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Jondare: !nest
Jondare: !next
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LoadingReadyRun: Be online in a moment
Jondare: Awesome. Actually thought I'd missed the first hour, so was just a bit confused
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
Fruan: lrrSIG
kalamstrifevii: First!
Cunobelenos: Second!
Juliamon: no?
Fruan: nth~
Diabore: present!
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maywecomein: No work tomorrow means no more work today??? (sadly, no)
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thekingjohn89: vintage cube?
kalamstrifevii: I didk
Juliamon: destroy the concept of 'first'
NewtyNewts: lrrSIG
Juliamon: it doesn't work in a 24/7 chat
Cunobelenos: How are the other Midwestern folks doing with the snow tonight?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Gonna be a shorter LRRMTG this afternoon, but James is live and he's gonna do something cause that's actually his job! ||
MechaNoelle: deep down, we are all first
kalamstrifevii: oops, typo. I'm shaky tonight as I got sick.
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Juliamon: Get well soon!
lirazel64: Wheee!
kalamstrifevii: @juliamon Thanks! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone!
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KingOfDoma: Oh, hey, look, I am Fallout 4
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TheMerricat: Is this week just all James? :D
TheMerricat: I know the answer is no. :P
jessieimproved: Hey fam
Cunobelenos: All James all the time
Juliamon: as much James as physically possible
princess_intell: oh I'm just in time
MechaNoelle: New James +
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Wiliart: Mono colour snow outside?
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MrSarkhan: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Diabore: mono challenge day?
NotCainNorAbel: Santa!
Fruan: cube cube cube
DeM0nFiRe: Oh we're not playing more Winter Wonderland 13?
TheWriterAleph: what's goin o~on SingsNote
TheMerricat: I all Hear is James. And James sounds awesome.
Cunobelenos: Snowy!
NotCainNorAbel: I got home safe
bobokiddo: feeling cold
kalamstrifevii: You sound good! I'm sick but I'm Cubey all the way! deathuPrettyGood
YeetTheRich_: ice cuby then
Drathak: I am entering hibernation mode
jessieimproved: Feelin great, I *might* be giving my aged egg nog a taste test before Christmas
Riiiiiiis: Hi Santa James
El_Funko: project from the diaphram, i thought you had stage training
Fruan: I'm given to understand there is a lot of snow
princess_intell: there is 3ft of snow in Victoria last I heard
NotCainNorAbel: There is 1Meter of snow
warboss5: What's up everybody!
DeM0nFiRe: Wow there's a half mile of snow? Crazy
korvys: 2 feet, final offer
NewtyNewts: A whole foot!? Not just, like, a couple toes?
micalovits: I heard 3 meters of snow, right now from myself
Riiiiiiis: well somewhere there is probably 3 feet in a pile
TheWriterAleph: yay!
warboss5: James riding solo today?
KingOfDoma: A foot of snow in a city that's not equipped to handle it is still extremely rough
YeetTheRich_: 1 foot that's like 30 cm that's like 3 feet
princess_intell: windows: :-(
fjordsword: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to James and chat!
YeetTheRich_: aspirant is better i think
Diabore: luminarch is still good
kalamstrifevii: it's winter in Alberta right now, as a Canadian, you might have visited Alberta. It's like minus 30 Celsius. deathuHELP
princess_intell: elspeth is deece. luminarch wins games.
YeetTheRich_: this cube is fast
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Juliamon: I wouldn't go double pips for p1
Diabore: luminarch, as always, is kill on sight
WiJohn: You also have a decent chance of wheeling Elspeth funnily enough
Juliamon: unless you're SURE it's what you want
nuggetthehugget: elspeth is fun luminarch is better
Diabore: vanguard is agro
kalamstrifevii: I would say the Giant.
Alex_Frostfire: Not one, but two UR duals in this pack, huh.
Feriority: Is this arena cube?
princess_intell: vanguard looks good
princess_intell: yep
kalamstrifevii: it's a good save though!
WiJohn: Vanguard since you took aspirant for sure
Diabore: decidedly not aggro 7 drop
WiJohn: Splicer is good
code1300: That o crap button
warboss5: B Splicy?
Diabore: settle
WiJohn: take it
micalovits: Approach or coward
matthaus_c: is Settle aggro lrrBEEJ
EOstby: Do it.
chrono2x: Splicer or settle
345tom: approach is pretty funny is my argument
Al_Azil3: Settle is.. settle :D
megamaduo: no one plays around settle
warboss5: Garden IS a dual for you
Feriority: Settle is probably correct, but splicer is right
code1300: Binding removal
kalamstrifevii: Yeah it's good and I would pick Lyra.
matthaus_c: do you need red cards?
Diabore: we can just be mono white
WiJohn: Why do you need red?
micalovits: Patriars is busted
TheWriterAleph: already forcing your colors, might as well go nuts :)
chrono2x: lyra is great
warboss5: It is, but not Lyra fun
lochnessseammonster: fun is always the good choice PrideLaugh
samu_btdp1985: roll is better
YeetTheRich_: patriars humiliation is solit on the go wide plan
TheWriterAleph: can't argue with that logic
YeetTheRich_: solid
cmdrelk: nice hat, btw
WiJohn: White deck then red next
chrono2x: Cutting one of your two colors is still worth
matthaus_c: then why not K Command for the black on your headphone as well
345tom: lyra tbh
korvys: Humiliation seems useful
NewtyNewts: White Christmas
echochrisx: Gotta he Lyra
warboss5: Lyra without a single other Angel is STILL a bomb
Diabore: we can pick up red pack 3
Diabore: i like patriars here
NotCainNorAbel: Is that a GOOD idea? or just an idea?
kalamstrifevii: You could go Mono white Angle aggro.
matthaus_c: I'd go for the bomb angel
matthaus_c: oh boy Steel Seraph
chrono2x: swifty is great
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Drathak: Double beeg angel
warboss5: Hey look, an angel!
korvys: Steel Seraph
Al_Azil3: Seraph is pretty good
echochrisx: Seraph!
matthaus_c: Seraph is absolutely the best card in the pack
Diabore: angle 100%, angel is obscene
kalamstrifevii: Never mind, it's a SWIFTY!
code1300: Is seraph better
Joecool190: that angel is busted
Diabore: lyra buffs it
Feriority: If you can pick a giant robot you should pick the giant robot
kalamstrifevii: NOO SWIFTY!!!!!
warboss5: Brash!
Fruan: field of ruin
matthaus_c: Discover the Formula lrrBEEJ
Al_Azil3: Strangle is fine
korvys: Coldsteel Heart can be white
micalovits: Strangle is... Sorta playable
Diabore: strangle is passable
beneckja: strangle is ok
chrono2x: strangle is decent
WiJohn: Strangle's okay...
samu_btdp1985: strangle is good
code1300: Strangle
kalamstrifevii: I would say the Taunter.
Al_Azil3: Processor!
Diabore: invoke for signals
Al_Azil3: That's a FUN card :D
WiJohn: Invoke?
kalamstrifevii: Invoke!
345tom: i Know its cube and everythigns busted but im surprised jin is still in the deck
Diabore: uh oh
warboss5: Magma works well with angels
WiJohn: Makeshift is gross
Feriority: Magmaquake synergizes with angel tribal
NewtyNewts: Angels we have burned, on high.
micalovits: Castle is dece
warboss5: Pilgrim Eye?
chrono2x: eye flys
LadyMCHall: Morning James
Diabore: wow white is barren
Favre_the_Undead: crawling barrens?
warboss5: Crawling works in EVERY deck
Favre_the_Undead: for post board-wipe?
TeamDarkBeginning: Pivot to jeskai?
ThorSokar: HahaBall HahaBall HahaBall
WiJohn: Humiliation
Favre_the_Undead: yes
warboss5: Yes...?
micalovits: Humiliation is better
Diabore: better than double red
WiJohn: RR is rough
chrono2x: humiliation, yeah
warboss5: Dual land
El_Funko: Yeah but the other one looked like they had Fanta for blood which is cool
warboss5: You can add black to the deck to match your beard!
WiJohn: Maybe you end up in mardu or bw sacrifice
Juliamon: Poor Jin
Ristow: fable is so good
Feriority: We can splash Jin right? It's only UU
Favre_the_Undead: benalia I think?
chrono2x: Fable of the mirror breaker!
WiJohn: Blade historian is busted
TheWriterAleph: eyyyy-oh. sayin eyyyy-oh
code1300: Fabel
warboss5: Nah, take Blade, he just straight wins games
NewtyNewts: I dunno, how much white's been taken in the past few packs..
DrFromage: I went 7-1 on the back of blade historian
Ristow: fable might be like top 5 cards in the cube tbh
chrono2x: Fable with your splicer is spicy
Juliamon: Kitties!
WiJohn: Yeah
chrono2x: skysoverign is a beating
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warboss5: I'd say Devils, can't beat a Fireball
samu_btdp1985: I think I lucked into mono red
micalovits: Its play or bodyguard probably
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WiJohn: I love maul because I don't play it and it's a super funny target for Kolaghan's Command
TheMerricat: whelp the phone lines just went out taking out my internet here. the snowing part of the winter storm ended an hour or so ago but the winds are still strong. now we get to see if the power goes out soon too...
chrono2x: unholy heat?
code1300: Heat
rentar42: Boros-Gary, the best sealed deck evar!
code1300: We have artifact creature
micalovits: "playable"
Juliamon: Technically Playable
chrono2x: Lagomos?
matthaus_c: Initiate is pretty awesome
chrono2x: splash just a little
warboss5: I like Shatterskull here, myself
WiJohn: Maybe think about looking at blue? It seems super open and your red is so-so
NewtyNewts: You do have felidar for the counters?
micalovits: Shatterskull is quite good
345tom: i like shatterskull
DarknessKingCoH: Initiate + Felidar retreat!
WiJohn: Wait initiate
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WiJohn: oh well
Gekyouryuu: worst case, it's still a lnad
Gekyouryuu: land*
warboss5: Touch is removal
Juliamon: Initiate might wheel
Feriority: Touch can blink splicer too
NewtyNewts: I dunno, white was pretty drained first packs
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YeetTheRich_: we don't have the fixing for chainwhirler
warboss5: Grim is always good
matthaus_c: love the lavaman
beneckja: hearse is nice
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warboss5: Oh man, that's awesome
WiJohn: Ayyyy
YeetTheRich_: blade historian is cracked
WiJohn: I guess it's sky mall time
warboss5: Ranger gets Lavamancer
Diabore: land
Favre_the_Undead: march!
DarknessKingCoH: Monument?
Feriority: Foundry?
Diabore: wait, monument
warboss5: Oh wow, this pack is good for us
WiJohn: Ob bolt or foundry?
NewtyNewts: Oketra or the RW land?
micalovits: Uhhh, monument time!
chrono2x: I mean, foundry
Juliamon: Foundry?
WowoT: monument all the way
Favre_the_Undead: monument?
Gekyouryuu: foundry might wheel
warboss5: Yeah, grab the monument
Juliamon: FOR GLORY
YeetTheRich_: we're not exactly high on playable but i think we need the laand
WiJohn: Dragon says choo choo
chrono2x: portable hole would also be nice
micalovits: Hello amonkhet
Alex_Frostfire: We Amonkhet now!
Diabore: wedding
warboss5: Oh WOW, the packs are NUTZ
matthaus_c: Wedding Announcement fucks
Gekyouryuu: golem would've been cool with blade splicer
Diabore: snap wedding
warboss5: Thalia too
Diabore: i think i like clarion in our deck
WiJohn: Well, apparently we are now gaming
cleric_ofthe_true_god: go for it, take the goblin
matthaus_c: Usher, Clarion Spirit and Thalia though? boy what a tough pack
WiJohn: Gobo
Favre_the_Undead: clarion?
chrono2x: siege gang is great, I think it is a good choice
Feriority: I think we have too many spells for Thalia?
Diabore: imo we have too many non creature for thalia
warboss5: I feel like this deck isn't good for it
Favre_the_Undead: you have so many low-drops
ThorSokar: that seems pretty good
Gekyouryuu: usher?
LadyMCHall: sergeLurk
matthaus_c: lmao
NewtyNewts: Useless!
chrono2x: Landing
Diabore: why arena??
TimeToFry: NotLikeThis
Favre_the_Undead: legion's/
WiJohn: Legion's landing?
Gekyouryuu: landing?
warboss5: What does landing do?
YeetTheRich_: yesss
Feriority: Mana tithe OP
micalovits: Do it
Juliamon: ooooooo
Alex_Frostfire: It flips into a land that makes dudes, iirc.
Diabore: intervention
Gekyouryuu: eiganjo?
matthaus_c: love the Ganjo
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: you have to its the law
beneckja: eiganjo
Favre_the_Undead: mana tithe for the win
warboss5: Mana Tithe trolling is good trolling
WiJohn: Mana tithe for the memes or Eiganjo
chrono2x: Intervention, I think
NewtyNewts: Looks like white's back on the menu, boys!
Juliamon: when the pack gives you Tithe
beneckja: you seem to jave enough playables
Joecool190: young pyro is quite good
warboss5: And you do need more 2 drops
micalovits: Dont think we have enough things for pyro do we?
WiJohn: Do you have the non-creatures for peezy?
Diabore: sundown imo
Favre_the_Undead: post?
chrono2x: Stance or pass
WiJohn: Double vision
warboss5: Sundown
Diabore: sundown doesnt ping us
micalovits: 6 instant + sorcery is decent, fair enough
matthaus_c: oh boy, pvddr
Diabore: ooh spellbinder
warboss5: Elite, definitely
WiJohn: PVDDR!
NewtyNewts: That's a fancy counterspell
Joecool190: oh hai PV
warboss5: Mana look GOOD
beneckja: march?
Sogheim: neat hat
chrono2x: Portable hole is great
WiJohn: Ophiomancer is nuts by the by, can't play it in this deck but it is silly
warboss5: Birth isn't terrible...?
Diabore: anything, we wont play it
matthaus_c: never didn't pick Spirit
ThorSokar: Seems good
345tom: no you passed castle
chrono2x: You took pilgrim's eye over castle
micalovits: Think we picked something else? Can't remember what
matthaus_c: did we see a castle?
Feriority: Irencrag does kinda work with Devil's Play/Shatterskull/Magmaquake
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WiJohn: You can definitely cut a land since you have shatterskull
Diabore: guess we didnt take it
Favre_the_Undead: barrens in mainboard?
beneckja: yes
WiJohn: Yes on the triome I'd say
QuixoticScrivener: yes
chrono2x: Triome is a dual land for you, yep
RemoraVox: mountain plains swamp plains swamp plains swamp
WiJohn: Cut a mountain
Diabore: we can probably get away with 16 land
cleric_ofthe_true_god: portable hole
echochrisx: You can cut a mountain here
WiJohn: since we have the MDFC
micalovits: Portable hole is bad
Favre_the_Undead: hole
Feriority: I think you can cut a land because of shatterskull
warboss5: Always a good position to be in
beneckja: pilgrims eye
warboss5: I think the Eye can be cut
WiJohn: eye?
korvys: !holes
LRRbot: Did somebody mention classic young-adult action-adventure movie Holes??
echochrisx: Pilgrims eye
micalovits: Magmaquake or eye I guess
warboss5: We've got plenty of fixing now
Feriority: Deck's perfect
Diabore: deck looks pog
YeetTheRich_: magmaquake
cleric_ofthe_true_god: NICE
Al_Azil3: Ship it
WiJohn: think about Heliod
EvilBadman: looks good honestly
beneckja: looks great
korvys: Magmaquake seems... meh?
micalovits: I would play heliod over magmaquake
Diabore: thought about it, didnt like the thought
345tom: I think you could drrop a plains and add heliod buts greedy
WiJohn: I'd play it over magma or the maul
echochrisx: Heliod instead of magmaquake
korvys: ew
TimeToFry: Doesn't Magmaquake hurt us
warboss5: Unholy heat might be a little difficult to turn on
chrono2x: looks good
WiJohn: Looks amazing
micalovits: Now, play 41 with approach
WiJohn: @micalovits The tech!
Sogheim: Heliod keeps you in the game, yeah
EvilBadman: @warboss5 Good thing it still works as a shock
echochrisx: Even invoke is pretty good, the counters on a flyer is quite the clock
Diabore: @warboss5 its still a shock, so not the worst thing
micalovits: They will never see it coming
Feriority: Seems good
WiJohn: It's a hand!
warboss5: @warboss5 True, but I'd rather have the Magma Quake myself
Diabore: #winning
WiJohn: Immediately strangle your own token to show dominance
Diabore: 0.o
WiJohn: Well, that's a hand
Diabore: settle?
warboss5: Settle?
EvilBadman: Settle is next turn
WiJohn: Settle for sure
chrono2x: settle, probably
WiJohn: race time!
micalovits: Settle I guess? Try kill them before t6
Diabore: no blue
YeetTheRich_: take the settle and go fast
NewtyNewts: Settle now costs 6
WiJohn: That's an MDFC so they have their blue sorce
Diabore: tapped blue thoug
warboss5: Kill Sorin with attacks
NewtyNewts: Sorin gets strangled?
chrono2x: strangle it and swing?
micalovits: Id just go face tbh, need to race
Diabore: peezy and strangle to kill sorin, face for 4
TimeToFry: How do you choke out a vampire?
beneckja: strangle sorin for the token
echochrisx: Naa kill sorin before lifelinkeres
micalovits: Strangle and pyro is also good
WiJohn: Looks good
warboss5: That works
345tom: I think Id strangle because you can see your nto using it on anything better
korvys: And flip the Landing
Diabore: that also turns on glorybringer guaranteed
lirazel64: Soren, shut the [REDACTED] up!
WiJohn: You can make a token
matthaus_c: and we can activate adanto, we gucci
warboss5: Oh ouch
Diabore: go for the flag?
WiJohn: Noo the token!
warboss5: Lethal on board
chrono2x: nice
cleric_ofthe_true_god: Noice
pn55: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
EvilBadman: beepbeep
beneckja: beep beep
matthaus_c: they cast An Spell
ThorSokar: Deck's Perfect
Feriority: RIP OP
warboss5: Got DAMN
Joecool190: did you have fun James?
electra310: Choo choo, perfect deck
Diabore: we did ave fun, thanks arena
WiJohn: Can only durdle so much this cube
warboss5: I feel like your opponent would answer differently, lol
QuixoticScrivener: They haven't asked me that question in over a year.
cleric_ofthe_true_god: wow, we found the allen key
Feriority: I think OP had a pretty sketchy keep, lots of expensive cards and couldn't cast their cheap one
ThorSokar: I DID have fun dumpstering my opponent, TY for asking!
Diabore: @Feriority they had settle on 4, we just took it from them
warboss5: !card adanto vanguard
LRRbot: Adanto Vanguard [1W] | Creature — Vampire Soldier [1/1] | As long as Adanto Vanguard is attacking, it gets +2/+0. / Pay 4 life: Adanto Vanguard gains indestructible until end of turn.
kaziel0: Not much, but after a bit off of Magic Arena, hit Platinum in constructed. Wheeeee!
Joecool190: its come back with a vengeance this week i found
korvys: I got it the other day as well
electra310: They just assume you're having fun
korvys: Guess they're doing a round of feedback or whatever
Diabore: quarterly requirement?
warboss5: Yeah, I've been seeing it a lot lately too. Prolly trying to pump up their year-end numbers, lol
Joecool190: i have gotten it at least a dozen times this week, maybe more
WiJohn: Is that young peezy's music?!
345tom: I would bet its to do with being a certain amount of time from a set release
Diabore: this is fine
345tom: So they can see how people are liking the format after it has settled for like a month and they know if they might want to change something
warboss5: Ow
RemoraVox: a new deck archetype: fun
Diabore: now 6 them
NewtyNewts: Whoops
Juliamon: They probably expect more people online for the hols so it's a good opportunity to collect data
WiJohn: So next round they take 6 then dead?
warboss5: Oh yeah, with touch, there's little they can do
Diabore: we win
warboss5: GG
WiJohn: Well, they're dead
Joecool190: do they die?
matthaus_c: O-Ring ftw
Diabore: touch exiles, 10 on damage
warboss5: Don't over think it
chrono2x: Yeah, touch as an o-ring
warboss5: NO
Joecool190: no
WiJohn: Yep
beneckja: no
micalovits: Nope
matthaus_c: no, the Channel is a blink
brainbosh: Not flash
Grimnus: Its an O ring
beneckja: draw
warboss5: Enchantment mode is an ORing, discarding is NOT
TheOneCalledStu: dont channel
Joecool190: its a ficker if you channel
beneckja: it has not flash
Grimnus: Either works
warboss5: Ohhh, okay
samu_btdp1985: no
Favre_the_Undead: end step
Joecool190: you only lose life
EvilBadman: why not exile it forever
matthaus_c: yeah sure doesn't matter
kaziel0: Oh no, James will be at 18 life instead of 20.
bartimus_thundercask: you only have 8 damage
Diabore: @bartimus_thundercask sure looks 10 to me
Fruan: Deck seems good
pn55: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
WiJohn: Yeah it wuold have
Grimnus: Yes either wouldve won
micalovits: Would still have worked yes
Rootpotato: yes
WowoT: yes it would have
Rootpotato: james is right
Alex_Frostfire: Yep, seems fine.
warboss5: Actually, come to think of it, using the discard would have worked AND is plays around Pact of Negation
ThorSokar: yes
YeetTheRich_: sure mister fancy line pants
Finalsora811: !chat
LRRbot: Chat? Engaging in mimicry?
RemoraVox: i wish i was even half as good as this
beneckja: yes, you are right
micalovits: Just gone more wrong if there is any weird free spells
Diabore: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
matthaus_c: @warboss5 if they played Pact of Negation we still just win benginLul
cleric_ofthe_true_god: WOW,
Alex_Frostfire: I don't think we needed to worry about Pact of Negation.
WiJohn: Quiet robot, we're great!
QuixoticScrivener: James wanted the flawless victory.
Feriority: It would have styled on them harder
cleric_ofthe_true_god: 2 in a row, good deal
warboss5: @warboss5 Its more of a conceptual Pact, lol
samu_btdp1985: yes but it wasn't relevant thankfully
Grimnus: Harness your curse
WiJohn: Yep
warboss5: Oh yeah
warboss5: Let the growth begin
Joecool190: i think so
electra310: Luminarch Aspirant is great
Diabore: either that or vanguard
micalovits: UG don't have much removal
warboss5: They have the counter or they don't, such is life
Diabore: pray for a land and monument
NewtyNewts: Big oof
WiJohn: Hey look a dumb bird!
Feriority: "conjure the power nine" what
TheWriterAleph: cacaw
Alex_Frostfire: They shuffled five lands into their deck, oh no.
tehfewl: Alchemy cards 🤮
warboss5: Yeah, Lumie again
beneckja: @Alex_Frostfire and a recall, and a time walk
WiJohn: I'm pretty sure this cube would be better if they did nothing except remove the Alchemy
Diabore: @Alex_Frostfire and 3 lands in a trench coat
RemoraVox: black ops lotus
micalovits: Rude
warboss5: They REALLY don't want you having Lumie in play
micalovits: Lul
Diabore: op having a good time
Al_Azil3: That's cute
warboss5: MORE MANA!
KingOfDoma: rude
korvys: I'm pretty sure Arena would be better if they did nothing by remove the alchemy, to be fair
TheWriterAleph: welp.
LordDestont: Kenji loves Oracle
Feriority: Power 9 tribal
micalovits: Next turn seems fun
Juliamon: I'm sure there are people out there who enjoy alchemy.
AugmentingPath: don't worry, you'll get them on deck check for having two lotuses. It's restricted, after all
micalovits: Next isn't fun anymore
ThorSokar: wtf
Joecool190: I legit like alchemy in historic
warboss5: This is some trolly nonsense right here
Favre_the_Undead: triple spell?
warboss5: Spirit + Announcement?
WiJohn: Sure
Feriority: I like that
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Diabore: clarion into wedding i think
WiJohn: Spirit announcement is good too
korvys: Clarion spirit + wedding?
warboss5: Maul next turn will stop their flyers
Diabore: eh, not the worst, sucks but still fine
cmdrelk: lrrAWW
Joecool190: they only have one card left
warboss5: Seems fair
WiJohn: Seems good
Joecool190: i like that
Diabore: i think blockingi s fine
micalovits: Maul on the vigilance token next turn seems good
WiJohn: Vanguard maul next turn should stop 'em
warboss5: Lumie + Maul?
Diabore: lumie maul feels good
kaziel0: Lumie > Maul
matthaus_c: you put Maul on the Vigilance thing
Diabore: no on the vigilant
beneckja: no on the token
WiJohn: Sure then the token on the spirit and you have two good blocks
Joecool190: i think on a token
kaziel0: Put it on one of hte soldiers
micalovits: Maul on the token that can attack probably
Alex_Frostfire: If you stick it on the vigilance token you can get in for 3.
warboss5: Yeah, put it on the token
El_Funko: on the flyer surely?
matthaus_c: the one that can attack
WiJohn: Oh that's better
Joecool190: thats the sick one
micalovits: Wrong token, but fair
Diabore: the one that.. can...attack...
Diabore: still get 1 in
warboss5: Oh well, swing for 3 at least
graal_smith: That's not true, you love strimming
TheWriterAleph: :)
micalovits: Still have a good next turn
korvys: Well, you can't block
warboss5: Yeah, just 1 for now
kaziel0: Better safe if they have flash
WiJohn: Sure just send the token
warboss5: Cause you know they've got SOMETHING
Diabore: 0.oi
TheWriterAleph: huzzah
Joecool190: good target
WiJohn: Spirit realm touchin' that
graal_smith: I touchie da wurmcoil
matthaus_c: got a silver bullet with that wurmcoil's name on it
Feriority: Send that straight to the shadow realm
micalovits: Straight to exile you go!
warboss5: Block both I'm thinking
Drathak: did wurmcoil just moo
Diabore: om nom nom
kaziel0: Oh boy. Lucky Coil
kaziel0: Err enchant
warboss5: Kill the real Oracle first
RemoraVox: i senda tha wurmcoil to a-space!! oh!
micalovits: Do we have lethal with channel?
warboss5: Om nom nom
brainbosh: Is wurmcoil leave the battlefield or die?
Diabore: i think historian was lethal actually
warboss5: Spirit?
micalovits: Still looking good
matthaus_c: yeah, Historian + Channel was just lethal
warboss5: Eh, Math is for Blockers
korvys: Oh, the channel, yeah
Diabore: still golden but yeah
Drathak: woulda been 18
AugmentingPath: y'know, unless they go runner runner ancestrals
Alex_Frostfire: I wonder how many moxes they scried to bottom.
warboss5: Okay... lol
Diabore: @Drathak we just hit for 10, it would have been 20
warboss5: Moxen for days
WiJohn: Powerful card, not the time
micalovits: Just no board wipe please!
warboss5: He's desperate
EvilBadman: they digging
korvys: They need to redraw timewalk
Diabore: @warboss5 they
TheWriterAleph: diggy diggy dwarf
Juliamon: !they
LRRbot: Reminder! Your opponent may not be a "he" so try to use "they" or "opp" instead!
AugmentingPath: man, love that mox thump sound. Feels a little disproportionate
warboss5: @warboss5 Yes, sorry, I always forget
Feriority: The power 27
WiJohn: If you Heliod and give everything life link do you just win?
Spades_Slicc: What is james playing?
Joecool190: so they lose now right
Drathak: I'll admit they're dedicated
electra310: That was a lot of sound and fury
QuixoticScrivener: and not in the good way
squ3e: Theyre playing with powoer
kaziel0: @Spades_Slicc Boros Aggro
Drathak: to playing powerful cards
Spades_Slicc: @kaziel0 format?
micalovits: Lotus->recal time
matthaus_c: what's the worst that could happen
Feriority: @Spades_Slicc Santa Hat aggro
Alex_Frostfire: Odd choice.
samu_btdp1985: we still win right
warboss5: I think they're just having fun at this point
DrFromage: Do they have anything to do with all the mana?
matthaus_c: @Spades_Slicc cube
Bugberry: wheel spinning
kaziel0: Whew
Diabore: thats it
Joecool190: o7 opponent
TheWriterAleph: omg opp stop
Brianlive: The Power 9*4
Diabore: gg
Kumakaori: tap tap tap tap tap tap concede
AugmentingPath: These power cards seem bad. Probably safe to unban in legacy
TheWriterAleph: doogCLAPPING
WiJohn: Man that concede took way too many clicks
serramarkov: Yay!
KingOfDoma: Hang on, I had to step away to do work... did we claw back from the brink on that one????
Al_Azil3: They need so much card draw for 3xP9 do be good
Alex_Frostfire: Hey, at least OP is having fun.
electra310: Tap-tap-tap-tap-taptaptaptaptap-Concede
Diabore: i dont fault op for wanting to play with fun cards there
Drathak: they just needed to draw one recall
matthaus_c: they need Paradox Engine for Oracle of the Alpha to be good benginLul
Wassermannen: I just lost a cube game after activating the meld ability on an Urza that I had brought back with God-Pharaoh’s Gift which exiled both cards and gave me nothing lrrAWW
WiJohn: The only time I've seen oracle of the alpha work they had dsiplacer kitten and mighstone/weakstone out so every mox had a draw two attached
Bugberry: could be worse
earlgrey82: nicely done. a lot of people would have conceded on the second power nine.
micalovits: A bit to slow?
micalovits: Or just draw well
Diabore: might be a mull tbh
WiJohn: Mull I think
electra310: What's the worst that could happen?
Gekyouryuu: cursed to never draw land with this hand
Diabore: as pv says, people dont mull enough
micalovits: Keep you like a greedy goblin
matthaus_c: what if we draw 1 drop 2 drop land lrrBEEJ
brainbosh: If you miss the land draw you have nothing
warboss5: Oh yeah, ship that
echochrisx: Risk it for the boys
Alex_Frostfire: You're going second, too.
WiJohn: Much better
warboss5: Much better
ThorSokar: better
micalovits: Seems good
Juliamon: We have a start here
warboss5: First turn Shatterskull tapped?
Diabore: yeah
micalovits: Yea
El_Funko: as first yeah
warboss5: So say we all
Diabore: youre the driver, we're just loud
matthaus_c: I think you should Pay the 3, for dominance lrrBEEJ
El_Funko: he doesn't even have a hat
Al_Azil3: The Kaldheim music is so nice
warboss5: Vanguard first... I think
WiJohn: Vanguard for sure
matthaus_c: Vanguard so we can block and take 4 from their 2/2 :p
warboss5: And it keeps spirt safe until you can trigger it
WiJohn: It's more durable and you can't double spell for the spirit for a bit
Diabore: plains actually good, turns on historian
warboss5: Since the Monkeybot buffed the prince, can we call him King Louie now?
Alex_Frostfire: Could have blocked and paid 4 life to give it indestructible ;)
Diabore: i like fable here
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream. Good night all.
warboss5: Yeah, block might be good here
warboss5: Plus, treasure from the goblin helps to trigger Spirit
Diabore: youd take 8, they can likely unearth
warboss5: Oh dear
matthaus_c: oof
Drathak: CoolCat
matthaus_c: show me something good, Kiki
warboss5: Just the barrens, I think
micalovits: Discard barrens I guess?
WiJohn: Pitch barrens and lava?
Diabore: grim barrens?
warboss5: Grim triggers the spirit
micalovits: Lava man block atleast
WiJohn: Definitely barren, maybe grim
Diabore: grim isnt an answer and we need answers unfortunately
micalovits: Thats bad
WiJohn: That might be it
Diabore: ouchie
warboss5: Yeah, this is... not great
matthaus_c: if we untap with Kiki we get to give two instances of double strike lrrBEEJ
warboss5: I feel like there wasn't much our deck could do to get out of this spot
WiJohn: They want the counter on the chariot
Joecool190: they want it on the cart
Diabore: they want vigilant cat car
warboss5: Well, except Magmaquake, were it still in the deck, lol
matthaus_c: Magmaquake would do great against that 5/5 we're sitting across, wouldn't it :p
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Epic is looking fine.. or rather they are being Fined. Time for CheckPoint! | ||
micalovits: Magmaquake would kill us right now sadly
Diabore: not lookin good boss
Diabore: !card magmaquake
LRRbot: Magmaquake [XRR] | Instant | Magmaquake deals X damage to each creature without flying and each planeswalker.
matthaus_c: @micalovits I think you're confusing it for another card
Diabore: doesnt hit players
micalovits: OH right, not players
WiJohn: Just don't kill the monkey :)
Joecool190: and instant
WiJohn: Prince would have eaten it
matthaus_c: keruga, jamaica
matthaus_c: @WiJohn double strike
matthaus_c: wait we lost historian
matthaus_c: nvm me
Diabore: didnt crew first
Diabore: interesting
Diabore: also, i think we needed to kill monkey in response to retreat trigger
WiJohn: I feel like you need to keep kiki and the spirit to get some kind of engine going
Diabore: wy 2 on the 6/6?
matthaus_c: Unholy Heat
WiJohn: But I think you die then to hope we draw a board wipe?
tehfewl: pick car, send a message
Feriority: Blink the chariot, more kitties
matthaus_c: yeah the charitable christmas play would have been to blink the cat car :p
tehfewl: some times you ranch, some times you get ranched
WiJohn: Well, that needs to die
micalovits: Id just play monument?
WiJohn: Can probably wait a turn
ChrisPjuegos: or fable
micalovits: Strangle is such a bad use of mana I think
matthaus_c: oof
Drathak: rip spirit
matthaus_c: there goes our spirit
WiJohn: Bye spirit!
WarKr0: chandra, the incredibly modest pyromancer
micalovits: Rude
WiJohn: Still probably the right play
matthaus_c: unfortunate peezy
WiJohn: Chandra maybe?
WiJohn: She has a board whipe
WarKr0: i like chandra
WarKr0: we can keep them off it for a while
WarKr0: it also just wins the game on its own probably
tehfewl: awful lot of red spells for 2 swamps in play
Brianlive: I love Shivan Devastator in my Halana & Elena deck
korvys: !card unholy heat
LRRbot: Unholy Heat [R] | Instant | Unholy Heat deals 2 damage to target creature or planeswalker. / Delirium — Unholy Heat deals 6 damage instead if there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard.
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Gekyouryuu: I won the game day promo Shivan Devastator from my LGS a few weeks ago
Gekyouryuu: looks amazing
kaziel0: Hangie-B!
WarKr0: you cant kill chandra post heat
korvys: Walker makes fliers, you can just heat chandra
WiJohn: Heating walker gives them blockers
kaziel0: Young Peezie?
tehfewl: they get blockers if you heat the walker
jessicatheblack: James... thats a very fetching hat .... im surprised it doesnt stand on end >.>
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tehfewl: just heat chandra
korvys: You can heat Chandra
WiJohn: Sure
micalovits: I like pyro+heliod over killing chandra
WarKr0: hitting her means she cant downtick
WiJohn: seems correct?
warboss5: Pyro and Heliod?
matthaus_c: do we care enough about the elementals to spend Hea?
matthaus_c: *heat
Cetaceni: why didnt you heat the walker and kill chandra with your 2 creatures
serramarkov: Hey, Chandra, snitches get stitches.
micalovits: Walkers makes thopters when it dies
matthaus_c: @Cetaceni read hangarback walker
Cetaceni: ahhh
WiJohn: Lifelink!
WiJohn: Fable I guess?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i can't fault anyone for not remembering walker. really cool card but yeah
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micalovits: Fable, give a 1/1 lifelink so we can put a counter on spellbinder?
korvys: If you lifelink a soldier, and attack, you can put the +1 on the flier to block?
WiJohn: Walker is one of my all-time favorite designs
SydPreviouslyHeadache: in the right decks, it and walking ballista are absurd cards
WiJohn: Ewww...
warboss5: So many Durgans!
WiJohn: Pitch both and hope?
warboss5: Pitch both I think
matthaus_c: peezy isn't getting us outta this
warboss5: Come on, lets see that time out, lol
Verrain2: I don't think dragons should be vampires. Unfair.
matthaus_c: sometimes you forget that a card just holds priority forever
korvys: Cursed
warboss5: PERFECT!
WiJohn: Okay that was funny though
cleric_ofthe_true_god: oh wow
matthaus_c: ohhhh boy
kaziel0: 1 oofa and 1 doofa please.
warboss5: You can start grinding up Barrens
WiJohn: Oh he's gonna do it
matthaus_c: ain't gonna work unfortunately
WiJohn: Yeah he did it
warboss5: Oh no!
Diabore: !they
LRRbot: Reminder! Your opponent may not be a "he" so try to use "they" or "opp" instead!
micalovits: Why is it so loud o.o
matthaus_c: do you not enjoy the sounds of SHINE
matthaus_c: if only Glorybanger was a 20/20
warboss5: Glory with enough to give it lifelink
micalovits: That... Might keep us alive? Kills shavan and gains 8 right?
WiJohn: Are they mono-red splash dimir for thief?
Eywind: non-dragon unfortunately
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matthaus_c: @micalovits Glorybanger doesn't bang other Dragons
micalovits: Kills thief then
Feriority: You can still gain 8
warboss5: Swing in, kill thief
Diabore: so kill thief gain 8?
Diabore: er, 9
MrPipboy3000: Lifelink it for double gains
EOstby: Give lifelink before letting the trigger resolve.
Favre_the_Undead: lifelink?
warboss5: Tokens could go too
matthaus_c: remember to hold priority to give lifelink
micalovits: F
Diabore: chance to respond, thanks op
warboss5: Will still get 4 from hitting op
Diabore: still dead but still
matthaus_c: unfortunately we're staring at 11 in the air
micalovits: Also forgot the sack sadly
warboss5: Ah well, it was a good run
WiJohn: I guess we needed to send treasure gobo too
Diabore: @WiJohn couldnt lifelink both, and if we could theyd have just sacced the blocker
Diabore: they showed tey knew the interaction
wooda77: Good Game
WiJohn: Lyra and a land?
micalovits: Land+lyra?
Diabore: peezy fable, we can t4 lyra
micalovits: Thats also an option
WiJohn: @Diabore that makes sense
Diabore: booo removal
NewtyNewts: yuk
adambomb625: RUDE
warboss5: Goal for the reset of the draft: Bring both the Dawn and the Glory at the same time
adambomb625: More RUDE
1y1e: cool amin.... oh
pn55: jraskoRude
Diabore: strangle in for 3?
MrPipboy3000: 2 for 1 the dragon?
Diabore: no double red
MrPipboy3000: wait, only one red source
Diabore: still cant kill dragon LUL
NewtyNewts: Dangit Thalia!
WiJohn: Oh Thalia
iarethel0ser: We kill dragon, they just get our angel.
NewtyNewts: Attack and offer the trades?
Diabore: first strike
jessicatheblack: @NewtyNewts first strike
NewtyNewts: Dang.
WiJohn: Just pass I guess
micalovits: Just draw another land next turn to kill the dragon!
Diabore: feels like game
warboss5: Yeah, not a great set of options at the moment
WiJohn: Nope
warboss5: Pain
NewtyNewts: oof.
micalovits: Rude
WiJohn: Wait I have a okan!
WiJohn: plan even!
WiJohn: Devil's play yourself for four!
SK__Ren: Go out with Style
warboss5: YES
WiJohn: That'll learn 'em!
pn55: HypeLUL seabatClap
ThorSokar: going out on your own terms I guess
Verrain2: Can't fire me I quit!
warboss5: Damn, it was going so well at first
WiJohn: You get the full draft experience!
NewtyNewts: One more!
WiJohn: Force it!
warboss5: Red/Green for the season?
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
warboss5: You went Red/White for a HAT, lol
NewtyNewts: How about Blue/Black for the wrapping paper?
WiJohn: Naya for the season?
ThorSokar: Red Green is keep your stick on the ice
Wiliart: Black for the beard, blue for the chair?
sporkraptor: blue/white for the weather
NewtyNewts: Ooh, go for Gold!
warboss5: Okay, yeah, monored seems good with only 35 minutes
TheWriterAleph: rockyyyy
warboss5: KillerRocky
1y1e: there's always one
jessicatheblack: uuhhhhh
WiJohn: Roil!
warboss5: Makeshit?
WiJohn: Go go go!
WiJohn: All red all the time!
Phoerow: but defiler of valer
warboss5: All spells must go FACE
NewtyNewts: No more White Christmas, now we are Jolly Red Man
WiJohn: Makeshift is better if we end up in sac for sure
jessicatheblack: ok... hear me out... Meathook Massicure is secretly a red card >.>
WiJohn: Kumano!
micalovits: That goes face
NewtyNewts: It's even got face in the name
WiJohn: Swifty!
ThorSokar: are we allowed to take artifacts?
warboss5: SWIFTY
SK__Ren: Swiftspear
pn55: I respect this commitment.
ace_elmandu: tyrant
Syphilicious: spear for sure
wooda77: embercleave is allowable
micalovits: Taylor is pretty dece
ace_elmandu: :(
WiJohn: We aren't here to not take one drops with haste
WiJohn: Boney!
Diabore: boney?
warboss5: Embercleave is a red card that just HAPPENS to be an artifact, not the other way around
ace_elmandu: giant
jessicatheblack: devils play
SK__Ren: Giant for sure
micalovits: Darcy or stompy?
jessicatheblack: is good
WiJohn: BCG is amazing!
lochnessseammonster: this is why i love watching you draft, james PrideLaugh
WiJohn: It goes face twice!
ChrisPjuegos: st4rike
warboss5: @WiJohn That's VALUE right there
NewtyNewts: Boots look red
jessicatheblack: @NewtyNewts thats what I'm saying!
Diabore: ooh lorehold
warboss5: Lorehold is PART red
WiJohn: Missionary
NewtyNewts: Mind Stone deeznuts/
jessicatheblack: James... i think youre obligated to take the dual land
SK__Ren: Pathway?
warboss5: Lorehold is very on brand, for red
WiJohn: Just in case we need a second color
Diabore: run back RW with a red base
WiJohn: Red one drop let's go!!!
Finalsora811: See, this is why I love watching LRR, and especially you, James, draft magic. Stipulation drafts are fun and goofy.
jessicatheblack: look... i dont make the rules >.>
micalovits: Face spell!
TheWriterAleph: we still get to learn!
NewtyNewts: Oh no, he's unsupervised!
jessicatheblack: "supervision"?
Verrain2: You are the comedy third option of MMTG.
WiJohn: Fortunately we have the steady hand of twitch chat on the tiller
warboss5: There's going to be basically NOTHING in the rest of these packs, lol
NewtyNewts: @WiJohn Left left left left horn
SK__Ren: Spheda champ!
Diabore: spheda spheda spheda
ThorSokar: the game or specifically spleef (the gold sub-game)?
warboss5: Did anyone get a chance to watch Choo Choo Charles on Let's Nope? How was it?
WiJohn: @warboss5 Solid let's nope
Drathak: it was good, cheesy and fun
Diabore: the boys seemed to like it
Juliamon: warboss5 It was exactly what everyone expected from it
Juliamon: and a delight
Juliamon: Yes
warboss5: Good to hear, going to play it tonight ^.^
ThorSokar: ya
WiJohn: Guardian idle can technically go face
Drathak: Yep 1 stream game, short and sweet
warboss5: Oh wow, much be very short
El_Funko: Tarkov
El_Funko: that's what Ben and Adam are playing next
WiJohn: Fury!
NewtyNewts: Red boots
sporkraptor: tarrrrkooooof
warboss5: Lorehold came back!
WiJohn: Ah man, MDFCs are how we cut down to 14 lands...
Feriority: If you put swift boots on swiftspear she's twice as swift
ThorSokar: choochoo charles met a very gruesome and unfortunate end
WiJohn: Fight
warboss5: Yeah, this is getting painful
Sethalidos: thought they were playing Calisto Protocol
NewtyNewts: You're looking at non-red again!
WiJohn: It has the word fight in it
micalovits: Cool cards like fight with fire
MrSarkhan: seabatClap seabatClap
Juliamon: Deck now unbeatable
MrSarkhan: Got there
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap
micalovits: Also, the boot is on fire
warboss5: Gobo
WiJohn: Also there's fire on the feet which makes it red!
gizmofreak1: Take lili
warboss5: Loot away all that land we won't need
NewtyNewts: Shone feet
micalovits: DRC & EI, thats almost legacy delver
kaziel0: Obvious pick was Portal to Phyrexia. Kappa
lochnessseammonster: haste is very in flavour for red
jacqui_lantern234: hey nerds! reminder that yall are loved AGGRESSIVELY!!!!!!!!! <3
WiJohn: Birb!
jessicatheblack: chick
WiJohn: Birb is a one drop with haste
kaziel0: Saga
warboss5: Chick feels better with our deck
WiJohn: must go face!
Feriority: @jacqui_lantern234 no u
warboss5: More Phoeni!
WiJohn: More face birbs!
NewtyNewts: It's red and burnt-red
Juliamon: Grownup bird
jacqui_lantern234: @Feriority NO U MORE
Spades_Slicc: Both Phoenix
jessicatheblack: James... I didnt realize you were forcing birb tribal!
SK__Ren: I mean, Obosh is fine mainboard too
TheWriterAleph: big bohd
SK__Ren: Eidolon!!
WiJohn: Woo let's go!
warboss5: I remember HATING Great Revel back in the day
kaziel0: I'm playing Explorer and Eidolon is a beating in RDW decks.
SK__Ren: Inb4 we die to our own Eidolon
adept_nekomancer: It hits every one of your cards except Embercleave
NewtyNewts: Self-hosing
CommanderPulsar: That'll hurt.
korvys: It hurts us more, but we care about our life less
warboss5: Yeah, its a race card
WiJohn: We want to add to 20, it's good
ThorSokar: reding the card explains the card
Diabore: yes that hurts us, a lot
jacqui_lantern234: nonono, itll be amazing
micalovits: As long as they die first, its great!
TheWriterAleph: it's a really good card. just not for us LUL
warboss5: Oh yeah, solid removal
korvys: It's... fine
micalovits: Command is good yes
Feriority: It's two fireballs
WiJohn: It can make things do more damage
YeetTheRich_: deece
Feriority: But only if they have a walker
warboss5: Two Fireballs in a Trenchcoat
WiJohn: It's goodish
Juliamon: Strictly fine
NewtyNewts: A fireball and a pump spell
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warboss5: Lyra gets to sit in our sideboard and THINK about what she's done
ChrisPjuegos: honestly it probalby hurts you more lol
NewtyNewts: Only three more sleeps!
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korvys: Arena mono-red won'
WiJohn: We have some good bits, maybe we get lucky pack three
NewtyNewts: Someone across the table must be hating on red.
warboss5: Torby!
WiJohn: Torb!!!!
WiJohn: There's the top of our curve!
korvys: Arena mono-red won't be as good as MTGO mono-red until they put Shrine of Burning Rage and Sulfuric Vortex
YeetTheRich_: T lrrCIRCLE
SK__Ren: Bran muffin
TheWriterAleph: ponder the Torb
jessicatheblack: That chant sounded very "Bill Nye"
jessicatheblack: probably pull the Eidolon?
EvilBadman: adversary very good
warboss5: Oooo, all good options
WiJohn: Historian
kakurenbo69: blade historian is mono red if you want
YeetTheRich_: blade historian beep beep
warboss5: Yeah, Historian seems good
micalovits: Double strike time!
devilcultivator: could you play control-lite with eidolon and torb. 4 per play is rough
WiJohn: Red enough!
korvys: Courier
YeetTheRich_: bomat
warboss5: Bromat is "red"
Feriority: @jessicatheblack Torbran the Damage Man
WiJohn: Nooo!!!!
ThorSokar: it's all coming together
NewtyNewts: !card bomat
LRRbot: Did you mean: Bomat Bazaar Barge; Bomat Courier
jessicatheblack: @jessicatheblack Torb Torb Torb Torb
goombalax: maybe courier wheels
NewtyNewts: !card bomat courier
LRRbot: Bomat Courier [1] | Artifact Creature — Construct [1/1] | Haste / Whenever Bomat Courier attacks, exile the top card of your library face down. / {R}, Discard your hand, Sacrifice Bomat Courier: Put all cards exiled with Bomat Courier into their owners' hands.
TheWriterAleph: "problem drafting monored..." i don't follow.
SK__Ren: Zariel is fun
warboss5: Yeahhhh, grab Zariel
kakurenbo69: Taunter is also fun
WiJohn: Makes things go face!
LurkerSpine: dragon engine?
EvilBadman: seasoned
warboss5: Whirler!
korvys: Land, I think
WiJohn: Woo spiky gobo!
NewtyNewts: Here's the red you asked for earlier
micalovits: Lets go whirling baby!
warboss5: Argussy?
WiJohn: Now we're getting the red
korvys: I almost always take a relevant land in cube - gives you more room for other playable cards
Feriority: !card Zariel
LRRbot: Zariel, Archduke of Avernus [2RR] | Legendary Planeswalker — Zariel [4] | [+1]: Creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain haste until end of turn. / [0]: Create a 1/1 red Devil creature token with "When this creature dies, it deals 1 damage to any target." / [−6]: You get an emblem with "At the end of the first combat phase on your turn, untap target creature you control. After this phase, there is an additional combat phase."
warboss5: Bomat is NEXT pack
WiJohn: Mephit's okay
kakurenbo69: Mephit's ok
warboss5: Yep
kakurenbo69: Woot
jessicatheblack: NICE!
YeetTheRich_: how
WiJohn: Noice
micalovits: Bomat! Wooo!
YeetTheRich_: what a gamer
Juliamon: Tomato Time
Al_Azil3: Beep beep!
Feriority: Seezy Peezy
WiJohn: Hot damn
warboss5: Your signals payed off in pack 3!
ThorSokar: things are looking up
micalovits: Sweltering suns also probably?
warboss5: Light up the Stage
EvilBadman: 16 land
YeetTheRich_: sweltering suns or dragonmaster coutcast
ghyllnox: You don't have any equipment right?
jacqui_lantern234: sweltering suns
SledgeBlitz: sweltering suns
WiJohn: Cut sweltering?
zass2X: 7-2 deck
YeetTheRich_: honestly we could go 15 land
Eckuris: cut the eidolon?
kaziel0: Vroom vroom!
ThorSokar: GET'EM
micalovits: We don't care if eidolon burns us for 6, as lond as it deal 2 to the opponent
WiJohn: Eidolon's great, we benefit more from the damage than they do
kaziel0: It's not like you ever have an issue with getting Flooded. >.>
WiJohn: Birb says chew chew!
jessicatheblack: pick the birb... every time
Evil_John_Cena: Hi James
WiJohn: Enthusiasm?
WiJohn: Set up for a bit boy later?
WiJohn: big even
LurkerSpine: ghast is such a hoser
jessicatheblack: at this point it'd 2for1
jessicatheblack: later it might just be a 1for 1
WiJohn: gobo
micalovits: Goblin can give itself haste
micalovits: Oh well
NewtyNewts: 5/2... dang
WiJohn: if it lives next turn you can ember it for big deeps
WiJohn: Sure
NewtyNewts: You picked kicker for it
WiJohn: Spinny chain man!
warboss5: Oh no, you'll have to sacrifice the Chick, shock and horror
warboss5: Nooooooo
micalovits: Rude!
NewtyNewts: uh oh
warboss5: This feels like their plan for the rest of the game
princess_intell: did we win?
WiJohn: Hmm at this time that eidolon might be a problem
zass2X: value town
NewtyNewts: Yet to be seen. But we're at the Jamesing point though
princess_intell: #blamejames
WiJohn: Oh this is gonna be gross
warboss5: Oh my gods, the value
princess_intell: how did he curse the land draws anyhow
micalovits: We dead bois and girls
Finalsora811: I looked away for a second. Where did the Embercleave go?
WiJohn: Gotta block to avoid the blowout
warboss5: Concede, move to next game
SydPreviouslyHeadache: @Finalsora811 duress'd
princess_intell: RRIP
zass2X: 1 800 VALUE yes I'd like to report an abuser of value
SydPreviouslyHeadache: priest of the forgotten gods is such a strong card
WiJohn: That was innapropriate
NewtyNewts: yuk
princess_intell: that sounds like a crapshot where beej plays some kind of bizarre businessman @zass2X
Feriority: A dog outside got very angry all of a sudden, I assume it was because of that removal
warboss5: Okay, solid hand
WiJohn: Oh wait is that an actually good hand?!
zass2X: turn 1 bomat can't lose
princess_intell: love me some opt
warboss5: Oh this is going very nicely
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh baby, when you just have 3 turns to do what you want
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WiJohn: Munitions for prowess?
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Spades_Slicc: Does James not take breaks?
ElfLawyer: hiya James & chat
ElfLawyer: how is everyone today
ElfLawyer: is this cube?
WiJohn: Ping loran?
warboss5: Pop it
LurkerSpine: when has one point of damage ever made a difference?
zass2X: 96 months my god that's like 30 years
micalovits: Sac it to munitions I guess?
WiJohn: It's gonna die anyway
micalovits: Our hand is okay
NewtyNewts: Kill Loran, or get your cards?
WiJohn: Yeah
warboss5: Seems fine
warboss5: Land, Historian seems good next turn
WiJohn: OMG it's a dumb loop!
NewtyNewts: Goodbye loopers
micalovits: This is pretty neat though
NewtyNewts: Damn
warboss5: Well... fuck
zass2X: never settle
WiJohn: Light up?
WiJohn: Hey birds!
1y1e: phoenices, maybe
micalovits: Keep lands in hand for looting I guess?
jessicatheblack: can we fling and recast the chick?
micalovits: Might just win next turn anyway though
goombalax: peenix
warboss5: @jessicatheblack Need a second attacker
WiJohn: Munitions
LurkerSpine: sac ash?
warboss5: Sac the Ash
WiJohn: sac the ash
warboss5: Oh, wait, GYs are going too
NewtyNewts: They go to graveyard anyway
NewtyNewts: Hasty
warboss5: HASTE!'
YeetTheRich_: JAMES
BrowneePoints: omg it's Jampus!
ElfLawyer: oh jeez
warboss5: Yeah, feels right that this thing is here at the end
ElfLawyer: okay so they'll have a lot of P9
micalovits: Just draw cleave
goombalax: I mean they blocked with crab, no difference
warboss5: Not quite... we still have face spells
warboss5: Goblin, pump, swing
WiJohn: Wait boost
WiJohn: can you get three on it?
WiJohn: We win!
BrowneePoints: and now they're dead
micalovits: Lethal baby!
1y1e: Pog
BrowneePoints: oh wait crab
WiJohn: Arg the crab!
micalovits: Right, crab things
warboss5: Oh shoot, should have swung with just the Fireblade
zass2X: could have pumped later to pump token
goombalax: welp
warboss5: Why not block the Token?
NewtyNewts: Just james things
1y1e: that man can yet burn
warboss5: Of course
1y1e: ^that opponent
WiJohn: So cleave mostly gets there
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NewtyNewts: Time walk time?
goombalax: I love oracle because it 'ruined' alchemy
warboss5: One burn spell can still end this
warboss5: Unless they get their Time Walk
Loonatic93: The card is so bad, it makes you want to yell out ableist slurs (Dumb.)
NewtyNewts: How much mana is too much mana?
micalovits: I uhhh, think they can draw into timewalk sadly
warboss5: Woooooowwwww
NewtyNewts: Ian! The crab rangoon!
warboss5: And now blinking DOUBLE
micalovits: Oh
warboss5: WAIT! They didn't!
BrowneePoints: if you topdeck burn I'm going to cry laugh
WiJohn: Roil!
Favre_the_Undead: roil!
NewtyNewts: Well, they gave you a hand.
WiJohn: It goes face!
micalovits: Damn, no instant burn
warboss5: If they pass... we win
BrowneePoints: well they die on your turn if they pass
SydPreviouslyHeadache: displacer kitten is a strong card, dang
jessicaengle: Hey Chat. James enjoying Magic as always, I see?
adept_nekomancer: lol... they gave you a bunch of opportunities to draw burn
warboss5: Wow, that's gg, what a fool
BrowneePoints: LOOL
NewtyNewts: Well done boyo
WiJohn: Lol!
cmdrelk: LUL
Favre_the_Undead: lol
KingOfDoma: ha!
pn55: HypeLUL
warboss5: Now THAT is how you end a stream!
1y1e: cool loop..... anyway:
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap
Feriority: Opponent plays solitaire for 10 minutes just to eat a bolt
WiJohn: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
cronatos: lol if that was indicative of mtg i don't know what is
Micsig: :)
BrowneePoints: and that is why you don't bm your opponent Chat
RockPusher: Thank you James lrrSHINE
distrustingspectator: bye bye
sporkraptor: yay! have good crab rangoon! <3
Phailhammer: cya :)
MrSarkhan: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i looked away for a god dang second, how'd James get 7 cards?
NotCainNorAbel: Time for CRAB!
garetz00: never give up
WiJohn: Later and GG
warboss5: That NEEDS to be on the Highlights!
YeetTheRich_: that one indiana jones gif where in the end james just shoots the guy
jessicaengle: I've got time to gab
micalovits: @SydPreviouslyHeadache They cast timetwister
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
pn55: Thank you James! Have a lovely Christmas! lrrSHINE
RockPusher: jlrrPeakslit jlrrXmastree jlrrPeakslit jlrrXmastree
SydPreviouslyHeadache: AH thank you so much
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thanks for streaming James
jessicaengle: jlrrPeakslit lrrSHINE
WiJohn: @SydPreviouslyHeadache It wa great, I love it when control gets too clever
Juliamon: James keeps saying "ragoon" and I'm not convinced it's on purpose
Verrain2: I choose to believe Ian will be cooking the crab that blocked James in the last game.
jessicaengle: Cra-cha-cha Ragoon
adept_nekomancer: @Juliamon I think one of the earlier iterations of the upcoming schedule had "Ragoon" written on it.
Juliamon: Yes, because James writes them
adept_nekomancer: Ah, was not aware he was the author. Nevermind, then.
warboss5: Ragoon feels like a slur against Italian people
TheDailyMapleSyrup: & todays beverage of choice is...
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s time for Tinker Tailor Solder Fry and tonight your wishes shall be answered! Ian is here to walk us through the process of Crab Rangoon! 🦀 📷 ||
jessicaengle: Naw, it feels more like a dad-ism to me.
bv310: I just had Rangoon with lunch today, so this is very timely
BrowneePoints: chat it is -41 right now
BrowneePoints: send blankets
Simonark: Food AND Drink? Fancy!
jessicaengle: @bv310 Were they good? Few things more disappointing in eating out than a sub-par rangoon
bv310: @bv310 Wildly fine. Rangoons were great, sauce was disappointing
Juliamon: Good rangoons shouldn't need sauce
jibkat: is it time for 🦀?
RockPusher: "Who is it?" "Goons." "Who?" "Crab Rangoons!" 🦀🦀🦀
saucemaster5000: @bv310 I am never disappointing b310, nor am I impressive. I am precisely average when I mean to!
princess_intell: Ian and I making dinner at the same time
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MTGRanger: Two years and now it’s time for crab!
jessicaengle: Closest I have to a crab emote is jlrrFishin
345tom: Is a rangoon different to a ragoo?
MTGRanger: My sub vanished?
TheMerricat: you know chat it's occurred to me that I've only ever heard of crab rangoons are there other types of rangoons out there?
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princess_intell: I'm willing to bet that mine will take less time (chicken top ramen)
Mysticman89: crab rangoon gives me farcry 4 vibes
bv310: Just remember: if you've got time to gab rangoon, you've got time for crab rangoon
jibkat: oh hey TheMerricat alissa3Wave
princess_intell: so is it time to gab? or.....
Simonark: It is named for the city of Rangoon, right?
RockPusher: Go! Go! Go!
adept_nekomancer: We had time to gab, which means now it's time for crab.
TheMerricat: @jibkat PrideWave !!
patbaer: My favorite holiday dish
7 raiders from Luminaire_p have joined!
jessicaengle: Hello Raiders!
DoodlestheGreat: Them rangoons get pretty crabby.
jessicaengle: jlrrCooltunes jlrrPeakslit
RockPusher: "The crabs are coming up to the first turn… and oh my some of them are going sideways!!!"
TheAinMAP: Hello.
BusTed: Evenin'.
Luminaire_p: lumina1Heart
Mattmitchell45: If you've got time for crab, get in the lab!"
Simonark: Is the secret mystery phrase "Tomato Soup"?
DoodlestheGreat: Oh, that's right! You're all snowed in today!
electra310: I love making crab rangoons
BusTed: Nice.
RockPusher: FBtouchdown
BusTed: pennyCrabgod
Electrodyne: chocolate raaaaaiiiiiin
patbaer: that is cool
jessicaengle: Finally, LRR in watch form
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klace26: sub baby time
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MTGRanger: By internet law that makes the device a LRRwatch, right!
MTGRanger: ?
corianderd: ooo scandalous
jibkat: FBtouchdown
RockPusher: tiltyhYAS
Pteraspidomorphi: store dot loadingreadyrun: "It's Dot Com"
TheWriterAleph:, it's dot com
RockPusher: Beej's scandalous wares
Pteraspidomorphi high fives TheWriterAleph
jibkat: raw crab?
wedge_x: gasp
jibkat: cook crab first
NotCainNorAbel: how?
345tom: I just realised the last time I caught this Live, Ian was making cheese, and leaving it for a months long process. How was his cheese?
corianderd: where have you had them then?
jessicaengle: Wait there are crab rangoon memes?
electra310: Cori asks an important question
Spritz_T: like fortune cookies
electra310: Where are you putting crab rangoons?
TheWriterAleph: wait what? where do crab rangoon trees grow then??
goombalax: I've had a crab rangoon as a bonus item from our favorite chinese place
princess_intell: so we get a stream and cori gets free dinner! win-win!
AshBurnem: one ton wrappers? That's a lot of wrappers.
Spritz_T: i've mostly had them at chinese food places
TheWriterAleph: i keep wanting to call them crab-goons, but that's something completely different
Simonark: Never trust a mouth prophet.
NotCainNorAbel: learning how easy this is going to be is probably not going to be good for me
RockPusher: TTSF and Deep Frying… please please tell me you have an extinguisher handy
Evil_John_Cena: so it's some bastardization of a dish that only exists in places outside of the native country?
jessicaengle: How does he know it's easy or yummy? I don't understand this AU
TheDailyMapleSyrup: It's from the 50's i belive
azninsect: yes i am here for cram ramgoom
princess_intell: you could fry anything in a wonton wrapper and have it taste amazing tbh
TheMerricat: "Although the appetizer has the name of a Burmese city, the dish was probably invented in the United States by Joe Young working under Victor Bergeron, founder of Trader Vic's."
DoodlestheGreat: Step 1: Crab, Step 2: Rangoon, Step 3: PROFIT
Cptasparagus: mine's battery is dead
electra310: If you've got time to gab at noon...
princess_intell: the one unitasker allowed in the kitchen
TehAmelie: i may have spent a little too much on cheese for the christmas table. . .making your own would be sweet
RockPusher: Excellent - safety may be 3rd, but it needs to work 1st time
saucemaster5000: (I'll be making Char Siu alongside tonight, I have leftover slow cooked pork, this'll be fun)
electra310: escher3SAFETY escher3SAFETY escher3SAFETY
jessieimproved: We watch Kenji a lot, although that head mount camera is too much for me
jibkat: "the dish was probably invented in the United States by Joe Young working under Victor Bergeron, founder of Trader Vic's."
Juliamon: What a waste of pineapple juice!
Spanked42: I like Kenji's channel but have not yet been brave enough to try any of his recipies
bv310: I decided I was going to make a drink alongside the stream, but then remembered that I just bought a bottle of Japanese Whisky, so my mixology was quite simple
BrowneePoints: possibly based off a dish made in hawaii a decade prior
Electrodyne: mighty Joe young?
Mysticman89: pineapple wet > pea wet
TheWriterAleph: mmm pnapple joos
Natural_Ones_Only: Jus de Pineapple
TheMerricat: "Writing for Atlas Obscura, Dan Nosowitz points out that although cream cheese was a staple of 1940s and 1950s American cuisine, neither Chinese nor Burmese use cream cheese in their cuisines."
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Chipton: If that air vent is a standard height Ian has a foot at least on me.
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electra310: The precious pineapply fluids
RockPusher: ♫ If you like pina coladas! Drain your juice in a glass! ♫
warboss5: Oooooo, pretty board
TehAmelie: not so long ago you'd have to pay a king's ransom just to "rent" a pineapple for decoration
TheMerricat: "Since most East Asians are lactose intolerant, including cream cheese in their diet would not be common for those cultures."
Verrain2: Ah Krab.
Juliamon: I've NEVER had a crab rangoon with actual crab
TheWriterAleph: tiem for cwab
shurtal: THE RANGOON
electra310: It does not taste better with actual crab
RealGamerCow: I made Korean Mandu last night, and I made my own wrappers. Would recommend buying pre-made
BrowneePoints: I LOVE Americanized Chinese food
RockPusher: "You Flavoured Pollock!" is an excellent alternative insult :D
jessicaengle: @electra310 Maybe it needs more crab?
Natural_Ones_Only: fromage!
shurtal: is this one of those rare instances where we have time to gab AND crab?
Juliamon: The crab element is the least relevant of a crab rangoon
electra310: Yeah, crab is sort of optional in these things
Juliamon: What's important is the deep-fried wonton.
bv310: This is primarily a cream cheese delivery system
Verrain2: Can confirm.
TheWriterAleph: @shurtal multitasking
jessicaengle: I think lobster rangoons exist. Or did I hallucinate that?
BrowneePoints: there's a local Vietnamese place that make crab rangoons with real crab
RockPusher: Grab crab to gab - it's like a conch, only pinch!
electra310: "Deep-fried wonton full of cream cheese" is the tech here
Juliamon: Lobster rangoons absolutely exist and aren't worth it
shurtal: @TheWriterAleph well, crabs DO have multiple appendages, so we are just aspiring to carcinization