Juliamon: She's a nuggie
TheMerricat: Grimace wasn't a shake, he was an octopus that _stole_ shakes. he started out as a villain
Juliamon: pre-processed
Doc_Layzah: I thought grimace was a taste bud
EikoandMog: Birdie was for breakfast. She's an "Early Bird"
TehAmelie: does the Hamburglar eat those burgers or is it more a Cookie Monster situation?
Lord_Hosk: They had nuggies though
CaptainSpam: I thought she was the breakfast menu. As in, the early bird.
TacitusVigil: What about that guy with the moon head?
ShaneLeeAtk: Mac Tonight
saucemaster5000: Grimace Fhtagn
TheMerricat: @TacitusVigil Mac Tonight is a fictional character used in the marketing for McDonald's restaurants during the late 1980s. Known for his crescent moon head, sunglasses and piano-playing, the character used the song "Mack the Knife" which was made famous in the United States by Bobby Darin.
TacitusVigil: Maybe it's some special deal the new Labor government negotiated? Kappa
betweenmyself: One commercial had Hamburglar dream he had the Midas touch, but turned things into burgers… Turned his own head into a burger.
TXC2: we're gonna have to do MacDonaldland stuff on CDHC aren't we? :p
TacitusVigil: @TheMerricat Ah, that's where the name comes from. I just remember it being creepy as heck.
GrassVortex: possibly some kind of market research to see if it is worth doing on a larger scale?
SaxPython: FBtouchdown lunarj1Heart FBtouchdown
TehAmelie: dang, i last had a Happy Meal in like 1988 and i can smell that picture
BrowneePoints: it's like yellow and grey
BrowneePoints: err yellow and white?
kumatsu: I do hear that Heroes never die
SocraticMethod: I think it's yellow and dark grey, not white
EikoandMog: We still have McPizza
Snowcookies: yeah no aussies in chat :P
TehAmelie: at least Celluloid Heroes
RockPusher: Time for KhillPoint
ContingentCat: oh hey surprise chillpoint
TehAmelie: "it's true but he shouldn't say it"
TXC2: "MK's 30th anniversary" hit me like missing the last step on the stairs :p
Lord_Hosk: They still have the McDLT Beej, but its Hot on the right and Cold on the Left, because everything is upside down in Australia
RockPusher: Bekause Beej khooses to make rekording diffikult :D
TacitusVigil: The Legend of Zelda: A Kingdom of Kombat
maxvolume: gacha?
SocraticMethod: Mortal Kombat Gatcha :o
BrowneePoints: ah, like Genshin Imcrapt
BusTed: Mortal Kombat GO
TehAmelie: Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Kombat?
GrassVortex: the MK story is so delightfully cheesy and B-movie :D
TehAmelie: wait no Mortal Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator
BrowneePoints: The MK Comics are great
BrowneePoints: err Graphic Novels?
TXC2: and then SFV tried it and it was bad :p
FrostyKaze: Guilty Gear has an extensive story
TehAmelie: they had mirror matches in the very first game. no explanation, you just had to fight yourself
RockPusher: My name is __________. You __________ my __________. Prepare to __________!
BrowneePoints: ah, the Kahndashian
SocraticMethod: Will it have Kotal Khan jobbing, as per tradition? Kappa
BrowneePoints: Khandashians*
SocraticMethod: Kahn*
LRRTwitter: @DesertBus> Prize Preview Time! And time is what you will get with this fantastic Chrono Trigger clock by the amazing Odd Fox Laser Creations (http://www.facebook.com/oddfoxlasercreations). This gorgeously detailed piece is handmade from multiple types of wood and will help you master the 4th dimension | #DB2022 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FfyAasbXwAE3X7W.jpg || ⤵
BrowneePoints: @SocraticMethod see you made me second guess how it is spelled XD
LordZarano: @RockPusher Noddy, made, bed, sleep
SocraticMethod: Fallout shelter was an exception that proves a rule.
SaxPython: blinks in Kingdom Hearts
aiamethyst: isn't that just puzzlequest?
BrowneePoints: yea the MOBA
mowdownjoe: It's a MOBA.
TXC2: Mortal Kombat tower defence game
BrowneePoints: It's a Moba
BrowneePoints: that I put several hundred hours into and none of my friends played benginCry
ContingentCat: Nothing HAS to be a gatcha filled whatever, and yet here we are
Mollylele: @BrowneePoints FallCry
TehAmelie: i wonder when Mortal Kombat's story will extend far enough in space and time they have to include Kublai Khan
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TacitusVigil: Kombat Kubes
SocraticMethod: Hard Kurrency
TacitusVigil: Or Kombat Krates
SmashTCG: mortal kombat Autochess
TehAmelie: will Shang Tsung be able to transform into every character?
EikoandMog: @SmashTCG I think that's what we're getting.
Nydestroyer: Oh and the scorpion tower could pull enemies back
BrowneePoints: Lin Kuei Frost Archers, Shira Ryu Flame Shurikeners
Jezus38: @Nydestroyer or piull them off the path off ledges?
SmashTCG: @SmashTCG yeah but its A collection game
BrowneePoints: Shirai*
betweenmyself: Mortal Kombat Strip Mahjong… Sorry Kano, you lost riffYeti
SaxPython: Mortal Klash of Klans
mowdownjoe: Yes... Graham mentioned thin in the stinger.
BusTed: Heheh.
mowdownjoe: Was very good.
Jezus38: @SaxPython I think you mean "MOBILE KOMBAT!"
RockPusher: sergeJustRight
TacitusVigil: Khekkpoint doesn't heven make sense in Mortal Kombat kontext!
maxvolume: f?
SAJewers: lrrFINE
SmashTCG: Rip?
Angreed66: f
DeM0nFiRe: panicBasket
SoldieroFortune: picnic?
mowdownjoe: twitch pls...
RockPusher: Beej's script too powerful for stream
beowuuf: ah, not just me
iris_of_ether: lrrFINE
Drasvin: lrrFINE panicBasket
EikoandMog: panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket
niccus: couldn't find ethernet kable
Pteraspidomorphi: Twitch is giving us time to read
TheMerricat: so the stream didn't just die for me either
Styxseus: Oh thats not just me?
AveryCorvus: Konnection Issues
Jezus38: not me then?
Joalni: The stream khrashed.
mowdownjoe: FATALITY
EikoandMog: Konnection Fatality
Lord_Hosk: Be Kalm, and Don't Panik, the stream will be bakk soon
RockPusher: and we're back
SoldieroFortune: back again?
Jezus38: well, krap
iris_of_ether: There we go
lirazel64: F stream
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Jezus38: bakk
SocraticMethod: @Joalni *krashed
Styxseus: lrrSIG
Witchy_Diana: gatcha is usually in katakana :P
TehAmelie: it wobbled but it's back
DeM0nFiRe: Yep it's back
beowuuf: you are back
DeM0nFiRe: ball*
DeM0nFiRe: bakk*
lirazel64: not here...
Pteraspidomorphi: Twitch has just been doing this lately
BeastiePunk: I didn't have an interruption
Joalni: Yeah, it's all kool again.
SoldieroFortune: "Kinematic" story got me, because that is also a word
SaxPython: lol
8 raiders from Snugubus have joined!
TXC2: E is the most used letter in english
LazyC0Mmander: Let's see if restarting tge app fixes this.
TXC2: hello Raiders
LazyC0Mmander: It might have?
Snugubus: hewwo :3
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RockPusher: Patch notes are always fun
TXC2: hello Snugubus welcome
Snugubus: terniuBlush
LazyC0Mmander: Btw, the fuck is Disney dreamlight valley?
BrowneePoints: Disney Animal Crossing
LazyC0Mmander: With or without Disney princesses?
BrowneePoints: I don't know
Juliamon: With, I think
TXC2: aren't we all Disney Princesses at this point?
LazyC0Mmander: Oh Animal Crossing! I thought you said Harvest Moon.
CururuGuasu: Crash mode
TheMerricat: so for Beej's edification if you go to the actual official Disney website they do indicate that it's early access for all versions not just the PC
drcthulu: early access, aka the release and patch all the bugs later to make more money per usual most games end up being
saucemaster5000: Much better game -- planting and harvesting IP, selling to Bob Iger in town
SocraticMethod: "A Game in Constant Evolution New content means that there's always something fresh to explore. Meet new characters in the Valley, check out the latest clothing and furniture collections in Scrooge's Store, and complete challenging in-game events! Be sure to dream your way back to Dreamlight Valley regularly to discover new adventures!"
LazyC0Mmander: If it's animal crossing, do they have Darth Vader citizen?
SocraticMethod: Aww, Paul got there first
RockPusher: "Fixed an issue which turned the water pink in Ursula's house"
mowdownjoe: But Donald Duck not throwing tantrums doesn't feel like Donald Duck.
CururuGuasu: But then would he still be Donald Duck?
Invitare: "No, I'm Ursula actually"
LazyC0Mmander: Holy hell, there might be Darth Vader villager!
betweenmyself: Bird bath
SaxPython: FBtouchdown lunarj1Heart FBtouchdown
TehAmelie: i like when they make early access really cheap. rewards people for making their investment early, and it's reasonable they raise the price when the game gets more stuff in it
CururuGuasu: Head pops up out of a glass of water
RockPusher: "The player’s legs will no longer shrink while wearing some types of clothes"
Invitare: In Gen 1 Pokemon you could fish in statues. It can't be worse than that
saucemaster5000: @TehAmelie I'm pretty sure I got shovel knight super early and now have like four games out of it
TehAmelie: great example
TXC2: isn't Mickey a wizard's apprentice?
LazyC0Mmander: Wizards can't be Jesus you know because magic is satanic.
SaxPython: #SunglassesOnly
niccus: cue skyrim
TehAmelie: yet Jesus can be a hermetic wizard and sage
LazyC0Mmander: Here we go again.
RockPusher: "Fixed an issue which caused Donald’s house to float (and we’re not talking about in the water)"
TXC2: is Jesus a Sorcerer or a Warlock? Kappa
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
ShaneLeeAtk: Zombie Wizard
TehAmelie: and cleric
TheMerricat: @txc2 Warlock's get their power from a patron, so I'd say Jesus is a warlock....;)
saucemaster5000: Lich King
SaxPython: @txc2 Depends on which campaign you're playing
LazyC0Mmander: Don't like that...
CururuGuasu: The eyes of the Mickey are upon you…
betweenmyself: Wonder what happens with Ursula if you manage to reach the sub ocean riffThink
LazyC0Mmander: Don't fuck with Mickey is the lesson here
RockPusher: "Water characters can no longer walk through rocks"
Snowcookies: writes down "blinking is probably good"
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SaxPython: NotLikeThis
jacqui_lantern234: this reminds me of the shop keeper in suikoden 1 who just says "fine, thanks"
saucemaster5000: Will someone just tell Maui "Thank you" once so he'll shut up?
SaxPython: Washing Dishes is magic
TheMerricat: @saucemaster5000 but that's what started the whole problem!!
CururuGuasu: You can wash dishes!
Lord_Hosk: Mickey has been making food since the 50s
Angreed66: purpose: make the mouse money
betweenmyself: So they’re Nobody’s from Kingdom Hearts?
Akaiatana: Cooking food with a full mickey in them feels unsafe
saucemaster5000: stardew valley basically the same beginning as darkest dungeon
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SmashTCG: No you died in the woods,
SmashTCG: wolves prob
TheMerricat: Heather I have bad news for you the wolves ate you
TacitusVigil: Just like in Mario 2
Snowcookies: oh dear
Invitare: that can't be right, there are no trucks in the woods
Angreed66: truck kun is a one way trip
Juliamon: It might have been a bear
Akaiatana: Do Not Go Quietly into that Dark Night In the Woods
CururuGuasu: So it’s Eternal Sonata?
LazyC0Mmander: Great job there everyone. For the kids!
BusTed: rayfkKing
SmashTCG: Sora is DLC
SaxPython: PogChamp lunarj1Heart PogChamp
Akaiatana: Somebody who goes to sleep and dies in the woods sure sounds like a Nobody
SaxPython: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
TacitusVigil: The Man in the Iron Gorsh!
Akaiatana: Canadians Saying Sora Too Much
TXC2: Kingdom Hearts is just a retelling of the collective works of Andre Dumas Kappa
EikoandMog: F
BusTed: lrrEFF
Drasvin: lrrEFF
Juliamon: dog end dog end dog end
EikoandMog: It could be a Forte!
SaxPython: forte
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
GapFiller: F
Drasvin: It's not quite the forte f
Akaiatana: It's F for math function
Laserbeaks_Fury: Silent music
TXC2: the hills are 4:33 ?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Triangle Head
Laserbeaks_Fury: *ting*
niccus: 4'33" (trap remix)
betweenmyself: Apparently Silent Hill f is set in feudal Japan?
SaxPython: sick metaphor Beej
EikoandMog: I look forward to Ben and Adam playing it.
KeytarCat: @niccus I want to perform that
LordZarano: Simon and Garfunkel Hill
EikoandMog: @niccus 4'33 (tap remix). Everyone is standing is really needs to go to the toilet.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Maria! I just met a girl named Maria! -James Sunderland
Akaiatana: It's not Paul's hill to die on
TXC2: Right chat I off
TXC2: goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming LRR
Earthenone: welcome to the viewer experiance
saucemaster5000: cheers TXC2
Akaiatana: Beej is indeed very wave dashing
SaxPython: amazing
TacitusVigil: Has anyone made a mod that puts Donald Sutherland into the game?
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LazyC0Mmander: Who the hell is mario actually?
LazyC0Mmander: From Silent Hill I mean
Juliamon: Dog Ending is pretty infamous
Akaiatana: @LazyC0Mmander From what I know, It'sa me
KeytarCat: "I could do this, but I don't want to" is a mood
BusTed: rayfkWelp
LazyC0Mmander: @akaiatana Not reacting to that...
SocraticMethod: @LazyC0Mmander Minor character from comics is most I could find?
Laserbeaks_Fury: The Silent Hill movies were not terrible adaptations
SocraticMethod: @LazyC0Mmander I think it's supposed to be Maria for Silent Hill
LazyC0Mmander: @socraticmethod thx
mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
SocraticMethod: So I think the joke is Maria and Mario sound similar
Akaiatana: Human Resources
CaptainSpam: We're often very useful! Yaaaaaay! :D
LordZarano: Whichcord?
ContingentCat: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Geldaran: wait, we're a Hivemind? I thought we were an unruly mob?
bytecaster: Chat? Useful? That seems not very plausible.
LazyC0Mmander: Isn't Mario just the masculine version of Maria?
SaxPython: <3 <3 <3
Akaiatana: Stock images of Beej being Stalked
mtvcdm: That would be a good one-day Crapshoot revival
TehAmelie: the first one had that genuinely cool moment at the end when you realize she could have been in the other world a really long time and there's not even a way to pinpoint when she shifted
RockPusher: Stock images of Heather setting things on fire
ContingentCat: oh I'm sure we have that out there
EikoandMog: Up and then down VERY quickly.
saucemaster5000: You wave at Heather then run away
josh___something: Jump and dash diagonally down into your carpet :p
mtvcdm: "When air dodging diagonally to the ground, all of the momentum of the airdodge is transferred into horizontal (ground) movement, since the character can no longer fall. " -Smash wiki
Akaiatana: You abandoned your chair like a google wave
Juliamon: Have they released... ANY games yet?
mtvcdm: Don't worry, Embracer Group will whittle that number down
TehAmelie: there's a stadia shaped hole i guess
GrassVortex: Netflix also have data-centers ALL over the globe already
Invitare: Netflix definitely doesn't have a reputation for cancelling things after one season, so this will no doubt work great
SocraticMethod: @Juliamon Stream games or under "Netflix Games" umbrella? Yes to latter but either ports or nothing spectular
Akaiatana: Spiritfarer is indeed a BANGER
corpocracy: Isn't Into the Breacha on there?
TehAmelie: isn't it two seasons? cause after two seasons shows don't attract new subscribers as much
Amentur: Oxenfree is part of Netflix Games as well
Juliamon: This seems all very... pointlessly complicated
SocraticMethod: To play, you’ll have to install the game on your device first. You need: A compatible device: Android phone or tablet running Android 8.0 or later iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS/iPadOS 15 or later An active Netflix subscription An internet connection to download and install the game Enough storage space on your device
seanmrwick: any news about overwatch 2 that isn't "negative" persay?
Juliamon: If you already have one, might as well use it, but like... I have Netflix and had no idea this was there
Juliamon: great advertising
SymphonicLolita: netflix is increasingly bad at advertising anything ever
SocraticMethod: @seanmrwick 10,233,054 monthly players, 920,975 average daily players. Seems doing great
LazyC0Mmander: Both working together?
DeM0nFiRe: Gaming companies can use the clouds of the cloud companies, cloud companies can't use anything from game companies
saucemaster5000: I always forget to check prime gaming, I'm sure I'll remember to check out netflix gaming too...
LazyC0Mmander: @dem0nfire Well... They can use the IP for advertising...
RockPusher: As someone who spent a good chunk of last week fighting MS cloud services, I think people overestimate the cloud companies competency in cloud things lrrBEEJ
Nydestroyer: Rollback game code
Akaiatana: @RockPusher Old Fan Yells at Clouds
SocraticMethod: I think cloud gaming would work well with strategy/tactics games, VNs or anything slower. Especially with flat-shaded art-style you can save so much bandwith.
mtvcdm: It's only a few days ago I learned Netflix revived The Mole. Which is a show I absolutely adore.
LordZarano: Amazon also gives you 1 free ebook per month... Out of a selection of ~8 books that you wouldn't want to read anyway
SocraticMethod: Anything "Cinematic" would kill cloud gaming since they like use noise filter and that murders the bandwith
PMAvers: I think I actually played through the first Batman Arkham Asylum through... what was that old cloud streaming service, GameTap? And it was surprisingly fine.
saucemaster5000: @mtvcdm oh holy crap, I loved the mole!
PMAvers: And I live in the middle of literal nowhere with bad internet back then.
damn_i_am_pretty: what if we took the cloud games and put them into a local drive people could have at home. A cartridge, if you will
SmashTCG: some people have the internet, but due to data limits, only for the first Some odd GB
Nydestroyer: What if you played dark cloud... on the cloud?
mtvcdm: Our internet just... goes, once in a while, because Spectrum's doing maintenance or a squirrel sacrifices itself.
SaxPython: I think we'll see gamedev industry movement to design for streaming.
RockPusher: fugiBus
SocraticMethod: Bungie liked Stadia a lot since it meant they could use their datacenter for builds and stream it to their homes when working-from-home
TacitusVigil: It's the Wii U all over again!
Geldaran: that's just what they call that event every year, isn't it?
LazyC0Mmander: Ugh, getting my ass kicked by events in my own games right now...
CururuGuasu: Should involve horses
PMAvers: Jacob leans his head in
Nydestroyer: werewolf goku
mtvcdm: awoo!
Juliamon: mtvcdm yeah, Comcast likes to just... stop for a minute, sometimes, for no reason. And then deny it ever happened.
LazyC0Mmander: This is a battle royale people.
SaxPython: lunarj1Fangs lunarj1Fangs lunarj1Fangs
SocraticMethod: Ah, wolf nose. Not wolf pheromones
PMAvers: So basically you Warwick.
LazyC0Mmander: Do you still have a gun is the question.
Ukon_Cairns: wait, now fortnite is doing wolf team? didnt expect that shooter to be on their radar
TacitusVigil: (touches Beej's cheek) You are my prey!
Amentur: Do other players then need to find silver bullets?
DoodlestheGreat: BEENZ
SymphonicLolita: beans beans beans
BrowneePoints: Gentrify a Planet!
BrowneePoints: Space Imperialism!
RockPusher: gabyLul
GrassVortex: as you do :D
SaxPython: is this the metaverse?
saucemaster5000: I keep running into starbucks pop-ins
bytecaster: England just hasn't been optimized that well yet
TehAmelie: did they pick the planet for the right color sky and vegetation etc?
mtvcdm: Just go full Jetsons
LazyC0Mmander: Does
PMAvers: So basically Super Mario Odyssey?
LazyC0Mmander: Does that tower have a smiley face?
KeytarCat: Please floating, not stilts
ANeMzero: Move to Dryland, escape the Waterworld
mtvcdm: If we move to the mountains we might f--HEATHER
SaxPython: booo
RockPusher: Heather!
PMAvers: Man, imagine how good it is in New Donk City
Drasvin: Gaming in the clouds
bytecaster: Cloud gaming in the actual clouds
Invitare: it'll be above the clouds gaming
eshplode: Live in the clouds, game in the clouds
han_cholo55: move the moonbase to the actual moon. no flooding up there
seanmrwick: it looks a lot like someone was trying to finish a game for their final exam and did an "oopsie"
Lord_Hosk: Bitcoin Billionairs both Mine and Craft right? RIGHT?
SocraticMethod: Speaking of games that would be horrible on cloud gaming:
bytecaster: @Lord_Hosk I thought they mostly pump but also dump.
seanmrwick: @SocraticMethod it would actually
TehAmelie: i want a race car with an oversized spoiler like that. sort of like wings
SocraticMethod: It's the "new" 3D style where it imitates 2D art by painting 2D effects in
BrowneePoints: as it should. acab
seanmrwick: I mean....Need for Speed always had the whole "race the cops" thing for years, even in the older games
SocraticMethod: @SocraticMethod They amount of graphical noise would murder encoder
seanmrwick: here's my question, paul: Do you think there will be some kind of "sports betting" thing within this game?
TehAmelie: hmm imagine Burnout but the opponents are all cop cars
Makrosian_Tae: God I miss burnout
LazyC0Mmander: We can render cars and environments super well but we suck at doing human beings, so you're all influencers instead!
SocraticMethod: Wasn't it NFS that invented motion blur on the corners of the screen to increase the perception of speed?
RockPusher: Looks fun, sadly tied to all the extra EA BS
GrassVortex: Ghost games or something did a few NFS
Blythus: That's the reason I'm looking forward to this one, it's by the guys who made Burnout
SaxPython: rollback steering netcode
SocraticMethod: Like the Nitro is not going that fast but it feels much faster since they are simulating tunnel vision
saucemaster5000: I played NFS: Heat recently and... yup sure was a racing game that made my eyes glaze over
TacitusVigil: Bad news about America, gang.
seanmrwick: oh that's super cool! I'm sort of familiar with this studio, Beej, because the older Need for Speed games I used to play them as a kid
bytecaster: @SaxPython Right?! If my car does a hadouken, I don't want it to fail due to to lag.
Blythus: Burnout Paradise is my favorite racing game of all time
BrowneePoints: Nope. US Police chase people and kill other people in accidents a non-zero amount of time
BrowneePoints: and usually barely get fined
SaxPython: @bytecaster FBtouchdown
Makrosian_Tae: Burnout Paradise is the pinnacle of racing games, to me
BrindleBoar: even when it's not set in LA, GRA is set in LA
SymphonicLolita: yeah, there's street racers all over the place here. lots of house calls
LazyC0Mmander: Don't they try to catch you at one star?
seanmrwick: According to the new driving laws in my state, I think they got rid of this rule of chasing someone because of the risk involved
damn_i_am_pretty: wait, cops killing people isn't something other places deal with?
SocraticMethod: @BrowneePoints Depends on state/precint. Some places have forbidden chasing, others don't. Consequences of 50 countries in a trenchcoat
seanmrwick: I might be wrong, but it also depends on the state honestly
seanmrwick: @BrowneePoints I think in Chicago and in Illinois, they got rid of the rule, but I'll need to double check
mtvcdm: Anyway we're past the story now.
RockPusher: wait
seanmrwick: Is there an update about when Resident Evil 4 HD will be coming out?
LazyC0Mmander: @socraticmethod Ah, conservative legislatures' chokehold on the regional governments...
seanmrwick: like the "new" Resident Evil 4?
RockPusher: Steam claiming that NFS: Unbound is similar to games I have played - XCOM 2 and Stardew Valley?!?!?!
SaxPython: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
bytecaster: Did we? By complaining?
GrassVortex: beat then, but just ignoring them? LUL
DoodlestheGreat: Between gamers & furries, NFTs were a non-starter.
SaxPython: also not participating in the market
PharaohBender27: :D
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
Spritz_T: now if we can just get rid of cryptocurrencies
RockPusher: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.
bytecaster: Beating NFTs by not engaging with wolf-enhanced pants
SocraticMethod: Couple gaming studios did reverse decisions to go into NFS after backlash, so ...
SocraticMethod: NFTs*
Akaiatana: Storybook Brawl also went that way. It was really sad
RockPusher: Your strategy is bad and you should feel bad!
TacitusVigil: We prefer our tokens to be fungible, thank you very much!
TacitusVigil: (flips DB token)
bytecaster: @TacitusVigil And preferably at least 1/1s
SaxPython: ever vigilant o7
PMAvers: Or Macro-transactions. Like $250 booster packs.
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
BrindleBoar: MW2 boycott group screenshot goes here
SocraticMethod: You heard about fungible tokens? Old news! Introducting frangible tokens! Guarateed to explode in value!
PharaohBender27: Cheer150
SymphonicLolita: I want fungible tokens. mushrooms
SaxPython: GG No Notes <3
mtvcdm: !patreon
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mtvcdm: !store
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LazyC0Mmander: Alright that was fun. Have a good one.
RockPusher: DoLLRs
PMAvers: Add some disk into your life.
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
Akaiatana: But not mugs?
mtvcdm: Things.
SymphonicLolita: buy disc.
TacitusVigil: DoLLRRs Kurrency
RockPusher: *DoLRRs
mtvcdm: Give money and there will be a box that contains things.
PharaohBender27: Disc already bought and delivered! :)
TacitusVigil: *DoLRRs Kurrency
TehAmelie: byee
mtvcdm: Put your hand in the box LRR sends you to find out what's inside of it.
RockPusher: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: spoilers!
Snowcookies: bye Youtube viewers
Blythus: Now to watch the vod since I came in halfway through the last story! :D
bytecaster: We are used to it
DoodlestheGreat: !storm
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TheDailyMapleSyrup: Loadingreadyrun.com/oh no, I got it wrong again. L O L.
RockPusher: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
Amentur: ModLove ModLove ModLove
TehAmelie: lrrSHINE
saucemaster5000: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
DoodlestheGreat: BOOM
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeBits
mtvcdm: It was 32
LordZarano: https://loadingreadyrun.com/store is "An Error Was Encountered" "In order to use the Session class you are required to set an encryption key in your config file."
TehAmelie: it was delightful
bytecaster: It was indeed!
RockPusher: Heather getting metrics on just how much she won by :D
DoodlestheGreat: It was one of the best ones in a while.
saucemaster5000: it was a good one yup!
SaxPython: an instant classic
Juliamon: A tiny bit dirty
Lord_Hosk: It was quite... Adult oriented
SymphonicLolita: things happened
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
PharaohBender27: tqsLOL
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Juliamon: A little fishy
DoodlestheGreat: Manson Family friendly.
mtvcdm: Content for everybody
Phailhammer: cya :)
Lord_Hosk high fives Juliamon
TehAmelie: it's how families are made!
Snowcookies: night!
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon escher3PUN
TheAinMAP: Good bye.
SocraticMethod: PotFriend
beowuuf: house of lies isn't on for another hour heather Kappa
TehAmelie: imma rewatch it
beowuuf: night sergeSpoopyHi
RockPusher: TehAmelie That's certainly an interpretation of a family show lrrBEEJ
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TehAmelie: of course, under Cuba's new legislation, families can be formed even by fun activities like fish touching
TehAmelie: it's found families for everyone now baby