Diabore: triple triggers is too much for op
LadyKatelynna: @santural excellent work 10/10 no notes
MegaDosX: Oh snap
Mr_Horrible: alternatively: RIPBozo Drivnod #packwatch 2023
MegaDosX: Punch first
MegaDosX: Stack go brr
Kelderan: Cue carnival music
GredGredmansson: time to get you covered in leeches
Mr_Horrible: Curse Of Leeches, aka "What if your eyeballs became a 4/4 lifelinker?"
MegaDosX: Big frog!
GredGredmansson: froge
Mr_Horrible: take the frog you cowards
pn55: Frog frog frog
flibdev: F R O G
Athelgar: it is a witch
Bugberry: I love the flavorful spellbooks
GredGredmansson: OSFrog
frozenphoenix7: Why would the Familiar not be in the Witch's Spellbook
frozenphoenix7: It just makes sense that it's there
jacqui_lantern234: oh froggies my doggies
Diabore: curse was surprisingly annoying in amonkhet
Mr_Horrible: get they ass
RealGamerCow: froge
baronsamedi23: jadar is fun with that curse
lion_byte: froge hype
drewm1022: Sometimes you just need a creature.
warboss5: Forgo curses, become frog
GredGredmansson: PVDDR spell
lackingsanity: its basically white bounce
MegaDosX: I mean. Sure?
KarnakGWJ: His name is Terrence and we love him.
korvys: I was away - What format is this?
RAZRBCK08: that 3/4 will kill them with that curse
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I remember curse 100% being a not great card but could definitely still kill you
MurphEP: Into the Paolo zone
aesir_blade: Ao?
MegaDosX: Now do you dragon and give it a crown?
lackingsanity: dragons are not great with the rite in the yard
BloodnBullets: with their dude making zombies i guess it was bad for them.
Slacker1977: somewhat weak to their rite
MegaDosX: Could have given dragon crown
MegaDosX: They do still have removal in hand
MegaDosX: Or in graveyard rather
aesir_blade: Oh no, we only get to just cast our other dragon
micalovits: Ehh, we have a second big dargon
MegaDosX: Oh well, you can Ao now
drewm1022: Had to get through the rite somehow.
Mr_Horrible: I mean, our only options for creatures were basically "Big Dragon"
MurphEP: Yes but what about second dragon
flibdev: we've had first dragon yes, what about second dragon?
KeytarCat: @micalovits lol, OP hasn't heard of second dragon
BloodnBullets: i would honestly consider bringing the curse back since they are getting a zombie every turn
micalovits: Last turn they sacced it to rite
GreatGodOm: eiganjo is only 1 to channel now.
MegaDosX: They sued it as fodder to Rite
lion_byte: lmao
lannersong: dang love me some sanguine brushstroke
MegaDosX: So how does it feel to basically have Skullclamp? :p
micalovits: Turns out worse skullclamp is still busted
lannersong: Great combo'd with oni anvil
LadyKatelynna: Skull clamp at home is still skull clamp
MegaDosX: Give dragon crown and punch?
korvys: !card Torment of Scarabs
LRRbot: Torment of Scarabs [3B] | Enchantment — Aura Curse | Enchant player / At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, that player loses 3 life unless they sacrifice a nonland permanent or discard a card.
Diabore: crown on dargon?
baronsamedi23: tresspassers nagates half of a zombie
jacqui_lantern234: oh chumpies my dumpies :p
lackingsanity: trespasser's?
Slacker1977: Dragon's Crown?
Mr_Horrible: now that I've seen folks mention it, it is *very* weird that the decayed zombie tokens, of all things, got an animation
xXAYAYAXx: beastly
Mazrae: i would of been worried if that sound came from my end, im watching on a IMac
Slacker1977: anyone remember that game?
A_Dub888: !findquote curse
LRRbot: Quote #8439: "This is the cursed sheep area. Don't put sheep here." —Nelson [2023-01-23]
MurphEP: FBtouchdown
RayFK: Calm down there Grahamhausen
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Heather, Cori, and Cameron return to Restart their playthrough of Gloomhaven! Game: Gloomhaven) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (1m from now).
Mr_Horrible: Torment of Scrubs sofieEZ
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #5598: "I think I just like getting fucked by games." —Adam [2018-12-15]
pn55: seabatClap
micalovits: Thanks for the stream friends!
Grimnus: Thanks for the stream you two
NovaTiempo: o7
Kelderan: <3
GapFiller: thanks for straming lrrGRAHAM lrrJAMES lrrHEART lrrSHINE
Flyingdelorion: Thank you!!
patrick_stonecrusher: FutureMan FutureMan FutureMan
Kelderan: Great timing on the stream finish
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Mr_Horrible: me??? sofieGasp
emberBecky: lrrHEART see ya guys
fungal_bird: Ggs
TheWriterAleph: byeeee
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
SkipIives: Thanks for the stream!
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap lrrSHINE
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Flyingdelorion: Back to ESA marathon for me....have fun with gloomhaven
Mr_Horrible: thanks for streamin', lads
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
gnomedeplume572: lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
MrGibberish: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Heather, Cori, and Cameron return to Restart their playthrough of Gloomhaven! Game: Gloomhaven) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (3s from now).
MrGibberish: Dang it
MrGibberish: Off by 3
jessieimproved: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIG HyperHaste lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
jessieimproved: lrrSIG
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #3996: "I'd rather have a good beard than be strong" —Adam [2017-02-11]
noSmokeFire: sitting through an add for "not so sour sour patch kids" as though sour patch kids weren't already the least sour "sour" candy on the planet
RealGamerCow: Trying to figure out how I'm going to buy and load KSP2 on my home machine while at work tomorrow.
RealGamerCow: Without compromising my firewall
SoaringDragon42: VPN + Google remote desktop
gualdhar: @RealGamerCow bribe the IT team
RealGamerCow: I am the brute squad, I mean IT team. :D
v_nome: Use The Finglonger?
RealGamerCow: dippy bird set up hitting the "install" button
saucemaster5000: I'm sorry
MAPBoardgames: You do a city event when you go to town. a road event when you go adventure
gualdhar: Option C: don't kill vermlings
MAPBoardgames: Money. On. The. Table
saucemaster5000: Those rats don't even know how to skateboard
TemporallyAwry: Option C - "Nice tip, thanks for the stuff"
BusTed: Important information.
saucemaster5000: on cocaine in line at subway sounds like a very clever pit of hell
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Time for the ?dragon?
Mazrae: 94 at F12??? you sunk my battleship
aldruon: first time catching this live, you got this gloom havenots!
BusTed: It's just a little airborne.
MAPBoardgames: seemless
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Why did Horatio Nelson did at the battle of Trafalgar? Probably Millenials
DoctorHutch: properly putting on the stickers in this game was often a several minute process in our group
saucemaster5000: Yeah can we "city" event mugging that beej fella for sixty bucks?
DoctorHutch: what happened? did he give Beej's character money?
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: How will Otaku Jeff afford 1/8 scale anime figures now!
BusTed: He bought Beej's character some armor.
saucemaster5000: win win
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Specifically, he sold armor then bought it back for Beej. Because you can't just trade it
TemporallyAwry: high without the crash after? How much are they charging?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: 1B is ALOT of money. I'd take that in a heartbeat
saucemaster5000: Spend it on exactly one bad marvel movie
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Would the experience lead to a cocaine addiction and us spening 1b on cocaine?
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: walk into the Lockheed Martin dealership like "yes I'll take the sport package please"
BusTed: Unless...
MAPBoardgames: Delectable tea? Or deadly poison?
korvys: Should have eaten the antidote berries
BusTed: Should have picked up the stickle wax.
korvys: Bees
MAPBoardgames: mawp
Mazrae: bees
LeopardaoSnow: ah, one of the two berry bushes event cards, one good, one bad
HorusFive: Walk is the same as a single
saucemaster5000: Nothing happening is Nirvana
LeopardaoSnow: saw that soooo many times while playing, at least the colour is different between them
Juliamon: Define a GOOD one
zeanith_helfire: I think red berrys are posion
SK__Ren: Shoulda put it in your mouth/ ~should have put it in your mouth~ /Should have stuffed it in your face/ ~should have stuffed it in your face~
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: You wake up naked in an alley with broken glass in your Sternum and a business card from "Chad"
brainiac4: I bet for $1 billion I could hire someone to drive me around so I wouldn't worry about crashing. Also to take care of me when I'm having the hour of madness.
MAPBoardgames: Green = go. Red = stop
LeopardaoSnow: grapes?
ninja_theory_ashrams: Cucumbers are green melons
TemporallyAwry: Yes - there were KiwiBerrys that one time.
korvys: Green grapes are good
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: yellow berries = eat with caution
gualdhar: but green grapes make wine
saucemaster5000: Does half a billion fund a cure for cocaine high?
LeopardaoSnow: @saucemaster5000 sure...just not yours
gnomedeplume572: GOTTEM
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Magic is dead, there are no dragons, just wolves and hallucinations
NotCainNorAbel: @saucemaster5000 I think the cure for cocaine high is don't do cocaine. You can send $500M to NotCainNorAbel
saucemaster5000: @saucemaster5000 check in mail
pryzum_: Adam is literally P-3 from atomic heart
zeanith_helfire: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
kumatsu: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
LeopardaoSnow: FBtouchdown
TetraRay: always split the party you say ?
saucemaster5000: Dr. Feelbad claims to make you feel better if you sit next to them on the bus...
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Joke's on you, I'm a dodge tank. Either I never get hit or I'm dead
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saucemaster5000: Please, Adam, Nuklear Bomb is a level 3 Tinkerer ability
MilkInBags: "just wolves" is the last thing I want to encounter irl
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: 16 hp!? lrrSPOOP wow
saucemaster5000: take them at the one hour of cocaine high
LeopardaoSnow: I'm pretty sure I could feed a wolf
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: You probably *could* take a wolf... but there's probably also a 40% chance you die and another 3)% chance you lose a limb
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: 30%*
MilkInBags: hey Adam I just finished watching Invincible, what a show
DoctorHutch: prime
control_rig: It's SUPER gory
Geldaran: very gory if you can get past that.
MilkInBags: I support what Adam says
WC_Kinghorn: Invincible is so good. The first episode drains you. I found
saucemaster5000: Omni Man did nothing wrong
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: More or Less gore than Made in Abyss? Cause that's about my limit
mjiig: Invincible was weird, I watched the show and really enjoyed it, and then reading the comic made me enjoy the show less in retrospect
MilkInBags: books are evil OpieOP
mjiig: Felt like the later parts of the story badly failed to deliver on the "having stakes" promises of the early story
MAPBoardgames: Battle bot, assemble!
mjiig: (I hope that wasn't near anyone's spoiler boundries, will say no more)
LeopardaoSnow: just before your turn
foopoiuyt: IIRC Goes right before you
LeopardaoSnow: which is also important for enemy targeting, since it goes just before you the summon gets targeted before yourself.
ninja_theory_ashrams: @mjiig invincible books exist in a multiverse where the story is told many times, making all adaptations both canon and seperate
DoctorHutch: the back most elite didn't go?
ShaneLeeAtk: WIF WIF WIF
MAPBoardgames: duskvWiff duskvWiff
HorusFive: Next level Karen straps a flamethrower on top of the Roomba
Mazrae: can we tape a chainsaw to the stick for the robot instead of a knife or just add more knives?
MAPBoardgames: Summons: A burn-card for a shitty escort quest.
saucemaster5000: Is it an escort quest if you always use them as a living shield?
korvys: This is a good camera angle
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: It's dead AND can't move
mjiig: saucemaster5000 "is it still a job if I'm very bad at it?"
Mazrae: anyone remember the name of the mug that adam is using??
MAPBoardgames: @saucemaster5000 In Frosthaven, the necromancer gets skelesummons which are non-burn cards. it really changes how you can use them.
BusTed: 🥐
saucemaster5000: (Sigh) still waiting on my frosthaven delivery
Valbatross_: Vaccinate! Those! Dogs!
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: @Mazrae Raktajino
MAPBoardgames: PrideSaba
MilkInBags: Empoisonné :O
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: I googled "That mug from DS9"
Thatwasademo: this card seems pretty fishy
theinvisiblevoice: @Mazrae Feltman Langer?
saucemaster5000: Dr. Feelbad really doing their best to spread misinformation about what vaccines do
DoctorHutch: you can't end ontop of a creature
Thatwasademo: You can't attack the same enemy twice with cards that attack all enemies moved through
saucemaster5000: Carl Bogo said "wahoo! Letsago" for some reason
LeopardaoSnow: I believe the card says you damage each creature that you moved through, that also means if you end the move not adjacent you don't take retaliate
Thatwasademo: And the attack happens after the entire move is done, though it's considered a melee attack even if they're not adjacent (like some melee AoE)
Thatwasademo: retaliate cares about your actual position not whether the attack is melee, yes
DoctorHutch: ^^ agree with both of above, but carl can bogo his own way
Mazrae: if Carl Bogo had a twin would they be called Barl Cogo?
Thatwasademo: no, they'd be called Carl 50% Off
DoctorHutch: if they had a twin, probably they would have the same last name
adept_nekomancer: @Thatwasademo Ah, the famous two-carl discount.
Thatwasademo: Carl is actually the family name and Bogo is the given name
saucemaster5000: THey just get stolen by that Beej fella anyways
Thatwasademo: they come from one of those cultures
MAPBoardgames: Can you pet the dog? Confirmed, yes.
Mazrae: or would Barl Cogo be the Evil clone?
LeopardaoSnow: Beej Bogo, buy one get nothing?
Thatwasademo: bog0
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Carl Carl "BOGO" Bogo
MAPBoardgames: PokScizor
saucemaster5000: Please, Carl was my father's name. And my name.
Thatwasademo: spitting ones have range and rending ones have wound?
Thatwasademo: am I remembering that right?
adept_nekomancer: "I didn't spend three years in rending school to spit at you!"
CommanderPulsar: If you're really lucky, it'll be a rendering drake, and it will be a couple hours before it's not blurry & can move.
DoctorHutch: spitting drake's initiative started at the bottom, so now they go
DoctorHutch: In Gloomhaven my group found the creature specific goals so frustrated we just decided to count all team kills toward any requirements
LeopardaoSnow: and wounding
saucemaster5000: It's what we did too with a similar goal
LeopardaoSnow: @DoctorHutch we did something similar but just required that the goal holder at least damaged the critter to count towards the goal.
Thatwasademo: flying means they can end their turn on top of obstacles, unlike mere jump
saucemaster5000: They have Television in Gloomhaven?
TetraRay: they get broadcast
Mazrae: TV or stageplay/gameshow
LeopardaoSnow: the price is only a concussion to watch
Mazrae: just bomb them all]
DoctorHutch: preventing damage doesn't stop wound
Mazrae: Rending is just part of the Rendering process
Izandai: Normally it's polite to chew your food. Less so when that food is still alive.
2 raiders from McGurganatorZX have joined!
couchboyj: Rooftop Karen once again about to request an audience with the manager in the sky
LeopardaoSnow: like enemy stats are open information
SnackPak_: do over FBtouchdown
LeopardaoSnow: FBtouchdown
lochnessseammonster: nice got here just in time for the stream to start PrideLaugh
Mazrae: whelp lets just take it again from the top
ShaneLeeAtk: Welcome, Raiders!
LoadingReadyRun: @Izandai I venture that chewing your food is never polite *to your food*
LoadingReadyRun: usually we don't really consider our food's feelings, though
LeopardaoSnow: True, while polite to others around you, I guess an apple is still alive while your chewing on it
saucemaster5000: I think it's still polite to say sorry before deploying your mouth guillotine
TemporallyAwry: Just don't think about fungus LuvOops
saucemaster5000: Oh no does this mean Jeff has the almanac from "Back to the Future Part 2" now?
lochnessseammonster: i don't know, i thought he'd dodge...
TemporallyAwry: Alien 3 - They've learned how to use guns!
Mazrae: robo to distract the drakes?
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh seabatClap
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korvys: Dog vs Roomba, Round 2, FIGHT!
couchboyj: Kill em enough, and you'll get to ride one as a mount!
RealGamerCow: Hello wizard chores my old friend
TemporallyAwry: Speaking of reinstalling fallout again ;p
MilkInBags: your feeble mind cannot comprehend randomness
SnackPak_: that's xcom baby
foopoiuyt: That's not really a shuffle though.
v_nome: @foopoiuyt But it IS random
foopoiuyt: There's a difference between random choice from a set and shuffling that set
TemporallyAwry: RNG sucks, just ask the auto-shuffler ;p
HorusFive: Is anyone else getting deja vu?
couchboyj: Psuedorandom is so much faster
MAPBoardgames: I step away for dinner and return with dejavu
MilkInBags: my pro move at chess is not playing, can't lose
saucemaster5000: Save that knowledge for knowing the name of every League hero
korvys: I'd love to get "ok" at go
RealGamerCow: I want to be mediocre at go
Nigouki: wait was there a party wipe? I had to run off for some chores and just came back
noSmokeFire: double bongcloud
MilkInBags: I like your joke Adam
Mazrae: time for the new chess video
saucemaster5000: I'd also like to be just okay at go
MilkInBags: aren't the ranks like, 1, 2, 3, go? OpieOP
couchboyj: Go is so cool and I am so bad at it
LeopardaoSnow: correct
LeopardaoSnow: end of the attack, if your in range you take the damage
saucemaster5000: I was hearing that high ranked go players learn to play the game a different way so much lower opponents learn the game better. If that's true, super cool
saucemaster5000: J and Silent Bogo
RealGamerCow: hyeff
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
TetraRay: ewwww
gualdhar: does Juice get a Ford Bronco now?
noSmokeFire: OJ with chunks
RealGamerCow: Teemu Selane blade?
saucemaster5000: A billion damage paid for by an hour of cocaine feelbads
LoadingReadyRun: speaking of chess, I was just listening to a podcast talking about Bobby Fischer. Really messed up dude
saucemaster5000: Did lawrence fishburne ever find that guy? I don't remember the movie
MatzerKat: @LoadingReadyRun Behind the Bastards, perchance?
noSmokeFire: Behind the Bastards' series on Bobby Fischer was *fascinating*
noSmokeFire: <mic buzz> DOGS
Juliamon: Serge shared the animation of ChatGPT cheating wildly at chess earlier today. I guess it's a chess kinda day.
HorusFive: mattlrConfus
LoadingReadyRun: ya that was it
MatzerKat: PogChamp
saucemaster5000: "we're all looking for who did this"
saucemaster5000: Oh, yeah, but the3 tinkerer is busted
lochnessseammonster: seabatSKYLADY
RealGamerCow: BORF?
foopoiuyt: Well, if he had the overkill goal, he definitely managed that
HorusFive: It's official- Mindthief is busted
TemporallyAwry: Does the overkill carry over to the next instance if you have to re-do again?
BusTed: benginO7
MatzerKat: No way to take it to the Pet Sematary now
korvys: "...Bark?" *KABOOM*
LeopardaoSnow: here is hoping adam has the kill a critter by X extra damage goal
HorusFive: mattlrBonk -> mattlrWoof
saucemaster5000: Is it still wet if it's so vaporized it's more... humid?
LeopardaoSnow: @saucemaster5000 I hope it's still wet, humid means I'm likely breathing it in now
MatzerKat: Like a firecracker in a balloon full of red paint
saucemaster5000: It's MacReady insisting everyone takes the blood test in "The Thing"
MatzerKat: Old Yeller-stone
foopoiuyt: Poodles mostly
RealGamerCow: "did we say wolf killers? No."
Delalelilolu: the pup snuffers
korvys: "Yeah, puppies mostly - they're much easier"
LoadingReadyRun: We specialize in Corgis
Gamshyd: im reminded of pathfinder goblins and their weapons called dog- and horsechoppers
LeopardaoSnow: considering what Rooftop does to enemies normally I suspect the drakes may have been divine providence.
couchboyj: The Rended Dog Killers? Rent Dog Killers? What's the adjective for "One who has been rended"?
e_bloc: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
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e_bloc: it's the sex number
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TemporallyAwry: Really testing the youtube content-id scanning system PrideLaugh
HorusFive: and then the dog is poisoned
itira: hello
lochnessseammonster: the vod will need a "the views expressed are not those of lrr" PrideLaugh
saucemaster5000: Millenials demand to be congratulated every time they do their job. No, the paycheck doesn't count, give them a medal
MatzerKat: I've heard plenty about Rending Drake, but what about Rending Josh?
itira: @MatzerKat boo.
Mazrae: what about robo as a shield to at least make them stop
Mazrae: Adam Carl is down to 14?
saucemaster5000: We did the truffle shuffle
RealGamerCow: Someone spin a top!
e_bloc: Corgo1600 Carl Bogoinggoinggone
MatzerKat: You'd have to dispaw them
Mazrae: dogs cant be depawed?
frank_the_great: There's no rule that says dogs can't be disarmed
itira: Adam XD
saucemaster5000: Adam just hit the daily double yes
Mazrae: feed the wolves to the drakes, i know the enemies dont attack each other but still feed them
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: "shuck it trebek"
dankmemeter: Potent potables
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: shuck it long, and shuck it hard
MatzerKat: "This is the sound a doggy makes."
LoadingReadyRun: Potent Potatoes
saucemaster5000: @MatzerKat "Moo"
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
HorusFive: This time there's candy behind the door
Mashamino: it do be like that sometimes
Mazrae: there is just a giant pile of chocolate coins behind the door
HorusFive: ooh ooh I know this one. The worst thing is Dr Feelbad dies
saucemaster5000: "Huh, this drake card uses the phrase 'Destroy invisiblity'"
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:34:07.
HorusFive: I figured they did the DBZ screaming power-up thing
Mazrae: is the robot card gone still since it was a burn card or does it come back each time they start the "mission"
Mashamino: I hate drakes, both of them
ytfriendofsquirrel: team cam is the most based
HorusFive: "Get me away from these drakes" -next turn- "Wait, where did this dog come from"
LoadingReadyRun: @Mazrae burn cards come back between missions, they just don't come back with a rest
Mazrae: thank you i dont really catch this stream that often because of work
Mashamino: even potions come back between missions, as weird as that might sound
ytfriendofsquirrel: adam is about to confirm into super and set up his okizemi
LeopardaoSnow: Potions are purchased on prescriptions not per bottle.
saucemaster5000: I just assume they need the bottles on those long wagon rides and the other party memebers say "ooh the potions refilled!"
LoadingReadyRun: They have a big keg of potion on the cart and go back and fill up between missions
LeopardaoSnow: Otaku Jeff only looks backwards not forwards
HorusFive: seabatOAK
Mazrae: but never up
saucemaster5000: The truly enlightened let the universe pass through them like water
lochnessseammonster: seabatBRAIN
Mazrae: did they just leave the wolf with the Dr. ...
saucemaster5000: well, the wolf was hurt, so ipso facto
LeopardaoSnow: yes, yes they did
DoctorHutch: infinitely more rending drakes killed then earlier
HorusFive: nah, I'm sure the Doc will be fine
HorusFive never forgets that
MatzerKat: "I'm a genius!" "Oh, no!"
saucemaster5000: You ever think when you were a teenager you'd use the phrase "Shuffle the Spitting Drakes" at your job?
DoctorHutch: you all took out your blood without me!
HorusFive: Hi Doctor Nick... I mean Feelbad
Mashamino: "So how's everyone in this roo-oh dear"
Mazrae: Go Surgeon General on that Cam
saucemaster5000: Heal would remove both, it just won't "heal hp" cause poison
HorusFive: If all enemies are dead, need for healing decreases
Mazrae: **on that wolf Cam
LeopardaoSnow: yes
LeopardaoSnow: drink all you want
noSmokeFire: Adam is correct, "refresh" can be both spent or consumed"
noSmokeFire: (unless it specifies "spent")
lucky_gal: refresh can get back consumed, it's counter-intuitive
Mazrae: i have a cat underneath my chair playing with a piece of plastic trash, i am so not used to owning cats
saucemaster5000: hope kitty does not eat the plastic
Mazrae: its about the size of a top that goes on multivitamins
saucemaster5000: probs fine
Mazrae: it is and im watching her, shes mostly just batting it around and then bites it to pick it up to put it back where she wants to start playing with it again
LeopardaoSnow: ya cats are great for helping to keep tables and counters clean of playable objects =3
Mazrae: this cat loves to chew on those seals that come on top of drinks or liquids that are a bit hard but crinkles, my girlfriend says that is like crack for this cat
saucemaster5000: Can Jeff do anything BUT scurry?
Juliamon: Those and milk ring pulls are top tier cat toys
noSmokeFire: one of Jeff's card is literally called Scurry
TemporallyAwry: Confidently Retreat Forwardly!
drrek0: One of your cards is literally called scurry
couchboyj: The Ratty Bandits
LeopardaoSnow: scurry, stride, smear across the ground in a bloody line. All valid descriptions for how they are moving about.
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #6242: "You should be able to just enjoy something even when you're bad at it." —Adam [2019-07-27]
saucemaster5000: Twitch chat all scurrying for the joke. Don't blame us, you know what we are
TemporallyAwry: Adam has some great quotes LuvSign
Mazrae: !findquote rat
LRRbot: Quote #8444: "I'm also okay with becoming a Rat King." —Ben [2023-01-28]
aussz: is this game good? we have a copy in our office right now
saucemaster5000: oooh that's good
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aussz: 99 bottles of ___ on the wall
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aussz: so not for a lunch break then...
Mashamino: "If anybody's got a drake to kill, you better do it now, because I am NOT turning this car around!"
LeopardaoSnow: yes its good if you have a group to play with, its a long campaign
saucemaster5000: Opening mouth with a retaliate
LeopardaoSnow: this is kind of more like setting up a dnd night with friends then a boardgame night
gualdhar: this is for DnD groups where no one wants to be the DM
gualdhar: mawp
Mazrae: Bees?
saucemaster5000: This is "I like strategy video games based on DnD but slower and with more analog components"
lucky_gal: the game does work better if one player can be the 'rules manager' though
lucky_gal: the game has a lot of rules and kind of convoluted monster AI rules
korvys: I blame the bees
TemporallyAwry: That series of static seemed too regular. Hmm.
Mazrae: blame James, since hes not here?
saucemaster5000: I kinda think it's Cori's Fault. But I also just like pointing my finger at things
Dalouer: It seems to be getting more regular and louder :(
LoadingReadyRun: I don't know why this is happening, but we are getting a new mic setup very soon
LeopardaoSnow: if were pointing figures I blame the large number of dead ghost dogs that are trying to ask the drakes to avenge them.
LeopardaoSnow: fingers not figures
couchboyj: It also has a more puzzley element to it than most strategy games. Figuring out how to optimize each characters hand before the end of a scenario is an enjoyable puzzle to crack
LeopardaoSnow: disadvantage on jeff
saucemaster5000: I mean, My group loved this game, but we were also the group that played Mage Knight so much the cards were bent in the middle
DoctorHutch: do we know what Carl's retirement goal is?
SaxPython: New Poison, Who dis?
Mashamino: gotta stay up-to-date with all the new poison trends
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
LeopardaoSnow: hey is the objective on this mission kill everything or just get to the exit?
lucky_gal: get to the exit
saucemaster5000: oh wow this is a get to the exit mission? Sick
Mashamino: poor ignored treasure chest, this was just not your day
LeopardaoSnow: so they may have seen a bit to much red then they needed to
SaxPython: The sun's getting real low for Carl
saucemaster5000: it's a mimic
DoctorHutch: There is an Or in the worded of the goal....it could be read as 7 total
e_bloc: started from the bottom now we're near (death)
saucemaster5000: oh shucks just looked up the scenario rules. Was really hoping it was just "get 1 character to the exti"
LeopardaoSnow: your shields only trigger if you need to spend them to stop damage
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SaxPython: KomodoHype
SaxPython: Fly you fools
LeopardaoSnow: charging their megabusters
SaxPython: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
foopoiuyt: Busted class
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap
DoctorHutch: there is an infinite loop in this game, but its silly...
saucemaster5000: All praise the Dr. Michael Morbius strip
SaxPython: Paul did a great job building this class
lucky_gal: there's a reason the stamina pot has a nerf errata
e_bloc: only a poor Otaku blames their rats
Mazrae: need a figure of just the base for when Jeff goes invisible
saucemaster5000: I love how much bs is in Gloomhaven but for some reason Isaac Childres decided the Stam potion was "yeah... that's a bit much"
Mazrae: !findquote rats
LRRbot: Quote #8444: "I'm also okay with becoming a Rat King." —Ben [2023-01-28]
LeopardaoSnow: of the base classes I would actually say that Cori's class is the weakest.
Mazrae: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #5130: "This is what I've trained for my entire life: ambushing sick guards!" —Adam, playing an assassin [2018-07-02]
SaxPython: CoolCat CoolCat FrankerZ
itira: poor cabbages
LeopardaoSnow: rending drakes just ate their spinch
saucemaster5000: Sometimes you just have to clench harder to dislodge the blockage
SaxPython: Meesa Gungan?
HorusFive: "Never tell me the odds" -Jeff probably
saucemaster5000: Trying to tell a kid that santa is very busy
TemporallyAwry: It's only hubris if you don't succeed - otherwise it's legendary Kappa
Mazrae: the Surgeon General
LeopardaoSnow: now I'm picturing them putting a little cardboard box together to put on top of Otaku jeff everytime he goes invisible.
saucemaster5000: Mambo No. 6 Ruined the franchise
SaxPython: Two Heros Remain
saucemaster5000: Every game of gloomhaven -- down to the last couple rounds
Mazrae: *drum roll*
SaxPython: KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
saucemaster5000: They poo when they die you good
SaxPython: NotLikeThis
Mashamino: oh yeah
saucemaster5000: Comes running in -- "Two dollars!"
saucemaster5000: Spyro died first. RIP.
Mashamino: FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
SaxPython: KomodoHype
couchboyj: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
TemporallyAwry: lrrHORN Freedom lrrHORN
Mashamino: LUL
dankmemeter: Potent pogables
itira: LUL
HorusFive: Necromancer out, Dragon is new best boss
DoctorHutch: armies
KWardJenx: wings
saucemaster5000: Wow, dragonist
TemporallyAwry: Ya' know - I trust the giant lizard.
SaxPython: You got that Hotline Bling
Mazrae: can there only be up to 4 players or can there be more
comrade_cards: Does the 8 count toward Heather's mission?
LeopardaoSnow: no, the bonus xp is seperate. There is a mission for earn less the 7 xp as well
saucemaster5000: It only has one beefy arm for good measure now
drrek0: Hey, it wasn't humans who did it, just humanoids
DoctorHutch: i think Cori's mission is just killing 7 things total with the axe
Mashamino: well, the cruelty of rock people
LeopardaoSnow: yes cori's mission is 7 total kills of a particular set of creatures
SaxPython: CurseLit
itira: waaaow
A_Dub888: Greblins
SnackPak_: dang
SaxPython: #Spoilers
saucemaster5000: Holy crap, why did that hit me in heart
lochnessseammonster: trogs seabatTROG
LeopardaoSnow: shouldn't you have gotten the location of the savanas armoury and the dragon fight?
TemporallyAwry: Goblins are totally an upgrade over Gremlins. PrideShrug
A_Dub888: @saucemaster5000 If you're a gremlin/goblin, you have to tell us
lucky_gal: we're adorable then
Mazrae: eh id rather just stay a rat
SaxPython: KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype
TemporallyAwry: "Curation" might be a better word choice than "Purge" LuvOops
SaxPython: yo I love chit chaff
A_Dub888: Magic Crime will be legal. Expect a lot of lands in front of spells
LeopardaoSnow: crimes will be legal, I want to see someone eat a card then
gualdhar: oh yeah this'll be great!
lochnessseammonster: PrideUwu
Nigouki: end of 3rd day?
itira: uh oh LUL
gualdhar: Adam got through maybe 2 hours of game play?
Juliamon: Festival practice
saucemaster5000: holy shit is Adam channeling chat?
laundreydhull: @saucemaster5000 I wouldn't read to deep into it.
TemporallyAwry: Tarot is VERY anime - just look at JoJo
A_Dub888: G L U R P
Mazrae: look at that muffin move
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
KWardJenx: Thank you. Great stream
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
itira: goodnight everyone
e_bloc: thanks, super fun stream!
SaxPython: <3
Phailhammer: cya :)