benjamin_wheeler: they can't fire me, I'm gay
Juliamon: sorry, Matt already took the gay slot
benjamin_wheeler: well how about the guy named Ben that plays Pokemon
duckace11: I have some bad news about that too
benjamin_wheeler: that's gotta keep me in demand
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benjamin_wheeler: you serious?
thraximore: wasn't that quota filled already?
benjamin_wheeler: ok uh, what about load tattoo'd hyper competitive guy that plays difficult games
Cptasparagus: @benjamin_wheeler post malone?
e_bloc: don't know how to break it to him
saucemaster5000: And a company can only have one, and you are only acknowledged for ONE month by companies by putting a rainbow on a single ad.
duckace11: Depends loud or quiet
benjamin_wheeler: sorry, loud
Fanklok: Actually thanks to a contractual oversight if you change your name to Dave you can take over as the tattoo'd hypercompetitive guy
Juliamon: there *is* an opening for "queer Magic format pioneer"
Juliamon: however I'm not sure if that means the Magic format has to be queer
duckace11: @benjamin_wheeler I have bad news about this too
Juliamon: but 'briefly acknowleged by Wotc and then swept back under the rug' probably counts
benjamin_wheeler: Update: apparently it isnt just a me thing, this might be an everyone thing
Juliamon: oh dear
e_bloc: they fired all of you?
Juliamon: Pokemon is banned
Fanklok: LRR has been liquidated
Fanklok: in a blender
shurtal: The Queue failure has infected slack
thraximore: so it WILL blend
saucemaster5000: Oooh love me some streamer slurry
duckace11: content blender is a good way to describe Lrr's streaming style. Kappa
Fanklok: I regret my choices leading to this
benjamin_wheeler: maybe ITYC is the most cursed streamin in a traditional sense
Strebenherz: Did twitch pull a youtube and break?
Juliamon: The Pokemon Company found out about "Blussey"
Strebenherz: PFFT
saucemaster5000: HA!
duckace11: oh dear
benjamin_wheeler: oh fuck
shurtal: The P.C. hit the "stop the gay canaidian man from showing off rad shit" button
Strebenherz: Nintendo done sent a hitman on your ISP for Blussey crimes
benjamin_wheeler: that's right, I spoke about Blussey w/ my uncle, the one that works at nintendo
Fanklok: OFficer Jenny is coming to get you and take you to straight pokemon jail
shurtal: Pokemon Jail you being surrounded by a series of waist high bushes and rocks, but you don't have the HMs to get out
duckace11: please pokejail is so easy to break out of I think team rocket could do it
benjamin_wheeler: they shut me down for being too funny at the PPR
shurtal: bardOHNO
benjamin_wheeler: good news everyone
shurtal: No lawsuit?
ElementalAlchemist: You got rehired?
Fanklok: You bought LRR and rehired everyone on for double pay?
shurtal: you weren't too funny for the PPR?
YeetTheRich_: the wheelie breakers download finished?
saucemaster5000: oooh saw that title change
TemporallyAwry: !findquote joke
LRRbot: Quote #4624: "I refuse to make dumb jokes." —James [2018-01-27]
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
asthanius: Is the queue extant?
TheAinMAP: katesAir katesAir katesAir
ElementalAlchemist: lrrSIG
benjamin_wheeler: good news, we still have to run ad breaks *honk honk*
ElementalAlchemist: laugh track
Strebenherz: Sounds like it's workin though, that's awesome
Fanklok: What are they going to do if you don;t run ads?
shurtal: so, what's the over/under on how long the queue will work? i'm putting it at 5.5 games
benjamin_wheeler: @Fanklok fire me again
Earthenone: you dont throw around top teir buzzwords like blussy and not monitize every hour
TemporallyAwry: !lasttweet
LRRbot: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [2h ago] @loadingreadyrun> There's something new brewing in the crypt which means we've left the safety of the cafe for rhythmic dungeons! Tune in for Crypt of the Necrodancer now on Rhythm Cafe. 📷 ||
benjamin_wheeler: oh I'm not important enough to have access to the twitter account
Fanklok: I don't think important is the right word
Fanklok: Lets try "responsible"
benjamin_wheeler: ok hold on
shurtal: ook ook
Strebenherz: If you had access how likely would we just see tweets about blussy?
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TemporallyAwry: !advice
LRRbot: You must convert taxmen back into entertainers.
TheAinMAP: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW mattlrPika
ElementalAlchemist dances
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Wheeler is live with this evenings Is This Your Card? He's gonna be playing the Pokemon TCG and talking about how handsome James is. What a guy. | ||
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Juliamon: Is that echo intentional?
TheAinMAP: Hello.
shurtal: who made the intro music? Claude DeBlussey?
Strebenherz: We got some echo yeah
wheelerfgc: very echo
adambomb625: @Juliamon no no
PharaohBender27: Yep
HalcyonPrime9: yyyup
magesandmentors: its like a villian sound bit
wheelerfgc: also hi, another wheeler lmao
SpleenLord: echo echo
ElementalAlchemist: I assumed the echo was on purpose and then you went into the spiel
SpleenLord: no echo
PharaohBender27: Now it's good!
ElementalAlchemist: you fixed it
queercrafting_chonk: much better!
HalcyonPrime9: good now
dewrules235: It’s like there’s two of him
shurtal: you wanna make it worse?
dewrules235: It’s fixed now
SpleenLord: it is good
shurtal: roller coaster esque
dewrules235: Still good
James_LRR: In fairness, it was more a soft scolding
YeetTheRich_: wow known handsome guy james turner
PharaohBender27 shakes fist and yells, "WINDOOOOOWS"
James_LRR: I did tweet
shurtal: James' Credit Card
SaxPython: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2721 patrons for a total of $20,605.45 per month.
Fanklok: Matt isn't fat
thraximore: at least three
shurtal: FBtouchdown
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Sibwow: so what pokemon quizzes are we doing today
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Juliamon: the cam shake was perfect for the bit
CanPlayGames: Was wheeler really fired?
hatboozeparty: I'm swell
duckace11: oh man I wish I had popcorn for this
Sibwow: he was promoted to custoemr
dewrules235: Robin joining?
SpleenLord: Are you?
Strebenherz: *Slaps blussey sticker on the van* Now it's ready to drive
A_Dub888: Responsi-Ben Wheeler
James_LRR: I told you, I tweeted
shurtal: The leader of the bunch, you might say. You konw him well. He's FINALLY back.
James_LRR: you're golden
Fanklok: You said that last week
Sibwow: you also played in the queue last week
dewrules235: Oh hey, it’s the Live version. Neat.
Arrotal: your deck name is my body is regi, you deserve to be fired for that alone
Sibwow: james i cant help but notice that you arent subscribed
Travilogue: Fils-Aimé?
saucemaster5000: Fine, but you are going to be regimented
SaxPython: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
niccus: oh no it got longer
shurtal: the boss from Homebound?
shurtal: Earthbound* DANGIT
Sibwow: no thats garygygax
adambomb625: I love how in Legends: Arceus, nothing has abilities EXCEPT Regigagas because screw them
dewrules235: These foils tho
CanPlayGames: Is it Regi-ice or Regi-ce?
dewrules235: I’ve always said Reg-ice
Sibwow: like the g in gif
niccus: enregi
Sibwow: so this is pokemon tron right
dewrules235: Bothers me that it’s the only one that doesn’t follow the pattern
Veste: VSTAR from the new set is also 3 iirc?
Sibwow: roth?
imgpw: good lord what a refernece
Spacecarl: okay that metaphor got me
PharaohBender27: The financial IRA or the Irish paramilitary IRA?
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adambomb625: yes
hd_dabnado: but doctor i AM reggi
Sibwow: ira glass
Fanklok: I do have stout and baileys
Sibwow: so what do we do if one of our regis is stuck in the prize zone
Sibwow: its from legends arceus
adambomb625: It's from Legends: Arceus
Ukon_Cairns: agreed
Sibwow: can we call this deck live with regi and regi and regi and regi and regi and regi
Ukon_Cairns: regi exodia got there
Earthenone: getting all 6 peices of regiodia?
Sibwow: i didnt know this was smash
adambomb625: Where else would you put fairy?
Nemico: i wish it'd heatless
Veste: should i be able to get this in canada?
Sibwow: make them bug types
dewrules235: @loadingreadyrun How do you like the Live client Wheeler?
Veste: weird, i can't find it :(
Sibwow: aurora energy? in this pokemon client? in this meta? localized entirely in your hand?
Veste: Yeah
Sibwow: yeah i was gonna say
Sibwow: when are they gonna do a graveyard order matters pokemon tcg set?
ElementalAlchemist: pffft
Earthenone: we just hit it for 300 if they play it though
Ukon_Cairns: yeah, world championship was last week, was quite a treat to see the spheals on twitter
DannyGambit: They made Shadow and Ice Rider precons recently. Your opponent is probably just playing that.
asthanius: I have to imagine that the amount of huge draw power and tutors makes most strategies viable to some extent
Earthenone: i imagine all the tutoring and drawing being generic helps too
TristalMTG: Wow, it looks like they really improved this interface
Sibwow: you win when you run out of cards right
TheThirdTail: A pokemon tool? What a coincidence, so am I
Sibwow: is there a magnezone deck
Fanklok: Important question: Are there still Piss Coins?
Vongore: I still have nightmares from the non-flip Catcher and Hypnotoxic meta
Ukon_Cairns: yeah, the pokemon company really embraced some of that mobile game style monetization. felt real weird when i found the gacha elements in cafe mix mpieLUL
ComradeMik: that sounds suspiciously cheap
Incognitolens: canadian money makes the cards stronger
TheThirdTail: Pokemon tcg has always been pretty cheap ime. Like, you can go out of your way to spend a lot, but you don't have to.
ComradeMik: I've heard that the pokemon TCG is cheap to play, but expensive to collect
adambomb625: The BM
TristalMTG: gotta get that APM up
thraximore: is that you krenko
thraximore: krark*
Ukon_Cairns: oh yeah, nice to hear its affordable.
asthanius: Pokemon Tournament Qualifier
ComradeMik: you won't. you scared
Incognitolens: Poison Tarantula Quasar
ComradeMik: The cards do look nice
DannyGambit: There's one in March 2023
Fanklok: It took me an embarassingly long time to figure out how to pronounce Decidueye
ComradeMik: I'm fighting the urge to get into it.
ComradeMik: I already have enough half assed hobbies
Veste: the special treatments are rad, but also not super hard to find
Fanklok: Exactly
asthanius: Di-sidge-you-eye?
MurphEP: Desu du wiwi
CatTreeDreamCar: I'm weirdly in love with the backs of the Pokemon cards. There's something about it that just sparks joy and nostalgia.
ComradeMik: DecidUwU
Veste: I think there's some number of them in the mainland/lower mainland, but not sure
ComradeMik: Also, for a place called Vancouver Island, it sure takes a long time to get there from Vancouver
Sibwow: zarude sandstorm duDudu
Ukon_Cairns: so we can expect to see you in Yokohama next year?
asthanius: There's a bunch of weird one-off event-only legends
Fanklok: Zarude - Leaf Storm
Ukon_Cairns: (thats where the next world championship is)
asthanius: Nope, Sword/Shield
Sibwow: nope its a swsh mythical
adambomb625: No Arceus isn't in Legends: Arceus, he's actually from Super Mystery Dungeon
darkladymarie: darkla31Trans darkla31Trans
ComradeMik: As someone who knows stone nothing about the modern Pokemon TCG, you played that turn great, IMO
TheThirdTail: Other is my favourite pokemon, but they really need to give it an evolution
Sibwow: 1/2 MV^2 right
dewrules235: The coin flip be a cruel mistress
Sibwow: thats speed energgy
JDogg2K4: we're able to beat queue savage tonight?
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shurtal: bardOHNO
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JCMaxw3ll: the best idiot sons
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shurtal: are card games your mirror?
Haroldholmes25: they're sick
ComradeMik: because deep inside you is a timmy waiting to get out
JCMaxw3ll: there's nothing wrong with liking your sons, even if they are big and also idiots
shurtal: Ook Ook, good sir
Sibwow: and of course the bald sons
Fanklok: How is Eggs giant idiot sons?
Sibwow: are regis bald sons
JCMaxw3ll: well fuck where are we going to get a regidrago
Incognitolens: Inflate the child
Sibwow: hes the dad hes allowed to be balding
asthanius: I went to school with Ball Ding
TheThirdTail: Maybe those are sideburns
TristalMTG: Regigigas is malding
shurtal: Monolith-patterned baldness
chefgoldb1um: $30 maybe
Fanklok: @chefgoldb1um Good username
BloodnBullets: regigigas is $0.19 on TCGplayer
chefgoldb1um: ty
Incognitolens: free will is overrated anyway
ComradeMik: welp, at least it took the rock
ComradeMik: seabatCHOICE
ComradeMik: Ancient Wisdom mana
Sibwow: hot singles in your area
CanPlayGames: What does RegiDraco feel like?
whitacer: red riot games
Revenant77x: Caurd Kiungdom
ComradeMik: They frown on buying people, Wheeler. Even if they are single
hd_dabnado: Does Card Kingdom, sponsor of the stream provide them?
ComradeMik: so many numbers going up
MurphEP: Oh god yes, glowing things moving around on screen
darkladymarie: regi-joker
asthanius: we live in a pokesociety
ComradeMik: hi mamawheels
BloodnBullets: clearly there was a gas leak
Sibwow: no a gengar
ComradeMik: Tell your mum that I say hi
SaxPython: <3 FrankerZ <3
Sibwow: ivan?
PhantsyPrantz: drawfeGoodjoke
MurphEP: I thought it was Pokemon Go?
ComradeMik: wait, they may eel vegan now?
Sibwow: regidrago to the polls
ComradeMik: *make
darkladymarie: i see that the cards are still low-def
ComradeMik: oooh
ComradeMik: right
JDogg2K4: there's vegan duck now?
AthenaSpawn: Duck's can eat vegan if they want
darkladymarie: huh, weird
duckace11: heck no Vegans taste werid Kappa
ComradeMik: I have no idea what is happening on oppo's board right now
TristalMTG: I prefer Ascension: Gift of the Elements.
TristalMTG: But I'm biased.
ComradeMik: there seemed to be a lot of powerful nothing
dewrules235: Do you have the image cache downloaded? No idea if that even helps
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AzaleaCloud: How's it goin Wheeler, hope the cards have been with you this evening~
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ComradeMik: never didn't have it i guess
ComradeMik: i don't think you've won a flip off that card since i got here
MurphEP: Galarian Weezing a real stinker
Spacecarl: I think there was one win
duckace11: is staxs possible in pokemon? becuase I want to make it happen
Sibwow: 5 type cascade stax
AthenaSpawn: That sounds miserable and I love it
Sibwow: its not al anymore
Ukon_Cairns: i remember seismatoad and garbodor doing ponza thing
Incognitolens: I would still like to see the dog
AzaleaCloud: Sad. Face. :<
ComradeMik: 0 for 5
ComradeMik: that's rough buddy
ComradeMik: uh oh, stinky
ComradeMik: pain explosion is a great name for a metal song
AzaleaCloud: Where'd you find this decklist?
AthenaSpawn: That's some strong gas going on here
ComradeMik: why are we here
AthenaSpawn: oofa
ComradeMik: just to suffer?
ElementalAlchemist: :P
SaxPython: FBtouchdown NotLikeThis FBtouchdown
ElementalAlchemist: Time to practice the coin I guess
Incognitolens: the trick is to choose the side the coin is going to land on
SaxPython: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
shurtal: well, coinflips ARE the most skill intensive action you can take in the Pokemon TCG. I say this having never played a single game of the Pokemon TCG
shurtal: Le Petit Lil
Incognitolens: keldo .png has seen better days
SaxPython: FrankerZ
Ukon_Cairns: its okay, that keldeo was my fault
TristalMTG: not much of a Keldon Warlord. but it does also care about your other creatures
ComradeMik: i was promised dog
ComradeMik: this is just wall
AthenaSpawn: shrimp
shurtal: Reasonable? On ITYC?
SaxPython: SabaPing
thraximore: wheelerPig
shurtal: GOT "EM
Juliamon: LUL
ComradeMik: that is a derpy lookin dog
AthenaSpawn: 11/10 shrimp
SaxPython: FBtouchdown KomodoHype FBtouchdown
asthanius: shrimp wheelerPig
AzaleaCloud: Are you telling me a shrimp pet this dog?
darkladymarie: soulka3Scremble soulka3Scremble
darkladymarie: darkla31Aaaaaaa darkla31Aaaaaaa
AthenaSpawn: Cute bee, would boop
shurtal: shrimp heaven now?
ComradeMik: i had a shrimp po'boy the other day
ComradeMik: it was delicious
ComradeMik: piggu
darkladymarie: oh hey a gamer
Xx_JAG_xX: like ekans, shrimp is just pig spelt backwards
AthenaSpawn: ekans spelled backward isn't pig
Xx_JAG_xX: :(
ComradeMik: catto!
CanPlayGames: Meow
asthanius: Piglet got tinier
TheAinMAP: escher3MEOW
ComradeMik: shark tail!
ComradeMik: i love cat shark tail on stream
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darkladymarie: moisel1Sorin
ComradeMik: yo, i think that moltres might be sick
Ukon_Cairns: not sick, just british
niccus: mol'res
ComradeMik: definitely the same thing
ComradeMik: all the golarion pokemon seem to be suffering from either pollution or just a lack of vitamin D
AzaleaCloud: Unfort, a.k.a. Zero Build. >.>
AthenaSpawn: Idk, Weezing seems to be thriving in the pollution
Ukon_Cairns: idk, weezing be thriving
asthanius: Corsola is dead
BloodnBullets: i thought meowth had just harded from living on the sea.
BloodnBullets: hardened*
BloodnBullets: maybe we will get a glimpse of a dystopian future with the new games.
domromco: where does Pokemon TCG scale in comparison to YGO and Magic?
Ukon_Cairns: is dragon hoard card draw? cause thats real unfortunate if two turns in a row we drew 3 then milled 3 including pokes we didnt want milled
niccus: because it's blazing
asthanius: Still my heart is blazing?
AthenaSpawn: whomp whomp
ComradeMik: sorry I looked away for a sec, did you lose another catcher flip
ComradeMik: wooooow
ComradeMik: someone smarter than me could tell you the odds of losing 8 50/50 flips in a role
ComradeMik: *row
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spicydungus: hi
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niccus: this is why you don't set your intro message to "I don't need luck"
ComradeMik: drag?
SeaDiegoFC: Drag them?
AthenaSpawn: @ComradeMik 1 in 128 ish
AthenaSpawn: So just under 1%
nemryn: @ComradeMik 1 in 256
ComradeMik: welp, that seems like long odds.
AthenaSpawn: Wait, yeah. I miscounted. 256.
Ukon_Cairns: we keep going until we get a shiny coin flip
nemryn: so .4%
Armstrong11139: Gen I Miss, yeah
asthanius: I mean, it’s data related
JDogg2K4: it's why swift is the best move ever
ComradeMik: ur cute
ComradeMik: deal with it
Sibwow: 2022
shurtal: 2020 green cards
MurphEP: He's fulfilling the prophecy
asthanius: 2020 grass cards
AthenaSpawn: Sporcle quiz about card games?
ComradeMik: card games about sporcle quizzes?
AthenaSpawn: Card quizzes about sporcle games?
ComradeMik: Sporcle cards about game quizzes?
Sibwow: sorry i blacked out there for a second did we win
engineerbudy: i wasnt arount, what is the deck supposed to do?
ComradeMik: yeah, sure.
Cptasparagus: the game was really rude about you losing
MurphEP: Crazy how the client just closed there
BloodnBullets: "behold I am still short a registeel!"
ComradeMik: we hit the "i win" button
A_Dub888: @Sibwow ....yes? Yes
ComradeMik: Sibwow gifts a sub if Wheeler wins the next flip
Nuurgle: Wheeler hit the "Succeed" button and the game ended
MurphEP: A crack team of Regis from the Los Angeles underground
engineerbudy: thanks for the info :)
Sibwow: @ComradeMik ok sure
ComradeMik: Yeah, no. I meant catcher flip
shurtal: i'm trying to workshop a "Regi A-Team" intro, but i'm too lazy to look up the exact words for it
AthenaSpawn: So there's an invisible coin flip to determine who flips the game coin?
ComradeMik: @Sibwow you are under no actual obligation. I'm just shitposting
Sibwow: i have a plan its fine
Sibwow: get adam its moon cheese time
Sibwow: im gonna fuck the moon cheese
engineerbudy: this deck (wheeler's) seems really cool
thraximore: moon cheez! FBtouchdown
ComradeMik: Would warming up or cooling down the moon cheese make it easier to fuck, @Sibwow ?
ComradeMik: what up dirt
MurphEP: What up dirt
abrightlight: I like my dirt cheap
JDogg2K4: Not that expensive colorful dirt I hope
BloodnBullets: that bling professors research
AthenaSpawn: Imagine saying Oak looks cheap. He works hard to stay svelte
dewrules235: I’ve noticed Yugioh and Pokémon generally don’t have near the same barrier to entry. There’s maybe 1-2 chase cards in a set and then the rest are dirt cheap
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RassilonDND: 58 months of gags and improv
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Sibwow: have we won a coin flip yet
AthenaSpawn: So, there is a small chance that all of a given Regi end up as prizes, right?
niccus: sure is
AthenaSpawn: Is that just game over?
Nuurgle: the real barrier is in the gameplay. you have to combo off every turn and know what you're doing, or you lose
Sibwow: top middle lets go
dewrules235: Only if you count the opponent losing a flip
RassilonDND: 5 seconds
BloodnBullets: @AthenaSpawn there are heavy ball cards that let you swap them with a prize
niccus: it's always bottom left
TheAinMAP: lrrSPOT
AthenaSpawn: @AthenaSpawn Ooooh, thank you
Sibwow: bloobyShrimp
Raincoast_Bear: Hey Benny Wheels. I usually don't go for CCGs but it's you or watch Wiggins play Final Fantasy.
ComradeMik: catcher flip
ComradeMik: do it
ComradeMik: pls
MurphEP: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap wheelerOok wheelerOok wheelerOok
ComradeMik: damn
AthenaSpawn: HEYO
AzaleaCloud: FBtouchdown
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ComradeMik: @Sibwow well played
JDogg2K4: so many celestial bodies
Sibwow: you won the coin flip
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown
asthanius: Who's the Mew of LRR?
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Sibwow: kiefer is the mew of LRR
JDogg2K4: Then who is mewtwo?
asthanius: Jer does know Transform
Sibwow: not actually available in the game
ComradeMik: i don't have the money to put it where my mouth is by matching sibwow
A_Dub888: You have to manipulate the system to get them
Sibwow: thats ok you wouldnt be able to gift james a sub for a month anyway
ComradeMik: it's lean times until payday
ComradeMik: Alex
shurtal: it's Eyore Patches?
Nydestroyer: Now I am excited to see where this convo goes
shurtal: is*
Juliamon: aight, who's Owl then
ComradeMik: @Juliamon IAn
ComradeMik: obvs
ComradeMik: oh, as a dark souls character
ComradeMik: my b
Sibwow: what about tigger
asthanius: Is Tigger is Solaire then who's Rabbit?
Raincoast_Bear: Eeyore: That's ok. I can be Patches. Don't worry about me...
Sibwow: what about the player character is that chritopher robin
ComradeMik: well there was that dumb fan theory that christopher robin was dead all along, so that works as the DS player
Dandinstorm12: Wazzzzup chat
Dandinstorm12: Ahoy Wheeler
SmashTCG: wh... what are these words
ComradeMik: Why did I think you were going to say Gohan
Sibwow: thats how you know its good
EvilBadman: rabbit isn't Crestfallen dude?
asthanius: You're still concussed. You're still knocked out on the floor, actually
MurphEP: wheelerCyber
ComradeMik: context? I hardly know her
Nydestroyer: Where in darksouls is the scary cave that Poo gets lost (this episode still scars me today)
Sibwow: like learning chinese
Raincoast_Bear: Eeyore: That alright. I don't need to Patches. I'll just crawl under this bridge and die.
EvilBadman: oh. yeah duh
A_Dub888: The wonderful thing about Solaire/ Is Solaire's a wonderful thing/ His helmet's made of metal/ He wants to help you succeed/ He Praise the Praise the/ Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun/ The most wonderful thing about Solaire is Jolly Cooperation
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MurphEP: Okay here we go
MurphEP: :(
AthenaSpawn: sad chat hours
SmashTCG: Everything good happens to the dealers
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AthenaSpawn: Well ok then
ipoddodd: clown car
MurphEP: Game's easy
engineerbudy: never didnt have it
AthenaSpawn: Who needs to flip coins when you dope top decks
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Juliamon: It's not about whether you fucked up, it's whether the opponent noticed
MurphEP: Wow that was just a plain old slug fest
AzaleaCloud: @Juliamon It's like every good card player says. "They didn't see the line" and "We take those."
engineerbudy: what is palkia weak to in this?
engineerbudy: wasnt sure if they went with the dragon line in this or the water part
monkeyboyktc: Are the shoes like the magic card consider?
engineerbudy: almost a krark repeat
AthenaSpawn: Back to back!
MurphEP: Playing mind games
Ukon_Cairns: drizzile yeah
Ukon_Cairns: i nicknamed my sobble on my first shield playthru so i didnt learn drizziles name til like a year later jebroLoljeb
AthenaSpawn: Nah you got this
fjordsword: Is it just me, or is this new version harder to read/see the cards
AzaleaCloud: It's super effective!
ashmedai127: Are there multiple platforms to play pokemon card game? I swear I've seen a slightly different game field in youtube videos.
Juliamon: ashmedai127 This is a new client in beta
ashmedai127: ah that is awesome
Ukon_Cairns: ptcgo is going away and this ptcgl is going to take its place
ashmedai127: hehe Canada and Mexico are human trials before mass release. It is kind of messed up idea.
Juliamon: It's got the rough-around-the-edges feel of a proper beta, not the "basically done already" beta
BloodnBullets: thankfully your bench is pretty tanky
ashmedai127: I brushed off pokemon trading card game for years but caught a few games streams and it does look fun.
darkladymarie: awww, i liked the theme deck stuff
Juliamon: "I wrote this game off for years until I actually tried it and it's actually pretty sweet" is a bit of a recurring theme on this stream.
Twilight_Spark: I have odd nostalgia for the gameboy color Pokemon TCG game.
thraximore: obsession or NOTHING
thraximore: D:<
darkladymarie: yea i always laugh when people bad mouth pokemon as "bad" or "no one plays", like it rules and people love it
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HiimDant: it's always okay to spend James's money
darkladymarie: I def wanna try gym leader's challenge, always love a singleton format
darkladymarie: no I spend my whole paycheck buying old bad dead card games
ashmedai127: speaking of old dead card games.
Ukon_Cairns: but am i really playing a game if i dont know the full text of literally every card theyve printed in the past 7 years mpieThink
engineerbudy: @darkladymarie like redakai?
ashmedai127: I was so sad as a child when I saw the .//hack tcg but no one in my area wanted to play it with me.
darkladymarie: picked up 3 boxes of Munchkin CCG on the cheap
darkladymarie: don't have redakai yet sadly
frozenphoenix7: The last time a friend tried to convince me to pick up a new card game, I ended up with a Naruto starter deck that's buried in a box somewhere <_<
darkladymarie: @frozenphoenix7 oh nice! been looking for that one, seemed cool
ashmedai127: @frozenphoenix7 I have learned that new stuff gets tested in Tabletop Simulator trials, then if it is fun we buy it lol
AzaleaCloud: You get me closer to Rod.
darkladymarie: shoutout to Zatchbell TCG for not having a "deck" - just an actual spellbook with slots for cards. like an open book deck
YeetTheRich_: egg-cellent battle
Ukon_Cairns: yeah, this is interesting that you cant set up a 2nd regi heavy hitter on the bench for when you trade off, but also the deck can set up in a single turn so it dont need a back up
Juliamon: a couple months ago I was looking through my old box of cards from like, high school and stuff, and I found a lot of random singles of games I've never heard of and have no idea how they ended up in my possession. There were just so, so many attempts at anime TCGs back in the early '00s.
BloodnBullets: you probably could slowly spread some energies
BloodnBullets: any particular reason you are running pokemon catchers over bosses orders?
engineerbudy: which means that the utility is in prizes
BloodnBullets: fair
ashmedai127: Sun and Moon deck now that sounds cool
ashmedai127: Moon made me thing of Soul Eater for a hot minute
ElementalAlchemist: You don't have to put up the red light
Ukon_Cairns: i def wanna see giga regi bring the beats
engineerbudy: the bois are abck in town
ipoddodd: is Sol/Luna a fairly meta deck
BloodnBullets: so the twin energy could have gone on gigas coulding it?
niccus: regigiga gagagigo
engineerbudy: @BloodnBullets all the energy have to go on the same pokemon
BloodnBullets: @BloodnBullets oh missed that
YeetTheRich_: @niccus ha! very good
darkladymarie: like an anti-meta deck?
engineerbudy: they shrink when chosen it seems
AthenaSpawn: And lose the green border
BloodnBullets: avery is kinda a counter to this deck isnt it? its a bit nasty
Ukon_Cairns: its interesting that they have the avery to muck our set up, but like all we're doing is setting up so im curious how often that works in their favor
Ukon_Cairns: so far, 50/50
engineerbudy: cheep cheep?
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BloodnBullets: elecki gives the chance to get ahead with prizes with the spread damage.
engineerbudy: is there a standardized deck size?
engineerbudy: I remember that
darkladymarie: oh yea! I think they still do them?
darkladymarie: i love world champ decks
Ukon_Cairns: damn i shoulda watched the tcg part of the world championship this year
darkladymarie: still have a magic one somewhere
JDogg2K4: I think I just saw one w/ a bunch of mews
JDogg2K4: on the twitters
Ukon_Cairns: they just havent had a world championship in a few years, until last week
darkladymarie: looks like last deck was 2019
darkladymarie: the pins are cute
Ukon_Cairns: wouldnt be surprised to see a return of those decks now tho
AzaleaCloud: They shouldn't have played Water decks then!
darkladymarie: and cheap and easily accessible
darkladymarie: print everything into the ground baby
ipoddodd: me when I was a kid
AzaleaCloud: Burn the secondary market!
darkladymarie: turns out they dont make money off secondary market, only the walmart market
Armstrong11139: Maybe it's that on some level they know collectability isn't necessarily tied to power level in this game?
AthenaSpawn: That got dark, yet oddly true
darkladymarie: i will buy anything with Sylveon on it so they got me
Ukon_Cairns: real quick turn from Ho-oh to oh no mpieSob
Armstrong11139: So they'll print powerful cards knowing they're not necessarily the most desirable by collectors
darkladymarie: saw a vid of an investor guy mad at pokemon for not being an "investment opportunity", very funny
darkladymarie: thats kinda hot
BloodnBullets: path to the peak is going to wreck that
JDogg2K4: Maybe they're just a big charizard and sobble fan?
ipoddodd: You saw with the heavy ball
Ukon_Cairns: yeah, og 3 and eleki were prized, got rock out so far
uncle_habibi: you can OHKO with regice if you find belt
AzaleaCloud: I crave variety in games like this too, so I feel that. Normally the wallet keeps that in check.
darkladymarie: german foil pokemon collection when
uncle_habibi: you can do it without belt
uncle_habibi: it doesn't matter
JonnyGlitched: Hey look it's my favorite Wheeler! Yes. More than the Captain Planet one. jonnyg6Captain jonnyg6Pollute
Ukon_Cairns: regi gigi lesgo mpieHyper
JonnyGlitched: Also my favorite chat! lrrSHINE
JonnyGlitched: Yeah Kathleen bailed on that idea
AthenaSpawn: Thanks for playing a great deck for us!!!
laundreydhull: Take a lap, maybe?
Sibwow: see you bright and early for grink tomorrow
AzaleaCloud: GGs Wheeler! ^^
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Kramburger: Wheeler please sleep your bed misses you
laundreydhull: I meme, nap! I meant nap!
Earthenone: whats up next month on ben wheelers battlepass review?
darkladymarie: gg!
Sibwow: marvel snap when
JonnyGlitched: two games at once???
darkladymarie: oh huh, never heard of it
AthenaSpawn: Sounds mysterious! I'm in
Rourke9: Sounds interesting!
laundreydhull: Ur cat don't give a duck LUL
BloodnBullets: guest streamers?
darkladymarie: huh
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ElementalAlchemist: Thanks as always for having us ^_^
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Rourke9: Thanks for the stream!
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darkladymarie: darkla31Trans
A_Dub888: Benjamin "Top Shill" Wheeler
Sibwow: honk
JDogg2K4: Thanks Sleeves
Spacecarl: high praise!
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
Rourke9: That’s great!!
Sibwow: benjamin is a pleasure to have in class
AzaleaCloud: Nice! :D
AthenaSpawn: Feels good to finally be a twitch gremlin
Dillonzer: LRR on PTCG? peepoHappy
Sibwow: just a touch
jellybean57: telestrations is fantastic. even better when you have a mix of terrible communicators and terrible artists
SnackPak_: rad
Spacecarl: bold
YeetTheRich_: huh
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: vegetable sized or ?
Earthenone: about time
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: it would be taller than the studio
SnackPak_: I look forward to a life sized guillotine living at the moonbase
Spacecarl: it has been a long time
Sibwow: so everyone on 5c mono white
JDogg2K4: solid crew
Earthenone: large bois
YeetTheRich_: mono green commander was one of the best fnpfs to date
Spacecarl: I look forward to whatever you bring. I watched the EDH hijinks with your monoblue yorion and it was incredible, you were great!
Rourke9: That’ll be fun!
YeetTheRich_: lrrSHINE
AzaleaCloud: lrrSHINE