Metric_Furlong: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a dagger, just a dagger
Metric_Furlong: stabby
Cavemanhar: !advice
LRRbot: End talking
Metric_Furlong: lrrbot wants chat to be quiet, I see
accountmadeforants: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have a garage sale of everything alive.
Cavemanhar: !goodadvice
LRRbot: At this time of year?
incslayer: those two pieces of advice are very complimentary
beowuuf: lrrbot is scary that way
TXC2: Hello Everybody
Cavemanhar: hello
BigDaddyBland87: Hello
incslayer: Hello
TXC2: hello Cavemanhar and BigDaddyBland87 and incslayer welcome
beowuuf: sergeHi
Sethalidos: !quote Ian
LRRbot: Quote #3395: "I don't think there's any more Art Dink can tell you." —Ian [2016-09-12]
TXC2: hello beowuuf
Didero: Good evening!
TheMerricat: Slightly miffed I missed last stream, are we still a lovable vagabond party attempting overthrow the evil British Empire?
Sethalidos: !findquote job
LRRbot: Quote #8383: "It's not in my job description to validate Serge." —James [2022-11-29]
incslayer: more or less
Sethalidos: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Your back looks fantastic!
TXC2: hello Didero welcome
Didero: Last time we escaped a dungeon with some sky pirates, who have since left us again
Cavemanhar: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: an undead cat
incslayer: we have picked up a fourth member some dude who was hanging out in a cage
Cavemanhar: poor cat
TheMerricat: But not a jar, right? we didn't let him out of a jar?
Sethalidos: Ehhhhh
Sorator13: The cage was... somewhat jar-shaped
TXC2: the cage was jar shaped, but it was not a jar
incslayer: i dont think shroedinger thought of zombification when he posited his experiment
Juliamon: It wasn't in the woods anyway
TXC2: title change!
Didero: We didn't open the cage, it just kind of opened itself when we used it to plummet down a hole
beowuuf: @TheMerricat we're sort of still that but now we have scary evil twins after us and are teaming up with not scary not evil twisn
Sorator13: "I'm dropping it"
TXC2: the cage became opened
accountmadeforants: lrrSIG
BigDaddyBland87: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Cavemanhar: lrrSIG lrrSIG
incslayer: if you put a cat in a box with a radioactive isotope the cat is either: Alive, Dead or a flesh eating zombie but until you open the box you wont know which
Whisle: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
incslayer: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TheMerricat: The worst part about Graham doing this PIF is Wiggins is doing a playthrough of Legend of the Dragoon and the plots keep melting into one another in my brain :D
Sorator13: @incslayer You forgot the fourth option: no longer in the box, because cats are liquid escape artists
beowuuf: lol
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accountmadeforants: @TXC2 What is a cage if not a jar with better ventilation?
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Whisle: I remember playing this game and quitting because Vaan is such a dumbass...
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incslayer: @Sorator13 fair
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's PLAY IT FORWARD! @Graham_LRR has a license to wear Hat(2) and it's time to party. More Final Fantasy 12! | 📷 ||
incslayer: @accountmadeforants to be fair a cage would make for a bad jar if you put jam in it
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StarShock2002: what even is time?
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GrassVortex: extraHi
TXC2: !findquote jar
LRRbot: Quote #7306: "'He puts people in Jars.' 'No he doesn't, he just doesn't free them.'" —Cori and Cameron, on Adam
Didero: I kind of had the same problem with playing through Jedi Fallen Order, that game's protagonist is kind of an idiot too
accountmadeforants: @incslayer Clearly your jam needs to be more viscous Kappa
TXC2: hello GrassVortex welcome
incslayer: if its viscious enough to stay in a cage i would say it has stopped being jam and become jelly
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: heya chat!
Didero: I've forgotten what the in-game explanation is for the license system, why can't you just wear a hat?
Excalibur_1867_: sogYeah More FF12! Just started this game myself had have been having a blast
TXC2: hello lesbianpunkpyromancer20 welcome
incslayer: hello lesbianpunkpyromancer20
rocketjohn: ahoy lrrchats, graham
CastleOtranto: Hello chat. Good time of day to you.
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: hello rocketjohn and CastleOtranto welcome
n_mandrag: tangCheers
micalovits: Hello to all you lovely people!
incslayer: Good Time of day to you too CastleOtranto
PsychoI3oy: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Vanbael: hey everyone, lovely bgm we have here
TXC2: hello micalovits welcome
Sorator13: @Didero Laws, apparently
TXC2: hello Vanbael welcome
TheMerricat: @Didero are you sure there was one given?
beowuuf: (tm)
incslayer: Laws? i thought it was just capitalism
TXC2: swoon!
199 raiders from James_LRR have joined!
TXC2: Hello Raiders
PsychoI3oy: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Barb4rian: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TheAinMAP: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Didero: @Didero That sounds unenforcable, you're just gonna stop everybody in the street to go through their clothing licenses?
Snowcookies: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Xed_Regulus: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
lemmel: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Sorator13: @incslayer Well, one often leads to the other
Brozard: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
incslayer: Hello Raiders your early technically we havent started yet
jessieimproved: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Malkmaven1176: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
cassaclyzm: gdqWingLeft jlrrPunch gdqWingRight
micalovits: They arrive just to the banger intro, any moment now!
Harvest25: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPongchamp
LordZarano: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrBedrock
rocketjohn: James_LRR in arriving early shocker :)
TheMerricat: I mean given that you 'gain' license points from unverifiable killing of monsters, I always assumed it was an internal magic thing. AKA "You aren't strong enough for my potions" deal.
incslayer: isnt James in charge of the schedule?
accountmadeforants: The closest thing the game does to explaining the license system is that it's just an indicator of your skill. I.e., you can own a sword, but you don't really know how to use it effectively. That breaks down when it gets to wearing hats, though.
TXC2: in theory yes
Didero: @TheMerricat But this is also for stuff like rings and simple hats
TXC2: Here we GO!
Anubis169 hands out talking licences to chat
beowuuf: go time
n_mandrag: "Your dapperness is insufficient - this hat does not belong on you!"
rocketjohn: a schedule manager is never early, nor are they late, they always arrive exactly when they mean to.
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mtvcdm: 100 Needles
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Didero: Hi Graham!
TXC2: Hello Graham
beowuuf: morning g!
KevinTheShark: @anubis169 thank you very much
jamesk902: @accountmadeforants Look some hats are tricky, OK.
Anubis169: Good morning G!
Zaghrog: teh hats and rings and all are magic, that's why they require sskill
wench_tacular: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
incslayer: @rocketjohn you mean exactly when they have scheduled themselves to arrive? :P
Riiiiiiis: Hello Graham
WearingCats_CwC: hoi
MilkInBags: such a Leo game
Snowcookies: Hi Graham
Leonhart321: Hello Graham, jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
beowuuf: yup
GhostValv: the chunkers
MilkInBags: the holers
Anubis169: mtvcdm!
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mtvcdm: Pit Crew is correct
RayFK: Hole Boys.
Riiiiiiis: chunkbusters
Leonhart321: The Pit Cres
beowuuf: though block party is fine since heather liked it :D
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2660 patrons for a total of $20,875.57 per month.
Leonhart321: Crew even
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2660 patrons for a total of $20,875.57 per month.
Sorator13: @RayFK jordan
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: hole in the wall gang
RomanGoro: Pit Crew is correct, Holers is just as good
Ashton: I prefer chonkers
samu_btdp1985: we're here baby
bo_brinkman: @MilkInBags Lol, I was about to make that joke too
rocketjohn: @RayFK nope, hate that
Anubis169: Ashton <3
TXC2: Hello Ashton
incslayer: i thought they where "Fallers"
beowuuf: oh no
MilkInBags: chonkers' bad fur day
beowuuf: everyone abandoned us
RomanGoro: incslayer James falls down holes, not us the viewers
Camthelion: Hai G, Haii Ashton , Haillo chat
TXC2: Previously on PiF!
Zaghrog: Wow yeah it does, this is my first time seeing this
KevinTheShark: Always baffles just how un-final these fantasies are
incslayer: this is how your memory of this game looks :P
TXC2: hello Camthelion welcome
beowuuf: discovered evil twins
NightValien28: what up G, what up everyone
Pharmacistjudge: so the leading man left us?
Izandai: Oh wow, those jiggle physics on that hair.
TXC2: hello NightValien28 welcome
Leonhart321: And we met some weird woman called Amelia, who I doubt we'll see again
incslayer: ahh but they would never expect you to go BACK to rabanastra
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RocknGrohlNerd: Hi G, since I missed first few streams I just wanted to pop in drop the sub and head back to VODs, see ya there lrrSHINE benginHeart
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Snowcookies: just don't run into guards
prince_infidel: Aren't you super wanted by the army?
LordManiMani: the original isn't that bad. there were some visual tricks used like blurring that probably worked better on crts
Bugberry: finally caught this live. I've never played a mainline FF but am obsessed with the Tactics Advanced games set in Ivalice.
Izandai: Why did they give his hair jiggle physics?
cassaclyzm: At least wear a moustache
Blakemcm: maybe word hasnt spread yet?
Vanbael: yeah, like GTA wouldn't be this lenient
inetro: lrrBEEJ
Didero: That sure is an English, well done
beowuuf: like...cooked and cleaned?
RayFK: It's prounounced "Feet-ies"
rocketjohn: hey graham, question about the Play it Forward format - given the name, why does the person currently playing not have a co-pilot of the person who will be up next, thus playing it forward...
AugmentingPath: as in "done for"
northos: it's a valid phrase
Invitare: it's a little strange, but valid
LordManiMani: this is where the game's structure kinda sucks. All the Plot characters have gone off to do the actual story, but Vaan can't because he's just a rando
raulghoulia: it's ol timey
KevinTheShark: Ah, but they'll never admit that someone escaped the prison
Mordin_Solus_Sings: This was definitely one of the best-looking PS2 games I ever played, but the upscale was excellently done.
n_mandrag: The sentence is in fact correct
Bugberry: Is this old english or something?
sephsays: Look, he’s a guard, not an orator.
GDwarble: "The watch did for them" is grammatically correct, just not common
Bugberry: Or middle english
Critterbot: It's just an archaic way of phrasing it.
Blade_Tiger: @northos In as much as British English is valid anyway
IviaRelle: "did for" is an antiquated phrase, but it checks out
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Didero: What does the phrase mean though?
Blakemcm: "british correct"
Bugberry: "I'll get you what for!:
cassaclyzm: The little smileys still kill me
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onethousandneedles: My favorite FF with questionable pronunciation decisions!
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Scy_Anide: The 8.916666666666667 years.
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kumatsu: yeah antiquated is what I'd call it
AugmentingPath: It's similar to "we're done for"
rocketjohn: killed or captured
accountmadeforants: See: "done for"
incslayer: it feels right
beowuuf: i thought did for was usually meaning looking after stuff they have to do
DiscordianTokkan: "Did for" as in Captured and/or killed
RayFK: Nope
KevinTheShark: Its an old code but it checks out
RayFK: Gambit shop is up one
EricTheOrange: like delt with
northos: orange diamond is the gambit shop I think
GDwarble: @Didero "Did [something] to them", almost always negative. So probably means "beat up/arrested/killed"
n_mandrag: When someone has been "done in", or are "done for" - you can say whoever responsible "did for them"
Didero: Oh, are there also new hunts in the inn?
Didero: @Didero Ah, thanks
RayFK: Technicks
Anubis169: Graham: it's in the same sense as "Giving them what for!"
LordShadner: they did just immediately catch you so they aren't looking for you, I guess
RayFK: They sell Technicks
WearingCats_CwC: Honestly the system of crime and punishment in the Archadian Empire seems a little shaky. There's no form of due process. Nobody really knows that you were in prison, nobody knows you've escaped, nobody really knows why you were there in the first place
gusslegus: Did we just start
AugmentingPath: you got a license for that spell, mate?
TheMerricat: apparently the more common usage of the phrase these days is where I'm done for came from
GDwarble: @WearingCats_CwC Recently conquered country, things are still kinda iffy
RayFK: Technicks are like, Libra, First Aid, Steal etc.
Anubis169: @gusslegus you've missed about 2min
LordManiMani: what Cloud got off the train and Barrett went off to do the Bombing Mission with Avalanche and Cloud just kinda idled
beowuuf: @TheMerricat yeah, no 4 is the one i know better, which makes hiring a helper sudden;y more dangerous... #
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northos: @WearingCats_CwC tbf Basch was also like the most high profile political prisoner in a generation
gusslegus: @anubis169 Thanks!
GTea30: In the status screen, you can see all their abilities
Sorator13: It's one of the failings in the transition to zodiac age, yeah
northos: spells and abilities are listed in inventory
MrVirite: isn't there something in party?
Critterbot: Libra is very useful to have, btw.
grgriffin3: Good afternoon, Graham and chat!
Sorator13: In the original system, you'd have seen it unlocked when you looked at her license board
atinyspacemarine: hiya folks
MrVirite: oh
Snowcookies: libra is best spell
TXC2: hello grgriffin3 and atinyspacemarine welcome
samu_btdp1985: is this the final fantasy with the Bounty syster
n_mandrag: that button does NOT throw an ice cream party ? What a SCAM!
scientist_captain: hi
samu_btdp1985: system*
aussie_rob_w: lrrJAMES_SG James with sunglasses.
micalovits: Oh dear
beowuuf: uuuuuh
northos: yeaaaaaah
ADTalks: buy them all
aussie_rob_w: Oh my god that’s a long list
grgriffin3: That's a lot of stuff.
TheMerricat: Wait there's a cost to all this stuff? you have to pay for your programming?
TXC2: hello scientist_captain welcome
SerGarretCameron: welcome to the program store.
incslayer: lets get to purchasing
Didero: Oh, that last one, "If >= x items remain" seems useful for a Potion gambit
ADTalks: LUL
MilkInBags: micro transactions for conditions NotLikeThis
Sorator13: So.... how much gil do you wanna spend?
Vanbael: pre-built coding logic
Whisle: just.... buy everything?
kumatsu: Would you like to write a logic statement?
raulghoulia: Zodiac Age makes it so you can buy way more, way earlier
MrVirite: oh yeah, they're all just there in this version
BrookJustBones: So in universe, what are you buying?
Beeeebles: Buy em all
nickthecatbear: buckle in. We're gonna be here a while
accountmadeforants: Good thing Oracle never figured out how to implement this in real life. Microtransactions on conditions!
Mangledpixel: boop
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
Didero: I feel like you'd just buy a Gambit if you need it, instead of all of them?
Leonhart321: And this is why this needed a Buy All option
Pharmacistjudge: did they fix the gambits or are some just kinda redudant?
TXC2: what are good?
incslayer: @Izandai have you ever taken a class in programing? if you have you understand the games combat system
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Make an honest moral inventory of yourself.
raulghoulia: foe: hp 100%
AugmentingPath: wherever you arethest
Mangledpixel: how goes coding simulator?
Excalibur_1867_: I believe in this version you can cap your gil out in the menu
IviaRelle: Depends on what you want your playstyle to be
Izandai: @incslayer Oh dear.
Bahumot: Yay Gambit fun!
Critterbot: I just get them all, use what I feel like works and don't really think about it too much. :D
EricTheOrange: I do like being able to craft your own auto battle
TXC2: Mangledpixel we have discovered how deep the hole goes
grgriffin3: That's a worrying HP level to see!
Didero: There were also defense and resistance a bit up, that might be useful
Blakemcm: that scroll bar lookin really small...
Stratavarius: Yeah, I always just bought all of them
Pharmacistjudge: Like I remember "Ally: Poisoned" as kinda useless because "Ally:Any Antidote" worked the exact same as "Ally:Poisoned Antidote"
Bahumot: I loved this system
Mangledpixel: TXC2 excellent
n_mandrag: "Oh wise merchant of the lake - teach me the mystic art of hitting a foe with more HP then that random amount"
PurpleAlzir: the making simple AI is why I love FF12 so much
Leonhart321: Ha ha ha, a hundred thousand
CururuGuasu: I like that they don’t hide all these options till end game like the original
scientist_captain: I love having to buy the code for my game
Critterbot: Yupp, that's why libra is good to have.
TheMentalMonk: libra is cast on your party
PurpleAlzir: the elemental weak ones work even if you haven't used libra
Bahumot: For me, I think the AI always seemed to know what enemies are weak to.
Cyberegg: libra is self target
Sorator13: yeah, you want to read the little description at the bottom of some of these
Bugberry: I love examples of game mechanics being accidental spoilers.
northos: magic!
TheMentalMonk: there is an accessory item that gives you libra too
LordZarano: What's the difference between weak and vulnerable?
incslayer: thank you latte fairy
Wicker_Guide: telatteporting?
SerGarretCameron: a wild Latte?!
Bahumot: What did Vaan steal from to get that Latte?
KevinTheShark: Magical latte summoning spell. Perfect
TXC2: a latte? what an age we live in
Sorator13: also the item ones are not as useful as you think, cause the item count is the *only* trigger condition. you can't combine gambit conditions.
googoltudoris: graham casts summon latte. success!
atinyspacemarine: is it possible to change which set of instructions your characters are using?
EricTheOrange: magi c latte
BrightstormRising: did you cast summon latte?
rocketjohn: you summoned a latte? is there a way to learn this power?
atinyspacemarine: specifically using these conditions
samu_btdp1985: ally lowest hp seems good
incslayer: Graham when are you gonna teach the rest of us "summon Latte"
LordShadner: I like <30 for healing
Didero: Jeez that's a lot of statuses
incslayer: and is there a "Summon Greater Latte"
Sorator13: @atinyspacemarine Yes; you can set up and save I think 3 different sets for each char
Rayn3Cl0ud: gambit ally: latte = none
nickthecatbear: It's the Gambit shop's little-known punch card: "buy 5 gambits, receive 1 free latté"
RomanGoro: I feel like having to buy these is weird? Am I out of touch or it's the game designers that are wrong?
raulghoulia: I wish I was my own ally
Didero: Oof, yeah, I'd expect 'Ally' to include 'Self'
northos: ally includes self, self is just for when you want to limit it to self
aussie_rob_w: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrHEART lrrARROWS
LordShadner: I believe self just limits
Izandai: yet
KevinTheShark: That's a Big YET
atinyspacemarine: Now I want to grab this game and figure out how to mod in as many of the gambit command sheets as possible
SerGarretCameron: one of if mp<% ones might be useful for aethers when you run out of mp.
CanPlayGames: Buy all
googoltudoris: never played this- are you buying ally npc behaviors?
PurpleAlzir: the opening with steal will do great for your gil income
atinyspacemarine: make a Gambit State Machine
jessieimproved: wherever you are really
Leonhart321: That's a neon glowing YET
Izandai: You wanna be able to hit the foes wherever they are.
rocketjohn: @jessieimproved ^
beowuuf: the celine gambit system
Sorator13: @googoltudoris Basically, yes. You set a condition (what we're looking at) + an action to perform
Sorator13: as shown on *this* screen
Didero: There was a way to get more gambit slots, right?
rabidwombats: Is this Play it Forward going into YT as well? And if so, what is the typical schedule?
incslayer: yea we get those from teh boards
northos: @Didero through licenses yeah
Leonhart321: In the license board IIRC
Sorator13: Might be on the license board; I forget
atinyspacemarine: So these are just all evaluated and the first true value is executed?
Mangledpixel: targeting the leader, the leader the leader, we're targeting the leader wherever they may go
johnhelix: Aw heck yeah, time to drink tea, paint minis, and watch a Graham stream. Good times abound.
raulghoulia: oo and there's 3 separate thingies for different builds
TXC2: rabidwombats it will, and probably in a week or so
Bahumot: I never had enough Gambit slots
prince_infidel: Why does Vaan's pic look like a thirst trap?
RomanGoro: rabidwombats "whenever Heather can get around to it" but also about a week or two
kumatsu: it's a series of if>then statements
googoltudoris: but is gambit turing complete?
RayFK: The way to get more gambit slots is to start running around killing wolves for 4 hours with 4x speed on.
RayFK: I mean, gameplay
atinyspacemarine: Are there jump statements?
rabidwombats: ty ty
LordShadner: he will
CururuGuasu: Build your own Case statement
PurpleAlzir: ally does include himself
Sorator13: You count as your own ally
princess_intell: @prince_infidel my literal first thought
EricTheOrange: I THINK ally includes self
jessieimproved: I never played XII. This kind of makes me want to try it
TheMerricat: @prince_infidel thank you I was asking on the first stream why all of the portrait shots look like these guys have only fans
Didero: Ah, right
Zaghrog: XII is a pretty good Final Fantasy game
mtvcdm: More VIT!
KevinTheShark: The background for that gambit screen is just a lil too sexy IMO
princess_intell: @themerricat I mean... there is ao3...
Blakemcm: who needs sheilds when HP goes up
Narcuru: currently as long as there's a foe Vaan will never heal since he will try to attack
Didero: Maybe I've just been a programmer for too long but this Gambit system looks interesting
Narcuru: least i think that's how it works?
Robot_Bones: No shields, DS taught me blocking is for cowards
incslayer: 2x speeed mode
mtvcdm: LRRBot, spend Graham's license points for him.
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #786: "We need ladies with arms!" —Paul [2015-10-05]
PurpleAlzir: gambits in this game is one reason I got into programming
TXC2: damn right we do Paul
Zaghrog: Should the heal gambit be higher priority than attack?
incslayer: valid
KevinTheShark: Programming IS interesting, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise
MilkInBags: different DansGame
BrookJustBones: Like a factory game, the ultimate goal is to have the game play itself :P
atinyspacemarine: yeah, as a software engineer I want to add a few features to the gambit system and get way into the weeds with it
fourtoedsloth: XII is the last console FF game I played all the way through, always felt like it was way underrated
kumatsu: I remember from my college roommate playing this that there was some interesting setups to afk farm overnight
Wicker_Guide: gamefaqs says ally does target self
varmintx0: I did the same thing.
princess_intell: if my dad is anything to go by, swearing profusely is an integral part of the programming process
Critterbot: Yeah, Squenix moved away from turn based combat after X.
inetro: !quote different
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
WearingCats_CwC: The first time I played this game I was a child and didn't really get the gambit system
TheHaCoFo: still want another relaxing ffx style fighting style FF
TXC2: princess_intell yes, yes it is
Mangledpixel: going hambit on the gambits
incslayer: @princess_intell it is a integral part to many many processes
WearingCats_CwC: Bring back the junction system damn it! Kappa
rabidwombats: loved this game when it came out, I just hit a wall of boss fights taking 30 min and feeling like an MMO Raid fight
PurpleAlzir: @Critterbot which sucks since X is still my favorite turn based combat in a game
Bruceski: Gambits are about figuring out which bits you want control over and how to offload the rest in ways you want
princess_intell: oh my God this voice acting
BigDaddyBland87: @TheHaCoFo yes please
Bugberry: I remember watching so many tips and scenes for this game on G4 back in the day.
fourtoedsloth: I also started this game right after I played FF Tactics Advance so I was already familiar with the world which helped
princess_intell: please shut up everyone
TheMerricat: so chat I don't play final Fantasy at all he just bought gambits but he's the only character in the party right now does that essentially mean that van is on autoplay or is that just in the event that van isn't the main character when we get new members in the party?
beowuuf: yup *you* all alone....
TXC2: you JUST said it too him Vaan!
Leonhart321: Shout it louder Kytes, I don't think the rest of the army around here heard you
JAGxTERRA: can someone's face be too symmetrical?
Didero: Wait, they let this kid run the whole store?
incslayer: yes
nyperold: Unless, of course, it means playing with kids out in the desert.
Sorator13: @TheMerricat Vaan will run on his gambits unless/until Graham manually tells him to do something else
princess_intell: @jagxterra yes, it's prob tripping your uncanny valley thing
beowuuf: boredom, the best reason not to hide from the military
HolyHadouken: mmm...onion arrows...
Didero: phew
incslayer: Didero this is a final fantasy game im surprised they are not allowing him to run the town
KevinTheShark: Theyll never admit anyone broke out of prison though. If past oppressive regimes are anything to go by
Sorator13: (when in combat, specifically)
TheMandrew: come to megelo's and get assorted onion bits
TheMerricat: @sorator13 ok that's extra cool. thanks!
Bruceski: @TheMerricat Either one depending how he sets them up. Gambits affect your controlled character as well, but things like "party leader's target" will want you to target them manually as leader.
Didero: If only somebody would bring you a latte
GhostValv: okay so far :)
Leonhart321: Also decaffinated
Blakemcm: down low under miguello
accountmadeforants: Okay, I just checked, and according to the wiki the gambit system does work as an if/else if/else if/... statement (or a switch with breaks on each case), it doesn't check each condition, just the first one that matches, then starts at the top again.
fourtoedsloth: Doing well, just chillin down low in the brown town
kais58: Hey all, first time catching this game live! I remember getting very frustrated with it, pushed through to Fran's homeland(?) but not how much further, having turbo mode seems excellent though, can we get for every FF game?
atinyspacemarine: I should have second coffee
beowuuf: a fine uk evening here in ukville
Lobo_Apache: Just started drinking me coffee (hurrah bones coffee)
Mangledpixel: just need to give yourself time to boot
Brozard: How Now Brown Town
WearingCats_CwC: Dalan actually just wants Kytes to buy more weed for him
TXC2: hello kais58 welcome
prince_infidel: Did your summoned latte despawn?
aussie_rob_w: I am not sleeping well this week such explains why I’m awake at 5:30 AM Australian time
Leonhart321: And we never got back to it again
incslayer: "going to browntown" i thought that was euphamism for having eaten to much spicy food
aussie_rob_w: But I’m happy to see a Final Fantasy Graham so that’ll be a good vibe all day.
TXC2: aussie_rob_w oof, sorry to hear that lrrHEART
atinyspacemarine: I've had covid all week but I'm starting to feel better, so currently in great spirits
Didero: All levels still feel too big to me though
Zanathosis: I've been better Graham not going to lie. ju
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun you said you played Vagrant story, but have you played Final Fantasy tactics?
grgriffin3: He's just a little guy.
Didero: Don't interrupt her, she seems to be pooping
prince_infidel: @atinyspacemarine That sucks. Glad you're feeling better
WearingCats_CwC: Is she calling that house a poor little guy?
BrookJustBones: Hey Graham, do you have more stories about talking to 7 year olds about your job?
DiamondTiki: Imagine, just watching someone play a videogame
Bugberry: I still haven't played OG tactics, even though I bought a physical copy a few years ago.
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CyberColossus: Back for more FF graham :) love to see it, i wonder if you'll do 13 and 16 eventually? MAYBE 8?!
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WearingCats_CwC: I started playing Tactics once and very quickly stopped
incslayer: @CyberColossus i would rather hope for 5 and 9
CururuGuasu: Final Fantasy Tactics or “stop hitting yourself simulator”
aussie_rob_w: Is the house alive somehow?
incslayer: @CyberColossus or Chrono Trigger
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Bugberry: Tactics A2 was great because it brought back Seeqs and introduced Grias.
Irsaan: I just got here, but FFT is the best FF game of all time
GrassVortex: no one keeps secrets here :D
aitsu100: what a cute piggo
WearingCats_CwC: Dalan knows everything
BigDaddyBland87: I mean he was publicly arrested
CyberColossus: @incslayer 9 would be amazing tbh. but i love 8 so bias
KevinTheShark: "The tales of my death have been greatly exxagerated"
Wicker_Guide: @aussie_rob_w it's a little babby hell house
Bruceski: Vaan was perp-walked out of the sewers through Lowtown. Everyone knows
aitsu100: or rabbit
aussie_rob_w: I have multiple Chrono Triggers I’ve never played.
Didero: "..the lrrEFF did you just call me?!"
TheMerricat: this feels very much like a setup
fourtoedsloth: Did you look up what chests not to get for the Zodiac Spear?
mrMorphius: really buttering you up (not in a Jorts way)
undecided44: that line imediatly procced "you've got quite a treasure there in that Horodric cube" in my head.
Mangledpixel: Zathras knows you are the one
BrookJustBones: Where is Vaan gonna leave that sword, it is about as big as him?
malsareus: good evening G, cool sword
Wicker_Guide: @fourtoedsloth thankfully that condition is removed in this remake
incslayer: so we cant gopher this?
aussie_rob_w: “How did you get ahold of my map?!”
Didero: "I'll deliver this just after I use it to stab, like, 40 wolves"
TXC2: hello malsareus welcome
atinyspacemarine: what a strange old man
CAKHost: Is the existence of this rabbit is to Fran's species is the same as Goofy and Pluto?
northos: Dalan has big FromSoft NPC energy
JAGxTERRA: wierd way of saying yes
LordManiMani: Sworder of the Order
malsareus: he's here, in our very own sewer
Didero: Dude's too stoned to get up
Blakemcm: these old bones dont walk well vaan
Wicker_Guide: dalan has a lap rabbit. cannot move
EricTheOrange: Dalon is too busy petting his rabit thing
BigDaddyBland87: oh that totally was Dwight Schultz...I thought was getting Maester Mika vibes from that voice
WearingCats_CwC: He is too high for that shit
BrookJustBones: Where are we keeping all our stuff, we don't even have a small backpack
aussie_rob_w: I like this guy’s hair
atinyspacemarine: we've all been there
BrookJustBones: I don't think those pants even have pockets
Jobot180: He wouldn't dare move that comfy bunny
mtvcdm: That requires getting up
Brozard: only MCs can trigger anime
fourtoedsloth: "I'd do it myself but I don't want to"
aitsu100: I have the sword i will order now i want 2 extra cheese poutines and 1 pound of roast beef
Rayn3Cl0ud: "Vaan, I am extremely baked"
Izandai: "I've no one left to turn to."
Lobo_Apache: Vaan just running around stealing from the poor
Snowcookies: the bunny is weighing him down
TheMerricat: @brookjustbones let's just say our previous profession was sword swallower and leave it at that. lrrBEEJ
Juliamon: I think long ears might just be a natural evolutionary benefit here, multiple species have 'em (including viera) so I wouldn't read too much into the 'rabbit'
nyperold: Reminds me of something from Xenoblade, again.
incslayer: who is you?
kumatsu: wasn't it that like, one of these chests you have to not touch for a superweapon chest to spawn later?
TXC2: "can't move, cat on me" is literally a crapshot :p
KevinTheShark: Stuff lying around? no! those are shops are you're stealing their stock!
Didero: Hah! :D
atinyspacemarine: that's a rough name
Blakemcm: check out the name on that guy
Brozard: What'd you call me?
Wicker_Guide: !zodiac spear
Didero: markwus?
EricTheOrange: Damn lookit those chops
kumatsu: Mar-kwis
beowuuf: marquis pronounciation number 2
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ADTalks: lol
raulghoulia: Beeg Girdle
TheMerricat: mar quis
Bugberry: ab central
WearingCats_CwC: Basch, dude, button your shirt properly
LordManiMani: Vaan you weenie
TXC2: how did Vaan get behind them?
incslayer: he sneaked
LordManiMani: you tell him, Vossler
accountmadeforants: 😬
northos: for people who were asking last stream, this is confirmation that Reks didn't actually die immediately at the treaty signing, and lived long enough to come back and tell people what he saw
Brozard: How many lives are in that sword
nyperold: "Thank Ewan next time you see him." "Okay." (turns and walks one foot) "Hey, Ewan, she says thanks." (points thumb over shoulder)
GhostValv: :O
EricTheOrange: did they have mouth movement in the original version like that or is that new to this version?
BigDaddyBland87: Woah that got anime
incslayer: INTENSE STARE
Snowcookies: that guy took the sword without knowing who the sword is for...
LordManiMani: 👀
Dmc3628: the eye mids you know what that means
northos: so the scene with Vaan and Reks in the hospital room was definitely not exactly literal, but may have been based on an interaction they actually had after he came back
Blakemcm: balzac
incslayer: dont worry about it
Bruceski: "so, um, can I get a reciept for that?"
Ravynn: Some guy in the back: "Hey that's my sword!"
LordManiMani: sure is Main Characters in there
malsareus: Did someone sign for the sword?
TXC2: "but it wont just be any cage, not it's gonna be HELL IN A CELL!"
WearingCats_CwC: Vossler. His surname is Azelas. His middle name is York apparently
SpacePotato01: that man is wearing one pauldron and it bothers me.
prince_infidel: "It's annoying" is a good line
LordManiMani: "it's contrivance because I can't be part of your story directly"
beowuuf: aww
raulghoulia: Job?
Blakemcm: Basch Job!!!
malsareus: we can give Basch a jorb now
Didero: Did he keep the Gambit settings from last time?
Bahumot: Basch was my favorite next to Fran.
LordManiMani: Rumor mill?
accountmadeforants: Keen sense of smell
micalovits: They sure did
Sorator13: They said they'd be in Rabanastre somewhere
kumatsu: Time to do some kit-Basching
Wicker_Guide: magical main character senses
RyubosJ: he's a sky pirate, try the sky
incslayer: yea but they said "they where gonna be in town for a few days"
KevinTheShark: and now he's IN the party! not just a guest
Juliamon: Time to find out where sky pirates hang out
Sorator13: they didn't really specify
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I think they told you they were sticking around in the city, but I don't remember where
mtvcdm: Ah, the hieronymus Bosch
IviaRelle: They told you they'd be in town, it's implied you'd know
Carlioo: tbf, it seemed like vaan just assumes that's where they'll be in the map screen
EricTheOrange: While I do like this game alot I wish they went with the original version with Basch as main charecter. Vaan and penelo feel so, tangental, to the plot.
malsareus: and the weaponization of food continues
TXC2: mtvcdm now there's a meme to make
grgriffin3: Surprise!
Carlioo: hello!
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Badchop: Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nineteen!
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Wicker_Guide: HAAAAIII
Bahumot: Spooky Basch
Dmc3628: M'yelow
traccer224: LUL
incslayer: we cast Summon Basch
Narcuru: I've been here the whole time!
Sorator13: turns out, Basch is a ghost!
malsareus: wizardry!
accountmadeforants: "Don't make me put you in the box again, Basch"
raulghoulia: a g g g ghost!
Badchop: lrrHEART
Zaghrog: Basch job?
grgriffin3: Basch: "Please stop sending me to the Blind Eternities. it's cold there."
Didero: The music seems to disagree that there's no enemies here
Blakemcm: They all left to film a Ghost music video
snowb0und: Basch, screaming as he is jerked in and out of the land of wind and ghosts
malsareus: So, Basch is a pokemon
northos: yup!
aitsu100: sphere grid?
Bahumot: This was a crazy puzzle room
mtvcdm: "Overflow Cloaca"?
TXC2: that or the fast travel
traccer224: puzzles i love puzzles CoolStoryBob
owleyedman: This place sucks.
KevinTheShark: It... LOOK am puzzle.... but IS?
Carlioo: time to go on an adventure with vaan's favorite friend!
Didero: Is this another sliding block puzzle?
kristian_fischer: Rabanijinks? I mean, hello Graham.
accountmadeforants: Vaan refuses to wade through sewer water, never again.
Critterbot: Navigating this place is Complicated.
TXC2: hmm....hmmm...oh ho
noSmokeFire: "Excuse me, do you know where sailors hang out?
traccer224: 2nd most complex place ever
owleyedman: Yeah.
northos: yeah there's uh a lot to this place
TXC2: hello kristian_fischer welcome
malsareus: Can we give Bach gainful employment? (I don't know this)
owleyedman: This place sucks.
Carlioo: oops, found the ,aze
accountmadeforants: So this is where we find the Master Sword, right?
aussie_rob_w: mtvcdm I appreciate you a lot but please never say “overflow cloaca” again LUL
TheMerricat: is the map filling in?
aitsu100: good luck g
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Carlioo: maze even
TXC2: welcome to rest of the stream chat Kappa
Didero: Yeah, you're right, Graham, they could've easily made this one single room instead of all these loading zones
malsareus: Surely we can swim
aussie_rob_w: On the upside I now can’t stop giggling
Huschel23: You need the water boots
LidofLoathing: oh boy, water level puzzel
LidofLoathing: puzzle
bytecaster: It can be a very easy maze
incslayer: @accountmadeforants what? no this is clearly a water temple not the lost woods
GrassVortex: or jump
owleyedman: @malsareus Do YOU wanna swim in sewer water?
undecided44: nice labels like 'Dalmascan patriot' makes me wonder what my label would be... something like 'milquetoast local' probably
DudelidouX: So weak can't even jump the gap.
Didero: And you can't just jump across because *mumble mumble*
GTea30: Very strong currents you see
BrookJustBones: Can you get a swimming license
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: no one has ever done that before...
owleyedman: Vann ain't got time for dat
Blakemcm: If Basch had a zoidiac sign in the oritional what would it be? Soldier?
CraziestOwl: Hi no water my only weakness
Mangledpixel: sluice sluice!
onethousandneedles: knee high water and fences: the bane of RPG protagonists since time immemorial
malsareus: whose cloaca?
SacrificialToast: we'll have to play fast and sluice with the rules
owleyedman: The cloaca of fate!
Juliamon: !addquote (Graham) [now] Quick, back into the cloaca!
LRRbot: New quote #8431: "Quick, back into the cloaca!" —Graham [2023-01-20]
KevinTheShark: So, if Fire magic is a thing, I'm assuming Ice magic is a thing, so maybe freeze the water
undecided44: *npc not nice.... autocorrect NotLikeThis
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EC_as_That: Woo More water ways. There sure is a lot of free flowing water for a desert city
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TXC2: THE cloaca, the platonic ideal
accountmadeforants: It's great because we literally spend an entire level in knee-high water and now it's suddenly off-limits.
Dmc3628: excellent quopte for the bot would never guess it'd be G
incslayer: Kevin stop using Logic this is a Final Fantasy Game
EricTheOrange: Is a cities sewer system just it's cloaca?
Juliamon: Can't wait for that quote to turn up in a LRL
KevinTheShark: @incslayer but I have thoughts about this!
TXC2: the sky?
malsareus: where is the fanciest bar in town?
NightValien28: in the bar by the dockss
CastleOtranto: Tired thirsty sky pirates hang out in bars
incslayer: @KevinTheShark besides your a shark why would you advocate for ice?
samu_btdp1985: are there any new bounties or is that the next town
SagaMonstrum: Oh! I was just watching the vod for the first playthrough of this and then Twitch tells me "LRR is LIVE playing FFXII" and I was like "Well yeah, because I'm watching the vod, duh!" except I was a fool!
aitsu100: if i was tired and thirsty id want some broth and ale
Juliamon: It would *not* be okay after only 5 years
KevinTheShark: @incslayer I'm cold blooded
SagaMonstrum: How're you enjoying FFXII so far, Graham?
EricTheOrange: ahhhh "friend".
Blakemcm: you are allowed to still be sad after 5 years Vaan. its ok
TXC2: Juliamon I would not be ok ever :p
WearingCats_CwC: And then John was a war crimes
incslayer: @KevinTheShark thats not how being cold blooded works that means you need external heat sources not that you like ice
DiamondTiki: "I can't not, English provides no words to distinguish commiseration and apology"
undecided44: then... then has changed
EC_as_That: No he personally killed all of those kids parents.
josh___something: Wh... What's happening with basch's clothes?
BigDaddyBland87: How have you already determined this Vaan?
snowb0und: Basch… how many shirts are you wearing and still showing your abs
nyperold: Well. He's sharper than Hope.
KevinTheShark: @incslayer Ohhh see who's using logic NOW
malsareus: Vaan is coping every day
grgriffin3: Vaan? Not ok? But he seems so well-adjusted!
Wicker_Guide: Vaan am not honest with own feelings. Vaan am teenager
LordManiMani: I missed it, did they explain how Reks was tricked or is it still spoilers in-world (I know the answer personally)
Huschel23: Okay, I was half-listeing and thought Vaan said that his brother was killed by a vampire. That's all
incslayer: @KevinTheShark im using logic on you your a shark and not a final fantasy game
Wicker_Guide: @Huschel23 Spoilers but...
noSmokeFire: this guy sounds like a muppet lizard
Bugberry: @LordManiMani They showed the twin thing
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KevinTheShark: @incslayer I'm also typing.
EricTheOrange: What Accent is Fran's?
Didero: I feel like they pronounce 'Penelo' in several different ways too
raulghoulia: lot of abandoned mines in this game
BigDaddyBland87: gesundheit
Wicker_Guide: @EricTheOrange right now, Frannish. Later on they settle for icelandic
incslayer: @KevinTheShark yes but Strongbad can type and it would be easier to type with the ends of fins than it would be with boxing gloves
jmchap: love the political intrigue in this story
LordManiMani: @nosmokefire he'd be right at home in Dark Crystal
Juliamon: fuck it, I'm making !fran since it comes up so often
samu_btdp1985: what is Frans accent?
GDwarble: Fran is a fun character
malsareus: 2 more pokemon
Bahumot: Fran is the real hero.
Bugberry: So this isn't Star Wars but when it does line up it's so funny
mwlsn: happy timezone all
Didero: Wait, they didn't confiscate the arrested criminal's airship?
incslayer: Fran is the Nanny who takes care of Broadway Producers Children
Blakemcm: sounds like a sidequest time!!!
josh___something: Basch's clothes underneath his vest confuse me
Bahumot: Dump Vaan :) !!!!
accountmadeforants: !flan
TheMerricat: first time seeing Fran and she looks kind of cool. I'm taking it she's a Han Solo archetype?
Cavemanhar: knight
LordShadner: big fox hunting time?
TXC2: hello mwlsn welcolme
malsareus: give that mans a job
KevinTheShark: Eyyyy we got there
GDwarble: @TheMerricat The joke is that she's Chewbacca
prince_infidel: Red Mage?
Snowcookies: Make Basch heal Kappa
Bahumot: Stuff Vaan in the land of Winds and Ghosts forever!
incslayer: we do need some form of mage
atinyspacemarine: knight feels appropriate
SacrificialToast: just going all in on no magic
A_Dub888: Get a job Basch!
samu_btdp1985: Foebreaker sounds fun
Didero: What are his stats?
aussie_rob_w: That guy said “I don’t respond well to orders to which your character responded by declaring “That’s fine, I do!” LUL
malsareus: if we make him a knight he'll have to keep his armor shiny
GDwarble: @TheMerricat In terms of actual personality, she's not as personable as Han, but you're in the right area, yeah
incslayer: Katana make him a Samurai
owleyedman: Is Dalamsca's job guarantee program good for its economy?
GhostValv: :O
EricTheOrange: he's a gun man so archer I guess?
josh___something: He hit good
TXC2: so should Basch be our black mage? since we need one Kappa
Didero: Obviously some sort of mage then Kappa
gualdhar: so, time mage?
malsareus: that sounds like a breaking kind a guy
drthvd3r: A knight? In a Final Fantasy game? Perish the thought.
Manae: Not bad for a dude that's been locked in a cage for a while
samu_btdp1985: so barbarian then
Sorator13: and that's after five years locked in a cage-jar!
Bugberry: While others were studying Black Magick Bosch was studying the blade.
grgriffin3: Basch has some nice facial hair but I wouldn't call it bushy-ohhhhhhh, I get it
traccer224: all power no magic LUL
NDCazzy: I do not remember the license mechanic at all...
PurpleAlzir: his scaling for foebreaker and bushi is not the best
josh___something: Mildly disappointed that Basch didn't keep the beard
aussie_rob_w: six seems like… a low defense
PurpleAlzir: but also that barely matters anyway
goatprince: he's such a scorpio
noSmokeFire: Foebreaker just cut a sick promo on AEW
Wicker_Guide: @NDCazzy it has also been completely revamped for this remaster/remake
EC_as_That: Very strong for someone who hang around for... years(?) in a cage
incslayer: why did they call Dragoon Uhlan?
Didero: Time for a chat poll! :p
josh___something: We need a mage, right?
samu_btdp1985: Foebreaker sounds fun
JakeKamas: Do you have maces now? I seem to recall that earlier you couldn't buy them in the store
malsareus: why isn't there a foe-fixer as counterbalance?
prince_infidel: You don't have a mage
Zael250: Monk?
aussie_rob_w: Bushi definitely makes me think of Ibushi
raulghoulia: Uhlan no have Jump
PurpleAlzir: lack of jumping is my guess
malsareus: all monks all thhe time
aussie_rob_w: …. Foebreaker is Eddie Kingston, right?
goatprince: (monk also gets white magic late game)
atinyspacemarine: moonlight
traccer224: katanas are kind of sick
Carlioo: dualicense
grgriffin3: Foebreaker sounds like Magic card that would have Living Weapon
PurpleAlzir: the katanas scale with magic in this game for some reason
TheMerricat: if you break all your foes does that mean your parents have to get you a new set?
samu_btdp1985: go on break some Foes
micalovits: Break some foes!
josh___something: But magick!
Cavemanhar: cause weebs
TXC2: !card foebreaker
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
malsareus: where's Rivers of Skill in this game?
CururuGuasu: Mighty!
Bugberry: my favorite thing from Tactics was learning dual wielding as a Ninja and then using it with Paladins.
samu_btdp1985: Big Hammer Smash Skulls
Invitare: @malsareus If Katanas scale with Magic then they must be Moonveil
incslayer: is Basch the boshy?
EC_as_That: Finally, Foes can now be broken.
aussie_rob_w: So he’d need a better Magic stat to use a katana?
Didero: MP after damage seems useful if he's got a healing spell
SacrificialToast: the thing I remember from the Bushi line is the Technick that just makes them cast a black magic spell at random
Didero: Wait, you can only have 3 people in your party?
Narcuru: and what little magic you currently have
TheMerricat: so chat if you change jobs do you lose all the skills that you put in to the original job or is it one of those multi-classing deals where you just keep adding on?
Bahumot: You loose all the skills but refunded the License Points
TXC2: TheMerricat it refunds
PurpleAlzir: you will get a reset on the license board
PurpleAlzir: if you change
Didero: Where did he get all this stuff in this short a time?
1fairy2boots: Hej Graham, still need to catch up on the last stream of FFXII so just a quick hej and thank you for the stream. Really enjoy your playthrough. Take care and have fun. You are precious and it is great you seem to feel better. We've been with you in thoughts all the time <3
Bruceski: Each character has a few default licenses
onethousandneedles: @Didero yeah, but you're allowed to swap them in and out at will like X
Bugberry: the helmet is bolted onto him.
malsareus: wait, armor 2 doesn't also get you armor 1?
1fairy2boots: <3
PurpleAlzir: @malsareus yeah armor 2 is a different one
Bahumot: I LOVE how the game occasionally uses the Tactics Art Style.
noSmokeFire: where do we buy a lightsaber?
Bugberry: @noSmokeFire gotta find those crystals first
Huschel23: I prefer wearing my armor 1 on top of my armor 2
Wicker_Guide: @malsareus as senior arrow fodder you're allowed to wear this leather with bangles, but that leather without bangles is reserved for junior arrow fodder
Bugberry: kyber or otherwise
TehAmelie: i like pointy hat
micalovits: Wait, was that a shield 2 for Vaan?
samu_btdp1985: bucklers looked good?
accountmadeforants: I like those Flash game-looking character icons.
incslayer: @Bugberry didnt you know all lightsaber crystals are Kyber crystals (nowadays)
goatprince: I find money's pretty tight in this game, buying gear upgrades all the time is not very practical
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malsareus: @Wicker_Guide bureacracy has gone too far this day, in 2006
goatprince: I usually skip every other upgrage
TristalMTG: I find RPGs are so much better when money is tighter.
Bugberry: @incslayer yeah, I know that became more of a thing since the Clone Wars show.
malsareus: Wait, does this mean Basch is currently dressed illegaly???
NDCazzy: foebreaker had wither ... seems appropriate with upcoming MTG set... sad that mechanic didnt come back... without the poison
incslayer: @Bugberry i might only know about that because of the clone wars rewatch podcast " A More Civilized Age"
malsareus: Undress that man at once!
TehAmelie: cop voice: i'm gonna need to see your license for those sandals
noSmokeFire: catch-22: when you can't legally wear pants, but you also can't just Pooh Bear it
MrVirite: could go down past giza
Huschel23: If you give somebody jewelry as a gift in Ivalice, do you think it usually comes with the license, too?
EC_as_That: Aren't most FF's gear not also done like: First you get a chance to steal if of enemys, then find it somewhere in the wild AND then I shows up in stores.
aussie_rob_w: How many Chrono Triggers do I even have, I should check
goatprince: I wonder if we'll stumble upon the westersand entite
Brozard: Demerits for Donald Ducking
DarkMorford: @noSmokeFire Skirt time!
TehAmelie: damn i should have made that a socks and sandals joke
Bugberry: @incslayer the Dark Saber lore is kind a mess so hopefully Mando S3 clears some of it up.
MegaWLA: VoHiYo Wishing you and your family a get weekend
WearingCats_CwC: That wolf was a Vivi cosplayer
northos: EZ
Blakemcm: clapped
MrVirite: I want a remake of this game with paperdoll mechanics, I want to see a wolf with a pointy hat
Didero: Simple game for babies
BigDaddyBland87: Totally got it first time
samu_btdp1985: E Z P Z lol
malsareus: fighjt the T-rex!
BrookJustBones: time to fight the t-rex?
TheMerricat: that wasn't the theme that one shot us in the first stream was it?
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incslayer: @Bugberry yea i have watched rebels and mando makes things... interesting
Didero: Fran and Basch fighting for their lives, while Vaan is out there pickpocketing wolves
TheMerricat: theme = thing
EC_as_That: Large wolf was weak to being stapped
TXC2: T-rex is a good old boy
incslayer: "the T-Rex isnt even threatening" he says
EricTheOrange: dark lightning
blastedman: If there are hijinks does that mean we'll be getting a Zoinks from Graham at some point
grgriffin3: Fulminating Darkness is my Gwar cover band
nyperold: Polymascot fulminate!
raulghoulia: remember in the tutorial when Basch did an anime?
onethousandneedles: it's his level 1 limit break, basically
noSmokeFire: poor, unfashionable Basch. never learned to accessorize
TXC2: time to successorize
Zaghrog: If you pick up Fluminating Darkness, other such squares become differently named
Cavemanhar: firefly is good to get lp when you dont want to level up a bunch if I remember right
Didero: What's the downside of levelling up?
Bahumot: Fulminating Darkness is his limit break. The other squares become his higher level limit breaks.
incslayer: why would you not want to level up?
Huschel23: Do MP still double in this version when you get your second Quickening? I remember wishing I had known that sooner back then
Zaghrog: Basically, "Fulminating Darkness" reads as " Limit break lvl up"
magical_girl_amelia: omg i played the regular speed version of this and all the walking... so slow
goatprince: firefly is built-in low level challenge gear
Juliamon: incslayer Sometimes a game is less fun if you're overpowered
EricTheOrange: Graham you said you showed "age appropriate Crapshots to Penelope's class. Which ones?
KevinTheShark: Everyone loves a good Kactuar
malsareus: so not hurting anyone then
TheMerricat: @incslayer Google suggests that people use it either to make their play through harder or... some bosses have level base damage so if you don't want to deal with a boss dealing megatons of damage you don't level up before you get to it
Brozard: That's horrifying
NightValien28: did you give them merch or told them where to buy it Kappa
TXC2: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out for the full catalog.
EC_as_That: They don't do "1.000 needles" this early on right?
Snowcookies: lol
googoltudoris: how did it feel to be a goddamn hero to all those kids?
TophTheHermit: Were they impressed?
accountmadeforants: are kids that age buying YouTuber merch? Oh no
goatprince: those kids learned their ABC's. always be closing on mercy sales
goatprince: *merch
LordManiMani: Ooooo
Sibwow: the cr*pshots i assume
jessieimproved: I have been running the Yearbook at my kid's elementary school for years - they all want to be streamers and Youtubers
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: kids these days...
BaconWrapOG: crudshots'
Didero: An Ian/Beej Crapshot? Brave
Sibwow: damn kids dont appreciate physical comedy
traccer224: not doom
Bugberry: I'm only just now realizing FF Judges premiered in FFTA. The equivalents of Judges in Granblue are pretty cool too.
EricTheOrange: death on a time limit?
micalovits: Im sure its fine
TuckstheRulesLawyer: a classic FPS>
Invitare: Doom is eternal
malsareus: a seminal shooter game
incslayer: Doom is a video game made by It Software
noSmokeFire: damn, even Vaan runs Doom
Cavemanhar: its like perish song in pokemon
raulghoulia: C O U N T D O W N
AugmentingPath: it's your combo piece from Tifa in ff7
Bugberry: "i'm in danger"
TristalMTG: Don't worry, you'll find out in 6 seconds
Lobo_Apache: Well you see, Doom is a video game
Ritaspirithntr: That bit was so good! LUL
atinyspacemarine: is that like how "death" is a status affect in Soulsborne games?
incslayer: Id Software*
TehAmelie: whoever dies first rules!
aitsu100: ah yes good old dps checks
Vanbael: that moment when you learn about FF mechanics from the PS1 game Chocobo Racing
PurpleAlzir: I forget if the phoenix down strat works on this ghost
TehAmelie: i mean loses
sonic_danno: Can you use a phoenix down on it?
goatprince: doom goes away upon death :)
TXC2: maybe it's like Doom from Hades
EricTheOrange: In most FF games doom ends when battle ends
TristalMTG: I mean, technically Doom goes away.
Whisle: when your character dies, yes
Invitare: no, Doom is eternal
BusTed: Graham had good goblin energy in that Crapshot.
Invitare: there was a whole game about it
TristalMTG: It's also that you go away.
rocketjohn: i just came back in, was G describing a crapshot?
CururuGuasu: Doom, Vaan! You’re doomed for all time!
Mr_Horrible: simply punch until puncching impossible or unnecessary
Bugberry: does healing hurt undead in this game?
PurpleAlzir: it stops ticking down in the city
EricTheOrange: I guess not in this one\
incslayer: you can res vaan?
malsareus: so a doom it is
PurpleAlzir: @Bugberry yes
EC_as_That: PD Vaan seems like a good idea
malsareus: ehhhh, do we really need Vaan?
Serivus: just swap in Balthier, it's fine
EC_as_That: or not
accountmadeforants: Vaan's a literal dead man walking, it seems
grgriffin3: And nothing of value was lost
TristalMTG: We'll just Weekend at Bernie's and run around Lowtown
beowuuf: pear
noSmokeFire: the party is Weekend at Berniesing Vaan's corpse to this petitioner
Mr_Horrible: love to play a game where "Fran got Zombie" is a cogent sentence with specific meaning
KevinTheShark: Ahhh Vaan's a zombie!
sonic_danno: Maybe a cherry disposition prevents doom?
Sibwow: what would the worst crapshot to show a bunch of children be, do you think?
accountmadeforants: For chat:
Mangledpixel: pear!
magical_girl_amelia: deeg: big
Brozard: Couldn't show them The Fruit, eh?
incslayer: @accountmadeforants yes i was Faster that means i win an internets
evil_h2o_elf: deeg: beeg
TXC2: Sibwow any one that ends with Cameron saying fuck?
beowuuf: @Sibwow the one where ian is coaching beej on certain recreational exersions
accountmadeforants: @incslayer I was faster on my screen!
EricTheOrange: Did you have to cut out the "crap" part of crapshots?
Sibwow: @incslayer i have some bad news for yuou
goatprince: the worst CS to show children s the Pokemon one because cam just swears in it.
noSmokeFire: Crudshots
Brozard: Kids can say crap
LordManiMani: Carpshots
TXC2: Carpshots
Brozard: Pooshots
aClonedPickle: crabshots
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grgriffin3: Slapshots
Bugberry: Seeq, Seeq lest.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I do not remember this room existing.
EricTheOrange: @Brozard they sure can, but that doesn't mean people want them to.
LordManiMani: oh the royal crystals to summon Alexander
aussie_rob_w: The sea stealing a lawnmower is a bit sweary, but I do love it.
Daisyg1313: A Graham stream? Yay. A Giant nerdy spreadsheet to spend the next few hours working on. Yay! I must be getting old as this seems like a lovely Friday eve
noSmokeFire: The Gang Commits Mail FRaud
Mr_Horrible: Hiding your prized possessions behind a game of Simon Says
beowuuf: if any of the kids playmagic or pokemon, then the counter... no 74 or something like that... is pretty funny and clean
rocketjohn: chat, was what the first crapshot G referenced? i missed the name
TXC2: hello Daisyg1313 welcome
aussie_rob_w: I probably would not show it to a classroom of children.
Invitare: I pray that this thing I've just told you the exact coordinates to for no reason remains undisturbed?
Pazy160: Oh fun, I hope that letter actually leads somewhere and isnt just a map marker.
Travilogue: The way Alex says "pear".... so good
beowuuf: @rocketjohn the procedure
TehAmelie: you've got the Crapshoots and the Craploads, it's such a rich naming theme
rocketjohn: <3
CanPlayGames: G-Star? Want a Killteam painted up for you?
accountmadeforants: @incslayer Observe: (But also, they're literally the same second, so PrideShrug )
Pazy160: That makes sense, I like when games let you bump into things and connect them together yourself.
aussie_rob_w: After an inventory of my consoles I have determined that I have precisely one Chrono Trigger.
Brozard: @EricTheOrange Scatological humor is what kids gravitate towards. Source: one of my friend's 3-year-olds telling me she had a secret and then whispered "poop" in my ear and giggled for a minute
Sibwow: what if you painted one of them and sent it off to the clone lab
CanPlayGames: It, is fun and realxing. But it is a big time sink
noSmokeFire: play Harlequins > call them mimes > run them unpainted
Juliamon: accountmadeforants (for the record, you were first on my screen as well)
accountmadeforants: I don't think I'd have the patience for painting anything. I would like to one day build a Gundam, though, that's my kind of fiddly hobby.
JaymieGamer: hi, how r u?
EC_as_That: Uuuu World map s
EC_as_That: maps*
incslayer: you are all against me just so dont get to have an internets :(
incslayer: ohh Rich People
MrVirite: they're called moogles!
TXC2: children, they're called children
Mr_Horrible: @accountmadeforants as someone who did a lot of gunpla at a very mediocre level as a kid, I can recommend them highly. They're well-structured and you can modulate how much effort and detail you wanna commit.
Critterbot: "The smallfolk" :(
magical_girl_amelia: balthier really should have been the main character of this game
Didero: You took two bounties thogh
Blakemcm: we gotta get off tattoine and get to nabuu
Didero: *though
incslayer: hey if Loading Ready Run ever had your own plane it would have to be a Lear Jet so you can call it the LRRJet
BusTed: "Why, did she say something?"
Bugberry: "it's a load of junk"
northos: not only does Balthier have an airship, it's prerendered!
Invitare: Strahlenium Falcon?
evil_h2o_elf: the millenium strahlcon
Juliamon: oh, yeah, I see
TehAmelie: the Normandy SR-1
cassaclyzm: You came here in that thing? You're braver than I thought
TehAmelie: wait wrong game
TheMerricat: that being can't even make the Krestke Run
Didero: That looks very 90s-textures, and I'm not sure why
NojhLivic: Like did the localizers just throw in some Star Wars references and people took it too far?
A_Dub888: It Nono!
Bahumot: These Moogle are the real main characters.
LordManiMani: unlike Luke, Vaan actually will take any ship he can get because he likes ships
LidofLoathing: Basch is really distractingly attractive
undecided44: that's not a ship... it's two engines with some pink glass strapped on top.
RomanGoro: Of course they have a crew of rabbits
TheMerricat: good lord phone....
Mangledpixel: she'll make point five past lightspeed
balfizan: I have this idea for a game its Star Wars if Chewbacca was a scantily clad bunny woman
KevinTheShark: These Moogles are the BEST
josh___something: Sure, Devrim
incslayer: So im guessing this was built by a dude named Cid?
klarm_ravenousgigamole: god I love his dumb little vest so much
Didero: I've forgotten what an Ifrit is
Mr_Horrible: see, I know these are moogles in the Ivalice canon, but after Endwalker they look like Loporitts to me LUL
NightValien28: punch it Fran
JaymieGamer: @magical_girl_amelia ur opinion, it is really balthier fault that rex died, so i would think vaan be the main cause rex is vaans brother
A_Dub888: Can the Strahl make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs?
Easilycrazyhat: "My steering wheel is up here, kid"
TheMerricat: is anyone else hearing of Obi-Wan talking when the male pirate talks?
TXC2: to be fair, you can't do this scene and not have it compared to Star wars
EricTheOrange: I gotta say I like the look of FF12 chewie more than Star wars's
DarkMorford: Chewie, punch it!
Huschel23: Yes, nobody better find out about Bash being alive
samu_btdp1985: yes but how quickly can she do the kassel run @loadingreadyrun
accountmadeforants: @Mr_Horrible Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap they are, too (compared to Lego and the like), and I'll definitely do it. But I'm intending on getting one of the main Gundams from the new show, which aren't really in stock right now. Both because I like it, and as a sensible way to keep me from buying a bunch of stuff I don't need.
Didero: That thing's huge!
Critterbot: Sick ride!
NojhLivic: Okay that airship is pretty cool.
goatprince: aaaaand.... whiplash!
TehAmelie: can we take a gunship to grind for wolf pelts?
magical_girl_amelia: @JaymieGamer yeah but the game added in penelo and vaan who are fulfilling the same character role in the story, either could work
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balfizan: made the ears go back
Blakemcm: yarrrrrr
mrMorphius: "sail"
LordManiMani: Y'ARRR
cattleprodlynn: Oh good, I'm not too late to catch some hijinks.
KevinTheShark: That's not Star Wars-y, that's just a cool VTOL takeoff
TehAmelie: jawesome!
Scy_Anide: So many Steve Blums
accountmadeforants: Shame physics weren't as much of a thing in the PS2 era. So many of these ears should be so much floppier!
LordManiMani: best gang
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Narida_L: Oh hey I can catch this live!
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Bugberry: Sounds like Phil Lamar
NojhLivic: So so far Balthier is my favorite character in this game.
TXC2: does that Alligator person have fur ?
EricTheOrange: So is this guy jabba then?
balfizan: for weird alien creatures they did lock this girl up in a strangely kinky position
Blakemcm: these lizards are horney
raulghoulia: shtrahl is german and means ray or beam. apparently
MrVirite: discount cenobites
BigDaddyBland87: @EricTheOrange Boba Fett...he's even green
JaymieGamer: @magical_girl_amelia i cant say anything after this point, so my opinions are paused until later, no spoilers for ready
josh___something: meanwhile, Vaan fanboying at being in the sky
northos: @balfizan I think that's just how she's sitting? it looked like only her hands were shackled
Gaz_L: Penelo working on her review for this AirBNB
Carlioo: who's luke in this star wars analogy anyway
magical_girl_amelia: I do love the sky city
Didero: that rock's floatin'
EC_as_That: Well... If she didn't have a dark and troubled past before.
TheMerricat: vaan?
Gaz_L: Coud Ci... Sky City
Robot_Bones: And its off to Cloud I mean
balfizan: @northos that cant be comfortable at all
Didero: I feel like there should be music here
Robot_Bones: Sky city
EC_as_That: Crystals
TXC2: no further questions
Bugberry: turns out Phil LaMarr is a voice in this game but not who I thought.
A_Dub888: Magic rocks
incslayer: Clearly teh Magical Crystals
DiscordianTokkan: Crystals, probably
Ryxiene: ShowLove100 ShowLove100 ShowLove45 Thanks for the stream, G~ this has been fun to watch PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
Wolfstrike_NL: O hey, the ps2 "loadscreen" panning on an image while a spaceship goes by
Zael250: Great question. Next question
magical_girl_amelia: the heavy breathing guards are so funny
Huschel23: A wizard's stone is doing it
Easilycrazyhat: Everything seems to be fine here
DarkMorford: I probably shouldn't be watching this. I have a copy of FF12 for the PS2 that I've owned for like 10 years and never gotten around to playing. LUL
raulghoulia: oo we're coming up on That Part
beowuuf: lol
goatprince: I like the lore that people DO fall off bhujerba but they never die
TXC2: yeap cause we're REAL inconspicuous
TristalMTG: Is it me you're looking for?
Mordin_Solus_Sings: THe deal was altered Graham
LordManiMani: Ondore's made a deal
micalovits: The little smiley face over the guards is a little funny
Gaz_L: "Whenever you notice something like that, a crystal did it" - Hironobu Sakaguchi, probably
Robot_Bones: The empire has Suggestion here
Didero: Try explaining their jurisdiction to the heavily armed troops
northos: they don't, but if they ask "nicely" the Marquis will probably agree
DiscordianTokkan: Oh Noes!
NojhLivic: How many guns does the empire need until it has jurisdiction?
DevInsanity: No jurisdiction, but they can ask "nicely"
GDwarble: I continue to love Ivalician Moogles
Pazy160: Official jurisdiction is different to people with the bigs guns saying "no".
northos: thanks game :D
Gaz_L: too foggy, can't teleport
Invitare: how strong is this mist?
Invitare: how much can it lift?
incslayer: very strong
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @GDwarble I love all the art direction for the Ivalice games.
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Strong mist will continue until plot improves. Kappa
Huschel23: So ein Mist
Amras0x00: too much interference from the ionosphere
LordManiMani: like legit, Ondore keeps Imperial inlfuence as separate as possible, but also has to say stuff about Basch and Ashe
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ExhaustedElox: Hey Graham. Happy to see you on again.
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mtvcdm: Teleport cannot land due to mist in the area
LordZarano: The city pariah?
Amras0x00: can't get a transporter lock
TehAmelie: how strong mist? i'd say about six
incslayer: @TehAmelie that strong ey?
nickthecatbear: Every time I hear the city name, I think of the coffee drink from Kathleen's Ravnica campaign and I want the sky city to be renowned for coffee drinks
TheThirdTail: Short King!
Invitare: is the mist what's holding up this island? Is it that strong?
objectivefailure: Sure thing, suspicious child.
LordManiMani: hello Mokuba
TXC2: the Mist is at least as strong as Luke Stoltman, not his brother Tom
incslayer: Hello Guest Character
DiscordianTokkan: I forgot about this brat
Gaz_L: I like Basch's little vest
Blakemcm: hey we were talking you butted in
TXC2: this stupid sexy man
northos: I think he's kinda great tbh
EricTheOrange: Penelo kind of sticks out in the Star wars comparison. Like Vaan is luke, basch is obi-wan, baltheir is Han, Fran is Chewie, ashe is Leah, and penelo is... also their.
CanPlayGames: Is that guy Ewen McGregor? Its some voice I've heard before
LordManiMani: this brat has the coolest sword in the game and I think you can't get it still
Huschel23: Damn, he outplayed you with the No U gambit
Gaz_L: i'm Fakename
northos: @EricTheOrange Penelo and Vaan are collectively Luke IMO
balfizan: I like Vaan's voice actor
AugmentingPath: It's Dagger
Invitare: "Don't use names"
josh___something: Vaan, you're an idiot
Narcuru: 5 seconds in
Whisle: and thats when i quit the game...
GhostValv: amazonWut
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Bowlsrus2000: First time watching play it forward. Live
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Sorator13: dumbass
Ravynn: Vaan. Vaan plz
Didero: Vaan you numbskull
TehAmelie: what was that "I R smell finger" gesture?
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Vaan is only Luke in the 'country bumpkin' sense. He definitely doesn't end up being a jedi. :P
JakeKamas: We *just* said no names Vaan
BrookJustBones: We had 1 rule
aitsu100: Fn Himbo Vaan
undecided44: ugh
raulghoulia: Literally 2 minutes ago
DiscordianTokkan: "I'm the prince formerly know as artist WAIT SHIT. Imean Lamont!"
Cavemanhar: vaan it score of 0
TXC2: Vaan is denser then the core of a neutron star
TheMandrew: balthier knows everything
LordManiMani: Balthier would HAVE to
northos: so many fake names in this game lol
Critterbot: Everyone knows who everyone is except Vaan. :D
incslayer: i get the feeling that Balthier knows who everyone is
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Diabore: 76 months? thats a number of months
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malsareus: hints? where?
goatprince: 'Amalia' was better at bluffing, god
RyubosJ: NEVER! a fake name? in this game
Ravynn: Vaan would it kill you to pick up a tabloid paper once in a while and learn the celebs
NojhLivic: This D&D party keeps Vaan around because otherwise the DM wouldn't have any means of getting the party to do something interesting. The rest are just too smart to actually get into trouble.
PurpleAlzir: I love Balthier so much
Huschel23: My name is Le Fake
DarkMorford: Yeah, I'm totally lost, I should probably go watch the VODs from Monday and Wednesday first. :p
Genie_M: Joe
RomanGoro: What's the % of FF protagonists that are naive and completely oblivious to how shady some of their companions are?
EC_as_That: Generally Balthoer knows who most people are
Invitare: man I just LOVE buildings
Whisle: This cutscene was the last straw. I saved the game and put the FFXII disc away, never to be seen again...
Amras0x00: @RomanGoro 100?
objectivefailure: They delved too greedily and too deep.
CanPlayGames: You just hold Shift to keep from falling
Manae: So long as they aren't mining the upsidaisium it's fine
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Specifically, mine the thing that makes the island float!
BusTed: They're making the island lighter all the time.
TehAmelie: if we mine the island, it can only get lighter, right
DiscordianTokkan: lol
TXC2: were do the sewers go on this floating island?
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Causing direct damage to your own environment for short-term economic benefit? Say it ain't so!
RomanGoro: Amras0x00 I'd say FFIX is the exception
accountmadeforants: Yeah, how'd you figure out which of the rocks are the ones keeping them in the air?
northos: boooo
incslayer: the fact that they would mine on a floating island to me just proves that they are humans
LordManiMani: lolol
SpacePotato01: So if they mine the island, won't it become lighter and end up floating off into space?
TheMerricat: Chat are we playing this on a console or PC?
pacotaco009: Hell yeah! I LOVE game! Hope you're enjoying!
EC_as_That: Gotta keep the Floating Island light enough to float
MurphEP: *ring ring* "Hello, is this Basch von Ransenburg?"
TheThirdTail: @SpacePotato01 Only if they export it off island
NojhLivic: @RomanGoro Very few actually, when I think through them. Uninformed, perhaps but not naive or oblivious.
goatprince: they're mining the stuff that makes the island float. so it would sink, not raise
LordManiMani: @murphep no this is patrick
magical_girl_amelia: that's funny because in a book i read set on floating islands mining was the greatest possible taboo for similar reasons
northos: yeah this is a lot of detail for a random shop in a PS2 game
TehAmelie: reminds me of Scott Pilgrim's Carolina in the Sky that's attached to Earth by huge chains
MurphEP: @LordManiMani Ahhh fascinating
Didero: Does the Buy screen also indicate which character has the license for the selected item?
northos: @Didero yes, their portrait lights up in the top right if they can use it
Didero: @Didero Ah, I didn't notice, thanks
nyperold: Apparently, Bhujerbans sprinkle their language with Sanskrit.
ScrapyardGhostTrain: FFXII is gorgeous; even more so now that it's not pushing the PS2's hardware to its limits.
Spades_Slicc: Graham, Chat: distract me from my new mouth holes please!
Gaz_L: good lord that's a lot of points that Batlhier and Fran have
TXC2: you get a light armour 3, and YOU get a light armour 3, AND YOU GET!....
MrVirite: didn'
SpacePotato01: @SpacePotato01 I suppose that's fair. Or maybe they mine away island to make mass budget for new buildings. Or just to make the buildings out of, so the total mass doesn't change. I'm sure this level of attention to physics is appropriate for this game.
TXC2: !holes
LRRbot: Do you ever just think about rest holds?
TehAmelie: bronze chestplates do not seem like the lightest attire
Gaz_L: No, LRRbot, i'm not Randy Orton
amam741: Hey Graham, I’m usually a YouTube watcher but I just finished up a rewatch of Road Quest last night and wanted to just re-gush about how good of a little show you and the team made
Didero: Vaan, stop picking up pebbles!
Spades_Slicc: bronze is lighter than steel
SerGarretCameron: oh, you can buy a shield license for Basch, yes? that might help.
micalovits: As you should be!
DarkMorford: Obligatory "RQ2 when?"
Didero: Mentions of Road Quest always makes me want to rewatch Road Quest
incslayer: Road Quest was Awesome
Steveris: Car Talk
JoeKim: hello friends
JoeKim: hows automated combat fantasy going?
TXC2: hello JoeKim welcome
atinyspacemarine: RQ really knocked it out of the park
Didero: Increase by how much, game?
blastanos: I'm now only one video away from finishing everything from this year's desert bus that I added to my watch later(About 100~150 vids)
TehAmelie: i like the idea wearing a shield and blocking with it requires two different licences
micalovits: And Basch is axes
RyubosJ: and now we meet how licences make shopping in this game a huge pain
incslayer: Rapid Franer
RyubosJ: constantly changing menus to work out what to buy for who
accountmadeforants: The long-awaited sequel to Bows.
Wolfstrike_NL: rabbit fire
atinyspacemarine: fran, AKA "The Chicago Typewriter"
Metric_Furlong: that's a very broad axe
Amras0x00: just don't forget to buy Fran's bow
TehAmelie: chopping power!
goatprince: (axe and hammer strength is weird, it's high variability)
JoeKim: such power!
Huschel23: Those numbers are...misleading, I think. Because of the different ways weapon types work
TheThirdTail: Yeah, those numbers are very hard to compare, because every weapon type has a bunch of hidden stuff going on
Gaz_L: huh?
micalovits: Wat?
accountmadeforants: ???
incslayer: @atinyspacemarine i dont think i have heard that euphemism for a tommy gun before (at least thats what i assume it is)
RyubosJ: Yes, weapon speed is important in this game
northos: yup
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Yeah, it's ammo.
Didero: "Please equip your bow OUTSIDE my store"
Saoirsas: wut
Critterbot: Huh...
TXC2: ok game
northos: #technicallimitations
Squigel: it's an off liscence
fourtoedsloth: "Because I said so, that's why"
JoeKim: damage RNG i think
northos: slow and high RNG
JoeKim: like the ceiling is high
SacrificialToast: axes do like 0 to max damage, randomly
EC_as_That: Bows. To complicated for in shop switch outs.
Zaghrog: Axes are high variance
JoeKim: but average is lower
Squigel: axes have a large damage range and the attack is representative of the top of that range
wulfram77: Do we not like Aevis?
Gaz_L: gotta get Basch a shield?
SerGarretCameron: high variance. big crits, weirdly always a chance for low damage.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: It's not that big a deal though. You're safe just going for big number
atinyspacemarine: @incslayer yup, one of my favorite nicknames for any gun
TehAmelie: axes strike like lightning huh
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EvilBadman: This has gotten me to pick 12 back up, I'm like halfway in and forgot everything 😂
JoeKim: oh thanks shaneleeatk
SacrificialToast: @EvilBadman time to start over and then drop it again!
ShaneLeeAtk: @JoeKim My pleasure, friend!
Blakemcm: im very close to buying game...
Gaz_L: i almost did the same, but luckily Persona 3 just came out for Xbox!
EvilBadman: @SacrificialToast Nah, just plugging away at it from where I was.
Lobo_Apache: Honestly never played a FFgame and watching you play this may get me into it
northos: no items allowed
JoeKim: this game is super worth it if anyone hasn't gotten it yet. especially with the speed boosts
TheInferno390: Wouldn't you like to know, weatherboy
KartoffelKaiser: heck, i forgot this was happening today!
Gaz_L: looks like a magicksman
TehAmelie: that line makes me think Kefka is about to set the place on fire
JoeKim: the original is al ittle more intense but the new version makes it way more streamlined
Gaz_L: ohhhh right the mines
NDCazzy: I remember this place
accountmadeforants: "The Empire told us to stop mining the floating island! Can you believe that?"
goatprince: weird change: most technics in this version are chest finds, not bought
EC_as_That: So cute
KevinTheShark: Moogle Mania!
SerGarretCameron: charge is really useful
Cavemanhar: charge is good
KartoffelKaiser: Oh yeah, there are some spells like that too
samu_btdp1985: are there bounties in this city
Diabore: rude child
Carlioo: yeah actually I wanna get back into 12 now too
BrindleBoar: truly he was walkin' hea
EC_as_That: Kids these days
KartoffelKaiser: @samu_btdp1985 sure are! i don't think we can take any yet though
ShaneLeeAtk: Gancy Fambits!
TehAmelie: three of your finest AI routines, shopkeep
TXC2: (sniffs) "hey, you got any more of them gambits?"
ShaneLeeAtk: Where is the Buy All button?
Carlioo: having a second steal if HP = hp% might be nice if you wanna be real lazy
TheThirdTail: ahhh, the gambit shop... I definitely didn't obsessively buy all of them immediately or anything...
JoeKim: i do enjoy how later in the game you can just power level with gambit
EvilBadman: @ShaneLeeAtk Lol I just had to go through and clear the inventory
northos: I thiiink in this version all the gambits you can buy are available right away. but I could be wrong
aussie_rob_w: We shall call it The Figuring
PixelArtDragon: Huh, I was right! Balthier is voiced by the same VA as Devrim Kay from Destiny 2
Squigel: self libra is always useful
EC_as_That: What are you even buying in that shop.. In-univers I mean.
MrVirite: no libra self?
goatprince: you're buying cards, literally
KartoffelKaiser: @EC_as_That a card that makes you do things, it's mentioned in a side quest and it's real weird
EC_as_That: Aah.
BrindleBoar: Magic the Gambitning!?!?
aussie_rob_w: Cards that fit magic?
TehAmelie: wait are the PCs punch card computers?
EC_as_That: Punch cards
Zaghrog: Libra is not Scan
MrVirite: self
EvilBadman: Libra shows everyone's avorite mechanic: traps
Didero: Since Balthier is the heavy damage dealer, shouldn't he mainly attack the most dangerous/strongest enemy?
EvilBadman: slef: Libra, bottom of the order
northos: just "Self", they'll only recast it once it falls off
TheThirdTail: Don't need a condition. Just "Self." It'll recast it when it wears off.
goatprince: the gambit cards compel the people holding them to do specific things, it's a minor thing in a side quest later
RyubosJ: ^^ that
Squigel: its a buff so if you have it set to self it will just cast whenever they don't already have it
Diabore: oh you need to purchase the "only self" gambit
Mr_Horrible: How I know it's Friday: my brain misread "nearest visible" as "nearest vibe". Y'know, just attack the foe with the nearest vibes to you.
Whisle: FFXII is on sale at the Humble Store right now. Thinking of giving it another shot, just because i really like the combat/gambit system...
northos: learmning!
EvilBadman: Yeah, and setting to bottom of order will make them cast out of combat
TXC2: !humble
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WiJohn: !humble
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ShaneLeeAtk: !humble
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TehAmelie: Vaan has learned: self awareness
Didero: Capitalism, ho!
TehAmelie: it's not very effective
BrowneePoints: Still having fun yall?
Whisle: i....didnt' knwo that =]
Didero: I assume 'Self: Attack' doesn't do anything?
accountmadeforants: It'd be one thing if they just unlocked specific groups of conditions as you learned how to use gambits, but buying them seems a bit convoluted?
Leonhart321: OK, back in semi decent signal. We listening to Ondores lies, or still in Dalmasca?
BrowneePoints: god the soundtrack in this is so good
northos: @Didero oh, no you can definitely attack yourself
TXC2: "me libra, you Jane"
raulghoulia: Prinskipper Skippel! Prinipple Skimster!
Didero: @Didero uh oh
KilrenKrae: G did you see that the my blobby costume just got listed on ebay?!
EC_as_That: @goatprince That sounds like it could have truly horrifying implications. Totally gonna steal that for my Dnd game
Diabore: all according to keikaku
LordShadner: self = attack?
BrowneePoints: was this the first FF with live orchestration?
TXC2: raulghoulia nice
Didero: Do we have enough arrows for Fran?
EvilBadman: Well, we just launched our winter sale, so a lotta stuff is on discount :)
KartoffelKaiser: now we just need lamp oil and rope
EC_as_That: So many Onions
BirkaBirkowski: Onion bomb sounds like something you stuff a holiday bird with
JakeKamas: time for a commercial break?
nyperold: More tear gas, okay.
Bahumot: Please set Vaan to Self: Attack.
incslayer: phooey why cant i buy the switch version via humble bundle
Prop_PT: i think thats against TOS
KartoffelKaiser: @Didero Fortunately, we only need one unit of ammunition, and that gives us infinite of that type
Critterbot: Time for a break?
northos: while self - attack would be a bit silly, self: confusion - attack could actually be useful
LordShadner: ah for grinding in FFII Kappa
SacrificialToast: LoadingReadyRun does not condone Self:Attack
Didero: @Didero That's weird but useful
retroactivator: Will it cast libra if it isn't the top gambit?
Gekyouryuu: you know what'd be funny? if attacking yourself caused your enemies to become confused
TheMandrew: technically above ivalice
nyperold: Right after the consul.
TehAmelie: ah, the old healing dagger self attack gambit (not this game's kind of gambit)
narset6691: have u seen the rabtoon parody on ff12?
narset6691: its so great
LordManiMani: our Tibanna gas, I mean magicite 😜
TXC2: whoooooo are you? who who who who
BirkaBirkowski: Why is "slightly british" the default fantasy accent? gimme an incomprehensible southern dialect you cowards!
Bahumot: Please leave Fran in charge
malsareus: As she should be
northos: probably better with Fran in charge tbh
Diabore: d pad to change leader
TheThirdTail: If it's at the top, they'll interrupt themselves if it happens to fall off in the middle of a fight
KartoffelKaiser: @northos iirc the confusion status overrides the character's gambits, but ally (status confuse) -> attack would work
TXC2: Fran is in change, as is her right
incslayer: he is a mysterious kid guest character so based on my extensive knowledge of JRPG games he is clearly either a Prince or a mcguffin
northos: @northos ah, you're right
grgriffin3: Fran is basically the only one I trust to be in charge of this group anyway
Bahumot: Fran is the Real Main Character
malsareus: Fran is by far the smartest person here as far as I can tell
raulghoulia: it messes with leader gambits
LordManiMani: @birkabirkowski in this one it's used deliberately. G's talked about the wide spread of Commonwealth accents
MurphEP: Lamont is Lamont, why should be anything else? wheelerKappa
Sorator13: IIRC you change party leader on the main field, not in the menu
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun you can use the dpad to change your leader, or toggle fran in the menu, itll auto to the top most character
TXC2: kinky
ScrapyardGhostTrain: I remember wanting Libra on the party leader, because it wouldn't always pick traps up before you run into them if it's on somebody else.
incslayer: Magicite? are is this an Esper Burial Ground?
Gaz_L: i know G keeps saying this isn't Star Wars, but this seems awfully like Lando?
NightValien28: was that a compliment?
BrowneePoints: Nvm I'm wrong Graham! They re-recorded the music for the remake with all live orchestration over MIDI!
KartoffelKaiser: ok this conversation is *way* kinkier than i remember it being XD
BrowneePoints: no wonder the music sounds great
LordManiMani: Judge Ghis, Mark-Wing Davey, H2G2's Zaphod Beeblebrox from the original radio productions
Carlioo: starting to think the empire aren't the good guys
DarkMorford: That's... not how you say "Marquis"
TXC2: mar-key! good Gods people!
DueRecompense: Marquest of Boojerbahh
EvilBadman: @DarkMorford It is in Ivalice
raulghoulia: dramatic wind in this mine
incslayer: @DarkMorford the Trails steels by Falcom pronounces it the same way it annoys the heck out of me
Sorator13: I love how utterly oblivious Vaan is
Invitare: are they not siblings? They look like siblings...
josh___something: Vaan's not the brightest
LordManiMani: one of my favorite casting notes in this 😁
KartoffelKaiser: ok so another neat foreshadowing thing: note balthier's costuming and "lamont's": they're kind of similar, particularly in the shirt.
ADTalks: I just found this out today, as I had to google it myself
Mattmitchell45: Marquis of Bougie
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @Invitare They are not.
Didero: Vaan and Penelo are not siblings, no
SacrificialToast: Marquish
LordShadner: so can these Judges still issue red cards and just auto-kill someone? Kappa
SerGarretCameron: MarqUwUs
josh___something: Marquise De Cat
incslayer: Tom Cane
Invitare: couldn't steal from steeling
Gekyouryuu: Marcus, of Queensbury
Didero: Good to know our Gambit setup also works with a different party leader
Didero: But the 'O' in OST already stands for 'Original'...
goatprince: some songs change not all
Invitare: what is the difference between Original and OST...
KartoffelKaiser: iirc the difference between Original and OST is that Original has the same compression as the PS2 version did?
Mattmitchell45: Tom Kane, so the newer voice of Admiral Ackbar
DarkMorford: Doesn't OST stand for "Original Sound Track"? What's the difference?
Mattmitchell45: (also lots other voice acting)
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Bit rate, probably.
Gaz_L: what do those parameter things do?
anarchy_aniki: Stands for Originaler
TXC2: OST is midi Kappa
incslayer: @Mattmitchell45 he seems to also do Yoda a lot
BrowneePoints: Marquis is Tom Kane, better known as Professor Utonium from Powerpuff Girls! @loadingreadyrun
Mattmitchell45: Oooo, that too
LordManiMani: I don't think so. these are new arrangements
Sorator13: ps2 still used midi, I think
ANeMzero: Skelemans
EvilBadman: d-pad up/down changes leader too
Driosenth: Smeletans
betweenmyself: At the very least everybody in the game pronounces ‘Marquis’ the same, so we at least avoid different pronunciations within a given conversation…
Didero: Tom Kane also does a bunch of voices in the Clone Wars animated show, like the narrator, I think
TehAmelie: we'll have to call him Marquis de Utonium then
Ritaspirithntr: @browneepoints WOW! Blast from the past
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: they're dead now...
jmchap: they take dmg with weak spells I believe
anarchy_aniki: They are Re-dead now
EC_as_That: That would be the classic FF thing
Gaz_L: skeleton warriors dundundunnunun
EvilBadman: @Didero And the Professor from Powerpuff girls
LordManiMani: Skeleton Maaaaan
SacrificialToast: can you First Aid a skeleton to death
Diabore: ive only been playing at 2x so this feels glacial to me
TehAmelie: that bat was self destroying
Didero: Please don't try to steal the skeleton D...
TXC2: you fist aid them to death
Gaz_L: just like throwing a Phoenix Down at the train in FF6
Bahumot: Cure I think does work to damage Undead
Mattmitchell45: Apply CPR directly to the ribs
raulghoulia: First aiding an undead creates a mummy
incslayer: @Gaz_L but if you do that you cant supplex it
BigDaddyBland87: so he's breaking foes?
betweenmyself: I assume that’s different from Skeleton Warriors? pennyWhat
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TXC2: eh, skull defenders dropped after the 2nd season
beowuuf: proof he's a foe breaker not faux breaker
Sorator13: now, that red thing is a trap
Didero: Jeez, the list of characters Tom Kane voiced in Clone Wars is very long
EvilBadman: Yeah, this was a place I grinded XP since the guest helps a ton, prob not good stream content though
incslayer: Graham i feel i should point out you have reached 50% of your stream time a break should probably be coming up?
Sorator13: which you can see because Libra
EC_as_That: That would be a trap
BigDaddyBland87: ha! OK that got me
Didero: Aero mote?
traccer224: LUL LUL LUL LUL
Driosenth: And knowing is half the battle!
KartoffelKaiser: *Akbar intensifies*
BusTed: Learning moment.
Didero: Turns out landmines hurt!
DarkMorford: I remember a "Stone Protectors" line of toys from when I was a kid (and maybe a TV show), but not "Skeleton Defenders." :p
MrVirite: seeing that is a libra thing iirc
Critterbot: I believe the reason you could see it is libra.
Squigel: there are a handfull traps in the game that heal/buff you
Robot_Bones: Maybe it was a fluke. Do it again. For science.
TXC2: this has been an LRR PSA
Bruceski: gamers don't look up
Bearudite: oh hey its the Final Fantasy game I know nothing about
BigDaddyBland87: it's Purgatory
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
incslayer: and im not saying that because i want to go make some sandwiches and not miss anything :p
Gaz_L: anyone remember War Planets/Shadow Raiders?
SacrificialToast: Enter the Fog Door
BrowneePoints: So yea Tom Kane(Marquis) is known for Professor Utonium from Powerpuff Girls, and almost every video game version of Yoda and Magneto
BigDaddyBland87: @BrowneePoints So the Marquis is it!
northos: (they sure don't)
beowuuf: wb
PurpleAlzir: the AI step on them quite a bit
KartoffelKaiser: they sure don't :)
ShaneLeeAtk: That looks inviting and you should step on it.
micalovits: I though you stepped on it for extra shinies
Robot_Bones: Its fine, they seem fine
incslayer: why does this game have to keep making me want to replay Skies of Arcadie
niccus: it's extra shiny for a very short moment
GDwarble: I would definitely worry about digging too greedily and too deep and just falling to my death
BrindleBoar: explosions can be shiny
incslayer: Arcadia*
micalovits: Extra shiny explosion maybe?
TehAmelie: more shiners than shinies
Diabore: i saw 1
goatprince: now, now, some of the traps instead syphon away all your MP. or maybe heal you. it's a mixed bag
Prop_PT: they dug too greedily and too deep...and fell out the bottom
Didero: oh shoot, returned just too late. I assume I didn't miss any story since the break?
incslayer: no we just resumed
Critterbot: Woof...
Didero: great, thanks
BrookJustBones: Those railings feel kinda slim for fall protection of the edge of a floating island
InquisitorGaia: ive been in an explosion, theyre very shiny, blinding even
raulghoulia: love the secret boss found here much later on
TXC2: InquisitorGaia also loud
EvilBadman: Pardon the pun, but you'll be railroaded into the /the correct path/
InquisitorGaia: @TXC2 that too
Sorator13: yes, unfortunately I never really found a good way to gambit steal
Didero: Should be fine if Vaan isn't the main damage dealer?
BrindleBoar: depends on how many programming classes you want to take
Bahumot: I wish there was a gambit for "Use this ability once at the start of a fight and never again"
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goatprince: no, the steal issue is a problem in this game you live with unfortunately
Didero: Maybe 'Nearest Foe' instead of 'Foe'?
Zaghrog: Having thrown an actual grenade, I have once caused an explosion, but I sure as heck didn't look at it
Gaz_L: Foe < 30% attack at the top maybe?
jamesk902: @Zaghrog Of course not, cool guys don't looka t explosions.
EvilBadman: Eh, yeah. I have HP=100 Steal, Hp Lowest=Attack, and then a mage with Foes: 2+ Present - Magic
MolaMolaphant: "couldn't steal from steeling" isn't confusing at all
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Zaghrog: @Zaghrog Those cool guys also don't get shrapnek in their face
DueRecompense: fixed
Sorator13: Only way to avoid that is to pick a different party leader (one who doesn't steal)
InquisitorGaia: hard not to look at an explosion youre in @Zaghrog
EvilBadman: Nope :)
Sorator13: or to target nearest enemy, which has its own problems
nifleon: have we talked about the bridge with the chaining yet?
A_Dub888: Larmont
EricTheOrange: did we just pick up "numerology"?
Carlioo: equal opportunity trap triggering!
Zaghrog: @InquisitorGaia Very true
TXC2: LRRmont
Diabore: damn lamontsa
A_Dub888: LRRman? Get Ian!
LordManiMani: Shut up, Mokuba
KartoffelKaiser: @EricTheOrange yeah, it's a very weird technik that does damage based on your step count
KartoffelKaiser: iirc
Bruceski: @EricTheOrange Yup
Critterbot: It's okay, Lamont is an infinite potion dispenser. :D
incslayer: well Larsa is clearly Lamont
beowuuf: the sister of duras :p
cassaclyzm: wait, random name is in fact random name??
EvilBadman: It's a mango yogurt drink Kappa
Ametrine_System: ooh, there's a pretty good grinding spot in this area - lots of skellys on these smaller screens and the bones sell for almost 200/ea
BrowneePoints: Finally I can find out who the flash is
Didero: Graham, are you perhaps implying Lamont isn't entirely forthcoming about who he is? :O
BrowneePoints: *removes mask* I have no idea who this is
incslayer: i remember that episode of the Justice League
Gaz_L: "i have no idea who this is"
northos: good sneaks!
EricTheOrange: @KartoffelKaiser I mean numerologist is a Class in some FF games.
Sorator13: success!!
YFiddler: You just told us. He's Lamont.
Rayn3Cl0ud: boom boom boom let me hear you say weyo "we--ouch!" close enough
Mangledpixel: still one of my favourite DCAU moments
KartoffelKaiser: @EricTheOrange good old FFT Calculator
nyperold: Yeah, I've seen that be a problem on someone else's playthrough. Your allies not avoiding the traps even though YOU know.
Wyrmhero25: Just have to learn Float
BrookJustBones: Are we ever using the stuff we steal, or is it just the principle of it?
Didero: I guess this 'Lowest HP' setting might mess up a boss fight with ads?
Mangledpixel: this music IS very Star Wars isn't it, specifically Prequels
Carlioo: isn't this the big early game grind spot?
DueRecompense: @BrookJustBones use to sell
Genie_M: oh yes
Sorator13: @Carlioo If you want to bother grinding, yes
BusTed: tqsSmug
MolaMolaphant: ah, so we're grinding bones to make our bread?
BrowneePoints: Some...goofy AI aside, I actually think the Gambit system is a neat design
Sorator13: @MolaMolaphant grinding bones to get that bread
Didero: My programmer mind of finding edge cases activated, sorry :p
KartoffelKaiser: i would not recommend falling off of any of Bhujerba's bridges
aussie_rob_w: Also kinda KOTORy music?
Zaghrog: @BrookJustBones The game basically has a crafting system based on stuff you sell to vendor
KevinTheShark: Itd be real nice if there was a "if (nothing to steal) -> (attack)"
BrowneePoints: Yea I was just thinking a bunch of this game reminds me of KotoR
Narcuru: do you need to buy the other "gambit trees" or if you have three gambits on the first one you get three in all of them?
PixelArtDragon: Operative word "had"
EvilBadman: @Didero Most of the bosses are "kills the adds first"
TehAmelie: why does a skeleton warrior carry dead presidents?
TheMandrew: kill the same mob over and over
DueRecompense: @KevinTheShark or mug
EvilBadman: Chain is based on enemy type
Ametrine_System: chains give you better loot if you kill the same enemies in a row
KartoffelKaiser: @BrowneePoints yeah dang near every RPG that doesn't have it makes me want it
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goatprince: (chaining the same creature type increases loot drops/quality and can also restore small amounts of HP/MP)
TheMandrew: same type of mob i should say
LordShadner: killing same enemy type
Wyrmhero25: Chain is just kill the same enemy/type of enemy. You get better rewards and maybe heals, but picking the loot up slows your chain progression
Genie_M: same enemies in a row
Didero: @EvilBadman The one boss we fought, the giant power spider, kept spawning ads. But I guess you needed to kill those ASAP to keep up the charge
KartoffelKaiser: I would have enjoyed Tyranny so much more with gambits
Gaz_L: un petit peu de gravity
EricTheOrange: I THINK a chain is defeating multiple enemies of the same type in a row. But I haven't played this game sense it came out so I could be mistaken.
incslayer: this cave is pretty
EvilBadman: @Didero Yes, and also "most" ;)
jonnykefka: @EricTheOrange you are entirely corret
Robot_Bones: Yeah these bridges full of skeletons make for good chaining
GDwarble: @EricTheOrange I believe that's correct?
northos: "magickal" huh
BrowneePoints: @KartoffelKaiser I don't think Gambit would work for every RPG, but it's a breath of fresh air and definitely makes it feel more "Western"
KartoffelKaiser: @EricTheOrange yup!
MurphEP: "Manufacted Nethicite" is one of my favorite terms from this game
betweenmyself: They manufacturing meth down here? pennyWhat
incslayer: Draklor? why not just name it "Evil Industries?
BigDaddyBland87: WHERE ARE THEY!
DueRecompense: @MurphEP was just typing same thing
TehAmelie: seems like a neat greed mechanic, leave loot as long as possible to get more of it
Bearudite: the kabadon
northos: look at this bloodborne-ass weapon
DueRecompense: manufacted nethicite
EricTheOrange: nethercite, that sounds safe.
PixelArtDragon: I can't not hear Devrim Key whenever Belthier speaks
Lazarus2511: lollipop!
fourtoedsloth: It doesn't matter, I don't have them anymore!
GDwarble: I love the chain...hoop? on a stick
micalovits: Oh thats a fun weaponn
TXC2: is it a beak?
WiJohn: That's an intensely silly weapon
MurphEP: @MurphEP lol
Mordin_Solus_Sings: And Warhammer thought they had a lock on impractical arborist-based weaponry
BrowneePoints: Very Skeksis
incslayer: that staff would make a Warhammer 40k space marine happy
Gaz_L: bonk
KartoffelKaiser: gottem
GDwarble: I love theese goobers
Mr_Horrible: damn, kid's a good shot
Sorator13: LUL
northos: :D
GhostValv: gottem
Didero: Shiny Rock Attack!
IviaRelle: Perfect exit
Snowcookies: good shot
Bearudite: @WiJohn that kind of saw exists in real life
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @WiJohn What's crazy is that kinda thing is based on an actual tool that predated chainsaws
TXC2: Lamont used rock...It's Super effective!
LordManiMani: see? Lamont is good, actually
DueRecompense: run
Cavemanhar: lamont used rock throw it was super effective
Mr_Horrible: Ba'Gamnan can't catch a break
KartoffelKaiser: You don't have to but I'd recommend it
TehAmelie: wait, who would use a bunny girl to catch a fish?
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Optional boss fight
LordManiMani: @mr_horrible or a rock, it seems
incslayer: Ba'Gamman? maybe he just wants to Play Backgammon?
Sorator13: Yeah, you're supposed to run away
Genie_M: they are strong
beowuuf: rock paper scissors shiny rock lizard
EvilBadman: RT to flee
jamesk902: You m,an need to turn off gamits
northos: oh, huh, they take away Lamont for the boss fight
DueRecompense: R2
Mr_Horrible: LordManiMani now, to be fair, that one was thrown directly at his head while he was holding a polearm
incslayer: if you are supposed to run away it means you probably get something nice if you beat them
Sorator13: @northos he already made his contribution
Robot_Bones: YOU can hold R2 and L@ to run
GDwarble: @northos He already threw his shiny rock, he's unarmed now
BrowneePoints: Ba'Gamnan sounds a lot like the Scientist and the Garthim-Master(General) from the Dark Crystal
Bearudite: wow death teleport
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I think you can hold down the triggers to enter "flee" mode
rainreign7: turn off gambits
Didero: There's a 'turn Gambits off' option
MrVirite: isn't there a run away button?
TWCblank: don't you have to hold down the trigger buttons to make your allies run with you?
Blakemcm: i think there is a button combo for retreat? like the triggers?
northos: @northos he grabbed it again as he ran by I think, but fair
Sorator13: I'm telling you, Basch is a ghost
PurpleAlzir: I think holding R2 does flee mode stopping any casts
Sorator13: @northos He did, yes
Lazarus2511: isn't there a also a run away button?
KevinTheShark: You might wanna switch off the gambits briefly
PixelArtDragon: I was expecting a "you must gather your party before venturing forth"
gualdhar: ah, the old mob train. Brings me back to my XI days
Sorator13: @PixelArtDragon no, that's the other programming game
Zaghrog: There is indeed a flee mode that would be helpful
Bruceski: "I can't leave without my buddy Superfly"
Bvorhies: Graham its wonderful to see you. this game has amazing music !!
Veketshian: Don't both shoulder buttons allow the party to flee without the gambits kicking in?
PixelArtDragon: Run-by dentistry
Talin06: turn off gambits?
TehAmelie: something there is no aggro reset something
Bruceski: Just rip a fang out of that bat on yourt way past
Sorator13: "hang on, lemme do some dentistry real quick..."
Mr_Horrible: just snatched one right out of its mouth
DueRecompense: can hold R2 to flee
EvilBadman: Yes, G can R2 to flee and turn off gambits, but he's not reading chat cause (gestures)
KartoffelKaiser: FBtouchdown
Sorator13: we got there!
Thisbymaster: train to zone
incslayer: @TehAmelie "im mean there is but it means someone dies" i believe the next part of that quote is
Lazarus2511: :D
Sorator13: what I want to know is why the skellingtons don't attack the lizardmen
Genie_M: kiting
TehAmelie: that skeleton wanted to throws us a bone
KevinTheShark: Woo! FBtouchdown
Bruceski: Lost them in the fog
Didero: I mean, you did try attacking and their healthbar didn't move much
Squigel: you can fight them if your a little overleveled but all you get is a different cutscene
accountmadeforants: "Oh no, they've continued running in a straight line! How will we find them!"
DueRecompense: bungaa stole my manufacted nethicite
Didero: Did I see it wrong or was that heal spell 'blowing a kiss'?
Sorator13: It does kinda look like that, yeah
KartoffelKaiser: @accountmadeforants yeah this is legit the thing that makes the least sense in this game IMO
TehAmelie: shiny rock!
TheThirdTail: I think they're actually making a fist and then pushing it forward, but I can see "blowing a kiss"
PixelArtDragon: @accountmadeforants They started breaking a sweat and they're weak to water
Sorator13: LUL
KartoffelKaiser: LUL
accountmadeforants: PixelArtDragon I'll take it!
Squigel: the miners
Bearudite: who wears high heels to the dungeon
GhostValv: legs for days :O
Cavemanhar: my bad
TehAmelie: you stole a "part" of that skeleton
keroan0: Random dark souls enemy
Sorator13: They mined too deep... in the sky...
noSmokeFire: OK, that thing IS a star wars
KevinTheShark: Would you tell them they couldn't?
TheAwkes: Clearly a buttodile.
Bearudite: why do they call the bats "steelin"
PixelArtDragon: Hang on, that's a Daedra
TehAmelie: guess stealing bone fragments from skeletons is no weirder than the wolf pelts
Spades_Slicc: Oh No! They're breathing AIR!
KevinTheShark: I wouldn't have the stones to tell that thing they couldn't be in here
MolaMolaphant: stole a tanned hide? does that make Vaan a mine flayer?
KartoffelKaiser: wait i just realized
Sorator13: @MolaMolaphant okay, that was painful
Didero: Wait their hide came pre-tanned?
BigDaddyBland87: oh tanned his hide
KartoffelKaiser: the hide is already tanned?
DueRecompense: @MolaMolaphant LUL
accountmadeforants: Vaan works very fast, you see
Bearudite: @KartoffelKaiser spray tan
accountmadeforants: This is the guy who stole a fang from a bat while running past, and it was in mid-air.
MurphEP: :O
TheThirdTail: Those bats are actually a pretty advanced society. That one worked as a leatherworker.
northos: dammit Vaan
noSmokeFire: oh hi Darth
DueRecompense: lexicon growth ++ from this game
Sorator13: I really like the Marquis
Huschel23: Prison it is
Snowcookies: he kidnapped our girl! Kappa
northos: huh, I never noticed Penelo is taller than him
Squigel: balthier sure knows alot
incslayer: Penelo is very confused
noa2828: Just arrived and immediately lesbians appeared. 10/10
PixelArtDragon: Oh wait, I thought pronouncing Marquis wrong was a bit, no, that's actually the guy's name
Didero: "His brother is a kid?!" Vaan, please
beowuuf: uuuh
Sorator13: oh-ho!
Mordin_Solus_Sings: What a weird statement Balthier
EricTheOrange: So if those pirates actually did kidnap larsa I don't think it'd have gone well for them
PurpleAlzir: the stare Fran gives after that comment is great
MrVirite: awwwww best part of the game
Bruceski: It's time!
incslayer: i mean i would have expected no one to know men like Balthier not fran... if you know what i mean
Manae: Rude cutscene
KartoffelKaiser: Meme time PogChamp
Sorator13: Fran is the best character in this game, I swear
Ravynn: The meme!
azidbern95: is it time to run through the city shouting like a crazy person?
Gaz_L: game, this could just have been the same cutscene
TristalMTG: don't worry, you'll spend more than enough time in the mines
ArrestedHouse: It's time!
Beeeebles: Oh boy here we go
EricTheOrange: ah this part...
Sorator13: @incslayer look, you don't dress like Fran does and travel the world as a sky pirate without learning how to assess the character of random men you encounter
PixelArtDragon: Are we staging a revolution?
TheThirdTail: The most memorable part of the game!
magical_girl_amelia: the best part of the game
BigDaddyBland87: Oh my brother!
Sorator13: oh dear
GhostValv: \o/
Bearudite: oh noooooooooo
MurphEP: Yes.
varmintx0: Everyone's favorite part.
Critterbot: Here we go.:D
accountmadeforants: LUL
TehAmelie: "blitz?"
Rayn3Cl0ud: press x to testify
Cavemanhar: dont believe ondores lies
Ravynn: This makes me wince in the best way lol
grgriffin3: Oh, now I get the meme!
BrookJustBones: Is that quote from this game, or is that a reference? The rumors of my death where greatly exaggerated?
incslayer: this makes me cringe so HARD
ghizmou: love this revealing window on basch outfit
TXC2: "no you're not, I am, and you know nothing of my works"
accountmadeforants: "Observe, numbers going up!" -Vaan, probably
Gaz_L: *shoves emphatically* "Fran! Get the tables!"
TehAmelie: that vest has no room for shame
frameshifty: oh boy, this part is classic
KartoffelKaiser: @BrookJustBones That's a quote that's been attributed to Mark Twain iirc
Carlioo: oh my vaan, testify!
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @BrookJustBones Just a reference, the quote is much older.
jamesk902: I love Balthier, he's drier than a salt mine.
noa2828: Dramatic twink does something unusual in public XII
GDwarble: Time for memes
jonnykefka: cuz it's not as funny if actual Basch does it
Sorator13: because they don't want to risk the life of anyone important
incslayer: "no one heeds your words"
TheThirdTail: Basch isn't ridiculous enough to do this
TristalMTG: Basch can't do it because the judges know what he looks like. The people here don't.
gualdhar: because this kid is obviously too young to be Basch
Mr_Horrible: oh god, Vaan's becoming a TikTok influencer
Robot_Bones: Cause Basch has self respect
Metric_Furlong: @BrookJustBones that quote's usually attributed to Mark Twain, iirc
aitsu100: Vaan go cry wolf we will help if it goes wrong
TXC2: "I'm Basch von rosenburg and so is my wife"
nyperold: At least they don't have you, you know, knocking Ondores.
TehAmelie: it went down!
raulghoulia: vaan struggles to be plot relevant as it is. let him have this
incslayer: this hurts my soul
Godeke: The entire town used /ignore on him
beowuuf: a whole 1%
Huschel23: "Captain Basch? That kid?!"
Leonhart321: He said the thing
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Yep, this is just Vaan shit-stirring, while Basch doing it would get straight up murdered
grgriffin3: #BaschLives
Didero: How does Vaan know how believes him? Does he hold a survey after shouting?
GhostValv: salud
Gaz_L: Gordon's alive?!?
TXC2: bless you
KeytarCat: Oh I distinctly remember some of these voice lines
MolaMolaphant: that just reminds me I wanna watch Andor
Our_oBoros: Gesundheit!
ANeMzero: "Hey remember that cringey part of FFX? What if we made it ~interactive~"
Athelgar: 'sure you are kid, Basch is like 40'
KevinTheShark: Gesundheit
TehAmelie: prosit
incslayer: WOW
TXC2: "and?"
TheThirdTail: @Didero Vaan doesn't but the player does, I guess
EvilBadman: Thank god Vaan secured that Twitter handle
DueRecompense: Scholars give extra notoriety
beowuuf: lrrWOW what a jump
objectivefailure: "Excuse me, are you THE Basch von Rofensburg?" "No, I'm Vaan"
BrowneePoints: Seems like you're knocking on the wrong Ondore
Sorator13: yeah, shouting to the guide people makes it jump a lot
noa2828: Game where you run around shouting at people? Skyrim?
incslayer: "Weve got dodgson we've got dodgson" see nobody cares
TehAmelie: now we gotta be famous enough to snowball a bit
Carlioo: maybe it's just green pips on your map?
Mr_Horrible: those Bhujerbans just chilling
KevinTheShark: Testify Brother! FBtouchdown
lackingsanity: wow!
TehAmelie: or not
northos: gottem
Carlioo: woooow
JakeKamas: I think only the people who show up on the mini-map can listen to you
beowuuf: noooo
GDwarble: This is such an odd minigame
beowuuf: we lost so much %s
GDwarble: What button do we push to "Jason!"?
MurphEP: "Wait hold on, is that Basch von Ronsenberg of Dalmasca?!" - Bhujerben heeding words
LordShadner: is there a scene for yelling this at a guard?
cattleprodlynn: "Dr. Scott!"
Mordin_Solus_Sings: The guides are good percentage, but yeah avoid the guards
EdibleDragon: Hey, I heard someone here was listening to Ondore's lies.
Critterbot: The guides around town gives a lot of progress.
Mr_Horrible: tfw ur captain Basch von Ronsenberg of Dalmasca
DueRecompense: inform teh scholars
MrVirite: can you do it in a store?
KartoffelKaiser: @LordShadner There is and it loses you a ton of notoriety
MrVirite: I forget
patfinder: Testify!
CommanderPulsar: Tough crowd.
Diabore: do you want a tip?
WhirlwindAbyss: They must all be listening to lies
RyubosJ: don't only the green dot npc's matter?
TehAmelie: i implore you to heed!
Sorator13: Imagine running around a floating rock in the sky yelling to not listen to the lies of the dude who keeps it from being conquered by the empire that conquered your own homeland
traccer224: i remember this being easier
Driskus: !ppr
Juliamon: !ppr
LRRbot: The Phyrexia: All Will Be One PPR will be on 28 January 2023! More details:
DueRecompense: its because of the hats
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh, that'd gone down a bit over time, but THOSE folk really juiced it
TWCblank: that one dude was really intent on believing you
goatprince: there's a trick to this and it has to do with those guys' silly hats
incslayer: secret tech look for people with silly hats
Mr_Horrible: their opinion carries much weight because of their silly little hat
Snowcookies: Isn't he too young to be Bacsh?
goatprince: the hats have the true authority around here
Sorator13: @goatprince the hats are powerful! that's why they require licenses to wear!!
Leonhart321: It took me too long to figure out the gimmick to this
TheThromborax: so, you playing this convinced me to pick it back up. I apparently had 50 hours on my save and most of my party up to level 50
Didero: Vaan needs to work on his projection if so few people can hear him shouting
lackingsanity: many of these hats are silly
incslayer: there maybe be other sources for news but they dont have those hats
Gaz_L: *technick
Squigel: so waits the most convoluted sidequest in this game?
beowuuf: lrrHORN
Bahumot: We successfully Basched
KartoffelKaiser: @Squigel the fishing minigame, for sure
noa2828: You're essentially a teen running about trying to get signatures for a petition
ANeMzero: I love how we sit 100% with a guy being like "you're not Basch, you're too young"
incslayer: dude he was soo fooled
Bruceski: It's neat how the minigame mechanics support the plot. If you walk into this pub and do it your notoriety basically maxes out immediately
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I love the sensitive Bangaa
MolaMolaphant: it's definitely making me consider picking it up. I'm finding myself missing Ivalice...
LordManiMani: who's this NPC-lookin NPC
MurphEP: Well, fool, the explanation is that I'm Capt Basch
Gaz_L: like... couldn't Basch just have done it himself?
Huschel23: But is it THE Basch?
DueRecompense: this is where i draw
Metric_Furlong: practically a painting room Kappa
Carlioo: so is it the drawing room or is he drawing a room
incslayer: von is spelled von not fon dont these people know german?
MurphEP: Can't Draw Horses room
CommanderPulsar: I'm sure it's certainly not horses.
TXC2: "a cat, just a cat"
Gaz_L: why is this child filling out forms?
nyperold: Can't Draw Chocobos
ANeMzero: Trying to draw hands but he has no reference because his sleeves are too long
ADTalks: le gasp, he is not who he said he was
KartoffelKaiser: @Gaz_L I think the idea is that if Basch did it himself it would be too much of a problem. People might recognize him. If Vaan does it then he's just a crazy person that's crazy enough to draw the resistance's attention
incslayer: @Gaz_L he is trying to find the license to play with toys
Bahumot: My Brother is totally not evil!
LordManiMani: I'll improve on your methods! 🔥 wahaha Trogdor strikes again
KeytarCat: aw, a kid bought into the system :(
Robot_Bones: Remarkably Evil that is
LordManiMani: because he runs KaibaCorp with an iron fist!
noa2828: How does every outfit look like someone fell into a vintage drag-queen's closet at terminal velocity?
TXC2: very stiff looking leather
BrowneePoints: It STARTLES me Graham, how much of the visual Design between this and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is shared, considering they released in the same year
RyubosJ: oh gods, now i hear the padme in her voice
ChrisGMiller: Bronze is not a good couch material
BigDaddyBland87: You've lived a very sheltered life
Bruceski: Larsa: so smart and so, so dumb.
GDwarble: Less a couch, more a giant shortbread
josh___something: Hint: EMPIRE
Athelgar: sweet summer child
incslayer: @LordManiMani wanna feel old? it was Trogdors 20th Birthday a week ago
saintguard: This kid is, what, eight?
LordManiMani: @browneepoints I've never noticed, but absolutely
Huschel23: Place the need of others before you and then run them over
KartoffelKaiser: So iirc Larsa is literally 12
ANeMzero: ah yes, no untrustworthy person would ever give their word
InquisitorGaia: the word of an imperial is less than trash
LordManiMani: @incslayer and still burninating!
ChrisGMiller: @incslayer get our of here with your lies.
KartoffelKaiser: so he's really well educated and *supremely* naive
samu_btdp1985: South African?
LordManiMani: whoa that guy! I forgot those guys!
incslayer: @ChrisGMiller im not lying:
PurpleAlzir: and heavily indoctrinated
woodlandfell: marquis????
TXC2: these people sound Indian to me
KartoffelKaiser: idk but i wish there were more of them
woodlandfell: I thought it was mar-kee
SacrificialToast: both valid
GDwarble: @woodlandfell Depends on if you're from the US or the UK
woodlandfell: interesting ty
ChrisGMiller: @incslayer thank you, but i reject your reality and substitute my own.
LordManiMani: Cid from Tactics A2 was one of those guys?
goatprince: M'Lisa,
Mr_Horrible: "Please, Mr. Bangaa was my father."
beowuuf: that's the poem we'll be saying next week alright
Squigel: @noa2828 I think elza might have the worst outfit in the game
incslayer: @ChrisGMiller OMG you are Adam Savage?
noSmokeFire: this looks like a hive of scum and villainy in need of some Jizz Music
PurpleAlzir: they had all these unique races and almost the entire party are humes
ChrisGMiller: @incslayer No,. but i did sell him ear buds once.
KartoffelKaiser: @LordManiMani I think so? But i'm not sure
incslayer: @ChrisGMiller i believe that
Bruceski: They are Rev, not very common in Ivalice. Cid in Tactics A2 is one.
Carlioo: I realise haa probably is the bhujerban word for hello, but it sounds like they get very tired whenever they have to talk to vaan
ChrisGMiller: @incslayer it's both real, and correct!
LordManiMani: don't forget this game has not one but TWO Cids (only one is official)
EvilBadman: Wait, Bache lives?
incslayer: @ChrisGMiller i said i believed you
MurphEP: @EvilBadman I'm Captain Basch
CommanderPulsar: "Whatcha doin'?" "Oh, Onion Stuff."
Mr_Horrible: "Hey, I know you! You're captain Basch von Ronsenberg of Dalmasca!"
baskwalla: Don’t cry, it’s just onion stuff.
Mr_Horrible: "Oh, no, that was for a bit."
accountmadeforants: "Yes, hello, is Mark Quest in?"
incslayer: Hello Mysterious Offscreen Presence
MurphEP: Which one
Chaotically_Random: Pronounced Mark-key
KevinTheShark: Onion arrows, guaranteed to make your enemies cry
BrowneePoints: Oh yep, Graham I can hear the Professor Utonium in his voice
Huschel23: "I am Captain Basch! But just a prank, bro"
Whisle: that is aggressively middle-european
TehAmelie: arrows tipped in onion juice. boy that would sting. although arrows sting more
DarkMorford: Uh oh?
incslayer: "i am the Marquis and im calling about your antivirus program for your windows"
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I love Vaan's complete disregard for protocol
ZackTheCatKing: Hi Graham, wake up wheeler, new eggs just dropped
TXC2: I swear the people keep switching between German and Indian accents :p
Lysander_salamander: Hello, everyone
DueRecompense: the cortege is leaving eventide
TXC2: hello Lysander_salamander welcome
LordManiMani: @incslayer does your windows have *worms*
Carlioo: friendly looking ship
accountmadeforants: @TXC2 Oh yeah, it's great
BrowneePoints: Yea, it's like..Almost a Bombay accent, almost Austrian
noSmokeFire: @TXC2 thank you! I had the same reaction and thought I was losing it
incslayer: ohh time for the sudden but inevitable invasion?
incslayer: i see we are doing a repeate of Alexandrias invasion of Lindblum
accountmadeforants: Beats the "fake Bri'ish" and plain "fake German" accents in most games.
GDwarble: I remember the first time I played this I had a very difficult time tracking what was going on, so far this time's seemed much more straightforward
BrowneePoints: LANDO!
incslayer: Judge Geese?
MacSquizzy: Judge Geese
BrowneePoints: *shakes fist*
Carlioo: geese!
Bruceski: Betrayal!
BigDaddyBland87: oh he is Lando
noSmokeFire: I declare these geese....GUILTY
accountmadeforants: !honk
TheThirdTail: It's definitely a game with a lot of political stuff happening in the background. A second play/watch reveals a lot.
MacSquizzy: @incslayer great minds etc etc
accountmadeforants: !y
MurphEP: Judge Geese Howard
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I do love the subtle little facial stuff there. Impressive for the era and game genre
Huschel23: Some people Judge Geese
DueRecompense: numotBRAIN
BigDaddyBland87: so he IS LANDO
Robot_Bones: Judge Honk!
TophTheHermit: That sure is a choice of helmet
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah that scene was extremely "you know that i know that you know"
Didero: @GDwarble Whereas I'm getting increasingly confuses
BrookJustBones: Did anyone tell Vaan that?
TehAmelie: that desk looks like an airplane
Lysander_salamander: That's some fun armor.
BrowneePoints: I know but they were in a fancy room, let me meme Graham benginCry
TehAmelie: the office worker's version of a race car bed
JusticeJuice: Geese judge us all guilty.
northos: to geese?! the horror
cassaclyzm: not the geese, those things are awful
raulghoulia: Geese Howard?
MacSquizzy: Oh no, did he say Markwiss?
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: even the music feels like starwars to me
PixelArtDragon: Hopefully Ghis can clarify some things
incslayer: wait the Judges are just a Frat?
Carlioo: @raulghoulia he just can't stay dead!
KartoffelKaiser: Cid PogChamp
KevinTheShark: Cid?!
Critterbot: Ah, the FFXII Cid...
BrowneePoints: that helmet would be SO heavy
TehAmelie: Ghis Vayne, alias Bhatman?
Lazarus2511: clank clank clank
incslayer: that is clearly Cid
GDwarble: @GDwarble The empire is evil, they framed Basch for regicide to justify their crackdown, and we're currently in neutral territory
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @incslayer That's Basch's brother, which we learned last session
LordManiMani: let's go Doc Cid
Critterbot: Quite a character that onme.
Lysander_salamander: "Who are you talking to, my dude?"
Bruceski: What an entrance
GDwarble: This Cid is one of the more unique Cids
jmchap: The cut scenes mean so much if you have seen the ending alreay
TXC2: why is that 2 so small in this font?
jmchap: already
BrowneePoints: yea he got his back blown out long ago benginBonk
LordManiMani: @gdwarble what do you mean. he's an imperial engineer. that's like 5 Cids
jamesk902: He turn around and just vanishes.
MacSquizzy: I like my villains like I like my coffee: all front
accountmadeforants: Cutscene time? This must be important!
noSmokeFire: fun fact: "person without a back" is a real creature in scandanavian folklore
BigDaddyBland87: cue the imperial march
grgriffin3: Nice boat.
LordManiMani: 😁
Bruceski: "Yeah yeah, where we will be slowly digested over a thousand years, get on with it."
Mr_Horrible: you fools! He's a Sky Pirate! This is his natural habitat!
Lysander_salamander: Yeah the Hrulda
MacSquizzy: Cool sword boat
Carlioo: why does that airship have giant knives anyway
incslayer: @LordManiMani yea being an imperial Engineer is the most common proffesion if one is named Cid
Squigel: are those giant swords useful or just for show?
malsareus: uh, what are the frontal blades for?
TXC2: noSmokeFire do they have two fronts? or do you just never see their back?
PurpleAlzir: it is a bit odd how many times you get arrested in this game
LordManiMani: I said it already, but Judge Ghis is voiced by Mark Wing-Davey. best known for voicing Zaphod Beeblebrox in the Hitchhiker's Guide original radio comedies
DueRecompense: dangPOG
MurphEP: Okay, I won't dread
LordShadner: quick remove them from your party so they can disappear!
incslayer: @malsareus spearing skyfish?=
TXC2: oh that's a weak sauce slap
Mr_Horrible: yeah turns out I am bad at that too
accountmadeforants: Vaan is so shocked back there
noSmokeFire: @TXC2 I think they get real shy if you see their (lack of) back. Or maybe kill you? one of those
jamesk902: @LordManiMani Wow, I thought he sounded familiar.
incslayer: this is hurting my bh'nargin
TXC2: noSmokeFire I see
BigDaddyBland87: bum bum buuuuummmm
Mr_Horrible: Save big money at B'nargan
PixelArtDragon: POtato, potahto
LordManiMani: Abu: [chirping] The Princess??
BrowneePoints: More importantly, how much friction/tension must Fran's Cheeks have for that harness to not ride up?
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: @bruceski "you know well just die of hunger in 5 days or so...idiot"
accountmadeforants: Which throned? Disthroned.
EvilBadman: No, this isn't star wars at all Kappa
incslayer: @BrowneePoints she uses glue
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: a lightsaber?
MurphEP: :O
TehAmelie: if no one survives seeing the huldr's hollow back, how do people know she has one? checkmate atheists
grgriffin3: Based Basch
incslayer: Vaan shut up
Ravynn: Ashe says what we're all thinking
Didero: "Shut up Wesley"
Snowcookies: lol
Mordin_Solus_Sings: "Peasant!"
keroan0: Ashe saying what we are all thinking
northos: HOW did they not take this from him
Carlioo: "shut up vaan"-counter: !
Pharmacistjudge: Vaan, stop trying to be the protagonist
Easilycrazyhat: "Don't interrupt!" *stops talking*
josh___something: Shut the fuck up, Vaan
Lysander_salamander: Oh, ok
LordManiMani: @jamesk902 right?? You can hear it when he's excited
Angnor33: How is that just in his hands like that?
Sorator13: now, how did he get the stone out of his pocket while manacled?
incslayer: ahh good we have already done the sidequest
Mr_Horrible: I don't have much choice at present
KartoffelKaiser: @Angnor33 idk magic probably
GhostValv: shrugemoji
traccer224: vaan
Mordin_Solus_Sings: What choice does he have Ashe?
beowuuf: lol
nickthecatbear: "Only I know where it is. Approximately 1 foot behind me."
Huschel23: They both have good points
LordManiMani: No disintegrations
Mangledpixel: give him the stone! don't give him the stone! ooohh!
TehAmelie: hehe, he said doody
InquisitorGaia: he didnt promise anything there
MurphEP: I don't really think you have any bargaining power here
noSmokeFire: how did Vaan get the stone out with his hands shackled? did he Roger Rabbit his way out of them and then back in?
incslayer: separately as in four different parts?
BigDaddyBland87: No excutions - Vaan, with no bargaining ground whatsoever
BrookJustBones: So what is that stone?
incslayer: thats usually what happens when your quartered
NojhLivic: His mask reminds me of gobby (goblin) masks from FF14
Mr_Horrible: but is what's good for Ghis good for the gander?
saintguard: He promised no disintegrations :P
BrowneePoints: Did they name him Judge Ghis cuz Vaan has a Ducktail haircut? Kappa
woodlandfell: this star wars prequel looks funny
KartoffelKaiser: @BrookJustBones it's the Dusk Shard. So far all we know about it is that it'll somehow prove that Ashe is royalty
Lysander_salamander: that voice actor sound familiar
noSmokeFire: I sense a disturbance in the Fates. like thousands of voices crying out and suddenly being silenced...
LordManiMani: @lysander_salamander which
Bahumot: See! Fran is the real Main Character!
jonnykefka: @Lysander_salamander which one? Everyone in this cast has been about 20 people
BigDaddyBland87: hey Nolan North
Easilycrazyhat: Mar...kwis?
accountmadeforants: That's what you get for not disarming Fran- dislegging... her battle heels
incslayer: okay so serious talk here but it feels like everyone has the same face?
AveryCorvus: Just tuning in. These are a lot of handsome boys.
Didero: All these people look a bit too much alike to me to keep track of who's who
malsareus: waasssaaap
noisyblizzard: they said it again tehe
BrowneePoints: yep Vossler is Nolan North
GDwarble: @Lysander_salamander Balthier's? Yeah, he's Gideon Emery
TXC2: incslayer I know right?
TheAwkes: They'll never stop saying Marquis like it's an English word, will they?
raulghoulia: I like the judges in FF tactics advanced cause they show up and give you a red card every so often for using fire magic or swords when they forbade for completely arbitrary reasons
Mr_Horrible: I always remember Basch as having broader shoulders
incslayer: yes and one of those ways is wrong
KevinTheShark: Everyone that looks like a human anyway
LordManiMani: I've only ever known this game's pronunciation 😅
northos: do we need a !marquis command in addition to !fran :p
DiamondTiki: It doesn't help that every single character portrait in the entire UI is giving the camera smouldering eyes
BrowneePoints: and Balthier is Gideon Emery, og Urianger and a bunch of other voices @Lysander_salamander
ANeMzero: "Everyone in this game is hot" Didn't realize you felt that way about Migelo.
Metric_Furlong: it's so you don't think they're talking about a big tent Kappa
PixelArtDragon: I thought at first that you were doing a bit
DiamondTiki: Like, someone over there during development was very deliberate
NightValien28: LASERS
Juliamon: northos Thinking of just modifying !fran to have both
ScrapyardGhostTrain: There's a !fran command?
accountmadeforants: Don't worry, I've seen the Tenacious D movie, I can do this!
LordManiMani: Cid did it!
InquisitorGaia: oooo laser = xp farm
circusofkirkus: time to bring in Tom cruise
TXC2: !fran
LRRbot: Fran, like all viera, is intended to have an Icelandic accent.
northos: !fran
LRRbot: Fran, like all viera, is intended to have an Icelandic accent.
incslayer: Lasers? that wont even get past our navigation shields dont they know that?
MrVirite: summon the guard and GRIND!
Mr_Horrible: wow, good thing I can just not walk through them
Squigel: i think about 2/3rds of way through the game it just gives up on these gimmicks
Mordin_Solus_Sings: This is one of the better grinding spots in the game, if that's something you're into.
KevinTheShark: Where's Lupin when you need him
TehAmelie: i like the "GUEST" label on the portrait. it's like we're giving out guest passes for party membership
Mr_Horrible: unless you wanna scrap
LordShadner: so what I heard is grinding spot Kappa
GDwarble: @TehAmelie I mean...
BrowneePoints: @ScrapyardGhostTrain People kept asking about Fran's accent the first 2 episodes
Sorator13: Or don't, and just kill everyone who comes near
goatprince: 'avoid the lasers' is a great was to phrase 'trip the lasers if you want to grind'
Didero: Level 15?
magical_girl_amelia: this is the best grinding spot
SpacePotato01: what kind of alarm turns off after a period of time? Does it just tick a counter that reads 'it has been X days since an escape' ?
Snowcookies: Imagine avoiding red lines Kappa
BrowneePoints: and it's a rather uncommon dialect to hear in games, so it's now a command! @ScrapyardGhostTrain
ANeMzero: I guess you could ditch Basch Fon Ronsenberg of Dalmasca
goatprince: från has steal, i think
Mordin_Solus_Sings: He's not licensed for theft
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @BrowneePoints I see, thank you.
Sorator13: @SpacePotato01 well, they assume that if they send a squad to the source of the alarm, that will take care of it
KartoffelKaiser: Balthier does have steal, you just can't use it on an ally so it wouldn't show up on that gambit card
LeonisCo: Sky pirate unlicensed to steal? smh
Lysander_salamander: Ah, Gideon Emry, that's who I was thinking about. Sounded like Devrim kay
noisyblizzard: he has you couldn't select it ther because you had an ally gambit
KeytarCat: The pirate hasn't the license to steal
noSmokeFire: "trip the lasers if you want to grind"? sounds like a good night at the club
Ravynn: I remember getting annoyed at this sequence so I just started tripping lasers all the time, and ground out a TON accidentally here
Huschel23: Do you have the license to trigger lasers?
raulghoulia: lasers? grind? dance party?
SpacePotato01: @SpacePotato01 Soldiers in this kind of game are like chips, you can never have just one, or a few.
cuttlefishman: Who has the best sideburns in this game?
EvilBadman: Yeah check your gambits, Steal may be blacked out since you have Ally set as the IF
cuttlefishman: Asking for a friend who is me
Juliamon: ok, both !fran and !marquis call the same combined reminder message now
EvilBadman: but why is the comman franquis
ANeMzero: Gauntlets make sure your red wizard does not go hungry.
EvilBadman: :p
incslayer: !fram
incslayer: !fran
LRRbot: Fran, like all viera, is intended to have an Icelandic accent. "Marquis" has two different pronunciations, the one used in the game is valid.
LeonisCo: his current acc increases HP
Critterbot: Doesn't go down by much.
TehAmelie: it's the blue tearstone ring :o
MolaMolaphant: I really liked this license system as far as getting access to abilities and perks, but putting the gear on there was tough
DueRecompense: Limit Break
LeonisCo: quickening!
KartoffelKaiser: A quickening! Limit breaks unlocked
KeytarCat: The measures are so wonky
LeonisCo: time to go fast
raulghoulia: I think xp is party locked but lp is accumulated by everyone.
Didero: What does that mean?
therisingtithes: wait, what is this system now?
beldromercier: Quickening aka limit break
BigDaddyBland87: So this is Highlander II?
incslayer: the quickening? are we highlander now?
ANeMzero: A yes, the classic Quickening phrase "There can only be three"
KartoffelKaiser: Quickenings are way easier to use in the new version because they don't take all of your MP anymore
fiftymcnasty: Oh, so not like the highlander quickening?
Mr_Horrible: that's a lotta proper nouns I do not recognize
beldromercier: Quickening = mini game for absurd damage
goatprince: (some quickening bridge over to island licence squares if you care about maximizing that stuff)
Zaghrog: Learning more Quickenings also increases a character's mp pool
Juliamon: added !franquis to the calls
EvilBadman: G, Balthier's steal may be greyed out since Ally is the IF
RockPusher: !crossover
LRRbot: Maybe we should try this with the characters from Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby.
traccer224: CoolStoryBob quickening were so op I believe
goatprince: dg
goatprince: dog
LeonisCo: party's started
Gaz_L: party time
Wicker_Guide: turrtle
tknomncr: Loot
LeonisCo: no time to cure, too busy stealin
SacrificialToast: just shot that potion off that guy's belt
Athelgar: it just occurred to me that the Pheonix Down, is down as is feathers
TehAmelie: hey, this corridor has branching paths at least. *looking sideways at FF13*
DueRecompense: Basch got Mastiff drool in his eyes
traccer224: potion 50 might be over kill
noSmokeFire: I keep hearing "Balls of Steel"
Mr_Horrible: "Sir the intruder alarm went off so we sent a team but they never reported back" "Why are you bothering me? There's an intruder alarm going off and I need to scramble a team!"
magical_girl_amelia: awwwww they removed the terrible klaxon
Lysander_salamander: yeah it took me a while to realize that's what Phoenix Down meant also
incslayer: @Athelgar i have been playing Final Fantasy Games since 7 was released i learned that last year
NojhLivic: So was this the "they got arrested in cloud city" part of the Star Wars references?
Robot_Bones: so many alarms to trigger
TXC2: tuptuptuptup
EvilBadman: Yeah having Vossler helps the grind
LordManiMani: @nojhlivic yeah if they got taken to a star destroyer rather than escaping
Wicker_Guide: to the extent that there are star wars parallels, sure @NojhLivic
incslayer: that is a spear?
SacrificialToast: ah, i was hoping for a non-partisan
Lysander_salamander: I kind of want a Final Fantasy game that looks like this, but plays like Metal Gear Revengence
Gaz_L: Didn't Jessie teach you anything about lasers?
Snowcookies: time to grind level
TehAmelie: i know that feeling, for decades you just accept "phoenix down" as a thing of phoenix you use when someone's down and then it turns out to be wordplay
EvilBadman: @Lysander_salamander 15 is kinda like that? :D
Mr_Horrible: that just makes me excited for the 16 combat all over again
incslayer: @Gaz_L no i was to busy being oblivious to her flirting
GDwarble: @Lysander_salamander 16 seems to be on-track for that
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AWells44: Is it me or Graham's new hair a different color
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BrookJustBones: Gamers always full clear every level
Snowcookies: Always Be Exploring
Lysander_salamander: Maybe I'll give Stranger of Paradise a try
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incslayer: @Lysander_salamander ahh yes Sopffo
TehAmelie: hoplites? there's only gonna be one girl hopping here and it's the one with the ears!
Mr_Horrible: Basch used Libra. "Yup. It's another stooge in plate mail."
EvilBadman: when your solo guard and 4 red lines hit you
DueRecompense: @EvilBadman dangNotLikeThis
Wicker_Guide: like the musical arrangement?
LeonisCo: a shepard's tie
DoctorHutch: yeehaw
Mr_Horrible: why would they combine a bowl and an arrow? Seems impractical
Prop_PT: Bolero is a mini jacket
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Lysander_salamander: I didn't want to try out 16 because some of the marketing representatives have been saying weird things.
incslayer: no Bolero is an ice cream
SK__Ren: Bolo is the tie
BrowneePoints: Huh, Bolero is a Spanish Style Jacket
LeonisCo: no casters yet
DueRecompense: its the mage classes
EricTheOrange: catch these hand bombs
EvilBadman: xMages, i think
BrowneePoints: I thought it was just a type of Music
Wicker_Guide: Bolo is a bad guy in Enter the Dragon
Lysander_salamander: Also the name of a song
TXC2: I thought Bolero was a song :p
LordManiMani: Bolero by Ravel
BrowneePoints: TIL
Lysander_salamander: it's multiple things
Prop_PT: its essentially sleeves that meet in the back
TehAmelie: nice Conan pose, guy with the sword
samu_btdp1985: Bolero a dance by torville and Dean
SK__Ren: Whats your impression so far on "Gamers first programming lesson ft Party AI"
incslayer: @TXC2 only if its of Fire
Mr_Horrible: ask your doctor if Reflectaga is right for you
BrowneePoints: OH
BrowneePoints: A Bolero Jacket is also called a Shrug!
AshBurnem: Just got off work, here to party!
ogundiety: How dare you do exactly what I told you to
BrowneePoints: Now a SHRUG I've heard of
TXC2: hello AshBurnem welcome
TehAmelie: all of these characters seem to have much too feathered hair to be allowed near ring mail
malsareus: he should be better at running in and stealing stuff
AshBurnem: <3
aiamethyst: long hair and chainmaille are a bad mix, can confirm
TehAmelie: so painful
BrowneePoints: look at least Fran has her hair in a ponytail
andrew: I'm Captain Basch fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca!
andrew: Don't listen to Graham's lies!
TXC2: well looking at Fran here, hair seems to be able to phase though matter :p
InquisitorGaia: is the suit of ringmail 2 or 3 piece?
TXC2: Hello andrew
SacrificialToast: that's the only thing I remember from that MST3K episode
Mr_Horrible: to quote an old LRR sketch: "This looks like a job for More Sleep!"
EvilBadman: @andrew Huge if true
Snowcookies: Hi andrew
LordManiMani: why do We, collectively, say "sleeeeep" like that?
TXC2: *through
malsareus: Andrew we need you to be better at stealing stuff
GhostValv: thwap
Whisle: BONK
incslayer: I'm Captain Basch fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca! and this is my favorite store in Bhujerba!
DueRecompense: Vosslers sword is legit
RayFK: More like Bossler
Bahumot: MST3K :) !
Sorator13: yes, that is the worst part about grinding here - the dogs mess up your chains
DiscordianTokkan: Because MST3K
LordManiMani: ahhhhhh
andrew: @malsareus working on it but people keep saying swiper no swiping and it throws off my groove
ChrisGMiller: Manos yeah?
LordManiMani: *aaahhh*
r10pez10: i thought we just liked sleep
Gaz_L: ssssaannnd storrrrrmmm
andrew: manos maybe
SacrificialToast: not Manos
Gaz_L: ssaaaaand storrrm
DiscordianTokkan: Devil Doll? I wanna say?
Bahumot: There's been a few a few, the ones I know are Devil Doll and She Beast.
KevinTheShark: Hypnotists? that explains it all
SacrificialToast: it's a black and white movie
LordManiMani: thank you, makes sense. I probably got it from BOTH places
Pal_Friendpatine: The She-Creature is one of the movie
SacrificialToast: no, it's a movie character I'm pretty sure...
Lysander_salamander: ah like Maven or Yuri
Bahumot: She-Creature! That's the one.
BigDaddyBland87: they use it a lot
Bahumot: SLEEEEEP!
LordManiMani: and uh... Doctor Orpheus does it too I think
RockPusher: You can hypnotise a stage‽
malsareus: ooooh laser alarms
ChrisGMiller: mods be kind - this is it
TehAmelie: ooh, that one had some money
Lysander_salamander: how do you steal too much?
LordShadner: but can we find MORE SLEEP
Mr_Horrible: 2 laser doors at once? Damn, Graham about to start wall-to-wall pulling
DueRecompense: kinda defeats the purpose of alarms if you can see the lasers
Anubis169: say what?
compuNIC: @rockpusher easy to tell them to lie flat as a board
Lysander_salamander: It's a deterrent?
Pal_Friendpatine: And I think The Undead too
incslayer: @Anubis169 what
TehAmelie: 180 money to be precise. must have been a rare steal
BrowneePoints: All Graham knows is War
Manae: @ChrisGMiller so in short, almost any time there was hypnotism they did the "Sleeeep!" thing
Anubis169: Oh wow i've got so much lag
goatprince: 'oh nooooo the alarm is making me interact with the gameplaaaaay'
incslayer: in the grim dark Graham there is only war
BrookJustBones: the lasers are security theatre, like TSA
DueRecompense: yah, anytime you have 4 characters is a good grind rail for a sesh
ggodopaste: You can't tell him how to live, he is guest
BrowneePoints: they have the Bulkhead Release, do they have a Skullhead Release?
LeonisCo: fanciest lever ever
malsareus: wait, bulkhead rellease????
Anubis169: it's the floodgate for the sub-ocean
nyperold: It's so we don't get mixed up and attack him, I guess.
BrowneePoints: It's called the Prostate Graham
incslayer: ohh so we are not releasing a creature named "the bulkhead"?
malsareus: we need those bulkheads don't we?
KartoffelKaiser: @BrowneePoints LUL
EricTheOrange: As opposed to the dom control room
TXC2: the sub control room is below the dom control room Kappa
incslayer: @malsareus only if we are about to hit an iceberg
tehfewl: Dom Bulkhead is my new OC's name
LeonisCo: a common problem in this game for steal gambits
accountmadeforants: (According to the internet:) MST3K was probably referencing the "World's Fastest Hypnotist", Marshall Sylver:
incslayer: Dom Bulkhead is all about Family
LordShadner: hoping for a chain-sword are we?
Wicker_Guide: programming, a surprisingly inexact science
TXC2: Dom bulkhead has some Zack Meatchest energy
BusTed: The value.
EricTheOrange: The dom controll room is used to keep dom from gears of war's biceps under control
KeytarCat: c'mon, Basch, get your shit together!
GDwarble: @ExachixKitsune I believe it's Graham using the 2x speed button
Wicker_Guide: normal walk at 2x speed
TXC2: ExachixKitsune it's 2x times speed
accountmadeforants: @ExachixKitsune Graham can literally fast-forward the game in the remaster
ExachixKitsune: aha it is fast forward right good that explains that
TXC2: there's also a 4x we've not seen yet
incslayer: @EricTheOrange someone should get Marcus one of those
BrowneePoints: Graham's made it to the Prostate
tehfewl: fast forward was the best QoL improvement implemented into this game
rocketjohn: is this where you can force us to resubscribe?
Huschel23: Oh, this is kinda how the game teaches you about chains
DueRecompense: if you set Fran to Highest HP, she will fix Balthier's incessant stealing
EvilBadman: 4x is almost always gets me killed
jacqui_lantern234: the "sub control room" you say? does someone named Dom run it? :p
Didero: Fran can't get an arrow off before she has to save one of the other bozos with Cure :p
TehAmelie: you can automate level grinding and do it at 4x speed. maybe it's a bad sign the game encourages that, but
RockPusher: The alarms go off for the 23rd time: "Hey Dave, you think maybe if the hundred guys who went out to stop the intruders haven't come back…… maybe we just, shouldn't?"
Leonhart321: Nothing like going big on your kinks
jmchap: leaders target is best
goatprince: foe less than 90 does exist, yes
jmchap: or weakest foe
LeonisCo: there's not a great way that I found
BigDaddyBland87: @TehAmelie That's honestly why I dropped out 75% through back in the day. The grind just got ridiculous
incslayer: @RockPusher if the alarm system here works like my work then its 2 different companies one that monitors the alarm and one that sends out guards
accountmadeforants: No, you see, the entire control room is a sub.
Vlanoik: there are many gambits, you can probably set up nearly anything. it's just a matter of obtaining said gambits
bytecaster: You have to buy the first half of your if statements in this game, has game monetization finally gone to far? What's next, for loops only obtainable via loot box?
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TXC2: dom requires consent
goatprince: astonishing that they didn't put in a steal = successful gambit in the zodiac age version
raulghoulia: I love it when games create little puzzles like this where you'll be in the shower later on and you'll be like Eureka!
DueRecompense: set Fran to attack highest HP
BigDaddyBland87: that becomes an issue when highest HP keeps changing
BigDaddyBland87: I predict a lot of target changing
LeonisCo: gottem
incslayer: this is like when you play Destiny
Didero: So why do they keep sending out like 5 dudes to each alarm, instead of sending all the hundreds of them they obviously have stored somewhere?
Foxmar320: Graham escaped the map? Not surprising
EvilBadman: It's that or setting someone to attack Balth's target if you have that gambit
TehAmelie: union rules
Foxmar320: Also hello hows it going
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
LeonisCo: shipwide alarm goes off - sends one guy
Bahumot: Are we on the hunt for the Sub Ocean ;) ?
Wolfstrike_NL: Escaped the map, but no sub oceaan
bytecaster: @Didero It's a just-in-time soldier deployment system, keeps storage costs low.
micalovits: They are running out of guys!
incslayer: @Didero they only have 5 cloning pods and they have a grow time
RockPusher: foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE
Cavemanhar: there running out of guys
accountmadeforants: @Didero Because *Jeff* keeps triggering the lasers, so they don't trust the alerts anymore.
TXC2: do you know how much paperwork there is in sending 100 people to the same problem?
goatprince: >[p]et the [d]og
Athelgar: the alarm keeps going off, but none of our staff has returned from checking the status, better turn it off
Lysander_salamander: @Didero well, this isn't a Final Fantasy Warriors game. It's not designed with mowing down hundreds of minions at a time. Sadly.
raulghoulia: Is there a room where they're all waiting for an alert to go off? "Well, it's your turn now."
magical_girl_amelia: throw another one on the chain
TehAmelie: c-c-combo breaker
accountmadeforants: Combobreaker!
compuNIC: this dog is off the chain!
DueRecompense: fighting an armored mastiff would be off the chain
Lysander_salamander: I am kind of surprised they never made a Final Fantasy Warriors spinoff, like Hyrule Warriors.
PurpleAlzir: I used this place to get the 100 chain achievement thing and those dogs were a pain
BigDaddyBland87: Just Blame James
Snowcookies: It just means the system works Kappa
beldromercier: I preferred the bridges place in Bhugerba with the undeads
goatprince: highest HP is best for poaching, I think
raulghoulia: @Lysander_salamander wow, you're right. Maybe dissidia was supposed to fill that hole as well?
kais58: The alarms go off, so we send a bunch of guys to check it out, but they never call back? that's weird, anyway they're probably sorting it then just heading on break nbd
silenceaux: Someone needs to be on clean-up duty, and today it's Fran
LeonisCo: good thing we have unlimited guys
MvTurtle: 10 alarms in one day, that's odd, must be an issue with system
MrAyeAxe: "no news is good news after all", says the Imperial commander on the bridge
micalovits: I think the way I would do it would be to have: 1) Attack foe with >90% hp 2) Steal from foe with 100% hp But probably works better with a mellee PC
accountmadeforants: What if it's just the same guys reloading a save, and we're their Dark Souls bossfight.
Didero: This airship is ridiculously huge
bytecaster: "The boss says, we can just spawn more guys? No idea what that means, but new recruits just show up somehow"
LeonisCo: definitely a net gain on potions and phoenix down economy
BrookJustBones: Just like the lab Agetha Fisty got stuck in
tehfewl: you could set an HP=100:Attack then HP Lowest: Attack if you have the gambit slots
TehAmelie: it's good, phoenix downs can be expensive
BrowneePoints: You're gonna run a train on those Freight Stores
DueRecompense: if you dont pickup items, you chain level up faster
shurtal: i'm more of a minuet person, myself
r10pez10: took me way too long to realise it's "down" as in feather, not "down" as in direction
KeytarCat: @DueRecompense what, how?
KevinTheShark: This seems.... farmable
DueRecompense: chain-level *
DueRecompense: from chain level 1 to chain level 2
TXC2: r10pez10 same
bytecaster: Everybody knows the item is the natural enemy of the chain
DueRecompense: there are chain levels too, i.e. when it turns blue and gets bigger
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Not picking up items is irrellevant to the chain
northos: the chain number where the level increases is semi random
PurpleAlzir: I have never heard about that being a mechanic with chaining
KeytarCat: Like, it turns into a gold chain at a lower number if you leave items on the ground?
Wicker_Guide: presumably they mean that if you concentrate on kiling enemies quicker then the chain accumulates more, and it decays over time?
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Higher chains give you better items though
Gaz_L: is this like 'holding down + A helps the Pokemon get caught'?
SK__Ren: Comms have gone silent, clearly WE won - the enemy probably
KevinTheShark: is Balthier a higher level than Vaan now?
TXC2: gameplay!
KartoffelKaiser: The nitty gritty of chain mechanics are complicated and frankly I wouldn't worry about them. Leaving items on the ground is only valuable if you're looking for specific very rare items, and I doubt G is going for the Tournesol
BusTed: sounds like shiny hunting in Pokemon
KeytarCat: Not as many as 6 or 8!
noSmokeFire: balthier's even licensed to be a mechanic
Bruceski: Time between kills can rank up faster, but picking up drops is irrelevant. And that's minmax stuff if you have a grind you're targeting, anyways
Snowcookies: mechanics are for cars
goatprince: getting SO much LP from these shmucks
BrowneePoints: Graham IS the Ultimate Weapon
raulghoulia: it would really hurt my wrists to hold the sword like Vossler
TehAmelie: haha, nobody needs Vaan
Decaped: Goodbye forever, Vaan.
Gaz_L: i demand the FFX PIF where we spend 3 sessions dodging lightning bolts!
Gaz_L: (not really)
BrookJustBones: More games need XP share for the whole party
BigDaddyBland87: @Gaz_L Better than that damn chocobo race
noSmokeFire: @Gaz_L didn't Adam do that, but like first try or something?
Wicker_Guide: turn off gambits?
jacqui_lantern234: also, since ive been here and not said so yet: reminder that yall are loved AGGRESSIVELY!!!!!!!
BrowneePoints: oh snap is that the Jude, the jury AND the executioner?
goatprince: I like how the imperial mages hold their staves like shotguns
Wicker_Guide: ummm lrrSPOOP
PurpleAlzir: you can chain these
accountmadeforants: I would hope this attack actually can't miss
accountmadeforants: That would be embarassing
Mordin_Solus_Sings: It's a chain of QTEs that get faster each time
incslayer: i do believe the Price for a Street Judge is 1million these days
jonnykefka: Quickening Chains
Wicker_Guide: why is Balthier firing Pashupata?
jonnykefka: there's a shuffle command
Athelgar: i think its a button mash
PurpleAlzir: if you press L2 it will shuffle what you can do on that list
TehAmelie: this fire, it's so warlike
Mordin_Solus_Sings: More people with charges are easier
Didero: what the heck is happening
Pywodwagon: quickenings are a whole other insane mechanic
DueRecompense: mechanics are for cars
raulghoulia: @incslayer very nice
Sorator13: I forget how quickenings work, yeah
MrVirite: it makes more sense when you have more of them
KeytarCat: Oh right, connecting party Quickenings if you have multiple
MrAyeAxe: it only really works once all three party members know them
jithua: you need multiple people with multiple quickenings
Pywodwagon: @jonnykefka a link to a youtube video?
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MrSVCD: I am older now...
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BigDaddyBland87: I think you can combo quickenings if others have one too
BrowneePoints: Graham is a smart cookie
BrowneePoints: an intelligent biscuit
KartoffelKaiser: So if your other characters also have quickenings, they'll also show up on that list. It'll make more sense then.
KeytarCat: Like Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter! (This was not supposed to be helpful)
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Those prompts only matter if your party has multiple quickenings available.
jmchap: the more characters that have quickenings, the more you can chain
BrowneePoints: a Sharp biscotti ify ou will
Robot_Bones: seabatClap seabatClap
Pharmacistjudge: I'm dead?
jonnykefka: the super TL;DR is you do a bunch of those things in a row and then you get an extra big boom finisher and it's very good
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Basically this game's version of limit breaks, except they all share the same mechanics unlike say FFX where each person has their own.
LordManiMani: Raid Complete
josh___something: wark wark
Foxmar320: Can we mod Barret humming the victory theme into every game please?
mister_nibbles: congratulation
Cavemanhar: wheelerOok wheelerOok
BigDaddyBland87: congratulations
Harvest25: Nice rabbit cosplay, I guess
Easilycrazyhat: A clever Croissant, even.
MurphEP: Congratulations
Boiler_bot: Congratulations!
cassaclyzm: gdqClap gdqClap lrrWOW
TheThirdTail: Basically, Quickening Chains are extended Active Time Maneuvers where you can cast lots of quickenings without any real time passing
raulghoulia: congratulations
Leonhart321: Congratulations, you've started a war
goatprince: time to bust some googles out of jail!
incslayer: @Foxmar320 that was easily one of my favorite parts of the ff7 remake
goatprince: *moogles
AugmentingPath: #1 big key royale
MrSVCD: Is this the "Zodiac Age"?
GDwarble: "You're my number one brig key"
mwlsn: Free the laundry
ExachixKitsune: @goatprince great googly moogly
NonMint: Contagularions.
KartoffelKaiser: This save point is in jail.
Foxmar320: @incslayer Yuffie does it as well lol
mister_nibbles: wow how bad do you gotta screw your job up to get demoted to " number two brig key " lol
incslayer: @Foxmar320 i didnt get around to playing the intermission
jacqui_lantern234: system access KEEZ NUTZ
Bruceski: This key killed three people, that's why it's in jail
TheAwkes: Gotta keep those keys safe in the urn.
KeytarCat: @MrSVCD This is the remaster. if that was a joke I missed it
Easilycrazyhat: But they're so cozy.
Lazarus2511: moogles!
KartoffelKaiser: you know just stopping by to sell weapons to prisoners on a warship
incslayer: @KeytarCat the remake is called "the zodiac age"
malsareus: travelled here how?
jonnykefka: I was so sad this game didn't have an FFIX-style mooglenet sidequest
Didero: "Does this gun have meat?" "No, it's vega"
TehAmelie: this is some kind of zwill merchant?
KeytarCat: @jacqui_lantern234 You don't have to apologize for good jokes!
jonnykefka: low chance insta death. Not bad
CaptainSpam: "... and if you have multiple bajillion bone fragments at this one point in the game, everything's so much easier." "DANG IT"
Ravynn: Maybe check some armor?
ExachixKitsune: bun with gun?
BrookJustBones: equip new gun?
SacrificialToast: also wares I suppose?
Wicker_Guide: "Nobody knows the trouble I seen. Nobody knows bur Jesus"
northos: the moogle merchant pretty much made that joke lol
TehAmelie: in other FF games i have found death status attack always screws me over as soon as undead monsters show up
TheThirdTail: bnuuy gnuur
Prop_PT: Still not star wars XD
TXC2: no ones in here, except for this cut scene
Pharmacistjudge: i forget how often the word "judge" gets throw around on streams like this. I have to turn off my brain
northos: "you don't look like any Imperial I've ever seen"
incslayer: ohh so she was just given separate rooms i thought she was being quartered
Mordin_Solus_Sings: It would not take any more time to explain
DueRecompense: dont say anything, just stare at her
Ryxiene: LUL
ExachixKitsune: Ah yes, Ashes to Ashes, Basch to Basch
Didero: Let's just all stand here inside this cell and assume nobody is going to close the cell door
RockPusher: Party!!! gabyParty
Lysander_salamander: It's so weird. Folks just not saying important things
Wicker_Guide: @DueRecompense camera won't give us much choice
samu_btdp1985: so healer?
ANeMzero: My "I didn't kill your dad" shirt is raising a lot of questions already answered by my shirt
Gaz_L: she's so getting her licence taken away
KeytarCat: @incslayer I'm aware, but it's available info, so anyone asking in chat could already know and be making a joke
Lazarus2511: turns out lots of things can be explained in a sentance
Huschel23: This royal needs a job
Cavemanhar: mage maybe
Ryxiene: mattlrFine the dad killing thing can wait ig
BigDaddyBland87: You killed my father! No, I am your father! - Ashe and Basch, probably
KeytarCat: Oh Ashe, the hot one!
SacrificialToast: Bushi is fun
Gaz_L: kuh-night
mister_nibbles: and ill be the day
MrSVCD: @MrSVCD No, joke. I missed that it was called "the Zodiac Age" so the quotation mark was in the wrong place.
Prop_PT: Knight! all Beef no Magik
KeytarCat: (says the lesbian)
goatprince: not to backseat but you might want... a white mage....
samu_btdp1985: white mage or is that penelo
Snowcookies: We stilll don't have a mage class
Gaz_L: red mage?
TheThirdTail: Ashe isn't actually very good with magic iirc
traccer224: someone has to end up with a katana
ExachixKitsune: yeah big mood
KartoffelKaiser: Ashe does have a good magic stat, and katanas scale off of magic (weirdly)
Manae: Sacrifices HP to deal damage? Isn't that a *dark* knight?
SacrificialToast: but why take a white mage when you could have...a red mage?
DueRecompense: shes good at physical and magic
PurpleAlzir: Ashe is a great Bushi
TheThirdTail: Been a hot minute, though
EricTheOrange: panelo is the white mage
micalovits: But consider, murder people with sword!
josh___something: fine...
BrookJustBones: Black mage, full goth
Cavemanhar: black mage
Didero: Knight could work
Wicker_Guide: clearly Basch should be the white mage
BigDaddyBland87: somebody has to save our skins
jacqui_lantern234: nah, i get ya G
beldromercier: Than bushi it is
DiscordianTokkan: Red mage! They're Whitemages but with FIRE
grgriffin3: Seems like a bad precedent, yeah
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Isn;t there a white mage hybrid class?
incslayer: so make her the tank
Snowcookies: black or red mage
Foxmar320: Battlemage
KartoffelKaiser: @TheThirdTail She has the highest magic stat in the game and the second highest max MP
Bahumot: You can respect any time back at Damasca
MrSVCD: Did anyone say "tropes"?
magical_girl_amelia: make the sidegirl healer instead :3
KeytarCat: monk monk monk monk
samu_btdp1985: bushi then
Boiler_bot: Entirely fair.
Spades_Slicc: Go Knight!
Gaz_L: red mage get's a mace?
TheThirdTail: @TheThirdTail I stand corrected
PurpleAlzir: after Raithwal's Tomb
josh___something: Battlemage >:D
TXC2: yes lets not do cliches here
KartoffelKaiser: that said, the base stats of each character in this game barely matter.
Vincent_VonDoom: Black Mage is a great role for Ashe if I remember?
goatprince: she's also SUCH a caprocorn
KeytarCat: Oh, bushi. Pretty lady with sword
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Can yoiu call a cat? Bushi Bushi Bushi
MolaMolaphant: US release started her in the katana space iirc, but I have no clue how this system works
PurpleAlzir: when you get second job is when you can also change
Gaz_L: Job Job
jamesk902: You get to Job Job.
DiscordianTokkan: Her name is ASH, she needs to set things on fire
KevinTheShark: Is the Time Battlemage any good?
atinyspacemarine: eventually they can moonlight
AdamTheIndividual: can respect Jon's and LP in guild hall.
josh___something: when you get JobJob
jacqui_lantern234: @goatprince lmao matt!!!
KartoffelKaiser: You get to add a second job after you do a dungeon called the Tomb of Raithwall
Metric_Furlong: it's means she's half goat, half fish
Wicker_Guide: @TheThirdTail thankfully this isn't like Fran where the story says: "Mage/Archer" and the game mechanics say: "literally worst possible mage archer in the game"
CanPlayGames: Talking multiple jobs is just a crule trick of capitalism
goatprince: (when you go to the tomb)
jithua: white mage really is her best job tbh
KartoffelKaiser: So not super far. Next major dungeon after this
PurpleAlzir: it is the next story arc
jacqui_lantern234: @josh___something JobJobs Bizarre Adventure
DueRecompense: and knight
Didero: Uhlan!
goatprince: the tomb is the end of the early game, I'd say
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I like to make her a spear-wielder
malsareus: Solution, build your own tomb and go to it
tehfewl: you drink the tomb juice then get another job
raulghoulia: Donkey!
Joecool190: Swoard is always the right answer
beldromercier: YAY! katana!!!
TXC2: Karate sword time!
TehAmelie: karate swords!
micalovits: Smash with sword is good choice!
Boiler_bot: Yeah, nice.
goatprince: you stole that hat from a dog!
incslayer: @tehfewl oohh yummy tomb juice
Sorator13: and the fact that the katana wielders get the mystic armor will never not confuse me
micalovits: I like that it shows you if you have the items
Bahumot: You can make them whatever you want. I got through some of the hardest stfuff in this game with a non-optimal party.
KeytarCat: Pretty girl! Big sword! Pretty Girl! Big Sword!
KartoffelKaiser: @Sorator13 Katanas scale off of magic in this game.
KartoffelKaiser: It's weird
jmchap: I like making Penelo the healer and Ashe a mage
KartoffelKaiser: so the Mystic Armor, which boosts magic, boosts katanas
DueRecompense: @Sorator13 katana scales off magic
KeytarCat: This may have been a more formative game than I thought
Mr_Horrible: she's ballin' outta control
BigDaddyBland87: Ashe is now our tank
Bahumot: I made ash a mix of Time Mage and Bushi. It worked very well.
TehAmelie: samurais gotta have Vit
jacqui_lantern234: H PEEZ NUTZ
Mr_Horrible: JESUS
goatprince: call her a printer cuz she's full of HP
GhostValv: D:
MolaMolaphant: wtf that's so much health
EricTheOrange: When I plyed the original Penelo was the healer, and ashe was a red mage
micalovits: This princess is THICC
TXC2: I prefer big girl Pretty sword
DiscordianTokkan: lol
samu_btdp1985: she is a Tonk
mister_nibbles: this girl a regular m1 abrahams
josh___something: how BEEG can we make this princess
Gaz_L: she's so thicc
Foxmar320: So she tanks
Mordin_Solus_Sings: BEEF
SK__Ren: So I've only played the orginal release so these class specific boards are new to me.
BusTed: slab
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ViscountStyx: FF12 is the one I never played - Should I?
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Pharmacistjudge: so much Horsepower
Sorator13: uhhhh
KevinTheShark: HOLY MOLY
grgriffin3: So we have a tank now
malsareus: she will never die
Mr_Horrible: The tankiest princess in the goddamn world
incslayer: well thats a Tank
They_Are_Alyx: Tank Princess!
Lysander_salamander: :D
Huschel23: It's her birthright
Sorator13: It's a good one @ViscountStyx !
jonnykefka: Ashe? Yeah. She's your Paladin, through and through. Main tank of the whole dang game.
PurpleAlzir: @SK__Ren they make the game so much better as well
jacqui_lantern234: beef cake! beef cake! beef cake!
ogundiety: Time to move her to the front line. Jebus
NathanLonghair: Tank_Healer in onde
incslayer: you have made literall Tank Girl
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Ashe is your frontline.
northos: Ashe: "let me solo her"
Mai_Andra: Is the Osafune 1-hand or 2-hand?
Diabore: yes but bangle is auto libraa, no need to re up
Juliamon: We ain't saying she's thicc but she can tank three guards at once
NathanLonghair: In one… Christ autocorrect
TehAmelie: reminds me of when i put all the best level ups on Yuna in order to power up her aeons. . .
Diabore: @Mai_Andra katanas are 2 hand
PurpleAlzir: the bangle gives libra as a passive
SK__Ren: @SK__Ren I wonder how it affects the 122333 runs
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I think vossler has his own potions?
micalovits: Ashe might just know it from default? She did cast it in the sewers right?
BrookJustBones: equip the new gun?
DueRecompense: ^^
incslayer: ^^
TXC2: why does Ashe have two skirts?
GapFiller: because
BigDaddyBland87: because JRPG
incslayer: @TXC2 because shes feeling fancy
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @TXC2 At least one of those only counts as a belt
Athelgar: what the hell is that skirt? a spare washcloth ?
DueRecompense: @TXC2 2 micro == 1 mini
Juliamon: Only one of those is a skirt
PurpleAlzir: @SK__Ren abusing Red Mage early to my understanding
KartoffelKaiser: Ashe's outfit is a fucking enigma
MolaMolaphant: denim girdle?
Wicker_Guide: one's a skirt and one's part of a corset
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Don't think about it too hard...
Prop_PT: and the skirt is BARELY a skirt
Boiler_bot: Cloth?
DiamondTiki: A really poorly made belt?
Ryxiene: Skirddle LUL
raulghoulia: skirdle. thanks I hate it
Sorator13: She's got a shawl, a vest thing, an anti-vest, and a skirt, and also pants
DiscordianTokkan: It's a Final Fantasy game, it's gotta be a belt
BrookJustBones: Equip new gun?
ANeMzero: @KartoffelKaiser I feel like a lot of outfits in this game raise questions
incslayer: i mean have you seen Lulu's outfit?
MolaMolaphant: it's called *layering*
grgriffin3: That second one looks like she took a pair of mini-jeans and cut out the crotch
northos: they're both pretty questionable as skirts tbh
josh___something: Like whatever Basch is wearing
TheThirdTail: "Clothier, I need your finest small scraps of cloth."
Didero: Are you saying you want the Empire to arrest more people?
EricTheOrange: Still makes more sense than Titus's get up.
KeytarCat: Diegetic high fashion?
Sorator13: @MolaMolaphant absolutely
Boiler_bot: Honestly I wonder how these people dress in the morning.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Time to spend some LP on the rest of the party?
Easilycrazyhat: tfw the princess in the party is the tank
atinyspacemarine: new tank?
LordManiMani: sure she's the princess
Sorator13: look, ashe's layers are WHY she has so much HP
GhostValv: ashe is super healthy
cattleprodlynn: Huzzah!
KevinTheShark: Well..... she's gonna survive
Ryxiene: The girdle and jorts comment from last time is still living in my head xD
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
Lysander_salamander: have a good afternoon! Thanks for playing
beowuuf: thanks for streaming!
Didero: This was fun, thanks Graham!
Lazarus2511: w00t
nickthecatbear: lrrSHINE
RockPusher: Thank you G lrrHEART
Leonhart321: thanks for the fun
frnknstn: thanks Graham!
GhostValv: o7
incslayer: I'm Captain Basch fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca!
cmdrelk: lrrSHINE
Ryxiene: Thanks for the stream ^ v ^
cattleprodlynn: This was great to listen to.
mwlsn: Thanks for streaming!
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
TehAmelie: thanks for having us!
jacqui_lantern234: thanks graham! reminder that youre loved AGGRESSIVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorator13: Well, you declined to do two or three separate possible grinds, so
rocketjohn: lrrSHINE lrrGRAHAM lrrGRAHAM
BrowneePoints: you're gonna be too busy hanging out with cool people
Sorator13: thanks G!
cattleprodlynn: Thanks G. Also good to see your fuzzy face.
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Ryxiene: PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
incslayer: i believe there is a LRL coming up soon as well
Abracadingdong: Great timing to join the stream, lol
Lazarus2511: so if I watch the vod on 2x and graham is using 2x am I watching at 4x speed?
laundreydhull: Phyrexia_ALT_ONE Pre-PRIX
serramarkov: lrrSHINE
GapFiller: incslayer phun phact Lulu was only ever in One FMV from the waist down cz the the animators were like we aint animating that
ExachixKitsune: Thank you for the stream!
grgriffin3: Later G!
ExachixKitsune: !ppr
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BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: :)
KevinTheShark: Peace out! PrideHeyyy
TXC2: incslayer tomorrow in fact
Ivalenz_: !next
laundreydhull: Bee There! Or Be Compleated!!
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TXC2: !next
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Easilycrazyhat: Why do we even have that button?
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incslayer: is it Beejlander?
Gaz_L: Dominaria!
RockPusher: FNPF: Remastered?
Ryxiene: LUL
TheInferno390: Oooh
Ryxiene: SeemsGood FBtouchdown
incslayer: ahh so not Beejlander :(
jacqui_lantern234: good words, G :p
Mangledpixel: ah, the secret Masters set
CanPlayGames: Doms Master
GDwarble: Ah, this is why you had to reach the sub control room
cattleprodlynn: Do we know if any of the guests will be involved in the FNPF?
incslayer: 100months? the Metric Year
josh___something: RIV Jace
RockPusher: The one year!!! TXC2 sergeModLove tqsClap
ViscountStyx: 10 points for nailing Viscount
Ryxiene: ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
googoltudoris: ryzen
googoltudoris: ?
Bahumot: This is a great playthrough so far! thank you!
raulghoulia: killer guests
cattleprodlynn: Bye everyone!
Lazarus2511: byeeeeee
beowuuf: bye!
incslayer: Bye Bye
micalovits: Bye!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Bye!
TXC2: bye
Ryxiene: KPOPvictory
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laundreydhull: oh, another chat draft chaff Segway? LUL
TXC2: !mastodon
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laundreydhull: I forgot the proper name...
Ivalenz_: !ppr ?
TXC2: !ppr
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laundreydhull: "Chaff Talk?"
TXC2: chit chaff
laundreydhull: that one. thanks @txc2
BrookJustBones: Chat, please remember on monday to remind G to equip the new gun he bought
TXC2: goodnight everybody
RockPusher: 'night TXC2
beowuuf: sergeHi night
LoadingReadyRun: @BrookJustBones yes, pls do that
RockPusher: tqsNoted Bun Gun
ExachixKitsune: It is bundemental
RockPusher: benginFingers tqsLong3_HF tqsLong1_HF benginFacepalm
TemporallyAwry: Just saw the Tolarian Community College's new video and it hits so hard, I needed a good laugh PrideLaugh