richard_ermen: Excite.
Metric_Furlong: !box
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Earthenone: !findquote kitty
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Metric_Furlong: to secure the box, makes sense
incslayer: sneaking into chat
beowuuf: sergeHi
Metric_Furlong: MetlaGearSolidAlert.wav
richard_ermen: !findquote FF12
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Earthenone: !quote 12
LRRbot: Quote #12: "I can't control what comes out of my mouth. There's no brain thing there. The tongue is engaging separately. It's pure reptile instinct." —Kathleen
beowuuf: i mean... i see nobody *goes back to no alert*
richard_ermen: !findquote Final Fantasy
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richard_ermen: Hmm
beowuuf: !findquote FF
richard_ermen: @LRRbot Goodness, that's...a classic.
Spades_Slicc: Title change!
TXC2: Hello Everybody
beowuuf: !findquote ff
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beowuuf: sergeHi txc2
richard_ermen: Time to bonk people with katanas and guns!
TXC2: hi beowuuf
incslayer: hey all
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Graham returns to the Final Fantasy series on Play it Forward! Game: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age) at Mon 10:00 AM PST (0s from now).
Metric_Furlong: I don't think there's a quote mentioning final fantasy by name, chat
Manae: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Metric_Furlong: or any of the initialisms
Earthenone: !findquote lifestream
LRRbot: Quote #6913: "Lifestream feels like thick wet, send tweet." —Graham [2020-04-22]
richard_ermen: Huh.
richard_ermen: lol
richard_ermen: !findquote katana
LRRbot: Quote #292: "I can hardly begrudge the people who incessantly told us to kill the merchant because he drops a sweet katana because that's where we got our new euphemism for pooping: "Excuse me, I have to go and drop a sweet katana." Although it should be more like "excuse me, I have to go comment in a Dark Souls chatroom."" —Cameron [2015-05-20]
richard_ermen: Can the quote-search combine key words and people?
TXC2: nope
Juliamon: I'm not sure which command you'd use for it
richard_ermen: Oh well.
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG katesAir lrrSIG
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Sorator13: lrrSIG
Earthenone: lrrSIG lrrSPOOPY lrrSIG
richard_ermen: Hignal!
LostThePirate: !
RocknGrohlNerd: lrrSIG lrrSIG
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Didero: Good evening!
RedNightmare7: Really glad this is series is at a time I can watch live (at least some of them)
beowuuf: sergeHi
Didero: Oh right, I was gonna watch Friday's VOD because I couldn't really understand what was happening story-wise, but then I forgot
RocknGrohlNerd: Evening all
Zaghrog: I really appreciate that this game uses the Final Fantasy theme as main menu music
Deltroid11: lrrARROWS
TehAmelie: dang, i almost missed this stream on account of not looking at the tab in time for it to load
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> This Saturday, January 28th at 10:00AM Pacific over on be sure to join us for the Phyrexia: All Will Be One PPR! #Sponsored 📷 ||
TehAmelie: firefooox
beowuuf: let's face it anything we think we know about the plot is likely to be changed with another twist or two later, so :p
malsareus: good evening folks
beowuuf: sergeHi
TehAmelie: there is a plot? lrrBEEJ
RocknGrohlNerd: also what is the final fantasy? and why we need so many of them? avngrJam
CaKnuckleguy: @RocknGrohlNerd If the final fantasy ever ends, we all explode. Final Fantasy: Speed
beowuuf: @TehAmelie that's the biggest twist! MiniK
malsareus: well we need a fantasy for each school year to help the students through the Finals
TehAmelie: frankly, i have never seen a FF with such uninteresting characters and story, and such involved combat systems
Didero: It's a fantasy every time that THIS one is the final one
beowuuf: lol
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Rougespectre: oh beans im behind ads
RocknGrohlNerd: @CaKnuckleguy got it :D
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KilrenKrae: Hi
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Snowcookies: I'm Captain Basch!
TXC2: Here we GO!
beowuuf: woohoo
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrARROWS
Riiiiiiis: Is this where I apply for the permit?
malsareus: ah, so Graham did get here before my Lasagna is done
Didero: Hi Graham!
beowuuf: morning!
TXC2: Hello Graham
TheAinMAP: Hello.
RocknGrohlNerd: Hi G
accountmadeforants: Right Graham: Something about equipping your shiny new gun.
accountmadeforants: Hello
scarbo87: Enjoy the stream and the game
WearingCats_CwC: hoi
incslayer: good morning Graham our name is Chat
NightValien28: flawless
richard_ermen: Title'sa motuhful
JakeKamas: Hello and good morning Graham
kristian_fischer: I remain skeptical of Ondore's lies.
TXC2: !patreon
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kristian_fischer: Hi Graham.
richard_ermen: *mouthful
Didero: Aw, I almost rememberd to remind you of equipping the gun, but I managed to forget until accountmadeforants brought it up
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Tune in now for more PLAY IT FORWARD as @Graham_LRR continues FINAL FANTASY XII! | 📷 ||
RocknGrohlNerd: @incslayer and it is great to be here/ thank you for having us
beowuuf: fun LRL at the weekend!
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Metric_Furlong: thanks for having us graham
malsareus: remember to equip your new gun
beowuuf: new gun!
Not_On_Twitch: This is kind of perfect timing. Was just watching your previous 3 sessions earlier today, which prompted me to restart my own run. And I think I'm just like... half an hour or so behind you.
richard_ermen: What does trial mode do? Is it for showing off the game at stores?
richard_ermen: Ashe is THICK!
CaKnuckleguy: big bushi
incslayer: So Ash is Adam?
TXC2: ashe is THICCC
richard_ermen: in hp
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Sorator13: ashe is a Big Girl
Didero: As much HP as the rest of the party combined
RedNightmare7: Princess Tank
MrVirite: She's SO healthy
northos: teeeeechnically Vaan has more than half of her HP. but he's not in the party atm :p
kristian_fischer: Ashe doesn't skip Leg Day. Or Arm Day. Or any other Day.
TehAmelie: Ache is a traditional samurai, built to endure
doubledbear: Oh i must have missed an episode. oh well. Ever forward
Gekyouryuu: this party's got a big, fat Ashe
incslayer: the altair? does it shoot wrist mounted hidden blades?
Didero: Did we set Ashe's Gambits?
TehAmelie: now we only have to figure out how to make the enemies hit nobody else but her
Didero: @TehAmelie I'm sure there's a Taunt skill somewhere
Sorator13: I think you glanced at them and said "seems fine" last time, too :D
TXC2: why is she booping her snoot in her Gambit page? :p
TheWooglie: I watched the live VOD, really enjoyed the Big Fat quiz done LRR style
malsareus: Ashe sure is a big brick huh
northos: huh, it's a BTSR passive
LadyLockwood92: Hey folks~
TXC2: hello LadyLockwood92 welcome
Didero: That second useless waist-skirt gives her a lot of armor, hence why she's so sturdy
incslayer: hey LadyLockwood92
Sorator13: we went over this last time; it'
Sorator13: it's the layers that give her so much HP
TehAmelie: if these character portraits seem weird to people you oghter see the Yoshitaka Amano era
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plummeting_sloth: cashing this is before I forget about it
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noSmokeFire: oh no, she thinks numerology is real NotLikeThis
malsareus: numerology? I though we were in the birth signs FF
TXC2: what about numeronomy? Kappa
Sorator13: I like how they all stopped exactly at once
plummeting_sloth: We will cut you a path *opens side of airship, sucks everyone out*
TehAmelie: hand to your heart, how many people here know that 2023 is the year of the Rabbit?
northos: someone tell Vossler about "show don't tell"
Didero: "we will cut you a path!" *nobody is there*
MrVirite: Vossler is the only one that LOOKS ready for a fight
northos: @Didero also Ashe is our party leader :p
Sorator13: I do! Because my birthday dinner happened on the lunar new year, so they gave me a little red envelope with cute bunnies on it and couypons inside
Spades_Slicc: I just started looking through the ONE visual spoiler. there's a 2 mana instant that gives each op a poison counter
Robot_Bones: year of the bun bun
Carlioo: @TehAmelie most of my games have been telling me that all january!
Didero: Can you also set Gambits for when foes cast certain spells? Might save on eyedrops if you can kill the blinding enemies
northos: I like Ashe's katana stance
plummeting_sloth: Ah, the berth deck, where we keep all our hallways
RedNightmare7: Ashe just straight no-selling those attacks
WearingCats_CwC: As opposed to "Birth Access", that's in the Sewer Cloaca
TehAmelie: a little superstition is inevitable, i think
Sorator13: @WearingCats_CwC thanks, I hate it
Diabore: i wish they added a smart steal in this
WearingCats_CwC: Don't worry, so do I
Sorator13: @Didero Not that I know of, but they could be in there somewhere
Carlioo: 40
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malsareus: Way to make Vaan feel useless G
plummeting_sloth: man, ashe looks supremely uncomfortable holding that sword
Carlioo: oh I should probably stop playing with my stress ball near the keyboard
Diabore: @malsareus oh g didnt do that
samu_btdp1985: why does ashe have so much HP
TehAmelie: well, FF9 had the 13 animal zodiac, but it may be an outlier
Diabore: @samu_btdp1985 bushi is your tank
Sorator13: @samu_btdp1985 l a y e r s
RaidenFirewing: love how she's just facetanking everything
samu_btdp1985: lol ok
Robot_Bones: cause she's a brick house
malsareus: So why do we even have rogues now? Ashe can just do CON based trap detection
TXC2: turns out princesses are tough
plummeting_sloth: poor Hoplite, no one every told them what a spear is
grgriffin3: Fran is just chilling in a hole, it's fine
RocknGrohlNerd: Yo chat, I mainly watch VODs (living in europe and all that) so this is a rare oportunity, and I wanted to mention, you are always an absolute delight. soo keep it up lrrHEART
Sorator13: @malsareus our trap avoidance has been less than successful anyway :D
Didero: Does Ashe also walk automatically or do you still have to steer her during fights?
TXC2: RocknGrohlNerd lrrHEART
Sorator13: @Didero your main char will walk automatically, but you can manually control as well
Didero: Thanks
captainwolfstar5: i dont tune in live too often but it's awesome to see you back graham
malsareus: G is just a witness to Ashe's sheer might
plummeting_sloth: boy this is a well crewed ship
TehAmelie: i am a little confused why this world has Roman hoplites in it
Robot_Bones: oh Hi -Potion
kusinohki: you have to say "assuming direct control" when moving manually
chaostreader: Ashe is probably targeting the mages first because they have less health than the soldiers.
TehAmelie: "this hurts you" is optional
grgriffin3: Ashe gets a hi potion because she wants to get hi
Sorator13: I think there's some more enemies down there, aye
Diabore: they cant do anything because youre too far
Didero: There's like three dudes down there according to the map
Carlioo: you'd think that even the guards would be annoyed that the alarm is still going
malsareus: you have to wonder how these clowns captured Ashe to begin with
TehAmelie: i understand there is a cheevo for getting a 100 chain. but i'm assuming that does nothing
malsareus: she's mowing through them
plummeting_sloth: quick, dispose of the anomly... throw yourself off the ship
MrVirite: all roads lead to rome
Sorator13: This segment always reminds me a ton of 13's airship escape segment
BigDaddyBland87: in-universe, that seems like a real asinine way to turn an alarm off
Joalni: @plummeting_sloth Living up to your username, huh? Kappa
Didero: Why did they turn their airship into a labyrinth?
malsareus: tbh, this does kinda feel like the KOTOR ship sections to me
Carlioo: @Didero in case enemies attack, duh
RayFK: It's fine, you're just getting LP
plummeting_sloth: yeah, does seem less like a ship of war and more like a random assembledge of hallways that somehow got airborne
Sorator13: hey, you get some phoenix down too
Bruceski: Keep in mind that most of the "dead ends" are closed doors. When they're not in lockdown it's much roomier
RayFK: Nothing like frantically holding R2 down to run away and keep your chain
Zaghrog: wrong way is relative: Final Fantasy taught me to go I the direction of plot last
Mysticman89: gotta explore every nook, just in case. Also save every item, just in case.
RedNightmare7: Well, castles were sometimes built to be intentionally confusing right? Might be the same here I guess.
raulghoulia: gotta check all the pockets of the healthiest looking enemies
JakeKamas: Wait how does the chain work? Is it defeating a chain of the same family of enemy?
RayFK: @JakeKamas Yep
Sorator13: @JakeKamas Yes
Bruceski: The Philosopher's Stone of this game that all players strive for: a good Steal gambit.
Sorator13: so the mastiffs break the chain, cause they're not human imperials
TheElrad: sometimes you only steal on the 3rd try :P
plummeting_sloth: quick, drink the anti-purple juice
TehAmelie: hey, speaking of zodiacs, have people managed to see this comet? the cloud cover here in the north has been garbage
malsareus: and nenuding the ship of crew
plummeting_sloth: I mean you don't need to escape teh ship if you kill it's entire crew I guess
malsareus: say, how many goons do we need to kill before they give up and let us have this boat?
Didero: If you kill the entire crew, it's your ship now
aussie_rob_w: Hey G! How’s it goin?
Andymonium: i mean what can they have, like, 4, 5 hundred more guys, tops? then you'll have free run of the place
TXC2: well she's royalty, they can afford all that health
bytecaster: Maybe the ship should try to escape from you
noSmokeFire: "We'll send in wave after wave of our own men, until Vaan hits his preset kill limit"
Didero: 'Fran has fallen' D:
EricTheOrange: how are things?
bytecaster: We only have 26 more phoenix downs, we are virtually invincible.
Manae: How many guards are even on this ship. You've only taken down a legion of 'em so far
Sorator13: Fran is also out of MP
Didero: Seems she has MP regen
Sorator13: Walking regens MP
Bruceski: @TehAmelie I'm in the middle of the city, in Portland. I give it a go every once in a while but I'm not holding out.
plummeting_sloth: just leave Vaan behind to keep resetting the computer while everyone else gets out
kerryg137: Woo FFXII ! Just watched all the VODS yesterday, loving it
malsareus: Maybe it's a consular legion dropship and we need to kill the 2nd legion and the Auxilia units next
RocknGrohlNerd: Balthier, you might wanna try the new gun instead of robbing people blind :D
TehAmelie: ah, that's got to suck
Mangledpixel: boop
Spades_Slicc: Mtg one is reprinting Kuldotha Rebirth but it's also better crush
beowuuf: he's a helper
RedNightmare7: Wait, don't use the potions G. We might need them later XD
Zaghrog: there is an ability that recharges MP, already seen at a shop
RedNightmare7: He @Mangledpixel
Mangledpixel: hey Red
Didero: Nice mug, Graham!
malsareus: oh right we have a Vaan as well
Sorator13: Gee, I wonder how he knows that
plummeting_sloth: oh really, he knows we ecaped? Did he hear the alarm that's been going on for the last 2 hours?
Carlioo: and now the alarm should go off again
EricTheOrange: Fancy lad.
Sorator13: "Lamont"
LadyLockwood92: Larsa's one of those weird kids who's basically a tiny adult.
samu_btdp1985: this kid seems legit?
RaidenFirewing: a grenade?
Jondare: Who is this extremely eloquent child?
jonnykefka: Larsa is kind of the best character in this game
raulghoulia: is that the same rock he hucked at that dudes head?
Sorator13: @RaidenFirewing I think it's the manufacted nethicite from last vod
malsareus: we have our monk back
WearingCats_CwC: Yay
Sorator13: aha, it is
Didero: Kid's been probably raised to be a Leader for his whole life, no wonder he talks like this
RaidenFirewing: indeed it is
LadyLockwood92: Which I guess fits with him being the son of the Emperor.
EricTheOrange: With temp charecters like Vossler can you change stuff like their equipment and class?
TXC2: yeah he's a prince
Earthenone: a monk with 500 skillpoints to spend
Earthenone: sword is license free
kerryg137: How did she get to LVL 12 in jail?
Diabore: sword 1h for reasons
RocknGrohlNerd: yay mithril swords for everybody than
Manae: @kerryg137 Push-ups
AugmentingPath: Mythril Sword is available through a creative commons license
Gekyouryuu: in the fftcg, Penelo is listed as a dancer when not a sky pirate
TXC2: kerryg137 she shiv'd A LOT of people
Carlioo: @kerryg137 spent a lot of hours doing pushups
EricTheOrange: I think back when I played Penelo was my white mage.
LadyLockwood92: Well...he's not. Emperor is an elected position iirc. There's no line of succession.
bytecaster: @kerryg137 Gotta fight the boredom somehow.
RaidenFirewing: serious workout routine
beowuuf: how many teardrop tattooos...
RedNightmare7: @kerryg137 You ever seen Avatar the last airbender? Same way Iroh did
Sorator13: @AugmentingPath LUL
Didero: I'd feel worried about giving people equipment seeing as they keep leaving the party randomly
malsareus: Can we give her more licenses?
CururuGuasu: If I recall there are a few random weapons that have no associated license
kerryg137: LUL LUL
Sorator13: but note: equip: silence
MrVirite: 542...
Critterbot: You get silenced though.
TehAmelie: "all" the elements, you say?
EricTheOrange: @RedNightmare7 Iroh was born a badass and you can't convince me otherwise
TXC2: TehAmelie yeap, all 212 of them
plummeting_sloth: monk state changes to "trappist"
RaidenFirewing: second girl tank?
malsareus: Can we make Penelo bigger than Ashe?
Earthenone: she is going to be so thicc
malsareus: have a squad og Lorge lasses
LadyLockwood92: Sounds about right for Monk.
Spades_Slicc: So you're telling me this monk took a vow of silence?
jonnykefka: INTERCESSION! that one is important
EricTheOrange: I mean monks are traditionaly HP sponges in FF games. tons of HP little armor
Juliamon: Big Girls Don't Die
RaidenFirewing: Penelo gonna be thick after she's done
RedNightmare7: @EricTheOrange I'd never dispute that. But shows even training can be done in prison ;)
TXC2: "so what's you type?" "women with HP bars longer then they are tall."
RedNightmare7: Just make Penelo as swole as Ashe?
LordManiMani: @txc2 💯
Carlioo: you'd think that would be a bard ability
EricTheOrange: I'd make a evenessence joke but I've never heard their music
Earthenone: i am slightly ahead of G in my playthrough, took 7 tries to kill a large turtle this morning
Bugberry: you know what they say about big hp bars...
Diabore: graham playing this as an actual game where i just use optimize
jonnykefka: her three quickenings are Intercession, Evanesence, and Resplendance. She uh...has a bit of a holy theme
plummeting_sloth: the shirt is actually very heavy... only the weave is light
Gekyouryuu: girl's got big hp-ness
Sorator13: Only have 3 party members is one of the things that makes me disappointed when you have such a huge cast
RedNightmare7: Do we ever get more slots, because 3 feels like a bit few
TehAmelie: that's been the Monk's thing ever sicne FF1. just enough HP and just enough attack powers that if you don't give them any items they do just a little bit worse than a character with armor and a weapon
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KiaStirling: I have waited many moons for Graham to play this game... excite.
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TXC2: and as we know: H(i)Ps don't lie
RocknGrohlNerd: I love the music in this game, makes the inventory management so intense and urgent :)
Andymonium: musta run outta dudes at the dude store
Critterbot: Alarm went off so you gotta turn it... off.
Diabore: you killed the whole crew
Critterbot: Misnomers! :D
malsareus: they're scared
plummeting_sloth: just standing around in the alarm is big "I'm not trapped in here with you, you're trapped n here with me" energy
Earthenone: we may have depopulated the empire
Snowcookies: I think know why bushi has so much health, I remember someone telling me samurais are tanks in some FF games
LordManiMani: one last time for trivia: Judge Ghis voiced by Mark Wing-Davey of H2G2 radio Zaphod Beeblebrox fame
TXC2: Gotta kill em all, Murdermon
Sorator13: that is an excellent mug for G
RocknGrohlNerd: yess they are all dead, empire is defeated, now roll credits
plummeting_sloth: good lord there is so much wasted space in this airship
Diabore: hey judge
LadyLockwood92: Ah, first Judge fight.
Robot_Bones: Only now you will restore Dalmasca... To pieces
Sorator13: Larsa said no
LadyLockwood92: Oh neat~ Cool rock.
DueRecompense: whoa, you actually equipped her too,
Earthenone: cool fan
NightValien28: we in the business call that deus ex machina
kerryg137: Neat fan
samu_btdp1985: ah the maguffin
LadyLockwood92: Boss Time!
Sorator13: What is that fan thingy he's holding, btw?
raulghoulia: lrrJUDGECALL
noSmokeFire: "He told me enough! He told me you killed him!"
LordManiMani: lrrJUDGE
malsareus: not the time dude
TXC2: Sorator13 a shield ?
LordManiMani: lrrJUDGE gdqHONK
Sorator13: Is it a shield? It's very odd looking, and he doesn't hold it like a shield...
DeM0nFiRe: I haven't been able to watch much of this PiF,so I am just noticing how funny it is that people in the battles calmly walk over and start hitting each other
malsareus: steal his hat!
RocknGrohlNerd: steal his sword
TXC2: Steal from the richest looking dude
DueRecompense: always worth it
LordManiMani: @nightvalien28 it is explicitly *not* deus. that's a different kind of nethicite
bytecaster: Lets get ourselves that fan!
fiftymcnasty: Always worth it
kerryg137: *always*
KiaStirling: maybe Balthier just likes potions
Earthenone: princess went off with that katana
Sorator13: we already have a F(r)an, though @bytecaster
malsareus: Are potions alchoholic?
jonnykefka: L2 to shuffle
DueRecompense: Shuffle until you get a Recharge
bytecaster: "Time's up"
SK__Ren: Having only 1 charge makes it hard to use.
jonnykefka: L2 to shuffle then the button for the attack that lights up, with "Mist Charge" giving you back the charge
Didero: Kind of weird that the game doesn't explain how that works at all
Diabore: you only have 1 charge at this stage, so you need a mist charge
Robot_Bones: it works better when everyone in the party has them
MrVirite: need more partymembers with mist abilities active
SK__Ren: Once you get more charges you have more options each shuffle up to 3 choices
raisins4life: the game is pretty abysmal at explaining quickenings
raulghoulia: always amuses me when games have more party members than party slots and the others are just over there until called
malsareus: So, what is the deal with his bladevan?
BigDaddyBland87: It's...that guy
RocknGrohlNerd: they fought the law and the law didnt win
Earthenone: your princess seems good with the katana a lot of comboing
Sorator13: oh dear, helmet dropped
plummeting_sloth: oh no, I've been in that helmet so long, my hair formed to the shape inside
SK__Ren: I mean if you don't want it...
grgriffin3: Vaan knows his place
Carlioo: and folks... where's the lie?
Invitare: let the wookiee drive
Didero: That looks chunky
JakeKamas: That's very fun, I like Vaan's new dynamic
TXC2: Morenna Bacarine, That's who Fran is reminding me of
BigDaddyBland87: We recently stole an imperial cruiser
Bruceski: Having played other FF games, "we've secured an Atomos" is a bit different
KiaStirling: To be fair, Vaan wasn't supposed to be the main character originally. I think Basch was? But they were like "no, we need a blond child to be confused at stuff" so Vaan happened
Joalni: Just fly casual.
DueRecompense: ship w\ dual wielding knives
RedNightmare7: They flew casual
Sorator13: Fran continues to be the best character in our party
nyperold: Must go faster, must go faster!
EricTheOrange: I mean Vaan is just a bit player in Baltheir Ashe and Basch's story.
plummeting_sloth: "look, it worked in Independence day"
kerryg137: I wouldn't exactly call their ship inconspicable
grgriffin3: Oh, he's smooooooth
EricTheOrange: Don't believe Ondores lies!
BigDaddyBland87: Charming without being creepy
Sorator13: Larsa has a small crush on Penelo, Penelo has a HUGE crush on Balthier
Critterbot: Such a charmer. :D
Sorator13: and then there's Vaan
laff_o_tron: hey G, thisnis the only mainline FF game i have not completed, as soon as i can fix joycon drift i will change that
Sorator13: love it
plummeting_sloth: and after you give ear to his words, trying giving tongue to his words
KiaStirling: Everyone crushing on Balthier
KiaStirling: (except Fran)
incslayer: Sorator everyone has a crush on Balthior
incslayer: Balthier*
Sorator13: oh, 100%
laff_o_tron: also cannot not hear Devrim Kay
Critterbot: Balthier is just full oif rogueish charm, isn't he? :D
nyperold: Vayne? What's he got to do with this?
Sorator13: well, I'm not sure that Ashe does
noSmokeFire: Andor?
Didero: Who's Ondore again?
incslayer: no he lubes his chest
Sorator13: Ondore is the Marquis of the flying city, Bhujerba
plummeting_sloth: yeah, he's walking like it's hella uncomfortable
EricTheOrange: @Critterbot he's a better localised Edgar.
Robot_Bones: he could have Vaan's painted on abs
Didero: @Sorator13 Ah right, thanks
TXC2: chaffing only happens to people who aren't sexy Kappa
Earthenone: dont belive ondores lies
jessieimproved: tbf a lot of FF clothing looks hella uncomfortable
Gekyouryuu: Marcus
plummeting_sloth: the Mark-ezzy
Sorator13: he was the one narrating in the beginning, and he's the one who spread the word that Basch was a traitor and Ashe was dead
Robot_Bones: Don't believe On'
TheElrad: the Marquoing
Robot_Bones: Don't believe Ondore's Mispronunciations
nyperold: The Maquis. He really hates them Cardassians.
Sorator13: shopping time?
Foxmar320: Hello Graham hows FF trating you
Earthenone: in our world the belt is the least confertable part of an outfit, in final fantasy they make entire outfits out of belts
TheElrad: oh noes, Graham has gone to plaid
plummeting_sloth: Stick merchant, I require your strongest stick
Didero: Man, Vaan just jumping the queue, kids these days
DueRecompense: battle bamboo, that'll do
TehAmelie: we still only use the 2x zoomies, right? feels nice and quiet
BigDaddyBland87: I got a gun. I got a sword. I got a bow. I got a stik
TXC2: battleboo
incslayer: what annoys me is that im playing a different JRPG that also pronounces Marquis in that manner (Trails of Cold Steel IV)
kerryg137: Thats one expensive stick
Sorator13: I got a rock
Narcuru: i assume we equiped the gun we bought last time
Sorator13: WE did indeed Narcuru
Diabore: g so conservative with his points
plummeting_sloth: but we still have teh poopy ammo, right
Sorator13: yup
Didero: Balthier isn't using the gun much, because he keeps trying to steal, but still :p
Robot_Bones: tuptuptuptuptup
Amras0x00: @Didero pretty sure you can use a gun while stealing
BigDaddyBland87: I take it you are about to leave the city then
Didero: @Didero That's more robbery than theft :p
incslayer: ^^
Sorator13: yknow, it makes some sense that the flying city has wings, and yet they still surprised me
LordManiMani: time for some healthy communication and clarification
kerryg137: He is the very model of a modern major Marquis
incslayer: for vayne is a vain man
plummeting_sloth: still love that a floating city has mines. that seems very precarious along several axis
TehAmelie: one time i abused ZSNES's fast forward options to level up the whole party to 99 before properly starting in FF6. it made the whole game trivial to get through
beowuuf: terrible limerick
samu_btdp1985: is Vayne a judge
bytecaster: And more HP than you
Gekyouryuu: Marcus, of Bhujerba
TehAmelie: don't think that would work in this game even if you could do it
LordManiMani: "I've got my own problems, here on my mining platform"
Greyah: Not just any sword! A karate sword.
Sorator13: @plummeting_sloth I wouldn't be surprised if the things they mine are part of why it floats, honestly
Gaz_L: oh, has Lando turned on the Empire? :P
fiftymcnasty: That was a terrible limerick
incslayer: the who now?
Gekyouryuu: @samu_btdp1985 in the tcg his job is listed as Consul
Earthenone: she still has a sweet katana
Sorator13: The Pope, essentially
nyperold: Something about omurice?
incslayer: Pope? more like the Poop
WiJohn: Grind levels!
LordManiMani: Dalai Lama
plummeting_sloth: "buy more sexy vests, obviously"
Didero: Did we know Ondore was her uncle?
BigDaddyBland87: I'm in it for the money
Snowcookies: dude :P
Sorator13: Not really, no @Didero
LordManiMani: more money than you can imagine!
incslayer: Balthier stop trying to invoke the Star Wars memes
BlueChloroplast: ooh nice ship
lannersong: it's really not
Earthenone: its safe too assume all royalty is somehow related right?
noSmokeFire: I need to retrieve the Dong Shard
andysoo89: So chat, I’m going to vancouver on Saturday, any recommendations?
Jethrain: ok so that *is* devrim's voice, i wasn't just imagining it. Good
kerryg137: Can she fly?
SK__Ren: Since when have you cared about who owned what Vaan. Remember the magicite?
AugmentingPath: For those who have fallen, and those we can yet save
jessieimproved: Imma just go by myself, like, you know, a plot device
DueRecompense: @noSmokeFire numotSAD
Sorator13: the thief: you can't just go around stealing people's ships!
KiaStirling: it will
CururuGuasu: Dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn shard
incslayer: if we steal an air ship does that make us air pirates?
Bugberry: guy wants to be a pirate, against stealing ships.
LordManiMani: plot device ahoy
LadyLockwood92: You know. I like Ashe, she seems pretty competent as far as characters go.
incslayer: FF9 already did this plotline
BigDaddyBland87: Are you coming on to me?
jessieimproved: forward are you
gualdhar: oh human trafficking, definitely not a heavy subject
KiaStirling: Balthier: ... kidnapping a willing princess? Very FF9 but... sounds fun
LordManiMani: hell yes. fine FF tradition of Princesses asking to be kidnapped. Never gets old
plummeting_sloth: "look, we're all just going to kidnap ourselves and put bounties on ourselves"
kerryg137: IS everyone just waiting outside until they have soething to say?
LordManiMani: she asked Penelo, not you
plummeting_sloth: okay!
malsareus: Vaan is really just along for the ride huh
grgriffin3: Fran is fun. I like Fran.
Snowcookies: proper kidnappings
TehAmelie: mark-uis as a word sounds much more meaningful to me than mark-iss, i gotta say
raulghoulia: don't forget to leave a note
Vanbael: so uh, we're doing a kidnapping? sure!
Sorator13: Vaan has always wanted to be a sky pirate
incslayer: Penelos character model makes me think she is just always regreting something
RedNightmare7: Thank you
LadyLockwood92: Hehe
Sorator13: kidnapping a princess is a great way to start
SK__Ren: I love how Vaan and Penelo are just along for the ride.
malsareus: btw I like a character who wants to check out of the mayhem
LordManiMani: All hail!
beowuuf: got there faster :p
LadyLockwood92: Good joke Streamer.
AugmentingPath: @malsareus no he's the main character for real stop saying he's not Kappa
Invitare: here's that Star Wars music
Diabore: something in your throat g?
TXC2: malsareus yeap, the kind of thing a main character does Kappa
LordManiMani: looool
incslayer: I like your Mug Graham
BrowneePoints: What are Archadose!!!!
Hungry4Hippo: lol
Sorator13: It is, yes
scarbo87: LOL
JakeKamas: Oh heck yeah, Vaan realized that he could be a sky pirate and just joined along
SK__Ren: Oh! G, have you found Wedge and Biggs in this game yet?
Diabore: ramming speed
DarkAbyssKeeper: Why not?
Carlioo: why not!
lannersong: Time for ramming speed
LadyLockwood92: Nonsense, there's no big Bant dragon here.
Narcuru: for ramming!
Invitare: in case someone gets close
SalmirAeon: cutting the air?
Our_oBoros: RKO deez nuts?
incslayer: for RAMMING
Gekyouryuu: so they can fight at melee range
malsareus: to hunt sky-whales
plummeting_sloth: having those knives on the ship has to make docking a real pain
Sorator13: Don't think so, no @SK__Ren
PaintingWithFariss: Ork designed ship?
KiaStirling: to dissuade flying monsters from attacking
noSmokeFire: I hear if you level up Black Magic then Ligma upgrades to Ligmaga
nyperold: Cool, I wonder if they have the classics, like Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga.
scarbo87: FF loves Pokeys
RocknGrohlNerd: :D Arcades-NUTZ is name of my EDH Wall tribal deck
NightValien28: for close combat ship
Gaz_L: weird choice for a commander in EDH, but they're an evil empire
plummeting_sloth: like, how many docking attendents have been skewered
Bugberry: Ships should have more spikes, not less.
LadyLockwood92: We have our Cid for the game.
DJManaT: Nubis NU-
BrowneePoints: I wonder if that Judge has a Zecht Cult
DJManaT: Nabudis* damnit I ruined the joke
incslayer: you think this is a lot of cutscenes? i have a little game series called Metal Gear Solid who begs to differ :P
TehAmelie: why would you not put as many knives as possible on your spaceship? i mean in case of a "moon's haunted" scenario
Gaz_L: i do not understand why they did this with the subtitles, just blocking off the lower third like this
Sorator13: Nabudeez-
LeonisCo: no wai a dying king
Carlioo: oh no, fantasy disease
LordManiMani: ohhhh I forgot Zecht was brought up early
raulghoulia: President Shinra?
LadyLockwood92: I wonder if we'll have a Highwind somewhere in here.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Are they spikes or rotisseries? Do the ships skewer birds for the crew's meals?
Didero: @incslayer Just because worse exists doesn't mean this isn't bad :p
EricTheOrange: Ah movie illness, coughing.
Bugberry: "have you seen a radio shack"
plummeting_sloth: my bad for that
KiaStirling: to be fair sir, Vayne sucks ass
BrowneePoints: That's a HECK of a Fire Emblem name
BrowneePoints: err Final Fantasy*
SK__Ren: @BrowneePoints Gabrant Ghiz Nutz?
hesterbyrde: Oh dear he has UPCD… unspecified persistent coughing disease.
BrowneePoints: OOOOH
LordManiMani: ahhh... your brotherrrr
Robot_Bones: Basch
Sorator13: @LadyLockwood92 Basch's
RocknGrohlNerd: @SK__Ren gottem
Vanbael: why not a Klondike bar
DarkAbyssKeeper: For the Empire? Nah. I'm 100% Evil.
LostThePirate: Basch's twin at that
plummeting_sloth: @hesterbyrde he has that most deadly of Victorian ailments... 'just a cough'
DJManaT: Larsa deez N- no wait that doesn't even work
LeonisCo: That Larsa is a gem, make sure he doesn't turn out to be a little shit
TehAmelie: "hey, you guy's are back early, what's" *astronaut tapes swords onto spaceship" "moon's haunted"
LadyLockwood92: Ah, okay. I figured he and Vossler were twins, but looking closer he does look more like Basch.
EricTheOrange: "again"
andysoo89: Again?
incslayer: @LadyLockwood92 you can tell a difference between those character models?
incslayer: Geese? Honk
LeonisCo: sneaky ship
kerryg137: Dino time?
grgriffin3: The Philadelpha Experiment!?
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, a little bit. Vossler's eyes are bigger.
TXC2: are we Romulans ?
Critterbot: Twin brother, even.
KiaStirling: oh no not jagd! our magicite!
Earthenone: no respect for last weeks mini boss., Judge A and Judge B?
BigDaddyBland87: No ship that small has a cloaking device
LeonisCo: Oh I did not realize that, I've played through this game multiple times
DueRecompense: sand is all Jagd up
nyperold: Hello, Star Trek IV.
Manae: Spiked heels are a bold fashion choice for a sandy desert
plummeting_sloth: gonna get swole, get jagd
samu_btdp1985: ooh we gonna fight the big Dino
Gaz_L: "Everyone remember where we parked!"
incslayer: @TXC2 no but we have an agreement that we can use the cloaking device on the Defiant as long as their representative is present
Mangledpixel: you have a cloaking device, but you're only allowed to use it in the Gamma Quadrant
LadyLockwood92: Interestingly, there's also a Gabranth in 14, he's pretty much lifted from this game iirc.
Carlioo: haha, comedy relief!
EricTheOrange: If I have one complaint about 12's environments is theirs too much deserts. one desert is fine 12 has like 4
Robot_Bones: Now now ash, they are your citizens
TXC2: incslayer but she went off to Voyager :p
Earthenone: new stick|!
DarkAbyssKeeper: A Dessert Merchant!? Does he have baked alaska!?
raulghoulia: @Gaz_L were in the Itchy Lot
incslayer: @Mangledpixel thank you for ALSO immedietly going for the DS9 reference
TehAmelie: as someone who has spent considerable time walking across sandy beaches, i will say there is NO footwear that doesn't make it a chore. but high heels?
Diabore: +14???
KiaStirling: @EricTheOrange it's liess that it has 4 deserts and more that we start in the middle of a big one that sprawls in all directions
Diabore: its so expensive
DueRecompense: better get to farming
mwlsn: Used to be an adventurer before I took a trap to the tail
RocknGrohlNerd: how ancient are we talking here
malsareus: is that our RIvers of Skill?
Mangledpixel: incslayer hehehe
Gaz_L: @TXC2 ohhh right, Martha Hackett played the Romulan, didn't she?
DueRecompense: you've got old\dupe Armors
Greyah: Love that point in an rpg where you arrive in a new town and can suddenly upgrade everyone's gear, but don't have the cash to do so.
samu_btdp1985: all the old weapons?
KiaStirling: westersand!
malsareus: in the middle? I hope
TehAmelie: is this like the northern snow labyrinth in FF7?
TXC2: Gaz_L yeap, so was ment to recur, but as I said Voyager happened
Sorator13: You are in the middle of nowhere
Andymonium: exits are east, west, and Dennis
incslayer: who did she play in voyager?... Seska? the secret Cardassian? or someone actually relevant?
Earthenone: !killteam
LRRbot: The Crew are getting into WH40K Kill Team! ┤ Ben: Adeptus Custodes ║ Cameron: Chaos Traitor Guard ║ Cori: Aeldari Harlequins ║ Ian: Tau Pathfinders + Stealth Suits ║ Jacob: Orkz ├ Full lists are at
ylegm: hands up if you never used mist abilities in this game
EricTheOrange: @KiaStirling right. to clarifiy like 4 desert areas. that happen to be all part of one big desert
Invitare: 40k or AOS?
Gaz_L: yes, Seska @incslayer
TXC2: incslayer no it was Seska, who is basically the best thing in the first 3 seasons
malsareus: so, what are the other bows supposed to do then?
TehAmelie: i confess i have no idea what mist abilities even mean
malsareus: Are there cuddle bows?
Sorator13: @malsareus tickle?
plummeting_sloth: "You still from every enemy we come across and we still don't have enough cash? Come on Balthier"
EvilBadman: The mist abilites are like limit breaks
Robot_Bones: I wanna be... your axes and hammers 3
Sorator13: @TehAmelie that's balthier's thing that we've used twice now
Sorator13: quickenings
DueRecompense: daggers, middle
Invitare: karate swords
incslayer: @TXC2 my opinion is that voyager was great before neelix and after neelix
Didero: We're gonna use Vaan again?
Diabore: get to the choppa
Gaz_L: it's always weird to me when you don't equip the Main Gauche in the off-hand
mwlsn: I keep a backup gauche in my boot
TheAwkes: We call it the Main Gauche, but it's really more of a Side Gauche. Don't tell it, though.
Prop_PT: isnt Main Gauche just Left Hand?
Greyah: Not gonna lie, the fact that the tiles you're not close to are just completely empty makes it very annoying to plan ahead.
LeonisCo: ammunition things
DueRecompense: 26->40
jonnykefka: because ammo
RocknGrohlNerd: are the guns named after stars?
EricTheOrange: I feel like I have to over pronounce "musk stick"
incslayer: Kogarasumaru? i know that name thats what the main guys Air Gear Gang is called in Air Gear/Trek
nyperold: @EricTheOrange Yes, and that's a thing in 13, too.
TehAmelie: you can read that's in the blank squares, which imo ruins the thing
Sorator13: @Greyah Yeah, given that you can still view them manually, it really doesn't feel like there's a reason for them to not have the icons
nyperold: I mean, @RocknGrohlNerd \
Diabore: thicc musk
plummeting_sloth: don't give 'em the stick!
DarkAbyssKeeper: If you stick the musk stick in muck it must stick.
malsareus: Are we hitting people with Elon Musk?
plummeting_sloth: oooooooo
mwlsn: “Oaken pole” is goofy but has a great mouthfeel
EricTheOrange: otherwise it just turns into mustick
TXC2: malsareus no we use it to hit Elon
malsareus: sold
TehAmelie: maybe if there was some variance in how many neighboring squares you lit up by buying one square
plummeting_sloth: battle bamboo... now with... extra springiness
TheThromborax: #JustPressOptimizeGang
nyperold: Which I just realized makes them... SHOOTONG STARS.
thecrimsonrob: is this menu simulator?
DueRecompense: someone have Bangle for libra?
Earthenone: do they have anything other than weapons for sale?
Arikell: Seeing parallel arrows I want perpendicular arrows
Narcuru: anyway to give fran more MP?
EricTheOrange: I think I plyed Vaan as a theif
TehAmelie: now, i do not believe any videogame before or after MGS3 could compete for the most time spent in pause menus
DueRecompense: yes, guns are physical
Diabore: are guns magic?
lannersong: Yes
Didero: Guns aren't magic
silenceaux: Is that like kidnapping?
LurkerSpine: I wouldn't think it's magical?
malsareus: bullets are pretty physical
Sorator13: Yeah, they just also penetrate defense
lannersong: Guns are phys here, in tactics, and in XIV
incslayer: they do fire a physical object
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Didero: I wonder what'd happen if you set the bullet magically on fire before shooting it...
Earthenone: buff sticks
BigDaddyBland87: you physically shoot someone with a gun
Bugberry: it's like Pokemon's Physical/Special split I guess.
KiaStirling: Balthier needs good muscles to make his bullets better
Diabore: measures are hit friend, give buff
EricTheOrange: some games separate ranged and melee but this one doesn't
Spluuga: bullets are just projected smaller swords
DueRecompense: measures are weapons you hit your own party members with
incslayer: anyone who has been hit with a bullet (of any kind including paintball) will tell you that it was a very physical feeling
Mangledpixel: LEGO Technic?
TheMandrew: i have not actually seen a measure in my playthrough, i have no idea where they are
LostThePirate: Measures are a weapon type we won't likely see for a while
TheThromborax: Graham! did you play the FF7 Crisis Core PSP game remake?
malsareus: are the measures in Imperial or Metric?
Arikell: surveying devices....
KiaStirling: @malsareus Imperial, I don't think you get any until around when you hit Archades
KevinTheShark: Crisis core?? I'm playing that right now!
Gaz_L: the handheld nature of it is nice for making it bite-sized re: Crisis Core
Diabore: is it possible it could be a PIF? or is it a "just for graham" thing atm
RocknGrohlNerd: @malsareus Imperial Measures sounds menacing
incslayer: you heard it here first Graham promises Crisis Core Play it Forward (not actually)
kaiseresc: @LoadingReadyRun look good, Graham! Love to see it!
mwlsn: More games should have a skill for “hitting your teammates” really
Didero: Potency seller, give me your strongest potencies
TheThromborax: can't wait for the Dirge of Cerberus remake.
Earthenone: nice remaining points balthier
Critterbot: 69lp, nice.
malsareus: licensed for much gun
doubledbear: The crisis core remake disappointing me cause it's still *just * a slightly better looking version of the psp game
Jethrain: what's with the square that's off at a diagonal?
Sorator13: Such a shame that he'll spend all his time stealing
TehAmelie: earlier today i watched your and Cori's stream of Frog Factions 2, graham, and the option to import a Mass Effect 2 save game makes me wonder. which FF spinoff game would you most like to import here?
raulghoulia: Love playing games like this and prioritizing the passives first
KiaStirling: @Jethrain there are some secret licenses (for summons) that can open paths to those
jonnykefka: My stron recommendation is go for quickenings for everyone. At least hte level one. Because then you can do some real hot nonsense
kerryg137: Huh, just subbed on my phone and no alert...anywaysss lrrHEART lrrHEART
DueRecompense: @doubledbear is that true, I thought there were no mechanics?
Earthenone: magic is for nerds! :P
TXC2: "it's like 1000 needles, when all you need is an MP boost"
grgriffin3: Our heroes, the Magical Luddites.
malsareus: we're all in on lorse ladies and GUN
Sorator13: @kerryg137 lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
TheThromborax: oh, your team should use magic. it's really good
LeonisCo: Do we not have a black or red mage yet?
TehAmelie: okay that question was probably silly
EvilBadman: That was Multi-classing is for.
Wicker_Guide: We're Sky Pirates, not Sky Scholars!
KiaStirling: I forget when everyone unlocks their second licenseboard but you need it lol
Narcuru: for the potions lore or pheonix down upgrades, do those only count if fran (in this instance) is the one doing that action?
Earthenone: after raithwalls tomb
Gaz_L: i think red mage was on the table for Ashe before we went SAM?
LeonisCo: That's a special node Arcghers can get
Sorator13: @Narcuru yes
doubledbear: @doubledbear I think they improved some of the random mechanics but it's still a lifeless corridor psp game remade in unreal, like you have this powerful engine and then do nothing with it to improve the game
TheThromborax: ah, yes. the Five FFXII Genders, Black, White, Red, Green, and Time
jonnykefka: So because quickenings can only be learned on one board, that's actually an optional unlockable for this class
Earthenone: she already knows cure remember
EvilBadman: No, that's why it's behind the quickening
Narcuru: @Narcuru thanks!
malsareus: Fran only does the good magicks
Wicker_Guide: Fran already has lower level white magic
nyperold: We could split the difference and be Sky Scholarrrrs.
Critterbot: I think she just knows it intrinsically.
BigDaddyBland87: F-F-F-F-F-Foebreaker!
Gaz_L: *Tim Allen noises*
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Drain the Cheese.
EricTheOrange: I think my 3 of choice was Tank basch, mage ashe, and ranged damage fran.
Hungry4Hippo: More HP!
Sorator13: @BigDaddyBland87 for some reason, I read this in the same veing as "ch-ch-ch-chia!"
incslayer: MOAR power
mtvcdm: More VIT!
RocknGrohlNerd: I am sensing a pettern here
LadyLockwood92: Yep, sounds like Warrior.
Hungry4Hippo: More Power!
malsareus: so in addition to lorge ladies we now have a thicc lad
LeonisCo: Basch gonna hit like a very healthy truck
TehAmelie: mission status: SICK
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BigDaddyBland87: @BigDaddyBland87 HA!
Gekyouryuu: off topic, I'm curious now: Graham, were you aware that Donald Duck is canonically the strongest black mage in all of Final Fantasy?
retroactivator: Talk about a linear class
plummeting_sloth: gonna REALLY break some foes now
RedNightmare7: Gotta love flat number increases. No extra work for the player to deal with :D
rabidwombats: do you have the self-cast Libra gambit?
BigDaddyBland87: Anime as usual G
Sorator13: @rabidwombats He does (or did) on Basch, yeah
ylegm: numbers go up
Hungry4Hippo: Beefy boys
Earthenone: fran knows cure though
incslayer: how does one "get better" at using a potion? surely its just a question of drinking it?
Hungry4Hippo: They are going to burn through your potions
Sorator13: @incslayer Yeah, it's... weird.
Gaz_L: does that only effect potions used ON her or BY her?
Sorator13: "legally, I am allowed to let you drink the *whole* vial of potion, instead of only half of it!"
Earthenone: balthier is the healer, he steals the potions :P
TehAmelie: i tink they found the limits in FF10, where you could not actually max all the stats on the sphere grid. i think optimizing gave you around 30,000 HP
mwlsn: @incslayer you start out like someone in an infomercial
doubledbear: It still kills me you have to get multiple licenses to make remedies do anything
Sorator13: @Gaz_L used by her, I believe
grgriffin3: "Potion lore" is just "Hey, if you buttchug this thing it's even more effective, dude!"
BigDaddyBland87: subtle
EricTheOrange: do you have any plans for party comp or are you just winging it?
Hungry4Hippo: @Gaz_L By her
TheThromborax: AI use potions like they're unlimited if you don't set that option correctly
plummeting_sloth: "huh... I wonder where this anchor goes? oh well, dont care"
Foxmar320: Winging it is more fun anyway
Sorator13: Vaan got thicc
LeonisCo: You can change jobs pretty easy now so winging it is a good choice
RedNightmare7: That is a great little indicator that's low on resources and works in story
TXC2: LRR? just winging it? the devil you say Kappa
LadyLockwood92: I think Balthier has it too.
goatprince: there's gonna be a midge swap to all white mage party, obvi
goatprince: *midgame
incslayer: no no now its a midge swap
EvilBadman: Second job is soon, so we can /real/ wing it
Earthenone: to be fair balthir and fran use ranged weapons
Diabore: i dont think he gets any, machinist is a back line class
rabidwombats: Despite being insanely annoying, Vaan is actually a murder hobo
MolaMolaphant: they're far away, like he should be
Diabore: many*
flagonmaster: just finished the vod for the last stream. where we up to?
incslayer: i think it should be pronounced with a hard k sound like makinist :P
doubledbear: @MolaMolaphant Not if all he does is steal XD haha
Sorator13: @flagonmaster We broke out of prison and are now in a big desert... again
MrVirite: 3 lowest levels?
Didero: People not in the active party get no experience, right? There's no EXP Share or something?
Diabore: @Didero correct
Didero: Annoying, but makes sense, thanks
TehAmelie: hey now, if i know anything about final fantasy it's that a 4x white mage party can only win if it success in making fun of black mage
flagonmaster: @flagonmaster i'd prefer a big dessert
incslayer: but they get LP i think?
silenceaux: Balthier didn't get a new weapon, so it makes some sense to leave him back for now?
LeonisCo: They do get LP
Diabore: @Didero thats why my main party is 25~ and fran is... 12
Earthenone: they DO get the LP
KiaStirling: everybody gets lp at least
Earthenone: so its not a huge pain catchign up
Didero: Why did Vaan undo his vest-thingy in his Gambit shot?
plummeting_sloth: they get some lp's? nice nice
Diabore: you can
MrVirite: you can
Earthenone: we can teleport back even
Sorator13: You absolutely can
LeonisCo: there's some mean mobs I think
LeonisCo: That would say no
samu_btdp1985: are we gonna beat up the big Rex
Robot_Bones: nothing, you can even telemport there
incslayer: LP or "loading Points" the internal currency of the moonbase
Diabore: if you want, you can even reclass your skill boards
MrVirite: could go do hunts?
MrVirite: yasss
Didero: Why is Penelo silenced?
TXC2: it'll be a bunch of stingwings, we gotta go to Novac first Kappa
Foxmar320: Birb
Metric_Furlong: ah, the old 'no sharing XP with the off-team' system. ostensibly, there to encourage you picking a set of preferred characters and maining them, in practice: repeated switching in case a point comes up where you *have* to use certain characters
Vanbael: thats a birb...big birb
LeonisCo: THWACK
Earthenone: skin their vaan strikes again
EvilBadman: @Didero Their accessory
Hungry4Hippo: Why is Penelo silenced?
Critterbot: Whack! :D
grgriffin3: WHACK
Sorator13: @Didero She's wearing an accessory that halves elemental damage but silences hers
Earthenone: penelo has a accesory that silences her
samu_btdp1985: is that due to her stone
Hungry4Hippo: @Didero ok cool
Didero: Ah, thanks
kerryg137: That poor ice cream cone
Jethrain: wait. how do you just "steal a pelt"
Ravynn: Doublespeed is so good
Didero: I feel like I ask a lot of questions, thanks everybody for answering them!
Gaz_L: ah, a horse with no name
TXC2: well Penelo's a monk isn't she? maybe she took a vow? Kappa
incslayer: @Metric_Furlong which make playing FF10 a chore for me since i cant allow myself to NOT swap everyone in for every fight no matter how trivial
Diabore: have we seen quad speed yet?
TXC2: Diabore we have not
Bugberry: I'm so used to seeing these enemies in pixel form on handheld and not in 3d.
TheElrad: @Jethrain Advanced thievesmanship
Sorator13: @incslayer there's mods for that!
EricTheOrange: 4X speed is for grinding
incslayer: @Sorator13 not on the switch
Bugberry: quad speed is like the red button in MIB.
Sorator13: oh, rip
MrVirite: ooohhh I just remembered a thing
MrVirite: with the tunnels
Gaz_L: like those King's Quest speed runners who uncap the framerate and just teleport all over the map
EvilBadman: Fun seeing Penelo be a beatstick. She's my primary heal.
Didero: How did they get a broadsword?
kerryg137: Sleipnir with only 4 legs? Immersion ruined
Earthenone: that tomato had a broadsword
Bugberry: harmacist
northos: ehhhhhh
incslayer: @Earthenone yes and?
Gaz_L: just respec Vaan into WHM?
TheThromborax: did you say "Penelope?"
Sorator13: What does leveling... do? increase stats in general? does it increase HP, or is that only on the board?
Snowcookies: Unintentional no healer run lrrBEEJ
EricTheOrange: i remember how emulators would have speed up buttons and you could change it to be insanely fast like 100X speed if your computer could handel it
Foxmar320: Don't need a healer if everything dies
Didero: Wasn't Fran our primary healer?
MolaMolaphant: Penelo has a big stick and a pile of potions
northos: killing enemies quickly is a form of healing
Earthenone: we can respec back in rabanastre if you want to make a healsman
LeonisCo: @Bugberry Now I want a WHM/Melee character
grgriffin3: This party operates on the theory that the best healing is murdering everything before it can hurt you
Metric_Furlong: our primary healer is 'potion'
SK__Ren: I forget who my healer was. I think it was split duty between Balthier with Items and Vaan/Ashe as "Red Mages"
Earthenone: vaan is the healer, he steals the potions :P
EvilBadman: @LeonisCo Haaaave you met monk
RocknGrohlNerd: eh, you know more damage is kind of healing
TheThromborax: Penelo looks like she is hiding behind her bowstaff
rabidwombats: Fran and Penelo were my healers
Earthenone: yeah just talk to moogle at the hunter guild
Earthenone: its also free
bytecaster: If everybody does damage, we defeat enemies before they can hit us and thus don't need a healer, easy!
MrVirite: I thjought someone said respec was after tomb?
EvilBadman: Yeah, the Guild Hall. Also, you're close to opening Second Jobs
LeonisCo: @EvilBadman True
rabidwombats: with... the princess warrior as a secondary, I think
LadyLockwood92: If knowing cure is enough to be primary healer, then my Red Mage should have *much* shorter queue times.
EricTheOrange: If you kill enemies before they can huirt you then you don't need healinf
Sorator13: there's a difference between "Respec" and "get your second job", I think
plummeting_sloth: well, first you need to keep Lady Rennala
Nenluen: respec is unlocked really early, but its off to the side
TheThromborax: there is a Moogle in the Guildhall
TehAmelie: Penelo is a weird assed name. she oughts to exoects some sidetracks
Earthenone: second jobs are after the tomb respecing is already unlocked
SK__Ren: @bytecaster The best Defense is a good Offense. Full DPS clear!
Nenluen: i was able to respect before going into the palace
incslayer: @TehAmelie rude its not nice to judge peoples names
confracto: @TehAmelie now I just wanna eat a Pomello
LeonisCo: I think Vaan and Penelo are equally weird names
malsareus: max slappage
BigDaddyBland87: that was a quiver of something but I didn't see what
LadyLockwood92: The only stat you need to worry about is your enemies health and making it 0.
mtvcdm: Oh, is this the Agathy Fisty reboot?
LurkerSpine: I mean, you could just afk grind the crap out of ff12
bytecaster: Some people call it a "terrible, terrible plan", other people call it a "challenge run"
Earthenone: i respecced bash out of katana spec because i heard on this stream that they use magic to attack and i wasent even on the airship yet
Gekyouryuu: eventually isn't now, though
EricTheOrange: the problem with the all DPS party is you get to bosses who you can't take down in afew seconds
nyperold: It's just "Penelope" without the last syllable.
silenceaux: It's the fastest strategy until it suddenly fails utterly
mwlsn: Barbarian magic: cast iron
EvilBadman: @LurkerSpine Kinda, stuff doesn't respawn passively very fast
PaintingWithFariss: I mean you can get through most of the main story in this without using much offensive magic
RocknGrohlNerd: these birds look kinda delicious, or is it just me?
malsareus: Can we fight the T-Rex?
Sorator13: Penelo learned a lot from Larsa
LurkerSpine: @EvilBadman I mean, it's what I did back when this game came out lol
incslayer: @mtvcdm this is the Fantasy AU fan fiction
RebekahWSD: Wolves just carry around pointy hats?
BlueChloroplast: turkey like birbs look tasty
silenceaux: that wolf had a pointy hat?
TheThromborax: FFXII Nuzlocke. "I'm sorry Balthier, we don't have any Phoenix Down...."
nevermore913: we have learned wolves are weak to staffs?
raulghoulia: who's giving these hats to those doggos?
TXC2: this strat is the same as mono red goblins, either wins fast or loses slow
EvilBadman: @LurkerSpine Fair. I just kept doing the trial mode until I hit a fight the wiped the party
plummeting_sloth: *sees T-Rex* Penelo:"Let me solo her"
Jethrain: @silenceaux have you ever met a wolf that *didn't* have a pointy hat?
nyperold: Better question: who's armoring wild horses?
malsareus: Penelo you need to put a jar on your head first
TXC2: raulghoulia trust me, dogs will steal hats
Gekyouryuu: also, my phone's autocorrect refuses to spell eventually, it keeps changing it to eventide
Sorator13: I like the idea that Ashe, Basch, and Balthier are still in the desert, just confused at why Fran took the kids and ran the complete wrong direction
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Yep
Snowcookies: Death to Nidhogg!
goatprince: (if you didn't get the monograph the guy in the bazaar has it for you
PaintingWithFariss: I think there is one is each city tavern
Earthenone: whenever you want, you can teleport
Firewhiskers: Based that this game doesn't speed up the music to match the speed of the gameplay
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Earthenone: double tupping is where its at though
malsareus: oh god the horror
Sorator13: I think you can take an airship to Bhujerba now, as well
Metric_Furlong: current yugioh opponent has a misspelled racial slur as their username, so that's a thing
MrVirite: I love the little airship sequances
morbis237: Quad speed should activate the Benny Hill music
Didero: What's a warp mote?
CanPlayGames: Guild is just the fantasy word for Union Right? Congrats on unionizing
Sorator13: Motes are combat items; you throw them and they deal damage
plummeting_sloth: *looks over party, sees no healer* "uh, here... take some potions"
BigDaddyBland87: Killing bosses have rewards too...sweet
KiaStirling: oh yeah any boss with a congratulations screen gets you extra prizes from the guild
MrVirite: Have you checked out the weird chibi achivement thing in the menus?
TehAmelie: it does combine the best parts of emulator speed.boost mechanics with reasonable gameplay
SK__Ren: These are less boss hunts and more "fetch bear asses"
Didero: Stick-beating a shelled creature to death doesn't sound ideal
TXC2: "killing a boss is it's own reward, Join a union today!"
KiaStirling: you have an airship, you can go back whenever you want
Earthenone: you can teleport there now with the orange crystals
silenceaux: uh oh, strategy?
Gaz_L: turn Vaan into healsman
TXC2: these are some weird as tetris shapes :p
MrVirite: @Earthenone or take the airship for maximum style points
malsareus: Dr Balthier, what ails you?
Snowcookies: MCH is mostly support iirc
BrowneePoints: Mechanizing
LadyLockwood92: Was Buzjerba named after the feeling of when you bite into a pickle and it's juicier than you expected?
bytecaster: Keeping your air ship running?
DueRecompense: not sure if its obvious, they're zodiac signs (the boards, tile layouts)
goatprince: (mechanist is kind of the bad job)
Genie_M: shoots
NDCazzy: morning lrrGRAHAM
LeonisCo: Thing about guns is that they ignore defense
RedNightmare7: I like how Fran's skill tree is a bow
Critterbot: Machinist.
TXC2: hello NDCazzy welcome
Didero: There was another job that uses guns, wasn't there?
LeonisCo: They have very consistent dmg
incslayer: this is when i once again remind you that you have been streaming for almost half your planned stream time and you might want to stretch your legs and cycle your fluids
TehAmelie: who doesn't like guns?
SK__Ren: They're zodiac signs yeah
TXC2: what a neat touch
ylegm: neat...
Diabore: dont worry g, me too
TehAmelie: wait
TheThromborax: huh! 50 hours in and I don't think I knew that
RedNightmare7: I was wondering, because I couldn't place them. But I was looking for items, not zodiacs
Didero: I misremembered then, sorry
LeonisCo: Staves
TheElrad: also, so far Balthier has mostly been stealing instead of shooting
LeonisCo: Some boards share nodes
Snowcookies: @TheElrad that's a gambit problem tho
Mordin_Solus_Sings: They get second boards at some point, and any tiles that are on both will be active.
BrowneePoints: Shikari uses Guns too...I think
bytecaster: @TheElrad He could be stealin' and healin' though
EvilBadman: Yeah full reset.
LeonisCo: LP is refunded
EvilBadman: You're seeing it as IF you have second job
TheElrad: @TheElrad it is, but that might contribute to Graham feeling the Mechanist does nothing
Didero: Stealing and being ranged seems like it wouldn't combine well
Earthenone: top right is magics
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MolaMolaphant: and maces are your magic vs their defense...
Earthenone: this is the class my princess is :)
Gaz_L: Cura isn't nothin
TXC2: Didero not unless we have arrows that can steal for us
Didero: @TXC2 So, boomerangs? :p
plummeting_sloth: maces and magick was my favorite dungeon and dragons knockoff
EricTheOrange: red mage is the flex class, can fit in any party slot
TXC2: Didero YES!
BrowneePoints: Basch and Balthier are great at melee
malsareus: Grappling hooks!
BrowneePoints: fran is great at range, and Ashe/Penelo are amazing casters
TheThromborax: this is a deceptively complex system
TheThromborax: Red Battlemage: One thing to note is that this is one of the busiest jobs in the game, meaning you're probably better off not making your Red Battlemage either a White Mage or Black Mage as well. This job is absolutely paired best with another that has more Swiftnesses, isn't too busy, and perhaps has some Battle Lores to be more effective."
SK__Ren: What do the Measures actually do though?
Didero: I kinda wanted to start playing this game too, but I would absolutely end up at choice paralysis at about this point :p
DueRecompense: maces are so bad, need a gun
TehAmelie: i liked Erfworld's system, where you'd have (approximately) 24 different magic systems with their own entire worldview
Genie_M: you can give them back machinist as second board
Squigel: balthier has a special animation when using guns wich actually makes his attacks slower
goatprince: measures give buffs upon hit - gilt measure I think adds protect, etc etc
LeonisCo: He's gotta be extra
bytecaster: For style points?
malsareus: style points always win
noSmokeFire: a caliper tells you how wide your party members are
EvilBadman: Same with Fran and Bows IIRc
Earthenone: looking cool is important ok
Ravynn: Because he has style
MolaMolaphant: early measures are low damage and buff on-hit. Later ones include some damaging spells.
Vanbael: But its a special animation! It looks cool!
goatprince: measures are irrelevant except for one or two boss fights
Bruceski: @Squigel trivially slower unless you're minmaxing
TheThromborax: I can't believe they didn't include this in the original NA launch of the game
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BrowneePoints: But yea all I remember is that once you have double Boards Shikari or Knight/Foebreaker is a NASTY combo on Balthier
LeonisCo: Dark is very good
Didero: 'Cura' is a better 'Cure', I assume?
TheThromborax: time magic is so so good
BrowneePoints: sorry Shikari or Knight WITH Foebreaker as 2nd is a good combo*
Diabore: need to find haste
EvilBadman: One thing for Casters, grab some gambits, they get busy
TheThromborax: Slow and Haste are game-changers
EvilBadman: gambit slots*
Didero: 'Protect' seems useful if you're mainly melee
plummeting_sloth: and that extends out as well. The Cura was a better band that The Cure
TXC2: Cura should be worse then cure, its one vowel down
vanman229: This chess looks weird
TehAmelie: the answer to every question about "why" in this game, as far as i've heard, seems to be "because they didn't playtest the different combat animation speeds of the characters"
LadyLockwood92: @Didero Yeah, in Final Fantasy it changes the last few letters as they get stronger. For example: Cure, Cura, Curaga.
Earthenone: a healer that can block, best class :)
Didero: @Didero Oh yeah, I think Kingdom Hearts did that too
TehAmelie: and then you have "Cure All" :3
SK__Ren: @TehAmelie Surely that is a TL error. Shouldn't it be Cura II? :P
LadyLockwood92: @Didero Yup. The only exceptions to that rule are the MMO's, definitely 14, maybe 11. But that's for ease of use for players.
MolaMolaphant: and then the next tier up that sometimes show up is the curajas, which isn't confusing at all
KiaStirling: you might wanna visit a magic shop at some point to buy spells
niccus: cure, cura, curare
TheThromborax: Pointy Hat!
Earthenone: could also let him use the license free sword :)
MolaMolaphant: @niccus truly the motto of the red mages
plummeting_sloth: love teh idea of a battlemage that is unarmed in a pointy hat
TheThromborax: Do you have Vaan set to Steal everything always all the time?
Earthenone: also i second the sugestion to go check a magic store now that you have a spellcaster
Diabore: shops should be progression based, not location based @LoadingReadyRun
raulghoulia: yj?
KiaStirling: go to magic store, buy booster packs?
RocknGrohlNerd: visit cardkingdomdotcom
TXC2: !cardkingdom
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KiaStirling: the magic store is near the tecknick store
incslayer: a kingdom of cards!
TXC2: !ck
LRRbot: Card Kingdom: A Fiefdom of Foils!
KiaStirling: the clan shop only carries a few thing based on your rank
Ravynn: This is one of the only things ZA needs, a 'sell all loot' button
Didero: Then go to to buy sleeves for your new cards!
goatprince: I think the clan provisioner is the one place to buy green magic? there's only like 5 green spells anyway
TheThromborax: I got to the point where I would just buy everything in all stores, but at some point money becomes a non-issue
Didero: 'Headhunter'? Why not hunt the whole body?
TheThromborax: as with all RPGs you begin as a destitute dirt-eating peasant and end the game as a kind of post-scarcity demigod
RocknGrohlNerd: dang it lrrbot, just reminded me I need to buy some legacy foils, rip my wallet
Diabore: @TheThromborax theres a very good early money farm in bhujerba that i frequotly use too great effect
CaptainSpam: I swear, the fast-forward running is almost Benny Hill-esque.
noSmokeFire: @Didero smh. head hunting is so wasteful. they just cut off the head and throw the rest of the target back in the water
TheThromborax: @Diabore this is one of my favorite games to just break
incslayer: its great that yellowjacket has a affiliate store in rabanastra
goatprince: (dark is good)
Earthenone: shell and protect are always nice too
Didero: Protect seems useful
DueRecompense: Thunder is a basic
plummeting_sloth: love that Vaan keeps doing more and more obvious anti-Imperial stuff and coming back to this occupied city like it's no big deal
ylegm: I remember slow being a thing
Gaz_L: slow seems good?
ylegm: oil is garbage
Raincoast_Bear: Graham! Great to see you enjoying a game this fine morning. How are things in Victoria? It's a dull grey day across the Salish Sea in Vancouver.
grgriffin3: Darkrai?
Didero: There were also spells to cure poison, apparently, could save on antidotes
KartoffelKaiser: Slow is part of the holy trinity of debuffs in this game
KartoffelKaiser: It's very good
noSmokeFire: I prefer Rosemary and Sage magic
confracto: nah, they just sell timeshares
TheThromborax: "Excuse me my good man, do you has the times?"
silenceaux: immobilize was also time
TXC2: noSmokeFire no parsley ?
DueRecompense: thats going to drain MP
noSmokeFire: @TXC2 most of the parsley around here has no flavor, so I'm not hype about it
TehAmelie: every FF from 7 on has had ways to turn money into a triviality. but this game to me seemed like it demanded some thoughtfulness to manage fights. too bad if you can cheat :x
KartoffelKaiser: He'll cast it until all targets are slowed
Diabore: correct
ylegm: unless the creature is already slowed
Bruceski: buffs and debuffs are smart, won't recast if it's up
Bruceski: If someone's immune, though, you can loop
Diabore: he'll cast till party leader target is slowed, then attack
KartoffelKaiser: right yes, Diabore is correct
Diabore: he has tiny tiny health now
TheThromborax: the problem is that some are immune to slow
TheThromborax: so you just keep casting slow and they eat your arms
TXC2: "it's on sale!"
Didero: Somehow that 'soup store' video keeps being funny
Gaz_L: gotta go a-hunting, i guess?
KartoffelKaiser: omg our robes and wizard hat, we found them
plummeting_sloth: definitely going ot call my windbreaker "armor" from now on
doubledbear: Did G already sell all his loot?
Didero: Oh good, break time, I could use one
incslayer: is it time to pet a dino?
DueRecompense: armor against wind
Prop_PT: the money sinks in this game do demand you to make decisions on what to buy in the early game at least
TXC2: plummeting_sloth it's arm our against wind at least
NDCazzy: which system are we on?
Didero: Time to steal some more broadswords from the local wildlife
incslayer: the hot water system
NDCazzy: got it:)
incslayer: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
plummeting_sloth: wow, at 60FPS? that means if we do the quad speed thing we'll be at 360 FPS!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Didero: "Don't go away"? But I have to pee D:
TehAmelie: row, row, break the power
TXC2: plummeting_sloth 4 * 60 is 240
incslayer: he is using Math! that means hes a blocker run away
LordManiMani: aww Zodiac patched out buff stacking+Stamp strategy
kerryg137: haha perfect break time, just got back with food
LeonisCo: FF12/Ivalice has such great background music
mwlsn: I’m always trying to think what compose this cue reminds me of and I can never quite get it
TheThromborax: did anyone here play the DS-exclusive FFXII sequel?
TheThromborax: I remember hearing about it, but never played it
mwlsn: *composer
Diabore: @TheThromborax yes, it was... fine
LordManiMani: I played Revenant Wings. I remember the end got real hard/grindy and I'm not sure if I finished
Diabore: i know i didnt finish
TheThromborax: That's a bit of a bummer, but at least I won't be tempted to track down a copy
TehAmelie: my hobby is responding to astrologist posts saying "that prediction/personality analysis fits me perfectly, and it's not even my zodiac sign!"
TXC2: and we're back
TehAmelie: oh hi
incslayer: no i am not prepared
TheThromborax: Gotta Go Fast
KeytarCat: Hello friends TransgenderPride
Molladia: @LoadingReadyRun wanted to pop in and say thankyou for the new Gvlog, made me very happy.
plummeting_sloth: time to go to ludicious seed
grgriffin3: Activate maximum tuptuptuppage!
BloodnBullets: morning folks! able to watch some in real time today!
LadyLockwood92: Engage Ludicrous Speed!
ylegm: *hurp*
TehAmelie: zoomies!
KartoffelKaiser: maximum over-tup
DueRecompense: gotta go fast
Didero: am vaan having stroke
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: youve gone to plaid
rabbitgta: we sanic now?
KiaStirling: zoomies
LadyLockwood92: Vaan's gone to Plaid!
cassaclyzm: vibrating instead of breathing
plummeting_sloth: PING
Firewhiskers: I can see through time
Leonhart321: I still need to watch that. First on the docket after the stream I think
ylegm: efficient, but a lot
doubledbear: That was a great episode of Live
Mangledpixel: very fun, and scratched some of that Panalysts itch
DueRecompense: penelo kills them before Bal can even get the spell off
TheThromborax: Graham, hold down the left bumper and press up or down to change the speed (at least, on switch, that was the shortcut)
Diabore: LUL at balthier trying to cast slow
grgriffin3: Sticks: the deadliest weapons in the FF universe
BigDaddyBland87: Vaan gonna phase through matter
DeM0nFiRe: I don't get what is weird, this is exactly how I move in real life all the time
TheThromborax: *up or down on the D pad
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: that episode of live was gold from start to finish,i was so happy when i realized what was happening
plummeting_sloth: did... did we just beat up Horus?
Didero: This game has a lot of features for people who don't want to play the game
ylegm: I always hated these owl enemies
Vanbael: I agree, we're close to achieving plaid
ylegm: they never get any easier
Sorator13: Yeah, Slow seems like a good gambit for boss fights, but not normal ones
TXC2: we go any faster we'll be turning back time to save Lois Lane
TehAmelie: i will say ZSNES allows 30x speed without breaking a sweat
Didero: Do we have hunts to kill in this desert?
Leonhart321: Slow seems redundant when we have the zoomies
KeytarCat: "Balthier, buddy, you don't have to slow them if we can ace them"
Firewhiskers: Final Fantasy Adderall
klarm_ravenousgigamole: this game is very true to life in that it lets you spend hours wandering around killing dogs
BloodnBullets: OH! did G ever equip the ammo he got from the bazzar bundles?
DueRecompense: birds were non-aggro
plummeting_sloth: that was fun... never again
TXC2: FF12 Turbo HD edition
grgriffin3: I want to ride one of those spiky horse enemies
JakeKamas: @BloodnBullets He did but I believe no one is using guns now
plummeting_sloth: dang, this little guys gave you the gears
Firewhiskers: Is this fun?
Sorator13: Oh right, Cura is AoE in this game; I forgot
TXC2: !findquote fun
LRRbot: Quote #7271: "If you don't win, you're fired, also have fun." —Ben, as Graham [2020-10-09]
SpleenLord: Guns are so last season
BloodnBullets: @BloodnBullets Great, thanks. It was annoying the hell out me while watching the Vods, but they were vods....
TehAmelie: Balthier is now an enforced pacifist
beowuuf: the a-macing balthier
Sorator13: I wouldn't go that far TehAmelie
Earthenone: flyers are immune to melee
samu_btdp1985: have we seen big rex yet
Earthenone: so very?
Diabore: well... its flying
TheThromborax: flying + melee weapons = sadness
MrVirite: it's flying~
TXC2: samu_btdp1985 we sure have
confracto: making balthier use maces and magic? that's a paladin.
TheThromborax: you don't have reach
plummeting_sloth: ooof, it hits hard
Invitare: if only you had some sort of gun...
northos: @Earthenone not quite immune but it is VERY low accuracy
KartoffelKaiser: Poles, Spears, Magic, and Ranged Weapons can hit flying enemies
DueRecompense: throw some rust at it
JakeKamas: It is also dealing 400 damage per hit
tehfewl: fun fact, Balthier's gun animation is slower than every other characters, making him empirically the Worst gun user. of course this was true in the original ps2 release, so no idea if it was updated...
Earthenone: he has other tabs
BloodnBullets: havent been here long, why is penelo pink?
TXC2: tehfewl it was not
Sorator13: She has an accessory that halves elemental damage that she takes but perma-silences her @BloodnBullets
northos: @BloodnBullets oh my god you can't just ask someone why they're pink
Earthenone: there are magic and armor and technic tabs
Earthenone: not just weapons
TheThromborax: which isn't a lot but it's weird that....
TXC2: what does Silence do ?
TacitusVigil: Hello Graham, all. Have we found the Zodiac Killer yet?
TehAmelie: i believe i just mentioned the game combat system was apparently never balanced for the character designs
Sorator13: Can't use magic when silenced
kristian_fischer: Ahoy-hoy, Graham. Just finished the new TTC. It was real good.
Prop_PT: ah the sandsea
BloodnBullets: @Sorator13 ah, so i guess she isnt a white mage yet them.
EvilBadman: @TXC2 It's emote only mode but for melee
TheThromborax: Fantasy Oil Refinery!!
DueRecompense: @TXC2 cant cast magic
Earthenone: !findquote lifestream
LRRbot: Quote #6913: "Lifestream feels like thick wet, send tweet." —Graham [2020-04-22]
traccer224: CoolStoryBob here comes the fun part
Critterbot: Oh! This place...
Sorator13: @BloodnBullets She is currently a Monk
TXC2: hello TacitusVigil and kristian_fischer welcome
BloodnBullets: @northos Sorry! Sorry! so uncouth of me!
samu_btdp1985: isn't this a destiny 2 landscape
TXC2: EvilBadman DueRecompense I see, thank you
plummeting_sloth: boy those would be hot shoes for a desert
BigDaddyBland87: that sure was some letters put together
TehAmelie: that guy HAS SHOES! gettem
TheThromborax: he's wearing a Bolero Vest. His shoes are a whole lot of whatever
Lazarus2511: liquefaction! run! XD
Leonhart321: Booo
TehAmelie: oh, was it Vaan?
Critterbot: Liquid sand, huh? Curious...
RocknGrohlNerd: LUL
plummeting_sloth: I guess this is why there is sky pirates of land piracy would have to happen on sand
EricTheOrange: the sand here is extra flowy for some reason so you can't stand on it
RealGamerCow: *immediately starts coughing from the dust
TheThromborax: if TikTok has taught me anything, there's a HUGE SPEAKER somewhere under that sand
ipoddodd: I hate sand...
DueRecompense: there is a cool video from Japan with a sea\cove like that, liquid beach
Gaz_L: there may be more similiarities than you remembered?
BigDaddyBland87: holy hell this is Tatooine
TXC2: this is clearly an Indiana Jones reference
Didero: Why are we not flying again?
TacitusVigil: also, you know, travel at night?
plummeting_sloth: "Penelo was the first to die"
Sorator13: @Didero the Jagd prevents flying
LordManiMani: ah! Squand! kinda like sand, kinda not!
Diabore: the next required desert section
KiaStirling: welcome to jagd!
Sorator13: skystones no work in Jagd
Earthenone: anywas here the jawa level
Didero: @Didero Did they say what a 'jagd' is?
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @Didero Magic making a no-magic zone we can't fly throught
KeytarCat: "Tougher than I look!" *is poisoned*
KartoffelKaiser: @Didero Our destination is in an "airships don't work" zone
Sorator13: (what is the Jagd, you ask? Excellent question! Next question.)
Leonhart321: Would you say these comparisons are coarse, rough and get everywhere?
doubledbear: Better a sand level than a poison swamp
TheThromborax: there is only one kind of music for sand
Ravynn: FFXII is Star Wars confirmed!
kerryg137: Omg it does sound just like Tattoine
cassaclyzm: the music definitely has James Williamsian aspiration
KartoffelKaiser: Jagd is basically an area of very intense mist. idk if that's ever said in game
cassaclyzm: *john williamsian
northos: @doubledbear oh don't worry, we'll get there
plummeting_sloth: look it was either that or a Lawrence of Arabia sting
Earthenone: will vaan wear it close to his heart/
KevinTheShark: Well.... it does get everywhere...
morbis237: "I hate sand" - Vaan, probably
LadyLockwood92: In fairness, Star Wars is a massive cultural touchstone.
BigDaddyBland87: get them levels!
KeytarCat: Homage isn't a substantive parallel, I think we're good
GDwarble: It is simultaneously true that "it's just Star Wars" isn't correct *and* that it's clearly making a lot of homages to Star Wars
RedNightmare7: Sometimes music just goes full Star Wars. There is a cutscene in Halo 4 that everyone who I have seen watch it when they hear the music goes "Wait, what is this, Star Wars?"
Earthenone: she is a monk, she took a vow
GDwarble: Not that Star Wars homages are exactly rare in the "home recurring characters Biggs & Wedge" Final Fantasy series
Sorator13: I find it interesting that she is Silenced and yet still makes battle cries
TXC2: LadyLockwood92 indeed, you can tell if something was made before or after star wars, it was so impactful
TacitusVigil: that's the worst chess board I've ever seen
GDwarble: @TacitusVigil Makes the game more dynamic
ipoddodd: @TacitusVigil Chess 2
northos: 2 map
nyperold: Don't forget to comb the sands... with a comb that's a size that normal novelty-size combs would find a bit excessive.
TXC2: Meps?
KartoffelKaiser: this is getting out of hand
Earthenone: aww no map mimics :P
TehAmelie: one prominent discrepancy from Star Wars is that this game has Vaan AND Balthier filling in for any more compelling main characters
plummeting_sloth: "I talked to some phoenix about how their feathers work, so I use them better now"
EricTheOrange: I mean if FF12 is starwars than Fran is Chewbaca. strict upgrade I would say.
MrVirite: but, why?
Diabore: its so big
BigDaddyBland87: that's a lot of circles
TehAmelie: Kappa etc
GDwarble: @EricTheOrange Aww, I like Fran
Sorator13: I remember grinding so much in this area
KartoffelKaiser: @Earthenone don't worry, the game has far crueler mimics waiting for us later on SeriousSloth
Earthenone: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here:
MolaMolaphant: this location was so cool, and soooo loooong
DueRecompense: fruits from those little guys sell for a lot
DueRecompense: beat me to it
kerryg137: Hmm succulant fruits
EricTheOrange: @GDwarble I agree, that's why FF12 is an upgrade.
Firewhiskers: This area is very impressive for the PS2 and wears out its welcome so very fast
GDwarble: @EricTheOrange Ah, heh, read it the other way
MrVirite: what's the point of having maps at just the very start like that?
KiaStirling: you need money badly, too. You have so many spells and gambits to buy!
Gaz_L: just like Chewie!
Diabore: during actually
Ravynn: Before
RedNightmare7: During.
NightValien28: before
bytecaster: During of course!
Invitare: both
plummeting_sloth: must be before, not nearly sad enough
Gaz_L: well, you see, in ending J...
grgriffin3: Plot twist: during
GDwarble: I...can actually answer that question! The answer is "roughly simultaneous with"
Earthenone: no wonder there are so many tomatos
northos: well, if both FF12 and Nier have crossovers with FF14, and the Nier crossover is explicitly canon...
RedNightmare7: 2B is gonna pop by any second now
kerryg137: Is it just me but does this look like Jabba's ship?
TacitusVigil: but before the battle of Jakku
TehAmelie: oh my cats, this is "exactly" the map from Nier Automata
KeytarCat: Different planet in the system or something
EricTheOrange: rusty metal in the desert
bytecaster: Vaan is actually called V2An
nyperold: It's Ending Sand-C.
GDwarble: The FF12 section of FF14 happens before the NieR Automata raids, which themselves take place shortly after N:A the game, so you *could* argue that these events happen at roughly the same time.
Diabore: sup vossy
plummeting_sloth: I live here
BigDaddyBland87: The hell did you come from?
Sorator13: vossler can you please stop doing that
TXC2: also how are you here ?
MrVirite: background Fran
grgriffin3: So who is Vossler? I think I missed his introduction somehow
RocknGrohlNerd: vanished? we saw nothing
plummeting_sloth: I will lend my arm, but no more of me. No feet, for example
noSmokeFire: Barcode or Vosslerine
KartoffelKaiser: LUL
Sorator13: @grgriffin3 Another Dalmascan army officer; he protected Ashe while she was "dead"
plummeting_sloth: "foebreaker, actually"
nevermore913: just my arm though not the rest of me
TXC2: grgriffin3 he's a soldier, worked with Basch
MrVirite: do dodododo
LadyLockwood92: [Darude Intensifies]
LordManiMani: sand hurricane!
plummeting_sloth: far worse? Darude's revenge?
Earthenone: vossler is a resistance leader, who has been guarding ashe while she was presumed dead
KartoffelKaiser: Something far worse: Insect People Jawas
DueRecompense: Vossler on that thick belt choker lifestyle
grgriffin3: Much appreciated!
TheAinMAP: duDudu
RocknGrohlNerd: siri. play Darude, Sandstorm
Firewhiskers: Utini!
Didero: 'unfond' is a weird word
Earthenone: it means jawa time!
KartoffelKaiser: I love the design on these homies
klarm_ravenousgigamole: oh hell yeah time for the little guys to come
Leonhart321: Utini
GDwarble: Time for Dune!
BigDaddyBland87: So...Tuscan Raiders
northos: it means what if the sand people and the jawas were the same people
Critterbot: Tuskan raiders, basically.
CodeIndigo: someone forgot to walk without rhythm
LordManiMani: hootini!
plummeting_sloth: "Alright, I'm going to put a moratorium on proper nouns until we sit down and have a long talk"
Didero: Oh no, Tusken raiders!
noSmokeFire: Tuskan Raiders
Ravynn: Sand people! I mean Urutan-Yensa!
LadyLockwood92: Sand People with Sand Sharks.
confracto: it means more star wars references
lannersong: Not a star wars
KeytarCat: Man, everyone is hot
EvilBadman: Brace for Proper Noun impact
traccer224: CoolStoryBob the party is here
DueRecompense: Is this Avatar 3?
Earthenone: tuscan raiders but jawa sized
grgriffin3: Not Star Wars, we swear
noSmokeFire: I'm glad they're having a nice time
TXC2: are these the pricks who kidnapped Appa?
Gaz_L: some sand people
goatprince: remember the cultural landscape of the 00's? :)
Masslost: Legally distinct sand people
Firewhiskers: More XP in Jawa form!
Scy_Anide: They saw you on FourSquare
TXC2: goatprince I try not to :p
kerryg137: They look like they're having fun
LadyLockwood92: Okie, I gotta go. I'll catch the rest on the Vod. Have a good stream G ^^
EvilBadman: You touched the sand and woke them up a mile away
Serioavion: 12 was a lot of fun to play, but boy did the story feel like a mess even by FF standards
Athelgar: after watching the other day, i picked this game up again for the first time since it came out. spent the entire weekend playing, thanks G lol
TXC2: so long LadyLockwood92 stay safe
KartoffelKaiser: He was a captain, yeah. Reks called him Captain Azelas in the prologue
grgriffin3: Thanks for that explainer, G!
TWCblank: Ashe looks pretty good for someone who killed herself.
Earthenone: just be cool
Genie_M: oh I grinded so many levels here.....
Sorator13: LUL
lannersong: FWIW Penelo DID follow your request
KartoffelKaiser: LUL
TehAmelie: i'm really not trying to just rip on the game, but if this game had the fighty mechanics of Nier Automata i might not have stopped playing it in the past 15 years
plummeting_sloth: "We face sandraiders, we must hide... but first to keep some weird little guys for fruit"
RocknGrohlNerd: you all had one job
Andymonium: vossler you're a guest, we invited you into our homes...
Snowcookies: I think Vossler might be intentionally sabotaging us Kappa
doubledbear: Get used to that happening lol
LordManiMani: I remember getting my longest chains here
Genie_M: I was way overpowered for the rest of the game
Jethrain: vossler: "ooh shiny"
Baldrash: Vossler's the friend that dumps an entire soda into the carpet and doesn't even offer to clean it up.
MrVirite: lvl 17
MrVirite: wow
doubledbear: Guest-bits
jaqofspades: Cheer100 Cheer100 Wanted to thank you and the LRR crew for being one of the things getting me through the stomach flu.
Firewhiskers: Telekensis just means you an attack a flying enemies without missing
carefreewill: can’t you enter some sort of “everyone else don’t follow” mode? I remember that being a thing, but I don’t remember how.
kerryg137: He's a simple man, he knows only violence
Sorator13: I thought that was a thing as well, but I also forget how @carefreewill
grgriffin3: Traveler sounds fun
KartoffelKaiser: TIL Vossler can use Traveler
BigDaddyBland87: "i am gonna hit you harder because you made me come to you"
TheMerricat: Afternoon chat and Graham, how are our lovable vagabonds doing? and Vaan...
northos: time for speedrun traveler strats? 👀
doubledbear: Run around ALOT before a boss fight haha
Athelgar: did they change it so guests use player inventory for items?
DueRecompense: no
TXC2: hello TheMerricat welcome
KartoffelKaiser: ooh, rare Bomb!
goatprince: rare game!
Critterbot: It's a pineapple. :D
Diabore: wait pineapple?
MrAyeAxe: Traveler on a guest character is quite silly isn't it :D
kerryg137: I thought the bombs were friendly
Ravynn: Pineapple grenade
KeytarCat: Is Traveler one of the flat damage based on a file statistic moves, like Thievery in FF9?
Firewhiskers: You can pull your party away from an enemy with one of the controller triggers I think?
Diabore: you murdered pineapple
TehAmelie: our PCs are being more straight up murder hobos than anyone in the history of the previous 10 games, i think is how we're doing
nyperold: I imagine there are insect tiles in some novelty mahjongg set somewhere.
KartoffelKaiser: @KeytarCat sort of, except it rolls over and resets to zero at certain values. So it's not just "more steps = more damage", it's "certain ranges of steps = more damage"
KiaStirling: the trap down here is good actually, do step on this one
KartoffelKaiser: it's super weird
EvilBadman: @TehAmelie Murder /tourists/
plummeting_sloth: careful, it's not non-agressive! "you mean it's aggressive?" yeah sure whatever
KiaStirling: step on it! it's good!
Diabore: how much do you trust your party
KiaStirling: yay
tehfewl: ha pranke
MrVirite: @plummeting_sloth is this like flammable / inflammable?
rustymugs: not all traps are bad :P
KartoffelKaiser: You weren't :)
Firewhiskers: Every time I see a treasure chest that gives me less gil than it costs to buy a potion, I imagine an English butler saying "Your pittance, mah'm."
KiaStirling: 99.9999% of traps are evil. That one is good.
Didero: I feel like you owe Balthier an apology over that, Graham Kappa
kerryg137: Just step in all the traps
TXC2: what's the bet that's the only trap in the game that does that ?
plummeting_sloth: that was a trap just for undead party members I guess
Earthenone: also gives wind resistance :P
KartoffelKaiser: @TXC2 there's more that do, but way more that do bad things
KiaStirling: @TXC2 it's the only one like that I have memorized at least
Sorator13: @Firewhiskers You didn't expect people to just leave tons of money lying around for you to steal, did you? That would be ridiculous!
KartoffelKaiser: and no way to tell the difference without stepping on them
RocknGrohlNerd: I would believe that TXC2
Diabore: windbreaker and balaclava LUL
Sorator13: cold, during the day in the desert
Jobot180: You'll catch your death out there without ya windbreaker!
MolaMolaphant: yeah, 100 feet off the ground in the desert? that breeze has gotta be killer
RealGamerCow: blyat
Firewhiskers: @Firewhiskers "You found half of a ten dollar bill lying on the ground, for some reason."
KartoffelKaiser: Golden amulet is very good.
Earthenone: theres gold in them there amulets!
Diabore: yes, very good
DueRecompense: windbreaker is Lvl 4 armor, what is 1-3? hobo sack and ace bandage
RocknGrohlNerd: so you can buy more
Earthenone: maybe balthir so he can catch up?
samu_btdp1985: 85
Firewhiskers: @DueRecompense If you wear them all the sound changes to Bella Ciao.
KiaStirling: murder a few more urutan-yensa
KartoffelKaiser: if only we could equip the gold amulet, we'd be able to equip the gold amulet faster NotLikeThis
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
Firewhiskers: If I was by myself and saw four people twice my size running at me, I would run away
NDCazzy: every time it says 2-chain...
kerryg137: They way they run on double speed reminds me of old side scrolling hanna barbara cartoons LUL LUL
TXC2: Firewhiskers eh, if those 4 people were this hot, I'd accept my fate Kappa
DueRecompense: too bad you cant take Vossler's sword from him
Firewhiskers: "That was my mother's pebble! You monsters!"
Earthenone: insert serge meme here?
plummeting_sloth: just one more murder to get smart enough to wear a ring
TheThromborax: Optimize never lets me down
betazed15: Egads...what a day. Howdy folks, how are things?
KartoffelKaiser: Optimize is a lot better in Zodiac Age mostly because it's harder to accidentally mix armor types
BrindleBoar: if Lord of the Rings has taught me anything, it is that murder is a key component of ringwearing
KartoffelKaiser: Most classes only have access to the type of armor they should be wearing anyway
TXC2: hello betazed15 welcome
Bearudite: Basch's menu picture looks like he wants to try out to be in a Nickleback cover band
malsareus: msn vossler has a big sword
Earthenone: ohh no frogs!
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KartoffelKaiser: A secret :)
northos: let's find out!
Diabore: you can find out
malsareus: sand?
DueRecompense: only one way to find out
Earthenone: statisticly, sand
TXC2: time to science
Diabore: underground sand
malsareus: oh we found a tunnel
goatprince: time 4 slime
kerryg137: Mmm delicous flan
Diabore: 168 is good exp
betazed15: *bursts into song..."Secret tunnel!!! Secret tunnel..."
DueRecompense: vossler go smash
TXC2: these aren't flans, these are jello pops
Firewhiskers: @TXC2 What if they were otter shaped
KartoffelKaiser: You don't :)
MrVirite: it's fiiine
kerryg137: @txc2 lmaooo
Earthenone: ahh the silithid
KiaStirling: it's a level 30+ area lol
Hungry4Hippo: Kek
KartoffelKaiser: Well, parts of it are
KiaStirling: it connects to other areas
GDwarble: For exploration reasons!
DueRecompense: Starship trooper bugs
Diabore: save space
Nuurgle: not the time to Find Out
TehAmelie: two lovers, a war divides their people, and i'm talking abiut Balthier and Vaan here♫
KartoffelKaiser: One zone has the highest level enemies in the game :)
kerryg137: For people like you to die in!
KartoffelKaiser: For no reason :)
GDwarble: I actually kinda love when games let you wander into extremely dangerous areas, makes the world feel less planned and more organic
TXC2: Firewhiskers they would be jelattos?
MrVirite: it's liek a sneak preview, all the roads were dead ends
KiaStirling: @KartoffelKaiser I try to forget the level 90s down there. I hate them.
Diabore: get in chains busted
SpyHunterDT: All JRPGS need an Oops area to wander into
goatprince: this is an area to attempt PARTS of after you to the tomb, -maybe-
Firewhiskers: @TXC2 Bless you
BrindleBoar: to more accurately simulate an MMO
KiaStirling: there's also an entrance to it in the Westersand
Firewhiskers: @SpyHunterDT Oops areas should have save points before them though
malsareus: think of that area as the local tree sentinel
urkleturtle: this game has so many oops areas
raulghoulia: really hope the suikoden 2 remaster has the gate glitch
malsareus: oh right, Batlhier is a magem'ns now
EricTheOrange: The problem of making a non linear game with charecter progression. while you CAN go anywhere right away if you go to the hard places first it will probably be too dificult
Earthenone: cura is an expeisve aoe heal. maybe go down to cure to save mp?
KartoffelKaiser: Fortunately this version has an auto-save, so you can only goozle yourself so much in a dangerous area
MrAyeAxe: I can never give Balthier something that's not a gun, it's like I flavor judge myself
Earthenone: thats quite funny
TehAmelie: still loving the dude who springs into an almost Conan level pose with his swords whenever there's combat
urkleturtle: but does he know hi-potion?
malsareus: Our man Balthier is bad at the basics of healing, only advanced stuff
kainboa: dude wants big boom, even if it's a healing boom
Earthenone: you can also just melee them
kerryg137: Sleeeep!
goatprince: alarm clock was the original item, lol
Athelgar: can also just hit em
Earthenone: punches wake them
KartoffelKaiser: Sword also cures sleep :)
DueRecompense: ^^
Not_On_Twitch: Strike them ^.^
malsareus: So Graham hows you day been?
Critterbot: lol! :D
Sorator13: sandfish!
Not_On_Twitch: Just don't strike them -too- hard.
BrindleBoar: yeah you have your mage/support/whatever Gambit'd to do friendly fire
TXC2: back in my day we kissed sleeping princess to wake them :p
malsareus: well we don't have a prince on stock do we
Earthenone: now thats a crime @TXC2 :P
whatthebus: @Not_On_Twitch well phoenix down also cures sleep. in a manner of speaking
TehAmelie: hmm how much of the big picture of this game is equally applicable to Yes, Your Grace, you think=
ShaneLeeAtk: Oh... I didn't realize just how BEEG that katana was.
Firewhiskers: Ye cannot get ye succulent fruit
noSmokeFire: we have succulent fruit at home
Foxmar320: You want my what now???
DueRecompense: @TXC2 me too Kappa
KartoffelKaiser: @Firewhiskers now we have to just sit here wondering why on earth we cannot get ye succulent fruit
Sorator13: I get so much of my memories of this game mixed up with my memories of The Last Remnant
Earthenone: baltheir was going to spend the succulent fruit money on hankerchiefs anyways, just saving a step really
noSmokeFire: those traps are a real asshole bit of level design
Jethrain: is there a gambit for "hey see that thing there: don't step on that"
Sorator13: Nope
KeytarCat: Just give him ethers to huff?
KartoffelKaiser: @Jethrain no NotLikeThis
Firewhiskers: So when did we last save?
Earthenone: its called "float" it lets you walk over traps :P
KartoffelKaiser: there is a spell that makes you immune to traps though
Earthenone: @Firewhiskers it autosaves on area entries
TXC2: vossler has levels? :p
RocknGrohlNerd: on Innistrad we had MorKrut, now we have MorFruit
KartoffelKaiser: :)
malsareus: ehhhh, what's the worst that could happen?
Firewhiskers: @Earthenone Oh thank heavens
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Use the lightning gem.
TehAmelie: let's be fair, we're really just Ironmanning it
Athelgar: when was your last save is the 'how many cards in hand?' of RPGs
KartoffelKaiser: If you see a giant ball of fire, don't walk towards it :)
BigDaddyBland87: !badadvice
LRRbot: Dye it with your blood.
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Visit Death.
Lazarus2511: the riiiings of POWAH
Sorator13: @KartoffelKaiser Walking towards it is fine! You just want to not use magic near it.
bisaflau: Anybody else got the feeling we are running in circles? Kappa
Lazarus2511: :D
Leonhart321: Preventing the sandstorms rusting and/or degrading the blade?
KartoffelKaiser: unlike in counterstrike, you actually run *slower* with your knife out SeriousSloth
Ravynn: Right in the kidneys
Sorator13: OOF
malsareus: ok Ashe you don't get to do that again
DueRecompense: 9 circles of hell
Sorator13: I'm not sure that Basch or Vossler will be much better, mind
Prop_PT: if you want to min/max it either swap someone in or unequip them first
TehAmelie: i do not believe any game before or since Prince of Persia has made any use of a mechanic for putting weapons down
malsareus: aren't we all?
Firewhiskers: Everyone's weak to arrow
chaostreader: Ashe nearly broke the chain.
Earthenone: the messed up thing is you can combo when hitting friends
kerryg137: !badadvice
LRRbot: Keep your cards hidden.
urkleturtle: or you could unequip the weapon before doing it
Sorator13: @Earthenone oh no
DueRecompense: Chain level 3, extra items
KiaStirling: chaining is great
Sorator13: chains are powerful!
DueRecompense: Chain-stage 3
Sorator13: yes, it's the drops
Firewhiskers: You get HP, MP and Protect status effect at random
Critterbot: It's the pickups, they sometimes buff you too.
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah that's what the chain levels do. Drops now can heal you, restore mp, or buff you
Genie_M: gold chains
KartoffelKaiser: (in addition to getting more stuff)
DueRecompense: what until Mythic chain level
DueRecompense: there it is
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: are you gonna be playing Worms tonight, Graham?
Sorator13: yeah, this is a great grinding area for those so inclined
malsareus: pfffff
Earthenone: basch is sleepy
KiaStirling: can we git 50 before Graham loses the chain?
samu_btdp1985: where are we
BrindleBoar: bonk
Firewhiskers: Where's his wizard's hat?
fiftymcnasty: ant hat
Sorator13: wizard's wrobes!
RocknGrohlNerd: beeg chain
kerryg137: Did he slap him awake?
BrindleBoar: there's a naked wizard out here!
Didero: Earth stones are just for selling, right?
TehAmelie: spoilers for Prince of Persia on SNES: you can only win the duel against your mirror image if you sheathe your sword (press down) and reconnect with him peacefully
Firewhiskers: @Didero Correct
Hungry4Hippo: Wizards robes!? you'd expect to find them on the coast
Didero: Technically, all stones are earth stones
RocknGrohlNerd: wizrobes, oh no we zelda now
goatprince: a stone... make of rock....?
Firewhiskers: Yes this game rewards genocide
Earthenone: as far as i know every loot other than teleport stones are just money right?
Veste: meteors exist
KartoffelKaiser: that's as many as four 10s, and that's great
DueRecompense: @Didero unless they're meteorite
Sorator13: @Earthenone I think so, yeah
PaintingWithFariss: I recall this being the easiest area in the game to get ridiculously long chains
Earthenone: like they unlock stuff but they do that by being sold
nyperold: Fire Stones go on cars.
Sorator13: :D
CodeIndigo: The bazaar is a great system that needs to be brought back.
malsareus: so a gambion
Rabbt300: Even the Rolling Stones? I find that unlikely.
Nuurgle: Linen is Heavy armor??
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KartoffelKaiser: @Nuurgle don't worry about it :)
Earthenone: make number go up pipeline
ipoddodd: mmmmm hp
TehAmelie: more VIT!
Athelgar: Linen and heavy arent something i would naturally associate
Critterbot: Linen doesn't strike me as something I would make heavy armor out of.
TXC2: Rabbt300 well Keith Richards is older then the earth it's self, so of course nto
TXC2: *not
Rabbt300: @TXC2 Touche!
Gekyouryuu: with all this hp, I'm wondering: does this game have any attacks that improve the more HP you've lost?
MolaMolaphant: linen micarta chest plate, got it
KartoffelKaiser: @Gekyouryuu Yes! The spell Balance does that
kainboa: with enough layers, it could work
CodeIndigo: Linen armor layered enough times can become bulletproof.
TehAmelie: silk is what the fancy guys use for "under" armor
Earthenone: yeah, there are spells and items that do "balance" they are very fair spells
KiaStirling: you can do it graham! kill 50 urutan!
KiaStirling: 50 is special
malsareus: so cloth armor is a thing but cloth is typically used to SAVE weight in the armor
Firewhiskers: Goodbye chain, it was nice knowing you
Sorator13: it's probably a whole 50 gil
Sorator13: ah, I underestimated it
TXC2: "do not engage, do not pass go, do not collect $200"
noSmokeFire: I'm impressed that frog can climb stairs, tbh
CodeIndigo: angy worm
Gekyouryuu: "do not engage" - Graham having opinions on fire emblem, maybe Kappa
KiaStirling: 41!
malsareus: ah more chain
TehAmelie: Guts killed 100 men and no one ever believed it, they all thought it was exaggeration. clearly 50 is better
Sorator13: @TXC2 "do not engage, do not pass go, DO collect 153 gil"
northos: free shell!
kerryg137: Do you get an achievement called genocide?
KartoffelKaiser: yup!
Firewhiskers: Shell halves magic damage
Sorator13: LUL
Natimus_Prime: Linen is very tough, and if you stick the layers together with resin it's basically as hard to cut as metal
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Mr_Gainsworth: Don't talk much but happy to be here.
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Firewhiskers: Don't attack that!
northos: uh oh
Critterbot: Yikes, elemental!
KartoffelKaiser: @kerryg137 not yup to this, to be clear
Sorator13: that's an elemental
KiaStirling: don't fight the orb
Gekyouryuu: Ashe, if you keep this up, we're replacing you as protagonist of the pokemon anime
KiaStirling: or use magic around it
Sorator13: don't make it mad
MrVirite: check the sky [pirate den (under clan primer?)
Not_On_Twitch: It's just a tiny sun. No worries.
KiaStirling: noooo vossler
traccer224: elemental
Critterbot: Run away!
Sorator13: rip
grgriffin3: Vossler only knows war
Earthenone: !findquote orb
LRRbot: Quote #4556: "'Ecstasy for the orb?' 'Joy to the world!'" —Kathleen and Beej [2017-12-16]
kerryg137: it was a joke LUL
lannersong: that is death
DueRecompense: Nope
KartoffelKaiser: Hi, it's level 40 and it hates magic
lannersong: that is death in ball shape
Didero: It's like running around with toddlers
KiaStirling: level 45!
Genie_M: run.
TehAmelie: not to interfere with the operation of ther party, but is Balthier almsost dead?
DueRecompense: Fly you fools
urkleturtle: the orb is very bad news
lannersong: over your level by far deathball spawn
dasfr_: LUL now you can go get the chest
carefreewill: elemental. DO NOT CAST MAGIC NEAR THE SHINY ORB!
plummeting_sloth: don't talk to me or my sun ever again
goatprince: lvl45, will kill lvl70 teams if approached incorrectly :)
Firewhiskers: Run away! Run away!
KeytarCat: Vossler broke the chain, time for him to go
traccer224: fleee
Jethrain: ponder the orb
Sorator13: uh oh
Not_On_Twitch: The orb might be level 45. It hurts a bit.
MrVirite: flee?
Sorator13: yeah, give him a different command
TXC2: this orb is clearly a high being from Star Trek TOS
goatprince: casting magic around the orb activates the orb btw
Leonhart321: No fight, only ponder
traccer224: i think it has a good steal item
Sorator13: LUL
KiaStirling: the orb murder
Earthenone: ponders
malsareus: be round
noSmokeFire: orb stuff
KiaStirling: don't use magic around it or it murder
MDK_Marshal: Oh man, I have BAD memories of these orbs :D I think I had a bad gambit on... Basch? And he decided to poke it. Bad times.
CodeIndigo: hot orb stuff
DueRecompense: orb do ultra poach items
KartoffelKaiser: Orb attacks you if you cast magic, also it will kill you
nyperold: What the orb doin'?
malsareus: flee you fool
Critterbot: Yeah no, do not engage! :D
NightValien28: OOOOOOORB
grgriffin3: EXCUSE
Juliamon: uhhhh
jonnykefka: oh the fun ball!
BigDaddyBland87: away
Snowcookies: Probably an S rank mark
Didero: It's weak to water, try spitting on it?
BrindleBoar: but it's weak to water, so it's fine Kappa
WiJohn: You can take it!
Foxmar320: You got this
Athelgar: ya, not worth it to fight orb
Metric_Furlong: that's a big boy
jonnykefka: they're full of fun
Genie_M: told you. run.
plummeting_sloth: well orb it was a pleasure we shall be leaving you
Earthenone: i always steal from the orbs, i like to live dangerously
TXC2: thicc orb, thorb!
jonnykefka: you poke them and the fun comes out
TehAmelie: t h e o r b
Jethrain: that seems like a reasonable amount of thousand
Foxmar320: I believe in you
Athelgar: they decimate easily
EvilBadman: Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball
Juliamon: we pondered it, and decided No
PaintingWithFariss: fyi those orbs will aggro if you use magic near them
ExachixKitsune: mlem
Not_On_Twitch: Orb is not your friend.
goatprince: the real villain of this piece is Orb
KartoffelKaiser: You can steal drops from them that can get you rare bazaar stuff but I wouldn't recommend bothering with that without a guide
MrAyeAxe: it does have a valuable steal item but it takes a lot of running away and coming back to get it LUL
kerryg137: Orbs probably give good hugs
KevinTheShark: For some reason, I suspect it's actually a really old archaic spelling of the word "Entity"
MDK_Marshal: This orb prefers not to be pondered
malsareus: we coexist with orb in peace
NightValien28: live and let orb
accountmadeforants: This orb ponders you
jonnykefka: Orbs aggro to magic of certain elements being cast in their general vicinity, not even at them
Athelgar: it also gets jealous if you fight things near it and joins in the fight
ExachixKitsune: feels like it may be death to go near it. you'll have a orb-ituary
Manae: Surely someone has found a way to fight ORB at this point, I wonder what their results were
Sorator13: Our chain was baby, anyway
CodeIndigo: none fruit with left orb'
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jonnykefka:'ve done well to avoid that pitfall
goatprince: none fruit with left loot
DueRecompense: Suck fruit is life
TehAmelie: 48,000 points is weirdly on the same level as the endgame encounters you can find in Stellaris
Not_On_Twitch: I didn't realise it triggered on magic casts. So it nearly destroyed me earlier. Now, whenever I go near it, it auto-aggroes.
plummeting_sloth: Boss potion
ShaneLeeAtk: Oh, Hi-Potion
BrindleBoar: hi potion and bye potion
KartoffelKaiser: @Manae there's some absurd low level strats in this game so probably
CodeIndigo: got your fruit tho
Sorator13: 1 gil
TehAmelie: hey, FF has always had some absurd low level strats
plummeting_sloth: we stole a hanky from it? was that weird little guy flagging?
Sorator13: literally the worst possible reward from a chest
TheMandrew: yes
Leonhart321: The 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3 runs are mad
KartoffelKaiser: yeah and you can still 100% the game XD
TehAmelie: in FF6 the prostrats is "avoiding" getting XP in some segments where you have to fight dudes. . .
DueRecompense: You can do challenge mode too, and receive items for your main game.
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Zyme86: That quite the number
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Xaunaught: God, watching you play this is so Nostalgic. This and 10 were the first FFs I played because I was so late to the series
Sorator13: @Xaunaught 10 was my first as well!
Diabore: you still get LP so minus shouldnt be that bad
ShaneLeeAtk: Have we ventureed into the 4x speed?
Earthenone: 4x speed was too much
Sorator13: Briefly
plummeting_sloth: god we can just utter BEAN these weird little guys
MrVirite: can you show off the sky pirate den from the menus at some point? :D
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: just had someone scoop to Gix on curve. tbh the rest of my hand wasnt even amazing...
Xaunaught: Did you play the umm... the FF7 remake spinoff? Crisis Core? I think is the name
Sorator13: He hasn't yet
Mordin_Solus_Sings: It's up there with 10 and 6 at the top of my list.
Zyme86: This game shockingly holds up, the graphics are just good enough that I could see this with slight touch up s releases
TehAmelie: on one hand, there is probably an argument to be made about a game where running it at 2x or even 4x speed makes it better. but on the other, now that we have that option, it works
Prop_PT: I like it a lot, but it was pretty poorly received right
Rabbt300: You've inspired me to revisit this game as well.... I have almost caught up to where you're at...
DueRecompense: Just finished intermission last night, what do you think?
urkleturtle: i think this game makes for super chill streams also ontop of being a great game to play
BigDaddyBland87: yea not having this in the original made it such a slog to play and grind. This definitely helps
Metric_Furlong: 3 whole entire gil!
DueRecompense: I think you can use the D-pad to navigate the map
TehAmelie: point of interest, is there any solitary item in the world you can buy for 3 Gil? or even less than 100?
plummeting_sloth: glad we're denuding the local population to re-establish our control of this oil drill platform
Earthenone: basch leveld up while sleeping
BrindleBoar: TehAmelie there were some gambits for 50, so maybe
TXC2: plummeting_sloth it's the American way Kappa
Metric_Furlong: Earthenone hey, resting is an important part of an exercise regimen Kappa
Earthenone: you can buy a childrens information about the world for 1 gil
TehAmelie: ooh
Sorator13: Yeah, I think some of these "treasure chests" are the equivalent of looking under the couch cushions for loose change
Sorator13: goodbye chain
KeytarCat: Is Bushi supposed to be a "one strong attack" job?
Didero: Surprise Wyvern
malsareus: who invited the dragon?
KiaStirling: balthier magic time!
Sorator13: does balthier have offensive magick?
Earthenone: thicc linnen
TehAmelie: mm, more linen
Didero: Nobody expects the wyvern imposition
northos: nobody expects the wyvernquisition
Metric_Furlong: Didero Surpryvern
Critterbot: Why-vern.
DueRecompense: or cure
noSmokeFire: Balthier is the full Mambo Number 5
Nuurgle: he's Danny DeVito?
Rabbt300: and a little bot of Monica in his life.. a little bit of Erica by his side...
TXC2: always wyvern, never how-vern
Earthenone: healer with a gun, seems like a solid job
plummeting_sloth: Balthier had very offensive magic, but then he got canceled over it so he stopped using most of it
Sorator13: pff
NDCazzy: license to carry has been revoked temporarily
Didero: I still feel this game would be better if all the levels were half the size
Prop_PT: Gun Mage is a very good class/job name
Hungry4Hippo: @plummeting_sloth hah
RealGamerCow: What is he, a magpie?
TehAmelie: red mages are wonderful to have for a little bit of everything. they're just not very exciting. suits Balthier and Vaan perfectly doesn't it
Lazarus2511: so how does duel board white/black compare to red mage?
confracto: balthier is saving up ammo
Earthenone: i think gunmage was a ff x-2 job
morbis237: Balthier is getting ready to do some landscaping in the ship with those pebbles
Sorator13: it was!
urkleturtle: "gun wizard" seems like an appropriate class for the leading man
CAKHost: The Patches hole? :P
plummeting_sloth: come ooon fishing minigame!
TXC2: sand fish = snake ?
Sorator13: I think they had another tab to buy from, btw
BigDaddyBland87: making BANK!!!
SalmirAeon: time to make bank
Earthenone: so we started around 7k gil
Metric_Furlong: onion arrows, onion bombs, onion Bubz, onion bullets...
TehAmelie: i often remember there is a YA novel series called Shotgun Sorceress
CodeIndigo: The phrase "Necrohol of Nabudis" always sounded freaking BADASS to me
NDCazzy: rollin now $$$
TehAmelie: like why does anyone even try to make up any other kind of gun mage? when there is such a thing as a Shotgun Sorceress
corefluxx: Cheer100
Didero: With all our murdering, this Valley is ever more Deader
ShaneLeeAtk: Love me a good Phial
TXC2: Graham just 100% said wetness day there :p
incslayer: the valley of the dead you say? why cant we go to the valley of the moderatly sleepy instead?
goatprince: rare game!
CanPlayGames: There was some big FeedDump-esque candy news today.
Therberus: Sooo chat, what classes have we got?
Sorator13: he was too tall, so they exiled him
Sorator13: poor guy
plummeting_sloth: slow it waaaaay down
TXC2: CanPlayGames was a lot of it stolen in some guy's pants?
Earthenone: its still an utan
Sorator13: Yeah, he was still of the same race
Sorator13: just unusually tall
Metric_Furlong: it's 19
Prop_PT: I prefer his cousin Oil Jeffrey
Didero: Would you play differently if you weren't streaming this, Graham?
Therberus: God the fastforward really improved this game
CAKHost: That was a whole unit of Remedy?
Earthenone: cures stone
TXC2: yuatan, he-a-tan, everyone-a-tan it's the desert
Critterbot: Cures petrify.
ShaneLeeAtk: ^
Ravynn: Petrify cure
noSmokeFire: you need the gold needle for Millicent's quest line /s
NDCazzy: cures scarlet rot
plummeting_sloth: you're turning to stone... best poke 'ya
goatprince: the nicer sand sea, honestly
Prop_PT: Sandsea 2 Electric Boogaloo
nyperold: Where some other FFs use the Soft potion, this and others use the Gold Needle.
KiaStirling: both go back to the other sandsea
Didero: Weird that that random cave had a teleporter
Sorator13: nah, they wind up in the same place here
nyperold: Apparently it's an acupuncture thing?
Sorator13: the place with the teleport stone leads to the south entrance of this zone
plummeting_sloth: oh that thing
goatprince: thank god this version changes the music between these 2 areas, the original didn't
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betazed15: If it's got a hooked mouth...recommend you do not engage lol. *Not a spoiler, just life experience
ExachixKitsune: Thank you for the stream!
Earthenone: next time, new sandsea, who dis
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
DavidVerro: I'm going to have to go back to the beginning and catch up. :)
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ElektroTal: good god
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mwlsn: Sandseez nu-
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
grgriffin3: Later, G and chat!
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
RedNightmare7: Thank you for the stream
beowuuf: thanks for the stream!
Earthenone: !ppr
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NDCazzy: Thanks as usual!
Earthenone: !patreon
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Ravynn: Thanks for the stream G
Sorator13: o/
Leonhart321: Thanks for the stream. Always good to catch you live
Earthenone: !store
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JakeKamas: Thanks for the stream Graham!
KiaStirling: thanks graham!
ExachixKitsune: !schedule
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Didero: Waitaminute, you weren't really in the sky!
Metric_Furlong: bye graham, thanks for the stream
beowuuf: we can't draw horses, that's what's up :)
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori, and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed). Game: Art Stream) at Mon 01:00 PM PST (11m from now).
beowuuf: ooh, returning nelson?
Didero: Ooh, lots of people, fun
TehAmelie: we're gonna have to fail to draw chocobos today i bet
TXC2: more trombone mayhaps?
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: oh thats a good group for worms
TXC2: !events
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ExachixKitsune: oooh fun
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mochabeanie: I wonder if wheeler will play this game since its technically an auto battler Kappa
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NDCazzy: Oh we have Everdell and havent played it yet!
Diabore: did watch and play get cancelled? or is that still on wednesday
TehAmelie: the ol prepre chundering off the horizon
Didero: Ooh, I only just realised who Becca Scott is, good work brain. That should be fun!
Not_On_Twitch: How dare you, G. I never lie.
ExachixKitsune: ~orb~
doubledbear: Geez this stream just flys by
TehAmelie: t h e o r b
Didero: Thanks for the stream, it's been very enjoyable!
mwlsn: Thanks for streaming!
doubledbear: Thanks for streaming
beowuuf: byyyye!
KiaStirling: bye
Snowcookies: bye
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TXC2: bye
ExachixKitsune: mmmmmmkbye
Not_On_Twitch: Bye G!
TXC2: !discord
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Going_Medium: k bye,.
TXC2: !mastodon
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beowuuf: hey raiders!
TXC2: Hello Raiders welcome
Juliamon: Welcome raiders! Stream will start at the top of the hour
CurseTheLongIntros: oh he offlined LUL
TXC2: next stream is in about 10 mins
TehAmelie: i'm goin to bed. i'll leave you with this wisdom, chat
beowuuf: you've just missed graham playing final fantastu, but cori will be here in a few minutes with something arty. ish :p
corianderd: :P
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori, and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed). Game: Art Stream) at Mon 01:00 PM PST (5m from now).
TXC2: so long TehAmelie sleep well
beowuuf: night tehamelie!
malsareus: that may or may not involve horses
CurseTheLongIntros: its all good :)
TehAmelie: be a cat what has just discovered for the first time what it is to sleep deeply
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beowuuf: title change!
SnackPak_: hi everyone sergeHi
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: hello SnackPak_ welcome
beowuuf: i still have two guitars to restring. do i take the music cdhc as a sign to get off my arse? sadly, we'll never know
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Unleash the Goldblum.
TXC2: I think that's a yes from LRRbot beowuuf
SnackPak_: helpful as ever, LRRbot
beowuuf: i should appear randomly on a celebration of v-day playing 'let's fae the music and dance'?
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori, and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed). Game: Art Stream) at Mon 01:00 PM PST (1s ago).
Juliamon: aww
beowuuf: so close
Manae: lrrFRUMP
SnackPak_: sergeOffByOne
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Manae: lrrSIG lrrSIG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Can't Draw Horses Club is LIVE! Today @apsalar and @coachnellyMTG are bwomping some beats 📷 ||
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE -eats
TXC2: here we GO!
beowuuf: horse!
beowuuf: hey cori! hey nelson!
laundreydhull: hiii8ieeeee
TXC2: hello Cori and Nelson
SnackPak_: yay Nelson
beowuuf: busking works :p
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2667 patrons for a total of $20,774.15 per month.
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
TXC2: smooth
laundreydhull: did every LRR-crew member used to have their names signed to their horse in the intro?
beowuuf: button made noise
SnackPak_: we copy
Juliamon: We hear this
beowuuf: ding sing
EricTheOrange: I hear stuff
TXC2: indeed can here
ghyllnox: We can
laundreydhull: is it fine?
TXC2: *hear, also kind loud
EricTheOrange: it's making a long ding
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
ghyllnox: It is loud yea
SnackPak_: the blue ring on the master track turns that down
beowuuf: the music seems cool, but yeah maybe quieter
ghyllnox: Oh different boops
ghyllnox: I do like the first one though
ghyllnox: Oh hold on, is the music on cdhc live-mixed? Is this secretly also a music stream?
beowuuf: sometimes not so secretly :p
Juliamon: When we complain about the music it sometimes gets changed
EricTheOrange: This is my background noise as I try to figure out how to make a pump chain to drain my magma sea.
beowuuf: a challenge....