanTheMediocre: empire big on upcycling its human capital
creasehearst: anything that would be AI has to be replaced with a human brain because humanity Skynetted themselves ca. the year 25000, and now have a cripling fear of AI
Steelwolf171: A great aspect of Demski-Bowden's writing style is he's great at making the horrors of the warp seem mundane to characters who have experienced them for the past 10 millennia
Greyah: Flamers *are* pretty rad.
Duven60: the scull is probs the cheapest part of a servoscull
Gamshyd: when you dont value bodily autonomy or agency, and all these humans are dying anyways... you get servo skulls to deal with the piling everything
Badchop: A flamer named "Song of Purity" to boot
Laserbeaks_Fury: I would argue Warhammer was screwing it player on dice rolls years before XCOM Kappa
RedNightmare7: @creasehearst And they are gonna be so angry once they find out the Votann kept them around
compuNIC: @AlexTremayne Sphere grid had more mechanics. this is just a square skill tree
electroswagnetism: Also the reason they're built out of skulls is because that way they're not AIs, they're just cyborgs with all the human parts except the skull taken out
malsareus: but Cam, there is the option of HAMMER
princess_intell: on a purely aesthetic level, the associations of consecration and violence in 40k are *chef's kiss*
DracoFire87: Their teleporters are EXTREMELY valuable
bigpuppystuart: Servo skull fulfil multiple taskes in 40K mostly because the skulls and brains of the dead are cheap, and the Imperium would rather use the dead than use AI because of something that happened like 25 thousand years ago
KinoGami: so the servo skull of theseus?
BlackIsis: They a more....teleport behind you and knife you in the back specialists
TehAmelie: ha remember having to collect about 12 different spheres to "activate" spheres as well as sphere levels to travel between spheres?
DracoFire87: And they can teleport out of overwatch without triggering it
Duven60: @electroswagnetism I'm sure there's a neuron or 2 in there for legal reasons
creasehearst: @creasehearst the Tau also have plenty of AI running around, and there's also plenty of old tech using AIs still, simply because the Imperium doesn't know better or call them "machine spirits" like that makes it ok (titans, land raiders)
DracoFire87: You can also put the falchions on them for extra crit. =D
fabiank22: @bigpuppystuart Isn't the implication that we will make skynet soon an it will screw us over until all our shamans get together and form the emperor?
MatthewDennisMTG: Maybe I’m wrong about how the Coriolis effect works but I just realized that in the 40k universe, snipers have to account for the coriolis effect of each planet…which I’m again, presuming is different for each planet
engineerbudy: what does the hammer look like and do?
Greyah: But what if stick, for good bonk?
Walla_tv: ya halberd allows attack of opportunity
dumbo3k: Falchions are crit focused, Hammers are stun/knockback.
Rourke9: @MatthewDennisMTG it would be different, based on rotation speed and size of the planet yea
Greyah: I do see that "Crozius Arcanum" in the menu. I am excited to see them in action.
Slasheboy: For now hammers have better force strike
compuNIC: Have a Force Swords adventure
apocalyptic_warlock: @MatthewDennisMTG Human snipers probably use las rifles, which avoids that problem
princess_intell: off topic, but i'm living at home and my parents are starting to drive me actually insane
dumbo3k: frag grenades are also really useful for dealing with overwatch, since they have knockback
malsareus: we're also lacking terminator armor
YeetTheRich_: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:23:43.
engineerbudy: @malsareus its on someone rn
dumbo3k: oh, I think you can equip your terminator armor on your justicar now
engineerbudy: he isnt an interceptor tho
TXC2: dumbo3k it's already in terminator armour
engineerbudy: he is a justicar
PsychoI3oy: force sword and seven years ago...
dumbo3k: @TXC2 right, I missed that bit, was distracted
engineerbudy: oh right
engineerbudy: sorry my by
Greyah: In all fairness, anyone in Terminator Armor is a tank.
malsareus: chat is jabbering away internally
TXC2: !listen
LRRbot: Chat? At this time of year?
malsareus: like ghosts in a well
DanTheMediocre: seems like sword goes well with protracted melee, whereas halberd lets him easily pick off guys charging at him
accountmadeforants: @malsareus You might even say we're chatting.
princess_intell: my mother does not want to aknowledge that i'm an adult who doesn't like being joked around with in the same way as when i was 7
Walla_tv: hit em with a stick
engineerbudy: @DanTheMediocre I agree
notthepenguins: yeah, that really sucks
cidalfos: Legend of Zelda force sword adventures
Walla_tv: theres mostly no wrong answer all the weps are cool
YeetTheRich_: me in vintage cube: force swords
malsareus: @princess_intell Issue an ultimation: Either you get treating as an adult or you'll behave like the age you're being treated as
princess_intell: and then when i say "stop", she takes the stance that i'm a quote "eenie meanie chilly beanie"
Gamshyd: theres aegis shield on the far right for the staff auto trigger
princess_intell: @malsareus that's not a horrible idea
Gamshyd: 2 shield
confracto: @princess_intell as a parent of teenagers who likes to joke around with them, I know it will be work for me to stop when the ask, as it's fun, and familiar.....ok yeah that second part is messed up.
engineerbudy: seems deece
Walla_tv: Oh ya as the game progress's there are specialization options
princess_intell: just to clarify, i love her a lot and she loves me, but this is just adapting to adulthood
bigpuppystuart: I love the weapons of 40k so much but man it is a setting that really gets tiresome in large doses
princess_intell: @confracto thanks, what you said legitimately helps
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
princess_intell: thanks for the support chat
accountmadeforants: @bigpuppystuart Yeah, I unfortunately feel the same way. I kinda liked the initial Dawn of War games, though, because they showed a bunch of every faction and somehow seemed a bit less... over the top. (Bounched off the third game, though.)
accountmadeforants: *Bounced
red_shoes_jeff: @bigpuppystuart That's the same thing most of my gaming table said about Dark Heresy. Right as I was about to get my hands on my first Bolter... I'm not bitter...
princess_intell: i'm just gonna tell my mom "stop means stop" from now on
princess_intell: and if she has issues with that, we'll have it out\
confracto: @princess_intell 100% this.
TehAmelie: it's what Captain Awkward would do
AlexTremayne: I played so much Dawn of War - Dark Crusade and Soulstorm.
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AlexTremayne: Probably why Necrons confuse me now.
TehAmelie: (a real person who writes a real advice column)
princess_intell: again to re-clarify, she's not hurting me or looking to hurt me, she's just not "getting the memo" as it were
confracto: yeah, dawn of war was peak warhammer for me, espeicailly as a friend of mine was a dev on the first 2
a_pidgeon: OG Dawn of War is so good. It was my first taste of 40k before I could afford minis.
AlexTremayne: DoW2 and it's expansion were very good too.
accountmadeforants: @confracto Oh, that's awesome! Your friend did a great job, then!
confracto: @princess_intell stop using a memo and start using a large illuminated billboard.
AlexTremayne: DoW3 was... not great.
a_pidgeon: It's kinda disappointing that so many of the modern 40k games only explore like 1-3 factions
princess_intell: @confracto thank you, i very much will
confracto: yes, wtb more tau and necrons (dark crusade was the best)
a_pidgeon: @AlexTremayne DoW2 still has a very alive competitive scene
Makrosian_Tae: Late to the party. What format of game is this particular warhammer?
princess_intell: @Makrosian_Tae xcom
Makrosian_Tae: Ah
AlexTremayne: @AlexTremayne I can believe it.
princess_intell: slash mario rabbids kingdom battle
TehAmelie: it's deeply Xcom like. which really seems to work
AlexTremayne: @confracto Loved both Tau and Necrons in DoW. Oldcrons were the best.
princess_intell: "xcom, work for a military-strategy based IP? who knew?"
accountmadeforants: @confracto Oh yeah, definitely my favourite expansion as well. (In fact, its demo sold me on DoW!)
a_pidgeon: Shame about Eternal Crusade. I think a tight class shooter in this setting would work really well.
AlexTremayne: Loved Sororitas in Soulstorm too.
AlexTremayne: Just setting everything on fire.
princess_intell: alright i gotta go. see some portion of y'all later
princess_intell: it's been loads of fun hanging out
TXC2: so long princess_intell stay safe
dumbo3k: @AlexTremayne it turns out, sometimes fire can solve all your problems
engineerbudy: just ask the salamanders
princess_intell: @dumbo3k chandra is that you?
LoadingReadyRun: making a pot of coffee, will be 5 minutes, probably less
a_pidgeon: Problem not yet solved? Apply more fire.
TehAmelie: hey, there was a freemium 40K game on the windows store where you vaguely control a large mech in corridor shooting levels or duels with other mechs, that worked pretty well
princess_intell: oh no now everything's ashes, which is a new problem
AlexTremayne: 'More fire' was a very effective strategy.
TheThirdTail: *Looks at freshly emptied Chemex* I should make coffee
Piratical_tendancies: !advice
LRRbot: Teeth are stored in the mouth.
DekiSystem: !badadvice
a_pidgeon: @princess_intell Have you tried more fire?
princess_intell: teeth teeth teeth teeth
TehAmelie: it was also absolutely ridiculous with like 8 or 9 different currencies you should want to pay for
princess_intell: @a_pidgeon you're a genius!
DekiSystem: i also vote for more fire
a_pidgeon: @princess_intell I know
bigpuppystuart: the 40k games i had the most fun with was this cheap little Twinstick shooter just called "killteam" and 40K Spacemarine.
TXC2: ask your local space marine if being on fire is right for you
DekiSystem: fire: it's always a bright idea™
a_pidgeon: The Inquisitor ARPG was pretty solid for the runtime of its main campaign
bigpuppystuart: both should be fairly cheap and on steam
Leonhart321: Fire: It's the Hot Thing
princess_intell: fire: what works for dragons works for yoy
princess_intell: *you
a_pidgeon: @TXC2 Try to talk to a space marine and they'll make fire right for you
bigpuppystuart: I played inquisitor Martyr when it first released and the progrssion was really weird
DekiSystem: chat (and stream) thank you for being entertaining during a rough day <4
TXC2: a_pidgeon exactly
TXC2: DekiSystem lrrHEART
princess_intell: @DekiSystem <3
Rourke9: @DekiSystem <3
MAPBoardgames: "It's as true now as when I started adventuring. When in doubt, use fire."
princess_intell: fireball?
a_pidgeon: Loading screen tips be like "Caution! The enemies know how to use fire, too."
MAPBoardgames: duskvHadu Hadooken!
TXC2: "I cast fireball." "at what?" "I said, I cast fireball!"
princess_intell: no, i didn't ask how big the room was, i said "use fireball"
a_pidgeon: "Other spells?" That's big talk coming from someone in fireball range.
AlexTremayne: Fireball is convenient - it scales to the space you have available.
princess_intell: @a_pidgeon i see you are a person of culture as well
Makrosian_Tae: Watch out for that Lava Axe, Harry
TXC2: and we're back
TehAmelie: hi again!
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: Welcome back
Makrosian_Tae: Blah!
princess_intell: how's the coffee
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DekiSystem: welcome back and thank you for startling me PrideLaugh
tyrsredritehand: Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum!
a_pidgeon: If I had a nickel for every time I cast Lava Axe in the Gladiator queue this weekend, I could buy wildcards to upgrade my deck.
niccus: now with more tort
princess_intell: great, now i want chocolate
FITorion: which is what?
a_pidgeon: This OST has strong Imperial March vibes
bigpuppystuart: Don't speak elvish while snacking
DekiSystem: i forgot i had my speakers turned up and boom noise
gualdhar: so, Italian Peanut Butter Cup?
princess_intell: is it good
princess_intell: possible protip: dip the tort in the coffee?
PsychoI3oy: a medic with a chainsaw
a_pidgeon: "Teleporting murderer" is a great Warhammer archetype
engineerbudy: I love the space marines medical procedure
JeremyDevoid: sounds like a perfectly balanced Gray Knight strike force
SachielOne: Hazelnut, probab;y
niccus: hmmmm can you tim tam slam the tortina
jedi_master_zll: It's a medical chainsaw. It has a heal and a hurt mode.
engineerbudy: "you got shot? Time for the bonesaw"
accountmadeforants: The box in that link does say hazelnut cream
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: Oh no :(
MAPBoardgames: You can tell the Imperial ship design by it's stonework.
engineerbudy: allergy?
Coloneljesus: so is this basically killteam?
TehAmelie: sounds better than a medical-grade chainsaw. that's just a chainsaw, but it's sterile
mowdownjoe: Just got in. A corporate fuck-up means I'm off from work today. How lost am I going to be?
princess_intell: please don't go into anaphalactic shock on stream cam
dumbo3k: I don't think the tutorial lasts past this mission really
TXC2: mowdownjoe a bit, we're in level 2
Snowwraith: The tutorial is a "first time playing thing" and you can turn it off in subsequent campaigns I think.
engineerbudy: after this there isnt much more tutorial
Snowwraith: Plus it's just like the first half of this mission I think.
princess_intell: well i guess that's not too bad
dumbo3k: the number is how many AP you will have left
DarkAbyssKeeper: Now we're going to learn about TPKs!
Walla_tv: cursor shows what you have left ya
Laserbeaks_Fury: I appreciate the action point system is a little more granular than "move/shoot"
princess_intell: alright i should actually get going, for real this time
princess_intell: later nerds
a_pidgeon: Oh. That movement animation. Off for a jaunty little jog in terminator armor.
dumbo3k: do you want a small unmentioned tip?
Walla_tv: thats a box of plasma you took cover behind btw
PantherTuer952: i am kinda out off the loop at the moment, was kill team only in July, or are we getting more Warhammer Tabletop content?
bigpuppystuart: is there someone else in the office incase things get bad?
jedi_master_zll: I didn't realize how xcom this was until I played it. There's so many similar mechanics.
Coloneljesus: @PantherTuer952 according to ben there's nothing scheduled due to the schedule being full
dumbo3k: so when you aggro an enemy, all your people get their AP refunded, and when you finish a fight, they get their AP refunded and auto reload guns (unless there is a mission timer)
DekiSystem: more an intolerance?
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Snowwraith: @dumbo3k Yeah, this is important, as it means it mostly dodges the "activate a squad at the end of your turn" problerm.
TXC2: move and overwatch is the X-com way
dumbo3k: so it's recommended to keep your people grouped together, rather than launching one guy far forward and triggering a group
PantherTuer952: @Coloneljesus okay, got it, just missed that it was already over and wondered if it was gonna be continued, thanks
Walla_tv: ya what dumbo said
jedi_master_zll: I do love that the AP replenishes when you find an enemy.
Snowwraith: So be as aggressive as you want with moves.
compuNIC: AP refund when you pop a pod of enemies? intresting
Snowwraith: @compuNIC So they get a free move when they see you, and so do you!
accountmadeforants: That is a very cool feature
DarkAbyssKeeper: So if the first person you move doesn't trigger a group, just rush everyone up?
compuNIC: it does address the imbalance of the fog of war
dumbo3k: just try to get your people close without triggering the enemy pod, and then trigger it, or else you are stuck with one or two guys way back who didn't get ot use their AP to move closer before combat
Laserbeaks_Fury: Mutant Year Zero had a good system like that where it was free move until you agro or go into turn mode
compuNIC: "unleash me" who put a leash on you in the first placce?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm not crazy that these dude look like Doomguys?
Snowwraith: It has a big crosshair over it.
engineerbudy: it will have an Icon
a_pidgeon: @Laserbeaks_Fury And they run like Buzz Lightyear
dumbo3k: most cover objects are destructible, and if they have a icon above them, those are usually directly targetable in some way, like some of those chaos dudes are behind an explosive box
Coloneljesus: @Laserbeaks_Fury all space marines look a bit like all other space marines. Halo, DOOM, WH40k, StarCraft, etc.
dumbo3k: an explosive box that is shootable as well, if you want to save grenades
Snowwraith: As you can just directly shoot it.
Walla_tv: grenades are very limited at the start
MAPBoardgames: Pro tip: grenades can throw enemies off the map if angled properly.
engineerbudy: Killing dudes
dumbo3k: willpower comes back on kill
accountmadeforants: I somehow heard one of them as a really garbled Strong Bad and now I can't unhear it.
dumbo3k: one point of willpower on a kill in an action, but no more than one, so killing 3 people still only gives you one willpower
BlackIsis: Yeah, basically this game is just encouraging you to kill things. A lot.
Walla_tv: if you press youl see
jellybean57: xcom with extra Y E E T potential? okay i think i'm sold on this game
Greyah: I would love to see a game like this, but you play as Orks.
KeytarCat: @dumbo3k If an action results in dead enem[y]ies, +1 WP?
accountmadeforants: @jellybean57 The Emperor invokes Yeetus Deletus
dumbo3k: @dumbo3k sounds about right
a_pidgeon: @BlackIsis As is proper. The Grey Knights aren't well known for their consideration and caution.
KeytarCat: tyty
Walla_tv: explosives will have a crosshair symbol above them
dumbo3k: Overwatch is most useful vs melee enemies you know are going to charge at you, or enemies that are already within range that you know are going to do something to trigger it
compuNIC: just become slightly invincible.
Greyah: I love how they sometimes say their own name when you select them. Like some kinda real weird Pokemon.
dumbo3k: It took me awhile to get used to, having come from xcom, but cover doesn't affect chance to hit, there is no chance to hit, merely damage, and cover affects that
NextLevelTabletop: Chaos cultists are the epitome of courage and dedication.
compuNIC: @NextLevelTabletop they seem like they are having fun too
dumbo3k: melee can knock them out of overwatch, btw
TXC2: that's one tough cultist
Snowwraith: Yeah, just shooting doesn't cancel overwatch, has to be bonked or knocked back.
Snowwraith: @TXC2 That be Legendary difficulty!
Greyah: Their guns make good sounds.
dumbo3k: @Snowwraith shooting with a silencer that you psybolt with, can knock them out of overwatch as it gains Disrupt
TXC2: Snowwraith ah, of course
a_pidgeon: The sound design in this is is real good
Walla_tv: we are on legendary think that said enemies get 50% more hp didnt it?
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tlowey1394: Is this a first playthrough on legendary grandmaster?
dumbo3k: the only chance based stuff is crits, with crit damage showing up as yellow instead of red on their health bar
Ctabbe: yeah if no enemies are left everyone gets their AP back and reloads
bigpuppystuart: do you get a pschic boost is you drink the trippy warp cactus juice?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Definitely sreamlines gameplay
TXC2: tlowey1394 sure is
Greyah: The reload and AP refund means you don't get that turn in Xcom where you just sit around reloading your guns and doing nothing else.
AutonomousTurtle: That seemed a needlessly extra way of getting from point a to point b.
JeremyDevoid: It's like they played XComm took the good parts and decided to rework the bad ones to try and make something that isn't as adversarial to the player
tlowey1394: @TXC2 thanks. Good luck with that lol
jedi_master_zll: I don't remember if the game says, but range plays a role in how much damage ranged attacks do. I think at half the guns range you can do full damage?
CaffeinatedLemur: Hi chat, just joined, how far are we in (mission #?)
a_pidgeon: As a Death Guard player, ugh, Poxwalkers...
KeytarCat: Jiggle physics belly is one of my least favorite things
Snowwraith: @jedi_master_zll Yeah, this is instead of hit percentages.
bigpuppystuart: it never is a natural plague in this setting
red_shoes_jeff: Those guys need some aloe. And shirts.
TXC2: hello CaffeinatedLemur this is mission 2
NextLevelTabletop: @a_pidgeon Ugh? Why? Cause you gotta paint 60 of them?
bigpuppystuart: the shirts would chaff those sores
dumbo3k: @jedi_master_zll yes, guns have two weapon ranges, short range and long range, with a long range damage penalty. also cover can affect the amount of damage received
a_pidgeon: @a_pidgeon Yup. They're my least favorite model in the codex.
bigpuppystuart: Load benedryl cream into your flamer and give them a douse
NextLevelTabletop: @a_pidgeon But they're "good", right?
TXC2: 13 to 1 odds she doesn't, in fact follow protocol
CaffeinatedLemur: Is there a "good" faction in 40K? I thought the whole point is that everyone is aweful and we all are doomed
a_pidgeon: @a_pidgeon They were better in the old book. Now you're capped on how many units you can bring, so I usually end up just running elite heavy lists instead.
Walla_tv: @CaffeinatedLemur there is only less bad
TXC2: Tau are the closest thing to a "good" faction
Greyah: Orks are the only "good" faction in 40K because they give absolutely no fucks about anything and just want to fight.
engineerbudy: Purify?
Walla_tv: Purge flay flense
Makrosian_Tae: Crish, Crash, Crush
DekiSystem: murder murder kill?
TehAmelie: eat pray love?
Chesul: Praise, Shoot, Burn
shurtal: Protect, Purify, Persevere
DiscordianTokkan: Live, Die, HERESY!
TXC2: For the Emperor
red_shoes_jeff: How about "No Ragrets"
Leonhart321: Just the word Heresy, but crossed through with a bleeding slash
Thagnok: Victory Honor Death
Invitare: how fast is FTL in the Warhammer universe?
rotarysorter: @CaffeinatedLemur depends on what you think "good" is. Tau are arguably good but a real argument could be made for necrons, eldar, orks, and tyranids
gualdhar: war, worship, wine
SachielOne: Emperor, Emperor, Emperor?
engineerbudy: Praise Purify
jedi_master_zll: Investigate, inquisit, exterminatus
ravenlord_xix: Interrogate, Purge, Praise
Kesiax: purge cleanse pray
Coloneljesus: serve, kill, devote
Mushbie: @gualdhar LUL
tenthtechpriest: kill maim burn?
Slytherin42: serve, kill, praise
bigpuppystuart: Obey, burn, Emperor
TXC2: Invitare it depends
a_pidgeon: @Invitare Variable. Warp fuckery bends time sometimes.
creasehearst: "Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean." probably
angrybadgerbadger: @shurtal absolutely this
SachielOne: @Invitare Variable, depending on conditions in the Warp
jpost042: serve, save, sever
Walla_tv: My other car is a black ship
TehAmelie: "there is only war"
bookwitchjane: I think she’s secretly a Chaos Cultist.
bigpuppystuart: Ext, erm, inatus
Metric_Furlong: Invitare it varies. warp travel is, in-universe, unpredicatable in how long it can take depending on how well/poorly things go
Coloneljesus: blood, for the blood god
CaffeinatedLemur: thats my secret cap, everyone is a secret chaos cultist
Tobenamed1: @LoadingReadyRun hullo friend!
BlackIsis: @bookwitchjane An inquisitor get just a little *too* fascinated by Chaos? Surely you jest.
Coloneljesus: boob plate!
ravenlord_xix: that thigh plating
KeytarCat: I'm scared and arroused
Thagnok: Vigilance Violence Victory!
angrybadgerbadger: "I realise the ordo has made a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision, I've elected to ignore it."
Tobenamed1: Is this like an xcom style game?
Metric_Furlong: Tobenamed1 it is
TXC2: Tobenamed1 yes
MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: The fact that one, but onlly one, of her boob plates is studded is what gets me
jellybean57: oh so she's vahlen
accountmadeforants: Oh man, she's got that RTS face model. The absolute bare minimum of face bones.
engineerbudy: she gives me mad vahlen vibes
T2_zain: wait, aren't the Grey Knights like, the one chapter the Inquisition has to actually respect and not just pretend to respect?
Tobenamed1: god i wish my wallet didnt hurt rn
bigpuppystuart: She is going to turn evil isn't she?
rotarysorter: understanding eh? I thought understanding chaos was a no no
theambivalentagender: This voice actress sounds familiar
Laserbeaks_Fury: yes "turn"
TXC2: bigpuppystuart turn? Kappa
Metric_Furlong: bigpuppystuart "turn"
northos: @theambivalentagender Y'shtola from FFXIV
northos: also in Dragon Age I think
Duven60: 30 not 38
theambivalentagender: @theambivalentagender There it is
CaffeinatedLemur: truly the dark times
T2_zain: Unless this is just 40K for polite
bigpuppystuart: Forgive my optimism
KinoGami: froth and foam
ChrisGMiller: Were gonna switch Greek and Latin! lets see if any academics explode!
a_pidgeon: To be fair, it's a really gross necropsy
Coloneljesus: necrussy?
jellybean57: an undergrad would make a real hash of it, tho
northos: sure is
creasehearst: i believe that's a zero, not an eight, though that doesn't make it much better
DiscordianTokkan: It is!
dumbo3k: I think most of the time comes from all the ritual incantations to yknow, not let the plague spread on the ship
bookwitchjane: Yeaaaaah I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her.
DanTheMediocre: yeah but they'd end up posessed and it'll be such a mess
ravenlord_xix: Gotta stop every 2 minutes and do some prayers tot he Emperor to remain uncorrupted
northos: (the Heavensward VA, not the original ARR one)
DracoFire87: Yup! Robyn Addison, aka Y'Shtola, aka that one annoying lady from DA:I
shurtal: "Not today, Little Emperor"
Plasterboard: Bust out the band saw and blow torch. We can git'er done in 30 min
bigpuppystuart: IT is cat mommy. i mean, yes that sounds like her
Tobenamed1: Why does it feel like those who go poking around in demon guts become demons themselves?
CmdrMadMoe: hmmm which flavor of Inquisitor is our new friend i wonder
angrybadgerbadger: the heretical flavour
Coloneljesus: probably not spanish
DracoFire87: Sera! That's right, she was Sera in DA:I
shurtal: now i gotta watch the little sun cutscene again
TXC2: the knowledge at any price kind
a_pidgeon: Ordo Chronos for life. The cool time travel ones, not the calendar monkeys
Greyah: You don't trust her? What? Surely, being an inquisitor, she should be the most trustworthy person that's incorruptible and stuff?
Invitare: now if you can't trust an Inquisitor who can you trust?
jedi_master_zll: Wait a second...this isn't the blonde bombshell from the all guardsmen party is it?
Tobenamed1: Isnt it Ordo Malleus who deal with the demons and chaos and such?
TXC2: Tobenamed1 yeap
Coloneljesus: oh is that darth vader?
Master_Gunner: Lunete is bae
dumbo3k: Lunette is fantastic, probably my fav crew member
JadedCynic: @Tobenamed1 The Inquisitorium would do well to study Nietzsche...
compuNIC: Lunete is dedicated to their job and that's commendable
SachielOne: 38 days to do an autopsy, but only six for reactor repair?
BlackIsis: Lunette knows what's up
a_pidgeon: @Tobenamed1 Nietzsche is probably heresy
ravenlord_xix: Will this techpriest beat out the ones from Mechanicus?
angrybadgerbadger: A toaster, perhaps?
malsareus: Lunete has a lot of servitors to rearrange
Walla_tv: its her their and they wont let you forget it
kristian_fischer: Sacred Machine Oil for the cog lover!
Mushbie: Oh didn't realize Aaron Dembski-Bowden was the writer on this game
T2_zain: @Tobenamed1 it's been retconned a few times, but basically Ordro Malleus does investigations//general handing of deamons, while the Grey Knights are called in if shit gets heavy. Grey Knights used to be the Ordro Millitant of the Malleus, the same way that the Sisters of Battle are the Ordro Millitant of the Imperial Creed
kristian_fischer: Yup
Mushbie: according to IMDB yes
red_shoes_jeff: "How about silence? Go see if you can find some, Commander..."
JadedCynic: @SachielOne the faulty reactor probably is a factor in the time to complete the autopsy...
malsareus: Cam's interest just doubled
dumbo3k: @SachielOne true, hard to do a necropsy if the light keeps flickering off
malsareus: oh, the boss of the magma city?
ravenlord_xix: Sceavola
notthepenguins: i love that one
a_pidgeon: @SachielOne Especially when the corpse keeps getting back up
Tobenamed1: @LoadingReadyRun can tech priests even drink coffee?
T2_zain: The one who turned down the Rogue Trader and was just like "too many meat bits"
TXC2: they syphon coffee
Walla_tv: recaf always works
Laserbeaks_Fury: They use a JAVA app
creasehearst: the younger ones that haven't replaced all their flesh yet definitely can
kristian_fischer: "Hold on to this guy all the way down into the magma"
JadedCynic: @SachielOne takes a week to get a complete, uninterrupted mass spectroscopy done
SachielOne: @Laserbeaks_Fury BOOO.
T2_zain: @Tobenamed1 At least one tech priest has a built in coffee IV line with kettle
TXC2: Laserbeaks_Fury get out Kappa
jedi_master_zll: lrrWOW @Laserbeaks_Fury
bigpuppystuart: "initiate caffeine injection subroutine" *coffee machine begins burbling to life*
kristian_fischer: "So will success"
malsareus: souls are a currency my friend
Dalrint: So I don't much about chaos. It's an ideology, and evil demons from the warp, and also..the flu?
kristian_fischer: Things get complex.
JadedCynic: @kristian_fischer yes, but they will be heretic's souls, which technically are already forfeit, so...
T2_zain: @creasehearst even the older ones still have to have some % of their meat body still around, so I could see them keeping a stomach just for coffee
kristian_fischer: This ain't flu.
dumbo3k: I love the conversations with Lunette "This encounter requires standard greetings" or something along those lines
kristian_fischer: @dumbo3k "Consider this requirement fulfilled"
TXC2: "the vulgarities of flesh"
JadedCynic: @Dalrint well, it's this specific Chaos Lord, Nurgle - think 'four horsemen' - Nurgle is Pestilence.
Snowwraith: The squabbling with the characters on this ship is very good.
kristian_fischer: 35 hours, 7 minutes, 49 seconds. Take it or leave it.
SachielOne: The Mechanicus has never heard of Montgomery Scott.
creasehearst: @T2_zain that requirement is specifically regarding their brain, the rest they can do with as they please, also, the top ranks are basically so outside the reach of the rules that they can replace everything anyway
ChrisGMiller: "you'll always get an answer from the CogBoys, doesn't mean your going to like it" Caiaphas Cain.
TXC2: 22 years? rookies numbers
bigpuppystuart: "we do not sugar coat anything. Sucrose is bad for the processors"
notthepenguins: lmfao
EmberNeo: Oh, what's this? A WH40K Play It Forward? Well don't mind if I strap in for this.
kristian_fischer: The Omnissiah cares not for your ego.
Greyah: Being nice is inefficient, so why would they care.
T2_zain: @creasehearst yeah, but caffeine involves brains, yeah? I'm just picturing like a dedicated coffee tank
Tobenamed1: @LoadingReadyRun for the kill team stuff did you kitbash/green stuff ur models or were their kits you could find?
EmberNeo: Frankly speaking, the Omnissiah does not give an F
kristian_fischer: Inquisitor Waifu.
Coloneljesus: wow
CmdrMadMoe: borderline heretical Inquisitor Karen
EmberNeo: Oof. You're not wrong there, Cam
T2_zain: Part of it too is that Admech Language deliberately stripped out a lot of tone//non vocab was to convey meaning, instead just defining it as metadata to their speach.
kristian_fischer: And the scars from managers who refused to speak with her.
CaffeinatedLemur: now now, that is only probably a cultist Karen
Dalrint: In the grim dark of the future, there are no managers to demand.
dumbo3k: I find she kind of grows on you a bit, like a fungus
Leonhart321: I.......almost hate the fact you're right
Greyah: "Gimme your ship. Because I says so. Also fight for me. And give me your library. What do you mean my coupon is expired."
T2_zain: So maybe Admech are actually super polite, but we just lack the robot ears to hear it
notthepenguins: no, Dairint, there are always more managers to demand
Coloneljesus: @Greyah that's military hierarchy for ya
a_pidgeon: Are...are there inquisitors who aren't Karens?
accountmadeforants: What would be the equivalent of yoga pants that say "Juicy"?
JadedCynic: @dumbo3k ...Like a plague?
kristian_fischer: Burn, Kill, Smite
Tiber727: @Dalrint In the grimdark future, there are only managers. Middle managers.
tyrsredritehand: Burn, Scourge, Venerate
EmberNeo: This BGM is great
dumbo3k: @Tiber727 Imperial Bureaucracy is notably abysmal
bigpuppystuart: Lunete looks like a licorice, and i want to eat him
keep_it_lobster: Condemnation, Conflagration, Consecration
JadedCynic: @accountmadeforants her pants would probably have "Purge" on the seat of them
Coloneljesus: ah, the dev team scolding their project manager
TXC2: yeap 100% emperor seed, no death guard seed at all, no sir
accountmadeforants: JadedCynic That tracks
kristian_fischer: Servitors are your repair currency, yeah.
SkylerRingtail: Gotta get those lobotomizers going again
BrowneePoints: They made the Mechanicus look SO cool in this
Walla_tv: No further questions
kristian_fischer: "Duuuuude, shut uuuuup"
tyrsredritehand: And kill anyone who say him onboard
EmberNeo: *cocks Boltpistol* As the Emperor wills
Tobenamed1: how does one get more servitors?
JadedCynic: and the tattoo reads "Investigate, Understand, Eliminate"
T2_zain: @TXC2 I thought it was the Ultramarines who quietly absorbed some of people from the heresy
CaffeinatedLemur: So squats... yes or no :P
dumbo3k: @Tobenamed1 your ship can slowly generate them in engineering, also as mission rewards.
yalc321: Corpses come naturally in this universe
kristian_fischer: Yep
Master_Gunner: Well, you need bodies, they don't *need* to be corpses.
creasehearst: correct
Walla_tv: mission rewards is the real answer
dumbo3k: yes, one construction at a time, one research at a time
EmberNeo: And the grimdark future has PLENTY of corpses
dpj2009: heart shaped box or heart shaped chip?
Zaraka00: Corpse creation method is left as an exercise to the reader
DekiSystem: isn't every first step in warhammer "first we need to make some corpses"?
TXC2: T2_zain the Ultramarines may or may not have adsorbed the remainders of the 2 lost legions
ravenlord_xix: There was a forge world with a really high sevitor manufacturing rate once. Unrelatedly, it was located near a planet for rehabbing injured guardsmen
Greyah: Just jam any ol' body full of tech and your new servitor is ready to party.
Tobenamed1: this game look awesome and i am 100 percent gonna get it when i have more moeny
PixelArtDragon: The transmutation of "body" into "corpse" is relatively straightforwrad
accountmadeforants: The best part of Imperial bureaucracy is that if someone asks you to look for an item "in the back", there's a decent chance there's actually something there, but also you'll need to spend 20 years learning the rituals of the inventory system.
JadedCynic: @ravenlord_xix COMPLETELY unrelatedly
EmberNeo: Oh hey, this is the first time I've seen a Sister of Battle in an animated medium.
dumbo3k: @accountmadeforants and hopefully don't accidentally stumble into a genestealer cult that was hiding back there
T2_zain: @PixelArtDragon IIRC you kinda want some amount of living brain to turn into the computator for the servator anyway
a_pidgeon: She's got Galarian pokemon hair
JadedCynic: @EmberNeo this is actually an Inquistitor
Tobenamed1: @EmberNeo thats an inquisitor not a Soritas
EmberNeo: Oh. My bad
Coloneljesus: all male marines are old dudes but the one girl is like in her late 20s?
gualdhar: not enough habits for a Sister
EmberNeo: I could never tell the difference
tenthtechpriest: she is a more different kind of angry imperium lady with authority
dumbo3k: @EmberNeo don't feel bad, they both have boob-plate
JadedCynic: GW still has that one blind spot in dealing with manipulating the human genome of those pesky double-X chromosomes Kappa
TXC2: EmberNeo she could be 120, they that kind of medicine
EmberNeo: Aren't Inquisitors and Sororitas both angry women with bolters?
TXC2: *they have that
BrowneePoints: Yep, she seems to be Ordo Malleus
CaffeinatedLemur: @JadedCynic To be fair, GW has a few blind spots
Tobenamed1: @EmberNeo does she hold a book and is she screaming hymns while carring a bolter? its a sister. if they are walking around like they own the place they are an inquisitor
dumbo3k: @EmberNeo well, there are male inquisitors, not really any male sororitas
notthepenguins: tbf it's not inaccurate to note that male inquisitors are allowed to show age and female ones arent
Walla_tv: I love how fancy grey knight armor is
T2_zain: @EmberNeo Yes, one is space cops, and the other is space nuns
malsareus: the adepta sororitas get nundams though
notthepenguins: despite both having the excuse of space drugs
EmberNeo: I'm with the space nuns all the way, tbh
BrowneePoints: Grey Knights and Inquisition are cool bits of 40k(and Mechanicus) that don't often get the limelight
Rourke9: angry mommies? :eyes emoji:
BrowneePoints: I'm glad this game is putting them to the forefront
AlexTremayne: I have to leave sadly, but I'm doing so to go play Rogue Trader, so at least there is symmetry. I'll catch the rest of this on the VOD. Have fun all!
accountmadeforants: Imagine having to introduce yourself with "I'm not old", poor guy.
notthepenguins: I really do love the AdMech
Tobenamed1: Im am partial to the the robot boys from the old times
TXC2: so long AlexTremayne stay safe
notthepenguins: one of the most iconically 40K elements imo
T2_zain: The Law is still on the books, but everyone kinda forgets about it
malsareus: we don't really work *for* them, we just share a hobby
EmberNeo: "Technically"
JadedCynic: "We've had a lot of free reign lately, but TECHNICALLY...."
AlexTremayne: @TXC2 I mean, I'm playing Rogue Trader, 'safe' is relative! :D
Walla_tv: the classic space marine id like to see you make me
DracoFire87: I like it when they're not obligate dumbasses
notthepenguins: It's one of those "fuck around with it and find out" sort of customs
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notthepenguins: Typically invoked by Inquisitors who either have no idea what they're doing or know exactly what they're doing
Tobenamed1: That space marine actually has a brain in that tin can!!
BrowneePoints: I think the Greys are all generally smart enough to know NOT to fuck with that chain of command IF the order is invoked
dumbo3k: There's a great line from Vakir about how she thought Grey Knights were a myth
creasehearst: there's at least one attempt by an Inquisitor to command an Adeptus Custodes, it goes about as well as you'd expect
ravenlord_xix: Just wait till the High Lords decide to unleash the Minotaurs on people
SkylerRingtail: An "imperfection?" Don't they usually purge those?
EmberNeo: Isn't that a constant thing in 40k? Someone is always fucking around and finding out
TXC2: Inquisitors tend to humbly request the aid of space marines
malsareus: "fuck around and find out" is why the Inquisition walks carefully around the Black templars
BrowneePoints: Grey Knights are one of the few marines that seem to put intelligence above ego
notthepenguins: Grey Knights will respect... appropriate instructions from the Inquisition
notthepenguins: It is perhaps open to interpretation what is "appropriate"
EmberNeo: I think Raptors are kind of intelligent as well?
a_pidgeon: I've heard the Sons of Malice have great table manners...
notthepenguins: And what is "welp, the Inquisitor was a heretic, so sad"
T2_zain: It's been mentioned before, but I *LOVE* all the little details on his armour
EmberNeo: At least from what I've read of them
Snowwraith: I like the justification you're doing XCOM with Grey Knights in that your ship and crew is *really banged up*
T2_zain: So old Grey Knights are kinda the current Thousand Suns?
Tobenamed1: I forget, why do the wolf boys hate the grey boys?
Snowwraith: Grey Knights are the secret deamon hunting division, of the "if anyone finds out we exist who shouldn't we kill them"
EmberNeo: I think my favorite successor chapters, of the ones I've read about, are the Raptors and the Carcharodons
creasehearst: @T2_zain sort of, they started out as a new legion for Magnus (he was given a shot at redemption), but Magnus turned it down when he found out he had to kill all members of his original legion to do so
Snowwraith: - type of secrey.
Walla_tv: then kill any witness and leave
kristian_fischer: Malleus Chamber Militant
TXC2: Tobenamed1 grey knights were gonna purge civies, wolf boys said no
T2_zain: @Tobenamed1 handful of reasons, ranging from Rune Priests being Demons, general murder (Grey Knights used to nuke anyone who witness them)
notthepenguins: Some pretty poor nwriting Tobenamed1, but Grey Kinghts were involved in some mass civilian slaughtering "just in case" situations
rotarysorter: its like gundam wing, "those who lay eyes on a gundam shall not live"
kristian_fischer: First Armaggeddon War
mizzytastic: other space marines being too valuable merely had there brains wiped
JadedCynic: @Snowwraith I really like the premise for this XCOM-like that - heaven forbid - we ACTUALLY have COMPETENT field units that can ACTUALLY place ordinance on a target, and have suitable kit.
Walla_tv: they dont do that any more which is nice
notthepenguins: which like, doesn't actually make sense because there is no chance in hell Grey Knights would have stayed around for the "let's go purge humans" deal
cmdrelk: and then the months of shame happened
malsareus: not to mention have a fight with Angron
notthepenguins: they'd kinda just fuck off and leave that to people with less important things to do
BrowneePoints: The Wolves have also gotten REAL close to corruption a few times by nature of their creed
BrowneePoints: which the Grey Knights are NOT happy about
dumbo3k: @notthepenguins thats what orbital bombardments are for
CaffeinatedLemur: barracks?
malsareus: how about the planets with green
dumbo3k: No, you need ot advance time, like in Xcom
creasehearst: no, this is the "wait until a mission appears" step
notthepenguins: Whether or not they CARE about a bunch of humans dying goes back and forth by writing, but they absolutely have more important things to do than conduct exterminatus themselves
Snowwraith: Nothing on the map at the moment, just gotta await and see.
Greyah: Nope, you just gotta wait for a hot second.
Walla_tv: advance time in the top middle
kristian_fischer: Advance Time
apocalyptic_warlock: @BrowneePoints Doesn't help that Magnus had a big warp party in the Fenris system
DracoFire87: Aren't the Space Wolves, like...without a homeworld now?
engineerbudy: the infection
notthepenguins: (well, wasnt actual exterminatus)
ravenlord_xix: Then there was the time where they used a bunch of sisters of battle as sacrifices so they could use their blood for some anti daemon shenanigans
creasehearst: not stuff you can do anything about yet
engineerbudy: yes
Invitare: green means healthy, right?
JadedCynic: yep
JeremyDevoid: yup
kristian_fischer: There'a no active mission. This is the infection level.
JadedCynic: eventually
dumbo3k: those are existing infections you can't do anything about atm, think of them as the regions enemy strength level
Tiber727: That's essentially panic.
notthepenguins: that was justnested stupid ravenlord_xix
malsareus: So, it's time to fix the ship
Tobenamed1: im enjoying 40k talk while flying in space in elite dangerous with a massive barge taxing around my friends
notthepenguins: we try not t think about it
dumbo3k: I recommend sitting your ship in the middle, to more quickly react to enemy incursions
Walla_tv: you can either travel to a planet or sit and wait and then a mission will appear
T2_zain: @DracoFire87 without Homeworld, Space-Dad, and IIRC they're one of a few that still use the old Legion structure instead of breaking into chapters. Also a bunch of them ran off looking for Russ
kristian_fischer: Now you'll have missions you CAN do something with.
notthepenguins: turbo edgy AND nonsensical whee thanks Matt Ward
notthepenguins: one of the 5e rulebooks i believe
Walla_tv: a mat ward codex
DracoFire87: Well, that sucks. Because I love me some Space Vikings
creasehearst: the old "khornate knights" story
TXC2: #BlameMattWard
JadedCynic: @Invitare yes, Daddy Nurgle's blessing is growing QUITE healthily (note the specific kinda swamp-yellow/green color?)
taruan: 5th edition codex yeah
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creasehearst: it's basically buried lore at this point
Plasterboard: what didn't happen? :P
apocalyptic_warlock: went full on grimderp for a while
tenthtechpriest: Matt Ward, the gift that keeps on keeps on taking
Walla_tv: bleck
JadedCynic: Matt "Retcon him" Ward
EmberNeo: Aren't the Ultramarines still a full Legion? Or have they broken into chapters as well?
T2_zain: @Plasterboard Grey Knights painted their ship is Sister blood for "reasons"
notthepenguins: the Ultramarines are nominally a bunch of successor chapters
TXC2: EmberNeo no, they broke up
JadedCynic: Matt "GW doesn't talk about that" Ward
notthepenguins: They are, arguably, functionally still a legion
malsareus: Chat, Matt ward isn't currently here so let's not summon him
T2_zain: @EmberNeo IIRC Space Wolves, Black Templar, and the Imperial Fists (Secretly) are
Greyah: Oh, that's some lucky mission placement there. You might be able to hit both in order.
notthepenguins: but the "Ultramarines" are just a very lar chapter
EmberNeo: Ah. I don't remember reading about any of their successor chapters
dumbo3k: So Servitors are your construction resource, grimoires buff your research speed
Plasterboard: Who doesn't love a good deep crimson color adorning their ship? RIght guys? Uh... guys?
SkylerRingtail: Oh wow, the tutorial seems to have given us the chance to hit two. That's rare
KeytarCat: Are we Traveling Salesman-ing?
dumbo3k: so you see the green and red? that shows how much time is used by travel and how much will be left
Greyah: The red bar is how far it'll decay during travel.
Walla_tv: red bar is travel time
malsareus: @notthepenguins they have a lot of successors but the ultras themselves are codex compliant
EmberNeo: @plasterboard Sanguinius approves of your taste in decor
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engineerbudy: No
dumbo3k: probably not
creasehearst: you will basically only be able to do one or two of them at a time
swaggytaco: No
creasehearst: not all of them
notthepenguins: Aren't they like, 2 or 3k marines @malsareus ?
Snowwraith: Doesn't look like it.
notthepenguins: like definitely not a legion but I don't think they sit at the formal 1k
malsareus: @notthepenguins nope
notthepenguins: huh
dumbo3k: maybe if you had better upgraded engines, but certainly not at this point in the game
engineerbudy: to my experience you usually only get one
JadedCynic: well, that 3rd 'mission' will STILL be'll just be....more serious... Kappa
Greyah: Your ship might be a little busted, so it's not as zoomy as it should be.
engineerbudy: at first
Tobenamed1: good ol xcom issues coming back to bite us
swaggytaco: In the future you can upgrade ship speed but theres always going to be missions youll miss
Walla_tv: Commence the murder
JadedCynic: infections spread...
dumbo3k: well, if you miss the timer on a mission, it increases the plague level of the planet
EmberNeo: Considering that it was Papa Smurf Guilliman that wrote the bloody Codex, it'd be highly irregular for them to not follow the Codex
DracoFire87: Nooot...necessarily, missions can time out
malsareus: the ultras recruit a lot but the big secret of space marines is they take a lot of casualties doing their thing
DracoFire87: They'll get wounded fast enough and FORCE you to swap
notthepenguins: There are a lot of ways to follow the codex and not follow the codex at the same time tbf
SkylerRingtail: What difficulty are we on?
engineerbudy: Legendary
notthepenguins: I always figured they just found loopholes
malsareus: true, *eyes black templars*
EmberNeo: @malsareus Case in point, the Salamanders
SkylerRingtail: Ooooh, fun!
JadedCynic: @DracoFire87 yeah, individual assignments can end without being addressed, but the overall problem will be waiting
Tobenamed1: Why tho...
T2_zain: @notthepenguins Like the Fist's Last Wall Protocol
JadedCynic: hey - there's a servitor for you! :D
Rourke9: I think I saw someone advise Ben to eventually train up more than one squad
malsareus: 10.000 year crusade here we go, also ther's 20.000 of the black sword loonies
Myrniss: I wonder how many Inquisition missions started with their first warp jump trapping them in the warp
Thisbymaster: dark dank xcom?
swaggytaco: the battlefields in this game look so good
JadedCynic: pretty much @Thisbymaster (and IMO it addresses most of the issues XCOM-likes have)
dumbo3k: @Rourke9 you'll want at least two serviceable squads eventually, but injuries will probably force you to spread out who you are bringing anyways
CptCorallis: One thing I've liked about things like Chaos Gate and some of the other marine focussed spin offs, they've made a point of having female side characters like the Inquisitor and Tech Priest where possible, which is neat
Rourke9: @dumbo3k makes sense!
malsareus: Now 1 thing the OG chapters do have is that if real shit's going down the successor chapters then to come over and help, see the battle of Baal
JadedCynic: level design, art style, ambient music, characterization - this game is SO nice <3
DracoFire87: @CptCorallis As much as "gender" even applies to an old enough techpriest...
dumbo3k: Knockback is always away from the center of a blast zone
KnifeRollinaBakery: exterminatus is the only way to be sure
malsareus: I love the glee the cultists have
JadedCynic: "cover? that's just one more thing for us to attack" B)
dumbo3k: One thing I really like is that Critical Injuries aren't always a bad thing, yes you are using up with resilience stat, but they can get augmetics that also buff them as a result
JadedCynic: TIMBER!
ravenlord_xix: That was sick
malsareus: apply statue to face
AzureishDragoon: That was so rad
Rourke9: that's incredibly cool
stalkernadir: ok yeah that was dope
JadedCynic: Ian will like the environmental manipulation :D
CptCorallis: That needs clipped
CaffeinatedLemur: that just about sold the game to me
swaggytaco: this game nails environmental kills
EmberNeo: Environmental damage. Always works, supremely underrated
dumbo3k: yeah, using the terrain to kill is really satisfying, either shooting statues/burning urns, or melee toppling columns onto people
DracoFire87: Fair warning that every time you use ANY psyker power--this includes psy-enhanced attacks--you will increase the warp meter
TehAmelie: i think this makes the tenth game i have to buy after seeing Cameron stream it. way too much overlap in taste here
dumbo3k: @DracoFire87 yes, important to note, but the warp meter also increases at the end of every round regardless, and can increase much faster in higher chaos influenced missions
atinyspacemarine: ooh, demonhunter
DracoFire87: Oh, yeah. I'm just sayin'--you can accidentally push yourself into a warp surge
JadedCynic: I'm still waiting for a door to need opening B)
T2_zain: wait, what gun was that?
EmberNeo: @tehamelie Same. I bought Darkest Dungeon after watching the VOD of Cam playing it and now I want this game.
CaffeinatedLemur: well... out of there, in pieces still counts
T2_zain: plasma minigun?\
Dalrint: I walk away for a bit and now you're fighting the imperial guard?
swaggytaco: that guy got hit by 2 statues in 1 turn :/
Coloneljesus: reaper is in this game?
Rourke9: that tickled!
swaggytaco: @Dalrint they're chaos cultists
malsareus: they shot of some of the filigee!
dumbo3k: @T2_zain If you are talking about what his Purgator has, the big two handed thing, it's probably either a Psycannon, or a Psylencer
T2_zain: @T2_zain one of the Psyguns, at a guess. the one that set the cultists on fire
dumbo3k: @T2_zain Suppression also acts as overwatch
TXC2: "gentlemen, we simple kill the machine gunner"
compuNIC: "hi!"
JadedCynic: there ya go :D
TXC2: some fries
dumbo3k: @T2_zain so the only weapons that can really ignite on their own is the flamer, but any ranged weapon can shoot one of the flame urns to knock it over
EmberNeo: Nothing personnel, kid
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JadedCynic: *BAMF* - 'stop that' THUD *BAMF*
malsareus: Say Cam, have you seen the new Khorne bezerker minis GW previewed?
JadedCynic rubs hands eagerly with that is to come
malsareus: the new look slaps imo
CaffeinatedLemur: yeah this FEELS more understandable that a small team would lay waste to a map because you feel like you a running a team of elites... not scrubs
malsareus: he's so vascular
JadedCynic: Knock-knock
Walla_tv: Ill be sad to see wally go but well past time for new zerkers
T2_zain: I'm still 100% here for the Navy Breachers
ravenlord_xix: they just showed off a Khorne Terminator based of some White Dwarf art from 1995 too. It's one of the Warhammer+ reward minis
dumbo3k: Psylencers and Psycannons both have their use cases, Psycannons can Overwatch, and their Psybolt is an AoE blast on the target. Psylencers can't overwatch, but instead can empty their clip to deal damage in a cone, also often destroying any cover in that cone, and their Psybolt has Disrupt, which can knock people out of overwatch/other abilities
CptCorallis: I'm so excited to see if we get those teased Big Khornate Cultists as well
T2_zain: @Walla_tv Wally is still collecting skulls in our hearts
GirlPainting: Commander! the aliens are still making progress on their nemesis program. if we whant to stop them we need to hurry!
MAPBoardgames: Knock, knock. Open up the door. It's yer friends!
malsareus: oh yeah the navy breachers are dope, I have a soft spot for the imperial navy in my heart
malsareus: reading the lore in the BFG rulebook was so much fun
T2_zain: @malsareus I love that they're able to use the old dive suit look without feeling like they're stepping on the Admech
Dalrint: What's bloom?
JadedCynic: cultists be serving up slices of pizza for us
compuNIC: "I'M INVISIBLE! YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" - that guy
JadedCynic: @Dalrint the severity of the Infection the cultists are spreading - aka reinforcements for them come
dumbo3k: Yeah, the icon above the useable terrain tells you what targets it, sword for melee, and crosshairs for shooty
malsareus: speaking of the imperial navy BRING BACK BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC
CaffeinatedLemur: Range?
creasehearst: one thing that might be worth noting is that you can chain moves together to move around cones of overwatch and suppression fire, since the game doesn't really tell you that
malsareus: I want to play with my toy boats
T2_zain: @malsareus and give T'au back their FTL FOR MORE TARGETS
Snowwraith: I like it shows a little red icon showing if you're in shooting range when you move.
Walla_tv: los
SkylerRingtail: Line of sight in this game could be more clearly communicated
T2_zain: man, they really are nailing the feel of tabletop with the LoS xD
Dalrint: So why can that one guy teleport?
dumbo3k: oh, cam, another pro-tip, you can move and melee as part of the same AP
compuNIC: ah the two-fer
red_shoes_jeff: Ha
GirlPainting: so cameron, how is this game compared to x-com, mechwarrior aand other games of that genre?
JadedCynic: that's usually the primary use for grenades - destruction of cover
TehAmelie: i loved XCom 2's feature of showing you what targets you will have in a square before you move there
SkylerRingtail: I think LOS is shown during normal move actions by rather faint lines drawn from the moving unit to the target(s).
SkylerRingtail: It's super not obvious
TehAmelie: perhaps that was too convenient
Walla_tv: there are subtle targeting lines that will show when you are moving.
dumbo3k: @SkylerRingtail yeah, the super faint lines drawn from your cursor destination, and also you can see the projected damage you could deal from shooting above the enemy
Walla_tv: really not obvious though
Snowwraith: It's little red icons next to the enemies when you're looking to move.
dumbo3k: You'll also see red numbers next to enemy health bars when choosing a move destination, that is the projected damage you could deal if you moved there
Nosser2: I'm really enjoying the voice actors in this game.
Dalrint: I feel like the idea that these guys are remotely a threat is kind of adorable
accountmadeforants: That was the most cheery "You will bleeed~" I've heard
T2_zain: He's got a heavy stubber, that's adorable
Walla_tv: see the line there
ravenlord_xix: @T2_zain It's good to see the venerable Ma Deuce is still getting work
T2_zain: The VC is great, but I hope they're a deep enough library of lines to not get stale long term
malsareus: and we shot him twice, it was very nice
JadedCynic: @Dalrint IKR? Gotta love their enthusiastic ignorance of reality
Walla_tv: stabbing is also an option
T2_zain: @ravenlord_xix turns out the lasgun is just a laser mod for the AK-47
dumbo3k: Teleport just uses one AP, and a WP, so you can still move after
malsareus: while these cultists were readiung nurgle phamplets we studied the blade
JadedCynic: tele, sprint and swipe
ravenlord_xix: @JadedCynic Well, there are marines who got taken down by sharp sticks before...
dumbo3k: In the same way, you can move and melee as part of the same ap, you can also move and topple a pillar, if it's one of the melee ones
malsareus: I like the Gaunt's Ghost novel were they raid that deep space station for demonstrating the difference between space marines and normal soldiers
dumbo3k: Suppression triggers on any action except teleportation and I think Aegis
malsareus: " so why is the imperium investing so many resources in space marines? Oh"
T2_zain: @malsareus Yeah, the writing for the Marines in that novel was great IMO.
ravenlord_xix: @malsareus What was great was the short story Killbox just afterwards where Mkoll "trains" with the marines
T2_zain: It was one of the first books I read where the marines came across as post-human
JadedCynic: use 'em if you got 'em
Walla_tv: pop goes the cultist
TXC2: Spaaaaaace!
CaffeinatedLemur: SPAAAAYCE
Snowwraith: Enjoy gravity/
red_shoes_jeff: [RINGOUT!]
accountmadeforants: The Night of Tie-Tan!
dumbo3k: As a heads up, your marines can also be knocked off a level, but they will climb back up, with some bonus wounds for their trouble
CptCorallis: That novel also has the deeply subtle but great moment of a White Scar being told that a character with cancer was still going out on the battlefield and just nodding and responding with "and they shall know no fear"
Walla_tv: first playthrough is for learning
ravenlord_xix: @CptCorallis Dorden was a true one
T2_zain: @CptCorallis So many good things I wanna mention but spoilers >.<
GirlPainting: so cameron, how is this game compared to x-com, mechwarrior aand other games of that genre?
TXC2: thanks for streaming Cameron
GapFiller: Morty
T2_zain: thanks for streaming~
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Walla_tv: quite the mouthful of a title
ShaneLeeAtk: Such a fun stream. Thanks, Cam!
RuiFaleiro: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeHeart
Rourke9: Thanks for the stream, it was wonderful!
MAPBoardgames: Xcom 40k
Mushbie: Thank you for the stream Cam
CptCorallis: Thanks Cam!
MWGNZ: rng doesnt lie
dumbo3k: The only real RNG is crit chance, which is nice
accountmadeforants: The RNG is more for "nice-to-haves" than actual critical strategy
JadedCynic: yeah, they start you out with COMPETENT soldiers with DECENT gear
tenthtechpriest: imagine learning
cidalfos: You rule. This was great. 🤘
JadedCynic: @accountmadeforants exactly
Joalni: So strangely, there is less chaos here?
SolarBlitz1: Glad to hear you're enjoying so far! It's been fun watching a long
malsareus: @Joalni this is the correct outcome, as Grey Knights we fight chaos after all
JadedCynic: @Joalni "This Chaos Army seems suspiciously well-organized" ;)
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MyOnlyAliasIsTaken: Thank you for a lovely stream today Cam :)
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Joalni: @JadedCynic *gasp* The true enemy is #TeamOrder!
MAPBoardgames: GLURP!
malsareus: oh dear
JadedCynic: yeeeeees :D
TehAmelie: Glurp, delicious heresy
malsareus: the glurpening proceeds apace
GirlPainting: whats a glurp?
LordZarano: Chaws Ga-té
TXC2: GLURP will be consumed
Joalni: Chat yearns for more glurp.
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Piratical_tendancies: Glurrrp
malsareus: does glurp become pee or poop?
ShaneLeeAtk: !storm
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tyrsredritehand: Thank you Cam
Joalni: The end of stream is the best place for coffee regret.
JadedCynic: glad you enjoy the game - hope it's right up your alley. cya later! o/
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TehAmelie: i like your taste in games!
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Joalni: Thank you for the stream, Cam!
GirlPainting: !next
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TXC2: goodnight everybody
TehAmelie: seeya
TehAmelie: welp, time to grit my teeth and play tired old XCom until payday
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