mtvcdm: I'm also not having pancakes
Juliamon: Mom's making blintzes
dilfbifferent: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PST (4m from now).
RockPusher: !search for treasure
LRRbot: You find: a Wandering Monster!
RockPusher bops the wandering monster with his staff
DeM0nFiRe: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the single Livin' in a box from the album Livin' in a box by the band Livin' in a box.
RockPusher: !quote beej
LRRbot: Quote #3485: "I am more than happy to aggro whoever you like." —Beej [2016-10-07]
mtvcdm: LRRBot, are you cold?
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4541: "Do not be fooled by Boombox Spider, it does not want to party!" —Heather [2017-12-10]
RockPusher: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PST (0s ago).
RockPusher: benginDab
AshBurnem: Well done.
Juliamon: bless the FTC for giving us one last nugget of juicy gaming news for the year
Metric_Furlong: lrrGOAT
red_shoes_jeff: Tiem for CHENK PONK?
CAKHost: I want to know if Beej drew that one picture for the Game Boy story.
LordZarano: To all those who partake: Merry Steam Winter Sale!
RockPusher: Title change: ChillPoint Iminent!
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
Juliamon: lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
CAKHost: lrrSIG !
red_shoes_jeff: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS
TheMerricat: @LordZarano I'm really really trying hard not to throw down $30 for the Stellaris DLC I'm missing this week. But man.... :D
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TheM8: taking a break from family to chill for abit.
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Chillpoint! Hang out with Heather, Beej and Paul and cha about the week's gaming news! 📷 ||
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RockPusher: Sometimes I read the category wrong and am disappointed this isn't a "Just Hatting" millinery stream :D
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Drasvin: 64 months! The Nintendo number!
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kusinohki: chillpoint.... today with extra chill... (things have warmed up to... 3F (from -10F)
TheM8: oh wich dlc are you missing?
TheMerricat: @TheM8 The last three, overlord, aquatic, and toxiods.
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FITorion: saw tweet. came here
TheMerricat: I really don't trust that preview pic of the crew, all three look.... normal?
Earthenone: just hatting hasent been the same since things on my stream
Ivalenz_: @Arisa_Unohana Thanks!
GapFiller: the return of Unskippable earlier this year means the non zero chance of a similar return of ENN
GapFiller: which seems fitting given the return to relevance of this particular episode:
CAKHost: They can be normal if they want to be.
Arisa_Unohana: You're welcome, happy holidays y'all
TheM8: overlord is really good! the others are good but optional!
GapFiller: phun phact that ENN was the first w/ pictures of the cast in the intro
TheMerricat: @CAKHost Of course they can. When have they ever _wanted_ to be? :P
neuro_deviant: Twitch seems to be making this music stutter. Bleh
CAKHost: @CAKHost XD
GapFiller: so doubly fitting there
Renkai116: chillpoint nice lol
TheMerricat: @TheM8 Yeah. that's what I keep telling myself. The 'bundle' ATM has overlord and aquatics for about the same price as overlord on it's own... I might just get that and let toxoids stew till it's also 'bundlized'.
TemporallyAwry: jlrrCooltunes I love this one PrideUwu
TheM8: Iight be biased tho. I have bought all the dlc on release since stellaris came out :P
TemporallyAwry: Aww ... ended too soon.
RockPusher: fade out before the drop is the correct choice gabyLul
TheMerricat: @TheM8 I did too till I stopped having a job. :D
DeM0nFiRe: Windchill point\
GapFiller: good evening lrrPAUL P lrrBEEEJ B lrrHEATHER H lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Juliamon: It's not very cold here, but it IS heckin wimdy
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KakuEpsilon: Holy heck, I get to sub live to my favorite LRR stream? Must be Christmas.
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TheM8: greetings!
GapFiller: can never tell if that one notification sting that hits right as the intro starts is intentional cz it seems to happen every time
xantos69: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:39.
CranstonSnord: but will you put Epic on "arctic blast"?
Juliamon: GapFiller It's not, the notifier starts as soon as the intro does
accountmadeforants: So Beej, has Nintendo been willing to take your money yet, or is your order still cursed?
red_shoes_jeff: I wonder what Nicholas Picholas(That is his real name) is up to these days?
GapFiller: like Pokemon
Juliamon: it does it to other streams like Rhythm Cafe
SquareDotCube: Gary Canary
GapFiller: Juliamon guessing its just an uncanny coincidence then
kusinohki: beej is extra quiet for me. anyone else?
red_shoes_jeff: WHAT?
Arisa_Unohana: You still make things and that's great xD
DeM0nFiRe: LoadingReadyRun? Wow haven't heard of them for ages, I wonder what they are doing now
GapFiller: seems fitting given the Atari news just this week
xantos69: Heather, don't make your mouth into an ATM of lies! LRR doesn't make things anymore!
accountmadeforants: "People who watch Friday Nights also watch..."
ggodopaste: I've thought LRR had shut down multiple times over the years
GapFiller: straight outta ENN that one
TheMerricat: Beej _is_ a bit quiet but I can't tell if it's Beej being quiet or Beej's mic making him quiet....
Joalni: Can confirm, I enjoyed it immensly!
mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here:
Akaiatana: Does LRR still make things Friday afternoons? :P
RockPusher: Featuring… Beej‽
SquareDotCube: gotta start a now, do we?
Juliamon: GapFiller Basically, if anyone subs before the stream, it'll go off as soon as the intro starts
Evil_John_Cena: Hi Paul, Beej, Heather, and chat!
RockPusher: !beej
RockPusher: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEEJ
TheMerricat: Beej's volume is fine now :D
Earthenone: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out for the full catalog.
GapFiller: nalvLUL
Drasvin: !advice
LRRbot: Dinosaurs remain.
PharaohBender27: Right, how *is* Jake doing?
accountmadeforants: It's the Deep Lore now
GapFiller: !badadvice
LRRbot: Test the death pit.
Joalni: We need closure!
GapFiller: truly its The Saga of Beej
GapFiller: 2
RockPusher: Who will play Beej in the inevitable Netflix movie of the Nintendo Store Saga?
Earthenone: paul hasent been flagged as a bot
Evil_John_Cena: I had an issue where I couldn't turn off autorenewal for 10 minutes because the setting was hidden for me.
Earthenone: same botting reported isp :P
SquareDotCube: If we ever somehow find the chance, we should send Jake LRR store credit for his valiant efforts.
TheMerricat: THis is how Beej finds out that Nintendo has shadow banned him chat. :P
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margieargie: Ahhh, time to chill on... an already very chilly day... oh well, LRR stream is good anyway
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mtvcdm: Damn it Jake from State Farm
accountmadeforants: "We aren't aware of any existing issues" is standard customer rep script, though.
Akaiatana: Jake died twenty years ago
ContingentCat: Jake was clearly too good to be real
Joalni: NotLikeThis Jake, don't let us down.
SquareDotCube: This sounds like legacy issues? Like if Beej's and Heather's accounts are over ten years old and had been migrated
ShaneLeeAtk: Nintendjas?
Earthenone: jake might have been beejdropped
ShaneLeeAtk: We are going to be testing in Production, everyone!
Akaiatana: The story would be TDous
accountmadeforants: YouTube managed to break my (and several others') account for like a week because it was Too Old. So definitely not weird.
EricTheOrange: mmmmm mouth noises
GapFiller: as ever those mouth noises were the real highlight
GapFiller: mola mola mola
solarbear44: as a td customer I want to know about the bank
Mkingston: Origins:
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TheMerricat: sucks the OG Bayonetta VA turns out to have been a bit of an a-hat.
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GapFiller: TheMerricat yeah
Invitare: time travel happens
Invitare: regularly
EricTheOrange: baranetta
Invitare: she forgot her name
ContingentCat: Baby's first demon sommoning
Mkingston: so it's an analogy womanhood?
richard_ermen: I'm a manga fan.
rubikdarkwill: New Game is cute girls doing cute things in a Video Game company...
Akaiatana: I'm sure putting resources into both of them is a netta positive
PharaohBender27: lunarj1Fangs
EricTheOrange: naw they just break your legs paul
KakuEpsilon: Does anyone else find that LRR streams are way quieter than every other stream on Twitch?
dilfbifferent: yes
Loonatic93: After going through it for 47 years straight, I'm starting to think that Minnesota Winters aren't that great.
TheMerricat: @KakuEpsilon LRR refuses to indulge in the Twitch volume wars. :P
Juliamon: KakuEpsilon It's probably a result of LRR actually using a sound board
PharaohBender27: @KakuEpsilon Varies by stream, and I've seen other channels that are on the quieter side
Mollylele: lrr streams are v quiet, not just you
KakuEpsilon: That's fair, but it means that I literally can't do anything else when watching LRR streams at full volume on my switch without being louder than them. >>;
rubikdarkwill: Another parallel to New Game...
TheMerricat: I do tend to get a relatively large boost in volume if I turn off the built-in audio compression on the player.
Mollylele: it's part of their plan to make sure you don't watch anything else 😈
Loonatic93: Although any stream featuring a combo of the Bens, and Adam are generally louder than average.
Mollylele: yeah you can't set the volume of your network based on one Ben
KakuEpsilon: That's true, Adam and Ben are so loud that they make the rest of LRR too quiet.
matthaus_c: we need a volume measuring system that goes between 0 and Ben
PharaohBender27: It sounds fine to me, though I'm listening through my PC, so maybe it's different if you're watching on a console
Invitare: Bayonetta lives in New York, 2 and 3 took place in fictional European countries
Invitare: *1 and 2 even
Mollylele: that seems why on the the 7th day the lord made compressors
Invitare: 3 was multiverse
GapFiller: the games ascthetic is profoundly Japanese even tho the game isnt set in Japan
NewtyNewts: Ben-leven
NovaTiempo: Yellow loudness is fine
PharaohBender27: Also dealing with audio stuff is a real pain in the wazoo
TacitusVigil: Turn the lights down and the volume up.
GapFiller: if we wanna talk loudness at least everyone is present in the same place at the same time meaning theres no radical volume lvl differences between multiple people to worry abt
airddragon: Is beej microphone on? He is really quiet.
RobertMakesGames: Tough to say you're not marketing to kids when you make Fortnite action figures.
GapFiller: nah Beej is just naturally quiet Kappa
TheMerricat: Beej volume seems fine on my end.
airddragon: Gotcha.
TacitusVigil: Beej is a famously quiet individual
TheMerricat: Always fear the quiet ones chat. ALWAYS.
EricTheOrange: I mean it's hard for Epic to argue that their not trying to get people to give them their money.
LordZarano: If you're on desktop, FrankerFaceZ adds a compressor to the player interface with its own gain control
NovaTiempo: ooooooooooh that fing evil
mtvcdm: (in 1-point fine print) 'no, i don't want the latest life-affirming offers from fortnite's joy-bringing division'
AugmentingPath: "Are you sure you want to undo this?"
NewtyNewts: O-kay and X-tremely no
TheMerricat: The fact that they make you hold it down to undo but not to 'do' is evil.
rubikdarkwill: Beej also seems to be further from his microphone than Paul or Heather
RobertMakesGames: X - yes O - double yes 🟦 - maybe 🔺- ask me later
Mangledpixel: except it isn't any more, as of the PS5 they do it the same as the rest of the world
KakuEpsilon: @NewtyNewts The fact that the X button is called "Cross" internationally makes "Crosstremely No" is giving me giggle.
TheMerricat: Speaking of shows that stop when you stop watching them, I didn't realize Zero P was still going...
NewtyNewts: Also, in Britain, the game is Noughts and Crosses. So, is it Cross or Nought (Not)?
EricTheOrange: I can only hope they can regulate some of the psychological tactics that companies do that prey on people.
KakuEpsilon: Zero Punctuation is eternal
RobertMakesGames: @KakuEpsilon crossolutley yes it is
Invitare: Gamecube already solved this
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mowdownjoe: 50 months! What a nice round number.
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boristhewizard: triangle stopped being special after kingdom hearts 2
RobertMakesGames: players tend to rest their thumb toward the bottom of the four buttons so that's why your common action goes on the bottom button
NewtyNewts: So say melee- beej beat me to it
GapFiller: nalvLUL
PharaohBender27: :D
mowdownjoe: Gamecube best controller.
mowdownjoe: LUL
Metric_Furlong: Beej, don't ask the impossible
EricTheOrange: emphasis on try
xantos69: The game cube controller remains my favorite controller.
GapFiller: on one hand Beej is choosing violence but otoh hes not wrong
Invitare: A's the button you use the most, so make it large and centred. Makes sense
matthaus_c: does beej ever have context
RockPusher: Beej is ever *in* context?
PharaohBender27: sparkl171Shocked
Metric_Furlong: yeah, that scans
GapFiller: the best kinda choosing violence is always when the person in question is RIGHT
mowdownjoe: BEEJ
iris_of_ether: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
richard_ermen: NOICE
Juliamon: !clip
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Tobenamed1: Gamecube controller has given carpal but we also are going to ignore the years of melee i have playrd
Mollylele: sharkf11SHAKE sharkf11SHAKE sharkf11SHAKE
mtvcdm: !quote beej
LRRbot: Quote #1263: "I need you to butt dive again you idiot" —beej [2015-12-14]
NewtyNewts: At least it wasn't in the desert
MajorFrostbyte: B U S ! !
Snowcookies: Paul is good at that :P
Metric_Furlong: Chilli-point
NewtyNewts: Can we add that as a quote?
mowdownjoe: Hey, Beej, BUS IS COMING! Kappa
Mollylele: thank you lrrHEATHER
RobertMakesGames: is a nutcracker the same as a nuthatch?
Invitare: Jays are corvids???
RobertMakesGames: birds aren't real?
TheMerricat: "The smallest corvid is the dwarf jay (Aphelocoma nana), at 41 g (1.4 oz) and 21.5 cm (8.5 in)." from Wikipedia :P
iris_of_ether: Jays are absolutely corvids
AugmentingPath: least crow
matthaus_c: zy-crow-te
Juliamon: A lot more birds are corvids than you expect
TheAinMAP: tqsEgg
mtvcdm: !addquote (Beej) [now] I will eat seasonally-appropriate egg.
LRRbot: New quote #8401: "I will eat seasonally-appropriate egg." —Beej [2022-12-23]
Invitare: Jays seem very un-crowlike
AugmentingPath: And due to dark patterns, children own most of those skins
Juliamon: mostly because blue jays are some of the biggest idiot birds, yeah
greyducky: Why do comedy shows always do more research than serious news shows?
AugmentingPath: Dude, EPIC FTC settlement!
Juliamon: the number of times I've gotten screamed at by a flock of jays for LEAVING MY HOUSE
RockPusher: "Moving beyond long-standing industry practices" is such exquisitely passive aggressive phrasing
CAKHost: Hmmmmmmmm
NovaTiempo: Im so mad right now :p
Snowcookies: lmap
mtvcdm: We're all looking for the guy who did this
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EikoandMog: A self-regulatory agency dodging ACTUAL ethics?! Unheard of!
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MadWolf1290: time flies
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electric_claire: "simplify"
iris_of_ether: lrrDOTS
PharaohBender27: tqsLOL
NovaTiempo: We, the extremely ethical Epic, advise not being evil. Maybe.
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KakuEpsilon: This reminds me of the fact that the Movie Industry got nailed for false advertising and it sounds like Video Games might be next to be examined for this...
EricTheOrange: On one hand, their right, a lot of devs KNOW their games are played by people below their age rating and should honestly deal with that. On the other hand their tone is like "well it's not just us, why you singling me out".
TheMerricat: @KakuEpsilon Did you see that news article about a federal judge holding movies companies liable for false advertising in their trailers if they show stuff that isn't in the movie too? :D
KakuEpsilon: @KakuEpsilon That's what I said?
iris_of_ether: It could also be that the one team has way more clout than the other, and the actual delta isn't that great
asddsa28: o nooo
Juliamon: There's a lot of Epics
CAKHost: D:
Snowcookies: oof
MajorFrostbyte: That's Epic.
Juliamon: The big medical app system MyChart is *also* an Epic
spurius: yeah like people contacting gamespot for similar reasons
mtvcdm: Oh, the other Epic, the one in Madison
DentedPockets: This sounds like a Monty Python sketch
SAJewers: that sounds like my dad. someone with the same name as him owned a used car dealership, but hid their phone number from the phonebook
ContingentCat: The company you're looking for is in another castle
RobertMakesGames: like lil gi joes
AugmentingPath: two unethical game development execs in a trenchcoat
SquareDotCube: Tactics like this makes me question how financially insecure your company is to enact tactics like this.
SquareDotCube: *secure
TheMerricat: @Juliamon That's the 'primary' Epic other than Epic games, they are a huge company based out of Madison Wisconsin, my brother used to work for them. They make a lot of hospital management type software.
AugmentingPath: Magic the Gathering? A Children's Card Game?
RobertMakesGames: the deckmaster game
MajorFrostbyte: MTG is 13 and older, so what the duq?
Juliamon: TheMerricat I'm sorry for your brother. Their software is awful.
CAKHost: I'm pretty sure I got introduced to MTG before I was 13...
EricTheOrange: Has sonic, must be for kids. I can see where this may go wrong
AugmentingPath: MajorFrostbyte So's Fortnite! Kappa
Juliamon: (yes I'm very bitter that every doc forces me to use MyChart now)
DentedPockets: Who will think of the children!
spurius: the difference is that epic is more like the camel cigaretes thing
TheMerricat: @Juliamon He was a team lead for implementations, so listening to him was 'fun' because _everyone_ was stupid in his opinion. The clients, the programmers, etc. I guess he did well with that attitude as they fought to keep him from retiring for a whole year before they realized he was just 'dune' but...
TheMerricat: done even.
accountmadeforants: Or like Juul buying ad space on the Nickelodeon website :)
Drasvin: You market your merch during streams
iris_of_ether: Wait really
iris_of_ether: Holy cow
Mangledpixel: there was a big thing in the 90s with 'alcopops', alcoholic drinks marketed like soft drinks, that was much the same issue
RockPusher: Also, you know, they talk about the rating as if it isn't the rating for *a different game entirely*
ghyllnox: Consider the children
Loonatic93: But saying that all animation = "For Children," can also cause a whole host of other issues.
ContingentCat: @Loonatic93 like people calling Maus a kids book yikes
SquareDotCube: oh yeah, cig companies did some big advertising in the 60s. Advertising got so ridiculous that LBJ signed a law limiting where and what could be advertised alongside roads
Two_Hats: I hate to bring it up again, but I think Beej's mic might not be on? Paul's and Heather's are fine for sound.
RobertMakesGames: I market fortnite to my boy because I need someone who operates like a caffienated monkey to rush at them shotgun blazing so I can sit back and get headshots.
Akaiatana: My parents gave me Doom and Diablo as a kid with full awareness of their contents. Ratings are suggestions.
SquareDotCube: (hence why you rarely see anything like Burma Shave ads anymore)
RockPusher: Two_Hats maybe has different gain - doesn't sound off to my ear
kusinohki: don't get me started on "animated = cartoon = meant for 8 yr olds". also, twitch just glitched on me...
PharaohBender27: My parents let me play Wolfenstein 3d when I was 8 - of course, graphics back then were a lot less photorealistic :p
ErrorProne_: except halo 5
MajorFrostbyte: Part of why the storing CC data without saying so, which they did. Parents buy something for the kid, but then kid buys more without asking.
RobertMakesGames: i would love to see tighter lootbox/booster pack regulation.
Loonatic93: Aren't all microtransactions ultamately predatory?
AugmentingPath: Predatory microtransactions aimed at adults probably shouldn't be legal either, tbh
SocraticMethod: @Two_Hats I think his mic is on, but he keeps leaning away from it
EricTheOrange: @Loonatic93 not nessessarily
EikoandMog: Can we just make it NOT just a kid's issue to be greedy with this crap? Adults also have very poor impule control or addictions.
TheMerricat: @SquareDotCube Wasn't that also just Elenore wanting to 'persevere' the beauty of the American Highway? Not saying they weren't cracking down on aggressive tobacco ads, just felt like I remembered that being a factor.
Loonatic93: @EricTheOrange Care to bring up an example? If they weren't some sort of predatory, then they wouldn't reallyu exist.
Asimech: Any kind of predatory nonsense? Adult Only. The only age rating that might get parents to go "wait", even if it's for the wrong reason.
DentedPockets: No silver bullet
Two_Hats: Woo, Beej sounds really good!
RockPusher: Thank you Paul - I think that balanced it for people
RobertMakesGames: my boy gets the fortnite crew and that's it for his fortnite spending.
EricTheOrange: @Loonatic93 ok first define "predatory". Is "predetory" anything that's marketed and costs money. well then all things that are bought are predatory. So tell me something that is bought that is not predatory.
RobertMakesGames: it's basically the same cost as a wow sub
kusinohki: paul did a thing! mattlrHeart
TehAmelie: i'm starting to think the mechanics used to get kids to gamble money are the same as the mechanics to get gambling addicts to gamble money
Earthenone: !lovepaul
accountmadeforants: @Asimech This is what PEGI does, anything with gambling in it is 18+. Unfortunately game publishers are making a lot of fuss not to have their loot boxes and such marked as gambling.
TheMerricat: @EricTheOrange Any transaction is predatory in the world view of "anti-capitalism" but some are literally just as 'innocent' as letting you buy content without needing to purchase a whole new game to get it, vs. trying to bleed you like a casino
Invitare: not in the UK anymore
Invitare: they made that illegal
Loonatic93: @EricTheOrange "No Ethical Consumption in Captialism," right?
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Krayvern: 9 months lets go!
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TheMerricat: I'm a bit interested in why the Mastercard and Visa haven't brought down the hammer on Epic if they were storing CC info without informing the customer, I thought that was a major PICA violation.
RockPusher: Opting in to streamlined purchasing is fine - Oh, we're just gonna save your card details with telling you is very no bueno
RockPusher: *without
TheMerricat: @TheMerricat PCI, good lord I can't type right.
SquareDotCube: Vista was notorius for this
SocraticMethod: Fun fact: I've helped one person that got caught by a virus because they just clicked trough all the alerts, inlcuding that actually dangerous one
Loonatic93: @TheMerricat Maybe there was an under-the-table deal between Epic and the Credit Card Companies.
spurius: more than that, for a time you could not have it save the CC
SocraticMethod: Signal to noise ratio is what matters the most
RobertMakesGames: compared to your average mobile game, fortnite is downright chill about monetization
DentedPockets: Keeping credit card info without informing the user is a GDPR compliance issue, yeah?
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patbaer: 35 is a large number.
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RockPusher: Will be interesting to see if this ruling is used as evidence of criminality in other jurisdictions
SocraticMethod: @DentedPockets I don't think so. GDPR is personal and indentifiable information.
DentedPockets: @DentedPockets I'd consider a credit card attached to an account to be personal information :p
Asimech: GDPR also allows storing any info if it's needed for the service without asking for consent.
EikoandMog: That was thanks to Australia, by the way.
Rob_Racoon: Yeah, the ACCC.
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beckstromsavestheday: Merry Christmas
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EikoandMog: Valve not allowing refunds breached the Australian Consumer Law.
spurius: they also had to do it by law in certain jurisdiction
EikoandMog: So they oepned up refunds to comply.
SquareDotCube: It's just one of those things where $500M didn't have to be lost if there was some semblance of competence, honesty and conscientiousness in the motive of their decisions
Loonatic93: Certain developers weren't happy with that decision.
Asimech: The reason why e.g. websites keep asking for permission to store "vital" info is b/c some people have been spreading BS about GDPR, likely to sell those pop-up services.
DentedPockets: Hrm... seems that GDPR needs to be expanded to ask for user consent.
Asimech: And maybe to try and cheat people into allowing more data collection.
Eklinaar: wish I could get refunded for all those early access games that the devs just never finished
EricTheOrange: @EikoandMog I mean they had refunds before but you had to gothrough a whole process and someone had to look at it and determine that your reasoning was "worthy" of a refund.
TheMerricat: WOOT! Good news everyone gets $20 in Epic store credit!
accountmadeforants: Watch them get away with giving V-Bucks back or something
Asimech: @DentedPockets User consent is already required, if it's non-vital for the function of the service.
accountmadeforants: "$20's worth of our fake currency!"
SocraticMethod: @DentedPockets GPDR is broad enough so it might count as both, but the examples given to us in association training did not include it.
EikoandMog: @EricTheOrange Yeah and they were getting rejected left and right. ACCC was NOT happy.
Asimech: @DentedPockets The real problems right now are vague wording and very little actual enforcing.
rubikdarkwill: Heather got that too didn't you? It was mentioned last week
EricTheOrange: Buisness loves a new market, they make a ton of money before government regulations catch up.
LordZarano: The origin of "The customer is always right", from 1905 "One of our most successful merchants, a man who is many times a millionaire, recently summed up his business policy in the phrase, “The customer is always right.” The merchant takes every complaint at its face value and tries to satisfy the complainant, believing it better to be imposed upon occasionally than to gain the reputation of being mean or disputatious."
Sky_Kast: fair
RockPusher: The GB Interceptor - not a car
RockPusher: It sounds like a car - it is not a car
EricTheOrange: Everyone basically knows that loot boxes or gatcha are gambling, but aren't regulated as gambling. but companies are making bank untill they get regulated like gambling
Asimech: Though I have seen some GDPR pop-ups change from trying to hide the "only accept what I have to" option behind two extra clicks and scrolling to being next to "allow all" so that's good.
RockPusher: Nor a plane, which it also sounds like :D
kusinohki: GB interceptor sounds like a fighter jet to me...
SquareDotCube: pocket's like $150 though
EricTheOrange: I think I got more use out of my game boy player than anything else on my game cube
TheMerricat: "it’s cool, but where it gets impressive is when you notice that the only input for the digital twin are the cartridge IO line, no access to anything else… emulating without knowledge of, for example key presses…"
accountmadeforants: Don't forget the IR port (or was that GBC?)
SocraticMethod: @accountmadeforants GBC
TehAmelie: i was thinking it might be used for Speedemosarchive who still don't allow records on emulators, but then. . .
RockPusher: Effectively tapping the system bus
RobertMakesGames: in old carts, sometimes trace length mattered for how logic and sound were interpreted
KakuEpsilon: I just remember the Game Boy Brick having a Game Genie made for it specitifically that had the Game Cart put into it upside down so it didn't stick out the top
LordZarano: The link cable can do some impressive stuff, but only if the game has the code for it
GapFiller: sounds like Rollback Netcode for a Gameboy
SocraticMethod: Huh. I though cartridge bus was same as RAM, just that it was addressed differently for cartridge vs RAM
RobertMakesGames: at some point wouldn't it be easier to just have a camera that captures the picture and outputs that?
LordZarano: I think some of the TASBot things have done things via link cable, but only after arbitrary code execution to insert code for it
RobertMakesGames: like it can do whatever image cleanup you want
Eklinaar: it has to upscale? lol
SocraticMethod: It would be in the way for the players then
SocraticMethod: I'm looking up the schematic now
RobertMakesGames: @SocraticMethod if you capture over the shoulder maybe not?
TehAmelie: the people at Nintendo who tore their hair out to create all those economical data solutions back in the day must be sad now that the stuff is too tiny to even be useful
accountmadeforants: I suspect the cartridge ports of newer devices are much simpler "storage" access.
RobertMakesGames: you can capture at an angle then interpolate to screen coords
RobertMakesGames: simple projection math
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SocraticMethod: @RobertMakesGames you'd need to make rigid rig then, or really really complicate the screen capture
SocraticMethod: Interceptor is make for a specific use case of streaming GB tetris tournament, it doesn't really work for anything else
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YeetTheRich_: wheelerOok wheelerOok wheelerOok
TheMerricat: I wonder if MiSter can do Gameboys....
Ilyusion: We are here for your women and children
accountmadeforants: I'm here twice now!
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, raiders!
Sky_Kast: sleepi1Heart
Mollylele: yeehaw
GapFiller: wellsaid Heather
mtvcdm: Thanks, Rodeo, it's great to have you
EricTheOrange: mmmm orthogonal
RobertMakesGames: something like the analog fpgas are super promising yeah
accountmadeforants: The OG gameboy's d-pad is also just pretty good
RobertMakesGames: yeah I remember tiny toon adventures didn't work well with the super gameboy
signorpino: Chillpoint woooo, Just wanted to say that I love both chill and checkpoint and of course Zeta ;)
TheThromborax: or you could go the other way and make your gameboy into a wireless controller
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signorpino: Prime Gamingsignorpino: Chillpoint woooo, Just wanted to say that I love both chill and checkpoint and of course Zeta I meant this
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GapFiller: Have You Played Atari Today?
EricTheOrange: Atari, a name that has value to some people for some reason.
mtvcdm: Atari: a zombie name brand that keeps getting metaphorically shot in the head and still doesn't die
TheThromborax: apparenty the 50th anniversary thing is really good
spurius: the atari 50 year thingy is supose to be good if you are interested on the history of videogames
AugmentingPath: They make distressed accountants, does that count?
EricTheOrange: I feel like by this point the Atari brand must have pissed away all it's marketing value
TheMerricat: Not Atari directly chat, but anyone else still fondly remember sending in camera pictures of their tv's to collect Activision Iron-on badges for getting high scores on the Activision Atari 2600 games? :D
accountmadeforants: @EricTheOrange The Atari name is "marketed" in history documentaries at this point, I don't think it'll ever quite die.
PharaohBender27: @EricTheOrange Oh, it did that yeeeeears ago
RobertMakesGames: heeeeeey
RobertMakesGames: i have nostalgia for atari
RobertMakesGames: I'm 40
TheMerricat: I AM NOT IN MY 60's Beej! I'm just two years from 50! :P
mtvcdm: I mean, Heather's question still technically goes unanswered
RockPusher: Also 40 - had a knock-off 2600
RobertMakesGames: it wasn't new when I was young but the NES wasn't out here yet.
Sky_Kast: ages are so funny
SocraticMethod: What's the word for nostalgia for something that person has never experienced? Fauxtalgia?
ghyllnox: I am in my 20s and in my youth I used to watch a friend play on his dad's system. So I do have some nostalgia, but not a ton, because I was like 8
RockPusher: We destroyed so many crappy joysticks
Sky_Kast: maybe empathy
EricTheOrange: I was born i 84, the video game crash already happened. Atari was a thing I knew about but it was all nintendo by that pint.
TheMerricat: I just brought home all my old Atari carts and the console from my parents attic this year. :D I just need to find a way to hook them up.
SquareDotCube: It's funny Beej, I believe there was a big push to market on early 80s games 10-15 years ago
iris_of_ether: Also 40, but never had an Atari or access to one
RobertMakesGames: atari token token ... token
TehAmelie: i'm starting to think the computer software business isn't working out for Atari
koodooman: token 2?? PogChamp
mtvcdm: As soon as I heard the word token
KakuEpsilon: NFT folks sometimes make it a cover charge for discords and the like
distrustingspectator: ban crypto off the planet. shoot that horrible scam straight into space! be gone, crypto! BE GONE!
GapFiller: TehAmelie seems par for the course from a company founded by Nolan Bushnell
PMAvers: Clearly they'll sell them in bundles. $250 for a pack of random Atariokens
EricTheOrange: I wonder. Are the people who buy the Atari brand just hope that they will market to old people whose only knowledge of video games is Atari is the big name.
SquareDotCube: At this point maybe Atari should just be sold back toNolan Bushnell
Laserbeaks_Fury: I remember using tokens in arcades
Sky_Kast: sadly arcades died near me during COVID
GapFiller: SquareDotCube they did that ten years ago
GapFiller: ENN covered it at the time
EricTheOrange: The only Atari game I remember was COMBAT
LizzyTPau: I mean, Japan has TOTALLY made arcades work in the past 3 years
ford_prefect1789: LOL i have hundreds of atari games in my basement
EricTheOrange: ohhhhhh
PharaohBender27: katesNo
GapFiller: jlrrFacepalm
Sky_Kast: tanukidanBless
AugmentingPath: When I think of Atari games I think of Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark
RobertMakesGames: @EricTheOrange combat was dope. such a good 1v1 game
EricTheOrange: "Parcels of land", Ok go on, "in the metaverse" ohhhh
YeetTheRich_: jfc
mtvcdm: Beej and Heather throwing some really good faces right now
ghyllnox: "illiquid"
koodooman: atari just love to do the losing money speed run
GhostValv: maybe a vapor market :)
bytecaster: Help, my market is full of ill liquid.
Mollylele: wow seems like the volume problem got fixed
distrustingspectator: JUNK! COMPLETE JUNK!
AugmentingPath: Whoa, Beej, that 0 valuation really fails to account for the possibility of greater fools
ghyllnox: if it's not liquid is it solid or gaseous
EikoandMog: @bytecaster You should probably take an antacid for that.
Boon_33: -1 dollars, checkmate capitalism
EricTheOrange: Ah yes our worthless monopoly money. except monoploy money has some worth as paper.
mtvcdm: I too could have universal paperclips
TheMerricat: Speaking of the Metaverse, I didn't get a chance to read it because it came up just before stream but an article popped up on my feed staying that Zuckberg is splitting Meta back into two companies and 'sticking with' the verse side.
accountmadeforants: But also, I do think you could sell that for quite a bit of money at this point. Surely it works as fertilizer or something.
Boon_33: nothing... times nothing.... carry the nothing..... nice
Loonatic93: @ghyllnox Einstein-Bose Condensate.
Bruceski: 255 million tokens? If they mint another million will it all rollover?
SpacePotato01: It depends how quickly one shits one's pants. 250 million times in rapid succession is an achievement and might even be a new method of propulsion depending on volume and thrust.
distrustingspectator: @TheMerricat there is gonna be a massive layoff coming all across the tech industry.
Sky_Kast: geesebLurk nice indeed
Driosenth: They're Digital Horders
Pharmacistjudge: do digital assets spark joy?
accountmadeforants: If you but a parcel of metaverse land for conservation purposes, you can call yourself a MetaLord KappaHD
EricTheOrange: Like Crypto is worse than a child playing with leaves as play money cuz a leaf is a physical thing you can do stuff with.
AugmentingPath: @accountmadeforants Yes, that's been well established
mtvcdm: There's always someone out there thinking they'll be the ones to revive the Atari name
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RobertMakesGames: the problem is the current company has run its name into the ground so far that there's not much meat left on the bone.
Tripleyew: Ah, magical corporate accounting, the modern fairytale sans a good story or morality lesson…
TheMerricat: Other than Hasbro there have been zero companies that have actually been going for the name that were reputable, most of them were looking to ditch their own name because they ruined their rep.
RobertMakesGames: ABK...A
RobertMakesGames: ABKA
NewtyNewts: @RobertMakesGames I love their music!
accountmadeforants: Didn't Activision split off from Atari because they hated working there?
AugmentingPath: actarivision
RobertMakesGames: @RobertMakesGames cryptoooo queeen
KakuEpsilon: @accountmadeforants They hated that they weren't getting credit for their work
LordZarano: Even Tencent hasn't bought Atari?
EricTheOrange: @accountmadeforants i think that was ea
SocraticMethod: According to crypto sites, there are 1.98 billion ATRI coins, of which 1.48 billion are in "active circulation"(?)
Sky_Kast: sleepi1W
mtvcdm: You know who should buy Atari? Intellivision.
TheMerricat: @accountmadeforants Activision was formed by developers who hated working at Atari because at the time it was essentially the equivalent of what they call a 'black company' in Japan and the Activision devs wanted credit for their work.
RobertMakesGames: Tencent has to do so much legal footwork to buy anything in the US it's likely prohibitively expensive to acquire something as tired as atari
Loonatic93: "Four Turtles"... *sigh* Still absolutely no respect for Venus.
Loonatic93: lrrBEEJ
Drasvin: Activision chose their name so that would appear before Atari in the phone book. (Then Acclaim did the same thing to Activision)
EikoandMog: Venus makes me so mad. They had SO MANY female artists to choose from and they went with a piece of art, not an artist D:
Loonatic93: @EikoandMog That is very true.
TheMerricat: @Drasvin That's also the reason Acme is a generic name in cartoons, because hundreds of companies decided to call themselves Acme XYZ so they'd show up first in the phone book :D
PharaohBender27: Cheer150
TheDailyMapleSyrup: TMNT to buy Atari lol
TehAmelie: at least now we have Jennika
mtvcdm: Where they expected you to spend about three minutes per quarter.
Pharmacistjudge: i worked at an arcade, i often manipulated "difficulty values"
EikoandMog: I mean, there's a whole thing in the SHMUP community about a 1 credit clear
NewtyNewts: You want a The Wizard moment?
ghyllnox: So like a casino
EricTheOrange: yeah that's where you got memorization difficulty.
mtvcdm: I know of some sports titles in the arcade era when, the game lasts too long for it to be cost-effective for the arcade, so for a 9-inning baseball game they'd ask for more quarters every 2 innings or so.
NewtyNewts: Ms Pac Man came out of that
KakuEpsilon: And now Namco Bandai is trying to kill Ms. Pac-Man and replace her with a character they fully own.
Drasvin: Namco Bandai doesn't fully own Ms Pac-Man?
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits
PharaohBender27: It's harder and harder for me to take these game "seasons" seriously
Mollylele: beej is off to kill ms pacman
KakuEpsilon: @Drasvin Sure don't, it's VERY weird.
TheMerricat: What game was this chat?
KakuEpsilon: Chocobo GP
TehAmelie: Ms Pac-Man came out 40 years ago. maybe it's time to let go of this one character that's a yellow circle
Rob_Racoon: 10 *whole* gamers?!
RobertMakesGames: 10 Gamers Agree
TimIAm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMTG (The return of Chit-Chaff w/ Serge, Wheeler, and Alex! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PST (1:25 from now).
IzlanntheLion: in the US you can
KakuEpsilon: @TehAmelie But it's so easy to draw her and kids love her!* *-Kids in this case mean people who played Ms. Pac-Man on the PSX so not children at all.
RockPusher: If you can afford the lawyers, anything is possible
ghyllnox: You'd have to prove stake, which you'd have as a consumer of video games
mtvcdm: Someone in the Discord recognized the lawyer they hired as Joseph Saveri, and declared him one of the top antitrust lawyers in the US.
mtvcdm: So this lawsuit is apparently deadly serious.
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DeM0nFiRe: I think it makes sense, consumers are hurt th emost by anticompetitive behavior
SquareDotCube: I dunno, the whole MS and ActiBlizz merger feels like a mess where nobody that's not in the business wins
LordZarano: Then why has noone sued the US ISPs?
Drasvin: To be able to successfully sue someone in the US, you must have a legal stake. And consumers have a legal stake in anti-competitive stuff.
Kazman20a: it could be mooted or they will be rolled in to a single suit
RobertMakesGames: X-Games: ETHICS edition
GapFiller: nalvCool
TheMerricat: So as a reminder the FTC suit currently is just an 'internal' suit. For them to 'win' completely they have to actually sue in Federal Court after they 'win' in the inner court.
NovaTiempo: benginNo benginNo benginNo
mtvcdm: Extreme Ethics 3, part of the Steam Winter Sale
richard_ermen: Stron.
AugmentingPath: "extreme ethics" doesn't even sound like a good thing
KakuEpsilon: @AugmentingPath It is very not a good thing, no
richard_ermen: "Extreme Ethics" sounds like the title of a Monty Python sketch.
GapFiller: if the DB ChillPoint counts then technically FTX have already been on CP+ recently
Snowcookies: yup
PharaohBender27: Hoooo bot
PharaohBender27: *boy
SocraticMethod: Channel Fireball too
Tripleyew: We’re going to need smaller violins
RobertMakesGames: you mean Scam Bankrun-Fraud?
IzlanntheLion: is on bond now
TehAmelie: was this the guy who made bail for $250 million? which he had at hand
SquareDotCube: yeah, Bankman-Fried is arrested
TehAmelie: surely a honest businessman
Sibwow: he also some middling magic tournament results in 2012
SocraticMethod: SBF is almost a Kojima name. Needs to be Sam Fried-Bankman
GapFiller: aiui hes also been ordered to move back in w/ his parents
GapFiller: which is minor given all the other stuff but its still an entertaining detail
PharaohBender27: Oh GEE, you don't say!?
RobertMakesGames: FTX has assets there's just a long line of creditors
AugmentingPath: awww, poor baby riot
smoke_knight: S H O C K I N G
koodooman: wait, riot's rep can be negatively affected further than it is?!
AugmentingPath: lrrAWW
Cptasparagus: he was bankman freed
AugmentingPath: I'm reliably informed they're a small indie company
GapFiller: v good Beej
mtvcdm: Yeah, FTX had... some small side promotion deals, nothing big, just Formula 1
EricTheOrange: crypto, it's scams all the way down
RobertMakesGames: YOU MEAN THE Magic The Gathering Online eXchange?
koodooman: LUL
patbaer: I was saying that I would be at PAX Unplugged SOON for 2 weeks after Unplugged
RobertMakesGames: seriously all of crypto happened because MTGO players wanted fractional tickets.
mtvcdm: !mastodon
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun is now on Mastodon! You can find them (reposting from the Twitter account for the time being) at, and LRRMtG at
SocraticMethod: Did Mastodon fix the Content Warning issue?
smoke_knight: Did y'all see the 12 hours where Twitter said if you mentioned Mastodon (etc) your tweet would get deleted and/or your account banned?
TheMerricat: wow that's an ugly skin
TheDailyMapleSyrup: My twitter got suspended for a few days after I compared Musk to a child.
Texan_Reverend: I am a big supporter of that whole Mastodon account thing, as well.
koodooman: it sets you up for the next 9 1-coin skins in the future
Texan_Reverend: Surprise. Surprise.
SocraticMethod: V-Bux home
AugmentingPath: what if phones but too much
EricTheOrange: ummm beej
Mollylele: oooh a gingerbread ring light
mtvcdm: If you buy nine more gingerbread Bastions, you get a free frogurt
TheMerricat: LOL
EikoandMog: @mtvcdm That's good!
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Darleysam: how do you make a lootbox out of gingerbread
TheMerricat: Gingerbread Uber!
RobertMakesGames: it's also possible they had to have a non-zero cost for it for some technical reason so they went with the lowest.
BartholemewTheKitten: Time to get the holy water?
TheMerricat: She comes to them!
GhostValv: D:
NewtyNewts: Walmart Kids
Laserbeaks_Fury: The witchs house is a pokestop
PharaohBender27: Not WalMart - TARGET
mtvcdm: Paul, no, they might find their way to Target
SquareDotCube: I find it interesting how much Overwatch 2 is failing to get new players.
Snowcookies: not everything needs to be modernized...
koodooman: this is starting to sound like the sequel to target kids
EvilBadman: No targets in Canada
laundreydhull: rip GYLT
Invitare: gingerbread from Walmart is probably full of enough preservatives that you COULD build a house out of it
SocraticMethod: (It was a bad idea)
Eklinaar: I know several people who *really* liked Stadia
mtvcdm: !addquote (Paul) [now] Obviously you got the fuzzy end of the popsicle stick.
LRRbot: New quote #8402: "Obviously you got the fuzzy end of the popsicle stick." —Paul [2022-12-23]
laundreydhull: Frosting Popsicles don't look 'fuzzy'?
Drasvin: !advice
LRRbot: Offer it to the Creepy Shrine.
AugmentingPath: Apparently "fuzzy end of the lollipop" is an expression dating back to an old earth president, Abraham Lincoln, who used it to describe the US south
EvilBadman: ubisoft also does cross saves for like every game now
Laserbeaks_Fury: Im glad this is the precedent for sundowning services
PharaohBender27: @AugmentingPath Can't help but notice that Urban Dictionary doesn't actually cite the source of that quote . . .
GapFiller: AugmentingPath Old Earth being the most important descriptor there
laundreydhull: Will the supposed Stadia games be released to public domain or still be under Google's umbrella Post-Stadia?
AugmentingPath: PharaohBender27 I found it credible enough to post in twitch chat :-D
richard_ermen: Google: "Cancelling Services after 4 years like its no ones business"
laundreydhull: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMTG (The return of Chit-Chaff w/ Serge, Wheeler, and Alex! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PST (1:09 from now).
ghyllnox: I respect Google for at least trying to develop a business model that's less reliant on providing ads
PharaohBender27: @AugmentingPath Eh, there's a lot about the quote that gets on my "this is some apocryphal BS" radar.
richard_ermen: Can you imagine? The ubiSOFT, a handheld ...made of GOO.
TheMerricat: @AugmentingPath it's at least as old as Marilyn Monroe
SocraticMethod: Stadia is not dead yet, it's in the hospice.
SquareDotCube: Just form Google Stadia Death Watch, Heather. :p
TheDailyMapleSyrup: if you bought 30 games at $50 then the refund would pay for a console at least
bytecaster: Knowing google they bring it back under the same name, and also add a chat platform
RobertMakesGames: Goolge Play Anywhere
RockPusher: Maybe 2 with it then closing down again 18months later
Driosenth: They will wait until one works and will buy them
TemporallyAwry: Google Plus was already a thing right? :p
bytecaster: Google Hangouts Play
PharaohBender27: @AugmentingPath I can believe it being from the mid-20th century much more easily
KakuEpsilon: Google will try to bring it back and then just change the new name back to Stadia when we're not paying attention
JadedCynic: Seen on a schoolkid's essay: "Opera is sort of musical theatre where when a guy is stabbed, instead of dying, he sings."
dividesBy0: Did Google Chat ever reappear?
AugmentingPath: @AugmentingPath Yeah, the urban dictionary cite is probably dubious. Some Like It Hot, however, is solid as can be
dividesBy0: Oh, it never went away, just the desktop app.
bytecaster: @dividesBy0 Do you mean, Google Chat, Google Talk, Google Allo, Google Hangouts or Google Wave?
JadedCynic: That explains VALVe! :D
LordZarano: Like Valve has done with Steam
dividesBy0: Oh, Talk probably :D
dividesBy0: ugh
bytecaster: @dividesBy0 Some of those have been renamed to be one of the others!
LordZarano: @JadedCynic Hi five!
RobertMakesGames: most of game dev is going to seem silly to them when they can just keep taking 30% of play store money
Wolfstrike_NL: That's almost Steam?
JadedCynic: @JadedCynic high-five hivemind! o/\o
SocraticMethod: Alyx
MrTulip: ah, the nintendo time scale
richard_ermen: Alyx
richard_ermen: That was awesome
SocraticMethod: Steam Index
RobertMakesGames: They still update dota 2... for now
SocraticMethod: It's a VR with finder controls
richard_ermen: Valve basically only makes new games when they have a new technology to showcase how its awesome
bytecaster: They did
LordZarano: Aperture Desk Job
NewtyNewts: Artifact?
bytecaster: It didn't work out
RobertMakesGames: ARTIFACT
laundreydhull: I should ask during the "Chit-Chaff" hour, but lrrWHEELER 's voice leans a bit menacing loathsome every time he says, "Thank You For Having Me! It's Great To Be Here!" (i.e. holiday gift exchange YT video)
patbaer: came and went
RobertMakesGames: it was rough
IzlanntheLion: they did and it died on release
laundreydhull: ah, slept.
TheMerricat: Artifact was Valve
NewtyNewts: That was them and now it is not them
DeM0nFiRe: They made it and then immediately threw it in the trash lol
laundreydhull: yep, Artifact has been dead silent
RobertMakesGames: Apparently a bunch of the dota 2 devs have been working on a game codenamed "neon prime" for about 3 years.
bytecaster: Our new company is "Aidats, not Stadia at all"
SocraticMethod: @bytecaster "Ai, dats a good game"
RockPusher: Will have to do something with the excess processing cycles when they eventually shut down Google Cloud Platform lrrBEEJ
IzlanntheLion: to much user info to share
bytecaster: I'd buy a Stadia dev kit for 10 bucks
laundreydhull: if lrrWHEELER hasn't queued it in "Is This Your Card?" segment a year since he played it at all, then that sums up activity in Artifact(maybe...)
SocraticMethod: Stadia controller was suprisingly good, apparently
RobertMakesGames: the stadia controllers theoretically are bluetooth compatible and the chromecasts are all just chromecasts
TheMerricat: Anyone see that there are rumblings of a new Steam Controller from Valve?
mtvcdm: But can it run Doom?
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
bytecaster: Google Atari!
LordZarano: There was a long time where 90% of the ads I saw were "You don't have to wait for GAME DOWNLOADS!"
accountmadeforants: The issue is that the wireless bit doesn't work currently
Invitare: Statari
SocraticMethod: IIRC Stadia controllers don't work as XInput devices, which is the biggest roadblock for PC gaming
CranstonSnord: Google Atari 6900
Laserbeaks_Fury: I had a Power Glove
bytecaster: Google Stadia 2600
RockPusher: Memetically sucked
Angreed66: Let Atari die. If Atari outlasts stadia there is something wrong going on.
ThorSokar: Oh I love the "who's wearing Atari's skin now" game
laundreydhull: Stadia begone yesterday; Stream Decks gone tomorrow; T O D A Y.
richard_ermen: Finally, someone says it: "ET sucks!"
TheMerricat: Atari 2600 ET was 'OK' but that was the POV of an 8 year old.
PharaohBender27: "ET was too far ahead for its time!"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah the Flagg was MASSIVE
ford_prefect1789: and ET was like 50$ in 80's money
laundreydhull: G.I. Joe used to be big?
QuixoticScrivener: I think Josh Stife Hayes figured out how to speed run ET. (But maybe it was another you tuber.)
QuixoticScrivener: *strife
SquareDotCube: The Micro Machines van!
Laserbeaks_Fury: I had a Castle Greyskull, which is much more modest
LordZarano: Someone made a mod for ET 2600 to fix the gameplay
ThorSokar: I had a friend who had one (the US Flagg), that thing was INSANE
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FarleyF: im with Beej there - i had an atari 2600 with ET
Mollylele: heather & i were dead back then
TheDailyMapleSyrup: c flat
RockPusher: Now I want a Tracy Island Thunderbirds set
Laserbeaks_Fury: Also, Omega Supreme was a massive toy
Wolfstrike_NL: prelude to the christmas stream
SquareDotCube: A Beej Note
laundreydhull: lrrBEEEJ lrrHEATHER lrrBEEJ pls, jlrrNo jlrrNo jlrrNo
JadedCynic: I remember mentioning to my mother "you know all that old star wars stuff is worth a lot of money nowadays" she replied "yeah, it cost a lot of money back then, too!" :D
laundreydhull: sorry...
Driosenth: did I miss Beej's Nintendo order ordeal update?
EvilBadman: Make up fake awards
Mollylele: how chill, zero news
GapFiller: worse to worst these year in review stuff to do
Rob_Racoon: The Chillys!
Sibwow: the pointies!
Mollylele: the chillest point
Shadwhawk: The USS Flagg originally cost $89.99, or about $230 in today's dollars
Mr_Dirty: over the holidays they will still unleash the Beej upon us?
SocraticMethod: You could just put Beej in a box and set him off for a rant. Easy 2-3 hours of content
Simonark: The FakeLrWards!
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RockPusher: Funniest video game news of the year awards
KakuEpsilon: I'm excited for Tingle's Rosey Rupee Land Stream 2 on Sunday. <3
richard_ermen: ^Quick question: When will we get the "Best of Highlights 2022"?
laundreydhull: yes, the LRR UN-Annual/UNOfficial VGA's. . .
PharaohBender27: @KakuEpsilon Me, too! :D
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kusinohki: the LRR awards show where they just show LRR trailers??
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Wolfstrike_NL: @richard_ermen During the boxing day stream
RockPusher: Buy DVD - make Beej very happy
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GapFiller: nalvCool
TehAmelie: byee
SquareDotCube: See you tomorrow!
Mollylele: byeeeee youtube
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Simonark: LRR is now a fake trailer content farm to meet the demands of the Fake LRR Award
bytecaster: A different kind of Whamjangle
RockPusher: Chit-Chaff: Serge, is this your card? Edition
KakuEpsilon: Now we wait here until the.. what
mtvcdm: !homestreams
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GhostValv: chattin and chaffin
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: magic friday social club
jibkat: omg
RockPusher: A Christmas miracle!
PharaohBender27: NGL, a touch surprised you
jibkat: live in this economy?
GapFiller: Tingle Hype
PharaohBender27: *you're doing Live on Christmas Eve
mtvcdm: The best day of the year. Tingle Day!
Invitare: Heather, we all know that Rupeeland stream is our real Christmas gift
accountmadeforants: YEEEAAAAAH Tingle!
NewtyNewts: What a holiday!
kusinohki: I wonder what the them for live will be?? :P
Snowcookies: yay tingle
mtvcdm: A merry Tingle Day to all
Simonark: That sounds wholesome and lovely, and in no way gloriously depraved!
PharaohBender27: Capitalism: The Nintendo game!
Mollylele: lrrBEEJ_TK
richard_ermen: Soooo excited ^^
richard_ermen: Beej as Tingle is amazing ^^
GapFiller: gdi Beej some of us are doing Whamageddon!
Wolfstrike_NL: tingle tingle kooloo limpah
RobertMakesGames: that tingle reference hit like WHAM
RobertMakesGames: yeah covers are fine
ThorSokar: "it takes as long as it takes"
laundreydhull: BOX-mas
PharaohBender27: Boxing! Day! Boxing! Day!
CptMurphey: 24 wham stream confirmed
mtvcdm: Beej I lost twice to the actual Wham version on the first day and three times overall. I'm now losing an average of five times a day.
EricTheOrange: the boxing day stream is my favorite stream of the year
Sibwow: kroaking the old nole
Simonark: Not to be confused with Wha Mageddon, where you get surprised by the villain from a Grant Morrison comic.
LordZarano: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: one Andrew from the teeming mass of humanity
richard_ermen: Somehow Boxing Day makesme thinkg of Boxnard.
Niahlah: planning for 6 PS6's??
GapFiller: fisticuffs! the noble art of post Xmas pugilism!
LizzyTPau: Hopefully the crew is able to get home safely tonight <3 BC weather is the POOPs right now
RobertMakesGames: thank you chillpoint crew for such a wonderful year. it really was a delight.
kusinohki: it's never Chess Boxing day...
niccus: merry boxmas eve eve eve
bytecaster: Live Tingle Boxmas
NewtyNewts: Boxercise day?
mtvcdm: Live Tingle Boxing
PharaohBender27: The first Boxing Day stream in 2018 was one of my first times in Twitch chat . . . :)
niccus: glad to attend the annual touching of tingle
bytecaster: @mtvcdm Not to be confused with Live Tingle Chess Boxing
Eklinaar: I've been afk but still listening to the stream for the past half hour, just wanted to say I had the Atari ET game, too, and agree it sucked.
PharaohBender27: So it has a special place in my heart
RobertMakesGames: CITIZEN SLEEPER is my game of the year.
Simonark: Right Back Into It Tuesday!
RockPusher: Live Tingle Boxing Day - absolutely a pop-folk narrative band
richard_ermen: Citizen Sleeper is sweet.
mtvcdm: Tingles get in the ring for 8 rounds of live action
niccus: are they not still on choonathan charles?
KV1NN4: Will sadly miss the live tingles but thats a groupwatch later for sure!
EvilBadman: Charlesing has happened and been beated
niccus: oh wow that quickly huh
TheMerricat: @niccus They beat it already, a one stream game.
EvilBadman: it's not a long game
kusinohki: @pharoahbender it might be the same for me. I created a twitch account just to enter a random LRR give away. it might have been a boxing day stream, I really can't remember
KakuEpsilon: Hello that me.
patbaer: Hi
Loonatic93: Yeah... I could see Uo-Chan as a gamer.
TehAmelie: Christmas Killteam: deck the halls with bowels unholy
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeBits guyjudgeBits
EikoandMog: DA BITS
GapFiller: thanks for streaming lrrPAUL lrrBEEEJ lrrHEATHER lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
lirazel64: sergeModLov cheerwhal1000 cheerwhal1000
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
KakuEpsilon: @TehAmelie They're going to eat at TAco Bell before the fight?
RobertMakesGames: VirtualHug VirtualHug VirtualHug
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
RockPusher: lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart
ThorSokar: up hill both ways?!
PharaohBender27: @kusinohki I made my account for DB2018, and first subbed for Checkpoint. So I'd been around for several streams, but it was definitely early in my Twtich history
RockPusher: jlrrPeakslit jlrrXmastree jlrrPeakslit jlrrXmastree
PharaohBender27: @lirazel64 Argh, too late!
patbaer: Beej have you scheduled an anime stream yet?
RobertMakesGames: lololol
TheMerricat: lol
GapFiller: that is devious either way
JadedCynic: good-BYE, beej....
accountmadeforants: good closer
PharaohBender27: @kusinohki In fact, speaking of memories, the Games of Chance stream game was the very first time I made a clip. I've since made over 3,000 of them :p
PharaohBender27: *Games of Chance steam the day after Boxing Day 2018