Juliamon: honk honk
benjamin_wheeler: Let's get clowning
Juliamon: lrrSIG
h3rsh3yb4r: Hello Ben, how's it goin?
benjamin_wheeler: Gwonderful
benjamin_wheeler: been waiting all year for this one
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circusofkirkus: nice mess you've got ere
TheMerricat: So chat, I haven't caught any of Wheeler's Gwent streams for a long while, back when the game first game out there were a few cards with.... problematic art attached. Have those been removed?
YeetTheRich_: ready for some gwentertainment
ArcOfTheConclave: twitch has superchats now?
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Rootpotato: oh hey, how long has the skeleton been there
Juliamon: TheMerricat I don't recall any from the first time, so I assume so?
Juliamon: ArcOfTheConclave Yes, and we can't disable them, so please ignore them
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princess_intell: wow, 8 months already?
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ariborealis: its GWENTOBER baybee
Rootpotato: how do we get wheeler to play Caravan on ITYC
betweenmyself: Semi visible skeleton is subtle. pennyWhat
circusofkirkus: spoken like someone who hasn't played Bridge on stream yet
TheMerricat: @Juliamon That's great, there were a few commander(?) cards that included torture porn or implied rape in them to hammer home the fact that that person was 'scum'
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
CelicaSpin: this feels like an insult to pokemon
LRRbot: 2685 patrons for a total of $21,542.16 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
h3rsh3yb4r: I'm still waiting for Mahjong
Juliamon: That's unfortunately your dollar
Juliamon: Patreon Reminder: it's a new month, so make sure your payment information is up to date!
Rootpotato: oh
Rootpotato: i may need to see a doctor
h3rsh3yb4r: What about the cat portraits?
circusofkirkus: Gwent Gaslighting?
asthanius: What's their name?
asthanius: Hi Gwent
betweenmyself: Ben gaslighting chat on skeletal existence. riffYeti
asthanius: Gwentlighting
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RoyalNPC: ohh wheeler jumping bones not what i expected
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YeetTheRich_: the gwentity
circusofkirkus: RIP Coolio
h3rsh3yb4r: RIP Coolio
YeetTheRich_: gwentigo
TheMerricat: RIP Coolio
h3rsh3yb4r: 31 days of Gwent?
YeetTheRich_: just do the tutorial Kappa
YeetTheRich_: I remember it being dogshit
tehfewl: Paul, play the laugh track
TheThirdTail: Was that loading screen tip just "SHUUUUUPPPPEEEEE"?
TheThirdTail: Or am I having a stroke?
GredGredmansson: gwent looks a lot different from what I remember
GredGredmansson: Can you still put a horse on someone's roof?
tehfewl: Great Deck names btw
jigmini: hi papa sstvLOVE sstvLOVE
SierraSaysDrinkWater: hullo how goes cards
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aitsu100: Hi wheeler
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MsMollieMac: oh boy, bite club
matthaus_c: love Murderous Redcap
matthaus_c: trebucket!
drgalifrey: Is this show always Saturday?
Rootpotato: ppr tomorrow
Rootpotato: show got moved around
drgalifrey: ahh thank you
Finalsora811: Rebound?
theamc2000: Is life gain capped?
SirJamCustard: i think the number is called "strength"
shurtal: Skoy-uh-tel
dumbo3k: Shurtal has it right
Finalsora811: What Shurtal said.
dumbo3k: though I think they are also often referred to as Squirrels
shurtal: We're elves, we got BOAT and PERSECUTION
asthanius: Capitalism: Banned
matthaus_c: milfguard you say
Buxx345: More like dilfguard
r10pez10: ohhh
r10pez10: i finally understand the gwentai jokoe
barringtonstabb: You are doing a genuinely good job explaining what's going on. Never played gwent before.
Wolfishbag117: you can also play two
Wolfishbag117: and pass
Wolfishbag117: then youll both be at 10 cards
Wolfishbag117: for round 3
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e_bloc: 56? that's the gwent sex number
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midnightcurryjazz: wheelerY wheelerH
midnightcurryjazz: and you get witcher music
r10pez10: are you playing another human or an AI
midnightcurryjazz: sick erdu playing
SecretAgentMonkey: Ah yes, Gwent. My favorite cousin of Ben 10
r10pez10: !addquote (Wheeler) [Now] It's gold! That's how you know it's good!
LRRbot: New quote #8254: "It's gold! That's how you know it's good!" —Wheeler [2022-10-01]
r10pez10: i thought that said "happy egg"
r10pez10: it made a happy noise which confused me further
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KeytarCat: wingii and dingii
r10pez10: !clip
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matthaus_c: sup shupe
TheThirdTail: Okay, that makes perfect sense, I geuss
r10pez10: buy a "gun"
h3rsh3yb4r: Skoy a tell
matthaus_c: imagine not being completely married to a physical logic of pack opening
Tripleyew: It absolutely made building easier, especially with a primary-play deck and couple side decks for fun… you’ll usually have at least one option that can play nicely with one of them
matthaus_c: designs of the cards as objects are real clean too
h3rsh3yb4r: What's the best voice line you've heard in a digital card game?
Finalsora811: Any "Bing Bong"s?
tehfewl: "Hey everyone, Get in here!"
YeetTheRich_: i'm in charrrge now
r10pez10: why aren't we killing yet
theamc2000: Not knowledge?
r10pez10: wheeler just gonna play the intro to elden ring again
Finalsora811: Donimir of Troy
shurtal: "Good luck with your little duel!"
Finalsora811: "We tanned their black-clad hides at Soddern, we'll tan their black-clad hides again!" Was that the one you were looking for, Wheeler?
Finalsora811: It's the first voice line under audio, after you click it. I had trouble as well.
r10pez10: ah, kitchen finks
PrancerInflatableReindeer: the boy is back on gwent! my heart <3
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PrancerInflatableReindeer: yeah, tlg stopped unfortunately
PrancerInflatableReindeer: but team elder blood is doing meta updates still
PrancerInflatableReindeer: i can post a link if mods allow
theamc2000: Gwen ties?
dumbo3k: Roach is the name of Geralt's horse, regardless of which horse he rides
circusofkirkus: Cynthia is the Sinnoh Champion, duh
hb8u: why not
shurtal: cause it was a "bug" in the game
dumbo3k: I think the meme started because of buggy gameplay
Nydestroyer: I think its a joke about when you whistle and the horse just shows up from the void
circusofkirkus: Witcher 3 is very good
theamc2000: Ranger Shaggy?
PrancerInflatableReindeer: still my favourite on par with souls games. although they do not really have much overlap
circusofkirkus: you can be a pyromancer (kind of)
shurtal: witcher 3 is a VERY GOOD game, with okay combat
dumbo3k: kind of a pyromancer
dweebert91: Garfield kart? Kappa
h3rsh3yb4r: wheelerPyro wheelerPyro wheelerPyro wheelerPyro
theamc2000: I
theamc2000: Fortnite?
h3rsh3yb4r: Fartnite?
h3rsh3yb4r: Amogus?
Nydestroyer: crossing the streams, does fortnite have ghostbusters skins?
PrancerInflatableReindeer: caus llrs prefer pubg, I guess
kouthnar: just got here and curious when is the unfinity pre-prerelease
TheMerricat: !ppr
LRRbot: The Unfinity PPR will be on 2 October 2022! (It's a Sunday this time!) More details: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FdSf2-lagAAf9yK.jpg
bastian964: Dandelion aka Jaskier
Nydestroyer: damn, bold choice
circusofkirkus: this is Universes Beyond, right?
Nydestroyer: Kathleen wrote the flavortext on bald man right?
samwiser_: bold move captain, let's see how it plays out
theamc2000: Play milfs?
theamc2000: To guard?
theamc2000: I could have even have been a boat
itzsemantic1: seltkirk has one of the better animations
PrancerInflatableReindeer: you'd think so
PrancerInflatableReindeer: but it's better
itzsemantic1: he goes kinda ghost ridery with a flaming pink sword
theamc2000: What is “doomed”
MadWolf1290: such a silly walk
TheMerricat: doomed means exiled after removed
TheMerricat: instead of being sent to graveyard
theamc2000: Ty
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LonelyTex: lrrSIG wheelerOok lrrSIG
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MadWolf1290: off by
PrancerInflatableReindeer: gwent really is the dark souls of tcgs (visually) haha
Juliamon: sergeOffByOne
itzsemantic1: well now we concede
MadWolf1290: 1*
r10pez10: aw your opponent GGd
itzsemantic1: the reward book thing is also a pretty great feature
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HolyHadouken: blarg
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theamc2000: Foil is animations?
MadWolf1290: it's the FFXIII version of advancement
theamc2000: That vampire looks almost flulike
bullseye3265: evening mr. wheeler, chat
bullseye3265: doing well, you?
r10pez10: octowitcher
itzsemantic1: spookily
midnightcurryjazz: uh ohs
samwiser_: bloodmoon is in this? color me interested.
r10pez10: i'm sure qwentg is great all year round
r10pez10: i like that alp's voice line
r10pez10: yes
r10pez10: it vocalises how i feel inside some days
BigDaddyBland87: my boat
theamc2000: But got a leak
theamc2000: Boat
r10pez10: !addquote (Wheeler) [Now] No! My boat! My boat is bleeding!
LRRbot: New quote #8255: "No! My boat! My boat is bleeding!" —Wheeler [2022-10-01]
bullseye3265: has gwent piqued your interest in the tv series at all?
bullseye3265: is it worth a watch?
MadWolf1290: good quote
r10pez10: i've heard the series is good even if you don't care about the witcher
MadWolf1290: correct
theamc2000: The games or the books?
r10pez10: that's a stellar review
bullseye3265: pizza comas will do that to you
MadWolf1290: @theamc2000 tv sow
BigDaddyBland87: It's fine...plays incredibly fast and loose with the books
theamc2000: @madwolf1290 ty
theamc2000: You don’t remember a shirtless Cavill?
BigDaddyBland87: filming season 3 if I'm no mistake
MadWolf1290: season 3 finished filming
bullseye3265: but did you add the brownie sunday on top?
r10pez10: wheeler you're playing the game rn
r10pez10: it's like beej playing puzzle quest talking to people about magic
r10pez10: is this like playing bejeweled in WoW queues
bastian964: The Witcher 3 version is very different.
MadWolf1290: ba dum tis
bastian964: Yes
Master_Gunner: yeah, when the made Gwent as a standalone game, they basically remade it from scratch.
bullseye3265: wait, swent is a game they play in the show?
BigDaddyBland87: yea very different. I loved the Witcher 3 Gwent. Noped outta this one pretty quickly
bastian964: There are some similarities but the witcher 3 version is very easy and while very fun for the time you play it, wouldn't really work as a full standalone game.
shurtal: Gwent in W3 is more of a very fun distraction that works with ai, it would not be good if you had a second player, so they rebuilt it
Master_Gunner: Since turns out a minigame doesn't have the same standards for balancing mechanics as a full standalone card game.
BigDaddyBland87: agree. There are a couple Gwent builds in W3 that can completely break the game
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BigDaddyBland87: Regis is amazing! and a bit OP
Mudd_II: you Wheeler'd yourself
theamc2000: 16 ?
theamc2000: Starting
benjamin_wheeler: @theamc2000 so it starts super low, but it boosts itself while in hand/deck whenever a turn ends w/ bleeding
theamc2000: Ah
benjamin_wheeler: so its SUPER brutal as the final card or so after a 3 rounder
theamc2000: Ty
theamc2000: Ok
Juliamon: pigcam
Nydestroyer: turtle
theamc2000: Dog
h3rsh3yb4r: Big mood, Pig
theamc2000: “Piglet don’t eat the catfood”
thraximore: moral relativism overlooks dog-centric worldview, coincidence?
Loonatic93: I suppose the higher levels of protein in cat food would be an issue for dogs.
Loonatic93: And humans as well, btw.
Loonatic93: In other words... Leave the cat food for the cats!
theamc2000: But y
r10pez10: is that triss
thraximore: a-paw-logy
a_pidgeon: Fella buys $500 worth of cat food all at once, I'd expect there to be uwus in the email
r10pez10: 1 pallet of cat food
thraximore: EVERY TIME
r10pez10: cat: nah
thraximore: cats are such divas I stg
h3rsh3yb4r: We had to buy my cat these little "sauce packets" that you squeeze over his dry food or else he wouldn't eat it
theamc2000: Ghost boat
vulturequeer: my cat will eat a tiny piece of bread over a piece of chicken
thraximore: big PIG
couchboyj: Biggus Piggus
r10pez10: tbf who doesn't like doritos
a_pidgeon: The most infuriating is picky dogs. Like, my guy, you'll eat socks straight from the dryer if I'm not paying attention but IAMS is no good?
thraximore: who doesn't? fratboyShrug
theamc2000: What flavors are their favorite?
r10pez10: sweet chili heat? the basketball team?
thraximore: tbf to cats, I've had the same thing happen... once I've had the same food too many times I start to hate it
couchboyj: A man of taste and refinement, with the sweet chili heat
r10pez10: eat rocks > kick rocks
h3rsh3yb4r: Is sweet chili heat the same as Spicy Sweet Chili? thats what we have here
r10pez10: the midnight toker
thraximore: jester?
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damn_i_am_pretty: like gwent
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thraximore: ooh, "Oneiromancy" is a VERY cool name for a type of magic
Loonatic93: I would pay good money for the opportunity to smack certain people "for two."
theamc2000: Castaños did the mtg dogs
theamc2000: The revenant artist has done magic art
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h3rsh3yb4r: @Loonatic93 If an average human by MTG standards is a 1/1, wouldn't that be a hard enough smack to kill two people?
theamc2000: I misspelled his name
Loonatic93: @Loonatic93 Well, I'm a fairly big dude. Maybe I have trample?
damn_i_am_pretty: @Loonatic93 we can give you Rampage, possibly reach
h3rsh3yb4r: @Loonatic93 Don't forget, Grizzly BearS (plural) is a 2/2 so a 1/1 also encompasses a singular bear.
damn_i_am_pretty: well, that's just inflation
h3rsh3yb4r: What about with their magic?
thraximore: He would know
iris_of_ether: Aren't teenagers real mean, though?
damn_i_am_pretty: a 2/2 in 2022 is a 0/1 in 1993
Loonatic93: @Loonatic93 Some of the "bears" I know are at least 2/3s.
thraximore: @iris_of_ether but they could care less, unless somebody bleeds
theamc2000: No
damn_i_am_pretty: Juvenophobia is a fun thing
SpleenLord: Darn Kids and their Magic cards
thraximore: @damn_i_am_pretty I thought it was called Juvenoia
damn_i_am_pretty: @damn_i_am_pretty ah, my brain really wanted it the other way, thanks
theamc2000: As in way too wide? Or tall?
theamc2000: The jeans?
iris_of_ether: *stares in JNCOs*
h3rsh3yb4r: JNCO Jeans existed when I was younger, and I can not talk about any generations jeans because of that
h3rsh3yb4r: I didn't wear em but still
Loonatic93: Hey... When I was an awkward teenager, ALL jeans were ill-fitting.
Loonatic93: Now I'm an awkward 40-something.
itzsemantic1: can oil only purify ur units?
h3rsh3yb4r: Like 32
Loonatic93: Well, it was hard to find a 44-waist with a 28-inseam.
thraximore: What's my age again?
itzsemantic1: ah u could purified his big unit then, remove his self boost
itzsemantic1: *could have
thraximore: it's 20??
thraximore: all by itself
thraximore: wow
Loonatic93: Well, I forgot that "Bite Club" was today. So I'm gonna go and watch the VoD. Chat with ya all later!
h3rsh3yb4r: Ben are you playing in the PPR tomrrow?
theamc2000: I do kind of want scenario es que enchantment cards in magic
theamc2000: Like a checklist for a certain effect
itzsemantic1: has Wheeler played,or talked about playing, Thronebreaker?
theamc2000: Night wheeler
Fruan: PPR!
h3rsh3yb4r: ben make the graphic
Juliamon: !ppr
LRRbot: The Unfinity PPR will be on 2 October 2022! (It's a Sunday this time!) More details: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FdSf2-lagAAf9yK.jpg
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2685 patrons for a total of $21,542.16 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
h3rsh3yb4r: We can't even see it's head though
h3rsh3yb4r: Gwent
bear6875: thanks for the stream
Fruan: Gwentifer?
h3rsh3yb4r: TY for stream GN!
HarmonisedMelody: skeleton wants to show feet!
Dezinkled: Thanks Wheeler!
h3rsh3yb4r: It's Gundam Overwatch
Fruan: Betrayal at the Dog on the Hill
MilkInBags: hey streamer, who is geralt?
KWardJenx: Thank you!
benjamin_wheeler: @MilkInBags the 38th US president
KWardJenx: Jesus Christ! Is this your card?!?
PMAvers: It's played in attack mode