SydPreviouslyHeadache: priest of the forgotten gods is such a strong card
WiJohn: That was innapropriate
NewtyNewts: yuk
princess_intell: that sounds like a crapshot where beej plays some kind of bizarre businessman @zass2X
Feriority: A dog outside got very angry all of a sudden, I assume it was because of that removal
warboss5: Okay, solid hand
WiJohn: Oh wait is that an actually good hand?!
zass2X: turn 1 bomat can't lose
princess_intell: love me some opt
warboss5: Oh this is going very nicely
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh baby, when you just have 3 turns to do what you want
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WiJohn: Munitions for prowess?
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Spades_Slicc: Does James not take breaks?
ElfLawyer: hiya James & chat
ElfLawyer: how is everyone today
ElfLawyer: is this cube?
WiJohn: Ping loran?
warboss5: Pop it
LurkerSpine: when has one point of damage ever made a difference?
zass2X: 96 months my god that's like 30 years
micalovits: Sac it to munitions I guess?
WiJohn: It's gonna die anyway
micalovits: Our hand is okay
NewtyNewts: Kill Loran, or get your cards?
WiJohn: Yeah
warboss5: Seems fine
warboss5: Land, Historian seems good next turn
WiJohn: OMG it's a dumb loop!
NewtyNewts: Goodbye loopers
micalovits: This is pretty neat though
NewtyNewts: Damn
warboss5: Well... fuck
zass2X: never settle
WiJohn: Light up?
WiJohn: Hey birds!
1y1e: phoenices, maybe
micalovits: Keep lands in hand for looting I guess?
jessicatheblack: can we fling and recast the chick?
micalovits: Might just win next turn anyway though
goombalax: peenix
warboss5: @jessicatheblack Need a second attacker
WiJohn: Munitions
LurkerSpine: sac ash?
warboss5: Sac the Ash
WiJohn: sac the ash
warboss5: Oh, wait, GYs are going too
NewtyNewts: They go to graveyard anyway
NewtyNewts: Hasty
warboss5: HASTE!'
YeetTheRich_: JAMES
BrowneePoints: omg it's Jampus!
ElfLawyer: oh jeez
warboss5: Yeah, feels right that this thing is here at the end
ElfLawyer: okay so they'll have a lot of P9
micalovits: Just draw cleave
goombalax: I mean they blocked with crab, no difference
warboss5: Not quite... we still have face spells
warboss5: Goblin, pump, swing
WiJohn: Wait boost
WiJohn: can you get three on it?
WiJohn: We win!
BrowneePoints: and now they're dead
micalovits: Lethal baby!
1y1e: Pog
BrowneePoints: oh wait crab
WiJohn: Arg the crab!
micalovits: Right, crab things
warboss5: Oh shoot, should have swung with just the Fireblade
zass2X: could have pumped later to pump token
goombalax: welp
warboss5: Why not block the Token?
NewtyNewts: Just james things
1y1e: that man can yet burn
warboss5: Of course
1y1e: ^that opponent
WiJohn: So cleave mostly gets there
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NewtyNewts: Time walk time?
goombalax: I love oracle because it 'ruined' alchemy
warboss5: One burn spell can still end this
warboss5: Unless they get their Time Walk
Loonatic93: The card is so bad, it makes you want to yell out ableist slurs (Dumb.)
NewtyNewts: How much mana is too much mana?
micalovits: I uhhh, think they can draw into timewalk sadly
warboss5: Woooooowwwww
NewtyNewts: Ian! The crab rangoon!
warboss5: And now blinking DOUBLE
micalovits: Oh
warboss5: WAIT! They didn't!
BrowneePoints: if you topdeck burn I'm going to cry laugh
WiJohn: Roil!
Favre_the_Undead: roil!
NewtyNewts: Well, they gave you a hand.
WiJohn: It goes face!
micalovits: Damn, no instant burn
warboss5: If they pass... we win
BrowneePoints: well they die on your turn if they pass
SydPreviouslyHeadache: displacer kitten is a strong card, dang
jessicaengle: Hey Chat. James enjoying Magic as always, I see?
adept_nekomancer: lol... they gave you a bunch of opportunities to draw burn
warboss5: Wow, that's gg, what a fool
BrowneePoints: LOOL
NewtyNewts: Well done boyo
WiJohn: Lol!
cmdrelk: LUL
Favre_the_Undead: lol
KingOfDoma: ha!
pn55: HypeLUL
warboss5: Now THAT is how you end a stream!
1y1e: cool loop..... anyway:
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap
Feriority: Opponent plays solitaire for 10 minutes just to eat a bolt
WiJohn: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
cronatos: lol if that was indicative of mtg i don't know what is
Micsig: :)
BrowneePoints: and that is why you don't bm your opponent Chat
RockPusher: Thank you James lrrSHINE
distrustingspectator: bye bye
sporkraptor: yay! have good crab rangoon! <3
Phailhammer: cya :)
MrSarkhan: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i looked away for a god dang second, how'd James get 7 cards?
NotCainNorAbel: Time for CRAB!
garetz00: never give up
WiJohn: Later and GG
warboss5: That NEEDS to be on the Highlights!
YeetTheRich_: that one indiana jones gif where in the end james just shoots the guy
jessicaengle: I've got time to gab
micalovits: @SydPreviouslyHeadache They cast timetwister
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
pn55: Thank you James! Have a lovely Christmas! lrrSHINE
RockPusher: jlrrPeakslit jlrrXmastree jlrrPeakslit jlrrXmastree
SydPreviouslyHeadache: AH thank you so much
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thanks for streaming James
jessicaengle: jlrrPeakslit lrrSHINE
WiJohn: @SydPreviouslyHeadache It wa great, I love it when control gets too clever
Juliamon: James keeps saying "ragoon" and I'm not convinced it's on purpose
Verrain2: I choose to believe Ian will be cooking the crab that blocked James in the last game.
jessicaengle: Cra-cha-cha Ragoon
adept_nekomancer: @Juliamon I think one of the earlier iterations of the upcoming schedule had "Ragoon" written on it.
Juliamon: Yes, because James writes them
adept_nekomancer: Ah, was not aware he was the author. Nevermind, then.
warboss5: Ragoon feels like a slur against Italian people
TheDailyMapleSyrup: & todays beverage of choice is...
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s time for Tinker Tailor Solder Fry and tonight your wishes shall be answered! Ian is here to walk us through the process of Crab Rangoon! 🦀 📷 ||
jessicaengle: Naw, it feels more like a dad-ism to me.
bv310: I just had Rangoon with lunch today, so this is very timely
BrowneePoints: chat it is -41 right now
BrowneePoints: send blankets
Simonark: Food AND Drink? Fancy!
jessicaengle: @bv310 Were they good? Few things more disappointing in eating out than a sub-par rangoon
bv310: @bv310 Wildly fine. Rangoons were great, sauce was disappointing
Juliamon: Good rangoons shouldn't need sauce
jibkat: is it time for 🦀?
RockPusher: "Who is it?" "Goons." "Who?" "Crab Rangoons!" 🦀🦀🦀
saucemaster5000: @bv310 I am never disappointing b310, nor am I impressive. I am precisely average when I mean to!
princess_intell: Ian and I making dinner at the same time
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MTGRanger: Two years and now it’s time for crab!
jessicaengle: Closest I have to a crab emote is jlrrFishin
345tom: Is a rangoon different to a ragoo?
MTGRanger: My sub vanished?
TheMerricat: you know chat it's occurred to me that I've only ever heard of crab rangoons are there other types of rangoons out there?
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princess_intell: I'm willing to bet that mine will take less time (chicken top ramen)
Mysticman89: crab rangoon gives me farcry 4 vibes
bv310: Just remember: if you've got time to gab rangoon, you've got time for crab rangoon
jibkat: oh hey TheMerricat alissa3Wave
princess_intell: so is it time to gab? or.....
Simonark: It is named for the city of Rangoon, right?
RockPusher: Go! Go! Go!
adept_nekomancer: We had time to gab, which means now it's time for crab.
TheMerricat: @jibkat PrideWave !!
patbaer: My favorite holiday dish
7 raiders from Luminaire_p have joined!
jessicaengle: Hello Raiders!
DoodlestheGreat: Them rangoons get pretty crabby.
jessicaengle: jlrrCooltunes jlrrPeakslit
RockPusher: "The crabs are coming up to the first turn… and oh my some of them are going sideways!!!"
TheAinMAP: Hello.
BusTed: Evenin'.
Luminaire_p: lumina1Heart
Mattmitchell45: If you've got time for crab, get in the lab!"
Simonark: Is the secret mystery phrase "Tomato Soup"?
DoodlestheGreat: Oh, that's right! You're all snowed in today!
electra310: I love making crab rangoons
BusTed: Nice.
RockPusher: FBtouchdown
BusTed: pennyCrabgod
Electrodyne: chocolate raaaaaiiiiiin
patbaer: that is cool
jessicaengle: Finally, LRR in watch form
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klace26: sub baby time
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MTGRanger: By internet law that makes the device a LRRwatch, right!
MTGRanger: ?
corianderd: ooo scandalous
jibkat: FBtouchdown
RockPusher: tiltyhYAS
Pteraspidomorphi: store dot loadingreadyrun: "It's Dot Com"
TheWriterAleph:, it's dot com
RockPusher: Beej's scandalous wares
Pteraspidomorphi high fives TheWriterAleph
jibkat: raw crab?
wedge_x: gasp
jibkat: cook crab first
NotCainNorAbel: how?
345tom: I just realised the last time I caught this Live, Ian was making cheese, and leaving it for a months long process. How was his cheese?
corianderd: where have you had them then?
jessicaengle: Wait there are crab rangoon memes?
electra310: Cori asks an important question
Spritz_T: like fortune cookies
electra310: Where are you putting crab rangoons?
TheWriterAleph: wait what? where do crab rangoon trees grow then??
goombalax: I've had a crab rangoon as a bonus item from our favorite chinese place
princess_intell: so we get a stream and cori gets free dinner! win-win!
AshBurnem: one ton wrappers? That's a lot of wrappers.
Spritz_T: i've mostly had them at chinese food places
TheWriterAleph: i keep wanting to call them crab-goons, but that's something completely different
Simonark: Never trust a mouth prophet.
NotCainNorAbel: learning how easy this is going to be is probably not going to be good for me
RockPusher: TTSF and Deep Frying… please please tell me you have an extinguisher handy
Evil_John_Cena: so it's some bastardization of a dish that only exists in places outside of the native country?
jessicaengle: How does he know it's easy or yummy? I don't understand this AU
TheDailyMapleSyrup: It's from the 50's i belive
azninsect: yes i am here for cram ramgoom
princess_intell: you could fry anything in a wonton wrapper and have it taste amazing tbh
TheMerricat: "Although the appetizer has the name of a Burmese city, the dish was probably invented in the United States by Joe Young working under Victor Bergeron, founder of Trader Vic's."
DoodlestheGreat: Step 1: Crab, Step 2: Rangoon, Step 3: PROFIT
Cptasparagus: mine's battery is dead
electra310: If you've got time to gab at noon...
princess_intell: the one unitasker allowed in the kitchen
TehAmelie: i may have spent a little too much on cheese for the christmas table. . .making your own would be sweet
RockPusher: Excellent - safety may be 3rd, but it needs to work 1st time
saucemaster5000: (I'll be making Char Siu alongside tonight, I have leftover slow cooked pork, this'll be fun)
electra310: escher3SAFETY escher3SAFETY escher3SAFETY
jessieimproved: We watch Kenji a lot, although that head mount camera is too much for me
jibkat: "the dish was probably invented in the United States by Joe Young working under Victor Bergeron, founder of Trader Vic's."
Juliamon: What a waste of pineapple juice!
Spanked42: I like Kenji's channel but have not yet been brave enough to try any of his recipies
bv310: I decided I was going to make a drink alongside the stream, but then remembered that I just bought a bottle of Japanese Whisky, so my mixology was quite simple
BrowneePoints: possibly based off a dish made in hawaii a decade prior
Electrodyne: mighty Joe young?
Mysticman89: pineapple wet > pea wet
TheWriterAleph: mmm pnapple joos
Natural_Ones_Only: Jus de Pineapple
TheMerricat: "Writing for Atlas Obscura, Dan Nosowitz points out that although cream cheese was a staple of 1940s and 1950s American cuisine, neither Chinese nor Burmese use cream cheese in their cuisines."
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Chipton: If that air vent is a standard height Ian has a foot at least on me.
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electra310: The precious pineapply fluids
RockPusher: ♫ If you like pina coladas! Drain your juice in a glass! ♫
warboss5: Oooooo, pretty board
TehAmelie: not so long ago you'd have to pay a king's ransom just to "rent" a pineapple for decoration
TheMerricat: "Since most East Asians are lactose intolerant, including cream cheese in their diet would not be common for those cultures."
Verrain2: Ah Krab.
Juliamon: I've NEVER had a crab rangoon with actual crab
TheWriterAleph: tiem for cwab
shurtal: THE RANGOON
electra310: It does not taste better with actual crab
RealGamerCow: I made Korean Mandu last night, and I made my own wrappers. Would recommend buying pre-made
BrowneePoints: I LOVE Americanized Chinese food
RockPusher: "You Flavoured Pollock!" is an excellent alternative insult :D
jessicaengle: @electra310 Maybe it needs more crab?
Natural_Ones_Only: fromage!
shurtal: is this one of those rare instances where we have time to gab AND crab?
Juliamon: The crab element is the least relevant of a crab rangoon
electra310: Yeah, crab is sort of optional in these things
Juliamon: What's important is the deep-fried wonton.
bv310: This is primarily a cream cheese delivery system
Verrain2: Can confirm.
TheWriterAleph: @shurtal multitasking
jessicaengle: I think lobster rangoons exist. Or did I hallucinate that?
BrowneePoints: there's a local Vietnamese place that make crab rangoons with real crab
RockPusher: Grab crab to gab - it's like a conch, only pinch!
electra310: "Deep-fried wonton full of cream cheese" is the tech here
Juliamon: Lobster rangoons absolutely exist and aren't worth it
shurtal: @TheWriterAleph well, crabs DO have multiple appendages, so we are just aspiring to carcinization
RealGamerCow: Hear me out. Crab rangoon jalapeno popper. wonton wrapper around a jalapeno pepper stuffed with crab rangoon filling
TheWriterAleph: @shurtal 🦀🦀🦀
warboss5: Imitation crab is going to become more and more necessary as all the real ones disappear into the ether
RealGamerCow: put a piece of bread in it.
adept_nekomancer: Sugar archaeology
Electrodyne: Rangoons have evolved 4 times on Earth
TehAmelie: and My Dad is Dracula teaches us salad is mainly a way to eat cheese for a meal. so is crab rangoon a salad?
electra310: Wait, what is the sugar for?
Riiiiiiis: a piece of bread
jessicaengle: dippin sauce
RealGamerCow: literally a heel of bread
bv310: A couple saltines
TheWriterAleph: @TehAmelie rangoon is a ravioli
jessicaengle: I think
TheDailyMapleSyrup: I believe that is not butter
TheMerricat: @electra310 He's making the sweet and sour sauce first
shurtal: you know what softens brown sugar? Rolling Stones
RockPusher: TehAmelie Sure, why not!
saucemaster5000: @TehAmelie I've had less healthy salads I guess
electra310: I just put my brown sugar in the microwave
warboss5: @shurtal Hmmm.... well played, well played
jessicaengle: gross
BrowneePoints: We appreciate you Cori
sporkraptor: hi Corey! XD
TheWriterAleph: lrrSHINE lrrCORI
RockPusher: tiltyhYAS tqsDrink
jibkat: W A T E R
shurtal: @warboss5 psaDabb
electra310: Hi Cori!
electra310: You can't expect her to drink BATHROOM water
LordZarano: Hi(drated) Cori!
saucemaster5000: It happens
goombalax: I can't believe its not Margarine!
TheWriterAleph: diggy diggy hole
TheMerricat: Ian says that he knows that there are devices to soften brown sugar? other than just smashing it how do you do that chat?
jennydude: keeping us on our toes
RockPusher: Fresh from the treacle mines
electra310: @TheMerricat Wet ceramic disc
goombalax: bread in the brown sugar is an old alchemy trick
jessicaengle: Sugar is hydroscopic, so if you put a slice of bread in with the brown sugar, the sugar will absorb moisture from the bread as it goes stale
electra310: Put it in with your brown sugar and it keeps it from getting hard
warboss5: Never underestimate an America's ability to consume SUGAR
Mysticman89: sweet and sour sauce where I work is several buckets of sugar+vinegar boiled together, with red food dye.
TheMerricat: TIL thanks! @electra310
TheMerricat: and @jessicaengle
RealGamerCow: I like using mirin in my Americanized Chinese food
electra310: I also find using an airtight container makes it last much longer.
RockPusher: Do not put ketchup directly on eyeball
saucemaster5000: nuthing wrong with some sugary vinegar
shurtal: only 17 minutes in and you already have to ketchup
goombalax: worst designed lid
LordZarano: It's surprising that it's sugar and not corn syrup
warboss5: I buy that style of ketchup all the time, mine NEVER look like that, lol
electra310: Apply ketchup directly to the forehead
BrowneePoints: it's overused
BrowneePoints: but has its uses
jessicaengle: Good ketchup is a good ingredient.
Juliamon: It has its place
warboss5: You'd be shocked how long it lasts
TehAmelie: if you eyeball the ketchup, there's the chance all the rest of the ingredients will have to. . .catch up
Spritz_T: agreed, like it's really good with a meatloaf
tomnar: measuring in caps and spoons... i will never get used to it xd
patbaer: Never apologize, Cori!
saucemaster5000: @TehAmelie seabatClap seabatClap
warboss5: Although, if you have ketchup PACKETS, those'll EXPLODE if you leave them alone too long
tomnar: cups*
electra310: Ketchup, ketchup in the bottle, none comes out and then a lot'll.
goombalax: motts
Deltroid11: you dont want to know what its like
jibkat: boozyketchup?
shurtal: ketchup vodka
RockPusher: I'm sure some nordic country has figured that out by now
jessicaengle: kimchiechup
jennydude: cider so poggers
TheMerricat: "There are many health benefits to eating fermented ketchup instead of the sugar infused ketchup that we normally find in stores. Commercial ketchup contains an incredible amount of high fructose corn syrup. On many commercialized ketchups, the nutrition facts will list "natural flavorings" as one of the ingredients..."
goombalax: Kombuchup
Juliamon: Kimchup must exist
jibkat: omg
Juliamon: If Kranch exists, Kimchup must as well
jibkat: googling tells me boozup came first
jessicaengle: Ketchups made with sugar are available. They are superior and worth seeking out, if you're a ketchup fan
saucemaster5000: I dunno, what's kimchup with you?
jibkat: nonbooze ketchup came after
RockPusher: Ramekin Wars
LordZarano: Ketchup is thixotropic (sheer thinning)
ghyllnox: From my DDG results fermented ketchup appears to be a thing
warboss5: Yeah, real sugar ketchup is way better
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART
jibkat: Slice the apples thin, and over every layer sprinkle a little salt; cover them, and let them lie twenty-four hours; then beat them well, and simmer them half an hour in a bell-metal kettle; then add mace & allspice. When cold, add two cloves of raw shallots cut small, and half a gill of brandy to each bottle, which must be corked tight, and kept in a cool place.
jessicaengle: @warboss5 Ahhh, a fellow ketchup snob I see GlitchCat
jibkat: OG catsup directions
warboss5: @warboss5 Not as much as I should be, lol
warboss5: "Slurry" is a word that hits the same part of my brain as "moist"
TheWriterAleph: ^
Juliamon: corn starch is the GOAT
Spanked42: Then you'll love a moist slurry
Natural_Ones_Only: Oobleck!
iris_of_ether: Ooh, rangoon
RockPusher: sergeScience sergeScience sergeScience
warboss5: My Little Rangoon: Cornstarch is Magic
Mysticman89: adventures with non newtonian fluids
Natural_Ones_Only: Non Newtonian fluids!
BrowneePoints: and really chat
BrowneePoints: Ketchup is just tomato compote
Pteraspidomorphi: I haven't kept up, is Victoria still experiencing A Weather?
RandomTrivia: @BrowneePoints lrrFRUMP
jessicaengle: be sure to poke the cornstarch slurry, to make sure it knows who's boss :D
saucemaster5000: If you're pouring ooblek level binding into your sauces, it'll be very interesting
TehAmelie: slurry sounds like the word rude kids would make up to call a real thing
RandomTrivia: The "wrong high"? I thought it was legal in Canada now lrrBEEJ
Juliamon: Slurry is the nickname they give the kid who has to work the McFlurry machine
TehAmelie: lrrWOW
electra310: Slurry is what they call the generic slushie
saucemaster5000: McFlurry machines never work, Slurry is just a cryptid
goombalax: thats a lot of grahams
BrowneePoints: get your fingers moist
Natural_Ones_Only: conversions!
BrowneePoints: dry fingies bad for wonton wrappers
jibkat: time to get your won on
jibkat: ton
saucemaster5000: bowl of water, yup
Spanked42: I have won ton wrappers cause I wanted to fry up some in strips for salads/soups but I have yet to do it...hope they last a long time.
RandomTrivia: Fun experience I had on the way back from work tonight. Stopped at mcdonalds because it was 12am. None of the order terminals were working, the receipt printers kept breaking, but the ICE CREAM MACHINE WORKED! Of all the things to NOT break...
TehAmelie: i've never heard of Pollock butt i'm assuming it's not made of dead abstract painter
BrowneePoints: but yea bowl of cool water for the wrappers is a MUST
Juliamon: TehAmelie it's a white fish
TehAmelie: freudian typo there
korvys: The ceiling process
Natural_Ones_Only: @TehAmelie Splattered dead abstract painter
Anubis169: the elastic band is the tastiest bit
TheMerricat: there is a certain poetry in using imitation crab for an imitation Asian dish
BrowneePoints: Ian, you've gotta make a Dice Friends character who is a Chef who goes by the nickname "The Scallion Stallion"
RandomTrivia: @Anubis169 Really gives the meal a bounce
BrowneePoints: maybe a masked wrestler as well?
electra310: Huh, I usually use the green parts too
goombalax: I used to watch The Urban Peasant alot when I was a kid, James Barber was my biggest inspiriation to become a chef. He always encouraged substitution if you dont have the exact ingredient on hand
warboss5: Having a light fall on you would be a quick and easy way to get on the highlights at the end of the week, lol
RandomTrivia: @warboss5 Actually if it falls over it becomes a low light lrrBEEJ
Juliamon: pollock is often used as a cod or haddock substitute, it's mild and fries well
Riiiiiiis: But flavour is also extremely individual
warboss5: ::rimshot::
RealGamerCow: Always follow recipes as close as you can...the first time.
saucemaster5000: ^
Anubis169: btw Ian, I miiiiiight be going to Japan :D Any tips?
warboss5: Burritos are the same way. Chipotle is WAY better after I take it home than if I eat it in the shop. Has a chance to seal the tortilla shut.
RealGamerCow: I think Jaques Pepin said "Time is the most abused ingredient in cookign"
BrowneePoints: Pollock is an inoffensive fish
Werdnae: I thought briefly that you were going to say that the secret to making it taste like a store does is to add salt and sugar
goombalax: I think the lesson was that cooking can be accessible and you shouldn't let your circumstances prevent you from learning
niccus: pollock and wahoo are probably the two
Simonark: If you can't get fresh time as an ingredient, try rosemary.
Natural_Ones_Only: Hey don't shame the sauce
TehAmelie: i'm having a little pickled herring for a snack. regular ordinary swedish meal time here
BrowneePoints: I think Ian has inspired me to make Butter Chicken tomorrow in the slow cooker
NotCainNorAbel: @TehAmelie I'm jealous...i love pickled herring
saucemaster5000: Do it Brownee, you know you want to
RealGamerCow: The biggest thing that is unteachable when teaching cooking is how something *looks*. Cook something enough times and you'll realize when something looks right or wrong
korvys: Important thing about corn starch slurry for thickening - the thickening happens when you add heat - so you should stir it in and cook it for a bit for it to thicken
Juliamon: I haven't had pickled herring in ages... I miss it
BrowneePoints: @saucemaster5000 I wanted to today but we got 7 inches of snow and -41F today so everywhere is closed
Anubis169: manYES
jessieimproved: Tips for Japan - learn a few Japanese phrases and learn how to bow properly and everyone will help you
TehAmelie: it's inescapable in the christmas season
Anubis169: I plan on trying to run the thousand steps to the shrine
saucemaster5000: Jesus @BrowneePoints , that sucks!
warboss5: Damn, I'm getting hungry, but I'm not off work for another 25 minutes!
jessieimproved: It was my experience that Japanese people were straight chuffed to help polite foreigners
itira: @BrowneePoints -35 here today! i feel you!
warboss5: Its 65 in Los Angeles :D
RealGamerCow: There is negligible difference between the white parts and green parts on scallions.
jessicaengle: The light green parts are essential for pretty
BrowneePoints: @itira good old wind chill
serramarkov: Ian, as long as it's only ever *almost* cutting off your finger, it's okay.
warboss5: Owens-Corningwear?
BrowneePoints: my favorite thing of "how bad it gets on the Great Plains" the year I went to pick up my KH3 pre order we had a polar vortex storm(rare) and it was -54f out
RandomTrivia: If you pour it straight in without mixing, that's just an unnecessary whisk lrrBEEJ
Natural_Ones_Only: When is the crab part of this rangoon
itira: @BrowneePoints omggg thats wild
BrowneePoints: Yea, we're frequently colder than the Moon or Mars during windstorms in Winter
Snowcookies: o_0
saucemaster5000: Us californian coastals are mostly hurting from drought and terrifying fire seasons (minus this year), we got the other side of climate change...
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
Spanked42: Please do not cut yourself lol Not worth the views!
Cunobelenos: Graham demands blood tributes
Anubis169: lrrIAN "There's blood everywhere and this is your faaaaaaaaaault!!"
GirlPainting: blood for the algorythm! skulls for her throne!
Natural_Ones_Only: Paul demands skulls for the skulltron2000
adept_nekomancer: The warmer parts of Mars can get up to around 20 C during Martian summer... but the 0.01 atm of pressure is still a problem.
jessicaengle: Tiny bubbles...
LordZarano: !findquote blood
LRRbot: Quote #1518: "It looks like there's blood dripping down the walls." —Alex [2015-03-27]
KeytarCat: @GirlPainting I hope we get more darktide!
RealGamerCow: I personally stir continuously when dealing with corn starch so it doesn't burn to the bottom
TehAmelie: at least windchill is very slight on Mars eh
Riiiiiiis: well... you add energy to it ;-)
Anubis169: LOL
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xythrogar: The two year!
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GirlPainting: KeytarCat i hope for more kill team ^^
Natural_Ones_Only: The pot is getting into the spirit, I call it michael bubble
itira: there it goes!
wedge_x: now boil this to hard ball stage
greyducky: What are we making?
BrowneePoints: You know, real talk, I'd love a TTSF series where you cook recipes from Julia Child's Cookbook Ian. would be neat
Anubis169: does Canada have the impartiality laws we have in UK? 'cause "other XYZ's are available" is a running gag here
itira: it looks real saucy
Lysander_salamander: hello folks!
jessicaengle: I bought a paper folding bone from the craft store and was chagrined to find out it was also part of the Martha Stewart collection >:(
Lysander_salamander: oh, crab rangoon time
Stephonee: nice cutting board
serramarkov: My mouth is watering, just looking. For this, I want smell-o-vision.
iris_of_ether: Clever!
Lysander_salamander: sometime I should get one of those tools
RandomTrivia: Pffffft HypeLUL
Natural_Ones_Only: WOW
RockPusher: Anubis169 fairly sure Ian picked it up from latent consumption of BBC content :D
RealGamerCow: RIP wok on electric. That's the thing I hate the most about my kitchen. Can't get enough heat on an electric stove
korvys: Oh, that reminds me of a tweet that was like "I hate it when a recipe says '1 cup of onions'. Onions don't come in cups. They come in onions."
Anubis169: woks are best on gas imo
MediocreGamer42: Wok is supposed to go over a jet engine if i remember correctly.
RealGamerCow: korvys but how big is a "large onion?" :D
maxthefourth: more onions is better than less onions usually
serramarkov: We have a flat bottomed wok that works well on electric.
korvys: @RealGamerCow Give me weights, ideally
Spanked42: @RealGamerCow follow your heart
TehAmelie: i think it's only bad form if you die from laughing at your own joke but don't do it on camera
MediocreGamer42: Next time on Tinker Tailor, we make a Jet engine.
princess_intell: I just found out my mom got me a king gizz t-shirt for Christmas
princess_intell: it looks sick
ghyllnox: I wonder if there's such a thing as an induction wok
Lysander_salamander: oh cool, congrats Princess_Intell
Pteraspidomorphi: You can get pretty decent results on high powered induction
TheWriterAleph: scally ones
Anubis169: there is ghyllnox, but they're a little temperamental
Pteraspidomorphi: ghyllnox: You do have to keep the bottom on the cooktop
jessicaengle: If you've got time to talk, you've got time to wok
Anubis169: they heat a LOT in one area, and you get cold spots unless you rotate the thing around
BrowneePoints: i'm a cream cheese addict
princess_intell: it's got a fire breathing Godzilla on it. enough said.
BrowneePoints: dear lord I love cheesecake and bagels and crab rangoons
princess_intell: I'm a cheese addict in general
ghyllnox: What's the new lowest?
MediocreGamer42: need a 10 to 1 - crab to cream cheese ratio
Anubis169: Spaaaaace Cheese!
EerieDude: Always love to cook with Uncle Ian. What a time to be alive, ladies and non-ladies.
RandomTrivia: Think of it as astronaut cheese
Ukon_Cairns: that important place is crab rangoon and very few other places
RandomTrivia: @Anubis169 benginFingers
princess_intell: mmmm now I want a bagel and some lox
niccus: induction is rough for curved sides since its magical heat field (electromagnets) have very fast dropoff
maxthefourth: in Germany we have normal onions and "vegetable" onions which are like three times the size but also have less oomph. do you know if they have an English name for these?
Stephonee: this is the kind of content I'm here for (while working on a Thursday night)
iris_of_ether: Hot takes on crème fraîche?
saucemaster5000: Cream cheese, smoked salmon, and capers are the perfect flavor send tweet
Anubis169: so I made a Baked Camembert with Cranberry Jam the other day
princess_intell: @iris_of_ether it's cold
korvys: First "slurry", now "moist"
serramarkov: I work in a Cakery, and we use a LOT of cream cheese- it's so good.
iris_of_ether: Sweet onions?
RealGamerCow: saucemaster5000 add some dill to that and you're gold
electra310: @maxthefourth Sweet onions, maybe? Are they more yellow and the smaller ones more white?
Anubis169: maxthefourth: Chalottes?
jessicaengle: One of my favorite finger foods is a slice of good ham, patted dry, with a layer of cream cheese spread thin on it, and wrapped around a dill pickle. It's magical gestalt, somehow
niccus: maxthefourth i'll need pictures and a banana for scale
Lysander_salamander: I like red onions a bunch
Dog_of_Myth: Good evening all
Anubis169: hmm... i know you can get Garlic and Elephant Garlic
saucemaster5000: @RealGamerCow shit you're right
RandomTrivia: Hello there Dog_of_Myth sergeHi
MediocreGamer42: arent these scallions?
Anubis169: that might be it medio
maxthefourth: basically we have red onions, yellow onions, chalottes and vegetable onions
RandomTrivia: Uhhhh
Lysander_salamander: heck yeah sealed
RandomTrivia: Ian does your kitchen just contain flying knives?!
Anubis169: oh jebus
Anubis169: EWW
RealGamerCow: mung
RandomTrivia: Oh noooooo
Anubis169: Gunk
saucemaster5000: they say their collective name is the 'horde"
maxthefourth: vegetable onions are around an apple in size, maybe a little more
TheWriterAleph: so, low on the lickability scale then
bbperidot: Good evening,looking forward to krab Rangoon
jessicaengle: Throw that spatula away pls and thc
jessicaengle: thx
Anubis169: hello there bbperidot and greetings!
Stephonee: I have one of those - I take it apart for putting in the dishwasher and then let it dry completely before putting that away, because yeah, yiiiiiiikes if not
RandomTrivia: Don't crab open inside?
adept_nekomancer: It's flavored like imitation crabs
brainbosh: Polluck flavored as imitation crab
MediocreGamer42: fake crab? Blasphemy!
wedge_x: krab!
Anubis169: so it's pollock, flavoured to be like crab
RandomTrivia: Looks like we don't have time to gab after all
Stephonee: needs a hyphen: crab-flavored
Dog_of_Myth: It's krab
sugarsh0t: no gab, only crab
jessicaengle: It's not blasphemy for crab rangoon :D
TehAmelie: i'm trying to visualize a mash-up of "If you have time to gab you have time to crab" with REM's Imitation of Life
jessieimproved: Dreams of grocery store sushi
maxthefourth: if you got time for imitation gab
brainbosh: Krab is the only thing that won't kill me wo its great
sugarsh0t: also I actually prefer pollock to crab so there
TehAmelie: to celebrate the imitation crab
TristalMTG: I didn't realize imitation crab could still be fish? is it always?
BrowneePoints: Pollock is great to cook with, cuz it's extremely mild and will take on the flavor of the herbs/spices/sauce
Lysander_salamander: so what is the usual ingredient, when they spell it "krab?"
jessicaengle: I loved that stuff as a kid, I'd just snack on it out of hand :D
TheWriterAleph: kraeb (TM)
Dog_of_Myth: @TristalMTG Usually
KeytarCat: @Lysander_salamander Pretty sure it's usually pollock
Juliamon: Pollock is the standard fish used for imitation crabmeat
Lysander_salamander: neat
Anubis169: why do they call it Krab then? is real Crab unavailable?
excalgold: Krab isnt bad
jessicaengle: It's more affordable
BrowneePoints: Americanized Chinese is also synonymous with Christmas for non-Christian families
Lord_Hosk: Hey Ian... does your nose itch?
maxthefourth: Krab Is cheaper iirc
Juliamon: It's MUCH cheaper than real crab and you can't taste the difference in crab rangoon
Spanked42: what is immiation crab made of?
BrowneePoints: like Jewish Americans will tell you it's kind of a cultural thing to go see a movie and go get Chinese on Christmas Day, and that's not a joke
adept_nekomancer: If you are too messy with the Pollock, it becomes Jackson Pollock.
Anubis169: ahh, so 'long crab' :P
MediocreGamer42: Krab is def cheaper than real crab, but no where near as good IMO
TehAmelie: that's how you get a Pollock situation
Riiiiiiis: @Spanked42 unusally white fish
BrowneePoints: cuz well...Chinese places are one of the only places open on Christmas day
Juliamon: personally I like imitation crabmeat more than actual crab
Juliamon: less shell bits
saucemaster5000: @BrowneePoints Had a friend in high school who worked for their Parent's restaurant, said it was the most stressful day of the year benginSip PrideLaugh
jessicaengle: I wouldn't say synonymous @BrowneePoints . Some people do, but far from everyone
Lysander_salamander: I wonder if folks that are allergic to shellfish are also allergic to pollock?
Xafty: imitation crab is great for all reasons but friend crab claws
MediocreGamer42: snow crab or alaskan king crab.
Anubis169: only ever had it battered, never
Juliamon: Lysander_salamander It's not a shellfish
Anubis169: never like this*
itira: @Juliamon saaame
Juliamon: It's a whitefish
excalgold: I enjoy chinese food on christmas even if my dad isnt going to the big family thing heh
Mysticman89: christmas eve is probably the third busiest nigh where I work (after NYE and mothers day)
TheWriterAleph: "hey man you got legs?"
Mysticman89: where I work =canadian chinese place
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TheShameGranny: Ian Horner! Mrs Crocker told me you were showing off that onion technique of yours around the neighborhood again. Shameful, shameful behavior young man!
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TemporallyAwry: Also - crabs are basically spiders, and those aren't food.
princess_intell: nice knife ian
korvys: What does crab taste like anyway? Like, what did they do to the pollack to make it imitation crab, other than colour it?
maxthefourth: in Germany it's either a feast or potato salad and sausages
Anubis169: only 2 things in the sea i don't eat
LurkerSpine: I've had good luck with canned crab
Anubis169: lobsters 'cause places boil them alive
maxthefourth: @temporallyawry crabs are just spiders in armour
TristalMTG: @Anubis169 sand and salt water?
Juliamon: korvys That's the thing, imitation crab doesn't taste a damn thing like crab
Anubis169: and octopus, because if something is smart enough to learn calculus, it deserves to not be eaten
princess_intell: octopus can learn calculus???
Anubis169: they're SUPER smart
Juliamon: it just tastes salty
jessicaengle: Yeah, immitation crab isn't fooling anyone. But it has it's place sometimes.
princess_intell: pizza
korvys: @Anubis169 Yeah, that's my problem with octopus as well - seems like there's a good chance they're like, the second smartest things around
excalgold: @Anubis169 by that metric -i- can be eaten and i disagree heavily with that ! ( :P )
Anubis169: lol
Anubis169: you're not in the sea excalgold
maxthefourth: I'll stop eating octopus if someone teaches them programming
princess_intell: yakuza's frickin BONKERS
Snowcookies: tonight there's an ice storm where I am so hopefully I don't have to go to work
goombalax: I love your knife
princess_intell: every time i don't think it can get weirder, it does
korvys: It's just a bit messy, and you have to deal with a pan full of oil after
RealGamerCow: Deep frying is 100% temperature control
Spanked42: Deep frying is fine I just hate trying to find something to do with the oil afterwards
excalgold: i just spent the time my power was out due to wind assembleing a Zaku II/R6
Stephonee: @RealGamerCow yup, this
Anubis169: Stephonee <3
TehAmelie: octopus intelligence is super weird. they don't live long or socialize which is the ways we understand cleverness develops
Anubis169 snuggles
Mysticman89: I assume yakuzas are on sale with the steam sale, embrace that series if you're into it
princess_intell: deep frying scares me outside of an industrial kitchen
Stephonee: @Anubis169 PokPikachu
princess_intell: there's just SO MUCH that can go sideways
korvys: Zakuza
LurkerSpine: Yakuza is also on Game Pass, if you ahve it
Anubis169: princess_intell: we had a deep fat fryer, it was wonderful and we made chips in it (fries)
Landgraft: nearly forgot I subbed to prime for free shipping at Christmas, enjoy
goombalax: we started watching Utena for the first time, and I am glad for it, because I get to see all the influence it had on Witch from Mercury
RockPusher: I have started watching my first Gundam (checking out Witch from Mercury)
Mysticman89: a quick check indicates they're all from -65% to -67% depending on the title.
maxthefourth: wasn't deep fried turkey extremely dangerous
RealGamerCow: 65-75% of ALL Yakuza games during winter sale
TristalMTG: Softening cream cheese (or not) is going to be a problem either way
Anubis169: eventually we went with oven chips though, when all the health check stuff came out about fried food
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princess_intell: i did the math on yazuka 0 @ 4.99, it came out to 11 cents USD per minigame, with the campaign coming free
Mysticman89: -75* yes
Stephonee: softened with elbow grease, as glob intended
TristalMTG: If it's too soft, it doesn't come out of the foil cleanly
NotCainNorAbel: did you hear me?
thefakeinyellow: ian is experiencing what i often experience. bowl too smol
Anubis169: hexperience bowl
NotCainNorAbel: Ian showing off that he has two bowls
Mysticman89: it really is.
BrowneePoints: they are delightful
princess_intell: and when i say mini game, i mean "entire side game"
korvys: Quote that
jessieimproved: tbh a lot of the games I play are nearly free when you break them down by hour
saucemaster5000: In my nails. Jalapenos
Juliamon: Please don't demand quotes
jessicaengle: Mmmmm. Crab rangoon filling
Snowcookies: what other orifices do you taste from?
Spades_Slicc: There are taste buds outside the mouth
maxthefourth: lrrSPOOP
aozoranokiseki: I just came in, is Ian playing the Yakuza series for the first time?
goombalax: taste is stored in the mouth
princess_intell: with achievements, unique rewards, and an in-game ranking system
Mysticman89: plenty of jrpgs with 100s of hours of gameplay grind, but yakuza is mostly a huge diversity rather than doing the same thing 100s of times
Mysticman89: mostly
RockPusher: We taste with our brains… so…
Natural_Ones_Only: Smell is a large part of taste
Revenant77x: Wait until you taste it in your elbow
RandomTrivia: Yes, but only after Graham's story about tasting the saline in his *bloodstream* lrrBEEJ
Spanked42: @Snowcookies Wouldn't you like to know?
TemporallyAwry: Please Stop jlrrNo
Snowcookies: !clip
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maxthefourth: @spades_slicc why
RealGamerCow: You can get all the Yakuza games (0, Kiwami 1 and 2, 3-5 remastered, 6, Like a Dragon) for 63 dollars right now, and 20 of that is Like a Dragon
warboss5: Question for the Yakuza fans in the chat: Can someone come into the series at Like a Dragon and not feel completely lost? If not, where should I start?
korvys: Seems like it could have been softer
princess_intell: biology is fucking WILD
iris_of_ether: Just remembering this comic about gravy...
jessicaengle: I advise you only take crab rangoon orally
DrakoniteStreams: this crab rangoon will taste good in my human mouth hole
serramarkov: Popular with the kittehs.
RockPusher: warboss5 starting at Like a Dragon is perfectly fine
Anubis169: Crab Rangoon is supposed to be eaten, not snorted or taken rectally
Mysticman89: you can enter into yakuza at Like a dragon yes.
Spanked42: @Anubis169 Don't tell me how to live my life!
RealGamerCow: MSG?
jessicaengle: Crab rangoon face mask sounds like a 100% chance of acne breakout to me
itira: @Anubis169 oh no... iv been doing it wrong this whole time
TehAmelie: ha, have you heard of these seals snorting eels?
drewm1022: Yeah when chef makes cheesecake at my restaurant he leaves the cream cheese out overnight.
princess_intell: i recommend adding msg to basically every savory dish
adept_nekomancer: If you're huffing crab, something has probably gone wrong at some point.
Mysticman89: like a dragon has a number of references to characters and peopel from previous games, but its sortof a fresh story compared to 0-6 being kiryus story.
TehAmelie: they're endangered seals and people are worried about the amounts of eels in their noses
RealGamerCow: uhhh
Natural_Ones_Only: Botulism?
itira: theyre fiiiiiiine :P
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
princess_intell: add some accent msg?
DarknessKingCoH: When in doubt throw it out.
Riiiiiiis: that's not legal in the EU :-D
Anubis169: and it goes straight back in the cupboard
Anubis169: for use as a hockey puck later
drewm1022: Granted they're much bigger blocks of cream cheese.
Riiiiiiis: to not have a best before date
saucemaster5000: I throw lemon zest in crab rangoon, no judgement here
princess_intell: i wish i liked crab.
princess_intell: like, at all
jessicaengle: Potato masher?
warboss5: Rangoonation
Anubis169: Electric Rangoonaloo
NotCainNorAbel: if he hasn't eaten it in nearly 13 years it is unlikely to be eaten; it is safe in the cupboard
TehAmelie: i wish i could afford shellfish on the reg :x
Juliamon: princess_intell Imitation crab doesn't taste at all like crab
RealGamerCow: huh. Looking at that I had the idea: Crab rangoon pasta salad.
Tripleyew: Rangoonifying?
princess_intell: i should just buy a whole bunch of wonton sheets and go wild with fillings
princess_intell: cuz they're crazy cheap and shelf-stable
saucemaster5000: I actually don't think a california roll would be as good with dungeness crab (the most popular crab here). It's too mild and stringy compared to pollock/imitation crab.
princess_intell: will it take all 3 hours to make this? it seems like he's going pretty fast, all things considered
sugarsh0t: ok @saucemaster5000 I feel vindicated because i had a california roll with real crab recently and stringy was one of the ways I'd describe it
jessicaengle: More time for muckbang at the end?
princess_intell: is he making side dishes?
Juliamon: Real crab is not an ingredient, it is its own food.
Anubis169: jessicaengle: if there is, I vote we call the section "More bang for your muk"
princess_intell: i'm completely guessing by the way, for all i know filling wonton wrappers takes 45 minutes your first time
jessicaengle: rangoon is a side dish, sort of. It's more of an appetizer I guess?
Juliamon: Real crab should be the star.
maxthefourth: is crab Rangoon basically crab in wonton?
princess_intell: yep
Juliamon: Which is why you shouldn't use it in crab rangoon.
Anubis169: yup
Juliamon: Crab rangoon is basically cream cheese in wonton.
princess_intell: now i want to try sticking all kinds of foods in wonton wrappers and seeing what happens
maxthefourth: TBF it's probably fine 90% of the time
Anubis169: one day i need to learn how to make those gorgeous steamed pork parcels
princess_intell: right? like ritz crackers
itira: ooo steamed BBQ pork buns are so good
Anubis169: there's a chinese place in the city here that does the best dumplings for miles
princess_intell: mmmmmm pork
terribleplan: There is a place near me that does all sorts of non-crab "rangoon"... including things like strawberry....
maxthefourth: I think it's interesting that most cultures I've come across have at least one dish that's just "thing in dough pocket"
princess_intell: i'm going to a conveyor belt sushi place for my birthday next week and i'm SO STOKED
Anubis169: and as many times as they serve them, can't work out how they stick 'em together
saucemaster5000: I'm still wrapping char siu gyoza.... it's the longest actively paying attention part you have to do over these things.
Stephonee: @princess_intell ahhhh I love conveyer belt sushi - enjoy!
Anubis169: princess_intell: Protip, watch for the dishes that've just been put out by the chefs. The sushi on them is fresher and hasn't been doing the rounds under a light for 4 hours
DrakoniteStreams: this weekend I was actually planning to make crab rangoon stuffed mini bell peppers
princess_intell: they have like 30 kinds of sushi, plus little bowls of ramen, udon, even french fries
itira: looks behind the camera*
princess_intell: and sashimi!!
Anubis169: smokeMETAL
TherapyforNarwhals: Laser crab?
itira: sounds made up Kappa
DeM0nFiRe: Ask if you can join in!
excalgold: freezy rave
maxthefourth: Laser Crab Rangoon
saucemaster5000: "laser rave" is so much better than "rear window"
NotCainNorAbel: just a cat christmas party
princess_intell: i give
Anubis169: No, you need to turn the camera around and show it to the world Kappa
princess_intell: i give: crab ragoon wontons. i recieve: rave
RealGamerCow: Smol kitchen is smol
coolbond: thats not just any rave its a Christmas RAVE!
maxthefourth: @princess_intell a fair trade
Anubis169: I kid :P
Anubis169: hope they have a bangin' time
TheWriterAleph: Mariah Carey dubstep remix
princess_intell: aw, we can have our own rave here in chat
Stephonee: it's like horror - it's scarier if you don't see the monster rave
Anubis169: a pan... for putting your sheet on
BrowneePoints: Rangoons
goombalax: rangoose
RealGamerCow: rangoon
wedge_x: the art of geolocation can be a future TTSF
BrowneePoints: Rangoon is a city is it not?
princess_intell: wontons rangoon
terribleplan: it is itself plural
f_tan_theta: rangooni
sugarsh0t: rangsoon
Phailhammer: Compleated or completed? lrrBEEJ
BusTed: rangeese
v_squid: Rangini?
princess_intell: like culs de sac
Anubis169: rangoon sounds like a plural in itself
drewm1022: Rangeese
TehAmelie: rangone?
LurkerSpine: crabs rangoon
RockPusher: rans goon
itira: one single rangon ploz
DottieMatrix: rangoxen
sugarsh0t: oh I like "rangon" @itira
terribleplan: I ate a crab Rangoon from the plate of crab rangoon
goombalax: Crab Rangi
wedge_x: crabs rangoon
RandomTrivia: Now you're just wontonly splitting hairs lrrBEEJ
Mollylele: we crab rangin up in here?
princess_intell: *plate of* crab rangoon
maxthefourth: sergePun sergeCrimes
Finalsora811: It's a regional dialect.
Mollylele: rangin and bass
drewm1022: Crab rangoserses
Anubis169: wa n ta n
princess_intell: same as "bag of chips"
Stephonee: how pissed would you be if you ordered rangoon and got 1
BrowneePoints: It's closer to "Huntun" in Mandarin
sugarsh0t: @Mollylele it's beginning to look a lot like crabmas
DeM0nFiRe: Obligatory "wow, one ton? How did you even carry them home?"
Mollylele: 🦀 you will be visited by three crabs
Anubis169 huggles Mollylele and sugarsh0t
Anubis169: <3
RockPusher: Molly lrrAWESOME
Stephonee: there were... four... crabs!
princess_intell: aren't there like half a million kanji or something
sugarsh0t: @Mollylele all billionaires deserve to be haunted by judgmental crabs
princess_intell: or maybe it just feels like half a million kanji
Mollylele: rangoons on the gang's moon
RockPusher: I'm happy Ian finished that sentence]
sugarsh0t: dang not even like... don mee or something?
itira: odd
BrowneePoints: for Ian, in Mandarin it's closer to "Huntun" or "Wuntun" in Cantoneseso Wonton isn't actually too bad of a transliteration...morph? @LoadingReadyRun
RockPusher: Like, are you accusing Julie of not existing‽ Rude!
Kelderan: Ooh. Crab Rangoons! That was my learn to make dish of 2022! And now everyone else and Ian can as well!
princess_intell: i'm actually shocked given that victoria is a freaking ISLAND
iris_of_ether: Y'all got steak tartare delivery but no rangoon? o_O
Anubis169: well thank you very much BrowneePoints <3
sugarsh0t: @RockPusher i mean I super don't
Phailhammer: @RockPusher Who's Julie? lrrBEEJ
princess_intell: does victoria not have any kind of commercial fishing docks?
RockPusher: sugars5Luv lrrSPOOPY
wedge_x: I think the fastest way I can get them in LA is to hit up a Hawaiian BBQ, interestingly
maxthefourth: the crab of Rangoon past
RealGamerCow: I saw a chef that had teaspoon and tablespoon tattoo on their palm and they said it was amazingly useful
Anubis169: sugarsh0t is totally a recording
BrowneePoints: did you see the Chef who got tattoos of rings on his hand that are accurately sized for a teaspoon and a tablespoon?
BrowneePoints: @RealGamerCow same braincell
TehAmelie: your eyeballs get better with practice
korvys: Oh, that's like Adam Savage's ruler on his arm
RealGamerCow: For this kind of thing, I strongly suggest cookie scoops.
lackingsanity: its not something I ever really saw in vancouver either. I wonder if its more of a US and/or east coast thing?
RandomTrivia: @TehAmelie That is both surprisingly accurate and deeply unsettling
princess_intell: of course adam savage got a functional ruler inked on his arm
TehAmelie: lrrAWESOME
RealGamerCow: a teaspoon of salt, more than you expect
BrowneePoints: Yep! i think it's just a functional shorthand so he can dump into hand into pot super quick
Anubis169: wait you can have non-kosher salt?
Riiiiiiis: that measuring spoon was a LARGE tspoon imo
Anubis169: o.O
hesterbyrde: If you tightly cup the palm of your hand, the crevice in the middle makes a teaspoon-ish.
goombalax: thats a good eyeball for sure
BusTed: Not too shabby!
maxthefourth: does anyone know why kosher salt is called kosher salt? I'd assume most salt is kosher
jessicaengle: Most salt is not kosher
BrowneePoints: @maxthefourth blessed or went through the koshering process
princess_intell: @maxthefourth someone made a youtube video about that! i'll find it
goombalax: rangoon splitting the seam after frying is normal
korvys: I think you almost always want to aim low for filled things - they have less in them than you think
sugarsh0t: @goombalax i too split my seams after frying
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aquinas_0: food?!
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Anubis169: aquinas_0 manFOOD
BrowneePoints: short answer @maxthefourth Kosher salt’s original purpose was really to kosher meat, meaning to remove the blood from meat, so it’s really koshering salt. Certain salt companies labeled the boxes of this coarse salt kosher salt rather than koshering salt, and the name stuck.
korvys: try corner to corner, yeah
Anubis169: well thank you <3
RandomTrivia: Now you've just made a Crab ravioli
RandomTrivia: :p
Stephonee: no explosions
Anubis169: Crabbioli?
coolbond: tasty tasty IED
RockPusher: practically I believe kosher salt has flat flakes rather than grains, making it adhere better and thus was better for koshering
RandomTrivia: @Anubis169 I am ashamed that I didn't think of that
BrowneePoints: There's more than one way to crab a rangoon
BrowneePoints: Correct Kosher Salt is much more coarse
TehAmelie: i feel if i tried this i'd end up with crab kroppkaka
korvys: I think you want to pinch the corners together, not the edges
aquinas_0: we are working on crab drinking-cup rangoons - I can has origami
NezumiiroK: I'll get comfy
BrowneePoints: yea the "traditional" shape is corners pinched together like a basket
jessicaengle: Dingle the bingle
Ingavar_Khaos: ooh, I showed up right at comfy time 😃
maxthefourth: I thought kosher salt means coarse salt, but that might be a mistranslation
RealGamerCow: Ian, small tip for making pouch-style rangoon: put the wrapper in your cupped left hand, scoop filling in, moisten edges, pinch together with left hand fingers
NezumiiroK: ggkComfy
RockPusher: lrrGOAT
saucemaster5000: If you want the quickest way I know (doing the same thing rn,) wet a finger and run around the edges. Press together, wet fingers, press again
Anubis169: lrrAWESOME
EldarLuin: danvidDance
korvys: Like a italian chef motion?
korvys: I think you want to pinch the corners together, not the edges
RealGamerCow: yes, italian chef motion
BrowneePoints: YEP! bang on ian!
saucemaster5000: yup, @RealGamerCow is bang on
jessicaengle: Less payload maybe
korvys: Ian - corners, not edges
terribleplan: I think your wrappers are too small for it, but most crab rangoon from around here is "frog" shaped. not sure if there is a proper name for it.
Anubis169: looks good
jessicaengle: It's always less than you think it should be, like making a burrito
drewm1022: I wouldn't have got the peppers if I knew it wouldn't fit. I wouldn't have got the cheese if I knew it wouldn't fit.
RealGamerCow: I have seen many triangle-goons
drewm1022: All 4 corners, I think.
korvys: All 4 corners, yeah
RealGamerCow: all rangoons are valid, as long as they seal
BrowneePoints: honestly it's an experiment in which style you like too
WiJohn: Envelop-goon
saucemaster5000: do the shape that works, honestly
coolbond: how crispy?
Anubis169: you're gonna get so many packets out of this
jessicaengle: crab nuggies!
BrowneePoints: it's like Making Bao or Gyoza, as long as they're sealed, you're good
Anubis169: and they're all going to disappear inside 2 minutes
aquinas_0: wonton / tortillini style rangoons? those are fun
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korvys: Yes, exactly like that, but 45 degrees rotated
coolbond: wet the dries so you can dry the wets EXTREMLY quickly in oil
drewm1022: That's actually how my local thai place does it.
BrowneePoints: that's also the traditional restaurant style he just made @korvys
korvys: I think you'll get more space if you pinch the corners, not the edges
BrowneePoints: they make them that shape cuz they can do it quickly and repeatedly
korvys: And also the other corners
korvys: All 4 together
RealGamerCow: watching the old ladies make hundreds of of pleated dumplings is always fascinating to me
Riiiiiiis: all four corners in one pinch?
drewm1022: Korvys is saying pull all 4 corners to one point.
BrowneePoints: all 4 corners together, but your wrappers MAY be a bit too big
RealGamerCow: Get your apron dirty! That's what they are for!
korvys: Yes!
jessicaengle: Is there any reason not to make a crab rangoon, but pan fry it in a small amount of oil? The wrapper won't be the same puffy texture, but it'd be delicious right?
BrowneePoints: yea! that maximized the area the best if you can get them to seal
saucemaster5000: I wish I could do it as fast as some of the old ladies I've seen
Stephonee: it's so cute
BrowneePoints: @saucemaster5000 decades of practice3
RockPusher: 🤌
korvys: And you have more room, cause you have less wanton hanging out each side (so there's more wrapping)
jessicaengle: Of course! I want to see the deep fry. I just like pan frying things in general :D
korvys: Air fried katsu is... fine
Stephonee: mmmmmmmmm katsudon....
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
Electrodyne: Why do I need a proper catsuit on?
gawag_: i do think katsudon is pretty good even with a shallow fry
DeM0nFiRe: You know this is a very efficient stream, because there is time for both gab and crab at the same time
sugarsh0t: wait is that seriously all an air fryer is
RockPusher: Yup
BrowneePoints: yep!
iris_of_ether: Pretty much yeah
ShaneLeeAtk: Yes
TehAmelie: i want to try a deep fried brie cheese. maybe not the most sophisticated form of fried cheese but
RockPusher: Convection oven with airflow turned up more
saucemaster5000: not snazzy enough of a name. Call it convertorizing or nothing!
ShaneLeeAtk: High heat and a fast fan
korvys: Yes (though the size is actually a difference, cause it heats much more quickly)
DrakoniteStreams: No, air fry and convection oven are different. Air fry used much higher speed air and cooks much faster. Still a bad name, but not the same thing.
sugarsh0t: make the corners touch
drewm1022: Not fried, but my mother's xmas appetizer was already phyllo dough-wrapped baked brie cheese with apricot jam.
drewm1022: *always
korvys: 👉👈
jessicaengle: danger dumplings
Anubis169: now TOUCH
LurkerSpine: crab pierogie :D
Anubis169: are they pre-floured out of the packet?
sugarsh0t: @drewm1022 My mom skipped the phyllo but baked brie with mango chutney
korvys: I think you could do more filling, actually, if you use that shape
BrowneePoints: @sugarsh0t that sounds amazing
DrakoniteStreams: corner up, camel up?
larix_laricina: A true air fryer would mist your nuggs with superheated oil droplets. A bit impractical for home kitchen use, but it's a cooking method with flair.
drewm1022: @sugarsh0t Cool, also sounds delicious.
Stephonee: okay, this whole conversation now has me searching where I can get katsudon locally
8bitdame: ragooooon
jessicaengle: What's katsudon?
sugarsh0t: @BrowneePoints mango and cheese is a stellar combo. one of my favourite things is mango-ginger stilton
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Stephonee: @jessicaengle fried pork cutlet bowl
Anubis169: sugarsh0t: I made a booked camembert with cranberry jam the other day, first time
sugarsh0t: mmmmmmm that soudns amazing
Anubis169: will defo be doing that again manAWW
serramarkov: Lacking access to crab rangoon tonight I am making instant ramen and will experiment with presentation.
jessicaengle: @Stephonee the pork is deep fried?
LurkerSpine: I can't handle the bitterness of bleu cheese, I really wish I could handle it
saucemaster5000: holy crap stilton and ginger is a combo that lifted my eyebrow
sugarsh0t: bulldog sauce is a brand, not a sauce made from or by bulldogs
BrowneePoints: @sugarsh0t I just think most chutneys and cheese would be a great pairing
Anubis169: O.O
korvys: ^Katsu
Anubis169 picks himself up
korvys: ^Katsudon
sugarsh0t: tofu katsus well for the vegetarians
Stephonee drooling
Anubis169: anybody get the number of that url?
jessicaengle: Oh this stream is giving me food envy.
drewm1022: I'm envious of how many rangoons Ian is about to have.
korvys: @Anubis169 Yeah, sorry, that first one was a little longer than I thought it was going to be :D
RealGamerCow: Chicken fried steak is American beef katsu. Fite me
TheJoe743: beef katsu sounds like a Japanese country fried steak lol
Snowcookies: Don't remember seeing tempura
sugarsh0t: do japanese curry and have me as a guest taste tester
saucemaster5000: @RealGamerCow not wrong.
sugarsh0t: i have no credentials i just want to eat curry
Violentfrog: TTSF taught me how to make okonomiyaki and I still make it bi-weekly
korvys: Katsu curry is a favourite
Anubis169: "-don" is normally a bed of rice isn't it?
RealGamerCow: The big difference is the sauce. Katsu sauce is very very different from sausage gravy
korvys: @Anubis169 Yes, short for donburi
LurkerSpine: Man, a curry tasting sounds awesome. Do Japanese, Thai, and Indian. it'd be amazing
Anubis169: yeye
jessicaengle: I've never brought myself to try a chicken fried steak :D
hesterbyrde: learning to make my own gyoza was a huge lifehack... especially since I can freeze them.
sugarsh0t: @LurkerSpine fill this woman with massaman
Raincoast_Bear: Time for Crab!
hesterbyrde: Honestly... watching you do rangoon, it's not much more difficult.
jessicaengle: Gyoza, not just for grandmas anymore
maxthefourth: how long do frozen gyoza stay ok?
RealGamerCow: yeah you're basically making crab gyoza.
sugarsh0t: I am reminded of the time my sister and I made spaetzle at home because we wanted some
sugarsh0t: with no press
Stephonee: oh, I have frozen gyoza in my freezer right now........
Raincoast_Bear: Gyoza, potsticker, perogy....
Anubis169: @hesterbyrde best cooking hack. Get an ice cube tray and freeze butter with herbs and/or garlic in it. Instant way of greasing a frying pan with something delicious.
RealGamerCow: sugarsh0t how?
korvys: Protein wrapped in carbs - the universal comfort food
jessicaengle: Crossing the Fillings!
Simonark: I'd say that would be great for Boxing Day but that would have some messy crokinole pieces
Stephonee: gyoza (the innards, at least) = one of the few things my picky toddler will eat
RealGamerCow: Also difficult at home: Gnocchi
LurkerSpine: Massaman, pineapple, red, green... how can one choose only one Thai curry?
sugarsh0t: i can. massaman 4 lyf
hesterbyrde: My family makes tortellini at Thanksgiving and it is an assembly line.
Anubis169: Make more delicious mistakes
LurkerSpine: I really need to learn to make them, because I spend so much on them lol
drewm1022: You can also just make rolls of compound butter and put pats on steak.
Raincoast_Bear: I'm. fan of most stuffed dumplings.
mitomanox: time for crab
RealGamerCow: Another very tedious home food: Italian Wedding Soup, specifically the dozens of teeeeeny meatballs
jessicaengle: It's the Jolly Dumple, come to celebrate our victory
Simonark: There's also the fact that when it's a food we only ever eat in a restaurant, and try to make it ourselves it always takes forever, we haven't made it ten thousand times in a kitchen designed for the purpose.
Anubis169: that one's gonna bust itself
maxthefourth: I really want to make ravioli from scratch
iris_of_ether: Learning cooking skills is great for folks with dietary restrictions, too. You can often make stuff tailored to yourself
RealGamerCow: Simonark I recently got a dumpling press and cutter and it has made making dumplings SO much easier.
RealGamerCow: Ravioli are probably(?) the easiest dumpling to make.
LurkerSpine: I have the new years week off and one of my goals is to just practice the crap out of cutting onions
DrakoniteStreams: I really want crab rangoon now :-/
Anubis169: everybody should learn to cook basic things (situation notwithstanding)
LadyMCHall: I have a momofuku recipe book I need to make use of soon
jessicaengle: @LurkerSpine my eyes are burning just thinking about cutting onions for a whole week. :(
Anubis169: 'cause you never know when you might be somewhere dire
LurkerSpine: @jessicaengle I'm one of the lucky people who isn't usually affected - but putting them in the fridge does help
hesterbyrde: Plus now there's shows like this and Youtube videos to give the walkthrough.
Spanked42: Cooking is great. I'm a better baker tho. I just made some cookie dough today to freeze for later.
DrakoniteStreams: @jessicaengle When you regularly sharpen and steel you knives, cutting onions doesn't cause problems
maxthefourth: are Maultaschen a thing outside of Germany? the best way I can describe them is big ravioli with minced meat filling
drewm1022: RANGOON DOWN
DarknessKingCoH: This is making me think it would be fun to have a mystery wonton segment in a future LRL.
Simonark: I'm inherently suspicious!
hesterbyrde: Oh man I've got so much cookie baking to do this weekend... I am attending Christmas Eve with my partner for the first time and I have to show off. XD
coolbond: except for the thousands watching
saucemaster5000: patrick stewart saw everything
Kelderan: Rangoon or dumpling wrapping is a fun social thing if it hasn't already come up via Ian or chat.
Anubis169: also, on making a sourdough, found out the reason bakers have arms like tree trunks
Riiiiiiis: Here I use the 10cm rule - If it's been within 10cm of the floor it's out
DrakoniteStreams: @DarknessKingCoH "Can it wonton?"
RockPusher: Disinfect your rangoon with the power of hot oil!
Kelderan: Yay <3 When the Covid days are behind us. Obvs.
LurkerSpine: Are lekvar pierogies a thing in Victoria? Is that only an Eastern Pennsylvania thing?
Kelderan: Derp. What you just said.
hesterbyrde: @Kelderan for my family, it's a Thanksgiving tradition for making tortellini. Swapping stories about our ancestors and our current lives.
LadyMCHall: oh dear this recipe for foie gras :(
Stephonee: <3 similar situation here
LadyMCHall: recipebook*
Kelderan: hesterbyrde that's lovely!
Spanked42: Wait, have you guys not given up hope and just admitted we're in an endemic?
Anubis169: oh right... I'm going to need to take a supply of masks with me to Japan
DarknessKingCoH: @DarknessKingCoH "Wonton Madness!"
jessieimproved: Yep we got our free tests in the mail this week
Stephonee: I ordered mine last week
RealGamerCow: Nutella.
RealGamerCow: trust me.
saucemaster5000: Peanut butter
Riiiiiiis: another dumpling
Tripleyew: Peanut butter
drewm1022: A boat
LurkerSpine: apple butter
Stephonee: Also in the US, if you have older tests that say they're expired - check the FDA website, they extended the expiration date of the tests made last year and early this year
LurkerSpine: ^ mine lasted an extra 3-4ish montsh
maxthefourth: Maultaschen are also called "Herrgottsbescheißerle" (roughly god cheaters) because ofc god can't see that you're eating meat on Friday if you put it in a dumpling
Kelderan: Stephonee Thanks! I did not know that.
Anubis169: I don't have a beard, but i need ones with long elastic straps
drewm1022: @maxthefourth That's really interesting.
CaptainSpam: Next TTSF, Ian defies the gods and makes the fabled One-Ton Wonton. Will it be an imperial ton or a metric ton? You'll have to tune in to find out!
Anubis169: @maxthefourth LOL
TehAmelie: a dough napkin!
Spanked42: @maxthefourth There seems to be a lot of cheats to try and beat something that's suppose to be all seeing.
sugarsh0t: god cannot see through an inch of lead or two millimetres of pastry
TehAmelie: maybe you better make dumplings with beaver meat to be really safe
aquinas_0: guys guys did you know Beaver Is Totally A Fish!
Spanked42: god can't see anal, either. So, yeah, guess in the right circumstances...
LadyMCHall: @Anubis169 I need to stock up as well for my trip to vegas
saucemaster5000: X-ray vision was stolen by some Prometheus inspired twerp
Tripleyew: Peanut butter plus a bit of bit of garlic and onion could be delicious in a dumpling - a little sweet, a little savory
Anubis169: Moka choca latta yaya?
Tripleyew: @aquinas_0 that’s one of my favorite bits of religious history
aquinas_0: @TehAmelie you also know the the strange secrets of medieval fasts
jessieimproved: I appreciate that reference
Simonark: Baba Rahrah Cookoo Dada Bossa Nova
jessicaengle: Thank you for knowing that song Ian. I sing it to myself all the time
LurkerSpine: time to grind some pork
Anubis169: @ladymchall go for it!
TehAmelie: i think it's still technically enshrined in Catholic dogma that beavers are fish
coolbond: just make sure its not to WET
Anubis169: thinking of doing the vacuum seal things for my clothes
sugarsh0t: my high school bestie and i vaccuum sealed a dead spider to give to a friend
saucemaster5000: Yeah tell your friends to get you a vacuum sealer for christmas, they got three days. Go.
jessieimproved: Oh no I sang it too
BusTed: Sesame Street?
korvys: The pointer sisters? I was humming along
RealGamerCow: did you know that was the Pointer Sisters that sang that song?
sugarsh0t: we liked him, we were just weird
niccus: the song struck it medium big on ytmnd
Stephonee: my husband taught me that song - I think it's time on Sesame Street was a little before me? or I forgot it
maxthefourth: @tehamelie they live in water so what else could they be
Dog_of_Myth: Wait....what?
coolbond: beavers are still fish as far as im aware
jessieimproved: Absolute best video from Sesame Street, it actually has multiple iterations
Stephonee: #BlameGrant he sings it all the time
RealGamerCow: korvys same brain!
jessicaengle: Yay! jlrrPeakslit
jessicaengle: Thanks Ian :D
LurkerSpine: Cheer100
DrakoniteStreams: I'm in the middle of a blizzard, even groceries before xmas is a difficult ask.
Simonark: It's because of the Treaty of Tordesillas, Brazil being on the other side of the line the church set meant Portugal got some WEIRD concessions
Tripleyew: I don’t think beavers=fish was ever *undone* officially
serramarkov: In the spirit of the show, I just tried something. Ramen noodles as a variant of Mac and Cheese. It was worth the try, probably shouldn't have used the seasoning packet, but without it- I would try again.
serramarkov: Parm/romano.
DrakoniteStreams: I've done instant ramen mac and cheese a lot. It's interesting.
niccus: when i was a kid i loved this one snack that was just dry ramen with cheese dust
korvys: Another universal food: Long carbs
TehAmelie: same for lasagna plates, probably
RealGamerCow: I didn't know until recently that the cheese powder in Annies Mac and Cheese is the same cheese powder used in Smart Food Popcorn
korvys: I bet you could make wonton lasagne
CaptainSpam: Well, now I DO want to try that.
RockPusher: tiltyhYAS
DrakoniteStreams: don't say "pasta is pasta" near an italian grandmother unless you have a death wish
drewm1022: I dunno, deep fried wonton strips could be a good topping on kraft mac.
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Mcgwee: hello!
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LadyMCHall: Miso Ramen is dish I need a recipe for sure
DarknessKingCoH: I took me far too long to find out that ramen is a soup. I always cooked and drained the noodles.
LurkerSpine: time to invite salmon rangoon
saucemaster5000: @RealGamerCow oh, tell me nutritional yeast is in both
DarknessKingCoH: It*
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
7 raiders from MooseAndTato have joined!
niccus: if you have extra skin (heh), i recommend trying out making wonton soup but deep frying the wonton first
Kelderan: I missed early stream. Are we using imitation crab?
jessicaengle: (Ohhh, I see now, you called it the "Pinball song". I remembered it was from Sesame street but not specifically what. But yeah, I totally recognize the pinball machine animation. A piece of my childhood is back, thanks for this!)
Dog_of_Myth: Heya Raiders
terribleplan: I said earlier, a place near me does strawberry rangoon
maxthefourth: is dumpling to cusine the same as crabs are to evolution?
drewm1022: Yep @Kelderan
coolbond: @DrakoniteStreams pasta is pasta in its most fundamental way just the shape thats diff
Kelderan: @drewm1022 Nice
Tripleyew: Bananas foster Rangoon?
Stephonee: I was only vaguely taught how to make ramen as a 12-year-old by my stepmother and then left to my own devices for years... I have an odd way of making ramen
saucemaster5000: @Stephonee ... this may be a weird question, but do you step on it like I was taught?
DarknessKingCoH: You smash the ramen noodles in the package, clearly.
Stephonee: @Stephonee No - you mean the bag before you make the noodles, to break them up? (I was taught to make it with the noodle block whole, so you get whole long noodles)
Kelderan: I have eaten a ton of crab rangoon and little else for dinner before when I was making them a lot for practice this year. My body did not like it as much as my tongue XD
drewm1022: We're doing bananas foster creme brulee.
Stephonee: Basically, I left the ramen bowl in the microwave for like an hour once (thanks undiagnosed ADHD) and the noodles swelled up SUPER huge, and it was awesome... so I always left it in a big bowl of water for at least 20 minutes after that to get huge noodles
pennyfortheguy: I was cooking while i listened to this, now im enjoying my pokchops with broc and potat
saucemaster5000: Nope that was completely a mix-up -- Ian is right, I was thinking Udon
ExitPursuedByABear: I just had bananas foster at the place that invented it just last week
Kelderan: You no scoped the pronunciation of my strange 20 year old username Ian. Bravo!
Tripleyew: @drewm1022 feliciaOoh
maxthefourth: did you know that you can light almost any cocktail on fire if you layer high proof rum on top?
ExitPursuedByABear: it was SO good
Kelderan: Good answer
ExitPursuedByABear: has anyone ever ordered or made a Blue Blazer?
Simonark: Singapore Slings are a bad call, the umbrella catches light
TehAmelie: i've been wondering what might be a vegetarian substitute for shellfish. closest i've found is fake caviar made of algae
RealGamerCow: Previously featured on TTSF
LurkerSpine: cooked sugar smells so dang good
TehAmelie: how to make a veggie crab rangoon that's not a drab rangoon
aquinas_0: why is ian david lynching?
ghyllnox: Isn't there soy imitation crab?
drewm1022: Reminds me of absinthe.
TehAmelie: sounds likely
Meyari: And featured on last(?) year’s boxing day stream
ExitPursuedByABear: a year end recap of ttsf could be a fun tradition
serramarkov: So in 75 years or so?
aquinas_0: @TehAmelie, some more interesting mushrooms perhaps?
Snowcookies: I think this is the kind of thing you could do til you're 100 years old
maxthefourth: We were doing a "Alles muss brennen"-day at the bar so you could order any drink on fire. I can recommend Dark and Stormy and other rum-based drinks. Would not do beer again ^^'
hesterbyrde: I appreciate this show. <3
saucemaster5000: @TehAmelie I've made that caviar. Depends on the shellfish! I do think hearts of palm are perfect for imitation crab in shredded crab recipes, it would be my choice for vegan rangoon.
pennyfortheguy: if paul's allowed to use his robots that might come sooner then you think
TehAmelie: hm
RockPusher: Tonight on TTSF we try life-extension techniques lrrBEEJ
drewm1022: What's the mushroom/nut mixture in a beef wellington? Duxelle? That might make a good veggie wonton stuffing.
ExitPursuedByABear: Does Paul want to host ttsf?
pennyfortheguy: oh ok then, you've got a long time then
LurkerSpine: what about a mech suit?
drewm1022: With cream cheese too. Hrm.
TehAmelie: maybe there is imitation imitation crab!
serramarkov: C'mon, Battlebots!
ExitPursuedByABear: Witch from Mercury is so fun
hesterbyrde: @TehAmelie There is vegan imitation crab so I feel like that would apply?
RockPusher: Cow Rangoon?
drewm1022: Huh. True!
CaptainSpam: The English Burrito.
sugarsh0t: every culture has one!!
LurkerSpine: Has Ian ever made Pierogies on TTSF?
sugarsh0t: the need to stuff food inside of other food is base and human
korvys: Glad we figured it out
RockPusher: Beef Wellington — the classiest of sausage rolls lrrBEEJ
ExitPursuedByABear: I submit that a Cornish pasty is closer to a dumpling than beef Wellington
jessicaengle: Like lobsters stuffed with tacos
DeM0nFiRe: @sugarsh0t It lets you eat more food per food, it's just efficiency
LurkerSpine: oh nice, I'm gonna have to find the vod
f_tan_theta: It's pierogi time here. Instead of christmas, my family celebrates Polish Food Night
RockPusher: I'm sure the LRR data community can probably pull that together very quickly
Simonark: Have you ever made a really ostentatious dessert for a group on TTSF? A big summer trifle, or maybe a strudel with the sauce?
pennyfortheguy: even if you don't make a spreadsheet I'm sure one of your fans is already on it, assuming no one has already
RockPusher: I think Joe won the ostentatious desert battle before it even started on Desert Bus mattlrHeart
Juliamon: that reminds me, I saw my mom bought ingredients for blintzes
ExitPursuedByABear: he did make Opera cake
jessicaengle: !findquote dessert
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Simonark: When you're in the business of warfare, does one battle settle things?
RockPusher: That said - TTSF Joe baking streams would be a treat
ExitPursuedByABear: Is there much Czech food in Canada? We've got a good amount in TX and I'm very thankful for it
Simonark: An English Hotpot isn't quite the same thing either.
LurkerSpine: huǒguō, meaning "fire pot"
korvys: Speaking of Nabe, did you ever watch sumo when you lived in Japan?
RealGamerCow: I need to make mille fuille nabe again soon. It's not easy but it's tasty during the winter
Simonark: If you're around where I grew up, in Kitchener, Ontario, a lot of German, Hungarian, Czech and Polish food came over and stayed
korvys: It's on for 2 weeks every 2 months (in odd numbered months)
korvys: If you're trying to find it
v_nome: I've gotten into watching sumo on Twitch. It's pretty cool
iris_of_ether: There are some pretty good sumo digests on YouTube as well
RealGamerCow: @korvys you actively watch? I think we may have had this discussion before.
jessicaengle: Fry time?
coolbond: good god
RealGamerCow: Natto Sumo is the best sumo YouTube channel
niccus: that's probably too much
MTGRanger: Ian hold on. We can talk about this
ExitPursuedByABear: is there going to be one with jelly too?
korvys: @RealGamerCow Yeah, sometimes (haven't for the last couple, though)
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: I shouldnt be surprised Kraft makes peanut butter
LurkerSpine: got any chocolate syrup?
rosesmcgee: Imagine a banana medallion on the bottom with a scoop of peanut butter on top. Sounds good to me.
ExitPursuedByABear: salt is a good choice
maxthefourth: is there any ingredient that's not improved by putting it into a dumpling
niccus: or maybe nutella, banana, marshmallow fluff
ExitPursuedByABear: I'm glad I ate before this stream
ExitPursuedByABear: too many good food ideas
LurkerSpine: @niccus fluffer nutter rangoon sounds amazing and terrible
RealGamerCow: korvys there's a couple good sumo twitch channels, I watch MidnightSumo, they do all the matches every day, even the lowest ranks
korvys: Wait, I missed something - what went into that rangoon?
ExitPursuedByABear: peanut butter
LurkerSpine: peanut butter
niccus: what about some spare hummus
korvys: Huh
ExitPursuedByABear: Rangoon roulette
korvys: You could actually do the banana one you joked about - Banana and peanut butter would be great
SymphonicLolita: what rangoon crimes did I walk into....
serramarkov: @rosesmcgee and @niccus more for you- I only like banana in nut bread.
niccus: i actually developed banana oral allergy two years ago and it's one of the greatest tragedies in my life
aquinas_0: you could just crinkly them up and do the sugar / cinnamon standard?
saucemaster5000: Make it a surprise which one it is. I once did that but not with peanut butter- a minced jalapeno. It was a tense dinner
hesterbyrde: For future attempts... if the peanutbutter melts out of the dumpling, it might work better if you freeze it
coolbond: @Loadingreadyrun how about jam and peanutbutter?
aquinas_0: peanut butter will melt
jessicaengle: so will cream cheese
niccus: jalapeno jam and a squeeze of lime with peanut butter
aquinas_0: @jessicaengle not nearly as impressively as the peanut butter though
niccus: hmmmm tzatziki rangoons
serramarkov: @niccus I can't eat salmon any more- it makes breathing too difficult. It was my favorite.
niccus: it's just giving you the salmon-on-dry-land experience
SymphonicLolita: brrrr
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: cow goes brrrrrrr
korvys: Sounds like a prop plane taking off, lol
ExitPursuedByABear: my dog was very interested in that sound
LordZarano: haha vacuum sealer go brrrr
Stephonee: Kitchen sharpie is such an underrated tool
RockPusher: Putting the F in TTSF
ExitPursuedByABear: quick! somebody mix the peanut butter Rangoon's in with the rest while Ian's not looking
aquinas_0: lol
Raincoast_Bear: Vaccuum Seal! The adventures of Earth's first pinniped astronaut!
SymphonicLolita: LRL bit: Rangoon Roulette
aquinas_0: hmm, get the natural peanut butter and drain the excess oil instead of mixing it back in? that could render that experiment non-hazardous
ExitPursuedByABear: that could be a good live bit, actually
jessicaengle: Rangoon roulette has legs
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anyavamps: Nice.
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ExitPursuedByABear: it has eight legs
aquinas_0: rangoon - classic, peanut butter, jalepeno jelly
aquinas_0: what else needs to exist
ExitPursuedByABear: (I don't remember how many legs true crabs versus false crabs have)
jessicaengle: I think crabs have ten legs?
aquinas_0: potato! secret pierogi!
ExitPursuedByABear: !findquote crab
LRRbot: Quote #5282: "Fortress Crab. A fortress of crabs." —Nelson [2018-08-24]
DrakoniteStreams: cookie dough rangoon?
v_nome: Biblically accurate crabs are truly a sight to behold
maxthefourth: coffee Rangoon?
jessicaengle: bologna rangoon
ExitPursuedByABear: Would a goon rancrab be a wonton wrapper inside a fried ball of crabmix?
aquinas_0: classic, peanut, jalepeno, cookie dough, potato, coffee, bologna, fractal
jessicaengle: Or braunschweiger
TheWriterAleph: rangoon wranglin
jessicaengle: Fry time!
DrakoniteStreams: cream corn rangoon? mashed potato rangoon? ravioli rangoon (ravioli wrapped in wonton)? cheeseburger rangoon?
DrakoniteStreams: hotdog rangoon!
Phailhammer: benginFine
jessicaengle: 0.0
TehAmelie: did the oil slip through your fingers?
MTGRanger: @drakonitestreams I think that last one is cheburek-adjacent
jessicaengle: lrrFINE
aquinas_0: and there it is, TTSF cannout be complete without Ian scaring everyone
DrakoniteStreams: is the Ian okay, or did the kitchen accidentally an Ian?
korvys: Uh, for no reason in particular, do you have a fire extinguisher nearby?
Too_Many_Knives: Lid
aquinas_0: good old wok frying
Too_Many_Knives: Extinguisher risks spraying oil out of the wok
DrakoniteStreams: @MTGRanger Will need to investigate, because that one actually sounds good
RockPusher: korvys I already established that he does at the top of the show gabyLul
korvys: @RockPusher 👍
TehAmelie: i dream of organizing a communal neighborhood fryer
niccus: you can rangoon just about anything, but you probably shouldn't try soup rangoon
LurkerSpine: I need to get me one
RangerAlpha7: Yes, highly recommend an instant read thermometer
Raincoast_Bear: Hmm. Deep frying. Is Cori around to provide Adult Supervision?
RangerAlpha7: It sure is a lot easier to cook when you can just look at a number and it tells you when it's ready
DrakoniteStreams: Does Cori know an adult? :)
Raiger: I've started using a thermoworks little stand up one with a probe I can keep in the oil while frying
Raiger: Nice to be able to keep that constant read on the temp super easily
RockPusher: Pen… Pineapple… Ugh… PenPineapple
LurkerSpine: pineapple juice: fantastic for marinades
jessicaengle: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
SymphonicLolita: brrrr
RockPusher: Audio gating handling that very well
DrakoniteStreams: anything to look for on instant read thermometers or are generic ones good enough?
RockPusher: ♫ One is sweet, the other is sour, together they both solve crimes ♫
RealGamerCow: My thermapen fell on to a hot burner and melted. I was...Upset.
korvys: I think I'd take the approach I do with other tools - Buy a cheap one, and if you find you're using it enough, then get a good one
TehAmelie: pineapple pulp, chunks and slices all come in identical looking tins around here. was there some special reason you had chunks?
RealGamerCow: korvys the Adam Savage method
RockPusher: Sam Vimes Boots Theory of Economic Inequality
korvys: @RealGamerCow Angus from Maker's Muse, actually, but it's a good approach
DrakoniteStreams: When I looked recently nothing looked like a name brand, and I definitely in camp of wanting a decent one, so no clue which to get.
hesterbyrde: I agree. Plus then you'll have a backup when you upgrade.
korvys: Not surprised Adam also does it
TehAmelie: i've gone without a cooking thermometer for 20 years, so i'll probably make big savings getting any kind
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunCarp crab! digita435Octo
LurkerSpine: I like to call it the harbor freight rule
DigitalSeahorse: your dinner is the same colour as mine
DigitalSeahorse: beet and squash mixed colour
korvys: Any thermometer is worth it, if you cook any amount, really
RockPusher: I… really any mercury thermometer should probably not be actually used nowadays
SymphonicLolita: zooom
Violentfrog: good patina on the handle
RockPusher: Yes it's fine right up until it breaks then it is a Problem™
Nuurgle: sweet and soursop
RangerAlpha7: the mercury is fine in terms of using it, its more that its impossible to get rid of responsibly
saucemaster5000: I hate that deep frying temp is equally finicky on electric and gas stovetops
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Brozard: Ooo Crab Rangoon 🦀
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DigitalSeahorse: I stopped using my sandwhich iron cause it was so hard to clean too
DigitalSeahorse: like waffle iron but for sammich
jessicaengle: A pannini press?
SymphonicLolita: at temp now
niccus: time to make it automatic and put a sous vide circulator into hot oil
DigitalSeahorse: hmmm nope it didn't have a grill pattern
DigitalSeahorse: I made grilled cheese with it mostly till I stopped
Brozard: Was it seasoned?
Brozard: Or coated with nonstick?
DigitalSeahorse: non-stick
Brozard: Hmmmmm
DigitalSeahorse: but the grease would still stick
Brozard: That…is incredibly smart, Ian
NotCainNorAbel: a good time is being had
LurkerSpine: I am, but I might be 3 gingerbread stouts in
SymphonicLolita: r a n g o o n
thefakeinyellow: remember kids, take off eye protection for deep frying and make sure you cant see it so good
rosesmcgee: I clean oil off my glasses after cooking by running them under hot tap water, dabbing the water off and then wiping with a glasses cloth. Works well, no smears
serramarkov: Very much having a good time!
DigitalSeahorse: katesY flat is easier to wash for sure
RealGamerCow: I keep my glasses on because I've gotten hot oil in my eye, it is not a good time
Brozard: Drop an ice cube in there (do not add ice to hot oil)
LordZarano: 400 °F = 478 K
thefakeinyellow: have you considered safety over the regular glasses?
RangerAlpha7: ~6 i'd think
RangerAlpha7: oh we're on the same wavelength LUL
SymphonicLolita: rangoon go brrrr
DigitalSeahorse: the idea behind this one was that the sides of the sandwhich would get pressed more than the middle and it would crimp a slice into triangles
RealGamerCow: that's good bubblage
DigitalSeahorse: and that part had hard to wipe grooves
Brozard: Oh, I’ve seen those types of sandwich presses
inetro: Going to catch the VOD for this later but hope you have a great holiday Ian!
SymphonicLolita: interesting, all the rangoons I've had from restaurants are always triangles
SymphonicLolita: but these are fun little boxes
jessicaengle: Mmmmmmm those look great
Brozard: If it were me, I’d get one of those big heavy iron weights to press the sandwich on a cast iron or carbon steel pan
DigitalSeahorse: *noms rice and lentils with beets and squash and teriyaki sauce mixed in*
LordZarano: 375 °F = 464 K
DigitalSeahorse: mmmm
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyNom
Brozard: Those are looking quite done
inetro: Perfect golden brown. Love to see it
jessicaengle: gbd
EldarLuin: Those look so good
robert97dj: lrrARROW
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
DigitalSeahorse: looks delish
RockPusher: Golden brown deliciousness
mambearz: Looks good!
thefakeinyellow: happy to see ian uses my favorite method of deep frying. wonder if he's also a fan of j kenji lopez-alt
DigitalSeahorse: and you absolutely wanna remember to not panic if there's a fire, NEVER ADD WATER to an OIL FIRE
saucemaster5000: this is always so satisfying after wrapping -- lookat em go!\
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad
TehAmelie: the fine line between food that makes you go "afahafaafa" and "i'm not locked in here with you"
saucemaster5000: see- al the bad french fries you've ever had
inetro: Fascinating to know
thefakeinyellow: deep frying is so satisfying to watch
niccus: gotta break in the oil and develop emulsifiers (well... technically soaps...)
TehAmelie: i've started cooking stuff at the lowest temperature available to save power. maybe i have no taste :3
DigitalSeahorse: want the flavor bursting in your mouth, not the pan
korvys: Can't wait to see how the crabioli do
jessicaengle: Ooo I like crabioli
jessicaengle: jlrrPongchamp
DigitalSeahorse: oh they call those spiders?
aquinas_0: yep
thefakeinyellow: my spider is weirdly bulky/heavy. anyone know what spider ian is using?
niccus: it doesn't look like a branded spider
SymphonicLolita: maybe get it back up near 400, cause the first batch seemed to drop the temperature by ~20 degrees?
RealGamerCow: Those are like 4 dollars
jessicaengle: Get one from an international grocery store
RockPusher: I don't know if I've ever seen a branded spider…
LurkerSpine: restaurant supply shops are so cheap and good
DigitalSeahorse: ow
RockPusher: Ian - you have the spider right there - it can be used to put things *into* oil as well as taking them out…
Brozard On tonight’s TTSF, chat develops sympathy burns
thefakeinyellow: @RockPusher mind blown - why don't i do this
DigitalSeahorse: if I ever find a silicone spatula with metal core to it that has enough of a bend to keep hand from getting too near the pan I'm gonna buy the heck out of it
korvys: If you can do it safely, maybe could use a spoon to spoon over the oil to darken the top side, if they won't flip?
Brozard: There’s definitely a not incorrect perception that you have more control putting things in oil by hand that via a utensil
sugarsh0t: i mean the context clues are there
LurkerSpine: Ace Mart I think is the big one in the US?
LurkerSpine: oh maybe that's just TX
NotCainNorAbel: AceMart is decent online;
SymphonicLolita: yup, there's one of RH here
Brozard: I’ve seen a lot of Gordon Food Service Stores in the US
inetro: 0 bursts is a miracle
sugarsh0t: cooking fast, rangoons past
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunGeiger
TehAmelie: we're cooking with petrol, so to speak
Athelgar: fond
Mattmitchell45: I have one like that from second hand
SymphonicLolita: ohno
DigitalSeahorse: woops
Brozard: Geez
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LurkerSpine: time to melt off that plastic and throw on a silicone handle
DigitalSeahorse: never heard of preheating a spatula
aquinas_0: this is making me want to make egg rolls and wantons so bad
LurkerSpine: That's fair
SymphonicLolita: reminded of a video where a guy left a plastic cutting board in the oven...
aquinas_0: still need to work out an everyone in the house safe recipe
inetro: Never pre-heat your spatulas, they need to charbroil for 5 minutes to be ready.
DigitalSeahorse: I see
niccus: i prefer reverse searing my spatula
DigitalSeahorse: no burnt hands yet?
thefakeinyellow: ive seen the pictures of the preheated cutting board. not good
LurkerSpine: couple burnt fingers, @DigitalSeahorse
LurkerSpine: and then the peanut butter!
Athelgar: i ended up melting a bunch of a friends cutting boards and a serving tray when i turned on the ove to preheat. i had never heard of people storing things in the oven
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaTouch feliciaTouch
RockPusher: Some day in a few years time when the law forces it, I'll have kitchen ventilation good enough to do wok cooking again
aquinas_0: @Athelgar its the classic - Oh No! Grandmother Has Come! Move.
aquinas_0: Hide the dishes!
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serramarkov: They're looking great, Ian!
thefakeinyellow: im thinking about getting an outdoor wok burner next summer cuz my kitchen ventilation isnt great
DigitalSeahorse: one of the reasons I like food thermometers is they aren't fake and actually work
Athelgar: lol no, they literally stored a stack of pans and other flat stuff in their oven, so weird
aquinas_0: bizarre
SymphonicLolita: a rangoon natural
jessicaengle: jlrrPeakslit jlrrPeakslit jlrrPeakslit
RockPusher: DigitalSeahorse you've had a problem with fake thermometers?
aquinas_0: @thefakeinyellow if you go for that, you can get a proper high btu burner
aquinas_0: I need to do that
TehAmelie: thanks for the tip of restaurant supply companies. i found a local one that has so many things i can use including shoes
Brozard And the spider’s mesh grew three sizes that day
sugarsh0t: double the time and you'll be twice as bad at it
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DigitalSeahorse: so hard to find a functional thermometer for measuring my own body temp or the room, RockPusher, almost ever one my family buys ends up zero change to the bar no matter what where we put it
RockPusher: For board games, always remember that the time it says on the box *will* be hilariously wrong
DigitalSeahorse: no matter for how long
aquinas_0: I wonder if you get different heating zones on the wok with that electric burner
aquinas_0: I'd imagine not
SymphonicLolita: ohboy
QuixoticScrivener: oh your gawd
SymphonicLolita: those really bubblin
LurkerSpine: tiltyhCheers tiltyhCheers tiltyhCheers
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aquinas_0: Not for frying
aquinas_0: generally stir frying
RockPusher: huh - interesting - you can pick up a perfectly reasonable body temp thermometer in most supermarkets here DigitalSeahorse
mtvcdm: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You should buy the fiber protection plan.
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh
Brozard: Containment breach!
SymphonicLolita: time for peanut oil
DigitalSeahorse: rangoon goes brrrrrrr
DeM0nFiRe: your rangoon farted
aquinas_0: poor poor oil
niccus: apparently deep frying does wonders for pan seasoning
LurkerSpine: coffee filters work really well for clearing oil
RockPusher: Oh… oh god… I just thought about how old the "We'll do it live!" event is
Raincoast_Bear: I'm watching Ian's shenanigans while enjoying a Sasquatch Stout.
RockPusher got himself right in the aging
NotCainNorAbel: hilow
SymphonicLolita: r a n g o o n
niccus: a mysterious guest
RockPusher: tiltyhYAS tiltyhYAS tiltyhYAS
Raincoast_Bear: Cori! Can't Taste Horses...
Brozard: our taste subject
thefakeinyellow: did she just wake up from the odinsleep?
jessicaengle: I'm so jealous of that sweater, holy moly
hawktonguebaby: Hey, chat? How's it crabbin'?
hesterbyrde: Cori's sweater is adorable
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyNom vicksyNom vicksyNom
jessicaengle: @hawktonguebaby We're finding out now
RockPusher: Is sweater commercial or friendmercial?
thefakeinyellow: cori speaks the true truth
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyLUL
novrdd: PridePog PridePog PridePog
DigitalSeahorse: xD
roastbeefsandwitch: I've made these before, or the similar Pot Stickers. We made like 50 of them. The two adults ate like 5 each; the teenager ate at least 30 in one sitting.
saucemaster5000: I'll mtake the blame on this one, but I'm not wrong...
SymphonicLolita: LUL
Raincoast_Bear: Cauntion Moplten Peanut butter
TheWriterAleph: h o t n u t
RockPusher: Careful - the peanut butters haven't rested for very long…
Mollylele: 🥵
DigitalSeahorse: hot hot hot
LurkerSpine: oh god
thefakeinyellow: molten peanut butter is no joke
aquinas_0: lol
Snowcookies: !clip
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terribleplan: you just took those out ian
jessicaengle: Oh no
DigitalSeahorse: don't burn!
aquinas_0: I was right!!!
heartofgoldfish: hello highlights reel
Mollylele: ♨ ♨
RockPusher: voxlunNut voxlunGeiger
SymphonicLolita: you didn't wait!!!
mtvcdm: !addquote (Ian, to Cori) [now] Would you like to try something experimental?
LRRbot: New quote #8400: "Would you like to try something experimental?" —Ian, to Cori [2022-12-22]
Nuurgle: I remember this Sesame Street skit
TehAmelie: we do not have time to gab
pn55: lrrFINE
QuixoticScrivener: yeah, peanut butter toast does that too
Mollylele: that's what you look like right now ♨ ♨
DigitalSeahorse: katesFine katesFine katesFine
jdr_42: I was just about to say…
niccus: had time for crab, but not to gab
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyFine
Raincoast_Bear: Caution - Molten Peanut Butter - sorry warning was too late.
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunNut voxlunGeiger
thefakeinyellow: what if you dip the peanut butter one in jelly?
niccus: how's peanut butter with the sauce
EldarLuin: I like Cori's sweater
RockPusher: Satay, but… moreso
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad hawt
hawktonguebaby: So, I'm just coming in now…does the PB one have…crab?
Brozard: @digitalseahorse incredible emote combo
hesterbyrde: Thank you Ian!
RockPusher: tiltyhPLS tiltyhEXTREME
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
thefakeinyellow: hmm its 10pm here... too late to make rangoons?
aquinas_0: thank you for the excellent stream!
DigitalSeahorse: lol experiment
LurkerSpine: tiltyhYAS tiltyhPLS tiltyhEXTREME tiltyhCheers
EldarLuin: Experiment with ourselves?
starlitdiscord: thanks for the stream!!
sugarsh0t: good crab!
Raincoast_Bear: Thanks Ian! Yea Cori! Happy holidays!
jdr_42: Thanks, this was a pre-Christmas treat!
TheShameGranny: Shameful phrasing young man!!!
jdr_42: queuet1Existwell
ghyllnox: @hawktonguebaby no
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500 Thank you Ian.
saucemaster5000: @RockPusher Why did I immediately sing that to wheezer's "say it ain't so?"
jessicaengle: jlrrPeakslit
Mollylele: 🦀 merry crabmus to us all
aquinas_0: Cheer100
TheWriterAleph: Merry Crabmas!
LurkerSpine: R A N G O O N
SymphonicLolita: goodbye cori
thefakeinyellow: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry: Time for Crab
Raincoast_Bear: whisper we're still here...
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heartofgoldfish: @RockPusher Dip the peanut rangoon into a crab sauce!
DigitalSeahorse: CRAB katesJam katesJam katesJam
SymphonicLolita: F E A S T
thefakeinyellow: believe it or not, that's one (1) serving of crab rangoon
DigitalSeahorse: lrrIAN lrrCORI lrrAWESOME
maxthefourth: !findquote crab
LRRbot: Quote #2436: "There we go! Crab laundry!" —Ian [2016-05-03]
hawktonguebaby: @thefakeinyellow You got time to gab, you got time for crab
SymphonicLolita: shame!
DigitalSeahorse: lrrJUDGE katesOld
RockPusher: Food! FBtouchdown
aquinas_0: food!
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits! Thanks for continuing to do these great demonstrations. You are who inspired me to get a sous vide. My pulled pork is now the toast of my work events.
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greyducky: Another recipe for the must try book
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SymphonicLolita: c r a b
RockPusher: 🦀🦀🦀 Time for Crab!!! 🦀🦀🦀
Snowcookies: have a good evening
RockPusher: Go eat! lrrSHINE tiltyhEXTREME lrrSHINE tiltyhEXTREME
Mollylele: riffHurrHurr djpira1Dncrbit
Mattmitchell45: Have a lovely rest of the year everyone!
SymphonicLolita: thanks ian!!
LurkerSpine: happy solstice to all!
Mattmitchell45: Go try a craft with loved ones!
thefakeinyellow: merry solstice!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
serramarkov: This is a fantastic show, Ian, I really enjoy it and you. Be fantastic to yourself!
LordZarano: Merry Saturnalia to all!
thefakeinyellow: happy festivus
Phailhammer: cya :0
Phailhammer: :)
greenday61892: going ONLINE?
greenday61892: Double stream :O
greenday61892: loljk night y'all
RockPusher: It's Go Time… in that it is time to go :D
greenday61892: 24 Hrs of TTSFmans
TehAmelie: anyway here is a very normal peacock
DigitalSeahorse: katesWot
TehAmelie: totally not some cosmic creature of wheels, wings, eyes and flame
TehAmelie: if i had 4000 bucks to spend, i would have spent that on the restaurant supplier's website by now. professional quality bed, chair AND shoes. . .
TehAmelie: and kitchenware too