Mazrae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Graham returns to the Final Fantasy series on Play it Forward! Game: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age) at Fri 10:00 AM PST (8m from now).
TXC2: Hello everybody
Metric_Furlong: hey TXC2
TXC2: hi Metric_Furlong
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: hi beowuuf
malsareus: almost time to cast of and be a sky pirate
Metric_Furlong: yeah
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for more PLAY IT FORWARD! | @Graham_LRR is back with another installment of FINAL FANTASY 12! | 📷 ||
Metric_Furlong: speaking of [segue], there's another Very Normal Poll up, in case anyone wants to help decide on my to-watch list
malsareus: I still hope we bum around long enough for those 2 empire to finish their silly war
esherone: peace and blessings
malsareus: we come out of the woods and it's armistice day
TXC2: now where were we last time?
MrVirite: TTS be like "FF twelve vertical bar play if forward"
Metric_Furlong: (Furlong Points™ are available for anyone playing the guessing game, but tbh I would be very, very, surprised if anyone's heard of more than one of the actual titles)
Earthenone: !findquote final
LRRbot: Quote #5246: "Maybe if we kill both dragons and take over the crime family, people will finally believe we're the good guys." —Paul [2018-08-06]
Metric_Furlong: we can but hope, Paul
Metric_Furlong: we can but hope
malsareus: Man Dragon's orders was such a good campaign
Mazrae: good morning everyone
malsareus: Dale is an artist
Metric_Furlong: hello Mazrae
TXC2: hello Mazrae welcome
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ExachixKitsune: why hello there
Foxmar320: Hello
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Earthenone: is a texan operating system chainsaw man metric? :P
Metric_Furlong: Earthenone it is not, no
MystechJ: Yes, Graham is back at it. I've been missing this.
Earthenone: it was a long shot, but it fit :P
Metric_Furlong: Earthenone I appreciate the thought process behind the guess, but sadly no :p
BigDaddyBland87: Man I zoomed past Graham since the last stream. I am curious how far Graham gets today. The next few areas are MASSIVE
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Incandescent_Zubat: This resub actually happened a couple days ago. Not sure why it’s letting me share it today. lrrSPOOP
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Metric_Furlong: (chainsaw man did feature on a previous poll under the fake title "Cutting Edgelord")
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TXC2: here we GO!
beowuuf: go time!
malsareus: @Earthenone I had to parse this question carefully to sort the words into concept sets
beowuuf: wb graham! sergeHi
Brozard: love that shirt
WearingCats_CwC: hoi
Mattmitchell45: Loud Canada Shirt!
Foxmar320: Hello Graham, I continue to love that shirt
nyperold: Hello@
TXC2: Hello Graham and Hello Graham's shirt
Metric_Furlong: hello Graham
1fairy2boots: Yeay, hej Graham and Chat. Lovely to be here together again <3
Critterbot: That... sure is a shirt.
emberBecky: o/ hi
TXC2: !patreon
Earthenone: !patreon
LRRbot: 2658 patrons for a total of $20,876.86 per month.
LRRbot: 2658 patrons for a total of $20,876.86 per month.
keroan0: wearing my favorite shirt :)
TXC2: !ytmember
LRRbot: LRR has Youtube memberships. Don't know what that is? Well, as the video explains, it's another way to support LRR:
malsareus: We could ask Vaan what's going on
BigDaddyBland87: You are going to Arcades nuts
samu_btdp1985: I'm here I'm watching. Great shirt my dude
incslayer: will the invetible gvlog of magiccon have your trademark feet camera shots?
Foxmar320: Real flat birbs
Metric_Furlong: ah, I see we've reached the beach episode Kappa
LordManiMani: Goin to the beach babyyyy
ShamelessMatt: Beach episode!
nyperold: There goes the Thnikkawood~
malsareus: so is this place Dutch? "strand" is dutch for beach
TXC2: and Penolo is already in a wetsuit for the beach
LordManiMani: @nyperold lmaooo
WearingCats_CwC: Watching recent Unskippable made me want to replay FF6. So while I'm not doing that I'm here watching FF6x2
incslayer: if we are at the beach episode does that mean i have missed the onsen episode or is that later in this anime?
urkleturtle: i really like this area. it's pretty relaxing
Metric_Furlong: @nyperold dammit, I was drinking something! :p
TXC2: malsareus really? that explains some place names I know of
TXC2: it's a Mirage!
MystechJ: That's some draw in
Mazrae: ashe cant hit flyers but fran can steal from them
BigDaddyBland87: ok Ashe is nearsighted
urkleturtle: schrödinger's treasure chest
malsareus: @TXC2 yup
Earthenone: who knew firstest strike ws the set mechanic
Alahmnat: and sometimes they're Pokemon
Squigel: just like real fish
Gaz_L: fish are friends not foes
malsareus: the fish is a time wizard
FrostyKaze: @malsareus Fun fact: It's the same in German ^^
Metric_Furlong: I fall down a wikipedia hole about flying fish yesterday, and today we're fighting floating fish? there's a conspiracy at work here
malsareus: @malsareus it's almost like we're neighbors or something
TheThirdTail: Iguwuon
Gaz_L: oh, this is when you go to Wutai, right? Kappa
urkleturtle: nice
Critterbot: 69 gil, nice.
beowuuf: !fran
LRRbot: Fran, like all viera, is intended to have an Icelandic accent. "Marquis" has two different pronunciations, the one used in the game is valid.
BigDaddyBland87: Honestly, neither did I. I knew I made it past Archades in my first failed playthrough years ago, but I remembered nothing between here and there
FrostyKaze: @malsareus True. Very interesting how many words are practically the same ^^
Mazrae: turn into a morph ball and see what happens....... wait wrong game
CAKHost: Hi everyone!
Metric_Furlong: hello CAKHost
CAKHost: That sure is a shirt, Graham!
TXC2: hello CAKHost welcome
Brozard: M'leia Strand
SocraticMethod: Oh hi, more Terminal Dreams
malsareus: so what strand is this?
MystechJ: Gamers always go away from progress
Orxolon: is Ashe actually hitting the birds?
nyperold: The RPG tells you where to save for last.
Gaz_L: throw bomb?
urkleturtle: @MystechJ sadly, it's not only gamers
10of9: Strictly inoffensive magic here Kappa
BigDaddyBland87: Did you pick up Shades of Black technique?
Alahmnat: Penelo has reach?! ;)
Mazrae: if enemy flying then dance
Dalrint: I think I used the 'telekinesis' skill for that?
malsareus: stricks provably better than weeb swords
LordManiMani: More practical than a Blitzball I suppose
Gaz_L: even tho top of sword higher than top of stick
Orxolon: iirc there is a "if enemy is flying" do X
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Uzumaki15: Welcome back Graham, hope you're recovered from Philly
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LordManiMani: @gaz_l easier to javelin than a sword??
laundreydhull: Fran you would say, has "reach"? lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Leonhart321: Greetings Programs how goes the gambita
Leonhart321: *gambits
TXC2: hello Leonhart321 welcome
Squigel: why did that wolf have ahabit?
TXC2: LRR: meaningless nonsense
TheThirdTail: It gets cold at night @Squigel
malsareus: oh a poncho
HolyHadouken: I believe it's actually pronounced carmagnole
Gaz_L: i wish this game had gear be cosmetic too
MaxTurkeyFlaps: Carmagnole - "A short jacket worn in the French revolution" or "A lively dance done by French revolutionaries."
malsareus: we missed you too Graham
MystechJ: It's been awhile
Squigel: @laundreydhull yes archers have reach, exept when they have first strike
LordZarano: jlrrPunch jlrrFall_SG
TXC2: "it's been 10,000 years!"
Orxolon: how was the Con?Did you do a vlog?
Dalrint: I was watching a really old watch&play where you and alex wlecomed new subscribers using the 'deep echo' voice on a soundboard.
Gaz_L: "A week out of practice and it all falls apart" - Me after any time off from my job
SocraticMethod: Revolutionary Red jacket!
1fairy2boots: Graham, how was Gather: The Magic'ing last weekend?
Mazrae: carry on my wayward chocobo, there will be peace when you are done
Gaz_L: they scream
malsareus: I do kinda wonder what part of the cape region was the cape since we had the options to keep moving forward
SocraticMethod: THey are doing the haka :D
atinyspacemarine: Hello folks
BigDaddyBland87: I have Penelo as my white mage. Between mage ring and MP reducing liscenses, she's doing Curaja for like 10 MP
TXC2: hello atinyspacemarine welcome
Orxolon: did any of you do a Vlog?
HolyHadouken: Hunter's Camp?!? Oh no, are we playing XV now?
urkleturtle: this is a pretty important camp for side stuff
Gaz_L: filled with determination
malsareus: oh it is a beach episode
MystechJ: Oh it is the beach episode
1fairy2boots: Oh nice, looking forward to watch TTC. Glad you enjoyed the weekend :)
Leonhart321: You could say thanks
LordManiMani: Secret test of character
kumatsu: I spent the entire weekend fighting massive FOMO but the flight would've been $700
SuperWriterAndy: are their more logo design critique videos in the future on your own Youtube channel
atinyspacemarine: Is this wear the swimsuit concept art comes in?
LordManiMani: Behold, backstory!
WearingCats_CwC: Enya?
10of9: I feel like I keep finding about about cons at the last minute and far too late to make plans to go let alone get tickets
farmall_farmer: that an unedited tap tap? didn't James say during LRRMTG yesterday you guys were recording it today
Decaped: backstory!
HolyHadouken: uh...judge?
laundreydhull: lrrJUDGECALL lrrJUDGE
SocraticMethod: Shocking Reveal!
MystechJ: Bum bum bum
TXC2: ooh Vann with that full ATG squat
grgriffin3: Excuse me what
1fairy2boots: As you pointed out multiple times, he read the script.
TheThirdTail: Forgot about this little scene... Definitely one of those "oh, I get it now" scenes after playing more of the game
urkleturtle: There's the Cid of this FF
laundreydhull: Like Arishrm from the Eternals
MystechJ: Gasp!
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electric_claire: Real radio host vibes today, Graham
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BigDaddyBland87: "I am your father" -Cid, probably
Meecespieces: This FF has TWO cids IIRC
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TeiranDragon: It's been a crazy 88 months.
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IviaRelle: Yeah we met the other one at that temple place
ExachixKitsune: Cid and Ciid?
laundreydhull: I don't understand her, contempt?
grgriffin3: And he ran, he ran so far away....
Alahmnat: there must always be a Cid at the helm of the airship
malsareus: that armor has to be horrible to wear
SocraticMethod: Literally, with a katana
LordManiMani: @meecespieces I think Doctor Cid is the only official one. The other is bonus, as a treat. And a snack.
malsareus: so much chaffing
1fairy2boots: Who else has papa roach in their head stuck now?
LordManiMani: He!
Gaz_L: how much product do you think Balthier goes through in this adventure?
Masslost: Is it odd when I heard i ran away I started singing flock of seagulls
laundreydhull: He do sound like Alec Guinness somewhat, don't he?
BigDaddyBland87: our first fakeout protag
HolyHadouken: technically aren't all flashbacks prerendered?
urkleturtle: Memories always look better than the actual thing
LordManiMani: What? I can't hear you in the prerender
the_digiman619: SaLRRtations, all
1fairy2boots: I did not expect the voice to be like that.
TXC2: hello the_digiman619 welcome
MystechJ: Anyone else ever notice your memories have much better production values?
BigDaddyBland87: @Masslost everyone does it
nyperold: I'd ask how those two words got confused, but I just used a phone card to add to my mother's phone account, and the speech recognition mistook my "7" for "1", so...
aholz: I wish I could see a cut of the story with baltheir as the real mc before vaan was horned in
WearingCats_CwC: Remember that 5-10 minutes between your wedding and your husband dying?
laundreydhull: Oh course, not foreshadowed at all....
malsareus: also stones never do the dishes
LordManiMani: He does care
Cunamo: ow hey a live lrr, dont catch that often. been getting my GF into lrr stuff, shes been loving the vampire and alien dice friends, and is now also looking into paranoia ttg
MousseFilledCat: @aholz or Basch, who was the other option in production
LordManiMani: He's the Leading Man, there's a difference.
Dalrint: This is why I always liked vann and penelo. Everyone is some secret judge or lost prince. vaan and penelo are just two street kids who got swept up in something ridiclous.
Gaz_L: we play as C-3PO
LordManiMani: Not Ashe??
Sorator13: happy to have you back, G; I've missed these streams
t3h_f1gm3nt: agreed
malsareus: we're piloting Isthmael
Foxmar320: We are the self insert character following along with the real story
Orxolon: i thought it was Ashe
TheThirdTail: Well, Balthier is the leading man. Ashe might be the mc?
SocraticMethod: Vaan wasn't put in later, it's just a common fan theory
LordShadner: ah a second person perspective game. Kappa
EricTheOrange: i thought Basch was the original MC
Alahmnat: it's an ensemble cast, really
malsareus: it can be 1 of several people not named Vaan
urkleturtle: The actual planned main character was Basch, yeah, before the execs and focus tests basically pushed the initial team off the project
Cavemanhar: anybody but vaan and penalo could be considered mc worthy
laundreydhull: @gaz_l why not, Cree-Pio
Bruceski: This is an ensemble cast. Initial character is not main character. Vaan was MC of the first arc
MousseFilledCat: @socraticmethod by which you mean mentioned in interviews by devs, do not a fan theory?
grgriffin3: Ashe seems very Byronic
laundreydhull: LUL
BigDaddyBland87: of course...power can restore her kingdom
Snowcookies: She litreally admitted it multiple times
Sorator13: also, that is a wild shirt :D
MystechJ: Well she did see her kingdom beaten and subjugated because they didn't have the strength to resist
grgriffin3: Where's the vendor of bads?
Utilitarian_STFD: Vendor of Goods, from the same game writers that brought you "Magic User" and "Fighter"
SocraticMethod: @MousseFilledCat I need to dig up the article but IIRC it was a mistranslation. Vaan was always a character or introduced really early in the story.
ExachixKitsune: Ah yes, player of games, seven of nine, Vendor of goods...
Andymonium: "Please, Mister Ofgoods was my father..."
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malsareus: I hope we meet her rival, Goods of Vendor later on
WearingCats_CwC: Don't worry, Basch gets to be the main character in a spin off game that never got made
Alahmnat: when did you have time to tan hides?
TXC2: hunts ?
Squigel: buggering about with castuses
Utilitarian_STFD: Wait, Throat Wolf? Of the Super Firstest Strike in MtG?
aholz: also I love the Ivalice moogles so much. can't wait for the rumored tactics remake that I hope and pray is real
BigDaddyBland87: Breaking up unions
Helrumyc: I'm late! what'd I miss?
MousseFilledCat: @socraticmethod he was always a character, but making him the pov character was a later decision
niccus: 2-4x speed is a hell of a performance enhancer, man
Cavemanhar: love me some screamroot in the morning
malsareus: you were busting moogle unions Graham
Sorator13: a legit crate, huh
TXC2: Helrumyc you missed some backstory cutscene
HavenDragon: ok is that the blood of 'throat wolves', or blood from the throats of wolves??
Bruceski: Beach party
Helrumyc: @TXC2 Thanks!
Gaz_L: when he was "encouraging the moogles to make a free choice of how to represent themselves to management"
Helrumyc: This is my first live episode, was watching the VODs at 2x speed to catch up. This means at times I was watching the game at 8x speed.
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Which I then misheard as "seducer's staff". LUL
Squigel: remember to check the other pages
Bruceski: Man, I'm 3/4 of the way through Fire Emblem, still need to finish Triangle Strategy, have a bunch of other RPGs I'm halfway through, and I just want to play FF12 again.
niccus: they call it a juicer but it's more of a face muddler
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lithuasil: So when do we go play Blitzball?
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TehAmelie: hello! we're struggling against the elementals today eh
TXC2: hello TehAmelie welcome
Gaz_L: i'm literally playing P3P, FE Warriors, FF7R, Tales of Symphonia, FF6 and Like A Dragon Ishin right now... :(
Gaz_L: i need to focus and finish one or two
malsareus: this is the beach episode
LordManiMani: Blitz?
Squigel: when are we doing the fishing?
incslayer: when is the onsen episode?
LordManiMani: We demand Spheda!
nyperold: The streets have ears. That's a surreal thought.
Sorator13: I'd love to be known as the Well-Informed Human
TehAmelie: Gaz_L multiboxing or something? :3
t3h_f1gm3nt: @Gaz_L nah you need more. go ahead and add FF12 to the mix it will be fiiiiiiiiine Kappa
raulghoulia: This games needs Triple Triad
Sorator13: @raulghoulia every game needs Triple Triad
TheThirdTail: I was about to say I'm surprised this game doesn't have a big minigame like blitzball, but I guess that's the hunts
MystechJ: A lot of foreshadowing here
Gaz_L: I also forgot how hard Symphonia is
Sorator13: @TheThirdTail I don't think "regular combat" can qualify as a game's minigame
Gaz_L: it seemed much easier when i was 12
LordManiMani: It's called the Gambit System
HolyHadouken: Gambits
kid_flashionable: Gambits is the mini game!
LordManiMani: So I hear
TehAmelie: is it the hunts?
Squigel: their is fishing
Gaz_L: You get to play Robo Rally
malsareus: perhaps they imported blitzball?
TheThirdTail: @TheThirdTail Fair, though they do tend to have unique gimmicks
LordManiMani: Yeah hunts kinda
Snowcookies: Where's the GOld Saucer in this game :P
dukemelvin: first time catching this live. caught up with the vods while i was doing my own playthrough, just finished a psudo challenge run yesterday
kid_flashionable: Yeah I suppose the hunts are the mini game
Bruceski: The game they play in FF12 is "oppressing the colonies."
Dalrint: Just let her flail on ashe until she gets it out of her system
TXC2: hello dukemelvin welcome
BigDaddyBland87: Somebody badly needs to learn esuna
Shadowsoflife: the license board :p
BigDaddyBland87: Whoops
malsareus: Imagine if someone actually made a cure for confusion, would it save mankind or destroy us?
Shemerson: doesn't haste counter slow?
MystechJ: Got a few LPs?
ExachixKitsune: @malsareus why not both
Cartographers_Ink: Graham you inspired me to pick up FF12 again, I got further than I did my first play through where I only made it to Phone Coast
Cartographers_Ink: phon*
TehAmelie: i think the cure for confusion is reason, so we can see how that's working out
Werdnae: Oh, are they wearing the get more LP accessories?
TehAmelie: ooh, can we Vanish-Doom?
Gaz_L: makes things vanish, duh
SocraticMethod: Cleans the most stubborn stains
Sorator13: does Vanish send them to the X-Zone?
dukemelvin: it is a shame vanish doesn't do what it says on the tin :(
ExachixKitsune: after the next PiF can be PiBackwards where the next person finishes their game and tells the prev. person to continue
Gaz_L: that shield? totally drained of blood
incslayer: exsanguined shield? as in its already emptied of blood?
MrSVCD: Hi and welcome back. Have any story happened since beginning of stream?
TXC2: hello MrSVCD yes we had a cutscene with backstory
Mazrae: how do you get to those that arent connected to the board??
MostCallMe__Tim: Balthier backstory
Snowcookies: @MrSVCD We learned the truth about Balthier
Squigel: @Mazrae quicknings, espers or having them on the other board
Sorator13: Excali-poor
Gaz_L: the mighty Excalipers
kumatsu: I think calling a sword Excalipur is a recurring pun in FF?
Sorator13: yes
Cartographers_Ink: I kinda wish the license board was larger
Firewhiskers: So is buying one spell and letting other members of your party use it the in-game equivalent of sharing your Netflix password?
Bruceski: @kumatsu Started in FFV. It's a cheap knock-off
malsareus: what about 3th license board as a treat
SocraticMethod: @Firewhiskers Nah, they all need license for it. More like buying a forklift
Gaz_L: i'm hype that Baldur's Gate 3 is gonna be on console day-and-date with the PC release
Critterbot: Ninja sword.
TXC2: his ninja sword
malsareus: so uhm, who is our anti-bird in this setup?
Gaz_L: and JK Simmons is one of the villains
Gaz_L: maybe give Basch a bow?
Firewhiskers: Who knows Telekinesis?
Snowcookies: we never trained Vaan in magicks
malsareus: because we could
dukemelvin: where do you get telekenisis in ff12?
Squigel: @Firewhiskers not found yet
BigDaddyBland87: From what I read...that's found pretty late
Cartographers_Ink: Vaan can wield spears, those are long and pointy
LordShadner: shikri far right
ExachixKitsune: oh ice-weak not ice-weeb
TheThirdTail: I remember getting it right around this area, but it might be different in the remake
Mangledpixel: boop
malsareus: this is extremely suspicious
Cartographers_Ink: I want an in world explanation for this row of chests
Firewhiskers: This is Link's dream come true.
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
BigDaddyBland87: Yea this threw me when I ran into it...looked up a wiki to see if I needed to be wary of this for some reason
LordManiMani: These were in a dumb grid before right?
TXC2: well it did use Kamikaze, so probably
Mangledpixel: aha, rocking the CBC shirt again, I love that thing
Sorator13: but is that armor... cursed???
LordManiMani: And was the spear trap
BigDaddyBland87: crap
TehAmelie: was making ers go
Bruceski: If I remember right this one was a bug they left in. Chests elsewhere on the map got set to here with dummy coordinates.
TehAmelie: err never mind that
malsareus: they were free though
LordShadner: Vaan has telekinesis on his Shikari board far right
kid_flashionable: It USED to be super suspicious which is hilarious
Orxolon: are we getting the zodiac spear?
Orxolon: is that in our plans?
TXC2: Orxolon ha ha no
BigDaddyBland87: but we don't have the ability
kid_flashionable: Now its just a memory of how ridic the zodiac spear quest was
t3h_f1gm3nt: still gotta find the item for it though
Orxolon: @TXC2 tought so
malsareus: 22?
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I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: perfect Friday afternoon, watching the adventures of Balthier and Friends! and always glad to see you getting better and better Graham!
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dukemelvin: after archades is when you can get telekinesis
Gaz_L: kill a bird at 200 yards, with mind-bullets
ThorSokar: that doesn't make you learn the skill?
Sorator13: why does vaan hold his weapon like that >.<
SocraticMethod: @ThorSokar Nope, just permission to use it. Need to buy skills/spells separately
Gaz_L: no, Vaan is now fully accredited to cast Telekinesis when he learns it
TXC2: Sorator13 'cause it's a ninja sword
dukemelvin: everyone in this game holds ninja swords like that
MystechJ: Switch Vaan and Baltheir steal gambits?
Sorator13: @TXC2 *sigh*
BigDaddyBland87: @ThorSokar it gives you the ability to learn the skill. You still have to buy/find the actual skill
Snowcookies: does Basch know magic?
TehAmelie: a hidden quest that pretty much requires going through the entire game in a particular pattern in order to get one overpowered weapons was never a good idea, was it?
LordManiMani: @sorator13 maybe he's a fan of Zidane Final Fantasy IX
Gaz_L: Basch can use crossbows, tho?
grgriffin3: Basch knows only war
shurtal: Bash fon Ronsenberg of Dalmasca only knows punch
Snowcookies: I see
Khalahd: Basch Bash
Gaz_L: or is that Balthier?
Foxmar320: Basch is a Titan main
Dalrint: Basch cast Axe! It was super effective.
malsareus: Basch is made of punch
ThorSokar: what the heck, that seems like an unnecessary step
LordShadner: anyone have Shades of Black?
SocraticMethod: @TehAmelie It is if you plan to sell guidebooks
Firewhiskers: Does Snoop Dogg brew those Hi Potions?
accountmadeforants: what are crossbows but a very long-range hit
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Bluedevyl: Loving the playthrough! Doing a rewatch of your FF7 playthrough in between episodes on YT :)
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Gaz_L: ohh, it's Balthier that can bow
shurtal: he can use real cursed swords
Squigel: and little bit of white magic as a treat
TehAmelie: ha, right
malsareus: Basch has a niche and he likes it there
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Khalahd: Been mostly watching the vods when I'm done with work, but thank you so much for playing FFXII! I started but never finished, like you.
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LordManiMani: @shurtal LUL
shurtal: vaan reaches out to the birdman to steal and .....rips out a handful of feathers
Faulpyr: No rest
Narcuru: sorry my heart stopped for a moment
ThorSokar: Mearly a flesh wound!
Firewhiskers: Imagine the frustration if the monsters had Raise.
SocraticMethod: Got Grabbed By The Bagolyes
TXC2: like a grandparent being startled awake
BigDaddyBland87: mine do this all the's really funny when it's so fast I don't even have to change leader
Kuolar: It sure was
TXC2: Firewhiskers so a dark souls game? Kappa
1fairy2boots: You have a ton of hi potions. I think someone mentioned that you can only have 99 of things in the inventory. So maybe feel free to use them?
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ThorSokar: is there no cap on the variance?
malsareus: low base damage high ceiling
TXC2: Basche is the lottery
Foxmar320: Basch before and after the protien shake kicks in
MrSVCD: Cut seen/watched. Thanks.
malsareus: he's rolling all D12s for damage with no modifiers
Orxolon: oh oh
Gaz_L: well Vaan is effing dead
malsareus: Ablative Vaan working as intended
Orxolon: "maybe we should hit flyiers in a flying area" Nah,we'll be fine
BigDaddyBland87: might switch that hi-potion now that potions are kinda weak
Gaz_L: gotta lick the crystal
BigDaddyBland87: He literally fell from Bjerba
mwlsn: and Kratos cast himself from the highest peak
Gaz_L: The Man Who Fell To Ivalice?
MystechJ: Fall guy sounds like a side quest
Sorator13: LUL
Jethrain: helps to have a map!
kumatsu: "Fell from a Sky City" is the name of my emo band
Foxmar320: It's good to have a map
Sorator13: Graham's enthusiasm for the map moogle makes me happy
vellebastet: Map good
dukemelvin: deffo switch to hi potions, or potentially x, i think you can buy x now
WearingCats_CwC: See, you don't need to worry about the lack of railings on Bhujerba, that guy fell off and he's fine
malsareus: Greeting we found a mans of yours at the beach
Gaz_L: Vaan to fallen man: "Am you ok?"
nyperold: A sky city? Were there Escher-birds walking on the walls there?
malsareus: he somehow survived fallinf of your city????
MystechJ: Basch?
TXC2: nyperold sadly no
Squigel: grass too thivk
Jethrain: grass too tall
malsareus: the grass blocks your way
t3h_f1gm3nt: the portal isn't lit though, G
TXC2: well it's not lit, so no neither
Cartographers_Ink: Tall grass, very scary
HavenDragon: "i want to go to the nether" relatable :D
SocraticMethod: Look, it not perfect system
malsareus: That guy should go to the Lands Between and explore all over
10of9: His memory cushioned his fall
TXC2: "it doesn't make much sense, but then we are very small"
t3h_f1gm3nt: speaking of the skycities though, maaaaaaan im hyped for the baten kaitos remasters
Gaz_L: heh, G sees the gate to nowhere and thinks Minecraft, I see it and think The Dark Tower
Gaz_L: yes some of 'us'
BigDaddyBland87: If we are gonna starting criticizing lack of believability in Final Fantasy, that list will be quite long
malsareus: you are 1 of us map completionists huh
HavenDragon: as a map completionist, thank you
jamesk902: Very relateable.
ExachixKitsune: remember that chat is a reflection of the streamer
TXC2: there are dozens of us, DOZENS!
1fairy2boots: Thank you so very much, Graham. We are alike :)
Wolfstrike_NL: I appreciate you doing this for me, G
ThorSokar: I mean, I'll take the heat on that, because that is VERY much me
raulghoulia: Further mad
BusTed: the glowy map border must be contiguous
MystechJ: Helps with the grinding
BigDaddyBland87: Oh I've done it everywhere
nyperold: That would be me, too, don't worry.
mwlsn: @ExachixKitsune Is that like "pets wind up looking like their owners"?
malsareus: Yes G, we meet on thursday at the library with our maps
grgriffin3: Always fill in the map. Always.
CommiePuddin: That anti-stone remedy in that one chest way off on the other side is IMPORTANT.
LostThePirate: I too want a filled in map
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh god yeah i've seen that LuL
TeiranDragon: Our sanity thanks you for map completion
MrVirite: As a fellow map person DO NOT GET IT
EricTheOrange: that does sound dangerious
mwlsn: oh man, that sounds great
Jethrain: as in an irl map?
ggodopaste: Road Quest 2
TXC2: you'd have more then most thanks to Road Quest
ExachixKitsune: "it fills in" as in, the places you've been are revealed, or places you've been are obscured like it's only showing you what you've not been to?
SocraticMethod: Probably very interesting for people living near military bases and missile silos
mwlsn: "ohhhh nooooo, the app says I *have* to go explore, what a drag"
malsareus: it was at the beach
niccus: imagine having the skyrim/ubisoft compass for objectives irl
ExachixKitsune: because I wouldn't dislike either
undecided44: map completionism is what SotN taught me... you get the good ending only if you visit all the parts of all the rooms.
EricTheOrange: then again I live in a rural area so unless I wanna walk onto someones farm Most of it would be unfilled in anyways
niccus: oh no what if you have the objective compass and suddenly get an enemy red pip
urkleturtle: there are some parts of my city that i do not want to go to if i can avoid it, tbh
Gaz_L: 204%
undecided44: 200.6%
MystechJ: 200+
TheThirdTail: Depends on how many glitches you know :v
BigDaddyBland87: @undecided44 That pissed me off so bad...I was less than 1% from true ending but could NOT figure out where I missed.
EricTheOrange: it's like 200 and a bit cuz the upsidedown catacombs you can fill in spots you cant in the regular castle if you swim at the top with the wolf form
malsareus: that birbs should chill
MystechJ: New hat?
Sorator13: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Are you wondering what's causing our movement to be controlled?
Mazrae: wasnt it on a cliff looking area?
TehAmelie: i liked Donkey Kong Country's cheeky way of having 101% collectibles and then adding 1 per game
Gaz_L: isn't the actual trick in SOTN just wearing the magic glasses when fighting Richter?
Jethrain: adamant hat like a very stubborn hat, or an adamant hat like the kind of hat that Adam Ant would wear?
TXC2: Jethrain both
MystechJ: Plus a lot of ways to go out of bounds
TheThirdTail: Yeah, the counter will increase with any map being revealed, including places you can't really go. With clips and such you can get to something like 214%
TheThirdTail: Probably more
TXC2: so what I'm getting from this is that I must never play SotN :p
EricTheOrange: theirs some pools in the underground caves that for some reason are "deeper" in the upsidedown castle but you cant actually get that map filled in unless you swim at the very top of them in wolf form.
undecided44: I think my late 90s PS1 nerd is showing... I might want to keep that covered.
Gaz_L: Legend of Dragoon just got added to the PSN Classics thing
BigDaddyBland87: @Gaz_L And I couldn't be more thrilled!
MystechJ: Just a shortcut
TXC2: yeap, cant have nerds in LRRchat, that would be weird Kappa
SocraticMethod: I think this may allow to skip past Archades if you keep at it IIRC?
mwlsn: So how closely related are chocobos and Zelda's cuccos?
EricTheOrange: lol
Sorator13: LUL
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh god yeah that transition NotLikeThis
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Legend of Dragoon is not a good game...
shurtal: they DID break dragoon magic, though
Dalrint: But then you wouldn't be getting the full experience!
GDwarble: They usually improve loading times in those versions, just because they don't have to load from a disc anymore
GDwarble: And the entire game can fit in RAM
BigDaddyBland87: For him...he just hated the combat
niccus: back in those days you didn't even have podcasts
Dalrint: If you can't go get a drink while a cutscene loads, what are you even doing
Nuurgle: they actually made it worse and there's a soft lock!
SocraticMethod: Which is worse _game_, Legend of Dragoon or Drag-on-Dragoon?
t3h_f1gm3nt: i never could finish LoD. i think i got to the 3rd disc and just....stopped
EricTheOrange: you forget how jaggedy 3D PS1 games look until you look back at them and then are like "how did I play this".
ScrapyardGhostTrain: No, the story & it's treatment of women were also bad.
ScrapyardGhostTrain: *its
Critterbot: Should probably update that potion gambit?
TehAmelie: i sometimes think the only real decision i made in my life was when i had the opportunity to get either SotN or Twisted Metal World Tour. the only time i've seen either game, and i could only afford one
EricTheOrange: Like the 2D PS1 games like SotN still look good, but the 3D ones are baaaad.
MystechJ: Vaan's taking a bunch of damage here, does he have good equipment?
Gaz_L: gloves you wear along with a blazer
TehAmelie: could probably get my hands on SotN now if i wanted but it hardly counts
urkleturtle: @EricTheOrange I'd argue that Vagrant Story held up pretty well
Sorator13: For some reason, I imagine the feeling of "knocked out the rez'd" is very similar to a concussion
EricTheOrange: Apparently the original run of SotN where they had the black disk go for a good price.
Gaz_L: You know nothing, Vaan Snow
TXC2: Basche know hit
raulghoulia: For any Chrono Trigger or Xenogears fans, I highly recommend Chained Echoes
Narcuru: should get a gambit for it
Narcuru: help balthier out on the heals
LordManiMani: Basch go Bonk
nyperold: He knows something of cages, I believe.
LordShadner: he KNOWS it but isn't very GOOD at it
OmegaPlatinum: Basch the Stampede?
OmegaPlatinum: He even has a gun!
Bruceski: Vagrant Story went out of their way to still look good. It's the blocky polygons they were stuck with back then, but painted with pixels so the polygons themselves are just a canvas,
Cartographers_Ink: I like keeping Regen on my party to keep their health topped up
Bruceski: It's an amazing technique
LostThePirate: Might as well have him do a Big Cure
urkleturtle: Chained Echoes is indeed great, but the localization is kinda iffy. Also, boy, the optional endgame stuff in it is BRUTAL.
Gaz_L: mistakes were made
Wolfstrike_NL: sergeFriend
EricTheOrange: At least like FF7 had the prerendered backgrounds, so those still look good even if Clouds like 12 polygons don't
Mazrae: lrrFINE
Driosenth: lessen the bird-en would you say?
undecided44: @erictheorange makes me sorry that mine is the greatest hits version, though the case is battered, the disc is still in good shape.
Wrexadecimal: Digimon World 1's pre-rendered backgrounds are pure nostalgia for me, event hough i wasn't crazy about the gameplay loop
Gaz_L: they somehow released a new one like 2 years ago
Jethrain: stuff like tekken3 and the crash bandicoots did pretty well given the restrictions
Dalrint: I loved the first Fear effect. The second one was...weirdly horny
TXC2: I remember Tai-fu looking good, but that was all animal-people
shurtal: remember the marketing for the sequel
EricTheOrange: never played fear effect
Dalrint: oh the new one was *awful*
Sorator13: LUL
Jethrain: wouldn't go as far as saying "they hold up today" but far from being "how did i play this"-level jaggedy
LordManiMani: It sure was A Time
EricTheOrange: ahhh the early 2000s
HavenDragon: i liked how Silent Hill dealt w the view distance, just make it foggy so you can't see anyways :D
thirsty_kitteh: Speaking of "weirdly" horny: Oh look, buns
Gaz_L: "what if Video Game Girls but also kiss"
EricTheOrange: when "studies" showed that only teenage boys played videogames so they had to be suuuper horny
LordManiMani: There's another esper up in the hills here, yeah?
vellebastet: LUL LUL LUL
vellebastet: seabatClap
LordShadner: was that snake trying to fly?
hillwitheyes: Lesbian is easy point scoring I suppose, also here a sub
MystechJ: You do have a anti lightning accessory
TXC2: what's the bet that the same people who liked that advert Hated Last of us 2 ? :p
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urkleturtle: it is kinda funny that Dead Space now has warnings and stuff for gore, when it used to market itself with "your mom hates it!!"
HavenDragon: i feel like Silent Hill holds up today, at least, to me it does
malsareus: here lies the dream of our forefathers
1fairy2boots: After you meet the tree sentinel you might know what the elder dream is ;)
Sorator13: LUL
Gaz_L: Hey! I liked FF13
Nuurgle: Legally distinct cthulu
ununseptium: NGL ff16 is the first one I'm excited about in a very long time
EricTheOrange: Like I'd never even heard of that website you talked about on Check point 500, but it hit me like a ton of bricks when with "Pop culture, video games, memes, it had "girls".
TheThirdTail: FF13 itself was fine bordering on quite good, but the series as a whole is kind of dissonant
Gaz_L: 13-2 is better, in fairness but i think the combat system in those games is rad
Dalrint: I love FF13. Yes, it's very linear, but that was fine.
Gaz_L: i'd argue 13 is no more linear than FFX
malsareus: well that did sweet eff all
hillwitheyes: @Dalrint To each their own
Critterbot: Wyvern is pronounced Why-vrn, just btw.
EricTheOrange: Like can you imagine if like game spot just had centerfolds for some reason, it's bizzare.
DJ_dak: @gaz_l yay I am not the only person to prefer FF XIII-2 to FF XIII
malsareus: guess those mote are vendor trash too huh
malsareus: bring a stick
Nuurgle: It's pronounced how you feel like it, they're not real
SocraticMethod: @Gaz_L It's the 5-10 hour tutorial that did the most damage IIRC
TXC2: it's a raaaace!
Bruceski: clutch block
malsareus: see this is why the galls are higher level, they can hit birbs
EricTheOrange: The only thing I was using the internet for in the 2000s was like H*R.
Asrimal: Teen Girl Squad
nyperold: And for the Terra icons to disappear, as well.
Jethrain: 5-10 feels like an underestimate on that, my memory is ~20 hours and 2 XBox disks of tutorial on FF13
QuixoticScrivener: coeryls are weirdly more squidlike in this one
ExachixKitsune: everyone asks whyvern but not howvern
TXC2: !fran
LRRbot: Fran, like all viera, is intended to have an Icelandic accent. "Marquis" has two different pronunciations, the one used in the game is valid.
BigDaddyBland87: yea it's a tomato-tomato thing
EricTheOrange: Eh
TheThirdTail: Hwyvern
EricTheOrange: potato potato
Helrumyc: I just realized, it's odd how Ashe holds the sword on the left with a right handed grip
Mangledpixel: you see, it's written 'wyvern' but it's pronounced 'throat wobbler mangrove'
Gaz_L: Disney's Gargoyles lived in Castle wivvern, so that's how i like to say it
urkleturtle: Really hoping for the rumored FF9 remake to have a speed-up button, because oh boy, the speed of that game...
LordManiMani: I'm unsure of how one is supposed to "correctly" play FF13. I remember getting to Gran Pulse and just getting wiped constantly
TXC2: "dad who calls it poh-ta-toh?" "writers who are stuck"
Easilycrazyhat: Weird. I read potato potato
sephsays: potato tomato
Diabore: ol potato potato
jamesk902: Fortunately, god-whyverns are too high level for this map.
goatprince: is it gif or gif
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: I say potato potato in spoken conversation all the time
Driosenth: Everyone asks Why Vern, but never Where Vern? or How Vern?
EricTheOrange: de-cals VS dec-als
GDwarble: @urkleturtle The remaster has that, so it seems plausible
malsareus: smoking probably
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ScrapyardGhostTrain: wyrven
BigDaddyBland87: there are a lot in this area
Sorator13: peanut butter, or legume suspension?
undecided44: eh.. you say aubergine, I say eggplant.
Gaz_L: @LordManiMani you don't micromanage your squad's actions, you switch between loadouts of roles as the battle develops
Jethrain: whenever i see "malboro" i'm expecting them to be cigarette monsters
Mangledpixel: goatprince it's a webm :p
malsareus: I kinda wand the whole Marlboro hierarchy in a chart, how big of a deal kan an overking be when there's 3 of them just hanging out?
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @Jethrain That's why they have bad breath.
Mangledpixel: Jethrain they basically are, the name was a joke about how they have the 'bad breath' move
Gaz_L: Malboro Monhun upgrade tree
EricTheOrange: if english was a better laguage where every charecter made one sound it would be so much easier
The_FlyingDutchman: wyvern (/ˈwaɪvərn/ WY-vərn)
malsareus: Marboros all doing poison is still very good
Mangledpixel: EricTheOrange English is complex, it can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
SciCat: Tippi-tappy goes the feet
Manae: Is malboro fruit just a sack of tabaco?
urkleturtle: I love how silly the Malboros in this game look
Mazrae: love the mustaches on those things
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @Mangledpixel That is an evil sentence for 2nd-language speakers.
TXC2: EricTheOrange it used to but then we invented the printing press ;p
malsareus: so where is that dream
Sorator13: @EricTheOrange we'd need so many more letters
Decaped: english spelling is the real menace
EricTheOrange: @Sorator13 still would be easier learning 200 charecters
Sorator13: anyway, it could be worse. could be Welsh.
LordShadner: just look for the Fayth Kappa
Mangledpixel: ScrapyardGhostTrain it causes many native speakers headaches too, believe me
BigDaddyBland87: Phon Coast and Tchita Uplands....the Calm Lands of FFXII
TXC2: the main problem with english is it pretends it has 5 vowels when really it has 12
Decaped: I type on my 200 character keyboard with my five hands
goatprince: I thought it was 'see-tag' but this is a dumb argument to have at any rate
Gaz_L: i heard somewhere that a big thing with spelling in English is that the spoken language among non-nobles evolved at a separate pace to the written word because most commoners couldn't read/write
Alex_Frostfire: C is weird, all its sounds are either shared with other sounds or need it to be combined with another letter.
goatprince: *see-tah
Jethrain: "every character makes one sound" wish granted, every character now makes the sound "AAA"
The_FlyingDutchman: I mean while dutch is not much better, at least we have much less of the same word different pronunciation going on
Gaz_L: so the educated kept spelling things one way, but common folk said it differently
SocraticMethod: @EricTheOrange As someone who can speak language with 6 s-sounds, please no. Don't wan't those for evertyhing
MystechJ: Ashe is tanking some hits
BigDaddyBland87: Shades of Black
SocraticMethod: Nope
Dalrint: All the melee characters should have it
Dalrint: I thought
Sorator13: @Gaz_L Yeah, it's the French-German disconnect that really mucked things up, which resulted from what you described
BigDaddyBland87: Shades of Black can help since it's black magic spell without the MP usage
dukemelvin: what boards is she on?
BigDaddyBland87: That was my strat
raulghoulia: Love Proops
malsareus: that doesn't sound like the game design of the 00s
SocraticMethod: Shikari is only one that gets it as base unlock, others have conditional
EricTheOrange: The apocryphal tale behind the name malboro was that the programmers were mad that marlboro cigarettes were so expensive so that's why they named the bad breath monster that.
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LordShadner: this play through got me to try FFX12 ZA again myself already way farther then I ever got before. lrrAWESOME lrrHEART
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Sorator13: LUL
Dalrint: Proops was one of the bright spots on twitter back when I looked at twitter
SuperWriterAndy: wierd flex
Gaz_L: i got sad when i read Colin Mochrie apparently has to remind people Whose Line is still on when they're like "they should bring it back"
GhostValv: can't be having joy here :)
TXC2: Joy is not allowed in Quebec
ThorSokar: sounds like Quebec!
SocraticMethod: Black Mage and Knight need either Ultima or Battle Lore 12 from other boards
A_Dub888: The lack of joy will continue until morale improves
ExachixKitsune: elegant
Driosenth: succinct?
mwlsn: Tightly constructed
LordManiMani: Simple and Clean
hillwitheyes: You sure it was Quebec city. There are no walls in Montreal.
ExachixKitsune: it's a nice clean term
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Efficient.
TXC2: same with why Liverpool named the airport after John Lennon, 'cause it's the first place he went when he had money Kappa
GhostValv: grissle
SocraticMethod: Laconic?
Gaz_L: lack of extraneous bits
goatprince: clear intention
Radjack: If it were a script it could be called tight.
mwlsn: I was getting lunch in QC a few years back and waiting for my order to come up was an interesting exercise in seeing how many numbers I remembered from high school French
Gaz_L: precise
ReverseCreations: 1 Joke please, hold the foam.
undecided44: sounds about right for Quebec, based on stories from one of my high school French teachers who grew up as Francophone Quebeqois
The_FlyingDutchman: I get clean, its a good descriptor
dukemelvin: monk ulhan and foebraker get access to telekenesis with the goat esper too
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Sorator13: Ashe is taking a nap now
Sorator13: please call back later
Mazrae: is fran trying to steal still
goatprince: this isn't tactics! you can't hiss with healing here!
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shurtal: the rock next to her is now undead
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ScrapyardGhostTrain: That can happen in some FFs. Not this one, to my knowledge.
Gaz_L: that can happen in Yakuza 7, it's very annoying
Sorator13: @shurtal LUL
TehAmelie: Fran's program has got a memory leak?
accountmadeforants: "You're not Silenced, why aren't you doing X?" is what I imagine passive-aggressive banter in the Final Fantasy world sounds like.
The_FlyingDutchman: Got some stimulus money, so why not spread the joy aroiund
Mangledpixel: accidentaly targeted and raised a dead ant on the ground
Sorator13: lrrHEART
TXC2: The_FlyingDutchman lrrHEART
Lobo_Apache: I can't remember what game it was but there was one you could miss healing and raise skills
BigDaddyBland87: oh yes....the rich A-holes
Sorator13: accidentally targeted and raised the bangaa that just fell out of the sky
Dalrint: Oh oh oh best hunt in the game!
SuperWriterAndy: @The_FlyingDutchman Thanks for the gift sub! :)
Dalrint: Best hunt in the game by leagues
Gaz_L: he made us a drawring
TXC2: kid we have by-laws for this
goatprince: this kid is a sample of how many Arcadians will be once you get to town
LostThePirate: I love this mark
Alex_Frostfire: This kid sure doesn't like vegetables.
shurtal: i ....know what this is. I REMEMBER this hunt
Diabore: are you reporting the kid?
ShamelessMatt: Both the hunters guild and the artost guild because that flyer is indechipherable
GhostValv: bill?
DoodlestheGreat: Looks like something a three-year old might draw.
Mazrae: those look like devil fruit from one piece
The_FlyingDutchman: @SuperWriterAndy enjoy lrrAWESOME
Dalrint: You can't miss it either, you go through it for the story.
Gaz_L: then why did you pick up your crayons, kid?
DoodlestheGreat: Ah, it IS a three-year old.
Sorator13: I like that quote
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Balthier's technically Arcadian.
Sorator13: "Archadians might just be a problem"
GhostValv: ???
accountmadeforants: ?? ... ????
Gaz_L: Ashe: "I'm literally a princess, kid"
SocraticMethod: @dukemelvin I don't see them in the license board.
nyperold: So it's a question... mark?
Sorator13: @nyperold aha
undecided44: I could not help but repeat that in my head in Adam's voice: "THIS kid Sucks!!!!!!"
Dalrint: that kid is definitely the type that would respond to 'I'm a princess' with 'yeah but a dead princess doesn't count!'
Gaz_L: watch out for snakes
shurtal: don't tell Tallarico
malsareus: work with us camera
Asrimal: The Tommy Tallarico Oof
Gaz_L: nah, they stole that from a different game
DoodlestheGreat: Like 90% of the FF14 runs I see. "MOVE! We're not here to sightsee!" CoolStoryBob
LostThePirate: @shurtal XD
accountmadeforants: Imagine you get there and it's just a cube with "??? Placeholder! ???" on all sides.
niccus: why'd you go down the tallarico hole the first time
Sorator13: @accountmadeforants it's one of those ??? blocks from Mario
Gekyouryuu: Sephiroth has several world records. his mother is very proud.
hillwitheyes: @RayFK ILL DO IT AGAIN
DoodlestheGreat: Cheap thrills?
LordManiMani: @accountmadeforants empty textures all over
Sorator13: oh, I don't like how those malboros walk
Mangledpixel: Tallarico, noted creator of Final Fantasy XII...
Valhallan597: Those cats drop the Double XP accesory when poached btw.
A_Dub888: The Tallaricho- NOPE I hate that
EricTheOrange: Lady squad cleaning up
LordManiMani: Teen girl squaaaaad
urkleturtle: Penelo sure is shouting a bunch for being silenced
TXC2: anyone remember playing with the Tallaricovision? Kappa
Sorator13: Yeah, not turning off the VA for silenced characters really was a missed opportunity in this game
Gaz_L: Tommy Tallarico co-created Samus, don't you know?
Sorator13: but I think Penelo is only slowed rn, not silenced
ScrapyardGhostTrain: The ... above her head is FF-speak for silenced.
Sorator13: *now* she's silenced
Gekyouryuu: if you steal from the cats, do you get a couerling iron? Kappa
Sorator13: she was definitely slowed earlier
BigDaddyBland87: hey I met your brat
1fairy2boots: Didn't the evolved vampires in Blade or Blade II have mouths like those crocs?
mwlsn: "craven curs" this guy thesauruses
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TXC2: 1fairy2boots blade 2
Gaz_L: does everyone in this place talk like Mr Howell from Gilligan's Island?
BigDaddyBland87: feels like slo-mo
Sorator13: that is the problem with the double-speed options in games
ReverseCreations: In my play I got the "hunt?" from the father which REALLY confused me, makes a lot more sense that you technically are supposed meet the kid first.
TehAmelie: this is how you become the Fast and the Furious
accountmadeforants: @mwlsn The thesaurus for old-timey oil barons strapping people to railroads
Dalrint: When I played this, I didn't use four time speed until I was doing like, clean up stuff and then I zipped around like the flash soooo much. vroom
1fairy2boots: @TXC2 Thanks, wasn't sure anymore. To quote Staind: It's been a while.
TXC2: this is like when you come off the motorway, and 30MPH feels like you're not moving at all
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Snakes on a plain?
Alex_Frostfire: So many snakes on this plain.
mwlsn: @TehAmelie Just Tokyo drifting across Ivalice
Sorator13: oh, well done
Gekyouryuu: oh, g, how was Philly? wanted to go but couldn't (live a couple hours' drive away but can't drive and no busses were scheduled), but upside was I got a foil Elesh Norn and a $400 digimon instead
Diabore: surprise tap tap
accountmadeforants: I feel like $400 should buy you a physical monster, Gekyouryuu, not just a digital one.
LordShadner: it could be a healing trap Kappa lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Dalrint: for 400 dollars, that digimon better evolve into wargreymon
Asrimal: Is there going to be a G vlog? I'm excited for those returning potntially.
QuixoticScrivener: did you get your "brotherly love" on, wink wink?
mwlsn: @mwlsn LUL I'd buy a copy of that thesaurus just to have, honestly
Gaz_L: i mean, for $400 it might digivolve FROM WarGreymon
malsareus: I feel those Bellwyverns are false advertizing, they don't clang
Gekyouryuu: @dalrint oh, I didn't spend $400 on it, it's worth that much. it's a golden lesbian
1fairy2boots: Oh yes, G-Vlog. Those were always great <3
Dalrint: Even better.
mwlsn: I really like Philly honestly
Dalrint: Yeah, people in philly don't have time to hem and haw about food. We're in a hurry!
GhostValv: no time wasting :O
Critterbot: Brie is pronounced Bree, just btw.
Helrumyc: I miss Philly
kanofudo: Turns out that brotherly love was good communication all along
Foxmar320: One day id love to travel and Philly sounds like a cool place to isit.
1fairy2boots: Also, misspelled G-Vlog as G-Flog. That would be quite different I assume ;)
Sorator13: as someone who lives in the US South, that sounds very unsettling, heh
raulghoulia: Maybe not ruthless. Some Ruth
Gaz_L: i think G said rye, like the bread, not brie?
GhostValv: nice
urkleturtle: As a German, that's just normal to me lol
Natimus_Prime: Yes please, just give me your order when you're at the counter. I don't need your life story.
Driosenth: Except for the customer who has an uncontrollable need to converse with the staff.
kid_flashionable: I like that honestly, it sounds so dang refreshing from being in the south
TehAmelie: a sandwich with brie for bread might be itneresting
keroan0: Jewish dark rye. That's for real
Leonhart321: Isn't there a metric for the ruder a place is, the better the food since they don't need to cater to tourists?
Masslost: Graham at least there wasn’t a parade through downtown like pax unplugged
Sorator13: we don't often have super long convos, but we do tend to at least exchange a "hi how are you"
Sorator13: and omitting that feels so *weird*
accountmadeforants: Just one step away from food service where I live, where they just expect you to start talking yourself, no pleasantries. Flawless system. (Well, except Turkish shops, who start by going "welcome back, boss!", which is also fun.)
kid_flashionable: I like being nice to people in retail and restaurants, but I would also love to cut through the niceties on days where I don't really want to talk
Dalrint: @Sorator13 That's time you could be spending eating
Jondare: I mean, we Danes eat that kind of super dark rye bread every day
Jondare: It'a THE stable bread
Gekyouryuu: hopefully someday I'll either be able to see y'all elsewhere or you'll be back here in PA again
Jondare: staple*
ThorSokar: seems risky
Foxmar320: oh thats an unfortunate name
accountmadeforants: I feel like I heard about that, yeah
Gaz_L: oh, so the name's the joke
Lobo_Apache: Karen's is average food, but pissy as a joke. great for one time but not for repeated
RayFK: The joke is that they suck, which in turn sucks
Sorator13: oh, is that part of the schtick? Bleh.
kid_flashionable: @Sorator13 same, I do like the niceties
ThorSokar: I don't understand why "screaming" is a desirable ambiance
bytecaster: I don't think that kinda joke can carry a show for longer than a single episode
accountmadeforants: Hooters but instead of boobs it's unpleasant behaviour.
ShaneLeeAtk: Sigh... My mother Karen is an incredibly kind woman.
Pteraspidomorphi: At least the manager is always available?
Jethrain: i was about to ask if it was just an unfortunate name or if they were deliberately leaning into that and.. Yikes
Gaz_L: @accountmadeforants i mean, for a certain kind of person, it's basically the same
malsareus: you could also pay the waitstaff a living wage
SocraticMethod: Graham's delivery is triggering my "soviet russia customer service" flashbacks, when the customer is treated as an annoyance and it's not a good feeling
Sorator13: @kid_flashionable it probably has something to do with me working in a field where we *need* to have involved convos with our clients, too
Diabore: instead of fun shitty just needlessely shitty
bytecaster: It is always sad when pop culture ruins a name. Or capitalism, I still feel for all the Alexas in the world.
urkleturtle: Man, women actually named Karen really got it rough these past few years
Foxmar320: Yeah not the kind of place for me, I already hae axiety I don't need the added abuse.
EricTheOrange: It's unfortunate that our pop culture chose to associate a name with a personality type.
Gaz_L: it probably seems fun when you apply 'oh i can be mean to customers?' but like, it's a performance without clear boundaries
Jethrain: there's a couple places in london that are infamous for amazingly rude service and that's a Thing, but a whole franchise based around that?
Natimus_Prime: Look, I don't really want a place where the staff are *rude*, but a place where they don't have to be 'customer-service friendly' would be nice.
malsareus: actual pay as opposed to pocket money
kid_flashionable: @Sorator13 same. I work in a field where I have to be nice or else it can affect a lot of other stuff, so when I don't have to really do it, its kind of a relief sometimes
ShaneLeeAtk: At the family restaurant, we pay our waitstaff crazy good. And they can keep their tips.
Dalrint: I love places where the wait staff just acts like people doing a job. the fake friendliness always makes me uncomfortable
kid_flashionable: Surprisingly, its not retail lol, but still
malsareus: coming from Europe the US tipping culture is so weird to me
ShaneLeeAtk: Because they are the ones bringing the customers back
DoodlestheGreat: @Natimus_Prime Someplace that doesn't make you feel like you're in Stepford.
BigDaddyBland87: Like I said, I got Calm Lands vibes from these 2 areas
BigDaddyBland87: Just needlessly large
Juliamon: I feel bad for all the nice Karens and nerdy Chads out there
TXC2: tipping exists so that people aren't paid properly
TehAmelie: i think in sweden people don't know how to small talk. you'll be lucky if a server says "hi" before expecting you to take initiative
Jethrain: @malsareus the tipping culture is pretty different between different european countries too
abyssaldm: ah yes, coeurls....
DoodlestheGreat: "Snakes & Leopards," new from Milton Bradley!
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urkleturtle: I faintly remember spending like tens of hours in this place, because there's like a super rare drop here. I think it might be where you get the ribbon or something.
mwlsn: @DoodlestheGreat wow I could hear the 90s TV ad announcer delivering that
TXC2: DoodlestheGreat it's a game about polictics Kappa
GDwarble: Also, the orange tiles are orange-scented, they make you smell delicious
snowb0und: I think I’ve figured out what bugs me about Ashe’s outfit. It looks like an outfit that an AI artbot would slop together.
Radjack: #brandnewsentences
Gaz_L: but it's a car battery
mendokusai_jamesdean: Graham, rewatched Unskippable and want to know would you or Paul ever be up to a PiF of Last Remnant?
ShaneLeeAtk: Snakes and Leopard, A Merv Griffin Enterprise Production
Jethrain: "oh and by the way the leopards are also squids"
malsareus: @malsareus true but I've never seen it reach US levels of "you need to tip 40% or the waitstaff make like $3 an hour"
EricTheOrange: milton bradley straight up stealing games from people with that one
Sorator13: @mendokusai_jamesdean oh, that would be fun
Foxmar320: Yeah was about to say can we hook up a car battery
TehAmelie: i hear ribbons drop only from an utra rare chocobo, but who knows, it could be here
DoodlestheGreat: And yet, I'd stall rather play that game than Monopoly.
BigDaddyBland87: Gae Bolg
DoodlestheGreat: Er, still.
Sorator13: I'd love to watch them try to navigate the completely opaque class system
Dalrint: And the squad combat
LordManiMani: Not lost odyssey
GDwarble: Silly helmets is a different one
Gaz_L: that's Lost Odyssey
raulghoulia: That was Lost Odyssey
ReverseCreations: Big War, Random JRPG Protag just running around
LordManiMani: Also not infinite undiscovery
Sorator13: It's the one that *isn't* FFXII but basically is FFXII
SocraticMethod: @malsareus THey make 8$ without tips, employer must make difference from base wage
Gaz_L: Lost Odyssey ruled, btw
GDwarble: Last Remnant is...not a good game, from what I've played of it. :P
GDwarble: But it is *very* FF12 in its aesthetics
Sorator13: I assume that the two games share a lot of dev staff
GDwarble: It also has an utterly incomprehensible battle system
Sorator13: because they are *very* similar
ReverseCreations: Last Remnant is not only SUPER LONG but I would say it's leveling and battle system is needlessly obtuse.
ShaneLeeAtk: But where do the Marlboros keep getting these crowns?
TXC2: I want to see that not Bayonatta game on W+P :p
Narcuru: are these weird beholder squids flipping thier crowns?
GDwarble: Like, I played a half-dozen hours of it and I have no idea how combat works.
Snowcookies: no we want to watch you suffer Kappa
mwlsn: No expectation or anything but more GPLP would always be welcome
Sorator13: @Narcuru yep!
urkleturtle: Last Remnant is really great but really rough at the same time. And it's tough as goddamn nails. Might be the most difficult JRPG I ever played. Way harder than even the SMT games.
Gaz_L: i mean, the one that just went up was FF VI, and that's literally one of the best games ever made
LordManiMani: X Men Destiny is a quality vintage playlist. Gotta love Chad Backpack
Sorator13: the combat system at least makes some sense if you read up on it. The class system, on the other hand, is freaking insane.
Narcuru: @Narcuru alrighty then lol
mendokusai_jamesdean: To be fair, I liked Last Remnant but watching Graham or Paul play it to make fun of it would be awesome
Dalrint: I have a soft spot for bulletwitch because one of the levels os you fighting a monster while on the top of a passanger airline at 30000 feet
Mangledpixel: well it wasn't GPLP, cos that's one of the first things of yours that I watched through the whole of
Sorator13: I do also like TLR, even though I never make it more than halfway through the game
ReverseCreations: @Sorator13 is it the class system that I'm thinking of then...I know I remember reading that you actually don't want to grind in Last Remnant because a HIGH Battle Level reallllly messes things up and makes them So much harder later on..
TXC2: let me tell you chat, if you've not seen the lets plays Graham and Paul did of Dante's Inferno or Cursed crusade, they are incredible
GapFiller: I have a soft spot for Bullet Witch cz the devs also made the original Drakengard
Gaz_L: yes, but Bayonetta has the Fantasy Zone level
Sorator13: @ReverseCreations yes, there is that as well. not strictly speaking part of the class system, but yes
LordShadner: so Watch and Play it Forward?
TheInnsanity: could you do a full playthrough on W&P?
SocraticMethod: @GapFiller Not an endorsement, TBH
BigDaddyBland87: oh that brings back memories
LordShadner: Kappa
grgriffin3: The Dantes Inferno and Cursed Crusade GPLPs are phenomenal
malsareus: I remember the Let's Play of Ryse: Son of Rome
GapFiller: Which tbf isnt a good game either but that one has sentimental value
Gaz_L: in the literal sense of causing amazement
TXC2: you kill the doors to open them :p
Mangledpixel: I also have a soft spot for the X-men Destiny playthough
ReverseCreations: That was a real good GPLP
ShamelessMatt: "It's a bad game. What could be better!"
urkleturtle: Gotta seek that one out.
grgriffin3: Chad Backpack!
NorthstarTex: The imagry was pretty solid, the whole go through hell and Kill everyone you meet on the way was a bit...immersion breaking?
GapFiller: Hey G: 10 years later is there any worse woe than Hookshotting Satans penis? Kappa
TXC2: Mangledpixel with it's unbreakable fruit carts
Jethrain: all i remember about dante's inferno was its completely unhinged marketing campaign
Mangledpixel: TXC2 :D
Sorator13: @ReverseCreations the class system is dependent on your skills and how often you use which abilities, and you can only see about half of the info in the game itself and have to divine the rest. and the game never explains any of it at all.
1fairy2boots: Honestly, I still think the OG Watch &Play (Prayer Warriors or so) was somehow awful and awesome at the same time.
LordManiMani: Chad Backpack and his Juggernaut-like quest to get the chance to punch Cyclops
TheInnsanity: why are those artichoke kings named after a cigarette brand?
Gaz_L: X-Men Destiny makes me so sad, cuz the X-Men is the perfect property to do the 'make a new OC' thing with, but the game was so thin and janky
DoodlestheGreat: Speaking of games, Graham, did you see the Destiny trailer during the Playstation presser yesterday? If you have not, don't, it's kinda spoilery. If you have, wasn't it nice?
Firewhiskers: What was that PS2 RPG you played for like 2 hours on the Escapist?
grgriffin3: The choices they made were "very mid-2000s"
Gaz_L: @TheInnsanity they're not. it's MALboro
ExachixKitsune: didn't they get dante from clerks to be on their stands? (/sarcasm I know that's an ENN story)
BigDaddyBland87: yea Yahtzee got Wrath
TheInnsanity: oh no
Bruceski: Yahtzee was chosen for the sin of wrath, I believe. Stuff encased in concrete with a hammer.
bytecaster: Imagine you get sent gluttony
samwonk: I love them sending something to The Escapist as game promo but being like, "No! Only Yahtzee! No proles!"
Sorator13: Lust seems like it could be rough
Diabore: lightfall good
grgriffin3: I never thought about who the other receivers of those boxes could have been, and I am now terrified to think who got Lust, and what that box did
HavenDragon: @Firewhiskers Legaia 2
Firewhiskers: @Firewhiskers Thx
Decaped: Some big things happened at the end of this Destiny season
urkleturtle: Was it worse than the Dead Island collector's edition? Because BOY do I still remember that doozy.
malsareus: perfect waveform
Ivannorr: Mine was 68, 37, 8, 0...
LordManiMani: Wasn't Alex on tech for Legaia 2 gplp?
grgriffin3: Gather Crab vs a tool
Dalrint: Legaia 2 made me so mad because the first one was honestly great.
Gaz_L: Giant enemy crab?
malsareus: Gathercrab sounds dope tbf
TehAmelie: gather crab, or grab
Gaz_L: I still don't actually believe Dead Island 2 is real
ReverseCreations: Legaia 2 has some REALLLLLY Bad mid 2000's Voice Work.
HavenDragon: i remember y'all named the main character A tool
DoodlestheGreat: It got made because someone with money said "zombies!"
TXC2: "you must gather your crab before venturing forth"
malsareus: I'm picturing a crab with a massive pile of stuff on it shelf
LostThePirate: Iirc, my brother really liked that game, lol.
Jethrain: basically an entire Era for AAA publishers' marketing departments
HavenDragon: the gather crab actually looked like an ant tho
TheInnsanity: is gather crab the precursor to carcinization?
BennWithTwoNs: legend of legaia had such a weird battle system
EricTheOrange: marketing companies do weird stuff. Just look at all the mobile adds on W+P recently.
mwlsn: *looks up the Dead Island collector's edition* WAT
fiftymcnasty: Yeah that statue was not in good taste
ReverseCreations: The Combat system could be fun in Legaia 2, but the Voice was So bad.
BigDaddyBland87: @Dalrint Legend of Legaia broke my heart because I played it on PS3 and there is a glitch that freezes the game on an unskippable cutscene 2/3 through and you can't finish it
Decaped: Dead Island knew what it was doing
bytecaster: Undead tits!
malsareus: which marketing campaign send several outlets boxes that made ticking sounds?
goatprince: that stuff never appealed to me, don't know why
accountmadeforants: "This is why you liked that one trailer, right?" -Marketing Exec
BigDaddyBland87: Acclaim I was usually Acclaim
Sorator13: @goatprince same! :D
malsareus: I remeber it happening but not which 1
ExachixKitsune: @malsareus that's a "Hey your package got our mall shut down"
Mangledpixel: which was the one that used actual (animal) blood?
SocraticMethod: "There is no bad publicity and controversy sells"
Decaped: If you're surprised by the Dead Island statue, you should look up old E3
Diabore: homes im guessing
TehAmelie: let's call them smoke houses
ShaneLeeAtk: The Crown repositories
abyssaldm: Those are tiny Malboros...
MystechJ: Wasn't the underground palace place supposed to be full of them?
EricTheOrange: @Decaped I don't miss "booth babes"
Masslost: Graham don’t forget the aqua teen hunger force bomb scare in Boston several years back. Not the brightest idea by a long shot
Asrimal: Moustacheboros
Sorator13: @Masslost To be fair, it went fine in several cities prior to that
SocraticMethod: WHat's the archeologist joke, if you don't know what it is call it a place of worship?
Gekyouryuu: that was Boston not recognizing a Lite Brite
GDwarble: Yeah, that was the Boston PD massively overreacting to what was very obviously just an LED sign
bytecaster: Today in chat: Boxes full of mistakes!
HavenDragon: can't believe no one mentioned y'alls playthrough of Venetica on GPLP :D that was great too
Mangledpixel: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Teeeeee-BUCK!
Sorator13: Short version: ATHF put up LED signs. people in Boston thought they were bombs for some reason.
LordManiMani: @havendragon SLEEEEP
TheInnsanity: it was apparently also a UK exclusive @LoadingReadyRun
Mangledpixel: didn't even make it to Venice!
EricTheOrange: It's weird to go back too the mid 90s where their was so much casual sexualization in mainstreem games media
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
EricTheOrange: er mid 2000s
mwlsn: but if I don't go away how will I get another coffee
t3h_f1gm3nt: omg i picked up venetica on the cheap shortly after the unskippable came out for it. i tried playing through that game like 5 times...never could finish it lol
urkleturtle: Ooooh break time for me!
DoodlestheGreat: @EricTheOrange You can leave out the "games" part.
Bruceski: @EricTheOrange EGM magazine, for all your video game and boobies needs.
t3h_f1gm3nt: @EricTheOrange implying it ever left
Metric_Furlong: reminder: there's a very nromal poll up for anyone who wants to help determine my to-watch list
nyperold: And now I'm thinking of the one with the guy with the realistic fake gun who almost got shot.
EricTheOrange: @t3h_f1gm3nt I mean Do they still have "booth babes" and every gaming website wants to be hustler anymore?
t3h_f1gm3nt: barrEh
TXC2: and we're back
goatprince: he sochen on my cave till i palace. is this anything
beowuuf: lrrWOW
LordManiMani: !
Mangledpixel: ???
LordManiMani: Oooo
thirsty_kitteh: ???boop???
malsareus: Oh right I remember, it was the Watch Dogs thing were an outlet in Australia got a safe that started beeping
goatprince: can't win them all
BigDaddyBland87: Because this boss fight can get lrrEFF ed
HavenDragon: @malsareus why??
TXC2: they see me sochen, they hatin
BigDaddyBland87: How big is that rabbit
grgriffin3: Big frigging rabbit
Diabore: archades NUTS
ExachixKitsune: Are you allowed to say rabbithole with fran about
TXC2: ExachixKitsune right?
LordManiMani: Shut up Vaan
Gaz_L: Gideon Emery sounds like he should do an audiobook of Watership Down
grgriffin3: Shut up, Vaan
BigDaddyBland87: Shut up Vaan
Alahmnat: Ashe: "And I took that personally"
kid_flashionable: Gideon Emery's voice is so good though
LordShadner: okay what about you clothes?
Mazrae: fran eww
HavenDragon: eww
thirsty_kitteh: It's amazing how many ways there is to say "Shut Up, Vaan" in their language. It's like the apocophal 57 words for snow
TXC2: I feel like Vaan meant that as a compliment
Snowcookies: Vaan, the typical naive foot-in-mouth teen
jamesk902: I appreciate that they note that in a pre-photography world recognising even wanted criminals is a non-trivial problem.
LordManiMani: In fairness, Vaan went around saying he was Captain Basch and Ondore took him for some degree of threat
EricTheOrange: shut up Wesley
ShamelessMatt: Better not to delve into the depths of stupid things Vaan says. You can't see the bottom
TehAmelie: this is one of those cases where you don't know if it's worse if you stole that from their pocket or out of their body. a strip of maggoty flesh?
MrVirite: I hate the lack of music
Bruceski: Zombies gotta be somewhere
goatprince: hope you like mold. because this is the mold dungeon
Serivus: zombies are a healthy and flourishing part of any cave or graveyard system
LordManiMani: Or was it Vossler
Bruceski: They can't afford to live in the city
Gekyouryuu: wasn't there a time police got into a standoff with a statue of Ghost from CoD?
RuiFaleiro: ooh, Gideon Emery is on Cameo. I don't know how price compares but $59 doesn't sound too bad.
LordManiMani: The ??? took the music
HavenDragon: idk, maggoty flesh AND maggoty bread seems like its overdoing just the one thing
malsareus: fake flyer
Lobo_Apache: For a second I thought someone actually queued up a Orc from Shadows of Middle Earth
TXC2: $59 for how much work though ?
SocraticMethod: @LordManiMani Vossler, but not a threat. More like "He's obviously not Basch, what's he up to"
ExachixKitsune: Ashe-s to Ashe-s, Fran to Fran. I guess?
Mazrae: its more hovering not flying or flying close to the ground
malsareus: does that mean you could make tea with them?
nyperold: Which is too bad, because usually the music's a bangaa.
RuiFaleiro: $59 for the lowest end, presumably a short personalized video
EricTheOrange: very squelchy
RockPusher wanders sleepily in, is startled into wakefulness by G's shirt
HavenDragon: i feel like maggoty flesh would pair better with moldy bread
Alahmnat: imps, much like the argosy, don't actually have flying
TehAmelie: water buffalo frogs?
TXC2: ExachixKitsune we all know major Vaan's a junkie
TXC2: Hello RockPusher welcome
undecided44: to quote silicate life forms from TNG: ugly bags of mostly water.
LordManiMani: @socraticmethod still he was supposed to be a rebel leader. The boy was clearly an idiot, one could have left him be lol
malsareus: will people hear the shirt?
maestrith: Slammin' the sidewalks?
RockPusher: It's a good shirt - but it has the effect of accidentally opening a white page in dark mode
niccus: every time you press snooze, the shirt gets louder
cassaclyzm: canadian broadcasting corporation, woo
BigDaddyBland87: so how's your status gear?
TXC2: undecided44 ah yes the good ToS episode that is in fact a bad TNG episode :p
RockPusher: 'mornin' TXC2
LostThePirate: I remember both loving and hating this fight, heh
GDwarble: Mandragoras!
LordManiMani: @socraticmethod if the judges had thought of it they could have pulled any urchin off the street and used it to find the secret rebel base
TXC2: oh shit pikm'n!
kid_flashionable: Yaaay its these pals!
Easilycrazyhat: Oh no, they're adorable
EricTheOrange: mandragora sentai
richard_ermen: lol
ExachixKitsune: frens!
Critterbot: Ok...
goatprince: now kill them
SuperWriterAndy: yucks
niccus: <song from God Hand kicks in>
IviaRelle: SCATTER! :D
NorthstarTex: wut did I just walk in on
kid_flashionable: Its the veggie royal family!
Mazrae: the evil veggies
grgriffin3: Look at these charming flows!
SuperWriterAndy: slap stick at its finest
ExachixKitsune: not frens?!
Gaz_L: Henshin!
MystechJ: It's schick palace!
malsareus: why are we fighting them though?
Gekyouryuu: I'm excited to see how "the kenriths' royal funeral" is the LEAST spoiler-y card they could show from Aftermath
BigDaddyBland87: Welcome to Chaos
Radjack: And now for the epic ff xii music!
malsareus: can we befriend them with snacks?
SocraticMethod: @LordManiMani Maybe, but figuring out why someone is trying to bring empire down on their heads.
randus2003: Dungeon crew, be sure to kill them in order...wait, no, wrong FF...nvm
TXC2: I see they were saving the music for this room :p
Shadowsoflife: @malsareus plot?
1fairy2boots: Are you just beating up children?
Mazrae: maybe turn steal off from fran??
Conrii: It's like Anakin and the younglings all over again.
RockPusher: Ah yes, our noble heroes chasing down and murdering small creatures trying to flee lrrBEEJ
Dalrint: Mandragora assault!
thirsty_kitteh: 1fairy2boots: I mean, we've done moogle union busting already
emberBecky: but if not friends, then why cute. and little flappy arms.
Gaz_L: @randus2003 eh, that's overhyped, it's more about getting them all low in my experience
Gekyouryuu: gesundheit
TXC2: bless you
emberBecky: bleshu
RuiFaleiro: i wonder where the big mid quiz video of Kat Callaghan is on the pricing spectrum. surely more than "personalized video" but probably less than "business video"
ContingentCat: gesundheit
niccus: the gang kicks five children asses
RockPusher: G's dabbing technique has atrophied somewhat :D
Mazrae: is there a gif of them when they gathered
1fairy2boots: @thirsty_kitteh Well, you are right. We already showed that we are the baddies.
Bruceski: Got a four-leaf clover from Prince
goatprince: the ending cutscene for this fight changes depending on which one was last to die
Mazrae: is that one related with the evil tomato from earlier
mwlsn: quick, wake them up with your shirt
EricTheOrange: I seem to remember this fight being annoy but I haven't played this game sense it came out
TXC2: Fran looks more wolf like at this angle
goatprince: they have unique things to steal! they are also fightable later in the game in a very annoying way as a standard enemy
malsareus: their CC is pretty good
Firewhiskers: Man-drag-this-fight-out-gora
goatprince: mandragoraprince was my backup username
goatprince: fran stole: an Onion!
malsareus: so how about that onion pollen eh?
TXC2: goatprince which is the style of the time
shurtal: nap break
Jobot180: Let's all just take a nice nap
urkleturtle: This bombastic boss music for this is just delightful
GhostValv: tqsClap
LordManiMani: WutFace
Snowcookies: !clip
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DoodlestheGreat: After the battle, the Onion King & Queen were sent to Five Guys as punishment.
cassaclyzm: escher3PUN escher3PUN escher3PUN escher3PUN
Firewhiskers: Given the amount of assets, FMV, and music I'm amazed this game fit on a DVD.
Shadowsoflife: @DoodlestheGreat five guys as "punishment"
Firewhiskers: She's about to become a Bloomin' Onion
DoodlestheGreat: Tasty, tasty punishment.
Jobot180: Stun lock her in the corner!
Snowcookies: like in FFXIV, you want to kill the queen last for the most amount of gil Kappa
emberBecky: =[
TXC2: oh that was morbid
goatprince: you killed tham!!!
EricTheOrange: welp
grgriffin3: Oh, he DIED died
Cainnech91: D:
Easilycrazyhat: holy shit it's a massacre
Wrexadecimal: I have a craving for onion rings all of the sudden lunarSmug
Critterbot: A bell tolls...
shurtal: See that bulb, watch it gleen, digging the Onion Queen
LordManiMani: RIP
A_Dub888: Did we just do a decapitation?
EricTheOrange: Wow G your the bad guy
ShamelessMatt: Since they all got to go to heaven I think we must be the baddies here
GhostValv: benginO7
noSmokeFire: we just did an onion coup
forbiddenskiesfm: See you in hell veggies!
grgriffin3: Boy, that sure did just happen
MystechJ: These things have souls?!
Wrexadecimal: their home planet needs them
GDwarble: Good to see the mandragoras have always just been like this
Easilycrazyhat: VICTORY
DoodlestheGreat: GHOST ONIONS?
shurtal: you murdered a salad
TXC2: we won?
GhostValv: the 4th Impact I guess
Dalrint: You murdered some innocent vegetables!
NorthstarTex: did they go to onion afterlife?
malsareus: you murdered 5 beings
RockPusher: "Hans……… are we the baddies?"
Jobot180: Are we the bad guys?
goatprince: time to return to that petulant child and tell them the good you've done
Firewhiskers: Fran just biting that arrow
cassaclyzm: um
whatthebus: I've heard of ghost peppers before, but this is ridiculous
shurtal: no tears
LordManiMani: Clippit
jamesk902: Well, you did just cut up a bunch of onions, so it make ssense that the game wants you to cry.
Squigel: good soil
undecided44: tears
TehAmelie: is that how the Simic slaw is made?
Alahmnat: dip?
urkleturtle: Lots of crying
noSmokeFire: the onion afterlife gives you onion rings for a halo
grgriffin3: Tell the child that he no longer has to eat his vegetables
EricTheOrange: @whatthebus booooo, boo this man.
ShamelessMatt: The real question is why, out of everyone in the game, is it those 5 who get into heaven?
LordManiMani: You can warp back right there yeah?
Amras0x00: what's the origin of the mandragoras? Like, which game did they first appear and what was the reasoning then?
Critterbot: You could go further in?
Masslost: Guess they went to the onion soup in the sky
LordManiMani: At the next teleport crystal
DoodlestheGreat: @ShamelessMatt God loves French Onion soup.
TXC2: ShamelessMatt they're Christian Kappa
A_Dub888: @ShamelessMatt Maybe the Devil's messing with them
shurtal: the foot pyramid in Ivalice is different from ours
Pheonix888: I don't recall that fight from the tomato way prequel
TehAmelie: maybe Barabbas was getting lonely
DoodlestheGreat: @TXC2 And potatoes are pagans.
t3h_f1gm3nt: @TXC2 but i thought it was the mormans who got into heaven? barrThunk
urkleturtle: Gotta get back on that dude grind
NightValien28: hi G man, hi everyone
NightValien28: nice shirt Graham
ShamelessMatt: @doodlesthegreat it is good soup
TXC2: hello NightValien28 welcome
goatprince: 'the colours scream at you'
EricTheOrange: children like colors so I bet she loves it
RockPusher: gabyLul
shurtal: visual flashbang
SocraticMethod: "When you see the shirt you go AAAA-"
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TehAmelie: hmm maybe the shirt should come with headphones
malsareus: did she agree with the concept?
1fairy2boots: Vaan is headbanging :)
shurtal: @TehAmelie blinders, maybe
LostThePirate: Since we own Curaga, should we maybe let Penelo learn it and use it?
Mazrae: someone just smack him awake
LordShadner: could just smack him?
mwlsn: Summon magic blanket and pillow
whatthebus: slow, silence and blind, but he sure plays a mean pinball
SocraticMethod: @whatthebus :D
LostThePirate: Sometimes it's hard to words
TXC2: can't say barracuda
nuthouse01: I call that "turning off autopilot"
HavenDragon: ah, adverbs
SocraticMethod: Nobody can say figuratively anymore though, literally has replaced it Kappa
LordManiMani: gdqAirboat
Leonhart321: Yes we get it, you're rich
LordManiMani: Yes, yes! Extort the child!
DoodlestheGreat: "we sure did! Have some Funyuns!"
arcticdnd: OH look its a chonkobbo!
TXC2: thanks to that reading, I'm now pictureing Mr T being a posh A-hole ;p
noSmokeFire: quest payoff: help! we're being haunted by onion ghosts!
RockPusher: They seemed like a nice enough word, a little quiet maybe, but then they just murdered my ability to speak…
urkleturtle: They didn't get rich by paying adventurers more than the going rate, of course
ShamelessMatt: The quest payoff is the warm feeling you get in your heart for sending 5 innocents to their end
LostThePirate: We're maybe a smidge overleveled, but when has that hurt anyone
SocraticMethod: 477 diviuded amongs 3, right?
TXC2: hired goons?
noSmokeFire: maybe the goons were ashamed of having their asses handed to them by the salad bowl
LostThePirate: I *think* that's for each, not split
MystechJ: Does Vaan still have the item that makes chests terrible?
RockPusher: Oh, by the way, a Canadian co-worker greatly enjoyed the most recent Crapshot lrrHEART
Diabore: ok so every character gets full
SocraticMethod: Oh nice, it does it automatically
Diabore: oh what should happen?
TehAmelie: does the share go down if you tag in more party members, i wonder
noSmokeFire: @MystechJ why is there an item to make chests terrible??
SocraticMethod: @TehAmelie It should
Mazrae: what does the chain count do?
TXC2: Mazrae increases item drop rarity
Mischief_Squid: Haste is go good in this gae=me.
SocraticMethod: @MystechJ It's a gambling item, you have 1-2% of amazing drop, 98-99% garbage. Excluding sure drops
Sorator13: float!
LordShadner: mostly status effects
SocraticMethod: Vanishinga is AoE invis if you want to sneak by
nyperold: I hope the onion one isn't a vengeful ghost. There aren't any TVs to crawl out of, but still...
Shadowsoflife: We all float on again.
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nyperold: It goes away quickly?
urkleturtle: well, the game is sped up after all
SocraticMethod: Haste is 40s + 0.4*Vitality
Sorator13: @SocraticMethod Vit of the caster or the target?
SocraticMethod: so 20s with sped-up
SocraticMethod: @SocraticMethod target
Lobo_Apache: You're telling me slow takes forever?
SocraticMethod: Slow is 120s - 0.6*Vitality of target
Sorator13: I kinda wish this game had one of those "use X times and you know it forever even if you respec" systems
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TXC2: so we just need 200 vit to never be slow again :p
SocraticMethod: IIRC almost all status effects are modifed by the Vitality
A_Dub888: What I'm getting from all that is "GET VIT BRO"
TXC2: !quote 36
LRRbot: Quote #36: "More VIT!" —Omega_Lairon [2015-03-13]
scadoodle99: hey graham!
BigDaddyBland87: and that's right after a boss fight too
TXC2: hello scadoodle99 welcome
EricTheOrange: save crystal mimics, that's evil
Firewhiskers: So where's the mouth hole on the crystal mimic? Where does it eat you?
scadoodle99: nice meeting all y'all highland oaks at magic con
BigDaddyBland87: Shut up Vaan
scadoodle99: man you guys are tall
urkleturtle: Kinda crazy that FF pulled a bonfire mimic before From ever did.
SocraticMethod: Haste might be something you put on alternative gambit to save MP
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LadyLockwood92: Completely forgot about this. I just finished watching the new TTC, guess it's back to the VoD for me~
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LadyLockwood92: Eh, I'll stick around for the end at least :P
LadyLockwood92: Neat~
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LadyLockwood92: I'm just flitting between an FF14 relic grind and brewing Oathbreaker decks anyways.
1fairy2boots: Are those the children of Lord of the Pit?
MystechJ: What's got for armor/accessories?
RuiFaleiro: @LadyLockwood92 *cries in bozja jail*
MystechJ: Vaan, doi
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LadyLockwood92: @LadyLockwood92 I am thankfully on the part where I can just grind Normal Raids, so I'm on the last step.
EricTheOrange: k...
LordManiMani: It says "beware of onion"
BigDaddyBland87: same
SocraticMethod: "Mellon"
Diabore: open door, get on floor, dinosaur
ScrapyardGhostTrain: It says, "Wooo... cryptic nonsense".
1fairy2boots: I think the haste casting is mostly eating MP?
RuiFaleiro: @LadyLockwood92 i'm working on all of them, so i have at least 70 more runs of DRN in my future
Gekyouryuu: open a door, get knocked to floor. too low level for this dinosaur
LadyLockwood92: @LadyLockwood92 Oh...oh dear. Best of luck, I recommend using the Party Finder.
Shadowsoflife: @Gekyouryuu LUL
RuiFaleiro: @LadyLockwood92 oh, it's going. no bad pfs yet
LadyLockwood92: @LadyLockwood92 That's good then..
BigDaddyBland87: Striker? Striker? Striker? STRIKER!
SocraticMethod: You should see their bowling average. You would lose your head Kappa
Diabore: too many water
MystechJ: Is this a water temple?
LadyLockwood92: Striker! No Striking!
Critterbot: I imagine there is a way to get past them.
LostThePirate: This zone is a big puzzle I hated going through originally, lol
mwlsn: simply journey heaven and earth
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Diabore: not really giant, pretty close to the end already
BusTed: Gotta know when to stay and wendigo.
EricTheOrange: well which door SHOULOD we choose cryptic puzzle man
LostThePirate: lol
LordManiMani: Still at least 4 big new zones still
LordManiMani: Words
shurtal: you don't give off "cool guy" vibe, sorry
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Izandai: "Vaan stole a Strip of Maggoty Flesh!"
SocraticMethod: "Oh honey, think you could handle that?"
Izandai: what
mwlsn: @BusTed boo
Snowcookies: the door's a Judge?
EricTheOrange: we are neither pilgims or ascetics
TXC2: !y
Diabore: map!
SocraticMethod: Why do they have human faces now?
Diabore: hidden behind the waterfalls
LordManiMani: Really cool or really gonna wreck your shit at this level
LordManiMani: Possibly both
mwlsn: Pit Friends
Firewhiskers: Not sure you can get there yet?
TXC2: either really good or not worth it and nothing inbtween
EricTheOrange: I've been playing the new pokemon And I've yet to find something behind a waterfall. I feel betrayed.
BigDaddyBland87: wow
EricTheOrange: u8mmm baltheir, you OK dude
Crazyginder22: Wtf? Lol
LostThePirate: XD
Firewhiskers: @EricTheOrange It was quite disappointing, agreed
Sorator13: I hate those
shurtal: i love how passive "fallen" is. HE STEPPED ON A LANDMIND AND BLEW UP
IviaRelle: It's a puzzle, you have to go through the doors in an order.
SocraticMethod: Do you have the chest accessory equipped? That's suspicious amount of rust knots
malsareus: we have to plug a hole presumably
Izandai: I dislike how many strips of Maggoty Flesh you're obtaining.
LadyLockwood92: Okie, gonna vc with my girlfriend, have a good rest of the stream, folks ^^
EricTheOrange: @shurtal back in the days of NES censorship it was "swoon"
TXC2: so long LadyLockwood92 stay safe
SocraticMethod: Right, that thing
DoodlestheGreat: @Izandai He'll be opening a Subway later.
A_Dub888: !findquote flesh
LRRbot: Quote #1744: "I look like Skeletor, but with flesh." —Ian [2016-02-09]
Diabore: just ripping it off still movie zombies
EricTheOrange: Is "maggoty flesh" what you use in Minecraft to tame zombies?
mwlsn: When you get back to town "can I interest you in maggoty flesh and a large collection of pebbles"
TXC2: does the pebble have shiny speckles ?
EricTheOrange: Oh I think I get the puzzle, it's a lost woods kind of thing. You go through the right ways in the right order and the door opens
Diabore: i have no idea, its been a while
IviaRelle: Yeah, you go through the entry/exits in an order and it opens
EricTheOrange: I honestly do not remember I was just guessing
LostThePirate: There are multiple puzzles; one of them is just going around, yes
Genie_M: yep
mwlsn: Peripatetic puzzling
EricTheOrange: land of suns birth is east I guess
BigDaddyBland87: This feels like a bad idea
zimmercj: Whichever sound designer decides on the little pit pat of the sped up feet did a great job
TXC2: start in the east, travel clockwise?
Diabore: i think it said you have to try again if you bugger it once
MystechJ: Start from center?
LostThePirate: Reenter the zone
LostThePirate: Iirc, it's that particular, yeah
EricTheOrange: ouch that's harsh if you have to leave the zone to reset the puzzle considering how big this place is
LostThePirate: Not the entire area, just through the closest load zone to reset it
shurtal: you have demonstrated a loop, FFXII should just concede
TXC2: Graham has to do science first
A_Dub888: !findquote science
LRRbot: Quote #4117: "More science!" —Cameron [2017-03-21]
Sorator13: I wonder if clockwise and counterclockwise each reward something different
SuperWriterAndy: why is he purple
Diabore: got it in one
LostThePirate: Woo!
mwlsn: I’ve been working on triangulation code for the last few days and I refuse to think about clockwise or counterclockwise
urkleturtle: If only it would take...
Carlioo: finally vaan can't speak anymore
Sorator13: Yknow, being silenced might be an advantage for a ninja
Diabore: i feel like this a dont do this now activity
Diabore: what level are these?
EricTheOrange: so why do you have to travel through these infested ruins to get to arcadia? Is it to keep out the peasents.
SocraticMethod: PD should work on them
Carlioo: zombies hit hard
Sorator13: Yikes
Bruceski: @EricTheOrange The front door has guards
Snowcookies: i think this path is too strong for you
whatthebus: lilaggSHAKE
SocraticMethod: @EricTheOrange Overland route is guarded by empire
EricTheOrange: Ahh I see we weren't supposed to go this way. good to know game
Sorator13: @EricTheOrange to be fair, I don't think we're taking the most direct route
mwlsn: Level puzzled shrug
Raincoast_Bear: Good Afternoon Mr. Stark! I've never been too interested in FF but your stream makes it look engaging. Is this an original, a remake?
Carlioo: also this song is in ffxiv too, so now I only associate this song with that dungeon
EricTheOrange: well I hope the door stays open so we don't have to do the puzzle again if we come back here
TXC2: we're going this way to avoid being caught
SocraticMethod: @Raincoast_Bear New remake
TXC2: hello Raincoast_Bear welcome
EricTheOrange: MMo tactics pull one at a time
LostThePirate: Maybe you don't get ton know their level until you kill one?
LordShadner: was your Libra down?
Diabore: @LostThePirate nah, his libra main died so he couldnt see levels
urkleturtle: yeah, superboss behind that for waaaaay later
MystechJ: Sun to earth? North to South?
Raincoast_Bear: That's one funky CBC Logo shirt. lrrGRAHAM
Diabore: @MystechJ heaven to earth but still works
ShamelessMatt: It would have been amusing ti see you try that superboss now but alas you won't be abke to open the door for a while
Diabore: maybe we should tell vaan hes muted or get him text to speech?
accountmadeforants: Just hope the maggoty flesh doesn't assemble itself into a maggoty person in your bag
TheThirdTail: They might love it. They do pay you for it, anyway
Crazyginder22: Read my mind graham just thinking of him saying "...No..."
TXC2: Bunch-a-money, the far less successful follow up to loads-a-money
LordManiMani: @txc2 hehe
Juliamon: "Hello shopkeep, do you buy maggoty flesh?" "........yes...?"
Genie_M: it does?
Diabore: what are the odds we willing come back to this area after we leave G?
Crazyginder22: The response to the vendor taking this flesh should be "Why?"
bytecaster: @Firewhiskers At the end of the day, it's always bees
urkleturtle: heaven -> earth -> heart seems to be the order, but i don't know what that translates to
MystechJ: N then S then clockwise?
urkleturtle: oh okay, there's the order
TXC2: is this a mirror, or have we transported back?
SocraticMethod: @TXC2 Walked back
mendokusai_jamesdean: that looks like a creature on the map
MystechJ: Does it mean past the falls?
Genie_M: you have 5 paths there?
TXC2: SocraticMethod oh, the mundane solution :p
Firewhiskers: Square-Enix: "Don't you want to buy a guide for our game yet?"
TXC2: "face god and walk backwards into hell"
accountmadeforants: They're asking you to face god and- TXC got it
BusTed: benginLurk
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Firewhiskers: Graham is now the Big Giant Head
urkleturtle: This is a toughie
kid_flashionable: Not gunna lie, I used a guide for this part
EricTheOrange: "can't think with good posture" is a good quote
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: "everybody knows I slouch when I watch radar"
beowuuf: face god the sun, and walk backwards go east?
kid_flashionable: I could NEVER do this myself
LordManiMani: @txc2 some day, that'll just be in a game. Or a book. Or something. But in this kind of mythical context
TXC2: !addquote (Graham) [now] I'm putting on my thinking slouch, can't think with good posture.
LRRbot: New quote #8474: "I'm putting on my thinking slouch, can't think with good posture." —Graham [2023-02-24]
accountmadeforants: I get it, I contort myself into all kinds of terrible posture when doing a big think
TheAwkes: So this is a very slow MXC (or Fall Guys for the youths) game. Gotta find the path?
ShaneLeeAtk: Center of the compass?
Genie_M: center
EricTheOrange: I'd guess the heart is the center?
SocraticMethod: Weren't there more hints in the waterfall area?
TXC2: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
mendokusai_jamesdean: axialJigglyWha
grgriffin3: I'm not sure what's going on here but this looks miserable
Carlioo: center would make the most sense
kid_flashionable: I can pull from the guide I used if you like!
Genie_M: at the waterfalls
Juliamon: Wheeler started it
beowuuf: wheeler started it :)
TheThirdTail: It's a Wheelerism
omdorastrix: I'm sorry, I didnt understand that...
LordManiMani: I thought Adam did, TIL!
SocraticMethod: Waterfalls, the doors aren't relevant
grgriffin3: "Hey chat" is our "would you kindly...."
SpacePotato01: *steps out of regeneration alcove*
josh___something: Thought it was a Adamism?
Mischief_Squid: What about that circle in the falls area in the center?
LostThePirate: Consult a walkthrough guide... It's so obtuse.
Metric_Furlong: no, Wheeler invented saying 'Hey Chat' Kappa
TheMerricat: The command was created for wheeler though
TXC2: it was during his Play it forward of Sekiro
accountmadeforants: I've seen that used as the "backseat' activation phrase at other streamers as well, so I don't think it's strictly a Wheelerism
omdorastrix: OK. Subscribing to ServoFacts
beowuuf: as a phrase he would use if he wanted help, then adam took it on so the command got generalised :)
Diabore: specifically wheeler made it widespread in this community iirc though
Firewhiskers: "Graham casts the Commune spell."
sephsays: I thought it was a Sergism tbh :P
SocraticMethod: There was another hint, here
EricTheOrange: I can look it up I guess, but I have no idea.
RockPusher: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
omdorastrix: !advice
Alahmnat: hey chat, who said "hey chat" first?
Diabore: fight boss and worry about this monday?
Lobo_Apache: @Firewhiskers Commune with Chat has a 100% effectiveness for getting 3% correct answers
LostThePirate: Consult a walkthrough guide... This puzzle is so obtuse.
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Use counters.
accountmadeforants: I suggest you join our discussion about the origins of hey chat
bytecaster: @Alahmnat Me! Those were in fact my first words
Genie_M: so the idea here is to walk the paths north and south in an order
scadoodle99: Starting off in the Falls of Time room on the far right side, you need to travel south back in to the Mirror of the Soul room using the path on the far right (5) and then circle around to the path on the far left side back into the Falls of Time (1). Go north again through the path on the far left side into Destiny’s March (A) and then go south through the second path on the right back into the Falls of Time (D). Go through the second path on the right leading south again from the Falls of Ti
jessicaengle: Y'ello. sergeHi
BigDaddyBland87: yea it's a whole thing as I am seeing
SocraticMethod: The waterfalls change position according to where you enter the area
Diabore: that got cut off
TXC2: hello jessicaengle welcome
SocraticMethod: so you need to pick the right entrances
Genie_M: basically a spiral inward
urkleturtle: basically an inward spiral
whatthebus: back in the days before wheeler we didn't have all these fancy things like the word chat. streamers would just have to shout out 'hey you sweaty dweebs' to get viewers' attention
EricTheOrange: Oh dear god I looked it up, it's basically the most circuitous possible path.
scadoodle99: yep a circle
Juliamon: this is extremely "buy the strategy guide you melon"
LordManiMani: @whatthebus you were lucky to have a chat! In my day we had to yell at randos online!
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SocraticMethod: 5 1 A D 4 2 B C 3
TXC2: hello Raiders
PaulaDeming: blunde19Raid blunde19Raid blunde19Raid blunde19Raid blunde19Raid
scadoodle99: <message deleted>https://jegg
Genie_M: Start top Right, inward spiral to the center
Alahmnat: always good when the answer exceeds the character limit of chat.
whatthebus: @LordManiMani luxury
MostCallMe__Tim: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A ,Start
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LordManiMani: Sbub
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bytecaster: @MostCallMe__Tim How do you set up a gambit to do that though?
Narcuru: basically you spiral inward
LordManiMani: @mostcallme__tim I have a baby toy for my kid with the Konami Code built in
Diabore: got to D
malsareus: thank the lord for visual aids
EricTheOrange: It's basically spiraling inwards it seems. I don't get how the clue is supposed to tell you that.
Genie_M: big spiral
kid_flashionable: Yaeh its an elongated spiral for sure
LordManiMani: OK but for real, is there a superboss at the end of this or something G can actually use
Diabore: now what, because the message got cut off
bytecaster: At the end is note saying "Great job figuring out the spiral" nothing more!
Decaped: At the end: a korok.
LordManiMani: @bytecaster LUL
Genie_M: 4 down
SocraticMethod: 4 2 B C 3
LordManiMani: @decaped LUL
Genie_M: 2 up
Genie_M: B up C down 3 down
Juliamon: Not now please mobs, we're busy
EricTheOrange: @bytecaster I think so, but I didn't look to careful, I just saw some weapon names but they could be guarded by a boss
Diabore: theres is science happening!
jessicaengle: sergeScience
Diabore: sounds like ninja sword
TXC2: and our reward is....
bytecaster: I'm sure the mobs want to leave the crazy adventurers muttering "C up B down" alone as well.
malsareus: 1000 sounds like an album that SLAPS
Diabore: that it?
Alahmnat: worth it?
malsareus: 1000 needles*
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @MostCallMe__Tim I think you mean ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A ▷ Kappa
Diabore: the sword was probably worth
EricTheOrange: is that all? the guide I read had like a katana or something
Genie_M: ninj
MrVirite: " The Koga and Iga Blades are no longer found from the waterfall puzzle, the treasure being a Megalixir instead."
MrVirite: wow
SocraticMethod: Will you ever use the Megalixir? I guess not
malsareus: we did it for the feeling of achievement
MrVirite: zodiac age nerfed it
bytecaster: @malsareus and accomplishment?
EricTheOrange: @MrVirite Ah I see
mendokusai_jamesdean: See what it was first
Snowcookies: yay
kid_flashionable: nice job!
kid_flashionable: Ninja swords are rad
LordManiMani: @mrvirite you mean we could have had Kogavania?
Diabore: vaan can equip it now
Bruceski: We do this thing not because of the reward, but because we thought there was a reward.
Genie_M: thanks
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
Snowcookies: ty for stream
SocraticMethod: Thanks for the stream
Sorator13: o/
kid_flashionable: Thanks Graham!
jessicaengle: o7 Good to see your face G
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TehAmelie: thanks for having us
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Thanks, Graham!
Alahmnat: thanks for streaming, G
bytecaster: @Bruceski We don't do things because they are easy but because they are ha... there is loot
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I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: Glad I could make it today G!
RockPusher: nice
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TXC2: nice
DoodlestheGreat: Man, time flies when you're having fun.
BigDaddyBland87: nice
LordManiMani: Hoho that's me
LostThePirate: Thanks for the stream, G - I've missed these while you were out of town
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TXC2: time keeps on timming
RockPusher: Thank you Graham lrrSHINE
Metric_Furlong: it is a multitude of months
Dog_of_Myth: Ah missed the stream
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bytecaster: Murder is legal every format
RockPusher: Love a good purge lrrBEEJ
beowuuf: thanks graham!
Metric_Furlong: bye graham, thanks for the stream
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TXC2: goodnight everybody
Metric_Furlong: night TXC2
RockPusher: 'night TXC2
Metric_Furlong: I should probably get dinner started before chillpoint
Metric_Furlong: while I'm doing that, if chat wants the power to order my to-watch list, there's a Very Normal Poll for that
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