korvys: lrrSIG
fungal_bird: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
BrowneePoints: uwu what's this
Creideiki_SE: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (0s ago).
BrowneePoints: Meowgic tha Gathewing
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #5893: "First of all, I'm the fuckin' BOSHY." —Adam [2019-03-12]
beowuuf: lrrHORN
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Magic! @Graham_LRR and @James_LRR are here for LRRMTG! | http://Twitch.Tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FprvJriaIAIzmlf.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1628877172055347200
opponentxcomic: !quote graham
korvys: !quote graham
LRRbot: Quote #8371: "Do we wanna give away some shifty wood?" —Graham [2022-11-18]
fungal_bird: Good afternoon everyone! lrrHEART
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: howdy folks! who is ready to get oiled up
fungal_bird: !quote soon
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
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fungal_bird: interesting
fungal_bird: !quote go
LRRbot: Quote #266: "Kirby is like 80% face." —DrMcGoodTimes [2015-05-11]
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fungal_bird: lrrFINE
korvys: quiet?
nickstorm1998: WHAT WHERE WERE THEY
MehallD: intro was super quiet, but you guys are normal noise
Riiiiiiis: Oh Hello, so 35! Much Nice
fungal_bird: Hullo lrrSHINE
n3ther: look at these lads
thejadedthief: hello hello
MegaDosX: Hey look it's G & J!
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Riiiiiiis: Oh Hello, Much Nice So 35
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themcclintalk: Hallo!
korvys: You're loud, the intro was quiet
emberBecky: hi! o/
lirazel64: Goodafternoon, gentlemen.
MegaDosX: We're the Authority!
That1GuyBen: hello gramathan and jamesothy!
chonkski: Hey guys, fix that
Pumadog95: Go away for a weekend and this happens LUL
TheSpikeFeeders: Hey remember to fix the intro
Lord_Hosk: Rare draft!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Marvel SNAP mug?
nickstorm1998: @loadingreadyrun where were you guys I was there on Saturday
brieandbacon: Weeeee're HEEEEEERE!!
chonkski: My advice, draft good
s_lynch: Graham sounds... tired and or high, and not judging either way.
chonkski: Can we just talk about Tim’s for 90 min?
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: @s_lynch a con will do that to you
MegaDosX: So I just converted that into actual measurements, and my god
Aitsu111: it's a latta milk
s_lynch: 👍
Verrain2: I miss Redding Terminal Market.
nickstorm1998: Where were you guys
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nickstorm1998: I was there on Saturday
That1GuyBen: wish i could've met y'all at magiccon philly but i was unable to get off work sadly
lamina5432: bit sad I missed seeing you was in the building
n3ther: what is up with those headphones lol
laundreydhull: Listen, Chat! that Crapshot was.... REEL HIGH.
Fr0Dough: Graham and james facial hair is coming in nicely, or however grammar works
djalternative: I heard you boys had some Magic Con Filling over the weekend?
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Lord_Hosk: I was at your booth the whole time and you weren't there!
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Pumadog95: Was there all weekend and enjoy it
lamina5432: oh same room too
MegaDosX: How often did you see cards that made you say "Gavin!"?
chonkski: This stream is gonna have big dad energy
breadisbest1: is there tgoing to be a video?
BonderPoet: @Fr0Dough Now I'm imagining if beards were just one thick hair
n3ther: needs more grunting
Verrain2: Hope to hear about the Gavin event later!
n3ther: like a true dad
laundreydhull: is the unknown a private VIP I guess?
MegaDosX: I mean, in your defense, this was the first event in a while
lamina5432: I tried the PTQ at noon saturday
MegaDosX: That you've been to
Lord_Hosk: You also had a 30 hour plane trip
n3ther: been a while
chonkski: Had my honeymoon in Hawaii and it took weeks to get back to Central Time
brieandbacon: It *has* been a long pandeeny
MegaDosX: Neat!
constablecrab: I get worn out after driving 30 miles and spending a weekend with my parents.
kilnfiendpotter: Sad to have missed y'all!!
n3ther: oh ya that's a great organizaton
djalternative: and the Unknown event had exclusive cards
tehfewl: I signed up and sat next to Graham in the first "round"
Aitsu111: oh yeah the Gavin packs
MegaDosX: Ah so Gavin made bus up for you guys, good to know :p
laundreydhull: Oh, right. Prerelease kits used to do this in Scars blocks. The teams kits.
chonkski: Oh that sounds neat as heck
CAKHost: Hi everyone!
djalternative: what playtest cards did you get?
tehfewl: I also have the terrible habit of forgetting to introduce myself
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KingOfDoma: you're toxic, I'm slippin' undeeeeeer
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MadMalice22: Glad to see Graham’s beard growing back well
MegaDosX: I guess we'll see if that's a canonical end to everything when MOM releases lrrBEEJ
Sunmare_Dragon37: everyone win
laundreydhull: forks-hado-wings
djalternative: Gavin has said that each team wone a day
That1GuyBen: a pox upon the auto tapper!
Aitsu111: each one a day so both teams played hard
tomnar: Oh hey dream team! How is everyone? <3
djalternative: won*
BrowneePoints: Speaking of Magic, Graham how excited are you for the LotR set coming to Arena!?
n3ther: ya they were piloting it great
laundreydhull: Cool 5-1 ONE
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Judders__: they got a 7win deck before this one too
Foxmar320: Hello Graham and James, hope you guys are well
djalternative: oh right. the prize card
BonderPoet: I wanted to do some coding while watching but Cat decided to lay down right in front of the keyboard. Guess I'm just watching
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PerringtonOwl: 71 Months! Prime months, Prime sub for Prime Boys :)
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arkhamrefugee: My favorite Canadians, back from the Philly Magic stuffs!
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lirazel64: Trust is a be-yew-ti-ful thing
That1GuyBen: Now that you guys have had the format for a while, what are your thoughts on it?
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MegaDosX: Oh have you guys seen any of the MOM sneak peek cards?
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The_Phailhaus: many, many sub babies now. when do i get child support?
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RokuNalaar: Anyone going to magiccon Barcelona this summer?
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Pumadog95: What were you thoughts on mom
MegaDosX: Fair. I'm just hype for Thalia and Gitrog >_>
Aitsu111: yeah Gavin put a video up about it on his YouTube good morning magic
lamina5432: thalia ridding gitrog is great
djalternative: Blake refuses to tell us when we're getting Dad
Bugberry: There's so much going on all over the media I consume so I barely caught the stream spoilers.
BrowneePoints: Also! Lord of the Rings coming "true to paper" on Arena is SO sick. Gonna draft it so much
hd_dabnado: excited if/when you all come to Minnesota
kilnfiendpotter: The plan is to make it to Minneapolis
Kelderan: @lamina5432 Did you see the fake Akira poster made up with them?
hd_dabnado: @kilnfiendpotter yeyeye
s_lynch: Lrropean Vacation
MegaDosX: !card vraska's fall
LRRbot: Vraska's Fall [2B] | Instant | Each opponent sacrifices a creature or planeswalker and gets a poison counter.
MegaDosX: They might still sac the Watcher to Fall since it gets them a card
lamina5432: @lamina5432 oooh I will look that up
tomnar: Wait, did you just say your going to Barcelona?
AtomicAlchemical: Hey James, hey Graham. I hope the trip home was uneventful
Bugberry: they'll probably choose to draw a card from watcher regardless
arkhamrefugee: Graham, you okay? you sound like you're a little more hoarse than usual
chonkski: I’ll go for you guys
BrowneePoints: You can visit my Ancestral Homelands!(I don't remember where in Spain my family is from tbh)
MegaDosX: Don't hate it
The_Phailhaus: wish i was capable of travelling so i can get more LRR signitures on my blood donor card
GhostValv: D:
MegaDosX: Oh dear.
BrowneePoints: That's also just northern american winters
flouncy_magooo: If you're going to Barcelona, take some time for touristy stuff. The city is incredible.
djalternative: Turns out, you guys just missed the huge storm as it hit Philly
kilnfiendpotter: Yep, it's extremely dry out here. I carry around a tube of Eucerin hand lotion to keep my hands from drying out too badly.
MegaDosX: Bounce Plains play Basilica?
Athelgar: Friday Nights' James(Jim) can finally fulfill his new years resolution of getting to out of country GPs?
fungal_bird: Snow day in Portland means catching LRRMTG live! lrrHEART
fungal_bird: Hai Michelle!
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vargasbball3: hey hey everyone
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MegaDosX: You're dead.
kilnfiendpotter: @fungal_bird Hello hello!
MegaDosX: !card unctus
LRRbot: Did you mean: Unctus, Grand Metatect; Unctus's Retrofitter
MegaDosX: !card unctus grand metatect
LRRbot: Unctus, Grand Metatect [1UU] | Legendary Artifact Creature — Phyrexian Vedalken [2/4] | Other blue creatures you control have "Whenever this creature becomes tapped, draw a card, then discard a card." / Other artifact creatures you control get +1/+1. / {U/P}: Until end of turn, target creature you control becomes a blue artifact in addition to its other colors and types. Activate only as a sorcery.
tomnar: Cool. I have never been to a magic event, arent they usually US only?
MegaDosX: Yeah Unctus is quite something
Spades_Slicc: Wow blue is really shit in this format Kappa
fungal_bird: @tomnar they're all over the world
PerringtonOwl: So who at Wizards to I need to send a petition to get LRR to the UK in the next 10 years? lrrAWESOME
MegaDosX: Yeah too bad blue is a bad colour in this draft lrrBEEJ
RetroWaffles: just barely missed getting to go to Philly, is any of the LRR crew going to be at magiccon Minneapolis in May?
Bugberry: Turns out, blue isn't bad when you draft good.
djalternative: @tomnar no, they happen all around. Big news just tends to happen at the US ones
arkhamrefugee: seeing all the post-Philly streams has really helped me feel like I was a part of the fest.
Spades_Slicc: two losses
AutumnGold: idk if you have working hands in canada but thats what i use in the us. it works wonders, everyone i know uses it now cause of how well it works. they also have soap with it
fungal_bird: @perringtonowl talk to a UK con organizer to invite them!
unleashenlightenment: So 360€ commander master boxes huh
Invitare: Just one pub?
beowuuf: uk represent!
RokuNalaar: Pubs are always well attended in London
offbeatwitch: [london cockney accent] pub
BrowneePoints: So Commodore Guff Commander Duck huh
kilnfiendpotter: London is great! Gosh folks start drinking early there
korvys: Wait, another one? Cause I know an Aussie runner with a LRR tattoo
arkhamrefugee: poob
kais58: I didn't hear about it until the Podcast several weeks later :( I wasn't on twitter back in those days, a better time, or the same?
PerringtonOwl: Hmmmm, okay, well I think there are plans for an Oxford event in the distant future. LRR in the Dreaming Spires? lrrHEART
djalternative: @kilnfiendpotter Well, here in Chicago we just drink whenever we want so I don't think it's London exclusive strategy
Spades_Slicc: annex sentrying their sentry is a dangerous game
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nymistrya: I do really like this format, but since I got my first trophy I just can't seem to bring myself to draft again. I just wanna ride that high as long as I can.
BrowneePoints: I'm just so excited to Draft Lord of the Rings in June
Lord_Hosk: I have one important question for your trip to magic con. Did you get taco bell while you were there?
BrowneePoints: on paper AND Arena
BrowneePoints: YES! Graham is on Team Taco Bell
BrowneePoints: #Winning
tehfewl: with reading terminal right there, who the heck would eat fast food
arkhamrefugee: I cannot wait to see what cosplayer is going to be crazy enough to do a Thalia on the Gitrog Monster using one of those inflatable raptor rider costumes.
hd_dabnado: did you see a pizza hut? a taco bell? a combination pizza hut and taco bell?
Mangledpixel: boop
s_lynch: The taco bell Diablo sauce is legit
Bugberry: I enjoy Taco Bell, but there's definitely some items to be careful with.
djalternative: Oh wait, the next time you come to Chicago, you have to go to a Taco Bell Cantina (they have booze). Twisted Baja Blasts are great
BrowneePoints: the $ to quality ratio is just good
That1GuyBen: how many levels of land are you on my dudes
That1GuyBen: the answer is: all of them somehow
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invickthus: thank you for teaching me everything I know about magic the gathering. lands before spells, right?
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fungal_bird: Dammit Turner
Nukified: sweet draws
MegaDosX: #blamejames
offbeatwitch: james i'm gonna need you to move back from the computer
fungal_bird: The C U R S E
Diabore: welcome back g, how was philly?
BrowneePoints: oh NOOOOO
That1GuyBen: oh y'all are so dead
MegaDosX: So you're boned
MegaDosX: At the very least they don't have Helm of the Host, which with Mondrak lets you teach your opponent about exponents
djalternative: Lands on the left, spells on the right
AtomicAlchemical: It was great to see y'all there
Rebbers: Cool land
Spades_Slicc: Lands before spells = play lands in front
5 raiders from Weslyphon have joined!
GhostValv: benginO7
Spades_Slicc: Howdy raiders
MegaDosX: Raiders! You arrive just in time for a fresh draft
Xaunaught: I just got here can't wait to see this draft knowing I missed NOTHING else
That1GuyBen: just cue the intro again guys, no one will notice a thing
hd_dabnado: okay chat, lets just pretend the stream just started
invickthus: that background image is just a diSTRESSing number of teeth.
invickthus: so many mouths. so much teeth
MegaDosX: What do we want P1P1?
Yolysses: Hey, it was awesome getting to meet you guys in Philly! :)
Fistacles: didnt realize that was you guys til the end. ggs!
RokuNalaar: Which 2023 set/product are you folks most looking forward to?
That1GuyBen: the domininomicons
MegaDosX: They're mountain sized
Spades_Slicc: Dominussy
Diabore: theyre big big big
BrowneePoints: They're literally bits of the Landscape that gained Sentience
adambomb625: I love how the Blue Dominus is playing with dolls
invickthus: it's like if the dreaming city got fleshy instead of taken.
MegaDosX: The Sheoldred art that's been revealed for March of the Machine shows her riding on Drivnod's shoulder, which is /wild/
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warboss5: Bad luck sub to counter the bad luck of that game. It's like fighting fire with fire!
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MegaDosX: Oh hey it's Unctus
BrowneePoints: Lord of the Rings is Magic's Grandpa
Diabore: gonna get uncty
BrowneePoints: it's like a homecoming
That1GuyBen: unctus is so absurd
MegaDosX: Unctus commits you the least and is just good
Diabore: lets get uncty in here
invickthus: unctus bring the funk-tus.
djalternative: Did you guys see the monthly announcement day stream Blake did with LotR and Commander Masters?
Spades_Slicc: bUt bLuE iS bAd
MadMalice22: Any predictions for lotr character colour alignments?
BrowneePoints: and we get to draft Lord of the Rings on Arena so HELL yes
Funkbr0: well, you have ablue deck..
MegaDosX: I mean, you also did just get dumpstered by blue, so.
Bugberry: Blue just needs a bit more synergy to get going.
offbeatwitch: s'the noise i would make if i was picked in a card game
flouncy_magooo: @MadMalice22 Gandalf is Grey
MegaDosX: GW?
Diabore: also itsd a very light blue back, just eye and voidwing in the pack after unstus
Spades_Slicc: I've lost to so many mono blue decks
korvys: Blue green is pretty bad, but blue black is solid
BrowneePoints: Pippin is W/R easy
That1GuyBen: hobbits are likely boros
warboss5: "Uhg, BLUE!" oh man, taking me all the way back to Retrun to Ravnica
MegaDosX: Gandalf as Jeskai?
MWGNZ: bombadil is yellow/blue
Bugberry: I wonder who will be Blue. Elves might have some blue with their magic/inventiveness.
emberBecky: Gondor/Aragorn seems like it'd be white though
Funkbr0: Sams gotta be Mom in GW with nat protection from B... and 1/4 for that thicc ass :D
SnowBuddy18: Bombadil is purply
bwk789: Unctus and graaz helped me go 3-1 at prerelease in UB
Invitare: Gandalf the Grey would be black/white surely
warboss5: Oh wow, who skips Jor Kadean?
MegaDosX: I could see Gandalf being a transform card
That1GuyBen: and gandalf the grey and monty python and the holy grail's black kngiht
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: white green for hobbots
BrowneePoints: ooo FLip Gandalf from U creature to U/W Planeswalker
thegitrogsquirrel: Gandalf the colorless
That1GuyBen: or however that song went
AtomicAlchemical: Hot take, but I think Sauron might be Grixis
Diabore: i like UW
djalternative: Izzet -> Mono White
Bugberry: Very few LOTR races really stand out Blue aligned. maybe Numernoreans.
woodfeld: Saruman has to be Orzhov
rasterscan: !card unctus
LRRbot: Did you mean: Unctus, Grand Metatect; Unctus's Retrofitter
Fr0Dough: Frodo green, sam white, mary and pippen are golgari
rasterscan: !card Unctus, Grand Metatect
LRRbot: Unctus, Grand Metatect [1UU] | Legendary Artifact Creature — Phyrexian Vedalken [2/4] | Other blue creatures you control have "Whenever this creature becomes tapped, draw a card, then discard a card." / Other artifact creatures you control get +1/+1. / {U/P}: Until end of turn, target creature you control becomes a blue artifact in addition to its other colors and types. Activate only as a sorcery.
lirazel64: Saruman is a flip card for sure.
djalternative: Benito Mousalini and the Blue Meanie
MegaDosX: tfw you accidentally build an Unctus Brawl deck in Limited
AtomicAlchemical: Now it is our turn to draft blue value
brainbosh: Man you have half the deck I'm running in Jumpstart right now
fungal_bird: I like Aragorn as WG
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lesbianpunkpyromancer20: i think Gandalf as a white creature with 5 color abilities would be cool
BrowneePoints: Boromir better have a cool dies trigger
themcclintalk: I still have the entirety of Ultimate Showdown memorized, and I don’t know what that says about me since I recently turned 29
BrowneePoints: Did you see the packaging Art Graham?
Bugberry: I wonder if the LOTR set will have any returning mechanics or just be new mechanics.
That1GuyBen: as sad as i am we won't see orlando bloom in cardboard
tehfewl: give me the old hobbit cartoon art
MadMalice22: I hoping for a return of the partner mechanic personally
chaostreader: The One ring should be an equipment that gives fear.
Sleep_Tight: enough for a whole dual cycle
RevolverRossalot: There And Back Again as a saga
djalternative: We've seen Gandolf vs The Balrog
flowerseses: I said this yesteday on wheeler's stream - the only important character thing I care about is whether gandalf gets his naturals
chonkski: Kinda hoping for a filter land reprint
thegitrogsquirrel: Tom bombadil should be Green with a WUBRG ability
lirazel64: I want a planeswalking Rosie Cotton.
micalovits: Sorta hoping for all the fetches as LotR locations
Diabore: unctus buffs mites
Funkbr0: it looks nicely distinct to the jackson movies from what little of artwork we have seen so far, so i'm happy
That1GuyBen: sweet
Sleep_Tight: oh god why do they do this to me...
Diabore: mycosynth! all creatures artifacts!
lirazel64: Sol ring?
laundreydhull: It does....
Kelderan: The Silmarillion has a neat pantheon they could draw from. But, also who would know that stuff
AtomicAlchemical: seems too slow still
MadMalice22: @revolverrossalot “There and back again” should be the set’s new flicker card
MegaDosX: Mycosynth is combo bait, not really a limited card
TheWriterAleph subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 54 months!
TheWriterAleph: Magic time!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, TheWriterAleph! (Today's storm count: 24)
Spades_Slicc: strider is good imo
Diabore: its pretty good in proliferate
MegaDosX: It's a good proliferate target
RAZRBCK08: Strider is fine
MegaDosX: But yeah, five mana
Bugberry: 5/5 Vigilance on a Vehicle is interesting.
Diabore: you can pick another up later
flouncy_magooo: From what I've heard, they're also trying to make the characters more diverse, which will piss off all the right people.
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun The Art they've shown off actually looks a bit like a marriage of Jackson & Bakshi https://media.wizards.com/2023/images/daily/en_RJza5EXIpCyj.png
SnowBuddy18: it wheeled
MegaDosX: Whoof
satyropodobny: First mistake was playing blue
adambomb625: Eggs always good
MegaDosX: @satyropodobny You say that while they're drafting heavy blue :p
BrowneePoints: Blue is a good support color that usually isn't deep
bwk789: Jace coming in pack 3 I pray
BrowneePoints: but if people think it's "bad"
Diabore: the gulf of good blue decks to decent blue decks make people think its bad
BrowneePoints: then you get the only blue, and get a powerful deck
satyropodobny: fair
BrowneePoints: Limited 101
MegaDosX: I got someone with Scraptrap by blocking their Glissa while they were on nine poison
laundreydhull: Brrrd!
Bugberry: thrumming bird goes with so much.
BrowneePoints: Did you see the lightfall trailer? probably not cuz it just dropped like an hour ago LUL
invickthus: phyrexia is just if the dreaming city were fleshy instead of taken.
Mustache5775 subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 6 months!
Mustache5775: I choose to proliferate the number of months I've been subbed
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Mustache5775! (Today's storm count: 25)
laundreydhull: Le birds.
MegaDosX: I like Thrum
adambomb625: Birb
SnowBuddy18: big thrummers
micalovits: Birb is good
That1GuyBen: thrumumumumingbird
That1GuyBen: i can't believe they finally powercrept sedge scorpion
Diabore: @MegaDosX i had someone not block my glissa so i removed counters... from their archdemon that kills them if it has no counters LUL
rasterscan: No logbook?
neebusjeebus: on color rare!
MegaDosX: @Diabore lmao get got
offbeatwitch: oh there goes checkpoint
neebusjeebus: you're bound ti find more stuff that proliferates too
djalternative: off topic: have either of you played Pizza Tower yet?
stalkernadir: I am so sad what they did to my boy Venser...
Wolfstrike_NL: !card venser, corpse
LRRbot: Venser, Corpse Puppet [UB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Zombie Wizard [1/3] | Lifelink, toxic 1 / Whenever you proliferate, choose one — / • If you don't control a creature named The Hollow Sentinel, create The Hollow Sentinel, a legendary 3/3 colorless Phyrexian Golem artifact creature token. / • Target artifact creature you control gains flying and lifelink until end of turn.
BloodnBullets: poor venser
neebusjeebus: scraptrap is good
RokuNalaar: "Two eyes. That's the best amount of eyes"
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's certainly been Thursday so I got you something new. Enjoy this CheckPoint! | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaHzBZCboaA || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1628884735702491138
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #6468: "This monkey's too powerful!" —Adam [2019-10-10]
Diabore: why thing have to get on board? why not put board under things?
samu_btdp1985: is that venser and unctus?
BloodnBullets: how is this format? this is the first set whos pre-release ive missed in a while and I havent seen much of it.
Invitare: Heather is right there Graham. Just ask her to remind you to tell Heather about the mistake
neebusjeebus: venser and unctus buddy cop movie
Fr0Dough: Everyone in chat! Yall pretty great, never forget!
RAZRBCK08: it's certainly a set of Magic
djalternative: but there's another rat
micalovits: I like cat
micalovits: Its pretty dece
djalternative: oh. that jellyfish is good
RayFK: Look at this Magic nerds.
Kelderan: Headcleaver always puts in work for me.
micalovits: I think its better than headcleave
micalovits: Atleast in UB
neebusjeebus: headcleaver was pretty good at the prerelease for me
BloodnBullets: @RAZRBCK08 well that's a glowing recommendation...
Kelderan: I guess I mostly play headcleaver in black white
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hd_dabnado: @RayFK huh, im surprised wotc hasnt partnered with the Nerds candy before it would work well
bwk789: Hey G, when are you back with PIF? Been missing some ivalice action whilst you were away in Philly!
neebusjeebus: nerds did do a collab with D&D
MegaDosX: They mite be
Kelderan: They did with D&D hd_dabnado
BloodnBullets: @RayFK everyone loves edible counters!
adambomb625: Eye is REALLY good
fungal_bird: !quote bear
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
hd_dabnado: @Kelderan damn, well thats great
neebusjeebus: experimental augery is good too
Grimnus: Bloated contaminator
BrowneePoints: Bloated Contaminator
Kelderan: I think you got a mini-adventure if you got the promo nerds
tehfewl: Bloated contaminator
MegaDosX: !card bloated contaminator
LRRbot: Bloated Contaminator [2G] | Creature — Phyrexian Beast [4/4] | Trample / Toxic 1 / Whenever Bloated Contaminator deals combat damage to a player, proliferate.
KenGoesTwitch: Hey Graham how were the cheesesteaks?
BloodnBullets: Bloated with features
Grimnus: Its pretty terrible
micalovits: Its bad
RAZRBCK08: oh yea Bloated Contaminator is great, I may have made it to platinum with a Toxic Selesnya deck
korvys: Annoint feels really important for the black decks, to get your poison train rolling by getting early blockers out of the way
djalternative: proliferate's great with venser
MWGNZ: its a way to go out on your own terms
MegaDosX: Staff is more combo bait so not really for limited
BrowneePoints: oh yea wait
BrowneePoints: staff combos with venser
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SnowBuddy18: in this set, where you're trying to not die fast, paying life seems bad
MegaDosX: Venser does kinda gain you it back with some setup
MegaDosX: Since Venser's trigger lets you make an artifact creature have flying and lifelink
BrowneePoints: if it wheels it wheels
bwk789: Nooo, you passed the toxic 2 aura that reanimates!
MegaDosX: Also the sheer number of x/1s in the format
tehfewl: serum snare came that late?
djalternative: it's good
vargasbball3: yep with the rat it is good
hd_dabnado: probs cut the artifact synergies?
micalovits: The aura is fine, probably not for this deck
djalternative: being able to do 3 toxic turn 2 is really good
fungal_bird: Have fun, Graham! lrrGARBO
bwk789: I like it a lot in limited, with scraptrap, rat, flyers etc
LurkerSpine: neenPartyToilet neenPartyToilet neenPartyToilet neenPartyToilet
micalovits: We might also be on 16 lands
SnowBuddy18: step 1: cut the blue Kappa
YawgmothsBargainStore: do we want the eyes?
labboplays: Testament bearer?
Grimnus: The eyes are more for UW
micalovits: How many artifacts we got?
MegaDosX: All the better to see you with
Lord_Hosk: This is the worse Selesnya deck I have ever seen
hd_dabnado: how good is the artifact stuff you have?
RAZRBCK08: 1 of the eyes at minimum should go I think
kakurenbo69: Not enough artifacts to make the Eyes good.
SnowBuddy18: I like 1 eye
kilnfiendpotter: That Gulping Snaptrap looks like a very spikey O'Keefe painting.
Kelderan: Not sure we have the artifact Critical mass
RokuNalaar: It's all fun and games until we cut the eyes
wordlessRage: I would abandon the artifact synergies for proliferate
SK__Ren: Its better than that 3/3 gargoyle from a few sets ago :P
MadMalice22: The last guy blew you out with two eyes though
hd_dabnado: cut retrofitter?
rasterscan: !card scheming aspirant
LRRbot: Scheming Aspirant [1B] | Creature — Phyrexian Advisor [1/3] | Whenever you proliferate, each opponent loses 2 life and you gain 2 life.
LurkerSpine: 12 lands, good to go
djalternative: cut the removal, simple
rasterscan: !card gitaxian raptor
LRRbot: Gitaxian Raptor [2U] | Creature — Phyrexian Bird [1/4] | Flying / Gitaxian Raptor enters the battlefield with three oil counters on it. / Remove an oil counter from Gitaxian Raptor: Gitaxian Raptor gets +1/−1 until end of turn.
labboplays: I think you should choose if you have space for the artifact theme or just the toxic profiliate theme
micalovits: Oh yea, we do not have the artifacts for retrofitter
YawgmothsBargainStore: maybe if were cutting eyes retrofitter gets worse?
brainbosh: Don't you have a ton of artifacts?
Lord_Hosk: 11 lands is fine
gizmofreak1: the insight may be too much
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rasterscan: The insight is great late match refuel though
micalovits: 16 lands is probably right?
chonkski: Cut a couple lands so we don’t draw so many
rasterscan: If you're on top-deck hell
micalovits: Unctus loots, and 2 draw spells
Lord_Hosk: The pros are running 16 in blue black in this format
SnowBuddy18: insight for headcleaver?
gizmofreak1: id cut the scrsp trsp
Kelderan: Headcleaver I do like better than scraptral. But, I'm also thinking black/white
chonkski: Run 14. Do it, you know you want to.
Wolfstrike_NL: rather drop the headcleaver and get the drawspell back
DudelidouX: Curve is low enough for 16. At least I'd run 16
MegaDosX: X to Doubt
flouncy_magooo: Pillarfield Ox is surprisingly okay in this format. Not amazing. But okay.
labboplays: Hmm.. I think you should choose if you have space for the artifact theme or just the toxic profiliate theme
micalovits: This is very much a 16 land format in general
Lord_Hosk: MEEEEE?!?!?
kakurenbo69: curve is low enough, only 2 cards above 3
LurkerSpine: what does 17 lands say Kappa
DudelidouX: Also you have James so you could probably run 15 and never get screwed
BloodnBullets: Hosk has also said "11 lands are fine"...
s_lynch: I know Kenji seems to often run 16 lands in his drafts
Lord_Hosk: When have I ever led you wrong?
Kelderan: Not too many double pips outside of the gold cards
benv0li0: Thanks for coming down to Philly . Glad you had a chat with Harold, the other Cindr designer
MegaDosX: Also Unctus
farmall_farmer: wheeler was running 16 in fam jam and doing pretty good
MegaDosX: And Venser makes one
labboplays: Do you need Unctus then?
BrowneePoints: unctus is good
MegaDosX: Venser's Karn-a-like is an artifact creature token
kilnfiendpotter: No eyes. One cat. Can't Lose.
GredGredmansson: I think leaving in retro fitter is ok
hd_dabnado: so soon to default lands...
flouncy_magooo: Unctus is good with creatures
GredGredmansson: its a toxic creature at worst
RAZRBCK08: next week Graham you can finally choose a favorite land
s_lynch: Can't wait for favorite artwork feature
Kelderan: Old border lands and artifacts make me happy
gizmofreak1: @hd_dabnado when is that gonna be implemented?
MegaDosX: !card unctus grand meta
LRRbot: Unctus, Grand Metatect [1UU] | Legendary Artifact Creature — Phyrexian Vedalken [2/4] | Other blue creatures you control have "Whenever this creature becomes tapped, draw a card, then discard a card." / Other artifact creatures you control get +1/+1. / {U/P}: Until end of turn, target creature you control becomes a blue artifact in addition to its other colors and types. Activate only as a sorcery.
s_lynch: Something something technolt
micalovits: And we still have a couple of artifacts
SagaMonstrum: Watching Serge lose his mind in the upload of LRRLive, that had to have been fun following them around, 'Gibb'
s_lynch: *technology
brainbosh: Unctus still lets you draw and discard on attacks
kilnfiendpotter: WAIT we can get default lands?!
GredGredmansson: I've been burned too much to trust this
warboss5: So, how'd y'all feel seeing MotM spoilers coming out only TWO WEEKS after ONE's release?
djalternative: and a favorite duress. Wait, does that mean we'll see different printings of cards in limited?
Grimnus: Those are the 3 rules of engagement
santural: Love the lands
SK__Ren: Wait, we're not supposed to punt? I knew I was doing something wrong
MegaDosX: @warboss5 Not full spoilers, this was more for stores to pre-order things, actual spoilers start in a month or so
benv0li0: Might have to boot up Arena again
That1GuyBen: uh oh.
kilnfiendpotter: ::punches fist in the air:: YES! It's only been YEARS!
BrowneePoints: especially since these two sets tie together directly
nymistrya: wait it's style too? finally!
uchihab7: it wasnt even spoilers, it was reveals
BrowneePoints: I don't mind the rapidity
Bugberry: People forget about the early spoilers every time, thinking the next set is already coming out. It's months away.
warboss5: Eh, sound point, it just makes me warry
djalternative: remember, prebeats are for retailers and have to happen before their order window
MegaDosX: I mean, technically a trade?
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MegaDosX: Right on time
Kelderan: They're letting us get to turn 4 at 20 health no poison. I'm liking our chances.
kilnfiendpotter: Magic releases are a bit like being at a conveyer belt sushi restaurant. I wait until something tasty comes by to snag it, but the plates just don't stop.
MegaDosX: I do love how tiny the text is on that token's typeline
deyja429: From my experience of this format White Aggro has been one of the best archetypes. Mostly because it seems open often and has powerful plays.
That1GuyBen: more worried about it being a ginormous 5/5 vigilance
benv0li0: @kilnfiendpotter I think that is the best metaphor for how to engage with mtg without fomo I have ever hear. I'm stealing it.
Diabore: i like venser
djalternative: the biggest change with spoiler policy in recent times is that the PreBeat happens on WeeklyMTG now instead of as a blog post on the WPN retailer site
MegaDosX: Ah, la problema
kakurenbo69: Tap in response to target
lackingsanity: let the skitterfang trigger first?
MegaDosX: I vote now
GreatGodOm: you can wait
micalovits: You can do it after
hd_dabnado: full control lets you wait
BrowneePoints: The music for this board is VAGUELY like Jumanji and it messes with me
micalovits: Might need to have full control
Diabore: you have to remove a counter and then target
RokuNalaar: You will get priority again
korvys: You don't get to see *what* they do, but they do have to remove the counter and target
GreatWahooney: yeah that's a reflexive trigger
GredGredmansson: i feel like that's a message
MegaDosX: Prologue?
Diabore: ol billy
MegaDosX: Oh right instant
micalovits: You could also have done it after the choice but before attackers, but would have required full controll I think
MegaDosX: They might make the Ravager fly
baronsamedi23: Cheer50 meds reminder for those who may need it Cheer50
flouncy_magooo: Good old Billy, the Skulldweller
GreatGodOm: They will probbably give the ravager flying
GredGredmansson: we have lifedrain though
MegaDosX: Opponent says beep beep
134 raiders from SergeYager have joined!
SnackPak_: sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove
ExachixKitsune: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Harvest25: Sege says Butts
Sharkfists: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
w4stel4nd: sergeFriend
MegaDosX: Raiders!
TheAinMAP: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
offbeatwitch: skitterfang is an excellent card, i like it a lot
BrookJustBones: sergeCanal sergeYak
MidnightSnack69: we are here to embarrass serge
MrGibberish: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
ExachixKitsune: Serge said not to embarrass him
SergeYager: i'll have you know, i most certainly did not say butts
Diabore: serge would never say butts
SergeYager: chat please
That1GuyBen: skullbomb to rebuy skulldweller?
s_lynch: We don't believe you
SergeYager: oh no, i've been got
MegaDosX: X to Doubt, Serge
Diabore: nope, only artifacts
MegaDosX: !card bilious skulldweller
LRRbot: Bilious Skulldweller [B] | Creature — Phyrexian Insect [1/1] | Deathtouch / Toxic 1
baronsamedi23: it was either a meds reminder or "Bottoms for the Top god, Subs for the Sub throne"
kakurenbo69: Not an artifact, so can't fly the rat
MegaDosX: No, flying is only artifact creatures
Harvest25: lrrSHINE lrrSERGE
Lord_Hosk: Serge just said butts... its right there in chat
GredGredmansson: Chrome Prolwer is an artifact but billy skulls is not
korvys: No, skulldweller isn't an artifact creature
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MegaDosX: So now you can do it to the Karn-a-like
Sharkfists: legs too tiny
GhostValv: text D:
GredGredmansson: I think the Prowler can jump or the Not-Karn
That1GuyBen: unless you had unctus in play
djalternative: text? where?
Diabore: if you picked mycosynth you could have jumped the rat
IncredibleFrown: rat will never ballin
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korvys: !card Serum Snare
LRRbot: Serum Snare [1U] | Instant | Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand. If that permanent had mana value 3 or less, proliferate.
micalovits: Birb, birb, birb is the word
That1GuyBen: so what we need is for you just to draw unctus
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ipoddodd: birb beats
GreatGodOm: We can bounce the prowler to tap down the ravager again
wordlessRage: Unctus is sorcery unfortunately
micalovits: @GreatGodOm Thats a fun play
Delalelilolu: in case it comes up unctus' abilitie is sorcery speed
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Diabore: RG has an annoying amount of ways to put more oil on things
djalternative: we're proliferate and they're antiliferate
Kelderan: Bouncing oppo when you're on a oil counter deck always feels awkward, eh?
Kelderan: Sorry, they not you
Diabore: gains 4 life
BloodnBullets: it gains lifelink
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DoctorMcBoop: <3
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Slacker1977: !card Venser, corpse
LRRbot: Venser, Corpse Puppet [UB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Zombie Wizard [1/3] | Lifelink, toxic 1 / Whenever you proliferate, choose one — / • If you don't control a creature named The Hollow Sentinel, create The Hollow Sentinel, a legendary 3/3 colorless Phyrexian Golem artifact creature token. / • Target artifact creature you control gains flying and lifelink until end of turn.
RayFK: Reading is for chumps
MegaDosX: Yeah Venser does a lot, turns out
korvys: Venser has *a lot* of words
Bugberry: @MegaDosX sometimes lots of text means lots of conditions, not just doing lots of things.
Diabore: when was the last vanilla creature printed?
MegaDosX: @Diabore Multani and Yargle lrrBEEJ
GredGredmansson: you mean before Yargle+Multani?
Slacker1977: !card Hazardous Blast
LRRbot: Hazardous Blast [3R] | Sorcery | Hazardous Blast deals 1 damage to each creature your opponents control. Creatures your opponents control can't block this turn.
micalovits: Strixhaven, and next set!
MegaDosX: An 18/6 no less!
That1GuyBen: what was the absurd statline, 19/8?
chonkski: My grizzly bears tho
That1GuyBen: i'm so here for the combo cards
chonkski: 18/6
Sharkfists: that means it breathes bladegrafts, right?
GredGredmansson: Does anyone here have a teamup card that they'd like to see?
SnowBuddy18: @That1GuyBen a double Yargle
Bugberry: Double Yargle stats
YawgmothsBargainStore: two 9/3 stuck together
Slacker1977: those new legend pairs seem weird
MegaDosX: !card ruxa
LRRbot: Ruxa, Patient Professor [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Bear Druid [4/4] | Whenever Ruxa, Patient Professor enters the battlefield or attacks, return target creature card with no abilities from your graveyard to your hand. / Creatures you control with no abilities get +1/+1. / You may have creatures you control with no abilities assign their combat damage as though they weren't blocked.
chonkski: Reprint thud WoTC please. One time
kilnfiendpotter: Yargle looks like they're wearing a Multani Bjorn
BrowneePoints: Tastsunori also makes it unblockable
micalovits: "fun"
BrowneePoints: in standard
nymistrya: the flavor text on that is too good
That1GuyBen: two yargles for the price of one? that's quite a Bargle if you ask me!
couchboyj: Flavor text on that card is on point
MegaDosX: It's about to be hasty
kakurenbo69: Bounce it
GredGredmansson: I kinda want to see Fblthp team up with Borborygmos
uchihab7: i need to see the ikoria pair and tarkir pair like asap please
baronsamedi23: !card Muraganda Petroglyphs
LRRbot: Muraganda Petroglyphs [3G] | Enchantment | Creatures with no abilities get +2/+2.
MegaDosX: And you have an single thing that can block it
chonkski: Mostly cause I want to draft a deck called “Jund Thud” good mouth feel
That1GuyBen: wow that is....almost the entirety of your board!
micalovits: Do we block with cat and bounce cat?
Diabore: block with prowler and bounce prowler?
MegaDosX: Oh wait you can, sorta, but if you proliferate you can kill it
GredGredmansson: explain how
Mangledpixel: Yargle and Multani was the second card I did in my current efforts to translate MOM cards into Klingon. It's fun cos it's all flavour text, and translating prose is always more fun than translating rules text.
MegaDosX: Make the Karn-a-like big
YawgmothsBargainStore: we can chump with the karn token?
kakurenbo69: True, block with cat and bouce cat
MegaDosX: And put the cat in front of it as well
MegaDosX: Karn plus Prowler and proliferate to make Karn a 4/4
Grimnus: Cat bounce seems the best way to go
That1GuyBen: i like chump bounce with prowler
That1GuyBen: karn doesn't have a counter
Slacker1977: then bouncing cat next turn is even MORE time
GredGredmansson: how does Karn get bigger? @MegaDosX
MegaDosX: Oh hang on I misread the card my b
GredGredmansson: karn only gets the keywords; not any stats
MegaDosX: Reading the card, etc etc
RokuNalaar: To be fair 'Karn' usually gets bigger by proliferate
Slacker1977: Reading is for blockers
Slacker1977: wait...
MegaDosX: Whatcha got opponent?
GredGredmansson: wait a minute...I'M blockers!
BrowneePoints: Are they just dead if we swing out?
korvys: The last vanilla creature printed, on a technicality, is Fusion Elemental, from the Dominaria United Commander decks
Diabore: !card venser corpse puppet
LRRbot: Venser, Corpse Puppet [UB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Zombie Wizard [1/3] | Lifelink, toxic 1 / Whenever you proliferate, choose one — / • If you don't control a creature named The Hollow Sentinel, create The Hollow Sentinel, a legendary 3/3 colorless Phyrexian Golem artifact creature token. / • Target artifact creature you control gains flying and lifelink until end of turn.
GreatGodOm: Op was considering whether to give one of their creatures haste Kappa
That1GuyBen: shame it has 2 power so it STILL CAN'T block the paladin
jacqui_lantern234: hey ya heccin nerds whomst i love AGGRESSIVELY!!!!!!! <3
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teabread_: <3
SnowBuddy18: hey Jacqui
korvys: Otherwise Spined Karok and Ageless Guardian from Strixhaven
That1GuyBen: do you hear that honking? Because here come the CLOWNS. they're all gettin' in!
El_Funko: mornin boys
kumatsu: I should probably brush up on this limited environment for the RCQ I'm judging this weekend
jacqui_lantern234: things could be better, honestly, but at the same time good things are happening
kumatsu: but I don't think there's any actual sticky ruels stuff in it
That1GuyBen: no reach, no surprise reach even
SnowBuddy18: @jacqui_lantern234 yay good things
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MegaDosX: It's great watching LRR in the morning
rasterscan: Eww
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun The last vanilla creature printed, on a technicality, is Fusion Elemental, from the Dominaria United Commander decks
RayFK: Missing Reach? That's a stretch.
baronsamedi23: it was either a meds reminder or "Bottoms for the Top god, Subs for the Sub throne"
MegaDosX: That sounds painful
djalternative: that sounds painful
MegaDosX: @djalternative benginFingers
BrowneePoints: Snort Cola sounds like a 90s Brand
Sharkfists: anything can be snortable once sharkf11THINK
ipoddodd: @kumatsu There was a silly thing in my sealed prerelease where Darigaaz got turned into a treasure, but my creatures got to stay 5/3's
LurkerSpine: is kolanut poisonous?
Rebbers: "I didn't think people would want it without the snorting."
Harvest25: @RayFK sergePun
GreatGodOm: If it's snortable, surely it's designed to be snorted.
MegaDosX: I think you meant Graaz
GredGredmansson: Graaz, not Darigaaz
MegaDosX: Darigaaz is something else :p
snortablecola: Listen sometimes you want the nice fizziness to go directly to your brain
ipoddodd: Graaz :P
Slacker1977: !card Graaz
LRRbot: Graaz, Unstoppable Juggernaut [8] | Legendary Artifact Creature — Juggernaut [7/5] | Juggernauts you control attack each combat if able. / Juggernauts you control can't be blocked by Walls. / Other creatures you control have base power and toughness 5/3 and are Juggernauts in addition to their other creature types.
GredGredmansson: Yeah a minimus containment Vraska is not
MegaDosX: But yeah Graaz keeps them 5/3s because of layers
Grimnus: Engraver does too much work for them to trade really
baronsamedi23: though that sounds queit kornesh
warboss5: OP does not realize how important it is to stop that first poison counter at all costs
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jacqui_lantern234: so im building a Zedruu the Greathearted EDH deck. im debating sending LRR a copy of Chromeshell Crab for Ian to sign
Grimnus: Although they didnt even loot so maybe not
micalovits: The 1/1 is also just super annoying later
wulfram77: We're really getting into their head with the skulldweller
Diabore: oh no!
MegaDosX: Oh that seems spicy
MegaDosX: With their things
Diabore: now they have 1/1's for ever
micalovits: So exile the flier now?
That1GuyBen: yeah
GredGredmansson: so if we exile now they can't make the gobbo
BrowneePoints: correct
MrPipboy3000: Yes
micalovits: Sounds right
Diabore: they can activate on our turn though
RokuNalaar: Can't they just remove in response?
uchihab7: i had two of those reservoirs with urubrask forge in a draft the other day and i enjoyed being a menacec
uchihab7: menace
AtomicAlchemical: they could have, but didn't
GredGredmansson: hold up what just happened
That1GuyBen: mena che
GredGredmansson: how was the creature still there
wulfram77: They really like that Engraver
SnowBuddy18: they made a new one
Diabore: @GredGredmansson they cast a second
Slacker1977: what ?!
That1GuyBen: hey we need that
MegaDosX: Spiderman pointing meme!
Wolfstrike_NL: @GredGredmansson 2nd one was played
GredGredmansson: oh the first one was exiled
RokuNalaar: Too bad we have no other ways to increase their counters in the deck
GredGredmansson: der
Sharkfists: the ol' uncty buncy
MegaDosX: It can make the 1/3 a 2/4
micalovits: Are the goblins artifacts?
Slacker1977: nah
aggrocrow: Unctus might be my sleeper favorite of the set. goes NUTS in my Jetfire commander deck
GredGredmansson: the point is it gets the other benefits
GredGredmansson: +1/+1 and loot when it becomes tapped
tycoonbosh: Makes the engraver draw 2/discard 2
RAZRBCK08: with Unctus why did they trade the Raptor instead of the rummager?
Diabore: @tycoonbosh only on their turn, uncty is a sorcery
That1GuyBen: we are looking for a 2nd island to truly begin popping off
baronsamedi23: so is metatect what you call a facebook engineer
MadMalice22: Catch you later, G! Best of luck with the games today, I’m off to get assessed for ADHD!
tycoonbosh: @tycoonbosh Not saying it's good, but it does a thing
BrowneePoints: it gets out of hand with Scamps etc
uchihab7: its great with urabrask's forge
Slacker1977: @RAZRBCK08 the real question is why trade at all when we can trade with a goblin next turn
MrPipboy3000: Its great with Umbrask's forge
Kelderan: It can be fun in some decks. All the oil all the time.
BloodnBullets: seems good if your doing oil things
micalovits: Do we want to hold the swamp for looting with unctus at some point?
That1GuyBen: speaking of excellent questions, where is our 2nd island?
GreatGodOm: Reservoir can do a lot of work in the right deck.
Grimnus: Do appreciate a good krundle
deyja429: Just put in my graduation application for a Masters degree in Archives and Records Administration. Wish me luck.
wulfram77: @RAZRBCK08 Well, trying to stop us from getting a Corrupted is a real consideration
aggrocrow: Unctue can make any creature blue and an artifact with its ability
Grimnus: They could have yes but they seem to like their hand
Bugberry: maybe they don't want to discard what's in their hand
That1GuyBen: i feel like once wheeler got fully intergrated into LRR y'all started using his "ok" intonation
deyja429: the Counter Spell with the poison counters is nuts.
Slacker1977: remember, always do stuff at sorcery speexdc
Diabore: they have a near infinite answer to the abyss though
Sharkfists: f6 value sharkf11THINK
GredGredmansson: there's something in their hand they want to keep
Wolfstrike_NL: 6/8 swamps almost done with those
micalovits: Doze is double blue also
BrowneePoints: Mesmerizing Dose
Grimnus: Suddenly problems
Slacker1977: That guy carried me to a /-2 just now
Kelderan: -1/-1 trick means we trade with our stingwing
Slacker1977: 7/2
GreatWahooney: that sure is a chunky prism
That1GuyBen: make hivemaster into a thing then send?
kilnfiendpotter: That's not a prism, that's a great pyramid now
Diabore: activate on scraper?
Grimnus: Seems good
MegaDosX: I like this plan
That1GuyBen: scraptrap rather yeah
warboss5: Seems legit
micalovits: Sounds dece
GredGredmansson: SeemsGood
Slacker1977: they'll trade
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korvys: Ah, the Vedalken who's name sounds like techno music
That1GuyBen: to thrums, you say
BrowneePoints: oh sick bird
MegaDosX: Oh that's a good'un
MegaDosX: That Engraver's so oily
Diabore: i always forget that retrofitter also inexplicably has toxic 1
MehallD: oh, thrummingbird plus aspirant will kill them QUICK
wulfram77: I think Phyrexians like to get oiled up
Bugberry: third bird
Grimnus: So many birbs
micalovits: Sure is
jacqui_lantern234: @Xafty what did you just call me? Kappa
kilnfiendpotter: Hugs on New Phyrexia must be so difficult
MegaDosX: Oh sick
kilnfiendpotter: Everyone just slips out
Sharkfists: if they've got one in hand they can reveal it and win the game, right?
GreatWahooney: they just need one in hand and one on top, and they win
micalovits: Do we buff the hivemaster and swing with it?
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Diabore: 4/3 hive master?
warboss5: Aren't there some cards that benefit from other cards having oil on it? Like, such that it would be worth it to put oil counters on creatures that can't necessarily use them?
baronsamedi23: wait when you said the wouldn't like that was it phyrexian would not like to be associated with facebook?
MegaDosX: I don't hate buff Hive Master and swing
GredGredmansson: @warboss5 yes, mainly in Red
Kelderan: With the trick I love this
MegaDosX: Hm.
GredGredmansson: like the Hyena that buffs based on how many permanents you have with oil counters on them
That1GuyBen: huh.
Diabore: id keep the draw
MegaDosX: That's an interesting choice
santural: The elusive unctus mirror
micalovits: I would keep the draw spell, but it is an interesting choice
That1GuyBen: i feel like we're so resource starved infectious inquiry is better
MegaDosX: The draw spell or the Dross spell?
GredGredmansson: the draw spell or the dross spell
GreatWahooney: the draw spell or the dross spell
GreatGodOm: Keeping the dross spell?
Kelderan: Yeah. Actually they'd have to double block to kill it
MegaDosX: Well done chat, one brain :p
warboss5: @GredGredmansson Hmmm, wonder why they're still stacking oil on the Engraver then... maybe they don't have any?
Diabore: whisper does so little on this board
GredGredmansson: @warboss5 because maybe they don't have it
rasterscan: Womp
MegaDosX: Whisper lets you maybe get them with the 1/4 if they make it a 4/1, but yeah it's a bit eh
micalovits: Keep to loot?
Diabore: i thought james left?
MrPipboy3000: That two turns we didn't draw lands
That1GuyBen: swinging in?
That1GuyBen: approaching with the raptor? it's a bold choice cotton, let's see how it plays out for them
micalovits: I am ready for raptor nr 4
Diabore: they have infinite oil counters
Grimnus: It doesnt really have many good targets on our board currently
GredGredmansson: that's some yikes right there
MegaDosX: See this is where Whispers would have been fun
warboss5: Shame you didn't still have the Whisper, lol
GreatGodOm: Op confirmed coward. Kappa
duke_dice: evening gamers
MegaDosX: Holy shit
That1GuyBen: chrome prowler huh
Diabore: worse it seems
MegaDosX: Also sorcery speed
notthepenguins: wow i get here and lrr is being toxic on stream
notthepenguins: cant believe it
korvys: You can make something blue and/or artifact
brainbosh: Can throw away mite to draw if you Unctus it first
korvys: !card Unctus
LRRbot: Did you mean: Unctus, Grand Metatect; Unctus's Retrofitter
That1GuyBen: well this went from hard to lose to hard to win
GredGredmansson: not mid combat
korvys: !card Unctus, G
LRRbot: Unctus, Grand Metatect [1UU] | Legendary Artifact Creature — Phyrexian Vedalken [2/4] | Other blue creatures you control have "Whenever this creature becomes tapped, draw a card, then discard a card." / Other artifact creatures you control get +1/+1. / {U/P}: Until end of turn, target creature you control becomes a blue artifact in addition to its other colors and types. Activate only as a sorcery.
warboss5: OP is digging into their library HARD
MegaDosX: How many left in both libraries?
IncredibleFrown: super secret mill win con?
MegaDosX: Ah, so, the mill plan
GredGredmansson: we're da rats
Grimnus: Farewell little mite
Grimnus: Free 1/1s lets go
Diabore: safety block
MegaDosX: Opponent scared of a pump spell I guess
hd_dabnado: that could have gone really bad for them
Kelderan: Good RatPter play
Diabore: bad safety because the one pump we could have kills unctus there
That1GuyBen: oh that's
micalovits: RUDE!
rasterscan: fuck.
MegaDosX: Well.
warboss5: Oh no
Grimnus: May aswell use its counters
GredGredmansson: THAT'S what they kept
BrowneePoints: take all the oil off first
micalovits: 1 of
Diabore: now they have 6 raptors
MegaDosX: You can use the counters so they can't
Diabore: er, 5
baronsamedi23: been singing the mortal kombat theme all day as "test your spite"
micalovits: Blue sun is also a prety nasty bomb in limited
duke_dice: @LoadingReadyRun did you see elimation chamber? everyone is talking if making sami champion should be the champ.
MegaDosX: Maybe they accidentally mill themselves lrrBEEJ
GreatGodOm: unctus isn't a may
kilnfiendpotter: "Onslaught" should be the collective noun for raptors
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That1GuyBen: turn rat into a thing and send?
rasterscan: So much land.
brainbosh: Unctus rat?
MegaDosX: Yeah we gotta
Diabore: should we activate on both?
Slacker1977: maybe Unctus can mill them before we die :p
MegaDosX: If we can proliferate enough we might still have them?
micalovits: Yikes
Grimnus: Big RIP
Kelderan: That's... just impressive.
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
warboss5: And with James out of the room
distractdelude: James - Stop Watching!!
MehallD: #BlameJames
brainbosh: Cursed
kakurenbo69: See even 16 is too much land
micalovits: Not dead in the air atleast, but yiiikes
Diabore: 4 left
GredGredmansson: 3/14 left
That1GuyBen: oh we went with 17 lands
micalovits: 3 even, 16 lands
GredGredmansson: I thought we only had 16 lands
RAZRBCK08: didn't we go 16 lands
brainbosh: So 7 max in air?
MegaDosX: Not quite?
ThorSokar: all 4 on top, if the curse has anything to say about it
Diabore: cute op
brieandbacon: so this is why the pros are only running 16 lrrBEEJ
Grimnus: Not dead but forced to chump
Diabore: yes
GredGredmansson: yes
MegaDosX: Yes
MegaDosX: They have exactsies if you don't chump
That1GuyBen: it's blackjack, sadly
MegaDosX: Heavy proliferation >_>
baronsamedi23: pot of greed
brainbosh: How many board wipes did you draft lol.
Diabore: do we have something that proliferates 4?
IncredibleFrown: supreme verdict?
Sharkfists: four proliferate cards stuck together
Voidhawk42: Do you have a wrath?...
MegaDosX: Just draw that Damnation that's totally in your dec
MegaDosX: deck
BrowneePoints: unfortunately nothing I think
Diabore: as a sorcery
GreatGodOm: We can always ultimate the game menu. Kappa
GredGredmansson: less than idea
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: It's Graham! How's it going?
GredGredmansson: we have to play the island in this case
MegaDosX: You are pretty dead
warboss5: Token birb
Slacker1977: we tap and they oil up antorher Raptor
thegreatwyrdling: Hey chat did you hear how Tamiyo got real toxic after a new boss?
MegaDosX: Oh sick
MrPipboy3000: Mill 'em on attacks!!
BrowneePoints: Op you're supposed to draw nothing
MegaDosX: That seems hateful
BrowneePoints: that's how this works
GreatGodOm: We were dead either way
warboss5: GG
y3ntil: the oil counter got them to 4 in the air
Grimnus: They have located the attack all button
MegaDosX: Five left, seven poison, ten life
micalovits: Surprisingly close to mill actually
warboss5: "What could my opponent have in his 0 cards in had that might save him... hmmm...." lol
MegaDosX: This was a lot closer than you'd think
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Just finished Loading Ready Live on Youtube, great episode this month. Loved "The Joke"
santural: Ggg
MegaDosX: Also, another blue heavy deck that beat you, but blue is bad in draft apparently lrrBEEJ
Grimnus: Hear and seek slew me
Voidhawk42: I too am an enjoyer of... The Joke
warboss5: A swamp makes that hand awesome
korvys: Always enjoy the Askmaster episodes
IncredibleFrown: also "i liked The Joke" is a fun sentence
fungal_bird: also big thanks to lrrJAMES ames for the meds reminder!
kumatsu: Always a fan of the Askmaster bits, tho I realize how VERY much editing is involved
warboss5: Wooo!
kaliuniqueusernamesaredum: (The episode has the same number as the big mid quiz)
MegaDosX: Being brave
GredGredmansson: the sheer GALL of this opponent
Kelderan: Well. This should be amusing. Turn three and that's all we go.
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: i had to rewatch the live because it was on my second monitor and i misses all the text on the cold open
Slacker1977: it's expensive Phyrexian atlas!
MegaDosX: WOW
Kelderan: All they got. Wow I can't type today
micalovits: Agressive
Sharkfists: at ANY cost
GreatGodOm: Good news. Op is playing the format for the 1st ti,e
gnomedeplume572: If you're gonna do it
GreatGodOm: time*
Wolfstrike_NL: extremly brave
s_lynch: The chutzpah
MegaDosX: I said they were being brave, that's some brass balls right there
GredGredmansson: "good luck killing me, WHEN I'M ALREADY DEAD"
gnomedeplume572: Might as well do it
Bugberry: they probably have ways to offset the life loss.
fungal_bird: Doin' our work for us lrrWOW
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: OP is on Mono-Green SPICE
warboss5: Voidwing?
Cocoathunder432: Gaming out of their mind lrrCOW
warboss5: Get the poison started?
MegaDosX: Voidwing?
baronsamedi23: rare draft?
MegaDosX: Do it again opponent dare you
micalovits: So... do we double block it?
MegaDosX: I mean maybe?
Diabore: its 3 life per though
MegaDosX: Spinoderm is a lot
Slacker1977: i kinda think we might do more damage via Thrummer + Aspirants
jacqui_lantern234: and i said MAYBAY
micalovits: Now we dont
MegaDosX: Haha
warboss5: I think take it... this time?
MrPipboy3000: TRIPLE BLOCK IT?
MegaDosX: I don't hate it
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Proliferate spinoderm to give it back hexproof to save it from removal is my favorite moment from draft this set
Sharkfists: would hybrid block be better because we can get it back?
micalovits: Triple seems wrong
baronsamedi23: any trample growths?
Diabore: not with no proliferate
Sharkfists: yeah fair
MegaDosX: They might also have a pump spell
BloodnBullets: hivemaster is the only thing that can pair with a 2/2 to kill it
lackingsanity: i might block with surgeon?
Slacker1977: i don't see poison being the winning line here
MurphEP: Reach? :(
baronsamedi23: oh hey
MegaDosX: Oh look a problem
warboss5: Perfect timing!
warboss5: Fly the Mite too?
micalovits: Flying mite time? :D
offbeatwitch: i get back, james is gone and we're no longer drawing lands
offbeatwitch: coincidence?
MegaDosX: Big 5/5 vs flying toxicity
Sharkfists: @offbeatwitch shoulda seen how many lands we drew last game
micalovits: We do REALLY need a land though
gnomedeplume572: *Wackiest
micalovits: OH dear
warboss5: Oh dear
YawgmothsBargainStore: oof
GredGredmansson: deep yikes
BrowneePoints: I just belly laughed
BrowneePoints: ooof
Mr_Horrible: you've heard of the amazing race, well get ready for the amusing race
MegaDosX: Opponent drafted mono green stompy
baronsamedi23: wow those are some rares
warboss5: To SHREDS you say?
LurkerSpine: cmon land
Mr_Horrible: thrumming aspirant gabyLewd
MurphEP: Thrunning bird
micalovits: Is it thrumming bird? And hope for land?
warboss5: Raptor? Bigger butt?
Voidhawk42: Rat for chumpies
wordlessRage: Bad game to miss land drops :/
Diabore: why do both their 5/5's had trample, why did you do this wizards
fungal_bird: Gavin!
jacqui_lantern234: @wordlessRage quick get james back!!!
Slacker1977: we're super dead 2 attacks from now though
Delalelilolu: raptor + surgeon trades
baronsamedi23: lrrCREEPL_SQ lrrCREEPR_SQ
BloodnBullets: they have 10 trample on its way next turn
baronsamedi23: joltyaNice joltyaNice joltyaNice
IncredibleFrown: maybe they suddenly passed out and their cat is playing now
GreatGodOm: What do you get when you cross a bird with a troll? A thrunning bird
GredGredmansson: Look, opponent, I know your deck can play itself but that's not what that means
kilnfiendpotter: Alright, I've gtg and get some dinner and then steal some sleep. Good seeing y'all and good luck!
fungal_bird: Gn Michelle lrrHEART
jacqui_lantern234: @kilnfiendpotter take care! <3
Slacker1977: they do have a free proliferate in the spider though
MegaDosX: Indestructible and shroud from non-green
micalovits: Thrun is very rude yea
gizmofreak1: they cant proliferate with the staff otherwise they die to your fliers
wordlessRage: My spider sense is tingling for colossal growth
BrowneePoints: and hope for no tyvar's stand
RAZRBCK08: Thrun is miserable to play against in draft
MegaDosX: Thrun is a hell of a lot in limited
BloodnBullets: or chump thrun
Diabore: take it, if we draw a noncreature we win in the air
GredGredmansson: do we pump the raptor
micalovits: If you don't, raptor and hybrid means they dont have lifeto proliferate
Slacker1977: !card copper long
LRRbot: Copper Longlegs [1G] | Creature — Phyrexian Spider [1/3] | Reach / {1}{G}, Sacrifice Copper Longlegs: Proliferate.
satyropodobny: Godammit, Thrun brought a guitar AGAIN
GreatGodOm: I like that line
BrindleBoar: simply play your green exile effect Kappa
MegaDosX: Be brave!
MegaDosX: Make them have it!
kristian_fischer: Evening, Graham.
MegaDosX: And similar platitudes
baronsamedi23: land
Sharkfists: win in the air if they proliferate here too, right?
fungal_bird: !quote toxic
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Sharkfists: ew
control_rig: Nuuuuu
micalovits: Noooo!
BrowneePoints: OP you suck
Grimnus: Disaster
GredGredmansson: TAKE
ThorSokar: composSalute
gizmofreak1: OOF
Diabore: well, it was a good plan
Diabore: EFF
fungal_bird: lrrEFF
LurkerSpine: castable non creature
GreatGodOm: Op, why must you shatter our dreams?
baronsamedi23: asp
MegaDosX: That does *checks notes* nothing
Cocoathunder432: lrrFRUMP
ShoreSails: Bad beats man
satyropodobny: f
baronsamedi23: scheming drain
brainbosh: Damn, one color off from winning
Slacker1977: would have done it if we had 2 black NotLikeThis
micalovits: We got them!
Dothewhatnow: graham has been...compleated
micalovits: Aspirant drains
baronsamedi23: we win
BrowneePoints: we have ONE black
micalovits: Oh no, only 1 black
micalovits: Got damn
Diabore: we have 1 black
brainbosh: Only one swamp
MegaDosX: Yeah we're short mana to do that
micalovits: Now I am sad :(
baronsamedi23: sorry i left my brain at home
Sharkfists: !card whisper of the dross
LRRbot: Whisper of the Dross [B] | Instant | Target creature gets −1/−1 until end of turn. Proliferate.
fungal_bird: lrrJAMES come back we need lands
RAZRBCK08: if we had a second swamp then we could
Kelderan: OP had admittedly, a bonkers deck.
MegaDosX: Opponent drafted a crazy good mono green deck
BrowneePoints: Op had, admittedly, a boring deck
MegaDosX: By all appearances
Slacker1977: well, 2 bonkers rares
Sharkfists: OP is having fun
Diabore: and a staff
baronsamedi23: welcome to the thrungle
MurphEP: Maybe they'll accidentally pay to draw, untap, and pay again
brainbosh: So, to win you need to go fast and on curve...or just have a really good card
santural: This deck is wild yes
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: i still dont think staff is amazing unless your deck is already busted
micalovits: Not being stuck on 3 lands also helps a lot with winning tbf
Bugberry: Spinoderm always just looked "fine" to me, considering Calciderm and Blastoderm are so old at this point.
MegaDosX: Staff isn't a limited card, it's combo bait for bigger formats
jacqui_lantern234: too much tea?!?! dont lie to me graham!!!!!
fungal_bird: Have fun, G! lrrGARBO
MrTulip: No such thing as too much tea
RAZRBCK08: yea the staff was certainly a choice they made
Mr_Horrible: bugberry a 4-mana 5/5 that's tough to interact with, even if you just have to survive it for 4 turns, never really goes outta style
Dothewhatnow: @baronsamedi23 im stealing this
arachnid654: yoo im actually seeing lrrmtg live
arachnid654: this never happens
Juliamon: welcome!
jacqui_lantern234: :O glurp coming up?! PogChamp
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: Yo! we get more adam doki doki
GredGredmansson: adam and DDLC was not a combo that I thought would work
GredGredmansson: but it works amazingly
Juliamon: I mean, VNs are basically CYOAs
Bugberry: @Mr_Horrible to be fair, they did get it out on curve. discounted beaters are less appealing as a late-game top deck.
Mr_Horrible: true, true
santural: @jacqui_lantern234 glurp what when where
jacqui_lantern234: @GredGredmansson thats what people say about me, too, tbh
Juliamon: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
GreatGodOm: @Mr_Horrible Are you related to Dr Horrible?
jacqui_lantern234: @Juliamon as a lover of VN's, i hate (but actually love) how right you are
fungal_bird: Well now we won't get mana screwed!
Pharmacistjudge: Evening Graham and James
warboss5: The lands will flow once more!
Pharmacistjudge: Nice to see you finally got a cheesesteak
EvilBadman: Now we'll drawn our fourth through ninth lands
GreatGodOm: I believe James is what is known as a "landed gentleman".
Mr_Horrible: @GreatGodOm strictly speaking no, but you can headcanon that he's my overachieving brother if you like LUL (The name is from a They Might Be Giants song)
Juliamon: As all good cheesesteaks are
LadyKatelynna: I remembered lrrmtg was on!
warboss5: Sometimes I almost feel like a "fine" cheesesteak is worse than one that is actively bad
Grimnus: Thats all you can ask for sometimes
GredGredmansson: lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES
fungal_bird: lrrJAMES you can leave now
EvilBadman: Ok, I was kidding
LadyKatelynna: is it bad I kind of want them to loose so I can watch them draft again?
Texan_Reverend: Greetings, and welcome back from Philly!
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Diabore: i think raptor is fine this turn
warboss5: Yeah, they PROBABLY won't have a target for Whispers this turn
Astrovore: scheming aspirant and infectious inquiry are... almost the same art?
warboss5: That's bait
masterinferno47: How is everyone today?
Slacker1977: +3/+2
GreatGodOm: post combat charge?
masterinferno47: @astrovore it's probably the same character or something
SirElgar: creshendo
Bugberry: wasting removal on that seems fine
Slacker1977: an we lose a 4 damage attack for 2 drain
ssjghostnappa2009: James is back and all the land
micalovits: So... When do we start holding lands for if we draw unctus?
Slacker1977: or not 🤷
masterinferno47: Will you guys be at the Vegas magic con in September?
masterinferno47: I missed the one in philly
MegaDosX: OK but why tho
warboss5: Oh yeah, get that 1
wandering_t: I think some people may not realize its optional
notthepenguins: well you see his plan requires you have exactly 16...
masterinferno47: Heck yeah!
fungal_bird: When is Vegas???
Kaizoman2: how was philly
GredGredmansson: k
Slacker1977: yikers
AntyselfNume: Well then
Sharkfists: huh
Bugberry: classic Boros Control?
Sharkfists: pretty sure vegas is there year-round
warboss5: Do y'all have any plans to go to any Los Angeles cons?
Pharmacistjudge: it is so weird that PAX West is before Vegas this year
GredGredmansson: are we getting the poison lethal here
MegaDosX: Charmed Sleep with Proliferate
GreatGodOm: only 2 poison away
Grimnus: It does deny them some rumaging
adambomb625: Now they can hit you for 1 again!
SacrificialToast: hello <3
micalovits: Can dross the 1/3 is the block
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LadyKatelynna: Hey are you guys planning to be in Seattle anytime this year? I got into Magic during the pandemic, so this is the first time I'd get to see you guys!
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warboss5: Whisper :D
Slacker1977: Whisepers
GredGredmansson: whisper it?
GreatGodOm: whisper?
MegaDosX: You could Whispers to save it
micalovits: Awwww :(
warboss5: Take its power
Kallious: Didnt dross?
GredGredmansson: oh well
MegaDosX: Oh well!
GredGredmansson: but now we can kill their skitter fang
drcthulu: this seems like a better use tbh
GredGredmansson: long play HahaThink
MegaDosX: Now you just need one single proliferate to win
masterinferno47: Ahhh my power keeps going out!
micalovits: Wooops
TheWooglie: NotLikeThis
MegaDosX: Oh dear
warboss5: Suprise Toxic
MegaDosX: Well, we take those
jacqui_lantern234: yes! lots of fun! :p
MegaDosX: If that happened to me I'd probably say "well that's enough Magic for today"
MegaDosX: I think that got fixed recently!
Slacker1977: yikes
Grimnus: Ah hard mode
korvys: For those of us at home, where *does* the mobile client show your poison?
drcthulu: hmm that doesn't seem great, glad they fixed that
MegaDosX: I think that was in a recent update
Slacker1977: is default land coming?
BrowneePoints: nah, I'm excited to Draft LotR on Arena in June and for it to hopefully break Historic
Astrovore: ooh they're doing default lands finally? Yay!
djalternative: I wonder if preferred style will mess with draft
MegaDosX: Am I the only one who's not that worried about default lands? I use whatever lands I think are appropriate for a deck >_>
Sharkfists: I should put my hearing aids in, I heard that as "default man"
Astrovore: lands aren't technically card styles though...
Slacker1977: can i have non styled draft again?
TheOtherTrevor: Default lands finally? I feel like they said that was coming two years ago then they went silent on it
MurphEP: inb4 Graham "next turn won't be fun anymore" sound clip
drcthulu: I'd just use whatever lands I currently like for limited
MegaDosX: I use that set's lands in draft
MegaDosX: Haha fair
Spiritreaver: I always have to have spaceics
Delalelilolu: I always use the dog plains from jump start, as it is the most powerful of plains
duke_dice: @LoadingReadyRun dr. G? any thoughts on elimation chamber? Many thought that Sami should have won or at least have an impact moment for it..
drcthulu: now with sproyoroing tech
MegaDosX: Chamber was a good PPV!
KustarKnight: I usually still use the...Theros lands (I forget what they're called) but really like how those look
LadyKatelynna: I think my default lands are going to be the DMU Stained glass lands. They kind of go to everything.
micalovits: They get a poinson anyway
MegaDosX: Chamber was the first PLE (not PPV, not used to that parlance yet) I've watched in a while and I really enjoyed it
micalovits: To proliferate
MegaDosX: The men's Chamber match was something else
GredGredmansson: we haven't had a land drop yet though
Diabore: i think 2 on them is fine now
Astrovore: Stained glass lands are pretty great
duke_dice: @MegaDosX agreed i just felt like like a lot of people were saying that sami shouldve won
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: my only real "to many set" complaint its that there are to many pretty full art lands for me to choose from tbh
Diabore: what if better bird?
MurphEP: @lesbianpunkpyromancer20 That's true. They keep getting artists to do great land art.
MegaDosX: Opponent missed out on proliferating their poison counters lrrBEEJ
KustarKnight: @MegaDosX you beat me making that joke
drcthulu: deal
thegreatwyrdling: shyyRave
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: i pick up my new land set just for a new style to show up. My commander decks run so little basics that its hard
BrowneePoints: No, that's a Bat, not a Tern
BrowneePoints: cmon Graham
GreatGodOm: 50% of our games so far have been against mono coloured ops.
warboss5: Play one more Island for symmetry?
Slacker1977: and we stopped at 3 lands
MegaDosX: And Thrun is crazy good in limited
drcthulu: thrun alone just generally gets you there
MarkovDescendant: Welcome back y'all! Hope you had fun in Philly
MegaDosX: Oh thanks we wanted to loot anyway
adambomb625: Hey, Sylvan library lets you pay 4 life to draw a card and people call it OP
duke_dice: b/c it kinda is @adambomb625 :P
LibraryWitchKei: @adambomb625 Apples and oranges
MegaDosX: Menace 3/5 let's go
MehallD: double aspirant puts them in an AWFUL place
micalovits: Sylvan library does a lot more than just draw cards for 4 life
duke_dice: blue sun again
Diabore: are we gonna lose to blue sun again?
drcthulu: enough fetches and shuffle effects looking at top 3 and pick the best card is pretty decent
Slacker1977: we losing to the Blue Twilight again, huh?
adambomb625: @micalovits So does Staff Kappa
micalovits: Niiice
MegaDosX: Oh they're dead
DudelidouX: Nice
BrowneePoints: lol
GalacticCyrus: lets gooo easy win
Astrovore: very good
Sharkfists: schemed to death
Diabore: apparently not
MegaDosX: Trigger trigger trigger
MarkovDescendant: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
Nydestroyer: thank the auto tapper LUL odd
duke_dice: @Nydestroyer So what you saying its not a pox on the autotapper? :P
Sharkfists: vorinclex big into delegation
micalovits: Vorinclex to busy stomping on things
djalternative: Glissa, Executive Assistant
drcthulu: vorinclex is part of the patriarchy, TIL
MegaDosX: I want to see Hazoret vs Vorinclex in MOM and for Hazoret to body him
Sharkfists: really supportive of the people under him
LibraryWitchKei: I thought Vorinclex died in Kaldheim, so that's absolutely news to me
Slacker1977: turn 2 3/1 flier SeemsGood
baronsamedi23: Cheer100 "Bottoms for the Top god, Subs for the Sub throne"
Nydestroyer: @Slacker1977 with weird lifelink
Pharmacistjudge: proliferate <null> is still proliferating
KustarKnight: it does seem that the Praetors like to double different effects, but not do much themselves
Sharkfists: that sounds ominous
ThorSokar: no...?
drcthulu: links?
LibraryWitchKei: It's so good
kumatsu: I saw it all over my feed, personally
Diabore: !card bladehold warwhi[
LRRbot: Bladehold War-Whip [1RW] | Artifact — Equipment | For Mirrodin! / Equip abilities you activate of other Equipment cost {1} less to activate. / Equipped creature has double strike. / Equip {3}{R}{W}
djalternative: I think I saw that but pics anyway
Sharkfists: the ~thing~
emberBecky: yeah I saw it going around a bit :D
Slacker1977: you said something about Choruses
jacqui_lantern234: @Pharmacistjudge what did you do?
MegaDosX: And hey look something to actually proliferate
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anyGould: Happy Thursday!
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GredGredmansson: lrrFINE
micalovits: Yikes
djalternative: oh god why
warboss5: Oh OUCH
MegaDosX: Huh.
Astrovore: oh BOY
djalternative: that pic
TheWriterAleph: gross, i love it LUL
Slacker1977: i had a draft where someone did that and titanic growth to the 1/1 you can sac to proliferate
drcthulu: well that's a mental image I'm not going to soon forget, well done Pharmacistjudge
GredGredmansson: we venser first for the blocker
MurphEP: lrrSPOOP
Sharkfists: ahahaha
control_rig: Aaaaaaaa
TimeToFry: Oh jeez
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Slacker1977: would have been 16 to my dome
Sharkfists: amazing
warboss5: Haha, that is the best use of those masks I've ever seen
pn55: HypeLUL
micalovits: That is SO disturbing
Diabore: go with me, unctus, venser, thum attack, make golem
SurfDownstage: lrrSPOOP
accountmadeforants: Excellent
DudelidouX: LMAO
Grimnus: Perfect
MegaDosX: @Pharmacistjudge Did you also bring a mite to go with it?
thejadedthief: amazing
Pharmacistjudge: I did not
jacqui_lantern234: amazing and also i hate it
SurfDownstage: triangle jumpscare
A_Dub888: That is multiface-etted
Bugberry: they can't reequip the flail for a couple more turns at least
korvys: Oh yeah, I saw that one with Gritty in the hole
warboss5: And Annoit is online, nice
satyropodobny: guess which face gets to be the mite
MegaDosX: I vote now?
graal_smith: Do eet nauh!
Grimnus: Not many things in WR thatd blow that out
kumatsu: I'd personally hold it for if they have another pump spell
micalovits: I don't think there are any hexproof trick in WR?
Grimnus: If any
graal_smith: Hey, it's two of my favorite LRR streamers, Graham and James.
micalovits: Green has one
TimeToFry: In green?
GredGredmansson: only a few green ones
kumatsu: ^
Slacker1977: there's some in green
jacqui_lantern234: eww! it has batter on its fist?! :p
Kallious: hexproof trick in green and green
MarkovDescendant: Tyvar's Last Stand in green
graal_smith: If Kathleen were there it'd be a trifecta
lamina5432: one green
Astrovore: Venser was a pretty clutch draw there
SnowBuddy18: @jacqui_lantern234 no, better fist
LadyKatelynna: ~MotHEr wHY dO yOu noT loVE US~ say the crawling chorus
GredGredmansson: Maze's Mantle as well if on a toxic creature
drcthulu: not in boros
Nydestroyer: yea maybe you could block with the 3/3 force the trick and then use it, but its way safer to do it when they are tapped out imo
Kallious: No trample tricks this set
Pharmacistjudge: the fun part was walking around with the giant horror piece of cardboard, and singing the triangle man part of Particle man
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: @Kallious thank god
MegaDosX: You have assembled an engine
jacqui_lantern234: YOURE a terrific pile of creatures!!! :p
micalovits: This is so disgusting, I love it
paulmer_b: this is like a constructed deck
korvys: UG is pretty bad, but UB I really like
Bugberry: two rares makes lots of things better.
Grimnus: Main thing with the blue is its incredibly shallow
drcthulu: this bodes well for LRRMTG
brutusq13: This is how Dimir always wants to play
SirMorek: the pile of sweet uncommons, when you get the good uncommons and rares this archtype really pops
kumatsu: I'm surprised that Aspirant isn't once per turn
GredGredmansson: we do control one still
MegaDosX: Bet it fizzles
Nydestroyer: our two leg rares are good together Kappa
Kallious: Would have blocked with venser there since he's kinda worthless now
Diabore: flunge time
djalternative: and now we can target the mite with venser
warboss5: Yep yep
MegaDosX: Yeah with the tapper cat
Slacker1977: they should go to 2
jacqui_lantern234: math is for blockers, as they say
MegaDosX: Deck go brr
zelukester: where we flungin' boys
Diabore: and now thrum is lethal alone
MegaDosX: They can suit it up
MegaDosX: But that's...about iot
MegaDosX: it*
Slacker1977: no Eternal Wanderer
Diabore: war-whip also makes it free
zelukester: dayGG
Sharkfists: they'd be dead to just thrumming bird anyways
Slacker1977: OP should have thought about Eternal Wanderer
pn55: seabatClap
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
A_Dub888: James "In the Room God" Turner
jacqui_lantern234: #BlamesTurner i guess :p
ElektroTal: you are the what now
sephsays: James truly is blursed.
Kelderan: But, Guys. Red good and blue bad! Pros even said so! ;D. Seriously good games you two.
djalternative: Buy the book, Charlie! BUY IT!
micalovits: Funny, both games where James LEFT the room we had terrible land draws(one flood, one screw)
ElektroTal: i heard i am the sex golden god when i walked in, lol
gizmofreak1: DECK
A_Dub888: James "Golden God of (this) Draft Deck" Turner
Kallious: @Kelderan Blue's commons are bad, their uncommons and rares are fine if you get them. The problem is that you can't always get those cards
Slacker1977: but it's true. blue bad. that's why my UW artifacts draft went 7-2 :p
Diabore: pro tip, draft the deck for your seat, a mediocre good colour will lose hard to a good bad colour pair
SnackPak_: gamers love min-maxing
CururuGuasu: Those kinds of color recommendations only really matter at the highest competitive levels
Pharmacistjudge: there are times where blue was absolutely miserable...like AFR
Pharmacistjudge: but this isn't that
Kelderan: That's why draft is fantastic as it can self correct. Also, I realize this is a small sample size
djalternative: yeah. this isn't AFR
n3ther: it's been a while since one entire color was unplayable
GredGredmansson: i drafted a cool blue/black deck that I piloted horribly; I'd love to redo that sometime
Kelderan: @Kelderan I understand. I'm just giving a little sillyness.
baronsamedi23: ugh having to clean a 3 year old Tv remote right now and i need hazmat gloves
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jacqui_lantern234: dangit, now i want japanese sweets! >:(
drcthulu: I believe it's that more of the powerlevel is in the rares and uncommons, but playing what is open is often the best line
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maximum_berry: snack time!
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Daisyg1313: Some Graham drafting ❤️❤️ yay!
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lesbianpunkpyromancer20: yeah draft as a ecosystem going, the more folks who think a color is bad pass them to the person in those colors making decks of that color better
micalovits: Thats a big stalker
GredGredmansson: Anya!
djalternative: Anya!
control_rig: 0_0
jacqui_lantern234: OMG WANT ANYA CANDIES
Slacker1977: why not block?
AtomicAlchemical: Anya! lrrSHINE
Grimnus: Seems a decent harvester trade
micalovits: I like trading
brainbosh: That's what hivemaster is for, to trade up
AtomicAlchemical: Are the peanut flavored?
GredGredmansson: @AtomicAlchemical oh they better be peanut flavored
DanTheMediocre: hot take anya candy is just shelled peanuts
Spacecarl: welcome back gentlemen. It was great to see you all in Philly, I hope that the trip back went well!
jacqui_lantern234: @DanTheMediocre you say that as if its a bad thing
Slacker1977: if we dose i'm for dancer
DanTheMediocre: no I love those, but it's a hard sell for 'candy' I think
GredGredmansson: speaking of things that mite or mite not do things are nicknames up soon?
micalovits: Agressive tap o.o
Slacker1977: i smell a second zealot's
GredGredmansson: sinew dancer can get nasty
control_rig: AggRatTap!
Mazrae: how is everyone doing today, Hey Graham and James
DanTheMediocre: !card caramel taro
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
DanTheMediocre: darn
BalthusHomewood: Hello! Have we gathered all the magic?
Kallious: second zealot doesnt do anything?
LadyKatelynna: Ooo I love all things Adzuki. Wish anko paste was easier to get ahold of at a decent price
A_Dub888: !card unctus
LRRbot: Did you mean: Unctus, Grand Metatect; Unctus's Retrofitter
Kallious: Unctus for big mite?
control_rig: Unct and Thrum?
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Martin_FcG: 40 months! Thanks for all you do
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A_Dub888: !card unctus, grand
LRRbot: Unctus, Grand Metatect [1UU] | Legendary Artifact Creature — Phyrexian Vedalken [2/4] | Other blue creatures you control have "Whenever this creature becomes tapped, draw a card, then discard a card." / Other artifact creatures you control get +1/+1. / {U/P}: Until end of turn, target creature you control becomes a blue artifact in addition to its other colors and types. Activate only as a sorcery.
MegaDosX: We want the Island for Unctus
Slacker1977: noooooo
micalovits: Discard hybrid and get it back
micalovits: Awww
Kallious: Should discard voidwing
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Discard the bird and get it back.
Slacker1977: discard hybrid :D
Kallious: Free card
MegaDosX: You could have pitched Voidwing
GredGredmansson: I'd dump the voidwing since we can get that back
MegaDosX: It comes back on Proliferate
MegaDosX: All good, you know for this turn coming!
maximum_berry: not thinking is allowed!
control_rig: It's fiiine, all good
snortablecola: it is okay that is allowed
ContingentCat: thinking can be hard
micalovits: Graham distracted by snacks
GredGredmansson: anya candy too distracting
Ewayko: oh no! the third rule!
control_rig: Snacks > Thought
micalovits: Unctus the rat?
MegaDosX: Though that Sinew Dancer is now a problem
satyropodobny: Now they don't know we have hybrid lrrSHINE
MegaDosX: So we make the rat blue?
control_rig: BluRat
MegaDosX: Don't hate it
micalovits: Discard hybrid at some point
Kallious: ??? voidwing?
Kelderan: Gonna go mix up a Buldak hot korean noodles and destroy my insides. Good luck until I get back you two.
MegaDosX: You do want to keep poison off you for the Sinew Dancer to not become gross
micalovits: There is a fun argument to keep the voidwing hybrid in hand
Juliamon: Even a 'fine' KitKat is good
micalovits: Think being agressive is better, but it is fun!
Juliamon: It's still a KitKat
MegaDosX: Just become clairvoyant Graham, how hard could it be?
zigboy22: I eat fish
control_rig: @micalovits Agreed. I think G is on the front-foot here so it makes sense to play it out
GredGredmansson: i'm reminded that I was going to do food shopping
maximum_berry: oh no he was so unctuous
bernardo013: unct-less
Kelderan: The aspirant triggered ability has put in work.
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GapFiller: open tangential question here chat based on something on my other monitor: windowless hotel rooms Y/N?
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satyropodobny: no need to chain them if they are the rock
jacqui_lantern234: thanks, internet, now i can no longer read "OSSIfication"
MegaDosX: Because you have no poison they have to keep four open to tap things down
control_rig: Yep. Keeping below Corrupted makes the Sinew Dancer a BIG mana sink
Mazrae: How goes the Magic
MegaDosX: Sinew Dancer is disgusting if you can get your opponent Corrupted, but without it it's kinda bad
control_rig: It's not IF you will doe, it's HOW you wil ldow
micalovits: Currently poison kills them when they go to 1
GredGredmansson: unless they have the haste dino
control_rig: *die
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
A_Dub888: @jacqui_lantern234 Now I'm thinking about the spy organization from Spy Kids
Nydestroyer: maybe the double kill
DrLigmaPhD: I have only just arrived and heard James say "Oeuf" so I assume y'all are on eggs somehow
MegaDosX: Whispers!
LadyKatelynna: ouch two dune movers
GredGredmansson: wait
jacqui_lantern234: @A_Dub888 i havent thought of Spy Kids in a HOT MINUTE
GredGredmansson: oh right nm
MegaDosX: It can get rid of the Sinew Dancer
Kelderan: GGs
MegaDosX: Oh hey you can get Compleat Victory
Mazrae: Hold me closer Sinew dancer
aerohydra: james really rescued this draft
MegaDosX: Oh right
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You could have attacked with only the thrummingbird to get the double kill.
MegaDosX: Close enough though :p
85Hawk: I would have held off in case they had a reach creature
maximum_berry: #blamejames for winning
Nydestroyer: science also says if you stay and lose so stay or go we get the same result
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: get to 6-2 and leave
MegaDosX: Man I am hype to see how Elspeth returns to the fight in MOM
LadyKatelynna: @Mazrae Oh no now I'm just thinking of a Phirexian Elton Jon
micalovits: Bye weird teeth plane!
warboss5: Draw I think
warboss5: Hope for a land
Mazrae: @LadyKatelynna great now i am too and as long as he keeps singing like does i dont think i would mind it
MegaDosX: Prologue might get you a land
MegaDosX: Alas.
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: graham maybe a weird question but now that you have a good bit of hair back is it like a different texture or anything then before?
KustarKnight: since Tamiyo was the first one compleated, I really thought we were going to see a phrexian Emrakul
Verrain2: Good bye bone sinew road, where the dogs of Phyrexia howl
85Hawk: Emperor incoming
laundreydhull: @MegaDosX Probably will be a Scarlet Witch House of M level event. TL;DR "No More Sparks.", should absolute compleation be rendered impossible as long as Planeswalkers exist.
warboss5: Unc, swing wth Hive?
flibdev: my friend that went through chemo had the softest hair come back
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: neat!
ThorSokar: My aunt's hair color changed from red to brown after kemo and then back to red years later after another round of kemo
laundreydhull: That's kind of hoped would happen back in Ravnica too...
MegaDosX: @laundreydhull I doubt they're going to get rid of planeswalkers altogether
warboss5: The polearm on the Apostle would be terrifying if they had anything with toxic
micalovits: Buff headcleaver and swing with it?
laundreydhull: @MegaDosX I meant the intent. I didn't refer to a realistic outcome.
jacqui_lantern234: my grandma got some patches of her hair colour back after chemo
MegaDosX: Make the 2/4 blue and swing?
GreatGodOm: chump attack with the mite?
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MegaDosX: Oh maybe should have made the mite blue too
YFiddler subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 21 months!
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Mischievous_Catgeist: hiya everyone
micalovits: I don't think the bird is worth that
micalovits: Mite seems fine though
Nydestroyer: oh sick, you could have given it flying
Nydestroyer: or is that sorcery only?
control_rig: Yoooooo
warboss5: Ask and ye shall receive
Grimnus: Just like we wrote it up
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Annoint is exile.
SirMorek: exiles
chatterboxfire: GG
MegaDosX: Yeah that's fair opponent
warboss5: Brtual
control_rig: Yep nice nice nice
zigboy22: man
maximum_berry: Welcome to plat
GredGredmansson: but blueblack bad so never play it Kappa
GreatGodOm: UB confirmed worse colour. Kappa
Dothewhatnow: lrr makes playing magic look easy
Grimnus: Getting the full 9 games is always good
MarkovDescendant: Any chance for a GVlog from MC Philly?
v_nome: Did we remember to allocate all our flasks?
Pharmacistjudge: does the LRRMTG account contribute to 17 lands?
maximum_berry: Did you enjoy Philadelphia, the best city in America?
GredGredmansson: @v_nome I can't get ye flask...
ElektroTal: a blog?
micalovits: Can't wait to see it in half a year :D
satyropodobny: Where will I find humble pie at this hour?
GredGredmansson: i don't like it
control_rig: Echhhh
laundreydhull: NOPE.
kumatsu: does a lotta nothing
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I saw some of the recording in the background of Amazonian's stream on Saturday.
MarkovDescendant: Just a chance of one is all I need ^.^ Your GVlogs helped me so much during the pandini
laundreydhull: I've seen these trap opens
KustarKnight: are any LRR people going to PAX east this year?
laundreydhull: I loathe them.
chatterboxfire: such a cute tumbleweed
GapFiller: MarkovDescendant James already said on his homestream one for Philly was in the works
Martin_FcG: The name of that last boss. haha
GredGredmansson: a video log if you will
MarkovDescendant: @GapFiller Cool Beans ^.^ Thanks
korvys: You know, short for "Wev Log"
jacqui_lantern234: like a blog, but with a "V" in there :p
MrSnooter: Can you still proliferate to get the drain trigger if you have no counters to proliferate?
maximum_berry: UB mirror in the boss round, just as the format ascribes
GredGredmansson: yes
control_rig: Yeah the opponent's name is very on-point\
Easilycrazyhat: It's blog with more v
flibdev: I do hope y'all can get invited back to PAX AUS again
Pharmacistjudge: proliferate <null> is still proliferate
MrSnooter: Ty :)
v_nome: Unct us right out
control_rig: Anoint the kitty?
GredGredmansson: I'd save it
DrLigmaPhD: Is it a point of pride to leave an opponent at 1 while they have Phyrexian Arena in play?
control_rig: But yeah save it
jacqui_lantern234: is "Unctus" the new stereotypical beat akin to "Boots And Cats"
Nydestroyer: are you going to corrupt them anytime soon?
Mazrae: what is the ring on their card sleeves
Slacker1977: Sol Ring
Martin_FcG: I died to my own hive earlier today :(
lamina5432: or a skitterblossem
GredGredmansson: also neat mirror match final boss
micalovits: Very shiny sol ring
flibdev: ain't no win like hubris win
marxmarksman: Almighty Brushwagg or Regular Brushwagg?
patrick_stonecrusher: sanic
MarkovDescendant: Sol Ring in Historic Brawl cowards!
control_rig: @jacqui_lantern234 "Unctus unctus unctus" is more of a porn drumbeat
laundreydhull: @control_rig Then prove them wrong. Always be the OP that proves them wrong. Names are irrelevant & everyone is eventually shit.
chatterboxfire: tumbleweed for the tumblewin
Sharkfists: sol ring can't even deal damage sharkf11THINK
aggrocrow: it's weird to me they put Sol Ring on a sleeve before it was actually playable on Arena
couchboyj: The special kill is ten poison and zero life in the same attack
the_semicolon: sometimes, 1 is 0
korvys: !card Serum Snare
LRRbot: Serum Snare [1U] | Instant | Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand. If that permanent had mana value 3 or less, proliferate.
mjiig: Does sol ring have a magic story role or is it just a card?
GredGredmansson: its a good card
Slacker1977: just a card. from Alpha
flibdev: it's the strongest card in edh
Mazrae: sorry about the question i dont really have the time or money to play MTG but i really enjoy watching you guys stream it
satyropodobny: @marxmarksman Trick question, every Brushwagg is almighty
flibdev: power 10th
marxmarksman: @marxmarksman Well said.
bernardo013: @mazrae no worries! If anything we;re all jealous of you that you don’t know what it is haha
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The Experiment makes combat math so good for them.
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Maybe if you used ALL of your legs...
Nydestroyer: "UB is bad" "Finals on 6-2 both UB" LUL
GredGredmansson: white splash
Kallious: Splashing wellspring is.. a choice
jacqui_lantern234: hey Dr. G! if i made a silly mono green commander deck, would you play it against me if we ever met irl?
Slacker1977: hm, i was underwhelmed with the Wellspring in my UW deck
Dothewhatnow: Can someone explain Annoint to me...both are exile, is it just that corrupted lets you do anything where base is cmc 3 or less?
A_Dub888: !card norn's wellspring
LRRbot: Norn's Wellspring [1W] | Artifact | Whenever a creature you control dies, scry 1 and put an oil counter on Norn's Wellspring. / {1}, {T}, Remove two oil counters from Norn's Wellspring: Draw a card.
GredGredmansson: it works with all the artifact stuff they have
Slacker1977: only ever scried, never drew a card
GredGredmansson: @Dothewhatnow yes
MegaDosX: @jacqui_lantern234 Who is commander?
Bugberry: I feel like "X color is bad" just usually means it's not great to first pick a card in that color, not that ending up in that color is a bad idea.
Nydestroyer: Lol, just meet in a grocerystore and challenge someone to a duel
ElektroTal: hah. imagine playing games at a magic con
SnowBuddy18: this also isn't permission to kidnap G for a commander game
baronsamedi23: don't know why but the norns wellspring reminds me of a latte cup
v_nome: A wild jacqui suddenly busts into the room
MegaDosX: Imagine if Graham wakes up in the morning and there's Jacqui next to his bed with deck in hand challenging him
Nydestroyer: real yugioh energy
GredGredmansson: @Dothewhatnow you can target anything either way, its just itll fail on big things if corrupt isn't active
jacqui_lantern234: the assumption was a mtg con or whatnot. Oviya Pashiri is the commander... and you can probably see where this is going
Kallious: @Bugberry "x color is bad" is usually just "the commons in this color aren't amazing"
KustarKnight: if you guys are at Pax playing commander with some of you would be so fun
Dothewhatnow: @GredGredmansson gotcha. i guess the wording is a bit weird for my tiny brain since it has that "instead" wording
GredGredmansson: I don't think there's a 1U counterspell at base
Kallious: The uncommons are doing the heavy lifting in this deck
MegaDosX: @GredGredmansson There's Bring the Ending
laundreydhull: I should really value Aspirant over Vraan in most scenarios
GredGredmansson: oh right the spell pierce @MegaDosX
KustarKnight: definitely get that you would be busy there. still would be fun
LadyKatelynna: As a transplant recipient, I would like to ask everyone (namely media) to stop making transplant related horror. It's very unsettling.
GredGredmansson: thrummingbird drains for 2 when it hits right now
SnowBuddy18: 4
GreatGodOm: Thrummingbird is a 2 turn clock in the air
Slacker1977: no attack with trap?
chatterboxfire: what does skullbomb do?
Slacker1977: !card Recovetr
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Slacker1977: !Card Recover
LRRbot: Recover [2B] | Sorcery | Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand. / Draw a card.
Slacker1977: that's Skullbomb
GredGredmansson: @chatterboxfire black skullbomb can return creatures from bin to hand
MegaDosX: !card dross skullbomb
LRRbot: Dross Skullbomb [1] | Artifact | {1}, Sacrifice Dross Skullbomb: Draw a card. / {2}{B}, Sacrifice Dross Skullbomb: Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand. Draw a card. Activate only as a sorcery.
flibdev: I was disappointed by the lack of MTG stuff at PAXAUS last year
micalovits: Thrumming brid kills them so fast
gizmofreak1: any proliferate is lethal
control_rig: Thrumm thrumm
gizmofreak1: 2 proliferate sorry
chatterboxfire: gg
control_rig: Jaaaaaaames
maximum_berry: whomp whomp
GredGredmansson: why game why now
flibdev: dammit James
MarkovDescendant: #BlameJames
MehallD: #BlameJames#
Mazrae: ive always wanted to go to a PAX probably PAX south since that would be the closest or go to a magic event to play with people and learn
Dread_Pirate_Westley: lrrJAMES , stop.
LadyKatelynna: James should have left after all
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
gizmofreak1: 11/17
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: james you gotta go apologies to that wich
maximum_berry: oh it's absolutely james's fault
baronsamedi23: "god of the deck"
GreatGodOm: Maybe James should have left the room after all...
GalacticCyrus: james look away real quick LUL
KustarKnight: wow
control_rig: Blugh
Kallious: Quick James, leave the room
oatway: both teams played hard
GredGredmansson: tomWelp
micalovits: I see how our opponent has won some games
control_rig: 1 is not 0
lackingsanity: topdeck dose?
the_semicolon: outplayed
BloodnBullets: see the problem is OP is on UB too, so now james is helping them.
micalovits: We are very dead, we die on block
Slacker1977: we're not?
Kallious: We are
control_rig: Very very dea
Kallious: Archfient deals 2 damage when your creatures die
maximum_berry: I would have simply drawn not lands instead of lands, were it me
Diabore: we die no matter what, archfiend has the steve text
maximum_berry: difficult line, I know
laundreydhull: oh, yea. Not dead. Just "Pretty Deads"
Kelderan: Good run!
couchboyj: A pox upon the auto shuffler!
control_rig: A good run!
A_Dub888: Skill Diff
fungal_bird: Chat says hi lrrCAMERON
baronsamedi23: brutal cam
micalovits: Can mostly hear Cam
MegaDosX: I heard Cam laughing
GredGredmansson: Nissa so good
Juliamon: We totally can
RAZRBCK08: this format is a struggle to get 3 wins sometimes
laundreydhull: Not Dead, Just "Pretty Dead" LRR-Button Pitch chat?
drcthulu: Yep Cam came in loud and clear
MegaDosX: This Nissa is wild
LurkerSpine: yeah we heard Cam
GredGredmansson: summon an even larger man
flibdev: microwaved cam sass
kumatsu: Momir?
Kelderan: The prebuilt events were fun
MarkovDescendant: Momir
GreatGodOm: momir
Kelderan: Momir?>
laundreydhull: You get a Venom-looking Obliterator art
Slacker1977: Momir is poop
KeytarCat: "We lost with the deck you gave us" "Why?" A very Cam bit
RAZRBCK08: those festivals have been fun tbh
baronsamedi23: momir now has spells in it
kumatsu: Momir was literally all I sued MTGO for
kumatsu: used*
couchboyj: Get Viggy with it?
MegaDosX: I hear so many people complain when Momir shows up in Arena :p
Bugberry: They still do event-deck festivals, they just don't last too long.
LadyKatelynna: I think there's still Jump In!
jazzyjrw: You could do a Jump In
MegaDosX: And you earn card arts for wins
micalovits: You are playing aristocrats pretty much
GredGredmansson: oh is Jump In active?
DudelidouX: white black did good for me. lots of exile and dies trigger
warboss5: Get Cam in here to pilot Aristocrats!
RayFK: Gaggro for short.
kumatsu: Oreoverse????
GredGredmansson: wut
Kelderan: The nice thing about drafting all the time. Many wild cards =D
MegaDosX: If you have all the decks it should be up the top
laundreydhull: deleted Mono B?
RAZRBCK08: should be near the top
GredGredmansson: at the very bottom?
EvilBadman: importedDeckV3_final_final
flibdev: best UI ever
laundreydhull: Or the IDK one
RayFK: Apply AJ Styles.
A_Dub888: D R O S S
Dothewhatnow: draws
EvilBadman: Dod Ross
drcthulu: Back to the Pit
A_Dub888: @RayFK Phenominal
Slacker1977: what's the emblem?
GredGredmansson: drivnod
jacqui_lantern234: @RayFK head on, apply directly to the styles
MegaDosX: !card drivnod
LRRbot: Drivnod, Carnage Dominus [3BB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Horror [8/3] | If a creature dying causes a triggered ability of a permanent you control to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time. / {B/P}{B/P}, Exile three creature cards from your graveyard: Put an indestructible counter on Drivnod, Carnage Dominus.
DylPage: Whenever something dies, it dies twice.
MegaDosX: Did you just say "that triggerdy"? :p
A_Dub888: What is dead may die again
Dothewhatnow: what was that website that they used for the deck?
maximum_berry: oh dear
MegaDosX: Oh hey there Braids
GredGredmansson: hello braids
kaboomjr26: What are the deckbuilding constraints for this event?
GredGredmansson: singleton 60 card
maximum_berry: braids is here and ready to make things disappear
jacqui_lantern234: palpatine underscore dewit dot wav :p
Dothewhatnow: Thanks G edennThumbsUp
DudelidouX: Keep the exile for the creature with death trigger
maximum_berry: it can only trigger once
MegaDosX: Once per turn clashes with doubling things like that
Bugberry: It triggers once.
flibdev: reading the card...
RAZRBCK08: the triggers only once
MegaDosX: !card ghoulish procession
LRRbot: Ghoulish Procession [1B] | Enchantment | Whenever one or more nontoken creatures die, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token with decayed. This ability triggers only once each turn.
GredGredmansson: "this ability triggers only once each turn"
DudelidouX: Why I didn't put it in my deck
GredGredmansson: something something soup store
Grimnus: Its there to give you sac fodder
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Nontoken.
A_Dub888: !findquote read card
LRRbot: Quote #6517: "Who reads cards these days? It's 2019!" —Serge [2019-10-25]
RayFK: Go to bed Graham
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Wiliart: It's been a looong sub
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GredGredmansson: alchemy cards
MegaDosX: Oh hey a thing you can Cut Down
Slacker1977: ewwww, this is Alchemy?
satyropodobny: look at that mite go
MegaDosX: I'd kill the Blood Artist now
maximum_berry: I was so worried for skrelv there for a second
EvilBadman: @Slacker1977 No it's the event
Slacker1977: @EvilBadman i meant the Event format is alchemy
MegaDosX: Blood Artists in this particular format would be disgusting
flibdev: ugh, I do not miss those decayed animations
GredGredmansson: this dragon was made for ME
Diabore: its a mom
RayFK: Blartist
RayFK: Paul Blartist
Bugberry: I'm curious what non-black decks are good in this.
Diabore: or a dad because iirc canonical a male?
MegaDosX: I have seen a nonzero number of people get got with Skrelv assuming it is Protection From
Wolfstrike_NL: He sure is a mom
drcthulu: mom, step mom, and call for for mommy
GredGredmansson: skrelv is best dadmom
Mazrae: love the art for the dragon
LadyKatelynna: Mommy's little Mommy, as it were
jacqui_lantern234: just a lil mom
maximum_berry: skrelv is mother, I believe the kids are saying this
baronsamedi23: moth ball of ruins
MegaDosX: Oh shit
Grimnus: Hes very good
maximum_berry: that's uhhhhhhh problematic
baronsamedi23: Alchemy BS
MegaDosX: Crucias is quite good
jacqui_lantern234: @MegaDosX YOURE GOOD
GredGredmansson: 3 or more
MegaDosX: @jacqui_lantern234 SO ARE YOU
Nydestroyer: so wait lands just give you spells? seems good
Bugberry: @baronsamedi23 this seems like a fine Alchemy card.
GredGredmansson: Get darg'd on
jacqui_lantern234: @MegaDosX provably false
MegaDosX: Oh snap
lackingsanity: the card doesnt say 'Ambitious or Expedient'
MegaDosX: Good thing you killed that Blood Artist
baronsamedi23: @Bugberry im just bitter
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patbaer: 37! Also: hello.
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MegaDosX: Or pay one white mana
micalovits: Or pay white and protect is also an option
Grimnus: Any yard
GredGredmansson: from ANY graveyard
satyropodobny: you can pay mana
flibdev: any graveyard
Slacker1977: any graveyard
MegaDosX: Also yeah it says any graveyard
MAPBoardgames: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Heather, Cori, and Cameron return to Restart their playthrough of Gloomhaven! Game: Gloomhaven) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (17m from now).
micalovits: Alchemy cards are NOT okay ballance wise o.o
Bugberry: @micalovits most are fine.
MegaDosX: Uh oh
baronsamedi23: so you can deny the singleton rule via drafting
lackingsanity: protecting it was still a fine play imo
Mazrae: i love the art of so many of these cards
MegaDosX: Oh if you get Authority of the Consuls
maximum_berry: that's lethal
MegaDosX: Whoof
Bugberry: Voltron
brutusq13: siicckk win
Grimnus: Bonk
MegaDosX: Voltron dragon
brutusq13: gottem with the booty
maximum_berry: flawless victory
warboss5: Woot woot!
pn55: seabatClap
GredGredmansson: sword in one hand fist in the other
ogier300: Always never had it.
satyropodobny: Junji Ito's Voltron
SkipIives: Got there
patbaer: hi
baronsamedi23: we are still drafting tecnically
Grimnus: Fancy rat acquired
fungal_bird: Try not to subscribe to anyone in the parking lot!
drewm1022: Try not to suck any dicks on the way to the parking lot!
maximum_berry: meathook is so busted in this format lol
Kelderan: But, Graham. Does James know about this... one more thing ;D?
MegaDosX: Also Patriar's Humiliation
Nydestroyer: Do you ever wonder how the brushwag stops itself from flying away all the time
Slacker1977: Soldiers?
LadyKatelynna: gonna be honest, I like blight-belly rat's default art better than it's alt art
MegaDosX: Opponent's on soldiers I assume
GredGredmansson: Azorius Soldiers
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drewm1022: oh hey.
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MegaDosX: Yeah it didn't show up often but it's just good in the right deck
EvilBadman: I barely remember New Cap regardless
adambomb625: What format is this?
warboss5: Incoming Cancel
warboss5: Oh wow, guess not
Denis_Dobrolubov: @adambomb625 Alchemy singleton with special event emblem.
MegaDosX: Oh no opponent
MegaDosX: They have missed multiple land drops here
Bugberry: @Denis_Dobrolubov Historic singleton. Alchemy optional.
couchboyj: Everyone has Teysa eminence
MegaDosX: Yeah she's neat
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MegaDosX: @couchboyj More specifically it's meant to be Drivnod, but yeah, same effect
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Uuuuh, One More?
LadyKatelynna: mmmmm..... one more?
Bugberry: spicy meatballs
objectivefailure: Peppermints
xXAYAYAXx: based
MegaDosX: Oh shit Transmogrant's Crown in this format
GredGredmansson: it's pronounced "Ao" Graham Kappa
RAZRBCK08: that Bonepicker Scourge art is unpleasant to look at
GreatGodOm: MMMM... Fleshy orbs
Mazrae: i looked away did they win the last round?
GredGredmansson: yes opponent got mana screwed
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xXAYAYAXx: friendofsquirrel based boys # based
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Wolfstrike_NL: Canadians in the walls
Slacker1977: opponent lost it by not drawing 4th land
MegaDosX: @Mazrae Opponent missed several land drops and only had a single creature for a while before scooping
notthepenguins: aha, was about to ask if it was the angry birds one
patbaer: imagine only paying for a game up front
MegaDosX: Oh shit Drivnod on Drivnod action
LadyKatelynna: will I get timed out for suggesting "Mommy's balls"?
GapFiller: predatory mobile gaming companies wanting more money"? say it aint so!
flibdev: Still can't believe that the Junji Ito secret lair didn't include Junji the Midnight Sky
GredGredmansson: flavor text on Crown so good
SkipIives: I’m shocked, shocked I say
MegaDosX: They want the treasure
warboss5: Barrens witch?
GredGredmansson: basically the Mishran soldiers disliked seeing their allies turned into undead, so Ashnod gave them opaque helmets
aitsu100: That crapshot reminded me The Tragically Hip exist and are my exact vibe at this point in my life
MegaDosX: You also have a Drivnod to further double the death effects
baronsamedi23: the hotel californa
flibdev: great job, no notes
GredGredmansson: I actually think Gavin is responsible for those; he mentioned this card in a GMM
Athelgar: i dont think ive ever seen a Creeping, actually in play
lackingsanity: lead off on Ao I think?
MegaDosX: Yeah
LadyKatelynna: double double
notthepenguins: 4x triggers eh
couchboyj: Later in its life they turned it into a Punitentiary
GredGredmansson: @notthepenguins 3x
uchihab7: and u can make it indestructible
baronsamedi23: draft 3
GredGredmansson: "an additional time"
BloodnBullets: what does it need to become indestructable?
MegaDosX: !card drivnod
LRRbot: Drivnod, Carnage Dominus [3BB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Horror [8/3] | If a creature dying causes a triggered ability of a permanent you control to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time. / {B/P}{B/P}, Exile three creature cards from your graveyard: Put an indestructible counter on Drivnod, Carnage Dominus.
Alex_Frostfire: Yeah, it's more like +1 than x2.
MegaDosX: So yeah triple death triggers right now
Bugberry: +1, not x2
micalovits: Still fun though!
MegaDosX: It's not as wild as Solphim or Mondrak
Diabore: you can do it next turn, play the chef, and use glare to kill the witch
GredGredmansson: I think Drivnod's condition is the hardest to meet
MegaDosX: Yeah Drivnod is removal bait right now
santural: Thranharmonicon?
Diabore: wouldnt have saved it regardless
micalovits: Drivnods is a little hard to meet, but the least impactfull on the board to do
Diabore: triple triggers is too much for op
LadyKatelynna: @santural excellent work 10/10 no notes
MegaDosX: Oh snap
Mr_Horrible: alternatively: RIPBozo Drivnod #packwatch 2023
MegaDosX: Punch first
MegaDosX: Stack go brr
Kelderan: Cue carnival music
GredGredmansson: time to get you covered in leeches
Mr_Horrible: Curse Of Leeches, aka "What if your eyeballs became a 4/4 lifelinker?"
MegaDosX: Big frog!
GredGredmansson: froge
Mr_Horrible: take the frog you cowards
pn55: Frog frog frog
flibdev: F R O G
Athelgar: it is a witch
Bugberry: I love the flavorful spellbooks
GredGredmansson: OSFrog
frozenphoenix7: Why would the Familiar not be in the Witch's Spellbook
frozenphoenix7: It just makes sense that it's there
jacqui_lantern234: oh froggies my doggies
Diabore: curse was surprisingly annoying in amonkhet
Mr_Horrible: get they ass
RealGamerCow: froge
baronsamedi23: jadar is fun with that curse
lion_byte: froge hype
drewm1022: Sometimes you just need a creature.
warboss5: Forgo curses, become frog
GredGredmansson: PVDDR spell
lackingsanity: its basically white bounce
MegaDosX: I mean. Sure?
KarnakGWJ: His name is Terrence and we love him.
korvys: I was away - What format is this?
RAZRBCK08: that 3/4 will kill them with that curse
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I remember curse 100% being a not great card but could definitely still kill you
MurphEP: Into the Paolo zone
aesir_blade: Ao?
MegaDosX: Now do you dragon and give it a crown?
lackingsanity: dragons are not great with the rite in the yard
BloodnBullets: with their dude making zombies i guess it was bad for them.
Slacker1977: somewhat weak to their rite
MegaDosX: Could have given dragon crown
MegaDosX: They do still have removal in hand
MegaDosX: Or in graveyard rather
aesir_blade: Oh no, we only get to just cast our other dragon
micalovits: Ehh, we have a second big dargon
MegaDosX: Oh well, you can Ao now
drewm1022: Had to get through the rite somehow.
Mr_Horrible: I mean, our only options for creatures were basically "Big Dragon"
MurphEP: Yes but what about second dragon
flibdev: we've had first dragon yes, what about second dragon?
KeytarCat: @micalovits lol, OP hasn't heard of second dragon
BloodnBullets: i would honestly consider bringing the curse back since they are getting a zombie every turn
micalovits: Last turn they sacced it to rite
GreatGodOm: eiganjo is only 1 to channel now.
MegaDosX: They sued it as fodder to Rite
lion_byte: lmao
lannersong: dang love me some sanguine brushstroke
MegaDosX: So how does it feel to basically have Skullclamp? :p
micalovits: Turns out worse skullclamp is still busted
lannersong: Great combo'd with oni anvil
LadyKatelynna: Skull clamp at home is still skull clamp
MegaDosX: Give dragon crown and punch?
korvys: !card Torment of Scarabs
LRRbot: Torment of Scarabs [3B] | Enchantment — Aura Curse | Enchant player / At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, that player loses 3 life unless they sacrifice a nonland permanent or discard a card.
Diabore: crown on dargon?
baronsamedi23: tresspassers nagates half of a zombie
jacqui_lantern234: oh chumpies my dumpies :p
lackingsanity: trespasser's?
Slacker1977: Dragon's Crown?
Mr_Horrible: now that I've seen folks mention it, it is *very* weird that the decayed zombie tokens, of all things, got an animation
xXAYAYAXx: beastly
Mazrae: i would of been worried if that sound came from my end, im watching on a IMac
Slacker1977: anyone remember that game?
A_Dub888: !findquote curse
LRRbot: Quote #8439: "This is the cursed sheep area. Don't put sheep here." —Nelson [2023-01-23]
MurphEP: FBtouchdown
RayFK: Calm down there Grahamhausen
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Heather, Cori, and Cameron return to Restart their playthrough of Gloomhaven! Game: Gloomhaven) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (1m from now).
Mr_Horrible: Torment of Scrubs sofieEZ
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #5598: "I think I just like getting fucked by games." —Adam [2018-12-15]
pn55: seabatClap
micalovits: Thanks for the stream friends!
Grimnus: Thanks for the stream you two
NovaTiempo: o7
Kelderan: <3
GapFiller: thanks for straming lrrGRAHAM lrrJAMES lrrHEART lrrSHINE
Flyingdelorion: Thank you!!
patrick_stonecrusher: FutureMan FutureMan FutureMan
Kelderan: Great timing on the stream finish
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Mr_Horrible: me??? sofieGasp
emberBecky: lrrHEART see ya guys
fungal_bird: Ggs
TheWriterAleph: byeeee
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
SkipIives: Thanks for the stream!
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap lrrSHINE
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Flyingdelorion: Back to ESA marathon for me....have fun with gloomhaven
Mr_Horrible: thanks for streamin', lads
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
gnomedeplume572: lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
MrGibberish: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Heather, Cori, and Cameron return to Restart their playthrough of Gloomhaven! Game: Gloomhaven) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (3s from now).
MrGibberish: Dang it
MrGibberish: Off by 3
jessieimproved: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIG HyperHaste lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
jessieimproved: lrrSIG
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #3996: "I'd rather have a good beard than be strong" —Adam [2017-02-11]
noSmokeFire: sitting through an add for "not so sour sour patch kids" as though sour patch kids weren't already the least sour "sour" candy on the planet
RealGamerCow: Trying to figure out how I'm going to buy and load KSP2 on my home machine while at work tomorrow.
RealGamerCow: Without compromising my firewall
SoaringDragon42: VPN + Google remote desktop
gualdhar: @RealGamerCow bribe the IT team
RealGamerCow: I am the brute squad, I mean IT team. :D
v_nome: Use The Finglonger?
RealGamerCow: dippy bird set up hitting the "install" button
saucemaster5000: I'm sorry