Metric_Furlong: Play It Fortress hype
TXC2: hello everybody
DeM0nFiRe: @TXC2 Hello
TXC2: hi DeM0nFiRe
Metric_Furlong: greetings
TXC2: hi Metric_Furlong
DandyGeek: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TXC2: got an error message right off, had to refresh
beowuuf: still not loading for me :(
matthaus_c: dorf dorf dorf dorf
beowuuf: n,, there is goes
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
beowuuf: such good ost
Didero: Good evening!
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: hello Didero welcome
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gamercat88: lrrSHINE seabatClap
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TXC2: here we GO!
Didero: Hi Cori and Ben!
TXC2: Hello Cori and Ben
ThatOverkillGuy: net work? wow
beowuuf: yes!
Rourke9: hello!!
beowuuf: hey cori hey ben
masterschiief: i'm excited
beowuuf: a stopper on a lava ketchup bottle, really
Didero: Compromise: It's both your faults
matthaus_c: Ben is like our own Prometheus
kaivex: We have dwarves at mountainhome.
NapalmSideburns: It's Ben's mistakes that allowed for Cori's mistakes
beowuuf: charcoal/chicken
kaivex: Burning the dwarf at the pump is just a safety measure to make the lava flooding the fortress self-limiting.
matthaus_c: pumping wood so early
malsareus: good evening Cori And Ben
HavenDragon: news from my fort: a forgotten beast killed like 50 dorfs and set so many things on fire. also i still need to make royal rooms for my queen
malsareus: i am here for more lava
TXC2: hello malsareus welcome
PsychoI3oy: oh, i missed the very tail end of last stream's vod
malsareus: we could clear the cavern with lava
PsychoI3oy: hadn't seen caverns yet
MrVirite: totally turn it off (collecting webs)
Spluuga: Dorfproofing?
kaivex: (The enchantments are necromantic.)
GDwarble: I kinda love that they have no survival instinct, but that also the game would probably become impossible if they did have one
noSmokeFire: trogs? pjorg
MrVirite: do you have cats? I find cats are very big on running into the caves
goatprince: the kids can collect webs, that'll be fine
TXC2: maybe Dwarfs are born drunk?
SpleenLord: If the kids don't learn about burial then they will learn on the streets
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margieargie: Hey, the babies, like any good dwarf, need alcohol to get through the... well, not -working- day...
TXC2: DeM0nFiRe lrrHEART
DeM0nFiRe: Heh I randomly gifted James
TXC2: Nice
MrVirite: @DeM0nFiRe Thanks for the gift sub!
HavenDragon: @DeM0nFiRe Thanks for the gift sub!
Jogela: @DeM0nFiRe, thank you
arkbrik: limesDance limesDance limesDance
TXC2: my continuously mounting mistakes
NapalmSideburns: The other mistakes have been lost to a fire
kaivex: The Hedgehog Man Without Limits!
Jogela: Then they are mi-steaks
BrindleBoar: magma removes things from the permanent record
malsareus: turn all your mistakes into charcoal and be perfect
TXC2: we put the coffins in the mil ?
malsareus: of course
malsareus: we else would we put them?
bytecaster: How is our volcano lair doing?
LordZarano: Is the chicken torch still burning?
GDwarble: @bytecaster There was a slight magma incident
NapalmSideburns: So we're down to making firewater?
MilkInBags: are you ranching bones?
kaivex: But why would we ever encounter fire again in our volcano lair?
BrindleBoar: since there will be no additional lava accidents, that's probably unnecessary Kappa
EricTheOrange: I'm so excited to flood a cavern
malsareus: the tales of a magma incident are grossly exaggarated
malsareus: the fortress executed a magma deployement that went flawlessly
EricTheOrange: I have a question about flooding the cavern. is their a way to have the dwarf that breaches the caldera not die? like can you tell them to immidiately run away after breaking the wall?
kaivex: @EricTheOrange Ish? If there is another dig order elsewhere, they will often go to do that, but they are sometimes dwarves and don't listen.
noSmokeFire: @EricTheOrange contrary to appearances, dwarves have self-preservation instincts. they'll try to run away from lava. there are also multiple ways to break the caldera, some safer than others
Volus_dude: this merely a 20 year old game feliciaGranny
goatprince: build a menacing elephant statue to scare away invaders
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> It's a brand new episode of North 100 Showdown! Serge and Wheeler are back, and this week they're piloting Death & Taxes vs. Merfolk! ||
margieargie: There are a few ways, depending on geometry, but it can be unreliable most of the time
malsareus: the process is yes
noSmokeFire: can we carve a statue for the war elephant?
kaivex: You gotta believe in yourself! And your dwarves.
NapalmSideburns: It's called a wake
TXC2: "smeared out into a spiral" is some wonka Pomo bullshit for a statue of an elephant :p
Volus_dude: neat that dwrves are supposed to be the stars, but players care more about elephants and squirrels more LUL
PixelArtDragon: Lava flood? Sounds like !fun! was had?
Thandres: pompei 2: electric boogaloo
malsareus: Pompeii 2: Tokyo drift
MilkInBags: if I've never played this game, is it pretty intuitive what I need to do to make my fortress work, or are there super niche systems that makes it hard to learn what doesn't work properly?
BrindleBoar: sounds like the kind of thing you repress and never talk about, although you do make a lot of carvings featuring screaming afterward
margieargie: Some mild fire still around, nothing to worry about
DandyGeek: @MilkInBags It is full of intricate systems, but this GUI version is a little easier to get into if you haven't played it before. The built in tutorial is decent enough to get you started, and the wiki is good though slightly behind on the new version
Pinwiz11: All Hair Scorchik
SocraticMethod: @MilkInBags The learning cliff is pretty steep and the simulation is surprisingly deep but once you get the basics down it's surpsiringly hands-off
NapalmSideburns: Pompeii 2: Pyroclastic boogaloo
N2Osferatu: I missed the end of last one, why are things forever burning by the trade depot?
MilkInBags: because I tried Oxygen Not Included and got a bit annoyed about how 'too deep' everything was and I couldn't really learn in game without losing everything LUL
TXC2: that flowchat is scary
GDwarble: @N2Osferatu The magma pump worked too well
noSmokeFire: @N2Osferatu DF's thermodynamics not perfect system
N2Osferatu: woops
SocraticMethod: Oxygen is much harder than DF and needs tons of micro
Didero: Good, because smoking is bad for your health
PsychoI3oy: MilkInBags, this game inspired 'hard' games like rimworld and ONI.... it's pretty dense
GDwarble: @N2Osferatu The magma drains worked not well enough
N2Osferatu: Smokin' Chicken is a good restaurant name though
JakeKamas: Thabk you for the gift sub DeM0nFiRe!
HavenDragon: is there a way to make things not on fire?
PsychoI3oy: HavenDragon, water, but we're fresh out
noSmokeFire: you named one of the one's that's on fire. I think this is a second phoenix
shendaras: It's the kids who are wrong
Volus_dude: oni is easier to digest on parts. learn thingy, do that a while, learn another part and slowly move onwards and upwards.
SocraticMethod: @HavenDragon Yes. It usually involves aquifers
MilkInBags: @DandyGeek thanks for the info!
N2Osferatu: Glad this stream and the Steam version got me back into this, Were Coyote apocalypse destroying my first fort notwithstanding
goatprince: I did not know aquifers could dry up in this game
DandyGeek: I think it's just a light aquifer and not a heavy/really dangerous
TXC2: what's the game limit on elevation?
Greyah: Can you befriend the spiders?
noSmokeFire: @Greyah oddly I think yes?
an_asp: There's a reason dwarven traders sell you so much stuff made out of "Cave spider silk"
TheMerricat: @txc2 do you want spoilers or not.......
N2Osferatu: Elevation up, or down?
SocraticMethod: @TXC2 Depends but can be as deep as -550 ish
N2Osferatu: yea, what TheMerricat said
TXC2: SocraticMethod oh that's deep thanks
TXC2: TheMerricat N2Osferatu I was looking more for just game limits like in Minecraft, but yes to the no spoilers
DandyGeek: I don't know what ours defaults to, but if you go to the advanced settings for world gen you can manually specify elevation total (I think default is ~400?)
MilkInBags: is there a way to automate resource gathering, or you need to set a zone where dwarves gather/mine stuff?
an_asp: I recall you can go fairly high too, I used to like building giant spires
noSmokeFire: @MilkInBags there's a limited automine command that'll follow veins of minerals, but in general it's pretty manual
an_asp: The vein mining tool is very nice
SocraticMethod: Cori started on volcano so the 0 is pretty high up
GDwarble: @MilkInBags There's some stuff you can automate (water, sand, clay), mining you can semi-automated and tell them to mine out a specific vein without intervention
EricTheOrange: flood all the caverns
MilkInBags: thank you chat :3
TXC2: I like that this one staircase is like a deep bore mineshaft :p
MilkInBags: could a whole floor collapse if you mine the levels under it?
noSmokeFire: @MilkInBags you can't mine the very edges of the map iirc, but you could collapse everything else
SocraticMethod: @MilkInBags Usually not unintentionally
an_asp: I like how you can't mine out the edge of the map, but you can carve "fortifications" into it, which lets water drain through
Rourke9: @MilkInBags my understanding is that if a floor is disconnected from any walls on the level, and there is nothing under it, it will collapse. but that is hard to do by accident
SocraticMethod: There are some things that trigger cave-ins but mining rock is usually safe
EricTheOrange: why...?
kaivex: Gotta keep your corpses tidy!
MilkInBags: so lets say you mine on elevation -5, and then dig the whole level of -6, you won't have a floor on -5?
margieargie: Ah, glad to see dwarves are the same as always
EricTheOrange: the whims of dwarfs are confusing
SocraticMethod: @MilkInBags You will
EricTheOrange: can you knock some holes in the wall and have the smoke disipate then wall it back up
noSmokeFire: @MilkInBags mining at Y=0 leaves the floor at Y=1 intact. floors are an attribute of the current level and largely independent of the level below.
margieargie: @MilkInBags Regular mining preserves a floor, there's a separate channel command to make open areas
MilkInBags: ok thanks!
GDwarble: @MilkInBags Cave ins currently used a very simplified system where so long as there's one tile holding up a floor then everything connected to it is also held up
TheMerricat: so essentially you can do it but you have to intentionally do it pretty much
EricTheOrange: ah right we DID run out of water
TXC2: you emphasising "accidentally" sounds like you're going to do it on purpose
margieargie: Oh, things are -definitely- going well here :p
EricTheOrange: we can die before we get to flood the cavern
noSmokeFire: brew drink from fruit?
GDwarble: @MilkInBags The wiki example is that you can balance an entire mountain on a pillar of soap
an_asp: Allowing chunks of rock to collapse does create new tiles of rock where they land! It makes it a good way to create tunnels through oceans of magma or water.
EricTheOrange: ah theirs are 0 year old headless dwarf
SocraticMethod: TL;DR: each level is a separate thing unless you do a special action like constructing stairs or channelling down. Then it pierces the boundary and connects the layers in that tile
TheMerricat: That's defeatist talk Cori!
margieargie: Yep, this is that stage of a fortress :p
MilkInBags: when management forgets to give you water but ask you to build another coffing NotLikeThis
noSmokeFire: do we have any brewable fruits?
PsychoI3oy: do you want ghosts? that's how you get ghosts.
vegetalss4: Hello people, I hope the dorfing goes well
TXC2: hello vegetalss4 welcome
MilkInBags: just give them some four loko
SocraticMethod: @vegetalss4 Going swimmingly. 3 dead already.
SocraticMethod: From thirst
vegetalss4: I notice the kitchen/chicken no longer appears to be on fire
SocraticMethod: Oh no, that chick is still on fire. It just moved downstairs
kaivex: At least outdoor-corpses won't cause miasma?
EricTheOrange: dwarfs can survive on booze alone. who needs "water".
vegetalss4: @vegetalss4 Nasty way to go for a dwarf. Dying of thirst implies dying sober, truly a tradegy
SocraticMethod: "He didn't feel anything due to inebriation"
EricTheOrange: time for a macaroni portrait.
MilkInBags: did he turn into an ox?
TXC2: #It'sNotTheChild
an_asp: Do you need do designate the adjacent land tile as a water source as well?
an_asp: I recall having trouble with this
margieargie: Oooh! Microcline my beloved ^.^
an_asp: Table artifact, you can actually use that!
noSmokeFire: artifact table will unironically help a lot with morale
SocraticMethod: Could we check what the table looks like or is it plain?
goatprince: offering table in temple? does that work?
niccus: maybe the cat started the fight
SocraticMethod: How dare. Jail! Jail for thousand years!
an_asp: Which clique gets to sit at the kool kids table
noSmokeFire: @goatprince I don't know if the temples use tables for anything special, but filling rooms with valuable stuff makes dwarves happier when they use them
an_asp: Yeah, it increases the room quality. My temple is full of statues of the gods. Or, well, mostly statues of the gods cursing people.
EricTheOrange: our overall moral is doing fine concidering.
margieargie: lrrFINE
TXC2: My only Mistake 3: the door
gsyhiap: FBtouchdown
goatprince: the troll got banned
MilkInBags: but if the troll is dead, what killed it? WutFace
beowuuf: reason and logic
bytecaster: Is there shadowbanning in Dwarf Fortress to deal with the trolls?
TXC2: Me, I killed the troll with my banhammer
LordZarano: ModLove
beowuuf: BOP
goatprince: cat gottem
EricTheOrange: by complaining you mean dying
accountmadeforants: It may have been a while since I paid attention to the names. Is Aquafresh still alive?
goatprince: The dog child is sparring.
noSmokeFire: @accountmadeforants zombies got it
accountmadeforants: noSmokeFire :(
TXC2: this fort is skullsmountain
an_asp: Puppy want to wrestle!
SocraticMethod: Chat - notice how the faces on the top bar are moving rightwards towards grumpy? Soon there will be a practical demonstration about fun concept: Tantrum Spiral.
EricTheOrange: like 4 died from dehydration
noSmokeFire: do they have an office?
MilkInBags: did you save? NotLikeThis
EricTheOrange: hi
gsyhiap: F
cmdrelk: lrrFINE
accountmadeforants: Yeah, stream's still live
gsyhiap: Stream's still up, yeah
bytecaster: As soon as the manager tried to do their job, the game crashed, curious
beowuuf: o7
Vanbael: stream is up for me
kaivex: Seems fair.
EricTheOrange: awww no flooding the cavern
MilkInBags: maybe you can save dwarves from dehydration?
goatprince: flood it with booze
margieargie: Flood it with kindness
noSmokeFire: at least now we know why none of those vital work orders were getting processed
gsyhiap: ^
MilkInBags: sorry this happened, cori
accountmadeforants: From Skullsmountain to Femurspire.
NapalmSideburns: Cleanse the fort with fire
margieargie: That's just what Dwarf Fortress is
N2Osferatu: I retired my first fort, and they managed to turn the WereCoyote problem into an export opportunity!
N2Osferatu: After fort 2 got decimated, I yeeted that world into the sun
TXC2: Dwarf fortress: it's the journey, 'cause there is no destination
BrindleBoar: very coy indeed
N2Osferatu: And by might, all 7 of my first wave turned immediately
an_asp: how do we domesticate the werewolves into weredogs
matthaus_c: werecoyote rehab program
bytecaster: "Why is this tunnel getting hotter the farther I dig?"
GDwarble: Um
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP
EricTheOrange: YAY!
Metric_Furlong: did what had to be done
TXC2: the Lava must flow!
Metric_Furlong: lava never goes up
accountmadeforants: benginFine benginFine benginFine
Metric_Furlong: famously that never happens
bytecaster: Isn't "lava go up" the actual definition of a volcano?
goatprince: mmmm, cooked fungus
BrindleBoar: It's probably fine.
Didero: I had to leave for a bit, why are we flooding things with lava?
an_asp: oh no spiders
noSmokeFire: there goes the neighborhood
margieargie: Dealing with the caverns in the recommended fashion, at least
accountmadeforants: Didero Game crashed so we're exploring alternative options
GDwarble: XD
TXC2: Didero game crashed wipped what we did today, so now lava
margieargie: Welp
Didero: @accountmadeforants @TXC2 ohno D: Thanks
MilkInBags: surely a quiver can stop lava
NapalmSideburns: @bytecaster yes, but that's when the pressure goes up, and we just opened up a breathing hole to release the pressure KappaHD
DeM0nFiRe: zeldaFine zeldaFine zeldaFine
PixelArtDragon: I come back to fire on the entire screen. !FUN!
an_asp: Is that spider okay
margieargie: "At this rate, everything will burn!"
sephsays: So how are you going to get things out of the cavern if it’s full of lava now?
Obsidian_Shade: This the fire temple?
N2Osferatu: Yay, the door closed!
Riiiiiiis: Uhh more dorfin'
Riiiiiiis: hello all
accountmadeforants: That spider's experiencing carcinization... or no, charcoalization?
TXC2: hello Riiiiiiis welcome
noSmokeFire: @accountmadeforants carbonization
SocraticMethod: Magma pressure!
rentar42: wait, so is the goal to drain a lava see into some caverns?
bytecaster: Awwww, so we could have had a nice "lava feature" in the garden?
goatprince: you're geologically stabilizing the region, there's no threat of eruption now
mtvcdm: I don't know if 'planning' is the right word for saying goodbye to this fort
Didero: Wait, saying goodbye to the fort?
EricTheOrange: burny
TXC2: tonk
noSmokeFire: Legs
accountmadeforants: Scream
Hangedman: Clombert
PixelArtDragon: Bernie
MrVirite: Beej
rentar42: Stinky
mtvcdm: Kole
Metric_Furlong: Lungs
bytecaster: Charcoal
Pseudopacifist: Smoky
SpleenLord: Grill-master
sephsays: Smokelung
NapalmSideburns: LavaIsHot
Rourke9: Bogo
gsyhiap: Punsalot
EricTheOrange: charred
accountmadeforants: Lavaproof
masterschiief: Kartoffel
MilkInBags: OtakuJeff
NightValien28: toasty
rentar42: Coughither
dm818: Butts
goatprince: 'firechicken'
noSmokeFire: Thirsty
objectivefailure: Jimothy
masterschiief: Gerstenmalz
bytecaster: Pyroenthusiast
mtvcdm: Frosty
sephsays: Scorchic
Pinwiz11: Belopa
rentar42: Gesundheit
SocraticMethod: McUrist
beowuuf: otaku dwarff
PixelArtDragon: Anakin
Gulleko: Birkenstock
accountmadeforants: Fine
EricTheOrange: charcoaly
TXC2: Dave
rentar42: CmdrTaco
sephsays: Thirsty
masterschiief: No more Mr. Ice guy
Pinwiz11: Target
Metric_Furlong: piccoloGOKU
Pseudopacifist: Bob
NapalmSideburns: Pyrodave
rentar42: na, it's fine and dwarvy
SocraticMethod: Thwomp
MilkInBags: Elf
noSmokeFire: gerstenmalz = barley malt apparently
margieargie: SpeedRunOneWord
masterschiief: correct
an_asp: It's Berdanilral "beej" Dery
Riiiiiiis: Boaty McBurnedface
masterschiief: some fine beers are made with (and potentially by) Gerstenmalz
beowuuf: do not let them near sand
accountmadeforants: Dwarfenegger
EricTheOrange: War elephant
TXC2: Dunc
macintose: DropTable
bytecaster: Walephant
masterschiief: Crispy
sephsays: Fireproof
grandchickenlord: Survivor
PixelArtDragon: Tooty
Didero: BananaCori
mtvcdm: !crossover
LRRbot: What would this game be like if it was sponsored by Red Bull?
sephsays: Inflammable!
accountmadeforants: Pooty
Hangedman: Toaster
rentar42: also: Flammable
TreeVor84: now you need Frooty
mtvcdm: About like this, LRRBot
EricTheOrange: blacklung
grandchickenlord: Asbestos
masterschiief: Jovial
noSmokeFire: Bepis
GorgonsMind: Pepsiman
SocraticMethod: Inflammable means flammable? What a country!
BrindleBoar: Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing? What a fortress!
objectivefailure: Jortson
masterschiief: Charredizard
DeM0nFiRe: Jimothy
accountmadeforants: Magmafan
PixelArtDragon: Bismuth
mtvcdm: "Dragons". Because you have to imagine Dragons did this. It's their fault.
TXC2: John cena!
MilkInBags: Jonoton
TreeVor84: Belopa
Pseudopacifist: Can get a Berry to add to dingle?
SocraticMethod: Rowan & Kenrith
GorgonsMind: Kobold
masterschiief: Yawgmoth, eater of fabric
macintose: Jaya
NapalmSideburns: Uhaul
TXC2: Jod
goatprince: have we named a dwarf 'my only mistake' yet
Pinwiz11: Gavin!
noSmokeFire: Bjork
Didero: 'Like' and 'Subscribe' would be fun names for twins
SpleenLord: Bonathon
matthaus_c: Johnny Joestar
accountmadeforants: Jack-o'
MilkInBags: Gimligma
an_asp: Turtle!
Pseudopacifist: It aint over until you're out of dwarves
kaivex: They have over 400 seeds! They're fine.
bytecaster: There is enough liquid available, we just found a big sea of liquid
rentar42: I like Tortle!
Pinwiz11: Stev
an_asp: Beautiful
masterschiief: A few hot drinks and they'll be fine
rentar42: Mind Dwarf
BrindleBoar: who's Steve Jobs?
noSmokeFire: who's steve gimli?
matthaus_c: legolas balls
TreeVor84: a Thortress
beowuuf: new hotness (lava not included)
macintose: we gotta go deeper
DeM0nFiRe: A Thirdtress
TXC2: what could go wrong?
Metric_Furlong: so many wonderful things
MilkInBags: everything and anything
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Press UP for Laser.
TXC2: ooh Lasers this time
Ashton: A thwarftress!
rentar42: I know nothing of this game and have decided to interpret this stream as a perfect tutorial that I should follow by the numbers ...
kaivex: Successful retirement of definitely-stable very-effective fortress!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
northos: [Up]
TXC2: Hello Ashton
northos: :( no laser
MilkInBags: next fortress should be close to water OpieOP
Didero: Is this fortress being retired because of the game crashing?
TXC2: Didero yes
Alephred: What's the origin of the crash?
glitched_goddess: Don’t forget to build on an aquifer barbToxic
Didero: I knew I shouldn't have gone to the bathroom when there's not a break, I miss the important stuff! :p
GDwarble: Well, kinda. It was apparently a desire to not have to redo everything since the last save
matthaus_c: @Alephred Naughty Dog and PlayStation lrrBEEJ
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LordZarano: Was that season 1 rick and morty where "I got bored, everybody out" as he pours gasoline all over the floor
Didero: Oh, right, Back In The Box, I keep forgetting to watch that
EricTheOrange: make a farm this time.
SocraticMethod: Last Spiders?
GDwarble: This Roc's been around
kaivex: We could try reclaiming a fort, maybe?
an_asp: Oh, I love it so much
SocraticMethod: The Old Bodices LUL
an_asp: This is beautiful lore for this world
MrVirite: can you stil lreclaim generated forts?
NightValien28: I can relate
an_asp: I like "The Submerged Dungeon of Seas", that's a super cool name
northos: "she died as she lived: a troglodyte"
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Vanbael: a good windows number
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an_asp: The Mines of Domination is definitely what I'm naming my next fort
MilkInBags: wait is it the same world?
SocraticMethod: Is there a way to see the wind?
SocraticMethod: @MilkInBags Yes
MilkInBags: so you can take your previous save, keep the world and forward the time?
an_asp: I like fortresses on huge rivers
BlindProphet32: River!...for that delicious water
kaivex: Oooh, untamed wilds!
TXC2: is it always the same world?
LordZarano: Do we want somewhere with wind?
noSmokeFire: @TXC2 you can make more
SocraticMethod: @TXC2 No, it's possible to pave the world
TXC2: noSmokeFire SocraticMethod ok, thanks
EricTheOrange: do dwarf fortresses HAVE to be dug into a mountain? Like can your fortress be in a forest?
goatprince: what if..... heavy aquifer
noSmokeFire: @EricTheOrange they can be anywhere
MrVirite: @EricTheOrange you can build wall, and they can be made of wood
noSmokeFire: even an ocean if you try hard ebough
accountmadeforants: The Murk of Verses is a *strong* name
SocraticMethod: The world is procedurally generated and can be settled multiple times. There is also rogue-esque adventure mode.
MrVirite: ice fort? :D
an_asp: A fortress on an oceanic ice sheet seems exciting
superherofae: have we done Nightmare Fort yet?
SocraticMethod: Is there way to see the wind?
TXC2: so horror episode, or beach episode?
goatprince: can we domesticate crabs. I desire domesticated crabs
SocraticMethod: @superherofae Sort of. Everyone died of acid rain.
dumbo3k: @TXC2 horrified beache episode?
EricTheOrange: fort on an island? do you still get caravans?
TXC2: dumbo3k so any holiday I took as a child? :p
MilkInBags: it's really cool that you can continue the same world, more simulation games should have that
shendaras: haunted beach/swamp episode?
Gamshyd: embrace the call of the haunted swamp
noSmokeFire: haunted beaches used to be *!!FUN!!* because undead whales could walk around, and were basically unkillable
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rustenskurk: Dwarf Fortress is wonderful. I like that it's playable now.
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an_asp: Neat, dingoes
TXC2: Strike the Earth!
beowuuf: @noSmokeFire cool, i didn't want to sleep tonight :p
EricTheOrange: we may not run out of drinks
accountmadeforants: So much Dense Dead stuff
NapalmSideburns: That's a lot of trees to piss off elves with by turning them into charcoal
gsyhiap: Otterly perfect start
TehAmelie: i just got here, have we started a third fort?
an_asp: Yes, in a haunted harbor!
TXC2: TehAmelie indeed we have
rustenskurk: I've tried building wooden towns with indidividual buildings on the surface before. It was always a little fiddly. But I'd love to see it in the new graphics.
kaivex: I'm hoping we get a proper war sometime this PIF.
DandyGeek: We er...flooded the caverns with lava and then retired the fort (it crashed on us, we lost a lot of work)
TehAmelie: who could have seen that coming? :3
KeytarCat: Can't tame horses club
accountmadeforants: Now I remember what this music reminds me of: Poly Bridge!
riotamot: Not... diggy hole? :(
gsyhiap: Open mining?
northos: @TehAmelie specifically, the game crashed and lost a lot of work, and THEN we flooded the caverns and retired the fort :p
an_asp: Otters stole all the fish
TehAmelie: aah
riotamot: @an_asp What _otter_ thieves!
an_asp: @an_asp They otter be ashamed of themselves.
TXC2: hmm
an_asp: I like watching the wood fall and pile up
DandyGeek: unarmeHmm
TXC2: DandyGeek oh oh
riotamot: @an_asp I don't think I have an otter pun left.
TehAmelie: i hope no one ever crossbreeds ogres and otters, the puns would be unbearable
superherofae: also Cori, you should know that your cavalier attitude towards getting your dorfs into dangerous situations inspired me not to turn back scared when I found obsidian
TXC2: TehAmelie would the puns have layers? Kappa
an_asp: But given the ogres, perhaps they'd be rather lay- dang it
SocraticMethod: @accountmadeforants The soundstrack was made by Daby (Winding Worlds, Goodbye Volcano High, and Gnog), Simon Swerwer and Agueda Macias
SocraticMethod: *soundtrack
accountmadeforants: SocraticMethod Oh yeah, I looked it up already to see if they're by the same artist (they're not). Still very similar (and good) vibes.
an_asp: the tragedy of caring about matching colors
TXC2: an_asp it's called fashion darling Kappa
MrVirite: thats why my forh has almost 0 smooth walls...
Manae: Coming in late: has another fortress fallen to the undead, or was this a controlled "and now for something completely different"?
an_asp: Oh, the wooden floor and wall graphics are neat, I've yet to encounter those
accountmadeforants: Manae It fell to software instability
accountmadeforants: And then lava
accountmadeforants: (But the lava was on purpose)
SocraticMethod: @Manae Old fortress suffered a crash, Cori decided to flood the caverns with lava, rename dwarves and abandon it
TXC2: Manae no, sadly the game crashed wiping our work, so instead we did a lava flood for fun and now this new fort
EricTheOrange: every time we encounter a new animal my first thought is tame it and train it to fight our enemies
MrVirite: building walls and floors need a few more QOL changes
goatprince: apricot trees, chestnut trees - does that mean you can eat conkers?
TXC2: late summer and it's raining? sounds like the UK
gsyhiap: @TXC2 You could omit the first three words tbh
TXC2: gsyhiap touché
Gamshyd: just turkeys making the horrible un-scream
gsyhiap: Definitely a totally normal turkey noise
superherofae: are the turkeys summoning demons?
Alixooooo: Just lost my first fortress because of lack of water, coming here to unwind and relax ahaha :D
TXC2: hello Alixooooo welcome
TXC2: superherofae maybe the turkeys are demons?
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superherofae: no, turkey, you are the demons
superherofae: so Cori have you considered doing legends mode on talking sim? I imagine exploring that would be a hell of a time
Didero: I feel like this game would be far easier to read if dwarves actually moved from tile to tile, instead of just warping to the next tile
geail: Despite having purchased DF on Steam I still can't process the sprites like I can in ASCII
TXC2: underground, overground Dwarfing free
an_asp: Covered in sand now
geail: Joy fishing, not food fishing
noSmokeFire: no, chum is what he's catching
Tehbeard: @geail To paraphrase Cypher: You get used to it. I…I don’t even see the ASCII. All I see is dwarf, goblin, intestines..
TXC2: compadre, associate contemporary
TXC2: if we make nothing match, then it all matches
Didero: You should make some sunscreen for 'em then :p
Didero: Those ponds also presumably don't have infinite water
Didero: Oh wait, I thought the red things were lava squares
beowuuf: rules were mde to be broken
EricTheOrange: are you building a dock?
accountmadeforants: "Break wall in case of lava"
Jogela: Just give each dwarf an individual door colour/material
LordZarano: Has someone in chat embarked a fort and immediately retired it? What happened to it?
an_asp: Outpost liason looks at your wooden building with disgust
Manae: @LordZarano In the past version, the would basically all emigrate immediately
gamercat88: "next winter i'll give you my amulet, and the very next day you will throw it away"... "the following year i'll give it to someone special..."
TehAmelie: the 12 dwarves of christmas?
MilkInBags: why did they run away from the totally functional fort?
MrVirite: oh no
EricTheOrange: hey it's muh boy Burny
Sethalidos: Experience Beej
margieargie: "This place has actual alcohol, right?"
accountmadeforants: Anakin wants the high ground this time
Mollylele: lrrBEEJ
Manae: @LordZarano And to further illustrate the point :P
LordZarano: @LordZarano I see sharkf11THINK
TXC2: are these bones the bones of trees ?
Sarah_Serinde: There's all this sand nearby
dm818: no sand at least
an_asp: We have a lot of sand
MilkInBags: can you pave a save, keep the world and advance time, or you have to pick up exactly at the time you stopped?
EricTheOrange: it's more a haunted swamp
noSmokeFire: @MilkInBags starting a fort will advance time by a couple of weeks, I think, but right now I don't think there's a way to arbitrarily fast forward
an_asp: How many ticks did you have to butcher
noSmokeFire: when they port Adventurer Mode to the steam version you'd be able to start a game in the same world and bum around for a while
EricTheOrange: How can you even tell which part of the tick is the brain?
an_asp: To make five meals' worth of brain
EricTheOrange: "only" mistake
TXC2: Tik Brain: a horrific syndrome that occurs when the patient has watched to many tiktok videos
EricTheOrange: just the one
grandchickenlord: “Your efforts are legend there”
an_asp: If it's wooden, we can probably make our own wood piano
EricTheOrange: so how do you deal with hauntings of not your own dead dwarfs?
TehAmelie: hmm what is the simplest material you could use for piano strings? sinews?
MilkInBags: would it be viable to make an air fortress that stands on a single pillar, and the access is one ladder?
an_asp: Dwarf Hutress
TXC2: TehAmelie yeah probably animal guts
Kelderan: Oooh. Can't wait to see what happened to Volcano land in the VoDs =D
margieargie: AH, good
Manae: @MilkInBags Yes. In fact it's not uncommon to envision it on a single pillar with a bridge as the only entrance, with a lever attached to the support so the entire fortress can be scuttled at any time
TXC2: now we have an underground dock Kappa
Alness49: Sub Pen's ready
margieargie: Oh dear
EricTheOrange: welp
EricTheOrange: don't kill muh boy burny
GDwarble: And then got into a fight with some wood blocks
HavenDragon: ah, dorfs
margieargie: Glad to see dwarves are still dwarves in this version
margieargie: I hope the flood zone doesn't flood! (too quickly)
Critterbot: We are witnessing some classic darwinism here folks.
SocraticMethod: @Critterbot dwarfinism Kappa
TXC2: can you get ladders instead of stairs in this game?
noSmokeFire: @TXC2 not really. dwarves will use stepladders but afaik just to pick fruit
TehAmelie: it's either stairs or ramps, i believe
TXC2: noSmokeFire ok, thanks
CaptainChibale: no ladders, only stairs
margieargie: Oh, there's sand! Maybe you can get Anakin to collect some, I bet he'd love that! <_<
beowuuf: nooooooooooooooo
MrVirite: doooo iiitttt
TehAmelie: we'll call him the Sandman
matthaus_c: mr sandman, bring me a sand
an_asp: I wish desalination was this easy in real life!
beowuuf: what are we going to do to poor anakin next, make him a member of the dwarf council but not grant him the rank of master? are we truly monsters?
Jogela: Still Water?
geail: have a good break. I will go shovel snow
matthaus_c: swap your legs
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
brat_the_wurst: stretch your fluids and swap your legs??
NapalmSideburns: That's how you deal with salt water. And you know what else is salty? You, when you get these ads!
margieargie: Instructions unclear, just drank my legs
TehAmelie: is that what they call sea legs?
beowuuf: if not it should be
NapalmSideburns: If they drank their legs I doubt you'd be able to see them anymore
TXC2: "drank their legs" sounds like a euphemism for getting so drunk you fall over
NapalmSideburns: Sounds like a good one TXC2
TehAmelie: remember, sea legs contain more salt per liter than you can pee out, so that'll quickly make your kidneys go bad if you don't have anything else
brat_the_wurst: uh oh i accidentally drank my legs again
matthaus_c: mmm salty kidneys
beowuuf: wb
TXC2: and we're back
LadyLockwood92: Oh hey, Fort Dwarfress.
matthaus_c: they're made of meat
TehAmelie: i refuse to believe vultures can digest rotten meat but dorfs can't
kaivex: They came with advice from a very successful fortress.
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CaptainChibale: just don't kill the named pets XD
EricTheOrange: I mean we live by the ocean, I feel like fishing is a good way to get food
CaptainChibale: I recall crates and barrels only being able to be made out of wood, has that changed?
an_asp: That's still the same, you need some things to be wood
noSmokeFire: bins can be made out of stone, but hauling a stone box around is slow. they added jugs that work like barrels, but iirc those are ceramic only. I think you can also make metal barrels
dumbo3k: @CaptainChibale I think there's an analog for barrels, called pots, made from clay, and possible stone?
TehAmelie: random question, can you build houses with multiple floors?
an_asp: Oh, wait, I didn't know those worked as replacements
nalha: where are the lava moats!?
noSmokeFire: beds might be the only thing that *has* to be wood
CaptainChibale: I can't recall if pots worked as barrel replacements but it has been a while
Sethalidos: do you remember our venerable fortress, opulent and imperial?
SocraticMethod: @TehAmelie Yes!
noSmokeFire: at one point it depended on the kind of pot and what you were storing. like, earthenware was good for food but not drinks, but if you added a coating you could make them watertight
nalha: Seaside, Florida
TehAmelie: good, cause i have a dream: Dwarf Tower
EricTheOrange: well now I want to make my fort one giant wizard tower.
an_asp: I love making dwarf towers
Sethalidos: remember Toady's goal is to make this a 1:1 dwarf life simulator
CaptainChibale: I can't wait til crimmas so I can play this XD
kaivex: Dwarves, like cats, are better at climbing up trees than back down them.
TehAmelie: of course, Annihilation teaches us a tower can go down as well
TXC2: also The Truman show was really good
noSmokeFire: @TehAmelie theoretically you can even cast towers out of obsidian, then carve a fortress out of that.
SocraticMethod: @TehAmelie I can't remember if you can designate multiple floors to a room/throne, but building up works about the same as down. Just have to make sure that there are no unconnected floors and walls
an_asp: I did a fort once where I just defined a cylinder, and the dwarves were only allowed to build in that cylinder up or down
glitched_goddess: Dwarfs will find a way to die in the most unlikely of circumstances, much like turkeys
CaptainChibale: I usually stick to one-story buildings because I get confused trying to build higher XD
an_asp: Sadly you don't get enough stones digging down to also build up, so you have to do some external quarrying
Thandres: lava river time!
grandchickenlord: Is adventure mode in the steam version yet? Some of the most fun I’ve had was going to a necromancer tower and taking the create undead spells.
EricTheOrange: DWARF PIRATES?!
an_asp: Give me a boat fortress
an_asp: Adventure mode is not finished yet, no
dumbo3k: Give me some stone boats!
nalha: !card dwarven sea clan
LRRbot: Dwarven Sea Clan [2R] | Creature — Dwarf [1/1] | {T}: Choose target attacking or blocking creature whose controller controls an Island. Dwarven Sea Clan deals 2 damage to that creature at end of combat. Activate only before the end of combat step.
glitched_goddess: Boatmurdered but literally
Manae: Imagine needing to make a harbor at least 3 Z-levels deep for boat trading
Alchemistmerlin: Underground dwarf water park
CaptainChibale: tower temple!
beowuuf: #notAnm
CaptainChibale: to the water gods
an_asp: Temple of Dagon
grandchickenlord: Honestly Scientology is mild compared to normal dwarf culture. Randomly locking people up and taking all their things is normal.
EricTheOrange: I mean this place is already haunted, so a cult fits right in.
ThorSokar: I have a feeling I missed a catastrophe
CaptainChibale: is there a graveyard
SocraticMethod: Herringbone Kappa
munocard: Can't place floors under things though unfortunately
noSmokeFire: we could do pixel art
MrVirite: How do we feel about the new labours screens? I like it but there seems to be a lot of dislike for it?
TXC2: ThorSokar game cashed, lost a bunch of work, so flooded with a lava, made new fort
an_asp: Some of the dwarves migrated to the new one, though! So we kept some kind of progress in a sense.
ThorSokar: aww, dang
munocard: Are we keeping an eye on our drink count?
kaivex: I think a lot of the dislike for new labour screen is that people got used to the old one. I definitely feel like I'm still learning the new one, even though I think it's easier - I just happen to already know the old hard one.
an_asp: We have a desalinization plant, so they won't die of thirst at least
munocard: We went from ~30 drink to none
CaptainChibale: I'll be honest, I did not expect DF to actually get released on Steam. I thought the store page was a joke. XD
CaptainChibale: @munocard they have clean water now
an_asp: I wish it was easier to search for dwarves with certain skills. Dwarf therapist is still helpful in this day and age.
grandchickenlord: Can’t you make booze by farming mushrooms? Every dwarf fortress tutorial tells me to do that as the first step
LordZarano: Swamp booze!
SocraticMethod: The office zone showed manager office overlapping with something else. Will that be an issue
SocraticMethod: ?
grandchickenlord: Oh you were cooking them?
CaptainChibale: Is it still difficult to get mud underground?
TehAmelie: making booze out of mushrooms sounds like something you'd need bath salts to come up with
Jogela: In some divine telling you will find a person making wine out of water, maybe a temple can summon thme
munocard: The thing I've been banging my head against. How do you get your dwarves to use bins? Seems like they just do when they feel like it?
TXC2: I feel like Mushrooms would be an anathema to yeast :p
GDwarble: In my experience they use bins automatically, so long as one is available
kaivex: Not all objects can go in a bin, too.
munocard: loose stone?
rustenskurk: I'm playing DF myself on the other screen. Have you seen the Use Closet Material setting for construction. Makes things a lot quicker for complicated builds like this
GDwarble: Loose stone stays loose
rustenskurk: Closest*
glitched_goddess: Wasn’t there a bin thing for logs?
GDwarble: I think logs stack but don't bin
kaivex: I like the wood-palette on the tower!
an_asp: @rustenskurk She wants specific colors, so it's not that easy, sadly
Astrovore: uh oh, this isn't skullmountain
Astrovore: what happened?
TXC2: Astrovore game crashed, so Cori decided it was time for lava, and then a new fort
GDwarble: @Astrovore Game crashed, didn't want to replay most of a year
Astrovore: aw, that sucks. This place looks very different
jessieimproved: Yeah I changed my save to once a season, it's annoying but necessary at the moment
SocraticMethod: Welcome to haunted beach
Volus_dude: for now this is de-coffinated base but soon caskets will flow as usual
TheAwkes: Building your temple in an oaken-floored tower... for your Dwarves to trance in?
brat_the_wurst: birchen block is very funny to me
kaivex: Blue like ocean!
Astrovore: are we not striking the earth?
munocard: I'm assuming that putting floor over a Z-level counts as "underground" for bed placement?
NapalmSideburns: dwarves living in wooden houses, what is this world coming to?
CaptainChibale: so long as there's a roof it counts as a bedroom
MrVirite: can we make a statue of anakin & Beeh?
MrVirite: Beej*
LadyLockwood92: lrrBEEJ
an_asp: I think beej isn't the carpenter, just the woodcutter. Said he didn't have any skill in it.
CaptainChibale: how big does the offering place need to be
Astrovore: I love how there are just logs everywhere
CaptainChibale: you could put statues in the corners and offering places along the walls between them
MrVirite: 20 is the first trigger
an_asp: Okay, so this is a haunted biome but not a reanimating biome
an_asp: That's... good?
kaivex: I like how we have our peaceful village dwarves just... ignoring the spooky and corpses. It's fine.
TehAmelie: imagine if everything that died came back as zombies AND ghosts
munocard: He walked off?
Astrovore: Is he OK?
Astrovore: oh
Astrovore: no
munocard: lol
munocard: he's just napping
TehAmelie: are we gonna have to invent OSHA?
MilkInBags: why is that dwarf sleeping in tomato sauce
DeM0nFiRe: F
TXC2: fell into lava, how James of him
NapalmSideburns: Ripperoni
munocard: more like "burn-y"
accountmadeforants: Bernie brought the fire with him
accountmadeforants: As a souvenir to remind him of home
EricTheOrange: did ya kill muh boy?
glitched_goddess: barb7
TehAmelie: he flew too close to the sun
CptMurphey: gee, why did I suddenly get an order for a coffin
munocard: Just sober dwarf things
Bugberry: As Gimli said about Aragorn "he fell"
TXC2: "BERNIE! and he fell into some lava in the west"
an_asp: Sounds like someone deconstructed the stairs under him
Invitare: It doesn't say *what* was caved in
MilkInBags: ghosts might have done this?
Nydestroyer: I had a dwarf chop down a tree and then the floor fell out from under them
Nydestroyer: and they dropped three floors into an underground farm
gamercat88: ghost pushed him def ghost
noSmokeFire: we WARNED him about stairs...
kaivex: Bold of you to think dwarves need reasons.
Darleysam: let's check the tapes
GDwarble: @an_asp Entirely possible
CptMurphey: lookin a bit moist
munocard: teensy bit damp underground
Nydestroyer: aquafresh
PixelArtDragon: What happens if you mix magma and water?
noSmokeFire: @PixelArtDragon steam or obsidian
CptMurphey: the first sacrifice to the skylord
TehAmelie: Bernie Memorial Shack
Bugberry: "bernie institute of construction"
munocard: Burial in lava though?
TXC2: is burnie's bones the relic we're consecrating this temple with?
munocard: That's how Burny would want to go out
TehAmelie: National Divinity Facility
TehAmelie: it's not uncommon to bury founders and sponsors and such inside churches. or it wasn't in the middle ages
munocard: Why not a triangle?
ShaneLeeAtk: All these squares make a circle... All these squares make a circle...
munocard: There's no "throw back" option?
Nydestroyer: I just turn all the turtle shells into figurines
noSmokeFire: cleaning > dissection. iirc dissection is to get extracts from a few very specific fish, cleaning = food
kaivex: Fishing is higher-pri than cleaning fish, sooo.
NapalmSideburns: Do I hear a Beej in the background?
NapalmSideburns: Or is Cori not in the office?
an_asp: Beej is in the fort!
TehAmelie: do cats steal fish?
TXC2: did we say Beej's name enough that we summoned him?
TheAwkes: You could address your symmetry problem by making the temple into 4 smaller temples with an altar to each of 4 chosen gods...
beowuuf: today is checkpoint recording day?
TXC2: Hello Beej
an_asp: Beej is a 56-year-old woman
beowuuf: lrrBEEJ
N2Osferatu: At least he didn't get himself off some stairs
margieargie: There was a dubstep noise and suddenly one of the dwarves was Beej, true story
LordZarano: Can you set defaults for things like "Don't cook plump helms" or "Clean your dang fish"?
noSmokeFire: r/MaleLivingSpaces
matthaus_c: beej is famously spartan
DeM0nFiRe: Well I mean it's a bedroom not a bed and other stuff room
TXC2: blue is sky
TXC2: Bye Beej
Bugberry: no promises
Rourke9: Yay alive Beej!
Pinwiz11: You two, chat, and the highlight reel
Bugberry: beej endgame 100%
glitched_goddess: Welcome to the highlight reel lol
GDwarble: "Lost"
munocard: "That guy" His name was Burny@!
Astrovore: he lost his footing
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LordZarano: How festive!
Nydestroyer: "Says here on the wiki temples need coffins"... "what do you mean it said coffers?"
incredulouspasserby: If you’re cold, they’re cold
incredulouspasserby: Let them in
munocard: Dance can be a form of poetry, right?
TehAmelie: we got like waist deep snow and record cold this week. i'm just happy the forecast says it will melt before christmas
NapalmSideburns: Then let his tongue dance!
an_asp: @LordZarano Yes, you can. The first one is easy to do, and fish default to being automatically cleaned, but if you want to make it happen more urgently you can tell a dwarf to do nothing but clean fish as their job
munocard: No rooms, but you do get Nikes!
matthaus_c: you'll sleep in the carcass of an RV and you'll like it!
noSmokeFire: fishing has a MASSIVE priority for some reason
munocard: He's gotta finish his action first, I think
awfulw0rldk1d: fishing is now illegal
Nydestroyer: Fishing is so powerful dwarves ignore burrows and also ignore all social obligations and happyness
noSmokeFire: worst. poet. ever
GhostValv: wowie
kaivex: He only wants to fish.
TehAmelie: do they need writing materials?
nalha: unemployed poet? too real
munocard: Don't expel dwarves, use them for science
Nydestroyer: Performers dont actually have more of a chance of performing LUL from its super weird. At least in taverns
Volus_dude: chaos has been happening, good stuff
TXC2: thanks for streaming Cori and Ben
beowuuf: thanks for streaming cori and ben!
Rourke9: Thanks for stream!!
munocard: Thanks Cori and Ben!
TehAmelie: byee
GhostValv: benginO7
ritchards: Bye!
munocard: boop
LurkerSpine: Cheer100 Thank for a magma filled day
munocard: Magma's a good spot for hydration
NapalmSideburns: in the 30's but some of them were missing?
Sarah_Serinde: 38 was the old save, I think when you left it was around 30? 33 but a couple died because dehydration
munocard: lobsters?
TehAmelie: melting in lava is sort of like dehydration
ritchards: Sure. one person is a cult
TXC2: usually cults end from drinking too much Kappa
munocard: Muffin's been weird lately
ritchards: !next
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TXC2: !events
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Didero: Thanks for the stream!
beowuuf: sergeHi byyyye
munocard: Dorfin around
matthaus_c: en-dorfin
TXC2: more endorfins
kaivex: Dwarven beach vacation.
jessieimproved: dorfs love wood huts
munocard: Cult Leader Beej rules
LordZarano: It's "atmospheric"!
matthaus_c: a big ol cup of beej's kool aid
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TXC2: The Mayor! Staring Brendan "Beej" Dery
dumbo3k: Cult leader, mayor, bookkeeper, manager, just all of them
TXC2: !patreon
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TXC2: Goodnight everybody