TehAmelie: i was all set for a mighty styuggle at the last minute to try and get the nifty chat script into firefox, but hey now all you need is a url. so good
Sibwow: gamers
Earthenone: lrrSIG
Earthenone: glad this is still hapening
YeetTheRich_: !venga
LRRbot: Come on, ride the Bus, hey, ride it
StateBasedPenguin: Is this your bus??
benjamin_wheeler: they can ban me from Desert Bus
LordZarano: lrrSIG 🃏 lrrSIG
benjamin_wheeler: but they'll never ban me from the content mines
Juliamon: they tried to
Juliamon: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Sat 12 Nov 02:00 PM PST (19:57 from now)
Earthenone: lrrbot was saying you were not streaming :P
Sibwow: mine content these nuts
chronically_poor: lol I thought this was a meme
Juliamon: they tried to pretend you were cancelled
Juliamon: can you believe it
r10pez10: mahvel
StateBasedPenguin: islandgoDittoJam islandgoDittoJam islandgoDittoJam
r10pez10: so is this just a card matching game
Sibwow: 'join wheeler some chill marvel snap'
Mattmitchell45: What's that song you used to play?
Mattmitchell45: Bom bom something?
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Rourke9: So excited to get my sub in for this fantastic stream, just before DB!
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chronically_poor: wheelerGuts wheelerGuts wheelerGuts
KilrenKrae: who's hyped
Sizzo93: Some wheeler goodness while I wait for my train at 3 am!!
Mattmitchell45: @r10pez10 It's sorta kinda cribbage
Orxolon: hellooo every1
Sibwow: its like a moba
seanmrwick: @Sizzo93 right after I watched the highlight reel
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WiJohn: Snap! Snap! Snap!
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benjamin_wheeler: really makes you feel like batman
seanmrwick: ok everyone, who's ready for DB 2022?
Sizzo93: @seanmrwick hey the highlight reel unites us all
benjamin_wheeler: they can't ban me I make them too much $
KilrenKrae: rip Kevin Conroy
seanmrwick: @Sizzo93 exactly!
Mattmitchell45: Why is life giving me so much adult stuff to do one week of DB?
Lex_Peacekeeper: O _ o i thought there was no streams DB even
benjamin_wheeler: DB hasn't technically started
Sizzo93: @seanmrwick I'm so ready, me and my friend already putting in the order for the shirt
benjamin_wheeler: !desertbus
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope is a charity gaming marathon where people dance sing and be silly while playing the worst game of all time, Desert Bus. The marathon raises money for childsplaycharity.com . An explanation video can be found here: https://youtu.be/vvU3KXtOg8Q . More information can be found at https://DesertBus.org/ and twitch.tv/DesertBus
seanmrwick: @benjamin_wheeler haha, so true
Mattmitchell45: That was a test stream and Wheeler is a renegade
seanmrwick: @Sizzo93 noice! I still have my old Desert bus shirt
Fanklok: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Sat 12 Nov 02:00 PM PST (19:53 from now)
seanmrwick: @benjamin_wheeler I still have my desert bus shirt from over a year ago, and I plan to also get it framed
LordZarano: There may also be !homestreams before DB
r10pez10: what did the innocent shirt do
silentclownhorn: Love this opening!
Sizzo93: @seanmrwick I've been buying the shirt for almost 10 years. always the best shirt I've ever owned
Juliamon: still mad at myself for not buying a DB3 shirt so many years ago
cheshire_creeper: not the stream series one more though
Sibwow: how are we topping last weeks bit
tabbybabbyy: I like this intro the best!
seanmrwick: @r10pez10 well.....it got me into the DB swag so...
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CasualKing21: OH SNAP!
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nyquister_: Oh, pog dude
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Juliamon: ahhhh
YeetTheRich_: wheelerClown wheelerClown
Mattmitchell45: My mom always compliments my DB shirts
Sizzo93: wheeler NO
seanmrwick: hahaha
Mattmitchell45: Van Halen?
r10pez10: wheeler yes
chronically_poor: Bring it back!!!
seanmrwick: *bleeeeeeeps* Jelly Sandwiches!
StateBasedPenguin: is this your bus
Sizzo93: thank you it's great to have you here
SnowbirdMike: Sounds like the horse visited tijuana
seanmrwick: is it too soon to say "what the bus"
Sibwow: you should get a snapplause button
Rourke9: How long is it new
Orxolon: helloooo Ben!,Let's Snap!
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2654 patrons for a total of $20,441.07 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Earthenone: !patreon
h3rsh3yb4r: i hear it
seanmrwick: also, Desert Bus is tomorrow so I'll be able to tune in
Sizzo93: man the lights be on in the extended moonbase
Earthenone: !youtube
LRRbot: LRR's main channel is https://www.youtube.com/loadingreadyrun . For Stream VODs check out https://www.youtube.com/loadingreadylive . MtG vods and other MtG content are at https://www.youtube.com/LRRMtG . Tabletop related videos are at https://www.youtube.com/LRRTT . LRR Videogame videos (including Checkpoint+) are at https://www.youtube.com/LRRVG
Earthenone: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, playmats, Qwerpline and Road Quest official merch, and much more! Check out https://store.loadingreadyrun.com/ for the full catalog.
Mattmitchell45: Monopoly on LRR Swears for the Week
seanmrwick: I actually want to see if I can find old Desert Bus shirts
SnowbirdMike: hahahaha
Getter404: Store dot com slash LRR: We are out of Mug
Earthenone: its new until its canceled
aliceduckwhisper: wheelerY wheelerH
Mattmitchell45: Show me a newer stream...I'll wait
PMAvers: I guess it requires someone else to make a new stream to take the stream's sprout tage off.
PMAvers: *tag
Gaz_L: so like 1000 games
YeetTheRich_: that's how they get ya
Sibwow: local shero
seanmrwick: holy bus! the new Desert Bus shirts are amazing!
Mattmitchell45: 11 on the Season Pass is a bit
flatluigi: time for desert snaps
Sibwow: theyre working on it
Sibwow: but yeah
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flatluigi: snaps and short hip hop loops
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seanmrwick: Wheeler, I gotta say, I really dig the new DB 2022 shirt
flatluigi: 214 collection level and lower is pool 1
jimmythebass: You have all but 1 pool 1 card
Orxolon: do you have the "move" deck?
Mattmitchell45: Oops, We Brewed a Zoo
Sibwow: elektra is great
Orxolon: i would love to see you play it
flatluigi: and yeah, i really dislike the collection setup
Earthenone: ohh we get to see you get into pool 2 tonight :)
flatluigi: i have a deck size devil dinosaur deck which is fun
Sibwow: which card?
Earthenone: iceman was my last one too!
jimmythebass: Iceman is pool 2
Sibwow: the 1 drops are pretty swappable
thavleifrim: pool 2 starts at 222 so youre very clos
Orxolon: can you send me the link to the page you trust?
flatluigi: it's just 222+
Gaz_L: just make green bar go up
Sibwow: level 218
Sibwow: ends pool 1
flatluigi: 222-474 so good luck if iceman is the last one in the pool for you
Gaz_L: there's a discard deck that is fun
Sibwow: speaking of baby pools
Sibwow: whens that stream happening
solemn_storm: just ask james to break out the card
Mattmitchell45: Apocolypse Discard seems neat
flatluigi: devil dino is real fun
flatluigi: yeah
Sibwow: yes theyre best friends
Gaz_L: yeah, they're a pair in the comics too
Earthenone: yeah just search "hand"
Orxolon: want me to send you the decklist?
Heinzes_: moon dino whips
flatluigi: the problem with devil dino is that i started getting matched up with people running shang-chi
Sibwow: agent 13
Gaz_L: need a lot of cantrips in the DD deck
Sizzo93: the DB shirts are ludicrously well-designed
Spluuga: what is this mahvel thing?
Orxolon: play the "move" deck
Orxolon: you'll love it
Sibwow: thats why youre rank 31
SaxPython: Marvel Snap: Pauper
Sibwow: the move deck is so incredibly difficult to pilot
flatluigi: i like the poker bluff setup of snapping
Sibwow: not immediately
MuffinsOnAHill: What does snapping do?
truemcd: hi wheeler! no clue how this game works. any chance u could give a quick 30 second summary
palekayle: I adore devil dino and moon girl, but shang has been getting me.
solemn_storm: snapping doubles the rating points up for grabs or losing
thavleifrim: rank gets you more credits which gets you more cards
Gaz_L: does Captain Marvel's ability count for the move deck, btw, people that know more about this game than me?
Sibwow: cosmo is great tech
solemn_storm: each player can snap once, and the game snaps itself at turn 6
Orxolon: you have iron fist,forge,dr strange,and multiple man,you finish it off with Heimdall and america chavez
Sibwow: Gaz_L yes
solemn_storm: so you play for 1/2/4/8 points depending
Orxolon: if you have Kraven or Vulture you're set
solemn_storm: if you resign before the turn following the snap, you just lose what it previously was
Orxolon: where can i send you a decklist?
Orxolon: ok,i'll try
Sibwow: print it out and mail it in to the po box
KeytarCat: What are cubes used for?
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Sizzo93: BakaflockaGaijin is a great username, golly gee
Sibwow: cubes are the rank system
palekayle: reveal happens before destroy
LordZarano: !pobox
LRRbot: LRR has a PO box! Bionic Trousers Media Inc., PO BOX 8132 Victoria Main, Victoria, BC V8W 3R8, Canada. If received, your mail may be featured in a Mail Time. Please ship responsibly.
Sibwow: yes your kazar will be safe
Sizzo93: as a former pro ween, I approve
Despoiler98: so.....totally lying
Sizzo93: weeb*
Sibwow: yeah youve got this down
PMAvers: Huh, that address is slightly out of date.
Spluuga: ooh there's fantastic 4 in this?
MuffinsOnAHill: Lise detected
MuffinsOnAHill: *Lies
Orxolon: well idk how to do it,but move deck is awesome
couchboyj: If you're making content, it's acting!
Sibwow: onlsaught left seems good
flatluigi: @LoadingReadyRun here's the devil dino deck I've been running: https://pastebin.com/8cDrPcdA i haven't tried to tweak much since i've been waiting for getting more cards, but it's been doing well
Sibwow: if youre attacking right you want spectrum
ZuuMykalis: Spectrum Left?
Sibwow: bottom right
solemn_storm: bottom right
thavleifrim: the next turn button
Gaz_L: the end turn button
jimmythebass: Timer is on the end turn button
Sibwow: the next turn button
flatluigi: the timer is on the bottom right clicky button, it bleeds out
Gaz_L: it empties of colour over time
squ3e: Did I miss something about friiday night paper fight
Gaz_L: it's too subtle, imo
Sizzo93: it's 3am in Sweden, I'm on a late train home and this is exactly what I need, horse jokes and donkeys
Spluuga: Is this free to play and is it the good kind? xD
flatluigi: @squ3e desert bus is happening starting tomorrow
Juliamon: squ3e Desert Bus is tomorrow
Gaz_L: i think they priortised 'clean' UI over good UX, imo
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squ3e: Ah gotcha gotcha
flatluigi: @Spluuga it's free to play, ymmv on the latter
Sibwow: just play faster then
cheshire_creeper: oh it's the purple background box
flatluigi: @Gaz_L i find the haptics necessary
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Shelvish_Fyshstic: Just first heard about the horse joke earlier this morning so decided to research. Good evening, all.
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cheshire_creeper: I thought it was the weird glare that was going to count down
Juliamon: yeah that's *really* not a clear timer
Gaz_L: @flatluigi it's not just the rope, it's the deck selection and other stuff too
thavleifrim: they're apparently working on a new ui for PC that isnt just a port of the mobile ui, so hopefully that gets better
JusticeJuice: I didn't know you could hold down energy to undo all.
Spluuga: @Spluuga ah so it's good unless you open terrible packs and have to grind away miserably as with any of these games?
Malkmaven1176: Jessica is gonna get the boost
solemn_storm: there aren't any packs at least
WiJohn: Good old rock, nothing beats that!
solemn_storm: everyone gets the same cards, just in different orders, and you're vaguely paired with people on the same cardpool
Spluuga: huh
flatluigi: @Spluuga card acquisition is at a set rate, which is good in some ways but sucks if you want specific cards
TheManaLeek: ABS, always be snappin
solemn_storm: i think once they introduce the crafting system they've announced it'll be very reasonable
Sibwow: you want to do it right before you make a big move
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Wheeler is live this evening for a very special Friday night episode of Is This Your Card? continuing his adventures with @MARVELSNAP! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1591254581883047936
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EternalRoxas: i got the funny sex number. Glad to see Snap <3
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flatluigi: @solemn_storm please tell me you mean crafting and not dusting
Earthenone: also its set up so the simpiler cards come early, and the complex stuff comes later, which is great for new players but veteran card players can have issue with
Duwani1: just need a shang chi
solemn_storm: @solemn_storm it's complicated but not dusting, no
Gaz_L: good news, once you get into pool 2 you seem to stop seeing Hulk altogether
EternalRoxas: I just got Agatha Harkness and now I don't even play my decks
MuffinsOnAHill: Holy heck your name is amazing!
Orxolon: you are gonna LOVE Daredevil
thebrianhope: I love this game because I can play it without thinking AT ALL if I want to
thavleifrim: @solemn_storm you are going to be able to earn tokens somehow, and then every day there are 6 random cards you can buy with tokens, simmilar to variants, thats the crafting system
Duwani1: so many cards I just have never gotten yet
Malkmaven1176: Hulk has no ability, by pool 2 its all about combos and triggers
solemn_storm: @solemn_storm and you can lock one in if you want it but don't have the tokens at the time
CavemanKellen: wheeler what pool are you in
thavleifrim: daredevil lets you see what your opponenet did on turn 5 before you play your turn 5
WanderingOmen: I got a moon girl deck that could work with pool 2 and lower if you want it?
solemn_storm: wheeler is late pool 1
Earthenone: i areguably should be playing hulk in my deck (jubilee) but i find it hard to justify a 4th 6 drop :P
flatluigi: @WanderingOmen i sent him one upchat, i think he's just not looking for alt decks this second
WanderingOmen: you are collection rank 214 though right?
thebrianhope: what are the pools?
WanderingOmen: ah got it
solemn_storm: cards get unlocked in a random order inside their pool
solemn_storm: there are 3 pools at the moment
Dog_of_Myth: Ah snap, more Wheeler. Huzzzah
thavleifrim: @thebrianhope they're how the cards are grouped, you have to get all of the first pool cards before you can get any form the second and so on
Earthenone: the pools are how they seperate card aquisition, right now wheeler has all but 1 pool 1 card
thebrianhope: oh ok, so I'm at like 320. does that mean pool 3?
Earthenone: i dont, theoreticly someone knows
flatluigi: no, pool 3 starts in the mid 400s
flatluigi: late actually, 486
thebrianhope: ok so its not like hotel room numbers :p
thavleifrim: @thebrianhope thats mid pool 2, pool 3 starts at 486
solemn_storm: haha it is not
MuffinsOnAHill: I've had this game explained to me twice now and I still have no idea what's going on....
flatluigi: @MuffinsOnAHill cards get played in lanes, you're trying to control the most areas by having the most power in those lanes by the end of turn 6
Duwani1: you only need 2/3 lanes to win
MuffinsOnAHill: I got that. It's everything else. I'll need to play the game to get the rest. Haven't had time to yet
Masslost: there is a site that can synch your collection level on pc and show you what cards you have
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Earthenone: your final card!
CavemanKellen: spider women is really good
JusticeJuice: With the location abilities I feel like you can have some variation in cards in decks. I've not felt bad unless its the build around piece like devil dino.
Sizzo93: and by that you mean "demoralise" your opponenp
flatluigi: i hate weirdworld
Gaz_L: Spider-Woman is on reveal, i think
thebrianhope: I have no idea about strategy in this game. I just make guesses every time I play a card. It's still fun. I also base my decks on my favorite characters more than on winning. no, I am not a 10 y.o.
Gaz_L: i hate District X more
Dog_of_Myth: Ego
flatluigi: i think the zones that are just like 'oh, sorry if you're going to have strategies'
EternalRoxas: ah Ego
CavemanKellen: oh yeah that one...
flatluigi: are bad
electricmoth9: Ego is funny
thavleifrim: theres a card that does that too
Astrovore: well that sounds not good
thebrianhope: oh yeah some of them are terrible
Sizzo93: sounds like the Ben brode school of game design
thebrianhope: like the ones that do the same thing to both sides. it's like, what's the point
PMAvers: I mean, at least Ego is affecting both players. It's not a bad kind of "you don't get to play the game" like getting mana screwed.
Uncle_Francis: Ego is for the gamblers you see Ego you Snap and pray to win
Gaz_L: i'm also not sure if i like the gambling mechanic because it incentivises people scooping early
MuffinsOnAHill: In Marvel Snap game plays you.
Sizzo93: although I find that man thoroughly entertaining
Earthenone: i havent seen that location, i was randomly given the card that took over for me which was upseting
solemn_storm: the gambling mechanic also means that you get punished less for draws that line up poorly
Earthenone: esp because the oponent could still play
CavemanKellen: morph is also really good
flatluigi: morph is a fun card
Kelderan: Friday nights are a little on the busy side. But, wanted to pop in and say I'm gonna miss the Wheeler streams. Will you still be rocking content on your personal channel?
solemn_storm: was there an announcement?
EternalRoxas: @Earthenone I'm playing an Agatha deck for funsies but it can be frustrating for sure
YeetTheRich_: so sorry you had to find out this way
MuffinsOnAHill: You didn't get the memo?
Kelderan: Oh, I just meant WtYC. Hahaha. My bad. Need to hire a proof reader/editor.
flatluigi: they're putting you in front of the bus, wheeler
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Solid_Fuel: pog! lets go
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TheManaLeek: Finding out you're fired from Twitch chat, jeeze, that's the nightmare right there
Gaz_L: James just pops in and puts it in a highlighted chat message
Juliamon: Kelderan This one episode is Friday because of Desert Bus. Normal Sunday schedules will resume after Bus.
CavemanKellen: odin
heartofgoldfish: They won't let you on because of ONE half-hour horse joke??
MuffinsOnAHill: The bus is to drive you off the premises because you're fired.
solemn_storm: tiebreaker is total power if that's what you were looking for
solemn_storm: i didn't see the end board though
tenthtechpriest: "I lost a coinflip placement because I forgot about X card" is the story of my marvel snap career
thebrianhope: Has anyone ever been fired through super chat on YT?
Gaz_L: Lizard is interesting, cuz i think it's meant as a trap card for your opponent, baiting them into playing that lane
Sizzo93: desert bus is the split second of life's mechanics
h3rsh3yb4r: they won't let you on the bus? i thought the horse joke was well loved?
goombalax: if you go out, you gotta go out with Shandalar
Heinzes_: Domino is pretty solid in high-curve decks, to ensure they have at least an early-game play
thavleifrim: no
Gaz_L: no
MoveableObject: It does not
electricmoth9: no it doesn't loop
tenthtechpriest: it does not loop
Gaz_L: Namor left?
Earthenone: i would namor left and right right
Sibwow: oh boy this deck seems spicy
Gaz_L: sadly, Namor doesn't work like you want on that space
Gaz_L: it only doubles his base power for some reason
Earthenone: look what you did sibwow!
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flatluigi: doubling base power before buffs is an okay way for that to work imo
Sizzo93: smashed
Gaz_L: nexus is fun
Astrovore: the way 'power' is used is ambiguous
Astrovore: it usually means 'base power'
thavleifrim: is it just me or is the matchmaking music in this game very similar to the hearthstone matchmaking music
tenthtechpriest: @Gaz_L order of operations in this game is on reveal->location->ongoing
Earthenone: i love that one
flatluigi: that's a fun one if you're running buff decks
electricmoth9: The card's on reveal effect procs and then it bounces to your hand
CavemanKellen: its good for copy reveal cards like sinster
electricmoth9: Also you can spawn tokens their freely
amospiritus: Or other things like cable to drain their deck
PMAvers: This feels like a Retreat
CavemanKellen: yeah retreat
Gaz_L: i don't think you can win, yeah
flatluigi: yeah, retreating's always an option for a reason
Sizzo93: I'm looking forward to the live punt/counterpunt where you all take ayahuasca and just roll with it
goombalax: a lot of my opponents sleep on the nexus, its always the deciding factor on who wins
thavleifrim: they probably have dino
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amospiritus: Retreat!
jimmythebass: Devil Dino feels very likely here
TheManaLeek: Knowing when to fold 'em
Earthenone: they probobly have danny the dinosaur
CavemanKellen: free credit or pay gold to get credt
flatluigi: haha that apparently counted as winning a location with one card for your quest
kynelwynn: That's a phrase
Gaz_L: Morophon? this isn't Magic!
Earthenone: at 7? the day should roll over for more credits
thavleifrim: the free credits and dailys should reset in about 20 mins anyway
flatluigi: playing into unrevealed areas is important imo
Earthenone: so many rocks!
goombalax: there are more benefits than downsides to playing in hidden areas
Gaz_L: it can be good, cuz some spaces lock you out of playing certain costs, but if you played before it flips then it's ok
cheshire_creeper: Rock tribal should be a thing in every game
goombalax: like the only one that you don't want to do that on is Bar with no name
tenthtechpriest: rock tribal is just kazar
Vandristine: we got rocked
goombalax: running Uatu or Scarlet witch helps with that too
Gaz_L: rocks are also good for Carnage
solemn_storm: well, you don't want to play to the one that shrinks your units every turn or blows them up after turn 3
solemn_storm: but in general if you don't have ways to get around locked zones it can be very beneficial yeah
Gaz_L: it's very funny that they called the card White Queen because i don't think anyone actually calls her that in or out of the comics
thavleifrim: you can play storm or scarlet witch to get around the bad zones if you accidentally play into them
CavemanKellen: storm and witch are pool 2 though...
Gaz_L: yup, that's how you know you're in the next pool
Heinzes_: @Gaz_L yeah she hasn't really used the name White Queen regularly since the 80's
CavemanKellen: love that location
Gaz_L: if theyre playing the on reveal deck, you're boned
Uncle_Francis: Double spectrum babyy
CavemanKellen: sorry pegasus is the best location
Obsc: I have played the fabled "No cards can be played here" "If you play a card here destroy it" "if you play a card here return it to hand" tripple threat game rawrLUL
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2Flower: 111 months! It's almost binary!
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flatluigi: i think it's the shortness of sessions letting variance smooth over
goombalax: variance is one of the things that keeps such a simple game interesting
thebrianhope: This game is great for mobile. The quick simple game play makes it so I'm not old man squinting at my phone like Arena
Earthenone: there is and there isent? like drawing 9 of your 12 cards a game lets you control for a lot
JusticeJuice: Getting a small reward even when loosing helps.
Uncle_Francis: complete central so specturm can be played in the middle?
KeytarCat: This game is similar to Cards the Universe and Everything
e_bloc: don't I just lose what else do you expect when you're doing 3 hours of losing
Gaz_L: nope, won handily
thebrianhope: ok so the mission difficulty levels are a joke right? I just had a hard one that was "draw cards"
Astrovore: yeah that's weird
Earthenone: its the locker room mix
jimmythebass: @thebrianhope Hard missions are just normal missions but do twice as much
Gaz_L: security guard at Target is playing the game and left the PA mic open
e_bloc: soundtrack FRAME BREAK
KeytarCat: I thought you did that
2Flower: Audio sometimes gets messed up.
Sibwow: @thebrianhope hard is just 2 easy missions squashed together
Sibwow: did you know that in development they were calling ant man 'uncle'
ChaoticObserver: oh SNAP
thebrianhope: uncle antman!?
Gaz_L: a week?
CavemanKellen: a month
goombalax: like a month now
PMAvers: Depends if you count the quasi-beta?
Sibwow: why do they call it ongoing when you enchantress off the card on cosmo make the cards?
CavemanKellen: from the beta unfortunately
Sibwow: so its been playable for months now, i think like may-ish?
2Flower: They had a large group of people in beta, so there are people all up and down the ladder with different levels of collection
Earthenone: i heard about this game from james on lrrmtg, so about 3 weeks here?
tenthtechpriest: matchmaking is bracketed based on how much of the card pool you have access to
Sibwow: but it was country dependent and android only
goombalax: I think ben said he was on collection level 1000+
Mal2mad: Beta was also available on a few countries, and the app was picky about which phones could run it, even on Bluestacks
Its_VeeBot: :(
Its_VeeBot: Guess I'm gonna unsub now
2Flower: There are collection levels in the 3000 and 4000s for people who have been here a long time. But the game tries to match you with about the same amount of collection level for your opponent
goombalax: 10x exp level for every kid or romantic partner
cheshire_creeper: Yeah the the sound
Earthenone: did you recive the dino decklists you wanted?
juneblue58: I'm watching this for the first time, and all I can think is "This is just Caravan but with too many gimmicks."
KeytarCat: @goombalax Good time to be poly!
cheshire_creeper: They should just give you all the cards so that everybody could have all the tools as everybody else
Juliamon: He failed to specify where to send them
Juliamon: people posted links in chat
Juliamon: they are long gone
Gaz_L: i think you should be thinking of Lizard as saying to OP "come fight here", like it's bait
Mal2mad: I don't get any benefit from that. Can I at least get a 3x per every 60+ person I feel responsible about?
JoeKim: there were a lot of wonky Multiple Man builds when Shuri's lab was featured
Gaz_L: there is an Aristocrats deck
Juliamon: please slide all links into wheeler's dms or at least @ him
Its_VeeBot: now there are two of them
r10pez10: diagonally
benjamin_wheeler: Gimme lists please
r10pez10: juliamon are we authorised to direct people there
ogundiety: Is this a sponsored stream, or just a fun game? Just curious
r10pez10: nvm
Sibwow: not the menchies
Sibwow: if you give me the lists i can reject them on wheelers behalf
2Flower: You can actually copy and paste deck codes without needing links.
JoeKim: ^
CavemanKellen: deckcodes are long as hell
PMAvers: Tweet all the deck codes to James underscore LRR on Twitter.
JoeKim: ooo still in pool 1
Sibwow: @JoeKim sick burn
Its_VeeBot: uuuuuuuuuuuhhh... one more?
jimmythebass: Sort options are in the bottom left of the collection screen, one of the sort options puts upgradeable cards in front
Gaz_L: just one more game, after all, why shouldn't i
CavemanKellen: wheeler if you click the arrow tab on the left side in collection you can filter by type
JoeKim: lmao
tenthtechpriest: a "long" game is still only like 6 minutes
goombalax: luigi wins by doing nothing
JoeKim: i love bar with no name
Sibwow: there are a couple cards with negative power
KeytarCat: Force OP to play there?
CavemanKellen: i hate teh -2 ninja one
Gaz_L: well, there's some 0 power cards you could play left, like Ironheart as well
Sibwow: one of them is called mister negative
JoeKim: they're not for a while though
CavemanKellen: iron man
JoeKim: at this level range, you wont really
Sibwow: yeah not much to do in pool 1
2Flower: There are cards that force other cards into different lands but those are more and later pools.
Uncle_Francis: later on pool 2 or 3 you have some cards that move other people card
Earthenone: it makes all of the random token cards randomly lose you the game
goombalax: unless they goozle themselves its probably a draw lane
Sibwow: !snapcard magento
Uncle_Francis: like Jogernaut magneto or aero
tenthtechpriest: in pool 1 it only exists to screw over people with squirrel girl
Earthenone: also white tiger
CavemanKellen: oooo rock
bv310: It's basically just around to body Zoo lists, yeah
CavemanKellen: place rock there and win
JoeKim: good catch
Sibwow: it doesnt matter which is where
Sibwow: when one location is empty it just checks to total power
PMAvers: I guess later on it's great if you're running Green Goblin?
bv310: Tiebreakers are done on total power, yeah
PMAvers: Er, wait
Sibwow: goblin gives them -power
JoeKim: nah, green goblin flips
Sibwow: so no
JoeKim: same with hob
JoeKim: so
PMAvers: Yeah, my brain forgot that part. Go-go sleep deprivation.
Sibwow: never buy credit directly
JoeKim: it's probably better to get missions
Sibwow: missions are the best way to spend gold
TheMandrew: refresh missions
toddbepraised: you should spend gold to refresh missions
thebrianhope: yeah the game just refreshed to the next day
JoeKim: either mission refreshes or variants
JoeKim: for even MORE collection levels
TheMandrew: mission refresh gets you the same amount of credit as buying directly,, plus season pass xp
Sibwow: variants are not a wise way to spend gold but they sure are pretty
Gaz_L: i really want the Krakoa Professor X
Sibwow: i dont like any of the professor x variants but i love the card mechancially
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thebrianhope: I got an awesome looking jessica jones the other day.
JoeKim: oh yeah. i love doing wacky control decks with sunspot/infinaut
Sibwow: i have venom cosmo and its my favorite card
benjamin_wheeler: oh uh whoops didnt run ad
thebrianhope: Venom nova is pretty sweet
Sibwow: spewing value over here
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2Flower: My favorite deck is a hybrid Dino / Infinaut. I go with whichever win condition I draw first.
JoeKim: i just need killmonger to get nerfed
jimmythebass: I've been enjoying Cerebro 2 ever since I pulled Mystique
2Flower: I run armor to mess with killmonger but yeah, he just hard counters a lot of decks
JoeKim: yeah, i've also been arbitrarily throwing armor into decks for that same reason
thebrianhope: omg ya'll are talking about ards I didn't know existed and I thought I played a lot
JoeKim: pool 3 gets really wild
toddbepraised: I've had a bunch of luck with a movement deck. Basically, multiple man, hulk buster, doctor strange, hemdall
JoeKim: heck. even end of pool 2 gets kinda ridiculous
2Flower: In the early stages of play it's really just about winning early stacking numbers but when you get to the later pools the special facts and manipulation go hog wild
Sibwow: yeah the game gets surprisingly deep
Sibwow: baz luhrman?
Gaz_L: discard/sacrifice is a lot of fun
thavleifrim: yeah the complexity is a slow ramp
tenthtechpriest: I mean you're not wrong
Gaz_L: just watch the first 2 seasons of TNG, then it gets good, i promise
Rootpotato: youre isn season 1 of jojo, you gotta get passed this and when they introduce stands then it gets good
JoeKim: yeah. getting wolverine on the board for free is always good
thebrianhope: Don't forget to snap
Gaz_L: and that was your Apoc, i bet
thebrianhope: is that what you're supposed to do? :P
JusticeJuice: The quick upgrades do get you up collection level quickly, if efficiently.
goombalax: I've never seen Debrii lmao
JusticeJuice: not efficiently.
JoeKim: lady sif i think
Gaz_L: do you have Sif?
Sibwow: is dis your card
Sibwow: hell cow is a discarder but hes pool 3
Gaz_L: Sif is the guaranteed discard for Apoc, cuz she ditches the highest drop
Earthenone: i would kill a rock in mid here
nitrosarcastro: playing electra mid gets rid of the rock and nerf lizard
Earthenone: to pump angela
goombalax: abscond
JoeKim: nah, wheeler can play both apoc and america
JoeKim: since 7 turn game
JoeKim: you might win on tiebreak
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Gaz_L: 84?!?
JoeKim: iron man + onslaught = hilarious numbers
JoeKim: i lived the dream and got 2.1 million on a lane lmao
JoeKim: flip first
Earthenone: the glowing player reveals first
Earthenone: the icons glow
JoeKim: look at hte names. whoever is glowing
thavleifrim: the persons whose name is glowing
JoeKim: flips first
TrickJarrett: The player with the name highlighted in the upper corner
toddbepraised: you can see who flips first by the glowing nameplate
TheMandrew: glowing player name flips first
JoeKim: yep
toddbepraised: yes
MoveableObject: Whoever is winning
Natedogg2: You need the opponent to go first (you can tell who is going first each round by looking at the box around each player's name)
Sibwow: no
Sibwow: it follows who is winning
Earthenone: its random at start, whoever is winning later
Uncle_Francis: whoever is winning
toddbepraised: they tell you that in the tips
WanderingWinder: whoever is winning
tenthtechpriest: The glowing player name flips first; it's randomly selected at the start then passes to whoever is winning at the start of turn
DEATHlikescats: Hey stream! How goes?
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DEATHlikescats: 66 is a good round number
Gaz_L: see, at this level i like a sacrifice suite in this deck cuz there's not enough discard stuff
Slacker1977: i just don‘t get Apocalypse. it‘s just a worse Hulk most of the time
Gaz_L: so like Carnage and Deathlok and Angel and Nova on top of these
Sibwow: Slacker1977 its really good with dracula
JoeKim: Apoc when done correctly gets very large
2Flower: Apocalypse works better if you have a whole slew of appropriate support cards. Which you don't really get in till later.
JoeKim: this deck gets better the deeper into the game you get
JoeKim: no you win
JoeKim: good victory
Gaz_L: did you buy more dailys with your gold?
JoeKim: oooo you're officially in pool 2
JoeKim: correct
thavleifrim: ghost rider always hits america if they have it
Earthenone: its biggest value is letting you potencialy know what deck your oponent is on
tenthtechpriest: biggest plus to yondu is it gives you a chance of knowing what they're playing turn 1
Earthenone: so you know which haymakers to play around
JoeKim: correct
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tenthtechpriest: value!
JoeKim: oh thanks friend
2Flower: Yondu is also good in death decks that gain power when cards are destroyed.
tenthtechpriest: yeah I would too
DEATHlikescats: Just felt right to do @joekim lrrSHINE VirtualHug
drrek0: I've read that supposedly yondu is more likely to remove america chavez if they have it in their deck than other cards, because if america would be drawn it supposedly just skips her and keeps her on top of deck
Sibwow: i would korg there
JoeKim: lmao
Gaz_L: oh, they're on an Aristocrats deck, i bet
Sibwow: korg is also better the sooner you play him
Slacker1977: the more i played the less i cared about playing 1s
JoeKim: you can save the electra to do it when you know there's something to kill
JoeKim: vs stabbing randomly and praying
nitrosarcastro: wolverine on left?
Gaz_L: i'd swordmaster, worst case you lose Ant-man, best you get Logan for free
TrickJarrett: Huh, I always thought Elektra required the 1 to be played at the same turn. good to know.
Slacker1977: i mostly sniped Nightcrawler and Ant-man with her
JoeKim: no. Elektra just needs any 1 cost target when revealed
JoeKim: makes her more useful overall
TrickJarrett: Yeah, til. Definitely like the card more now
TheMikeRobles: I usually play her on turns 2-3 depending on what they’re running.
JoeKim: pool 2 baby
Earthenone: i love her
Earthenone: rng chaos
Riandisa: She's one of my favs in this
Gaz_L: incoming Hela, i bet
DEATHlikescats: Iron heart is just good
Slacker1977: I think Elektra kinda just gets outclassed later by Kilmonger
JoeKim: oh definitely
Sibwow: you wanted to send nightcrawler to the left
CavemanKellen: ugh hela
CavemanKellen: she plays every card discarded
goombalax: Hela deez
2Flower: Did that guy just blow up his own board for no value?
JoeKim: yep
Sibwow: you could have had both
Gaz_L: oh, right, Hela is discard not destroyed
goombalax: rolling in the deep
TheMikeRobles: @joekim what’s your CL? 👀
Gaz_L: Hela's actually the upgraded win-con for this deck, i think
WanderingWinder: it's hard for them to win left because of the location ability
JoeKim: 500something
Sibwow: oh there you go thats a good card
Gaz_L: spicy!
thavleifrim: thats a good one to get early
TheMikeRobles: Niiiiiiice
JoeKim: shang chi is REALLY strong right now
2Flower: Oh damn hard counter for bruisers
tenthtechpriest: shang chi is one of the best 'gotcha' cards right now
TrickJarrett: Definitely jealous of Shang Chi, I haven't unlocked it yet
Sibwow: yes, patriot
Gaz_L: she's a vanilla 1 drop
JoeKim: turn 6 shang chi is really brutal to deal with
jimmythebass: Not until pool 3
Slacker1977: yes, Patriot
Sibwow: he buffs vanillas by 2
goombalax: shang chi is difficult to play right, at low levels you have to guess where their big hoss is going to show, and if you are on first reveal he does nothing
JoeKim: ooooo sniping their blue marvel
Sibwow: yes
JoeKim: unlucky
Sibwow: yes
Gaz_L: yeah
Sibwow: retreat
JoeKim: yeah. dip out
Rootpotato: your opponent plays savanah lions and you dont know how you lost Kappa
Sibwow: the sanctum santorum
Gaz_L: yeah, you're missing a few pieces for this archetype. for instance it's not even Morbin time
JoeKim: oofa
Sibwow: you can wolverine into it
Slacker1977: well, this worked out
PMAvers: Well, it rewards you for committing to a unknown effect early.
Sibwow: you dont
JoeKim: this is why i do movement decks lately
Earthenone: i try to have outs to unplayable locations in all my decks
Sibwow: wheeler have you gotten ego yet?
Gaz_L: nope, scoop
JoeKim: scoop a doop
Sibwow: talk about not letting you play the game
JoeKim: yeah you can do a pretty basic move deck with pool 1 cards
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Sibwow: turns out the answer was yes but
silentclownhorn: What is ego?
Gaz_L: Ego, The Living Planet
JoeKim: for both players
evilspoons983: Ego, capital E
JoeKim: its a fun one
Sibwow: you get to snap though
Gaz_L: he's a planet with a mustache
JoeKim: just full RNG
Riandisa: I got Ego once while toying with an Agatha deck. Ego supercedes Agatha it turns out
Sibwow: always snap on ego
JoeKim: the villain from Guardians 2
PMAvers: One of the two Super Rare locations.
Mad_Maxis: oh that is annoying, but then Agatha is a fun deck that plays for you
JoeKim: oh yeah. always snap. let RNGesus take the wheel
goombalax: I want to get agatha and turn this into an idle game
Earthenone: no wonder i havent seen it yet
PMAvers: Like, you might see it once over hundreds of games.
TrickJarrett: Can we see the list after this game? I'm trying to build it and am missing a card, but can't figure out what
2Flower: Coin flip.
JoeKim: coin flip for sure
Gaz_L: doesn't Onslaught only count the space he's on?
TrickJarrett: sick thanks
DEATHlikescats: Ya love to see it
TrickJarrett: Ah Korg is who I am missing, thx
Sibwow: ah yes noted card game pokemon doubles
Gaz_L: did anyone see the Pokemon spoiler? For the anime?
PMAvers: Huh, I missed that the new Cardfight Vanguard digital game has a demo up on Steam.
JoeKim: yikessss
Astrovore: big oof
JoeKim: play the wolverine then. dont gamble
CanSpice: LOL
Gaz_L: sword master, no downside
goombalax: you can get crawler out of there
JoeKim: no 100% a downside. wolverine can flip into bar
goombalax: if you put crawler in jotunheim he can get smaller and win bar too
JoeKim: can only move nightcrawler once though
goombalax: oooh
goombalax: I thought he could move whenever
JoeKim: sadly not
PMAvers: I mean we can move the Nightcrawler left since it's negative 1, right?
Astrovore: ooh clever
Gaz_L: America's lesbian
JoeKim: nah. nightcrawler got played right. then got moved mid
JoeKim: so his one move got used up
Gaz_L: (meant in the sense of the nation, but also like, she is)
Sibwow: the best way to empty your hand for strong guy is to just play a bunch of one drops
Sibwow: hes knitting in the other room i imagine
tenthtechpriest: I too wish I could find a strong guy
tenthtechpriest: or gal, I'm not picky
LibraryWitchKei: MvC2 flashbacks intensify
Sibwow: she americas my chavez til it draw it turn 6
Phaia_G: america, eff yeah
Sibwow: i like leaving night crawler
Slacker1977: 16
jeffrington: night to right
Gaz_L: just push buttons
Sibwow: results oriented thinking is great how else can you orient your thinking
Gaz_L: he should do more thinking and less mooring... wait
Gaz_L: only deck, not hand
Gaz_L: still good tho
tenthtechpriest: okoye is good on curve but really bad when you draw late because not hand
Sibwow: read sif again
Gaz_L: Sif always ditches the highest cost you have
Gaz_L: yes
goombalax: a pumped apoc
Earthenone: they get a 12 power appo yeah
Sibwow: and it copies the bonuses
Sibwow: then you lose tempo
Sibwow: so yes
Earthenone: dosent kill it
Sibwow: i would elektra angela
Slacker1977: okoye is a 2
Sibwow: it moves the first card
goombalax: the first in line moves
PMAvers: Brother!
goombalax: did you know darius and Apocalypse are brothers
Gaz_L: buy more dailies
JoeKim: buy more dailies
Sibwow: just sink the 18th hole and go infinite
Slacker1977: you‘re always broke in Snap tbf
2Flower: In a way it's fair because instead of directly buying power you're still have to earn it. But you can buy more opportunities to earn it.
Orxolon: you missed 1 energy
Sibwow: wasp
Gaz_L: it's morbin time!
jimmythebass: Morbin time
goombalax: morbin time
Earthenone: their super power is getting things done
tenthtechpriest: IT'S MORBIN TIME
Orxolon: it's morbing time!
Sibwow: yes ive been jamming baby morbius
mallyx0: its morbin time
iris_of_ether: Morbin' time!
Slacker1977: pool 3?
Gaz_L: he's in pool 2, so 'at some point'
Mal2mad: I dunno, it was my 2nd Pool 2 card.
DEATHlikescats: Gotta Morb out!
Sibwow: morbo is pool 2
tenthtechpriest: morb is pool 2
Gaz_L: but yeah, he's an auto-include here
goombalax: unlike the mcu
Earthenone: so kill it now :P
2Flower: Electric and kill blade
Gaz_L: probably
Sibwow: if theres no wait after you end turn probably a bot
Earthenone: yeah i think you are still in bot leauge
ToughnessIsPower: this is just like magic after space beleren is in play
Gaz_L: hey they're playing the good version of our deck
Earthenone: they are just showing you cards you can get for your deck in this pool :P
tenthtechpriest: he's playing the good version of our list! just playing it way worse than we are!
Gaz_L: nah, Angela and pass
Sibwow: did uncle ben just die? because i unlocked spider-man
Sibwow: peak with blade is instant conceded
Orxolon: Ben,tomorrow is my Pre release,any tips¿?
goombalax: open wurmcoil
Orxolon: thank you
restokiki: And Drafna op
Orxolon: @goombalax i wish
restokiki: yes
Sibwow: yes
e_bloc: if my prerelease is only 4 minutes away should I still fly
mallyx0: its not so much conceding as folding a hand of poker
Gaz_L: yeah, i feel like any design choice that says 'you should not play the game most of the time' is p bad
goombalax: someone in LRR discord got a numbered Aetherflux, of which there are only 500
laundreydhull: Don't open lands in ur rare slots! Ask for re-roll if able @orxolon this also goes for colours when their spread thin...
Astrovore: it's always the blade!
Orxolon: @laundreydhull re rolls?here what you open in the kit is what you play with
Antimuffin: Hi Wheeler! I'm excited to see you play this because I became instantly obsessed. :)
laundreydhull: I'm being a slight troll from my exp
Gaz_L: it feels like a decision that's gonna bite them in the ass later on when newbies get bad feels when all their games end on turn 2 concedes.
Antimuffin: I'm wading into the bottom of Pool 3 and it's kinda wild
mallyx0: i wouldnt have given the kazar deck another kazar
Orxolon: @laundreydhull XD
mallyx0: nvm they full
tenthtechpriest: well you have perfect information
lobiax: Double reveal squirrel is tooo much
laundreydhull: @orxolon but seriously someone here tonight opened most land rares
tenthtechpriest: double revealing squirrel girl is a trap
Chaotically_Random: You want her for the Carnage decks
mallyx0: squirrel girl is good at getting into blocked locations like deaths domain and sanctum sanctorum
fourthdoor: squirrel seems like a noob trap
Orxolon: I'm so axious and scared about my pool tomorrow
Orxolon: i just wanna have fun
Earthenone: its crawling time!
Sibwow: yondu mill time
goombalax: wow you can yondu them dirty
Niahlah: did you just BUSSED a move?
Earthenone: then they dont draw
Sibwow: they just dont get to draw cards
CosmikMulder: nothing
Gaz_L: just don't draw, i think
Slacker1977: nothing
tenthtechpriest: they don't draw
Orxolon: they play with what they have
emamiburger: you are adding rocks to mill - not the best combo
mallyx0: if they dont have any cards they just dont draw
Sibwow: you win because of card advantage
Antimuffin: I still play Squirell in Kazoo but honestly Killmonger is so common at this point that Kazoo is starting to be less viable
lobiax: What's your collection level?
Chaotically_Random: Whats Kazoo do?
TheMadChicken: yondu isnt all that great, you rarely hit their key card, and when you dont, you just speed up the chances of them drawing it
laundreydhull: & I ended up in Boros with at least half a meld & one command
DrWreckage: I am so excited for killmonger to start showing up regularly
mallyx0: kazoo plays a bunch of 1 drops and buffs them w kazar
Sibwow: yondu is just a worse korg
laundreydhull: @drwreckage lrrJUDGECALL lrrJUDGECALL lrrJUDGECALL
Antimuffin: @TheMadChicken it's still info and nothing quite beats the feeling of hitting their Infininaut :)
Earthenone: they are doing the discard and destroy combo
emamiburger: the carnage clone keeps the buffs
lobiax: Ive been spending so much time on this game, it's the easiest card game to play while caring for a newborn
Earthenone: its usualy how i saw this deck run
laundreydhull: sorry am confused in continuities...
Gaz_L: i'd look at taking stuff like Korg and Yondu out and doing the destroy stuff
Gaz_L: like Nova and Angel and Carnage
flatluigi: i return
flatluigi: what deck are you playing now wheeler
restokiki: America fuck yea
Sibwow: thats 4 ubes oh yeah
debrv: Ay yo you play this too? Sweet. Wanna play me?
Earthenone: is there a way to play specific people?
quatoria: yo man you hitting that heart shaped herb?
WavesOfBabies: how the hell does he have 1***20*** credits
Sibwow: he bought fast upgrades
Sibwow: like a fool
mallyx0: @earthenone not yet
DEATHlikescats: The music reminds me of sport highlights
Sibwow: she hearts my herb till i shape
WavesOfBabies: a foolish fool
Gaz_L: Three Dee
thavleifrim: theres a sort by upgradeable option which is handy here
Sibwow: now we know your shame forever
lobiax: TWO!? Cancel this man!
WavesOfBabies: fast upgrade is more shameful
Sibwow: youll have to buy more fast upgrades to erase the proof
WavesOfBabies: fast upgrade is ultimate shame
flatluigi: no it just makes your numbers weird
Antimuffin: but what if I did both?
CosmikMulder: as a part of the lrr crew, which friends character are you?
2Flower: It will take generations to wipe away the shame.
Fanklok: There's no shame in spending James' money on anything
Orxolon: just because you're a content creator XD
Sibwow: @CosmikMulder wheeler is newman
Sibwow: from seinfeld
CosmikMulder: @Sibwow fair
PMAvers: Kramer, clearly.
CosmikMulder: LMAOOOOO
CosmikMulder: kenneth
lannersong: Gunther
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Antimuffin: he's clearly Phoebe
CosmikMulder: gunther is right
Sibwow: could you BE any more chandleresque?
Gaz_L: I'd say Ursula
Fanklok: If anything Wheeler us Phoebe's sister
CosmikMulder: why not stinky cat?
lannersong: A Chandler/Phoebe hybrid. A Cheebi
Antimuffin: yeah Ursula might be a better call
Antimuffin: Phoebe's twin sister
lobiax: She's from the Little Mermaid
Earthenone: maybe they are doing the old, pretend to be afk for 2 turns to get you to snap gambit
Antimuffin: she's somehow even more odd
Antimuffin: played by the same actress
CosmikMulder: twins Basil, TWINS
Gaz_L: well, as in also played by Lisa Kudrow
Mal2mad: She was also on Mad About You
Gaz_L: she was technically from Mad About You
Sibwow: ok infinaut here we come
Sibwow: the deck isnt great
Sibwow: you need swarm
Earthenone: yeah its doubling season
lobiax: It kinda sucks
Antimuffin: Onslaught probably
Sibwow: dont forget to retreat
Orxolon: unpopular opinion:this deck sucks
Sibwow: you are absolutely the type of man to forget to retreat
Earthenone: time to do the dinosaur?
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TheRealRedal: Oh SNAP! As a fellow 'Chandler' at least we're not 'Ross'sses!
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Antimuffin: my current favorite deck is Dinosaur Chaos
lobiax: Pro Tip, get like another 300 collection levels
Orxolon: you have everything for the move deck
Slacker1977: it‘s half Kazoo, half discard
Gaz_L: never give up, never surrender
Slacker1977: seems unfocused
Sibwow: just finished pool 1
Earthenone: you have every card in pool 1
PMAvers: I'm actually kind of curious about the tournament mode they were talking about?
Orxolon: idk what that is,but either that or the devil dino deck
goombalax: the clown of jesus?
lobiax: I wonder how a draft system would work in this game, could be cool
Sibwow: https://marvelsnapzone.com/decks/devil-dinosaur-pool-1/ this is the dekc you want to play
Antimuffin: move deck requires a lot of math but you will be vastly better at that than I am. I lose to move decks constantly and lose when I play them, which means I am the problem :)
Orxolon: pm me and i will gladly tell you(i don't f'n know how to send you a decklst)
tenthtechpriest: the dino deck is fun
Earthenone: that deck should have moon girl over jessica right?
lobiax: Devil Dino is cool
Sibwow: i called it 'Dine of Saur'
flatluigi: yeah, you want moon girl
flatluigi: here's the version i'm running https://pastebin.com/8cDrPcdA
DEATHlikescats: nikasaRIP
Sibwow: white queen is my invitational card
Antimuffin: Onslaught
Gaz_L: no Moon Girl?
PMAvers: Like, the idea is that you start with 10 health, and instead of losing cubes from a match you lose health. You keep on playing games until someone has 0.
mallyx0: why no moon girl?
lobiax: I'd run moon girl
Orxolon: moon girl
Slacker1977: no moon girl?
Sibwow: def want moon girl over onslaught
mallyx0: moon girl goes in this deck
Earthenone: yes
Uncle_Francis: yeah
Orxolon: well ou're deck is too expensive
TheMadChicken: if you run dino moon girl should be in there
Earthenone: jessica
SpleenLord: Always run moon girl
Antimuffin: Moon Girl is both + count and also you can sometimes get 2 dinos off it
lobiax: Ban them
Antimuffin: I like Onslaught over Americc but you do you
Orxolon: we need 2s and 3s
Earthenone: they arent a lrr mod, you can ban them herer :P
gryfyn1: i like enchantress to counter other Dino decks too
Orxolon: oh oh
mallyx0: that works
xHeroRuSH: me!
SnackPak_: fair
LoxhamInABox: cool
goombalax: ban roulllete
chronically_poor: send it
Sibwow: sure as long as it randomly picks me
DEATHlikescats: Interesting!
Boon_33: I'm random!
TheRealRedal: hit me!
YeetTheRich_: Gambling? Im in
TheMadChicken: these are the only contests i win
clarinetman: dibs
PMAvers: Adam walks in and gets hit
mallyx0: moon girl copies left to right and your hand caps at 7
Sibwow: cosmo is goodest boy
Antimuffin: I found out what Rogue (pool 3) does the hard way while playing dino. I sat there with my jaw dropped for like a full minute.
Gaz_L: @Antimuffin lemme guess, copies the ability of the biggest card on the other side?
Antimuffin: worse. STEALS it.
Orxolon: Ben,want me to write the decklists of what you want with what you got?
Earthenone: not there
Gaz_L: oh, yeah, that makes flavour sense
Sibwow: yes
Earthenone: your dog says no
flatluigi: cosmo turns off moon girl\
Sibwow: moon girl dino dino wins a lot of games
jimmythebass: don't moon girl in the cosmo lane
2Flower: Noooooo doggo
Sibwow: moon girl in a different lane
mallyx0: dont moon girl in the dog lane
Orxolon: nice
Gaz_L: dog is symmetrical, so it's fair
2Flower: Honesty not sure why dog is in this deck. It's anti synergy
Sibwow: now you get to spiderman point
SnackPak_: go left!
YeetTheRich_: Monkes go weeee
Sibwow: you want to keep a dinosayr behind the dog because the dog stops enchantress from working
Earthenone: dog stops enchantress and the punch man
Sibwow: sure thats the level 0 play
Antimuffin: the dog is protection, you just have to be careful not to goozle yourself
TheMadChicken: stops shang chi as well
Uncle_Francis: then you just have a "cute" dog
Sibwow: thats what green screens are for
PMAvers: Maybe a RV?
Orxolon: (no intention to be offensive)Ben,you're a smart man,stop for a second and build a deck
Gaz_L: surely more of a covered wagon, cuz rodeo?
Boon_33: oh, snap
KeytarCat: A bus, in the desert, perhaps?
Orxolon: hahaha,ok
flatluigi: @2Flower moon girl wasn't in the original build
Antimuffin: Cheer1000 freeeeee cuuuuubes
The_Timo: Will we ever get an IT spin off, is this your cord?
Orxolon: can i tell you one?
flatluigi: @LoadingReadyRun i like the devil dinosaur / carnage build I've been running https://pastebin.com/8cDrPcdA
Antimuffin: the old snap'n'leave
Sibwow: frantic clicking
Orxolon: ok,sorry
Sibwow: i dropped from 75 to 69 but im back at 70 so its break time for me
Sibwow: dog is in this deck because its a great card
Earthenone: mindscape ruins you a bit
Earthenone: changes dino sizes
Sibwow: start of turn 6
Antimuffin: The thing in this game I can't quite figure out are the Turn 1 Snappers. They emote and point and try to get you to snap back and it's like.....no. I am here for your cubes, not your memes.
Gaz_L: it still messes with them if they have played their hand out
TheMadChicken: bustin makes you feel good so
Gaz_L: them as in your dino
PMAvers: Bustin' makes him feel good
tenthtechpriest: I showed you my hulk please respond
Antimuffin: I love WQ just for the intel, although I guess with mindscape you're potentially doing them a favor if it hits their 6
Earthenone: they went back, its an ongoing
Earthenone: not an on reveal
PMAvers: "I take your hand.. and throw it in the garbage."
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neebusjeebus: cabble
MurphEP: Frame Break! wheelerPog
TheRealRedal: frambrak?!
tenthtechpriest: fun fact a combo deck built around Sera is top tier in pool 3 right now
Slacker1977: interface says otherwise
Slacker1977: it wouldn‘t have the red 1 if you couldn‘t upgrade one card
Sibwow: hell yeah free squirrel
Antimuffin: @Slacker1977 I've found that the interface on steam is less than reliable in that respect
Earthenone: double ironman time?
MurphEP: Damn that Nightcrawler is having a time
MurphEP: Oh I see, cus he can move
Earthenone: where is jungle?
Sibwow: i didnt know croc lived in washington DC
Uncle_Francis: jungle is when they are apearing
Uncle_Francis: thats the gank
Sibwow: *adam voice* sha sha sha
Sibwow: i played against someone named JeeseJames
MurphEP: lrrJAMES
Sibwow: if you both fill it at the same pre flip time you both get a 6 i believe
Antimuffin: they could have novas + angel, but that deck doesn't run that many 1s
Slacker1977: if you fill in the same turn both get a 6
Earthenone: you can now tie
mallyx0: both can get the raft
Dog_of_Myth: You still had a shot I think
nyquister_: "Bankai"
mallyx0: as long as the game is only 1 cube no sense in not seeing what your raft card is
bigburley97: What is the deck theme?
2Flower: Dino.
bigburley97: That's a solid and good theme lol
tenthtechpriest: pool 1 featuring devil dino the big bungus
TheBurninator89: okay, a proper chongus
Earthenone: dino is ongoing
Antimuffin: spectrum is actually pretty good here, just expect them to dino on right
Slacker1977: fo shure
mallyx0: dino is ongoing
Sibwow: dino is ongoing
WavesOfBabies: dino is ongoing
tenthtechpriest: dino is ongoing
mallyx0: dino is 15
Sibwow: 3+2x
Orxolon: 3/3
Antimuffin: 3+ 2*N
WavesOfBabies: 3 + 2*hand size
WavesOfBabies: 17 is highest
TheBurninator89: gamble!
mallyx0: 15 because they have to play the dino
Sibwow: hes learning!
WavesOfBabies: 50/50 is worth it i say
Sibwow: bet you wish you had 5 more credits right about now huh
MurphEP: Frame Break! lrrSLOTH
Earthenone: or a dinosaur
Orxolon: jessica
Slacker1977: @WavesOfBabies it‘s not 50/50 though. they knew most of our hand and then dino to mindscape just wins
Sibwow: dont you love gaming
TheBurninator89: how's the Dino working? I just made an apocalypse deck and sometimes it pops and sometimes I discard every other useful card....
mallyx0: too bad we dont have dino anymore
Sibwow: professor x! my man!
2Flower: Prof X! x2flowSurprised
bigburley97: Iron Fist is bonkers in my movement deck
Sibwow: play JJ mid here
Sibwow: then go iron man on bar sinister
tenthtechpriest: iron fist is an enabler for the movement deck
Slacker1977: what deck? Kappa
Orxolon: 0x2
Sibwow: it does if an 8 power JJ is there
WavesOfBabies: Klaw on bar sinister gives 24 mid and 16 left
Orxolon: go jesss
TheHauntedTank: jj will get bounced from iron fist
Antimuffin: JJ will move to left due to Fist, but she won't dup since she moved
bigburley97: 0x2 is still zero, but only if you think about it
Sibwow: you have an iron fist active
Earthenone: remember your fist
bigburley97: JJ on Bar SInister is good
Orxolon: jess
Orxolon: oh no
Sibwow: 5 credits short again
bigburley97: noooo
Earthenone: if you do jj on right you get 4 jjs, if you do mid you get 1 jj and can follow up with 3 iron men
goombalax: you got swamped with new janky cards
MurphEP: Where frambrak
Slacker1977: if you let jess get moved you can fill bar with iron man later
bigburley97: JJ on the left was good
Orxolon: yeah
bigburley97: oof sunspot is annoying
Sibwow: jj mid iron man left is 64 though thats even more
Earthenone: sunspot, is great
TheMadChicken: killmonger loves sunspots
mallyx0: sunspot is pretty good into infinaut
Earthenone: a living example of sometimes the right move is to do nothing
2Flower: Oh no. Infinaut incoming?
tenthtechpriest: sunspot is great but also it dies to basically every removal spell
Orxolon: yes
Sibwow: i think the lesson here is any move is better than no move
bigburley97: You're not wrong Sibwow
bigburley97: I think cosmo in the middle makes sense
Orxolon: yes
bigburley97: That makes sense
mallyx0: cosmo is tryint a little hard in this deck
2Flower: I think Cosmo was primarily protection against some of the deeper pool three cards and black panther
Sibwow: he doesnt do a ton here thats fair
bigburley97: He's a silver bullet card I think
tenthtechpriest: imo cosmo is only good if you hold the initiative
Orxolon: at your level you want the generator cards moon girl and devil dino
Sibwow: remember not to put moon girl with cosmo
Rourke9: Comso is pretty great later yea. Especially as a counter against the sacrifice deck where you can see where they are setting up
squirrelfire: Cosmo is a lot better in the Spectrum deck, where he can do double duty.
bigburley97: Double Dino is always good
Sibwow: cosmo is also great with your own cards with bad triggers
WavesOfBabies: I heard "Mean Girls to go get Double Doubles" and I immediately thought "get in loser, we're getting Timmies"
Rourke9: the 'no description here' 2 cost is better against sacrifice, but less flexible
bigburley97: That is a solid play
Rourke9: seems solid yea
bigburley97: Devil in the middle makes sense
zook_ningel: i like dino mid
mallyx0: you should also play your leftmost devil first because opponent cN see created by and you shouldnt give info out that you are double dinoing
Slacker1977: they can‘t
mallyx0: they can see if a card was created by moongirl
Sibwow: you can sort by quality
Rourke9: it doesnt super matter
flatluigi: the higher upgrade the more you're getting from your credits
2Flower: White cards are more efficient to upgrade
Earthenone: the first level is better effecency wise
Orxolon: you have a filter that says upgreadable
WavesOfBabies: common to uncommon is a slightly better deal (25credits/level), but everything else is 50 credits/level
Stensballe: first upgrade is best value for credits
zook_ningel: the first level is slightly more efficient, the rest are the same conversion
Sibwow: upgrade the cards you want to make prettier
bigburley97: Cheer100 This is my favorite game these days, and it's a blast watching and seeing the strategy when I'm not stressing about it haha
MurphEP: *gasp* animated lrrWOW
tenthtechpriest: boo rhino is lame
bigburley97: animatteeeeeed
AdmiralMemo: Howdy folks.
Sibwow: james's credit card is calling
Slacker1977: i love „shiny logo“
Earthenone: james has more money though!
MurphEP: Beautiful, beautiful
Rourke9: eventually you want to focus on getting a few to max, because then they unlock new versions which you can do the first, more efficient, upgrade with. But that's a micro-optimization
mhbmk2: international beast savior (IBS)
AdmiralMemo: I have this on Android. Other than iOS, is this on any other platforms, like Steam or something?
bigburley97: steam
tenthtechpriest: spend daddy james's money before he has to buy ice cream again!
Sibwow: you want to max out cards because you can get rainbow versions of them
Slacker1977: in beta on steam
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Hangedman: you ever tried to snap a marble? it's not easy. those things are solid
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Juliamon: The Steam port is currently.... not ideal, though
Slacker1977: or is out of beta by now?
AdmiralMemo: @tenthtechpriest Got to leave him enough for the microwaved Diet Coke, though.
thegitrogsquirrel: IBS worrier. not all heros should wear capes
KeytarCat: Corner says Early Access
bigburley97: oof
AdmiralMemo: Can I log into the same account on multiple platforms?
Sibwow: yes
Earthenone: yeah you can link em up
bigburley97: I think devil in asgard
WavesOfBabies: 50/50
PMAvers: He can be your Debil.
WavesOfBabies: Devil will be 13
Slacker1977: they might have klaw
Rourke9: I would play left yea
Earthenone: 13 if you play 2
Juliamon: AdmiralMemo per last week you had to in order to claim certain things that weren't available on the Steam port
Rourke9: if it won I would left
bigburley97: Devil in asgard ant man in middle
bigburley97: dang
Rourke9: nice!!
bigburley97: that enchantress was almost bad lol
bigburley97: morph?
AdmiralMemo: I've got like 6 different decks in this game. 2 I play regularly, and 4 that I've created for daily missions.
mallyx0: angela
Earthenone: rhino, stick with animal theme? :P
Sibwow: could swap for armor
tenthtechpriest: bishop
bigburley97: Morph gets pretty funky and fun
thavleifrim: rhino is an ok tech card
AdmiralMemo: Morph is always a coin flip
Stensballe: ye cosmo protects your dino
driagan: Storm
gallinule: Cable maybe?
Sibwow: cable is in the deck
WavesOfBabies: cable is good with devil dino
MurphEP: Shocker? So he can blast ya?
AdmiralMemo: Once I had an opponent's Morph turn into my Morph, which turned into a card in THEIR hand
bigburley97: Cable is in the deck
Slacker1977: Hulkbuster is just solid stats
tenthtechpriest: you could do lizard just as a big bungus that also sometimes baits them into a location
shurtal: coming into chat live, from my Hotel's Shitty Wifi (thanks My Job!) It's ya boy, ME
AdmiralMemo: There is a bit of alliteration in these names... DD, JJ, etc.
MurphEP: wheelerPog
Earthenone: its almost like they are comic book charicters right? :P
shurtal: Aw, Wheeler loves his hubbin
AdmiralMemo: HAI CAT
bigburley97: @tenthtechpriest Ooh. I hadn't thought about Lizard as bait and wow that's some genius thinking.
goombalax: did you se the mtg ad where Danny Trejo gets really excited about a turn 3 gigantosaurus
SnackPak_: oh, I love Dashboard lrrBEEJ
AdmiralMemo: America! BUS YEAH!
MurphEP: wut
Earthenone: the boy!
tenthtechpriest: IT'S THE BOY
AdmiralMemo: You haven't seen that?
WavesOfBabies: BIG BOY
tenthtechpriest: THE BIGGEST BUNGUS
bigburley97: Infinaut!!!!
BabyThor: woahhhhh
bigburley97: THE BOY
2Flower: Welcome to Infininaut!
Sibwow: beware the skipped turn 5
AdmiralMemo: So you save a turn to get a 20
WavesOfBabies: welcome to the new hulk, same as the old hulk
driagan: Watch out when they skip turn 5
tenthtechpriest: yeah infinaut is stupid and great
thavleifrim: infinaut is a great combo finisher once you get more cards
Earthenone: now that that exists, you can skip 5's for free cubes!
bigburley97: Sunspot into infinaut is one I see a lot
AdmiralMemo: I've got a deck that's got him and zero 5-drops
Earthenone: me too memo :P
AdmiralMemo: Infinaut is usually played with Sunspot and JJ
thavleifrim: i run him with sif and hell rider
squirrelfire: Yep. Should have put JJ on the left on 4, leaving you turn 6 Iron Man.
Earthenone: he is one of the 4 6's in the deck because i love jubilee
tenthtechpriest: ez moongirl
Earthenone: 3*
driagan: If you play Moon Girl mid, she won't go back to your hand
2Flower: Cosmo right ruins nova
bigburley97: Sentinel in the middle is good
AdmiralMemo: I JUST got Jubilee, and cheating out big cards is GREAT
bigburley97: and moongirl will resolve first
Stensballe: u can play moongirl in lukesbar, it wont bounce if u have a full hand
driagan: At least, if your hand is full she won't
tenthtechpriest: cards are activated in the order you play them
AdmiralMemo: @Stensballe Won't bounce if full?! Neat!
tenthtechpriest: yeah this is a scoop
2Flower: Yeah, his check was good in those particular combos of areas.
juneblue58: Yeah, I'm pretty convinced that this is just Caravan from NV but much worse.
AdmiralMemo: Oh I need to tell you about the one set of reveals I had... Let me look up the picture I took.
bigburley97: That is a pretty nightcrawler they have wow
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Athelgar: getting 2 eldrzi on turn 1 ...
bigburley97: Cosmo on right
Earthenone: they will all go to nidebaelir
Earthenone: added counts moving and playing and generating
Slacker1977: yes
Stensballe: yes
AdmiralMemo: Can't play, can't move, can't generate
bigburley97: Yes
WavesOfBabies: yes
tenthtechpriest: correct, everything goes to left
bigburley97: You don't lose
Sibwow: youre gonna lose your shit at goose
AdmiralMemo: So here's the worst trio of things I've seen. Reveal 1: Sanctum Sanctorum (can't play cards) Reveal 2: Bar With No Name (lowest power wins) Reveal 3: The Vault (can't play cards on Turn 6)
xantos69: How's this shaking?
weeklyrecon: how do we see your deck
bigburley97: You win
TheRealRedal: So do you actually like doggo, then? just asking as a new playeer trying to get the synergies?
MurphEP: wheelerY wheelerH
AdmiralMemo: How do I know what Pool I'm in?
gallinule: If you’re looking to replace Cosmo maybe Punisher?
JoeKim: @AdmiralMemo collection level
Slacker1977: collection level, memo
goombalax: it gets really good after the tutorial ends around hour 60
JoeKim: the game doesn't tell you specifically
RufusMcDufus: if you have to ask, you probably are in pool 1 still. Under 214 CL is 1
Earthenone: click arrow
damn_i_am_pretty: wait for winter
Earthenone: next to bucky
AdmiralMemo: OK, so what levels do what?
Orxolon: zoom it and click to the right
RufusMcDufus: its very clear when you get to pool 2
ImagoDreams: He looks like Bucky but with a mechanical arm
JoeKim: 1-214 is pool 1 ,215-485 is pool 2
RufusMcDufus: its like wtf are all these other cards?
TheRealRedal: wait.. so like bucky?
bigburley97: I think if you hover over bucky there will be an arrow over to the right for winter soldier
Sibwow: winter soldier is a vanilla 6 power
Riandisa: I'm so frustrated with pool 3. I'm still missing a ton of cards but just get boosters and profile pics
AdmiralMemo: @JoeKim I'm 422 currently
JoeKim: so you're most of the way through pool 2
Earthenone: i got to an amazing place where i was at season pass level 69 and colection level 420
Juliamon: AdmiralMemo The game tries to match you with people in the same pool as you, so if you suddenly start to see people with new cards you'll know you're in a new pool
RufusMcDufus: pool 3 is a slog, i'm still pretty early in it
WavesOfBabies: I wonder if Carnage from Modern Horizons 7: Marvel Comics will go in Artisocrats
bigburley97: They're gonna destroy in elysium
AdmiralMemo: @Juliamon Well, given that I've seen "new" cards for a long time, because there's a bunch of locations that just make random cards...
RufusMcDufus: thats true, the random stuff can be from any pool
TheRealRedal: wait how much did he cost, for a buff nightcrawler?
AdmiralMemo: I'm a bot
bigburley97: I'm not not a bot
bigburley97: But also not a bot
ImagoDreams: How do you have duplicate cards? I thought it was only one of each card per deck
tenthtechpriest: I'm only partially a bot
jimmythebass: @ImagoDreams Moon Girl duplicates cards in hand
Earthenone: moon girl duplicates hand
AdmiralMemo: @ImagoDreams Yes, but Morph, or cards that generate other cards
RufusMcDufus: some cards can duplicate things or steal from opponents or create random stuff
Slacker1977: moon girl dupes your hand
damn_i_am_pretty: that feeling when you wake up one morning and look in the mirror and realize you've been the bot all along
Earthenone: !DBCOUNTDOWN
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Sat 12 Nov 02:00 PM PST (17:01 from now)
Earthenone: you ahve time
The_Color_Twelve: 17 hours
Turei_Runetotem: I think you might have missed the second commercial break
tenthtechpriest: keep playing until DB starts
TheRealRedal: desert WHat?
Juliamon: I don't know if you actually took the second one
PMAvers: Welcome to Snap for Hope, the new 24-hour stream.
Juliamon: but you can go long if you want, nobody cares
just_gut: Just roll straight on into desert bus.
ImagoDreams: @jimmythebass Ah that explains it, thanks!
Fanklok: What are they going to do double fire you?
Riiiiiiis: i care
MurphEP: Ben Wheeler would never miss a contractual obligation
Slacker1977: i never noticed a commercial break
Mysticman89: casually marvel snap for hope
damn_i_am_pretty: well, in truth, Disney gets the hour you lost. it's how they're gonna resurrect Walt
Earthenone: if only we had a large rhino to stop it
AdmiralMemo: Hobgoblin on either the location that fills 4 of a card, or on Shuri's Lab which doubles power, both are fun plays
A_Dub888: !card seige rhino
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
A_Dub888: !card siege rhino
LRRbot: Siege Rhino [1WBG] | Creature — Rhino [4/5] | Trample / When Siege Rhino enters the battlefield, each opponent loses 3 life and you gain 3 life.
damn_i_am_pretty: Serge Rhino?
Slacker1977: @damn_i_am_pretty beat me to it
Turei_Runetotem: heres what we do - take the second break now and sneakily go a fourth hour
Slacker1977: damn mobile keyboard :D
The_Color_Twelve: losing is always an option
Dog_of_Myth: It happens
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Gormlessben: Hooray!
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Earthenone: thats true, given you take no actions a loss occurs
LibraryWitchKei: Cosmo!!!
damn_i_am_pretty: ah, the Gambler's Fallacy
Juliamon: We gotta end by beating Kermit
The_Color_Twelve: My life experience would certainly support that assertion
MurphEP: He looks different
Juliamon: it's the right thing to do
AdmiralMemo: Kermit with the Carnage symbiote on him sounds hilarious
damn_i_am_pretty: who knew Kermit was the host of Carnage
serramarkov converted from a Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
tenthtechpriest: it's ok to retreat 7 times if you win an 8 cube snap lrrGREED
AdmiralMemo: That's Spiderwoman/Carnage
Earthenone: thats the carnage variant
WavesOfBabies: that's carnage
Dog_of_Myth: Carnage version
Heinzes_: it's a carnage variant
serramarkov: Thanks for still being on stream- I needed to re-up!
damn_i_am_pretty: no, it's just too stupid and complicated
Rourke9: Yea that's from last season's track
TheBurninator89: Spider-Gonzo
The_Color_Twelve: was going to say she looked sort of carnagey
Slacker1977: the interdimensional Spider woman is madame webb
damn_i_am_pretty: everyone at this point has been Carnage. it's like the bicycle of NYC
Earthenone: if you move there it pumps them\
driagan: If you move card there, it'll buff his guy
AdmiralMemo: @damn_i_am_pretty Deadpool Carnage?
Earthenone: the man
Juliamon: oh no
A_Dub888: rayfkWelp
Dog_of_Myth: Killmonger is a force
goombalax: B-b-b-bBlowout
AdmiralMemo: I HATE Killmonger
AdmiralMemo: Because they almost never have 1-cost in their own deck
Earthenone: sometimes they have nova :P
AdmiralMemo: True, true
Slacker1977: america is just more power
KyranTheWalker: Weenie 1 drop decks were so fun to play before Killmonger started showing up.
MurphEP: Can't end on a loss
Earthenone: come on bot!
nyquister_: Like Hearthstone?
CosmikMulder: Coin FLip: The Game TM
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AdmiralMemo: I've got an entire deck that is based on killing stuff. Angel, Noval, Bucky, Carnage, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deathlok (with a few others as place-holders until I get more).
Juliamon: Well *look who it is*
AdmiralMemo: Oh yeah, Murderworld is terrible unless your stuff WANTS to die
Rourke9: yea, it's high variance mitigated by the snap
Slacker1977: triple dino game
driagan: Dino in right lane
WavesOfBabies: You're trying to say that Marvel Snap has no downsides (:
damn_i_am_pretty: it's like some sort of skinner box or something
AdmiralMemo: @Juliamon Oh, for example, I just got District X (replace your deck with 10 random cards)
BreaK_Vg: Do you know how many holographic pattern are in the game?
CosmikMulder: its akin to putting 5 bucks in a slot machine and it lighting up telling you that you won $2.50
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driagan: Go Dino in right lane
Earthenone: dino in right makes 2 dinos
damn_i_am_pretty: and we win! we're the best!
CosmikMulder: gg +2 have a good night
Rourke9: thanks for the stream!
Turei_Runetotem: honestly this game to me mostly feels like Gwent that's been designed to mobile game the fuck out of it to its detriment
AdmiralMemo: Good games!
Dog_of_Myth: Bus is coming
Earthenone: !db
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope is a charity gaming marathon where people dance sing and be silly while playing the worst game of all time, Desert Bus. The marathon raises money for childsplaycharity.com . An explanation video can be found here: https://youtu.be/vvU3KXtOg8Q . More information can be found at https://DesertBus.org/ and twitch.tv/DesertBus
tenthtechpriest: *unless desert bus goes crazy
damn_i_am_pretty: BUS IS COMING
nyquister_: Thank you!!! See you on your home stream :)
A_Dub888: !bus
AdmiralMemo: BUS. IS. COMING. https://soundcloud.com/mdrift314/vengabuds
LordZarano: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Sat 12 Nov 02:00 PM PST (16:50 from now)
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2654 patrons for a total of $20,441.07 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
WavesOfBabies: next sunday after that? so 9 days?
heartofgoldfish: What if desert bus goes extra long??
Mysticman89: then the children win
DEATHlikescats: @wavesofbabies awesome name btw!
Dog_of_Myth: Yet.
Earthenone: !youtube
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JDogg2K4: No horse joke? there's always a horse joke
benjamin_wheeler: HELLO
Earthenone: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: twitch.tv/seabats | Alex: twitch.tv/alexsteacy | Ben Ulmer: twitch.tv/bengineering | Cameron: twitch.tv/unarmedoracle | Cori and Ian: twitch.tv/tiltyhouse | Heather: twitch.tv/LunarJade | James: twitch.tv/James_LRR | Jeremy White: twitch.tv/jrhwhite | Kathleen: twitch.tv/BraveNewFaves | Matt Wiggins: twitch.tv/wiggins | Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager | Wheeler: twitch.tv/benjamin_wheeler | Nelson: twitch.tv/coachnelly
AdmiralMemo: DB merch to go on sale tomorrow!
Sibwow: grink time occasionally
Juliamon: There are actual hard monetary limitations that prevent Desert Bus from going "extra long"
r10pez10: exponential growth sure is a thing
Juliamon: things like "literally more money than there is in the world"
Mysticman89: 'local billionaire spends a billion to watch sleep deprive improv group play video game'
Shelvish_Fyshstic: Hour well spent. :-)
Sibwow: fun fact the 8761st hour of desert bus is only a dollar
AdamYMHMI: Got it in one
Phailhammer: cya :)
TheRealRedal: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Dog_of_Myth: See ya all on the bus, chat.
TheRealRedal: Aww!