SpleenLord: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun crew join hands (sometimes from the comfort of their homes) to play some video games! Game: Elden Ring - Seemless Co-Op) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (6m from now).
matthaus_c: s o o n
NightValien28: seemless co op?
Graham_LRR: Oh, it’s gonna be GREAT
Juliamon: shh it's fine
Juliamon: we had a bomus stream last night
Foxmar320: Hello everyone
SpleenLord: I'm excited
Mollylele: I cannot withstand the hype
Foxmar320: Hype containment at critical levels
matthaus_c: hype breach at lower deck
SnackPak_: I'm holding out hope that Hunter S Bluntson makes an appearance in Elden Ring
Foxmar320: Would be nice to see them again
corianderd: are we hyping in here?
Juliamon: maybe
mitomanox: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun crew join hands (sometimes from the comfort of their homes) to play some video games! Game: Elden Ring - Seemless Co-Op) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
matthaus_c: actively hyping
TehAmelie: good morning citizens
Foxmar320: Hype is overflowing
Fruan: Well, maybe now we won't.
mitomanox: Good evening, next people
matthaus_c: if hype overflows it resets to 0
CAKHost: Praise the Sun!
Mollylele: aka the hype-2K disaster
matthaus_c: boooo but also good joooob
Juliamon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun crew join hands (sometimes from the comfort of their homes) to play some video games! Game: Elden Ring - Seemless Co-Op) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (1s ago).
matthaus_c: off by one!
Juliamon: I was expecting someone else to go for it!
matthaus_c: hesitation is defeat
thraximore: , Sekiro
saucemaster5000: close enough
AllTheWeasels: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
control_rig: At the end of de legs is de feet
matthaus_c: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
PharaohBender27: lrrSIG
CAKHost: lrrSIG !
GhostValv: amazonTasteTheRainbow
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jacqui_lantern234: we get signal! main screen turn on!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Tonight on CROSSING THE STREAMS, we have a very special ELDEN RING stream, featuring the seamless co-op mod… with a twist!! 😃 | With @WakeUpSuper, @BWheelerMTG, @alexsteacy, and @warandpeace, with “puppet-masters” @DandyGeek & @Graham_LRR! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Fevy2nvaYAA-h0p.jpg || ⤵
thraximore: @jacqui_lantern234 it you
thraximore: hello gentlemen
Mollylele: unarmeGameplay unarmeGameplay unarmeGameplay unarmeGameplay
jacqui_lantern234: @thraximore how are you gentlemen
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adambomb625: Hi
Juliamon: It is time for a Thing
thraximore: aw did I get it wrong
damn_i_am_pretty: the voiceover narration playing about how the main player is the chosen one, but then it echoes and plays over and over at the same time for every player in the game
jacqui_lantern234: you have no chance to survive make your time!
jacqui_lantern234: ha ha ha!
Fruan: Wait, andrew is on this stream? I don't think I'm prepared.
thraximore: hahahaha
AllTheWeasels: wheelerPyro
gualdhar: wait, what? Elden Ring CTS? This technology exists?
thraximore: @jacqui_lantern234 FOR GREAT JUSTICE
korvys: What's a "Puppet master", precious?
Juliamon: gualdhar We brought in a tech specialist for it
jacqui_lantern234: fuck, now i wanna play zero wing
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IsaTheEngie: 86 is a number innit
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thraximore: I never played it, how good is it?
CAKHost: Puppet Master = main point of view?
yalc321: Heck yeah elden ring time!
SeaDiegoFC: What's up fellow Elden Ringers?
PMAvers: Why do I have a feeling that The Lever has been actually coded up and made into a real thing to mess with the players.
jacqui_lantern234: @thraximore neither have i, probably bad by todays standards
ladylinzington: @Juliamon it's Paul I am assuming :D
WiJohn: @korvys Apparently there's some way for them to insert new things in to the game
thraximore: LUL probably
yalc321: Hey wheeler, go whip build
Juliamon: ladylinzington It's not!
thraximore: @WiJohn oooooh that's exciting
YawnLance: M'gamers benginHi
jacqui_lantern234: @YawnLance m'gaymer
matthaus_c: m'gaymer
thraximore: Meowdy YawnLance wheelerMuldcb
matthaus_c: jinx
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Catcard: Oh this is gonna be good. Very excited.
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PotatoWraiths: henlo
jacqui_lantern234: HAH BEAT YOU TO IT
call_me_Aras: Ugh, I getting crypto ads.
damn_i_am_pretty: Paul can't run this stream AND keep the moonbase from falling into the Nether at the same time, it's implausible
PotatoWraiths: who's ready for Normal Elden Ring
matthaus_c: @jacqui_lantern234 I'M TRIMMING MY NAILS
lady_olynder: howdy howdy howdy yall
gualdhar: this is going to be insane isn't it
thraximore: @PotatoWraiths Normal Elden Ring™ is my favorite!
jacqui_lantern234: @matthaus_c so? i still win! :p
YawnLance: @matthaus_c should have been ready to gay at me smh
kusinohki: Im-Paul-sible you say??
Foxmar320: It's going to be something thats certain
matthaus_c: bobsGrump
matthaus_c: it's still the preshow and I'm already being bullied
Joalni: It's going to be live, so we all know what that means.
corianderd: so we bet channel points on who dies fiirst, yes?
jacqui_lantern234: @matthaus_c is this my heel turn?!
Dog_of_Myth: @matthaus_c So a normal Monday then? :p
Juliamon: Paul is a Tech Expert (a Techspert, if you will), but this required a Tech Specialist.
jacqui_lantern234: AM I EVIL BAILEY?!?!
damn_i_am_pretty: @jacqui_lantern234 that explains a lot
matthaus_c: @Dog_of_Myth bobsHands
kusinohki: name change to evil form jacqui??
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Sorator13: the old ring? Pretty sure I have one of those...
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kusinohki: *air guitars*
Juliamon: So we have brought in... the fabled Third Ben
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zed_alpha: So you're all going to have the same gimmick build and invade some poor schmuck who isn't ready to get waffle-stomped by the four of you, right? That's how this works, yeah?
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PharaohBender27: @jacqui_lantern234 tqsSweat
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DEATHlikescats: I’m excited to see how this works
damn_i_am_pretty: Three Bens, hohmm
Earthenone: 3rd ben, first ben in japan
YawnLance: Maximum Bens have been engaged
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Welbog: Hello friendly people
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jacqui_lantern234: @kusinohki i just change from my usual punk gear to perfectly ordinary clothes
zed_alpha: Does this make Adam an honorary Ben?
mitomanox: so. many. bens.
Juliamon: (who was, technically, the first Ben, yes)
Foxmar320: All three Bens can not legaly be in the same place at once
LordZarano: jlrrCooltunes
thraximore: ratJAM
damn_i_am_pretty: you've had second Benjamin, but have you had third Benjamin?
niccus: it's all about the bensjamin
saucemaster5000: Only one solution to too many Bens. Squid Game.
TehAmelie: hello!
Foxmar320: Good start
PharaohBender27: tqsLOL
jacqui_lantern234: LUL dangit graham
NightValien28: a tiny head
damn_i_am_pretty: G has become a Zordon
lady_olynder: oh no, a tiny floating head!
zed_alpha: malenia...wept...
PotatoWraiths: that's so many people!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Graham, your tiny floating head looks different, somehow.
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Nigouki: oh no, a tiny, PULSING floating head
PotatoWraiths: holy coq
DigitalSeahorse: katesJam katesJam katesJam
TheWriterAleph: we have such sights to show you...
corianderd: ooo that good mynty head
YeetTheRich_: floating heads? what is this dark souls 1
PotatoWraiths: cow*
Despoiler98: lunaoZoom lunaoZoom lunaoZoom why is graham a tiny floating head?
WiJohn: Oh this is already a delight
Robot_Bones: its the ghost of Graham's Beard
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #6491: "How many lives has this car ruined, that's the real question." —Adam [2019-10-14]
Mollylele: hi slightly echoic pulsing floating head
LordZarano: Hello tiny floating head! Nice to see you!
jacqui_lantern234: @Despoiler98 efficiency, probably :p
mitomanox: I ADORE Andrew's style <3
RockPusher: myntyfYo tiltyhYAS
thraximore: lrrWHEELER lrrALEX lrrHEART lrrADAM lrrGRAHAM lrrHAM
damn_i_am_pretty: does this mean they are discount teenagers with attitude?
goombalax: Andrew's curl looking quite prolific
CururuGuasu: The floating disembodied head of Cornel Graham!
BloodnBullets: incomming message from the big giant head!
Sibwow: dingle the bingle yep
ANeMzero: tiltyhCheers
Sibwow: i am a youth i say it daily
RealGamerCow: he is a youth
lady_olynder: love dingling the bingle
Drasvin: 'ello
TehAmelie: dangle the fangle
Mollylele: dingling the bingle is poggers
niccus: have you dingled today
Diabore: dongle the bongle
Sorator13: I'm pretty sure the youth will say it if you bribe them
ladylinzington: I mean I say it NOW but that's because of BenU
thraximore: we DO say it umbral4W
Robot_Bones: Ben Was the youth, he's an olde now
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sorceren: It doesnt't matter what you're playing. It's always a delight!
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DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
jacqui_lantern234: LUL
GhostValv: it is :)
saucemaster5000: Ulmer lost his youth privileges at 30 like the rest of us
mitomanox: TRUE
Foxmar320: True facts
laikagoat: D:
damn_i_am_pretty: It's true, we stole it
ladylinzington: also yeh I'm not the youth any more :(
lady_olynder: man i wish
IsaTheEngie: correct
Despoiler98: kivaRage kivaRage kivaRage HOW DARE
Sorator13: lrrWOW
Kramburger: GET EM ANDREW
Welbog: Happy Thanksgiving, guys.
Juliamon: Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day
Kaorti: he's not wrong
LolCamAlpha: I mean Andrew ain't wrong
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Is Canadian Thanksgiving not also fake?
RealGamerCow: look, I just liked thanksgiving for the food
niccus: canadian thanksgiving is fake, american thanksgiving twice so
thraximore: chose violence today, huh
Fluffy776: That's so mean, just let me enjoy my stuffing :<
DEATHlikescats: Happy indigenous peoples day!
korvys: "We've got Wheeler, we've got Wheeler's Ego, and we don't have room for anyone else."
Dog_of_Myth: It's real to me damnit
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Sunmare_Dragon37: hi all
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Drathak: All of them are fake :)
Fluffy776: Oooooo
TehAmelie: the most popular Elden Ring mod of all time, i just noticed
Mollylele: technically all days are fake
PharaohBender27: I enjoy Thanksgiving, but honestly, can't even muster a counterargument
thraximore: aka actualy co-op
micalovits: This mod is amazing
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Kramburger: Seemless Co-op reads in my head like the phrase 'flawless masterpiece'
bytecaster: So it has multitorrent support
thraximore: multi-horse drfting! wheelerPog
FarleyF: ok 2 things - I would love for Graham to shout out "Show me what you've got" as a floating head and b) The cast is currently orckish ready for a WAAAAA
Foxmar320: Last Guardian Standing
matthaus_c: this mod rules
Fluffy776: That sounds like a feature!
jacqui_lantern234: @micalovits YOURE amazing
micalovits: The spectating part is amazing
TehAmelie: something something seeding torrents
Fluffy776: This really sounds so amazing
TheMerricat: chat, other Ben? I can't remember who that is... Help?
micalovits: By far the most tense moments has been when only one of my group has been left alive on a boss with little health left
Fluffy776: Wheeler is other Ben
CptMurphey: oh no
corianderd: @TheMerricat our fren DandyGeejk
corianderd: or that but spelled right
Master_Gunner: I wouldn't know *anything* about doing that :P
WiJohn: Yes, "accidentally"
thraximore: LUL
Fluffy776: A third other Ben?! xD
Foxmar320: DandyGeek has been on many streams in the past
PMAvers: Uh oh, Adam's smiling.
matthaus_c: that sounds like a great thing to do not at all on purpose
TheMerricat: thanks! @corianderd
Mollylele: he donated his beard to DB once, that DandyGeek
Dog_of_Myth: hahahah
Kramburger: BEN YES
PMAvers: The cogs are turning.
hd_dabnado: Geej, the next evolution of Beej @corianderd
GhostValv: wowie
Sorator13: LUL
jacqui_lantern234: hey @corianderd guess what?!?! youre beautiful and valuable and loved beyond measure!!!!!
kusinohki: I hope telefrag isn't a thing...
Mysticman89: I've been doing seamless coop with a lady friend recently and it's been a great experience. A few weird glitches here and there, but all around very good time
BloodnBullets: shoulder devil and angel identified
bytecaster: Is this a "One tiny head always tells the truth, one tiny head always lies" situation?
Kramburger: Pump up the james
BrowneePoints: Graham cares about his friends and coworkers
ANeMzero: Playing Good Commentator Bad Commentator
jacqui_lantern234: heloooo
adambomb625: So what is seamless coop?
saucemaster5000: a secret halloween paul
PMAvers: I feel like there should be a third Paul head that just pops up from the bottom of the screen when he talks.
Orxolon: helloooo
Kramburger: Is this the return of Otaku Jeff?
PharaohBender27: @jacqui_lantern234 What happened to heel turn jacqui? Kappa
korvys: !quote Paul
LRRbot: Quote #5250: "Wait is this Pokemon?" —Paul [2018-08-09]
uchihab7: Dual whips again seabatCHOICE
plummeting_sloth: banger alert interlude
Robot_Bones: ARISE, YE TARNISHed
BrowneePoints: Otaku Jeff's little brother. Otaku John
P1xelPaul: Elder ring skyrim 6
YeomanAres: new otaku Jeff?
jacqui_lantern234: @PharaohBender27 i asked if it was, not declared this was :p
thraximore: Wretched or coward umbral4Bleheh
ShaneLeeAtk: !findquote R1
LRRbot: Quote #2317: "That guy isn't actually that scary, you just stay behind him. You stay behind him and mash R1. Just like every other thing in these lrrEFF ing games. You just stay behind it and mash R1. And then you tell other people to git gud. That's how this game works. Stand behind it, mash R1, go to other people's chats, tell them to git gud. I think I've got it now." —Cameron [2016-04-13]
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whatthebus: Ohh. Arise now, ye tarnished!
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kusinohki: oops all wrech?
jacqui_lantern234: @YeomanAres otakNEW jeff
Fluffy776: Haha, that's so cool!
Mysticman89: cestus seems stronk
GhostValv: cool punchems
Kramburger: JEFF JEFF JEFF
uchihab7: Gotta start with a whip obvi
Foxmar320: Oh thats fun
Fluffy776: Wow rad!
Griwes: ah yes, perfectly normal
thraximore: Adam's capture seems a bit stuttery, just me?
adambomb625: Can anyone explain Seamless Coop?
notthepenguins: oh NO
saucemaster5000: ooh goodie
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MahJunior17: Randomizer co-op let's gooooo
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Foxmar320: That staff is good
plummeting_sloth: The only rule for a radomized character... you can't see their face
whatthebus: ooh, Golden Epitaph
Mysticman89: seamless coop uses steam matchmaking to allow multiple people to join the same world without limitations or being sent back to their own world
Kramburger: The's a faith sword
canadianbac0nz: You know you wanna be the naked punchy man
jacqui_lantern234: naked man!!!!!!
thraximore: It does a Golden Vow effect I think
Kramburger: Our boy!
thraximore: YES
Mysticman89: so everyone can ride around on torrent together and look real instead of phantom-y
BrowneePoints: Otaku John
TehAmelie: randomizer, in an open world with fifty thousand million items to pick up and almost none of them gating access to each other, could be wild
saucemaster5000: The double whip experience taught us nothing
Mollylele: I know an Otaku Jeff when I see one
AlienNanobots: so formal
Fluffy776: All hail Otaku Jeffery!
Dog_of_Myth: Otaku Jeff rides again!!
fragilepaper: Otaku Jeff
Foxmar320: This is perfect
CAKHost: Spirit Gum!
red_shoes_jeff: Otaku JERF!!!
McGurganatorZX: good old otaku geoffrey
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Mysticman89: the randomizer aspect is seperate from the seamless coop
plummeting_sloth: time to Monster Factory
jacqui_lantern234: AHAHAHAHA
DigitalSeahorse: I can now hear the stream after being on phone call
Foxmar320: Sad because he knows whats going to happen
TheMerricat: @adambomb625 it's essentially a real co-op instead of the version that the game comes with. everyone gets to do everything as if they were the main host, death doesn't kick you out, boss fights are to the last one standing i.e. if you die in the boss fight you spectate the rest of them until everyone's dead or the bosses
DandyGeek: Yeah, you can use Seamless Co-Op on its own, this is a special setup
JadedCynic: hewwo
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DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble voxlunCarp
plummeting_sloth: come ooon Toucan Dan
goombalax: the nose singularity
TheMerricat: the boss is even
adambomb625: @TheMerricat Thanks!
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad voxlunGeiger this stream is RAD
niccus: we *can* sit in the character creator for three hours...
aWabbajack: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE awabbaLoading lrrARROW Rings time!
thraximore: NotLikeThis cursedor
Mysticman89: so right now he can use a pot item and then they can join him
A_Dub888: !findquote curate
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Foxmar320: :D
corianderd: glhf
TehAmelie: these very light weapon come in pairs on their own for dual wielding. so nice
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notthepenguins: oh
Mysticman89: (technically anyone with the correct password setup could join, but preusmably they sorted that out already)
TehAmelie: that dragon has a sword
A_Dub888: lrrFINE
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niccus: just L1
thraximore: this dragon is doomed
goombalax: back to the lab
Mollylele: is he going to punch a dragon to death
CptMurphey: I believe in otaku jeffery
LackingSanity_: oh hey, I use that guys sword!
Foxmar320: Real short game
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun How much more Elden Ring has Adam played beyond his PiF stream?
PMAvers: Basically a pretty good Skullgirls simulator. One touch from god.
Foxmar320: LOL
Fluffy776: Duuuuude!!!
notthepenguins: omfg
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Mollylele: well excuse me
whatthebus: bleed proc? let's go!
SuperBloodWolfMoon: hell yeah! HELL YEAH!
Juliamon: He *is* a double Boshy
BloodnBullets: !card epic confrontation
LRRbot: Epic Confrontation [1G] | Sorcery | Target creature you control gets +1/+2 until end of turn. It fights target creature you don't control.
Fluffy776: katesLol
aWabbajack: One punch Adam!
Griwes: any chance we can get the mouse cursor out of the middle of the screen?
HadesLeprechaun: scaling, cuz it's a dragon
corpocracy: Let's Go!
Seth_Erickson: I'm super excited for this.
YeetTheRich_: robbed
Foxmar320: Noooo
LackingSanity_: f
niccus: technically not killed by the boss!
Fluffy776: katesCri
Seth_Erickson: Oh no Adam NotLikeThis
Sniknob: scammed
corianderd: lmao
Mollylele: f
Mysticman89: gravity is the strongest foe
IsaTheEngie: what an oddly specific example
Mollylele: DandyGeek is nothing if not oddly specific
laikagoat: whomsts cursor
WiJohn: It was not god's will
thraximore: yeah Adam's capture seems reallllly slow
jacqui_lantern234: so what youre saying is that Adam is budget Beowulf?
SnackPak_: oh well
plummeting_sloth: huh
laikagoat: ah
Mollylele: that's his otaku jeff cutie mark
Foxmar320: No worries G
chaostreader: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 17:52.
Fluffy776: it's fine, it not perfect system
SeaDiegoFC: I thought Adam moved it back on purpose haha
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doubledbear: "We'll get it in post" Kappa
jacqui_lantern234: @Mollylele youre existence is a cutie mark! boom roasted!!!
plummeting_sloth: Otaku jeff neck tatoo
The_Ninjurai: Who is the person beside Graham?
adambomb625: Adam be maidenless
Scy_Anide: I made sure to kill that dude on NG+.
Juliamon: The_Ninjurai That's Ben Soileau aka DandyGeek
Foxmar320: Nice
Mr_Horrible: Seamless multiplayer, much like Doordash multiplayer
The_Ninjurai: Thanks Juliamon !
Foxmar320: LOL
Syntheticuh: otaku jeff bezos lmao
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunStare voxlunStare
jacqui_lantern234: OTAKU JEFF BEZOS IM HOWLING
SnackPak_: perfect
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh
Drathak: The squad is hereee
bytecaster: So many otakus, is this an anime convention?
PharaohBender27: :D
Drathak: Otaku Jeffs
JadedCynic: of COURSE :)
Mr_Horrible: no surprise Otaku Jeff Bezos is the bougiest
jacqui_lantern234: Andrew, i fucking love you LUL
Dog_of_Myth: Perfect names
DigitalSeahorse: lol
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
plummeting_sloth: clothes just get in the way of the punching
Mollylele: leave it to @andrew to crush it on the accessories front
Mysticman89: friendly fire is a toggle in the book of rules
YeetTheRich_: C H A O S
bytecaster: Otaku Jeff Bezos has only seen that one billionaire detective anime, and that sold him on the medium.
Fluffy776: Oh no x.x
hd_dabnado: hold
DigitalSeahorse: users I tells ya, using the pot
Mysticman89: is his password set correctly in the .ini file
DigitalSeahorse: :P
plummeting_sloth: ah, teh real final boss of Elden Ring... network matchmaking
Mollylele: Wheeler has been nerfed straight away
NewtyNewts: Is this a Desert Bus bit test stream?
thraximore: petition to turn on friendly fire for comedy purposes
DocTie: You mean the guy known for TPK in the narrative horror games can turn FF at will? I foresee nothing going wrong.
DigitalSeahorse: pot is totally legal in Canada
saucemaster5000: seabatOAK seabatOAK
DeM0nFiRe: Seeing this starting area again just reminds me this game is so fucking good
DigitalSeahorse: where's Alex's character?
aitsu100: i say fight club at 30 minutes left in the stream
SnackPak_: lol
QTL7: wait is this a randomizer?
Scy_Anide: lrrGOAT there!
jacqui_lantern234: respect the 1v1!!!!
thraximore: LUL
DigitalSeahorse: I missed who is whom
PMAvers: And that's why Tanks get the Shirk abilitiy.
JadedCynic: @QTL7 oh yes :D
Fluffy776: katesFight katesRip
PMAvers: For those times the DPS are feeling uppity.
ANeMzero: I do love that the mod just exploits the fact that Steams matchmaking just views every game as like a HL1 mod and doesn't care, which lets you do stuff like this
GhostValv: let them fight
Mysticman89: he won't respawn until someone rest now
FlamingSpipernado: oh gosh the chaos
bytecaster: @QTL7 Tree Sentinel is just not feeling riding the giant horse today
Mysticman89: bosses put people into spectator mode
devoidmelody: is that Adams mouse in the middle of the screen?
TehAmelie: so the enemies have probably about 3x more life?
SnackPak_: it's rad watching souls combat like this
Mollylele: Oops All Jeffs
YeetTheRich_: ADAM
Foxmar320: :D
corianderd: ayyyyyy
SnackPak_: wow
CptMurphey: ahaha
jacqui_lantern234: ADAM SAVIDAN
JadedCynic: @devoidmelody yeah...Adam doesn't see that tho
notthepenguins: ADAM
laikagoat: fionLOL
control_rig: Adammmm Booooo
CptMurphey: 10/10
Brozard: seabatUseless seabatUseless seabatUseless
uchihab7: So does everyone get a boss item?
Griwes: hahahahahah
saucemaster5000: someone needed to get out their litle dev il
aWabbajack: HahaShrugLeft lrrADAM HahaShrugRight
Uzumaki15: Adam is still driving it like he stole it XD
thraximore: umbral4W
plummeting_sloth: not quite mlg level yet
InquisitorGaia: is this a randomizer?
NewtyNewts: Ooh, this must be that Hunting Monsters game I've heard so much about
Foxmar320: Bleed is so good
Fluffy776: katesHype katesParty katesHype
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
laikagoat: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Foxmar320: I did most of the game with claws
blepharic: seabatClap
Foxmar320: OMG
thraximore: ez
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAH
JadedCynic: LUL
jacqui_lantern234: LUL FLAWLESS
WiJohn: Third hand!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
GhostValv: I really liked the spiked caestus on my run
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL LUL
Fluffy776: katesLol katesLol katesLol
Griwes: LUL
TehAmelie: you could share :3
Mollylele: congrats??
plummeting_sloth: mount that on your belly button
notthepenguins: equip a third
control_rig: That's the spiked codpiece
Earthenone: maidenless btw
UnkeptFlea: whats a caestus if not a shorter whip?
raulghoulia: it's spiked cestrus' all the way down
uchihab7: Does everyone get an item from the boss? Does everyone gain runes when the boss dies?
ralwatt: Oh wow, what's going on here? Y'all got into the seamless coop mod?!
ralwatt: The mod makes all items and drops instanced for each player.
Foxmar320: omg
Mollylele: Seamless + randomizer
TehAmelie: got an S tier shield for free at least
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on_and_awful: It's a good shield, Bront
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micalovits: So. who is going full shield smash?
Earthenone: 3500 for sheild is a great deal, unfortunantly block is cheat
ralwatt: Ohhhh sick! I just did a rum of seamless rando with a friend. :D
jacqui_lantern234: @Mollylele + ratio :p
plummeting_sloth: then it's, quite literally, of to the races
thraximore: +maidenless x4
ralwatt: How many people are playing together? I thought 4 was the limit.
saucemaster5000: I mean, there's a whole other recorded playthrough for wheeler to expect some behavior
NewtyNewts: 34, probably
plummeting_sloth: Too Dumb to Sword
Dog_of_Myth: Not fat enough
InquisitorGaia: 34str i think is the requirement
JadedCynic: No, not right now
Mollylele: a melted steven segal
control_rig: To weak to wield it, to dumb to realize
bytecaster: @ralwatt Actually, very few people know the limit is 4 people and 2 floating heads
TehAmelie: how bad could it be to turn the merchants hostile right from the start? they only have a big speech about how unforgivingness is the one trait of their people
Syntheticuh: steven segal is just cultivating mass
corianderd: beef jerky man
Solomon_Kain: this is more like Bob Odenkirk.
DigitalSeahorse: stupid anxiety making it harder to focus ssandGHOST ssandMOD katesBelt
JadedCynic: I don't think Steven Segal was EVER this skinny
aitsu100: thats a Chuck Norus body
ralwatt: @bytecaster who is floating head #2?
Kramburger: Adam's character can't be steven segal, he's won a fight
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RaklarLS: nah, fight was clearly rigged for the camera
jessieimproved: your character is liam neeson on survivorman
saucemaster5000: @Kramburger with three lackeys in tow? nah. That proves he is Steven Segal
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunCarp dog
ralwatt: Do they know that you shouldn't travel to roundtable hold together?
DigitalSeahorse: dug?
Fluffy776: Behold dog katesLoaf
DigitalSeahorse: doug
DigitalSeahorse: katesLoaf
Mollylele: why does he have belly gills??
jacqui_lantern234: bc probably does have some great pot :p
bytecaster: @ralwatt Ben aka DandyGeek
DigitalSeahorse: katesGift
taotetek: Weeeeee
ralwatt: Yeah for our rando runs we would always split up to go to roundtable.
Mollylele: yippeeeeee
Fluffy776: katesSus
DigitalSeahorse: katesSus
DocTie: Just open all of the ports, it'll fine
jacqui_lantern234: LUL ADAM
Mysticman89: I have noticed the beard+unibrow glitch happening sometimes in my own seamless coop, it fixes itself eventually.
Foxmar320: So leathery
DigitalSeahorse: katesSus W katesSus anime eyes!
Mollylele: it looks like a wrapped snack sausage
Dog_of_Myth: Nature Boy Otaku Jeffery
Fluffy776: katesLol katesLol katesLol
WiJohn: Network issues!!!
aitsu100: thats a star wars alien face
corefluxx: I think that Adam's character is wearing the wrong size skin
Alas_Babylon: *see's ur grace* OwO
taotetek: Naked and caestus is the way
cmdrelk: "Ric Flair skin" gross...
ralwatt: Graham and Ben are just commentating, right?
Dog_of_Myth: Yes
Mollylele: yiss
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: just joined, great crew. oh and we've got Graham on commentary for the full MST3K experience
jessieimproved: it's a too big skin that has been heat shrinked to otaku jeff
bytecaster: Wheeler is gonna join in the second act, when things seem their most dire to turn the tide of fate.
matthaus_c: who's the play by play and who's the colour commentary :p
thraximore: let's find out who's who in limgrave
MAPBoardgames: Like a proper LAN party, it's taken 30min just to get everyone in the game.
Mollylele: Wheeler is the deus ex, confirmed
plummeting_sloth: it could even be a boat
Foxmar320: Oh yes!
taotetek: Hahaha
ralwatt: in my last rando run malenia replaced radahn, it was amazing
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: sorry, who's the other guy on commentary with G?
red_shoes_jeff: @bytecaster By crushing the heroes.
IsaTheEngie: I'm waiting for Margit to either be something profoundly silly or Malenia.
HadesLeprechaun: normal enemy that will respawn every time you rest
Mollylele: friendly fire would sure make this a shit show
Fluffy776: katesParty katesParty katesParty
plummeting_sloth: the out of place strong enemies does make it feel less bad to bully
PharaohBender27: @I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo Ben Soilel (sp?) - Molly Lewis' partner
DigitalSeahorse: gazoomtits
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: oh that's who that is! I couldn't quite recognize the avatar but the voice was familiar
MAPBoardgames: Is it the shoes?
saucemaster5000: many punch man
TehAmelie: i imagine also some very graphically complicated enemies may show up in areas that aren't made for them
red_shoes_jeff: I didn't know those guys could GET jumped like that.
Foxmar320: Yeah
MAPBoardgames: Are G and Ben S. playing or just doing commentary?
bytecaster: Otaku Jeff has once lost a punching match against a door, if I remember correctly, so this is certainly an improvement
JadedCynic: just commentary
Foxmar320: LOL
GhostValv: D:
Mollylele: a full highlander situation
notthepenguins: UH
Dog_of_Myth: @MAPBoardgames Commentary
aWabbajack: Margie!!!?
Mollylele: there can be only one otaku jeff
DigitalSeahorse: LOL
Fluffy776: katesEyes katesGun
micalovits: This is a funny cave for Margit to hide in
thraximore: HAHAHAHA
Mr_Horrible: oh, so this is Seamless co-op AND randomizer?
Mr_Horrible: oh god
CptMurphey: ouch
DigitalSeahorse: Canadian references
Seth_Erickson: Margit's damage is pumping
xantos69: I just love watching 4 people rolling up and ganking that boss.
7gorobei: this Dauntless mod is weird
niccus: randomizer (lore-friendly)
DeM0nFiRe: @Mr_Horrible Yup
Decaped: I mean, this is not out of character for Margit
TehAmelie: it's not even the final form of Margit, probably
plummeting_sloth: MArgit? Of the Farum Azula MArgits?
jacqui_lantern234: *uses her french canadian accent* Margit Richard
Foxmar320: Margit just hanging out in a cave
Mollylele: ah yes, the Lore Scrambler
DeM0nFiRe: @plummeting_sloth LUL
MAPBoardgames: Adam on the magic pixel
Mr_Horrible: Chaos Reigns stalalaFine
thraximore: VaatiVidya suddenly has palpitations
bytecaster: It could be worse, it could be Malenia, Blade of Farum Azula
Foxmar320: lol
saucemaster5000: eh. it checks out. one made up monster is another made up monster. it's canon, says Miyazaki
DigitalSeahorse: see NFB's video The Sweater (Hockey) for that ref Wheeler made
taotetek: Fist weapon only choice
aitsu100: this looks like it feels like Monster Hunter Multiplayer
InquisitorGaia: is this local hosted or server hosted?
LidofLoathing: Otaku Jeff's Chiropractics
corefluxx: Giving the mob a kidney massage
Mr_Horrible: you're just giving him a therapeutic massage, Adam, it's actually healing him Kappa
TehAmelie: hey, phase 2 on first try
Foxmar320: Doing good so far :P
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Gulleko: This is a glorious mess and I love it
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TehAmelie: what are the odds you can find Margit's shackle somewhere before the ends of the Earth?
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
Robot_Bones: plus adam has the bleed fists
Foxmar320: ouch!
control_rig: Awwwwww
DeM0nFiRe: F
GhostValv: o7
PharaohBender27: tqsRIP
aitsu100: rip adam
Mollylele: f
JadedCynic: o7
Mr_Horrible: honestly, not bad
saucemaster5000: gggn
Foxmar320: That was amazing attempt!
bytecaster: Ah, the classic slightly delayed swing
control_rig: Close
MAPBoardgames: duskvRip duskvRip duskvRip duskvRip
A_Dub888: benginO7
ylegm: seabatCHOICE
Fluffy776: katesRip But that was sooooo cooool!!
Seth_Erickson: Man, Margit with the 1v4
TehAmelie: hey, they are unleveled and unupgraded
FarleyF: you know this stream has the same feel that the Destiny long game had - and it rocks
Kazman20a: so it does nothing to adam
jacqui_lantern234: @Fluffy776 YOURE cool! boom roasted!!!
niccus: and worst of all, uncoordinated
iloveolivepizza: Avenge Ric Flair
jessieimproved: majestic
Fluffy776: @Fluffy776 Aww katesSnug lol
bytecaster: Is the collective noun for this group an "anime convention of Jeff"?
jessieimproved: I believe this is a murder of Jeffs
AllTheWeasels: LUL
GhostValv: wowie
Foxmar320: omg :D
Mollylele: a weeb of jeffs
Seth_Erickson: Rune arcs really pumping when you're rune less LUL
TehAmelie: what is 5% of 1 HP? :p
plummeting_sloth: now your fists hit for 0 damage, instead of negative
Mr_Horrible: I'm juicing up. *pulls out BK Kid's Meal juice box*
Solomon_Kain: Lantern was the best purchase I made all game.
Mr_Horrible: the Majuhstey
jacqui_lantern234: good question, next question
micalovits: So, when a whip drops we know what happens right?
Foxmar320: oh wow
HorusFive: So THAT was a Murder of Jeffs
Mollylele: ^^
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I saw someone doing double lightning lances in a run of this (without the randomizer)
easterncaveofwonders: Who else is offscreen with Graham and Paul?
MAPBoardgames: !players
LRRbot: Today's players are: Beej (Green Elf), Alex (Red Warrior), Nelson (Blue Valkyrie), and Ian (Yellow Wizard).
Mollylele: lol
Mr_Horrible: that, I feel, is out of date LUL
Foxmar320: easterncaveofwonders DandyGeek aka Ben
Kramburger: X: Doubt
TehAmelie: i tried double twin blades for a bit. it was less ridiculous than one might imagine
matthaus_c: is Ben more of a Nelson, Ian or Beej
OhaiMireiya: hurro frens =3
easterncaveofwonders: 👍🏻
drewm1022: Otaku Jeff Bezos needs food badly.
DigitalSeahorse: katesJuice
micalovits: Commander o'niel
Seth_Erickson: General Niall
Scy_Anide: Commander Nial in Castle Sol.
FarleyF: dibs on Adam Roleplaying Beej
CommanderPulsar: I for one am enjoying Beej's green elf gameplay here.
MAPBoardgames: Nonsense @Mr_Horrible ! All gauntlet, all the time.
Seth_Erickson: O'niell is the swamp one right
Mollylele: somebody feed jeff
Robot_Bones: lol its the whips all over again
Foxmar320: ohhhhh
Mr_Horrible: I wanna see Adam open up a whip in the first dungeon they find
Mr_Horrible: Kappa
thraximore: graverobbing fratboyPog
TehAmelie: "there's items everywhere," as Calvin almost said
Simonark: Which one is the blue valkyrie? Is it the one who is coldest or the one with the dirtiest jokes?
RavingPenguin: Punch the boss
Foxmar320: Plan lol
HorusFive: Do the LOOK like they have a plan?
micalovits: The plan is get gut
DigitalSeahorse: katesSee
aitsu100: the plan is respawn forever
DigitalSeahorse: katesEyes
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easterncaveofwonders: I’m glad Ben is here I’m sure that this will be a collection of best dressed bois in no time.
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Mr_Horrible: Adam's league practice coming into effect here lrrBEEJ
bytecaster: Two point plan: 1. Don't get hit, 2. punch
Seth_Erickson: Here's a question, what happens if a player uses one of the teleport items that jreturn you to the sites of grace.
DigitalSeahorse: kates7
MAPBoardgames: @thraximore Necrotic item reallocation.
Foxmar320: Cursed!
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
SymphonicLolita: lrrSPOOP
thraximore: post-mortem redistribution of wealth
Mr_Horrible: Am Margit okay?
Seth_Erickson: Margit is learning
PMAvers: So basically playing the Cam Run.
aitsu100: oh no
Morrigan9: cyberpunk elden ring
Griwes: uhmmmm
Foxmar320: Thats super cursed!
Mollylele: oooooh
Drasvin: lrrSPOOP
TheThirdTail: Ninja Margit
plummeting_sloth: oh no he's crossed with Melenia
matthaus_c: the Limgrave City Shuffle
Darleysam: nothing personnel, kid
Griwes: must be the cursed blood
HorusFive: Instant Teleport technique
notthepenguins: after images with mass
DeM0nFiRe: Nothing personnel kid *teleports behind and in front and to the left of you*
Delalelilolu: the multidimensional slash, he attacked you in every timeline
Spades_Slicc: Margit the Ultra Instinct
Mr_Horrible: Who gave Margit skittles after 7pm?
Mollylele: geddan power activate
thraximore: OMAE WA MOU
micalovits: Margit telling you to gtfo
epsilon_vee: the power of floating point geometry
HadesLeprechaun: he's breaking through the cracks in reality!
Officinalis: Margit has opened his eighth gate!
Simonark: Are we still doing phasing?
Seth_Erickson: Put these foul ambitions to rest
matthaus_c: ladies ambitions to rest
thraximore: @Simonark only if you were phased out since the beginning of this turn
shurtal: What is this, Dark Souls 2?!?!
bytecaster: The AI scripts are surely not designed for this
TehAmelie: in Dark Souls, i found the souls you get from a boss is actually tied to clearing the boss encounter. very disappointing when you random into the Four Kings in the Asylum. but maybe it's more like you want it to in this game?
LordShadner: he found a Sandevistan lrrFINE Kappa
doubledbear: To be fair regular Margit can do that
1y1e: damn Margit got the Sandevistan spine installed
Seth_Erickson: Boss tracking and fluidity is really good in this game
Mr_Horrible: "Lol. Lmao. Command Grab."
Nuurgle: Margit's been playing the SF6 Beta
notthepenguins: he does that a lot normally
bytecaster: Canceling attacks, wave dashing, what is this? Smash Bros Melee?
TheMerricat: I wonder if the jiggle is the AI being forced to change targets by the mod because people keep getting changing the 'aggro'
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
thraximore: woooooooow
Mollylele (whispers) the boys are back in town
plummeting_sloth: ooh the bleed proc
Foxmar320: ouch!]
SymphonicLolita: lrrSIG
PharaohBender27: Yhry
Seth_Erickson: forgot how much damage bleed did early LUL
Mr_Horrible: Adam: "We're gonna play this chill" Margit: "YOU THOUGHT" dazeHyper
The_Ninjurai: Sounds like the cops were after Margit
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
PharaohBender27: *They're doing so good the police have been called!
HorusFive: The answer to Adam's question is YES
Officinalis: The frame police are here.
control_rig: You! NO YOU! Psych!
shurtal: Cops are comin' for y'all Otakus
thraximore: margit's sending the cops after you!
Veraphage: "There is no aggro reset"
control_rig: Squish
Mr_Horrible: undone by the jiggle
Seth_Erickson: literally cheated
PharaohBender27: Welp
SymphonicLolita: F
damn_i_am_pretty: F
Foxmar320: uhhhhh one more?
Dog_of_Myth: Uhhhh One more
TehAmelie: octuple-wielding bleed weapons might just be completely ridiculous
ZuNy77: one more once
Flux530: Shit, is Margot on Rollback?
thraximore: Maid-Marian looking tarnished LUL
bytecaster: Just ambush them as 4 naked punchy dudes, that is gonna startle them for sure.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrWHEELER_TK lrrALEX_TK katesHm lrrADAM_TK lrrGRAHAM_TK katesHm
TehAmelie: how generous
jacqui_lantern234: beat me to the joke, andrew
KaleidoscopeMind: or snake church
plummeting_sloth: oh yeah, clear that rot Adam. Clearly it was affecting your damage
Mollylele: awwww I like seein em all around the fire together
bytecaster: Just three Otaku resting at a bonfire together
TehAmelie: i love that you can all sit at the campfire together
PharaohBender27: :D
Foxmar320: Oh gooooood
TehAmelie: better road trip game than Final Fantasy 15?
EvilBadman: is Wheeler not resting at the cave fire which is what's kicking him to the church?
Mollylele: a. mazing.
MAPBoardgames: Invisible boss = hard mode
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HorusFive: Well that's going to make this fight simpler
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Spades_Slicc: Is this boss 1 or the Margit that spawns in front of the castle?
Drasvin: It not perfect system
DandyGeek: @EvilBadman Yeah, he didn't have the site of grace
ComradeMik: the cursor is the the most cursed thing in this world
AllTheWeasels: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Foxmar320: :D
Bearudite: holy shit wheeler
IsaTheEngie: me talking to my ADC
Bearudite: O-top-u Gap is powerful
ComradeMik: typical adc, blaming the jungler
OhaiMireiya: the first letters of every one playing, spell out WAAA
Mollylele: omg you're right
Earthenone: !quote wario
LRRbot: Quote #6676: "Wah! Nintendo is real!" —Wario [2020-01-06]
RomanGoro: Which version of Marge is this?
Seth_Erickson: Fucking the matrix on that one
aWabbajack: that crit
iris_of_ether: @RomanGoro Yes.
TehAmelie: heh. today i heard the writing advice to avoid having characters with the same first letter in their name
LackingSanity_: the fromsoft classic: getting really far on a boss on your first attempt, and then having a bunch of runs where you do way worse
BloodnBullets: well adam has that spare gauntlet
ComradeMik: remember that the more you proc bleed, the harder is it to proc bleed
Foxmar320: :D
jacqui_lantern234: WHEELER
TehAmelie: GRRM clearly never heard of that, and neither have we
DigitalSeahorse: digita435Hehe
UnkeptFlea: "one more, one more, one more, then we can thank subs"
DigitalSeahorse: lrrADAM_TK kenohkBubble_HF
Foxmar320: Thats who I would have picked :P
HorusFive: Adam "I picked the toughest one" Savidan
Kramburger: Adam 'Two Whips' Savidan
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble_BW lrrALEX_TK lrrWHEELER_TK kenohkBubble_HF
patfinder: Adam can't stop playing Oliver
TehAmelie: what is the seed, if we may be so curious?
on_and_awful: what dat celestial dew?
Bearudite: time to crack a dew bud
Spades_Slicc: What's a Celestial Dew?
Spades_Slicc: God's Will :)
Kramburger: Game's Haunted
matthaus_c: to go. even further.
jacqui_lantern234: Palpatine_CelestialDewIt.wav
Arakasi01: Margit of the Dodge n Weave
Foxmar320: This is so cursed I love it
plummeting_sloth: it's liek you're trying to fight while Going To The STore
bytecaster: Margit is trying to get out of bounds for the Farum Azula skip.
jacqui_lantern234: also hi myspace in the background!
niccus: i wish you can mod in gmod sounds when a boss wiggles
Kramburger: Is that Myspace?
iris_of_ether: Hi Myspace!
TehAmelie: oh no, Margit is a speedrunner
Foxmar320: hahaaaa
thraximore: what was that SOUND umbral4KEKW
aitsu100: is it a win if he clips oob and dies
DigitalSeahorse: I think I just heard a cat
SnackPak_: Hi Myspace
DandyGeek: @TehAmelie Well, we're kinda meaning both the rng seed for the randomizer *and* the custom settings I put in for how the enemies are placed
matthaus_c: Myspace!
FITorion: who's cat is that?
Nigouki: meowing will continue until the boss dies
IsaTheEngie: Myspace! girldmLove
OhaiMireiya: ok it wasn't just me hearing meowing
epsilon_vee: @thraximore i think it was myspace
thraximore: !quote baxter
LRRbot: Quote #7826: "[repeated loud meowing]" —Baxter [2021-10-27]
PharaohBender27: @FITorion Myspace is Andrew's cat
OhaiMireiya: haha I thought it was my cat
LolCamAlpha: Margit is made of rubber bands
Mollylele: oh heck I thought MySpace was in the game LUL
jacqui_lantern234: @DigitalSeahorse you did. their name is myspace
Foxmar320: Margit is in all timelines at once
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until_may: Niiiiiiiiiiiice
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iris_of_ether: Myspace is Andrew's cat, and has a 'smoker's meow'
plummeting_sloth: that was the Hermes fight in God of WAr, right?
corpocracy: Straight up Boomer Kwanger
DigitalSeahorse: ah Myspace yes, I remember scrim
CururuGuasu: Margit used Double Team…It’s Super Effective!
control_rig: Straight Yoshimitsu
aitsu100: the new cyberpunk anime thats basically the main characters ability
niccus: this is the senior jumble
Kramburger: Ah, Margit's a Chun-Li main
TehAmelie: or Margit is Scrooge McDuck
matthaus_c: out of the corner so smart
bytecaster: The teleportation is "emergent gameplay"
BrowneePoints: Oh there are Paul. There are some D&D monsters that blink/zoom like that and they are VERY scary
DigitalSeahorse: katesLoaf
plummeting_sloth: yeah, this is basically heaven for Margit. Just swatting around multiple tarnished all day
DigitalSeahorse: xD
thraximore: as far as I'm concerned, this is canon LUL
Kramburger: "Nothing personal, kid"
Bearudite: he has some big Geddan going
TehAmelie: is the game destabilizing a bit maybe?
BrowneePoints: "Omae wa mou, Shindeiru"
Foxmar320: Please game let him fall through the floor and die lol
Seth_Erickson: hey maybe we can get margit to fall through the map?
Musicsquid: Mans looks like a damn dreidel
SnackPak_: oofa
matthaus_c: never plussy
Arakasi01: 'damage window' 'margit' majinHmm
ComradeMik: who's baiting people into bad fights now, adam?
Kramburger: Are you there Radagan? it's me, Margit
DandyGeek: the worst I've seen a boss do in this is to de-aggro on the living player and stare at someone else's corpse mournfully
noa2828: margit: Teleports, video freezes "nani?!?"
HasturTheYellow: If it's not your window *to* damage, then it's your window to *be* damaged :^)
whatthebus: Well. Thou'rt of passing skill. Warrior blood must truly run in thy veins, tarnished.
corianderd: I imagine Margit screaming as spacetime tears him apart in this fight.
IsaTheEngie: that's not terrifying or anything
TehAmelie: Vegeta! I can fly!
BrowneePoints: @corianderd Every time he phases everyone hears and feels a low grade hum in the base of their skull
DigitalSeahorse: katesNom
Dog_of_Myth: Margit saw the Ian Crapshot on speedrunning
AllTheWeasels: Immediately punished
aitsu100: lol
Officinalis: Roll optional.
Foxmar320: :D
ComradeMik: here we see adam give up on the fight
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IsaTheEngie: acceptance of death
DigitalSeahorse: katesNo digita435HYPE2
bytecaster: Margit is just being torn apart by 4 worlds overlapping that were never meant to overlap
plummeting_sloth: ooh, I hope there's a "horse everyone" mod
BrowneePoints: Oh yea, who is gonna replace the swamp dragon?
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunBabhed
IsaTheEngie: Inb4 agheel becomes placidusax
matthaus_c: LMAO
Foxmar320: welp
TehAmelie: sweet, randomly spawning pickups are also randomized
jacqui_lantern234: @LoadingReadyRun guess what?! yall are beautiful and valuable and loved beyond measure!!! <3
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunCarp
noa2828: jst a nude man frolicking among the sheep, the dream
kynelwynn: So, what is the conceit to this? Modded somehow, clearly
Seth_Erickson: When I randomized bosses on my run Malenia was chilling where you get the Game of Thrones sword, so that was cool
taotetek: Hahaha
AllTheWeasels: Adam "gloves on gloves" Savidan
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
bytecaster: @AllTheWeasels "Gloves in Cestus": The "Socks in sandals" for your hands
DigitalSeahorse: sheepishly backstabbed
Seth_Erickson: Oh pog Bloody finger now we can invade PogChamp
noa2828: baaad move ben
The_Ninjurai: Can we also get Adam to remove the cursor when y'all come back?
TehAmelie: it's only weird because you're ONLY wearing gloves and gauntlets
drewm1022: He tried, it rubber banded back to center.
laikagoat: @The_Ninjurai he tried, it just rubber bands back
The_Ninjurai: Ah, did not know that, laikagoat . Thanks for the info!
Seth_Erickson: So when do we start our horse race betting
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGRAHAM_TK lrrALEX_TK lrrADAM_TK lrrWHEELER_TK
DeM0nFiRe: Get that Honda Accord
BrowneePoints: Ope, I've seen this Video before
noa2828: dream blunt rotation
WiJohn: Well, this is great.
DigitalSeahorse: katesHm katesHm
NewtyNewts: This nonsense is wonderful nonsense
BrowneePoints: 4 Tarnished 1 Maiden
Boon_33: the best nonsense
TehAmelie: i'm too going away! gotta go potty
jacqui_lantern234: @NewtyNewts YOURE WONDERFUL
DigitalSeahorse: ssandDANCE katesJam katesPride katesWiggle
LackingSanity_: i like how they're excluding melina from the circle
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MilkInBags: elden ping
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NewtyNewts: @NewtyNewts Oh no, I've been got! lrrHEART
LordZarano: 🤘
SnackPak_: and Serge!
TehAmelie: it is a real impressive mod
TehAmelie: to have four player coop at all
jacqui_lantern234: @LackingSanity_ i like YOU
TehAmelie: i rate this stream: a whole shelf of dangs https://i.imgur.com/XpMaAov.png
OhaiMireiya: I totally read that wrong
iris_of_ether: Dang.
MilkInBags: did the music eat them
iloveolivepizza: crying
laikagoat: lrrSPOOP
NewtyNewts: No mics?
SymphonicLolita: muted
Foxmar320: Mic 5
Boon_33: anti-mawp
iloveolivepizza: Is my chip tune goat for their record
SymphonicLolita: ok good
MilkInBags: D:
NewtyNewts: Now mics
MilkInBags: not muted now
Boon_33: back
jacqui_lantern234: audio back
patrick_stonecrusher: FBtouchdown
Foxmar320: There we go
laundreydhull: wassup.......
HasturTheYellow: Good now
FITorion: not any more
niccus: serving suggestion for the next boss that is in wiggle mode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSMnZAS5aYo
laundreydhull: ow, owowowow
Griwes: oh they are all horsing around
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Pywodwagon: 3 years of absolute nonsense
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jacqui_lantern234: quad horse? aka Quorse
lady_olynder: throrse, if you will
Blade_Tiger: Love me a good game of Three-Horse Bully
CaptainSpam: Nintendo's engine has been doing that lately.
Fluffy776: katesPosh
iris_of_ether: 2020Shred
MilkInBags: alex is here FBtouchdown
NewtyNewts: Here we go...
teh_chef: They’re underpowered. Only running on three horsepower.
OhaiMireiya: time for some horseplay
plummeting_sloth: the Charge of the Dwight Brigade
EvilBadman: there's a monkey pack in Sekiro that does that weird frame rate change
DigitalSeahorse: the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse?
taotetek: Hahaha
MilkInBags: huuuuuh
aitsu100: Conan intro scene
taotetek: Baaall
KeytarCat: I'm gonna play a bingo, got my card here https://bingobaker.com/#4003186
niccus: ball detected
DigitalSeahorse: xD
jacqui_lantern234: O R B
DigitalSeahorse: ORB
matthaus_c: BALL
TehAmelie: game's like "deez nuts"
thraximore: HAHA
JadedCynic: It's the premise of a LOT of westerns - a pack of bandits ride in and ravage a village.
thraximore: B A L L
DigitalSeahorse: ohgod it looks like an AI hand
corianderd: make ball kill spider!
SymphonicLolita: bro???
Pywodwagon: I could hear that alex scream from my headphones sitting on my desk
control_rig: Ball:2 Tarnished: Nil
Mollylele: rock paper scissors
plummeting_sloth: the True Elden Lord... Ball
DigitalSeahorse: I mean I guess it is
underhill33: d-d-d-double kill
thraximore: wait is Boc the ball?
DigitalSeahorse: sort of
laundreydhull: is lrrALEX fine?
LackingSanity_: land crab
jacqui_lantern234: @Pywodwagon alex's scream is ICONIC
Mattmitchell45: Fighting hand spiders....it doesn't get any easier
plummeting_sloth: god, I just love the idea of a mounted attack of a dude running guy on a horse and punching you
Griwes: hands are the worst
MilkInBags: HAHAHA
Kazman20a: ahh the dragon tree
Seth_Erickson: That's the Draconic Tree Sentilnel
whatthebus: My name is Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa!
SymphonicLolita: LUL
notthepenguins: oh no
plummeting_sloth: the dragonic one
LackingSanity_: lmao
aWabbajack: mrweebHorse
DigitalSeahorse: Katamari in Eldon Ring?
gama41: lmao
gama41: left to die
MilkInBags: seabatNogood
thraximore: the Dragon Sentinel
jacqui_lantern234: @whatthebus nobu nobunaga? Kappa
Fluffy776: katesLol
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abyssaldm: Ah yes! 42!
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taotetek: Hahaha
goatbeez: howdy folks
DeM0nFiRe: lmao I love the camera zooming over to Alex chilling at the bonfire
Seth_Erickson: or in front of leyndell's main capital entrance
Griwes: Draconic Night's Tree Sentinel
TehAmelie: how long ago was it Adam said "you all are on your own, i'm out of here", like 60 seconds?
DigitalSeahorse: tootSocky
avi_miller: Steel Ball Run
Mattmitchell45: Beast Attacks
matthaus_c: Otaku Johnny Joestar
SquareDotCube: Hinkley, please
MilkInBags: get balled
goatbeez: oh no, the wrestler "mankind" is here
TehAmelie: that iron ball is out to get you
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh
Fluffy776: katesLol
taotetek: It’s ballin time
Dog_of_Myth: Do not taunt the Super Happy Fun Ball.
corianderd: andrew.
Foxmar320: Ball!
NewtyNewts: Remember the rots
JadedCynic: @Dog_of_Myth SeemsGood
iris_of_ether: (They're gonna aggro the ball)
Seth_Erickson: But that ball might drop something right
matthaus_c: swap your legs, stretch your fluids, aggro the ball
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL advice: "Aggro the Ball"
TehAmelie: if it is the ball i think it is, you can't fight it at all
DigitalSeahorse: lrrWHEELER_TK
Foxmar320: Ball!
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCIRCLE_SG lrrCIRCLE_TK ORB says aggro the ORB
Fluffy776: But the ball is friend
airylan: !badadvice
LRRbot: Get excited about dynamite.
taotetek: Make ball and crab fight
avi_miller: “Do not aggro the crab” solid life advice
OhaiMireiya: we have no quarrel with you Ball!
matthaus_c: horseback fisting is how I wanna live
The_Ninjurai: I remember Adam's twin whip build. that was a thing of beauty
HadesLeprechaun: gotta use bleed to kill oozes
Foxmar320: lol
LolCamAlpha: Oh noooooo
Fluffy776: Ahahaha
DigitalSeahorse: xD
LolCamAlpha: hahahah that's so funny
IsaTheEngie: the ooze is like the immortal snail
jacqui_lantern234: Adam "Whip Guy" Savidan
HorusFive: Some is not none
DeM0nFiRe: More damage than against the ooze lol
Eklinaar: LUL
MilkInBags: blap
DigitalSeahorse: "The"
Foxmar320: This is going well
plummeting_sloth: he was trying to burn the poison off of you
AmazingChest: Sellen sells sea spells by the sea shore
DigitalSeahorse: woo red lightning
Foxmar320: Can she have giant laser Ben?
Seth_Erickson: Adam you have a golden rune 5
Dog_of_Myth: Ball is coming
MilkInBags: ball is slowly coming
NotCainNorAbel: ball is coming
Fluffy776: What if don't fight scary bosses?
plummeting_sloth: ooh, what pulls caravans now. Is it random?
HadesLeprechaun: are they still being pulled by the giants or can anything be pulling them??
Foxmar320: Ball is watching, waiting
goatbeez: has anyone ever tried "biomutant"? I got a few hours in today and I mostly really liked it
Critterbot: Runes.
GoblinPieromancer: the ball reminds me of Prisoner
Foxmar320: onward! To Florida!
Seth_Erickson: Did we try fighting the dragon Kappa
avi_miller: Menacingly you say? ゴゴゴゴ
Seth_Erickson: the slow mo stand up 👀
DandyGeek: @GoblinPieromancer yeah, very much makes me think of Rover :D
AmazingChest: "You are now alone" lsrSad
taotetek: Baaaaaall
MilkInBags: time to punch a ball
taotetek: Replace everything with balls
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Brozard: Haven't seen this ball in the Tower before
TehAmelie: 20 meters now, that would be deadly
MilkInBags: LUL
Foxmar320: hahahaaaa
plummeting_sloth: honeslty, this should be a real boss
Mr_Horrible: the Reverse Indy
taotetek: Marble madness
HorusFive: Just look for the ball, man
Mattmitchell45: Or before good GPS
MilkInBags: balled FBtouchdown
DigitalSeahorse: xD
TehAmelie: if it balls, we can kill it
SymphonicLolita: ball Tortured
avi_miller: sergeGG sergeGG
Robot_Bones: I'm at Soup!
HorusFive: Worth it
Fluffy776: katesLol
ladylinzington: is..is the ball a usual elden ring opponent?
Foxmar320: Dragon!
patrick_stonecrusher: [movie trailer voice] in a world, where balls..!
laundreydhull: xD
OhaiMireiya: dagron
adambomb625: Dew it
GhostValv: that's the ice one I think?
thraximore: and a bone
Foxmar320: Yeah thats not the normal one
plummeting_sloth: oh, it's teh glitch dragon
Scy_Anide: Borealis?
DigitalSeahorse: katesRaid katesFlower dragon
Foxmar320: This is a mess lol
korvys: I think it's a group of mobs, and each mob has been swapped with a random thing, and one was a Dragon
OhaiMireiya: when the boss kills the ads for you
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunFoam voxlunCarp
taotetek: Lobster versus magnet
MilkInBags: that punch animation SUCKS LUL
TehAmelie: farming souls by dragonfire, the classic method
plummeting_sloth: a mounted uppercut will never not be funny
SquareDotCube: augh my knee
Nigouki: the drive-by punching is the best
drewm1022: C is for candlestick I hit you in the knee.
thraximore: augh the rot dragon D:
TehAmelie: well, dragon breath attack anyway
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #6427: "Jesus Christ, James!" —Adam and Cameron, simultaneously [2019-09-28]
Fanklok: Nothin personnel kid
avi_miller: Rides up, punches dragon in the knee, rides away
thraximore: someone needs to give Adam a real weapon NotLikeThis
DigitalSeahorse: crabby dragon?
plummeting_sloth: the body slam though
BloodnBullets: presumably the dragons can only spawn in particular spots because of how they fly around?
Seth_Erickson: hoo boy
Foxmar320: omg no
MilkInBags: crystal statue LUL
Foxmar320: I hate those things
avi_miller: Omg
Seth_Erickson: making it fight the dragon it can help us
MilkInBags: chomp
SymphonicLolita: NotLikeThis
plummeting_sloth: shoot, you probably had enough souls to level there
Seth_Erickson: oh hey but the crystalian was worth 5x souls 👀
IsaTheEngie: chomp
letfireraindown: It is rough Vitality below 20
plummeting_sloth: he's not at full power? How would you tell?
AllTheWeasels: Jokes on you, Adam was already at 0 attack power
Orlantia: so, anybody remember the dungeon chariots? are they randomized too, just like wandering the world?
Seth_Erickson: the crystalian might rot the draggon though if you can use it right
plummeting_sloth: ooh, a big 23 damage thre
Foxmar320: wowwwww
iris_of_ether: Sure is!
DandyGeek: @Orlantia the chariots are not randomized since they run on tracks and are a sort of environmental feature to those hero graves
KeytarCat: 1 != 0
The_Ninjurai: A battle hammer is like a fist on a stick
MilkInBags: this dragon has 11268 HP, so it will take...402 hits by Adam to kill it
Orlantia: @dandygeek oh good, I was concerned
jacqui_lantern234: hey friends! reminder that i love you all AGGRESSIVELY!!! <3
KeytarCat: 0 = 0 :(
plummeting_sloth: wonder if you can use that hammer
OhaiMireiya: @jacqui_lantern234 lrrHEART
WiJohn: @MilkInBags I believe in the bleed proc
DigitalSeahorse: LOL
TehAmelie: i think that hp is very scaled down
Fluffy776: katesLol
TehAmelie: although also multiplied by 4 players. . .
jacqui_lantern234: it could even be a HORSE
DigitalSeahorse: I've never hit the Jeff before even when he asked me to
MilkInBags: huh adam it's not a bonfire, this has nothing to do with dark souls OpieOP
HeyAustralia: Otaku Jeff Bezos is quite the name lol
Spades_Slicc: So is the HP of the dragon scaled down for being in the wrong area, but then scaled up for 4 people?
plummeting_sloth: wolf sound but no wolves
Fanklok: So is there a new flavor of rot for every type of krptonite?
Foxmar320: Long live the Burger King
NewtyNewts: Whopper Wednesdays again
korvys: Are you going to go into a cave and fight a giant with a ballista?
DigitalSeahorse: eep
Seth_Erickson: Can you use the battle hammer Adam?
AutonomousTurtle: Is Adam naked because they don't have gear, or is he naked because he's Adam?
BloodnBullets: real chisled jawline
Mattmitchell45: Get out of his Swamp, Adam!
dm818: alright izaro
MilkInBags: LUL
DigitalSeahorse: lol bigger one
jacqui_lantern234: more like golden SEEDEEZ NUTZ
Mr_Horrible: Damn, Izaro's in *everything* these days
MilkInBags: Elden Wings
jacqui_lantern234: Adam "Naked Burger King" Savidan :p
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunHydrate
plummeting_sloth: the hell
DigitalSeahorse: separate like an Adam voxlunHydrate voxlunHydrate
Fluffy776: Pls hammer
jacqui_lantern234: its a blade that ripples :P
Fluffy776: :<
call_me_Aras: What was that and why was it so thematic
Fluffy776: Ahhhh
Foxmar320: hahahaaaa
jacqui_lantern234: AHAHAHAHA
laikagoat: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
DigitalSeahorse: yikes
matthaus_c: MOLY
NewtyNewts: Hand, squid, and flower
LolCamAlpha: well then
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunCarp voxlunCarp voxlunCarp
Seth_Erickson: Stormveil's defenses have really been increased.
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunFoam
DigitalSeahorse: tentacles!
plummeting_sloth: jellyfish engineers notoriously dangerous
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
SydPreviouslyHeadache: a full party is a cleric, a wizard, a warrior, and a rogue. or 4 otakus. Hi everyone
DeM0nFiRe: Mom said it was the jellyfish's turn
Blade_Tiger: Jellyfish is just happy to be here
Fluffy776: We are an equal opportunity employer at this castle
jacqui_lantern234: @SydPreviouslyHeadache hi beautiful friend whomst i love AGGRESSIVELY
thraximore: I'm looking forward to seeing Beastman the Fell
Fanklok: Thumbs are a cowards tools
emboar2235: all jellyfish are good jellyfish, they feel like jelly! and jelly are friends
TehAmelie: i would have liked if the jellyfish's lack of hands or brains didn't keep it from operating the ballista
BrowneePoints: Adam! You punched that Skeleton in the ass so hard it's skull exploded!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: well, now i'm scared
xantos69: Look if a Danger Noodle can climb a tree then we don't need thumbs.
RayFK: This is batshit
RayFK: I love it
Seth_Erickson: So who's waiting here to put our foul ambitions to rest since margit's vacationing at the cave downtown
BrowneePoints: @xantos69 Europe use to have arboreal snakes
jacqui_lantern234: @RayFK i love YOU!!! BOOM ROASTED
Diabore: cmon malenia
plummeting_sloth: oh, the most powerful spell... consensus
Foxmar320: Pls Melania
NewtyNewts: Eskelet perhaps?
MilkInBags: malenia one time
DandyGeek: @RayFK oh just wait
DeM0nFiRe: Radagon the Fell Omen LUL
jacqui_lantern234: plz melania
MilkInBags: oh yeah radagon would be great
RayFK: @DandyGeek I'm ready
micalovits: Elden beasst incoming
Scy_Anide: So, Godskin Duo then?
Angreed66: pls be melania
MilkInBags: elden beast NotLikeThis
MilkInBags: what if it's mogg
Foxmar320: hahahahaaaa
Seth_Erickson: LUL
MilkInBags: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHAH
laikagoat: fionLOL fionLOL fionLOL
LolCamAlpha: YES
definenull: NOPE
NewtyNewts: Oh no
plummeting_sloth: aww, I wish the cutscene changed
SnackPak_: lrrSPOOP
notthepenguins: OH
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
jacqui_lantern234: AHAHAHAHAHA
matthaus_c: AHAHAHAHA
LackingSanity_: lmaooooooo
korvys: AHahahaha
SymphonicLolita: LUL
Scy_Anide: Perfect
Foxmar320: Astel!
SmoreThanAFeelin: HAHAHA
e_bloc: amazing
MuffinsOnAHill: Oh lord
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH BABY, i love this monstrosity
MilkInBags: at least it can't run away?
Mollylele: WELP
Fluffy776: katesLol katesLol katesLol katesFine
nymistrya: Thank you Elden Ring
Angreed66: Astel the counter to co-op
corpocracy: YEAH
djalternative: YUS! Rolled Well!
micalovits: So, which Astel is this?
goatbeez: "please don't be Melania" who are you? Trump?
RayFK: Wait is fell omen the WORSE one!?
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunFoam
corefluxx: Cheer100
LordShadner: that is indeed a fell omen
notthepenguins: it's the big one
RayFK: Wait, Fell Omen is just Margitt's title
SydPreviouslyHeadache: such intense design, like i love it so much it's horrific
Seth_Erickson: Is this the one that has the ninjutsu grab?
noa2828: a real ast-hole
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad voxlunGeiger
NewtyNewts: Think it's the cave one, rather than the going to freezing place one
Mollylele: can he be pushed off the edge??
djalternative: @RayFK they keep the title of the boss fight and not the character
plummeting_sloth: it's doable if maybe you had any levels at all
TehAmelie: is this where those boring hackers got the deadly laserbeams?
gama41: lmao astel in place of margit
Kazman20a: is this the astel that summons 10 of itself to grab you?
plummeting_sloth: maybe get, like, an level
Seth_Erickson: I hope it's the astel with the clone jutsu grab
MilkInBags: whatever boss spawns, and whatever happens, I hope you're all having fun
NewtyNewts: I vote Chaos!
Foxmar320: I need to instal this mod
Seth_Erickson: Catacombs would be my call.
MilkInBags: what if instead of the 2 cat statues, it's melania and elden beast
thraximore: gee wheeler, why does your mom let you have TWO swords
Bugberry: I wonder what replaces the Tree Avatars.
TehAmelie: hmm we might need a system for map markers
A_Dub888: Had to step out for a bit. Did our heroes defeat Margit?
MilkInBags: talk to da spider
UpstageJMC subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 61 months, currently on a 9 month streak!
UpstageJMC: Elden "I;m about to die" Ring
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, UpstageJMC! (Today's storm count: 44)
M0N0P0LE: @A_Dub888 No! In like three ways!
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCIRCLE_SG a Rock Ball
Seth_Erickson: Oh I wonder what night boss spawns instead of the Death Bird?
Bearudite: this game but Katamari
whatthebus: Dang, Bernie. That's a look
Mattmitchell45: oh hey, this dude
notthepenguins: hot
Foxmar320: Warmaster foxmarFIRE
WiJohn: Goldmask top
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCIRCLE_SG katesSong
Seth_Erickson: A hat 👀
micalovits: Stupid Sexy Warmaster
korvys: Vendor items are random - Are the prices?
DigitalSeahorse: YES
MilkInBags: instead of Bell Bearing Hunter, it's Godskin Apostle
7gorobei: Super Elden Monkey Ball?
DigitalSeahorse: Katamari Eldans
Kazman20a: at least its not one of the white dogs
NewtyNewts: A hundred souls!
Seth_Erickson: 108 runes PogChamp
Bugberry: Tarnished Together Strong
Seth_Erickson: Did we want to check the night boss that spawns right out here?
DandyGeek: @korvys I think so, or rather at the least they can inherit the price of what they replaced in a shop inventory
Fanklok: I'm trying to sneak into Limgrave Castle but the clap of warmaster's pecs keeps alerting the birds
MilkInBags: and instead of the assassin quest, it's radagon inside the roundtable
call_me_Aras: THAT
EvilBadman: can bully the invasion dude at roundtable
iBarb: Wow this is cool! Just joining but what a cool idea!
laikagoat: you have some chonky golden runes tho
mollyjames_: It's going to be scaled by region, but also health scales to 4 players
plummeting_sloth: Elden Ring: monoball edition
Nahvi42: Is this randomized?
DocTie: yes
plummeting_sloth: ah, but you would need runes to buy that
MuffinsOnAHill: Recently got here. How does this work? Clearly a randomizer, but are runes and items split across them, or individually tracked?
Seth_Erickson: You could go see what's taken the place of the Cipher Pata
avi_miller: Wheeler- “How many balls are there in the world?!”
NewtyNewts: Godskin edgelord
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL instead of Randomized, how about a mod to change all enemies into balls :p
Diabore: whos in the basement now?
Nahvi42: Who is that talking that's not on camera? Are there two? Sorry, just got here.
Seth_Erickson: 200 dollar talisman pouch PogChamp
EvilBadman: Yeah go beat up the mad tongue dude
Diabore: @Nahvi42 ben s and g
plummeting_sloth: it's a car
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunHug voxlunHug voxlunHug
SymphonicLolita: LUL
plummeting_sloth: she's really into her Fall look
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
whatthebus: is that Sheik from LoZ?
The_Ninjurai: Is that Shiek from Zelda?
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh PrideLaugh
thraximore: huh
MilkInBags: whooper cleavage
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunHug
thraximore: Balda
Seth_Erickson: There's still the Catacombs and the night boss in the field by the Shack
NewtyNewts: Loadsa silli
Mollylele: on second thought let's not go to Camelot
A_Dub888: benginChaos
MilkInBags: time to doot
corianderd: keep your eyes out for balls
plummeting_sloth: beware the pinball wood
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunFoam lrrCIRCLE_SG lrrCIRCLE_TK lrrDOTS
avi_miller: So many balls
DarkMorford: @Mollylele 'tis a silly place
damn_i_am_pretty: A Hand in the bush is worth two balls
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL "Seamless" might be a little overstating it slightly. I've noticed a could of seams
Seth_Erickson: We have it in a loop
niccus: i guess balls grow on trees
GhostValv: gave that hand the finger
DigitalSeahorse: DOOT
hd_dabnado: frosty?
avi_miller: Doot
RockPusher: escher3DOOT escher3DOOT
DigitalSeahorse: tootToot tootToot tootToot
jacqui_lantern234: escher3DOOT
iris_of_ether: escher3DOOT escher3DOOT
Mollylele: where there are balls you'll find big grabby hands
Suffix: escher3DOOT
dankmemeter: Party420
LordZarano: escher3DOOT escher3DOOT
micalovits: @LoadingReadyRun Pretty sure the Randomizer is what is giving most of the problems
niccus: a trombone champion
jacqui_lantern234: @Mollylele MOLLY LUL
Fanklok: Remember hand type pokemon are weak to fire moves
djalternative: Shittles: Shit the Rainbow
plummeting_sloth: dang, when Adam's just fighting normalish dudes his fists do alright
Seth_Erickson: Ever just wanted to smack a ball
control_rig: Ominous...
thraximore: 0_0
Mollylele: 🔵
notthepenguins: it destroyed the gate
thraximore: fratboyOminous
jacqui_lantern234: its BALLowing you
Nahvi42: Ball wants hugs
Dog_of_Myth: lrrCIRCLE
thraximore: 2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3
plummeting_sloth: this is seriously one of the most menacing orbs I've ever seen in a game
Mollylele: ball is freeee
aWabbajack: HahaShrugLeft lrrCIRCLE HahaShrugRight
thraximore: I met a big ball among Limgrave trees
dm818: weighted companion ball
Mollylele: love the sound of those 4 whistles
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble_BW lrrCIRCLE_SG
niccus: peer to peer torrents
Gamshyd: i love the idea of the final boss being replaced by a big ball
matthaus_c: ball is pretty much the thought experiment where you get a really slow but unstoppable snail after you
Izandai: Good, good, just gently cup each other's scrotums...
NewtyNewts: Final boss: Pinball
PharaohBender27: Yuup
Seth_Erickson: Yeah february
damn_i_am_pretty: Arrow of Ball Slaying
SuperBloodWolfMoon: the longest year
DigitalSeahorse: March of 2020 still
Seth_Erickson: 21st of Feb if I recall
The_Ninjurai: This has been a loooooooong year
call_me_Aras: Ya, same for me Bem
call_me_Aras: Ben
matthaus_c: !march
TehAmelie: i got Bloodborne about a week before. that was a mistake
DigitalSeahorse: !March2020
Mollylele: the geico gecko???
ariborealis: w i p s n a k e
DigitalSeahorse: !2020
matthaus_c: I think that command was removed for being too bleak @DigitalSeahorse :p
SuperBloodWolfMoon: if an elden ring player had had sex instead, they wouldn't even have a baby yet
IsaTheEngie: it released around the same time as the GW2 expansion and boy was I doing a lot of gaming for a coiple weeks
SymphonicLolita: 2020-2021 sped by and then 2022 has been like 35 years
PharaohBender27: @DigitalSeahorse Mods retired the "March command in 2021
Mollylele: yeah the wave of elden ring inspired baby names has yet to crest
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaTeam lrrALEX_TK lrrWHEELER_TK lrrGRAHAM_TK lrrADAM_TK
jacqui_lantern234: "up for swording" name of the next big sex tape
Defrost: PharaohBender27, It was also only discord
matthaus_c: @Mollylele fuck yeah gonna name my child Loathsome Dungeater
KeytarCat: Says the person who rolled the seed
micalovits: All Ball Run
Mollylele: please do that for Paul
SuperBloodWolfMoon: mimic mode goooooo
plummeting_sloth: there is a setting that is Ball= Yes
DigitalSeahorse: xD
DigitalSeahorse: nice
NewtyNewts: Oh no, perfumers!
Mollylele: @matthaus_c mazel tov!
PharaohBender27: @Defrost Huh, could've sworn I saw it used in chat . . . oh well
DigitalSeahorse: this game is baller
Seth_Erickson: 2 dragon hearts so far PogChamp
DigitalSeahorse: tootJacob tootJacob tootJacob
iloveolivepizza: Sup y’all I’m gonna be doing a Ball-only speed run
UberDan1337: OOPS all exploding jars
TehAmelie: the game wants you to go dragon miracles huh
korvys: Now, Ben and Graham were said to be Puppeteers of this game - Could *they* make the boss of this dungeon a Ball, for example?
micalovits: #EldenBeast time!
MuffinsOnAHill: Oops all hands....imagine the horror.
Seth_Erickson: Radagon one time
Mollylele: not like while the seed is running but yeah we could fill this man with balls
Defrost: PharaohBender27, Nope code was only in the discord bot :P
MilkInBags: well
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
whatthebus: oh this is fine
notthepenguins: oh
Dog_of_Myth: YES
NewtyNewts: Black Knife Godrick.
matthaus_c: LMAO RIP
Mr_Horrible: Black Knife Godrick, love that
jacqui_lantern234: A KNOIF
SmoreThanAFeelin: oh yesss haha
LackingSanity_: now that's not canon
DigitalSeahorse: katesD voxlunFoam
Mollylele: i foresee no problems
underhill33: you can block in this game?
NewtyNewts: Or even... archdragon.
plummeting_sloth: godrick at his most subtle
Mr_Horrible: "This could be worse" is the motto for this mode, I feel LUL
BrowneePoints: Fortissax? Oof
notthepenguins: radahn
TehAmelie: i kind of want him to not get his dragon arm phase here, but also, i kind of do
jacqui_lantern234: TAGATHA
Mollylele: that angry dragonfly man who was covered in caviar, that seemed like the worst one
Seth_Erickson: He should
MuffinsOnAHill: Will they get his cutscene?
IsaTheEngie: ire giant
RavingPenguin: Does... anyone else see the windows? .... from underground?
INFPidealist: Fallingstar beast LUL
Scy_Anide: Is Rykard even affected by the randomizer? Like technically you don't need his weapon but that would be rough.
DEATHlikescats: this mod is a life enhancement PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
INFPidealist: would've been horrible
Kramburger: Geeze, SPOILERS, Graham
jacqui_lantern234: my brain will never not hear "Father Gascoigne" as "Daddy Gas Can"
corianderd: but then you just stand on the lava
Pywodwagon: in that case you have to be like cori and kill it with the poison fists
corianderd: exactly
MilkInBags: graham instantly jinxed it LUL
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunBabhed
Seth_Erickson: you guys can definitely stomp Godrick
TehAmelie: the easy bosses also have to go somewhere
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bytecaster: Yeah, sometimes it's Malenia
Izandai: Wait, who's on commentary with Graham?
M0N0P0LE: @jacqui_lantern234 Papa Petrol Penny?
DigitalSeahorse: Ben
TehAmelie: Ben Soileau
Izandai: Dandygeek?
TehAmelie: or Ben I
jacqui_lantern234: @M0N0P0LE pfft, that almost made me snarf some water
DigitalSeahorse: yes
Graham_LRR: @izandai it’s @dandygeek, who set this up
Izandai: Okay, cool.
DandyGeek: *wave* yeah it's me hello
plummeting_sloth: god, I love the Raid Boss planning for an Elden Ring boss
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS_BW lrrDOTS
Bearudite: DPS Slowly
Bearudite: feign death
NewtyNewts: Jeff Bezos has gotta die to this axe-wielder
matthaus_c: I never wanna think about Jeff Bezos docking ever again benginWat
Seth_Erickson: I love how much Godrick rolls
pimiento: this is amazing and shows that there is absolutely a market for From to expand multiplayer options in their games
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Besos, jeffery besos
LordZarano: lrrDOTS_BW lrrDOTS_BW lrrDOTS_BW
jacqui_lantern234: @Graham_LRR guess what?! youre a ding dang inspiration!!! your existence is a reminder for me that i can make my dreams a reality!!!
TehAmelie: you thought Godrick's moves was hard to read in full light?
NewtyNewts: Huge aioli?
Izandai: Normally you fight this guy outside.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS_BW lrrCIRCLE_SG tootJacob lrrCIRCLE_TK
Seth_Erickson: This guy is typically chilling out in the sunlight
DeM0nFiRe: But at least there's no pillars for him to get stuck on top of here
Seth_Erickson: I love Godrick's voice lines, specifically phase transition.
bytecaster: I'm just sad that he can't hit his head when he jumps up
plummeting_sloth: I mean, there's summons
TehAmelie: it has a bit of hate meter but it's much more random than in like WoW
Seth_Erickson: No the bosses typically go for the one doing the most damage I think
Seth_Erickson: and they can switch really quickly too.
northos: okay, real talk, does mashing trigger buttons when you get grabbed actually do anything in any FromSoft game?
TehAmelie: sometimes, yes
northos: besides feel better, obviously :p
plummeting_sloth: the pillars, ze do nothing
Wicker_Guide: it did in Dark Souls 1 to get out of Slimes landing on you from above
DMGlol: rip otaku jeff
Wicker_Guide: every other time, no idea
TehAmelie: wiggling the stick also seems to help by the way
whatthebus: @northos generally for non-bosses, yes
TehAmelie: sometimes you can get out of a grab with zero damage. if the game feels like it
GhostValv: benginO7
Wicker_Guide: I suppose if you make heavy use of weapon skills, you already know you you are
bytecaster: All those W+P surely have trained Alex to deal with a little jank
northos: huh, interesting
Blade_Tiger: "Allocate those flask charges" feels like the fantasy version of "Remember to take your meds"
gama41: wait
gama41: this name though
Diabore: good effort, good effort
lannersong: late to this party - we doing the dark souls co-op randomizer mod?
manticporduct: the butterfree has me dying
Wicker_Guide: appears to be @lannersong
DigitalSeahorse: lrrALEX_TK lrrWHEELER_TK lrrADAM_TK lrrGRAHAM_TK kates7
plummeting_sloth: I mean, Adam has a bow
DigitalSeahorse: lrrARROW_TK
Orlantia: if you fuck it up you get MINUS 50DKP!!!
Seth_Erickson: You also have a seed to increase your flasks Adam
bytecaster: 5 bolts! We got this
iris_of_ether: Okay stop dots
GhostValv: tqsSmug
Fruan: bolts just thicc arrow
Wicker_Guide: may I interest you in a cracked pot in this trying time
WiJohn: Oh man, I wanted to see 4 spirit summons going nuts at once
HorusFive: Adam has Deez Bolts
Fanklok: ISO Rivers of Skill
INFPidealist: Lol 8v1 the boss
SnackPak_: that'll be the difference
SymphonicLolita: gottem
Izandai: Wait there's crafting in this game?
djalternative: does anybody have any smouldering male models?
GhostValv: gottem
Seth_Erickson: Godrick's voice actor did a great job
thraximore: I'm not even sure it's occurred to them to give Adam one of the swords LUL
Seth_Erickson: No this should be the only Godrick
DMGlol: there are technically 2 more
GhostValv: godefrey
noSmokeFire: I hope Godrick is replaced with Godefroy
Robot_Bones: Well there is a godrick in the castle and the one in prison
corianderd: @thraximore but he's providing bleed!
Seth_Erickson: Godefroy is not really godrick but close enough.
Wicker_Guide: @noSmokeFire or Godfrey monarchKnife
notthepenguins: there is one more
BloodnBullets: I wonder who will be "the grafted"?
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunTerikiss
Wicker_Guide: Agheel the Grafted
thraximore: @corianderd true!
AllTheWeasels: TransgenderPride
Blade_Tiger: I too deal damage in front of me when I transition gdqTransPride
ourladyoflilacs: TransgenderPride TransgenderPride TransgenderPride
DigitalSeahorse: tootDEE tootJAY tootDEE
shurtal: if you put Godrick in the corner, you can drive impact for a dizy
DigitalSeahorse: katesPride katesPride katesPride
DigitalSeahorse: digita435LOVE
Raincoast_Bear: Team Otaku vs whatever the hell that is...
noSmokeFire: work the glutes!
Wicker_Guide: @Raincoast_Bear 25 poor souls half-turned into a holy flesh-tree
DeM0nFiRe: pspspsps here godrick
Izandai: So smart, very smart.
Raincoast_Bear: elfunkSickest
damn_i_am_pretty: "you can do this" as the skin cackles from the deep frying
ghizmou: NotLikeThis
plummeting_sloth: 8, sure
IsaTheEngie: mimic tear?
DigitalSeahorse: katesAd katesBelt
GhostValv: Godfrey more like Godfree
Raincoast_Bear: It's so easy. Let Wheeler do it himself the other 3 stand by and watch.
Seth_Erickson: Adam I think you have a golden seed to increase your healing flasks if you want
YeetTheRich_: don't be a hero
Wicker_Guide: Mimic Tear + Rivers of Blood + Turtle Shell + Rupturing Physic
Wicker_Guide: lrrBEEJ
bytecaster: So what we have learned here: "Leave your friends or you'll get burned"?
Seth_Erickson: oh I see
Seth_Erickson: that's on me
Raincoast_Bear: If Adam came at me in nothing but a posing pouch and a Zardoz mask, I'd run.
HorusFive: Cestuses? Cesti? Cestusus?
IsaTheEngie: maybe a frost weapon if you've got one?
GirlPainting: cesti
Kramburger: Everybody pick their own status buildup
KeytarCat: two on, two off?
WiJohn: Cestivus?
Seth_Erickson: Bringing fists to a dragon head fight
DigitalSeahorse: XD
jacqui_lantern234: ADAM
plummeting_sloth: just keep punching holes until Godrick runs out of blood
notQueen: the boss gets more resistant to bleed for each proc up to 6 times where the resistance caps
YeetTheRich_: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! What is rare sugar, anyway?
Wicker_Guide: monarchCursed
TehAmelie: Cestix
Seth_Erickson: put em in boys
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh
Mollylele: Look at these fistin boys
DigitalSeahorse: katesJam katesJam katesJam katesJam
Boon_33: gonna have fun this time
HorusFive: All for one
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
YeetTheRich_: pitter patter
Izandai: PrideLaugh
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
BusTed: 🩸
hd_dabnado: leeeeeeroyyy
NewtyNewts: Bleedproc!
WiJohn: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Drasvin: Time to punch the boss's blood out
iloveolivepizza: this is the strat
The_Ninjurai: Let's get at her, YeetTheRich_
Rustpile: Mom, the boxing team is gonna larp again!
bytecaster: Imagine how many Cesti Godrick could use at once.
GirlPainting: we have a cursor in the middle of the stream @LoadingReadyRun
TehAmelie: he thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts
Seth_Erickson: We have Bleed Procs
plummeting_sloth: I've got BOSS WEAPONS and BLEED PROCS
corpocracy: I believe in the bleed proc
noSmokeFire: imagine minding your own business, then a troupe of monkeys that barely come up to your ass come in and start punching
Graham_LRR: @girlpainting yeah we can’t get rid of it, sorry
Sethalidos: OOK OOK
1y1e: they all jump in, they all mump out
GirlPainting: oh ok
DigitalSeahorse: katesNotes katesMega write down the catacombs
ashesandmochi: i thought the cursor was mine omg.....
Izandai: Holy fuck
bytecaster: This looks very funny
Bearudite: this looks like a bunch of toddlers with sockem boppers
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
BusTed: he sounds mad
YeetTheRich_: holy shit
DeM0nFiRe: lmao
Seth_Erickson: oh shit
ashesandmochi: omg
Foxmar320: Just meat grinder
A_Dub888: BLEED PROC *clap* clap* BLEED PROC
gama41: oh hey tyhey knocked him out of the transition
control_rig: God that was a beatdown
micalovits: This feels like bullying
SnackPak_: get bled
plummeting_sloth: stay bloody gents
7gorobei: pummel party
Izandai: PrideLaugh This is absurd
Griwes: bleed is very balanced
Wicker_Guide: Bleed still op
YeetTheRich_: as wheeler said, this boss is easy
Griwes: the most balanced mechanic in the game
Raincoast_Bear: You need Otaku Jeff Goldblum on your team.
Kramburger: 1 bleed, 1 frost, 1 poision, 1 rot
HorusFive: That seems unlikely- a boss immune to something....
GirlPainting: Ghosts and golems are immune to bleed
thraximore: Mohg isn't immune to bleed IIRC
EvilBadman: Turns out Zerg Rush is still viable in 2022
RomanGoro: Let's gooooooooo
gama41: i hope its just crafting mats
laikagoat: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Mattmitchell45: Oops All Mohgs
lady_olynder: mohg is ironically is not immune to bleed
noSmokeFire: a third cestus
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
blepharic: lrrSIG seabatClap lrrHORN seabatClap lrrSIG
bytecaster: Yaaaay!
BusTed: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Seth_Erickson: yeah boys
plummeting_sloth: GOT EM
control_rig: Yeaaaahhhhh
Foxmar320: Goat!
SnackPak_: lrrHORN
Boon_33: punchy boys win!
TehAmelie: lrrHORN
matthaus_c: FLAWLESS
JadedCynic: YES!
AllTheWeasels: wheelerOok wheelerOok wheelerOok
Griwes: but when immune to bleed, just apply rot
DeM0nFiRe: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Izandai: Absolutely demolished, holy shit.
Kramburger: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Blade_Tiger: gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap
GhostValv: seabatClap
Drasvin: FBtouchdown
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corpocracy: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
SmoreThanAFeelin: YEAAAAAA
control_rig: Got em
Haroldholmes25: they actually did it
Seth_Erickson: seabatClap
Foxmar320: LOL
ashesandmochi: SUCCESS
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
jacqui_lantern234: FBTouchdown
hd_dabnado: wheelerOok lrrHORN
YeetTheRich_: B L O O D
KeytarCat: Winning is its own reward
gama41: LMAO glass shards
WiJohn: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
GirlPainting: \[T]/
INFPidealist: Twin Gargoyles are immune to bleed 😭
avi_miller: sergeGG sergeGG sergeGG
underhill33: lrrHORN FBtouchdown lrrHORN
NewtyNewts: Glass!
thraximore: FBtouchdown
notthepenguins: 2 presumably
noSmokeFire: > OK
plummeting_sloth: that was worth 1600 souls
Enki1256: Glass shard! yeah!
laikagoat: wheelerMonkey glass shard wheelerMonkey
Seth_Erickson: what's in the chest though 👀
Wicker_Guide: Worse than nothing monarchWheeze
plummeting_sloth: more punching!
bytecaster: Gloves are on theme!
Saintnex: FBtouchdown
Raincoast_Bear: Another Cestus
ANeMzero: tiltyhCheers Did someone say glass?
BusTed: cestus bestus
corianderd: upgrade!
Griwes: LUL
thraximore: CMON hahahahahaha umbral4W
bytecaster: Can you cestus the astel?
Seth_Erickson: Astel can bleed
thraximore: literal worst item in the game
Seth_Erickson: but it is hard to hit up close
Raincoast_Bear: Maybe next time you'll get some pants.
bytecaster: In unison: "If it bleeds, we can kill it"
plummeting_sloth: you shoudl level before you lose those runes
noSmokeFire: @bytecaster adam just spent five minutes cestusing Godrick's astel, so maybe
Mattmitchell45: @bytecaster No on my Christian Elden Rings stream
control_rig: This is amazing nonsense
Mattmitchell45: *Not
KeytarCat: I almost have a bingo!
control_rig: I would totally tune in weekly for this
GirlPainting: first lantern is usualy at the first vendor in liurnia of the lakes
Dog_of_Myth: coxJam coxJam
Orlantia: is this nonsense a 1 off?
Seth_Erickson: I think the vendor on the beach across from the dragon church also sells the lantern right?
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thraximore: @Orlantia scheduled for one more week
Earthenone: @Orlantia one more week
thraximore: @Seth_Erickson nah
Sethalidos: @Orlantia it's a twofer
Seth_Erickson: We do have some dragon hearts might be worth checking out the dragon communion anyhow.
bytecaster: As long as the final boss can bleed, we can finish this run!
TehAmelie: we were talking about Skyrim before and i just learned the most amazingly horrifying thing
Orlantia: I want this to be a play it forward, but scheduling would be a nightmare
TehAmelie: mannequins are npcs set up not to move, but when loading a new area sometimes it takes a while before they figure it out. so the mannequins don't know not to move.
TehAmelie: that's not supposed to be a horror game, right
bytecaster: So just like real-life mannequins then?
Wicker_Guide: for you or the mannequins?
jacqui_lantern234: just had 2 ads for gambling things :/
Sethalidos: @TehAmelie oh yeah that's a classic Bethesda bug
thraximore: @TehAmelie 0_0
GirlPainting: TehAmelie yeah, that sometimes happen, and you have manniquines walking around in your home for some seconds ^^
Earthenone: just like real life then!
bytecaster: Can you befriend them?
corianderd: that's such a bethesda hack
Orlantia: is kind of a good hack, tbh
Wicker_Guide: real question: is their pathing any better than the actual NPC pathing :P
LambMower: Also makes complete sense to do it that way, you need an object that can wear armor... well we already have all of these NPCs that can
Sethalidos: @TehAmelie I had one tell me it thought it was the Dragonborn once
GirlPainting: Wicker_Guide i doubt that ^^
corianderd: exactly it's like the tram car hat
corianderd: makes sense
Orlantia: choo-choo
bytecaster: I still prefer baguette boy, personally.
Sethalidos: @Wicker_Guide pffft hell naw
TehAmelie: i'd maybe make npcs mannequins with movement routines instead
LambMower: You can easily do that in the creation kit actually
GirlPainting: fun fact for elden ring: if your in a mine and you steal the smithing stone a miner is mining, after your next death, that specific miner will just sit at his place
corianderd: bytecaster sure if you're just into the new hotness :p
LambMower: You can also very easily make a playable mannequin race with a few clicks
bytecaster: @corianderd I'm easily influenced by bread
thraximore: @GirlPainting neat
Sethalidos: @LambMower technically you can make a Machoman Dragon in a few clicks
jacqui_lantern234: @thraximore YOURE NEAT
thraximore: I did notice that mines will actually become silent after you kill all the miners, so you can tell if you've cleared it out if you can't hear anything
GirlPainting: i found out the other day, dying to a miner and coming back collecting my runes ^^
thraximore: @jacqui_lantern234 no u fratboyGrumpy
jacqui_lantern234: NO U MORE
BusTed: FBtouchdown
TehAmelie: hay guise
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:21:04.
thraximore: amgry fratboyGrumpy
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
BusTed: 🤜 🤜 🤜
Foxmar320: Strong rules but I can't argue with it
HorusFive: aw man, now there's a fist shaped hole in my monitor. I hope you're happy Adam
bytecaster: What is the first rule of fist club?
Boon_33: what's the firsty boys policy on not wearing pants?
Seth_Erickson: we have hearts for the dragon church as well
DarthRagnar815: offici245AraAra
NewtyNewts: Also, don't forget about Boc!
GirlPainting: Agatha Fisty!
Sethalidos: If Ben suggests a location, RUN AWAY
jetpixi: 🤛
GirlPainting: one punch gran
INFPidealist: They don't make fists like they used to
bytecaster: Always two-hand when fisting, you heard it here first
ashesandmochi: i love this teamwork
empyreon: riffIce
Seth_Erickson: Dragon Church it is
Rhynerd: Teambuilding exercise complete!
SnackPak_: check out the beat while the DJ revolves it
Darleysam: backcheck forecheck bleed proc
Seth_Erickson: yes
jacqui_lantern234: balls and fisting
LambMower: Balls and hands? Sounds like my ideal sunday
TehAmelie: it's like a party in my pants (sorry)
Foxmar320: Balls and hands go together
A_Dub888: Handsy balls
DigitalSeahorse: tootJacob tootJacob
Wicker_Guide: I mean, hands do appear in many many areas
GirlPainting: in this stream are at least .....
SymphonicLolita: oh boy
Wicker_Guide: so even if they are
Rhynerd: you cannot escape the hands
laundreydhull: OR... Is IT!?
noSmokeFire: this is elden ring. OF COURSE there are hands everywhere
DigitalSeahorse: hands upon balls upon hands
jacqui_lantern234: hand deez balls
RomanGoro: Is that an ancient?
RomanGoro: Wow
Wicker_Guide: huh, so shop is not randomized among shop items
corianderd: he's practically giving those grapes away
Wicker_Guide: @corianderd I mean, how would you price a spiced, rotten eye
TehAmelie: it's raining XP
TehAmelie: very strange weather in the Lands Between
Seth_Erickson: so what two bosses will we get here?
Mollylele: You got horses, that is most important
Seth_Erickson: I got two crucible knights on my run
Wicker_Guide: Guessing Fortissax and a Red Wolf
Mr_Horrible: the loathsome infantry
Mr_Horrible: lesgooooo
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
TheInnsanity: but do you deserve Paul's criticism?
Wicker_Guide: OOOH, Flameblade
DeM0nFiRe: For a second I thought Adam had a new weapon, but no it was just a giant arrow sticking out of his ass
Wicker_Guide: AHAHAHA
GirlPainting: ITS DARK IN HERE, DArk in here, dark in here, ark in here, rk in here, in here, here...
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DigitalSeahorse: katesGun
GreatGodOm: This reminds me of 2014 when it seemed that the entire moonbase was playing Dark souls.
DigitalSeahorse: katesRaid
thraximore: neat
plummeting_sloth: the other demi-human was on break
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Seth_Erickson: she got the down grade from queen to chief damn
Robot_Bones: ABF
Foxmar320: Allways fisting
DigitalSeahorse: lol
possummtg: Quote of the day
PharaohBender27: WHEELER
noSmokeFire: you don't have to fist to work here, but it helps
Wicker_Guide: Are you a pillow prince wheeler
Seth_Erickson: Also I think Gilika is the catacomb demi human queen who gets mad and throws away their staff and just smashes
Griwes: Wheeler, do you want to take that one again
bytecaster: The most coordinated fisting
plummeting_sloth: against your flurry of blows
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Bearudite: just bart windmilling arms
DandyGeek: @Seth_Erickson you are 100% right, that's what this is! wow good memory
plummeting_sloth: ooh, beast claw is kinda combo there
TehAmelie: huh, dual wield heater shields
possummtg: Heater shield to keep you warm
Seth_Erickson: I just really like how she gets mad and is like, "Fuck Magic I'm smashing instead.
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad voxlunRad
MoaiGangsta: wow they got the infinite FP physick tear lol
DigitalSeahorse: dual sheild
LambMower: You have to fist the bush before the monkey appears in the cave
TehAmelie: can you give dragon hearts to each other? someone could go full dragon on day 1 here
corianderd: it's a single squirt!
DigitalSeahorse: katesFlower there was flower
Seth_Erickson: where's our healer?
Bearudite: Genji voice
noSmokeFire: *Genji voice* I need healing!
GreatGodOm: Elden ring: 3 stooges edition. Kappa
Foxmar320: lol
ashesandmochi: i love how bouncy these trees are
TheInnsanity: is the MP in the mod too? or is there just good MP now
Angreed66: @GreatGodOm which of them isn't a stooge? Kappa
YeetTheRich_: wheelerPyro wheelerPyro wheelerPyro
plummeting_sloth: O! Flame?
notthepenguins: ohhh
Foxmar320: The laser is a scorcery
noSmokeFire: Isn't that the falcon punch?
Wicker_Guide: Inescapable frenzy is the Roar like move
corianderd: that's the face grab
whatthebus: I think it's the grab that used to 1-shot Gideon
Mollylele: I miss orb
GirlPainting: spell fister plz!
GreatGodOm: @GreatGodOm I'll leave that for you to figure out.
IsaTheEngie: a mohg us
Wicker_Guide: Who is the lamkin
DigitalSeahorse: katesSus
Seth_Erickson: That's level up materials baby
plummeting_sloth: you punched an eagle in the head
Robot_Bones: I'm at Soup!
TheNerdWonder: Adam's getting food for Oliver
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bytecaster: 1v1, final destiny, fisting only
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bytecaster: *final destination
NoxStryx: let me solo you
Seth_Erickson: Could go to the stormveil catacomb as well
thraximore: question: does Adam WANT something that's not a fist weapon?
Wicker_Guide: no
Raincoast_Bear: Can-Con is also an annual SciFi convention Ottawa Ontario - and it's this WEEKEND!
djalternative: What about Can't-Con
ashesandmochi: omg i wasn't expecting a cancon shout out (i'm moderating a panel!)
jacqui_lantern234: my brain always wants to read "Limgrave" as "Ligma"
Seth_Erickson: Wormface 👀
DeM0nFiRe: "Why do you keep running into our fists?"
thraximore: the Martyrs?
djalternative: Ligma Grave
plummeting_sloth: hmm, if they're not crosses, are Cresified?
Seth_Erickson: Love to hear the is this 10 feet question.
call_me_Aras: I need to get this mod so I can erase all the ants from this game PERMANENTLY.
Foxmar320: Fair
SnackPak_: easy mistake
baskwalla: They both have it their way
Mollylele: Quotebot pls
DEATHlikescats: They’re the same picture
plummeting_sloth: Octopus doing a Mario attack
bytecaster: @call_me_Aras Exactly, just replace them with hands
call_me_Aras: @call_me_Aras I'm fine with the hands. If they were big spiders though? No.
whatthebus: replace all ants with melania
Seth_Erickson: Grand Dooter 👀
whatthebus: oh, Big Doots
call_me_Aras: @whatthebus Also preferrable to dealing with ants.
DigitalSeahorse: tootToot
Wicker_Guide: more upper
bytecaster: Imagine someone entering a jousting contest with a fist weapon
Seth_Erickson: pay up bud
bytecaster: Follow the guidance of the two fingers of the market!
gama41: oh gosh
ashesandmochi: oh no
notthepenguins: ohhh
Wicker_Guide: monarchWheeze
TehAmelie: my favorite band
whatthebus: this is fine katesFine
YeetTheRich_: lrrFINE
Boon_33: punch that baddie!
plummeting_sloth: careful, ther'es a dog in there
YeetTheRich_: wheelerHub
DigitalSeahorse: katesPride
jacqui_lantern234: "Bloodhound Ulcerated Tree Spirit" was my nickname in high school Kappa
plummeting_sloth: wait, isn't glovewort literally useless in this version
noSmokeFire: wait, yeah
DigitalSeahorse: PrideRise voxlunBabhed stand up crumble
TehAmelie: it would be mostly useless
TehAmelie: maybe you can summon a spirit if you're the last player alive?
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Seth_Erickson: Tony died too?
jacqui_lantern234: DANG LUL
HorusFive: All men die, Graham
Sethalidos: which randomizer is this?
northos: (presumably this was before ENdgame :p )
plummeting_sloth: no one's named after dead men
Wicker_Guide: River
TehAmelie: the Upside-Down?
NarishmaReborn: i mean, tony stark is dead now too
plummeting_sloth: oh, I wonder what the tutorial boss is
bytecaster: I do enjoy that there is almost always a ball in the distance
corianderd: the mad dude
Seth_Erickson: and the caravan should be close by as well
damn_i_am_pretty: Ned Stark gets the final laugh, Tony
Foxmar320: hahahaaaa
Seth_Erickson: LUL
SymphonicLolita: bruh
YeetTheRich_: O.o
gama41: oh hey the ghost giants from the winter area
MacabreAurora: o.O
thraximore: lrrWOW
TehAmelie: i think Tony has only died once which is way better than average for Marvel heroes
plummeting_sloth: BE NOT AFRAID
HadesLeprechaun: Ah, I think that's where a bear normally jumpscare spawns
noSmokeFire: lrrSPOOP
Mattmitchell45: That Bug was the Carraige
Seth_Erickson: dragonkin soldier
PharaohBender27: OK, galaxy-brain joke about lrrGRAHAM 's name: "Oh, you think you're strong, huh?" ("stark" is German for "strong")
SquareDotCube: there's always a bigger ball
gama41: dack fayden who died off screen
Seth_Erickson: Dack Fayden 👀
Nuurgle: Dak Prescott?
shurtal: D.B. Cooper?
Mattmitchell45: The Fly was walking on the road
Seth_Erickson: It's the Mountaintop of Giants hands
plummeting_sloth: ah, I was hoping it would be pulled by hands
Seth_Erickson: There's three actually
TheMightyTaylor: Is Adam on the Agatha Fisty strats?
Musicsquid: Yaoi Hand out here
Seth_Erickson: the lesser the regular and the larger
TehAmelie: it shows its hand, if you will
BrowneePoints: nah not yaoi hands
notthepenguins: oh right it's the mountaintop one
BrowneePoints: fingers aren't long enough
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Seth_Erickson: Once you hit the mountain top of giants you see the third ones.
BrowneePoints: Alex knows i'm right. it's too well proportioned to be yaoi hands lol
Easilycrazyhat: Just tuning in to this chaos. There are so many random mobs everywhere XD wtf
call_me_Aras: That man had a pet goat and slime
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunCarp
shurtal: Is it.... vascular
pimiento: so vascular..
TheMightyTaylor: Why is there a hand and why is it so big?
IsaTheEngie: I think there's exactly one that's that big
BrowneePoints: Mountaintop of the Giants Graham. Fear them
SymphonicLolita: land o' hands
SquareDotCube: both in this game and in real life
DigitalSeahorse: hand me a match
HadesLeprechaun: fire is good against my hands, too
DarkMorford: Ah, muh hand!
shurtal: time to throw hands
noSmokeFire: a small giant hand
shurtal: Small LRR
BrowneePoints: So you're gonna try to...clap the hand?
Seth_Erickson: the ghostflame arrows should work right
Fanklok: I've encountered a hand that big, it's attached to my arm
call_me_Aras: Now let us all... JOIN HAND
Wicker_Guide: fair warning, those hands get pretty janky hitboxes
HorusFive: Let's go agro a hand
plummeting_sloth: got slapped
Easilycrazyhat: Flawless victory
TheMightyTaylor: Adam caught those hands
NewtyNewts: Leeeeeroyyyyy
pimiento: oh, so that's the sound of one hand clapping...
baskwalla: Y'all... need a hand?
call_me_Aras: Go hand, you might say
noSmokeFire: hand's got hands
DigitalSeahorse: like Tommy Rand we fight The Hand
Mollylele: He came, he saw, he fucked around, he found out
HorusFive: Bit off more than everyone could chew
fubargames: Who does that hand's nails?
BrowneePoints: that hand gave us a knuckle sandwich
Angreed66: that's on Adam
TehAmelie: i thought cracked pots for a starting gift was the hax. but it turns out you can only get 20 of them anyway
Wicker_Guide: you live by the fist, you die by the fingernail
notthepenguins: does that one have two layers of fingers?
7gorobei: that hand flick's
call_me_Aras: @notthepenguins All of them do
notthepenguins: oh I don't care for that
BrowneePoints: @notthepenguins yea it's like 2 hands overlaid on one
Easilycrazyhat: Uh...game?
LordSaphni: is this a randomizer?
thraximore: hmmmmmm
plummeting_sloth: dang elastic chain
notthepenguins: yez
NewtyNewts: Could check the back of that caravan while it's 'unattended'
notthepenguins: yes
DandyGeek: yeah, this is heavily randomized
DigitalSeahorse: weird chains
Mollylele: unarmeGameplay
Wicker_Guide: ohhey gargoyle
DeM0nFiRe: Largegoyle
Easilycrazyhat: Oh, there it is XD
Easilycrazyhat: Many large problems
HorusFive: Make your problems fight each other
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
Wicker_Guide: lrrHERE
A_Dub888: Imagine if friendly fire was on for that
thraximore: LUL
Easilycrazyhat: Sounds like Alex is fine
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
SymphonicLolita: F
BusTed: rayfkWelp
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Diabore: LUL
Seth_Erickson: LUL
SnackPak_: F
fastlane250: LUL
BrowneePoints: Yall got Clapped
pn55: HypeLUL
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL We all made it safely...
HorusFive: mattlrBonk
micalovits: F
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunBabhed voxlunBabhed voxlunBabhed
ashesandmochi: that was glorious
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
WiJohn: Too good
on_and_awful: Big oof
DigitalSeahorse: lrrALEX_TK
BrowneePoints: That's making the highlights
call_me_Aras: oh no
plummeting_sloth: oooh noooo
TheNerdWonder: "I think you all are safest" *everyone dies*
chianeko: lrrWOW
call_me_Aras: A MAD runebear?!
DigitalSeahorse: ssandGHOST
noSmokeFire: unlike those even-tempered rune bears
Easilycrazyhat: "Everything's fine. I'm dead." Elden Ring in a nutshell
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble_BW ssandGHOST
chianeko: lrrHERE
LoadingReadyRun: it's a MAD Runebear. Which, I mean, can you blame it?
Fanklok: !card rune bear
LRRbot: Runeclaw Bear [1G] | Creature — Bear [2/2]
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh
plummeting_sloth: player 2 has entered the fight
Seth_Erickson: Does it have Malenia buff 👀
noSmokeFire: we get it, you vape
BusTed: got nabbed
HorusFive: Give me a HUG
Diabore: bear hugged
Easilycrazyhat: Danger hugs
Mollylele: Juiced like an orange
SnackPak_: big hug
DeM0nFiRe: Aw he gave you a hug
bytecaster: Just wants to hug you, it wants to be your friend
Nuurgle: gd Panda mains
owmacohe: I think we can see a cursor on screen?
TehAmelie: size modifiers to grapple checks are murder eh
Bearudite: "I teched it I swear"
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500 - what a mess, in the best way
iloveolivepizza: Honestly routing for the bear I love them
BrowneePoints: I too enjoy soloing Bears skaifoBonk benginBonk mattlrBonk
call_me_Aras: Runebears, scarier than Malenia TM
Seth_Erickson: They know @owmacohe but they couldn't get it to go away
Mollylele: The cursor in the middle of the screen is the least of our problems tbh
chianeko: RIPCheer100
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BrowneePoints: @owmacohe when adam tried to move it it rubber banded back to the middle
Easilycrazyhat: Well that's useful
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
bytecaster: Runebear vision is based on movement!
thraximore: can you damage it?
HorusFive: That must be one pants-s**tingly terrified bear
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh
thraximore: a lot of bosses don't aggro unless you cross the fog barrier
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LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I think I have a solution for the cursor on the screen issue. We should be able to fix it for next week
DigitalSeahorse: katesFlower
BusTed: tqsKnife
Ritaspirithntr: So uh…..(maybe a dumb question but) why isn’t Adam wearing pants?
NoOne_OfConsequence: Does the randomizer do anything with the giant near-dead dragon from Caelim?
Haroldholmes25: bless Paul
Easilycrazyhat: RIP\
Wicker_Guide: @NoOne_OfConsequence not sure yet, but I'd lean towards yes
noSmokeFire: ope, bear it is
Dog_of_Myth: hahah
Raincoast_Bear: Da Bear!
BusTed: jk jk
Easilycrazyhat: "I'm at the combination Elden Ring and BOSD"
plummeting_sloth: I'm at the combination rune and bear
HorusFive: LUL
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
call_me_Aras: Oh wait, that's not my cursor on the screen? HA!
FarleyF: @Ritaspirithntr dont uh dont worry about it
DandyGeek: @NoOne_OfConsequence not as of yet, no - it remains as it is
blepharic: seabatClap
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
Raincoast_Bear: NO!
DigitalSeahorse: katesParty katesParty katesParty
bytecaster: Isn't every runebear mad though?
DigitalSeahorse: digita435HYPE2 digita435HYPE
Kazman20a: it starts underground in the snow field, so it does the get out of the snow first
micalovits: I bet its rivers of blood on top of the ruins
noSmokeFire: how is there only ONE blood in an ENTIRE bear
plummeting_sloth: haha
Wicker_Guide: @Ritaspirithntr this is the starting armor set of the wretch
whatthebus: Forg
SquareDotCube: At least the beast blood fits
SymphonicLolita: LUL
Wicker_Guide: well, plus the headpiece
call_me_Aras: WHEEZE
Ritaspirithntr: @farleyf (shrug emoji)
Mattmitchell45: That's like thematically a terrible thing for her to wear
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAH
Easilycrazyhat: Ben lives there now
LackingSanity_: lmaooo
notthepenguins: sick
PadawanTK16: helmet
Seth_Erickson: From the crown
corianderd: wheeler got kicked
whatthebus: boooo
BusTed: tqsSmug
bytecaster: Just so you know, you totally don't sound like madmen right now talking about a bear only you can see.
TheMerricat: So chat, is this just an entire team of Leeroy Jenkins?
Wicker_Guide: @bytecaster but what if it's a bear only you can't see
BrowneePoints: Puff Puff Pass into the Iris
LoadingReadyRun: "Can you see the Bear? Is the bear in the room with us?"
Easilycrazyhat: "Oh fuck, he has a sword!"
DigitalSeahorse: "We get you-" dead silence forever
Mr_Horrible: tfw you gotta fight your demons alone but your demons are a runebear
plummeting_sloth: 'dude, there's no bear there' "tHAT'S EVEN WORSE WHAT DID I FIGHT"
TheNerdWonder: Inside you are two bears...
TehAmelie: did the mod add Gail Simone to the game
DigitalSeahorse: it***
call_me_Aras: It's already 11pm EST/8pm PST? Time flew today. Are they going late?
Dog_of_Myth: Typical Monday in Elden Ring. :p
WiJohn: Sittin' around doin' runes and seein' bears
Seth_Erickson: do we want to use the battle hammer?
A_Dub888: "This is your brain. This is your brain on runes"
Mr_Horrible: runes needed: 700, runes held: 15000
bytecaster: After I pop all these runes, I'll feel strong enough to take on anything, even that bear only you can see
noSmokeFire: isn't the ripple blade ridiculous with grease?
Mr_Horrible: someone get this man an Albinauric Head
Seth_Erickson: Gargoyle or Massive Hand first?
DigitalSeahorse: hi statue that is Wheeler
MoaiGangsta: someone give Adam a second ripple blade lol
plummeting_sloth: no bleed though
DigitalSeahorse: woah
Wicker_Guide: I'm not sure that hand is scaled
TehAmelie: let's give a big hand to Huge Hand!
bytecaster: Just some guys doing runes and then repeating: "That hand is so big" in awe. Normal stuff
DigitalSeahorse: digita435Duck1 duck! katesLurk
Fluffy776: katesLol
Easilycrazyhat: Something something into the sea
Wicker_Guide: Special secret endgame locations Graham
pimiento: Madness giant uses Ska! it's super effective!
plummeting_sloth: oh god that visual of the hand moving through the giants
DigitalSeahorse: that thing stabbed through the giant looked like a 3rd leg for a moment there
Boon_33: a big hand to our players!
Mr_Horrible: Master Hand and Crazy Hand's cousin they don't talk about: Fucked-Up Hand
Seth_Erickson: No you see a madness giant at the entrance to the Volcano Manor which isn't as secret.
HadesLeprechaun: Patches cave?
DigitalSeahorse: that weapon would make a perfect BBQ grill
MuffinsOnAHill: That hand is probably more trouble than Godrick was
Mr_Horrible: Naturalborn of the Void? More like Naturalborn of the SUCK
OhaiMireiya: battle candelabra
TehAmelie: an actual weapon, something in between a candelabra and a novelty fork
Wicker_Guide: the ripple blade's base damage is basically nada
Wicker_Guide: scaling is top tier though
Rhynerd: Adam's back to fistin'
Easilycrazyhat: Just do more damage lrrBEEJ
Mr_Horrible: "I need to drink less, or drink more, and I can't tell which"
avi_miller: You ever see a naked guy just float by you?
call_me_Aras: @avi_miller yES
HorusFive: Serpentine
pimiento: yes, once
Mollylele: Not often enough (he too)
Dog_of_Myth: Don't fear the Lobster
Easilycrazyhat: That's not how voting works, Adam.
noSmokeFire: I wonder what the bell-bearing hunter turned into
djalternative: so how long we going on this? 12 hours?
bytecaster: Let's fist that Astel!
Seth_Erickson: I'm also interested in what the Death Bird near the bell bearing hunter became.
SymphonicLolita: LUL
call_me_Aras: Graham
TehAmelie: let's fist again, like we did last summer
BusTed: 🤜 🤛
Mr_Horrible: Astel to Mouthtel
Angreed66: someone had to say it
Seth_Erickson: Adam didn't grab those
DarkMorford: Astel to mouse?
Griwes: Wheeler no
DigitalSeahorse: katesPosh kenohkBubble_HF
Mr_Horrible: "My father brought this arrow with him from the Mainland"
Fanklok: Never go Astel to mouth
thraximore: this is far jankier than I was expecting
bytecaster: @TehAmelie let's fist again, like we did last yeeeear
BusTed: Good start, good start.
Seth_Erickson: LUL
bytecaster: Strong start, strong start
YeetTheRich_: bonk
GirlPainting: I hereby predict, astel will drop an Mushroom
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
corianderd: *applause*
v_nome: Are the bosses randomized? lol
SnackPak_: good warm-up
Griwes: LUL
Diabore: wheelers doing his best adam!
Mr_Horrible: it's legitimately incredible how this is almost the worst possible outcome
bytecaster: Gotta keep some surprises for next week.
Mr_Horrible: get outta there to WHERE?! LUL
bytecaster: There is also still actual Margit
BusTed: Right on the chin
HorusFive: To the FACE
Mr_Horrible: fuckin' Thanos'd
Griwes: how dare Astel not fall off the cliff there
GirlPainting: girlpaDIE girlpaDIE girlpaDIE girlpaDIE girlpaDIE
Rhynerd: fully removed from existense
Seth_Erickson: Good go say hello to margit reshard
Seth_Erickson: could*
micalovits: Oh god, immagine the meteor attack on that small ledge area
Zanzabar_: Will patches be patches though?
call_me_Aras: Elden Beast might fly itself over the side atleast?
Wicker_Guide: a magma dragon there would also be rough
Griwes: Rykard LUL
GirlPainting: patches voice over....and godwyn jumps down
bytecaster: Or the jumpy second phase of the Beast Cleric
Wicker_Guide: patches voice over, and the spiritcaller snail drops down
greenday61892: Whose head is that next to G's?
GirlPainting: o.O
Seth_Erickson: I think fighting Maliketh here would be abyssmal.
Mattmitchell45: Have they poked into a Hero's Grave yet?
Wicker_Guide: @greenday61892 @DandyGeek friend of the channel
greenday61892: neat!
DigitalSeahorse: katesLuck katesLuck katesLuck
Mr_Horrible: not NOW Margitt!
TehAmelie: does it have a mark on its forehead the shape of the USA?
Wicker_Guide: Astel, honey, you have no idea what veins or blood even are
GirlPainting: shut up margit!
Mr_Horrible: We're fighting a weird fuckin' damselfly!
DigitalSeahorse: weeeeeee
bytecaster: "I'm in the arena, but Astel has been replaced by that damn bear"
DigitalSeahorse: ssandWOW ssandGHOST
Griwes: he's alive by the rule of 1hp
TehAmelie: Astel seems pretty good at knocking you off the cliff. truly the FELL omen
Griwes: Astel please stop putting your hands into the ground
Wicker_Guide: ooh, fun, this is the second version with the extra moves
GirlPainting: SPOILER!
Boon_33: now fight club is ruined for... someone somewhere
Griwes: yeah the extra secret Astel
Seth_Erickson: This is the one with the second phase ninjutsu grab which is extra bad but will be very cool to see.
DigitalSeahorse: that why people say "don't talk about Bite club"
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bytecaster: Adam is just gonna solo Astel now
GirlPainting: girlpaDIE
Seth_Erickson: did we want to try margit 👀
doubledbear: it's doable...
Seth_Erickson: Moonveil\
aWildBounce: Rethink strategy: step 1. Get Strategy
TehAmelie: you could split up and do four dungeons at a time!
SeaDiegoFC: Moon Cheese Blade?
ashesandmochi: i love this, it is delicious chaos
IsaTheEngie: skillveil
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad voxlunGeiger hazard level too high
Mr_Horrible: Skillveil and the Rivers of Skill is my Dave Matthews Band Cover Band
JadedCynic: that screenshot.... chef_kiss dot gif
Mr_Horrible: just enough jank to be charming
Mr_Horrible: but yeah, surprisingly smooth
Easilycrazyhat: That was wild
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunBean voxlunBean tootClap tootClap tootClap
YeetTheRich_: clap
notthepenguins: yesss
BusTed: seabatClap
Mr_Horrible: great times, thank you everybody
doubledbear: Look forward to it
goombalax: unarmeHmm
bytecaster: This was great!
Mattmitchell45: 👏👏👏
ThreeDwarves: Woo first time actually cartching a stream
BusTed: seabatOAK
empyreon: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Dog_of_Myth: Thanks Ben!
TehAmelie: thanks for the betlam!
TehAmelie: bedlam, too
Seth_Erickson: !homestreams
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FarleyF: !alex
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DigitalSeahorse: lrrWHEELER_TK lrrALEX_TK katesHm lrrADAM_TK
iloveolivepizza: That ruled thanks y’all
pimiento: LuvHearts LuvHearts LuvHearts
DigitalSeahorse: hehehheheh
GirlPainting: by tubies ^^
Wicker_Guide: off to the vod
HorusFive: Just throw your money into the sea. It'll get to them somehow
JadedCynic: thank you for all this fun! <3
Mr_Horrible: hehehe dazeSmug
Mr_Horrible: oh that's a cool little history trip
djalternative: Rounds is great!
RomanGoro: Rounds!
RomanGoro: All of the yes!
Seth_Erickson: Sounds amazing
Mr_Horrible: spank in the da- wait, no, scratch that
djalternative: It's a 2 player 2D shooter with mutators every round
BusTed: Neat.
JadedCynic: oooh
Mr_Horrible: interesting
FarleyF: #teammalkavian for unlife
FarleyF: its a fantastic game
iris_of_ether: lrrSHINE
Dog_of_Myth: Bye Meathook, I'll miss you
Juliamon: riv meathook
call_me_Aras: I won't
Dog_of_Myth: Monorail!
Juliamon: MONORAIL
Lysander_salamander: oh darn I missed the show
Diabore: also the "x is the y things you see from your seat" things
epsilon_vee: o_O
Mr_Horrible: sounds like a Shelbyville idea
DigitalSeahorse: HypeUnicorn1 HypeUnicorn1 HypeUnicorn1
Mollylele: were you sent here by the devil?
WiJohn: Is there a chance the tracks could bend?
pimiento: @Mollylele no good friend, i'm on the level!
my_pet_yeti: what about us braindead slobs?
jetpixi: lol the Fear
DigitalSeahorse: tentacle decks
fastlane250: Fact: vintage Lego monorail sets and pieces are HELLA expensive on the secondary market! source: me, who's been trying to collect every train/monorail set made
HorusFive: Who wore it best?
Mr_Horrible: who welds the weldsman
AttackCowboy: Is dueling Welders like Dueling Banjos?
Lysander_salamander: oh nice
DigitalSeahorse: wooo
pn55: Molly! lrrSHINE
Diabore: we have no comment at this time
GirlPainting: Apropos Molly.....will we see the Panalysts in the future?
Mollylele: amass your vampire questions at my fortress gates
DigitalSeahorse: digita435LOVE
matthaus_c: Q: Why!!
HorusFive: Enigmatic smiles from Jacob? I'm in
DeM0nFiRe: Q. Not a drop to threenk when?
Juliamon: ANOTHER Touhou rhythm game
Mr_Horrible: gotta tune in to find out
jetpixi: Is it rhythm cafe or tongue twister cafe?
Bearudite: are they human or are they dancer?
DigitalSeahorse: kitty
DigitalSeahorse: tail
DarkMorford: Tail!
GirlPainting: tail!
Juliamon: hi Mulder
SymphonicLolita: hi mulder's tail
DigitalSeahorse: katesJam katesHypers katesBelt
Mollylele: sup Mulder
Dog_of_Myth: Nice
DeM0nFiRe: nice
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits!
Mr_Horrible: the most powerful weapon
DEATHlikescats: lrrSHINE PrideHeartL PrideHeartR VirtualHug 2020Gift bleedPurple KPOPlove PrideRise 2020Victory KPOPheart KPOPcheer
DigitalSeahorse: katesPoggers
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown lrrCIRCLE FBtouchdown
DigitalSeahorse: katesSnug
Mr_Horrible: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
GirlPainting: hmmkaibye
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
DigitalSeahorse: thank for strim
Lysander_salamander: have a good evening! Thanks for being here
Darleysam: "and now that the Twitch viewers have gone"
SymphonicLolita: time to thank the live studio audience
aWildBounce: Adam can take a nap :)
OhaiMireiya: oh I was chilling and zoned out and now everyone is gone!
Juliamon: Happens to the best of us.
OhaiMireiya: =D
Amentur: Good night, Paul lrrSHINE
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrPAUL
Ritaspirithntr: Ewww
matthaus_c: ball!
SymphonicLolita: wise wirds
Manae: Words to live by
Ritaspirithntr: Good night paul!
FarleyF: Ni Night Paul
SymphonicLolita: words even
Ritaspirithntr: Yup!
JadedCynic: yeah, better idea.
cmdrelk: LUL
JadedCynic: o/
emberBecky: lrrSHINE
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Night paul lrrSHINE
Juliamon: https://twitter.com/kitten_academy/status/1579666428449685505 Uh oh, kittens are coming for Paul's side-gig
Juliamon: she wore it on stream for like, 20 whole seconds
Juliamon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7vrbiDi0Tc (at around 22:58:00 on the on-screen timestamp)