beowuuf: what... all of us?
jessieimproved: that's the idea
beowuuf: are you it wasn't 'all but one will be one' and they just shortened it in the marketing?
TehAmelie: insert the "yes! we're all different!" bit in Life of Brian here
beowuuf: :D
Wolfstrike_NL: !badadvice
LRRbot: Firm belief!
TehAmelie: exactly, Lrrbot
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LoadingReadyRun ONE FamJam (Join the LoadingReadyRun crew for the Phyrexia: All Will Be One FamJam! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 10:00 AM PST (0s from now).
beowuuf: lrrHORN
Manae: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
flouncy_magooo: ONE FamJam, I don't know why...
TXC2: Manae lrrHORN
TXC2: Hello Everybody
beowuuf: @flouncy_magooo sergeJustRight
beowuuf: hey txc2
TXC2: hi beowuuf
TehAmelie: "one family" is the greeting of the Edema Ruh, i just remembered
BrookJustBones: we have a title change
SpleenLord: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LoadingReadyRun ONE FamJam (Join the LoadingReadyRun crew for the Phyrexia: All Will Be One FamJam! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 10:00 AM PST (3m ago).
TehAmelie: we shall all be one fam
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrSIG
Manae: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
ShaneLeeAtk: lrrJUDGECALL
MurphEP: lrrSIG
GhostValv: amazonTasteTheRainbow amazonTasteTheRainbow amazonTasteTheRainbow
CaptainSpam: BOOMPH
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beowuuf: prepare to be jambled
Genie_M: ah
Genie_M: hi everyone
beowuuf: sergeHi
Genie_M: (I ... forgot it's the famjam)
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WhirlwindAbyss: Hello everyone
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
Genie_M: thank you someone!
TalpTheScot: talpthBlobby
flouncy_magooo: Let me get my Vietnamese soup for some Fam Phy Pho Fun
beowuuf: @Genie_M just pretend graham is saying fran whenever he says fam :p
WhirlwindAbyss: no work today becuse i got the rona lol, bright side is i get to watch the full fam jam!
TXC2: the Fran flan FamJam ?
beowuuf: oh no, get well soon with no complications!
betazed15: Heck yeah!
Genie_M: fran jam :D
TXC2: WhirlwindAbyss booray
accountmadeforants: More of those strange Family Jamilies... it's probably nothing.
beowuuf: that's the plam... i mean plan
flouncy_magooo: Norm has the plam
NewtyNewts: Let's family this jamily
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for the Phyrexia: All will be One FamJam! Let's hang out all day and jam Arena drafts! 📷 ||
SaggyJello89: kateJam
Leonhart321: Time to Jam that Fam.....wait
beowuuf: there ain't no jamty like a family jamty
jedi_master_zll: !findquote weaponize
MorganteMaggiore: my favourite part is when gram sad "it's jamming time" and he famjammed all over arena"
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grennysohail: Salutations Everyone
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Earthenone: !findquote jam
LRRbot: Quote #5758: "This game seems incredibly Heather's Jam." —James [2019-01-24]
TXC2: !findquote weaponize
LRRbot: Quote #1723: "You don't scare me, fire! I can smash you with my sword! Everyone knows that fire is vulnerable to slashing weapons." —Paul [2016-02-08]
TXC2: ah forget FamJam it's Road Quest time!
micalovits: It is wild how much just hearing the music makes you want to watch road quest again yea
flouncy_magooo: Just switched from browser to mobile and my lag is only about 20 seconds. Woo?
TXC2: micalovits Right?
tyrsredritehand: lrrSIG lrrARROWS lrrSHINE
Spades_Slicc: Does Arena use regional servers or does everyone in the world drafting ONE / opening sealed have roughly equal odds of playing the LRRsons?
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RealGamerCow: The 6 months, woo!
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IaCthulhuFthagn: Truly a great theme for a great show.
Elypants: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
sumia_vamp_a_licious: Behold!
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrARROWS
beowuuf: let's go!
TXC2: Spades_Slicc it's one server,
laundreydhull: hey readied Lords, For They Are Readied Two Run.
TXC2: Here we GO!
Cunobelenos: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
beowuuf: ONE server
electra310: Just in time, I just finished listening to the storyline podcast on TTC. :D
beowuuf: sergeHi
BusTed: Hey hey.
bwk789: Let’s go wheelhammer?
micalovits: Hai friends!
Genie_M: hi!
TXC2: Hello Cameron, Kathleen and James
lirazel64: 9h yum, I didn't know this was happening, HUZZAH!
nichol_bogus: Fam Jam for breakfast!
niccus: famiglia jamiglia
CaptainSpam: All fambuly jambuly.
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asthanius: Famely Jamesly
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Didero: Hey it's three people I like! Hi!
shabe_x_roc: Urgh, an advert for the wizard game
IaCthulhuFthagn: Fambily jambily.
Cunobelenos: FamblyJambly!
Leonhart321: The Famble Jamble
NewtyNewts: FamilyJamily!
Wolfstrike_NL: Paul, update the title ! :P
BrookJustBones: Les mulligebabies
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rhapsodyblue92: Fambombaline Jambombaline
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sumia_vamp_a_licious: Woot!
Driosenth: Fambly Jamboree
asthanius: All Will Be Family (Jamily)
Genie_M: poynts
ralphthellama: FamblyJambly!
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mrjujubeans: Hack the Fambly?
accountmadeforants: ONE point? Retire champion!
IaCthulhuFthagn: Imagine how cool this stream would be even if it never left this camera.
hi_im_emily: fambampoline
bwk789: Is Paul drew Carey?
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beowuuf: 2-3 missed milkshakes
beowuuf: undefeated!
SeiichiSin: FamJamHamStram!
TXC2: I went 0-3 today :p
iris_of_ether: C'mon and famble, and welcome to the jamble
Sarah_Serinde: This should go better for you today then Kathleen Kappa
GhostValv: oh no
RealGamerCow: Cameron's nemesis, the table.
TXC2: drafted a SICK G/B toxic deck and then got RANCHED :p
bwk789: I went 3-1 at prerelease thanks to Jace and black
Lobo_Apache: someone save the table from cameron
accountmadeforants: Why do tables have it out for Cameron?
NewtyNewts: Just gotta mono-white. Adam learned that from the Priests deck
beowuuf: some day you find the offswitch quickly
AugmentingPath: One of the classic narrative structures, Cameron vs Environment
Sarah_Serinde: katesRip Cameron
Earthenone: i went 1-3 first picked a sylix, never drew it
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2652 patrons for a total of $20,671.10 per month.
micalovits: It has a tasste for Cams blood
LidofLoathing: that's twice in two days, too
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Didero: You're welcome and/or we're sorry
Wolfstrike_NL: We did this?! Sorry Cam!
sephsays: I can't believe you all installed a Cameron off switch in the table.
RealGamerCow: That table is supported by patreon and not legs? That *is* a fancy table
Earthenone: !findquote thirst
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Leonhart321: Please don't drink the oil
NewtyNewts: Might be imagery more than personality
GhostValv: voxyFlood
Driosenth: can already tell the year end highlights is going to contain a supercut of Cam wailing his knee into that table
TXC2: !cardkingdom
LRRbot: Card Kingdom is a long-time sponsor of LoadingReadyRun's MtG draft streams. Visit them at and if you live on the west coast, visit their store in Seattle. When you place an order, say "LoadingReadyRun sent me, button please!" to receive a bonus button!
AugmentingPath: If you would like to be Venomously Brutalized, Card Kingdom!
MolaMolaphant: they got hit by an arrow from bicupid?
NewtyNewts: Suspiciously Fast Shipping.
electra310: I thought this was going to be shilling for the mugs in the store
ThorSokar: LRR Body Pillows available yet?
nymistrya: I'm just a normal teeth enthusiast.
RocknGrohlNerd: okey I will go make myself a coffee
MorganteMaggiore: if you need to buy spelldancer now it seems to be a good time
Earthenone: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out for the full catalog.
MurphEP: @nymistrya Average bicuspid enjoyer
beowuuf: sergeJustRight lrrDARK
asthanius: Speaking of segues...
NewtyNewts: @ThorSokar Doesn't look like it yet
iris_of_ether: oooh
asthanius: oooooooh
ThorSokar: dang
Leonhart321: Ooooh, spicy
TXC2: Body Pillows have to earned chat
ralphthellama: oooooh
They_Are_Alyx: Boosties POG
ThorSokar: HahaBall
forbiddenskiesfm: Spicy-boostie
NewtyNewts: You got boostie power!
accountmadeforants: Da bidness
Jogela: James is sliding into DMS?
TXC2: let get ready to Jamble!
Dmc3628: best Vin Diesel impression
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Leonhart321: The jambles will continue until fambles improve
Earthenone: !findquote button
LRRbot: Quote #7146: "I have a big delete button and I use it very aggressively now." —Heather [2020-08-21]
offbeatwitch: eyyyy
NewtyNewts: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
GhostValv: D:
asthanius: Esper time!
offbeatwitch: i pulled a kaya at my prerelease
Nukified: so... esper seems fun
offbeatwitch: i also pulled a white sun's twilight
NewtyNewts: Oh boy, a Super Friends set
LordManiMani: lrrSPOOP
Genie_M: that's yikes
hi_im_emily: esper good shit
RealGamerCow: Cameron - "But what about blue?"
IaCthulhuFthagn: The Spelldancer is just so sweet.
AugmentingPath: Kaito really gets around, apparently
hi_im_emily: my god lmao
Spades_Slicc: Look how they massacred my boy (Slobad)
MorganteMaggiore: wow, those are ... bad rares, haha
Dmc3628: get wheeler on the line
NewtyNewts: Iii hhhaaaddd Ssslllooobbbaaaddd
Leonhart321: Slobad, AKA the award for Most Accurate Name in Limitied Format
LordManiMani: Wahaha Urabrask strikes again!
micalovits: #JusticeForSlobad!
Nukified: not anymore
Spades_Slicc: He might've
Earthenone: his twin brother is clearly goblin guide
shamblingkrenshar: Fastbad, the fifth of the Brothers Strong
Earthenone: !card shenanigans
LRRbot: Shenanigans [1R] | Sorcery | Destroy target artifact. / Dredge 1
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GrassVortex: Boop lrrCIRCLE
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hi_im_emily: his older brother slomad and younger brother slosad
raulghoulia: That naming convention came up as a plot point in Lucky Number Slevin from a decade ago
RealGamerCow: Wasn't there a study saying this was the fastest set in 20 years or something?
LordManiMani: unless the shenanigans are tragic
lirazel64: Winning > shenanigans
TXC2: raulghoulia man there's a movie I need to see again
Dmc3628: is the set faster than Gatecrash cow?
jacqui_lantern234: hey ya wonderful friends whomst I love AGGRESSIVELY
TXC2: hello jacqui_lantern234 welcome
DylPickle83: Hello!
TXC2: hello DylPickle83 welcome
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1fairy2boots: Just pulled a black dominus...If I pull this you all can get and do amazing things. Let's go LRRfam <3
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Dmc3628: got to get ye chump checks
raulghoulia: @TXC2 It's on Prime now
TXC2: raulghoulia oh neat
Earthenone: !chat
LRRbot: Chat? At this time of year?
NewtyNewts: Artifact sac shenanigans.
micalovits: Its good if you are agressive
Leonhart321: 100% Yes
beowuuf: james said that both as if it were true and he also believed it :p
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Earthenone: im losing!
NewtyNewts: Are ya winnin', son?
SeiichiSin: I have not played a single game of it.
TotallyNotaBeholder: I found it by logging on to twitch
MorganteMaggiore: are ya winning sons?
Dmc3628: Ajony
baskwalla: Mostly losing but it's fun
kristian_fischer: I'm teething.
bytecaster: I'm having fun
TXC2: I pulled 2 rotpriests today and went 0-3 :p
Sniknob: I've been getting wrecked lmao
nymistrya: I'm getting dumpstered and its great
offbeatwitch: i went 2-1 in the prerelease
iris_of_ether: I enjoyed the one game I played yesterday
Nukified: waiting for quick draft so I can read the cards
Leonhart321: I enjoyed the pre-release. Might go to the release day sealed tomorrow
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LurkerSpine: I've heard good things, I've heard bad things
micalovits: Only drafting white/x agro and winning pretty okay
electra310: Are ya winning, chat?
DueRecompense: im just happy we have Arena, and dont have to play on MTGO
1fairy2boots: Always losing. But winning isn't the goal.
offbeatwitch: i would be drafting tonight but i'm ill
bwk789: Had fun with unctus at prerelease
betazed15: My kid and I did the prerelease last weekend...they pulled the Wanderer, Kaya, and Nissa, and 4 other green rares. I was able to go mono green and the kid did Orzhov.
betazed15: It was great.
MorganteMaggiore: or can you?
lamina5432: I’ve gone 3-3 and 7-2 so fine
seemsdeece: this format is a little to fast for the dumb stuff I wanna try in draft
Serioavion: Very fast and aggressive
SeiichiSin: One of these days I'll try to play some. But... This last week has been super draining.
Judders__: 5-3 first draft, 1-3 next two
shabe_x_roc: two decks lost badly, one deck went 5-3
MorganteMaggiore: the latter
jacqui_lantern234: I'm sad that they're "skullbombs" tbh, I can't spell the word "bomb" for the easy joke
Driosenth: Who know, maybe all of LRR chat are scrublords
TXC2: I have a 20% win rate so I account for most of the losses in chat :p
MagnusVir: I really wish that card had been named "Charge of the Mite Brigade"
Dmc3628: that's the nickname for it
JacNol: I had two very bad sealed runs, but that was mostly due to me not building good decks
beowuuf: almost :p
Leonhart321: Ooof
1fairy2boots: Poor Slobad :(
JacNol: now I'm out of gems...
Dmc3628: i beat someone who had the glider and too fearful to move it
bwk789: Graaz is fun with flyers
Greendrag13: Sad to see a red deck miss Urabrask's Forge
Leonhart321: It's not bad?
bwk789: Forge is bonkers
Spades_Slicc: There's a 4/4 for 3 with no downside. Every deck in green wants it
AugmentingPath: draft first, then banana
Leonhart321: ^
NewtyNewts: How's the draft looking?
DadlyPuns: @Leonhart321 it's just Slo
bwk789: What are the teams today or is it team LRR?
laundreydhull: James "Draft Master" Turner
beowuuf: team LRR for communal points i believe
Genie_M: it's fun times with lots of people playing
Leonhart321: Kathleen, no
Dmc3628: it's BP up in here
MurphEP: Mill? In this economy?
NewtyNewts: Oops, wrong colour land.
niccus: oh nice, flesh battlefield with flesh hedges
iris_of_ether: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Nukified: uh oh
Dmc3628: black source dealer one time
SolarBlitz1: Good news Cam, they also didnt have a turn two play
Ukon_Cairns: we drew a 2 drop on turn 2 its fine
niccus: hey why is the topiary made of muscle
SolarBlitz1: Bad news Cam, they had a turn 3 toxic
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Helvetica Neue = Font of Progress
Nukified: maybe a play on 4?
Genie_M: uhoh
GhostValv: D:
Nukified: nevermind
RayFK: @LoadingReadyRun Boooooo
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Leonhart321: Shiffler!
hi_im_emily: cam noooo
wordlessRage: at least cams opponent is on mono greed
Leonhart321: I mean, shuffler!
Dmc3628: her basilica made of meat
betazed15: Elesh's Fleshy courtyard
RayFK: This is Elesh's Vibe Pit.
Sniknob: Meat trees meat trees meat trees
Seleniumsulfide: Pokeraiser Arena?
RayFK: Don't quote me on that
TXC2: we play as Elesh on this map
LordManiMani: Norn's Antechamber
Earthenone: the map should be clickable
Genie_M: ew.
CururuGuasu: And full of meat trees!
RayFK: No no no no no no no
niccus: it's dangerously close to being a sphincter
NewtyNewts: Just in time.
jacqui_lantern234: PAUL NO
Sleep_Tight: No thats ok :)
seemsdeece: nope
Leonhart321: Paul, stop
swampfortress: I like the little meat trees
beowuuf: ooooor
TXC2: Paul I love you, but please stop talking :p
matthaus_c: @RayFK oh that explains the shape of those trees
Wolfstrike_NL: Or just biting teethe
Bleeding_Edge: yes
iris_of_ether: lrrFINE
tyrsredritehand: Up the creep factor
Seleniumsulfide: @Wolfstrike_NL Like the back of the Tzimisce clanbook?
Cunobelenos: !findquote flesh
LRRbot: Quote #4651: ""Yes, and shrieking." "Yes, and burrowing into your flesh."" —Paul, of Dale's DM improv technique [2018-02-05]
neebusjeebus: the flesh trees are very upsetting
TheAwkes: The muscle fiber shrubbery along the edges is a nice touch.
IzlanntheLion: removal
Ukon_Cairns: i dont love the idea of these fleshy topiaries on the side pulsating
Spades_Slicc: Is the arena interact able at all? I haven't found anything
niccus: now that i think about it i'm impressed by the flesh grass
TehAmelie: i think the grass is mincemeat
niccus: do you mow that? trim it down? what on earth do you do with it
IaCthulhuFthagn: It's fiiine, OP just has a full grip of 7-drops.
micalovits: Oh god, flesh trees
NewtyNewts: Underwater meatweaving.
tyrsredritehand: They're made of MEAT!
sephsays: I don't think that sentence has ever actually been said
TXC2: Spades_Slicc no they've REALLY toned down doing that since the mobile launch
bwk789: Opponent is on 4c good stuff?
Radjack: "The shrubberies are made out of Meat" has "They're made of Meat" vibes
neebusjeebus: this takes the "they're made of meat" sketch to another level
jacqui_lantern234: words can't express my dislike of this arena
3PlayerPolitics: yep @neebusjeebus
micalovits: Eewww
ThankYouUro: There's not enought teeth on this board
betazed15: Ohhhh, I don't like that.
Badchop: "the meat section" is just an unsettling phrase
NewtyNewts: Sorry, it gets cold?
iris_of_ether: Cam oh no
TalpTheScot: it shrinks
seemsdeece: ugh foggy meat
beowuuf: cameron is asking the questions...
Dmc3628: grab the meat polish from the other board
niccus: it has to be some transparent flesh, right? maybe eye-lens-flesh or corneal juice
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CommiePuddin: hi
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tyrsredritehand: Cam, asking the important questions.
WowoT: cameron asking the real questions
Leonhart321: No, the table is covered with the thing fingernails are made of. Gives it a varnish
bytecaster: That's why mites can't block, they are preoccupied with fly duties.
neebusjeebus: *talking to a shrub* gregory is that you!?
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randomblathering: 29 months and Fam Jam! What a great day!
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NewtyNewts: Kaya's 7
Earthenone: we need one more white for kaya
RocknGrohlNerd: @NewtyNewts and also WW
TehAmelie: hmm is the arena just part of Elesh Norn's body?
NewtyNewts: Neck-raw-squit-oh
TheAwkes: Neck Ross Quitto
niccus: so how does flesh grass work
nichol_bogus: How about Titanic Growth?
Dmc3628: ameile that'd put new meaning to skin in the game
goombalax: its like hair
LunchB0x_13 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 17 months, currently on a 17 month streak!
LunchB0x_13: It’s fambly jambly time
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, LunchB0x_13! (Today's storm count: 20)
nalha: Kaya is rough at 7 mana in this format
NewtyNewts: Fleshy hair...
tyrsredritehand: The Elish Norn badonka tabletop?
TehAmelie: oh no, i just noticed the lower corners have teeth
HIYgamer: I really want someone to come up with a Despacito parody for Necrosquito's nickname
GreatGodOm: @TheAwkes Not to be confused with Bob Ross Quitto
neebusjeebus: meat and porcelain. we eat!
geail: flesh grass is just like skin tags, but muscle instead of skin
geail: Hair is skin
asthanius: In the same way we view stone and metal as building materials, so too does Phyrexia view flesh.
TXC2: hair requires flesh
swampfortress: Do you think the meat plants are wet and squishy or like dry jerky?
YeetTheRich_: why would you make me think about hair grass
Solamith: 2 pws RyuChamp
geail: squishy, with a slight pulsation
neebusjeebus: oh, why does kaito sound like that
TXC2: what is grass if not the hair of the world?
MurphEP: Extremely stable
niccus: phyrexian merkin
asthanius: And one is about to turn into something that can't block
MurphEP: lrrFINE
GreatGodOm: Op is playing atraxa.
HIYgamer: OP definitely pulled Atraxa
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Davlenagain: 2 years! still here. good stuff to come for all.
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Pywodwagon: they could have hit crawling chorus and killed you
TehAmelie: may they even have. . .12x removal?
TXC2: Atraxa has been in HBrawl one day and I already want her banned :p
Ukon_Cairns: i guess opp went 4 color to play literal all the removal
JaymicUnyielding: Slobaaaaaaaad < 3
nichol_bogus: Stabilize? Cameron's Table Lies
NewtyNewts: Oily machines
micalovits: Seems dece
beowuuf: those were...words...
Dmc3628: amy wants her hel queued alongside the Ruskovich
NewtyNewts: Her deck box is overflowing
TXC2: a smart monster
nalha: sergeOffByOne
Laserbeaks_Fury: Slippery When Red
neebusjeebus: greasy boros sounds like a russian mobster
branderson77 subscribed with Prime.
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micalovits: #Not dead!
TXC2: Greasy Boros is the Turkish wrestling of decks
Solamith: oof
TXC2: ooh Kathleen's game is loud
Earthenone: how are things in turnerville?
Davlenagain: any achievements this time or just games won?
bwk789: Thanks bob
neebusjeebus: kathleen's playing against greta thunberg
Davlenagain: i thought james was still on vacation
TXC2: Davlenagain just game wins
micalovits: Archfiend is gross
catchyuniquename: wish I could watch this whole thing but I gotta teach high school English instead. boo.
catchyuniquename: I'll catch up later though.
Leonhart321: Yo, double proliferate with Archfiend? Nice
TXC2: so long catchyuniquename stay safe
IzlanntheLion: removal.deck
lackingsanity: how many proliferate cards?
Mr_Bitterness: Tekuthal, who just floats and mocks people
neebusjeebus: how much proliferate do you have?
MorganteMaggiore: fun fact, people will be underplaying blue black because Limited Resources said it's the worst combination of colours, so james probably had the pod all to himself
bwk789: Edict is nice
Stormgod519: havent been here in a bit. howdy hey yall
micalovits: And sheoldreds edict is pretty decent in limited
TXC2: the problem I have with blue getting proliferate is they don't have much TO proliferate :p
Spades_Slicc: Should I be running 3 whisper of the dross in a WB toxic deck?
lamina5432: Vraskas fall is good creature removal it just will almost never hit a planeswalker
kokotiu: <3 good morning ! lrr crew
TXC2: hello Stormgod519 and kokotiu welcome
micalovits: Black seems fine, blue seems a little slow
suvghxjb: Commune is underrated
goombalax: probably the best ever edict
NewtyNewts: It's a conspiracy! LR only said that so they could have UB for themselves!!! /s
neebusjeebus: its one of the best edicts ever printed\
Dmc3628: gets rid of that dang Marit lage
geail: I feel like I draft a lot of black/blue in all formats. It always seems to be open
smertmonkey: i had a pretty decent black blue deck in my sealed prerelease
Stormgod519: lrrJUDGECALL can in confirm that if a creature is given toxic by another effect, does that stack with other instances of toxic already on that creature?
bwk789: Hits merit lage
NewtyNewts: @Stormgod519 It does
northos: yes, toxic stacks
TXC2: Stormgod519 sure does
Stormgod519: aight, thanks chat
Stormgod519: i didnt remember the answer from the ppr
Stormgod519: Sam Cameron
3PlayerPolitics: aw Cam
Stormgod519: same
bwk789: Judge video is up from ppr too
Davlenagain: you and me both cam
SaggyJello89: tims D:
TXC2: if you get less then 5 hours of sleep in a night you should get a refund
NewtyNewts: You got some plays
micalovits: Seems fine
Stormgod519: @TXC2 right?!?
micalovits: Knowing James we will draw 4 islands
NewtyNewts: Bolt the birt
MorganteMaggiore: i don't recall, which was that one set when LR spoken so well of an archetype that people forced it every pod?
MolaMolaphant: what are bats if not furry birds
HIYgamer: Everyone know that birds are the ones with 3 human heads
RayFK: Knowing James we'll draw 4 swamps
sephsays: Usually horrific, Kathleen.
Stormgod519: *chanting* James is Cursed
Ukon_Cairns: it has 2 fewer faces than a bird
Dmc3628: you start with flesh
tehfewl: Fleshless is a great and horrible adjective
TalpTheScot: and get peeling
Earthenone: just add an acid
NewtyNewts: A very sharp knife
Bleeding_Edge: @Earthenone might go too deep
micalovits: Better than doing nothing right?
suvghxjb: Aura!!!!
neebusjeebus: add a oil reduction
hi_im_emily: i think you just get rid of TEETH
micalovits: Rude opponent!
GhostofJeffGoldblum: he's just a little guy! come on!
ralphthellama: celery to round out the mirepoix
Greyah: He's so slow. And so bad. Wait no.
AugmentingPath: What do you mean normal man?
NewtyNewts: Because they fear what they cannot see
Solamith: time to oil up
TXC2: just a regular man
Stormgod519: the creatures here are really upsetting to look at
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tolchuk123: 16 months of fun
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MorganteMaggiore: opponent maybe felt bad for slobad
MorganteMaggiore: he's just a poor boy from a poor family
kokotiu: wow it's side by side drafts
tehfewl: @Stormgod519 thats why removal is soo good in this format
Stormgod519: lol
NewtyNewts: @kokotiu Kathleen and Cam are playing sealed
bwk789: 5poison? Ouch
TXC2: oh Opp's deck is ALWAYS better then your deck
beowuuf: it's like rock paper scissors except sometimes you encounter a sledgehammer with a chainsaw attached to it
niccus: imagine the landscape deeper into winter, when the flesh canopies have been shed and the skeletons of bone trees litter the view
Stormgod519: Just watched the Big Mid Quiz, and man, that is unfortunate that Serge said "Princess DIana" into Ben's mic
Solamith: I see a lot of misclicks with the edict
micalovits: RIP
Stormgod519: Oh Wow
neebusjeebus: oof
MurphEP: lrrSPOOP
goombalax: its dat boy
AugmentingPath: unwelcome raider
kokotiu: oh wow
Stormgod519: xmistaFinchat xmistaFinchat xmistaFinchat
bwk789: @stormgod519 James dean bit was great
Genie_M: chomp.
TXC2: oh yeah that, that's bullshit
tehfewl: big yike
AugmentingPath: Try to get them DQ'd from arena for sneaking in cards
Genie_M: it's a possibility in draft/sealed
Stormgod519: @bwk789 I know. That killed me and Im younger than all of them lol. I felt the same as beej lol
Solamith: all the praetors are here
geail: I've been got by praetors more than once
laundreydhull: they're not
Dmc3628: yeah you can open the other praetors
TXC2: and replace a rare slot in the pack
Dmc3628: Vorin has but the other 4 are with us in Standard
Earthenone: 2/3 my losses in this format were to preators
MorganteMaggiore: they are not in standard as far as i know
bytecaster: Vorinclex should have, Kaldheim is out right?
laundreydhull: theys still have OG printing
ralphthellama: you can open them, but they aren't Standard legal
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CanPlayGames: Mm Time to spread some Fam Jam on my toast.
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laundreydhull: @ralphthellama false; only Vorinclex is non-standard
micalovits: Uhhh, ambush cat!
Genie_M: it's toxicity
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TXC2: why not indeed Paul
MorganteMaggiore: strange oil, it's probably nothing
hi_im_emily: @genie_m of our city
niccus: i think it's carryover from the poisonous legendary from Kaldheim?
AugmentingPath: I think all of them but Vorinclex are standard legal, but not because they're in ONE
Earthenone: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
Solamith: ding
NewtyNewts: Ding!
Stormgod519: ayyyyyyyy
Ukon_Cairns: there is 1 other card on arena that does poison that isnt phyrexian affiliated so i guess thats why they could just use the Phi
micalovits: Ding!
TXC2: ONE victory
MorganteMaggiore: ONE point
Stormgod519: oof james
jacqui_lantern234: yay winning!!!
beowuuf: lrrHORN
cisco236: Are you winning son ?
Solamith: NotLikeThis
Dmc3628: thought it was an actual exarch
RockPusher: potion19Cozy sergeSip lrrHEART
AugmentingPath: Did you know that Incognito Mode doesn't protect your search history from Chrome Prowlers? That's why I use this draft's, sponor
AugmentingPath: *sponsor
hi_im_emily: the card was worse for being better
xarin_takeda: Are you sinning son?
LurkerSpine: is fleshless gladiator only as a sorcery or something?
hi_im_emily: corrupted
northos: @LurkerSpine requires Corrupted and enters tapped
Diabore: wait, hol up, was that white dominus?
cisco236: this format is all aggro ? ... always has been
TXC2: white/red equipment KICKED me hard today, that deck goes off
Solamith: thats a bit sus
RockPusher: lrrCOW
HIYgamer: Whoops
micalovits: Arena conceding for you
MorganteMaggiore: judge! my opponents has the deck i wanted
ThankYouUro: That's our James!
Dmc3628: corrupted so hard arena 404'd
laundreydhull: rrrrrrr-IP!
TXC2: don't worry James, that happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I play Arena :p
laundreydhull: yes but it used to be worse
Dmc3628: opp sure is BP
MorganteMaggiore: surprise unhealty bagle, my favourite
Earthenone: !findquote bagel
LRRbot: Quote #5819: "You haven't had a poop until you've had a pizza bagel poop." —Jacob [2019-02-12]
laundreydhull: how silly
Solamith: cheesy pretzel bagel with berry cream cheese
TXC2: bagel is one of those words that shops will abuse alot
AugmentingPath: Cameron's board is now the nation with the highest incarceration rate in the world
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laundreydhull: @augmentingpath you mean half? exactly that?
AugmentingPath: @laundreydhull Thrummingbird also in jial
AugmentingPath: *jail
accountmadeforants: Ready the airhorns
TXC2: Mercurial
Solamith: those capris
Earthenone: no wonder that drink was called capri sun!
Dmc3628: randomized hell raising
MurphEP: Caprese hellraiser
NewtyNewts: Caprisun Helladelish
TheDigitalDeer: That's gonna go on your next performance review
TheDigitalDeer: "Inconsistent hellraising"
vickysaurus_mystax: Highly Scheduled Hellraiser
AugmentingPath: Stolid Hellraiser, a W/R card
MorganteMaggiore: capricious is also the name of a very good pizza, not really relevant but still fun
TehAmelie: i'm picturing the cenobites from Hellraiser wiffling and waffling about torturing people
Ard_Rhys: eccentric hellraiser
jacqui_lantern234: @newtynewts that one got me
Solamith: 2Unct2Us
niccus: i think even the cenobites dont really feel it by friday
goombalax: Precocious Hellraiser
jackulhaups: 2 Unctus 4 Yunctus
SnowBuddy18: 2 Fast 2 Unctus
NewtyNewts: @jacqui_lantern234 You're welcome
HIYgamer: Skrelv is such a dumb card
TehAmelie: we have such sights to show you, on monday maybe
Solamith: evil WutFace
TXC2: 2 unctus, 2 bilious
Leonhart321: Can't corrupt a spirit though
couchboyj: she can poof and not get oiled
RayFK: Paul missing my carefully crafted tweets of Kaya also being very good at slaying tangible thigns
EvilBadman: She's immune
Mr_Horrible: TXC2 "Nothing's more important than family [menacing]"
neebusjeebus: i think she's good because she's intangible, meaning she doesnt risk getting compleated
Ukon_Cairns: being intangible herself is helpful to not being made a phyrexian tho
Jondare: She's the only one other than Jace who knows how to activate the Sylex.
LordManiMani: unctus amongtus
vickysaurus_mystax: Junctus that Unctus
shendaras: I think phyrexian ghosts would be quite scary, honestly.
Jondare: And going immaterial is a good way of not getting oiled
neebusjeebus: uncle unctus
Mr_Horrible: get Krunctus
Ugh_Sunlight: Izzet a winning deck tho?
Solamith: izzet safe
beowuuf: @Mr_Horrible It's him saying 'I'm in your face' from the first film, but "I'm in your family' instead
Mr_Horrible: LUL
geail: I'm a big fan of ichorplate golem
AugmentingPath: It's like a returning mechanic from original mirrodin, but not quite. Aintwine
NewtyNewts: That family got jamily'd
TXC2: ye old Owen Free
Diabore: when the tools suck...
Solamith: pastaThat
NewtyNewts: Everyone's on Kaito today
TehAmelie: i blame my brain and my body
Dmc3628: Cam did it
Lobo_Apache: blue/black is... Dimir right?
baskwalla: This Kaito meta
TXC2: clap clap clap
kumatsu: Steve Argyle randomly doing a token is kinda ????
Ukon_Cairns: ukirinClap
baskwalla: @Lobo_Apache Yup
Diabore: @Lobo_Apache correct
Earthenone: so far the best strat seems to be open a planeswalker
Ard_Rhys: Turns out Kaya is not remotely fair
Solamith: walkers wins
GhostofJeffGoldblum: My Friend Kaito Who's So Fun To Be With
Mr_Horrible: the eternal struggle between the factions of Sealed Phyrexia and Draft Phyrexia
IzlanntheLion: how to win: removal
neebusjeebus: its funny to me that for the most part, the rare walkers are better than the mythic ones
Mr_Bitterness: And then he threw a compleated Tibalt off the bridge
bytecaster: 10 / 10 Tyvars would recommend punching Tibalt in the face
Ukon_Cairns: 3 mana, green, shirtless. Tyvar is new Oko
TXC2: "I here to punch faces and untap lanowar elves"
kumatsu: Tyvar is one of the favorite characters of the author of the ONE story
Verrain2: Tyvar tried writing poetry but went back to punching
ArtemisHuntress: I am extremely uncomfortable with this play field
AugmentingPath: rad dude, rude tude
neebusjeebus: Tyvar is a twunk
ArtemisHuntress: Tyvar such a himbo
dankmemeter: Raphael?
rachowastaken: vraan my beloved
IzlanntheLion: he killed the bad devil
satyropodobny: I wonder if Tyvar bakes spinach puffs
Mangledpixel: boop
Solamith: the mirror
neebusjeebus: ironic that jace is now a puppet in the lore
GhostofJeffGoldblum: ))<>((
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
Mangledpixel: how Fams the Jam?
beowuuf: sergeHi
AugmentingPath: Vraan back and forth forever (only once this turn)
Mazrae: hello all, how is the Fam Jamming going
TehAmelie: have you seen the discourse of the latest fashion term "twink death", aka "aging"
NewtyNewts: Watch out, he's Vraanping
Nukified: the new mite is a pretty cute pet
Dmc3628: or Vrane Thane
Ukon_Cairns: the Vraam jam
TXC2: Mangledpixel lot of Kaito, few wins so far
Ard_Rhys: reminds me of meathook massacre mirrirs
3PlayerPolitics: omg true! @neebusjeebus
fuzzychub: Executioner? I barely know her!
Solamith: yes
shurtal: Vraan Than the ....tik tok man?
Verrain2: I have two Phryexian pets I find too disturbing to use.
SnowBuddy18: come on and Vraan, and welcome to the Than
Mangledpixel: TXC2 lot of Kaito for us or our opponents?
TXC2: Mangledpixel both
Verrain2: Birb!
ArtemisHuntress: Does this stream have an Untapped option? I'm not seeing it but I might be missing it
Mazrae: just cam and Kathleen for this portion of the jam?
Mangledpixel: TXC2 fun!
geail: being old
noSmokeFire: karate chops too powerful
RockPusher: Cameron's battle with the table continues
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: time comes for us all...
1fairy2boots: Oh no, the table is after Cam again.
TXC2: Mazrae James is araound
satyropodobny: Some of you mite die, but it's the sacrifice I'm willing to make
Earthenone: james is getting food for the family
TXC2: the table has a taste for human blood!
NewtyNewts: Should've hit with the mite as well?
RockPusher: I hope the Cameron vs Table-san manga arc gets an anime adaption lrrBEEJ
Solamith: mite b dead
Earthenone: !findquote lan
LRRbot: Quote #8: "Once, at a LAN party, I sat down on my own nutsack so hard that I almost blacked out." —Cameron [2015-01-16]
Manae: I wish these tables would stop walking around menacingly
TrickJarrett: Hello FamJammers!
Solamith: speak of the devil and he shall appear DarkMode
TXC2: Hello TrickJarrett welcome
ArtemisHuntress: nooo. Betrayed
TXC2: man that is a Quality quote
satyropodobny: Can't stay mad at Tyvar though
bytecaster: @Solamith I though Tyvar was all about punching devils?
Mazrae: what's the current count of time cam has hit something on that table
RockPusher: Cameron is, as always, very expressive. Table's acting is sadly, a bit wooden. lrrBEEJ
Solamith: he stared into the abyss too long
rachowastaken: timmy time
RockPusher: Mmmm, hash brown
RockPusher: salty, oily, crispy potat
geail: just rip a Kaya, that easy
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LadyLockwood92: Howdy folks.
xaldinofwind: high
Spades_Slicc: OP dying to their own Skrelv hive to
TehAmelie: hi Lockwood
Solamith: or the oilfiend
Ard_Rhys: I have killed more than one opponent in this format with their own arena
TXC2: hello LadyLockwood92 and xaldinofwind welcome
ghyllnox: We're doing the old "the rules are made up and the points don't matter" yeah? Or are we doing a competition?
beowuuf: all will be one, but some ones will be more one than others
1fairy2boots: One one, one one one one. One one. One one one one!
Robot_Bones: All shall be FAM!
LoadingReadyRun: @ghyllnox the first one
TXC2: ghyllnox indeed the points don't matter
Dromos_GHG: The atlas art looks like the Hall of Justice from Superfriends
ghyllnox: Oh good, ty :)
3PlayerPolitics: F
Cunobelenos: Oops. All Lands.
baskwalla: Which Witch?
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, James is constantly pissing off witches. Just tripping over them at this point.
ghyllnox: A witch with a specific interest in you being flooded in mtg
TXC2: James refused to carry an old woman and her pig up a hill and now he's cursed
Mazrae: which witch wich
LordZarano: !findquote witch
LRRbot: Quote #7570: "I just legitimately like witch farms." —Serge [2021-04-13]
TehAmelie: by the way is there any longer intermission planned? maybe i can time going to buy snacks. . .
Ukon_Cairns: that was a friend that didnt complete Luka
RockPusher: escher3FOX lrrSLOTH foxmarLOVE
geail: lrrFINE
Ukon_Cairns: sorry, compleat*
NewtyNewts: Sounds about right
Robot_Bones: only everytime
RayFK: Literally every time?
MorganteMaggiore: yeah, every draft i've ever done
matthaus_c: that's what drafting your first Blue card feels like in this format
TXC2: yes I call that pack 1 pick 2 Kathleen :p
Mangledpixel: that's how drafts go, right?
Invitare: oh I make sure my windows are closed when I feel a draught going off the rails
LadyLockwood92: The wheels fall off, suddenly you're in the middle of a MagicFest with no pants on.
nymistrya: Kathleen that is very much a universal experience. I feel it by pack 1 pick 3
micalovits: Just vat it back later!
geail: frevanRude
TXC2: Drafts have rails? Kappa
Earthenone: my drafts are never OSHA compliant
AugmentingPath: @Earthenone Lot of Tragic Slips, then?
TXC2: Opp not having answers would be an incredible change of pace for me :p
neebusjeebus: i just realized ive stocked up over 100k DolLRRs, that seems like an achievement
hexagonalguinea: !famjam
LRRbot: Three teams working together, one after another, to rack up points by completing achievements! View a list of the achievements here:
beowuuf: the secret is to draft all removal. your win condition is your opponent rage quitting.
Artificer_Evan: @LRRbot this seems to be out of date
TXC2: "no blue, no elves, no burn"
Earthenone: i love those tags, they get so bloated in yugioh
Solamith: let me win deck :)
geail: Gruul v gruul is the only acceptable format
NewtyNewts: No achieves this time
Robot_Bones: mono red only final destination
baskwalla: No lands
NewtyNewts: No lands only moxen
Artificer_Evan: @NewtyNewts Ah
MorganteMaggiore: no blue no planeswalkers, fox only final destination
neebusjeebus: @beowuuf unironically a bunch of removal also gives poison or proliferates, so you aren't 100% wrong
Alex_Frostfire: Ah yes I do like board stalls.
AugmentingPath: @Robot_Bones Ah, the Standard Play queue right before a new set comes out
squ3e: @beowuuf You should definitely check out Day9s two creature draft
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ramiel117: good morning everyone hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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AugmentingPath: Tekuthal, Tekuthal, the girl that's hard to get
hd_dabnado: Cthulu
Akaiatana: Ticklethal! So many tentacles
TXC2: AugmentingPath :D
AugmentingPath: Tekuthal, Tekuthal, but you can win her yet. She's your Tekuthal
beowuuf: lol, thanks chat :) I should have realised no joke is far from the truth! :D
neebusjeebus: i like the names on the domini, they are very evocative of their respective phyrexian sect
micalovits: Oh
LadyLockwood92: Neat~!
micalovits: AND lukka
MorganteMaggiore: and lukka, so gruul
Dmc3628: Mandrak
offbeatwitch: some good pulls
niccus: soup!
ipoddodd: Drivnod
forshamesir: time for gruul bigrange
A_Dub888: Zop drop and drel
MorganteMaggiore: zopranderl sound like the name of a wine
noSmokeFire: "What does Lukka do?" his worst
LadyLockwood92: He has a tube in his brain, probably not.
Earthenone: the compleated ones are mythics
hd_dabnado: good ol Lucca Airport
Mr_Bitterness: Lukka: Compleated himself
baskwalla: Did James win that one?
beowuuf: some pharma company is on the phone to their lawyers right now :p
bytecaster: He needs to know!
Solamith: 5 color pile
AugmentingPath: Lukka, Phyrekt
Mr_Horrible: "Ask your praetor if Zopandrel is right for you"
uchihab7: But lukka is finally hot now
A_Dub888: Lukka: who did this to himself
Akaiatana: Lukka got compleated by being stupid in the story
noSmokeFire: Lukka, Certified Fuck Up
shurtal: looks like junds back on the menu
rachowastaken: lukka is very happy as a phyrexian and i do hate anything that makes lukka happy
EvilBadman: Lukka is mythic because his monumental cock up
Earthenone: !chair
neebusjeebus: rotpriest got me 3 wins at prerelease
baskwalla: woo
MorganteMaggiore: rotpriest, also known as the 10 dollar uncommon
Ukon_Cairns: i do love how they made a sleeve and avatar for all 4 compleated walkers we care about this set
LadyLockwood92: This cringe beast and it's fail bonder.
Artificer_Evan: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaaay...
Akaiatana: Colossal Bed-maw
LadyLockwood92: Build your own Maw.
josh___something: Colossal Chairmaw
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AugmentingPath: @MorganteMaggiore I'm seeing it for like 20 cents. Are you thinking of Venerated Rotpriest, the rare?
nymistrya: I love how the did the flashback on Viral Spawning, I want to see mode flashback designs like that.
ralphthellama: @morgantemaggiore where? CK has it for $0.25
MorganteMaggiore: @MorganteMaggiore ... maybe? i could be mistaken
MorganteMaggiore: oh yeah yeah, wrong priest
GredGredmansson: what manner of Jams have I missed for this Fam
bytecaster: @nymistrya Seems likely now that the mechanic is deciduous.
neebusjeebus: are we junding?
Solamith: SMOrc jund em out
Earthenone: that red combat trick looked quite good
ralphthellama: @morgantemaggiore yeah, Venerated Rotpriest is wild
AugmentingPath: No worries, probably wasn't any need to bug you about it anyway MorganteMaggiore lrrSHINE
Spades_Slicc: People are either not picking the toxic basilisk as highly as they should or I'm the only one in green
Akaiatana: Kathleen, we all believe in your esper opinion
bytecaster: Nobody'd expect the Ninja in the Orzhov deck!
GredGredmansson: good ol ajani
benjamin_wheeler: Quick, someone help me whats good in this set
GredGredmansson: eggs
Solamith: atraxa
Earthenone: planeswalkers
Artificer_Evan: !advice
yatagarasu1177: ajani
ralphthellama: rats
smoke_knight: spells
Leonhart321: Slobad big good
TehAmelie: all cats big and small
MorganteMaggiore: @AugmentingPath no it was fine, better to know if i was wrong
Wolfstrike_NL: Cards
GredGredmansson: also Not Blue
geail: removal
anarchy_aniki: lamds and spells
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Try standing closer to the sky.
Solamith: the praetors
neebusjeebus: oil?
bytecaster: @benjamin_wheeler I hear the 23 spells 17 lands deck is meta.
geail: opponent removal specifically
MorganteMaggiore: is dabrotha a pun on brother bruta from discworld?
TXC2: lrrbot says flyers are good
TXC2: !youtube
LRRbot: LRR's main channel is . For Stream VODs check out . MtG vods and other MtG content are at . Tabletop related videos are at . LRR Videogame videos (including Checkpoint+) are at
micalovits: Smooth Paul
bytecaster: Text? On my cards? Unthinkable
noSmokeFire: playing lands AND spells? no thanks, too rich for my blood
A_Dub888: in this economy?
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Feriority: 64? That's the Commodore number!
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Solamith: da brotha
TXC2: lands AND spells? what's it's like to have everything?
Drewski346: @benjamin_wheeler Idk about good, but there might be an explorer eggs deck, using Transplant Theorist and Jhoira
Solamith: :)
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown
ReachW: Wow, Bronze 3? What a gamer.
TXC2: fun story: I ALWAYS say no to that question :p
GredGredmansson: is Cam going Temur Oil
neebusjeebus: theres always mill
Spades_Slicc: I haven't seen a mill deck yet
lamina5432: There is jace
GredGredmansson: there's Jace yeah
EvilBadman: Jace seems to be a good way ticket to mill in Limited
NewtyNewts: It sure seems like something that could happen...
3PlayerPolitics: Single card mill deck, Jace. milled 1 perso out at prerelease
forshamesir: the gruul oil deck is easily my favorite deck right now, proliferate midrange is so much fun
CanPlayGames: buffpupPls
Spades_Slicc: Furnace mite
ReachW: I mean, I haven't seen it because everyone's too busy hitting eachother with like, 3 mana 4/4s or killing other 3-mana 4/4s
tergonis: there's Jace and that artifact
GhostValv: :O
SnowBuddy18: Phyrexian bee?
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
micalovits: Twerk Mite!
NewtyNewts: It's a mating dance!
uchihab7: Thats the red mite
GhostValv: voxyCrabdance
Akaiatana: I could see situations where a person runs out of card in their deck, but not as an active plan
TXC2: 6 legs, not a spider
LordManiMani: the dance of its people!
CommiePuddin: Call me big daddy when you back that Mite up
asthanius: All my creatures, gone!
LadyLockwood92: Hacked...all my apes. Gone.
Diabore: one mite say this is bad
micalovits: That card is messed up in limited
Solamith: KEKW
JKBalch: I just came in, this is a new lineup. Also, mighty mites go!
neebusjeebus: that "mite" be a problem
Arikell: peacock spider
offbeatwitch: okay
A_Dub888: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! A rat has dug its teeth into your head.
Wolfstrike_NL: Yo can we get back to the real content?! Bring back the twerking mite :D
micalovits: Both of those cards are messed up in limited
offbeatwitch: that's a bit much
NewtyNewts: Double sun-bows all the way across the sky
Earthenone: never mess with them or their two suns ever again
TXC2: maybe play with your own cards!
EvilBadman: @Earthenone Amazing
ContingentCat: Congradulations
NewtyNewts: Oily fruit bowl. Better hope that's wax fruit
LadyLockwood92: Just remembering G in the early access event for BRO and his six suns.
MurphEP: :(
JKBalch: Oh wait the untargetable Green turtle is coming up
Trahas: yeah
Trahas: put them to 9
neebusjeebus: no 9
GredGredmansson: it'll be 9
NewtyNewts: +2, so 9
TXC2: toxic stacks
mick_myage: @chat unrelated to anything happening: do multiple instances of Toxic 1 stack?
TXC2: mick_myage yeap
bytecaster: @mick_myage They do
LadyLockwood92: @mick_myage Yeah, they would.
mick_myage: thanks
ReachW: opponent not proliferating their own poison, rude.
Trahas: @mick_myage yes
GredGredmansson: @mick_myage that's what we are discussing right now
DeM0nFiRe: I kind of wish they had implementd it as like "toxic counters" or something because it would make it more intuitive that it stacks
LadyLockwood92: Put him out of his misery and what have you.
LordManiMani: mercy kill
Akaiatana: Venser: Corpse pop it
Spades_Slicc: @Akaiatana Venser: Corpse Twist It
LordManiMani: @dem0nfire but Proliferate is also in the set
GredGredmansson: cam junding it out I see
TXC2: Venser: corpse EAT IT
LadyLockwood92: Isn't he Gruul?
GredGredmansson: what's the swamp for then
bytecaster: Rude!
LadyLockwood92: Dude.
LadyLockwood92: I stand corrected.
LadyLockwood92: I didn't see the first swamp
Solamith: gg
GredGredmansson: its all good
GredGredmansson: sorry if i sounded harsh
TXC2: beep beep
bytecaster: Opponent saw the line
northos: wait, EACH combat?!
LadyLockwood92: @GredGredmansson Nah, you're good. The 'Dude' was in response to the counterspell
TXC2: EACH combat
northos: I definitely thought it was only your turn
NewtyNewts: Guess he used that counterspell too early
Akaiatana: They got hit with the Zop Strops
JKBalch: Is that a a phryexian dino?
LadyLockwood92: @JKBalch There *is* a Compleat Dino, yes
GhostofJeffGoldblum: as is tradition
JKBalch: @TXC2 "It says EACH!"
forshamesir: green in this format is indeed good
LadyLockwood92: !findquote each
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
LadyLockwood92: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #5639: "Yes, Twitch chat! Fill me with your thicc-ness." —Adam [2018-12-26]
Earthenone: 6 points, 2 crashes
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Blue Ring Crashtapus
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TXC2: I find if Arena crashes, it's quicker to kill the process with task manager, then restart
Riiiiiiis: Uhh a Familius Jammius
LordZarano: Beachball is Mac, Windows was hourglass
GredGredmansson: lrrWOW
Cainnech91: Clap
craftyskwrl: GG
LadyLockwood92: Congrats, Kathleen~!
TXC2: but that means you have to restart again after the game
Cunobelenos: sergeGG
NewtyNewts: Force?
LadyLockwood92: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
neebusjeebus: kathleen you're falling to elesh norn!
1fairy2boots: Kathleen taking over BAD mom's army?
Solamith: thats a nasty set of abilities
NewtyNewts: 5 toxic in the air please
neebusjeebus: james on mono flyers
Badchop: Victory!
TXC2: trample, deathtouch, first strike is a heck of a combo
Solamith: rank up RyuChamp
GredGredmansson: do we have a list of challenges again for the jambly
NewtyNewts: Ajony!
TXC2: oh it ALWAYS does that Cameron
GredGredmansson: that's cool
GredGredmansson: we'll just make them up as we go then
LadyLockwood92: O Johnny
NewtyNewts: @LadyLockwood92 Oh johnny planesvalker
Solamith: the real derik FamilyMan
LadyLockwood92: @LadyLockwood92 Oh Johnny revenge
DeM0nFiRe: FBtouchdown
Davlenagain: poison a person to death would eb a good challenge
Robot_Bones: I'm on it james
CanPlayGames: I'll take some timbits if youre going
shurtal: affirmation
Sarah_Serinde: Seems legit
lamina5432: I say getting an indestructible counter would be one
Easilycrazyhat: Hah XD
GredGredmansson: since Cam has the sylex we can have "ult the sylex" as one too
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
Cunobelenos: 1 timbit each. None for Paul
noSmokeFire: making exactly 103 timbits is a rookie mistake
LordZarano: Coulda had 1 each
Mai_Andra: It sounds like you could've had three Tim-bits...
TXC2: I would have thought Tim's sold the bits in boxes
NewtyNewts: @GredGredmansson Ult the Sylex, and Alt the Sylex as separate one
Sarah_Serinde: Someone else can make a Timbit run later
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @LordZarano What about Paul?
Trahas: The points are like whos line points right, where they don't matter?
ghyllnox: Making exactly 100 timbits is also a mistake
Lobo_Apache: Like pringles, you can never have just one
uchihab7: Additional point for opening or drafting a preator not in the actual all will be one set @loadingreadyrun
Sarah_Serinde: @TXC2 They're displayed/stored loose, you ask for certain flavours and they put them in a box for you
ContingentCat: @ghyllnox hopefully those were for like 15 people
TXC2: that's just Magic Kathleen :p
TXC2: Sarah_Serinde they come in flavours? huh
Juliamon: Yeah, some people (monsters) don't want chocolate timbits mixed in with their plain ones
brainbosh: It's 11 pm, do you know where your Kaito is?
Sarah_Serinde: @TXC2 Just like there are different types of doughnuts, there are different types of Timbits :D
JKBalch: Is anyone else finding this set bomb dependent.
TehAmelie: i wonder how you'd go about making the fanciest timbits, like you'd buy one piece in a decorative case
NewtyNewts: @Juliamon Or just have different tastes and like some more than others
nymistrya: someone discarded an Enteral Wanderer in a game yesterday and it both profoundly upset me, and delighted me since that let me win the game
TehAmelie: one bit i guess
TXC2: brainbosh I told you last night no!
Trahas: @JKBalch actually no, i feel like you can draft very good decks with just common uncommon
ghyllnox: lmao
Trahas: The removal is very good in the set too
ghyllnox: Yes it is Cam you're right
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Ooooof.
Solamith: OhMyDog
GhostofJeffGoldblum: that scene is a rough watch
asthanius: The first time I heard that song was in a movie about...slugs? I think? Living in a sewer
lirazel64: Cameron's Song of Jeopardy.
geail: Cameron "Death to Removal" Lauder
Solamith: remove removal
Cunobelenos: Cam is feeling Toxic from all the removals
ghyllnox: It's like whistling in a horror movie except the horror movie is life
NewtyNewts: Mono removal deck
GhostofJeffGoldblum: if it were me, I would simply open better cards.
TehAmelie: by itself the song is pretty uplifting. . . at least that's my impression
satyropodobny: @GhostofJeffGoldblum The secret is in letting Alex diddle the pack
bytecaster: The plays are simply to powerful!
TXC2: no Arena crashes a lot, has for the last 4 years
bytecaster: *too
RockPusher: New sets mean new bugs mean new crashes
Easilycrazyhat: Been happening to me more frequently lately, too
TXC2: Arena crashes every time I use it these days
josh___something: james on a hot streak
smoke_knight: Like Go matches, then
GredGredmansson: In real life, your opponent doesn't vanish forever after the game ends
tehfewl: woo got the double kill, -3 life and 11 poison counters!
SnowBuddy18: if you're dead and you know it hit concede
TXC2: I'd argue people don't concede fast enough
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I get tilted pretty easily on Arena and concede much earlier than I should far too often.
sephsays: I find it rude when people concede when being attacked with lethal. Like, at least let it go through.
LordManiMani: one of the interesting parts of Marvel Snap
TehAmelie: it's like how people take mulligans way more when you don't have to shuffle the cards by hand
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Sometimes I'll stick around in a doomed game so my opponent gets to do their cool thing.
Robot_Bones: unfortunately
Feriority: They can if you send them to the shadow realm
Earthenone: if you are playing a shadow game they do
Harvest25: All the shuffling... I just keep playing
NewtyNewts: Is there any enchantment removal this set to get your thing back?
bytecaster: @Earthenone When are shadow games finally coming to arena?!
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GredGredmansson: green has its broken wings effects still
GredGredmansson: cankerbloom probably the best bet
tehfewl: in paper you get "I could be getting a sandwich right now" equity by conceding a bit early
Mai_Andra: Because my opponent built this jank-ass blue deck that takes 20 minutes to run through all its triggers, so they're going to sit here and wait for it.
GredGredmansson: also Kaya
Easilycrazyhat: in blue black? I can't think of any.
Earthenone: there mite be paul, there mite be
GredGredmansson: based on the lore article; I think that's supposed to say "defective" rather than "defector"
ghyllnox: Mite be
Robot_Bones: Mites of the world Unite!
TheMerricat: I don't know why I thought Paul said mic as in the mics had all stopped working all the sudden. :D
TXC2: Skrelve is a kill on sight card
northos: Skrelv can't protect itself FWIW, if you want to kill it later
NewtyNewts: You don't have the extra black
Easilycrazyhat: Skrelv is their own faction at this point.
NewtyNewts: Wait, what did they do?
GredGredmansson: drew a card
northos: cycled Compleat Devotion
GhostofJeffGoldblum: listen, sometimes people are different, and that's okay.
TXC2: "it's just been revoked!"
Easilycrazyhat: Maybe just wanted the card?
betazed15: The green sludgy splat is distressing.
shurtal: James, needs a land *gets land* James, doesn't need a land *gets land*
NewtyNewts: @betazed15 So, working as intended?
TXC2: that's toxic for you
TXC2: shurtal it's James needs land, get wrong land
betazed15: @betazed15 Can confirm.
Jobot180: Bravo
NewtyNewts: Well closed out James
TXC2: clap clap clap
Easilycrazyhat: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Davlenagain: extra point for that?
IaCthulhuFthagn: @TXC2: "I'll have what they're having"
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
TXC2: lackingsanity that's...better?
kokotiu: spicy 6 wins
TXC2: sorry that was for IaCthulhuFthagn
laundreydhull: so, lrrJAMES runs a sealed
laundreydhull: what about lrrKATHLEEN lrrCAMERON ?
laundreydhull: I mean, draft!
laundreydhull: lrrJAMES did a draft.
smoke_knight: Chat, can I report ads on Twitch? I got a HP one and I'd like to hex it.
laundreydhull: HP?
heartofgoldfish: hatsune piku
ThibbleBird: the long lineage of hatsune
shurtal: that reminds me, i gotta do my weeklies in 14
northos: @laundreydhull The British Wizard Franchise Who Shall Not Be Named
Earthenone: HP? the printers?
smoke_knight: ThibbleBird's got it
heartofgoldfish: yeah, hatsune piku, she goes to a magic school that's weirdly racist and transphobic
ThibbleBird: o.o
M0rm0n_Freeman: Is this a break or did I miss the stream
ContingentCat: @heartofgoldfish katesLol
northos: @M0rm0n_Freeman break
M0rm0n_Freeman: Aw sick
Bvorhies: Is there magic tonight
laundreydhull: @northos @earthenone what's happening!?
Earthenone: this stream will be on, it might go into tonight for you
northos: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej, and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Sun 01:00 PM PST (2d, 1:09 from now).
TheMerricat: From a quick google it's fairly hard to report an ad but there is a suggestion that you can click the cog and "Report playback issue" which might have an 'ad problem' option. But I would reserve that for the _LAST_ resort_ as it implies that first the report hits the channel itself....
Juliamon: Bvorhies There is magic right now
ThibbleBird: There is magic all around us
krfsm: @Bvorhies there's magic everywhere, if you know where to look (and yes, there is magic ongoing)
Bvorhies: O cool
Harvest25: @heartofgoldfish wait transphopic? I honestly missed that
Juliamon: You can always use !schedule to find out when
smoke_knight: @laundreydhull I was asking if you could report ads on Twitch.
Bvorhies: So no Friday night magic cause doing this
Juliamon: correct
Bvorhies: Nice ‘
Juliamon: it's technically Friday night in many places right now
ThibbleBird: instead of Friday's
northos: Fri Day Magic
TXC2: no FNPF instead 3 times as much FNPH :p
TheMerricat: Rowling is a TERF, she doesn't believe that (and I applogize I think I get the word choice wrong half the time) a transwoman should count as a woman.
Juliamon: Not "should count." She straight up doesn't believe they ARE.
TheMerricat: That too.
Harvest25: @TheMerricat sooo, HP or Rowling?
TXC2: chat a) lets not talk about Rowling, b) stop using TERF, they're not feminists and they never where
laundreydhull: I... just want to play the game. I didn't consider a controversy context.
GredGredmansson: there is only one British Wizard I will consider going forward
GredGredmansson: and its spelled "Wizzerd"
TheMerricat: Gandalf is still a cool dude as far as I'm aware.
Juliamon: I only consider Gandalf myself
TXC2: I was gonna go with Sir Ian McKellen, but ok
TheMerricat: Though he lives sort of in a sausage fest of a world.
Didero: That car really was magic, yeah...
roastbeefsandwitch: "Trans-Exclusionary (Radial Feminists)" do certainly exist, but I believe the original term was (Racial F-ksers)". Either way, not a fun term to be called.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @Didero well. sometimes.
Juliamon: Let's please move on, chat
roastbeefsandwitch: Regardless, Rowling' legacy in HP is great. Play the game if you want.
GredGredmansson: yes we don't want the streamers to be more disappointed in us
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heartofgoldfish: if anyone is interested in a cool YA series about wizard schools, check out the Akata Witch series, it takes place in nigeria
GredGredmansson: Kappa
TXC2: and we;re back
ThibbleBird: aaaaaaaaaaaaaand packs
GredGredmansson: exciting?
LadyLockwood92: Boosties are happening.
ArtemisHuntress: packs and packs and packs
Didero: "Please, Family Jamily was my mother's name, call me Fam Jam"
shurtal: famblo jamblo
lemmel: Boosties!
ReachW: magic cards?!
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
Sk1nnee: wawaweewa
ArtemisHuntress: bwaaaaaaaaa
NewtyNewts: And we're packs.
ArtemisHuntress: bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ThibbleBird: wait we can win?
Halinn: Packs of magical cards?!
asthanius: Y or IE?
Feriority: I can't believe we're sleeping on Gilbert Norrell, the founder of modern magic in England
SnackPak_: hold
hd_dabnado: HOLD
mwlsn: who has to play the organ part?
MurphEP: Hold
ArtemisHuntress: Magical packs!
ContingentCat: hold!
ThibbleBird: HOLD
chronically_poor: boostie
Easilycrazyhat: hoooold
Sk1nnee: boostie
ralphthellama: HODL
laundreydhull: stop, the telegram
taruan: boostie
file_maker: BOOSTIE
fuzzychub: Boostie!
Zath_: boostie
hd_dabnado: boostie
petey_vonwho: boostie
powerflapjack: boostie
NewtyNewts: Boostie!
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RevolverRossalot: glad to be here for the boostie call
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ThibbleBird: is asking for a boostie like asking for uppies?
RockPusher: boostie
Diabore: *hacker voice* im in
QuixoticZ: Boostie
Avery316: boostie
jedi_master_zll: benginDab
Aarek: Boostie
ZachtlyAsIntended: I'll dox myself
JosephDeath: boostie
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Slytherin42: boostie
Easilycrazyhat: sti is never sounds good spelled out
Meemitone: boostie
manwiththegoldencard: boostie
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CrazymattCaptain: boostie
TXC2: and only once!
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file_maker: is Boostie Collins taken as a magic-influencer name
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InquisitorGaia: boostie
bo_brinkman: boostie
midnightcurryjazz: boostie
powerflapjack: james will come to YOUR HOUSE and you will open 15 lands!
roastbeefsandwitch: Good luck all!
Ewayko: boostie
CanPlayGames: Boostie
Ivannorr: boostie
EmrakulTheAeonsTorn: Personal boostie
MolaMolaphant: pLRRsonal collection
RockPusher: The LRRbrary
Ashton: Büstie!
geail: PLLRection
Octonomicon: boostie
Didero: What do I type if I want somebody else to win?
Tarkeis: boostie
OrangeBeard: boostie
quietcat: the coLRRction
polaris415: Boostie
Bleeding_Edge: good content
GoRiLLa87: boostie
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MaidOfCake: Boostie
EvilBadman: @Didero nothing
bartimus_thundercask: boostie
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M0rm0n_Freeman: Thanks for giving away boosties, besties
Ritaspirithntr: Boostie
GredGredmansson: @Didero anything else
Didero: @EvilBadman "nothing" Kappa
Luckssmith: boostie
CienZaufania: boostie
Shemerson: Boostie
mwlsn: will James bring ice cream
Jondare: boostie
clashowenbash8: boostie
geail: boostie
DadlyPuns: boostie
Astrovore: boostie
BrookJustBones: boostie
TXC2: and as always: Bus Shetland Kappa
meaninglessMeg: boostie
Babcom: boostie
maagipoiss: boostie
smoke_knight: They can try anyway
virgil82: boostie
tcat13: Boostie
ghizmou: boostie
TokenMickus: boostie
blasterzero3: boostie
ThibbleBird: woooo
Rabbt300: boostie
Ryuzicohn28: boostie
masterinferno47: boostie
powerflapjack: send it and a full size Juggernaut to Ukraine
RockPusher: Disrupted mail services notwithstanding
TXC2 drumroll
NewtyNewts: Congratulations. You won.
asthanius: Ayyy!
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
clashowenbash8: congrats!
MurphEP: FBtouchdown
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Wamoo! Wamoo! Wamoo!
Bleeding_Edge: Clap
RockPusher: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
baskwalla: yay
ZachtlyAsIntended: 2020Unroll
ThibbleBird: WAMU
TXC2: WammuWammu congratulations
3and4fifths: Congrats!
JKBalch: Nice
LurkerSpine: Ajani!
virgil82: Congratulations!
FenrisSchafer: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
A_Dub888: Ajony
DrThud666: congrats!
ArtemisHuntress: WAmoo!
GredGredmansson: @WammuWammu gratz!
geail: frevanHeart
lemmel: congrats!
Kaktus021: simmbaBongo GG
ralphthellama: a winrar is you!
beowuuf: gratz!
Abavus: lrrHORN
LoadingReadyRun: Winner is WammuWammu
Feriority: Wammu? You'll get the boosters by last christmas
beowuuf: lrrHORN
Dread_Pirate_Westley: That's not me! I don't have to figure out how to enable DM's! Yay!
Earthenone: james just tell us you went back to timmys
ReachW: conga rats!
beowuuf: chat conclusively proven to be a jinx
heartofgoldfish: i went the other way and made a deck that was all uncounterable spells and 1 drops
RainbowPhoenix06: are the Fam compositions different this time? or do we just have a representative from each Fam on camera?
northos: rough pack for forcing white :D
Earthenone: fam is an amorphos concept
beowuuf: @RainbowPhoenix06 loosey goosy due to availability
Earthenone: people will come and go as they please
Feriority: @RainbowPhoenix06 Phyrexia: Fams will be One
TXC2: RainbowPhoenix06 a bit of both? Cameron's here for 6 hours, Adam will be here for 4.5 hours Etc
RainbowPhoenix06: got it thanks
GredGredmansson: i love what green looks like in this set
zhrang911: Rotpriest is actually insane
TXC2: got 2 of these, did nothing :p
RAZRBCK08: Rotpriest is absurd
GredGredmansson: there's a trigger on the stack
MaxP0ti0n: this is a trigger
Earthenone: to create an annoying trigger
TXC2: it's a trigger
ThankYouUro: it uses the stack
northos: the timing is a little different, but yes it could probably be worded the other way
ReachW: it's a trigger, that's about it
ArtemisHuntress: it makes a trigger
ContingentCat: because of the way that it is
RAZRBCK08: it's just very large and that activated ability is annoying
Spades_Slicc: There are spells that counter triggers
GredGredmansson: there is a commander card that cares about a card's "toxic value" and rotpriest won't change that
TXC2: congrats James
laundreydhull: last boss hype
Alex_Frostfire: Also, "Creatures you control with toxic have toxic 1" is kind of ambiguous, probably.
northos: they may have wanted to avoid the confusion of "creatures with toxic have toxic 1" - like, a lot of people would probably wonder if that adds or overwrites
JKBalch: Could you double to extra poison trigger with a duplicate ability/spell?
kilowog42: With Dimir no less, well done.
laundreydhull: oh, nvm. he won allsreadies
Feriority: @Alex_Frostfire Plague Nurse is like that though
TXC2: Alex_Frostfire they'd say "an additional"
laundreydhull: there was.... ONE
accountmadeforants: Nope, it's part of the mail thing now
midnightcurryjazz: in your mailbox
tehfewl: no they just sent a mail
northos: you just get them in the mail I think
baskwalla: They don't do the code anymore, you get an email message
ReachW: I'd like to know why it's that way in a set with multiple "gains toxic 1" effects though. seems bizarre
zhrang911: They came in the ingame mail I thought
RockPusher: They deliver those via the messages now
midnightcurryjazz: Its not a code
RAZRBCK08: it's in the mail thing
YeomanAres: no it was mailbox
ArtemisHuntress: something about in your mailbox
bytecaster: There was a mail
TXC2: not a code, they set a message to you in the system
GredGredmansson: @Alex_Frostfire Plague Nurse is a one time effect though, not something ongoing
EldritchProwler: mail icon
GredGredmansson: yes
northos: it's deece
RixtonSnek: yes, very
ralphthellama: yes
accountmadeforants: Yeah, it's a threat.
Harvest25: I just cast 1
kilowog42: It's able to turn on Corrupted by itself.
petey_vonwho: I don't even wait to see what rares I got when I open multiple packs. just hit the open all and go back to home
RockPusher: I do like the message system for bonus codes since it auto-redeems, so you don't miss out if you don't happen to be in the right places to get codes
TXC2: Hive would still be good at 3 mana IMo
GredGredmansson: that has EACH
northos: EACH
Caffine1138: Choo Choo!
accountmadeforants: It occurs to me there's no Mite tokens that look like the mites they show on all the cards. Weird.
ConjugateVoices: I'm a fan of the read dominus so far
NewtyNewts: LUL
TheThirdTail: :)
lackingsanity: its 7 mana vs 4 or 5 for most of the other ones iirc
Leonhart321: XD
Juliamon: lrrWOW
Ryenji: :)
heartofgoldfish: well? DID YOU
Easilycrazyhat: every time
hd_dabnado: :(
Leonhart321: Well......did you?
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
JKBalch: Thats a point
GredGredmansson: it didn't get removed though
TXC2: "did I win?"
Alex_Frostfire: The games that come up on are always so one-sided.
Didero: That's just kicking you while you're down
zhrang911: Wanderer doesnt kill a creature
NewtyNewts: !card eternal wander
LRRbot: The Eternal Wanderer [4WW] | Legendary Planeswalker [5] | No more than one creature can attack The Eternal Wanderer each combat. / [+1]: Exile up to one target artifact or creature. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of that player's next end step. / [0]: Create a 2/2 white Samurai creature token with double strike. / [−4]: For each player, choose a creature that player controls. Each player sacrifices all creatures they contro…
Bugberry: I've had wins that weren't enjoyable
bo_brinkman: Oh god. Cameron is un-training the AI.
MurphEP: Estimate bad beats
asthanius: I kinda think that's when it's supposed to come up. Like, it only comes up if you get blown out
bo_brinkman: The auto-shuffler is going to optimize for more lands.
Didero: *punches you in the face* "Havin' fun yet?!"
Easilycrazyhat: I swear that only pops up if I dumpsterd the opponent or got dumpsterd. Never in between.
QuixoticZ: I got that question after my opponent white sun twilighted for 6 and followed up with graz and swinging with 6 5/3 juggernaut mites
NewtyNewts: Cameron is on the James Experience
TXC2: I just say no every time
chronically_poor: I guess you could also just send the prompt to only the winner
beowuuf: arena opens the dumpster lid: hey there... you ok? you have fun?
Didero: What's even the point of that question though? What would you even do with the result?
LadyLockwood92: Back and forth, forever.
Bugberry: I hope the original Time Spiral terramorphic expanse art comes to arena before it leaves Standard.
bo_brinkman: I often have fun even when I lose.
Harvest25: James finding artifact synergy?
ReachW: nope
IaCthulhuFthagn: @Didero: Best case, ship it back to the development team.
TXC2: they sure don't
ElektroTal: it charges their smileometer
Bleeding_Edge: goes into a virtual shredder
heartofgoldfish: Maybe they don't even collect it, it's just there to tilt you out
ConjugateVoices: How investors spend their money
Harvest25: Hopefully match-up algorithm
GredGredmansson: infection for me
Bruceski: Doesn't seem like something for fine control, but maybe identify things to look at.
chronically_poor: Its probably just a metric they can use to judge the overall success of their service to show shareholders
TXC2: Arena is notorious for not giving info out
hd_dabnado: god please
DeviantHS: is there a way to see jamess draft?
laundreydhull: geez, mycosynth gardens does wut!?
pryzum_: headcleaver
Moomin_Latte: keep losing money!
Moomin_Latte: it's fun
RixtonSnek: headcleaver I'd say
laundreydhull: yea? good; Hasbro, @$$
NewtyNewts: Shareholders care only for profits
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: i wish more companys would do that
Easilycrazyhat: Draw for life. what's not to like?
IaCthulhuFthagn: " we have now learned that making players have fun loses us money. So let's stop doing that."
oastrtoastr: I hardly know her
atinyspacemarine: I mean Hasbro did get downgraded in large part due to low poor user reception to MTG and DND changes.
bytecaster: I like the cleaver
ZachtlyAsIntended: removal stronk
Robot_Bones: or maze
IaCthulhuFthagn: Land isn't an option?
laundreydhull: what convinced Bank Of America to begin calling them out?
RockPusher: Indeed, fun to see financial publications pointing out that pissing off the customer base, probably not the best move for the stock price there Hasbro :D
ReachW: Combines really well with the deathtouch trick too if we pick that up
chronically_poor: Kathleen over here playing singleton
EvilBadman: pretty ok deck for two packs, honestly
Moomin_Latte: pack3 nissa onetime
TXC2: ALL will ONE copy only
RockPusher: Bog WItch Singleton
laundreydhull: wimbelton/singleton
Simonark: Magic 30 really drew outside attention as a fiasco, and then the whole... attempt to burn down the D&D community was the second time in three months Hasbro found a stupid idea so bad noone had even thought about it before, @laundreydhull
GredGredmansson: someone's hoarding all the packs there
TXC2: GredGredmansson there's always at least one
atinyspacemarine: the financial analysis I've seen has pointed out that this is also a longer trend, not a sudden issue as of FY2023
IaCthulhuFthagn: On the inside or outside, Paul?
ReachW: "Practicality be damned, I look good" - Sheoldred, probably
Alex_Frostfire: Jin-Gitaxias is buying Kamigawa's blue jeans and listening to their pop music.
LordManiMani: what like Kias? to soon?
GredGredmansson: in my NEO prerelease, three people opened Jin-Gitaxias, including me
LordManiMani: @alex_frostfire lolol
Leonhart321: Wouldn't that be more apropriate for New Cappena?
GredGredmansson: We were convinced that only one of them was actually Jin and the other two were just normal Kamigawans
RixtonSnek: Oooh yeah, archfiend is good
Robot_Bones: its part of being One. you have to be united behind a good look
TXC2: the Phyrexians got rid of their skin and then got MORE Vain :P
bytecaster: We can sac it to the Centurion :P
OmegaPlatinum: Oylex
Robot_Bones: Like Joining a cult and you all get the same hair cut
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: crispy
Bugberry: I can't wait for March of the Machine to see how other planes deal with Phyrexia.
RixtonSnek: wrong rat lol
GredGredmansson: ooh another sac outlet
LadyLockwood92: "You clearly don't own an airfryer" - Elesh Norn, probably.
TXC2: I say edict
goombalax: I also really like "Bilious Skulldweller"
Dread_Pirate_Westley: No such thing as too much removal.
NewtyNewts: The reddit thread made a fun joke about it as well: Elon, the Bitter Twitterling
TXC2: !card seedcore
LRRbot: The Seedcore | Land — Sphere | {T}: Add {C}. / {T}: Add one mana of any color. Spend this mana only to cast Phyrexian creature spells. / Corrupted — {T}: Target 1/1 creature gets +2/+1 until end of turn. Activate only if an opponent has three or more poison counters.
Glittert00ts: I love Pestilent Syphoner
geail: skitterling is rat
Robot_Bones: Yes the Sigilite
GredGredmansson: i really like Vat Emergence too
ConjugateVoices: Whats everyones favorite color combination to play in this set?
YawgmothsBargainStore: i love the UB artifact deck so far, also RW equips
TXC2: Malcador AKA the Emperor's lap dog :p
ReachW: @ConjugateVoices RW quippy is my fave so far.
geail: @ConjugateVoices RB sac was fun. Went 6/3
bytecaster: I have liferated many a pro in any combination of blue, black or green
bytecaster: Ah the classic archetype: Green White Mandibles
Halinn: You know the rule, the more fun a deck is, the worse it'll perform
GredGredmansson: both my decks so far were green bigstuff and I loved it
TXC2: Halinn Gods ain't that the truth :p
IaCthulhuFthagn: Playing bigger creatures tends to rely on OP not playing multiple removal spells every turn forever. Which seems like an ask this stream :P
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
NewtyNewts: OP's got monsters
Diabore: oh we dead
BrowneePoints: crap! I missed the famjam!
Diabore: maybe not dead>
Diabore: ?
TXC2: it is in HBrawl yes Paul
accountmadeforants: Occasionally Arena will glitch into supporting my 21:9 screen and you can actually see the dragon hanging out at the side before it swoops in, it's really funny.
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TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Diabore: back to dead
Robot_Bones: Mom! The Yotian Soldier is styling on me!
Harvest25: surprise no attack
Halinn: After Kroog was destroyed while most of its defenders were at his side, Urza vowed that none of his allies would ever need to fear for their own defense again, even while laying siege to a city far from their homes.
heartofgoldfish: "Urza created them so that he could swing in and not die on the crackback"
BrowneePoints: So for yall(chat and LRR) which of the remaining sets(March/Aftermath, LotR, Eldraine 2, Ixalan2) are you most excited for?
NewtyNewts: Good ratto
ghizmou: that s a w right there
Robot_Bones: That's a chievo
Mai_Andra: "Sir, the goombahs are dancing again..."
LadyLockwood92: @BrowneePoints Eldraine or Ixalan, I was never a big fan of the Phyrexians personally.
couchboyj: The break dancing was programmed in the same night he slapped his face on Liberator
TXC2: BrowneePoints lets say Ixalan for vamps and dinos
LordManiMani: @browneepoints Capenna 2: Jazz Boogaloo
GredGredmansson: i just want to see what MoM ends up looking like
Alex_Frostfire: Definitely Eldraine or Ixalan. Give me unexplored places.
BrowneePoints: @lordmanimani not an option but your input is noted
bytecaster: And a trigger that never does anything
baskwalla: Dr. Who decks :)
AugmentingPath: A 3/3 with menace AND a nuisance trigger
IaCthulhuFthagn: Eldraine² for me.
bytecaster: They didn't want to mess with Oko
RockPusher: Eldrained the Oil
geail: !card archfiend of the dross
LRRbot: Archfiend of the Dross [2BB] | Creature — Phyrexian Demon [6/6] | Flying / Archfiend of the Dross enters the battlefield with four oil counters on it. / At the beginning of your upkeep, remove an oil counter from Archfiend of the Dross. Then if it has no oil counters on it, you lose the game. / Whenever a creature an opponent controls dies, its controller loses 2 life.
BrowneePoints: Wilds of Wldraine and Lost Caverns of Ixalan
bytecaster: All those teeth are now elks
Simonark: @baskwalla Certainly, I'm hopeful too
HIYgamer: Phyrexia decided that they had enough of Eldraine last time
ChargeAh: Oko the Oiled
LadyLockwood92: 'We shouldn't go to Eldraine...there are Questing Beasts there.'
GredGredmansson: nope
ConjugateVoices: Wait, the announced the next set already?
the_one_and_only_kim: The Phyrexians got to Eldraine and everything in Eldraine was so OP they just ate the Phyrexians
Feriority: A set about fae dancing on people's bones sounds great
goombalax: eldraine is too OP for phyrexia
baskwalla: @Simonark Gavin was the lead so they should be pretty good
TXC2: ChargeAh oh no he's even hotter now!
JAGxTERRA: too many sets. Can't keep up
AugmentingPath: @ConjugateVoices Set names are usually known quite a bit in advance
bytecaster: It is said Vorinclex is reading Questing beast to this day.
Halinn: They couldn't get past Oko's abs
BrowneePoints: the rest of the year is March of the Machine & Aftermath, Lord of the Rings, Wilds of Eldraine and Lost Caverns of Ixalan @conjugatevoices
Bugberry: QB surprisingly easy to kill
NewtyNewts: The finest of texts
Didero: !card questing beast
LRRbot: Questing Beast [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Beast [4/4] | Vigilance, deathtouch, haste / Questing Beast can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Combat damage that would be dealt by creatures you control can't be prevented. / Whenever Questing Beast deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to target planeswalker that player controls.
Harvest25: Nissa, Ascended is a problem
Simonark: @baskwalla And he did a video of every single fan at WOTC who worked on them taking credit for their work, which isn't a thing they usually do. That was rather nice really.
BrowneePoints: as far as Priper Sets go
BrowneePoints: Proper*
IaCthulhuFthagn: A booster box art featuring an oiled up Oko would sell, though.
AugmentingPath: Elk of Elkdraine
Feriority: Elkesh Norn
LadyMCHall: meanwhile on Ixalan: What's a Phyrexian?
krfsm: "how does that work?" "very well, thank you."
sephsays: Oko the Rewilder
MolaMolaphant: the turned face is now an elk
SK__Ren: Eldraine means we get I we get the Gingerbread Woman as a card
LordManiMani: I mean, Paliano, New Capenna, Mercadia are all high up cities. the oil can't get there and Norn and Jin never look up like gamers
couchboyj: Oko hates authority, and Elish Norn is 110% authority
bytecaster: Elkish Norn, Mother of Moose
SK__Ren: lol thats two halves of a sentence I typed
Halinn: Vorinclelk
Simonark: Wilds of Eldraine: Oko's Branching Out Into Wapati.
baskwalla: How to beat Phyrexia? Summon the most broken Planeswalker of course.
Halinn: Jin Elktaxias
BrowneePoints: Question for LRR, you get to first pick one member of the Fellowship and Choose another to get a planeswalker card, who are they?
Pinwiz11: Elkish Visionary
ArtemisHuntress: @Halinn Sounds like Jin and Taxes
Halinn: Sheolkdred
bytecaster: Sheoldred, The Elkpokalypse
couchboyj: Oko should hate the Phyrexians as much as Kathleen
AugmentingPath: lrrEFF
Easilycrazyhat: rough
The_Ninjurai: Kenrith, Compleated King
TXC2: oofa doofa
Halinn: Urelkbrask
bytecaster: Imagine Rowan gets compleated but Will doesn't, the drama
BrowneePoints: Oko would HAAAAAATE Elesh
ghizmou: you asked for removal?
Easilycrazyhat: mazes mantle is actually decent. It fixes the problems with both auras and combat tricks simultaneously
Halinn: There's a reason people rating limited sets go "this is a bad card, I'm going to lose so many games to it"
ArtemisHuntress: Telkuthal, Inquiry Dominus
BrowneePoints: wow OP can get bent
TXC2: now that's a Rude GG
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL someone needs to makes a set of Elk tokens with art based on each of the Praetors getting turned into elks
ArtemisHuntress: Mondrelk, Glory Domius
Easilycrazyhat: And this is why I mute by default
BrowneePoints: But Vorincles already has Elk Horns Paul!
Easilycrazyhat: Exactly!
TXC2: remember chat: the winner does NOT say GG first
Halinn: "we have mute by default at home"
BrowneePoints: err he might have Moose Antlers
Glittert00ts: Elkesh Norn, Mother of Elks
ArtemisHuntress: Selkphim, Mayhem Dominus
geail: Shazbot
Bugberry: I've seen people be much ruder. This game also has many emotes to use.
bytecaster: If there was just one emote, people would BM in Morse code.
Riiiiiiis: nah, people can still take it as really unpleasant...
Bleeding_Edge: @Glittert00ts Elk of Elks
BrowneePoints: I love that Zoprandel is Big Lady
ArtemisHuntress: Zoprandelk, Hunger Dominus
Bugberry: I don't think there's any positive emote that people don't take as negative.
MurphEP: That oil counter sound was so wet
ReachW: I'm convinced that the Venn diagram of people who want full chat in Arena and people who goog game incorrectly is a circle.
ReachW: good*
Robot_Bones: oh yeah look at all those 2/6s
JohnPraw: This is why I only use "Everbody grab a leg!"
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soramayura: oh Bus I didn't realise fam jam was today!
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geail: I figured they would have put it on the ogre
3and4fifths: Skrelk, Defector Elk
Bugberry: "good game" "hello" "nice" all are taken negatively, while Arena provides animated emotes that are actually taunts.
GredGredmansson: ooooh
GredGredmansson: we can ult lukka post combat
samu_btdp1985: cam can double green
samu_btdp1985: for lukka
goombalax: you had the mana, it just defaulted to double red for some reason
Harvest25: auto tapper got you
Harvest25: the button is true
TehAmelie: that was a fun quiet moment, all players deep in thought
TXC2: "My name is Lukka, I live on Phyrexia, you probably don't know me"
Halinn: Pox upon the autotapper? Someone should make a button saying that!
GredGredmansson: that's what the equipment does yes
goombalax: from the equipment
bytecaster: Lets hope our archfiend doesn't get hooked on the dose
virgil82: Rough Cam, that war whip is really good.
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the abyss!
GredGredmansson: i thought we were going to sylex to blow up the warwhip and the atlas
TehAmelie: maybe i have FF12-brain, but why not have an option to set the priority order of autotapping manually?
BrowneePoints: oh no Cam that sucks!
LurkerSpine: 4-5
Seth_Erickson: 4-5 in bo1
TXC2: basically a 67% win rate
Dread_Pirate_Westley: 4 is -100 gems, 5 is +100 gems
tehfewl: 5
LurkerSpine: 4 almost makes it, 5 is a little more than even
GredGredmansson: nah I get it Cam there are some "thinking points" that you aren't always aware of
Bugberry: @TehAmelie the autotapper shows you what it will tap before it does so.
bytecaster: @TehAmelie Just set your basic mountain to only tap if opponent is at 80% hp and vuln to fire, makes sense
TXC2: clap clap clap
ReachW: Wow, if only oppo had a mesmerising dose for that
Feriority: @TehAmelie I think what you want to tap varies enough that either the priority will be wrong a lot or you'll be effectively programming a whole autotapper to make the settings
Simonark: I like to think they didn't run out of Mesmerizing Dose, they just didn't draw the other 7
smoke_knight: All the art in this hand is horrific. I love it. Good work.
Seth_Erickson: seems like a fine hand to me
sephsays: They had poison on arena before this set, though, so I guess they set it up then and just didn't change it here?
YawgmothsBargainStore: ah yes, look at the bottom 5 cards of your library :P
nymistrya: No hits or rats? Drats
BrowneePoints: Vroom Vroom goes Kathleen
Easilycrazyhat: Instant corruption
NewtyNewts: What does it smell like?
asthanius: oh sorry, that's me
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I wonder if anyone has done a full reverse engineering of how the autotapper prioritizes
Simonark: Well, I don't think the Arena programmers have?
BrowneePoints: Tyvar's Stand is totally Green Fireball
SgtBrink: sammytYAY
comrade_cards: what's the side quest today?
Graham_LRR: Penelope says “I love you Mum”
MurphEP: @LoadingReadyRun I assume there is eye-tracking technology to tell whether you are looking at your lands so it can decide when to prank you
comrade_cards: seabatClap
Davlenagain: thats too gute graham
Easilycrazyhat: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
MrSarkhan: lrrWOW
asthanius: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
MurphEP: lrrSHINE lrrDARK
jellyfish5134: oh bus
ArtemisHuntress: Hi Penelope!
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: lrrHEART
TuckstheRulesLawyer: Swear! Swear! Swear!
lirazel64: hmtgHI hmtgHI hmtgHI
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Halinn: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
CanPlayGames: lrrKATHLEEN axialCatMajestic
BrowneePoints: WHAT!? Dangit I'm so mad I'm late. I forgot about the famjam Q.Q
ReachW: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
MrSarkhan: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
MegaDosX: Oh buttons
RockPusher: tqsWow tqsFlower
Leonhart321: benginHeart lrrSHINE
lemmel: lrrSHINE
CanPlayGames: But Is Finn watching?
ArtemisHuntress: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
TXC2: hello BrowneePoints welcome
Harvest25: that bear is amazing
Easilycrazyhat: That's cool
MegaDosX: Yeah his teeth are backwards
lady_olynder: its flensing raptor!
TXC2: Bigis Ursus
MegaDosX: !card flensing raptor
LRRbot: Flensing Raptor [2W] | Creature — Phyrexian Bird [2/2] | Flying / Toxic 1 / When Flensing Raptor enters the battlefield, another target creature you control with toxic gets +1/+1 and gains flying until end of turn.
BrowneePoints: @txc2 I've been here for like 20mins now
Feriority: "once"?
Easilycrazyhat: Yeah, plague nurse is confusing
MegaDosX: Oh snap
Diabore: sword!
NewtyNewts: WORDS!
Bugberry: It's Escape to the Wild
MegaDosX: It's like a tiny Escape to the Wilds
GhostValv: oh the sword of doritos and mountain dew
Bugberry: !card escape to the wild
LRRbot: Escape to the Wilds [3RG] | Sorcery | Exile the top five cards of your library. You may play cards exiled this way until the end of your next turn. / You may play an additional land this turn.
BrowneePoints: It's real good
vickysaurus_mystax: Still waiting for Sword of Sense and Sensibility
LadyMCHall: No
lady_olynder: missing UB
MegaDosX: We are still missing UB
jellyfish5134: one left, ub
baskwalla: 1 more sword
BrowneePoints: nope ub
neebusjeebus: still need blue and black
medebula: One more sword
MurphEP: "Compleat"
LadyMCHall: Dimir is missing
Diabore: pivot off white?
baskwalla: Sword of Kill and Mill ;)
MegaDosX: Though people are predicting Sword of Oil and Water in March of the Machine to complete it
TXC2: so that sword will either the best or worst sword
Feriority: Sword of Wind and Ghosts
LadyMCHall: It's going to be a mill and draw card, bet
BrowneePoints: nah body and mind milled and fire ice drew
LadyMCHall: rats
TXC2: it'll be -1/-1 counters and something else
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sephsays: Stun counters and -1/-1 counters?
Bugberry: I'm betting it's Bounce and Raise Dead.
baskwalla: I was just making a Friday Nights reference ;)
YawgmothsBargainStore: i'm assuming theres no FNPF this evening?
LoadingReadyRun: @YawgmothsBargainStore nope famjamin' all day
TehAmelie: we're gonna use up all the magic
LadyMCHall: -1/-1 and Icy Manipulator
Spades_Slicc: Draft 3 start! hope I don't 0:3 again
Simonark: And famjamin all night long too if we just rewatch the VOD a couple times!
TXC2: we're Famin' and I hope you like famin' to
Lordofironstorm: What are the teams this time?
goombalax: necrogen rotpriest is such a good card
Diabore: @Lordofironstorm no teams just chill
TXC2: Lordofironstorm no teams per se, just people rotating in and out
LoadingReadyRun: @Lordofironstorm no teams. ALL WILL BE ONE
jellyfish5134: aw rats
MegaDosX: Oh rats
BrowneePoints: d-rats
Feriority: Karumonix, Lonely King
TehAmelie: something one family something Name of the Wind
YawgmothsBargainStore: not even the necrogen rat-priest?
MegaDosX: Kathleen definitely has her opponent on the back foot, I think
Diabore: @MegaDosX op needs to white sun or wanderer
Sibwow: are the fams sufficiently jammed?
BrowneePoints: Paladin of *thud*
MegaDosX: @Diabore Would you accept neither of those things?
MegaDosX: :p
Diabore: @MegaDosX as i am not op, yes funnily enough
Simonark: O Broth, Where Art Thou?
lady_olynder: did teams get shuffled?
tehfewl: if given the choice between soup or no soup, i would simply soup
Diabore: @lady_olynder no teams this time around
Bugberry: "sir, I'd like some more soup"
Easilycrazyhat: Need a plains you say? No plains for you!
RixtonSnek: no more soup
Bugberry: "no soup for you"
frnknstn: can soup destroy that enchantment?
BrowneePoints: Silly James, that's the Fruit Bowl
SK__Ren: Souper Rude
lady_olynder: blow that soup up
MegaDosX: Oh.
BrowneePoints: that bowl can't hold no soup
Bugberry: Hey, the Super Bowl is this weekend, so it's thematic.
YawgmothsBargainStore: more like souper bowl
Earthenone: superb owl?
Spades_Slicc: The people to my right this draft really like taking their time
Easilycrazyhat: It's pretty good.
Sibwow: its not a secret
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I wouldn't say secretly.
ConjugateVoices: If i'm in blue I always play it
MegaDosX: Just gotta remember that Skrelv doesn't actually give protection from a colour, I've already seen an opponent get got by that
Mr_Horrible: Bugberry and Philly will look like the Sylex hit it, no matter what the outcome of the game is, so extra thematic
TXC2: whose even in the super bowl this year?
HIYgamer: If you give a creature hexproof from a color while it's enchanted by something of that color, does the aura fall off?
Sibwow: it does not
Diabore: it seems very good in their deck
TheThirdTail: If Mesmerizing is so good, why didn't they make a Mesmerizing Dos?
MegaDosX: Also Charmed Sleep is generally good blue removal, but this one also proliferates, so in the right deck it's pretty spicy
TXC2: HIYgamer sure doesn't
BrowneePoints: protection will @hiygamer
GredGredmansson: @HIYgamer no, hexproof is not the same as protection
ReachW: @TheThirdTail thank you
Bugberry: @HIYgamer no that's only Protection. Hexproof just cares about targeting, not "being attached"
Davlenagain: @TXC2 cheifs and eagles i think
couchboyj: Mesmerizing Overdose
Pywodwagon: @Sibwow she mesmer on my dose til I izing
HIYgamer: @Sibwow I didn't think so, but I figured it was worth asking
TXC2: Davlenagain ok, thanks
Sibwow: @Sibwow no pywo she zings on my mesmer till i dose
Pywodwagon: dam u rite
Davlenagain: @TXC2 i'll be doing commerical watch....but i doubt i'll even see the game
Bugberry: Protection has DEBT which includes "equiped/attached" and "Target" as separate parts.
TXC2: Davlenagain yeah I've not bothered with one in a while :p
MegaDosX: Yeah, I've already seen someone get got by Skrelv like that, it's definitely not Protection From
Diabore: yeah they can double tap
Seth_Erickson: really needed that second plains :(
MegaDosX: Yeah James is DOB
BrowneePoints: cuz we don't teach our sons right
Easilycrazyhat: Oh no
Diabore: 3 slingers? got damn cam
IaCthulhuFthagn: @Bugberry Don't forget Fortified! Keepo
TXC2: BrowneePoints deep
Seth_Erickson: 3 slingers :O
neebusjeebus: cam playing the mirror
wyrmlord: gg james
Sibwow: 5-3 is where you can loop drafts
Easilycrazyhat: Thanks for doing that science, James
BrowneePoints: @txc2 also soberingly accurate
MegaDosX: Holy nuts opponent's going beep beep
TXC2: BrowneePoints indeed
Bugberry: @IaCthulhuFthagn Fortified is also "attached".
Diabore: wow op is rude
Easilycrazyhat: Remember, you're here forever
MegaDosX: Turns out, this is a pretty fast format
funguslore: Cam's deck looks sick KomodoHype
MegaDosX: No, seven, keep up Paul :p
BrindleBoar: life doesn't matter any more KAppa
BrindleBoar: Kappa
Sibwow: the dine of saur
Seth_Erickson: The Rot Priest giving the mite deathtouch is pretty good at least
MegaDosX: Yeah that's the right call opponent
Diabore: i love that the scrapgorger doesnt have to make mana to exile things
GredGredmansson: yeah you can attack with it for the final counter
baskwalla: Hack the planet!
Pywodwagon: cam saying good that way says something bad is happening
OmegaPlatinum: Password: Eggs
neebusjeebus: password TYFHMIGTBH
MegaDosX: *hacker voice* "I'm in"
Seth_Erickson: I feel like for wheeler it'd be myroommatedoesntknowhesmyhusband
bwk789: they were roommates?
LadyMCHall: wut
Nydestroyer: yeaits I love my roomate
heartofgoldfish: the premier husband lover of the format
NewtyNewts: Password: andtheywereroommates
MurphEP: Eggs@Ilovemyhusband dot com
TXC2: heartofgoldfish :D
LurkerSpine: clearly you just need LRRMTG, LRRMagic, and LRRGathering accounts
bwk789: MTVyouknowmusictelevision
MegaDosX: I mean, it'd probably be hard to crack it if it's that long
TXC2: but it's a REALLY secure password
baskwalla: Wheeler's why are you crying? Oh just logging in
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: quick everyone. I need to check i'm not reusing passwords. please send me your passwords so i can check
vandredd33: Hello my fellow Canadians :D
MurphEP: Password: Thankyouforhavingmeit'sgreatotbehere
neebusjeebus: username thankyouforhavingme password itsgreattobehere
MurphEP: @neebusjeebus ThankEgg
TXC2: hello vandredd33 welcome
neebusjeebus: @MurphEP same wavelength
Easilycrazyhat: You could probably use some more then, yeah? - Kathleen's deck, probably
F1SHOR: sergeHi sergeHi Morning team
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
TXC2: MurphEP that password is really strong though :p
midnightcurryjazz: lrrFINE
TXC2: Hello F1SHOR welcome
Diabore: sad dob
DadlyPuns: gotta pickup The Kid at school, goodluck fam
GredGredmansson: no
funguslore: James!!!
Easilycrazyhat: -x/-0
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GredGredmansson: it gives something ELSE -X/-0
MegaDosX: The 1/4 can become a 4/1 though
BrowneePoints: they also have 8 power yea
TehAmelie: mathematical facts are so hard to argue away
BrowneePoints: they must have an artifact
Diabore: they scared of the unknown
BrowneePoints: aaaah yea
MegaDosX: We take those!
Diabore: if they take it any proliferate kills them
couchboyj: It is therefor obvious to the casual observer that I am, in fact, dead. QED.
MegaDosX: They do have a tapper though
Nydestroyer: tamoyo too strong though
BrowneePoints: immobilizet
BrowneePoints: r
MegaDosX: Give them a chance to mess up though
the_one_and_only_kim: I dont really count playing around stuff while ahead as missing lethal
MegaDosX: No they found the line
AkiraBalance27: turns out mathematically death doesnt mean dead
Diabore: tbh id have done the same block, ANY proliferate kills them if they take the mite hit
Halinn: I thought it was benwheeler at hotmale dot com
TXC2: Bye James
MurphEP: Bye James!!
Easilycrazyhat: Always leave room for your opponent to punt
ReachW: Bye James
Riiiiiiis: hmmm didn't realise that would be a link
TXC2: Hello Ben
SnackPak_: Hi Ben
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Pywodwagon: thanksforhavingme@greatobehere dot com
RockPusher: Noted Good Human™ James Turner lrrSHINE
lady_olynder: i recently saw an ad for tim Horton's in NJ and was deeply confused
TXC2: Riiiiiiis oh you sweet summer child
Halinn: @LoadingReadyRun tell Paul that he deserves good things
Riiiiiiis: ohhhhhhh
Riiiiiiis: (will stop spamming now)
Riiiiiiis: ahh fair
RockPusher: Yeah, Twitch will link anything with a non-spaced dot
IaCthulhuFthagn: Tsk, imagine not being familiar with the ubiquitous TLD "kitchen" :P
Jackkvsparrow: jeeze i won total once out of 3 games on phyrexia all will be one pre-release lol
RockPusher: It's a very quick-and-dirty way of autolinking
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theBeardWitch: just coming in, is the format solved???
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sephsays: @lady_olynder There's a Tim Hortons opening soon near my hometown in the UK. I'm worried they got it mixed up with the city with the same name in Ontario.
Halinn: @RockPusher Also basically anything can be a TLD nowadays.
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demondrinkingtea: Behold blessed perfection - The LRR team!
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ReachW: I was very surprised to learn we already have a Tim's here in my hometown also in UK. Still haven't visited it though.
Riiiiiiis: what's the newest stupid tld?
IaCthulhuFthagn: @RockPusher What's wrong with good old info and tk? :P
RockPusher: Dunno about newest, but for a list of all TLDs, the IANA Root Zone Database is the source of truth:
Halinn: @Riiiiiiis Going by google finding me a list, .giving is the newest one open to the general public with .channel coming later this year
sephsays: I kinda like the simplicity of just .aaa, for all of your screaming needs.
TXC2: and we're back
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
NewtyNewts: This AND That?!
Riiiiiiis: giving is weirdly unspecific
MegaDosX: lmao and you thought you could escape James
Lordofironstorm: Whoa, James looks different
ReachW: Thanks for being here, Wheeler, it's great to have you.
baskwalla: Oh no, quit bag mouthing James
Lordofironstorm: And Paul sounds different
LadyLockwood92: Who's forming the head on this Voltron?
baskwalla: bad*
MegaDosX: Yeah that'll do it
jacqui_lantern234: I briefly considered getting the domain ""
RockPusher: The Paul will feed…
Easilycrazyhat: Nissa's so good XD
MegaDosX: Oh hey there
F1SHOR: Wotc staff look away
beowuuf: do wheeler's james bits still work if james is around to hear them? :p
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: is this screen cheating?
MegaDosX: Half of Teysa Karlov
Halinn: It's an 8/3 that can be indestructible
Sibwow: RB is a lot of death triggers
Bugberry: Black has lots of death triggers in this set.
TXC2: I had this today, turns out 3 toughness isn't enough
ReachW: Not even a 9/3 basically unplayable.
MegaDosX: Hah
MegaDosX: This draft is running back Kathleen's draft from yesterday
Halinn: dagron
Sibwow: what idiot passed the dragon Keepo
Lordofironstorm: How did the dragon make it to pick two?!
MegaDosX: Or was it sealed
Lordofironstorm: ohhhhh
Halinn: I don't bargle with yargle, of course I'll pick him
Lordofironstorm: duh
MegaDosX: Yeah we know who passed it :p
Bugberry: 4/4 flyer that reuses a spell
RockPusher: ♫ Yargle! Ya-ar-gle! ♫
MegaDosX: Was talking to chat because someone asked who passed it
Glittert00ts: Surely he wouldn't
MurphEP: All will be ONE
TXC2: cooperation makes it happen
Seth_Erickson: mesmerizing dose?
Easilycrazyhat: Maro says friendship is cheating. You heard it here first.
Seth_Erickson: The golem seems fine too
Sibwow: greasy lad
MegaDosX: Collusion!
ReachW: Friendship is Cheating was a weird spinoff.
hd_dabnado: <3
AliceLovelin: Do you're best... oof
MegaDosX: lmaooo
Seth_Erickson: how dare they honestly
MurphEP: lrrWOW
IaCthulhuFthagn: Sneaking a peek at your opponent's hand in commander is not cheating, it's misunderstanding the evening's format as 2HG.
F1SHOR: benginLol benginLol
Halinn: 🥚
Sibwow: the eggs are all gas
kilnfiendpotter: Hello hello!
Alex_Frostfire: It's only cheating if you agree on it.
thraximore: e g g
Sibwow: yes there is
tehfewl: its your opponents fault for not hiding their cards better
Trahas: but 1 mana divination
Alex_Frostfire: Disclaimer: that's actually terrible advice.
neebusjeebus: lrrWHEELER_TK
Sibwow: well its a vat not a vial
brainbosh: The majority of the flyers are x/1 too
XivXiyan: 🥚
Harvest25: Eggs are solid
Trahas: distorted curiosity is very good
ReachW: geg
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fearofthedark89: Eggs
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> The Fambily Jambily is still going strong, we've swapped out James (that's me!) for Wheeler, and we have some more Collector Boosties to giveaway! | Tune in at | @loadingreadyrun> Time for the Phyrexia: All will be One FamJam! Let's hang out all day and jam Arena drafts! 📷
couchboyj: Skulls are all solid
RixtonSnek: all eggs all the time
MegaDosX: Peep that curve
MegaDosX: It's a solid block
EmrakulTheAeonsTorn: I love eggs
IaCthulhuFthagn: @Alex_Frostfire Only cheating if they manage to extract a confession from you.
aggrocrow: how has this format been treating yall?
MurphEP: @MegaDosX Perfectly balanced
Lordofironstorm: From my experience at the Prerelease, It's weirdly easy to get flooded or screwed in this format
EmrakulTheAeonsTorn: Thrummingbird number 2!!
ReachW: Accurate.
MegaDosX: Turn six first creature
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Trahas: Blue has always been open for me so far, but Green Black has been the best and most popular color combo in my limited (pun intended) experience
TXC2: "is it good?" "it's GREASY and it's READY!"
Sibwow: cultivate mass
couchboyj: Oil wrestling is a Turkish thing, right?
TXC2: couchboyj yes
ghizmou: you mean sfw
bolas_dnd: incognito tab lets goooo
YeetTheRich_: no thoughts, only grease
Easilycrazyhat: Sumo wrestler 1, Kathleens thoughts 0.
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
ReachW: Thrummingthird
Sibwow: watch out im gonna thrum
Easilycrazyhat: It's all gonna be gas starting now.
MegaDosX: Though Cam's game is the duality of Magic, while Cam is flooding, opponent is mana screwed
Nydestroyer: Thumming bird is rough unless you have lots of removal, this set is full of random flyers
tehfewl: Does the bird thrum, or is it a bird what is used for thrumming?
NewtyNewts: Not enough priests in this format.
Feriority: Birds of a tooth flock... in a booth? Needs work
Seth_Erickson: That was Brother's War
Feriority: Oh thrummingbird isn't one of the flying teeth birds
Easilycrazyhat: Gixian is for Gix followers
Sibwow: gix is separate fro jin gitaxis
bolas_dnd: of Gix
MegaDosX: Oh snap Thrun
asthanius: Three thrumming birds, two turtle doves
heartofgoldfish: @MegaDosX this gives me a great idea for a new fact-or-fiction effect
LadyLockwood92: Gitaxian for Jin Gitaxis
bolas_dnd: don't snicker at the black package...
MegaDosX: Thrun is pretty strong
Harvest25: Thrunn does work
bolas_dnd: i tell myself
MegaDosX: Essentially shroud for non-green
ReachW: Doesn't die to removal, crucially.
IaCthulhuFthagn: @Feriority: ...and that's the truth?
theBeardWitch: if you get zorruption going, zealous conviction is actually obscene
theBeardWitch: corruption lol
TXC2: I feel like that card would be better if it was indestructible on opps turns
MegaDosX: !card zealous conscription
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Feriority: Flensing Raptor is an A+ name, thanks I hate it
NewtyNewts: Other creature sadly, Cam
MegaDosX: !card zealous conviction
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
MegaDosX: OK, to Scryfall because that's a double whiff >_>
Alex_Frostfire: @Feriority Eh, it's no worse than Clown Extruder.
Halinn: It's so big
neebusjeebus: !card zealous conscripts
LRRbot: Zealous Conscripts [4R] | Creature — Human Warrior [3/3] | Haste / When Zealous Conscripts enters the battlefield, gain control of target permanent until end of turn. Untap that permanent. It gains haste until end of turn.
TXC2: you can whisper commands to lrrbot BTW
TehAmelie: Gix and Gitaxis, could be MtG's version of Gog and Magog (except i think they were referenced in some ancient card)
Halinn: !card zealot's conviction
sephsays: That's the highest Toxic level without needing 9 different land types :P
MegaDosX: There we go, though LRRbot just said no because it got called too recently :p
Halinn: !quote conviction
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Halinn: !findquote conviction
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
theBeardWitch: !card Zealot's Conviction
LRRbot: Zealot's Conviction [W] | Enchantment — Aura | Flash / Enchant creature / Enchanted creature gets +1/+1. / Corrupted — As long as an opponent has three or more poison counters, enchanted creature gets an additional +1/+0 and has first strike.
Easilycrazyhat: !findquote no
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
3PlayerPolitics: lol
Halinn: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4374: "A lot of life is just fixing problems that you've made for yourself." —Ian [2017-10-02]
TXC2: wow really lrrbot ?
crazyburrito7: !quote yes
Halinn: !findquote yes
theBeardWitch: duelest
theBeardWitch: duelist-
Feriority: @Feriority Oh no we oiled the crown extruder with phyrexian oil
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catfoo123: wow
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TXC2: someone please Hug Cameron
theBeardWitch: aspirant is SO good
Feriority: T: Artifact Creature - Phyrexian Robot Clown
3PlayerPolitics: yes pls hug the Cam if consents
MegaDosX: But what if Thrummingbird hit for three
brainbosh: Aspirant is such a good card in this set
ReachW: bloobyNotes don't draw twelve lands to opponent's five.
MegaDosX: Rat!
thraximore: 🐀 !
NewtyNewts: Rats!
Halinn: Rat!
brainbosh: You have a rat
theBeardWitch: oh but ben, you can oroliferate the 'Squito
Pywodwagon: is that THE giant rat that makes all of da rules?!
Easilycrazyhat: Take the king and mono blightbelly rat
Feriority: You have two rats already!
Halinn: Probably Necrosquito or removal
Feriority: You have the skitterling too
Feriority: Live the rat tribal dream
theBeardWitch: VENSERRRR
MegaDosX: He makes Karn golems
Leonhart321: With the birds?
Wolfstrike_NL: 7-1 on first draft on this format :D went and forced white/black.
AugmentingPath: take the signpost rare for your archetype seems good
TiagoToledo: egg NotLikeThis
laundreydhull: Venser, the E'V'I'L Husk
theBeardWitch: you can proliferate th eoil
laundreydhull: did lrrWHEELER go mono-egg yet?
AugmentingPath: Calling Anointer FTK is making some pretty greasy assumptions, but I respect it
theBeardWitch: decks already a banger Cam haha
Feriority: @laundreydhull mono-egg? in this economy?
3PlayerPolitics: greasy assumptions lol
Arikell: are there any payloads that would work for a mono-egg deck?
theBeardWitch: yeah in the lore, yeah.
Seth_Erickson: I just assumed he had Karn's body
Easilycrazyhat: That would make sense
AugmentingPath: @3PlayerPolitics the grease is real
laundreydhull: I mean, a sphere is a somewhat type of egg...
LadyMCHall: because Karn is friend shaped
DoctorHutch: Now I wanna watch Zima Blue again
bolas_dnd: Corpse Puppet is the rudest card ever made.
Leonhart321: A Venser shaped skin puppet
TXC2: "Venser's been dead for 15 years"
Nydestroyer: that is way late for that drake
Nydestroyer: thats insane
MegaDosX: I feel like Kathleen's deck's curve is flipping me off
LadyMCHall: thus hollow also be karn shaped
3PlayerPolitics: @augmentingpath babero3Cursed
ReachW: I'm even sadder about Venser now.
notsomuchsuccess: Venser was my favorite planeswalker. I'm so sad this happened to him.
theBeardWitch: it IS so good
NewtyNewts: Maybe nobody's in blue
Halinn: You're just the oiliest drafter the at the table
zhrang911: Some draft guides rate it poorly, is probably why
lamina5432: I made a trawler drake a 10/10 i this format
laundreydhull: Venser: Wh-what do you mean?
funguslore: Ben's deck looks sick
yuan42: wait i just realized, we got a triple block zendikar, a double block zendikar, and a single block zendikar
laundreydhull: Chat: You died, Venser. years ago.
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DrMagnify: hey ho fambily jambily
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bwk789: so thats where umara mystic came from
LadyLockwood92: Just *full* of oil.
chonkski: Going 0-3 like a greased pig
AugmentingPath: moar liek 0il-3
emeraude824: Is it just me or there voice is a bit low?
3PlayerPolitics: @laundreydhull years ago this very night!!
notsomuchsuccess: Slaps Wheeler's roof. This bad boy can fit so much oil in it.
laundreydhull: tis fine.
TiagoToledo: 2s and 3s? seems like Wheeler tribal to me Kappa
Feriority: @notsomuchsuccess Same feelings but for Vraska. WotC only remembers the Jace/Vraska ship when it's time to hurt the people who ship it. Which is weird because nobody shipped it until they made it a thing in Ixalan
Feriority: Well, probably not *nobody*, but
BrowneePoints: my 2nd ever draft was triple Zendikar and I got demolished by Living Tsunami, Adventuring Gear and Teetering Peaks @loadingreadyrun
TXC2: the 80's Cameron Kappa
Leonhart321: The A Team originally though
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: we ll you are the A team
Halinn: Your opponent is playing more eggs than you, Wheeler. How does that make you feel
notsomuchsuccess: @feriority I never thought about it, but you're 100% right.
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Halinn: !findquote oil
LRRbot: Quote #7169: "I'm the oil winner around here." —Graham [2020-09-03]
theBeardWitch: real talk, gitaxian raptor has seemed great to me
Sibwow: like an apple?
theBeardWitch: blocks everything
AugmentingPath: Oh hey, Atraxa made a greasy steel seraph
MegaDosX: Supposedly blue is a bit eh in this format
neebusjeebus: !findquote rat
LRRbot: Quote #7080: "Think of me more as a frightened rat king in a sweater, rather than 'your host'." —Cameron [2020-07-29]
theBeardWitch: yeah, the community has decided its p bad
F1SHOR: im playing ONE for the first time and have a sealed with almost mono white 2 drops and then thrun benginLol
theBeardWitch: they aint wrong
ChillyCru: Blue sucks in this format
theBeardWitch: but that leaves it wide open
BrowneePoints: blue is a great support color
Feriority: @notsomuchsuccess Ixalan's tragic ending for them, then nothing for 2 years, then war of the spark bungling every ship, then nothing for 3 years, then ONE
YawgmothsBargainStore: UW artifacts can be very strong
TXC2: I assume it's weak FOR BLUE
theBeardWitch: yeah data has skewed limited players
Bugberry: Arena has a good track record of improving formats with tweaks, so I look forward to see what changes.
ReachW: People have overcorrected for what is like, a 5% WR difference.
kumatsu: Tierlists continue to only matter to the top 1% of players and nobody else, even in Limited
IzlanntheLion: Ben what's your take on 'Saw In Half' for Aristocrats in Canlander
theBeardWitch: and usually early data is super flawed
YeetTheRich_: the limited environment is oily
IaCthulhuFthagn: @Feriority: +1 for Vraska. I mean, Jace obviously needed to die ages ago, but it feels like that would sufficiently have broken the pair for us to be able to keep Vraska :-/
TheThirdTail: It's the difference between analyzing large amounts of data and evaluating an individual draft
Mazrae: is this group two now?
laundreydhull: seen only as much of LR, Marshal, LSV back in Neon Dynasty
couchboyj: If the bad color is open, it'll be better than a good color that isn't open, generally
AugmentingPath: The chat loved it. Wheeler was divided
Mazrae: or did wheeler just switch with james
LadyMCHall: Blue is like what...the the oil color of the set?
TXC2: Mazrae yeap just swapped out
GredGredmansson: blue has the most proliferate
Alex_Frostfire: Often proliferate stuff.
MegaDosX: @LadyMCHall Blue is one of the Proliferate colours
Lordofironstorm: Blue is the proliferate color
MegaDosX: Oil is mostly Rx I think?
Lordofironstorm: Red and Green are the oil colors
Bugberry: @LadyMCHall It's mostly Temur. Blue/Green proliferates them while Red does a lot of spending them.
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3PlayerPolitics: rip
emeraude824: Blue green is where it's at
LadyMCHall: right, so blue on its own isn't that great yeah?
GredGredmansson: the proliferate DECK is Sultai; blue and black at the helm with Green providing backup
ReachW: Still killed something, though!
MegaDosX: Yeah this board is a whole thing
LoadingReadyRun: The rest of the day for those curious. Cameron is here till 4, as is Wheeler. Kathleen is here till 2:30 at which point Adam will take over for her. Then at 4:00 Ben and Nelson will come in, and it'll be those two and Adam for the rest of the show.
bolas_dnd: M E A T
neebusjeebus: ben look upon the meat shrubs
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 1:31 PM
Bugberry: Each mechanic is roughly within each Wedge trio. Abzan are the Toxic colors.
noSmokeFire: this arena is what happens when a Phyrexian visits the bodyworks exhibit and thinks "I can do better"
Lordofironstorm: What about Green in BFZ?
GredGredmansson: Jeskai is artifacts
NewtyNewts: So, 1 hour of Kathleen before she becomes Adam, then an hour and a half before Wheeler/Cam rotate for Ben/Nelly
MegaDosX: Oof
NewtyNewts: Achieve!
GredGredmansson: and I'm not sure what Mardu is
3PlayerPolitics: ratt boissss
ConjugateVoices: excitement is encouraged
MegaDosX: Holy cats
thraximore: yeah BABY 🐀 !
Easilycrazyhat: They just have all the answers
MegaDosX: I...think Kathleen is dead
HIYgamer: I remember cleaning up at my LGS during a Ravnica Allegiance draft, because everyone else at the table thought Azorius sucked, so I got to draft multiple High Alerts
ReachW: I think AVR Black was more like "play mono-black or don't play black at all" as the accepted wisdom, and I'd disagree with the second half of that honestly.
Lord_Hosk: Kathleen I recommend instead of your opponent having good cards and them drawing them, instead, you have good cards and draw them in the right order.
ConjugateVoices: look at that rat army
BrowneePoints: I dont think it was unplayable but after all the INN and Ascension drafts I did boy did I HATE AVR
MegaDosX: !card furnace punisher
LRRbot: Furnace Punisher [2R] | Creature — Phyrexian Warrior [3/3] | Menace / At the beginning of each player's upkeep, Furnace Punisher deals 2 damage to that player unless they control two or more basic lands.
ConjugateVoices: I love magmatic sprinter
MegaDosX: Disgusting.
Bugberry: It's a Viashino Sandstalker that oils up other guys.
3PlayerPolitics: eww
ReachW: also that said they threw the sprinter into the attack so it could be worse I guess.
emeraude824: Not a huge fan of this format
Lord_Hosk: I have no advice on how to make that happen sorry all I got is make the game give you the good cards instead of giving them all to your opponent.
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Give your George Stick a little wiggle.
Alex_Frostfire: The number one thing I want to see in this set is Free from Flesh targeting a Trawler Drake.
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TXC2: head down, thumbs up
LadyMCHall: cheer500
MegaDosX: No pressure Kathleen, you just have 682 people watching you play lrrBEEJ
Riiiiiiis: @MegaDosX Well, I'm not really watching
Atomskin: did an irl draft over the weekend, opened a pack 2 Atraxa...threw me off entirely.
3PlayerPolitics: oop
Lordofironstorm: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:32:00.
lady_olynder: its all good, i had a wonderful aggro deck and just went that went 0-3 because it only drew the three 4 drops and land after the opening hands
MegaDosX: So oily
A_Dub888: oily boyly
bwk789: I'm doing tera raids, anyone want to help me get palafin and some trades?
Mazrae: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1d, 0:46:21. lrrSPOT
MegaDosX: Oh no
Atomskin: oily sprinter is p good
neebusjeebus: 1 day?
MegaDosX: Encroaching Mycosynth seems bad in limited
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: dog streams
MegaDosX: Also, hi Ben!
ReachW: Plague Wind is a very good card in Limited, yeah.
ReachW: Also hi Ben!
BrowneePoints: there is not a single person at LRR who is into Magic who is Bad at Magic
F1SHOR: benginHi benginHi
TXC2: Izzit?
Lordofironstorm: Temur Oil?
ghyllnox: :D
bwk789: Hey Ben, q to both Bens what's your favourite new poke in Paldea?
Atomskin: Blast out of nowhere is a house. lol
Bugberry: Temur Oil?
laundreydhull: @megadosx oh, gotcha. refreshed live twitch followed channels
Giraldi657: I believe in you Cam
BrowneePoints: Utter Temoil Cam
BrowneePoints: It's Utter Temoil
TXC2: Hello Ben
Atomskin: Go, Cam! Go, Kathleen! Go, Wheeler!
theBeardWitch: Ben has a good radio voice
LoadingReadyRun: @bwk789 I'm an orthworm boy and I think Wheeler's fave is TInkaton
GredGredmansson: SeemsGood?
MurphEP: The number of the Beast!
TehAmelie: the devil's three color
BrowneePoints: You may want the expand the spheres
bwk789: Thanks Ben. Have you got it in blue/purplw yet?
MegaDosX: Well that's...a hand
A_Dub888: lrrFINE
LoadingReadyRun: @bwk789 not yet! I've got too many games on my plate these days haha
theBeardWitch: kathleen whats goin on???
Sibwow: no mom is next set
DoctorHutch: tiny mom or big mom? both are scary in this set
LadyMCHall: Mother knows best
GredGredmansson: Skrelv is given he/him in the legends article
MegaDosX: Skrelv's page on the MTG wiki says he/him
bolas_dnd: Shoutouts to Wheeler. I used the Surfs Up party he showcased from Is This Your Card Pokemon VGC and ranked up significantly. most fun i've ever had playing competetive pokemon.
Zhedor: No static on our end
ContingentCat: No bees
BrowneePoints: Ah so Skrelv is Father of Runes
LadyMCHall: Mite Daddy!
Sibwow: you can be a him mom
TXC2: well men can be mothers too
Pywodwagon: "Only a foot tall but equipped with a sharp bite, Skrelv and thousands of his siblings were created for a simple task, one he has long since forgotten. By all standards of the mighty Machine Orthodoxy, he is worthless and defective, and should have been harvested for parts long ago for integration with a more worthy Phyrexian. However, through some serendipitous combination of cleverness, luck, and his small stature, he has managed to evade being recycled."
MurphEP: I am, for sure
MegaDosX: I mean, fair
BrowneePoints: We've got Mom, Step Mom, and Dad
CanPlayGames: Birds lay eggs
couchboyj: He can have big stay at home dad energy. I bet Skrelv can tell great puns.
Pywodwagon: his blurb says to me his name was supposed to be defective mite, not defector
Earthenone: unlike mom, dad cant take care of himself
Trahas: yes
theBeardWitch: yeah the trick
GredGredmansson: Mental Misstep?
theBeardWitch: nah
Sibwow: no untap
Dread_Pirate_Westley: +1/+3, flying and toxic 1.
neebusjeebus: @Pywodwagon i think defector is still apt, he completely forgot his purpose and is now just trying to avoid being recycled
BrowneePoints: wait a second, The Mother of Machines is opposed by the Father of Runes
MegaDosX: They got a 1/1 out of it and you lost a Skitterfang, which is a kill on sight threat, so I get it
GredGredmansson: indeed you have cam
TXC2: I put it to you that 3 hours of sleep isn't :p
MegaDosX: Oof
MegaDosX: Which walker?
bwk789: To quote CH/Friday Nights, Cam go get coffee
asthanius: Like the thing where you read instructions on food and throw it in the trash. Then get the instructions out of the trash three more times.
virgil82: Cam's world is a blur of sensation that leave no impression?
kilnfiendpotter: Cam, are you also taking care of a newborn? I too am running on too little sleep
shurtal: i want someone to show up to an FNM with a bottle of 10w-30, totally misunderstanding the set mechanics
Atomskin: @shurtal or a whole case, to use each bottle as an oil counter.
neebusjeebus: lrrWHEELER_TK
shurtal: @Atomskin just sleeve up their deck, then dump an entire bottle of Pennzoil over it, getting an instant ban from the establishment
MegaDosX: Alexa, play Necrosquito
Pywodwagon: paul used his censor button on it
ConjugateVoices: Leave it in!
Atomskin: @shurtal but the confidence that shows!
MegaDosX: Oh, Cam's dead on board
shurtal: slipping a little on the way out
GredGredmansson: lrrJAMES
Mr_Horrible: Phyrexia: All Will Be Lands
MegaDosX: That Phyrexian Arena is going to kill them
ghizmou: voxy s been killing it
Sibwow: voxy is screaming about the old praetors
Painfully_Dyslexic: Voxy was doing well yesterday
bwk789: Question to the crew and chat, what should i name my shiny Spoink and shiny drifloon?
MegaDosX: Which is fair I guess :p
Mr_Horrible: yeah, that feels pretty bamboozling
Pywodwagon: deathsie posted that he thinks its a benjamin button format where he thinks hes liking it more as time goes on
GredGredmansson: I saw her play with Urabrask against Vorinclex
Leonhart321: Or Vorinclex
theBeardWitch: I've been enjoying Chord-o-Call's takes on the set
BrowneePoints: yea Sheoldred and vorinclex in this format is oof
Juliamon: bwk789 Porkchop and Condom
Mr_Horrible: (I also still HATE that predilection new sets have)
Atomskin: this format is tricky. granted, it's been less than a week. lol
Mr_Horrible: it's so tiresome
bwk789: @Juliamon yes and oh no
BrowneePoints: winning against Sheoldred or Vorinclex is incredibly hard
Graham_LRR: I’m not remotely hating on this set, but I’m having A TIME getting my feet under me. I think it’s a cool set, honestly.
adambomb625: Hi Kathleen! Bye Kathleen!
MegaDosX: Vorinclex in this format seems like the dream, and Sheoldred is still busted in limited, so that tracks
MolaMolaphant: @bwk789 spoink HamJam, drifloon YellowBellow
TXC2: also makes collection the set much harder
TXC2: *collecting
Sibwow: jusst regular embursement
Nydestroyer: no one gets in
bwk789: HamJam is v good Mola
LadyLockwood92: So secure no one can get in, even Kathleen.
Pywodwagon: Ben can you tell us your password so we know you know it
ReachW: Kaitopponent
Alex_Frostfire: Question for chat, are clues eggs?
BrowneePoints: I think this is a very intricate set and toxic makes the puzzle pieces harder to figure out @graham_lrr
noonies: @Alex_Frostfire I say no, because they don't draw when they ENTER.
DoctorHutch: lrrHAM JAM
Mr_Horrible: @Graham_LRR I think that's a fair assessment. There's a lot of complexity and interactions, but it doesn't slot together quite as neatly or intuitively as something like Neon Dynasty, it seems
theBeardWitch: i mean, white is busted if you get in that lane
Pywodwagon: can't recur a clue
baskwalla: But are Eggs Clues?
Sibwow: is parcel myr a nut?
Mr_Horrible: Eggs, Nuts, and Clues, the 3 food groups
ReachW: @Alex_Frostfire Eggs draw on sacrifice. Nuts draw on ETB.
Lord_Hosk: Blue is a huge busted outperformer I win every time I play it in this format
asthanius: Can food be eggs?
crazyburrito7: Are eggs clues?
noonies: @Graham_LRR I think Oil Counters are one of my favorite Limited mechanics I've ever seen, but hoo boy did I 0-3 several prereleases last weekend
LadyLockwood92: Are they nuts?
noonies: I am NOT good enough at Magic to be playing Neo New Phyrexia
TXC2: it's only egg if it's a cuclue Kappa
neebusjeebus: i think the fact that black has like 4 different removal spells at common and uncommon is pretty crazy
A_Dub888: Is mayonnaise an egg?
TehAmelie: eggs are unhatched trans people PrideCheers
neebusjeebus: and theyre all good
Nydestroyer: golden egg is my favorite old game
AliceLovelin: Oil counters are just charge counters but thematic to phyrexia, it's not like it's something new
MWGNZ: mayo is egg milk
GredGredmansson: horseradish is not an egg either
noonies: @neebusjeebus The white card that exiles a planeswalker/artifact/enchantment for 3 at common, or a creature for 6, just blows me out every time
TiagoToledo: mayo confirmed egg
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
AdamYMHMI: Mayonnaise is egg with several oil counters on it.
ReachW: It's true.
BrowneePoints: mayonaise is what you get after crack eggs
GredGredmansson: we call those "ETB abilities"
lady_olynder: i did in fact draw a card
Pywodwagon: I will allow this in comp level events
Bugberry: @AliceLovelin charge counters went almost exclusively on Artifacts, so there is a usage differene.
josh___something: knawledge
MrQBear: mmm. Phyrexian Mayo?
Sibwow: if you had a 3 mana artifact that drew 2 cards would that be an eggnut or a nutegg
Lordofironstorm: Trans people cantrip
LadyMCHall: I also drew a card
Mr_Bitterness: Trans people have a very strong ETB, drawing a card is always good
Lordofironstorm: This is canon now
MurphEP: That one got me
MrQBear: What kinda bread do you use to make a sandwich with phyrexian mayo?
ThatJenkins: its true i drew into my kill spell when i came out
GredGredmansson: double top yikes
BrowneePoints: el Spidro cuprico
crazyburrito7: Whatever sandwich you make, it will be a compleat meal
neebusjeebus: el spidro phyrexio
MolaMolaphant: @MrQBear I'd pick Meli-rye, but that's just me
MrQBear: @crazyburrito7 ah, so a breakfast sandwich.
BrowneePoints: lol proliferate bolt the bird
noonies: You know what's a bad feeling? Casting Argentum Masticore with one card in hand and living the rest of your life in topdeck mode
noonies: Source: prerelease
ReachW: I'll allow it.
MegaDosX: Uh.
GredGredmansson: beep beep
theamc2000: Hi
MegaDosX: You can block it at least
theamc2000: Camerer
TXC2: hello theamc2000 welcome
Mr_Horrible: Creature - Giant Rat Dat Makes All Of Da Rules
BrowneePoints: Wheeler is da big rat dat makes all of da rules
MrQBear: @MrQBear Aha!
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DerUser94: Time for some FamJam
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MegaDosX: Yeah you get to swing with the Masticore once
arkham1981: Basement Jaxx references ftw btw
Earthenone: family mbtygoFrogtheJAMMIN ily
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omdorastrix: always nice to see the family jamily going well
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noonies: is it just me or is this set just MADE of keywords
TXC2: noonies that's just magic in the 2020's :p
bv310: It really is a lot
Bugberry: @noonies it only has about 4 for the set. There are the 1 or 2 ofs like Affinity.
ConjugateVoices: Copper spider is great
Mr_Horrible: canopy spider strikes again
noonies: I saw that 5/5 for 5 with Menace and Reach and my response was "Sure, fine, 5/5s definitely need 2 keywords at uncommon to be playable on curve"
MegaDosX: !card serum-core chimera
LRRbot: Serum-Core Chimera [2UR] | Creature — Phyrexian Chimera [2/4] | Flying / Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, put an oil counter on Serum-Core Chimera. / Remove three oil counters from Serum-Core Chimera: Draw a card. Then you may discard a nonland card. When you discard a card this way, Serum-Core Chimera deals 3 damage to target creature or planeswalker. Activate only as a sorcery.
chaostreader: !card serum-core chimera
LRRbot: Serum-Core Chimera [2UR] | Creature — Phyrexian Chimera [2/4] | Flying / Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, put an oil counter on Serum-Core Chimera. / Remove three oil counters from Serum-Core Chimera: Draw a card. Then you may discard a nonland card. When you discard a card this way, Serum-Core Chimera deals 3 damage to target creature or planeswalker. Activate only as a sorcery.
zhrang911: Cam has lethal with serum core, doesnt he?
BrowneePoints: El Spidro Cuprico es Muy Perfecto
zhrang911: He can just serum core and dome them for 3
Mr_Horrible: noonies Sentinel Spider's come a long way (and it was already too good for the set where it was printed LUL )
Bugberry: @noonies 5/5 for 5 with no keywords has been mediocre for a long time.
MegaDosX: Too bad that's not any target
ReachW: You can't dome with Serum-Core, chat.
noonies: oh sure, but I'm used to my uncommon Limited 5 drops having an keyword
noonies: not two keyword
zhrang911: @MegaDosX thank you! I was very confused and being a silly chatter
noonies: There was also a nonzero amount of "WHY DOES IT HAVE REACH I WOULD RATHER IT NOT HAVE REACH"
BrowneePoints: proliferate ping see what you draw?
niccus: it's definitely continuing the arms race a touch, although the brakes are at least showing
Bugberry: @noonies at this point I'm not sure what people think communicates Reach beyond just being a Spider.
GredGredmansson: i wonder if we give a flyer deathtouch
TehAmelie: there has to be some joke about Ea-Nasir with Copper Longlegs
MegaDosX: Swinging with the 0/3 to send a message
noonies: oh it wasn't a case of "That has reach?!", it was a case of "I had a 3/3 flier and their 5/5 with reach kinda shut that plan down which made me sad"
MegaDosX: Yeah this is a problem
TheWriterAleph: hello there fambly jamblies
TXC2: hello TheWriterAleph welcome
RockPusher: That has reach‽
Dantt2022: <message deleted>wow... you guys look bored out of your mind...
couchboyj: is it creature type spider archer?
theBeardWitch: skitterbug gives deathtouch yeah?
TheWriterAleph: are ye winning, children?
BrowneePoints: it draws a card though
MegaDosX: On the plus side they literally can't attack right now
brainbosh: Engulfer is weird
MegaDosX: They just lose if they attack
MegaDosX: Oh
MegaDosX: That might do it
noonies: possible gg lethal here
noonies: dang it
Ctabbe: what does the altar do with compleation
MegaDosX: No, you aren't dead
brainbosh: Damn, creature
noonies: they lose 1 life, Ctabbe
TheWriterAleph: format seems fast, faster than BRO, anyway
noonies: Oooooh, gigabrain
GredGredmansson: doesn't have haste, friend
asthanius: ??? What do they have in hand?
zhrang911: ? it doesnt get haste?
niccus: still no haste, but i understand the enthusiasm
noonies: it doesn't need haste, now they can attack and leave back a blocker
ReachW: And oppo's dead now.
asthanius: Ooh they think it won't turn back?
asthanius: Wait it didn't turn back
noonies: Oh wait
Mr_Horrible: it stays a copy, chat
asthanius: what
MegaDosX: Oh it doesn't turn back, interesting
tehfewl: curve ends at 4 or 5
brainbosh: Yep, doesn't work how OP wanted
neebusjeebus: cam im so sorry
ReachW: oh wait copy effect, doi
zhrang911: Holy shit what a play
asthanius: Oh my god
Alex_Frostfire: It has a newer effect that says it's a creature. Neat!
MegaDosX: That's pretty neat
noonies: see here I thought the play was "have three blockers" that's my bad
Pywodwagon: you have to tap it anyways
zhrang911: You dont want to do that anyways
ralphthellama: when running things like Terramorphic Expanse, is that included in the 16 or 17 lands, or in addition to?
RixtonSnek: don't think it mattered, yeah
MegaDosX: They still can't attack without another attacker though
GredGredmansson: yeah its also a tap ability
v_nome: I keep having that "only as sorcery" problem too.
GredGredmansson: I think opp has lethal
DerUser94: @ralphthellama I always count such things
GredGredmansson: yeah they had exactsies
MegaDosX: This is a race for one of Cam or opponent to get another creature
Dread_Pirate_Westley: OP sure did miss lethal there.
noonies: yeah that's lethal, since cam can't block with the Chimera
ralphthellama: @deruser94 got it, thanks!
RixtonSnek: OP also isn't paying attention, yeah
brainbosh: And can't be blocked by flyers for some *weird* reason
Lordofironstorm: and inverse flying
MegaDosX: Yeah Cam's dead now
TXC2: oof
Sorator13: oh... oh dear
GredGredmansson: they don't know that they flyer can't block
MegaDosX: They have literal exactsies right now
miles_ivy: never read the card never gonna read the card
DerUser94: And now watch cam as he turns this thing around
brainbosh: They've had lethal for turns now
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
RixtonSnek: gg
neebusjeebus: this is hell
ckupf: this is statistically unlikely
MegaDosX: Cam has drawn 11 of his 17 lands
RixtonSnek: yeah, unlucky
LurkerSpine: could always sac prism to draw a card?
asthanius: Prism doesn't do that
GredGredmansson: @LurkerSpine how?
MegaDosX: Can't sac Prism
noonies: @MegaDosX more than 11. he's popped a few of the draw lands
MegaDosX: !card prophetic prism
LRRbot: Prophetic Prism [2] | Artifact | When Prophetic Prism enters the battlefield, draw a card. / {1}, {T}: Add one mana of any color.
TXC2: Opp please
LadyLockwood92: Better to be killed than die.
miles_ivy: yeah sure why not
MegaDosX: @noonies That's true
DoctorHutch: if your gonna refuse to scoop i feel like you give up your right to complain :P
kilnfiendpotter: I'm not certain what circle of hell this is, but Cam doesn't deserve to be in it.
Pywodwagon: put settle at mythic in every draft set, teach people fear
miles_ivy: that was one of the games of all time
LurkerSpine: oh never mind, I'm thinking of a diff card
51 raiders from GoodDayInternet have joined!
Zhedor: I think they missed that predation steward is sorcery speed
MegaDosX: Raiders!
TXC2: Hello Radiers
LadyLockwood92: Welcome raiders~
A_Dub888: Pack 1 pick Thrunn
uchihab7: thrunn is bomb in limited
GoodDayInternet: RAIIIII-DERS!
miles_ivy: love that song in kings disease III
theBeardWitch: yeah cackler is great
noonies: Thrun is just such a backbreaker in limited
gualdhar: I keep thinking of the Tetris God sketch where they keep shoving line pieces
GredGredmansson: FUN
noonies: there's like, what, three cards in the set that can kill it if you're not already on the back foot?
theBeardWitch: cultivator is OIL
ReachW: until we figure it out? Wow, we're gonna be here all week.
Nukified: fun, and Cam's misery
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
SnackPak_: ooohhhh
aggrocrow: I keep forgetting time zones are a thing, cuz I was just like "but it's already 5....."
Sorator13: I... don't get it
aggrocrow: New York time lol
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
Jermyee: I'm literally on the floor laughing
RockPusher: 'night TXC2
sirspate: subtle
Harvest25: Tooth joke, on New Phyrexia
BusTed: @Sorator13 tooth hurty
EmilyDefiesLogic: tooth hurty
LadyLockwood92: Bye TXC2
TXC2: goodnight everybody and thanks for streaming LRR
Sorator13: ty
Jermyee: my tooth is now hurty
TheWriterAleph: g'night TXC2
Jermyee: slow down please
Riiiiiiis: what is time
miles_ivy: love a 3/3 for 3
thraximore: I see.
MegaDosX: Oh boy, bruxism, that's fun
Riiiiiiis: I think it's called "tooth hurtful"
LadyLockwood92: 'Neat...'
thraximore: @MegaDosX Alas, we are not rats.
bo_brinkman: I don't think "your tooth doesn't hurt because you are grinding your teeth" works ...
DerUser94: So did you get some plastik covers then Kathleen?
thraximore: I think wheeler's mic is buzzing a little bit still
EightBitArcher: in fairness that's still a perfectly valid tooth hurty to visit the dentist for, teeth grinding sucks and they can do some stuff to help
tehfewl: i keep havin my dentists ask if i'm a grinder, and all i can think of is "is this person trying to be low key?"
ReachW: LUL
thraximore: pivot!
noonies: totally splashable Kappa
miles_ivy: pivot!
theBeardWitch: rummager unfortunately
gualdhar: compleated hover myr
theBeardWitch: never is
bwk789: Just found a shiny snorunt that's female without sandwiches!!!!
DerUser94: @bwk789 Congrats
LordManiMani: @bwk789 1) congrats! 2) that sure is a sentence
theBeardWitch: stand is super good
bwk789: @DerUser94 thanks, thats nat shiny no 3
theBeardWitch: and thrun is worth forcing
Nydestroyer: this format is very much "this deck should have been better" for me as well
Jermyee: brain no longer plastic :(
Nydestroyer: like I had an insane oil deck that got rekt
aggrocrow: Ow
theBeardWitch: annointer is it
sirspate: three cheers for the engineer
MegaDosX: lmaooooooo
thraximore: LUL
Daggerpeak: wheeler and mic issues, name a more iconic duo
bwk789: @LordManiMani you got on the s/v train yet?
Nydestroyer: but they where roommates
MegaDosX: Get got Wheeler
TheWriterAleph: haha gottem
asthanius: I've heard Wheeler plays basketball
Mr_Horrible: yeah, get his ass
ReachW: ooh, inflammatory remarks here.
3PlayerPolitics: riffLUL
Pywodwagon: wheelerBless wheelerBless wheelerBless wheelerBless
MegaDosX: Drag him for filth!
YawgmothsBargainStore: i've heard that he is an actual homosexual
Jovh11: Kindness? In this economy?
Gooseblast: Boom roasted wheelerKappa
LordManiMani: @bwk789 yeah, but on a break while wife catches up. also hoping for a patch of some kind. still enjoy it
LordManiMani: 8 foot vertical leap
Mr_Horrible: completely unverifiable and (currently) undeniable
bo_brinkman: face face face face face
kilnfiendpotter: I would also like to verify that Wheeler is a lovely person, and quite good at being a human.
kilnfiendpotter: Also, has a great sense of humor
goombalax: I heard the he's the Premier lands pilot of the format
gualdhar: Benjamin "Lebron 'Wheeler' James" Wheeler
bwk789: @LordManiMani im trying to finish the dex then will wait for patch
DerUser94: I keep hearing that Wheeler is the one true lands pilot of Canadian Highlander
Mr_Horrible: that player? Albert Einstein
aerohydra: pros, theyre just like us
Jovh11: Doing better than a coinflip consistently makes you pretty insane at this game
Mr_Horrible: his art is so goooooood
Mr_Horrible: his OG New Phy artwork is still somme of my favorite
bwk789: P12 Geth suggests its not a good card
Mr_Horrible: that creepy immaculate feeling
Bugberry: Gives something Mitelink
Lordofironstorm: It's actually bonkers
DerUser94: How are the win rates of Chess Grandmasters? Should be wore than ~70% shouldn't it?
Mr_Horrible: like an image that is technically flawless but deeply wrong
lamina5432: its a reference card
MegaDosX: He's the juggernaut, b
Sorator13: The problem is the mana cost, yeah
bwk789: Graaz is a rgreat top end finishe
Feriority: Is that the card that makes all your other cards juggernauts?
goombalax: the ramp in this set is really low
MegaDosX: !card graaz
LRRbot: Graaz, Unstoppable Juggernaut [8] | Legendary Artifact Creature — Juggernaut [7/5] | Juggernauts you control attack each combat if able. / Juggernauts you control can't be blocked by Walls. / Other creatures you control have base power and toughness 5/3 and are Juggernauts in addition to their other creature types.
MegaDosX: Graaz at the top end of a token deck seems pretty funny
TehAmelie: i like the * Sun's Zenith and Twilight cards. wonder how cool they'll make the inevitable Nadir and Dawn cycles. . .
MegaDosX: Make a bunch of 1/1s, turn them into 5/3s
SK__Ren: Ooh, En passant
Zhedor: It's pronounced "An Peasant" ;)
bwk789: Its great with UB flyers, watcher, boidwing and squito
goombalax: I pulled Graaz in both of my prerelease pools and it was just not viable. also with such a fast format its like a dead card
Mr_Horrible: Quora is a magical land
DeM0nFiRe: Sick of aimbots in chess
goombalax: Nerf Queen
Jovh11: Hacker voice: "En Passant"
Feriority: I played chess with someone who used wallhacks to know where all my pieces were, it sucked
Nydestroyer: Then they moved their king over another piece
theamc2000: Y chess when bowl?
RoastedGravy: Can't believe these chess hackers manipulating the RNG.
3PlayerPolitics: Judge, my opponent's pawn keeps noscoping my queen!!!
Mr_Horrible: turning on noclip so my pawn can move out of bounds
DerUser94: Queen is so OP
Easilycrazyhat: 360-NoCastle
Nydestroyer: it was crazy
ReachW: tbf aimbots are overpowered in the ICBM chess meta.
MegaDosX: You mean to tell me the Queen can go in any direction and as far as she wants? That's busted, the devs really need to nerf that
goombalax: @Feriority Screenwatching *shakes head*
gualdhar: I just now get that joke, thanks Cam
asthanius: Who's Elesh Norn?
Dmc3628: time to be BP
MegaDosX: !card migloz
LRRbot: Migloz, Maze Crusher [1RG] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Beast [4/4] | Migloz, Maze Crusher enters the battlefield with five oil counters on it. / {1}, Remove an oil counter from Migloz: It gains vigilance and menace until end of turn. / {2}, Remove two oil counters from Migloz: It gets +2/+2 until end of turn. / {3}, Remove three oil counters from Migloz: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
YawgmothsBargainStore: *tips hat* M'Gloz
Nydestroyer: ligma oil is my favorite oil company
mitomanox: hello, chat. <3
Lordofironstorm: Migolz deez nuts
RoastedGravy: We're in the endgame now
bwk789: Who's Steve Jobs
3PlayerPolitics: ohhh
SK__Ren: ooooohhh, hahaha
GredGredmansson: i liked glass onion
asthanius: Speaking of, Samuel Beckett's Endgame is very good
RoastedGravy: Snap keep
LordManiMani: why is it a joke though?
RoastedGravy: Wow, Wheeler. Getting rid of the nut hand like that.
goombalax: or like tf2 when a spy kills another spy he goes "serves you right, you castling simpleton"
Nydestroyer: so If I open an atraxa I have to play it right?
micalovits: Yup
Nydestroyer: 4c draft here I come
micalovits: Good luck!
DerUser94: That would be a interesting scene: Dr. Strange teleporting a chessboard onto the battlefield and then Thanos and Iron Man have to duke it out.
goombalax: oooh
3PlayerPolitics: spicyyy
Nydestroyer: It would be like the dance off
h3rsh3yb4r: !famjam
LRRbot: Three teams working together, one after another, to rack up points by completing achievements! View a list of the achievements here:
3PlayerPolitics: thassa beeeeg boi
TehAmelie: my immediate thought is Thanos is a very predictable chess player because he'll take any even trade
ArmedAndLegged: shoulda absolutely not have played the punisher in 1st main
ReachW: It do " only being a 3-mana 4/4 and thus needing at least three upsides to make up for the shortfall"
goombalax: it would be funny just to really heavy-hand the chess allegory like SEE WHAT WE DID HERE
Juliamon: really, your first message in chat is to backseat?
Juliamon: !backseat
LRRbot: Please refrain from backseat gaming unless the streamer asks for help. The streamer wants to play the game the way they want. Feel free to discuss tactics in chat or with the mods.
LordManiMani: @goombalax metaphors like a late-stage season of The Crown 🙄😮‍💨
MegaDosX: @Juliamon Backseat of this car is pretty big to fit all of us tbf
Feriority: My favorite chess-game-as-metaphor is in Code Geass where a character forfeits when they're about to win because they know their opponent is too smart so it must be a trick
mitomanox: doesn't it hurt? (1 + bad pun in the bank I know)
Bugberry: @ReachW Not as a Legendary Rare.
Feriority: It doesn't make any sense and it ruins the setup of the first character who is also supposed to be a brilliant tactician
GredGredmansson: idk it seems to be working fine so far
mitomanox: how are we on total points?
LordManiMani: spooky kabuki
3PlayerPolitics: some
GredGredmansson: lrrFINE
RoastedGravy: Narrator: It was indeed NOT fine.
DerUser94: @mitomanox 22 I think. We can see it at the top left
mitomanox: @mitomanox thanks!
laundreydhull: Chat, Mirrex + rustvine are sick
AugmentingPath: Fair, like Kaya's +0 that gives an advantage to BOTH players!
mitomanox: gooey
noonies: it turns out Lightning Helix-ing your opponent every turn for 0 mana is good
AugmentingPath: 7-drop planeswalkers turn out to be pretty good when resolved
micalovits: The -3 from kaya is stupidly powerful in limited
Dmc3628: cue the britney
noonies: I was a big fan of Kaito + a 2 drop flier. Just poke away at them while keeping their two best creatures locked up in No Combat Jail forever
RoastedGravy: You got this, Cam!
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
goombalax: lmao
Hulyen: YOU
Nydestroyer: theme of new phyrexia
EmilyDefiesLogic: LUL
ReachW: LUL
pn55: HypeLUL
samu_btdp1985: is this not in teams
TheWriterAleph: dmca Kappa
noonies: Jesus christ the off-screen **YOU**
heartofgoldfish: i do love some klezmer hybrids
beowuuf: lead singer's still doing his thing to this day
pn55: SOAD are ineed very good live.
pn55: *indeed
Feriority: I listed to so many SOAD AMVs in high school but they do still hold up
Feriority: *listened
Hulyen: SOAD took a while to initially grow on me, but I looooove them
Lordofironstorm: I think they'd need more clarinet to be klezmer, but I get the energy
ReachW: Hypnotize//Mesmerize still hold up very well imo
MurphEP: He is a phenomonally good singer
BraghDaMan: nice thing about System: you don't even NEED to understand what they're singing, it just slaps
SK__Ren: Doomer Shooter
micalovits: Hellsingers soundtrack is amazing
RoastedGravy: Yesssss Cam
Hulyen: Remember that year of awful vampire movies with kick-ass original soundtracks? Metro was a great song
DerUser94: Cam knows KungFu?
RoastedGravy: Noooooo Cam
micalovits: No tomorow is the Serj one, and I agree with Ben in that it is very good
RockPusher: If seeing the Matrix persists for more than 4 hours, consult a doctor
goombalax: the song from Hellsinger is called No Tomorrow
Bugberry: Beyond the Modified and Proliferate synergy, a lot of this set seems very insular and not super impactful for Standard.
Dmc3628: machinima now that's the mid 00's
RayFK: Ben here with Code Monkey
mitomanox: joco <3
BraghDaMan: I miss Illegal Danish tho
Feriority: Very brave of OP to go to 9 poison
AugmentingPath: oppo no fear of the lethal proliferate
RayFK: and the eat your brains in the UD starting area
bolas_dnd: we talking about classic internet? Anyone mention homestarrunner yet?
kilnfiendpotter: Oh! I did see one of those for Code Monkey
Hulyen: @bolas_dnd It's Dot Com.
hd_dabnado: "mom you're lying!"
epicduece: hoping op would give themselves a poison counter
Lordofironstorm: That's how I first heard of Avenue Q. A WoW music video of The Internet Is For Porn
BraghDaMan: @Lordofironstorm yarp!
Earthenone: WoW music videos were great
GredGredmansson: @Lordofironstorm Me, but a Kingdom Hearts "randomness" vid
MilitaryBros82316: AYAYA
tehfewl: Wheeler postin W online
baskwalla: Ws in chat
princess_intell: W
RockPusher: Bibles turn up many places you wouldn't expect - God's marketing department is very crafty
heartofgoldfish: been a bit since i've seen a good AMV
Lobo_Apache: w
Nydestroyer: I wonder if with so many eggs you are meant to just cut lands for eggs LUL
Bugberry: Opponent forgot they had vigilance
ReachW: LUL
Hulyen: Kathleen Smart Lady confirmed!
noonies: whoa, silver 4
noonies: give my regards to the Rockefellers
tehfewl: tfw you don't play for a while fall back to bronze and pub stomp people till your mmr catches up
GredGredmansson: that girl is poisoooooooooooon
DerUser94: It's interesting that he Arena devs used a oil drop for poison instead of the phyrexia symbol the used on the paper token
BraghDaMan: I wish I wasn't 100 gold short. It'd be fun to play against any of you guys in limited
princess_intell: i just got off work and now my brain is going "buh"
MoxCubitZirconium: Terracotta Terracotta Terracotta PIE!!
DoctorHutch: hahaha, i literally muted the stream and went and listened to it, i love that i came back and you are still talking abou tit
heartofgoldfish: Brave New FaveJam
BraveKingMax: going to go listen to toxicity is usuallys a great decision
TheWriterAleph: ouch
LadyLockwood92: He asked nicely!
YeetTheRich_: more wood for their fires, loud neighbors // flashlight reveries caught in the headlights of a truck
Bugberry: @DerUser94 there are non-Phyrexian cards that use Poison. There's Fang guy from Kaldheim, for example.
princess_intell: Brave New Jave
kilnfiendpotter: Have y'all listened to the Bardcore version of Toxicity? Turns out a hurdy gurdy really rocks that tune.
LurkerSpine: they're also just billionaires I think?
goombalax: @kilnfiendpotter that version got my Fiance to try SOAD
ReachW: @kilnfiendpotter No but that will change for me during the next break.
bolas_dnd: am cam ok?
princess_intell: at least they got out of the *gestures broadly at hollywood* system
tehfewl: @kilnfiendpotter listening now
princess_intell: this set made me remember why i like body horror
princess_intell: that perfect cross-section between horror and beauty
bolas_dnd: don't forget to cracketh thine fetch.
Mr_Horrible: "Limbs and goop where they shouldn't be"
Leonhart321: And that's a phrase you'd never thought you'd say
goombalax: just finished listening to the song from hellsinger, confirm slaps
Lordofironstorm: The last few sets have all varied in quality, but damn if they haven't been pretty
micalovits: I wouldn't have minded if it was MORE horrible
anxietyparadingashuman: Gives me hellraiser vibes
MoxCubitZirconium: I didn't hate my orthodontist enough
Hulyen: the arms race begins!
YeetTheRich_: my fav SOAD story is probably when serj tankian went to twitter to sell NFTs and most of the replies were just the cover of 'steal this album'
princess_intell: the card artists all understood the assignment
Orxolon: i'm altering the deal,pray i don't alter any further
BraghDaMan: Cam ya done it again
Hulyen: ideally that's how it works!
princess_intell: @YeetTheRich_ if i were him i would have just posted a super high-res image of the album cover and captioned "free to save"
AugmentingPath: phyrexian atlas, 9 turn clock
MoxCubitZirconium: @YeetTheRich_ Saw them in '97 when they toured their debut album alongside Fear Factory. Serj had laryngitis, couldn't sing. Fans were invited on stage to sing for him. My GF sang 'Sugar' & earned us a trip backstage to hang on their bus.
ReachW: That is how The Eternal Wanderer works, yeah. Card should not be a rare.
Bugberry: That's why it's fun to see stable Magic artists on Un-sets, let them stretch their funny bones.
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noonies: @ReachW RIGHT?!
bolas_dnd: feeeeee
Bugberry: @ReachW it's expensive enough and lots of removal answers it.
RoastedGravy: They wanted to send a message.
goombalax: they hired Seanan McGregor to do story for mtg through her horror-writer alias Mira Grant
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
Hulyen: baerCLAP
beowuuf: seabatClap
RoastedGravy: LUL
MegaDosX: Holy shit
epicduece: stealing defeat from the jaws of victory
SK__Ren: ooof
79james: jeathLove
TheWriterAleph: omg cam
SK__Ren: I thought James left
Dmc3628: there's the james show
JKBalch: rage!
princess_intell: RIP whoever is
DoctorHutch: you made him click through
brainbosh: Can start draining with the Atlas at least
RoastedGravy: Look, you got a rebate on your lands.
bolas_dnd: wowee zoweee
MegaDosX: I mean, that'll help
princess_intell: who's coming on next?
shurtal: Play the role of James Turner today: Cameron Lauder
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DoctorHutch: oh man cam almost clicked on their creature
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MegaDosX: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
TheWriterAleph: lrrHORN doogCLAPPING
BusTed: seabatClap
bolas_dnd: jebus
pn55: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
RoastedGravy: GOAT THERE
blepharic: seabatClap
noonies: good old prolethalrate
Hulyen: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
princess_intell: this set is making standard brawl VERY tempting
79james: tagDogspin
Kelderan: Got there
Sorator13: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
goombalax: they were on 9 poison through my entire lunch
Lordofironstorm: Mondrak has too many mouths
princess_intell: is there a special animation for dying to poison?
ReachW: @Bugberry I fundamentally disagree with The Doom Blade Argument in a format where judicious use of removal in the early turns is a key to staying alive but whatevs. I'm asking for it to be Mythic, not removed from the set.
Leonhart321: Well, I'm going to tap out for the evening all. Enjoy the games
adambomb625: How does a Phyrexian octupus compleat you? With ten-tickles! (The tickles are poison counters)
micalovits: Wheeler goes wroooom
betweenmyself: On the Rick Ruben/System of a Down anecdote, searching for a “random bible verse” site on the net is resulting in verse collections that have *clearly* been curated to only include inspirational passages, none of the random, out of context nonsense one might stumble upon by cracking a Bible to a random page…
drcthulu: and the wanderer
AugmentingPath: Wrathchet bomb
Bugberry: @ReachW you can stay alive in early turns beyond just using removal. Early turns care about early plays of any kind, not just answers.
Feriority: @betweenmyself
laundreydhull: @augmentingpath yes, yes. about right.
JokerBoney: in black there is Jace's soup
MegaDosX: It's basically Fireball
Kelderan: Nice
Dmc3628: fireball or safekeeping dealers choice
noonies: oh yeah, Rotchet Bomb
princess_intell: rip jaska
micalovits: Himbo punch is very good yea
MegaDosX: They whiffed hard on that
laundreydhull: O_O
micalovits: Wow
AugmentingPath: 7 mana hunter's maze, all right
Lordofironstorm: oof
GhostValv: D:
3PlayerPolitics: yikees
definenull: family jambily!
JokerBoney: the Sylex from this set
JokerBoney: but it's still not great
MegaDosX: I mean, that's true Paul
AugmentingPath: uhhh landfall triggers?
mitomanox: are the baby geniuses playing tonight?
princess_intell: it's like silently begging the universe that your opponent will suddenly get amnesia, forget how to play, and concede out of confusion
laundreydhull: ouch
princess_intell: unless that's too mean
AugmentingPath: Actually dealing damage with punisher trigger feels like a cheevo
Nydestroyer: atraxa game one, kept getting bounced and died lets see if game two goes any better LUL
princess_intell: it would be neat if draft had achievements like that
mattydubs75: Is there a code for free packs on arena like every other set?
definenull: oh no
MegaDosX: Oh.
noonies: wuh oh
AugmentingPath: Noncombonomicon
Bugberry: Right now it's just a 5/4
MegaDosX: Turns out RG can just get people
noonies: well they do have the pingy lad online, but only for like 2 more activations
Mr_Horrible: tfw aggro gets to be aggro
laundreydhull: Kaya pls Home Run
noonies: one more, sorry
MegaDosX: Manifesting Kaya
princess_intell: @mattydubs75 they're not doing codes anymore, you just log into the client and claim free packs from your in box
ReachW: @Bugberry Okay cool you're right i'm wrong thanks have a great day
Lordofironstorm: Worth noting that I can't get indestructible right now
LadyLockwood92: Sorry. A plains is not a Kaya
MegaDosX: Wow.
goombalax: @mattydubs75 you just get them in the mail this time, no code needed
Lordofironstorm: *it
definenull: at least it's the two colours for kaya
definenull: Kappa
laundreydhull: James!?
theBeardWitch: kaya is in the art of of the swamp you just gotta squint
Mr_Horrible: this shuffler has no sense of dramatic timing
mattydubs75: thanks all
princess_intell: presumably it'll be the same for other rewards (like sleeves) if they ever "come up" as freebies
Bugberry: @ReachW no need to be like that. I'm just saying it's not that format warping.
brainbosh: At least they cant make Solphim indestructible
Dmc3628: no but might as well have the title
MegaDosX: Kathleen could you not have attacked with the 3/4?
Mr_Horrible: literal preaching to the choir
MegaDosX: It has Vigilance
MurphEP: "Am I the only one..."
Bugberry: people can disagree on something this trivial and be fine with it.
princess_intell: i advocate everyone here to also play the HBrawl ONE precon event if they can. it's so much fun.
adambomb625: kayays
micalovits: We smashing now!
LordManiMani: either that or something bonkers
ConjugateVoices: Believe in the heart of the cards
princess_intell: *encourage
definenull: the royal we
Gadora: how come no one's talking about Kaya?
goombalax: Unpopular Opinion: (most popular opinion)
definenull: all will be one
SK__Ren: FamWe
Wolfstrike_NL: opponent had "borrowed Time"on my "Mondrak"..Kaya -3 the borrowed time and I got 2 free of them for free :)
brainbosh: FamiWe
Seth_Erickson: the lrrmily
RockPusher: The FLRRm
Lordofironstorm: Why isn't the mainstream media covering [event that first broke on CNN]
princess_intell: unpopular opinion: magic is a cool and fun game :p
Pywodwagon: on this, the most sacred of family days, the day of a new fast and furious trailer
MoxCubitZirconium: Are there special Cheevos?
JokerBoney: wait why didn't the glider get in?
KeytarCat: TWAV
MegaDosX: Am I missing something on this board that means the Glider can't punch?
cmdrlyrandar: Hot take: You have to play lands in Magic
princess_intell: I thought 9 was declared the last one
ReachW: @Bugberry Cool thanks have a nice day.
TheWriterAleph: Assistant to the General Vivisection Manager
Earthenone: so far james got three points for tim hortons
DAC169: don't you know? to get your Planeswalker you have to sing the "name song" for them! aipOMG you know, "Kaya Kaya bo-Biya!.." aipDerp
betweenmyself: Sadly the Phyrexian “Keeping Our Insides on the Insides” Party is constantly rocked by scandal and can’t establish a solid foothold in the body-politic.
Mr_Horrible: "How do we get the kids today into vivisection?"
definenull: so one
Bugberry: @ReachW you too
Mr_Horrible: *sits down on multiple chairs backward*
MegaDosX: Oh now it's dead
definenull: D:
princess_intell: @cmdrlyrandar no, no, let me walk you through this incredibly complicated vintage-legal 9 turn line that means i never have to play lands ever....
Ivalenz_: Have you reached your quota of vivisection?
princess_intell: (/s)
samu_btdp1985: @megadosx no I think Kathleen may have forgotten vigilant
LadyLockwood92: Hell yeah!
Mr_Horrible: that doesn't suck at all!
princess_intell: ehhhhhhhhhh
Mr_Horrible: Wheeler, please
MurphEP: Go on
princess_intell: ben
LadyLockwood92: That is one hell of a sentence.
RockPusher: n-n-non horny? nani?
Mr_Horrible: a very "1 is not 0 but I really wish it would be" set
ConjugateVoices: This is definitely a comeback set if there has been one recently
Seth_Erickson: in blue there is
micalovits: The 3/2 cat
noonies: There's the cat
Dread_Pirate_Westley: There's the 3/2 blue tapper.
bwk789: yes, in blue
princess_intell: that cat is pretty good
Wolfstrike_NL: the white enhanchment
betweenmyself: My gardener is terrible at edging… riffYeti
Mr_Horrible: LUL welp
princess_intell: then again, i think most flash-speed blockers are pretty good
MegaDosX: Kathleen tapping out
RockPusher: Chips PogChamp
drcthulu: The curse of James is alive and well
AugmentingPath: Elesh Norn's giant butt certainly can't get you out of it
DoctorHutch: thank you Kathleen!
definenull: gbye kathleen! thank you for being here it's been great to have you
princess_intell: does kathleen have to turn sideways now
GhostValv: tqsClap
Ewayko: +2/+2 2G enchantment also
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Did he get the Tim Horton's cheevo?
beowuuf: seabatClap lrrDARK
TheWriterAleph: at least Adam didn't have a rotisserie chicken this time
Sorator13: hey, fun is what the fambily jambily is about!
princess_intell: say hi to the cats please!
DerUser94: Have a nice day Kathleen
Mr_Horrible: the famberly persists
LadyLockwood92: Thanks Kathleen~ Have a good one ^^
RockPusher: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
mitomanox: <3
micalovits: Thanks for streaming Kathleen!
Lordofironstorm: Are there any acheivements in this one?
DAC169: "very badly" did Kathleen go 0-3 like I did in my Sealed? aipBooli
MegaDosX: @TheWriterAleph The way he said "I've got chicken" lives in my head rent free
micalovits: "bad" Has thrun in hand
MegaDosX: Thrun seems very difficult to kill in limited
definenull: oh.
MegaDosX: Wait what
betweenmyself: pennyWhat
TheWriterAleph: necrogen ruhroh
GhostValv: :O
MegaDosX: Holy shit Cam
definenull: cameron win the format
MegaDosX: Well done
MurphEP: That's way easier than the stories made it seem
Mr_Horrible: Even Phyrexia succumbs to the bubonic plague without proper hygiene
ghyllnox: I feel like that's a point
princess_intell: `
princess_intell: whoops
MegaDosX: Imagine if that's how the Phyrexian saga ends, a mere rat kills Norn
Seth_Erickson: there is
Seth_Erickson: but it's only 1 damage
noonies: there's a 1 to all creatures, I think?
princess_intell: i'm really happy with this version of poison mechanics
theBeardWitch: kills artifacts
MegaDosX: There's the Cosmotronic Wave card but I think that's it
Mr_Horrible: yeah, there's a cinder wind but not a real clasm, I think
MrQBear: @MegaDosX She dies to a Non Phyrexian illness, like some sorta war of the worlds situation? ' -'
noonies: red sun is nuke X artifacts, get token copies of X=5 or more
Seth_Erickson: !card Hazardous Blast
LRRbot: Hazardous Blast [3R] | Sorcery | Hazardous Blast deals 1 damage to each creature your opponents control. Creatures your opponents control can't block this turn.
Bruceski: "Look, I don't know how Wrath of God got into this format, I just play it."
MegaDosX: @MrQBear Or...Oko arrives from Eldraine and turns her into an Elk
MegaDosX: Imagine if.
micalovits: All will be Elk
princess_intell: stupid, sexy oko
MrQBear: @MegaDosX ... Does she still have weird phyrexian antlers?
DerUser94: And then they release 2 mana Oko?
MegaDosX: @MrQBear I have no idea how fae magic from Eldraine would interact with a Phyrexian praetor, so I'm going to say yes
DAC169: Red Sun's Twilight destroys artifacts. if X>=5 then make token copies with haste that sacrifice at end of turn
Mr_Horrible: Well I mean they thought the Suns were Moons originally
Lordofironstorm: ANd the dawn bringers
MegaDosX: !card all will be one
LRRbot: All Will Be One [3RR] | Enchantment | Whenever you put one or more counters on a permanent or player, All Will Be One deals that much damage to target opponent, creature an opponent controls, or planeswalker an opponent controls.
LordManiMani: look heckin awful
Munch___: Maybe eclipses
TheWriterAleph: brutal.
MrQBear: excellent. an elk with bone-sword horns, and/or loads of teeth.
Mr_Horrible: hence, "The Moons Of Mirrodin"
Wolfstrike_NL: Cam beating Elesh Norn and Wheeler beating All Will Be One, format is over timeto go home
Easilycrazyhat: More like All Will Be None, amirite
definenull: is it good in limited even? It seems like a combo piece in other formats
SK__Ren: So it combos hard with Proliferate
MegaDosX: It's a one-sided wrath with Soul-Scar Mage
princess_intell: @MrQBear you say that as a joke, but now i want that token
Bugberry: Karn is silver, he made Mirrodin, and Moons are associated with Silver. That would be a cool twist.
AugmentingPath: Any target, except your stuff
princess_intell: did karn die in lore?
Mr_Horrible: I think he's still alive, but I'm not up-to-date through latest DOM and this set
princess_intell: ok
MegaDosX: @princess_intell He's still alive last we saw, but rather disassembled so idk where that's going to go
heartofgoldfish: it's not necessarily clear because he's dissassembled and a robot
BraveKingMax: had all will be one in a RG prerelease deck, getting to kill a creature when Koth entered the battlefield with his counters was rad
MrQBear: @MrQBear I don't think I have the actual skill to make that drawing look GOOD but I know what I'm doing as soon as my tablet pen is charged back up. :p
Mr_Horrible: was it a malicious disassembling or a necessary procedure?
Feriority: @MegaDosX Oko's elking takes away creature types and card types, so she wouldn't be phyrexian elk, just elk
princess_intell: he's probably immortal through *gestures at urza*
heartofgoldfish: but he wasn't entirely destroyed or phyrexianized so he's probably alive, going by fantasy trops
princess_intell: like, squee levels of immortal
MegaDosX: @Feriority That's fair, but idk how it'd work in lore rather than mechanics
MordigalDK: crack that land cam
MegaDosX: !card dross pits
LRRbot: The Dross Pits | Land — Sphere | The Dross Pits enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add {B}. / {1}{B}, {T}, Sacrifice The Dross Pits: Draw a card.
DerUser94: @BraveKingMax All will be One superfriends sounds miserable
princess_intell: i wonder what this fall's inevitable oko will do
definenull: kathleen's is just really excited to help
Easilycrazyhat: Kathleen is just excited to see a game going well
definenull: oh they're dead
Earthenone: can the offical nickname for this cycle of lands be egglands?
MegaDosX: Oh, they might be dead
noonies: @BraveKingMax I am very glad you cannot put All Will Be One into an Atraxa deck
MegaDosX: I vote punch first see if they don't block
Easilycrazyhat: Hexproof the tap target?
micalovits: Or stop the tap
AugmentingPath: hexproof the tap
MegaDosX: Oh right you can Hexproof the tap target
MegaDosX: They lose
MegaDosX: It dies anyway to deathtouch
MegaDosX: And you can save the Hexproof
definenull: wow
princess_intell: god i love the atlas art so much
BraveKingMax: @BraveKingMax definitely tempted to put it in my Jarad 5c superfriends EDH deck but my playgroup might hate that too much
TheWriterAleph: dew it. kill him.
DoctorHutch: it gives indestructible you can do x=0
Mr_Horrible: TWOvar's Stands???
MegaDosX: Whoof
micalovits: Himbo punch is very strong
TheWriterAleph: "gosh wheeler..." etc etc
Sorator13: nice 2 for 1!
Feriority: @MegaDosX Yeah, fair. I didn't read the Eldraine stories, so I'm going to guess it's up to him how much his targets retain and how much they get elked?
MegaDosX: Wow
definenull: oh no that's a problem
noonies: OPPONENT
Sandeon: doesn't its ETB kill them now?
noonies: yes
noonies: oh wait no, it's just gain
MegaDosX: No, they don't lose life
noonies: My bad, it's not a drain
MegaDosX: I think Cam has them if they can't remove the Atlas
Dmc3628: but atlas sure will kill
Sandeon: right, I keep on thinking it makes them lose life rather than gain you some
goombalax: maybe opp can proliferate themselves some life total
ReachW: Well, oppo's dead on upkeep anyway right?
MegaDosX: Yeah Atlas will kill them
drcthulu: throws the book at them
MegaDosX: Neat combo opponent. Anyway, tap Atlas and kill you
3PlayerPolitics: yaaaay!!
Dmc3628: crack a book
notsomuchsuccess: Reading Rainbow'd them to death.
ReachW: meatble
Nydestroyer: sounds like you should see a doctor
Easilycrazyhat: The meat marbles are...something
Lordofironstorm: a what
goombalax: the took the wrong turn at Albuqurque
offbeatwitch: lrrDARK
AugmentingPath: meat marbles can be spent to unlock Elesh Norn cosplay, appropriately enough
BrowneePoints: I took a break to watch the North 100 completely forgetting about the collector boostie giveaway
Nukified: meat marbles are perfectly normal
BrowneePoints: Today's Verdict: Brownee is not a smart man
AugmentingPath: @Lordofironstorm The mastery tree widgets for the battlepass look like marbles made of meat
beowuuf: meat marble was my nickname in a highschool i'm making up for the purposes of this bit
LordManiMani: sounds like Paper Mario music
BrowneePoints: Nah this isn't QUITE paper mario. Not quirky enough
LordManiMani: OK.
BrowneePoints: speaking of Paper Mario, man Origami King is an underloved Gem
Nydestroyer: I often consider going back and playing 100 year door
Nydestroyer: 1000*
goombalax: I never noticed before but that Iphone commercial with the mom charging like a rhino is funny as hell
BrowneePoints: everyone does @Nydestroyer but I think more people should give Super and Origami King playthroughs
Nydestroyer: can confirm 4c atraxa is pretty bad LUL I even stacked as much early game as I could. Ended up going 1-3 with people just bouncing/removing the atraxa every time even around protection lol
BrowneePoints: Super's gameplay is...fine, but arguably has the best story in the entire series, and Origami King just fires on all cylinders even if it isn't the JRPG fans want
Nydestroyer: yea I sort of avoided other ones because I am mostly a fan of turn based + timing minigames
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Nydestroyer: Like I have played through legend of dragoon almost 5 times in my lifetime LUL
DerUser94: I found the story and art of Origami King quite charming. Combat was a bit dull, but I liked the game as a whole
shurtal: coordination!
MegaDosX: It Adam!
LordManiMani: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
ReachW: Hi Adam!
RockPusher: gabyLul
Nydestroyer: Great to be here
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
nymistrya: Adam!!!!!!
Wolfstrike_NL: Hi Jamesses
LadyLockwood92: Hell yeah, Adam and Wheeler together again~
Nydestroyer: mug
pn55: Perfect!
AugmentingPath: jjJamEss TtuRnRer
McFluffums: Didn't you retire champion Adam?
accountmadeforants: seabatPjorg wheelerPog
RockPusher: Perfect intro, no notes
SolarBlitz1: Hey Adam!
baskwalla: Classic James
LadyLockwood92: Howdy Adam.
Ryxiene: LUL LUL LUL
MrSarkhan: seabatClap seabatClap
Korolan: Hey Adam! good to see you!
accountmadeforants: All? Will be. (1)
Ryxiene: Beautiful 👌
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shurtal: Oh, really Wheeler? where's the PROOF All Will Be One?
DerUser94: "And this someone will be me" ~Cam
MurphEP: Average Mathematics Enjoyer
Ryxiene: This trio! Hell yeah 2020Party 2020Party 2020Party
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
kumatsu: gonna find Adam a Math Kaizo game to play
RockPusher: seabatTROG gabyMath sergeCounting
beowuuf: 2nd thing, the 1st thing is: that man sure looks like he makes a fun WoW video
shurtal: Scholarly of the First Sin?
Nydestroyer: I think you could pull it off with the right hat and glasses
Nydestroyer: maybe a monicle
ReachW: it certainly is
micalovits: Wheeler punched some fools with himbo punches earlier
LadyLockwood92: Cheer500 Thought Adam was retiring champion, but very glad he's here ^^
MrQBear: I dunno, with his hair like that, I could see Adam talking to me about history.
accountmadeforants: Despite having like fifty mechanics... it's felt surprisingly vanilla?
MrQBear: he looks scholarly to me.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Nydestroyer: Breathing seems
midnightcurryjazz: waow
BrowneePoints: Love lukka, best card that wheeler doesn't like
ReachW: same thing yeah
definenull: wow
pn55: lrrWOW
definenull: never punished
LadyLockwood92: Oh dang.
lamina5432: my biggest feels is not enough planeswalker removal for a 10 planeswalker set
micalovits: Its mom!
arkham1981: easy game
MegaDosX: Holy shit Adam
baskwalla: Magic for babies, really
Earthenone: cool praetology
Nydestroyer: now to get passed her general
hd_dabnado: wow looks like you are Mom's favorite
Hulyen: maaaaybe take that?
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MurphEP: Adam, can you tell us how you do it?
pn55: Just open the bombs. Simple!
ReachW: LUL
micalovits: Mawp
Easilycrazyhat: Hushbringer?
McFluffums: yeah norn's cool and all, but Bladed Ambassador...
LordManiMani: aaa ears
LibraryWitchKei: Yeah just open Elesh Norn. Format solved
beowuuf: there is no god (except for in adam's case, god came out of retirement)
AugmentingPath: Thrun has protection from nongreen opponents
RockPusher: TorpOrb
definenull: dilt bifferent
MurphEP: seabatApp
goombalax: Dilf Bittottent
accountmadeforants: I was up against someone with that Elesh and somehow won. My secret? For whatever reason they refused to attack with it.
brainbosh: Dilf Bitterant
saucemaster5000: Hi Dilf Bifferent I'm Grandpa!
MegaDosX: Thrun looks pretty great in this format
azidbern95: looking forward to checking out Adam's new World of Warcraft video this weekend!
Nydestroyer: not with elishnorn LUL
kumatsu: yeah, you're just cutting white for Mom
IaCthulhuFthagn: Snap taking the Elesh Norn not because it's good or because you want to do ETB stuff but because you are traumatized by the initiative in eternal formats.
Earthenone: head empty, jeep full
micalovits: Nothing is as beep as amonkhet
Seth_Erickson: Flensing Raptor is kind of close
Earthenone: take more white cards
Seth_Erickson: Glider is pretty good
ReachW: a bit less head empty than that Boros deck but not by much
Hulyen: Gatecrash was also very beep beep
LadyLockwood92: Teeth Bird
Earthenone: charge of the mite brigaide
ipoddodd: teeth glider bird
3PlayerPolitics: ding!!
ConjugateVoices: congrats!
ipoddodd: souped!
shurtal: Wheeler's at soup!
micalovits: More teeth planes!
DerUser94: Glider is surprisingly good. I mean I knew it was good, but playing it, it overperformed
MegaDosX: What do you mean you're /at soup/?!?
3PlayerPolitics: yeah they are when corript
Nydestroyer: I dont think anyones telling you to stop
ReachW: Why are you buying bowls at the soup store!?
3PlayerPolitics: @megadosx I'M at SOUP!!!
Feriority: Now we just need the hive
Earthenone: crawling in my skin
ipoddodd: That's a pretty late chorus
BrowneePoints: she's a hell of a 7 mana walker
IaCthulhuFthagn: @Earthenone crawling in my crawl*
3PlayerPolitics: ooh madcap skillz
AttackCowboy: flavorfully, Norn works too well with For Mirrodin
Seth_Erickson: Volt Charge?
Lordofironstorm: !card Madcap Skills
LRRbot: Madcap Skills [1R] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature gets +3/+0 and has menace.
Hulyen: People at my FLGS game store weekly drafts started preemptively cutting me on Boros after a couple weeks during that format
Seth_Erickson: The egg is fine
hackingducks: madskillz mic-check, c'mon.
Hulyen: Bomber corps?
McFluffums: there's a loose blue black sac theme
McFluffums: it's...mediocre
Hulyen: !card bomber corps
LRRbot: Bomber Corps [1R] | Creature — Human Soldier [1/2] | Battalion — Whenever Bomber Corps and at least two other creatures attack, Bomber Corps deals 1 damage to any target.
mattydubs75: I hope adam picks up a lot of equipment for elesh norn, seems real good
hd_dabnado: She necro's on my to till I ski
Hulyen: Also the two mana 3/2 was pretty good
3PlayerPolitics: good with the hguy who turns it into a 4/4 flying vigi
Nydestroyer: I was too into the gates deck since it was so free on arena at the time due to the bots
mattydubs75: etb make 2 dudes! busted
ConjugateVoices: Drivnod!
Earthenone: so we are b/w
McFluffums: double double!
AugmentingPath: it's a yargle
ipoddodd: Yes, it makes another 2/2
MegaDosX: Drivnod appears again
ReachW: Viashino Firstblade <3
criss_doom: DONKEY
Nydestroyer: I hope you get the one who doubles tokens as well
LordManiMani: the ol Kamar Taj
ipoddodd: Drivnod kills people
hd_dabnado: 8/3 is sad
BillTheCat: 8/3 indestructible is good
lamina5432: 8/3 indestructable is nice
Earthenone: indestructable looks pretty easy to get on it and it has 8 power
Earthenone: eddys face?
McFluffums: mirran bar-down it bud
Nydestroyer: I loved that part about the playability of simic in highlander
ipoddodd: Blazing crescendo is a bit of a kill people dead in the RDW style
LibraryWitchKei: That's common?
Seth_Erickson: slash though
Seth_Erickson: ?
DAC169: back in my day, commons just had flavor text
3PlayerPolitics: ooh equippo cat
Fruan: Hello friends!
Nydestroyer: just gotta open a good white rare in pack 3, maybe the 2/2 cat
Nydestroyer: :P
beowuuf: greed, for want of a better word, is good
McFluffums: how does Norn work with For Mirrodin!?
Earthenone: !findquote greed
LRRbot: Quote #8452: "One of those was for novelty, the second was for greed." —Graham [2023-02-01]
AugmentingPath: costs 0 to play and equip to the aspirant
3PlayerPolitics: red opennn
hd_dabnado: wheeler did?
Seth_Erickson: yeah +2 toughness can be game ruining for some decks
Nydestroyer: doubles and then you pick which token to put the equipment on
ipoddodd: I thought it always attaches to the second that enters
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McFluffums: fleshcutter baby, one of my favorites
ipoddodd: Wheeler all in on greed
Seth_Erickson: Listen I said Hexgold Slash, but it's not my fault your table wheeled the defacto best red removal in the set
3PlayerPolitics: yeah cutter is great
Seth_Erickson: Cutter is good
BraghDaMan: fliers + equipment = win
Earthenone: we have evasive 2 drops
xerjen: The cutter is great
pn55: You do have the card that makes them cheaper yea
3PlayerPolitics: lolll
ipoddodd: With the aspirant it's 1WW to put from hand on to the menace
Seth_Erickson: A slash the Bardiche perhaps
theamc2000: Cam-er-A
McFluffums: I think it's a top 10 uncommon in the set, but you do have to build around it a bit...great on flyers, great on that conditional first striker
Earthenone: 4/4 dobble strike flyer seems good
definenull: every time I read a green card
LordManiMani: I'm like that with limited!
SandbaggerOne: "activate only once per turn" oh nevermind so
Lordofironstorm: blast tho
ConjugateVoices: equipment is good with Elesh Norn. Double the rebels
Seth_Erickson: punisher I hardly know her
3PlayerPolitics: cut that flessssshhh
micalovits: Fourt aspirant is also fun
Mr_Horrible: ayo Paul?
Seth_Erickson: That duelist is an absolute beater in this limited I think
3PlayerPolitics: these packs lol
Seth_Erickson: Anointer is good too
definenull: Red is so open
ipoddodd: I think I like the double striker more, but the 2/2 first strike goes hard
Feriority: Imagine hitting both of those packs in sealed
AugmentingPath: really established dominance over the red and white lanes
Seth_Erickson: I like the chorus yeah
3PlayerPolitics: chorus whee
hackingducks: i'm liking the rw constructed deck he's somehow drafted.
LibraryWitchKei: The value police is here
3PlayerPolitics: got there
McFluffums: rebuke so goooood
Gaz_L: win drake
McFluffums: oh well
Seth_Erickson: Bardiche is an equipment yright
3PlayerPolitics: epic
LordManiMani: shoosh
Sorator13: wow
definenull: how is that last pick
MegaDosX: Seems fair
Nydestroyer: seems like you where in the right color
MegaDosX: "But 'tis no pool, English"
Lordofironstorm: Mid basilica
Seth_Erickson: I think you want a bardiche don't you
Seth_Erickson: over the skullbomb?
MrTulip: Adams robbing this draft table blind.
3PlayerPolitics: a little visit from Pirate Wheeler there ☠️
Seth_Erickson: I might take the bardiche over a batterfist
Seth_Erickson: actually
micalovits: This might be a 16 land deck for Adam
forshamesir: 2 tap lands are good
pn55: One of each maybe
Gaz_L: run 41 :P
FITorion: is that supposed to be a fleshy muscle floor...?
Seth_Erickson: I'm not a huge fan of the skullbomb
Seth_Erickson: personally
JokerBoney: this feels like a 16 land format the more i play it
aholz: then find a new doctor
Gaz_L: free skull estate
LadyLockwood92: 'My doctor says I'm not allowed anymore glistening oil.'
offbeatwitch: it's free! card advantage
offbeatwitch: we're giving you a card
josh___something: Why did it take me this long to realize that I DON'T have destiny running in the background and the music was coming from the stream... In other news, huh that BGM sounds mildly like destiny music
Seth_Erickson: I think the etb trigger creature is better with our deck not necessarily that teh skullbomb is bad
TheWriterAleph: bet you can't eat just [ONE]
asthanius: watermelon kids
ipoddodd: The watermelons go hard
3PlayerPolitics: @ladylockwood92 Heretic doctor! Blind to the Truth!!!
LordManiMani: seabatTROG
Mr_Horrible: LUL
BusTed: 👢
SnowBuddy18: they also changed sour cherry blasters to be under the sour patch kids banner
emberBecky: the watermelons are the best ones tho
MrSarkhan: LUL
pn55: HypeLUL
cmdrelk: LUL
MegaDosX: Wheeler and Adam is a dangerous combination on stream and I am here for it
ReachW: LUL
Lordofironstorm: Skill issue
Seth_Erickson: Flensing Raptor is such a beating
micalovits: Sure is!
BrowneePoints: AND volt charge Adam!
Nydestroyer: its phyrexian now too
AugmentingPath: vroomingbird
3PlayerPolitics: beep beep!
LordManiMani: whoooooo
definenull: lel
BrowneePoints: wait but you play theros
Seth_Erickson: we bladegraft and fleshcutter right
MegaDosX: Don't hate punching right now, since among other things it threatens Corrupted
noonies: yeah, we bladegraft here and next turn we can play and equip the fleshcutter
3PlayerPolitics: riffLUL
noonies: or play it now hell I thought it was T3
ConjugateVoices: unglued
gualdhar: Origins
saucemaster5000: HIghlander
titojayisgreat6: fallen empires?
MegaDosX: I assume we Disruption the 3/3?
ConjugateVoices: I buy that.
Going_Medium: Pack wars fallen empire
kilnfiendpotter: Mini masters?
micalovits: M11
BrowneePoints: Oh god yea Adam's Birthday Theros Draft WAS 5 years ago
ipoddodd: OP said war I guess
MegaDosX: Though it may not matter, good lord
hackingducks: trying to think of a set that was practically nothing but big dumb creatures you bashed
Mr_Horrible: the smooth boros machine
EvilBadman: pre-modern, white border, yeah
definenull: ixalan it has dinosaurs *and* pirates *and* merfolk
Lordofironstorm: 3xDragon's Maze
LordManiMani: @browneepoints happy 5th birthday to the Adam birthday draft. like Sondheim
BrowneePoints: now we disrupt drake and VROOM
MegaDosX: Wow
MegaDosX: RW doing RW things
pn55: Beep bepp!
hackingducks: @definenull this is the one I was thinking of but I couldn't remember its name
3PlayerPolitics: kerrrunch
Feriority: Oh no, you saw the line
MegaDosX: "But if I attack I can proliferate!" - the opponent, probably
bwk789: Adam comes in, cleans up. Clear Skill Diff!
LastCenturion: "no! you should have waited!"
Lordofironstorm: beep and/or beep
Mr_Horrible: tfw you think "maybe I can race?" and then you realize you cannot race
Simonark: Look, sometimes you just want to refuse to proliferate your own poison counters one last time before you die
Feriority: Maybe OP knew they were dead and wanted to progress a daily quest
BrowneePoints: Folks are underestimating how fast the Boros Deck is
BrowneePoints: and with mites unable to block it's REAL good
Mr_Bitterness: I'm the opposite, always ready for Boros after I won so many Amonkhet drafts with it
Mr_Horrible: it feels like you need to reach a critical mass of some of the enablers, but it can sneak under a lot of people
Lordofironstorm: Id think Boros might be good, but maybe not Boros Equipment
Lordofironstorm: Red/White Deck Wins is the way to go
Feriority: Well they are a cat
MegaDosX: Yeah the Toxic ETB animation is quite something
definenull: I think boros equip only supports one player at a draft table, but if you're that one player it's pretty sweet
LordManiMani: ah white red. the archetype that has only itself as an archetype
LadyLockwood92: 'Any 2/5's in chat?'
bwk789: Can you disrupt the equipment and does it fall off?
BrowneePoints: nope
micalovits: !card planar disruption
LRRbot: Planar Disruption [1W] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant artifact, creature, or planeswalker / Enchanted permanent can't attack or block, and its activated abilities can't be activated.
BrowneePoints: you can't re equip
BrowneePoints: but that's it
bwk789: Thanks Adam and bp
AugmentingPath: equip injector back and forth like 5 times, for value
AugmentingPath: Kappa
BrowneePoints: missed land drop I bet
3PlayerPolitics: waaaaw
Easilycrazyhat: Good name
LordManiMani: extremely good
BrowneePoints: Quentin and Tarantino'd by Writtin Directino
LadyLockwood92: Beat me to itt.
McFluffums: that joke was pretty big
LordManiMani: AND a boy
BrowneePoints: I watched his Interview on Mythical Kitchen for Last Meal
BrowneePoints: interesting guy
Gaz_L: I'm Tom Hanks, noted typewriter enthusiast
saucemaster5000: What was Tom Hank's job in Cast away?
Simonark: Welcome to Wheeler's Bible Study And Tom Hanks Fancast
EvilBadman: He could have been a trainc conductor in Pvt Ryan, we never learn what his joib was
gualdhar: My name is Benjamin Button and I play Tom Hanks playing a train conductor in Polar Express
EvilBadman: @saucemaster5000 fed ex
BrowneePoints: Something corporate @saucemaster5000
Mr_Horrible: Big Fence
BrowneePoints: he was on a business flight
saucemaster5000: Right! Fed Ex!
EvilBadman: (and my pvt ryan comment is joke, we do know what the job was)
BrowneePoints: It's been years since I've watched both
EvilBadman: You're welcome Cameron :P
LordPhyriX: did wheeler pay the life? I feel so deprived.
AugmentingPath: unsubscribe hanksfacts
ipoddodd: You could make a 4/0 to block Kappa
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I'm pretty sure Tom Hanks was an executive for FedEx in Castaway. There was no WORK involved.
BrowneePoints: Also fun fact Cameron, my grandpa who was a WW2 vet, went to see Saving Private Ryan(since it's based on people he went to Basic with) and the opening scene was so accurate he had to walk out of the theater
Simonark: Wait, what were Tom Hanks' jobs in Bachelor Party and Charlie Wilson's War?
objectivefailure: "I'll make it back for you, Sir Topham Hat"
saucemaster5000: Colin
Gaz_L: Colin
LadyLockwood92: Colin.
BrowneePoints: Colin
BusTed: Thomas the Hanks Engine
quatoria: but WOULD chet be such a chet, if he had been named Bob?
EvilBadman: Thanks, Tom Hanks. Thanks.
BrowneePoints: Colin Chet and Truman
Lordofironstorm: tom hanks
goombalax: no not Callum. Colin
LadyLockwood92: Dang it Wheeler.
Gaz_L: Colin Hanks is directing a documentary about John Candy soon
kilnfiendpotter: I loved Tom's work in Carly Rae Jepsen's music video
McFluffums: he's got 4 apparently....Truman and Elizabeth Ann
quatoria: was it nominative accuracy or nominative determinism
BrowneePoints: Yep 3 boys and one Girl
BrowneePoints: Elizabeth, Chet, Colin and Truman
saucemaster5000: Colin Hanks' voice is eerily similar to his Dad's
ipoddodd: You lose a life?
BrowneePoints: Ah Truman Hanks is a lil cutie!
AugmentingPath: build your own phyrexian arena
MegaDosX: Only sac once per turn though, which seems to have caught them there
thraximore: I always seem to tune in when someone is flooding out
MegaDosX: "All I can offer you is this Swamp" - Arena, probably
BrowneePoints: oh yea the first movie I saw Colin Hanks in was Get Over It..good old early 2000s teen comedies
Gaz_L: @MegaDosX damnit Arena, he's the perfect guy to offer an egg in this trying time!
zladcommathe: was there a giveaway in the last l like 40min or so?
Seth_Erickson: the rat slows down oblit pretty hard too
lastspartan607: gamers gaming gamingly
Gaz_L: i think i've only seen Colin Hanks in the first season of Fargo, which he's very good in
BrowneePoints: Colin is a pretty good actor
BrowneePoints: Chet is okay but boy he looks like a chet
MegaDosX: Holy shit bullet dodged
Lordofironstorm: yooooo
thraximore: umbraSweat
ReachW: mommy milled
ArcOfTheConclave: did op have no targets?
thraximore: what's left in your deck that you can draw?
kumatsu: Imagine if OP had the dies trigger rare
ipoddodd: @ArcOfTheConclave OP has a bunch of 3 drops, a nimraiser, and an elesh
Gaz_L: secret win
definenull: maybe the Wanderer will magically appear
thraximore: adam must've just missed lethal umbraHappy
LadyLockwood92: 'Don't tell people how I live' - Adam Savidan.
MegaDosX: Reanimate from a graveyard, not just your own
3PlayerPolitics: OOP
thraximore: there we go
MegaDosX: Puts them to 1
BrowneePoints: Oh cool! Tom's youngest son Truman is going down the Cinematography route instead of acting
hd_dabnado: gladiator, arena singleton
Gaz_L: like always
definenull: will OP not see the line?
MegaDosX: I think you might have them short of something like Tyvar's Stand
Seth_Erickson: Kaya's so strong
saucemaster5000: What's Caillou's Passive?
Mr_Horrible: seabatUseless
ipoddodd: They need to have... specifically sheoldred's edict?
Gaz_L: @saucemaster5000 Menace Kappa
bwk789: No edict pls
definenull: (each day he grows some more)
Feriority: Each day he learns some more
MegaDosX: I hate it
pn55: jlrrFacepalm
Badchop: so Caillou is busted
Seth_Erickson: edict or tyvar's stand is what kills us
h3rsh3yb4r: nothing
TheMandrew: Caillou starts at 4 loyalty
Omthebox: Monster Hunter Rise
BrowneePoints: watching yall
Mr_Horrible: Playing the Metroid Prime Remaster
McFluffums: magic, superbowl, farmers market
Nydestroyer: nothing as per usual
NotCainNorAbel: more work
JosephDeath: Haircut
micalovits: Board games tomorrow!
hd_dabnado: learning photography
Seth_Erickson: working
quatoria: Playing Lancer RPG
hackingducks: thanks you too
kumatsu: Farmer's market with friends I haven't seen since before the pandemic
NarishmaReborn: star trek rpg
azidbern95: watching Adam's WoW video
ipoddodd: crimes
3PlayerPolitics: watching the Superb Owl
shurtal: the BIG GAME
MegaDosX: Watching you guys play Magic right now
saucemaster5000: Designing the Caillou magic card now, apparently
gualdhar: Caillou's ult is a board wipe, he' shad enough
blepharic: D&D
TheWriterAleph: ey yo twitch chat
adambomb625: slowly dying
Seth_Erickson: My work week starts on the weekend
Arikell: Reevaluating my life choices
BraghDaMan: lotsa chillin'
Kaktus021: Big Chaos multiworld randomizer
objectivefailure: Early Valentine's day
WalkingProfanity: I' am drunk
Mr_Bitterness: Not watching the superb owl
Manae: birthday celebrations of a sort
realmairzydoats: Alpacas
ConjugateVoices: look for a job
zladcommathe: working twelve hour shifts
79james: buying more fish
Feriority: Watching wrestling on saturday, then spending sunday freaking out about a doctor's appointment Monday
Ris_Bl00dlord: nothing i will stop exiting after this stream
Musicsquid: My dnd group made a roguelite version of dnd
WalkingProfanity: vodka
ReachW: My step-sister is having a gender reveal party for her kid so I might not be here next week.
kilnfiendpotter: Taking care of my BABY
LordPhyriX: visiting friends out of town, thank you for asking Adam
LadyLockwood92: Probably playing some FF14, probably with Adam's new video in the background :P
BrowneePoints: OOOO wait I've got something! Celebrating my mom's Chemo success! She's not quite cancer free but it's the first real positive step in 13 months!
azidbern95: running the first session of a TTRPG
bwk789: Art exhibition for Matt Dixon, did art for hs as well as some mtg cards like yargle stp
LoadingReadyRun: @BrowneePoints yay!
Mr_Horrible: @BrowneePoints ayyy that's great! Congratulations!
Seth_Erickson: @BrowneePoints PogChamp
ghyllnox: @reachw If they start a fire make sure to get it on video for us
McFluffums: 1-3=win
3PlayerPolitics: grats! @browneepoints
YeetTheRich_: @BrowneePoints let's gooo
betweenmyself: Sitting around, wishing I had more opportunities to inflict riffYeti upon Adam.
xHeroRuSH: :o
BrowneePoints: Yea! 2 Cycles and 13 months in but chemo is working signs are all good, and she's healthy enough to start immunotherapy!
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hd_dabnado: of the fancy variety
micalovits: Shine boostie
TheFickleCat: oooooo!
ReachW: @ghyllnox I mean, I absolutely will do that but I need to survive to upload it so wish me luck I guess. LUL
BraghDaMan: I want them so much more now
shurtal: multiple Pax? Dibs on South
qwertiest_mint: Teeth
MegaDosX: Oh no
xHeroRuSH: Teeth
BraghDaMan: teeth
GrumblingMoblin: teeth
hackingducks: teeth?
Badchop: lol
noonies: TEETH
Seth_Erickson: teeth
urist_mc_wazdakka: teeth
Mapadabe: Teeth
LordPhyriX: teeth
mibukotaro: teeth
Nashlake: teeth
azidbern95: TEETH
TheWriterAleph: teeth
Unas84: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
gualdhar: Teeth
NarishmaReborn: teeth
Lordofironstorm: Teeth
FPNY41: Teeth
Yozy: teeth
theroad0: teeth
micalovits: TEETH
Lobo_Apache: TEETH
anxietyparadingashuman: teeth
thraximore: teeth
hackingducks: teeth
ipoddodd: Teeth
realmairzydoats: Teeth
Svendryn: Teeth
Badchop: TEETH
3PlayerPolitics: teeth
MurphEP: teeth
AtomicAlchemical: Teeth
rogueiguana: teeth
SourcePlaysGames: TEETH
cy0nknight: teeth
Jovh11: Teeth
BaronVonPoppinOff: teeth
TheMandrew: Teeth
Taulton: Teeth
shockcycle: teeth
earlgrey82: teeth
betweenmyself: riffYeti
79james: teeth
CandyNuke: teeth
Ris_Bl00dlord: teeth
ghyllnox: Teeth
Morment: teeth
WiJohn: Teeth
nymistrya: teeth
NotCainNorAbel: teeth
aholz: teeth
BrookJustBones: teeth
hd_dabnado: TEETH
Rift_goose: TEETH
Dark_Destra: teeth
Juliamon: teeth
MadWolf1290: teeth
TheCataloop: Teeth
Kaktus021: Teeth
krfsm: teeth
Infinixx: teeth
PipeSmokingOwl: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Mr_Bitterness: teeth
McFluffums: wait for the go
weatherlight2: teeth
Aenllan: teeth
Im__Contributing: teeth
objectivefailure: Teeth
nifleon: Teeth
Sogheim: teeth
kumatsu: teeth
samu_btdp1985: Teeth
Ivannorr: teeth
asthanius: teeth
headshot0312: teeth
A_Dub888: TEETH
WalkingProfanity: teeth
lunarch_ether: teeth
elfowlgirl: teeth
Rift_goose: teeth
lamina5432: teeth
Minib2k: Teeth
definenull: teeth
SolarBlitz1: teeth
Riiiiiiis: teeth
hanzi_keat: Teeth
virgil82: teeth
Kelderan: teeth
SuperPenguinWizard: teeth
YoungByNature: teeth
Nenluen: teeth
hexagonalguinea: teeth
Mr_Namazu: teeth
letfireraindown: teeth
Datnade012: teeth
Ris_Bl00dlord: Teeth
InTheHouseOfHavok: Teeth
RamblingRhetoric: teeth
Gooseblast: teeth
bwk789: Teeth
penultima86: Teeth
Unas84: teeth
shurtal: teeth
elfmonkey24: teeth
beanboydeluxe: teeth
EvilBadman: teeth
Akaias: teeth
arkham1981: teeth
Easilycrazyhat: Teeth
Voidhawk42: teeth
CrazymattCaptain: teeth
JosephDeath: teeth
starmute12: teeth
Token_Gay_Friend: teeth
RunicScribe: teeth
r10pez10: teeth
rosesmcgee: teeth
Kuolar: Teeth
salamisuperstar: teeth
CururuGuasu: Teeth
FlapYak: Teeth
goombalax: Teeth
Hulyen: teeth
13Ghost13: teeth
YoungByNature: TEETH
LaskoReadsComics: teeth
MadWolf1290: or T E E T H
colonelkreiner: teeth
TophTheHermit: teeth
fereil: Teeth
SoldieroFortune: Teeth
h3rsh3yb4r: Teeth
jithua: teeth
cardbross: teeth
chinchilled: teeth
criss_doom: Teeth
LadyLockwood92: teeth
wrapscalion: teeth
offbeatwitch: teeth
adambomb625: team
Mindfire13: teeth
TheOtherTrevor: Teeth
Shragon: teeth
FarleyF: teeth
Gaz_L: teeth
Days_one: teeth
bojuka_pog: Teeth
bartsch1776: Teeth
MaskdEnigma: teeth
VampiricVixenIX: Teeth
bo_brinkman: teeth
ElCoggins: teeth
CrescendoSlash: teeth
Ibberlop: Teeth
satoribearpuncher: Teeth
Omthebox: Teeth
PipeSmokingOwl: teeth
Tekcor17: teeth
Nydestroyer: tooth
josh___something: TEETH
Wibblesqueak: Teeth
aiamethyst: teeth
kilnfiendpotter: teeth
Jobot180: teeth
mattydubs75: teeth
benrbls: teeth
xHeroRuSH: teeth
zladcommathe: teeth
Easilycrazyhat: lrrCREEPR lrrCREEPL
Ewayko: teeth
laundreydhull: teeth
sausecoder: teeth
Calaban161: Teeth
Chipton: teeth
JokerBoney: teeth
Mind2Waste: teeth
Wolfstrike_NL: teeth
yatagarasu1177: teeth
meepsalot: teeth
floofynewf: teeth
DylPage: teeth
SK__Ren: teeth
Nydestroyer: teeth
beowuuf: teeth
Nukified: teeth
BrowneePoints: Teeth
Charlymandias: Teeth
ConjugateVoices: teeth
sherlock_olms: teeth
Tarkeis: teeth
pyronils80: teeth
McFluffums: oh boy this is upsetting
notsomuchsuccess: teeth
TheFickleCat: Teeth
YoungByNature: teeth
DarthRagnar815: teeth
thraximore: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Ris_Bl00dlord: Teeth 󠀀
Derrigan: teeth
JusticeJuice: Teeth
blepharic: teeth
MrQBear: teeth
Ryuzicohn28: teeth
Orxolon: teeth
BenevolentCow: teeth
Xavart092: teeth
YeetTheRich_: teeth
jovens_v: teeth
adambomb625: teeth
Peter_Chordash: teeth
ghizmou: teeth
3and4fifths: TEETH
quigonginnjuice: teeth
Ris_Bl00dlord: Teeth
horridcrustacean: teeth
zatek027: Teeth
AdamTheIndividual: teeth
FenrisSchafer: Teeth
slopingrafa2: teeth
werebears_arms: teeth
Mastertoenail: Teeth
Ris_Bl00dlord: \Teeth
occasionallyrelevant: Teeth
Voidhawk42: Just got here, why are we saying this?
mibukotaro: Teeth
McFluffums: teeth
Gaz_L: #justteeththings
urist_mc_wazdakka: tEeTh
wordlessRage: Teeth
ralphthellama: teeth
hd_dabnado: love dem teeth
Mediocre_Man5: teeth
DeM0nFiRe: teeth
cmdrelk: Teeth
blasterzero3: teeth
Phosfur: TEETH
Ervefel: teeth
bwk789: lrrCREEPR lrrCREEPL
Ris_Bl00dlord: Teeth
Storm297: teeth
comrade_cards: teeth
laundreydhull: & now, lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
bojuka_pog: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Pandor1m: teeth
spsworkz: teeth
TurnedToFrog: teeth
Feriority: lrrCREEPL teeth lrrCREEPR
whitefirecomix: teeth
MordigalDK: teeth
WalkingProfanity: cupahHypers
ChillEPenguin: teeth
ewalkedaway: Teeth
rivibi: Teeth
Jarlax: teeth
Musicsquid: Teeth
TheCataloop: teeth
luu_luu: teeth
RockPusher: teeth
TheMadEgyptian: teeth
ThankYouUro: teeth
Phaers: Teeth
hd_dabnado: no :)
BraghDaMan: Teeth
MolaMolaphant: teeth
LordPhyriX: ev3ntiHug
j0biwan: Teeth
v_nome: teeth
3and4fifths: teef
Slytherin42: teeth
schwitty_26: Teeth
Bahamutwize: teeth
Dread_Pirate_Westley: teetH
gualdhar: but what about Second Boosties
MoxCubitZirconium: Teeth
NarishmaReborn: maybe if you're good
unicornery: Teeth
ReachW: Can Kiefer enter is the real question.
Calaban161: @Voidhawk42 Booster packs
WalkingProfanity: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Slytherin42: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Mai_Andra: We have booster packs at home.
3PlayerPolitics: great British Punds??
j0biwan: 🦷
Ryxiene: Teeth
Lordofironstorm: Green/Blue/Purple
YoungByNature: teeth
QuixoticZ: teeth
saucemaster5000: Pat should really get that checked it's been blue since 1893
whitefirecomix: teeth
NarishmaReborn: we do this often
ipoddodd: lrrCREEPR_HF lrrCREEPL_HF
Lordofironstorm: My favorite color combo
hackingducks: @Mai_Andra booster pack he has at home: homelands
Phaers: teeth
Frogasaurus90: teeth
xHeroRuSH: to packs of teeth
NarishmaReborn: also, we are all dentists giving you reminders
offbeatwitch: we wanna make sure everyone's thinking about teeth
t7112: teeth
ReachW: I try not to think about GBP either. It gets upsetting at this point.
baskwalla: teeth
RockPusher: I mean, this chat doesn't need a reason normally
Fruan: teeth
TheOtherTrevor: Because this set is Phyrexia: All Will Be Teeth
QAraignee: teeth
jedi_master_zll: teeth
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: teeth
ChrisGMiller: teeth
trevarooo: teeth
WalrusOntheCourt: teeth
Riiiiiiis: It's dental hygieine minute
buemmschaf: teeth
BrowneePoints: Question for LRR, you find yourself on Great Canadian Bake Off. What week do you dread and what week do you think you'd do well on?
Voidhawk42: Oh sweet! I thought it was just a bi, but packs are nice too
Feriority: Because of all the flying teeth monsters
CommanderPulsar: teeth
laundreydhull: b cuz Phyrexia. That's why!
spiritkamuy: teeth
HIYgamer: teeth
ipoddodd: I would have liked for toothy to be in this set
MegaDosX: Go on
Phaers: teeth
Telepathicwombat: teeth
TanukiJohn: teeth
xHeroRuSH: teef
BraghDaMan: are you sure you're playing limited? Sheesh
r10pez10: toothy is imaginary and can't hurt me
WalkingProfanity: nyannHydrate cupahWater ironmouseDab
MadWolf1290: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Kaktus021: simmbaBongo
RockPusher: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
LoadingReadyRun: winner is spsworkz
ReachW: congrats!
ConjugateVoices: grats!
MegaDosX: Conglaturation!
Seth_Erickson: congrats
beowuuf: yay
TheWriterAleph: doogCLAPPING doogCLAPPING doogCLAPPING
micalovits: Wooo! Gratz!
NotCainNorAbel: yeah
MurphEP: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
LadyLockwood92: Congrats~
t7112: yea
bwk789: Gratz
shurtal: ggs spsworkz!
FPNY41: Gratz
NarishmaReborn: \conga rats!
virgil82: Congrats!
pyronils80: congrats
nymistrya: Wooo!
josh___something: Teeth!
Calaban161: Con grats
Dark_Destra: lrrSIG lrrSIG
letfireraindown: Congrats!
TophTheHermit: medinaDing medinaDing medinaDing
AtomicAlchemical: Congratulations
Feriority: spsworkz, congratulations on the teeth
TheFickleCat: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
goombalax: a new account made today: Wen Bheeler!
Phosfur: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
FarleyF: benginUrgh benginUrgh benginUrgh lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Ryxiene: Congrats! 🎉
spsworkz: Yay
WiJohn: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
micalovits: Adam just needed more TEETH
EvilBadman: And that giveaway raised enough morale for Adam to win
MegaDosX: critroleTouchdown
thraximore: FBtouchdown
Artificer_Evan: @spsworkz Congrats
definenull: small indie company
shendaras: seabatClap
ReachW: oh heck yeah I love it when Arena does that. It's 1500 free gems
BraghDaMan: they really are BOOSTER packs!
BrowneePoints: I mean, you're also very good at Magic Adam.
t7112: wow Ben, what did you do to that arena?
TophTheHermit: What happens when the Win bar gets full?
BrowneePoints: he introduced a format
BrowneePoints: so the client got mad
bwk789: It goes back down top
Gaz_L: yeah, it just looks like roping to the other side
t7112: what proof? I ate the proof....
MegaDosX: It'd be nice if you could somehow let your opponent know "sorry I d/ced, I'm not an actual wingus", but alas
BrowneePoints: ooo Fruit Bowl!
ReachW: Don't worry about any of that wheeler in my experience they'll refund it regardless of evidence.
Gaz_L: like the edited voiceover from the last Dark Pictures game
Asrimal: Gummy Venus.....
Seth_Erickson: Sheoldie's edict?
offbeatwitch: that's the unity seal of quality
micalovits: Uhhh, the good Edict!
thraximore: you're blacklisted by arena, rip
interiorexplosion: Running as admin sometimes fixes it. Yes actually
t7112: I joined the stream a few minutes ago so I may have missed it....what is your guys opinion of the limited format?
Lordofironstorm: WotC is famouse for their well-made, bug-free programs
Seth_Erickson: Against All Odds saying or both is very good too.
ConjugateVoices: That is doubley true for MTO
Gaz_L: mighty mighty mitetones
MegaDosX: Doesn't feel like Elesh Norn's aesthetic though
Seth_Erickson: dodged a bullet there right doesn't their mite have first strike?
Seth_Erickson: oh wait nevermind
Ris_Bl00dlord: i image mites making a chittering noice
Feriority: @MegaDosX But imagine Norn on her throne, plotting evilly while she strokes a purring mite on her lap
Gaz_L: goodbye, and good night.... BANG
bwk789: Bop it
Feriority: Gives it a little scritch behind its ear-analogues
MegaDosX: T1 Duress in limited huh
betweenmyself: Adam channeling his spirit animal riffYeti
keyforgealchemist: does this make y'all one big family?
Gaz_L: mmm that New Deck smell
krfsm: aye
ReachW: It is
3PlayerPolitics: yeeep riffYeti
3PlayerPolitics: riffTrax
EvilBadman: From the classic: To Catch a Yeti
EvilBadman: Rifftrax is the ol' MST3K folks
3PlayerPolitics: classic Mr. Loaf
Arikell: What about the youtube streamers?
Gaz_L: speaking of Rifftrax, i feel like i've seen a lot of people reference Shake Hands With Danger lately
h3rsh3yb4r: They let you design a flavor right?
salamisuperstar: Gary Fuel?
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
pn55: lrrWOW
pn55: That's so rude
definenull: HAH
ContingentCat: lrrWOW what
ReachW: noice
MegaDosX: Who pays that much for a keyboard?
betweenmyself: What would an Adam Savidan inspired Gfuel flavor taste like?
saucemaster5000: Good deal, a lot of adult men still have trouble finding the G-Fuel Spot
Wolfstrike_NL: wowwie
LadyLockwood92: Dang
TheWriterAleph: does it PLAY for you???
A_Dub888: lrrWOW
drcthulu: was it gilded in gold?
ConjugateVoices: Hot. Damn.
thraximore: umbraWut
bytecaster: Types letters good
definenull: so about 2k CAD
EvilBadman: How Cherry were those switches, brah
aholz: note to self stream League and get Riot to Notice MeTM
WalrusOntheCourt: Adam is killing me here. I am typing this on my personally built mechanical keyboard...the pain...the pain....
xHeroRuSH: made with actual cherries
Feriority: OG Model Ms go for so much less than that
ContingentCat: because clearly skill comes from expensive keyboards lrrBEEJ
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BraghDaMan: the -4/-4 is a sorcery I think
BraghDaMan: !card drown in ichor
LRRbot: Drown in Ichor [1B] | Sorcery | Target creature gets −4/−4 until end of turn. Proliferate.
ConjugateVoices: mechanical switches
Nydestroyer: cherry brown is harlies brother
Omthebox: I'm using Cherry MX Browns. Very clicky
WalrusOntheCourt: Cherry blue = very loud. :-)
definenull: that's how they get ya, don't show the total price till the end
MegaDosX: !card whispers of the dross
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
MegaDosX: !card whisper of the dross
LRRbot: Whisper of the Dross [B] | Instant | Target creature gets −1/−1 until end of turn. Proliferate.
ContingentCat: oh Ian
MegaDosX: Fine, LRRbot
LunchB0x_13: adam wheeler and cameron? In MY fambly jambly? it's more likely than you think
ConjugateVoices: Sounds like a genius
WalrusOntheCourt: My keyboard needs a speaker that sounds like a car backfiring for every keypress
definenull: because of course Ian would do that
Badchop: You _can_ but why
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
betweenmyself: I prefer keys with built in fidget spinners pennyWhat
EvilBadman: Need only one really loud key attached to your Destiny 2 Ult
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BigUruz: what up chat
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Seth_Erickson: I don't understand the enjoyment of the big clicky clacks
aholz: don't you mean "speaking the _ruth"
definenull: yall are so damn precious thank you
MegaDosX: Holy cats
MegaDosX: Go Adam
Feriority: I like the clicky feedback more than the sound itself, but the sound is part of the whole experience of the feedback
drcthulu: was it like one of the keyboards where every key was a little led screen cuz 800$ US is insane for a keyboard
Feriority: I have quiet switches but they're still pretty clicky
WalrusOntheCourt: New MTG card: "Mechanical Keyboard" - the sounds create a wrath effect on the board.
ghyllnox: Does something special happen when it hits 50? Assuming that's the top
kumatsu: One of these days Paul like "You know what, I do mine" and unplugs the switchboard and walks out
offbeatwitch: i think red is surprisingly strong in this set
Sogheim: sometimes I forget Paul knows a lot about Magic because I never see him play it
definenull: is some other mic unmuted? I hear corridor talk
RockPusher: Paul's pro tour arc was some time ago now lrrBEEJ
definenull: oh wait it's just the whispering in the arena bgm
MegaDosX: Oh hey Norn showed up
Asrimal: Hooooo
ipoddodd: hello machine mom
Graham_LRR: I’m emotionally invested in Cameron’s game
hd_dabnado: @Graham_LRR im financially invest in cam's game
MadWolf1290: well dome Cam
MegaDosX: Go Cam go!
MadWolf1290: done*
Graham_LRR: Hell yeah
ReachW: nicely done, Cam! That looked like a tough game!
Drathak: FBtouchdown xomHYPERS
t7112: way to go Cam!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
BigUruz: those are my numbers cam - i feel you
AkiraBalance27: yesss
Wolfstrike_NL: Booooo
Gaz_L: treat yo self
beowuuf: lol
Sogheim: nooooo
drcthulu: The haunted puppet lives on!
RockPusher: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
TheWriterAleph: oh noooo LUL
Gaz_L: there should be a compleated puppet Jace
AkiraBalance27: shouldve compleated the puppet for the set
ReachW: And like you said, Cam, he outlived meat Jace!
Nydestroyer: its raining jace
BartholemewTheKitten: Norn's strings?
LadyLockwood92: Now there's *two* Jace puppets.
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MegaDosX: @LadyLockwood92 Hiyoooooo
bytecaster: Would that one have teethy strings?
Sogheim: they have to bring back the puppet on a card sometime. give it some noble sacrifice with a Vraska puppet
keyforgealchemist: compleated puppet Jace should be animatronic ala Chuck E Cheese
micalovits: Hard without Black mana though
ipoddodd: Well, they have forests and plains...
Gaz_L: @Sogheim honestly surprised it didn't make Unfinity
AkiraBalance27: wow they just took it
Gaz_L: Space Beleren was funny, but surely they sell puppet Joce's at the park
chaostreader: !card leonin lightbringer
LRRbot: Leonin Lightbringer [2W] | Creature — Cat Rebel [3/2] | Ward {2} / As long as Leonin Lightbringer is equipped, it gets +1/+1.
asthanius: Moss Kami?
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andy1503: hullo
Gaz_L: oh, does Ben like Kamigawa? Kappa
asthanius: who's my little layered boy?
definenull: onyo
BigUruz: @Gaz_L first ive heard of it
ContingentCat: @Gaz_L not sure he's so vauge about it
ElektroTal: does Ben like Kamigawa? you should probably check out a podcast in a few months =)
MegaDosX: Oh you can double spell this turn, neat
BraghDaMan: I'da bounced the batterfist for this turn
Feriority: Better butterfist than pistonfist
sporkraptor: the oily slam
DrLigmaPhD: Ol' Barb Butterfist, best baker in the county
couchboyj: I didn't mean to punch you, I just have these butterfists!
MegaDosX: Mother!
BraghDaMan: Mommy's home!
NarishmaReborn: the betazoid gift box in TNG
DrLigmaPhD: Porclean Mommy!
AkiraBalance27: rude
BraghDaMan: Mommy's gone!
couchboyj: Crawling Chorus looks like a Persona enemy.
MegaDosX: I mean, if she ate a six mana removal spell then that's not...terrible
beowuuf: like a space 1999 or something even
MegaDosX: !card volt charge
LRRbot: Volt Charge [2R] | Instant | Volt Charge deals 3 damage to any target. Proliferate.
Bruceski: There's a lot of old shows it would fit right into
bytecaster: @couchboyj It does look like the generic shadow chasing you in dungeons, you are right!
lamina5432: lethal?
MegaDosX: Kill the 1/1, punch?
MegaDosX: You put them to nine poison this way
MegaDosX: Oh wait hang on, proliferate, yeah you might have killed them that turn
realmairzydoats: Totally the betazoid gift box
goombalax: its the blade of Skrelves
MegaDosX: Adam would have gotten through with two Toxic creatures and Volt Charge would have proliferated
drcthulu: Kappa
lamina5432: kill the 1/1 then proliferate the poisen
thraximore: unbelievable
couchboyj: Leeches is on the RL, those counters aint going nowhere
janks009: attack with raptor also would have been a win
BraghDaMan: 2 ways at once
bytecaster: They might not be though
BraghDaMan: raptor is pacified
Lordofironstorm: volt charge for the full victory
hackingducks: double victory
ipoddodd: wait we lose
BraghDaMan: it adds toxic to all with it
andy1503: nurse kills us
ipoddodd: plague nurse kills us
JokerBoney: not judging the play but is there a reason to instead equip and jump the mite instead to have another blocker
MegaDosX: Nurse can only be once per turn fortunately
Easilycrazyhat: Woooow. What a final game.
andy1503: oh yooo
andy1503: i cant count
MegaDosX: Compleat Victory
andy1503: niceee
DeM0nFiRe: FBtouchdown
ReachW: niiiiiice
couchboyj: The Jace treatment
AkiraBalance27: whooo
Trahas: nice
pn55: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
offbeatwitch: easy 7-0
wulfram77: Doulbe Kll!
sporkraptor: wooooo
ghyllnox: \o/
micalovits: Not even close!
Athelgar: gg
couchboyj: Killed and Compleated
MegaDosX: I still think you had them that other turn, but a win's a win
lamina5432: fun games
7gorobei: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Drathak: 7-0 xomHYPERS
Sogheim: Adam is just too strong
Feriority: Straight to the shadow realm
definenull: how does it feel to re-retire champion?
ConjugateVoices: That looked *clean*
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
sporkraptor: oh hey I recognize that sticker on Adam's laptop (I think to myself before remembering it's the LRR sticker and I have it on my car) >___<
Wolfstrike_NL: @MegaDosX yea I came out at the same math, but got there anyway
MegaDosX: @Wolfstrike_NL That's all that matters tbh
zombub: Definitely had it a few turns earlier but got the achievement this way
QuantumTwitch: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej, and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Sun 01:00 PM PST (1d, 20:41 from now).
MegaDosX: If only Norn stuck around to witness the Compleat Victory
MegaDosX: But alas, she ate a removal spell and did stone nothing :p
Austere_Squire: hullo, all
Austere_Squire: a dumb question, perhaps; what is famjam?
Earthenone: !famjam
LRRbot: Three teams working together, one after another, to rack up points by completing achievements! View a list of the achievements here:
realmairzydoats: It’s short for Family Jamily
Wolfstrike_NL: The "lrr family" jamming game after game
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 4:20 PM
Austere_Squire: aha. thanks, guys :)
Wolfstrike_NL: Not really dived into 3 teams anymore
BraghDaMan: they do this every set, it's just a fun way to slam a lot of limited into our eyeballs
Juliamon: yeah, it's more "3 people at a time" general
Juliamon: folks swap out here and there
definenull: the revolving door of the fams and the jams
Juliamon: and occasionally they give away actual packs to chat
Juliamon: but mostly it's just the "let's all grind the new format on Arena" LAN-style
TheWriterAleph: hellooo
ReachW: hi
MegaDosX: Oh hey they did a big team swap out
ReachW: Hi Ben, hi Nelly!
accountmadeforants: seabatUseless
mitomanox: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
quatoria: trade up? trade down? you decide!
saucemaster5000: Head! Move!
adambomb625: Who was swapped out for James? Kappa
definenull: compleat-ly chaste drafting, you say?
ReachW: Gerry's fantastic
micalovits: 21-1???
SK__Ren: Damn Adam
MegaDosX: That's a heck of a record
sporkraptor: doodly-boopity
whitefirecomix: Is Adam the Undertaker of the FamJam?
ElektroTal: holy shit, what. i'm like 0-x. not one win
BusTed: Doop.
Easilycrazyhat: Adam, how
definenull: adam's just build different
MegaDosX: Eternal Wanderer is busted apparently
ConjugateVoices: I love that walker
definenull: keep reading adam
Wolfstrike_NL: Someone switch seats with Adam so he can stay in low elo and keep the winstreak up
drcthulu: seems fair and balanced Kappa
Feriority: Rat Tribal!
t7112: red for Ben
TheWriterAleph: k.o.t.h.!
adambomb625: Pick ALL the rats
EvilBadman: the Rat king forgives ya, this time
micalovits: Rat tribal Nelly! Yeeees!
MegaDosX: Eternal Wanderer does an excellent job protecting herself and basically has a Single Combat as her ult
thraximore: do it nelly
Lordofironstorm: Koth of the Hammer of the Hammer
satyropodobny: RATS RATS RATS
saucemaster5000: Pick every third card and You'll be fine
ElektroTal: pick white cards
micalovits: Its... Fine
BraghDaMan: there are only 3 rats in the whole set
ConjugateVoices: 3/3 for 3
micalovits: Its really good if you get a bunch of rats
krfsm: well, it's 1:30 in the morning here, so I'm going to bed. good night and good luck!
definenull: I think rat king depends on how many rats are opened
Feriority: The other rats are pretty good though and one is a common, so you might be able to get a few
realmairzydoats: Isn’t Against All Odds a movie?
WiJohn: Spelldancer is great
ElektroTal: take a look at me now
sporkraptor: the music for this is so good
realmairzydoats: Cause there’s just an empty space
7gorobei: @ElektroTal very under recognized phil collins song, one of my favs
BraghDaMan: edict, Nelly
Faulpyr: Can't really hear Adam.
BraghDaMan: it IS a win for FamJam no matter what
Lordofironstorm: Collusion
beowuuf: waaaay back with james and ben or something liek that?
t7112: gulping is a decent late game critter?
definenull: adam is a large dynamic person
Mysticman89: Adam is always in HDR
Riiiiiiis: it seems like Adams mic isn't on
BrowneePoints: it's probably the best card in the pack
BrowneePoints: for that pack
Faulpyr: Yeah, it sounds like Adam is being picked up by the other mics.
RockPusher: Ben not wrong
AtrusOfMyst: I really enjoyed Ben's commander deck on the FNPF last week
BraghDaMan: Adam just needs to speak up a little
Riiiiiiis: yeah I heard Adam with a little ecco, like it was coming from other mics
saucemaster5000: Microphone work because of vibrating string between two cans
BigUruz: ben, we resemble that remark
Tripleyew: Expecting us to understand things is really asking a lot
BrowneePoints: ecco
LinearGif: Micro... foam?
BrowneePoints: like a dolphin
BraghDaMan: graaz is silly
ConjugateVoices: if you get to play it you get to win
BrowneePoints: Colossal Chairmaw!
ReachW: It's a good sideboard against the walls deck.
BrowneePoints: chairmaw*
Lordofironstorm: Dreadmaw Gamerchair!
wulfram77: 0 walls I believe
goombalax: Seedcore is what you get at farmer raves
79james: i am going to think that, whenever i see seedcore now goombalax lol
MegaDosX: Ben's curve is...definitely something
mitomanox: ratlike rats
Badchop: sigh
MegaDosX: Why are you like this Ben
ReachW: Thanks, Ben.
ghizmou: why would no one pick this
ConjugateVoices: This set has a surprising number of lands
mitomanox: landlords