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Metric_Furlong: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: highly experienced furniture yeeters
GhostValv: !advice
LRRbot: Technically, all penguins are flesh penguins.
ExachixKitsune: *chanting* cult! cult! cult!
dumbo3k: Can we have a little cult, as a treat?
mowdownjoe: What are you talking about? The LRR fanbase is #notACult.
LoadingReadyRun: cult cult cult!
mowdownjoe: Ohh, I see Twitch integration is on. Finally, a use for my DolLRRs.
LoadingReadyRun: hooray! hope all that stuff works
GhostValv: amazonTasteTheRainbow
LoadingReadyRun: hmmm, no countdown which means my logo is off centre, something to fix for next time eh
mowdownjoe: I might wait until the totem is built, tho...
joallthedogs: sergeHi
Mischievous_Catgeist: here to worship some lamb
ExachixKitsune: Oh hello friends
beowuuf: #legallyDestinctCult-yLikeFlavour
LoadingReadyRun: hi everyone
LoadingReadyRun: we live, everything working?
garunkl: Hello
beowuuf: sergeHi
Mischievous_Catgeist: lrrSIG lrrSHINE lrrSIG
garunkl: "Going online" yes
mowdownjoe: seabatCHOICE
mtvcdm: Oh hi hello
Suffix: I'm very excited to watch a game where i know, for certain, that I will not be sacrificed.
LoadingReadyRun: hooray
dumbo3k: @LoadingReadyRun yep!
LoadingReadyRun: ty ty
mtvcdm: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaay...
ExachixKitsune: I was about to say the only cult I belong to is sergeChair , but sergeCrimes sergePun sergeScience sergeOffByOne and sergeHubris all make compelling arguments.
BusTed: I see the extension thinger.
LoadingReadyRun: lol
BusTed: Hopefully it'll hold up!
mtvcdm: There's an extension thingie?
Suffix: seabatTROG /
BusTed: seabatTROG /
LoadingReadyRun: there should be an extension thingy yea
beowuuf: yup
LoadingReadyRun: I'm on the LRR account instead of my own, and I have so few emotes :(
mowdownjoe: @mtvcdm Yep. Twitch integration, BAYBEE!
BusTed: Yeah, you can put in to be added as a cult member when they get chosen.
Suffix: HELLO FRIENDS Good monring.
mtvcdm: Well this won't go... weird
LoadingReadyRun: duDudu duDudu duDudu
beowuuf: companion of the lamb
Metric_Furlong: the peeps of the sheep
BusTed: In the early days of the game the performance was kinda butts though.
Alma_v: chardjDance chardjDance chardjDance
GhostValv: amazonPumpkinDance
BusTed: Oh yeah, the channel point thing. That becomes valid every 10 minutes or something?
beowuuf: go time!
BusTed: Maybe 5.
CAKHost: So Snerge is part of the Play it Forward crew now? :P
joallthedogs: sergePopcorn
Metric_Furlong: #PowerSerge
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adamjford: """wholesome"""
mowdownjoe: "Wholesome"
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ExachixKitsune: @CAKHost serge did a previous PiF of some cyberpunk swording game
Mischievous_Catgeist: chat is always a cult
beowuuf: sergeHi you may have access to another set of familiar emotes now serge :p
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AdamYMHMI: What can I say? I see Serge, I click the button.
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adamjford: #DefinitelyACultThisTime
CAKHost: @CAKHost Fair!
GhostValv: and poop
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mowdownjoe: MURDER! MURDER!
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Metric_Furlong: Apostates & Ungulates
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TheMerricat: I hear it also has poop eating....
adamjford: lots of poop from what I've heard
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joallthedogs: oh no
Abavus: A lot of poop. But it's cartoon poop so it's ok
DoodlestheGreat: Yeah, just a _bit_ of poop...
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Would you trust this man with your spiritual salvation? It's time to find out on Play it Forward! Join @sergeyager as he dives into Cult of the Lamb. 📷 ||
BrindleBoar: serious business with a sugar coating
BrookJustBones: I might switch off the stream when my dinner comes in then...
LeeshaJoy: I play Binding of Isaac on the regular, I can handle poop
beowuuf: audio seems fine?
TheMerricat: So far so good!
mtvcdm: !patreon
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mtvcdm: !store
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mtvcdm: !ytmember
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lion_byte: love to see ya play this!
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: Im very excited for this play it forward
mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here:
SmithKurosaki: serge pif!
mowdownjoe: @LeeshaJoy Yeah, this game definitely has that creepy-cute vibe that Edmund McMillan is good at.
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Metric_Furlong: so, not so much liturgy and li-turd-gy? Kappa
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TheMerricat: @Incandescent_Zubat Of all the people in LRR that I'd see playing Cult of the Lamb, it'd either have to be Serge or Alex for opposing reasons. :D
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mtvcdm: !youtube
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Abavus: Uhhh... One more?
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whatthebus: The subbing will continue until morale improves.
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mtvcdm: YouTube also has Super Thanks, and what is a more super kind of thanks to someone than to join their cult?
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ExachixKitsune: You can
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Mischievous_Catgeist: oh no
Suffix: The cult of Thanks Jo.
Chrysoprase: I bet you die in 2 minutes.
beowuuf: for the low low price of 500 DoLRRs
TheWooglie: I like a clean desktop
DiscordianTokkan: Oh, the Cult's name HAS to be Canal. sergeCanal
Alma_v: @AnAnonymousGifter Thanks for the gift sub! lrrSHINE
BrindleBoar: true facts
Jgirl13245: Canal yes.
beowuuf: not once.... never once
mowdownjoe: 500 DolLRRs seems cheap, given that I have 140K.
Uzumaki15: Serge you've said that you don't start gaming before 11 :P
ExachixKitsune: ooh fancy
mowdownjoe: #influencer
Abavus: It sets the mood
GhostValv: which clothes? disclose
joallthedogs: sounds good
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: I see it on the stream
LurkerSpine: I see it?
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TXC2: it's time to get fighty, it's sub month ninety!
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Pteraspidomorphi: It exists
UnnnaturalD20: I see it also
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Suffix: There's a countdown?
TXC2: Hello Everybody
hexi_lexi234: WELL WELL WELL!!! if it isnt a beautiful group of wonderful friends whomst i love with all my heart!!!!! <3
joallthedogs: sergeHi
beowuuf: \ lrrGOAT /
mowdownjoe: Check settings to see if you have to do anything on the game's side?
BrookJustBones: sergeYak
DoodlestheGreat: Yep, looks like the extension's working.
creasehearst: we can throw points at a totem
Metric_Furlong: oh hey hexi_lexi234
beowuuf: sergeHi txc2
Abavus: Monobrow? anneThink
mowdownjoe: Not sure how it works, but seems logical.
TXC2: hello hexi_lexi234 welcome
TheMerricat: @Suffix If they didn't have a timer on the reward we'd all spam it in the first 10 min
TXC2: hi beowuuf
RAZRBCK08: I played the demo for this and it was a lot of fun
LordManiMani: seabatTROG /
BusTed: So mean.
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: you forgot to ask nicely
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ralphie2099: Yay! It's Serge!
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mtvcdm: Follow the well-lit path to salvation
Abavus: lrrFINE
joallthedogs: hmmm
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mtvcdm: Oh no, our thesis defense!
TeacherSeanTV: HeyGuys HeyGuys
kumatsu: Wait this is LRR chat not Serge chat, I can curse here
Sarah_Serinde: The extension over the video mentions multiple options to interact with the game but I just see one option in our channel points menu, so I don't know if there are options the streamer has to set up or something
GDwarble: Ah, time for Lamb Cult's Sing-a-Long
TXC2: behold the 4 chaos gods Kappa
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Faulpyr: Oh man. Was hoping to see Serge play this, but didn’t expect it due to family friendly home stream!
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BusTed: benginO7
JDMan94: Lamb, Lamb, LAMB!
Abavus: What's the worst that could happen
ExachixKitsune: concerns?
shawnchon: unpacked a jeweled lotus today. it's been a good morning
SmithKurosaki: @Sarah_Serinde The plugin doesn't show up until it's relevant, and you have to give it permissions on client side (chat). Mostly does stuff like a raffe to join the cult kind of thing\
beowuuf: @Abavus poop apparently :p
Sarah_Serinde: @Sarah_Serinde Ah okay thanks :)
Chrysoprase: Told ya.
h3rsh3yb4r: one can't talk
dumbo3k: @Sarah_Serinde there will also be a pop up when new cultists join, to let chat join as a cultist
kumatsu: Other two are just Vibing
Nuha: morning friends!!
TXC2: hello Nuha welcome
mtvcdm: Such a quiet, peaceful skull realm.
beowuuf: seems friendly
princess_intell: hey there, i'm so exicted
ExachixKitsune: This seems fine
princess_intell: i just got an offer for my first grown up job
SmithKurosaki: @princess_intell Congrats
beowuuf: congrats!
TheMerricat: @princess_intell WOOT WOOT WOOT! Congratulations!
thegreatwyrdling: @princess_intell Woooo
Metric_Furlong: princess_intell congratulations
Suffix: I am!
Abavus: Low low price of $4.99 !
Gadora: @princess_intell Congratulations! :o
joallthedogs: @princess_intell congrats!
mowdownjoe: seabatCHOICE
Alex_Frostfire: What have you got to lose? Your life?
TXC2: princess_intell congratulations
adamjford: me! me! me!
GhostValv: seabatCHOICE
mtvcdm: The illusion of choice!
SmithKurosaki: Hi Jo sergeThankJo
Suffix: seabatCHOICE
adamjford: seabatCHOICE
ExachixKitsune: how hard do you jump to respond? :3
princess_intell: well i just sold my soul to capitalism, so why not this too
DoodlestheGreat: ABOLOOTLY
Mischievous_Catgeist: seabatCHOICE
joallthedogs: @SmithKurosaki hello!
Nathade: can I sell not my own soul?
DiscordianTokkan: seabatCHOICE
Pinwiz11: Why yes, he'll start a Canal in your name
SnowBuddy18: seabatCHOICE
princess_intell: this game is gorgous
TotallyNotaBeholder: Morning Serge, can I join your cult?
beowuuf: seabatCHOICE_TK
princess_intell: *gorgeous
Cavemanhar: cult of canal
Masslost: So when does the old snl church lady clips come into play?
ExachixKitsune: baa
SmithKurosaki: sergeCanal has been called
hexi_lexi234: @joallthedogs reminder that youre fantastic and loved beyond measure!!!!!
joallthedogs: sergeHeart
Mysticman89: Sell? The cult way to to enjoy the honour of willing giving over ones soul to serve eternally.
GDwarble: I feel like our hat is an escapee from Gravity Falls
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: uh oh
TotallyNotaBeholder: sergeCanal Cult? I'm in
Crazyginder22: oh Lord serge playing this is interesting
mtvcdm: Look, those dudes killed us, we're not on their team anymore.
mowdownjoe: Right. Serge always uses KB+M.
BusTed: I like his fake hat.
Ravynn: Moooooorning chat! Morning Serge! *puts his feet up and relaxes
GhostValv: :>
ExachixKitsune: ha-ha! We're in Danger! ah-ha!
Abavus: both characters: ^_^
TXC2: hello Ravynn welcome
mtvcdm: Oh boy, we're gonna go to Burger King and everything
Marc_otato: are we making the cult of Hovermyr?
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: take that, tent!
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Tandtroll_OG: Hello is this the cult of Snerge?
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Sarah_Serinde: @Ravynn It's nice, isn't it? :D
ExachixKitsune: sergeSnerge sergeSnerge sergeSnerge
DoodlestheGreat: Yes
Mischievous_Catgeist: yes
Suffix: gotta mow the lawn, Serge.
GhostValv: :)
Metric_Furlong: left
brainbosh: Yes but not yet iirc
LurkerSpine: up
SmithKurosaki: Left
TXC2: a coin? but I wanted a cult!
Suffix: Left. Duh.
DoodlestheGreat: Coins or other things you need.
Geldaran: L
Alma_v: left
joallthedogs: left
MagicalAttackGecko: left
RaynMurfy: Go left
mtvcdm: You ask us whether or not to go left?
Her0Captain: Left
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: left
Pteraspidomorphi: up?
DiscordianTokkan: Left
AdamYMHMI: left
LordManiMani: L
SquirrelLord1111: left
Tandtroll_OG: Ledt
JadedCynic: Left
Nathade: go left
LordZarano: up
ExachixKitsune: map?
Mischievous_Catgeist: chat is always left
misteline: left
TotallyNotaBeholder: I mean, we have to say Go left don't we
ameliette: left
Metric_Furlong: it's chat, we have to go Left
Suffix: !left
lion_byte: take the L
UnnnaturalD20: left is always right
BusTed: !advice
LRRbot: Mod your legs.
DoodlestheGreat: No health bar yet.
brainbosh: Def a tutorial
Chrysoprase: You can walk back
Tandtroll_OG: !badadvice
LRRbot: Enough! Buy at my price or be off with you.
Mysticman89: Tutorial drops are probably rigged
joallthedogs: sergeJustRight suffix
brainbosh: Stuff doesn't drop until you unlock it
SquirrelLord1111: I don't think the tutorial has stuff in the grass
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Zarash11: Can and should go back, maybe not in the tutorial though
Suffix: @joallthedogs I had to, Jo. I had to. sergeThankJo
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: like 2
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: maybe 3
mtvcdm: Tutorials don't tend to show you things until they're ready to show you them.
BusTed: Good deal.
ExachixKitsune: oh deer
mtvcdm: Oh deer
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: jeez the least you could do is not call him wretched D:
JadedCynic: Serge...those are HORNS
beowuuf: i see we're going for the classical "hands, speak for me"
joallthedogs: uhhh
mtvcdm: They'll be fine
Suffix: Um.
Metric_Furlong: rescued!
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: wait there are animals other than dogs?
JadedCynic: they were demon sheep spawn
LordManiMani: Elden Ring dog logic
BusTed: A new friend. :)
GhostValv: I'm sure it's fine :)
lion_byte: a new friend
mowdownjoe: They're safe with us.
Amras0x00: you definitely did a good thing
TXC2: are...are we the baddies?
weff47: Hi Serge and chat o/
Nathade: clearly "rescued"
TXC2: hello weff47 welcome
weff47: and cult*
Uzumaki15: for the loosest interpretation of the word "Rescued"
joallthedogs: sergeFriend sergePeek
AdamYMHMI: @TXC2 Don't be silly, we're too cute to be baddies
TXC2: AdamYMHMI touché
Metric_Furlong: TXC2 no, also calling us the baddies is heresy and will be punished as such
ExachixKitsune: :o dun dun duuuun
DoodlestheGreat: Uh, no.
JadedCynic: @TXC2 it's kinda like WH 40K, there are not good guys...just different bad guys at odds with each other
Robot_Bones: Probably a coincidence
mtvcdm: I mean you're literally starting a cult I don't think anything is a coincidence
TXC2: JadedCynic I see
TheElrad: no no, we're the good cult that uses human sacrifice, the old gods are the bad ones
Faulpyr: Thematically, this game is on point
TheManaLeek: Is this where the NotACult is?
Zenelly: Not have a good time will be punished through sacrifice
ExachixKitsune: ooh, we're not only a cult leader, we can do fortellings - because we're a Medium
Nigouki: cool! free real estate!
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: not very hard? I thought serge was a gaming legend Kappa
JadedCynic: 'crumbling ruin' lrrFINE
azureHaights: c r u m b l i n g ruin
TotallyNotaBeholder: The sacrifices will continue until morale improves?
mtvcdm: So we're building a mob farm?
lirazel64: Forgot this was a PiF and went looking for Snerge...
TheManaLeek: Running with a Purpose
Tandtroll_OG: Can we build a canal here? sergeCanal
Nathade: should we trust ratau? they have a different hat
BusTed: See, they're willing.
Hunterprime: You may need to turn it on
Mog1016: i think you have to set it up in the menu
BusTed: It should have prompted us at this point.
Zenelly: There should be a button at the top here to run a raffle
Hunterprime: in game
geail: if you are on PC there is a popup for us
josh___something: You need to turn it on in game
azureHaights: sergeSipp happy,l sergeSnerge sinister!
TheManaLeek: It's in the options menu
UnnnaturalD20: We have to get past a certain point also i think
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lion_byte: there should've been a raffle button above the name
dumbo3k: should be in settings
JadedCynic: oh wait, we can become named followers?!? oh MY...
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lion_byte: yup! it'll have our twitch names
niccus: finally, serge gets to mulch people who deserve it
JadedCynic: and....."what goes in also comes out"
Didero: Good evening!
Didero: Did I miss much?
TheManaLeek: Hurray!
BusTed: FBtouchdown
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Niahlah: 29 months .. woohoo!!
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JadedCynic: tutorial starter stuff @Didero
Sarah_Serinde: Just a short tutorial Didero
Robot_Bones: remember to read aloud your password as you type it
lirazel64 twitches.
mowdownjoe: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
Didero: Great, thanks chat
TXC2: hello Didero welcome
JadedCynic: he's turning on twitch intergration just now...
Dragoknight101: seabatClap amazonTasteTheRainbow seabatClap
JadedCynic: ahhhh
Ryxiene: I'm so excited to see this game! ^ O ^ I was so shocked to find an artist I follow on IG worked on this game!
ExachixKitsune: oh we've been filling that bar
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
JadedCynic: ooooh
circusofkirkus: :)
BusTed: :)
josh___something: :)
ExachixKitsune: Oh that'll end fine
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: punish got it
MrUglama: punish
adamjford: P U N I S H
Niahlah: HeHeHeHeHe
lion_byte: boon or bane
niccus: we finally get to dump points???
mtvcdm: I promise to only do what would be funny
mowdownjoe: seabatOAK seabatOAK
Jobot180: This seems quite powerful
josh___something: P U N I S H
Tandtroll_OG: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
JadedCynic: uhhhh
weff47: chat is vengeful
hexi_lexi234: A B C - Always Punish Serge :p
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ScrapyardGhostTrain: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
BadRoxie: 😁 😈
Didero: Is there supposed to be a Twitch overlay for this?
lion_byte: @niccus a great time to be
GhostValv: :)
ExachixKitsune: Oh dear
DiscordianTokkan: I've contributed tooooo!
Genie_M: I clicked it once a
niccus: oh it's only 500 points
Spacecarl: oh I wonder if this is dangerous with our point backlog...
LurkerSpine: I think that's a glitch
Mysticman89: I do believe theres a cooldown on contribution so
josh___something: Ruhroh
malsareus: Genie wishes to join your cult Serge
OmegaPlatinum: it's on cooldown now
LordManiMani: seabatPjorg
Abavus: It's rate limited so it won't spam that all the time, don't worry
lion_byte: they goin HAM on the totem
josh___something: It borked, I assume
Sarah_Serinde: This seems like something may be borked...
Genie_M: but it was once
TheElrad: yeah that's bugged
niccus: there's a pretty long cooldown, there's no way it's just one viewer
CururuGuasu: Totem is out of stock already
Genie_M: sorry
josh___something: Mostly because you don't *have* a totem yet
TheMerricat: I think Genie_m was the first one to donate
BrookJustBones: Is it broken on the first notification?
JadedCynic: it mgith have been glitchy BEFORE it was turned ON on Serge's side...
mtvcdm: I know I got in there at *some* point
Sarah_Serinde: That's more channel point redemptions than have happened in chat in total
BoomerAang_Squad: And they don't stop comin'
LordManiMani: uh
UnnnaturalD20: totem has a built in cool down
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TheAwkes: We're sitting on hundreds of thousands of channel points here.
ExachixKitsune: yeah, this isn't Genie_M's fault
Leonhart321: OK, good we're still at the start. Maybe someone can explain this game to me
OmegaPlatinum: The game really wants you to know that Genie_M contributed to the totem that one time.
Amras0x00: @Genie_M you have nothing to apologize for
Sarah_Serinde: Genie has not done *this*
geail: bug?
LordManiMani: lrrHERE
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
BrindleBoar: get totem'd
SnowBuddy18: @Leonhart321 play Hades and build cult
BusTed: rayfkWelp
circusofkirkus: they just really want to join the cult
Niahlah: I think it's doing 500x 1 point
ExachixKitsune: @mtvcdm oh, I have been
BrookJustBones: I think the problem is you have no totem in game maybe?
Chrysoprase: Maybe because there isn`t a totem yet?
joallthedogs: oh no
uchihab7: there should be a setting to get rid of notifications
angryoptimist: lrrFINE ?
Ryxiene: Jebaited
malsareus: shall we await the non genie notification?
LurkerSpine: It's honestly a bug, several members of chat have contributed, and you've only had like, 5 redemptions
Angreed66: do you need to make the totem before it does anything?
Mcgwee: yay I'm joining a cult
CururuGuasu: Cult of the Genie
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niccus: try making a totem
TheElrad: Serge, this is a bug, only one person can redeem the reward every 2 and a half minutes
Abavus: There' still some bugs with the integration LUL
Gaz_L: yeah, i bet it wants to add the points to the totem, but no totem, so it just keeps going
SquirrelLord1111: I don't believe it will stip
OmegaPlatinum: in ~30 seconds we'll see if things change
misteline: @genie_m it's ok, you're just very devoted.
lion_byte: is this b/c the contributions were being sent before the integration was set up?
joanna_megan: You have to go to the build station
hexi_lexi234: genie is just devoted to serge's cult
TheMerricat: So we might need to actually go through the rest of the tutorial before we get ahead of ourselves here. :D
LordManiMani: seabatClap
Suffix: You're right.
BrookJustBones: I think Genie only did this once on our side....
Mcgwee: it says it's sold out
creasehearst: there's a 3 minute cooldown on contributing
Sarah_Serinde: Serge that is not at all the case :D
Didero: We all want to help, but the reward is on cooldown
uchihab7: @LoadingReadyRun theres a cool down on contributing,
Niahlah: WE're going to spam you
Jgirl13245: The rest of us are waiting on the cooldown xD
Leonhart321: Look SOME of us are trying but there's a cooldown Serge
Travilogue: Oh. Oh no.
angryoptimist: Hypothesis proven!
Abavus: You can't change them
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OmegaPlatinum: Oh dear it's still going
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Amras0x00: only one person can contribute, once every 3 minutes
Angreed66: I think it is resending on failed redemption without totem
Zarash11: Oh no, now it is a loop of both
Chrysoprase: hack the stone and wood.
Livinginablender: It makes no sense to contribute to a totem that isn't built yet because it usually doesn't register until it is built
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jonnykefka: Good wholesome eldritch fun
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JadedCynic: @Leonhart321 you are a 'high priest' of a cult, rescue followers from other cult's sacrifices (among other means), manage them to gather food, build shelter, worship your diety, sacrifice them occasionally, and go off and have binding-of-issac-style expeditions while the 'camp' is going on without you
ExachixKitsune: oh! it's now saying Zarash11 has contributed too
LordManiMani: \ PraiseIt /
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: its okay there will be more
malsareus: is it me or are the notifications re-upping?
Mischievous_Catgeist: its the og cultist
LurkerSpine: it's fine, you'll get more
Jobot180: You can also mine and chop wood to get resources
Sarah_Serinde: There have been 9 contributions by different people in total so far this stream, this is borked
Suffix: Yeah, Serge - You may want to restart the game?
hexi_lexi234: i mean, id call serge out on saying im a slacker, but im too busy slacking off to do anything about it
Zarash11: Maybe once the totem is built...
Travilogue: Relaunch game maybe?
dumbo3k: guess they'll be our first sacrifice
lion_byte: you have to get new followers to use the twitch raffle
niccus: now there are two people!
Twiminy: looks like the extension doesn't work in the twitch Mobile app?
mtvcdm: I literally just clicked contribute as soon as cooldown ended but it didn't take and restarted the cooldown.
SnowBuddy18: I think it kept trying to push the notification but couldn't because the setting wasn't on yet
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Whoever said it was doing 500x1, I think you were right.
Leonhart321: @JadedCynic OK, but where does the Twitch integration come into it?
Alex_Frostfire: This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them!
SmithKurosaki: @Twiminy Extensions generally done
SmithKurosaki: dont*
joanna_megan: Crafcvfting station
circusofkirkus: the cult of notifications
SnowBuddy18: @Leonhart321 you can become a cultist, and decide to help/hinder
JDMan94: you have to collect stuff first
Mischievous_Catgeist: tutorial will get to it
Zarash11: Perhaps after you gather resources you can build...
ExachixKitsune: that seems... like it's stopped oh no I spoke too soon
Niahlah: Box with Hammer = crafting
JDMan94: big tutorial mode tight now
notthepenguins: It won't even let me conrtibute
Didero: I would assume the game will tell you when you get there?
JDMan94: right*
Jobot180: Build station is on the left behind the tree
creasehearst: probably something you'll learn when you get the resources the quest is telling you to get
Angreed66: it is altenating between genie and a more recent contributor sounds like a failed redemption loop
brainbosh: It's hidden behind that tree rn
ExachixKitsune: @notthepenguins there's a 3m cooldown
GredGredmansson: so, where is this totem that we are allegedly contributing to
uchihab7: there should be a way to turn those off, ive watched other streamers play this game and they never had those notification
notthepenguins: aha
angryoptimist: Maybe it'll stop if the totem is made?
ExachixKitsune: @notthepenguins so once one person does the think, no-one else can for three minutes
mowdownjoe: Totem will come later.
VikingEngineering : It’s there usually a contribution timer? Or is this something else?
andysoo89: I don’t know why, but it makes perfect sense to me that Serge is the member of chat to start a cult
JDMan94: have to do it in order. first the fire.
Sarah_Serinde: @GredGredmansson It doesn't exist yet
Mog1016: follw the tutorial
Mischievous_Catgeist: cooking and then totem i think dont remember completely
JadedCynic: @Leonhart321 oh man that was JUST before you asked - as serge builds a totem, 1) we can 'donate' channel points to make it more powerful, 2) random events come up, we vote on good or bad, 3) we vote on appearance/name of new followers
Gadora: Maybe toggle the Twitch connection?
Jobot180: Food first, then worship
joanna_megan: Yes you can move them after
Hunterprime: You can move it for free
GredGredmansson: seems odd that we can contribute to it then
angryoptimist: @VikingEngineering There's a timer--it's looping the notifications for some reason.
Mog1016: you can move things later
ExachixKitsune: oh that is such a good building system
malsareus: banana first Serge
Alex_Frostfire: Banana first, then work, apparently.
Nigouki: awww, was mashing the mouse button as it counted down but missed it
Ryxiene: Can we have McDonald's?
circusofkirkus: :o
ExachixKitsune: "that seems like a them problem" but.. that'll be us D:
malsareus: I too like a food crusade
Suffix: McDonalds! McDonalds!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
ExachixKitsune: it's fine your face is over most of it
Alex_Frostfire: Left side's haunted.
Amras0x00: can you disable the notifications in settings maybe?
circusofkirkus: can I get a vegan meal please?
malsareus: McDonalds is heresy
JadedCynic: @Ryxiene can you FIND a McDonalds in the trackless forest as you crusade? If so, then great!
niccus: we probably deserved it
andysoo89: We have Mcdonalds at home
BrookJustBones: Why does it tell us about poop chance?
TalpTheScot: @circusofkirkus there is grass
Zarash11: I'm so good at video games... Doesn't do it
TXC2: cook, cult, delicious
Jobot180: Gameplay!
JadedCynic: here we go!
malsareus: I propose a Mom&Pop dinner crusade
electra310: Aw, look how cute we are!
Niahlah: Shall we cook our fellow followers??
LeeshaJoy: So this is like Binding of Isaac meets Animal Crossing
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Serge, if you rotate your face 90 degress & make yourself larger, you'll cover the notifications completely. Kappa
SmithKurosaki: pretty much
BusTed: :)
drcthulu: Cult of the Serb
beowuuf: lrrFINE
JadedCynic: it seems like a mix of Don't Starve (with followers), and Binding of Isaac
malsareus: @LeeshaJoy don't forget the Twitch spam
joallthedogs: oh no
TXC2: we will teach these people we love them, by force!
JadedCynic: oh we go
Tandtroll_OG: The force of our LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP
circusofkirkus: again, a "them" problem
TheManaLeek: So we don't want to get down with the sickness?
Mysticman89: Recommend against using a broom for fresh poops.
malsareus: plague cult here we come
spicyFerret_: can we cook the notifications?
BusTed: Don't die where you eat either.
GredGredmansson: words to live by
malsareus: Farther Nurgle loves you Serge
mtvcdm: We just illin'
ExachixKitsune: !advice
LRRbot: Lick the phasmid!
JadedCynic: "cleanliness is next to godliness" really IS the premise of this game LUL
electra310: That's good advice!
GredGredmansson: Message unclear; eating everywhere
Nathade: eat where you poop?
malsareus: yeah the messages just aren't clearing
ExachixKitsune: getting more names now
JadedCynic: it might stop when we actually build a totem?
oldsport77: can you turn off the extension till you get the totem?
Genie_M: turn off twitch stuff?
Swickwick: Save an quit?
Niahlah: I think we broke Serge
Ryxiene: I don't think it's going to ^ ^;;
JadedCynic: @oldsport77 there's an idea...
ScrapyardGhostTrain: It won't, because more people keep redeeming it.
TotallyNotaBeholder: LRR chat has an absurd number of chat points to spend serge, it might be around for a while, might need to turn up the cost
Genie_M: sorry 😐
electra310: The Twitch stuff was kind of scuffed last time I watched this get streamed oo
electra310: too
Sarah_Serinde: Chat I don't think Serge needs a bunch of suggestions right now, especially when a lot of them have already been brought up
oldsport77: thats good to hear from an @JadedCynic
joallthedogs: @Genie_M it was important testing
JadedCynic: @Genie_M hey, no way you could know <3
SmithKurosaki: @TotallyNotaBeholder Could probably make it like 5k and be fine lol
Sarah_Serinde: Unless he asks for them, give him a chance to sort things out
TotallyNotaBeholder: Fair, sorry @Sarah_Serinde
JadedCynic: When in doubt #Blame Twitch Kappa
malsareus: we cannot have negative impact on Serge Chili
Nuurgle: make the camera window bigger to cover the scroll
ExachixKitsune: there is in fact a no backseating tag...
TXC2: so it's heating your chill?
LordZarano: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
Didero: Protect the Serge Chill at all cost!
kumatsu: but Serge you have no Chill sergeSnerge
Mischievous_Catgeist: yay!
Nuurgle: @ExachixKitsune no one evr reads those
TetraRay: every things fine
RayFK: Serge I'll find new ways to mess with your chill but wholesomely
Sarah_Serinde: @ExachixKitsune That's not an excuse
TXC2: Serge has chill, but no chilly
angryoptimist: Death: famously impatient and unwilling to queue
misteline: I want to be as cute as our leader. If I am devoted enough will I too someday be a cartoon animal?
Niahlah: squish spiders for FOOD
angryoptimist: Those are some loud friggin spiders
kumatsu: You know what else is impossibly cool? Serge benginFingers
LurkerSpine: zombieland
TXC2: zombieland
GredGredmansson: Zombieland?
TetraRay: zombieland ?
DiscordianTokkan: Zombieland?
garunkl: zombieland
JadedCynic: ding
TheMerricat: Zombieland 2?
Volus_dude: zombieland and the twinkies
notthepenguins: that sounds like zombieland yeah
zimmercj: Double tap?
accountmadeforants: Spider attack?
aynehzn: and there was a zombie?
Volus_dude: double tap
malsareus: you and god *points down the bowl*
Gaz_L: A zombie interfering with A Man's Romance
Mischievous_Catgeist: spooder
joallthedogs: :(
GredGredmansson: was a zombie, gotcha
BusTed: rayfkWelp
Sarah_Serinde: Oh dear
ExachixKitsune: Nope
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, that'll happen
GhostValv: D:
BusTed: Time for a new place.
LordManiMani: lrrHERE
Xafty: welp
hexi_lexi234: HATE THAT
SmithKurosaki: oh no
SnackPak_: i thought you were going to say zombie
Xafty: burn it down
niccus: wolf spiders are harmless at least
JadedCynic: Hi! You got any flies in here?
Suffix: scared the poop outta you?
GhostValv: nope nope nope
Leonhart321: Good thing you were already on the toilet
TheAinMAP: mattlrWoof escher3SAFETY
Cunobelenos: JO! Help!
mowdownjoe: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Tandtroll_OG: Oooh noooooo
meaninglessMeg: I like spiders but that's still a BIG nope from me!
Zenelly: Burn your house down I guess.
Ravynn: At least wolfspiders are harmless
angryoptimist: Did you calmly inform the wolf spider than bathrooms are not a hunting ground?
RayFK: Time to burn the apartment down and leave Serge.
TXC2: well good place for it to happen in some ways Kappa
brainbosh: That's why your followers poop on the ground
HavenDragon: oh dear
A_Dub888: "ITS OUT FOR BLOOD" - Serge probably
TXC2: !clipd
josh___something: beeg
TXC2: !clips
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Mysticman89: you promptly switched to doing an upper deck
joallthedogs: @Cunobelenos it was indeed a large spider
LearningXP: Well, time to buy a flamethrower
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun strange that you found an apartment looking just like your last one after you burned down the one with the spider in it :p
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Nigouki: noone wants to go the Elvis way
LordManiMani: lrrSPOOP
andysoo89: Did you poop your… never mind
Mushbie: is it training dummy thicc?
Alex_Frostfire: I feel that way about dock spiders.
JadedCynic: "Gee, lots of corners in this room - it needs some cobwebs for me to make and then never check on so they only collect dust."
accountmadeforants: Oh, the sub notifier looks kinda chonky?
Gaz_L: we were elected to lead AND to read, apparently
ExachixKitsune: @Nigouki I don't think elvis want out due to a spider...
Leonhart321: Leshy? Oh god, he escaped Inscryption?
Joecool190: you do want to smash grass
BusTed: sounds like a heretic.
josh___something: You CAN feed followers grass :p
mowdownjoe: Chat wasn't lying. Just the tutorial doesn't let you.
mtvcdm: Grass is now, in and of itself, a resource. So yes, smash grass.
DiscordianTokkan: Oh! You DO get stuff from cutting grass now. You get grass
LeeshaJoy: Wasn't the Leshy the final boss of the first part of Inscryption?
Mog1016: grass is now collectable
ExachixKitsune: wow that's such a good shopperson
ExachixKitsune: oop not shop but ~magic~
Pteraspidomorphi: RNG for the RNG god
neisan2112: @LeeshaJoy Yup, Leshy is a forest spirit irl
Gaz_L: oh, is this the upgrade room for roguelike fun?
Nigouki: @Nigouki Spider could have easily escaped. Can't prove there wasn't a spider there :V
TheElrad: I assume a blue hart is temporary?
Mog1016: blue are armor heart, once destroyed they are gone forever
Niahlah: Would you like an explanation on the difference??
Didero: Presumably the blue heart is temporary? That's generally what blue hearts mean
Gaz_L: looks like Binding Of Isaac rules
brainbosh: All of these only last for the run
JoshManVGH: Extra half heart for the dungeon
neisan2112: Yeah thats a full extra half heart
Mog1016: re-hearts can be healed later
Volus_dude: good thing we don't have spiders as large as, that 8 legged freaks had. small ones were about mastiff sized and Consuela was about size of small 7-11 store.
Critterbot: The red is permanent, but only for this run.
JoshManVGH: Yes
neisan2112: Yes
Niahlah: Red Hearts are increases to health/healing while other hearts are only temporary
JoshManVGH: Yep!
mtvcdm: Roguelike!
Mischievous_Catgeist: red hearts can be refilled blue disappear and are used first
Niahlah: Similar to Binding of Issac
ExachixKitsune: this is a cool mechanic
BusTed: We do like a good random card-based game.
Critterbot: @mtvcdm It's a roguelite.
GredGredmansson: ah, "The Arachnid", classic Tarot card
Mischievous_Catgeist: yes
neisan2112: Yup
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MaelstronSolenor: Yey, lets join a cult
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Niahlah: Yus
GredGredmansson: I'd hope so, that'd be a pretty bad dodge
malsareus: dog?
Niahlah: Collect All materials btw, you Will need them at SOME point
mtvcdm: Oh, believe me, 'roguelike' and 'roguelite' are basically interchangeable in my brain.
accountmadeforants: Summon Bigger Dog
TXC2: if you don't get I frames, is it even a dodge?
niccus: *gets a tarot reading* this card is just spiders. is that bad
UnnnaturalD20: attacks are directional with mouse and keyboard
GredGredmansson: @niccus nah, it means like, creativity, and like fragility, or some mess like that
Niahlah: You Gift it to a follower
Mog1016: you can give it to a followrer
TXC2: mtvcdm roguelite means roguelike but fun :p
neisan2112: These are gifts to followers
LurkerSpine: time to start a subathon to get Serge a hitbox
niccus: *flips another card* inverted mass of spiders
CeeDreamer: wyldHype hello Serge I’m so happy I remembered you were over here today.
neisan2112: Yup
Niahlah: Yes
GredGredmansson: resource management
mtvcdm: You'll probably need everything.
Mog1016: grass is both food and a building resource
TXC2: hello CeeDreamer welcome
malsareus: Well you are a sheep, maybe you eat the grass?
Niahlah: You need Grass, Bones, EVERYTHING
LeeshaJoy: well, you are an ungulate, presumably grass is food
walkeroftales: But, IMO, you'll likely end up with enough grass just playing - so don't go SUPER out of your way for it
mtvcdm: Just imagine this is Minecraft, Serge
GredGredmansson: I'm now imagining Link from Legend of Zelda, but he's eating the grass he chops down
LurkerSpine: I think you can't harvest some resources until you unlock the tree?
CeeDreamer: Vault hunters to cult hunters it’s a good day
circusofkirkus: @mtvcdm so build a canal? sergeCanal
Niahlah: They do recommend you use a controller if possible
Jgirl13245: Cult of the Canal.
tidehollowcat: sergeCanal
neisan2112: You can just cut them down if you wanna go faster
CeeDreamer: @txc2 Hi there thanks for the welcome
Nuha: sergeCanal sergeCanal
LeeshaJoy: Is that a Mari Llywd? Or however you spell the Welsh Christmas skeleton horse?
walkeroftales: oh SERGE you have such sights to see
Mysticman89: KPOPdance
Suffix: Secret handshakes are a must.
BrookJustBones: praise canal
ExachixKitsune: Yeah like "Nice shoelaces"
angryoptimist: Cult of the Chat Is Wrong
tidehollowcat: Canal! Canal! Canal! Praise Canal!
Zarash11: @LeeshaJoy Sure looks like it
Mischievous_Catgeist: just baah at eachother
LordZarano: Embrace the Cʟᴜᴛᴛᴇʀ Serge!
TheElrad: clearly the name of the cult is #NotACult
Niahlah: Cult of the Bean??
circusofkirkus: does the cult have a pyramid scheme too?
KenKopin: Challenge Cult Coins
mtvcdm: We don't look very secret. We look loud and slashy.
malsareus: Will this playthrough last long enough for someone to make a canal mod?
Cunobelenos: sergeCanal sergeCanal sergeCanal Cult
Jgirl13245: Cult is a reverse pyramid scheme. In keeping with a canal structure xD
kumatsu: The secret handshake is "handing Serge a bag of delicious coffee"
Volus_dude: Does Lamb count as Planeswalker and what type are they?
neisan2112: Isn't that what the CardKingdom buttons are for?
LeeshaJoy: The first rule of Serge Club is you don't talk about Serge Club
Genie_M: Hi friend
dangerous_safety: Hello everyone
niccus: a canal is a reverse pyramid
TXC2: hello dangerous_safety welcome
LordZarano: Just call the cult "The Parsonage"
BusTed: what if but no
Mog1016: destroy the fire
Niahlah: Not every time.. you have 1 D- Heart
neisan2112: That gives you an extra heart
Suffix: Just don't get hit 4Head
Genie_M: this part is quite Isaac
mtvcdm: Scuse me, friend, depopulating your fauna
electra310: We stole that guy's dinner!
Gaz_L: yeah, was Edmund involved with this game at all, this feels very BoI?
Xafty: nope
neisan2112: There's a lot of poop in this game actually
DiscordianTokkan: Poop... is in the Food section, huh.
Niahlah: Credits say No
Juliamon: yes... that's the only reason it's there
niccus: there are a *looooot* of Isaaclikes since BoI broke out, so it's probably more indirect than you'd think
mowdownjoe: @Gaz_L Think he's been busy with Mewgenics. Yes, it's happening.
Mog1016: thats the disease heart
Mog1016: or was
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: The real question is, why is there no poop in other games?
Volus_dude: "number 2 for growing food..." SingsNote
niccus: given the melee focus, it's probably more Hades or maybe Undermine inspired, but the mechanics will say more
ExachixKitsune: hi!
Mischievous_Catgeist: no
JadedCynic: @GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox Don't Starve had entered the chat...
Pteraspidomorphi: Absolutely not!
Didero: Absolutely not
neisan2112: benginO7 benginO7
SnackPak_: uh....
Jgirl13245: Nope.
thenameisgrizz: dang i just tuned in and got said hello to, this is 10/10 service serge
Abavus: eh
TheManaLeek: Probably, what's this cult pay?
Suffix: I'll think about it.
SnowBuddy18: most things
wizzo1138: Command me lord!
electra310: Do we get banana?
SquirrelLord1111: nope
shawnchon: nope
malsareus: we have yet to receive Banana
Leonhart321: Not even a little
Ryxiene: poutine
joallthedogs: lol, oh no
DiscordianTokkan: HAH!
Tandtroll_OG: Uuuu
accountmadeforants: I'm with Leshy!
misteline: Of Course
MrUglama: nope
TotallyNotaBeholder: I mean.... uhhh... can I ask the audience?
CAKHost: Noodles?
IzlanntheLion: sajamNo
drrek0: No
Pseudonym_Ken: Sorry, I wasn't paying attention
memedreams37: always
LordManiMani: SabaPing
GhassanPL: No
Nuurgle: nah
KenKopin: Know
mowdownjoe: seabatYIKES
Snowcookies: idk
mtvcdm: Nah
Cavemanhar: maybe
JeremyDevoid: maybe
Jgirl13245: XD
frank_the_great: I'll follow you into death Serge
TreeVor84: depends
tidehollowcat: sergeCanal sergeCanal sergeCanal
Spacecarl: uhhhh, maybe? depends on the request
MaraSadow: Maybe
Mcgwee: banana!
TXC2: yeah, nah
neisan2112: LMAO
Suffix: @Sarah_Serinde Welp.
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
lion_byte: :3c Sure
LurkerSpine: amazonRUDE1 amazonRUDE2
weff47: seabatCHOICE
Nathade: yes if we get canal
Plasterboard: Nnnnyessss
misteline: I will always follow the cutest
SmithKurosaki: Whats the question?
andysoo89: …maybe
Jgirl13245: Depends on how many canals we get.
dangerous_safety: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
LeeshaJoy: Uhhhh i have to be at work in like half an hour?
CeeDreamer: Eh maybe. What’s my take
Nuurgle: respect is EARNED
A_Dub888: The mods have rebelled!
Alger_Waterlow: Depends what ??
Darleysam: seabatCHOICE
electra310: sergeCanal sergeCanal sergeCanal
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Answer unclear, check back later.
Suffix: sergeModLove
Invitare: I'll do anything for you. But I won't do that.
Niahlah: lrrJUDGECALL
Leonhart321: What have you done for us lately Serge?
VirtuallyAbsurd: I would kill for serge
Uzumaki15: Banana first!
Genie_M: Undermine is my favorite from these currently, but this one has potential
TotallyNotaBeholder: sergeModLove sergeModLove
BusTed: hey wait, that's us
JadedCynic: so it's mutiny? I'm fine with it, I just wanna be certain what we're doing.
SnackPak_: cute
Robot_Bones: how is the hair cut situation in this cult? do we have a bowl cut or something better?
joallthedogs: angry meatball
NathanLonghair: Serge just said no! Ban him!
stizzet: wait why are we cheering for a sergeCanal sergeCanal ?
accountmadeforants: So, Serge, what're you willing to offer for my loyalty? How about *your* eternal, unquestioning loyalty in exchange for me getting you a coffee? Sound good?
TXC2: Robot_Bones it's all undercuts Kappa
SnowBuddy18: rock me Amdusias
andysoo89: Wait, what’s the other side offering?
TotallyNotaBeholder: Join the dark side, we have cookies!
Dergib: Have we got our first follower yet?
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> [James] It's everything I want, it's everything I need. Format's perfect, no notes. 📷 ||
LeeshaJoy: @andysoo89 The ability to become a boss monster apparently
Tandtroll_OG: It’s making the >____< face!
BusTed: FBtouchdown
andysoo89: @leeshajoy I mean, that sounds pretty cool, ngp
electra310: A friend!
andysoo89: *ngl
mtvcdm: This guy followed something evil and wrong. They should join our cult instead.
Abavus: Later
JadedCynic: you freed a sacrifice of a life of possession
Sarah_Serinde: I'm sure there will be other opportunities :)
Zarash11: You don't need to activate twitch until you are back home
Suffix: It's fine.
Mischievous_Catgeist: its fine to wait <3
wizzo1138: Naming is later, you can grab it now
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SquirrelLord1111: when you get back to camp turn it back on and it should work
UnnnaturalD20: you don't indoctrinate until you're at the cult
Ryxiene: Awh Q ^ Q
TheMerricat: you are going to have plenty of followers eventually.
Niahlah: you rename back at the camp
Mog1016: no, thats later
neisan2112: You name when you go back
mowdownjoe: You name when you indocrinate, anyway.
BusTed: Turncoat!
lion_byte: Save before you talk to them at the home base!
Zenelly: You don't convert them until you get back to town
dumbo3k: You just need to turn on twitch integration when you indoctrinate them back at your temple
KaleidoscopeMind: perfectly normal thing to say to someone you just met
JadedCynic: "WE take care of our followers; we're not like those other cults"
Mog1016: you're heading back now
VirtuallyAbsurd: You name them when you customize them at the camp
Suffix: They don't seem like Loyalty is at the top of their CV.
frank_the_great: This game looks super fun, but my backlog is super big, so I threw this on my wishlist for now
Spacecarl: the dark secret of putting hay in a pile!
stizzet: 420 viewers, nice!
JadedCynic: we even clean up our followers' poops - how devoted to our laity is that?
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
JadedCynic: @Suffix I mean their last cult sacrificed them to be possessed by a mid-boss for all eternity; I don't think that sort of thing DESERVES any loyalty...
Niahlah: we MAY have continuously spammed points into the totem
CeeDreamer: So this game is kind of a twisted love child of binding of Isaac meets Animal Crossing but you’re Tom Nook?
Zenelly: Shun teh non believers, Shun
Dergib: Can we sac sarah first? lol
ExachixKitsune: I do like the cursed purple
LordManiMani: PowerUpL TheIlluminati PowerUpR
Didero: Binding Of Don't Starve
JadedCynic: o/
GredGredmansson: One of us
Mog1016: there will be a raffle
Ryxiene: We're adorable GivePLZ
TXC2 drumroll
GredGredmansson: um
neisan2112: OH cool
LurkerSpine: don't forget to click "I want to join the cult"
GredGredmansson: how do i enter
shawnchon: Wait yo what this is cool
frank_the_great: Me?
Suffix: Sure?
Pteraspidomorphi: How do we join?
Mcgwee: how?
hexi_lexi234: ME DO
BlindProphet32: One of us
SquirrelLord1111: me
GredGredmansson: oh ok
CrazymattCaptain: time for fun
Mog1016: mobile cannot join, only desktop
TheElrad: it's an extension to enter
Darleysam: yeah, CotL twitch integration is rad
BusTed: Have to be on desktop.
Zarash11: @Pteraspidomorphi Pop-up on stream
Leonhart321: #NotACult
Pteraspidomorphi: hmmm
Didero: There should be a Twitch overlay for it
Sarah_Serinde: There's a twitch extension on screen on desktop or possibly right below it on mobile
BoomerAang_Squad: it's an overlay
lion_byte: Only shows up on desktop
LordManiMani: aw
Mcgwee: oh
Sarah_Serinde: Refresh if you don't see an overlay
niccus: ah it blended with the UI a bit too well
hanzi_keat: there's an extension on desk top, doesn't work on mobile
Mcgwee: dang
Tandtroll_OG: Aww only on desktop
kindcryptid: guess it doesn't work on the app
GredGredmansson: hey, I'M desktop only!
notthepenguins: aw
mowdownjoe: @Leonhart321 #ActuallyACult
LurkerSpine: You do have to give them access to the extension
DiscordianTokkan: Yeah, it blended with the UI VERY well
frank_the_great: Hacker voice: I'm in
BoomerAang_Squad: it should work on a mobile browser window
misteline: :(
Darleysam: although I *have* seen this get pretty janky a few times
TheElrad: if you have extensions blocked, like I have, it won't work
Mcgwee: I wanna join in spirit Serge!
stizzet: thanks hanzi
wizzo1138: You may also need to allow 3rd party cookies
Jgirl13245: Guess I’ll have to rush upstairs to watch and play then.
Plasterboard: grats!
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
TXC2: congratulations
LordManiMani: seabatClap seabatClap
Sarah_Serinde: Darleysam Oh yeah the jankiness started early today :D
GredGredmansson: aw, lucky
Nathade: i thought the popup was an ingame thing and ignored it first
Ryxiene: seabatClap
hexi_lexi234: congrats
eshplode: seabatClap
SmoreThanAFeelin: Grats!
Mcgwee: new Cultist!
electra310: Ajony!
TheManaLeek: I think you cancelled
wordnerdify: tqsClap tqsClap tqsClap
oldsport77: aww i missed this one cause i misclicked
Abavus: You just cacelled it
Critterbot: Canceled it.
mtvcdm: I thought that was ingame.
Suffix: lol
Darleysam: @Sarah_Serinde excellent, excellent
TheMerricat: LOL
Thisbymaster: lol
Mog1016: you cancelled before they could create
frank_the_great: I'm just happy a Frank was chosen
Ryxiene: LUL
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: oh dear
Mcgwee: hahaha
GredGredmansson: well done
BusTed: You have to give them an opportunity to make their look.
maliciously_malkavian: oof
TheManaLeek: You have to wait for the follower to build their cultist
joallthedogs: sergeHubris
DiscordianTokkan: Uuuuuhhhh One More?
Gaz_L: there was a progress bar
hexi_lexi234: LUL serge plz
Abavus: Jebaited
Dergib: they get to pick what they look like
Sarah_Serinde: It's fiiiine we're all learning :DF
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Sarah_Serinde: :D
KenKopin: To be fair, I've seen a lot of streamers do that. It seems to be easy to mess up.
kaffeetrinken89: 1 join only?
Zarash11: Only frnkstn join
LagAssist: Hello
dangerous_safety: never learning
Nuha: it looks like it takes a second for character creation
Yondaime233: cosmic10Evil
niccus: the viewer gets a UI to build the cultist
JadedCynic: sigh, always gotta watch those non-standard buttons :D Now we know *shrug*
Zenelly: Yeah they need to edit the dude, so it takes a minute
mtvcdm: It's fine, some of us didn't know the overlay was the raffle.
UnnnaturalD20: you can direct name one for frank later
Cunobelenos: sergeIntoTheSea
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun they actually create the follower in the extension, so that might take some time :D
Plasterboard: Do we expect anything less from our glorious cult leader?
frank_the_great: RIP Frankenstein
Mog1016: whoever is chosen gets to design their character, so give it a bit of time
TheManaLeek: So also yeah viewers need to be aware they might need to build a cultist if they win
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: its fine they'll just win again
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun so when they win they get the option to design their looks, you need to wait for that to finsh
Leonhart321: A test of the Emergency Cultist System. If you were to become an actual cultist, you would already be sacrificed
Zarash11: If there is any justice in the world frknstn will get it again
LordManiMani: seabatClap seabatClap
BusTed: Good cultist name.
Genie_M: good name for a cultist
LagAssist: I have a question
Ryxiene: LUL apt name~
Plasterboard: grats
frnknstn: :(
Mog1016: wait
GredGredmansson: you don't cancel
BoomerAang_Squad: if frknstn finished creating the follower, it'll show up again later
mtvcdm: You just hang out until they get done.
joallthedogs: @frnknstn sergeHeart
TheElrad: now you can go get a drink :D
SmithKurosaki: sorry @frnknstn
BrookJustBones: Time to vamp
lion_byte: wait for them to create their character
Sarah_Serinde: So chat, a lot of you are familiar with this game and can help, which is great! But also please try not to spam answers if multiple people have already given the answer you were going to give
shawnchon: @frnknstn RIP
frnknstn: I will return!
Ryxiene: @frnknstn GayPride
GredGredmansson: @BlindProphet32 you there?
LagAssist: I have a question?
malsareus: I vote we let frnkstn have the next 1
lion_byte: @frnknstn lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Abavus: I wonder if it works when the game is paused...
SmithKurosaki: @malsareus I'm okay with this
TheMerricat: @Sarah_Serinde While that is an AWESOME suggestion, please remember the folk typing up answers aren't exactly reading chat at the same time. There is going to be a bit of spam, it's unavoidable.
BoomerAang_Squad: is @BlindProphet32 here?
joallthedogs: ooh
LagAssist: i have a question for you
BusTed: tort
misteline: frnknstn deserves the next one.
OmegaPlatinum: Hey, @LoadingReadyRun you probably never see this, but: You're Welcome.
Dergib: some skins cost bits
Mysticman89: since you have to manually each raffle, it implies they're here
Gaz_L: lil turtle dood
Critterbot: It's a turtle.
TXC2: woop, there it is
GhostValv: D:
SnackPak_: lrrFRUMP
BusTed: rayfkWelp
ExachixKitsune: yuck
Mysticman89: That particular trait I've heard some people get upset with
Sarah_Serinde: @Sarah_Serinde This is why I said "try" and "multiple people" but also it's always possible to glance quickly at chat and see if 5 people have already said the thing (this wasn't directed specifically at you, it's happening a whole lot today)
LagAssist: @LoadingReadyRun i have a question for you
GredGredmansson: great, we have an agnostic cultist
Ravynn: I guess they're blind in other ways
Plasterboard: He is his own prophet!
ExachixKitsune: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
andysoo89: No kinkshaming
Mischievous_Catgeist: they just want see the way of the cult yet
TheElrad: well, I think I know who gets sacrificed early :p
Mischievous_Catgeist: cant*
Thisbymaster: the first to be sacrificed.
CraziestOwl: Hi friends
DiscordianTokkan: Time for Mine O'Clock :D
TXC2: hello CraziestOwl welcome
electric_claire: Oof, might be time to lower the graphics settings
Hunterprime: The shrine should fix it?
LagAssist: @LoadingReadyRun i have a question
BoomerAang_Squad: make the shrine
TXC2: Frame rate is: one
Thisbymaster: twitch pls
Gaz_L: hey it's the thing we need to maybe fix this
joallthedogs: chaos
Juliamon: LagAssist Please just ask it
jonnykefka: if the Switch version is any indication, you can kiss your frames goodbye once you get about eight people on screen at once
Suffix: Is there a way to turn off notifcations?
malsareus: I think the notifications are murdering the framerate
Pteraspidomorphi: I note a recurring theme of them encouraging you to get the shrine
Gigsey: Yeeeaahhh, you need to up the bits for that.
Mog1016: the shire should make it go away
CraziestOwl: Reload?
Abavus: Hopefully the shrine fixes it
ExachixKitsune: oh good, that's not just me
NoOne_OfConsequence: You're building the shrine right now.
joallthedogs: hold!
LagAssist: Is this game diffiCULT?
josh___something: Yeah.. we need to build the shrine quickly
joallthedogs: sergePun
Cunobelenos: @LagAssist sergePun sergePun sergePun
dangerous_safety: sergePun
ExachixKitsune: @LagAssist we are 54 minutes in, I'm not sure we can make an assessment friend.
DiscordianTokkan: It puts the Cult in Difficult
Genie_M: twitch energy flowing!
BusTed: drawfeGoodjoke
Suffix: Oh good.
Genie_M: at least somewhere to put it
LagAssist: it's a cult joke
ExachixKitsune: "Your followers can now worship you" but, at what cost
RayFK: Praise be? Nah nah nah, Praise ME
jonnykefka: Having basically beaten it it's not...difficult so much as it is occasionally frustrating
Dergib: @LagAssist typical roguelike difficulty imo
Abavus: welp, didn't fix it
Abavus: RIP
Zarash11: Oh no
Hunterprime: Oh dear
malsareus: Can we turn that 1 into Frnkstn ?
hexi_lexi234: @RayFK praise deez nutz! GOTTEM
KaleidoscopeMind: chat too powerful
LagAssist: did yall get the joke?
Abavus: Can you turn the notifications off in the options?
ExachixKitsune: oh lol, diffi-CULT
Genie_M: redeem the twitch power?
LeeshaJoy: Can we turn off the notifications please?
SnackPak_: am twitch integration ok?
NoOne_OfConsequence: Try collecting from the shroine.
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe just get rid of the totem contributions?
Faulpyr: It's always on cooldown for me
josh___something: Maybe claim the totem?
MTGRanger: @lagassist we got it! Puns.
Ryxiene: LUL thanks for trying anyway
mtvcdm: I think we maybe just hope Devolver sees and patches that
Dergib: @ExachixKitsune we both missed it. lol
Snowcookies: is the extension giving trouble?
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amospiritus: I thought you can change the cooldown on the totem redemption
Pteraspidomorphi: frnknstn
GredGredmansson: @frnknstn you
GredGredmansson: you are up
frnknstn: yes!
frnknstn: Looks great!
OmegaPlatinum: How do we recordd a quote because "Oh no why do they also love poop" is very good
frnknstn: it's like a mirror!
joallthedogs: welcome!
Didero: Presumably you can also just select 'turtle' yourself, instead of randomizing?
Genie_M: you're on praying duty
frank_the_great: Got it!
Didero: Hey, you can talk to your followers!
DarkMorford: Morning Serge, hey chat
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PaintingWithFariss: Blimey that's a lot of months
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Mog1016: they arn't
TXC2: hello DarkMorford welcome
Gadora: The one year! :o
creasehearst: it looked like the shrine had a twitch bar when integration was enabled
ExachixKitsune: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
mowdownjoe: The shrine had a Twitch bar when integration was enabled.
Suffix: Same thing. The Shrine had a Twitch progress bar above it.
josh___something: The shrine IS the totem, i've seen this played before
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun actually when you had twitch integration enabled, your shrine was full of woreship, that's why chat was ttelling you to claim it.
SquirrelLord1111: it's not
TheElrad: no, that's the twitch chat one, if you turn it back on the bar is full of purple twitch chat energy
TXC2: one more time!
Ryxiene: totems are for closers Kappa
josh___something: NP
Didero: Uh, one more? :p
Genie_M: claim as much twitch energy as you can when it fills up
LordZarano: Collect the POWER
SquirrelLord1111: claiming it should prevent the messages
Spacecarl: no apologies necessary, it's being wonky. thanks for trying!
TheMerricat: @SquirrelLord1111 Well not prevent, but clear.
ExachixKitsune: oooh fancy
ExachixKitsune: oh no
BusTed: Neat.
Ryxiene: seabatClap
GredGredmansson: Twitch Prize
accountmadeforants: Oh nooooo... this is good!
malsareus: here Serge, have this rock
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circusofkirkus: we helped!
Abavus: right?
Didero: No problem, you're welcome, expect our invoice in two to three workdays :p
Ryxiene: uhhh.....
Sarah_Serinde: awww
GredGredmansson: collect?
TheMerricat: whelp.
Ryxiene: F
TheManaLeek: Is there an option to turn off the notifications?
malsareus: seems like the same list over and over still
Cavemanhar: looks like more to get
josh___something: RIV
niccus: are... they... clearing faster?
Xafty: i would assume an option exists
SquirrelLord1111: riv indeed
TheMerricat: @niccus yeah but they are the same list over and over again.
Snowcookies: this seems like something that should be taken up with the devs
Didero: Maybe let it run during the next break, and see if the game manages to catch up?
mowdownjoe: Can you dismiss them from the character menu?
Sarah_Serinde: That was still more notifications than there have been contributions, so it's still borked
Genie_M: it not perfect system :(
GredGredmansson: I would hope you could disable notifications without disabling them entirely
Zenelly: The cooldown is gobal for everyone
malsareus: Can we mute the notifier?
electra310: Cooldown means only one person per 10 minutes, so not many at all will be done
neisan2112: The notifier is all the same names
mtvcdm: The cooldown is for *everybody*, so that means only one person can put into the totem every X amount of time chatwide.
DiscordianTokkan: Yeah, I think that's done for the day now?
neisan2112: And it might still be catching up
TheElrad: I don't think the amount of redemptions was the spammy thing, cause it's always the same people
Niahlah: I've seen others with this enabled, it didn't do this
kumatsu: that notifier is showing the entire log every refresh
Sarah_Serinde: There have been 21 redemptions so far, so it's not that there are countless people contributing, it's that something is broken in how the game is displaying them
GredGredmansson: yeah its showing the same people over and over
NoOne_OfConsequence: Have you tried shutting the game down entirely and restarting?
Xafty: its not "catching up" its the same list each time
Pteraspidomorphi: And different people every time, right?
Suffix: Can we try a full exit?
Suffix: Awesome.
joallthedogs: Excellent QA
SmoreThanAFeelin: thank you for trying all the things Serge!
TXC2: time to turn it off and on
azncan: did he update the game?
Darleysam: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ExachixKitsune: D:
Niahlah: Btw Serge, want to know an interesting fact, Once you beat a boss, you can get an endless dungeon situation
TheManaLeek: Womp womp :(
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah, it's borked
spurius: try restarting the stream?
Didero: Just give it a while maybe?
Zakaw: There should be a way. Seen another streamer play this without it
Jgirl13245: sadface
dangerous_safety: Noooooo
NoOne_OfConsequence: Last option I can think of would be to restarft the stream.
Spacecarl: Yeah you did what you could
Suffix: Ah well.
niccus: thank you for trying your hardest to kill us
Ryxiene: An attempt was made~
MaelstronSolenor: maybe wait a bit? it could just be going through a backlog
Sarah_Serinde: Chat, Serge said he was done with this for today, please stop giving more suggestions now
SmithKurosaki: F
Mischievous_Catgeist: its fine without it <3
Xafty: @Didero the list is the same each time it pops up, waiting wont fix that
GredGredmansson: there's no backlog
accountmadeforants: @Didero It was showing the same list repeatedly, it wasn't actually clearing anything
Spacecarl: We appreciate the attempt!
Tandtroll_OG: Thank you for trying
josh___something: It's ok without it.
Genie_M: hopefully the companion stuff stays
Sarah_Serinde: I'm okay with it :P
Suffix: Just Snacrifice the Mods!? YEAH!
Vipes404: is this game multiplayer?
mowdownjoe: Does this include the Discord mods? <_<
dangerous_safety: sergeModLove sergeModLove
Mischievous_Catgeist: lrr members and mods first ?
Zakaw: Ah it maybe queued up before you dsabled it?
Didero: @Didero Could it be it starts over when the integration gets re-enabled, so if you give it enough time it gets to the end? Or did it keep looping anyway?
LordManiMani: electoral college system
TXC2: Notifications will continue until morale improves :p
josh___something: now I just wonder if there's a LONG backlog that it's getting through
malsareus: god tells you how to sleep
Sarah_Serinde: @Didero It's been looping constantly, both before and after restarts
GredGredmansson: well its gone now
jonnykefka: that cleared the notifications!
Didero: @Didero That's a shame then, hope they patch it
frnknstn: yes cult leader!
GredGredmansson: whether its because its off or not I don't care
Brozard: hit it very hard
Brozard: zug zug
ExachixKitsune: Doesn't seem very permanent, it's very temple-ary
Critterbot: You can just place it anywhere, you can move anything you build whenever you want.
DarkMorford: @ExachixKitsune Booooooo ;)
KenKopin: Weird, I think I like coffee now.
Suffix: @ExachixKitsune sergePun
Nigouki: why does he talk like a vortigaunt from HL? is this secretly HL3?
Mischievous_Catgeist: yup
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> Before we share this weeks North 100 episode, first we must introduce you to the newest member of the North 100 team! Everyone welcome @coachNellyMTG to the roster! ||
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> And what better time to bring in Nelson than episode 1 of the North 100 Dominaria United set review! The guys cover White, Blue, Colourless, and a singular land on this weeks episode! ||
TXC2: everything is HL3
shurtal: I had a feeling Serg would be the first LRRsm'n to start a cult
Himyul: time for a Sergemon
DarkMorford: Speaking of coffee, I got a moka pot the other day! Need to pick up some beans this weekend and try it out.
Ryxiene: LUL
beowuuf: yay nelson
Didero: That sounds like a Pokemon
Jgirl13245: cult of the coffee-powered canals
SmithKurosaki: @shurtal sergeHeart sergeCanal I have no idea why you would say that :p
BusTed: pennyCuss
niccus: i sort of half-wonder if this is setting a pattern and the next serge PIF will be Graveyard Keeper or something
ExachixKitsune: oh that's a cool progression tree
Niahlah: does this mean we shall Serge forth??
Mischievous_Catgeist: tech trees
mtvcdm: Graveyard Keeper... honestly didn't look that great.
Didero: This game seems to have a lot of currencies
jedi_master_zll: I wanted to play graveyard keeper but it glitched constantly on me.
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Korolan: Hope your cult is going Great!
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Niahlah: Each time the bar fills, it increases in size
RonaldMcDownload: if the dark God needs a freeway on-ramp, Serge is their guy
Jgirl13245: lol, get ready for #2 you say?
accountmadeforants: Oh don't worry, the followers will be ready for #2 all the time
Jgirl13245: poop loving cult confirmed
neisan2112: Yes, you have to do a minimum of 4 runs per area.
ExachixKitsune: Big bdubs ene- YES
Sarah_Serinde: I was about to comment on the Bdubs influence :D
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
electra310: That did sound familiar :D
Mischievous_Catgeist: good i need a thicker blanket lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
JadedCynic: "Get a drink...return a drink..."
niccus: and if you're a copr-
dangerous_safety: welp off to pet the cats
neisan2112: I should go get some food
JadedCynic: @dangerous_safety ...and check that they're not forming a cult to sacrifice you to the Old Gods? ;)
TXC2: and we're back
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Critterbot: It's swing speed.
beowuuf: lrrHORN
Cunobelenos: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
laundreydhull: aye.... General Serge Yager! H Ha Ha Ha JA! You are a BOLD One!
Xafty: you can fully break tokes training dummies, i THINK they drop wood sometimes
TXC2: boy we get A LOT of recoil form that eh?
GredGredmansson: that's some knockback on those attacks
Pteraspidomorphi: you won't believe it's not mana
BrookJustBones: recoil is just aggresive dodging
josh___something: I dislike how many corpses those things generated
Mischievous_Catgeist: 1.20
GredGredmansson: Faster or Stronger
noSmokeFire: iirc the number of casts you have available will also appear over your head as red icons
Critterbot: You picked it up.
neisan2112: You picked up some
brainbosh: Fervor fades
Didero: You got a little bit of fervour
neisan2112: No
noSmokeFire: fervor is the little red balls
neisan2112: The 1 just means 1 cast
noSmokeFire: each cast requires many fervor
Critterbot: It's a diseased heart.
neisan2112: They cost a certain amount
brainbosh: You get tons of fervor from chests, some from enemies. Gotta fill the bowl
JadedCynic: you gotta pick up the furvor - if it starts flashing, it will disappear and never be used
TXC2: new heart, who dis?
Brozard: “Hi.” *murder*
ExachixKitsune: it imagine it gets harder to get the... fervor in you are
kaffeetrinken89: Pay the iron price.
GredGredmansson: and now we wait
jalisurr: You are being rescued! Please do not resist
Didero: "Follower Awaits Indoctrination" is a good confirmation that we're the good guys :p
drcthulu: welcome to the cult, don't rebel don't get put in prison
ExachixKitsune: oh!
ExachixKitsune: ohh
GhostValv: :O
Genie_M: oh
Sarah_Serinde: That's been available since the stream went live
JadedCynic: huh
Abavus: Reject everything?
josh___something: hrm...
Thisbymaster: complete all?
DiscordianTokkan: I think soooo
GredGredmansson: what happened Serge
mowdownjoe: Yeah, maybe clear those and turn it back on.
mtvcdm: Complete all?
josh___something: Reject them ALLL >:D
Cavemanhar: maybe
Sarah_Serinde: So people have been contributing as soon as the cooldown is up all stream
DiscordianTokkan: Complete all! :D
Jgirl13245: mark m all as complete first tho?
Faulpyr: Do it
Pteraspidomorphi: Up to you
Suffix: Complete all and try again?
niccus: is it supposed to be manually accepted?
Spacecarl: oh did you need to click as complete?
creasehearst: worst case you have to disable it again
ExachixKitsune: hmm, presumable we could - and isn't there a setting that automarks as complete?
Faulpyr: But after dungeon
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah
SmithKurosaki: That seems weird that it has to be manually accepted
CanPlayGames: Do we know what sheet Serge has behind him?
Sarah_Serinde: Sure I should be able to
josh___something: I wouldn't be opposed to it, since all of the cool help/hinder ones are neat
joallthedogs: One more!
JadedCynic: ah, THERE's an interesting idea - hope it works! <3
TheElrad: hmmm, I think that might have been cause people submitted points before the totem was up so they didn't get completed
Sarah_Serinde: SmithKurosaki That might not be the case but it's worth trying if Serge feels like doing that
Didero: I feel like the mods deserve to be a follower (if they want) for that extra effort
GredGredmansson: @TheElrad nope, I did mine literally right now
josh___something: Does it have an "Auto complete" option?
neisan2112: @GredGredmansson He's had the extention turned off tho
Sarah_Serinde: it borked
ExachixKitsune: @TheElrad the twitch integration was silenced, but the actual redemption was not
SmithKurosaki: @Sarah_Serinde Oh I'm all for trying again. Just seems weird it's not an autoaccept on the Twitch side
Genie_M: nope
JadedCynic: sigh, can't clear them?
drcthulu: unleash the spam
GhostValv: lrrSPOOP
Didero: Does it still keep looping, or does it just have to work through the queue now?
JadedCynic: oh well :(
josh___something: Nah, wasn't it. Darn
joallthedogs: @Didero it loops
Sarah_Serinde: @Sarah_Serinde This is just how channel points work
joallthedogs: sergeHubris
JadedCynic: It Not Perfect System
joallthedogs: hard mode
dangerous_safety: F
A_Dub888: rayfkWelp lrrHERE
Pteraspidomorphi: This is so weird
noSmokeFire: added difficulty :D
neisan2112: Destroy it for stone
Goorguy: Challenge mode!
drcthulu: mistakes were made
Mr_Horrible: seems to have stopped now?
Genie_M: done?
niccus: wait it's gone
mtvcdm: They went away!
Faulpyr: Spam seems done?
DiscordianTokkan: We're free!
Ravynn: They're gone we're freeeee
GhostValv: smash the state
jonnykefka: Whenever you claim devotion from a totem they go away
Mr_Horrible: "I got a rock"
ExachixKitsune: We're free!
Spacecarl: well, go to the next room and see
JadedCynic: maybe it just needed some time to clear?
TiberiusEsuriens: they might just have had to clear themselves out
ExachixKitsune: @jonnykefka we'd already done that once
Goorguy: That isn't worrying
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brainbosh: Other streamers I watched play this had worse luck with the twitch integration
SmithKurosaki: After 10 000 spams, WE FREE
joallthedogs: @brainbosh worse luck? oof
josh___something: I'm skeptical... but...
eshplode: It might've been the divine inspiration levelup that stopped it? It seems like some UI things can skip it
Sarah_Serinde: letting them clear themselves out didn't work the first several times we tried that, though.'s probably just wonky
kaffeetrinken89: Being a god and having to deal with prayers all the time totally has to suck. Like diving pop-up ads.
Chrysoprase: hit the skeleton
Mr_Horrible: yeah, the plugins have definitely struggled during the launch period
eshplode: I think it went away earlier when interacting with the totem in town
kaffeetrinken89: Divine, not diving. ^^
Snowcookies: yeah I would say this is on the dev's side
josh___something: @kaffeetrinken89 You mean like the one we had to deal with :p
Sarah_Serinde: It's fine Serge, you're the streamer, do what you like with it :)
drcthulu: wan more time
Didero: There's a whole stream called 'One More', we can handle repeated attempts :p
niccus: bruce almighty but with twitch notifs
josh___something: are we free?
Gigsey: Stop apologising. The twitch stuff for this game is super janky.
mtvcdm: !onemore
LRRbot: Nog een! One More?
JadedCynic: here's hoping the devs sort it out soon HahaShrugLeft :) HahaShrugRight
mowdownjoe: Please proggers...
ExachixKitsune: i've not been able to google and find info on this error unfortunatly
Juliamon: LRRbot is multilingual
ExachixKitsune: we tried
josh___something: Rip
GredGredmansson: it was you destroying the idol that did that last time
Brozard: oofa
TXC2: spam is eternal kappa
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah sadly that didn't help, oh well
joallthedogs: good effort
Genie_M: only having the follower raffle would be great
Sarah_Serinde: We tried!
DiscordianTokkan: An Attempt was Made
BusTed: Maybe for next time we can just turn off the channel point rewards and keep the cultist lottery.
Sarah_Serinde: You did Serge
GhostValv: benginO7
josh___something: Goodbye twitch integration
Didero: Several attempts, even
TXC2: well no one can say Serge didn't try
maliciously_malkavian: we cant say you didn't try
Spacecarl: You did, thanks for trying!
weff47: that was a valiant effort
Ravynn: The ol' PHD try
Juliamon: You gave it way more chances than it deserved
noSmokeFire: weird. that integration works for some people but not others
SmoreThanAFeelin: You did indeed!
josh___something: You did more than what most would've endured
Geldaran: @BusTed seconded.
JadedCynic: A for effort, Serge - you kept trying every possible tweak; you should be lauded for this SeemsGood
Snowcookies: yeah this is on the devs
neisan2112: The follower raffle worked at least, but I assume you have to have the whole thing connected for it to work
Sarah_Serinde: @BusTed Maybe, though I'd be concerned that it'd somehow still be holding onto the old notifications from today
kumatsu: but what about the New College Try
oldsport77: oh no still dealing with this :/
GredGredmansson: I still see the contribution up
ExachixKitsune: Twitch redemption is still on cooldown for me, I can confirm in 3m 45s
TXC2: po tay toes!
Sarah_Serinde: Serge do you want me to disable that channel point reward just to be extra sure?
kumatsu: Boil em, mash em, stick em in a cult?
drcthulu: Birb
Sarah_Serinde: (I can't remove it but I can pause it)
dumbo3k: @Sarah_Serinde probably a good idea
ExachixKitsune: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
Sarah_Serinde: Done :)
Didero: !bestmods
Darksteel_Mike: Hi Serge, hi chat :)
joallthedogs: sergeModLove sergeModLove
TXC2: hello Darksteel_Mike welcome
neisan2112: Heavy Fervor builds in this are so much fun
TXC2: gotta axe 'em questions
omdorastrix: cutting all that grass... does that make you a lamb mower?
GhostValv: BOP
noSmokeFire: pillage first THEN burn
drcthulu: good commandment
TXC2: Comandment 1: Leeme smash!
Didero: What do we need the grass for, anyway? Maybe we already have plenty
dangerous_safety: thou shall not have any gods before me and my axe
LordZarano: Smash the state!
Darksteel_Mike: grass is plenty useful, no reason not to hoard it
TXC2: "behold, the one commandment!: God needs booze"
Darksteel_Mike: hah, fair
dangerous_safety: new pattern just dropped
CraziestOwl: I learned all your secrets boss
JadedCynic: freed them from their possession <3
Orxolon: hello ppl
BusTed: pennyFeed
TXC2: hello Orxolon welcome
mtvcdm: Yes, I desire money and food
Didero: What does 'Follower Form' mean?
Orxolon: @TXC2 hi ^^
GredGredmansson: @Didero probably a new skin you can choose for followeres
TXC2: Didero a skin maybe?
noSmokeFire: @Didero as you recruit followers you can change their sprite
Didero: Oh, then yeah, gold is more useful.Thanks for answering!
circusofkirkus: oh we're a skin cult?
TheElrad: oooh, 2 mods have joined out cult :p
dangerous_safety: the skins of beasts
GredGredmansson: lrrFINE
tidehollowcat: sergeSqueak
Niahlah: lrrFINE
JadedCynic: should we be worried that our 'savior god' is in chains? or lrrFINE ?
TXC2: "new skins just dropped" is what happens to british people on holiday Kappa
mtvcdm: !addquote (Serge) [now] Wake up, new skins just dropped.
LRRbot: New quote #8202: "Wake up, new skins just dropped." —Serge [2022-09-02]
dumbo3k: @JadedCynic thats why we started our cult, to free them! probably
Niahlah: You cannot store several points of Divine Inspiration
neisan2112: No beds?
GredGredmansson: we should have 2 yes?
Sarah_Serinde: Sure :D
joallthedogs: Praise! sergeModLove
Sarah_Serinde: I'm sure this will be great and nothing will go wrong
mtvcdm: We know Sarah's great
BusTed: lrrSLOTH
circusofkirkus: :D
Darksteel_Mike: lol
Sarah_Serinde: Gosh it sounds exactly like me!
DarkMorford: lmao
Juliamon: Are you sure that's not me?
electra310: At least she doesn't like poop
mowdownjoe: You sure that isn't me?
joallthedogs: ooh
TXC2: Sarah_Serinde to a T there Kappa
GredGredmansson: I thought everyone was turtles
frnknstn: that could have been worse
ContingentCat: katesLol yup Sarah to a T
Sarah_Serinde: Uhhh that narwhal or whatever it is
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh lrrSHINE
Didero: You're covering some of the options, Serge
mowdownjoe: @Juliamon Jinx!
JadedCynic: oh that's cool!
Boiler_bot: lol
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
sheqesi: Yay narwal!!
Species5618Beta: The Jedi of the Sea
GredGredmansson: narwhals; the turtles of the sea
GhostValv: wowie
Plasterboard: authentic likeness
hexi_lexi234: Srah "Narwhal" Serinde :p
Sarah_Serinde: Oh boy :D
circusofkirkus: LMAO
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
wickaboxet: Serge: “hello, would you like to join my cult (you don’t have a choice) (:”
electra310: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
Niahlah: WAit
GredGredmansson: what about the other one?
Genie_M: talk to the deer?
Niahlah: Another new followers
Spacecarl: theres one more to indoctrinate
dangerous_safety: another one
TheElrad: Serge, there is another volunteer
GredGredmansson: you recruited 2 duirng that run
TXC2: he'll get there chat
noSmokeFire: diseased heart = a special temporary heart
Darksteel_Mike: the crown sbilities are for later
Darksteel_Mike: doctrines are in the top book
GredGredmansson: deceased heart: when you lose it, everyone else takes damage
Faulpyr: They recently nerfed the golden fleece, though. It caps at like 200% damage, I think
kumatsu: just don't die 4Head
Faulpyr: Used to not cap
noSmokeFire: I thought they removed the cap but made it grow slower?
Faulpyr: Oh, did they change it again?
dangerous_safety: no bones to pick
noSmokeFire: @Faulpyr "Golden fleece cap has been removed! Damage modifier increases at half the amount" in the latest patch notes
Faulpyr: Nice. I'm on console so I don't get that for like a week or two. >.>
mendokusai_jamesdean: Not a spoiler but I cant believe they nerfed the golden fleece BibleThump
kumatsu: sustain is *chef kiss*
Sarah_Serinde: ExachixKitsune Haha thanks :D
ExachixKitsune: It wouldn't let me call it "Serge summons a mod" for some reason
MAPBoardgames: Grind their bones to make your bread!
TXC2: it's metal, yet also cute
Darksteel_Mike: \m/
ArkhamArchivist: Bone flesh teeth! Teeth bones flesh!
NicoTheSly: Sounds wholesome
TXC2: sure
himbosleuth: "After destorying enemies, desecrate their bodies" Serge: tee hee
dangerous_safety: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
joallthedogs: sergeModLove sergeModLove
TXC2: the bee
Mcgwee: oo whale
Tandtroll_OG: sergeModLove
mowdownjoe: Monke?
joallthedogs: Beeee
Sarah_Serinde: I was also considering the bee :D
Didero: I think that's an anteater, not Chtulu
eshplode: Bees?
Snowcookies: I think that's an anteater
mtvcdm: Is this, like, literally the game Concerned Parents warned us about in the 90's?
Juliamon: You'll need that for eating the poop
frnknstn: ModLove sergeModLove
tidehollowcat: sergeModLove sergeModLove
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JadedCynic: @Didero anteaters have wings and multiple tongues?
TXC2: into the mines!
joallthedogs: sergeGift sergeGift
GredGredmansson: i'm waiting
Spacecarl: the deer seems to want to talk to you?
Didero: @Didero Oh, seems I didn't look closely enough then, sorry
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Darksteel_Mike: elk dude has a quest for you
HavenDragon: what does that deer want?
circusofkirkus: lrrWOW
joallthedogs: @heronblademaster Thanks for the gift sub!
ExachixKitsune: sergeGift sergeGift sergeGift
SnackPak_: lrrFRUMP
malsareus: instantly?
circusofkirkus: doesn't have enough fiber
niccus: we've all been there...
Goorguy: Poop instantly sounds not great
GhostValv: instantly
joallthedogs: lrrSHINE sergeHeart
HavenDragon: instant poop, just add food
Tandtroll_OG: They do love poop
heronblademaster: "instant poop" is the name of my next metal band
Faulpyr: Goes straight through them.
malsareus: i want to know the exact terms of "pooping instantly" before I agree
TXC2: I'd kill to be able to poop instantly :p
joallthedogs: the bowls look like dirt with stones
JadedCynic: do these just feed one follower? wouldn't we need 5?
heronblademaster: @joallthedogs sergeHeart
WrightJustice: speak
GredGredmansson: yes, he's been chasing you around camp
Cavemanhar: Canal
JadedCynic: it goes through them like bad yak milk through a short grandmother (thank you pTerry)
TXC2: here we go
Mcgwee: ooo
WrightJustice: ooh
malsareus: canal pride
Thisbymaster: Cult of Nerge
Darksteel_Mike: oh boy here we go
mendokusai_jamesdean: Cult of Snerg
TheElrad: #NotACult
hexi_lexi234: CANAL
joallthedogs: sergeSnerge sergeScopeCreep
mtvcdm: Obviously the Brew Crew
Didero: Serge Of The Lamb
ExachixKitsune: Oh no! we'll be on this screen for hours
wizzo1138: Cult of the Graham
Khalahd: Carnal Canal
SmithKurosaki: sergeCanal
TreeVor84: The Runners?
sheqesi: LoadingReadyRun?
bothendsburning: sergeCanal sergeCanal
Juliamon: #NotACult
Plasterboard: How was that not the FIRST thing we did as a cult?
JadedCynic: Canal Crew?
KaleidoscopeMind: hardest part of the game right now
Sarah_Serinde: I enjoy #NotACult
ninjapufft: The Brew Crew?
Mischievous_Catgeist: chat
ExachixKitsune: #NotACult
Tandtroll_OG: Cult of canalrr
KeytarCat: Snergists
MAPBoardgames: Runners
ReyKira: James Turner
Thisbymaster: Cult of Snerge
mtvcdm: Actually, #NotACult is good
UnnnaturalD20: sergeCanal sergeCanal
LordZarano: The Parsonage
CAKHost: Lair of Snerge?
KenKopin: The WANA Cult (We Are Not A)
hexi_lexi234: Cult of the Canal
Faulpyr: #NotACult is strong
Nathade: Canal of the Snerge
GhostValv: amazonTasteTheRainbow
omdorastrix: cult of road quest 2
Nuha: sergeCanal sergeCanal sergeCanal
captainjank: #CultOfTheKitchenFinks
TXC2: I also vote for #NotACult
HavenDragon: cult of Snerge
Genie_M: perfect
Viscount16: cult of snerge
wickaboxet: Cult of non suspicious tax write off
Sarah_Serinde: 100%
sheqesi: #NotACult is very good
Chrysoprase: James Turner's Ice cream palace?
joallthedogs: #NotACultJustACanal
Mcgwee: #NotACult is rad
BusTed: Of course it's not.
Mysaryl: loading ready cult or culting ready run :think:
creasehearst: the Cultanauts
Boiler_bot: More like a collection of pet animals.
CraziestOwl: 200%
captainjank: #KitchenFinks
Leonhart321: Suuuuuuuure
ContingentCat: clearly
GredGredmansson: What it IS is still up for debate
LordZarano: #YesACult
electra310: It's a multi-level marketing opportunity!
hexi_lexi234: its IS a cult! its a cult of the Canal! :p
GredGredmansson: but it is not a cult
Inspaders: #OffByOne
dangerous_safety: #NotOccult
noSmokeFire: Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption
Tandtroll_OG: We’re just very devout friends
Cunobelenos: #TotallyNotACult
tidehollowcat: sergeCanal sergeCanal
KeytarCat: @wickaboxet "My religion prevents me from paying taxes"
andysoo89: #MaybeACult
laundreydhull: Dork-Mod-Moo, butokie
JadedCynic: it's a totally legit, voluntary religion - all the followers are free to leave as they wish *looks out at growls in the dark forest*
Plasterboard: "Ice Cream Enthusiast Society"
laundreydhull: LUL
Goorguy: He was so happy with your name he pooped himself
joallthedogs: Someone needs to be on poop duty
Jgirl13245: but serge! they love their poop!
Darksteel_Mike: it's not a cult, it's a collective of unpaid labourers and sacrifice fodder :D
TheElrad: it's very convinient that you don't have to eat
KeytarCat: @Darksteel_Mike Uber?
niccus: well, being undead helps
Darksteel_Mike: @keytarcat Basically
Abavus: you did tell them not to poop where they eat
Thisbymaster: Automatic actions is pretty far down the tech tree
JadedCynic: surely it's the religious leader's duty to see to the deepest needs of his followers...
ExachixKitsune: you could say the job's pretty... bus
JadedCynic: one to SE
TXC2: sneaky poop was my nick name in school Kappa
Thisbymaster: You will need to put a building in the middle of the farm
noSmokeFire: it's not super easy on a controller, tbh
Abavus: It's not that easy with a controller either to be
Nathade: @Darksteel_Mike i think sacrifice fodder should be named tributes so its an acronym for cult
LordZarano: Totally got to call my cult "The Great Bell". It has a nice ring to it
Didero: Why aren't the tiles just facing us?
noSmokeFire: @Thisbymaster that's not until later and he can always move plots
GredGredmansson: seems like going down is better than going up
MAPBoardgames: I can tell Serge is plotting something.
DarkMorford: "Sneaky Poop" is my Panic At The Disco cover band lrrBEEJ
ExachixKitsune: I like the diamonds, but making them actually controllable is a necessary
JadedCynic: @Didero I guess isometric is an aestthetic decision by the devs ? vOv
SnackPak_: farm! farm! farm!
noSmokeFire: they only water in the blue outline
brainbosh: Crush spiders, they aren't normal :P
Didero: Presumably the blue square around it needs to touch the farm plots though
TXC2: oh we're playing as Poles I see (this is a AOE2 joke)
Darksteel_Mike: station has an aoe in blue
Didero: When you placed this building, there was a blue square around it
NicoTheSly: The area around the station
dumbo3k: when you were placing the farmer station, it had a blue aoe square
Faulpyr: You'll see it if you finish the building
ExachixKitsune: mwahaha, now your cult can do some damage - it's no longer farmless
MAPBoardgames: blue square is two tiles around the farm builing
Sarah_Serinde: ExachixKitsune sergePun
brainbosh: Grab the wandering souls
ExachixKitsune: look I am here to help and make puns I don't know I can help myself
JadedCynic: chitinous animals have good protein - cricket farms are likely going to be a necessity in the future to manage feeding humanity with less impact on the land
Didero: Ugh, pet peeve. 'Lose -35 Faith' should mean that you GAIN faith
MAPBoardgames: I accept your challenge to make them eat grass
eshplode: Grass isn't the worst thing you they can eat
Didero: You have to select the meal
brainbosh: You can tell them to eat it, but nice thing is that they will do it automatically for quests
mendokusai_jamesdean: They also do it automatically
JadedCynic: given that they're almost all herbivores, gress won't be too bad
ExachixKitsune: sure
TheoreticalG: You truly are divine for making me eat that grass
JadedCynic: I'm sure it was a REAL hardship for the turtles and deer to eat grass
Cavemanhar: moved on from touching grass to now telling people to eat grass Kappa
Boiler_bot: "Wow you stuff grass in my mouth, you truly are Divine."
Leonhart321: Touch grass? Old and Busted. Eating grass is the new hotness
niccus: touch grass. embrace grass. envelop the grass. keep the grass within you.
JadedCynic: ♫it's the circle of poooooop♫
Boiler_bot: Let the grass flow through you.
TXC2: become the grass
ContingentCat: I guess it's 4:20 somewhere
Nathade: time for me to head to my LGS for the prerelease, have a great cult ... uh stream, serge and chat
TheElrad: I assume you can now assign someone to work in the farm?
TXC2: so long Nathade stay safe
Didero: Hopefully the game will let you build a toilet at some point
KenKopin: But that's like half the fun of pooping, finding new and interesting places for it!
ArkhamArchivist: If you think about it, this game is just a Tamogatchi with extra steps
JadedCynic: religious doctrines of hygiene? Commandment to "only poop in this hole"?
Darksteel_Mike: What difficulty is this, btw?
TXC2: regular, like our poops Kappa
Sarah_Serinde: Woo sergeFriend
joallthedogs: beds? so bougie
frnknstn: @Sarah_Serinde <3
ContingentCat: so decadent, beds
ArkhamArchivist: Ah, a Forever Sleeping Bag
Didero: We won't need a body pit, nobody will ever die Kappa
NicoTheSly: Oh body pit, adorable <3
Xafty: 1 each
TXC2: one each?
MAPBoardgames: "What's this? A mass grave? Adorable!" - Serge
Darksteel_Mike: Ah, k. Same here, as worried I'd get too attached to the little peeps to lose them lol
creasehearst: one per person probably
noSmokeFire: you have five worshippers, so
LordZarano: Do you ever get the ability to assign a follower as cleaning duty?
GredGredmansson: probably 1 each
Didero: Presumably you need one bed per follower?
JadedCynic: my wife tells me I need the whole bed *blush*
laundreydhull: the whut!? @jadedcynic
ZethRuss: and
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Don't give James the pizza.
Darksteel_Mike: @lordzarano You get buildings the poop in if they get there in time, but accidents can still happen
hexi_lexi234: "axe of screaming" was my nickname in high school Kappa
Tandtroll_OG: Weee tentacles
Darksteel_Mike: Phrasing :P
TheManaLeek: I return to "oh great it gave me wood"
brainbosh: It's so evil that they put materials under the touuch mannekins
dumbo3k: chance of poison
Didero: Oh good, we automatically pick up bones
Thisbymaster: smash the state
LordZarano: @Darksteel_Mike My followers will die for me but they won't clean up poop?!
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mishotem: you just want to axe them a question
MAPBoardgames: You have an axe, and you are getting rock. This game is metal!
dumbo3k: when they turn green, they are poisoned
brainbosh: smash all bodies for bones too.
Genie_M: is the day count any time limit or just a counter?
dumbo3k: there is a map in the top right
Snowcookies: can't believe they make the cult leader clean up their garbage
Darksteel_Mike: @lordzarano There might be a doctrine I've missed but I don't think so
dumbo3k: when you aren't fighting
Didero: It's probably safe to assume everybody you run into here is an enemy :p
brainbosh: Missed a room back there.
GredGredmansson: you didn't visit his room
TXC2: lrrSACK time!
MAPBoardgames: Rabbit's foot: Not so lucky for the rabbit.
Darksteel_Mike: Foot is great
GredGredmansson: huh, so there's actually a tell for what each path leads to
brainbosh: Luck > Skill
Darksteel_Mike: show rabbit's feet
Sarah_Serinde: Glad I didn't pick a rabbit :P
McGurganatorZX: if your lucky it makes good betterer
GredGredmansson: stars and moons lead to tarot friend then
Didero: Don't worry, they're probably not walking around anymore :p
niccus: i imagine whoever took the foot also took the other
brainbosh: Far left is also follower
noSmokeFire: the question mark could be anything
TXC2: chop chop dig dig
brainbosh: It could be a boat
TXC2: you know how much we;ve wanted on of those
Sarah_Serinde: Smash!
GredGredmansson: smash?
Gigsey: Smash it
MAPBoardgames: Smash the state!
Didero: Lick it?
Thisbymaster: tear it down
WrightJustice: smash!
sheqesi: Smash it!
TheElrad: Smash!
Calhoun327: worship!
ContingentCat: pray?
TheoreticalG: we add it to our growing pantheon
brainbosh: You say YES.....wait
JadedCynic: We say "Not today, heretic" and destroy the false idol
Leonhart321: Say yes?
dangerous_safety: Smash the slate
TotallyNotaBeholder: Roll a religion check
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Watch it rebuild behind you as you walk away.
MAPBoardgames: You Prey on it
TheManaLeek: #ProbablyACult
Sarah_Serinde: #NotACult
mendokusai_jamesdean: Nah, stare and laugh
TXC2: #NotACult
himbosleuth: Are those hanging sacks just environment flavor?
GredGredmansson: Who's Asking?
sheqesi: #notacult
Plasterboard: mock it for its blasphemy, then SMASH it :)
UnnnaturalD20: #notacult
JadedCynic: we are the ANTI-cult - we defeat cults
TheElrad: Serge: Hello Chat and welcome to Smash or Pass
KeytarCat: Incredibly like-minded
A_Dub888: Not a Cult, a Community
JohnLockeCole: hang on hang on, we.. we Eat it
JohnLockeCole: is Eat it right?
mishotem: poop on it, clearly
laundreydhull: that's exactly what a cultist would say.... lrrSERGE
Leonhart321: A Cultlective if you will
Darksteel_Mike: some are just more likeminded than others
CraziestOwl: You came across a god in a jar do you let them out?
KeytarCat: @Leonhart321 Cull-ective also works!
LordManiMani: TheIlluminati
JadedCynic: Oh RIGHT; the ACTUAL process when we come across a false idol, we do two things: 1) steal its devotion, and 2) smash the heresy
TotallyNotaBeholder: Hulk Hogan...?
mendokusai_jamesdean: Hulk Hogan
TheoreticalG: Hulk Hogan?
sheqesi: Haha
Jgirl13245: stone cold steve austin?
mtvcdm: That's Hulk Hogan and screw him
niccus: we don't talk about that wrestler anymore
TXC2: hulk hogun, the racist
dumbo3k: did that god just say Belopa?
bothendsburning: origin332Woo origin332Woo origin332Woo origin332Woo origin332Woo
mishotem: thought that was Macho Man
LordManiMani: PraiseIt
CaptainSpam: I mean, wouldn't YOU be stunned by that?
JadedCynic: stunning!
MAPBoardgames: !findquote bone
LRRbot: Quote #3345: "I'm here to shatter all your previous... bones." —Beej [2016-08-31]
Goorguy: Wow this game is gross looking, I love it
TotallyNotaBeholder: Now to be fair, Hogan is more than a racist, he's a politicing jerk that prevented wrestlers from ever forming a union and keeping themselves safe from in ring injuries
TXC2: mishotem they all kind of said "brother" back in the day
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A_Dub888: @JadedCynic Are you talking about Cult of the Lam or Warhammer 40k?
Jgirl13245: a mighty all-powerful (not!genie)
UnnnaturalD20: down for card
GredGredmansson: It might have changed it from a possibility to a guarantee
JadedCynic: @JadedCynic pour que no los dos?
mtvcdm: Hogan's one of those people who wrestling honestly would have been better off without.
GredGredmansson: yep seems like
mishotem: You made me bleed my own blood!
Sarah_Serinde: Okay chat we don't really need to get into it more than that, we can forget the wrestling dude now
Sharkfists: *wrestler voice* sibliiing
cuttlefishman: Hello gamers how is this laboru day friday
Didero: When do we heal?
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Sarah_Serinde: No, Monday
TXC2: hello cuttlefishman welcome
laundreydhull: wut?
GredGredmansson: Labor Day "Eve"
sheqesi: Monday is Labor Day :)
MAPBoardgames: Monday is Labor day
McGurganatorZX: both are great tbh
cuttlefishman: Friday before
Sarah_Serinde: But labour day weekend is starting depending on the time of day where you are
Thisbymaster: can't you recycle weapons?
laundreydhull: How far off is the Sacred Timeline!?
noSmokeFire: sleep
MAPBoardgames: You take the day off.
Nuha: nothing
GredGredmansson: first monday of September
Sarah_Serinde: Go unions? :P
GhostValv: cookout :)
mishotem: It's Labour Day in Canadia
cuttlefishman: Barbecue stuff
LordManiMani: Happy Labor Daybor
UnnnaturalD20: work
brainbosh: Traditional thing is "Whats on sale"
TXC2: Union forever ?
ArkhamArchivist: Todayborday is Labor Day
Mcgwee: wotk
sheqesi: Awkward
QuixoticScrivener: Todayboreday is LABOR DAY!
ContingentCat: You unionize
Sharkfists: you're currently working, so it's a labour day
LordZarano: "Unionise!"?
mtvcdm: Smash the state?
Darksteel_Mike: yum, follower
NathanLonghair: Beach time!
GredGredmansson: lol
dangerous_safety: Do labor?
NicoTheSly: yay, a party!
GredGredmansson: "Helob"
Plasterboard: today is the traditional "no one is really paying attention at work" day
DarkMorford: Typically we celebrate Labor Day with PAX West Kappa
Pixelpinnen: Helob rooThink
cuttlefishman: Don't spiders like liquefy the bones
niccus: todaybor day is larbor day
dumbo3k: heehe, Helob, instead of Shelob
JadedCynic: ah, not 'Shelob', but legally distinct name B)
KeytarCat: Happy Labor Day, Discuss your wages and unionize!
mtvcdm: How can we lose?
GredGredmansson: Brolob
Mcgwee: "oh that's today"
Mcgwee: is min
Darksteel_Mike: just visual
KeytarCat: @JadedCynic Sheoldred? :P
niccus: you had a lot of pennies
Didero: Most of those were chocolate coins, it's fine
maxthefourth: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
brainbosh: Yeah, You *def* can't eat them......
NicoTheSly: Can we eat our followers?
Goorguy: You payed him less coins then you robbed from him
mtvcdm: They're not for sale
Didero: Yes, anger the spider, what could go wrong
eshplode: Hmm, what's "Follower Meat"
dangerous_safety: Oh No
GredGredmansson: not with THAT attitude
MAPBoardgames: Buys the thing from the merchant for 1$. Smashes merchant's stuff and steals 6$
CaptainSpam: Helob was just selling excess inventory, apparently.
Darksteel_Mike: Private reserve, being aged
varazeal: He needs to eat
JadedCynic: just what's on the display
niccus: it's not vegan, that's all we know
noSmokeFire: @eshplode must be short for meat and great
cuttlefishman: @eshplode that's us, the chat
Mysaryl: @eshplode its what it sounds like
laundreydhull: lrrSERGE proceeds to vandalize this smol busy Spider's home LUL
mtvcdm: You wonder sometimes how this civilization actually gets on.
dangerous_safety: I wonder what happens if you smash it before stealing the faith
noSmokeFire: you solved their spike puzzle
NathanLonghair: “Labor day? That phoney-baloney holiday crammed down our throats by fat cat union gangsters?? Hot damn, a day off!”
dumbo3k: @dangerous_safety I think you still get the faith
KeytarCat: What are basic controls for this game? WASD movement and mouse clicks?
TXC2: NathanLonghair there's a joke that aged badly given the state of unions :p
dreaminginautumn: The Druids
Didero: "Acquired Stonehenge" is vaguely threatening. That's quite a responsibility!
DarkMorford: Oh, building a henge, are we?
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: Merlin made it, according to some sources
NathanLonghair: @txc2 😆
brainbosh: I played on m&k, works fine with that
dreaminginautumn: Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell
mtvcdm: This weapon... it will kill.
Darksteel_Mike: The word is the bird
dangerous_safety: birds and words
GredGredmansson: Yeah I think spider card already gives us poison so this is a straight up upgrade
Sarah_Serinde: Seeeerge I'm hungry
NicoTheSly: Didn't we leave them with some food? :(
GredGredmansson: oh hey its Barbados
JadedCynic: Don't worry, serge will get back from barbatos soon to feed y'all ;)
PMAvers: Like, the starter food might look like it just has negatives, but it fills the hunger meter too.
kusinohki: Hi everybody! How goes the lamb culting?
TXC2: hello kusinohki welcome
ContingentCat: shhh not a cult
Cunobelenos: @kusinohki #notacult
Genie_M: so leave them food while we crusade
dumbo3k: @kusinohki welcome to #notacult
Didero: I mean, you'd hope with the farm they could make their own food
DarkMorford: @GredGredmansson I thought it was Bofades Kappa
TXC2: this is reminding me of the animals that come out of the robots in Sonic games
GredGredmansson: @GredGredmansson Who's Steve Jobs
Sarah_Serinde: But fooood
Thisbymaster: NOTATCULT
circusofkirkus: so true, bestie
frnknstn: hang on
GDwarble: We seem to be the baddies
Sarah_Serinde: #NotACult, it says so right in the name
LordManiMani: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap TheIlluminati
PMAvers: "Take their subs! Feast upon their gold!'
Didero: Why does this god even need us?
GredGredmansson: so, follower status screen
Darksteel_Mike: The One Who Waits is such a sweetheart, we must free them/it
frnknstn: are we sure this i not a cult?
MAPBoardgames: I'm sick and tired of being hungry
fry_dx: Does this just work in the game, or in twitch chat too?
dumbo3k: @Didero because they are chained?
GDwarble: @Didero They're imprisoned and can't interact with the outside world
TXC2: Didero legal reasons, we've at fault if caught, not them
GredGredmansson: that's a thing to come back to
Didero: Then why don't we just cut their chains?
TiberiusEsuriens: I love how #NOTACULT flashes on the screen every 15 minutes LUL
Sarah_Serinde: om nom
Alex_Frostfire: Okay, that #notacult is absolutely beautiful.
GDwarble: @Didero They're probably more metaphorical than literal
TXC2: wow Sarah was HANGRY :p
GhostValv: haha :)
josh___something: *hilarious*
kusinohki: you wouldn't like sarah when they're hangry...
circusofkirkus: just a prank bro
eshplode: :)
Tandtroll_OG: Oh yes
BusTed: Joke's on you, he loves the stuff.
TXC2: lets not and say we did
NicoTheSly: That's a good prank!
ContingentCat: hilarious prank
CaptainSpam: Ho ho! What a jovial jape!
Thisbymaster: you mean kill them?
GredGredmansson: wait, do they?
JadedCynic: @Didero what HAVE we been doing? we free them from possession which was the consequence of their previous cults - we're the anti-cult
josh___something: Don't they like poop though?
GredGredmansson: most of the followers actually like it
NicoTheSly: We need that faith, let's do it!
MAPBoardgames: Do you think BlindProphit will take that shit?
ladyjessica: This game loves its poop
TheManaLeek: We're a cult, not monsters!
CraziestOwl: It’s like taking care of children
Darksteel_Mike: oof, a sermon is prolly a good idea
Thisbymaster: NotaCult
niccus: #Not2Cult
GredGredmansson: I saw them at the bottom "I'm angry, but also I'm hungry."
kusinohki: I love the lamb's bouncing idle...
JadedCynic: I see no chains binding these gentle souls here
eshplode: We're a level 2 what now?
laundreydhull: should've accepted their prank offer?(...)
DarkMorford: lrrFRUMP
Mysaryl: Were a level 2 NOT a cult
Didero: Is somebody assigned to the farm? You'd think they'd get food from there
Sarah_Serinde: Juliamon is I think
mowdownjoe: Does a Discord mod count?
Juliamon: hm?
Sarah_Serinde: Or was earlier
dumbo3k: @Didero sadly, thats a later upgrade, and they still won't cook it, or eat it raw
Sarah_Serinde: Totally not a cult
noSmokeFire: Cult Upgraded! #NotACult
GredGredmansson: #NotACult
malsareus: it's a cult for legal purposes
3schr: I could be your moderator
Didero: @Didero That's a bit annoying
Inspaders: it's a club
Juliamon: Certainly
JadedCynic: in this deprogramming collective, #NotACult
SnowBuddy18: it's a cult for the tax breaks
captainjank: Is it the Kitchen Finks Fan Club?
Plasterboard: shared interests club
NicoTheSly: We don't talk about the Cult Club
KaleidoscopeMind: upgrade of #NotACult should be #Not2Cult
Juliamon: Kitty
Sarah_Serinde: Gotta keep Juliamon healthy, they deserve it
TXC2: is this revealing what out fursonas are? :p
kusinohki: 2cult2furious... 2cult2quit...
Juliamon: TXC2 Mine's a Raichu, so no
Nuha: farms seems an odd place for a germaphob
GhostValv: birds continue to be jerks
ExachixKitsune: #NotaCult turns into #NotASect surely?
JadedCynic: and this is why you assign farmers...
A_Dub888: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
TXC2: Juliamon good, good
laundreydhull: @kusinohki CultofTheCurious?
Spacecarl: There was another follower too I think?
Juliamon: (my first fursona was admittedly a cat tho)
JadedCynic: bonfire party tonight
McGurganatorZX: estoos
McGurganatorZX: estus
MAPBoardgames: Seagulls courtesy of Loom. (or Raft based on how they nommed your crops.)
Leonhart321: onigiriRave onigiriRave onigiriRave
TXC2: Juliamon isn't everybody's? :p
Darksteel_Mike: yeah, Barbatos is awaiting indoctrinsation errrrr voluntary joining
Juliamon: (her name was Brownee so every time I see BrowneePoints in chat I have a moment of confusion lmao)
Pteraspidomorphi: Ooo, can you sell their organs?
JadedCynic: we teach our people practical lessons, like 'don't poop where you sleep'
Sarah_Serinde: Are we sure followers aren't actually just mods :P
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: @Sarah_Serinde They aren't doing a good job modding that farm
JadedCynic: *examines both groups* "these are the same picture"
thegreatwyrdling: I love that serge is the one piloting this game
Leonhart321: I mean, if mods are followers, it makes regular chat just peons. And speaking as a peon, that tracks
laundreydhull: should we trust this elder?
noSmokeFire: @Sarah_Serinde birds are too fast for the ban hammer
kusinohki: so "notacult" means "twitch streamer"
Didero: Am I just simple-minded or does this game have a lot of different numbers and gauges?
kusinohki: "more followers = more power"
TXC2: Didero no it's lots of number
Sarah_Serinde: Whaaaaat
GhostValv: :D
BrowneePoints: It's fronken STEEN
Darksteel_Mike: @didero It's a lot, but you don't have to get your hands that dirty in them
Didero: @TXC2 That's reassuring, thanks
JadedCynic: @Didero you're not wrong; I think the harder part of it isn't the BoI crusades but the 'don't starve' esque 'town management'
Juliamon: im sleeby
fox_clouds: There is another follower he can convert
GredGredmansson: well, 7 once you get the one waiting
accountmadeforants: "I give you a blessing of... bar fill up!" ... "If you're really good, I might even grant you the boon of *number go up*!"
mowdownjoe: Does a Discord mod count?
Juliamon: Get mowdownjoe
Didero: @Didero Yeah, I'm already confused about the difference between Faith, Loyalty, and Devotion...
Snowcookies: I think anubis and paul are lurking
TXC2: yeap thats me all right :p
Juliamon: I think that's an axolotl
Sarah_Serinde: Sometimes mods have chat open without actually being around
mowdownjoe: monke
dumbo3k: @Didero so devotion is what gives you building unlocks, faith is overall group happiness, loyalty is that specific followers level
Khalahd: The poop crusader
GhostValv: ook
accountmadeforants: wheelerMonkey
mowdownjoe: ook ook seabatClap seabatClap
fuzzy_died: Would it be possible to move your camera to the other side?
Darksteel_Mike: our cult has merch :D
Didero: @Didero Thanks for explaining, now let's see if I can remember it for longer than 6 minutes :p
KaleidoscopeMind: summer camp t shirt
kusinohki: come to the dark side, we have cookiers, erm, I mean T-shirts
ZethRuss: just outside is ok
noSmokeFire: seed silo goes wherever
dumbo3k: no, seed silo can be out side of it
UnnnaturalD20: outside
Darksteel_Mike: no,coutside is fine
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] oh isn't this adorable, my eyes are bleeding.
LRRbot: New quote #8203: "oh isn't this adorable, my eyes are bleeding." —Serge [2022-09-02]
JadedCynic: AA gives people tokens of membership and they're not a cult; we're like that <3
Sarah_Serinde: :(
thegreatwyrdling: a cult is just a summer camp with more rules
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Jgirl13245: i
GredGredmansson: I'd argue "different rules"
Jgirl13245: i'd say you can sleep when you're dead but well...
JadedCynic: @TXC2 thank you, that statement really stood out to me; glad it did to others too :D
Asimech: @Didero I thought that one was for executing orders, one for following directions and one is for obeying rules.
Darksteel_Mike: @thegreatwyrdling and less hazing
TheElrad: you also don't have to eat or poop, Serge, it might be cause you're dead? :p
DarkMorford: "Hire," sure.
JadedCynic: yeah, give them time to wake up :)
dumbo3k: one of your villagers should replant and water them now
GredGredmansson: the base IS an eyesore
malsareus: what even are words
NicoTheSly: Stonehenge time!
jalisurr: The base of your eye is sore? Time to remove it
Juliamon: The feng shui is all wrong
Darksteel_Mike: Followers can't harvedt until later, but they can plant/water/fertilize
JadedCynic: it's pretty scrubby to be fair
Sarah_Serinde: No no, she has a point
Snowcookies: decline cos your base is beautiful Kappa
JadedCynic: good choice - she's going to get the benefit of that
Juliamon: I am adorned!
frnknstn: #justsayin
JadedCynic: aka there's poop out there
malsareus: Can't we make someone the janitor?
JadedCynic: thank you @frnknstn for that warning! <3
dumbo3k: @malsareus eventually
JadedCynic: in this game? probably
Jgirl13245: mid-left, more poops
Juliamon: I don't think janitor is available yet
TXC2: so fugu ?
GredGredmansson: that doesn't sound like an "or"
niccus: convert person to resource
Sarah_Serinde: Look, I don't wanna talk about it
noSmokeFire: well none, now
BusTed: Found the dumping grounds.
dumbo3k: the positives and minuses on food is an AND not an OR
niccus: stuff goes in, stuff comes out
onarampage: they are eating a lot of fiber
Juliamon: We are all just poop-creating tubes
PMAvers: Four standard units of poop
Natimus_Prime: Turns out, food becomes poop with startling regularity.
Spacecarl: Hey! they didnt do it near the food this time! improvements!
JadedCynic: @BusTed I know where we're putting the outhouses later
JadedCynic: @Spacecarl they're LEARNING <3
kusinohki: I guess "latrine digging" hasn't been unlocked yet...
dumbo3k: @kusinohki need some "divine inspiration" for some toilets
JadedCynic: @Juliamon *shrug* You wanna know what the Meaning of Life is? "turn proteins into poop"
malsareus: Robbit cult here we go
Abavus: You mean so much fertilizer anneActually
ContingentCat: um?
KeytarCat: cloaca?
silence_listens: If you don't feed them, they won't poop! ;)
GhostValv: so much fertilizer :O
jessieimproved: addquote?
PMAvers: At least they're not throwing up what they eat.
Juliamon: Do you really want vampires?
PMAvers: To get it out.
JadedCynic: @Juliamon I was JUST about to say :D
TXC2: so followers who vomit their poop?
dumbo3k: just a heads up, follower quests have a time limit
NicoTheSly: vampires don't really eat
mowdownjoe: According to Jacob, Vampires don't poop.
MAPBoardgames: !findquote poop
LRRbot: Quote #3874: "My new catchphrase while exiting a stream poop mcbutt poop!" —James [2017-01-17]
Darksteel_Mike: it was a wholenthing in not a drop :D
JadedCynic: Tell me you don't have time to watch Dice Friends... ;)
malsareus: Ask Jacob what vampires do with human food they eat Serge
JadedCynic: @Darksteel_Mike it was like most of a session <3
ContingentCat: Ask Adam about vampires eating food
Darksteel_Mike: @jadedcynic I still shudder, it was great
dumbo3k: also, each new day, you can perform a sermon, its not just whenever you return from a crusade, those just usually coincide
GredGredmansson: the stonehenge up top too
noSmokeFire: followers will occasionally interact, and don't like being interrupted...but it can be really hard to tell they're doing something, and really easy to select them accidentally. luckily the penalty is really small.
JadedCynic: @Darksteel_Mike I just LOVED Jacob's reactions to this glorious set-up Adam gave him - he was in HEAVEN LUL
Darksteel_Mike: @jadedcynic Never had the same reaction at Play Doh being mentioned before lol
JadedCynic: @Darksteel_Mike I literally slid off my chair at that; my cheeks ached for the rest of the night :)
RixtonSnek: Good evening~
TXC2: hello RixtonSnek welcome
KeytarCat: Baaaah
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
JadedCynic: you seem to be maxed out for devotion/faith/whatever that white bar at top was
Sarah_Serinde: Mood
dumbo3k: each new day you can perform a sermon, not when you return from a crusade, it's just a crusade usually takes at least a day
JadedCynic: wow, you CAN create The Prosperity Gospel if you want
TheManaLeek: Feasting sounds like a poop factory
PMAvers: Feasting is basically taking all your followers out for ice cream, yeah?
MAPBoardgames: Fast food
Sarah_Serinde: Aww
Cunobelenos: What would James do? Ice cream
Snowcookies: I guess feasting is good if you need the fertilizer
JadedCynic: sounds like a thing to start when you go on a crusade <3
noSmokeFire: (both rituals do kind of the same thing, but fasting lasts longer in exchange for faith)
TXC2: cultists killing the feasting industry Kappa
PMAvers: I think feasting doesn't actually generate poop, thankfully.
JadedCynic: moar powah!
JadedCynic: I just love how everyone's so cutely happy at the end of things <3
Darksteel_Mike: Yay, we're not allowed to eat ^^
dumbo3k: oh, looks like the deer leveled up
TXC2: we all purged then had a laugh about it :p
JadedCynic: shelter does lead to "basic decorations" - did we take care of that for juliamon?
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Dergib: Juliamon sure does poop a lot. LuL
JadedCynic: but serge, would you prefer everyone poops all over? it seems they all go to that one space on the left...
RixtonSnek: You'll get there~
GhostValv: sergeOffByOne
Darksteel_Mike: Big tree top right, no?
Sarah_Serinde: sergeThankJo
DarkMorford: So is this the first stream of the PIF, or is there a VOD I need to go watch?
Juliamon: THis is the first stream
JadedCynic: @DarkMorford this is the first one
TXC2: DarkMorford this is episode 1
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
JadedCynic: #NotACult
Darksteel_Mike: and now a few messages from the opposing cult of capitalism
spicyFerret_: rotate your fluids, cycle your cushions, all that good stuff
kusinohki: root? I assume in person. wonder if everyone will remember the rules since the last few times have been online...
DarkMorford: Let's rotate the cushions!
TXC2: and we're back
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KeytarCat: We're the rats!
GhostValv: tqsSweat
Snowcookies: lrrbot can be a rat if they get chosen
kaffeetrinken89: Never forget berry picking, when you are on a crusade.
Alex_Frostfire: Did they just dig through the floorboards?
ZethRuss: gamba
MAPBoardgames: Gambling? I'm in!
JadedCynic: or even BOTH
PMAvers: Or triples!
brainbosh: This is a bit complicated, but not too bad
brainbosh: Honestly seems similar to caravan
KeytarCat: We can't see our roll until you place it, fyi
DarkMorford: Serge, can you swap your camera to the other corner? We can't see your dice.
PMAvers: But once a column is full you can't play more dice into it.
Thisbymaster: oh snap
KeytarCat: oooh, I was right, it is antagonistic!
JadedCynic: feels a little like caravan, really
Darksteel_Mike: oh, this minigame was surprisingly fun
PMAvers: Hence the part in the title of Risk and Reward.
dumbo3k: it ends as soon as one player has all their spots filled
strukistream: Could you maybe swap your camera to the other side?
ZethRuss: Ratau is a bad player btw
laundreydhull: b e t r a y a l....!!
BusTed: FBtouchdown
PMAvers: It ends immediately once one side has a full board.
Spacecarl: ohhh it ends when one finishes, interesting
Thisbymaster: tutorial guy
Mr_Horrible: Actual Gamer Serge Yager
JadedCynic: Serge, it COULD be both...
Mystaira: it took Ratau a long time to beat me, so he definitely not the best.
Mr_Horrible: G A M B A
strukistream: camera on the other side is also better for the general UI imho
laundreydhull: I knew it!
KeytarCat: Does the extra heart come with heart juice?
PMAvers: He's got such a nice gaming table for it too
JadedCynic: what is our not-cult's stance on gambling?
fuzzy_died: Thank you
JadedCynic: Ah
strukistream: thanks :3
Snowcookies: greed greed greed!
OmegaPlatinum: magic player who likes gambling? who would have guessed
TXC2: big money no wammys
v_nome: perfect
electra310: Gravity storm!
NekomimiNinja: fleep!
strukistream: Perfect!
Darksteel_Mike: @jadedcynic Dearl leader does what he wants
JadedCynic: this is where Ratau's shark fin poke out of the water, and we lose all our money
spicyFerret_: oo, ceiling serge
TheElrad: yes
dangerous_safety: all the time
laundreydhull: oh, there's an extra channel point bitfor the stream? LUL
himbosleuth: Is this a mini game?
Mischievous_Catgeist: with dyslexia everything gets mixed up
lonnieep84: I was taught a crude way to remember horizontal vs vertical... the crudity made it impossible to forget though xD
KeytarCat: I get East and West mixed up in what sounds like the same way
TXC2: himbosleuth yes
JadedCynic: that's fine - I don't but I'm weird, lots of people need to work on it
d782: Ah even in rogue likes we are just playing “card” games lol
d782: Great game btw
PMAvers: Well, at least anything you play into the left column is safe.
himbosleuth: Ahhh, I think I'm sold on this game. Thank you
DarkMorford: sergeOffByOne
himbosleuth: omg the angry sheep face
TXC2: so on brand
TheManaLeek: That's....on brand
BusTed: NotLikeThis
DiscordianTokkan: sergeOffByOne
JadedCynic: gotta watch those scores...
ExachixKitsune: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
Alex_Frostfire: Never happened before.
Dergib: how?
dumbo3k: removing dice from their side is a good thing, it puts them behind, because remember, the game ends when oneside fills up
electra310: sergeOffByOne
meaninglessMeg: sergeOffByOne
NDCazzy: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
GhostValv: sergeOffByOne
Snowcookies: !clip
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Mischievous_Catgeist: how on brand
Spacecarl: you have to make sure they dont finish early
d782: Lol
KeytarCat: Finish your board first, with the higher score
JadedCynic: filling the board is where the game ENDS
Mystaira: lrrGREED
Dergib: I missed the rules. how win?
TheElrad: so chat, what will the next Play it forward be once Serge bankrupts the cult with losing to Ratau?
Greyah: Serge clearly lost intentionally that way to maintain his brand.
JadedCynic: doubles are multiplied
Alex_Frostfire: It seems like it doubles the value of them.
MaelstronSolenor: it is the sum doubled
mendokusai_jamesdean: 1+1 x 2
d782: 2*2
JadedCynic: 1x1x1x1
Mystaira: I doubles the amount on the dice
dumbo3k: @Dergib achieve a higher score when one side is full
Alex_Frostfire: So now it's (1+1+1)*3.
LordManiMani: I love Sagrada
brat_the_wurst: (1+1+1)*3
niccus: offed by ones
JadedCynic: there's that shark fin I suspected; Ratau held back to teach us the basics
dumbo3k: sometimes it's worth leaving a space open in a lane just to potentially delete some of theirs
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
TotallyNotaBeholder: So... gambling is bad
d782: Lol
GhostValv: sergeHubris
kaffeetrinken89: off by 50
JadedCynic: What has #NotACult learned about gambling?
NekomimiNinja: third time's the charm!
Dergib: i'm still confuzzled
dumbo3k: @JadedCynic apparently nothing
fuzzy_died: The house wins
TXC2: man we got hustled
Mystaira: it wasn't a coin flip, it was a dice roll. prenLUL
himbosleuth: BE BETTER AT IT!
ZethRuss: btw, good news: time freezes while gambling
himbosleuth: That's what we learned
Leonhart321: And we're not a cult, right?
Snowcookies: lrrGREED
d782: It’s random
PMAvers: "Great Leader, the cult of the Veg'as has stolen all of our money! We must crusade to get it back!"
laundreydhull: best of three...!?
Ravynn: Ratau is doing the whole "I only pretended to be bad at this game"
nickthecatbear: You just lost enough money to free 20 people from that spider... :p
BrowneePoints: We're not a loser? What is this Squidward's song from the Spongebob musical?
JadedCynic: #NotACult apparently taking a doctrine of poverty and eschewing from worldly goods LUL
Snowcookies: dice rigged
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: I have a feeling the next sermon will be about the evils of gambling
JadedCynic: #RatauRigs
GhostValv: how the turntables
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
KeytarCat: @Dergib Finish your board first, with the higher score. The game is symmetric. By column; friendly pairs multiply, but OP can delete your dice if they play a number you've already played.
Mystaira: oh he totally cheats, one game he got four sixes in a row, then something else, then two more sixes.
JadedCynic: so that's ONE game's worth of coin you won back...
Ravynn: 49-9, now the student has become the master
LordManiMani: ah, sunk costs
josh___something: Gamba, you say
Thisbymaster: never go to a casino surge
d782: “Break even”
JadedCynic: but the practice will help
laundreydhull: evens; r i g h t....
Goorguy: I've never seen the sunk cost fallacy work so fast
JadedCynic: @d782 the House loves that mentality
d782: Ikr
Alex_Frostfire: This will just make it easier to come from behind.
Greyah: Cults are known for being resistant to the sunk-cost fallacy. So since we're not a cult, the correct move is to keep gambling.
kaffeetrinken89: skunk funk fallacy
JadedCynic: now he's playing with tripples
brat_the_wurst: nice
A_Dub888: "Where's our glorious leader?"/"Last I heard he was headed into the forest mumbling something about gambling."
JadedCynic: whew
NekomimiNinja: yeah, having the opp clear a triple of yours is a certified badfeel.
Dergib: uno mas?
dumbo3k: you are on winning streak!
TXC2: heart stopped when that 4 came up :P
Leonhart321: Quit while we're neutral
OmegaPlatinum: "Skunk Cost Fallacy sounds like a crapshot
JadedCynic: @A_Dub888 off in the distance: "I WILL return with the Church's funds; this I so DECREEE!"
himbosleuth: I'm sorry did that little critter exit by burrowing
dumbo3k: @himbosleuth yes
Koshindan: I knew it was going to be NotACult.
Jgirl13245: sounded like nauticult
accountmadeforants: @himbosleuth Very efficient, no need to figure out pathing!
mowdownjoe: New day, new sermon.
laundreydhull: so u've become mayor in NOT an animal crossing game? lrrSERGE
himbosleuth: pls i must learn this technique
GhostValv: oh no
Mischievous_Catgeist: oh no
Sarah_Serinde: Not, uh, not "by" huh?
Dergib: yes
Leonhart321: You mean BY a follower surely?
ExachixKitsune: Uhhhhh
Dergib: it's that
LordManiMani: lrrSPOOP
himbosleuth: @laundreydhull this is what the nook twins do on weekens
SnackPak_: im sure it's a typo
malsareus: Juliamon are you ok?
electra310: You know what she means
Mr_Horrible: it means what you think it means :)
Joecool190: You know
Thisbymaster: pooop?
SpleenLord: Narwhals are delicious
accountmadeforants: So which follower do you wanna eat, Juliamon?
malsareus: Does poop count?
mowdownjoe: Canibalism! (Though you did randomly get some follower meat during a crusade.)
DiscordianTokkan: Which mod to you like least?
MAPBoardgames: 'of' or 'by'?
ExachixKitsune: Reminder: people are not their characters
brat_the_wurst: it'll be fine
Jgirl13245: kittymon wants to eat a people.
d782: Followed meat
niccus: wow, this really isn't a cult
Juliamon: :(
Mr_Horrible: stalalaDcolon
Uzumaki15: Ah, Cannibalism
noSmokeFire: "*I* need to eat a meal made out of a follower" > make another follower eat...
kaffeetrinken89: unfollow meat facts
BrowneePoints: Serge it's not called Happy Fun Times of the Lamb
Mystaira: delicious
GredGredmansson: friends are friends, not foot
PMAvers: Nom nom nom
GredGredmansson: food*
Sarah_Serinde inches away from Juliamon a little
laundreydhull: they mean fresh meat >:D
Dergib: Juliamon lost faith cuz you declined
nickthecatbear: What? It's just a prank. Like eating poop
GhostValv: <3
ExachixKitsune: You weren't creepy, have a gift
malsareus: if the mods all eat each other does that mean the spambots win?
Jgirl13245: why is the deer glowing?
electra310: A cupcake probably not made of a follower!
niccus: wait, doesn't Julia-the-follower also have a trait that loses faith when a follower dies
A_Dub888: What are cupcakes but soft rocks?
TXC2: malsareus no, the last one standing becomes the super mod Kappa
kaffeetrinken89: all rocks are cupcakes if you try hard enough
Dergib: the moose follower can level up
Mr_Horrible: we simply get the mods to eat the spambots malsareus
ExachixKitsune: Get yourself a boss that gives you cupcakes
Koshindan: Sycophantic behavior pays off.
dumbo3k: @Jgirl13245 their loyalty has leveled up, and you can collect a reward from them
malsareus: hold it, why does juliamon want manflesh when there's cupcakes availible?
Juliamon: m e a t
Greyah: Beds are made of wood. A lumber yard makes wood. Lumber yards make beds fastlike.
yourluckisone: Hey Serge, could you provide a quick explanation of what this game is?
mendokusai_jamesdean: Lumber yards and mines decay so make sure to save to replace them
malsareus: @TXC2 This The One remake is weird without Jet Lee
accountmadeforants: @Koshindan Less being a sycophant, more not being a total weirdo, in this instance. A surprisingly high bar to clear. (Or not, I suppose, these are cultists.)
TXC2: malsareus we had to make budget cuts somewhere
Asimech: @malsareus Cupcakes < muffintops.
dumbo3k: yeah, you can accrue quite a few doctrine stones between making doctrines
Mr_Horrible: "If I can't hack bodies, I'll hack trees"
strukistream: canwe trust Juliamon with an axe?
Koshindan: Do you trust Juliamon with an axe, given their meat preference?
TheElrad: Boss time
Juliamon: benginTraitor
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NekomimiNinja: Love this game to bits! Adorable horror is a great aesthetic.
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ExachixKitsune: "Can we trust Juliamon with an axe? Almost certainly not"
TXC2: we trust her with a hammer, so why not an axe?
Leonhart321: Tough but fair
Dergib: Juliamon didn't want to chop chop. she wanted serge to
laundreydhull: ABZOLUTELYNOT
ExachixKitsune: I mean, we trust Juliamon with a sword, and axes are known for being slower (in minecraft)
Juliamon: Swords are terrible for chopping
strukistream: Sword can double as a shish kebab though
laundreydhull: lrrSPOOP NotLikeThis jlrrFacepalm pls no @ me Julie... FlipThis
Juliamon: Am not Julie!
laundreydhull: sorry!
PMAvers: Well, attack rate's great if you happen to look for a axe later on.
laundreydhull: ow, ow...Ow.
A_Dub888: @strukistream A Swish kebab
Asimech: @Juliamon "There's no stopping once Juliamon starts chopping."
Juliamon: (I don't personally mind being called Julie but it causes confusion with sugarsh0t)
laundreydhull: @juliamon Sorry!!running, running, running...
noSmokeFire: huh. I don't think I ran across any of these commandment stone rooms in my playthrough
kaffeetrinken89: when you eat andother follower and make a mess: sus stain
mowdownjoe: CoolCat
ExachixKitsune: if it's a cat it'll be cute that's all I know
TheElrad: or the smith guy?
Schatten88: shop for skins maybe
madski: Spider is the left one
dumbo3k: the little house icons are shops, the flag under neath tells you what is for sale
accountmadeforants: Cat pope!
himbosleuth: ROUND
dumbo3k: oh yeah, this room is also full of health
TXC2: cat pope = cope?
accountmadeforants: I call it cat pope out of immediate visceral reaction.
KeytarCat: They're a Hiss-ship
PMAvers: Buying it adds it to the pool of cards you can draw.
noSmokeFire: I think you might be unlocking the card for future drops
kaffeetrinken89: all pope are cope
dumbo3k: it unlocks the card, I don't think it gives it to you right now
Dalrint: Work has been insane so I have to catch up on the VOD, just wanted to pop in and say I am really looking forward to seeing serge play this. :D
mowdownjoe: JACKPOT
Mischievous_Catgeist: just realizing all those skeletons were its family
TXC2: see you in the VOD Dalrint
Thisbymaster: yay, you found dirt?
himbosleuth: wat up dirt???
KeytarCat: @Thisbymaster A big flat rock
Mr_Horrible: SCHLURP
Mischievous_Catgeist: sheep smash
accountmadeforants: Extracted the loot with surgical precision
himbosleuth: KISS THEM
LordManiMani: lrrCOW
himbosleuth: Wait.
himbosleuth: I keep getting these wrong
laundreydhull: we smite it!?
Snowcookies: befriend them
BrowneePoints: Why are we giving people me?
sheqesi: When someone asks you if you're a God you say YES! :)
Juliamon: We don't have brownie points here, just BrowneePoints
Dergib: burn the nonbelievers!!!!
BrowneePoints: I don't care for being vivisected
laundreydhull: or supposedly, SMITE THEM! (?)
BrowneePoints: @Juliamon eyyyy been around long enough to be memed on, I've truly made it
Lysander_salamander: hello folks
himbosleuth: Not so tough without your frog sister, pal
JohnLockeCole: I still think the correct answer is Eat
TXC2: hello Lysander_salamander welcome
Lysander_salamander: I wonder what Leshy started out as.
Lysander_salamander: Some sort of hive?
Mr_Horrible: "This will not end well for you!" *Ends well for the Lamb* "Ah, well, nevertheless"
Lysander_salamander: nice
dumbo3k: you can also swing your weapon and knock arrows back at archers
Mr_Horrible: we shall simply not get hit
LordManiMani: lrrSPOOP lrrFINE
Mr_Horrible: he found it OpieOP
GhostValv: :)
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown lrrHERE
Mischievous_Catgeist: the lips ontop.....
TXC2: well this is the stream now :P
Jgirl13245: Welp, we're doomed.
kaffeetrinken89: wow, he is a strange one
Dergib: oh yeah. this game has it all
mowdownjoe: Fishing for fishies...
ExachixKitsune: RIP whoever had a PiF after this, we're fishing now
Lysander_salamander: what a lovely disguise
Spacecarl: oh no this fishperson upsets me. that mouth
Leonhart321: Aaaaand we lost Serge forever
dumbo3k: oh no, I just realized his motuh is on top of his head, but his mustache is lower
Tripleyew: Slightly frustrating: recycle a Lvl 1 weapon = 1 gold; recycle a Lvl 6 weapon = 1 gold … <squints suspiciously at the economy>
Koshindan: Totally normal not fishperson.
josh___something: The top lips are great XD
TotallyNotaBeholder: Now this game just needs a dog you can pet and it'll be 10/10
laundreydhull: *proceeds to demolish the area of premises*
Yondaime233: sergeThankJo
TXC2: nah nah nah nah nah nah FISHING
NathanLonghair: He’s lying he has the best fish, murder him
accountmadeforants: I think the nose is their fin
JeremyDevoid: minnows could imply that you use them for bait
Faulpyr: That's just an ordinary fisherman
BrowneePoints: How's the mix of Roguelike and Town Builder been so far Serge?
himbosleuth: The presence of a minnO suggests the existence of a minYES
KeytarCat: I think the nose and mustache were a plastic disguise
GhostValv: no :)
himbosleuth: BIG
kumatsu: Masquerade? Are there vampires here?
nickthecatbear: TEEF
Mischievous_Catgeist: fleshy leshy
LordManiMani: lrrHERE seabatYIKES
TXC2: turns out it;s 5 dudes
Lysander_salamander: evil hedge
mowdownjoe: NOPE
A_Dub888: That is.... many teeth
Goorguy: Feed me Seymour!
laundreydhull: SMITE This Boss-Meh!!
mowdownjoe: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
himbosleuth: What if Great Henge had teeth??
dumbo3k: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
kumatsu: this boss fight is giving me Anub'arak vibes
Tandtroll_OG: I dont like his face
Dergib: I wonder if this game would still be as much fun solo
laundreydhull: @himbosleuth quiet u! The questing beast's ears are ever lurking...!!
TXC2: I notice leshy has our hat, but green
laundreydhull: lrrFINE lrrSPOOP NotLikeThis
NDCazzy: GG
MWGNZ: elfunkSickest
Lysander_salamander: yay
NathanLonghair: Gg
mowdownjoe: benginTry benginTry benginTry
Lysander_salamander: :D
himbosleuth: @laundreydhull that reminds me, I should finish reading that card sometime
LordManiMani: seabatBRAIN
NDCazzy: dont eat the gross heart... put it in your pocket...
TXC2: save it for a rainy day
Lysander_salamander: !helm
LRRbot: Rotate THE HELM.
noSmokeFire: @Dergib honestly, it's a good game but it's not excellent. a lot of the systems are pretty basic. it's good if you want a nice, short experience that doesn't go super complicated
laundreydhull: lrrSPOOP
niccus: but can you sleep on it...
KeytarCat: Everyone knows eldritch powers are like Lantern Rings
himbosleuth: sleep AND fish
PMAvers: Thankfully they seemed to have fixed the bug where boss corpses can be affected by knockback, and get punted through the walls.
laundreydhull: I thought a 2nd Wurm was gonna pop out of there...
Dergib: @noSmokeFire so it's pretty much a game to stream and engage chat?
TXC2: and then Serge will Factorio this game Kappa
PMAvers: So you couldn't pick up the Heart, and you're just stuck in that room.
Goorguy: That sure is a lot of chains around that guy...
noSmokeFire: @Dergib I had fun playing it on my own, but it's not as good as Hades or Animal Crossing in their niches.
Leonhart321: A shep
kaffeetrinken89: on the wrong side of not being a cult?
josh___something: Yep, definitely #NotACult
laundreydhull: a wanderer, no....
Koshindan: You're a lamb.
Thisbymaster: NotaCult
Dergib: cult leader
mowdownjoe: Prophet?
niccus: you're a jesus
PMAvers: A Prophet, or a High Priest?
NekomimiNinja: a very naughty boy?
eshplode: You're certainly not a cult leader
The_Color_Twelve: avatar/aposlte
Mischievous_Catgeist: prophet i think
KeytarCat: You're a warlock
LarkSachrosis: T H E L E A D E R
Cavemanhar: #NotACult Leader
TheElrad: you're some kind of undead sheep
jessieimproved: I believe you'd qualify as a warlock
Didero: Cult leader and mayor
kumatsu: Heckin' Adorable?
Arikell: some sort of demigod, you are immortal
himbosleuth: an influence #notacult
NathanLonghair: A prophet?
TXC2: nah nah nah nah nah nah nah LEADER
Goorguy: I'm sorry prision?
PMAvers: Offering Statue's neat?
Uzumaki15: High Priest I think is more culty
KeytarCat: @jessieimproved PrideHeyyy
Athelgar: "Am I God" he asks, embodying a true Cult leader
Mr_Horrible: "Less often"
Sarah_Serinde: @TXC2 This was also running through my head
kaffeetrinken89: divine idea: tent
noSmokeFire: missionaries and offering bowls can both get you varied materials, fwiw
Sarah_Serinde: :3
mowdownjoe: OOK OOK
Sethalidos: are you gonna turn on Twitch integration for this Serge?
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Snowcookies: the integrations seemed messy
Sethalidos: @mowdownjoe praise banan
mowdownjoe: But maybe it'll work tomorrow!
ExachixKitsune: !mukbang
ExachixKitsune: wait no
accountmadeforants: @Sethalidos He ended up with a permanent log of totem contributions blocking the left side of the screen.
ZethRuss: right now you still need to harvest yourself Serge
Sethalidos: lol
corpocracy: New follower?
brainbosh: Lumber yards don't need trees.
niccus: serge's faith has increased
himbosleuth: <3 <3 much love to Serge, chat, and all. Was excellent to watch some gameplay. Going to get this for myself tonight. byeeee
dumbo3k: @brainbosh but also only employ one each
kumatsu: Cult of the Cheese
brainbosh: Yep, but you run out of trees eventually. :P
Sarah_Serinde: I appreciate the attention :P
TXC2: so long himbosleuth stay well
DarkMorford: I might need to grab this myself. It looks fun and cute.
brainbosh: The value of goods lies in me
josh___something: "Collect"
matthaus_c: canlander staple Tithe Taker
ipoddodd: money money money money!
TheElrad: I assume extorting will lower faith/loyalty
TXC2: Serge just said the most evangelical thing I've ever heard :p
Dergib: are we sure this isn't a cult?
shurtal: "Some of you will die, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make."
ExachixKitsune: All the questions raised by the cult can be answered by looking at the name of the cult
Leonhart321: Implying this is a cult seems like a quick way of getting yourself shortlisted for the food program
brainbosh: Only downside is time involved
dumbo3k: no down side, other than time consuming to do it to eachof them
noSmokeFire: the downside is having to chase down each follower to grab their lunch money
Mischievous_Catgeist: and fishing
matthaus_c: gotta pay dues nuts
Snowcookies: lrrbot lrrBEEJ
TheManaLeek: Join a cult! Join a cult!
matthaus_c: yes lrrbot!
Tripleyew: Theo Ly downside is the mild creepy feeling we get extorting the funds… which promptly goes away as we Scrooge McDuck into our coffers
JohnLockeCole: Cults are like Cops, they have to tell you
v_nome: Aww but it's already named after me!
mowdownjoe: I saw mtvcdm earlier...
ScrapyardGhostTrain: I nominate Beej.
Tripleyew: *the only
Sarah_Serinde: Not sure there are any other active mods here atm
Leonhart321: LRRBot
matthaus_c: !findquote cult
LRRbot: Quote #7074: "Although, isn't any Bedroom a cult room when you think about it?" —TQ [2020-07-26]
Our_oBoros: You also got the shelter-upgrade.
accountmadeforants: !advice
LRRbot: Do not look directly at Mom.
Sarah_Serinde: I do enjoy the LRRbot idea though
Faulpyr: LRRBot is a good choice
dangerous_safety: lrrbot
Juliamon: LRRbot technically a mod
KaleidoscopeMind: lrrbot is technically correct
nervousdavid: LRRbot
TXC2: consent is important
malsareus: technically correct is the best correct
Sethalidos: !badadvice
LRRbot: Boop its nose.
PMAvers: I mean, I bet that James_LRR fellow wouldn't mind being shaken down.
Sarah_Serinde: Ooh
Leonhart321: LRRbot
Nuha: Jmaes
vanilanous: LRRBot
Thisbymaster: James'
Mischievous_Catgeist: james
ExachixKitsune: Oh
ckupf: LRRbot
mowdownjoe: James
Cavemanhar: james
NekomimiNinja: James.
Goorguy: James Turner
InquisitorGaia: James
Joecool190: james
Aarek: James
Brozard: <message deleted>#SlaveJames
Dergib: LRRBot
GhostValv: James
ScrapyardGhostTrain: James
selay_samir: James
frnknstn: James
Sarah_Serinde: Okay, James
Snowcookies: lrrbot
matthaus_c: LRRBot
bobokiddo: james
Calhoun327: James
boilersnake: james
nervousdavid: LLRbot
The_Color_Twelve: James
Mysaryl: lrrbot
scuba_antney: James
Gadora: LRRBot
asddsa28: james
brat_the_wurst: lrrbot
malsareus: LRRbot
Nigouki: James
weff47: James
josh___something: James
Faulpyr: LRRBot
airylan: lrrbot
ameliette: james
TheElrad: James Turner
KeytarCat: James
Tandtroll_OG: James
dumbo3k: James Turner
SnackPak_: blame james all day
MAPBoardgames: LRRbot
Sethalidos: but they are both bad
dangerous_safety: LRRBot
Jgirl13245: james
Our_oBoros: James.
accountmadeforants: James Turner
enbyKriss: James
eshplode: Games Turner
Zath_: James LRRBot
Mischievous_Catgeist: #blamejames
Leonhart321: Wait, why are we not doing a poll?
Swickwick: "I wont make anyone sign up..."
LordManiMani: lrrJAMES
CrazymattCaptain: James
josh___something: Wait, why not poll?
kaffeetrinken89: claimJames
PerryThePlatypusBear: James
Juliamon: Leonhart321 This is unfortunately how Serge does things
chaostreader: Consent is important, especially in a game with ritual sacrifice.
josh___something: rat
TXC2: rat
Dergib: rat!!!
vanilanous: rat
mowdownjoe: Rat?
ExachixKitsune: What's James' Fursona?
Mischievous_Catgeist: dog
Sethalidos: Cthulhu
NekomimiNinja: mm, monke
asddsa28: rat
matthaus_c: rat
Cavemanhar: deer
Mysaryl: cuthulu
Mr_Horrible: well, his VTuber is a fox
InquisitorGaia: Giraffe
brainbosh: Remember, James Turner is at the same level as LRRBOT
GhostValv: rat
nervousdavid: monkey?
Brozard: Bee
Goorguy: Dog
dumbo3k: cthulu
kumatsu: Trolling James? In this community? It's more likely than you think
Uzumaki15: Turnip
frnknstn: Fox
selay_samir: rat
MAPBoardgames: One of the fuzzy ones at the bottom
Gadora: Narwhal
Calhoun327: duck
SnackPak_: monkey
Mischievous_Catgeist: you can pet the dog
Faulpyr: Bunny
enbyKriss: is there a mole?
NDCazzy: narwhal
Jgirl13245: monkey? banana?
Dergib: rat king
GhostValv: tarkov
BrookJustBones: do we have a mole?
Mischievous_Catgeist: yup
Leonhart321: @Juliamon I'm sorry
niccus: should... should you have a spreadsheet for other LRR folks to queue in
CrazymattCaptain: fox
kaffeetrinken89: fox
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Sarah_Serinde: We also can't see all the options
josh___something: I still say rat :p
Sethalidos: do you have the Cthulhu form Serge?
Brozard: the muntjac then
Dergib: it has to be rat
Jgirl13245: what about an unspeakable eldritch being?
MAPBoardgames: Moose?
Mr_Horrible: clearly it's the fox, we've seen his VTuber avatar
josh___something: There's a Cthulhu?!
dangerous_safety: Chthulu is a better fit got LRRbot
Sarah_Serinde: Oh actually, monkey because of that old shirt
ExachixKitsune: oh the monkey, after his mc skin shirt
KaleidoscopeMind: antler-containing one for moose
MAPBoardgames: Whichever one is most Moose-like
scuba_antney: The narwhal is pretty good
InquisitorGaia: Giraffe
Gadora: @Mr_Horrible Solid point.
Sarah_Serinde: Hah Kitsune :D
josh___something: Yeah, LRRbot NEEDS to be Cthulhu
SnackPak_: yeah, monkey for his hoodie
Sarah_Serinde: His old irl shirt too
Sethalidos: OOK OOK
2stepz: James is obviouslybmonkey
TXC2: oh no he's hot
MAPBoardgames: true
ExachixKitsune: clearly we are both excellent at thoughts :)
Mr_Horrible: LUL
Mischievous_Catgeist: checks out
GhostValv: haha
Mr_Horrible: true!
Sethalidos: James wants Banan
scuba_antney: fitting
Juliamon: That's our James
kaffeetrinken89: fits
josh___something: Sounds about right Kappa
Jgirl13245: apt indeed
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
brainbosh: How long until we sacrifice/eat James?
DarkMorford: Send James to punch trees!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Is dig an option? Kappa
Juliamon: !clip
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jessieimproved: Are there any holes nearby?
GDwarble: Which job is the most likely to involve wither holes or ice cream?
niccus: i thought beej is normally the one who takes care of that
ExachixKitsune: @Juliamon I'm working as fast as I can!
Athelgar: seems like having him dig would be on point as well
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] The first thing you're gonna do James is give me money.
LRRbot: New quote #8204: "The first thing you're gonna do James is give me money." —Serge [2022-09-02]
brainbosh: Won't harvest at that level
PMAvers: There's a upgrade to the farm to make them harvest.
Mischievous_Catgeist: not until upgrade
Dergib: you need a farmer upgrade
Thisbymaster: you unlock the skill later
Zenelly: It does get automated later
dumbo3k: a later upgraded shack allows them to harvest
noSmokeFire: the farmer buildings you have unlocked will plant and water, but not harvest or fertilize
TXC2: and now people will assume that quote is from Mine O'clock Kappa
PMAvers: Also I think the scarecrow has to be built too?
LordZarano: James will be happy mining stone all day
NekomimiNinja: a handy tip for the UI; you can hold down for example to drop lots of seeds in the bin
DarkMorford: I think sending James to punch trees right away would have been fitting, but this works too.
dumbo3k: I do recommend building a stone mine
Sethalidos: narwhale has a quest
Mischievous_Catgeist: touch
Cavemanhar: side by side
Dergib: is that sarah tryin to talk to serge?
asddsa28: i like hit boxs
matthaus_c: touch hitboxes uwu
accountmadeforants: Hitboxes touching
Faulpyr: Make a box
MAPBoardgames: make the hitboxes kiss
accountmadeforants: seabatHITBOX
kaffeetrinken89: side
Tandtroll_OG: Hitbox
KeytarCat: overlapping by one
strukistream: jk...unless?
Mr_Horrible: I was told it's lewd when hitboxes touch
TXC2: gotta leave room for the holy ghost
CAKHost: And he continues to ignore Sarah XD
LordManiMani: lrrHERE
Sarah_Serinde: CAKHost It's ok, as a mod I'm used to it Kappa
accountmadeforants: Oh, and we just found the perfect job for James!
CAKHost: @Sarah_Serinde XD
Mr_Horrible: jlrrPit
Sethalidos: pretty sure you missed out
ExachixKitsune: I've made so many clips this stream lol
Sarah_Serinde: And we appreciate them :D
fuzzy_died: No scarecrow yet
PMAvers: Thankfully the paths don't cost anything.
matthaus_c: the herringbone! the herringbone!
Mischievous_Catgeist: fish gang'
Dergib: no one now
noSmokeFire: the quest giver gave up
Snowcookies: they got frustrated and game up
Sethalidos: Sarah but you missed it
ZethRuss: they got angry and left
LordManiMani: 2 for 1 Denny's coupon??
Mischievous_Catgeist: sarah got angry and said never mind
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFRUMP
Dergib: sarah gave up on serge
TXC2: they gave up they did? a loyal follower would never do that Kappa
KeytarCat: Huh, listening to the people who serve you is rewarded
Sarah_Serinde: @TXC2 ಠ_ಠ
accountmadeforants: Frankly, a real loyal follower wouldn't ask anything of their leader. That makes Sarah the most loyal of all!
Dergib: @KeytarCat it's a novel concept but i think it may catch on. lol
matthaus_c: love the lip mohawk on that fish
noSmokeFire: no, of course not, that's clearly a regular fisherman, not a fish
Mischievous_Catgeist: the tail in the armpit
TXC2: oh I am not ok with that mouth placement :p
LordManiMani: SabaPing
GhostValv: :)
kumatsu: a fishing minigame? OK, extend this PIF by at least 2 eps sergeSnerge
Sarah_Serinde: That mouth placement plus the nose and moustache though sergeJustRight
Faulpyr: #NotAFish
TXC2: this means it's eyebrows are BELOW it's eyes :p
scuba_antney: #fisherMAN
Leonhart321: #NotAFish
matthaus_c: wait, *we* are not a fish?
GhostValv: definitely a fish.... er man
BusTed: Sweet.
fuzzy_died: Agreed. Fish don't have a mustache
LordManiMani: seabatPjorg
Cavemanhar: #NotAFish just like we are #NotACult
niccus: so this isn't a cult and this isn't a fish. soon we'll know everything this isn't
accountmadeforants: So long and thanks for all the fish!
CAKHost: Just beat the fish out of them!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHERE
DoctorHutch: Step aside Fastbond
DiscordianTokkan: Twona
Juliamon: mmm tuna
ExachixKitsune: 10/10
Mischievous_Catgeist: kevin?
Jgirl13245: sure #NotaFish
KaleidoscopeMind: it is a fish after all
matthaus_c: well done, game
accountmadeforants: I appreciate that there's no bait or fishing rod variants (so far). Just a good old minigame.
TXC2: "I caught something, and it's 20 times heavier then a boot!"
TheElrad: I assume there will be fishing spots on the cruades as well
brainbosh: I had trouble finishing his quest, I thing some of it is progression locked.
Thisbymaster: this is a slightly less evil Stardew valley
ExachixKitsune: sergeThankJo sergeThankJo sergeThankJo
Dergib: Jo saved the day!!!!
matthaus_c: the omnipresent hand of Jo
scuba_antney: sergeThankJo sergeThankJo
mowdownjoe: MMMM.... 🥓🥓
josh___something: Please do not inhale meat
eshplode: Push button, inhale bacon
DarkMorford: WAH
matthaus_c: stuck in a mirror, smoke weed for life, inhale bacon
Nigouki: have you tried some fresnel lenses?
chaostreader: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (1:20 from now).
DoctorHutch: T E E T H
SnackPak_: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Dergib: TEETH!!!!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
SmithKurosaki: TEETH
The_Color_Twelve: katesPlot katesPlot
Leonhart321: Sounds likea Cthulu to me
Cavemanhar: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
matthaus_c: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
brat_the_wurst: teeth
NotCainNorAbel: lunarj1Fangs lunarj1Fangs
Alma_v: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
GDwarble: Darkness!
josh___something: T E E T H
caetzer: teeth
Mcgwee: TEETH
meaninglessMeg: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Mischievous_Catgeist: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
LordManiMani: well good news you killed Leshy?
joallthedogs: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
josh___something: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
TXC2: chat you had one job
TheNextPaige: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
dumbo3k: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrCREEPR
ExachixKitsune: you just showed up and fixed it
nickthecatbear: These precious idiots
Cavemanhar: i see why the previous leader left
TXC2: mowdownjoe it could just be she slipped and drowned
josh___something: Precious idiots
ExachixKitsune: 7 new followers?! Oh
PMAvers: They're in their own lighthouse cult, but they appreciate you.
maxthefourth: twitter followers
GDwarble: I...wait...they needed the light to get more pilgrims for *their* god, and as your reward for fixing that light they've started worshiping you instead?
Dergib: they just give us worship
GDwarble: I feel like they haven't thought this through
TXC2: every time Serge says "what's this?" the song starts playing in my head :p
ExachixKitsune: oof
Dergib: @TXC2 you are not alone
The_Color_Twelve: ouch
Mischievous_Catgeist: they not dumb they are playing you now
Sarah_Serinde: sergeFriend
Jgirl13245: there's a berry bush behind the lighthouse it seems
matthaus_c: *pier* into the darkness? benginFingers
ExachixKitsune: 10/10 I love it
Plasterboard: Clap
TXC2: terrible, 4 stars
maxthefourth: fetch me some chicken nuggies
saucemaster5000: I got here in time for the best pun of the day, okay, wrap it up, day is funny
ExachixKitsune: a near infinite number of stars, like the number of stars in the darkness you piered into
Sarah_Serinde stares
accountmadeforants: 👀
LordManiMani: SabaPing 💧
SnackPak_: can i open my eyes?
SnackPak_: ty
ExachixKitsune: 2/4 of the things already so easy
josh___something: Is anyone ever NOT threatening us?
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TXC2: they're either threatening us or coming on to us
laundreydhull: kay, what is the #NotACult up to so far?
Sarah_Serinde: I think nothing for like 4 more hours :D
TheElrad: Serge, your followers require sustenance ^^
Juliamon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (1:15 from now).
Sarah_Serinde: Oh right
Sarah_Serinde: Sarah can remember things
mowdownjoe: Chillpoint is in an hour.
Sethalidos: Chillpoint is an hour from now
Juliamon: I forget Chillpoint a lot of the time
brainbosh: Still plenty of time to decorate :P
maxthefourth: sergeCanal ?
Sarah_Serinde: ;__;
dumbo3k: you aren't extorting them, they were paying you to fix their bed
Jgirl13245: stone yard right?
Jgirl13245: oh we got that already
beowuuf: missionary or decorations?
noSmokeFire: missionary is pretty sweet, actually
ZethRuss: get a body pit for safety
dumbo3k: offering shrines are useful
TXC2: beowuuf you can't just ask someone that Kappa
beowuuf: @TXC2 :D
dumbo3k: offering shrines are free resources
LordManiMani: Oooo, twoooo
Snowcookies: isn't a tabarnacle a quebecois insult
CAKHost: They look more like Void Llamas to me.
animalloverr12: hi I'm new to twitch
Dergib: well i do now. thanks serge
TXC2: hello animalloverr12 welcome
Count_Grumpy: hi!
matthaus_c: work faster, more banan wheelerOok
noSmokeFire: the narwhal has a quest
brainbosh: Oh, someone wants to talk
animalloverr12: привет
NekomimiNinja: narwhal gave up again LuL
brainbosh: Nope they gave up and they are mad at you now
Dergib: they gave up again
GhostValv: second time you ignored sarah :)
N30dude: oh jeez thats twice sarah's given up
ZethRuss: and another follower disappointed
TheElrad: Sarah gave up again :p
Sarah_Serinde: It's nothing, it's fine, don't worry about it
Dergib: lol
Sarah_Serinde: I was just talking to James, who was listening to me
beowuuf: @Sarah_Serinde this is how you can tell the fictional game characters from real life MiniK
Dergib: @Sarah_Serinde doesn't james kinda have to listen to you? lol
Sarah_Serinde: @Sarah_Serinde gabyLul
noSmokeFire: the AOEs for the farm buildings really bug me, tbh
matthaus_c: is it bad optics to have a scarecrow in our image
BusTed: @matthaus_c 🤔
TXC2: I play age of empires Serge, we never get symmetrical farms :p
ExachixKitsune: angy run
noSmokeFire: you unlocked offering bowls on the Faith tba
Dergib: did we build the outhouse yet or are followers just not pooping?
dumbo3k: @Dergib they recently came off fasting
LordManiMani: wahaha
CAKHost: James Turner, Berry Farmer
GhostValv: D:
Leonhart321: OK, between cleaning, job interview and shopping, I'm wiped. Catch you all next time
Dergib: moose has a quest
TXC2: so long Leonhart321 stay safe
ExachixKitsune: safe for another few days
dumbo3k: @Dergib had a quest
Khalahd: You mean they can't fast right after fasting? Who needs food?
Dergib: fair
LordZarano: Have you read anyone's thoughts yet?
dumbo3k: well do you want them chasing you forever, or getting back to work if you ignore them? you did just preach to make them more industrious
TXC2: classic nightbook
N30dude: i think on that last one a follower was jsut saying hi to another follower, which is frustrating it uses the same audio cue
gualdhar: yoooo
noSmokeFire: ime EVERYTHING wants wood, only a couple things want stone
TheManaLeek: Turns out our cultists are boring
Faulpyr: I found I needed way more wood than stone
Sarah_Serinde: Maybe you'd be able to find out all the things you ignored from me :P
gualdhar: oh I see, no twitch integration, only mod names
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah, seems reasonable
ExachixKitsune: HA that last though
scuba_antney: LUL LUL
Juliamon: gualdhar the integration was glitchy
Xafty: oof
GhostValv: not wrong
ExachixKitsune: "Bad Chat: Boring!"
TXC2: gualdhar we tried it, and it was BORKED
niccus: is that bad chat from james
Sarah_Serinde: Come on Serge, build me an outhouse already :P
IzlanntheLion: hey a reasonable request
gualdhar: @Juliamon perfectly fair
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (1:02 from now).
ExachixKitsune: !nextg
ExachixKitsune: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Cult of the Lamb
beowuuf: thanks for streaming, this was fun!
dumbo3k: chillpoint
Dergib: if there is one thing we know about sarah, she likes to poop in peace. lol
meaninglessMeg: Thanks for the stream, Serge! It was super fun!
TXC2: thanks for streaming Serge
frnknstn: thanks for the stream!
dynamicType: thanks for the stream! lrrSHINE
dumbo3k: thanks for streaming!
scuba_antney: Thanks for streaming, Serge!
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
TXC2: !events
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ExachixKitsune: Thanks for the screm
GhostValv: benginO7
ExachixKitsune: sorry stream
GhostValv: life is like that
Alma_v: Thanks for the stream lrrSHINE
enbyKriss: Thanks for stream! That was fun! lrrHEART
TXC2: in 24 hours!
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Sarah_Serinde: Btw chat, new FamJam next Friday
ExachixKitsune: such as: friday next week conflicting
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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Snowcookies: thanks for the sstream
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Plasterboard: teenYEY teenYEY teenYEY more cult-like-but-not-a-cult fun teenYEY teenYEY teenYEY
GhostValv: CommandRR
Dergib: that's a very good lineup
Plasterboard: comMANder? commandLRR?
kumatsu: time to deprogram Serge
TXC2: !discord
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Plasterboard: o/
TXC2: !twitter
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TXC2: goodnight everybody
BusTed: tqsHype
Sarah_Serinde: Woo!
cmdrelk: Oh nose!
MagicalAttackGecko: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
laundreydhull: lrrSPOOP LUL lrrFINE lrrSERGE
KenKopin: Ascend us!
Astramentha: XD
Nigouki: huzzah! i get to poop!
RuiFaleiro: Validation!
Uzumaki15: Bye Snerge
saucemaster5000: I already knew the rest of these lovely folks were chosen ones, but me??
gualdhar: awww Serge was being cute
LoadingReadyRun: <3
SmithKurosaki: Creepy Serge is super cute sergeSnerge
NDCazzy: sergeSnerge
Astramentha: i have no brain spoons, please clip that
KeytarCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (43m from now).