Metric_Furlong: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: surprisingly turgid cheese blunts
Metric_Furlong: I see
Lysander_salamander: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Scorn) at Tue 01:30 PM PST (1m from now).
TehAmelie: ready to SCORN?
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Scorn) at Tue 01:30 PM PST (0s from now).
Metric_Furlong: I was scorn ready
TehAmelie: scorn is such a powerful word
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Manae: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
TehAmelie: say it to yourself, and tell me it doesn't say something just by its sound
Juliamon: are you ready for Penis, and Lots Of Blood?
SpacePotato01: ♪I'm Scorny, I'm scorny scorny scorny♪...
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vingris_: Hello Noping Simulator
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CAKHost: If you scorn too much, you'll get hair on your palms!
Manae: lrrSIG lrrSPOOPY lrrSIG Wait a moment, early not-actually-spoops spoops?!
CAKHost: lrrSIG !
TehAmelie: on Let's Nope, i did make fun of the game a lot for presenting like, HR Giger Fanfiction. but i do think there's more to the game
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today Cameron and Cori experience the world of horror, atmospheric horror, and body horror in Scorn! | 📷 ||
beowuuf: i've just realised this is like a swap day, TS does horror, and LN will do ...welp, whatever we class DDLC as :p
SpacePotato01: There's some stuff on the game that's not actually explained in the game, but was detailed in an art book, I wonder if they'll be referencing that today.
Juliamon: So begins LRR's NSFW Tuesday Afternoon
Critterbot: Fair warning, if anyone's got crippling trypophobia like me, you might wanna give this one a miss.
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
DrLigmaPhD: (Boxing announcer voice) Aaaare you ready fooooor FLESH?!?!?!
beowuuf: if you have a second monitor, why not put on the old classic of outlast 2 with alex an kathleen just to complete the mood :p
SpacePotato01: @DrLigmaPhD I was promised there'd be teeth.
TehAmelie: i don't know if trypophobia is the main thing here or more like, an unnamed phobia of shapes shaped like genitals
Juliamon: There are also teeth, but mostly flesh
SpacePotato01: In fact, doesn't one of the guns fire teeth?
DrLigmaPhD: @SpacePotato01 Teeth are flesh the way ice is water
Metric_Furlong: @beowuuf given it was previously on Now Kiss: dataing sim
CAKHost: I just imprisoned a bird in AC when I didn't need to. D:
beowuuf: @beowuuf ah, cameron being on that made me think it was a previous TS, but of course it was
Metric_Furlong: @CAKHost ... when did you need to?
SpacePotato01: @DrLigmaPhD Then how come my body doesn't turn into teeth when it freezes? Checkmate.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Get your home checked, with today's Crapshot. | ||
Juliamon: CW for Scorn: wide variety of body horror (mutilation, amputation, parasites, pregnancy?, abortion?, tentacles, body parts where body parts shouldn't be)
beowuuf: o/
SnackPak_: sergeHi
CAKHost: @CAKHost The villager didn't ask for a birdcage. They wanted a bird house. :c
TehAmelie: aloha
CAKHost: Hello!
DrLigmaPhD: @SpacePotato01 Excuse me do YOU have a doctorate in flesh philosophy?
GhostValv: it's you
Metric_Furlong: so which of the two TS hosts wants the red pages and which wants the blue pages?
kilnfiendpotter: Hello hello!
DrLigmaPhD: I ligma
SnackPak_: us us chat
Cptasparagus: early nopes!
Metric_Furlong: we are chat, yes
Ivalenz_: kivaWork
beowuuf: It's great to be here, thanks for having us
noSmokeFire: you wish they were grabby claws
kilnfiendpotter: Yes we are legion - I mean, chat
korvys: Quite the conincidence, Cam and Adam are each today playing a game the other has played on stream
TehAmelie: "scorn" is a word that really lends itself to being pronounced as scornfully as one possibly can, just putting that out there
electric_claire: Talking Simulator's purview is limitless
kilnfiendpotter: Isn't scorn just hissy corn?
Juliamon: It's not the first horror game on the show. Not even the second!
SpacePotato01: @DrLigmaPhD It's 'Meatronomics' thank you very much.
TemporallyAwry: I forgot about the Ian-Special headphones PrideLaugh
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Juliamon: It still has shooty bits
Eggmojii: Alright, more scorn
SnackPak_: just like Myst
Nigouki: gonna be going up so many alleys
ashesandmochi: 'such a nightmare' is a horror podcast run by two academics so y'know lots of crossover!
SpacePotato01: It's a puzzle game but everything is penis.
DrLigmaPhD: @SpacePotato01 I see you were educated in the states. It's different overseas
Robot_Bones: Today. On Up our Alley.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm curious what ya'll thoughts are going to be. I found Scorn to be...okay. It wasn't quite worth the hype it got, but it also wasn't as bad as you might imagine it to be
Ivalenz_: katesNotes
ashesandmochi: i have so many Thoughts on horror through a critical academic lens.....
SpacePotato01: @DrLigmaPhD It was more a four-year eating contest.
DrLigmaPhD: I once told someone ghosts and gods are born by a campfire and I'll never have a better one-liner
kilnfiendpotter: LOL "I know those shapes!"
hesterbyrde: It’s an excellent way to explore cultural anxieties
beowuuf: @DrLigmaPhD sergeJustRight
kilnfiendpotter: As if we're picking them out of a lineup
Laserbeaks_Fury: it decided on a aesthetic and it dialed it up to max
Mushbie: ehh the last area is way to horny to be Beksiński
Laserbeaks_Fury: body horror is an element
Juliamon: yeah, at the end it drops the pretense and offers blatant dicks
Laserbeaks_Fury: and tits
Metric_Furlong: lovecraftian horror is when you see the unwanted goopy, and the less you want the goopy the more horror it is
Juliamon: and the weird pseudo-preg stuff
RoastedGravy: What's this about tits?
Wicker_Guide: @Juliamon so, it's Bloodborne? lrrBEEJ
DrLigmaPhD: Must look at but don't
ashesandmochi: i was literally just talking to a friend about horror through a pomo lens lol
Metric_Furlong: terror is an instinctive viceral reaction, horror is an emotion provoked by thought and realisation iirc
Laserbeaks_Fury: We're also approaching trans-humanism
Wicker_Guide: human bodies are also incredibly disgusting in ways that we just accept as normal
kilnfiendpotter: After being pregnant and delivering a baby, I am acutely aware of how horrifying and strange body horror is.
kilnfiendpotter: Well, horrifying and strange our bodies can be
ashesandmochi: "self as object, the reduction/destruction of Self into meat" is something i write about a lot..... lol....
Laserbeaks_Fury: Spiders are very good things
Wicker_Guide: small fuzzy whats?
DrLigmaPhD: I often find body horror not so... horror-y? Like, it's scary but ultimately I only find it horrifying when the body betrays itself somehow. I can accept external harm fine but INTERNAL fucks me up
korvys: They're bug conciliation robots
Aenir798: Spiders are great, as long as you're not in Australia
TemporallyAwry: They're just little-guys doing their best.
GhostValv: you just don't want it immediately near you.
Sarah_Serinde: I've gotten relatively used to house centipedes in my apartment but I still loathe them
Sarah_Serinde: (don't look them up if you don't like bugs)
Laserbeaks_Fury: All the silverfish
TemporallyAwry: Yeah centipedes really change your opinions of spiders
korvys: Bugs. That are no longer bugging you
InquisitorGaia: i have a jumping spider family that lives in my house and they eat all the other invaders in place of rent
kilnfiendpotter: They're thriving!
Metric_Furlong: to be fair, most of the spider is legs
DrLigmaPhD: At work we were discussing how cute tarantulas are today
DrLigmaPhD: They're spider doggos
SnackPak_: lrrFRUMP
DeM0nFiRe: WutFace
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hows your new matress then?
SnackPak_: now that;s horror
cisco236: lrrSIG
TemporallyAwry: So after you burned the sheets, did you find it?
Mushbie: @Aenir798 unless it's a bathroom spider. (the giant harmless hunting spider that eats the small venomous ones)
theymerLoviatar: Tarantulas are great, they feel like cotton buds when they walk on you
kilnfiendpotter: That's just a lose lose situation for all parties.
Robot_Bones: I remember that Time I had a bunch of Canadians in the walls. the terror
kilnfiendpotter: @theymerLoviatar Especially the pink toed ones! They're so cute.
ashesandmochi: recent body horror loves: one hand to hold one hand to carve by m shaw, helpmeet by naben ruthnum, both very short novellas but man.
kilnfiendpotter: The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle has a wonderful horror section, which I think is probably the best genre fiction exhibit.
TehAmelie: no spider i have seen in my home has made me jump as much as this weird long worm thing i saw squirming super fast over my bathroom floor once, that a spider might probably have caught when it was young
ashesandmochi: mad god was so sticky in my brain i loved it
korvys: I was never into horror, but I recently watched all of the Hellraiser movies (in short 1 and 2 are good, 3 and 4 are... ambitious, and the rest are very bad)
GreatWahooney: have I missed a lot?
GreatWahooney: just showed up
shurtal: we scorn'in' it up today?
Metric_Furlong: GreatWahooney no, they haven't started the game yet
GreatWahooney: cool cool cool
RoastedGravy: I think the last horror thing I saw was Color Out of Space
Wicker_Guide: @GreatWahooney no, just talking about how awful human bodies are and how cute spiders are. how are you fellow human
Metric_Furlong: this the introductory 'General Horror Talk'
GreatWahooney: @Wicker_Guide pretty good overall, thanks!
Laserbeaks_Fury: oopha
Laserbeaks_Fury: Artists LOVE to be told everyone they're work reminds them of
Metric_Furlong: as one does
RoastedGravy: wut
RoastedGravy: Wait wait wait, go back.
DrLigmaPhD: I mean famously Alien is deliberately full of SV allegory
RoastedGravy: A movie where a woman was impregnated by a car? Did I hear that right?
Mushbie: @RoastedGravy yes she did say that
QuixoticScrivener: Saw torture porn does nothing for me
Laserbeaks_Fury: the gritty reboot of Turbo Teen?
TehAmelie: i wanna see Nope just cause Mikey did a movie about it. has anyone seen it?
MilkInBags: Cam, did you watch Crimes of the Future? Is it good?
RoastedGravy: Huh
DrLigmaPhD: Hostile is just... boring to me?
Jean_Jacques_EB: have you seen Smile?
ashesandmochi: incantation terrified me tbh
GhostValv: I enjoyed Nope
Brozard: saaaaaaame
MilkInBags: there is infinite stuff to watch, we can't see it all, sadly
korvys: Get Out, Us, Nope, right?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Get Out legit disturbed me
gehennam_reborn: Strong opinion, Nope was better than Get Out.
TehAmelie: i will recommend "Us" to like, anyone who likes stories of any kind
MrSarkhan: Was the remake of Hellraiser any good? I haven't seen it yet.
DrLigmaPhD: Get Out is just not-subtle enough if you catch my meaning?
kilnfiendpotter: "Jennifer's Body" was also a great musing on objectifying women
Lysander_salamander: I thought the remake was not bad
korvys: Can't be as bad as Hellraiser's 3-10
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah he got his rights back
korvys: Well, 5-10
TheMerricat: chat, just checking. I'm 99% certain it's an issue on my end but is the stream intermintantly (i.e. once every few minutes) 'blinking' to black for a frame and then back for anyone else?
korvys: 3 and 4 were... ambitious
Lysander_salamander: It was directed by the person that did The Ritual, which had a neat monster
noSmokeFire: "the lament configuration was cute" was it??
TehAmelie: not me, Merricat
Metric_Furlong: @TheMerricat no, it's all clear here
Laserbeaks_Fury: Was 3 the one with Terry Farrell?
TheMerricat: Thanks chat, that's what I was afraid of but good to have confirmation.
beowuuf: @Laserbeaks_Fury yup
korvys: @Laserbeaks_Fury Yes
argusthecat: Video games have trained us our whole lives to die to the puzzlebox!
RosencrantzESQ: I always dug the idea of the cenobites being the odd kids out in the play pen. "Oh, you want to play with us! Yay!"
Wicker_Guide: puzzle box = dwarf fortress?
MrSarkhan: LUL
Laserbeaks_Fury: First you're playing Tetris, then you're solving Lament Configurations
satyropodobny: The Dark Souls of body horror
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Wicker_Guide: hate it when that happens
Metric_Furlong: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 23:27.
korvys: RACK
MrSarkhan: Okay I definitely think I'll give it a shot
MrSarkhan: Ginger Snaps is good
RosencrantzESQ: Every time I hear about "Ginger Snaps", my first thought is thatpeople are talking about cookies
Lysander_salamander: Dog soldiers is rather good
KeytarCat: THose were PUPPETS?
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah I was gonna mention Dog Soldiers
KeytarCat: Holy beans
LurkerSpine: new predator was pretty good
MrSarkhan: Dog Soldiers is a movie I haven't thought about it a while.
noSmokeFire: unironically, I love that "has great puppetry" is a serious upside in a horror movie
gehennam_reborn: It might not be a great example of body horror as a whole, but can we discuss the dog human hybrid in the 1970s version of Invasion of the Body Snatcher?
TehAmelie: i do not think Alien would have existed in any meaningful sense without Giger, no
Raincoast_Bear: Alien without Giger? Inconceivable!
Laserbeaks_Fury: the Alien wouldnt have been as alien
BrowneePoints: Prey is 100% an amazing movie
noSmokeFire: consider if Alien couldn't get Geiger, so they got Jim Henson instead
Metric_Furlong: @noSmokeFire indeed. it's one of the reasons An American Werewolf in London stuck around in the public consciousness
theymerLoviatar: Years ago I got to see a museum exhibit of the work Giger made for Jodorowsky's Dune and I will never forget how beautiful those chairs were
Raincoast_Bear: @noSmokeFire Like I dunno, Star Wars?
shurtal: is "We Spray-Painted a Dog" The sequel to "We Bought a Zoo" ?
Lysander_salamander: Prey was pretty good
Firewhiskers: @noSmokeFire If the Skesis are any indication, Jim could have pulled something quite scary off
Xed_Regulus: Prey was great
Wicker_Guide: Prey rocked
Lysander_salamander: Yeah that was good stuff
beowuuf: prey was sergeJustRight
BrowneePoints: Prey was absolutely amazing, AND gotta love that First Nations rep
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argusthecat: "Mondays, right?"
betweenmyself: Like how the original Predator design was reportedly more ant-headed (and was apparently going to be played by JCVD)
BrowneePoints: "Can I go back to fighting Bears"
Wicker_Guide: This isn't hunting, this is pest removal
ThorSokar: they are like the buzzings of FLIES to him!
TemporallyAwry: Really, he was doing US a favor getting rid of them.
Xed_Regulus: The Predator vs Colonialists, perfect movie
Gekyouryuu: @loadingreadyrun given how old their society is, you could say "he predates humans" and be right for BOTH ways to pronounce predate
BrowneePoints: Who was the other Bio-mechanical Artist that is often cited with Giger?
Raincoast_Bear: Predator vs a firing line of RedCoats.
RosencrantzESQ: The Predator is mindful to kill the adds first
beowuuf: one hour later... :)
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think you can get it done in 2
niccus: beksinski??
noSmokeFire: the true horror: technical difficulties
Raincoast_Bear: Happy colors show!
ashesandmochi: yeeaahh people are weird about horror fans. i say this as a horror writer
Mysticman89: time for some adventures in body horror
Wicker_Guide: what happened?
Lysander_salamander: :D
Wicker_Guide: O_o
MilkInBags: compleat james to become the gaming computer
BrowneePoints: Zdzisław Beksiński @niccus yes thank you
GreatWahooney: I have generally found horror movies to be not very compelling, with the exceptions of Alien and The Thing. what's a more modern movie I should watch if I wanted to give the genre a chance?
Laserbeaks_Fury: degolve the menu
Raincoast_Bear: Which switch? The Wicked Switch!
Wicker_Guide: Get Out is probably the canonical answer at this point @GreatWahooney
Firewhiskers: @GreatWahooney Jordan Peele's movies
GreatWahooney: noted, thanks!
Laserbeaks_Fury: You should be fine, its not a "shooter"
MilkInBags: hey it's compleated jace
BrowneePoints: Get Out and Hereditary(or Midsommar) are AMAZING modern Horror
Wicker_Guide: @GreatWahooney if you mean more specifically "body-horror-esque monster movies about fear of humanity" then "Sorry to Bother You" is a good one
BrowneePoints: Jordan Peele and Ari Aster do good work
CururuGuasu: “Wassup?” - This guy, probably
Lysander_salamander: interesting sound design
Nigouki: oh no, everything is made of meat
argusthecat: Being isekaied is never portrayed as as much of a horror situation as I think it would be for most people.
BrowneePoints: Robert Eggers did really well with The Witch and The Lighthouse as well
CururuGuasu: Fell down a hole
Wicker_Guide: Meat = Stone?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Film Grain looks like its on
CururuGuasu: On theme for a Tuesday
BrowneePoints: The Menu
BrowneePoints: Anya Taylor Joy
Wicker_Guide: The VVitch is also, like, really intense.
BrowneePoints: she's also Princess Peach XD
argusthecat: Most humans would panic and collapse if they were isekaied to a city more than 300 miles away.
Raincoast_Bear: It may be too early in the day for me to watch this...
Coloneljesus: smoothment
Raincoast_Bear: Anna Taylor Joy was also in The New Mutants as Magik.
MilkInBags: i use very high sensitivity so I can blame it when I miss a shot
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Wicker_Guide: One day I want a movie with Anya Taylor Joy and Audrey Tautou as fey who lure people into pots and eat them
TehAmelie: as a Swede, i will say if you're gonna watch any Swedish movie i recommend Four Shades of Brown. it's a comedy where the makers told us they want the viewer to "pay for every laugh with a piece of their soul"
Metric_Furlong: side effects may include jumplessness
RoastedGravy: This Phyrexia?
RoastedGravy: It's got that look.
Juliamon: Your body is very likely not capable of jumping.
Coloneljesus: I love playing a 65 year old man :P
CururuGuasu: Like that ninja game on Watch and Play last week
TemporallyAwry: What about a game that lets your tempo-jump so that you can skip (rather than a run button) :p
gehennam_reborn: Teeth!
They_Are_Alyx: I'm noticing some screen tearing? Or is that an intentional visual effect?
RoastedGravy: Huh. Interesting.
RosencrantzESQ: Swede shout-out, woo!
BrowneePoints: Ah yes, like Ornithopta Dentata
MilkInBags: peak matter is teeth, apparently
Juliamon: I don't think the tearing is intentional
xerjen: You can never have enough teeth
RoastedGravy: Homegrown teeth
Wolfstrike_NL: Teeth Teeth Teeth
CururuGuasu: They just think teeth are neat
KeytarCat: Teeth are skin, so anywhere there's skin...
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh Cori, look down
MilkInBags: I find that the white phyrexians in ONE are too far from the original concept, now it's just flesh cosplayers?
RoastedGravy: Oh, that reminds me of hyperdontia.
noSmokeFire: oh, our character has a *weird* stomach
Amras0x00: I kinda imagine teeth as a hunting trophy collection
Invitare: why would you put your arm in that??
Wicker_Guide: Assassin's Creed?
AtomicAlchemical: Oh, so the thematic underpinnings don't really click together is what you're saying Cam?
BrowneePoints: Yea the teeth thing is neat but where did Elesh get that drive from?
RosencrantzESQ: The kind of toilet that licks you clean
satyropodobny: ultimate gamer chair
GreatWahooney: more like barfroom, amirite
santural: omg I KNEW this had to be about phyrexia w all the teeth talk!
bytecaster: I can and I don't like it
Raincoast_Bear: Biomechanic PipBoy
RoastedGravy: I always thought the teeth thing was because of the influence of the mycosynth.
niccus: there should be a game where the main character just impulsively puts their hand in things and you have to give a wide berth to anything remotely risky
Laserbeaks_Fury: If you look down, we can see our body
Athelgar: when proselytizing 'perfection' they sure add a lot of embellishments and aesthic augments that serve no purpose
bytecaster: If this is industrial design meets bones, do you think there is a bonePhone in this?
satyropodobny: @Athelgar How do you know they serve no purpose?
BrowneePoints: Like, the other 4 Phyrexian Factions make sense with their style and body mods from the source of the world they're on, but the Machine Orthodoxy's is...a lil unexplained?
betweenmyself: That was odd. Lost power to my house of a split second and everything cycled off and back on, but my PS5 remained powered on the whole time. pennyWhat
Wicker_Guide: @Athelgar looking pretty/cool is a purpose
noSmokeFire: this worksite is not OSHA compliant
RoastedGravy: This hole was made for me
Athelgar: @satyropodobny I dont necessarily, but there is 0 need for elbow teeth when there is no elbow digestive system
Nigouki: look at your feet
xerjen: There might be an elbow digestive system...
Coloneljesus: you can use teeth for more than chewing
RoastedGravy: Body horror's always got this interesting deal to it.
Coloneljesus: e.g. manicure
Athelgar: @Wicker_Guide but when they express individuality they are going against the orthodoxy, not part of the One.
bytecaster: Imagine being a dentist on new phyrexia#
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Unas84: 62! the amount of milliseconds it took for me to go, 'hmm, I guess the designers like Giger, eh?'
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RoastedGravy: Just seeing familiar shapes turning into more grotesque forms.
betweenmyself: Weird goopy elbows naturally suggests weird goopy funny bones. Just smack them and run while they got the tinglies.
DoctorHutch: is a screw not just an twisted incline plane? kids these days with there extra simple machines...
satyropodobny: @Athelgar Perhaps they have a ritualistic purpose :P
RoastedGravy: Spiral Mountain looks different from what I remember.
goombalax: looking pretty Geiger in here
GreatWahooney: Is that the right word? Alcoves?
satyropodobny: Ah, they have an intern pile too!
Unas84: a massage chair, lovely!
MilkInBags: massage tool for the soul?
CururuGuasu: Why do we even have this?
BrowneePoints: Huh, apparently the term for this Aesthetic and its accompanying Fiction is "Biopunk" coined in the mid 2000s
Robot_Bones: For back scrachies
TheAwkes: The Murder Creche™
BrowneePoints: @goombalax Geiger is the counter, Giger is the artist
GreatWahooney: (I can't hear "alcoves" and not think of that scene from In Bruges)
BrowneePoints: like Tailbones!
goombalax: @BrowneePoints gotcha
Athelgar: @satyropodobny i blame big orthodonty, imagine the tennis elbow/bruxism bills for the incisor Glider
BrowneePoints: oh yea Xray cross sections of the human jaw is horrifying
niccus: imagine the equivalent of a window wiper but with giant toothbrush
RoastedGravy: Try looking at a picture of a kid's mouth while they still have baby teeth.
RoastedGravy: X-ray
BrowneePoints: like, seeing child jaws with our teeth IN OUR JAW waiting to erupt in adolescence is FREAKY
Lysander_salamander: I wish we had teeth that could regrow, like a shark's.
RoastedGravy: It's horrifying
TehAmelie: ONE constantly reminds me of that one SCP where they show you what the redacted stuff is redacted for
MilkInBags: the b u l g e
TehAmelie: (fans know what i mean)
betweenmyself: When I was still coming down off the knockout juice they game me for removing my wisdom teeth, my family sat me down in front of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and left the room. pennyWhat
Athelgar: why does your torso move like an 80's action figure lol
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BrowneePoints: My fave weird biology fact is that because of our muscles they thought human's bite pressure was relatively weak for a mammal, but newer studies have shown oh BOY were they wrong
BrowneePoints: Indeed!
Mushbie: very yes
MilkInBags: pretty sure you can shatter your own teeth if not for pain
Coloneljesus: how did they go wrong the first time they measured?
InquisitorGaia: what we have going for us with bite is actually infection
kakmize: can you imagine if we were though. :D
Mushbie: we are "do not get bitten by a human"
Raincoast_Bear: I know many people who can't keep their mouths shut.
KeytarCat: As a teeth grinder, can confirm
Robot_Bones: Froot Froot!
gehennam_reborn: Most people don't realize how easy it is for us to bite through stuff. We could literally bite our fingers off without much effort if not for our brain telling us not to.
ThorSokar: people who grind their teeth in their sleep regularly\ shatter and break their own teeth
AtomicAlchemical: I guess we can bite hard enough to draw blood without too much trouble
RoastedGravy: Visual style kinda reminds me of Metroid Prime too.
LordZarano: @gehennam_reborn Oh no, not the carrot myth again!
TheAwkes: Les Oeuffs Horriblé
niccus: i have to imagine it's hard to stay on those if you take a turn too fast
BrowneePoints: It's apparently due to the shape of our skull and jaw but we have a pretty powerful bite force that also is 40-50% more efficient than every other living primate Cam
theymerLoviatar: Btw, now that mustelids were mentioned, I highly recommend never getting bitten by a ferret
BrowneePoints: this is all on very recent studies(the last decade)
TemporallyAwry: Sorry, I'm still upset by the "human teeth can easily bite through a finger, the brain doesn't let us do it"
kakmize: tell that to my shoulders
BrowneePoints: Biomechanics is fascinating, always will be
RoastedGravy: @theymerLoviatar I mean, I wouldn't recommend getting bitten by anything.
RoastedGravy: Except maybe frogs.
subspacenova: The whole, Steve Jobs VisiCalc interview about condors and bicycles
quatoria: love to maximize my walking efficiency
korvys: Also, people who sit a lot tend to have a weak posterier chain
Raincoast_Bear: Imagine the bite of a Neanderthal with their jaw and musculature!
niccus: every human a living weapon
gehennam_reborn: @lordzarano I wasn't meaning specifically the carrot myth since it's not that easy, but you could still do it without as much effort as you'd think.
Strebenherz: @korvys what does that cause?
jessieimproved: That's how you fox walk, it's much quieter
theymerLoviatar: The thing about ferrets is, they both have a limited understanding of what constitutes part of a human and also zero desire to please humans, and also the ability to lock their jaws so that they are essentially impossible to make let go
bytecaster: @niccus Except for me of course
Invitare: even with a more normal intelligence level (for primates) there's a good chance humans would still be one of the top species on the planet
Wicker_Guide: not entirely true @TemporallyAwry (one source: short answer is bone is a lot harder than people think. Could definitely crack a knuckle though
Invitare: we're really good at certain things
TehAmelie: in sixth grade, i found a huge pile of public transit cards in a garbage can in the middle of town. cards that allowed free travel on any bus, train or boat in the entire region for the full month, almost like Germany's new national travel cards. it was a weird time
AtomicAlchemical: we do make rock fly good
Brozard: Now I want to go for a walk
richard_ermen: I hated this puzzle.
SquidVorb: one really messed up claw game
HatsWearCats: This is just a future Arbys
Juliamon: A sense of familiarity
neebusjeebus: yeah this is just another day at work
Brozard: lol
SquidVorb: Why couldn't it be Kissinger
SquidVorb: It's never Kissinger
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Another thing seeing our body does, establishing us as being "of a piece" with the surroundings.
subspacenova: That one just get's updated every time someone new dies
Wicker_Guide: kissinger's soul going to hell would require kissinger to have a soul
theymerLoviatar: I hate all of the puzzles in this game, they are exactly the kind of puzzles my brain absolutely does not grok
TemporallyAwry: @Wicker_Guide Yeah it's "through the finger joint" - but you are indeed correct. I was reference a very messed up study on someone that didn't feel pain.
goombalax: there is something comforting about ALREADY being a horrible flesh monster that makes the stakes feel lower
FofoATL: total parking puzzle lol
niccus: the only reason kissinger is still alive is that the demon lords are still bickering on who gets dibsies
AtomicAlchemical: they keep recaptioning that one every time a new world leader dies
neebusjeebus: scorn has a lot of aesthetics similar to phyrexia
ashteranic: That claw machine joke has been lookign for kissenger for years.
BrowneePoints: Okay seeing you two grok this puzzle this fast is amazing
satyropodobny: Scorn is an abandoned mall on Phyrexia
Juliamon: But Cameron, yelling to go left is OUR job
HatsWearCats: Keep talking and nobody Eggos
goombalax: ok well
SnackPak_: whoops
Wicker_Guide: oops
Coloneljesus: didn't need that anyway
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goombalax: our bad
Metric_Furlong: good job everyone
GhostValv: o7
FofoATL: umm dang
ButButTheJesus: ohai folks, are the orbs getting shlorped?
SquidVorb: oops
kakmize: not our fault
Coloneljesus: we can always make more babies
SpacePotato01: It's like one of those claw machines.
koodooman: that egg isnt going to be in scorn 2
Mr_Horrible: only in a nightmare world is the dream of moving neck finally possible
SquidVorb: Someone add the Tetris music
satyropodobny: Our legal team advised us to stop referring to the product as "babies"
goatprince: I remember Egg Game being different than this
neebusjeebus: this is what a 9-5 job is like in new phyrexia
MilkInBags: one thing I don't get about most body horror and 'perfecting the body' tropes is how no one is trying to redefine the peak hand, it's always 5 fingers with one thumb, and I'm pretty sure that's not the best tool possible
ButButTheJesus: @satyropodobny we may use "orbs" or "egg-nuts"
DrLigmaPhD: Tetris but with testicles. Testitris, if you will
Wicker_Guide: I mean, we're looking at a 3-finger hand right now?
MilkInBags: LUL
SquidVorb: sudo apt update eyeball
Coloneljesus: eyeballs are super jank anyway. easy fix
DrLigmaPhD: Glasses?
Coloneljesus: @SquidVorb upgrade*
AtomicAlchemical: I read that Neal Stephenson book
MilkInBags: maybe the best way to perceive is just with waves? like electromagnetic and other kind of waves? is light the best way?
bytecaster: Peak hand is of course a single hand with a finger for every key on a standard keyboard.
jessieimproved: How we see is super weird
kakmize: bop it
neebusjeebus: would an owl's eyes be considered optimised for air?
goatprince: twist it! bop it!
Laserbeaks_Fury: yes, can we get something better than "ridiculous gelatinous orbs"
Coloneljesus: heat resistant skin would also be neat
MilkInBags: this whole puzzle is to get a single hot pocket from a vending machine
DrLigmaPhD: If I could have any body modification I'd go prehensile tail. Seems useful/fun
Evil_John_Cena: Hi Cam Hi Cori
satyropodobny: We know god doesn't play dice, but does god buy dlcs with extra cosmetic giblets?
Muppetpastorx: @MilkInBags It'll still be cold on the outside and moten hot magma cheese onthe inside ><
Coloneljesus: you can probably do that with a contact lens
bytecaster: God doesn't buy skins
Muppetpastorx: molten*
neebusjeebus: can i turn motion blur off in my eyes?
Mushbie: Ahh so he would like to be a Squid
MilkInBags: it's true that it's dumb that our most sensible tool to perceive is very sensitive to light, which is necessary to see
Coloneljesus: I just wish I could upgrade my eyes so I can see more than 30 fps
johkmil: Perhaps they are the right solos?
RoastedGravy: Blame our fish ancestors
DrLigmaPhD: Our eyes adapt their iris size but can we make them adapt reflectiveness?
Laserbeaks_Fury: if you move the target duo down in that slot, you can scooch the singletons past it on the top
bytecaster: I'd love to control my hair and beard growth at will, so when I get it just right for once, I can make it stay that way
RoastedGravy: Was it also why our cones are oddly shaped?
GhostValv: lovecranian?
RoastedGravy: The real horror: Sliding puzzles
princess_intell: I just want my legs to stop growing hair
Juliamon: It's pretty fucked up that our eyes see upside-down and our brain has to correct for that
neebusjeebus: i think if i were to modify something about my body, it would be my skeletal structure, because the human skeletal scructure is so poorly designed
Wicker_Guide: @bytecaster like, maybe be able to consciously choose how much dead cell tissue goes to hair/nails vs gets excreted? so if you're stuck somewhere and need to stay there your hair grows but in regular daily living you just poop more?
satyropodobny: DJ Peach Cobbler made an essay EXACTLY on this subject
jedi_master_zll: Beyond the aesthetic, this seems like a fairly typical puzzle game so far.
MrBrightside1: the question is will there be a victory sound when slide puzzle is complete
SpacePotato01: Does LRR not already have someone to operate the testicle grabber crane?
MilkInBags: doing nothing useful all day? I'm sure a lot of people enjoy being CEOs
LordZarano: Humans CAN actually see polarization, but only only with a plain background and by rotating our heads
goatprince: sometimes instead of crane game you have to do plinko instead
DrLigmaPhD: Moving industrial-sized pieces of chewed gum is oddly satisfying
princess_intell: I'd want a brain that can correctly produce and process dopamine
KeytarCat: I don't want the responsibility of machinery
Rourke9: @princess_intell that sounds nice
ashteranic: this early puzzle really is a fairly heavy momentum roadblock in this game.
bytecaster: I do enjoy that we have turned this into a human body improvement workshop, chat
MilkInBags: you completed step 1, now to step 2
Evil_John_Cena: I would want to be able to have my body not feel like hell from lactic acid build-up, and instead have it be a more relaxing feeling. Then I would exercise more.
princess_intell: doesn't it?
goombalax: alright lets Grasp That Boy!
princess_intell: and while I'm at it, a thyroid
DrLigmaPhD: I just want my body to be like.... 15% more monkey.
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SquidVorb: Firmly grasp it
Asimech: @Juliamon And also that we can't actually see "violet", our brains just figure it out from context. If I've understood it correctly at least.
Mysticman89: ooo a new frriend!
DeM0nFiRe: 🥚
Mr_Horrible: *loud incorrect buzzer* sofieSmile
RoastedGravy: It's waving at us
DrLigmaPhD: Bye Eggward!
kakmize: what for?
boone_faustus: goodti5Werk goodti5Werk goodti5Werk
Wicker_Guide: yeah a breathing apparatus not connected to the digestive system would be nice
NightCatNotABot: goodti5Werk goodti5Werk goodti5Werk goodti5Werk
goombalax: oh god volcano head
DoctorHutch: Dinner is done, which means i'll be back in a bit, cause this is not a watch and snack game :P
princess_intell: I'd like to not have to bleed and be miserable for a week every month
kakmize: and you think this will stop that?
MilkInBags: we do need a laugh hole different from the breath and eat hole
RoastedGravy: Separate the breathing hole from the eating hole
Athelgar: that sounds painfully cold
SquidVorb: what
TheMerricat: ,,,,,
Asimech: @Juliamon Although in my case I'm apparently partially colourblind to purple, since when I wrote with plum coloured ink once my brain kept shifting it between dark blue and dark purple.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Isn't most of our issue with choking to do with the presence of the voice box?
TheThirdTail: liquid oxygen would end a surgery pretty quick
Bugalugalug: could we have gills instead?
CururuGuasu: There’s a sentence I never expected to hear
Wicker_Guide: just dump rocket fuel in your taint LUL
DrLigmaPhD: The surgery for liquid oxygen is explosion
wench_tacular: jlrrNo jlrrNo jlrrNo
princess_intell: just be able to tell my brain "I don't want children" and just.... not do that
DoctorHutch: "explosive" flatulence.
ButButTheJesus: I learn so much here
SnackPak_: neat
Muppetpastorx: LUL
TheMerricat: "In the first tests, the team delivered pure oxygen gas to the rectums of mice, then exposed the animals to a low oxygen environment. And sure enough, three out of four test mice survived the 50-minute test, in contrast to the control group, of which no members survived the test, with the median survival time being 11 minutes."
SnackPak_: omg
GhostValv: :O
Juliamon: same mechanism that makes butt-chugging dangerous
ashteranic: Butt Burps
goombalax: Buttbreathing, no longer just +0/+1
betweenmyself: The very *deepest* of deep breathing.
The_Color_Twelve: butt we need one without all the extra steps
Laserbeaks_Fury: O2 or #2
SquidVorb toot toot
TemporallyAwry: #CursedSentences
DrLigmaPhD: Breathe through the eater or breathe through the shitter
MilkInBags: you can also hydrate yourself by the back, with swamp water that your digestive system can't handle
TheMerricat: "But there’s a catch – this result requires some abrasion of the surface of the intestine, in order to help the oxygen gas pass through. Without this step, mice receiving rectal oxygen treatment only had a median survival time of around 18 minutes in a low-oxygen environment, not much longer than those without."
Muppetpastorx: It *is* a non-zero amount of thrust.
KarnakGWJ: That's one "kiss of life" I don't want.
RoastedGravy: In through the nostrils, out through the butt
princess_intell: I could make a joke about how men have a third blowhole, but I don't want to be thrown out of chat
RiverBirch: Sentences to come into Talking Simulator to
Evil_John_Cena: Wouldn't a hypothetical blow-hole on our back cause flat back falls to have a higher fatality rate though?
DrLigmaPhD: Thats a thing in All Tomorrows, the speculative fiction work
princess_intell: feel free to throw me out if you feel the need to though mods
theymerLoviatar: There /is/ a Finnish superhero parody whose power is flying by the power of his farts
neebusjeebus: would it be cold in a place made of meat?
bytecaster: We are trying to workshop a better human!
satyropodobny: Ultimate circular breathing
LordZarano: Seeing polarization of light with your naked eyes:
BiggSxxy: what fresh hell is this?
RoastedGravy: This place seems dank.
bytecaster: I think this place is "body temperature"
theymerLoviatar: More importantly: is this place wet or dry?
DrLigmaPhD: It's about 98.6º F
cisco236: welcome to the flesh party
princess_intell: while we're making requests, a faster metabolism would be nice
RoastedGravy: Like I expect a thin veil of mist
ButButTheJesus: lil Scorny Jr.
Muppetpastorx: Push it?
satyropodobny: @theymerLoviatar Yes.
betweenmyself: Probably body temperature, but the weird “somebody else’s body heat” feeling permeates.
Crokoking: so there are two ways to get your friend to uhh help. they are quite different
theymerLoviatar: @theymerLoviatar It dries the wets and wets the dries?
Evil_John_Cena: @neebusjeebus depends on central heating or lackthereof
cisco236: Looks like a Tool music video
Evil_John_Cena: @cisco236 not enough stop motion mannequins
DrLigmaPhD: Welcome to the Phalluseum!
MilkInBags: time to hydrate the skinbag
theymerLoviatar: ugh but I need to go to bed and if I hydrate the fleshbag it will need to evacuate mid-rest cycle
DrLigmaPhD: I desire to put bean juice, bee goo, and oat-suspension in my blood now
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KarnakGWJ: Has LRR played this before? I swear it looks familiar.
jessieimproved: Let's Note played it
Juliamon: Scorn was on Let's Nope
Wicker_Guide: it was on Let's Nope before
jessieimproved: Nope
KarnakGWJ: I thought so
princess_intell: ugh i wish i could just bother tech support until they push the update with the features i want
princess_intell: for my body
niccus: camel up super cup camel up super cup camel up super cup camel up super cup
KarnakGWJ: The fleshy bits were a bit of a give away
bytecaster: I don't even know where the bug tracker for my body is located
theymerLoviatar: @niccus I can't stop this feeling, deep inside of me
Wicker_Guide: @princess_intell sorry, all firmware schematics are final, but you are welcome to leave a review for future customers
DrLigmaPhD: @princess_intell the distance between body horror and "God a new spine would be sweet" is so thin it may not exist
bytecaster: I do enjoy that chat's reaction to a body horror game is essentially "The real horror was my body all along"
princess_intell: review: make sure thyroid operates as intended, increase ability to make and process dopamine, faster metabolism would be nice
Wicker_Guide: @bytecaster I mean, I think it's the thing interacting with chat, honestly
Wicker_Guide: like, that's my best guess as to why consciousness and self-reflection exist: bug-tracking and resolution
DrLigmaPhD: @bytecaster I just feel like we were denied a character creation menu
theymerLoviatar: @bytecaster IRL is a Rustlike
princess_intell: @DrLigmaPhD that would honestly solve so many problems in peoples' lives
Wicker_Guide: @DrLigmaPhD look, you signed the EULA with Heaven Industries like everyone else, don't give me that nonsense about not being able to read for years
bytecaster: But I always get decision paralysis during character creation
SoldieroFortune: I don't know - the ratio of decent characters to absolute horrors I've managed to create in most character creators is shockingly high
Wicker_Guide: unsung brilliant idea of fallout 3: full character redesign at late puberty
theymerLoviatar: @Wicker_Guide alternatively, the F:NV approach of "you got shot in the face, herr
theymerLoviatar: here's what we replaced it with"
bytecaster: You could tell at a glance the "no middle sliders" people on the street
Wicker_Guide: true true
Wolfstrike_NL: Do we even want character creators, like that of the new street fighter, irl?
DrLigmaPhD: Also this chat is probably more monsterfucker per capita than the general population. Our collective willingness to accept different bodily forms is pretty high
Juliamon: I want to argue that, but unfortunately I can't
theymerLoviatar: I've kind of wanted to do research on monsterfuckery for a convention program, but I don't know what the point of it would be other than "look at this thing people are willing to boink"
bytecaster: Sounds like a great talk
princess_intell: that actually sounds like a fascinating paper on anthropomorphism/lack-thereof and human sexual/visual/aesthetic attraction
DrLigmaPhD: I feel like gradations of departure from human norms could be explored
princess_intell: i'd read that scholarly article
Wicker_Guide: I mean, it'd probably be a useful look into the many many ways sexual desire is a much older and more primal system than johnny-come-lately stuff like "thinking"
DrLigmaPhD: Eggbert!
BusTed: really scrunched in there
bytecaster: Compression, easy
MilkInBags: is this a washing machine
CururuGuasu: Kind of cozy in there
Juliamon: there's a nonzero amount of transgender examination involved in monsterfuckery
SquidVorb: Do you really want to know?
DrLigmaPhD: Is there a difference, Cam?
KarnakGWJ: "It's Flesh"
TehAmelie: what IS "dudes", in the Giger sense?
theymerLoviatar: If it was my scholarly field I'd probably do it but my field is Game Studies... okay fair I could try to research romance options in games and their monstrosity levels -- okay no, bad self, this is not a good thesis theme
niccus: you know how sometimes you just want to scrunch up to a really small space? this is his me time
Spades_Slicc: @DrLigmaPhD Zoosmell Pooplord
Laserbeaks_Fury: Well, there's your problem, you have dudes in your rocks
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Well Cam, now I really want Ze Frank to narrate footage from this game
Spluuga: "it's fine, my dude"
SpacePotato01: Prolly more 'american healthcare 2030'
satyropodobny: The existence of the infrastructure around the egg implies the purpose of the egg
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think you can interact with the cart directly
MilkInBags: is this whole game an allegory for puberty
korvys: All of that sounds like a normal day, yes
richard_ermen: I found the entire sequence with the egg-being pointless to the point of being grotesque. It exists seemingly only to shock and gross out the player and explains little about the game world, if anything at all in my eyes.
korvys: I wake up in a body and have a job to do
jedi_master_zll: Is there a name for games that are actually fairly basic beyond the look of the game? It seems like there's been a few games that have done that lately.
Juliamon: I think the goal was to get the 'person' into the cart, and now you can move them.
BusTed: I know the pieces fit.
DrLigmaPhD: I never saw the "conclusion" of this game but I assumed we were a living autoimmune disorder
Juliamon: DrLigmaPhD The conclusion is... very open to interpretation
MilkInBags: @BusTed damn you with your reference LUL I can hear it
theymerLoviatar: bit by bit, the pieces fit, the body horror machine advaaaaances
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @richard_ermen Isn't that kinda accurate to the game as a whole? It's kinda all-in on the body horror aesthetics and everything is in service to that.
BusTed: :D
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is just an elaborate 2-factor authentication?
MilkInBags: but also, why body
theymerLoviatar: @Laserbeaks_Fury this is the future of Twitter
Mysticman89: whose horror
Coloneljesus: maybe you are inside your own body right now
princess_intell: @Juliamon how freudian is it?
Banana_Swonk: everything looks like a spine and that is so neat i ahte it
jedi_master_zll: This is just a gritty reboot of Osmosis Jones.
MilkInBags: this is adult Spore
richard_ermen: @richard_ermen If the service it does is not only to tittilate but also speak to the player about it, then yes, but I often felt that the game falls entirely flat, both in gameplay as well as story. It tells nothing and wants to mysterious, yet gross and I don't feel the worth and logic presented to be sound.
Laserbeaks_Fury: No jumping mean s player less likely to get stuck
satyropodobny: the "who's" is disgustingly anthropocentric
theymerLoviatar: The other day I saw a picture of what was supposedly a rosary made of shark vertebrae and this game suddenly reminded me of it
richard_ermen: But wasn't GIger-esque also "sleek" and clean, with few lines and alot of curves? This feels more mechanical than giger-esque.
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's basically Myst, but all the puzzles are meat
MilkInBags: Meast
goombalax: also the game's title, Scorn. Who is scorned? are we enacting the scorn or are we recieving it?
MilkInBags: maybe it's S-Corn?
Mushbie: @richard_ermen it depends on the piece. some of his works had many details
princess_intell: is "S" for "spine"
DrLigmaPhD: There's this interesting angle that we think we know, inherently, that this system, whatever it is, is probably not functioning as intended. Otherwise... why game? The system may be alien to us but the nature of *function* itself is still known
neebusjeebus: my hair does the same thing cam
laundreydhull: hello stream- how this Tuesd- oh Gawd! This Game! lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
kakmize: did the top down view allow you to do stuff?
TehAmelie: i can only give the suggestion to shave one side of your head to see what treatments have what effect on long and short hair
Mushbie: @loadingreadyrun do you want to be told if you are missing the "obvious"?
laundreydhull: audio, auds only- gosh.
Wolfstrike_NL: Do we mayby need more egg?
richard_ermen: Are we treating the game as the classic "100% spoiled"? Because there's a lot the later chapters imply about the why.
ButButTheJesus: @laundreydhull welcome! we acquired an egg-person
theymerLoviatar: alright Imma head to bed, enjoy your fleshy time friends
DrLigmaPhD: But it's metanarrative knowledge of how games and stories work. We have no real reason to think these things
bytecaster: Eggman is in this? Is Sonic also in this?
satyropodobny: @DrLigmaPhD The theme of "machine" and conscious beings being parts of them is in fact very much Giger
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are we the Walrus?
BusTed: @theymerLoviatar G'night!
LurkerSpine: coo coo ka choo
Mushbie: it's down stairs
Wicker_Guide: @DrLigmaPhD I mean, we also don't get a description of the character's internal state, which we would get in another media and would have if we were "embodied" here. it's an acceptable substitute imo
Cptasparagus: I think whatever the solution is, it involves meat tubes
Mushbie: yes that is what it is
DrLigmaPhD: @satyropodobny I'm thinking more in an empathic or maybe projective sense.
richard_ermen: A lot of what Scorn does as it enrages me is show that the message the game delives might be far away from what the devs, as stated, intended, and I find this fascinating.
Wicker_Guide: there was also an interaction highlight on the cart, but I presume that's already failed
Wicker_Guide: ah
Wolfstrike_NL: egg person up, chair under it?
MilkInBags: can't you use the crane to go 'forward' instead of up?
kakmize: does the eye in the sky show us any other things?
KeytarCat: What about the highlight from the weird Eye on the center?
MilkInBags: I feel like you need to go in the middle to move the tracks?
Timagio: Getting some screen tearing
Timagio: is vsync on?
QuaziK_: huh but the chair is highlighted in the eye mode..
Phazon_Kiwi: Oh, we're Scorning today. This was certainly a game that released last year.
AtomicAlchemical: can we leave the egg in the ceiling?
niccus: some games are built Like That i guess
DrLigmaPhD: Still calling this room the Phalluseum
kakmize: Do you have to close the loop?
Coloneljesus: some games are dilt bifferent
Wicker_Guide: not seeing issues with screen tear here, graphics are fine
Athelgar: was there another station at one of the other pillars?
Mushbie: crane down. click mouse
MilkInBags: well
QuaziK_: bideo bames
kakmize: what?
KeytarCat: tf
Lysander_salamander: weird
Wicker_Guide: r_r
DrLigmaPhD: Baby am in crub
richard_ermen: Gameplay-wise SCORN is really really bad.
Wolfstrike_NL: buss you game
Coloneljesus: video james
GhostValv: that's very obtuse
richard_ermen: Which is sad because the aesthetic is soo fascinating
Lysander_salamander: I guess?
niccus: just chillin
MilkInBags: shiny egg armour?
SquidVorb: I wouldn't like that either
richard_ermen: He got a sort of hat-connector-thingy.
Coloneljesus: I think he got a hat
kakmize: so is the shell it's body?
KarnakGWJ: Pushing baby in the pram
KeytarCat: I like how you have to look at them
Inept_Hope: Eh, maybe re-appraise the possibilities?
richard_ermen: Again, I believe this entire sequence to be a gross-and-shock bit. I dislike it, with the way they code it to helpless humanoid.
Coloneljesus: next step is great
ratstronomer: Bab is fine
BalthusHomewood: Time to have a melon-ball
ratstronomer: “Firmly grasp it”
Inept_Hope: Oh no.
Juliamon: sure... "born"
Mushbie: @richard_ermen are you familiar with the other path?
BusTed: schlorp
ashteranic: heh.
DrLigmaPhD: Baby = Oyster
Lysander_salamander: ok?
kakmize: free arm
BalthusHomewood: Baby go down the hoooole
niccus: actual footage at the Planters mascot factory
HasturTheYellow: it was the Baby Mauler not the Baby Baller
ButButTheJesus: welp
richard_ermen: @Mushbie I'm not. Is it worse?
goombalax: bad ending?
Crokoking: soo as an info - you can do either the scoop or the saw. with the saw they survive
neebusjeebus: this is the less cruel way to do this imo
ButButTheJesus: well they're not in pain anymore
Laserbeaks_Fury: You euthanized your faithful Companion Cube more quickly than any test subject on record. Congratulations.
Quentastic: I remember hearing you didn't need to kill them?
Mushbie: @richard_ermen no. the "guy" lives
BalthusHomewood: gotta hand it to ya...
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BalthusHomewood: You need the key
satyropodobny: The suffering of the creature is irrelevant.
kakmize: can you modify their arm like you did yours?
ashteranic: No, they just get carefully cut out of the cocoon thing
Crokoking: the saw frees them from the cocoon thing
Nigouki: saw takes off the shell and allows them to walk iirc?
Mushbie: no it cuts them out of the shell
Inept_Hope: The saw cracks the shell.
Coloneljesus: arguably, killing the creature is the better variant
goombalax: "the creature" was our BABY you monsters
SquidVorb: Ah yes the Jack in hole
ashteranic: neither solution is really humane in the end, yes
TheAwkes: Another "baby" to get another arm?
MilkInBags: what if we discovered that every 'creature' in the game is played a human, in a game called Scorned
richard_ermen: @Mushbie That makes me feel like my argument about this path being gross-shock-out even more so.
DrLigmaPhD: "How does hand interact with world?" - Baby, learning motor functions
Coloneljesus: scorner vs scornee
BalthusHomewood: The building and machines are made of people. It's ALL meant to be gross/shocking
matthaus_c: scorn flakes
Wicker_Guide: @Mushbie @Inept_Hope so how do we get the "hand" in that situation? Does we carry the thing? kill and maim it ourselves?
BalthusHomewood: @matthaus_c part of an imbalanced breakfast?
KeytarCat: I don'
satyropodobny: My favorite part was when the egg said "It's scorning time!" and scorned all over the place
KeytarCat: t think you're cut off from the arm modder?
shendaras: There may be more arm modders out there.
Mushbie: @wicker_guide the creature follows you around
richard_ermen: @BalthusHomewood In this? I totally agree. But I find that very much missed the opportunity to explore the aesthetic and gameplay space such a world offers, because to me it feels like a copout-design.
BalthusHomewood: There is a path where you saw the creature free and walk him over to the key-machine, then walk him to the door you need to open
KeytarCat: Oh, I'm more lost than I thought
DrLigmaPhD: I just want a mod where nothing changes but there's elevator music
Coloneljesus: you have spotify, don't you? @DrLigmaPhD
satyropodobny: @DrLigmaPhD Nintendo, hire this person.
matthaus_c: slather the yoyo in honey
Coloneljesus: "use hand on room" "that didn't do anything"
Mushbie: @drligmaphd Left bank 2 by the noveltones
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BalthusHomewood: "Throw Chop"
Babcom: Can we modify it as we modified our hand?
M4RKNUTT: hello there, fellow humans
7 raiders from MooseAndTato have joined!
JadedCynic: moosea2RAID moosea2RAID moosea2RAID moosea2RAID
Wicker_Guide: @Babcom We're trying to find a place to do that
JadedCynic: "Ya getting gooey, son?" :D
MooseAndTato: moosea2RAID moosea2RAID moosea2RAID
kakmize: I just want to be able to slap someone with a severed arm
Babcom: @Wicker_Guide Cool, cool, cool. ;)
DrLigmaPhD: I just wanna slap someone with. the hand to challenge them to a duel
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johkmil: I thought I saw another arm modder somewhere, but I might be entirely mistaken.
kakmize: we can't go donw holes can we?
ThorSokar: Too bad there isn't a sassy back-talking skull yelling at us
BalthusHomewood: This economy is powered by High Fives
BalthusHomewood: also suffering
CururuGuasu: Hand is less handy than expected
Inept_Hope: Now, where would the developer put the arm modder?
Athelgar: have we unlocked inventory yet? can you unequip the hand?
Alephred: @Inept_Hope In the arm-oire, naturally.
Asimech: @BalthusHomewood So it's like every "for exposure" job?
DrLigmaPhD: Is this game how Muppets are made?
Babcom: Left now?
Wolfstrike_NL: like that egg person!
LordZarano: !advice
LRRbot: When you have nothing left to burn, set yourself on fire.
BalthusHomewood: I think theres only one machine that puts a key on a hand, correct?
Babcom: I think we are missing a room.
zeathean: can you unequip the hand?
BalthusHomewood: Back the way we came, essentially
goombalax: I noticed the main menu has different weapon hotkeys, can you move back to unarmed mode?
Mushbie: @balthushomewood the way back is barred
BalthusHomewood: @goombalax "unarmed"
BalthusHomewood: @Mushbie ah
goombalax: yay
BalthusHomewood: Hand Jive!
Babcom: Nice!
ashteranic: it's so sodding easy to miss that corridor
JadedCynic: be wary of the armed man...
DrLigmaPhD: Love how the animation includes a failed insertion
BalthusHomewood: Successful hand jooooo... task Hand Task
zed_alpha: So I go from rewatching the Alien: Heat Death VODs to help brainstorm for GMing an Alien RPG game in a few this. Coincidence is funny like that.
matthaus_c: it's... funny? that the Saw room had an arm jack much closer to it than the Scoop room
GreatWahooney: excellent handiwork
DrLigmaPhD: 2 in the... thing 1 in the... other thing?
zed_alpha: Sposha?
philippekav: you found the red key !
Laserbeaks_Fury: SPOSHA
PMAvers: Falling apart... or shedding.
MilkInBags: is this in the USA?
Coloneljesus: toofs
BalthusHomewood: Does this mean we're a handy-man?
KeytarCat: @matthaus_c But it was quite close to the door?
kakmize: outside?
kakmize: nope
shendaras: Care for bodies doesn't seem high on the list for these folks.
zed_alpha: See, I'm not sure what's ever meant by "biomechanical" and at this point I'm too afraid to ask
BalthusHomewood: I'm kinda glad we DONT get to see this place running normally
matthaus_c: @KeytarCat yeah it's not exactly a complaint, it isn't in a bad place, the asymmetry there is just a little weird to me
kakmize: going in or coming out?
KeytarCat: I agree
satyropodobny: babies of all ages
DrLigmaPhD: Naptime room?
MilkInBags: stuck in the walmart doors for a ps5
easterncaveofwonders: Ah so we took Sheoldred up on her invitation for tea then?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Youcan say "that Serge makes"
PMAvers: Ah, yes, so this is all Serge Tech. Makes sense.
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tehfewl: Dirty 30
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SquidVorb: Why is everything so Penis-like?
matthaus_c: if you don't go there, Chat will always go there :p
DrLigmaPhD: Serge, confessed war-criminal
kakmize: Serge watching this stream to get ideas
Asimech: "Serge Tech: We Make Dreams* Happen" *Nightmares are also dreams.
Coloneljesus: @SquidVorb that might be a you-thing
ArkhamArchivist: The Sadness Engines
TehAmelie: i feel i have to point out most Minecraft players don't make those machines. just Serge
BalthusHomewood: This place looks like it'd smell... well, lke a nightmare
Nigouki: Serge knows perfectly well that there is only place for one E word and that is Efficiency, not Ethics
Mushbie: @squidvorb look up the works of H.R. Giger
DrLigmaPhD: This place looks like it smells like a Ferengi ship
Asimech: @SquidVorb B/c H. R. Giger.
GreatWahooney: ooh floaty bits
Mushbie: that is why
BalthusHomewood: Man this episode of How It's Made is GRIM
Several_Ducks: Very weird to see all the H.R. Giger aesthetics in a setting that is not related to Alien.
BalthusHomewood: Well, thats a blunt tower full of white fluid.. yup
goombalax: friendship ended with arm guy. Chode guy is new Best Friend
easterncaveofwonders: Lol
Fancy_frenchman: My stream hasn't updated from Mine O'clock and still has the title of "Uno and Serge Build a Farm". So good Observations on the comparisons
DrLigmaPhD: "Your body is changing, hair is growing in weird places... your strange meat-man is confused"
Metric_Furlong: @Several_Ducks or Dark Seed, I suppose
matthaus_c: if this really was a Minecraft farm, we'd be swimming in baby arms by now
Laserbeaks_Fury: Puberty, but it's a series of flesh mechanisms sliding into place
easterncaveofwonders: I’m about to have some cold medicine I’ll let you know if it improves or degrades the experience 😂
DrLigmaPhD: @Laserbeaks_Fury So puberty
BalthusHomewood: So what do you think the pay here was like?
Steelwolf171: This place must smell like some sort of bleu cheese
Juliamon: I had to step away for dinner, have we met our friend yet?
Several_Ducks: Why does the gun have an umbilical cord?
Spluuga: oh no.. we need a horror game with keys that are just literal nuggies..
TheAwkes: I think Twitch is doing me dirty with some real bad screen-tearing here.
satyropodobny: Long Live The New Flesh
BalthusHomewood: Gotta piston things, now
goombalax: @BalthusHomewood 15 grams of corpse-starch per hour
Juliamon: TheAwkes No, there's a ton of tear here too
CururuGuasu: Poking gun
DrLigmaPhD: The best way to fire a meat gun is probably pressurized gas. It's a fart gun.
Coloneljesus: it's like colored key cards but we don't see the colors
matthaus_c: vaguely erotic
rosesmcgee: less gun, more proboscis
Several_Ducks: ok but which button is the clitoris?
SquidVorb: a whole new meaning to 'just the tip'
CururuGuasu: Vaguely?
Laserbeaks_Fury: There no color coding, it all texture coded
BalthusHomewood: @goombalax Always nice to m(eat) your co-workers
satyropodobny: ah, it's an oil rig.
BalthusHomewood: Chode Crane Game
DrLigmaPhD: @BalthusHomewood Cease and desist
Laserbeaks_Fury: Freud would shit himself
Invitare: when this game makes you feel nauseous and you can't tell if it's motion sickness or the aesthetic
satyropodobny: rude toot
matthaus_c: Freud would have a field day
matthaus_c: I enjoy the oil rig style mechanisms
SquidVorb: same
Phazon_Kiwi: Time to learn the combat in this game suuuuucks
DrLigmaPhD: Not very podchamp of you
BalthusHomewood: We could be 7 feet tall, ho would we know?
Lysander_salamander: sadly, no rocket jump
satyropodobny: fool, pod toots as it pleases
Several_Ducks: This time it's PERSONAL >:(
BalthusHomewood: @DrLigmaPhD Distinctly NOT cash-money of them
KeytarCat: Oh, Metroid 2
Silvertunga: Hello, y'alls a bunch of cuties, love you <3 #driveby #kthxbye
BalthusHomewood: You're almost dead
Mushbie: more like choded
Robot_Bones: Loaded like My Baked Potato at apple bees
BalthusHomewood: Now are you Peni Levitator Certified?
Asimech: @DrLigmaPhD This game is more about "gash-bone-y" anyway.
PMAvers: The meat shall flow.
Robot_Bones: A moist fridge
BalthusHomewood: Ossified
DrLigmaPhD: Like a restaurant walk-in fridge then
matthaus_c: week old fridge cheese
DoctorHutch: smell like the meat isle
Invitare: might be the lack of crosshairs
Lysander_salamander: maybe it depends on who is piloting?
hesterbyrde: What do y’all think this place smells like?
goombalax: are you just getting regular sick because its nasty?
rosesmcgee: this game has a lot of forced animations that alter the viewpoint outside of your control which probably contributes to motion sickness
neebusjeebus: are u sure its motion sick and not just regular sick from these visuals?
TheAwkes: 3°C, the smell of meat aging, a touch of chlorophyll.
LordZarano: Make it FoVier
DoctorHutch: thinking about food while playing this game is a bad call
Invitare: Mirror's Edge had to add a crosshair dot specifically to prevent motion sickness, so apparently that's a thing
Lysander_salamander: is there a way to mess with motion blur?
Coloneljesus: now you made IT sick
Spluuga: fov def better
richard_ermen: Time for the white stuff -splosion
matthaus_c: oh no the leftovers are alive
goombalax: well there's your problem right there
BalthusHomewood: Jizz Do It?
CururuGuasu: More of that strange oil
Metric_Furlong: A nice relaxing meat bath
DoctorHutch: the tearing line that shows up sometimes across the screen is unfortunate
BalthusHomewood: no, thats going to have.. side effects
matthaus_c: getting umbilical
Coloneljesus: you're finally hatching!
Battzzaro: this is a weird looking hospital
Laserbeaks_Fury: No hack thingy on our left hand
BalthusHomewood: looks like that feels satisfying
richard_ermen: Yes
Robot_Bones: Maybe it gives that good feels when you pull it off
BalthusHomewood: Cam gets the award
TheAwkes: I'm firmly in the turning motion blur and depth of field off camp. Having a game force me to focus on limited subjects creates problems for me in a way that it doesn't for other visual media.
ashteranic: different dude, or they're playing with time, hard to tell
SquareDotCube: did we get downloaded to another body
DoctorHutch: i bet that felt.
Metric_Furlong: it definitely felt.
Robot_Bones: it sure must have felt
DrLigmaPhD: Like cracking your back
BalthusHomewood: Umbilical Bungie Jumping... not a successful buisness model
SquidVorb stares at sum
matthaus_c: cycle your eyes, rest your fluigs, swap your legs
matthaus_c: fluigs? fluids
BalthusHomewood: @SquareDotCube Nope, but don't worry, we'll meet the other guy we played... eventually
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: you've heard of waluigi, make way for Fluigi
Asimech: @matthaus_c But I only have two left feet.
matthaus_c: someone get Asimech a right foot stat
Asimech: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat That is an exquisite level of cursed.
BalthusHomewood: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat I mean, there canonically IS a Goo-igi
satyropodobny: @matthaus_c So far!
matthaus_c: right feet don't grow on trees! yet...
Asimech: Tree grown feet would be a treet.
satyropodobny: locally grown feet pics
Mysticman89: like the idle game or
YeetTheRich_: hello
PMAvers: The meat is speaking!
YeetTheRich_: how is the meat?
MrQBear: I'm among the survivors? Aw Maaaan.
laundreydhull: say, while this TS is still live, anyone know of a pegs game to find online via PC that isn't under a paywall?
goombalax: Gravol available?
BusTed: And also we aren't stopping reading.
Rourke9: not your fault! that just sucks
letfireraindown: Lovely...
Laserbeaks_Fury: Diegetic muck
gualdhar: sorry I'm late, how many penises have we seen so far?
DrLigmaPhD: Pimples
niccus: you know, sometimes you wade through viscera, vivisect unwitting people, see bodies twist into monstrosities... and it's motion sickness that gets you, because that's what being human is
PMAvers: something something popping
TemporallyAwry: Someday we'll have the technology to capture the screen-filth for an authentic streaming experience Kappa
matthaus_c: at some point Darwin probably thought little men did hatch from barnacles
Sharkfists: I guess barnacles are like 90+% penis by volume
laundreydhull: y'know, that smol mini game you'd find in Shenmunne 3 or Jackbox's Murder Trivia Party?
BalthusHomewood: so the stuff in the air... dirt, or.. like... dandruff?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Maybe the treasure were the fronds we made along the way
GhostValv: lrrSPOOP
Mysticman89: did you bring your boluses
satyropodobny: @Sharkfists the ultimate sigmas
BalthusHomewood: Rot seems to be the opposite of this world's problem
matthaus_c: yup
DrLigmaPhD: Follow the conga-execution
RaklarLS: definitely a giger
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do we run into the ship on LV-426
matthaus_c: absolutely Jodorowsky's Dune
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Sharkfists: the giger counter is beeping
BalthusHomewood: Phallus? Oh, *Palace*... easy to mix up with HR Geiger
RaklarLS: it's like that 4 part painting he has where a lady becomes a robo egg thing
matthaus_c: am I the Kwisatz Haderach
GhostValv: that's a giger tip to tip
CAKHost: Have we reached maximum spoops?
Spluuga: snack-rakis
TheAwkes: Trying to imagine Matt Gourley doing his Geiger impression while narrating a stream of this game.
Asimech: @BalthusHomewood I offer you: Phallace, for when it's both.
Battzzaro: This doesn't look like a great holiday destination
rosesmcgee: you sure ain't the kwisatz haderach
Laserbeaks_Fury: We've been on Mars the whole time
matthaus_c: the haunted house formula is hard to beat
niccus: a lot of horror in walking simulator genre
BalthusHomewood: @BalthusHomewood bet the resident was a real Dick-tator
alexsteacy: scorm
AtomicAlchemical: make you feel small and isolated
Battzzaro: to be fair, walking a lot would be a nightmare
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's never just Pittburg
They_Are_Alyx: Hi Alex!
BalthusHomewood: This is a world burned by ambition
BalthusHomewood: @Laserbeaks_Fury but it is the pitts
Cptasparagus: @Laserbeaks_Fury there seem to be a lot of pits
DrLigmaPhD: It's a frat house after a party
CataclysmicReverb: Isn't the first step in deciding on a walking simulator be that they don't want you to be able to fight?
Cptasparagus: im a bioengineer, how do we get to this?
matthaus_c: don't give up, skeleton
BalthusHomewood: @Cptasparagus CRISPR and other enzymes
ashesandmochi: one of the hosts of the such a nightmare podcast did her phd in placelessness in horror!
RaklarLS: this whole area is more Beksiński than Giger tbh
DrLigmaPhD: Built in hoodie
Laserbeaks_Fury: Turian neck
rosesmcgee: it's an evolved defense from the "scoop"
MrQBear: the high collarbone, the little puff around the ankles: Is it some sorta... meaty..exo-suit? armored skin?
accountmadeforants: This person loved hoodies so much they made their body in their image
BalthusHomewood: The blood-lines look... unhealthy
Invitare: you mean a scruff?
Cptasparagus: @Cptasparagus man if CRISPR is the only thing we needed for rampant bioengineering, the world would already be over if you listened to popular science
RaklarLS: @Cptasparagus no... that's not how it works. Would be cool though
GhostValv: I mean this future has public transport. can't be that bad.
satyropodobny: Bio engineered for scarf shortages
matthaus_c: UM
TehAmelie: you all mean you haven't seen the twitter meme connecting Garfield with Annhililation?
matthaus_c: that's highly upsetting
Battzzaro: That sounds like a torture device
BalthusHomewood: Yeah, those veins look cancerous
RaklarLS: @Cptasparagus yeah, exactly. It's just a replacement for "radioactive creature bite" for the 2000s
Laserbeaks_Fury: Rampant Meat
neebusjeebus: this is a mrs frizz field trip gone wrong
BalthusHomewood: @Laserbeaks_Fury The Flesh That Hates
Cptasparagus: @Cptasparagus waiting for it to show up in marvel comics
Laserbeaks_Fury: Chudzu
BalthusHomewood: No, in Scorn, You Were Made For the Hole
niccus: the world is a square hole
TehAmelie: it's a good one this is the whole joke: caption "annihilation (2018)
InquisitorGaia: vore?
AtomicAlchemical: don't you threaten us with a time
ashesandmochi: "spar" by kij johnson
BalthusHomewood: Or vents?
Cptasparagus: is this where Halo?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Or hair folicles
accountmadeforants: But are you the RJ45 jack someone jammed a USB plug into, or are you the USB plug?
Asimech: @BalthusHomewood In contrast with shooters, where You Were Made TO Hole. (B/c bullet holes.)
MrQBear: oooh, do we climb into the eye?
DrLigmaPhD: The sand is actually skin
Zalthia: oh right! I was watching my friend play this and I fell asleep.
CataclysmicReverb: Wonder if they're meant to be Easter Island sculputre shape?
Cptasparagus: thats a candy
niccus: ah so it's dandruff
Mysticman89: imagine those arent pods that dropped down, but spines that emerged from the skin
matthaus_c: tasty
GhostValv: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
BalthusHomewood: The Future is Us
DrLigmaPhD: You're all welcome for that visual!
Invitare: it's a free snack
BalthusHomewood: Spider: "Oi, thats MY house!"
matthaus_c: I love how one of the endings in Sunless Skies is the whole heaven dimension becoming cobwebs
Invitare: I don't think they can
TheThirdTail: Hummingbirds are way too angry to walk
RaklarLS: they slither like a slug
neebusjeebus: actually a lot of birds cant walk, they hop
MrQBear: ooh, lights!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Untitled Hummingbird Game
DrLigmaPhD: Look if I could get... probably thousands of spider spinnerets to live on a non-spider apparatus to produce silk I think I'd make bank
Invitare: Hummingbirds can sidestep like a crab, but can't walk or hop
gualdhar: this may be a weird time to ask, but is LRR planning anything for the Destiny 2 expansion next week, considering there are so many players in LRR?
TheAwkes: I've had to pull spider webs off of the feet and wings of one that got stuck in a garage and tangled up. It was basically imperceptibly light in the palm of my hand.
accountmadeforants: They're too energy-inefficient to care about anything other than eating and briefly avoiding death
AtomicAlchemical: you would too if you'd starve after not eating for several minutes
Zalthia: so, what has happened in this game?
SquareDotCube: *somehow the hallway leads into Studio C*
RaklarLS: I love that Lustmord of all people did the soundtrack
goombalax: S is all F'd
niccus: oh, they're plenty energy-efficient, they just have no battery and no insulation
DrLigmaPhD: Bugs are good
Juliamon: Delicious crab
matthaus_c: we need a new sausage standard
Zalthia: :(
DrLigmaPhD: Salted crickets
BalthusHomewood: Eh, its all protein
Sharkfists: hey, lobster is tasty af
matthaus_c: Max!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hey this is where we opened the shutters before getting gooped
Cptasparagus: I bought a head of lettuce with an entire moth the size of my fist in it once. Switched to arugula and never looked back.
neebusjeebus: im a firm believer in the food of the future being insects
tknomncr: But what if it was a required *minimum* percent?
Sharkfists: fair
LordZarano: I used to believe that hummingbirds were super rare and only found deep in the jungle, because that's how the local zoo's showed them
BalthusHomewood: "We'll Leave the Light On For Ya"
ashesandmochi: the lobster head is also delicious
Juliamon: I've never had lobster with garlic butter, or anything for that matter.
ArkhamArchivist: Could be 100% insect parts pressed into a brick
BalthusHomewood: Quick, into the oriface!
ashesandmochi: oh yes i agree with ian
niccus: google claims it's more of a liver-pancreas-combo
Juliamon: Time for friend!
BrindleBoar: hold on to that feeling while you can
niccus: "Tomalley (from the Carib word tumale, meaning a sauce of lobster liver),[1] crab fat, or lobster paste,"
BalthusHomewood: Say hello to an old friend
ArkhamArchivist: It’s a *delicacy* which means it *tastes bad*
noSmokeFire: oh, that thing
RaklarLS: it's a bile deposit
niccus: mmmm lobster paste
Invitare: nothing Ian does particularly surprises me anymore. It still disturbs me though
goombalax: oh Tomalley as opposed to Tamales
shendaras: See, I was thinking tamales, which are not the same thing
tknomncr: Sure is organic in here.
matthaus_c: @ArkhamArchivist that reads like a Mitch Hedberg bit benginLul well done
Mushbie: does this place look familiar?
Spluuga: I prefer firm chicken paste
Zalthia: Where are we going?
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BalthusHomewood: Man the cable management in this place is atrocious
niccus: oh man imagine all the people in this world getting together for morning calisthenics
RaklarLS: we're back to full giger and abandoned the beksiński
Asimech: @ArkhamArchivist Hey now. Some "delicacies" are just bland and flavourless.
Invitare: the hair?
niccus: all these fleshbags in an open field, and instructions out loud over some speakers
rosesmcgee: You heard Cam, eat those shrimp heads kids
Juliamon: Lobster carapace is kinda difficult to do anything with
bungalow_: saffron
Invitare: caviar?
BalthusHomewood: Fish eggs
tknomncr: ortelan
BrindleBoar: eat your jewelry kids Kappa
CataclysmicReverb: real vanilla
DrLigmaPhD: Saffron slaps
ThorSokar: but I like gold leaf on my caviar!
gualdhar: saffron is expensive because it's fucking hard to make in quantity
RaklarLS: to paraphrase Dylan Moran, "they're LOCAL delicacies for a reason"
CataclysmicReverb: Saffron is expensive
Athelgar: what, you mean all that gold schlager i bought in college to seem cool was worthless?!
Gizmoloid: or dangerous delicacies? Like fugu or that jumping maggot cheese?
BalthusHomewood: More bad cable management
MrQBear: @Athelgar Depends, were you buying it to pull the gold back out of it to turn into monetary gain? Because if so, still yes. ' <'
accountmadeforants: I'd like to think that 20 years down the line, Ultrakill gets its ironic Doom 2016 moment and it looks like this
AtomicAlchemical: Remind me never to google "jumping maggot cheese"
neebusjeebus: @BalthusHomewood tbf the human body has poor cable management
RaklarLS: they're less cables and more intestines at this point
Cptasparagus: the caviar advertisements on the subway in nyc always make me laugh. If you can afford caviar you're probably not using the subway.
niccus: a lot of things count as dangerous delicacies, quite a lot of food begin by passing weapons to everyone on the table
niccus: steak knives, clam openers/knives, claw crackers
Athelgar: @MrQBear lol
LordZarano: @Gizmoloid Or the fish that you can't open indoors because it smells so bad
Zalthia: This place looks very dry
BalthusHomewood: @BalthusHomewood Eh, depends. Our veins get pretty good coverage for most people. Those tubes look like they were reconnected after-the-fact
matthaus_c: big bulbous bumps
BalthusHomewood: a key!
Laserbeaks_Fury: You've just found the marble in the oatmeal. That means you get to drink from....THE FIRE HOSE!
niccus: to be fair, sometimes you're desperate for meat preservation. like really desperate
Zalthia: can do you mean pea or pee?
Invitare: peas or...?
DrLigmaPhD: fermented shark
ghyllnox: It's piss-shark
Juliamon: These were the best puzzles in the game
DrLigmaPhD: it's famously bad
lackingsanity: hakarl
niccus: for the inexperienced: this is what nosepicking is like
Spluuga: our weird nordic thing is flavoring everything with wood tar :3
accountmadeforants: You get a little booger for your trouble
AtomicAlchemical: I don't think I could ever eat candied scorpions, but I appreciate whoever was spiteful enough to come up with the idea
DrLigmaPhD: Sphincter puzzle
Laserbeaks_Fury: We either picked a lock, or aligned someone's snipe
Gizmoloid: @lordzarano I'd probably just classify it as "tastes bad" but yeah it's wild that it it's a thing
Laserbeaks_Fury: *Spine
Zalthia: Do we have a goal?
BalthusHomewood: It's like we're a cow wandering around a dilapidated slaughterhouse
matthaus_c: @Zalthia walk to the next gross out
ghyllnox: A shark that avoids freezing by being full of urea and they thought "but what if we fermented it"
niccus: almost not really? just driven by your urge to move forward
TehAmelie: the Greenlandish Hakkarl shark, i'll have you know, is basically immortal. they have found specimens over 500 years old. it's preserves in its own urea
goombalax: nads
Juliamon: Provides nut
TehAmelie: preserved
kakmize: it's testes dropped
BrindleBoar: that's a good face, Cori
matthaus_c: my favourite greek hero testicles
niccus: like a neutrophil chasing the good stuff that's doing bad
BalthusHomewood: Fallopian?
RaklarLS: you need to pick more noses, you see
DrLigmaPhD: Would you like to enter the nut?
Juliamon: I find the elevator controls very pleasing. A gentle tug.
BalthusHomewood: Friend's gonna give us a big ol' hug
matthaus_c: the way the elevator controls pull around your fingers must be so pleasing too
Battzzaro: @Juliamon I find it the most unsettling thing I've seen so far but I can't explain why
Juliamon: compared to everything else in the game, which just GRABS you and STABS you
goombalax: how can we feel threatened by a horrible flesh beast when we ourselves are a horrible flesh beast?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Fertilization is just a Battle Royale
DrLigmaPhD: Heart with some number of nuts
BalthusHomewood: I feel like the elevator controls would feel oddly satisfying
CataclysmicReverb: Wow, Magic School Bus got weird after entering the public domain
niccus: you lie on the floor and it's warm
DrLigmaPhD: Well if it has power it's probably producing some heat
Zalthia: @drligmaphd I trust your expertise dr
BrindleBoar: every piece of technology that's still working in this world will be warm and gooey
bungalow_: well it does warm up because you put your hand in it
Mysticman89: imagine if it quivered when you touched it
BalthusHomewood: like... ooblek? gak?
matthaus_c: if it warmed up, hands are not the only things that would get thrust in there
ThorSokar: can you feel blood that isn't yours pumping through it?
Asimech: I imagine the finger-hole levers are like putting your hand into cold, wet, clay.
RaklarLS: the holes probably lightly suck your fingers while you're using them too. It's probably really unsettling
AtomicAlchemical: I imagine it feels like sticking your fingers in warm playdoh
SquidVorb: CAMERON
niccus: you try to put your hand into it but it puckers on contact
BalthusHomewood: Whats up, dock?
matthaus_c: butte
gualdhar: did Serrge get the explanation?
Zalthia: moldy
Juliamon: Cleanup in dock 5
LordZarano: Some... BODIES
ThorSokar: so, mold still exists
BalthusHomewood: Those hav mold on them! There IS somethign alive here other than people!
BalthusHomewood: YAY
Laserbeaks_Fury: BACKLIT FAN
BalthusHomewood: Dr Who Time
Battzzaro: good to know the place has AC
LurkerSpine: Cleopatra 2525
TheMerricat: God I miss the cheesyness of that show and the whole Action block it was a part of.
Juliamon: >>shapes<<
BalthusHomewood: "flowers"
Athelgar: lol i was just going to ask who else remembered Cleopatra 2525 too @LurkerSpine
Nigouki: oh look, birds up in the sky
matthaus_c: gee Scorn how come your testicles only contain one sperm
BalthusHomewood: Of course there was. I'd be shcoked if it WASN'T full of people
betweenmyself: Right up there with almonds in terms pf water use
Juliamon: Surprise!
BalthusHomewood: Someone in the basement: "Damn it, someone un-pligged the jizz-pumps on the AC again!"
Zalthia: but Cori! Aesthetic!
BalthusHomewood: Hello old friend!
korvys: Backpack firiend!
DrLigmaPhD: Huh... it had a brain in there
Nigouki: Contra-rotating props are unsurprisingly VERY loud
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh hey, that thing has our gun
CururuGuasu: Backpack Joe!
Nigouki: There's a joke that you can hear a Tu-95 coming before you see it on radar
BalthusHomewood: Remember our other character?
shendaras: I guess we're just okay after that.
Juliamon: So anyway, that's what it feels like to get Skullclamped
CururuGuasu: You are wearing the friend
DrLigmaPhD: And wetter
BalthusHomewood: Our old character is now our Inventory
gualdhar: sounds like what kids would do at a middle school dance with chaperones watching
korvys: It was, the timing's just a little finicky, I think
Sharkfists: honestly good minigame
DrLigmaPhD: Meat rings
BalthusHomewood: Now we have TWICE the key-ness
Sharkfists: would be good to lift that for a non-meat game
Juliamon: yeah, like I said, best puzzle in the game, those locks
Laserbeaks_Fury: Puzzle iteration
DrLigmaPhD: Very good puzzle. Not hard but great mechanichs
Laserbeaks_Fury: Our buddy also had a hand jack too....huh weird....
BalthusHomewood: @Laserbeaks_Fury yup
Slrarthryng: For someone who sticks his hand in every hole you find, you sure struggle a lot as soon as the hole takes a little bit longer to let you go
niccus: that feeling of seeing a familiar hole
Sharkfists: rhythm game satisfaction, but without rhythm game difficulty
matthaus_c: a pounce and glomp puzzle
Laserbeaks_Fury: other docking tubes?
Decaped: Soma guy was a such a lovable dumbass
BrindleBoar: gotta get those vertebrae
matthaus_c: I love how she gets so frustrated with you in the end
LilFlame2001: I don't know if I'd say lovable. I found it frustrating.
tornpaige: yeah this character is extra flat
Laserbeaks_Fury: I totally related to to her because our protagonist was DENSE
matthaus_c: we only get some expression from this character when they're in a lot of pain, but even then they get over it fast once it's done
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neebusjeebus: this is just the character's average 9-5
Lyinginbedmon: lyingiLurk
Athelgar: no "im not even supposed to be here today" or something of the like
AtomicAlchemical: The most or POV was unsettled was when we acquired a backpack friend
BalthusHomewood: Wake up in the crusty umbilical sleep pod, stumble into work
shendaras: I don't think they particularly liked the friend attachment, but seems like they're okay with it now that it's happened.
lackingsanity: this game has an a+ aesthetic, but there's not a whole lot of narrative or character work going on, especially as compares to soma
BalthusHomewood: Someone left the cum tubes plugged into the AC
offbeatwitch: darkness gaming
matthaus_c: I guess giving this character too much expression could risk giving the feeling that the game was telling you how to feel?
DrLigmaPhD: The environment feels familiar but the context isn't. Like being in a school but completely empty
rosesmcgee: Our character has to thread the needle between being a denizen of this place with an inherent understanding its systems and being us presented with "malfunctions" that must be navigated to proceed
noSmokeFire: testical extractor manufacturers know they can churn out substandard machines and make their money back on toner
Laserbeaks_Fury: Gived a whole new meaning to the idea of "cramped quarters" Kappa
BalthusHomewood: @DrLigmaPhD liminal space
ThorSokar: The one guy maintaining their flesh clock died and the entire place just stopped
BrindleBoar: BalthusHomewood that's how air cumditioning works Kappa
Juliamon: It was an interesting choice to remove verbal interaction for the sake of atmosphere.
BalthusHomewood: @BrindleBoar :D
Athelgar: @DrLigmaPhD my elementary school got turned into a Legion. it was very weird going there for a beer
noSmokeFire: a cylon is also acceptable
rosesmcgee: an ancient and abandoned arcology? boooring
Decaped: I don't recall the very beginning, were we born today>?
BalthusHomewood: @Decaped kindof
rosesmcgee: yeah, union shop hence the long naps
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Sharkfists: this is a union job! *melds with other person*
PMAvers: Well, yeah.
BalthusHomewood: this piston is insistin' on a fistin'
noSmokeFire: "no scabs" has a vastly different implication in this setting
Decaped: So the game let's us feel like we belong here without actually giving us any information about why that is.
PMAvers: They're getting dumped.
matthaus_c: mmm throbbing
PMAvers: In a fashion.
Spluuga: hose it down
Juliamon: Dock 5 has been cleansed.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Well, that was tought to digest
rosesmcgee: new meaning to the term "stomach pump"
BalthusHomewood: These Tubes.. are CLEAN
Athelgar: the fact that there is infrastructure for dispensing a shower of acid is more concerning
matthaus_c: it's not desecration if they were drones of the machine
BrindleBoar: can't wait for the Scorn Powerwash Simulator
Cptasparagus: based Cam
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream! Good night everyone.
BalthusHomewood: nice
DudelidouX: sergeOffByOne
DeM0nFiRe: It's like when you try to sing along with a song and start singing a measure too early
KeytarCat: Today's theme, it seems
BalthusHomewood: does our gun have a nose?
BrindleBoar: yeah I can lose at 4d chess all day
Invitare: *and* multiverses
matthaus_c: hehe docking
TehAmelie: i think it's important to notice that there is not even a 3D form of chess yet
BalthusHomewood: Esophagus Tunnel
Invitare: also it would be melting the soles of your feet
matthaus_c: liquid feet have got no rhythm
BalthusHomewood: HARD MODE
BalthusHomewood: clutch
josh___something: Sensually
matthaus_c: give me a controller that giggles
BalthusHomewood: Imagien this in VR
MrQBear: is it time for DOOR?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Back to the flower room?
Juliamon: This key puzzle has one more bit to it, and it's very satisfying
neebusjeebus: oh my god haptic full body vr suit for this game
PMAvers: Partial controller support, but full Rez Trance Vibrator support.
Athelgar: MADCatz's Scorn peripherals
BrindleBoar: neebusjeebus complete with abdomen hollowing?
BalthusHomewood: A Bouquet of People
MrQBear: @PMAvers Oh. Wow.
AtomicAlchemical: Man Seed I believe is what this produces
neebusjeebus: @BrindleBoar absolutely
Laserbeaks_Fury: Neat, I've never seen a flower blossoming used as a metaphor about bodies befor
BalthusHomewood: @AtomicAlchemical , no thats its power source
josh___something: Does scorn have support
LordZarano: @matthaus_c Any controller with HD haptics can play audio with it
matthaus_c: @LordZarano I have several tutorials to look up benginSip
Phazon_Kiwi: @josh___something LUL
BalthusHomewood: And I thought my office Copier was complex
Juliamon: isn't that so good??
Juliamon: I loved that lil bit
butt_ghost: Scorm!
WalkingProfanity: Thats was fast
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: man this is like not my jam but these are super clever puzzles
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: and they aren't infuriating
Invitare: yum
matthaus_c: get fucked Prometheus
Juliamon: Yeah..... yeah.
BrindleBoar: welcome to the world, little guy
NightValien28: so that's how people are born
BalthusHomewood: They look pretty intact
NightValien28: pretty jacked fella
Laserbeaks_Fury: "just....5 more minutes...."
pn55: They're just resting
Phazon_Kiwi: He's just napping
niccus: you couldn't wait for his alarm clock to go off?
AtomicAlchemical: "Kids these days..."
Invitare: More Sleep™
matthaus_c: Ridley Scott has been overworking him
BalthusHomewood: In this place it would be a meat blanket
niccus: it's like 4 am...
MrQBear: Is it time?
Laserbeaks_Fury: it does look like and RC remote
rosesmcgee: have you all opened up the item inventory at all yet?
BalthusHomewood: The true existential horror is... key-card puzzels
matthaus_c: the inventory screen kinda rules
Juliamon: You can go the whole game without knowing about the inventory
rosesmcgee: so many hands
SquidVorb: LUL
Nigouki: ehehehehe
offbeatwitch: that's excellent
Alephred: How are you holding up 4 things?
BalthusHomewood: @matthaus_c you have extra hands because of your friend!
grometty: LUL
BalthusHomewood: Handy guym aint he?
MrQBear: @Alephred They got a friend earlier that gave them 2 more! ' <'
rosesmcgee: I just wanted everyone to see, thought it would be fun
SquidVorb: has someone clipped that
Juliamon: Our lil backpack buddy is helping!
niccus: love to have hands
pn55: They're just a little helper
BalthusHomewood: just holding on to things for you
matthaus_c: very helpful backpack lad
pn55: They've got your back... literally
BalthusHomewood: makes perfect sense
matthaus_c: satisfaction
BalthusHomewood: Oh, youll see
korvys: Backpack joe is a great guy
matthaus_c: I wish any of my appendages spun like that
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: the world's weirdest garage door clicker
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: that elevator is gonna... uhhh...chafe...
BalthusHomewood: @Cptasparagus ha, ijust did that, too
matthaus_c: hold on tight there spider monkey
Invitare: just flexing its fingers
rosesmcgee: it's like the opposite of a camel pack
BalthusHomewood: the Good Stuff (TM)
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 4:20 PM
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: was that...good...?
matthaus_c: kinda look like Gitaxian eye probes
Laserbeaks_Fury: These teeth? Console.
matthaus_c: the ambiance is swelling
betweenmyself: Options menu might have a list of key binding actions?
SK__Ren: Is this game in VR?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Seems like we've been here before
matthaus_c: checkpointing works... punishingly
a_Weakling: have you had to use the gun at all yet?
Juliamon: You kinda have to look the checkpoints up online
Laserbeaks_Fury: Cameron, we already have
matthaus_c: presumably the gecko that became our backpack is our other man
Juliamon: but typically it checkpoints right before whenever your backpack buddy hurts you
betweenmyself: Think the pause screen shows how long since your last checkpoint…
Mushbie: this is the start of the game area
BalthusHomewood: The Secret of the Ooze
BalthusHomewood: some dogs might
TehAmelie: i think it's bold to assume dogs have a concept of a universe
gualdhar: a neighbor's dog is very afraid of going down an elevator, but not up, which is weird
Wolfstrike_NL: would dogs even understand the concept of a universe
Juliamon: Most dogs I've met are repeatedly surprised by the existance of the outdoors
matthaus_c: @gualdhar that dog has read Dante
BrindleBoar: cancer
Sharkfists: idk, dogs do have a functioning inner ear, could go either way
SK__Ren: A clever dog, much like a clever human, is often just smart enough to put itself in danger.
AtomicAlchemical: what about one of those glass elevators?
niccus: do dogs know what indoors is
BalthusHomewood: @gualdhar Dog-tes In-fur-no
BrindleBoar: security clearance upgraded
Wolfstrike_NL: lvl2 acces!
BalthusHomewood: got a good clip or two outta this
Mushbie: thanks for the stream
Phazon_Kiwi: Was fun scorning with y'all
kakmize: I've been scorned
BalthusHomewood: chiefm20TwoThumbsUp
rosesmcgee: well streamed, streamers
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrSPOOPY
BalthusHomewood: A Point-and-Squick Adventure
Juliamon: It's good, except when you *do* have to shoot monsters
TheMerricat: So forewarning, there will be shooting later on.
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Bring me....the Blue Meat"
matthaus_c: the puzzles feel kind of appropriate with how Giger grosses us out by rearranging body parts
JonnyGlitched: Dorks in the Dark
JonnyGlitched: Herro
Sharkfists: certainly a unique experience
matthaus_c: even though it's frustrating at times, it's hard to dislike this game
Laserbeaks_Fury: DONT SPOIL IT :P
LordZarano: ngl, I kind of want to see how this place worked when everything was operating "as intended"
JonnyGlitched: I love books sounds chill
Juliamon: It's a good example of differing thought processes. You figured out the egg-moving puzzle faster than the Nope bois, but they figured out the crane faster
Asimech: "We're gonna do so much Gloom." I had not realised before now how much "gloom" could be a street name for a drug.
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
LordZarano: Like, why are so many games set in the broken remains of a once incredible place. Why cant I see the incredible thing at its best?
JonnyGlitched: I'd just like a cuddle
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: I hope that closes out the next highlight reel
BalthusHomewood: @LordZarano would you really want to see that world at it's "best"?
TimIAm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Ben's taking the night off, Adam is left to play. Game: Doki Doki Literature Club) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (31m from now).
NightValien28: LordZarano RIGHT?????
NightValien28: LordZarano that's a beef I had with signalis, here's cool lore about this cool place and cool robot units, entire game is zombies
KeytarCat: @LordZarano It's the principle of the thing!
NightValien28: we need horror games to show us the whole process, from the beginning of the mess to the end of it
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
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