korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #5903: ""Wiener" is not a swear!" —Adam [2019-03-15]
TemporallyAwry: !soon
LordZarano: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (59s ago).
TheWriterAleph: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Earthenone: lrrSIG
LordZarano: 59s! PrideRise
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
TemporallyAwry: lrrSIG penaddChair lrrSIG
Fruan: Where were you when team was kill?
Calaban161: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! How does taxidermy change the mouthfeel of a dead goose?
FlapYak: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Metric_Furlong: blood for the blood god, etc.
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the friends you made along the way
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Kill Team on AFK! Tonight @BengineeringTV and @ihorner battle the Death Guard vs Grey Knights! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FlG1rewaUAAkz-Q.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1608266973464645633
sangloupmon_xantibody: Lets war some hams!!
Sorator13: At last! A distraction!
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Evil_Smurf: Time for the Orcs or something! Paint yourself purple!
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jacqui_lantern234: hey all ya heccin nerds whomst i love AGGRESSIVELY!!!!!!!! <3
ApoC7_Schimmel: What's up people!
SnowBuddy18: @jacqui_lantern234 lorariNoYou benginDab
jacqui_lantern234: @SnowBuddy18 NO U MORE
Rekcus: do we know who is playing tonight?
Evil_Smurf: Who’s been playing dwarf fortress?
jacqui_lantern234: @Rekcus Ian and Ben
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iiieye: Hail Slaanesh.
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kaziel0: benginHype benginHype benginHype benginHype
SnowBuddy18: @jacqui_lantern234 NO U MORE
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jacqui_lantern234: @SnowBuddy18 hah! you repeated, that means i win!!!
Dog_of_Myth: Good evening all.
SnowBuddy18: @jacqui_lantern234 what's your prize?
Shadowsoflife: lrrSHINE
Juliamon: You heard it here first, folks: Jacqui is, in fact, the best
jacqui_lantern234: @Juliamon >:(
jacqui_lantern234: NO U
jacqui_lantern234: you have a sword to prove it!!!
Dog_of_Myth: Oh hai, @jacqui_lantern234 u da best.
SnowBuddy18: Jacqui is indeed the best
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TheBehemothBarn: oh neat
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PharaohBender27: Sorry jacqui, can't overrule a mod!
jacqui_lantern234: @PharaohBender27 ILL FIGHT THE MODS IRL
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thrythlind: hello
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Evil_Smurf: I don’t recommend fighting mods
jacqui_lantern234: except Sarah, shes the only mortal i fear
Juliamon: Fight Gods, Not Mods
saucemaster5000: Jacqui is indeed the best, united we fight. With kindness
TemporallyAwry: Something something, don't bring a sword to a hammer fight PrideShrug
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PharaohBender27: @jacqui_lantern234 Well see, now they know to to bring to the fight!
PharaohBender27: *know who
Evil_Smurf: Does ACAB include mods????
PharaohBender27: @Evil_Smurf Nah, mods ain't cops
Evil_Smurf: Okay
BrowneePoints: Mods are obviously a Sushi
AzaleaCloud: AMAB. All Mods Are Beautiful.
Evil_Smurf: Unless it’s in a cop forum
Juliamon: We don't get paid, therefore we can't be paid off
BrowneePoints: @Juliamon Eyyyyyy
kaziel0: Hello Ben! Hello Ian!
Evil_Smurf: Assigned mod at birth
lazermeow: Don't be scared Ben, you got this.
jacqui_lantern234: MY BOY
kaziel0: Hello Paul!
TheWriterAleph: tis the season to play kill team, dak dak dak dak, dak-dak dak dak
PharaohBender27 wonders when lrrBEN will unleash that phrase he promised he would yesterday
Coloneljesus: fill team?
kaziel0: Swill team?
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alittlebittilted: spill bean?
iris_of_ether: lrrPAUL benginHey tiltyhPLS
SeaDiegoFC: This is going to be such a Thrill Team tonight
Evil_Smurf: Do we got orcs?
Coloneljesus: mill team
BurningAndrew: HELL YEAH im painting my first kill team while i watch and its death guard :)
jacqui_lantern234: @LoadingReadyRun what camera do yall use for the top-down camera?
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Nuurgle: Let's go Ben, and ONLY Ben!
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BrowneePoints: I'm just glad Necrons got a big kill team boost
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IbunWest: 5 years? That’s almost a year! abatHYPERS
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Shadowsoflife: We did this
lirazel64: !advice
LRRbot: Stop gentrifying cryptids.
LinearGif: Net positive, we love nets
Coloneljesus: that's us!
NotCainNorAbel: I authorized this?
Earthenone: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out https://store.loadingreadyrun.com/ for the full catalog.
Rhynerd: At a hobby night with my warhammer pals, working on a new member of my Death Watch Kill Team
saucemaster5000: I refuse to take responsibility for this
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Coloneljesus: I'm commander shepard and this is my favorite channel on twitch
Sorator13: @NotCainNorAbel That's the best part! We signed away our authorization rights!
nickthecatbear: lrrAWESOME
SaxPython: lrrSHINE
Sorator13: @Coloneljesus love this
Dog_of_Myth: What??
PharaohBender27: :O
micalovits: James?!?
Alas_Babylon: James has some *sick* minis too
gehennam_reborn: What team?
jacqui_lantern234: THE James "James Turner" Turner?!
saucemaster5000: then slip him a fiver
RockPusher: elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkHeart
Coloneljesus: James Bond?
SaxPython: #LoveJames
NotCainNorAbel: @Sorator13 That will teach me to not read the ToS
RealGamerCow: The Dilly Team
korvys: All the way from Australia, and also the far end of Australia
iris_of_ether: lrrDILLY Marines!
LordZarano: jlrrXmastree
LordZarano: jlrrPeakslit
bobokiddo: clearing my schedule to watch james play!
Sorator13: @NotCainNorAbel they sneak all sorts of stuff in there! I got a t-shirt for reading it (in exchange for my soul)!
Evil_Smurf: Kill team seems less expensive than a full army
LinearGif: "Will there be effort? No? Then I'm in"
NotCainNorAbel: @Sorator13 good trade
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unarmedoracle: I suggest we name James' marines "The Brothers Dil"
iris_of_ether: Oh my god
yuan42: oh we're going back into the dark? 50K channel points on ian winning
Loonatic93: Death Guard? Things are going to get real stinky in here!
Arclight_Dynamo: 40K: Tactics
Coloneljesus: we opening a betting pot?
micalovits: Do you like 40k lore, and want a game that is actually good? Kill team it is!
LinearGif: Send forth thy champions
Nuurgle: but commander takes 3 hours...
NotCainNorAbel: Is there a 100 team singleton format of 40k?
unarmedoracle: I used to go to a 40k tournament that played 4 games saturday then 2 games sunday. Long days.
BurningAndrew: YOOOOOO
Dog_of_Myth: Amazing!!!
goombalax: I love it
Lysander_salamander: oh wow that looks awesome
saucemaster5000: looking spiffy
Coloneljesus: Ben has been streaming minipainting
tehfewl: Thats a banger
BurningAndrew: ian i love you so much right now
nickthecatbear: wow, I'm loving Ben's nuclear-waste-technicolor-dreamland. So cool
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Lysander_salamander: both of these teams look beautfiful
AzaleaCloud: This is better than actual 40K lore, Ian.
iris_of_ether: Ian omg
jacqui_lantern234: ian horner, you absolute madman! i heccin love you!
raulghoulia: That's no Zaku, Boy. No Zaku!
Dog_of_Myth: Ian, that's is awesome
Coloneljesus: Denim and Jean???
unarmedoracle: Does he move 9[circle]?
RealGamerCow: Those Toxic Bois looking good
PharaohBender27: :D
Nuurgle: non-spon, use what you want
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Lysander_salamander: woot proxies!
ApoC7_Schimmel: yeah Games Workshop
Coloneljesus: GW, get on this!
brainbosh: Why is the base vibrating
tehfewl: were these 3d printed?
PMAvers: GW Rules Lawyer Armada incoming
alittlebittilted: please sponsor
RealGamerCow: Is it me or is that terrain wibbling?
LinearGif: @brainbosh Enthusiasm
Sorator13: @RealGamerCow little bit
jacqui_lantern234: @RealGamerCow definately not just you
PharaohBender27: I have concerns about the structural stability of those buildings, especially the ones at left . . . :p
ReaperTitan152001: lrrFINE lrrJUDGECALL
BurningAndrew: ian PLEASE when you get a model for the gunner get a Gouf
Sorator13: they're simulating aftershocks of a big earthquake; it's fine
Lysander_salamander: Wait, Betrayal figures as kill teams!
Coloneljesus: dear GW, if you sponsor LRR, I'll buy, like, 2 boxes
tenthtechpriest: Boy those sure are grey knights
SnowBuddy18: it's just as they touch the table
BrowneePoints: I'm so glad I convinced Ben to go with the Orange/Yellow/Pink for irradiated corrosion effect on the Death Guard
BrowneePoints: it looked SO good
BrowneePoints: looks*
lazermeow: Not a good idea to confuse the Space Wolves with Grey Knights.
Mazrae: is that a new group for Ben?
control_rig: The blessings of Grandpa Nurgle
Sorator13: @Mazrae it is! he painted them on his home stream today
BrowneePoints: Nope
Myrniss: well it works for the imperium :P
BrowneePoints: Ben painted most of these months ago
unarmedoracle: where the grey knights clearly hate books
BrowneePoints: he just finally got a chance to play them today
unarmedoracle: whereas*
korvys: Ben, your paint job is great - they look sufficiently radioactive
damn_i_am_pretty: Oh, they're about death? couldn't tell
BrowneePoints: and he painted this 6th member today on stream cuz they got a 6th unit
matthaus_c: Grey Knights are just recreating the birth of Dada
alittlebittilted: be fair Paul, extra skulls are a requirement for 40k
Sorator13: Oh, alright; my mistake
BrowneePoints: Also just shout out to Ben, holy CRAP those Models look so good on Camera
Dog_of_Myth: Nah, they just have weird ideas for what a bookmark is.
AzaleaCloud: Ah yes, that classic Grey Knight paralogue: Fahrenheit 451.
Coloneljesus: that's the warp drives
Lysander_salamander: A mass of other ships that sort of congeal together into a big mass
Vergotterung: you do need to file it a bit, yeah
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Its_VeeBot: Happy Almost New Year, friends!
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Sorator13: @Mattmitchell45 LUL
Vergotterung: once you do it fits pretty nice
BrowneePoints: Ben has had this army in reserve for several months, biding his time
PharaohBender27: @Mattmitchell45 Should've seen it coming!
Nuurgle: I love you too, Ben
Vergotterung: zakus, oh no
Despoiler98: foodvi2Sips foodvi2Sips foodvi2Sips Grandpa Nurgles coming over for Xmas
SmashTCG: ian... those are gundams
tenthtechpriest: BAED
Sorator13: @SmashTCG and? :D
Shadowsoflife: @SmashTCG And?
Lysander_salamander: lost in the sauce
korvys: They do look like they're glowing, it's a good paint job
Despoiler98: katesSweat katesSweat katesSweat Why is my geiger counter max lining?
RockPusher: voxlunRad voxlunGeiger
Coloneljesus: 3.5 roentgen, not good, not terrible
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princess_intell: i smell daka
jessieimproved: where's my RadAway
Loonatic93: Radioactive eh? So The Firm, or Imagine Dragons?
alittlebittilted: it's so rad
control_rig: *waves flag*
Vergotterung: an absolute UNIT
Lysander_salamander: were the mechas printed, or are they from another board game?
BrowneePoints: but yea the yellows for radioactive glow with the Pink/orange nuclear corrosion accents was SUCH a good freakin choice
princess_intell: so we're looking at a bunch of heretic mutants
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xxxnumxxx: boom
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Despoiler98: katesPride katesPride katesPride katesPride katesPride katesPride katesPride katesPride katesPride katesPride katesPride
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tenthtechpriest: you can tell because he has a gun(er)
Coloneljesus: no sub counter today?
SmashTCG: Plasma gun? more like hot snot blaster
control_rig: Like ya do
princess_intell: so... both imperium?
SketchyDetails: Are those Zaku 2s?
Sorator13: great bubonic cleaver? I'm pretty sure my aunt had that last month
BrowneePoints: @princess_intell nope. Imperium/Chaos
princess_intell: thanks!
BrowneePoints: Death Guard is a Chaos Space Marine faction
PharaohBender27: tqsKnife
goombalax: storm bolters get to reroll everything so thats gonna be sick
Despoiler98: occamKnife
GirlPainting: Stormbolters are basicly 2 bolters tucked together with ducktape ^^
Despoiler98: katesGun katesGun HES GOT A KNIFE
Dog_of_Myth: Death Guard is down with the sickness (Nurgle)
control_rig: Wa-a-a-a
BrowneePoints: Also, in 40k, these two particular chapters fight, a LOT
Despoiler98: @GirlPainting no thhe duct tape ones are the Combi-Bolters, the stormbolters use Superglue ancient tech
AzaleaCloud: Ben crossing a thing off his notepad: "Okay, so Leeroy Jenkins Formation, off the table..."
Nuurgle: D O N G
BrowneePoints: cuz Grey Knights hunt down Chaos wherever they can find it
jacqui_lantern234: bingle dingling?!?!?!
SymphonicLolita: dingle! that! bingle!
BrowneePoints: and Death Guard is one of the biggest Chaos army vanguards
tenthtechpriest: translator's note: pentagon means six
korvys: Your guys are deliberate
control_rig: You know what isn't slow, Ben? Bolter rounds
saucemaster5000: 4 inches can still do the trick
Sorator13: Turns out, the plague isn't so great for your legs!~
Despoiler98: @Nuurgle hey thanks for coming out to support yer boys foodvi2Sips
Myrniss: Ian might be able to do the classic FPS tactic; shoot, back step, shoot, back step-
Loonatic93: That grenade is on krak!
GirlPainting: Despoiler98 superglue, ducktape, tesafilm, white glue....all anchient tech from the golden age of technologie
Finalsora811: @saucemaster5000 Are we still doin phrasing?
BrowneePoints: Grey Knights
BrowneePoints: do NOT bus around
micalovits: Storm bolters are disgusting
Vergotterung: you can fish for crits it seems
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Sogheim: oh dang
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Fruan: One of those walls seems awfully wibbly
Vergotterung: oh the airlock one
Vergotterung: this is rough for low count teams
BrowneePoints: for Chat who may not know
BrowneePoints: Grey Knights are "the chapter that totally doesn't exist unless you need to know they exist"
Vergotterung: but there's no usual way to go from the outside, yea
Sorator13: twisted treeline! ...in spaaaaaaaaace
AzaleaCloud: "Sorry y'all, I would gank, but I'm not allowed to leave the airlock."
Loonatic93: Shoot the Oxygen!
Loonatic93: That should go well!
GirlPainting: BrowneePoints you mean "redacted" are the marines you don´t know htat you don´t know them unless "redacted" ^^
Vergotterung: I thought the inside was worth more, huh
BrowneePoints: indeed!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL how's the background music volume?
BrowneePoints: but yea the Imperium has assassinated or used mind wipe tech to ensure the Grey Knights "don't exist" they are the top of the line Spec Ops
Sorator13: @LoadingReadyRun it's great, IMO
PharaohBender27: @LoadingReadyRun escher3THUMBSUP
AzaleaCloud: @LoadingReadyRun Perfect.
saucemaster5000: @LoadingReadyRun mood settingly good
IsSecretlyPaul: minis minis minis minis
BrowneePoints: I didn't know there was background music but I'm struggling with the Flu atm
chaostreader: @loadingreadyrun I’ve barely noticed it but can hear it, which seems ideal.
laundreydhull: There's music in Killteam lrrGRAHAM ?
Sorator13: @BrowneePoints aww, rough. sickness buddies though! I have a horrible sore throat and am attempting to not drown in my own fluids.
ToolBoxer: how many points are the armies in this little skrims?
ToolBoxer: these*
jimfaindel: First time I get to catch one of these matces live, been waiting for their return and am real glad to see te bois enjoying themselves
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BrowneePoints: There's set loadouts for each team @ToolBoxer
laundreydhull: like a- amateur Warcry Bard or something?
ToolBoxer: ahh I see, thanks
BrowneePoints: it's usually you get 1 A, 2 B or C, and 3 B or C @ToolBoxer
goombalax: it makes for a simpler list build but doesn't scale well
BrowneePoints: with some of them like Greenskins having a bunch of smaller models
Willengar: Ben! Papa Nurgle wants a hug!
BrowneePoints: and others like Custodes basically only 4 models
PharaohBender27: Reminder: Pentagon means 6 :p
BrowneePoints: but the average is(if I remember from researching) the average is around 7-8ish models
goombalax: Custodes can either take 4 custodians or 2 cust and 5 sisters of silence
goombalax: ( or 10 sisters)
micalovits: 12-14 demons, depending on if you take blue horrors or not iirc
Willengar: This is kind of cool. Haven't seen the LRR crew do much with Warhammer. And even better Ben playing the Death Guard makes me happy cause I play them in 40k
goombalax: LRR killteam is such a treat
Sorator13: @Willengar boy do you have some youtube videos to watch whenever you're next killing time :D
Shadowsoflife: ^
Willengar: Oh?
GirlPainting: In the far future of the 41ts millenium there is no bright future. forget the promise of technologie and prosperety. basicly life sucks, there is only war and you will probably geting eaten by tyranids....HAVE FUN!
BurningAndrew: ian whats your opinion on a cyberpunk themed tau kill team? im getting a friend into the game and thats what she wants to make
AzaleaCloud: Yeah, Kill Team has been a recurring AFK thing for a loooong time now.
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EscherichiaCole: I hope Ben overcharges his Plasma gun every single chance he gets.
PharaohBender27: @Willengar LRR did some Killteam streams in . . . July, I want to say?
Sorator13: It's been a few months, yeah
Vergotterung: @BurningAndrew Tau can fit the cyberpunk theme well
airylan: time to start working on some Dark Angels. Anyone else working on models while watching?
jimfaindel: I missed them dearly
Sorator13: Several painting streams on TTSF, too!
PharaohBender27: tqsLOL
Willengar: Oh really? well dang I'll have to go a D find those between tomorrow and Friday
definenull: War lrrHAM
metzmagic: This is great, I just started getting into 40k last week
ReaperTitan152001: lrrHERE
jimfaindel: Never not be engaging
laundreydhull: after the break, right?
goombalax: Santic blessing is once per game, not per turning point
Papperslappen: In my power armor, no one can see me cry
Sorator13: I feel like there may be more not on that list, but that's a start
Loonatic93: Except for the Salamanders.
alittlebittilted: emotional scars
jimfaindel: Crying is a suboptimal, yet flavorful use for a turn
Willengar: Heck yeah! Thanks @sorator13
Loonatic93: Salamanders are a bunch of really huggy bois.
Sorator13: enjoy, friend!
jimfaindel: E m o t i o n a l D a m a g e
goombalax: YES
Vergotterung: GAS GAS GAS
jimfaindel: Double queue?!
Willengar: So are Death Guard Kill Teams just Marines? No Terminators or Walkers?
alittlebittilted: charge everyone
saucemaster5000: on the other hand, what if we did get overly optimistic?
Loonatic93: Death Guard really stink!
AzaleaCloud: What if we, in fact, dingled the bingle?
goombalax: @Willengar they can take walkers but theres no termies in killteam yet
Willengar: Ok ok ok. Yeah I play 40k more than Kill Team but I've been meaning to look more into it
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I feel like even 1 terminator would be more then an entire kill team
goombalax: Custodes are basically terminators tho, I think they could balance it
BrowneePoints: I hope Ecclesiarchy get a boost sometime. I'd love to play some Sisters of Battle and the Novitiates, while strong, ain't my jam
Vergotterung: @LoadingReadyRun the Custodes are all like super good terminators tho
jimfaindel: Give everyone a terminator, that makes it fair!
sgbyou: I'd love to bring some chaos terminators into a kill team
Vergotterung: fancy!
ApoC7_Schimmel: genuinely excited.
jimfaindel: They should make turn order mats like they do for Magic
GirlPainting: Thank you for subscribing to Imperial propaganda facts: Number 59837 "It is better to die for the Emperor then to live for yourself!"
Papperslappen: !unsubscribe Imperial propaganda facts
goombalax: thank you for subscribing to imperial fact facts
PharaohBender27: @GirlPainting "Unsubscribe Imperial pro-" (is shot for defeatism)
GirlPainting: Thank you for subscribing to Imperial propaganda facts: Number 232123 Zeal and Fury are rewarded with victory!"
Willengar: Wait is Ben running a Lord Of Contagion?
BrowneePoints: No
goombalax: @Willengar its a proxy but ya
BrowneePoints: If you find about them Paul, the Imperium will kill you
Vergotterung: it's just a fighter
saucemaster5000: can I just say, not a single terminator sent back in time accomplishes its goal, except the modded ones. Beginning to think Terminators? Not very effective
BrowneePoints: or wipe your mind
micalovits: Not from Ben's point of view
BurningAndrew: i mean not to xenos
SmashTCG: to ther grey knights? yes, to literally everything else? no
Spanked42: Is anyone friendly in the warhammer universe?
Willengar: The Tau are
BrowneePoints: Actually yea there are some reasonably friendly folks in the 40k universe
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jimfaindel: For a given definition of friendly
sgbyou: tyranids just want some hugs
goombalax: the tau and genestealer cults are super friendly
Dog_of_Myth: From what little I know, Salamanders are friendly
Papperslappen: I would say chaos are quite reasonable too
GirlPainting: thx ^^
alittlebittilted: ❤️ GSC
BurningAndrew: the tau are friendly and will force you to be if you refuse
TheWriterAleph: pew pew
PharaohBender27: @Willengar Well, IIRC they were, and then the writers made them more grimdark
Spanked42: Line of site frustrating in 40k? Cause it was a nightmare in Legion..
Willengar: We don't talk about that lore @pharaohbender27
that_red_panda: I need to learn how to play this and how to list build using the compendium
goombalax: terrain and visibility rules are the things that take the most getting used to in this
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BrowneePoints: The Tau have always been a forced hegemony
definenull: its overwatch 2 now
jimfaindel: Man, I miss XCOM
BrowneePoints: hey chat if you miss xcom
yuan42: thats a pretty low bar ben
tenthtechpriest: so it's not like overwatch 2 at all!
BrowneePoints: you should try Midnight Suns or Mario X Rabbids. both pretty good
ApoC7_Schimmel: "but much more well developed"lol
jimfaindel: XCOM 3 when Firaxis?
GirlPainting: Thank you for subscribing to Imperial propaganda facts: Number 98576377424 "Pain is temporary. Honor is forever!"
Duwani1: midnight suns is great
tehfewl: the only thing "Well Developed" about Overwatch 2, are the ladies
BrowneePoints: Firaxis just made Midnight Suns give them a break! @jimfaindel
compactdisco: Nah, can't be overwatch 2, we've got 6 guys per team not 5
Vergotterung: hah
saucemaster5000: heck with XCOM 3, where is XCOM 4 Firaxis? Lazy...
that_red_panda: did you all sand down the joints on the walls? I find them pretty hard to take apart
Fruan: Nurgle said it was my turn with the action!
TheWriterAleph: bonging the dong
keep_it_lobster: Ian should remember he can use his third action for psychic powers.
matthaus_c: mmm, nurgle bingle
Finalsora811: Mom said it's MY turn with the initiative!
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tipulsar85: RING THAT BELL!
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goombalax: in the hulk you can't measure across walls for abilities like that
jimfaindel: My kingdom for XCOM Chimera Squad 2
Papperslappen: matthaus_c Remember to sanitize your hands after bingling the nurgle dingle
sgbyou: I love the tactical part of xcom but i dislike the strategic layer
jimfaindel: It's a fine dance betwen both modes
Vergotterung: Outside tanks are 2 AP to activate, 1 victory @LoadingReadyRun
tehfewl: anytime i hear activate i just think of those memes with the red eyes and bass boost
GirlPainting: Thank you for subscribing to Adeptus Mechanicus propaganda facts: Number 1: "00101001001000100100100010010100100100100010010010"
Vergotterung: all tanks are one victory
matthaus_c: @Papperslappen no amount of sanitation would save that hand benginLul
Sorator13: honestly, I think this confusion is pretty accurate for a real military operation :D
saucemaster5000: high five for that
Sorator13: That does make more sense than the pipes being worth more than the tanks; that seemed odd to me
PharaohBender27: @Sorator13 As the old saying goes, no battle plan survives the first shot
Vergotterung: harder to do, but potentially more dudes on the outsides
control_rig: @matthaus_c Does a Flamer count as "sanitation"?
Vergotterung: if you have more than six
Sorator13: @control_rig For anything flammable (such as a hand), absolutely!
jimfaindel: Think that was the first time I saw someone playing the objectives, and this is what happens
jimfaindel: Never again!
GirlPainting: only in death does duty end!
PharaohBender27: @GirlPainting But surely we could find a way to make the dead of use? sparkl171Smug
Vergotterung: the Breacher team has a fun way to move dudes between the sections in this mission
goombalax: turns out the hatchcutter can't cut through walls as per faq
saucemaster5000: @GirlPainting ... Are we talking ReBurgers? I'm Game for ReBurgers
GirlPainting: ????
GirlPainting: whats a reburger?
PharaohBender27: @GirlPainting ... If you say so? I was thinking fertilizer or as decoy guards
Vergotterung: @goombalax what, really?
saucemaster5000: eh, less tasty but I'll go with it
LinearGif: "The peasants are revolting!" "Yes, I know"
goombalax: @Vergotterung yeah it was a clarification like 2 months ago
definenull: you get a dramatic zoom and slowdown too
matthaus_c: 'within dong distance'
BurningAndrew: why does that marine have the pastatio voice lmao
matthaus_c: less than a schlong away
LoadingReadyRun: "measure dong distance" is an important step
definenull: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
saucemaster5000: Don't shoot until they're in chode distance!
Sorator13: Ben, you can have the dramatic slomo if you want it! Don't let your dreams be dreams!
Vergotterung: @goombalax wow that's bull
Vergotterung: lol that's his whole job, why did they write it
Sorator13: @goombalax well, they're *hatch* cutters, not *door* cutters! /sa
Sorator13: */s
goombalax: he can still cut through closed doors and any other terraiin piece less than an inch thick
Despoiler98: katesMega katesMega DOOR STUCK
goombalax: I guess the utility is to keep doors locked for your opponent and not for you
Sorator13: Ah yes; the greatest obstacle of any dungeon party - a locked door
GirlPainting: PharaohBender27 the corpses will be processed by the flesh guild into delicious and neutricious corps starch, the bones ground to bone meal for the agra planets and the skulls are made into servo skulls. thank you for the interesst into the imperial administratum processes. the emperor protects!
saucemaster5000: hatch cutter v. hodor, who wins?
MMoritz: Is this a board game or the normal tabletop war game? I know nothing about 40K tabletop
GirlPainting: neigther, its kill team
BrowneePoints: @MMoritz Kill Team is a more stripped down and focused version
GirlPainting: a smal size version of 40k
goombalax: fun sized 40k
goombalax: it is wafer thin
matthaus_c: the gun is good, the dong distance is evil
MMoritz: Thank you. :)
BrowneePoints: I've met some people who work at the Pentagon and idk, 6" seems a bit overselling it
saucemaster5000: zardoz is in warhammer?
definenull: O_O
matthaus_c: it SHOULD BE
BrowneePoints: You know, I like how in terms of Lethality and Bulk these models are reasonably similar yea?
BrowneePoints: (besides Resilience rolls favoring Ben's)
GirlPainting: @paul, can we change the music to a different main menue them then dark souls 1 plz?
TheWriterAleph: lrrHORN
BrowneePoints: yea, like Dark Souls 2 Menu Theme
mitomanox: I'm loving the music Paul
goombalax: my vote is for Dearly Beloved if we are going menu themes
GirlPainting: well, it gets a bit repetetive
jimfaindel: 13 Sentinels ftw
Sorator13: was that phone noise on y'all's end?
LoadingReadyRun: this isn't the dark souls menu music :)
jimfaindel: Yup, we heard it
Finalsora811: @goombalax Second.
Sorator13: cool, just making sure
PharaohBender27: That phone noise strikes me on a visceral level, as it's my phone notification noise
GirlPainting: sounds alot like it....sorry for my ignorance
jimfaindel: Never not be supercharging
TheWriterAleph: ben's chargin' his lazar
BrowneePoints: I notice that WAHPEDIA screen!
micalovits: Don't even need to crit with AP, thats pen
LinearGif: ah yes, now I understand everything
goombalax: AP doesn't require crits, PX does
definenull: "i'm in danger"
TetraRay: eep
micalovits: Auch
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
TheWriterAleph: kaboom!
definenull: XCOM baybeee
jamesk902: Considerable Whammies
Finalsora811: And the rolls even out.
Vergotterung: whuf
BrowneePoints: Like I said, both of y'all have some chonky chonky boys
I_Am_Clockwork: Cheer10000 bits for the bits god! Happy AF-1000 day everyone
Dog_of_Myth: Whoa!!
micalovits: Very shiny Ian head
Shadowsoflife: so many bits
Sorator13: We appreciate you Ian
ElfLawyer: Ben vs Ian eh?
Sorator13: also wowzer Clockwork!
mitomanox: considerably considerable
LoadingReadyRun: This music is "Dreamer By Hazy" https://youtube.com/watch?v=LSqttgJRud8
goombalax: guard is a shoot action so you can only do both if you have something like bolter discipline
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keep_it_lobster: You can only shoot and guard if you can double shoot.
Mazrae: I love how quickly chat is when it comes to rules/combat mechanics
definenull: always keep your boys within bong distance
thraximore: @micalovits you know why umbral4Uwu
ThatPoorSod: nurgie bois!!!
micalovits: Stupid sexy Deathguard
goombalax: talking a lot of smack for someone within bongable distance
mitomanox: @micalovits WutFace
MMoritz: What is the lore of these two factions, by the way? I only know a litle 40K lore.
GirlPainting: @LoadingReadyRun here is the ds 1 theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMWTyxrBgRU , it is extremly simmilar
jimfaindel: Bongable distance, also known as face-stabbing range!
saucemaster5000: professional killers
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
mitomanox: beark temi
Vergotterung: gonna get messy quick
Dog_of_Myth: @Vergotterung it was already messy with the Death Guard
goombalax: @MMoritz Death guard are 10 thousand year old traitors devoted to the plague god, Grey Knights are psychic Daemon hunters who exist basically to kill guys like them
Mazrae: you say messy like how messy like do I need to go and find a tarp
MMoritz: @goombalax Grey Knights are Imperium?
saucemaster5000: @Mazrae budget ran out
mitomanox: What amazes me is that this game uses rulers. It's clear why, but it still amazes me somehow.
goombalax: yeah
BurgerGamer: @MMoritz death guard are chaos marines that worship the plague god nurgle, grey knights are a secret group of psychic marines that exclusively hunt demons
Juliamon: Tarp will be provided
Dog_of_Myth: That tarp budget would be massive @Mazrae
Sorator13: @Mazrae I don't think a tarp will help, sadly
Juliamon: It will not be enough tarp.
MMoritz: The issue I have with 40K factions is that they could theoretically both be Chaos or Imperium based on those names. XD
Mazrae: @saucemaster5000 can I at least get some old sheets or a pile of towels
Juliamon: Sorry, all we have is one body pillow cover, lightly used
goombalax: @MMoritz I mean they were called the Death Guard when they were still with the imperium so your confusion is understandable. also the Death Guard have units called Grey Wardens, which is not confusing at all
jimfaindel: I don't think there's a way to use a body pillow cover that could be considered "ligt"
Dog_of_Myth: @Juliamon I have questions yet I DON'T have questions
MMoritz: @goombalax Ah, that explains it. Thank you.
saucemaster5000: @Mazrae as long as it's not expended yes
Mazrae: guess I'll just have to cut out eye holes and try and find a hole to watch from or find a tall hill
Xavorin: So on the Gallagher Smashing Watermelons scale, approximately how many watermelons worth of messy are we talkin' here?
Mazrae: what about a bunch of paper towels bought in bulk how well do you think that would work
Shadowsoflife: Yes
saucemaster5000: Look, at this point of messiness its time to think about moving
Mazrae: so would be better to just accept it and burn everything afterwards, that's what you are saying
Juliamon: Pretty much.
saucemaster5000: Insurance baybee
Sorator13: LUL
mowdownjoe: IAN NO
jimfaindel: IAN, NO!
Alas_Babylon: We have entered kill team menarche
BurningAndrew: welcome to the highlight reel everybody
Fruan: Team is kill
micalovits: Smooth Ian
jimfaindel: Ian is always smooth, I think he waxes
definenull: nevermind ben LUL
BurningAndrew: and there we go
fuzzy_step: Ian missed flipping an order.
definenull: spiderman dot jpeg?
saucemaster5000: can you go full monty?
goombalax: you can reveal as many as you have the conditions for
bobokiddo: i thought it was when it tells you to reveal
BurningAndrew: so rules clarification, between turning points are you allowed to reset orders to whatever you want or do they all change to the opposite of what they were before?
matthaus_c: whole hog into the dong distance
Arclight_Dynamo: If you have doors that can be opened, you can even go full Monty Hall! Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: Nice assets
goombalax: @BurningAndrew each operative gets to change their order as they activate now
jimfaindel: Ben Ulmer, master of blowing his load all in one go
micalovits: Smelly bois!
GirlPainting: Its not the smell, its the burning in the eyes
Shadowsoflife: Always do the bad idea
ApoC7_Schimmel: Warhammer is all about bad decisions.
jimfaindel: Oops, he did it again
Vergotterung: rooty tooty double shooty
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jimfaindel: The wording on these manuals makes me want to slap a game designer
goombalax: psybolt adds 1 to both damage characteristics
goombalax: the crit and the reguar
Arclight_Dynamo: If you dodge the psybolt, is that a psyduck?
goombalax: unarmeHmm
ApoC7_Schimmel: @Arclight_Dynamo lol
Dog_of_Myth: @Arclight_Dynamo Well played.
saucemaster5000: @Arclight_Dynamo seabatClap seabatClap
ApoC7_Schimmel: @jimfaindel I know right, biggest flaw in game design right now.
Vergotterung: no you factored in one each time, so it's just one more for each attack
Sorator13: @Arclight_Dynamo can you follow through with a psyparry or a psyriposte?
jimfaindel: I don't know about the biggest, but few can be fixed by someone going on a slap-spree
LinearGif: But Mercury is in retrograde
Papperslappen: Nurged again
goombalax: he's beginnign to NURG
jimfaindel: It's Nurgin' time!
SmashTCG: that Deathguard lifts their visor and spits out like 10 teeth
goombalax: you can shoot and charge
Spanked42: Is he gonna nurg all over the place?
micalovits: Sure can, just need the APL for it
goombalax: and melee if you have all 3 actions available
jimfaindel: Never not be charging (and shooting!)
Finalsora811: My favorite partof 40K is when Nurgle said "It's Nurgin' Time" and nurged all over those guys.
SerranoShepard: this is excellent to watch while in the tub. (praise slaanesh, good luck stinky boys)
ApoC7_Schimmel: This camera shot is just fantastic
saucemaster5000: There is nothing silly about playing with warhammer figures, it's a 13 and up game.
goombalax: Hey Ian, just because I always forget when I play, Grey Knights have a tactical ploy called "Only in Death does Duty End", where a model that would be killed instead...isn't, until the end of your next activation.
LinearGif: Gentlemen you can't fight in here, this is the war room
GirlPainting: boom stick, club stick, sharp stick, pointy stick?
GirlPainting: plz be more specific ^^
Vergotterung: Ben if you use indirect in Into the Dark you only get square movement
goombalax: remember in the space hulk indirect fire is only 3 inches
micalovits: Krak grenades only hit one of the guys, frag hits more
Vergotterung: range I mean
TacitusVigil: Did somebody say drugs?! Just say no!
goombalax: Chillteam!
Vergotterung: Overcharge!
GirlPainting: girlpaDIE
saucemaster5000: No! Don't take my drugs!
micalovits: Plasma be nasty
jimfaindel: Mom said it was my turn on the drugs!
GirlPainting: a plague spewer is gross....plasma is just hot plasma
jimfaindel: Ceaseless barking!
TacitusVigil: Borkgineering
LinearGif: alert: bork
hammith: Remiford! Stop borking!
Alas_Babylon: benginBark Go get 'em, dad!
shendaras: benginBark
saucemaster5000: benginSip
Tweediculous: Dont underestimate remy.
jimfaindel: Remy the mtg song parody guy?
goombalax: Incinerator!
iris_of_ether: benginBark benginHeart benginBark
micalovits: Burn baby, Burn!
goombalax: also torrent means it has lethal 5+
TacitusVigil: Oh, is this why Graham has that alert on his phone whenever Ben and Adam start shouting on Let's Nope?
TacitusVigil: Kappa
saucemaster5000: Can we tell you the evens?
SmashTCG: 1 in 5 x10
Shadowsoflife: @saucemaster5000 2
ReaperTitan152001: man down!
compactdisco: 3.66%?
compactdisco: If i'm mathing right
jimfaindel: Never not be telling Ben the odds
korvys: Doesn't Ian have a thing that gives a VP if the dead character is in a certain place?
fuzzy_step: I use the same website as Ben
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KCazduke: It's real nice to share this sub now, as I just got my first Warhammer kit...and totally forgot to buy clippers!
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jimfaindel: Yes, if they are close to the objective Ian gets a point, but I think it needs 2 kills to trigger
goombalax: Active Champignon
Electrodyne: "You keep my emperor's name out of your mouth"
shendaras: Was it 5 or 6 with 11 rolls? 5 or 6 is 2/6 sides on a die or 1/3. We need 11 of them, so (1/3)^11 or 0.0005%
Vergotterung: shooting, two normal saves stop a crit
goombalax: he'll be back
korvys: But he was so fast
goombalax: didn't he already move and shoot twice?
TacitusVigil: And we'll fill the vacant ranks - with a million free Ben more!
madstyx: just getting into 40k again, but I've not seen that line of sight laser Ian just used, what is that? it seems super useful
goombalax: if you outfit them with falchions they have relentless in melee too, grey knights hit hard
saucemaster5000: XCOM taketh away, XCOM giveth
TacitusVigil: But mostly it taketh away.
saucemaster5000: I mean, yeah, the house has to win
jimfaindel: Ben's troops even have muton color
BurningAndrew: bens minis kinda makes me curious, are there any factions in 40k that are just like, SUPER radioactive?
jimfaindel: Krieg?
CodeIndigo: *dakkadakkadakka* ".......greetings."
sarahdragonfang: heresy eras death guard and mechanicus had rad weapons
tapdancingbeavers: The Adeptus Mechanicus have some radioactive troops i think.
jimfaindel: Death Korps of Krie should be plenty radioactive
goombalax: ^^
TacitusVigil: How did Ben know Ian's one weakness: guns?
goombalax: Admech have a rule that they irradiate enemies that get close
sarahdragonfang: Rogue Traders in the rogue trader RPG can also get 'atomics'
sarahdragonfang: and rad weapons where introduced in the nurgle black crusade rpg rulebook
CodeIndigo: And I think the Tau pathfinders have a radioactive long gun of some kind?
sarahdragonfang: i'm not actually sure why the rail gun sometimes mirks you
goombalax: tau have plasma weapons but they are very good at containing the radiation
KCazduke: Anyone use Tomb Worlds for Kill Team? I want to play Necrons but I've heard mixed things.
goombalax: Necrons have the compendium team and also a bespoke team that just came out in the latest expansion
CodeIndigo: I'm thinking of the Ion rifle
goombalax: they have a lot of interesting things going for them but the 2apl and very slow movement makes them difficult to use
keep_it_lobster: The bespoke Necron team got a decent buff just this past week. They're probably still not one of the best teams, but they're no longer completely awful.
Vergotterung: no it
madstyx: are Tyranids playable in Kill Team? Haven't really looked into it, seems great for small tables!
goombalax: tyranids have a lot of variety and can be quite formidable
jimfaindel: Fittingly enough
madstyx: warriors, genestealers and gaunts, that sort of thing? maybe a Broodlord as the biggest thing?
PadawanTK16: @madstyx Tyranids are playable, you get to choose 2 groups from warriors, genestealers or little gribblies
Vergotterung: center of broken pipe
madstyx: oh it's preset teams?
goombalax: essentially yes
PadawanTK16: though I guess it's more tyranid adjacent but the genestealer cults are in a really good spot competitive wise
goombalax: you get to choose gear and specialists but for a lot of compenndium teams its just a preset list
PadawanTK16: @madstyx 3 warriors, 5 genestealers, 8 gaunts
sarahdragonfang: how customizable are tyranid warriors?
PadawanTK16: all their normal 40k stuff
madstyx: I got the space hulk deathwing box from like 2016, so I've got a few GSC models, but I do love warriors and gaunts. looks really fun!
GirlPainting: sarahdragonfang torso, arms, legs, and heads are seperate...but the kit is OOOOOOLD
madstyx: still great though, idk how I would improve it. just painted 6 of mine
sarahdragonfang: @GirlPainting yeah but the benefitr of old sets is that they are so much more sutomizable - all those ball and sockewt joints instead of this weird perfectly fitting weird connections like i got in blackstone fortress
sarahdragonfang: *customizable
madstyx: I love how many poses you can do with those ball and socket kits. harder to magnetize which you definitely wanna do for warriors
GirlPainting: well, there are basicly two sides of this argument....yes, older sets are more posable....BUT the models look static nontheless, while the mono pose models now days can be way more dynamic in their poses
sarahdragonfang: fair.
GirlPainting: just look at the deathguard models ben is fielding. they are all monopose, but they look extremly cool, and there are so many different models that the mono pose is not notacible
goombalax: they are harder to kitbash and customize, but not impossible
madstyx: the only bad kits for Nids in my opinion are gaunts and genestealers (except the pure strain). Termagants are ancient and have awful lines and you need 60 of em
GirlPainting: as for what to improove on the old tyranid warriors kit...sharper and crisper details, slightly bigger models, imposing postures, different weapon options
sarahdragonfang: @GirlPainting 100%
sarahdragonfang: also, little dissapointed you can't take ripper swarms in killteam
goombalax: maybe when nids get their own specialist team
madstyx: that is a shame! I need to pick up some FW rippers..
sarahdragonfang: oh the ones where they're like a wave
sarahdragonfang: I need them as well.
madstyx: yessss
sarahdragonfang: they should be the default rippers, none of this 4 dudes on a large base
Vergotterung: aw, Let's Go
RockPusher: Benginitiative
sarahdragonfang: tbh they should release a hormogaunt swarm that's like, the same thing on like an 80mm oval base
EricTheOrange: yes
saucemaster5000: Good old rock, nothing beats that
madstyx: that's what I'm rocking right now, just as weird as scarabs. do scarabs have a swarm pile?
Vergotterung: it's a fancy stick
JohnLockeCole: To be fair, it's a psykick stick
thrythlind: Can only be equipped by the wizard.
madstyx: @sarahdragonfang I'd love a giant hormagaunt pile model
JohnLockeCole: he's hitting you with a stick, with his *mind*
hauntedbagelhobbies: FOR NURGLE! SEVENNNNN!!!
LinearGif: the markup on this plasma
saucemaster5000: @JohnLockeCole (Patrick Stewart Voice) "It's too late, I've seen everything"
goombalax: woof
Vergotterung: holy heck
Walla_tv: do greyknights have the dont die tact op?
goombalax: they do but ian is out of CP
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EricTheOrange: do nuurglites need oxygen?
hauntedbagelhobbies: lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN
Vergotterung: there's close range overwatch
goombalax: the guard action lets you close combat shoot or fight first
goombalax: close range overwatch is a massive hail mary
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GirlPainting: btw, what models is Ian using as proxy for the grey knights?
goombalax: one tau steath suit and Zakus
GirlPainting: zakus? whats that?
goombalax: gundam Zakus
GirlPainting: your words make no sense to me
GirlPainting: ^^
goombalax: lmao
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500
goombalax: he's using models from Gundam rather than warhammer
GirlPainting: i do not compute
Walla_tv: the grey knights heavy weapons feel pretty lackluster
Despoiler98: I've never seen Gundam models at 40k size what game are those Zakus from?
goombalax: I think they're just 3D printed?
Despoiler98: @Walla_tv Grey Knights specialize in killing Demons their weapons special abilities sometimes dont work against non-demons so sometimes they can be meh
goombalax: @Walla_tv yeah the storm bolters are just way better, being able to take a melee weapon and double shooting
RockPusher: fugiChicken
Evil_John_Cena: Oh wonderful, GI Joe for edgelords
Sorator13: not the chicken strips!!!
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RockPusher: *splat*
Despoiler98: ouchie
Despoiler98: hot gun hot gun HOT GUN
iris_of_ether: *sizzle*
CodeIndigo: normally nurgle creates bloody goo out of his own people but this works too
unarmedoracle: first time a death guard has ever smelled good
goombalax: lolol
Despoiler98: @unarmedoracle auriiLUL auriiLUL auriiLUL
RockPusher: unarmeHeart
Painfully_Dyslexic: 40k lore question, are machine spirits real or is it just religious superstition?
CodeIndigo: @Painfully_Dyslexic yes
chaostreader: @painfully_dyslexic To my understanding. Yes.
Despoiler98: @Painfully_Dyslexic machine spirits are what they call AI
Painfully_Dyslexic: ah i see thanks
Despoiler98: and also spirits
TemporallyAwry: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
definenull: UHHH
sporkraptor: loool
Dastar512: BEN.
goombalax: @Painfully_Dyslexic yes and no, they are the mechanical programming that they don't want to call AI, but like, a wrench doesn't actually have a spirit
TheAwkes: It's like applying religious language to what a computer program is. Like they do with everything else.
LinearGif: This is my favorite shop on the citadel
dilfbifferent: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out https://store.loadingreadyrun.com/ for the full catalog.
CodeIndigo: AI went super hardcore wrong in the Imperium's past so they just use the ice cream scoop on prisoners' brains to make servitors now.
goombalax: also because most imperial cogitators are made of human brains, the machine spirit of some things are literally the consciousness of the person they belong to
LoadingReadyRun: The tricky thing in 40k is that belief affects the warp and therefore have power. If people believe in the "machine spirit", it can become real
Despoiler98: katesGun katesGun katesGun katesGun in da face
CodeIndigo: the only hit point that matters
saucemaster5000: I'd spend so much of my time in 40k believing I have the perfect sandwich
Despoiler98: @LoadingReadyRun and in the Dark Mechanicum the machine spirits are DEMONS :D
goombalax: it was on 6 last I checked but that might not be the newest value
CodeIndigo: so the death guard have free feel no pain but the grey knights don't?
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noa2828: Warhammer, AKA: Big Beefy Bros with Giant Girthy Guns
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Despoiler98: katesHypers katesHypers katesHypers katesHypers LETS GO PAPA NURGLE
goombalax: correct @CodeIndigo
Walla_tv: Granddaddy nurgle protects
pn55: 1 is not 0!
CodeIndigo: man, that just makes me sick
Despoiler98: @CodeIndigo auriiShade auriiShade iseewhatyoudidthere
josh___something: It wasn't the most improbable, but damn!
goombalax: Grey knights just get psychic powers and to reroll everything
sarahdragonfang: @Painfully_Dyslexic the interesting conjecture i've seen is that machine spirits exist because they use human brain matter instead of logic gates
PhoneyGeek: @LoadingReadyRun Does that mean there could be an omnissiah in the warp that may or may not be the Emperor?
sarahdragonfang: @LoadingReadyRun canonically omnissiah is in fact c'tan the void dragon
goombalax: who doesn't have a warp presence as such but is certainly real
sarahdragonfang: the emperor defeated the void dragon which become the tale of saint george and the dragon and imprisoned it on mars, in doing so gaining some of it's power
sarahdragonfang: for more details read the Horus Heresy book 'Mechanicus'
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RockPusher: Pew! Pew! Pew! benginHeart tiltyhEXTREME
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Despoiler98: And when he revealed himself to the Mechanicum he took on the Mantle of the Ommnissaih so he could get them on his side as their god
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damn_i_am_pretty: the conversation LRR has during a kill team stream is less war game to me and more "this would sound like a game of golf if I didn't know better"
LoadingReadyRun: I'm pretty sure that, due to warp weirdness, all of these things can be true simultaneously
sarahdragonfang: it's one of the quite early ones that details how so much of cult mechanicus turned during the horus heresy. It's sad in a lot of ways and also is heavily influenced by theosophy because the Akashik library is actual real in 40k?
CodeIndigo: @LoadingReadyRun and, not coincidentally, all true in the worst possible way simultaneously!
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ExhaustedElox: WOO! The full 100! I made it! :D
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ExhaustedElox: And I get the resub during Kill team :D A two-fer!
Walla_tv: holy shit
Vergotterung: command point
pn55: Holy moly indeed!
goombalax: command rerolll
TetraRay: Do it!
saucemaster5000: My favorite "round the table" complex game talk is always "Twilight Imperium." Everyone ends up sounding like underqualified ambassadors of their species by accident and game jargon is mostly to the side
Walla_tv: god dam
Despoiler98: missed it BY ONE
ExhaustedElox: Dang! It was right there!
pn55: Had to try it though!
josh___something: JEEBUS
TetraRay: sooo close
TemporallyAwry: PrideShrug - that would have been absolute nonsense if it'd paid out.
Walla_tv: thats an insane roll
neebusjeebus: @josh___something you rang?
goombalax: this is why you always roll FNP
josh___something: @neebusjeebus XD
goombalax: even if its an obnoxious number of dice
CodeIndigo: the slick stick
hauntedbagelhobbies: What Team would Wheeler play?
hauntedbagelhobbies: I'm thinking Orks
PhoneyGeek: I'm barely scratching the surface of the lore so far, but is there a possibility of "good" to manifest in the warp? Or is it by nature "not good"?
TemporallyAwry: @hauntedbagelhobbies If you told him there were clowns - I'm betting clowns.
madstyx: I love rolling FNP because I love rolling dice! it's why I play Nids 😅
hauntedbagelhobbies: @PhoneyGeek There are good warp entities, such as Saint Celestine
TheMerricat: So chat, was playing a game of Warhammer Vermintide with my brother appropriately. How is the killing team going?
hauntedbagelhobbies: @TemporallyAwry Oh duh! What was I thinking! Of course!
CodeIndigo: @PhoneyGeek good is relative
Despoiler98: @hauntedbagelhobbies and the Eldar Gods
hauntedbagelhobbies: @Despoiler98 Them too, and the Sanguinor
CodeIndigo: @Despoiler98 well, what's left of them. My money's on ynnead
Despoiler98: @CodeIndigo I mean, powered by souls of the dead? thats some powerful currency
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goombalax: @PhoneyGeek "Good" has so little weight in this setting. faith in the emperor manifests in miracles, but there's not enough objective good to be more than a drop in the ocean
Dog_of_Myth: Heya Raiders
Walla_tv: hell of a game
hauntedbagelhobbies: Even the "greater good" is brainwashing non-sense
hauntedbagelhobbies: Grandfather Nurgle be praised
Despoiler98: katesHypers katesHypers katesHypers YAY DEATH GUARD
goombalax: Also the eldar goddess Isha still has an effect on the warp to make the soulstones the eldar use to hide from slanness
Walla_tv: 12 wounds looks a like like 18 wounds
sarahdragonfang: @PhoneyGeek warp was fucked by the war in heaven (necrons fighting the old ones) which made it a lot more violent.
josh___something: Said famous tierlist streamer Bengineering Kappa
ghyllnox: Not beating face: Achieved
sarahdragonfang: I like to think about it from an animist perspective - the warp is every single soul imprinted on pure energy - and trhen shaken very, very violently so the worst parts come out.
Despoiler98: katesSweat katesSweat katesSweat Harlequins do be scary
Walla_tv: the GK falchions also have relentless they are very good
Trumbon3: kill team is awesome!
goombalax: Grey Knights need to have CP stocked up to use the "don't die" ploy
GirlPainting: Can ian plz show off his guys again and talk about the models he is using?
CodeIndigo: gg both of yinz, happy new year
Despoiler98: I made a magnetized set of Grey Knight Terminators for my BF and they are neat af models
RockPusher: Good wording Ben!
josh___something: I love the monthly AFthousand :p
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ghyllnox: Buy a DVD!
pn55: We get to see the James marines next month!
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goombalax: Very good game! you guys are definitely getting very deft with the rules!
goombalax: stolen ones
drizztnailo: JORTS
CodeIndigo: dominant ones
korvys: Gene Wilder
Despoiler98: Gene SImmons
Violentfrog: cutoffs with the pockets peeking
Walla_tv: love the KT streams
AkiraBalance27: supplementary genes
TheMerricat: Favorite is definitely Gene Wilder.
Sogheim: I miss JNCOs. could fit a 24 pack of dr pepper in the pockets
goombalax: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeHeart
ghyllnox: I like my 23rd chromosomal pair
dilfbifferent: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMTG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (18:23 from now).
sarahdragonfang: By!
Arclight_Dynamo: Now it's just us Twitch degens.
Despoiler98: foodvi2Sips special guest you say
Juliamon: It was mentioned
TemporallyAwry: Pretty sure James spoiled it already - as is tradition
Mazrae: did Ben make Ian say the thing that he said he would last night
RockPusher: Judge Tower coin flips
Mattmitchell45: SAYS WHO!?
Electrodyne: Wait, who is important enough to national security that they can't be in the same place as Cam at the same time?
A_Dub888: benginBark
shendaras: benginBark
RockPusher: The Wipe Has Occurred
The_Color_Twelve: freshly wiped and ready to go today
pn55: And Funko?
A_Dub888: Next time on TTSF...
RockPusher: Maybe before Rhythm Cafe - Might be a Beej Anime Roundup
Mattmitchell45: Chillem Heaven
Jensling: Gamers Wheelhouse
ghyllnox: Pokemon are kind of like cards
Mattmitchell45: Look forward to Wheeler Golf Streams
LordZarano: It's sort of a deckbuilder, kind of
RockPusher: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Shadowsoflife: lrrSHINE
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSHINE
EricTheOrange: GASP
damn_i_am_pretty: oh ok, ben
damn_i_am_pretty: benginCry
Dastar512: you're not my real dad!
Mattmitchell45: byeee
josh___something: oh...
EricTheOrange: you can't make me leave
Lysander_salamander: Have a good evening!
ghyllnox: As Cameron says, "Now get outta my house"
josh___something: Guess I'll die?
Xan_The_Quiet: only the mods can make me leave in anyway that really matters! i'm here to stay! (for another few minutes)
Juliamon: We wouldn't make you leave. We like the company.
Electrodyne: I'm going to stay here for 3 hours and type "last" in chat
DeM0nFiRe: mcgBop
Mattmitchell45: @Juliamon Y'all are always good company
josh___something: I'm here for the possibility of the post-credits paul
kinkerbellrose: I've been watching the LRRTabletop on youtube. Excited to catch a live stream. If I made it in time.
Juliamon: Unfortunately you arrived right at the end
kinkerbellrose: HAH! Now that's my luck.
Juliamon: But it's on at the same time every week, so maybe we'll see you next week!
Juliamon: !schedule
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kinkerbellrose: I reckon so!
Electrodyne: When can we expect a Secret Paul Message 2022 compilation video