LordZarano: @SaxPython It's a bargain at only 40 Norwegian Kroner
SaxPython: the value FBtouchdown
DaxStrife: Chopin was a pianist, not a flatulist.
Dog_of_Myth: Chopin does like to toot his own horn
mtvcdm: !onemore
LRRbot: One more. For real.
ArcOfTheConclave: 91!
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown Top 100! FBtouchdown
SaxPython: the ladder! He climbs
drthvd3r: Why shouldn't I be?
SnowBuddy18: Varth Dader
Astrovore: I just showed up. What's this game about?
SnowBuddy18: Chopin
LordZarano: @Astrovore Good question.
Astrovore: the juxtaposition of the music and what's on screen is... interesting
RandomTrivia: It has become apparent why there was a visiting friend in the office :D benginPet https://twitter.com/BengineeringTV/status/1589434563180515330
Dog_of_Myth: That's a good engineer they got there @RandomTrivia
RandomTrivia: @Dog_of_Myth The goodest
SnowBuddy18: @Astrovore the character with the keytar is a resurrected Chopin iirc
Astrovore: @SnowBuddy18 I don't remember Chopin being famous for his keytar solos
Astrovore: ohh
Astrovore: OK
mtvcdm: Someone disconnected briefly
RandomTrivia: @Astrovore Welcome to a WILD ride :D
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler dives into the wonderful world of Marvel Snap! Game: Marvel Snap) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (1m ago).
Earthenone: anyone else check to see if it was them who disconected?
mtvcdm: !patreon
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SnowBuddy18: I've only gotten any knowledge of what's going on from context clues, and it doesn't make any sense
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mtvcdm: !db
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Astrovore: @RandomTrivia ngl I showed up for Is This Your Card and found this quite a surprise :D
mtvcdm: !homestreams
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RockPusher: What about adding *specific* children?
SK__Ren: Oh, so not a big fan of the choiral Pachabel's Canon during the holidays then?
Fanklok: Speaking of children in songs, some science hippies did a study and made a song out of all the things in songs people don't like, it's called The Most Unwanted Song and it slaps
RandomTrivia: WOW
RandomTrivia: HOLY SHIT
Earthenone: the fallout rank
Astrovore: wait that was multiplayer?
ArcOfTheConclave: reach 69 then stop
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
cmdrelk: LUL
RockPusher: gabyBawk
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RandomTrivia: I'm disappointed it didn't say specifically "LoadingReadyRun" because that would have been a perfect screencap
Earthenone: !tiltyhouse
mtvcdm: !quote 6515
LRRbot: Quote #6515: "The Bus takes everything off the road." —Heather [2019-10-24]
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
SaxPython: :(
benjamin_wheeler: there may be some chuds in Marvel Snap
benjamin_wheeler: huh, no I'm here
LordZarano: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler dives into the wonderful world of Marvel Snap! Game: Marvel Snap) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (6m ago).
Earthenone: wheeler is right here
Astrovore: haha sorry Wheeler, you've been shunted
benjamin_wheeler: damn first the wiki, now my own show
RandomTrivia: Cori and Cameron have never been called the Noiz Boiz before HypeLUL
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Ian and Heather! lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Sibwow: she snaps on my marvel till i cube
Gaz_L: beep beep bus is coming
Phailhammer: cya :)
RockPusher: Thank you Heather, thank you Ian lrrHEART lunarj1Heart tiltyhEXTREME
Earthenone: !venga
LRRbot: Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring. The Venga Bus.
RockPusher: fugiBus
OhaiMireiya: oh crap, better get ready to flag it down
Astrovore: does the desert bus give change?
LunarJade: Discord died on me and doesn't look like its coming back..
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
PharaohBender27: @LunarJade D:
RandomTrivia: lrrSIG !
Gaz_L: i just remembered Cori's 'cover' of the Venga Bus and it still makes me smile
Earthenone: time for a marvoulus wheeler stream
SaxPython: !cori
Dog_of_Myth: Ohh, I know that sound all too well.
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Earthenone: this music sounds like an ambient version of jock jams
RandomTrivia: @Gaz_L The moment Adam realized what was happening and his expression immediately changed from "vibe" to "dying" :D
PharaohBender27: @Gaz_L Heck, that cover is why the !venga command is even a thing, as I understand it
RandomTrivia: Certainly the variations on "THE BUS IS COMING!" stem from that
flatluigi: canadian snap
benjamin_wheeler: so is it called Marvel Snap because of the whole Thanos thing
Sibwow: sort of
benjamin_wheeler: or is it the sound cards make when you play them on a table
Astrovore: I thought it was a sequel to Pokemon Snap
Sibwow: its the way rank works and betting
Sibwow: its like backgammon
benjamin_wheeler: backgammon isnt until December
Sibwow: its all about the cubes
Incandescent_Zubat: Mr Stark I don’t feel so good..
WhirlwindAbyss: So is the point to dust half of your opponent cards?
Sibwow: no you cant dust cards you can only upgrade them
Gaz_L: the Cube? Wait, I thought Optimus Prime was in Magic, not this game
asthanius: Marvel's Nap
Dog_of_Myth: The point is to win 2 of 3 zones.
benjamin_wheeler: oh I can't wait to play Artifact
Dog_of_Myth: Also, it is a fast game
azidbern95: we starting fresh or already mid-Pool 1?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh Snap
Sibwow: starting fresh
Gaz_L: oh, might be worth noting there is a rope and it's kinda hard to notice if you don't know where to look
Sibwow: wheeler is going in with zero info
azidbern95: should be a good time then!
Dog_of_Myth: Nice.
Earthenone: wheeler knows about strong man :P
SaxPython: CoolCat
Earthenone: so not 0 info :P
RandomTrivia: benginDance
Dog_of_Myth: coxJam coxJam
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Ba_Dum_Tish: Time to snap to it Wheeler
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NotCainNorAbel: lrrSHINE wheeler
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
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Earthenone: !patreon
Earthenone: !store
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Sibwow: you can also mail them loose coinage
Sibwow: !pobox
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Mattmitchell45: *Bleep* DA KNICKS!
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raulghoulia: cool hoodie
mitomanox: hi wheeler. I adore u.
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
SnackPak_: F
RandomTrivia: HAHAHAHAHA
flatluigi: lmao
Earthenone: the old crokinole injury!
Lysander_salamander: I'm sorry
Sibwow: marvel fuck
mtvcdm: !clip
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NonjaBiru: bunnyc19LumYell
Lysander_salamander: nice
shurtal: wow your face got SUPER red
SaxPython: PJSalt
asthanius: What a great husband
distrustingspectator: bravo, husband
Laserbeaks_Fury: call an ambulance....but not for me!
robaphone251: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
a_pidgeon: I just came in to beeping
Sibwow: wheelerBless
Mattmitchell45: 👏👏👏👏👏👏
YeetTheRich_: Ayyy lets go kiefer
Gaz_L: call an ambulance, but not for Wheeler
SnowBuddy18: Clap
Sibwow: its backwards
owmacohe: wooo kiefer
Earthenone: in the mirrorverse?
asthanius: Backwards Snap
SnackPak_: *applauds politely*
flatluigi: ooh, nam-redips
Sibwow: marvel pans
Astrovore: Snapwards
Orxolon: helloooooo ever1
shurtal: When's Marvel Crackle and Marvel Pop?
Mattmitchell45: What do the pre-scream conversations with your husband go like?
followerofkthulu_kaden: pog
brat_the_wurst: levram pans
thavleifrim: nam-redips hrad kroy wen ot?
SpleenLord: Mooe Rotcod?
birdy8201: Whys the screen flipped?
Dog_of_Myth: pans levraM
owmacohe: pans levram
gsyhiap: Ah yes, kroY weN
gualdhar: neercs deppilf
shurtal: you're Dr. Strange and this is the MIRROR DIMENSION
asthanius: Is This Your draC
Travilogue: Playing Pans Levram I see
WhirlwindAbyss: it broke
Earthenone: there we go
Gaz_L: There we go
Sibwow: the bit went too deep
matthaus_c: mirror mirror, on the stream
azidbern95: great bit, great bit
shurtal: drag spiderman to new yorK? man it feels like it some times
RandomTrivia: "Drag Spidermand to New York" also known as the plot of Homecoming lrrBEEJ
Orxolon: Nam Redips is a cool card!
matthaus_c: it was such comedy gold when Wheeler launched Marvel Snap mirrored on purpose
Mattmitchell45: Marhval Baaaybee!
Sibwow: on your birthday
LordZarano: ᴎAM ᴙƎbIꟼꙄ
followerofkthulu_kaden: blindchamp
Gaz_L: Phil Spiderman, attorney at law
SpleenLord: Herb Spidermen is subway driver
flatluigi: this game is wet
Earthenone: well we live here
owmacohe: hmmmmmm
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, a lot fo card have that
bradlby: drag spiderman to hell
Gaz_L: a lot of the cards have visual effects like that
SnowBuddy18: wet noises
YeetTheRich_: man i wish new york was real
brat_the_wurst: she spider my man till i new york
followerofkthulu_kaden: uhh
keep_it_lobster: New York is a fictional east coast megacity.
Fanklok: Spiderman or Spiders Man
followerofkthulu_kaden: ROUGE THE BAT?
Gaz_L: y'all goin to New Yawk, sugah
Laserbeaks_Fury: Will no one high-five Doom?
BartholemewTheKitten: Rogyou
flatluigi: well, good for star lord
flatluigi: there's like, no instructions?
Earthenone: when in rome, draw like the romans do
shurtal: Hawkeye? or Hawkguy?
Dog_of_Myth: We are going through the tutorial right now @flatluigi
Earthenone: for tutorial yes
flatluigi: i know, but it's not explaining what you're actually doing, just telling you what to do
Earthenone: for game no
Sibwow: its the tutorial
Dog_of_Myth: Only for the tutorial
Orxolon: no,you dont
TheMandrew: not usually no, but it's the tutorial
Mattmitchell45: Are Mango Sentinel cosmetics available?
shurtal: Pringles?
HolyHadouken: when Ben eats dessert, does he say "It's cobblerin' time"?
Dog_of_Myth: @Mattmitchell45 Not yet. There are variant cards though
Mattmitchell45: @HolyHadouken This is blessed content
Laserbeaks_Fury: We have a Hulk
flatluigi: nice win
Haroldholmes25: @HolyHadouken also applies when making shoes
Astrovore: FRAME BREAK
Astrovore: best part of the game
seemsdeece: 3D
Orxolon: 3D
mtvcdm: dang so generous
Gaz_L: stop patting yourself on the back, game
flatluigi: 3d
Astrovore: 3D
HolyHadouken: that's a whole extra D!
seemsdeece: Animated
Sibwow: its true!
WhirlwindAbyss: 3D
Sibwow: shes played by kathryn hahn
SpleenLord: She's a witch
Orxolon: is Wanda's tutor
Mattmitchell45: Wandaverse witch
mtvcdm: It was Agatha all along
Gaz_L: it's beloved character actress Kathryn Hahn!
distrustingspectator: technically the Punisher hates cops
Sibwow: sometimes a good guy sometimes a bad guy
Haroldholmes25: she's a witch
HolyHadouken: evil witch, or good witch, depends on writer
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spicydungus: hi
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roastbeefsandwitch: Scarlet Witch villain / tutor
seemsdeece: she's from wandavision
Sibwow: also babysitter for the fantastic 4
shurtal: if the Marvel shows have taught me anything, it was her all along
RandomTrivia: It was, after all, Agatha all along
HedgehogKnight: punisher would kill the cops that idolize him
Mal2mad: Scarlet Witch's mentor in the comics
mazingolfer: witch lady who was cool in the comics
Mattmitchell45: We'll see about your Thin Blue Line when the Punisher Frame Breaks it!
RandomTrivia: benginFingers shurtal
Dog_of_Myth: All cards are placed down then revealed
distrustingspectator: @HedgehogKnight canonically accurate statement
bradlby: its occasionally advantageous to play cards before the location is revealed
Laserbeaks_Fury: Medusa in the Middle, I love that show
Sibwow: shocker is vanilla
HolyHadouken: @Dog_of_Myth think he meant the locations are face down
MurphEP: My favorite ability
Gaz_L: so anyway, Shocker started blasting
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Dog_of_Myth: Ahh
shurtal: @RandomTrivia psaDab
Haroldholmes25: getting cyberbullied by the ai :(
shurtal: god, i hope there's an interaction between Spiderman and shocker that's just the Spiderman Cartoon line
followerofkthulu_kaden: G U N
MurphEP: Punisher, that's extremely unsafe
Kreiseler: trigger discipline means nothing to the punisher
Sibwow: it IS clobering time very good
Sibwow: cyclops also vanilla
Mattmitchell45: @Sibwow I mean, we all expected that
Mal2mad: Yeah, there's a fair bit of obscure characters right now
RassilonDND: the snappening its finally happening
Sibwow: she vaults on my hub till i xanadu
Orxolon: the reference
Rootpotato: wait is marval snap just Caravan???
Gaz_L: the dedication to not having multiple mechanically different cards for the same character means they have already dug pretty deep for the roster, which has me a little worried for the games longevity, tbh
Sibwow: i wouldnt say great, but playable in some strategies
mtvcdm: Get fucked, Shocker
mazingolfer: @gaz_l oh boy, let me tell you about the bevy of niche characters available for this game to lull from
RassilonDND: yeet him
flatluigi: hot
TheMandrew: shocker exists to be replaced
Sibwow: BakaFlockaGaijin
followerofkthulu_kaden: LRR
mazingolfer: Can’t wait to get D Man in the game
Mattmitchell45: Shocker, can you even Shock?
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Don't dunk the nuclear core in the shower.
flatluigi: Wheeler
shurtal: Spidussy
Laserbeaks_Fury: fairly high
aerohydra: JamesTurner
NonjaBiru: Turnip
DrChillbrain: pegasussybaka
roastbeefsandwitch: FlockOfPigeons?
Orxolon: Dingus
RassilonDND: NipNurpNubble
HolyHadouken: YES GamesTurner
Simonark: Look, no one should get too attached to anyone named Herman who dresses as a pillow.
roastbeefsandwitch: WingusDingus?
OhaiMireiya: MegaButts3000
MurphEP: Baka Flaka Gaijin is so good
feet2big: GonnaShockYou
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
Fanklok: On a scale of Gwent to 14 how is the tutorial so far
flatluigi: daxton is my favorite superhero
RandomTrivia: Oh I get it, because Wakanda Forever lrrBEEJ
sunncaeks: BatChest
RandomTrivia: *uncontrollable sobbing*
ArdCollider: "YourOldDruig" would've worked too
flatluigi: daxton: doesn't exist
Sibwow: me and the other trans femmes hitting the bars
RassilonDND: pour one out for our homie cyclops. he has the best animation to unplayable ratio in the game
Orxolon: @RandomTrivia or the vibranium generated shields like in infinity war
Sibwow: you can click on locations too
mazingolfer: they did my boy cyclops dirty
SpleenLord: Loading up on the Baxter Building is a good idea
Orxolon: Starlord only gets big when he is revealed
Sibwow: yes
Laserbeaks_Fury: yes
Gaz_L: yes
Sibwow: you take turns at the same time
SpleenLord: That is correct
Dog_of_Myth: Yes
Sibwow: highlighted name up top shows who reveals first
Orxolon: on the top you can see the 2 players icons
RassilonDND: yes you take simultaneous turns
Orxolon: the one glowing is the 1st to show
LordZarano: escher3MEOW
bradlby: the person with the glowing name has their cards flip first
Sibwow: 4 card max
TheMandrew: 4
SpleenLord: 4 max
RassilonDND: 4 max
Dog_of_Myth: 4 Max
birdy8201: 4
seemsdeece: whichever name is highlighter are the ones that go first for revealing then it swaps each turn
seemsdeece: *highlighted
LoneGoat: does it swap each turn? i thought it was based on who's winning
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
Sibwow: its based on who is winning yes
Sibwow: if its a tie it defaults to the previous turn
Sibwow: turn 1 is random
mazingolfer: COWARDICE
Mattmitchell45: Damn son, where's you find this Thing?
Sibwow: dont buy fast upgrades in teh shop
Simonark: Aunt Man was bitten by a radioactive aunt, it’s one of PG Wodehouse’s best comics
Gaz_L: the upgrade mechanic is how you unlock new cards
bradlby: f r a m e
Dog_of_Myth: It unlocks new cards
Laserbeaks_Fury: Upgrading is how you get new cards
mazingolfer: Anyway, you don’t always have to play your turn 1 play. I only ever do it if I have nightcrawler at this point
asthanius: frake
Astrovore: you can't spend the boosters on anything else, so may as well
Dog_of_Myth: Yes
matthaus_c: alas poor yorick, it's clobberin' time
asthanius: it's a psychic car
Sibwow: shes a take no shit private investigator
SpleenLord: She's a brick
Gaz_L: nope, she's real stronk
Sibwow: no shes super stron g
Astrovore: she stronk
flatluigi: she's a lot of things
Gaz_L: and can fly, kinda
LoneGoat: lifting a car with her brain perhaps
AutonomousTurtle: She strong lady
roastbeefsandwitch: She's a low-tier strongman. Also, investigator
mazingolfer: She’s super strong and can fly
Simonark: No, she’s a PI
matthaus_c: the only psychic thing about her is the abuse she's been through
mazingolfer: You’re thinking of Jean Gray
Gaz_L: well, it's more accurate to say Jessica Jones can fly, but landing is more questionable
mazingolfer: KAZOO
mtvcdm: Jessica Jones was a minor superperson who decided enough of that and went into private investigative work.
sunncaeks: @matthaus_c so true
Simonark: Marvel’s Tarzan Rip-off!
HolyHadouken: you're still level 1
roastbeefsandwitch: @Gaz_L that would be called Leaping
Sibwow: do not buy the fast upgrades ever
mazingolfer: I’m so glad this game gives Blue Marvel the respect he deserves
Uncle_Francis: yeah fast updates are bait
azidbern95: respect the Ka-Zoo!
sunncaeks: That's one smart sandwich.
mazingolfer: NO NO NO NO
mazingolfer: NO FAST UPGRADE
asthanius: buy them with James' money
Earthenone: you can buy captain america with CAD :P
shurtal: Time to use our secret JAMES' CREDIT CARD Powers
Xavion333: The Recruit Season is free for everyone, you unlock the normal season passes after you finish it.
RassilonDND: the most cash efficient way to use gold is to add new quests
Sibwow: gotta go abomination
RassilonDND: and to buy the season pass i think
mazingolfer: Cosmetics actually help you build your collection because they add to your ability to upgrade cards and build collection level
asthanius: Chavez
mtvcdm: I legit cannot tell you who half these people are
Mal2mad: Chavez
Sibwow: america chavez was in the new dr strange movie, she can planeswalk
HolyHadouken: America Chavez is a S T A R
matthaus_c: what a novel idea
Simonark: Even I don’t know Aero
followerofkthulu_kaden: bideo bames
Gaz_L: America Chavez, she's a planeswalking lesbian
Mattmitchell45: Multiverse-Walking cause they broke their continuity
sunncaeks: Miss America innit
mazingolfer: America Chavez is Superman but a lesbian from the super lesbian dimension
Sibwow: youre gonna be playing bots for a while
mazingolfer: sort of joking
DrChillbrain: more than a while tbh lol
Gaz_L: @mazingolfer sadly not anymore
Orxolon: i think at first is only bots
mazingolfer: @gaz_l I refuse to accept that mini series as canon
Orxolon: then you start snapping and "ranking"
sunncaeks: MCU is not canon innit?
Sibwow: canon is fake and not useful as a construct
Laserbeaks_Fury: There are locations that are har to play into when revealed, but there are also some that punish you for being there
Fanklok: I think Star Guy and Hawk Lord are better
mazingolfer: @sibwow exactly. I refuse to acknowledge the writer’s stupid decision to make “ground” a cool character
Sibwow: yes
Dog_of_Myth: Yes
Spritz_T: mostly
Simonark: Yes, but total denial of canon as valid just means no narratives can have stakes, context or purpose at all.
bradlby: ya
Laserbeaks_Fury: yup!
Orxolon: yes
thavleifrim: sometimes there is a featured one that is ore likely to appear
seemsdeece: there are weekly featured locations that show up more frequently
Mal2mad: Sometimes, locations have a higher chance of appearing, but generally yes
Spritz_T: no
Dog_of_Myth: No
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Wheeler kicks off a new game on this evenings Is This Your Card? | He’s checking out Marvel Snap! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1589447175263899648
thavleifrim: no max 4
Sibwow: nope its full at 4
mazingolfer: Bar sinister was great
Laserbeaks_Fury: nope
Mal2mad: *some locations
bradlby: only if you move a unit out of there somehow
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Xaunaught: oh snap dude
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mazingolfer: nope
Spritz_T: there are ways to move or destroy cards
mazingolfer: 4 per
Gaz_L: there is a rope, the 'end turn' button empties over time, it's hard to see sometimes
Sibwow: read the big house
LoneGoat: if guys leave the location you can refill it but you can't have more than 4 characters in a location
Sibwow: reading the location explains the location
Orxolon: Ben,not to backseat but remember snapping is an important part of the game
Sibwow: snapping doesnt exist yet
Anonyman41: he can't snap yet
Darkstorm257: Snapping's not available yet
darkcyril: He can't yet.
azidbern95: ties go to Total Power
Gaz_L: A-Bomb is, confusingly, a different Marvel character
Dog_of_Myth: @Orxolon Ben is starting fresh
n3ther: snapped
Sibwow: frame break!
mazingolfer: A Bomb aka Rick Jones the blue armadillo
Spritz_T: yeah
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DrWreckage: I had a 100% win rate in this game until rank 69 and then it came screeching to a hault
Sibwow: kazar is legit playable
JamesRiav: more like lameclops
Spritz_T: ka-zar is goo
DrWreckage: (thats also because right now you're playing mostly bots)
Spritz_T: good
sunncaeks: Accurate analysis of Scott Summers. :^)
OldManJohnsonMB: I have two eyes, already better than a cyclops
Sibwow: his deck is called kazoo
mazingolfer: kazar is the arguably on of the best pool 1 strategies
Simonark: And you said you didn’t know much about the comics.
Gaz_L: yeah, there's a weenie deck that Ka-zar goes in
azidbern95: Ka-Zoo!
TheJellybeanWarlock: Leave at least one daily mission in the hopper for now, it's needed for a season mission
Earthenone: you do have to edit your deck if you want to use the new cards you have unlocked
Sibwow: @TheJellybeanWarlock mission refresh is in 20 minutes
Gaz_L: yeah, Quicksilver is their answer to no mulligan
Gaz_L: it's ability is it's always in your opening hand
Spritz_T: i think these initial games are scripted bot games
TheJellybeanWarlock: clobberin time?
Mattmitchell45: How many of these locations are famous Marvel prisons?
followerofkthulu_kaden: @Mattmitchell45 A L L
OldManJohnsonMB: @Spritz_T It did match make VERY quickly...
Sibwow: a good chunk
mrverbal: I find it funny that "people with no abilities" are more powerful in DC
Sibwow: cant play it
Sibwow: lmaoooo
bradlby: lol thanks game
asthanius: Infinite Nut
JamesRiav: you can't play it though :(
thavleifrim: the infinaut is good in some combo decks
JamesRiav: lamest random
Anonyman41: bamboozled
Sibwow: youve been smeckledorfed
Simonark: They just made that character up
followerofkthulu_kaden: L
Dog_of_Myth: Yeah, game trolled you. :p
DrChillbrain: jebaited
Laserbeaks_Fury: no, the lamest is probably Arnim Zola
Dog_of_Myth: It is....it really is
TheJellybeanWarlock: Iron Man, misty right was more power :P
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Sibwow: his whole shtick is that hes so big that if he comes to our universe it will break so he needs to shrink down in order to visit
JamesRiav: it's definitely addictive early one, no lie
Astrovore: FRAME BREAK
Xaunaught: yeah games are max 3 minutes I think?
brat_the_wurst: my beef with this game is that it has one song
DrChillbrain: love the infinaut, love it less when you don't knwo you're getting it
LackingSanity: its good at throwing flashy lights and buttons to push at you
DrChillbrain: FRAME BREAK
bradlby: frame: broken
Gaz_L: Al Ewing's Marvel stuff is so good
mtvcdm: Skinner box is GO!
Gaz_L: he managed to make Galactus' Mom rad AF
Sibwow: yeah i hope they make an actual computer client
DekiSystem: hold on, did LRR actually make a fediverse account and i'm just now hearing about it? blurthEyes I saw something LRR related on my timeline
OldManJohnsonMB: That exactly how many credits you needed! Lucky duck
Sibwow: eh you dont need to right now
mazingolfer: Al Ewing is the best and most valid writer with Kieron Gillen at a mid second
birdy8201: eventually
TheJellybeanWarlock: btw, never use credits in the shop, only upgrade with boosters
Mattmitchell45: That brief few months of all Extended Arts in MTG looking amazing in our heads
OmegaPlatinum: Is it weird that I like card games but I don't like playing against rando people online?
Spritz_T: it's a mobile game that actually takes advantage of the platform
Mal2mad: Oh, there's a limit on credits btw. 5k.
OldManJohnsonMB: If you keep winning with your starter deck, I don't think you need to update it
Sibwow: these are still bots
Dog_of_Myth: No, you're still in this game
OmegaPlatinum: what does the snap button do?
Masslost: ben there is a credit limit just in case you save up on credits
mtvcdm: @DekiSystem LRR does have a Mastodon now, it is loadingreadyrun@kind.social. (For now it just reposts from Twitter.)
Sibwow: nothing yet
DrChillbrain: this might not be a bot? usually the bots have normal person names
ghost_waz: @OmegaPlatinum I'm the same way
DrChillbrain: like the last person didn't have an avatar, i don't think they were a bot
mrverbal: You'll no it's real people when they take forever to do something mediocre on their turn
DekiSystem: @DekiSystem oh pog! Giving that a follow
birdy8201: @OmegaPlatinum it gives you more cubes to rank up quicker, but if you lose you lose that many instead
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Sibwow: ok now you have to do pounting spider man emote
mazingolfer: quicksilver is the flash with trauma and a personality disorder
Sibwow: if you click your picture
followerofkthulu_kaden: @mazingolfer and a reality warper sister
Sibwow: and a cool ass dad
Mattmitchell45: @mazingolfer So Quicksilver is basically the same as The Flash?
DrChillbrain: @mazingolfer he just like me fr
dabudder: !backseat
Sibwow: you drag it over
mazingolfer: @mattmitchell45 flash doesn’t have a personality disorder
JamesRiav: hulk miss-smash
Jturbobanana: You had 2 energy left, right?
Sibwow: that was ms marvel
Glittert00ts: Thats that Thanus guy
Simonark: Sorta, although he’s kind of also a jerk?
Laserbeaks_Fury: The emotes are on a carousel
mazingolfer: that is deadpool
Astrovore: FRAME BREAK
Anonyman41: he could be pouting beneath tthe mask
DrChillbrain: FRAME BREAK
Sibwow: wheeler you know i cant spell
dabudder: what are the current backseating policy?
Sibwow: or type maybe
Sibwow: spectrum
Sibwow: shes great
Laserbeaks_Fury: Spectrums got such super vision
BenevolentCow: don't backseat during the tutorial /roll
Gaz_L: Spectrum, soon to be seen on the silver screen
mazingolfer: god I love captain marvel aka spectrum
Sibwow: aka photon
Haroldholmes25: for a while yeah
bradlby: I think its like all bots till level 20
Simonark: She’s not Photon or Captain Marvel anymore?
thavleifrim: i made it to mid silver rank before i lost a game
RassilonDND: bots until you get collection 20 i think
mazingolfer: @simonark hasn’t been captain marvel since the 90s I think
jazzyjrw: You probably should snap every game until 20
Sibwow: that was a hot location a week ago
Sibwow: very fun
Gaz_L: @jazzyjrw snap not introduced yet
dabudder: I do definitely have some issues with this game, but I will admit that having marvel make a card game means their sfx is pretty cool
asthanius: Report that bot
Earthenone: report them for botting? :P
Simonark: @mazingolfer No, but she’d been Photon for a while, I’m feeling really out of touch with recent Marvel now.
Mattmitchell45: It's Narcing time
Haroldholmes25: jimmy is a real boi LUL
dabudder: like the fact that basically every card has a custom animation
Xaunaught: No I think it is tutorial bots
mazingolfer: punt punt punt
RassilonDND: The algorithm doesnt appreciate you reporting it wheeler
dabudder: no its a tutorial bo
Sibwow: wait youre telling me the end turn button ends the turn
OmegaPlatinum: The fact that you're playing against people with regular names instead of usernames makes me think these are tutorial bots
Xaunaught: you are probably in the new players queue and if there arent new players it gives you a bot
Simonark: All the real players have five letter names starting with J?
KeytarCat: I don'
jazzyjrw: You probably still would have won... I think the bots actively try to lose
Sibwow: oh yeah every time you see a card for the first time it does that
sunncaeks: Love me some Domino.
KeytarCat: never mind, that's better
Gaz_L: moves, not played
cambo212: No these are definitely in game tutorial bots because we don’t even have all the in game stuff yet
azidbern95: Moves is different from Played
Heinzes_: Domino is great for midrange
Earthenone: like most card games, semantics matter
dabudder: chat has wheeler seen death dimension yet
sunncaeks: (Nb. I have yet to play this game.)
mazingolfer: You can play cards there, but you can’t move them
Haroldholmes25: they drew domino on turn two, always lucky waaaah wheelerClown
mazingolfer: it makes sense once you pick up nightcrawler
Sibwow: part of learning
Dog_of_Myth: it happens
Earthenone: just draw hulk
RassilonDND: if you don't make mistakes you wont learn
RassilonDND: I wonder if james will be the final boss of this month?
dabudder: never punished
Astrovore: FRAME BREAK
Glittert00ts: Is the goal to have the highest total across all 3 zones?
asthanius: what about the mistake of playing card games
Snowcookies: all those mistakes are actually purposeful moves Kappa
Mattmitchell45: Tony Starke saying "I am Iron Man!" sounds like he is answer a question at the DMV
sunncaeks: I am Iron Man?
Snowcookies: we're all iron man
Fanklok: Wheeler has also never lost to a tutorial, especially not ones that give step by step instructions on how to win
Laserbeaks_Fury: They have an entire island!
e_bloc: personally I'm here for the ads
Orxolon: @Glittert00ts the goal is to have more power in at least 2 locations to win
followerofkthulu_kaden: heheh
Gaz_L: wheeler will never log off
asthanius: they're not a real person
sunncaeks: Punisher: Safety. Always Off.
asthanius: You are
asthanius: I think
RassilonDND: We'Re NoT ReAl. DrInK mOrE oVaLtInE
Gaz_L: what is real, though
asthanius: Oh okay
Rootpotato: i mean, is sibwow real
OmegaPlatinum: @sunncaeks That's poor gun ownership and responsibility
Snowcookies: Wheeler is a paid actor?
Sibwow: probably
YeetTheRich_: it’s all james on different accounts
HolyHadouken: "paid"
dabudder: bitches will be like "i am iron man" and then ruin your whole day
followerofkthulu_kaden: ello fellow bots for the prerecorded livestream Kappa
Snowcookies: beep boop
Gaz_L: Punisher is kind of a reactive card
Gaz_L: not enough Gamma juice
Snowcookies: James isn't here
asthanius: you need more green
Orxolon: those are boosters
jazzyjrw: You need boosters
robaphone251: lrrJAMES !!!
brat_the_wurst: need more boosties
followerofkthulu_kaden: james has been reduced to atoms by thanos
bradlby: you need hulk specific upgrade currency
Sibwow: youre gonna want 20
SpleenLord: Need more hulk boosters
Heinzes_: boosters are different from gold
asthanius: of course he does, it's marvel
Sibwow: new season pass tomorrow
Laserbeaks_Fury: There is a Starter Package for cheap
betweenmyself: Oddly enough green ≠ gold
Gaz_L: he'd say 'no, i need that 10 dollars for my Snap account'
Orxolon: each character has its own "boosters count"
sunncaeks: @sunncaeks If I could post the TPB clip here, I would~
LoneGoat: James can i also have $10
Jturbobanana: Need to drag it back to your hand to replay at another location
Mattmitchell45: Could you do a Pre-Record on week to get James on here?
Mal2mad: You win boosters for a random card in your deck each time you play. Number of boosters = amount of turns played.
e_bloc: Corgo1000 Corgo1000 treat yoself
Simonark: See, I was only going to ask James for $9
RassilonDND: wait doesnt that mean you bought twitch a marvel snap pass?
thavleifrim: each season pass has its own card, so this season is miles morales, then after the season he will be availalbe in 2 months from leveling up
followerofkthulu_kaden: OHNO
Sibwow: yep so if you want miles morales you gotta get him like today or tomorrow
Haroldholmes25: yes
asthanius: or in two months
Sibwow: sorta
Haroldholmes25: for a lil bit
Sibwow: right now every card is available
Earthenone: no wonder i havent gottem him yet
Darkstorm257: Temporary season pass exclusives
followerofkthulu_kaden: nick fury is one of em
Sibwow: tomorrow miles morales wont be
Uncle_Francis: i mean you will get it in a while
SpleenLord: You can still get Miles in the ladder
bradlby: oh it keeps going alright
followerofkthulu_kaden: daredevil WAS one of em
SpleenLord: You have to level up
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think El Funko is in the 1000's of Collector Level
RassilonDND: the shop has a free 50 credits if you go look
Sibwow: quests reset
Gaz_L: stonks
Sibwow: yep
Mal2mad: Day reset
Earthenone: daylight savings
e_bloc: its GMT buddy
jazzyjrw: Collection level goes forever, it's in the 3000s to get all the cards
Sibwow: used to be 8
saiarcot895: atlantic time zone?
OmegaPlatinum: why are they advertising Captain America to a Canadian?
e_bloc: get on my prime meridian
YeetTheRich_: it’s when james goes to bed
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Gaz_L: it's 3am GMT tho, why wouldn't it reset at 12?
Orxolon: to me it resets at 00:00 XD
sunncaeks: Yeah was thinking that it's 3am UTC atm lol.
keep_it_lobster: Are the servers in Greenland?
Sibwow: so yeah cap and punisher are inverse of each other i think thats a neat little thing
betweenmyself: So does this game have variants for the heroes or is a one card per hero situation?
Sibwow: lots and lots of variants
Gaz_L: is the idea that the ninja on our side is working for the opponent, and vice versa?
thebigslop: Does punisher just Yosemite Sam bullets?
JampireM: game is made by a chinese company so i guess daily reset is at 11 am?
RassilonDND: wheeler you get the hawkeye bonus only if you play there the following turn. In this case it wouldnt have made a difference.
HowDoIPunch: Gamers don't real
asthanius: Oh? That looks like a real username
Snowcookies: gamers don't exist, got it
azidbern95: one more win and then we Snappin'
matthaus_c: wouldn't wanna live in a world where gamers are real
Sibwow: yeah that location is real hateful
OmegaPlatinum: I like how they made a marvel card game where the players/cards aren't actually fighting each other
Dog_of_Myth: @JampireM That's just the publisher. Game was developed in the US
Fanklok: What do you mean gay mers aren't real?
sunncaeks: It's still real to me damnit.
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asthanius: Yeah they look real
Earthenone: brown hulk was rejected by HR
Natedogg2: Brulk?
HowDoIPunch: Brown hulk is my father, just call me Bulk
Sibwow: if they dont imeediately make their plays its a real person
DrChillbrain: if it's not just a first name they're a real person
LoneGoat: brick hulk (brilk)
sunncaeks: Power Man?
Sibwow: @sunncaeks he is in the game yes
Orxolon: i think that if you can snap they are real
sunncaeks: Neato.
Orxolon: i think
letfireraindown: I believe I have heard good things aboutthe game, but I'm thinking this just isn't one for me.
DrChillbrain: li've snapped against bots before
Sibwow: snapping is unlocked now
Sibwow: or maybe at 20
betweenmyself: I play Spiderman! *audio clip plays* “I don’t feel so good Mr. Stark.”
asthanius: sure is a Mobile Game
Earthenone: so many endorphins
Sibwow: buttons make me feel good calebdBustin
Gaz_L: i think a lot of their in-game onboarding messages come off really smug, like they're doing you a favour by 'letting' you play
Laserbeaks_Fury: Spooder-Men
MadWolf1290: it's like they knew how to make a mobile game
a_pidgeon: Haha Skinner Box go brrrt
Xaunaught: fuck yeah cube time
DrChillbrain: it's the real shocker
Fanklok: There's more than one way to skin a box
HowDoIPunch: T H E C U B E
spurius: are you a bot? you gotta tell me if you are a bot
Gaz_L: all the powers of a girl and all the powers of a squirrel
OmegaPlatinum: tovgNOD Ah, yes. The "Shocker." tovgNOD
betweenmyself: Just a cube, huh? Not some canonically relevant cube shaped object?
sunncaeks: SG can take down Thanos EZ.
asthanius: no groot is fictional
Xaunaught: this is the tutorial for cubes
Sibwow: no this is another tutorial
Gaz_L: one thing i like is all the Guardians kinda do the same thing
sunncaeks: Or am I thinking of Galactus?
dabudder: @Gaz_L i was literally gonna say the same thing
HowDoIPunch: I'm gront
SpleenLord: Iron man is an ongoing effect
Spritz_T: squirrel girl takes down dr doom easy, she's friends with galactus
azidbern95: Tie goes to Total Power
Gaz_L: Squirrel Girl is friends with everyone
Orxolon: @Spritz_T squirrel girl beat Thanos
robaphone251: grow threats are good i guess
robaphone251: frame break!
Haroldholmes25: is this gaming
Sibwow: oh oh oh
Spritz_T: i mean, squirrel girl has a book where she beats everyone
Sibwow: go to the news tab
Sibwow: at the bottom
matthaus_c: iron manimated
HowDoIPunch: the iron man anime
Gaz_L: the 60s one or the 90s one?
asthanius: Oh like Boomerang but cool
Orxolon: nice
Hpjones10: Rocket Robinhood
Gaz_L: aint he unglamourous
Sibwow: inbox
Sibwow: damn no rewards yet
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, that tab doesnt work on PC
Darkstorm257: Inbox doesn't work on the steam version
Sibwow: i tricked you again
Xaunaught: News doesnt work on pc btw lmao
asthanius: News: there is no news
Laserbeaks_Fury: You gotta log in on moble
HowDoIPunch: Ben's mom lets him use a mouse on his phone
Sibwow: take a contractually obligated commercial break
Earthenone: you clicked all your buttons except "run an ad"
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2660 patrons for a total of $20,758.35 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Gaz_L: LoadingReadyRun dot com LLC 's money
matthaus_c: them's the sounds of Turner's credit card
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Fanklok: Crapshot idea, Wheeler shaking down James fir ITYC money like a school bully
DrChillbrain: i like that we get to hear the credit card info being punched in
dabudder: @DrChillbrain agreed
saiarcot895: !desertbus
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope is a charity gaming marathon where people dance sing and be silly while playing the worst game of all time, Desert Bus. The marathon raises money for childsplaycharity.com . An explanation video can be found here: https://youtu.be/vvU3KXtOg8Q . More information can be found at https://DesertBus.org/ and twitch.tv/DesertBus
swampcat12: I thought I was missing something. Now that I know it's credit card information, I know I'm missing something *really important*
cetiken17: lord i am sick of the genshin impact ad. Twich really needs more than one advertiser
Sibwow: so does he hit infinite this season? hes got to go about 3 or 4 ranks per hour
Sibwow: yeah thats what it is gold and captain america
Xavion333: That's what it does, it gives you gold and captain america.
azidbern95: Use Gold to reset 2 Daily Missions
Sibwow: dont buy credits
Orxolon: more missions
Sibwow: use gold for more missions yeah
dabudder: 14$ for a variant? what is this, secret lairs?
RassilonDND: it doesnt matter which ones you upgrade
OmegaPlatinum: wait, so can you power up cards in this game? or are they static?
BenevolentCow: the first level is the best value but after that it doesn't matter
TheJellybeanWarlock: More missions is the most efficient way to spend gold
Sibwow: you can sort cards by upgradeabiliity
TheJellybeanWarlock: play games
cetiken17: you get bubble by playing
flufff42: Are there stonks? amazonCat
TheJellybeanWarlock: you play games to get more boosters
Orxolon: boosters are won by playing games
azidbern95: every game you get abou 6 Boosts for a random card
Sibwow: every game gives you that many turns bubbles on a char in your deck
Shaena: So from what I understand, there's 0 cards that are locked behind a paywall, only cosmetics, the cards are locked behind play time mostly ?
brat_the_wurst: having played for a week it feels like nothing in this game is worth paying for, you get enough progression from just playing
RassilonDND: gold adds more missions not resets them
TheJellybeanWarlock: yes
Xavion333: Gold for credits and gold for daily missions gives the same amount of credits, but daily missions also give season pass xp
Rootpotato: yes
azidbern95: Gunk Slug!
matthaus_c: gunk slug!
sunncaeks: o shid they got The Rock?!
Ranakel: They got Dwayne Johnson in there?
Spritz_T: the rocks are occasionally useful
Natedogg2: Good ol' rock. Nothing beats rock.
Enmity777: LMAO
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Rootpotato: punished
Sibwow: just like the comics! hulk on sakaar
Xavion333: @Shaena Each premium season pass has a specific card unlocked which is only released into the free pool after like, 1-2 months I think?
matthaus_c: I think our rock can take the Hulk
Haroldholmes25: they built that city on rock and rock
SeismicLawns: occasionally a rock will be worth casting but they're generally quite bad
azidbern95: this is to teach you to Retreat
SeismicLawns: get rock'd nerd
Shaena: *It's scripted*
matthaus_c: Elektra please go back to the fridge
Shaena: @Shaena oh ok, I didn't know ^^
sunncaeks: Well alright, Ms. Natchios.
azidbern95: and another Script
Heinzes_: squirrel tribal wow
Rootpotato: play for ante
matthaus_c: lmao does it also say that when you're playing people?
azidbern95: imagine the opponent dropping a Kazar lol
SpleenLord: The snap can be used for intimidation
sunncaeks: They might have the Nuts next turn.
TheJellybeanWarlock: BTW, the better way to snap is to do it when you're about to reveal a big play, rather than right after
corpocracy: Basically doubling cube in Backgammon
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TheJellybeanWarlock: think of it like raising and betting in poker
7gorobei: did you want to try editing your deck?
azidbern95: psychology is effected by it
Sibwow: oponent can retreat after you snap before it doubles
sunncaeks: DYK Angela was created by Neil Gaiman~
mtvcdm: It'll convince your opponent to keep playing.
Spritz_T: nightcrawler is solid
Haroldholmes25: It's 2008 and Avatar is out. 3D!
DrChillbrain: nightcrawler is one of the best one drops
DrChillbrain: imo
SeismicLawns: @DrChillbrain almost certainly in pool 1
JoeDemp: I like to snap on turn 1 as a display of dominance
Electrodyne: so we're saying Nightcrawler is a BAMF?
dabudder: @Electrodyne oh my god
Electrodyne: :D
Teebocks: Ben Grimm!
TheJellybeanWarlock: hulk space throne
DrChillbrain: they already played abom and decks are singleton
Earthenone: you would have won the tie
toddbepraised: The 3D effect is actually pretty cool on the phone. It doesn’t really show off on the PC.
Spritz_T: smash up
Sibwow: ties count up total points
azidbern95: Tie goes to Total points
TheJellybeanWarlock: ties win off of total power
seemsdeece: ties are total power
azidbern95: across all zones
SeismicLawns: greatest margin of victories year
7gorobei: point differential
Sibwow: triple battles
Earthenone: pokemon snap?
DrChillbrain: i can see it
DrChillbrain: all about reads
RassilonDND: ties goes to the person with the highest total points
Spritz_T: yeah
azidbern95: yes
Astrovore: is Pokemon competitive singles some dating app I'm not aware of?
Electrodyne: @earthenone Yes! Needs more Pester Ball
7gorobei: you wont see if they played cards there
dabudder: helm of awakening babeyyyy
Spritz_T: no on reveal effects, opponents can only see backs
RassilonDND: to be fair i am sure pokemon competitive singles has generated more eggs than there are people in the world
azidbern95: if they have Hulk.... 10 card decks of singleton
RedTag83: wait to hulk see where they hulk
Earthenone: you can snap to double down whenevber :)
dabudder: @RassilonDND no right being that funny
asthanius: Thanos is feeding bot
RedTag83: gg
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
thavleifrim: yeah you have to snap before the cards start revealing
DrChillbrain: yeah you have to snap before the game ends
7gorobei: did you want to edit your deck?
Orxolon: you get used to it
Earthenone: just snap one turn 1, what are you a coward? :P
Sibwow: i thought bane was DC
Orxolon: yes
Spritz_T: wolfsbane is pretty good
DrChillbrain: ye
azidbern95: i think so
Sibwow: yes thats correct especially for now
seemsdeece: generally yes
Astrovore: yeah, not need to wai
TheJellybeanWarlock: yup. You should put spectrum in your deck, though
cetiken17: yeah. just upgrade all the things
Uncle_Francis: if you want to min max it
SeismicLawns: for first two pools that's usually correct
Anonyman41: Yea, until you've played for a long time just use them as soon as you get tthem
Sibwow: you def want to be playing spectrum in the deck
TheJellybeanWarlock: build an ongoing effect deck after this
TheThirdTail: when is the greedy work
Orxolon: later will be the time to start choosing which ones you want,but basically is just for the system to give you more cards
asthanius: Snap now, assert dominance
TheThirdTail: greedy algorithm* not optimal
Uncle_Francis: you are only suppose to level them the first time is the best way to get levels and progress... but its fun to press the upgrade xd
Spritz_T: upgrading to uncommon is the most cost efficient, everything else is the same upgrade to credit ratio
asthanius: Hello, I'm Claw Burr Time
seemsdeece: you can snap back for more cubes
azidbern95: Snap
7gorobei: snap
asthanius: Didn't they snap?
toddbepraised: Snap
azidbern95: sorry, missed it
Sibwow: you get a maximum of one snap
Spritz_T: you can only snap once per game
Earthenone: you snaped its fine
Sibwow: and theres a turn 6 snap
Anonyman41: i dont think your snap landed
LackingSanity: I thought they snapped
mtvcdm: Turn 6 is an auto-snap.
flowji: each player can snap once
seemsdeece: I thought they snapped
7gorobei: i dont think it registered
Anonyman41: they snapped, you clicked it to snap back but it didnt work for whatever reason
asthanius: Real dad vibes there "it played the snap song"
OmegaPlatinum: This game kinda has ante, huh?
KitAstraVT: When both players snap, you can win or lose up to 8 cubes btw
7gorobei: if both snapped it should have been 8 cubes
the_cats_eighth_life: I totally forget snapping is a thing in this game all the time. I'm too focused on if I'm winning or losing.
Dog_of_Myth: I've been enjoying it
mtvcdm: You can snap, they can snap, and the game will snap for you at turn 6. A game can have up to three snaps.
TheJellybeanWarlock: you want guys with ongoing effects: mr fantastic, cap, and kazar
Sibwow: misty knight is bad
7gorobei: get rid cyclops
TheJellybeanWarlock: keep your one drops
SpleenLord: lose abom
Uncle_Francis: you have almost anything for a kazoo deck from the get going
Sibwow: you can filter by ability with the upside down beaker on the right
azidbern95: remember curve and strategy. Spectrum effects On Going cards
DrChillbrain: @the_cats_eighth_life sign of cowardice also hi avery
mtvcdm: You do want a curve.
randomblathering: ant man and mr. fantastic are ongoing
Spritz_T: the bottom right icon is the card filter
Astrovore: later folks, going to head to bed. Enjoy the snap song Wheeler!
Haroldholmes25: yeah there is an ability filter
asthanius: Hulk large tho
thavleifrim: you can filter ongoing or on reveal cards to help with building
TheJellybeanWarlock: cap and kazar are also ongoing
toddbepraised: It’s fun on mobile, since you can play a game or two real fast.
SeismicLawns: for now you only prolly want 1 six
Earthenone: safe bet to cut non effect cards
7gorobei: you dont have all the cards needed for an ongoing deck, so staying generic by keeping hulk seems fine
Sibwow: night crawler is very very strong but a little bit hard to learn
jazzyjrw: Ant Man gets in
SeismicLawns: quicksilver is probably worse than nightcrawler
Sibwow: you dont need to play spectrum she just needs to be in your deck
Earthenone: jessica is 8
randomblathering: jessica is 8 power
Earthenone: conditionalu
azidbern95: JJ is alright
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chumpofthemonth: I've lost my mojo
SpleenLord: Mojo world is the TV dimension
thavleifrim: people over play into mojo world alot
Electrodyne: it's kind of a Longshot
Electrodyne: Sends you into a downward Spiral
Earthenone: number go up wheeler
Spritz_T: not unless you have a deck that naturally fills up the board
PharaohBender27: We GET IT, you're Ironman, you don't need to keep saying it!
jazzyjrw: Spectrum on left looks good
SpleenLord: Cap + punisher
Spritz_T: you could play multiple cards instead
Earthenone: spectra on right plays around hulk
Earthenone: err left
asthanius: time
Uncle_Francis: medusa is a +10 in the mid right?
Simonark: @Electrodyne Shatterstar and Majordomo are harder puns to work in there.
Uncle_Francis: and you can play things in the left
Anonyman41: medusa mid and any card left stops hulk in boht
Earthenone: yes
asthanius: Snap is double or nothing
azidbern95: yeah
Sibwow: it doubles the wger
seemsdeece: yes
Sibwow: wager
7gorobei: yes
Darkstorm257: Unless they leave on the turn you snapped
Sibwow: each player gets 1 snap
Spritz_T: you win or lose double
Sibwow: and then after turn 6 theres another snap
KitAstraVT: Snapping is basically wagering extra cubes on the fact that you'll win
Electrodyne: @simonark I felt like I had a Magog right on the tip of my brain
Sibwow: so its up to 8 cubes per game
azidbern95: Colossus won't Hulk I think
Sibwow: theres an un released card that can effect your winnings though its hysterical
Uncle_Francis: you win and loose double and if both of you snap you doble the doble
thavleifrim: doubles the cubes, cubes are what determine your rank in the season
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azidbern95: oh...he does
Dandinstorm12: hi chat
Sibwow: i would snap here
Sibwow: cant lose really
DrChillbrain: hello dandinstorm12
Dandinstorm12: this game seems like snap to me
Sibwow: you could hulk on right in that case
Dandinstorm12: *a snap
Dandinstorm12: imagine doing the math
Earthenone: nope
Sibwow: youve heard of hoof math get ready for hulk math
Orxolon: only 1
azidbern95: only one Snap per Player
Sibwow: no you get 1 snap total per game
OmegaPlatinum: math is for blockers
birdy8201: you can snap once, and your opponent can snap
7gorobei: round 6 auto snaps
Sibwow: yes until around rank 30
SeismicLawns: it doubles at end always
Darkstorm257: The wager naturally doubles on the final turn
thavleifrim: each player can snap once so max is 8 per game
Earthenone: it doubles once per snap (per player) and once for hitting turn 6
thavleifrim: 8 cubes*
Earthenone: for a max of 8 per game
seemsdeece: different decks want to snap more often then others
dabudder: ironheart is so good
azidbern95: Pepper Potts
Earthenone: ironmans organ donor?
Dog_of_Myth: She is new
Sibwow: shes in the new black panther movie
asthanius: looks like an iron woman
Haroldholmes25: she's getting a show next year
Natedogg2: She's the new Iron Man in the comics.
SeismicLawns: riri williams
randomblathering: RiRi Williams.
Sibwow: shes a kid genius
azidbern95: nah, that was Resuce
Sibwow: very strong card
randomblathering: She's in Wakanda Forever.
thavleifrim: @azidbern95 thats rescue, ironheart is a different character
Earthenone: you can upgrade your shirtless barbarian
azidbern95: make an On Reveal deck in preparation for Odin
Sibwow: theres a really pretty shocker variant too bad that card is stone unplayable
windd2112: is hot vats still on?
Heinzes_: shocker is so bad lol
DrChillbrain: @windd2112 day just turned over so no
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Sibwow: the glow means its upgradeable
LackingSanity: you can upgrade kazar
Earthenone: you got boosties for the shirtless dude
Natedogg2: He's glowing because you can level him up
Sibwow: it adds missions not resetting them
DrChillbrain: yeah
Sibwow: but yes may as well
azidbern95: Kazar has enough Boosties to Upgrade
7gorobei: kazar can be upgraded, that is why it is flasing
KitAstraVT: Honestly, there's a day left, you'd have to put in a lot of gold to get very far
thavleifrim: i wouldnt until you clear the starter pass
azidbern95: Odin + Ironheart + White Tiger = LOL
dabudder: odin is one of your first big build arounds
seemsdeece: Odin Reveal can be very fun
Sibwow: ok youre almost into pool 1
jazzyjrw: Odin plus White Tiger wins a lot of games a fair way up the ladder
Sibwow: time to experience the economy
Sibwow: sorta, cable is a different card
asthanius: he makes things
Sibwow: he steals from oponents deck
OmegaPlatinum: he's from the same time period as cable I think
KWardJenx: Forge is a mutant inventor. Really good with illusions and light based tech
asthanius: I don't think Hala does what you think it does
SpleenLord: Both were in X-force
Orxolon: dystopian X-men future outfits yeah
Earthenone: i call that outfit the x-men jobber outfit
Mal2mad: No, that's Bishop.
Orxolon: Forge,Cabel,Bishop,etc
7gorobei: that is kind of the standard xman uniform
azidbern95: play Nightcrawler anywhere bu Right, then move him Right for +2
LackingSanity: all the guardians of the galaxy do that
KitAstraVT: Starlord but just 1 cost
birdy8201: thats just what all the Guardians of the Galaxy do
SeismicLawns: 1 drop starlord essentialyy
emboar2235: oh boy, saw wheeler play botw, now marvel snap, life can't be better
Heinzes_: rocket is better than star lord imo
thavleifrim: that ability is shared by all the guardians of the galaxy
azidbern95: No, Nightcrawler anywhere bu Right
Orxolon: @KitAstraVT all the guardians have the "if opp played a card here effect"
SeismicLawns: groot is 3 drop star lord
azidbern95: nevermind, I can't keep up... will stop chatting lol
Mal2mad: Gamora is 5 drop Star-lord
Earthenone: no
Sibwow: no
asthanius: It doesn't have Ongoing
SeismicLawns: it doesn't have ongoing
Darkstorm257: Spectrum does not have ongoing
seemsdeece: it has on reveal
Sibwow: its an on reveal card not an ongoing card
TheMandrew: spectrum is on reveal
7gorobei: spectrum is on reveal
asthanius: Mr. Fantastic, more like Mr. Frame Break
Sibwow: need some odin wins
thavleifrim: hard: draw cards
Orxolon: you can have a maximum of 6 missions at the same time
Sibwow: all the guardians of the galaxy are bonuses is they played a card here
Mal2mad: Anote, Variant cards are new cards.
Sibwow: they're not new game pieces but they upgrade separately
Sibwow: but share boosters
Sibwow: so upgrading variants is good because frame break is 1 CL for 25 credits whereas all other upgrades are 1 CL per 50 credits
Sibwow: bishop does count cards played after him in the same turn
Orxolon: I don't know if the game taught this but you can play cards in unrevealed locations
Darkstorm257: They didn't snap, you're seeing the natural double on the last turn
Earthenone: they dident, you did
Orxolon: on the last turn there is an automatic snap
mtvcdm: Turn 6 is an auto-snap
Orxolon: it happens everytime
azidbern95: if you both Snap, there are 8 cubes up for grabs
solemn_storm: bustin makes me feel good
jazzyjrw: There's also an animation when they "accept" the snap
Haroldholmes25: it doesn't take up a spot basically
OmegaPlatinum: Buster? I barely... know what no this joke is bad
Haroldholmes25: you get whoever's there to hop in the mech
drewm1022: She's an angel. I think.
CanPlayGames: !UPDOG
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asthanius: never not do it
TheBigRobot: its very common.
birdy8201: no reason not to
azidbern95: your call Champ
MadWolf1290: i mean, why not
Earthenone: always snap turn 1, you are not a coward
kamkazi: if not turn one snap turn 5
Spritz_T: it's fine until you start playing real people
asthanius: it means you are brave
KitAstraVT: I tend to wait a at least a couple turns in case things go badly
azidbern95: i love chainng Kazars and Ironhearts with the vats
asthanius: if your power goes out, for instance
KitAstraVT: Sometimes you don't get your one or two drops, lol
Earthenone: remember the death tutorial fight where you got hulked on turn 3? people can do that too :P
panpan_unbroken: I just assume every opponent is a bot trying to lose
Sibwow: ah yes the worst reward
Sibwow: loose boosters
KitAstraVT: You start seeing a lot more actual players once you get past around rank 25
Sibwow: theyre the only uncapped currency
OmegaPlatinum: but there are no booster packss in this deck
OmegaPlatinum: game*
Sibwow: i have characters with hundreds of extra boosters i dont intend on upgrading
Sibwow: credits are the real limitting ffaactor
Mattmitchell45: Not trying to dunk on the game, but I usually watch ITYC on my TV and this might be the most eye-strainy of games you've played
KitAstraVT: I never play on New York unless I have to- moving stuff can be a great last minute play
DrChillbrain: @Mattmitchell45 it's not exactly designed for a widescreen display
OmegaPlatinum: Sinister London is insane
Mattmitchell45: @Mattmitchell45 Yeah, I mean even YuGiOh was kind of do-able...oh well
DrChillbrain: walter
Sibwow: i would imagine a real desktop client is on its way eventually
KitAstraVT: The developers wanted the games to be quick iirc
Sibwow: yeah simultaneous turns make it so so so much faster its genius design
Mattmitchell45: I usually put on Is This Your Card while doing last minute Sunday chores or prepping for the work week
samnewey99: Got any games on your phone?
Sibwow: you won though so you def did play perfectly
tetradd01: Would Collosus mid have worked because it wouldn't have lowered the power?
DrChillbrain: love this guy
Sibwow: if you hate missing a six drop youre gonna love america chavez
azidbern95: Colossus could have gone Middle cause they are not effected by negative
Haroldholmes25: LUL
OmegaPlatinum: It's Charles Xavier but evil
Natedogg2: Magneto + Professor X.
BigDaddyBland87: essentially
Dog_of_Myth: It's a long story
DrChillbrain: he's the final boss of mvc1 i know nothing else about him
Spritz_T: i think he's a fusion of magneto and professor x
MediocreGamer42: Onslaught Is Magneto and Charles Xaviers consciousness
kamkazi: yeah you can go a pretty cool ongoning deck now
samnewey99: MagNEATo
OmegaPlatinum: You ever play the original Marvel vs Capcom?
Heinzes_: do not worry about onslaught
TheBigRobot: He once through Prof X down a flight of stairs, claiming they were in fact his biggest nemisis.
emboar2235: according to google, onslaught is the combined consciousness of prof x and magneto. a magneto x if you will
Xx_JAG_xX: i hope they have the japnese, sentai spiderman
BenevolentCow: comics is like anime, even if you only know a little it sounds like you know everything to the uninitiated
OmegaPlatinum: Onslaught was the main villain of Marvel vs Capcom. That'ss the only reason I know who he is
samnewey99: Professor Neto
DrChillbrain: he was total bullshit too
DrChillbrain: the first phase was already insanely hard and then he has a second whole health bar
azidbern95: Colossus won't be moved
7gorobei: colosus there is fine
Sibwow: yes that means they need to put a unit on academy turn 6
Geek4AllYT: At least Colossus will be left behind since nothing will be in location 1 otherwise.
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
Xx_JAG_xX: ez
birdy8201: wheelerGre wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerEed
Dog_of_Myth: The games fly by fast
kamkazi: the games are so quick the time just flies
KitAstraVT: I get the feeling someone's getting hungry
Sibwow: speaking of deck names i have a deck called the art of war because its a zoo deck with a card called sunspot
Sibwow: sun zoo
Sibwow: i like my deep cuts
OmegaPlatinum: they save a cube by retreating if they know they'll lose
Sibwow: did a butter nut in your squash ravioli
Sibwow: if forge is so cool why havent they made fivege
Sibwow: hulk buster is a combo piece
KitAstraVT: It lets you effectively add one extra card to a space
thavleifrim: hulk buster works well with multiple man
Earthenone: if it gets to a point where toy need more space, yeah
7gorobei: there are decks that crowd up opponents field with chaff, so cards that dont take a slot in a field can matter
Sibwow: not if you retreat
fhorrigan: Get outta here ads
Sibwow: you really are gonna have to learn
Sibwow: to retreat
Sibwow: its key to climbing ranks
DrChillbrain: how did that work
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fhorrigan: Better
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OmegaPlatinum: oh my god it's also poker. It's a bluff
cetiken17: he's good till around 30ish
asthanius: streamer skill
Sibwow: you can climb ranks with like a 20% win rate if you retreat properly
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
thavleifrim: it is weird for a card game to encourage giving up, very different to the usual ethos
SeismicLawns: they really did just play sw in the wrong spot
SeismicLawns: 1 drops arent important
OmegaPlatinum: I'm never playing this. My brain isn't wired for Poker bluffs.
chumpofthemonth: You don't need to start retreating until like rank 50, the beginning it's just fun
asthanius: 10% luck, 20% win rate, 15% concentrated power of will
solemn_storm: the cube does a good job of letting you get out easy of rough draws or location flips
VersatileTactician: @thavleifrim most card games it's a society norm anyway to ff if you know you can't
RedTag83: hela too good
SeismicLawns: white tiger can put a tiger on lab yes
DrChillbrain: can't be added means the tiger won't go there
DrChillbrain: played is from hand, added is anywhere
7gorobei: cant
Sibwow: not on turn 345 it cant
BigDaddyBland87: I got a rock
SeismicLawns: oh beans Dr.CB is right
thavleifrim: @thavleifrim sure but not to this extent, like if OP snaps on turn 2 you have to make a decision immediately about how good your hand is
RedTag83: never didnt have it
Sibwow: cant move into lab either
azidbern95: he can't keep getting away with this
asthanius: are there even 35 marvel characters?
FlargBlarg: how do you like this game so far, wheeler? i think it's exceptionally well made
CanPlayGames: @asthanius I think theres 36
asthanius: damn that's so many
Heinzes_: there are at least 36 x-men characters alone
Dergib: @asthanius @CanPlayGames not sure if joking or not
asthanius: @Dergib idk, 35 is so many characters
Cr33p1nD347H: pool 1 is 46 cards, pool 2 is 25, and 3 is 75
asthanius: it's like, at least 10
Dergib: @asthanius from each ip? lol
solemn_storm: why did they do that
cetiken17: opponents be bad
asthanius: Let's just say "bot" and move on
Earthenone: random is implied in all things
Fanklok: that's chaos theory
solemn_storm: wouldn't recommend filling avengers compound
solemn_storm: haha yeah you good
DrChillbrain: great sequencing there bot
KitAstraVT: oof, missed the white tiger/ odin combo
solemn_storm: it's a developer provided bot
FlargBlarg: the bots are put there by the devs iirc
solemn_storm: i think?
Heinzes_: ah, my scissors
panpan_unbroken: bots are a feature I believe
7gorobei: they had like 6 rocks in their deck
asthanius: reported for bm
OmegaPlatinum: do you get bonus cubes for winning all three zones?
solemn_storm: nope, a win is a win is a win
FlargBlarg: he will, it's part of the ben-lepathy you share
maximuslaws: The chad Lord variant.
Fanklok: Fuck that bot and the rock they brode in on
cetiken17: kazar seems terrible with ony two things he hits
7gorobei: you need a squirrel girl for kazar
randomblathering: kazaar make rock power
Uncle_Francis: never punished by kazaar
Heinzes_: kazar online
CanPlayGames: Kazar make Microphone out of Rock, squirrel and Microphone
asthanius: rock and roll
SeismicLawns: i have never seen something die to danger room
OmegaPlatinum: yo this game *rocks*
DrChillbrain: @SeismicLawns must be nice
Fanklok: Is Kazar good with squirrels named Rocky?
mrverbal: Odin so fun when you get to just fully go off with him
randomblathering: sinister is fun with forge
asthanius: WOW
SeismicLawns: lmao
Heinzes_: holy
DrChillbrain: the read
OmegaPlatinum: complete annihilation.
KitAstraVT: @mrverbal Yeah, I had a game where I popped off with Odin, White Tiger, and Ironheart on a location that doubled On-Reveal effects, lol. That one was NUTS.
Xx_JAG_xX: man wish i was here ealier to understand what snapping is
SeismicLawns: how are you enjoying snap so far wheeler?
DMGlol: where are your squirrels
SeismicLawns: quick retreat so you don't have to live in your hubris second78Joy
mrverbal: yea, ironheart odin on the double reveal site is great.
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KitAstraVT: Just got to believe in the combo
7gorobei: you have a turn 6 play if you have both ironhearts at the bugle and you drop odin there
asthanius: Ben read Atlantis
AScruffMcGruffin: wheelerY wheelerH
SeismicLawns: gotem
DrChillbrain: never didn't have it
asthanius: But did you read Atlantis?
asthanius: I just want to know you're reading.
asthanius: It's good for you
nullzel: hello frens
asthanius: I just noticed Hulk's haircut on the home screen
DrChillbrain: THREE DEE
Fanklok: Are you actually reading it are you magic player reading
Earthenone: more like hulk booster amirite
SeismicLawns: hulkbustin makes me feel good
SeismicLawns: wait i thought that guy was fox
cetiken17: you gota do it yourself
Rootpotato: now i wanna play a madness deck
Rootpotato: he's like a rootwalla
Uncle_Francis: in the tier 2 of unlocks there is a really fun discard deck is like dredge but dredgeless
cetiken17: the discard decks can be fun
Telzmir: @fanklok That’s where you read the first word, look at the picture and say “ k I got it “ amazonPumpkinWiggle amazonPumpkinWiggle amazonPumpkinWiggle
OmegaPlatinum: is odin not an archtype?
DrWreckage: You have to get into like pool 3 before there are even like, three archetypes
FlargBlarg: the "ongoing" archetype is very fun once you can build it, so is "move"
Dog_of_Myth: I've been rockin the Dino deck. It's fun for me
AScruffMcGruffin: Pool 1 gets you archetypes, pool 2 gets you counterplay, pool 3 makes way more archetypes
thavleifrim: the destroy deck with nova and bucky is also alot of fun
cetiken17: opponent so bad he's either 3 or a bot
Spritz_T: it starts
DrWreckage: @AScruffMcGruffin I'm in pool 3 and there are only two decks people play -shrug-
DrChillbrain: dino is amazing
seemsdeece: Dino best boy
AScruffMcGruffin: Devil Dino is great
thavleifrim: oh yeah devil dino is another powerhouse early deck
FlargBlarg: moon dino is a fun combo deck
AdamYMHMI: Dino is great, and the reason I run Enchantress in almost all my decks.
Dog_of_Myth: Love me the Devil Dino
SeismicLawns: dino is one of my fave decks
asthanius: they gotta learn someday
Xx_JAG_xX: he's a devil and a dino?? MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY??
Heinzes_: devil dino is real and strong and my friend
Cr33p1nD347H: up to rank 30 is mostly if not all bots
nullzel: How would you feel if they were wooping you at fortnite? lolol
asthanius: this is fortnite
MediocreGamer42: no, this is pod racing
OmegaPlatinum: i mean, it has fortnite characters in it
DrChillbrain: it's got thanos in it
DrChillbrain: same as fortnite
nullzel: Well reaction based games tend to favor those 12 year old because they just have the best reactions
LuckyBonsai: I felt like I had to get to rank 20 before I would consistently get other players
cetiken17: best place for rocks
seemsdeece: there is
DrChillbrain: there is but not till way later
thavleifrim: there is but not untill much later
SeismicLawns: i think there is but it's only a thing in pool 3
Spritz_T: you really hope washinton dc shows up
Darkstorm257: There's a no abilities lord
Telzmir: PokGengar PokGengar PokGengar PokGengar
AScruffMcGruffin: Patriot is the card in pool 3 that's vanilla tribal
Earthenone: all manor of tokens trigger that place
Rootpotato: some cards make cards with no abilities like the tiger
Nuurgle: stuff like Rocks that get shuffled in, or just vanilla Hulk are still played
Heinzes_: that's gas
BenevolentCow: I think you need to get out of the recruit season to play real people
asthanius: the marvel snap X wheelie breakers crossover
Nuurgle: bots are in up to level 30
squirrelfire: Don't know if someone mentioned this, but the token from your White Tiger had no abilities for the bonus in the last game.
LuckyBonsai: Hulk is like a hoof imo
LuckyBonsai: It can just come outta nowhere
BenevolentCow: apocalypse is worse cause you know they have it and how big it is
seemsdeece: people play hulk farther than you would think up the ladder just because people stop expecting it
thavleifrim: hulk is like a colossal dreadmaw, its not good longterm but it will beat anything in a starter deck
Nuurgle: I still play Hulk at ~75
cetiken17: i don't think she's great in this odin deck
jazzyjrw: yes
cetiken17: she's haliarous in like an all the 1 mana dudes deck
FlargBlarg: yes, it was just patched
maximuslaws: When people don't play on turn 5 Infinaut is a possibility.
FlargBlarg: it didn't used to work that way but they changed it
AdamYMHMI: Sort of, they'll compound on each other. But yes, JJ is better there.
squirrelfire: Jessica is better.
BenevolentCow: odin on that land takes forever to complete :P
thavleifrim: @maximuslaws hes always a possibility, theres a fun deck that cheats him out with ghost rider and jubilee
LuckyBonsai: @BenevolentCow I did this once and immediately regretted it, then continued to regret it 10 minutes later when it was still going
Uncle_Francis: he wasnt a bot tho :c
chumpofthemonth: Am I a bot?
maximuslaws: Bots don't retreat. >.>
AdamYMHMI: The bots were inside us all along.
LuckyBonsai: Chat, are 1 drops still good in high elo? I'm around late 30ish atm
Uncle_Francis: the real bots is the one we carry with ourself?
Xx_JAG_xX: the bots were the friends we made along the way
Nuurgle: I love seeing 1 drops in high ELO, I run Killmonger ;)
01800nicole: Go to Watch @novawano Is snapping
Rougespectre: oh snap
AdamYMHMI: @LuckyBonsai Nightcrawler is a pretty good card regardless of elo, but it depends on your overall strategy - they should add something to the deck you're playing. I also run Elektra in a lot of decks just to deal with annoying 1 drops.
BenevolentCow: utility one drops are nice to use mana
FlargBlarg: some 1-drops are still good - sunspot, iceman, korg all very good. the latter two don't care if they're blown up
thavleifrim: @LuckyBonsai they're good till you hit the killmonger meta
BenevolentCow: nova is fun with killmonger hanging around
AdamYMHMI: I play a movement deck, so I actually like my opponent to play Killmonger ;)
AdamYMHMI: Opens up my field by deleting some of my utility cards.
cetiken17: wich is fun and probabbly better than kazar
SeismicLawns: most location manipulation is good
DrChillbrain: kills every 1 drop
squirrelfire: Killmonger kills all 1 cost.
cetiken17: killmonger kills all the 1 cost dudes
BenevolentCow: killmonger is a 3 drop that kills all 1 drops
FlargBlarg: make me sad
thavleifrim: hes the safety valve on the kazar meta basically
BenevolentCow: have we seen any of the random deck lands?
DrChillbrain: not yet
AdamYMHMI: Not a Stella play there.
BenevolentCow: random deck games are my favorite
LuckyBonsai: Devil dino is sooooo fuckin spooky
cetiken17: they make me rereat in rage
azidbern95: going long tonight?
chumpofthemonth: D:
FlargBlarg: marvel bus?
AdamYMHMI: @cetiken17 I once got a random deck game that gave me Agatha. I decided to sit it out, because whee.
Nuurgle: Wolverine, go!
bullseye3265: hello all!
BenevolentCow: or ego, ego is a fun way to lose rank
chumpofthemonth: I don't know about this bawdy humor in my card game show
DrChillbrain: we've encountered out first "you don't get to play the game" location
Fanklok: I'm going to need you to go another 4 hours
cetiken17: this is not a bot
AdamYMHMI: You can move cards there, though
flatluigi: i think they just wanted to put the copy there
cetiken17: 3 power can usually win deaths domain
cetiken17: oops
flatluigi: rip
SeismicLawns: lmao
DrChillbrain: lol
mtvcdm: Sick plays
AdamYMHMI: bot or... ykes
AdamYMHMI: That is a bot.
LuckyBonsai: Hulkbuster has the most ambiguous interactions
BenevolentCow: hulkbuster insteracts weird so many times
airylan: well, I guess that's how that works.
Orxolon: sending the message
cetiken17: can't be a human
7gorobei: that didnt work the way i thought it would. lol
a_guy_7: Hulk buster bigbrain play
mtvcdm: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a community, not a casino.
chumpofthemonth: Respect to Mr Freeze
flatluigi: i think they just gave up wheeler
thavleifrim: they might have just not known the interaction, hulk buster can be unintuitive
LuckyBonsai: They just have hulk and want to fuck with you
flatluigi: they wanted the sinister clone in that area
BenevolentCow: didn't know the buster would kill the clone
mtvcdm: okay
flatluigi: congrats on your 3d pratt
LuckyBonsai: Hulk on 3rd location wins that game too, terrifying
AdamYMHMI: Hulkbuster is it's own master class in this game.
Earthenone: turns out bustin dident make OP feel good
mtvcdm: That match happened to all of us
FlargBlarg: rocket is quite good early on
Earthenone: you did the tutorial season pass!
thavleifrim: 22 hours
BenevolentCow: 2 days I think
newlowscore87: 23 hours
SeismicLawns: about a day
chumpofthemonth: Tomorrow
Nuurgle: les sthan a day
Murderface9797: Tomorrow
squirrelfire: Yeah, welcome to the end of the season.
newlowscore87: Black Panther starting tomorrow
BenevolentCow: we believe in you!
cetiken17: just goto next season. :)
AdamYMHMI: You literally can't I believe.
LuckyBonsai: I think you have all the challenges tho
thavleifrim: you might be able to there are alot of quests as part of it
flatluigi: time for business expenses
newlowscore87: Miles isn't that good anyway
BenevolentCow: you can with enough gold to reset the missions
AdamYMHMI: Throw cash at it?
Darkstorm257: You're limited on how often you can mission reset
onefreeman28: You absolutely can't get enough value in a day
BenevolentCow: they are variants
Earthenone: all other than the first one are just arts
Nuurgle: they's all variant arts
Murderface9797: Pay and jam like there is no tomorrow
thavleifrim: thats just alt art carnage you can still get normal
birdy8201: you can still get carnage, just not that variant of carnage
SeismicLawns: you can get all the base cards in this pass later
FlargBlarg: you will unlock a carange with other art
onefreeman28: Hoogland says that the cards do become available in later pools
cetiken17: you can get him later though reguar mystery cards
Earthenone: the only card is at level1
AdamYMHMI: Miles is the only actual card iirc, everything else is just variants.
thavleifrim: only miles morales is early/timed exclusive
Heinzes_: you can get carnage in poool 1 i wouldn't worry about it
Nuurgle: the season pass is all artwork
Spritz_T: haven't seen anyone with vanilla spiderman yet
Nuurgle: none of it is actual cards
TheThirdTail: Then you can pay like $200 to buy levels <<
benjamin_wheeler: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:00:01.
onefreeman28: I mean the actual spider-man is pool 3 so takes a while to get
cetiken17: i expect thy'll stick miles into the mystery cards soonish
AdamYMHMI: It snuck up on me
Earthenone: Friday night marvel fight
thavleifrim: @cetiken17 yeah its a 2 month gap after the pass ends then it goes to pool 3
flatluigi: what card game is desert bus
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
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airylan: !dbcountdown
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AdamYMHMI: @flatluigi Well, it's mobile of course.
mtvcdm: !youtube
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Earthenone: !youtube
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mtvcdm: !db
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Earthenone: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Sat 12 Nov 02:00 PM PST (5d, 16:48 from now)
AdamYMHMI: No one is streaming during Desert Bus?!
mtvcdm: !quote 6515
LRRbot: Quote #6515: "The Bus takes everything off the road." —Heather [2019-10-24]
Earthenone: !homestreams
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AdamYMHMI: * lrrBEEJ
airylan: !venga
LRRbot: Turn down for BUS!
KWardJenx: Thank you
AdamYMHMI: Thanks!
birdy8201: wheelerY wheelerH
mtvcdm: Oh. also this.
mtvcdm: !mastodon
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SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
Earthenone: just assume that wheeler is playing snap constantly during the db event
flatluigi: wheeler banned in this format
OmegaPlatinum: But we need horse jokes in Desert bus
UnnnaturalD20: banned for telling bad horse jokes
AdamYMHMI: No Horse Joke meat in the DB.
Mattmitchell45: MVC2 reference mostly
Mattmitchell45: Maaaahval
mtvcdm: Lakers lost again, which is normal
Orxolon: thanks for the stream!!!
Rourke9: Thanks for stream!
benjamin_wheeler: @mtvcdm the lakers can win games?
mtvcdm: In theory
AdamYMHMI: Not legally.
AdamYMHMI: Meaning actual laws, not that they cheat when they win.
mtvcdm: They might do some more of it in a couple years once they get their draft picks back.
benjamin_wheeler: oh shit the clippers game is still on
Earthenone: !clip
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mtvcdm: Bucks 9-0, which, woo
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Strebenherz: pffft
KWardJenx: Once he pops...
Earthenone: nah thats proffessor X not magneto :P