TXC2: Title change!
RockPusher: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: one Andrew from the teeming mass of humanity
beowuuf: uuuuuh....more hype
ritchards: """escape""" from Tarkov
Pal_Friendpatine: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (Tarkov has been wiped clean, time to start fresh and escape like we always do! Game: Escape From Tarkov) at Sat 12:00 PM PST (35s from now).
RockPusher: elfunkScav elfunkScav elfunkScav
TheAwkes: More like endlessly durdle around in Tarkov, amirite?
Juliamon: Tarkov is actually just a collection of escape houses
7gorobei: Loitering around Tarkov
Nigouki: Escaping is the friends we made along the way
ritchards: Mooching around Tarkov
beowuuf: eScape, it's an electronic scape of a city send by tarkov. common mistake
TXC2: what if Tarkov isn't a place, but an idea?
Juliamon: ah, like Melody
TheAwkes: Strangely Satisfying Gameplay Loop That I Enjoy Watching But Would Never Play from Tarkov.
ritchards: is Tarkov the escapes we made along the way?
beowuuf: o/ you have my gun txc2
amative1: Good afternoon friends! Who's ready for a rousing game of murder tetris?
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
RockPusher: Time to watch some decent Tarkov players… and James lrrBEEJ
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a_shortfall_of_gravitas: ooh, caught the live
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beowuuf: a game of 'hey new frand...that was not new frand'
stardusted_: hi friends!
Didero: I somehow totally forgot this was happening. Good evening!
laundreydhull: cool backdrop
RockPusher: Soon we shall learn if Funko managed to wake up at lrrEFF o' clock to join in :D
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... One More? | James is live playing some Tarkov with Funko, JoeKim & Dylan! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1616888970247540737
akromatirel: muahahahaha you'll never escape tarkov..... LUL gl hf
NickHerf: Ya know, I've had a buddy talk about this game forever but I've never actually seen footage of it lmao
manfred909: morning friends
kaziel0: Hey Chat
kaziel0: Hello Streamers when/if you can see this.
TXC2: NickHerf that's our secret, we don't need to escape Kappa
LordZarano: If you don't hear the menu music, it's very quiet
TXC2: Here we GO!
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah that intro continues to be doubled
BrindleBoar: F
Sarah_Serinde: But hi James :D
manfred909: tqsLOL
Didero: Hi James!
TXC2: Hello James
Nigouki: magic
BrindleBoar: yeah we got a double bloop
JoeKim: it did sound doubled
Sarah_Serinde: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
RockPusher: Computers tqsShrug
TXC2: the sub notifier was doubled
stizzet: the resub is weird
Didero: A PMC is another player, and a SCAV is an NPC, right?
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Juliamon: Didero Scavs can also be other players
Mr_Horrible: nope
Sarah_Serinde: No it's fine
amative1: a SCAV can be either an NPC or a player
PharaohBender27: I think it's *just* the intro
VonShnigglewitz: @Didero yes, but there can be a PLAYER scav
VonShnigglewitz: just to make it more confusing
Didero: That makes the prediction a bit harder. Thanks :)
TXC2: PMC is constructed, SCAV is drafting
PharaohBender27: Filming, you say?
TXC2: !squad
Sarah_Serinde: !tarkovsquad
LRRbot: Other members of the Tarkov Squad can be found at: Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager El_Funko: twitch.tv/El_Funko Joe Kim: twitch.tv/joekim Dylan: twitch.tv/VonShnigglewitz
RockPusher: Happy 4am Funko
princess_intell: filming you say?
Sarah_Serinde: LRL tonight!
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
PharaohBender27: Oh I know - I was just being cute :p
amative1: Prediction note: first PMC raid, not SCAV raid, so THIS raid isn't it
manfred909: thats almost a normal loadout for Funko
Didero: What time is it where Funko lives?
manfred909: joekimCheers joekimCheers joekimCheers joekimCheers
manfred909: I'm playing the long odds. Hopefully
PharaohBender27: @Didero 4:11 . . . AM :p
amative1: @JoeKim if I see insider trading, I reserve the right to cancel the prediction lrrBEEJ
Didero: @Didero ohno
princess_intell: it's only insider trading if one of the players gives chat "advice"
princess_intell: otherwise it's forced result
RockPusher: !badadvice
LRRbot: Magic the fire.
RockPusher: benginFingers RPGFireball RPGFireball foxmarFIRE
amative1: @princess_intell the players are in this chat. if they bid their own points on friendly fire then kill James, I'm cancelling the prediction. That's what I mean by "insider trading"
princess_intell: ahhhh
amative1: fwiw, only 4 people bid on friendly fire and none of them are the players
brainbosh: I forget how bad Woods messes with the stream quality
fiftymcnasty: Ooh a little cheeky Tarkov
Sorator13: back in MY day, Tarkov didn't have no stinkin dailies
brainbosh: I love the Scav "Kill 12 PMC with a headshot in 24 hours." Just worthless
Sorator13: oh I'm absolutely joking, yes
Didero: Somehow I feel like running towards gunfire over open terrain might not be the best idea :p
paronomasiac042: "gunfire?! quickly, into it!"
beowuuf: the best idea is walking towards it, but running is a close second Kappa
TXC2: time for rocks
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fiftymcnasty: There was a bloodbath here
goombalax: this was a SCAV Run?!
TXC2: goombalax sure is
BrindleBoar: still is
fiftymcnasty: Or in the words of Mr Defoe, "There was a Firefight!"
goombalax: there was a FIREFIGHT
goombalax: @fiftymcnasty ayy braincell
Sorator13: someone figured out how to call in a mortar strike
TXC2: this is like the opening scene from no country for old men :p
Sorator13: and then couldn't carry all the loot
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MrQBear: This would have been a pretty good scav for bits? ' <'
PharaohBender27: Well, enjoy my channel points, optimists!
Sorator13: @PharaohBender27 This wasn't a PMC run
Juliamon: That wasn't the prediction run
PharaohBender27: Ah
TXC2: that was a SCAV run
Sorator13: I do love the nested containers in this game
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Sorator13: reminds me of Castle of the Winds
PharaohBender27: Of course, once I learned lrrSERGE wasn't here, I figured (and stilll figure) I wouldn't win :p
princess_intell: puppy?
goombalax: puppy detected
PharaohBender27: tqsBORK
RockPusher: Jade chill: -30%
princess_intell: is mean, mean ashley trying to give them a bath?
MrQBear: @Sorator13 You could nest containers in Castle of the Winds? D:
princess_intell: oh no!!!
LordZarano: Poop Jade
LordZarano: *Poor
SerranoShepard: this is just what I need while I make and eat lunch.
Sorator13: @MrQBear Of course!! Though there were volume & weight limits that kept it from being too crazy.
MrQBear: @MrQBear That... Never occurred to me. Then again I don't want to think how long it's been since I last played that game. ' -'
Didero: How deep can you nest containers?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Try to avoid being gruesomely killed.
TXC2: lrrbot on point
Didero: I mean, that's good advice regardless of what you're doing
Sorator13: Most of the time, it doesn't require much effort, though
7gorobei: do they need armbands?
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EikoandMog: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... One more?
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Sorator13: this definitely reminds me of trying to leave the house with my fam. "wait, I forgot this, gotta grab that before we leave." "oh hey, I foregot this other thing, let me grab that." "oh I gotta check my scav case, one sec..."
TXC2: damn JoeKim how long is that gun? :p
Sorator13: That's what the stream is for, James!
fiftymcnasty: Serge got yall charting
Sorator13: Remember kids: Don't gamble more than you can afford to lose
TXC2: better yet: don't gamble
LordZarano: C'mon pingout!
brainbosh: Thats weird because Night Interchange is one of my favorite scav places
TXC2: a miracle could happen
Didero: I'm kind of glad Twitch doesn't even allow me to bet points
LordZarano: Well, no pingout. Enjoy our points whoever wins!
amative1: one shot, one kill
Didero: Thanks Dutch gambling laws (Now please make more gambling laws)
JumbahJawn: Evenin James, EVenin Chat
TXC2: hello JumbahJawn welcome
Didero: This game has very detailed sounds
EikoandMog: @Didero It does. They're also COMPLETELY borked and are coming from the wrong direction most of the time.
Didero: @Didero Hah, that's impressive
Didero: @Didero Or maybe you're wearing your headphones the wrong way around? Kappa
EikoandMog: Nade?
MrQBear: "I'm signing the social contract" in BLOOD
amative1: ooh, i forgot to add "killed by self" to the prediction options
TXC2: "we don't want to kill you, we just want to pass by"
Didero: kick them while they're down!
TXC2: I say we charge in hard
amative1: @Didero I know there's a clip of that happening at least once, not sure what game though
EikoandMog: Oh, I thought they were RAIDERS
Didero: What's a raider?
PharaohBender27: @Didero Yeah, it was during the PiF back in early 2021. Made highlights
TXC2: wasn't that time just James had his headphones on backwards?
duskcheetah: @Didero stronger npc enemy that can be found underground (and a couple other places on this map)
MWGNZ: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
Didero: @Didero Ah, thanks for explaining
Sorator13: @TXC2 yup
manfred909: elfunkPopcorn
Sorator13: So if you're the other guy in this situation, do you try to kill the group, or do you just leave?
Sorator13: cause to me, once it's clear there's more than 3 people on the other side, I'm inclined to leave
TheAinMAP: elfunkPopcorn
Statist42: hi friends lrrSHINE
TXC2: hello Statist42 welcome
EikoandMog: Depends how spicy you're feeling. Sometimes you have a kill quest and 4 PMCs is a fight you want.
EikoandMog: Ohhh. Toast had this bug yesterday.
Didero: This is starting to feel pretty claustrophobic
manfred909: what button
MrQBear: The door will just 'vanish' in a little bit, yeah
manfred909: hmm
Sorator13: that's some wonderful user interfacing
TXC2: what ya know, a successful PMC run
manfred909: tqsClap tqsClap tqsClap
Nigouki: aww
Sorator13: and/or bugged
manfred909: happy to lose
Sorator13: also happy to lose
beowuuf: raymmuFISHFLOSS2
Mr_Horrible: doubters in shambles NotLikeThis
Sorator13: "So the exit works? Excellent." "Well, it... kind of works. It's a little wonky."
TheMerricat: How's murder Tetris going chat?
Sorator13: Well thus far
Sorator13: our crew of 4 ran into an enemy crew of 4 and didn't die, so that was good
manfred909: get a face shield and save it for Factory chad time
MrQBear: @TheMerricat Also they started with a Scav, and found the bodies and winner of a PMC dustup and walked away with everything. ' <'
princess_intell: lrrFINE
TXC2: "i'll be fine" he said, practically spitting in fate's face Kappa
Sorator13: Do you make a new character name with each wipe?
EikoandMog: You can, yeah.
EikoandMog: You can also change it at any time.
Sorator13: Oh, interesting
Didero: James is so good at sitting still that I was worried my stream was frozen :p
Nigouki: live hyyyyyype
princess_intell: i am i am
Mr_Horrible: seabatClap
Sorator13: I will not be watching live tonight, because I will be at my birthday dinner
Sorator13: but I hope it goes well and is fun!
NotCainNorAbel: I love the variety of Live.
princess_intell: @Sorator13 happy birthday!!
Sorator13: ty!
Didero: Happy birthday Sorator13
RockPusher: It's live — something is going to happen. tqsShrug
TXC2: happy birthday Sorator13
Sorator13: lrrHEART
Didero: LRL always happens in the middle of the night for me, and I somehow have managed to keep forgetting to watch it for months, which is something I should really rectify
SnowBuddy18: spoiler: James isn't in it
TXC2: well you not being in it is kind of a spoiler
NotCainNorAbel: JoeKim pushing NDAs
RockPusher: Serge in, James not
RockPusher: We're cracking this case wide open :D
TXC2: today: Love doctors UNCUT Kappa
creasehearst: you should toot it on mastodon
NotCainNorAbel: Love Doctors: become cut
TXC2: !mastodon
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun is now on Mastodon! You can find them (reposting from the Twitter account for the time being) at LoadingReadyRun@kind.social, and LRRMtG at LRRMTG@kind.social.
princess_intell: aren't the love doctors currently in litigation LUL
MWGNZ: pour one out for anyone that has to use twitter for their job
RockPusher: *sigh* I really should get around to setting up my Mastodon instance
NotCainNorAbel: @princess_intell much like most hospitals they are in constant litigation.
EikoandMog: LUL
MWGNZ: elfunkSad
EikoandMog: elfunkSad
manfred909: elfunkSad elfunkSickest
BrindleBoar: FBtouchdown
Sorator13: oof
amative1: Too bad I didn't run a friendly fire prediction /this/ time
Volus_dude: @RockPusher meanwhile in cananda, has some good stuff if ya decide to use mastodon SeemsGood thuluSIP
TheMerricat: lol
TXC2: I like that office having modern flatscreen monitors, but then also massive CRTs :p
zeathean: can one ever really escape from Tarkov?
Didero: hey this looks familiar
TXC2: no, Tarkov is a state of mind
Didero: d-d-d-deja vu
Volus_dude: where are the motivational posters and mandatory plant that lives at corner?
brainbosh: bled out
MWGNZ: imagine if you could also turn off the power for extracts
MWGNZ: elfunkSad
manfred909: you stopped one not both
Sorator13: rip
brainbosh: You cut off the heavy before it finished
Lord_Hosk: You had multiple bleeds
Didero: turns out you need blood to live
brainbosh: You hit it twice, but cancelled the second
Didero: Right, time to go. Thanks for the stream, hope you escape some day!
Kazman20a: I think he restarted one when he tried to jump
VonShnigglewitz: not our best overall run i'd say :)
TXC2: so long Didero stay safe
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letfireraindown: wooooooooooo
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TXC2: ah the old sub sonic sniper rifle
Lord_Hosk: did I hear elfunk10k ?!?!?
Diabore: hell of a scope
thegreatwyrdling: Cheer100 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....one more?
TXC2: that scope looks like an old timey flash light :p
Diabore: @TXC2 the internet has poisoned me, i didnt read flash at first
brainbosh: I have gotten quests that didn't drop until after I restarted the game
TXC2: Diabore yeah, i was worried about that :p
princess_intell: @Diabore rip your brain
BrindleBoar: ready for crocbat
TXC2: combat sandals = crocs? Kappa
manfred909: no little518Punch
Juliamon: benginBark benginBark
EikoandMog: Reeeemix. mothDance
amative1: the jamz
RockPusher: tqsBORK mattlrBork tqsBORK mattlrBork
TXC2: Jade very borky today
zeathean: stutter?
Mr_Horrible: the rikarikaremix
LordZarano: mattlrBork
Mr_Horrible: a Ooooooooooooone mooooooooooore?
Diabore: degen clap clap clap
NotCainNorAbel: humans are sure designed poorly; one shot kill being so prominent.
princess_intell: dang
princess_intell: that's a long time
Agu_Sakku: Wait...free game!?
SnowBuddy18: PPR
Diabore: !ppr
LRRbot: The Phyrexia: All Will Be One PPR will be on 28 January 2023! More details: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FmZe8B1aAAAs_xf.jpg
Juliamon: the PPR
TXC2: next week is PPR
Valandriel1: PPR?
CanadianDaz: I'm still to scared to jump into a raid lol
Lord_Hosk: Spending time with your wife and friends?
TXC2: and most of the set is already spoiled :p
Mr_Horrible: Present James to Past James: dazePain
creasehearst: "there's a PPR next week?!" says the producer for said PPR
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princess_intell: i'm stoked for the PPR!
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
BrindleBoar: LUL
fiftymcnasty: Good thing you have that shield
Lysander_salamander: Hello, everyone
TXC2: hello Lysander_salamander welcome
SnackPak_: F
Agu_Sakku: HAHA
EikoandMog: F
Mr_Horrible: F
MWGNZ: elfunkSad
Lysander_salamander: dang
TXC2: death by dickhead?
Mr_Horrible: poor James
fiftymcnasty: James has been having rough run on stream
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Mr_Horrible: and the vultures come to feast
TheMerricat: Tarkov giveth and Tarkov taketh
MWGNZ: @TXC2 the locals call that are "dickhead rock", due to the type of players that hang around there
MrQBear: oop, live mic?
TXC2: MWGNZ ah I see
ritchards: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
creasehearst: seems like james didn't mute his mic
Riiiiiiis: yeah
stizzet: hi Ashley!
amative1: Hi James!
amative1: (we can hear you)
Lord_Hosk: James is explaining to Ashley how he found something he really wanted but then it was taken away, and she is like "Oh like how I married you and then you stream with your friends all the time?"
Lord_Hosk: HEY OHHH!
princess_intell: lrrWOW
TXC2: damn Hosk
Sorator13: :(
Lord_Hosk: thats a marriage conversation
TXC2: and we're back
stizzet: that was harsh Hosk
EikoandMog: Damn, Hosk.
ritchards: secret podcast!
stizzet: we were all trying not to listen
EikoandMog: KIBA Inner has to be worth dosh at this point of the wipe.
Sorator13: who got the syringe?
Sorator13: sadness
EikoandMog: Oh. That's less than I thought!
fiftymcnasty: No one ever dies on woods
princess_intell: how much of tarkov is tarkov and how much of tarkov is tetris?
NotCainNorAbel: ridiculous
Sorator13: that is, uh, quite a difference
TheAwkes: Timed fuse so you can't blow yourself up as easily?
TXC2: there's a reason why US army is looking at having Grenade launchers for all soldiers
fiftymcnasty: does blunt damage
manfred909: dp ypu have sights?
xXAYAYAXx: Canadians have maple syrup sprayers that make you sticky
fiftymcnasty: Yeah they only arm if they go far enough away, for safty
manfred909: cool cool
malsareus: James has 2 entire mk1 eyeballs, what more does he need?
TXC2: if you want even more silly, check out a recent Forgotten Weapons video, they cover a grenade launcher machine gun :p
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CaptainSask: I blame James and Funko for my Obsession with this game. The last year I've learned more about guns then I ever thought I would.
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EikoandMog: Comms issues is the main issue with group play in Tarkov.
EikoandMog: I mean, recognising what ammunitions are for which guns.
Diabore: the only thing i feel i need to know about guns is not to stand in front of one
CaptainSask: It has definitely affected my youtube algorithm that's for sure.
Mr_Horrible: I always enjoy the sentiment of "I'm afraid I'm getting put on a gov watchlist because I have to keep googling realistic gun specs" from some Tarkov players
MrQBear: im now reminded of one of the Magicfest vlogs where graham and alex went to a shooting range in vegas and graham basically just picked out a set of PubG guns. :p
Diabore: @MrQBear *fires scar in full auto* nope *immediately goes back to semi
Dumori: Stuff that exists but aint good is just the world tbh and I get the point of sub-optermal options existing
EikoandMog: If I recall, the place they went to (which I may also go to when I go to Vegas) HAD a Pubg "package"
MrQBear: @MrQBear Haha, right?
DoodlestheGreat: Phat Lewts.
TXC2: Battlefield Vegas, they do an Aliens package
MrQBear: @EikoandMog It totally did, but Graham was just picking them independently and he realized afterwards
Lord_Hosk: I love that vlog because I was watching it going "Oh they are going to break their shoulders" and "the next day" in the vlog they were like "Our shoulders are so bruised why do people like shooting
EikoandMog: Oh right!
EikoandMog: There's one thing I actually really want to do. A proper HK Slap on an MP5.
Lord_Hosk: Cause they didn't keep the butstocks pressed tight
CaptainSask: Everytime James shoots someone I expect one of the others to go "Ohp I'm dead"
MrQBear: Same Hosk. It reminded me of the first time I fired a shotgun. I also didn't keep the stock close. I learned my lesson very fast.
MrQBear: Translated James: "Does he have a syringe?"
fiftymcnasty: Bunch of bullies
Mr_Horrible: "Toxic Streamers BULLY New Player"
Mr_Horrible: [emotional]
goombalax: "before one of us (Joe) shoots the other person (me)"
PharaohBender27: tqsRIP
Easilycrazyhat: rip
Mr_Horrible: jeeeeez
NotCainNorAbel: that got me
TheAinMAP: katesRip
TXC2: dang that was out of nowhere
ritchards: aside from the first scav run, has James lived any raid yet?
TheMerricat: multiple hostiles?
TXC2: ritchards yeap, first PMC run we did
Kadreth: This part of the wipe everyone is working on shooter born in heaven.
DoodlestheGreat: What guns fire .336?
Mangledpixel: boop
TheMerricat: Chat, I have to admit, I enjoy watching the crew play this game but I think playing it myself would tilt me so hard that I'd probably actually be a stereotypical rageholic and put my fist through something.
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
Mangledpixel: how goes the looty shooty stuff things in your booty?
fiftymcnasty: Time to make someone else take point
Juliamon: Started strong, dropped off real fast
Juliamon: we had one glimmer of hope, and it bled out
Mangledpixel: c'est la via, or at least la tarkov
TXC2: such is live in the tarkov
Mangledpixel: *vie
Mangledpixel: are we supposed to be hearing other folks?
amative1: he deafened them
Mangledpixel: ah, ok
ritchards: get into the raid then kill some PMCs!
UncannyJimjams: Hey James, how's Tarkov today?
MrQBear: Let's go Syringes: A cheer for james, or an awful choice for a sports team name?
Easilycrazyhat: Here's an abridged version of their chat right now: *BANG BANG* *shuffle shuffle shuffle* *Loot* *shuffle shuffle*
TXC2: hello UncannyJimjams we started well, but have dropped off a bit
DoodlestheGreat: It's the weekend. It happens.
noSmokeFire: can always complain
Mangledpixel: you can always complain, you have that right
MilkInBags: the complaint equity NotLikeThis
UncannyJimjams: @txc2 oof, maybe the best loot is the friends we made along the way?
Mangledpixel: oh absolutely
TXC2: is this a revolver shotgun?
Easilycrazyhat: It's free complaining
Harvest25: how's the back?
TXC2: UncannyJimjams indeed it is
Mangledpixel: !findquote boat
LRRbot: Quote #7955: "I like this kind of boat travel better than the last time we had to do it inside of a coma." —Ian [2022-02-06]
Angreed66: Are you telling us you don't run on the complaint equity system?
Kadreth: F1
Creideiki_SE: Good thing his arm is already bandaged where the cylinder gap will burn it.
TXC2: Creideiki_SE right?
Creideiki_SE: TXC2: Tarkov truly is a marvel of realism.
amative1: Wait, but that morphine comes in a syringe... so if you just take the morphine out...
Mangledpixel: ha
TheAwkes: Revolver shotgun is the name of my Revolver Ocelot ripoff OC.
Mr_Horrible: I love how half of Tarkov is cutthroat tension and the other half is players passing each other like the coyote and the sheepdog from the old Looney Toons bits
MilkInBags: people in tarkov don't speak english?
TXC2: MilkInBags people in asia dont always no
ritchards: learn Chinese for syringe?
ghyllnox: What's Chinese for syringe?
MrQBear: @amative1 Sadly, it seems they want 'Fresh and in original package' syringes, the nerve of it all. ' <'
MWGNZ: korean would be more elpful
TwitchTVsFrank: Korean?
Harvest25: asia so that Funko can play?
Juliamon: yep
TXC2: Harvest25 yes
JoeKim: ju-sa-gi
JoeKim: for korean
JoeKim: dylan and i are out
JoeKim: funko died
Shelvish_Fyshstic: Learn Australian for "syringe"?
Martin_FcG: You would also have to learn how to say it as a question, otherwise it sounds like you are saying you found one
Mangledpixel: syringe in Mandarin is zhùshèqì, Japanese is chūshaki, and Korean is jusagi - all close enough that it might be worth a try
Lysander_salamander: that's a funky revolver. Is it good in this game?
ghyllnox: From what I'm seeing on a translation site Chinese is similar to Korean, zhùshèqì
MWGNZ: Lysander_salamander nope
TXC2: Mangledpixel that makes me think they all have a shared root word
Martin_FcG: @Mangledpixel Thats really cool
Easilycrazyhat: Into the sea, you say?
amative1: guessing you can't just buy the syringes
Mangledpixel: TXC2 yup, the word for 'injection', which comes from combining 'pour' and 'shoot'
TXC2: Mangledpixel neat
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
RockPusher: 'night TXC2
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming LRR
MilkInBags: are you raiding naxxramas?
fiftymcnasty: Labs?
Lord_Hosk: Labs
Mr_Horrible: ah yes, the raids where you had more players in your party than frames-per-second
MilkInBags: hanging out with the raid buddies on ventrilo
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DNAli3n: nailed the name james, a lot of other streamers don't :D
Tripleyew: ‘Afternoon, Tarkovers and howdy all
LordZarano: @Mangledpixel Korean, Japanese, and Chinese are all 注射器 for syringe
Manae: SWG was out for about a year first, though? And I have so many good memories from it
Lord_Hosk: the first 9 months of galaxies was AMAZING but the devs were never satisfited
Tripleyew: I’m still better over the loss of all-that-was-good about Galaxies
gundamschwing: I played way too much Lineage II, @JoeKim
Tripleyew: *still bitter
Kazman20a: it was so great for the first year, then....
Mangledpixel: IIRC at one point they deleted a planet to stop griefing - people loaded in at the time ended up floating in space
gundamschwing: Did anyone play Planetside?
Manae: The leveling system was great. Player towns, also awesome. Spent many an way-too-late night on Bloodfin protecting our bases from imperial attack
Lobo_Apache: @gundamschwing Still do sometimes!
Manae: @Mangledpixel That was a protest in Theed over coming changes, and it was crashing the server so they teleported players out. Most somehow in to space despite JTL not being out yet
gundamschwing: @Lobo_Apache It was so fun the first few years it was out.
Manae: Theed being a city on Naboo
Lord_Hosk: Every item was player created and required 2-5 resources each resource had 5 stats, but not every stat was relivant to each craft it was AWESOME
Tripleyew: Player-run businesses, player-run towns, playing as an entertainer or a cook as a fun class choices? <sigh> Galaxies was swell.
Manae: SWG was the best--by far--crafting system I have ever used
MilkInBags: sometimes I have the very bad urge to get back on EVE online and....I'm glad I can fight it
DNAli3n: i still occationally have the urge to return to WoW, but then i remember how many times blizzard has dissappointed me
Lobo_Apache: @gundamschwing Honestly yeah, anymore I play hell let loose when I need a similar fix
Lord_Hosk: I had a godspawn of Lokian wheat one week, and dropped all 10 of my medium harvesters on a 70% spawn. Doctors were paying 10X the regular market rate for that wheat... ohhh the memories.
DNAli3n: so, i know nothing about tarkov, is i some kind of battle royale?
Juliamon: !whatstarkov
LRRbot: Tarkov is a survival shooting & looting game. You go into a raid to collect gear, kill other players (and AI/NPC scavengers) and complete quests to earn better gear. If you make it to an extraction point without getting killed you get to keep what you collected and you can sell it to make $. BUT if you die you lose all the gear. For more in depth details check out https://bit.ly/2zGqu0y
Lord_Hosk: and then I sold my account and made a mortgage payment because I unlocked one of the first Jedi on the Gorath server.
DNAli3n: interresting
Manae: @Lord_Hosk I was resource officer for my guild for a while. Every shift I'd go around sampling for good stuff, find the best empty spot I could, and immediately do a guild-wild e-mail asking folks to drop harvesters on it and who to give admin to so they could power/upkeep/collect from 'em
Wicker_Guide: listening to people talk about old mmos is always so wild
Wicker_Guide: granted, listening to people talk about new mmos is better only by degree
Lobo_Apache: I always wanted to get into Galaxies, but it had to choose between that or Guild Wars and my sibling already had guildwars
PharaohBender27: Gesundheit!
goombalax: I was big into guild wars
DNAli3n: prosit
goombalax: I almost had a max leveled pre-searing character before GW2 came out
Lord_Hosk: once cities came in I realized that a bottleneck was (I think foundations) like every building would require 30-100 of one part, so I set up two factories and had a architect in our guild make me a prototype. then just ran off thousands of them and sold them in my shop. people LOVED IT.
Lobo_Apache: I had a Max Pre-Searing character mesmer and I hated life for a bit getting those last few levels
Mr_Horrible: "WoW teaching people how to do UI" is a deeply ironic statement with present context LUL
circusofkirkus: the only good mmo is runescape
Agu_Sakku: I have a old ass GW1 account...
Mr_Horrible: but for the time I could see it
DNAli3n: beta
Mr_Horrible: 2 World 2 Warcraft
amative1: <Beej on Checkpoint> It's WOW's 20th anniversary!
Manae: @Lord_Hosk That was another thing we did guild-wise: we pushed three players from basic artisan to master architect making houses and other buildings during our expansion
ritchards: what's older, WOW or LRR?
Wicker_Guide: WoW 2: The Arthasing
Lobo_Apache: WoW 2 should be called AWW
Dumori: LOVED GW1
Lysander_salamander: I played Dungeon Fighter Online a bunch, until getting annoyed with various microtransactions
Lord_Hosk: Wow Classic was kinda Wow 2
Kaorti: hammer warrior was fun af. knockdowns all day
Manae: Three because two of them both quit after hitting master and moved to other towns to make goods for them instead
Mr_Horrible: Actually, given how much WoW has wanted to crib story beats from XIV in recent years, we need too have Argus crash into Azeroth to reset the world Kappa
JusticeJuice: UwU The quest to fix the Kitten quest.
Lobo_Apache: Is there any other Runner mains from GW1 here? Or just me?
Kadreth: I used to wish blizzard would pull a bungee and ditch activision, but I don’t think any of the original blizzard magic is left. It’s a soulless corporate zombie now.
Mr_Horrible: yeah, it was a time and place
ritchards: Fortnight Classic!
Mr_Horrible: more than a gamestate
Lysander_salamander: what happened with Pubg? Did everyone get bored with it or something?
Mr_Horrible: "Funko without context"
SquareDotCube: Battle royale is a trip, it's surprised how much just end up funneling into Fortnite
Aarek: pubg split their player base, and then fortnight and apex came around
22 raiders from sugarsh0t have joined!
ExachixKitsune: pew pew pew
Kadreth: Mechwarrior would be a real nice IP for a loot/extract style game.
Agu_Sakku: brushf1Raid brushf1Raid brushf1Raid brushf1Raid brushf1Raid
sugarsh0t: yarrr
sugarsh0t: Path of Exile!
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, raiders!
Mr_Horrible: in a fortnight? lrrBEEJ
Juliamon: yike
Lysander_salamander: oh noes
goombalax: rubberbanding sucks
goombalax: maybe its a blessing in disguise. You'll be harder to hit Displacing all over
Diabore: Game: No :)
amative1: not your fault
Juliamon: Nah, it's kind of entertaining
Lord_Hosk: Im unsubscribing because of this
Lobo_Apache: Packets, Packets all over the ground! Tarky been doing this to me a lot lately
JadedCynic: @Kadreth "Objective Raid" - literally drop, run in, take/break a specific thing, then run away to the extraction point. (MW5 tends to have hot exfils, though most of the opponents are weaker/slower vehicles, so a 'glorious firefight on the way out' tends to be the standard)
MilkInBags: I demand a refund for this 5 minutes
MilkInBags: obs doesn't like grass at all
brainbosh: too much different greed
JadedCynic: you're starting to get USED to the lag and rubberbanding :D
goombalax: become one with the lag. become lagged irl
MilkInBags: just do like me and think with a lag :)
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BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: say it with me now... Nice
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Wicker_Guide: what is that gun?
MilkInBags: seabatNogood
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shamblingkrenshar: 48 months? That's like, four whole solar orbits!
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SnackPak_: and Serge!
Lysander_salamander: Hello serge!
ritchards: and Serge!!
MilkInBags: the minecraft menace
RockPusher: sergeHi sergeWelcome sergeFriend
ritchards: time to Sheriff it up!
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: nice
RockPusher: Serge is here to carry everyone
zeathean: Serge hover myr at home Yeager
Juliamon: That too
amative1: Best raid of the day was Funko killing Dylan
ritchards: Bye!
VonShnigglewitz: @amative1 agreed
Lord_Hosk: Icew cream with friends is chill
ritchards: Tarkov with enemies?
magical_girl_amelia: the unending chill of the grave!
VonShnigglewitz: it was a good shot. Cant be mad at it
Lobo_Apache: Chill is correct, because everyone gets iced
MrQBear: One very good Scav and one very good PMC raid
Firnsarwen: hi friends!
Firnsarwen: That's Tarkov, baybeee!
Firnsarwen: Pretty good thanks, James, how about you?
MilkInBags: so what's the in-game explanation for not being able to escape tarkov
LordZarano: Can Serge give a hint for Live that we won't understand until later?
MilkInBags: very good
Lord_Hosk: the airport was bombed
goombalax: addiction to lootz
Wicker_Guide: touche monarchThisisfine
Lysander_salamander: You're always escaping it and never escaping it at the same time. Eternalism.
MilkInBags: tarkov was inside us all along?
goombalax: the only way to escape is to stop playing
Master_Gunner: You can extract, but you can never leave.
Lobo_Apache: Isnt BSG gonna release snipets of story in their little movie series?
Lysander_salamander: It's up to you how you roleplay the setting
Lysander_salamander: The world is your oyster for headcanon
Lysander_salamander: if there is no canon, then all explanations are accurate
Angreed66: Time to invent a literal headcannon.
Lord_Hosk: Ohh cool, I just got a Syringe for my Drop
LordZarano: @Lysander_salamander So you're saying Tarkov is an isekai...
Lysander_salamander: yes
Lysander_salamander: shit-narnia
Angreed66: Narnia was already not that amazing
Mr_Horrible: we get here through the back of a shipping crate instead of a wardrobe
Lysander_salamander: You could pretend that it's a preternatural limnal space where every chance to escape ends up with you waking up in your hideout
Wicker_Guide: @Lysander_salamander a place that can be communicated in and out of but the people there cannot leave but inanimate objects of eldritch import can be extracted from sounds like a great setup to a tv show
Wicker_Guide: or a meta video game
Lysander_salamander: I kind of want someone and their pals to make a webseries set in tarkov.
Lysander_salamander: Like red-vs-blue, but tarkov
MrQBear: I was thinking lysander meant something more like red-vs- ha
Lysander_salamander: I will look that up
Lysander_salamander: Red-vs-blue, but more Otherside Picnic or Twin Peaks.
Lobo_Apache: Meme: You guys are getting Syringes?
Lord_Hosk: https://i.imgur.com/8rQCvUn.jpg OH NOOO I dropped my whole box James can you help?
PharaohBender27: @Lord_Hosk lrrWOW
JAGxTERRA: hi xchat
Lord_Hosk: Its in chat
amative1: he only needs 4!
Wicker_Guide: this is more like a glass peashooter
SnackPak_: gottem
JadedCynic: serge is NOT wrong there...
JadedCynic: recessive genes
PharaohBender27: "pure"
shurtal: Jaws like balconies
R6_Aiden: hey can i give you a kit ?
JadedCynic: wow, I must be a living god then, I'm so short ;)
R6_Aiden: for free
R6_Aiden: full kit ammo too
amative1: it's like a slot machine
NotCainNorAbel: rolf
fiftymcnasty: time to break a leg
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shurtal: wow, i've never had a negative credit card balance before. neat.
Lobo_Apache: you're gonna find a bitcoin before you get that syringe huh
BlackIsis: @shurtal Sadly, they don't pay you their ludicrous interest rate on that...
myrelurker: Womp
shurtal: @BlackIsis if only
Sorator13: What's the penalty for doing a run-through?
Sorator13: mm, that was my guess, alright
Lord_Hosk: elfunk10k
Lysander_salamander: what do you do with the sales receipts?
Raincoast_Bear: Hey James! How's the Tarking today? Connections good?
sugarsh0t: i thought we had a great connection James
sugarsh0t: <3
sugarsh0t: that hussy
Raincoast_Bear: You can say it. It's Funko.
fiftymcnasty: I love Serge's miser loadouts
amative1: NFL score: one of the teams is winning
fiftymcnasty: Serge is just here to die
NotCainNorAbel: need a bag take a bag
BrightstormRising: Is Serge streaking Tarkov?
Boon_33: Serge: legendary thief edition
amative1: The only game that's on (playoff time)
Raincoast_Bear: Life is cheap to scavs like Serge.
amative1: And I checked the score, so yes I can confirm one of the teams is currently ahead. And that's all you'll get out of me.
Angreed66: the thing is one team has the ball so there is always an advantage
Lord_Hosk: The Afc Wimbledon football game was postponed due to frost on the field James, there is no score.
shurtal: Mahomes's ankle shouldn't bend like that
Raincoast_Bear: How are the Kraken doing? This is their first season?
TheKingWiggins: Did James say what team he is supporting?
sporkraptor: dang, that's actually pretty sweet
dunderhosen: even better it looks like it's a convertible Mario/Wario watch
TheKingWiggins: How could I forget the Eagles hat?!
Raincoast_Bear: That is a fine looking timepiece. lrrWOW
BrightstormRising: What is the bezel on the first one actually supposed to do?
Lysander_salamander: hahahaha
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Raincoast_Bear: 6lbs? How many does that feed?
angryoptimist: Proppa orky news stories
dunderhosen: Serge taking the lead even... he really does want to die
DiabeticMaddness: Just got here, Wasn't it Live today?
amative1: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LoadingReadyLIVE! (A Variety show, LoadingReadyRun Style!) at Sat 06:00 PM PST (2:40 from now).
Lord_Hosk: Is something going to happen?
sporkraptor: this is the Pre-Live Show
Raincoast_Bear: Somethings going to happen.
amative1: @Lord_Hosk Probably!
DiabeticMaddness: oh.. Im early.. O well ill watch James play death Tetris
Lysander_salamander: nice
Wicker_Guide: duly noted
r10pez10: is this a mail time hint
dunderhosen: want a new car as well? :P
JadedCynic: 20k for 40a
sugarsh0t: what no you are absolutely not turning 40
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: that's a lot of nerf guns...
r10pez10: is this higher or lower priority than the jet ski
Easilycrazyhat: Australian dollars aren't real
TheAwkes: I can pay in channel points. They take those, right?
Wicker_Guide: @sugarsh0t it's his second 39th birthday
Firnsarwen: LUL @r10pez10
MWGNZ: 21500 nzd
fiftymcnasty: Just get an Omega
Boon_33: why buy a car when you can have a watch?
manfred909: tqsLOL tqsLOL tqsLOL
Lysander_salamander: wow
MWGNZ: elfunkSad elfunkChunk
fiftymcnasty: Serge 0 for 3
myrelurker: lrrFRUMP
Firnsarwen: LUL
Riiiiiiis: I would not dare to wear anything that expensive
SergeYager: fifty, i need you to stop. You're being rude.
Wicker_Guide: once more into the breach
Mr_Horrible: I prefer vanbines or busbines. More fuel-efficient
Mr_Horrible: at least, for how many people they transport
JadedCynic: "With friends like these..."
Boon_33: Fratricide is never having to hear the 'oops'
VonShnigglewitz: more "accidents"?
fiftymcnasty: So who has the most teamkills so far this wipe?
Boon_33: man shoots friend, blames friend
Raincoast_Bear: It's been 0 days since the last Oops.
Wicker_Guide: wait, "execution"? lrrSPOOP
Cptasparagus: arse ass?
fiftymcnasty: @Wicker_Guide when they get booted for lag and Funko has to 'take care' of them
manfred909: RSASS @Cptasparagus it's a gun needed for a quest. barter for Dog Tags
Wicker_Guide: @fiftymcnasty ah, mercy killsa
goombalax: Devs look and see Funko has 100 team kills, permabans
Raincoast_Bear: Having played a lots of team fps, it's hard for people who usually juke around playing solo to NOT jump into your line of fire.
Mr_Horrible: this is how we sate Funko's bloodthirst
F1SHOR: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LoadingReadyLIVE! (A Variety show, LoadingReadyRun Style!) at Sat 06:00 PM PST (2:20 from now).
fiftymcnasty: They devs just have it in for you
MWGNZ: has a fast cycle rate
Raincoast_Bear: Funko: :"What you want is naked people."
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
JadedCynic: @fiftymcnasty nah, nothing so specific - the devs have it in for EVERYBODY
sadfleck: howdy gamers
sadfleck: how's escaping from tarkov going?
Juliamon: !tarkovsquad
LRRbot: Other members of the Tarkov Squad can be found at: Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager El_Funko: twitch.tv/El_Funko Joe Kim: twitch.tv/joekim Dylan: twitch.tv/VonShnigglewitz
sadfleck: seabatOAK seabatOAK seabatOAK on my way to follow the lads
TheDailyMapleSyrup: you corrupted serge lol
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:50:55.
Mr_Horrible: the strange Tarkov social economy of mutual hobbling
Juliamon: nah Serge has always been a stone cold killer. Villagers fear him
Lysander_salamander: :D
Juliamon: The eternal dilemma... good for the game vs good for your character
JadedCynic: well played - until next time, haxxor...
MrQBear: "One more good one" doesn't temper expectations enough. :p
Lord_Hosk: They are going to add syringes back into the game on the next hotfix I hear
Kazman20a: sergeSqueak
Lord_Hosk: What happens if 3 people are still in raid and two people are trying to regroup though?
MWGNZ: add fortnite building to tarkov Kappa
JadedCynic: aggregate connectivity can ALWAYS get worse
Mangledpixel: bring on the nudists!
MWGNZ: and each of them has 2 syringes
Boon_33: and a pony
MrQBear: @MWGNZ scavs running around with paper mache helmets and colorful bags
MrQBear: did serge check for an armband at least?
Firnsarwen: syringe! lrrSIG
Nigouki: but what if we got greedy?
MrQBear: If james gets popped by this scav on a lucky shot...
fiftymcnasty: He said the thing!
amative1: wait, is that spoilers for tonight? oooooooh
Lobo_Apache: We're all cursed in Tarkov, just some people get tagged
Wicker_Guide: lrrWOW
dunderhosen: nother team kill here
Firnsarwen: one more! the thing!
SnackPak_: lrrFRUMP
Alas_Babylon: They kinda don't
MrTulip: WutFace
JadedCynic: I mean, CHAT doesn't - wonder who 'they' are...
Raincoast_Bear: Tarkov does seem to be some kind of Purgatory...
amative1: quick prediction on whether we get a syringe
Lord_Hosk: Wow I missed it
PharaohBender27: @Lord_Hosk That "1" next to your username says otherwise :p
Lord_Hosk: SWEET!
Firnsarwen: I must be behind, I saw no prediction!
JadedCynic: hmm
JadedCynic: I missed it tho :(
JadedCynic: wait...
JadedCynic: #BlameTwitch
Lord_Hosk: I didn't get in the custom amount it must have given me 10 or something
LordZarano: It ended as soon as I opened it
PharaohBender27: Yeah sometimes your vote doesn't show up in your chat icons at first
TheAwkes: I had one fan that was starting to rattle at high RPM so went ahead and replaced all 5 with some surprisingly cheap and quiet Arctic P12s. And threw in a new PSU for good measure, adding a bit of redundant power and allowing me to feed my GPU off of two separate PCIe lines instead of doubling up on just one.
JadedCynic: congrats joe!
Lysander_salamander: nice
Boon_33: close counts with grenades
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500 - Thanks for the stream
Boon_33: Thanks for the stream
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Firnsarwen: thanks for the stream everyone!
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Just arrived. What sweet timing I have today. Sigh.
JadedCynic: tanx, have good food and cya in LRL
Raincoast_Bear: See you later James!
LordZarano: !tarkovsquad
LRRbot: Other members of the Tarkov Squad can be found at: Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager El_Funko: twitch.tv/El_Funko Joe Kim: twitch.tv/joekim Dylan: twitch.tv/VonShnigglewitz
Riiiiiiis: c yaa
El_Funko: gg all!
Lysander_salamander: have a good evening!
GhostValv: benginO7
Firnsarwen: byeeee
ContingentCat: !next
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LurkerSpine: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LoadingReadyLIVE! (A Variety show, LoadingReadyRun Style!) at Sat 06:00 PM PST (1:40 from now).
Juliamon: time to watch the new highlights so that I can watch them again during LRL
NotCainNorAbel: It is killing me to not watch the highlights because I want to watch them during Live first.