TXC2: Hello Everybody
Genie_M: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge journey back through time in Minecraft Through the Ages! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PST (1s from now).
KevlarGiraffe: Good Morning!
Genie_M: Ages!
Genie_M: hi everyone
Lizardman175: morning!
TXC2: hello KevlarGiraffe and Genie_M welcome
TXC2: hello Lizardman175 welcome
LurkerSpine: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge journey back through time in Minecraft Through the Ages! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PST (30s ago).
LoadingReadyRun: Gonna be a few minutes!
TXC2: no worries
Xed_Regulus: Hello, and Happy Tuesday, Miners & Crafters!!! jlrrPunch sergeScopeCreep
TXC2: hello Xed_Regulus welcome
Xed_Regulus: Hope it's a lovely day where ever you are today
terribleplan: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
BrookJustBones: ages. ages. ages.
CAKHost: lrrSIG !
CAKHost: Hi everyone!
TXC2: hello CAKHost
malsareus: it's time for the Ages....ages.....ages of minecraft
ReaperTitan152001: 5 mins late,l
ReaperTitan152001: joking
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TheShokara: Ages ages ages!
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James, Serge, and Uno are back with the 1.8 update for their ongoing Minecraft through the AGES... Ages... ages series on Mine O'Clock! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1612873586334920705
tyrsredritehand: lrrSIG lrrARROWS lrrSIG
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Tandtroll_OG: Oh yay more MoC! It feels like it’s been aaages aages aaages <3
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steelfox13: Ages..ages ages
ReaperTitan152001: lrrSIG sergeFall lrrSIG
GhostValv: amazonPumpkinDance
TXC2: here we GO!
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brieandbacon: And Serge!
beowuuf: and serge!
kaziel0: And Serge!
TXC2: Hello James
kaziel0: Hello James!
beowuuf: it's been ages ages ages ages
cassaclyzm: Yay!
kaziel0: Ages Ages Ages!
TXC2: ages ages ages
CAKHost: Hello James!
terribleplan: aegis aegis aegis
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FITorion: button
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Jogela: Mages, Mages, MAges
Welbog: You are forgiven
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Sarah_Serinde: Oh no 5 entire minutes late, how dreadful
TXC2: "despite all my ages ages ages, I'm still just a miner in cages cages cages"
omdorastrix: ages
TXC2: Hello Uno and Serge
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pogo162: AGES, Ages, ages
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beowuuf: it's been.... one week x three
brieandbacon: It's been!!
Mazrae: Hi James, I just want you to know that I blame you and dawn guard for getting me into marble racing
Welbog: Kidnapped by Snerge
paronomasiac042: what's this about thoroughly-aged minecraft?
Jogela: @Sarah_Serinde I would get 50% missed/'skipped' class in high school for 5 minutes
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Sarah_Serinde: @Sarah_Serinde Good thing this isn't high school
Jogela: @Sarah_Serinde Yeah, I am glad that is over :p
TXC2: Sarah_Serinde that works for A LOT of things really :p
Sarah_Serinde: I bet Serge is so happy
Sarah_Serinde: @TXC2 It really does
rogerivany: Will horses be closer now I wonder?
paronomasiac042: minecraft finally has dirt.
rogerivany: All the Diorite for Serge.
Jogela: @rogerivany Horses are in the game at this point
rogerivany: @rogerivany Yeah, they were too far away from the base to bring one home last time.
Tandtroll_OG: Tbf with James there you never not have a wet sponge
Jogela: @rogerivany Ahh. Time to say *hay* them instead of hello Kappa
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beowuuf: this version will have the killer rabbit then?
TXC2: use every part of the rabbit
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beowuuf: kiiiiiiiiilleeeeeeeeer
TXC2: ah yes the colour of Killer :p
Barb4rian: What, behind the rabbit? --- It isss the rabbbittt
omdorastrix: i thought the killre bunny was eventually removed....
beowuuf: it can leap.... it's...
Genie_M: it kills you quite quickly
CanPlayGames: James is making that up?
beowuuf: yeah, i believe it gets removed a few iterations from now
Jogela: Roger 'Killer' Rabbit
Tandtroll_OG: We called one in on a punch a chunk I remember
Statist42: hi friends! lrrSHINE
TXC2: didn't we spawn one during a punch-a-chunk?
Cavemanhar: I always thought killer rabbit was a bunnicula reference
TXC2: hello Statist42 welcome
beowuuf: @TXC2 yeah, i think it's still available to add via commands, so paul added it. not sure if it still attacked or just sat there though
TrickJarrett: Man I was so confused when I turned on the stream
beowuuf: now a days
Juliamon: Cavemanhar Bunnicula specifically didn't kill people, it drained veggies
TXC2: hello TrickJarrett
TrickJarrett: Hi hi
Tandtroll_OG: Oh the bunny def. killed people
RomanGoro: When did the Desert Bus splash get added?
omdorastrix: serge's fav block
TwitchTVsFrank: jlrrPunch
Jogela: *Golf Clap*
LordZarano: jlrrPunch
GhostValv: tqsClap
BrookJustBones: Finish a chunk in 1 stream?
Tandtroll_OG: jlrrPunch
beowuuf: james missed one home stream punching and needs his fix
TXC2: BrookJustBones with people should be do-able
TrickJarrett: I hear that in Elmer Fudd's voice, "Kill da dwagon! Kill da dwagon!"
BrookJustBones: @TXC2 They still have terrible gear right?
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah punching a chunk is a lot faster with 3 people
LordZarano: Are you gonna learn knockback flying?
Sarah_Serinde: Especially with the old world depth
beowuuf: @BrookJustBones yeah, they've done a team punch in one stream for this version of the land generation. Half as deep as now :)
TheMerricat: did depth strider exist at this point?
Sarah_Serinde: James could punch a chunk from scratch in roughly 6 hours, and they have 3 people, 3 hours, and don't have to start with wood and stone tools
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CallMeCal1987: Mine the clocks and clock the mines!
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RebelliousUno: 1.11 was when firework rockets were made to work with Elytra
baskwalla: A good ages to you all
vickysaurus_mystax: I think 1.8 was the first update that came out after I started playing
TXC2: the map looks like Elvis and his shadow :p
KevlarGiraffe: @TXC2 Oh geez, it does
Too_Many_Knives: Looks like 32x32 chunks?
Ritaspirithntr: @txc2 OMG YOU’RE RIGHT!!!! LUL
a_Weakling: Random question but is there a Lrr discord?
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Sarah_Serinde: Not a weird question
a_Weakling: thank you!
Sarah_Serinde: Better to overshoot than undershoot I would think
Sarah_Serinde: It's not hard to walk an extra chunk to get to new stuff, but it's annoying if you cut off something you didn't mean to
Too_Many_Knives: Goodbye, world
vickysaurus_mystax: I like the seams from previous map generation changes you can see in the remaining worlkd
Aitsu111: James the Thanos snapper of Minecraft
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: and another wierd line appears
TheMerricat: and that chat is how James got the speed record for punch a chunk
Too_Many_Knives: @vickysaurus_mystax Would have been neat if James cut it like 1-2 chunks out each time so the map would be like an onion
SnackPak_: James should have the hackers soundtrack playing under this lrrBEEJ
LordZarano: !seed
LRRbot: The seed for the Minecraft through the ages Server is: -4439710337765636179
LurkerSpine: We're not on the 12th day of Orthodox Christmas
wntrwarlok: It ended yesterday in the Catholic bit. Orthodox just had christmas this past weekend.
CAKHost: We are now in the 2nd month of Christmas.
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aussie_rob_w: Team Minecraft!
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CaptainEnder7: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 22:11.
TXC2: Serge "more then one butt" Yager
scuba_antney: And at least you only have to go below Y=40
beowuuf: past james lies
Sarah_Serinde: Whoops :D
TXC2: James says a lot of things
Sarah_Serinde: Eh, pick your own chunk
Sarah_Serinde: Or that
kaziel0: That was in 1.9, wasn't it? >.>
TXC2: no pie chart in the F3 anymore
BrookJustBones: For slime chunks they need to be right in a chunk
beowuuf: o7 to pie chart
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vegetalss4: I'm curious about how clear the old/new areas are above ground
Sarah_Serinde: @BrookJustBones Riiight I already forgot they were doing it for slime
omdorastrix: actually got kinda luck that serrge didn't sign out in a chunk that got pruned
Jogela: James did not decorate his room?
Welbog: Please send me some andesite for my Create server
vickysaurus_mystax: Oh yeah I remember when those were added and it felt like something that would make digging so much more interesting and alive feeling
vickysaurus_mystax: And then we all got sick of them gumming up our inventory within an hour
beauxdeigh: spawning rules shouldn't care about whether the chunks are older or not
TXC2: I like how we're in winter forever, and there's a rainforest all of 30 secs from us
scuba_antney: But it would still regenerate to different stuff, right?
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: there might still be a line
Barb4rian: So Killer Bunny spawn when?
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mister_nibbles: Fun fact: 85 is the smallest number that can be expressed as the sum of two squares (greater than 1) in two different ways. 85 = 9^2 + 2^2 = 7^2 + 6^2.
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Cavemanhar: maybe shears to help with leaves
TrickJarrett: Use a diamond on your pick?
TrickJarrett: Oh yeah
aussie_rob_w: Shoutout to Trick, who has a very cool name.
TrickJarrett: <3
TheAinMAP: jlrrFishin
Wicker_Guide: :/
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: go ham
yomidian: that's what i do with ff14 fishing,
Wicker_Guide: local video producer advocates embezzelment from own office lrrBEEJ
mister_nibbles: no they didnt serge, they only made illegal to use software to send keypresses to two different windows, manually multiboxing is still fine :)
beowuuf: uno deserved more love for that :D
TXC2: beowuuf yes, yes he did
vickysaurus_mystax: I guess that was adventure mode
TwitchTVsFrank: so many tripods
Sarah_Serinde: That was a good clip. Especially Kathleen's reaction
TrickJarrett: "I was working for the banker at the time" seems like a start to a heist movie if I've ever heard one
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: i ended up with 3 servers in my house...
LordZarano: in -5 3 -14
SpacePotato01: what kind of helicopter has that kind of range <.<
TXC2: SpacePotato01 Airwolf? :P
SpacePotato01: @TXC2 You'd first need a time machine to get back to the 80s to get one.
Wicker_Guide: @SpacePotato01 one that you can sell to buy yourself a hotel stay and a fleet of pickup trucks
SpacePotato01: @Wicker_Guide I dunno, an airwolf sounds cooler tbh.
Wicker_Guide: fair
SpacePotato01: wait I can't pilot a helicopter.
Wicker_Guide: sounds like your business needs to pay for lessons then
TrickJarrett: Has chunk size remained constant through the game's history?
SpacePotato01: clearly. And a lot of insurance.
graal_smith: James, did you leave the birb website?
Wicker_Guide: @TrickJarrett at least since launch, yes
creasehearst: no free creeper workforce
scuba_antney: set your spawn?
graal_smith: Where should people go for James related information?
Too_Many_Knives: @TrickJarrett Yes in the XZ plane it has always been 16x16. Y has changed a few times.
Juliamon: scuba_antney At this point you can't set spawn unless you actually sleep
mister_nibbles: leaving the bird website is good for you :D
TrickJarrett: Just thinking once you have a corner fixed you could count blocks
vickysaurus_mystax: Same, the extinct elephant website is proving far more to my taste
anclag: Hey everyone
scuba_antney: @Juliamon OOOOH haha. More fun old Minecraft mechanics. Thanks!
Wicker_Guide: @TrickJarrett that implies either James or Serge is comfortable with counting. Or that Uno cares :P
TXC2: hello anclag welcome
Sarah_Serinde: @graal_smith He's still on Instagram under the same username as Twitter
TrickJarrett: lol that's fair
Narcuru: you can count the cobble right?
Timbertea: uno is looking at the in-chunk numbers
RomanGoro: Uno is looking at the in-chunk coords
omdorastrix: The frist set of 3 co-ords are 0-16 in the current chunk. the second set of 3 is the co-ord of THE CHUNK
Sarah_Serinde: sergeOffByOne
creasehearst: check the other side as well?
CatTreeDreamCar: This is my worst kind of spatial reasoning. I can never make this make sense to my brain.
vickysaurus_mystax: It'd be fun to punch 15/16th of a chunk
creasehearst: just to make sure you're in a 16x16 a<nd not a 15x15
Wicker_Guide: sergeOffByOne and not Serge's fault jlrrFacepalm
mister_nibbles: the corner james is at correct, the corner uno is at is not correct
mister_nibbles: yes
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: i think Uno is correct
mister_nibbles: now it should be correct
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: yes
omdorastrix: 16 blocks zero-indexed(and it's 0->15 of the in-chunk co-ords.)
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: 16x16 inside
TheElrad: so what we're saying is that James was off by one?
omdorastrix: not sergeOffByOne
mister_nibbles: oh wow, thats a lot near each other, very nice
TXC2: so lets get punching!
mwlsn: "Lots of things *look* square" - every carpenter's motto
cassaclyzm: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
RoyGBivSF: back to the pit!
scuba_antney: And now to punch down to 40 or below!
Harvest25: ladders
Wicker_Guide: the parthenon line is "Nothing looks less straight than a straight line" right?
TheElrad: let's get ready to punch it
Mazrae: James do you want to get a new pick so yours doesn't break
TrickJarrett: I am not used to mining with a beacon. Been using it to make a new storage room and I lost two picks because I am not used to it going so fast
TrickJarrett: I have my accounts but I don't use Twitter. Much more on Mastodon.
electric_claire: Remember Flickr?
graal_smith: I don't have twitter, I just checked your twitter to see if there were Punch-a-Chunk notifications (like trying to see if you'd cancelled yesterday)
Harvest25: jlrrBreak
fiftymcnasty: The most important part is to take pictures of every meal you eat and post them
Nigouki: Time to get back to reading shampoo bottles while in the bathroom?
lochnessseammonster: i have been appreciating your photos james!
mr_presidentman: meta reels
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: see the outside world!
Sarah_Serinde: @graal_smith When he posts stream notifications to twitter he generally deletes them after stream, so that wouldn't help anyway. But you can go to his chat and type !nope and if it's been cancelled, it'll tell you
GhostValv: nice
vickysaurus_mystax: Is that a thing on newer iPhones? Mine doesn't do it and it sounds hellish
TrickJarrett: What was it Uno?
rogerivany: I've had an iPhone for 12 years. I didn't know that was a thing.
SnackPak_: neat
Sarah_Serinde: @graal_smith (James had internet troubles and a rescheduled appointment yesterday)
TrickJarrett: Nice!
scuba_antney: Android does the same. I get a notification of usage each week as well and the time on each app.
TrickJarrett: I am currently reading a book of Afro-futurism short stories, about 1/3rd through it
BrookJustBones: what was beacon range in this version?
treacletart: ma dude branderson sanderson?
vickysaurus_mystax: I didn't know they changed the diorite and granite textures
GhostValv: ??
Sarah_Serinde: They made a big update to block textures a while back
TXC2: grassless dirt AKA dirt :p
avi_miller: Just another reminder that the big textures update was really nice
LordZarano: I've been listening to Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting One's Reason and of Seeking Truth. It's surprisingly compelling
BrookJustBones: The granite looks a bit like ancient derbris
Sarah_Serinde: "Alright" is what he said
Sogheim: diorite looks like bird poop blocks...
GhostValv: oi?
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: looks better from a distance
Harvest25: Pick health
Sarah_Serinde: Pick has lots of health
Timbertea: Wasn't it 'okay' except he skipped the k
TheElrad: James "Oy" Turner
Wicker_Guide: what's the bit cost to play a BREAK sound
Sarah_Serinde: Sudden instinct to increment the fall counter
TXC2: he did the thing!
Harvest25: everyone clap
avi_miller: He did the thing!
mister_nibbles: whats up highlight reel!
CAKHost: *claps*
TheAinMAP: jlrrFall
Wicker_Guide: jlrrFall
Sarah_Serinde: Not *every* fall gets into the reel, it gets old after a while. Also pls clip non-fall things too :P
Narcuru: !addcount falls
mister_nibbles: james falls in the hole thing, that's very good uno
ReaperTitan152001: PowerUpL sergeFall PowerUpR
TXC2: it's 2023, James has to get a new gimmick Kappa
sephsays: Falling Into It with James Turner
avi_miller: James’ new gimmick is accidentally losing tools Kappa
Wicker_Guide: FITH?
LurkerSpine: different inflections :D
TXC2: "we are the knights who say 'NADE NADE NADE!'"
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: the art of yelling
baskwalla: English translation by Uno
Wicker_Guide: Afterward by Branderson Sanderson
mister_nibbles: is that the art of communication featuring james turner? or the are of communicating WITH james turner? lol
Timbertea: <3
avi_miller: Confusion will be my epitaph.
Wicker_Guide: @avi_miller wait, is that a mockup or does that exist o.O
Sarah_Serinde: @Wicker_Guide There are many James Turners
Snowcookies: spawner?
Wicker_Guide: fair
avi_miller: @wicker_guide that is a real book, just a different James Turner
Angreed66: serge is right about it being a waste
LordZarano: Andecite looks like gravel
TXC2: there are many James Turners, but this one is ours
BrookJustBones: There are already a bunch of kids books written by James Turner
BrookJustBones: <message deleted>https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51CPawAefIL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ML2_.jpg
TehAmelie: there are too many James Turners. they'll have to fight it out. in Minecraft
BrookJustBones: wow, that broke
BrookJustBones: Mods, can you clear that link
Anubis169: done
BrookJustBones: thanks
Anubis169: lol, i think we both got there at the same time
TXC2: man, youtuber, Streamer, Pokemon creator, childrens book author, what can't James turner do?
BrookJustBones: Thats the ook
Anubis169 hugs TXC2
LordZarano: Ahh, commas in links, Twitch's one weakness
Sarah_Serinde: Looks like TXC2 won that race according to my chat :D
TXC2 hugs Anubis169
Wicker_Guide: I was aware of the children's author, and the illustrator, and the meteorologist, and the australian streamer, it is just always a surprise to find yet another example
BrookJustBones: You forgot the pokemon designer
avi_miller: Who is the best James Turner, and why is it the Pokémon guy?
Diabore: so hows 1.08?
TheAinMAP: jlrrCreeper
brieandbacon: jlrrCreeper jlrrCreeper
Vanbael: very good blast jlrrCreeper
Juliamon: Pool party
TheAinMAP: lrrHORN
avi_miller: Eleven!
avi_miller: The best disc
BrookJustBones: Sorry, another James Turner wrote a Full contact Kickboxing guide
BrookJustBones: That is ours right?
RoyGBivSF: Looks like 1.8 was right around the same time as the Microsoft acquisition
TXC2: BrookJustBones nah, our James strikes me as a ju-jitsu guy Kappa
TehAmelie: they used to call kickboxing "full contact karate", wonder what full contact kickboxing is
Sarah_Serinde: Good dance James thank you
TXC2: TehAmelie Mauy Thai Kappa
SnackPak_: lrrSPOOP
Sarah_Serinde: I saw it pop out, beyond that I didn't notice where it went
BrookJustBones: Get the book and find out
Mazrae: it died
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: can confirm
SnuggleFoxes: in the dog meme template: "Pls vibes" "no music" "only vibes"
TehAmelie: i actually spent all my money on books earlier today
BrookJustBones: I'm a little tempted to send 6 books written by different James turners to mail time
TehAmelie: ooh
Cavemanhar: for a sec I thought the creeper was uno
PsychoI3oy: james does have a cabana board now
Wicker_Guide: Agile step 1: cry
asthanius: Why would anyone want to learn agile? lrrBEEJ
TrickJarrett: Agile MoC incoming
Sarah_Serinde: NotLikeThis
Wicker_Guide: Step 2: weep
Wicker_Guide: Step 3: profit
brieandbacon: I thought they meant scrum as in rugby...
asthanius: @brieandbacon That *is* where the name comes from
TheElrad: your project can't be unsucessful
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
TheAinMAP: jlrrDang
brieandbacon: @asthanius well yeah, but I assume the book isn't about the sport
asthanius: First rule of agile: Waterfall is inevitable.
mister_nibbles: i love rubber ducking!
Skakerman_: This week I commit to drawing the beak although we still don't know where the eyes are going
Quaseymoto: Is it like bike shedding?
asthanius: I rubber duck all the time. It's the most useful tool, more than google
SnuggleFoxes: I taught my psychiatrist the term "trauma dumping" today :D
BrookJustBones: The book about paradisal marriage and sexual relations in the age of Milton is over 70 bucks, so I'm not sending that anywhere
Wicker_Guide: the product guy probably so used to the jargon and forgot that he could use natural language explanations
avi_miller: Not yet
Epinephilim: I haven't seen the term used here in Sweden, but I'm not a programmer, after all.
TrickJarrett: Zoombies you mean
asthanius: Zoombinis?
TheElrad: @TrickJarrett sergePun sergePun sergePun
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeChaos
Epinephilim: Zambonis?
Wicker_Guide: @BrookJustBones wait, it's about marraige/relationships in Paradise Lost lrrSPOOP that sounds awful
brieandbacon: Is baby zumba anything like goat yoga?
Epinephilim: Well, only if they're on ice I guess.
TrickJarrett: It's Zoombonis when they are zoombieing on ice
CAKHost: Now I'm just imagining baby zombies on roombas...
TXC2: "no zoomba, you'll have to go to drumarama"
TheAinMAP: sergeFriend sergeFriend sergeFriend
graal_smith: With friends like that, who needs enemies?
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: there's a party in the hole
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CAKHost: They would still try to get to you but their pathing is based on the roomba
TehAmelie: who let the zombie baby use Zombocom
beowuuf: friend is just an enemy that hasn't attacked you yet
TXC2: beowuuf yes thank you my paranoia :p
LordZarano: Water flowing underground
TrickJarrett: The comedic timing on that was excellent
CAKHost: Has the Zombie "mobbing" mechanic been added yet?
JAndersonCAD: Just got done finishing the one more video for tarkov. Guess i'm getting back in on this wipe
Too_Many_Knives: "Waterfail", where you try to be agile but your PM blocks you from getting customer feedback during development.
avi_miller: Baby zombie started burning in 1.13
TheAinMAP: jlrrCreeper
Narcuru: jlrrCreeper
beowuuf: jlrrCreeper
TwitchTVsFrank: jlrrCreeper
LurkerSpine: jlrrCreeper jlrrCreeper jlrrCreeper
FenrisSchafer: jlrrCreeper jlrrCreeper jlrrCreeper
cassaclyzm: jlrrCreeper
Mazrae: I didn't know that durability was vanilla
TheElrad: what would WorkSafeBC say about throwing pickaxes down the mine?
TehAmelie: i think it's No BIg Turner
Jogela: No Big Tax
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: no big eal
Cavemanhar: no blue teal
Wicker_Guide: they're skin textures on top of Stone right now
Wicker_Guide: 1.13 is when that gets fixed
stizzet: wait, this isn't pinch-a-chunk...
Sogheim: wait, no more ID98?
Wicker_Guide: that's why 1.13 resulted in so much need to redo mods
Diabore: durability check?
Wicker_Guide: massively reduced the complexity of block identification
Sarah_Serinde: I still see some red on the pickaxe health, it's just hard to see
Cavemanhar: I like the one bed facing a different direction than the other two
avi_miller: Serge just showing off
Epinephilim: I still remember when I had a 1.10 modpack that needed a flower for a recipe. Any short flower would do, but not dandelions, because it had the wrong block ID. Thank god for the great flattening.
Mazrae: was I the only one that was expecting it to say serge fell from a high place
LordZarano: Boat mlg
stizzet: boat MLG?
Narcuru: lol
Too_Many_Knives: RIP
beowuuf: lol
avi_miller: Lol
SnuggleFoxes: what does mlg stand for?
Wicker_Guide: Major League Gaming
Too_Many_Knives: Wow saved
beowuuf: LMAO
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
TheAinMAP: jlrrFall
Jogela: LUL
SnuggleFoxes: @Wicker_Guide thanks! :)
TehAmelie: you don't have to do it at the last second if you're catching someone else. . .
Sarah_Serinde: No Serge, James was shouting at Uno, who punched him off the edge
Sarah_Serinde: Serge did great :D
Sarah_Serinde: !clips
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Epinephilim: @TehAmelie Of course you do, where's your sense of drama?
aussie_rob_w: Serge remains our cinnamon roll.
Wicker_Guide: our poisonous, industrial baronesque cinnamon roll
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MaybeTara: this one is too big to ignore! Happy 100!
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avi_miller: Enchanting overhaul was 1.8
kaziel0: Congrats @MaybeTara !
TehAmelie: woo
beowuuf: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
aussie_rob_w: The one year!
GhostValv: that's almost a year :O
TheAinMAP: lrrHORN
FenrisSchafer: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
cmdrelk: lrrHORN lrrHORN
MaybeTara: lrrSHINE thanks for being rad all this time
Wicker_Guide: mctcliHeart
Sacrenos subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 80 months!
Sacrenos: only 80 months... 100 will take sooooo loooong!
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Krat_Arona: Bear Bear Bear Bear!
SAJewers: wiki says the lapis enchanting stuff happened in 1.8, 1.9 they got rid of silk touch shears, so you might want to to do that this episode
aussie_rob_w: Welcome to the triple digits @maybetara
avi_miller: It was in the first 1.8 snapshot, 14w02a on Jan 9, 2014
Jogela: Where is the foreman when you need it?
TehAmelie: silk touch shears, you shear a sheep and it makes a new sheep
Mazrae: James dig them into some holes why they are gone
rogerivany: James 2 levels will surely be enough.
beowuuf: oh, is this where you get the interrum villages that have started to look different?
Wicker_Guide: poor pig mctcliCry
Narcuru: should you bring extra tools to enchant?
Sarah_Serinde: It's fine, James has punched so many chunks, he can take a break :P
Sarah_Serinde: The rest of you have a lot of catching up to do
baskwalla: Uno, left holding the pick
Jogela: So Uno is the true punch a chunker now
beowuuf: oops
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: oope
LordZarano: Spectator!
Wicker_Guide: mctcliPat mctcliPat babby
rogerivany: Ooof, Price is Right rules means Uno lost
BrookJustBones: I mean LRR is almost 20 years old
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: my cousin plays minecraft and i've been playing longer than she's been alive
Sarah_Serinde: And Serge didn't want to trim too much :P
Mazrae: James block serge up
TXC2: BrookJustBones LRR is 20 this year :p
BrookJustBones: @TXC2 But will LRR's 20th be like Sonics 30th?
TXC2: BrookJustBones Gods I hope not
Wicker_Guide: IIRC 27 -> 30 is like 2/3rds the EXP cost of 30 -> 33
avi_miller: Now to combine them in an anvil for efficiency V
SAJewers: you should see if you can get silk touch on a book, then you can put it on shears, something you won't be able to do once you update to 1.9
Wicker_Guide: is there a reason to have silk touch on shears
Mantafold: Combine for insta-mine
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Zael250: Off by one
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Wicker_Guide: style points I guess?
SAJewers: Wicker_Guide: In 1.8, silk touch shears are the only way to get cobwebs. 1.9 they changed it so regular shears can get cobwebs, removing silk touch shears
omdorastrix: Maybe put down a door to prevent knockback?
Wicker_Guide: @SAJewers ah, TIL
avi_miller: But having them would be a cool memento of 1.8
the_one_and_only_kim: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:26:07.
DudelidouX: I would have made the killing zone in the corner without a spawner.
omdorastrix: *zombie moans*
brieandbacon: !y
scuba_antney: Are you punching the whole thing? You only need to be below 40 for slimes.
omdorastrix: at y=32 you've already got a *functional* slime farm
SAJewers: IIRC someone discovered you could use silk touch shears to get grass blocks without the shears taking durability, so mjang closed the loophole by killing enchanted shears, and making cobwebs (the only use for enchanted shears) obtainable with regular shears
omdorastrix: Hi Hungry - we're chat!
LordZarano: Weren't enchanted shears the meta way of mining glowstone?
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
anclag: I am in poutine land…I might get some today
BrookJustBones: I had some Ketchup chips, that's canadian enough right
LordZarano: !vagh
LRRbot: labtaH rebelIyuS'uno! much leghbogh ghaH 'e' yIbej ej' ghaH yItlha'! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
LordZarano: !shi
LRRbot: RebelliousUno Sutorīmingu mo shite imasu. Ogawa no kare no kenkai o kakunin shite, kare ni shitagatte kudasai! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
brieandbacon: !dos
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TXC2: and we're back
jessieimproved: hey, a hole
Wicker_Guide: what language is !vagh ?
brieandbacon: !holes
LRRbot: Do you ever just think about rest holds?
TXC2: Wicker_Guide Klingon
yomidian: !box
LRRbot: Box box box!
rogerivany: What's the difference in Silk Touch 1 and Silk Touch 2?
aussie_rob_w: I was so ready for James to miss that ladder because somehow ladder catching used to work differently.
LordZarano: !searchfortreasure
LRRbot: You find: a Potion of Strength!
aussie_rob_w: It might not, that’s just what I was expecting.
Dergib: there is no silk touch 2
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Dergib: the reason for silk touch 1 is every enchant needed a number and they just haven't changed it
rogerivany: @Dergib Why does James' pick have Silk Touch 1 then?
TheAinMAP: katesFine
Narcuru: @Dergib just how they showed enchants at the time
Mazrae: James I have a question for all of you on MoC, what is a basic farm for a beginner to make for, to start gathering resources to get to the end plus for making stuff
LordZarano: I believe Silk Touch II and up can be created with commands and it functions identically to Silk Touch I
BrookJustBones: Why should anything make sense
Wicker_Guide: except in cases where the answer is "current minecraft" such as "why water"
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Barb4rian: jlrrCreeper
TheAinMAP: jlrrCreeper
aussie_rob_w: What happens at Fortune 0 now?
TXC2: I remember asking what X meant on an enchantment, forgetting how Roman numerals worked :p
Sarah_Serinde: I remember those days
nalha: does James ever do anything in MC besides digging? :P
Juliamon: Falling
brieandbacon: @nalha on wednesdays we used to have adventure day
TXC2: he falls a lot
avi_miller: Falling, dying
Sarah_Serinde: Even on his home stream he builds things occasionally
SnackPak_: minefalling
BrookJustBones: He made a cabana board of other stuff he needs to do
avi_miller: Occasionally he breaks tools
Sarah_Serinde: Spoilsport :P
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LordZarano: @aussie_rob_w Using the command to set enchant level 0 actually just removes the enchant. PhoenixSC did a funny by making a mod
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Chronomagistrate: The SIX years!
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KeytarCat: Oh, we punching chunk?
SnackPak_: dang
mattyraft44: Wha kind of Chinese serge?
jessicaengle: Hey everybody
fiftymcnasty: mmm chicken and waffles
TXC2: bruce Quaffle ?
SnackPak_: sergeHi jessicaengle
avi_miller: “Good for you”
BrookJustBones: I still really dislike the chicken and waffle combo
TXC2: hello jessicaengle welcome
Genie_M: ugh
jessicaengle: We talking about food? I'm here for it
LordZarano: jlrrFall
jessicaengle: lrrHAM_HF
Narcuru: we've got a restaurant here that's chicken and waffles with honey and siracha
SnackPak_: so rude
Narcuru: it's really good. spicy but good
potato_and_banana: whatup
MrSarkhan: Uno that sounds amazing
Narcuru: and they have biscuits with blueberry compote part of which gets donated. also delish
BrookJustBones: Did you unhinge your jaw to take a bite from that Uno?
potato_and_banana: I tole my brothr laptop
aussie_rob_w: Now I’m just really hungry. That’s so unfair 😂
jessicaengle: Expense account noms! GlitchCat
MrSarkhan: Oh that is the best part. The southerner in me is very jealous
aussie_rob_w: How dare you, Uno. LUL
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Pee and think about your life.
shurtal: Parkour is still parkour even if it's just in your heart
Bowlsrus2000: What doesMLG mean?
aussie_rob_w: The true purpose of a man’s romance
Quaseymoto: That's how my 8 yo uses the term.
jessicaengle: Major league gamer I think
avi_miller: MLG is just Major League Gaming @bowlsrus2000
Bowlsrus2000: Ok thank you
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stevestein: 51 months! That's like a chunk of months, right?
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avi_miller: High skill saves
lochnessseammonster: falling with style PrideLaugh
brieandbacon: MLG feels like a downward-only thing, parkour is omnidirectional
TXC2: a "pro gammer move" if you will
TemporallyAwry: Anyone remember the old "Logout-evators" - good times.
scuba_antney: Serge in his lunch hole
Diabore: LUL
TXC2: "where does the food go? that's right, in the lunch hole!"
BrookJustBones: Does the beacon still work this far down?
jessicaengle: eew jlrrNo
TXC2: endermen are PMCs
jessicaengle: So many friends in this chunk
betazed15: Zoomie baby!
LordZarano: Surely skeleton is sniper skav?
BrookJustBones: what was the name in tarkov for baby PMC?
jessicaengle: Uno come back.... you can blame it all on me. I was wrong, and I just can't live without Uno
TXC2: jessicaengle nice
LordManiMani: uh
LordZarano: lewd
Barb4rian: Phrasing.
withr subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 93 months!
withr: james is always in a hole huh
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Wicker_Guide: somewhere, TQ's ears perked up and she isn't sure why
jessicaengle: Chunk Philosophy 101
withr: looking forward to a mega punch a chunk
Narcuru: a chunk is a 16x16 area from ground to bedrock
the_one_and_only_kim: I applaud James' restaint in not just sealing Serge in there
omdorastrix: if it looks like a chunk and spawns like a chunk, it[s a chunk
rogerivany: Chunks are whole numbers. Depth doesn't matter.
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Sunmare_Dragon37: happy new year
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avi_miller: But also, if they make the track longer, and you go later and do the shorter track, people wouldn’t count it
TXC2: it would only matter for record keeping, how many old chunks and how many new chunks did you punch, you still punch all those chunks
brieandbacon: Aaah
Angreed66: pmc is the irl term uno described
Sarah_Serinde: Good work Serge
TheAwkes: Private Military Contractor. Fancy modern term for corporate mercenary.
A_Dub888: Clear as lead
ScrapyardGhostTrain: 'PMC' was invented because people thought 'mercenary' sounded negative.
SnackPak_: I think that's a SYL album
TXC2: obsideon is 9 on the hardness scale
avi_miller: You are correct Serge
avi_miller: From 1995
shurtal: you smell toast, james?
Sunmare_Dragon37: isnt the g in mlg is gamer
TXC2: Buxton ?
Wicker_Guide: the Macc Lads did No Sheep 'Til Buxton
They_Are_Alyx: No Sleep Till Brooklyn is itself a parody of No Sleep Till Hammersmith, a Motorhead live album
avi_miller: ^
Wicker_Guide: the album name is very not safe for bus lrrSPOOP
SnackPak_: F
pogo162: "I am the vary model of a Major League Gamer!"
LordZarano: Buxton is a spa town in the Borough of High Peak, Derbyshire, England. It is England's highest market town, sited at some 1,000 feet (300 m) above sea level. It lies close to Cheshire to the west and Staffordshire to the south, on the edge of the Peak District National Park.
satoribearpuncher: Kind of surprised James didn’t trade out his armor
TStodden: Back to chunk punching? Whatever did the chunk do to you? lrrBEEJ
Barb4rian: Gamblin?!? Oh, no =(
TemporallyAwry: jlrrWalldiamond penaddTobysad
Narcuru: jlrrWalldiamond
Barb4rian: jlrrWalldiamond
Sarah_Serinde: jlrrWalldiamond
lochnessseammonster: jlrrWalldiamond jlrrFacepalm
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Avery316: ah I see we've hit the 'punch-a-chunk' section of the playthrough jlrrPunch :D
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the_one_and_only_kim: Silk Touch 1 ... pause... pick axe
TemporallyAwry: Can you imagine a SilkTouch2 that returns polished versions of the blocks?
TemporallyAwry: I did say it was a good idea ;p
Harvest25: Autosmelt enchant in some mod packs
Sunmare_Dragon37: are you going mine the wall diamonds after punh-a-chuch?
GhostValv: sergeSnerge
TemporallyAwry: Even more jlrrWalldiamond
Barb4rian: jlrrWalldiamond jlrrWalldiamond jlrrWalldiamond
Sunmare_Dragon37: and also gold
TXC2: "you get a wall diamond, and you get a wall diamond! and you get a wall diamond!"
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: this hole is finaly paying out
Harvest25: that does not work here
TemporallyAwry: jlrrBedrock
LordZarano: jlrrBedrock
avi_miller: Yeah, Helm flows better
TXC2: !helm
LRRbot: THE HELM cannot be burned.
brieandbacon: the follow up to the beast and the harlot?
TheAinMAP: jlrrBedrock
Sunmare_Dragon37: Helm and hoe sound like dnd dwarf inn
PsychoI3oy: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
cassaclyzm: wee baby chunk
avi_miller: Baby chunk
avi_miller: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
cassaclyzm: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TemporallyAwry: Now it's time to punch out the bedrock for Maximum Efficiency Kappa
Sarah_Serinde: Lots of time to spare even with people running off to grind XP and enchant
KeytarCat: The Pick and Choose is a dwarven tap room
the_one_and_only_kim: also you have caves and caves full of scavs and PMCs
BrookJustBones: How much slime does this server need?
Harvest25: go with a 10 by 10 platform to save mining
kaziel0: James jumping around the edge of a giant hole seems... like asking for trouble.
the_one_and_only_kim: is it 3 out on all sides or just each end?
Sunmare_Dragon37: but you get the wall diamond now :)
Riiiiiiis: isn't the large slime 3x3x3? so they would need 1,5 block extra to spawn in the chunk?
LordZarano: 3x16x4 right?
Harvest25: only need below 40 right
LordZarano: Doing all 4 sides (not including corners) would be 0.75 of another full chunk
Lord_Hosk: I think you need a little scope creep
KeytarCat: as a treat
avi_miller: sergeScopeCreep
the_walking: jlrrFall
Sarah_Serinde: Serge fell down a hole! Good work, Serge
Diabore: serge is stealing your bit james
GhostValv: dug too far and too deep
creasehearst: Serge did a James
the_one_and_only_kim: Serge delved to deeply and too greedily
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
LordZarano: This is 0.1875 of a chunk. Not too bad
Sarah_Serinde: You definitely did Serge
CanadianDaz: LMAO
Sarah_Serinde: wow rude
Riiiiiiis: loool
Snowcookies: rude
VonShnigglewitz: LOL
avi_miller: Lol
TXC2: there it is
TheShokara: lol
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
SAJewers: !clip
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Lord_Hosk: Serge killed James!
Wilcroft: jlrrFall
Sarah_Serinde: *and* a swear :D
GhostValv: D:
betazed15: Please, somebody, clip that.
cassaclyzm: hahaha
Sandeon: murder?
meaninglessMeg: :D
Juliamon: It was inevitable
kaziel0: He did the thing!
Harvest25: skav got him
cassaclyzm: jlrrFacepalm
TheShokara: lrrFINE lrrFINE
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Serge's fault. Kappa
TheAinMAP: jlrrFall katesRip
egyptcraze: In james' defense, serge pushed him off
betazed15: That was a ruthless slaughter.
CanadianDaz: Zombie MVP
EVAtelier: Hey, first time catching one live, lol
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah that was a mob
Lord_Hosk: That wasn't a fall he was pushed
NarishmaReborn: this chunk seems so small
Sandeon: there's a difference?
VonShnigglewitz: Serge making zombiie noises. the perfect crime
egyptcraze: thought that was serge hitting him with the pick
Sarah_Serinde: Serge is perfectly capable of that but he didn't do it *this* time :P
SnackPak_: Serge did attack James with a creeper earlier
Snowcookies: Serge paid the zombie with diamonds Kappa
Transmuted_Elf: is this a race?
Lord_Hosk: THat pick is getting awfully low
Sarah_Serinde: That pick has tons of health left
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ChrisGMiller: Minecraft may change but punchin' chunks is forever.
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TXC2: "it's a raaaace!"
rogerivany: Races to the bottom generally aren't good for anyone.
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Squiglypig: @rogerivany Bobsleds :D
asthanius: Chunks have only gotten larger with time. Clearly they're the most important part of the game.
ScrapyardGhostTrain: If it's a race to the bottom, then James won earlier. Kappa
LordZarano: What version was the first punch a chunk in?
rogerivany: @rogerivany They have spikes at the bottom. ;)
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
the_walking: perfect
Sarah_Serinde: The perfect crime
egyptcraze: so coming from someone who actually doesnt mind the modern diorite texture, all of these old textures are AWFUL. I can see why diorite has been memed for so long now
egyptcraze: (for context, starting playing in 1.12)
Juliamon: same egyptcraze
brieandbacon: Yeah, one of them looks a lot like gravel to me
Juliamon: that said, I still want Suffix's diorite shirt
the_one_and_only_kim: granite is pretty awful too
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Zanathosis: 16? My sub is old enough to drive in the US!
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egyptcraze: yeah netherrack is Horrid. It is the true 'Doom Wall' texture
Avery316: im not a fan of this granite either
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A_Dub888: The Weed Number!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, A_Dub888! (Today's storm count: 34)
egyptcraze: are you not picking out the stone from the bedrock james?
Nasya31 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 58 months!
Nasya31: look a hole
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the_one_and_only_kim: Punch (most of) a chunk
TheAinMAP: lrrHORN
FenrisSchafer: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
CastleOtranto: The One Year lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
the_one_and_only_kim: remember that this is light level 7 spawning rules
egyptcraze: wow this is basically a 1.19 cave system lol
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: it's a good metaphore
kaziel0: James is just going to be lost for ever.
RockPusher: escher3THUMBSUP
TheAinMAP: tqsFine
LordZarano: escher3THUMBSUP
egyptcraze: just do the whole cave
LordZarano: escher3SAFETY
kaziel0: Hey look, water!
Sunmare_Dragon37: cave tree
omdorastrix: DSU - Dig Straight Up
egyptcraze: come on james. light it up :P
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2636 patrons for a total of $20,507.24 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
RockPusher: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
brieandbacon: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
LordZarano: jlrrIcream
omdorastrix: 12-Dilly Bars and a ice-cream cake?
Ritaspirithntr: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
egyptcraze subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 86 months, currently on a 28 month streak!
egyptcraze: using my resub to pay you to go in there :P
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BrookJustBones: Next world reset this will all be undone right?
omdorastrix: Stark Ravine Mad
Diabore: this ravine is lit
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: deliceous sub
TXC2: five whole AMERICAN dollars
egyptcraze: all together now! we're allllll together now!
egyptcraze: @TXC2 (of note: im short on cash this month so im using my prime sub. shhhhhhh)
Sarah_Serinde: @egyptcraze LRR gets the same amount of money either way, so still counts
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: are we the bad guys?
TXC2: egyptcraze ah bezo's bucks, even better
Sarah_Serinde: No that looks like the same ravine
Sarah_Serinde: With the same dark patches you left on the walls :P
BrookJustBones: I thought streamers got more for prime subs?
egyptcraze: @Sarah_Serinde lol ik. it's the joke that counts
Sunmare_Dragon37: freedom
TemporallyAwry: No James, that was a potato ;p
Sarah_Serinde: Haha
LordZarano: The redstone!
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Ponder your fists!
TemporallyAwry: !searchfortreasure
LRRbot: You find: a Heroic Brew!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: !badadvice
LRRbot: Insert the soul.
beauxdeigh: does this version have magma blocks?
brieandbacon: MoC could really do with a Cop-Cabana board
egyptcraze: i believe it messed with their sizes and they could bump into them and get stuck
Barb4rian: Banger alert!
LordZarano: !badadvicecotl
LRRbot: Eat the follower meat.
PsychoI3oy: get glowstone in the nether?
Barb4rian: jlrrCooltunes
the_one_and_only_kim: what light level is a pumpkin?
egyptcraze: pumpkins are easiest
SAJewers: wiki doesn't say anything about torches and slimes https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Slime#History
TXC2: would the nether have been reset?
SAJewers: or at least, I can't see anything
omdorastrix: WEas there a lot of magma in this version or was that the nether update?
beauxdeigh: It is not
beauxdeigh: 1.10
TXC2: well poo butts
beauxdeigh: So, back to cactus
electric_claire: Serge is stuck in a loop
TemporallyAwry: LavaBlades and Cactus, returning to the fundamentals
BrookJustBones: Doesn't cactus also kill the drops
Angreed66: why do you need a slime farm in the first place?
Riiiiiiis: you could drown them..
creasehearst: in case they need sticky pistons
TXC2: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
creasehearst: or leads
omdorastrix: water stream and lava blades
TemporallyAwry: !findquote point
LRRbot: Quote #3843: "I wish you got points for desecrating graves" —Molly Lewis [2017-01-11]
SpacePotato01: I would say the answer is 'because they are holey men'
the_one_and_only_kim: that is a great quote
Riiiiiiis: wait, I never thought of that before the command is exclamation point point?
Riiiiiiis: exclamation mark point maybe..
TXC2: it's question mark/ exclamation point
GhostValv: but... I am home
TwitchTVsFrank: sounds like cheating
rogerivany: I am home.
Riiiiiiis: you have a weird language :-D
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mama_turtle13: Watching with the 4 year old, who I'm pretty sure is Serge's biggest fan. Love you all and thank you!
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KeytarCat: ?mark
ScrapyardGhostTrain: They are both mark.
Skakerman_: the true agile experience. Building something that integrates with something else that doesn't exist yet :D
SAJewers: shouldn't it auto-reset in 1.9?
BrookJustBones: Do you have enough enderpearls? before you reset
mochabeanie: are slimes spawning?
creasehearst: biomes generally don't autoreset when they get updated or added in a new patch for an existing world
PsychoI3oy: you should know the coordinates already, or will those change next week too?
StringCheeseRiot: Minecraft through the ages? oh man I remember smelting iron by throwing it through a collum of lava
SAJewers: for some reason i thought you could just spawn in a new dragon in 1.9 and don't have to reset the end
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
TXC2: thanks for streaming Uno and Serge
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CanadianDaz: Have a good you guys
rogerivany: I find Depth Strider necessary in 1.20
TXC2: !vod
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kaziel0: Thanks for the stream, James, Serge, and Uno!
TXC2: thanks for streaming James
TXC2: !patreon
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TXC2: !next
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StringCheeseRiot: awww I tuned in at the end
brieandbacon: Wait, are we now in the flippy floppy?
A_Dub888: Wait, James, what are you doing with my flip flop?
TophTheHermit: @StringCheeseRiot Thanks for the gift sub!
Ritaspirithntr: That actually got me
TXC2: !events
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StringCheeseRiot: @tophthehermit your very welcome :)
ghyllnox: Oh good, y'all can eat at a reasonable time
CastleOtranto: Garbage Day!
StringCheeseRiot: Garbage day hype train!!
Sarah_Serinde: That's a hell of a crew :D
TXC2: until Morale improves
Diabore: doubt
kaziel0: What's the status of the roughly planned Fortnite stream?
kaziel0: Oooooooo!
TXC2: all will be one
BrookJustBones: Mommy norm
TXC2: !patreon
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TehAmelie: thanks for having us
TXC2: !events
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Snowcookies: bye
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
RockPusher: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
TXC2: !mastodon
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TXC2: goodnight everybody
TehAmelie: today i realized the terrible power at my hands. i have a toaster with a slider for its browning setting
TehAmelie: i can make infinite kinds of toast
TehAmelie: suck it, General Electric https://i.imgur.com/s66AMXp.png
LordZarano: "The first step in constructing either farm is the spawning place. In most farm designs, spawning platforms are created which spawn slimes that are then moved to a killing trap, usually a drowning trap" - 2016-01 wiki
TehAmelie: slimes can drown huh
LordZarano: "To separate the different sizes down to the smallest, a drowning trap is usually used. The largest type of slime is split to the medium size, and medium to small. The slimes are then taken off to another trap to be killed, usually another drowning trap."
LordZarano: Apparently, TIL
LordZarano: Here's a 1.8 slime farm if anyone wants to try it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64sVfVv4viA