RedNightmare7: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Graham returns to the Final Fantasy series on Play it Forward! Game: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age) at Fri 10:00 AM PST (3m from now).
BigDaddyBland87: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TehAmelie: lrrSIG ahoy!
Mischievous_Catgeist: time to make and craft some gambits
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NightValien28: here we go
Riiiiiiis: W to the ooooooop
MrVirite: Title's out of date, confused by my TTS
1fairy2boots: Stream title might not be up to date
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Hey good morning it’s @Graham_LRR back again with more FINAL FANTASY 12 on PLAY IT FORWARD! | 📷 ||
1fairy2boots: Also, woop woop, more FFXII with G and you all <3
Riiiiiiis: Vacuum Cid?
LoadingReadyRun: it wouldn't let me title the stream "Cid is a Big Coward"
Riiiiiiis: haha
LoadingReadyRun: literally rejected the title
1fairy2boots: Haha
malsareus: Twitch is revealed as a Cid stan
mwlsn: "Coward" gets blocked by the chat profanity filter too, fwiw
1fairy2boots: Why does is reject that and allows this one?
LolCamAlpha: I see I missed Some Shit from last episode because I did not have a chance to finish it yet
Didero: Luckily I already forgot who Cid is. Is that Balthier's dad?
Riiiiiiis: @LoadingReadyRun still in makers and crafting for me - i have reloaded
malsareus: adotive uncle
RedNightmare7: I am far too behind, so will just accept I am confused
malsareus: adoptive*
Didero: Also I feel like 'X Sucks' is ruder than 'X is a coward', so Twitch isn't even consistent
Didero: @RedNightmare7 It's ok, I watched all the streams and I'm still confused :p
taeasakura: Time to craft some Cids!
TXC2: when has twitch ever been consistent?
malsareus: we need "sucks" to discuss pneumatics though
Didero: @TXC2 Consistently awful! Heeyo!
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Zaghrog: Stream title still says "Crafting"
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TalpTheScot: talpthBlobby
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TXC2: Time to fighty Cids, it's sub month nighty six.
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mwlsn: I keep clicking "No" when it asks me if "coward" was correctly blocked by the chat filter, so in another 2574 years I should've nudged it closer to consistency
urkleturtle: You know what's cool? Not Cid.
Mangledpixel: TXC2 ecin
taeasakura: Cidnotcoolfus.
malsareus: the best thing about Twitch is that Musk is probably unable to get Bezos to sell it to him
TXC2: Mangledpixel thanks
TXC2: Here we GO!
Xenguin47: lrrFINE
beowuuf: lrrHORN lrrSPOT lrrHORN
Didero: Hi Graham!
tomnar: sup! :D
Orxolon: suuuuuuuppp?
TXC2: Hello Graham
Metric_Furlong: hello graham
WearingCats_CwC: hoi
TehAmelie: sup
1fairy2boots: Hej Graham <3
Riiiiiiis: Hello Gray Ham
Orxolon: hey G!
taeasakura: Hi Graham!
malsareus: where Cid is legally not a coward
WearingCats_CwC: The Zodiac Colon
Didero: "Featuring everybody's favourite characters. And Vaan!"
TXC2: a Hideo Kojima Game Kappa
shurtal: Colon: the Zodiac Age
Zaghrog: title now correct
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samu_btdp1985: yay 68 months
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TalpTheScot: who knew twitch was run by archadians
mtvcdm: Put Cid in Smash you cowards!
Spacecarl: Cid can't block warriors
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrHERE
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2632 patrons for a total of $20,776.78 per month.
1fairy2boots: Cid is a succulent
samu_btdp1985: Cid does suck
beowuuf: clearly coward is libel and sucks isn't :p
malsareus: again, we need the word sucks to discuss pneumatics
Pharmacistjudge: it's simple. if Cid is a coward, you can't block him
Xenguin47: Maybe he just sucks jelly out of donuts?
Cavemanhar: @mtvcdm cid smash bros when Kappa
Didero: Jeez, we've been playing this for 35 hours already?
ununseptium: Are you guys still recording Checkpoint live on twitch? The credits say so...
mwlsn: Computers are Good at Automated Moderation, or subjective decision making in general
Didero: Time flies when you're having fun, and also watching somebody have fun
malsareus: last time on DBZ Cid leisurely ran away
Pharmacistjudge: he very boldy ran away?
laundreydhull: Who bee dis Cid u spitting out? LUL
Spacecarl: you met the surprisingly well modeled randos
Didero: Somebody needs to teach that lady how to dress
malsareus: are they the local cabbage man?
thirsty_kitteh: It's armour :P
thirsty_kitteh: you wear armour on top of the clothes
Spacecarl: Well, as in unique... not dressed well
taeasakura: what are you WEARING
TXC2: these members of the party from the better made version of the game Kappa
Mischievous_Catgeist: stared to much at the top didnt notice the bottoms till you pointed it out
mwlsn: uh
BigDaddyBland87: The most important nobodies in the game
mendokusai_jamesdean: They work for Reddas.
WearingCats_CwC: I guess they work for Reddas?
beowuuf: !fran
LRRbot: Fran, like all viera, is intended to have an Icelandic accent. "Marquis" has two different pronunciations, the one used in the game is valid.
Gekyouryuu: That is a look
balfizan: Theyre the previous party the DM included because he wanted the players to see how awful their characters were
Didero: How does that thong even stay on?
beowuuf: we need to add another comment :p
RedNightmare7: Ugh...
Xenguin47: um..
Narcuru: @Didero tape probably?
Lysander_salamander: ack that design hurts to behold
Manae: Thong same color as bra is also not helping the "it's on backwards" look
IzlanntheLion: That's a little tight honey
Mangledpixel: Didero superglue
tomnar: the male version is even worse lol
TXC2: Ashe looks fine until you look closer, that...that look is basicly half undressed :p
Metric_Furlong: ah, Superman-ing the thong, is it? Kappa
Didero: @Mangledpixel ow
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Didero: "Maybe you're just bad at your job then, random fisherman!"
Cavemanhar: they dressed themselves in the dark this morning
mwlsn: I did a semester in comparative respectability
thirsty_kitteh: Because gawping at Viera has a short life expectency
Mischievous_Catgeist: we are meeting the ones who chose to leave
TXC2: maybe they're like the Amish, and go into the wider world for a year
Didero: Ooh, does that mean this place has more hunts?
malsareus: also which empire's pockets are being lined here? there are 2
Spacecarl: I do love these shops
Spacecarl: a lot of care was put into these shops
mwlsn: this is not a hopscotch court, small child
warboss5: Howdy G, howdy chat!
Meecespieces: so is the tavern here run by quark? Does he post the bounties himself?
Didero: You played hopscotch on a carpet?
otakon17: God I love the shops and cities of 12
malsareus: the weaponshops are a francise
Earthenone: deathtouch sword is great :)
ggodopaste: Like my favorite bookshop-owner's kid
Didero: I mean, that sword has Death Touch, it's allowed to cost a lot
otakon17: they're pirate weapon shop, ofc they are
Lysander_salamander: lots of kids try hopscotch in business places. Anywhere that has patterned tiles is a play-area
malsareus: new stick just dropped
TXC2: hello warboss5 welcome
otakon17: you ain't GRINDING hard enough Graham
Narcuru: is there a max on teleport stones?
cassaclyzm: yesss commerce time
balfizan: sometimes you hear something about someone and you're like "yeah that fits" you keeping yourself entertained in the back of a retail place as a kid is one of those things
Earthenone: bash has a hammer right now so random damage right?
otakon17: >no one uses Spears
otakon17: you didn't get the Zodiac Spear did you?
warboss5: Its always good to work with the best pole you can get your hands on
LordZarano: Nice Gil
otakon17: it was a WHOLE thing in the original game
otakon17: you basically had to AVOID OPENING CHESTS for 12 hours
Earthenone: i got it in the original game, havent gotten it in this version yet
otakon17: God I loved the License Board system
TehAmelie: so decadent
Narcuru: just buy all the licenses
cassaclyzm: have a little soul eater, as a treat
mwlsn: I like that delineation between "a whole THING" and a "a WHOLE thing"
Meecespieces: to be fair, this game still has Seitengrat in a stupid way
otakon17: what about the Wyrmhero Blade?
malsareus: it's just boring as opposed to mind breakingly stupid
otakon17: oh the armor isn't *as* expensive
warboss5: I'd be amused if the Traitor's Bow caused you to occasionally shoot your party members in the back
Didero: That Kaiser Shield seemed a LOT better
samu_btdp1985: Nice amount of gil
otakon17: 69
mendokusai_jamesdean: Are we hunting today? or trying progress?
otakon17: I hope we're doing some hunts
GDwarble: I definitely just read "carabineer" as "crabineer"
mwlsn: If you've got time to gabineer
Mangledpixel: Garralous? thaaaat's Wordwang!
urkleturtle: @mendokusai_jamesdean Let's be honest, hunting IS progress.
warboss5: So this place is basically Tortuga?
malsareus: I am kinda amused that everyone uses "Empire" to refer to 1 of 2 empires without confusion
otakon17: God I wish they'd revisit the Mythic Age of Ivalice again
balfizan: @GDwarble he spent 5 years in crabineering school
TXC2: GDwarble wow even carabineer's are undergoing carcinazation :p
Spacecarl: this town has a slight obsession
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big_blue_man: by the sea is just the pirate's natural habitat, sea or sky
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otakon17: I know that's not the official name of the setting but that's basically what this is
mwlsn: "We're the lords of the sea (well, technically next to the sea)"
LordShadner: so they can fake being non-sky pirates
otakon17: he's a Freeman that WORKS for Reddas
Didero: Rise and shine, Reddas Freeman
Didero: Rise and shine
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otakon17: they're workers for Reddas
WearingCats_CwC: The Reddas fan club
MrSVCD: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 18:14.
otakon17: that's what a "freeman" is I think?
TalpTheScot: cant just throw the H word around like that
otakon17: the QUAYHAG for all your hag needs
TXC2: come on down to dave's Quay and key shop
TehAmelie: Quayhag, the quay of hags
WearingCats_CwC: Quahaug? Can she control time and space?
otakon17: I'm still bugged this game gave you ONLY human party members and you didn't get a Bangaa
mwlsn: Call a shovel a spade, man
TXC2: otakon17 and Fran
urkleturtle: Reddas's rival Sadder obviously
Mangledpixel: oh no, she's just a big fan of blunts
otakon17: I mean yeah but Fran is still REALLY human looking
mendokusai_jamesdean: Is she Blunt for her weapon usage?
BigDaddyBland87: maybe she sells blunts
TXC2: Mangledpixel exactly what I thought
otakon17: she's a BUNNYGIRL
Didero: And sometimes you get an extra human for a bit!
CaptainSpam: Exactly what is your character using to lead these conversations that prompt these responses? Or do these people just erupt words on demand?
malsareus: ooooh new Miter
t3h_f1gm3nt: lemme have a bangaa. a nu mo. A FRIGGEN MOOGLE pls
Mangledpixel: make mine a fuzzy miter, on the rocks
malsareus: get the pope hat
otakon17: you don't even get a Bangaa escort!
BigDaddyBland87: That's definitely a big negative of my game...other than Balthier, I couldn't care for any of the main characters
shurtal: Fuzzy Miter sounds like a mixed drink. Like it comes topped with whipped cream
big_blue_man: this music makes it sound like my iphone is ringing
balfizan: @Mangledpixel that does sound like a good drink name
grgriffin3: Fuzzy Popehat is my favorite alcoholic drink.
mwlsn: @CaptainSpam this is what I always thought wandering the Presidium in ME
urkleturtle: A moogle party member would've been cool also
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atinyspacemarine: Ooh, video games!
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cattleprodlynn: Good morning, chat.
LordShadner: how would it have been if Balther was a skypirate Moogle?
cattleprodlynn: And Graham.
otakon17: that and your equipment doesn't show up on your party members but that's always been a peeve of mine
TXC2: hello cattleprodlynn welcome
otakon17: don't miss out on that Slowga
Mangledpixel: that's some consonant collision right there
mwlsn: Dar (gargles) a
TalpTheScot: it sounds vaguely klingon
otakon17: Darkaga is the NEXT level
1fairy2boots: Maybe also check the technicks shop as they seem to have newer things?
Didero: So if gambits are just pieces of paper, does that mean that setting gambits is just giving everybody a playbook?
TXC2: Dark'ga is Klingon surely ?
cattleprodlynn: Not here for very long, because I've got to interview people for my Master's project. It's with an elementary school administrator in SD62.
otakon17: I mean it's like, a 1,000hp heal IIRC
Bahumot: And FF16 now gives us a cast of just Clive...
Mangledpixel: the combination airdrome and savepoint
MrVirite: hunt hunt hunt hunt
cattleprodlynn: Will Graham still be streaming after noon?
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 10:24 AM
grgriffin3: @didero "Spider 2 Y Curaja, on one! Ready, BREAK!"
mendokusai_jamesdean: Do they have a board here?
otakon17: Do you think FF12 would have benefited waiting a console generation to come out and been a PS3/Xbox 360 game?
malsareus: go to rabanastre and take vengeance on the flan of doom?
TXC2: cattleprodlynn should be year, but not for long
TXC2: *yes
Squigel: @mendokusai_jamesdean yeah theres a pub
goatprince: graham did you get the goat yet
otakon17: WAY DOWN THERE
mwlsn: Here be dragons
Earthenone: you need a key to get to the bat tunnel thing
TalpTheScot: its a silly place
otakon17: The Nabreus Deadlands is an endgame area IIRC
mwlsn: Visit scenic deadlands
beldromercier: it was blocked by MSQ
wordnerdify: It's optional
otakon17: That's where you got the Zodiac Spear originally
urkleturtle: Nah, we should be ready for the Deadlands at this point
otakon17: That's a marlboro <_<
malsareus: let's not conflate our gurdies
WearingCats_CwC: It's a common Moogle name
mendokusai_jamesdean: Graham, visit the pub first
otakon17: you better have some status ailment prevention
spicyFerret_: I deeeefinitely didnt read that as "the homestuck man"
otakon17: Rabanastre <3
otakon17: I just love the sound of it
grgriffin3: I too am a sleepy man
otakon17: but you GOTTA roll the R
Didero: @mendokusai_jamesdean Are you telling a kid to go to a bar? :p
Didero: Vaan's too young to drink!
malsareus: are u ok?
otakon17: he was rambling?
Squigel: does anyone remember if you can get the fishing rod yet?
grgriffin3: Turning Point Rabanastre
Earthenone: i believe fishing is obtainable now
Andymonium: sea fiend, or seand, if you will...
otakon17: I wish Vaan had proper armor on dammit instead of an open vest showing off his painted pecs and abs
goatprince: steal his pole
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KodeMage: The thing I remember most about this game is that there's an area where you can set up your gambits to infinitely afk farm ghosts or something, and also xp and lp.
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spicyFerret_: Sub child 2 wishes to join your party.
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goatprince: graham steal his pole
Earthenone: go back to the fisherman if you want to get a pole
urkleturtle: yep
BigDaddyBland87: I totally skipped the fishing on my playthrough
wordnerdify: It's one spot only, I think
cattleprodlynn: Whoa, I never realized that either.
TXC2: "Fishing is obtainable" Jacob teleports into the room
Andymonium: right now we talk to Big the Cat
ShamelessMatt: It's no ff15 fishing but it does exist
grgriffin3: Fishing mini games, always dangerous
doubledbear: I just finished this game and i didn't know there was fishing
malsareus: Flee G, don't let the fishes seduce you
RedNightmare7: Wait, how far in are we? Because fishing unlocking late seems strange
TXC2: fishing unlocks a bit late in Hades
KodeMage: this game has a pretty decent late game with the bounty sub game
josh___something: hehe... rod
warboss5: I've been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and you don't unlock fishing in that game until your over a third of the way through it
Earthenone: fishing unlocking as soon as you find a body of water is normal, its just we spend 90% of the game in a desert :P
Didero: Now push them
Earthenone: leave and come back
Earthenone: to steal his stuff
Wolfstrike_NL: Another one :d
grgriffin3: Tell them we said hi!
emberBecky: ohno
TXC2: are real phone calls even legal anymore?
warboss5: Oh hey, I didn't know you knew Scam Likely too Graham! He's one of my best friends and most frequent callers!
goatprince: the fishing literally just partially unlocks an ultimate weapon that I've personally never gotten
otakon17: ohno
Diabore: why do people always try to scam graham? i never get those calls
malsareus: your phone has avhieved self awareness?
doubledbear: Terminate service? good. I'm free
mwlsn: "This mobile phone will self-destruct in 10 seconds"
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Your phone's service will be terminated at the conclu-
otakon17: I got those "automobile insurance" calls all the time till a few months ago
big_blue_man: the amount of calls i've gotten to my work phone about someone calling for a completely different company astounds me
RedNightmare7: So glad I rarely don't get those. Aside from brief blips from Madagascar that hang up right after initiating (never pick those up)
Earthenone: i think you need to leave town, not just the screen
KodeMage: I've been getting the fake ebay ones recently where they say someone purchased a mac book on your account. I just tell them, no that was me.
otakon17: *I don't own a call*
bytecaster: @Diabore They just want to be on stream, and just being in chat feels to impersonal
otakon17: HARASS FOR ROD!
cattleprodlynn: My spouse yelled at a scam caller this morning. It helps provide him with his daily salt for the day.
otakon17: gimme gimme gimme!
otakon17: don't forget to save?
mendokusai_jamesdean: Not gonna see if the pub has any new ones?
warboss5: Do cent do!
Squigel: do you need to have done the sick traveller quest first?
Fancy_frenchman: Cheer100 Morning Graham, I just finished my sorting of cards for magic, you know what that means? Yes it is in fact time to get more cards to then inevitably not sort for a while
goatprince: did you ever get the goat and/or would you like another ester of some sort
otakon17: Nono!
Didero: Nono :D
Didero: I don't know why that got me, but that got me
Wicker_Guide: Oh, did I miss BEST DUDE? :(
Earthenone: nono is a member of Baltheir and Frans polycule
malsareus: I once spend a hilarious 10 minute call asking a scammer for the account number for the bill they were calling for
goatprince: the thunder goat
goatprince: in the cave
doubledbear: Could use the teleport stone
otakon17: you probably have to get a connecting flight
Earthenone: there was a goat in a cave
wordnerdify: You have to fly somewhere else and then fly to Rabanastre
Earthenone: that you walked away from
Wicker_Guide: need to go to Archades or Nalibna to get a flight to Rabanastre
otakon17: ^
MantisMind: that was my first summon the thunder goat
Critterbot: Doesn't look like there are any direct routes from here.
otakon17: there's no direct flight to know LIKE REAL LIFE
Earthenone: connecting flights havent been invented yet
Wicker_Guide: not enough berths I guess
WearingCats_CwC: What happened to the Strahl that it needs repairs? The last time I saw it you abandoned it in the Sandsea and never went back for it
urkleturtle: wait, have we discovered the stewardess quest yet?
malsareus: Matt you need to understand you are more focussed on goats than Graham is
otakon17: Loading issues probably hard-coded into the game I would imagine
Mattmitchell45: "I'm having a pretty good day" "Yeah. but did you get the goat?"
Wicker_Guide: @WearingCats_CwC we abandoned it because it got shot up by the Empire
Didero: "Yay they're leaving!"
Squigel: @WearingCats_CwC I assume it got f'ed when the big airship expoded
otakon17: I love the airshop designs in general in this game
warboss5: I mean, in our world we have people that stand next to train tracks and cheer for the trains, seems legic
urkleturtle: to be fair, I'd also be like "yeah airships!"
warboss5: legit*
otakon17: they like to ROAM
Earthenone: other store has non greens items
otakon17: GOd this theme triggers memories
Wicker_Guide: so chat, did we find the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything?
TXC2: Mr Roamantic? is he bombastic ?
otakon17: not yet far as I can tell
Mattmitchell45: "Skyship Sister, oh, the time has come"
TXC2: Wicker_Guide I think so
Spacecarl: so those guys are brothers too?
goatprince: one thing I like about this side quest is the men get progressively worried and miserable about your progress
BigDaddyBland87: and you have them all now
NightValien28: seven is a lucky number?
LordShadner: it's 6 creeps for 6 sisters
Foxmar320: Hello G hope you're well
otakon17: but do they have seven sacks with seven cats and seven kittens in each sack?
Didero: But Graham, the whole game is nothing BUT silliness
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
LordShadner: maybe 7?
otakon17: Nalbina is a silly place, let's not go there
TXC2: otakon17 only if they coming from St Ives
goatprince: I will say: there's a hunt later on requiring airship flights, if you want to save time
Foxmar320: I have opinions!
josh___something: It's great... the narrative is sadly the weakest part of it
doubledbear: Touch light, streamer
Squigel: you want the guy in the arcade i think
otakon17: Nalbina aren't you?
MolaMolaphant: Lightfall is, among other things, cool
otakon17: Man I can't wait till Dragon Quest 3 2DHD comes out
spicyFerret_: *reach out and touch light*
doubledbear: Go outside and touch light
otakon17: how long has it been since it was announced now?
Andymonium: "what accent do you have?" all of 'em, I think
Didero: But the real reward is a happy customer
malsareus: go to the Jahara drive-in to get 2 hunts to go
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Squigel: mindflaying by ...
Didero: Eh, Vaan doesn't have much of a mind to flay :p
RedNightmare7: Psionics! Crap
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TXC2: it's mindflaying time
QuixoticScrivener: Someone tell Piazo, Mindflayers are legal!
otakon17: oh yeah I forgot about these bird guys with the big helmets
bytecaster: Natural immunity coming in clutch
otakon17: Vaan has almost as little brain as Fry
otakon17: Borb
MrVirite: omh yes
otakon17: Ponder the Borb
TXC2: otakon17 so Vaan is also his own Grandfather ?
malsareus: ooooooh, animal talk was my favorite part of the divinity games
gusslegus: Yeah the cockatiel quest is the best
MrVirite: how vcould I forget about that?
otakon17: @TXC2 potentially
TehAmelie: okay OotS did this joke, but what kind of meal do you think a mind flayer sees when it looks on these characters? Vaan, clearly a bag of raw olestra
otakon17: Vaan got *the zoomies*
malsareus: ehhh details
beldromercier: chocobo accessed mines
otakon17: the maps in this game are LABYRINTHIAN
1fairy2boots: Chocobo time
LordShadner: have to
TXC2: TehAmelie ugh, the brain cramps you'd get :p
1fairy2boots: You actually need the chocobo
beldromercier: you must take a chocobo
malsareus: jesus Ashe
BigDaddyBland87: have to chocobo or teleport
otakon17: Murder my way downtown, running fast!
TXC2: a fool of a stark
warboss5: Gatta love RPG protagonists, just casually depopulating any area they wander through
Squigel: do chocobo taste good?
otakon17: like chicken I would assume
BigDaddyBland87: There is only 1 other thing in the mines...and that's very late game
warboss5: LOTS of chicken
otakon17: he ZOOM
gusslegus: Like an ostrich probably- so a delicacy?
GDwarble: I assume like horse + bird
otakon17: really?
goatprince: either way chocobo smells awful
TXC2: VERY gamy
warboss5: Ostrich is much more akin to AWFUL
otakon17: ugh I hate those damn flyers
beldromercier: Ostrich is a fish, like beaver
otakon17: I'd eat it
WearingCats_CwC: But do Chocobos taste like they smell?
otakon17: I don't mind gamey
warboss5: Had an Ostrich burger once and only once, lol
Wicker_Guide: @TehAmelie Penelo is a whipped cream cannister, Ashe is a frowny pineapple, Basch is a roll of plain bread, Balthier is a hamburger and fran is a lasagna. Vaan... exists
otakon17: Fantasy Flaaaaaaaaaaan
QuixoticScrivener: So excited to get flayed
malsareus: having a flan-derful day
cattleprodlynn: Every time I hear something described as gamey, I don't recall what that is. And I've had rabbit before!
Wicker_Guide: !flan
TehAmelie: hehe
otakon17: @Wicker_Guide he's an edible packing peanut
Didero: Step 1: Be alive
otakon17: so it's Undead
Earthenone: did we bring any living?
malsareus: well we are living
QuixoticScrivener: Are you?
TehAmelie: maybe a real peanuts. but one that's mostly shell
urkleturtle: things can taste gamey and yet taste super different. like boar and deer. i think gamey just means very strong tasting
Wicker_Guide: this is such a doofy monster design
malsareus: well then
goatprince: you may have been over levelled for that hunt
Critterbot: Didn't stand a chance! :D
otakon17: wow that was easy
doubledbear: gg go next
otakon17: I remember having a harder time
otakon17: then again I think I did it soon as I got it
malsareus: behind on the huntwork
A_Dub888: @goatprince a bit
urkleturtle: yeah i remember having some PROBLEMS with that hunt
Wicker_Guide: a reminder that the level 7 hunts are generally harder than the final boss
otakon17: Zodiark XD
TWCblank: hooray for Hunt Day!
mendokusai_jamesdean: So complete all you have and then get more at the pubs?
otakon17: A hunting we shall go, a hunting we shall go, hi ho the derry-o a hunting we will go!
lirazel64: We were wasting our time playing video games when we should have been doing our huntwork.
cattleprodlynn: @lirazel64 Nice, Liz. :D
otakon17: Friday is Huntday
urkleturtle: i actually kinda like when games have different strengths of poison
TXC2: plot be damned, we're hunting for hunts
t3h_f1gm3nt: friday night hunting?
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RedNightmare7: Wait, he's gonna drop mines and have a gun?
goatprince: graham is currently misty-eyed
otakon17: I *really* need to get this
gusslegus: Gotta get down on hunt day
RedNightmare7: (Where is Jordan when you need him, he'd get that reference)
otakon17: I had the PS2 original and loved it
otakon17: first game I hit over 99 hours on
Didero: Do you need to disable the Regen gambit?
goatprince: just swap Fran out?
otakon17: Fran be squishy
LordShadner: Ixtab ate her MP
accountmadeforants: Graham might be some kinda Sanderson Branderson-esque Mistborn with all this Mist.
TXC2: goatprince Blasphemy!
otakon17: >Penelo is locked in
otakon17: ohno
otakon17: I always kept a gun on Balthier
goatprince: you may have to enter/exit
otakon17: I usually made Regen a condition like "Ally has >75% health
Wicker_Guide: Penelo-Basch-Balthier aka Team Magic Knights Raynearth
Wicker_Guide: Vaan-Basch-Balthier aka Balthier and the backups
otakon17: I made EVERYONE be able to use everything though to be honest
Wicker_Guide: yeah the new version really changes how much you can dothat
otakon17: I just wish their inherent stats were more varied to encourage specialization
Serivus: level up gave him more max?
Wicker_Guide: Zodiac Age changed the leveling mechanics @otakon17
otakon17: like you'd thing Basch would be the "Big Guy", wears heavy armor and giant sword and not afraid of anything
otakon17: oh yeah I know, they have specific license boards akin to jobs
otakon17: but aren't they set in stone once you choose them?
Wicker_Guide: no
Earthenone: you can swap jobs whenever
TXC2: no you can change the licence boards
Earthenone: well in town
Wicker_Guide: but you are limited in how many you can choose
otakon17: oh nice
otakon17: not QUITE as good as changing classes in FF5 but not bad
otakon17: >it has haste
Wicker_Guide: yeah, definitely an improvement
TXC2: healing? that's cheating
otakon17: someone should always have dispel
Wicker_Guide: Mindflayer uses "Player-style buff stacks and healing" it's super annoying
Earthenone: he invered baltheirs mp and hp
otakon17: it was Invert
Didero: It cast Invert, switching Balthier's MP and HP
otakon17: swaps MP and HP values
otakon17: since MP will *always* be lower than HP
Didero: the magic pixel
otakon17: >it parried
otakon17: that's not so great
goatprince: it's grate
TWCblank: greatsword? seems alright.
BigDaddyBland87: oh dang I missed it
otakon17: @goatprince no that's for cooking
otakon17: The gratesword should be a weapon in Dungeons of Dredmor
Squigel: just get tournasol it's not at all time consuming and tedius
goatprince: hey graham, do you want to hunt... god?
LordZarano: An "oh great" sword
otakon17: lol
otakon17: I mean you DO hunt *a* God
otakon17: Zodiark
Wicker_Guide: @goatprince I play Megaten games yes
warboss5: Its not a Final Fantasy game unless you kill god by the end of it
otakon17: Triangular beings?
lirazel64: Gratesword, what cheese slicers want to be when they grow up.
BigDaddyBland87: Oh yes Venat
Wicker_Guide: well, they call themselves gods
otakon17: @lirazel64 I love it, that's amazing.
goatprince: they selectively shroud themselves
otakon17: debating calling out of work, had to do a lot of heavy lifting last night and tweaked my back
gusslegus: Is it even a Kroger I
RedNightmare7: Remember: If someone says they are a god, you ask them what they need a spaceship for.
Diabore: which mount? dis mount
gusslegus: Is it even a jrpg if god doesn’t show up
otakon17: @RedNightmare7 and if they ask if YOU'RE a god, you say YES!
Didero: sweet, free guacamole
TXC2: RedNightmare7 because it's cool ok Kappa
BigDaddyBland87: @RedNightmare7 and if someone asks if you are a god, you say yes
RedNightmare7: @otakon17 Exactly!
otakon17: >2,200 gil Not even enough to afford a Fuzzy Miter
gusslegus: Also my iPad autocorrected jrpg to Kroger???
Jakelope13: Wait, if it's selective on their part, does that mean every time they are visible and suddenly turn invisible, they're saying to themselves "Why are they looking- Oh crap they can see me!"
goatprince: (espers)
Earthenone: get a number of summons, yeah
Mischievous_Catgeist: the one who mances geometry
otakon17: You need more Espers
warboss5: Sounds right
cattleprodlynn: Alright, gonna put you on mute keep you on background. See y'all later.
otakon17: probably one for every party member
TXC2: so long cattleprodlynn stay safe
Wicker_Guide: yep, need to catch a minimum number of fallen angels/demons/random dudes in a well
otakon17: oh goodie 1300 gil
A_Dub888: Ixtab we stab more
nyperold: You require more espine gas
GDwarble: It took me far, far, too long to realize "esper" is "ESP-er", that is, one who has ESP.
otakon17: I SNEEZE 1300 gil XD
otakon17: >Vorpal Bunny
otakon17: get the holy hand grenade
cattleprodlynn: @TXC2 Thanks, mate, you too.
malsareus: vorpal bunny sounds like a cool item for Dale to use as DM
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goatprince: talk to cantor's wife to get more info on the barheim passage.
goatprince: *dantro
Earthenone: remember to not kill things in the salkia wood if you want to try carrot
warboss5: The Salvia Wood? Sounds amazing :D
Wicker_Guide: Carrot will murder you hilariously
otakon17: Carrot will KICK your ass
otakon17: you need a TON of status protection
Andymonium: rank 7?? is that a carrot or kakarot??
otakon17: basically anything that keeps you from losing control of your party
otakon17: so Confuse, Stone, Instant Death
BigDaddyBland87: I actually didn't struggle too hard with Carrot. Since it's a Malboro, I was kinda prepared for its tricks
Orxolon: the happiness in Graham's face looking for the place XD
LordShadner: for me Carrot started easy then nearly wiped me
Earthenone: boss fight time!
goatprince: if you want to kill that horse you have to not get blown up
MantisMind: the bombs
LordShadner: wasn't even the statuses
otakon17: oh you never fought THE BOMB
doubledbear: Boss time!
otakon17: MINIBOSS TIME!
TXC2: this looks like a Kirby boss :p
MrVirite: someone set us up the bomb?
doubledbear: Set us up the bomb
otakon17: now it's a DPS race
niccus: i assume you're fine with more bodies than there are bombs
Firewhiskers: What wizard decided to one day make the ultimate troll constructs and why aren't they in jail?
otakon17: um do you not have Oil heals?
goatprince: this is supposed to be a gatekeeper mid boss to keep low-level parties from getting annihilated in nabudis too early
MantisMind: esuna
Firewhiskers: Handkerchief time
otakon17: @Firewhiskers if it's any consolation they're dead bc the first bomb blew up in their face
maelstrom64: New Phyrexia/FF crossover?
Wicker_Guide: @Firewhiskers considering what's behind this place, I suspect they aren't in jail because they're zombie food
TXC2: !crossover
LRRbot: At least one of these things is a Pop'n Music character I'm fairly sure.
otakon17: the little guys heal it
Earthenone: he knows renew, a 100% healthbar heal
urkleturtle: i think the little guys can heal it by casting fire on it
Wicker_Guide: I hated this boss
otakon17: >it's up to K
Didero: I don't suppose you can have one person attack the boss and have the other two attack the ads?
IzlanntheLion: What ate those
otakon17: you might want to cast Slow on it because the adds are getting ridiculous
MrSVCD: When it runs out of letters, what does it do?
MantisMind: just use weapons with ice
Earthenone: restarts at a
TXC2: MrSVCD it doubles up on letters
MantisMind: RUN
otakon17: @MrSVCD scrolls back over
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I don't believe you ever turned your regen gambit back on.
otakon17: okay HOW do you interrupt Rene?
goatprince: the boss is helping you grind bombs
otakon17: it's weak to Ice
MantisMind: its insane that this is a ps2 game
CodeIndigo: Also you're covered in oil and will take a load more damage from fire
Earthenone: i used a quickening chain when it fell to about 30% to finish it off
Wicker_Guide: @MantisMind in fairness, this is an HD remaster
Firewhiskers: The XP and LP will be great if we live.
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TXC2: if
MantisMind: @Wicker_Guide yes but i played it on ps2 its the same game
urkleturtle: i think we might need some AOEs here
otakon17: yeah you may want to heal oil at this rate, this thing will keep summoning little guys that're hasted on you
Wicker_Guide: @MantisMind yeah, it's still a pretty impressive
Didero: What's the difference between 'Slow' and 'Stop'?
MantisMind: @Wicker_Guide totally, in my top 10 ps2 games
urkleturtle: don't forget quickenings
kaffeetrinken89: i am starting to get motion sick
niccus: i'd have to guess slow slows, stop stops
MrVirite: Summon Belias, tank all the fire damage
Didero: Quickening time?
warboss5: I feel like casting Oil on a Bomb King will either heal it or kill you and it instantly
otakon17: actually that's not a bad idea
MantisMind: quickening is a good idea
TXC2: "stop it, get help"
otakon17: Summon Belias!
Wicker_Guide: @Didero slow increases the delay between actions. Stop makes it so the target takes no actions at all, but most bosses are immune
maelstrom64: maybe disable the stealing gambit to keep Vaan on task?
Didero: @Wicker_Guide Ah, that makes sense, thanks
beldromercier: Summon Belias
MantisMind: renew inc
goatprince: he could quickening but he enjoys the hectic energy of this boss fight
Serivus: could also turn off the steal gambit for now
otakon17: Bomba baby
Wicker_Guide: I want to kill the baby
Didero: I forgot how you refilll you Quickening bar, is it just killing enemies?
otakon17: Must. Steal. All. The. Things.
Earthenone: bomb X really gave it to ya
RedNightmare7: Quicken before he heals?
nyperold: It just re-fuses to die.
otakon17: GODDAMMIT
warboss5: Good gods
HavenDragon: ugh
BigDaddyBland87: renew is a full heal
malsareus: we call that r00d
Firewhiskers: @nyperold Applaus
otakon17: THREE TIMES?!
warboss5: Feels like a Dark Souls boss
beldromercier: Summon Belias!
otakon17: that's BULLSHIT
warboss5: Can you Silence?
MrVirite: Below 40% HP the King gains "Reduce Damage" augment, and any damage against it is cut to 1/3 this is very rude
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's vulnerable to silence if you have it.
goatprince: you don't... want belias against a fire boss
otakon17: Yeah apparently you have to HAMMER ON IT once it's HP reaches around 30% or it'll just keep casting Renew
warboss5: Pyroclasm? So, 2 damage to all creatures?
Pharmacistjudge: i love how "fire is bad idea" "Vaan uses pyroclasm"
otakon17: Quickenings are non-elemental thankfully
goatprince: 'and you're feeling so attacked right now'?
TXC2: screw sword, lets drop more meteors
otakon17: In the heat of battle, he don't miss
warboss5: My DM put our party up against some Bombs in his FF-flavored campaign.... in which I was playing a Circle of Wildfire Druid. It did not go well.
MantisMind: ice cool
MrVirite: ooooffff
RedNightmare7: Welp
TXC2: cool game
A_Dub888: rayfkWelp
Andymonium: oofa doofa
malsareus: thicc orb
warboss5: Much damage. Very wow. Such oof.
MantisMind: thats the finisher
LordShadner: black i think
goatprince: white, looks like?
otakon17: Silence is green pretty certain
Earthenone: arcane maybe?
Didero: No reason not to just get all the spells though, with that many LP
otakon17: sinc eit's a status effect
MantisMind: quickenings is the only thing i dont like in this game
Wicker_Guide: pretty sure Vaan also has a sword that does silence on hit
goatprince: you can check the skill summary page?
warboss5: Silence is Black Mage
warboss5: Magic*
TheMerricat: "Silence is a Black Magick spell in the Zodiac versions of Final Fantasy XII, and a Green Magick spell in the original PlayStation 2 version."
MrVirite: Black Magick on Black Mage and the Red Battlemage.
otakon17: Mage Masher but HEY SILENCE
Earthenone: no wonder we couldent place it :P
Didero: I mean, less damage but Silencing might be better in this case
Wicker_Guide: no there's one of the ninja swords I thought: the Kagenui
Wicker_Guide: this hopefulyl will work though
MantisMind: make a gambit if you have it
warboss5: I love it when status effects work on bosses
MrVirite: dont forget left trigger for battle cam
malsareus: get effed bomb
otakon17: gotta go, good luck
otakon17: thanksfor the stream
TXC2: so long otakon17 stay safe
Wicker_Guide: baii @otakon17
RedNightmare7: Dude's earned it
goatprince: a clean victory
Didero: woo
MantisMind: LETSGO
Wicker_Guide: wow I wish I knew that worked
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Didero: Phase 2!
Wicker_Guide: I hated this fight so much
warboss5: That's one way to open a door I guess
malsareus: uhhh we didn't do that
TXC2: congratulations
malsareus: not our bomb blowing up the woods no sirreee
goatprince: 'well that sucked. time to kill a horse'
cassaclyzm: congratulations
Jakelope13: Oh look! that boss was a door!
MantisMind: this is just the beggining KEKW
urkleturtle: it's kind of meant as a gatekeeper boss because it's gating the entrance to some harder optional areas
goatprince: nah
MantisMind: maybe is an armor or weapon with regen
Earthenone: nah it dosent tick down time wise when not in active party
goatprince: buffs don't dispel at save points
LordShadner: any status stay in the back party
Wicker_Guide: pretty sure that beneficial status effects just never wear off for backliners
Earthenone: cool horse
MrVirite: sparkly
warboss5: Reminds me of the setting in the old Baldur's Gate games where you could have the game auto-cast all of your healing magic any time you rested
Wicker_Guide: thunderhoarse
TXC2: Sparky horse!
mwlsn: Sparklehorse McTramplehooves
urkleturtle: dude's having a solo rave
TheAwkes: That looks uncomfortable.
warboss5: I THINK it might use lightning
Mazrae: just to home and im glad that im able to watch G play this
MantisMind: @warboss5 maybe LUL
MantisMind: steal first is a rule in this game YEP
Didero: We're gonna make so much glue later
kumatsu: Who let their weird dog loose in the forest?
MrVirite: easier than the miniboss
MantisMind: berserk pog
Mazrae: This is a good way to enjoy my Birthday
LordZarano: Thunderhorse!
Meecespieces: That horse is straight up cool looking to me
MantisMind: beware of confuse LUL
warboss5: Well, that was underwhelming compared to King Bomb
TXC2: happy birthday Mazrae
Meecespieces: love that fight
goatprince: good places
urkleturtle: TOO MAD to be told where to go
BigDaddyBland87: the only thing worse that invert are the "everything-proof" shields a lot of the late game hunts and bosses have...those are just BS
malsareus: wash your necrohols kids
MantisMind: woooo i loved this place
GDwarble: The hall is dead?
mwlsn: Hi, I'm Fran, and this is my angry friend, and this is my other angry friend
goatprince: did you know: the goblins in this game love you kill you
Didero: Wait, what is this?
accountmadeforants: The Necrohol and Fran Butt
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TheMandrew: hope you have libra
TehAmelie: necrohol, like alcohol, but undead
warboss5: Oh no, PLOT!
TXC2: plot? ew
goatprince: no, you never have to go here
CodeIndigo: Welcome to nonotown
NightValien28: we accidentally a plot
BigDaddyBland87: No it's optional
urkleturtle: nah, this is entirely optional and also pretty tough
CrazymattCaptain: wandering around and slipped on some plot
Earthenone: tpk?
Critterbot: I wonder how effective putting haste and berserk on Basch would be.
Wicker_Guide: there are a few hunts here, but no main plot
A_Dub888: "Someone straight up nuked the place" got it
MantisMind: go back
CodeIndigo: GTFO PDQ
BigDaddyBland87: Even the game is just like "no you should just leave
Didero: Sweet, bonus
RuiFaleiro: the one from FFT's end is the Necrohol of Murond (or Mullonde). is that the same as Nabudis'?
Jakelope13: Wait, "fell" as in "evil", or "fell" as in "it fell out of the Leviathan"
Andymonium: oh hey a deep dungeon
Wicker_Guide: it's also awful, fair warning
mwlsn: Love when the game is like "No, don't bother"
goatprince: like. a level 60 optional zone.
mwlsn: "It was a mistake to include this part honestly"
HLP_The_E: i remember running through here in constant flee mode to grab the zodiac spear early
Earthenone: i used the float spell
MrVirite: ouch
MantisMind: please run KEKW
warboss5: Wow
accountmadeforants: LUL
Didero: That's one way to cure Berserk
Serivus: or just turn off two players
A_Dub888: rayfkWelp
TXC2: me thinks we should leave this place
GDwarble: there a levitate spell, or something, that lets you stop triggering those?
TheMandrew: there's an armor you can buy from the clan vendor in rabanastre that lets you walk through traps
CodeIndigo: RUN
goatprince: the horse you just fought is easier than the normal enemies here
LordZarano: Time to lrrEFF around and find out I guess
Andymonium: so, good news: the traps are gone?
MantisMind: HAHAHAHA
GDwarble: I do not understand why they thought traps were a good idea and why they kept them in the re-release
Wicker_Guide: @GDwarble yes there is
GDwarble: At the very least they should've made it so allies are immune
goatprince: I'd try the nabreus deadlines before the necrohol
MantisMind: traps are cool but only you should activate them
TheAwkes: Can you avoid them by heading in with a party of just one?
goatprince: which is nice b/c it's the other exit from this forest
Earthenone: there are items and spells to ignore traps
Wicker_Guide: @goatprince deadlands? freudian slip? ;p
MantisMind: looking for a horse have you seen it
TXC2: MantisMind we beat the horse
nyperold: Or if there was a, like, party formation toggle. "Follow party leader exactly" could be one setting.
MantisMind: @TXC2 MMMMM
mwlsn: okay "like something out of Starship Troopers" got me
MantisMind: LUL
warboss5: Is there no way to disarm those?
plundypops: Penelo likes shiny
Wicker_Guide: "What kills you let's me magic you stronger" - Penelo probably
Earthenone: you have a hunt here
BigDaddyBland87: more optional high level area
xenosns: oh wow, I thoguht it might be this place, i haven't played in years but somehow I rememberd
goatprince: this place is ~5 levels lower than the necrohol.
nyperold: Bring out yer dead!
MrTulip: why do we even have that bell?
Didero: An entire jar for one single handkerchief
Wicker_Guide: @warboss5 you can make them not trigger with a certain status effect (float) that some armor and one spell grant, but you can't disarm them
TXC2: MrTulip Ian got it for desert bus and we have to expense it somehow Kappa
BigDaddyBland87: Side errand to get to a esper in the Necrohol
mwlsn: A hero rises to right the wrongs of Ivalice
MarsIsDead: Johnny 5?
Foxmar320: Thank you for that Graham :D
Mangledpixel: *tips hat* m'kleou
LordZarano: jlrrPit
nyperold: "I just happen to be... a HERO."
warboss5: @Wicker_Guide That's silly, the protag is a THEIF for gods sake, lol
mwlsn: my brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell
warboss5: THIEF*
malsareus: Nabudis blew the bed
Didero: Has somebody already said it this stream? If not, NABU DEEZ NUTS
goatprince: nabudeez nuts. sorry that was crass of me
Wicker_Guide: Ashe, looking out at the empty space: "My husband was born here"
urkleturtle: i remember really, really liking the deadlands. i think it's how much secret stuff there is here
TXC2: ashley, ashlee and ashleigh
GDwarble: Nabudis, nabudeen nabudai, na-bu-deen nabudai, nabudeen nabudai...
farmall_farmer: hey Graham caught you live instead of vod for a change just wanted to thank you for narrating conversations like the one you just had cause I usually listen in the barn more than watch
malsareus: Graham: "riiiiiight skeletons, I have 1 of those"
TXC2: GDwarble get out Kappa
LurkerSpine: those skeletons have played a lot of Street Fighter and have mastered how to shimmy
Mordin_Solus_Sings: You poisoned a skeleton... Nice!
Didero: as long as it's not your own skeleton
malsareus: does that mean their bones have a vascular system?
Earthenone: maybe set up an ememy status protect- dispel gambit?
Didero: strong bones
MantisMind: this is another good place for chain skeletons
Mazrae: just make sure not to join the dead in this land
LordZarano: @malsareus Marrow?
goatprince: a bad idea? more like a
Spacecarl: just take every skeleton one a time, what could go wrong?
TXC2: maybe undead skeletons turn into plants?
Didero: That's a lot of map
malsareus: that's a lot of dead land
Earthenone: i had trouble with the hunt here, not the hunt itself just a preposterus number of skelingmens
urkleturtle: it's definitely doable at your current level, but more hunting never hurts
malsareus: do you think the land has skelletons because it is a deadland or did the skelletons make the land dead?
Didero: @urkleturtle Until it does :p
Mazrae: those skeletons dont seem dead enough for the dead lands
malsareus: it could be a healtrap
malsareus: rabanastre sewer?
Earthenone: somewhere is great this time of year
malsareus: murder the sewer flan?
MantisMind: NotLikeThis
goatprince: these goblins don't mess around
1fairy2boots: Maybe get that esper in the caves or so.
Spacecarl: You have some better heal spells now too I think, not sure if penelo has the license
LordShadner: which sewer flan?
Mangledpixel: !flan
Didero: Does this mean we have to go through the sewer cloaca again
Wicker_Guide: Sewer Flan 2: Sewer Flanaloo
Wicker_Guide: Orthrus I think?
urkleturtle: we will stop the flanderizing of our sewers!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Mazrae: Just dont try and eat the sewer flan it might be poisonous
Zaghrog: Isn't White Mousse still alive? Or am I misremembering and it's actually Orthrus?
urkleturtle: did we ever get cu-chulainn in the sewers? i'm behind on the vods
Earthenone: this is one of those local news headlines that really shouldent have had to be said "National Park Service warns not to push your 'slower friend' down when running from bears"
jessieimproved: @Earthenone I'm really hoping that was just a hook to get people to read an actually serious bear safety article
TXC2: and we're back
Didero: Wait, so if there are teleport stones, why are there still airships?
xenosns: i'm sorry
Firewhiskers: Someone cast Esuna to remove Graham's Pain status
TehAmelie: did you game too actively?
goatprince: hey, remember Balzac?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: @Didero Teleport stones can only transport 3 people at a time, plus their three friends in nether space.
Earthenone: good old balzac and his ringwyrm
TXC2: Didero teleporting is expensive
Didero: @TXC2 Is it? That dude on the chocobo was just selling teleport stones, no?
Earthenone: do you want the answer to make him spawn?
Firewhiskers: Vann in Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Flan is Hard To Find."
TXC2: Didero expensive for the common man then
goatprince: this one's the horny reference to ff6
Zaghrog: reading the hunt explains the hunt?
Spacecarl: Maybe the average person doesnt know the magic necessary to teleport. oh and you can only teleport to the orange stones you have personally been to
Didero: This flan is sexist!
Firewhiskers: Thanks, Alexander O translator
Didero: Did we re-enable Penelo's Regen gambit?
HavenDragon: my first thought was that the flan was a lesbian
Didero: Oh, maybe set it to HP < 90%, so she doesn't keep casting it
Earthenone: when i did the flan larsa was there, it dident seem to mind him
urkleturtle: there's a whole puzzle involved in this area. i wasn't able to do it without a guide
Spacecarl: Also we have better (but more mana hungry) healing spells for penelo now. maybe good for the boss at least
Didero: Why did they turn the sewer into such a maze?
goatprince: if you ant to kill a demigod you re also in the right area
Diabore: put it down! fran, FRAN put it down
Firewhiskers: Froggy went a'courtin' and he did ride, uh huh (uh huh)
Firewhiskers: At least it didn't drop "One Marlboro Mustache"
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QuixoticScrivener: Who is making crowns for these plants?
TXC2: their subjects?
Wicker_Guide: the Burger King?
urkleturtle: lizard has deep pockets
TheAwkes: It looks like *that* and they just call it "Lizard"?
Andymonium: oh hi ultros!
Firewhiskers: Oh no naughty octopus
Diabore: get help
TXC2: "stop talking, go to jail"
1fairy2boots: Maybe even silence?
JohnLockeCole: I am also confused, how do you form mithril bubbles?
Firewhiskers: "I cannot be silenced!"
JohnLockeCole: is this flan made of molten mithril? that seems bad
1fairy2boots: Whelp
goatprince: fer better when it tells you the enemy's immune than for you to have to guess
urkleturtle: this fight is basically the baby version of the carrot fight
Firewhiskers: Flantastic
NightValien28: pride flan
Wicker_Guide: cosmic flan
TXC2: just knocking out hunts today
Travilogue: Conflangulations!
MolaMolaphant: "a" "an" "the"
malsareus: finally our cloaca is safe
goatprince: I don't think the long way connects
Spacecarl: oh fancy
malsareus: new map who dis?
Earthenone: you got dlc for your map :P
TXC2: has that been there the whole time?
Lizardman175: @TXC2 no
Earthenone: gates can be contolled
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Earthenone: though it think that was a plot place and we cant go back?
MrVirite: water puzzle?
accountmadeforants: This map was made for the T1000
urkleturtle: you could do the puzzle of this area here right now, but i'm not sure we're ready for the boss at the end of it
Firewhiskers: If every Malboro is a King are they in an anarchistic society?
malsareus: the lizard is a wizard
goatprince: if you have curaja you're ready for the boss
Mivair: Can't have a hierarchy if everyone is on top of the hierarchy.
malsareus: our bane, wet socks
TXC2: they take turns being king, and who it'll be next is random
Mivair: That's a demarchy. Don't ask how I know this.
Firewhiskers: @Mivair I appreciate that you do
MrSVCD: Food time, have fun!
Wicker_Guide: @Firewhiskers just wait till we get to the Malboro Overkings
goatprince: drink that water, graham
malsareus: suck it elemental
Firewhiskers: One Pebble for you trouble
MrVirite: a pebble
Spacecarl: looted a pebble, score
malsareus: bloody vengeance
Mivair: Pebble of kings.
Didero: After that they deserve a nap
TXC2: but when is sleep a mistake?
malsareus: nice relaxing sewer nap
Syntheticuh: which cid sucks tho g?
Mivair: Herbs! -erbs! -erbs!- erbs1
Firewhiskers: @Syntheticuh Balthier's dad
Syntheticuh: oh yeah, that one sucks lol
Wicker_Guide: Salt and Pepper Beard-Thier
Mivair: The Final Fantasy games are pretty much just bad dad simulators, huh.
kumatsu: My amazon device started telling me what herbs are when you yelled Echo Herbs >.>
MrVirite: where do they get their crowns, is it.. part of them?
TXC2: an Amazon steel your personal info-matic
mwlsn: There was a skit several years ago where you asked Siri to call the police and my phone started doing it
Mivair: Use this power for evil. Order hundreds of pounds of cream corn for people.
accountmadeforants: Counterpoint: Stop putting always-on microphones in your house ya weirdos.
LurkerSpine: I have so much trouble when I watch a WWE PPV with Alexa Bliss...
bytecaster: "Xbox off"
Earthenone: Grenade!
Diabore: grenade?
LathosTiran: xbox turn off
Mivair: I'm sorry, "Overflow Cloaca"?
mwlsn: Which I thought was hilarious but that was because I noticed and stopped it in time
urkleturtle: also really funny in voice chat during a game
macbody2: @accountmadeforants YES!
Mangledpixel: there was even an Xbox tv advert that would set people's Xboxes off
mountaindudepdx: It's like the modern "alt f4"
kumatsu: I'd much rather not have an always-on microphone device but my dad is trying to develop apps for it so he spread them through the house
doubledbear: Even i have siri turned off
NightValien28: counter counter point, get consoles to stop turning the mic on by itself Kappa
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Why did it sound blue when he said those words?
Mivair: I wanna learn how to speak in color. Great party trick.
MrVirite: best quest
goatprince: you might already have one other one?
Mangledpixel: and somehow you can tell there's exactly 3 other pieces
TehAmelie: i'm already suspicious enough of how many ads i get based on things i say supposedly "without" any nearby mics on
cattleprodlynn: Hello again, chat and Graham. How was the hunting?
Mivair: @Mangledpixel They're numbered, cuz they're collectors items.
castlewise: That bloodwing is rough cause of all the skeletons
TXC2: welcome back cattleprodlynn
Mangledpixel: Mivair handy!
MrVirite: check if it's raining now?
nyperold: I mean, Siri, at least, would mostly only be accidentally set off by The Witcher III. And talk about the device itself.
Mivair: How *else* would you know that they belong to the same mysterious amulet?
goatprince: not really
MrVirite: south gate, look at the skybox
TheMandrew: if you look down the towards the plains
1fairy2boots: There was the esper in the cave in the eastersands?
MrVirite: other than that no
Zaghrog: seeing the sky outside
LordShadner: southgate has a dude who will till you
mwlsn: It was a cH where Graham got my phone to start dialing the police, turns out
LordZarano: Eyes up gamer
Wicker_Guide: I do hope you do the Eryut Village one, just for the laughs
Mivair: It's interestin watchin this game as a (sometimes) player of FF14 and seein where some of th e UI bits come from.
TXC2: DeathScythe! in concert!
malsareus: I'd rather not have a lindworm
TehAmelie: we require more overminds
cattleprodlynn: @Mivair I know! I've been noticing that too just now.
A_Dub888: You're hunting a Gundam?
TehAmelie: wait no it's overlords
nyperold: I guess somebody could say derivatives of "serious" (or Sirius!) just wrong and set off Siri...
Wicker_Guide: they help you as companions for the fight
goatprince: no, they just help you fight it
Wicker_Guide: it's actually pretty great since they tend to have protect/shell gambits
goatprince: mallet: rare drop
Earthenone: its a loot
cattleprodlynn: Wait, did that rabbit thing just say Clan Centurio? That's definitely a FF14 thing, right?
northos: idk, what's a mallet with you?
ShaneLeeAtk: Float Mote!
TXC2: cattleprodlynn a shocking amount of this game is in FF14
cattleprodlynn: @northos lrrJAMES lrrJAMES
Wicker_Guide: @cattleprodlynn originally it's a Final Fantasy Tactics thing, but it's referenced both here and in FF14
sherlock_olms: It's good, the party system is addictive as hell.
Spacecarl: I actually like how the chops give you a clear border on whats safe to sell now
Mivair: You ever think you've got *too* much money in an RPG?
kid_flashionable: There's a lot of tidbits placed from this and Tactics in XIV, as well as with other final fantasy games
YTfriendofsquirrel: based
Wicker_Guide: @Mivair frequently, usually just before I buy the next tier of equipment and it somehow disappears
kid_flashionable: Case in point--the weird flying car in FV, Cloud's weird motorcycle from VII!
TXC2: and then Netflix canceld it, as netflix does
Juliamon: The only time I ever felt I was in the 1% in an RPG was after selling a mastered All materia
kid_flashionable: **FFXV
goatprince: and you look cute wearing it!
Diabore: worth, super worth
malsareus: right because we're poor
Earthenone: those poleyns are the trap shoes i think,
Didero: That'll earn itself back in no-time
kid_flashionable: @Juliamon that is awesome
Mivair: Cat-ear hood is worth, simply for the ears.
Earthenone: also has spells
Earthenone: bubble is a good one :)
Wicker_Guide: Bubble is the best defensive spell in the game by the way
Firewhiskers: Bubble is excellent
malsareus: we could've been tap dancing on traps this whole time
MrVirite: :|
urkleturtle: bubel very good yes
Critterbot: Would recommend getting bubble.
t3h_f1gm3nt: can you just buy out the rest of the boards at this point?
Squigel: has basch had the double liscece item on the whole time?
gusslegus: You can also cast float on party to walk over traps safely in areas with a lot of them
accountmadeforants: That corner is accessories and accessory accessories
gusslegus: So Penelope don’t be stepping into holes all the time
malsareus: all we can do is buy them bigger sticks
Wicker_Guide: no more raw stats, just weapons and armor and equipment
Wicker_Guide: oh my, penelo unleashed
MarsIsDead: Turn Penolo into Agatha Fisty?
accountmadeforants: Is this why Penelo kept running into mines?
Spacecarl: does Penelo need licenses for the higher lvl cure spells?
malsareus: She;s already stronger than all the lads
accountmadeforants: Battle Ore!
Spacecarl: Oh people were recommending shades of black vs the birds she cant hit
ShaneLeeAtk: LORE
TXC2: stronks!
Wicker_Guide: The LORE of SWOLE
Mivair: Have you tried simply havin *more* battle lore?
MolaMolaphant: does increased magick power when full hp increase the katana damage too?
munocard: Bushi weapons use magic damage
Firewhiskers: You realize they could always be this strong but they just didn't have the proper license paperwork.
Wicker_Guide: wait, do you have any of her spells LUL
Earthenone: she dosent have any black agic licenses to be fair
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carefreewill: no magic, that’s what she’s got
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Mivair: "Sorry, I can't punch any harder. I don't have the license to use full strength."
Wicker_Guide: Graham, your dedication to ignoring magic in this game is impressive and commendable
urkleturtle: decoy very good and important if you don't have it yet
Mivair: "Sleepga" feels like a stretch.
malsareus: Ashe has a sword
carefreewill: Maybe let her learn magic before prioritising the channeling
warboss5: This feels like late in my playthrough of FF10 where I taught Rikku Holy because... why not?
malsareus: Ashe is very good with her sword
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Not quite Wiggins-level of ignoring powers/magic.
Wicker_Guide: spellbound is very good
Wicker_Guide: longer-lasting buffs
nyperold: Master Kohga?
Firewhiskers: @Mivair Canadian government cast "Auditda". You all have too much paperwork now.
Mai_Andra: keeping up the long-standing Final Fantasy tradition that anything other than full-warrior party spamming auto-attack is just making it take longer
malsareus: level up stream time I suppose
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Bubble belt is a handy accessory IIRC
carefreewill: Vaan should have three swiftness licences on shikari. does he have all three?
Mivair: @Mivair Joke's on you, it's tax season here in the States. I already HAVE too much effin paperwork.
malsareus: Vanish does sound like a very Balthier spell
Firewhiskers: Recommendation - set up a gambit on Bathier for Less Than 20% MP, cast Charge
Earthenone: bubble doubles hp
accountmadeforants: FFXII is a top-down dungeon crawler
Critterbot: Bubble doubles your HP.
urkleturtle: bubble doubles hp
Diabore: double bubble
Wicker_Guide: Bubble doubles HP yeah
Zaghrog: bubble doubles a character's max hpo
Mivair: Dubba bubba.
Mivair: Dubba bubba bubba tape?
munocard: Self MP >20
Wicker_Guide: Self: MP < X%
Wicker_Guide: Charge only accepts "Self" as the target
Firewhiskers: You bought the license but not the Technik
Firewhiskers: Nevermind me
Wicker_Guide: no he has it
Mivair: Expose: He does a scathing piece on one enemy's past misdeeds, ruinin their PR forever.
munocard: Shear and Addle are two of the strongest debuffs in the game
Wicker_Guide: Telekinesis is naturally on the Shikari, and a couple other classes can get it behind espers, but it's very rare
Earthenone: he sells bubble
carefreewill: Bushi, i think knight?
Earthenone: the clan vendoe you were at
Squigel: fran might want that seccond amulet form basch/balthier
Wicker_Guide: also, I never found it before beatign the game, fair warning
Diabore: shikari is the only one who can get it without an esper
Wicker_Guide: it's FF, fighting the leveling system is half the battle
TXC2: diddling first, then bana...hunting
Wicker_Guide: the other half is grinding crafting components
Diabore: nope
Kadreth: How old is this game?
Wicker_Guide: also there's an evil god somewhere, maybe
Firewhiskers: @Kadreth 2006
carefreewill: no
beldromercier: Did he turn in the mousse?
carefreewill: oh, you meant at giza plains
Mivair: @Wicker_Guide Just one?
Wicker_Guide: @Mivair I dunno I'm breeding chocobos
TXC2: Kadreth this is a hd remaster
BigDaddyBland87: The white chocobo
Mattmitchell45: Oh, this Jerk
goatprince: this one's a strict 'keep entering the zone until it appears'
Kadreth: @txc2 I was about to say it looks very good for 2006
carefreewill: he’ll tell you if it’s there
BigDaddyBland87: If he says it's not here, keep going in and out until he says he's seen it
goatprince: your buddy will tell you when you enter that it's there
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun so giza plains is on a timer for seasons, 2 hour play time (not paused) for dry into 1 hour play time (not paused) for wet
Mattmitchell45: Nah, gotta keep re-entering
Diabore: theres also an npc that can tell you when the switch will happen
munocard: @Mattmitchell45 No, he's right. Re-entering changes weather only
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Squigel: Hey chat i keep leaving my gil in barrels that i store in a frozen canyon but when i come back for it it's always gone. What's going on
munocard: That would be correct
beldromercier: giza is time based
TXC2: !listen
LRRbot: Chat? Engaging in mimicry?
goatprince: hope you're ready for choco-meteo
Wicker_Guide: holy chocobo
Wicker_Guide: well, funny story that
munocard: it's gorgeous
kumatsu: Money
TXC2: why indeed
mwlsn: lens flare chocobo
Diabore: because someone wants it dead
Mazrae: Tame that chicken
Mivair: We have a hunger for white chocobo meat. The dark stuff just doesn't do it anymore.
Ersas: Settling a score with the old Secretary PixelBob
munocard: We also want the treasure it gives us
carefreewill: because it killed Monid’s friends
Orxolon: why? why are we ?
MrVirite: I onder if d-pad targeting keeps track of it
BigDaddyBland87: this fight is annoying because it just keeps running around
Wicker_Guide: look, a little flying rabbit fairy says that it's dangerous. You wouldn't question a little flying rabbit fairy, woudl you
Earthenone: the chocobo vendor wants it dead, its competition
jonnykefka: how are we do- oh this bastard
1fairy2boots: I assume is weak to getting sliced with a katana.
munocard: Quickening?
TXC2: hello jonnykefka welcome
cattleprodlynn: Dang, that's a large chocol;
Fresno_Bob: This bastard gave me so much trouble
Earthenone: he is immune to physical right now
Wicker_Guide: no longer weak to katana
goatprince: it also has a physical ward up right now
IzlanntheLion: Big bird I though we were friends
BigDaddyBland87: physical proof shield
BigDaddyBland87: I hate these
jonnykefka: Pailings are the most annoying thing in the late game
Earthenone: immune to physical
Didero: Can you Raise him?
LurkerSpine: immune to physical
Earthenone: so you need to magic
jonnykefka: It has a pailing. It will just do that. It will go away in a bit
BigDaddyBland87: you can't
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Wait it out.
urkleturtle: just gotta outlast it
Wicker_Guide: Monid's fine, he'll get up if you win
krenkofeiertmit: i like the fact that in german the qickening is named mysthek which i think implies much more magical/mysthical power :D
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The Paling will wear off after time.
LordShadner: it's temperary
carefreewill: it wears off eventually
jonnykefka: Look for the message about the pailing dropping and then just quickening it
ScrapyardGhostTrain: It's to prevent double quickenings to 2-shot it.
munocard: I presume Palings can't be dispel'd?
Wicker_Guide: they cannot. They're a very blunt-force way to keep the player from blitzing down the enemy and ignoring thye fight mechanics
munocard: Remedy
Earthenone: remedy lore 3
beldromercier: doom=remedy
Earthenone: it will not update tooltips
urkleturtle: some bosses get REAL annoying with that mechanic later on though
Wicker_Guide: I mean, this boss gets real annoying with that mechanic
carefreewill: vaan has that
carefreewill: but i think remedy lore 3 is rare
carefreewill: aside from shikari, i don’t know who has it
Wicker_Guide: Fran does I believe, you got it earlier today
Earthenone: i think fran has it seems like an archer thing
doubledbear: Yeah Vaan does if i recall
carefreewill: fran had it
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carefreewill: on the left of her board
Mattmitchell45: As I recall, you can use Time Magick or Techniques or some kind of outside the box damage get around this anti-elemental magic effect
Spacecarl: does Penelo get charge too?
JoanneG110: Cid sucks in ff13 as well
jonnykefka: Thunder will hurt it I think
doubledbear: I believe Bio is really good in this fight
LordShadner: status screen will tell you what someone's remedy can heal
beldromercier: poison it?, thunder?
Orxolon: want us to tell how to hit him?
munocard: Bio does poison, right?
Mattmitchell45: @doubledbear Right, Bio for sure
Earthenone: miss isent immune
jonnykefka: QUICKENING
TXC2: back again?
Wicker_Guide: quickenings really start to fall off at this point
Earthenone: ashe is back, in pog form
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arcane_dreamboat: *funny comment here*
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ShaneLeeAtk: No kill like overkill
Mattmitchell45: Choco-Comet, that sounds delicious
jonnykefka: Bosses in late-game get kind of ridiculous when they're on their last sliver of health
Earthenone: wake me up inside
munocard: WAKE ME UP
doubledbear: This boss is worth an achievement for a reason
Orxolon: isn't the trickster inmune to quicknings?
Ersas: Exploded, the best kind of Ded PixelBob
ThorSokar: I would like my chocobo destroyed in to a fine mist please
BigDaddyBland87: Get used to it
jonnykefka: it's really encouraging you to finish them with this
TXC2: ye old magic pixel
Wicker_Guide: it is pretty true in this game actually
1fairy2boots: It is like the loading bar of Microsoft.
goatprince: if they are flashing red they get a lot of stuff like your characters' 'adrenaline' buffs
jonnykefka: Yeah 15k should do the trick
Earthenone: Conflict Resolved
ShaneLeeAtk: I feel like we are the bad guys in this one
Earthenone: hes dead G
Narcuru: he died remember?
munocard: Is that the last of the "big three"?
Didero: He died, didn't he?
BigDaddyBland87: The ones that super aggro on critical HP is just obnoxious
IviaRelle: Heck with you and your squawky beak too!
Ersas: See the Coyote to collect your payment LUL
doubledbear: Capitalism has destroyed another creature
mendokusai_jamesdean: Yay, new trophy acquired in the Sky Pirates den
Mattmitchell45: We killed that Trickster who mostly hides away from people :P
Raincoast_Bear: Good Afternoon Graham! lrrDOTS lrrGRAHAM lrrARROWS
Orxolon: good thing Monid didn't need to be alive
Wicker_Guide: oh, sorry should have clarified. He'll be alive when you go back to Montblanc's
TXC2: hello Raincoast_Bear welcome
Bluedevyl: That wolf was carrying a crossbow!
munocard: I think if you sell the Deimos Clay, you'll get a special item in the Bazaar
mendokusai_jamesdean: What does your Den look like Graham?
doubledbear: Look the wolf study was wrong about the alpha hierarchy but it was right about them carrying crossbows
Mivair: @doubledbear Can confirm, I never leave my house without mine.
munocard: Has he killed the thing that spawns in the sewers only when your party is female?
Didero: Wait, what is this?
Wicker_Guide: acheivement stickers
Didero: @munocard Yeah, we did that a bit earlier
goatprince: I think you can do the puzzle here now
MrVirite: oh do the shrines do things now?
Wicker_Guide: @munocard yep, about 30 minutes ago. that was Cosmic Pride Flan
Earthenone: new puzzle, who dis?
goatprince: you can now find [dank floatweed] in this region
Orxolon: Vaan,smartest man alive
goatprince: up to 3
munocard: So, if we sell tha deimos clay, we should be able to get rare drops from everything now, right?
Earthenone: you can only have a couple on
Didero: It's so easy to get distracted in these kinds of games
carefreewill: Is graham high enough level for the shrine puzzle fight?
goatprince: you can get arcana drops, that's all
munocard: You got it from Trickster, it unlocks a special bazaar item
Earthenone: demos clay is for the arcana drops, yeah
Critterbot: It was a reward From Gurdy.
Wicker_Guide: it was your bribe for killing the beautiful chocobo god
Didero: I've been playing through Yakuza 0, and I'm not that far in because for every plot progression I run into like 6 side stories, which are usually great but it does mean I forget the story :p
Earthenone: we need a few hunt rewards for the bazar recipie
Squigel: need the gil snapper hunt aswell
munocard: Oh, we haven't done Gil Snapper yet!
doubledbear: Sometimes the goods unlock when you go to a different store, it's weird
munocard: Sorry for the bad advice then. You'll get it when Snapper's item is sold.
1fairy2boots: There was a way to click through the ineractable characters, right?
Critterbot: Don't foret you can target NPC's to more easily find them.
TXC2: !badadvice
LRRbot: Aim for Third.
icloudghjuh1: is it sped up?
icloudghjuh1: looks quick
Wicker_Guide: x2 speed yes
munocard: He's definitely on 2x
munocard: Yeah, that's a danger zone if there ever was one
doubledbear: @LRRbot legit good advice
Didero: @icloudghjuh1 You can tell by looking in the top right, if it shows >> there, it's running at x2 speed. Took me like 4 streams to notice that
munocard: There's also a 4x speed
icloudghjuh1: thats actually pretty cool
munocard: It's kinda crucial. Combat is SO SLOW without it.
Juliamon: without it the game is a slog
doubledbear: Makes traversing the large maps so much better
Mordin_Solus_Sings: At least buy me dinner first sir
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Does 4x have 4 arrows or is it still the standard 'fast forward' icon?
icloudghjuh1: so no chocobos for travel?
TXC2: my beasts are too strong for you traveler
Wicker_Guide: gil snapper
Earthenone: its the one in the rainy lands
munocard: Gil Snapper is Wet Giza after you've hit all the trees.
Mangledpixel: ooh, a gil snapper... very tasty
Wicker_Guide: is a plan
munocard: @Mangledpixel What's in the box?!
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: many secrets
Wicker_Guide: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: teeth
1fairy2boots: Where was the esper we once fought in the one cave again? Westersands?
TXC2: !events
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LordZarano: !searchfortreasure
LRRbot: You find: a Potion of Healing!
icloudghjuh1: Final Fantasy is such a classic i could not keep up after FF10
icloudghjuh1: FF10 was dope
Earthenone: there was someone to talk to that way
1fairy2boots: Thanks. Wasn't sure anymore.
Didero: Oh right, I noticed there were no PiFs on Wednesday and Friday next week. So that's not a mistake then?
Wicker_Guide: Adramelech is in the center of the underground caves, can get there from the westersand and a couple other places
munocard: Oh, that esper that spawns all the zombies was a nightmare when I fought it a week or so ago
Earthenone: for a hunt bill i think
1fairy2boots: Yes
Wicker_Guide: Adramelech was lightning and zombies yeah
goatprince: goat goat goat goat
Wicker_Guide: also goats, yes
Didero: All right, good to know, thanks!
goatprince: that wasn't a demand, I just like goats
1fairy2boots: Yeay, goat <3
DoodlestheGreat: Turkle?
munocard: big ol turts
munocard: poison seems to help a ton here
TXC2: normal speed feels like slow motion now :p;
munocard: They're just melting
Wolfstrike_NL: That's a nimble turtle despite it having it's legs chained
Wicker_Guide: darksteel tortoise
Orxolon: "If ally slow the cast haste"
Orxolon: oh
Orxolon: ok
walkwithoutrhythm: I thought darksteel was indestructible
munocard: Darksteel, not so indestructible anymore.
1fairy2boots: So not so indestructible turtle.
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Also, haste is expensive, iirc.
Earthenone: you can skip the scene
Orxolon: are we going in with no quicknings?
Didero: way to make a liar out of Graham, Earthenone :p
munocard: Which one we doing?
doubledbear: But you can't skip the taxi ride for some reason
BigDaddyBland87: It's in the middle so you can enter from anywhere
munocard: Stream froze. F?
Wicker_Guide: Sandsea or Westersand or Jahara
Juliamon: Stream is fine
gusslegus: Is it raining in giza
Didero: Don't kill the goat god, that just means goatprince gets promoted to fill the gap!
munocard: F5 it is then!
mangoalias: hi graham!
Didero: Exactly, don't fall into Matt's trap!
goatprince: goat? good
Wicker_Guide: well yeah, goatprince wants to become the new goatgod
1fairy2boots: Understandable. Goats are amazing <3
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Wolfstrike_NL: Caring for and slaying goats
Juliamon: kill the goat god and eat it to gain its power
munocard: We're doing Adrammelch?
ThorSokar: so the goatprince can ascend to the throne?
Spacecarl: Did Penelo get access to charge in that license session? she could use that gambit too. that could be useful if you want to use the more expensive cures
LurkerSpine: FF12 really needed POI points
TXC2: surely goatprince becoming a goatgod is skipping some steps
goatprince: if you have curaja you're golden
munocard: He's got that same paling thing that Trickster used, so be ready for that.
kristof162028: Hello g what are you guys playing tonight on the Friday night paper fight?
Mivair: Magic the Gathering, I'd guess.
Earthenone: FNPF is ONE draft
mangoalias: bone dragon
Wicker_Guide: RUUUUUN
munocard: Those are fun
Juliamon: !schedule
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Wicker_Guide: oh wait, nevermind
Metric_Furlong: @Earthenone don't they usually only fo one draft per stream? kappa
Didero: Oh no, somebody turned Ashe off
TheMandrew: @Earthenone but what if they wanted to do a second? is that off the table?
Metric_Furlong: *do
mangoalias: its a unique type of dragon that has a skeleton
Mivair: @Earthenone I for one, would love an 8 hour stream.
Bruceski: "I came in the wrong door" is how most folks discover the bone dragons
northos: @Earthenone probably best to keep the cards on the table if possible
munocard: Some of the monsters down here are NOT playing
BigDaddyBland87: not that way
munocard: Yeah, you're going the right way, I think
Didero: Seems like we haven't fully explored this map
BigDaddyBland87: he's about to die
LordZarano: !advice
LRRbot: Mod your legs.
Mivair: !badadvice
LRRbot: Tell Dale.
Didero: That's the one that makes us find a lot of knots of rust, right?
munocard: Oh, is this the room with the murderbeast or whatever that's like 90?
Wicker_Guide: Now RUUUN
Earthenone: those are too big for you
munocard: Yes run!
Wicker_Guide: archeoavises are super-bosses
goatprince: don't... fight archaoaevis
Mivair: Hm! That sucked.
castlewise: oh these things
BigDaddyBland87: yea
TXC2: time to SFRA ?
ThorSokar: holy hell did you go in the wrong door
Bruceski: Welcome to FF12 when it stops handholding you away from high level areas
Wicker_Guide: LUL
munocard: Rock, meet hard place
goatprince: whoopsie
munocard: Oooh, Disease!
noSmokeFire: it got really monster hunter in here all of a sudden
northos: good luck Basch!
Earthenone: which ease?
Metric_Furlong: this seems fine
BigDaddyBland87: mistakes were made
Wicker_Guide: welp, lrrHERE
munocard: Disease perists through death
munocard: it permanently lowers HP until removed
goatprince: disease caps HP
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Disease, HP max=1.
Earthenone: disease is real nasrt
Bruceski: Disease sets your max HP to current HP. Basically no healing
mendokusai_jamesdean: use serum
Earthenone: archoaveisis
goatprince: archaoaevis
munocard: Archaeowhatever
Diabore: serum or remedy if you have the lore for it
Wicker_Guide: the meany-dragons
castlewise: fun fact - serum was called vaccine in the original release
munocard: That was close
Earthenone: serum
goatprince: serum
Wicker_Guide: I think remedy 3 clears disease
LordZarano: Anchovies
Earthenone: its at the bottom of your items
LordShadner: there is a save crystal down here
shamblingkrenshar: I see I've come just in time to witness the absolute worst status effect in any Final Fantasy
Bahumot: Yiu have very limited number of serums
munocard: Yep, Disease is pretty awful.
Wicker_Guide: afaik no vendor sells serums either
Didero: Do you want to Raise the others too?
shamblingkrenshar: "What if we made a thing that stopped you from healing, persisted through death, and couldn't be cured by any spells?" What sadist thought of this?
castlewise: one of the remedy lores lets you cure disease
Bahumot: disease defines the end game and made me stop playing.
castlewise: and those eventually become affordable
Didero: !next
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Metric_Furlong: !uptime
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Wicker_Guide: @shamblingkrenshar You mean DS1 Curse lrrBEEJ Wait, you mean this game is older than that one?
GapFiller: !updog
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BusTed: "No I can't pause it."
DoodlestheGreat: Will you be part of tonight's MTG stream?
shamblingkrenshar: Truly we've reached the Dark Souls of Final Fantasy, yes
Wicker_Guide: they suck yes
munocard: Good luck!
LordZarano: Oh right, I gotta watch Checkpoint!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Turn off the Steal gambits?
Spacecarl: that accessory that was on ashe for half mp use could be fun on penelo here.
shamblingkrenshar: He's also Flying so all your attacks will auto-miss
Wicker_Guide: well, Ashe's will
Earthenone: yeah will need to do non katana stuff
munocard: IIRC, the zombos are weak to healing magic, but I can't be for sure.
DueRecompense: This guy and the big ChuChu are my fav
shamblingkrenshar: Wait do poles hit flying enemies?
Wicker_Guide: they do
munocard: They can
shamblingkrenshar: Huh. Today I learned
mwlsn: insert "mood" joke about "shambling corpse readies scream"
goatprince: you made the goat mad
Wicker_Guide: Poles and Spears both do
munocard: Yeah, I think he's weak to ice
Earthenone: poles have reach, yeah :P
Squigel: does fran have blizzaga yet?
1fairy2boots: Such a pretty goat <3
Earthenone: we dident have the LP last time for blizzaga
munocard: Fran is stealing
Wicker_Guide: ironically only Ashe can learn Blizzaga right now
Zaghrog: immune to magic now
Meecespieces: Oh heck yes, adremmalemmachemmalem
TXC2: Ashe is a house
Meecespieces: my favorite esper in the game!
Wicker_Guide: She's mighty mighty and she's swinging a sword around
Wicker_Guide: an enemy chain of adds
urkleturtle: also fran constantly stealing
munocard: It kinda helps when those items do the incidental heals
Earthenone: lrrGOAT
munocard: GG!
Didero: That went a lot better than last time
northos: lrrGOAT
Meecespieces: he vomits lightning when you win XD
1fairy2boots: Well, that was clean.
Critterbot: Esper get!
shamblingkrenshar: Lightning Goat has been defeated
Wicker_Guide: lrrGOAT there
Didero: e g g
beldromercier: goat!
Wicker_Guide: you have acquired: lrrGOAT
munocard: Electrogoat obtained
LordZarano: lrrGOAT
Wicker_Guide: remember to get the Roll Ash of War
Didero: Penelo, camera's this way, pay attention
munocard: That's a safe path, I think too.
johnhelix: Glad I got here just in time to hear "Lightning goat has been defeated!"
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
Earthenone: !patreon
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cattleprodlynn: Thanks for streaming!
munocard: Have a good weekend!
urkleturtle: it's been fun
Metric_Furlong: yes, this is all our fault
Earthenone: !youtube
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Foxmar320: lrrSHINE foxmarLOVE
Spacecarl: Thanks as always Graham!
mwlsn: thanks for stream, enjoy your weekend
Wicker_Guide: baii
johnhelix: Thank you for streaming. Now I have something to watch for the next few hours.
Firewhiskers: Thanks Graham, thanks chat
TXC2: !events
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DoodlestheGreat: Will you be drafting tonight?
Didero: I just realised that the background change is probably so cutting the video for Youtube is easier
Mattmitchell45: Was very menacing background music
munocard: I'm frantically refreshing the shipping status on my Compleat Bundle
1fairy2boots: Graham, really love watching you playing this game. Nice story, good game, lovely atmosphere, fun commentary and a good community.
Didero: Thanks for the stream! Fun as always!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
DoodlestheGreat: Kewl.
emberBecky: thanks for stream, G! o/
ShaneLeeAtk: Until Penelope starts wanting in the drafts
TXC2: !discord
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Mangledpixel: k bai
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrSHINE
Metric_Furlong: and now we play the waiting game
LordZarano: ~lasttweet checkpoint
Earthenone: !findquote game
LRRbot: Quote #1031: "I feel like half of this game is placeholder." —Paul [2015-11-04]
LRRTwitter: [21h ago] @loadingreadyrun> February can feel like it lasts forever. Good thing time Marches on. | Also its March now... here have a CheckPoint. | ||
TXC2: Goodnight everybody
Metric_Furlong: which is marginly less tedious the the most recent master duel event Kappa
Earthenone: i liked the event :)
Earthenone: felt like playing with starter decks
Metric_Furlong: *bad starter decks :p
Earthenone: i was dispointed that it was such a smal event, only needing 3 wins and only getting a single pack but i love lower power formats :)
Earthenone: add sealed play to the client you cowards! :P
Metric_Furlong: I like lower power formats too, it's just that
Metric_Furlong: I think you could still have a lower power format where, say, the fusion deck had more than one card in it that let it fusion summon, for example
Metric_Furlong: that wasn't flash fusion
Metric_Furlong: on the plus side though you aren't queuing into Sprite with it, so there's that :p
Earthenone: i did the utopia deck, gotta love level 2 monsters in a rank 4 deck :P
Metric_Furlong: and level 3 monsters
Metric_Furlong: and level 5 monsters