Exxaxl: jynxieHey
AugmentingPath: Is the music quiet for everyone else?
CanPlayGames: Finn Stream?
AugmentingPath: much better
lirazel64: The rare, the elusive Kathleen stream!
TehAmelie: lrrSIG
lirazel64: And now, no music!
TehAmelie: and now, no stream?
AugmentingPath: 2:25 to 1:45 occurred us normal, no more questions at this time
Juliamon: It's back, refresh
CanPlayGames: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Have you ever been on a horse before?
Diabore: yknow lrrbot i actually have, it kind of sucked
TokenMickus: It was an amazing but brief moment of music
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Kathleen is here solo and it's very exciting because she is of course a huge expert in this format http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/FojqI6OaAAAbuhj.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1623805123117068288
innerbeard: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: teeth
innerbeard: Fits for ONE
TheWriterAleph: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
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lirazel64: no stream...
innerbeard: Refresh
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jessieimproved: go time lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
animemequeen463: The ONE and only, Kathleen!
AugmentingPath: silently screaming badger
Juliamon: No intro audio
innerbeard: Muted
kristian_fischer: In which Kathleen ensures that all will be TEETH!
lirazel64: And no sound...
AveryCorvus: The Silent Badger
AugmentingPath: silent Kathleen
Juliamon: No Mic
Earthenone: silent kathleen
Diabore: @AugmentingPath arent we all silently screaming badger?
AugmentingPath: @AugmentingPath yeahh
kristian_fischer: I certainly am.
couchboyj: I have no voice and yet I must stream
TehAmelie: hello!
PandasAndPancakes: I can hear you now!
AveryCorvus: Voice!
cle0deen: hi
lirazel64: there we are!
serramarkov: There you are!
emberBecky: lrrDARK helluu o/
kristian_fischer: And now Kathleen is here!
innerbeard: Hello!
Earthenone: you are now audible
Earthenone: embrace chaos
Earthenone: pauls pressance fixes everything
kristian_fischer: Phyrexian Goblins everywhere!
ThorSokar: hahahaha
AugmentingPath: I'm great at pretend!
PhorrestGaze: back in my day we didn't have no fancy sliders
serramarkov: Learning new things is good!
couchboyj: what never happened?
PandasAndPancakes: Do over, doooo dover
james_missingtriggers: <3
animemequeen463: Paul repels data goblins with his powerful auras
kristian_fischer: Ahhh, the fresh start of a new stream.
thirsty_kitteh: I'm right on time!
Diabore: quiet but sounds
PandasAndPancakes: First time!
AveryCorvus: Got it in one!
Juliamon: That's the typical low volume for that intro
TheWriterAleph: first try!
couchboyj: What a smooth issue free start to a stream!
KingOfDoma: You HAVE to keep that dry run in.
AugmentingPath: Myagical Cyards!
KeytarCat: I just got here, and I totally believe you!
JaymicUnyielding: oh heck HELLO
PhorrestGaze: wow, so perfect, what a smooth stream start
Creideiki_SE: benginTry
Flyingdelorion: Hello Kathleen!
kristian_fischer: Time for TEETH!
constablecrab: Time to stick it to Bad Mom
candissimo: Yay Kathleen!
couchboyj: An intro as smooth a phyrexian tooth glider
serramarkov: Hi Kathleen, it's good to see you on LRRMtG!
JaymicUnyielding: get the ordinary drafts out of the way so we can do LORE DRAFTS
GredGredmansson: Oh hello Sheoldred
Diabore: so many options
Juliamon: Oh no, it's Disaster Boy
GredGredmansson: Lukka + Dragon
AugmentingPath: Jace on the front of all the packs, does that make this FateSealed?
kristian_fischer: Lukka the Douchebro!
fhorrigan: Bonus Kathleen
GredGredmansson: Lukka Who Thought This Was A Good Idea
couchboyj: Jund em out?
corefluxx: Lukka certainly earned is fate
Revelo1989: honestly Lukka getting Compleated was probably for the best
cle0deen: thank you for existing. my day honked so hard. I needed thjs
fhorrigan: Sheoldred's a bit of a good pull
AugmentingPath: Why is Sheoldred able to be here? Are we simulating a promo of some sort?
TehAmelie: Capricious Hellraiser goes like "maybe we'll show you such sights, maybe we won't!"
GredGredmansson: two of the toxic flyers, oo
GredGredmansson: necrosquito is GREAT
TheWriterAleph: @AugmentingPath all five praetors are in draft boosters
Denis_Dobrolubov: @AugmentingPath All cycle of new praetors can appear in limited ONE packs. In paper they are special art, on Arena they simply as they are.
laundreydhull: Skitherhyx!?
fhorrigan: I was excited to build a Mondrak deck, then I saw the price of Mondrak. No longer stoked.
AugmentingPath: @TheWriterAleph @Denis_Dobrolubov Good to know!
LurkerSpine: I mean, it's a 2/2 for 22?
Anubis169: Greetings K lrrAWESOME
laundreydhull: !card Skitherhyx
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
GredGredmansson: three volt charges wow
Diabore: !card skrithyx
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
AugmentingPath: !card skithiryx
LRRbot: Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon [3BB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Dragon Skeleton [4/4] | Flying / Infect / {B}: Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon gains haste until end of turn. / {B}{B}: Regenerate Skithiryx.
fhorrigan: No one can spell his name
AugmentingPath: I did it!
GredGredmansson: !card that compleated dragon I beg you
innerbeard: That sounds like a challenge
laundreydhull: LUL Lukka the got-wonker...
Juliamon: Please look up the spelling before trying to search it lol
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thraximore: howdy! I assume sheoldred was our p1p1
laundreydhull: hahahahA
Anubis169: a plainsraiser and a hellwalker, gotcha
Diabore: @laundreydhull by our powers combined etc etc
AugmentingPath: had to google it with the wrong spelling and get autocorrected :P
GredGredmansson: it comes in equipped to a 2/2 though but yeah
Diabore: dont got a lot of creatures atm
urkleturtle: you have one more volt charge
couchboyj: Almost all the equipment in this set comes attach to a rebel, re-equipping is an added bonus
GredGredmansson: ooh double Atrocity
Anubis169: where's the 5-mana goodstuff?
GredGredmansson: i mean I like it
couchboyj: Set is very light on multi color cards, it seems
GredGredmansson: maybe not if you are splashing green
AugmentingPath: It's a really good 5-drop, tho
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GredGredmansson: @couchboyj as is normal for phyrexia
AugmentingPath: I frequently try to play too many colors in sealed, tho, under the famous motto "live and don't learn"
couchboyj: Might be worth considering base golgari over base rakdos?
laundreydhull: Sheoldred Lukka? feelsbadapocalypsefulldeckname
MegaDosX: It's like a weird Shark Typhoon
laundreydhull: oh, this is the Locust's Gobble but Phyrexian
wandering_t: you do have a third volt charge too
Anubis169: cards, meaning anything?
MegaDosX: Excellent logic :p
accountmadeforants: So Kathleen, looking at this art. Do you hear airhorns or the CSI: Miami YEAAAAAH
laundreydhull: does monored want this in constructed outside Arena?
GredGredmansson: noncreature spell
GredGredmansson: Proliferate
MegaDosX: You're meant to proliferate it I guess
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couchboyj: Ok with proliferate, but still pretty bad
MegaDosX: Blue is kinda mediocre in the set but maybe Kathleen can make it work
Graham_LRR: Just got here. Does the black pool not support Sheoldred?
Anubis169: hihi G :)
LurkerSpine: volt charge
MegaDosX: Dose and Anatomist do
definenull: a marshmallow would support sheoldred she holds up on her own
micalovits: I don't think our blue is very good sadly
marxmarksman: Mesmerizing Dosoe dose.
MegaDosX: Proliferate is heavy in blue and green
GredGredmansson: UB are the main Proliferate colors; I think we just got a bad beat
marxmarksman: Does, rather.
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couchboyj: proliferate is mostly in blue green, but your pool doesn't seem to have much
bartimus_thundercask: okiva isbalso 7 mana though
MegaDosX: Mesmerising Dose and GItaxian Anatomist both proliferate
CanPlayGames: Ovkia isn't worth it. But I also don't like playing blue so my advice might not be good
PandasAndPancakes: Jank, you say?
micalovits: Is it maybe BR and then splashing the big UR creature?
tehfewl: 7 mana is a bunch in this format, even in sealed
leviathan3942: the rightmost 2 blue cards proliferate!!
Spades_Slicc: Sealed or Draft?
Graham_LRR: 7 mana is a big ask, yeah
Anubis169: profillerate
TehAmelie: Hexgold Slash has such bold art
Graham_LRR: 2 Ossification?? Nice
LurkerSpine: this is a very evenly distributed pool, which makes it so hard to deck build
Anubis169: skullbomb?
RayFK: Ovika definitely underperformed for me in my prerelease. I found that by the time turn 7 hit I had used most of my non creature spells
MegaDosX: I feel like Ovika's meant for Commander where getting to seven mana quickly isn't that much of an ask
BrowneePoints: Oh hey! Kathleen picked up one of the bombiest Planeswalkers!
tehfewl: good rat
Anubis169: urgh, that ichor is naaaasty
BrowneePoints: You DO have the skitterling
BrowneePoints: and Chitlin Skittlin is VERY powerful
GredGredmansson: got a bunch of neat black flyers
kilnfiendpotter: I feel like Phyrexia is where extracted wisdom teeth go to do crimes. Also, hi!
Anubis169: kilnfiendpotter... thank you
Anubis169: that thought now lives in my head
Anubis169: i blame you
Graham_LRR: You have a lot of good black
micalovits: I think we are in black, but other than that is seems hard
GredGredmansson: I like black/green maybe, splashing lukka
BrowneePoints: that rat is unresonable
GredGredmansson: have we looked at our colorless yet?
Anubis169: i can't play black to save my life, but that black pool looks real nice if leveraged properly
Scarbble: i liked our red / black personally and idk how i feel about the lukka
rditullio: Love that Graham is here in spirit and/or chat.
GredGredmansson: wait
MegaDosX: None colourless
IzlanntheLion: do you have any Mana fixing
GredGredmansson: it put all of them in the deck
Anubis169: moon doover?
MegaDosX: Yeah running all three of those feels brave :p
GredGredmansson: we have a LOT of fixing, turns out
IzlanntheLion: saved
Diabore: so much fixing
MegaDosX: You definitely have a lot of fixing in this deck
Anubis169: prisms!
Anubis169: one for the week and one for sunday best!
IzlanntheLion: Greed is possible
MegaDosX: Still got ten cuts to make :p
MegaDosX: Or just run 50 cards, up to you
GredGredmansson: we can cut the White Skullbombs then
TehAmelie: four color good stuff, why not
bytecaster: Excellent, I am here for greedy Grixis
Anubis169: or you could run a 50-card deck and wing it :D
MegaDosX: Noxious Assault is Triumph of the Hordes At Home
micalovits: I think it added some skullbombs that we don't all want?
BrowneePoints: Lukka, who storywise stepped on a rake (usually set there by someone else) 3 times...also a limited BOMB
Graham_LRR: There’s a few more black cards I’d get in, like the other flier and the draw spell
tehfewl: back in my day we cast our Overruns and we liked it
GredGredmansson: too many skullbombs
DAC169: proliferate the oil counters on Incubation Sac aipEZ
Anubis169: good call on the inquiry
MegaDosX: No such thing
Graham_LRR: Fwiw, I thought Testament Bearer was bad, but in practice it trades well and draws you a card, so it’s not GREAT but it’s better than I thought
GredGredmansson: sac is good imo
TehAmelie: why not both?
bytecaster: Who could say no to double sac
micalovits: I have felt the sacs are to slow in generall, but sometimes they just win
MegaDosX: I got got by someone building an engine with the Sac, Venser, and that one Phyrexian bird that can proliferate on creature ETB
tehfewl: i don't think sac is good enough to splash
Anubis169: this one's an arty fact
tehfewl: but it is a good card
GredGredmansson: you proliferate everything with a proliferate card
Anubis169: ehh... possibly
LurkerSpine: when in doubt, jund em out?
Anubis169: maybe better to drop the blue?
TehAmelie: cutting blue feels good, but my prophecies aren't very reliable
GredGredmansson: if we are going full jund i'd like to put at least one dino in
QuixoticZ: might just want to splash ovika, since you have the fixing, yeah
Anubis169: show me volcanic salad
GredGredmansson: is dragon coming back in
brainbosh: Hazardous blast is so good in this format tho
TehAmelie: Possithrillity, if you will
asp1310: Just draft Elesh Norn. Easy. Done. Sleeve up and gooo!
definenull: I like RB + splash idiot (Lukka)
Leditzig: hello from denmark
brainbosh: So many 1 toughness
Anubis169: greetings from UK Leditzig :)
BrowneePoints: the dragon is a 4/4 flier for limited and theres not a WHOLE bunch of fliers
Athelgar: the 3 mana + 3 hp ward cost means it should stick around too
Graham_LRR: I’m not nearly so ambitious, I’d just go RB splash Lukka 😅
princess_intell: hey hi hello how goes it
Leditzig: yes a rat
Anubis169: basilisk seems good
kilnfiendpotter: Four color sealed is *very* ambitious
definenull: tbf Kathleen has a lot of good fixing
kilnfiendpotter: But I'm also incredibly conservative in deckbuilding
BrowneePoints: Lukka is unreasonable
princess_intell: in good news, the mono Rat Colony HBrawl deck is now also a poison deck
princess_intell: still terrible though
Anubis169: and a partridge in a peaaaar treeeeee
MegaDosX: Though you're only running one Prism :p
Leditzig: finally a luca who can so something
kilnfiendpotter: I *know!*, but I'm also just a curmudgeon
MegaDosX: One is enough tbh
bytecaster: I agree
GredGredmansson: we have a bunch of cuts still I guess
micalovits: The 4 non luka green cards and the atlas?
MegaDosX: The other option is add seven lands, and eight more cards, and make it a 60 card deck
Diabore: i mean, all green minus lukka is 4 cards so...
BrowneePoints: I also like how Ovika is like the 6th dominus but made from the leftover bits of Old Mirrodin
princess_intell: how's the format so far? fun?
Athelgar: lotta x/1s
Diabore: @princess_intell extant
BrowneePoints: theres a lot of 1 toughness yea
GredGredmansson: sac is basically a creature
brainbosh: Even if they have big butts still keeps them from blocking
Diabore: @princess_intell its very fast in draft and thats not my jam
MegaDosX: I think they mean for Hazardous Blast
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: damn just joined, what is this pool
Anubis169: Gonna run 45 or drop 5 more?
micalovits: Whispers might not be worth it yea
Diabore: @lesbianpunkpyromancer20 imma go with interesting
brainbosh: Whisper can kill some of the annoying toxic fliers
Leditzig: maybe the dragon because the deck is fast
GredGredmansson: because we are ambitious
Anubis169: too much good stuff
pucas_lickens: clearly we just cut 4 lands
GredGredmansson: with lukka its only a 2 red
princess_intell: in good news, i got over my usual post-set-release brewer's block a whole week early
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ZachtlyAsIntended: Hallo, Magical Kathleen!
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MegaDosX: Now that's looking at the silver lining
Anubis169: well spotted
Huschel236: Oh, the Izzet rare is out again? It might be hard to live until turn 7, but it seems very strong
MegaDosX: Is the Sac worth it?
GredGredmansson: I think we can cut 1 slinger
rasterscan: Just got here and daaaamn. Sheoldred in the packs.
ThorSokar: Just run 44 cards, problem solved
drunkonmystery: Good afternoon all. I hope everyone is enjoying playing Magic more than I am right now
Anubis169: with the predation, it'd mainly be for boosting toughness since most of your shiz has deathtouch
princess_intell: does anyone know how not to get analysis-paralysis-induced brewer's block every set
micalovits: It is VERY slow
KeytarCat: If they change their handle, they'll be Ex-ZachtlyAsIntended
MegaDosX: The format is fast
micalovits: No no, the SAC is slow
MegaDosX: Sac is slow is what they're saying
princess_intell: there are so many cards i want to play in HBrawl
matthaus_c: sun's out sac's out
princess_intell: they
Leditzig: 2 cards
kyless2106: Format is def fast lol if my drafts earlier are any litmus test
GredGredmansson: 2 cards
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c benginBonk
Athelgar: could just add 2 more land and run 45
Spades_Slicc: Kathleen you can't go Sac out on twitch, it's against TOS
princess_intell: are all equally good and i want to play everything at the same time
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX what did I say this time benginLul
Anubis169: only one left to drop
brainbosh: Furnace strider does have pseudo-haste
Spluuga: @princess_intell you pick one or two archetypes or interesting cards and only brew around those..
IzlanntheLion: it is
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c You know what you did
Anubis169: only two left to drop
Astrovore: wait, since when was Sheoldred in this set?
LurkerSpine: it's otherwise a 2/2 for 2
Huschel236: @Anubis169 XD
MegaDosX: I do love how Kathleen's at the cut phase and is looking to add creatures :p
GredGredmansson: you activate that on THEIR turn
Anubis169: :P
micalovits: Now we might cut the prism or atlas?
brainbosh: I had someone topdeck a nectrotitan when I was beating them a minute ago, and played it into an empty field
Graham_LRR: Yeahhhh, I like this better than the big splash
kilnfiendpotter: ^^^
princess_intell: anyone at WOTC, if you're watching this, have more precon HBrawl deck events'
Spluuga: @Astrovore vorinclex is too. it's in a weirdo slot
Anubis169: sounds like a plan
IzlanntheLion: run it
odium_chlorite: my brain saw this stream and went "Drafthleen," how are you all today
MagnusVir: you could probably drop one of the fixing artifacts now that you've reduced your splash
Huschel236: Take out one card per loss. Add a color for every win
micalovits: Run it, then you can cut cards when they annoy you for being bad :D!
EvilBadman: We're here for fun magic, by god
princess_intell: it's a great way for people who hate drafting to get a taste of the new set
MegaDosX: Excellent mono black hand
Astrovore: @Astrovore huh, news to me. This'll be fun!
MegaDosX: Yeah this board is quite something
mwlsn: that stage is upsetting
ThorSokar: so, we're playing on someone's flesh prison?
Leditzig: yea lrrARROW lrrARROW
Graham_LRR: C’mon T4 Sheoldred…
Spluuga: @Astrovore Yeah someone passed it to me. it's really good in this environment..
rasterscan: T4 Sheoldred usually eats their prime removal tho. T_T
kilnfiendpotter: How much fluoride do you think they use in the Fair Basilica?
TehAmelie: Drafthleen? but i thought we were watching Sealeen
drunkonmystery: wait, how did you end up with Sheoldred?
MegaDosX: Now you can just sit back and let Sheoldred kill them tbh
Huschel236: That's annyoing. Anyway, here's Sheoldred~
IzlanntheLion: an mono color hand perfect
matthaus_c: @kilnfiendpotter only as much as Norn secretes, probably
micalovits: I mean, they just block right?
MegaDosX: You probably bounce off the 2/4 tbh
DAC169: ABS - Always Be Swinging aipDerp
MegaDosX: 2/2 rather
TheWriterAleph: @Huschel236 Sheoldred could play a mean Wonderwall with that many arms.
bytecaster: That's a problem
GredGredmansson: Villain of Bladehold
MegaDosX: Yeah that's an issue
matthaus_c: Sheoldred could step on you so many times in a row
princess_intell: ugh i'm going to be spending SO much arena gold on card styles this set
grometty: Yikes
brainbosh: Oh *this* is a card you need the hazzardous blast for
kilnfiendpotter: Fair, they probably are fairly calcium deficient
MegaDosX: Or. I mean. Hazardous Blast will help with that
MegaDosX: Though they can do that again next turn
bytecaster: It's good tempo though
Anubis169: that sheoldred is a NASTY card
princess_intell: why is sheoldred in draft?
MegaDosX: The Mites also can't block
MegaDosX: @princess_intell Because the actual physical packs include alt art for the Praetors, I think, so this is the Arena equivalent I think
princess_intell: huh neat
MegaDosX: Oh they're dead
micalovits: Wait... Can we kill them?
definenull: sick
bytecaster: Aaand they are dead
LurkerSpine: wait, isn't the 1/3 lethal?
MegaDosX: I'd have hit the 1/3 tbh
MegaDosX: You could have killed them if you killed the 1/3
micalovits: Ehhh, tis probably fine
MegaDosX: It's all good
MegaDosX: I wouldn't worry about it too much, you have an active Sheoldred
definenull: they're dead anyway
matthaus_c: no Anoint one time
MegaDosX: Brave.
GredGredmansson: sac our flyer?
bytecaster: They are still in bad shape
TheWriterAleph: yesss keep drawing cards
brainbosh: and dead
MegaDosX: They're extra dead tbh
bytecaster: They saw the line
Anubis169: what a way to go
Grimnus: Shame infectious inquiry isnt target player
iris_of_ether: lrrDARK escher3THUMBSUP
MegaDosX: Sheoldred, turns out, is a busted card in limited
fjordsword: dang that T4 Sheoldred is oppressive
definenull: sheoldred, 2020 green cards amiright gamers
Mazrae: yay i didnt join to late for the stream
RAZRBCK08: Sign in Blood is the best win con
MegaDosX: Sheoldred is a very strong problem in other formats, but she's busted in half in limited
Diabore: i did a lot of t3 sheoldred in this format, its unreasonable
Spluuga: I lost to sheoldred in modern..
bytecaster: Perfect hand, ship it
MegaDosX: How did you do that.
definenull: greed
Anubis169: Mazrae: Welcome! Kathleen is currently laying. the smack. DOWN. :D
brainbosh: Cards like Sheoldred are always what come up when I play my removal on turn 3
TehAmelie: was it good enough? absetively
lirazel64: I'm a bit worried
DAC169: ever since Sheoldred got released it's been "opponent has black mana? better expect the Sheoldred" aipSRSLY
MegaDosX: Counter it, dare you
MegaDosX: Ayyy
micalovits: Rude
princess_intell: sheoldred is good in most formats and will probably be good for years
iris_of_ether: Rude
MegaDosX: I mean, if they want to waste all their counterspells on your cheap stuff, that's their prerogative
princess_intell: it's just the kind of strong, solid card that kills people
lirazel64: I mean, a Brushwag is tough, but tough enough to resist compleation?
bytecaster: They are being so rude!
Diabore: op bringing the end
CookieMom: Are you playing Cameron?
Grimnus: The poison do be building
MegaDosX: I mean, the minute you get a fourth land they're going to feel bad about using all their counterspells
definenull: at least sheoldred is not countered
definenull: oh.
MegaDosX: Sheoldred surely
DAC169: good news: no counterspell this turn
Diabore: sheoldred now imo
Graham_LRR: Big Sheolds
Grimnus: I think we have to throw Shelly out
Huschel236: Sheoldred gains life back
MegaDosX: I like Sheoldred now, they can only hit you with one mite
TehAmelie: poison counters and counterspells, it's like a whole strategy
definenull: while op is tapped, sheoldred prob a good idea
Mazrae: oh yea the teeth plane
MegaDosX: Now they can feel bad about having used all their counterspells early
Grimnus: Like if they have an answer we were dying anyways
Diabore: lrrEFF
JosephDeath: Yup... least favorite kind of deck to play against
definenull: yikes 4 mana time walk
MegaDosX: I think that's not terrible
MegaDosX: Just gotta hope no counterspells
Diabore: if they cast nothing i sad
Huschel236: Oh yeah, Sheoldred next turn and saccing the Skullbomb gains life. That's cute
definenull: I think that was the right play
MegaDosX: Sheoldred and draw saves you
Grimnus: I do not think we do sadly
princess_intell: i encourage everyone to play the HBrawl event going on right now, it feels like draft if draft was a little more powerful
GredGredmansson: they don't have any artifactts do they
MegaDosX: Land one time
GredGredmansson: well two of their creatures were artifacts I guess
LadyLockwood92: Howdy folks ^^
MegaDosX: Now if they remove Sheoldred we're dead
micalovits: We just gotta live this one turn
MegaDosX: Just gotta hope no removal one time
Invitare: all the removal
Diabore: op deaded us
Huschel236: Oh well. That's rough
definenull: gotta hand it to op, they have a very good tempo deck
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MegaDosX: Yeah
Grimnus: Not much ya coulda done there
MegaDosX: They Had It All(tm)
TehAmelie: lrrJUDGE our opponent has all the answers
PlantOnTwitch: I think the thing you scryd to the bottom could have killed the myr by saccing your prism
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GredGredmansson: or the flyer @PlantOnTwitch
MegaDosX: No Sheoldred in opener :(
GredGredmansson: that's not how the 2/2 works
brainbosh: Wait I thought that was sac creature to destroy artifact
GredGredmansson: its "Sac a creature you control to destroy an artifact"
GredGredmansson: but their flyer was an artfat
PlantOnTwitch: ooh, mv
PlantOnTwitch: *mb
GredGredmansson: and it can sac itself
GredGredmansson: live and learn, hanging on the edge of tomorrow
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princess_intell: is twitch calling chat a "chat room" new
Scarbble: no
Mazrae: love the toxic creature animation
Scarbble: not as far as i remember
princess_intell: ok
MegaDosX: Big ol' 6/6
Huschel236: Expanse could have gotten the third mountain for next turn
princess_intell: this set is fun in constructed
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MoxCubitZirconium: Wish I was nice like last month, but nice to see Kathleen magicking!
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Grimnus: True
RayFK: They just hungy
TehAmelie: hee imagine if you were doing an Edge of Tomorrow, Groundhog Day thing just to win a Magic draft
GredGredmansson: make them have it
princess_intell: hi jordan
DAC169: combat trick NODDERS
RayFK: Heyo!
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DeathThirtyOne: SUBprise
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kilnfiendpotter: @RayFK Oh, hey fren
Grimnus: Arena does thankfully auto highlight the correct things for proliferate
RayFK: @kilnfiendpotter HI!
MegaDosX: !card volt charge
LRRbot: Volt Charge [2R] | Instant | Volt Charge deals 3 damage to any target. Proliferate.
Huschel236: Ooh, love swinging into a combat trick with removal up
MegaDosX: I like this plan
Grimnus: Seems a good rumble
GredGredmansson: we volt charge so we can get it back with the dragon
MegaDosX: We take those
princess_intell: i find that arena is generally good at organizing the board state
Sage0fMadness: gottem
Grimnus: We do like a 2 for 1
MegaDosX: Oh no, anyway
Sage0fMadness: LUL
ThorSokar: hahahaha
MegaDosX: lmaoooooooo
Astrovore: booya
ThorSokar: got'em
1337Dedrea: got'em
Wolfstrike_NL: perfect
Huschel236: VOlt Charged them rela bad
MegaDosX: F
TheWriterAleph: lrrHORN
LurkerSpine: Cheer100 pew pew
Mazrae: whale plaid
KingOfDoma: perfect deck
Tscheunt: TakeNRG
MegaDosX: I mean, yeah, but it was objectively the right call
TehAmelie: this is a rollercoaster of wins and losses
micalovits: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
Grimnus: Understandable
Thatwasademo: kathleen, do the good thing
MegaDosX: Yeah but we'll never say "no, do the good thing"
ThorSokar: heck with that Team Chaos!
princess_intell: i am also terrible at draft, so i can relate to this experience
brynnjackamusic: We make no promises about it being good
DeM0nFiRe: !chat
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
CookieMom: I mean, we've compleated in to ONE, does that count?
Grimnus: Hes right
iris_of_ether: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
princess_intell: adam is wrong
ThorSokar: Adam is a good friend
Mazrae: Do what you need to do Kathleen believe in yourself
Tscheunt: wh< not start with the expanse and get the green scource now?
micalovits: We tell you not listen to chat
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, you should listen to Adam. He's a smart guy.
MegaDosX: Nevermind, never punished
LurkerSpine: never didn't have it
fhorrigan: Huh, the exposed flesh arena
KingOfDoma: We are but one of many voices
rasterscan: If Adam told you not to listen to Adam, would you listen?
1337Dedrea: never punished!
lirazel64: Why are you listening to Adam?
fhorrigan: I like the flesh trees
Tscheunt: lol
uchihab7: yes or no? Lukka is finally hot?
princess_intell: no
Invitare: but what if instead you played a Plainswalker for 4
PlantOnTwitch: you *do* get to proliferate it if you play it first
princess_intell: wait the art or the card
rasterscan: @uchihab7 Compleating didn't fix that mess of a personality.
micalovits: Seems pretty good to just make a beast tbh
MegaDosX: Lukka now isn't terrible
Huschel236: I think I like the beast
Diabore: thats so loud
PipeSmokingOwl: amazonAttack
thraximore: mawp
fhorrigan: BAYHOLD
Scarbble: dang lukka, you loud
Grimnus: May want to turn down that lad a bit
definenull: DAMMIT LUKKA
unleashenlightenment: Oh what now
GredGredmansson: very loud
RayFK: Lukka you gotta chillllll
MegaDosX: I mean.
MegaDosX: You're not wrong
EvilBadman: Holy shit I was not looking at my TV and that got me
LadyLockwood92: Dang it Lukka.
Huschel236: Well. We hear you Lukka and we judge you
thraximore: maybe turn down planeswalker voices
GredGredmansson: I think it was something in Phyrexian
thraximore: I think he spoke in phyrexian
Grimnus: It was in phyrexian
PlantOnTwitch: I thought he spoke phyrexian at first
MegaDosX: I think it was in Phyrexian
MegaDosX: Sad.
LadyLockwood92: I don't know, it didn't sound like English, might be Phyrexian.
Thatwasademo: playing a +4/+4 as a +0/+1
princess_intell: is phyrexian spoken?
BrowneePoints: idk irl he seemed like a stoic but caring fella
fhorrigan: Oh he's Kano from Mortal Kombat
definenull: "power is mine for the taking"
LadyLockwood92: Lukka's character is, if anything, inconsistent.
PlantOnTwitch: !card lukka bound to ruin
LRRbot: Lukka, Bound to Ruin [2R{R/G/P}G] | Legendary Planeswalker — Lukka [5] | Compleated / [+1]: Add {R}{G}. Spend this mana only to cast creature spells or activate abilities of creatures. / [−1]: Create a 3/3 green Phyrexian Beast creature token with toxic 1. / [−4]: Lukka deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures and/or planeswalkers, where X is the greatest power among creatures you controlled as you activated this ability.
MegaDosX: Yeah Arena defaults to your stuff if you Proliferate
GredGredmansson: MTG defaults to "all the things you want to do"
Diabore: arena is smart and autos the good proliferates
Grimnus: Its very rare the situation where you have to go against the auto
Huschel236: If they kill your blocker, Lukka jsut gets stroner
Huschel236: I need to type better
princess_intell: it will never proliferate an opponent's stuff unless you explicitly tell it to
Thatwasademo: where "good" means any counter *generally* considered positive on your permanents / self and/or negative on opponents' permanents / self
DAC169: Arena: good on proliferating, shit at auto-tapping
MegaDosX: You haven't drawn much cool stuff unfortunately
BrowneePoints: at least for me, in the story, Lukka seemed like a dutiful dude whose entire life got flipped then had a year long anxiety attack that led him to listen to the wrong people
definenull: sadly the ult is not very useful on a empty board
MegaDosX: I don't hate making a 3/3 here
Huschel236: I think at this point Liukka is just a beast factory
MegaDosX: Do we Prism to try and draw a land?
Grimnus: Just being a 3/3 factory is all ya need
Huschel236: Like some sort of Sac
Thatwasademo: so your oil, +1/+1, energy, and opponents' poison
bulletproofbanana: "Lukka, Shouty Beast Factory"
drcanonball: Lukka feels like discount version of Garruk
MegaDosX: Oh dear.
unleashenlightenment: But more value! More 3/3s!
Grimnus: I feel Luka does more for us that the mosquito
RayFK: I think you do.
Grimnus: *than
GredGredmansson: now that's an artifact we want to destroy
serramarkov: Good luck, have fun, and I'll see y'all after dinner. lrrSHINE sergeModLove lrrSHINE
MegaDosX: Oh now we draw our lands
lackingsanity: -4 plus volt charge?
Grimnus: They just reequip it elsewhere anyways
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MegaDosX: !card dragonwing
LRRbot: Did you mean: Dragonwing Glider; Dragon Wings
micalovits: How much is it to reequip anyway?
MegaDosX: !card dragonwing glider
LRRbot: Dragonwing Glider [3RR] | Artifact — Equipment | For Mirrodin! / Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has flying and haste. / Equip {3}{R}{R}
Grimnus: 3RR
MegaDosX: Five mana to re-equip is a lot, but they do have six mana, so.
MegaDosX: Oh heck.
princess_intell: my ears
lion_byte: uh oh, beefy greens
TehAmelie: Lukka had some poison in his throat i think
Diabore: lukka youre at a 10 i need you at like a 4 my dude
EvilBadman: Humbly requesting less game audio please
DAC169: incoming giant flier aipBooli
Scarbble: there may be an arena specific slider for voice lines, that's the only thing that seems to be mega loud
bulletproofbanana: phyrexia installed some extra lungs and a megaphone in Lukka, how nice of them
princess_intell: hit escape --> settings --> audio, there's a slider
BrowneePoints: Phyrexia finally taught Lukka how to speak up for himself. Unfortunately he doesn't have anything interesting to say now
Grimnus: Thanks much
princess_intell: muchas gracias
QuixoticZ: so many fights
MegaDosX: Yeah you were pretty boned there
Grimnus: They just never ran out of gas
YeetTheRich_: planeswalker voices being turned up makes me think wheeler has been on this account playing the royal scions
BrowneePoints: we drew lands they drew gas it happens
definenull: Lukka is what you get when you give an edge lord too much ham
MegaDosX: Hand's perfect
Grimnus: Do be how it be sometimes
GredGredmansson: oh hey an artifact
Mazrae: i have no earthly idea why i thought that said Bonepicker Snerge
zobbethehalfmighty: sheoldred? in one draft? did i miss a memmo?
Grimnus: @zobbethehalfmighty All the recent praetors are in draft/sealed at Mythic
bulletproofbanana: apparently all the most recent praetor cards are in the set on Arena so you can play with any/all of them
BrowneePoints: they have a super rare concept art in paper
MegaDosX: @zobbethehalfmighty All the Praetors are in ONE limited because they're also in the physical packs as alt art I think
BrowneePoints: they kept that for draft
lion_byte: oh that's wild
MegaDosX: Not terrible
Clockwork_Penguin: I think tooth phyrexians might be my least favourite phyrexians
RAZRBCK08: I went against someone with a Jin Gitaxis and it was not fun
princess_intell: teeth teeth teeth teeth
MegaDosX: Also Jin Gitaxias is a bit of a beating
Grimnus: Speaking of, oh god Sheoldreds here
micalovits: OG Gitaxis or is the new one?
MegaDosX: Surprise! Sheoldred
4 raiders from Weslyphon have joined!
princess_intell: @micalovits kamigawa one
couchboyj: Vorinclex with toxic sounds like a nightmare
MegaDosX: Plus the Skullbomb can bring Sheoldred back if they kill her
BrowneePoints: Vorinclex is busted in this format
princess_intell: @couchboyj ..... oh god i need to build that deck
Grimnus: Vorinclex is very good in the format yes
GredGredmansson: well Geth can't do it "over and over again"
GredGredmansson: because the creature exiles itself
BrowneePoints: if you get vorinclex it's like winning the lottery
GredGredmansson: true
micalovits: Vorinclex with all the counters sounds brutal
lion_byte: Vorinclex, my beloved
Grimnus: Well we can bring her back at least
interiorexplosion: rude
MegaDosX: Skullbomb can bring her back thouhg
micalovits: Well, we have the skullbomb atleast
MegaDosX: Atlas first
GredGredmansson: never punished
aitsu100: my first sealed pool had Sheoldred, Jace, and Kaito
MegaDosX: Never punished
MegaDosX: Now you can do both next turn
DeathThirtyOne: thought that was phyrexian altar for a second
BrowneePoints: yea Vorinclex doubles all toxic values and proliferate and is gross
LoadingReadyRun: don't forget to just tap that thing EOT
LoadingReadyRun: whoops now I'm on this account
GredGredmansson: we can start draining them as well
BrowneePoints: oh yea tap that eot to drain
MegaDosX: Tap the Atlas it won't hold priority anymore
DAC169: just don't get poison counters aipEZ
MegaDosX: Sheoldred plus Necrogen surely
Mazrae: the advice is coming from inside moon base
YeetTheRich_: stop backseating, chatter named uhh ... loadingreadyrun
zobbethehalfmighty: tap atlas please
neebusjeebus: it exiles any, u have corrupted
MegaDosX: Oh that needs to die
interiorexplosion: SKRELV!!!
RayFK: I mean, you can anoint it now right?
BrowneePoints: atlas drains now Kathleen
GreatGodOm: You can ping them now with the atlas.
MegaDosX: Also tap the Atlas to drain them
MegaDosX: No Skrelv had to die
BrowneePoints: Skrelv is Other Mother
MegaDosX: Would have made things unblockable
Clockwork_Penguin: Some boys have mom abilities
Grimnus: Good deal??
definenull: ^
MegaDosX: Doesn't matter
MegaDosX: Deathtouch
Grimnus: She kills both, with deathtouch
aitsu100: deathtouch
MegaDosX: lmaoooooooo
Grimnus: That was insanely good for us
brainbosh: Oh they did not read the card
MegaDosX: Oh dear opponent
QuixoticZ: trading aura for both of them feels quite fine
TheWriterAleph: deece
micalovits: Ouch
MegaDosX: Kathleen if you tap the Atlas it drains them further
Gooseblast: Draw as many cards as you want opponent voxyRealpepe
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TehAmelie: i don't remember much of Coraline and i don't know a whole lot about this set, but could it be full of parallels?
definenull: they're digging
BrowneePoints: new cards new format
aitsu100: tap pas win
MegaDosX: Tap it again and they die on draw
GredGredmansson: and they're dead
mitomanox: KAFFLEEN
MegaDosX: Also that
MegaDosX: Sheoldred kinda does that
Grimnus: Sheoldred is busted, more news at 11
bulletproofbanana: as a black mage myself, I respect the "punch yourself in the face for cards" gameplay
iris_of_ether: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
LadyLockwood92: I'm shocked.
micalovits: Who would have thought, preators are good!
DAC169: Sheoldred OP
brainbosh: Turns out Sheoldred is still way too good
fhorrigan: Hey that might be a good card
TehAmelie: the Sheol-dread
TheWriterAleph: @Grimnus indeed
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Got that CheckPoint for you right here! | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdOOIHP6RWM || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1623822321806114816
Diabore: speaking of vorinclex, i just beat one, was not easy
lion_byte: owo! checkpoint!
definenull: cherkpernt!
DAC169: wait... was LRR played Pico Park? aipThink
princess_intell: @Diabore you are either very good or very lucky or both
LadyLockwood92: Are we Jund, or just splashing green for Lukka?
Diabore: @Diabore lucky, they flooded, they also had wanderer
emeraude824: In 2 years from now we will have a 6/7 for 4 mana no down side
princess_intell: @Diabore JEEZ
MegaDosX: Huh.
MrPipboy3000: @emeraude824 if its not black, still dies to doom blade 3/10
MegaDosX: Opponent. Interesting.
GredGredmansson: just lukka really
131 raiders from SergeYager have joined!
Cheezmo: sergePeek sergePeek sergePeek sergePeek sergePeek
MegaDosX: Raiders!
goombalax: TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
SnackPak_: sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove
chrono2x: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Lobo_Apache: TombRaid TombRaid
TheAinMAP: sergeHeart sergeHeart
GredGredmansson: we have lukka
GredGredmansson: but that's it
Grimnus: Just keeping it as a 2/2 seems better for sure
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Kain2270: Surprise Kathleen. That's a joy.
MegaDosX: You do have Lukka, and it is a 3/1
MegaDosX: You can
Electrodyne: All we hear is Raidey-o-gaga
kaziel0: Kathleen playing Rakdos? Other than mono-black, this feels on brand for her.
LadyLockwood92: Putting Oil counters on Jor feels...weird.
MegaDosX: Play beeg dargon
GredGredmansson: there are things that care about "number of stuff with oil on them"
ghizmou: it s like, let me massage your back jor, you ve been working so hard
rasterscan: Is the format too bomb-heavy with how much some Praetors can swing things?
TehAmelie: it's more like a sticky kind of dirt sort of oil than grease, right
DAC169: I know there were some cards that cared about how many things you have with oil counters on them aipThink
GredGredmansson: hi nahiri
princess_intell: flavor note: i like the way that oil counters interact with the "modified" mechanic from kamigawa
SorintheCat: Ah! first time catching a live in a while and its a treat with Kathleen!
LadyLockwood92: @GredGredmansson Honestly, I was just thinking from a flavour perspective.
Grimnus: We sorta have to
MegaDosX: I don't hate it?
GredGredmansson: I think so
MegaDosX: You can hit Nahiri with that
ghizmou: that s some good randoms
GredGredmansson: and now she can't get jor kadeen this turn
Grimnus: Ah, RIP
MegaDosX: You cut them on reanimating stuff
MegaDosX: Though Thrun is an issue
kyless2106: He's In-Thrun-structable
MegaDosX: Yeah
MegaDosX: It's a clever method of planeswalker protection
LadyLockwood92: Okie, enjoy your ONE, I gotta head to bed ^^; Night folks.
EvilBadman: No running in the pool
definenull: bug yikes
DeathThirtyOne: o7
MegaDosX: Yeah, RIP
micalovits: That was a pool of cards
MegaDosX: Opponent had a very good pool
Astrovore: oofa
TheWriterAleph: welp.
QuixoticZ: woof, that was a good deck
SnowBunSarah: Rest in violence
GredGredmansson: Nahiri + Thrun will do that
MegaDosX: 3-3 is respectable
Grimnus: Getting to 3 is big at least
Grimnus: The difference between 2 and 3 is huge on arena
SorintheCat: what time does mtg usually start on thursdays
Diabore: @SorintheCat about an hour and 20 ago
TehAmelie: time for some refreshing phyrexian lemonade https://i.imgur.com/rcXTQsH.jpg
Mazrae: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 9:13:15. lrrSPOT
SorintheCat: oh duh, it says how longs its been running haha @Diabore
MegaDosX: !badadvice
LRRbot: Train the goat.
Mazrae: LRRbot that could be good advice depending on the game i hink
Mazrae: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: A MIMIC, RUN!
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aitsu100: Ok gotta say nice toss on the coaster at the end of checkpoint Kathleen
bytecaster: I am at best a 23 hour party person on a good day.
micalovits: Its also freaking big
MegaDosX: Green has some bangers
Cheezmo: I'm tempted to invest and make a Teeth tribal Commando deck
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EOstby: Here's hoping you get 74 good picks this draft
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bytecaster: @Cheezmo Who is the teethiest commander?
rasterscan: Sounds fun
MegaDosX: Rotpriest is also great
micalovits: 8/3 that can be indestrubtible sounds very good
drunkonmystery: an 8/3 you can make indestructible!
KingOfDoma: That's almost Yargle stats
Cheezmo: @Cheezmo I have yet to determine that one
geail: !card Drivnot
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
geail: !card Drivnod
LRRbot: Drivnod, Carnage Dominus [3BB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Horror [8/3] | If a creature dying causes a triggered ability of a permanent you control to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time. / {B/P}{B/P}, Exile three creature cards from your graveyard: Put an indestructible counter on Drivnod, Carnage Dominus.
GredGredmansson: deal 8 damage to something
micalovits: It is a black card with a death trigger though
uchihab7: bite?
MegaDosX: Bite might be the best thing here
kaliuniqueusernamesaredum: the chorus trigger is doubled by drivnod
WiJohn: More removal yay!
GredGredmansson: vat emergence
GredGredmansson: for reanimator
princess_intell: this format seems very removal-reliant
MegaDosX: I think the Bite was still correct
TokenMickus: You'll do fine, worst you can do is lose but I believe otherwise, go Kathleen, draft like a champ!
princess_intell: draft like you've never dropped a game!
WiJohn: The toxic flier is good
micalovits: Syphoner is just fine
GredGredmansson: certainly not
MegaDosX: Kathleen playing black cards? It's more likely than you think
Mazrae: they can be off the rails if they werent on the rails to begin with
GredGredmansson: or something that cares about other things dying
princess_intell: i've been rewatching friday nights today actually
BrowneePoints: yea if you can activate drivnod it's an 8 power abyss
TehAmelie: the real question is if we can go mono black am i right
princess_intell: the first episode of FN came out 10 years ago
GredGredmansson: centurion can MAKE death triggers happen
MegaDosX: Yeah the Gauntlet is janktacular
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princess_intell: also, everyone looked like babies in those early epsiodes
jackulhaups: the slinger is also nifty because it can sacrifice itself
MegaDosX: Reblacksed
jackulhaups: i learned it the hard way haha
SurfDownstage: FBtouchdown
Mazrae: mono black with green splash??
GredGredmansson: drivnod also doubles triggers from when OTHER things die
kaliuniqueusernamesaredum: ??
kilnfiendpotter: Yess! Our favorite Himbo!!!
kaliuniqueusernamesaredum: how?
GredGredmansson: YES DO IT
KingOfDoma: our boy
MegaDosX: Yes you do
Greyah: Punch lad!
DAC169: no one took Tyvar? aipS
iris_of_ether: TYVAR
TheThirdTail: Oho, a punchm'n elf
draezor26: and It's all coming up milhouse
uchihab7: not my favorite
BrowneePoints: HOT CHAD 2
Greyah: Second favorite. My favorite himbo is dead.
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TokenMickus: Fabulous punchy boy
BrowneePoints: So Gideon's Spirit gave Tyvar his Chad Crown right Kathleen?
rasterscan: @Greyah Gideon?
princess_intell: tyvar looks so stoked on his card
MegaDosX: Helllloooooo nurse
Kelderan: Golgari. I already love this deck
GredGredmansson: roots is fine
WiJohn: Roots
TehAmelie: oh noo nurse
Grimnus: First copy of roots essentially replaces a land
MegaDosX: P2P1 Vorinclex one time
micalovits: Nurse is quite good
WiJohn: Should be fine, it's just nice for fixin'
GredGredmansson: amelie is trying to make a reference
SurfDownstage: I like nurse
TehAmelie: this is a nurse that would make you go "oh nooo nurse"
Grimnus: Edifice is great, theres a lot of x/1s
GredGredmansson: rat death trigger
micalovits: Edifice hits a lot of things
leviathan3942: wellspring is trigger
lackingsanity: yeah edifice imo
brainbosh: Green sun is goood
GredGredmansson: green twilight ooh
BrowneePoints: oooo twilight
couchboyj: Rat is quite good, edifice aint bad tho
MegaDosX: Like what was in their pack that was better than that?
BrowneePoints: 5
GredGredmansson: oh hey another rat
BrowneePoints: err yes 6 with g
GredGredmansson: what does it do? kill you
Decaped: staff got norted
satyropodobny: first we rat, then we rat
lackingsanity: I don't think it's that great in an agressive limited format tbh. especially compared to some of the other twilights. like the white one is a beating
MegaDosX: Staff of Compleation is a combo card, surely
GredGredmansson: and lo we did
Grimnus: It needs far more lifegain than limited allows
Grimnus: Oo good removal
Mazrae: just got to get into rat gang
GredGredmansson: drown for sure
BrowneePoints: Satyr op o dobny
MegaDosX: Ichor is great
Mazrae: spodder with reachs
GredGredmansson: repeatable sac outlet that Tyvar can get back
jackulhaups: now we have pinky AND the brain
BenByTheWay: what are we proliferating again?
BrowneePoints: el Spidro caprice es muy fuerte
adambomb625: passing card draw?!?
GredGredmansson: i LOVE necrosquito
BrowneePoints: Necro!
BrowneePoints: Necro doubles
micalovits: That gets double oil counters with drivnod right?
GredGredmansson: drivnod doubles necrosquito too
CAKHost: RE: Liking Katamari games: For me it is kinda picking up a bunch of stuff and throwing it into space. But also a large part is just making ball big. :P
GredGredmansson: because it also works for when OTHER creatures die
Grimnus: Two of the tap lands is generally fine
BrowneePoints: if wellspring comes back it might be worth it to splash
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: drivnod is like a 9/3 right? with the counter you put on it that just wins games
ladyjessica: The common spheres seem good
SurfDownstage: I'm surprised seeing these late spheres
GredGredmansson: drivnod is also the hardest to get the counter on it though
WiJohn: Cruel Grimmnarch is the most nonsense name
lackingsanity: yeah the redraw lands are good
GredGredmansson: tyvar helps with that though
MurphEP: Tyvar is so happy just to be brawling :)
Mazrae: where is the bottle neck?
BrowneePoints: tyvar turbo charges Drivnod
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IzlanntheLion: I get to kill a bad devil he'll yeah
kilnfiendpotter: "I'm here to punch Phyrexians and have fun!" - Tyvar
Grimnus: Scrapgorger so good
forshamesir: well, roots just got better
EvilBadman: worth the splash
geail: Skullbomb
SurfDownstage: Scrapgorger is solid
IzlanntheLion: abzan?
adambomb625: Tovar saw Tibalt on Phyrexia, said "I'm going to punch you ", and then proceeded to punch him
micalovits: It sure has menace
WiJohn: Basilisk might be better
jackulhaups: headcleaver does what it says on the tin for sure
GredGredmansson: its situational but leans toward good
SurfDownstage: I like to have at least one basilisk
GredGredmansson: ohhhhh
GredGredmansson: kethek
kakurenbo69: Canker or the pig
geail: vorrac good
SurfDownstage: pig fun
Cheezmo: 110 months already? I swore it wasn't that long ago the first 100's came up
BrowneePoints: canker or vorrac
Grimnus: Thats a good pig
WiJohn: Vorac's good
forshamesir: canker with Tyvar is gross
SurfDownstage: pig good for fixing white
micalovits: Its a good pig bront
MegaDosX: Vorrac's pretty good
ralphthellama: good pig
EvilBadman: @Cheezmo The max is 114 now
satyropodobny: wizards respect the pig.
KingOfDoma: Atlas for fixing
IzlanntheLion: artifact removal
GredGredmansson: we have 2 altases already
WiJohn: We have enough Atlas
KingOfDoma: Oh, I spaced, sorry
Cheezmo: @EvilBadman *ages rapidly*
SurfDownstage: Whoops! All atlases
WiJohn: I like the draw
GredGredmansson: we're not in oil
MegaDosX: Oil counter shenanigans
teabread_: you can never have enough atlases tbh
Postmythos: prism for fixing
IzlanntheLion: sorry I'm lagging behind stream
geail: Albertain oil nonsense
Lobo_Apache: Atlus? *shrug*
GredGredmansson: i like double roots
WiJohn: Prism is better than Atlas for fixing I agree
BrowneePoints: engulfed or spheres
GredGredmansson: i think its another plague nurse
BrowneePoints: engulfer is huge
kaliuniqueusernamesaredum: maze
SurfDownstage: yeah
matt0caster: hellooooo nurse
BenByTheWay: no love for Duress?
SurfDownstage: Idk why no one picks nurse
BrowneePoints: we might just accidenta kill them with a 13/13 squito with drivnod lol
WiJohn: Duress ain't great in Limited which always makes me sad because somehow it always gets my skrelv hive
BenByTheWay: given how toxic stacks, multiple nurses could potentially be very good
IzlanntheLion: it looks like you read the signals right
SurfDownstage: Canopy puts in work against flying/artifact bombs
BrowneePoints: grimnarch easy cut
micalovits: Do we want the canopy?
WiJohn: Maybe cut the spellbomb?
GredGredmansson: cut edifice maybe
BrowneePoints: I'd cut canopy and skullbomb maybe edifice
adambomb625: cut Tyvar /s
hugogol21: idk if the orzhov guy is worth splashing
jackulhaups: having thirsting roots i think lets us go down to one plains
GredGredmansson: I think double roots is fine
micalovits: With two roots we can 100% run 16 lands
BenByTheWay: terramorphic
WiJohn: With double roots we can go 16 lands for sure, maybe down to one plains?
TheThirdTail: !card ria ivor
LRRbot: Ria Ivor, Bane of Bladehold [2WB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Knight [3/4] | Battle cry / At the beginning of combat on your turn, the next time target creature would deal combat damage to one or more players this combat, prevent that damage. If damage is prevented this way, create that many 1/1 colorless Phyrexian Mite artifact creature tokens with toxic 1 and "This creature can't block."
forshamesir: absolutely 16 lands, you'll get there
micalovits: Roots is a land 3/4 times
BrowneePoints: I'd cut skullbomb and edifice
SurfDownstage: Double roots, prism, and pig all fix
GredGredmansson: edifice probably first creature to go
GredGredmansson: that or centurion
WiJohn: I'd cut the skullbomb still
micalovits: There are a bunch of flyers it kills
ghizmou: or a 3/1
TheThirdTail: Hm, Ria seems kind of sketch to me, but I'm really interested to actually see it in action. Hard to evaluate
BenByTheWay: longlegs isn't a death trigger
WiJohn: @TheThirdTail I agree but I have seen it take over a game
lackingsanity: i'd probably either cut the splash or cut the 6 drop and try to stay low to the ground
micalovits: It deos put the land into hand
BrowneePoints: no but it loops with tyvar
GredGredmansson: pig isn't land on top
PhlibbertyGib: pig proliferates if you don't put a land
satyropodobny: reading the pig explains the pig
micalovits: I think they ment the longlegs
TheThirdTail: @wijohn Yeah, definitely a snowball ability... Just a lot of setup
BrowneePoints: sorry my comment was about spider on mobile so I'm on a delay
GredGredmansson: talking about too many things at once
WiJohn: Mantis maybe?
Kazman20a: one of the nurses
BenByTheWay: a single bearer of testament
hugogol21: glare
micalovits: 1 nurse then maybe?
GredGredmansson: we keep glare I think
TehAmelie: putting cards from the top at the bottom of your library always seemed like a highly surmountable drawback to me
WiJohn: Ship it!
shendaras: seabatClap
IzlanntheLion: run it
hugogol21: aight let's see
GredGredmansson: I believe in you
micalovits: Always! also:
micalovits: !chat
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
kaziel0: I believe in you! And that seems like a good deck!
TehAmelie: *top of at the
onekitchenknife: only just tuned in-- yay Kathleen! hope you're having a great day
ralphthellama: believe in the heart of the cards!
BenByTheWay: I absolutely believe...that you are playing this game
IzlanntheLion: look at that never had a chance to miss
kaziel0: Vroom vroom. :O
GredGredmansson: dang
mark_cimino: Hi Kathleen! How are you today? mtgngHi <3 :)
MegaDosX: Opponent just went nuts with equipment
satyropodobny: hot diggity dang
BrowneePoints: I'd drown the aspirant
SurfDownstage: this is why I like carnivorous canopy lol
MegaDosX: On the plus side, their attacks are a little mediocre
PhlibbertyGib: dang
WiJohn: Might be right to attack with the hivemaster
WiJohn: Also ewww
MegaDosX: Oh no
micalovits: Oh dear
Mythallian: uh oh
BenByTheWay: so dead
GredGredmansson: this opponent got the entire package
Mythallian: that things SCARY
grum_king_goblin: the equipment homies
TheWriterAleph: death star trench run up in here
Commodore_Perry_GG: I mean, good for the Rebels, right?
Ukon_Cairns: wheres a maelstrom pulse when you need it
satyropodobny: Ach! Hans, run! It's the Mirran Resistance!
IzlanntheLion: they literally got the perfect red white equipment deck
BrowneePoints: full swing and edifice post combat? that also works
WiJohn: They haven't dropped gear cat yet
MegaDosX: They can start voltronning things and they have a big double strike trample thing
GredGredmansson: double strike
MegaDosX: Double strike
MegaDosX: Yeah
Ukon_Cairns: double strike
WiJohn: Ria +1?
a_Weakling: chump?
geail: sac the mite too?
MegaDosX: Can only sac once per turn
BrowneePoints: once a turn
GredGredmansson: could have gone better
WiJohn: Well, at least now you'll have bodies in the graveyard if your bombs show up!
Badchop: lrrFINE
narset6691: those mirran rebels really know there way around equipments
Wolfstrike_NL: manace trample double stike sounds horrible
WiJohn: On the plus side, kitties are cute!
MegaDosX: Just draw the Maelstrom Pulse that's definitely in your deck
BrowneePoints: if they do the thing again we should take the 8
WiJohn: No blocks?
micalovits: Now I think we just take 8?
a_Weakling: yah just take it
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MegaDosX: That helps actually
MegaDosX: Instant speed
micalovits: Do we hold removal untill after they attack?
narset6691: instant!!!!
TheWriterAleph: woo!
micalovits: Oh well, still fine
MegaDosX: I mean, now they can re-equip and attack
MegaDosX: You could have held it until their attack step though >_>
MegaDosX: Oh well
MegaDosX: Opponent has basically built their own Embercleave, so yeah
WiJohn: Eh new format, you get murdered so we don't have to! :)
micalovits: That 4/5 just stopping all our attacks is super annoying
kilnfiendpotter: I feel bad, because that is how I play.
narset6691: maybe they fear LRR and their magic prowess :)
MegaDosX: Spiderman pointing meme!
WiJohn: That Injector is a super annoying card
Robot_Bones: I mean it happens you get caught up in a defensive mind state
kilnfiendpotter: No, it's okay! I should be shamed for my extremely conservative play style.
betweenmyself: “Turn lots of dudes sideways” is just good relationship advice pennyWhat
GredGredmansson: they say math is for blockers, and I am very good at math
WiJohn: Swing with the bear!
micalovits: I think we can just swing with the 4/1 right?
MegaDosX: I like swinging with all but the rat
MegaDosX: Maybe they forget to block
micalovits: There is the -1/-1
MegaDosX: Also yeah Whispers of the Dross
GredGredmansson: whispers of the dross
LoadingReadyRun: There is and you could've gottem with it if you had it there lrrGRAHAM
narset6691: tyvars confrentation can be paid for G
WiJohn: There's the Tovar spell, but that's G and X
brainbosh: Was the indestructible deathtouch trick one or two mana?
narset6691: x can be 0
MegaDosX: Tyvar's Stand is one green
GredGredmansson: we wanted that 4/1 to die
MegaDosX: Oh hello there Twilight
WiJohn: Yes please!
GredGredmansson: yes
micalovits: Sure do
MegaDosX: You can go six deep right now
LoadingReadyRun: You do!
MegaDosX: Neat!
micalovits: Rude
MegaDosX: I mean, that's not awful
MegaDosX: If that's what they spend six mana on then by all means
WiJohn: I will reluctantly choose battlefield
brainbosh: Oh you can get the rat with this
GredGredmansson: Edifice to shrink, then slam?
MegaDosX: Edifice can get them here!
narset6691: Ooo id attack with the 3/3
GredGredmansson: even better
narset6691: then use edifice
jackulhaups: get edificed!!
MegaDosX: F
WiJohn: Edifice value!
northern_ronin42: Hello LLRsfolk!
MegaDosX: Oh boy the hive
GredGredmansson: late hive
Diabore: little late for a bitterblossom
WiJohn: Hive's a bit late unless they have support
MegaDosX: Vroom vroom
TheWriterAleph: choo choooo
IzlanntheLion: Gaslight girl boss
MegaDosX: Yeah, agreed opponent
MegaDosX: I mean maybe
MegaDosX: If they have a cast trigger
MegaDosX: You have a curve too
WiJohn: Snap keep!'
narset6691: Oooo nice hand
MegaDosX: No 1 drop but we take those
Possibly_Flynn: infect kill?
TheWriterAleph: t3 tyvar? let's go
GredGredmansson: then we attack, and either untap it or bring it back
WiJohn: I'd punch
MegaDosX: Ooh
northern_ronin42: My first time seeing the new board for Phyrixa, and boy is it really . . . . Phryexian. . . .
MegaDosX: Yeah this board is quite something
Diabore: @northern_ronin42 so much flesh
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MegaDosX: Do we Ichor a thing and punch?
MegaDosX: Like Ichor the 1/3?
Juliamon: And yet, relatively few teeth
micalovits: Tyvar just gets its back right?
WiJohn: Goodbye flier, hello nurse!
Diabore: plague this turn and tyvar + kill next imo
MegaDosX: !card tyvar jubilant
LRRbot: Tyvar, Jubilant Brawler [1BG] | Legendary Planeswalker — Tyvar [3] | You may activate abilities of creatures you control as though those creatures had haste. / [+1]: Untap up to one target creature. / [−2]: Mill three cards, then you may return a creature card with mana value 2 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.
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MegaDosX: Ichor the 1/3 and swing?
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northern_ronin42: Halfway there already.
WiJohn: Watch out, they've got a mite!
TheWriterAleph: and the mite's got a gun!
MegaDosX: Oh right it's to the battlefield
Diabore: uh, arena>
MegaDosX: Kathleen your Arena froze I think
micalovits: Arena plz
northern_ronin42: NNOOOOOOOO!
TheWriterAleph: bing bong
WiJohn: You have lethal next turn right? Assuming we recover from the crash
spurius: mattlrFine
MegaDosX: That's a lot of noise
micalovits: @WiJohn Assuming they have nothing yea
tobolaeh: That's big refund request energy there
MegaDosX: Oh hey a 6/6
Jethrain: oh the poison counters don't show up right after restarting, that's a bad bug
Diabore: we have at least 1 poison iirc
MegaDosX: You have one poison, you can see it in the corner of the 6/6
LoadingReadyRun: Oh yeah, you have 1 poison. You can see it on the Necrotitan's display.
Diabore: reanimate the deathtoucher for max value
WiJohn: Best name in the set right there
narset6691: cant its cmc 3
MegaDosX: Rat, easy
Diabore: @narset6691 i thought it was 2, mixed up with the copper longlegs
MegaDosX: Your Necrosquito is bigger than theirs
Diabore: on basilisk?
WiJohn: You have the kill yeah?
MegaDosX: Do we activate Nurse and swing?
WiJohn: attack with the Toxics and use the nurse buff
Diabore: nurse doesnt pump its own toxic
WiJohn: you deal three poison
micalovits: Not quite, but could have forced the 1/3 to trade with our 3/1
Jethrain: the nurse buff only pumps other creatures
WiJohn: oh good call
MegaDosX: You win anyway
Jethrain: the nurse stays at 2
princess_intell: am i weird for having kathleen's draft on one monitor while i also play arena
MegaDosX: But yeah you had them very close to dead that turn
MegaDosX: If you'd done things differently
micalovits: @princess_intell Nope, I do that often
goombalax: @princess_intell normal as it gets
MegaDosX: You won anyway, all that matters tbh
Diabore: i think exile deathtoucher and flunge was the call there
MegaDosX: Arena pls
aitsu100: @princess_intell i am doing that right now
Amentur: Are u ok, Arena?
Diabore: well, good time for a break?
Easilycrazyhat: I've found every time I have to restart mid match, I get a black screen like that.
ThirdGames: Arena always freezes at the end of a match if I had to restart it in the middle of one for me
RAZRBCK08: every time it crashes during a game this is what the post game screen is like
SurfDownstage: You demoralized the opponent and the app
goombalax: all as planned
Jethrain: it always blackscreens at the end of match for me if i recovered from a crash mid-game
Easilycrazyhat: It not perfect system
Diabore: @goombalax keikaku means plan you see
LoadingReadyRun: hot mic
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HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Solo Kathleen drafternoon? Sounds like a chill way to spend my 30th Birthday~
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GredGredmansson: ey hap birf
WiJohn: HAPPY 30TH!
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: lrrAWESOME thanks
micalovits: Hai again friend!
princess_intell: oh no, am i going to have Britney spears stuck in my head whenever i play magic for two years
micalovits: The basilisk sure is annoying
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Oh, do we have a draft deck where Tyvar does things? He has some neat tricks in constructed but haven't seen him do too much in draft
MegaDosX: Oh
Easilycrazyhat: The basalisk is rad. Great common.
MegaDosX: That has to die
micalovits: He mostly just gets back a dude or two
GredGredmansson: really, nothing there?
GredGredmansson: oh right reach
MegaDosX: Oh right, reach spider
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: My favorite constructed Tyvar so far is Awaken the Woods which ALL then immediately tape for mana
a_Weakling: skitterfang is kind of kill on site
Easilycrazyhat: Twins!
Graham_LRR: Anyway: Alexa, play “Necrosquito”
teabread_: Graham I NEED you to make that
GredGredmansson: that's totally going to be the nickname too
MegaDosX: That would have been good with the Skitterfang
Diabore: they want to bounce it
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MegaDosX: I mean, they can also bounce it even if they put the counters on itself
Diabore: @MegaDosX yes but then counters go away
MegaDosX: @diabore True, they must have something that cares about creatures with oil counters
Diabore: @MegaDosX incoming all will be one
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Perfect pronunciation, no notes
MegaDosX: @Diabore There's also a creature that zaps a thing based on number of creatures with oil counters
Diabore: @MegaDosX yup urabrasks macguffin
Slrarthryng: There's also the 5/5 that gets cheaper for each creature with oil, but since they slashed the 1/1 that's probably not it
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: @MegaDosX Definitely read that as Urabrasks McMuffin and had a great mental image
GredGredmansson: what are we holding back the 4/1 for
Diabore: @Slrarthryng also thatd be a green splash, not impossible but kind of unlikely
micalovits: Surely we swing with the 3/2 and 2/2 right?
micalovits: Oh dear
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Well, whatever the answer was before. We don't swing now
Graham_LRR: Has that Dominus ever shown up?
Diabore: OH NO
GredGredmansson: hello kaito
MegaDosX: Oh butts
Easilycrazyhat: Yikes
Diabore: @Graham_LRR oh right we have a dominus
MegaDosX: You...could be dead
Easilycrazyhat: Which Dominus got drafted?
Diabore: @Easilycrazyhat black
Easilycrazyhat: Nice
Diabore: i have no idea the name
GredGredmansson: Ivor onto the 4/1, attack with it?
Diabore: doubles death triggers though
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Oh, nice. I like the black one even if it isn't as spashy as red or white
goombalax: Drivnod
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totole654: yay, I am 2 years old.
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MegaDosX: Would you accept a Forest?
goombalax: basic land, is best I can do
MegaDosX: This is fair
MegaDosX: Go dig with it
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: reach blocker?
GredGredmansson: best bros fighting it out
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: So they can't Kaito?
micalovits: I mean, we are mostly okay with them bouncing their flier
Easilycrazyhat: Easy to chew on
MegaDosX: Do they see the line
jackulhaups: cant kaito and tyvar just get along
micalovits: Oh no, this is nasty
MegaDosX: There we go
MegaDosX: Yeah that's a sick combo
GredGredmansson: they found the line
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: @micalovits Fair, I'm just allergic to OP getting value lrrSPOOP
jackulhaups: or are tyvar and kaito too beautiful to be friends
Ris_Bl00dlord: Math is for blockers
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
Ris_Bl00dlord: @MegaDosX agreed #blamejames
micalovits: One day we are going to draw our mythic!
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Just don't draw land and we're good
goombalax: kill on sight
Diabore: now thats a good turn to play a hive
goombalax: hive too good
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Well, corrupted at least
Diabore: thats a sweet combo
MegaDosX: Oh look a thing to kill
sporkraptor: this music makes me think of the Blade Runner soundtrack
jackulhaups: uh oh, we're in danger
MegaDosX: And you can Vorrac
Easilycrazyhat: oof
MegaDosX: You do get to Proliferate though
micalovits: I wonder if we were ssupposed to swing with the 1/3 to race with poison
GredGredmansson: that much closer to drivnod
micalovits: Oh dear
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: 1 time no overrun?
control_rig: You Mite be dead here
MegaDosX: I mean, we let that through, right?
dwchief: charge of the mites seems good in their deck LUL
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MegaDosX: Remember that the Mites can't block, so you can swing out and only the 3/3 can block
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MegaDosX: The Hive
Diabore: hive
micalovits: Hive
GredGredmansson: hive
dwchief: The hive
SurfDownstage: hive
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: The hive
MegaDosX: !card skrelv's hive
LRRbot: Skrelv's Hive [1W] | Enchantment | At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life and create a 1/1 colorless Phyrexian Mite artifact creature token with toxic 1 and "This creature can't block." / Corrupted — As long as an opponent has three or more poison counters, creatures you control with toxic have lifelink.
Ris_Bl00dlord: corrupt
Diabore: toxic creatures get lifelink
easterncaveofwonders subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 69 months, currently on a 69 month streak!
easterncaveofwonders: Nice. How are you enjoying Too Many Teeth the set Kathleen?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, easterncaveofwonders! (Today's storm count: 32)
Natural_Ones_Only: The hive
Easilycrazyhat: It's Phryexian Fun-life
MegaDosX: I mean, we put the rat in front of that right?
MegaDosX: Their life total doesn't matter right now, it's their poison counters that matter
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Meathook massacre is in this set and we drafted it... right?
goombalax: we mite be dead
MegaDosX: They totally had lethal there
MegaDosX: You're dead next turn I vote flunge and Nurse activate
dwchief: Yeah plus the vehicle is a free attacker 1x
MegaDosX: Two, you have two other Toxic things
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Chump with the Squito and go for toxic
sephsays: All Others, every Toxic creature except for the Nurse
sephsays: Still not helpful in this scenario, but...
goombalax: late to the party, driv
MegaDosX: Finally shows up at the very end :p
micalovits: Autotapper, why!
GredGredmansson: drivnod what the hell
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: lrrAWW lrrAWW
micalovits: Not that it mattered
Easilycrazyhat: Now that's just rude XD
TheWriterAleph: hahaaa LUL oppo plz
Diabore: @micalovits because we need double black to cast?
MegaDosX: Drivnod did literally nothing except get countered
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: 8/3 though
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: I love that stat line
GredGredmansson: drivnod: hey guys i'm here what's going o-
princess_intell: it's been less than a week
MegaDosX: You're still learning the format tbh
MegaDosX: So are all of us
Graham_LRR: If it makes you feel better, Kenji had two 0-3s today. He’s also having trouble getting his feet under him.
Serioavion: One feels like one of the most aggressive limited formats I've seen, at least in my light play
princess_intell: alchemy with precons?
Easilycrazyhat: Yeah. This format's different.
Diabore: its so aggro
MegaDosX: It is an extremely fast format apparently
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: This tells us you need to embrace your inner red and draft equipment
MegaDosX: It makes sense with all the Toxic running around
Diabore: feels like you NEED a 2 drop or you fall too far behind
Serioavion: Red is bad unless you get a couple of the right cards
MegaDosX: You need to play something on turn 1 and/or 2 or you lose
Diabore: family jamily
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Fambily Jambily!
Charlymandias: Fam Jam!
kilnfiendpotter: Ooh, fun fam jam time!
ThirdGames: Famboree Jamboree
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: I will be here, thanks Kathleen :)
MegaDosX: You played as well as you could have tbh
MegaDosX: Haters can go kick rocks
kilnfiendpotter: Bye!!
meaninglessMeg: Thanks, Kathleen!
sporkraptor: <3
MegaDosX: Everyone misplays and anyone who says they don't is lying
MrSarkhan: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
TheWriterAleph: byeeeee
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: *Gasp* gloomhaven! We have replaced the city guard with zombies
kilnfiendpotter: snort
SacrificialToast: @MegaDosX I haven't misplayed in MtG in YEARS...I also haven't played MtG in YEARS
Nydestroyer: cardfight !!
MegaDosX: @SacrificialToast How dare you find a loophole in my statement! *shakes fist*
Nydestroyer: gotta love the advertising machines picking up on life stuff
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
kilnfiendpotter: Thank you!!
sporkraptor: XD <3
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
LoadingReadyRun: bye all! Thanks for your patience today!
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Tibalt was r/b and that identity is open now! So Kathleen can slide right in as "Kathleen, Purrveyor of Cats" or something
Electrodyne: :)