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Graham_LRR: Hello chat! Running late today, going to be online in ~10-15 or so!
beowuuf: oh, nm, bot does it
Didero: That bot is going to break too, isn't it?
beowuuf: np! :)
Didero: No hurry, Graham! Also hi
RedNightmare7: No worries, we'll keep ourselves entertained for a bit
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richard_ermen: Weee, time to hunt....more story!
Didero: This API kerfuffle is at least a good reason for me to work on my IRC bot for the first time in a while, and it's been interesting and fun going back to it
TXC2: with the stream delayed, great time to watch this week's highlights!
TehAmelie: ah, IRC always finds a way
richard_ermen: long delay=
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP
richard_ermen: ?
beowuuf: 10-15mins
beowuuf: enough time for tom scott and unskippable
richard_ermen: Ahh
TXC2: "it's 15 mins" "or more" "or more? you didn't tell me that before." "I didn't want to frighten you."
Earthenone: highlight? thats not right
Didero: I'm slowly making my way through the Unskippable playlist, it's fun to watch when I'm bored or feeling a bit low
Earthenone: clip it to win it
TXC2: !magazine
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beowuuf: that sounds very clue...
Sethalidos: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Graham returns to the Final Fantasy series on Play it Forward! Game: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age) at Mon 10:00 AM PST (5m ago).
Sethalidos: Is Graham running late or did they have to cancel it?
Earthenone: he is running late
TXC2: no it;s gonna be late
beowuuf: running late by 10-15
beowuuf: presume he's off to buy the french champagne for the 15 yrs at twitter MiniK
Earthenone: !fran\
Earthenone: !fran
LRRbot: Fran, like all viera, is intended to have an Icelandic accent. "Marquis" has two different pronunciations, the one used in the game is valid.
Didero: This stream makes me want to try FF14 every time, but then I remember I don't like MMOs
Sethalidos: does...does that mean that the Vierra are Vikings?
TXC2: sure why not
KartoffelKaiser: @Didero for what it's worth, FF14 is the first MMO I've really enjoyed, after trying to get into WoW and Guild Wars 2
TXC2: big sexy bunny Vikings
TehAmelie: i'd buy vikings with bunny ear helmets
KartoffelKaiser: (and like, maple story and runescape as a youth)
Earthenone: i wish i dident have a grudge against 14, though im really enjoying both this stream and my playthrough of 12 along with it
Didero: I mean, they mostly stick to their forest home, while the Vikings famously raided most European coasts, so I don't think that comparison really works
DeM0nFiRe: @Didero FWIW they are making it so more and more of the game can be completed without other players. Many of the required dungeons let you go in with NPC parties and they keep converting more to allow that
SocraticMethod: @Didero So, northmen?
beowuuf: @TehAmelie was that the rejected title of butterfly with bullet wings?
TehAmelie: mmaybe
1fairy2boots: Hej, is a FFXII stream with G coming up or did I miss somethings?
Didero: For one it keeps weirding me out that every player is The One in most MMOs, and secondly MMOs seem to mostly be waiting until abilities cool down and then pressing their number key, rinse repeat
Earthenone: it is coming up
TXC2: 1fairy2boots no it's comming
beowuuf: wait, the other way around on that
1fairy2boots: Oki, then we are happy. Been waiting all day long for this again :)
1fairy2boots: Thanks for the info <3
TehAmelie: last week i learned Iceland used to have trees much taller than knee heights, but the vikings made boats of them all and they haven't grown back
Didero: Yeah, Graham's about 15 minutes late, so it'll start soon
thirsty_kitteh: oo yay, I didn't miss the start
TehAmelie: doesn't seem like Viera style really
beowuuf: bloody vikings
TXC2: coming over here, taking our trees
thirsty_kitteh: (Also, <3 for tehamelie for keeping the Balthier-???-Fran polycule idea going :D)
1fairy2boots: @Didero We only played GW2 so far. It is definitely more than just off cooldown clicking if you are going for end game content.
TehAmelie: clearly somebody has to
TheMerricat: @Didero I've really only played two MMOs in my life, Asheron's Call and pre-expansion pack WoW. But I really liked how AC was setup so that you were just a random joe who happened to get involved with everything. You weren't THE ONE. you were just _one of_ the many people who showed up that day.
thirsty_kitteh: mmm; it is important and someone should say it
Didero: I also think JRPGs might just contain too much grinding for me
Didero: Still watching somebody play something and enjoying it makes you want to play it (or something similar) too
TehAmelie: their personal dynamic never made sense to me until thirsty_kitteh nailed it
Didero: @1fairy2boots Does GW2 also have a story where every player is The One?
Sethalidos: @thirsty_kitteh hard agree it makes a strangely accurate amount of sense
Didero: Oh right, I have an old boxed copy of Guildwars 1 for some reason
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: an uncursed pancake.
1fairy2boots: @Didero Sadly you are the "Commander" so kind of. The story is quite nice though. Also quite queer <3 Hence it was our first ever computer game.
Sethalidos: @Didero my fav thing to do was find any Necromancer Monk characters and point out in chat that I had found Nemo
Didero: @Sethalidos Hah! :D
TehAmelie: the weirdest game you still have in the original box? for me that's probably Baldur's Gate
thirsty_kitteh: There's probably just a couple of cute people making out in the back of the Strahl whilst we're off having adventures
JocelyneAnne: aka The Dream
Earthenone: we rarely see the mechanic moogles....
TehAmelie: never mind installing, it would take longer to boot it up from the discs than to download it
Sethalidos: @thirsty_kitteh Living up to your username? LUL
thirsty_kitteh: I have to, until twitch fix their identity service
Sethalidos: @TehAmelie yeah plus the Extended edition is much better
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
Earthenone: lrrSIG lrrFINE lrrSIG
richard_ermen: And so it begins...
thirsty_kitteh: (I also have cuddly_kitteh and diaster_kitteh around, but logins are broken on linux)
BigDaddyBland87: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
beowuuf: lol, i got a video unavailable!
RocknGrohlNerd: avngrDance lrrHEART
TehAmelie: speaking of thirst, i can recommend NK Jemisin's Great Cities duology i just finshed
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TehAmelie: lrrSIG
shurtal: lrrSIG psaGib
Juliamon: you can just recommend NK Jemisin in general, really
BigDaddyBland87: well I finally gave in and bought this (on Humble...thanks LRR). Guess we will see if FFXII can do what FX-2 failed to last year: change my opinion
TehAmelie: certainly, all of her i have read
Earthenone: !humble
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shurtal: I hate that you can't get into chat on mobile until a strea. goes live
RaidenFirewing: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
drfox17: o/ frands
RaidenFirewing: Just noticed the stream going live
TehAmelie: welcome
TXC2: hello shurtal and drfox17 welcome
Whattheheckarethese: Ooh, early. That's a surprise.
Metric_Furlong: @TehAmelie is that the one with The City We Became in it?
Metric_Furlong: because I did not think that was very good
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for more FINAL FANTASY 12 with @Graham_LRR on PLAY IT FORWARD! | 📷 ||
TehAmelie: yes, and The World We Make is more of the same i guess
Earthenone: !sassfran
1fairy2boots: Yeay, back in time with late dinner for the stream :)
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Volus_dude: neat the 12th game of never ending story coxBongo coxChicken coxFeedMe
TXC2: here we GO!
RocknGrohlNerd: hello chat, time to slide this window to the main monitor lrrHEART
richard_ermen: Here
thirsty_kitteh: !franflanplan
richard_ermen: we
beowuuf: go time!
richard_ermen: Go!
TalpTheScot: talpthBlobby
TXC2: hello RocknGrohlNerd welcome
Earthenone: !flan
Didero: Hi Graham!
beowuuf: morning graham!
TXC2: Hello Graham
1fairy2boots: Hej G <3
richard_ermen: It's a G-Dog!
Shadowsoflife: o/
TehAmelie: aloha!
Andymonium: hi hello!
NightValien28: what up G
TXC2: !patreon
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Good afternoon, Graham!
LRRbot: 2646 patrons for a total of $20,583.29 per month.
hesterbyrde: Good morning Graham! Thanks so much for this playthrough!
1fairy2boots: Also the franstory aka main story <3
beowuuf: hotness for the hot people, masks for the evil people, bunny ears for the vikings
thirsty_kitteh: Look, some of us like looking at pretty people whilst the plot is happening
JocelyneAnne: Good morning. Here's to a fun stream!
JakeKamas: Hello Graham! Thank you for streaming!
Two_Hats: Is being hot the final fantasy?
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RedNightmare7: Who strewn that sand all over the pass?
Didero: Shop?
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: Afternoon G!
Earthenone: commerce!
dankmemeter: shopping
Whattheheckarethese: I mean, Vaan's cute. But Bathlier seems.. more than a little high-maintenance.
KartoffelKaiser: fun fact: a lot of the character design and cinematography in this game was informed by the challenges Square had in localizing FFX. So characters' mouths are often not visible when they're talking in FF12
JocelyneAnne: @Two_Hats It's certainly mine haha
samu_btdp1985: licenses and hunts
MurphEP: Engage in commerce
SocraticMethod: Not rotating saves to prevent corruption makes me twitch a bit, ngl
KartoffelKaiser: Hence the big fancy helmet
KartoffelKaiser: *helmets
Earthenone: wet katana
1fairy2boots: We are always happy you are with us. Any time. Also you being fine is the most important thing <3
thirsty_kitteh: whattheheckarethese: some part of the chat have decided that Balthier is also polyamorous, so you're at least splitting the maintainence
TXC2: Earthenone please never say that again :p
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: The fact that their clothes dont actually change with different armor is a little irksome, is that common in JRPs?
LurkerSpine: Is Pole-nelo getting a new weapon?
RocknGrohlNerd: my only "problem" with this stream is that I can´t decide if I want to watch more (full screen no chat) or read chat more (smaller window)
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EvilBadman: @I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo Yes, especially before the tech to support that
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: Makes sense, ive basically never played a JRPG
beowuuf: @RocknGrohlNerd pop the chat window over a fullscreen stream?
TXC2: "daggers? come in, it's stabbing time!"
GTea30: Swords are probably better for basch because they scale off his strength, instead of being "random" like axes/hammers
beowuuf: tonberry's ears just perked up
MurphEP: I think it depends how many demons you think will need baned
Whattheheckarethese: I like swords more personally. More consistent damage.
Earthenone: deamonsbane is less damage but icebrand is ice element and you are about to climb a mountain
RedNightmare7: Ice resists ice, in most games
EvilBadman: I would think that's not good
thirsty_kitteh: mountains are typically snowy and icey, so we would expect resistences
Earthenone: rng damage yeah
SocraticMethod: Probably lots of ice resist mobs in ice biomes?
TehAmelie: is it like the ice demons in Bound by Flame? should we embrace the fire?
SocraticMethod: That
SocraticMethod: that
MurphEP: Can you still say that?
RocknGrohlNerd: @beowuuf my life is changed, thanks to you (I didn´t know I can pop the chat to separate window) lrrHEART
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KevinTheShark: 70 months? if this was the best final fantasy I'd make a joke about lucky number 7's 👌
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thirsty_kitteh: it sure would
EvilBadman: This shopkeeper is named Shirley?
1fairy2boots: @Whattheheckarethese True that
SocraticMethod: godsdammit, hitting enter instead of apostrophe
raulghoulia: weapons irrelevant, black magik forever
MystechJ: Queue Peter Gabriel
Earthenone: spears
KartoffelKaiser: Vaan can also use Spears
KartoffelKaiser: (and Ninja Swords but I don't think we've found any yet)
TXC2: his charm? Kappa
thirsty_kitteh: spears 4 is secrets~~~~
Andymonium: 5 is the number of the counting, and the number of the counting shall be five
Whattheheckarethese: @TXC2 ...Oof.
TehAmelie: 5 is closer to the edge i guess
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @Andymonium Three, sir.
JocelyneAnne: It's the FF experience
Andymonium: @Andymonium three!
EvilBadman: Shield?
thirsty_kitteh: possibly 1 vs 2 handed?
raulghoulia: Main Gauche is 50
KartoffelKaiser: the Main Gauche gives a ton of evade for some reason
Whattheheckarethese: Gauche is extra evady,
Volus_dude: is spork technically a one handed trident?
Earthenone: gauche is a parrying dagger
SocraticMethod: Main Gauche has 50 innate evade
TXC2: Volus_dude no. most sporks have 4 tines, not 3
TehAmelie: i just like that that weapon group consists of Gungnir and the spear of Longinus, two one of a kind godkilling weapons
beowuuf: q-why-dent
thirsty_kitteh: I, personally, don't remember resistences, but that is the hint I'm giving
ScrapyardGhostTrain: A main gauche is a parrying dagger tradiationally held in your off hand, instead of a shield. That's why it gives evade.
TXC2: chat does subtlety in the same way a brick in a sock does
BrindleBoar: you mean the aquatana?
thirsty_kitteh: (it has been a decade since I played, I only remember the shape of things)
Earthenone: i bought a ice swrod here and it made green numbers insted of white coming up
KevinTheShark: I've never played this, so I got no idea.
1fairy2boots: @TXC2 Oh my, that image hit hard. Thanks for that :)
TehAmelie: in a just world, we should be able to trick the enemies into thinking the diamond shield is ice
Khalahd: It's gotta be hammer time, right?
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patfinder: go with the bigger numbers
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the_one_and_only_kim: im often disabled when hit with a sword too
Whattheheckarethese: I literally p;ayed this area yesterday, and I don't even remember. 4x speed is a hell of a thing/
Whattheheckarethese: *played
thirsty_kitteh: tehamelie: this is why I want better, more ethical AI: AI DMs in game engines
TheTekkieman: Hmm...I guess the damage my fluctuate, but the hit chance doesn't, so that may work.
MurphEP: So bhujie
Andymonium: thank you for making the chopper joke before we all did
Whattheheckarethese: it empowers fire spells, it just doesn't tell you that.
raulghoulia: fire staff boosts fire magic
TehAmelie: a flame staff would be too good against the ice beasts, clearly
thirsty_kitteh: I will say, re the Ice Sword -- you could still buy it here as we have money, and equip it when it's not freezing
KevinTheShark: Nah, see the flame staff has a SICK decal on it
samu_btdp1985: we're we gonna attempt some hunts today @loadingreadyrun
SocraticMethod: Flame staff, like other staves, improve the Magic Potency instead of providing innate elemental damage
SocraticMethod: other elemental staves*
MystechJ: Are you going to put the guys in, or just let the ladies continue to wrek
TehAmelie: games need more women center stage anyway
Juliamon: It's good to have the guys prepared in case of emergency
malsareus: look let's not disparage the ablative half of the team
RedNightmare7: Is this the full party btw, or will we be getting more friends down the line?
1fairy2boots: I honestly am considering getting the game and do a only power punch girls run :)
KevinTheShark: True, you can never be sure if a TPK will happen
TehAmelie: we have had guest party members what, half the time? feels like a lot of the time
TXC2: RedNightmare7 nope this is it for main cast, but some other guests may join
Genie_M: vaan diamond shield
Earthenone: the other merchant here has spells/technicsa
Whattheheckarethese: I may be misremembering, but I believe buffs on party members not on-field don't tick down? So it could be a good idea to leave some buffs on the boys in case things go wonky.
SocraticMethod: You did
KevinTheShark: Chat delay is a tricky beast
RedNightmare7: Thank you, TXC2
SocraticMethod: @Whattheheckarethese Nah, boys are there to provide meatshield while retreating. Casting buffs on them is too much effort.
KartoffelKaiser: :)
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TehAmelie: we could load them down with those auto-buffing armors. Shell Shield, and whatever
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TXC2: peace = death right?
thirsty_kitteh: [F]aram
richard_ermen: Kiltias?? Like the cult from Vagrant Story??
Wyrd_Oh: I faram, so far awaaaaay
malsareus: all these proclamations of safety unerve me
MurphEP: Their nametag says refugee obviously
Earthenone: well we have a [ile of ashe
TXC2: Welcome to Bur-Omisasie. lrrFINE
richard_ermen: Somehow I'm almost sure that this pace that's "totally secure" will soon have us hunting enemies to extinction...
plummeting_sloth: ah, but who's ash pile is larger though
Whattheheckarethese: Uhh, having seen Nabradia... I'm not sure I disagree.
TheTekkieman: Admittedly, Nabradia did include the city that was in the prologue.
Sly_chocobo: Oh wow! I've started playing FF12 again (cause of this tream) and I've been kinda peeking in at the vods to avoid spoilers) and just reached this part of the game today :D
TXC2: full of what?
plummeting_sloth: "At home I chased the gutters for rats for food. Here I sleep with a belly full of rats!"
thirsty_kitteh: From some kind of...Iceland?
KevinTheShark: THEREs the clue about the ice
BigDaddyBland87: @Sly_chocobo I bought this game this past weekend...haven't started yet cause I'm finishing the game I'm on first
RedNightmare7: Oh wow
Invitare: ah like the dog
KartoffelKaiser: yup!
LordManiMani: clever
plummeting_sloth: "My god... this whole aid operation is just a matte painting!"
Invitare: in that flying game
Joecool190: neat
SocraticMethod: Welcome to CRT age LoD
TalpTheScot: dont shame them for not having a 3rd dimension
TXC2: that's all a matt painting kinda :p
MystechJ: Its just a model
the_one_and_only_kim: its not their fault they cant afford a third dimension
raulghoulia: "rea"
TXC2: *mate
Boiler_bot: I mean none of them are "Real".
Boiler_bot: Technically.
Bruceski: Refugees use the dimensions they've got
Sly_chocobo: Im honestly enjoying this playthough more, I do wish the Gambit system was a little.. more flexable though
Squigel: stuff you won't notice playing on a tv across the room in 2007
TXC2: 3 dimensions? in this economy?
Sly_chocobo: You dont get like "NOT" or "OR" or.. IF :)
KartoffelKaiser: I love the architecture in this game
KevinTheShark: Honestly, I kinda respect older games for doing little fixes like that to save memory
plummeting_sloth: ah, I see where they put all their third dimenisons
SocraticMethod: @Sly_chocobo Gambits are are IF though?
Sly_chocobo: "If Ally NOT Status is Haste - Cast Haste"
Whattheheckarethese: @Sly_chocobo Even just needing to meet two triggers...
Didero: 'None Of The Above'
MurphEP: lrrSPOOP
Genie_M: neither really
Sly_chocobo: For an example
malsareus: actually yes, why are we even here?
thirsty_kitteh: "Preventing Inter-Continental War"
MurphEP: Great question, no more questions, Kiltias
BigDaddyBland87: Good question...why the hell are we here?
KartoffelKaiser: "we just want to talk to the Pope"
plummeting_sloth: "I'll be honest maam, I did a lot of hunting and I've kinda lost the plot for why I'm here"
Nydestroyer: yea where is "No"
KartoffelKaiser: sure doesn't
SalmirAeon: "We came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum"
Bruceski: These days they just have 250GB of HQ textures, and same again for audio.
TXC2: we're here to chew bubble gum and kickass, and we're all out of gum
1fairy2boots: Well, many writers have no clue how to create multidimensional characters so....2d is a whole lot more than that ;)
Whattheheckarethese: @Sly_chocobo I mean it does do that by default.
Didero: Talk to them again, see if you can answer again?
KartoffelKaiser: I legit never noticed that
SocraticMethod: @Sly_chocobo I thought gambits don't waste buffs? So they shouldn't double-cast haste
Genie_M: cool uniform though
KartoffelKaiser: nu moh homie PogChamp
Boiler_bot: Huh, never noticed that detail.
Squigel: only had time to make 2 models
KevinTheShark: Teach a moogle to fish, and...
Arikell: and they're all on this mountain
plummeting_sloth: I mean... have we tried magicing foodstuffs? Doesn't seem out of bounds for everything else I've seen magic do
LordManiMani: Chrono Trigger teaches us that you can have Full HP and still be as hungry as before 😔
TXC2: it's a moe blob sheep alligator person :p
Earthenone: i wonder if the people in the past mined their sky rocks
SocraticMethod: Foliage looks like sprites
Didero: ur FACE is rad
Didero: boom gottem
Boiler_bot: It looks pretty great.
malsareus: you have to use your polygons wisely
thirsty_kitteh: How many Lady Dimitrescu's is this game? :P
hesterbyrde: Yeah I remember this game being mindblowing at the time. And it's aged well.
Nydestroyer: wait is there any young versions of those guys?
Nydestroyer: or are they innately old
the_one_and_only_kim: to be fair, most trees in games of this era were at least partially sprites
TXC2: hesterbyrde this is an HD remake
Andymonium: I didn't get a faram outta that guy...
1fairy2boots: far ram....with your sledgehammer?
KartoffelKaiser: They have in fact not been down there :)
Boiler_bot: Yeah I kno right faram?
KartoffelKaiser: holy shit *this guy* is here
MystechJ: Hey they're monks in a temple they don't go down there
KartoffelKaiser: remember him like 40 hours from now
LordManiMani: 'oh we killed the last one of those for some gil'
malsareus: wyrom philoshoper sounds like a class in Elden Ring
Bionull: The philosophy of wyrms is where are they?
hainiryun_: @Nydestroyer I think there might have been a few young nu mou in tactics a2 but that art style makes it hard to tell tbf
Whattheheckarethese: Eh, being out-of-touch but well-meaning is pretty good as far as religious groups go in FF games.
thirsty_kitteh: Relj, come join the Balthier-???-Fran polycule! It'll be fun!
Genie_M: well oiled door
MystechJ: Vaan?
SocraticMethod: Relj is a part of a hunt.
malsareus: this place has many ORB, must be important
KevinTheShark: Yeah, but standing on the stairs has a really good side benefits package
TXC2: doors: the hardest boss of any From soft game :p
KartoffelKaiser: cutscene time PogChamp
Nydestroyer: shh hes napping
Invitare: oh no he's asleep
Earthenone: vaan, poke him with a stick
Genie_M: dream
raulghoulia: is that a guado?
Whattheheckarethese: You will... not? be disappointed.
MystechJ: Dream sage, he's asleep
niccus: thank you vaan
MurphEP: Alright, bud
Invitare: he dreams of sage
1fairy2boots: i rest my eyes.
Invitare: man really likes his herbs
Doc_Layzah: Picard?
Nydestroyer: professor x
LordManiMani: I misremembered this guy as a Nu Mou
NightValien28: dreaming is a consequence of sleeping "sage"
MortifiedPenguins: this is one way to get around not animating a character
SocraticMethod: Oh hey, more buddhist monk parellels
RedNightmare7: And then he starts snoring
doubledbear: This performance brought to you by Eyebrows and the Thugs
Robot_Bones: Gherman? is that you?
Bionull: Is lay down your words just a fancy way to say shut up?
malsareus: wait her dream? boundaries dude
Nydestroyer: this dude is like 90% guado
Khalahd: Dream a little dream with me....
KevinTheShark: Jeez, a bit of privacy with our dreams, please
LordShadner: I would have expected Vaan to fail opening it and Basch to reach over hi and push it one handed
NightValien28: question, is there a reason why every character looks like they are covered in soot or is that just the shading?
SocraticMethod: @Bionull "Shut up and listen"
TehAmelie: he sounds a lot like the head priest in FFX
MystechJ: Oh, he's going to be anoying. Never lets anyone get a word in
Didero: When you wake up too late to make it to the toilet: The Dawn Shart
LordManiMani: here he is!!
Whattheheckarethese: Eurgh...
TXC2: whose this chud?
KartoffelKaiser: time to meet the only pair of sunglasses in this game, and the man attached to them
NightValien28: oh a new dingus to hate
GDwarble: OK, holding his hand out for a hand shake, only to get a head pat is amusing
Earthenone: miiiiiiister kenady
MurphEP: Meester Kennedy
doubledbear: Meester Kennedy
1fairy2boots: Watcha buying?
RomanGoro: What a radical dude
Bruceski: second-best Cid in the game
hainiryun_: Gee FFXII how come square let you have two Cids
RedNightmare7: I want to know where he got those!
A_Dub888: Meester Solidor
LordManiMani: bonus Cid
MystechJ: I missed the shades :D
HunterLionheart: Al-Cid
MantisMind: Larsa peepoHappy
LidofLoathing: smooth
Nydestroyer: cid? does he have an airship?
TehAmelie: immediately we see a downside with that fancy top, nowhere to hang his glasses
TXC2: ok I thought this guy had a top on, it's his chest hair :p
NightValien28: wait, this game has two cids?
Bruceski: Penelo's face
KartoffelKaiser: I love everyone's reaction to Al-Cid's flirting
LordManiMani: rich Rozarian leather
samu_btdp1985: smooth as sand paper that fella
SocraticMethod: @NightValien28 One of them is a last name
Nydestroyer: I wonder if someone comes in to feed this dreamer guy
Nydestroyer: if he never moves
Didero: That man does not know what accent he has
IntegralHamster: Al Cid is all over the place, that's why he is fun
Wyrmhero25: Something something committee
LordManiMani: what's the resistance's plan here? serious question
Whattheheckarethese: Those rolling Rrrrr's.
Genie_M: accents are all over the place
GDwarble: They had fun modelling Al-Cid's hair
TXC2: is he Spainish or Russian? :p
doubledbear: Al-Cid has two modes, All business, all play
LordManiMani: Matt Berry-esque syllabic nonsense 😄
Wynterburne: I'm still like 3 streams back so i'm not sticking around, but has G checked out his Sky Pirate's Den yet?
Didero: "Hi kid, your dad's dead"
TehAmelie: never half-ass two things, right
SocraticMethod: @LordManiMani Use support from other empire at war with archadia to attack and reclaim middle kingdoms between the empires
RocknGrohlNerd: @TXC2 Russian-ish
Invitare: I am the Senate?
Prop_PT: off camera for like 30s
1fairy2boots: That is a little harsh way to tell someone that their parent demised.
Robot_Bones: Exactly, the senate will fall for this
thirsty_kitteh: txc2: yes, with some north afrian too :P
Boiler_bot: Looks like a coup.
Invitare: It's treason then?
LurkerSpine: what is with these camera cuts
Luckssmith: Those are some rapid cuts
MystechJ: Oh Vayne you scamp
northos: yaaaas Drace
niccus: on one hand these are too many cuts, on the other hand, it does emulate prestige tv well
MurphEP: Zargabaath!
doubledbear: I don't know why this scene feels sped up
KevinTheShark: We've got no choice but to give ME all the power!
Prop_PT: Zargabath is such a good name to say
RedNightmare7: Oh, I love this politics
niccus: the editor was on 2x speed
SocraticMethod: I don't remember this scene being so fast
Nydestroyer: Lol, the best way to claim control. "They died, its up to me"
Didero: @doubledbear No pauses between lines
sephsays: "We have no choice but to set up an autocracy under me. Oh, I haaaaate it, but oh no"
TheMerricat: I AM THE SENATE
LordManiMani: Zargabath you're supposed to be the sensible one! I've been saying it for weeks
mwlsn: I will make it... legal
KartoffelKaiser: @doubledbear because there's almost no dead air between lines, so it makes the scene feel hectic
GDwarble: @doubledbear They're trying to make it feel high-energy, and maybe had issues with the Japanese timing being short, but it doesn't quite work
doubledbear: @doubledbear Yeah, just don't know why it came out that way
MantisMind: Larsa is our only hope
Nydestroyer: LAW
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LordManiMani: intrigue!
Invitare: I am the law?
MystechJ: I AM THE LAW
SocraticMethod: Mummer is a old word for an actor, btw
Earthenone: bergen is jacked
Tarbage_Goilets: Got your face
betazed15: Yeet!
GDwarble: Thrown by the *face*
TehAmelie: i was hoping we'd get a large circle of sword-pointings
Bionull: When I grab your face it is the law grabbing your face
hainiryun_: he's been on the nethecite
Didero: [insert grunt here]
Nydestroyer: He is at least 20 levels higher than you clearly Kappa
undecided44: strength not his dump stat.
undecided44: is it int then?
TXC2: undecided44 or CHA with that haircut :P
Dalrint: I hate this scene
TXC2: TRIED?! bullshit!
TehAmelie: no no that haircut is high Cha, low Wis
doubledbear: I wish we'd gotten to know this lady judge first
raulghoulia: this room is pretty corpse-y
KartoffelKaiser: The direction of this scene is *weirdly* sexual from here on out
RedNightmare7: I disagree with "tried", there.
LordManiMani: huh. I thought Drace showed up later
MantisMind: protect Larsa
TehAmelie: in the game of thrones, you either win or wait where am i?
doubledbear: If only we knew who this was, it would have impact
LordManiMani: save Martha too
Earthenone: Drace isent making it to final fantasy 13
KartoffelKaiser: @LordManiMani Unfortunately, she does not. Such a rad character to be killed so quickly
Whattheheckarethese: I mean... she still could? Death is weirdly wibbly in games.
hainiryun_: she had the coolest helmet so her loss is more impactful
MurphEP: :(
niccus: that was almost the right noise
MantisMind: peepoSad
MystechJ: Super important that character
TXC2: that is not the noise a person makes when stabbed :p
RedNightmare7: And the only time we saw her face
grgriffin3: I care deeply about this character and her development.
Lobo_Apache: never seen a stabby so sexual
Wyrd_Oh: Someone spent 2 months designing that armor
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah the fact that they gave the only female judge this role is, not good.
plummeting_sloth: "Oh no... not... uhh... line?"
hesterbyrde: I mean... usually masculine leadership is a hallmark of fascism so...
TheMerricat: Ok... I think my stream is behind but did Drace just.... moan?
gualdhar: is Graham slowly getting smaller through each PIF episode?
beowuuf: @TheMerricat don't even worry about it
TXC2: TheMerricat sure sounded like it :p
LordManiMani: @kartoffelkaiser isn't there a judge with cool guns? I thought it was Drace (specifically a judge, I know another spoiler imperial has guns)
Wyrmhero25: What leverage does Ashe even have? Her plan seems to be 'Free Dalmasca, and we'll stop fighting to free it'
undecided44: @txc2 depends on the system.... if we're talking call of cthulhu, I'd go with appearance being a down number, but he probably tucked his lowest stat into sanity
LordShadner: not much of a house when you plan to make a total of one member
LordManiMani: flourish!
MantisMind: Vaan is lost KEKW
KartoffelKaiser: @TheMerricat Yeah, there's a bunch of little things in that scene are vaguely sexual
raulghoulia: that guy's just dead and propped up and there's someone speaking through a speaker, right?
MystechJ: Wait are all these cutscenes in Archadia the old guys "dreams?"
plummeting_sloth: Graham, it's a typical Spanish-Moroccan-Russian accent, obs
Nydestroyer: very small text
niccus: vaan is absolutely spacing out
Genie_M: he has strong FFXIV vibe
LurkerSpine: stroke of fat?
KartoffelKaiser: @LordManiMani There is not. There's is a cool-gun-using character, but they are a man and not a judge
richard_ermen: French,.
GDwarble: Mooglish
malsareus: the french invaded this world too
Didero: French doesn't even exist here!
richard_ermen: The langé nominal of Ivalice ;)
hainiryun_: Al Cid speaks french sometimes on accident
RedNightmare7: No one speaks English either, I guess
Bionull: A mummer taught them
EvilBadman: What does that idiom even mean
Prop_PT: Montblanc probably does Kappa
Pharmacistjudge: Coup de Grace...yet Markwiss
grgriffin3: The French influence transcends dimensions
KevinTheShark: They dreamed of the french
LordManiMani: the empire already destroyed the land of French accents
RomanGoro: Finn Bálor's finisher
Bruceski: Game until now: "Diplomacy diplomacy diplomacy." Five minutes later: "Diplomacy has failed. I need weapons."
TXC2: yet a ship being named Odin doesn't trip you?
Whattheheckarethese: EYES!
malsareus: oh he woke up
Nydestroyer: oh shit you woke him up
TalpTheScot: this is like midgar having korean BBQ all over again
richard_ermen: Maybe the empire was original french?
undecided44: the emperor must have carte-blanche, as you Americans say... the white card.
doubledbear: seek seek
beowuuf: @undecided44 but if you take a low pow score, how do you get to read and use all the cool tomes!
richard_ermen: I hate stories where power and legitimacy is derived from blood
Bionull: I can't get over how beach ready the party looks
LordManiMani: Hey, props to Ashe here for being willing to seek out actual power to achieve her ends, political and otherwise. she's great
Nydestroyer: even more guado vibes from this guy
RedNightmare7: Hear now about this long string of nouns
KartoffelKaiser: hey remember that Garif cutscene that lingered on the rad sword that Raminas was holding?
plummeting_sloth: "Hehe... nah, I was joking. The other power is like 2 miles that way"
Robot_Bones: Do do do do do Paramina, do do do do, Paramina
doubledbear: @richard_ermen it's ok, in this case you need a rock to prove it
plummeting_sloth: 'can you imagine, another long trip?"
KevinTheShark: Ohhh he's actually talking now
malsareus: well Ashe is good with swords so that's good
RedNightmare7: How many new nouns was that?
beowuuf: don't let your dreams be dreams!
LordManiMani: we've been dreaming... for so long now...
richard_ermen: @richard_ermen A rock to the face maybe?
TehAmelie: guy, the other day i dreamed Jimbo Wales was using Wikipedia to send me weirdly passive-agressive comments on what i was reading. dreams are not good decision makers
MantisMind: larsa left the party peepoSad
Snowcookies: poor boy
SocraticMethod: Al-Cid is voiced by David Rasner, not much notable in his IMDB credits
Shadowsoflife: @RedNightmare7 all of them
thirsty_kitteh: This scene could use Penelo comforting Larsa
plummeting_sloth: Was... was Larsa a dream?"
grgriffin3: He let his memes be dreams, and now he's regretting it
undecided44: @beowuuf that's the trick... take a low san to get high starting mythos knowledge... that way you read the weekly offering in mythos book club.
Arikell: Still getting history lessons from Maechen
Pharmacistjudge: and Graham shrunk 3 sizes that day
richard_ermen: lol
beowuuf: @undecided44 ooooh
malsareus: you can't hide it any more Graham! you are Ant-Man!
Squigel: eyebrows
Wyrmhero25: Elf
MurphEP: Dreams
raulghoulia: definitely guado
IntegralHamster: mummy
sephsays: Gran
hainiryun_: He's a Revv or something similar
Nydestroyer: telling you he is a non blue guado
Robot_Bones: He really looked like a guado
doubledbear: How do you prove royal blood? well i have this cool rock
LordManiMani: he's not a Rev is he?
hainiryun_: Ondore hangs out with a couple
Whattheheckarethese: Helgas, apparently.
BigDaddyBland87: Definitely guado
Doc_Layzah: I envy his combination widows peak/eyebrow
Dalrint: He's the only one you ever see in any ivalice game so. I guess...Kilteas speciesi?
rabidwombats: Graham benjamin-buttoning confirmed
MystechJ: I thought elves were bunnies in tis world
Wyrmhero25: Ivalice has a lot of races that don't get much focus
KevinTheShark: A Grand Elder Moogle
malsareus: there are french in this game so why not Guado?
LurkerSpine: The Helgas is a humanoid race that makes a small appearance in Ivalice during the time of Final Fantasy XII. Tall with long faces and limbs, they are able to communicate telepathically. Aside from this, not much is known about this species. < From the wiki
TehAmelie: maybe only a quarter guado?
Whattheheckarethese: Exclusive to ff12, apparently.
richard_ermen: A creature from the planet Helghast of course
KartoffelKaiser: iirc, he is literally the only Helgas
CururuGuasu: Ferengi
Didero: "We made it up for this cutscene"
Wyrmhero25: 5/6 party members are human, but you have bangaa, seeq, nu mou, gria (only in tactics I think?) and moogle at the very least
Invitare: does that make him Yoda?
EvilBadman: Ah, so he's a Yoda
richard_ermen: @GDwarble That's the "Helghast" you're thinking of
KartoffelKaiser: this would have been a great way to do a male viera in this game but no gotta make a single character species i guess
LordManiMani: the Guado were exiled and driven into their forests for participation in Actual Genocide
TheMerricat: :The only Helgas featured in the game is Gran Kiltias Anastasis who leads the Light of Kiltia faith at Mt Bur-Omisace. Though initially asleep, he can communicate with the party as an omnipresent voice.:
Pharmacistjudge: Sorry Larsa. GTFO out of my party
goatprince: I like to imagine the gran kiltias is a nu mou that was allowed to stand up straight
Didero: @Invitare No, because there's more of Yoda's species, like Yaddle and Grogu
Electrodyne: I just got here! Am I in time for the blitzball?
thirsty_kitteh: Hmmm... [x] not a known species [x] has a throne [x] in an JRPG ... I know what we have to do!
hainiryun_: There's exactly one other mention of Helgas in a pub in A2
Dalrint: You get to play as them all in FFTA at least
Didero: A lot of sci-fi shows and games focus too much on humans
KartoffelKaiser: @goatprince LUL
Wyrmhero25: At least we got more of them in tactics and FFXIV
MantisMind: this game is perfect Madge
Whattheheckarethese: And almost all white, which seems odd.
niccus: i know a lot of people were disappointed when the new Pathfinder game dropped from 1 to 0 goblins
malsareus: I interpet that as all the non-humes staying out of the silly human war
LordManiMani: no Helgas in FFTA2
richard_ermen: @Didero Its the easiest to use for humans to understand them if used as a basepoint. Also everyone knows humes ;) But have you looked at Babylon 5? They have some truly alien aliens.
Bionull: The nu mou look real different in Tactics Advance
plummeting_sloth: "Uhh... actually I got a LOT more problems when I came here my guy"
CururuGuasu: And they add bird people in Revenant Wings
Didero: @Didero I have not, no. Probably should
SocraticMethod: I think part all-hume party is that storyline focuses on inter-empire politics.
Pharmacistjudge: but tactic advance has species specific classes...and Humans an Nu Mou are OP...and the rest are mediocre
Earthenone: the refugee eating dogs!
malsareus: no no Larsa left so we didn't bring our burdened soul out
Didero: My question is still the same: "...what?"
MystechJ: Time to pick up a new mcguffin, our old one broke
Wyrmhero25: The Aegyl at least are more woven into the mythology of Ivalice
grgriffin3: Graham just described how I feel about basically any FF cutscene
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ScrapyardGhostTrain: @Pharmacistjudge Moogle gunners strongly disagree.
goatprince: hope you like a puzzle dungeon. because you got a puzzle dungeon
shurtal: you got "a rock" thanks loot table
KevinTheShark: Fran doin a steal? golly gosh
TehAmelie: Fran has learned steal? now she has become a full viking warrior
TXC2: (DJ voice) "we got damage on the sixes!"
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KartoffelKaiser: Well then, excellent news
grgriffin3: Fran learned steal, now she needs to learn lie and cheat
richard_ermen: Likes puzzle dungeon - Next twelve hours is only puzzle dungeon.
HunterLionheart: I haven't replayed this, but I did pick up the remaster... maybe I should give it another go. the whole Zodiac Spear thing kinda soured me
Bearudite: golf dungeon>puzzle dungeon
Whattheheckarethese: Thankfully not too awful a puzzle dungeon. It's not the sewers (water temple).
Genie_M: or an elemental fight
TehAmelie: wait isn't golf a puzzle game?
TXC2: Bearudite correct
SocraticMethod: Like 4 of 6 party members are intrisincally part of the politics of the imperialism. They would probably need to rejigger the Dalmasca vs Archadia storyline
niccus: golf is a puzzle game because there's a number but you don't want it to go up
malsareus: we wish for peace with the elementals
plummeting_sloth: I though it was a drop-off before
SocraticMethod: @HunterLionheart Good news! Zodiac Spear is locked behind hunts now
rabidwombats: I've gotten WRECKED by those elementals so many times because of random party gambits
Ranakel: Wait this game had an ice level? I forgot so much about it
goatprince: it was open
goatprince: you just didn't notice. maybe because of the elemental killing you
malsareus: elementals are very distracting
Nydestroyer: sometimes ice elementals make things slip the mind
KartoffelKaiser: just a not so little guy :)
RedNightmare7: Did we walk into Monster Hunter all of a sudden?
plummeting_sloth: it's a mess is what it is
TehAmelie: hey did that NPC tells us in the grim hairgelled world of Ivalice, there is only war
malsareus: well that name doesn't clear it up
KevinTheShark: A bit of light murder... as a treat
thirsty_kitteh: Two Fae Ladies for the price of one!
SocraticMethod: Buy 1 Titania get 1 free Titania
goatprince: there can also be an Orb present in this region, if you'd care to go bother that slumbering beast
TXC2: it's a lobster ice dragon >
TXC2: *?
Ranakel: Well, not quite as difficult as XIV's Twintania
BrindleBoar: Fran casts YES! It's super affirmative!
raulghoulia: better than heavy murder? darkly murdered? I don't know which is opposite
Earthenone: lightning spear was sold, we did not buy it
TalpTheScot: what monster is landmining his pilgrimage route?
TalpTheScot: this
Genie_M: Ivalice is not good with faces of monsters
shurtal: twintania is just a Zweilous
goatprince: just me and the lads
plummeting_sloth: alright Vaan, get your worthless ass in here
SocraticMethod: 12 seems to have taken liking to arthropod and lizard-esque monsters
goatprince: dark will work?
RocknGrohlNerd: meh-gic?
Wyrmhero25: Telekinesis is available for most classes
Whattheheckarethese: I like flying = drain.
TehAmelie: Aero might be either extre effective or ineffetcive
doubledbear: I think my Balthier was still like lvl 19 when i was playing this area, Had to use the double xp item to catch him up
MystechJ: Give him the LP doubler
northos: wow this area just has all the FF14 names huh
northos: Twintania, Garuda-egi
Earthenone: hes weak to dark, baltheir knows dark magic
TXC2: Basch looking Thor-esque with that hammer
beldromercier: there's a technik to attack flying
EvilBadman: Balth can with any magic
malsareus: can Balthier switch to crossbowa?
Wicker_Guide: by the way worth pointing out, this is the same model andname as the boss from raithwall's tomb
EvilBadman: Also does anyone know Shades of Black?
SocraticMethod: Maybe give Balthier crossbow or Vaan attack flying technick for all the flying enemies?
Didero: can Balthier also cast Sleep on me please
Genie_M: you have some ranged weapons
Didero: I haven't been sleeping well
GDwarble: Huh, didn't realize the "[Summon]-Egi" term originated in 12, what a weird thing to import into 14
Bionull: A master tactician
MurphEP: Dark week is my favorite time of year
shurtal: Foe: dark-weak -> Dank
Earthenone: we dont have the technic even if he had a license
TalpTheScot: you have to find it first, its not till later
GTea30: Telekenisis isn't till way later
EvilBadman: You don't get the actual Teleknises tech until way later
GDwarble: That's telekinesis, Basch
Whattheheckarethese: You don't actually get telekinesis until about 40% more of the total game.
Wicker_Guide: vossler cheats
TehAmelie: oh, now i get Dark. it's a gravity element attack that doesn't do 0 damage to everything
TalpTheScot: it arrives so late
beldromercier: shades of black?
goatprince: Vriska homestuck?????
EvilBadman: Try to get Shades of Black, it casts a random spell, helps for flying
SocraticMethod: Shikari only without espers
Boiler_bot: Shikari has it on the far right on the board, I think.
Wyrmhero25: Foebreaker had Hand Bomb weapons
MurphEP: Really long sword
malum_ranae: badly
TheTekkieman: Souleater is also a ranged attack, I believe.
goatprince: there are only 2 more of these btw
MystechJ: Bombs?
Invitare: Surface to Air missiles
LordShadner: bombs?
Robot_Bones: Call it rude names
Lobo_Apache: Throw weapon, works once
EvilBadman: Learn them Shades of Black
Earthenone: dark is aoe too very nice
LordShadner: Penelo can with her poles
Whattheheckarethese: Technique
goatprince: (technik)
SocraticMethod: According to wiki poles, spears, rods, staves can hit flying enemies
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Featherweight_: So this is the final of the fantasies?
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goatprince: it's not a regular skeleton,,,,, it's a Dark skeleton
TehAmelie: it's as true as i learned in pickup dungeon runs, as long as you're not wiping out you're doing okay
Wicker_Guide: just an ordinary ball of lightning ball of lightning ball of lightning come to electrocure your face
MystechJ: Sudden transition
malsareus: biome change
goatprince: this shrine is so still my dude
Khalahd: And now for something completely different
Ranakel: Very still. And shriny
Robot_Bones: Still a shrine? yup still a shrine
SK__Ren: That palette change gave me whiplash
PaintingWithFariss: Yep, definitely still a shrine
Nydestroyer: I still love the lessons JRPGs and RPGs in general have taught us in going the wrong way first. Like if you feel like you are going the right way you turn around
goatprince: protect: poison
TXC2: how did this get built up here?
northos: shouldn't you be wearing a stillsuit to go to the stillshrine?
plummeting_sloth: well, it looks pretty for one
Squigel: half damage ice
mwlsn: "big place, let's walk quickly"
Squigel: in the ice area
Wicker_Guide: #elevatorupawindmilltoavolcano
SK__Ren: And Half Ice damage
rabidwombats: the architecture of these civilizations are so grand
Boiler_bot: Hmm I wonder why they gave you two Tourmaline rings at the start.
Earthenone: also half damage from ice :)
Bearudite: ominous
malsareus: well that's concerning
TehAmelie: i'm glad they haven't entirely lost the sense of going into another, smaller world when you enter a dungeon from the overworld map
Whattheheckarethese: Half-ice damage. Wonder if that will be important.
goatprince: for fashion
BigDaddyBland87: It's probably nothing
KartoffelKaiser: :)
incslayer: ehhh dont worry bout it
doubledbear: Probsbly unrelated
Wyrmhero25: You're too suspicious
EvilBadman: Toxic 1
TXC2: Graham going into Jimminy Glick voice there :p
Nydestroyer: !! POSION !!
TehAmelie: now all we need is to invent a form of half-ice
DLynx: im sure its a coincidence
Earthenone: no fishing rod yet
malsareus: Vaan never learned to swim
Juliamon: txc2 now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time
Squigel: me :)
Lobo_Apache: vaan can't swim, confirmed
Khalahd: More of those tourmaline's probably nothing.
doubledbear: I'm not even joking, the drops never feel related
goatprince: he's a regular dude
Genie_M: Bob
KartoffelKaiser: just a guy :)
Whattheheckarethese: He's from the desert, I'll eat my shoe if she knows how to swim.
incslayer: its clearly some old rich dude
sephsays: That's a statue
Electrodyne: Vicki Vale
Prop_PT: FFXIV Fans, welcome to Qarn
Whattheheckarethese: *he
plummeting_sloth: no one in this world can swim. Their insane outfits wouldn't survive it
EvilBadman: Nah, been there forever. Def old mus
SocraticMethod: Did Vaan even learn to swim since he grew up in desert city?
goatprince: it's actually his birthday, you can' be mad at him
thirsty_kitteh: It's a little guy, but really really close
Bionull: Surely there's another wiki entry telling us that statue is the only one of its kind
TehAmelie: i was thinking of the danger to their hairstyles if they touched water
KartoffelKaiser: :)
malsareus: so 2 Ice defense items right of the bat huh
Snowcookies: how subtle?
TXC2: picking up what the game is screaming down?
incslayer: is an ice shield a shield made of ice or a shield against ice?
Whattheheckarethese: HEY, Are you see-... oh, apprently you are.
BigDaddyBland87: obviously a fire temple
plummeting_sloth: God I hope the boss is a fire monster who's first move is called
Boiler_bot: Fancy that!
plummeting_sloth: FOOLED YOU
Nydestroyer: its saying to bring a heavy coat, its going to be cold
KartoffelKaiser: what you think the ice defense items on an ice mountain are telling you something :)
SocraticMethod: Hmm 🤔
Bionull: Shield boys!
goatprince: ice shield is an upgrade right
LordShadner: so Ifirt? Kappa
TehAmelie: it's what i would do if i was a fire monster living in an ice mountain
SocraticMethod: Hmmmmm lrrBEEJ_TK
TXC2: so whose the Roman, the Seth and the Dean ?
Boiler_bot: If you get the license, he can.
Ranakel: I've always pronounced Tippet like Toupet.
incslayer: @TXC2 what? Pulanski, Green and Winchester?
Bionull: You boys have to learn to accessorize
raulghoulia: regular tippet yes, embroidered one no
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DrakeSD: Any chance we'll get a Sidewalk Slam for the Rumble or is it just not in the cards?
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KartoffelKaiser: i'm sorry whose pendent are we ruining
Trixalicious: It's been a while since I played 12. I totally forgot Basch was a character.
Prop_PT: its Sill the shrine of Miriam
Boiler_bot: "Hello we hang out here!"
Genie_M: girl party
TehAmelie: this is a Kill Six Billion Demons tie-in?
raulghoulia: shouldn't be a sword then
BrindleBoar: the leg-gentry
BigDaddyBland87: oh it's a giant bread slicer
goatprince: wait until you see what this anime sword looks like
Whattheheckarethese: *immediately equips sword.
Prop_PT: faraam
BrowneePoints: I use it to slicesteak tbh
MoxCubitZirconium: Faram
Boiler_bot: Dude, faram.
accountmadeforants: Not for the base spilling of blood, but for the acid spilling of blood?
malsareus: so is it for slicing bread?
plummeting_sloth: it's a sword in a large boulder the size of a small boulder
KartoffelKaiser: @accountmadeforants you've cracked the code
Lobo_Apache: 500k channel points says its in a stone beast
MurphEP: Now that's a Dark Souls door opening
Khalahd: Maybe stuck in a stone golem
Prop_PT: @BrowneePoints ready for Qarn flashbacks?
undecided44: hey, I didnt hear a "faram" outta you! [to misquote Blazing Saddles]
malsareus: maybe it's in an icy lake
doubledbear: I gave the sword to Penelo in my gave, it looks very funny the way she holds it
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doubledbear: game*
EvilBadman: Kifflom, brother brother
Earthenone: anyways, BATS
TehAmelie: a "Stilshrine"? some sort of Stylin-shrine?
Ritaspirithntr: Huh. Why only party of 3? Where’s everyone else?
rabidwombats: on my first playthrough, this was the most recent dungeon I got to. I remember because of the bats
BrowneePoints: oh hey I know that Statue!
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BrowneePoints: sup Sunken Temple of Qarn lol
TXC2: Ritaspirithntr FF games always give you teams of 3
InquisitorGaia: for a second i thought the sword was going to be poking out of the base of the large stone sword
malsareus: don"t these priests fumigate their temple?
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doubledbear: And now for the hardest context prompt in the game
malsareus: Graham I see the sword
Boiler_bot: @TXC2 Except sometime's its four.
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Ritaspirithntr: I thought you could have 4 in this one for some reason. Must’ve imagined it?
TehAmelie: i hope we fight that statue and only ever see its feet and sword tip
MurphEP: Faram
Juliamon: It can go up to 4, but right now it's 3
Wicker_Guide: 3 plus guest
Wicker_Guide: no guest right now
Juliamon: Gotta leave room for the guest
doubledbear: Leave room for Juestus
TehAmelie: there's some way to joke about the four gospels and four party members. . .
Nydestroyer: I cant stop thinking about a fantasy race thats like 1 cm tall but makes statues the size of mountains since G brought up we dont know the size of that guy from the statue
northos: [muffled Libra noises]]
TehAmelie: i liked this grand MUD that had player character classes ranging from about 15 centimeters to 30 meters tall
MurphEP: :O
grgriffin3: Damn, I want a muffin
shurtal: FBtouchdown lrrAWESOME FBtouchdown
hesterbyrde: Ooh but what kind of muffin?
TehAmelie: i had a Mars bar cookie. so decadent
BrowneePoints: oh gooood it is just Qarn
shurtal: zombie ghoasts, leave this place
MurphEP: Thanks, Raithwall
TheAinMAP: RPGGhosto
doubledbear: This one took me a minute to understand
Whattheheckarethese: Not really, no rewards.
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
plummeting_sloth: The inscription goes on : "Oh also this summons ghosts. Probably should ahve lead with that"
Whattheheckarethese: 1 exp.
whatthebus: You don't have the right! O, you don't have the right! By the way, you don't have the right!
hesterbyrde: Yummm
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp Mystery berries PogChamp
Earthenone: blue is a good color for muffin berries
goatprince: bluebebbies, graham
BrowneePoints: I think my fave is Apple cinnamon but I rarely get them
GDwarble: @whatthebus Horse ahead
Nydestroyer: I had a friend who thought blue raspberries where a real thing
shurtal: Is this a dog?
undecided44: I'm going to guess that the pedestal only summons ghosts if you tou h it without permission, and there's no way to get permission.
malsareus: is it a sword-swap?
plummeting_sloth: or maybe the character has to be equiped with the Dawn Stone? Can't remember who has it now
Prop_PT: hints are available on request
EvilBadman: This muffin also summons Cranberries
thirsty_kitteh: cranberries? with zombies around?
Juliamon: love me a good cranberry muffin
TehAmelie: blueberries aren't that specially good for you unless they're raw, probably. just as well to have cranberries
Pharmacistjudge: only in your head
shurtal: no zombie, but we got zambos
BrindleBoar: blasphemy
Juliamon: blueberries can be too sweet
BrowneePoints: Man I should get some Apple Cinnamon Muffins
goatprince: I knew I should've gotten you the triple chocolate muffins
andysoo89: Let it be?
Cptasparagus: shouldn't you be eating flan while playing an FF game?
EvilBadman: Cloud Strife? The SOLDIER?
SocraticMethod: G, the boss of this dungeon is at the end if you want to grind up levels for B-party
Khasi1596: compleation?
thirsty_kitteh: 100% Compleated Run!
Juliamon: That's where it stops being a muffin
Earthenone: !flan
undecided44: I've got a good recipient somewhere for orange-cranberry oatmeal cookies
Khalahd: "Open this if everything's frosty"
RedNightmare7: Chocolate goo on the inside?
hainiryun_: the third chocolate is forbidden knowledge
TehAmelie: maybe chocolate cream filling too
hesterbyrde: Or maybe three kinds of chocolate chips? White, dark, and milk?
malsareus: time to find a place to drop down
beowuuf: the third chocolate is the chocolate we made along the way?
TXC2: shurtal blame Serge
undecided44: *recipie, though they are good to give away.
Cptasparagus: @shurtal know thy enemy
goatprince: the third chocolate is a third, secret thing
BrowneePoints: Question for Chat, are Apple Cinnamon Muffins a thing in other places? or are they just common here in the Midwest?
SK__Ren: @undecided44 I've gone one step beyond and added candied ginger. Its waaay too much work but sooo good
shurtal: @TXC2 this explains...something. I don't know what, but it does explain it
fafa199: Hey Graham!
hesterbyrde: EYES
doubledbear: This game has a thing for riddles with contextual items/magic and i am not a fan
Juliamon: BrowneePoints They're seasonal but they do exist
TXC2: what's the third chocolate lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Keep your eye on the cheese.
Pharmacistjudge: I'm assuming the !flan command comes from a joke about !plan command
Andymonium: XD
BrindleBoar: Wheel! Of! Magiciteeeee!
GTea30: Hah, I did it with Ashe to be extra sure in my playthrough
TXC2: oh no
TehAmelie: i have never seen any apple muffins myself
EvilBadman: The choices are yours, and yours alone. Good luck!
plummeting_sloth: and so Vaan was sacrificed
malsareus: oops whoops
SocraticMethod: !plan
LRRbot: Translator's note: Plan means Keikaku.
malsareus: well that was uncalled for
TheTekkieman: Ah, so this is where that model came from.
Earthenone: good work boys
LurkerSpine: just destroying ancient death statues, nbd
hainiryun_: they're just vibing
Nydestroyer: they dancin
LordManiMani: here in the US blackcurrant has long been the f o r b i d d e n berry
MystechJ: Swap out shard?
RocknGrohlNerd: whata push-over :D
Sethalidos: so does that mak e Vaan one of the Silver Snakes?
goatprince: you can't be mad at him. it's his birthday
TehAmelie: are they practicing their boss fight formation?
malsareus: aww they"re dancing
MAPBoardgames: The gameplay is so sped up, I checked if the stream was 1.5x or something.
raulghoulia: mesmerizing
beowuuf: @Pharmacistjudge probably, there's one on james's stream too because of cross contamination. except it's coolflan because...branding
Juliamon: our Costco swapped out the pumpkin streusel for apple crumble after the holidays were over
TXC2: "we call this the act of mating"
rabidwombats: swap out dawnshard
malsareus: do we want to level them? do we really?
BlueDaNewb: Dungeon talent show is coming up/
Prop_PT: if you are not usingf them... do they need a career change?
undecided44: @sk__ren haven't tried that addition, I'm not usually a fan of ginger. I have done a version with white-chocolate chips though, and that was quick to disappear.
RedNightmare7: Why am I surprised that the LRRdiscord has a cook book?
SocraticMethod: All weak to ice?
Nydestroyer: wait they are weak to ice?
beowuuf: would you like be making lrrEFF, bun-viking!
malsareus: @Prop_PT does Vaan even have a career? he's a grave robbing delinquent
KartoffelKaiser: Jebaited
SocraticMethod: That was mean, dungeon
TehAmelie: we did get bamboozled
beowuuf: i see
TXC2: and now we know
GTea30: guess you should've bought the ice sword :P
Juliamon: rayfkWelp
LordManiMani: @rednightmare7 wait what
andysoo89: Dragons are weak to ice? Is this pokemon?
LordShadner: ice sword would be nice
Prop_PT: @Prop_PT Rogue is a kind of career
SK__Ren: @undecided44 Do bear in mind this is with candied ginger. Using raw ginger would be alot stronger in flavor
thirsty_kitteh: She sure could! we could be cuddling...
RedNightmare7: @LordManiMani the flan command earlier. Here
RedNightmare7: !flan
1fairy2boots: They seem to go for the usual tabletop rpg rule. Kill the mage first.
rabidwombats: you can unequip dawnshard
beowuuf: strong rule, let's face iy
goatprince: take it off, graham
hainiryun_: you can take it off
Whattheheckarethese: Face!
rabidwombats: FACE your fears
Bearudite: face off
MystechJ: LOL
LordManiMani: Let's Rock!
thirsty_kitteh: Face/Off
Meecespieces: Travolta and Cage!
BigDaddyBland87: And now it's Legend of the Hidden Temple
1fairy2boots: I am waiting for the hrmrmmmm from super mario.
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Trebs42: so close, so very close :)
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northos: oh those guys are in FF14 too. never noticed they were in this first
goatprince: doom
Whattheheckarethese: technique'
SocraticMethod: 10
MystechJ: Final Countdown?
KartoffelKaiser: it's a show on-
SocraticMethod: 9
BrowneePoints: yep. Most of the enemies in ARR in FF14 are from 11 12 and 13
shurtal: 8
Metric_Furlong: it's a UK gameshow
SK__Ren: 8
raulghoulia: tv show
Bionull: 7
sephsays: 6
Bearudite: Numberwang?
TXC2: I'm starting to think every enemy in this game is also in ff14 :p
shurtal: 5
rabidwombats: it is ok to unequip the dawn shard
SK__Ren: 4
shurtal: 3
rabidwombats: if you want to exp again
sephsays: 2
hainiryun_: @TXC2 just about
Khasi1596: 37
Our_oBoros: 36
BrowneePoints: Oh, well that's a Relief
SK__Ren: 35
plummeting_sloth: boo!
TXC2: chat stop saying numbers
plummeting_sloth: weathering
BrowneePoints: TXCTwo
hainiryun_: very fast erosion
GDwarble: Wind erosion
TXC2: erosion Graham
zimmercj: Erosion
MystechJ: They also seem weak to hammer
Boiler_bot: Wind wears away stone.
BrowneePoints: Eurovision Graham
MolaMolaphant: aerosion, if you will
rabidwombats: sorry to backseat. You asked earlier but got attacked by FACE
plummeting_sloth: I do wish stealing from a statue would give you a pebble
RedNightmare7: Earth opposes Air like Fire opposes Ice?
voren_chalco: They're statues, Graham. What are they going to do? Counterspell?
BrindleBoar: that's why you have the 2x/4x speed
Boiler_bot: And yet...
LordManiMani: weird that there isn't a wind type Pokémon only flying
TXC2: well we do have 2X speed Kappa
thirsty_kitteh: *magical* erosion
Invitare: wind element and earth element being oppsites?
malsareus: 24 pfffff, Penelo is lvl29 Vaan you slacker!
Whattheheckarethese: @RedNightmare7 I believe ice opposes lightning in this game?
plummeting_sloth: hehe, you can steal like 100 pebbles from a statue and after pebble 100 it falls apart
TehAmelie: i knew a girl called Miriam. how weird would it be to face those ancient "Facers" with your name
Earthenone: i would choose gravity
GDwarble: Probably more the Final Fantasy tradition of Earth and Wind being opposed and so both deal double damage to each other
Earthenone: thats how we break statues
PixelArtDragon: Wind carrying sand absolutely can erode
malsareus: goodbuy MP
BigDaddyBland87: I guess because it's rock, it's an earth type
LordManiMani: unless it's FFX rules, where the opposites opposed each other. water weak to thunder and thunder to water
CururuGuasu: I see wind as basically sandblasting it
Nydestroyer: maybe it was just they where looking at the list of weaknesses and noticed a lacking on wind and where like "okay make the statues weak to wind"
RedNightmare7: @RedNightmare7 Well, my whole life has been a lie then.
Boiler_bot: Welp
Metric_Furlong: no zombies for you
Bearudite: they needed wind to have a little relevance because its the least loved FF magic type
Whattheheckarethese: Zombies are bad grinding, sadly.
Boiler_bot: Neat.
PixelArtDragon: *Zelda puzzle music plays*
BrowneePoints: Okay but Aeroaga is the most busted spell in KH1 and 2
TehAmelie: rocks are vulnerable to wind, right. it's almost logic in magical terms
BigDaddyBland87: oh those faces were Olmec
Dalrint: I mean if you want to be technical, everything is vulnerable to wind if it's strong enough or over a long enough period of time...
BrowneePoints: Also a reminder that the Olmecs were a real People Chat
TXC2: Olmec faces with a Jewish name ?
northos: *suspicion*
MystechJ: New gem who dis?
plummeting_sloth: I want to se the metrics on how many people hit that trap that's in the middle of the room miles away from anything
undecided44: 200:1 that's a statue that attacks on the way out.
SocraticMethod: Crystal mimic!
KevinTheShark: Oh heck
Juliamon: it was a trap!!
Nydestroyer: it was a mimic
TehAmelie: a grace mimic!
GDwarble: That's a crystalbug
TXC2: Mimic time!
Earthenone: they are savbe point mimics
LordZarano: Wind beating rock makes more sense than paper beating rock
BigDaddyBland87: Save rude
Didero: A crystalbug is that thing *points*
shurtal: save point mimics are the WORST
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Dang Bosch!
KartoffelKaiser: Literal save point mimic PogChamp
accountmadeforants: Holy shit, FFXII went where even FromSoft never dared tread.
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LordChrusher: Hej Graham and Chat
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PaintingWithFariss: these enemies are such a horrible idea
richard_ermen: A Crystalbug is what happens when you use Javascript on a Crystal
accountmadeforants: (Though I'm pretty sure Chrono Trigger also did something similar.)
Boiler_bot: ded
malsareus: it was a mimic
TehAmelie: well, we beat the green out of it
KevinTheShark: So it was... an infected crystal?
rabidwombats: you've got to fight. For your Right. To saaaaaaaaave crystal
Snowcookies: crystal mimic?
plummeting_sloth: "Ah, thank you for vanquishing that horrible doppleganger. Oh by the wya crystals can talk"
malsareus: man FF did campfire Mimics before FromSoft
MystechJ: Save point mimic
KartoffelKaiser: an ether i think?
TXC2: we hit it so hard it's refactive nature changed :p
PixelArtDragon: Gigas chad?
voren_chalco: To be fair, my blood is also weak to air.
RocknGrohlNerd: bigas gigas is the whole name
IzlanntheLion: how is the adventuring going? Find any booty?
SocraticMethod: 10% chance of vendor trash, 3% chance of ether
TehAmelie: hitting an emerald so hard it turns into a sapphire seems like something that would be possible in theoretical physics
Earthenone: weird horse
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LordManiMani: that's still a very good joke
KartoffelKaiser: dork hoars
GhostValv: more like bash
KartoffelKaiser: holy, yeah
MantisMind: yes holy
Boiler_bot: Holy
plummeting_sloth: couldn't go Nightmare huh?
BigDaddyBland87: yea look like holy
SocraticMethod: L 31
malsareus: it lorge
LordManiMani: is this the dark version of that one in Garamsythe
undecided44: weak to CDs
KartoffelKaiser: not cure, no
KartoffelKaiser: the Holy spell and some weapons with the holy element on them
RocknGrohlNerd: weak to disk, buy disc at llr store
Boiler_bot: *teleports behind you*
TXC2: ugh, a Teleport boss?
MantisMind: pison for you and you and you
shurtal: AND had no oven mits
malsareus: everyone is poisoned together
TehAmelie: got a lot of colors going on there for a literal nightmare that is also dark elemental
MantisMind: poison
malsareus: collective poisonings
MantisMind: poisona
IzlanntheLion: thats great if it did
PixelArtDragon: Good thing you all brought your Orbs of Light to show you're heros, right?
TehAmelie: ooh, do we get to assemble a triforce of swords to unlock the king of swords
raulghoulia: Reading is Magic
Earthenone: i want to say baltheir has a poison weapon
DrLigmaPhD: Sword of Judgement is just a normal sword but when you miss you hear "What was that?" in your ear
plummeting_sloth: "Man, I hope they don't ahve a 4th guest party member when they do my dungeon" King Raithwall, probably
goatprince: (hug the wall opposite of the hallway there)
goatprince: (nvm)
goatprince: there's a non mapped secret, it's not necessary
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richard_ermen: I often wonder...are those actual teleportation devices?
IzlanntheLion: that's what you call fail creature design, not making the poison creature immune to poison
Metric_Furlong: the sword of judgement! now if we can find the other 5 artifacts we can make the aneglic alliance! Kappa
goatprince: wall opposite that hallway - make the T a cross
Metric_Furlong: this has been your niche reference of the week
goatprince: :)
KartoffelKaiser: secret tunnel!
malsareus: instructions unlcear, please speicify hallway
SocraticMethod: Illusory walls!
GTea30: Things in the Labrynth aren't as they appear!
plummeting_sloth: friction based secret detection
niccus: well, more like king's field
TXC2: did From take lessons from this game?
goatprince: oily flan. delicious
northos: oil and water eh
Nydestroyer: well, I dont think shock does water damage
BrowneePoints: not throw water on oil fires
Earthenone: ashe hass a wet katana if i matters
IzlanntheLion: do they burn themselves
mwlsn: uh, I think someone left these flans in the oven too long
Travilogue: Flanbé
SocraticMethod: This is what happens if you try to make birthday flan
thirsty_kitteh: earthenone: I forgot G purchased that weapon; my brain got 4 words in and started wondering were you were going with
TehAmelie: are there flans you serve on fire? i kind of want to try one
BrowneePoints: yea
BrowneePoints: they're called Flanbe
BrowneePoints: benginFingers
TehAmelie: naturally
GhostValv: @BrowneePoints tqsClap
Earthenone: tpk trap
goatprince: a devious trap
Boiler_bot: nasty trap
MantisMind: berzerk and confuse trap D:
SocraticMethod: Berserk + confuse
malsareus: well that was uncalled for
Earthenone: trap to beserk and confuse whole party on zone in
goatprince: I didn't... think this would wipe you
Mr_Horrible: the bomb pulsating while the action is paused unnerves me
Earthenone: thats what the B team is for
TXC2: time for the A team
MantisMind: deadly trap
IzlanntheLion: that was crazy
malsareus: maybe the bomb did it?
beldromercier: Effect bersek confuse
Didero: Do they at least still follow their Gambits?
KartoffelKaiser: there's more than one trap here :)
KartoffelKaiser: time to wait :)
mwlsn: Game: "Reform with other members so I can kill them, too"
Prop_PT: @Didero sure dont
northos: @Didero berserk = only attack
TalpTheScot: yup, you have to wait out the berserk
Metric_Furlong: and now we play the waiting game
TalpTheScot: its silly
plummeting_sloth: too hopped up on rage to move
GhostValv: !
richard_ermen: lol
Metric_Furlong: game design!
Earthenone: so read any good books lately?
Wyrmhero25: 4x speed
malsareus: So chat, hows your day been?
Whattheheckarethese: Go to 4x speed?
BrowneePoints: 4x speed let's go!
beldromercier: put anti bersek equipment
shurtal: time for a Q&A
sephsays: They're soooooo angry!
Didero: Thrilling Gameplay!
KartoffelKaiser: LUL
RocknGrohlNerd: that was brutal
Robot_Bones: you ever get just Soooo mad... you can't move
rabidwombats: snack time
Boiler_bot: Very mean
MolaMolaphant: now this is a 4x game
richard_ermen: Riveting gameplay xD
Fulpper: Oh nice just finished the last youtube video what did I miss?
IntegralHamster: can't you switch someone new to your party and make them heal it?
goatprince: double speed will make it go faster
SocraticMethod: In original version the hallways were full of these traps
Earthenone: fran is free!
Metric_Furlong: so how was your weekend?
IzlanntheLion: dumb
BigDaddyBland87: there we go
TXC2: so anyway I beat Sekiro today....
Didero: @IntegralHamster Rest of the party is dead
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Yeah... One of the things they didn't fix in the remaster
Prop_PT: did you not have libra on? or was the trap right under you in the doorway (and then under the chest?)
accountmadeforants: Ah yes, and now we will PUNISH the player for playing the game. That will show them... yeeeeesssss
IzlanntheLion: what even happened
TehAmelie: berserk is usually great for making you kill the enemies faster. but with the confuse, nah
richard_ermen: You obtained an "oil company shield" xD
laundreydhull: chat amongst 'st ourselves?
LordShadner: can cast on reserve
goatprince: van's just an oily boy
hesterbyrde: embalming fluid
whatthebus: he's just a greasy lad
SocraticMethod: Vaan needs a shower
GhostValv: just built different
Earthenone: death does not clear all status effects
shurtal: corpses stay oiled
MystechJ: Very oily boi
Wyrd_Oh: Dirty boi
thirsty_kitteh: teenagers be lke that, yo
rabidwombats: die a greaser, be reborn a greaser
TXC2: he's a phyrexian!
BigDaddyBland87: too much hair gel
ElektroTal: phyrexivaan
SocraticMethod: Teenage boys do
malsareus: he's a greasy boi
Lobo_Apache: he's a growing boy graham
KartoffelKaiser: the oil leaked out of his arms
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Nobody dragged him out of the puddle. :P
goatprince: you were a teen once, you should understand
plummeting_sloth: "MY OIL IS ETERNAL"
Mordin_Solus_Sings: He's being pushed by WWE
TehAmelie: oil is thicker than blood
Didero: something something OIL be back
LordZarano: I'm sure it's nothing
richard_ermen: Vaan secretly phyrexian?
Boiler_bot: More flan
TehAmelie: maybe a lot of fire will clean that oil off
SocraticMethod: You have 36 phoenix downs, though :D
Nydestroyer: but raise is free Kappa
MystechJ: Are they both on steal
KevinTheShark: @socraticmethod Yeah but you can never USE them though!
thirsty_kitteh: But if we use one, then we'll only have 35, about 7 times as many as we've used all game!
Metric_Furlong: SocraticMethod but what if there's a special reward for getting to 99? Kappa
malsareus: we need those Phoenix Downs for later
SocraticMethod: So, in original version this hallway was full of confuse+berserk traps. You had to use Float or suffer
Nydestroyer: Listen we have to save the phoenix downs to prevent overhunting of phoenixes
Didero: But why use consumables when you have magic
SocraticMethod: Too bad Float is later in TZA
TehAmelie: magic, a renewable energy source
laundreydhull: pardons, couldn't hear stream until I toggled the bluetooth
TXC2: "use a potion!" "but I only 50!" "it's the final battle" "but you can't buy these!"
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Renewables over consumables, folks. Kappa
goatprince: the sledgehammer inflicting Disable is primo too
GDwarble: These absolutely feel like Dark Souls enemies before Dark Souls, don't they?
Boiler_bot: Mmhm
noSmokeFire: I'm not sure how I feel about their fire nipples
mtvcdm: !addquote (Graham) [now] More flan!
LRRbot: New quote #8455: "More flan!" —Graham [2023-02-06]
thirsty_kitteh: this thing
SocraticMethod: Basch damage spread was fun. 37 - 350 - 954
BrowneePoints: those are psuedopods
BrowneePoints: not fire nipples
Earthenone: Vaan hurt himself in confusion
TheAinMAP: mattlrHeck
noSmokeFire: yeah, it's just the color highlights that are unforuntate
KevinTheShark: good quote @mtvcdm 👌
Whattheheckarethese: I quite like Self: silence = use vox herb at the top of the gmabits for main casters/healers.
TehAmelie: heck, Elden Ring only last year caught up to the mechanic of wet/oily status effects that make you vulnerable to lightning/fire
KevinTheShark: a little level up, as a treat
BusTed: benginBonk
IzlanntheLion: the time you take to kill is about their responsibility time I think
IntegralHamster: I think Balthier wanted to do it at least once for a long time
SocraticMethod: Balthier wanted to do that for a long time. Confuse was just an excuse :D
plummeting_sloth: I mean, who among us wouldn't accidently clap Vaan
thirsty_kitteh: I mean, if you were Balthier and could quietly kill Vaan and then bring him're going to be thinking about it
KevinTheShark: Does.... does Balthier get XP for killing Vaan?
BusTed: seabatYIKES
1fairy2boots: Do they keep spawning? Is this a grinding spot?
Nydestroyer: Matt really put you in a pickle here
Boiler_bot: lots
MystechJ: Stair of infinite oilings?
saucemaster5000: Life Xp
sephsays: Infiniflan!
Robot_Bones: No but it makes him feel better
Didero: If we can replace Vaan with somebody more fire-resistant, this could be a good grinding spot
noSmokeFire: can't wait for someone to do a sad PSA about cleaning up oil-covered adventurers. for mere gil a day you can save their habitat from oilings
plummeting_sloth: well, we nearly died but at least we've topped up our supply of oily liquid
bojuka_pog: Who leaves flan in the stairs anyway ?
Didero: That went well, no notes
TalpTheScot: well oil be damned
KevinTheShark: well oil beef hooked
Earthenone: you know, i get why the architecht dident put the flan stairs on the map
noSmokeFire: the flan killed all the cartographers
Didero: But resting at a campfire resets the enemies! Kappa
KevinTheShark: Really that was a storage space they just filled with oil and flans
TehAmelie: it was all the flans' plan
Boiler_bot: What reward did you get for the Flan Stairs?
TehAmelie: a flanspiracy
thirsty_kitteh: boiler_bot: we got to see Penelo go beserk
goatprince: what an oily side quest that was
Earthenone: oil sidequest gave us shell sheild
KevinTheShark: You got some good levelling up out of it at least
BusTed: @Boiler_bot The shell shield, I believe.
Didero: We teleported
Boiler_bot: Gotcha
MolaMolaphant: shell shied is a pretty spicy prize for that, too?
Ryxiene: Afternoon all ( ^ - ^ )/
TXC2: hello Ryxiene welcome
TehAmelie: eeh, a Protect shield would be sweet
Ryxiene: KPOPvictory
leondebowa: is Gaham aware as to what he can find here?
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Didero: The power of friendship?
goatprince: he can find oil here
leondebowa: cool no spoilers then
TehAmelie: an anti-water balloon?
CobaltStasis: it's for sure the power of friendship
goatprince: I looks thrilled to me
SocraticMethod: Why does it have a face inside it's mouth
KevinTheShark: The Oil sheiks will be arriving soon enough
Boiler_bot: angy
BigDaddyBland87: Naw that's his grin
thirsty_kitteh: that's the episdoe cover image!
hesterbyrde: That looks how my brain feels when I have a migraine
leondebowa: friendly grinning face
TXC2: it's look's hangry to me :p
Leonhart321: We played this game when it released in *mumble mumble mumble*
Diabore: id be mad too if you hit me with a hammer
noSmokeFire: omg, I love these things
TehAmelie: wait i bet they're hydrogen balloons
TalpTheScot: they look sad. a bit... blue
IzlanntheLion: angry balloon
plummeting_sloth: "The Power of Friendship" is the name of the sword. It is absurdly deadly
noSmokeFire: dankerchiefs for short
Earthenone: candelabra!
OldManJohnsonMB: I put like 200 hours into this game instead of doing my university classwork when this first came out. I have avoided downloading this verrsion for fear of productivity loss again
thirsty_kitteh: there's a reason we throw them away all the time
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kristian_fischer: Ahoy, Graham.
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2 raiders from ApologusTwitch have joined!
KevinTheShark: I'd rather have the Friend of Powership
TXC2: hello radiers
TXC2: *raiders
ApologusTwitch: Hey hey, lrr fans
Nydestroyer: after finding that oil hallway my brain would focus on rubbing my face against every wall possible LUL
Hazunia: Hello! Had a great Wolf Among Us and logical thinking stream ^^
KevinTheShark: sup, raids'm'n PrideHeyyy
Robot_Bones: rooby rooo
ApologusTwitch: Hey Graham! Big fan of LRR since the old Escapist days
goatprince: you wanna accidentally heal your enemies? ruby ring!
Prop_PT: Reflect can be scary, with heal gambits
IzlanntheLion: get that rage out
LordShadner: so are these water balloons? Kappa
noSmokeFire: starting to see why balthier would take any excuse to kill vaan
Robot_Bones: SSX tricky
Earthenone: that baloon had a crossbow
Nydestroyer: reflect always remindes me of the secret mega boss in FF10 where the best way to damage it was to cast reflect and target your own guys to get around the opps innate reflect LUL
plummeting_sloth: dang, stole a crossbow off of that
DrLigmaPhD: Great song, BAP, Bomb Ass Pile
Didero: so many items
TehAmelie: reflect is bad for you at least 9 times out of 10, in my experience. really gotta pick your spots
Earthenone: i hear stone brave had to change its name
noSmokeFire: that poem loses something in translation
Didero: Time to rotate those statues!
carefreewill: There is this really cheesy way to use reflect; reflect you’re whole party then drop aoe magic on your own team.
shurtal: that's statuewang
TXC2: numberwang music intensifies
goatprince: check its eyes
LordManiMani: my wife and I sing the numberwang music when people have to pass the baby down the table
DueRecompense: watch your toes
Didero: So we have to look at the blade too?
undecided44: da da daht da, da-dah day dah!
Boiler_bot: Looks good.
DrLigmaPhD: Its hardly a hot-take but every outfit in this game is the ugliest thing you'll see at the gayest ren-faire ever
Didero: Desmond the Deadsman
Nydestroyer: desmonds tell no tales
KevinTheShark: Please, Deadsman was my father's name
Robot_Bones: Of Desmond we hardly knew ya
TXC2: DrLigmaPhD Balither isn't to bad
TXC2: *too
Didero: Vaan and Balthier both stealing undamaged foes doesn't seem ideal
EvilBadman: I never paid attention to hammer, but that damage variance is gulf.
jackulhaups: hi graham! happy monday!
DrLigmaPhD: @TXC2 In form? no. In pattern? Disgusting
Didero: aw yis, a-team time
SocraticMethod: @DrLigmaPhD Oi! Fran is wearing lingerie store/blacksmith's workshop disaster
Boiler_bot: I do wonder how JRPG characters manage to dress themselves every morning.
KevinTheShark: a strip of festering flesh? it's JUST what I wanted!
DueRecompense: This is my fav chain spot in the game
DrLigmaPhD: I'm sorry G I may have turned chat into Queer Eye for the Fantasy Guy
thirsty_kitteh: I actually kind of like Balthier's outfit
leondebowa: will graham start hugging walls now he knows about the secret passages
leondebowa: ?
KartoffelKaiser: Look most of them are just weird at worst
MousseFilledCat: Balthier’s is fine
varmintx0: I like Ashe's outfit. Wish it was in XIV.
Didero: Penelo's looks relatively normal
shurtal: I'm Commander Shephard and this is my favorite chain spot on the citadel
MousseFilledCat: Downright normal
leondebowa: IDK TBH
goatprince: nah
PaulStefko: I love that I can watch Graham playing FF12 while grinding out hunts in FF12 on my Switch.
Boiler_bot: I like Penelo's boots.
plummeting_sloth: Bathlier manages to dress themselves in clothes that appear to be clothes
TXC2: really it's just Ashe's outfit
EvilBadman: >Try Rolling
DrLigmaPhD: Being hot can cover a LOT of flaws in an outfit
KartoffelKaiser: I personally like Ashe's outfit but i can't defend it. The more you look the less sense it makes
malsareus: Penelo's boots are made for walkin
accountmadeforants: That's true, some outfits are weird partial wetsuits, which wouldn't fly at a ren fair.
beldromercier: Well, Fran is more on the "négligé' range of clothing
KartoffelKaiser: hey that's our first Ninja Sword!
goatprince: ninja blade
Boiler_bot: Ninja sword
Didero: I ashura you i don't know
leondebowa: katana ?
GhostValv: I'm not Ashura bout that
Juliamon: Ashe is peak Fashion, meant solely for the runway
Earthenone: legaly distinct katana
Didero: 'On hit: Blind' seems interesting too
Diabore: shikari
DrLigmaPhD: (I've also been watching Drag Race with my partner so I'm in the Judgy Gay (tm) headspace)
goatprince: ninja sword: high chain attack, no shield, dark elemental
DueRecompense: 4 weapons
BigDaddyBland87: DO IT!!!
Diabore: oh no, you locked out of yagyu
Boiler_bot: They can be quite good.
malsareus: own brand katanas here we go
Prop_PT: does unlock 4 weapons
leondebowa: 2h though
grgriffin3: That seems real good
KevinTheShark: Oooh, spicy
djalternative: oh. tough question for chat: stay here with graham or abandon ship for TTC
Didero: No need to evade when you can just stab the enemy to death faster
Lobo_Apache: i asura you nothing
thirsty_kitteh: [this is a stretch] Fran looks like she is annoyed Balthier is taking her on this trip away from the rest of the 'cule.
TehAmelie: so expensive to get licensed as a ninja huh
KartoffelKaiser: @Diabore it's K you can fix that with respecing
Juliamon: TTC will still be there later
Didero: @djalternative Graham is now, TTC is forever
Prop_PT: Dark element was only OG 12
goatprince: just vaan
Earthenone: ashe is katanas, not ninja swords
KartoffelKaiser: No, only Shikaris (so Vaan) can use them
Robot_Bones: only Karate swords
Diabore: only shikari
SocraticMethod: Only shikari
Prop_PT: opnly Shikari yes
Diabore: 56 all the way up to 72
DueRecompense: theyre super fast
carefreewill: Careful which quickening of Vaan’s you unlock, there’s 4 ninja sword squares on the shikari, each behind a quickening, but you can only unlock 3 quickening’s
leondebowa: go ninja, go ninja, go
DrLigmaPhD: Mmmmmm FLESH
chaostreader: Give Balthier the diamond shield?
malsareus: Well Vaan has a weeaboo sword now, i suppose it was inevitable
plummeting_sloth: do love how there is no "seriously avoid traps" gambits
goatprince: it's worth a weird amount of money
Didero: You might want a snack later
DrLigmaPhD: Pocket Bacon
goatprince: which is to say a lot
thirsty_kitteh: carefreewill: all three Vaan quickenings are already done, so *shrug*
Earthenone: pocket flesh
ghizmou: might have a hoarding problem
Earthenone: for later
BigDaddyBland87: Because RPG rules say you might need it later
A_Dub888: Makes good jerky?
DLynx: everyone loves jerky
TXC2: "waiter! I ordered this flesh sans the festering"
Didero: It's videogames, gotta take literally everything everywhere with you
1fairy2boots: Better do the dark picture anthology thing and place it exactly where you picked it up from.
bojuka_pog: *Later at the store* Hey uuh wanna buy this lump of flesh I took off the ground a couple days ago ? Awesome !
DrLigmaPhD: You're not full weeb until your running animation is a Naruto run
leondebowa: did ashe pick up a bad habbit?
thirsty_kitteh: "Princess Ashe, Weeaboo" is another head cannon I could work on
malsareus: @DrLigmaPhD I'm sure there is a mod for that
Boiler_bot: Pots
LordZarano: Zomplease
Boiler_bot: Evil magic pots
plummeting_sloth: "What's an enchanters habit?""Oh, usually stuff like fiddling with the enchanters staff, twitching their feet, stuff like that"
thirsty_kitteh: "An enchanter's habit? Oh, that's drawing a card on ETB of other enchantments" -- Serge, possibly
MrMonoRed: Loved this game on PS2 but got stuck trying to beat some optional bosses
DrLigmaPhD: Enchanter's Habit is just a bangin cocktail bar
SocraticMethod: Balloons on the field! Bring an Aquaga.
malsareus: Fran has mastered the 4 elements, she is not the Avatar
KevinTheShark: Ayyyy, levels
noSmokeFire: I can't get over how much I love these fish bombs
Earthenone: fran is locked in crimes
Juliamon: Having fun there, Fran?
richard_ermen: @DrLigmaPhD is it....Penelo?
Didero: Fran and Penelo just keeping Ashe alive while she stabs an angry face
SocraticMethod: @DrLigmaPhD IT'S FACER
noSmokeFire: with all the goggles floating around in FF character design, you'd think you could just buy a pair and resist blind
thirsty_kitteh: richard_ermen: No, it's the 8th Imperial Fleet as seen from above
richard_ermen: Solid Stone, the most stoic member of the Metal Gear Solid cast
Earthenone: helps to bring a map
richard_ermen: @thirsty_kitteh xD
DrLigmaPhD: @richard_ermen I was thinking of the doll one that has 2 forms
mistycloud21: I guess they blind you by you looking at the flame.
DrLigmaPhD: I truly don't know the name
Earthenone: nope those are magicy things
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SocraticMethod: Staves are for black/white mages
richard_ermen: No worries, I was just trying to be funny ;)
Charlymandias: Understaffed eh?
Whattheheckarethese: Stave is good for a caster.
malsareus: these people really need to stop making weapons and armor out of gold
noSmokeFire: staves and poles are different licenses due to an import tariff
Whattheheckarethese: No...?
ScrapyardGhostTrain: I do like those handful of games that have actual gold armour - massively expensive, utterly useless. Sadly, they are very rare.
SocraticMethod: Mass destruct? Baby baby baby baby, ah!
Earthenone: as a black mage i doubt it?
Whattheheckarethese: Nope!
KartoffelKaiser: I don't think she can
DrLigmaPhD: Angry cleric doesn't throw hands, they throw heals
djalternative: No. Ashe can't learn. She refuses
Earthenone: ashe chose violence
Prop_PT: cure is a little underwhelming at this point, Cura is much stronger if you have it
Whattheheckarethese: Ashe is all DPS.
LordShadner: bushi has no magic itself
malsareus: you know these ghosts made me realize that Ghost Voltorb would totally work thematically
Whattheheckarethese: See.
heronblademaster: I've played the first three hours of this game like six times. Maybe I should play the rest of it
leondebowa: Ashe chose violence...
thirsty_kitteh: We gave Ashe a sword and she is going to bussing swing it around like there's no tomorrow
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Ashe knows only sword.
KartoffelKaiser: Ashe has black magic, right?
Whattheheckarethese: I mean, I went White/black on Ashe so she was the true caster.
Prop_PT: I made Ashe my Black/TIme mage and she owns
Earthenone: ashe has been skipping magic classes to study the blade
munocard: I will say, it is nice that you can just talk to Montblanc and completely re-do your jobs whenever you want.
Khasi1596: ugggh, thanks ads
malsareus: Macguffins do come in 3s
Whattheheckarethese: Wow! Staoop reading the wiki.
djalternative: well, the incription did say there were 3 statues
thirsty_kitteh: Ah, coming in three... that makes it comedy and/or Nintendo, right?
richard_ermen: @Earthenone Are you trying to suggest Ashe might secretly wear a fedora at home?
Leonhart321: Is getting interrupted by an ad for FFXIV ironic here?
TXC2: have trained you for this one moment
leondebowa: thats crazy Graham
malsareus: the rule of 3 must be obeyed
KevinTheShark: Gaming seems to come in 3's majoritively. unless it's 7s
leondebowa: must be a block puzzle
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thirsty_kitteh: richard_ermen: does the royal fedora match the royal hot pants?
Whattheheckarethese: Also, this... thing.
richard_ermen: Time for gym class!
KartoffelKaiser: hello and welcome to Magnetic Three Headed Metal Dragon
KartoffelKaiser: there will be no explanation
RedNightmare7: That is one hell of a design!
DrLigmaPhD: Vorinclex
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Go left.
munocard: choppy choppy
richard_ermen: @thirsty_kitteh To the royal foto archive!
goatprince: it's... technically a dragon
LordManiMani: a new phyrexian
noSmokeFire: oh hey, it's that pokemon
1fairy2boots: new esper time?
Earthenone: magnets!
Didero: Time to punch it with your fists!
Whattheheckarethese: @1fairy2boots Not yet...
Leonhart321: @ShaneLeeAtk Thanks for the gift sub!.......You REALLY didn't have to, but thank you
undecided44: I live Metallica!
malsareus: of course it does, our armor is made of gold
KartoffelKaiser: Characters using metal stuff are slower
Manae: Oh dang. Magnet cave type effect? It's a FF4 classic
RedNightmare7: My guess is slower attack with metal weapons?
wildpeaks: suddenly, Magneto
niccus: your mri is being taken, please stand still
leondebowa: its the fun friends you made along the way
Khalahd: Someone had a bad dream about Magneton and made it a thing.
goatprince: metal gear puts turbo slow on your people
Earthenone: hes so...vinescular
djalternative: the phyrexians have invaded this plane!
Whattheheckarethese: Metal weapons and armor make the characters bar build slower.
ElektroTal: time to use some wooden weapons?
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Molladia: Watching you enjoy this, has been more fun than I would have playing it. Thanks G
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TXC2: (Jack O'Neill voice) MAGNETS!
ShaneLeeAtk: @Leonhart321 It is my pleasure, friend! FFXII shouldn't be interrupted by ads for FFIV.
plummeting_sloth: Further inscription: "Oh, and there's a weird ass evil magnet in the basement. Seal-bearer, seeker-of-peace... probably just stay out of the room I don't know"
Earthenone: ohh no the katana has betryed us
leondebowa: hit her
beldromercier: change equipment?!?
ShaneLeeAtk: Sonic.... BOOOOOm
Politicallycorrekt: Tempest kick
DrLigmaPhD: Wonder Woman!
malsareus: very DBZ of you Fran
Didero: Fran kicking the absolute shit out of the enemy, and Penelo... does a shiny pirouette
DueRecompense: penelo is the Dazzler of the team
IzlanntheLion: Chaos Control
GDwarble: I dunno, I still feel like the "spin around in a circle" attack lacks oomph
Whattheheckarethese: Penelo is Dancer, I believe.
Khalahd: Penelo's "got it"
KartoffelKaiser: There's a reason that in future games, Penelo's class is "dancer"
leondebowa: kinda wish these showed damage
Juliamon: Hey chat, just for this week, could you do us a favor and not gift subs to people having unexpected midroll ads? It's not something that should be happening and we can't actually tell when it happens ourselves because we're subbed.
LordManiMani: yeeeeehaw
carefreewill: What’s the highest chain of quickening hits anyone has managed?
Ryxiene: FBtouchdown
Whattheheckarethese: 19 personally.
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
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djalternative: Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all: What hast thou then more than thou hadst before? No love, my love, that thou mayst true love call— All mine was thine before thou hadst this more.
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Earthenone: 18 here
goatprince: you're actively gaming
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @carefreewill 14 is as high as I remember getting.
Wyrd_Oh: Pure gamer
northos: pretty sure I've gotten into the 20s , but it's been a while
SK__Ren: 21 here. I spent alot of time trying for the ultimate finisher
LordManiMani: @juliamon does not gifting help ID the problem? genuine question not sarcastic
SoulSurgae: quite the storm count
SocraticMethod: Now playing Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
MrMonoRed: This boss has gotta be dead now lol
Leonhart321: What's the number for the cheevo? I think it's 15?
DrLigmaPhD: Is Fleetwood Mac playing because this chain ain't breaking
KartoffelKaiser: New finisher!
samu_btdp1985: stop its already dead lol
munocard: Did we kill it?
wildpeaks: we gaming now
richard_ermen: Master Gamer
munocard: lol yes
KartoffelKaiser: gottem
Juliamon: LordManiMani It does, we need unsubbed people to tell us when it happens
BigDaddyBland87: Overkill
malsareus: well then
carefreewill: I think I managed 20 something before, but that was way back on the ps2 original
Prop_PT: Magicked so hard you got an Elden Ring Honsa
IzlanntheLion: womp bo combo
Cainnech91: EZ
beowuuf: eat it!
Ryxiene: Nice~ \o/
mistycloud21: One shot
Didero: Phase 2!
munocard: You QTE'd a boss
DrLigmaPhD: @SocraticMethod Same brain
KeytarCat: Especially great when the finale is a healing element for the target
GhostValv: tqsClap
KevinTheShark: ez gg
Earthenone: fran stop eating those!
beowuuf: first time but actually :p
DueRecompense: you wouldnt download a quickening would you?
SK__Ren: And this is how no XP runs cruise control the game. Quickennings are dummy powerful with a good chain
leondebowa: why does that hurt it when it climbed out of the lava?
EvilBadman: @Juliamon If it helps at all, I got hit with one right before G's actual break by about 5minutes. (no one gift sub me plz)
BigDaddyBland87: Congratulations
plummeting_sloth: okay, I like that actually finished the boss. Sometimes those are underwhelming and you spend like 5 minutes chaining attacks and it's like less than a quarter of their health
malsareus: dammit Fran stop eating your arrows
TXC2: congratulations
munocard: Congration, you done it!
MDK_Marshal: congratulations!
Leonhart321: Wark wark
beowuuf: seabatClap
1fairy2boots: Fran, I repeat: your arrows are poisonous. Please get them out of your mouth.
KeytarCat: Fran with the arrow in her mouth is a mood??
munocard: Yeah, I got one maybe 5 mins ago?
Leonhart321: That would track
EvilBadman: G, that tracks it was about an hour of my viewing
Pal_Friendpatine: Ok good to know @juliamon . I too saw ads (8 of them) a few minutes ago.
Earthenone: ! ring good
Whattheheckarethese: Very good equipment.
plummeting_sloth: oooh
EvilBadman: (we sub on Az's account, but I was watching on mine due to laptop)
leondebowa: hey G, Have you heard of the healing traps?
Prop_PT: Fran about to pop off
Juliamon: Turns out automatic ads are a pain!
Leonhart321: If it helps for tracking, I was watching on my console and only got the one
emonotony: This new technology-infused world really makes the Spaceballs quip about future technology seem prescient.
Juliamon: Thanks everyone!
goatprince: good for her
JohnPraw: Three different channels I follow on Twitch are coincidentally playing through FF12 right now. I love it.
ScrapyardGhostTrain: "It is now angry."
DrLigmaPhD: There's hair growing in weird places...
KartoffelKaiser: glad the colossus is living it's authentic self <3
leondebowa: we support their transition
Bruceski: @KeytarCat Despite the graphics quickenings and concurrances are non-elemental.
ghyllnox: Fwiw I've taken to messaging Juliamon when I get a midroll, I don't know if other people doing that too would help? (I'd normally love a gift sub but right now I'm data points!)
TalpTheScot: now to remember how to get back there
undecided44: good for them, growth can be challenging.
KartoffelKaiser: imagine you walk under the sword and it just slams it back down
plummeting_sloth: "I... wouldn't trust that for a fucking second"
TXC2: wait is this a giant mini golf course ?
BigDaddyBland87: Dammit he beat me to it
Whattheheckarethese: Now for something... dangerous.
DrLigmaPhD: Grundle-Tunnel
SocraticMethod: Could the statue be of the same people that were chiefs in deset with horns?
Earthenone: spheda?
thirsty_kitteh: Imagine if once the person with the dawn shard (ashe) goes through, it just drops on the rest of them
djalternative: wait. does anybody have a putter
emonotony: @ghyllnox If at first you don't succeed, you have just produced data points.
Juliamon: delicious data points
djalternative: mini golf with the dawn shard
malsareus: too late graham, the grundle is free now
DoctorH0pe: Consarnit Graham! I'm trying to catch up on YouTube but you just keep live streaming! :p
thirsty_kitteh: marshmallowy
Wyrmhero25: You are now a different person with the same molecules
Diabore: pain? im gonna go with pain
KevinTheShark: like dying and being reconstructed?
KartoffelKaiser: OH hey, it's the autogrind rare game
DueRecompense: Rare hunt
emonotony: "It's much longer than you think"
leondebowa: rare hunt?
TalpTheScot: its its own thing
Cainnech91: monkaS
KartoffelKaiser: This fellow makes ghasts forever
shtevie3: these ole things?
Robot_Bones: Kind of like being drunk, through a straw
Juliamon: Sure is!
malsareus: it's made of beef
DrLigmaPhD: Ever go from cold water to a hottub? That's what I imagine teleporting to be like
TXC2: like being wet and on fire at the same time
IzlanntheLion: probably like not existing for a spilt second
Molladia: Much like having your cells taken apart and put back together, as Reg Barkley feared
KartoffelKaiser: He shows up if you've been in the Stilshrine for long enough without leaving
leondebowa: probably undead though
KeytarCat: Death magic! Many kinds thereof!
goatprince: negulmuur is an exp farm, it's true
Pharmacistjudge: So ancient devices have ancient certificates for safety like elevators do?
malsareus: it probably has more HP than the mooks
Earthenone: resist your programing
Diabore: switch attack gambit to "highest max hp"?
Volus_dude: Negalmuur is rather stylish chap
plummeting_sloth: a skull? oh no, Ashe is going to be attacked by pirates!
LordShadner: is it undead itself thou?
DrLigmaPhD: @Pharmacistjudge Ancient people did have good ideas sometyimes
Bruceski: I appreciated this game's combat more when I realized some things are there specifically to mess with your gambit settings
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @Juliamon I had it happen twice during Friday's PiF, but not today. Don't know how that helps as a data point, but it's something.
malsareus: we live
Whattheheckarethese: May want to deactiate fran's steal now.
DrLigmaPhD: He keeps casting Doom but I don't hear the music
munocard: I wonder if trying to heal him does a ton of damage
KeytarCat: Does a Phoenix Down ohko undead in this one?
Whattheheckarethese: Some?
KeytarCat: OHKO, stylized
KartoffelKaiser: it does, but some undead are immune to that
Earthenone: some of them, yes
KeytarCat: ah, tyty
leondebowa: rare hunts are really exp heavy
leondebowa: reflect g
plummeting_sloth: well, that works
KeytarCat: I remember there was a boss in FFX that was really hard but left that cheese open
Bearudite: 👀 secret words
Earthenone: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always worried.
KeytarCat: Ashe, you're supposed to be comboing out what happened?
Ryxiene: o/
TXC2: hello Kathleen
richard_ermen: lol
1fairy2boots: <3 Kathleen <3
wildpeaks: it's the trying to log into the thing dance \o/
richard_ermen: Kathleen Improvaganza
DrLigmaPhD: Hi Kathleen! Caught Brave New Faves for the forst time and loved it
gualdhar: ooooh op sec
TXC2: bye Kathleen
josh___something: XD
goatprince: rare game
Earthenone: rarespawn
KartoffelKaiser: It's a Rare Game, which is like a hunt but not
Whattheheckarethese: Rare spawn,
malsareus: that was tougher than the boss
DrLigmaPhD: I love my username but I feel sorry for making y'all sat it aloud
ShaneLeeAtk: I try to catch Brave New Faqves regularly, but I am getting old and my bedtime keeps moving closer and closer to twilight.
goatprince: there are 80 total rare game, all with special spawning criteria
SK__Ren: Oh! This is where I did an afk grind
zellousy: Ooh, love XII.
SK__Ren: These guys have a trigger condition
SK__Ren: so you can just sit around forever
Pharmacistjudge: Fran, they are zombies. We’re kinda above stealing from such lowly undead
KartoffelKaiser: uhh, i would recommend not going this way
TalpTheScot: just another of the many hidden mechanics in this game
Earthenone: i dident know there were eighty, i assumed one per zone
malsareus: we need more FLESH
TalpTheScot: they really didnt like to tell you about anything in it
Boiler_bot: Oh we're doing the Flan Stairs again?
malsareus: steal the zombie flesh
leondebowa: the spawns can be extremely difficult and RNGy too
plummeting_sloth: area has been notebly deflanned
Earthenone: the main ones that i remembered were ones that came when you are at red hp to try and murder you
DueRecompense: probably, that same one too, its pretty easy to trigger
KartoffelKaiser: You probably encountered some when you played originally and didn't know, yeah
TalpTheScot: a lot of the mechanics feel like they were designed for an mmo
Whattheheckarethese: Oh, this is going to be... interesting.
Diabore: iirc youve done another rare spawn a while back, the urutan exile
KartoffelKaiser: hey so
zellousy: Ugh, this makes me want to play XII again.
Boiler_bot: Possibly
Earthenone: remeber the ice stuff?
KartoffelKaiser: remember that ice resistant equipment
mwlsn: huh, looks cold in here
zellousy: Hi Shiva :)
KeytarCat: @DrLigmaPhD It can be pretty fuckin awkward before they'll pass on saying that good a username LUL
grgriffin3: Excuse me
BigDaddyBland87: Oh it's Shiva
raulghoulia: tourmaline up
goatprince: the ester is not the naked lady. she is embellishment.
ipoddodd: mommy vibes
Robot_Bones: Mecha shiva mecha shiva
leondebowa: i remember one early on which was a big wolf that only spawns if you get a high chain of wolfs
Earthenone: she has store brand diamond dust
LordManiMani: notably not Shiva. it's the thing holding the shivalile
Whattheheckarethese: So close, the woman at the front od this thing is it's prisoner/meat shield.
malsareus: oh gods
LordManiMani: shivalike
KartoffelKaiser: yeah btw the esper is the weird fish thing *behind* the ice goddess
TXC2: she looks like she could use a jacket
malsareus: elementals
DrLigmaPhD: Does she have a stomp attack?????
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Shiva is a battleship in this one, remember. 12 has weird summons.
zellousy: Oh right that isn't Shiva.
plummeting_sloth: Careful Graham, I think thsi creature may be part of this Temples HVAC system. You should really put a qualified service technician in your party before venturing forth
leondebowa: watch out its Vanilla Ice
Earthenone: this is mataus, the ice eidolon
DrLigmaPhD: @KeytarCat Imperialism
CaptainSpam: @KeytarCat Because JRPG?
KeytarCat: @KeytarCat ohno
KeytarCat: @KeytarCat OHNO
DrLigmaPhD: Fran now is not naptime
malsareus: slumber party
Didero: Do we have any trinket to protect against Sleep?
Whattheheckarethese: Perhaps Belias?
leondebowa: TBF only time i went to a Vanilla Ice concert i did fall asleep
DueRecompense: need a little setup for this one
plummeting_sloth: do we ahve any sleep resist accessories?
LordShadner: switch for cura?
munocard: Perhaps Elias and his guitar?
TXC2: leondebowa probably for the best
KartoffelKaiser: i don't think she can, no
Whattheheckarethese: Nope.
Khalahd: Haha, she finally stole once you turned off the gambit
malsareus: that would be hilarious
grgriffin3: Everyone just needs a quick nap, it's fine
Snowcookies: Everyone needs a break, they're falling asleep on the job!
CanPlayGames: Hey G-Star. Heading to Epcot for drinks, You want anything?
Earthenone: boss has reflect up
Boiler_bot: Oh
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Whattheheckarethese: It won't reflect quickeneing.
Didero: but what a way to go out
KartoffelKaiser: quickenings don't get reflected
Earthenone: nah this wont be, just the lighting aoes were
goatprince: the quickening finishers hit all targets tho. which is nice.
malsareus: does reflect work on quickenings?
Earthenone: hence no damage
KartoffelKaiser: but uh yeah, Fran was lightly zapping the party
SocraticMethod: @KeytarCat Because it's a goddamn pun. "Shiba" can be translated as "shiver" and her design references yuki-onna
DueRecompense: you can keep switching out just 1 character, and get 6 quickening starts
LordManiMani: @canplaygames 1 happy peach and 1 Apple ice wine please
Whattheheckarethese: But protect/shell does reduce quickeneing damage.
mtvcdm: Why would you go to Disney World? Don't you enjoy having money?
Leonhart321: At least if you whiff, Fran gives you a redo?
CanPlayGames: @LordManiMani No prob
leondebowa: Run Away?
KeytarCat: @KeytarCat Okay, that's pretty clever, thank you
Cainnech91: ResidentSleeper
corianderd: i agree. sleep is a problem
MystechJ: Adds are immune to Ashe
noSmokeFire: "the sleep is a real problem" -me, every morning
malsareus: But Graham, I thought you liked to sleep
TXC2: to sleep perchance to stream?
Whattheheckarethese: Maybe replace cure with Cura in the gambits?
TehAmelie: just throwing it out there, but have you tried More Sleep™?
TXC2: Hello Cori
hackingducks: just need to cast Wakea
zellousy: Also worth noting again: This isn't Shiva, I forgot Mateus is in this.
niccus: sleep is a sometimes food
leondebowa: swap to backup team?
noSmokeFire: @hackingducks no, no, Wakka is in a different game
Whattheheckarethese: @hackingducks That's called "slap".
goatprince: there's an accessory for sleep
ShaneLeeAtk: Where are some Ribbons when you need them?
grgriffin3: Does anyone have the caffeineaga spell?
GDwarble: This enemy has very good wiggles
Didero: Do those blue thingies have a weakness?
malsareus: @goatprince is it a pillow?
EricTheOrange: was the sleep cure item always called "princes kiss" that feels different to me. I seem to remember it being something like 'alarm clock" in FR games.
EricTheOrange: *FF games
Earthenone: from last weeks stream chat, the ribbons are held by level 99 chocobos
zellousy: Just give Fran a monster energy.
accountmadeforants: Boss: "GO. TO. SLEEP!"
noSmokeFire: @goatprince pillow is an option, but I think weighted blanket is more optimal
Khalahd: Really loving this boss music theme
SocraticMethod: @EricTheOrange No, it was Alarm Clock in original FF12 and Japanese version
Bearudite: this boss seems aggressively unfun
SocraticMethod: @EricTheOrange IZJS and TZA changed it
malsareus: this boss' crowd control game is S tier
Earthenone: its too bad we are out of evanevvenve
Juliamon: This particular version of the game changed it from Alarm Clock, but didn't change the animation
Earthenone: Evaneccance*
beowuuf: but what if....for the joak... you no have turns...
malsareus: 10/10 allways take them on raids
zellousy: LMAO
accountmadeforants: Relatable tbh
malsareus: sleep does that to me too tbf
corianderd: hard to remember things when sleep
Whattheheckarethese: thunder does 0 damage.
Earthenone: thunder hit for 0 yeah
SocraticMethod: shes like me fr fr
Prop_PT: because thunder is worthless at this point
KartoffelKaiser: because thunder has been power crept, unfortunately
Whattheheckarethese: They have more m.def than thunder's max damage,
KartoffelKaiser: it's base damage is just too low
zellousy: Thunder just isn't enough damage.
TXC2: this is like how Sleep in Gen 1 pokemon had no cool down time :p
Earthenone: also i think ashes katana is doing 0 because its wet
goatprince: the basic spells get outclassed pretty quickly
Earthenone: might want a mundane katana
EricTheOrange: @SocraticMethod is thatthe "new normal" in FF games. Like is it called Princes Kiss in FF15? if not was their any particular reason they chose to change it in this version of FF12?
DueRecompense: ^^
KartoffelKaiser: yeah it's not immune to physical attacks to be clear, it's immune to wet
SocraticMethod: Remember when Fran's tier 1 flame spell was doing like 30 damage? Same principle
ScrapyardGhostTrain: That's really stupid...
sinestergia: have any nishijin belts?
Whattheheckarethese: Yeah, spells need to be classed up pretty quick.
malsareus: well at least we're clearing the adds
leondebowa: could respawn if you kill them all
DueRecompense: G is in for a surprise
Juliamon: Even this world is not immune to planned obsolesence
goatprince: (there's only one round of those things)
KartoffelKaiser: fantastic news: the adds are gone forever
Didero: Well done Graham, I might have rage-quit myself
malsareus: the sword does in fact cut
TXC2: lrrHAM has been called
SocraticMethod: @EricTheOrange Localization sometimes make Decisions. I don't think there's sleep in FF15
ShaneLeeAtk: lrrHAM lrrHAM
leondebowa: you had to bring your own cheese
corianderd: nice micro
malsareus: Fran has a flan
IzlanntheLion: fish
Lysander_salamander: hello all of you
adamshandy: Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 300 gambits
GhostValv: hips are actively not lying
TXC2: hello Lysander_salamander welcome
Pharmacistjudge: Mateus the infinite gyre
SK__Ren: Hey! I thought only we could do Quickenings
heronblademaster: "gyrating menacingly" is a great descriptor
Lysander_salamander: Is she a mermaid?
Prop_PT: if thats "menacing" I would like to be menaced
malsareus: that doesn't look like a chain at all
leondebowa: i think that was Blizaja
malsareus: I call false advertizing
DrLigmaPhD: Boss has a cool.... bident? Axe? Pike?
SocraticMethod: @EricTheOrange FF14 has key item "prince's kiss" in one quest but neither used in general. I don't think it's new normal until Sleep returns as a status effect
Leonhart321: Or apparently, mildly inconvenient
SK__Ren: @DrLigmaPhD Bident is probably correct
TXC2: DrLigmaPhD lets say it's a halbard :p
Khalahd: You did, the second you turned off the gambit!
IzlanntheLion: fissh
leondebowa: probably a hi potion
BusTed: FBtouchdown
Boiler_bot: Got there
Mr_Horrible: ayyy big Matt
Earthenone: pokeball go!
malsareus: thank fuck
Didero: Woo, well done!
Whattheheckarethese: Woo. Second esper.
Wolfstrike_NL: sergeGG
goatprince: you killed a fish
mwlsn: nice going
DrLigmaPhD: Mmmmm ephemeral sushi time
RocknGrohlNerd: FBtouchdown
GhostValv: tqsClap
KevinTheShark: Congratulations!
WiJohn: Take that bondage fish!
leondebowa: goodby picese
TXC2: congratulations
Didero: That battle log really needs more than one line
Whattheheckarethese: Technically, Mateus is a He, and the lady is front is his prisoner/meat shield.
BigDaddyBland87: Congratulations
KartoffelKaiser: yeah uh, same
TehAmelie: lrrHORN
goatprince: what a fun session of bass pro figher!
richard_ermen: A Winner is You
Lysander_salamander: Fran just chewing on an arrow for her victory pose.
Mr_Horrible: <Person> <verbed> <noun>
Khalahd: It was a "Pisces Gem"
goatprince: he's such a pisces
BigDaddyBland87: Time for next boss
KartoffelKaiser: i have terrible news
Earthenone: !clip
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Whattheheckarethese: Sword basically in the stone.
leondebowa: it has the nice music im sure its safe
BusTed: but what if cutscene
DrLigmaPhD: Pisces Gem, the Spice Girl who forgot what band she was in
Mr_Horrible: Coming back from Hell and binding a goddess of ice to your will is such a Pisces thing
wildpeaks: instructions unclear, rolling cutscene
Bruceski: Cutsceeeeeeeene!
NDCazzy: oh fancy clock
Leonhart321: What if one cutscene, as a treat
beldromercier: All the cutscene
goatprince: anime-ass sword
Metric_Furlong: the hole-y blade
Didero: glowstick party!
plummeting_sloth: This is actually just a giagantic mall kiosk
Pharmacistjudge: After walking through the door, a series of cutscenes will play in sequence
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I do kind of appreciate that it's not very useful as an actual sword.
Mr_Horrible: that's an Auron sword if I ever saw one
IzlanntheLion: cut scene
DrLigmaPhD: What is this Tron shenaniganayr?
Mr_Horrible: LUL
malsareus: that's a silly sword
Mr_Horrible: okay that's a good beat
NDCazzy: there are many pokey bits
TXC2: more clock work then a Rusko HBrawl deck Kappa
leondebowa: Ashe aquired Sord
BigDaddyBland87: @Mr_Horrible My thought exactly
SalmirAeon: i hope the sword talks
malsareus: dude
Lysander_salamander: dang it looks like you'd stab yourself more often than stabbing other folks
Bruceski: great, now our clocks don't work
Didero: That's why she dropped it, no license
Whattheheckarethese: Don't need one.
plummeting_sloth: or, here me out, literally any other piece of nethicite
Wolfstrike_NL: She can't even seem to hold it - "mayby use it"
Bearudite: uwu
accountmadeforants: No no, Balthasar said we have no use for it, clearly
BigDaddyBland87: phrasing
malsareus: can we not break our exit key
IzlanntheLion: looks unaerodynmic
Whattheheckarethese: By Rasler?
Mr_Horrible: "This ain't it, girl"
BloodnBullets: dont you also have a manufactured neithcite? some cheap knockoff stuff?
DrLigmaPhD: Roused on main
Earthenone: my imaginary boyfriend said not to, sorry guys
Whattheheckarethese: I mean, sure.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Needs some eyepro
Mr_Horrible: ma'am
Lysander_salamander: ok sure
noSmokeFire: as a last act of self defense, the stone attempts to hotbox the tomb
Leonhart321: missed?
WiJohn: Swing and a mess!
ContingentCat: whoops missed
BigDaddyBland87: and she missed
1fairy2boots: This is kind of the whole horcrux medallion situation, right?
plummeting_sloth: "Oh shit I'm really bad at this let me try again"
IzlanntheLion: you missed
RedNightmare7: Now I'm wondering if the stone is manipulating it?
richard_ermen: Fran playing Captain Obvious there.
wildpeaks: "yes lady, we have eyes too"
TXC2: you gonna try again Ashe ?
RedNightmare7: *her
leondebowa: thats what happens if you dont have the license
TehAmelie: now it's a tale of souls and swords
richard_ermen: lol
plummeting_sloth: "sorry my hair was in my eyes"
TXC2: he lies ?
BloodnBullets: I'm... blind
BigDaddyBland87: He no longer believes
Lysander_salamander: sure, Vaan
richard_ermen: Sword of Kings is fugly!
SocraticMethod: Well,
ShaneLeeAtk: 4x Fleeing!
Andymonium: ludicrous (4x) speed, go!
goatprince: you can now technically have your white mage weird that sword!
noSmokeFire: You obtained the sword of kings! (not usable by the wizard)
Pharmacistjudge: Ashe. Do you have a license for that sword of kings?
Metric_Furlong: aaaand 20 minute cutscene! Kappa
Mr_Horrible: a QUEEN?! Using the sword of KINGS?! Well I never sofieMonocle
raulghoulia: there's the one in the dungeon
TXC2: luckly with the power of 2x speed
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Is Vaan seeing it ever explained? I forget.
Didero: Is that sword a Key Item or something we can actually equip?
LordShadner: auto-saved
LordManiMani: wow you got the 1/128 odds drop Sword of Kings from Starman Deluxe. la Dee da
malsareus: it's a deeply silly sword design
CururuGuasu: If this is like the original, the sword has no license. Anyone can use it
Dalrint: the sword of kings is strong if you don't mind not being able to use any magic
DueRecompense: @Didero both
1fairy2boots: Now you can unite all the human kingdoms and fight Sauron's army.
SocraticMethod: @ScrapyardGhostTrain Sort of impliciply explained towards the end
Didero: @Didero oooh, sweet
leondebowa: que the yakady sacks
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Lysander_salamander: love the little pit-pat noise of their little feets
beldromercier: And become King of the West
Didero: Do we have time to quickly see the stats?
IzlanntheLion: boss has respwaned
Didero: Of the sword, I mean
Earthenone: also you dont need licenses to use plot equipment :)
beowuuf: thanks for streaming!
LordShadner: "fun"
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
grgriffin3: """"fun""""
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @SocraticMethod Thanks.
Leonhart321: It was a lot of cool progress
Mr_Horrible: Honestly tho the Esper fights are still rad to me
malsareus: some of the bosses were fun
DrLigmaPhD: Just thought of the idea that game mechanics that require certain stat minimums or feats to use is just the Fright Night "you need faith "rules
grgriffin3: later g, thanks again!
Lobo_Apache: patpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpat
TehAmelie: thanks for having us½
Mr_Horrible: even if some of them are a pain
goatprince: you're 10% through
adamshandy: 25 hours
RosencrantzESQ: Oh, right, I forget I'm able to catch this live! Good rompus, Graham!
KevinTheShark: apparently the things you may have stolen from Mateus was a Pisces Gem, High Arcana, or an Elixir
Andymonium: \o/
mwlsn: thanks for the stream!
Andymonium: thanks for streaming!
leondebowa: good fitst fifth
mtvcdm: !patreon
Whattheheckarethese: Oh like.... 50 more hours?
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Mr_Horrible: Thanks for the stream, Graham
Earthenone: dawn of the second day 48 hours remain
Didero: patreon dot loadingreadyrun dot shop
Diabore: i think you got a good 15 more hours
leondebowa: thanks G
JakeKamas: Thanks for the stream Graham : )
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Thanks, G! Have a great day.
1fairy2boots: Thanks G. Was a great stream again. Take care and see you soon (on Wednesday at the latest).
mtvcdm: !schedule
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RocknGrohlNerd: thanks G
TXC2: !next
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Didero: Thanks for the stream, Graham! Fun as always!
Lysander_salamander: woot horses
Mr_Horrible: the Marios Party
beowuuf: more emotes or something with cdhc?
mtvcdm: Other streams are available
mtvcdm: !youtube
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Mr_Horrible: trick question, all subscribers are lovely
mtvcdm: !mastodon
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Mr_Horrible: and chatters and lurkers too
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeBits
Earthenone: !humble
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TheAinMAP: Thank you for steaming.
beowuuf: bye!
TXC2: bye
SocraticMethod: Worst thing about Mastodon is having to make yet another account to see things
TXC2: !store
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Manae: !next
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Manae: Whew, thought I was gonna miss that one
TheAinMAP: Still on the dot.
TXC2: Manae lrrHORN
beowuuf: lrrHORN
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
TXC2: title change!
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TehAmelie: lrrSIG
beowuuf: will the emote be... fear?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> 🆒🐴 Can't Draw Horses Club is LIVE! Today @apsalar and @aiAmethyst are making emotes 🆒🐴 ||
TXC2: here we GO!
beowuuf: horse!
beowuuf: hey cori! hey angel!
TXC2: Hello Cori and Angel
RedNightmare7: I always expect the horse on the cover to wink. Not sure why.
SnackPak_: sergeHi
TehAmelie: hay friends
laundreydhull: ha. rattle-horse lrrCORI
beowuuf: can draw emotes club
munocard: Just providing more info for the mods. Getting hella ads right now. 9 of em
beowuuf: come for the art, stay for the slideshows
beowuuf: i am now feeling sweetened and endeared to
TehAmelie: :D
TXC2: then the Apple nation attacked
beowuuf: how is seabatUseless allowed then if no hate?
beowuuf: lrrBEEJ
PhorrestGaze: lrrBEEJ
LordZarano: lrrBEEJ
BusTed: drawfeEnzoface
TXC2: sick reboot reference
Sethalidos: LUL
mtvcdm: How many hexadecimals are you allowed?
TXC2: what's a jif? :p
Sethalidos: peanut butter
mtvcdm: Gotta have hearts
LordZarano: lrrDARK
Decaped: it's a ghost!
beowuuf: @TXC2 cleaner
EricTheOrange: KITTY
mtvcdm: Less detail
ThorSokar: Oh, good I haven't missed the presentation
mwlsn: Genuinely had slipped my mind that there was a light mode
EricTheOrange: I will judge you for using light mode
TXC2 is using light mode right now
EricTheOrange: @TXC2 *judging you*
jibkat: People use light mode? sooshHm
mtvcdm: ffffffffffffffff
jibkat: F's in chat
SnackPak_: F
gualdhar: F
TehAmelie: lrrEFF
LordZarano: FFFFFF
beowuuf: lrrEFF lrrEFF leeRFF
mtvcdm: lrrSPOOP
ThorSokar: F for the WORST mode
cmdrelk: FFFfff