TimIAm: !next
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ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Teeeeee-BUCK!
TheWriterAleph: @lrrbot LUL
TehAmelie: is that where he went
ihlendrax: Teeeee-BUCK!
ihlendrax: !next
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serramarkov: This should be a(nother) fun stream!
Manae: !next
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Loonatic93: Go Go LRR Rangers!
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Electrodyne: hi internet friends
Manae: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
NotCainNorAbel: FBtouchdown
IbunWest: abatHYPERS
DeM0nFiRe: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always hoping for a TPK.
xantos69: Ok, so I never watched Power Rangers as a kid. What's the TLDR?
DeM0nFiRe: !quote always
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
DeM0nFiRe: Fine, be that way
LordZarano: !kill all humans
LRRbot: Executing command.
DarkMorford: Teenagers with attitude. MorphinTime
Juliamon: xantos69 Same, but I think it's "kids in costumes fighting monsters"
IbunWest: 5 teenagers with attitude fight the monster of the week and then jump in a giant robot to fight it when it grows really large
GapFiller: xantos69 Sentai!
airylan: !badadvice
LRRbot: Add a point in Bear.
GapFiller: !advice
LRRbot: Approve the sausage.
ihlendrax: Bear is not bad advice.
kusinohki: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (1m ago).
TehAmelie: whee, finished The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl just in time
badpandabear: So not park rangers for power plants then. Got it.
NotCainNorAbel: !quote 6852
LRRbot: Quote #6852: "Backgammon sucks and has always fucking sucked." —Beej [2020-03-26]
xantos69: So this giant robot... Are they the robot? Or do they each have their own robot that forms together? Or is it just one big robot that a bunch of people have to get in and drive?
GapFiller: Beej confirmed not a Wittgenstein fan
GapFiller: xantos69 yes
Juliamon: I think it varies?
airylan: the robot comes together of smaller robots, like some kind of Voltron!
GapFiller: we shd ask Beejs opinion on deckchairs
DarkMorford: And a bangin' soundtrack too
Juliamon: There are a lot of Power Rangers seasons
kusinohki: I'm curios what beej has against backgammon
serramarkov: lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
airylan: lrrSIG
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSIG lrrSHINE lrrSIG
IbunWest: I was specifically talking about the Mighty Morphin seasons
GapFiller: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG BORED JAMES!
TehAmelie: it's aliive!
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIG MorphinTime lrrSIG
IbunWest: lrrSIG prawnzAYAYAJam lrrSIG
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Manae: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
NotCainNorAbel: @kusinohki Well it was during his play it forward; so going to be really hard to tell.
SnackPak_: sergeHi
TehAmelie: is it weird almost all my knowledge of Power Rangers comes from playing the SNES game?
saucemaster5000: Good evening! I'm Rita Repulsa here to use my wand and make my monster grow.
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for AFK! Tonight it's Morphin' Time! Wheler Beej and Ben are playing Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Fj-vKHJaUAAX1jT.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1603194233334403073
El_Funko: time for some AFKussy
Juliamon: Do we have any Ritas in chat?
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kusinohki: I've seen maybe 2 eps of power rangers. from the commercials, I thought it was a live action voltron. I was rather disappointed...
Juliamon: I am not actively subbed to Wheeler right now
IbunWest: @El_Funko merlekConcern
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NotCainNorAbel: wheelerRita
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DarkMorford: MorphinTime MorphinTime MorphinTime
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART
benjamin_wheeler: @juliamon you’re waiting until the Wiki is updated, right?
BusTed: MorphinTime
GapFiller: phun phact Machiko Soga was in both Power Rangers AND VR Troopers
saucemaster5000: I think I saw the first power rangers movie once? So, y'know, basically an expert
iris_of_ether: 2020Pajamas MorphinTime 2020Party
El_Funko: why does twitch have a morphin time emote but not a morbin time emote 🤔🤔🤔
Juliamon: Yes, totally
xantos69: Ok so this "Rita" I've heard from context that she is the villain. What does she do? What's the goal? World domination or just kill everybody?
Earthenone: its been 10000000000 years
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RAICx: 96 months! Ecin!
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airylan: Revengeance?
DarkMorford: @xantos69 "It's time to conquer Earth!"
BusTed: It's time to conquer earth
flamewave7: I kickstarted this game, it's great to see it here
Cheezmo: ooo, French bank ads
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control_rig: MorphinTime ing Time
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rraawwrrimabear: Wait. You’re smart funny handsome AND talented
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GapFiller: Cheezmo how do they compare to the Cirque Du Soleil ads
Cheezmo: @GapFiller Not sure, I never get here in time for ads, lol
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flamewave7: As someone who actually kickstared this game, I can't wait to see how this ends.
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saucemaster5000: Jonathan Ying is a very fun game designer, remember him talking on some panels about making this game a few years back. Love his game "Bargain Quest."
SnowbirdMike: "By the Power of Greyskull". Wait! OOps Thats a different 80s kid show.
DarkMorford: I have a copy of this record, listening to it right now :D https://assets1.ignimgs.com/2016/11/03/vinyl-03-powerrangers-discdetailpng-f9b33b.png
MAPBoardgames: MorphinTime ItsBoshyTime MorphinTime
azninsect: teenage mutant ninja turtl...wait hold on wrong franchise
azninsect: tppowerGG
SnowbirdMike: hahahaha
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JadedCynic: Mighty Morphine Power Addicts..wait, I mean...
flamewave7: the next mutation and power rangers in space did crossover, no one will ever talk about it. lol
Orxolon: @azninsect the power rangers met the TMNT
Orxolon: XD
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Raiger: Eleventy-one months is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits...errr..LRR'ers?
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RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
SnowbirdMike: @JadedCynic I think thats politics
Wrexadecimal: LUL
control_rig: AHahahahah
GapFiller: YES!
Mortimew: lrrAWESOME_TK
azninsect: hahahh yessss
BusTed: MorphinTime
RandomTrivia: 10/10 bit, no notes
TheWriterAleph: the voice filter FINALLY pays off Kappa
SaxPython: MorphinTime
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
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Gekyouryuu: fun fact for anyone who didn't know: my username is a Super Sentai fan character I made who originally had a different name and was a Power Ranger.
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kusinohki: "working overtime, fighting crime. fighting crime!"
Heckhoundbolt: MorphinTime
Orxolon: MorphinTime
MAPBoardgames: MorphinTime lrrBEN
saucemaster5000: Better to be Exactly Zordon than Suddenly Susan
TemporallyAwry: Can we get a clean take of "Cease and Desist" with the reverb ;p
JadedCynic: @JadedCynic S'interesting tho that NOW the branding is just "Power Rangers"...
TheWriterAleph: beej is on mastodon, what a coincidence
GapFiller: voice filter is good but we what we really needed was Ben behind some kinda ghost inna tube fx
BusTed: Ben also doing the hadouken RyuChamp
LinearGif: It's Morbin' time!
GapFiller: TheWriterAleph nalvCool
raulghoulia: fun fact: mastodon means breast tooth
SnowbirdMike: mini stroke
SaxPython: lol
MAPBoardgames: How do you know it's excellent? It just started!
RandomTrivia: Oh no, Wheeler's brain rebooted :D
azninsect: hahahahaa
SnowbirdMike: hahahaha
jessieimproved: perfect
SnackPak_: am Wheeler ok?
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
SaxPython: !clip
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iris_of_ether: benginLol
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Earthenone: is that the new CK button?
Gaytanic_Panic: RIP JDF
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BigDaddyBland87: RIP JDF
AttackCowboy: wheelerRita
WiJohn: Thank you for having here it's great to be me
SaxPython: BibleThump
Earthenone: it was before bens time
Pywodwagon: Ben was too young for power rangers
CasualKing21: RIP JDF
GapFiller: Ben were yr even old enough to watch it? Kappa
Akaiatana: The 2017 movie is SO GOOD
Orxolon: RIP
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azninsect: JDF o7 Trini o7
LinearGif: From the logo I gather they protect our electrical infrastructure in rural locales
jessieimproved: My little brother watched the crap out of Power Rangers so I did by extension
mowdownjoe: RIP JDF :(
DarkMorford: RIP JDF o7
Gekyouryuu: I'm so into Power Rangers that I help QC the subtitles for Super Sentai for a fansub group
DeM0nFiRe: Me and my brother always would fight each other during the commercials so somtimes we weren't allowed to watch lol
BrowneePoints: I grew up on Power Rangers
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
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CelestaRose: Mighty Morphins?
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Wrexadecimal: I was the prime age for it
saucemaster5000: whispers in his ear from behind "can I get inside you?'
Earthenone: i had a learn martial arts from the green ranger vhs tape :P
SnowbirdMike: hahahahaha
iris_of_ether: I *definitely* had a kid I was babysitting kick me repeatedly for this reason :P
control_rig: Hahahahaha
xantos69: That isn't better
CasualKing21: This is a great coincidence, I just finished rewatching RPM last night lol
BrowneePoints: JDF's death a few weeks ago hit me really hard
Gekyouryuu: @CasualKing21 that was such a good season
Bugberry: earlier family guy had good moments. Haven't watched it in years though.
underhill33: mine too beej
NotCainNorAbel: My Mom watched South Park with me
JadedCynic: Beej's parents were galaxy-brain
TacitusVigil: I'd ask if we could play the theme, but I guess we don't want to get muted
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TheWriterAleph: you boys are in fact my shit
iris_of_ether: lrrGARBO
control_rig: But Family Guy came out in 1999... oh God
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DarkMorford: It's morphin' time! MorphinTime MorphinTime MorphinTime
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CasualKing21: @gekyouryuu It definitely is, I'm so glad they started putting power rangers on YT
azninsect: us? *we're* the reason?
raulghoulia: v smooth
kusinohki: my sis wouldn't let her kids watch pokemon.... *shrug* parents are weird
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Earthenone: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out https://store.loadingreadyrun.com/ for the full catalog.
MAPBoardgames: Now have mmm.bottles
Gekyouryuu: Family Guy is fine, just not something I'd let a kid watch without the accrued lifetime knowledge to know it's not to be taken seriously
RandomTrivia: Hahahahahaha
Kramburger: For Table Tops and Table Bottoms
BrowneePoints: I'm table power bottomy
Alas_Babylon: please no tablesteppy
CasualKing21: Ben, can you please say "I'm a frog" 🐸
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MAPBoardgames: Favorite badguy
jedi_master_zll: benginDab
RandomTrivia: @BrowneePoints Obligatory https://i.imgur.com/buTVcD6.gif
Orxolon: Zeo
Wrexadecimal: The OG.
control_rig: Ben...
Orxolon: or the OG
Kramburger: More like Beast SNORES
BigDaddyBland87: First 2 season
Electrodyne: @casualking21 best moment of the movie, right there
JadedCynic: @MAPBoardgames windmill slam Rita Repulsa
Bugberry: predacons, terrorize!
TacitusVigil: war planets
Buxx345: Jungle Fury
dragonwarrior000: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
Gekyouryuu: if we're talking Sentai, Go-Busters. though DonBrothers has been GREAT this year
saucemaster5000: Wait... really?
gehennam_reborn: ok, respect to wheeler
BrowneePoints: oh man, English or Japanese?
CururuGuasu: Jungle Fury!
squ3e: Star...disagreements!
Kramburger: You mean like Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles?
BigDaddyBland87: @MAPBoardgames Zedd before they killed his aura
AugmentingPath: Did you also have Starries?
Easilycrazyhat: New Transformers movie is gonna have Beast Wars stuff in it.
flamewave7: mainframe did all thr cgi TV for awhile
Akaiatana: Beej is correct IIRC
Bugberry: Scorpinok was awesom
Dogpoo_l: I adored Mystic Force as a kid
Cavemanhar: dinobot is my boi
Gekyouryuu: @CururuGuasu fun fact: the sentai my name is a fan character for is the sentai that got turned into Jungle Fury
Violentfrog: rhinox....maximize?
asddsa28: i like that guy
bytecaster: Gridman, of course
putz12a: Beasties was definitely done by Mainframe. As was Shadow Raiders
Sibwow: oh boy
BrowneePoints: In Space was great because it ended the og continuity
Orxolon: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:45.
Bugberry: Scorpinok was the weirdo mad scientist
Gekyouryuu: I met the VA for Lord Zedd once almost 14 years ago
asthanius: wheelerRita wheelerRita wheelerRita
azninsect: out of the more modern ones i really like the pirate sentai
Sibwow: wheelerRita wheelerRita wheelerRita wheelerRita
CasualKing21: My fav seasons are a tie between Jungle Fury, SPD, and Lightspeed Rescue
kusinohki: let's really show my age - Science Ninja Team Gatchamon!
TheWriterAleph: Rita made them grow?
TacitusVigil: @browneepoints bulk and skull have a great overall arc
Violentfrog: need a hot water relaxing bath
bytecaster: We have a strength build, a balanced build and a dex build
El_Funko: he's screamin about the morphin
SnackPak_: getting ready to limbo
DarkMorford: I'm an original MMPR guy. By the time they got to the other installations of the franchise I'd grown out of it.
BrowneePoints: yea I know bulk and skull have a payoff in one of the more recent seasons too
CururuGuasu: Also, Hasbro, localize ToQger you cowards!
CasualKing21: Bulk and Skull are the real protags of the Zordon Era
raulghoulia: looks like colossus' move from the xmen game
RandomTrivia: Probably after ten thousand years...
Gekyouryuu: @kusinohki Gatchaman is great! love how it directly influenced Jetman, the last sentai before they started making Power Rnagers
Easilycrazyhat: You're saying...she'll be free?
Gekyouryuu: Rangers*
Kramburger: She'll show up after 10,000 years ingame
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
Violentfrog: @raulghoulia xmen...welcome....to DIE!
SnackPak_: I'm ready for turn 1 Rita
Kramburger: BAD CHRIS
squ3e: Classiic Fuji
BusTed: 😬
BrowneePoints: but yea the original seasons up through In Space, even Turbo are my faves
DarkMorford: GAMBLE
Gekyouryuu: hochi-min city!
Orxolon: Hochimin cityyy
Nigouki: Pandemic: Return of CHONIK
azninsect: GAMBLE
Earthenone: was fugi volunteering? :P
Kramburger: RIP
BrowneePoints: HO CHI MINH CITY
TacitusVigil: or an assassin
JadedCynic: o7
tehfewl: I also have 3 first names...
kusinohki: so I shouldn't ask about pandemic season 0 ??
azninsect: RIP Trini o7
Shadowsoflife: o7
BrowneePoints: RIP Trini
Kramburger: Guess whaich colour ranger Wheeler is... seabatUseless
CasualKing21: RIP Trini
BrowneePoints: and Austin St John can get bent
bytecaster: Wheeler is doing first strike and normal damage
DarkMorford: RIP Thuy Trang and JDF o7
BigDaddyBland87: RIP Thuy Trang
NimrodXIV: o7
raulghoulia: @BrowneePoints aww I heard he was a volunteer fire fighter
CasualKing21: Every time I hear Austin St. John nowadays I think of the YouTuber Austin John Plays lol
Gekyouryuu: RIP to OG Trini's actress, and shoutout to the reboot movie from a few years back who was a non-straight hero
Orxolon: can we know Billy and Miberly powers?
saucemaster5000: nice of them to build the city in a perfect circle
TacitusVigil: the reboot movie was dece
Orxolon: *Kimberly
kusinohki: this board design evokes Xmen for me more than power rangers...
BrowneePoints: RIP Thuy Trang and JDF
Kramburger: Do you know that the actors in power rangers didn't get paid extra for doing the movie? The just got a tiny per diem and their normal paycheque for the show
TacitusVigil: ooof
raulghoulia: hey these are the three actors written off the show so they could attend the "world games"
BrowneePoints: @raulghoulia Hes an alt right turd ass and I think he got jailed on a crypto scheme or something
Gekyouryuu: I didn't realize this was a board game when I saw it on the schedule. thought we were doing the deckbuilder
Kramburger: Yeah, the production company behind power rnagers SUCKED
kusinohki: @kramburger a friend of mine tells stories about power rangers. they were fighting for pay raises "you can't do the show without us" and the head guy would get on the phone and say "send in the next 5 kids" - kind of scummy
Easilycrazyhat: Was gonna say, do Power Rangers die?
CasualKing21: Austin St John once said that he could be working at a McDonald's and gotten paid the same as being on MMPR
DarkMorford: Also big ups to David Yost (Billy) who got bullied to hell and back by the cast and crew for being gay.
BrowneePoints: I thought they joined the "junior world peace summit" or whatever
JadedCynic: we are a team
SaxPython: #WeAreFriends
JadedCynic: oof
Gaytanic_Panic: @easilycrazyhat I think that's how In Space starts. Someone new takes the morpher.
flamewave7: Rangers dying, that later seasons. lol
flamewave7: temporary
Diabore: that did (kind of) happen didnt it? didnt someone come back as a different colour ranger?
CasualKing21: @darkmorford But he's coming back for the 30th. I hope he meets Izzy and her GF from Dino Fury. It'll show how far the show and ppl have come.
Kramburger: Haim Sabian is worth $2 Billion, by the way.
BrowneePoints: @darkmorford theres been some pushback from the cast saying it was the crew not the cast. also I've met him!
tuskact4mm: i mean one time red was a robot
azninsect: in the sentai series, they die
Drakas: @Diabore more then once
tuskact4mm: forgot what season it was
flamewave7: @diabore multiple times. Tommy being the king of it. rip jdf
TacitusVigil: (TacitusVigil lights the Secret Ben Power Candle)
azninsect: power rangers, i only know of one and they werent a ranger
raulghoulia: @tuskact4mm Overdrive
Gaytanic_Panic: Anyone watch Lightspeed Rescue? Did the Silver ranger succumb to the sick snake tattoo curse?
tuskact4mm: thx
Orxolon: patrolers
CasualKing21: @tuskact4mm It was Operation Overdrive
spinebustertee: Paul is a blessing.
Kramburger: I used to think they were called the 'Puddy Patrol'
azninsect: puttys!
saucemaster5000: pudussy btw
MWGNZ: @Kramburger giga puddy?
CasualKing21: @gaytanic_panic No he fought the snake
flamewave7: yeah the abandoned warehouse district
BrowneePoints: is LSR the one where they were cops?
Gekyouryuu: @Gaytanic_Panic no, they beat it eventually. thing about the Titanium Ranger though is, he was an entirely American invention. the Sentai didn't have a 6th ranger, so eventually they just stopped making new footage for him.
BigDaddyBland87: *making putty noises
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tuskact4mm: nah it was spd
BusTed: Dunkooos
saucemaster5000: Just wants a Mango A-Go-Go
CururuGuasu: Where’s the abandoned warehouse district? Or the quarry?
chaostreader: @browneepoints spd was cops. Lsr was emergency services.
MAPBoardgames: Power Rangers: SVU
kusinohki: isn't that the 3 armed jager piloted by 3 brothers?
CasualKing21: @browneepoints There's been a couple of seasons where they were cops. There's SPD and Time Force
saucemaster5000: @MAPBoardgames Jesus
flamewave7: RPM was mad max
raulghoulia: Also Turbo had a cop 6th ranger
spinebustertee: Space Patrol Delta where they were cops and their boss was a dog
BrowneePoints: Doggy Kruger
Gaytanic_Panic: SPD was rad.
BrowneePoints: also a ranger and a badass
methodical_monk: Chooseph Chooseph Churchers
CururuGuasu: Beast Morphers were private security. Kind of like cops
FacelessManAboutTown: It's hard to play regular mode with less than 4
Kramburger: Mighty Morbin' Power Rangers
CasualKing21: Anubis Doggie Kruger
Gekyouryuu: fun fact: Doggy Kruger WASN'T an American invention. the costume was different, but they DID have a dog alien boss in the sentai Dekaranger that became SPD, and his name WAS doggy Kruger there, too, and became a ranger
Orxolon: that's call battle coreography
raulghoulia: Sometimes they were cops as civilians like in Lost Galaxy or Time Force
tuskact4mm: jungle fury was just pizza time
Gaytanic_Panic: Wild Force had the best zords.
Anubis169: travF1 travF2 CasualKing21
Anubis169: ('sup :P )
CasualKing21: How many slow mo Kalishplosions are there in this game?
DarkMorford: Oh heck, Amazon has a box set of the whole MMPR era (including Alien Rangers) on DVD for like $40. I might need to grab that.
theamc2000: What power rangers season is this?
flamewave7: the American Kruger costume was better than the sentai
Kramburger: It's time to Morb
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flamewave7: the sentai was literally a fursuit
Anubis169: DarkMorford: GET THAT NOW
BrowneePoints: It's a fun rewatch through In Space
Gekyouryuu: @flamewave7 I feel they were equal. I enjoy Dekaranger Kruger
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CasualKing21: Ben please say, "I'm a frog" 😂🐸
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CasualKing21: @theamc2000 MMPR
BrowneePoints: the seasons from Lost Galaxy/Wild Force on gets touch and go on overall quality. some seasons are real good, some are baaad
flamewave7: @gekyouryuu the sentai animal suits always felt like a borderline fursuit/mascot costume to me
Kramburger: Let Me Solo It
MommaGart: 12 months! That’s 1 year!
MAPBoardgames: Every time they say 'putty' take a drink.
flamewave7: jungle fury made it worse for me
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CasualKing21: Anybody remember the finale of Jungle Fury where the masters became furries?
BrowneePoints: and then I think the Super Megaforce is the one that everyone is in agreement the english one bungled right?
flamewave7: @casualking21 those were the sentai suits
Gekyouryuu: @flamewave7 I'm assuming you mean Gekiranger?
kusinohki: @MAPboardgames I like my liver too much for that...
Kramburger: Pussey Patrol, is that anything?
ipoddodd: Ben, Ben, and Beej. I love it
Shadowsoflife: @BrowneePoints Yes
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Lol I know but did we really have to adapt that part? 😂
Gaytanic_Panic: @browneepoints I was hard out of the franchise by this time, but was that the Pirate season?
flamewave7: @gekyouryuu they also showed up I the jungle fury finale
CasualKing21: @browneepoints I agree
Loonatic93: "I ain't no Puddy Boy! I'M FEIRCE!
Gekyouryuu: @CasualKing21 in Gekiranger the teachers were all like that all the time
Gekyouryuu: @flamewave7 ah, right
saucemaster5000: @MAPBoardgames Already was playing that way and It's going rrl grrd
BigDaddyBland87: @BrowneePoints Didn't watch that one, but I did see Linkara's History of Power Rangers episode on it...and yea it looked pretty awful
flamewave7: @gaytanic_panic pirate in everything but name, yes
BrowneePoints: yea Super Megaforce is the Pirate Season in Japan, but the American version just used the costumes and was bad
Kramburger: So when do they get the flying car?
BrowneePoints: the Pirate Season in japanese is REAL good
aerohydra: season 2
CasualKing21: @gekyouryuu Oh wait really? I didn't know that part. I thought they transformed like the PR counterpart. that's actually pretty cool. I like that now
BrowneePoints: and one of the reasons after In Space I watch the sentai series to compare
Gekyouryuu: @BrowneePoints didn't help that Super Megaforce was a different Sentai entirely, as opposed to "we just split this sentai into two seasons" so they didn't gel because they weren't supposed to
saucemaster5000: oh that's a clever card system!
BusTed: Ouch.
Gaytanic_Panic: In later seasons did they put a new spin on "combine weapons for a super cannon" move?
flamewave7: depends on the season
Kramburger: Hey real quick, justice for David Yost. Dude copped a tonne of shit on set for being queer
flamewave7: absolutely
kusinohki: attacking cards directly makes me think of the Highlander CCG, but I doubt this is similar...
Gekyouryuu: @CasualKing21 yeah, Gekiranger is GREAT. the fan character I've been talking about my name being? originally it was a 6th ranger for Dino Thunder, then I converted them into a 6th ranger for Gekiranger. Geki + Kyouryuu (dinosaur) = Gekyouryuu
tuskact4mm: blue was always my fav
CasualKing21: Who else thought that Super Megaforce was gonna use the cards to transform to the other rangers? There was literally a PR card game at the time. Perfect advertising
tuskact4mm: they did a nit
tuskact4mm: bit*
Kramburger: Power Axe? Wasn't that a Nes game?
Gekyouryuu: @Gaytanic_Panic sometimes. it's a case by case basis on if the Sentai had one.
flamewave7: @casualking21 both halves of megafoce was full of wasted potential
Kramburger: Well you'd want a solid axe if you were going to hit people with it
CururuGuasu: The axe is also a canon
MAPBoardgames: Not Enough Mana!
Shadowsoflife: @CururuGuasu It does
kusinohki: "hold on! I have to reload my Ax!"
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly
flamewave7: better than the power bow, with 1 arrow
BrowneePoints: Yea, for clarification, after deep dives the Production Crew were the ones who harrassed David Yost(billy) with homophobia, NOT the cast. either way he went through a lot of shit a trained gymnast and actor shouldn't have
Kramburger: "Did that guy just cock his axe?"
Orxolon: and where's the attitude?
BigDaddyBland87: "Wait I can't summon my Zord. I used all my Mana on my weapon."
SaxPython: duDudu
shendaras: Each!?
MAPBoardgames: Didn't you say something about hitting the Guard card first?
Heckhoundbolt: Black Ranger decided to pull a Sans and open up with his strongest attack
whitefirecomix: didn't even get to axe him a question
RandomTrivia: Ooooooh
azninsect: zord bord
DeM0nFiRe: The zoard
RandomTrivia: Zord Bord
NimrodXIV: zord bord
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I'm bored of the Zord board.
Kramburger: Wow Ben blowing his Ult on mooks, that'll end well
SaxPython: Zoard oard
Gekyouryuu: Pokemon Zord and Shield
Wrexadecimal: form the megaboard
Kramburger: ponder your Zord
CasualKing21: @kramburger "I ran out of melee ammo, now I have to switch to energy"
kusinohki: I still see voltron when I look at the mechazord...
tuskact4mm: is blue playable in this
Nuurgle: of course
RandomTrivia: Hawhahahahha
flamewave7: @tuskact4mm quite a few full season are for the game
saucemaster5000: negotiate with the putty
tuskact4mm: i did math wrong nvm
BrowneePoints: I'm trying to remember how much older voltron is than that season of Sentai
Kramburger: Remember your reaction comes back at the start of your turn in combat, even if you were surprised
BrowneePoints: or if Thunderbolts was the direct inspiration
CasualKing21: I wonder how this game would be if you bought multiple, one used red rangers, and called it Forever Red
Kramburger: The absolute tenacity of this lad
CasualKing21: only*
MadmanOreo: trinni "2 shields" kwan
Gekyouryuu: @BrowneePoints Voltron is from 1984, Sentai started more than 45 years ago, and they got their first mech three teams in, so Sentai is older
Gekyouryuu: and Sentai has a giant robot because of SPIDER-MAN
kusinohki: "Emmisary from hell!"
BigDaddyBland87: @Gekyouryuu Oh yea I heard about that a few months ago...BLEW MY MIND
flamewave7: and that spider man is coming to the new movie, yay!
tuskact4mm: ah yes punisher motorcycle jumping spiderman
Gaz_L: Kamen Spider
Orxolon: wasn't that overkill?
Gekyouryuu: jigokukara no shisha! SUPAIDA-MAN!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Not that it matters, but didn't Ben get to put an extra damage onto that one last turn with his special?
Gekyouryuu: @Gaz_L you joke, but iirc he had a crossover with Kamen Rider V3
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL how's the music volume?
Gekyouryuu: music is fine
Alas_Babylon: @LoadingReadyRun Perfect
Kramburger: Music's a touch low rn
Orxolon: low
tuskact4mm: maybe a tad higher please
CasualKing21: low 4 me
Kramburger: It might just be a quiet bit Paul
Firewhiskers: There's music?
Alas_Babylon: it could go a wee bit higher
Mr_Bitterness: Wouldn't Ben's passive ability put extra damage on that 4th putty?
BrowneePoints: yep was double checking Battle Fever J was in 1979 and Sentai Denjiman was 80, so Sentai actually predates Voltron by about 5 years! @gekyouryuu
Kramburger: That putty's going to go blind if they keep flanking alone
BigDaddyBland87: Is that Putty's name Bernie?
kusinohki: are you looking up dates for voltron or lion a go go (?? if I'm remembering the original title correctly...)
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
goombalax: Zord Bord is high EV
FacelessManAboutTown: it's the zord board now
CasualKing21: Too pad we don't have a pink ranger. Y'all could've recreated that goofy helicopter technique
CasualKing21: bad
mitomanox: It's a BBB kind of AFK. <3
BrowneePoints: Beast King GoLion was still 81
Kramburger: I think Kimberly was my first TV crush
Shadowsoflife: same
Kramburger: Either her or Alex mac
TehAmelie: zormorgordsboard? is that anything?
BrowneePoints: so Sentai is still a few years older for BEEG robot thingies @kusinohki
dpj2009: does Wheeler have the initiative yet? Kappa
Gaz_L: this makes me sad that the RPG book they put out recently was kinda disappointing, especially compared to the Transformers one the same publisher did
Kramburger: Do a fght about it
Anubis169: codename Mind Goblin
BrowneePoints: Oh really? my friend sent me a pdf copy and was pretty high on it @gaz_l
TehAmelie: hmm did Sentai grow out of Godzilla's giant monster hijinks?
BrowneePoints: nope
Anubis169: weird enemy
BrowneePoints: KAMEN rider
saucemaster5000: didn't a bunch of sentai start from supaidaman too?
BrowneePoints: Sentai came right out of Kamen Rider, then Supaidaman made them introduce Zords
saucemaster5000: ah gotit
Gaz_L: @BrowneePoints The system is fun albeit basically changing a few things from 5e for the sake of it, but the book is very much only expecting you to play MMPR, and doesn't really support original ideas or other eras very well
flamewave7: @gaz_l I blame the mmpr nostalgia wave
BrowneePoints: so yea "Power Rangers" as we know it is ...43 years old?
CasualKing21: Anyone remember when the Rangers thought Billy was the gold ranger in zeo because he kept on disappearing? I think it would've been really funny if he was because of that girl who made a statue of him being the gold ranger
kusinohki: I feel like I should be more familiar with kamen rider, but I only know the name... (been watching case close/boy detective conan and keep thinking it's the sentai in that show, but that's kaiba something isn't it??
ab50luteunit: 80s transformers reference. love it wheeler
TheWriterAleph: red ranger, use splash attack
Gaz_L: @BrowneePoints But the Transformers one is the same system but has way more content supporting stuff from all over the franchise and even has some basic rules for beast modes along with assurances that more content for that is coming in the next book
BrowneePoints: also chat the PR comics are QUITE good
FacelessManAboutTown: @BrowneePoints 47 actually
BigDaddyBland87: @CasualKing21 That was actually a great fakeout
saucemaster5000: I know very little about Sentai, but Supaidaman is probably my favorite spider man thing outside of the new spiderverse animated films.
FacelessManAboutTown: Gorenger premiered in 1975
Shadowsoflife: @BrowneePoints I hear good thing about the shatter grid comics
BrowneePoints: @facelessmanabouttown I'm only counting Sentai that included zords on
Gaz_L: for some reason Amazon decided that Kamen Rider was the thing they needed to bankroll an adult reboot of, so there's 3 seasons on Prime
BrowneePoints: @facelessmanabouttown which would be 79
BrowneePoints: but yea the comics have a Kimberly from an alternate war torn timeline and she's like a Pink Ranger Bounty Hunter
CasualKing21: Since Billy is coming back for the 30th anniversary, I NEED his introduction to be in the Radbug
Shadowsoflife: ^
BrowneePoints: Let Beej protect youuu
Orxolon: he attac he protecc
Gekyouryuu: late comments, but the progression was: Kamen Rider came out more than 50 years ago, then several years later the first Sentai happened, originally planned to be a team of Kamen Riders but they made it its own thing. Spider-Man was a separate thing from a deal with Marvel, and he had a giant robot.
Gekyouryuu: that proved popular, so they gave one to the third Sentai team which turned it into SUPER Sentai (the super is specifically because of their mechs), and Marvel also had a deal for a Captain America show, but that instead got folded into becoming a Sentai team.
BusTed: 🎸
FacelessManAboutTown: I like elephants
azninsect: tppowerBlack
Gaz_L: the irony being that Kamen Rider now almost always has at least as many heroes as a Sentai team
Diabore: niche?
Gaz_L: if not more
TheWriterAleph: *squish*
TacitusVigil: it competes with Twitter, right?
Diabore: in this audience?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's OK. The WotC patent on tapping has expired.
CAKHost: The Big Steppy
Gaz_L: ez mode for baby
saucemaster5000: @Dread_Pirate_Westley oh really? I'm super curious to see the first new game that tries that terminology
BrowneePoints: the Kamen Rider series almost always starts with 1 and gains UP to a team right?
kusinohki: elephants, I like elephants. I like how they swing through the jungle...
Gekyouryuu: @Gaz_L oh, THIS season is NUTS for that. there's a LOT of characters who die off IMMEDIATELY and don't even count as characters, but they make up names for all of them, so it's had over 30 Riders this season, minimum
Gekyouryuu: @BrowneePoints roughly, yes
CasualKing21: Since Power Rangers is owned by Hasbro, I'm surprised that we haven't gotten a Power Rangers Secret Lair yet
BrowneePoints: just like in the last few seasons of Power Rangers they start with 3 and go up to 6
Orxolon: so,is the recovery infinite?=
Gaz_L: I'll also go to bat for the last couple of seasons of PR because they actually had the guts to follow through on making the Green Ranger queer
flamewave7: @casualking21 I mean they have a few bear zords, and a couple of rings zords. lol
BusTed: I remember watching that on a bootleg VHS.
PMAvers: Coming soon to Secret Lair...
Gaz_L: And not like the movie with the 'wink' stuff, she has a recurring girlfriend and everything
flamewave7: @saucemaster5000 first time since mmpr era
BrowneePoints: yea last season was okay but man the props on Dino Fury suuuuuuck
Gekyouryuu: I actually fell off PR a few years back, mostly due to not having the time to actually watch
CasualKing21: @gaz_l I'm so glad we have thier relationship on screen. I just wish it was developed a bit more like Blue & Pink's
Gekyouryuu: @BrowneePoints is Dino Fury the one with batteries, or are they knights?
Laserbeaks_Fury: The best part of Power Rangers was when they said "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME" and morphed all over those guys.
Gaz_L: Dino Charge was the battery one
BrowneePoints: the knights with the toys they out in the swords
BrowneePoints: put*
Gaz_L: This is the... 4th? Dinosaur one
DarkMorford: Twitch chat! Behold the viewing globe (for these advertisements)!
Gekyouryuu: ok, if it's knights, that's based on Ryusoulger, and I've heard that season was NOT good even in Japan
CAKHost: I remember a comic about the power rangers going like "Hey wait, why don't we just use the zoids on the little guys/the boss before they get enbiggened?"
flamewave7: I still says for old power ranges fans to watch through RPM if you ever want to get back into power Rangers. nothing like a post apocalyptic season to help ease you in. lol
BrowneePoints: and like, I know PR was always cheesy but recently the propwork looks like Walmart toys Q.Q
CasualKing21: @gaz_l I believe so yes. MMPR Dino Thunder, Dino Fury and Dino Charge
Gaz_L: the cast for Dino Fury is the best in a while, to the point where they're doing something they haven't done in ages and carrying them forward to the next season
CAKHost: I think Zordon was very annoyed by their questions in the comic. XD
BrowneePoints: and the suits and props always looked so good T.T
Gekyouryuu: I fell off Sentai for a bit halfway through Kyuranger, tried to watch Lupin v. Pat and fell off again, then missed Ryusoulger and Kirameiger. came back for Zenkaiger and been having fun
flamewave7: that question is usually covered by one of zordons rules. the 1 about not escalating things
Gaz_L: @BrowneePoints that's prob because they've started just using the toys as the props so kids don't get disappointed when the toy doesn't look right
BrowneePoints: that's valid but it does make me sad from a production design standpoint
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CasualKing21: I hope we get some more info in Power Rangers about Tommy's Master Morpher
Gaz_L: But yes, RPM is just a legit good show, and may be the legit best cast the show had. It had Rose McIver as Yellow
jacqui_lantern234: hey all you beautiful, wonderful, amazing friends whomst i love more than words can express!!!!!!! <3
Shadowsoflife: Side note: Big bad beetle borgs and the sentai it was based on is wildly different.
Juliamon: oh hey look who's on the schedule
flamewave7: @gaz_l and the second greatest Green ranger in Ziggy. he saved thr day with shadow puppetry
Gaz_L: Well, Beetleborgs is from a different toku franchise altogether. but it's also the same one as VR Troopers stole footage
jacqui_lantern234: @Juliamon Ian & Cameron Xmas? :p
CasualKing21: RPM has the best line in ALL of Power Rangers. "I'm Scottish!" I say even better than, "I'm a frog."
JadedCynic: @Juliamon Okay NOW it sinks in for me how close the Holidays are :)
Gekyouryuu: @Gaz_L RPM was the most serious show based on the GOOFIEST sentai, both of which I love, and I'm so impressed how they pulled off RPM
flamewave7: @casualking21 or Docter K programing with a violin
Gekyouryuu: "it's not spandex!"
CasualKing21: I had forgotten until now that they used the Beetleborg suits for Forever Red as Generals in The Machine Empire
Juliamon: My sister made some sort of cranberry-based mocktail mixer today that I look forward to trying when I finish tapering off this medication and carbonation stops tasting awful
Juliamon: she says it tastes very festive
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 SUCH a good scene!!
Gaz_L: @Gekyouryuu it's interesting that they seem to have the best luck either sticking super close to the Sentai or going totally original. when they half-ass it it never works well
goombalax: @Juliamon like a Cosmo?
BrowneePoints: but yea time force is where I really fell off in school
GredGredmansson: so as someone just walking into this is this another one of them vidya board games?
excalgold: I loved In Space so much....time Force was neat because the leader was technically the pink Ranger.....
I_Am_Clockwork: Heyho friends
Juliamon: GredGredmansson Nope, pure board game
BrowneePoints: came back when I heard JDF was in Dino Thunder
TehAmelie: remember thanksgiving-flavored sodas?
CururuGuasu: I’m still mad they have tried to adapt ToQger
Gaz_L: RPM and PRIS are the best of the series, and are totally unique. SPD, Jungle Fury and Time Force are pretty close to the Sentai and are good too
I_Am_Clockwork: Ooh more elden ring? Hooray
Gekyouryuu: @excalgold you mean Tedd's sister from How I Met Your Mother? Kappa
flamewave7: fun fact: RPM also had a MASH reference in it. Summer almost married Chaz Winchester V.
CururuGuasu: Haven’t tried, that is
GredGredmansson: @Juliamon Oooh interesante. Does it play similarly to anything else they've done?
Gaz_L: it's a tower defence game
chaostreader: I’ve not seen anyone mention samurai at all, was that show not good? I remember it being decent but I was young when I saw it.
TehAmelie: cranberry mocktail sure sounds better mashed potato and turkey soda
saucemaster5000: @GredGredmansson I wish! No it's a card based battle system made by Jonathan Ying (Everyone's popping off about the sentai tie-in, but I'll admit I'm more a fan of this designer)
excalgold: Samurai was not great from what i've heard about it
flamewave7: @chaostreader it was alright, it just came at an odd time on the production side
tuskact4mm: it was fine
BrowneePoints: @gaz_l idk I still think the first 3 seasons and In Space are the Cream of the crop. but I'm old
tuskact4mm: zeos theme was great
excalgold: honestly there were seasons i didnt watch whose themes stick with me
CururuGuasu: They really need to make a Power Rangers Warriors/Sentai Musou game
CasualKing21: @chaostreader It was rough imo
RandomTrivia: benginLul
korvys: Wow, it's so lifelike!
BusTed: gottemmm
TheAinMAP: Ha!
BrowneePoints: Or a Power rangers action rpg
GredGredmansson: tomYoga
Gaz_L: @BrowneePoints Doggie Cruger rules and his Ranger suit design is my literal favourite from the whole franchise
flamewave7: more power ranges games not involving mmpr would eb amazing
BrowneePoints: Like chat imagine Darksiders but Power Rangers
shurtal: is 5pm the watershed?
whitefirecomix: as in your HogZord?
goombalax: Piglett?
Gaz_L: there are expansions for this game with some of the other teams, i think
CasualKing21: I want a PR and Transformers crossover comic
asthanius: Heroes of the Hog
JadedCynic: "time is an illusion; teatime doubly so"
shurtal: Make sure to pet your hog when you get home, Wheeler!
excalgold: but...erm...i think my favorite team may be Light Speed Rescue because they.....were professionals!
azninsect: tppowerBLBLBL
BrowneePoints: @gaz_l Anubis is SPD yea?
flamewave7: I don't want to look it up, but are the Swabbies in the game yet?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Every Putty.....Rock your body....
Gaz_L: @BrowneePoints Yep. "With this, the truest sword in the galaxy... I will right all wrongs"
CasualKing21: Why did Lightspeed Rescue not recruit rangers from INSIDE the organization?
flamewave7: be glad these are zed putties, they self destruct for damage
Juliamon: The rest of my family has been watching a lot of Seinfeld lately, so everyone keeps saying Putty and it's really disorienting
BrowneePoints: Also chat reminder that Divatox is one of the only Villains that actually BEAT the Power Rangers
SnackPak_: the puttys are pissed off
JadedCynic: this is just like Dark Souls - once you've defeated a boss, it starts to show up as a regular mook
flamewave7: that's only on Christmas
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
Wrexadecimal: oh no
RandomTrivia: WELP
excalgold: and there is a HILARIOUS thing i realized with Lightspeed....they are really quick to pull blasters and let rip. the other teams went for the Karate but LSR was like 'oh hey Minions....OPEN FIRE!'
RandomTrivia: Panic! At the Juice Bar!
Dog_of_Myth: Rip Erinie's
iris_of_ether: 2 putties, hanging at the juice bar
Fruan: @Juliamon I really didn't need the mental image of Patrick Warburton in a grey bodysuit. Thanks.
adambomb625: Are there any enemies that aren't puttys?
tehfewl: Full Hog?
goombalax: alright thats their juice bar now, sorry ernie
Gaz_L: Operation Overdrive is the one I hate the most, because Boukenger is my absolute fave Sentai, and OO just completely blows
flamewave7: yeah, the most used mmpr suit.
BusTed: Hah.
saucemaster5000: brave of wheeler to finally put that on screen
Juliamon: Fruan Look, if I have to, everyone else has to
BrowneePoints: he ate their weapons
flamewave7: all 3 seasons
Heckhoundbolt: The rangers kill one putty and they send the army
GhostValv: and bbq
Laserbeaks_Fury: Am I remembering correctly that the two bullies eventually became really great guys in the show?
blip2004: oh hey, I think I've actually seen that episode
Fruan: @Juliamon Fair.
SaxPython: sick sculpt
CururuGuasu: Quick, get some pomangos!
azninsect: good fig. good fig
whitefirecomix: His tusks are hands and I'm not okay with it
tuskact4mm: orbital nuke the hog
Gaz_L: @Laserbeaks_Fury yup, they do a Spartacus in Power Rangers In Space to protect the Rangers
BrowneePoints: Yep Bulk and Skull had an amazing arc
CasualKing21: @excalgold Lol or be like Carter and try to run over a monster w/ a Hummer lol
JadedCynic: armsks
JadedCynic: tusk-arms?
BrowneePoints: they had some moments in a more modern season too
Alas_Babylon: Panic! At the Juice Bar
Gaz_L: I liked the comics take with Bulk & Skull as Power Rangers fanboy vloggers
Laserbeaks_Fury: Silly putties, Trix are for kids
excalgold: @CasualKing21 LSR goes hard, they have a job to do and donthave time for demon bat things
CasualKing21: @laserbeaks_fury Yup, they got a good amount f character development
flamewave7: @browneepoints thanks to the comics, they are Rangers in thr game
spinebustertee: he's like the very first bad guy
GhostValv: I think it was like the first one
Gaz_L: the suit got used a lot
BrowneePoints: Yep he ate their weapons
saucemaster5000: I do love that he clearly has a butter knife. He's not fighting, he's hungry
BrowneePoints: and they had to give him....spicy food?
HH2News: Pudgy Pigs ate their weapons
flamewave7: the suit was used, in some form, all 3 mmpr seasons
CasualKing21: @excalgold I love LSR so much. I wish the batlings had better suits though
Gaz_L: good old Zyu2
HH2News: they fed him spicy food to get him to throw them back up
saucemaster5000: @BrowneePoints explains a lot, really
korvys: "Pudgy Pig was a ravenous pig monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Food Fight." To this day, Pudgy Pig is considered arguably among the most well known monsters in the whole franchise"
chaostreader: Didn’t the pig try eating them too?
flamewave7: the snout was use in mmpr season3
RandomTrivia: Oh ok, it's a load-bearing monster
Shadowsoflife: Doesn't lord Zed make a joke about pudgy pig?
Raiger: What juice bar?
BrowneePoints: I still have the VHS with this episode on it
Laserbeaks_Fury: Cow juice
blip2004: juice bar is holding pottery classes
excalgold: welp i guess i'm watching power rangers tomorrow...thanks LRR
Laserbeaks_Fury: Could have been a Pokemon
BrowneePoints: 92
CasualKing21: @excalgold They're uploading then to YouTube now
SnackPak_: oh yeah
CasualKing21: them
BrowneePoints: Zyuranger was 91 or 92
PoisonStripes: technically the sentai was a year before we got it here, so 92.
korvys: He was in the first season of Mighty Morphin, which was 93-94
excalgold: @CasualKing21 i'll start with the green ranger stuff :(
TehAmelie: right, that's why he has arms for tusks. special effects budgets
Gaz_L: i thought it was earlier, but i think i was confusing Masked Rider because Kamen Rider Black RX is from the 80s
BigDaddyBland87: @chaostreader That was Terror Toad
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excalgold: and there was a crossover with Masked Rider....was that for Zeo or MMPR ?
PoisonStripes: MMPR
flamewave7: @excalgold green with evil was the first mult parter in the series. 5 episodes
Gaz_L: 3rd season of MMPR i think, it was a backdoor pilot... that they totally ignored in the actual show
flamewave7: @excalgold backdoor pilot in season 3 premiere
PoisonStripes: oh, the potential...
CasualKing21: One of my favorite things to do while watching PR is trying to see what suits got reused. Like Psycho Red's suit was tested for the fire demon in LSR
SaxPython: woof
BrowneePoints: yea for Beej and paul this was would've been from Zyuranger so 1992 @loadingreadyrun
CasualKing21: reused
flamewave7: thought the masked rider footage was reused in time force, as a soap opera
excalgold: @CasualKing21 was that before or after the Psychos got spanked in a crossover episode ?
PoisonStripes: wat ?
flamewave7: yeah, I almost don't want to explain it
excalgold: man with out context what i typed looks weird
Shadowsoflife: was in space the TMNT crossover?
CasualKing21: @excalgold After
PoisonStripes: yeah
excalgold: it was inspace yea
tuskact4mm: @Shadowsoflife ye
korvys: Is the other guard guarding the guard?
CasualKing21: @shadowsoflife TMNT the Next Mutation
excalgold: the Turtles boarded the Astromega ship
flamewave7: the next mutation because Saban owned both
excalgold: gosh power rangers as/is a crazy series
BrowneePoints: I think I also enjoyed the hoops the original MMPR through In Space had to come up with to change zords
Shadowsoflife: That was interesting.
flamewave7: both sides swore the other was fake until they met
PoisonStripes: yeah I remember that
excalgold: @flamewave7 just like the turtles and Batman in their crossover movie
flamewave7: @excalgold yeah, and this isn't doesn't even involve getting baked into a giant pizza.
PoisonStripes: screw that episode fr
Gaz_L: I still maintain that Vanus as a basic concept isn't bad, but the execution sucked for Next Mutation. a femme Turtle should give you so many options in that franchise, and they chose the literal stupidest one
flamewave7: @excalgold yeah, but the next mutation is infamous now
PoisonStripes: that was all kinds of messed up. that was in turbo btw
CasualKing21: I keep on forgetting about that pizza episode
BrowneePoints: Venus is back in the comics I think
Shadowsoflife: The next mutation show wasn't good
flamewave7: a lot better Venus now.
CasualKing21: Someone should make a "This or That" and send it to Graham. Real or Fake episode of Power Rangers
Gaz_L: And there's Jennika
BrowneePoints: oh man this or that Power ranger episode plot would be fun
PoisonStripes: agreed
flamewave7: also in space went to the deguba system looking for zordon
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Most of my Power Rangers knowledge is from Linkara's History of the Power Rangers series (which is surprisingly interesting)
PoisonStripes: that's fair Paul
CasualKing21: @loadingreadyrun I LOVE Linkara's HOPR vids
Shadowsoflife: It's a good show
BrowneePoints: I mean it's a long running massive franchise, it has an interesting history
BrowneePoints: also the comics are still great
flamewave7: absolutely. history of power rangers is a great primer for the series
PoisonStripes: and next year is 30 years!
excalgold: yea Linkara is how i learned about stuff after....Lost Galaxy i think
BrowneePoints: a lot edgier than the show, like tmnt's comics but still good
Diabore: slamma mamma
excalgold: though the themes for SPD, Mystic Force and Ninja Storm are weirdly catchy to me
KeytarCat: Mamothy Slamothy
Gaz_L: @BrowneePoints well, the original TMNT comics weren't as kid friendly as the cartoons
goombalax: @PoisonStripes wow that means I started watching it wen it was brand new when I was 5
BusTed: FBtouchdown
BrowneePoints: @gaz_l correct
CasualKing21: I can see a this or that now. "Real or Fake? In an episode of Beast Morphers a half robot half human named Steel swaps bodies with his 100% human brother and sings a song about how being a human is awesome!
PoisonStripes: @keytarcat best attack name
Gaz_L: the Jungle Fury theme just slaps
BrowneePoints: I was born in 92 so I literally grew up with PR
PoisonStripes: @gaz_l yeah it does
CasualKing21: Casey's arc in Jungle Fury was great
PoisonStripes: i was born in 86 so I also grew up with PR
excalgold: Dino Thunder too - and that one i actually saw some of
Gaz_L: And RJ is maybe the best mentor-Ranger since Doggie
SaxPython: Smoother Mover
flamewave7: Casey had the best arc for a red ranger
Gaz_L: I also liked the lady who was the Purple Ranger in Dino Charge
PoisonStripes: RJ needs more love, so does the JF team as a whole
BrowneePoints: which season had purified Rita as their Mentor?
CasualKing21: I was born in '97. I remember recording episode of Wild Force on VHS tapes
CasualKing21: episodes
PoisonStripes: @browneepoints Mystic Force
excalgold: she showed up BRIEFLY in mystic force but she wasnt the mentor
flamewave7: RJ is literally just Kung fu Shaggy
Gaz_L: @BrowneePoints Mystic Force, but she wasn't the mentor, more like the 'Big Good'
PoisonStripes: Udonna was the mentor
Kramburger: Tenacity becomes Twenty-acity
CasualKing21: @gaz_l I loved RJ, the surfer dude mentor was a breath of fresh air
Shadowsoflife: @BrowneePoints That would be a great idea for a season
PoisonStripes: also I wonder if RJ ever did get out of the red eith his pizza shop
BrowneePoints: But yea I like how In Space was the "end of that era" but they still have callbacks
CasualKing21: @browneepoints It wasn't really Rita, just the actress
PoisonStripes: *with
excalgold: wasnt Mystic Force also the one where they brought back Adam?
excalgold: briefly
BrowneePoints: was it? I thought she was back as a magic teacher
flamewave7: once a ranger, yes
BrowneePoints: or like the keeper of magic
PoisonStripes: no, you're thinking ofnOperation Ov3rdrive
PoisonStripes: *Overdrive
CasualKing21: @excalgold In the crossover episode? That was Operation Overdrive
flamewave7: mystic force didn't have a crossover because of SPD
Gaz_L: @BrowneePoints she was like the keeper, but the teacher/White Ranger was the actual mentor, 'Rita' was her mentor and was in like one ep
CasualKing21: @excalgold Adam also came back in an episode of In Space
Kramburger: Hog blast the vent core
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 But SPD has 2 crossovers with Dino Thunder
PoisonStripes: talk about a spicy attack
BrowneePoints: yep Adam tried to use a broken power coun in In Space
excalgold: he manage to briefly morph
flamewave7: yeah, but they didn't want to travel to the past again? idk why they didn't but they didn't
CasualKing21: An SPD and Mystic Force crossover would be amazing! Magic an Tech? the themes of MMPR with Zordon and Rita!
excalgold: and the presumably who ever gave Tommy the Master Morpher also fixed the other rangers Morphers
Kramburger: That's all folks
CasualKing21: @browneepoints But he used the mastadon. The Ninja powers are still intact
Heckhoundbolt: do we have "make my monster grow?"
excalgold: 'defeating'
goombalax: Now my monster! GROW!
Wrexadecimal: pulled some pork outta that one
saucemaster5000: Ebbitedbi bad dead
flamewave7: I thought the master morpher was a part of thr comics they used in the crossover
BrowneePoints: You should see the Comics Zordon. dude is a BADASS
excalgold: only Lightspeed kills things! with Hummers apparently
TehAmelie: do we at least get a cheevo? Kappa
Lysander_salamander: it's a thankless job, being a space-ninja...
BrowneePoints: RPM, what if Turbo but Good
flamewave7: @excalgold the first time. lol Though the red ranger ran head long into the giant from of the final boss
excalgold: i need to get into the comics, i am a big fan of more serious comic takes on stuff.....lookin at you GI Joe
flamewave7: @browneepoints and with mad max references in the first episodes
BrowneePoints: the PR comics are up your alley
LathosTiran: RPM "if i reverse the morpher i can cause explosions"
whitefirecomix: invincible teenagers; probably never had to worry about their lower back in their life
PoisonStripes: must be nice
Gaz_L: one thing that bugs me with the comics is the refusal to move beyond the MMPR stuff. it felt like the previous writer was trying to set up Zeo and got vetoed by Hasbro
flamewave7: RPM "describing any part make others really confused out of contex"
TehAmelie: ack, don't make me think of my lower back xD
flamewave7: like the boom twins
excalgold: Alpha find me a team of teenagers with attitude. 'Sorry Zordon best i can do is two Ben's and a Beej, they have great attitudes though!'
PoisonStripes: alpha tries his best
DarkMorford: @excalgold Ay yi yi!
Gaz_L: the 2017 movie's 'Breakfast Club with superpowers' vibe at least followed through on the 'attitude' thing
CasualKing21: Remember when Alpha kidnapped some kids for Christmas?
Gaz_L: although i think they may have made Kim too unlikeable on accident
flamewave7: they didn't give her a likeable story arc, and ham fisted a happy ending out of it
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream! Good night everyone.
TehAmelie: in the 1990s, attitude meant more like what we'd call energy
CasualKing21: I need a MMPR prequal series. One of the things that barely got lore was the base Rita used. That used to be a base for good then was taken over or something. That's why the Zeo Crystal was there
Gaz_L: @flamewave7 the big issue for me was that it focuses on her feelings and not the feelings of those she hurt, so it just rings false when she 'gets better'
Heckhoundbolt: flanking still takes one, as it is adjacent, yeah?
excalgold: @CasualKing21 i'd like to see how we get to SPD, like a season that is just the first SPD Team arriveing on earth to try and help set up shop and runing full on into either a renegade team or a lot of misunderstandings
flamewave7: @gaz_l yeah, it's was a bad idea with why she was in detection.
Gaz_L: which also didn't jibe with the other 4 all being basically good kids with issues.
flamewave7: yeah, they thankfully just ignored it for the most part
PoisonStripes: lrrMATT new emote for me! (for now)
CasualKing21: @excalgold Yes! And maybe we could get some explanation as to why Skye's dad had the red Time Force suit too
LoadingReadyRun: a Cobra Kai-style "What happens to adult Power Rangers" show could actually be pretty fun
CasualKing21: Chat, what do y'all think? Was Wes Skye's father?
flamewave7: just as it's not like the power/ranger short, yes
PoisonStripes: oh, that's a goodnquestion @casualking21
BrowneePoints: I do think the comics should move on past the MMPR nostalgia, but they ARE the ones who'd buy the comics
flamewave7: @casualking21 simple answer, no. complex answer: time force was a police group
DarkMorford: I remember when I was a kid I thought a "juice bar" worked like a buffet salad bar and it was just all-you-can-drink. I could never figure out how Ernie made any money.
BrowneePoints: also there's something neat that one of the most devastating evils in the entire franchise is if Tommy became truly evil
Heckhoundbolt: @LoadingReadyRun we would have do a little bit of recasting on some of the characters
Gaz_L: @LoadingReadyRun They actually are doing some kind of more teen/adult aimed spin off soon, Paul, so maybe?
saucemaster5000: Putty nutty pudnussy
iris_of_ether: Ben oh no
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Yeah but Wes wasn't Time Force but kept the suit I think
objectivefailure: Gigapuddy?
Lysander_salamander: I've seen a few comics about retired superheroes. Most of them default to the hero coming out of retirement because nobody would leave them alone.
BrowneePoints: I'd prefer less Cobra Kai stuff
flamewave7: @casualking21 yeah, and the a squad used modified in space helmets. just don't think too hard about it
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 That Power/Rangers thing was way too dark and griddy for me. Didn't feel like PR
BrowneePoints: but that's cuz I don't like Cobra Kai
flamewave7: @casualking21 not at all. the 2016 movie was about as dark as it should be
Heckhoundbolt: The park is full of Super Puddies
Mai_Andra: Bulk and Skull holding down the Industrial Complex
excalgold: you can be serious with out going overboard on the dark and gritty
Mr_Horrible: Super Putties In Cars Getting Coffee
PoisonStripes: jeez Rita, she must hate the park that much, or just sent them on a food run
BrowneePoints: You can be serious without being a pizza cutter
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Didn't they also use the In Space helmets for A Squad in SPD. And I 100% agree the movie was a good amount of seriousness PR should ever get
Lysander_salamander: I think there was a season of Kamen Rider where the protagonist's dad used to be a rider also.
excalgold: to be fair Angel Grove had a GIANT Abandoned warehouse district
Mr_Horrible: they're Putties, Paul, not strikebreakers
Diabore: "capitalism? theyve suffered enough"
TehAmelie: but a pizza cutter is all edge and no point
flamewave7: @casualking21 yeah, it was a cool reuse of equipment.
DarkMorford: ULMER
flamewave7: I'm just glad they mage a new staff for Lord Zed. no more duck tape
Vanbael: Let Ben solo em!
saucemaster5000: kiss to break quarantine
BrowneePoints: but yea it kinda hurts my heart to know 2 of the og are dead, one had to deal with homophobic production staff, and one is a real freakin chud
excalgold: i wonder if Zed and Rita are still purified of their evil
PoisonStripes: yep
flamewave7: the games made good zed an archeologists
BrowneePoints: Yep. Although Zedd's son was a villain in a recent season
saucemaster5000: jesus power rangers, I thought Liking Buffy made me embarased about the behind the scenes production
excalgold: good! they deserve to be happy !
flamewave7: @browneepoints once a ranger 2 parter
tuskact4mm: can you masto nuke the monsters
TacitusVigil: Hard disagree. Green Ranger for the win.
excalgold: Billy was great, the shit that happened to Yost was NOT cool
PoisonStripes: btw Carla can still do the evil laugh
PoisonStripes: @excalgold agreed.
IsaTheEngie: Billy was one of my first fictional character crushes
DarkMorford: @BrowneePoints When you put it that way, Walter Jones got off easy for being a black dude in the 90s. Damn.
excalgold: as i understand it though the Cast atleast made it up to him
CasualKing21: In the OO crossover episode
flamewave7: @casualking21 don't worry, we all try to forget him. lol
BrowneePoints: Correct. Most of the cast from his original seasons have tried to make it up for not fighting the production staff more
goombalax: Richter's prehistoric ancestor
Heckhoundbolt: "I am protecting my friend!" Black ranger swings, putty dodges, killing the putty it was protecting
tehfewl: Mammoth Slam? is that what we're calling it now?
BrowneePoints: cuz Amy Jo Johnson and JDF both vehemently stated they did NOT treat Yost that way, but the Producers, Directors and production staff did
BrowneePoints: get 'em with the Hip Hop Kido!
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PoisonStripes: yep, the actors are all precious beans and Imma help them fight the mean production staff
saucemaster5000: They are currently all the rom com friend giving bad advice to the male lead
excalgold: dang it my friendnow has me figureing out a power rangers RPG game.....
BrowneePoints: @PoisonStripes nope. Austin St John is a turd
PoisonStripes: anyway, the production staff were assholes
excalgold: @BrowneePoints we dont know for sure that he was an active participant or a passive one in that situation last i heard, i really hope it was just a thing he got caught up in
CasualKing21: Who in the original 5 was the first to solo a group of puddies? I think it was Zack right?
flamewave7: @poisonstripes ans then some, honestly
PoisonStripes: ah, no matter the game, they're Storming off.
saucemaster5000: card system looks super fun
PoisonStripes: okay WotC make with a Power Ranger Secret Lair already
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
flamewave7: maybe with random zords from other seasons? more deer zord please. lol
DarkMorford: They probably could, doesn't Hasbro own Power Rangers by now? They own everything else. Kappa
PoisonStripes: yeah
excalgold: @PoisonStripes a 'power chamber' as it were
Alas_Babylon: Wow, Universes Beyond really has gone wild
Mr_Horrible: oh fuck we've got a Genestealer, folks
Heckhoundbolt: Suddenly Tyranids
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun That's actually kind of the Comics Paul
Dog_of_Myth: Putties for the Putty Throne
goombalax: Here you go paul
CasualKing21: @poisonstripes If they do then they'd probably only do MMPR. I'm okay with that, it's the one pop culture knows the most but I'd love a SPD or LSR lair
Alas_Babylon: Juice for the Juice Bar?
Pharmacistjudge: the power rangers did go to a lost galaxy...so it's definitely possible to run into tyranids
Tiber727: Imagine the orks and putty patrollers meeting.
excalgold: an LSR Lair would be great - Submarines!
BrowneePoints: Imagine the Machine Empire and the Mechanicus meeting
flamewave7: @casualking21 I know mmpr sells, but wild force had so many zords to use
MrGibberish: @goombalax Amazing
LoadingReadyRun: Who would win? Power Ranger w/ Battleizer vs Space Marine
PoisonStripes: oooh, tough call
CasualKing21: For the secret lair I would have to say that Command Tower would be a HQ
Pharmacistjudge: power rangers have power of friendship...they will win that
CasualKing21: Aqua Base, Command center etc
excalgold: Space Marine, the pwoer ranger isnt a crazy space fascist
flamewave7: depends on the battleizer, just not thr quantum rangers
excalgold: though hummm yea...i mean -TOMMY- would wipe the floor with a space marine short of a primarch but that's just cheating
flamewave7: though the roller blades would make it interesting to watch
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Make a zord for each of them and give them all Mutate! Constantly combining zords?
MrGibberish: @excalgold RIP Tommy
BrowneePoints: Tommy basically IS a Primarch
DarkMorford: JDF o7
excalgold: yea i am hopeful the comics keep Tommy going
PoisonStripes: @darkmorford yes
excalgold: rather then retire him
flamewave7: @browneepoints he's technically a 1 man team
flamewave7: two if you counted tomas
excalgold: MMPR Green, White, Zeo, Dino oh and Turbo yea
BrowneePoints: The biggest threat to the Rangers in the comic is an Alternate Timeline Tommy where he became Evil
PoisonStripes: Lord Drakkon
excalgold: he showed up in one of the more recent seasons too
Pharmacistjudge: i say retire him, I think we as a media culture need to be okay with actors rotating despite being the same "character"
Pharmacistjudge: go full soap opera
flamewave7: in defense Lord Drakkon had 2 power coins combined
saucemaster5000: @Pharmacistjudge For actor's sake, this
flamewave7: and became a god.
CasualKing21: Ooh!!! If they do a PR Secret Lair, make it a Shattered Grid Lair!!
flamewave7: @casualking21 Graveyard zord, yes
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PoisonStripes: oof, I feel kinda bad for Angel Grove's Parks and Rec department
saucemaster5000: @PoisonStripes Leslie Knope is doing her best
Shadowsoflife: Angel Grove gov seem to have a rough time
TehAmelie: a venputty
PoisonStripes: @saucemaster5000 true
flamewave7: @poisonstripes with all the community clean ups, they probably don't have a park and rec department anymore
DarkMorford: @PoisonStripes On the other hand, Angel Grove's property-insurance market is booming!
notsomuchsuccess: He's going after the Giga-Putty
TehAmelie: or vendutty if you wanna be freaky
CasualKing21: What season had the most individual zords? Not megazords, just zords
excalgold: Angel Grov seems to ahve Marvel New Yorks public works department
excalgold: the warehouse district is repaired with in a few days
PoisonStripes: wheeler this isn't magic
flamewave7: @casualking21 wild force. if tou count all the unused ones shown in thr finale
DarkMorford: @CasualKing21 MMPR had 8 at one point. The 5 dinos, Dragonzord, Titanus, and the weird turtle thing.
PoisonStripes: e
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Lol that feels a little like cheating
PoisonStripes: Ernie must be relieved
SaxPython: MorphinTime
DarkMorford: Plus the War Zord that Goldar had, if you count enemy Zords.
flamewave7: @casualking21 yeah. though the honest answer might be Dino charge. they had 10 rangers
Vanbael: Ben "2 skirts" Wheeler
excalgold: man RPM is so weird, they took one of the silliest Sentai shows and and turn it into one of the more serious power rangers
excalgold: @DarkMorford also the gigantic murder dragon whose name escapes me ? that was a zord right ?
flamewave7: serpintera
BigDaddyBland87: @CasualKing21 I always forget about the Shuttle Zord
TehAmelie: it's one of the biggest creatures ever to fly!
DarkMorford: @DarkMorford Ah, yep. And if you count the season 1 Dinozords and season 2 "transformations" as separate, then that's 5 more.
Lysander_salamander: was there a frog zord?
tehfewl: there was a frog
Shadowsoflife: Yeah, in the ninja
excalgold: Black Ranger in the movie
DarkMorford: And the 5 movie zords, too.
BigDaddyBland87: @Lysander_salamander Ninja Zord frog
flamewave7: and the first move made a joke out if it
Lysander_salamander: nice
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 I wonder how hard and awkward it must be for Tyler to have a dad that barely looks older than you
CasualKing21: him
chaostreader: So. I know there was a female red ranger for like an episode in Samurai, has there ever been a female red ranger other than that?
PoisonStripes: A Squad
flamewave7: @casualking21 thankfully the finale got rid of the powers. lol
CasualKing21: @chaostreader SPD A Squad
DarkMorford: So yeah, the three MMPR seasons taken as a whole probably have the most individual Zords.
excalgold: @chaostreader A-Squad in SPD and the leader of Time Force while the pink ranger was the leader
BigDaddyBland87: @chaostreader Aqua Rangers if you count their brief appearance
flamewave7: @casualking21 and she turned evil
DarkMorford: Or even just the first two, honestly.
tehfewl: whoa
TemporallyAwry: lrrWOW
Lysander_salamander: ah, the favorite shooting location. Ye Olde Abandoned Warehouse
Ritaspirithntr: Woe!
IbunWest: prawnzOwO
raulghoulia: did we uncover the Bryan Cranston monster yet?
saucemaster5000: No! No salad fingers plz!
WanderingWinder: bundle of breadsticks
korvys: Shout out to Jaylen
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 I'm so glad it was later revealed that DC takes place in alternative universe. Because if it was the main then Time Force would've had a lot of work to do lol
Heckhoundbolt: Blaseball
CasualKing21: If time Force even still exists
Juliamon: Time to Blaseball reference in a Jonathan Ying game: 1h52m
flamewave7: @casualking21 yeah, living dinos make everything complicated
saucemaster5000: @Juliamon Impressive
DarkMorford: Put them Back In The Box, please!
CasualKing21: I loved that in the 2017 movie they gave Billy the last name Cranston as a reference to Bryan Cranston who did voices for monsters in MMPR
CasualKing21: was it 2017 or 16?
DarkMorford: @CasualKing21 I coulda sworn that was Billy's canonical last name *way* earlier than that.
Wrexadecimal: @CasualKing21 I swore he had that name even before then, but what do I know <_<
flamewave7: @casualking21 actually, Billy's last name was always Cranston. but that was because Bryan was a voice actor on thr show
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
DarkMorford: ULMER
Daffydor: LUL
BrowneePoints: You tell your friend you love him right now!
Kramburger: I'm pretty sure Murders are against ToS
PoisonStripes: BEEJ!!
BusTed: :)
CasualKing21: Ah my bad, I guess I missed that. thanks for the correction y'all
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
BrowneePoints: Also another fun PR fact
BrowneePoints: JDF got into MMA for a bit, his record was undefeated, with his average match length being like...1m44s
BrowneePoints: wait sorry I got that wrong
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BrowneePoints: so he had 4 Amateur Matches. 1 Pro match. won them all, with the times of 1m7s, 2m9s, 23s, 21s, and even in his Professional debut, won in 46seconds
BrowneePoints: and a reminder that each ROUND of which there are THREE, lasts FIVE MINUTES
DarkMorford: Yeah, JDF was a beast.
BrowneePoints: he also had the highest distinction in Karate a Westerner can be granted
flamewave7: and a world record for most boards broken while sky diving
Shadowsoflife: ^ wat?
Lysander_salamander: neat
CasualKing21: awesome
flamewave7: yeah, he mixed some of his favorite things
Lysander_salamander: Like, jump out of a plane and break boards while in free-fall?
BrowneePoints: yea, he was kinda of actually unreal
Juliamon: A record without a lot of competition, I imagine
BrowneePoints: correct
BrowneePoints: well his record got broken just months later @Juliamon LUL
Heckhoundbolt: glad we had that break
Heckhoundbolt: only for the rangers to die ;p
Juliamon: I mean, someone notable doing a thing usually prompts other people to do it
Juliamon: but is skydiving board-breaking *still* a thing
flamewave7: as much as it was before
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: wow this game looks more complicated than I expected
saucemaster5000: never sussy
CasualKing21: Dragon Shield lets you make custom sleeves right? I think it'd be awesome to make Dragon Zord Dragon Shield sleeves
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saucemaster5000: We getting into mage knight energy calculating
corefluxx: 32 months... that is like, 32% of a metric year.... right?
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BrowneePoints: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou it's by a pretty well liked Game Designer apparently
TotallyNotaBeholder: I thought 32 months would be 320% of a year
TotallyNotaBeholder: *metric year
BrowneePoints: He hits em with the Hip Hop Kido Paul
BrowneePoints: GOLDAR give me boba NOW
saucemaster5000: Time for a razzmatazz
BrowneePoints: uhhhhh Juice gives me such a headache!
Juliamon: TotallyNotaBeholder I assume it's like calories where there's technically a kilo- prefix that we just ignore
Juliamon: a metric (kilo)year
BigDaddyBland87: TOS?
CasualKing21: Rita is going to Earth to get some Krispy Kreme
flamewave7: the cards use the comic art
BrowneePoints: she has a flying tricycle in the original sentai I believe...err flying bike?
excalgold: was it Lightspeed Rescue where the yellow ranger in the sentai was a guy so they had to get creative ?
BrowneePoints: and yea these arts are from the comics
flamewave7: @excalgold like mmpr yellow
flamewave7: wild was the last ranger like that until the recent season
saucemaster5000: heard that Rita is weak to Zinc boosters
excalgold: i know there was one where they felt the need to digitally add a skirt to the yellow i just dont remember which
Heckhoundbolt: I mean she was on the Moon
PoisonStripes: mm, banana milkshake
IsaTheEngie: it's pretty cold on the moon where she was stored for ten thousand years
BrowneePoints: Also I just realized the Minis are supposed to look like the Clay models Fester used to create monsters
excalgold: @IsaTheEngie in a cosmic dumpster !
BrowneePoints: Finster*
flamewave7: the power ranger moon with it's 1G of gravity and breathable air
BrowneePoints: I mean it got half destroyed every other episode
DeChunkandFriends: there are absolutely more turns. when you flip putties, they go back to the bottom of the deck.
CasualKing21: I want to know what happened to Tommy's clone that had the green power coin
excalgold: @TacitusVigil well the kind of magic needed to make monsters needs some sort of power source.....*dramatic music, lightning, terrible implications....and smash cut to kids riding on bicycles hooked up to generators and goldar shouting PEDDLE FASTER!*
flamewave7: @casualking21 he went to live in colonial Angel Grove.
PoisonStripes: Rita is doing the government a favor with free demolition
saucemaster5000: out of curiosity, if the deck is out and players spend a turn dicking around, are more putties spawned after the deck is empty? what is the punishment mechanic?
TacitusVigil: @excalgold Not going to lie, you had me in the first half!
flamewave7: @casualking21 and maybe because Tommy's ancestor
DeChunkandFriends: @saucemaster5000 the deck is never empty. you put the cards back on bottom.
saucemaster5000: ah kk
TacitusVigil: Oh right, they traveled back in time to the Old West and met their Suspiciously Identical Ancestors.
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Lol if he was then maybe that's why Tommy moved to Angel Grove 🤣 AG was calling to him
PoisonStripes: only akim
BrowneePoints: He stayed in Colonial Angel Grove @CasualKing21
PoisonStripes: *only Kim
PoisonStripes: did that
DeChunkandFriends: if you have no minis, they don't get placed. they can max out
flamewave7: @casualking21 that and the White Stranger (old west Tommy ancestor)
TacitusVigil: Right. Too much pink energy is dangerous.
saucemaster5000: was about to say, that'd be a very silly design flaw
Fanklok: Where's Ivan Ooze
flamewave7: egg
Ritaspirithntr: tqsLurk
the_semicolon: First time Ben has ever played with a full deck
TacitusVigil: Where's Lord Zed? Or as he was known in Canada, Senor Zee?
Heckhoundbolt: what you got there? A smoothie
Lysander_salamander: is there a mechanic to combine the zords?
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 I had forgotten about him
PoisonStripes: Rangers get thirsty
flamewave7: @tacitusvigil where ever he was before season 2
Lysander_salamander: I like this artwork.
excalgold: doing space evil i assume
SnackPak_: wow
flamewave7: @casualking21 that makes since, though the old west rangers had fringe in their costumes for no reason
DeChunkandFriends: Zed was a Kickstarter bonus, and if you get all 5 zords the megazord gets put on the map
CururuGuasu: Worth noting that I don’t think the rangers ever won against Rita directly
TehAmelie: that's be like Gadget capturing Dr Claw
flamewave7: The closest to a win from the evil couple was when Tommy drawed to Zed once
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Sell more toys?
BrowneePoints: Zordon exploded and made her good again
flamewave7: Though Rita and Zed did beat the Machine king empire
flamewave7: @casualking21 unfortunately they didn't, if I'm remembering correctly
excalgold: @flamewave7 shame we never saw them using the emperors head as a toaster
excalgold: and him complaining about it the entire time
flamewave7: @browneepoints and good Rita and Good Zed waltzed on the moon
BrowneePoints: Yep. whereas Divatox actually won
CasualKing21: Lol I love on Forever Red Tommy took the credit for the Zeo Rangers destroyed King Mondo and the Machine Empire but it was actually Rita and the gang
flamewave7: @casualking21 In defense, who's going to argue with him.
Jackomaning: @CasualKing21 They managed to hold them off on a weekly basis for a while though
flamewave7: one of the missing concepts from forever red was a joke about slash fiction with Jason and Tommy
excalgold: they were also going to do some megazord shenanigans but some one vetoed that to sell a wildforce toy as i recall
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Zed from Dino Fury?
Jackomaning: @excalgold Yeah iirc that was the only way Disney agreed to budget the extra money that episode cost
flamewave7: @excalgold they ran out of money, and Bandai said they cover the difference if they shiled the new toy
saucemaster5000: good start
saucemaster5000: good second
flamewave7: @casualking21 no, the new one is a clone? it's complicated
excalgold: shame, i would have liked seeing megazord shenanigans instead of....flying motorcycle i think it was ?
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 I know but he would still have past memories right?
excalgold: i did actually watch Forever read because it was a crossover despite having been in a 'power rangers are dumb' phase
excalgold: forever red*
flamewave7: @casualking21 maybe
flamewave7: wild force had 2 great crossovers
CasualKing21: I just remembered another character in PR I wish I could forget, Kite
flamewave7: @casualking21 power rangers is always iffy with continuity
CasualKing21: Or Animus (I think that's how you spell it)
Kramburger: We'll bury her under a pile of our own corpses
Jackomaning: @CasualKing21 "Humans are wrecking the planet so I will allow it to be wrecked in punishment"
flamewave7: yeah, the bad parts of wild force's story
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Yeah, like in Samurai they never mention other rangers only past samurai rangers but then in Megaforce they're in the main universe
CasualKing21: @jackomaning Basically let me just take my friends away but never ask them if they want to stay
Jackomaning: One thing I kinda like about Sentai more is that they only act like its a shared universe while crossing over and never otherwise
flamewave7: @casualking21 I think they're is at least 3 timelines in power ranger right now
Jackomaning: It's just simpler
saucemaster5000: Does feel like the decision to fight Repulsa because of time constraints might've been a tough call
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 I would pay for an official timeline(s) poster or info book
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Jackomaning: this is only tangentially related but I could write a college lecture about the Kamen Rider timeline
flamewave7: @casualking21 there was a official guide book, but it was up to beast morphers
CasualKing21: @flamewave7 Oh really? Dang, I'll have to look that up
saucemaster5000: Jesus just remembering the actual game you draw five cards a turn
TacitusVigil: Traitor Ben rides again!
BrowneePoints: Actually Lost Galaxy
BrowneePoints: Psycho Pink killed a ranger on screen
Dog_of_Myth: Ben is cursed
flamewave7: and part of an episode of RPM too
TacitusVigil: Is this the Lord Drakkon timeline?
flamewave7: the 2 secondary rangers were deleted for a few hours
Shadowsoflife: Did the sentai for MMRP green ranger die?
flamewave7: @tacitusvigil Rita's alive, so no
TehAmelie: is Beej going to pull a Landfill 2?
TacitusVigil: @flamewave7 Ah, right.
flamewave7: @shadowsoflife and still keeps coming back. lol
Shadowsoflife: Neat
TacitusVigil: @TehAmelie That's just what Beejdrops are for.
saucemaster5000: Please, @TehAmelie , It's their wish to be referred to as Beej 1, they've heard so much about us
Fanklok: Sadly we died. But we lived!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Wheeler with the true pro move
Spades_Slicc: Getting my clippers ready
saucemaster5000: ouch
Spades_Slicc: let's go
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the genuine anguish in Ben's voice
rabbitgta: ben so close
TacitusVigil: (Watches as Ben's Ranger suit flickers and disappears from damage)
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: just jump off the cliff
PoisonStripes: poor Wheeler
PoisonStripes: that's a lot of Super Putties
Ritaspirithntr: Hot damn
saucemaster5000: so... there's no punishment for if the super putties are all placed? I mean, sick
A_Dub888: !card chain lightning
LRRbot: Chain Lightning [R] | Sorcery | Chain Lightning deals 3 damage to any target. Then that player or that permanent's controller may pay {R}{R}. If the player does, they may copy this spell and may choose a new target for that copy.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: was that the equivalent of that old Starcraft hack where if you built a ton of Valkyries and fired their cluster missiles it would create so many sprites that the game wouldn't allow any more and thus no one else could fire
DeChunkandFriends: @saucemaster5000 it's more pity because the minis are all out, meaning you're most likely in a shit situation.
PoisonStripes: Go Go Power Rangers
CasualKing21: So that Chain Lightning, does that count as a Kalishplosion?
saucemaster5000: @DeChunkandFriends no, fair, reminds me of a couple similar co-ops
TetraRay: sure
Vanbael: ummm
PoisonStripes: yes and yes
saucemaster5000: Nyes
control_rig: Sword of Ice and Fire is good
Spades_Slicc: Nyes
thegitrogsquirrel: yes
ThorSokar: red yes, blue no
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: firebird zord 4 lyfe
shendaras: seabatCHOICE
Wrexadecimal: so anyway they start blastin'
Mazrae: get the mega
excalgold: they are going Lightspeed on Rita!
rabbitgta: after 10,000 years, boom shot gun
Wrexadecimal: 10ergy
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: they saw the liiiiine
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
DeM0nFiRe: FBtouchdown
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Wheeler just like "well I could play this card and win the game if you want"
Ritaspirithntr: LUL
KWardJenx: Nice!
saucemaster5000: Can see why they say draw 4 putty cards instead of 5 first time, wow
TetraRay: thats just what he wanted for christmas !
BrowneePoints: Trini was one of the two Gearheads remember!
BrowneePoints: Trini and Billy built EVERYTHING
CasualKing21: zord whisperer lol
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: \o/
excalgold: or the megazord just stomping on putties
Spades_Slicc: Just like the show
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeah actually just like the show huh
DarkMorford: Billy built everything, Trini was just the only one who could understand his technobabble
saucemaster5000: dear lord this goes up to 5???
Vanbael: so many pancaked putties
saucemaster5000: wait.... of course it does
Wrexadecimal: With the expansions you can go up to 6 :D
DeChunkandFriends: @saucemaster5000 it goes up to 6. 7 for the "I control the bad guys" expansion.
BrowneePoints: Bulk and Skull!
Spades_Slicc: @DeChunkandFriends You can play with 6.7 people?
BigDaddyBland87: Oh hell yes!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Bulk & Skull law firm
Shemerson: bulk and skull are the best
ThorSokar: The longest running actors in the entire power rangers series (Bulk and Skull)
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: it certainly looked complicated
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excalgold: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou i want to say Skull was....rich off screen
DeChunkandFriends: @spades_slicc it's hard to get that 7/10ths of a person, but it's worth it
Fruan: Leadership IS support, though
Dog_of_Myth: Renegade Games Studios does some good work.
rabbitgta: !store
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DeChunkandFriends: I have so many expansions for this, and the game has demoralized all my friends
tehfewl: always buy sleeves
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Paul eternal support :D
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I want to watch Dwarf Fortress but part of me also kinda wants my sole DF experience to be Fort Boatmurdered
Harthic: Love Dwarf Fortress so much. Bought it day one
excalgold: there are probably mods to turn minecraft into Dwarf Fortress
tdfox12: hi everyone
tehfewl: all i know about dwarf fortress is Cats bad
A_Dub888: !card double vision
LRRbot: Double Vision [3RR] | Enchantment | Whenever you cast your first instant or sorcery spell each turn, copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.
Dog_of_Myth: Chat, there are so many expansions to this game as well.
tdfox12: Ben will win
PoisonStripes: @loadingreadyrun you need all the expansions now
azninsect: impromptu back in the box Keepo
BrowneePoints: All I'm saying chat
NonUniqueGuy: Someone should make a Youtube series about putting things back in the box
BrowneePoints: is imagine Darksiders/etc, but Power Rangers
Spades_Slicc: Silly Beej, that's a pre-recorded shor
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: a reboxing channel
Fruan: @NonUniqueGuy Beat me to it
tdfox12: candyp20CandyLeftArm candyp20CandyStrongPeach candyp20CandyRightArm
brainbosh: Back in the box? If only there were some sor t of video for that
pn55: If only there was a show that could tell us about putting games back in the box.
BusTed: Wouldn't be the first time!
LurkerSpine: woo Chillpoint
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: unless it all suddenly comes to a cataclysmic end, which is an option
airylan: the apocalypse button is a proud Dorf Fort tradition
Gekyouryuu: the Whtie Loxodon
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: is that like the natural disaster button in SimCity
CasualKing21: We should get Paul as Boxnard on Back in the Box
Dog_of_Myth: Hope it's Beejlander.
Spades_Slicc: This Sat!
A_Dub888: as is tradition
Dog_of_Myth: As is tradition.
ThorSokar: This year is #8
tehfewl: sip whiskey
Spades_Slicc: How long is the stream?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: weirdly I kind of do
BigDaddyBland87: Oh heck yea! May have to catch the VOD this year
NonUniqueGuy: I was going to say, it felt like it has been longer than 4 years
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
excalgold: 2020 was a hell of a decade
A_Dub888: What is murder if not violent fast forward?
azninsect: its a good gig
Jackomaning: the past 3 years have been 1 year tbf
SnackPak_: everyone wins
azninsect: we did this
BrowneePoints: crap I was gonna send Ian a bottle of Templeton Rye!
saucemaster5000: Drinking scotch since they were -4 years old
Jackomaning: and also 30
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits!
TheAinMAP: MorphinTime
saucemaster5000: @BrowneePoints I mean... you could send that my way instead if you need to unload it
CasualKing21: it's almost 2023 but I'm still trying to process 2021
DeM0nFiRe: Heh MorphinTime
LordZarano: MorphinTime
DeM0nFiRe: NIce
Dog_of_Myth: Nice
DeM0nFiRe: Nice again
Gekyouryuu: you DO, Beej. I appreciate it. :3
Dog_of_Myth: Double nice
DarkMorford: WHAT
The_Color_Twelve: katesMega
azninsect: katesMega
azninsect: MorphinTime
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeBits
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
KWardJenx: Thank you!
Fruan: wut
saucemaster5000: Incredible
Mr_Horrible: Us, Weakly
ford_prefect1789: OMG i have that game
ford_prefect1789: dont ask why lol
whitebadgerwolf88: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
NotCainNorAbel: bye all
saucemaster5000: @ford_prefect1789 c... can I ask why tough?
CasualKing21: Bye y'all
azninsect: good strim, good times
azninsect: bye yall