LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Due to Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, Wheeler is live a night earlier than normal for some more Gwent on Is This Your Card! | ||
r10pez10: who's gwen
asthanius: Gwen T.
SoldieroFortune: Gwen Targaryen. It's a Game of Thrones thing
asthanius: lrrSIG
ShaneLeeAtk: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
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r10pez10: ligma gwent etc
flammable_fire43: yo hows it goin
ShaneLeeAtk: indeed
r10pez10: i usually miss ISYC because it falls on a monday morning
r10pez10: *ITYC, even
FacelessManAboutTown: gc7Hi vicksyBounce
FacelessManAboutTown: I am hear for candy bars, as I was promised twix juzSmug
benjamin_wheeler: @r10pez10 who's Geralt of Rivia?
JokerBoney: hows it goin gamers
laundreydhull: Arena 2.0 here we are. . . . ! ! !
asthanius: We're on tv?
SnackPak_: wow
laundreydhull: chute! this cardwave animation is stacked
BigDaddyBland87: mic 5
r10pez10: clipping that only for rhythm cafe shade
JokerBoney: Benjamin Wheeler - abusing cold opens? no
KWardJenx: Awkward...
asthanius: but it's not a sadder day
JokerBoney: Saturday = Sweaty Hoge day
JokerBoney: so it makes good sense
JokerBoney: Natural Gwent Stefani
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2700 patrons for a total of $21,499.65 per month.
r10pez10: when you're here you're family (canada)
r10pez10: wheelie breakers broke so garf kart could fly
letfireraindown: Morning... or evening
corpocracy: Does Wheeler sound a little weird? Like wrong mic or something?
cheshire_creeper: We should go back to Wheelie Breakers actually
cheshire_creeper: I loved that stream
r10pez10: sounds fine to me
cheshire_creeper: No idea what was happening, but I still loved it
YeetTheRich_: mic is a bit off yeah
YeetTheRich_: not too bad though
r10pez10: yes dear
thraximore: sounds a bit tinny
r10pez10: tinnies nuts etc
djalternative: wait. we married our bald sons?
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mazingolfer: Wheeler’s actually obsessed with the period just following WW1 and ending in WW2
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asthanius: @djalternative they married each other
thraximore: LUL
thecrownjules_: I heard twinks
StateBasedPenguin: islandgoDittoJam islandgoDittoJam islandgoDittoJam islandgoDittoJam
asthanius: That's a lot of green
r10pez10: oh no they';re hot
mazingolfer: twinks huh?
JokerBoney: So you're saying the Twinks are skilled with Row-pes
r10pez10: hji piglet
asthanius: wheelerPig wheelerPig wheelerPig
mazingolfer: never forget to ride your twinks
thecrownjules_: piiiiggggg
wtrob: wheelerPig
JokerBoney: piglet!
mazingolfer: wheelerPig
thraximore: I heard a snorf
YeetTheRich_: wheelerPig wheelerPig
r10pez10: what a loving dog
JokerBoney: wheelerPig wheelerPig wheelerPig
wtrob: I don't know how Gwent works, but I'm a sucker for a card game
GreatGodOm: How similar is this to gwent in the witcher 3?
r10pez10: i don't understand it either but these streams are fun to listen to
JokerBoney: i should really learn gwent because its always seemed lik a lot of good fun
r10pez10: @GreatGodOm fairly different
r10pez10: they had to change some things to make it work as a standalone thing, mainly
wtrob: Magic is the only card game that has Black Lotus
djalternative: what's the best Magic card game you've ever played? Also, what's the worst?
JokerBoney: @djalternative likely magic and magic
JokerBoney: @wtrob y'ever hear of deckmaster /hj
GreatGodOm: @r10pez10 I noticed that each player has 2 rows instead of 3.
r10pez10: who would win in a raven fight between yennifer and liliana
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wtrob: Oh dang I can play this game on my iPad
JokerBoney: woulda been more juice but they got juice by that weirdo in the front
r10pez10: save face
r10pez10: oh
JokerBoney: oh cool so your deck is consistent through the rounds so you have to be careful to not over extend
Days_one: not sure if it still is called this but that was called "Open pass"
JokerBoney: so they sacrifce a potential game 2 win but in exchange eat a card of yours
Days_one: decks tend to be big on synergy or scale with round/board size so getting the big hands allows engines to go off
r10pez10: wingus dingus has been called, 25 min
Days_one: thats a cool way for ram to do damage
g0lt: people still play flanking KEK
thraximore: was that the voice actor for demoman?
JokerBoney: this is very - neat
r10pez10: the kenriths are in this?
JokerBoney: @r10pez10 yeah its the twinks that were on a quest for mystery
r10pez10: now i'm never going to get "kenrith twinks" out of my head
JokerBoney: I don't know what happened but we had bigger numbers
r10pez10: shuuuuuuupe
Days_one: Shuupe in shop
wtrob: I opened the tutorial and the first card it told me to play was called "Poor Fucking Infantry"
g0lt: are you playing friendly games?
Days_one: Legit not a children's card game
thraximore: realism!
r10pez10: mfw a piglet is a uncooked hamlet
r10pez10: scot'eland
TheThirdTail: ScoibyDu
JokerBoney: "no no its Scoia'tael you idiot"
Days_one: skoy ah tell is How i recall the pronunciation
robaphone251: i thought we played bald sons here?
Juliamon: Bald sons grew up
JokerBoney: @robaphone251 gotta be inclusive and let the bald siege engines rest
JokerBoney: so we are pulling out the twinks
MechaNoelle: PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
robaphone251: some of the twinks have to be bald too right?
JokerBoney: @robaphone251 we shall have to see if there is a venn diagram
corpocracy: Elven sharpshooter
Days_one: Clap
asthanius: Dole Banana Bowman
r10pez10: tell us the awful secrets
JokerBoney: this guy has some harvey birdman energy in the nam
JokerBoney: Blathanna deez bowman
JokerBoney: okay these names are
JokerBoney: Something else
JokerBoney: kinda love it
r10pez10: i assume it's not just the elves with names that are so extra
mazingolfer: it’s eastern european - you gotta say it like you have a dick caught on your throat
asthanius: It's all Polish
robaphone251: that's a cool Deploy ability, i like it (haven't actually ever played, just seems cool)
jimmythebusdriver: Yeah, you get 2
Days_one: thats a cool design if it works how my brain wants it to
JokerBoney: so it can bolt or electrolyze
JokerBoney: neat
Astrovore: what's the number in the lower right of each card. Food?
JokerBoney: @Astrovore i assume its upkeep?
Days_one: @Astrovore provisions.
JokerBoney: ahhhhh
Days_one: its 150 base
JokerBoney: gotcha
r10pez10: when they gonna rename highlander points to highlander provisions
JokerBoney: its the deck limiter
KeytarCat: So kinda food?
Astrovore: ohh it's like a points cost. Cool!
JokerBoney: @r10pez10 "for 7 provisions you too can cast ancestral recall"
TheBurninator89: so who's the himbo of the deck?
Days_one: pre provisions the balance was really hard to do
robaphone251: imagine if constructed mtg only allowed so many rares, mythics, uncommons etc...
JokerBoney: so what you're saying is they can Provisionally change it
Days_one: is there a limit on golds still or is it purely provisions?
r10pez10: MA 12
asthanius: *Cursed*
r10pez10: well, 1000 A 12
Days_one: ponder the deck
r10pez10: artwork is sick. look at all the kills she's made
wtrob: Serge Yaevinn?
r10pez10: !findquote gold
LRRbot: Quote #8166: "The gold is found *inside* the Rumplestiltskin." —Ian [2022-08-14]
JokerBoney: oh okay neat - so by design they can create tutor effects and then easily tune what it finds
r10pez10: these elves really like to kill huh
JokerBoney: a Freebieater
r10pez10: fail tiara
Astrovore: that's a name and a half
JokerBoney: "Faoiltwinka"
noSmokeFire: is that meant to be celtic?
RealGamerCow: So he really hits like a bus.
robaphone251: this is the hoof of gwent
JokerBoney: oh its Thalia's Lieutenant
Days_one: Elves are basically any native population pushed out by human civilization and the ones left are pretty happy to murder any humans.
JokerBoney: don't worry ben it only deals 18 damage
robaphone251: this is the only card you need to play in a round
robaphone251: (the waylay elf that is)
JokerBoney: so it just - tucks stuff like your free 5 power creature - then you just. get a removal spell that generates two creatures
JokerBoney: sheesh
r10pez10: jfc
WiJohn: Silas the debonair ape
AttackCowboy: Da Bair
JokerBoney: Simlas + Finn + Aep + Dabairr + Can't Pronounce + L + Ratio
r10pez10: make sure you like share and subscribe wheeler
robaphone251: DAAA BEAR
saucemaster5000: Huh. that's funny. When looking up "how to pronounce things from the witcher universe" I got an "it's all made up" message from google
JokerBoney: holy shit Simlas - alright pop off friend
r10pez10: oh sick rebound
Days_one: DT with rebound
robaphone251: !card feign death
LRRbot: Feign Death [B] | Instant | Until end of turn, target creature gains "When this creature dies, return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control with a +1/+1 counter on it."
jimmythebusdriver: The joke with the Waylays is to generate 2 with Vanadain, then shuffle the extra copies into the deck in the next round so Simlas pulls 4
JokerBoney: @jimmythebusdriver one fear
Days_one: @jimmythebusdriver how many hundreds of points is that a swing of?
robaphone251: is gwent the best digital only card game?
theamc2000: Hi
JokerBoney: alright loading up this demo now
jimmythebusdriver: There used to be another card that shuffled Waylays from the graveyard into the deck, so you could use them in earlier rounds before recurring them with Simlas
Days_one: which elf was it?
jimmythebusdriver: You just keep them in hand now and shuffle them back inbetween rounds I guess? Haven't played the deck in a bit
r10pez10: didn't foglet sing slow ride
matthaus_c: is it related to Piglet
Days_one: weather used to be really prevalent
r10pez10: hi mulder
matthaus_c: rain decks? sounds like the worst days of pokémon comp
JokerBoney: Oh can I rain stall people just like Pokemon VGC?
matthaus_c: Politoed and Ninetales and Hippowdown just going at each other's throats
JokerBoney: honestly real excited to get into VGC comp again with the new game
JokerBoney: dirty mimes?
r10pez10: the fuck
robaphone251: it's a bogle?
r10pez10: oh power equal to life total
SymphonicLolita: thisisfiine
Days_one: its hungry
r10pez10: is it??
SymphonicLolita: lrrFINE
r10pez10: humbling. surely most people blame their deck
TheBurninator89: need a smother them with your took button
jimmythebusdriver: Think she's a neutral
silenceaux: Learning?
JokerBoney: learning and improving? never
r10pez10: hell yeah menu ASMR
r10pez10: lol
JokerBoney: oh yeah hit it again
Days_one: thats the temerian guy right?
JokerBoney: thats what im talkin about
TheThirdTail: If only someone could judge the mess that I've got here
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r10pez10: alexa what is doo knee
Days_one: Lock person
Snowcookies: The LRR office must always have good luck then
r10pez10: tired: "moonbase"
r10pez10: wired: "luck shack"
Earthenone: luck shack baby
Spades_Slicc: Howdy chat + Wheeler
JokerBoney: yeah its a lot and it looks awesome
robaphone251: i'd watch
JokerBoney: I mean
asthanius: Only if you have someone else on stream with you to supervise
Snowcookies: there's always PiF
JokerBoney: probably
SnackPak_: only if you play the card game in game every stream
Days_one: any play it forward slots in the next year?
JokerBoney: Do they ever come in during a stream and scream if there isn't a card on screen?
TwitchingPokki: I've yet to hear an actual idea that will work though
asthanius: Did they *let* you play Wheelie Breakers, or did they *punish* you with it?
JokerBoney: okay we can do the month of witcher - but it must be sandwiched between two more months of wheelie breakers
JokerBoney: tilt dropped from the hoof math
asthanius: And this was before the concussion, right?
r10pez10: 96% of people who voted think that they'd just let you straight play The Witcher
JokerBoney: I'm now learning gwent
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catfoo123: hi wheeler!
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silenceaux: So you're hoping that your opponent has gone too ham and is tired out?
Earthenone: im sure if you wanted to you could sit here and watch the witcher tv series, no one is going to complain :P
oniontuber: wellll except perhaps netflix.
oniontuber: aren't streamers allowed to streamparty amazon shows now or something? i should stream papergirls and play something cool sometime.
oniontuber: not good? sounds perfect tbh
spurius: you ate a pizza and watched the withcer, how was that not good?
JokerBoney: okay these monsters are all - chunguses this is great
Astrovore: the pizza or the show?
oniontuber: i really liked the first season, i kind of fell off after that.
oniontuber: how is gollum so strong what the heck
oniontuber: so each time it ticks down he gets a little less strong? neat.
oniontuber: that's a fun card.
oniontuber: yeah i just started watching but this does seem like a neat little game.
Astrovore: when does the round end?
oniontuber: nice??
oniontuber: but also yeah that card is a nightmare.
JokerBoney: it seems like that yea
JokerBoney: currently sorta trying to learn it by the starter deck
oniontuber: the thing that irked me the most about the witcher series (which i've never played, so passively irked) was the cards. but i now find myself a little irked that there aren't sexy cards in this game about the witcher.
JokerBoney: dont worry - the bald sons and twinks are very sexy wheelerKappa
oniontuber: *blush*
oniontuber: showing a little ankle eh????
asthanius: Sex aggro, sex combo, sex tempo, sex control
oniontuber: i stopped hating the witcher once i saw the show because i was like OHHHH everyone is just from the cover of a weird romance novel, got it
oniontuber: roflmao
r10pez10: yes
asthanius: Californiacation is about The Witcher
JokerBoney: @asthanius fornication it right
oniontuber: sure why not. elves are usually french or whatever let's pick some more countries.
mazingolfer: I wanna see the unicorn
r10pez10: everybody's been there and i don't mean on mulligans
oniontuber: sure did just spell it driad, someone put me on time out.
oniontuber: swiss? that works. wait, is it ME who thinks elves are french!?
oniontuber: do i just imagine a bunch of high elves around a table deciding that you have to call a computer l'ordinateur?!
asthanius: They're usually posh british
mazingolfer: I want to see Elves with obnoxious jersey accents
mazingolfer: dwarf rednecks
oniontuber: i want to see a dwarf play a banjo and talk about her family.
Astrovore: LotR where each race has a different regional US accent would be great
oniontuber: that wound be a ton of fun.
oniontuber: wait who's from minnesota lmao
Earthenone: i want the elves to have kansai accents
oniontuber: is it gnomes
mazingolfer: saskatchewan halflings carrying the ring to mordor
wtrob: Just finished the tutorial. How much does it cost to craft a deck?
oniontuber: he was saying it's decent for ftp so maybe it's not too hard/expensive to get started?
wtrob: I have 24k scraps which seems like a lot
JokerBoney: oh thats good to know
wtrob: I don't know how I got that many scraps, but that's good to know!
oniontuber: pig: honk
r10pez10: leg
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swatb0t: Good evening
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theamc2000: What is the max amount of cards you are allowed on the board?
r10pez10: i hope we get animated foils IRL soon
Astrovore: holy crap
wtrob: I
swatb0t: Ethical
wtrob: I've already unlocked what I can from the reward tree
r10pez10: nice humblebrag streamer
JokerBoney: something tells me this 3 point creature that grows is not as good as it is right now but i've won two matchs via instant concession to it
wtrob: I've really been liking the monster stuff so far
r10pez10: @JokerBoney maybe you;re just good at the game
JokerBoney: @JokerBoney no no I can't be good at another card game
wtrob: I like it when the number goes up
wtrob: And making frost makes their number go down
r10pez10: JokerBoney too late. nice mess you've got yourself into here
JokerBoney: heck
JokerBoney: guess I should look into Gwentlander Miracle Grow then
JokerBoney: find out what our Managorger is
wtrob: sergeOffByOne
DaVeganPolice: wheelerKappa So Close
r10pez10: why is the lady in the rewards screen background so excited to see a frog
r10pez10: when you unlock a reward
SymphonicLolita: wwell wouldn't you be?
wtrob: I like frogs
DaVeganPolice: OSFrog ?
JokerBoney: classic benjamin wheeler - gatekeeping frogs
asthanius: What's up Froggers
mazingolfer: oh poggers froggers
wtrob: Oh frog dude
MurphEP: Ooh I played the blood deck last time I played
SierraSaysDrinkWater: meowdy mr wheeler how goes the witcher
asthanius: (Ben sees the Mario movie trailer) "Fuck Toads"
chumpofthemonth: What did a toad ever do to you?
JokerBoney: i will say I think I am legit a fan of Frost
wtrob: Frost is very cool
r10pez10: frost/nixon?
Astramentha: @asthanius Oh no - does your comment imply the trailer has come out?
asthanius: It has
Astramentha: oh nooooooo
chumpofthemonth: 90% of the trailer looks great
Astramentha: I will return shortly. I must see this.
Juliamon: Astramentha It was discussed on Chillpoint yesterday
Astramentha: I’m SO excited to hear The Voice
mazingolfer: Jack Black as Bowser is legitimately good and they made the right choice to heavily feature him in the trailer
asthanius: Not exactly. He's doing a faint white accent
Astramentha: @asthanius Oh. Oh dear.
a_pidgeon: Screaming naked vampire ladies? Is it my birthday?
r10pez10: hell yeah alp my beloved
asthanius: Have you ever met a vampire who wasn't screaming?
SymphonicLolita: I think Jack Black should just go ahead and play mario too
asthanius: I haven't
mazingolfer: screaming vampire is my new favorite music gente
mazingolfer: *genre
r10pez10: >:(
asthanius: Mario: Lost Levels
SymphonicLolita: good joke streamer
PMAvers: It'd be a completely different movie that they rename to Mario 2
asthanius: Italians are a myth
Armstrong11139: Alternatively, they could see if there's, say, a voice actor with literal decades of experience in the role...
r10pez10: i would watch a collab movie with jack black as bowser and carrey's robotnik over the mario movie, methinks
a_pidgeon: My brain will not accept that John Leguizamo isn't in the new Mario movie
JokerBoney: reasonable options? never
r10pez10: charles martinet was VA and a playable character in Runner 3
asthanius: The problem is Lou Albano is dead
mazingolfer: but you gotta get the big names for the posters
Finalsora811: Hello, Wheeler and Chat. How goes the Gwenting?
Tiber727: While I'm not defending Pratt as Mario, I think Martinet's Mario works *because* he doesn't talk that much.
r10pez10: mario is essentially a silent protagonist yea
mazingolfer: why am I getting ads for a Pennyworth tv show where he’s holding a gun
JokerBoney: @mazingolfer just clowning around it seems
SymphonicLolita: yeah it's like trying to make a legend of zelda movie (hollywood execs do not interact)
r10pez10: was there a special voice line too
Astramentha: (I have returned from watching it. Pratt is sooooo… underwhelming.)
niccus: if you want her to be, sure
Days_one: silmas and verwhatsits?
TheThirdTail: Aren't all Italian 14 year olds vampires?
mazingolfer: she’s also 13 ish
r10pez10: butt soft
a_pidgeon: Opponent has to read the takeaway menu to make a game action
r10pez10: tunderbawlt
r10pez10: deck seems pretty fun though
r10pez10: goes wide
Astramentha: I have a son?!
SymphonicLolita: does a panda count as bald
a_pidgeon: When Wheeler hugs his large bald son it's "wholesome," but when I do it it's "public indecency" and I "need to leave the Denny's"
Astramentha: Oh my god, I was never there for him…
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asthanius: "Twinks, mount up" is the new "Autobots, roll out"
r10pez10: !addquote (Wheeler) [Now] Alright twinks -- mount up.
LRRbot: New quote #8269: "Alright twinks -- mount up." —Wheeler [2022-10-08]
darkladymarie: darkla31Trans darkla31Trans
r10pez10: hi raiders
darkladymarie: we were playing Cursed TCGs tonight
darkladymarie: so appropriate to come into Gwent
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mrMorphius: foxmarLOVE
r10pez10: hi raiders
a_pidgeon: 19 was hot for WoW.
theamc2000: Oh no alchemy talk
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mrMorphius: Putting cards into 2 rows for that many months
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darkladymarie: what up Ben
r10pez10: "yatta, a demon!"
JokerBoney: @theamc2000 the better alchemy clearly
r10pez10: good joke streamer
Astrovore: am I a twink now?
Finalsora811: No. Not at all. Please explain in detail.
darkladymarie: one of the games we played on stream was a Weed TCG that was literally Yugioh-But-Weed-Jokes
JokerBoney: damn she thicc
JokerBoney: but like maybe 3 c's on that
r10pez10: selvish
Days_one: elves are the first nation people basically.
Kain2270: Humans hate everything including themselves, basically.
Finalsora811: ^
darkladymarie: Its Cannabeast - it was Cursed Game Night on my stream
PMAvers: So just YuGiOh?
darkladymarie: lol one of them was James Bong, another was "Skywalker OG" thats just Darth Vader smoking a bong
darkladymarie: Another card was Bongs of Revealing Light
r10pez10: what a weird deck
YeetTheRich_: this is your brain on mariujana -> potofgreed .jpg
mazingolfer: “this is my oc of luke skywalker with a vape. pls don’t steal”
darkladymarie: its wild and the most ok game we played
wtrob: Welp I gotta go, but this game looks cool! I built a deck and still have 17k scraps left so that's pretty cool and good
darkladymarie: we also played LOL surprise TCG which encourages kids to get into NFTs and is a vehicle for a gatcha app
darkladymarie: the cards were actual carboard and full of glitter bc kids i guess
JokerBoney: oh that reminds me I got some printing tools so I am prolly gonna get some 99 decks together when I set up my cube
JokerBoney: just as like - a thing to keep on me
darkladymarie: mushy truffle is a great name
Days_one: they probably eat many fish when they aren't munching on people
Finalsora811: Sudden echo?
darkladymarie: anyone else getting wheeler echo
Days_one: double audio yes
Juliamon: uhhh
Astrovore: yeah that's strange
sugarsh0t: m-m-m-multiWheeler
JokerBoney: okay cool I wasn't just going insane
Filandra: Yeah, natural reverb
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
JokerBoney: doubled the wheeler
YeetTheRich_: wheelerY wheelerY wheelerH wheelerH
Filandra: same
Astrovore: not the game, just the mic
Days_one: still duo
Plasterboard: extra rich sound
sugarsh0t: see if you can triple it
Finalsora811: Still.
Filandra: its the mic
mazingolfer: nice echo
SnackPak_: we saw you do nothing
sugarsh0t: fuck us all the way up
Juliamon: I bet it's related to the weird audio earlier
a_pidgeon: The soothing dulcet tones of one Wheeler per ear
Strebenherz: Wheeler has entered the machine
drgalifrey: The more Wheelers the better imo
Finalsora811: Spooky.
Strebenherz: Assuming direct control!
TheAwkes: This is so different from the Gwent I was used to (in Witcher 3), but it's nice to see that throwing game 2 is still a good strategy for draining an opponents resources before winning game 3.
Filandra: still there
mazingolfer: e e c c h h o o
Filandra: now
Astrovore: there
Filandra: now is good
Days_one: Better
darkladymarie: ok
Kain2270: Now.
Astrovore: better
Plasterboard: now all good
JokerBoney: better
YeetTheRich_: ghosts, clearly
drgalifrey: I was getting used to Wheeler echoing around
sugarsh0t: you touched our hearts and souls
Finalsora811: Tis the month for spooks, after all.
Plasterboard: The ghosts in your machine are revealing themselves
mazingolfer: ghost in the machine
mazingolfer: *fuck*
solemn_storm: what do the keys do
Filandra: Could have been like a driver issue with your soundcard, so something went weird. Bit that XLR looks little tight?
Filandra: Hmm.. perhaps but most of those you need to set up so my vote wouldn't be on that. Because it was a "natural reverb" so it was like L and R channels went off synch
JokerBoney: yeah Wheeler by chance do you know if there is a frost deck off hand? obvs im about to head to google but man this is fun to play with int he draft
Finalsora811: I like the opponent's sleeves.
Days_one: there used to be a monsters deck based on frost joker
JokerBoney: @Days_one hit me with a list
JokerBoney: if possible
betweenmyself: Their Avatar should come with a flashing lights warning. pennyWhat
chumpofthemonth: moon2CL
betweenmyself: Damned stylish
MurphEP: Basically the same
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Kain2270: Is that not Geralt's fun uncle?
h3rsh3yb4r: Two Saturdays in a row?
JokerBoney: toss a coin to your garf
Strebenherz: Garf-alf
YeetTheRich_: geralt like gif
h3rsh3yb4r: Oh peter griffith is back
theamc2000: Huh, elves are pingers
YeetTheRich_: wheelerPyro
h3rsh3yb4r: wheelerPyro
chumpofthemonth: That's the best kind of mancer
h3rsh3yb4r: i think there's a fireball spell or sign or whatever they call it in the witcher games. ignii maybe?
JokerBoney: wheelerPyro
Kain2270: Legally distinct Chandra?
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betweenmyself: Fun coinkidink, catching Gwent after coming from watching a Witcher themed episode of Nailed It.
jaydobbleyou: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:46:53.
betweenmyself: Tup
betweenmyself: *fraid not
jaydobbleyou: wazzup
h3rsh3yb4r: i wonder what kind of commander deck henry cavill plays
Juliamon: Yes related, no he wasn't a guest
betweenmyself: What @juliamon said
Finalsora811: So, I just noticed something. If you use an order, you have to play a card before you can pass? Is that correct?
TheMerricat: essentially if you do anything before you pass you have to play a card
Julius_traitor: unfortunate final draws
a_pidgeon: Do love that gg'ing is incentivized
cheesecake_and_carrot_pie: o/
cheesecake_and_carrot_pie: how far into the stream are you?
Juliamon: Just about to wrap up
TheMerricat: I still feel bad the first five games or so that I played I couldn't figure out where the GG button was I was going crazy trying to figure out how to press it and I couldn't find it then we'll sit in there staring at me
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cheesecake_and_carrot_pie: @Juliamon thx
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
Astrovore: Thanks for showing us Gwent!
cheesecake_and_carrot_pie: gl hf!
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
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cheesecake_and_carrot_pie: yay collage
YeetTheRich_: ook
PMAvers: It's long. Bring snacks.
Juliamon: Season
SymphonicLolita: the pokemon designer or the famous youtuber
Juliamon: "swallow"
JokerBoney: I should probably Look At Elden Ring
A_Dub888: @SymphonicLolita yes
JokerBoney: I just played the original First Dark Souls recently
Juliamon: Unfinity will happen Eventually, but first some Canlander
JokerBoney: what an utter shame *just* highlander
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Snowcookies: bye
Strebenherz: Take care, stay safe out there
Snowcookies: lmao
A_Dub888: benginFingers
Juliamon: benginLol
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JoTyler: :O it IS my birthday!
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Strebenherz: A+
JoTyler: lrrHORN
Strebenherz: Thank you A_Dub888