itira: byeee
xantos69: Dwarfs. In. SPACE!
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
James_the_Dabbler: :)
laundreydhull: lrrJAMES !?
SurfDownstage: Rock and stone!
fungal_bird: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
princess_intell: checkpoint 500 out btw
GapFiller: yes in which tehy revisit some old favs
princess_intell: i went to watch checkpoint 1, they look like a bunch of children
Electrodyne: hi internet friends
SnackPak_: sergeHi
TheAinMAP: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian is tackling the exciting world of wireless earbud battery replacement!) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (9m ago).
letfireraindown: I don't have the twitter on this PC. Any notice on delay?
Juliamon: Nope
TheMerricat: !lasttweet
LRRbot: ~lasttweet
letfireraindown: Thanks!
TheMerricat: giving Cameron and Adam ran all the way up to the cutoff point. Ian may still just be setting up
SnackPak_: lrrSIG
SymphonicLolita: lrrARROWS lrrSIG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Tinker Tailor Solder Fry! Tonight Ian is replacing the battery in his wireless ear buds. 📷 ||
princess_intell: oh it's electronics repair tonight
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
princess_intell: lrrSIG
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Arclight_Dynamo: All I can think about is a lithium-ion battery going spicy while lodged in my earhole.
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TheMerricat: tbh chat this is going to be one session that I'm really keeping my fingers crossed doesn't have any failure mode involved. being able to replace the batteries on these headphones would really be nice when they finally die.
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SoldieroFortune: So close to a very Tolkienic monthiversary ...
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TheAinMAP: Hello.
princess_intell: we did this
SymphonicLolita: close enough!
y3ntil: we made it
SnackPak_: sergeOffByOne
patbaer: Does this ear bud case WANT to be serviced?
princess_intell: turns out, tiny devices means tiny batteries
NotCainNorAbel: planned obsolescence
princess_intell: they were also super ugly
SymphonicLolita: whoever came up with that business model should be disposed of themselves
SnackPak_: wee little battery
y3ntil: wow, I thought they would be the spicy pillow batteries
princess_intell: crack it like a peanut /s
SymphonicLolita: bad!
SnackPak_: I guess sticking them in the case turns them off
Arclight_Dynamo: Aren't AirPods filled with epoxy? Like, solid?
princess_intell: i'm shocked apple didn't install a teeny-tiny shocker to fry the circuits if the pod was ever opened
7gorobei: apple's e-waste footprint is utterly unsustainable and not green
Arclight_Dynamo: SCSI iPhone mod when?
DoodlestheGreat: Yes, USB-C 4 LYFE!
princess_intell: usb-c should be the international standard. i have incredibly strong feelings about this.
DarknessKingCoH: I have the XM4s of this line from Sony, and the noise cancelling is very good.
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh, I hate those tiny wires.
princess_intell: @7gorobei don't think about that. think about **design** :p
DarknessKingCoH: Also studio B had a pair of headphones die on Ben during Lets Nope.
princess_intell: fill it with epoxy mattlrLul
Arclight_Dynamo: Time to cast a die.
princess_intell: high roll goes first?
SymphonicLolita: [pop]
Nigouki: just spudged right in
Nigouki: the blinking means it's in distress
SymphonicLolita: oh yeah that makes sense
SymphonicLolita: my phone is supposedly waterproof but I don't trust like that
SymphonicLolita: *hacker voice* I'm in
Arclight_Dynamo: I just wish things were made of metal and held together by screws.
TemporallyAwry: @Arclight_Dynamo Either that, or actually as affordable as solid-state extruded-plastic should be.
Electrodyne: ear contents
SquidVorb: Are they Jabra?
Arclight_Dynamo: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene perhaps?
Texan_Reverend: Hey! I resemble that remark.
TheMerricat: "In terms of material, many desktop resin printers use FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) films, a material known for its good chemical resistance and non-stick properties. It has somewhat become the standard for resin printing release films, although there are plenty of other suitable alternatives out there."
DarknessKingCoH: @SquidVorb Sony WF 1000XM3's
Texan_Reverend: Also, we _discussed_ it. I did not bully anyone.
TheMerricat: lol
SquidVorb: @darknesskingcoh ah thanks
TheMerricat: your head is full of water chat.
SymphonicLolita: bluetooth waves right through the skull
DarknessKingCoH: That and at least with mine, the right ear bud seems to be the one that talks to your phone. As I can only use the right bud on its own but not the left.
Easilycrazyhat: Never thought I'd learn Bluetooth can't swim.
Arclight_Dynamo: Water blocking radio is a legitimate concern for naval communications with submarines. The higher the frequency, the worse the problem.
SquidVorb: That's the Shuffle, not the nano
SquidVorb: Still got my Blue 2nd gen
Phosfur: The square nano was my first 'Smart' watch lol
LordZarano: Yup, my waterproof bone conduction headphones have built-in storage as well as bluetooth. They can even play FLAC!
SymphonicLolita: I still prefer using an mp3 player over having music on my phone, it's just easier to take a small little thing with me rather than a large brick
DEATHlikescats: It’s weird how easy I can read upside down
NotCainNorAbel: Ian just needs to walk home
ghyllnox: Ian has walked home and back during a stream hasn't he?
TemporallyAwry: Hooray - Upgrades! PridePog
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Rhythm nation and it was specific Dell models
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Bergor_Terraf: Hi!
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SymphonicLolita: their feelings got hurt
SymphonicLolita: morale went down
NotCainNorAbel: ^It is a very loud video
DarknessKingCoH: Sony makes earbuds called Linkbuds with a hole where the in-ear bud would go, and it vibrates against your ear to make noise.
ghyllnox: That was a great video, they seemed genuinely thrilled at their discovery
TheNerdWonder: that was a perfectly normal sentence
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
NotCainNorAbel: seabatClap seabatBRAIN
SquidVorb: FBtouchdown
TemporallyAwry: Good Stream PrideLaugh
NotCainNorAbel: Not recommended to put both batteries in the same bag
Texan_Reverend: That really was a lot smoother than I expected it to go.
Texan_Reverend: 👍
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSHINE
roadhog123: The over-the-ear headphones are up to XM5 now, conceivably the in-ears could be two generations "ahead" too
Texan_Reverend: That's not a bad price for replacement every few years.
patbaer: fun!
excalgold: i am disappointed i have to either get wireless headphones or a dongle for my phone
SymphonicLolita: gonna fix the headphones that died on Ben on tuesday?
TheNerdWonder: or pad replacement?
TemporallyAwry: @SymphonicLolita I was about to ask the same thing.
Easilycrazyhat: @SymphonicLolita That one seemed like just a bad wire, so probably a nice quick fix.
TemporallyAwry: A TTSF of easy wins ;p
TheNerdWonder: Ian said "not electronic" though, so not sure what could be replaced on headphones that qualifies
DEATHlikescats: How’d the bud battery replacement go?
TheNerdWonder: quick and easy
SymphonicLolita: seems like a grand success
DEATHlikescats: Nice!
roadhog123: Seems WF-1000XM4 is the current generation, and this repair guide I found starts with: "Step 1: Using a heat gun, warm the earbuds"
SymphonicLolita: further testing required though
DEATHlikescats: We love a good result!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL "Using a heat gun" has had....mixed results on previous TTSF episodes :p
Easilycrazyhat: Oh, Scorn on Talking Sim next week. That should be interesting.
offbeatwitch: @LoadingReadyRun that's an understatement i would say
SymphonicLolita: oh? meat game redux?
offbeatwitch: remembering the "iPhone Camera Lens versus heat gun incident" of 2021
SymphonicLolita: RIP graham's camera lens
RealGamerCow: who'd have thought that an incredibly sensitive and fine tuned camera lens would be affected by heat!
SymphonicLolita: very nice, great success
3 raiders from McGurganatorZX have joined!
TemporallyAwry: Not to mention that poor chair o7
DEATHlikescats: Oh yeah Ben had an issue with a set for let’s nope
Arclight_Dynamo: I one saw James say "Look how much money i can cost us," then he started hitting the headphones against the desk.
AtrusOfMyst: They phone all manner of head
SymphonicLolita: ah yeah. not a great design
SymphonicLolita: fresh tubes!
y3ntil: DI-TRY
Simonark: Let's Try is such a helpful motto, though I doubt you're trying to fit a whole jury into Studio C again
NotCainNorAbel: this coudl be a 5 minute clip1
DrLigmaPhD: Uninteresting and unusefull information is 90% of my knowledge
SymphonicLolita: I'm so happy because I have a pair of headphones I bought in ~2009 that still work fine but are long discontinued, but I managed to find a shop that was selling an unopened pair
excalgold: How much of TTSF is just some one wanting to do a project and some one saying 'hey it could be content' and then mutally agreeing to the tax write off ? :P
Texan_Reverend: Would there be any value in prophylactic electrical tape or similar reinforcing of those little wires?
DrLigmaPhD: And affordability I assume
SymphonicLolita: the nokia of headphones
MechaKuuga: Whenever the fake leather furniture on my headphones starts falling apart, I remove it all with slight abrasion so you get the comfy fabric underneath
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
SymphonicLolita: nice
SquidHominid: wait I just got here what are we doing other than mutilating a pair of headphones
TheMerricat: @squidhominid at the moment we are looking at the feasibility of replacing the wire that hooks the two cups together with audio signal
SymphonicLolita: @SquidHominid we replaced some earbud batteries successfully, now we are attempting to fix some wires in these headphones
ghyllnox: Don't worry, unlike when I take things apart you thought to make a recording
MechaKuuga: @Texan_Reverend Isn't heat shrink tubing a good alternative? No adhesive to deal with
epsilon_vee: ball bearing parity error
DarknessKingCoH: there's a ball right in between ian and the mat
SymphonicLolita: ah yeah I see it
TheMerricat: @loadingreadyrun what @darknesskingcoh said
Lysander_salamander: what kind of fabric would you use for the ear-cups?
SymphonicLolita: lrrHERE
Simonark: Our dark, sinister omniscience is our best feature, though!
dyvion: I had that happen to a set of ear protectors one time... tiny cracks, rain water and my skin oils turned it into a gel that would ooze out occasionally.
epsilon_vee: I'm interested to see how this goes because I have a set of 7506's that also has flaky wiring to one side that I need to replace
epsilon_vee: just having that little cable on the outside from the ear cup to the end of the band seems like what does it
SymphonicLolita: amazing
dyvion: that seems good for the wire...
offbeatwitch: it's probably stranded wire
MechaKuuga: I watched a video on sailing knots... so many, so useful
dyvion: @MechaKuuga I don't have space in my brain for knots :( I was a boy scout and forgot all but the square knot.
dyvion: reinforcement?
dyvion: Would a braided cable help?
offbeatwitch: is it QC quickcharge like mine
Electrodyne: or wrong polarity (tip + or sleeve +)
Arclight_Dynamo: IIRC, gas furnaces can manage greater than 100% efficiency due to funky physics.
Mazrae: perfect show to listen to while I cook dinner
Texan_Reverend: @arclight_dynamo I don't think that's possible with gas, but I know that's the case with heat pump units.
Texan_Reverend: Because they move rather than generate heat.
MechaKuuga: @MechaKuuga It's okay brain space is a valuable commodity wasted on the young
dyvion: slava ukraine!
Arclight_Dynamo: @Texan_Reverend Honestly, I might be misremembering a Tech Connections video.
Driosenth: heat pumps are measured in coefficient of Performance (CoP) and due to moving heat rather than just converting it from electricity to heat, can more 600% to 2000% the amount of watts inputted
Texan_Reverend: If that's the video you're thinking of, then yes. He goes into how gas furnaces are very efficientg 90%+, I believe. However, nothing that creates heat can be more than 100% efficient at that.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Texan_Reverend Okay, yep, I'm 100% thinking heat pumps. :D
TheMerricat: furnaces can never quite be 100% efficient because some of the heat is lost to the "outside", instead of going into the air/water you want heated. heat pumps because they move heat from one place to another can move more heat than the electricity required to do that job would produce if it was just heat itself.
Texan_Reverend: Heat pumps can use less power to move heat, though, rather than generate it.
ghyllnox: Thread?
MechaKuuga: How hard is it to "re-terminate" an HDMI cable?
DarknessKingCoH: A legendary sling name Studio Monitor
Arclight_Dynamo: Wow, Ian's name disease even extends to the Bible? :D
Driosenth: @mechakuuga very hard
Simonark: Well, "True".
epsilon_vee: that's quite a fetch quest
MechaKuuga: @Driosenth I thought as much
excalgold: or just one giant one i guess.....eww
SnackPak_: fuckin fetch quests
dyvion: I haf tree match steek!
adept_nekomancer: Makes a big difference whether it's "100 foreskins" or "104 skins"
Simonark: There was a long and bloody war afterwards, I've always assumed that was their fetch quest retort.
SymphonicLolita: well now I am also repairing my bluetooth headphones...and by repair I mean scraping off the fake leather that's starting to peel
Phailhammer: "No, no, I asked for 'four skins'. The scribe got this all messed up."
princess_intell: 104 foreskins?
TheMerricat: @adept_nekomancer to be honest and given the implication is that you took them from dead bodies really the difference is just four more dead people
excalgold: i hate that they removed headphone jacks
adept_nekomancer: @TheMerricat And a lot more work if you have to take the whole skin, I guess
princess_intell: huzzah for LRL
DarknessKingCoH: @excalgold Sony phones still have them.
excalgold: i got a new phone recently and was rushed due to stomach issues so i didnt notice the lack of headphones until a week later when i was considering going for a walk
MechaKuuga: THE BITS
princess_intell: bits bits bits bits
excalgold: gotta go in and get a Dongle once my case comes in
excalgold: but does it run Doom Ian?
MechaKuuga: I saw that trailer! Looks fun
dyvion: @excalgold I picked up my skullcandy earbuds on sale and I'm happy with them, cheap but serviceable for podcasts and books, which is most of what I listen to.
Simonark: Roger Allam in full Dick Tracy makeup to be Robert Maxwell was a surprise from the Tetris trailer.
Simonark: I'll certainly follow Slow Horses till the end.
excalgold: @excalgold I have some older Skullcandy headphones, i am not eager to go to wireless since i either need to get old style headphones like Ian has there or somthing with cords so i can keep track of it
Arclight_Dynamo: If anyone wants to learn more about the creation of Tetris, I highly recommend the multi-part article on The Digital Antiquarian.
mitomanox: I love it when you're around commenting stuff Paul. <3 @LoadingReadyRun
MechaKuuga: Viki is very popular for K-dramas
James_the_Dabbler: This is my first time tuning into TTSF, but I'm definitely going to do it more often. Ian's voice is so soothing and the perfect thing to listen to while I work or relax
dyvion: I love hoopla
laundreydhull: lrrPAUL did it! He Proliferated!
TheMerricat: tubi
Arclight_Dynamo: Gem is such good branding!
excalgold: GEM -and- the Replicants?
dyvion: it doesn't have a large selection, but I get 5 free rents a month from my military service lrrAWESOME
excalgold: wait the holograms
Arclight_Dynamo: I love Gem - it's a great place to find a bunch of old Canadian shows, even ones not from CBC.
Arclight_Dynamo: wut
Master_Gunner: so, that's not *entirely* true
TheMerricat: csc?
excalgold: yea not every one is going to have a reliable connection to stream guys.....
SymphonicLolita: number go brrrr
Master_Gunner: they made a whitepaper about what it would look like if broadcasting was no longer a meaningful thing in 10-20 years.
Master_Gunner: the BBC has also made similar internal reports.
SymphonicLolita: everything is electrical impulses
Arclight_Dynamo: Balute?
SnackPak_: neat
Arclight_Dynamo: When do we start talking about vampire taps?
Phailhammer: 4 wires, 2 twisted pairs.
roadhog123: "Balun" is how it's spelled, and frustratingly difficult to find by searching for Balon...
baltimore_667083: It is an evening whether you like it or not
NotCainNorAbel: sending was fine...getting was the 'hard' part
UWDJohn: Balun stands for Balanced to Unbalanced for what it's worth.
TemporallyAwry: Bold to even call it a language really PrideHeyyy
Arclight_Dynamo: Balloon + parachute
excalgold: and deploys from the forearms from the gundam obviously
MechaKuuga: Sometimes they attach them to bombs
dyvion: Thanks Ian, now I'm watching Three Body on Viki instead of going to bed.
7gorobei: paralloon
Phailhammer: Ian beat me to it. :D
Athelgar: isnt there a 3.75 jack on the speakers behind you?
Simonark: Don't use the wrong sealant to close that back up because of overconfidence! Don't get too caulky.
MechaKuuga: Maybe someone stashed a Zune in the Moonbase?
Nigouki: is it 500 minutes long?
SymphonicLolita: nice
Simonark: In this week's special episode, they check in with the stories they'll be looking back on in the 1000th episode!
DarknessKingCoH: Checkpoint 001 came out May 9th 2011 for some reference.
Snowcookies: today!
MechaKuuga: I watched a restoration video of a pair of WW1 radio headphones and they had very simple components
roadhog123: I look forward to Ian shorting the iPad's audio output
roadhog123: I don't think the amplifier would like that
DarknessKingCoH: Was that cable chewed up at all?
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KevlarGiraffe: Happy Thursday!
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ghyllnox: Lmao
Nigouki: didn't Ben show how busted it is on stream?
SymphonicLolita: LUL
DarknessKingCoH: Both were going to go soon
Snowcookies: rip
ghyllnox: Now it's colorful!
TemporallyAwry: Don't worry - there is no evidence that it wasn't necessary ;p
MechaKuuga: Aesthetics matter
DrakoniteStreams: those are readily available at least
UWDJohn: note you might ring a short through the headphone transducer as it's only like 8-32 ohms
TemporallyAwry: Scratch that - there might be evidence PrideLaugh
SymphonicLolita: no evidence if they don't watch the vod
epsilon_vee: am I going crazy or didn't ian just test the cable and find out it was bad?
DrakoniteStreams: I got here late... what are we cooking tonight?
TemporallyAwry: #PreventativeMaintenance PridePog
TheDailyMapleSyrup: It’s possible there was multiple points of failure
Juliamon: DrakoniteStreams Technically solder
kakmize: We found a Straight!
Juliamon: The only time you will ever hear "Oh good, one of the straights."
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
MechaKuuga: Future Proofing?
Asimech: @Juliamon I've definitely heard that in another context. Said sarcastically, but still.
SymphonicLolita: learmning!
TemporallyAwry: Now to the root cause - the chair's armrest that absolutely guillotined that cable.
ghyllnox: Custom even
Juliamon: Asimech Yeah, I meant in a genuine context
KeytarCat: Ukranian flag colors?
Juliamon: and yeah, that chair is likely part of the problem
ghyllnox: Ye
MechaKuuga: I want to scratch off that remaining faux leather
SymphonicLolita: value addded
Juliamon: though it was less of a guillotine and more of an inverse garrote
TemporallyAwry: Remember to add a date for future technicians ;p
Simonark: Either that, or the mice are impressively literate
Delalelilolu: dry wallers do something similar but they just leave piss bottles
Arclight_Dynamo: Surgeons occasionally do that as well, but they get in trouble for it.
Easilycrazyhat: It'd be a red pipe at that rate
kakmize: Isn't that what the next Stream Highlights video is?
DrakoniteStreams: given a full time streaming environment, headphones seem like almost a consumable
SymphonicLolita: I'm currently peeling my headphones cause I'm tired of all the shedding plastic bits
TheMerricat: why wouldn't you give the guests the nice ones? :D
DarknessKingCoH: The guests get the good controller, you get the mad catz one with the wonky stick.
SymphonicLolita: audio engineers save the fine china for themselves and give the guests the regular plates
LoadingReadyRun: @DarknessKingCoH no way, the guest always gets the mad catz
TemporallyAwry: If the guest isn't bring their own kit - they'll only make the mistake once ;p
MechaKuuga: Shakey Shakey is not a good sound
SymphonicLolita: those dastardly orbs
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
TheMerricat: I'm watching stream on my phone, As a result every now and then to catch up the visual goes in the fast-forward mode.... that happened right as soon as Ian said I need to be very careful with my movements now and for a second I was like what the hell!
TheMerricat: Dremel the channel wider :p
TemporallyAwry: Nah, gotta save something for the next repair.
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NDCazzy: 1.... more... month
DrakoniteStreams: @TheMerricat that would be a great prank if it was easier to implement... have a live stream stream at 99% speed to build up a buffer of a few seconds and have a burst of speed occasionally to mess with people
SymphonicLolita: berings are stored in the balls
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brainiac4: I'm pretty sure this number is divisible by 12. Hi Ian!
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yalc321: So if they're balls intended to be used in a bearing, they're ball bearing balls
Electrodyne: some might call it Shot
TheNerdWonder: some bearings use rollers instead of balls
TheMerricat: it _could_ be a bearing ball. but not by function.
DrakoniteStreams: @yalc321 if your bring them to someone, you are bearing ball bearing balls
niccus: what bearing do ball bearing balls bear if a ball bearing ball can bear bearing
baltimore_667083: “Wait, it’s all bearings?” “Always has been.”
Electrodyne: Bering bearings bearing Bering bearings, bear Bering bearings
baltimore_667083: Bearings seeing the Bering Sea
TheNerdWonder: do bears bearing bearings bear bare ball bearing balls?
Electrodyne: Bering bears
MechaKuuga: Ian doing his best Owen Wilson impression
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
MechaKuuga: you need to re-establish the Chiral Network
DiamondMX: There is no such thing as Less Kojima. There is only No Kojima and Maximum Kojima.
TheMerricat: 5% less Kojima
DiamondMX: A Strand is just Nanomachines, son.
TheMerricat: Don't forget everyone has to have a name that is implicitly tied to whatever their actual function in the plot is. Mama
RonaldMcDownload: followed by a ten minute cutscene on the history of banana bread
roadhog123: Is left still left and right still right?
brunothepig: I also look weird as heck, but I function(?)
TheMerricat: Kojima and GRR Martin make a video game...
TemporallyAwry: And now we understand why the pair for guests is always so weird. They're "totally fine"
MechaKuuga: I would just velcro tie the new wires to the headset band
DiamondMX: Hello from my second monitor, Ian and Paul.
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
sirspate: insurance
SnackPak_: it's paul!
DeM0nFiRe: LIVE PogChamp
MechaKuuga: Truncated LRL cast?
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Electrodyne: I'm a bit of a Something afficionado myself
TheNerdWonder: all beej this time?
EvilBadman: Heather's been jamming it on her home stream
KeytarCat: I played the demo, it good
TheDailyMapleSyrup: I still say one March as an April fools joke. The intro comes on for live and it ends with it’s live so and cutsright there
asddsa28: hell yeah rock and stone i love that game
YeetTheRich_: inb4 wheeler finds some degens to play paper vanguard at philly and streams it from his phone
EvilBadman: Cheer100
SymphonicLolita: nobits
DiamondMX: Pride100
SymphonicLolita: gasp
SymphonicLolita: dabits
SnackPak_: ooo
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
DiamondMX: Thanks for the stream!
DrakoniteStreams: therea48Wave bai
EvilBadman: you must da bits
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
EvilBadman: cheers
SymphonicLolita: thanks ian and paul!
Phailhammer: cya :)