SaxPython: <3
Juliamon: ah, back to 'normal'
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: sergeHi
SaxPython: I'm sure this is late but lets check
SaxPython: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler dives into the wonderful world of Marvel Snap! Game: Marvel Snap) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (26s ago).
SaxPython: hey LRRbot, what's good?
SaxPython: !findquote snap
SaxPython: that's on me. it's sub only
benjamin_wheeler: sorry, getting my bit ready
SaxPython: it's all good fam
SnackPak_: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Snowcookies: stream
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> We’re back 🎉🎉🎉 | Join @BWheelerMTG this evening for Is This Your Card? where he’ll continue his look at Marvel Snap! | Meanwhile, the upcoming week of streams is more or less back to normal. See y’all around! | ||
aliceduckwhisper: skaiBOBBLE skaiBOBBLE skaiBOBBLE skaiBOBBLE skaiBOBBLE
bren_frost: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4
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electra310: Happy Sunday, Lrrsfolk! Has everyone gotten a nap?
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
guacxmole: GayPride
electra310: I personally slept twelve hours last night. :D
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paronomasiac042: i wish i could collect all the naps i fought as a toddler and have them now
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catfoo123: almost a year! wohoo
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Juliamon: I took a nap, looked at the news, and went back to sleep. Desert Bus world is so much kinder than the rest of the world.
kiko_369: isn't that the truth
electra310: Desert Bus world is what lets me deal with the world for the rest of the year. It's very special!
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SaxPython: CoolCat CoolCat CoolCat
catfoo123: Yayayay
paronomasiac042: mmm, love that dirty brass
catfoo123: so jazzy
ruscobrog: This intro slaps
thraximore: good bit
electra310: Hi Wheeler!
thraximore: LUL
electra310: :D
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
qrunchmonkey: welcome back to the real world
DeM0nFiRe: 🚌
asthanius: Welcome back, Mr. Halo
Juliamon: reminder that it's Trans Day of Remembrance, which usually falls during Desert Bus but missed it by a day this year. TransgenderPride
catfoo123: Honk honk
SpleenLord: Warning. Incoming game
SaxPython: yo, nice sweater
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Sibwow: is that chris evans in knives out
electra310: That is a nice sweater, looks very cozy
rabbitgta: meme or me me ?
paronomasiac042: meme-y wheeler?
electra310: Dessert Bus for Hoop?
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2664 patrons for a total of $20,640.30 per month.
qrunchmonkey: describing desert bus as "a week of no content" is quite a strech
thraximore: @qrunchmonkey no *wheeler* content
rabbitgta: going to give us all yelp reviews
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robaphone251: wheelerY and might i add wheelerH
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Sibwow: and for even more money you can get the nda tier
electra310: Loading Ready Run was quiet all week because they could not cohost the stream like in previous years
paronomasiac042: Desert Hoopoe for Bus?
SaxPython: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, playmats, Qwerpline and Road Quest official merch, and much more! Check out for the full catalog.
electra310: More or less?
Sibwow: hahaha yes
guacxmole: absolutely gay and horny for card games yes
thraximore: wheelerPog
SpleenLord: Morb
Sibwow: imagine not having baby morbius
RelevantWorm: wheeler ate a dessert bust?
birdy8201: Its Morbin Time?
rabbitgta: morbing good time
thraximore: good answer, though
thraximore: wheelerBless
SaxPython: @birdy8201 FBtouchdown
thavleifrim: ice man is good but not necessary
Sibwow: ice man isnt super necessary but hes pretty good
HedgehogKnight: I have been playing a movement deck
Sibwow: cloak
Sibwow: you gotta know when to hold em
rabbitgta: scraps, just in time for turkey day
Rourke9: Conceding is hard
Sibwow: thats the hot zone right now
electra310: I do love some good scraps
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space_held: how does this game work
maximuslaws: I have a deck based on Destroy named Oblivion. <3
maximuslaws: Sir you have too dinos.
rabbitgta: snap time?
maximuslaws: GG
rabbitgta: FBtouchdown HSWP
incredulouspasserby: I have exactly zero idea of what's happening, how do we tell what cards do
Sibwow: bryan cranston was great
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maximuslaws: I suck at predicting with mantis....
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mtvcdm: How many subs to another hour-- oh wait this is not that
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Sibwow: cosmo saves the day
SaxPython: but also !prime
SaxPython: !prime
mtvcdm: Oh yeah it tried to pop on me mid-run when I was in here adding stuff to the quote database
maximuslaws: Beast on empty lane is such a LUL.
electra310: I got my two year badge this month, as I recall I subbed when there was no stream live at all because I didn't know how Twitch worked besides Desert Bus. :D
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Sibwow: ah yes iron ant
mtvcdm: We added *65* quotes to the database over the course of the run.
Sibwow: 20
maximuslaws: Hard read mister wheeler.
TheMerricat: evening chat and Ben! Feels weird watching a non-DB stream all the sudden.
Rourke9: Infinaut is cool, yea!
aussie_rob_w: I am still experiencing post DB comedown
electra310: It's weird to have to throw my own random dance party if I want one
Sibwow: gamora is the 5/12
asthanius: Gamera?
SeismicLawns: colossus in zone is pretty hot
thavleifrim: probably carnage
Sibwow: hey carnold
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Murderface9797: Halfway to a year
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cephalidsquid: What does snapping do?
thavleifrim: @cephalidsquid doubles the ammount of rank points you're playing for
duke_dice: oh snap wheeler is here!
space_held: is the superman card any good?
aussie_rob_w: Nova only does anything if it dies, so they only got the one
cephalidsquid: Does the round you do it affect how many rank points you gain/lose?
thavleifrim: patriot>
Sibwow: patriot is a screwed up card
thavleifrim: thats a pretty strong deck actually
duke_dice: yep patriot is funny
aussie_rob_w: I love playing Rogue to steal their Patriot.
Murderface9797: Ultron still isn’t a good card . That’s my response to patriot decks
Slacker1977: play hulk then?
Sibwow: call that rightcrawler
Sibwow: 6/8 fill the other locations with 1 power bots
thavleifrim: ultron fills all you empty spots with 1/1s
Murderface9797: Ultron is 6 energy for 8 power and he fills all other locations with drones
Slacker1977: why wouldn't they expect Tiger?
aussie_rob_w: @murderface9797 I crushed a Patriot deck once that only played Patriot and Mystique before turn 6, because Aero dragged their facedown Ultron to Fisk Tower and destroyed it before it revealed.
aussie_rob_w: Great line!
Murderface9797: Awwww Fisk tower and aero . They are right it’s all about the small things in life @aussie_rob_w
duke_dice: Nice.
Natedogg2: I just got a Killmonger. He's sweet.
bradlby: killmonger is quite a card
goombalax: killmonger is very good, shang-chi is hard to use
aussie_rob_w: Killmonger is my nemesis.
Sibwow: theyre very good cards
Rourke9: Yea they’re both good
duke_dice: killmonger is only good vs kazoo (zoo decks)
Uncle_Francis: they are the best card in pool 2
Sibwow: killmonger is better because he has a venom variant
Murderface9797: I laugh at killmonger I literally have a single one drop in my deck
Rourke9: Iirc there’s a control deck with those two and the card that makes the game take an extra turn
Sibwow: magik
Rourke9: They’re situational but very powerful
aussie_rob_w: Killmonger suffers at the moment because Destroyer decks are so common and Armor is *everywhere*
Murderface9797: Yeah destroyer spectrum is everywhere
duke_dice: 6 mana 12 power and destories your board
Murderface9797: 6 energy 16 power destroy all your cards
Sibwow: 6/16 destroyes all other cards on your side
Slacker1977: 6 energy 20 power, destroy like the rest of your board i think?
Murderface9797: @slacker1977 he’s 20 powers is my wildest dreams
Slacker1977: oh, 6/20 is Infinaut then
Rourke9: Destroyer spectrum is almost all pool 2 cards, which is nice
aussie_rob_w: So they fill one lane, use Armor to make it indestructible, then Destroyer the other one
Murderface9797: Or professor cheese a lane
Sibwow: im playing spectrum destroyer right now its very strong
Slacker1977: Yondu? why would you play Yondu?
thavleifrim: professor is a silly card
Murderface9797: Maybe it’s death wave
Sibwow: @Slacker1977 yondu is good in deathwave
aussie_rob_w: Deathwave is gonna be more common with Deaths Domain featured
Murderface9797: It should be
Gibblets_99: What pool is Ben in?
Sibwow: 2
Murderface9797: I just like throwing electro into deaths domain .
Slacker1977: sounds fishy
Natedogg2: What's with all these Nightcrawlers? Are we going fishing?
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EdmundJuniper: braven10EYE braven10TRI braven10PRISM braven10KNOT braven10HEX
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Uncle_Francis: maybe they move jessica
Sibwow: click on your energy ball to reset
Murderface9797: Click the energy
KillThreeRats: Undo all your moves?
Slacker1977: they should just give up mid and play something big into Cloning Vats
thavleifrim: id probably expect to see odin
thavleifrim: guess not
KillThreeRats: Could you also have played Nightcrawler?
Sibwow: iron heart was in the new black panther movie
AdamTheIndividual: tie break is total power. should always play as much power as possible
Murderface9797: Just remember it gets more complex when you go into pool 3
aussie_rob_w: This deck feels like it’s more about synergy than finding combo, which makes your 6/9 worse
KillThreeRats: Understandable. Fr fr.
Slacker1977: eyyy, it's worse White Queen :D
Slacker1977: i love Ben Grimm
Murderface9797: Get gooseled
aussie_rob_w: Double Iron Hulk!!!
Murderface9797: Iron hulk engage
aussie_rob_w: Double Iron Hulk is 48
AdamTheIndividual: double double would have 56 on right
asthanius: I hope they also got a White Queen
Murderface9797: wait it’s like this game is just a roundabout way to do more math boo urns
goombalax: I saw someone with over 9k using doubling shenans
aussie_rob_w: I miss Iron Onslaught
Murderface9797: Can bar sinister be the featured location again ?
AdamTheIndividual: 2x iron man is double then doubled again.
Slacker1977: @Murderface9797 on a weekend i think
AdamTheIndividual: you played dino 9n 44
AdamTheIndividual: dino was on 4 from the 3xtra mana.
AdamTheIndividual: the white tiger might have gotten you.
Murderface9797: There are ways to use it
thodak91: not new just more featured
duke_dice: its perfect if you have stuff like bucky barnes.
Slacker1977: i feel Death's Domain is more interesting with higher pool cars
Spritz_T: it's useful for a few cards like bucky barnes
Uncle_Francis: more than that is just to change the decklist
goombalax: you'd think that but you never actually see death hang out there. its a tourist trap
aussie_rob_w: I like Bucky Barnes and Nova on it
Sibwow: deadpool
Juliamon: Wow.......
Uncle_Francis: colossus
Murderface9797: Shut up electro and get into the domain
KillThreeRats: Are you still in card pool 1?
Natedogg2: Two energy? In this economy?
KillThreeRats: Ah. Pool 2 has some interesting decks.
Sibwow: isnt multiple man just men
KillThreeRats: The move deck and the Jubilee deck are pretty hilarious.
aussie_rob_w: Jamie Maddox!
KillThreeRats: To the left.
SpleenLord: Left
Uncle_Francis: to the left
Sibwow: iron fist and heimdal both push things left
Murderface9797: Left
Sibwow: bifrost pushes things right
goombalax: in a box to the left
KillThreeRats: To the left, to the left. Everything I own in a box to the left.
aussie_rob_w: You mean Heimdall?
Sibwow: i like snapping here
aussie_rob_w: I don’t
Murderface9797: Snapping seems strong
KillThreeRats: You can abandon Loc 3 and just develop 1/2 as best you can since they HAVE to move.
Spritz_T: must have a bad hand
Murderface9797: And the right lane is closed off build up mid as strong as you can
Sibwow: if they want to move things right its just cloak or dr strange, and both get eaten by deaths domain
KillThreeRats: You're getting America next turn.
KillThreeRats: So it's fine.
Spritz_T: vision is pretty meh since he costs 5 normally
aussie_rob_w: Vision wins right.
Murderface9797: Dog mid ?
thavleifrim: he costs 5 though so unless you cheat him out early hes just a big nightcrawler
Sibwow: i like iron man middle
KillThreeRats: You can plan on playing America on 6 which is .. 9 power I think?
aussie_rob_w: Iron Mid, Jessica right
Natedogg2: I also like Iron Man middle.
aussie_rob_w: Jessica left**
Spritz_T: heimdall could be an issue
onefreeman28: Moves all other cards left
Spritz_T: move everything 1 left
Enmity777: move everything 1 left
KillThreeRats: Moves everything to the left.
SpleenLord: Moves everything to the left
thavleifrim: move everything left
Murderface9797: Move things left
Sibwow: heimdall pushes all their other stuff left, so you win deaths domain if they do that
canadianbac0nz: Their stuff
Enmity777: on theirs
KillThreeRats: On HIS side.
thavleifrim: only theirs and only if there is sapce
AdamTheIndividual: their stuff
Murderface9797: Their things
aussie_rob_w: Not your stuff
Spritz_T: kraven is going to get buff if he has it
Sibwow: america is mid yes
Enmity777: weird play by them imo
KillThreeRats: Yeah it was.
Sibwow: games easy
EotMJohn: The Move decks are so hard to play
thavleifrim: all cards that move in a direction are left so move decks are kinda weak on the right
KillThreeRats: The move decks get mega fucked by 1 bad location.
SpleenLord: I love the movement deck but sometimes I goozle myself
aussie_rob_w: They shouldn’t have Heimdall’d on 6 with Domain right.
Murderface9797: Pool 3 going from moving your cards as a gimmick to moving your opponents cards as a gimmick
onefreeman28: There are no cards that move right, only the bifrost that moves all cards
Spritz_T: i understand the logic, but it just wasn't going to work
aussie_rob_w: Doc Strange moves anywhere
aussie_rob_w: That collector is gonna be THIC
Sibwow: and much more in charger
Sibwow: the last thing
Slacker1977: sentinel
Sibwow: they move from first to last
Sibwow: i like devil dino middle here
KillThreeRats: you could counter with your own heimdall if you're already winning on board.
Haroldholmes25: now take it back y'all
Sibwow: if they heimdal then deaths domain is yours
aussie_rob_w: you’re gonna lose Death’s if they don’t Heimdall, though
KillThreeRats: actually if they heimdall they just fucking lose lmao
Slacker1977: we lose to Moon Girl
aussie_rob_w: They can play 2 cards that put cards in hand and they’ll win
Sibwow: america is actively bad
aussie_rob_w: If they snap. Retreat.
micalovits: !listen
LRRbot: Chat? At this time of year?
KillThreeRats: Sorry, we're a collective consciousness. We're as bad as we are good.
Slacker1977: never listen to twich chat
Slacker1977: big mistake
Laserbeaks_Fury: I see you converged on Devil Dino
Sibwow: lets see if theres any sweet variants in the store
Sibwow: ah yes, 5 pixel variants
aussie_rob_w: Wasn’t your Dino smaller than theirs though?
leachjus: Many multiple men
Laserbeaks_Fury: Probably
Slacker1977: from what i heard variants are bad value
KillThreeRats: I like the Jubilee decks because it's just Cowboy magic.
thavleifrim: movement is also just generally a good deck in pool 2
Sibwow: yes variants are purely for looking pretty not at all for progressing collections
EotMJohn: There is a great Pool 3 card that would hose this nonsense
Laserbeaks_Fury: yup
KillThreeRats: Yep, pulls it out of your deck.
aussie_rob_w: Professor X!
plundypops: yeah the dream is infininaut
KillThreeRats: You do run stuff like America and Domino in that deck to ensure Jubilee has a smaller pool to grab from.
aussie_rob_w: Jubilee can pull America, though
Slacker1977: he did
41isprime: So Jubilee Would be a better comp to chaos warp rather than sneak attack
EotMJohn: It goes to the total
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah, no one is winning so it just power
MoveableObject: Yes
AdamTheIndividual: tie nobody gets the 100
aussie_rob_w: Nobody gets 100
Laserbeaks_Fury: 9 and up, yup
aussie_rob_w: Rude, Shang Chi
plundypops: yeah, he is a mainstay in many decks
Laserbeaks_Fury: There are ways to protect
EotMJohn: I like Cosmo in Dino-decks
SeismicLawns: armor and dog are both good protection pieces
plundypops: if you have the pupper you can protect
Slacker1977: you could play anything over Mantism hobestly
KillThreeRats: Am I allowed to post links in chat, Twitchbot?
KillThreeRats: LRRBot, even.
leachjus: I like having another 5 in the deck to play instead of dino, so I don’t have to run Armor
Laserbeaks_Fury: Mantis is fine in DD
thavleifrim: armor is generally good at the moment for turning off deaths domain
EotMJohn: I'm also a monster though, I'll play Cosmo on Kamar-Taj
Slacker1977: does it, though? :D
KillThreeRats: It's the kinkiest decklist in the world.
aussie_rob_w: I prefer Agent 13 to Mantis
thavleifrim: leech steals all abbilitys from all cards in OPs hand
aussie_rob_w: It doesn’t get you *their* card but it always gets you *a* card
Slacker1977: i think it's just a random card for you
KillThreeRats: Leech doesn't steal, it just shuts off. It's a hilarious pull of Jubilee.
KillThreeRats: And it's pretty backbreaking.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Another good reason to run Armor
aussie_rob_w: Yes
aussie_rob_w: Yup
Laserbeaks_Fury: 20 Appoc and they have 2 locations it really hard to flip
Slacker1977: you just have to win 2 lanes
micalovits: Don't they just do it right and win?
Slacker1977: EZ Kappa
plundypops: yes. sometimes games just turn into 50/5]s
aussie_rob_w: And you can’t Iron Man mid.
Slacker1977: and lose the other 2
leachjus: I think fold
EotMJohn: which card?
aussie_rob_w: Poker analogues!
Natedogg2: Good old Wild Mongrel.
Slacker1977: rootwallas and logic?
kizarohh: Commercial break, I just got here
Slacker1977: PogChamp
aussie_rob_w: But upgrading is cosmetic, don’t worry about that
aussie_rob_w: 3D!
Slacker1977: Shiny Logo!
divreon: Not a lot of card options early on
aussie_rob_w: It does sound cool.
aussie_rob_w: Yeah, card progression… kinda slow.
benjamin_wheeler: Card acquisition is the biggest thing stopping me from playing more of this
KillThreeRats: Yeah it's really slow.
KillThreeRats: Unlocking them in chunks is ... Nice and bad. It gets stagnant fast.
Robot_Red_Robot: It takes a while, yeah
Sibwow: which card?
KillThreeRats: It feels really easy to just kind of "solve" a pool.
kizarohh: Yeah discard is funky cause it's so random
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AlchemicalPanda: Woo Snap!
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Sibwow: lady sif yes
Slacker1977: what pay offs are in this?
Sibwow: sometimes you gotta play swarm as a 2
KillThreeRats: Wheeler taking an immediate and hard stance on Swarm.
Sibwow: yeah its very very luck dependent as a pool 2 deck
aussie_rob_w: Apocalypse
Rourke9: It feels really really bad sometimes
aussie_rob_w: Do you have Lady Sif?
thavleifrim: theres a more consistant discard deck in pool 3 when you get hell rider
Slacker1977: do you have Ghost Rider?
Rourke9: I wanted to like this deck really badly, but
panpan_unbroken: have you tried the Kazar zoo deck?
aussie_rob_w: Just always pitch Apocalypse!
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journojared: this space intentionally left blank
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tenthtechpriest: you can still move nightcrawler to make space
Rourke9: @slacker1977 I think that’s a pool 3 card
aussie_rob_w: Move Nightcrawler out, then you’re good
Slacker1977: @Rourke9 thought so. Discard sieems sus then
Rourke9: Yea :/
aussie_rob_w: Makes sense
aussie_rob_w: Hela is just a better discard deck,
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's Morbin' Time
aussie_rob_w: sadly
Slacker1977: Yayyyy. it's a Hulk now :hands up:
Laserbeaks_Fury: Live by the Sowrd Master, die by the Sword Master
DeM0nFiRe: America is a lie made up by the US government
Slacker1977: we die to Blue Marvel :/
KillThreeRats: :(
aussie_rob_w: And Elektra, just for the Liz
aussie_rob_w: Ongoing decks are fun!
aussie_rob_w: Play an ongoing deck
Spritz_T: i don't like being locked into a 6 drop that only has high power
aussie_rob_w: Also Cosmo, so Enchantress doesn’t just
aussie_rob_w: Yknow
Slacker1977: Forbes? the blog site?
panpan_unbroken: this is the relatable snap content I crave
thavleifrim: its nice that the games are fast, its goo dto squeeze in one or two when you dont have time for magic
Laserbeaks_Fury: I was so bummed when I hit Pool 2 with my Ka-Zoo and just got obliterated by Killmonger
aussie_rob_w: Forbes blogs have really taken a sledgehammer to the name’s value.
juneblue58: I played enough Caravan in my Fallout NV runs, I don't think this one is for me.
Slacker1977: *sad Kazoo noises*
tenthtechpriest: aaand vod demonitized on youtube
Rourke9: It’s interesting, but sometimes frustrating. I just deleted it to make room for wild rift though. And because my progress was wiped because of some issue that I don’t feel like filing a support ticket for :p
aussie_rob_w: Free Apoc!
aussie_rob_w: They saw you getting free Apoc right and ran for the hills.
Murderface9797: Run away the apocalypse is neigh
yungcgl: this a discard deck?
Slacker1977: Blame Elon
Murderface9797: No this is kingpin control Kappa
yungcgl: where's the kingpin then? NotLikeThis
Rourke9: I kind of enjoyed Magic: Spellslingers to be honest. It felt like WotC released it and then barely advertised it and gave it no support though, which is a shame
Murderface9797: It’s kingpinless kingpin control
Sibwow: the shittier narrative is going through the weeds on this to gaslight people who are upset about it, this apocalypse will probably fit into the long list of cards your talking about, but yea, having a card designed for the format, that "should" be in every deck like nightcrawler, like america chaves, ect is not a good look imo
Rourke9: It felt like a game that *could have* been really cool
yungcgl: oh yeah, this game keeps on giving me boosters instead of cards. i hate it
Juliamon: It also suffers from the "it gets good after the first 300 hours" syndrome
aussie_rob_w: Chavez is absolutely not a card that should be in every deck, the math doesn’t work out
aussie_rob_w: The wind is so strong that my blind just closed itself
Sibwow: hey its much closer to 150 hours
KillThreeRats: NAMOR
juneblue58: Yeah, if a game doesn't grip me in the first two to five hours it's not a good game.
Murderface9797: Weirdly enough Chavez and domino gives decks more consistence
Slacker1977: getting every card F2P is like half a year
KillThreeRats: honestly, having stockholm syndrome for a game doesn't necessarily make it a good game ...
thavleifrim: yeah i do think the "fairness" of not having packs was over sold
Juliamon: Everyone's saying "it gets more complex in pool 3" and like, HOW long are we gonna be stuck in pool 2?
yungcgl: they need a token where i could craft any card i wanted like master duel
Sibwow: the thing about getting stuck in pool 2 is that the slower you go the longer it takes but the longer it takes the less inclined to play you are
Rourke9: I feel like the snap mechanic is interesting, I just wish it was in a game I enjoyed more. And the economy is *weird*
yungcgl: @Juliamon i'm on pool 3 and they only gave me boosters instead of cards so far
Murderface9797: @yungcgl it is coming before the end of the year
SeismicLawns: I've not had the same problem with card upgrading but I think that's made me realize how much this game incentivizes playing 3-4 matches every 12 hours over playing in bursts
KillThreeRats: NEW SERIES: Is This Your Card? is now Is This Your Bonfire?, watch Benjamin Wheeler dive deep into your favourite Souls-like inspired games! (Marvel Snap broke him.)
Rourke9: Yea absolutely. The game itself is fine but a lot of things around it are frustrating
Murderface9797: Collectors reserves and collectors caches will no longer have boosters but collectors tokens
yungcgl: @Murderface9797 any news on the pc optimization too?
Laserbeaks_Fury: How many months does it take to get to the juicy center of a Marvel Snap-Pop?
kizarohh: I'm really liking this game. I've liked it since I started playing, thought you'd have enjoyed it more than you seem to. Also I honestly didn't feel like I had a problem collecting cards until pool 3 and now it feels slow as heck. I want Cerebro, I want Wave, give me those cards.
Murderface9797: @yungcgl no word on that unfortunately
Laserbeaks_Fury: One-Twohooo-Three.
yungcgl: no widescreen support on pc is just... weird
Rourke9: I do like the *idea* of dripping out the discovery of new cards over time. But I feel the execution doesn’t quite deliver
aussie_rob_w: To let your missions fill up, then play one session where you do them, then leave it until they fill up again
smthng_dffrnt: @kizarohh Exactly, now that I've hit the "collector's cache" portion of progression, I see these cards I don't have and want, and have no way to actually acquire them
Rourke9: And if you already know what cards exist it ruins the magic of slowly discovering the cards anyway
aussie_rob_w: I think it works so much better as a mobile game than a PC game I’m surprised it got a PC release at all.
smthng_dffrnt: There's only so many strategies to play with a limited set of cards available at this point of the progression system
KillThreeRats: The real issue with getting all the cards at once in pools, I feel, is that immediately each pool is "solved" into a series of high tier decks and you pretty much are just going to end up playing one of those "solved" decks until you're out of the pool unless you want to be masochistic with a less optimal "fun" build. It's the Sid Meier problem of people optimizing the fun out of a game.
aussie_rob_w: Swarm Nexus, Apoc Nexus
Rourke9: I kind of wish anyone had paid attention to Magic: Spellslingers. The game wasn’t fantastic, but it was fun enough and deserved more of a shot imo
aussie_rob_w: There’s no reason to play left if Nexus exists here.
smthng_dffrnt: Killmonger is a fun card though
thavleifrim: there is a crafting system apparently coming soon which will hopefully solve some of the collection issues
kizarohh: @smthng_dffrnt Yup, when I was really wanting to experiment and play with new decks they decided to slow down the collection of new cards.
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's like Magic, but you have to play though all the sets in order, and you start with Fallen Empires
KillThreeRats: Give me them Thallids baby. I'll start with Fallen Empires and love it.
Laserbeaks_Fury: And also, some folks got in at Alpha and Geta
kizarohh: Agatha
Natedogg2: You got Agatha in your hand
kizarohh: You got Ego again
Natedogg2: She'll play cards for you
Murderface9797: Hey the thing is a perfectly serviceable card when you start out Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, I could do without Agatha/Ego
thavleifrim: agatha control is a cool deck but you need to build around her
Slacker1977: where'd she come from?
Rourke9: Yea not being able to target cards to acquire in pool 4 feels really weird
Spritz_T: yeah, i dunno what they were thinking with that card
juneblue58: Why would you even put a thing like that in the game?
Slacker1977: Daily Bugle?
KillThreeRats: For bots, duh.
smthng_dffrnt: the more I play the more I learn that I can't want to win too much or the random aspect will upset me too much
kizarohh: Yeah I was trying to build her deck. But don't have any of the cards that would cheat her out early
Soccerkid15_forlife: I am dangerously addicted to this game
Laserbeaks_Fury: Some people like it, and those people are Gamblers
aussie_rob_w: <message deleted>I love Ego, I snap if I get it
Murderface9797: Morbin time ?
smthng_dffrnt: @aussie_rob_w double snap on ego and just play it, is kinda funny to watch
thavleifrim: @kizarohh i have those cards but not agatha lol
aussie_rob_w: <message deleted>Absolutely agreed @smthng_dffrnt
aussie_rob_w: <message deleted>If you like *poker*, this is a great game
KillThreeRats: Wheeler is the premier Cowboy Magic player of Canadian Highlander.
smthng_dffrnt: I have built a deck based around the guardians cards called "like an effing book" that dedicates itself to reading my opponent and getting the bigger numbers
Xx_JAG_xX: it's not gambling if you win B)
smthng_dffrnt: that's the most I'll read into the actual gameplay of the game, otherwise it's "huehue morph into jubilee gimme the cool cards"
Slacker1977: hmmmm
KillThreeRats: If you play Poker you have to start the stream wearing shades and a gaudy chain necklace.
Rourke9: But doctor, *I* am the gambler!!
thavleifrim: I thought we were trying to NOT bankrupt james with this stream
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, I have seen the complaint about the RNG just kicking the legs out of consistently winning every game, and that's just now SNAP is made
MurphEP: I hear it's all the rage on twitch
SquareDotCube: James bet 50 on poker once
KillThreeRats: All the rage on twitch? Just run lootbox gambling sites aimed at fourteen year olds!
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think we need to make the distinction between Gambling and Risk-Assessment.
Slacker1977: :O
Lord_Hosk: Thats a good word
oliverohman: WHEELER!
Natedogg2: But kids love the word "fart"
e_bloc: I also say punt
MurphEP: Ben Wheeler - the kids love him
bradlby: welcome to fart hell
aussie_rob_w: <message deleted>!punt
KillThreeRats: Yes. I am thirty four. I love the word fart. I am a child.
CrashTestGremlin: monster hunt
smthng_dffrnt: rip aussie
asthanius: "watermelon rutabega"
Natedogg2: I am the very model of a modern major general
aussie_rob_w: LUL my joke about the censored word got eaten
Sibwow: so close it was actually beeeeeeep unt
KillThreeRats: You just rattled off George Carlin's list of dirty words, clearly.
kizarohh: The fact that the season pass highlights the *next* reward you're going to get instead of the one you've just earned is annoying
asthanius: if someone actually got it right, would you pay us, or would james pay us?
Laserbeaks_Fury: okay that's a big hit
Slacker1977: Animeted AYAYA
CrashTestGremlin: "If anybody can guess what I just said right there, I'll give a hundred dollars."
Sibwow: you would buy gold yes
Sibwow: then turn gold into credits with missions
Slacker1977: buy gold, buy dailies with said gold
thavleifrim: you can only buy gold then you trade the gold for whatever else
Slacker1977: also, season pass
asthanius: gambling
aussie_rob_w: Buy gold, buy missions with gold, season pass
Sibwow: yes its like arbitrage
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's the same gold to Currency ratio to get Dailies or just get Credits
Brantonium: its currency all the way down
CannedWolf: you can buy credits with gold but, its daily capped.
e_bloc: Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 thats too many currencies
Laserbeaks_Fury: That also
thavleifrim: even if you buy credits it limits how many you can buy a day so there will always be a progress wall
Sibwow: you could also DM ben brode and ask him for a fully unlocked account for promotional reasons
SeismicLawns: if you pay money you can skip 1 time gate into a play gate
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah you can't really buy past the time gates
Slacker1977: would Apo keep the bonus?
asthanius: mid is mid anyway
Sibwow: he does
Slacker1977: beg pardon?
Slacker1977: is that some MOBA jargon?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yes
Laserbeaks_Fury: Anythime you change a card, that change is permanent
asthanius: sounds like weeb shit
asthanius: time gate play gate bankai
Slacker1977: legal legends? is that like LegalEagle?
kizarohh: Good thing you drew that Apocalypse
Rourke9: Good joke Wheeler
Laserbeaks_Fury: The only exception is, while at a location, a card has it's base Energy Cost
Sibwow: the first time you discard swarm is usually better than any discard of apocalypse
Sibwow: its +6 power for 0 energy vs +4 power for 0 additional energy
Laserbeaks_Fury: Depends on space
kizarohh: So how does matchmaking work with collection level again? Ben won't match anyone in pool 3?
Sibwow: rank, CL, and hidden MMR are thrown into a secret match making algorithm
Ryxiene: I just rolled away from the screen when you started saying “I’m so small… but I’ll get bigger” and that made me LUL LUL
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's anyone around your CL, but the +/_ feels like it goes out a ways to keep matching times down
Slacker1977: @kizarohh unless only pool 3 at his rank
Laserbeaks_Fury: it used to be hard locked at pool breaks, but folks were camping at them
Bionull: @Laserbeaks_Fury Mmm, jargon
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ive seen wins with just 2 cards
asthanius: maybe you should try playing 4 cards, too
Laserbeaks_Fury: Pool 3
SeismicLawns: pool 3
Slacker1977: isn't Icean a 2 anyway?
EotMJohn: America always wins
asthanius: it's so cool that Angela Anaconda got in Marvel Snap
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JokerBoney: 2 years of 2 wheelers
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Bulllfrogs: good morning chat!
EotMJohn: It does cost 5
KillThreeRats: Imagine Jubilee'ing that out on 4.
Laserbeaks_Fury: and only has 3 power
Bionull: He's annoying in canon too
KillThreeRats: It's insane.
wrongwaygoback: hey hey
Bulllfrogs: is Wheeler in Pool 2?
EotMJohn: Like, reading Vision I thought they were insane. But being 5 basically makes them a huge Nightcrawler imo
aussie_rob_w: There’s analysis on when you should play the guaranteed draw cards
Bulllfrogs: nice! I'm one card away from finishing Pool 2
wrongwaygoback: coming out of pool 2 into 3 is a shock to the system
aussie_rob_w: I need to find the math people have done on that
Bulllfrogs: I would love you to link that Aussie
wrongwaygoback: nooooo
Laserbeaks_Fury: lol GALACTUS
kizarohh: Ooh Galactus
EotMJohn: Killmonger is great
wrongwaygoback: daredevil is the best card in pool 3 is swear
the_astro_kreep: Daredevil
the_astro_kreep: so you know what is being played on 5
Spritz_T: there's only one location if you play that
asthanius: eats planets
Slacker1977: seems like a bad Prof X
KillThreeRats: It nukes other location effects.
Bulllfrogs: Galactus makes the game a 1 location game
Laserbeaks_Fury: It blows up the other locations (and those cards) *if* it's the only card there
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Vyr1s: It eats other locations, along with all duders
aussie_rob_w: If you’ve ever hit Worldship
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's....bad
JokerBoney: it becomes a 1 lane game
asthanius: he also makes a mean chili
the_astro_kreep: :(
the_astro_kreep: daredevil
Bulllfrogs: Galactus seems bad, idk how you try to establish a win if all you have is 3 power on 1 location
wrongwaygoback: it does NOT go left to right
kizarohh: Not left to right, the order you play them
SeismicLawns: gotem
wrongwaygoback: it goes in order of card played
aussie_rob_w: It’s the same as Worldship, except at 6 cost 3 power, is quite bad
asthanius: It goes in the order you PLAY them? That's really dumb
kizarohh: If your opponent doens't play anything there you win
EotMJohn: for science?
Sibwow: you have to for the meme
aussie_rob_w: It lets you sequence your plays
AdamYMHMI: Destroys all the other locations, along with all the cards in them
SeismicLawns: try it lol
KillThreeRats: Galactus seems like it'd be fun tech in a 'move your opponents cards' deck but other than that, seems bad man.
wrongwaygoback: it destroys all other lanes
the_astro_kreep: If he doesn't play anything on the right, you win
kizarohh: Galactus Galactus
the_astro_kreep: if he does and it's bigger than 3, you lose
brosideon_: They become ruin I think
Laserbeaks_Fury: no, they GO AWAY
Bulllfrogs: I really do not understand what the proper play pattern for this card is
aussie_rob_w: No, they stop existing
brosideon_: Oh
Slacker1977: reading Galactus is kinda hard
Slacker1977: since you can't own Galactus
brosideon_: Galactus feels like Ego
asthanius: Dagger is the other half of Cloak
kizarohh: They won by 3 power lol
SeismicLawns: District X is one of my favorite locations
brosideon_: But ego is a default Snap or coward
Bulllfrogs: you can't own Galactus???
Spritz_T: galactus really needs a build around to be effective
tenthtechpriest: Galactus, eredar lord of the burning legion?
Bulllfrogs: what is the point of the card then? you can't build around it
the_astro_kreep: Bishop good to get out earily
Laserbeaks_Fury: cmon turn 4 Apoc, drop all your discards
Slacker1977: @Bulllfrogs pretty sure it's randomly generated only atm. might confuse it with something else though
Sibwow: galactus and thanos are both only available as random cards yeah
Bionull: It was not in fact morbing time
EotMJohn: "It's Morbin' Time" - Morbius, probably
the_astro_kreep: Upgrade commons first
Slacker1977: commons
Slacker1977: everything else is a wash
Sibwow: only matters for 25s
EotMJohn: First upgrade is 25, then it goes up to 100, 200, 300, etc
the_astro_kreep: Sort by rarity
asthanius: Raise up the lower classes
Spritz_T: yeah, just the 25s
tenthtechpriest: common (grey frame) is the only one that is more efficient than the others
Laserbeaks_Fury: Im pretty sure you can get Thanos since his ability only works if he starts in your deck
Bulllfrogs: first rank is best, the rest are all equivalent toe ach other
AdamYMHMI: If you go to the bottom left, you can filter by "upgradeable" and it will put cards you can upgrade at the top
Laserbeaks_Fury: 3/3
aggrocrow: just popped in from the vod of the first one! had to join cuz im a marvel nerd and want to be of service
aussie_rob_w: America Chavez YouTube video:
Bionull: The real vulture is the friends we made along the way
asthanius: Great username
brosideon_: America Chavez hard countered by yondu
Sibwow: hes german
Slacker1977: name's Kurt
Bulllfrogs: Nightcrawler is an X-Men character. German Catholic. teleporter
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's not *hard* counter per se
Laurence72: Swashbuckling teleporting X-Man
KillThreeRats: Nightcrawler is Jake Gyllenhaal, obviously.
aggrocrow: German mutant who was part of a circus show, then fled when certain Germans started hating out mutants
Sibwow: lockjaw is great slam him down
aussie_rob_w: Credit to BobFarm TLDR If the card you want should be played before T6 (eg: T1 Korg, T2 Invisible Women, T3 Lockjaw, T4 Wong, T5 Sera), then you want AC If the card you want should/can be played at T6 (eg: a powerful 6 mana card, Cerebro/Patriot + Mystique), then you don't want AC
aggrocrow: he can teleport by traveling to an alternate dimension for brief periods
Bulllfrogs: mjolnir is Thor's hammer
kizarohh: Thor is Lockjaw combo
the_astro_kreep: Lockjaw is a dog
Slacker1977: wasn't it morbin time? :(
Bulllfrogs: lockjaw is a pool 3 combo deck based around a dog who lives on the moon
JokerBoney: yeah I Hate it
JokerBoney: utterly Hate it
CannedWolf: same.
JokerBoney: actively stopped playing
EotMJohn: It's like Kingpin's Location which hates on moving decks
aggrocrow: Lockjaw is a dude who's Inhuman power wound up turning him into a teleporting 12 foot dog
kizarohh: Playing Mjolnir onto Lockjaw's location is good cause it costs 0, so it does the on reveal ability then lockjaw replaces it with a random card from the deck
asthanius: #gambling
CannedWolf: and i will insta retreat for swap deck or swap deck on turn 6 locations too.
brosideon_: Control decks are great in snap
the_astro_kreep: Discard decks are good
Brantonium: its like " you look like you're building synergistically. how about you don't"
brosideon_: It’s super fun to use scarlet witch on turn six on a map that has “this game has a turn 7”
aggrocrow: just remember Lockjaw was once human
Bulllfrogs: what's your favorite card so far?
JokerBoney: "funny how you tried to use the game mechanics - what if you didn't"
aggrocrow: Swarm is a nazi made of bees
the_astro_kreep: Now you can move nightcrawler out and move a card into his spot
aggrocrow: that one is simple
Bulllfrogs: yeah! swarm is funny!
the_astro_kreep: to buff angela
the_astro_kreep: Swarm is great if you can discard him more than once
Bulllfrogs: I like using Nakia on Swarm
KillThreeRats: No thinking just slam.
Bulllfrogs: making each swarm 5 power
JokerBoney: quick hubris break
aussie_rob_w: katesRip
Bulllfrogs: so... anybody else been playing snap? I'm trying to learn about all the cool pool 2 decks before I leave for pool 3
AdamYMHMI: I have been, but I'm starting to bounce off it now that I've hit pool 3
KillThreeRats: You can't hide from us Wheeler. We can hear you!
Bulllfrogs: oh? what's been happening in pool 3?
AdamYMHMI: Basically you hit a collection threshold where you're playing against cards/strategies that don't really have a solid counter using cards you get in pools 1/2
Sibwow: you can climb ranks with a fairly low win rate though
2Flower: Yeah. It's not so much the pool three is strictly better or more powerful, but it has more combo pieces and tech cards.
Bulllfrogs: gotcha
AdamYMHMI: So you're stuck at luck of the draw in terms of improving your collection on the track - so suddenly you're dealing with frustration at randomness from the locations as well as randomness from your opponents cards and randomness from what cards you pull.
Bulllfrogs: sounds like my kind of game, but unfortunate that it throws you in the Dee end a tad
JokerBoney: gonna get wolvereemed
AdamYMHMI: Pool 3 just kind of amplifies a lot of the cracks in the game that having consistent card pools on the lower ranks paves over.
kizarohh: Damn you're seeing a lot of Attilan
JokerBoney: Attilan will continue until gwent improves
Spritz_T: i think discard needs hela to really work
Sibwow: you should spam emotes at them for that
TinyClans: this game is addicting
aussie_rob_w: good job opponent
aussie_rob_w: you should praise them with an emote
JokerBoney: blade + Luke's bar best friends
wrongwaygoback: becomes a lot of fun if you have jubilee
Bulllfrogs: there are, what, *six different locations* that just say different variations of you can never play cards here, right? and you need armor storm or scarlet witch to open them up?
aggrocrow: Blade is super sweet
Sibwow: the thing is they're all different though
theamc2000: Oh snap
Sibwow: like lukes bar is great with scorpion
Sibwow: deaths domain is great with deadpool
aggrocrow: I'm glad he changed from his original Incarnation, where he was just a dude immune to vampires
aggrocrow: he got all his vampire powers from Morbius actually
Bulllfrogs: morbius the Living vampire
theamc2000: No
Bulllfrogs: that is his name
aggrocrow: Morbius is a science based vampire, not a Magic one
JokerBoney: Blade got powers from Morbius
Bulllfrogs: yeah!
a_Weakling: havent you seen the feature film?
Sibwow: mickey morbo
a_Weakling: he morbs
aggrocrow: hes not undead, his name is Michael Morbius, and he's a scientist who spliced his DNA with bats
Sibwow: doctor michael morbius
Bulllfrogs: Michael Morbius is his actual for real human name
a_Weakling: Dr. Michael Morbius to you
theamc2000: Man bat thing
aussie_rob_w: I don't believe anyone
Sibwow: man bat is DC
theamc2000: I’m aware
Sibwow: Wayne Bruce
Bulllfrogs: morbius, Dracula, and Swarm the Nazi made of Bees being in the same deck just seems right to me somehow
theamc2000: Vampires are a problem with moon knight currently
Bulllfrogs: they deserve each other
aggrocrow: Blade is a guy who's mom was bit by a vampire while he was being born, so he was born immune to vampires. then Morbius bit him and he got all the powers but none of the weaknesses
JokerBoney: @sibwow I think that's enough Bruce banter
Laserbeaks_Fury: Jubilee was a vampire for awhile, but she got over it
Sibwow: i dont believe there is any looting
aussie_rob_w: there is one!
theamc2000: You want a wheel?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hell Cow discards 2 card
MurphEP: Absolutely owned
tenthtechpriest: there is no discard+draw but there is shuffle+draw 3
Sibwow: mf said coib
Sibwow: i did
JokerBoney: @laserbeaks_fury oh there is a cow tech?
MurphEP: That's going to be in the youtube vod on youtube for youtube viewers to see
Bulllfrogs: I would be concerned about card filtering in a game where you already see 9/12 decks. notice how every card draw effect thusfar draws from Opp's deck for the randomness
Laserbeaks_Fury: There is surprisingly very little "draw from your deck" cards
aggrocrow: Ben I feel like you'd like Wiccan and his husband Hulking
Sibwow: hell cow is just good in the discard deck
Laserbeaks_Fury: There sure is a Hell Cow
Sibwow: its pool 3
kizarohh: @Laserbeaks_Fury I think it's literally JUST Adam Warlock
aussie_rob_w: there is a 7 for 3 that makes your opponent draw 2.
Bulllfrogs: hellcow is in pool 3 that's why
JokerBoney: is Hell Cow best friends with Devil Dinosaur?
AdamYMHMI: Dr. Michael Hellcow
aggrocrow: Hell Cow is a cow bit by Dracula
theamc2000: Wiccan is jewish
CrashTestGremlin: I'm currently viewing this on Youtube. And when I do, that statement will be true.
Bulllfrogs: Wiccan is Scarlet Witch's Son
Sibwow: its actualy michael hellcow esq
aussie_rob_w: @aggrocrow ... I believe you.
theamc2000: Sunspot is not The Spot
JokerBoney: Michael Hellcow - noted Attilan enjoyer
aggrocrow: @aussie_rob_w I would never lie about Marvel. it was my first love
Bulllfrogs: I love comics. they're so stupid and I mean that in the best way
Bulllfrogs: it is not Michael hellcow. it better not be.
aussie_rob_w: she got bit by Dracula!
aggrocrow: Spot is actually really cool. he's a dude with portals all over his body, and can throw the spot-portals off his body
wrongwaygoback: hellcow didn't do his doctorate to get called Mr Hellcow
aussie_rob_w: Sibwow's joke was that it was Michael Hellcos Esquire
theamc2000: @aggrocrow dude is gonna be the villain in the new spider verse movie
Bulllfrogs: when does cannonball get a card? I wanna see him be Nigh Invulnerable, but only while he is blastin'
aggrocrow: the classic image of him is Spidey punching him in the chest and the fist going in a portal and out his face to punch Spidey back
aussie_rob_w: hahahahahahahaha
aussie_rob_w: poor Spidey
aussie_rob_w: say hello and see if they reply
wrongwaygoback: i try to say hello
theamc2000: Can you easily find the artist for the cards?
Bulllfrogs: no you cant amc
aggrocrow: is Gambit in this game by chance?
aussie_rob_w: very no.
BoofTroupe: snapping and retreating are the main skills of the game
AdamYMHMI: @theamc2000 Not that I've seen, sadly
theamc2000: Aw
aussie_rob_w: Gambit is great in this game!
Bulllfrogs: Gambit is! he discards a card and then chucks it at a random card an opp controls, destroying it
aussie_rob_w: Wong Gambit Odin is a beating and a half
wrongwaygoback: hey you may not realise this but there is a new event under "news"
wrongwaygoback: it's not obvious a t all
kizarohh: Super early retreat
aussie_rob_w: Wong to double Gambit and Odin to double Gambit again
2Flower: The problem with gambit is that the card he destroys is random. And can include things that are armored or otherwise bad targets.
Sibwow: news is only on mobile
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh PC doesnt get News
wrongwaygoback: inbox
thavleifrim: events are only on mobile for now because reasons
aussie_rob_w: PC doesn't get the event :(
wrongwaygoback: what
wrongwaygoback: whaaat
wrongwaygoback: that seems bad
aussie_rob_w: it is!
theamc2000: Is there a frog man card
wrongwaygoback: bad!
thavleifrim: the pc client is still in beta so it doesnt get events apparently
kizarohh: The event is weird, it's just a thing where you get points for playing the game and then maybe a card back.
theamc2000: Dc snap?
JokerBoney: Pokemon Scarlet/Violet comp
circusofkirkus: ^
JokerBoney: or Gwent
Bulllfrogs: have you considered playing Sentinels of the Multiverse?
AdamYMHMI: Is this your card: Solitaire edition
kizarohh: DC card game??
theamc2000: Wait really?
circusofkirkus: Euchre
JokerBoney: Is This Your Bald Son? DC edition
aussie_rob_w: Go to a Bingo night for the stream
juneblue58: I think the Pokemon one is now online proper.
MurphEP: One off of the digimon card game?
kizarohh: Is everyone making card games now?
WavesOfBabies: coin flips bayBEE
JokerBoney: I think Apoc mid is our best chance
aussie_rob_w: you're already winning two lanes, just aim at mid
JusticeJuice: Have you played Shalandar on stream?
aggrocrow: also Sword Master is cool cuz he's basically Iron Fist but also with a sword
theamc2000: Sword master is currently iron fist
WavesOfBabies: they fucked up
aussie_rob_w: they didn't pop Nova, so they get nothing
JokerBoney: it was played in wrong order for that reveal to work out
theamc2000: Cuz his sword shattered into his fist
Bulllfrogs: sword master is cool because he's like iron fist? that implies iron fist is cool :p
theamc2000: How?
MurphEP: I love that game
thavleifrim: that was actually a great game
aussie_rob_w: yes YES yes
TheRealRedal: heck yes
WavesOfBabies: the music in that game is WAY too good
MurphEP: That would be incredible
aggrocrow: I mean he has Iron Fist's powers, but can extend his power into his sword
aussie_rob_w: is it on the 3DS eshop?
JokerBoney: Mu Uncle at Nintendo got Wheeler a VirtualBoy with all the games
wrongwaygoback: Ronan the Cursor
kizarohh: Damn your uncle lives at Nintendo Headquarters?
circusofkirkus: can you tell your uncle to fix the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet glitches?
aggrocrow: also he's actually native Asian, not some rich white boy
JokerBoney: @aussie_rob_w it actually is
JokerBoney: funnily enough
MurphEP: Wheeler's uncle's last name is "Pokemon TCG for the Gameboy Color"
JokerBoney: not quite
Spritz_T: not yet
theamc2000: Danny is cool too
kizarohh: Wow you're getting a lot of these random card effects
wrongwaygoback: Ghost Rider is a key Pool 3 Combo piece
Bulllfrogs: I'm heading out, chat. I look forward to the vod!
aggrocrow: oh, which Ghost Rider is it?
theamc2000: I think Johnny
aggrocrow: Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, or Robbie Reyes?
theamc2000: It ain’t Robbie
2Flower: The middle area replaced your deck, so there's no more discarding
kizarohh: You're getting bad luck with locations
aussie_rob_w: district X is wild
theamc2000: Huh, the call Emma frost, white queen
theamc2000: Did not think she still uses that moniker
JokerBoney: yeah I've really been trying with Marvel Snap but it kinda just Sucks
wrongwaygoback: i have no idea what your opponent was doing there
kizarohh: Why did they play all their cards on the left??
JokerBoney: it doesn't feel good to play
juneblue58: Agreed. "What's that? You wanted to play *your* deck? No, have some random cards instead."
aussie_rob_w: you won 8 cubes though so you did well
WavesOfBabies: Emma frost is a way better name
kizarohh: lmao
aggrocrow: Emma Frost is her real name. White Queen is the role she fills in the Hellfire Club
wrongwaygoback: should do the right thing and move nightcrawler on there
theamc2000: Like how Jean Gray’s superhero name is Marvel Girl
aggrocrow: all the Hellfire Club is named after chess pieces
wrongwaygoback: make it fair
aussie_rob_w: so this is the one situation where Total Power for the tiebreaker doesn't work.
WavesOfBabies: might have hobgoblin for middle
WavesOfBabies: wait nevermind that would help you
kizarohh: Rhino on turn 6, maybe 5 would really win mid
WavesOfBabies: nevermind!
aggrocrow: oooh Mister Sinister!! love him
ComradeMik: who would want to win mid? when you can win extra?
ComradeMik: or whatever is better than mid
JokerBoney: could have the Witch for mid?
theamc2000: Wait shadowland is in this game? That bad event.
aussie_rob_w: Bar With No Name inverts the value of every card there. so the game treats a 5 as -5 and this affects the tiebreaker total
wrongwaygoback: god i wish it were this easy in pool 3
JokerBoney: don't worry location 3 will be District X just to help us feel better
aussie_rob_w: it's the only time that a flat "most power" won't win tiebreakers.
theamc2000: You are fighting ME
Spritz_T: sniped
aggrocrow: "District 9 is gonna feel so much better" is such an upsetting sentence lol
kizarohh: I'd have kept swarm in case you draw blade
theamc2000: This is scott lang ant man right?
kizarohh: nvm u got it
aussie_rob_w: it's movie ant man
aggrocrow: @theamc2000 I'd assume so, Hank Pym had a much bulkier helmet and I don't think they want us to remember the other one lol
aussie_rob_w: yeah, it's Antz, not Antperson
2Flower: Ant-man movie Ant-man from the Ant-man movie which is the movie about Ant-man
theamc2000: As long as it ain’t Eric o Graddy, we are good
kizarohh: Why does this keep happening. Is it a secret featured location?
a_Weakling: the one with the wasp lady right?
a_pidgeon: Bugs' Life?
WavesOfBabies: ants ants ants ants ants ants man
aggrocrow: Eric O'Grady was a guy who stole an Ant Man suit to spy on women
aggrocrow: real creep
theamc2000: Literal grave robber
aussie_rob_w: what a chode
aggrocrow: Scott Lang is just Robin Hood but small
aussie_rob_w: if you're gonna be an Ant Spy, you could at least be better at Crime, Eric!!
aussie_rob_w: you could literally steal the transistors out of the President's TV
theamc2000: Sword master is currently iron fist
aussie_rob_w: you could LIVE inside his PHONE
aggrocrow: and Hank Pym is a schizophrenic scientist who's had a lot of different interpretations
WavesOfBabies: wouldn't you play America for the +1 power
aussie_rob_w: and you're using this power to spy on women? you're such a terrible criminal, Eric O'Grady
theamc2000: @aggrocrow and the new guy is really new
2Flower: evo15USA
WavesOfBabies: sounds like you love marvel snap
aussie_rob_w: this is really bad if you draw Apocalypse
JokerBoney: and that's why on next week for ITYC we will be playing Metal Wolf Chaos
kizarohh: Oof Mindscape looks bad with Apocalypse
aggrocrow: @theamc2000 if you mean Zayne he's from 2543, so he's technically not even here yet lol
theamc2000: @aggrocrow true true
theamc2000: Is doorman in this game?
aggrocrow: though I'd imagine they probably include Spider-Man 2099
aggrocrow: oooh Doorman would fit super well in this game
theamc2000: 209l was 30 years ago
theamc2000: The wall as could work
aggrocrow: for those that don't know, Doorman can teleport, but only into the next room over
JokerBoney: at least give us that super hero that's literally a living street
theamc2000: @jokerboney that is dc
JokerBoney: @theamc2000 but we should get it anyway
JokerBoney: as a treat
aggrocrow: yeah, Danny the Street is dc
ComradeMik: remember, bad blading can leave you with obvious forehead scars
aggrocrow: Krakoa is a sentient island if that works for you @jokerboney
a_pidgeon: Morbin' Time
theamc2000: Do they have
theamc2000: I forgot the name
a_pidgeon: RIP Jason David Frank
theamc2000: Hellcat
WavesOfBabies: Morbin Jesus
aggrocrow: the fact that they have Bee Nazi but not Cardiac bothers me
JokerBoney: yeah spectrum is a loss either way
aggrocrow: Cardiac is a guy who basically rigged his pacemaker to give him electric powers plus has armor
JokerBoney: sunspot is what the cool kids play iirc
aussie_rob_w: Uatu?
JokerBoney: see the Attilan and District X so we can concede on 1
aussie_rob_w: Asymmetrical information! exactly!
aggrocrow: I believe it's pronounced "A-tilan"
aggrocrow: or "Ah-tilan"
aussie_rob_w: how many times did you watch the movie about aliens, District 9?
aussie_rob_w: because you're saying District 9 a lot.
goombalax: unarmeHmm
goombalax: le poggeurs
theamc2000: Specyrum? That is a Captain Marvel!
JokerBoney: "your efforts opponent- all for Infinot"
WavesOfBabies: FamilyMan
kizarohh: Oof
aussie_rob_w: Oof
goombalax: the blowout shangchi
JokerBoney: Oof
JokerBoney: if only we played America Mid
DeM0nFiRe: OhMyDog
goombalax: shang cheese
kizarohh: Beautiful puppy
JokerBoney: man this game feels Great
juneblue58: Fair.
aussie_rob_w: Shang-Chi also hits the 9s on their side, they just usually don't play them into the same lane.
aussie_rob_w: Ben is not a Gambly Sort, and Snap is very poker-esque.
kizarohh: @aussie_rob_w That's not true
WavesOfBabies: LUL
JokerBoney: if this is your poke.on scarlet then kudos to you
JokerBoney: pokemon*
juneblue58: I agree with the first assessment. This is just Caravan but worse.
juneblue58: And monetized.
aussie_rob_w: The single biggest challenge for you in this game would be building an Agatha Harkness deck, huh?
JokerBoney: I like when the game feels like I lost or won because of choices I made the whole way through
theamc2000: But when designing apt he card game they took out everything that made one not fun!
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2663 patrons for a total of $20,622.11 per month.
aussie_rob_w: lrrSHINE
aussie_rob_w: lrrAWESOME lrrHEART lrrAWESOME
kizarohh: I agree, some of the locations are annoying. I think the game is good, but I hope they take that into consideration. Even if the games are super short you still don't want to lose to randomness
KWardJenx: Thanks for having us.
SharkHero08: LRR playing fortnite is wild
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
goombalax: hell yeah
SharkHero08: oh of course its wheelers fault
Feriority: I can't believe Wheeler is killing LRR this way lrrBEEJ
AttackCowboy: I feel like that is a rowdy group
AttackCowboy: is a good way
ariborealis: :O lets fuckin go
moundsofmayhem: so excited
Juliamon: Everyone loves a fambily jambily
Testosteros: I'm collection level 537 currently, haven't spent any money. The game has only become more random. It's fun to play when I have nothing else to do, but it feels like an auto-battler without the auto bit
Juliamon: oh.... that's gonna hit the Nope Boys probably, isn't it, lmao
Juliamon: unless someone is doing Fortnite in the office tomorrow
Juliamon: wait no it'll hit Cori and Cam
Juliamon: even more fun
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Juliamon: ignore me I'm ramblin!
10 raiders from coachNelly have joined!
coachNelly: LOL
Juliamon: nelly noooo
coachNelly: synchronized streams
benjamin_wheeler: Flawless timing
Juliamon: well at least you get to hear the ending bit
coachNelly: only the best for you my friend
Juliamon: Wheeler has the best ending bits
coachNelly: that's what they say about him at the club yes
Juliamon: l-lewd
coachNelly: lrrSHINE
DeM0nFiRe: LUL