LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Eat, drink, be merry, and try not to walk into the lava. @apsalar and @DandyGeek continue Dwarf Fortress 📷 ||
Metric_Furlong: ah, master duel's added more event missions
Metric_Furlong: so back to grinding games I go
TXC2: Hello everybody
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: hi beowuuf
rucdoc: are we there yet?
Metric_Furlong: not yet, but soon
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cori is checking out Dwarf Fortress on Play it Forward! Game: Dwarf Fortress) at Wed 10:00 AM PST (1s from now).
Manae: lrrFRUMP
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DandyGeek: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TemporallyAwry: !now
Manae: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
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Manae: Gods but I still love how this track manages to work in the classic DF riffs
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budgetdm: Fort all the dorfs!
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jessieimproved: Dorf Dorf! I currently have a population of 49 and I believe I have identified a vampire
Didero: Good evening!
TXC2: hello Didero welcome
MrVirite: @jessieimproved They elected a necromancer as mayor for me...
Jogela: I am a Dwarf and I am digging a hole, diggy diggy hole
budgetdm: I have a population of about 80 and I'm positive I'm making a massive mistake somewhere, but I don't know where.
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neogetz: almost a year!
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jessieimproved: @budgetdm that feeling is constant
EricTheOrange: dorf
Didero: @budgetdm That's also how I feel when I'm programming :p
beowuuf: dwarf!
TXC2: here we GO!
jessieimproved: this is my 4th fort since the steam release, and I have barely scratched this game
Didero: Hi Cori!
jngilbreath: Howdy
Didero: Hi Ben!
TehAmelie: i still gotta buy the game. . .
TXC2: hello Cori and Ben
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TehAmelie: hello dwarf friends
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RadicalJulia: Cori!
beowuuf: make beej happy
EricTheOrange: cup?
beowuuf: hi cori!
beowuuf: hi m'friend dandygeek ben
TXC2: !quote ben s
LRRbot: Quote #3861: "It's basically a boobsock for his ears." —Ben Soileau [2017-01-14]
mtvcdm: !crossover
LRRbot: Pretty sure I saw this in Blaseball once. Or at least I ought to.
Jogela: They are missing in lava (MIL)
Astrovore: oh no!
Astrovore: poor weasel
beowuuf: RIV - rest in volcanic lava
mercano82: LRRbot with the incineration reference. !good bot
mtvcdm: I mean, Lrrbot, if any of this happened in Blaseball I wouldn't be surprised.
TXC2: like the Salami from the old moonbase
EricTheOrange: train war weasles
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NapalmSideburns: Alas poor weasels
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kaivex: I think that's less a warning and more a design goal.
TehAmelie: i think of Arcanum of Magick and Steamworks Obscura, where i once mastered the disintegrate spell with a low level character and then soft locked myself cause i melted a boss with a key item on him. lava seems sort of like that
TXC2: mtvcdm you could tell me that Blaseball was a spinoff from Dwarf fortress and I'd believe you
Jogela: But Elves are the enemy?!?!
MilkInBags: ah yes, inviting friends over silent and read seabatBRAIN
bytecaster: For the activity of "not making sound"
noSmokeFire: what if we had a mixed library/tavern so they could read and be loud
SquareDotCube: tavern!
EricTheOrange: well untill a single undead dwarf kills everyone
TXC2: Theme dwarf fortress ?
Astrovore: roadside attractions?
TehAmelie: the less sound you make, the less risk of aggroing the balrog, right
MilkInBags: can you build long distance roads to attract more people?
noSmokeFire: themepark? minecart rollercoaster?
kaivex: The theme is Lava.
bytecaster: Weird, no other settlements near the volcano
mercano82: So what you’re saying is you have plenty of room to set up on-resort lodging. More Disney World than Disneyland.
SquareDotCube: skybrary
SquareDotCube: dwarves to become nerds
TXC2: skybrary vs floorbrary
TehAmelie: mountains have so much room for activities
TehAmelie: i want a bookshelf of rock
mercano82: Books rock!
SquareDotCube: yet no clay tablet to write our grievances about poor quality copper about
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EricTheOrange: I see drinks is none, maybe make more drinks to attract dwarfs
grandchickenlord: Has cori played dwarf fortress before?
TXC2: grandchickenlord yes
grandchickenlord: @txc2 I thought so, she seems to know what she’s doing more than I have the few times I’ve played.
EricTheOrange: yeah your dwarfs seem grumpy
kaivex: I'm sure the dwarves can drink lava if they put their minds to it.
BrindleBoar: some kind of... alcoholic lime-aid
SquareDotCube: yet no coconuts
bytecaster: Some kind of lime-onade
budgetdm: @kaivex Anyone can drink lava... once.
TehAmelie: from what i hear, dwarves can survive doing anything for surprising lengths of time
grandchickenlord: @kaivex I’m pretty sure that is entirely possible to do within dwarf fortress’s engine. Whether they WILL do it is another question.
EricTheOrange: farm next to volcano, fertilize the fields with volcanic ash.
mercano82: Yes, but they could die SOBER!
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grandchickenlord: @mercano82 a fate worse than death
bytecaster: Imagine telling your dwarfs that you invested all their ressources into a library, but still don't have drinks for them
beowuuf: froot froot
EricTheOrange: do dwarfs have preferred alcohol? or is anything that gets them drunk good enough.
grandchickenlord: As far as I understand one of the most deadly things in this game to the dwarves are the dwarves own emotions.
TehAmelie: when they have feelings, they need to express themselves or murder happens
NewtyNewts: Ah right, the guy who loves being in his bed
TXC2: EricTheOrange Ale probably
EricTheOrange: enraptured with his own fine bed. Damn must be a good bed
BlindProphet32: He loves his bed
BITs19_: why are you questioning this? lol
HavenDragon: i think there's some glitches about moods rn
Jogela: Happy? Why? This fortress is pure miserable!
bytecaster: Very realistic, my mood glitches out occasionally as well
SuitablyEpic: must have like a Casper mattress or something
NewtyNewts: Is volcanic ash movable, for good farming?
kaivex: @EricTheOrange Some dwarves have preferences, but any alcohol is good enough for the most part.
TehAmelie: did you hear of the dwarf that killed some monster but broke his back, and then decided to crawl up 30 stairs to craft a heirloom coffin before dying
BrindleBoar: just slowly adjust the direction of the lava spill Kappa what could go wrong
beowuuf: was that other ben we could hear? :p
TehAmelie: such artistic impulse
DarthRagnar815: What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing... jenlosiYaeSmug
vingris_: Big time savings if the fruit comes pre-fermented
EricTheOrange: fortress infested with cats
Riiiiiiis: does the 3x3 stairs make sense or doesn't it matter?
NewtyNewts: Office, not dining hall?
MrVirite: @Riiiiiiis dwarfs do block each other, so allows more passage
TehAmelie: they sure don't make sense, though
TXC2: Riiiiiiis it allows faster moment by not having the stairs block up
Riiiiiiis: kool
strider_inc: Wow the game looks soo different on steam
MrVirite: rabbit stew
NewtyNewts: Up to 8 drinks- 7 drinks n- 6 drin- you know what, nevermind
Didero: inn-teresting
LordZarano: Can they make beer from rabbit meat?
goatprince: has the side of the mountain regrown since the lazaslide?
kaivex: They've been added to the backlog!
EricTheOrange: I see we have drinks but Our dwarfs are still grumpy.
NewtyNewts: You can give a dwarf a drink but it isn't instant happy juice, I guess
goatprince: do you want to set up a library cat?
bytecaster: There are a lot of dogs passing through the library, I wonder what genre they prefer
TXC2: well alcohol is a depressant, so it shouldn't make one happy anyway :p
kaivex: Dwarf mood is based on the events that have happened to them, mostly recent ones but sometimes their memories of them.
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SnowJP: what da dwarves doin?
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EricTheOrange: Is that 2x1 bedroom a broom closet?
MilkInBags: is there a winstate in this game?
SnowJP: @MilkInBags nope!
Spades_Slicc: Gotta put the bees in the mead
TehAmelie: the bumblebees make honey fluffier, i bet
TXC2: MilkInBags depends on what you think winning is
Spades_Slicc: they're all the buzz
Greendrag13: Bumblebee Mead: It gets you buzzed!
EricTheOrange: our fortress seems to be a bran with all the chickens dogs and cats running around
beowuuf: you keep playing until you lose :p
Riiiiiiis: @MilkInBags every moment everything doesn't go horribly bad is a win - and so is the other
EricTheOrange: everything must be made of stone becuase were in a volcano
Spades_Slicc: steins even
havenloss: is this game worth getting? i kinda enjoyed rimworld but havnt played it in years
beowuuf: lrrDARK light the kathleen signal :p
Spades_Slicc: Hire a person spinning an arrow shaped sign outside your fortress. Have it say "No Undead this time!"
goatprince: you didn't settle near a tower, the messenger draws will be fine, right
EricTheOrange: is this world still a high danger probability?
vegetalss4: Is it a nice place in here I wonder
TXC2: "outside" is never a nice place
Hangedman: a child in my tavern told a random visiting hunter where a secret mountainhome was :)
TehAmelie: having a city be self-sustaining and providing all dwarves with a lifetime of safety, dignity and freedom is the win, i guess
EricTheOrange: army of tiny lizards.
NewtyNewts: Jumping Spider pet!
goatprince: [skink breeding is now available]
PsychoI3oy: don't skinkshame me
TehAmelie: skink is such a funny word
noSmokeFire: I love the fleet of dogs zooming around
TXC2: think of the pink skink in the sink with the kink with the siding of mink
Riiiiiiis: wink wink
SierraBlackdragon: Have we murdered any boats yet?
TXC2: unrotten = fresh?
beowuuf: we'll make all our opponents slowly discard their libraries
Eklinaar: Are those chickens?
vegetalss4: Having an aesthetic is a good thing
randomino5: Millstone = powered, quern = handpower
goatprince: it's practically easter
Jogela: Can we make a lava/magma mill? Or a steam turbine
randomino5: also with quern you get to say "quern"
goatprince: you can imagine you're using the thermal updraft of the magma to power the windmills
TXC2: it's wild to think that we've been using windmill/waterwheel powered Millstones for thousands of years.
MrWeaponMarks: heyoo
brat_the_wurst: ooo i just got my first artifact, its a sheep bone warhammer
brat_the_wurst: seems fragile
noSmokeFire: this feels like Dwarven IKEA
Jogela: Could you put up a book-keeping order? Like if below X drink brew more?
kaivex: No booze. Only awkward staring at each other.
noSmokeFire: we found him!
Astrovore: uh oh
Riiiiiiis: engrave him away
Didero: Wait, what happened?
kaivex: But, I mean, we found him again! He's right there. And spectral.
Astrovore: I'm sure this is fine
Riiiiiiis: @Didero i think the dwarf was REALLY hot
DandyGeek: We had a lava flow test and this dwarf was out in the drainage field >.>
SquareDotCube: If they're still on the dwarves list they are still alive
TehAmelie: chicken juice is good for your poops
Juliamon: !addquote (Cori) [now] Stop being thirsty! Drink a chicken!
LRRbot: New quote #8393: "Stop being thirsty! Drink a chicken!" —Cori [2022-12-14]
TehAmelie: (way too good)
TXC2: Juliamon ah got there before me
grandchickenlord: Showing up with a tag that says “drink me”
superherofae: I love dwarves, I had one decapitate a squirrel and he got so excited about it he immediately fell in love with a nearby guard
noSmokeFire: "she lied"
SquareDotCube: don't forget you can set up an activity zone to gather plants
grandchickenlord: @superherofae just living life to the fullest. Not a cellphone in sight
SquareDotCube: just one thing: dwarves get stuck in trees sometimes because they have a hard time sharing a stepladder
Gerrimeister: have not played this and it seems like it could be a bit much going on at all times and will overload my brain? is that a warranted fear?
superherofae: I mean, he did decapitate a giant red squirrel in one shot, I'd be feeling pretty good too
SocraticMethod: Question for DF veterans: Do ghosts burn?
TXC2: "I don't think the ghost is a problem" she said, with so much hubris it made reality warp like a pretzel.
Astrovore: @Gerrimeister That's part of the fun!
grandchickenlord: @gerrimeister yes, but that’s part of the game. It’s meant to happen, just let it
superherofae: You can also slow down the game if you need to
SquareDotCube: caravan time!
Astrovore: Everyone in my first fortress died of thirst because the brook they were getting water from froze in winter
grandchickenlord: It’s really more of a simulation than a game. Playing dwarf fortress you by get the feeling that the world isn’t really there for you, it’s there for itself, it’s just giving you an opportunity to participate.
vegetalss4: Dwarves aren't always the smartest people
TehAmelie: melting water takes a bit of specialized tools i suppose
noSmokeFire: (the specialized tool is lava)
EricTheOrange: who is the green person?
grandchickenlord: How are you enjoying the steam version vs the free version? I wanna pick it up but I’ve been busy. Seems like the graphics make things a lot more clear if nothing else(I installed graphics packs but they were never as good as this).
Metric_Furlong: no more undead invasions yet
TheDigitalDeer: In trying to get my dwarves to drink from mugs, I accidentally created a D&D tavern??
Mangledpixel: boop
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
Mangledpixel: how dorfs the dorfs?
TXC2: they dorf dorfly
Astrovore: @grandchickenlord I could never get into the free version. The Steam version is way more accessible, but isn't without its own flavour of UI jank
goatprince: keep trapping animals, become an exotic pet store, profit
EricTheOrange: theirs just like a dwarf in a greenscreen morph suit standing their.
SocraticMethod: @grandchickenlord Steam version is meant to be way more accessible for new players for certain reasons
Nydestroyer: Anyone been able to butcher monsters in the steam version? I cant seem to get my butchers to do it
SocraticMethod: @grandchickenlord Which is why dev spent tons of time and effort for it
Nydestroyer: Like I had a forgotten beast that was butcherable according to og df but it was just left to rot
The_Passerby: subbed for an amount of months
grandchickenlord: Does the steam version have mouse navigable menus? Needing to memorize a ton of key combinations was always difficult for me.
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Nydestroyer: Yes
Nydestroyer: The steam version is a god send
randomino5: Instructions unclear, smoked some crack
grandchickenlord: My damn physical form, always holding me back
DandyGeek: @grandchickenlord Yes, it arguably prioritizes mouse control over anything else :)
The_Passerby: 65 months? damn
Nydestroyer: I am sad that dwarves cant ride in minecarts yet though
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grandchickenlord: @dandygeek great!
The_Passerby: where is mt sub notification?! T.T
The_Passerby: sadness
Juliamon: The_Passerby Try refreshing?
LordZarano: You can also get it drm-free on itchio, which comes with a steam key, but may cost more because of tax stuff
Nydestroyer: its awesome that the dwarf fortress devs are now millionaires and the game is doing so well
Nydestroyer: Its so well done
Nydestroyer: and I have been having a blast playing DF again with the accessibility cranked up to godly levels
Didero: They were gonna work on the game their whole lives anyway, but it's good that they can do that with less monetary worries now, yeah
Nydestroyer: I will be even more hyped when adventure mode gets added
Nydestroyer: I use to jam that all the time
kaivex: I'm looking forward to when some of the mods catch up again. Like, I appreciate the UI improvements and smoothing in Premium, but sometimes I just want to dig into every detail and get fiddly.
beowuuf: wb
Riiiiiiis: Dwarf Dwarf
TXC2: and we're back
TehAmelie: mm, tea
Nydestroyer: Lol I know that feel, I stripmined so many whole layers of rock trying to get enoujgh limestone
beowuuf: hey
Nydestroyer: I eventually just gave up and said, find ill make it look weird in different colors
Didero: @goatprince "Our products will leave you breathless, our prices will let you sigh with relief!"
BusTed: seabatTROG
NewtyNewts: Trogs was old base, I thought
goatprince: fArmours
flowerseses: diggy diggy hole
Hangedman: trogs aren't always hostile
TXC2: goatprince come on down to dave's farms and arms
NewtyNewts: Thank you!
Nydestroyer: You can also get those weird red guys
Nydestroyer: forget their names
Dumori: Move it to the side and you have room to add 3 more iff needed later
Nydestroyer: I had a dwarf fall 3 floors into a farm underground while chopping down a tree the other day. It was wild
Nydestroyer: fasted mood turn around ever
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kaivex: Arguably, the dwarves are also allergic to lava, but we don't let that stop us.
goatprince: if they barf on the solar panels then they'd have to clean the barf off :(
Nydestroyer: My dwarves kept spilling drinks all day long everywhere.
Nydestroyer: carrot wine everywhere
Nydestroyer: oh backpacks
Mangledpixel: that must be very fiddly to butcher
SpleenLord: Hello all! How goes the evil volcano fortress
TXC2: hello SpleenLord welcome
Nydestroyer: you could just try and force water wheel power
Didero: This is still the fort with the lava lake, right? Can you get power from that?
goatprince: @Didero not for a quern I don't think
noSmokeFire: @goatprince DF's thermodynamics are surprisingly advanced, but not that advanced
Nydestroyer: wait did you actually get your butcher to butcher those rodents?
Nydestroyer: I couldnt get that to work
SocraticMethod: a Gamer plant?
Manae: Pig tails might be slurry-able
noSmokeFire: I love our ghost just hanging out
Nydestroyer: Are we leaving the ghost around on purpose? LUL
TXC2: what's slurryable?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: It is dangerous to gaze upon the pigeon.
Manae: @TXC2 It's part of the paper-making process
TXC2: Manae oh so we're pulping :p
Manae: You make a slurry with fibrous plant matter, spread the mass over screens to dry, and have paper at the end
goatprince: dog problem? no. dog solution
TXC2: Manae neat
Nydestroyer: you can sort by name by clicking the sort thing
NewtyNewts: Maybe a pit trap as well?
Astrovore: did we see our ghost yet?
NewtyNewts: Slurry slard, slurry slard!
TXC2: stay calm! it happening!
SymphonicLolita: knowledge!
TXC2: I like how this wall has a door, but also an open end :p
Nydestroyer: oh yea the jam starts
Astrovore: singing! I love it
Nydestroyer: this song goes ham
TXC2: they beatboxing
LordZarano: Beatboxing dwarfs!
TehAmelie: a dwarf a capella choir is to be feared
TehAmelie: remember The Hobbit
malsareus: @TXC2 The hole is for air circulation
Astrovore: I love that they're improvising in the absence of instruments
TXC2: malsareus I see
malsareus: extra important underground
Didero: This might possibly be a bit TOO much detail
BrindleBoar: some kind of... dwarf fort dance.
Nydestroyer: lower body level performed in retrograde
Nydestroyer: LUL
Manae: The first section of this dance is just doing the Robot
mizzytastic: this dance sounds exhausting
Metric_Furlong: master duel update: opponent just rage dc'd upon losing the pre-game coin toss
malsareus: no wonder these dwarfs live on booze
TXC2: Metric_Furlong must be a MtG player :p
TehAmelie: how many different dances could the game generate?
SocraticMethod: @TXC2 TBH that tracks from what I've heard of YGO 1TKO decks
LordZarano: @Didero I think that might be Dwarf Fortress's tagline
malsareus: do stuff in the library? oooooh
SocraticMethod: Fencefound LUL
flowerseses: he didn't feel anything after playing make-believe
malsareus: and a fetching scarf
NewtyNewts: Chair's gone pink!
DandyGeek: it IS quite the fetching scarf
TehAmelie: i wonder how deep the realism goes. will a library attract dwarves who want to have sex in public?
mizzytastic: I have seen dwarven civilisations that prefer not to have beards. I've also seen non-hostile necromancers who can join your fort not have beards even if the rest of your dwarves do, though I don't know why
TXC2: the strategic reserve of doors
malsareus: 1 door to use, 1 as a spare, 1 for the collector value
TXC2: my only mistake: lava
SymphonicLolita: LUL
EricTheOrange: I'm honestly surprised we haven't been invaded yet
TehAmelie: wow, it's like Erfworld. or i guess Erfworld was like Dwarf Fortress
SocraticMethod: worth 600¤ tho
Mangledpixel: lrrSPOOPY
EricTheOrange: what is a "thresher"?
Manae: @EricTheOrange Being so remote might have a lot to do with that. Triggering an invasion is easier if you, say, engrave all your halls and make a ton of crafts to start rumors of a rich fortress
NewtyNewts: Some people can grasp lost.
TXC2: I too remember sleeping in a bed
Riiiiiiis: yeah slab and engrave
Nydestroyer: yea you make a slab then engrave it
vegetalss4: Were we checking who the author was? Olan something?
Manae: @EricTheOrange Threshing is removed wheat from chaff. So plant processors
EricTheOrange: it's apparently a ghostly "thresher".
SocraticMethod: @EricTheOrange PLant processor
SocraticMethod: Turns plants to product and seeds, like the machine
EricTheOrange: @Manae oh so it's a dwarf? thresher is it's job? or was it's job?
TehAmelie: hmm dwarves are so hardy, for a bed to give them any noticeably better rest it must be incredibly comfortable.
Manae: @EricTheOrange Was their job before they vanished
NewtyNewts: Or wider first?
malsareus: Surely there is a balrog down there somewhere
kaivex: My latest fortress I couldn't find the caverns until -10.
flowerseses: @malsareus well. there's a circus, I guess
NewtyNewts: Fell mood time? Let's watch!
TehAmelie: i'm sure it's a law of the universe if you dig deep enough you will find a balrog
TXC2: we dig deeper, and if that's not enough, we dig greedily.
SocraticMethod: Nish, While name
SocraticMethod: *white
excalgold: Nish has a strange mood
malsareus: I believe it was too Greedily and too deep, we might have sequencing problem
Nydestroyer: The artifact stuff is always funny. Ended up having a year old become a legendary bonecrafter after making a yak bone shield
Manae: Make some gems or lock that door? :P
flowerseses: @Nydestroyer in a fortress ~4 years ago, I had an ocean shore, and my first proper artifact was a leather thong made from sharkskin, decorated with sharkskin spikes
TXC2: also heres a thing, how does Saruman know that the Bulrog is in Moria, but Gimli, whose cousin lived there, doesn't ?
TehAmelie: good thing sharks are smooth as hell
HatsWearCats: I thought the dwarf was in a fortress, not a tent
Metric_Furlong: in tents? I thought this was a fortress! Kappa
excalgold: @TXC2 'magic' ?
malsareus: @TXC2 Maybe Saruman and the Balrog were penpals
Manae: @TXC2 Because Saruman was already corrupted and in Sauran's thrall?
malsareus: discussing the war of Wrath
SocraticMethod: *yoink*
Nydestroyer: First thing saruman asked the balrog is if they have wings
TXC2: all good answers chat
noSmokeFire: it's going to be some terrible earring, I just know it
NewtyNewts: Does that guy's symbol mean 'I'm having issues"?
SocraticMethod: Never a good sign if the cook is praying. I would skip the dinner
Manae: The deity might have some info somewhere
TehAmelie: Saruman is middle earth's first chronically online doomscroller, he keeps up with all the news magic can give him
excalgold: i do that often, i still havent come to any reasonable conclusion
malsareus: @TehAmelie Is Saruman gonna buy Twitter from the Witch King?
flowerseses: something something palantir instead of twitter
vegetalss4: If you asigned someone who wasn't already dead, would the dwarves then be proactive in solving that or would they just wait I wonder
EricTheOrange: "The Skulls of caol" is a badass god name.
NewtyNewts: Very worth!
Nydestroyer: the objects page tells you it in english
brat_the_wurst: i think for slabs you need to engrave the persons name on in it instead of making it a place
SocraticMethod: @vegetalss4 They would take it as a warning
excalgold: @vegetalss4 like ants covered in the 'dead' pheremone would they toss them selves on the corpse pile ?
NewtyNewts: Might be able to stop cutting gems soon
vegetalss4: I didn't quite catch it, is the ring the new artifact or is it another ring?
SocraticMethod: New artifact
EricTheOrange: review: "it's interesting"
Nydestroyer: whats the english name of the artifact? I always love seeing that
vegetalss4: Does it menace with any kind of spikes?
excalgold: Nish is still grumpy but atleast isnt suffering an odd mood ?
noSmokeFire: @vegetalss4 microcline, yeah
flowerseses: are we out of beer?
BITs19_: out of drink!
NewtyNewts: Oh, no beer.
TXC2: making copies buuuuudy
EricTheOrange: Can a tavern operate without drink?
LordZarano: Delving needs to be more greedy
NewtyNewts: Turns out 24 people go through beer rather rapidly
malsareus: you get a water tavern, and shorty thereafter riots
noSmokeFire: mmm. slurry.
TXC2: I think a water tavern was a two Ronnies sketch
EricTheOrange: mmmm drink the glue
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SocraticMethod: Ah, the Russian solution to lack of booze. Trying random liquids and hoping for the best
malsareus: brew grass?
Nydestroyer: limes are a fruit so you need to brew from fruit not plant
Nydestroyer: if I am not mistaken
NewtyNewts: That'd be an explanation for sure
malsareus: slab coffin?
malsareus: ah the strategic coffin reserve
Astrovore: oh dear
Astrovore: walled in
malsareus: oops whoops
flowerseses: oh nooo
BITs19_: rip
Dumori: oh dear
kaivex: No booze, except this fine amontillado...
malsareus: brick it up and declare it a tomb?
NewtyNewts: That was the guy who was just wandering around?
flowerseses: well that is a fine crypt
SocraticMethod: For the love of god, Montresor!
TXC2: there comes a time in every fortress's life where it must think to it's self: "how many coffins do I need?"
LordZarano: @TXC2 At the end of Mitchell & Webb homoeopathic ER sketch they go to a homoeopathic bar
TXC2: LordZarano ha
Manae: I'm surprised drinks don't default to "off" for cooking
malsareus: I feel this dwarf has the right to haunt us for a bit
grandchickenlord: Does dead and dehydrated just means he got trapped… or is there a vampire around?
malsareus: at the site of his sad demise, as a warning to the others
SocraticMethod: @grandchickenlord The stairs were suspended, so he was trapped there
TXC2: Mistakes made 2: the mistakening
malsareus: mistakes 2: yes you do need stairs
malsareus: they'll write either a tragedy or a truly great comedy
malsareus: anyone who can't escape
TXC2: "back in my day of last year...."
SocraticMethod: Ah, the usual watercooler stories in the office. Met that guy before
NewtyNewts: Ghosty guy is there? I Saw a green figure
malsareus: the weeping walls sounds like a place in a fromsoft game
malsareus: probably some kind of accursed fortress
NewtyNewts: @malsareus You know what it is? A water temple.
SocraticMethod: Are there non-accursed fortresses in Fromsoft games?
malsareus: surely at least 1
malsareus: variety is the spice of life after all
malsareus: can you imagine the uncanny feeling of walking unto a perfeclty fine fortress in a FromSoft game?
malsareus: I'd be on edge the entire time
noSmokeFire: iirc dwarves will work in up to 3/7 water
flowerseses: crop rotation? who's she?
EricTheOrange: so if you have an underground farm how does stuff grow without sunlight?
SocraticMethod: @EricTheOrange Mushrooms and cave flora
flowerseses: plump helmets grow with no light (and cave wheat and fungus)
TXC2: lots of mirrors and UV lights Kappa
Nydestroyer: you need to engrave the slab
Nydestroyer: not just set them to a domb
SocraticMethod: Chat said that you need to engrave the slab
brat_the_wurst: you need to engrave the slab at the craft workshop
Riiiiiiis: I think you need to engrave the slab before placing it
Nydestroyer: the craftsdwarf station has an option at the top
Riiiiiiis: and engraved specifically for that person
Nydestroyer: or rather the stone workshop
Nydestroyer: its on the mason place
NewtyNewts: Just pushed it up the hill.
SocraticMethod: more babies?
Nydestroyer: I dont even think you need to actually place the slab LUL But I do anyway since it looks cool and who dosnt like a graveyard
SocraticMethod: Lover of alabaster, mica slab LUL
TXC2: ghost busted
goatprince: no more slimer
noSmokeFire: drink: None
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GDwarble: Shame you didn't get one of those nice ghosts that throws parties
BlindProphet32: Well they don't have anything to drink...
NewtyNewts: Everyone can put away their vacuums again!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
flowerseses: oh no the ghost bustin' has just started replaying bustin' makes me feel good in my head
flowerseses: I guess I gotta go listen to it while we're on break
beowuuf: i ain't afraid of no sleep
SocraticMethod: I was looking up DF wiki and there are quite a few gems there. For example, on the topic of marriage:
SocraticMethod: Marriages do end if one of the spouses dies, even if they get raised as intelligent undead, in which case their relationship status will be reset to 'Friend'.
beowuuf: lol
beowuuf: wb
SocraticMethod: only effective means of contraception (other than the aforementioned limits) is to keep the spouses from interacting with each other
TXC2: and we're back
accountmadeforants: @SocraticMethod Ah, the good old chastity wall
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goatprince: none drinks with left corpse
obionedrop: @goatprince oh no lol
SocraticMethod: Arranging marriages: [...] With a proper setup your dwarves should be married in a matter of months.
Nydestroyer: Dwarves cant ride minecarts in this version as far as I can tell... it only does items
gualdhar: as a Rimworld player, does Dwarf Fortress allow for similar warcrimes or dwarf-skin hats?
AnyButtonToStart: @gualdhar yes
AnyButtonToStart: You can bind books with ANYTHING that has skin too
EricTheOrange: considering how the last fortress ended defenses may be a good idea
SocraticMethod: google mermaid bones
goatprince: what's the over/under of the caves being flooded by magma
AnyButtonToStart: @gualdhar Rimworld is pretty tame to some of the stuff I've seen in DF
gualdhar: @anybuttontostart are we including mods in that statement?
AnyButtonToStart: DF vanilla vs Rimworld vanilla
EricTheOrange: awww our wrestler has a pet boar
randomino5: Chick Filets
SquareDotCube: we have SO MANY rabbits
SquareDotCube: granted they are bunnies
noSmokeFire: mmm. lime milk
kaivex: Just squeeze some limes into some milk, it's probably close enough.
AnyButtonToStart: straight from the teat of the lime
EricTheOrange: why are "meat" and "fish" separate from food?
AnyButtonToStart: Food is all food. Meat/Fish breaks it down further for you
TXC2: Milk of lime sounds so much worse then lime juice :p
NewtyNewts: Fate and 'tempting' go together well.
brat_the_wurst: @EricTheOrange food is cooked food, meat/fish is uncooked food
AnyButtonToStart: Food isn't that
Nydestroyer: my caverns have always been at like -5
AnyButtonToStart: Food is Fish + Meat + Plants
TXC2: Cori doesn't tempt fate, Cori pisses on fate's dad's grave and then says "what you gonna do about it?" Kappa
EricTheOrange: I always did love flooding hell in tarraria. i imagine dumping lava into a cavern has a similar effect.
BloodnBullets: Just make your own cavern! lrrBEEJ
TehAmelie: honey badger? and here we were worried about balrogs
Invitare: Honey Badgers usually do that, in the real world I mean
SquareDotCube: cats love killing vermin
NewtyNewts: Maybe set a trap or two around the pens?
malsareus: cat problem? r00d
mercano82: The cat still has 8 more lives
SquareDotCube: it wants to steal something
TXC2: cat got the zoomies
AnyButtonToStart: LOL
cadesguy: LOL elephant stepped on it
GhostValv: D:
AnyButtonToStart: Check the combat log
malsareus: that was unwise
AnyButtonToStart: I wanna see the brutality
Manae: We need this combat log
NewtyNewts: Let's see what happened!
EricTheOrange: guard elephant earning it's pay
SquareDotCube: elephant went STOMP
goatprince: honey badger skin parchment, I guess
malsareus: elephant lorge
TehAmelie: to the elephant: "that still only counts as one"
Nydestroyer: wow that badger messed up that elephant
flowerseses: this felt like a weird flash animation from the early 2000s
vegetalss4: Damn, that elephan is now "Seriously Injured", that's pretty impressive for a badger
brat_the_wurst: i always love the dented condition in this game
SquareDotCube: on the upside: free honey badger meat and leather!
GDwarble: Yay!
NewtyNewts: Year two invasion this time
EricTheOrange: welp next fortress
Tehbeard: time for "fun"!
TXC2: here we GO!
noSmokeFire: the honey badger was a warm up
thymato: is anyone else having issues or is it my internet
AnyButtonToStart: no issues here
TXC2: thymato seems fine here
EricTheOrange: everyone get inside and retract the bridge. we did finish the lava moat right?
Tehbeard: Turns out they're friendly undead, they heard you had ways of exterminating honey badger pests...
kaivex: @EricTheOrange The part where there's lava, yes. The part where it's a moat and not a waterfall? ...not so much.
malsareus: the Elephant will protect us
LordZarano: Remain Indoors
BrowneePoints: Hmmm Amazon just ordered a God of War tv show with Cody Barlog executive producing and I don't know how I feel about this
TXC2: BrowneePoints live action or animated ?
noSmokeFire: are undead inherently building destroyers?
vegetalss4: Fingers crossed for the fort surviving
EricTheOrange: what are those undead of?
noSmokeFire: aww, they're full of love <3
TXC2: Undead will turn us into regular dead real fast
goatprince: can we befriend them maybe perhaps instead
matthaus_c: peace was never an option
TXC2: RIP Elephant
GDwarble: Zombies with crossbows feels like cheating
electric_claire: Don't worry, they can't open doors
EricTheOrange: welp their go all our animals
flowerseses: I have to say, they look properly creepy in this version
BloodnBullets: they have little hearts, clearly they want to be friends
GDwarble: Very slow doom approaching
brat_the_wurst: i guess thats one way to take care of the rabbit problem
malsareus: hmmmmm
EricTheOrange: ummm
flowerseses: oh-oh
Nydestroyer: pumped a bit too much
GDwarble: Oops
KelevaStreams: oh no
BrowneePoints: @TXC2 Live Action
flowerseses: pumped too greedily
Dumori: oh no
goatprince: 'lol whoops'
TXC2: lost containment
GDwarble: Ah
Nydestroyer: LUL
randomino5: GG
malsareus: well then
brat_the_wurst: uh oh
Dumori: a second mistake
arkbrik: LUL
Riiiiiiis: uhh FUN
noSmokeFire: FBtouchdown
TXC2: BrowneePoints interesting
EricTheOrange: i'm sure it'll be fine
sephsays: Oh
flowerseses: well that sure is a good end of an episode I guess
NewtyNewts: It's not like that wasn't blocked off anywhere
malsareus: Are the undead actually the problem here?
SocraticMethod: Ah, the boatmurdered experience
Nydestroyer: Fun
CAKHost: f for fortress. :c
TXC2: the pump became stopped
Riiiiiiis: the pump became stopped
randomino5: Undead can't destroy the fort if you destroy it yourself 4Head
kaivex: It's a self-limiting lava pump! Design feature.
noSmokeFire: can we engrave a slab to memorialize the elephant?
flowerseses: bunny!
cadesguy: not the bunny!
sephsays: Poor bunny :(
SocraticMethod: Theme music
Nydestroyer: dwarf made eruption
KelevaStreams: At least one dwarf is having a great time right now
SocraticMethod: Undead can't catch you if you are on fire
brat_the_wurst: "roast chicken"
amythist: yeah this seems like the Dwarf Fortress I've heard about
HavenDragon: a bit alarming to hear all these alerts considering i'm also playing DF :D
EricTheOrange: I love that chicken running around on fire
randomino5: Don't think of it as a lava problem, think of it as a lava opportunity.
TXC2: once again lrrFINE
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP
cadesguy: click
Nydestroyer: elves not going to be happy about this one
SocraticMethod: Didn't we used to have 24 dorfs before the invasion?
KelevaStreams: well hey! you got a great story out of it
TXC2: !clips
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Mollylele: a controlled burn
sephsays: You weren’t using that Forest.
jessieimproved: Too bad the elves aren't here to see it
randomino5: Free charcoal EZ
accountmadeforants: "The surface has become collapsed"
noSmokeFire: "the forest became burnt"
Kukako: Just as planned?
malsareus: perfect defense no comments
beowuuf: the landscape became deforested
TehAmelie: did we make a little volcano eruption?
vegetalss4: But there's two less of the undead, so it seems we burned them too
Hangedman: i notice your population decreased by 5
NewtyNewts: Down to only 3 undead though!
HavenDragon: time to get slabs going
TheShokara: lrrFINE
malsareus: but we could use more lava
Nydestroyer: sounds like the lava fields will be fed some dwarves lol
sephsays: Yak is MVP
Nydestroyer: it looks like two of them died to the elephant
Nydestroyer: not even the lava LUL
EricTheOrange: did our elephant get 2 of them?
Mollylele (Ring Of Fire trumpet intro) 🎺 🔥 🎺
SocraticMethod: @EricTheOrange Nah. Lava did
noSmokeFire: they might dodge into the lava
malsareus: 1 of them was smart enough to pump lava over themselves
NewtyNewts: Aren't there still two at the door?
Hangedman: they may just be leaving
Hangedman: 'fuck this'
goatprince: an effective strategy
Astrovore: success!
TXC2: success
TheOtherTrevor: What did it cost?
randomino5: And nothing bad whatsoever happened
TheShokara: Prefect success! No notes
noSmokeFire: technically is our kill count higher than the undead's?
kaivex: Look, they lost five, we lost five. It's fine.
Nydestroyer: war, war never changes
NewtyNewts: Uh oh, looks like one guy is still there
Astrovore: they'll sing songs about this for generations
TXC2: all wars have casualties
vegetalss4: Dwarf lives lost to enemy action: 1 Dwarf lives lost in total: 6
malsareus: @Hangedman If I attacked a place and the locals set literally everything on fire I would leave
malsareus: not worth it
Nydestroyer: self immolation is a valid form of defense
TehAmelie: i think that's called scorched earth strategy
Nydestroyer: replacements
kaivex: They heard this place was lit.
vegetalss4: No wait 0 and 5
noSmokeFire: "yo, we heard you have a cool lava moat?"
Thandres: 13 people to enjoy the new outdoor baths
Nydestroyer: New volume of the mistakes saga
Nydestroyer: inc
SymphonicLolita: LUL
EricTheOrange: just ya know keep your wagons away from the lava
malsareus: also avoid lava
brat_the_wurst: those migrants are showing up like that donald glover gif
accountmadeforants: Trees are the danger
TXC2: "so I heard about this place that killed a bunch of undead with lava, lets go live there!"
goatprince: so we're going to redesign the lava pump system right
NewtyNewts: Pump is ruined tho
EricTheOrange: Soooo our biggest export is volcanic ash I guess?
malsareus: absolutely not Matt
TXC2: goatprince why? it worked Kappa
Manae: How did the pump melt?
EricTheOrange: can we sell ash? I feel like we got a ton of that now
malsareus: a lava ballista
ghyllnox: Who even needs a forge? just pile it up and drop lava on it
Dumori: We maybe need to pump it up a nd then let it fall in to containment pit as a buffer for back flow
malsareus: a ballista firing buckets of lava
Riiiiiiis: oh yeah, can you throw lava at the enemy? and everything else?
EricTheOrange: how many animals are still alive?
TXC2: the moat probably needs to be one layer deeper at least
EricTheOrange: can we sell them all thse animal bones?
TehAmelie: teaching lava to believe in itself: the story of how our volcano island died
Thandres: lava is a very efficient cleaning fluid
Thandres: you can be sure that nothing remains if you drown it in lave seabatBRAIN
TXC2: a Hamlet? can't we be MacBeth ?
Dumori: perhaps a level deeper too
EricTheOrange: if the channel is deep enough will the lava stay their and not dissipate?
noSmokeFire: what if we made the lava channel into the main path to our entrance?
Pinwiz11: @TXC2 Deep down, aren't all Dwarf Forts a MacBeth?
goatprince: the best course of acton is to wall off the section of the edge of map where the gargoyles came from, clearly
TXC2: Pinwiz11 being destroyed by our own hubris and madness? yes
Mazrae: so I've heard of this game but what is it
randomino5: The roost, the roost, the roost is on fire
SocraticMethod: They are not on fire, they are roasting
kaivex: Mmm, roast chicken.
goatprince: delicious
noSmokeFire: chicken roost? no, roast
flowerseses: and someone is STILL really happy
goatprince: have some hard boiled eggs with it
Nydestroyer: everything is fine meme
Zu_o: are these chickens cooked? No they come "Pre smoked"
EricTheOrange: is someone gonna put out those fires?
TXC2: "when we cook our chickens, we cook the WHOLE chicken"
flowerseses: I bet it's the writer of the mountain mistakes series
vegetalss4: Can you actually put out fires, or would you have to wait for that to happen naturally
accountmadeforants The land continues to burn.
Nydestroyer: do dwarves have fire extinguishers?
kaivex: If we built a second pump system to flood it with water...
Zu_o: "The elephant is burning, the elephant is screaming, the elephant is standing in magma"
flowerseses: oh it's the expedition leader who is really happy! that seems... wrong
TehAmelie: "it's a stone floor, how long can it stay on fire?" "have you heard of lava?"
cyanMu42: Dwarves have buckets of sand but I'm not totally sure they fight fires
matthaus_c: by middle school you should know how to dispose of a corpse
AdamYMHMI: Some kids play stickball, some kids play corpseball
Nydestroyer: is that chicken a god?
Nydestroyer: its name is all glowy
goatprince: 'forced to endure the decaying of a sibling'
matthaus_c: roast chicken
Zu_o: it's actually the steward of gondor
SpleenLord: Why are these fires burning for days
TXC2: God speed chicken
cadesguy: I had a dress in my fort that never stopped burning, I had to dig a spot over it and designate it a pond for someone to douse it...
beowuuf: the rest of its life
sephsays: This is where phoenixes come from, right?
Invitare: it#s a Tochic
noSmokeFire: that chicken has been burning for like a month straight
TehAmelie: should we rename the place to National Ignition Facility?
Nydestroyer: this is how you make a phoenix
DanTheMediocre: it's still a chick, so only a very smol fire
matthaus_c: do you want to get phoenices? that's how you get phoenices
Dumori: It's the incredible chicken torch
Pinwiz11: Mmmmmm... asbestos chicken
TehAmelie: we do seem to be the best at making things on fire
noSmokeFire: !!charcoal!! = burning charcoal
BloodnBullets: chicken had a burning passion for revenge
TXC2: "would you like your chicken rare, well done or charcoal?"
Nydestroyer: this is a lime
Nydestroyer: on fire
DanTheMediocre: time to distill some fireball?
malsareus: not lava there yet
TXC2: a lime on fire sounds like a cocktail
malsareus: we can fix that
Dumori: Sure would be nice if half the forrest didn't just disappear last week
matthaus_c: do like the Portuguese and display the bones at church
Mazrae: for someone seeing this game for the first time what's the "task" of this game
malsareus: Lava comes for us all in the end
Invitare: not for them
AdamYMHMI: Check with the kids to see if they've seen him in the course of their duties.
SocraticMethod: I love the boneyard you have have in front of the fortress
kaivex: @Mazrae Try to have your fortress survive and thrive by giving the dwarves instructions.
Dumori: @TXC2 flaming lime boats are a part of tikki half a lime a sugar cube and some high proof rum floating on the drink and burning
noSmokeFire: @Mazrae you're the overseer of a fortress full of dwarves. manage an intricately interconnected set of systems to keep them safe and happy, while entertaining yourself with hubristic projects
EricTheOrange: undead and lava can't kill us but we may die from lack of water
TXC2: Dumori ha :p
Riiiiiiis: How does it work with the weapon trap? You can add multiple weapons to it. Does it get more deadly, or will it function several times?
noSmokeFire: @Riiiiiiis more deadly
malsareus: Maybe we can trade our lava for water with the neighbors
cadesguy: @Riiiiiiis each weapon gets an attack when its triggered
noSmokeFire: weapon traps are reusable, but have a chance to jam on their victims.
brat_the_wurst: just drink the water seeping into the walls by the farm plots Kappa
flowerseses: I mean, we DO have infinite water in the aquifer, true
malsareus: right, the strategic coffin reserve
jessieimproved: very dehydrated
noSmokeFire: she felt enjoyment after being near toads
TXC2: so she's a psychopath? ok then
DanTheMediocre: that baby was both fearless and cruel
flibdev: I also feel enjoyment after being near toads
TXC2: the old sun coffin
Nydestroyer: I feel like people are just going to start dying of thirst here LUL
flowerseses: yea, that's for the expedition leader
EricTheOrange: like the bady of lenin
EricTheOrange: our people are surprisingly happy considering
Nydestroyer: I wonder if the chicken i still on fire
SocraticMethod: Create a fire brigade and equip them
goatprince: looks like you have some burnt up beds too
Mazrae: have the dwarfs fight the water with their fists
cadesguy: if you channel out a space above and designate it a pond, they will douse, but it sucks
JonRenish: who/what is walking around on fire?
Nydestroyer: yea that chicken gets to be a mythical beast now
SocraticMethod: @JonRenish a chicken roasting
Nydestroyer: its lived for far to long
Nydestroyer: its gained fire immunity clearly
flowerseses: that chicken has been on fire for weeks now
noSmokeFire: is it still possible for a unit to burn off all its fat and become functionally immune to burning?
EricTheOrange: I don't like that that fire is just moving around. I assume it's a bug that the chicken or whatever isn't dead yet
TXC2: wasn't there a chicken that lived for years after it's head got chopped off? maybe our chicken is like that
BloodnBullets: is that incredibly mobile fire the burning revenge chicken?
Nydestroyer: is missing a head
beowuuf: perfect parenting
TheOtherTrevor: Ahh.. So that is why the stream was tagged as being for mature audiences at the beginning
jessieimproved: I mean, the wiki page says they are alcohol dependent humanoids so
TehAmelie: i think we got a dwarf racial paragon here
SocraticMethod: Put the fire over there. With the rest of the fire
Didero: @TXC2 That chicken had part of its brain stem left though
noSmokeFire: oh, wait, I just remembered. wasn't there a bug in one version where charcoal would burn forever?
TXC2: Didero I see
EricTheOrange: "indignant at having to see the decay of it's sibling"
NewtyNewts: Oh boy
flowerseses: theeere we go
Invitare: no it's a cavern, not a well
TXC2: deeeeeeeep
goatprince: any water in the cavern?
EricTheOrange: dare you to flood the cavern with lava
NewtyNewts: Mur-diddly-urdered
TXC2: Muuuuuuuurder?!
kaivex: Lava is a part of our heritage.
malsareus: It'll lower your heating bill by a lot
Didero: Thanks for the stream!
TXC2: thanks for streaming Cori and Ben
beowuuf: thanks for streaming cori and ben!
Riiiiiiis: baiiiii
TehAmelie: thanks for having us!
beowuuf: bye to the subs, chickens, charcoals, forests,
malsareus: apparantly lava finds a way
Pinwiz11: Bye! Praise the skorchik
Didero: You'll just have to add a month or 7 to this PiF :p
noSmokeFire: fire is hereditary
Zu_o: just lays hardboiled eggs
beowuuf: the burming question
beowuuf: go go gadget lrrAWESOME
LordZarano: !tomorrow
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TehAmelie: it was no trouble really
Zu_o: Johnny Heitch! has the same energy as TEE BUCK
TXC2: nothing, goodday sir!
TXC2: !next
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noSmokeFire: do we have any dworphans yet?
ShaneLeeAtk: I have a fresh bottle to crack to sip along with
Riiiiiiis: action packes content
Riiiiiiis: packed
TXC2: !clips
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TXC2: clip it, that's the ticket
beowuuf: because highlight ain't right
LordZarano: !what
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NewtyNewts: Clip it. Just a minute.
beowuuf: byyyye! thanks!
TXC2: !patreon
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malsareus: lava for everyone
TXC2: !discord
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TehAmelie: we didn't start the fire, we just let it run wild across the land
malsareus: we're sharing our fire
beowuuf: it's was always burning, since the world was... first booted up...
Metric_Furlong: we're just hangin out with an old flame
TXC2: to be fair, fire predates life by at least 500 million years
beowuuf: lost means we don't know where they were, and we know exactly where they were... in lava
TehAmelie: i like to think the big bang was caused by some kind of SUPERfire
TXC2: goodnight everybody
kaivex: The fortress is a net positive for dwarves. Clearly, everything is fine.
beowuuf: sergeHi night
LordZarano: Wonder what the first fire was given that fire needs oxygen and fuel
TehAmelie: can't make an omelette without melting some dwarfs
LordZarano: And early life was in the ocean, where it's pretty difficult to catch on fire