Elaro_56: Or an "in for a penny, in for a pound" one...
bigpuppystuart: I have heard talk of Warhammer needing a hard Reboot and i am not sure i like the idea
Kaorti: My personal experience wass that the bleed was disappointing, but the iron arm and swiftness buffs were surprisingly good. YMMV though.
UntilTheEndOfTimeVeronica: Hello Cameron. You're looking great today.
Robot_Bones: SSX Tricky
tyrsredritehand: YAY! Bite club.
wolgo: But i am watching this
JadedCynic: yeah...being torn between live cam and recorded cam...
hamraffle: Personally I'm big on servo skulls and DoTs like bleed and burn.
swaggytaco: Got bit by a vampire Kappa
TXC2: bigpuppystuart they tried that with Age of Sigmar, it was VERY poorly received
malsareus: maybe he applied?
CptMuddles: Cam now *and* Cam later? You spoil us.
JadedCynic: likely that video will get a LOT of views when this stream ends B)
hamraffle: But I also love watching how other tinker and solve the same problems.
SnowBuddy18: if it bleeds we can kill it
Kaorti: The left trees all have the biomancy tag
Kaorti: It's just specific types of psychic abilities
quatoria: Which Gray Knight would be most likely to put kitty ears on their helmet?
Elaro_56: Psykery affecting the body, if "A Thousand Sons" is to be believed...
TehAmelie: "warp speed biomancy" is a worrying term
Elaro_56: @quatoria The one ordered to by an Inquisitor?
hamraffle: Iron Arm and Warp Speed can also be veeeery strong.
Kaorti: the crit damage is really good too when you have hammerhand to guarantee crits.
UntilTheEndOfTimeVeronica: Wait, that Not a Drop to Drink bonus video is 45 minutes? You are too good for us!
Gekyouryuu: I believe biomancy is when all your other creatures enter with a number of +1/+1 counters equal to your power
Gekyouryuu: >.>
TXC2: Gekyouryuu and count as mutants
DarkMorford: Good morning, Cameron and chat!
TXC2: Hello DarkMorford welcome
Dalrint: I read the email about cameron playing with his dolls and now I desperately need a barbie mod for this game.
JeremyDevoid: it just ticks up a level, nothing bad at this point
swaggytaco: No. The infection level just goes up one
Kaorti: I have yet to manage to get every mission in a set that spawns. I think It's intentionally impossible.
swaggytaco: Future missions there are harder
UntilTheEndOfTimeVeronica: Oh no, this game looks good.
Elaro_56: "Select your ship, then select your planet."
hamraffle: When you run out of time the next mission gets a little harder. Up to five times then a thing happens
JadedCynic: @UntilTheEndOfTimeVeronica and sounds good, and reads good, and feels good.... <3
compuNIC: hello Cameron. I hope the crusade is going well
Kaorti: one at a time.
Elaro_56: Oh, you don't have to Exterminatus them? Thank the Emperor...
swaggytaco: Yup :')
TXC2: hello compuNIC welcome
JadedCynic: we only have one ship
Kaorti: we're basically out of servitors anyway
Dalrint: What does the prognosticus thing do?
Elaro_56: Too few ships involved to call it a Crusade, I'm afraid.
JadedCynic: @Dalrint several things, one IIRC is guild the ship through the Warp more swiftly
EmberNeo: I don't think we can call ourselves an expedition fleet either
Kaorti: yes lunette, we would *all* like it if the ship were repaired
dire_5loth: so is this some kind of xcom style warhammer game?
Kaorti: yup
JadedCynic: @dire_5loth pretty much
TehAmelie: does the ship have a room for every word in the Latin language?
TXC2: dire_5loth sure is
Dalrint: expedition squad? expedition...brand?
dire_5loth: neato
JadedCynic: @TehAmelie not yet; we haven't made all the upgrades Kappa
TXC2: time to build an integration chamber Kappa
Elaro_56: Inquisitors, man...
Traion: Hey Cam-nyan and Chat
EmberNeo: Borders on heresy. Not quite heresy.
Metric_Furlong: uh-oh, mum and dad are fighting
TXC2: hello Traion welcome
dire_5loth: isnt the emperor just a corpse trapped on a throne? does he want anything other than the release of death?
Lysander_salamander: canonically, there are catboys and catgirls in the wh40k setting.
JadedCynic: there you go - strike force
Kaorti: ahh, the bureaucracy phase.
TehAmelie: we're fine as long as we keep winning, i guess
Elaro_56: Yeah, he's very sensitive about it...
SnowBuddy18: butt eye
EmberNeo: I hate bureaucrats
bigpuppystuart: "Only the wife calls me ButtEye"
warboss5: There is absolutely a champion of Nurgle somewhere named ButtEye
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Lord_Hosk: What happens if I push this button?
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Gekyouryuu: he's a real but I face
Dalrint: :(
TehAmelie: it's polite
CptMuddles: Yes Master Streamer.
Robot_Bones: We'll go here and then... we'll be here
Elaro_56: @Kaorti The politicking is unironically my favorite part of 40K.
red_shoes_jeff: Of choice?
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: sounds good
Dalrint: The illuuuuusion of choice.
wolgo: I can pause you
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Sethalidos: It turns you into a mod again
Robot_Bones: seabatCHOICE
Kaorti: @Kaorti people: still people
Lord_Hosk: Oh... if I push this button it makes cameron go on break
TXC2: Cameron "the matrix" Lauder
TXC2: Lord_Hosk you're supposed to have returned that button!
JadedCynic: you are giving us the Courtesy, Cam - because you're a nice person <3
TehAmelie: aah, 5 hours until i get a paycheck and can start purgin heretics too. such plans
TehAmelie: a live mic and now a dead stream?
JadedCynic: Champing at the bit...
DarkMorford: Uh oh
EmberNeo: Well, time to look up more 40k lore videos on successor chapters
Sethalidos: did the dice just kill the stream?
red_shoes_jeff: Stream fell into the Warp.
Gekyouryuu: the cat ears knocked the internet off the table
JadedCynic: I feel like that 'die-roll' was a soundboard feature? like maybe a button was pressed by error...and now another error was made?
EmberNeo: Where's the Astranomicon when we need it?
Traion: Cameron doesn't make mistakes he clearly meant to do this
JadedCynic: @red_shoes_jeff well, normally that'd be fine, but no one at the streaming PC meant the Geller field was never initialized...
TXC2: there we go
DarkAbyssKeeper: This is a house rule.
jedi_master_zll: Thus are the perils of the warp. You might lose your internet connection.
DarkMorford: We back, refresh if you don't see it
JadedCynic: @jedi_master_zll if you're LUCKY, that's all you lose...
GapFiller: oh there WAS a blip just then right?
TehAmelie: whee
GapFiller: on Multitwitch only half noticed cdnt tell what was going on
JadedCynic: yeah, just a big blip that affected a large portion of the viewer base
jedi_master_zll: @JadedCynic As long as the gellar fields keep functioning we're fine right? Right?
JadedCynic: right
JadedCynic: with a stable Geller field lrrFINE
EmberNeo: Right....?
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EmberNeo: Welp, time to break out the incense and candles, and start praying
TXC2: and we're back
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aduckcalledquack: ooh, a sub message
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TacitusVigil: Hello Catmeron
CaffeinatedLemur: more grenadaes
Dalrint: Gear for the gear god?
EmberNeo: But more armour
TXC2: more knights = more fights ?
QuantumTwitch: For a noob ehat is wargear?
JeremyDevoid: you dont need armor if the enemy is dead
SnowBuddy18: more worg ear
EmberNeo: Seed extraction unlocked is such a strange sentence
hamraffle: Servo skull, passive things like more ammo or willpower
BlackIsis: BEHOLD! My...stuff!
QuantumTwitch: Thanks for the answer
JadedCynic: utility items, other equipment that doesn't fall into the previous categories of armor & weapons
TXC2: wargear = stuff to help with fighting that isn't guns or armour
EmberNeo: Wargear is basically stuff like grenades, combat knives, and ammo, right?
Sethalidos: huh odd that I needed to refresh
TehAmelie: necropsy would mean something like "to see with death", right
TacitusVigil: Have we encountered heresy yet?
JadedCynic: it's the "Misc" tab ;)
bigpuppystuart: ClothesHangar, For when closet space is just not enough
JadedCynic: so the seeds are like 'beacons'
hamraffle: War gear is how you break some classes lol
EmberNeo: The airlock is that way, Inquisitor
EmberNeo: I'd be happy to show you there
JadedCynic: your ship is still sitting in the hangar...you're free to leave
JadedCynic: yeah, not willing to rule out the possiblity, but acknowledging the value of what she's using
Metric_Furlong: unfortunately you're both in space right now, so the punching will have to wait Kappa
Traion: Imagine how powerful the Empire would be if it was actually well run instead of constant infighting between factions over authority
JadedCynic: slowing the corruption would be nice...
TXC2: Traion that's what humanity was like 20,000 years before this
Elaro_56: The real reason Emps invented the Astartes process: to let them have the strength of character not to dragon-kick certain Imperium officials through the wall.
TacitusVigil: Please do not warp Serge. We just got him untangled.
Traion: TXC2 yeah and it worked out great :p
Elaro_56: I
JadedCynic: @Traion gee, if only someone hadn't misinterpreted a vision of prophecy and maimed the one person able to keep everything running smoothly into a coma in a misguided attempt to prevent what has ACTUALLY come to pass...
TXC2: Traion it was fine until we got stupid and lazy and tried to play god
Manae: This part feels very similar to the HBS Battletech ship upgrades in the best way
EmberNeo: Wasn't the original plan for Big E after the Great Crusade was over was to have Sanguinius take the Golden Throne?
Elaro_56: It's a relief to envision that even in 40 millenia, humanity will still be as petty and small-minded as today...
CaffeinatedLemur: manae yup
JadedCynic: @TXC2 which would NOT have happened if someone that expressly forbade religion wasn't dangling on life-support and unresponsive due to a tragic mistake by someone ELSE
hamraffle: There is box text ship battles yeah
Elaro_56: @TXC2 He didn't really give them a proper faith detox. No wonder they relapsed so quickly.
CaffeinatedLemur: I mean if they would just let him die he could be reborn, but.. then signal becon, blah blah
EmberNeo: "Dislocated". I prefer "shattered"
Elaro_56: @EmberNeo More like "divided". Like a house!
TXC2: JadedCynic I was on about the age of strife, not the horus heresy
Angnor33: CHAOS!
TXC2: but yes the Emperor made A LOT of mistakes
JadedCynic: @Elaro_56 not really, it removes any hope that humanity could ever improve, makes the suffering now meaningless that our desceendents cannot avoid what we put up with now...the setting was designed as a satire of the authoritarianism creeping into place back in the day, but the fact that this warning was unheeded and that blight on humanity has PROGRESSED is demoralizing
CptMuddles: I choose to pronounce it "Chao's," like from Sonic. Very menacing, those.
swaggytaco: I like having a backup apothecary
Elaro_56: @Elaro_56 Yeah, I was gonna say " Wait, did I say "relieved"? I meant "discouraged"", but I got distracted.
bigpuppystuart: Medicare skull....
Snowwraith: When we figure out how to put more pockets in this armour...
TehAmelie: why must pockets be such an advanced technology in every universe?
CaffeinatedLemur: but helmets stop heracy
JadedCynic: zomg, the DEPTH of detail *hnnnnng* <3
Zandivya: You've got to wonder where they keep their endless amounts of ammunition
CaffeinatedLemur: @JadedCynic are you alright my duder?
Kaorti: right
Kaorti: yep
JadedCynic: @TehAmelie BIGGER pockets that manage to only take up the same space as the smaller ones; there's the advancement
BlackIsis: Looks like you've defeated chaos once and for all, obviously.
JadedCynic: @CaffeinatedLemur just living up to my username ;)
TehAmelie: i really like how XCom Long War did it where you start out with multiple item slots but putting stuff in them gives you less move
CaffeinatedLemur: you are only gonna get one of these
accountmadeforants: @TehAmelie Clearly they refused to pay that one person from Pokémon who teaches you how to reorganize/TARDIS your backpack...
JadedCynic: @TehAmelie indeed - everything has a cost SeemsGood
TXC2: time to make some sacrifices
JeremyDevoid: for the first while it makes sure you can only get one
CaffeinatedLemur: are all of these only 1 infection point planets? then take best reward?
JadedCynic: @TehAmelie the 'quartermasters' are busy playing Escape From Tarkov to learn how to pack their Astartes' packs more efficiently ;)
CaffeinatedLemur: we need more "voluntolds"
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Mathonwy: How long is 51 months? A long damned time...
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swaggytaco: the mission on the right side of the map gives out servitors as a reward
JadedCynic: we can NEVER have enough servitors
CaffeinatedLemur: you get some as a mission reward?
Traion: You need a corpse or a convict to make a servitor Cameron. Those don't grow on trees
SpacePotato01: That's probably how long they take to decide who gets to 'become' the servo skull.
JadedCynic: but yeah, choosing the mission by its reward is usually the best choice
TehAmelie: do we have to intercept some ufo abductions to get servitors for a reward?
Elaro_56: @Traion They do grow in cloning vats
Kaorti: it sneaks up on you
NavelWarfare: @traion Never discount the weirdness of warp trees
TXC2: "20 dollars? I wanted a Servitor!"
johkmil: Corpses do not just show up, after all – this takes time.
JadedCynic: @Traion but again, somewhat slowly - 1/10d for exampl
DarkAbyssKeeper: Pave it. Add two more streams to the schedule.
swaggytaco: this game does that to the player a lot
steven19913: Howdy yall, hows it going
CaffeinatedLemur: and Cameron, I personally blame you for making me buy this damned game
TXC2: hello steven19913 welcome
TXC2: strong Imperial march vibes from this song
Kaorti: stabby squad go!
Elaro_56: @TXC2 That and motifs from the DoW2 music
steven19913: yea i thought about getting this game but that would require liking the grey knights, which uhhh.... debatable
Mathonwy: Just beat the heretics about the head and neck!
sharpkris: @LoadingReadyRun are stun kills still op?
TehAmelie: i'll call you Stabby, and i'll call you Stabby, and I'll call you Stabby, and i'll call you Saws
Dalrint: "Hey what did you bring to the gunfight?" "Swords."
JadedCynic: @TXC2 "2 servitors? But I wanted a reactor upgrade!" "servitors can get you that reactor upgrade" "Please explain?" "Servitors are workers that help construct and assemble upgrades for you, and can be assigned to a variety of projects."
NavelWarfare: @mathonwy But I like my head and neck!
johkmil: Stun kills are the best
accountmadeforants: Ooh, do tell!
TXC2: JadedCynic :D
tyrsredritehand: Sounds ammusing
whittacre: the felinid barely count as "cat girls"
Elaro_56: Yup! Officially abhuman, like ratlings or Orgyn
swaggytaco: there are cat abhumans :3
Elaro_56: Ogryn
Zandivya: I guess there's a cat person abhuman?
Kaorti: nyan?
cfpreston: i know they were always cannon in battletech, gods canopis is fun
SpacePotato01: for the empawror
TehAmelie: i think you pretend your fingers are the cat's claws
Elaro_56: I think they're only established in one system/planet?
LordZarano: escher3MEOW
accountmadeforants: @whittacre Where do they fall on the Furry Alignment chart, then? https://i.redd.it/cwf25prw3nm01.png
DarkAbyssKeeper: Claws the length of a FOREARM. Yikes.
Elaro_56: Kind of like Fenrisian are caninids?
Mathonwy: Ugh, I gotta fix the solders in my headphones. At least studio monitors are easy to repair.
JadedCynic: @Elaro_56 so what you're saying is, the corruption hasn't spread and we can still nip it in the bud with an Exterminatus? Kappa
Lysander_salamander: what a peculiar name for a star system
johkmil: I prefer those abhumans who grow extra arms every few generations. Very good workers, extremely devout, keeps to themselves.
Vanbael: Never, there's always room for the feline inquisition
whittacre: @whittacre I reject this chart and all it stands for
FITorion: felinid models wen?
whittacre: also, there's still no official art of felinids
DarkAbyssKeeper: You mean Crab formation?
Lithobraker: There's very few descriptions of them, so they could be anything from catboys to khajiit to Garfield with a human head.
Mathonwy: Why not?
CptMuddles: You know why.
FITorion: Have they been Felinids all along? ... with leashes
TXC2: it's not OK to kink shame Cameron Kappa
JadedCynic: they can't be trusted to their own devices and thus we need to guide them to our goals.
DarkAbyssKeeper: To avoid the crabby bites.
JadedCynic: is it a moving entity - running away from us?
Mathonwy: Are there even eight enemies in this mission? Seems a bit empty so far.
tyrsredritehand: So cat marines same times as squats faction?
Mathonwy: And as soon as I hit enter... Of course.
accountmadeforants: @whittacre Ah, so you'd need to proxy them with anime catgirl figurines until that issue is resolved? I see, I see. (Sorry)
JadedCynic: @Mathonwy ask and ye shall receive *monkey paw closes a finger*
JadedCynic: @whittacre ....yeah, I'd allow that at my table, I guess.
Greendrag13: @TXC2 but I WANT to kink shame Cameron!
Mathonwy: @Mathonwy Aww man. I had better uses for that finger...
TXC2: Greendrag13 well....you can't
Electrodyne: Hi everyone I'm here for Warhamsters
Greendrag13: damn. Guess I'll just have to behave, then
johkmil: The teleport strike does not count as melee kills, right?
TXC2: hello Electrodyne welcome
JadedCynic: heya @Electrodyne o/
Electrodyne: I see no hamsters
Lithobraker: My head canon is that Heathcliff is a felenid and the garbage ape is an unsanctioned abhuman
Zandivya: I learned that getting a melee kill as your last kill won't count towards your objective. That was *ahem* frustrating
Electrodyne: war or otherwise
NavelWarfare: @electrodyne They are very sneaky
jedi_master_zll: For some reason, after they say "Unleash me", I want it to be followed up by Puss in Boots saying "...if you dare".
Electrodyne: @navelwarfare that explains it, thank you!
JadedCynic: @Zandivya well, as long as we get the 8 before the end...and there seems to be plenty of targets
TehAmelie: divide and conquer, eh
DarkAbyssKeeper: I love that they scatter.
accountmadeforants: "You will bleeeed~" continues to be my favourite voiceline.
TehAmelie: see cause we divided their meat points AND formation
JadedCynic: "You will bleeeeeed!" "Son, you don't understand Astartes augmented biology, do you?"
johkmil: Kind of missed your overwatch zone there, buddy cultist.
TXC2: Melee triggered overwatch? that honk
JadedCynic: oh yeah, them not blowing up would be NICE, thanks
warboss5: Did... did he just survive decapitation?
JadedCynic: @TXC2 dude's aiming with a hair trigger, I guess, and we moved enough to attract the eye
Greendrag13: He's been disarmed!
UntilTheEndOfTimeVeronica: What does Force Strike do?
TXC2: JadedCynic I suppose
Banather: "The enemy cannot push a button, if you disable his hand"
JadedCynic: @warboss5 yeah, Chaos Lords 'bless' their followers in weird and revolting ways...
TehAmelie: "mercy is death" is a hella catchphrase
TehAmelie: or is it mercy in death? that's less hella
Zandivya: @untiltheendoftimeveronica force strike uses psychic power which increases the 'bad things happen' gauge
Dalrint: Mercy in death doesn't seem to go with the theme they are aiming for
JadedCynic: so, that's....oh, have we got the eight yet?
TXC2: clang clang clang went the traitor
Anexmedia: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: This game absolutely nailed the Nurgle aesthetic
Greendrag13: Well, I've got to run off. Y'all have fun carving through warp monsters!
Piratical_tendancies: task complete!
TXC2: so long Greendrag13 stay safe
JadedCynic: @Dalrint these former Imperial citizens won't suffer the blight of the Chaos Gods' corruption anymore - that is a mercy unto them
JadedCynic: @Greendrag13 cya @Greendrag13 - may your Geller fields stay strong <3
johkmil: What is left of their souls might even escape being eaten by warp entities. Perhaps.
Elaro_56: @Elaro_56 Nah, the Ordo Excorium would come down on you like a ton of consecrated bricks if you Exterminatus'd a world for no reason. https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Ordo_Excorium
TXC2: such shield, very holy
Raincoast_Bear: Greeting Captain Brother Cameron. How proceeds the crusade against the Mutant Heretic Cultist Tax Evaders of Planetron IV?
JadedCynic: @Dalrint it's more just a fringe benefit from the main goal of ending their ability to further a Chaos Lord's aims
TehAmelie: "mercy is death" works the same way, but it's also super metal
TXC2: hello Raincoast_Bear welcome
Traion: Nuurgle is the answer to that question
TehAmelie: if we show them mercy, we're dead. but if we kill them, we're being merciful
Piratical_tendancies: uhoh
Anexmedia: Now it's a party
lannersong: ah i see we are operating by xcom "fog of war is a pandora's box" cruelty
Elaro_56: "punt"?
JadedCynic: @Elaro_56 "no reason"? *Presents evidence of the existence of the aforementioned abominations* "The Defense smugly rest, m'lud."
TXC2: and if we have, we wont know for another 4 hours
Zandivya: Yeah, I don't understand why they copied xcom's most divisive mechanic in the enemy pod system
colourspike: what difficulty did cam choose?
johkmil: At least you get AP from activating pods.
JadedCynic: @Zandivya at least they have an in-universe explanation for it
TXC2: colourspike legendary ironman
QmonsterGames: game good?
Mathonwy: Against Space Marines? All of the abilities.
TXC2: QmonsterGames if you like X-com, yeah
FITorion: are you fighting 2 groups at once?
johkmil: Activated on your last knight’s turn, then enemy turn? That’s rough.
Piratical_tendancies: what do they have against that one marine?!
Dalrint: It's basically Xcom40k
Anexmedia: Focus fire is probably a well recommended tactic on a space marine
JadedCynic: it DOES address some of the core faults of XCOM-likes, at least...
johkmil: Focusing their fire on one knight, trying to overwhelm its power armour, is surprisingly sound tactics from these goons.
TehAmelie: i guess to get the AI to use something like group tactics, it always helps to have smaller groups
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mozesrw: cam playing an xcom warhammer game I really enjoyed, why this is exactly what I need today, how did you know?
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TehAmelie: i heard the other day XCom had a hard limit of 12 aliens existing on a map at a time. this seems at least a little better in that regard
Mathonwy: It looks like they pincered you, Cam.
CptMuddles: I feel like the quantum aspect of pods doesn't get used enough. They had the choice to stop pods from spawning when you're already engaged, but naw.
BlackIsis: Just means we have more targets to whom we can delivered the Emperor's wrath.
TehAmelie: F
Elaro_56: Who died?
BlackIsis: Is he dead or downed?
swaggytaco: F
AtomicAlchemical: What is this BS?!
Lysander_salamander: dang
BlackIsis: Depends how many times he's been downed in the past, IIRC
johkmil: Usually, they only get downed – I guess it’s an Impossible difficulty thing.
rotarysorter: the emperor .... protects?
Mathonwy: Welp, now you have a pilot for a Terminator...
TehAmelie: guess we're learning on hard mode
Lysander_salamander: what difficulty mode is this?
Ctabbe: I think at your difficulty its only at higher levels
Dhad094: What difficulty is this? At grandmaster your units start with 0 resilience
Traion: Maybe Impossible starts you with 0 resilience?
hamraffle: You have a resolve stat, on this difficulty it starts at 1. And he went down in the tutorial mission right?
TXC2: Lysander_salamander legendary
swaggytaco: wow
hamraffle: Apparently yeah
wolgo: I though our tutorial guy had unkillable as trait
AtomicAlchemical: I call bull
Dhad094: Yea, the legendary difficulty on this game is bonkers
Elaro_56: I don't remember my interceptor dying in the tutorial mission, but I was on the easiest difficulty...
Mathonwy: And here you see the Space Marines turning off what little mercy they had.
hamraffle: I mght be mixing up him and one of your Justicars, I forget who survived the tutorial.
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johkmil: I really like this game, but I don’t think it does Legendary difficulty well. The dials it turns up to increase difficulty are all the weakest parts of the gameplay. I suspected that you’d end up really frustrated upon choosing the difficulty.
TXC2: "your commendations mean nothing to me"
TehAmelie: i understand you can gain additional resiliences later on, so it's not like you're screwed for life when you lose one. unless you die in the interim i guess
Mathonwy: A bit like the tutorial in XCom 2.
TehAmelie: and XCom :x
zed_alpha: One thing I've always liked about recent 40K flavor text and writing is how utterly screwy the names get. Like we've all joked about Trukk Festus in the Kill Team streams but I'm pretty sure that isn't far off the mark.
Mathonwy: Or doing that first Cruise ship mission early in XCom Terror from the Deep without warning.
QmonsterGames: is this game just super dark all the time?
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zed_alpha: of course, in the grim future of the far war, there is only darkness
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: in the grim future of 40k, everything is rust brown and gunmetal grey
Mathonwy: Bright colors are of Chaos.
UntilTheEndOfTimeVeronica: What are the melee and ranged icons on the map?
TehAmelie: i think the color scheme works tbh
UntilTheEndOfTimeVeronica: There's some floating blue markers, what are those for?
johkmil: @untiltheendoftimeveronica They are interactable terrain features
zed_alpha: god I love Nurcle's entire cult.
johkmil: Most of the ranged icons blow up if your shoot them, in this case the melee icon is a manhole cover you can throw.
zed_alpha: Papa Nurgle just wants to give you a hug. It's adorable.
TXC2: More? good lord
TehAmelie: oh we're not done yet
wolgo: 0 reinforcements left sounds like nothing is coming
lannersong: Nurgle a big proponent of using the carpool lane
swaggytaco: oh good (:
johkmil: You’ve finished the objective, now survive!
wolgo: o.o
Elaro_56: Wait, wasn't this mission about getting servitors, or did I miss the end of that mission?
CaffeinatedLemur: welcome to the difilcuty spike
CaffeinatedLemur: well the first one
Mathonwy: Wait, they keep getting back up, AND you have reinforcements coming in?
TehAmelie: uugh are they the zombies
wolgo: Is there a specific one that can rez?
TXC2: zombie rush baby
UntilTheEndOfTimeVeronica: Looks like they have less health now?
lannersong: I guess the tactic is to kill zombies then move away from where they can be resurrected?
swaggytaco: the big guys reanimate the little guys
CaffeinatedLemur: the game doesnt tell you this, but you can place a grey knight on a warp portal and they will close it before it opens
CaffeinatedLemur: and there is a limit on reinforcement waves
Lord_Hosk: Free XP while you kill them all
johkmil: Not indefinitely, only the non-regenerated zombies can raise zombies.
lannersong: that feels like something the game ought tell you
Elaro_56: Wait, I thought only Tyranids (and GSC?) got "Endless Swarms" as a mechanic!
CaffeinatedLemur: @lannersong I agree
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fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: this game somehow manages to give you less information than xcom
johkmil: That’s a big aegis shield.
lannersong: @Elaro_56 zombies gonna zombie
Elaro_56: @fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn "Knowledge is power, hide it well."
CaffeinatedLemur: also, the game doesnt tell you this, but later there is a respawn warp effect and you can spend a turn having your knights wipe out the sigils
UntilTheEndOfTimeVeronica: Objective is just to survive one more turn, right?
zed_alpha: Okay, so the highest difficulties are supposed to be hard and punishing on purpose, but this just seems like...cruel.
warboss5: Sure, would you prefer a Mathew or a Rick Parry?
johkmil: Your knight is buff enough to survive until extraction while being beaten on by zombies, at least.
Elaro_56: @Elaro_56 Yeah, I forgot that OTT, Nurgle zombies (poxwalkers?) get a stratagem that brings them back up.
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: at least wotc zombies gave you a free-attack mechanic to counter the swarm
rotarysorter: funnel that irritation into Faith in the emperor brother
johkmil: It’s relatively easy to get access to higher level recruits that the one who died, at least.
RuiFaleiro: [Insert Picard quote about making the right choices and still losing]
Elaro_56: This
CaffeinatedLemur: you can recruit more and apothocaries are good to keep troops up
swaggytaco: And half of them are going to be level 1 :')
JeremyDevoid: some of the Apothecaries are crazy. the abilities are not the same for all members of the same class. at least if i remember right from watching Funko play.
swaggytaco: Yup
airylan: You can send wounded marines on further missions. They have reduced max hp until they recover.
johkmil: Gulvarn Sorak will not die lie his predecessor. He will win this campaign for you.
johkmil: *like
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: how hard is it to make an xcom:ew asset swap oof
MrMatternot: Well, i just enjoyed seeing how Silas got everything he wanted. And wayyy too much more.
TXC2: !break
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johkmil: Someone came back?
Elaro_56: An old man is talking over the break!
johkmil: I’m a bit sad that this game does the highest difficulties as bad as it does – it really gives a bad impression to those who are introduced to it through the stream.
rotarysorter: so many ways to make something more difficult but hard to find which nobs to turn
johkmil: Even at lower difficulties, enemies love swarming you, pinning you with grenades and overwatching everywhere – which is fine until you turn up the tankiness of the enemies and nerf both the damage output and the tankiness of the Knights.
MrMatternot: I find the way SuperGiant lets the player tweak the difficulty to be very good to find a challenge, but not terribly rewarding without some hard ceilings.
johkmil: The worst difficulty tweak IMO is probably the increased stun resistance – so much of the gameplay of this game relies on juggling executions to essentially get infinite turns, and that’s almost impossible when you have to use every AP of your entire team to reduce even one stun meter to zero.
TehAmelie: what is the highest difficulty here even for? just a little extra something for players who like being arbitrarily punished so they can say they did the hard thing, for minimum effort on the part of the devs?
TXC2: oh hey chillpoint has it's own thumbnail now
TXC2: also we are back
Elaro_56: Bit the dust?
TehAmelie: hai Cameron
MrMatternot: Is highest difficulty akin to playing against an experienced player?
FITorion: the dwead guy got better?
DarkAbyssKeeper: It is bullying you. But being nicer than other bullies.
TXC2: so maybe you like this game but not this difficulty?
AtomicAlchemical: I guess if you get rid of too many bad conventions, the genre becomes unrecognizable?
Elaro_56: Let's serve ourselves some servitors!
MrSVCD: Love the cat ears. They make me happy.
AtomicAlchemical: oooooooh
FITorion: so one of the injured just healed a bit faster?
CptMuddles: Old xcom enemies are sooooo night and day
MrMatternot: More like a good Civ AI, then?
zed_alpha: I'm with @TXC2 here
TheMerricat: OG Xcom focused on map control, NG Xcom focused on squad movement.
johkmil: The difficulty might actually get better when more enemies are unlocked – so not every pod is surprisingly murderous ranged cultists.
Ctabbe: I also find that the game doesn't really help you understand what everything means (abilites and mission consequences).
lannersong: it does seem it's a slow sweep and clear and the infection/warp is there to penalize you for it
zed_alpha: Fair
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: that was how i tried playing xcom for the longest time and tripping pods was the worst
CptMuddles: I really wish you could just not spawn new pods while fighting one already, or if it was a certain type of enemy that could, idk
johkmil: Fair
TXC2: like X-com-likes really need better stealth and recon options
TehAmelie: the games are just bad at handling too many units. should be better ways to fix that though
DarkAbyssKeeper: Schrodinger's Greys. Don't open unnecessary doors, or they might be inhabited by plasma rifles pointed at you.
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: stealth could be hard to balance in XCOM
Ctabbe: I had to restart after my first playthrough because stuff just kept happening that i didn't know was even possible
johkmil: The radar blips could probably be more accurate, that could let you manoeuvre without tripping more pods.
lannersong: i don't mind if stealth breaks a game if it's another option available to you. Once you make that not an option you make the play space less interesting
CptMuddles: Radar blips would be fab.
Elaro_56: Yeah, Surprise Enemies is why I veered away from nuXCOM for the longest time.
lannersong: terrain seems to have so little bearing in this
zed_alpha: I want a piece of 40K fiction about the Adeptus Mechanicus architects and the decorators for all these huge, gothic, gilded, beskulled monstrosities.
TXC2: feel like your tactics are making a difference
FITorion: recon without "always" triggering enemies I guess?
TheMerricat: TBF og Xcom also let you have way larger squads than ng xcom-esque games seem to want you to have.
BlackIsis: This game *heavily* incentivizes pushing ahead and being aggressive, with all the reset mechanics.
zed_alpha: "Yeah, Golnir, I understand you want a twenty-five-meter-tall skull above the main bridge, but do you have any idea how long that'll take to fabricate?!"
rotarysorter: giving you really expendable units like servo skulls to scout with might be a part of a way around the feels bad scenarios
johkmil: Terrain does make a difference, but it is overcome by the sheer amount of cultists right now.
hamraffle: Definitely love servitors
Brozard: I thought that said Bora Bora Prime
JeremyDevoid: just dont try the challenge if you think that its to hard. there is no down side to ignoring it.
JeremyDevoid: as long as you dont accept the challenge
KnifeRollinaBakery: Innovation is heresy! Tactical use of ground cover is heresy! You're all heretics! I'll be in my room.
zed_alpha: Here's where it drops a Great Unclean One on you, calling it right now
johkmil: Three knights sounds like a bad idea at the moment.
QuantumTwitch: two terminators and a apo?
kristian_fischer: Hey Cameron. Finally gonna storm that Chaos Gate, eh?
zed_alpha: Question, why three knights when there are six there that appear to be a-ok for duty?
MrMatternot: Where it's at?
accountmadeforants: @zed_alpha It's one of the missions, to do it with just 3.
zed_alpha: Ah!
mozesrw: you can use injured nights in missions with an hp penalty
DarkAbyssKeeper: Hubris? Heresy. Cowardice? Heresy. Pick your Heresy.
Tregelen: Imagine how good it would feel to pull it off
johkmil: Since it is a seed carrier mission, you also have to survive for three turns while surrounded by reinforcements after killing the carriers.
TehAmelie: there does seem to be little punishment for going slowly at least
Mathonwy: Terminator?
kristian_fischer: I mean, I assume Cameron is playing on FaceSmash difficulty as per usual, so...
TXC2: kristian_fischer indeed he is
MrMatternot: "Pick your Heresy" looks like something that should be carved over the door of an interrogation room.
johkmil: It will be a truly glorious deed.
goombalax: the kitty ears are a good look
Mathonwy: Heretics do not require interrogation. Only death.
Elaro_56: A classic!
JeremyDevoid: the enemy cant hurt you if they are dead
kristian_fischer: The Grey Knight mono-red deck.
Traion: damage is the best damage mitigation
CaffeinatedLemur: mono death is a great meta
Elaro_56: A Son of Dorn you are not
CaffeinatedLemur: but heals is good
kristian_fischer: Psychically charged bolter shells fly, everyone dies.
hamraffle: I like mono murder to build resources
Mathonwy: Don't need to heal if none of the enemies are alive to harm you.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Killing is just preemptive healing.
Boon_33: means based mission plan
kristian_fischer: I will say, no spoilers, but I had to restart half a dozen times before I beat this game. Onboarding is NOT in its vocabulary.
TXC2: hay Biomass is the Tryanids thing!
johkmil: With a 1/1 resilience, do you have one downed before dying?
TehAmelie: yep. resiliences are extra lives
TXC2: at least one of them sounds German to me
accountmadeforants: Ooh, with some luck, the enemy chose the same mission :p
kristian_fischer: BLOATSM'N!
TXC2: disaster averted there
kristian_fischer: Or delayed
TXC2: I like to think positively :p
johkmil: Kaboom!
TXC2: lrrDOTS our one weakness
ravenlord_xix: Those headphones are real nice
KnifeRollinaBakery: grandpa nurgle is a jerk.
nalha: meow
Walla_tv: its rough
TXC2: that sounds like bad design if so
johkmil: Retreat to save the last two?
KnifeRollinaBakery: I seldom find a digital 40k property that doesn't fall short
Mathonwy: Isn't there a way to prevent that getting back up crap?
Mathonwy: Oh, good. Chaos marines.
hamraffle: I love the game, but at the same time I’m super not a fan of how the game handles difficulty.
Korolan: Glory to the Nyanpurror?
CptMuddles: So far I might prefer Mechanicus?
KnifeRollinaBakery: @korolan Multicolored heresy.
Walla_tv: many dudes
Korolan: Beautiful.
warboss5: This is brutal even by 40K standards
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: the classic enemies behind you strat
KnifeRollinaBakery: in the Grimdark(tm) future, your shit is about to get rocked.
TXC2: we call this the fuckining
Elaro_56: Do Termis even get cover?
Walla_tv: plague boys just do that
QuantumTwitch: warp surge i think
Elaro_56: Some people are about to be relieved from duty...
mozesrw: armor regenerates every round yours too
hamraffle: Armor regens at the top of every round unless you have armor break
CptMuddles: Packs are pretty close here aren't they?
TXC2: cool game
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: typical gw digital fare
AtomicAlchemical: What the F, game?
BlackIsis: Lower difficulty levels are *much* more forgiving.
Elaro_56: Too hard?
QuantumTwitch: Yea this seem to be one of those XCOM learning experiences.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Definitely nailing that "wait how does that work?!" I remember from the early days getting into XCOM.
hamraffle: I’d swear you had resilience, the hell?
BlackIsis: At least, in my experience,.
Walla_tv: difficulty scales poorly
nalha: wheres the nuke button?
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: regen bullet sponging is seldom a good idea
TXC2: sadly our ship has no nukes
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Glass the planet/sector/save
MrMatternot: Usually I have to boil a sponge for 5 min to regenerate it.
KnifeRollinaBakery: yeah when in doubt exterminatus it out?
nalha: is this the kind of mission you have to rush some objective?
accountmadeforants: Holy hell that Overwatch.
mozesrw: the aegis shild lasts one turn
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: greyknights and dying to cultists, it's in the books right
QuantumTwitch: Yes and they only get to spawn 3 for free soo its seems fair
TXC2: maybe we can disable it on a new run?
hamraffle: Sometimes it does feel like “in xcom you’re under pressure and low on resources, so let’s do that too!”
Elaro_56: At least the apoth survived!
AtomicAlchemical: So... do we reroll one level down on difficulty?
CptMuddles: Bad design that makes sense in the fiction. Bleh.
DanTheMediocre: resilience 1 was just on legendary right?
TXC2: more grind, blah
accountmadeforants: I suppose the highest difficulty disabling the tutorial by default makes sense now (but only in retrospect)
Walla_tv: suffering for the "fun" of it
BlackIsis: Yes, you get considerably more on lower difficulty levels.
CptMuddles: Numbers tweaking is the easiest kind of difficulty, I suppose.
TehAmelie: seems more reasonable
ravenlord_xix: Yea, surprised the game doesn't have a mechanic where the grey knights can one shot poxwalkers/weak enemies, but I guess legendary difficulty has to mean spongy healthbars for the enemies
QuantumTwitch: 4th edition dnd paragon tier :)
CaffeinatedLemur: seems more reasonable
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: interesting difficulties are harder to design than just altering values on a spreadhseet arbitrarily
MrMatternot: Can you name one of your mans "Ruth"?
BlackIsis: Ruthless is basically XCOM Commander difficulty, it feels like.
CaffeinatedLemur: ruthless seems a more interesting playthrough
Mathonwy: Let's do Ruthless.
HorusFive: Also everything takes longer build/progress wise
CaffeinatedLemur: or even standard
Mathonwy: The Legendary difficulty is silliness.
accountmadeforants: This definitely has the signs of "designed for normal, then started tacking on bullshit for higher difficulties", rather than designing for hard mode and making things easier afterwards.
JeremyDevoid: ya the higher enemy damage/toughness and lower team damage/toughness for higher difficulties really feels like lazy programming to me. as a programmer it can be very tough. honestly adding more small patrols would be interesting but probably difficult to add in with the time constraints.
FITorion: smarter enemies please not "their number go up and my number go down"
hamraffle: More intelligent AI, unique enemy types, something special would be great for a max difficulty.
BoFatDis: Can someone recommend a game with "interesting" difficulty setting?
TXC2: ah we're starting at this point eh?
TehAmelie: Control
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @accountmadeforants I mean, that's generally going to be the better development approach. You want to focus your efforts on the largest audience. Doesn't mean they couldn't have done a better job on higher difficulty though.
BoFatDis: @TehAmelie Isnt control console only?
TehAmelie: nope, i have it on pc
TheMerricat: @accountmadeforants TBH the folk who play these games _BEELINE_ for the hardest difficulty, almost always.
accountmadeforants: @BoFatDis Crosscode has the absolute best difficulty settings: https://i.imgur.com/Uiz7Lxe.png (All of those start at 100%)
QuantumTwitch: Its the same in most games because its really hard to ramp up difficulty in other ways while under modern game development time constraints its the reason A** is still active in rts pathfinding
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: it's just more work...
BoFatDis: Tight, thanks
TehAmelie: like 20 individual difficulty metrics can be scaled. and they start at max
TXC2: thanks for streaming Cameron
goombalax: wow skipping the tutorial really shaves like 20 minutes off the game
Mathonwy: Thank you for streaming today, Cam.
QuantumTwitch: Thanks for an interesting stream today, always a pleasure to watch.
MrMatternot: Increasing the difficulty in chess, does not make each pawn have to reach both ends of the board before leveling up.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Yup. Increase damage, not hit points. Same with D&D monsters.
BoFatDis: Maybe something like making cover stronger and flanking being only viable option against it
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: they could just copy the design notes from the fire emblem insanity levels
Mordin_Solus_Sings: More damage, maybe reduced reserves of mans to make each one more important, as well as making injurues/recovery management more important.
BoFatDis: @DarkAbyssKeeper Try to convert some PH2 monsters to DnD they mostly have difficulty in abilities
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Almost every game could benefit from some kind of Nemesis system
Lysander_salamander: just a small hiccup
BoFatDis: Nemesis system is copyrighted until 2035
khawl: Thankfully Warner Bros. made sure that no game will have a Nemesis system, with the patent
Lysander_salamander: have a good afternoon
BoFatDis: sorry, patented, yeah
accountmadeforants: Oh yes, that's For Real
warboss5: Oh yeah, the patented the shit out of that
DarkAbyssKeeper: Oh you didn't know that? Its effed.
BoFatDis: Yeah\
tearsofpirates: lmao i havent seen cameron just die inside SO fast
Mordin_Solus_Sings: IIRC that patent would be insanely unlikely to stand in court... But it does the job of scaring away others
TheMerricat: "Warner Brothers Granted Patent for Nemesis System from Middle Earth Video Games. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) today (February 23, 2021) granted Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment's (“WB”) patent on the nemesis system from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle Earth: Shadow of War."
tyrsredritehand: We appreciate you Cam!
BoFatDis: WB patented it in 2019
Sethalidos: man fuck capatilism
Brozard: yup, it really stinks
BoFatDis: or 2021 i dont remember
TXC2: and thus the Cameron had stared to long into the abyss
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: « The US Patent and Trademark Office released an issue notice on February 3, 2021, stating that the patent would go into effect on February 23 of this year. Warner Bros. has the option to maintain the patent through 2035, providing they keep up with the necessary fees.»
Lysander_salamander: Games can do similar things but can't precisely call it "nemesis"
DarkAbyssKeeper: It's worse than the "game during loading screens" patent.
ksenyo: Patents increase innovation. Right? Right?
LambMower: "Sweet, actual huge game innovation. Lets make sure nobody ever gets to use it"
compuNIC: you know, art
Leonhart321: No fun allowed
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: and on that note...
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MrTulip: I imagine the people who made it are probably not pleased in the slightest
TehAmelie: laterz
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream! lrrSHINE
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: bye
TXC2: goodnight everybody
BoFatDis: man i really hoped for the sub readout, just to hear Cam read my nickname
accountmadeforants: I do wonder what the licensing fees on that patent would be.
Sethalidos: @accountmadeforants yes
Sethalidos: @accountmadeforants the fee amount is yes
accountmadeforants: Ah, the Qualcomm school of licensing.
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