Lysander_salamander: nice
Its_VeeBot: punchabunchofstuffNOW
Thatwasademo: punchy punchy ka-pow!
Thatwasademo: (is the official english translation of the combo sound)
Its_VeeBot: It's such a shame about Tsunku
RealGamerCow: what happened to Tsunku?
zed_alpha: man, watching Heather just go to town on a rhythm game is so fun
Its_VeeBot: Tsunku had to have his vocal chords removed, from what I remember.
Its_VeeBot: In 2015, due to esophageal cancer.
zed_alpha: laryngeal cancer
zed_alpha: What VeeBot said, yeah
mtvcdm: Esophageal cancer's what my dad had. It is no joke.
cmdrzellgaudis: Who had their vocal chords removed?
Its_VeeBot: I stand corrected, laryngeal cancer.
asddsa28: the plain batmiten is my fav
Lysander_salamander: I'm not sure why but the badmitton one always sticks with me
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cmdrzellgaudis: The badminton one is my favorite one too
mtvcdm: It's going great.
Thatwasademo: pictured: Ian, forgetting that buttons other than A are important for Cosmic Dance
Its_VeeBot: The Rhythm Legaue says: "Uhhh..."
mtvcdm: Work on your fundamentals.
Lysander_salamander: I've never seen the bird-riding swordsman before
OhaiMireiya: taadaaa~
zed_alpha: aw, meowmeowtaro!
KendalMac417: lrrSPOOPY lrrSPOOPY lrrSPOOPY
zed_alpha: !next
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benjamin_wheeler: eh
Its_VeeBot: LUL
OhaiMireiya: high fives all round
SaxPython: Great Save!
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Phailhammer: cya :)
SaxPython: well done Ian
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
Thatwasademo: I think Ian might need to work on his flow just a little bit
SaxPython: Great Clip
benjamin_wheeler: Please hold while OBS gets it together
letfireraindown: @benjamin_wheeler cools, was about to check if it was still coming on
MurphEP: Holding
TheAinMAP: Standing by.
ShaneLeeAtk: Maintaining pattern
CAKHost: You can do it, OBS!
TheAinMAP: Signal
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
CAKHost: lrrSIG !
shurtal: Ganbatte, OBS, Ganbatte!
MurphEP: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
KendalMac417: Howdy Howdy Howdy
OhaiMireiya: *honk*
YeetTheRich_: !quote 5250
LRRbot: Quote #5250: "Wait is this Pokemon?" —Paul [2018-08-09]
asthanius: Blussey be with you
TheAinMAP: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrWHEELER PikaWorlds
NotCainNorAbel: still a banger
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lightfut: thanks for having me great to be here
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KendalMac417: First time im hearing this intro live, only downside is I cant rollback and listen again :D
OhaiMireiya: Kitty!
asthanius: mulder in the background AND on the microphone, what a treat!
Boon_33: salutations
OhaiMireiya: =3
YeetTheRich_: wheelerMuldcb
TheAinMAP: HahaCat
shurtal: whats the over under on finding innadvertant racism today?
asthanius: @shurtal well jynx is still a pokemon
bigpearlentertainment: hey wheeler!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
shurtal: yeah, so i'm thinking the line is gonna be set at 1.5 @asthanius
bigpearlentertainment: is that a joke? lol only available in mexico and canada
bigpearlentertainment: it must be
A_Dub888: !findquote mulder
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
asthanius: no that's true
Juliamon: bigpearlentertainment It really is, it's a beta
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2726 patrons for a total of $20,592.73 per month.
bigpearlentertainment: oh word thats wild
OhaiMireiya: hurro cat tail
SnackPak_: seabatClap
KendalMac417: good joke streamer
MurphEP: ssjLAWL
OhaiMireiya: *claps*
OhaiMireiya: I'm an idiot, it takes me a while for the joke to kick in
asthanius: Vlissey
A_Dub888: Bliss-v
DoctorHutch: Milltank? does this thing rock Cow Tech?
CAKHost: Arceus YEETs Pikachu?
asthanius: pikachu has balloons
KendalMac417: Is that what the kids are calling it these days
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh thats busted
Juliamon: This deck is the opposite of Cow Tech, in that the cows are still the tech
asthanius: so basically blissey is a machine gun
OhaiMireiya: Blissey boop
Juliamon: Fog V
Sibwow: are we doing haymaker?
asthanius: Oh jeez not again!
asthanius: much better
OhaiMireiya: You'd think they'd have better qa
Korolan: Perfect
delusionalprole: w h e e l e r
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is there a fun way to get energy into your discard
A_Dub888: Typos are crafty buggers
Sibwow: get adam in for that
circusofkirkus: moon cheez!
A_Dub888: mooncheez!
ShaneLeeAtk: Moon Cheez!
KendalMac417: moon cheez!
Sibwow: theres only 50 states wheeler
DrChillbrain: do enchant worldle
asthanius: The stream just started
asthanius: We're still ramping up
DoctorHutch: Farfetch'd
Boon_33: anyone else think neary solid white is a bad color for a loading screen?
asthanius: Is This Your Loading Screen
Juliamon: There's a little texture but yeah it kinda sucks
shurtal: i only recognize 5 states, solid, liquid, panic, New York (mind), and Montana
asthanius: Honestly, yeah it's the issue with light mode
asthanius: also hi mulder's tail
Boon_33: nope, just reminds me to clean my monitor every time I see one.
YeetTheRich_: is there a 'enchant worldle' for pokemon?
YeetTheRich_: wailordle
Sibwow: sporcleldle
asthanius: what if you're the only player
asthanius: yeah but, like, right now what if everyone is sleeping
YeetTheRich_: then you have truly become the very
YeetTheRich_: like no one ever was
YeetTheRich_: *very best fuck
asthanius: the very best fuck
asthanius: ayy
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown
YeetTheRich_: ya I'm drunk don't mind me
asthanius: they sure did
A_Dub888: Yup
madwreck1: today was the last day
Masslost: yup and pokemon go just had its first champion event
Sibwow: when do we use a GX move
asthanius: you pokemon go to the polls
Musherino: you tap the screen a lot
Sibwow: uncle stoise reppin
circusofkirkus: uncle stoise!
asthanius: why'd you concuss yourself just to get out of playing pokemon unite?
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asthanius: "pokemon" [derogatory]
Sibwow: thats called tempo right
DrChillbrain: I really don't like the way these human avatars look
asthanius: Probably because of the Circumstances
Sibwow: did you take down your stats?
KendalMac417: all your energy went to that Blissey
dweebert91: Did you fuck around and get a triple double?
asthanius: Holding up a piece of paper with a smiley face on it over your own face
dweebert91: not a good day then
Sibwow: is this your card but its just sports cards and no gameplay
asthanius: ba dum tsh
delusionalprole: wheeler pls
KendalMac417: Is this your Card? 52-pickup edition
asthanius: "Pog! I got a piece of a jersey!"
Sibwow: special guest avocobbo
Sibwow: not marnathan
Sibwow: yeah we just went over it, sports cards with papa
KendalMac417: o?
asthanius: wheelerPog
bytecaster: Double the value?
MurphEP: :o
YeetTheRich_: finally, the full season of wheelie breakers
AverageJoe: Any hints?
noSmokeFire: gee, ben, how come your LRR lets you have TWO games?
asthanius: Oh, never heard of that game!
asthanius: Neat
Sibwow: that sounds like yugioh
DoctorHutch: is it gladiator with permanent queue button?
AverageJoe: averag360Ayoooo
Laserbeaks_Fury: * and obelisk?
KeytarCat: co-op slay the spire?
YeetTheRich_: oh wow it's from paradox
KendalMac417: I saw another group play recently, seems like fun. Planning to have guests with yall?
Sibwow: wait you vetoed the horny ones? what are we doing right now
bytecaster: That is a big restriction
asthanius: You veto the horny ones but played Shadowverse?
KeytarCat: 👀
YeetTheRich_: paradox make decent games
asthanius: Indie games? More like get in de stream games
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream! Goodnight everyone.
delusionalprole: wheelerPig wheelerPig wheelerPig
asthanius: wheelerPig wheelerPig wheelerPig
DrChillbrain: Im liking this dynamic music
asthanius: oh hey it's detective pikachu
KendalMac417: good save
bytecaster: Are we talking about acclaimed collectable monsters franchise Digimon?
frozenphoenix7: Detective Pikachu was the last movie I saw.
zasiah: Ooooh.
SkylerRingtail: So many Slay The Spire mimics of late
bytecaster: There are worse trends
Anonyman41: its slay the spire with co-op, but it leans heavily into permanent progression, which is strange for the genre
Sibwow: why do they make you pick the last prize card
Painfully_Dyslexic: detective pikachu wasn't too bad I quite enjoyed it
bytecaster: To send a message
DoctorHutch: why make you pick any of them
Sibwow: i dont think they do
YeetTheRich_: at least they don't make you swipe your deck to draw for turn
bytecaster: We got some pants
zasiah: And now I'm suddenly flooded with memories of stamping my Pokemon badge book while playing the card game a billion years ago
Laserbeaks_Fury: Remember to ring the bell, Draw that Prize, and Stamp that Bingo Carrd
islam95541: hello
KendalMac417: As a wise person once said, "I love shorts. They're comfortable and easy to wear."
Omotelie: dad-core
islam95541: <message deleted>please follow me
Sibwow: cackling
bytecaster: Yu-Gi-Oh needs to remind you to say: "Watashi no turn, draw" after all, as is tradition
shurtal: probably fine
shurtal: cow tech transcends games
Laserbeaks_Fury: Man energy got weird
Sibwow: it turned into a horse
Sibwow: yes
asthanius: yes
Sibwow: this was from legends arceus
Sibwow: arceus is also a horse
asthanius: arceus is horse so they're both horse
Juliamon: They looked at Arceus and said "oh I get it, four legs good, two legs bad"
A_Dub888: Turns out God is a horse
noSmokeFire: a horse that looks like it swallowed a hammer iirc
DrChillbrain: dialga has a cylinder stuck in its throat
Earthenone: origin form sounds like it was always a horse
fuzzzy234: i join into horse talk
bytecaster: See this is what happens if there is no horse club even for a little while, the horses get cocky and take over
lightfut: of course of course
Earthenone: im sure that happens all the time in competitve pokemon
bytecaster: I mean, they played the horse, they are partially at fault
A_Dub888: From what I saw at the World Champoinships, Marnie can hose the Palkia deck hard
Laserbeaks_Fury: So what I'm hearing is you're playing eggs
KendalMac417: Wait up, who's the professor in the store menu?
frozenphoenix7: She's as good as her theme
asthanius: Prof. Essor
KendalMac417: er, battle pass
KendalMac417: Professor Da Vinki
MurphEP: oh god
Juliamon: Displaying some strong restraint having his shirt fully buttoned
bytecaster: "You wouldn't believe number 5"
RendezVoodoo: number 9 swampert
dragonwarrior000: Beedrill again
asthanius: "Hey folks, welcome back to The PokeLab! Don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and hit that bell...ossom! Haha just some Pokemon humor there!"
bytecaster: On any of his lists, number 1 is always Pikachu #
asthanius: "Honestly, I hope we get another Fire/Fighting starter"
frozenphoenix7: "Where's my Mega Charizard Z at, you know?"
Earthenone: even the first gen hada fire fighting starter, look at squirtle
noSmokeFire: "What's the deallll with fire/fighting types?"
boristhewizard: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 50:59.
A_Dub888: benginFingers
asthanius: squirtle squad come back
KendalMac417: LUL LUL
bytecaster: Squirtle is only fire fighting with the sunglasses on though
Musherino: look, ash is in pokemon masters, the whole anime is canon and you can't tell me otherwise
asthanius: You knocked the camera when you talked about fire fighting starters
asthanius: It's been about a minute
KendalMac417: Thought it was a bit, to fully embody the 11-year old
Ryxiene: It had just happened with the 11yr old comment x)
MurphEP: You were youtubering too hard
asthanius: you talk about birds a lot
LinearGif: well how large a bird we talking
MurphEP: James Tuber
asthanius: I bet you could take a sparrow. But only one.
Driosenth: As the Australians have proven, fighting large birds does not always favor the humans.
HedgehogKnight: youtubing?
a_pidgeon: Just arrived, is Wheeler fighting birds? My money's on the birds.
KendalMac417: @HedgehogKnight nah, hetwitching
bytecaster: @Driosenth Next month: "Is This Your Card? : The Emu War"
asthanius: So, there's Radiant pokemon that are shiny, and then there's also shiny pokemon that aren't different cards?
frozenphoenix7: Yep, that's Phoebe. Gen 3.
Sibwow: and then theres pokemon star
Sibwow: what is the in universe explanation for pokestop
asthanius: it's a pokestop
bytecaster: A place you can stop at with your Pokemon
asthanius: you can't stop anywhere else
JDogg2K4: If there's a pokestop, is there a pokego?
bytecaster: "The dark lore behind Pokestops"
LinearGif: Cycling road is a no-stopping zone, citizen
Sibwow: hes lieutenant surge do you think lieutenant is his first name
asthanius: "Did you ever notice that Lieutenant Surge is a Lieutenant?"
ensiferous3: would their pokemon go be our normal pets?
Crokoking: is an in-universe pokenon game like Farming Simulator for us?
asthanius: Lieutenant L.T. Surge
Sibwow: i mean he is japanese
MurphEP: Judge, Judy
Sibwow: yeah
noSmokeFire: Judge, Judy
asthanius: Judy-sama
bytecaster: Did she marry into the Judge family?
Nydestroyer: Judy Judge does seem like a name
noSmokeFire: Judge desu
h3rsh3yb4r: judge judy is a baddie though
shurtal: Moshi moshi, Judge desu
asthanius: in that she upholds an unjust system, yes
JDogg2K4: This OP looks like they're gonna mill themselves out.
Sibwow: she put her whole jussy into deliberating
asthanius: and now ben is googling "baddie"
h3rsh3yb4r: ben knows what baddie is come on
Sibwow: bladey and the tramp
shurtal: Kosm
asthanius: Blade? The vampire hunter?
KendalMac417: lrrFINE
asthanius: Don't worry, love! Cowvalry's here!
Sibwow: what about archies ace in the hole
asthanius: Archie's ace? Jughead?
KendalMac417: Mission failed, we'll get em next time
bytecaster: But on the plus side, we workshopped some great ideas for a Pokemon influencer
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Sibwow: the largest regi
shurtal: the boss from Eathbound?
DrChillbrain: I saw this deck on coverage a couple of times when I was at the intl championships
DrChillbrain: it looked real fun
Sibwow: like Ivan
asthanius: Yeah that's sword and shield for ya
JDogg2K4: oh right, forgot they added them in sword/shield dlc
YeetTheRich_: rotting regi draw-go
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dysond: hows your thoughts on live? I'm going to have to hold off until GLC is available
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mew4ever23: That's a full field for 3 energy
CanPlayGames: Regigigis is so basic
DrChillbrain: regileki is a real pisser in VGC from what I've heard
Sibwow: reggs
JDogg2K4: Well, this is how you get reps
asthanius: chonkachu
JDogg2K4: a real chonker
asthanius: your invitational deckbox
CompSciJedi: pikachonk
noSmokeFire: both very effective vs birds
Sibwow: something about smahs
LinearGif: pikachub has a much more stable spine
KendalMac417: You're both the mascots of your respective franchises
Sibwow: dont forget donphan
asthanius: Wargreymon
BloodnBullets: cos theres 150 or more to see
YeetTheRich_: dont forget south dakota
DoctorHutch: Nebraska
Sibwow: georgia
LinearGif: dasher, dancer, prancer, crancer
asthanius: Saskatchewan
circusofkirkus: do it in order
JDogg2K4: I'm impressed with how close to in order you're going
mew4ever23: How about in pokerap order?
circusofkirkus: a poor craftsman blames his tools
asthanius: this is why you should go in reverse order
niccus: what's going to happen if one day wheeler can't do this sporcle
Sibwow: this is sorted by croc archetype right
a_pidgeon: It's in order the same way the Star Wars movies are. 4,5,6 - 1,2,3 - 7,8,9
BloodnBullets: dunsparce
niccus: machu picchu isn't even in the right gen
LinearGif: macho pichu says time to hit the gym
UnnnaturalD20: Gloom
Sibwow: pikablu
JDogg2K4: missingno?
Sibwow: vaporeon
Sibwow: nope looks good
Sibwow: mew.5
ZombieHendrix: diggler?
KendalMac417: Luigi
mew4ever23: Oh because of a certain copypasta?
mew4ever23: Makes sense
Sibwow: red luigi
Sibwow: dragma balls
DrChillbrain: what's that game, Warhammer Age of Dragmar
UnnnaturalD20: kingdra
Musherino: can't be a poketuber without a perfect score
mew4ever23: Kingdra is gen 2
circusofkirkus: mamoswine
Sibwow: grimlocke
shurtal: Seaking, *Swearword* yeah!
a_pidgeon: trubbish
circusofkirkus: shadow the hedgehog
shurtal: Angewoman
KendalMac417: Parasite
LinearGif: Mochi, Suezo, Tiger
Juliamon: Frog the Jam
asthanius: Sligma
Sibwow: smogon
Sibwow: slugma
UnnnaturalD20: Ligma
paulthemapguy: real OGs can name them in numerical order
Sibwow: stunky
a_pidgeon: Monastery Swiftspear
asthanius: shiny ppikachu
Sibwow: no demanding nidoqueen status
BloodnBullets: Bofa
circusofkirkus: mareep
JDogg2K4: Yoshi was in the game right. I read it in a magazine once
a_pidgeon: Sugan
Nydestroyer: ligmas evolution sugma
asthanius: Lupin III
Sibwow: ricky martin
niccus: koffing, wheezing, chills, fever above 38, dehydration
Sibwow: chris martin
Sibwow: steve martin
asthanius: doc martins
paulthemapguy: whack a mole, tadpole
a_pidgeon: Rhyan Gosling
KendalMac417: Iron Man
Sibwow: did we get piglet
koodooman: sangan
paulthemapguy: tongue the crab
Sibwow: goku
asthanius: goku black
UnnnaturalD20: what's that one that does the thing
niccus: goku wasnt first gen
Driosenth: Gene Simmons?
CanPlayGames: The Thing from Fantastic Four
Sibwow: spock the rock doc ock and hulk hogan
a_pidgeon: Actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf
WanderingOmen: inuyasha
budbjinxed: Thanos, Darth Vader and Pickle Rick
WanderingOmen: yuyu hakusho
NonjaBiru: Snake eyes
BloodnBullets: the hatchet men from jackie chans drunken master 2
asthanius: weezing 2
keep_it_lobster: Beej
KendalMac417: Donkey Kong
Orxolon: which numbers are missing?
paulthemapguy: who likes money in spongebob
a_pidgeon: Pokemon commission artists be like "It's always fuckin' Lickitung"
Juliamon: crabbe
Sibwow: starus
WanderingOmen: vulpix
KendalMac417: Starwe
JonnyGlitched: Hi Wheeler! Hi Chat! Are ya winning?
niccus: lunesta, gralise, zyrtec, seroquel, klonopin, crestor, larvesta
mew4ever23: There you go
circusofkirkus: now do it alphabetically
paulthemapguy: lmao @niccus
KendalMac417: as you should
Musherino: nice! now do gen 2
Boon_33: wow, well done
YeetTheRich_: FBtouchdown
Sibwow: youve tried to block it out, reasonably so
JDogg2K4: so much paralysis
JonnyGlitched: Oh I remember Lickatounge
JonnyGlitched: If you know what I mean
a_pidgeon: Swords dance + Crab hammer got me through my last HGSS nuzlocke. Love that stupid crab.
shurtal: show? i thought this was Art
Sibwow: uncle stoise
JonnyGlitched: Your face is art Wheeler
shurtal: Gambling Problem Blastois will never die
JDogg2K4: onepointfivecanon?
Sibwow: aunt stoise
asthanius: I forgot Toucannon wasn't a 2-stage
Juliamon: everyone forgets poor Trumbeak
asthanius: I adore that Feraligatr's name is spelled that way because of the character limit
BloodnBullets: mudkip
JDogg2K4: furret so cute
SkylerRingtail: I don't know how folks survive the modern Internet without an ad blocker or three
Bionull: I don't know how so many people live without adblock
JonnyGlitched: Lamest superpower ever
Bionull: @SkylerRingtail Jinx
JonnyGlitched: I mean, impressive!
niccus: what are some band names that sound like they could have been pokemon
JonnyGlitched: Second screen has the wiki open lrrBEEJ
niccus: the only one i can think of right now is Oneohtrix
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asthanius: weedle
asthanius: machop pichu
paulthemapguy: lampwhale
KendalMac417: Ty Lung
MrBibz: rest of the month is just gonna be sporcle and normal PTCGO
LinearGif: sudowoodo has root privileges
paulthemapguy: faketree
Bionull: Not even its final form?
niccus: people use sporcles as study cards all the time, so you can probably justify an episode of just sporcle
paulthemapguy: bubblemouse
asthanius: missing the babiest baby
JonnyGlitched: pikachu!
BloodnBullets: arceus
asthanius: i can't believe you forgot the egg pokemon
asthanius: You just remembered them
dweebert91: bug
paulthemapguy: stupid hieroglyph
asthanius: wob-paying-the-bill, that's what
LinearGif: nothing comes after wobuffet, it is the patient pokemon
JonnyGlitched: Squirtle!
paulthemapguy: palindrome tallboi
LokiTarrishar: Baby Charades
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Sibwow: pigeot
Qalten: Lookit all these names in your head :D
asthanius: Johto-form Weezing
niccus: what do you think got pushed out by these names
paulthemapguy: daddy deer?
Boon_33: Wheeler knows more Pokémon names than I know human names
JonnyGlitched: Bulbasaur!
Sibwow: wyrdeer
Sibwow: aragorn
niccus: it's ok, we can just start giving humans pokemon names
YeetTheRich_: kuriboh
JDogg2K4: hoothoot
MrBibz: shiny sentret
asthanius: noctowl
LinearGif: Stantler and Waldorf
Sibwow: b-palm
SkylerRingtail: Pineco?
asthanius: fishy
asthanius: pointy fish
Boon_33: porygon3
Korolan: Cannon Snoot
HedgehogKnight: dogs?
asthanius: missing a fish
dweebert91: The rock you just beat?
engineerbudy: has bellossom been called?
Sibwow: whats the one you cant spell
paulthemapguy: ohh the purple bug guy
paulthemapguy: who got an evolution later on
JonnyGlitched: weedtrees
Sibwow: alolan yanma
asthanius: latios and latias
a_pidgeon: Missing a pretty seedy one
Dr_Seat: Ambipom
Korolan: Quadiglett
KendalMac417: do you have all 5 dark types?
BloodnBullets: AmTripom
YeetTheRich_: oh no the timer
Boon_33: yourmom
asthanius: me
Sibwow: miror b
paulthemapguy: Purple bug!
JDogg2K4: backwards
JDogg2K4: riiight
Sibwow: ragilg
Boon_33: 99%, SHAME!
asthanius: Missed a ground type!
frozenphoenix7: Good old Gligar
Boon_33: still an a+
LinearGif: Gligar, the misleadingly typed
frozenphoenix7: It's also purple
paulthemapguy: gligar is pretty forgettable, to be fair
Orxolon: gen 3 here we go
Sibwow: your body is regi but is the client regi
JonnyGlitched: Off by one :sergeemoteidonthave:
JDogg2K4: Your body is Regi, but no one elses body is Regi
Orxolon: worst case scenario you fail XD
Sibwow: treecko
asthanius: spell it right
asthanius: like gecko
LinearGif: 3 gens no hooks let's go
KendalMac417: tree( ge)cko
frozenphoenix7: ken
noSmokeFire: ken
asthanius: ken
asthanius: chicKEN
Sibwow: combusken
Sibwow: its like malibu ken
theamc2000: Hi wheeler
theamc2000: dolphinHaw wheelerY wheelerH dolphinHaw
MrBibz: please, 1995
asthanius: 1995, thank you very much
Boon_33: Jesus crist, also a pokemon
frozenphoenix7: Also 1995
noSmokeFire: I'm pretty sure we're the same age
theamc2000: It is late at night so I am not
LinearGif: Imagine being born in some year
Sibwow: swellow these nuts
KendalMac417: hoennian obstagoon
engineerbudy: the bottom of the quiz is cut off
theamc2000: Bust ox
asthanius: ew
noSmokeFire: bustox: the plastic surgery pokemon
theamc2000: My favorite Pokémon
Sibwow: dean martin
theamc2000: Yay
frozenphoenix7: A-Aron
shurtal: just A Ron
theamc2000: Go Aron!
frozenphoenix7: I know a bunch that I can't type to save my life
LinearGif: Bonsly, James
niccus: and lo, once wheeler speaks all 916 names of pokemon, the truth will be revealed
asthanius: swablu deez nuts
Sibwow: swablu, pikablu, etc
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engineerbudy: pokemon james had
Painfully_Dyslexic: the fish one
asthanius: numa numa
theamc2000: Look, you got Aron so I am happy
Sibwow: magnezone
MrBibz: @theamc2000 took him long enough smh
theamc2000: It did
Boon_33: pretty sure if Wheeler was in a Pokémon game he'd have the title Pokémaniac.
LinearGif: Can't wait for Untitled Zangoose Game
asthanius: nanners
BloodnBullets: maya-he maya-ha!
Sibwow: grumgully
frozenphoenix7: I couldn't have spelled Carvanha to save my life tbh
KendalMac417: dragon evo-line?
noSmokeFire: @Boon_33 not Gamer?
Sibwow: what deck are we playing
Korolan: You got the Pseudo-legendary yet?
MrBibz: @Boon_33 nah i think it's harlequin
Sibwow: wailord to skitty i see
asthanius: yeah i saw that
asthanius: not subtle
asthanius: bagon deez nuts
theamc2000: Spheal!
Sibwow: nintendo
Sibwow: think to emerald kaizo
asthanius: banana
theamc2000: Old fish
A_Dub888: Big Chomper
Sibwow: what deck are we playing
lethalbluesunzenith: little guys who yell
Korolan: Lileep is such a goofy name.
JDogg2K4: he's starting to believe
asthanius: ring a ding ding
Sibwow: @asthanius sinatra?
Boon_33: puts on 1920's hat and shakes fist at a cloud: "back in my day pokemon stopped at 150!"
asthanius: basically
Sibwow: staraptor
asthanius: mt. pyre
asthanius: Chingling was gen 4
asthanius: for some reason
Sibwow: wheeler what deck are we playing
paulthemapguy: clay thing
Korolan: @Sibwow YEAH BUD
theamc2000: Pikachu ripoffs
asthanius: breaking machu picchu news
Sibwow: ok your body is regi
asthanius: HA
YeetTheRich_: !quote 5250
LRRbot: Quote #5250: "Wait is this Pokemon?" —Paul [2018-08-09]
KendalMac417: speak of the devil
KendalMac417: er, the regis
BloodnBullets: there we gp
TemporallyAwry: lrrGOAT long walk, but a good joke
Sibwow: do we have xXxSpicyLadxXx
theamc2000: What about the when that people wanted a mega for?
asthanius: oh that's a good clue
allabout90sanime: Ah, blaziken then.
MurphEP: Top 10 Pokemon who shouldn't have gotten Mega evolutions
KendalMac417: wasnt mr. noweaknesses in this game?
asthanius: Edgelord
Sibwow: porygon3
asthanius: @KendalMac417 we got sableye
MrBibz: some desert toys
Sibwow: wouldnt you like to know weatherboy
KendalMac417: rocks
BloodnBullets: a red light
PharaohBender27: So apparently the Machu Picchu news is actually a legit thing, though the revelation was several months ago:
Juliamon: you're missing a bunch of bugs
Korolan: Is there... another Pseudo we are missing?
noSmokeFire: this list has room for more bugs
Juliamon: gen 3 had a lot of bugs
Sibwow: genesect
asthanius: gender bugs
Dr_Seat: Volbeat
theamc2000: Metal bug
KendalMac417: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is an airplane. Where are you even planning to go?
asthanius: boy bug and girl bug
Sibwow: illumise
YeetTheRich_: unlike this new pokemon client, who has enough bugs
Musherino: lusamine is the milf from sun/moon
noSmokeFire: illu mise en place
BloodnBullets: lusamine? getting a bit meta
asthanius: flower mon
paulthemapguy: metal psychics/
JDogg2K4: something ugly, or beautiful?
Juliamon: wonder guard
allabout90sanime: still have more bugs i think
asthanius: kiss from a flower
Sibwow: kiss from a rose
shurtal: wonder guard?
Sibwow: slomomola
theamc2000: Dragonfly
Korolan: SPOINK
noSmokeFire: not *spoink*
Sibwow: gulpin these nuts
KendalMac417: gen 4?
frozenphoenix7: I was missing Surskit Masquerain, Gulpin and Swalot tbh.
asthanius: spoink is dead in general
theamc2000: Missing the trapinch line is what got the 1997 kids yelling
Korolan: Castform...
paulthemapguy: hahaha spoink is dead to me
BloodnBullets: and dead to anyone else if it stays still
noSmokeFire: this queue isn't regi for your deck
Juliamon: theamc2000 nah it was shedinja that got me yelling
Sibwow: never forget the balls
MurphEP: Plenty more gens in the series
frozenphoenix7: Give *clap* Flygon *clap* A Mega *clap*
theamc2000: I am glad you remembered Aron
KendalMac417: @frozenphoenix7 the latest hot take from prof. Essor
frozenphoenix7: @frozenphoenix7 Exactly
JonnyGlitched: So why massive queue times?
Boon_33: if the game won't load you can just play with your meowth for internet points
Sibwow: gen 4 just put in magnezone and cherrim and end it there
theamc2000: Yes, how could you
Juliamon: JonnyGlitched We don't know, it was fine earlier
JonnyGlitched: Nobody plays this game?
asthanius: Poplip
asthanius: Pliplop
asthanius: Poplipo
GoldenGod0: Doplop
asthanius: Popopo-po-popopo
KendalMac417: Dollop
Juliamon: this is the gen where I start struggling
asthanius: Manectric
Sibwow: tuxedo
noSmokeFire: nobody ever uses it
LinearGif: do you prefer corn or flour torterras
Korolan: 3 is dead to me. 4 makes sense.
Dr_fragenstien: lucio
GoldenGod0: peee pee poo poop
asthanius: Arcane, a League of Legends production
TemporallyAwry: I don't know how anyone can do this. I have a hard enough time with real people/things. PrideLaugh
Korolan: YES
Juliamon: ghiblies
asthanius: Giratina-2
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asthanius: Tornadus
asthanius: Sprigatito
theamc2000: Gen 2 EVO stuff
asthanius: Crescent Roll
Juliamon: doof warrior
asthanius: Worm Adam
noSmokeFire: deedledeedledeelewoooop
Juliamon: delelele wooooop
shurtal: Whoah, gen 4, Wormadam
asthanius: cresselia
JonnyGlitched: Is this Pokemon music or Terraria music?
KendalMac417: kricketot
asthanius: feraligatr
Juliamon: yeah this was the second wave of babies
Korolan: Other snow buddies?
theamc2000: Gen 2 babies
allabout90sanime: yeah there were just so many one of evolutions and babies here
asthanius: sheldon
Sibwow: ranger time
Korolan: Young Sheildon
asthanius: thanks abomasnow
Sibwow: thanks abomasnow
asthanius: stunfisk
asthanius: lutfisk
KendalMac417: @Korolan Bozingo
theamc2000: Buzz buzz mfer
groovemancery: boss bird
asthanius: boss baby
Sibwow: did you get my favorite pokemon
asthanius: pikachu?
asthanius: OH
asthanius: water mons
Sibwow: ranger exclusive
theamc2000: Movie Pokémon
JonnyGlitched: fournintey is it's name
Korolan: OH
asthanius: tiny water babies
Korolan: Those jelly babies
asthanius: YEP
JDogg2K4: bet it's hawt
groovemancery: volcano thing?
thavleifrim: i can see it but i cant think of its name
Sibwow: he lives in a mountain
asthanius: ohhhhhh
thavleifrim: fire frog thing
Juliamon: volcano but not Volcanion
asthanius: gendered legend
laundreydhull: oh, hey! a spreadsheet stream?
noSmokeFire: data entry speed run
asthanius: dppteams
speedracer4321: togekiss
YeetTheRich_: @laundreydhull if james asks we're playing card games
theamc2000: Honey
Sibwow: mommy pokemon
asthanius: @Sibwow tat
asthanius: that's so many
niccus: we're making pokemon flash cards
asthanius: also gardevoir was last gen
laundreydhull: excel when, lrrWHEELER ?
theamc2000: Machu Pincus
Ryxiene: LUL
Korolan: They don't wanna get Regi-got
Sibwow: did you get the pikaclone
Juliamon: fish that aren't eevees
eshplode: We're like that guy that spent too much money in D4 that he broke matchmaking
Boon_33: wheeler must be too good for matchmaking to find him a challenger
laundreydhull: Gallade; The "Fruit Ninja" Pokemon
asthanius: Think Safari Zone
Ryxiene: Man all the PrideHeartL PrideHeartR for the slow night x/ stream has still been fun to listen to :3
theamc2000: Is there one with pictures?
daredewley92: I have been wondering for a bit if Wheeler has heard of the Gym Leader Challenge format
HedgehogKnight: what's this Gen picachu knockoff
asthanius: James' anime partner
asthanius: quen
JDogg2K4: what else got an evolve?
frozenphoenix7: quen
asthanius: one e
MurphEP: Honeygigas
Korolan: Jazz Hands
shasra: did we get the ones you have to dice for
frozenphoenix7: top hat
shasra: dive
speedracer4321: roselia
groovemancery: bird hat
asthanius: mafia bird
thavleifrim: wide magnemite
frozenphoenix7: Just some big old hats
Sibwow: highway to the zone
theamc2000: Do you remember poison types
shasra: crow mafia
Korolan: Random Furniture
Sibwow: my beloved
Sibwow: whats the one that looks like a bowl of spaghetti
frozenphoenix7: Sandy lad
JDogg2K4: getting cold, might need to put on a vest.
frozenphoenix7: big old yawn
frozenphoenix7: Cofagrigus is Gen 5 anyway
Sibwow: literal 420
asthanius: a decent chunk from the safari zone, interestingly
Korolan: "Hey, you want to bring a Fridge with you? and make it fight?"
frozenphoenix7: I love Rhyperior. And I forgot it.
allabout90sanime: oh budew exists
theamc2000: A lot are new evolutions
MurphEP: Sorry the queue isn't working :(
niccus: your deck's just too good
JonnyGlitched: All your streams are odd
Sibwow: gotta save the quizzes for next week
MurphEP: Thanks for the stream anyway
Korolan: Thank you Wheeler!
Ryxiene: PrideHeartL PrideHeartR thanks for the stream
JonnyGlitched: Thanks for the show Wheeler! Thanks for the company chat!
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2726 patrons for a total of $20,592.73 per month.
JonnyGlitched: Sunday Night Pokemon Fight
Sibwow: !wheeler
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
asthanius: bye wheeler we love you and are in love with you
Sibwow: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun crew join hands (sometimes from the comfort of their homes) to play some video games! Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (20:44 from now).
laundreydhull: Is This Your Card's!? Presents: "The Super Secret Special Card-mons"
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
SnackPak_: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
TheAinMAP: SingsNote PrideLaugh
MurphEP: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
benjamin_wheeler: "Shoutmon"
benjamin_wheeler: lol
benjamin_wheeler: lmao