creasehearst: James still has fewer guns than Funko probably
manfred909: true
SK__Ren: Night time scav shoreline is the best
neonend: but they improved the night vision, AND added the IR lasers/flashlights. makes it really good
Riiiiiiis: 35mins until 2023
Joalni: We're 26 into 2023. So far it's not noticably different.
ApoC7_Schimmel: that s unfortunate, because we could do with some improvement
NotCainNorAbel: yum yum
manfred909: joekimCheers
Joalni: Cheers!
Riiiiiiis: Whisky and coke
Joalni: Finishing up a glass of bubbly.
Mazrae: about to have some rum and coke
TheAinMAP: Haha2020
manfred909: it's 8:30 AM bit early to drink
Joalni: @manfred909 Never!
JadedCynic: @manfred909 "the sun's past the yardarm SOMEWHERE" ;)
ghyllnox: I guess Funko's on est
MWGNZ: time to find a flare
aquinas_0: suns down junk foods out
NotCainNorAbel: FBtouchdown Planning FBtouchdown
manfred909: no Funko is AWST
ghyllnox: Lol I know
aquinas_0: shrimps chilling
aquinas_0: :D
ghyllnox: Except for drinking he's on est
manfred909: oh you ment for drinks. woke up
manfred909: tqsLOL tqsLOL tqsLOL
ghyllnox: LUL
Mangledpixel: bear bear bear beeeearrr
Mangledpixel: lrrHORN
Joalni: @Mangledpixel I too look forward to the next Monikers stream LUL
Mangledpixel: hah
Kelderan: Can't tell if JoeKim means the tool or drink screwdriver
Mangledpixel: the tool, but I like the idea of the drink being a loot item
Mangledpixel: for when Tarkov adds a whole mixology mechanic
Lord_Hosk: There are 4 players right next to you funko... FIRE AWAY
Mazrae: I was thinking the same thing Hosk
chaostreader: Do team kills count?
MWGNZ: not for quest progress
Tikosh_: lucky me just found the muzzle for gunsmith pt 1
Lysander_salamander: nice
MWGNZ: t ammo - better than no bullets
Tikosh_: maybe at old factory?
MrQBear: and then out of nowhere, a scav hits his leg and kills him instnatly
TeodorantZMX: how do you feel about pistachios
Tikosh_: 2nd junk box get \o/
El_Funko: Pistachios, delicious, but so much work
El_Funko: and if I eat too many my fingies hurt
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG
ApoC7_Schimmel: i like my nuts sugar coated and in a bunch of different colors.
Juliamon: Wonderful
incslayer: Happy New Year from Sweden!
CataclysmicReverb: Y'all don't chew the shell too?
Joalni: @CataclysmicReverb WutFace
DoodlestheGreat: 5K to start, but as you improve your scav rep the cost goes down.
manfred909: Rubles not Dollars
manfred909: time for real guns
Mazrae: dolrriedoos?
ApoC7_Schimmel: this feels like an anti-call of duty game.
DoodlestheGreat: Oh god, it's a 5-man. Gonna be messy.
Alas_Babylon: dollarydoos
JadedCynic: the delicious sausage?
DoodlestheGreat: @ApoC7_Schimmel Yeah, it's way more deliberate play style, and dying here has an express cost, since you lose your gear.
ApoC7_Schimmel: SeemsGood
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TwitchTVsFrank: Objectives Scout the Shestyorochka store at Nikitskaya street Scout the Sparja store at Primorsky ave Scout the Sparja store in Pinewood hotel Scout the Goshan store in Concordia Hand over the Found in raid Salty Dog beef sausage
Kelderan: I'm pretty sure I've offed JoeKim.
JokerBoney: i mean, a great first impression is showing you're a good shot
DaSunao: Ooh, legendary trooper armor
Zatengo: well, i just scavved me 2 sledgehammers. thats an entire berkut full of hammers
manfred909: hammer time
Alas_Babylon: Large Beef has been called
Kuolar: This looks like the 4 locations you need to get to James
Zatengo: time to "upgrade" my defective wall
Konda020946: happy new year from gfermany
Zatengo: @Konda020946 Frohes Neues
ApoC7_Schimmel: Frohes Neues!
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MWGNZ: @meepsalot Thanks for the gift sub!
PharaohBender27: @Konda020946 Frohes neues Jahr!
Blasteg: are scav actual players or NPC?
PharaohBender27: @Konda020946 I was about to go "Guten Rutsch ins Neujahr!" and then realized oh wait, it's already 2023 over there :p
JadedCynic: James, if you're gonna remap, there's no point in asking other people what the keypress for a command is ;)
Vanbael: I mean if it was truly borderlands there would have been a claptrap in that dealership, which would have been awesome.
Kuolar: I think this is a Sparja you need
Boon_33: ladder over the colapsed crane
Mazrae: so why did you throw that stuff under the stairs james
Boon_33: @Mazrae it was funko's gear, Funko gets it back if noone finds the loot and leaves the level with it
MWGNZ: insurance fraud
Boon_33: very insurance fraud
Mazrae: ah okay thanks
epsilon_vee: i guess the server ping stuff has been okay today?
Kelderan: That's a mood
Mazrae: my stepdad is building me a computer for my birthday in march
Zatengo: well, im just waiting to see my legendary and then to bed
PharaohBender27: I actually got a rather pricey computer this year, and am happy with it - then again, I'd been using a somewhat janky one for 5 years :p
Kuolar: This looks like the 4 store locations
gundamschwing: Joe, keep an eye on the 4070 TI release next month. I'm planning on upgrading from my 3070 super to it, because it's got a great MSRP
Zatengo: well, i got an a1b, thats nice
Kelderan: Bleach also has a helm barter. Right?
Mazrae: so what happens when you die in the game, what all do you lose
Kelderan: Everything you brought in or looted. Except for your pouch which for them is a 3x3 area iirc
manfred909: is that gun called Mew-Mew?
manfred909: interesting
manfred909: pick one of your many stash guns Funko