Phailhammer: Now I kinda want to play Bishi Bashi again. :D
RealGamerCow: samba de amigo maracas
Phailhammer: Shame the one arcade that I know has it isn't exactly close by.
TemporallyAwry: PridePog Flawless
SurfDownstage: FBtouchdown
LurkerSpine: Cheer100 nice!
BusTed: tqsClap
lion_byte: ybbaaaPoggers burrClap eiffel1Jam
SaxPython: KomodoHype
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RealGamerCow: so when does sugar baby show up
BusTed: Hahaah
Lysander_salamander: what
BrowneePoints: Is he a Jelly Bean?
Boopity: Gagged
SurfDownstage: FBtouchdown
Boopity: Gamers!
Lysander_salamander: ok
SaxPython: Incredible
Boopity: Game GOOD
LurkerSpine: elfunkBeans elfunkBeans elfunkBeans
TheAinMAP: duDudu
Amentur: HypePopcorn
RealGamerCow: what is this video?
RealGamerCow: i mean, other than dust bowl footage
TacitusVigil: Oh my.
matthaus_c: crouching tiger, hidden bean
Anubis169: 'ello sprouters
BrowneePoints: the writing in this is great
NonjaBiru: sorry what?
lion_byte: lrrWOW
TacitusVigil: Wait, is this a Resident Evil?
SaxPython: SabaPing
BrowneePoints: dont Kaepora Gaebora yourself
TacitusVigil: John F Kauliflower
LurkerSpine: I wonder if the NES game, Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, was a partial inspiration to this game
lion_byte: wh-
offbeatwitch: hnnng I'm a thirsty little flower. you have to water me
SaxPython: Water me Daddy
matthaus_c: she water on my bean until I sprout?
LurkerSpine: ah i was slightly late. I am glad others remember this game
LurkerSpine: that game*
BrowneePoints: I'm glad yall liked this!
ArcOfTheConclave: the writers are immune to cringe and that's great.
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
TacitusVigil: Thank you for the stream!
HavenDragon: @lion_byte Thanks for the gift sub!
Travilogue: I'm going to be getting some dinner, and then probably playing some of this game myself.
lion_byte: eiffel1Love
LordZarano: !next
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matthaus_c: that mask almost makes us look more at home in this world
LordZarano: !calendar
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TacitusVigil: The Jork Works Party Porks?
TemporallyAwry: The real question on Let'sNope, will the couch make a return :p
matthaus_c: blame james
Mollylele: 🫡
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
FacelessManAboutTown: Hello, I am here for the anime
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
SnackPak_: lrrSIG
FacelessManAboutTown: lrrSIG
Earthenone: lrrSIG mbtygoFrogtheJAMMIN lrrSIG
Boopity: Anime music!
SymphonicLolita: anime? on MY stream? it's more likely than you think
FacelessManAboutTown: Ben, have you considered letting ChatGPT pilot one of your games? Seeing how it nearly conquered the chess world on its first go, it may be worth a try
Boopity: Can ChatGPT parse the anime nonsense that is this game?
FacelessManAboutTown: ChatGPT can do anything
niccus: only if it can demonstrate that it can finish a game of mental magic. doesn't have to win, just keep the board state valid.
Juliamon: This is a very short music loop
Mattmitchell45: Here to ride all night!
FacelessManAboutTown: @Juliamon We should be able to bet channel points on which opening bit he's going to use
Earthenone: 10k on muted audio
FacelessManAboutTown: 20k on phone bit
MurphEP: I'm all in on phone bit
MurphEP: @FacelessManAboutTown Let's go
Tweygoh: I’m watching this while my family is watching ball, my grandma just did an operatic trill and I almost choked trying not to laugh
Juliamon: But then he'd be able to see the options and choose one that isn't one of them
FacelessManAboutTown: True
TemporallyAwry: !now
niccus: the poor lads, the field is so slippery
Earthenone: im still hoping for the return of yugioh cards ben saw this week and liked
SymphonicLolita: hello esteemed wheeler
asthanius: thank you for having us it's great to dear days
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
MurphEP: seabatClap
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
webmeisterBud: 😱😱😱😱😱
Mattmitchell45: @Juliamon Always thinking about new Wheeler schemes
rabbitgta: cool, I showered 3 times today.
FacelessManAboutTown: You didn't shower? I thought you weren't doing Yugioh this week juzSmug
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
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trainpants: same tbh
Juliamon: See, I wouldn't have even thought to put this on the poll
Earthenone: you gotta greese those palms
SymphonicLolita: patreon-sponsored grease
Earthenone: !store
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FacelessManAboutTown: 79.99 USD or CAD?
RealGamerCow: 80 bucks? FOH.
TemporallyAwry: There's not god here, only anime PrideShrug
asthanius: it loops like an arcade game
Boopity: Also the anime girl enthusiastically yelling out the name of the game
lion_byte: no gods, just guards
davehutchin: Cardfight is a fun if simple game. If this was free I'd play it
MurphEP: Are these the Dear Days of our Lives?
rabbitgta: double D card fights?
noSmokeFire: this looks like Yugioh at home
Boopity: Something about riding the penetrate dragon
Earthenone: riding, eggs, also 100 million point combat tricks
Mattmitchell45: The Penetrated Man may pass
TheThirdTail: If you do the verb enough, you end up with the adjective in your name
asthanius: seems like it'd be fiddly irl
ArcOfTheConclave: maybe they would have sold more if it wasn't 80 bucks
MurphEP: A fight team
Mattmitchell45: Hot Guy Store Owner
asthanius: full body wetsuit tattoo
matthaus_c: he has a wet suit, a jacket -and- an apron
matthaus_c: he better not be wearing any pantas
matthaus_c: *pants
SpleenLord: Why is he wearing an apron at a card store?
MurphEP: Aint no liquid get on him
asthanius: ????
SymphonicLolita: sure
Boopity: Horrifying
rabbitgta: good thing they used a completely different name from another card game protags, no relation to yugi
asthanius: EMPATHY
Earthenone: ahh, you have the quickening
noSmokeFire: @SpleenLord gamer grease protection
ArcOfTheConclave: Yuki, do you have a friend with a name starting with Jo?
SymphonicLolita: psychic powers, got it
FacelessManAboutTown: VANGATHY
Raincoast_Bear: Wheeler?! Playing a Card game!? lrrDOTS lrrWHEELER lrrARROW
Mattmitchell45: I think that Scarlet Johansen movie where her brain unlocks?
MurphEP: But they were all of them deceived
Boopity: To be fair, this girl is like what, 15 years old?
asthanius: what the fuck
DeM0nFiRe: lmao what
FacelessManAboutTown: We've broken asthanius
MurphEP: :O
noSmokeFire: nah, the kid was also a talented fighter
asthanius: "Talented fighters can tell when their opponents have a bad home life"
SymphonicLolita: yeah, so psychic powers
Mattmitchell45: You have Now You See Me awareness
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I mean, its a way to explain empathy to a child
FacelessManAboutTown: What if I'm in an unfair fight?
asthanius: This doesn't mean anything
asthanius: They're not saying anything
noSmokeFire: "sounds fake but ok"
Mattmitchell45: I gotta play this card game I guess
FacelessManAboutTown: You and me both Yuki
asthanius: That was actually a good line
noSmokeFire: if your empathy lasts for more than four hours, consult a doctor
SymphonicLolita: this is the writing of all time
Mattmitchell45: Cardfight!! Vanguard is the only meaningful means of human connection
BusTed: 🤔
MurphEP: :)
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Boopity: The writer of this game has definitely never played a card game in their life LUL
rabbitgta: sounds like google doc searching before heading into the er thinking you are dieing
thavleifrim: this is why my opponents spam good game, they just want to make sure im doing ok
asthanius: Unless they're a cosplayer, of course
FacelessManAboutTown: High emotional intelligence is exactly what I have come to associate with hard core gamers
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Anyway. Winter orb, pass
FacelessManAboutTown: Did we ever establish why they're wearing matching chokers
couchboyj: OH, so this takes place Ina fantasy world. I get it!
asthanius: Cosplay is conse- *user was banned for this post*
DangerDiabolik: Did you ever have turf, Wheeler?
asthanius: And that's discount Juri
matthaus_c: is that the vtuber from Pokémon
PhorrestGaze: those classic matching sibling chokers
Juliamon: Lobotomized Female Companion
rabbitgta: hate it when my brother takes my back up chokers
FacelessManAboutTown: Does he have circulation issues? Is that what the gloves are for?
WiJohn: Wait she has a choker too?!
asthanius: Kuro means Magician
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: anime woman clearly is a sibling, she got chocker
Earthenone: is she related? she has the heriditary chocker
Boopity: Oh right, we beat them and then they were like "If you really wanna see if you can beat us, meet us here"
TheThirdTail: Best 2 outta 3!
asthanius: "This is where I can really be myself, and make shitty pervy jokes"
Earthenone: ohh does he practice Strong Style cardfighting?
Boopity: Love how melodramatic everyone is about this card game
asthanius: Black Lotus hahahahaha GET IT
matthaus_c: that sounds like a new username brewing
theamc2000: Hi anime dreads and kid serge with a mohawk
asthanius: nice coat...dress...suit...thing
theamc2000: Why is she a posing on us
matthaus_c: dominance
Earthenone: that looks like one of those "sylable from everyone on the team" names?
Boopity: She's a dangorango character
asthanius: Yuki's just like "this is a literal card game"
TheThirdTail: "Ahaha, what a weirdo... being polite..."
couchboyj: This is making me miss the search for Kyle
MurphEP: lrrSPOOP
matthaus_c: wha
MurphEP: Oh damn, they've got a pool table
wabajck: Thats right you must divorce your brother if you lose
asthanius: ???
Juliamon: Haru's the weird girl
Earthenone: so we are against black lotus in the finals?
gideon_not_graves: oh wheeler's back... is he still Working out with Bruce?
Earthenone: !pride
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matthaus_c: !findquote fall
LRRbot: Quote #52: "The first thing you do to deal with eight inches of snow is that you only let it fall over the course of about six months. And then you just shovel it out of the way." —Cameron [2015-02-26]
Earthenone: havent we ridden bruce enough?
asthanius: Idols, Football, Animals, and Cops
Juliamon: Appropriate to use the Demon Football Squad today
gideon_not_graves: You can treat the Nations/Factions as colors
gideon_not_graves: they specialize
theamc2000: So football?
gideon_not_graves: Cops
asthanius: Mahou ACAB
noSmokeFire: All Magical Girls Are Bastards
matthaus_c: idol culture faction
Juliamon: Floating Mermaid Idol School
gideon_not_graves: yes, new nation of school idols
gideon_not_graves: their specialty is friendship and singing....literally
gideon_not_graves: in game
matthaus_c: there's SO MUCH going on
asthanius: And also they have powers
17 raiders from BrainBetter have joined!
gideon_not_graves: Angry dick
Juliamon: Bad Steve
asthanius: ye
KaratePawn: a group of fish is a school, of course they're school girls
SurfDownstage: bowl fandom in shambles
MurphEP: The superb owl
laundreydhull: The Superb Owls? *I sleeps*
Juliamon: finally, I have a legacy
Earthenone: !findquote legacy
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Earthenone: wow, no one else does!
laundreydhull: The Tis Ur Cards? *I lrrks*
theamc2000: Complicated or bloated?
gideon_not_graves: demon cheerleaders...
Juliamon: cat
matthaus_c: should I ask why that small cheerleader has a rocket launcher
SpottedZebra: According to the flavor text on the card, that rocket launcher actually just shoots fireworks
Mattmitchell45: That Devil Cheerleader is ready for the Bowl game
gideon_not_graves: I mean bruce always needs groupies
gideon_not_graves: Drive Check
matthaus_c: love that the game is giving you the Your Go against an NPC
theamc2000: Have you ever van your card guard fight?
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Earthenone: you can only heal if you are losing, yeah
gideon_not_graves: Heals you when 1.) equal or more damage than your opponent
gideon_not_graves: say the line, wheeler
matthaus_c: say it
theamc2000: Which is ironic, since people only sit
Mattmitchell45: Please Stand for the calling of the Vanguard
SpottedZebra: equal or more, pretty brutal when attacking at 1-1 changes that to 0-2
asthanius: ride that baller
theamc2000: Oh say when you card
asthanius: oh god
matthaus_c: oh my god
gideon_not_graves: oh crap,'s a thegrea
SymphonicLolita: booba
Earthenone: classic innocent mattt
gideon_not_graves: Matt is so innocent
matthaus_c: I relate
theamc2000: Boba vs Matt
asthanius: too innocent for that chest
noSmokeFire: stand-up van-guard clap-clap clapclapclap
gideon_not_graves: oh no don't ride matt
asthanius: Integrity, eh?
wabajck: now theres a card id ride
Boopity: So integral
noSmokeFire: MASSIVE integrity
matthaus_c: Power and Purity? so that's their names
Phailhammer: "Innocent" Uh huh.
Mattmitchell45: Her breasts are actively exploding, yes?
theamc2000: Integrity is what is keeping her bra on
gideon_not_graves: yes
gideon_not_graves: pitch a card, ride from the ride deck
Earthenone: intergrety, specificly structural
BusTed: I don't want to be Chesty LaRue or Busty Sinclair.
ArcOfTheConclave: maximum anime
gideon_not_graves: plays an anime tcg....suspiciously has a lot of anime
Boopity: Ayy, Bad Steve
Earthenone: our soul is innocent steve
gideon_not_graves: innocent matt of the soul
theamc2000: That ain’t Minecraft Steve so it is a bad Steve
SymphonicLolita: I think this game may be a bit silly
SpottedZebra: you take it out and replace it, your grade 2 sacrifices it to draw a card
gideon_not_graves: yes
gideon_not_graves: you're also using the resource intensive starter deck
SpottedZebra: most decks shouldnt play anything turn 1
matthaus_c: you're a gamer, you love taking game actions
MurphEP: For the joy of playing the card game
gideon_not_graves: Rhydon
theamc2000: Ride on this
matthaus_c: SKILL
gideon_not_graves: time to ride theagre
brightshadow: LUL
Earthenone: she was rode upon, so she drew a card
gideon_not_graves: it gets worse....
theamc2000: Ara ara
brightshadow: the bigger the booba, the higher the power
SpottedZebra: dumb cpu put lisana and vachel in the wrong order
matthaus_c: rode upon by Harsh Training
SymphonicLolita: booba size = attack power
noSmokeFire: damn, this whole deck is full of integrity
Earthenone: this card is a glitter that seeks the fire regalis?
DangerDiabolik: I'd like to be beneath those brilliant lights
theamc2000: The shown chest is distracting you from the no pants
thavleifrim: do we know what a glitter is? is that like a tutor?
gideon_not_graves: ^ glitter is...a keyword
Mattmitchell45: Nice Haircut, Knight of Heavenly Wind
thavleifrim: @gideon_not_graves yeah but what does it do?
SpottedZebra: a "glitter" is a card that is directly referenced by a different card. That card will have 2 effects and is playable in any deck, but will only have its second effect if your leader is that named card.
gideon_not_graves: don't think about "Glitter" too much... it's deck construction related @thavleifrim
Earthenone: ride angry dick
Earthenone: wait, angry dick will ride bad steve
Earthenone: right?
theamc2000: Oh my dad
noSmokeFire: ole angy dick
Dalouer: anger richard plays football
Mattmitchell45: What a baroque football
DRebie: Bro is getting rid of all his 15k shields 🤣
brightshadow: anger richard puts a rear guard into his what now
DRebie: Don’t discard the 15k shields brother
SpottedZebra: Thegrea's glitter, Moth Girl Maple, is the most splashable glitter because its normal effect is that it returns form the graveyard whenever you re-ride a G3 unit
gideon_not_graves: yes
DangerDiabolik: ya
Juliamon: DRebie He's new to the game, please be polite
SpottedZebra: you can play any card that's within your VG grade
DRebie: Yes you can play whatever grade your vanguard is
gideon_not_graves: you can normal call cards equal or less grade
kurib: equal or lower of the VG grade
Earthenone: you can play cards of your level or lower
Mattmitchell45: Her ass is also generating a shield
SpottedZebra: I'd use 1 of em to kill that Vachel. Some units are worth enough to take that over doing 1 damage. Your call of course.
gideon_not_graves: @thavleifrim Basically there's a card that has glitter (thegrea) and then there's a card that looks for "thegrea" in name in order to get better effects
gideon_not_graves: so deck construction and synergy is what glitter is for
thavleifrim: @gideon_not_graves ok thanks
theamc2000: Well your opponent is going big
Earthenone: i think you are supposed to attack with leader first to try and draw combat tricks?
Earthenone: yeah that
gideon_not_graves: you opponent is attacking with 2 heavy missiles
SpottedZebra: Should've had 1 booster out because if your next attack gives enemy a trigger, the remaining unit would have 18, which = 8 + 10.
BusTed: Unless...
gideon_not_graves: look wheeler
gideon_not_graves: must look
SpottedZebra: its just a trigger. It was summoned off the top by the effect of Thegrea
Earthenone: though if i remember right you want to attack last with your max level charicter to do a combat celebrant thing
theamc2000: A hammer for the integrity huh huh
asthanius: she gurg on my ant til i jake
gideon_not_graves: VG first, buff other attacks
gideon_not_graves: Final Rush yes
SpottedZebra: depends on what the deck does. Some want VRR, some want RVR, some want RRV.
theamc2000: Wheeler can tpyou tell I am bad at innuendos
Earthenone: yeah when bruce is riding angry dick
gideon_not_graves: tasteful
asthanius: she steppy
SymphonicLolita: balloon booba
theamc2000: She got on those short short shorts
SpottedZebra: Guarding VGs when you dont have to is dangerous because +10 on trigger applies after guard
gideon_not_graves: 10000 shield when you counter blast
SpottedZebra: Granted, you're still in the phase of the game where CPUS arent allowed to trigger.
SpottedZebra: Normally, that had a high chance to punish you
DRebie: This is why you keep your 15k shields, so you don’t have to use too many cards to card with
gideon_not_graves: ride that dick
DRebie: Guard *
gideon_not_graves: the olde dick riding
MurphEP: Punisher Wheeler wheelerCyber
SpottedZebra: The next opponent is the first one that plays about as well as a human and has normal trigger luck. You will be punished.
gideon_not_graves: ^ the opponent after have to fight the guy with hexaorb and no triggers first
SpottedZebra: that's the order? forgot cuz I think before that it was the other way around
SpottedZebra: playing that now is useless, but next turn you can block with the 2 cards on the field so you make room
DangerDiabolik: charge up for the rush?
gideon_not_graves: Dick gets bonuses in final rush on the Rear guard
SpottedZebra: Because grade 2's can block form the front row
DRebie: Attack with the VG and keep your hand for now
SpottedZebra: use those to gain more souls
gideon_not_graves: can't wait for wheeler to face the idol girls
theamc2000: Anime girl with her husbando Bruce
SpottedZebra: Next turn wants to go differently. Outside units first since Bruce's effect is to reset the front row.
DRebie: You’re gonna hate playing against Mika haha
theamc2000: Battle bikini
gideon_not_graves: Btw, something important for settings in the next turn before you ride, "Settings > Far left option"
DRebie: Try and only block the rear guard unless the opponent vanguard is attacking for game
SpottedZebra: Vnaguard is generally ignored when you have 3 or less damage. At 4/5, you die to a trigger if you don't add an extra 10 to cover it
gideon_not_graves: oh right... the Calvin ball trigger
dragonwarrior000: after the first 2 damage is when I see people start their blocks usually
theamc2000: One millions!
gideon_not_graves: settings far left
gideon_not_graves: those richards do be angry
SpottedZebra: Best play is to attack with the Richard in front of the Steve without using the Steve, because...
SpottedZebra: it can use that on the second attack when Bruce restands it
DRebie: Attack with RG’s first this turn
Earthenone: yeah, swing with your dicks :P
MurphEP: G on
gideon_not_graves: slap em with the richards
Loonatic93: So is this one of those Yu-Gi-Ohs that the hip cats keep talking about?
theamc2000: My dad does a lot in your deck
gideon_not_graves: ^ yu gi oh breaks my hip
DRebie: Should have given it to the VG
Decaped: This voice actress sounds familiar
gideon_not_graves: so...this madden DLC is really something
Loonatic93: Ride Deck? Do you play this on a motorcycle????
DRebie: Would have been game
SurfDownstage: FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: sergeGG
DRebie: If it’s weaker yeah
gideon_not_graves: if you can push through, yes you can put over to your VG
SpottedZebra: Side note, there's a button you can press at the start of your turn before doing anything that gives you 500 more VP if you win on that turn.
DRebie: Yours was only 2k short
theamc2000: Oh that was it
gideon_not_graves: @SpottedZebra thank you
SpottedZebra: Options menu / B button, Final Turn
gideon_not_graves: settings > far left
theamc2000: Saint Seiya? W
gideon_not_graves: to declare "Final Turn"
SpottedZebra: no penalty for failure, must be immediate. Greyed out at any other point in a turn.
gideon_not_graves: in the fight wheeler
SpottedZebra: what setting?
noSmokeFire: I'm calling false advertising. I have not seen a SINGLE deer this entire time.
theamc2000: Beat the ripoff magician
SpottedZebra: I think there's just animation shortening and the option to disable all "are you sure's" if you're comfortable controlling the game.
Earthenone: fisting trumps two fingers wheeler
iris_of_ether: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
gideon_not_graves: if you declare "Final Turn" and win on that turn, you get bonus money
SpottedZebra: extra G3s arent that great cuz zero shield
gideon_not_graves: plus...y'know...anime
SpottedZebra: exceptions exist of course
asthanius: Where it says Final Turn
theamc2000: Not yet
SpottedZebra: that's not how that works
gideon_not_graves: wel... before you "win"
asthanius: It sounds like the Snap mechanic
SpottedZebra: you press that once per game when you think you can win, must be done during the ride phase
LilacAndLilies: has Ben tried going more left? or pyromancy?
gideon_not_graves: so...why is Matt innocent?
gideon_not_graves: of all the diabolos guys?
theamc2000: He young
Decaped: Casting Rock is the new pyromancy
Earthenone: i assume because he is always just being ridden, never riding
asthanius: Hentaigleam?
MurphEP: wheelerPyro
gideon_not_graves: @asthanius literally a little girl
theamc2000: Front on them
DRebie: Don’t toss the big shields
SpottedZebra: that spell card is kinda useless, you get enough naturally. Starter deck trash basically.
asthanius: jesus fuck
gideon_not_graves: two dicks are better than one
theamc2000: Double Richard
LilacAndLilies: I've been half paying attention to these card names and I keep hearing the equivalent of The Eternal Warrior, Herman
theamc2000: Why are there so many private eyes?
salamisuperstar: James Dean. I love that sausage company
UncleExpendable: MumumumultiRich.
theamc2000: Dick, the manhunter
DRebie: Take it
SymphonicLolita: orb? orb?
theamc2000: Hex orb? So a soccer ball
The_Inifinity: I just got here
The_Inifinity: I'm so confused
DRebie: Nah take the attack
gideon_not_graves: hexaorb sorceress is a "scrying" deck with top deck manipulation and "trigger" bonuses
gideon_not_graves: Basically Blue deck
theamc2000: Also damage is a resource
UncleExpendable: Hi Infinity. There's cards happening?
SpottedZebra: It varies. There's decks where I prioritize having more life compared to others because of a particular trait it has.
Twilight_Spark: @The_Inifinity Well, I've got bad news and bad news. The bad news is the rules seem a bit weird. The bad news is also that I couldn't find a PDF rules doc or equivalent online.
The_Inifinity: @UncleExpendable Seems so
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kurib: some decks hit harder in late game than the other, so you want to guard early.
Earthenone: i imagine the existance of healtriggers also means not blocking is overall better
DRebie: Not yet
LilacAndLilies: oh wow, I missed the fact that Ben isn't just running Richards, he's running "Anger" Richards
SpottedZebra: you can't press it now anyway, ride phase only.
theamc2000: Two Bruce
DRebie: You want them to be on 4-5 damage when you declare it
SpottedZebra: if you play a bruce over a bruce, something does happen
DangerDiabolik: bicycle boy charges your soul yeah?
theamc2000: Bruce Zwei
Earthenone: bruce over bruce adds to the soul
SpottedZebra: all front row gains +10000 and you draw
asthanius: Persona
gideon_not_graves: Persona Ride, next turn
UncleExpendable: Bruce is smooth like a Ken doll.
SpottedZebra: need booster behind richard
SpottedZebra: 10 vs 13
gideon_not_graves: on the Final Football blitz
gideon_not_graves: such a professional
rosesmcgee: are the diabolus guys just a weird football team?
niccus: ok, do you want us to call james to do this
gideon_not_graves: @rosesmcgee yes
Twilight_Spark: @rosesmcgee Yes
LilacAndLilies: the sound of a man about to double bruce someone
theamc2000: Premier Bruce player
MurphEP: It's important to have hubris
theamc2000: Yes
DRebie: Only use a 5k shield if the power is the same
asthanius: never a better time to quit and go live in the woods
gideon_not_graves: I wish to live in the farmlands
DRebie: Use 15k when there’s a bigger difference
gideon_not_graves: you could try
DRebie: Nah not yet
gideon_not_graves: you never know
Earthenone: you have a combat celebrant tight
gideon_not_graves: Triggers could be helpful
theamc2000: Ohhh new music
Loonatic93: Persona? That seems like a very different game!
gideon_not_graves: Can't imagine Bruce dancing all night but sure
SpottedZebra: there's an 8K grade 1 on the left of your han
theamc2000: Hen
Earthenone: i feel like persona ride is a safesearch on situation
DRebie: Attack with rear guards first I believe
gideon_not_graves: C
gideon_not_graves: press C
UncleExpendable: That sure is a sharp unicycle.
MurphEP: There's no going back
Earthenone: yup, the face is the place
gideon_not_graves: football blitz time
gideon_not_graves: get em jocks
SpottedZebra: note that you don't need to boost the first swings because they can be used on the second set instead. Sometimes the numbers work better that way.
SpottedZebra: i.e. they probly wouldve taken the hits and the boosters would still be standing
theamc2000: More like digo on frontier main digo on
Earthenone: its a dna digivolved greymon
LilacAndLilies: what is a dude but a tiny Wargreymon
DRebie: Still could be game
DRebie: Unless he has Pg
Tweygoh: Wargreymon- wait what happened to your snoot?
gideon_not_graves: you could
SpottedZebra: i think you are actually
Earthenone: or just kill them
gideon_not_graves: one more
WiJohn: You still kill
SpottedZebra: CPU still in bad mode, he has nothing
DRebie: Game
gideon_not_graves: Pog
Earthenone: just programed diferently
gideon_not_graves: the Professional
asthanius: dilf bitterent
theamc2000: Da pro
Loonatic93: Somewhere in Egypt: The Great Pharaoh is rolling over in his Sarchophagus.
wednesdayb: no lose intended
gideon_not_graves: tournament ready
MurphEP: ThankEgg
theamc2000: Remember to plug your merch
Earthenone: you already beat black lotus
SpottedZebra: Now, is when your opponent will play seriously. We'll see about that.
gideon_not_graves: LUL
Earthenone: !store
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Earthenone: !boostiews
DRebie: Should collab with DifferentFight eventually. He’s like the big Vanguard boss irl lol
theamc2000: Mika with the A pose
Loonatic93: Yuki Mogo... Legally distinct version of Yugi Moto.
gideon_not_graves: nothing like opening packs to the smell of cat dump
SpottedZebra: His deck is pretty good, just now got out of the phase where they play badly on purpose.
asthanius: I thought you loved your husband
theamc2000: Lyrical
Juliamon: The latter
MurphEP: Second one
WiJohn: New school term
theamc2000: Monasterio
MurphEP: B
UncleExpendable: B
Earthenone: lyrical monestario looks like it only has one color in the pack
SurfDownstage: Why not both
jadedhyena: B
SpottedZebra: The best lyrical deck requires about half and half from both sets.
WiJohn: There's a max button for a reason
gideon_not_graves: oh no...
DRebie: May as well buy the trial deck too if you’re gonna open these packs
gideon_not_graves: he has the trial deck
DRebie: Ohh fright
DRebie: Right *
gideon_not_graves: he isn't even gonna fight the trial deck after the break
tenthtechpriest: non-humans deserve an education too
gideon_not_graves: he is*
Juliamon: we are mostly opening these packs to critique the card names/art
Earthenone: so she sold her voice to ursula?
theamc2000: Is tulael also an actual angel
SpottedZebra: Astesice X Live Kairi is a beast. It's a grade 4 unit.
gideon_not_graves: hey yo katlein
salamisuperstar: "It's all schoolgirls" - I don't know what I was expecting meme
Loonatic93: Katlein De Vere.
asthanius: HORSE
gideon_not_graves: this is...painful...
LilacAndLilies: that's just how they do names in the American midwest
asthanius: FLOORTJE
UncleExpendable: Floortje
niccus: is that an actual dutch name
gideon_not_graves: FLOORTJE
Earthenone: the writers room story
WiJohn: 130000 power?!
SurfDownstage: FLOORTJE
LilacAndLilies: wait until you open Large Hat Lauryn
niccus: i'm so sorry you're dutch
WiJohn: She will murder folks though
noSmokeFire: the dutch? again?
gideon_not_graves: I swear the Overtrigger guys named these
Decaped: unfloorjunate
SymphonicLolita: floor = flower in dutch
cranman95: unfloorjunate
MurphEP: Okay this one got me
Earthenone: i thought they were called G
Earthenone: God Rays
Mattmitchell45: These are all Jeopardy Categories
gideon_not_graves: warbeast?
niccus: "when this unit is rode upon"
gideon_not_graves: wtf
asthanius: what the fuck does warbeast mean here
redemptiontcg: whar is this client?
MurphEP: No :(
SpottedZebra: Eileen, great pull
tenthtechpriest: mood
SymphonicLolita: LUL
gideon_not_graves: Eileen stop
asthanius: The sequel to Come On Eilieen
theamc2000: Mood
Earthenone: nom nom,. this ones a hit
Juliamon: redemptiontcg This is a Switch game
WiJohn: Ooh she scries
themostjoast: she just like me fr
Earthenone: "friend"
Juliamon: It's me
tenthtechpriest: MOOD
Ammondale: ME
gideon_not_graves: Mood
theamc2000: Ghost
MurphEP: lrrSPOOP
redemptiontcg: didnt know wheeler pkayed this game
theamc2000: At least 3
niccus: are they all dead?
UncleExpendable: "My fingertips will uplift your heart."
SpottedZebra: There's a ghost deck, so about 15 of em
asthanius: ghosts, warbeasts, demons, mermaids, elves, and hungry girls
LilacAndLilies: ghosts got to learn too
Earthenone: memeish?
asthanius: Mr. Mime-ish
SpottedZebra: Larisa and Eileen are very good.
Loonatic93: Shouldn't that be Beware of Overeating, Tubbymila.
asthanius: dear lord
SymphonicLolita: underbooba???
asthanius: ffs
gideon_not_graves: Elf
MurphEP: "Delightful"
Ammondale: animeeeeeeee
themostjoast: thanks I hate it
gideon_not_graves: I mean...anime elfs
theamc2000: Dang Gertie
gideon_not_graves: elves*
Twilight_Spark: It's really hard to conceptualize of cloth that could lay like that.
MurphEP: What does that mean?
Loonatic93: More like Attract Peach, Daisy.
SymphonicLolita: hm
theamc2000: Hm
Earthenone: does she think she is going to get kidnapped?
Juliamon: Straight gaze
theamc2000: Idol group I guess
Ammondale: MiMish must be one of the idol units
Veste: wheeler and the mimish cap
UncleExpendable: If you dont see her by then, she'll have definitely grown? i dunno.
Ammondale: probably the ones with Animal ears?
asthanius: Dragoroid
SpottedZebra: MiMish is a deck that can attack with its vanguard twice, under the condtion you control 6 units, 2 of which have the "Friends" ability.
SpottedZebra: Overall though, I'd say Grade 4 Kairi is the best lyrical in this era.
theamc2000: Does the school have dress code skirt shorts?
asthanius: GAMING
Decaped: Was that Cutie Tupac?
Twilight_Spark: It won't help.
Juliamon: DAMN she THICC
SymphonicLolita: LUL
Earthenone: Gaming!
SpottedZebra: She's playing "pokemon"
SpottedZebra: underwater.
lannersong: That's the only way I know to game, to be fair
Earthenone: such good flavor
gideon_not_graves: wait... underwater?
thavleifrim: I love gaming bouyantly
Juliamon: It's a tail with a knee bend, it's still legs
SpottedZebra: Fabiola Fabiola, give me some Raviola.
Earthenone: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
gideon_not_graves: great music for a break
PharaohBender27: So, I've only been lurking for part of this stream and the last, and . . . this game seems bonkers, just based on the card names/art alone
Juliamon: PharaohBender27 It is so much
SpottedZebra: like 20% bonkers.
SymphonicLolita: bonkers and badonkadonkers
SpottedZebra: there's like dragons and knights and stuff, and also like 7 decks worth of school girls.
SpottedZebra: something for everybody
benjamin_wheeler: I've already got Shadowverse 2 and YGO on the menu for the year, but what's another insufferable anime game we can play
SpottedZebra: Shadowverse 2?
niccus: the tcg in genshin
gideon_not_graves: I think it was much worse in ye olden days of VG I think? Didn't play those
Earthenone: RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! if you want another story based game
SpottedZebra: I hated shadowverse because the constant removal and evo-rushing means nothing sticks, resulting in all damage coming from non-interactle sources (burn / storm), so every game is basically who gets to "exodia" first.
SpottedZebra: If that changed, it would be pretty damn good.
SymphonicLolita: I only know of bakugan but idk if there's a digital version or not
gideon_not_graves: man... I gonna miss gwent..
Juliamon: Gwent deserved so much more than it was given
gideon_not_graves: yeah....
gideon_not_graves: you can play kinky cops
SpottedZebra: She plays Kairi and the AI is no longer in tutorial mode for main fights. Free fights will still be in ba mode for a little longer tho.
SpottedZebra: bad mode*
SpottedZebra: stupid broken D key.
Earthenone: want to try doing one of the other decks? we have been riding angry dick for long enough that we should have consulted a physician
SymphonicLolita: card game hand
MurphEP: It's not a place, it's a family, Mika
SymphonicLolita: it's chronic
theamc2000: It is pulling a card off the deck showing it
UncleExpendable: Do you suffer from Game Handalysis? j
UncleExpendable: Join our class action
MurphEP: Academy!
theamc2000: Cat Jesus
Gramcracker55: something new is always fun
DRebie: Continue with Diabolos. Mika is tough
SpottedZebra: I main Kairi so I'm well versed in that. Granted, so does Mika and her build is better than yours.
DRebie: Stick with what you know
SkylerRingtail: I'm down for some sacrilege
LilacAndLilies: I want to see a dog who defies god
gideon_not_graves: the animals deck is the "attack A LOT"
gideon_not_graves: kinky cops is "do you like white decks exiling"
MurphEP: I believe
theamc2000: This one, the first game
ArcOfTheConclave: do you want us to answer that?
UncleExpendable: Kinky Cops?
gideon_not_graves: time for wheeler to fight the anime girls btw
KeytarCat: @gideon_not_graves Oh, like real cops!
cranman95: they have similar pieces but aren't the same
DRebie: The PG’s are basically all the same
SpottedZebra: The old starter decks are mostly vanilla. Needs a lot of help to make it real.
gideon_not_graves: OH RIGHT THIS HAS DOOGER
theamc2000: Charis!
gideon_not_graves: best dooger
DRebie: I would only get rid of the triggers
theamc2000: Big dooger
asthanius: Ass to Ice
gideon_not_graves: astussy?
theamc2000: Ass to see
gideon_not_graves: wat?
asthanius: Ride and/or Die
theamc2000: Oh thigh beetle
DRebie: Yeah dump cyrus
DRebie: Don’t need 2
gideon_not_graves: cats everywhere
MurphEP: It's okay, Mulder. We don't love cat jesus more than you wheelerMuldcb
gideon_not_graves: your deck can allow "back row" to attack
HolyHadouken: Man, Ajanni looks way different than I remember
SpottedZebra: You can play 1 to attack twice, but there's like a 30% chance it will get countered by a damage trigger and be exposed for nothing. Doing this or not is a matter of opinion
DRebie: You’re gonna want to save shield for Mikas inevitable onslaught lol
cranman95: probably play them out?
DRebie: I would just attack now
Gramcracker55: you don't need to play them out this turn
cranman95: I'd say you should play out cards and attack if possible as a beginner
gideon_not_graves: you can wait for next turn. I man right?
gideon_not_graves: mana*
SpottedZebra: I personally don't summon if that column would be smaller than a damage trigger to minimize risk.
SpottedZebra: most people do because face is the place
cranman95: either option is fair, anyways
SpottedZebra: "Ass to see"
MurphEP: Who needs to block
SpottedZebra: dunno how it really is, but I say Ah-stis-ice.
SpottedZebra: the bug is the worst card here
SpottedZebra: token starter deck vanilla
Earthenone: its looking like the goal here is to get a 6 attack turn, like how the last decks goal was to get a 5 attack turn
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gideon_not_graves: @Earthenone yep. you got it. It's the optimized strategy
SpottedZebra: getting triggers on the random calls is why I don't like this deck.
DRebie: Yeah play the 10k
Gramcracker55: you could do the soul blast with the grade 1 for another guy.
DRebie: Yeah don’t play anymore cards
gideon_not_graves: yep, ajani just wants blood
MurphEP: We all want the big boomboom
Earthenone: judge! the oponent is drawing cards
DRebie: Defend with 15k
DangerDiabolik: go white woman!!!
Gramcracker55: well you got to block at least one
SpottedZebra: guard this to not be forced into crit-or0ie against the vg
SpottedZebra: crit-or-die*
DRebie: Take the next 2 now
DRebie: Should survive this turn
DRebie: Unless she gets a crit
Earthenone: thats only for free games, this game already has your 90$
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captain_wulf: Thanks for having me.
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theamc2000: What is a guardian?
Roxasofmalice: It's a Blitz Order, So it can be used when your units are being attacked.
theamc2000: Why is blitz a defend mechanic?
MurphEP: Call a parent/guardian so these cats can go onto the internet
ZombieHendrix: This game like a Yu-gi-oh clone?
cranman95: yeah
Gramcracker55: correct
Roxasofmalice: It cannot attack.
SpottedZebra: Probly just a coincidence, but I do like how there was a way to survive the OT that turn if you knew that it's a thing and played accordingly, therefore Yuki didn't just get unlucky, she lost.
jadedhyena: yup
tenthtechpriest: correct
SpottedZebra: right, magnolia doesn't untap the target.
DRebie: @zombiehendrix nope, nothing like yugioh
SpottedZebra: draw trigger to the backrow allows it to go over a defense trigger
SpottedZebra: dooger alreay exceeds that
Roxasofmalice: Why not give it to a backrow unit that you will want to attack?
Juliamon: The only similarities are the characters being Really Into This Card Game, and unnecessary extra 00s on all the numbers
DRebie: That’s overtrigger haha
theamc2000: That is miracle trigger
gideon_not_graves: til the end
theamc2000: I mean over
Roxasofmalice: End of the Turn.
SpottedZebra: 23 for your remaining attacks
SpottedZebra: part of builidng your board and ordering attacks is knowing that this could happen
Roxasofmalice: Yes.
gideon_not_graves: oh no
gideon_not_graves: the anime girls are fighting back
DRebie: Told you she’s tough hahah
Painfully_Dyslexic: I keep hearing Jojo music am I imagining things?
gideon_not_graves: LUL
Roxasofmalice: Oh
gideon_not_graves: ok....
Slickdog1: lol
Roxasofmalice: You survive it
solemn_storm: GET TRIGGER
SpottedZebra: you have copies of the same cards in hand anyway
gideon_not_graves: player do say....overtrigger kinda ruins the game
gideon_not_graves: players*
Earthenone: i love the book girl cut in
TheThirdTail: looks like some kind of flicker deck
gideon_not_graves: yes, this school girl deck is good at "ETB"
Roxasofmalice: Bounce Cards back to hand and then back to field to Multi-Attack.
Slickdog1: she returns cards to her hand then brings them back out mid-battle for more attacks
theamc2000: Ride dough
gideon_not_graves: basically "flicker effects" from white
DRebie: I don’t mind overtrigger. Only 1 per deck and it’s rare that you get it at the exact moment you need it
Earthenone: yeah competitive players usualy hate the "saccy one offs" in most games but casuals love them gives you hope that you might not be just dead
theamc2000: School girl got those haste blinks
SpottedZebra: Grade 3 Kairi attacks 4 times but only on Persona turns. Grade 4 Kairi attacks 5 times every turn for no condition and drive checks 3 times instead of 2.
gideon_not_graves: flicker effects with no summoning sickness
gideon_not_graves: oooh
MurphEP: Nice
DrLigmaPhD: Just home from an early Valentine's Day dinner. What's this anime-shenaniganary?
DRebie: She also has a PG in hand
DRebie: She’ll block at least 1 more
solemn_storm: are those prize cards
gideon_not_graves: yeah this deck is pretty friendly...for the user...not the opponent
SpottedZebra: There's a grade 4 Magnolia also. Like Grade 4 kairi, it has 3 drive checks and the whole backrow can attack with +5 unconditionally
MurphEP: We're close
theamc2000: I’m pretty sure you can one shot in this game
DrLigmaPhD: Oh no, cute demon girl is in attack mode
DRebie: Should win from here
Dalouer: if we survive this turn.. we should "Last Turn" on upkeep
DRebie: Use 2 5ks
DRebie: Wait yeah forgot it was the VG
SpottedZebra: the guard order can be played with a guarding unit or without. To do it with, the 2 actions are taken separately.
DRebie: Use the 5k
SpottedZebra: only need 5K
solemn_storm: that squirrel is very cute
Roxasofmalice: Top Deck!
Gramcracker55: you can do it again
Roxasofmalice: Do it again
DRebie: Use final turn
SpottedZebra: persona ends, must be redone.
Earthenone: i assume it adds the 10k again
theamc2000: Final turn call
theamc2000: ?
asthanius: oops too late
SpottedZebra: too late for final turn, took action.
MurphEP: We know it's the final turn
Roxasofmalice: For the final push, why not replace the Crit in Backrow, with that Grade 2 in hand?
Earthenone: it attacks?
cranman95: it will attack
SpottedZebra: you could play that behind VG
Roxasofmalice: its a 15K attacker.
Earthenone: it will get pumped
SpottedZebra: if you do, VG goes first, G2 kills one of the Tsetsillas.
Roxasofmalice: Its all about reducing their hand with pokes.
Roxasofmalice: Pokesssss
Roxasofmalice: Remember, Poking is Winning
MurphEP: Okay op can't possibly have all the answers this time
MurphEP: So majestic
Dalouer: is it me or is the head of the big cat proportionally kind of small
Roxasofmalice: Begin the wave of the pokes!
DRebie: You win
Gramcracker55: unless heal trigger
lycanthrope008: Unless sudden heal or OT
Roxasofmalice: Hmmm
asthanius: My grandfather's deck has no last cards
WavesOfBabies: play your last pathetic card
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Roxasofmalice: i wonder if she guarded that a different way, she could have used that PG.
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Earthenone: draw your last pathetic waifu
solemn_storm: what does final turn do?
lycanthrope008: Nothing
asthanius: it's a karate chop
MurphEP: seabatClap Like he said, never losing a story fight
Roxasofmalice: We did it. The Cats Won, further proving that Gurl is Temporaty, but Pets are Eternal.
Earthenone: wow
DRebie: @solemn_storm gives you 500 extra VP
WavesOfBabies: is this the card game with swimsuit rarity
solemn_storm: gottem
asthanius: "I'm just gay, dude"
Juliamon: Who hurt you, Mika
Twilight_Spark: Setsoogetsoogaaaah!
lycanthrope008: @DRebie Wait realy
DRebie: Yep
SymphonicLolita: tragic anime backstory
DRebie: Need to do it on your ride phase
Twilight_Spark: This music is oddly dramatic.
WavesOfBabies: why aren't they playing pool on that pool table instead. way cooler
asthanius: ???
SpottedZebra: Typo
SpottedZebra: that's why "you" created Renka.
lycanthrope008: I forget it exists and just beat them
asthanius: It's a card game
Earthenone: daddy just wanted to run an lgs
Earthenone: its fine
SpottedZebra: Card games are serious business.
ArcOfTheConclave: children's card games!
asthanius: The game isn't even part of society like Yugioh
asthanius: it's just a game
MurphEP: Conspicuous anime
DRebie: Yugioh toxic af tho
Twilight_Spark: To the shadow realm.
Ice_Blossom_: He was like there is just too much text on these cards nowadays I QUIT let the younglings play
SymphonicLolita: girl calm down
SpottedZebra: I lost a card game. I can never play again.
thraximore: LUL
tenthtechpriest: just like REAL TEENS
Twilight_Spark: Sir, this is a Wendy's, and you can use our tables to play card games if you just chill out.
SymphonicLolita: even when I was a teen I didn't understand teens
tenthtechpriest: Sorry about what? My daddy told me to never be ashamed of my deck.
betweenmyself: Anime teens, please get of Wheeler’s lawn.
betweenmyself: *off
Earthenone: we experianced empathy, then wanted to go to the doctor to get it checked out
asthanius: Small Cartography
lycanthrope008: @Twilight_Spark Reminds me of when I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh after school at a Taco Bell near it
Gramcracker55: also cause overtrigger off the top.
Ice_Blossom_: hey nothing bad with the old 0-2 milkshake bracket
asthanius: What?
tenthtechpriest: so yeah, RDW players
SpottedZebra: He does play red so yeah.
Juliamon: "And then.... I faced Oko"
asthanius: "Next time, I'll play White Weenie"
Earthenone: next time, ill play stax
theamc2000: Dude just said, you just won with a bad deck. Props
SpottedZebra: It's like being a "duel"
theamc2000: It is in the name
tenthtechpriest: cardFIGHT vanguard
asthanius: cardguard vardguard
y3ntil: Nya~
theamc2000: Cardguard vamfight
Earthenone: order draw? isent that called stacking?
SpottedZebra: "Cat Bruce"
theamc2000: Her name is almost a palindrome
Juliamon: I'm mad that her name's not a palindrome
asthanius: back in nyanteen seventy seven
Dalouer: meowdy
SpottedZebra: Ask your doctor is Loronerol is right for you. Don't operate heavy machinery while taking Loronerol.
Dog_of_Myth: Right nya?
cranman95: I mean I'd probably buy all the starter decks
tenthtechpriest: "why am I just buying more cards? the tcg story"
cranman95: but you do you
Earthenone: no lose intended
theamc2000: Robot
lycanthrope008: The other game Bushiroad had at one point was called Future Card Buddyfight and the Lore-Ner-al
SpottedZebra: I can tell ya about that.
Earthenone: step one, make sure the stream is past the watershed
SpottedZebra: Fist rule is discard a grade 1 for your ride because Nanami's ability to take it back, making the first ride "free"
SymphonicLolita: ass tussy
Earthenone: so shoolgirl reanamator
Gramcracker55: tapped
SpottedZebra: second rule is to make your turn 2/3 attacks according to the fact that Kiyora and Kairi takes your cards back when they attack.
FacelessManAboutTown: Funnily enough, open rear guard was my nickname in high school
Earthenone: you will just bounce them back later right?
SpottedZebra: That was a defender. best play was to call that to the right side so Kiyora could take it back after it boosts
Gramcracker55: or the shield to have a blocker.
SpottedZebra: It's an enchantment with once per turn, pay CB 2 to give all of your units +5000 this turn, including ones that are summoned after activation.
SpottedZebra: It's not good in a proper deck. Lyrical has a card with "on summon, CB1 to draw a card." Which a single copy can do repeatedly because of the self bouncing.
SpottedZebra: decent in starter cuz there's no great CB effects otherwise.
SpottedZebra: yeah, like the Calfy in your hand can always be 20,000 cuz of bounce + on play.
Gramcracker55: yup
cranman95: yeah
Earthenone: attack then return the tapped ones to play untapped one to keep attacking
Gramcracker55: not all of them but one collem of them
SpottedZebra: with the persona effect active, it's R > V > R > R, cuz she can only summon the 2 units to the same side.
cranman95: that's a solid plan
SpottedZebra: without it, still usually R > V > R because RG that wants to return goes first, then VG so that the third RG can be passed triggers.
SpottedZebra: should've returned Calfy too. Grade 3's can't block
SpottedZebra: you didnt choose 2 targets when you confirmed
SpottedZebra: could've had enough power on left by playing munching girl but without using effect to conserve souls
thraximore: :|
betweenmyself: But if they did that they’d have to give the waifus more realistically proportioned cat ears riffGasp
SpottedZebra: yeah that 8K sucks
SpottedZebra: Here's what you can do now tho...
SpottedZebra: Nanami behind 8K, attack with that side first, then VG, then target both on the left. When asked to summon two more units, choost Kiora an Nanami.
SpottedZebra: swap the positions of the right side
Gramcracker55: 3's can't boost normally.
SpottedZebra: no
SpottedZebra: swap that back, then swap the right
SpottedZebra: ugg.............
cranman95: it's ok, it's a learning experience
theamc2000: Does anyone remember the fateseal deck?
theamc2000: Was that good
MurphEP: We'll get it
Earthenone: welcome to the LRRning channel
MurphEP: We can't lose, we're the protagonist
theamc2000: So you can buy packs with past characters of the anime on them, so does that mean the anime is in the anime
ArcOfTheConclave: different rows, right?
Gramcracker55: different rows
Earthenone: have to be diferent rows
Gramcracker55: somehow no blocks
theamc2000: Does this feel closer to yugioh, Pokémon, or digimon.
SpottedZebra: Sorry. Got turned up cuz it makes sense to me that listening to a guy that knows the deck's plays is a good way to learn.
SpottedZebra: Like you could see it in action and understand why it worked.
cranman95: maybe pokemon, since it has a kinda similar damage system and 6 slots on the board, but not that similar
Earthenone: i think it feels more like digimon tcg than the other 2
Earthenone: but i have only watched this game for 4 ish hours here :P
SpottedZebra: So I laid it out but got ignored, so yeah.
Juliamon: Wheeler learns better by doing, not by following directions
Earthenone: egg!~
MurphEP: He said earlier he needs to get hard punished
theamc2000: Trickstar!
tenthtechpriest: shocking news: man playing a deck for the first time isn't making the most optimal plays
MurphEP: Damn, that guy had a cool horse
SpottedZebra: If you have the DLC, there's some point where 3 other decks that you dont buy are supposed to just show up in your deck list.
theamc2000: Rasen aka Ben Wheeler
Earthenone: perfect
tenthtechpriest: REAL TCG HOURS
Earthenone: rasens like yeah, its a +1
Slickdog1: does a basic combo, gets a heart attack
SpottedZebra: OMG, you drew a card because of a card that says you can do that!
tenthtechpriest: he has plus 1 on me in card advantage, I may as well scoop!
betweenmyself: “My chances have increase .034 percent!”
ArcOfTheConclave: is this tempo or card advantage?
MurphEP: Please
MurphEP: Who has the better anime?
betweenmyself: Fight? Building strong relationships is the greatest struggle of all!
SpottedZebra: could make this deck a little better since ya i open packs, but I understand if ain't nobody got time fo dat
Twilight_Spark: The mirror match.
SpottedZebra: so you can't attack it
theamc2000: Will the real Vanguard please : Stand up,
Twilight_Spark: 4Head
Gramcracker55: so you can't hit it
cranman95: so it can't get attacked
KurseKobold: cause it cant be attacked
SpottedZebra: Eileen is one of the best G1's there is, and I think you pulled 2 of em.
theamc2000: Munching girl, Seeya and her uncle Puffer
KurseKobold: if you want to be more aggro you can call it upfront to attack or use it to boost your vg
Earthenone: if you add it you pitch something
SpottedZebra: ad to hand makes you discard something else
SpottedZebra: better to summon than bring it back
cranman95: that's an option too
SpottedZebra: adding is mostly useless even if it's a persona because of that.
cola_nq: Is this the next boss in Inscryption?
MurphEP: Seems like it has a lot of unique mechanics
SpottedZebra: The company that makes this has a similar style for all of their games
Twilight_Spark: I can see Inscryption because the placement matters. But it's otherwise pretty different.
theamc2000: What card games have you played that felt most like a knock off?
tenthtechpriest: turns out there's a decent set of game mechanics buried under the generic anime tropes
TheThirdTail: It reminds me most of pokemon, with a kind of bench mechanic. And a sort of "evolution"
SpottedZebra: draw triggers are usually the worst card in hand cuz they compensate for the draw by being weak. Do note tho that each color has exactly 1 draw with 10K instead of 5 that you want unless you'd rather play no draws at all.
cranman95: not to mention the damage mechanic is similarish to the prize card system in pokemon, but backwards
Nuurgle: oh, I get it. DRAW from each other. Good joke, streamer
theamc2000: Imagine a card game where you have to build a tower of cards
MurphEP: wheelerJoke
theamc2000: wheelerY wheelerH HahaCat
Twilight_Spark: The trigger mechanic and the blocking-with-hand-cards I haven't really seen before personally, though I'm sure they're not entirely novel.
fakesolemn: your the 🐐 your viewer count bigger than this games steamcharts!
Xenguin47: Are we winning yet?
tenthtechpriest: the mechanical tension between wanting to play cards to gain board advantage and push through damage vs wanting to keep them in hand to protect yourself is very neat from a design perspective
Earthenone: the trigger mechanic is pretty common i think? i remember seeing it a few places usualy just on the defensive stuff though
chumpofthemonth: This is inscrutable. I love it.
Gramcracker55: well you are at 5 damage and they have the persona ride next turn.
Xenguin47: I mean.. I guess that counts as winning, plus we both get hands full of anime waifus..
ArcOfTheConclave: is there a faction that puts cards on top of the deck for an effect? (and sets up triggers)
SpottedZebra: yes
Slickdog1: yes actually there is, it's called Hexaorb
Earthenone: do you think anime waifu cards are inherently creepier in an anime world? like do they see these cards as photorealistic?
theamc2000: Is there a faction that checks the top of an opponent s deck?
chumpofthemonth: You have a card with 20k power, that's neat
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: @Earthenone that is terrifying thank you
theamc2000: @earthenone art styles don’t match so it just anime
SpottedZebra: Hexaorb Sorceress of the Keter Sanctuary has scrying effects and the ability to put a critical from your han on top of the deck if you persona's that turn.
SpottedZebra: oh wait i misread that. nothing checks top of opponents in this game, tho something from the old vanguard could.
theamc2000: Cuz I remember the psychic card shop girl having that
theamc2000: How did they get rid of it?
Slickdog1: every nation has 2 winning themes
tenthtechpriest: @Earthenone maybe it's just like the wrestlemans or fantasy movie-themed tcgs where they just use photos of people in costumes/movie stills of cg effects for card art
SpottedZebra: This is pink's final turn / winning theme. There's also a unique song for each color that plays regardless of situation if your vanguard is holographic.
Twilight_Spark: Why nto?
MurphEP: Kind of a banger
Earthenone: because the school is rumbilinh
objectivefailure: School Rumble, there's a show I haven't thought about for a minute
theamc2000: What is school rumble theme?
tenthtechpriest: because it's school girls rumbling?
CanPlayGames: I can't wait for this show to do Tanto Coure
SpottedZebra: you need 20 to not die to a trigger
Earthenone: nah they just wont hit
Earthenone: its fine :P
Nuurgle: we totally get to do the Baten Kaitos remasters
Earthenone: remeber to call last turn
SpottedZebra: not likely last turn even here cuz Mika doesn't suck
theamc2000: Ben can’t babe Ruth cold shot it
Nuurgle: awesome :D I'd forgotten about them until that announcement
tenthtechpriest: declaring FINAL TURN is the most silly anime as heck thing and I'm so happy that there's a mechanical reward for doing it
MurphEP: damn.
theamc2000: Ben drew the whole anime
SpottedZebra: Grades 2 and 3 dont have boost, so that call only mattered if you swapped the left side. (it would've been 30k because persona applies post-call too)
MurphEP: :(
MurphEP: That hurts
SpottedZebra: it doesnt matter, but would've if played correctly.
cranman95: very unfortunate timing for ot
Earthenone: nah
cranman95: no
Cptasparagus: that small girl is 250,000x stronger than questing beast!
MurphEP: Drawing cards gotta be good
Gramcracker55: I think he really needs blockers
Twilight_Spark: Do not lewd.
MurphEP: Holy cow
goldensunkn1ght5: Yahallo waz up?
cranman95: the cost of soul blast wasn't really worth for that
Slickdog1: you're making a lot of good progress learning the game, I'm happy to see it difBloomHeart
Gramcracker55: unless heal off the top yeah
SpottedZebra: want a rundown on how you might've been able to win? Cuz it's an order of operations that you're not doing but are supposed to do every time.
Gramcracker55: well that means if the critical unit hits you need 2 heals
SpottedZebra: Kairi resets only 1 column, so if you go RG column first, then Vanguard 2nd, the first column will reset and your other column hasn't attacked yet, so it would've been able to receive the power of the triggers you got.
goldensunkn1ght5: How is this game?
Gramcracker55: it's R V R R
Gramcracker55: you did R R V
SpottedZebra: you went vanguard third, so nothing was standing to take the triggers.
SpottedZebra: if it went second, Kiyora wouldn't have been sideways when the triggers were pulled
Gramcracker55: you did not do that consitantly
Gramcracker55: on the overtrigger turn you didn't and that missed the big boost cause of it.
SpottedZebra: there's a better Kairi that can go vanguard 3rd because it resets column before checking triggers.
chumpofthemonth: Is she eating footballs?
Gramcracker55: it's turn one
cranman95: basically never
Gramcracker55: you can't attack
SpottedZebra: In can be ok in this deck because of that, anyone else would be wasting it
Slickdog1: only in a last ditch attempt to win if you know you're gonna lose next turn
SpottedZebra: could've swapped them around to protect that
Earthenone: blame the localization :P
SpottedZebra: keep kairi
SpottedZebra: calfy is only needed as a 1 of
Laserbeaks_Fury: Let's see what new card game Ben is tryi....what the holy hell is this
cranman95: the vanilla is pretty bad
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh, it's Yu Gi Does
cranman95: it's not yugioh
cranman95: if that's what you meant
Laserbeaks_Fury: Right, it's Yu Gi Does
cranman95: oh ok
SpottedZebra: not exactly, special circumstance for this turn.
SpottedZebra: if that 8k blocked the first attack, the remaining RG would've had no target because you triggered.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I get the point is cute girls, so you're going to show as much of that as possible, but holy cow are these cards hard to parse
DRebie: YuGiOh > Cardfight Vanguard > Pokémon > Dragon Ball > Magic
SpottedZebra: Kiyora is stronger than Kairi in the RG because of her effect
cranman95: yeah text legibility is one of the main problems with this game
Fanklok: A deck archetype that's a bunch of high school girls riding each other seems a bit off to me
cranman95: uhh yeah we don't talk about the other meanings of the word ride
SpottedZebra: It depends. Some RGs are very threatening, and its also good if their hand is near empty cuz they wouldn't be able to make a full board anymore.
cranman95: depends on the matchup, some deck really need their pieces, others can just grab more
Laserbeaks_Fury: So is there a lot of alt art?
Gramcracker55: does also depend you will you can block damage yourself, if your deck is really agresive you might not have time to attack rear guards.
SpottedZebra: This archetype has lots of alt art, the more typical knight/dragon/monster type stuff not so much
SpottedZebra: but it is there, like alt cards where the unit is with the character who plays that card in the anime.
SpottedZebra: no
Tiber727: Granted I have this on as background noise, but it's funny to me the contrast between other games where cards depict angry men fighting each other, and in this game they're schoolgirls eating bread.
SpottedZebra: you can pay 2 to give +5 to your whole board including units summoned afterwards during combat
cranman95: no it gives your board a boost
Gramcracker55: come on crits off the top
SpottedZebra: The schoolgirls are just one faction in this game, and he's playing a mirror match. Not always gonna look like this.
betweenmyself: Last week there was a deck of football players or something pennyWhat
Twilight_Spark: Yeah, you've gotta hand it to the weird school uniforms in Yugioh...they are distinctive.
DRebie: Anime of this game is actually pretty good too. Aside from the first couple of episodes at least lol
Tiber727: @SpottedZebra Sure, I'm just joking about how these cards don't even relate to combat. They're just cute girls minding their own business.
Earthenone: yeah, you are regularly attacking 4 times instead of sometimes doing 5 or 6 swings
SpottedZebra: A proper build of this has a little less power than Bruce but more advantage.
Earthenone: i assume the ETB stuff adds flexibility?
SpottedZebra: not enough for both.
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SpottedZebra: no guard so you can block if healed
Earthenone: yeah discarding the super block earlier has come back to bite us
kurib: yeah Mika fight is when the npc starting to get triggers too lol
goldensunkn1ght5: Hmm, maybe try a different strat?
Gramcracker55: to be fair she's ussing better cards than the starter.
DRebie: You should download the free trial deck dlcs
goldensunkn1ght5: I played some vanguard though I read first to understand how they work.
DRebie: Youthberk is good
Earthenone: wow
tenthtechpriest: dagrons
Earthenone: nice flavor text on that first dragon
quatoria: extremist dragon? oh, the new leader of the klan?
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
Earthenone: well it might have hit better for me, considering the "notice me sempai" of that last match :P
goldensunkn1ght5: I like playing Oricalthink tank mostly cause moon goddess tsukuyomi
goldensunkn1ght5: Sisters are really synergistic
goldensunkn1ght5: See ya later alligator
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