UncleExpendable: That's insane
justthorne: Lol @RandomTrivia
f_tan_theta: that's legal? In public I mean. Public edification is legal?
RandomTrivia: benginBark
SaxPython: hammer?
Bruceski: *squeak* *squeak* *squeak*
RockPusher: tqsBORK jamieBoof mattlrBork
PharaohBender27: tqsWTF
SeismicLawns: borf borf borf
Juliamon: hexbug
SaxPython: :(
BusTed: rayfkWelp
gsyhiap: wtf
Bruceski: The sound fading out when Mozart talks was hilarious
RandomTrivia: OH MY GOD
niccus: congratulations! you lived the cori experience
offbeatwitch: 5 stars
UnnnaturalD20: cohhNani
Mysticman89: naw thats the galaxy brain. which i tragically lack the emote for at this moment
RandomTrivia: But can we PET the dog?
justthorne: it's still not as bad as the honey on the yoyo
RandomTrivia: @justthorne NOTHING can be as bad as the honey on the yoyo
Metric_Furlong: yes
RockPusher: Rewrite it into our own composition!
mtvcdm: Not the Taylor Swift number!
Mysticman89: I guess it's kinda sorta vaguely fluid like in certain ways. but mostly its magic.
asthanius: this game loves bases
asthanius: This feels like a good time to save
devilcultivator: don't make ANY mistakes
A_Dub888: "Its all about that bass, 'bout that bass. No trebble"
PMAvers: we open the door and Xur's standing there. "Here, Mozard, the Nine say you have need of this."
gsyhiap: buttery biscuit base?
RandomTrivia: OH NO
asthanius: does the cylinder have a flared base?
RandomTrivia: Are we getting Dan Brown'd?!
TehAmelie: i've seen a font where the Ws point to the west. it's awful
voslan: there are more minis games then 40K Ian!
PMAvers: Probably more into historicals
offbeatwitch: DOUBLE LOCKED!
justthorne: LOLOLOLOLOL
gsyhiap: TableHere FlipThis
UnnnaturalD20: this is just so much
DrChillbrain: watch and play moment
justthorne: Just cast Knock
Wicker_Guide: lrrWOW
Pteraspidomorphi: I guess it requires the green *and* the blue key
SeismicLawns: how is that door specifically double locked
iarethel0ser: Double knock? Double key!
UncleExpendable: "Check out this idiot."
offbeatwitch: "Shit's on fire, yo."
RandomTrivia: These portraits are just clickbait thumbnails from the 18th century
RandomTrivia: It's a good thing Mozart's pockets are connected to Hammerspace
PharaohBender27: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler assures us this is akin to auto battlers, so it's almost sort of a card game right? Game: Pokemon Scarlet/Violet) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (19s from now).
UncleExpendable: Wait, did we lose the beetle in the dog? We needed that to prove our innocence
RandomTrivia: Maybe we could transcribe some of Les Dawson's work, written in two keys at once, that should work lrrBEEJ
Mysticman89: is pointing west some jank translation of mirrored?
mugulord: have you combined miniature and base?
RockPusher: Watch and Cafe went so quickly lrrSHINE
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TehAmelie: thanks for suffering through this game
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RockPusher: dixHAMMER
mtvcdm: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: twitch.tv/seabats | Alex: twitch.tv/alexsteacy | Ben Ulmer: twitch.tv/bengineering | Cameron: twitch.tv/unarmedoracle | Cori and Ian: twitch.tv/tiltyhouse | Heather: twitch.tv/LunarJade | James: twitch.tv/James_LRR | Jeremy White: twitch.tv/jrhwhite | Kathleen: twitch.tv/BraveNewFaves | Matt Wiggins: twitch.tv/wiggins | Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager | Wheeler: twitch.tv/benjamin_wheeler | Nelson: twitch.tv/coachnelly
SaxPython: FBtouchdown PogChamp FBtouchdown
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart tqsClap lunarj1Heart tqsClap lunarj1Heart
Mysticman89: butter471Awww
A_Dub888: !card goblin instigator
LRRbot: Goblin Instigator [1R] | Creature — Goblin Rogue [1/1] | When Goblin Instigator enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 red Goblin creature token.
PharaohBender27: :D
benjamin_wheeler: im fall lad
Pywodwagon: It came out super late, it good though
Pywodwagon: I just finished it today
PharaohBender27: D:
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
niccus: bless serge's heart and hope he doesn't get a heart attack
Pteraspidomorphi: That's real? Yay
Mattmitchell45: Huzzah!
iarethel0ser: Garbage day!
yalc321: benginDab
Metric_Furlong: Garbage Day!
RandomTrivia: @niccus He can hug his pillow for comfort lrrBEEJ
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500
jubale1: let the stream begin!
TehAmelie: so nice to have your streams for company late at night when it seems this ongoing snowstorm tries to bury most of northern Scandinavia
RockPusher: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Ian and Heather! lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
RockPusher: tiltyhPLS tiltyhEXTREME
PharaohBender27: :D
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
mugulord: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler assures us this is akin to auto battlers, so it's almost sort of a card game right? Game: Pokemon Scarlet/Violet) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (5m ago).
DrChillbrain: vgc hype
SaxPython: Survived. what a wild ride
Rourke9: Thanks for stream!!
LostThePirate: Last week's ITYC got skipped, didn't it? Is this the first episode of the month/new game/Pokemon?
benjamin_wheeler: Yeah this is the first ITYC of the new year
FacelessManAboutTown: I think I'm going to be lurking for this episode because I haven't had a chance to play my copy of Pokemon Scarlet yet
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
FacelessManAboutTown: You nuzlocking Mr. Wheeler?
SnackPak_: is this your pokemon?
Juliamon: Spoiler Warning: Game story will not be spoiled, but new mons from it probably will.
benjamin_wheeler: Is This Your Carvanha
TheMyrMan: did I hear VGC? also Hi Wheeler :) I hope you're well
DrChillbrain: welcome to is this your gholdengo the new weekly stream where we'll spend the entire time looking at gholdengo
LostThePirate: @FacelessManAboutTown James wants to do a nuzlocke in PIF at some point, so that'd be cool.
RandomTrivia: @FacelessManAboutTown That could be a very short PiF if he's unlucky :D
FacelessManAboutTown: @Juliamon wait, is this actually a card game? I thought wheeler had just managed to talk his way into playing regular pokemon games on strim
benjamin_wheeler: I won't talk about story stuff, but there will be end-game/post-game pokemon featured
Juliamon: FacelessManAboutTown No, it's the game, but the multiplayer aspect
FacelessManAboutTown: Ah ok
DrChillbrain: comp pokemon is card game adjacent it's probably a closer to a card game than any other significant genre of competetive game
Sibwow: its a lot like play by post melee
RandomTrivia: I should go to bed, and also look away from post-game stuff. Have a good one, Chat! lrrSHINE
noa2828: Also we'll be posting the entier novelization of the game story but only in Klingon so don't worry
DrChillbrain: @Sibwow hey sibwow what the fuck is play by post melee
TheMyrMan: I didn't know Wheeler played VGC or is this a new thing he's trying?
circusofkirkus: VGC is the hottest new card game
DrChillbrain: i mean i can guess what it is
DrChillbrain: but like
DrChillbrain: what is it
benjamin_wheeler: I am, or rather was, a singles player
benjamin_wheeler: so this is new territory for me
TacitusVigil: Singles? I thought Ben's been married forever! Kappa
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
Sibwow: its a game ive invented (i think) where each player plays melee one frame at a time, and reveals choices simultaneously
Mysticman89: hot singles in your area?
DeM0nFiRe: @TacitusVigil No that's his roommate Kappa
benjamin_wheeler: I'm married, but we're open to stall teams
niccus: i'm not watching if you're not bringing mozart up in this
DrChillbrain: @Sibwow wait hold on this is just yomi hustle
FacelessManAboutTown: @benjamin_wheeler Does he know you're gay yet?
benjamin_wheeler: the quagsire?
TacitusVigil: Wait, Ben's husband is gay?!
TheMyrMan: @benjamin_wheeler fair enough. I jumped from singles to VGC mid last generation, but I never got my resources together to play ranked
benjamin_wheeler: no he's unaware
Sibwow: @Sibwow huh, that it is
TheMyrMan: I'm loving it this generation though, got to Master Ball tier last season
RockPusher: benginDance benginDance benginDance
SaxPython: CoolCat
DoctorMcBoop: Does Wheeler know his husband is gay?
FacelessManAboutTown: benginDance
TheMyrMan: love this intro
themostjoast: best theme for a lrr show imo
TheMyrMan: Banger alert
RockPusher: Intro still slaps
Rustpile: Card-ish
Sibwow: wheeler why is the phone outside your headphones
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
thraximore: off to a rip-roaring start in 2023 with a phone bit!
Serpens77: the phone through the headset
RockPusher: wheelerMulder
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
SaxPython: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
DoctorMcBoop: Did you make sure the phone was on
DrChillbrain: wheelerMulder spotted
TheAinMAP: Hello.
DoctorMcBoop: nope
Mischievous_Catgeist: 2029
UnnnaturalD20: Funny bit streamer
Mattmitchell45: If Card Games on Motorcycles was fine
DeM0nFiRe: Cat!
TheMyrMan: Cheer100 VGC is my card!
FacelessManAboutTown: It's March 1044th 2020
SnackPak_: sup Mulder
thraximore: wheelerMulder
Rourke9: Looking forward to this definitely a card game game
JarofGoats: oh cool, they made a spinoff of the card game?
Juliamon: Hi Mulder!
thraximore: <3
laikagoat: wheelerMuldcb
RockPusher: wheelerMulder jamieSmooch
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
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TacitusVigil: You have a cat!
Rourke9: Mulder!!’
DrChillbrain: wheelerMulder wheelerMulder wheelerMulder
RockPusher: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
UnnnaturalD20: jlrrCoolgame
Sibwow: so no head then?
thraximore: @TacitusVigil She sits on the bench, Mulder's just a starter anyway
TacitusVigil: What does she evolve into?
TheMyrMan: important question, is it scarlet or violet?
Rourke9: I mean this is based on the card game right :)
circusofkirkus: virtual dogfighting!
thraximore: @TacitusVigil taxoplasmosis, but it's only really effective against Rattatas
rabbitgta: pkm sv vgc
SaxPython: Smog On, King
TacitusVigil: "I have been competitive pokemon battling for God" - Ben Wheeler 2023
DrChillbrain: next month on ityc: shoddy battle
DreamyPants: I refuse to believe pokemon is 20+ years old
niccus: good news, it's closer to 30
TheMyrMan: there's so much going on in doubles, very complex decision trees!
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Evil_John_Cena: Hi Wheeler!
TheMyrMan: For MTG players, you can think of it like the 6 pokemon is like your deck + sideboard, but you can sideboard game 1
TacitusVigil: 1-800-Rent-a-Poke
Evil_John_Cena: I just joined this stream, so I don't know if you mentioned it or not Wheeler, this feature has existed since Sword/Shield
themostjoast: rip hail
SaxPython: wolfe orthworm team
Evil_John_Cena: Orthworm is the homie
DrChillbrain: who up playing with they orthworm
TheMyrMan: Trick room is my jam lol
Evil_John_Cena: Worms out for Orthworm
themostjoast: That trick room team is almost m team exactly
circusofkirkus: almost world champion
KidintheOffice: his brother is champ, aaron is not I believe
themostjoast: sub torkoal for a shiny rabsca
Rourke9: Why do the Pokémon have such different levels?
solemn_storm: "is this your card?" really pushing the boundaries of cards but i can't complain
TheMyrMan: @Rourke9 They all get set to 50 anyway, so it doesn't matter
solemn_storm: @Rourke9 pokemon are all forced to level 50 in battle, so levelling past that is just in case they need to learn moves past that
Rourke9: @themyrman gotcha, thank you!
thraximore: it's like a trickhole, but a room instead
TheMyrMan: Farigiraf is my favourite new trickroom setter, it's so reliable
solemn_storm: is the star thing the teratype? i haven't played any SV
TheMyrMan: @solemn_storm yes
circusofkirkus: redirection baby
Sibwow: farigiraf the throat goat (throat giraffe?)
Mattmitchell45: 🎶 You Trick Fast and then you take it slooooooooow
SaxPython: specs Torkoal is my homie
Sibwow: when will you be doing rby ubers?
multiranger17: did you see any of san diego?
apotheosis61: Trick room team is pog as heck
JarofGoats: Specifically from moves that deal damage to BOTH of them
multiranger17: wide guard prevents moves that hit both of them, like hyper voice
Evil_John_Cena: That background music is great
dpj2009: "ya know, he throws hands"
Evil_John_Cena: Falling upwards is always entertaining Wheeler
TheMyrMan: Torkoal multipliers are some fun maths. Not a whole lot of Sp.Att naturally, but 150 power eruption x 1.5 for STAB (or 2x if Terra Fire), x1.5 for sun, x1.5 for Choice specs... that's like 675 power potentially!
Sibwow: oh no theyre on sac fish
DrChillbrain: get used to see this fish
Evil_John_Cena: Dodonzo the Don
GlitchyStitch: fish = raid boss mode
Pywodwagon: that second pokemon looks like a neopet
TheMyrMan: Do you want a quick Dondozo explanation?
SaxPython: We playing Comander
Evil_John_Cena: They got The Dolphin, The Sushi, and The Don
TheMyrMan: Crit gets through the stat boosts also, so Meow is good for that also
TyrisUnbreakable: Crit i s good against the fish since it ignores stat boost
RogueLink: I tried doing some online battles and got BODIED. I think the way I build teams doesn't work well with the "Pick 3 of 6" model.
GlitchyStitch: only one way to find out
SK__Ren: Maushold is a monster...
Evil_John_Cena: Man I just want Home integration so I can Masuda Method, cause I'm not finding any foreign Ditto
rabbitgta: losing is learning
Mattmitchell45: Love Annihilape's Snapping Trees audio
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MatthewDennisMTG: Heart o’ da cards
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Sibwow: if it terrastalyzes to a type it already is then stab goes to 2x
multiranger17: yea but psychic super effective
chaostreader: It also retains its normal stab.
TheMyrMan: Wheeler has such an amazing knack for breaking down difficult concepts/games and explaining them clearly and simply without going overboard (so jealous lol :P )
frozenphoenix7: Da big fish
SaxPython: big Fish
SaxPython: @frozenphoenix7 FBtouchdown
laikagoat: yep
GlitchyStitch: tanke monke
TyrisUnbreakable: Here comes the fish
TheMyrMan: They've made this sort of thing so much more accessible for casual players in recent generations, with rental teams and telling you the effectiveness of your move before you click it, so you don't have to memorise the type chart specifically
asthanius: Rage Fist's boost also doesn't reset when switching out fwiw
Sibwow: @asthanius or fainting
circusofkirkus: dynamic speed
frozenphoenix7: Dynamic speed checking
Sibwow: dynamic
waywardrunt: dynamic
distrustingspectator: fluid?
distrustingspectator: juicy?
asthanius: Wet Speed
Sibwow: cant snorkle the torkoal
frozenphoenix7: Checks *as* the turn plays out, as opposed to Gen..7 iirc(because I believe it started last gen in Gen 8) where speed order was set at the start of the turn
JarofGoats: What 'normally' happens with this team is that at the start of the match, Anihilape uses Final Gambit on Tatsugiri while Tatsugiri uses endure and holds a toxic orb. Dodonzo replaces anhiliape, and Tatsugiri faints to poison after Commander goes off- You get a boosted Dodonzo AND two pokemon out at the same time
GlitchyStitch: tatsugiri 4x resists it
asthanius: For chat, the sushi is water/dragon so...yeah what GlitchyStitch said
thraximore: year of our Nooblord
frozenphoenix7: Spread moves also deal reduced damage when hitting multiple mons, so that was still a lot
GlitchyStitch: and you still took half its health XD
distrustingspectator: good job, Wheeler.
TheMyrMan: Yay! Trick room victory, I aprove!
Evil_John_Cena: Like Earthquake
Sibwow: damn anthony looking brisk
DrChillbrain: yoo gastrodon i love that guy
Evil_John_Cena: Anthony is out here running a Gen 4 team
TacitusVigil: Not to be mistaken for Fast Tony
MolaMolaphant: things like Snarl?
SaxPython: Helping hand
Sibwow: extreme speed is higher priority than fake out right
frozenphoenix7: @MolaMolaphant Snarl, Helping Hand, stuff like that yeah
frozenphoenix7: @Sibwow It is not
frozenphoenix7: Fake Out is +3 priority, ES is +2.
MolaMolaphant: I only came up with snarl first cause I saw an Arcanine, there are a heap of moves that don't do *anything* in singles
Rootpotato: hold on is that the hamburger helper glove
asthanius: "That's right, Chip (Damage)"
Sibwow: snarl reduction sounds delicious
asthanius: We'll want to reduce that snarl down to a sauce
Mattmitchell45: Oh no, I burned my Snarl Reduction
asthanius: I love how shiny metals are in this game
asthanius: Scizor is so metallic
Therberus: Wait wait wait
TheMyrMan: I find it really interesting how switching is almost overpowered in singles, and because of that things like hazards are a massive part of the meta, but in doubles Switching has such a higher cost which makes it a lot harder to position how you want
Therberus: how is THIS a card game?!
Sibwow: when do you shuffle your deck
SK__Ren: Your deck is 4 smaller decks with 4 cards
circusofkirkus: VGC = Video Game Card
DrChillbrain: it ltierally has deck building
circusofkirkus: unsubbed
Sibwow: kaiser
asthanius: Ceasar?
Pywodwagon: scy zor
Rootpotato: ceasar
Evil_John_Cena: Wheeler just admitted to playing Smogon
distrustingspectator: the salad? good salad.
Sibwow: smogon is his favorite mon
TacitusVigil: Sc-eye-zor?
Rootpotato: kaisar
Rootpotato: true to kaisar
MolaMolaphant: This torkoal came to bury scizor, and to raze him
TheMyrMan: They did nerf Crits quite significantly though
asthanius: Crits are integral, like tripping in Brawl
Shelvish_Fyshstic: Can you double-sleeve your pokemon for additional protection?
Evil_John_Cena: rip turtle
Sibwow: the lorb for short
TheMyrMan: of course the stall player wants to get rid of crits, one of the best counterplay to defensive stacking :P
frozenphoenix7: 30% increase for 10% of the user's max HP
Rootpotato: ave true to Scizor (pronounced kai-zar)
Rootpotato: think i took that bit far enough
MolaMolaphant: @Shelvish_Fyshstic You can have them hold Protector, but it doesn't do very much
asthanius: no that's a hawlucha
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Garuuk_Predator_of_Scrubs: Is *This* a Card Game?
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Juliamon: Protector is the inner sleeve, Tera orbs are outer
Sibwow: theres some dragon dance looking mfs over there
DreamyPants: You'd think the volcano pokemon would always look hot...
Mrsodaking: What's the purple legendary of this gen called?
DrChillbrain: miraidon
nilsrebby: how come your team is in Japanese?
Sibwow: koraidon deez nuts
asthanius: Me Ride On
Mrsodaking: Let miraidon deez
TheMyrMan: You could bring a fast mon in the back to clean up after Trick Room ends if you don't think Torkoal is strong in the matchup
Juliamon: mirai is future, yes
JarofGoats: @nilsrebby This gen lets you rent teams to use
Sibwow: youre rank 2 remember
asthanius: I mean, it gets STAB I guess?
nilsrebby: @jarofgoats ohh thx
TheMyrMan: These low rank plays are wild
circusofkirkus: low rank vgc is wild
SK__Ren: If they have Rain it becomes guaranteed hit?
MolaMolaphant: gyarados has *terrible* flying stab moves
frozenphoenix7: It also just doesn't have a good SpAtk stat either is the issue
asthanius: I went to school with Tera Flyinggaryados
frozenphoenix7: 60 base Special, 125 base Phys
TheMyrMan: Yea, some people Terra Blast Flying for physical Flying, if you really need that coverage
DreamyPants: Back in my day we ran bounce on gyarados and we were happy to have it
TheMyrMan: Poor Gyarados really misses Max Airstream
Pywodwagon: ben beating up literal children on ITYC
DrChillbrain: you're laughing but they did getthe ohko
Juliamon: Our avatar is also a literal child, it's fine
frozenphoenix7: I love Kinggambit
Sibwow: so this ISNT the tcg?
asthanius: A third? That's generous
asthanius: I'd say a quarter
Sibwow: you will lose to a 7 year old
Sibwow: wheeler why do you think its ok to beat up 90 year olds
asthanius: @Sibwow they've had it coming
noa2828: Does this music have a little "Turn the beat around" moment?
frozenphoenix7: Ooooh. Grimm my friend.
asthanius: Oh cool, Plant is running "pokemon I like" I love it
Juliamon: amoooongus
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MolaMolaphant: the flower trick crits bypass screens, yeah?
GlitchyStitch: does armor tail prevent prankster though hm...
frozenphoenix7: @MolaMolaphant Yes.
Sibwow: we also just have a dark type
TheMyrMan: Armour Tail only prevents the prankster moves that target you
TheMyrMan: not things like screens
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SK__Ren: Doesn't it get +3 priority?
MolaMolaphant: 30% phys damage reduction
frozenphoenix7: Prankster adds +1 Priority to the moves it's giving priority
Sibwow: and the light clay
frozenphoenix7: Skeledirge
TyrisUnbreakable: Ya
noa2828: Soulread
themostjoast: they read you attempting to read them
rabbitgta: suckered dang
TheMyrMan: Grimsnarl doesn't usually run protect, it already has like 6 moves it wants to run
circusofkirkus: depends on the meta
SaxPython: taunt 100% is a thing
frozenphoenix7: Grimmsnarl just has 4 Moveslot Syndrome
rabbitgta: donald?
MolaMolaphant: it shows up, but support mons have a lot of moves to run these days
noa2828: Oh no, Gay Duck vs Bisexual Cat
frozenphoenix7: Screens, Taunt, Spirit Break, Sucker Punch, Fake Out, T Wave, Parting Shot...
themostjoast: here comes the hurricane, b***ch
frozenphoenix7: Just a lot of moves not a lot of slots
koodooman: wow that duck got moves
TheMyrMan: Yea, Grimsnarl wants screens, taunt, sucker punch, spirit break, taunt, parting shot, trick, thunderwave... but it can only fit 4
asthanius: Kingambit is a large lad with a dumb evolution method and a big hat
frozenphoenix7: Ah, I see you also fancy the King Gambit
MolaMolaphant: one of the strangest things about kingambit is that bisharp gets to run eviolite now...
asthanius: no math without beej's permission
TheMyrMan: Cleave does more just because it's a higher base power move
MolaMolaphant: tera dark, too
TheMyrMan: and Terra
asthanius: Stupid giraffe
ElfLawyer: hidey ho Benjamin & chat
ElfLawyer: was that Giraffirig-evo I saw?
DrChillbrain: yes
frozenphoenix7: Sure was.
TheMyrMan: That's why I prefer a bulky Giraffe, does less damage but harder to stop the trick room
Juliamon: Arceus and SV have been wonderful for adding new evos to old mons that deserve more love
TheMyrMan: Yea, covering multiple options is generally better than hard reads in doubles I think
MolaMolaphant: we even got the alternate forme for dududunsparce with extra torsos!
noa2828: Ruin Google searches
Ukon_Cairns: ooh big fish without sushi fish
TheMyrMan: The amount of battles you can get in because of the faster games in doubles is great fun :)
distrustingspectator: Wheeler's brain is very sensitive.
DrChillbrain: garchomp is pretty good
TheMyrMan: Yea, Wheeler knows his stuff
circusofkirkus: it's okay grandpa
noa2828: Ok Colm
distrustingspectator: lrrWHEELER
Mattmitchell45: How is the new Icy Dragon? It any good?
TheMyrMan: It does something in trick room, doubling their speed makes sure that you basically always move first :P
DrChillbrain: @Mattmitchell45 he's very bald
noa2828: Built like a damn bus
sovietarchaeomancer: He's just such a large lad, what's not to love
SK__Ren: Wasn't air slash
TheMyrMan: Huh, never seen sitrus on a Killowattrel before
rabbitgta: do you like iron hands i think it is called ?
GlitchyStitch: sitrus berry + acrobatics is some gambit
frozenphoenix7: 70 phys
Ukon_Cairns: beeg feesh
TheMyrMan: You'd think it's too frail for sitrus and too special for acrobatics, but opponent doesn't agree
frozenphoenix7: 105 special
Ukon_Cairns: bigger turts
DrChillbrain: monster turtle
TheMyrMan: who needs terra
Rootpotato: my turtle son
noa2828: Big Turtussy
rabbitgta: turt too strong
asthanius: it's pronounced Tortuga
Ukon_Cairns: we still dont know what gardevoir does NotLikeThis
MolaMolaphant: that sure is a way to pronounce tortoise
asthanius: You mean Blussy?
noa2828: Shit you right
TheMyrMan: It will target anyway, but you have to be really careful with that against Tatsugiri because it will let you fail to target it if it's eaten by Dondozo and not retarget for some reason :P
Mattmitchell45: Tortugssy
MolaMolaphant: tortoisussy
idkmyusernameokitscool: Wsp
KeytarCat: Tortoisussy baka
SaxPython: is it belly drum cetitian?
asthanius: Delibird?
asthanius: Please
Electrum516: Annihilape! Less go
asthanius: smdh where's Chilly Reception Slowking?
ElfLawyer: hail was such consistent damage
circusofkirkus: but no chip damage
ElfLawyer: oh wow, that's pretty big for Ice
TheMyrMan: still sand but worse, just not as much worse
Rootpotato: so its a weather report team
TheMyrMan: Rock gets a SpDef boost from sand AND it does the chip damage. Apparently ice is two strong to give it both the chip damage and def boost :P
TheMyrMan: Field Effect?
asthanius: it makes the ground fucky
SaxPython: Of course this is a card game! The creatures have ETBs
TheMyrMan: Psychic Terrain also prevents Priority attacks (like Armour Tail did for us on the last team) as well as boosting psychic attacks
BloodnBullets: Im disappointed the team is not called "AtmosFear"
asthanius: oh damn did i just see an orthoworm?
asthanius: hell yeah
VanDerSaat: is that the one from wolfey?
TheMyrMan: Trick room has a clear game plan, it gets harder once you start facing opponents that have some idea of how to play around that gameplan
asthanius: love that funky train worm
Electrum516: Oarthworm! They're just a funny little goofy guy
Electrum516: THEY HAVE THE CROC!
BloodnBullets: they have a lot of fighting and fire?
VanDerSaat: fighting is almost always physical, so its not that bad in snow
TheMyrMan: if they're smart they'll wide guard this turn
TheMyrMan: They can
TheMyrMan: Wide Guard isn't like protect
TheMyrMan: Wide Guard they can do every turn, because the counter play is using single target moves
LuckyBonsai: Not that I'm complaining about this content, but did we explain how Pokemon is a "card game"?
etheriume: hi Ben! <3
LuckyBonsai: Lmao I love it
DrChillbrain: it's also got deck building and customization
spazywakjob: i was waiting for the inter-office championship matches tbh
Cptasparagus: its like the famous card game chess
DrChillbrain: it's arguably closer to a card game than autobattlers were
LuckyBonsai: Does that make Final Fantasy Tactics a "card game"?
LuckyBonsai: Because I would also love to see that haha
TheMyrMan: Turn Based games are pretty close to card games
spazywakjob: hey ben did you continue to play marvel snap after youwere done with it on stream?
LuckyBonsai: Oh wait, can you play Baten Kaitos some time on stream, that would be hella rad
emboar2235: have you found any shinies in your game yet?
LuckyBonsai: Also my bad for being annoying with the requests haha
Sibwow: what about shovel knight king of cards
asthanius: what about old maid
DreamyPants: Has anyone ever suggested Flesh and Blood for ITYC?
DrChillbrain: shovel knight king of cards would be awesome
DrChillbrain: it's like half card game half dark souls
DrChillbrain: perfect for wheeler
TheMyrMan: Defense boost + Aurora veil
rabbitgta: snap felt like pre internet days of trying to build decks at your lgs, if they didn't get the card or you didn't pull it you weren't playing it.
TheMyrMan: What Skeledirge doesn't want to torch song given the opportunity :P
asthanius: Shiny! Catch it!
neebusjeebus: skele has unaware which makes it ignore all stat changes as well
BloodnBullets: you already had tera-ed
TheMagicWalrus: this is a weird looking card game
BloodnBullets: its just animated cards
asthanius: The first Pawmo I ever found was shiny. I love my pink punchy boy.
thraximore: aren't shinies just a cosmetic thing?
LuckyBonsai: It's just cards using their cards on other cards. Also sometimes they use dice.
TheMyrMan: I found a shiny like 5 mins into the game. I later released it by accident, but I wasn't that sad. I don't care too much about shinies
thraximore: but shiny mons tap for shiny mana
DrChillbrain: yo they got the dog
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TheMyrMan: Looks like they have lava plume + body press Daschbun also
neebusjeebus: shinys kinda give you a reason to keep playing
Sibwow: so shiny gengar is your favorite then
asthanius: Okay but shiny Mimikyu is greyscale, that's so cool
VanDerSaat: thats a male indeedee, so prolly offensive
TheMyrMan: They're hype just because they're rare I think, but with online and everything you see them a lot more often so they don't feel as special imo
BloodnBullets: a lot of shinies are just garbage colouring (often pink everything) but some are excellent. Shiny Ceatitan is great.
Mattmitchell45: My first Shiny was Froslass and the ribbon color becomes Pink and not much else
Juliamon: People were designing shinies before there even were official shinies. It's just natural for gamers to expect recolours.
TheMyrMan: All psychic moves do more damage with Psychic Terrain up, Expanding Force turns into a spread move in Psychic Terrain also
asthanius: @TheMyrMan True, but it gets an additional boost
TheMyrMan: Yea
distrustingspectator: why did we lose 50 viewers?
asthanius: Shinies
distrustingspectator: hahahahaha
Sibwow: thats how you know its an official wheeler bit
distrustingspectator: shinies are mid. there i said it. and its true
Mattmitchell45: The Most Confrontational Show on the LRR Video Entertainment Network
Electrum516: Damn aurora veil stronk
neebusjeebus: oh opponent...
distrustingspectator: @Mattmitchell45 so true. and love him for it.
neebusjeebus: this is where they start spamming the "oops" emote
Electrum516: LMAO
TheMyrMan: I haven't found a weather team I really like yet in this generation
Juliamon: Are you sure about that, Let's Nope drops a lot of hot takes
noa2828: Most antagonizing? I've watched Let's Nope
Mattmitchell45: Though, upon saying that, Let's Nope might edge it out, yes
Electrum516: 1 SHOT BABEE
svent_fulgur: Heyo Wheeler! o/
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Mattmitchell45: A Roller Coaster of Viewership
Electrum516: Wheeler, Ben and Adam? That's SOOO much energy
CururuGuasu: Those are some fun PPR rounds
Xx_JAG_xX: E
MolaMolaphant: Let's Nope extends the horror past the game genre
rabbitgta: Graham might need to run tech on that jist to make sure it doesnt derail too hard
noa2828: You say that name and I hear "Obama-snow"
ghyllnox: Seriously? Lmao
rabbitgta: @noa2828 isn't that the name of the mon?
neebusjeebus: oh they have the worm
Electrum516: Also Wheeler Alex and Serge is so actual peek energy- specially canlander and that judges tower. Holy sh- I was in tears
Mattmitchell45: That's Chunky Team
CururuGuasu: “Let me be clear”
ceteee_: can't wait for wheeler to play a fighting game in a "Is This Your Card" segment of LRR streams
A_Dub888: Are they using Sandstorm?
asthanius: Oh, worm?
noa2828: @rabbitgta "My fellow Americans..."
asthanius: haha streamer said pp
maltbeverage: Wizards of the coast would like to have a word about street fighter the card game
niccus: dududududu
DrChillbrain: i hope that sf6 comment was unironic cause i'd love to watch that
asthanius: Larvitar was probably my first fav
ghyllnox: As the premier lands player of the format*, are there any parallels between MTG and this? *(judge's tower)
MolaMolaphant: the fighting game Is This Your Card is just MvC2 and maining Gambit
SK__Ren: T-tar is good but with Iron Spike I now have a pokemon named Dragon Zord
Mattmitchell45: Now, if you wanna run SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, that'd be swell
DrChillbrain: something something exceed fighting system
Electrum516: Just want to say the Judges Tower was incredibly amazing I don't know if I've ever laughed so much during a broadcast!
noa2828: Blizzard might be good here
ceteee_: @DrChillbrain this LUL
asthanius: They Trick Room'd, so...
noa2828: Mr. <m
joejoebear812: yeah TTar 61, abomasnow 60
noa2828: Wow that was a mispress of enter
TheMyrMan: Maybe yours isn't 0 speed IV?
asthanius: I *love* that the trainer spins around every single time.
asthanius: It's so janky
SK__Ren: Where is Brick Break when you need it
Electrum516: @SK__Ren Truly
asthanius: 150 base power baybee
TheMyrMan: Very big punch
Electrum516: o_O
CururuGuasu: Monkey is too angry to die
BloodnBullets: sadly TTar is only 2x fighting weak now.
Ritaspirithntr: Should
asthanius: ouch earth
joejoebear812: aurora veil should continue when the hail ends
asthanius: FUCK
TheMyrMan: and we resist
Electrum516: SADGE
neebusjeebus: unlucky
Ritaspirithntr: WOOF!!!
Vanbael: lrrFINE
DrChillbrain: got pokemon'd
asthanius: clutch trick room end tho
Ritaspirithntr: sergeHubris
MolaMolaphant: do we know what item's on the ttar?
asthanius: XCom baybeeeeee
ceteee_: let's goooooooooooooooooooo
noa2828: Skill
A_Dub888: !findquote justice
LRRbot: Quote #7953: "Someday, justice for butt-breathing!" —Graham [2022-02-05]
DrChillbrain: pokemon giveth
TyrisUnbreakable: does sand proc rage fist?
TheMyrMan: This is why you don't use Hydro Pump in VGC
Nuri_706: "unfortunate doesn't even begin to describe my series"
DrChillbrain: LUL
asthanius: My preparation? H.
Electrum516: "That's not bad"
asthanius: Time to punch a slug
ceteee_: that annihilape is the mvp so far holy moly
Electrum516: AMONG US!
Electrum516: OH F-
CururuGuasu: Already punched the Bronzong
asthanius: Slug Punch
Xx_JAG_xX: that pokeman seems like a fun-guy
Electrum516: Xd
Electrum516: HE SAID IT
maltbeverage: sushroom
Electrum516: HE SAID THE THING
BloodnBullets: maybe expecting an effect spore?
TheMyrMan: What sort of Amoongus runs Giga Drain?
asthanius: YEYEYEYE
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
DrChillbrain: i can't believe that worked
rabbitgta: never didn't have it
CururuGuasu: One punch!
Electrum516: LES GO
asthanius: yummy lum
TheMyrMan: Gotta chomp on the berry before the battle is over
noa2828: One Punch Monkey
DrChillbrain: ape mvp
Electrum516: Annihilape was like "And I still had this lum berry"
TheMyrMan: themyr3Win themyr3Win themyr3Win
A_Dub888: One Punch Man(key('s final evolution))
Juliamon: Victory berry
bigbrickwall: Judge! My opponent is popping off
Electrum516: @A_Dub888 xD
marleypavel: marley42Wave marley42Heh
TheMyrMan: I don't know why they're running Hydro Pump honestly
asthanius: Baxcalibur!
grifffurn: this is some stupid bird shenanigans
TheMyrMan: Which Oricorio is that one?
Nuri_706: I forget what my gastro runs, but it sure isn't hydro pump
TheMyrMan: It's yellow, so makes sense
asthanius: i mean...yeah
MolaMolaphant: verified: it's the electric
A_Dub888: Yup, electric
TheMyrMan: Double Quiver Dance incoming?
MolaMolaphant: oh neat, quiver dance nonsense
TyrisUnbreakable: i really like oricorio
noa2828: Tempted to make a team of "Do not image search without safe-search" pokemon
asthanius: has high sp atk
TheMyrMan: Yea, Dancer isn't really a thing you have to worry about much in singles
OnyxOblivion: i feel like despite everything with the new forms, regular old fire moth might remain the best one in comp, but i havent been paying attention to the new meta closely
asthanius: Hypno
TyrisUnbreakable: Zoroark
moundsofmayhem: machoke
ghyllnox: Blaziken
GredGredmansson: Salazzle
A_Dub888: Vaporeon
DrChillbrain: zeraora?
nupaladinace: Lopunny
noa2828: Machamp
Sibwow: drifloom
asthanius: Don't worry about Hypno
Vanbael: Blazakin
nupaladinace: Lycanroc
TyrisUnbreakable: huh
GredGredmansson: Hatterene, if they don't know what it actually looks like
noa2828: Gallade too
nupaladinace: Lycanroc is just Luna from Helluva Boss
Nuri_706: people like the weird hunch
Juliamon: I haven't kept up with the pkmnsfw, did Alcremie ever take off
TheMyrMan: Helping hand is pretty good
MolaMolaphant: oh huh, I didn't remember fiery dance was a thing, this is surprisingly spicy (if it worked, anyway)
TyrisUnbreakable: The internet doesn't care all they see is furry pokemon that walks on two legs
GredGredmansson: You know what, I don't know if Gen 9 HAS a Waifu mon (but it does have a husbandomon in Palafin)
Nuri_706: it does..
GredGredmansson: because they already did
nilsrebby: The Stantlers?
noa2828: Trans Pride Dog?
Juliamon: The flesh ribbon discourse is real
sovietarchaeomancer: TransgenderPride
CururuGuasu: With its ribbon-like feelers
DrChillbrain: armarogue is a monster
Vanbael: Trans rights fox
Sibwow: mods are absolutely supposed to say terrible things
noa2828: Leading by example
DrChillbrain: it's about testing the limits
TheMyrMan: Oh this poor poor annihilape
CururuGuasu: It’s in the dex description
Juliamon: We set the baseline
AttackCowboy: I was just going to mention Sibwow
rabbitgta: air out the wprst stuff, then we can damage control
Vanbael: The prehensile flesh ribbons mind you
MolaMolaphant: I think the mods setting an upper bound for terrible things is okay
Mattmitchell45: Why Would You Say Something So Controversial Yet So Brave??
asthanius: "Gushy Fingers"
nupaladinace: Is Bisharp's new evolution any good?
thraximore: oh god
plundypops: Flesh ribbon was the only thing I even knew about that pokemon :|
DrChillbrain: @asthanius they used to call me this in high school
TheMyrMan: Who needs more than 2 pokemon right?
Nuri_706: @nupaladinace I think its fine in singles?
nupaladinace: Sadge
GredGredmansson: I thought Kingambit was too slow to be reliable
DrChillbrain: we were using it earlier
DrChillbrain: it was solid
BloodnBullets: turns out THEY didn't know what was going on either
asthanius: @GredGredmansson That's why it goes in Trick Room
GredGredmansson: ah of course
noa2828: Team Flesh Ribbons for the win
TheMyrMan: @nupaladinace It's pretty strong in VGC even not in trickroom it's bulky and strong enough with good abilities
MolaMolaphant: @nupaladinace and with defiant and tera, it's usable, but not dominant in doubles from what I've seen
circusofkirkus: CHEESE STICK MAN
GredGredmansson: time to make it rain
Sibwow: rain
TyrisUnbreakable: Drizzle
grifffurn: rain tailwind
GredGredmansson: Pelipper has Drizzle
noa2828: Its best
asthanius: Probably thunder stuff?
GredGredmansson: maybe Dragonite has Thunder
DrChillbrain: pelliper is serving the essential function of pissing and shitting out of the same hole
TheMyrMan: And rain to weaken fire attacks because of 2 fire weaknesses? I've seen special dragonite on rain team
Azadiam: Hi Wheeler! Totally off the topic of the game, but any tips for getting a US game store into Canadian Highlander?
GredGredmansson: put drizzle in pelipper mouth tomMouth
asthanius: "What's Pelipper doing here? I thought it was in Paris"
MolaMolaphant: pairs with the water taurus?
TheMyrMan: Pelliper + Dragonite double hurricane does damage
rabbitgta: it is role playing in the rain
GredGredmansson: no problems ever in pelipper mouth tomMouth
asthanius: That's their start?
asthanius: what?
DrChillbrain: first sighting of the cheese man
Nuri_706: If we're in series 2 yet, rain maybe to turn of protosythesis?
svent_fulgur: Hey Wheeler do you know where I can find a recent Elfball list for Canlander?
TheMyrMan: @Nuri_706 It's series 2, but still no Paradox this season yet
Sibwow: !moxfield
nupaladinace: If only they had kept Meowscara a quadrapedal pokemon. It could have been doing the jack-o pose even
grifffurn: I like protect + armor.cannon into cat
BloodnBullets: so that was a real do nothing turn across the board
GredGredmansson: @nupaladinace so... you wanted it to be four legged... so that it could be subjected MORE to R34?!
TheMyrMan: Yea, they probably don't realise Psyhic terrain stops sucker punch
laundreydhull: - or DESTROY.
nupaladinace: Obviously, why else would the community want it to not stand up? :P
laundreydhull: just saying...
GredGredmansson: tomMouth a pelipper mouth yes tomMouth
TheMyrMan: Here's Pelipper to turn off their fire weakness
TheMyrMan: oophe, the misplays by opponent
TheMyrMan: Could even wide guard maybe
niccus: so what's the inspiration behind turning the london olympics mascot into a pokemon
circusofkirkus: they just really want to be last
TheMyrMan: I feel like opponent is confused
ShaneLeeAtk: What is Helping Hand?
grifffurn: is this a rental team?
laundreydhull: tailwind does damage × speed stats?
GredGredmansson: I thought it was Cinna-Mon, the Apple Jacks mascot from the 00s
DrChillbrain: clap clap clapclapclap
TheMyrMan: They're hurting themself in confusion
noa2828: Forgotten X-Men character there
MolaMolaphant: ostentatious gumby over there
Nuri_706: Uh oh
SK__Ren: Golden Prego Cheese Head Man
invickthus: that abomasnow's eyes be looking a bit sus.
laundreydhull: lrrSPOOP
moundsofmayhem: next week can we see some blunder/ and or weakness policy nonsense? thats my favorite kind of nonsense in these games
laundreydhull: was abomasnow hp full too?
Nuri_706: You run nasty plot so that you can spam make it rain without devoting a slot to a hazer
GredGredmansson: @laundreydhull that's how Focus Sash works; it leaves you at 1 if you would go from full health to no health
asthanius: smh gotta run brick break
TheMyrMan: Trick Room probably does cover your options best
BloodnBullets: with that many nasty plots idn
Nuri_706: @asthanius it's ghost type that wouldn't even work NotLikeThis
MolaMolaphant: @asthanius Tauros signature breaks screens too
TheMyrMan: It's impossible to predict this opponent
asthanius: @Nuri_706 foresight too, clearly
nupaladinace: Yeah, going for reads is a crapshoot in low tiers
nupaladinace: That's why powerful, linear strats tend to dominate
TheMyrMan: How can you expect to know what your opponent is doing even when they don't know what they're doing
MolaMolaphant: gotta take the LGS strat of "make them have it"
OnyxOblivion: whoa its Jim the Former Titan
Nuri_706: I relate to orthworm because he loves eating dirt
TheMyrMan: This team is fun, but I always have trouble working out which 4 pokemon to bring with it
BloodnBullets: it doesnt pull the move in
MolaMolaphant: water absorb
TheMyrMan: It's Water Absorb, not Storm Drain
TheMyrMan: but for ground, yea
emboar2235: didn't know that quaquaval got moxie, that's awesome
BloodnBullets: shed tail is a busted move too
thraximore: lrrWOW
circusofkirkus: O.O
Nuri_706: bitter blade is fire type leech life
buzzbuzz125: 90 power fire leech life
OnyxOblivion: wait why does it say brave nature but the stats menu reads as adamant im confused
Nuri_706: adamant mint
OnyxOblivion: it doesnt change the named nature huh
OnyxOblivion: interesting
circusofkirkus: mints change stats, not nature names
Nuri_706: flexing with the shiny rental
BloodnBullets: I think they wanted to make it clear it wouldn't be bred down. And natures I think can affect world behaviours in this game?
TheMyrMan: Which means you can't breed down natures that you minted
noa2828: Slide on over
0_Todo_0: what item would u recommend on kingambit and meowscarada
BloodnBullets: thats ground, not rock
emboar2235: thats a nice lookin shiny orthworm
TheMyrMan: It's still pretty easy, since Mints, Vitamins and Bottle Caps are all purchasable with just straight currency. The main tricky things are getting the right terra type (unless you grind like INFINITE raids) and if you need some 0 IVs
laundreydhull: uhh- wut- u can concede in pokemon now?
Juliamon: seabatYIKES
0_Todo_0: concede looking real nice rn
Nuri_706: getting special attackers for a trick room team is pain
circusofkirkus: :)
rabbitgta: gg op sorry
BloodnBullets: cerulean edgyness
thraximore: wheeler has called fake pokemon
thraximore: the opponent must retract the mon
rabbitgta: not bad just learning
DrChillbrain: can we switch up the music
rabbitgta: you can chnage tracks
DrChillbrain: area zero is good but we've been listening to it for 2 hours
TheMyrMan: @Nuri_706 I've been having that same issue! Other than Torkoal I've tried Pallosand, Clawitzer, Arboliva and Skelidirge
DrChillbrain: oaugh
BloodnBullets: whelp, then its time to tuck and roll
moundsofmayhem: NTA, your streams your music
DrChillbrain: pink bird versus yellow minecraft
Nuri_706: @themyrman I did torkoal, farigiraf and gastrodon
BloodnBullets: himalayin salt
greasymemes: it is shiny
TheMyrMan: Hm, Gastrodon might be worth a shot. I Use Farigiraf as my setter, more bulky and not really much offense.
lion_byte: that's what a shiny minecraft looks like?
TheMyrMan: I'm not sure if Gastrodon does enough damage to really make the best use of the limited number of turns tho
TheMyrMan: Yea, remember who gets Wide Guard is exactly what I'm working on myself atm!
greasymemes: wide guard is priority I think
Nuri_706: I like Gastrodon a lot, helps a lot with Dondozo, enemy Torkoals and Gholdengo
DrChillbrain: great friend :)
lion_byte: orthworm, my beloved
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Blacklm1492: Wooo gen 9 content!
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TheMyrMan: Protect to stall Trick Room turns is always good.
niccus: woerm
buzzbuzz125: yeah, either body press or salt cure probably
TheMyrMan: Garganacl is a pain when it gets set up. It could have Body Press or Salt Cure to do damage, then it just SURVIVES
TheMyrMan: You really need to hit it with special damage
niccus: not having a wincon is a proud tradition of TCG archetypes
TheMyrMan: Garganacl is one of the only viable ways I've seen to effectively win with stall in VGC this gen
A_Dub888: Oko? You're going to turn Gyarados into an Elk?
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decayedcorpseofozymandias: love that funky worm
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niccus: gaze upon my worm, ye mighty, and despair
Nuri_706: Taking bets, is minecraft tera grass or water
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Blacklm1492: Holy shit is that thing quaxly’s evo??
Nuri_706: I was not expecting normal
MolaMolaphant: still super effective, yeah...
greasymemes: normal tera seems pointless on this since it already resists ghost and is weak to fighting
TheMyrMan: They probably went Normal expecting water attack?
TheMyrMan: I was expecting Terra Ghost myself
MolaMolaphant: yeah, the only good defensive thing about normal is ghost immunity and you already resist
DrChillbrain: hey you said you liked stall right. this is a dream matchup
TheMyrMan: If the battle timer runs out before your "chess clock" timer then the game awards the win to whoever has the most mons left, or whoever has the most total HP left
DrChillbrain: thanks
TacitusVigil: (changes to Yakkity Sax)
LuckyBonsai: Wait what is this, its rad
Hangedman: shoutouts to toby
TheMyrMan: I think AI professor is my favourite of the music so far, but I can't remember exactly
Nuri_706: I think the area zero background music is my favourite
Hangedman: toby did area zero and zero boss battle too i think
DrChillbrain: clodsire :)
greasymemes: yeah. it's clod time.
Juliamon: mud fren!
Blacklm1492: That is certainly one of the teams of all time
buzzbuzz125: that dynamax coalossal's gonna be rough wait what game are we playing
SK__Ren: He also composed the core melody for the school I think which got alot of arrangements
decayedcorpseofozymandias: water absorb yeah
0_Todo_0: has a chance to poison on contact
TheMyrMan: Clodsire does no damage though
TheMyrMan: They have some unconventional mons on their team I see
DrChillbrain: i like how he looks up
decayedcorpseofozymandias: what can clodsire do to orthworm?
Hangedman: i did always love the clone characters from Darkstalkers. Shadow, who's always a mirror match, and Marionette, who's whoever you beat last
TheMyrMan: what can clodsire do to anything honestly
Cptasparagus: wheeler running the video 10 seconds behind 5head
TheMyrMan: I don't know why they Terra'd the clodsire and not the hydregon
TheMyrMan: bright Powder indeedee?
Nuri_706: No, unown isn't in this gen
Nuri_706: Kappa
DrChillbrain: oh shit it's the bird
SK__Ren: Where is BB?
emboar2235: the murky boi
andysoo89: That’s 4 mons weak to fairy
Nuri_706: this feels like a murkrow gholdengo lead
SK__Ren: Net 0 I think
decayedcorpseofozymandias: gholdengo will outspeed kilo
TheMyrMan: The thing I don't like about singles is having to predict what they're switching into all the time, (or if they're switching). Does playing a stall team make that less of a big deal? I'd imagine if you aren't trying to deal the big damage and take things out it would, in which case I might try that style if I come back to dabble in singles again.
GlitchyStitch: also eviolite?
DrChillbrain: some run evoilite some don't
TheMyrMan: I'm kinda shocked that it took us this long to see a Murkrow honestly
Nuri_706: it's eviolite, eject button or covert cloak most of the time
TheMyrMan: @GlitchyStitch Murkrow's defenses aren't that great, so eviolite isn't a reason to run it over Honchkrow, but you if you're full support Murkrow then you only want survival type items so eviolite is a fine option for that
TheMyrMan: @Nuri_706 sometimes Sash
MadWolf1290: "the once well trained" LUL
Nuri_706: quash
decayedcorpseofozymandias: haze, taunt, quash
TheMyrMan: and haze is really good at the moment
Twigznstuff: Haze is the big one
TheMyrMan: tailwind and haze are the 2 "must have" moves honestly
theamc2000: What is the gold sudowudo
pokilm: Goldengo
Frizzlenill: his NAME is the String Cheese Man
TheMyrMan: usually foul play is the damage move, and the last slot is sort of flexible for what your team needs, (more speed control, weather, taunt, etc)
decayedcorpseofozymandias: yeah murkrow is usually tailwind, haze, foul play/brave bird, and taunt/quash
pokilm: Evolves outta that ghoul fellow
Nuri_706: what if their last mon has only ground type moves
DrChillbrain: like a book
decayedcorpseofozymandias: the cat can crit through iron defense
theamc2000: I need to sleep
buzzbuzz125: what a god
Frizzlenill: meowscarada's move ignores iron def right?
theamc2000: Attack empty space!
Nuri_706: the cat is snoozing
DrChillbrain: how does he do it
niccus: rude
TheMyrMan: Not even sashed
decayedcorpseofozymandias: let's gooo
KeytarCat: Solving a puzzle!
buzzbuzz125: orthworm wins!
TheMyrMan: Sylveon is honestly my favourite thing on this team
Nuri_706: I don't think orthworm has done anything yet that couldn't be done by a cyclizar
Hangedman: i think mostly what it's done is survive, which isn't bad
TheMyrMan: Orthworm can enable your sweeper (Sylveon or Duck) with the shed tail
Hangedman: that round it was down to 20-odd hp twice and got away with it
Nuri_706: the answer is yes, I'd still love him if he was a worm
DrChillbrain: @Nuri_706 well orthworm can process between 20 and 40 tons of soil per acre per year.
DrChillbrain: i don't think cyclizar can do that
Frizzlenill: there is SO much offense on this team eh?
TheMyrMan: And Orthworm is also another partner for Banded EQ, if your Kilowatrel dies
Juliamon: (barring any further migraine episodes anyway)
niccus: flesh cannon vs flesh ribbon
Nuri_706: @DrChillbrain I concede that much, it's incredibly important for the ecosystem
TheMyrMan: Hydreigon has a lot of good terra optoins, it's kinda terrifying
Juliamon: BOP
TheMyrMan: Tinkerton likes killing birds
Hangedman: woooh
MolaMolaphant: hydreigon has always had access to flash cannon, but steel isn't a good enough offensive type to have splashed often without the stab from tera, I suspect
Juliamon: started a new migraine preventative treatment tonight and... it's already making my head hurt, so it's kinda on my mind right now lmao
DrChillbrain: so garchomp. pretty good. who knew
TheMyrMan: They lost their tailwind setter which is nice
Hangedman: too greedy
TheMyrMan: Alternately at the end of that battle we could have tailwinded with Kilowatterel and then outsped with a terra fire terra blast
SirMorek: i'd "OOOO" but that isn't enabled here
TheMyrMan: Wheeler too strong
Frizzlenill: no game lets you live all the images on the galaxy brain meme quite like pokemon
distrustingspectator: no, we gotta keep going, Wheeler
serramarkov: Glad to see you, Wheeler!
distrustingspectator: this game is awesome
distrustingspectator: and you're awesome, Wheeler
TheMyrMan: VGC is so much fun, and I'm so glad it's actually accessible for normal people to play in the newer generations
TheMyrMan: I have teams, how do we send Rental Codes your way @benjamin_wheeler ??
Frizzlenill: Wolfe Glick is great too!
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2634 patrons for a total of $20,575.50 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
TheMyrMan: Good stream
MolaMolaphant: wolfey's much zanier than cybertron, I've liked them both a lot
TheMyrMan: Cybertron is more educational, Wolfey is more entertaining imo
TheMyrMan: both are great
Juliamon: It's Angel
distrustingspectator: Angel is a lovely person.
distrustingspectator: ahhh, highlander. the truly best format in Magic the Gathering
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distrustingspectator: happy to be here, folks
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
distrustingspectator: bye
KWardJenx: Thank you
DaFhaye: oh yeah
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown