xantos69: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (1m from now).
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stardusted_: hi friends
SpookySpaghooti: Magic time
Juliamon: lrrSIG because nobody else did
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Who likes Magic? It's us. @Graham_LRR and @WakeUpSuper are here for LRRMTG! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/Fm3g6ONaUAAkX2f.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1616195137658556416
LoadingReadyRun: @Juliamon phew!
BusTed: 👀
SpookySpaghooti: How is everyone liking the ONE previews? Tyrannax Rex has made my entire year
TomK__94: Hey gamers : )
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ThorSokar: cliffSpin cliffSpin cliffSpin cliffSpin cliffSpin
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BusTed: whatup
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laundreydhull: wit?
korvys: Hi!
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MegaDosX: We're here!
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micalovits: Hai!
laundreydhull: Hyyyyype!
accountmadeforants: Hello!
stardusted_: hiiii!! i’m so happy to see you all!
MegaDosX: Digging the beard Graham
jacqui_lantern234: HI G HI ADAM!!!!!!!! <3
laundreydhull: lrrADAM lrrGRAHAM
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cy0nknight: Hello!!
micalovits: Its us! Chat!
Brozard: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Sandeon: pineWave
stardusted_: i love my lrr button (:
Sandeon: A pox upon it!
Liliana_of_the_Valleys: hey gents, both beards are looking majestic today
laundreydhull: bedeviled chat, for Phyrexia_ALT_ONE becometh . . . FBtouchdown
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MegaDosX: "Give LRR button pls"
jacqui_lantern234: "LRR BUTTON NAU PLZ" :p
accountmadeforants: l button r button r
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WiJohn: Button sent me loadingreadyrun please!
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MegaDosX: Everyone's favourite dumbass
Brozard: please, my button
SpiffGames: he gon get norted
themcclintalk: I will be using Card Kingdom to put together my first Canlander deck now that I’ve managed to be lucky enough to pull a foil Force of Will from a Collector booster of Dominaria Remastered.
Natedogg2: Wait, we're selling fire?
MegaDosX: Compleated
Greyah: Actual genuine massive idiot, Lukka.
BusTed: rayfkKing
LadyLockwood92: Lukka's such a dumbass.
MrTulip: Everything must go, literally.
TomK__94: Get him before he’s gone!
laundreydhull: oh, oh! could buttons be new emotes on Twitch channel!?
mistycloud21: Poor Luca… touched the wrong animal.
Sandeon: Before this they had a Jayce and a Nissa deal days
laundreydhull: I missed the Nissa ones actually...
BusTed: He got The Fly'd
accountmadeforants: I fully expect Lukka's incompetence to somehow make things worse for the Phyrexians, like he did for the villains in Strixhaven.
MegaDosX: He bonded with a Phyrexian beast
stardusted_: lukka is kinda dumb sometimes
LadyLockwood92: Then bonded some more with it.
Greyah: Rest in peace, Dack Fayden the greatest thief in the multiverse. You were sadly replaced with Lukka, the greatest dumbass in the multiverse.
Falannt: hi everybody!
MegaDosX: lmaoooooooo
Nukified: boo!
TheWriterAleph: LUL
MegaDosX: Narrator: "He could not take it"
Nukified: yep he chose to be silly
lochnessseammonster: i know maybe not your jam, but adam you could do a very good lukka cosplay
Bugberry: Red planeswalkers am i right?
MegaDosX: Lukka, Giant Dumbass
Sandeon: The entire chapter showed his thought process shifting towards Phyrexian
TomK__94: Phyrexianized Lukka is objectively rad, so I don’t hate it, but also it just felt like it was in the story for the sake of it
lochnessseammonster: got the right look
BloodnBullets: Lukka will not be missed.
laundreydhull: LUL lrrSPOOP lrrKATHLEEN
jacqui_lantern234: Lukka, Coppercoat Moroon
Calaban161: We are losing 5 planeswalkers
jacqui_lantern234: Moron*
Sandeon: I can't believe Kathleen would be so hateful towards hammers
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IbunWest: setsuHello
ghizmou: that poor beast, fused forever to Lukka
samu_btdp1985: we are here baby
Greyah: Tezzeret, on the other hand, still managed to avoid being compleated. Because he knows it's a massive big bad nope.
EvilBadman: @Calaban161 Now, we gained 5
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themcclintalk: 5 cards, but more in story
LadyLockwood92: Chandra's in the next set.
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Calaban161: @Calaban161 Fair
MegaDosX: So the strike team was Kaito, Tyvar Kell, The Wanderer, Nahiri, Nissa, Jace, Kaya, Lukka, Koth, and...who am I missing
ShattergangEDH: heyyyy
9 raiders from ShattergangEDH have joined!
Narcuru: all ten showed up on plane
Piecrust9: vraska
MegaDosX: Vraska I forgot
Sandeon: @MegaDosX Vraska
MegaDosX: Yeah
lochnessseammonster: nooooo
MegaDosX: Vraska stabbed him with a scorpion tail
jacqui_lantern234: good riddance to jace, though vraska hurts
Bugberry: Jace has done the mind control thing 1 too many times at this point.
LadyLockwood92: Jace's Phyrexian form is so, *so* boring compared to the rest of them.
lochnessseammonster: ah ok we're good... they will get saved somehow PrideLaugh
xXAYAYAXx: low forward medium kick super
Sandeon: Vraska: "Jayce, kill me, I'm too far gone." Jayce: "No"
innerbeard: Ajani too
laundreydhull: like that Star Trek thing with Picard.
MegaDosX: :)
Nukified: wanderer is too wandering
jacqui_lantern234: @LadyLockwood92 much like actual jace :p
xantos69: The Wanderer is my girl. She must be kept safe at all costs.
Juliamon: lrrWOW
SpookySpaghooti: Hip hip hooray its Lukka day
MegaDosX: Kaldheim shirtless himbo
LadyLockwood92: @LadyLockwood92 You right
Seth_Erickson: He's from Kaldheim yes
MegaDosX: Also he's a total boss, it turns out
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snowb0und: Magic
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LadyLockwood92: The Himbo.
Seth_Erickson: He's got the strong skin
constablecrab: I just need to know if Glonk is safe!
accountmadeforants: Here's the pictures of all the planeswalkers in the set (the preview where nobody was compleated): https://media.wizards.com/2022/images/daily/dkSv1PQsUQAN.png
TS_Terrapin: Seannan McGuire (who did the story) LOVES Tyvar
frozenphoenix7: Tyvar is now my 2nd favorite planeswalker, and it's WILD
Seth_Erickson: how could they pierce them
uchihab7: tibalt as well in story
stardusted_: we do like himbos
TheWriterAleph: tyvar's out here punchin 'frexians and living his best life
MegaDosX: Yeah Tibalt also got confirmed to be compleated but he wasn't part of the strike team
Nukified: and Tibalt
BloodnBullets: Worse thing is this last person did the whole "hide the zombie bite" thing
LadyLockwood92: She has knives for hands now.
jacqui_lantern234: but what about Glonk?! i hope Glonk is doing well
BusTed: Last stand
MegaDosX: And she also did the "hide the bite" thing from zombie movies
SpookySpaghooti: Nahiri more like uh Swordarmiri
Bugberry: Nahiri is even less surprising than Lukka
azidbern95: the Phyrexians know SO MUCH about the Eldrazi now
frozenphoenix7: She got infected and did the "hide the bite" thing
MegaDosX: Do Phyrexians eat?
Brozard: With her MOUTH
jacqui_lantern234: with her mouth, adam
A_Dub888: do phyrexians eat?
SpiffGames: Have you seen teeth kite?
josh___something: Do... phyrexians... eat?
EvilBadman: Confidently
Foxmar320: Carefully!
uchihab7: and a carnage tyrant 2.0
themcclintalk: Sword Arm: Online
SpiffGames: There's a teeth kite
LadyLockwood92: Nahiri can no longer enjoy a sandwich.
DaFhaye: Like using chopsticks
Seth_Erickson: They do
Scar_Red_Tiger: tool assisted
Bugberry: Has any planeswalker pooped in a story?
Narcuru: Compleated Jace looks like JtMS
ThorSokar: phibblethip feeds her grapes
Shelvish_Fyshstic: Adam asking the big questions/
BloodnBullets: but im having pizza for lunch!
Sandeon: They eat to assimilate flesh into their own
Seth_Erickson: There's flavor text saying it's more horrifying to see them eat
micalovits: I can eat like a pig
korvys: Jokes on you, I'm going apple bobbing (not really)
constablecrab: You can’t spell compleat without eat
snowb0und: Compleated Jace and Vraska be like: “Hey, my girlfriend saw you from across the multiverse and we want to compleat your vibe”
bojuka_pog: Compleated Vraska's art is sick btw
ElektroTal: she's a wizard, bro. she magics a rock to lift her food
Sandeon: So they can eat with any part of themselves!
bytecaster: I bet they just compleat their food
lochnessseammonster: oh no i'm having pasta tonight... this will go badly PrideLaugh
Brozard: Sounds like you're getting pizza on your face then
laundreydhull: I don't think Phyrexians eat...
MegaDosX: James did this one
Tommadness: "What's going on in this thread?"
couchboyj: Kabobs. She eats kabobs.
IbunWest: Elesh Norn sitting down to enjoy a meal at Applebees
Greyah: I have seen a nonzero amount of LRR members eat a banana without using their hands. I believe in it being tricky.
Seth_Erickson: Lithomancy?
bytecaster: Lithomancy right?
Invitare: Geomancy?
Bugberry: Or she eats like Beej ate that cake that one time.
frozenphoenix7: Lithomancy
Seth_Erickson: is that what it's called
BloodnBullets: rock-kinesis
LadyLockwood92: Elesh Norn takes the kids to Dennys.
baskwalla: Maybe she only eats rocks
ChippTunes: 🤘
SpiffGames: Have you seen Serge's preview card? There's a teeth theme, apparently.
jacqui_lantern234: @baskwalla so shes a Goron from Legend of Zelda
TS_Terrapin: And Tentacles!
JacNol: Oh, you're on James's account
baskwalla: @baskwalla Makes sense to me
MegaDosX: I don't think they can reverse what's happened
accountmadeforants: "Hi, you might not recognize me because of my metal arm, but I'm Jace!"
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bytecaster: Full Metal Jace?
Seth_Erickson: Jace is boring as hell I strongly dislike his compleated form
MegaDosX: Like, Vraska has no legs anymore
laundreydhull: oh, that lrrJAMES endgame last stream.
jacqui_lantern234: lmao get hecc'd JAMES
rosesmcgee: Phyresis?
Juliamon: People were prepared to riot if Koth got compleated after being out of the picture for so long
josh___something: I'm gonna RIOT if Jace gets unphyresises
LadyLockwood92: They can undo the conditioning, certainly.
Sandeon: He got ran through
baronsamedi23: jace aka locutus of bland
korvys: That thing where he has plot armour
MegaDosX: He was also doing Something with the sylex before he finished compleation
laundreydhull: they're likely irreversible, yes.
ElektroTal: his new name is Jace the Snace Roberts
MegaDosX: And Elspeth took it and vanished
MegaDosX: So who knows?
BusTed: @ElektroTal 🐍
Brozard: His Jylactery?
ChippTunes: There’s gotta be some Teferi-based time travel shenanigans (again) that can restore some or all of them
Robot_Bones: Jace, Safe in his Mind Palace
LadyLockwood92: If Jace wipes his own memory, does he get rid of the brainwashing or does the Oil in his system reup it?
Scar_Red_Tiger: so he's just dissociating for an arc
MegaDosX: I think the only "happy ending" I can see is they keep their warped bodies but have their free will back
Bugberry: They could reverse it but keep long term effects, so it still feels impactful.
beowuuf: how will jace need to dunk on himself to release that other part of his mind this time?
laundreydhull: we assumed back in WAR PWs would temporarily lose their sparks.
TS_Terrapin: I suspect the most 'cure' is "you're no longer brainwashed, but still a techno necromatic monstrosity"
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tyrew0rm: they get restored but lose spark maybe?
jacqui_lantern234: imo there is NO CHANCE IN HELL they dont do the "haHA WERE ALL SAFE"
Seth_Erickson: Nissa seems like the coolest and strongest of the compleated walkers.
constablecrab: You think Jace did a Zappos?
laundreydhull: not sure if that's how it went down.
korvys: Speaking of wrestling, Graham, I assume everyone sent you Kenny Omega's Wrestle Kingdom entrance?
constablecrab: Zaphod
MrTulip: He's going to end up cutting all the metal parts off with the new capenna sword, just you watch
Molladia: PPR is this weekend right? Or are Spoilers heaps earlier than normal.
Juliamon: !ppr
LRRbot: The Phyrexia: All Will Be One PPR will be on 28 January 2023! More details: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FmZe8B1aAAAs_xf.jpg
MegaDosX: PPR is next weekend I think
Bugberry: They could end up like Echo in The Bad Batch. Messed up but still themselves.
korvys: Did you get to watch the match? It was phenominal
EvilBadman: And got the music
LadyLockwood92: Also I like that now that they don't have the element of surprise on Ajani they've just gone whole hog on the Elesh Norn vibes.
MegaDosX: Very hype for that PPR
azidbern95: same day as the Royal Rumble
laundreydhull: @molladia this one!? there's an Open this Saturday.
Juliamon: Spoiler season is usually 2 weeks long
jacqui_lantern234: @LoadingReadyRun wanna know what just popped back into my brain?! Ditto Otunga
ElektroTal: i was telling Jim all about Canada, so he should totally be prepared
Molladia: Which Lrr Peeps?
rustymugs: was anything done for dominaria remastered release
A_Dub888: Dittotunga
jacqui_lantern234: fwiw, im cackling at Ditto Otunga
Juliamon: rustymugs They will be drafting it tomorrow
itira: tqsSparkle magical
Narcuru: did the game freeze?
MegaDosX: Oh good I found it, something neat with the compleated walkers
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Molladia: Did James attempt to log onto his account from home?
EvilBadman: Good luck signing back into james' account
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deadlyvoicemail: what's this about lrr buttons
josh___something: It'd be cool if the surviving planeswalkers DON'T (fully) recover physically. Like, if Vraska just walks around now with the whole metal gorgon shtick, and a truckload of trauma. Because as much as I like jace to be gone, I LIVE for the JacexVraska ship.
MegaDosX: It's James' account, of course you didn't draw a land :p
Electrodyne: we're heeeeeeeeeeeere
laundreydhull: what if you go all the way with lrrJAMES pool from his account?
lochnessseammonster: lrrSHINE
thejadedthief: @ladylockwood92 thank you so much!
MegaDosX: I smell shenanigans
SpiffGames: That's my least favorite kind of voicemail
MegaDosX: Don't we want to keep the Hart to get lands?
brutusq13: Thanks for the gift sub!
iron_cclad: the mana art goes hard
roastbeefsandwitch: @josh___something You know there was that one episode of the Aladdin TV series where the titular lead and lady both became scary, spined worms as a means of proving their love to each other. So it's not like Jace couldn't undergo the same treatment.
betazed15: how do, lads?
jacqui_lantern234: ngl, its VERY tempting to make a fake account called "LRRSentMeButtonPlz" just so i can gift a sub to it
micalovits: Remorse is instant, so wait till they attack maybe?
TomK__94: Sorry if you’ve already said this elsewhere, but were any of the LRR crew on the creative text team for ONE?
Molladia: If you gain control does keep the attachment enchanment?
MegaDosX: Oh you're boned
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Feriority: The 63rd magic expansion was Born of the Gods
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type_variable: step 1 , ruin james draft
MegaDosX: And you can log into the LRRMTG account now :p
BloodnBullets: @Molladia it would, you wouldnt control any abilities of the enchantment but you would control any abilities it gives the creature.
micalovits: Arena having bugs? Whaaaat, nooooo
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deadlyvoicemail: y'alls content is like comfort food to me, love chillin with yall
Feriority: If you had been on the ONE team which Planeswalker would you have pushed hardest to get compleated?
Seth_Erickson: only a little
korvys: It's only free if you don't value your time
laundreydhull: lrrGRAHAM really sporting that 'Ragnarok' Shadow, eh? LUL
josh___something: "Free-to-play"
Nukified: alchemy rebalancing
TrickJarrett: Two of my favorite people, Hey you two awesome people.
WanderingWinder: I mean, at the same time, it's not like the company making the client isn't making tons of money off it
lackingsanity: they make plenty off arena, they can take some criticism
Seth_Erickson: I think it's fine to gripe a bit, but some people definitely gripe too much
QuaziK_: 750 HYPE
MegaDosX: Though it did flip into kill creatures, which is one of the more annoying ones to complete
Natedogg2: Is Kaldheim up? I thought it was Dominaira United?
Seth_Erickson: I do that all the time when I actually use Arena. It's like spinning the lotto
TrickJarrett: Hanging in there :) thanks :)
lochnessseammonster: i'm with you graham PrideLaugh seabatClap
Countjondi: Addam can´t see a good thing when it happesn 750 gang FTW
laundreydhull: @natedogg2 probably both?
phillipcharliedaniell: Me too G
ghizmou: that s pog gaming
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: I've wondered if I'm wrong for absolutely loving wing commando
laundreydhull: Quick DMU still in queue?
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: I'll take 4 if I can
Natedogg2: I think Kaldheim was Midweek Magic.
MegaDosX: Rude.
CaptainSpam: Ah, it is the magical times.
lackingsanity: better they used it on swiftspear than the commando
ghizmou: standard brawl was midweek
rustymugs: prowess is fun
MegaDosX: Wow.
lackingsanity: well nvm i guess
MegaDosX: Removal spell into removal spell from opponent
Nukified: both midweek phantom and event
Natedogg2: Well then, shows what I know.
tsp397: Uh oh, I don't think we have that many creatures
MegaDosX: Checkmate opponent, no recurring that Riposte
bytecaster: Is that event on Arena to commemorate Tyvar punching Tibalt?
MegaDosX: Oh that's right Tyvar kicked the hell out of Tibalt in the story
MegaDosX: Oh my god.
QuaziK_: opp is playing mono white SUPER FUN deck
MegaDosX: Weakstone it?
thebluecosmonaut: is this set any good
type_variable: I want them to know it was me
jacqui_lantern234: Cheer100 i know its not much, but here have this dollar and this reminder that youre both beautiful and valuable and loved beyond expression. youve both brought so much joy to my life
LadyLockwood92: "So many things. Now put my face on it."
thebluecosmonaut: theblu69FROG
bytecaster: "At the front, where everyone can see it"
Voidhawk42: "...Urza, how much sleep have you gotten recently?"
MegaDosX: "What is this 'sleep' you speak of?"
A_Dub888: "What part of 'Put my face on it' don't you understand!?" - Urza probably
rosesmcgee: "I want them to know who did this"
jacqui_lantern234: @Voidhawk42 "NO"
deadlyvoicemail: is that a Sean Connery voiced urza
JoannaTastic: I like that Graham's Urza sounds a bit like a Lorne Michaels impression
LadyLockwood92: @deadlyvoicemail Honestly...that's probably who I would have cast as Urza, personally.
TrickJarrett: Urza, the Lorne Michaels of the Magic lore is canon now, I'll let creative know
thebluecosmonaut: minotaurs 👀
MegaDosX: One. One mountains.
jacqui_lantern234: @TrickJarrett Urza, Lorne High Michaels
LadyLockwood92: Gas Gas Gas
Natedogg2: Wait, you guys have a plan?
darthgabri: Good Plan
A_Dub888: !findquote banger
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
thebluecosmonaut: bangers -> win
deadlyvoicemail: @deadlyvoicemail the real question is who would you cast as mishra
CaptainSpam: Sadly, they drew nothing but mash.
couchboyj: no Mash for me please deck
TrickJarrett: Mishra is Tracy Morgan
A_Dub888: Dang, LRRbot doesn't have any bangers
MegaDosX: They lose a powerstone this way
LadyLockwood92: @deadlyvoicemail Hmm...Nicolas Cage.
thebluecosmonaut: is there a tribal theme for assembly-worker in this set?
xantos69: "Hey Lord Urza!"
bytecaster: @thebluecosmonaut A little, you can assemble Expedia
Ammondale: no but theres a cycle of them based on the tron lands
jacqui_lantern234: lmao graham!
206 raiders from SergeYager have joined!
bwk789: Gix Lemon, can i google myself in your office?
MegaDosX: Raiders!
TheM8: Something Nice!
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ExachixKitsune: \o/
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SnackPak_: sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove
mantuka17: raid shadow legends
scuba_antney: We're not at all embarrassing!
TheMandrew: speaking of bangers, Graham, did you see what the tag team of Sheamus and Drew McIntyre is called?
SergeYager: hello
chrono2x: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
tidehollowcat: sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart
thebluecosmonaut: @thebluecosmonaut 👀
ExachixKitsune: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
BrookJustBones: sergeCanal sergeYak
Bugberry: Who's Gix in this scenario?
MegaDosX: Cooldown!
jacqui_lantern234: welcome Canal Friends!!!!!
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endstepexarch: I join stream and the first thing I hear is "mind grapes". glad to see it's business as usual
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Tandtroll_OG: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart we’re here to embaress Serge
TheAinMAP: sergeHeart_HF sergeHeart_HF sergeHeart_HF
CeeDreamer: sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart
chrono2x: We are supposed to say something about how Serge is such a great employee
MegaDosX: And you can start punching
SergeYager: i've told chat to be chill and not embarrass me in front of my boss
M0rm0n_Freeman: Did y’all play the free Kaldheim draft?
TheM8: have you guys seen the new hover myr yet?
CamazotzJr: Hello Serges boss! And Graham.
bwk789: @Bugberry Liz/Gix Lemon, can i google myself in your office?
jacqui_lantern234: @SergeYager too late, buddy, im already here! :p
darthgabri: But graham
rocketjohn: serge is so awesome and great and great and awesome and good at maths and stuff
DaFhaye: Sir Adam
darthgabri: What about elswhere flask?
MegaDosX: Oh my god.
jacqui_lantern234: decidedly mash
BloodnBullets: Remember: your here forever
bytecaster: Are you still riding that better Hover Myr reveal high, Serge?
hammybone_: i thought we were no longer on james's acount
M0rm0n_Freeman: @darthgabri it is unfortunately elsewhere
thebluecosmonaut: Cheer100 owo what are these
SnowBuddy18: well, it's fun dinger nonsense
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kdefinition: the two years, bud
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MegaDosX: Just draw the Blasphemous Act that's definitely in this deck
accountmadeforants: That's what you get for using James's account earlier :p
bytecaster: Right on time!
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NotCainNorAbel: Thanks for all of the great things from LRR and extended community. lrrSHINE
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GwGChronoBolt: definitely didn't just press and hold one 9f the cards in play to try and enlarge it
LadyLockwood92: Cheer100 Have some bits as penance for the fact that I'm now constructing a Brother's War fancast. Featuring Nicolas Cage as Mishra.
TomK__94: Serge!! I just watched some old North 100 championships on yt recently and i loved your casting+commentary
MegaDosX: Make three 4/4s with trample and haste
MegaDosX: That thing ends games
Sandeon: you're dead to Mountaiin
BloodnBullets: without having to pay for surveiling you could have full cast it. Damn.
MegaDosX: @BloodnBullets If they hadn't surveiled they wouldn't have drawn it unfortunately
corefluxx: Cheer100
A_Dub888: @LadyLockwood92 "I'M A PHYREXIAN! I'M A PHYREXIAN!"
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Al_Azil3: 22 months of ook ook and magic wheelerBanana
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gsyhiap: Funding nonsense? Don't mind if I do...
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Ammondale: sadly any mountain, any creature and frankly any spell kills us now
BloodnBullets: @MegaDosX I know, i said "having to"
MegaDosX: Both James' drafts too
Drathak: doogBurn
princess_intell: i do like those surveys
princess_intell: omg
korvys: And John Travolta as Urza?
TheM8: HUH?
LadyLockwood92: You're welcome for that mental image.
ElektroTal: Nicolas Mage
MegaDosX: You know he would sell the hell out of being atop that dragon engine
CommunistBakery: @korvys beat me to it
ArtemisHuntress: that doesn't sound like enough penance.
Ammondale: the trailers out for renfield, btw, it's pretty neat
darthgabri: Nicolas Cage as Mishra and William Shatner as Urza?
A_Dub888: @korvys I'm going to take Urza's FACE.... OFF
BraveKingMax: I want Ashnod at the main event of Mania
GwGChronoBolt: Cheer100 Cheer100 "we're gonna steal the Powerstone of Urza"
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tsp397: I think we drafted more than two
korvys: @korvys And put it on a Thopter
corefluxx: Nicholas Cage as Nicholas Cage as Mishra
baskwalla: James cannot be contained
MegaDosX: James wouldn't listen to us even if we did, tbh
NotCainNorAbel: Are you asking Chat to control James?
micalovits: All 4 in the deck
Nukified: you don't?
MrTulip: weeeell
narset6691: are you guys gonna try the kaldheim flashback draft?
narset6691: i played it yesterday, was fun :)
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tehfewl: 29? thats 1/3rd Nice 👌
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micalovits: Im pretty sure there are several cards that should be run, that he didn't in this deck
deadlyvoicemail: what music is this
baskwalla: While falling he drafted this entire deck
Ammondale: a remarkable amount of things have happened for such a low life total change
MrTulip: I wouldn't think that, but I guess you would know.
MegaDosX: Well.
baskwalla: James, no
BusTed: Cool draws.
MrSnooter: Lol
MegaDosX: That's now less lands to draw in the future I guess?
bytecaster: See, Dig Site is a perfectly reasonable card to run, it synergizes with Mishra's command, as a card you can pitch.
ThorSokar: James clearly cursed this deck
gsyhiap: A+ draws, would land again
Ammondale: is the James in the room with us right now?
eddieatthegov: did threats ever work for Adam? Really?
bwk789: Is james running 20/20 lands/spells?
LadyLockwood92: Ah, a pox upon the autotapper
Al_Azil3: Did James put 25 lands in the deck?
offbeatwitch: this shuffle is like how my match 3 last sunday went
MegaDosX: Yeah it's a strong combo
micalovits: It is very silly yes
thebluecosmonaut: what are they cooking.....
MegaDosX: Are they going to blow up our powerstone?
BusTed: 🤔
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits
MegaDosX: Spiderman pointing meme!
TheWriterAleph: back... and forth... forever
bytecaster: Just MIshra screaming commands at Mishra.
MegaDosX: Time for shell?
Brozard: Spider-Man, respect the hyphen
LadyLockwood92: I'm also picturing Cate Blanchett as Ashnod.
MegaDosX: Loran's Escape?
WhirlwindAbyss: Look a flying bull... KILL IT
MegaDosX: Give that Juggernaut wings
MegaDosX: Also that is an outstanding draw
micalovits: Oh boy, a flying juggernaut sounds scary
bytecaster: A random soldier on the battlefield: "Is that Juggernaut ... fyling?"
bytecaster: *flying
MegaDosX: Just slam, yeah
MrSnooter: If he blocked with the bull while it was flying and then sacrificed the equipment would it still block?
MegaDosX: OK question
eddieatthegov: lrrAWESOME Ve take zee Juggernaut... and add zee wings.
MegaDosX: If they block, and sacrifice the equipment, and it loses flying, does it still block?
baskwalla: @MrSnooter Yes, but trample would make all the damage go through.
MrSnooter: Interesting ty
baskwalla: @MegaDosX Yes, once blocking, still blocking
MegaDosX: @baskwalla That makes sense, just wasn't sure if something weird would happen there
baskwalla: @MegaDosX I hear ya
Loonatic93: Your opponent may have had very bad luck... for future ref.
A_Dub888: !findquote phone
LRRbot: Quote #1298: "I'm a phone..." —Paul [2015-12-16]
MegaDosX: What even.
Diabore: end of context
darthgabri: Has anyone translated the phyrexian info text? LUL
josh___something: Ah... So paul is telling you nonsense then.
MegaDosX: You have a Refractor?
Athelgar: my phone from 8 years ago doesnt remember shit
Diabore: @darthgabri yes, i just dont remember off hand what i was told it said
ghizmou: I remember flying men
geail: I feel the same Adam
EvilBadman: Welp no context on the quote either
Athelgar: there i s anew hovrmyr
MirrorTwin: I loved Twiddle
SirMorek: i'm kinda alright with one drops being not complete traps
Ammondale: bop and llanowar elves were in alpha dude 1 drops were not bad then
geail: I miss when all cards were either broken or bad
MegaDosX: Rude.
micalovits: Rude
Diabore: @Ammondale yup, 2 cards in a whole set mean 1 drops werent bad
bytecaster: @Ammondale I don't know if Alpha counts. I hear there are also some great 0 drops in that one.
geail: frevanRude
MegaDosX: Island now!
MegaDosX: Yay!
WhirlwindAbyss: RUDE
Wolfstrike_NL: still rude!
MegaDosX: Opponent you need to be stopped
rustymugs: my phone does not seem to like arena it crashes after every other match
micalovits: Rude, but not quite as rude
geail: frevanRude
JeremyDevoid: are they mono-fight cards?
MegaDosX: Huh.
Diabore: aggro
BloodnBullets: heyyyy quit it!
darthgabri: Stalwart beatdown
LadyLockwood92: OP. Slow down.
MegaDosX: I don't hate it
xantos69: They came here to drop elbows.
nimrickz: do it.
Diabore: no trust
MegaDosX: Uh oh.
MegaDosX: Well, you can kill the 4/4
xantos69: Command here is real good.
MegaDosX: And punch for seven?
F1SHOR: yout at 8 I don't see why they wouldn't attack haha
BloodnBullets: baloth does something when targeted right?
Natedogg2: It says "up to X", so you can discard 0.
MegaDosX: They do only have the one card in hand
Nukified: yes they might, you're at 8
RayFK: "Hello class, I'm Mr. Stark and I'm here with 10 tips you NEED to know if you want to live as an influencer"
geail: gigaboOtsDino1 gigaboOtsDino2
MegaDosX: I think we need to blow that up now
Getter404: Sorry, all I could find was "You can't arrest me, I'm the Cake Boss!"
bytecaster: @RayFK Will the number EIGHT surprise me?
accountmadeforants: Here you go, Graham: https://i.imgur.com/yYYnKLZ.png
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NotCainNorAbel: DO school still bring in parents to talk about their jobs?
RayFK: Tip 1, constant fear of outside forces.
RayFK: Tip 2, blind luck.
Diabore: huh, sure looks like a lethal threat
RayFK: Tip 3, never tell your audience your parents were rich.
accountmadeforants: I mean, you could still tell us that. Doesn't have to be true.
Diabore: @NotCainNorAbel (from a decade ago but) when i was in highschool it was going into my parents work and doing a report on it
Loonatic93: "Wing Commando"? Someone call Mark Hamill!
xantos69: Draw a second burn spell.
micalovits: I think we stern lesson? Try to find the tap enchantment thing?
chrono2x: Stern Lesson and hope you have artifact destruction?
NotCainNorAbel: @Diabore I have heard about that (didn't know that still happened). I remember when I was a wee-lad a bunch of parents came in and told us about being an X.
Diabore: @NotCainNorAbel again, a decade since i graduated but thats what i did, no idea about (grumble grumble) kids these days
Ammondale: oh
MegaDosX: WOW
xantos69: Absolutely NOT!
Diabore: HA
thebluecosmonaut: yeeeesh
thebluecosmonaut: 🥶
Nukified: that was terrifying
jacqui_lantern234: get got opponent
MegaDosX: That was a massive overreach by the opponent
Diabore: opponent wanted to "had all these" us
MegaDosX: If you live a turn it'll give you time
Diabore: take flight? maybe?
Seth_Erickson: think you lose take flight yeah
Phosfur: Powerstone for lantern?
xantos69: I 100% pitch the land and bank on just drawing 1 next turn. But then again... I live dangerously.
MegaDosX: Oh right powerstones you can do both
4 raiders from Weslyphon have joined!
MegaDosX: More raiders!
jacqui_lantern234: anybutt, im taking off for commander night. later nerds whomst i love aggressively!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
micalovits: Hope to draw the weakstone subjegation maybe?
MegaDosX: Or you can Explosion the 6/6 and block it and kill it
dragon1472: sick play negating that porta=l
chrono2x: Is explosion a sorcery or an instant
MegaDosX: WOW
micalovits: Easy game, easy life!
MegaDosX: @micalovits How does it feel being psychic?
Diabore: @micalovits mod this chatter!
MrGibberish: @micalovits Called it
xantos69: This man is gaming at maximum force.
jacqui_lantern234: literal actual wizard!!!!
MegaDosX: Good thing you can pay for that
passwordlost_hereiam: Opponent played themselves big time
Seth_Erickson: @MegaDosX Explosion is sorcery
MegaDosX: !card excavation explosion
LRRbot: Excavation Explosion [2R] | Sorcery | Excavation Explosion deals 3 damage to any target. Create a tapped Powerstone token.
chrono2x: @Seth_Erickson Thanks
Ristow: i think you attack now too
MegaDosX: Oh right it is, my b
Diabore: and a 1/1, for spite reasons
spawnofhastur: a pox upon the autotapper?
A_Dub888: !card machine over matter
LRRbot: Machine Over Matter [1U] | Instant | This spell costs {1} less to cast if you control an artifact creature. / Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand.
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fox_of_forest: It's Magic with two men with beards! Congrats Graham!
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Diabore: we have machine over matter, i think we win next turn
MegaDosX: You...might do this.
xantos69: I end step burn here.
Diabore: wow, feel kind of bad for op
MegaDosX: Oh my god
JocelyneAnne: GGs
chrono2x: WOW
jacqui_lantern234: winner winner chicken dinner!!!!
micalovits: Got there!
BusTed: seabatClap
WhirlwindAbyss: Nice!!
accountmadeforants: seabatClap
Natedogg2: Wow, nice.
baskwalla: wow, that draw
MegaDosX: Turns out that Portal was a huge misplay
xantos69: GG, G
BraveKingMax: ggwp
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SmoreThanAFeelin: GG!
tsp397: Nice!
Narcuru: wow gots some lucky draws there
dragon1472: POG pomatoRAVE pomatoRAVE pomatoRAVE
JocelyneAnne: They got hoisted by their own petard.
kapunkt: Nice one!
offbeatwitch: 7 wins!
chrono2x: Because they tried to style on you
ThorSokar: composGG composGG composGG composGG
Lazarus2511: GG
bytecaster: I bet they really regret that Portal to Phyrexia now
AstraNata: seabatClap
Wolfstrike_NL: GGs
Athelgar: sergeGG sergeGG
the_spider_bucket: Beautiful
mrMorphius: lrrSHINE
darthgabri: How the hell?
Natedogg2: We have Gathered the Magic.
sxesuperstar: Sheeeesh
cobthegreat: is a winnable like a lunchable
Dr_4_EYES: nice
Wiliart: It ain't over till it over.
insanecat6mtg: sergeGG sergeGG
Ristow: usually casting Portal to Phyrexia is not a game-losing play in this format
spawnofhastur: yo dog lemme ponder dat orb
bwk789: lrrFINE
Diabore: clean 7-2
A_Dub888: lrrCIRCLE
thebluecosmonaut: seabatClap
MegaDosX: You were dead in two turns and they tried to "had all these"
passwordlost_hereiam: Not quite DoB but still
Diabore: not dead on board but very close
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BloodnBullets: TBH they probably hadn't played it yet, I would have cast it too just so I had once
lackingsanity: I need one for commander but it's surprisingly pricy
Diabore: snow
Wolfstrike_NL: o/
MegaDosX: That game was a reminder to always give your opponent the opportunity to make a mistake
narset6691: YES
YeomanAres: five color snow
chrono2x: Take the good cards?
Diabore: snow is how you draft kaldheim
bytecaster: Pick snow
Natedogg2: RW aggros was strong.
Al_Azil3: All in on Tergrid
Nukified: I tend to take too much land
Pharmacistjudge: snow and more snow...with a side of snow
offbeatwitch: take every runestone champion. it'll definitely work out
Countjondi: Snows, elves, and snow elves
narset6691: i played a draft last night, went 5 and 3
brunomant_: Force elfs
narset6691: was fun
Ammondale: snow was strong but honestly solid any drafting is good
Calaban161: The chariot
DAC169: Kaldhiem aipOMG
thebluecosmonaut: pick the egyptian god cards
darthgabri: Everything is fun and games until Koma
the_spider_bucket: WB double spell
MegaDosX: Take Esika lrrBEEJ
spawnofhastur: there's the weird 2/1 with 8 mana win the game stapled too it
bwk789: 5c esika gods pls
lamina5432: I got a tribal matters deck with a maskwood nexus first pick
Countjondi: BR sacrifice stuff is great in this format
RayFK: Snow doubt about it
Diabore: rw boast wasnt terrible
mazemindtom: I hope they return to kaldheim soon
Countjondi: ooooooohh Squash is gread
narset6691: raven! cawcaw
JacNol: I oopsed into BG stompy with Vorinclex in a sealed yesterday
RayFK: Raven is also good
Voidhawk42: Ooh, raven was great I remember
Seth_Erickson: I remember Raven and Fall being fine I think
Diabore: squash is also just good
MegaDosX: I think the UR archetype is giants?
bytecaster: Right, Squish is in this format!
MegaDosX: Gesundheit
rocketjohn: @RayFK did that come from the #wotcstaff big book of puns? :)
Diabore: @MegaDosX yup
mistycloud21: That’s win is worth the bits. Cheer100 Cheer100
korvys: UR is giant wizards
Countjondi: Squash is fine at 5, but it's BRUTAL at 2
EvilBadman: Cheer136 Draft the 1998 Minnesota Vikings
MegaDosX: Now P2P1 Quakebringer
bwk789: Was squash in Secret Lair: Feet?
MegaDosX: Also Aegar would be hype
Sage0fMadness: Kaldheim UR decks are some of my favorite limited ever
Ristow: that saga is quite good too
Aarek: Are you saying they might be giants?
Wolfstrike_NL: Green white had that fun pump troll
Seth_Erickson: Roshard 👀
Sage0fMadness: stride some bergis
MegaDosX: Also a giant for squash
DAC169: but there ARE giants that are wizards
Diabore: linda!
MegaDosX: Squash
micalovits: Beeeerg
DAC169: like him
ghizmou: that fits in the giant theme
Diabore: remember linda?
SirMorek: berg berg berg
brunomant_: Giant wizzard!
MurphEP: Imagine untapping, couldn't be me
spawnofhastur: i was always sad that they didn't give us a boat made of toenails.
accountmadeforants: Ravenform is also pretty solid removal in blue.
offbeatwitch: i love moritte
MegaDosX: Hey look a snow land
Diabore: @spawnofhastur i am increasingly grateful they didnt
accountmadeforants: (But since we're probably also red, not as big a deal)
MegaDosX: I seem to recall Run Amok putting in work
Sage0fMadness: doooomskar
Aarek: I love the "cool birds don't look at explosions" art
Diabore: @MegaDosX they never expect the third run amok
chrono2x: Go go giants
Seth_Erickson: The kinseekers are fine fillers as well
Ristow: Ox + Plow was a fun deck
MegaDosX: Kinda hoping you open an Aegar
thebluecosmonaut: im going back to college next month NotLikeThis
lion_byte: they studied the blade
BloodnBullets: but what if instead... Axe?
spawnofhastur: Went into retail, that made me go berserk
Pharmacistjudge: wizard school drop out
A_Dub888: Decided to learn a trade
saucemaster5000: Learned the sorting hat thought it was a hufflepuff
xantos69: While you were at wizarding school, this one studdied the axe.
Calaban161: The study just made them angry
accountmadeforants: Went to Berserkly instead
MegaDosX: !card aegar
LRRbot: Aegar, the Freezing Flame [1UR] | Legendary Creature — Giant Wizard [3/3] | Whenever a creature or planeswalker an opponent controls is dealt excess damage, if a Giant, Wizard, or spell you controlled dealt damage to it this turn, draw a card.
Desomas: Any LRR folks going to MTG Philly?
Funkbr0: MBA -> Master of Berserking Arts
offbeatwitch: that's a really big wizard
patbaer: A+
MegaDosX: @accountmadeforants OK that made me cackle, well done
Martin_FcG: Does Berg count as a muscle Wizard?
Diabore: yeah
MegaDosX: Yeah Aegar's uncommon
mazemindtom: Aegar is an uncommon, sure it will show up
korvys: There's a rare giant saga, I think
ShaneLeeAtk: Cool Bird
DAC169: flying giants aipLUL
MegaDosX: @korvys Battle of Frost and Fire, yeah
Voidhawk42: But with wings you can get a Giant Wizard Bird
Ammondale: lotta good green just passed towards us
rasterscan: Flying equipment always seems to "fly" under the radar during drafts
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun i like the flavour text on hawk
rasterscan: But it sometimes closes games
spawnofhastur: Graham I'm thinking of starting a game show. There are three doors, and you pick one. And then I open one of the ones you didn't pick, and you get the opportunity to change your initial pick. If you win, you get some really good wine. If you lose, you get bricked into a room and left to die. I call it: the Cask of Amontyhalldo.
A_Dub888: !birb
Pharmacistjudge: I will be at MTG Phily, but i will be judging
AngelicKnighthood: @spawnofhastur ... that's great.
saucemaster5000: What do you have to wash it down?
MegaDosX: Oh hi Vega
TomK__94: Wanted to go to Tolarian Academy but didn’t think he was good enough to get in, so he didn’t apply
DAC169: I had an opponent in this Kaldheim Sealed that had a Giants/Shapeshifters deck
xantos69: Am I allowed to spit?
Pharmacistjudge: umm...we're supposed to say Claw
accountmadeforants: I'd like to have the bat checked for diseases first, though.
SirMorek: even ozzy didn't swallow
MegaDosX: A second Run Amok?
itira: either way its still gross
korvys: There are also changlings, for more (and cheaper) giants
bwk789: Was it Ozzy or Gene Simmons?
SnowBuddy18: he did bite the head off, but he thought it was a fake prop bat
MegaDosX: Well.
saucemaster5000: Can we cook it?
DaFhaye: By all rights it would not physically be that hard to bite off the head of a bat.
lion_byte: @SirMorek bonk
thebluecosmonaut: 5000 australian?
MegaDosX: OK so red's open
MegaDosX: You just got passed three Run Amoks
lamina5432: I like the helm.
gnomebot1: i went to the first Black Sabbath Reunion Tour. They blasted out paper mache bats. I laminated mne.
SirMorek: oxen of unusual size
MegaDosX: Also another Squash
MegaDosX: I think red's reasonably open
bytecaster: Let's see if we can achieve the mythical 6 Squish deck
thebluecosmonaut: wait like a baseball bat???
Mr_Horrible: blessed by the Dynamic Duo on this fine MTG Thursday
MegaDosX: You have three Squashes
Diabore: another squash mayhaps?
mazemindtom: Mountain?
gnomebot1: I also just won a Kaladesh draft on Arena. I used a black splash blue life gain/loss deck.
Mr_Horrible: got enough Squash for a Fall ensemble
Pharmacistjudge: how high of a pick is snow covered island now?
MegaDosX: The asymptote of Berg Striders
accountmadeforants: 23
gnomebot1: 5 sounds about right.
ladyjessica: Oh no always beholding
Countjondi: I think it's 5
WhirlwindAbyss: you csan have more then 4 Berg?
bytecaster: 10 Berg Striders 7 Squash, perfect deck.
Calaban161: you need some more snow land
Angreed66: the point that you do nothing for 4 turns is a clear no go
bytecaster: Fill the rest out to your liking
Ristow: Cris Carter probably?
Loonatic93: Chris Carter, Randy Moss, Randle Cunningham
Wiliart: A Stark expression: Beard is coming.
ghyllnox: Your curve is quite weighty at the high end
micalovits: Stroke is also okay
thebluecosmonaut: randall cunningham GOAT
Loonatic93: Jake Reed. John Randle
EvilBadman: I dunno, I just googled "best vikings team"
MegaDosX: Keep in mind there's a real shot those Squashes are two drops instead of five drops
Pharmacistjudge: and you have 3 squashes
Mr_Horrible: @Loonatic93 2 Randy's on one team? There's gotta be a rule about that
Ammondale: frostpyre arcanist hits squash
33 raiders from unarmedoracle have joined!
MegaDosX: Even more raiders!
Luminaire_p: unarmeHeart lrrHEART
Diabore: i think we need to stay alive long enough to get to 5
SirMorek: i remember the best part of run ashore being that i could pick it 11th
TheAGuajardo: run ashore was really good if I recall correctly.
Wolfstrike_NL: O yea, Narfi was great!
gizmofreak1: Just got back from commander locals. It’s been forever since I’ve had good matches like today
Tzarl: howdy!
Loonatic93: Robert Smith (no, not that one) was also on that Vikings team.
Rourke9: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeHeart
Pharmacistjudge: So much Claw floating around
MegaDosX: Nobody wants Vega today
Tzarl: we were told to tell you to crush nerds
Angreed66: they are going to be 2 mana spells you can't cast till turn 4
Pharmacistjudge: except this pick
Diabore: pick on a flier ramps
Wolfstrike_NL: Ahw saga didn't wheel :(
Tzarl: wait kaldheim is back?
bwk789: aw saga didnt wheel?
accountmadeforants: Whelp, Giant Saga didn't wheel
Ammondale: rip someone else picked the giants card
narset6691: @Tzarl yesssss
Narcuru: saga didnt wheel
Calaban161: ox
gamercat88: squash is in this season
xantos69: Oh hell yea
MegaDosX: Call Mr Plow
Angreed66: Sometimes people take the uncommons if there aren't any good cards for their draft
ghizmou: worse case scenario it s a vehicle
Voidhawk42: She also a boat
Diabore: and the omenkeel is a thief
Narcuru: press your luck how many cards you want to draw
MegaDosX: Cosima is a learning comprehension text in itself
MegaDosX: test*
Sorator13: Each time you play a land, you choose whether to bring Cosima back or for it to have an extra +1/+1 when it comes back
MegaDosX: Also reading*
Natedogg2: You only get the counter if it's in exile, so you play it, exile it on your next turn, then play the land to get the counter.
MegaDosX: Wow I can't type this morning
fungal_bird: Kaldheim draft! He'll yeah!
Pharmacistjudge: Avalanche? I got a Mako Reactor i need destroyed
Ristow: it's honestly not terrible as a 2 drop 1/3 as well
erloas: you need wizards and giants too, right?
Pharmacistjudge: YEs, I can hold
Pharmacistjudge: you are not always be-holding?
CAKHost: !birb
LRRbot: Tweet, twe-twe-tweet, tweet, squawk!
Diabore: 3 mana to look at 6 cards vs 2 or 4 mana to look at 4 cards
MegaDosX: It won't have
Molladia: @Graham a 10th awful idea for Magic 2023, Keywork Propogate: Duplicate a token on a creature or player onto another creature or player. Similar to Proliferate.
fungal_bird: I like bird
mistycloud21: Old growth troll in the mix , ugh
MegaDosX: This curve is pretty funny
MegaDosX: This curve looks like you're drinking tea all fancy with your pinky finger out
Wolfstrike_NL: saga
rasterscan: Saga!
rasterscan: Aw.
KeytarCat: Craven hulk creature type Coward
gamercat88: big
fungal_bird: beeg
Mangledpixel: fork huts
MegaDosX: I feel like we almost add a land to a deck with a curve like this >_>
Diabore: yknow whats a great kaldheim card? svella, svella is great
chrono2x: Yeti is kinda meh
DAC169: cast Undersea Invader at the end of the opponent's turn aipEZ
MegaDosX: Also Avalance Caller and the Hawk
Diabore: cut the other run amok?
MegaDosX: Update basics?
roastbeefsandwitch: That's a high curve, but the spell suite seems decent.
the_spider_bucket: Squash tibal
fungal_bird: my favorite deck archetype from KDH
Fr0Dough: Have you thought of drafting "Big Breakfast"
MegaDosX: KHM
bwk789: thats kaladesk
MegaDosX: KLD is Kaladesh I think
fungal_bird: KHM. I get mixed up on it so odten
fungal_bird: often
adambomb625: The aurora islands are sweet
lamina5432: do you have the digital lands on the account?
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Juliamon: Pretty sure the original PPR slide for it had to be fixed for the same reason
MegaDosX: Digital snow lands
roastbeefsandwitch: I look forward to a MFK set, but I'm not sure what the acronym would actually spell out to.
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ThrinagaBattleheart: Hey LRRsmans! Glad to see you back Graham ❤️
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snortablecola: Hello Graham and Adaham, y'all are awesome, that is all.
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MilkInBags: I hope you both have fun drafting the Canada set
KeytarCat: So many set names bouncing around in that fuzzy head of yours, sometimes it's hard to find the right one
Diabore: !card bloodline pretender
LRRbot: Bloodline Pretender [3] | Artifact Creature — Shapeshifter [2/2] | Changeling / As Bloodline Pretender enters the battlefield, choose a creature type. / Whenever another creature of the chosen type enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Bloodline Pretender.
jmchap: if it is a variant
MegaDosX: I love that the Kaldheim board still has all the Christmas decorations
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xekonas: Time to do the magic thingies
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jmchap: can you not just chose it?
sblue333: ooo Kaldheim is back?
sblue333: I gotta draft birb
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: graham i love how the hair is coming in!
Mangledpixel: it is easy to mix up Kaladheim and Kaldesh
MegaDosX: Uh oh
Syntheticuh: the ff12 streams have been wonderful
nifleon: Cheer1500 Just got out of the ER/hospital yesterday only to hit the world's biggest pothole 30 seconds later, completely exploding my tire. It's nice to relax and recover to some live lrr that I rarely get to catch.
ThrinagaBattleheart: Used to be named ReploidArmada but switched
Diabore: youve inspired me to play ff12... again
MegaDosX: Next turn opponent plays a land, then Elvish Archdruid
MilkInBags: instead of god, i read cod
elkae: Milk worships fish confirmed
MilkInBags: 🐟
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #2: "The day I stream Minecraft is the last time I stream." —Adam [2015-01-17]
Molladia: I honestly thought it was a brand new FF game considering how pretty it looked.
Diabore: @nifleon fucking oof
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KeytarCat: Grayam and Adayam
itira: LUL
accountmadeforants: LUL
MilkInBags: mariana trench is the biggest pothole
laundreydhull: eek.
MegaDosX: Good lord
MegaDosX: I don't think that's a pothole anymore
elkae: Checkmate, atheists
MegaDosX: I think that's a crater
MilkInBags: absolutely shredded, dismantled
WiJohn: That's not a pothole that's a terrain feature
Fr0Dough: The biggest pot hole is Snoop dog, LOTS of pot down that hole
roastbeefsandwitch: that's one nice start for elves, wow
baskwalla: So it's an ocean
bwk789: thats a lake
sugarsh0t: anything but the metric system amirite
Pharmacistjudge: is that a pot hole or a sinkhole?
nifleon: wow, you really got me
Sorator13: At what point is it no longer a pothole?
LeonisCo: das a big pot
saucemaster5000: That's a lie I'm the biggest pothole
KeytarCat: sinkhole v. pothole?
DrThud666: I didnt realize that "pothole" was a scientific classification
ThrinagaBattleheart: I've been meaning to build more Commander decks - Myrkul, Atraxa, Giada, Thraximundar
TheMentalMonk: i think thats just a hole at that point
northos: a large pothole the size of a small pothole?
duke_dice: Hey Hey sidewalk slam peeps any predictions for the rumble? :P
MegaDosX: Spiderman pointing meme
mistycloud21: Did Graham draft Doomskar?
micalovits: We really want a mana
MegaDosX: They do have four mana with the Jaspera Sentinel
MegaDosX: Oh you're boned
northos: oh wow the large/small boulder meme was pre-pandemic
sblue333: oofa doofa
micalovits: Yikes
Martin_FcG: What is this deck?
ThrinagaBattleheart: LOL
Fr0Dough: oh no we suck again
Martin_FcG: haha
accountmadeforants: Boardstorm
adambomb625: umm
TheWriterAleph: lrrJUDGECALL
MegaDosX: Opponent somehow assembled Elfball in Kaldheim limited
DAC169: very rare that both players get Mana drought
ThrinagaBattleheart: BG elfball doing elfball things
adambomb625: WOTC, OP is clearly hacking?
Wiliart: I love that priest to end a game with my elfbal deck.
Martin_FcG: T5
fungal_bird: where's James when ya need 'em
MegaDosX: Harald
DAC169: yes
easterncaveofwonders subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 68 months!
easterncaveofwonders: I usually root for you guys, but I have to go with the elves on this one. Glad to see you’re doing better Graham!!
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sugarsh0t: definitely heard that as Alf deck
Diabore: harald
MegaDosX: !card harald, unites
LRRbot: Did you mean: Harald Unites the Elves; A-Harald Unites the Elves
TheMentalMonk: This just in, I misread that card and wondered why graham's raven was angry
bwk789: tyvar
BrowneePoints: Tyvar's older brother Harald
jmchap: King
bytecaster: Harald?
innerbeard: Kaldheim was such a cool themed set
LadyLockwood92: Tyvar's brother
Tzarl: there's an elf saga and an elf king that digs for elves
MegaDosX: !card harald, king of skemfar
LRRbot: Harald, King of Skemfar [1BG] | Legendary Creature — Elf Warrior [3/2] | Menace / When Harald, King of Skemfar enters the battlefield, look at the top five cards of your library. You may reveal an Elf, Warrior, or Tyvar card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
Mr_Horrible: Tyvar? Isn't that the stuff you make wallets out of?
MegaDosX: lmaooooo
ladyjessica: Shaman of the pack
Diabore: !card shaman of the pack
LRRbot: Shaman of the Pack [1BG] | Creature — Elf Shaman [3/2] | When Shaman of the Pack enters the battlefield, target opponent loses life equal to the number of Elves you control.
Hpjones10: commander legends
DoctorHutch: Shaman of the pack was a GB draining elf
Mr_Horrible: Potchasm
Tzarl: literally every pothole i've run into has felt like a ravine
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Video Game industry still smells of fish. Time for CheckPoint! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XROgF0cJXSU || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1616213840794112002
sugarsh0t: i had to learn this shit for one class and promptly forgot it all
Diabore: all of them
Loonatic93: It's just a hole to store your pot.
Natedogg2: Probably some southern states.
Mr_Horrible: every midwestern state
saucemaster5000: It's in rockford
ThrinagaBattleheart: What archetype did LRR draft?
bwk789: boat
Mr_Horrible: and all the ones adjacent to them
itira: Adam youre a treasure
sugarsh0t: except for the word "karstification" which lives rent-free in my brain now
EvilBadman: I thought Colorado was the US' biggest Pot hole Kappa
ThorSokar: Rockford is in Illinois, and i could see them having huge potholes
gamercat88: if a state is mostly below sea level is it a pothole, asking for FL.
bwk789: @ThrinagaBattleheart UR giants
ThorSokar: (Rockford sucks)
bytecaster: Also, why would you take credit for that? "Yeah, right, our infrastructure is crumbling, humble brag, I know"
ThrinagaBattleheart: Gotcha
MegaDosX: Play Cosima?
Natedogg2: Colorado is filled with mountains, the opposite of a pothole
DoctorHutch: new checkpoint? sweet!
MegaDosX: You also wouldn't get in since it's a vehicle
hurricanealpaca: The biggest pothole in the world was in my college dorm! Am I right brother?!?!
MegaDosX: And you'd have nothing to crew it
micalovits: I mean, wew couldn'y have crewed it
Diabore: adam gatekeeping potholes
saucemaster5000: where does the pot part of pothole come in?
offbeatwitch: woo!
Diabore: WOOT
micalovits: Wow I am good at typing
sugarsh0t: y'all know we live right by a region *famed* for its natural potholes
MegaDosX: Uh oh.
LeonisCo: Yaaaay checkpoint I've missed you guys
Mr_Horrible: "Sooke Potholes" sounds like an insult
easterncaveofwonders: Ohhh nice! Looking forward to it!
Wiliart: Did you mean the Abomination of Llanowar Graham? That was in the Kaldheim commander deck.
sblue333: ooh nice see you guys in 15
sugarsh0t: @Mr_Horrible they're so lovely tho
MegaDosX: Yes you do
EvilBadman: @Natedogg2 I spaced out "pot" and "hole"
MegaDosX: No Squash one time?
micalovits: Rude! So Rude!
TheMentalMonk: huh
Going_Medium: The worlds larges pot hole is probably exactly 2.999 feet wide somewhere in North Dakota, because it changes to a something else at 3 feet, like a pit, or a sinkhole.
BrowneePoints: Oh yea! Graham! Did you know Cosima is a literally a great Cosmic Dolphin that Became a God? That means Alrund boinked a Dolphin.
MegaDosX: Opponent that's disgusting
DAC169: you've never seen someone use that to destroy a land? aipS
Exxaxl: Hey LRR squad - when is the ONE PPR getting streamed? Or if there's an easy schedule to point to I can look for that'd be cool.
Tzarl: not our snource!
Mr_Horrible: sugarsh0t after looking up some pictures, wow, yeah, they are sofieGasp
sugarsh0t: @EvilBadman how about Adam referring to loosely defined holes
innerbeard: certified oof
gundamschwing: My Cosima EDH deck is one of my favorite builds ever
Juliamon: !ppr
LRRbot: The Phyrexia: All Will Be One PPR will be on 28 January 2023! More details: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FmZe8B1aAAAs_xf.jpg
BrowneePoints: You mean my house?
Exxaxl: Thanks Juliamon
rasterscan: OP is clearly April King with that spell choice
bwk789: Is that your ass Adam?
offbeatwitch: i got the world's biggest dumptruck
gundamschwing: Adam, he's sitting next to you.
sugarsh0t: @Mr_Horrible there are spots where you can just sit in clear waist-deep water under dappled shade from overhanging trees and T_T
MegaDosX: I think you need more Voyage counters
northos: if only, Graham
Diabore: i would
itira: not talking about a bum, THIS time
roastbeefsandwitch: @BrowneePoints I mean, if Zeus can come down in the shape of a goose and make another Hercules with some random woman, that tracks.
sugarsh0t: i've got the world's biggest dump truck
Diabore: is ops deck good?
Diabore: ops deck feels good
BrowneePoints: but yea, Cosima is a Cosmic Dolphin that took the form of a Woman and Claimed Divinity, boinked Alrund and had 3 god-kids, then went back to the sea as a Dolphin, sometimes turns back into a Woman
MegaDosX: Opponent seems to have done a better job assembling a giants deck >_>
BrowneePoints: We Stan Dolphin-Lady
the_spider_bucket: Send her on a journey
micalovits: Can slam with both, we have run amok
offbeatwitch: they're only voyage counters while its exiled, they become +1/+1s
gundamschwing: Why do I feel like a LRR company trip to a monster truck show would make an amazing VOD?
MegaDosX: !card run amok
LRRbot: Run Amok [1R] | Instant | Target attacking creature gets +3/+3 and gains trample until end of turn.
LadyLockwood92: I wanna try and make a Cosima Lands deck in Commander at some point.
Loonatic93: Is that supposed "world's biggest dumptruck" a mining truck? Cause I'm pretty sure that the largest mining trucks are in the Mesabi Iron Range.
bwk789: @gundamschwing similar to ribfest, truck fest
Mr_Horrible: this is good for LRRCoin
BrowneePoints: it's because we live in boring white people places
innerbeard: We also like remarkably small things
BrowneePoints: and we need things to talk about
saucemaster5000: Big things are easier to see
Wiliart: Do we have to ask you Adam? (Think of a certain resident evil stream).
MegaDosX: We have Big Things like that in Australia too
baskwalla: Canada is a big country after all
korvys: Duncan? They named the worlds biggest hockey stick Duncan?
earlgrey82: Its your inner Vince mcmahon.
JoannaTastic: Who knows what kind of tech they've got going on on the other side of the Prime Meridian
MegaDosX: Do we tap down the Raven and swing?
Tzarl: can't, no snow
erloas: I've been to the biggest ball of twine in Minesota
gundamschwing: Milton Berle?
Tzarl: oh wait the freeze is on snow
Tzarl: nice
gamercat88: worlds largest ball of twine
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Calaban161: Tiatan would have won
noisyblizzard: burlcon
Martin_FcG: I have the Giant Koala a few hours away.
MegaDosX: Yeah it won't freeze it but it still gets tapped down
Mr_Horrible: "We've got the world's biggest burl" "Oh my god, I'm so sorry"
BrowneePoints: Burl....and Ives
elkae: Wasn’t that the competition on Corner Gas?
MegaDosX: They are in some big trouble
BrowneePoints: I can't make fun of tourist attractions too much. My state is famed for sculpting a COW out of BUTTER
Mr_Horrible: Doom's Car-Titan
MegaDosX: There's the Big Banana
DarthRagnar815: Hey, Darwin, MN needs a reason to exist too.
MegaDosX: Also the Big Prawn
ThrinagaBattleheart: Game 3 now?
innerbeard: ADHD run amock ;)
Favre_the_Undead: butter sculpting is hilarious
Mr_Horrible: BrowneePoints that cow is a treasure and I will hear nothing ill said against it
gamercat88: Kaldheim had big things right, so it makes sense
MegaDosX: Oh! And the Big Pineapple
DaFhaye: That's a really big Koala
Boon_33: on theme for the giants deck
Wolfstrike_NL: Can we get a PiP for adam's googling :D ?
sugarsh0t: "Merritt: Not Just for Drugs"
BrowneePoints: @Mr_Horrible I forget that you're also an Iowan.
flamewave7: Casey, IL, USA has a large pile of "world" largest things
Himyul: The world's biggest LRR member is on the island too
MegaDosX: Not really?
BrowneePoints: Chlamydia
DaFhaye: Koala's will scratch your face off
korvys: Chlymidia
spawnofhastur: Chlamydia, yeah
innerbeard: They aren't mean but they have chlamydia
Martin_FcG: Its a milkbar in Horsham
MegaDosX: Chlamydia
Mr_Horrible: LUL
sugarsh0t: you might say they're chriddled
baskwalla: They'll drop right on ya
MegaDosX: They just are
Voidhawk42: I want a mad billionaire to get a list of all the world's biggest things, and then build bigger ones in all one town for the lols
gamercat88: and they scream
WiJohn: He's not wrong
spawnofhastur: They're pretty docile most of the time because they're permanently stoned.
BrowneePoints: it is an issue and then after the Aus Wildfires they got decimated
Voidhawk42: Koalas don't have good sex ed
bwk789: They cursed Cosima and got the clap
LadyLockwood92: They're constantly eating poison, I mean...it's gotta be something to do with that.
mistycloud21: Baby Koala eat their mother’s poo
EvilBadman: the John Oliver Chlamydia Ward
MegaDosX: Oh boy
uchihab7: Koala babies eat the moms poop the first year of their life @loadingreadyrun
RayFK: I hate that video
MegaDosX: They're like Tasmanian Devils in that regard
RayFK: I hate it so much
BrowneePoints: but yea Koalas when they're not on eucalyptus are REALLY cranky
offbeatwitch: i think a lot of these things originate from the 1800s when people would just make weird shit and sell it as a tourist attraction
WiJohn: Fecal pap
korvys: You've played it on DB a couple of times
sugarsh0t: you would make strange noises too if you were raised on literal shit and were famous for having chlamydia
spawnofhastur: Wombats are pretty great though.
Martin_FcG: The Australian bush makes some really scary noises if you dont know what you're listening to
JoannaTastic: Are koalas the ones whose fingerprints are very like human prints?
sugarsh0t: oh yeah the insides of marsupial pouches are not fluffy like in stuffed animals
MegaDosX: Opponent is in some trouble
MegaDosX: They have missed several land drops
ThrinagaBattleheart: They are experiencing sadness
BrowneePoints: Kangaroo pouches are the most "normal"
Seth_Erickson: They're foretelling though that's fun
Greyah: I mean, there's so many weird animals. Marsupials is just one of many kinds.
gamercat88: Quokka's are amazing marsupals
BrowneePoints: it's like a skin hoodie pouch
elkae: Love a quokka tho
micalovits: Thank god squash doesn't go face
MegaDosX: Yeah bad beats for the opponent
innerbeard: gold feelsgoodman
Molladia: Horsham Victoria has the "Big Koala" https://images.app.goo.gl/uf9jbDRBHKjp5Bj16
sugarsh0t: ok but if you're looking up weird animal noises you have to look up baby crocodiles
princess_intell: how are we doing
ThrinagaBattleheart: Back to work, bye o/
spawnofhastur: I want to see what happens when a wombat meets a capybara.
Himyul: that never happens to me
saucemaster5000: Bad things only happen to you specifically
tehfewl: strangely happens when im on a 5-0 streak
BrowneePoints: Fun fact, when Quokka see predators they will instinctively throw their babies at them in self defense. Because they have no natural predators and don't know how to react
DaFhaye: FACTS
xantos69: Introspection? NEVER!
princess_intell: or like how my arena opponents have infinitely good luck
YeomanAres: that's what my parents always said about my teams
spawnofhastur: @BrowneePoints "AH FUCK! *yeet*"
MegaDosX: You can at least crew it with the bird
saucemaster5000: I love animals with no natural predators. The kakapo has no fight or flight.
DaFhaye: I need to throw that one at some WoW peeps
laundreydhull: nono, I eventually conceded my team being bad to the mid, mostly leans "meh".
BrowneePoints: I made a really neat Wellerman song about the Omenkeel for that Nicknames TTC
MegaDosX: That is a mighty elf
laundreydhull: but I'm over it.
BrowneePoints: It wasn't good enough Q.Q
sugarsh0t: i've read excerpts from letters from Victorian naturalists who wrote about being able to scoop up wild parrots in their hats because they were so predator-naive
chrono2x: For someone who never played this set, what does Fortell do?
MegaDosX: Also that Slumbermound is worth keeping an eye on
Voidhawk42: I built a vehicle standard deck when Kamigawa came out, had the Omenkeel in it for no real reason
princess_intell: isn't the capybara chill for the same reason\
spawnofhastur: I love that a kakapo got famous for shagging a cameraman
BrowneePoints: Capybara has a couple predators
BrowneePoints: but they aren't common
sugarsh0t: "neat bird" *yoink*
princess_intell: it's like a downpayment on a spell
gamercat88: i mean i say yeet but probably not a good indication of cool things to say
MegaDosX: You pay two, exile it, then you can cast it on a future turn for its Foretell cost
innerbeard: It's layaway
SplashDazzler54: the amount of times i've goozled myself cause I forget that you can't cast the foretold cards on the same turn
elkae: @spawnofhastur While Stephen Fry narrated no less!
LadyLockwood92: It's like Suspend, but more of a surprise 'cause your opponent can't see it.
sugarsh0t: @elkae you mean while Stephen Fry *lost his shit*
MegaDosX: Oh wow
elkae: Julie is correct
spawnofhastur: Keas are very intelligent and also very stupid. In that you can kill one, and then the next one will go "huh, i wonder where that other bird went?" and wander over. and then you kill it.
spawnofhastur: and it keeps happening
saucemaster5000: the kakapo's mating call acts as a subwoofer and is nondirectional. they're amazing mistakes
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korvys: !card Frost Bite
LRRbot: Frost Bite [R] | Snow Instant | Frost Bite deals 2 damage to target creature or planeswalker. If you control three or more snow permanents, it deals 3 damage instead.
BrowneePoints: African Elephants can communicate at distances over a mile with Infrasound
spawnofhastur: @saucemaster5000 kakapos: the pandas of birds
MegaDosX: They're doing Slumbermound maths
Seth_Erickson: Elephants are mega sick love those guys
BrowneePoints: Koala grunts
BrowneePoints: Graham
MegaDosX: Oh right
micalovits: Wat is that
korvys: That's their horny noises
princess_intell: what sound?
BrowneePoints: now show Adam a Female Mountain Lion mating call
MegaDosX: I was trying to figure out what that was
sugarsh0t: outback's haunted
DaFhaye: hahahah
MegaDosX: And yeah it's a koala
Twilight_Spark: Don't lie that's just a creaky door.
BusTed: tqsSip
spawnofhastur: also your beard is looking great graham
princess_intell: whose stomach is that
elkae: PrideLaugh
raulghoulia: sounds like gozer the gozarian
sugarsh0t: @LoadingReadyRun do baby crocodiles next
Winterfae: Now imagine it at night, and you;re alone in the bush
CAKHost: Speaking on items some areas are famous for, I still don't know how Ohioans thought making the buckeye confection based on a poisonous tree nut was a good idea. (while I do like the actual candy, I still don't know why it's a thing)
BrowneePoints: baby crocs and gators are so cute
tehfewl: i thought that was someone trying to get the last couple of drops out of their drink with a straw
princess_intell: adam do your dolphin impression
BrowneePoints: Hey Adam have you ever heard a Female Mountain Lion?
spawnofhastur: there's a possum around my house who just spends all day chilling out on top of my air-conditioner.
korvys: That's where you get stories of Dropbears
MegaDosX: That elf is so mighty!
offbeatwitch: the runes!
innerbeard: Massive fighting elves
FPNY41: it Bogles the mind!
saucemaster5000: what if south park lied to us and a dying giraffe actually just yells obscenities
sugarsh0t: @korvys Path of Exile has dropbears and they bring me joy
rosesmcgee: That sentinel is like "check out my sweet new tribal tats"
princess_intell: what's a dropbear
accountmadeforants: Hexproofless Bogles with left beef
spawnofhastur: @korvys fun fact: the drop bear myth corresponds one-to-one with an extinct marsupial. Thylacolea Carnifex.
Grimnus: That is the beefiest Sentinel that has ever existed in this format
korvys: @sugarsh0t PoE is made my a NZ company, so that doesn't surprise me
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KnifeRollinaBakery: Orange you glad I didn't say Phyrexia?
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korvys: *by
sugarsh0t: @korvys it rules so hard
saucemaster5000: drop bears are very real. Ask any australian
BloodnBullets: its the person addicted to tattoos
BusTed: rayfkWelp
cy0nknight: !quote koala
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Diabore: they just had it all huh
princess_intell: i just won a game of historic brawl
constablecrab: Did you see where they just found a 2000 year old rune stone in Norway? Pretty rad.
spawnofhastur: Thylacoleo Carnifex: an extinct marsupial predator that lived in trees as an ambush predator and dropped on its prey.
MegaDosX: @princess_intell Neat! Which commander and who were you up against?
lochnessseammonster: mostly dead is somewhat alive
Martin_FcG: The Yellow Bellied Glider also makes a wicked screaming noise at night
princess_intell: heliod life gain FTW
micalovits: Drawing no squash that game suuucked
princess_intell: i think my opponent just didn't draw creatures, they were halana and elena
BrowneePoints: Speaking of which, holy crap Graham I'm so excited to see the combo of y'all + Becca Scott
BrowneePoints: it's like my interests are colliding!
offbeatwitch: let me drink the tomb juice
Voidhawk42: That sentinel reminds me of the Charging Badger Theros deck
BrowneePoints: They just found 10 mummified Nile Crocs in an old tomb
spawnofhastur: That juice wasn't unidentified, it was sewage.
spawnofhastur: Fake news.
saucemaster5000: new juice just dropped
innerbeard: Tomb juicers?
BrightstormRising: "threaten"
sugarsh0t: we've got a full meal now, there's been ancient tomb juice, bread, and cheese
lochnessseammonster: seabatYIKES
BusTed: forbidden hi-C
xantos69: That is how you gain its power.
noa2828: Nice to know the best straight* ship in Magic is now just horrid flesh-machine villains but still together
gamercat88: Drink tomb juice, smoke weed 4 life
Wolfstrike_NL: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a dead cat
bwk789: Subscribe to my Patreon for this month's tomb juice
MegaDosX: !badadvice
LRRbot: Punch the axe.
sxesuperstar: Don't drink the tomb juice. No more pandeemies
narset6691: @noa2828 i agree
Loonatic93: Ancient Tomb Juice Mana.
Voidhawk42: @noa2828 That one couple that make each other worse
princess_intell: @Loonatic93 you didn't do the hand thing
LadyLockwood92: Tomb Juice is also pretty fun to say.
BrowneePoints: Graham don't drink the Tomb Juice, that's how you get Necrons
micalovits: Got em!
MegaDosX: Shots fired
Twilight_Spark: dam
spawnofhastur: I just finished drinking a Pepsi Max so you got me
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh jlrrFacepalm
Juliamon: zing
saucemaster5000: That's a lie no one drinks pepsi
xantos69: Because Coke isn't always available.
princess_intell: diet coke > diet pepsi
Loonatic93: @Loonatic93 How do you know I didn't?
gamercat88: pepsi wild cheery from taco bell machine is really good
innerbeard: As long as its not Dr Pepper yall can diss any soda you want
princess_intell: diet pepsi tastes like resentment
BrowneePoints: look, I don't like Pepsi, but I am quite fond of Fountain Wild Cherry Pepsi
TehAmelie: i'm drinking pepsi right now :o
Juliamon: speaking of soda, Starry's not bad
BrowneePoints: SPECIFICALLY Fountain Wild Cherry Pepsi
Countjondi: Im sipping pepsi max as i type, I feel called out
spawnofhastur: (I drink pepsi because it's less caffienated than coke.)
noa2828: I just can't grok this format like I did when it came out
Blackcross187: dr pepper >> coke >>>>>>>>>>> pepsi
gamercat88: @BrowneePoints hell to yeah!
KeytarCat: Aren't puffed batteries the forbidden Capri Sun?
Lockraemono: maximum calories
LadyLockwood92: Max is 0 sugar
spawnofhastur: Pepsi Max is their no sugar
Countjondi: Max is diet
micalovits: Pepsi max is sugar free
BrowneePoints: Remember when we were kids and Surge existed
Aarek: @KeytarCat spicy pillows
BusTed: It must exist in some form.
itomeshi: Pepsi Max is sugar free and has more caffeine
Blackcross187: RC Cola
princess_intell: is that regional?
Nenluen: a former friend of mine had a collection of over 200 jolt 2 liters
BrowneePoints: and then they cancelled it, and then they brought it back, and then they cancelled it again
LadyLockwood92: They renamed Diet Pepsi to be more radical and tubular.
saucemaster5000: Red Bull made Jolt look like a freckly teen in their dad's suit
innerbeard: 4Loko?
CricketChirps: I hvae returned to inform you all that the new episode of Checkpoint was very good
BusTed: That does not ring any bells.
BrowneePoints: I will NEVER forgive Coca-Cola for taking Surge from me TWICE
gundamschwing: did you have Surge?
MegaDosX: Oh boy poison counters
spawnofhastur: It's still available in the USA
MegaDosX: Foreshadowing!
elkae: I’ve only ever heard of it from G
BrowneePoints: Adam did y'all have Surge up there?
ralphthellama: 4Loko?
spawnofhastur: I can't drink Mountain Dew any more - we used to have it caffeine free but now it's caffeinated and that'd give me heart palpitations
Blackcross187: Surge >>>> Jolt !!! FIGHT ME!!
noa2828: Not playing the giant with the thiccest cheeks? The one who claps?
micalovits: Oh no
constablecrab: In my day, we just had those gigantic Pixy Stix and Kool-Aid with way too much sugar.
princess_intell: is seskatchauan (sorry i can't spell) the boonies?
MegaDosX: Oh you're boned on several axes
BrowneePoints: Surge was legit my fave pop
TehAmelie: i've had caffeinated water once. they told me it was "like pepsi crystal". they lied
adambomb625: it be the cat car
BrowneePoints: and Orange Slice was in 2nd place
MegaDosX: You can at least tap down the car
innerbeard: Why not tap down the chariot?
bytecaster: Look on the bright side: Kitties, though!
MegaDosX: Graham Berg Strider hits artifacts too, I think you could have tapped down the Chariot
mazemindtom: Tap the chariot
BrowneePoints: Saskatchewan is the Montana/North Dakota of Canada @princess_intell
drewm1022: Saskatoon is in the room.
princess_intell: ahhhh so super rural
spawnofhastur: I'd go "haha Canadian names funny" but then I remember that I live in Toowoomba.
inconsideratehat: Ooooo, were you far enough north to be in the woods?
Loonatic93: Coca-Cola is proof that just because something is more popular, it doesn't mean it's better. It's just that most people don't know any better.
CaptinOfBeez: Beuval?
drewm1022: Any Soul Coughing fans? :D
noa2828: It's a bottom?
Lockraemono: it's so tall
gamercat88: a power bottom
Loonatic93: Manitoba is best Dakota. By far.
MegaDosX: Opponent has a pretty good deck it turns out
princess_intell: for years i thought that winnipeg manitoba was made up
GapFiller: Winnepeg is a Frozen Shithole
princess_intell: not maliciously, just like someone had to make up somehting funny sounding for TV
GapFiller: as Venetian Snaes put it
inconsideratehat: @princess_intell Tell me more about this
TehAmelie: hey, the market research showed people preferred the taste of New Coke, but they still wanted Old Coke because of the brand
noa2828: Sorting States/Provinces by Top/Bottom/Switch (and the various gradations)
saucemaster5000: All of canada is made up
lochnessseammonster: good ol winterpeg
Loonatic93: 3/4 of Manitoba's population is in Winnepeg.
MegaDosX: You are taking exactsies
MadWolf1290: until they got the Jets, ...eh?
Sorator13: No, it's the airport in Winnipeg that's made up
inconsideratehat: @princess_intell XD
Sorator13: Winnipeg has no airport
elkae: Geography time!
Sorator13: the Jets are a lie
princess_intell: i was watching a comedy series and someone said winnipeg manitoba.
GapFiller: is Manitoba any less ridiculous than PEI? Kappa
sxesuperstar: Does that mean Chris Jericho is also made up since he is famously from there?
gundamschwing: Manitoba, the great Canadian lie. Like Americans and freedom.
MadWolf1290: "it rhymes with fun" wow.
fhorrigan: As an Albertan I'm both hurt and accepting.
noa2828: Alberta: Switch but not generous in bed
inconsideratehat: Oh it is in the woods, nice
xantos69: Serious question: What do you call people from Saskatchewan? Saskatochonians?
bytecaster: Where are the other parts of the moose located?
BrowneePoints: Yep! Adam's from one of them Great Plains areas
earlgrey82: Wow the provinces were drawn by someone with no imagination.
gamercat88: egg lake
DAC169: it's all Ronge
bwk789: My Nike Air Ronges come in next month
itira: egg.
BusTed: On the lake.
constablecrab: I have one online friend in Fort McMurray
GredGredmansson: A-A-Ronge
MegaDosX: Someone ask Wheeler his opinions about Egg Lake
innerbeard: It's always been Ronge
BrowneePoints: There's a Right Way, and a La Ronge Way to do things
BrowneePoints: Tourist Town?
Bearudite: resort town
Loonatic93: A resort town.
saucemaster5000: Are you trying to compete with australia for silly words Canada?
MadWolf1290: google knows though
erloas: snowbird town
Mazrae: Graham I have a question, I was thinking earlier today, are we going to have another autumnal rumble or spring slam jam
princess_intell: weird
itira: slamin arms
spawnofhastur: Other Australians what is Australia's funniest place name?
MegaDosX: LRRMTG, come for the Magic content, stay for the Canadian geography
noa2828: Not any more
saucemaster5000: you draw a befy arm for good measure
itira: any Kamloopians
sugarsh0t: we should arm the salmon
GredGredmansson: Fun Fact: "Salmon Arm" is where the boxer Bear Hugger from Punch Out comes from
chonkski: Can you explain the Shawinigan handshake?
hurricanealpaca: Is Wolverine from Logan Lake?
princess_intell: do you guys get a lot of good seafood in BC or is it the wrong part of the ocean
inconsideratehat: ROFL
BusTed: Haha.
MegaDosX: WHAT
itira: LOL
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: LUL
inconsideratehat: WHAT
BusTed: Someone gave up.
Nukified: lol that's great
sugarsh0t: i have been to the salmon run in Salmon Arm and there was a distinct lack of legs
itira: gdi Canada
GredGredmansson: you know
Natedogg2: Where's Yet Another Lake?
GapFiller: nalvLUL
micalovits: Wtf Canada
Grimnus: Thats so damn funny
GrassVortex: LUL
TheWriterAleph: PHONING IT IN
MegaDosX: Whoever named those is the laziest bastard ever
narset6691: lmao
SolarBlitz1: When it's 5 minutes to clock out
someone_evil: Some kind of clerical error?
BrowneePoints: Look Minnesota is the Same
lochnessseammonster: lrrWOW
Juliamon: Canada just gives zero fucks
GredGredmansson: Allan Please Name Lake
ryu9969: road quest 2 Adam's childhood towns
noa2828: Perfection
GapFiller: aiui most lakes in Canada
BrowneePoints: Minnesota has SO MANY LAKES that eventually you run out of names
Mazrae: Graham I have a question, I was thinking earlier today, are we going to have another autumnal rumble or spring slam jam
TehAmelie: fun fact: Hugh Jackman thought wolverines were not real before he played that part
EvilBadman: Land...uh...Lakes
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: I always liked the name Dease Lake
ThorSokar: Tell me you gave up on naming things w/o saying so
GapFiller: also apparently the biggest lake in Canada
saucemaster5000: That is an end of the day and the pub is calling name
GapFiller: cz the Great Lakes dont count
MadWolf1290: @saucemaster5000 Sky Club for me, but same
GapFiller: due to being cross borders
itira: lets just have a whole stream about weird things in Canada :P
DarthRagnar815: Yeah, there are several "Long Lakes" in MN. (Source: Resident Minnesotan.)
Voidhawk42: My dad told me the pub he used to hang out at when he was young was called The Temporary Sign
princess_intell: i'd watch a stream just about food in canada
KeytarCat: I kinda like the idea of pulling RQ editions from childhood road trips
sugarsh0t: i never thought about our place names until people went wild in the RQ live chat over Sicamous
spawnofhastur: poutine mukbang?
TehAmelie: the ol poutine routine
princess_intell: just have james and adam talk about poutine for 3 hours
BrowneePoints: I think the weirdest name in my state is What Cheer
saucemaster5000: There's surprisingly few funny name places in California. Other than the turnoff on 5 for College and Weed
spawnofhastur: get halal snack pack'd friend
BrowneePoints: besides people who have obviously never seen a Native/First Nations name in their life and stumble over Sioux City
BrowneePoints: or Maquoketa
TehAmelie: near here there's a town called Köttvattnet, Meatwater
sugarsh0t: a lot of Canadian place names are literally translated Indigenous names iirc
TehAmelie: supposed to be haunted
Juliamon: NH has some decently weird names but they're all up north where it's full of redneck freestaters so I try not to think about them
BrowneePoints: Same here Julie. I live in the American Great Plains @sugarsh0t
sugarsh0t: like Medicine Hat, which is a great place name
spawnofhastur: i had a friend who used to live in hamilton. his advice was: never go to hamilton.
BrowneePoints: Smack Dab in Stolen Land Central
princess_intell: @sugarsh0t file under town names i thought were fake
Mazrae: Graham I have a question, I was thinking earlier today, are we going to have another autumnal rumble or spring slam jam
micalovits: The french??
BrowneePoints: OH MY BOD
Voidhawk42: AH WHERE
CaptinOfBeez: oh itys a good one
BrowneePoints: Paul Masson!
Voidhawk42: Sorry, I'm a Brit, you scared me
adambomb625: what?
BrowneePoints: he's SO SMASHED
adambomb625: Can I see this?
cy0nknight: !quote french
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
BrowneePoints: The FRENCH champagne by Paul Masson
Fr0Dough: YESSS
cy0nknight: Really? Wowww
TehAmelie: yaay showtime
Mr_Horrible: presumably he was just downing the flute with every take
spawnofhastur: i love it when the LRR draft streams become variety streams.
itira: LUL
micalovits: I'm not complaining
Mr_Horrible: mildly yes, but the Chaos Factor is good
lochnessseammonster: in the best way
zed_alpha: I think my favorite Orson Welles bit is the frozen peas commercial recording. The French champagne is great, but "This is a load of *shit,* you know that, right?! I'm not recording this nonsense!" when he's supposed to start talking about frozen goddamn peas.
SolarBlitz1: That is not a bad thing, Adam.
LadyLockwood92: "If you can show me a way to say a sentence starting with 'In July' with emphasis on the 'In'...I'll go down on you." -- Orson Welles.
BusTed: 🤔
CaptinOfBeez: adam breeds the entertaining chaos we crave
BrowneePoints: this is Transformers Era Orson Welles
Juliamon: Mazrae They are a lot of work and there's not a lot of free time, so they don't want to make any promises
BrowneePoints: btw
adambomb625: Harold!
quatoria: he took a shot between each take
princess_intell: @LadyLockwood92 omg it's actually impossible
GapFiller: great as it is the see this again there a reason to watch it now?
Going_Medium: I enjoy the chaotic energy you bring Adam.
TehAmelie: Welles was quite the hedonist later in life, i seem to recall
BrowneePoints: this is one of the most Celebrated Actors of last century btw
GrassVortex: wow
ElektroTal: veetavitavegemite but real
GapFiller: apart from the entertainment vaule
izzetraichu: It's Moira Rose!
inconsideratehat: Oh no
itira: hahahaha
GrassVortex: LUL
BusTed: maaahaaa
micalovits: OH god
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
Nukified: let's use take 2
ElektroTal: he's melting
Mr_Horrible: Maaaahaaaa the FRENCHhhhhhampagne
zed_alpha: He's trying so hard. Consumate drunken professional
DoctorHutch: can you please reference this in a lrr bit and not explain yourselves?
BrowneePoints: this is the guy who invented Modern Cinema
saucemaster5000: There's also orson wells' frozen peas rant, which pinky and the brain recreated it was so weird
GrassVortex: those others actors are doing an excellent job keeping straight faces
GapFiller: phun phact just been rewatching The Third Man so to go from that to this is pretty great
BrowneePoints: the guy who invented the gold standard for Theaters for decades
CaptinOfBeez: they keep cutting before they pour more too
adambomb625: Thank you!
zed_alpha: Graham, you gotta play the frozen peas commercial next. Adam needs to hear that.
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lesbianpunkpyromancer20: rakdos! rakdos! rakdos!
GapFiller: its certianly got me thinking abt how yr havta take a mans career in totality
Mr_Horrible: The cockatoo was to wake up the audience!
satyropodobny: so vegeful!
Blue_Anteater: @saucemaster5000 Because that was Maurice LaMarche's monologue for warming up before recording, and it became an in-joke
BrowneePoints: Graham have you seen Orson Welles' Peeps endorsement?
zed_alpha: food for the food god!
tehfewl: awoo?
Mazrae: Graham I have a question, I was thinking earlier today, are we going to have another autumnal rumble or spring slam jam
quatoria: "green peaness"
ElektroTal: the frozen peas one is the literal best
Juliamon: Mazrae I just answered you
ElektroTal: both the original and the cover
quatoria: hahahahaha yes
DoctorHutch: that is an excellent "Brain"
GapFiller: esp for a guy like Welles it seems historically revisionist to reduce a career to eg Citizen Kane Touch of Evil Lady From Shanghai ect while omitting Casino Royale Unicron and pea adverts
Fr0Dough: Buy my book, buy my book
Mazrae: sorry @juliamon I didn't see it, again I'm sorry
Mr_Horrible: LaMarche's impression was a goddamn treasure
saucemaster5000: His quote about playing unicron is also priceless
zed_alpha: Honestly, I love how Orson Welles loved low-brow culture and high-brow culture, but despised middle-brow stuff
Voidhawk42: Wanna raid some skulls?
BrowneePoints: "When the desire for Mallow-Based confections prevails, I must insist upon Peeps" from that magazine clipping is another good one. You can basically hear it in his voice. @LoadingReadyRun
Grimnus: The hammer does quite a bit of work
GapFiller: zed_alpha ahead of the curve was old Orson
KeytarCat: @zed_alpha ...what is middle brow?
GapFiller: KeytarCat beige
spawnofhastur: @KeytarCat the stuff low-brow people think is high-brow
princess_intell: it's the middle ground between highbrow and lowbrow art
BloodnBullets: trample goes places
spawnofhastur: See the website "cashed up bogans".
zed_alpha: @KeytarCat I always imagine like...processed, overly-corporate, play-it-safe bland pop culture stuff.
zed_alpha: Most sitcoms
GapFiller: tldr middle brow to me is art for the guardianista set
quatoria: the state is "bad"
quatoria: the state is "AFU"
KeytarCat: @spawnofhastur That...that makes it clear and I think I hate it too
princess_intell: aka a whole pointless debate that's been happening in art criticism since the 50s, don't get me started
MegaDosX: It also has foretell!
GapFiller: content masquerading as art is my personal definition of middle brow
BrowneePoints: Skemfar Elder....har
zed_alpha: oh hey, Graham, if you see this--I already asked Adam and last I checked he was okay with it, but are *you* okay if I base an NPC in a pro wrestling RPG campaign I'm running off of you?
ElektroTal: take all the blue next pack and you're set
Seth_Erickson: Withercrown is fine I think
GapFiller: culture that professes to having something to say while being the opposite
DAC169: ohh... Withercrown
JoannaTastic: I believe Alex Trebek was once described as 'King of the American Middlebrow' re. Jeopardy
BrowneePoints: Haggimob is my favorite pokemon
princess_intell: i love jeapordy
Mr_Horrible: Withercrown, aka King Theoden Is Going Through It
spawnofhastur: @JoannaTastic I'm really good at answering trivia in the form of a question i'm such an intellectual.
GapFiller: nalvThink Rockwell on reflection seems a pretty good example of middle brow
princess_intell: i'd like to see the venn diagram between "loves jeapardy as an adult" and "insufferable smart-alec as a child"
MegaDosX: There's also that land removal spell that got you last draft
Seth_Erickson: white blue has that
jmchap: that was the WB
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: the white black theme was casting two spells a turn
zed_alpha: neat! If you have a preference, would you want your NPC to be a heel, a face, or someone that works behind the scenes?
Seth_Erickson: with foretell making spells cheaper typically
Mr_Horrible: @princess_intell *sweating at my placement in this venn diagram HahaSweat *
ShaneLeeAtk: That is just a circle
BrowneePoints: WB is the "2nd spell of the turn" archetype
MegaDosX: Oh hey there banned card
KeytarCat: @princess_intell oh uh 👀
jmchap: white black cares about casting 2
saucemaster5000: You think Trebek corrected people in real life for not starting their sentences with "what is?"
Countjondi: It sucks in limited
lochnessseammonster: this chat?
princess_intell: it's a circle. it's a circle and i'm in that circle.
Wicker_Guide: @princess_intell hey, I learned eventually ;_:
BrowneePoints: And Modern
zed_alpha: @princess_intell in my case that's a circle
MegaDosX: It's mediocre in limited, but in standard and historic it had a miserable combo deck
BrowneePoints: it got banned in Modern\
MegaDosX: So it got banned
JoannaTastic: @spawnofhastur I think it's a reference to Jeopardy's mixture of learned topics with pop culture, sport, etc.
Diabore: historic but yeah it was miserable, i loved it
korvys: !card Dogged P
LRRbot: Dogged Pursuit [3B] | Enchantment | At the beginning of your end step, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
SplashDazzler54: big narf
xantos69: Dogged is a hard clock.
Mr_Horrible: @princess_intell "I'm in this circle and honestly I've made peace with it, but you don't have to call me out like this"
BloodnBullets: Narif! What are we doing today Brain?
mazemindtom: Land?
Grimnus: Love people forgetting Tergrid has text
MegaDosX: Who passed Tergrid!
Mr_Horrible: Big Tergs
tehfewl: who passes tergrid?
lochnessseammonster: PrideUwu seabatClap
Grimnus: Theres way more incrimental sac things than people think
DAC169: aipS Tergrid aipBooli
micalovits: Well, we are 100% black now
MegaDosX: The Lantern is disgusting
zed_alpha: I've had worse experiences against Tergrid, honestly
korvys: vomit - that card is unfair
xantos69: I never DON'T cast the lantern half
mistycloud21: Who passed her???
korvys: I beat one last night, but it was a close thing
ElektroTal: what the hell berg strider???
Seth_Erickson: Grimmy is fine
zed_alpha: Duskwielder puts in a surprising amount of work.
princess_intell: it's like the venn diagram between "LRR chat" and "former gifted children who know have anxiety"
mazemindtom: Elderfang disciple is sweet with tergrid as well
MegaDosX: You cast Tergrid if you have a lot of edict effects - so not really in limited - but the Lantern is just universally good
MegaDosX: She's on my snap concede list in Historic Brawl
DAC169: did I ever mention the one day where in 5 matches I faced 4 Tergrid decks? aipBooli aipBooli aipBooli
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Basically just Tergrid's Shadow, the double Edict.
Etchka: tergrid is great for sagas at the last chapter
laundreydhull: opponents sagas increase her value here
drewm1022: Yep I rage concede to Tergrid in brawl.
princess_intell: ditto
Seth_Erickson: It's not good PogChamp
MegaDosX: Yeah it's not a great card
BrowneePoints: Tergrid's Shadow tried to strangle her to death when she was 4 years old
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DAC169: Cosmos Elixir aipS
narset6691: cosmos elixir!!!!
princess_intell: that's so metal
drewm1022: Woops.
Loonatic93: I'm fine against Tergrid in H.Brawl. But I play Trostani Discordant.
MegaDosX: So, P3P1 Valki, right?
GredGredmansson: Have I told the story of how I drafted 3 Kardur Doomscourges and 2 Kardur's Vicious Returns?
Electrodyne: ermagerd, tergrid
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MegaDosX: @Loonatic93 Oh sure, when you have the silver bullet against that deck, why not :p
princess_intell: i've tried so hard to make firja a good commander in HB, but she just isn't
MegaDosX: @princess_intell If you want a WB angel as a commander, Liesa is dramatically better
princess_intell: i've run her, she absolutely is
Mr_Horrible: but what about village wrongs?
MegaDosX: Also another thing with Tergrid in Historic Brawl, she also nabs things like Fabled Passage
drewm1022: I don't even think Tergrid is unbeatable in brawl. She's just miserable to play against.
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MegaDosX: And I'd imagine people would hate seeing her in Commander since she'd nab fetchlands
princess_intell: i want a hot fuzz secret lair with village rites
Mr_Horrible: GOTTEM
micalovits: I prefer the village lefts
Mr_Horrible: I've got a body count of 594
narset6691: @micalovits solid
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BusTed: It was a good run.
Voidhawk42: @princess_intell The Greaterrr Goood!"
Seth_Erickson: but we lost it when we made graham laugh this time this system is rigged
Bugberry: Divine Gambit underrated in Limited, just not here.
MegaDosX: Oh hi there Egon
lochnessseammonster: a pox on the auto picker!
munocard: Ghostbusters!
kristian_fischer: Evening G and Adam. Just finished the new Checkpoint and hooboy, UbiSoft…
MegaDosX: Probably not in this deck?
Grimnus: Hes generally pretty bad but theres literally nothing in the pack
MegaDosX: idk you could run him?
Mr_Horrible: throne's not bad to just toss down, as well
Wolfstrike_NL: 2nd crown
princess_intell: are those new glasses graham?
MegaDosX: The rest of the pack is mediocre, so I can see the appeal
micalovits: The throne is pretty okay in limited
Mr_Horrible: do we have anything else that cares about snow?
narset6691: redwhitedual
narset6691: for slpash
Bugberry: red white snow land
mazemindtom: Meadow splashes for firja
munocard: Splash land seems right
mazemindtom: Did you pick that?
princess_intell: i wish they'd print more snow utility lands so i had a reason to run into the north in HB
munocard: Pick is so good though!
princess_intell: the only one is faceless haven that you need more snow to be usefull
munocard: I remember goldvein pick being a draft allstar in this format
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princess_intell: it's fine in HB, i just never see anyone playing it
Nukified: I loved that land, hated the combo
princess_intell: probably because it's the only snow utility land
Grimnus: Being a lightning rod for removal has its upsides
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It can occasionally just kill someone with the +5/+0, too.
munocard: Kennel master again?
Fr0Dough: 1 cut 2 cut 3 coconuts
DAC169: how many copies of Smashing Success are now in the sideboard?
spawnofhastur: How are the various LRRsfolk with spicy foods?
Grimnus: Withercrown does work with Tergrid
spawnofhastur: I found a local grocer selling Carolina Reapers the other day.
DoctorHutch: microwave go brrrr
Nukified: this is a much nicer curve to work with
Diabore: firja for mana base?
Countjondi: I was once in a 4 man commander game where Tergrid won the game off of being a 4/5 while never getting to trigger
korvys: Egon?
MegaDosX: It's always tricky really figuring the curve in Kaldheim limited with all the Foretell stuff
code1300: berserkers are the creature we have the most right
princess_intell: what deck should I brew next for historic brawl? I have brewer's blocm
spawnofhastur: did y'all see how skrillex looks like kit harrington now?
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: i dont love firja tbh, saying that as someone with a firja commander deck lol
saucemaster5000: My Dad called to ask if I could help him fix a fence post this weekend and when I said I'd keep him posted he did not laugh. I'm worried.
munocard: Egon seems counterintuitive with the rest of the deck
DAC169: honestly I don't like either Egon or Firja
princess_intell: @saucemaster5000 clearly he's a borg who needs to be dealt with
FumbleBuck: withercrown is pretty awful
princess_intell: !card withercrown
LRRbot: Withercrown [1B] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature has base power 0 and has "At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life unless you sacrifice this creature."
spawnofhastur: i have a brain?
Mr_Horrible: the throne as a plank as well can be good in a longer grindy game
LadyLockwood92: Some real Standard Brain behaviour.
princess_intell: Adam just admitted chat has a brain
Loooooony: I possess a poor facsimile for a brain. XP
micalovits: Slamming the throne when you are flooding out is also pretty decent
lochnessseammonster: it's definitely annoying to deal with
Mr_Horrible: Sunken Graham
lochnessseammonster: so seems fine
Fr0Dough: Ah yes, 30's "This never used to a problem"
princess_intell: I've heard that once you hit 35 you just start hurting for no reason
saucemaster5000: oh there's a reason
Mr_Horrible: the secret is that it's not for no reason sofieSmart
princess_intell: booooooo
Voidhawk42: "Skill Issue"
Sorator13: I'm unlucky. I got a thing that makes my body hurt for no reason my whole life.
rosesmcgee: I hurt, but the reasons are well known to me
Mr_Horrible: my foot's been fucking up more, recently
Sorator13: stupid body
cy0nknight: I'm 35, can confirm. My knee was acting up for some reason last week
spawnofhastur: it appears that i am getting the start of arthritis which is nice.
lochnessseammonster: if it were me i would simply not hurt :P
meaninglessMeg: I move my body on purpose and it still hurts for no reason. Can't win.
micalovits: Doesnt the wrath exile them?
IsSecretlyPaul: Adam "Build Different"
DAC169: not if they're exiled
watchdnd: it exiles
munocard: sick
Mazrae: Hey Graham I just showed my dad the crap load, Krog load or whatever that one is and he liked it, he is a network engineer so he could get all of the references
MegaDosX: Oof
Diabore: ok bye
BloodnBullets: and now you have 2 in the bin!
Mr_Horrible: weak? Crushed
spawnofhastur: turns out that exercising isn't super pleasant when you're sore all the time.
DAC169: shoulda waited a turn FeelsBadMan
munocard: this is curving out beautifully
Mr_Horrible: I will sometimes encounter during particular PoE leagues HahaSweat
DoctorHutch: No! You should have waited!
Diabore: wait a turn and go to 12?
Mr_Horrible: *encounter that problem
saucemaster5000: next time you should cut the hand off to avoid the infection spreading. Merica
Mr_Horrible: he's got keyword: big
munocard: most obvious pump spell in the world.
princess_intell: oh neat TTSF next
DAC169: use Egon in Historic with Patriar's Humiliation aipEZ
spawnofhastur: What's the TTSF topic, do we know?
Mr_Horrible: Egon? No, 'E's here!
CaptinOfBeez: the american solution to carpel tunnel is a bit of essential oils and an olive oil and salt rub
TheWriterAleph: The Spengler
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Alex work with wood!) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (43m from now).
spawnofhastur: i love doing things with wood!
ButterBall000: sharp things with wood?
saucemaster5000: I'm sure they are
korvys: !card Withercrown
LRRbot: Withercrown [1B] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature has base power 0 and has "At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life unless you sacrifice this creature."
mugulord: a second guillotine?!
DAC169: Demon Bolt it NODDERS
munocard: That seems boltable
princess_intell: I'm always excited to see what Alex brings in. it's almost always super interesting
spawnofhastur: @mugulord hopefully a full-size one this time!
korvys: If you bolt and crown, and they sac the crown thing, you get to keep Egon
Mr_Horrible: bttv is a helluva thing
saucemaster5000: Nodding off
korvys: for another turn
Mr_Horrible: I still haven't actually installed it LUL
narset6691: so id demon bolt the angle and withercrown
EvilBadman: Very big Nod Participant of you
narset6691: if they sac u get egon another turn
princess_intell: do we win?
MegaDosX: Galaxy brain plays there Graham
watchdnd: wouldn't it heal?
spawnofhastur: also where can i get those cardassian carafes?
watchdnd: so they keep blocker
lochnessseammonster: seabatBRAIN
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micalovits: !card withercrown
LRRbot: Withercrown [1B] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature has base power 0 and has "At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life unless you sacrifice this creature."
BrowneePoints: Oh shoot you live in 3023? Did they finally make a good Cyberpunk game?
Bugberry: @watchdnd it has 0 power from crown
Juliamon: HotJo
zenican82: Love that player's name "homeschoolprom"
spawnofhastur: thank you kindly.
homeschoolprom: gg, gang. love the show
KeytarCat: thxJo
Aarek: Hotjo Highwave
BrowneePoints: It's a Raktajino Mug!
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TehAmelie: remember, if you're at the SCP offices, never ask the coffee maker for a "cup of Joe"
munocard: When I was a kid, we had this electronic game that was a little black pyramid that was used on the set of TNG's bar tables.
Seth_Erickson: many people I know cling on coffee Kappa
BrowneePoints: Klingon deez N- benginBonk skaifoBonk mattlrBonk
Ctabbe: they were actually the first car mugs. they were designed to sit on your dash without spilling before cup holders
SnowBuddy18: @BrowneePoints thanks for making the joke for me
homeschoolprom: @zenican82 thank you
micalovits: Withercrown still leaves it with 2 poer
BrowneePoints: Lies Alex!
BrowneePoints: Lies and slander whatever you said!
ShaneLeeAtk: Marshmallow fluff?
micalovits: marshmallow fluff?
zenican82: marshmallow fluff?
princess_intell: did I hear Ian or am I hearing thingd
munocard: Oh wow, the potential MotM plot sword
Bugberry: White hasn't been bad in Limited since well before this.
MegaDosX: Opponent on that voltron life
princess_intell: white is my favorite magic color and it makes me sad to hear people dismiss it
zdeeks: white is 2nd or 3rd best in the set. black is.... way down there
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benv0li0: good to see y'all
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princess_intell: outside of limited I mean
Bugberry: White/Green most fun/fair color pair.
spawnofhastur: 17 turn clock!
princess_intell: @bugberry great minds think alike
micalovits: Tibalt???
GredGredmansson: SURPRISE
munocard: Yeah, I remember Goldvein pick being really good
Grimnus: Did not see that coming from the mono white deck
GredGredmansson: not JUST tibalt
MegaDosX: Tyvar beat the hell out of a compleated Tibalt in the story
princess_intell: nice
Grimnus: Aw couldve gone out your own way
Dumori: Tibalt get's completed and doesn't even get a card just a beating RUDE
Fr0Dough: Ive demenstratoed a loop
munocard: Blame the shuffler on that one
IRLFine: GGs
MegaDosX: @Dumori I'd imagine when ONE Alchemy arrives, he could get a card then, and failing that then when he resurfaces in March of the Machines he might
IRLFine: Sorry y’all got screwed. Have a good stream y’all
GredGredmansson: @korvys thanks
Loonatic93: I hear Chandra is now into Cybersex.
Fr0Dough: isnt egon from ghostbusters
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KeytarCat: @Loonatic93 yeah, but who isn't
BrowneePoints: And in the story, Tyvar just shanked his ass and threw him off a bridge
chaostreader: Isn’t there a card in the set showing Elspeth dying again? We just got her back and she’s dead.
BrowneePoints: We don't know if she's dead
Loonatic93: @Loonatic93 Ehh... I'm more into Phyrexian Snake Mommies.
BrowneePoints: she took the exploding sylex and planeswalked into the Blind Eternities
GredGredmansson: she's not dying, she's just planeswalking while holding a bomb
Mr_Horrible: her prognosis is grim, but we don't see a body
mazemindtom: Forcing elves seems like a good strategy in this format
spawnofhastur: also it wouldn't be the first time elspeth's died.
KeytarCat: @Loonatic93 I can like multiple things 👀
Loonatic93: @Loonatic93 True true.
BrowneePoints: Versus Tibalt, who they explicitly said Tyvar stabbed, threw off a bridge, then said his body impacted the ground with a "sickening Crunch"
Mr_Horrible: it grinds pretty fast
IRLFine: @mazemindtom I’ve been having success with all three decks in the mardu wedge
Dread_Pirate_Westley: And it's a mana sink.
MegaDosX: If it can stick it becomes a problem for your opponent
MegaDosX: You can also do it at instant speed from memory
Bugberry: it's like the abyss but more
Juliamon: Tibalt is the exact kind of jackass you would expect to be first in line for that good oil and also first in line to get their ass handed to them, and ONE has provided.
Mr_Horrible: BrowneePoints I mean, there is that, but Phyrexians are also pretty good at preserving / putting back together stuff
Jadaris: was this the last set with a vanilla creature
spawnofhastur: @Mr_Horrible they massacred my boy venser. :(
Mr_Horrible: wouldn't necessarily expect it, but they've got a justification if they wanna use it
BrowneePoints: True. but if they put Tibalt back together I think he'll be a Zombie
ckupf: strixhaven had one
Mr_Horrible: @spawnofhastur poor lad, gave up his spark to save a golem that keeps fucking up
Diabore: it sounds like a joke but, yeah
Mr_Horrible: @BrowneePoints yeah, if he actually dies and they revive him I'm pretty sure his spark's gone at that point
Bugberry: Strixhaven also had lots of Token makers so it was effectively vanilla heavy.
DAC169: play Egon & foretell the card?
MegaDosX: I doubt Tibalt's dead, we didn't see his body
Loonatic93: Oh, and in other news, Nahiri has gone from Hard Rock to Heavy Metal.
BrowneePoints: I agree, but the way they described it he dun got rocked @MegaDosX
GapFiller: nalvHi hai Alex
MegaDosX: @BrowneePoints Oh he got his ass handed to him, but I'd say he's likely still alive
micalovits: marshmallow fluff!
Mr_Horrible: Loonatic93 "Behold, the Steelforge Blade" "That's just 'a sword', Nahiri. It's not special."
MegaDosX: Hi Alex!
Aarek: lrrDILLY
Mr_Horrible: get his ass
BrowneePoints: Ha! You have friends that care about you Adam!
BrowneePoints: wait...dangit
BrowneePoints: Banana Slamma Step?
MegaDosX: Yeah the lantern is a real problem if it sticks
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap
BrowneePoints: yea...that's part of why Tergrid stinks
Martin_FcG: Slightly richer
saucemaster5000: you'd have enough to pay the kid from "Better off Dead"
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Graham was gone?
a2omega: still it's wired that it happened twice
micalovits: What? Was Graham gone?
Mr_Horrible: Chat isn't known for being observant
zenican82: Noticed who was gone?
adambomb625: Who?
BrowneePoints: but yea I think you'd appreciate how thoroughly Tyvar beat Tibalt's face in in the story G and Adam
Foxmar320: Oh hi Graham didn't see you there
BrowneePoints: it was a standard all-star though
Etchka: sentinel was great
MegaDosX: It's a useful card in the Historic Elfball decks since it's kinda another mana dork
ElektroTal: i can't believe berg strider, a card that was easily first pickable, was passed so many times
balfizan: @BrowneePoints it was part of multiple really good standard decks though
mazemindtom: Sentinel was a thing in standard
BrowneePoints: yep. Sentinel was mediocre in draft
MegaDosX: And yeah in Standard it was a good cheap mana dork
lochnessseammonster: deeply medium as far as i remember in draft PrideLaugh
BrowneePoints: but was a constructed all-star
Martin_FcG: looks like another go wide.
balfizan: I think its value in standard has inflated its perceived value in draft now
BrowneePoints: Jaspera Sentinel powered out SO many Ranger Classes
lochnessseammonster: but then i would just force golgari elves and lose a lot so what do i know :P
BrowneePoints: Solasta
ElektroTal: dragon quest!
Loonatic93: I hear Final Fantasy 12 is pretty good.
BrowneePoints: Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous
narset6691: digital devil saga!
SplashDazzler54: persona 3 and 4 just came out everywhere today
BrowneePoints: oh hmmm
innerbeard: Solasta is pretty weak on the story
kumatsu: I dug Crosscode but not sure if you'd gel with it, Adam
raulghoulia: ff12 is really fun
micalovits: Yes to both of them
Mr_Horrible: I've heard the Pathfinder CRPG is pretty good, yeah
balfizan: I liked both of the two pathfinder games alot
narset6691: both pathfinder games are excellent
Politicallycorrekt: Loved Octopath Traveler and the second one is coming out soon
boristhewizard: Dragon Quest XI :)
BrowneePoints: Pillars of Eternity and Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous are pretty dece
LadyLockwood92: I'm still working my way through Elden Ring but my bell keeps getting Elden Rung.
AdamTheIndividual: pillars of destiny
CanadianDaz: dragons dogma is so good. I wish we got the MMO
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I've been enjoying the first Pathfinder game.
raulghoulia: both pathfinder games keep crashing on my pc
Bugberry: I've never played a mainline FF game but loved the Tactics Advanced games so watching 12 has been nostalgic.
BrowneePoints: Pathfinder Kingmaker may not be your jam Adam
kumatsu: Fs in chat for Pointing Girl
saucemaster5000: Dark Souls 2
BrowneePoints: it turns into a Kindgom sim halfway through
balfizan: Wrath was better than Kingmaker as a game
MegaDosX: That's very clever
LadyLockwood92: Hell yeah, both times!
Mr_Horrible: Adam's making me realize I haven't really played a standard RPG in a loooong time
SacrificialToast: Crosscode is a strong mix of exploration, combat, and puzzles. I love it, but if you don't gel with one of the aspects of it, you might be put off
BrowneePoints: oh yea! Black Myth Wukong got a release Window!
Glaciopolimer: playing through it now
Mr_Horrible: DS2 has to be good because it has the Turtle Club guys
BrowneePoints: It's Anime AF
narset6691: oh thats good!
Ravynn: Tales of Breseria is the BEST ONE
Mr_Horrible: I seem to remember it's one of the better Tales ones
JeysieC: Pathfinder is amazing, and the same company's also making the first WH40K CRPG
Ravynn: Of the Tales series.
narset6691: story is good, gameplay is a little mid
lamina5432: I enjoyed berseria
SacrificialToast: I got like halfway through Berseria
innerbeard: I have a niche game that you may not have ever heard of: Skyrim
heartofgoldfish: tales of graces F is my personal favorite but berseria is good
DaFhaye: Personally Tales is a heavy dialogue light combat game
Jarlax: berseria is one of my favorite games
LadyLockwood92: Haven't they said they're working on Dragon's Dogma 2?
BrowneePoints: Dragon's Dogma is...pretty unique
Mr_Horrible: Boot up a perfectly legal and not emulated copy of FF Mystic Quest, Adam lrrBEEJ
saucemaster5000: Agreed
Greyah: Skyrim was never good.
narset6691: yea tales of games are story focused
orrephantom: Dragon age…?
TehAmelie: bold
SplashDazzler54: skyrim is the worst looter shooter
Ravynn: 3rd person go into dungeon? How about some Persona 4 Golden?
BrowneePoints: Although real talk, if you don't mind...hours and hours and hours required, Xenoblade are quite good
Dumori: Skyrim was good 12 years ago!
Martin_FcG: I would love another Diablo 1 style game.
GapFiller: Skyrim is only good when the dragons are modded to look like Thomas the Tank Engine Kappa
Mr_Horrible: Skyrim makes a better playground to fuck around in than a cohesive game, I feel
Dumori: It's aged worse than Morrowind
IRLFine: I don’t think Skyrim is bad, I just also don’t think it’s good
Mr_Horrible: yoooo
Mr_Horrible: Last Epoch rocks
Mr_Horrible: they've been plugging away at it
Martin_FcG: Ill have to look it up
Bugberry: I played DS2 as my first Souls then went back to Skyrim and couldn't deal with how bad the combat was.
Invitare: the Xenoblade franchise is a relative bloodbath for a JRPG
Mr_Horrible: I really like their version of Maps
mistycloud21: You’d like Grim Dawn
drewm1022: Cool crafting in Last Epoch.
kumatsu: I've been back on La-Mulana but "extremely obtuse puzzle Metroidvania" is probably not an Adam genre
Commander_Taz: last epoch is awesome
Mr_Horrible: like a PoE or a Grim Dawn
innerbeard: I don't know if you can class it as an RPG, but I ADORED the spider-man games from Insomniac
Loonatic93: I tried Last Epoch. The control scheme just felt real janky.
saucemaster5000: Recently tried Nioh while looking for an ARPG. Nioh thanks
Bugberry: Have either of yall played Pyre? most underrated Supergiant game.
IRLFine: (Also Graham & Adam I was your opponent a couple games ago, the one where I got color screwed and you got color+mana screwed. GGs)
AdamTheIndividual: wolcen is also good for a single playthrough for arpg
Mr_Horrible: each class has a buncha skills to choose from but you essentially main 5
sugarsh0t: i'm playing PoE right now!
sugarsh0t: i'm making a caster marauder
sugarsh0t: i named him Sabrawna
Mr_Horrible: yeyeyeye big brain marauder is great
Mr_Horrible: I've tried, I cannot
Invitare: one day they'll buff it
sugarsh0t: i thought it would be funny so i am trying it
Invitare: maybe they'll even buff all the channelling skills
Greyah: I also love bad PoE skills. Which is why I play Cleave.
Invitare: that would be nice
sugarsh0t: my actual Sanctum char is a lacerate gladiator
drewm1022: I got 5 divine orbs from an Emperor's Luck div card turn in this league.
drewm1022: That was new and different.
Mr_Horrible: man, I miss SST glad
sugarsh0t: my speedy speedy boy with the canonically fine ass
sugarsh0t: i like playing Duelist because Piety tells you you're hot
princess_intell: magic magic magic magic
Mr_Horrible: "This is more money than I've seen in one place"
IRLFine: Yootless Rew baybeeee
BrowneePoints: Also, series answer for RPG on PC, Yakuza: Like a Dragon
sugarsh0t: daaang
saucemaster5000: Recently had a mandela effect moment finding out candyland does not have dice
saucemaster5000: oh, brownee nailed it there
BrowneePoints: serious*
BrowneePoints: Candyland is actually Deterministic
Syntheticuh: candy land isnt even a game
Mr_Horrible: this league has actually probably been my most lucrative, I've made or found ~15 raw div, and a couple of mirror shard cards
Mr_Horrible: got an Unrequited Love week 1
princess_intell: candyland is designed for literal toddlers
meaninglessMeg: I used to rig Candy Land when I was like 6
Drathak: just draw good :)
Mr_Horrible: now that's a gamer that's going places
princess_intell: i remember liking queen frostine when i was a kid. she looked like a princess and i was 2
BrowneePoints: speaking of board games, I STILL can't believe y'all got Becca Scott for the PPR
Mazrae: how do you rig candy land
AugmentingPath: Candyland is the Kobayashi Maru of childhood boardgames
LadyLockwood92: We didn't really get Candy Land in the UK, so I've never played it.
meaninglessMeg: Put the cards in a specific order so I'd always win, yeah
AugmentingPath: You can't effect the game unless you argue about the rules or cheat
saucemaster5000: Play with weighted dice
Mr_Horrible: candyland is entirely deterministic off deck order, yeah
ButterBall000: Candyland is up there with War in terms of skill
BrowneePoints: Spirit Fingers
BrowneePoints: yep I spirit fingers as well Adam
tehfewl: jazz hands
Drathak: i say bagel and make a o with one hand
BrowneePoints: Nah jazz hands are with the wrist
Mr_Horrible: *Bullwinkle voice* "Nothin' up my sleeve..."
zenican82: I just say "hellbent"
SacrificialToast: My friends like to play Betrayal at House on the Hill pretty often, and I never feel like I have any agency in that game
SacrificialToast: just roll dice and move around and eventually things happen
micalovits: Egon with trample is gonna be mean
BrowneePoints: I love the Spicy Double Block. Probably my fave Taco Bell item
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saucemaster5000: @SacrificialToast I made the mistake of playing the legacy version with my group. Hated it, and had to play it for like 8 sessions
BrowneePoints: what if we load up Egon with Super Nachos instead?
MegaDosX: Get that Egon suited and booted
MegaDosX: !helm
LRRbot: Rotate THE HELM.
BrowneePoints: Betrayal at Baldur's is much better about that
DrThud666: keyword crockpot button please
LadyLockwood92: Honestly, that was a super fun thing to do with Skullbriar, the Walking Grave. Loading that boy up with Keyword counters and slam him at people.
kumatsu: My Legacy campaign got interrupted by the pandemic, then half the players moved to Hawaii NotLikeThis
lochnessseammonster: i rewatch that long game every october cuz it's a great spoopy season campaign
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I def needed a group of people to crack wise with while playing Pandemic Legacy
AveryCorvus: All games are better with friends. Honestly, I kind of gave up on Magic because I realized I only liked it for the friends
IRLFine: Pandemic legacy is just too much pandemic
akromatirel: smh, think i played you once or twice
MegaDosX: Trample on Egon seems very nice
saucemaster5000: Pandemic Legacy would be better if it was as long as gloomhaven and you had to repeat missions till you won
KeytarCat: So I've heard horror stories about Pandemic Legacy, but I wasn't here. What happened with it?
micalovits: I think we keep the reaper to block
Mr_Horrible: I like just with Egon here
RayFK: I think you only attack with Egon
Mr_Horrible: and leave the repear to bllock
Mr_Horrible: *block
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RayFK: Because if you attack with both and they burn something you could be in danger
Grimnus: I think youre fine with Egon trading
Grimnus: Since hes on a timer
Mr_Horrible: and *reaper, jeez I cannot type today
Mr_Horrible: trade + 8 damage feels okay
Dread_Pirate_Westley: A trade, and they take 8.
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ArkhamArchivist: Oh man, Deathtramp
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MegaDosX: That was a chunky hit
Electrodyne: needs more Rampage: 10
BrowneePoints: !card Demon Bolt
LRRbot: Demon Bolt [2R] | Instant | Demon Bolt deals 4 damage to target creature or planeswalker. / Foretell {R}
Mr_Horrible: yeah, should be good now
micalovits: If they move it we kill the sentinel
Grimnus: If they dont have an answer the reaper is just lethal with both equips
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Now we can have a menacing trampling reaper and they only have 2 reach blockers.
LoneGoat: you have trample deathtouch again, so
MegaDosX: Yeah I think you have them absent shenanigans in their hand
GredGredmansson: they found the line
DAC169: equip is 3
Mr_Horrible: and they'll also have to tap the sentinel to equip again
GredGredmansson: well, A line
micalovits: I think we are fine no matter what
Dread_Pirate_Westley: 7/5?
Mr_Horrible: oh wait, right, it stays attached LUL
LoneGoat: if it's 6+ it's lethal on its own
MegaDosX: Yeah
Grimnus: Shows off the power of those equips
chrono2x: Wow. All cause they didn't attack that one turn
akromatirel: cheer100 "naw, you char to the face and hope you top deck a burn spell"
MegaDosX: Deathtouch and trample trips people up a lot
BloodnBullets: ah yes, RB playing the long game. Thats how that works.
MadWolf1290: this isn't Tarcov
niconorsk: I am sure I am missing something, but couldn't you have just demon bolted their face?
innerbeard: Who's the opponent's avatar?
MegaDosX: !card demon bolt
LRRbot: Demon Bolt [2R] | Instant | Demon Bolt deals 4 damage to target creature or planeswalker. / Foretell {R}
MegaDosX: That's Wyll
Greyah: Wyll?
BrowneePoints: Wyll
BrowneePoints: he's your Warlock companion in BG3
BlackIsis: Adam, I am disappointed in you
innerbeard: Gotcha, ty
MegaDosX: His name is Wyll, Graham
couchboyj: Groundskeeper Whyllie
SacrificialToast: well there's 1 mana 4 damage to creature as a sorcery :p
BlackIsis: Minsc is bald. And awesome
SacrificialToast: !card flame slash
LRRbot: Flame Slash [R] | Sorcery | Flame Slash deals 4 damage to target creature.
Greyah: Does something with dice, I think. Because I have him in an oops all dice commander deck.
TehAmelie: Wyll he blynd?
micalovits: Rude!
MegaDosX: The paper version of Wyll is a die roller card, the one in Arena is one of the Specialise cards that does a variety of things
BloodnBullets: big brain bluff
innerbeard: I thought they had actually made a cool looking planeswalker for once :P
public_key_reveal_party: mindgames
MegaDosX: Everything must attack
saucemaster5000: Brilliant
GredGredmansson: Kardur!
GredGredmansson: I drafted 3 of these guys in an LGS Kaldheim draft
v_nome: Beards are looking good, both of you.
Grimnus: They sure taught that effigy a lesson
GredGredmansson: it was fun
IRLFine: Ehrmagerd kerder
MegaDosX: I'd imagine Kardur would be pretty funny in a Thantis EDH deck
MegaDosX: Or Karazikar
Bugberry: all the answers
Mazrae: don't fear the reaper
type_variable: dont you have to attack
MegaDosX: Yeah Kardur doesn't goad everything forever
MegaDosX: He's only on ETB
type_variable: oh
akromatirel: (facepalm) akro matirel..... its Akroma Tirel. after the legendary angel from Legions and the Planeswalker. quote is from the Craig Jones x Oliver Ruel pro tour Honolulu match
LadyLockwood92: Kardur would be a mythic if that were the case.
GredGredmansson: hey is Discord dead right now?
Diabore: !card kardur, doom
LRRbot: Kardur, Doomscourge [2BR] | Legendary Creature — Demon Berserker [4/3] | When Kardur, Doomscourge enters the battlefield, until your next turn, creatures your opponents control attack each combat if able and attack a player other than you if able. / Whenever an attacking creature dies, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
Grimnus: Was chumping Kardur and eating the infernal pet better?
type_variable: whats foretell?
Diabore: no, kardur has another ability
Mazrae: what does foretell do?
Diabore: or 1 spell
DAC169: just to be rude aipSRSLY
MegaDosX: Foretell is you can pay two and exile a card into Foretell, then can cast it later for its Foretell cost
GredGredmansson: @Mazrae @type_variable pay 2 to exile it from your hand; you can cast it later for its foretell cost
IRLFine: @mazrae pay 2, exile it, you can cast on a later turn from exile for cheaper cost
Fr0Dough: doesnt mow my lawn
BrowneePoints: @Mazrae exile it face down for 2, then you can play it on a later turn for its foretell cost
zenican82: Have a good evening
BloodnBullets: it doesnt do my taxes
Grimnus: Thanks for the stream you two
Martin_FcG: Thanks for the entertainment :) It was good to see both of you jamming mtg.
AveryCorvus: Thanks for the stream
lochnessseammonster: thanks for the stream :)
Sleep_Tight: :) until next time!
GapFiller: thanks for streaming lrrGRAHAM lrrADAM lrrSHINE
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
meaninglessMeg: Thanks for the stream! lrrSHINE
IRLFine: Thanks again for the game
Diabore: have fun with dom remastered tomorrow, i built a dumb storm deck when i drafted it, maxed out at 11 storm
type_variable: seabatClap
LadyLockwood92: Thanks for the stream, guys~ It's been fun.
IRLFine: Long time YouTube viewer of yours
MegaDosX: @IRLFine Were you the opponent just now?
sugarsh0t: byeee
akromatirel: i miss irl draft
Wolfstrike_NL: We are "a person" and "another person"
IRLFine: @megadosx earlier in the stream
MegaDosX: @IRLFine Ah, neat!
GapFiller: WOOD HYPE
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
tehfewl: i went in not knowing much about the set and have had a blast doing drafts of it
adambomb625: Guillotine 2?
MegaDosX: You wood tune in for that, Graham?
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LunchB0x_13: Catching the end but much love to you both! lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
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Diabore: "i wood" i see what you did there
munocard: Is there a question about the wood?
OhaiMireiya: *waggles eyebrows*
micalovits: And marshmallow fluff it seems like
Phailhammer: cya :)
spawnofhastur: It's log! It's log! It's round, it's heavy, it's wood.
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
BrowneePoints: aw man Legend of Vox Machina S2 isn't until tomorrow
ritchards: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Alex work with wood!) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (1m from now).
princess_intell: huzzah it's ttsf
BrowneePoints: also chat, just a random aside if you've ever wanted to see if CR is for you but don't want to go through 600 hours of live play, check out the Legend of Vox Machina show
drewm1022: Huh. I have episodes 1 and 2 available, Brownee.
drewm1022: And I believe CR is streaming a watchalong of them tonight.
BrowneePoints: oh huh, thought it was a jan 20 release
Sorator13: It's season 2 that starts soon, I think
BrowneePoints: yea I thought s2 was tomorrow lol
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART
TemporallyAwry: penaddTobyhi good timezone all
drewm1022: Yeah pretty sure CR is doing a watchalong in 2 hours.
RandomTrivia: Looking forward to seeing some exotic woods being worked on stream... wait...
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
DeM0nFiRe: According to the CR site the watch party is next tuesday
DeM0nFiRe: "Our first Watch Party for Episodes 1-3 with Cast and Special Guests on January 24th"
DeM0nFiRe: Speaking of watch parties, the 15th anniversary of The Guild just happened and they did a watch party of the whole series. I had never seen it before, that was a good first way to see it
Nigouki: mmmm, wood
drewm1022: Oh. Hm. K I could very easily be wrong.
LostThePirate: I'm here for all the wood puns and innuendos...
TemporallyAwry: As a sanity check, they absolutely said during last week's episode that they'd be doing it this week.
TimIAm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Alex work with wood!) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (3m ago).
TemporallyAwry: Just for anyone feeling like they were "sure" - right there with you LuvCool
RandomTrivia: lrrSIG !
TemporallyAwry: lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
drewm1022: Haha, thank you for that.
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Fruan: This music slaps so hard
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Tinker Tailor Solder Fry! Tonight Ian and Alex are doing some Woodworking! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Fm4Jgl6aUAAVCnv.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1616240182839349248
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ArisuGunplaSFW: thanks for the inspiration!
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RandomTrivia: You can just imagine the incredibly smooth ride in the Crown Vic from this music alone
Fruan: But this stream should be starting with A Lineage of Jets instead.
TehAmelie: a level, eh? are we gonna make vidoegames?
KeytarCat: @Fruan there's time yet!
TehAmelie: *boos self*
princess_intell: pour one out for saabine folks
drewm1022: rip saabine.
Fruan: o7
RandomTrivia: benginO7
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SymphonicLolita: time for wewd!
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CobaltShuriken: good evening, TTSF’ers
SymphonicLolita: lrrFINE
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
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Meark: Woodworking for my sub anniversary, you shouldn't have! :D
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Kaorti: Loving the workbench!
CobaltShuriken: are fans of this program called Tinker Tailor Solder Friars?
princess_intell: tureens?
ButButTheJesus: WOOD!
SymphonicLolita: trees on the street
Kaorti: with a proper vise!
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TehAmelie: hmm who is it holding the tools in the intro? i'm gonna bet Ian
TehAmelie: also hi
SnackPak_: neat
DrakoniteStreams: Ooo, TTSF was exactly as late starting as I was getting out of a meeting
jessieimproved: lookin good lrrIAN & lrrALEX
OhaiMireiya: hurro frens =3
Lord_Hosk: When did the mikes come in?
SymphonicLolita: lapel mics are soooo last year
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Fruan: I'm looking for a Thicc Top
CobaltShuriken: are we perhaps going to have an as seen on tv segment? these mics are giving me QVC channel vibes
LoadingReadyRun: we are testing some different mics tonight. let me know what you think
DrakoniteStreams: Alex is quiet or just me?
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Bergor_Terraf: Hi!
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RandomTrivia: @LoadingReadyRun They're really clean so far
pn55: @LoadingReadyRun Sound good so far!
SymphonicLolita: they're handy when one does not actually have a lapel
TemporallyAwry: Alex sounds fine on my setup.
TheInnsanity: mics look visually fine! and audio seems good to boot!
Alas_Babylon: Not hearing shirts rustle is already a plus
Alas_Babylon: Misophonia hype
DrakoniteStreams: audio quality good so far