Laserbeaks_Fury: Did...E.T. fall into a hole?
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh the game
TemporallyAwry: Not enough "Flying past the Horizon" though. Garf Kart has room to innovate there.
Spritz_T: even in the snes original?
EricTheOrange: well except wheeler
TheMerricat: You know, I just looked up both Garfield Kart games and honestly? I can't tell the difference between the two...
BusTed: 🤔
iris_of_ether: The Freebird of CtS
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is is like when someone suggests playing an Atmosfear game?
NewtyNewts: It's the Desert Bus of kart racing games
HbombAndFriends: The Paw Patrol racing game is decent, and it’s on GamePass
TehAmelie: but like in what world would you prefer Garfkart over a, like, good kart game?
NewtyNewts: It kept Frenching on him
Snowcookies: yup
Dandinstorm12: don't we all lose our shit when we become french
RockPusher: Ian just has that effect on things…
KodeMage: aw, poor serge...
Brozard: I would have that Matt would be Nermal
Izandai: I feel like a lot of people don't understand Nermal as a character.
TheMerricat: Cameron?
BusTed: Affinity for Abu Dhabi?
NewtyNewts: Graham is obviously the Jon
Brozard: *thought
Laserbeaks_Fury: Pizza is basically flat lasagna, right?
Brozard: @laserbeaks_fury It is in Chicago
EricTheOrange: @Laserbeaks_Fury lasagna is also flat
beowuuf: so in weeks when there is no checkpoint, you're just doing CHeckpoint Minus Checkpoint
TehAmelie: there is a blurry line between pizza, Chicago pizza, lasagna,casserole and stew
Laserbeaks_Fury: They had all thost TMNT assets laying around
RockPusher: HypePizza PizzaTime
FITorion: they do it in weeks with checkpoint as well
TemporallyAwry: Pizza is just a single layer of Lasagna - send tweet.
Decaped: pizza layered like lasagna or lasagna with only one layer?
NewtyNewts: The garfbed.
kusinohki: what's a newspaper grandpa beej?
red_shoes_jeff: I. HOPE. that's lasagna.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Littsagan
NewtyNewts: Pizza is one layer noodle-dough, one layer topping-filling.
Izandai: I wouldn't say that.
TehAmelie: does anyone draw Garfield or is it more of a clip art assembly line?
Izandai: I would say he has a very clear idea of how Garfield eats lasagna.
FITorion: When they recorded Checkpoint live there was the discussion after the recording... this is that part
Drasvin: Lasagnwich
RockPusher: Lasagne topper - breaded, deep-fried, brick of lasagne
Lafajet: If you're willing to compromise on crust angle, it's the most optimized foodstuff for 3D triangle budgets
Brozard: That’s the circle of life
Laserbeaks_Fury: eat to empty the box ,sleep in box, shit in box as you leave
TemporallyAwry: @Brozard But we just confirmed it's a box Kappa
NewtyNewts: He has three boxes. Last night's bed is today's litterbox, and yesterday's food box is today's sleeping zone
LordZarano: There's also definitely comics where he dreams about eating lasagne and wakes up eating his bed
Drasvin: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a world without boxes
Rob_Racoon: Garf shits where he eats?
EricTheOrange: Kirby games have never been deep on story. So I find it odd it had manga light novels and anime
Juliamon: Kirby lore has been pretty fucked up for a good while
Brozard: @temporallyawry fine, Schrödinger‘s Lasagna
CaptainSpam: Dedede is always a wild card.
Invitare: all the Waddle Dees are totally loyal to Dedede, because he's been a good king the entire time
Drasvin: Dedede takes care of his own, but he's lazy
NewtyNewts: Gotta go greed
CodeIndigo: the waddle dees will waddle die for dedede
ANeMzero: Dedede in The King K. Rool Smash announcement was great
Invitare: my head canon is that he's only the King because he wanted to be, and everyone in Dreamland was like "yeah, be your best self", and that's why he's King
Izandai: I don't think Dedede has actually ever done anything bad to Kirby? Usually the twist is he was actually doing something good, and Kirby fucked everything up (and then immediately fixes it so it's fine).
red_shoes_jeff: It had an anime once.
EricTheOrange: came out actually
bytecaster: The original Monster Rancher allowed you to turn your music CDs into monsters as a gimmick, if I remember correctly.
TehAmelie: random question, do you find it easy to say Dedede or do you have to think about it to stop from going Dededede?
EikoandMog: @Izandai The first was Dedede stealing everyone's food. He was actually the bad guy in that one.
Drasvin: @izandai Dedede has stolen all the food in dreamland before
CaptainSpam: @izandai Usually. Sometimes he's a jerk, but he frequently is a misunderstood good guy.
Izandai: Oh, alright then.
EikoandMog: This game looks amazing.
red_shoes_jeff: JEBUS
NewtyNewts: This game looks... like a thing
EikoandMog: Dark Side of the Moon gave an OP dragon!
Drasvin: Though yeah, other than the first kirby game (and Spring Breeze in Super Star Saga) Dedede is only the villain when misunderstood or possessed.
EikoandMog: No wait, a phoenix.
LordZarano: Like Barcode Battlers
bytecaster: "To get the perfect stats you have to scratch your disk in this specific way"
Mischievous_Catgeist: oh now i wanna see what happens with new cds...
Driosenth: IIRC it was looking a set of byte very close to the laser start position.
TemporallyAwry: But you get the powerful monsters when you use valid cc numbers Kappa
bytecaster: Oooh, right, NFC chips do have a UID
bytecaster: I have a lot of those
NewtyNewts: Don't forget to use those three funky digits on the back too!
LordZarano: "The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an international standard code for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings."
EikoandMog: panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket
RockPusher: Tangented the stream right away
KeytarCat: My bus pass with $80 on it that doesn't work any more...
SAJewers: pkroseFine
TheMerricat: so stream didn't die just for me.
Drasvin: lrrFINE madame13Panic
TehAmelie: lrrFINE
ThorSokar: F?
FITorion: you too?
NewtyNewts: Just tried refreshing as well
rubikdarkwill: !picnic
CaptainSpam: PICNIC!!!
ChrisGMiller: just me or we all in the void?
Mischievous_Catgeist: me as well
Brozard: lrrFINE
Styxseus: Too much excitement LUL
SK__Ren: Et tu Twitch?
ThorSokar: panicBasket
Doc_Layzah: lrrFINE
Snowcookies: oh it isn't just me
Mischievous_Catgeist: #blamebeej?
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FrostyKaze: and it died
DeM0nFiRe: zeldaFine
NewtyNewts: lrrFINE_HF
Izandai: I like how whenever a stream dies it takes a minute for people to react because everyone assumes at first that it's just a minor hiccup on their end.
EikoandMog: It went suuuuuper down.
red_shoes_jeff: Last thing I heard was "Sorry."
Drasvin: madame13Panic madame13Panic madame13Panic
Boon_33: twitch? twitch? twitch!!!!
TheMerricat: this is why you have to be careful when you don't see Heather around chat.
FITorion: ad
TemporallyAwry: @KeytarCat Sorry - is they any method of resolving it with the transit service?
RockPusher: Beej doesn't lrrEFF around when it comes to derailing the conversation gabyLul
SK__Ren: back
red_shoes_jeff: benginO7
Mischievous_Catgeist: back ?
DeM0nFiRe: It's back
Styxseus: Back up again
ThorSokar: oh, you're back
Joecool190: lrrFINE
iris_of_ether: escher3THUMBSUP
TehAmelie: i feel this is somehow Elon Musk's fault
FITorion: back
TheMerricat: this is like the third time it's happened on chillpoint hasn't it?
EikoandMog: There we go.
NewtyNewts: Okay, we're not lrrFINE_HF , we're just lrrFINE now
Mischievous_Catgeist: its twitch prepping for desert bus to shut down when the entertainers get to excited
KeytarCat: @KeytarCat Maybe! I sent a help request in, but for now it just makes the reader beep in a really annoying way
bytecaster: The answer regarding RFID chips is: It is complicated.
KinoGami: and that's why we have parental controls
TemporallyAwry: I've been telling people they need RFID blocking >everything< for years now.
NewtyNewts: I haven't looked into it myself
bytecaster: Most implement a common base protocol, but there are many variants depending on the manufacturer, iirc.
LordZarano: I used to work at a company where the printers were tied to your RFID door entry card
EricTheOrange: @KinoGami incorrect. we have parental controls so companies can cover their asses legally.
ThorSokar: is your password: hunter06?
bytecaster: How do you know my password?
NewtyNewts: @ThorSokar What did you type, it's just showing as **** for me
ThorSokar: hahahaha
ThorSokar: JOKES
LordZarano: So to print you had to take your door card to identify yourself to the printer
red_shoes_jeff: That's amazing, I have the same password on my luggage!
ThorSokar: hahahaa
NewtyNewts: High fives!
EikoandMog: I just heard a beep
SocraticMethod: "You're just thinking about how much you want to **** credit card, aren't you?"
ThorSokar: composLove Thanks Beej
TemporallyAwry: @LordZarano I wonder if that was a way of trying to track against employees printing "too much stuff"
TehAmelie: [password_1_1_1_final_FINAL]
NewtyNewts: (1)
bytecaster: "The employees printing all of wikipedia again. Get the hose"
LordZarano: I realised I could tell the printer that my phone was me, which was handy, meant I could leave my card in my jacket
CodeIndigo: ActiBlizz C-levels being horrible?! I AM SHOCK.
Snowcookies: oof
TemporallyAwry: It's always great when you chief propaganda officer has to apologize for overdoing it.
ThorSokar: "the usual lies we tell in this situation"
NewtyNewts: We prefer to have... ALL The power.
ThorSokar: "we prefer to be the ones in power, who consistently screw you over"
EricTheOrange: well if you gave us what we wanted we wouldn't need a union would we.
TemporallyAwry: Unions aren't a third party - they ARE the employees. LuvOops Such bad faith communication
SocraticMethod: "Right to work means you can decide when to work and how :)"
TehAmelie: remember Blackthorne? boy those were Blizzard's good old days
Ukon_Cairns: saying No is only 2 letters, real quick turn around on it.
CodeIndigo: what's the emoji for "trickle this down!"?
goombalax: unarmeHmm
NewtyNewts: disappointed_dog.jif
Juliamon: why don't WE have a disappointed dog emoji in OUR slack
RockPusher: Disappointed Dog Emoji - coming soon to a yoga place near you!
NewtyNewts: Discord emote when?
ThorSokar: HAHAHA
LordZarano: !whichcord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here:
niccus: they're all sub bonuses for wiggins's stream
CodeIndigo: Because it's not just a hot take, it's also a misdemeanor!
ThorSokar: "Blizzard, We continue to lower your expectations of how low we will stoop"
TehAmelie: from the actual first time i heard of trickle down theory, i envisioned it as a sludge of decomposing food trickling down the legs of a rich table. . .maybe the poop emoji is the closest
CodeIndigo: "Blizzard: It Will Be This Cold In Hell Before We Do The Right Thing"
Dmc3628: "blizzard" we have no floor
RockPusher: congrats, you now get 3% and a step increase each year for the next 3 years
TemporallyAwry: Also - don't forget unions are the "civil solution." Don't let anyone tell you that it's "implied violence" because it's "big group vs small group"
RockPusher: hehehehe
CodeIndigo: the chemistry professors were going to unionize but the effort failed because they kept mispronouncing it
AngelicKnighthood: @CodeIndigo booooo!!!
EikoandMog: @TemporallyAwry We imply violence so we don't need to use actual violence. :D
TehAmelie: you should probably not try to un-ionize a compound anyway
Dmc3628: Beej's head down is the perfect euphemism for this """presser""
LordZarano: @CodeIndigo escher3PUN
CodeIndigo: Translation: "F*** off, we own you"
AngelicKnighthood: ^
EikoandMog: ^^
Ugh_Sunlight: wooowww
Eklinaar: This is just a moustache-twirling monologue
EikoandMog: I WONDER WHY
RockPusher: Do they get their cape sucked into a jet engine now?
bytecaster: "We weren't saying this, we were strongly implying it"
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TemporallyAwry: I wonder what they're going to receive in their severance package. I don't know how you don't get fired after that level of screwup.
SK__Ren: Thats not Tone Deaf, thats just Deaf
ThorSokar: I'm not sure this person knows how to shut up
CodeIndigo: Oh, Beej. This person clearly FAILED their way into the C-level.
SocraticMethod: It's Blizzard, their C-level is kinda out of touch
gnyrinn: "If you can't communicate, the least you can do is shut up!" - Tom Lehrer
CodeIndigo: Their name is clearly Peter J. Principle
ThorSokar: That is an IMPRESSIVE level of "just keep digging"
TheAinMAP: Chief Communicator means Most Communicator, right?
TehAmelie: as to the efficacy of unions, i'll just say Sweden does not have a legally mandated minimum wage. we have unions instead
Driosenth: MS will put that person in a position in a small closet in the Juno branch office
BusTed: I knew it.
Dmc3628: never in the history of our company have we experienced someone worse than us
NewtyNewts: Of course there's more Sanik
niccus: which episode will have sonic's 30th 30th anniversary?
ThorSokar: HahaBall It's ALWAYS Sonic's 30th Anniversary now! HahaBall
KeytarCat: I just watched the local Transit Board go through a survey results and just, like, not ask important questions about methodology. Worse, they took the data as fact when the actual survey was really bad
BusTed: Neat.
Juliamon: That's actually really cool??
goombalax: that rules tho
iris_of_ether: That's actually rad?
EikoandMog: That's rad as hell.
ThorSokar: This is surprisingly well thought out
gnyrinn: OK hands up chat: How many of us didn't parse immediately that the No Man's Sky ad wasn't connected to the story?
bytecaster: Finally the 30th anniversary has been redeemed.
TehAmelie: NMS keeps being rad in such unexpected directions
goombalax: oh no this is clearly for rich children
TehAmelie: wait it's not a No Man's Sky thing?
EikoandMog: That's good!
red_shoes_jeff: Woah.
goombalax: ayyy pleasantly surprised
bytecaster: You don't get the full Eggman fidelity but you can play with it
Cptasparagus: wait theres 4 of them, thats worth $999 right?
SquareDotCube: Doesn't have one of my favorites, which is the shields/decoy setup
SocraticMethod: "The Egg Mobile is kid-powered" since Eggman is using woodland critters to power robots ...
TehAmelie: yeah okay it's still fun but it's not like "putting Sonic in No Man's Sky" fun
Dmc3628: is a much better celebration of a 30th anniversary than Magic 30 Booster Packs... ayyy
SquareDotCube: eh, LEGO Bowser is also rich kid toy too
TemporallyAwry: @Dmc3628 too soon LuvOops
EikoandMog: @Dmc3628 A wet fart would be a better celebration.
BusTed: Yeah...
Dmc3628: the low hanging fruit was there i'm sory
ThorSokar: Oh it's INTENDED by the Brother
CodeIndigo: so what you're saying is it should be a die-cast metal mace.
BusTed: "Here, do you want to take a swing at me?"
NewtyNewts: I remember that well
ThorSokar: hahaha, you just gave Beej a flashback
Ukon_Cairns: only 412 Norwegian Krone!
EikoandMog: I was the young one so I never had to say any of that :D
NewtyNewts: (as the older brother, of course)
iris_of_ether: I feel like I would start the fight but my sister would end it xD
TehAmelie: every day i wish we had got the future Douglas Coupland imagined in Microserfs, where he made up Minecraft in 1994. . .
Brozard: big daaaaawg
CodeIndigo: oh, it's a CD projekt red projekt! How many random penii will they put into the advertising for no reason?
SquareDotCube: The somewhat average Witcher
EricTheOrange: will they remove the load times between indoors and out doors?
PMAvers: Honestly, good, because Witcher 1 controls and plays like hot garbage. Good writing, though.
Bearudite: the dream is they make it play like the newer ones
goombalax: it looks like Ninja Theory but actually is Quartz
SocraticMethod: @Ukon_Cairns That's US prices without taxes. Close to 670 NOK locally.
EricTheOrange: can you still collect dirty postcards for the women you have sex with
TehAmelie: it might qualify as videogame news, Rock Paper Shotgun's reader vote just today decided Witcher 3 is the best PC game ever
LackingSanity_: idk, i think the combat controls were weird at the time too
ThorSokar: Witcher 1's controls were REAL rough, there are MULTIPLE PA strips about how bad the controls are
Drasvin: Witcher 1 was definitely an early PC action RPG. The kind where you need the whole keyboard
ThorSokar: haha, yea
Bearudite: yeah sometimes too much keyboard
Silver_Slip: as someone who started on skyrim i can tell you i am devastated that morrowind and oblivion were ruined for me
SocraticMethod: Wasn't Witcher 1 origin of "Glorious PC Master Race" (insult) meme? Controls were that bad.
Izandai: Pretty good, apparently.
TehAmelie: i only remember Yahtzee made up that meme as a joke
EricTheOrange: @SocraticMethod I think that was Bioshock
SocraticMethod: Two Words: Bad Ports
SajuukSjet: indeed
Izandai: IIRC, they Mercury pitched a new Metroid game to Nintendo, and Nintendo was like "Show us you know what you're doing by remaking Metroid 2 first."
KinoGami: doesn't even need to be a port
bytecaster: It's all Metroid: Other M's fault
KinoGami: looking at you kotor2
Dmc3628: affection to titles you loved and "bad" ports see THS HD
Izandai: And they did, and it was good, and Nintendo was like "Alright, cool, get crackin'."
goombalax: the skyrim effect
bytecaster: Don't Skyrim it
LordZarano: There's been a LOT of times where beloved franchises have been handed off to other companies and they make a complete mess
KinoGami: skyrim came out in 2011
KinoGami: you're welcome
Ukon_Cairns: you do get remakes like Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, where pokemon fans are mad cause they actually remakes of diamond and pearl and not platinum. but when have pokemon fans not been mad
CodeIndigo: I would say that remakes are a GREAT tool for new studios to get reputations.
SK__Ren: All I want is a SP TES game set in Elswyr.
DeM0nFiRe: Whether continually remaking games makes sense and whether companies do it may not be the same thing
EricTheOrange: nostalgia runs in 20 year cycles
PMAvers: “Announcing the ninth remake of Resident Evil 1!”
Silver_Slip: i dont remember the consensus on toys for bob in terms of spyro and crash, also was the gta collection out of house?
goombalax: never made it past level 3 at the arcade but I loved it
EikoandMog: @Silver_Slip They did a very, very good job.
ThorSokar: Dang NES version, an insanely hard game
Dmc3628: the original brutalizer
Brozard: Have to play it twice
EikoandMog: Toys for Bob did so good a job that Crash 1 is HARDER now.
Izandai: PrideLaugh Great shot
SocraticMethod: Spyro remake was great, Crash remake was good+ , IIRC
CranstonSnord: we can almost see his 'goblins'!
Bearudite: best Ryu skin in SF5
DeM0nFiRe: WAT
TehAmelie: i played Super Ghouls & Ghosts on SNES until i beat the second lap on the hardest difficulty, and then i started sucking out loud. it was weird
CodeIndigo: Not going to lie, the Magician's Curse on the Gold Armor on SNES GnG was a real egg-cracker for a lot of trans girls in the early 90s
BusTed: seabatYIKES
ThorSokar: EACH!?
SocraticMethod: 11 691,62 NOK
Silver_Slip: @eikoandmog oh yeah i know they did good, but was there that "dont touch my baby," when it was announced
Izandai: PrideLaugh
Ugh_Sunlight: I'm sorry WHAT
DeM0nFiRe: Still less of a scam than MTG 30th Anniversary Edition
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KinoGami: someone out there will spend it
NewtyNewts: Is that... a 2 euro savings?
bytecaster: Exactly, you can get 4 packs of proxies for a thousand dollars instead!
ChrisGMiller: my word that's like 12,382.60 kroner
SquareDotCube: 1000 euros today, 100 euros in six months
PMAvers: I mean for that price you can get four packs of non-legal random proxies!
Dmc3628: see bytecaster also punching that fruit
iconicshadow89: better value that the Magic 30th Anniversary blind non tournament reprints
goombalax: you should get one yeah
ThorSokar: TIL: I should have a Super Ghouls and Ghosts statue
TehAmelie: i feel like i deserve at least a hardened steel plate armor suit
ChrisGMiller: You could concive revenue canada that it was an legit expense
DeM0nFiRe: I used to watch a lot of super gng speedruns, it's crazy
Izandai: 10 minutes? That's optimistic.
NewtyNewts: The speedrunners are fun to watch playing these kinds of games
BusTed: crumbles into bones
CodeIndigo: I think "sixty fake Magic cards" is the new unit of conspicuous consumption
EricTheOrange: Like actually beaten as in beat the final boss with the bracelet weapon
Dmc3628: 10 minutes it's more like 5
Brozard: Because you’ll spend more quarters that way
Izandai: FUCK
Izandai: THAT
Izandai: For those who don't know, when you jump in GnG, you're committed. There's no aerial drift.
SocraticMethod: Some devs just want to watch the controllers smash
TehAmelie: no air control. none
ThorSokar: yep, once you jump you're out of control till you land
CururuGuasu: So, Ghosts and Goblins Play it Forward soon?
Izandai: You set an arc, and you go, and the only way you can change it after the fact is by using your double jump–which is just as committal.
EricTheOrange: did the original have double jump or was that in super Gouls and ghosts only?
goombalax: and it doesn't cost 20 bucks each time you play
SquareDotCube: Fun thing is, arcades have DIP switches for difficulty
CodeIndigo: Gargoyle's Quest was great but it had a BRUTALLY hard first stage. Which was fitting.
Brozard: The super weapons are great
Izandai: Oh yeah you have to beat it twice in a row to get the true ending.
ThorSokar: yep, you have to do the entire game twice to get "true ending"
EricTheOrange: The farthest I could ever get was the fourth stage. And I owned the game
Drasvin: Good ol' quarter eaters
TehAmelie: you have to play two laps, and you have to use the actually quite crappy bracelet weapon to fight the boss!
FelanEntane: Not only did you have to beat the game twice, but you also need to the specical weapon toon
NewtyNewts: Fun old game philosophies on difficulty... sorry, that should have been 'fun'
Izandai: And on the second runthrough you have to get to the end with a specific weapon I think?
gnyrinn: @CururuGuasu No, but it will be the first game on a resurrected Beej's Backlog(!)
ksenyo: adam should do it on play it forward :D
bytecaster: They were really committed to that realism regarding air control
Brozard: “Y’know, I bet *I* could be The Boshy”
Izandai: God, the fucking chests...
TehAmelie: points give you continues
ThorSokar: haha, the chests are actually all alwyas in the same place, and there is algorythm for how they work
CururuGuasu: Who’s Goblin is it anyway
ksenyo: comp tetris enter the chat
SquareDotCube: but points is how you get to the top of the high score table! :p
Drasvin: Some gamers care about hi score tables
TehAmelie: you could actually go game over in SG&G. it was awful
CururuGuasu: Where all chests are made up and the points don’t matter
NewtyNewts: Speedrunners, truly the gamerest of all
Brozard: Yeah, eff points in like Ikaruga or something right
SocraticMethod: Ah, the feel of Sunk Cost Fallacy settling in like it's Stockholm in 1973
Brozard: River City Girls is so gooooood
Izandai: what
goombalax: one of the RCG artists makes my favorite webcomic
BusTed: That's a fun include.
Thandres: cant wait for the sequel
Thandres: its so much fun
Thandres: juuuust enough amount of camp to be fun
CodeIndigo: Marian, hopefully to be played by Claire Max in a random live-action skit
niccus: she's straight out of dorohedoro
CururuGuasu: Pull horse out of mud, because tractor is broken
TehAmelie: random videogame news. my sources are 75% agreed this is real
EikoandMog: That sounds like Daphne in the Scooby Doo movie.
SocraticMethod: @TehAmelie (This is fake, I've seen lots of people not getting the joke)
CodeIndigo: Oh, aside from the fact that HT asked people to donate to an anti-trans group
TehAmelie: bah
Invitare: Helena Taylor's very right wing
ThorSokar: haha
Invitare: been promoting anti abortion charities
CururuGuasu: Bayonetta voice to be replaced by Charles Martinet
SocraticMethod: @CodeIndigo I knew she promote pro-life charity, was there something else?
Brozard: @keytarcat rytronKillme
Invitare: actually Bayonetter has always been English first
Invitare: Bayo 1 was ONLY in English
PixelArtDragon: Many Americans sometimes forget that they're not everyone's primary market
TehAmelie: Dark Souls was released in Japan with English voices. that and Bayonetta i guess have been the excptions
goombalax: what if its that? paradox?
TheMerricat: tbh the sort of companies that are thinking about that are probably going to find an excuse not to localize anyway.
Silver_Slip: if that is why pokemon doesnt have voice acting i am sad
NewtyNewts: Right, 'characters'
BusTed: 🤔
Izandai: @KeytarCat oh my
PixelArtDragon: What if Checkpoint Beej contradicts this idea?
Laserbeaks_Fury: One Beej always tells the truth....
CururuGuasu: BRO!
bytecaster: @Laserbeaks_Fury the other is also Beej
red_shoes_jeff: There's a PPR coming up?
FrostyKaze: @Silver_Slip I think they are just cutting corners to make as much money with as little improvement as possible
NewtyNewts: There's no way there's video game news for a whole few weeks
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
SocraticMethod: Is anyone else feeling fatigue from all the MtG releases?
LordZarano: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Sat 12 Nov 02:00 PM PST (14d, 23:25 from now)
TehAmelie: two weeks!
Diabore: @LRRbot oh god, only 2 weeks
RockPusher: lrrSPOOP
red_shoes_jeff: BUS. IS. COMING.
NewtyNewts: Spoopmanders?!
rubikdarkwill: !venga
LRRbot: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield to the oncoming Venga Bus.
TehAmelie: that's practically just two Desert Buses
FrostyKaze: @SocraticMethod Big mood
PixelArtDragon: I don't know what is Ians
CururuGuasu: I think Ben described it as “three zombie decks and whatever Wheeler is doing”
PixelArtDragon: *Ian's kind of weird that isn't Heather's kind of weird
EikoandMog: There was a significantly different card game in Witcher 1.
ThorSokar: AN NPC "developing" the game
SK__Ren: Yeah, Witcher 1 had a "different" collectible card game
EvilBadman: The version of Gwent in Wither 3 is quite different from the online one too
SquareDotCube: Gwent Stacy?
NewtyNewts: New game, invented by Beej: Heathert.
PixelArtDragon: At what point does The Witcher become "the game based on Gwent"?
PMAvers: Pritchard Northfield
KeytarCat: It's like Go, but past tense
TehAmelie: hmm is Gwent or DOTA the funnier game-game-spin-off?
bytecaster: @SquareDotCube or MJ Gwatson
Snowcookies: ooh
Diabore: movie night?
Diabore: movie night!
Brozard: Neat!
iris_of_ether: ooh
SquareDotCube: time for MANOS
ChrisGMiller: So "living dead" and "dracula"?
Snowcookies: yes
TheMerricat: just a reminder everyone the night of the living Dead is in public domain due to a screw up with the registration when it was originally released
NewtyNewts: Just Memento that movie
goombalax: 60 second morbius
EvilBadman: Yeah but then we'd have to watch Morbius become Jared Leto (eww)
RockPusher: elfunkPopcorn sergeCorn
red_shoes_jeff: Fatally, that's how.
PixelArtDragon: Freddy Kruger makes people come back to life in their dreams
Snowcookies: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
bytecaster: A bus shaped hole, if you will
RockPusher: fugiBus
PixelArtDragon: !bus
ThorSokar: 7 days last year
EvilBadman: Both these boys gotta be Zeta friends instead of daywalkers
RockPusher: almost a week
Diabore: so many special guests
aerohydra: youre both on zeta, its exciting
NewtyNewts: Six days and quite a lot of hours
gnyrinn: I always, for a split second, confuse Michael Myers and Mike Myers.
Diabore: it never works
PixelArtDragon: Oh no, 2PM? That's going to be hard for me to catch live
bytecaster: The problem is predicting chat
Bearudite: constant havoc for VST
ThorSokar: you get used to it
RockPusher: Rotate the Paul!
red_shoes_jeff: Y'all were like, I wanna say an HOUR shy of 7 days, last year?
ContingentCat: Yay! Paul on zeta should be interesting
TheAinMAP: mattlrSleep
TehAmelie: i for one am happy copyright law can sometimes go the way Disney doens't want it to
Invitare: Dawnguard has been betrayed. Rise up Zeta and conquer the bus!
PixelArtDragon: *Numberwang intensifies*
niccus: dawn guard banner as valuable memory of the sun
Snowcookies: I'm gonna miss Paul due to sleep lrrAWW
EvilBadman: It could be anything
ThorSokar: WOO!
RockPusher: "LEGO"
NewtyNewts: Ooh, looking forward to that
Driosenth: actual LEGO, or MegaBLOCKS?
SquareDotCube: IT'S PIKACHU
SquareDotCube: (it's always a Pokemon)
LordZarano: @Driosenth Duplo
RockPusher: We have no earthly idea what it could be
ThorSokar: I look forward to someone figuring out what it is in under 3 minutes
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Brozard: Almost 4 months!
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RockPusher: The plastic bricks are completely inscrutable
MostCallMe__Tim: Who else jumped shift?
TehAmelie: actually quite happy to see the shifts aren't locked in to having the same combinations of people forever
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Diabore: @MostCallMe__Tim we dont know yet
Brozard: whoops, missed the train
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
ArcticAtlantic: Good job indeed lrrSHINE
red_shoes_jeff: Buy!
Snowcookies: bye!
Diabore: mug!
TehAmelie: and byee
LordZarano: Bai
EvilBadman: @MostCallMe__Tim Keep an eye on the DB Twitter.
TehAmelie: i got a feeling this pic will come in handly for many of us in two weeks
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a little bit of squid love
TehAmelie: eeugh
TehAmelie: ookay i will take a little bit of squid love over full on octopus agoge
KeytarCat: I wonder if LRR fanbase expands most just after DBFH. Is that a known/knowable trend?
TehAmelie: it should be testable
Earthenone: definitly in the pre twitch era it did
TehAmelie: my feeling has been MtG events have the most immense boost of popularity