Pal_Friendpatine: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Graham returns to the Final Fantasy series on Play it Forward! Game: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age) at Mon 10:00 AM PST (9m from now).
Metric_Furlong: S O O N™
TehAmelie: !advice
LRRbot: When you punch a polar bear, that's bedtime.
TehAmelie: that's one of the ways encountering a polar bear means goodnight, i guess
TehAmelie: indeed i seem to remember that advice came out of the same game that gave us the mnemonic for bears: "if it's black, fight back, if it's brown, lie down, if it's white, goodnight"
Metric_Furlong: which game was that?
TXC2: Hello Everybody!
Askwho: If it's green, check your cuisine
TehAmelie: something Serge played. with space suits and stone axes
TehAmelie: ahoy
Metric_Furlong: hello txc2
TXC2: hello TehAmelie and Metric_Furlong
MrVirite: I'm captain Bache!
TehAmelie: excited to get the full FF12 experience, with Graham
Metric_Furlong: definitely haven't spent the last 5 minutes failing to come up with a Zamonia reference for 'if it's blue...'
TXC2: if it's blue, draw two
TehAmelie: i never finished the game myself. one of the first things i remember quitting
beowuuf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Graham returns to the Final Fantasy series on Play it Forward! Game: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age) at Mon 10:00 AM PST (20s from now).
Metric_Furlong: TXC2 nah, Captain Bluebear is usually solo for most of the book
beowuuf: Ah, I didn't misremember, good, good sergeHi
TXC2: Metric_Furlong ah I see
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beowuuf: A year plus a baker's dozen!
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TheMandrew: if graham doesn't start this episode with the FFXII unskippable episode, I will be mildly inconvenienced.
Metric_Furlong: also, if anyone wants to help decide what's going on my to-watch list next, there's a poll up
Didero: Good evening!
TXC2: hello Didero and beowuuf welcome
Didero: I've been slowly making my way through the Unkskippable playlist, it's so fun
Metric_Furlong: (all four Furlong Points™ are still unclaimed, although we can confirm that none of the options are 'dog days')
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
accountmadeforants: lrrSIG
beowuuf: so majestic
Earthenone: lrrSIG lrrGRAHAM lrrSIG
Sorator13: love this game's music
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for a new PLAY IT FORWARD! | @Graham_LRR is diving headfirst into FINAL FANTASY XII: THE ZODIAC AGE | http://Twitch.Tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 ||
Aquarionics: lrrHERE
Didero: I know nothing about this game but it's Graham so it's bound to be fun
lirazel64: Whee!
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Anubis169: oh sweet!
hatboozeparty: lrrSIG
Didero: :O Thanks anonymous gifter! People keep noticing I'm not subbed faster than I do...
Shadwhawk: I only played a few hours into FF12. It was the first one I played that didn't finish.
Juliamon: Graham and FF are always a good combo
Anubis169: Played the original of this before the zodiac system got ported in :D
Therberus: Those damn dalmascans they took our jerbs!
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kid_flashionable: He's Graham von Loadingburg of Ready Run..masca... Hooray!
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DrChairthrower: Why is the V an X in VII?
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Aquarionics: I remember it going serious serious serious fighting a giant tomato serious serious serious.
AugmentingPath: Shadwhawk don't worry, you don't have to have played the first 11
Akaiatana: @Didero Subspace communication is faster than light
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Ceris75: Spoony bards unite
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accountmadeforants: It's wild, I know basically nothing about FF XII, so I'm excited to find out more.
Metric_Furlong: @Aquarionics pretty normal for FF, tbf Kappa
RedNightmare7: Oho, an evening stream for me you say :D
TheTekkieman: I'm tempted to play along, but I've got One Piece Odyssey to go through.
TalpTheScot: I have been marathoning the final fantasy games and just finished 12, so interested to hear grahams opinions on this
Therberus: @TheTekkieman How is that? It looked it DQ11 but with one piece
grgriffin3: I know nothing about this game and I'm eager to learn!
accountmadeforants: @TalpTheScot How'd you make it past XI? :p
TalpTheScot: @TalpTheScot well i missed that one. but i have done the others. included x-2.
Aquarionics: Oh, and I did the FF14 Heavensward alliance raids, which are based on it, but did not have the giant tomato.
ArrestedHouse: adefTap
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amative1: More G*? More Final Fantasy? Yes please! Also, something-or-other about 109 months...
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TheTekkieman: @TheTekkieman There's a bit more strategy involved (only a bit, since it's Rock/Paper/Scissors), but it definitely seems easier than it overall.
Mai_Andra: FFXI is still online. You can actually play through all the story solo now with Trust (AI companions)
beowuuf: ff hype
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Spacecarl: Another Graham Final Fantasy play it forward!? that's the best time of the year!
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TalpTheScot: talpthKefk talpthGrudge talpthToncheer
SocraticMethod: How well does Graham do gambits? Because I would be reallly looking to introducing new people to autobattler.
TehAmelie: huh, didn't know FF11 had fixed the fundamental problem of online multiplayer games
Akaiatana: Chat, remind me. Have we done FF7 remake on LRR?
TehAmelie: that is, the other players
TheThromborax: AUTO GAME!
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Saltpetre_Academic: Good Grief a LRR stream I can actually watch in real time. Graham's weird schedule means it's 6pm UK time, rather than the usual 2am problem.
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TXC2: can I postpare myself?
NDCazzy: was about to jump on FF7 remake... but think I'll chill here first SeemsGood
Bahumot: It's almost Graham time!!!
TheThromborax: this is a classic
beowuuf: @Akaiatana i believe g did, yes
TXC2: Here we GO!
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beowuuf: go time!
mementonyx: @akaiatana i think g did it a while ago
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Asoxa: Goddammit, Graham! I was busy with my lego. Oh well, this'll be fun as well
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Brozard: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS
Akaiatana: @Akaiatana Thanks. I will seek it out
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HalcyonPrime9: woo 2 years
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Spacecarl: not the remake on stream unless I'm losing it
incslayer: muted
amative1: Muted
Brozard: MIC 5
Didero: Mic 5!
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Anubis169: xxxP "..."
EOstby: Quiet
beowuuf: sergeHi muted G
grgriffin3: Hello Silent G!
taeasakura: muted
laikagoat: zoeyDuck
Bahumot: Mic 5!
Joalni: Mic 5
hatboozeparty: Hello there
TalpTheScot: intro joke ruined
TehAmelie: hello Mime Graham
RedNightmare7: Gotta do the bit again, I'm afraid
Therberus: Which version is being played? Switch? PC? Playstation?
mementonyx: mic 5!
Earthenone: the classic wheeler bit, a muted intro
Akaiatana: G you need to do your job
Darleysam: maybe this is the bit
Gaz_L: welp
ChrisGMiller: well, that happened
Brozard: welp
jamesk902: There we go.
codatski: I'm sure it was a hilarious bit G
Bahumot: We hear your disappointment :)
Didero: It's ok, we'll fix it in post
TalpTheScot: do the bit again
Blakemcm: boom in the shot
TXC2: do over!
beowuuf: lol
JakeKamas: Still muted
Joalni: We saw nothing, chat!
accountmadeforants: Take 2!
Anubis169: Hey it's a Graham!
grgriffin3: Take it from the top!
Darleysam: places everyone
TalpTheScot: there we go
Gaz_L: Heather can cut that part out, right?
Earthenone: of dalmasca?
MrVirite: YES
TXC2: there it is
BusTed: v good
beowuuf: hello captain o7
accountmadeforants: Perfect!
Joalni: LUL
Sorator13: oh god
Sorator13: the memories
raulghoulia: 10 outta 10
nickthecatbear: Got it in 1
PaintingWithFariss: Dammit....
MousseFilledCat: The big 100! For a final fantasy! I just started a play through of this last month. The nostalgia is real.
EOstby: Perfect, no notes.
Critterbot: SeemsGood
WhirlwindAbyss: Hi Capitan
beowuuf: perfect first try
TalpTheScot: 12 out of 12
laff_o_tron: Hey G, this is the only mainline FF that i havent played to completion
Gaz_L: 2 weeks?
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MrVirite: 8 hours
Bahumot: I don't believe Andor's lies, thank you Graham!
hatboozeparty: Oh god, that quest is 40% of what i remember from this game
TheNerdWonder: I hope to understand what that's all about at some point :)
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Loonatic93: I'm excited you are playing FF-12! I have tried playing it myself, but kinda got lost early on. So, hopefully I can pick up some tips from your play and try it again sometime.
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manfred909: tqsLOL
Earthenone: it will be funny next week?
incslayer: Hey Graham
Joalni: Later this week, probably.
TXC2: Hello Graham
grgriffin3: Way too many hours
TehAmelie: hi!
Bahumot: It is SO good to see you!
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Therberus: Hair looking good G, so happy to see you getting better and better :D raavaALL
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PaintingWithFariss: time for final fantasy: star wars edition
taeasakura: Hey Graham! Looking good! <3
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TXC2: !patreon
LithelyUnshod: Yay! Time for G PiF!
LRRbot: 2657 patrons for a total of $20,692.65 per month.
Bahumot: This is worth all my Patreon Dollars
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TeiranDragon: Ooh, resub time.
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Didero: @PaintingWithFariss I'm suddenly a lot more interested in this game :p
MousseFilledCat: So. Be aware they never fixed having compressed the voices to fit on the dvd. So you can still hear it.
RedNightmare7: Is Zodiac a sequel to 12 or a rerelease (knowing nothing about FF12)
jedi_master_zll: I totally read that wrong and thought the next part of VII was out unexpectedly.
Bahumot: Zodiac is a remaster
TalpTheScot: @RedNightmare7 its a 'fix'
Earthenone: !findquote lifestream
LRRbot: Quote #6913: "Lifestream feels like thick wet, send tweet." —Graham [2020-04-22]
RedNightmare7: Thank you chat!
MaybeTara: A new play it forward you say???
KBKarma: Graham!
KBKarma: Hi!
Therberus: I do like it when a game does that
Saphling: **Buy Potions Now** point
TehAmelie: are we talkin' about a 12 or 13 sign zodiac? that's probably not important
Saltpetre_Academic: Definitely feeling the "tried it when it came out and never beat it"
TalpTheScot: its a fun star wars story
Bahumot: I recently played through and finished 12. It is not that bad!
subspacenova: This is my favourite in the franchise
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Askwho: Looking forward to this! (It will always be House of Stark in my heart)
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Gaz_L: Woo, sure sucks there was no more fantasy after this one :P
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Critterbot: I remember you mentioning it one time during a Whatever Thing video a loooong time ago!
accountmadeforants: Well, that means I have to do all those "collect 20 bear asses" side quests and burn myself out on the game!
TXC2: to be fair games 10000000% should signpost when there is a point of no return :p
Spacecarl: heh, that happens to me too
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Aquarionics: The metric year and nearly a half!
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KBKarma: I'm watching so I can make sense of a FFXIV raid, which is basically the sequel to FFXII and Tactics.
TalpTheScot: loot RNG asside, its great
Brozard: Are those new glasses, or am I not observant?
Tobenamed1: is this the MMO?
Bahumot: The Combat system is way better than people give it credit for.
GDwarble: I need to replay 12, I even have The Zodiak Age. It has such a great setting and some good characters.
Didero: You don't have to beat a game to be allowed an opinion on it
SocraticMethod: @Tobenamed1 No, the single player RPG
Therberus: Theres a bear with you? Please be careful
Saphling: I always thought of it as land-based star wars
accountmadeforants: That's 11 Tobenamed1
TXC2: Brozard they are new ish
jamesk902: I haven't played it since launch, but i remember it fondly.
ItsR0b0tNinja: 12 is where is stopped. The change in combat is what stopped me.
Akaiatana: Final Fantasy 26 was hinted at in Deus Ex Human Revolution, so we have a lot of ground to cover in under 10 years.
SocraticMethod: @Tobenamed1 You are thinking of FFXI
Tobenamed1: @socraticmethod i have ZERO understanding of this entire series...
kid_flashionable: @KBKarma those are GREAT raids, but they kind of reference tactics more than this one
Slacker1977: or a hat
BusTed: Other M style
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Akaiatana: Forklift Certified Heroes
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KikiLucis: Oh I love this game, awesome
accountmadeforants: Wait... they figured this out in FFX, how'd they regress?
Therberus: Basically meant you had 6 avatars that were all the same
TXC2: hello KikiLucis welcome
Earthenone: so like ff7?
grgriffin3: Sounds kinda like something Divinity did correctly a few years later
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jolly6100: oh new FF stream to watch later
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Vanbael: More FF with G? Yes please!
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KBKarma: @kid_flashionable Yeah, I figured. Oh well.
hatboozeparty: Poor Penelo
subspacenova: Penelo best girl
Mai_Andra: gamers gonna game...
MaybeTara: oooh I do enjoy jobs
AutonomousTurtle: That very much seems like the worst parts of FF7's progression system, but even worse?
GTea30: International Zodiac Job System!
Gaz_L: @accountmadeforants they saw everyone liked the advanced sphere grid in FFX International and took the wrong lesson
laundreydhull: Jobs? Jobs!? Where!?
kid_flashionable: @KBKarma they still have reference! So you'll better understand some things haha
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vargasbball3: Always love Final fantasy. I'm glad to be here, and you're looking good, Graham 👍
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GTea30: Only in JPN :P
Robot_Bones: Yeah Vaan Time to get a Job
Therberus: Those damn dalmascans took ourr jerbs
fiftymcnasty: Ooh, new PIF
dimeadozent: Oh sweet, I just got the original ps2 version this last week!
Punching_Bag: so now the characters are jobbers, then? Kappa
Darleysam: What zodiac are you my dude? I'm Janitor
grgriffin3: gottem
taeasakura: ahh, the gambit system, the most loved and hated FF game mechanic
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Piratical_tendancies: woo PiF!
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lannersong: as a diehard FF fan, you are correct. she is incredibly bland.
Gaz_L: the gambit system is the part i bounce off of, tbh, the game just encourages you to not play it, kinda?
incslayer: im very interested in knowing where you got that sweet sweet background
GDwarble: Vaan isn't as bad as I remembered, but I still think the game would be stronger without him and Penelo
Didero: Stream 1: Intro
invickthus: transmat firing?
kid_flashionable: I had a friend that would 100% the old version of the game, and the full license board of all the characters was terrifying
Earthenone: my favorite x-man based combat system
Robot_Bones: Here's the neat part, there's nothing to learn
lannersong: gambits i love. takes out the tedium.
Saphling: I really loved the if/then nature of gambits
KBKarma: @kid_flashionable Magical.
TimIAm: Final Fantasy Scratch
MousseFilledCat: FF12 had a troubled development. The main character changed multiple times during development
Spacecarl: I am settled, let's go
raulghoulia: @GDwarble Everyone is SO much important to the plot
BusTed: Oh yeah, I remember this now.
Darleysam: then a Guardian from the other side invades and kills all of your team?
hippitybobbity: eyy we doing Gambits this year?
Revelia: ah so the Tales strategy menu
accountmadeforants: if (self.wouldGetHit) { dont(); }
grgriffin3: This also sounds like something I saw in Dragon Age
WhirlwindAbyss: Sounds like the tactics system in Dragon Age Origins
incslayer: so there is a programing mini game in this game?
SocraticMethod: @Tobenamed1 Each numbered version of series is a new setting that is only connected by basic mechanics and some themes, so there is no plot continuity. Most of the games and JRPGs, either turn based, or semi-turn based. Long plot, tons of sidequest.
Didero: "The Online One, No Not That One"
lannersong: @grgriffin3 it took it from ff12 yeah
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hatboozeparty: Gambits was a great system
vargasbball3: I do have this game I have not really played 😅 it yet lol
KevinTheShark: This is splendid, because by coincidence I'm playing the New remake of crisis core
TehAmelie: i recall it was frustratingly unlike programming coming into it after making maps in Starcraft
beowuuf: wandering death squad is a surprising mild folk band
Anubis169: yay state-based actions :D
lannersong: fast forward is really nice too
NojhLivic: I had similar baises, and I've yet to go revisit the game so I'm hoping your playthrough will show me if I should or not.
Earthenone: i assume they aged the zodiac spear
Therberus: Isn't there also a fast forward function?
incslayer: this is now in Superior Definition :p
TalpTheScot: the fast forward is a godsend
Genie_M: 2x and 4x
SocraticMethod: Gambits were prototype for FF13's party control.
Anubis169: TehAmelie: if anything it's more like CSS
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ypsilonkappa: Final Fantasy you say? Yes please deliver it directly to my eyeballs ❤️
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Therberus: Its very useful for grinding out some levels
CururuGuasu: I think all of the gambits are available early on instead of the best conditional ones not showing up till late game
Therberus: AHaha yeah the lance
Robot_Bones: Yes, the high speed is a godsend for travel
IntegralHamster: fun to see Graham play this after I just finished this game for the first time last week
GDwarble: Now, to get the complete FF12 story are you also going to do the FF12 raids in FF14? :P
Joalni: GDQ might be over for now, but we still gotta go fast!
Gaz_L: the 3x speed in FF7 was a god send when i played it recently
Punching_Bag: is that secret weapon still depended on what boxes you have open or not?
ArrestedHouse: ah the spear
accountmadeforants: That does sound interesting. As someone who does programming for a living and fun, I look forward to seeing how that works out.
taeasakura: Ah, the lance you had to NOT open treasure chests to get
Saphling: Tournesol or death!
LadyLockwood92: Cheer150 Hi Graham~! Super enjoyed your FF7 PIF, so I'm excited for this~
Anubis169: oh i remember that bullshit
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh boy we talking zodiac spear in here
accountmadeforants: COOL
RedNightmare7: Whut...
incslayer: that is bullshit
GTea30: And you still only had a % chance to find it ever
Bahumot: I never got the Zodiac Spear in my recent played through, where I knocked out most of the hunts.
TXC2: well that sounds like shit
TalpTheScot: it was so awful
BlueChloroplast: ah to get people to buy guides
Saphling: plugged DB this morning during the MLK Day of Service as someone asked me about my shirt.
CururuGuasu: One was a chest just sitting alongside six other ones
Darleysam: someone, somewhere, on the internet, will have defended that design choice
HorusFive: Official Stategy Guide in 1996?! What am I, made of money?!
beowuuf: putting the eff in ff
Anubis169: so you're not grinding offstream
LadyLockwood92: Everything I know about 12 is mostly from 14 tbh ^^;
public_key_reveal_party: ok
jessieimproved: Well hello!
TalpTheScot: its got an mmo style loot systtem still. chests respawn everytime you enter an area, and only have a chance of having good loot
Therberus: 4 specific chests that the game does not tell you which ones they are
Bahumot: Knights of the Round is SO much easier to get!
Manae: That's even worse than the figaro cave chests "secret"
GDwarble: @HorusFive No, it's cool, it was 2006
NojhLivic: That was totally a thing games did. Specific stuff you'd never figure out so you'd buy the strategy guides or learn about it at school from a friend who had the guide.
KBKarma: *So* many.
Anubis169: waaaaaaaaait
TXC2: hello jessieimproved welcome
raulghoulia: get Reks'd
Earthenone: i belive this is the world from ff tactics
Didero: 'New Game -'?
Therberus: It takes place in the same "world" right?
taeasakura: Rabanastre is literally inside FFXIV and so is a major character
10of9 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 33 months, currently on a 33 month streak!
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Punching_Bag: new game- ???
Mai_Andra: It should've been the opposite of that... if you find and open these four hidden chests throughout, then this extra chest appears in the end.
LadyLockwood92: Fran appears in it.
TehAmelie: maybe not quite as bad as the "hurry through the entire game to get a marginally great sword for the final boss fight" secret in FF9
KBKarma: *Critically acclaimed* Heavensward expansion. :D
Anubis169: New Game, New Game +.... and New Game -??
Scarbble: ff12 was so rad, i'm pumped about this
KikiLucis: Oh right the raid from 14
Slacker1977: award winning expansion even :D
kid_flashionable: Zodiac Age also does a few item and shopping changes I think
Blakemcm: Of all the Final Fantasys this is the game that i WANT to like the most
t3h_f1gm3nt: LUL
public_key_reveal_party: I have never played a final fantasy for more than an hour cumulative, so I am excited to see what they are actually like
HorusFive: @HorusFive No, I was even less money-solvent in 2006
Saphling subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 34 months!
Saphling: So looking forward to seeing FFXII through Graham's perspective!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Saphling! (Today's storm count: 31)
GDwarble: FF14 has an entire raid series set in Dalmasca. It's *technically* not FF12's Dalmasca, but it...basically is. Fran's there!
CarpeLiam: I run around dressed as Basch quite often in FFXIV
Gaz_L: Ivalice, Dalmasca, bunny girls
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accountmadeforants: As a reward for not getting subs from 4 other chatters, here's a sub!
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BlueChloroplast: new game minus???
Sorator13: I was about to say, that's not true though, lol
KevinTheShark: Gotta admit, I'm surprised you aren't playing the Crisis Core reunion game
JakeKamas: New Game minus?
Metric_Furlong: the first game that isn't one of the the games that came before it
RedNightmare7: Actually, Graham have you ever dipped your toe into FF14, being a FF fan?
TalpTheScot: newgame - sets you at level 1 with no exp gain. new game + is 90
LadyLockwood92: Rabanastre is the entire Alliance Raid series for Stormblood.
j0ntheknight: Graham! You have a beard again! It's been a minute since I saw LRR content, haha
Joalni: Some characters from here cameo in the tactics games too.
Anubis169: What on earth is New Game Minus? o.O
Anubis169: like Critical Mode?
BlueChloroplast: @talpthescot terrifying
TalpTheScot: @Anubis169 characters are set at level 1
kid_flashionable: Yep, its the raids from stormblood
protoproxi: It's a series of 3 24-man raids
GTea30: It's a set of dungeons in stormblood
lannersong: no it's a continent in 14
Gaz_L: it's a raid series from that expansion
Earthenone: ff14 is a multiverse of madness i belive
KBKarma: It's a raid in the Stormblood expansion.
taeasakura: It was the raid series in the stormblood expansion
TehAmelie: it's the only world that's been reused in multiple titles isn't it?
Sorator13: Correct, it's a raid series added during Stormblood
NojhLivic: FF14's Ivalice is legally distinct Ivalice but it's Ivalice
SocraticMethod: Wasn't FFTA-FF12 connection forced by management? It was not supposed be connected originally.
JoshManVGH: There is a raid in Stormblood that takes place in the ruins of Dalmasca
Bahumot: It has all the races from Tactics Advanced, like the Banga, Nu Mu, Moogles, Vera, and more! But our party consists of 5 humans and a Vera....
electric_claire: Isn't ivalise canonically a shared dream of some kids?
lannersong: so it's canonically linked in a weird quasi way. But its' basically from Stormblood to current Ivalice is a part of FF14
ArrestedHouse: neat
cuttlefishman: @TehAmelie X and X-II, no?
BusTed: Interesting.
grgriffin3: That's fascinating
GDwarble: FF14 isn't in Ivalice, but there's a kinda alternate version of Ivalice in FF14 that you visit as part of a raid series which ties together FFT and FF12. Kinda. It's confusing.
IntegralHamster: ff14 alliance raid refers to history of ivalice
GTea30: You don't need exp, JP is overpowered enough :P
Punching_Bag: yes there is some side content in FFXIV that references Ivalice and it is a place in the world as well
cuttlefishman: Or FFXIII and Lightning Retunrs?
Anubis169: BusTed, hold my cola... I need this game brb
Greyah: Oh neat. I was actually considering doing the Stormblood raids one of these days, so maybe I could get a FF12 double-feature going.
BusTed: :D
Anubis169: <-- making subtitles right now :D
kid_flashionable: @Greyah they are SUPER fun to do, they're one of my favorite raid series in XIV!
MousseFilledCat: The voice artifacts is because they had to compress the voices to fit on the disc and couldn’t restore it for the master
cuttlefishman: Doesn't Graham need to play the raids in FFXIV for the full experience
KikiLucis: you can change the speed as you play.
cuttlefishman: No?
TXC2: what is chat but the subtitles of twitch Kappa
Punching_Bag: @cuttlefishman LUL
Anubis169: manAWW
fiftymcnasty: I remember watching my roomate play some of this back when it came out.
NojhLivic: The same story set in FF14's Ivalice is then continued in FF14: Shadowbringer's side content called "Bozjan Southern Front"
TehAmelie: Depth of field? no please
KBKarma: @cuttlefishman Oh, good point. He'll have to make an account and get up to Stormblood.
GDwarble: @cuttlefishman Full experience would require playing all the Ivalice games, we might be here for a while :P
Saphling: let's get Reks'd!
SocraticMethod: The English dub is one of the best examples of excellent localization
t3h_f1gm3nt: txc2 no wonder i can never understand what is going on
Anubis169: Squeeeeniz presents...
kid_flashionable: Oh I haven't done Bozjan, I've heard stories about that one
cuttlefishman: But the content...
RedNightmare7: 14 never your thing, G?
TalpTheScot: some questionable accents..
Manae: One of the Dissidias also has characters from tactics and 12 eventually realizing through their conversations that they are from the same world, just centuries apart
GDwarble: I adore the version of magitech in this game, even if it *technically* isn't magitech
cuttlefishman: Did you do an unskippable for this?
Lord_nathaniel: This was one of my favorite Unskippables you did back when
Didero: Wait, I think I DO remember the Unskippable of this
kat2kool: Oh the Unskippable for this was reuploaded recently
TXC2: this sounds odd without Paul and Graham talking over it
NojhLivic: Oh weird. I know those names now thanks to FF14.
Anubis169: bing bong
GDwarble: Camera really wants you to know that there a bunny girls
grgriffin3: This was one of my favorite Ubskippables
LadyLockwood92: @LoadingReadyRun Yeah, basically 14 has it's own version of Ivalice because Yoshi-P (the producer and essentially the man in charge of the game) was a *huge* fan of Tactics.
GDwarble: Also: Ivalician moogles, the best Moogle design!
grandchickenlord: Is dalmascus meant to be a reference to irl Damascus?
MousseFilledCat: I felt this game had big Star Wars prequel energy
TehAmelie: we'll synchronice a Unskippablewatch for the ad breaks, i'm sure
Bahumot: Here's all the cool species you WON'T BE playing as :) !
Gaz_L: see, you can tell this isn't FFXIV cuz those bunny girls butts aren't visible
Ruryk: I remember this looking SO good at the time
NojhLivic: I only recently realized how much the FF series like to have weddings
WhiteWizard42: hooray lesbian wedd- wait hang on
lackingsanity: Confession: I have never managed to finish a final fantasy game.
RedNightmare7: Oh right, I think I remember seeing this... oh dear
codatski: what an impractical collar
taeasakura: it still looks good imo
Anubis169: Turn your armour down, I can barely see
TXC2: the royal weding of the rwo people who looking like siblings :p
HorusFive: Isn't there also a Unskippable for this game? (he may have mentioed it earlier)
SocraticMethod: @MousseFilledCat It has tons of similarities to OT
Sarah_Serinde: Oh hey I just watched this unskippable recently :P
Juliamon: I still think this looks really good
Scy_Anide: Has a royal wedding ever gone well in fiction?
t3h_f1gm3nt: @Gaz_L oh just you wait till we meet fran
TheNerdWonder: everything looks to be going peachy here. What could possibly go wrong that would require a JRPG to resolve?
KBKarma: Rabanastre was OK. The Lighthouse is worse.
TalpTheScot: @MousseFilledCat the whole game is star wars. a smuggler and a furry team up with a knight and princess
Saphling: faram
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GapFiller: JAMES RAID!!! jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
KBKarma: Ridoran, that was it.
brieandbacon: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
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ArrestedHouse: faram.
FuzzyFozzy: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
kat2kool: To quote Swan Princess: "with some luck their union will result in lower taxes!"
TXC2: Hello Raiders
brunothepig: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Brozard: jlrrPunch
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ContingentCat: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TehAmelie: i thought he was gonna say "i pronounce you man and wife and so on and so forth"
BusTed: f'ram
Krat_Arona: Mawwage
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cassaclyzm: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
public_key_reveal_party: welcome raiders!
GapFiller: ohey the bit from that one Unskippable
Riiiiiiis: Helllooooo
Snowcookies: jlrrPillow jlrrPunch
brieandbacon: !holes
LRRbot: Do you ever just think about holes?
kat2kool: Chunks!
CrazymattCaptain: jlrrTick jlrrPunch
Narcuru: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
lochnessseammonster: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Genie_M: yay, FFXII
Saphling: oh hey, pit peopls
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Valbatross_: I have such strong associations with this cutscene but all of them are from unskippable
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Therberus: Hello it is I chunk punch-man
Gaz_L: and a big ol map table
TheAinMAP: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
KBKarma: And if you want to catch up, just watch the Unskippable episode.
Valhallan597: Look. The original protagonist.
Didero: So, help them up
nevermore913: baby kingdom
LordZarano: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
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lannersong: i love a little kingdom
Ruryk: that armor seems... impractical
Narcuru: oh right wasnt this on unskippable recently?
brieandbacon: Nabudis nutz
Ruryk: lol
Therberus: My father, who art in heven
TehAmelie: there's Chaos in Archadia, i think
steelfox13: Is he okay? Did they break a hip?
ContingentCat: cool technology
Angreed66: unskippable flashbacks
Gaz_L: cool Warhammer set up bro
TXC2: greatest game of RISK ever
prince_infidel: Lot of man chest
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cassaclyzm: Gotta resub for that G+FF goodness!
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kat2kool: "This is me going"
TheWriterAleph: and my axe!
Valhallan597: You have my bow.
Saphling: and my axe
nickthecatbear: And MY axe
goatprince: hey graham have you beat theme yet
Earthenone: everyone knows haste? i thought the job system prevented that
BusTed: Heheh... I was wondering.
QuixoticScrivener: Ah yes, armor that covers everything but your hearts.
Pteraspidomorphi: brieandbacon: Thank you :D
Anubis169: keep riffing, this is beautiful :D
FuzzyFozzy: I do like this game a lot. I have a hard time finishing such big games though, so I’m glad I can watch your play through, G!
grandchickenlord: I like that guys chestless armor
MrVirite: I remember forgetting all this whenn the game starts
goatprince: *the game
GDwarble: These airships feel *very* Star Wars Episode 1
AugmentingPath: Unskippable Remake Reunion
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rogerivany: 53 months, that's a prime number...I think.
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Gerrimeister: was just about to comment that this was an unskippable
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TheThirdTail: waow, my favourite FF game :o
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Didero: This looks very impractical
laikagoat: is this naboo?
TheWriterAleph: WAR chocobos!!
beowuuf: you mean homaging the same jokes
Easilycrazyhat: Wait, is this a Star Wars?
SmashTCG: I thought I was watching a live episode for a moment
tallarean: Oh wow, the big G-Star is back! Nice!
Saphling: this whole game is very star wars
Punching_Bag: Unskipabble 2023 edition!
taeasakura: this is a star wars yes
RedNightmare7: Ok, that ship with the chocobo sound gave me strong Star Wars vibes
Angnor33: I'm waiting for those ship to start unloading battle droids...
TheNerdWonder: You guys go that way! You guys go that way! I'm gonna run around in a coicle
eDRoaCH: i was thinking flying toasters
Gaz_L: the whole thing is very Naboo
Joecool190: this game is very star wars
eDRoaCH: but im old
iconicshadow89: the grunts also look like droideka
TalpTheScot: the star wars references are going to come thick and fast
Easilycrazyhat: Even the music is super John Williams
KaleidoscopeMind: Everyone gets a pass on repeating jokes if they're funny jokes
public_key_reveal_party: a lot of this give strong prequel episode one vibes
JadedCynic: @GDwarble A lot of it; the exquisite architecture 'being defended', the pomp...
KevinTheShark: I think more weddings need Swords
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: hey graham! is this the first episode?
mibukotaro: Sweet I have never seen this game. I even forgot it was skipped for some reason so watching Graham play will be awesome
Anubis169: That is a sword and a half
jamesk902: The Forms must be ovserved.
TehAmelie: this kingdom's chief import is hair gel i see
PaintingWithFariss: Yeah, this one is literally FF: star wars
TXC2: Morale is important Graham Kappa
SmashTCG: moral boost
TimIAm: Is that the Heaven's Sword I've heard so much about?
Zhedor: It's important for morale
nevermore913: look at my sword
HorusFive: It's a royal wedding, it's at least as much about the spectacle
RedNightmare7: You know how royals are with ceremony
Snowcookies: that's how the knighting process works
SniperPumpkin: paid actors, the real soldiers are elsewhere
objectivefailure: Man's going to battle in his wedding clothes
raulghoulia: people seem to like him
Dalrint: Have you not [played this before, Graham? You are in for a treat.
accountmadeforants: Wow, they've constructed so many additional pylons!
Gerrimeister: thats just a boot right
KikiLucis: I love the naming in 12
Didero: Except hopefully without a JarJar :p
mibukotaro: That seems like more people than the city could hold
LadyLockwood92: In any case, this should make great background noise to me killing Rats in Elden Ring to farm Rune Arcs...
WhirlwindAbyss: They look like a flying boot
buemmschaf: that ship looks like a flying shoe
grgriffin3: I want the flying horse ship
terribleplan: I am so glad MXC is on twitch
Saphling: x-wing noises
cassaclyzm: these cutscenes are pretty but we're definitely in a 'brown realism' era, even in FF
Gaz_L: cmon, it's not that Star Wars-y, not like there's characters called Biggs or Wedge :P
iconicshadow89: Roger Roger
TheWriterAleph: now this is podracing
BlindProphet32: I like how they unloaded the transports so they could load them back up to go to battle.
RedNightmare7: it does!
taeasakura: it really does
Valhallan597: Half the budget went into this cutscene.
GDwarble: This cutscene had a big impact on FF14's intro cutscenes
brieandbacon: Why swords when guns?
PaintingWithFariss: The airship designs in this game are actually great tbh
TehAmelie: airship battles in Jupiter Ascending only look marginally better
Therberus: The one big thing I remember about this game is that you NEVER grab the enemy loot drops so you can get the chain meter to the highest level
Saphling: everyone has unwieldy swords
Didero: How do you tell the two different groups apart?
Askwho: Who are we rooting for?
Gaz_L: don't gotta reload swords
KevinTheShark: And THAT.... was the First time I died!
nickthecatbear: It's a good cutscene. Though it does feel very Star Wars in the air, Battle for Helm's Deep on the ground
princess_intell: is this the road trip one?
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, this was the era of big opening cutscenes.
TheWriterAleph: "these fantasy swords are terrible, sir!"
Harvest25: Good guys or bad guys
tallarean: Well, it is from 2006
Zhedor: Pikemen seems rather useless considering both sides are also fighting for air superiority
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Saintnex: This cutscene feels very Star Wars to me tbh
Mai_Andra: The Empire sky battle in FFXIV 1.0 trailer looked a lot like this, too.
WhirlwindAbyss: Why not a sword with a gun
nevermore913: it's very good,over the top but very good
cuttlefishman: Is this the first war chocobos?
Easilycrazyhat: Have they considered *not* wearing midriff bearing armor?
JadedCynic: good, I was going to say :D
LadyLockwood92: I feel like having a massive empty spot over your chest is maybe a bad armour design.
grandchickenlord: I got this game at a flea market as a kid. I was really impressed by this cutscene, but could never finish the game. Too much grind.
Gaz_L: it's a real fact!
ContingentCat: the more you know
TheNerdWonder: so a decaturion?
princess_intell: there's one FF game that's "the road trip one" right?
mibukotaro: Good joke though
BusTed: Now this is edutainment.
public_key_reveal_party: i have been playing too much Elden Ring, because every animal I see is now a dog in my head
TXC2: so a Sargent then?
GDwarble: Are you sure it isn't 1/10th of a guy?
Pteraspidomorphi: I know my Asterix
Valhallan597: Clap live trivia
TheThirdTail: So is one guy just a urion?
incslayer: welcome to latin with Graham
nickthecatbear: @cuttlefishman FFX had chocobo cavalry
gualdhar: "Our army can afford to armor 10,000 soldiers!" "or... hear me out... HALF armor 20,000 soldiers!"
PandasAndPancakes: So five guys is a penturion? is that where I get my fries?
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TXC2: GDwarble deci is 1/10 th
TheWriterAleph: @gualdhar LUL
WhirlwindAbyss: mages are squishy
Narcuru: at least some amount of a guard
ContingentCat: yeah you'd think that'd be a priority
kat2kool: Genji players, amirite?
steelfox13: Get on the payload..err paling
Harvest25: BUt why bird mounts
KevinTheShark: What were you saying about the paling still standing?
Greyah: Interesting how much this reminds me of Star Wars.
Zhedor: @gualdhar Ah, we only guard their front? so they don't run?
Askwho: My neck window!
TehAmelie: he was the lord of rassling
TheWriterAleph: GAH my neck!
Gaz_L: @Harvest25 horses don't exist in FF
objectivefailure: Oh no, right in the chest window
JadedCynic: so we know that our defending army is not strategically adept
goatprince: 'the paling still stand!' [paling immediately falls] 'screw this actually'
Didero: Right in the arrow slot of the armor!
hippitybobbity: oh hey they got him in the titty window
QuixoticScrivener: Oh no, the obvious gap in my armor!
incslayer: pfft its just a flesh wound
mibukotaro: Well that is one way to start a game
Saphling: his hp is draining as we speak
Gaz_L: except when they do
princess_intell: ive also heard this one as "the boy band one"? or is that a different FF game?
Harvest25: @Gaz_L But flight and mech does
Greyah: @Harvest25 What's a Final Fantasy without Chocobo?
PandasAndPancakes: This is the FF that came out around episode 2/3, right?
WhirlwindAbyss: So is the war chocobo music different
Juliamon: princess_intell That's 15
TalpTheScot: @princess_intell thats 15
LadyLockwood92: @princess_intell That's 15 I think.
incslayer: thats 15
SmashTCG: fairly she he's dead
TXC2: "my neck, my back, my avenue of attack"
Loonatic93: Still not the worst wedding reception I have been to.
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Psychic_Ketchup: Aww heck it's my favourite game of all time! With Graham! This is shaping up to be a great PiF!
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SmashTCG: sure,
princess_intell: @juliamon is that also "the road trip one"?
Didero: 'Paling' is Dutch for 'eel', so that was briefly confusing
ContingentCat: I love the full armour but no helmets because not messing up their hair is more important
Juliamon: Yep
PandasAndPancakes: @princess_intell yes
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Decaped: I'm Captain Basch Fon Rosenburg from Dalmasca and this is my favorite channel on the Citadel!
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KikiLucis: to be far, that guy had great aim to hit that armour window
jedi_master_zll: What exactly is a ragtag group of heroes going to do about this?
NeuterCommuter: "and that was the Xth time I died."
TheNerdWonder: I'm trying to figure out if a chocobo or a horse would be better after battle training
WhirlwindAbyss: Single already
princess_intell: i barely know how many FF games there even are, thanks for answering my questions
Valhallan597: Faram.
HorusFive: Farlem
fiftymcnasty: So I guess that isnt our character?
CururuGuasu: She’s having a rough week
eDRoaCH: i think the opening to this game is just an alternative MV to G&R - November Rain
LordManiMani: Faram!
mibukotaro: They pull it off
Matsunen: Hmmm… did any ask where the revive spell is at?
Saphling: Princess Lei.....Ashe
Gaz_L: FF15 was 2016, SW ep 2 was like 2004
Therberus: Oh hi russle
PandasAndPancakes: Russell!
Therberus: Russell
Robot_Bones: Different cultures
gualdhar: literally everything they wear has midriff
kat2kool: The first to make a reversible bride/widow veil is gonna make a killing
ContingentCat: depends what funerals you're going to
CaptainEnder7: Excellent! Just watched the Unskippable of this.
jamesk902: I think this kingdom is in the pocket of Big Midriff.
cassaclyzm: raining at a funeral, call TV tropes
beowuuf: show the belly of dispondancy
paronomasiac042: graham, this is a jrpg. you're lucky they're clothed at the funeral
hippitybobbity: wow you guys were right that was really very Phantom Menace Qui Gons Burial
GapFiller: I mean merrywdiows are funeral attire
FuzzyFozzy: But it is F.F.
Askwho: Russell Crow!
Juliamon: It was, at one point in dev
TheWriterAleph: hey "Level 1: Escape from Hell" would be a badass start to a FF game
Nameless_Sword: oh good, I get to catch this one live
JadedCynic: @SmashTCG yes, but 'bringing back the body of one noble officer is far more important that saving the lives of hundreds of common-born soldiers'
Earthenone: when you find out the reason for the midriff will you be ashamed of your words and deeds?
Easilycrazyhat: "Umm...moving on."
goatprince: 'it's actually a different blond guy'
Foxmar320: Hello G, can't stick around but hope you're well. Have fun!
Didero: Why abbreviate 'Lord' as 'Ld'?
nickthecatbear: This is the prince. {cutscene] This WAS the prince
Pteraspidomorphi: No phoenix down in this universe?
GDwarble: @princess_intell More than you'd think. There are 19 numbered ones, the newest numbered one is number 16, and then dozens and dozens of spin offs.
Dalrint: I love the marquis's narration.
Snowcookies: They showed a guy, pretended he was the main character, and then killed him
Brozard: I was just wondering that Didero
HorusFive: Subversion of expectations?!?! Im MY Final Fantasy ?
LordZarano: What accent is this?
Decaped: this game tacked on its protagonist...s
AugmentingPath: Look, sometimes when you tear your clothes in grief your midriff ends up exposed, it happens
Therberus: Wait so is her surname Ashe?
SocraticMethod: @Didero Hardcoded character limits
princess_intell: suppose I want to start playing FF and want to play a more recent one. where to start?
Gerrimeister: @LordZarano that is indeed al over the place
froginajar: Hello btw - I always interpreted it as a praticality thing since Dalmasca was a desert nation. Corsets wouldn't really make sense.
mowdownjoe: Oh hey, I can actually catch this!
LadyLockwood92: Phoenix Down doesn't work in cutscenes.
Juliamon: princess_intell Pick based on what battle system appeals to you the most
Saphling: the Marquis is such an interesting character, too
incslayer: that is a unusual way to spell arcadia
SmashTCG: so after a 10 minute cutscene... we have a long monolog
froginajar: practicality
Max_Mckayful: It's Europe, but Switzerland is underwater
JadedCynic: Sounds like the Kingdom of Dalmasca is a loser
RedNightmare7: @LordZarano I was gonna say
Masslost: i bet hot topic would have funeral clothing with midriff
gralamin: FF12 is a great old game, I replayed it recently
CururuGuasu: Sucks to be fantasy Belgium, I guess
princess_intell: @gdwarble oh good lord. do they bother with a timeline?
Decaped: Gotta say, this is a poppin chat.
t3h_f1gm3nt: im trying to remember the timeline...does 12 happen before or after tactics (i know they are like hundreds of years apart so doesnt really matter)
Didero: I've already forgotten everything he said
LordZarano: Vaguely Welsh I think?
accountmadeforants: This is an Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall-looking map
GDwarble: @princess_intell Almost none of them share the same setting so there's no need
CarpeLiam: This is some Sean Connery level accent work
Juliamon: There is no timeline because most of them are unconnected
PandasAndPancakes: @lordzarano An American imitating a brit from the 1910s imitating an middle Eastern accent
Saltpetre_Academic: @therberus pretty sure Ashe is her first name, that's just how royal titles work sometimes
nickthecatbear: Absolutely wrekt
Askwho: What a whitewash
GapFiller: t3h_f1gm3nt way before
beowuuf: the cutscene and prologue wars were bitter, and came to this compromise
incslayer: @LordZarano its an accent thats only 1 or 2 steps away from apu from simspons
Juliamon: princess_intell Think of the series as an anthology
GapFiller: and Vagrant Story happens even further into the future of the same timeline
Piratical_tendancies: so much random use of capital letters...
Gerrimeister: @incslayer it sometimes is, but not really?
Valhallan597: And L l i t t l e m o n e y.
grgriffin3: The random Capitalization is Throwing me Off.
ContingentCat: why is Dear Friend capitalized, is that an official title?
grandchickenlord: I remember not following this at all as a kid… and I can’t say that’s much different now
GDwarble: @princess_intell Each numbered game is in an entirely new continuity, as are most of the spinoffs. The only real exception is if a game has two numbers. So 10-2 is a direct sequel to 10, 13-2 is a direct sequel to 13, etc.
HorusFive: Capitalization there on Reluctance is an odd choice
princess_intell: @decaped it's MLK's birthday, so a lot of the US is off of work/school
public_key_reveal_party: this is just proper nouns: the expositioning
princess_intell: and people love FF
TehAmelie: Dalmasca sounds like it's from a fanfic about the fable of Bornegascar and Madagao
Saphling: capitalized Return
incslayer: @Gerrimeister it sorta wobbles abit
DiamondTiki: Why is the entire sentence capitalized almost like German?
Pteraspidomorphi: Piratical_tendancies: You can tell this was written for some sort of old timey gothic font but the testers couldn't actually read it
Aquarionics: Arcadia, but with added Chad.
Didero: What's with The random Capitalisation
WhirlwindAbyss: blood ink
Therberus: That sounds very ineffecient
Nameless_Sword: royal blood? the best things to sign in
beowuuf: how ominous
JadedCynic: (Also there was a colony or possession of Archadia down south already on the continent, they could've advanced unaopposed against Rozaria in the Archadia doesn't seem terribly strategically savvy
Askwho: Seems unweildy
PandasAndPancakes: treaties are very metal in Ivalice
TwitchTVsFrank: how many proper nouns have been introduced in the last 10 minutes? 20? 50?
TheWriterAleph: hey you. you're finally awake.
fiftymcnasty: Those were all just proper nouns
andysoo89: As someone who has never finaled a fantasy, I am completely lost
taeasakura: Ah, your finally awake
SmashTCG: blood ink, sword pen
ContingentCat: @fiftymcnasty and a few pronouns for spice
raulghoulia: clearly This will be our main character then
mowdownjoe: @nameless_sword That band slaps, BTW
Didero: And that was the third time I almost died
JadedCynic: Isay!
LadyLockwood92: It's why I'm quite glad that when 14 does that sort of thing, they just capitalize everything.
princess_intell: is it like how they capitalized things for Emphasis back in the 1700s?
doubledbear: G'day G and chat, was looking forward to this. I also never finished this game... twice
Therberus: GET REKS'D
paronomasiac042: why don't these jrpg makers just write a book?!
kat2kool: Reksir, got it
HorusFive: Reks in Effect
KidAmn: I too Capitalise random words to Sound more Olde-Worlde. it is perfectly Cromulent.
TXC2: we gonna Reck it!
Sorator13: mmmm Rex, you say?
Saphling: he got Reks'd!
fiftymcnasty: @andysoo89 Well im pretty sure this will be the final one
TehAmelie: name, occupation and hobby
JadedCynic: "Good, Isay"
Earthenone: he lookes reked
Punching_Bag: he is already reks
GDwarble: @andysoo89 This is trying to set up an entirely new world and politics but it's also *very* exposition-heavy, it's true. The basic idea is that an evil empire is invading the kingdom.
Loonatic93: Reks-In_Effeks!
Valhallan597: @andysoo89 Final fantasy games are 99% disconnected.
WhirlwindAbyss: Reks got reked
SmashTCG: Wrexham....
taeasakura: Rek it Ralph
adamshandy: oh, here is our character at last
SocraticMethod: Meet the non-protagonist.
grandchickenlord: First name tyrannosaurus
Saphling: here to reks your feelings
Punching_Bag: this soundtrack, so good
mowdownjoe: 17, as is tradition for a jrpg
ShatteredShamrock: As long as he stays away from the lighthouse...
froginajar: It's a medieval writing convention - proper nouns for concepts were often capitalised in script.
HorusFive: "How old are you?" "[Age of majority in your region] Sir"
Nameless_Sword: a brother? i wonder if they will be important... probably not
Didero: Is this the same dude that was shooting arrows earlier?
LadyLockwood92: Bones Voice: Oh good. He's seventeen.
public_key_reveal_party: would 17 be considered a child soldier? genuine question
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paronomasiac042: i thought bosch was that street rat in chapter 2?
Therberus: Its interesting how Reks and Vaan look so much like the prince...
rditullio: Why start acting now?
raulghoulia: reks sounds like Yuri Lowentha;
TehAmelie: loophole, there's no Gevena convention prohibiting enlistment of child soldiers in Ivalice
AugmentingPath: Hey Basch, you know your supposed to wear a shirt under that mail, right?
GDwarble: @public_key_reveal_party Generally no
Nameless_Sword: it's like their armour does nothing
TXC2: public_key_reveal_party depends on the country, here in the UK you can sign up 16
SmashTCG: oh he's fine
mibukotaro: Here is the exposition. Bitch I can see - Basch
HorusFive: Oh, this isn't the battle tutorial then... those guys thought it was
DiamondTiki: Now this guy's perfectly sensible sword looks tiny and weird
goatprince: so THING is going to be our protagonist, right square?
Bahumot: Basch IS actually damn cool
KenGoesTwitch: ‘Tis the age of the chin beard.
Loonatic93: Eff fighting for my homeland. I wanna fight for other folks homelands!
AugmentingPath: You must be mindful of your surrounding :)
avi_miller: “What’s a Right Analog Stick?”
Didero: "Use your left stick to move!"
Valhallan597: You have TWO analog sticks? Fancy.
Pteraspidomorphi: Literal newborn baby, learning to walk
Saphling: poor Reks is so confused about buttons
TheWriterAleph: "it me, Basch" :)
accountmadeforants: @AugmentingPath They needed an excuse to sand off the nips from all the models.
public_key_reveal_party: @txc2 huh, I didn't know if there were international guidelines or anything
TehAmelie: how do you pronounce (L)?
ShatteredShamrock: you can walk right? I mean you are standing
mibukotaro: I will never not think his name is "Reeks" not "Rex"
Earthenone: :)
BusTed: :)
DeM0nFiRe: :)
accountmadeforants: :)
adamshandy: : D BASCH
Punching_Bag: do you how to breath Reks?
taeasakura: :)
cassaclyzm: :)
Bruceski: I think when you're fighting an invading empire the whole "child soldier" thing gets murkier anyway
nickthecatbear: :)
big_blue_man: :)
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SmashTCG: :)
Valhallan597: SUBprise
public_key_reveal_party: war is hell :)
Askwho: :)
Juliamon: :)
Saphling: :)
HorusFive: [You have pleased Basch]
Genie_M: :)
kat2kool: He's so proud of us!
t3h_f1gm3nt: :)
Didero: This is weird to do in-person
DiamondTiki: :)
NeuterCommuter: Am Basch okay?
tallarean: :)
paronomasiac042: i'm captain basch!
ShatteredShamrock: :)
nickthecatbear: His friendhsip bar is looking good
ContingentCat: Now I want to give people advice in real life like this and see what they try katesLol
JadedCynic: GDI, I was an idiot and had a mouthful of water there :D
PandasAndPancakes: This is how I know reality isn't a simulation - not enough tutorial prompts irl
Piratical_tendancies: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
DeM0nFiRe: It is remarkable how much worse the faces look in gameplay compared to the cutscene LUL
grgriffin3: What a happy recently-defeated military officer!
varmintx0: You can change the addition the Zodiac version has.
Loonatic93: Is Basch actually a White Blood Cell from Cells at Work?
SocraticMethod: "4th wall? What's that? Is it edible?"
LathosTiran: chest armor
Therberus: I need to you to be straight with me, do I have a smiley face floating above my head
big_blue_man: "Life is worth too much to throw away Reks" :)
Valhallan597: That chest armor looks great. I don't know how they are losing :)
saucemaster5000: this explains the barfy face that hovers above my head
Aquarionics: Basch! He looks like a great hero to be followed without question.
ShatteredShamrock: inverted slimes, thats how you know it's Final Fantasy and not Dragon Quest
mowdownjoe: Well, I guess they'll need some brick and mortar for the 4th wall after this tutorial.
beowuuf: basch with real torg and the audible ad energy :p
objectivefailure: I think I see why they lost the war, they have a poor idea of practical armor
paronomasiac042: found turbo mode!
nickthecatbear: zoomies
lannersong: reks got the zoomies
TheWriterAleph: [ yakety sax intensifies ]
GTea30: L3 for diablo-style map
TXC2: gotta go fast!
Our_oBoros: Ooh, fluffy Graham. Glad to see you being better.
Bahumot: Reks gotta go fast!
public_key_reveal_party: metal gear!
goatprince: double/quad speed is unimaginably useful and the main reason to play this version
ShatteredShamrock: Toes out only
Nameless_Sword: oh wow, never noticed the open toed shoes before
paronomasiac042: those *are* steel toes. custom fit.
Metric_Furlong: no! no practical footware in a final fantasy game!
Slacker1977: is that like a reward?
Metric_Furlong: it's the law
Valhallan597: Toes out gives better Magic Res.
avi_miller: Fighting in open toed shoes seems like a “choice”
TehAmelie: it's like underboob for your feet
HorusFive: Steel Toes? In this economy? We need to save that money for his ridiculous shoulder things
Loonatic93: Par-Tay Menu!!!!!!!
tsp397: I thought people complained about the slow movement in this game
Masslost: wait where is that lin pointing to...
AugmentingPath: fighting with an exposed belly seems more pressing, tbh
hippitybobbity: the Romans did pretty well conquering europe in sandals
Jogela: So purple when you target each other?
TXC2: tsp397 the double speed is new
paronomasiac042: oh, right, macros the game.
Psychic_Ketchup: If you see a red line, keep watching. It's a great film
RedNightmare7: Oh hey, I know those lines! Never knew FF14 would come in handy
Greyah: If you see Redline, pay attention. It's a good movie.
mowdownjoe: Stop it with the 4th wall damage, Basch! It's pricy to fix!
LadyLockwood92: @tsp397 G's playing an updated rerelease.
public_key_reveal_party: this seems like an ... interesting combat system.
Valhallan597: ded
grgriffin3: That dude got bullied
Theycallmejokke: My headcannon is that how much armor your allowed is age gated
ContingentCat: To be fair I doubt the open toed shoes will be a problem as much as any protection for his head
Gaz_L: i wonder if i'd get on better with this game since Xenoblade made auto-attacking a main mechanic
Slacker1977: @public_key_reveal_party it's pretty MMO inspired
HorusFive: Rek, drawing the agro for the group
ShatteredShamrock: Nameless Solider B wrecking today
BusTed: I'm picturing this sounding like an enormous drone now.
jamesk902: The got rid of the license system Graham.
tallarean: That drone is probably less than 250g so it's okay. :P
Earthenone: no, in this one they have a JOB nit a licesnse
mowdownjoe: @slacker1977 That was a turn off for me with Xenoblade.
Gaz_L: they paid extra for the fancy boad
jonnykefka: Awesome, I'm not too late. I was so excited to see G was going to be playing Star Wars
Gaz_L: *board
PaintingWithFariss: I remember trying to make one of these strike craft out of lego, that was a pain
gralamin: without going into details to avoid back seating, the optimizing scene for this game is wildly different then other final fantasy games
adamshandy: only basic attacks are automatic without macros I think
TimIAm: Are you suggesting a lightning bolt called thunder wouldn't immediately bazoople a robot?
gualdhar: eh, the remora strike attack is a bit fishy
grandchickenlord: It’s going to shoot fish at you?
grgriffin3: Is it a mystic remora?
Metric_Furlong: that's a big drone. practically a Sun O)))
Valhallan597: Zap
t3h_f1gm3nt: i did love this battle music
Slacker1977: @grgriffin3 definitely
taeasakura: did you pay the 4?
jonnykefka: Lord, all the music in this game is the most Sakimoto of Sakimoto's whole discography
PaintingWithFariss: @Metric_Furlong A+ joke right there
objectivefailure: @Metric_Furlong I appreciate that joke
Didero: Why not do this immediately
TalpTheScot: talpthToncheer talpthToncheer talpthToncheer
grgriffin3: Tonberry, eh
ShatteredShamrock: not single pilot vehicle called tonberry
Loonatic93: I think that's more of a Gallick Gun.
Therberus: I like that they don't even explain what the hell that power is
TXC2: bitch please you ain't no tonberry
Riandisa: xivTonberry
cuttlefishman: Tonberry...
BusTed: tqsKnife
public_key_reveal_party: why is the pilot so inexplicably British?
Gerrimeister: was that a chracter that read out the opening exposition?
paronomasiac042: and there's the tonberry and antlion of ffxii
GDwarble: Well, it *is* an air *cutter*
Cavemanhar: ahh ff12 my fav of the ff games
Therberus: And just that everyone accepts that that's just a thing you can do
PandasAndPancakes: Is that CoD's classic character Soap?
raulghoulia: Everyone's Grudge
avi_miller: That fell quickly for a drone called Tonberry
accountmadeforants: See, the drone wasn't to protect him from you, but to protect you from him!
LadyLockwood92: If only he'd got out and stabbed you, he would have won.
SageofShadowzF: that thing was moving way to fast for a tonberry
Greyah: No knife, no lantern, no waddle. A Tonberry, that is not.
lirazel64: Def not cute enough to be Tonberry.
TehAmelie: imagine a tonberry "using" a light flying machine though
paronomasiac042: boy, i sure hope this tutorial doesn't end in the death of a character.
ShatteredShamrock: Also who's ever heard of a tonberry reporting to an antlion RIDICULOUS!
jonnykefka: They made the Quickening Chain system...substantially less busted in this version. For better or worse
GDwarble: Basch, what are you talking about? We're real people, we have no screens. No buttons.
Nameless_Sword: that's a nice quality of life improvement
kirbytronic: So many nice little quality of life improvements to this version. And nice to see I'm only half an hour late, so I only missed the opening cutscene.
HorusFive: @GDwarble No Screens, No Buttons, Only Man!
Earthenone: Voss_LRR
ShatteredShamrock: SILENCE TWINK
Didero: Stage 1: Denial
beowuuf: that's...exactly how it works
NeuterCommuter: Hearing Graham read the tutorial messages out loud makes me wish that all tutorial messages had to be written in rhyming couplets.
Gaz_L: erry day i'm vosslin
TehAmelie: am i going blind or is that guy's hair and beard slightly green?
SocraticMethod: @TehAmelie Lighting
JAGxTERRA: why does his hair looks like hes in a constant wind tunnel?
ContingentCat: wax dries pretty quick that isn't much time
GDwarble: Nyooom
paronomasiac042: quickly! stand there waiting for your turn!
LadyLockwood92: It's impractical as all hell, but I actually kinda dig this armour.
PandasAndPancakes: Men like him die in restaurants! and bakeries! Not in warzones!
urkleturtle: these models look really nice honestly
SocraticMethod: @JAGxTERRA JRPG
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Loonatic93: All Reks wants to do Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom and Boom Boom.
kat2kool: Hee hee, Reks go brrr
incslayer: but destroying them gives us more experience
Max_Mckayful: To be a hero, don't be a hero
BusTed: "Hey I can hear you, you know!"
Theycallmejokke: That sounds like quiter talker
ContingentCat: But then your pretty hair!
Lithobraker: be aggressive. be be aggressive
HorusFive: Not in your size, mate
TXC2: "Helmets are for closers Reks"
jonnykefka: People in this game have surprisingly normal hair colors.
QuixoticScrivener: Only after you have the proper license.
beowuuf: but the hat hair will lose you sooooooo much plot armour
kirbytronic: How much help is a helmet against a laser canon anyway?
Didero: Just laugh in the face of death, apparently that's the secret to immortality
avi_miller: Quickly, active your time powers to speed up the universe
paronomasiac042: those helmets add actual armor, but greatly reduce plot armor, as they cover your face.
objectivefailure: Your enemies must see your face to properly fear you
nyoomgoom: could helm a havement
TehAmelie: eh, head's not that important
gralamin: do you have the license for that helmet?
MousseFilledCat: Do you have a license for it?
Slacker1977: vbut than we couldn't see your oh so prtagonist face
andysoo89: You mean your vulnerable, exposed head?
Snowcookies: Your helmet is actually glammed with the empporer's new helmet
accountmadeforants: But how will your opponents know you're plot relevant, then?
Loonatic93: So when do you get the Bunny Ladies? lrrBEEJ
SocraticMethod: Spoilers, G!
kirbytronic: Shhh Graham, secrets
Didero: Does speedwalking also speed up the enemies?
kirbytronic: Yes.
Slacker1977: @Loonatic93 later today hopefully ;)
beowuuf: @Didero the real secret is laugh with death, not at death. they have a mean streak
Slacker1977: @Didero oh yes
QuixoticScrivener: How nice of the enemy to put a save crystal there.
cassaclyzm: Aw yeah, crystal time
KikiLucis: practice for all the treasure
kat2kool: So nice so the opposing forces to leave these for us!
frnknstn: Reks vs. Saver
Gaz_L: one of those famous crystals i'm always hearing so much about
Ranakel: Basch said: hydrate at crystals"
Mordin_Solus_Sings: My favorite streamer playing my favorite game? It's two great tastes that taste great together!
AugmentingPath: heed the lessons of the battlefield and you will do... well...
jonnykefka: The pause menu design in this game was very MMOish but surprisingly good.
LadyLockwood92: It's not a Final Fantasy game if there's no crystals.
andysoo89: I wish save crystals existed IRL
ShatteredShamrock: perfectly good uselesss empty hallway
TheThromborax: what platform is this?
jonnykefka: @LadyLockwood92 This game has SO many crystals. There's a whole dungeon that's literally just a crystal.
TehAmelie: Scott Pilgrim's world has save points but it's just confusing to everyone
Metric_Furlong: Magicks. with a 'k' so you know it's serious
LadyLockwood92: @LadyLockwood92 That means it's the *most* Final Fantasy of them all.
Saphling: sure
urkleturtle: surely
Slacker1977: surely he is
BusTed: mmhm
RedNightmare7: Oh...
Gaz_L: nope, still prologue
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TalpTheScot: spoilers
avi_miller: Shhh
LidofLoathing: his shirt is reddish
LadyLockwood92: Surely they wouldn't do the same thing twice!
beowuuf: it's the hair, right? it's not spikey enough
IviaRelle: Reks about to get rekt
baskwalla: You're really Rexing our expectations
kirbytronic: It's okay, reks just looks like if Vaan had Ashe's haircut anyway
TheMandrew: us casul Reks enjoyers
RedNightmare7: here I thought he just started out bland
Max_Mckayful: Get rek'd Reks lovers
Two_Hats: Don't Rek my dreams : (
Harvest25: Don't say it... he is perfect
beowuuf: darn, may as well have just worn the darn helmet after all :(
Yelkco: Is this man wearing crop top armor?
Gaz_L: his outfit isn't silly enough to be the protag
Daisyg1313: I could listen to / watch Graham play games for hours and hours 😂 some of my fave miniature building tv is LRR Graham streams or even rewatching GVlog.
DiamondTiki: You know what, that's a spoiler I appreciate
JadedCynic: yeah, they've already juked us once; why wouldn't they do it again?
Travilogue: will our hopes and dreams be reked?
TheThromborax: I am on the final bit of this game, but haven't beaten it
ShatteredShamrock: it should have been Basch
grandchickenlord: When threatens ffxii detaches it’s main characters and grows a new one.
Nameless_Sword: poor soldier boy
Snowcookies: We saw the main character already :P
cuttlefishman: needs more belts to be a FF MC
kat2kool: Wait, a double fake-out? I'm kinda impressed
Cavemanhar: I mean even the main character is not really the main character of this game
HalcyonPrime9: wait the hypergeneric anime man isn't a fleshed out character????
DiamondTiki: If the game is going to be murdering player characters, and *keep* doing it, I want to know
LadyLockwood92: He's a pretty man~
AugmentingPath: @Nameless_Sword *ex* soldier boy
GDwarble: Well, this went poorly
Didero: @Snowcookies Is it one of the bunny girls from the wedding?
TehAmelie: in my headcanon,. magicks are just Crowleyan mental discipline stuff
cuttlefishman: Give us a Cid
Harvest25: but why armor
BusTed: Everyone had a nap party without me??
beowuuf: more like dumb ass kicked
josh___something: Am I going crazy, does graham have new/different glasses frames
TheThromborax: is this PC? The Switch version doesn't look this good
Theycallmejokke: Nap party!
MousseFilledCat: Well, it at least can’t be another white haired pretty boy, right? Right?
ArkhamArchivist: That is some impractical armor
GDwarble: @cuttlefishman I have good news!
Gaz_L: yeah, this is the one FF that kind does the 'ensemble' thing, isn't it?
BusTed: 😬
doubledbear: I get real star wars vibes from this game, i think it's mostly the music but there are other elements too
Nameless_Sword: oh no! the KING!
Slacker1977: @TheThromborax most likely
Gaz_L: i know people say 6, but that's mostly Terra and Celes
SocraticMethod: @DiamondTiki You could make and argument that the third MC gets murdered narratively
Cruion: maybe if they had armour on their chest they would still be alive
incslayer: what? betrayal!
Saphling: Basch's accent here....
JaymieGamer: hi, have u played FFXII BEFORE? Dont want to spoil it.
kirbytronic: Definitely still Basch's voice. Definitely.
LadyLockwood92: Oh no! Basch is a bad guy~!
MousseFilledCat: Nice accent
jessicaengle: Hi chat.
beowuuf: captain, you accidentally lost your knife....
kat2kool: 'So I traitored him first'
JaymieGamer: hows ur day?
Punching_Bag: evil accent time
SocraticMethod: @JaymieGamer Up to Point of no return
TheNerdWonder: so now we play as the captain, right?
Juliamon: !spoilers
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
Robot_Bones: That's right, I'm captain Basch, Of Dalmasca!
grgriffin3: Preemptive traitoring!
Angnor33: Well, that 'looks' fatal...
LordManiMani: oh nooo
Slacker1977: that guy sounds weird
DiamondTiki: @DiamondTiki So THAT kind of game all the way through. eh?
incslayer: war? war never changes!
kat2kool: Good job, dude
beowuuf: hah, more like dumb ass kiss
Didero: So turns out wantom murder was a BAD idea
LadyLockwood92: The villains in this game also very heavily inspired the high ranking villains in the Empire in 14.
ShatteredShamrock: Rexx is... holding on for a long time
RedNightmare7: Oh, I don't believe that for a second
CecilHoshino: Oooh, that's not good last words to hear before you slip off the mortal coil
Theycallmejokke: We are not cattle, we're warrior cows. fear our muh! of war
Saphling: everyone is Captain Basch von Ronsenberg of Dalmasca
jonnykefka: Oh Vayne.
SocraticMethod: @DiamondTiki You'll see in couple hours
LordManiMani: bucket sold'ers
hippitybobbity: jude law ass mfer
paronomasiac042: jude law's ass?!
BusTed: thejen9F1
KikiLucis: poor kid
steelfox13: Did you win?
cuttlefishman: F
josh___something: Does G have new glasses, or does my perpetual low quality video betray me?
Ranakel: So, happy go lucky game huh
TXC2: cool game
Saphling: rekd
Gaz_L: short game!
CarpeLiam: So Recks is def our main character... right?
Snowcookies: game over
Didero: "So how was YOUR weekend?"
HorusFive: Faram to that guy too I guess
cuttlefishman: So... who's got the next PIF?
zeathean: this game is amazing
cuttlefishman: Now that this game is over
urkleturtle: nations calling themselves "the empire" are always so peaceful in fiction
DiamondTiki: Oh, MORE narration :D
maximuslaws: Did Reks just got Reksd? eeeisuSmilingFace
LordManiMani: hey Ondore's here! believe these tales
Saphling: press F to faram
BrightstormRising: is this final fantasy or Hamlet?
AugmentingPath: Kingdom Hearts DDD Dalmasca's Doom Decided
beowuuf: solid 1hr 44mins
DiamondTiki: Unskippable actually didn't do justice to how interminable the start is :D
LidofLoathing: shorted Final Fantasy ever
Valhallan597: [F]aram.
kat2kool: Did someone German translate this text
PsychoI3oy: is this the same narrator as Darkest Dungeon?
countingku: How many people do we get to think we are before we get an actual character?
GDwarble: @DiamondTiki Everything related to Ivalice goes for maximum exposition, save maybe Vagrant Story
TehAmelie: holey devoted
Ranakel: In the words of popular youtube show Unskippable: "And that was the seventh time I died..3
Harvest25: sure she did
GDwarble: "So everyone you've seen so far is dead, a traitor, or in jail"
fiftymcnasty: This starts on a real string of downers
DiamondTiki: @DiamondTiki Amazing
beowuuf: wild character choice screen, takes 20hrs and plays their whole background
TXC2: so no one from the cutscene is in this game?
zeathean: ”dead”
Nameless_Sword: Basch?! Dead! Nooooo
cuttlefishman: Even the bunny girls?
cuttlefishman: So sad
Max_Mckayful: Know also the the Save Crystal retired and lived a happy life in Florida
LordManiMani: well bro had to survive to tell the tale. for now
Theycallmejokke: So TPK
grgriffin3: ESPECIALLY the bunny girls.
kirbytronic: Who was still alive to sign that surrender
ShatteredShamrock: what a good old man voice
SocraticMethod: @TXC2 Bunny girls are in.
thebrandylam: I can’t express how happy I am your doing this I rewatch the ff7 one every year since you did it
MousseFilledCat: I’d love it if this game just kept killing your character off :D
Harvest25: but who then?
kat2kool: If you loot all of them you could one full set of armour
Brozard: The Hole Story? I love that place!
JaymieGamer: hi ready
Zhedor: That'S Pauls Thing, G
KikiLucis: freaking empire, booooo
Jondare: Jeez, what a bummer of an intro... So who the heck is the protagonist then??
TehAmelie: it sure was a better voice than "helps to have a map"
electric_claire: How many layers of fake-out protagonist are you on, my dude?
Gaz_L: The Whole Story is Paul's bit, tho?
LordManiMani: hi, I'm Nigel Fitzgerald Ondore
Ranakel: I mean I haven't even looked the wikipedia article on truth!
cuttlefishman: Damn, this hair
GDwarble: Time for the first FF14 raid!
hippitybobbity: is this the game where they cant pronounce Marquis
grandchickenlord: We in New York?
kat2kool: Real chonker of a rat
urkleturtle: Are you telling us to not believe Ondore's lies?
TheMightyTaylor: No enter our main character...kinda
TalpTheScot: fun fact: this room is called the flooded cloaca on the map.
Aquarionics: It's basically a roguelike, except the first two runthroughs ended quickly, and we start with #3
Scy_Anide: Zero to sewer level in record time!
Slacker1977: and now... our main character :/
Saphling: gotta get those womp rats
ShatteredShamrock: kytes? Also dead
WhirlwindAbyss: So this is the MC right lol
AugmentingPath: Vaan shares Reks' midriff clothing allergy
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't trust you I bet he dies in 15 minutes
jonnykefka: The ROUSs in this game are not messing around
Yelkco: This man has protagonist hair
Bahumot: When I played this game, I STILL didnt' know the full story until I read the ****ing wiki
Valhallan597: Oh thank god, a young dude I can self-insert into.
accountmadeforants: Did Vaan have a different microphone or something?
Didero: And now the RPG staple: Killing rats in the sewers
DeM0nFiRe: zeldaLookAtMyRat
zeathean: we have to play Vaan for awhile before we get the cooler characters
GDwarble: @hippitybobbity There are two pronunciations, depending on if you're in England or the US, inexplicably
Brozard: That sword is dire
TheNerdWonder: when do we get to the blitzball tournament?
DanTheMediocre: those things are the size of corgis
Therberus: So what class you making everyone?
lannersong: this area is gorgeous in the ff14 raid
Dalrint: I appreciate those two rats who were like 'Nah I don't need this' and ran away
Theycallmejokke: Jeez, those rats are corgy size
jonnykefka: @accountmadeforants More like the extras did
beowuuf: more like rat ass kick
HorusFive: That's either a BIG ratting knife or a tiny sword to have laying around for rats
TheMerricat: so this is Rex younger brother right?
Punching_Bag: nothing like killing rats as the first mission
andysoo89: So when does this guy die?
kat2kool: Well this person is certainly dressed more like a protagonist
Therberus: Can we vote on the different classes for everyone?
Yelkco: and also armor that doesn't protect his vital organs. Is that a cultural thing here?
Nameless_Sword: So chat how long do we give THIS guy being the main character?
BrightstormRising: ROUSes? I don't... you know the rest.
Ranakel: That feels so much like a section a speedrunner would reset 12 times in a row for Rat RNG for
Max_Mckayful: Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.
thecornishwriter: dire? I hardly know er!
objectivefailure: @andysoo89 Once we can replace him in the main party
Valhallan597: He even has a DS game.
HorusFive: @wiggins have a whole command about Marquis from his playthru
jonnykefka: He is absolutely not the main character of this game. He's the cameraman
TheThromborax: Vaughn the Stampede!
HorusFive: *has
Saphling: there's only one leading man
TehAmelie: maybe the rats are huge, maybe these guys are tiny
kirbytronic: He's the point of view character, not necessarily the *main* character
JadedCynic: yeah, "Markess" vs. "Marquess"
LordManiMani: at least 3!
TheMightyTaylor: I think of Vaan as main character adjacent
accountmadeforants: @accountmadeforants But his sounds worse?
Nameless_Sword: Yeah hardly leading man material
CarpeLiam: Pretty sure at least one other character refers to themself as the main character
DanTheMediocre: 3, the s can be silent on the Markee variant
Dalrint: Vann exists to be the player's perspective on a story much, much bigger than him
zeathean: One specific person who i switched too immediately
Loonatic93: Vaan? Vince Vaan?
KikiLucis: hes dumb, the gods look out for him
Syntheticuh: oh rad this is my favorite ff
MousseFilledCat: In development, the main character changed multiple times
ShatteredShamrock: fighting in this wet cistern, is great practice for fighting in the desert!
malsareus: good evening Graham, how goes the final fantasying?
Didero: who're these bozos
GDwarble: The good thing about Vaan is that he becomes likeable a lot faster than Tidus. Or Squall. Or OG Cloud.
doubledbear: Last remnantwas also bad for how they pronounced marquis
SocraticMethod: @accountmadeforants Reverb + compression
TXC2: hello malsareus welcome
raulghoulia: he has slightly more plot relevance than Fran
amative1: "work"
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I wouldsay Vaan is the POV character, but not the main one.
Slacker1977: @doubledbear maybe same team
kristian_fischer: Hey there G. Are there job?
gralamin: at least he is more connected to the plot then penelo
Gaz_L: I mean, Tidus and Cloud are supposed to be dicks early game
eDRoaCH: hold that thought for another 45m eh
Scy_Anide: Sibling city to Rabanasty.
TXC2: so in 10 hours then?
Bahumot: "I'll wait till we're done with cutscenes" - 7 Years later...
AugmentingPath: After Reks gets rekt, several scenes will play in sequence. It is recommended you set aside enough time...
Therberus: Two years after the fall, theres your frame of reference
FuzzyFozzy: Now to the in-engine cutscenes
CarpeLiam: Vaan is the fourth most important party member at best, but he's fine
TehAmelie: i have. it's very crunchy and tasteless
Slacker1977: cor blimey
Dalrint: I do feel bad for vann. Once I get three other characters, that kid is neve rin my party again.
jonnykefka: oh look American cops
JAGxTERRA: very different accent then the rest
Loonatic93: Implying there are days where they do want trouble.
constablecrab: Ah, comically evil guards.
BrightstormRising: How do you eat a star fruit? I just chow down.
DanTheMediocre: wwwoooohaaaaa? havent paid?
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I do like the accent work in this game, help0s establish the different kingdoms/culture groups
TalpTheScot: @Dalrint but who does your stealing?
kristian_fischer: Churl!
Yelkco: Street rat, take that
SocraticMethod: @jonnykefka Bri'ish cops, can't you hear the accent Kappa
Pengu24: Hey Graham! Love this game. What got you to stream it now?
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kat2kool: First Star Wars, now Aladdin
LadyLockwood92: Ian's in this game?
Dalrint: @Dalrint Penelo
ShatteredShamrock: Once again Bangaa to the rescue
GDwarble: I kinda love Rabanastre's clothing styles, in which you may cover the upper or lower half of your chest, but not both
malsareus: How very Imperially british
saucemaster5000: star fruit has too fancy a name for something with that little flavor
JaymieGamer: please i wouldnt even mantion names and i wont answer the question about job since it was asked
Metric_Furlong: as is tradition
Loonatic93: Can you just leave Vaan down by the river?
DiamondTiki: Subtle
goatprince: (except fran i think)
RedNightmare7: OH! I like that!
Nameless_Sword: bad guys? British? Unheard of!
kristian_fischer: I mean, bad guys are by definition British.
DanTheMediocre: nice touch
TXC2: becuase of course they are
Slacker1977: South Africa is commonwealth?
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh look its "girl"
SocraticMethod: Fran has Icelandic accent
Ranakel: "All the bad guys are british" Oh, so true to life then
Brozard: Yeah, when you steal something, it becomes yours
TheThromborax: Fran is french?
electric_claire: Just like in real life
LordManiMani: there are great articles on the localization and voice direction
urkleturtle: oh hey, the other blank slate
incslayer: those are some interesting boots
Harvest25: those pants
jonnykefka: I love that they literally repeated Selphie's hairstyle from FF8 but made it physiclally possible
grandchickenlord: “All the bad guys are British” are you still talking about the game?
TXC2: Slacker1977 yeap
accountmadeforants: How in the hell does she put on that outfit.
HorusFive: Please no, you are NOT leader material
Saphling: mmm exposition
grgriffin3: Vaan has a weird nose
FuzzyFozzy: So that makes these two… Canadian?
MousseFilledCat: Penelo and Vaan are …. Canadian?
KevinTheShark: As a British Person, I'm very proud to see this tradition carry on through
WhirlwindAbyss: locked away, like they wouldn't kill him on the spot
Bahumot: Penelo! The real main character!
Bruceski: With the updated textures it no longer looks like Vaan drew his abs on with a marker and I feel the character loses something as a result.
Shadwhawk: I loved the Xenoblade 2 accents where each nation had its own commonwealth accent, and all the Blades had American accents
Slacker1977: @TXC2 but isn't it a dutch colony?
incslayer: its OUR money
cuttlefishman: Penelo is from Timmins, p. sure
kirbytronic: @grgriffin3 Well the second game turns him into a Whovian, so
cuttlefishman: Timmins accent
Ranakel: Vaan said: Our money, comrade
kristian_fischer: I thought we were Rabanasties?
Max_Mckayful: Mary Quant would love that dress
nickthecatbear: I'm just now realizing I played the beginning of this game a long time ago. I have no recollection of everything before this point, though, haha
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Fun (depending) fact: there are 54 commonwealth countries.
TXC2: Slacker1977 it was, then they found diamonds, and then it became British
GDwarble: I really like what FF14 does with accents, where with Stormblood they start giving different countries distinct accents in the localization
LurkerSpine: A gold and a silver piece for bread? Damn.
TheThromborax: ALSO!
BrindleBoar: LUL
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrWOW
CecilHoshino: Oh no he's about to start singing
cuttlefishman: Also
manfred909: tqsLOL
Metric_Furlong: A Skyrate
Didero: @LurkerSpine In THIS economy?
BusTed: skyrate
DiamondTiki: Thank you, Graham, for the clarification :D
Scy_Anide: No, Vaan. That's a different game.
thecornishwriter: skype-rat?
incslayer: sky pirates if i wanted a proper game with sky pirates i would play Skies of Arcadia
BrindleBoar: thanks, Hollywood
nevermore913: to answer his question yes he does like living like this
Brozard: huh
doubledbear: I was just about the ask about Vaan's nonaccent
JaymieGamer: there is lil nutral
kristian_fischer: Sky Prat
TXC2: she's weareing a wet suit right? :p
Scy_Anide: Vaan, Vyse, I can see the confusion.
Ranakel: Can't believe a bunch of linguists called you Basic
RedNightmare7: Hmm, wonder how that is decided
jonnykefka: Close tie between that and midwestern but there's some weird vowel stuff in Minnesota
TheNerdWonder: The UI Midwest would have words with you about that
ShatteredShamrock: Vaan wishes to be Vyse. I wish that too
Decaped: yes, but how do you pronouce FIRE
grandchickenlord: Does there being a linguistic neutral imply linguistic acidity and linguistic basic?
MousseFilledCat: Mid Atlantic as well
Masslost: a final fantasy game with the Boston accent would be a weird thing to play
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incslayer: man i want a remaster of Skies of Arcadia
urkleturtle: they mostly used legit theater actors to voice this game rather than professional voice actors, which is pretty cool and unusual
NathanLonghair: “Linguistically neutral” sounds like an oxymoron
TehAmelie: maybe a linguistic magnetic north and south
KaleidoscopeMind: @grandchickenlord or perhaps chaotic/lawful?
GDwarble: @grandchickenlord Linguistic positive, negative, and ground, as well
eDRoaCH: North American's Pacific Coast is pretty much global standard for english, its like theres a place that puts out all the big media for the world here
doubledbear: Central canada, also very neutral accent wise
Metric_Furlong: Technicks, with a 'k' so you know it's serious
TheMandrew: Rabanastre is actually a pretty cool city
Didero: Gotta make sure to sundry your Migelo
ShatteredShamrock: Symmetric-ish
Nameless_Sword: its only used for paradaes and stuff
KikiLucis: interesting accent facts lol
Greyah: That's an... interesting choice for magic wand icon.
JaymieGamer: so, this game takes over 75 percent of accents
LordManiMani: getting into trouble a little early today, aren't we Vaan
Saphling: I had forgotten how much I liked the Rabanastre music
TXC2: hello RayFK
Ranakel: Wait, I don't remember. In the Star Wars comparison, is Vaan R2D2 or C2PO?
BrowneePoints: Oh hey! It's the FF I like more FF7 after I replayed them!
jonnykefka: R2, he's too sassy for C3PO
mochabeanie: i love that in the cutscene the Bangaa were like twice the size of a person but in game there only a bit taller
BusTed: That's what you get for 1 gil
doubledbear: New console droping?
TalpTheScot: @Ranakel yes
lannersong: You get what you pay for
Saphling: he's Like, iirc
KaleidoscopeMind: it was only 1 gil
Saphling: *Luke
Ranakel: @TalpTheScot Fair
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flagonmaster: Another G FF stream? Time to add another to my favourites
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Pazy160: I remember being so excited for this game to come out because it looked like the MMOs I so dearly wanted to play but didnt have internet or the ability to pay monthly fees.
CecilHoshino: I mean, 1 gil, get what you pay for
NoTomToLose: Surely nothing happened *before* I was born
ShatteredShamrock: History only goes as far back as that childs birth.
DJManaT: the moogles in this game are illegally cute
TehAmelie: the consul is Supernintendo Chalmers
Dalrint: Outside of a couple regional variants, most of north america's english accents can be summed up as 'kind of boring.'
t3h_f1gm3nt: yeah vaan is supposed to the luke parallel....much to my chagrin
grandchickenlord: It’s an interesting grift for sure
TheThromborax: @ranakel Glup Shitto
incslayer: no its Bangaa like in "Banger's and Mash"
ArkhamArchivist: oh shit the Vex are here
BrowneePoints: is this the HD Remake?
SocraticMethod: Can't remember if this is FF where they do usual 1 Gil = 1 Yen
Dalrint: Like no one in say, philly, would know graham was from canada until he said about.
odium_chlorite: the name of this city makes me hungry for some reason
eDRoaCH: when do we pod race
LordManiMani: to say nothing of the finale
RayFK: I've never found entertainment
RayFK: Ever
goatprince: but yes, Fran is a proxy for Chewbacca,
urkleturtle: there's an evil empire in both of them, I guess
Metric_Furlong: and the obligatory minor characters called 'Biggs' and 'Wedge'
BrowneePoints: and honestly, FF12 aged pretty darn well
TalpTheScot: what? you mean the smuggler, his furry companion in the ship with a knight and princess?
LadyLockwood92: Like Vasch and Fran are compared to Han and Chewie.
LordManiMani: I made this comparison *today*
KevinTheShark: Some of the Orchestral trills also don't really help. But yeah, you're right
Ranakel: Oh yeah. I don't take it seriously, I just find very funny that Fran is chewbacca
RedNightmare7: @RayFK You make it yourself?
Nameless_Sword: there are certainly similarities
jonnykefka: yes. Fran is
MousseFilledCat: @dalrint as someone from Philly, his Canadian accent is incredibly noticeable to me
LordManiMani: and love the game. so.
HorusFive: In that they both contain a "hero's journey" they are the same
Bahumot: There are a few scenes that get REAL close to Star Wars. But it's not a direct copy.
ShatteredShamrock: Fran is clearly Solo
CururuGuasu: FF6 was more Star Wars imo
badpandabear: That's odd because the opening cut scene seemed more LoTR than Star Wars
Syntheticuh: i love the icelandic accent the viera have this game
grandchickenlord: I mean, Star Wars is a pretty typical fantasy story, hard to avoid parrelels
KikiLucis: I've never heard that comparison before
Genie_M: they both use very ancient and used tropes
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TheMandrew: these moogles are great
zeathean: Star Wars relies heavily on typical hero story archetypes
ShatteredShamrock: They are the best moogles
kirbytronic: I'm still just slightly annoyed that almost all the party is human despite all the random other species
PandasAndPancakes: Fran making Chewie noises was pretty funny in 2006
Scarbble: ivalice moogles are super cute
BrindleBoar: The Winter Soldier!
Loonatic93: Bussy?
TheMerricat: oh this is the game that Fran is in? I only know her from sweaty fan art. :D
Bahumot: I SO wish we could trade Vaan for one of those Moogles as the main character.
accountmadeforants: Busso
AugmentingPath: that moogle is wearing more surface area of clothing than Vaan is
Gaz_L: that's a moogle?!
SniperPumpkin: I'm sorry random passerby, but today your city is level one of an RPG, and so it needs to be blocked off so that we don't go too far
BrowneePoints: it's it Boo-co like Italian?
atinyspacemarine: I mean, broad parallels with existing stuff is totally normal
Dalrint: I mean, it makes sense, since Balthier is Fran's pet the same way Han was chewie's pet.
spinebustertee: oh hey this is the FF game that has Zaphod Beeblebrox as one of the bad guys
GDwarble: @Syntheticuh In all games they're voiced in so far, to my knowledge, which is a neat bit of continuity
BrowneePoints: is it*
TehAmelie: what's shakin me fine Bucco
malsareus: buc&co
Ranakel: Don't call me bucco, pal
ShatteredShamrock: Bucco De Beppi
incslayer: im sure its short for "bucephalus"
LadyLockwood92: In fairness, if the FF12 Viera are like the one's in 14 then they're super long lived, making the comparison fairly decent.
BlueChloroplast: lizzard!
JaymieGamer: @BrowneePoints no, the zodiac age was a exclusive game in 2005 japan release only, we only got the og version in whole america
Bahumot: And I'd do ANYTHING to trade Vaan for one of those Banga as the main character.
TalpTheScot: the banga look so cool
flagonmaster: that man needs some nasal spray
PandasAndPancakes: Now here's main character energy!
KevinTheShark: I'm LOVING this accent
grandchickenlord: Chewbacca, clearly a bunny girl
Syntheticuh: @GDwarble yeah, even in ff14 the viera have the icelandic accent which is a nice touch
ShatteredShamrock: Oh Hi John Dimaggio
Brozard: Thought that was him
BusTed: Their face reminds me of the luck dragon.
Mushbie: "Link M'boy!"
TXC2: ShatteredShamrock ooh good ear
MousseFilledCat: Oh! It is!
incslayer: ohh you are totally right that is John Dimaggio
malsareus: you're literally the last option
accountmadeforants: That does sound like Dimaggio, yeah
Gekyouryuu: is that John dimaggio?
TheThromborax: which leveling system are you using, Graham? International or "other"?
BrowneePoints: @JaymieGamer ...FF12 The Zodiac Age is the Remaster from 2018?
thecornishwriter: which part of the commonwealth are these guys from?
public_key_reveal_party: so what fetch quest do you want me to do then?
urkleturtle: the sandsea is such a cool concept. not the tavern, but the actual sandsea in this game
Bahumot: YES
grgriffin3: When is he going to complain about his "fuckin' tomatoes"?
BusTed: Love the bangaa
LeonisCo: Bangaa, Nu Mou
FrankiePeanuts: one of two characters voiced by DiMaggio in this game.
Decaped: Yes, why is there no YETI?
Valhallan597: Just play Tactics Advance I guess
doubledbear: Gotta love orphan street rat contractors
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, that would be pretty sweet.
goatprince: imagine if you had a google party member
JaymieGamer: @BrowneePoints yes
Dalrint: The story doesn't treat the bangaa well enough to use them as characters. :(
jonnykefka: You don't even get one as a guest character, IIRC
LeonisCo: So many neat races in Ivalice
HorusFive: So you want ME to do the job? Gods NO, I want you to go get me somebody I can TRUST
t3h_f1gm3nt: i fucking love the baanga! one of my favorite parts of ivalice
Bruceski: "So you need a reliable fighter to rescue your courier?" "Heck no you can't do that." "A runner then?" "You're incompetent there too. Just go find the guy I actually sent."
Bahumot: So many species! But the WHOLE party is a human. And one bunny eared girl, who was ALWAYS up front when I played.
grandchickenlord: The lizard people on this game have pretty cool designs
malsareus: well if this is star wars surely we're going to Tatooine
accountmadeforants: Bangaa Boys: We'd Like A Party
Pazy160: I do love when I get to play as a non-human in games.
Gaz_L: another reason FFVI is the best, you get a yeti
jonnykefka: @malsareus You're basically starting the game in Mos Eisly
kirbytronic: We've said hi to John, now to say hi to Phil.
Brozard: Looking it up, dang, this game has quite the voice cast
flagonmaster: what are you playing this on?
urkleturtle: somebody had awful handwriting on that birth certificate
jonnykefka: @flagonmaster PC Ithink
maximuslaws: Only one different race them human in party? That's F'ed up.....
gralamin: one diversity is so many though
BrowneePoints: You should see the FF14 raids based on Rabanastre
GDwarble: Mandragora!
Metric_Furlong: sadly, it's post-Sakaguchi era FF so we can't have proper non-humans in the party
Loonatic93: Hey Kytes! Go fly yourself!
incslayer: its clearly a tomato
TalpTheScot: talpthKefk
lannersong: killer tomato
jonnykefka: OH THAT MF. I hates it
Gaz_L: oh, we can pick up hunting dailies
WhirlwindAbyss: living tomato
lannersong: it's also in 14
BrowneePoints: shows just how much the visual design in this game slaps
LadyLockwood92: Mandragora?
DiamondTiki: I didn't know Tomato Way was an FF12 reference?
accountmadeforants: Angry tomato puppet
incslayer: seems like the Killer Tomatos are here
HorusFive: Why is nobody talking about this Tomato Man?
TXC2: a tomato Halloween costume?
BrowneePoints: yea, there's an entire series of Raids in ff14 based on FF12 and they are still all very pretty Graham
Valhallan597: 🍅
Aquarionics: Giant tomato! That was earlier than I remembered.
Saphling: I wish Tomaj was a bigger character. he seems cool
Gaz_L: a... tomat courier?
jonnykefka: @TalpTheScot I....might need to sub just for that emote
Ranakel: A lot of games of that era were very brown. I respect that at least, in FFXII they kinda make the game fit in that trend instead of just tacking it on
ShatteredShamrock: Bangaa are my favorite ... species(?) in FF
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Camthelion: Resub time and new G PiF, perfect time!
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TalpTheScot: @TalpTheScot talpthToncheer
Bahumot: The Banga are so cool. Give me a game where I can play as one!
mochabeanie: lol waht was that little scoot run
moundsofmayhem: idk why but this voice acting reminds me of like a really early 2000s machinima in a way i really like
KikiLucis: ta
malsareus: Wait is there crafting in this game?
Brozard: oh hai mark
MrVirite: oh, hi mark
BusTed: Ferocious.
TehAmelie: a rogue rouge tomat
Valhallan597: Like some kind of Monster... Hunter
goatprince: what a mark
incslayer: wait there are monsters in the sand? forget star wars this is clearly just a rip off of Dune /s
lackingsanity: hell yeah
Bahumot: I want to put up a Hunt for Vaan.
TXC2: the roguemato
LadyLockwood92: You're gonna need an oversized weapon.
MrVirite: @Brozard you ninja
grgriffin3: Yeah, I could use some details on that tomato
flagonmaster: isn't it a rouge tomato?
accountmadeforants: No, no, the details about the TOMATO
SniperPumpkin: I can't believe they just called it rogue tomato
Ranakel: Creature name: Rogue Tomato. Creature type: Rogue Tomato.
Dalrint: I love that the mandragora designs from this are what stuck for the rest of the series. Because they're adorable.
JaymieGamer: @BrowneePoints FFXII the zodiac age was released in 2005 in japan only, the FFXII OG version was released to the public in 2006, was my xmas present, the zodiac age was released and remastered on steam in 2018
objectivefailure: I like to think that there were no descriptions of the creature and that was drawn purely from imagination.
malsareus: oooooh, it's the witcher
Brozard: @Brozard FallWinning
BrowneePoints: I'm still quite fond of Vaan's voice
grandchickenlord: Fun fact: people used to think tomatoes were poisonous. And they are in the same family as nightshade.
saucemaster5000: Someone named "Tomaj" trying to kill a tomato? Sus
Ranakel: You have a permit for that bracelet?
ShatteredShamrock: he gave you a day planner, hurray!
kirbytronic: @objectivefailure You aren't wrong
Loonatic93: I hate it when my tomatoes go rogue. Especially the rouge ones!
Dalrint: No they just made it less messy.
Metric_Furlong: name, species and occuption? uh, rogue tomato, rogue tomato and rogue tomato?
GDwarble: It still exists, but it's better, IIRC?
paronomasiac042: hat goes on foot!
TalpTheScot: nope, the licences are all still there
public_key_reveal_party: ah yes, fantasy contract negotiation. my favorite
SniperPumpkin: Man bureaucracy gets everywhere
incslayer: you need a license to wear armlets?
Therberus: OI You got a licence for that bangle?!
TehAmelie: Tomaj, clearly a secret tomato
FrankiePeanuts: @malsareus Not exactly. Selling certain items in certain combinations and amounts unlock new items to buy at a special store.
Valhallan597: Your Zodiac changes your license board IIRC ?
hippitybobbity: god the bureaucracy got into peoples actual heads. truly cyberpunk
BrowneePoints: @grandchickenlord yep. The Acid in tomatoes leeched the Lead out of Pewter pots and so people died of Lead Poisoning trying to cook them
doubledbear: What government is issuing and checking for these licenses?
lannersong: is vaan of age to drive a greatsword without an older driver?
beowuuf: i love this movie!
Nameless_Sword: so epic
jonnykefka: @TalpTheScot talpthKefk
HorusFive: That title is A LOT
accountmadeforants: Yew got a loicense faur that bangle?
Brozard: Is this a Tomato Way prequel?
Bahumot: XD
RedNightmare7: Cue Monster Hunter theme
protoproxi: It sounds like you're reading Sykes as Dave's Spokesman
LadyLockwood92: [Monster Hunter Theme Intensifies]
PandasAndPancakes: You need a license to perform white magic? Like, the almost exclusively healing magic? Are they that worried about someone casting Holy?
doubledbear: Rogue Tomato A Star Wars Story
malsareus: So this is where Tomato Way began
DiamondTiki: Wow! "Rouge Tomato: The hunt begins" should have been a meme
TalpTheScot: @jonnykefka talpthBlob
Pazy160: This would be the point where I abandon the main story and just do hunts for hours.
beowuuf: it was interesting how three movies later they made it seem so necessary
RedNightmare7: @LadyLockwood92 Jinx :D
goatprince: (my advice: monk is pretty good for vaan for survivability and power)
public_key_reveal_party: rogue tomato does sound like a fake movie you'd make up for a sketch
cassaclyzm: brb getting a rogue tomato tattoo
Bahumot: Rogue Tomato is my favorite of the Tomato War saga.
EvilBadman: license board is still in but the Mog at the Guild Hall can reset your points.
kirbytronic: Which Class Do you Want Vaan to Be
JaymieGamer: the original version had no classes so zodiac age brings potential
TXC2: DiamondTiki there's still time
grandchickenlord: Rogue tomato is an interesting fruit hammer 40k rpg
Genie_M: welcome to zodiac
paronomasiac042: jobs!
Metric_Furlong: pick a class, any class
Ranakel: Wait until you get to hunt warrior tomato, cleric tomato and time battlemage tomato
nyperold: Hunt a tomato? Hope you can ketchup to it!
Slacker1977: can he be a Thief for OP steals?
JAGxTERRA: let's get bushi up in here
kirbytronic: I tend to pick the "canon" classes... so thief
incslayer: bushi? is that like the bosshi?
mochabeanie: glock glock glock
gralamin: only recommendation is not mechanist right now
accountmadeforants: Time Battlemage has the longest title, ergo is the best.
lannersong: every character gets a max of 2 classes, iirc
TalpTheScot: @Slacker1977 he has steal as a passive regardless
CaptainEnder7: Shikari is closest to thief I think
hippitybobbity: I don't remember classes in this
NojhLivic: "Time Battlemage" AKA Astrologian?
goatprince: but what's his rising sign???
Mahtamori: Here's an early game choice that will make no sense to you at this moment, choose carefully you can't change it later
Bahumot: Graham, one important thing to remember, you can reset everyone's License board, as many times as you want.
incslayer: ohh "etc" seems like a strong spell
ContingentCat: I think Archer is in retrograde
TXC2: Dear Graham: please NEVER say "machinist" in that way again, thank you ;p
kemykatze: Time Battlemage has some powerfull energy.
LordManiMani: did they fix Balthier being "worst" gunsman
TehAmelie: why not a time civil engineer mage?
ShatteredShamrock: I mean, I'm a Time Battlemage irl, but vaan is probably whatever is thief
Bahumot: Also, I made the Mistake of making Vaan a White Mage. It meant I actually had to use him now and then.
Loonatic93: Aren't all combantants foe breakers?
flagonmaster: Are you going to Enter Shikari?
A_Dub888: Monk, eh
Therberus: TXC2 Mah-sheen-ist?
raulghoulia: battlemages also wear armor
EvilBadman: You get to Dual Class later as well
accountmadeforants: "Crossbows!" "and also unlimited cosmic power"
doubledbear: I made Vaan a Monk, it turned out ok
ANeMzero: if you choose monk you are bound to the law of First Work, Then Banana.
IntegralHamster: @Bahumot I had Ashe as red mage and didn't have white mage in the party at all. While it sucked on some bosses with debuffs it was fine
kirbytronic: Ashe was the hardest one for me to pick a class for because in the sequel she uses... bombs
t3h_f1gm3nt: just.....GUN
Valhallan597: KKona GUNS
Slacker1977: 🔫
DanTheMediocre: yooo I need to make a crossbow time-mage ttrpg char right away
GDwarble: Maces & Magics is my off-brand D&D clone
malsareus: weapon GUN
beowuuf: gunkata! we patrick bateman now!
spinebustertee: ah yes, all colors of magic, white, black, red and time
josh___something: For Vaan's neutral special, he wields G U N
TXC2: Therberus he said it man-chine-est as a joke and it had BAD ear feel for me :p
Ranakel: To defeat the rogue tomato, you have to become the rogue, or the tomato
Bahumot: (Red Mages are way better than they might seem. They have some Magic Types the other mages don't get.)
ShatteredShamrock: don't give the child a gun
lannersong: Vaan is swole
TheMightyTaylor: Vaan van kinds do anything
Dalrint: Vann is an all rounder
Mahtamori: An Uhlan without a horse? Heresy
urkleturtle: vaan's pretty much a jack of all trades
Slacker1977: i vote Shakira
Narcuru: jack of all trades?
incslayer: Uhlan? you mean Dragoon?
TheThromborax: you can change it later
Gaz_L: Vaan is 'whatever you want him to do'
JaymieGamer: can we choose?
HorusFive: lrrWOW 000 Magic Evade? Is that always the starting stat?
TheThromborax: just pick whatever
LadyLockwood92: He's presumably able to do whatever you want.
SpoopsAHoy: I vote Monk for original spear move. *lunges at foes menacingly*
Scarbble: i've always had a fondness for red mage personally
zeathean: is street rat a class?
AdamTheIndividual: changing g later is free.
Chrysoprase: Crossbows seem OP. Forget the ability of literal timetravel.
Gaz_L: i like giving him spears
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CaptainEnder7: Foebreaker and Shikari are my usual choices for Vaan
TheMightyTaylor: I went Shikari when I ran through this last
PigmyWurm: he feels rogish?
doubledbear: Maybe this is like dark souls where you want to research a build first haha
Ranakel: Red mage would be all rounder
lannersong: red battlemage is the all-arounder
InquisitorGaia: i usually go red mage
Snowcookies: all of them?
prince_infidel: 12 choice poll?
Sorator13: was thief/rogue an option?
flagonmaster: @zeathean not sure but maybe scoundrel?
kirbytronic: I tend to pick Shikari because it's the "thief" analogue
t3h_f1gm3nt: he's a little steet urchin so i always made him the theif (whatever that was actually called)
goatprince: shikari is rogue
Loonatic93: Aren't Red Mages historically all-rounders?
mochabeanie: sjikari?
Genie_M: shikari
Cavemanhar: shikari
Dalrint: Warrior is probably easiest for not dying in the tutorial. haha
Nameless_Sword: Shikari
SpleenLord: Bushi
malsareus: dunno, time magic sounds useful for a pickpocket
Dalrint: or knight rather
Ranakel: There's no bad decision anyway
HalcyonPrime9: spears underrepresented
incslayer: Daggers are the thiefs weapons
maximuslaws: Shikari?
Slacker1977: or Archer for Poaching
Gekyouryuu: the fftcg just lists him as sky pirate
Masslost: archer lets you steal i thought i saw
Cavemanhar: I think I went bushi for vaan
CururuGuasu: Is ‘Steal’ unique to any class?
maximuslaws: Vote?
accountmadeforants: Vaan with the Kataan
lannersong: historically red mage is the jack of all trades, master of none
ShatteredShamrock: yeah him having a dagger is probably supposed to be a developer hint
Therberus: There is some strangness about how different weapons calculate damage, for ex axes are pure random iirc
Ranakel: To defeat the rogue tomato, you became the rogue
RayFK: Graham is now "Enter Shikari"
JaymieGamer: shikari is ok for now cause dagger is all u got
jonnykefka: Vaan has very well-balanced stats.
Gaz_L: Bushi, my second favourite masked guy in Los Ingobernables
Harvest25: now you play Chess
josh___something: This is a weird chess board
lannersong: please doctor, my chessboard is very sick
JaymieGamer: u cant in vieww mode so
DiamondTiki: That's not how you play chess, game
niccus: mooom vaan cut up the chessboard again
TheThromborax: oh! is this your first playthrough?!
Ranakel: I think the layout is in the shape of the corresponding astrologic sign
GDwarble: 6 Long Play records
jonnykefka: Where's the closest quickening?
TXC2: this makes Star trek cheese look restrained
KBKarma: *HAT*
raulghoulia: herring bone?
grandchickenlord: Pawn to b12
mochabeanie: view mode
HorusFive: Or save up for "Better Hat"
jonnykefka: "View Mode"
TXC2: *chess
accountmadeforants: So you gotta go up a layer in the dungeon, push aside a boulder, and drop down a hole to get to those other tiles, right?
TheMerricat: NGL this makes POE look reasonable....
kirbytronic: You're in view mode, leave and come back
urkleturtle: you're in the preview not the actual board
Slacker1977: @TheThromborax he played the non-Zodiac age version on release, but didn't beat it
Dalrint: I wonder how old you have to be before they let you unlock pants.
JaymieGamer: leave board completely
jonnykefka: It does this when you unlock new jobs
TehAmelie: it seems the job class just blanks out about half of the board. pretty neat way to do it
jonnykefka: mage masher is a real good dagger
TeodorantZMX: I haven't seen graham in a while, gotta say your new look is cool
Dalrint: Libra is *really* important in this one because it'll have your party members use the right magic against them. If I'm remembering right
Loonatic93: Do you have a license for that hat?
Ranakel: There may be better sources for news, but they don't have this hat license
raulghoulia: Jensen?
malsareus: I have to say, imposing licensing requirements on clothing is 1 of the most tyranical things I've ever seen
incslayer: i have missed "drunk graham"
JAGxTERRA: what does Sotted mean?
SocraticMethod: While they are supposed to be english accents, that was pretty southern
RayFK: I didn't know Adam Jensen got a job as an imperial guard
Scarbble: @JAGxTERRA drunk, basically
FrankiePeanuts: @jagxterra Drunk
JaymieGamer: ok later im going to farm in trail mode lol. Vaans def is 17 in my game at lv 6 lol
Gaz_L: to do battle with the amazing Rando!
JAGxTERRA: fascinating
Cavemanhar: the speed up feature is nice for grinding
KBKarma: Lookit his li'l legs pump!
ShatteredShamrock: bless double speed in old game remakes
doubledbear: Drunk jenson returns
ANeMzero: m-m-m-monster speed.
jonnykefka: When you are fully gambited and just need to grind like 5 levels it's...real good
jessicaengle: Ludicrous speed
Gaz_L: FFXII is a 4X confirmed
grandchickenlord: Super Sonic racing
kirbytronic: Grinding across the sands was such a pain before that
spinebustertee: and eventually, ludicrous speed
Therberus: Even just moving around the map is made better with the 2x and 4x
beowuuf: findquote beer
niccus: what does it look like if your party beefs it at 4x speed
beowuuf: !findquote beer
LRRbot: Quote #6700: "Ugh, why did I buy so many cans of green beer?" —RebelliousUno [2020-01-14]
Orlantia: ah yes, the double-double speed. truly a Canadian staple
incslayer: that map feels very MMO
jessicaengle: !quote uno
LRRbot: Quote #6683: "There's bones inside you.' 'Those don't help me in minecraft.'" —RebelliousUno and Serge [2020-01-07]
Greyah: Should we make a Eurobeat playlist to prepare for the super speed segments?
ANeMzero: cool we're now drug smugglers
ShatteredShamrock: ah, 5 mins in and Vaan is already a drug mule
KBKarma: Hurr hurr hurr.
KBKarma: "small package"
doubledbear: banga deez nuts
TehAmelie: when you play the 16 bit era FFs you get used to having fast forward because of emulators, pretty sweet idea to import it
TXC2: it's more of a sunset flip
Diabore: good ol FF12
Gekyouryuu: @niccus dark helmet goes flying into the console and his helmet gets crushed in
Gaz_L: Bryan Danielson has the best small package in the biz and he's a submission guy!
KBKarma: Paaaasage?!
malsareus: oh my god, that's so british
KBKarma: The poop?
TehAmelie: butt shot counter is 1
Gaz_L: Magellan?
WhirlwindAbyss: wow being so cocky to the guard
BrindleBoar: "uh, yeah, Magilla Gorilla sent me?"
Cavemanhar: god is vaan the most annoying lead in a ff game
spinebustertee: this must be those consul wars i keep hearing about
RayFK: Now that's what I call using a "Consul Command"
Pteraspidomorphi: I seriously doubt that
Skeletonman1100: HEY! I'm doing a replaty of this one!
InquisitorGaia: they dont even bother checking his story what great guards
Skeletonman1100: I see we just started.
Pteraspidomorphi: What about Tidus
Loonatic93: Tidus is worst.
Gerrimeister: how old is this vaan guy?
KBKarma: Roll Tidus.
incslayer: Tidus isnt bad he just sounds bad
Cavemanhar: like 16
mochabeanie: you walked past another bangaa
TXC2: Save the crystal, save the world
NoTomToLose: Moppet
Aquarionics: 17
kirbytronic: Seeq
jonnykefka: one of the guys buy the sacks of stuff IIRC
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: there was a point in my life when I hoped ff12 would be a ff11 sequel/expansion/upgrade
kirbytronic: But yes
ShatteredShamrock: Final Fantasy in a nutshell "Save the Crystal"
paronomasiac042: canapes?
Gerrimeister: @Cavemanhar ahh shit
HorusFive: They are NOW
Skeletonman1100: That's a seeq and yes they are scottish
KBKarma: That one is, at least!
NoTomToLose: Sweet happy-face chest tattoo
Pteraspidomorphi: Totally not scottish
Bahumot: Erstwhile Adventurer: The Real Main Character.
Gekyouryuu: tidus can't be the worst. I'm the protag of my playthrough for 14, after all
FuzzyFozzy: Jamaican IIRC
incslayer: thats not scottish thats a South African Doing a scottish Accent (yes im looking at you Flintheart Glomgold)
ShatteredShamrock: Seeq are wild
Pteraspidomorphi: Good one
mochabeanie: i think the pig like race are seeqs the lizars are bangaa
TehAmelie: Eastersand, left of Ampersand
Mai_Andra: They only had one door pass, so they had to share it...
dumbo3k: He paid you with advice
TXC2: !clips
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Skeletonman1100: Also just dinosaurs,
Valhallan597: Just like Dragonball
Therberus: There is ONE dinosaur
urkleturtle: the bangaa merchant will remember that
amative1: burying the lede on us, are you?
Invitare: Dinosaurs just happened
t3h_f1gm3nt: i forgor about the dinos LuL
kirbytronic: I love Sue, the friendly T-Rex that just randomly lives outside of town
SpoopsAHoy: O.o
incslayer: of course there are dinosaurs this is a Final Fantasy Game
malsareus: hold it, there's T-rexes and a tomato is the big menace?
margieargie: Casual Dinosaurs
Cavemanhar: yea dont fight the trex just yet
TuckstheRulesLawyer: dinosaurs AND twinks?
GDwarble: Wibbly little friend!
doubledbear: Why just have the TRex eat the tomato?
Bahumot: That T-rex is the real Main Character
Slacker1977: Dinosaurs were still kinda in back then
WhirlwindAbyss: The UI looks a lot like FF14
nickthecatbear: I want to adopt a cactite as a pet!
kirbytronic: Don't forget to steal from everything
lirazel64: I never worry about dinosaurs.
incslayer: you act as if dinosaurs would be surprising to us
Two_Hats: This is a weird Pokemon game
TheElrad: I am worried about it
Aquarionics: Is it me, or is the music weirdly wibbly.
countingku: They're worried about a tomato... but the dinos don't get a mention.
goatprince: graham you killed it. monstrous behaviour
Riandisa: xivCactuar
Mai_Andra: You step out into the desert, and the music just goes so hard.
GDwarble: So wibbly
Skeletonman1100: The friendly dinosaur messed me up so much in my first playthrough cause I thought ALL dinos would be nice.
doubledbear: Pokemon Legends got weird in this one
RayFK: That dagger does not seem structurally sound
KBKarma: @Aquarionics I noticed that too!
Skeletonman1100: Spoilers: They aren't.
Orlantia: you just murdered that child lrrWOW
Critterbot: Grinding the estersands, lets go! :D
FuzzyFozzy: Vaan “ready for anything”, except probably dinosaurs
TXC2: such vast tresures
incslayer: ahh we found where that kid from earlier stores his money
Earthenone: do we know steal yet? :P
Ranakel: 1 gil! That's enough to get some information about the place you live in!
ArkhamArchivist: This game has some good Funny Little Guys
slashkey: sorry to ask this here, but is there two final fantasy mmorpgs?
accountmadeforants: That little run
Gaz_L: so many JRPG money systems make way more sense when you realise they're basically yen
TehAmelie: an orange desert wolf
slashkey: im a little confused/curious
SocraticMethod: @slashkey Yes, 11 and 14
ShatteredShamrock: just a normal, every day wolf
AutonomousTurtle: wow, you fucked that wolf up
KBKarma: 1000 Needles!
amative1: @slashkey yes! 11, and 14.
slashkey: ah ok, ty ty
Pteraspidomorphi: slashkey: There was 11, now 14
Skeletonman1100: @slashkey yes. 11 and 14.
Aquarionics: @slashkey Yes, 11 & 14 are both MMOs
Harvest25: wow, that was quick
urkleturtle: oh right, chains
incslayer: that was less of a fight and more of you stabbing that poor poor animal to death
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Gaz_L: so a Pokeball or a FF potion cost like 3 bucks
Snowcookies: that wolf had a family
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slashkey: so 11 got an upgrade? it loosk good
jonnykefka: The music from this game and Odin Sphere are *really* close to each other. Which makes sense, Sakimoto was working on both of them at the same time
Orlantia: why are you using a potato peeler as a knife?!?!
TheMerricat: so, I'm sure that Graham is already an old hand at this but the whole "attack using artillery lines drawn between two characters" mechanic this game has going on would probaly turn me off if I were playing it....
kirbytronic: I think chain is functionally the "crit"?
lirazel64: Klinger doggone seems bad...
Nameless_Sword: it random i think
goatprince: combo chance, it's random
slashkey: odin sphere! i love that game
NojhLivic: Dunno. Maybe you crit?
GTea30: Chain is killing the same monster type in a row
amative1: @slashkey this is 12, not 11
kirbytronic: Don't forget to steal from bosses!
slashkey: i might plug in my ps4 to play it again
Ranakel: Random chance, speed dependent and weapon dependent I think
Leonhart321: Oh hey, didn't miss much of this I take it?
zeathean: it’s one of the stats I think
jonnykefka: You don't do anything, it's a chance based on speed stat IIRC
Critterbot: It just... happens sometimes.
Skeletonman1100: chain attacks just happen. Its a random cahnce based on your weapon type, your speed, and your luck
slashkey: 12, right
frnknstn: why are we hurting the cute cactuses?
TXC2: time to juice this tomato
CawfeeCorvus: can you sneak up on enemies for more damage?
TehAmelie: tomato AWAY
Pazy160: I love this combat system so much. I really want them to use it again.
WiJohn: Watch out, that Tomato's rogue!
GDwarble: @TheMerricat It's mostly a way to show aggro so you know who's being attacked and who your allies are attacking
KBKarma: You've been dematoed.
Ranakel: No, the seeq are the scottish pig guys
SocraticMethod: ah, 4 years
niccus: ah, that's five years ago
Slacker1977: sounds like about a dozen years
Gaz_L: that was just 5 years ago, right?
incslayer: 17 years
KaleidoscopeMind: 2006 is like 5 years ago
TXC2: I did the maths, I am sad now
Diabore: but 2006 is only XX years ago
brainbosh: at least 3 years
CaptainEnder7: You can also chain together kills of the same enemy type for better rewards
Earthenone: Prey Slaughtered
fiftymcnasty: ikd thats what like 500 years?
Orlantia: what do you mean? that's only 2 yeah ago
Aquarionics: @slashkey Yeah, 12 was originally a PS2 game, this is the 2017 remaster
BeanieGuy2112: ROGUE TOMATO
KBKarma: Noice!
TheMerricat: @TheMerricat I get the idea, I just think _for me_ it'd be a bit... much.
GDwarble: @Pazy160 I like gambits, I don't like the rest of the combat system, alas. FF7R is a pretty good refinement to the core ideas at least
BrindleBoar: the chain attack is a killing spree of enemies that are the same type, which eventually gives better rewards. The multi-hit attack was a separate thing.
Loonatic93: Doesn't FF-15 use a similar combat system?
Mai_Andra: You create chains by killing multiple of the same beast in a row.
Leonhart321: So, how deep into the weeds are we going with this? Story only or we going full superboss degenerate?
HorusFive: In this economy?
WiJohn: No
TXC2: in this part of dalmasca ?
amative1: localized entirely within your kitchen?
slashkey: oh wait, so this isnt an mmo?
Skeletonman1100: I would love to see this battle system again, but let me have 4 characters out at once. It makes life so nice.
Slacker1977: Is Rogue Tomato like Jason from Friday the 13th?
DiamondTiki: Wow! Let's murder them!
HorusFive: And now they're dead
ShatteredShamrock: VAAN
DiamondTiki: Ooof course
Spacecarl: well, not anymore!
Skeletonman1100: no slashkey
TXC2: slashkey nope
atinyspacemarine: the reboot into Tomato Way was really strange
slashkey: ok ty
Leonhart321: And thus the flower went extinct
GDwarble: @Leonhart321 I don't think we have a spare 72 hours to spend on the superboss. :P
malsareus: I'm still baffled that people we're weirded out by the tomato when there's T-rexes
SpoopsAHoy: *Cronch*
KBKarma: And now they'll stop growing out here. Nice job breaking it, hero.
TehAmelie: we have done two things, that's enough for a day
urkleturtle: yeah there's two types of chains. chain killing the same enemy type. and chain attacks which are essentially combo attacks
doubledbear: This beautiful rare flower... let's kill it
kirbytronic: Random: I asked for the Final Fantasy IV remake for Christmas in 2006, my mom was like, "You know they have up to 12, right" because she bought that instead
Earthenone: do we have any magicks or techniks?
Aquarionics: FF15 is a lot more actiony and less auto-attack.
LadyLockwood92: Vaan eats flowers wasn't a take I was expecting.
ShatteredShamrock: this Soundtrack is sending me back to FFTA
Aquarionics: @Earthenone Yeah, we've got a low-chance Steal
GDwarble: @malsareus It's all what you're used to, if you see a T-Rex every day it's not a big deal, but a walking tomato? That's unusual! :P
incslayer: okay so now we know a small amount = 120
incslayer: lets fight the dino
RayFK: Go punch the dinosaur
WhirlwindAbyss: FIGHT THE DINO
Leonhart321: @Leonhart321 Oh he's not THAT bad, at least he's predictable, unlike Zodiark
DiamondTiki: There are some people I want to put a mild "step on Lego" kind of curse. "This item does a small amount of this thing" people are some of those
kirbytronic: Sue's friendly, as long as you don't fight her first
KBKarma: Hey, that T-rex looks soloable.
beowuuf: am t-rex small or far away?
WiJohn: It'll be great!
MrVirite: it ignores you belwo a level
ShatteredShamrock: Love that enemies will attack each other
Gaz_L: his lil arms can't reach us
kat2kool: But Grahaaaam
slashkey: if you go to a hipster cafe, what is the minimum acceptable amount of edible flowers youd accept in a salad
Genie_M: don't
nickthecatbear: As we learned, it just takes a stab to kill a Reks
Cavemanhar: good suggestion next suggestion
jonnykefka: Always listen to chat: Never listen to chat
frnknstn: @kirbytronic the remake for GBA?
incslayer: but but we want to see you fight the dinosaur
Critterbot: Yeah no that thing will mess you up!
Diabore: dino is a pacifist, it wont hit unless you hit first
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: The horse alone passes judgment.
urkleturtle: we'll table it for now
Dalrint: 12 is *very* unforgiving about higher level monsters in the early game. they ruin you
Aquarionics: Open the door, get on the floor, everybody punch the dinosaur
KikiLucis: you can get it later lol
Gaz_L: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have you tried turning it off?
Skeletonman1100: Just wait and fight it during a new game +
TXC2: !findquote horse
LRRbot: Quote #1383: "Is that what I think it is? That's a lens flare coming out of a horse's ass. It's the world's greatest lens flare." —Alex [2014-08-01]
Penguino_Rojo: suplex the Trex
LordZarano: Go hug/ride the dinosaur?
Leonhart321: So you're saying there's a chance?
urkleturtle: adam did
kirbytronic: @frnknstn The DS one
accountmadeforants: So you can fight that barehanded, right?
incslayer: so you are saying you just need skills?
jonnykefka: The main difference being that it's mathematically possible to beat the Tree SEntinel with starting gear
dumbo3k: just perfectly dodge it constantly
Orlantia: will you punch the dinosaur when you no longer use a potato peeler to fight wolves?
malsareus: Adam is the Boshy though
KBKarma: Hey, if you've saved, you don't need to worry!
SocraticMethod: Spedking of restarts, when was the last save?
DeM0nFiRe: The Tree Sentinel being there with obvious room on either side to pass is such a great way to teach the player it's ok to skip stuff if it's too hard
Skeletonman1100: oh we in speed modenow
HorusFive: It's a huge dinosaur. I think of it more as an IQ test
MaidOfCake: All I remember about this game is: Cute Bunny lady. And that my brother really liked how you could "program" the combat
Gaz_L: zooom
Diabore: i mean, in elden ring you have a chance to beat tree sentinel, i dont think you can beat dino
kirbytronic: I always feel bad attacking the creatures that don't attack you first in this game.
jonnykefka: @SocraticMethod this version autosaves on zone boundary
margieargie: !findquote dinosaur
LRRbot: Quote #6304: "I used to be a dinosaur, and now I'm not! And that's *great*." —Jacob, definitely not thinking that it's great [2019-08-12]
Invitare: in Xenoblade Chronicles they use a giant level 80 monkey
Earthenone: i veiwed the dinosaur as a stealing tutorial :)
raulghoulia: rare species of wolf went extinct today. News at 11
kirbytronic: Yes, you do
YellowLugh: The real question is, can you suplex a train in this game? If so, 10/10
malsareus: What can you steal from a T-rex? poop?
Bruceski: Vaan starts with Steal, yes
Skeletonman1100: Abilities are item so look in your inventory. also yes Vaan has steal naturally.
incslayer: that is a good quote "Graham - Do i have skills?"
Saphling: the sound track took a long time to get me, because I found it hard to find the melody, but it has since become one of my favorites of the series
nyperold: Yeah, the first area of Xenoblade Chronicles has enemies you REALLY can't beat for quite a while, too.
nyoomgoom: you cannot get ye chocobo
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KBKarma: You can look without touching.
TheElrad: you do have steal, yeah
10of9: I skipped the Tree Sentinel and didn't come back until I got mad at the Draconic one and went back for vengeance.
Skeletonman1100: you can pet birds later when the game forces you to use them.
NathanLonghair: Choke out the checkabos?
spinebustertee: someone should start a website like 'can you pet the dog' but just 'can you suplex the train'
TheMightyTaylor: Graham actively influencing. Making we want to play this again.
Gaz_L: wait, we start with a knife and steal? is Vaan just Locke?
Orlantia: this is a remaster, yeah? no way the PS3 had these graphics
Leonhart321: A moight suspicious indeed
incslayer: no Locke is a WAY WAY better character
Loonatic93: I remember back in the early days of WoW, playing a Forsaken, and at level 10-ish somehow stumbling in to the Western Plaguelands.
frnknstn: I want to play as a Scottish mohawk troll in FF14
spinebustertee: casual reminder to everyone comparing things in the game to FF6 - take some ibuprofen for your back
KBKarma: We *like* chocobos.
Skeletonman1100: yes a remaster, but the PS2 graphics were still pretty good for a PS2 game. not in live rendered scenes like this one.
SocraticMethod: The ⋮) symbol on Seeq was pretty funny
TehAmelie: i like the intro in FF9 where you pilot a whole party of thieves
traccer224: My favorite FF series
Electrodyne: Hey it's Fry
GTea30: But hey, FF isn't political
jonnykefka: @spinebustertee ...I can't even get mad
LordManiMani: Yo'r kid dies!
jamesk902: Pecking Order!
LadyLockwood92: The Emperor, probably: 'I think Chocobos should vote!'
betweenmyself: I seem to recall one of the end-game weapons being locked behind grabbing a random item early on in the game that you have no chance to go back and grab later… That sound correct to anybody else?
raulghoulia: birds stepped on my flowers. What an origin story
HorusFive: If only you knew where they grew... and hadn't picked them all at the first opportunity
Skeletonman1100: and now for a small corporation to have rights. GO SMALL BUSINESS
GhassanPL: Whoever rules the Chocobos, rules the world!
Gaz_L: i do find it funny that FF6 actually DOES do the thing people used to accuse FF7 of doing, by making the character names way more out there because 'Tina' sounds weird as a fantasy name in the west
GDwarble: they plant chocobos in the ground?
nyoomgoom: ok the design of that character alone makes this star wars
KBKarma: Hey look, a distraction!
Invitare: this guy knows how the game is played
MrVirite: I hate sand...
Pteraspidomorphi: It's coarse and irritating
hippitybobbity: "this wine's shit but it'll get you wicked blasted"
Skeletonman1100: MIgelo is bae.
incslayer: its coarse and gets everywhere
TheMightyTaylor: Master of Diplomacy
Leonhart321: Not even subtle with their bribes either
Scy_Anide: Would those guards just be melting in all that armor?
TXC2: vaan is so vacant
zeathean: Miguelo is a fixer
nyperold: That's why they call it a desert, princess.
Invitare: I sense he is going to die
HorusFive: First character we've met with half a brain
incslayer: @Scy_Anide it clearly has built in AC
YellowLugh: I love Bangaa, they're one of my favorite races of FFXII/FFTA/FFTA2
Skeletonman1100: Tomato can wait. FIrst we gotta hate on the Empire a bit.
Pteraspidomorphi: Gotta go for now unfortunately, see you all later for jack pax
Skeletonman1100: MMM Pre-rendered.
LordManiMani: didn't they make Tomaj a PC in the sequel and NOT Migelo? lrrEFF
Dalrint: Vayne lives up to his name
PumpkinRats: LUL
Invitare: how would YOU float?
incslayer: that is a magnificent piece of hair on that mannequin
Gaz_L: lotta NPC guys with girdles
nickthecatbear: that hair tho
Brozard: L'Oreal ad, over here
betweenmyself: I can’t wait til we get to meet the Marquis riffYeti
Skeletonman1100: @LordManiMani IIRC yes. BUt that's cause migelo had to run teh shop.
Bahumot: Vaan just met his true love :)
kirbytronic: @LordManiMani Tomaj is still an NPC, technically. He's not in the party, just around being your backup
GDwarble: I see Penelo also has her bangle license
HorusFive: "Make Way! I take LARGE steps"
dumbo3k: I thought he was Cousin IT at first, since all I could see was hair, didn't realize there was a face behind it
LordManiMani: @skeletonman1100 logic and lies
lackingsanity: some people have bare midriffs, other people only covering their midriff - what a country
Bahumot: Oh, this cutscene Speech is Seriously great.
BusTed: soup or salad
10of9: New Console, who dis?
Loonatic93: I prefer Curly Fries, please.
RayFK: New consul Vayne Solidor, otherwise known as a VS5
Skeletonman1100: Do the sweet potato fries have an upcharge?
WhirlwindAbyss: Would be hard to talk loudly in the helmet
Invitare: A Consul? Which letter is he?
GDwarble: @lackingsanity The only rule is that you cannot cover your entire chest
Skeletonman1100: Also waffle fries are bae!
Saphling: what a vain soldier
Saphling: I mean
Nuurgle: can I get the garlic aioli instead?
Nameless_Sword: they did the bad things! so yes
Saphling: Vaynr Solidor
LordManiMani: man knows the people
TheElrad: Yes
Skeletonman1100: @Saphling OMG! TH perfect name for the guy!
Loonatic93: Frustrating that Hatred?
beowuuf: infact, i cannot recall why i came here at all. bye
incslayer: king ramen ass?
Skeletonman1100: Pathos: chack
KBKarma: We don't give half a shit about you.
KikiLucis: well, he's smart. that's dangerous
InquisitorGaia: he sounds so sarcastic
RedNightmare7: This feels like heresy at this point.
TehAmelie: did 20% of this crowd come in their underwear and another 30% topless?
Nuurgle: he's Amogus?
cuttlefishman: king was amogus
Skeletonman1100: Logos: check
incslayer: weal? what does weal mean?
protoproxi: He sounds like he is pulling this stump speech out of his ass
Gaz_L: So when does Captain America show up to fight Loki here?
kirbytronic: Oxford?
GDwarble: @TehAmelie It's a warm country
Metric_Furlong: you can tell it's a fantasy game because people say "weal"
LordManiMani: Arcades Academy for Fancy Boys
Yelkco: Oxford.
DiamondTiki: Surely
Wolfstrike_NL: church?
doubledbear: He works in communications
MrTulip: weal?
Leonhart321: Man has better spin than most modern politicians
Skeletonman1100: ethos: check
Decaped: I have barely any memories of this game but I remember liking this guy
Skeletonman1100: He hit the speech trifecta.
KBKarma: Stop stifling infants!
Nuurgle: oh shit, he Stifled my Infant Peace
Brozard: It's been two years, get over it
TheElrad: Eaton and then Sandhurst, probably
DiamondTiki: Interesting rhythm
Saphling: slings and arrows? where was Shakespeare in Ivalice?
Metric_Furlong: @incslayer prosperity
RedNightmare7: "Only you can cast off" sure.....
objectivefailure: Honestly, not out of character for an early 20th century speech
nyperold: Sure, but maybe talk to YOUR OWN SOLDIERS a bit?
Earthenone: a solidor always pays their debts
DiamondTiki: Dude, fire your public speaking tutor
kirbytronic: "Please ignore that I was literally present when your king was killed."
TXC2: this guy sounds like he's trying to be Jeremy Irons
Skeletonman1100: THis whole game is written ala Shakespeare EXCEPT for Vaan and Penelo.
beowuuf: dalmasca think we're idiots
urkleturtle: this dude seems legit and trustworthy
incslayer: lady ashe? the archer character from League of Legends?
TheMightyTaylor: Does Ivalice have Shakespeare?
jonnykefka: Vayne could have been a great villain, but they kinda didn't give him enough room for character development
Nuurgle: King Ramminass and Lady Ass?
doubledbear: @Saphling Probably came over like when those kids got isekai'd
Scy_Anide: That dude is wearing like, winter gloves in the desert.
YellowLugh: This what max Diplomacy looks like
incslayer: @Nuurgle no no its Ramen Ass
BusTed: ez
NojhLivic: That.. worked?
Harvest25: smooth
betweenmyself: His speech was sadly undercut when they unfurled the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner behind him.
protoproxi: we didn't vote for you
Bruceski: Interesting to have this speech on MLK Day
HorusFive: These are some easily impressed people
KikiLucis: why are they clapping
Chronomagistrate: lrrWOW lrrWOW
queercrafting_chonk: nat 20 charisma check
Skeletonman1100: lol
Gaz_L: "so this is how democracy dies" - Penelo, probably
Earthenone: please clap
GDwarble: "You may hate me, but I promise I'll work to your benefit" isn't a *terrible* speech
Syntheticuh: people are just applauding that awesome hair
TXC2: is this crowd being payed?
LordManiMani: hey maybe this obvious JRPG villain isn't so bad
Metric_Furlong: KikiLucis I mean, ther are surrounded by armed guards
SpleenLord: New guy not an asshole is a win
Metric_Furlong: *they are
incslayer: whimsical?
Gaz_L: "and then everyone clapped" but for real
Nameless_Sword: whimsical?
KBKarma: Whimsical? Interesting description.
MrTulip: "elegant"
HorusFive: @GDwarble It's a decent theme. The speech wasn't great
Vanbael: I want what the crowd is on
Loonatic93: How do you execute a cathedral?
Leonhart321: What about the cathedral is whimscial exactly?
Skeletonman1100: Foreshadowing. . .
saucemaster5000: let's ask that mark antony fella how good this new ruler is
KikiLucis: ya true
Sorator13: I don't think I've ever heard of a cathedral's architecture described as "whimsical"
incslayer: how austere is your architect for a cathedral to be whimsical?
Skeletonman1100: @Leonhart321 the flying buttresses?
hippitybobbity: oh I just realised I modeled my haircut after his when I was 17
doubledbear: Lord Wallace and Gromet
TheNerdWonder: he's a princess
Leonhart321: And if they don't choose right, we kill them
urkleturtle: wakka's looking kinda strange
codatski: G...
Nuurgle: Prince had a Console?
HorusFive: Ah yes- one of those democratic empires. Like Naboo
KBKarma: I suspect he's a future protagonist. Or antagonist. But he's gonna be important.
Slacker1977: NotLikeThis
Aquarionics: Oh, great. Consol wars again.
Gaz_L: freely elected from a list of one candidate
Yelkco: Dang. Is this empire bringing democracy to the desert?
incslayer: well yes you are very vain
Invitare: Moebius V
TheMandrew: he's so vayne!
TheMerricat: so as a FF12 noob chat, is this a sly villian or a potential ally chat?
ANeMzero: I'm not a lord, I'm just vain.
AugmentingPath: First citizen among equals
dumbo3k: Vain? sure, but whats your name?
TheMandrew: he probably thinks this game is about him
beowuuf: you're so vayne, you probably think this cut scene's about you
Juliamon: He probably thinks this game is about him
WiJohn: Murder!
jamesk902: He probably thinks this song is about him.
Loonatic93: You're so Vayne... You probably think this game is about you...
KBKarma: You're so Vayne, you probably think this song's about you.
DiamondTiki: I mean Vayne
Chronomagistrate: "You're so Vayne... you probably think this game is about you"
nyperold: I bet he thinks this game is about him.
Leonhart321: But....I'm a teetotaler
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Pazy160: I really liked that speech as a work of entertainment. It sounds exactly like a posh kid who dosen't quite understand the feelings of the people they are speaking to.
KBKarma: *oh my god*
TehAmelie: Citizen Vayne
Juliamon: Good, we all got there, chat
TXC2: damnit graham I was gonna make that joke :p
KBKarma: Eat him!
Therberus: Boy I hope we get the chance to murderise that man lat er
jonnykefka: He has like, good character beats, you just don't see nearly enough of him to make it work
queercrafting_chonk: several folks in chat and Graham are drift compatible atm
traccer224: I love the gambit system yet introduced in this game
protoproxi: Penelo is the subtext translator for the player here
Nuurgle: ah yes, let's name our Protagonist Vann and the Antagonist Vayne
ContingentCat: ah yes, something
lirazel64: Ahh, youth.
Slacker1977: Vaan's a do-er
HorusFive: And you say Vaan is a teenager...
KBKarma: Wait, I'm not Captain Basch!
Skeletonman1100: we had to time skip and a "you weren't listening" scene is the best way to do that.
LordManiMani: poor Penelo. stuck being vaan's babysitter
betweenmyself: Why do they make us wait so long for Fran? BibleThump
nyperold: @Nuurgle Also, let's have a Basch and a Bosch.
TehAmelie: i was almost expecting the "yes/not at all" option to hear all the exposition again from Zelda there
grandchickenlord: Does vaan have ideas? Like at all?
LordManiMani: yooooo old dalan
TXC2: betweenmyself bunny girls have to be earned
KBKarma: What was that? The city?
Scy_Anide: Her jacket has wings. More jackets need wings.
Leonhart321: Cold blooded assassination/'
Skeletonman1100: All the orphans.
Leonhart321: Bold of you Va'an
KBKarma: Ooo, airship!
nyoomgoom: alldinner. it's like allspice
raulghoulia: Penelo has eva fins?
Earthenone: are a skyship and a dinner comparable in price?
TehAmelie: a nairship?
margieargie: Dinner and airships, things that are around the same price usually
Skeletonman1100: skyrates would have sound so much better.
kat2kool: You can have dinner ON the airship
HorusFive: Was sky pirate on the License Zodiac?
incslayer: either food is very expensive or air ships are dirt cheap
RayFK: Good Ol' Skyboat
GDwarble: @Earthenone How nice is the dinner?
MrTulip: "I should buy an airship"
KBKarma: With a captain? Called Basch?
TheKindGM: What
Loonatic93: So is Panelo the lead character in FF-XII-2?
KBKarma: Captain Basch?!
Diabore: miguelo got some secrets
Sorator13: I mean... same
jedi_master_zll: Skyrat's skyrates
SocraticMethod: Would this be a good time for a break?
TheKindGM: What's a Migelo, precious?
urkleturtle: oh hey, these goofs
KikiLucis: awe man airships haha
Invitare: where would he keep the airship?
Metric_Furlong: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
LordManiMani: was that... ba'gamnan?
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
zeathean: Now time to talk to literally everyone to find the quests
kirbytronic: @LordManiMani Yup
Skeletonman1100: Now for a quick COMMMERCIAL break!
beowuuf: but i have a bin to put out :(
doubledbear: Was the DS sequel Revenant Wings any good?
TehAmelie: i'm going away, you can't stop me!
LordManiMani: that bangaa has the game's coolest weapon
kirbytronic: @doubledbear I enjoyed it? It's different, but
Metric_Furlong: while we're on break, if anyone feels like helping decide what's going on my to-watch list, there's a perfectly normal poll up
Skeletonman1100: @doubledbear not really. it's story was lackluster and its game play decent
Skeletonman1100: IMO obviously.
Metric_Furlong: (all 4 Furlong Points™ still available for anyone playing the guessing game)
Harvest25: ONly 35 hours of gameplay left
margieargie: *goes away to my kitchen, but that's, like, 2 meters from the TV I'm watching this on*
doubledbear: I seeee
betweenmyself: So is Graham playing the original FFXII or the Zodiac something something Edition?
Metric_Furlong: (statistically, at least 1 person will have heard of the actual names of at least 1 of these)
kirbytronic: Zodiac
Skeletonman1100: Zodiac Age
betweenmyself: Thanks
Skeletonman1100: Not to be confused with Zodiac Job System, which was different.
jonnykefka: *International* Zodiac Job System thank you
Skeletonman1100: This is the "remaster" version and not the incredibly difficult Japan only release.
doubledbear: Zodiac age is the remaster of the japan only International edition
Skeletonman1100: @jonnykefka thank you.
jonnykefka: I just love the irony that it was bacially JP only and they called it "International"
Skeletonman1100: It had the option for English OR French subtitles.
kirbytronic: "Enhanced Editions" have had a lot of odd name choices over the years
Metric_Furlong: @jonnykefka it's a very 'US Sporting Event' style of branding
doubledbear: They did a tone of "new version that's harder and more features" re-releases in the ps2 era *looks at kingdom hearts*
Gekyouryuu: @metric_furlong are all of the obfuscated anime from this past season, or just 4 random titles you've picked out?
Metric_Furlong: Gekyouryuu the latter
traccer224: has anyone ever managed to 100 percent complete everything in this game
MousseFilledCat: There are guides, but I just went with things that made my heart sing
Metric_Furlong: only one of them is from this decade
Electrodyne: This sounds like Cities Skylines music
doubledbear: The releases also gave the JP audience a chance to hear the english VO
TXC2: and we're back
adamshandy: hollow
Skeletonman1100: no leaving yet.
incslayer: yes it is a silly place
beowuuf: bins done, just in time
KikiLucis: side quests?
Skeletonman1100: Gotta head to lowtown and seek info about breaking into a palace.
Vanbael: yeah, lits leave Rabanaster, its a silly place
kirbytronic: Don't forget to turn your Hunt in
Saphling: I have egregiously spicy ramen and can finally breathe through my nose for the first time in three days
LordManiMani: jaam!
HorusFive: "Don't tell me when to not feel shame, sir"
TXC2: Helpful man, the superhero we need
Skeletonman1100: ah Johm the pre-evolution to Snom
Leonhart321: Ah I see we're going to be making liberal use of the speed up the game gives us
doubledbear: Probably pronounced Yohm
betweenmyself: I remember playing the FFXII rts game on the DS back in the day and losing interest after maybe ten hours. Wonder how the game holds up.
Critterbot: Good word. :D
Didero: how do you do, fellow kids
traccer224: BabyRage I wanna backseat so bad
LadyLockwood92: Yohm has very little experience with weed culture.
head_cannon: I remember this game. I unlocked the final dungeon and then went and did Hunts for fifty hours and never got around to finishing the game. :D
Dalrint: I defiintely consume eatables like a normal human person
Earthenone: we are roommates!
Didero: That's a weird thing for a kid to say
kirbytronic: "She's like, my sister, dude?"
Bruceski: Kid... you're eight. Don't "wink wink" me.
doubledbear: "dude that's like, my sister"
yalc321: Parades make it serious
Skeletonman1100: Orphan = Criminal in Rabanastre. . .
TheKindGM: Let's go get the eatables!
LordZarano: !advice
LRRbot: You can't un-cut a pumpkin.
C_DOS_KEZ: hey G. hey chat. i've only ever heard about this game in passing so this is gonna be one hell of a vod binge i feel :D
LordManiMani: well. sure
Skeletonman1100: Love-Struck in many ways.
zeathean: no judgement
Metric_Furlong: eh, there's someone for everyone
HorusFive: Power is an aphrodisiac
TXC2: hello C_DOS_KEZ welcome
LadyLockwood92: !badadvice
LRRbot: Boop its nose.
jonnykefka: Vayne is kind of a looker, in fairness
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doubledbear: @jonnykefka Daddy Consul
kirbytronic: What was that, Graham?
LordManiMani: the internet, collectively, can fix him
jonnykefka: @doubledbear thanks I hate it
Bahumot: I hope the hints and tips we've dropped haven't been back-seating.
Bruceski: @head_cannon There are points where this game will happily let you wander away from the plot and get lost and forget it ever existed. I replayed this game like ten times before I ever actually beat it.
beowuuf: tomounty
GhassanPL: More RPGs should have the speedup feature
SocraticMethod: Wait, memory unlocked. Aren't the small bunny people this games version of Moogles?
jonnykefka: @SocraticMethod More like small possum people.
132 raiders from Bengineering have joined!
Leonhart321: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
Bahumot: The Bunny people are Vera. Moogles are their own species. I believe....
neisan2112: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
accountmadeforants: Yes, SocraticMethod
h3rsh3yb4r: ben raid
TXC2: hello Raiders
jonnykefka: plaid squad
iris_of_ether: benginUrgh benginUrgh benginUrgh benginUrgh
A_Dub888: benginUrgh benginUrgh benginUrgh benginUrgh benginUrgh
Seleniumsulfide: sonoWAVEN sonoWAVEN sonoWAVEN
red_shoes_jeff: benginDance Hi Gra lrrHAM
Easilycrazyhat: Nuz-raid!
yalc321: Tomaj Tomat
Metric_Furlong: ah, the Plaid Posse are here
KaleidoscopeMind: Friendgineers!
Earthenone: a teleport stone, i think they buried the lead there
TheElrad: and lots of wolves
Saphling: tomato went rogue
accountmadeforants: That Tomato was going rogue!
Orlantia: benginHeart benginHeart
betweenmyself: Final Fantasy XII: not to be confused with Final Fantasy X 2. If you’re unsure which game you’re playing, count the number of idol concerts you have to sit through.
TheKindGM: That tomato had been marked for deletion
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Dalrint: To be fair, that tomato had it coming.
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KevinTheShark: And an UNGH to you too raiders
cassaclyzm: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Bahumot: Apparently stead Tomato was wiping out entire supply shipment.
TheKindGM: The plam crimer?
zeathean: time for noodles
red_shoes_jeff: Cheer100 Just rewatched the Unskippable of this the other day.
Nuurgle: show the Banga your clam?
Nameless_Sword: well we're already on our third main character
paronomasiac042: tomato wave
Earthenone: he dosent look so great
BusTed: gastly
Alex_Frostfire: Gastly?
A_Dub888: @Bahumot It wanted to liberate its fellow tomatoes
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PumpkinRats: @Bahumot The moggles look bunny-like in this one. Not my favorite design for sure lol
Spacecarl: Oh I love Gastly
TXC2: the great Gatsly?
BusTed: I'm more of a huntera fan, myself.
goatprince: time to kill a fancy dog?
LordManiMani: lurking cliff titan
kirbytronic: The first hunt: Go exactly here The last hunt: I unno, it exists somewhere, man
kat2kool: He evolves into Hauntler
EOstby: Good ol' Cliff Wall. Dependable.
red_shoes_jeff: Tough knight, huh?
accountmadeforants: Tough Knight was not as well received as Shovel Knight
margieargie: No longer having a head on your shoulders tends to end fights, yeah
Coricket: Excited to watch this playthrough, under rated final fantasy game in my opinion
kat2kool: Yeah, an unbalanced head is a real detriment
Alex_Frostfire: Seeing this game just makes me want to play FFTA2. Man, Ivalice was a good setting.
paronomasiac042: rib-eye?
Nuurgle: dangit, this is really making me want to dust off this game
Tobenamed1: i have a youtube membership question is there any big difference vs a twitch sub/patreon thing?
LordManiMani: @accountmadeforants Tough Night was not invited to the Order of No Quarter
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LurkerSpine: paid actor
10of9: A level head is important, 1 degree off and you are doomed!
doubledbear: The fast forward running is really funny
LordManiMani: Rabanastre *is* one of my favorite JRPG cities. so I can't disagree
traccer224: LUL LUL LUL LUL
FuzzyFozzy: So much impressive but impractical architecture in this game
Diabore: pls
Nuurgle: some sort of pig grass starter
Bahumot: You assume Vaan has a brain?
Juliamon: Tobenamed1 LRR's stance on it is "the difference is negligible, so go with whichever works better for you"
LordManiMani: can... Vaan canonically not read?
Papercurse: Vaan is not the smartest boy
red_shoes_jeff: I gotta say, I've kinda turned around on Vaan as a character in recent years. Turns out, the guy who doesn't know what the hell is going on if VITAL to fantasy stories like this.
AugmentingPath: Just heard your new track, it's a real conspicuous bangaa
themostjoast: we stan our illiterate king
Bahumot: Conspicuous Banga: The Real Main Character.
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SocraticMethod: Oh, they do have pom poms
nyperold: Red 5, I'm goin' in!
kirbytronic: Montblanc is the best recurring character in Final Fantasy
t3h_f1gm3nt: monteblanc my beloved
Skeletonman1100: I wasn;t a fan of them when I was younger, but they really grew on me and now they are my mental image of a moogle.
Snowcookies: moogles are the best
kirbytronic: Gilgamesh being a very close second.
Genie_M: best moogle
beowuuf: oh look, an unstoppable force meets and immoogable object
Saphling: monteblanc is great
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TXC2: beowuuf get out Kappa
QuixoticScrivener: It's so weird that FF Tactics Advanced basically created this world, and then this game came along and fleshed it out.
beowuuf: :p
Leonhart321: And eventually, Bansad
Loonatic93: American Bansan.
kat2kool: I'm personally excited for Banwalk
red_shoes_jeff: Bansa-completely shut out, alright.
Metric_Furlong: oh hey, it's FFTA all-star Montblanc
Didero: "The left side!"
TXC2: is it the forte?
GhassanPL: I missed Graham game streams :D
jonnykefka: oh hey, this very long questline. We going to fight Yiazmat this PiF?
A_Dub888: Yay, Montblanc!!
Skeletonman1100: Montblanc's family is so weird.
beowuuf: depends if the monster has been good or not
doubledbear: Graham are you playing with the orchestral rescore or the original music?
margieargie: Le Mougle
t3h_f1gm3nt: i would die for montblanc (and did several times in tactics advance)
voren_chalco: Uhhh
Diabore: not all moogles, just this moogle
kat2kool: @doubledbear the rescore
KaleidoscopeMind: we just got adopted
doubledbear: nice
Skeletonman1100: Hurdy and Gurdy are his cousins, along with Sorbet.
SocraticMethod: Graham, now you have to Puss in Boots impression for Montblanc Kappa
LadyLockwood92: I wish it was that easy in 14 ¬.¬
malsareus: that Moogle liked your face
cuttlefishman: Make the moogle say Tabernac
EvilBadman: This is your Board Reset guy
JakeKamas: Doesn't Montblanc show up in Tactics A2?
JakeKamas: Or am I thinking of the wrong Moogle?
LordManiMani: @red_shoes_jeff you're not wrong, but Vaan's no Tidus, where that role has a real point in the story, or Vivi, who is a literal child
Astramentha: I'm extremely okay with all Moogles having AGGRESSIVE FRENCH accents
jonnykefka: Montblanc is a BFD in Tactics Advance 1
doubledbear: @kat2kool cool cool, i don't have an ear for either to be able to tell the diffence
jamesk902: I assume that j is pronounced like a y
Alex_Frostfire: I believe he does! He even stops you from calling a bangaa a lizard, again.
kirbytronic: Nu Mou
BrowneePoints: Nu Mou!
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red_shoes_jeff: @LordManiMani Hence the KINDA.
Bahumot: Nu Mou!
LadyLockwood92: Nu Mou~
Tommadness: John Ma'kenroh!
paronomasiac042: john?!
jamesk902: I cannot beleive this!
BusTed: Very into tennis.
malsareus: so MacNCheese
LordManiMani: rare Nu Mou!
taeasakura: THAT WAS IN!
Bahumot: Ma'kenroh: The Real Main Character.
goatprince: THESE are clearly the Scottish ones
gualdhar: I'm sure that guy can hit some balls
Metric_Furlong: don't tell him you're an umpire
Slacker1977: Ma'kenroh has quite the temper i heard
Nameless_Sword: A nu mou
TXC2: they can't be serious ?
Enki1256: He's a Nu Mou
Leonhart321: I always prefered Ma'kencheese
taeasakura: Nu Mou
Didero: They're an information broker, obviously
BrowneePoints: a Nu Mou!
Metric_Furlong: it's a Nu Mou
silenceaux: Adorable
t3h_f1gm3nt: nu mou
incslayer: they are Ma'kenroh
Tommadness: They're a Nu Mou
JakeKamas: I think that's a Nu Mou
doubledbear: Ma'kenroh? I loves those treats
cuttlefishman: A lil guy
Lazarenth: a nu mou
Skeletonman1100: That is a Nu Mou. They are like mole people ?
IntegralHamster: Nu mou, they are in 14 as well
kirbytronic: Nu Mou, the spell casters in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, if you played that
Lazarenth: rabbit people
malsareus: the buss is a Nu Mou?
Lazarenth: but like
BusTed: tqsBaby
BrowneePoints: New Moh
Lazarenth: floppier
TXC2: Nu metal ?
Earthenone: new moh, who dis?
MDK_Marshal: They're sorta-of Faeries in FF14, I believe
t3h_f1gm3nt: and to whoever was asking: yes montblanc is in tactics advance 2
betweenmyself: You spend a lot of time in this game hunting down a lot of rabid pro wrestling fans. pennyWhat
Snowcookies: Oh I've seen those in FFXIV
Metric_Furlong: they had bonus to magic stats in FFTA, iirc
Skeletonman1100: sadly no.
kirbytronic: Montablanc is the Bounty Board in there
RayFK: Shout out to my boy Babus
malsareus: the bounty board was inside you all along
Cavemanhar: talk to moogle at top
t3h_f1gm3nt: BABUS
Traion: They are dog people in 14 so probably here too
t3h_f1gm3nt: i loved babus
niccus: binging with babus
LordManiMani: shoutouts to Babus
Diabore: so we're gonna go hunt stuff
kirbytronic: Now his song's stuck in my head
red_shoes_jeff: Pfft, STORY?
TheElrad: going and doing the plot? what is this heresy?
cuttlefishman: If you do plot, you're going to be doing stuff for a while
cuttlefishman: long stream
cuttlefishman: it might be a Fete Stay Night
Alex_Frostfire: I was a fan of Ezel, personally.
TXC2: I don't know Graham that sounds like advancing the plot
malsareus: except the t_rex
Bahumot: Dave Spokesman: The Real Main Character.
doubledbear: idk merchant friend, maybe worry about THE TREX???
TheKindGM: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:42:35.
kirbytronic: Sue is friendly, as long as you're not a wolf
Earthenone: dont worry, the dinosaur desert is safe, we hunted a tomato
Gaz_L: G, how much of the Spokesman skits is just writing with punctuation and reading it ignoring it?
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beowuuf: the always fearsome diyathinkesaurus
Loonatic93: How do I get a Crack at the good Crack?
traccer224: LUL its just a small t rex easy peasy work dispatching it
MDK_Marshal: In the same way that Garlic Bread is just a way for us to consume Garlic Butter, so to is the story a socially acceptable way to gorge yourself on side quests
doubledbear: I do believe the Trex is pretty passive unless you attack it
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betweenmyself: The real danger comes when you start hunting targets who know what’s going on backstage… Nothin worse than dealing with smart marks.
SerGarretCameron: the zoomies are real strong.
wordnerdify: You can zoom in this game?
Metric_Furlong: the zoomies are delightfully goofy
SoapyMarmoset: "my nightsoil is not fragrant, you vagrant" - the nobles of rabanastra
goatprince: quad zoom is hard to control
cuttlefishman: I wanna see quad
Krektogar: has Graham played this game before?
Diabore: quad zoomies seems foolhardy
doubledbear: FF12: good enough to play at 2x speed
jonnykefka: Quad zoomies are just concussing Vaan repeatedly on every nearby wall
KaleidoscopeMind: do it for science
Didero: If you have to add "Faster Walking" to your game, maybe your levels are just too big
corefluxx: 256x Zoomies!
LordZarano: Uth-no-thru Bazar
TXC2: Krektogar yes, many moons ago
TheMerricat: And it doesn't look like zoomies are inherited by the rest of the game NPCs?
TheMerricat: aren't even
Krektogar: ah, I see :D
taeasakura: It was 16 years ago!? I feel old
Coricket: This version is SO much better
GDwarble: I love Ivalice-style Moogles
red_shoes_jeff: He has not played for many bontoons.
A_Dub888: Is that how long ago it was!?! *fades into ash*
cuttlefishman: What FF has the funniest roman numerals?
Earthenone: how do they taste?
Coricket: And wow, I feel old now
Leonhart321: Honestly, I think age has been kinder to this game than others in the series. Looking at you 13 colletion
Genie_M: quad zoom is good for long fights with well built programming
TXC2: 16 years ago I was in college :p
Nuurgle: duDudu
Loonatic93: But what about the Technodrome?
doubledbear: Some of us liked the 13 trilogy
Excalibur_1867_: I wanna play this now but its $50 on Steam cohhM
incslayer: or teh rollerdrome
TheMerricat: At least that soldier was polite and said they were sorry.
SocraticMethod: @TheMerricat They do, but friendly NPCs not so noticeable.
traccer224: @Excalibur_1867_ Its worth it trust me
SerGarretCameron: Excuse me, but I'm here for the Thunderdome.
taeasakura: It's free on gamepass isn't it
azureHaights: Choose one: Dalmasca, West, or sand
garion99: or the hippodrome
brainbosh: Westersanderson
doubledbear: East? i thought you said Weast
accountmadeforants: @SerGarretCameron Can't we get beyond Thunderdome?
owleyedman: I played this on Switch and had a lot of fun with it except for the traps, which honk.
Gaz_L: XIII's biggest issue is it's clearly trying to be FFVII but the audience wasn't 12 any more
Didero: why is there so much junk in random pots here
brainbosh: does this version have fast forward?
owleyedman: I hope you all enjoy traps that give you status ailments!
Earthenone: weird dog
t3h_f1gm3nt: dats a big boy
MDK_Marshal: BIG fren!
Seleniumsulfide: Big doggo!
BusTed: rayfkWelp
MrVirite: ow
CanPlayGames: Bad doggo
Excalibur_1867_: cohhLUL
WiJohn: Time to grind!
cassaclyzm: holy moly
TXC2: cool game!
goatprince: [F]aram.
Nameless_Sword: yup big doggo
Seleniumsulfide: Good boy!
Coloneljesus: is the camera supposed to be so funky?
Therberus: And you're dead
HorusFive: Faram
QuantumTwitch: oops
betweenmyself: Whoopsie doodles riffYeti
Sorator13: Well, that was a quick game
Loonatic93: Well, time to start from the beginning. Perma-Death, right?
cassaclyzm: lrrWOW
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incslayer: adn that was the first time i died
Didero: Maybe try the other side of the sword next time Kappa
Scy_Anide: So, cannot pet the dog then.
owleyedman: The innovation!
BrowneePoints: Yea this is a very good remake
corefluxx: Zoomie Gacked!
beowuuf: thanks otto
SocraticMethod: @Coloneljesus Nope, but 2x speed is not doing it favours
FuzzyFozzy: Yeah… I always waited until I had extra party members for that one
epsilon_vee: otto saves, does he
Diabore: its clear now?
taeasakura: Thank you G for showing off the auto save feature
C_DOS_KEZ: having played a bunch of janky mid tier games lately... auto save sounds like such a luxury xD
urkleturtle: yeah autosaves weren't around when memory cards were still a thing
MrVirite: huh, that's interesting
Gaz_L: saaaand storm.... saaaand storm
kirbytronic: Also you asked earlier, if you click on techniques, yes you have Steal
traccer224: LUL game pretty ruthless if your under level or unprepared for certain parts
Leonhart321: Point of interest, we're not quite at the point where we can farm levels here if we wanted IIRC, right?
LordZarano: @Excalibur_1867_ It's half price in the Humble Store
Earthenone: !humble
LRRbot: LRR is a Humble Partner! Go to and LRR will get a cut of any purchase you make at Humble.
BrowneePoints: Honestly, this one is also probably one of the top 5 Final Fantasies Chat, so if you've never played it, give a try
TXC2: urkleturtle man auto-saves would have RECKED memory cards eh? ;p
Didero: You stole somebody's prescription eye medication
Didero: Wait, I didn't now LRR was a Humble Partner!
Gaz_L: i dunno why people say this is like an MMO *grinds for wolf pelts*
traccer224: yes ranged
margieargie: Um...
WiJohn: Oh god
doubledbear: lmao
WiJohn: That's worrisome
Leonhart321: O.o
MDK_Marshal: I look forward to seeing that on the Stream Highlights :D
mrMorphius: No wonder doggo is angry
QuantumTwitch: I was just going to ask does this have auto attack or do you have to button mash(never played the FF series games, only whatched it on tv :))
SocraticMethod: Greatest thief in the multiverse!
C_DOS_KEZ: G you have your own skin D:
nevermore913: he wants his skin back
doubledbear: Stole the pelt right off that wolf
wordnerdify: Perhaps he was holding a friend's pelt
AdamTheIndividual: yes most mob mats are for selling.
KaleidoscopeMind: ask for consent before taking someone's skin
TehAmelie: i don't know what is more concerning, if we stole the pelt off the wolf's back or if it was carrying one in its pocket
azureHaights: "I stole your skin!" [wolf re-enacts the music video for Rock DJ by Robbie Williams] "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
TXC2: Graham "skin thief" Stark
BrowneePoints: This is the first time with the Real Time Action system
BrowneePoints: first one*
SocraticMethod: What's more worrying, that Vaan stole the skin or that the wolf had two skins?
beowuuf: lucky shot
Didero: But you're a whole level higher now!
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MrTulip: the way FF thinks of pickpocketing is very unusual
margieargie: It had an extra skin its pack in case it wanted to change later
TehAmelie: so many licences, we could open a bar
Loonatic93: Inside you there are two wolves. And each of them has two skins.
brainbosh: Right, this game enemies dont drop money, you have to sell all their parts
red_shoes_jeff: FANCY HATS!?
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wordnerdify: ew, wolf bits
hamraffle: I would wait and get libra
Didero: Wolf Bits, part of a healthy breakfast!
C_DOS_KEZ: gotta put points into hat wearing. never know when you'll need to pull off a +15 m'lady check
TehAmelie: and you can only hold 99 of any one item, right?
TheMandrew: Wolf Bitzer?
accountmadeforants: How do Wolfbits compare to Timbits?
kirbytronic: This whole alley is shops of varying kinds
Earthenone: hi can a buy a katana? no i dont have a liscense
azureHaights: @accountmadeforants More savory, I'd imagine
taeasakura: @accountmadeforants Somehow chewier
margieargie: FrankerZ100 Wolf bits
TehAmelie: now serving at the parsonage
QuantumTwitch: maby you can trade some wolfy bits for som shiny metal bits
Nuurgle: the guy who owns the shop is Amall???
Skeletonman1100: That is one thing I like about FF12 is they show that some of the people in teh EMpire don't care for all the politics.
kirbytronic: Don't sell the Teleport stone
Leonhart321: So it's a fart stone then
SocraticMethod: You need to do the RE4 chuckle for full effect
mrMorphius: drafty pebble? pfft
kirbytronic: Everything else is sellable, I think?
Earthenone: it sells for 35 gil
Metric_Furlong: it lets you level up certain pokémon Kappa
KaleidoscopeMind: it did the thing
Skeletonman1100: Teleport Stones, Gyshal Greens, and one [Redacted] are allyou really need to keep.
Diabore: ol GUN
amative1: a GUN
kirbytronic: If you sell specific stuff you get a "special" item you can buy, but it's annoying to remember the order, so just sell the stuff
MDK_Marshal: Oi, 'ave you got a loicesnce for that gun
TehAmelie: a handgun costs less than a handaxe?
TXC2: altair as in the guy from Assassin's creed ?
TheElrad: can you dual wield dagers?
nyperold: A sword you can sit under in winter to keep warm?
Therberus: Ok G, don't forget that you get more loot the higher the chain level is. Also the chain level raises quicker if you DONT pick up the loot drops. The best farming method is to chain enemies of the same type, ignoring their loot drops until you hit max chain level
margieargie: Ah, need to get a gun license, fair
Earthenone: armor seems to be the play if we are getting one shot by dogs
QuantumTwitch: fancy hats
SocraticMethod: @TXC2 Altair is eagle in either arabic or persion, can't remember which
Earthenone: also we have an exposed midriff
Mangledpixel: boop
azureHaights: Wait... Altair means eagle, right? Was that guy selling us a Deagle?
TXC2: SocraticMethod neat
Mangledpixel: how Finals the Fantasy?
TehAmelie: ah, a kind of greed mechanic
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
doubledbear: "Can i buy a full shirt?
Seleniumsulfide: Are they dating?
baskwalla: Ah my favorite VAn Halen song: Panamis
Earthenone: can we block?
azureHaights: chrome d'leatheurs
MDK_Marshal: If a Squadron Hawk can wield three swords and a living battering ram, I don't see why Vaan can't
Alex_Frostfire: I think the guns are named after stars in this game.
Didero: This looks needlessly confusing
EvilBadman: Vann will light up in the top right if you have the liscence
SocraticMethod: @Alex_Frostfire They are!
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TehAmelie: i kind of want clothes made of leather and chrome
red_shoes_jeff: You need a license to wear clothes? Explains why there are so few shirts being worn.
kirbytronic: ass ass is in
C_DOS_KEZ: "hey! you got a licence for that shoe?" 'you'll never take me alive!'
Loonatic93: Chromed Leathers sounds like something out of Shadowrun or CP2020.
LadyLockwood92: Clothing 2: The Sequel to Clothing
KaleidoscopeMind: is a mage masher like a potato masher for mages?
Nuurgle: throw it back for the dagger
jonnykefka: and +10hp each
TheMerricat: So I was today years old when I found out that 'chromed leathers' was a real thing, and in fact 'chroming leather' is the most commonly used method of tanning leather these days....
Earthenone: they were selling a sheild, idk if we have the license to block though\
Nuurgle: @KaleidoscopeMind it is, but with a stabbing motion
andysoo89: Surely now you can beat that dog
QuantumTwitch: can you doubble dagger?
MDK_Marshal: I heard that if you go deep enough in the License system, you unlock the ability to wear 80's windbreakers
TXC2: TheMerricat wow really?
nyperold: 13 also had its guns named after stars, so probably.
TehAmelie: what level is leg warmers?
SocraticMethod: Yeah, chromium was an ingredient in tanning
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> Graham, Kathleen, and Nelson sit down to share their terrible ideas for Magic in 2023. Some, more terrible than others! It's TapTapConcede! ||
TXC2: TehAmelie 80s Kappa
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Skeletonman1100: lol
Skeletonman1100: this is too good.
Skeletonman1100: A LRR voiced game when?
kirbytronic: I love that Filo's weapon in the sequel is a hoverboard
JakeKamas: Thank you Graham
doubledbear: "Hey, Peter"
Vanbael: From pirate to Kronk
Mangledpixel: gotta get that voice all the way down in the thromborax
ghyllnox: Is that Kronk?
amative1: G, has anyone said you do a REALLY good Kronk (from emperors new groove)
Didero: Graham's done voiceacting before
red_shoes_jeff: @Skeletonman1100 We got part of the way there with Arcade Sprits.
TXC2: I mean Graham does voice in Arcade Sprits
TXC2: TheMerricat neat, thanks
TehAmelie: and FF7 Abridged
kirbytronic: What kind of RPG is this
Earthenone: J
RedNightmare7: I still got ideas for a LRRPG somewhere in my head. But ideas are cheat.
Skeletonman1100: @red_shoes_jeff I'll need to check that out.
Snowcookies: steal from the rich Graham, not the poor
malsareus: so sex toys then
TehAmelie: these merchants are funkier than the Dark Souls ones. but no laughs
Seleniumsulfide: Demented? He must be poor otherwise he'd be Eccentric.
Therberus: @malsareus or booze
t3h_f1gm3nt: @TehAmelie omg grahams performance as president shinra was one of my favorite parts of that
Faulpyr: I like to think that "Demented" means like Dave's Salesman
Kumakaori: why is this familiar: oh right the Unskippable for this was semi-recent.
Ridgenator: Thanks Yoda
Therberus: @malsareus or both
Loonatic93: Dr. Demented Medical Supplies.
TehAmelie: if we do find a Crestfallen Merchant i'm gonna poo
Skeletonman1100: Well. . . they are orphans mostly from the war the ended like 2-3 years ago so . . .
Didero: ew
betweenmyself: My low prices have given me PTSD and I’m passing the savings onto YOU!
margieargie: Oh, don't want to get THOSE in the eye
TXC2: they have layers?
traccer224: LUL
red_shoes_jeff: I have SEVERAL QUESTIONS.
Bahumot: I think that's a reference to FF3, where your first class was Onion Knight
Greendrag13: Onion Bolts: a longshot of flavor!
Didero: Just a jar of money
kirbytronic: I'm also very glad they changed the thing for the Zodiac Spear in this game
jamesk902: If they're onion bolts their element should be selenium
Skeletonman1100: maybe they are like green onions so they are already long.
Stratavarius: I think my neighbor planted some onion bolts this year
TheMerricat: "The Onion Bolts are ammunition for crossbows in Final Fantasy XII. They are the weakest ammunition for crossbows without any special properties, but crossbows cannot be equipped without owning some kind of bolts. Owning the Onion Bolts means the player can use an unlimited amount, and bolts do not need a license to be equipped alongside a crossbow. The bolts are metallic for the purposes of the magnetize debuff present in the Vinuskar and Ultima boss battles. "
red_shoes_jeff: You stole Cynical Boy's live savings! No wonder he's this way.
Loonatic93: @jamesk902 I was going to say Sulfur.
goatprince: you now can't get the zodiac spear :( (in the old version anyway, lol)
azureHaights: Cynical Boy, Cynical Boy / climbs to the top of the pinnacle boy / what's he like, kinda snarky / Cynical Boy
TehAmelie: Onion in Steven Universe is handy with a harpoon gun, you know
nyperold: It's good to have a fussbudget. Some people go way over budget with their fussing.
jonnykefka: go off my dude
nickthecatbear: Annoyed by Pears
TheMerricat: "The adjective of onion refers to the Japanese metaphoric idiom of poverty, aptly named the "Onion Life", "peeling away one layer at a time and crying all the way". Alternatively, the term could come from the slang phrase "to know one's onions", meaning to be very versatile."
TXC2: it's not paranoia if it's real
jonnykefka: Oh, right, this version has the secret dev weapons. You don't need to get them but they are funny, mostly because they don't have a 3D model in the game
malsareus: it's not paranioa when you're in a ghetto
DiamondTiki: Must be a franchise
GDwarble: "Paranoid" is when you've got two Domino's pizza mascots, right?
SocraticMethod: "right down the road!"
SocraticMethod: "Boss weapons!"
Skeletonman1100: that mere-chant sure is de-mented
Loonatic93: Dr. Demented Novelty Record Shop.
GhassanPL: Hey, Richard Demented left a great legacy!
Skeletonman1100: Thanks honey.
TehAmelie: thanks, Kindly Girl
margieargie: Hey, not every map puts north at top!]
Sethalidos: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon trying to eat your face.
Earthenone: thank you for subscribing to map facts
t3h_f1gm3nt: @GDwarble boooooooo
Didero: "Pro-tip: South is South"
Skeletonman1100: FILO
nyperold: So he's just a show-off?
MDK_Marshal: Oh, quick check; does Zodiac Age do the same dumb thing as the original, where there's a few chests you must NOT open in order to get the best weapon later on?
Skeletonman1100: First In Last Out.
ArkhamArchivist: Dat Filo Doh
BigDaddyBland87: I remember playing the original of this on the PS2. Stopped about 3/4 of the way through because the grind just got annoying. 4 hours of progress followed by 4 hours of grind.
malsareus: stop weaponizing food
Skeletonman1100: @MDK_Marshal luckily no. ALso there are new better weapons.
DiamondTiki: It's the all-onoin based economy here in low town
TXC2: it's onionville Kappa
iris_of_ether: I presume like "Onion Knight"
arachnid654: I wish I could go to onion town
SocraticMethod: Bombs are like onions, they have layers.
jamesk902: Maybe they buy from Davos Seaworth.
goatprince: I think 'onion' is just this world's 'no name' brand
MDK_Marshal: @Skeletonman1100 Whew, awesome :D
beowuuf: not chalots of work where they're from
nyperold: Sounds like a tear gas bomb.
kirbytronic: Annoyingly, some of the characters get names after you talk to them
margieargie: "Onion bomb" sounds like a tear ga- yeah, that
t3h_f1gm3nt: @BigDaddyBland87 thats when i broke down and did the slime grind trick to level up overnight without having to actually play so i could bust through the rest of the story
red_shoes_jeff: Listen. Onion Knights are INCREDIBLY particular about their armaments.
Countzeroor: I think the Onion stuff is a Final Fantasy 3 shout-out.
Skeletonman1100: elementals wreck shop early game.
malsareus: he sells weaponized onions, who needs those
Seleniumsulfide: @malsareus Combat chefs?
corefluxx: Do they sell any other allium weapons?
Whattheheckarethese: Morning everyone.
BigDaddyBland87: @t3h_f1gm3nt I was way younger and had spotty internet at the time so I never figured out leveling tricks
TXC2: hello Whattheheckarethese welcome
t3h_f1gm3nt: @BigDaddyBland87 RIP
red_shoes_jeff: I could go for some flan...
Skeletonman1100: flans are easy to take down if you have magic. Elementals HATE you if you use magic.
malsareus: @malsareus I;m sure combat chefs can weaponize onions as needed, why buy pre weaponized?
kirbytronic: Even some of the ones late game, accidentally cast "cure" and you suddenly get hit with something out of nowhere
Skeletonman1100: me too. Flan is lowkey my fave desert.
Skeletonman1100: *dessert
TheMerricat: @corefluxx All of the onion items in 12 apparently are ammo, and from what I'm reading 'onion' is a dog whistle for 'poor peoples' in the games due to Japan.
Whattheheckarethese: Out of curiosity (sorry if this has been asked earlier), does anyone know if G plans to 100% the game?
TheDefiledPrince: Is that THE Vaan Ratsbane?
Ranakel: Aw yeah, pet that bunny
TXC2: Whattheheckarethese he does not
Earthenone: its his title :P
incslayer: @TheDefiledPrince yes of the New Hampshire Ratsbanes
Skeletonman1100: Old Dalan not wise, but he is well informed.
hippitybobbity: kind of a dilf
Skeletonman1100: yes Dalan is making fun of him.
ShatteredShamrock: I might be stupid, but people do gossip
SocraticMethod: I really like the Persian/Babylonian architecture style of Rabanastre. Very few games use them.
Seleniumsulfide: @malsareus Maybe they have a family at home and don't have time due to taking care of their children and supporting their partner as they go back to school?
margieargie: If it's not yet, that's a way you get last names
Countzeroor: Is it just me, or does anyone think of the Monty Python sketch about the alien Blancmange whenever they see the Flans?
Snowcookies: I think it's cos he kills local rats
objectivefailure: Keeps petting this weird rabbit.
incslayer: i can only hear the crazy high shaman from Fallout 2 when this guy talks
doubledbear: Vaan is a glorified rat catcher
ArkhamArchivist: That's Vaan Tomatobane to you, buddy
taeasakura: I like to think his last name is Halen. Vaan Halen benginO7
goatprince: they magicked my stone!!!
ThatOverkillGuy: why am i getting ads for NFT's
Whattheheckarethese: @TXC2 Ooh, is he at least getting all the espers?
TheDefiledPrince: Yeah, it's because slaughter's rats in the sedwer
Snowcookies: dude
BusTed: tqsFlower
TXC2: Whattheheckarethese I don't know about that
Lysander_salamander: Hell folks.
ThatOverkillGuy: is this guy just HIGH as fuck
Whattheheckarethese: Fair.
TXC2: hello Lysander_salamander welcome
ShatteredShamrock: Oh Boy!
Earthenone: onion bomb those dodongos
malsareus: uncalled for dodongo violence
Skeletonman1100: Wait dodongos? Are we bombing them?
amative1: but can you do a duck walk?
Lysander_salamander: Hi hello
TehAmelie: off to stab some wildlife for fame and fortune
ThatOverkillGuy: is this the remake that has the grind sped up?
azureHaights: @Lysander_salamander hello yes i am a hell folk
TXC2: Squid Allah we are off!
SocraticMethod: @ThatOverkillGuy Yes
malsareus: you are child?
ThatOverkillGuy: ah yes
Lysander_salamander: Huh, I can see how some of the devs that made this went on to make FF14
ContingentCat: @malsareus 17 years old so kinda
Loonatic93: Can you spin Fidgit?
ThatOverkillGuy: this is my 2nd fav FF game right below 9
Whattheheckarethese: Ayy! Spend up mode.
ShatteredShamrock: that gate seems wholly impractical
TehAmelie: that's a cute little hat
Nameless_Sword: teleport you say?
MonteTribal: its just oranje flavored
Lysander_salamander: always about the crystals
kirbytronic: Yes
gualdhar: wow, FFXII is so modern they have murder box/fax machines!
Nuurgle: I want to teleport to Cancel, why won't it let me??
doubledbear: Who needs skyships when you can teleport to major cities
Skeletonman1100: eveyr time you teleport yes it requires a teleport stone. BUt saving is free.
Whattheheckarethese: It's the Tang flavoured stone, you see.
TheDefiledPrince: Lick the crystal Graham :V
Snowcookies: bunnes
red_shoes_jeff: I dunno, but I want 'em!
Lysander_salamander: extremely fluffy kangaroo rats?
incslayer: the giza plains? so we are suddenly in actual egypt?
GhassanPL: Water does
TheDefiledPrince: Those are bunnies
TXC2: "what are those" comes up a lot it seems :p
ThatOverkillGuy: he didnt lick the crystal, this run is doomed
TehAmelie: huge The Barrens mood here
nyperold: "Hi, yena!"
Juliamon: Hyena drops wolf.. pelt...
azureHaights: "I wasn't even supposed to be here today lrrAWW " --Haida
Whattheheckarethese: Oh right, buying powers.... Must resist urge to bubble.
jonnykefka: WoW, the difference is this place has content
t3h_f1gm3nt: WoW i think
MrVirite: BUNNEH
incslayer: this cant be the barrens there is no racial slurs in the zone chat so this is clearly NOT barrens chat
Jovh11: Oh wow, Hope Estheim from critically acclaimed RPG Final Fantasy XIII is looking well in his later years
jonnykefka: do not mess with the bunneh
GDwarble: I think almost every enemy in this game shows up in FF14
saucemaster5000: That was a hyena in wolf's clothing
red_shoes_jeff: I WANNIT!
GDwarble: Including that "rabbit"
doubledbear: Moth rabbit
MDK_Marshal: Oh, the larval stage of the Vierra!
BigDaddyBland87: it's so cute...KILL IT!
Seleniumsulfide: How big are its teeth? Are they sharp and pointy?
accountmadeforants: Is that a rabbit or a moth?
Saphling: Giza plains music is super good.
GDwarble: You can get one of those as a pet in FF14, IIRC
azureHaights: @accountmadeforants yes
Nuurgle: not aggressive, but still killable...
TXC2: accountmadeforants yes
objectivefailure: @accountmadeforants Yes
accountmadeforants: azureHaights Love it
ShatteredShamrock: As I get older I find I leave passive enemies alone more, unless i absolutely need their drops
beowuuf: does not want to find out, will not lrrEFF around
chaostreader: Steal from the rabbits?
Lysander_salamander: looks more like a moth. I guess this is one of those things where "rabbit" refers to an alien creature that fulfills the ecological niche.
TheElrad: can you steal pelts from the rabbits without hurting them?
jonnykefka: Steal counts as aggro
GDwarble: Does Giza have the upsetting crocodiles?
Invitare: they're also not scared of you... does anyone hunt them in this world? Or are they horribly toxic?
NewJerseyTV: So how long are you planning to play this Graham?
lannersong: it's an absolute godsend
beowuuf: gotcha skin!
BigDaddyBland87: so is fast forward part of the base game for Zodiac Age?
kirbytronic: Yes
accountmadeforants: Before long you'll be clamoring for quadruple speed
ShatteredShamrock: CLAN NUTSY
GDwarble: Clan Nutsy also shows up in FF14
saucemaster5000: Deez
ToastedArts: Oh this game is great! Is this a first playthrough, Graham?
Skeletonman1100: you learn later on that some bunnies are evil and some are kind. depends on the area.
nickthecatbear: I love the moogles so much.
MonteTribal: moogle dis ntusy
t3h_f1gm3nt: CLAN NUTSY
jonnykefka: All the cartographers have hilarious names
beowuuf: nutsy's nuts!
Earthenone: if i remember right you can steal from sleeping enemies without waking them though
objectivefailure: Kupos are great in Ivalice
LadyLockwood92: 'You think you got it bad? I'm Nutsy'.
jonnykefka: Helps to have a map
Vanbael: Last name Nutsy, first name Deez
Snowcookies: nuts for the nutsy clan
DiamondTiki: Thank you Nutsy for telling us about the Lightning Balls
urkleturtle: i did nutsy that coming
Skeletonman1100: Cartographer's Guild moogles are the best.
Mangledpixel: 'elps to 'av a map
ShatteredShamrock: Nutsy's also the default clan name in FFTA iirc?
TXC2: "the name's Nutsy, Deez nutsy"
niccus: just a little proud lad
t3h_f1gm3nt: yeah nutsy was the default name of your clan in Tactics Advance
doubledbear: I always think of the vulture guard from Robin Hood named Nutsy
kirbytronic: Nutsy is a reference to Clan Centurio's English name in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Loonatic93: Doreen Green, prominent member of Clan Nutsy.
grandchickenlord: “It’s what my parents named me, I have to keep proving it in court”
Jovh11: That's a lot of lines. There's nothing very plains about this map
BrowneePoints: same
DiamondTiki: Man, me too
Therberus: I thought nomads were people that kept their calm...?
saucemaster5000: such a good show
TheDefiledPrince: cirLaugh
Seleniumsulfide: @TXC2 Double-O Ballsack
Nuurgle: fuck, Dark Crystal was so GOOD
Lysander_salamander: Freaking netflix and their algorithms
Whattheheckarethese: Yes... Jinn. This will go well.
ShatteredShamrock: Penelo is just stalking you
baskwalla: Best place to get rompers
margieargie: Rude!
BigDaddyBland87: always expect the worst
DiamondTiki: Vaan, famous for being good all the time
TehAmelie: zomg a party member?
Lysander_salamander: are these, like, teens?
SerGarretCameron: party member 2, get!
Whattheheckarethese: Ah, Penelo. Who's ultra's are... medium.
Therberus: What class we making Penelo???
owleyedman: I've always thought that her leather onsie looks REALLY unconfortable
jonnykefka: Penelo is a natural-born white mage or red mage
Didero: Party time!
TXC2: Penelo can the upper half of you face move AT ALL?
SocraticMethod: @Lysander_salamander Vaan is 17
goatprince: (she's good at magic)
doubledbear: Ok maybe we can take on the big wolf now
ShatteredShamrock: @TXC2 can anyone in this game?
Earthenone: her large mp and small hp sugests mage
ExitPursuedByABear: I love telling people who they are
cuttlefishman: Is Penelo more or less of a MC than Vaan?
GDwarble: @Lysander_salamander Gonna be honest, I assumed he was, like, 15 at most.
TXC2: ShatteredShamrock touché
TehAmelie: clearly her expected path is white mage, so. . .black mage?
SocraticMethod: Penelo is 17 in US version and 16 in Japanese version
jonnykefka: her magic growth is also v. high
SpleenLord: Time Wizard!
samu_btdp1985: white mage?
nyperold: Much more convenient than taking a Moonstone, going back in time, placing it at a specific part of the world, going forward in time hundreds of years, and picking it up again.
GDwarble: @cuttlefishman Less, she's firmly in the "level-headed childhood friend" camp
TheElrad: or red mage?
incslayer: how about that archer mage character?
ShatteredShamrock: split the difference go RED
Saphling: I always put her as a Monk
MrVirite: time mage?
TheDefiledPrince: Red mager?
kid_flashionable: I usually do black and monk for her
kirbytronic: I like to give her Monk/White Mage so she can be a Dancer
Icarus865: I'm sorry, what is a "Time Battlemage"
Bahumot: I went Black Mage with Penelo, did not regret it
cuttlefishman: @cuttlefishman we anime now
IntegralHamster: There should be a special option, Bench Mage :p
Skeletonman1100: I have her as a time mage and its pretty sweet.
Didero: Close your eyes and spin the wheel? Kappa
Whattheheckarethese: @Icarus865 Haste and stuff.
jonnykefka: she's also very good at that
LadyLockwood92: Let. *clap* Penelo. *clap* Bonk. *clap*
Bahumot: Time Mages are great
PigmyWurm: oh you can hit x to see what it has (not sure if you noticed it before, I didn't)
Leonhart321: Za Worldo
goatprince: time battlemage is a bad early job
Lysander_salamander: Just once I'd like to see the main characters being in their 50s. Like, their kids have gone off to college and they're feeling restless, let's go defeat the demon lord.
t3h_f1gm3nt: i think my last playthrough i did make her a time battlemage and it was fun
jonnykefka: time magic is more a mid- to late-game thing
Critterbot: Time battlemage sounds useful.
mochabeanie: give panelo a GUN
azureHaights: So what you're saying is... time flies like an arrow.
Icarus865: That is much less exciting than I was hoping it'd be
TheDefiledPrince: Make 'er BONK fools! cirSlain
TXC2: so not like the people from Wanted?
nickthecatbear: crossbows and *bending reality*
Invitare: why even bother with the crossbow?
KaleidoscopeMind: zoomie magick
beowuuf: i mean you almost don't have to say the other as the one implies it Kappa
McGurganatorZX: oh cool sphere chess board
incslayer: give her a gun
jonnykefka: Time mages are very weird
kid_flashionable: Havng her be able to do long distance attacks like with black mage or monk is always nice, especially against flying enemies
woodlandfell: this just feels like tactics with more polygons
Nameless_Sword: oh i just noticed the boards are shaped kinda like the star sign symbols
jonnykefka: Red mages can basically just do everything
beowuuf: @TXC2 oh no does the timing line up for that?
GDwarble: @woodlandfell A lot of the same people worked on both, and they're in the same shared setting
woodlandfell: nice
Whattheheckarethese: @jonnykefka not as well as any specialist.
corefluxx: Strangest game of chess I've ever seen
TXC2: beowuuf wanted in two years after this game
WiJohn: !humble
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jonnykefka: @Whattheheckarethese yeah, but early game it's very helpful.
beowuuf: ah
Cavemanhar: I think I made penelo my white mage to start
Genie_M: lots of lp to spend
Whattheheckarethese: Ha.
ShatteredShamrock: Maybe monk is the move then, since presumably they get unhanded? OH NVM
Therberus: Have nothing to equip: finds stuff to equip
mochabeanie: LOL
kirbytronic: And remember, if you want, you can just change the license board at the Clan Hall later
Therberus: Don't they sell spells and stuff?
SerGarretCameron: monk has a staff license, I think.
doubledbear: Monks are for the weapon poor like us
Saphling: Penelo
Didero: Can you respec later?
urkleturtle: return to monk
Whattheheckarethese: Remind me, outside of rabbit ears, the girls are generally the magic specialist in this game, right?
kid_flashionable: Honestly, you can't go wrong with most combos, its whatever you feel like if you're not min/maxing
Earthenone: time to buy. that. pole
Bahumot: Yup, you can respect.
Sethalidos: woololooo
Darleysam: "wields a crossbow and bends time to their will" sure does bury the lede somewhat
Nuurgle: you can already give her a monk weapon because they have unarmed
thecornishwriter: obtain pole
TheMerricat: @Lysander_salamander So for a lark, I just did a google search for JRPG's with adult cast and found a reddit thread asking for games of that nature. After an initial post listing games that just _included_ characters that were in their 20's, the entire thing devolved into people arguing about what age you had to be to be a boomer....
Mangledpixel: time to memorize those liturgical hours
Saphling: I like her as a character, and her attack animations with the poles are good
kirbytronic: Unarmed you want to save for a bit later when you've made it stronger
GDwarble: @Whattheheckarethese In most FF games
Nuurgle: ah yes, Paul Oakenpole
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bojuka_pog: Oh hi Graham
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Valbatross_: I just finished bravely default last night and the oaken pole spends a weird amount of that game doing ridiculous damage
Skeletonman1100: Yeah the 2H weapons in this version give you a boost to evasion since you can't use shileds.
Seleniumsulfide: You never know when you might need a Pole. What if there's a hidden gondola section and you don't have one?
Skeletonman1100: *shields.
Greendrag13: Boulder chickens! <3
Whattheheckarethese: Ahh. Cockatrice. Cuties.
Jovh11: That's no choccobo
Invitare: are they... backwards?
Kumakaori: SO Lemme Giv it Scritches!!
TheMerricat: So chat, does anyone else get "onlyfans" vibes from the profile picks the party screen uses?
TehAmelie: a crossbow can launch a bolt every 10-15 seconds with a lot of effort, but imagine with time magic you could cut that down to, let's say, 0
goatprince: look at all those chickens!
TheDefiledPrince: @woodlandfell A lot of Ivalice Alliance folk worked on this and tactics, it's a shared continent of sorts and one of the few FF games with a shared world with a few others
KaleidoscopeMind: imagine a spherical chicken
Gekyouryuu: if she were a byzantine monk, as opposed to a fighty monk, we could call her Penelo-priest
Nuurgle: WHAT a trice??? this is a children's game!
BigDaddyBland87: Man cockatrice much tamer here than Witcher 2
BigDaddyBland87: 3
Skeletonman1100: @TheMerricat I get head shots for a talent agaency.
Nuurgle: @KaleidoscopeMind turkey?
GDwarble: @Lysander_salamander FF14 only has two major characters who aren't adults, and...uh...hmm...
Whattheheckarethese: Oh.. right. Tactics.
Kumakaori: automate that combat~
Earthenone: its too bad penelo wasent there for all those cutscene deaths at the start, those pheonix downs would have gone a long way
SocraticMethod: Transmat firing!
Skeletonman1100: Not fully. You can only turn them on or off here.
incslayer: lets new orleans this lass
t3h_f1gm3nt: time to learn programming!
Nameless_Sword: gambits? time to throw some cards at people right?
Foxmar320: Did someone say Gambit? Is Drifter around?
Nuurgle: Gambit? should have made her a Rogue
Didero: the heck's a gambit?
saucemaster5000: Would someone please turn my gambits back on, been gambitless since 2005
paronomasiac042: time for macros: the game!
jonnykefka: You can't actually modify them
jonnykefka: yet
Leonhart321: Now we can get the game to play itself
ShatteredShamrock: I loved Gambits! I just wish I could get just a liiiitttle bit more minute with it
azureHaights: "tufts of phoenix down," because it's always someone's first day to realize that phoenix down is down feathers from a phoenix
jpost042: Drifter?
bojuka_pog: What is this? Chess ?
TheDefiledPrince: Transmat firing?
kirbytronic: I think for the moment you just have the option to turn them on or off
TXC2: "now we can do Gambits" Said Rouge
Faulpyr: Man, I was really trying to get the gambit system in like the last two games I worked on... but I couldn't get the higher ups to bite.
traccer224: gambits automated combat controls
Skeletonman1100: Gambit have been added to the COMBAT menu not the MAIN MENU
Bahumot: There might be a specific menu button for them
SocraticMethod: Do you have to be in social space?
jonnykefka: You can turn them on and off, for now. When you get back to Rabenastre and buy new ones you can actually use them
incslayer: ahh i was hoping for this to turn into a mid 2000s coding tutorial
Whattheheckarethese: Oh, is G aware of loot chaining in this game? Or is this backseating?
TehAmelie: as i recall you buy and find new gambits about once per minute at the start
Skeletonman1100: yeah this section of the game is quite boring cause you miss out on what makes the game.
Nameless_Sword: owl bear!
traccer224: We run from those
Lysander_salamander: Oh right the automation of the npcs
Seleniumsulfide: Mothman?
Nuurgle: The Ur Strix
TXC2: "so today we're going learn about For loops..."
TheDefiledPrince: @incslayer Don't worry, we'll get there cirSlain
bojuka_pog: Oh I remember seeing these in Caelid
Skeletonman1100: you can take them, you have two people.
LithelyUnshod: Owlbear?
Juliamon: Whattheheckarethese Several people have brought it up already, I don't know if G is paying attention
Alex_Frostfire: Ursa/strix. Literal owlbear.
GDwarble: "Urstrix"? That's a hilarious way to say "Owlbear" without breaking copyright
wordnerdify: Big birdmen
morgoth_bauglyr: Urstrix means Owlbear i guess
GDwarble: Ursine Strix, hah
ShatteredShamrock: i see FFXIV Vatu have gone on a diet o3o
morgoth_bauglyr: Ursa Strix
Saphling: the werewolves are what you gotta watch out for. urstrix aren't too bad
FuzzyFozzy: I think those are okay to fight, it’s the werewolf things you wanna avoid here
CaptainCoriale: just about the only JRPG I've seen with middle-aged characters is Yakuza 7
urkleturtle: same
BigDaddyBland87: yea I was the same
Nuurgle: I went through the same thing
Whattheheckarethese: @FuzzyFozzy Like those!
GDwarble: I never liked the gambit system, honestly. It just leaves me, the player, with nothing to do.
lirazel64: One thing I like about your playing style is the willingness to not fight.
Lysander_salamander: gambits does sound kind of fun
Earthenone: weird dog
Leonhart321: Yeah, it's one of those things that once you know how it works, it becomes more essential to know
wordnerdify: Run run run!
incslayer: where wolf?
Critterbot: Yeah... FF turned away from turn based combat after X.
Seleniumsulfide: Where castle?
morgoth_bauglyr: weeeeell
Saphling: yyup
TheThirdTail: Aware Wolf
t3h_f1gm3nt: the gambit system sucks in the early game, but once you actually get the more useful ones, its a whole fun time trying to optimize them
bytecaster: I'm not quite up on Kingdom Hearts lore. When was Goofy promoted to coding teacher?
kaziel0: Ooops.
ShatteredShamrock: so you think you can take on 2 legged wolves eh?
niccus: are you aware that you're dead
traccer224: LUL
MrVirite: Red names
CptMurphey: hm
Lysander_salamander: ok good to know
Therberus: Were wolf? There wolf
saucemaster5000: her reign as a leader was short
kaziel0: "We don't fight those..." yet!
hammith: Squish
CptMurphey: rip
Genie_M: gambits+ 4x speed are a good combo
BlueChloroplast: rip
red_shoes_jeff: Beware Wolf!
Sorator13: Yeahhhh, can't fight those yet
incslayer: pro tip graham avoid the where wolf
Cavemanhar: they do have a sword the size of an adult with tem
TheDefiledPrince: Good night cirPls
Cavemanhar: them
goatprince: graham did you do the thing
ShatteredShamrock: you'd think having less legs would make them weaker, but it only allows them to use weapons
Whattheheckarethese: Ahh, autosaves.
GhassanPL: What would be the best Final Fantasy for a person who doesn't really like classical jRPGs?
Alex_Frostfire: Werewolfs are so disorganized. If they were better organized, they'd know where.
WiJohn: Mistakes were made
ogundiety: Avoid the there wolf!
SocraticMethod: And the game's propensity for murdering MCs continues :D
TheMerricat: Clan Rank "Moppet"? :D
Skeletonman1100: But what about why wolves?
Diabore: yes, because they know not to fight the werewolves
EvilBadman: yeah 12 just dropping a widow maker mob in low areas
FuzzyFozzy: The owl bear things are nowhere near as nasty
TXC2: "children tend to avoid the wearwolves"
hammith: Nomad children are born at level 20
red_shoes_jeff: The children know better than to poke werewolves, sir.
Invitare: that's what happens when you leave town without a partner Pokemon
Darleysam: they're just warewolves, trying to sell you stuff
ShatteredShamrock: they let their children out in that place with stones specifically designed to absorb Light and "radiance" from unstable rock formations
Therberus: Them kids just built different I guess
nemryn: everyone always asks where wolves, nobody wants to know how wolves :(
WiJohn: Children are all required to attend the safety lecture on save points
Seleniumsulfide: @Darleysam Like what? Tooth-sized facial piercings?
Thandres: but what if you get lucky and dodge all their attacks for the whole combat
Greendrag13: @Darleysam Yeah. Life insurance!
Earthenone: horse!
mochabeanie: spikey horse?
goatprince: nah
SerGarretCameron: yes, yes we do.
Invitare: the dark crystal radiates a brilliant dark
MrVirite: is the name red? :D
Earthenone: sleiphnir?
Gekyouryuu: every time Vaan dies, the next one has more a's in his name. by endgame we're on Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Saphling: horse is ok
Whattheheckarethese: Ehhh.
Diabore: you can try and fight it
TheMerricat: I would assume that anything bigger than a rabbit we run from ATM :D
ogundiety: It does not seem threatened by you
kirbytronic: It's name color gives you a hint on how hard the fight is
Nuurgle: yellow name
TheThirdTail: That horse doesn't have 8 legs
nyperold: Does it? I haven't seen that film.
LithelyUnshod: Loki's baby
TXC2: Loki's child
bojuka_pog: Loki's son
Invitare: how many legs does it have?
Whattheheckarethese: Killable, just don't aggro another.
NonjaBiru: Can Fight Horses Club
SerGarretCameron: oh, its name is only yellow, it could be ok.
kirbytronic: In the corner
Saphling: name is in yellow so it'll be a bit of a challenge
FuzzyFozzy: If the level label comes up as ??, you run
SocraticMethod: Welcome to Can't Skin Horses Club
Saphling: names in red are bad news
Skeletonman1100: FYI if the name of an enemy is white on the screen after targetting them that means they are roughly your level. Yellow is slightly above and Red is WAY ABOVE.
Didero: Let's go stab a horse
MonteTribal: odins horse is missing a ew legs
incslayer: sleipnir the horse with 8 legs so that it can always rest 2 pairs of legs and therefore run forever
ShatteredShamrock: who gave this horse armor!?
Invitare: booo Sleipnir should have 6 legs
Seleniumsulfide: Stay over there wolf
WiJohn: Steal its skin!
bojuka_pog: You can't Sleipnir, there are ennemies aroung.
BusTed: We're /con'ing our enemies.
incslayer: @Invitare no it should have 8 legs
TXC2: 4 legs? is this a half off slepnir ?
Harvest25: Horse seemed chill
kirbytronic: @GDwarble Welcome to final fantasy
LurkerSpine: I played the entirety of this game and only have the vaguest recollections of it
SerGarretCameron: I mean, yeah, thats a very ff thing.
GDwarble: @GDwarble Nah, even outside the iconic ones, I think they just imported the whole FF12 bestiary wholesale, which is neat
Invitare: @incslayer 6... 8... what's even the difference?
Whattheheckarethese: Can someone remind me. Is the ultimate gauge connected to MP like in the previous version?
johnhelix: Most things are doable if you don't aggro the werewolf.
HaphazardHaberdashery: kid just took on 4 werewolves and is a little tired
TheDefiledPrince: @TXC2 We found them in the bargain bin half off too!
saucemaster5000: guess I'll die
incslayer: @Invitare 2, 2 is the difference
Seleniumsulfide: Whelp, he had a good run
ShatteredShamrock: he then immediately expires
amative1: but can one really explain The Situation?
mwlsn: elucidate the circumstances
LadyLockwood92: Stands up and immediately ragdolls like a Skyrim character
Invitare: where are the pyramids?
TXC2: !findquote explain
LRRbot: Quote #6568: "Ben? ... You know what, don't explain what you were doing." —Graham [2019-11-12]
incslayer: there is a draw mechanic? what is this final fantasy VIII?
ShatteredShamrock: hey kid, just touch that nearby save crystal, shouldn't that immediately heal your leg?
TehAmelie: blackbody radiation crystals, or "dark crystals" in fantasy speak, i guess
TheMerricat: I love how the game unironically, without winking, just refers to game mechanics and UI elements as if they were actually in the world itself.
Diabore: imma steal your bright
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ogundiety: steal my sunshine...
Leonhart321: The power of the sun, in the palm of your hand
bojuka_pog: Oh wow, we zoomin'
Skeletonman1100: Its RNG.
Invitare: so 3?
amative1: Bye Ina
red_shoes_jeff: "Hi Vaan."
fjordsword: boo
TXC2: die ina
Alex_Frostfire: I'm really hoping for sergeOffByOne
fjordsword: sigh ena
mwlsn: some kinda scrap
Skeletonman1100: oh yeah there are friendlies occasionally.
Diabore: bullying thats whats happening
accountmadeforants: Meanwhile, the rabbit moth's just chilling
traccer224: aye free buffs
ShatteredShamrock: ah he gave you protect how nice
TXC2: cool dude
Skeletonman1100: you cant
ShatteredShamrock: Bangaa good guys
Whattheheckarethese: You cannot.
Nameless_Sword: no talkie
MrVirite: no talk, only combat
Bahumot: That Banga hunter is the Real Main Character.
TheMentalMonk: you cant speak to him he's just there
kirbytronic: I forgot there were just random helpful npcs sometimes
Saphling: good Samaritans of Ivalice
azureHaights: Ah yes, my favorite british musician, Bry Eno
TehAmelie: no gab, only crab
TheDefiledPrince: I love how dude can just show up out on the field
Foxmar320: Rabbit the most powerful creature in the game.
MrVirite: @kirbytronic this and the fact that some monsters hunt eachother make the game just a little bit better
Foxmar320: Will mess you up im sure.
TehAmelie: praise the sun
rabbitgta: FBtouchdown
Saphling: DHX noise in reverse there
accountmadeforants: PraiseIt Wait, wrong thing to praise
TXC2: sun the praise ?
Whattheheckarethese: Like 5 minutes?
Skeletonman1100: a while.
TheDefiledPrince: @kirbytronic That's why adore this game so much, it was THE dopest shit I ever saw as a kid
goatprince: kill it
ShatteredShamrock: so like 2 mins
Diabore: i think its the stone thats sleeping
Nuurgle: let sleeping stones lie
Whattheheckarethese: Yikes.
Nuurgle: it's only a yellow name. you got this
h3rsh3yb4r: mr stark i dont feel so good
goatprince: and loot its corpse
TXC2: "you'd kill a man while he slept?" "well it's the safest way isn't it?"
SocraticMethod: Protect lasts 1 minute + 60% of vitality stat
Critterbot: Yellow name, should be fine.
kirbytronic: Now we can kill it
accountmadeforants: I'm waiting for the Slaven to HEEEY YOU GUUUYS
Nameless_Sword: gotta kill it now
Earthenone: you could always test my memory on stealing from sleeping enemies... or not :P
accountmadeforants: Oh, there we go
SocraticMethod: 60% of vitality stat times 1 second
Diabore: its only yellow name
incslayer: that thing has clothes?
TheThirdTail: Ah, I love the combo hit system in this game
TheDefiledPrince: Kick it's ass! cirREE
ShatteredShamrock: Who keeps putting equipment on these creatures D:
Foxmar320: Fire Stone! We can evolve Eevee finally!
nickthecatbear: caw-caw
TheDefiledPrince: Smokin' Sick Combo!
SerGarretCameron: I think the ideal chain target is something like 100?
KeytarCat: Oh hey, an owlbear
Manae: Ah, the progenitor of all Strix
AugmentingPath: ursa-strix, very different from owl-bear
kirbytronic: Can probably end the stream fighting Wolf Mom, if you wanted
jonnykefka: this game is very good at the Dark Souls thing of "if you can see it you can probably go there:
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ShatteredShamrock: w...why do we have to go back to jinn? we know it's charged
ogundiety: Good call!
TheMerricat: that was good instincts :D
TheDefiledPrince: Maximum sun POWAH! cirREE
Whattheheckarethese: City folk soft, G.
t3h_f1gm3nt: race me hannah
Manae: Having been away most of this stream... why do Penelo's boots each have their own pair of chaps on?
ShatteredShamrock: ah the Tina Belcher no arms run method
nyperold: So to reiterate, he teased werewolves and he HURT HIS LEG FROM TRIPPING.
saucemaster5000: immediately twists ankle again
Skeletonman1100: Yeah this kid grew up on teh plains.
Diabore: the kid with the broken leg wants to race?
amative1: Race me, Vaan, race me around the realm!
ShatteredShamrock: he's a speedster
10of9: Race me around the library!
TXC2: "Race me, Vaan, Race me around the desert"
Seleniumsulfide: RAce you? Uh.... caucasian?
accountmadeforants: Thanks for the Key Item!
Bruceski: "I injured my leg running from werewolves!" "My child's mind wanders sometimes."
h3rsh3yb4r: sun stone evolves sunkern into sunflora
flagonmaster: Elder sounds a lot like Bugenhagen in the LRR dubs
Skeletonman1100: the chests spawn randomly.
kirbytronic: I think they have a chance to respawn whenever you leave the area
Whattheheckarethese: Oh, is G aware of procedural generated loot?
ShatteredShamrock: Hahah, Osteoporosis
Critterbot: Some do.
TheThirdTail: they respawn, and some of them aren't 100% to spawn
saucemaster5000: loving the speed up option
Sorator13: Many of them do, yes
Skeletonman1100: Yeah so they can respawn and have diffferent loot each time.
jonnykefka: yeah, every time you go 2 zones away I think
kirbytronic: Unlike the original where they were just gone forever
Diabore: should we heal soon?
TheDefiledPrince: Ah arthritis, the worlds worst super power cirSlain
Skeletonman1100: @jonnykefka in this version its just 1 zone! 2 zones will respawn enemies.
DueRecompense: @jonnykefka SeemsGood
SerGarretCameron: yeah, there's a chest respawn mechanic.
accarrotate: i think you have to go two screens away for a chance for an area to respawn
goatprince: chests also respawn I think if you zone away 2 zones?
mwlsn: tuptuptuptup
jonnykefka: some chests are one-offs but most are renewable
kirbytronic: I don't actually recommend going back to Dalan yet...
MantisMind: my fav FF Pog
TXC2: is she hitting on us?
traccer224: She's not being subtle at all
GhassanPL: Damn, she be flirting haaard
TehAmelie: doubt it
ShatteredShamrock: Wait what? You said you were all clear for the day? YOU LIED
Bruceski: "My boss has been robbed blind but I had a good date."
Alex_Frostfire: Aren't they siblings?
accountmadeforants: Just killing some monsters, cool date!
TheMerricat: This is an interesting framing shot game....
Spacecarl: and hes just gonna go leap into trouble eh?
SocraticMethod: @Alex_Frostfire Nope
DueRecompense: Penelo is the Knight right? Giant sword?
Yelkco: the camera isn't being subtle either
Saphling: suuuuure
h3rsh3yb4r: maybe she's just canadian and being really nice
saucemaster5000: luke and leia made out too
Skeletonman1100: They are both orphans from different parents. They just grew up together.
jonnykefka: @DueRecompense Ashe is more knight-ish
Whattheheckarethese: Ehh. I got a "found family" kind feel from them.
MantisMind: the music is so good
Diabore: big d
Saphling: dalster
TheDefiledPrince: They're just street urchins they're a found family
jamesk902: The name of the place is Storehouse Five!
betweenmyself: *screen fades to grey* “Penelo was never seen again.
ShatteredShamrock: wait a second, he has a normal rabbit in his lap.... whats the truth here?
TheThirdTail: ive somehow never noticed that that isn't a cat on his lap
Skeletonman1100: The waterway is fine.
TimIAm: Oo I think thats where the cigarettes are
TheDefiledPrince: @TheThirdTail It's a Cabbit
Bruceski: Never noticed the pink skin rabbit wasn't a cat?
jonnykefka: there's a mid game boss you can find in that waterway that I *strongly* dislike
kirbytronic: I have a sudden craving for mexican
Skeletonman1100: The [redacted] inside the waterway suck balls.
TehAmelie: i think it's just the word choices but this dude sounds extremely like the shaman in Fallout 2
MantisMind: not a fan of waterway
amative1: "The choices are yours, and YOURS ALONE"
Invitare: "no I don't understand that"
Getter404: So... bring a flashlight
Skeletonman1100: Whoa an ancient solar powered device?
ShatteredShamrock: *indiscriminate bong noises*
beowuuf: thanks!
Easilycrazyhat: something something weird dog
Alephred: I thought that was a plate of ham on his lap.
goatprince: that's some wet laughing
SocraticMethod: I love turns of phrases characters have here
dasfr_: LuL
Leonhart321: XD
Diabore: answer my questions 3
Valandriel1: Stealth mission incomming? benginOh
Skeletonman1100: Dalan its just you.
Getter404: "Are you a city guard? Legally you have to tell me if you are a city guard."
ShatteredShamrock: "rabbit"
fiftymcnasty: Harvey?
accountmadeforants: "It doesn't even have compound eyes like regular rabbits!"
Skeletonman1100: @Valandriel1 "stealth"
Whattheheckarethese: Dalan... That's a tumor.
ogundiety: By the way, everyone else rabbidly excited for History of the World P2?
Lysander_salamander: Oh, it looks like a rabbit to you?
TheDefiledPrince: Roll perception?
ogundiety: (I am mostly reminded because Graham's bit sounded like a brooks bit0
Leonhart321: Meanwhile, at the plot
MantisMind: i cant remember his name
DueRecompense: snek atk
Saphling: Vosslerrrrrrrrr
Therberus: Oh look its that traitor
Nameless_Sword: hey i remember that guy, we saw him earlier
Whattheheckarethese: Oh hey! (Redacted) and (redacted).
jonnykefka: Vossler
Lysander_salamander: introduced abs first
TheNerdWonder: Happy that it's happening, less so that it's on hulu
LeonisCo: such mystery
SocraticMethod: And here comes the main character #4
MantisMind: Vossler hits hard
ShatteredShamrock: "put to death" you say, MORE LIES
LadyLockwood92: Love a good torso
goatprince: hot pink micro skirt? is this a protagonist?
malsareus: torsos are good, I keep my organs in mine
kirbytronic: @ogundiety Wait, they're actually making it? I thought the whole joke was that they weren't
traccer224: second coolest character honestly
KeytarCat: "torsos" is a generous description
doubledbear: This that better than in 10 where the cinematography is all butts all the time?
beowuuf: maybe it's having watched RRR recently, but i'm profoundly confused by the lack of spontaneous dance number
ogundiety: @ogundiety @kirbytronic History of the world Part 2 comes out in March, on Hulu. I am -there-
accountmadeforants: @ogundiety I somehow thought you meant there'd be a part 2 of the Bill Wurtz video. So not as excited as I was for that figment of my imagination, no :p
jonnykefka: @goatprince Her clothes are actually hilarious when you stop to look at them. They're basically several independent strategically placed bits of cloth that kind of look like an outfit
MantisMind: i love the kid thats one of my fav
Whattheheckarethese: @traccer224 I respectfully disagree, but you are welcome to have that opinion.
lirazel64: My torso is extra well-insulated.
Pharmacistjudge: Afternoon all. How’s the job?
Saphling: thankful to have this playing in the background while I suffer blitzball to get the Jupiter sigil in FFX....
TXC2: hello Pharmacistjudge welcome
TheMerricat: @ogundiety
TheNerdWonder: 10 episode series, not a movie, hope it holds up
traccer224: @Whattheheckarethese to each their own
Skeletonman1100: @Saphling my condolences. Hopefully it goes quickly.
kirbytronic: Plot
Pharmacistjudge: Working hard in the white mage mines?
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TheDefiledPrince: Can't wait for my fave duo to be introduced
Whattheheckarethese: @traccer224 Out of curiosity, whos' number one?
Skeletonman1100: @Pharmacistjudge I've actually be doing some blue mage/scholar work myself.
Nameless_Sword: absurdly spacious sewers
BigDaddyBland87: very detailed for a sewer
ShatteredShamrock: Rabanastre is VERY old, they've had time for development
doubledbear: Prettiest sewers this side of the nile
Narcuru: weird spot for a save crystal
Skeletonman1100: @TheDefiledPrince Fave duo and the OG main characters of the story.
TheDefiledPrince: @Skeletonman1100 Hell yeah!
TehAmelie: tomorrow is another way. water way
TimIAm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori, and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed). Game: Art Stream) at Mon 01:00 PM PST (19m from now).
accarrotate: all sewers should be the size of cathedrals
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: whats on Crossing the streams tonight?
Excalibur_1867_: Does this game have a "blue mage" type of job?
SocraticMethod: There are many ways to skin a rat
Saphling: is Rabanastre built around an oasis spring? so much water for a desert city
amative1: Hah... rat....
kirbytronic: Jackbox
Juliamon: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Skeletonman1100: @Excalibur_1867_ sadly no.
Therberus: A-macing
malsareus: we found a mace for our friend
traccer224: @Whattheheckarethese balthier of course
KBKarma: Keeping all the dudes away.
Excalibur_1867_: @Skeletonman1100 That's a bummer, thank you
Whattheheckarethese: @traccer224 Fair.
DueRecompense: rats and bats and bats and rats
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Bruceski: MAY THE RATS EAT YOUR-- sorry wrong game.
Seleniumsulfide: ROUS?
TheThirdTail: lorge ratto
Nameless_Sword: not quoite ROUS size though
Thandres: it is a rat of dire proportions
ShatteredShamrock: isn't that true for most "Dire" variants of critters
MDK_Marshal: I believe that in New York they call these "Rats"
mwlsn: here in the waterways you're unlikely to encounter a drier rat
TXC2: given how big modern city populations are, sewers really should be this size
kirbytronic: I forgot this trip through they replaced the usual enemies with the rats
doubledbear: If you have rats that big... that's pretty dire imo
TheDefiledPrince: @Saphling You should see the plains when it rains cirSlain
KBKarma: Oh cool, you can evolve a Fire Pokémon now!
malsareus: Elden ring rats being unimpressed
Cinominn: oh hello there, didnt know ff12 was gonna be a thing
Gekyouryuu: what color do you want me to dye your rats?
earlgrey82: Rats of Usual Size.
doubledbear: Though i bet they make great pets
Skeletonman1100: Most deserts have aquifers underneath them. you just have to have a way to access most of it.
TXC2: hello Cinominn welcome
kristian_fischer: These are the cleanest and most well lit sewers I have ever seen.
Seleniumsulfide: @earlgrey82 I don't think they exist
prince_infidel: Ever since dire wolves, dire is just used to mean big X
Nameless_Sword: that helps
Pharmacistjudge: Silly thing. Where I live there is a street named “Gauthier”. And in Cajun French it is pronounced. Go-Chay. So with Balthier. my friends growing up called him Bo-Chay
ShatteredShamrock: a..are you inflicting fear or something?
Whattheheckarethese: Level up! *Ding*
jonnykefka: it gets obscured by the logo now instead, but it's fine
LadyLockwood92: I think so.
DueRecompense: SeemsGood
dasfr_: theres a bar above them but its nice
jonnykefka: that's perf
Therberus: That side will cover up the command menu thouhg
SocraticMethod: Left side is in a way of subtitles
accarrotate: people have health!?
malsareus: ehhh, what's your healthbar really gonna tell us?
KBKarma: Seems cool.
ogundiety: Eh, if you're on the other side we can see enemy names and abilities using
red_shoes_jeff: Nah, we like an element of mystery!
Spacecarl: That may be over the text, we shall see
Seleniumsulfide: Wear the logo like a hat?
nyoomgoom: 👍
prince_infidel: I like this better
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kirbytronic: Your choice? you'll cover something or other most places
beowuuf: speech has been on that side?
doubledbear: Ah good, you adjusted your network bug
LordSaphni: could put the Logo under the mini-map too imo
Skeletonman1100: Yes the rats are confused here to make it "easier"
ShatteredShamrock: sewer gases confuse the rats
Nameless_Sword: confused by how big this sewer system is
Leonhart321: Well, he wasn't expecting to see you
MDK_Marshal: Somebody down here has a butterfree, i guess
Gekyouryuu: most politicians are, Graham
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Kumakaori: invert you in the top left ;P?
Bruceski: Silly game UIs not built for streamer HUDs
kristian_fischer: Confuse-A-Rat.
TehAmelie: hey, the less combat information we have the less we can backseat
KBKarma: A Zubat!
ranknullity: Adds to the suspense
red_shoes_jeff: Steeling? That's what WE'RE here to do!
Alex_Frostfire: "I am the lies upon which you sup!" Wait, wrong Garamsythe Waterway.
DueRecompense: broke your rat chain
MantisMind: Steal is good in this game and can put a gambit to it
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luke1x: thanks for playing one of my favorite Final Fantasy games!
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TheDefiledPrince: Now I have to play this again huh? Not that I'm complaining
TehAmelie: if (pockets loaded) then (steal)
kirbytronic: Not without gambits on
Skeletonman1100: he won't (yet)
AugmentingPath: TehAmelie no one in twitch chat has ever let a lack of knowing what's going on stop them from backseating
Gekyouryuu: having only known these characters from the card game for so long, it's nice to finally have characters to put with the names and faces
MantisMind: i played 200 hours of this on ps2 when came out
Saphling: stealing helps a lot to alleviate the chronic lack of gil I remember having in this game
paronomasiac042: haw haw, got your skin!
MDK_Marshal: Vaan couldn't steal from the rat (it believes all property is already shared)
ogundiety: 'I stole your flesh!'
BloodnBullets: thats uh... thats not called stealing
Skeletonman1100: you can't interact with objects if an animation is playing.
TXC2: !addquote (Graham) [now] I got your skin!
LRRbot: New quote #8423: "I got your skin!" —Graham [2023-01-16]
whittacre: You got a loisence for that sword?
TehAmelie: do we need a Dudesword?
Earthenone: not stealing from the steeling?
Pharmacistjudge: Im sorry sir. You don’t have a license to weird a pointy stick.
MonteTribal: the glow-y rat eyes is a nice touch
Pharmacistjudge: Wield
ShatteredShamrock: and Mooooore
hammith: Do I have to?
market_fresh_mold: Epic battle, FF , just killing rats in the sewers
Yelkco: rats, and bats, and adventure oh my
WiJohn: What's that smell you ask? Profit!
goatprince: kill it
Leonhart321: We have Rats, Bats and maybe a super special surprise for those lucky few
MantisMind: the toads are coming
Earthenone: feesh
SuperWriterAndy: "Sir are you licensed for that large sword
kirbytronic: Oh cool, rare spawn
Skeletonman1100: Rare game.
DueRecompense: funky fish
incslayer: its a fish
lannersong: rare spawn!
BloodnBullets: what? you never seen a fish before?
KBKarma: Shark thing!
nyoomgoom: cool fish!
TXC2: ah a skyfish
Angnor33: Fancy Goldfish is angry.
AugmentingPath: we're in the waterway, it's a fish, what's the problem?
Foxmar320: So steal from it
MantisMind: magic fish
lirazel64: Boss music!
SpleenLord: Use magic
kat2kool: Magic it?
MantisMind: always steal first
Pharmacistjudge: Vicious shiny goldeen
incslayer: @TXC2 we are in a sewer its clearly a sewer fish
accountmadeforants: The Razorfin has 6 fins for comfort!
KBKarma: It has a name!
TehAmelie: from the fishing trips grandpa forced me on, i can report any baby bass qualifies as a razorfin
KBKarma: It's Harold!
Seleniumsulfide: Get magic, then use it
LadyLockwood92: !advice
LRRbot: Never drink sea water, even mixed with fresh water.
saintguard: The magic of STEAL
johnhelix: The only thing I remember from playing this back in the day is that at some point I reliably automated all the combat and then my girlfriend at the time sat around for like seven hours walking around some hallways until I was horribly over-leveled. Good times.
SuperWriterAndy: do a barrel roll
MantisMind: poison LUL
TXC2: try pyromancy ?
fiftymcnasty: Steal its magic?
Saphling: the air piranha
KBKarma: Of course not! It's a fish, it doesn't have any pockets!
flagonmaster: have you been poissoned?
Ranakel: @fiftymcnasty That's n ot FF8!
Saphling: airngler fish
Countzeroor: Ooh, and it inflicts poison!
Pharmacistjudge: Who needs magic. You got drugs. I mean potions.
Snowcookies: just crit all your attacks
TehAmelie: fish don't even have pants!
Leonhart321: A Fish Scale? But what would a fish need to weight?
Nuurgle: Razorfin? I choose Fin
nyoomgoom: also cool fish!
Coaxtl: Just walked in. Will watch replay later but I have so been looking forward to this!
TXC2: Pharmacistjudge surely it's YOU who has the drugs? Kappa
Pharmacistjudge: Really I rather Raz.
Nameless_Sword: a single scale?
drfox17: oh good, i made it
TehAmelie: maybe about 5000 of those and we can build a fish
Earthenone: !findquote drugs
LRRbot: Quote #5124: "I think I still have time to buy drugs." —Kathleen [2018-06-29]
Skeletonman1100: imma make a casserole.
A_Dub888: Graham "Got your teeth" Stark
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DeathThirtyOne: lrrARROWS
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drfox17: Stopped playing the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV to watch Graham play Final Fantasy XII
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Countzeroor: Stealing from a Steeling? That's just silly.
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vial
MDK_Marshal: Teeth, teeth, teeth
incslayer: TEETH
BigDaddyBland87: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ContingentCat: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Cavemanhar: lrrCREEPL
Earthenone: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Pharmacistjudge: So. Your job is dentist?
MDK_Marshal: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Cavemanhar: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
FuzzyFozzy: I think those stones you pick up are kind of magic in a bottle. Use them to cast damage spells
MacSquizzy: Oh sweet have I caught day 1 of a new play it forward?
incslayer: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
AugmentingPath: steeling readies gnaw. Vaan readies nah
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Pharmacistjudge: Working all day in those teeth sewers
Prop_PT: Aero MOAT
luke1x: what is Vaan going to do with all those teeth
SocraticMethod: Don't you need arrow motes for the gambit?
DueRecompense: green health bars are non-aggro
BloodnBullets: just a wafer thin mote
Skeletonman1100: sell them to the bizarre people at the bazaar.
TehAmelie: it would be really funny if you could lower the enemies' attack and defense by stealing their weapons and armors, and it worked the same for the animal's teeth and skins
Leonhart321: We're all collectively going to make too many puns with the enemy names and drops, aren't we?
BigDaddyBland87: now 4 HP
luke1x: I think that is all twitch chat is good for us puns
kirbytronic: Yup. You're just beating up poor innocent creatures that don't wish you any harm
woodlandfell: ruined, start over
Alex_Frostfire: Puns, backseating, and judging people.
beowuuf: if they didn't want to be killed by a player character, whywere theyvisibly around minding their own business?
TehAmelie: bats carry a fantastic amount of diseases
TheDefiledPrince: And steeling their teeth cirLaugh
Mr_Horrible: the sahagin never get a fair shake sofieTears
SerGarretCameron: excuse me, those are xp pinata.
Greendrag13: And nothing says collateral damage like RPG
Thandres: the fish had their final fantasy and it was moments before they got brutally murdered
Skeletonman1100: There should be one up the stairs.
lirazel64: Is there a reason beyond my router why the stream has so much statx
KBKarma: Very Final Fantasy?
Saphling: point of no return for end boss here..
Ranakel: These stairs only have an up setting
luke1x: I feel like this will be a 30 part play it forward
BloodnBullets: if they didnt want to be beaten up they shouldn't have been full of xp and items
lirazel64: *static?
paronomasiac042: pweee!
Saphling: heck yeah
Nameless_Sword: now THAT looks like a leading man style entrance
paronomasiac042: franthier!
Leonhart321: Ah, the main heroes approach
beowuuf: woooooosh
garion99: ahh the main characters have arrived
Earthenone: ♪its now or neve-ar♪
luke1x: man this remake looks sooooooo good
Alex_Frostfire: Akira slide?
Saphling: oh hey our actual main character shows up!
jonnykefka: The leading man is here
Critterbot: The leading man! :D
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh look, the actual main characters
Bahumot: Meet Fran, the real main character.
drfox17: hi gideon emery!
Skeletonman1100: that shirt would be so hot in the desert.
Sorator13: Ahhhh, now we meet the best characters in the game
red_shoes_jeff: I'm being STEALTHY! HELLO!
Easilycrazyhat: Finally we can start this game.
brainbosh: Does that bike *ever* show up again?
TehAmelie: rhubarbubarbs
Prop_PT: re-bannister
Ranakel: You urned it.
Mal2mad: oh hey, Han & Chewie
iris_of_ether: R'bnnnnstrtr
Earthenone: its time for the main charicter to change again :P
Skeletonman1100: @brainbosh sadly no, but we do see similar tech.
TheDefiledPrince: It's the main character!
paronomasiac042: robin-stir
kirbytronic: Next Time: Heists!
Mr_Horrible: love to obtain a map of The Royal Palace Of Rabanastre
Gekyouryuu: I know they're the same franchise, but this game has serious ff14 feel to it
t3h_f1gm3nt: thanks for strem, G
flagonmaster: thanks for the stream G
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
KBKarma: Goodbye Graham!
RedNightmare7: Thank you for that stream, G
beowuuf: thanks for the stream!
grgriffin3: See ya, G, great start!
ContingentCat: thanks G
iris_of_ether: Thank you for the stream :D
eDRoaCH: thanks for the strim!
BlueChloroplast: TwitchUnity LuvHearts
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
TehAmelie: i'm excited too!
Bahumot: This was awesome Graham!
BusTed: 👋
Leonhart321: It's been fun, looking forward to seeing more
Excalibur_1867_: cohhL thanks for the stream
Juliamon: FF14 pulled a lot from it Gekyouryuu
Spacecarl: Thanks! excited to catch this!
beowuuf: same start each day?
Bahumot: Glad you're back streaming FF again :) !
Brozard: Thanks for the stream!
garion99: thanks for the stream.
KevinTheShark: Splendid
red_shoes_jeff: Bye Gra lrrHAM
Valandriel1: thanks for the stream! Save day benginO7
electra310: Thanks for the stream!
Sorator13: o/
beowuuf: woohoo, 6pm in the uk, good time :)
traccer224: CoolStoryBob cant wait hope you enjoy
Spacecarl: Graham FF streams are always great
TheDefiledPrince: See ya cirHi
RedNightmare7: I will try as much as schedule allows, otherwise will try to keep up with the vods
Saphling: fantastic! looking forward to it
Mr_Horrible: thanks for streamin', G lrrHEART
LurkerSpine: thanks for the stream!
Metric_Furlong: bye graham, thanks for the stream
LadyLockwood92: Thanks for the stream Graham~
TXC2: !patreon
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Earthenone: if this sparked you wanting to play it, it is half off on the humble store and lrr is a partner
BigDaddyBland87: I may have to stick with it since I never finished this game when I played it
LeonisCo: Glad to see you back playing more FF Graham :3
Earthenone: !humble
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TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori, and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed). Game: Art Stream) at Mon 01:00 PM PST (4m from now).
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KBKarma: Hey Graham, if you want to stream a Final Fantasy game, HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED MMO- *gunshot*
TXC2: DeM0nFiRe lrrHEART
Metric_Furlong: also, is nayone wants to help determine what's going on my to-watch list next, there's a very normal poll up
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lamina5432: I seem late
Riiiiiiis: @lamina5432 seem normal til me :-D
beowuuf: @lamina5432 right on time for horses club, 3 hours late for G, yeah
Earthenone: late for final fantasy, early for horse club
merlevum: @yalc321 Thanks for the gift sub!
yalc321: @merlevum benginDab
cuttlefishman: aren't blue mages time mages
Easilycrazyhat: ew
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TehAmelie: that was the 31st time i died
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Teeeeee-BUCK!
Saphling: woot
drfox17: ooo jackbox
DeathThirtyOne: i asked for 13 and I gort 31
beowuuf: cool
DeathThirtyOne: got*
BigDaddyBland87: Jackbox!!
cuttlefishman: All LRR Jakcbox or any guests?
cuttlefishman: Did I miss a tweet?
KBKarma: Night!"
beowuuf: bye!
TXC2: !discord
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TehAmelie: byee
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JakeKamas: Thanks for the stream Graham! Looking forwards to Wednesday
EvilBadman: Horses will have Cori and Az today, so strap in
Juliamon: (re: Mastodon, please be aware that the repost functionality may not be active as Twitter disabled 3rd party apps)
beowuuf: we are not ready for cori and az
TXC2: are we ever?
beowuuf: never ever
beowuuf: title change
Metric_Furlong: probably about time to close the poll
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Earthenone: lrrSIG
Sethalidos: @Juliamon also known as Musk thinks he knows things part 1e+147
BigDaddyBland87: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Piratical_tendancies: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
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Metric_Furlong: narrow winner: 'fringe sci-fi bootlegs' aka Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
beowuuf: chess sets? cool
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Can't Draw Horses Club is LIVE! Today @apsalar and @Azralorne are designing their own chess sets 📷 ||
TXC2: chess AKA "ha ha horsy go clip clop"
Juliamon: that was my guess for that one but then you said only one of them was from this decade so I though "oh, it couldn't be THAT recent" oops
beowuuf: aka can't draw horse legs club
Metric_Furlong: Juliamon ah, next levelled yourself, the classic error
Juliamon: I imagine it's too obscure to make the list, but is the canine one Dog of Flanders?
TXC2: Here we GO!
beowuuf: horse!
Metric_Furlong: Juliamon no, it was Coyote Ragtime Show
iris_of_ether: Horfse time!
beowuuf: hey cori! hey az?
TXC2: Hello Cori and Az
beowuuf: fooled!
Metric_Furlong: the other two options were Carole & Tuesday and Crest of the Stars
TXC2: only 799 more Azs to go!
Riiiiiiis: off to a great start
Metric_Furlong: oh, no, that was something different
TXC2: no blips, some blops?
beowuuf: LOL
TXC2: liiiiiiive beeeeees!
iris_of_ether: escher3BEE escher3ANGRY escher3BEE escher3ANGRY
beowuuf: 0.5s in, already perfect
ContingentCat: does this music have any intentional bees to keep an eye out for?
beowuuf: congrats, you will now be getting nothing but chess stuff for birthdays and christmas from now on
TXC2: so Yoshi Cheese piece?
TXC2: *chess
Lysander_salamander: hello all of you
Sethalidos: point of order a yoshi is a type of horse
beowuuf: clip clop studio would be more in line with the stream, stealing a joke from txc2
aiamethyst: my son has a mario chess set, it’s so hard to remember who is what
Metric_Furlong: right, gotta get going now. have a good stream everyone
beowuuf: !goodideas
Simonark: All rooks!
iris_of_ether: Fairy chess!?!?
ContingentCat: waluigi king peice
BigDaddyBland87: why are you giving us responsibility?
TXC2: so long Metric_Furlong stay safe
Camthelion: Hai Az! Hai Cori
beowuuf: perfectly normal crimes
Riiiiiiis: Az puts the Az in ChaAz
beowuuf: sergeHi bye metric!
fiftymcnasty: buzz buzz
Riiiiiiis: bees please
adept_nekomancer: Who *doesn't* want the bees?
beowuuf: liiiiiiive escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
Simonark: Cori's Mundane Mondays, totally this show's brand
iris_of_ether: escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY
Riiiiiiis: aww thanks
ContingentCat: PrideUwu yay bees
beowuuf: life?
Camthelion: capitalism' fault
ContingentCat: capitalism! our old rival
TXC2: it could even be in a boat!
Juliamon: lrrWOW
TXC2: please, Az is WAY more chaotic then Satan Kappa
Camthelion: Az is satan? That isi why I like them so much!
princess_intell: I'm here for crimes