Nydestroyer: I think we let this game go
gamblingaregood: what falls into Vegas stays in Vegas
definenull: speedrun!
MegaDosX: 7-2 let's go
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Join Ian and guests for our annual pumpkin carving episode of TTSF!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (12m from now).
gamblingaregood: ooo pumpkins
Lysander_salamander: woot pumpkins
gamblingaregood: teethtime?
Nukified: I hope that's why
MegaDosX: Oh that's intimidating
Spades_Slicc: The best fruit
definenull: tabetaAxe
GapFiller: ideally w/o Ian starting fires in the Moonbase Kappa
Mollylele: lrrIAN 🔪
ThorSokar: Carve The Rich?
croisvoix1: I thought knives were banned in the streaming office after the let's nope incident
GapFiller: tho tbf that was literal years ago
Spades_Slicc: That's not a knife
GapFiller: and Ian hasnt done it again since then
definenull: that's his battle armour
cmdrelk: Carve. That. Pumpkin!
sprucebruce21: is Ian allowed a knife? after The Incident?
gamblingaregood: ah I see you've played knifey spoony before
Lysander_salamander: Are they going to get the jumpsuits out to protect them from the guts
Nydestroyer: skill based matchmaking?
Nydestroyer: Kappa
Spades_Slicc: I played a gold 1 as a bronze 3 earlier
GapFiller: sprucebruce21 knives are fine he just isnt allowed to start fires Kappa
gamblingaregood: nah just reuse the Unfinity tarp
unicornguy67: Hey! I think I was just your last opponent!
MegaDosX: Well that's a good card
dwchief: Numot was going against poor bronze and gold players today in Eldraine draft
sprucebruce21: is there a brushwagg in the Eldraine green deck?
Sorator13: @unicornguy67 ahoy!
sprucebruce21: @GapFiller but knives can cause fires with a good flint Kappa
Nukified: ikoria
gamblingaregood: brusshwag came back in ikoria
Nydestroyer: I wonder if they are ever going to make some type of arena exclusive unset
Spades_Slicc: Brushwaggs live in your heart
unicornguy67: @unicornguy67 How's it going?
Sorator13: @Nydestroyer That's basically what alchemy is
dwchief: @Nydestroyer its called alchemy Kappa
drewm1022: ggs @unicornguy67
gamblingaregood: brusshwag in your heart: 3g heart expands, coronary?
MegaDosX: Rude.
gamblingaregood: characterising alchemy as an un set is... not inaccurate?
MegaDosX: 3/1 and Insatiable?
gamblingaregood: arch unchemy
dwchief: thats what Kappa means - it's a joke @gamblingaregood
dwchief: (from me anyway)
definenull: plz no dragonfire
Nydestroyer: Kappa is twitch /s tag
Sorator13: Eh, 2 for 2
gamblingaregood: I appreciate you teaching me internet symbology. I was pointing out that, joke or not, you're kinda *correct*
definenull: the stormfirst crusader has been doing the work
Fanklok: @gamblingaregood Brushwaggs are not for cardiac people
definenull: OH NO
MegaDosX: You're dead
Nukified: ouch
Sorator13: UH OH
roastbeefsandwitch: oofa doofa
sprucebruce21: oh balls
MegaDosX: No like you're actually dead
Nydestroyer: thats one scary elk
gamblingaregood: it's a 'set' with weird ass mechanics and is only legal in a limited way, that sounds like an un set
MegaDosX: Even elking it doesn't save you
unicornguy67: That's just lethal right?
definenull: rakdos aggro lrrAWW
JonnyGlitched: Thank you for the show!
GhostValv: benginO7
Nydestroyer: they going to make pies with the left overs?
JonnyGlitched: Two Brothers
thejadedthief: Thank you for the stream!
Sorator13: I have added it to my calendar!!
Juliamon: !ppr
LRRbot: The Brothers' War PPR will be on 4 November 2022! More details: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FgG0LpOaUAE552S.jpg
Nydestroyer: LRRBRO
gamblingaregood: secret tunnel!
Fanklok: haha yeah, friends
CururuGuasu: A B S O R B
Mollylele: I have absorbed the information, thank you!
Sorator13: lrrHEART
Nydestroyer: engagement question?
jessicaengle: sergeSpoopyHi
BrowneePoints: Bomb some dodongos!
JonnyGlitched: I'm watching on YouTube right now
JonnyGlitched: Matt?
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
KeytarCat: @JonnyGlitched dun dun DUNNN
Sorator13: I can buy Matt?
definenull: OSFrog
saucemaster5000: Wiggins is an easy buy
xantos69: I am prepared to bongle any dongle!
Nydestroyer: LOL
JonnyGlitched: Which Matt? Wiggins?
jessicaengle: Beej sells the whole thing
Sorator13: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: Round 2!
Nydestroyer: someone played timewalk
Nukified: commander
YeetTheRich_: spoopy commander
nyquister_: Spooky Commander
DeM0nFiRe: Spookymander
Fanklok: I hope Heather leaves in a "now that the YouTube gremlins are gone" comments one time
jessicaengle: Pumpakins! sergeSpoopyLurk
LoadingReadyRun: Spook-mander
Earthenone: 3 zombie decks and whatever wheeler brings
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOPY
Drathak: lrrSPOOPY
KeytarCat: Not a secret, we just can't see it!
aitsu100: Spoopmander
JonnyGlitched: byeeeeeeee
Vampyre_Lord: alex? commander? oh i gotta get in on that
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
Phailhammer: cya :)
ContingentCat: oh yeah it's thursday
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
Earthenone: also on halloween there will be a watch party with public domain horror movies, for those interested
jessicaengle: "You paid a squirrel to come and gnaw your pumpkin? That's a waste of money. A colossal waste of money."
Lysander_salamander: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Join Ian and guests for our annual pumpkin carving episode of TTSF!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1s from now).
Fanklok: !next
Fanklok: You fool
Spritz_T: wow, that's soon
TheAinMAP: Title change.
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
TheAinMAP: Signal.
jessicaengle: GlitchCat jlrrCooltunes
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definenull: lrrSIG
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Fruan: Every time I try to come up with an overexcited spoonerism for "Pumpkins!" it comes out lewd, so, um. Pumpkins! Yay!
Fanklok: Do it anyway
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Tinker Tailor Solder Fry! Tonight @ihorner and | @BWheelerMTG are carving pumpkins! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FgHWP02aAAA2z2N.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1585784221272272896
jessicaengle: Does pumpkin carving count as Tinkering?
jessicaengle: Or possibly Tailoring?
Earthenone: worst comes to worst we can just fry the seeds :)
Fanklok: Toasted pumpkin seeds are good
jessicaengle: So then all that's left is to solder something onto pumpakins. Got it
Mai_Andra: Tailoring
TehAmelie: i am obliged to show you this gif of a tiny pupper trying to live in a pumpkin and eat it at the same time https://wilwheaton.tumblr.com/post/699259716340170752
Fruan: If you're just carving a bas relief into your pumpkin, it's tinkering. If you pierce the shell, you've changed the pumpkin's topology. That make it pants, and so then it's tailoring.
TehAmelie: spoiler: he does not get stuck
saucemaster5000: D"AWWWWW
Fanklok: If no one is wearing a pumpkin by the end of the stream then it is a fsilure
saucemaster5000: thanks @TehAmelie
jessicaengle: @TehAmelie He's so smol. That's a very catlike thing for a dog to do
Lysander_salamander: Hello folks!
roastbeefsandwitch: @TehAmelie That is adorable
TheAinMAP: Hello.
Mollylele: Gourd evening, boys
TheWriterAleph: oh my gourd, it's TTSF
gibbousm: I see you got a gourd
definenull: pumpkims!
jessicaengle: There's three pumpkins.
Fanklok: I hope Wheeler carves a peach into his
GhostValv: D:
Lysander_salamander: nice
definenull: OMG that apron is so cute
TehAmelie: naturally. hi Ian et Wheeler
jessicaengle: Is Wheeler pumpakin?
thejadedthief: hello hello!
GhostValv: dropping the mic is something else
thraximore: if ever we have a stream where it's NOT great for wheeler to be here, alert the national guard
TehAmelie: you mean national gourd?
BrowneePoints: when it comes to dis-gourdging them, are you tops or bottoms?
jessicaengle: It's avant gourde!
Fanklok: Gourd art, or gart
thraximore: @TehAmelie :clap:
thraximore: VERY good
thraximore: very gourd*
gibbousm: attack the bottom, it will last longer
DrakoniteStreams: therea48Shook
DarthRagnar815: I carved my pumpkin earlier today and had a lot of fun!
El_Funko: Cat butthole pumpkins seem very in this year
SaxPython: <3
TehAmelie: well, i have once met the captain of the gourd. (in Kingdom of Loathing)
jessicaengle: Hi mom!
saucemaster5000: alright everyone, best behavior
patbaer: I'm watching, so don't worry.
Sibwow: its not smothering its mothering
PunkRockZoologist: Alright! Let's en-face some festive gourds.
DrakoniteStreams: you can't spell smother without mother!
patbaer: and cube shaped
BrowneePoints: They also do Lantern stuff for Fall celebrations right?
saucemaster5000: putting it out there - pumpkin spice Inari
Lysander_salamander: any similar squash in Japan?
gibbousm: like Christmas?
gibbousm: and Valentines day?
TehAmelie: over here we have All Saints' Eve on like november 4 instead of Halloween
Mai_Andra: persimmons are just tiny pumpkins
ArdCollider: you could probably make a reasonable kabocha squash-o-lantern
TehAmelie: the movie was translated to All Bloody Saints' Eve
BrowneePoints: I was gonna say, I know there's stuff in the fall months where they make lanterns for the souls of loved ones and the lost, which we like to conflate with halloween
DrakoniteStreams: bonsai-o-lantern?
Brozard: Love the apron, Wheeler
TehAmelie: not that we don't do Halloween these days
control_rig: IAN
jessicaengle: I would celebrate Steve Martin Day
jessicaengle: You carve Steve Martin's face into a pumpkin
saucemaster5000: heh. a faded horner.
DeM0nFiRe: lrrHAM
DoodlestheGreat: We're gonna get to the bottom of this pumpkin, or else!
BrowneePoints: Man, growing up in the Midwest, finding out yall have 4h in Canada as well was a SHOCK
control_rig: Ooooh, the bottom tech
Lysander_salamander: hahahaha
definenull: correct
cmdrelk: LUL
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
Sibwow: the reverse benjamin button story
thraximore: noooo
OhaiMireiya: nice hiss
patbaer: PRO TIP: use a dry erase marker instead of a sharpie.
BrowneePoints: Very Paul. It's VERY good
gibbousm: what will you do with the innards?
DeM0nFiRe: Wow they even make pumpkin spice pumpkins these days?
saucemaster5000: pumpkin black hole
control_rig: Fweeeeeeee
ArdCollider: false pumpkin vacuum
BrowneePoints: Yea what Pat Said! Dry Erase you can wipe off the design afterwards!(especially red)
BrowneePoints: Gourds last a long time on the vine
thraximore: @ArdCollider the most autumnal way for the universe to collapse
Lysander_salamander: I once saw a blog post about someone making wine out of strawberry Peeps.
BrowneePoints: and a reminder that other places in the world used dried out/sealed gourds for water containers, utensils, or musical instruments!
RealGamerCow: Just my desk zucchini and prison wine
constablecrab: In Balkan folklore, there are vampiric pumpkins.
control_rig: Deskini? Zukinesk?
BrowneePoints: Gourds are very, very hearty plants
YeetTheRich_: that year? 2020.
Sibwow: thats what the tarp budget is for
DoodlestheGreat: And he's pulls worse things from those holes...
Sibwow: what if wheeler pulled out a live mouse
NarishmaReborn: why with the watch on?
TemporallyAwry: !adult
Juliamon: I'm very suddenly reminded my dad had a colonoscopy today
OhaiMireiya: better out than in, or whatever
BrowneePoints: Give your Pumpkin Taco Bell
Mollylele: @Juliamon 🙈
BrowneePoints: yep. Too much moisture/humidity can make them rot on the vine
RealGamerCow: Anyone in chat ever make pumpkin leather?
BrowneePoints: which is why they did REAL well in dry fall weather in the Colonies
Mollylele: by the time we get to that point we will have all turned into crabs somewhat
NotCainNorAbel: mushrooms were so bad this year
BrowneePoints: I heard decent things about the Morels here in Iowa
KeytarCat: glasses
Sibwow: weave it into the beard
BrowneePoints: Wait!
smertmonkey: mail time
BrowneePoints: I think I remember that from one of the Mail Times!
jessicaengle: Isn't that the kind of thing that comes in Mail Time?
Phailhammer: So it was Beej. lrrBEEJ
DrakoniteStreams: it self manifested
BrowneePoints: Yall got a whole box of Kumabear stuff
NarishmaReborn: we are the machine
tajessa: if you don't know where something weird came from, Mail Time seems like a good default option
GhostValv: remembers what?
jessicaengle: Chat is the worst AI
TemporallyAwry: !findquote remember
LRRbot: Quote #967: "Remember: you should always wash up after a tornado." —Heather [2015-10-26]
jessieimproved: We are a powerful distributed system
Fanklok: I vaguely remember that mail time, Graham really likes Kuma
Nigouki: A thousand monkies at a thousand keyboards is way better than machine learning can ever hope to be
Sibwow: when has that stopped you
BrowneePoints: well, when you're having a dissociative episode and watched 13 hours of mail time in a row...you remember things
smertmonkey: it was a box of random stuff from loot create i think
Sibwow: ok that was pretty bad
neebusjeebus: your almost there wheeler
Sibwow: punkin
BrowneePoints: So next TTSF Ian's gonna bake us some Pumpkin Bread or make Pumpkin Cheesecake right?
jessicaengle: Doubtful, Ian
iconicshadow89: Twitch chat forgives but it never forgets
NarishmaReborn: nefer....
ArdCollider: khufussy
BrowneePoints: You can also use fun colored candles easier when you cut from the bottom
Fanklok: Paul...
Fanklok: You don't light the candle first
ShaneLeeAtk: Loooong... LOOOOONNNNNGGGG.... Neck Lighter
Lysander_salamander: so fancy.
BrowneePoints: I have friends that use green, purple and red burning candles for Jack-O-Lantern effects
TemporallyAwry: Wizard Staff - but it's actually just a cigarette holder.
KeytarCat: Ian "Big Scrapes" Horner
BrowneePoints: The cleaner it is inside the less moisture and the longer it lasts
Lysander_salamander: I've seen telescoping cigarette-holders, so you can be extra-fancy but able to reach the light.
saucemaster5000: It's like a pumpkin pedicure
jessicaengle: lrrHAM_HF
tajessa: pumpkins only make that sound when they're in distress
Sibwow: cauterize it up
Sibwow: silver nitrate baybee
Lysander_salamander: sounds horrible
jessieimproved: That is indeed a thing you can do, it's naaassty
laundreydhull: silly lrrWHEELER lrrIAN Pumpkins don't have feelings...
ShaneLeeAtk: They will also fill sinus cavities with concrete
Fanklok: You are simply removing weakness from the pumpkin
saucemaster5000: a whole year????
Mollylele: we gotta get all our dunks in in the next 9 weeks
jessicaengle: Let's just all agree to be nicer to each other in 2023 :(
space_held: this is a weird unfinity mechanic
cheshire_creeper: Unfinity has some really weird attractions
neebusjeebus: @Mollylele christ the year is over in 9 weeks huh
DrakoniteStreams: I'll make fun of Ian all I want! Ian you, uh, have a nice goatee... I'm not very good at this.
Sibwow: are we breaking out the dremel
Mollylele: @neebusjeebus yea, fraid so
hd_dabnado: and bloodborne is an Easter Game
Fanklok: Hoe much carving can you do before compromising the structural integrity
smertmonkey: an egg
Fanklok: Self portrait
TheWriterAleph: pump-liacci
zimmercj: The Elden Ring
BrowneePoints: I wish I was good at the Jack-O-Lanterns where you shave the wall thin instead of cutting all the way through
PharaohBender27: "Yay, the air has been cleared of smoke! Let's make more smoke!"
Lysander_salamander: Like, a pumpkin stained glass
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BrowneePoints: so now you do Mithrax's Head or Shaxx' helmet right?
cmdrelk: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR ?
myknorman: Bruhs I saw a tweet where someone used a hand mixer to loosen and empty a pumpkin
saucemaster5000: Grave of the Fireflies is basically Totoro
GhostValv: oh no~~~
Lysander_salamander: oh no
raulghoulia: My uncle bought me Ninja Scroll when I was like 13
SnackPak_: yup
Fanklok: Does Ninja Scroll have boobies or something?
Lysander_salamander: I think my second anime was Return of the Demonbeast
BrowneePoints: Yea that's how I got started. Asked my dad if we could get the "the big bunny movie" at an Econofoods when I was 4...it was Totoro, and that's the movie that kicked off my lifetime of being a nerd
Mattmitchell45: @Fanklok amd much blood
Fruan: Whoever it was publishing Ninja Scroll VHSs was really good at their job. They got them into every VHS rental place on the planet.
gibbousm: Princess Mononoke I probably saw a few years too young, but otherwise most of the anime I watched was age appropriate.
gibbousm: some overly violent series in middle school like Helsing
JusticeJuice: Blockbuster lent me Mezo Forte. Even edited down it was, yeah.
BrowneePoints: but yea Totoro and Kiki's and Little Nemo and Sailor Moon(and the first pokemon anime) defined my young young childhood
DoodlestheGreat: I can top that. I used to work at a record store that did video rentals as well, and corporate kept classifying "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend" as a kids movie because it was animated. FailFish
GhostValv: oofa
ShaneLeeAtk: My first anime was Warriors of the Wind
DoodlestheGreat: My first anime was Kimba.
Raincoast_Bear: Is there an anime without a shower/bath scene? Even Totoro has one...
ArdCollider: my parents got me Ninja Scroll for Christmas when I was like 13.
ShaneLeeAtk: Much later I read the manga
cuzuki: My best friend and I first saw evangelion when we were 9
TehAmelie: i saw that when i was like 7 years old and didn't speak a word of english. it stayed with me for 20 years until i was able to read the manga
gibbousm: my first anime was probably Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z? Toonami childhood
KeytarCat: There are two cuts of Nausicaa?? I thought I was conflating the movie and the manga, but maybe my uni library didn't have the good edit
Eramis8: First Anime was Pokemon
jessieimproved: I mean I guess technically the first anime I watched was Voltron
TehAmelie: the sea of singing blue eyes. . .
neebusjeebus: you can put vaseline on the open cuts of a pumpkin to preserve it for longer
jessieimproved: Or Speed Racer
BrowneePoints: Yea mine was definitely Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, and then Sailor Moon and Pokemon and Dragonball Z
Zanzabar_: even if they were freshly carved for the start of DB idk if they would survive the week.
saucemaster5000: the first anime I watched was something called "Locke the Superpower," something I've never heard mentioned again
Mollylele: god bless the child
Arclight_Dynamo: Ooh, and the *classic* CBC gem, too, not the modern one. Ambitious.
ShaneLeeAtk: I forced my father to watch Voltron every morning because I woke up before he did... like 5AM
BrowneePoints: If you vaseline the openings and take care of them they can last 3 weeks @Zanzabar_
jessicaengle: Ohhhh, I thought he said "CDC"
TemporallyAwry: @jessicaengle Same. CBC is much more tasteful :D
Mollylele: seriously film it time-lapse as it rots & send it to the CBC
LordZarano: An "Ident"
Raincoast_Bear: My first anime was Space Battleship Yamato aka StarBlazers. "Uchū Senkan Yamato!"
Zanzabar_: @BrowneePoints I was more musing on the odds of two pumpkins surviving a week of DB shenanigans.
jessicaengle: Will Ian's pumpkin count under the Canadian Content law?
v_nome: There was an animated series?
DrakoniteStreams: Zanzabar_ is there such a thing as a negative probability?
Bearudite: it wasn't ready but our kids will love it
LithelyUnshod: @v_nome OH yes. Bill Nye did the science segments
saucemaster5000: Wasn't "you're the best around" considered for Back to the Future?
BrowneePoints: Since we're carving Pumpkins, Paul Ian and Wheeler, what is your favorite Pumpkin related thing, dish or otherwise? Mine is Pumpkin Bread.
zimmercj: My first anime, other than stuff like Pokemon or Digimon, after I admitted I did like anime was Yuri!!! on Ice and Poco's Udon World. I grew up pretty sheltered in the Midwest USA.
v_nome: @v_nome Oh man, I missed out! That sounds worth trying to dig up.
ChrisGMiller: they use power of love in the into to doc’s
7gorobei: my first anime was Battle of The Planets (the butchered dub of original Gatchaman)
DrakoniteStreams: yes it does. they went to an earlier time, then had to return back to the future
patbaer: I had some pumpkin bread tonight with a little butter. tasty.
BrowneePoints: Pumpkin Bread is so, so darn tasty
saucemaster5000: pumpkin bread is superior banana bread
BrowneePoints: ^
KeytarCat: Chat said dry erase works? I like grease pencils
BrowneePoints: Dry Erase does work
FITorion: Who has his teen assistant stand in front of the car they're testing with him...
KeytarCat: neat
jessicaengle: Get Abs on dem punkins
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
Mollylele: wow Baltimore got got
BrowneePoints: Crab Cakes? More like...Crab FAKES!
hd_dabnado: Fuck you Baltimore! (the meme video)
Mollylele: 🦀 🔥 burnnn
BrowneePoints: Hairspray
TimIAm: why
Raincoast_Bear: Baltimore has many of it's own problems, Wheeler, it doesn't need your derision.
Bearudite: have ya'll tried the pinhole method on a pumpkin before?
saucemaster5000: I wouldn't piss off John Waters. I don't want to know what he'd do to an enemy
PharaohBender27: NGL, when I hear someone say "Baltimore," I usually think of the Randy Newman song by that name, which . . . does not paint that city in a great light
Juliamon: Maryland: Embrace Crab. Return to Crab.
Raincoast_Bear: Time for crab!
Fruan: Everything I know about Baltimore I learned from The Wire. I hope things have improved in the last 20 years.
meaninglessMeg: As a Marylander, I can attest that it's more "Time for Crab" than "Fidget Spinner Capital"
Sibwow: OH CBC i thought you said CDC
jessicaengle: If you've got time to gab, you've got time to stab
saucemaster5000: (Sigh) I was living in Baltimore when the wire came out. No, Baltimore is not all like the wire. everyone there is sick of saying it.
BrowneePoints: You gonna do the shave method?
RealGamerCow: cut at different depths of pith?
TimIAm: Flay the pumpkin
BrowneePoints: Yea you can plane them
Sibwow: dremel time
BrowneePoints: and it causes gradients
BrowneePoints: it's advanced but it looks SO cool
BrowneePoints: it's a lot like wood planing
LordZarano: Pumpkin lithophanes
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Hey it’s CheckPoint time! | Did you know you can still buy Overwatch 1? | You shouldn’t. | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk_HijVNII0 || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1585794152440430592
Arclight_Dynamo: See also drawing the Canadian flag.
Raincoast_Bear: I would generate the CAD and then cut a stencil to stick on the pumpkin. But I don't have an automated cutter.
jessicaengle: I took a drafting class in HS probably 2001/2002. It was fun. We did half pencil and half AutoCAD
christypnw: 2008! And now I feel old!
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Mollylele: @christypnw welcome! this is a safe space to feel old. 🕸
christypnw: Ha! :)
Nigouki: shouldn't there be a compass cutter somewhere around the moonbase to make the circles and semi-circles in the logo easier?
BrowneePoints: Haha! Fair! I just meant it's easier to visual the shallow carve when you see an example
Sibwow: its ok ben i bet you fit your hand into a smaller hole than the pacman pumpkin
jessicaengle: Being old is okay.
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Fanklok: Failing is an important part of trying
cheshire_creeper: Pumpkins are the perfect witnesses for your mistakes
frogomb: I took drafting in the 90s, all pencil. Now I do architecture drafting and that class definitely taught skills I use today.
christypnw: I'm coming to terms with the fact that some of these lovely people are young enough to be my kids.
KeytarCat: Only god and anime can judge me
DrakoniteStreams: if anyone wants to steal my idea...next jack o lantern I want to use LEDs that flicker a bit to look like a candle, and then a motion sensor that causes them to change to bright red when someone walks by
Fanklok: Eyes out is a classic approach
KeytarCat: Lights are to eyes as Speakers are to microphones KappaPride
jessicaengle: Lights are to eyes as speakers are to ears?
Fanklok: Costco buying shirts in bulk
KeytarCat: The magic of buying two of them
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Raincoast_Bear: Welcome to middle age gentlemen!
Firewhiskers: One shirt for wearing and one shirt for after you wash the first shirt and it shrinks
saucemaster5000: I guess that's layers
wedge_x: more t-shirts means more human
jessicaengle: Sorry @KeytarCat I used to be an audio engineer and no reason to correct what you said, I just had a brain throwback to a different life
DeM0nFiRe: Wait, youc an afford to wear a shirt EVERY day?
Mysticman89: Imagine if they were polos. Be the ultimate dude bro
saucemaster5000: If you wear multiple shirts, you can give multiple people the shirt off your back and be very popular
FITorion: I wonder why people in the past ... like 1800's wore so many layers...
stonethatwalks: In this economy, gotta go back to the barrel with suspenders look
KeytarCat: @jessicaengle Oh yeah, I was in the house of lies, hence the kappa :P I studied audio engineering in college
BrowneePoints: Real talk, when I hear about Ian's 4h background I wish he could come to the State Fair and see the 4h/Corps of Engineers building where they have vintage motors etc running and looking good as new and stuff like that
jessicaengle: Did you actually play keytar?
RealGamerCow: Oh it'
jessicaengle: I played the violin. I was the most lame audio engineer.
KeytarCat: @jessicaengle noo, I'm a musician, but the name is just a play on the classic meme
LordZarano: It's a giant hyperdermic
KeytarCat: @jessicaengle Percussion! well, now mandolin more often. it's hard being an adult...
SquareDotCube: good to see The Stabbists made it to TikTok lrrBEEJ
BrowneePoints: Puncture wounds are apparently incredibly painful
saucemaster5000: cutting remarks from Wheeler
Firewhiskers: Puncture wounds are no joke.
jessicaengle: @KeytarCat Tell me about it. I played violin, and euphonium, and I studied music in college 3 years before I became an audio engineer. Not being able to play music is one of the most frustrating parts of adulthood
Fanklok: Does Wheeler have experience with being atabbed?
epsilon_vee: oh wow, i just figured out ian is doing the ol' exploding pizza
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Paul does have great firsthand knowledge of awful injuries. Mostly wii-mote related
jessicaengle: I knew a guy who had a Wawa tattoo. He worked there years ago, and apparently really loved it
Sibwow: LRR dots and arrow tattoo
Mollylele: seems wild to get paid once for something you gotta wear forever. should include them leasing the space on your body.
KeytarCat: This technique looks like it lends itself to chisels and scrapers. I like scrapers a lot
NotCainNorAbel: LRR dots and arrow knuckle tattoo
jessicaengle: The Boeing logo is actually the former logo of Mcdonnel Douglass
Sibwow: get a full back piece of the old space jam website
DeM0nFiRe: Download Raid Shoulder Legends today
saucemaster5000: I'll never forget when my flight crashed into the srping factory. It went Boeing Boeing Boeing.
Mollylele: @NotCainNorAbel right hand, the thumb pad is the arrow
Fanklok: Isn't Boeing the one that tried to hide critical failures with their planes?
LithelyUnshod: Pan Am
Raincoast_Bear: As a child of the 70s, I don't really have much affection for CBC TV. They had no contend for people under 50 except World of Disney.
jessicaengle: @saucemaster5000 sergePun sergeCrimes well played
Raincoast_Bear: Pan Am had a ripping logo.
RealGamerCow: I treasure my "CMGI Field" cup that I got at the one football game held there
NotCainNorAbel: @Mollylele Now we just need LRR to sponsor it.
Cptasparagus: polaroid "came back" though. That would be the danger for hipsters.
Mollylele: LRR dots down the spine? lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
DarknessKingCoH: Gateway computers
FITorion: anyway here's the new logo
Too_Many_Knives: @Mollylele Pointing up or down?
notthepenguins: neck tattoos only, if sidewalk slam is any guide
rosesmcgee: millennials and zoomers tattooing the logos of the companies they helped kill. like tally marks on a fighter plane
nyquister_: ToS? :p
Raincoast_Bear: LRR Tramp Stamp.
Mollylele: @Too_Many_Knives hilarious question, I think down? pointing towards the legs, you know, where the running comes from
vulturequeer: wheeler tramp stamp era
cheshire_creeper: LLRLLC
cmdrzellgaudis: That tattoo thing sounds like a great idea for a Crapshot
epsilon_vee: what you want is a logo so cool people will get it as a tattoo incidentally
cmdrzellgaudis: “I got the logo as a tattoo!” “We just changed the logo.”
epsilon_vee: like that air france jet powered horse thing
Mollylele: just the whole Screen Gems logo across the belly
KeytarCat: @epsilon_vee squirrel skull!
Mollylele: dang the Screen Gems logo would make a good pumpkin
Fanklok: I'm pretty sure I worked with someone whose tattoo was on the worst tattoos in the world website
DoodlestheGreat: Yikes.
Sibwow: Kanye West going to Summit Ice to design a jacket
Mollylele: Paul so you're saying they yeeted Ye?
Bearudite: collar tug
NotCainNorAbel: I can absolutely believe he would do it. He really doesn't think he is wrong and believes he is perfect.
DoodlestheGreat: Maybe Kanye should try Hugo Boss.
Sibwow: Or Chanel
nyquister_: Joe Lycet may sue
DeM0nFiRe: lol\
saucemaster5000: That's cause you don't want to know the Duolingo Owl's Worldviews. YYYyyikers.
RealGamerCow: Grammarly, but for being an asshole
KeytarCat: The app telling you to go read a book
Mollylele: obviously the antisemitism is the worst part. I'm also sad that he ruined gifting life-sized holograms of your deceased father in law.
NotCainNorAbel: When they come back: While you were away I finished this pumpkin and had time to make a pie.
KeytarCat: @RealGamerCow So an entire failure to work as presented while still being a valuable tool?
saucemaster5000: (wondering now if I have most of the ingredients for pumpkin bread...)
jessicaengle: RQ jlrrCooltunes lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
jessicaengle: sergeSpoopyChair
KeytarCat: I should stock up on canned pumpkin
Juliamon: I wish pumpkin quickbread didn't so vastly overshadow pumpkin yeast bread. I prefer the latter...
Juliamon: quickbreads are just too cakey for me
RealGamerCow: I personally prefer pumpkin swiss roll
RealGamerCow: But I am a bitch for cream cheese filling
Juliamon: I just like plain ol' yeasty bread
saucemaster5000: I think there's enough room in the world for both bread. Definitely two different creatures, I think of one as breakfast and one as candy
jessicaengle: Yeast does produce tasty foodstuffs
saucemaster5000: oh snap, though I do hsve a great recipe for sourdough pull apart bread, and the idea of making that with pumpkin really just excited me....
Mollylele: 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃
jessicaengle: sergeSpoopyLurk
Raincoast_Bear: Is Wheeler doing the Tinder logo?
jessicaengle: Teeny tiny aliens leaving crop circles on gourds
Jella: still NEED that cbc shirt Graham has
HoloTheWiseWolf_: Hey Ian hey ben hows the pumpkins going
Raincoast_Bear: It's a shame Amazon has turned Prime Day into a crass commercial enterprise.
asthanius: Pat Labor Day
Nigouki: Paroreiba
Nigouki: *patoreiba
jessicaengle: @Raincoast_Bear Possibly, it's never not been that?
Raincoast_Bear: I love PatLabor! I have a couple 1/35 models.
thraximore: LUL
Raincoast_Bear: @Raincoast_Bear Nonsense, Prime Day was mean to celebrate the heroic leaders of the Autobots.
jessicaengle: Ohhhhhh.
jessicaengle: lrrSPOOP_TK
ContingentCat: wait is Ian carving the CBC logo?
Raincoast_Bear: After Macross, Patlabor is my favorite mecha anime.
Arclight_Dynamo: @ContingentCat Yes!
BrowneePoints: So I asked earlier when Wheeler was out of the room. For Paul, Ian and Wheeler, what is your favorite Pumpkin related object or food item?
Raincoast_Bear: I am old.
asthanius: “You mean Boruto’s dad?”
Raincoast_Bear: The cool kids don't have time for TV.
BrowneePoints: FMA Brotherhood
asthanius: Bakugan
BrowneePoints: Cuz Madoka was 09 I think
Nigouki: 2006 was Code Geass
Molvanian: I see one of the tools being used is one of the most aggressive looking straws I've ever seen.
Nigouki: 2007 was Gundam 00, Macross Frontier and Gurren Lagann
Fanklok: Naruto is old, now it's about Boruto's dad's son
RealGamerCow: When I went to Japan and told my friend's girlfriend I liked sumo, she called me an Ojisan(grandpa)
BrowneePoints: ope wait FMAB was 09
BrowneePoints: 06 was peak Gintama right?
Too_Many_Knives: Death Note X Simpsons looks weird
lamina5432: how about black lagoon as i look at the 2006 season list
Mollylele: I mean you try making 30 Halloween specials in a row
Arclight_Dynamo: @RealGamerCow I guess it's like liking curling in Canada?
DeM0nFiRe: The only time I watch simpsons now is when I go visit my parents and I end up watching it in the hotel because it's literally always on on hotel TVs
saucemaster5000: sure thing Ian
PharaohBender27: I think the last time I saw a new Simpsons episode was like 2007 :p
asthanius: C Füt
SnackPak_: such rich lore
ContingentCat: F"ut
Arclight_Dynamo: CFU¨T
frogomb: No LRR Christmas special will ever top cat butthole Christmas
RealGamerCow: Arclight_Dynamo or Bowls in England
SquareDotCube: There's other holidays to be corrupted by CFU¨T
ANeMzero: fu''t was one of the fake names suggested for Live in the first episode
itira: seabatBRAIN
HoloTheWiseWolf_: why not both
BrowneePoints: Retro Canadian Public Access fake broadcast
omdorastrix: Late 80's cable access-like TV station.. .What I imagine UHF's programming was before Weird Al's character took over
Raincoast_Bear: I mean, CBC Vancouver has always been CBUT => See Butt.
SquareDotCube: Now I want a slushie...
matthaus_c: Yakuza on ITYC :o
asthanius: Is wheeler in the yakuza?
Arclight_Dynamo: Ooh! Yes!
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its a ride
Juliamon: ohohOOOO
SnackPak_: the good shit
nyquister_: Oooo baby!
omdorastrix: 90% karaoke?
asthanius: Yes that’s correct
Juliamon: yup
Kelderan: Yakuza 0 was my introduction to the series and I love it
ANeMzero: "I'm going to go to prison" wow he just noscoped that
BrowneePoints: Christmas LRL CFUT where one of the bits is someone playing Carols on Trumpet, badly
saucemaster5000: Oh nice! I've been playing through the series this year, starting with Yakuza 0. I'm going chronologically, currently on Yakuza 2
Raincoast_Bear: I'm waiting for Yakuza (null).
BrowneePoints: Just wait until you get to the Yakuza Dragon Quest game Wheeler
Too_Many_Knives: @FITorion That's quite the battlestation in the background
Juliamon: You don't get to Majima, Majima forces himself onto you.
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
asthanius: Majima Cinderella is PEAK
ANeMzero: Yakuza even doubles down on the minigame collection thing by having 2 player modes for some of the minigames
Arclight_Dynamo: Honestly, if they just collected all the minigames from the full series, remastered them, and packed them up in a compilation, they'd sell them like hotcakes.
FITorion: Indeed. I figured 2 ultra wides was cheaper than 6 monitors
saucemaster5000: nope, baseball bat
matthaus_c: empty palm bat fighting
tenthtechpriest: Kiryu is everyone's dad
asthanius: You understand the entire series
BrowneePoints: That's the thing Wheeler, they're all fan favorites
Arclight_Dynamo: Kiryu is the ur-dad.
saucemaster5000: I will admit, going from 0 to Yakuza 1 I did kinda go "so... I don't get to Majima anymore? :-( "
Raincoast_Bear: Kiryu's secret love for Hana chan.
ANeMzero: Wheeler would absolutely love Ichiban, who maintains even stronger "Good kid" vibes into his 40s.
BrowneePoints: Like a Dragon is unbelievably good
Arclight_Dynamo: The warring states one is the one I *really* want.
saucemaster5000: I'm saving like a Dragon for when I'm tired of the main series and want a treat
HoloTheWiseWolf_: for a change of pace you can also be fist of the north star
Earthenone: has there been an isekai yakuza yet?
glitched_goddess: Meiji period Yakuza sounds *amazing*
Mysticman89: I spent a casual 400 hours on LAD, theres a lot to do
ANeMzero: Really looking forward to Ishin Kiwami, hoping we can get Kenzan and 3 Kiwami at some point
PharaohBender27: Just wait until they get to the sidequest about the ban on cremations! (This actually happened in 1870s Japan)
Arclight_Dynamo: Fellow denizens of Tiltychat know I maintain the structure of Yakuza games is basically the same as samurai films. SO a Yakuza game set during the warring states would be *perfect.*(
matthaus_c: reanimate Toshiro Mifune to play Kiryu
Mollylele: ah, a cloud atlas
Arclight_Dynamo: Ian. You are describing Muppet movies.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: @Arclight_Dynamo the realy are. but now i wana see a yakuza game in the far future
Cptasparagus: @Arclight_Dynamo ^
Mollylele: ^^^ ‼
BrowneePoints: but yea chat, if someone calls Astro Boy the Grandfather of Modern Anime/Manga, they aren't...lying
Spritz_T: the star system is a primary part of astro boy omega factor
PharaohBender27: :D
Arclight_Dynamo: Do they have Nobunaga played by Majima? They would do that.
frogomb: Or Musashi
BrowneePoints: Yep. Dynamically changed the course of Japanese history
HoloTheWiseWolf_: oh no paul he shows up in modern day to. and in other worlds. nobunaga is eturnal
Mysticman89: I believe kiryu is musashi in onoe of those games
zapshakur: "Yeah, Nobunaga. Dude had a LOT of ambition!"
Mysticman89: like kiryu is the fake name of actual historical musashi
ANeMzero: @Mysticman89 Yeah, Kenzan replaces historical names with mutations of the Yakuza characters. Kiryu's Kenzan counterpart is Kiryu Kazumanosuke
ARiposte: When does Jean Reno show up?
LordZarano: Kinda like Blackadder, same characters playing different roles at different points in history
HoloTheWiseWolf_: it happens a lot with mini painting as well. its garbage garbage garbage oh it looks amazing
matthaus_c: no don't cover me
adambomb625: What is this supposed to be?
adambomb625: Is he going for the QR code pumpking?
ashesandmochi: i think the CBC logo?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: talking about painting. this is my horror mini project i have been working on. horror warning https://twitter.com/holowisew0lf/status/1585493706718646272?s=20&t=7sxXnj5TnsInM40N4kD8DA
ContingentCat: @ashesandmochi yup
ashesandmochi: @HoloTheWiseWolf_ hell yeah i love this
zapshakur: Channel 3 in the UK
zapshakur: &4
zapshakur: *4
HoloTheWiseWolf_: tv dosent exist its a myth
saucemaster5000: game of thrones really was the last water cooler show
Earthenone: is TV the new birds?
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh, here's an idea. I bet you could remove all the flesh on the inside of the front of the pumpkin. Just leave the skin. Then put a projector inside so the CBC logo shines through. You could animate it, like the old idents used to.
zapshakur: one would argue DB is a cultural event, of a sort :)
asthanius: Larger than the time they played that train movie
Arclight_Dynamo: News events tend to be the "cultural events" these days.
Bearudite: I wish Ian had a scalpel rather than using that knife like that, but I suppose using the right tool seems counter intuitive to TTSF LUL
saucemaster5000: I wish I saw more people excited about "cabinet of curiosities" this week. It's been great, and as an old speculative fiction nerd I keep going "oooh they're doing that one?"
HoloTheWiseWolf_: the worst thing to ever hapen to tv was relaity tv
oldshotrob: lol snl made the first cinematic universe dont at me :P
jessieimproved: Grimm was great for Monster of the Week stuff
ArdCollider: when you're faceblind this is *every show,* which is great!
Arclight_Dynamo: I've fallen entirely out of the MCU. It's too much for me. There's too much. I'm out.
ArdCollider: :D
Sibwow: he was in loki
Juliamon: saucemaster5000 my twitter feed was excited about it, so I think I've curated my feed well
emboar2235: did you see the murray in the antman trailer?
nyquister_: The issue with putting plot content into a tv series vs movies
LithelyUnshod: He Who Remains
HoloTheWiseWolf_: you need atleast 4000h of viewing under your belt
saucemaster5000: I'm glad Jonathan Majors is getting a marvel paycheck. He was so good in "Last Black Man in San Fransisco" and "Lovecraft Country"
Bearudite: shreddderrrrrr my baaaahdy
asthanius: Shredder! Build me a body
Arclight_Dynamo: I only have room in my life for one ridiculous and convoluted canon, and that place is already taken up by Star Trek.
glitched_goddess: “How can you not be excited for a cameo by Floopitybloop Jenkins?”
asthanius: Oh fuck, it’s Glup Shitto!
frogomb: I think the MCU is just expecting people to be constantly looking things up on their phones while watching
glitched_goddess: @asthanius barbScream
blip2004: Agents of Shield is so hard to watch because they just do the dumbest shit everytime something important happens
LithelyUnshod: In like Season 2
Masslost: Im wondering how the fallout tv show is going to handle the larger cannon of the games
nyquister_: Then hydra turns up and does its thing
saucemaster5000: I love the scene in the last spider man that's the "big reveal," and because they know people will cheer in the theaters, all the actors have to hold in silence for like thirty seconds, like a laughtrack is missing.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its a fine redemption arc
Bearudite: oh is this the one where Dumbpla makes all the weird looking gundams from?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: so not yakuza style
blip2004: They should remaster the one with the Windmill Gundam and Canoe Gundam
asthanius: Gundam is about nuking Australia from orbit
ArdCollider: "last seen in FF #332! --Editor Mark!"
saucemaster5000: Isn't anime notoriously on the other side of exposition? as in, waaay too much?
Juliamon: Editor footnotes are an American comics staple
v_nome: @Bearudite Did that robot poop a torpedo?
Sibwow: Dr Ed Itor
TheMandrew: that's why i have Marvel Unlimited, so i don't have that problem of having to go back to the shop
emboar2235: the latest spider-man has been pretty good so far
Sibwow: Jan's cousin
emboar2235: proud of pete
Bearudite: we may never know
glitched_goddess: smol face gundam lol
asthanius: Pumpkin…grease?
Sibwow: pumpkins are on the woodier side of vegetables
glitched_goddess: You’re not?
blip2004: there are ones with removable bottoms
ThorSokar: there are MANY laser cutters that are plenty big for that
Arclight_Dynamo: Yes, you can laser-cut a pumpkin: https://content.instructables.com/ORIG/FLC/U0GR/HNFZEZ8X/FLCU0GRHNFZEZ8X.jpg
LurkerSpine: I feel like a water jet could work
Ryxiene: Awh, I’m falling asleep too early Dx carve the pumpkins 🎃, gents, and good night all o/ thanks for the Halloween fun = u =
HoloTheWiseWolf_: also your fingers
ThorSokar: water jet cutters are no joke
Muddy_Thunder: Wheeler are there any good local rappers?
dpj2009: I'm a rapper and I'm pretty approachable xdadCREEP
Sibwow: fresh prince
ashesandmochi: this is the cancon we're here for, complete with CBC logo
SquareDotCube: eclair
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Arclight_Dynamo: Okay, but "Fresh Prince of Donair" is a great name for a shawarma place.
ashesandmochi: LOL yes ottawa's lebanese population makes it such a good shawarma city
LithelyUnshod: Are there any well-known musicians from Vic aside from Spiritbox?
NotCainNorAbel: OnlyPlatters
brat_the_wurst: ottawa is the capital of the country and of shawarma
saucemaster5000: I've heard of a place in Wales called "Abra Kebabra"
Arclight_Dynamo: Shawarma is, in fact, the accepted local dish of Ottawa.
ashesandmochi: shawarma poutine from 3brothers.... ah undergrad
gsyhiap: g33kCount2 mb?
SquareDotCube: Is taking a vampire to Olive Garden an insult?
dpj2009: Russian Italian chef rapper
mapyka: Hooray for Ottawa Shawarma!
saucemaster5000: @SquareDotCube or a death threat
Arclight_Dynamo: A Canadian icon named "gourd" is very fitting. :p
Fanklok: Ian is the royal pumpkin disembowler
thejadedthief: Ian's got pumpkin expertise
blip2004: it sure is grating
Too_Many_Knives: Yeah don't do that again please
saucemaster5000: It would be like sweet potato tempura
jessieimproved: If you dried it out a little it might work
nyquister_: Wedges?
TemporallyAwry: I wounder if dried out spaghetti squash does the same thing as frying dried pasta.
Muddy_Thunder: Uh, so looking up the pop demographics of Victoria. Found out my podunk city is over twice as large lol
MAPBoardgames: 'allo Chat! Is it just Ian and Ben or are there remote LRRsmen too?
Sibwow: whats the echo level on the pumpkin ian
HoloTheWiseWolf_: no put you head in it ian
HoloTheWiseWolf_: now
Arclight_Dynamo: @Muddy_Thunder Victoria is actually an agglomoration of small municipalities. The pop of Vic proper is likely not reflective of that reality.
Arclight_Dynamo: agglomeration, even
FITorion: ah my hand
YeetTheRich_: aaa
YeetTheRich_: my eyes
Too_Many_Knives: Nice
NotCainNorAbel: very nice
thejadedthief: oh wow!
ContingentCat: Wow
gsyhiap: Sweet!
DoodlestheGreat: That really works, Ian. Nice job.
tajessa: that looks so good!
Muddy_Thunder: @Arclight_Dynamo Yeah, saw i was getting Victoria proper vs my cities' metro area
HoloTheWiseWolf_: nothing feels better than a successful craft
DeM0nFiRe: zeldaFine
meaninglessMeg: Those both look very cool
DoodlestheGreat: Both your efforts are great.
YeetTheRich_: humanity restored
tajessa: nice!
DeM0nFiRe: zeldaParty zeldaParty zeldaParty
ashesandmochi: yooooooo
gsyhiap: miiliClap
thejadedthief: very impressive!
asthanius: Success!!!!
saucemaster5000: happy pumpkining
YeomanAres: well done!
frogomb: Wheeler's looks awesome and would be even better with a candle inside
Too_Many_Knives: G'night all
ContingentCat: an art occured
LaconicLad: nicely done
nyquister_: Thank you!!!
Sibwow: the underscore is bold
Muddy_Thunder: Bongjammin Weedler
thejadedthief: thanks for the stream!
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DrakoniteStreams: therea48Wave
itira: seabatTROG
DeM0nFiRe: 🎂
Muddy_Thunder: Happy Birthday!
frogomb: Ape Out!?
saucemaster5000: kick punch
JadedCynic: bappy hirthday!
DoodlestheGreat: El Funko's hooked on it, too.
DeM0nFiRe: 🎥
saucemaster5000: really excited for that
DoodlestheGreat: Crappy old horror flicks.
thatjerkherc: awesome
brynnjackamusic: time to pull out the prelinger archives
SquareDotCube: can't wait for some Nosferatu
Arclight_Dynamo: And the unending wheel of content makes another turn.
pn55: HypeLUL
Earthenone: darn, i havent even seen nosferat 1
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500 - pumpkin
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frogomb: N2O sferatu the dragula
Muddy_Thunder: das bits
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
Phailhammer: cya :)
thejadedthief: lrrSHINE
nyquister_: Thank you Ian, Wheeler and Paul :)
DoodlestheGreat: Wait, WILL there be a TTSF in two weeks? Desert Bus is coming up and they'll need prep time.
Earthenone: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Sat 12 Nov 02:00 PM PST (15d, 19:52 from now)
DoodlestheGreat: !desert
DoodlestheGreat: Thanks, Earthen.
Juliamon: What is the Rustproof Bee Shed if not an elaborate TTSF, anyway?
DoodlestheGreat: So yeah, two weeks from today is the 10th. Probably best to skip it that week.
MAPBoardgames: !venga
LRRbot: We are sorry to announce that the Venga Bus service to San Francisco is delayed by approximately 10 minutes.
LoadingReadyRun: that is a good point. Probably no TTSF in 2 weeks