Metric_Furlong: to be "successful" a tcg must keep selling more cards, and must create a demand for new cards, and so power level must inevitably trend upwards over time
Metric_Furlong: that isn't unique to Yugioh (I mean, look at how Shadowverse and Hearthstone have ended-up) but yugioh is the most un-disguised example of it
Juliamon: Powercreep is the enemy of any ongoing game
Metric_Furlong: (I'm staying away from referencing formats of The Other Game as examples, although they're definitely relevant, since I don't want to get screamed at)
Juliamon: mm I think you'll find most people have beef with how WotC handles things
v_nome: How dare you besmirch the good name of The Other Game? I'll fight you!
Juliamon: as long as it's not a #sponsored stream you can say what you want as long as it's not harmful language
v_nome: (sorry, it just seemed funny to me)
Metric_Furlong: @Juliamon they do, but in my experience it's often in the same way that Americans have beef with things about the USA
Juliamon: idk have you tuned in for any discussions of the Reserved List?
Juliamon: that goes into a wide spectrum of frustrations
Metric_Furlong: i.e. there's a need to couch it in 'well it's better than Over There' and a general sense that 'outsiders' shouldn't be criticising it
Juliamon: mtg players are mtg's greatest enemy
Juliamon: and the feeling is mutual
RockPusher: !search for treasure
LRRbot: You find: Jewels!
Juliamon: ITYC? frequently identifies things that other games do better than mtg
TehAmelie: the same problem as all multiplayer games eh
RockPusher selects a pretty jewel from the pile and leaves the rest out for chat
Metric_Furlong: but yeah, the tl;dr is that TCGs are at their core kind of a hybrid between 'game' and 'way to get people to part with money' and that a lot of the common issues with them stem from the second half of that
TehAmelie: after playing Eve Online all day and getting nowhere without spending money, i'm super not sure if i wanna spend any money
v_nome: @TehAmelie Did somebody mention Sociopaths in Space? I'm not super familiar with the new state of the game regarding free to play but what are you trying to do?
TehAmelie: mostly getting some 50 million isk together to put a good cruiser together
TehAmelie: it might take 3 months or so at the rate i'm mining now, but using that i'll be able to buy a month of paid play time within days instead of years
v_nome: From scratch solo that probably will take some time yeah. My preferred method would be mission running or exploration but the later is "try winning the lottery"
Metric_Furlong: (hence Master Duel's main positive being that it's free :p )
v_nome: Oh, mining? Yeah I dislike they try to suggest mining. Very inefficient
Earthenone: free* like most online cardgames
Earthenone: i play them for free, but my oponents dont :P
Juliamon: free-to-start card game clients are pretty brilliant
Earthenone: though i have to say, im really loving the cardfight! game from last months ityc
Juliamon: I'm still agog at how much Vanguard Dear Days costs
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PST (2s ago).
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
Earthenone: lrrSIG
Juliamon: lrrSIG
TheAinMAP: katesAir
GapFiller: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG NEU!
TehAmelie: ooh, ads. that's a name i have not heard in weeks
Metric_Furlong: @Earthenone kind of, although with Master Duel it is noticeably easier to get a tuned deck together without feeling strapped for cash - it's just that pretty much any deck you make is going to get powercrept out of relevance fairly soon :p
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Chillpoint! Hang out with Heather and Paul and chat about the week's gaming news. 📷 ||
Metric_Furlong: @Juliamon yeah, it's ridiculously expensive
Earthenone: im over 30 hours into it, so its well on pace to earn my 1$ per hour of playtime benchmark
Riiiiiiis: Hey! I was sitting here minding my own business, and suddenly a stream starts :-D (Twitch is weird)
v_nome: @TehAmelie If you want to talk EVE sometime I am unreasonably interested in doing so. xD
GapFiller: forgotten the FF16 story deets which is really bugging me rn
GapFiller: was it abt dog petting or something else
Juliamon: easy-mode rings
Earthenone: ff16 was "easy mode"?
GapFiller: yeh thats it super easy mode
Metric_Furlong: difficulty setting granulairty
Juliamon: also an aside at how dumb Clive is as a protag name
GapFiller: but only for if yr really suck at the game
Earthenone: dog petting was persona dog collars
Metric_Furlong: and also Gamer Pride
Metric_Furlong: and the Clive thing
GapFiller: Juliamon YES! that was the bit which not remembering was bugging me
TehAmelie: right now i'm just debating the sunk cost fallacy with myself if taking 6 hours out of my day to install it means i should give it some days v_nome
GapFiller: the Clive thing was hilarious
GapFiller: Earthenone right yeh dog petting was Persona
Earthenone: well "dog" petting
Raiz0k: @Juliamon I like how the English Wikipedia just says "Clive is a name", with 0 elaboration.
GapFiller: am I really the only one who thinks Clive is a great protag name
GapFiller: whats the problem here
v_nome: @TehAmelie That's fair. I tried getting back into it on a free to play start from scratch basis in December. I used to be a big mission runner and pirate but some of my knowledge is out of date.
Earthenone: when i hear clive i think of the dad from modern familys sexy alter ego
Earthenone: clive bigsby
Juliamon: Clive is a fine protag name for a series not known for protags with names like Tidus, Cloud, Squall, Vaan...
GapFiller: nalvThink Clive Strife, Clive Leonhart, Clive fon Ronsenburg
kusinohki: grocery shopping - done. laundry - done. now time for chill point!
TehAmelie: we have a classic "Aerith and Bob" situation eh
Raiz0k: @Juliamon "Aerith and Bob" ahoy!
kusinohki: (and then probably dishes.... *sigh*)
GapFiller: oooh Heather w/ hair down
Raiz0k: Oh, so they embalmed him?
Earthenone: if you want to see beej check out onlyfans..... nvm
RockPusher: Such a life-like ani-beej-tronic
GapFiller: no hat today Heahter?
TheAinMAP: Hello.
Metric_Furlong: Hey Paul and Heather
EvilBadman: Oh, Beej is at MoPOP? Neat. Kappa
GapFiller: PH Balance on point yr see
Juliamon: with Beej I think lucite preservation is the way to go
ThorSokar: today's derailment: Snakes!
Earthenone: just talk about an obscure thing from your childhood for 20 minutes before welcoming the show :P
TemporallyAwry: It's when you can't see Beej that he's most dangerous lrrBEEJ
WeatheredPeach: Can never be too sure with Beej
GapFiller: oright speaking o which the Royal Museum of Victoria has been in the news a lot lately
Metric_Furlong: the first thing is many things
Juliamon: "Donate your eyes, Beej." "I'll do you one better."
GapFiller: or at least thats just me reading the CBC too much
EvilBadman: @TemporallyAwry "An unobserved Beej is dangerous" is a great slogan
RockPusher: Self-mummification I believe involves consuming a lot of honey…… you could probably substitute maple syrup
jacqui_lantern234: oh look! its a beautiful group of wonderful friends whomst i love AGGRESSIVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
GapFiller: God of War diversity and Clive was my read
Metric_Furlong: jacqui_lantern234 and chat is here too!
RockPusher: Mmmm maple mummys would smell amazing…
GapFiller: nalvThink hmm is Beej being sized up as a replacement for that First Nations totem which recently got returned
jacqui_lantern234: @Metric_Furlong dont imply i wasnt talking about chat! dont make me bang the monkey cage!!!
Juliamon: Break up one meaty article into several smaller, more digestable listicles
jacqui_lantern234: @Juliamon its what Jessica Chadwick would want
Earthenone: its important to quench our turn based hopes
Metric_Furlong: @Metric_Furlong joke's on you, the cage banging stick's been sent for repairs!
ThorSokar: "We don't want to be pigen-holed in to the genre we created"
AtomicAlchemical: Cutscenes
jacqui_lantern234: @Metric_Furlong i have rattan spears
RockPusher: Belts
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BrindleBoar: you gotta fight god
CouldntPickAUsername: plot is largely on rails
Pinwiz11: Attack menus and weapons that don't obey the laws of physics
Metric_Furlong: @jacqui_lantern234 curses! foiled again
GapFiller: silly names like Clive lrrBEEJ
Metric_Furlong: you win this round
Laserbeaks_Fury: Weather related protagonist names
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jacqui_lantern234: an amuse bouche of Final Fantasy
Metric_Furlong: Final Fantasy 16-hours-long
ThorSokar: I don't think Square is capable of making a short game
CouldntPickAUsername: which one was it that 'gets good after the first 40 hours'? that's an entire game on it's own
TheMerricat: I can't remember did Checkpoint cover the story about how Japanese developers hate the fact their games are labeled JRPG or did I read that outside of the show?
Metric_Furlong: @CouldntPickAUsername FFXIII
GapFiller: TheMerricat CheckPoint focused on other 16 news
RockPusher: Most taxonomies when really scrutinised fall into the not-that-accurate-but-useful-for-discussion-purposes lrrBEEJ
GapFiller: tho it feels itll come up un the present discussino
Earthenone: the one with the free trial up to level 60?
jacqui_lantern234: "what is a JRPG?" literally an RPG from Japan :p
CaptainSpam: "JRPG" is more or less "what roughly half of the 16-bit era was". Kappa
kusinohki: make a final fantasy metroidvania and watch the fan base riot...
GapFiller: jacqui_lantern234 except as always theres more to it than that
Raiz0k: "What is a JRPG? A miserable pile of grinding."
GapFiller: inevitably labels pick up connotations and associations
Metric_Furlong: "it's not a JRPG unless it's from the Honshu region of japan. anything else is a sparkling dungeon crawler"
GapFiller: some of them perjorative
TheMerricat: @jacqui_lantern234 apparently they feel as if it's being 'racist' or similar to call their games JRPGs because to them it's an RPG.
AtomicAlchemical: postmodernism begs to differ Paul
heyheyitssteve: "You need to be at least a Level 12 Artificer to listen to techno"
Metric_Furlong: people do kind of classify books based on difficulty to read, to a point
GapFiller: TheMerricat they may have a point tbf
jacqui_lantern234: @TheMerricat thats valid
Metric_Furlong: not as the main method, but it's there
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: The famous James Bond film "Woo, Martinis!"
RockPusher: "Movies" = Easy/Normal ; "Cinema = Hard lrrBEEJ
TemporallyAwry: resisting a certain cube-rule reference LuvOops
kusinohki: summer blockbuster/popcorn flick - easy. movie-normal. cinema-hard. art film-expert mode
TheMerricat: I understand why they feel that way butt tbf, there is definitely a difference in gameplay and design between an RPG originating from Japan and those made in the western world.
heyheyitssteve: I guess it's like the supposed hierarchy of "book -> novel -> literary classic"
MrVirite: Reject categories, embrace tags.
RockPusher hands TemporallyAwry a taco lrrBEEJ
SpoonfullOfSugar: clive exists in all our hearts
GapFiller: my old school caretaker was called Clive
Earthenone: wasen 15 a prince?
ThorSokar: I'm gonna wager you kill god at some point
GapFiller: good times
Laserbeaks_Fury: huh, Clive doesn't sound "skyish" enough
jacqui_lantern234: @TheMerricat more relevantly to me is the fact that stories are very different
Laserbeaks_Fury: I need more Squall, Cloud, lightning
GapFiller: TheMerricat yeh see thats the root of the issue here
heyheyitssteve: I used to work with a guy called Clive. He was a sketchy dude, hopefully FF16 Clive is a better dude
GapFiller: regardless of how right or wrong that might be or how grounded in reality it is that viewpoint feels based on certain biases
CodeIndigo: Chocobo Fables was awesome, the card game battler needed to be better fleshed out though
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat Yeah, one thing is the valid resistance against being pigeonholed into a particular style because of where you're from, and another is an innocuous description of *typical* styles from a *particular* area.
GapFiller: Raiz0k ^ this big time
KeytarCat: Tidus is a prince, send tweet
Mai_Andra: FFX was a religious leader, FFXII was a displaced queen, FFXIV was the prince, ...
Mai_Andra: FFXV
GapFiller: see also: the meaning and connotations of the word 'anime'
kusinohki: FF16 takes a sharp left turn and nothing bad happens so all that is left to do is a fetch quest from the grocery store...
Laserbeaks_Fury: So are the rings Diagetic difficulty sliders?
GapFiller: anime is all animation v anime is animation from Japan v anime is a particular stereotypical prejudice
Laserbeaks_Fury: *diegetic
Earthenone: final fantasy abridged?
Mai_Andra: @kusinohki I thought that was FF15, but then we saw a newspaper saying the kingdom had been destroyed while we were out. oops...
QuietJay: reader's digest mode
LordZarano: There are 2 types of people, disabled people, and not-yet disabled people
EvilBadman: Toxic Game...ulinity?
TemporallyAwry: See, it meant something when "Developer-Hard Mode" was the intended vision of the artist, and QA said "oh heck no!" .... less so when hard mode is "we slide all the sliders to 250%, have fun"
Laserbeaks_Fury: So, would it be better if difficulty was framed as hard mode? Doing that thing they did with WoW "rest bounus" ?
BusTed: benginPet
KeytarCat: Kinda like simple mode in Theatrhythm?
Raiz0k: @LordZarano The best riff off the saying about backups I've ever seen.
jacqui_lantern234: its breed is "Heccin Floof"
KenKopin: Here's a compromise: Have a New Game+ option to use all the rings.
WalrusOntheCourt: Petting the dog is in the game - hurry up and take my money!
WalrusOntheCourt: Accessories to pet that dog really well? Give the dog the proper rub-ins?
GapFiller: Mai_Andra something really good abt FF12 is its nods to something approaching a class system in the world; what w/ two of the main party inc the POV protag being a) The Little People (as Q might put it) and 2) specifically war orphans
EvilBadman: No, Dog accessories is another story
GapFiller: yr generally dont see stuff like that in this genre
jacqui_lantern234: im not gonna say where the 3rd ring goes, paul
WalrusOntheCourt: I would pay extra for the dog accessories DLC.
Pinwiz11: The PC version will totally be modded to allow all five rings
Tobenamed1: I have finally caught a live chillpoint
Metric_Furlong: Tobenamed1 welcome
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think, because it's a limited augmentation, players who want to min max will probably use something else
Earthenone: the headphones?
ThorSokar: I look forward to speedrunners figuring out what the exact best combo of rings is
Earthenone: that was soooooo dumb
GapFiller: yeh thats daft
GapFiller: specifically the kinda daft that can slip by at least one oversight committee
kusinohki: and then you have the original zelda where you don't start with a sword and it becomes a difficulty category...
jacqui_lantern234: let me watch my 90 CAD movies, gdi!!! :p
EvilBadman: Like folks trying to use "walking simulator" as a pejorative
CouldntPickAUsername: my favorite is the fights I saw over some people wanting a map marker in stoneshard. god the responses to that request
Earthenone: dog toggle?
KeytarCat: An autistic MC who "thinks better" with headphones in. (read: earbuds expand parry window dramatically
Laserbeaks_Fury: So is the dog like Atreus?
CouldntPickAUsername: @Earthenone doggle
Laserbeaks_Fury: I would spend all my time calling my doggo "boy"
ThorSokar: my head cannon is funky kong is so high he can't feel the damage
Earthenone: i like playing as a surivor from a clown factory explosion
ThorSokar: "the shiny boots and the rusty breastplate have a cool combo stat, i don't care I don't have pants"
TemporallyAwry: The villain interrupting their own monologue to ask "what the heck are you wearing!?"
Mai_Andra: a trial to ward the heavens
Simonark: We're all familiar with that problem.
GapFiller: TemporallyAwry why after all this time have we not had a game were the big bad provides sassy fashion tips
EvilBadman: Final Fantasy 7 Mulligan
BusTed: 😬
Mai_Andra: Final Fantasy Versus XIII shigiSaitou
ThorSokar: BOLD statement
jacqui_lantern234: quick! summon a meteor on this person!
RockPusher: Meteors don't fall on anything, meteorites do! lrrBEEJ
Izandai: I really a hope a small meteor hits somewhere unpopulated in Japan and doesn't do any damage and they delay FF16 by one day.
Earthenone: the sevenverse :P
GapFiller: it feels this is yet another way in which the post apocalypse looms large in Japan for obv socio historical reasons
BlueMechanic: Dirge of Cerberus, where they tried to rip off Devil May Cry
GapFiller: and the world ending skyfall event which brings abt the apocalypse
Earthenone: i thought ff16 was when they tried to rip off evil may cry :P
Spacecarl: I love 8. but I am weird. It's it's own thing
Mai_Andra: VIII is my favorite xivCactuar
TheMerricat: Was 8 the gunblade one?
BlueMechanic: I know that people who like 1 through 6 really like 9
Metric_Furlong: in hindsight, it's not ffxiii Kappa
gnyrinn: Dirge of Cerberus is a strong Worst Named Video Game Ever (tm) candidate.
northos: a lot of people still don't like 8 (though plenty do like it obviously)
GapFiller: 8 is better than 9 thats my story and I'm standing by it
Spacecarl: It has some systems that are odd and take getting used to, but you can take advantage of them
ggodopaste: 8 is Very Unfinished, and Jank As Hell, but that doesn't mean it's bad, per se
GapFiller: also it feels 8 specifically had to live upto 7 which is a rough enough spot to be in
GapFiller: see also Majoras Mask for another game which had to live upto the Greatest Game of All Time
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GapFiller: *being the sequel to
Spacecarl: Was it Setzer?
Earthenone: i would love a final fantasy yugiohalike :P
Geldaran: the cards in zero were a naming thing, weren't they?
Mai_Andra: FFXIV astrologian uses cards as well
uknownbeing: SussyBnuuy sucks
kusinohki: I like majora's mask... I _think_ I like OoT more, but it's really close...
GapFiller: kusinohki fwiw I prefer Majoras Mask becuase it doesnt have the wight of being the GOAT hanging over it
GapFiller: *weight#
v_nome: Sports games are up to 2000s!
EvilBadman: ^You fell for the classic trap
TehAmelie: there's always H-games, but we can just discount them
GapFiller: TehAmelie H games deserve to be counted Kappa
Bruceski: Fanal Fantasy 66 1/3 Dream Ultra Remix
RockPusher: Final Final Fantasy (No, Really Actually This Time)
Izandai: I'm sorry to disappoint you, Heather.
TehAmelie: after 15, i'm looking forward to a girls' road trip one
EvilBadman: There's 14 Romance of the Three Kingdoms games which is the closest I can think of
jacqui_lantern234: between fantasy and final :p
Spacecarl: even the fantasy ones have a lot of tech
Earthenone: X-2 was the girls roadtrip
Metric_Furlong: @TehAmelie I think that was 10-2 Kappa
AtomicAlchemical: FF has been big on magictech for a while now
Mai_Andra: I did really like that 15 was sort of realistic with magic
GapFiller: it does feel an admirable lvl of restraint on Squares part to stick to strictly numbered sequels
Raiz0k: Ah, maybe the Final Fantasy was the friend we made along the way?
RockPusher: mattlrDogchamp mattlrDogchamp mattlrDogchamp
Earthenone: for your "dog"
TehAmelie: it doesn't count when you don't actually travel on the roads
GapFiller: neither the KH word salad route OR the every game w/ the same name route
kusinohki: "what's your PAWsona??"
Metric_Furlong: if they don't make dog outifts based on koromaru's from p3 what are they even doing
Earthenone: give the dog a knife like in 3, yeah :P
aprilmoxt: They also Have inuyasha Line of Collars so they might bring out more
Simonark: Surely leash colour is a seasonal choice for these product's actual audience to make themselves.
KeytarCat: The HD remake of FF Type-0 added panties to the void under skirts...
Metric_Furlong: (for anyone unaware, Koromaru is literallly actually just a dog)
Mai_Andra: I wish the combat system in FF15 had been more interesting or less frustrating. I'm really enjoying Forspoken. I wish this had been expanded with the characters and story of a FInal Fantasy game.
kusinohki: how does a ninja dog run naruto style??
johkmil: Inuyayaya?
GapFiller: didnt Naruto end
ANeMzero: Promare, yeah!
Earthenone: borutos dad?
Juliamon: It's still popular for people who are nostalgic for it
TemporallyAwry: I assume they couldn't get licenses for "human collars / leashes" so they made a dog-accessories company instead ;p
Tiber727: @GapFiller They made a sequel with his son.
Simonark: That just feels like editorializing.
AtomicAlchemical: Collars and leashes for the puppies and "puppies" in your life
GapFiller: TemporallyAwry human collars cost more
Earthenone: yasahime?
ANeMzero: It was either very popular or took a long, long time to sell out and they're hesitant to make more.
TemporallyAwry: @GapFiller And presumably designed with more comfort in mind PrideLaugh
GapFiller: TemporallyAwry yeh thats why they cost more
Wicker_Guide: low-energy jackass
GapFiller: human comfort lvls tend to be higher than dog comfort lvls
KeytarCat: what was that called, Heather?
RockPusher: The audience is beyond Good and Evil now…
TemporallyAwry: I figured it was more that dogs have a built in fur-lining ;p
EvilBadman: BG&E2 is this generations Duke Nukem Forever
Mai_Andra: "with the help of a third party"
kusinohki: "I'm here to inspect your labor"
GapFiller: TemporallyAwry nalvThink got me thinking now abt human facial hair compared to dog fur
AtomicAlchemical: Ubisoft still in the running for "worst game publisher to work for" I see
Wicker_Guide: lrrSPOOP
GapFiller: lrrSPOOP
Lord_Hosk: "Im here to inspect your leadership" DAVES NOT HERE MAN!
gnyrinn: Fun fact: Since the Inspection du Travail was created in the 1890s, it has outlasted 2 French Republics and a Nazi Occupation. If Ubi is trying to sit them out, they're probably on to a loser.
definenull: that is some weird salad
definenull: *word
Wicker_Guide: Exec: "Look, I may have killed a dog, how do we spin this:" Lawyer: "A definite non-homicide event has possibly occurred"
jacqui_lantern234: @Wicker_Guide "Aledgedly"
gnyrinn: @Wicker_Guide "A Wolf-related creature expired near our offices."
Wicker_Guide: @jacqui_lantern234 "A criminal trial is not Currently ongoing"
nickthecatbear: Truly a nightmare
rubikdarkwill: Yees, she was fired in Elon's latest cuts
Lord_Hosk: And she has come out and said "Just because I was fired doesn't mean twitter is going down, or that my dedication was misplaced"
GapFiller: gotta say this is another great thing abt Paul and Graham: theyre both good company heads
Lord_Hosk: I think she is tweeting live from Stockholm? she has some type of syndrome?
Tiber727: I dunno who even wants this anymore. The first teasers of BG&E2 was of Jade and Pey'j, then later it was an open world prequel not starring said characters.
Earthenone: its good that the moonbase has an "optional" nap closet :P
Wicker_Guide: @GapFiller low key my favorite part of the wrestling podcast Graham and Adam used to do was Graham occassionally going off like "Vince, Vince friend, here's some advice about how to run an improv storytelling troupe"
TheMerricat: HL3
Coloneljesus: hellu chat
BlueMechanic: I think we've passed more time since when Beyond Good and Evil 2 was first announced as in development than was between Duke Nukem Forever being announced and its eventual release
Wicker_Guide: See also FF7 Remake, and I say this as someone who mostly liked FF7 remake
nickthecatbear: Sunk cost fallacy is a heckofa drug
virre_: Its a lot o f things that got out of the generations of Duke Nukem Fornever, like Boardgamegeek is one of the things that came out of personal rotation on that
Wicker_Guide: granted, that was back when engines were tied to console generations
Earthenone: but if we dont know about things befor they are made, how are we suposed to get preorder bonusus Kappa
Tiber727: At a certain point it's like hearing Ubisoft is working on a cake, but they're having trouble getting the hydraulics working.
Wicker_Guide: Coming next year: Montezuma's Last Revenge 2
RockPusher: Beej has a story about being old lrrBEEJ
Wicker_Guide: old fanmods
Wicker_Guide: #videogamearchiving
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm glad Minecraft lets you chose a build
Laserbeaks_Fury: I played Hollow Knight relatively late, so all the extra stuff was just always there
Raiz0k: Stellaris (and some other Paradox games?) also does this.
Raiz0k: Que beejdrop.
aethuall: I made a 3D engine once for a computer graphics class and boy it’s such a rabbithole to fall into.. I’m like “maybe I wanna add reflections” and then “maybe I wanna add an arcball style camera” and on it went
nickthecatbear: That looks like two stickers on a ps5
aethuall: Nintendo be like: best I can do is coloured joycons
EvilBadman: They sell colored plates officially now
TemporallyAwry: It is blue PrideLaugh
Wicker_Guide: I am confident that Lebron was probably like the 3rd or fourth athlete/celebrity they approached for this
Juliamon: They aren't even fortunes anymore
AtomicAlchemical: Paul out here calling King James Basic rdropXD
TemporallyAwry: "You are reading a fortune" ;p
MAPBoardgames: "No one would miss your enemies" lrrDARK
AtomicAlchemical: Live racoon in the breakroom
Raiz0k: Yep, that's a Crapshot right there.
KV1NN4: a missing skeleton.. a storage closet for crying in....
heyheyitssteve: "Aww man, my favourite skeleton has wandered off again"
KV1NN4: i think that crapshot could have a sequel XD
omdorastrix: Buy 3 skeletons, label them 1, 2, and 4 - let people wonder where #3 is
RockPusher: hehehe, doody gabyTehe
Raiz0k: @KV1NN4 "storage closet for crying in" LRRverse recently established that to be a tautology
omdorastrix: *HONK*
Astramentha: Okay NOW it’s a crapshot
Wicker_Guide: "We promise we are not going to deliberately tank the quality of games" ... "Yeah, what else where you doing..."
Invitare: meanwhile Nintendo is just like "What's a Call of Duty?"
Wicker_Guide: *were
Earthenone: classic switch raytracing :P
EvilBadman: the first 200GB Switch game Kappa
flamewave7: Wii u got one, a few years after it first came out. Lol
TemporallyAwry: Minecraft being a really bad example, but I guess their insistence on "parity between Java and Bedrock" makes a lot more sense if they're getting hit with those arguments right now.
Nydestroyer: dont you have phones
Mai_Andra: Did that just say "Minecraft"? Because Minecraft on console is absolutely a cut-down version (bedrock). Java Edition (PC only) has much more functionality.
Nydestroyer: diablo immortal on switch confirmed
TheMerricat: COD will be a skin in pokémon sleep....
MAPBoardgames: I can't wait for the new Nintendo Redacted +
Mai_Andra: I would play Diablo Immortal on switch.
Raiz0k: @TemporallyAwry Yeah, MS got seriously burned on monopoly allegations once already.
EvilBadman: Johnny WarCrimes
Earthenone: i assume its Collin Duty
gnyrinn: It's Lance Corporal Player Protagonist, DSO.
Raiz0k: xD
Izandai: demipyroLul
Nydestroyer: The only one I know is called like soap or something
WeatheredPeach: Nominative determinism
Mai_Andra: I would like League of Legends on Switch, too. I can't get behind mouse as a controller, and poking at the screen on a mobile I'm also trying to hold is very bad. shigiNo
GapFiller: nobody ever remembers the comic named him Flynn Taggart
Earthenone: my favorite thing about doomguy is when he says "its doomin time" and dooms us all to comunicating in memes
Wicker_Guide: isn't really a main protag. The Treyarch series is loosely around "Mason" and the Modern Warfare ones are around "Captain Price" and "Soap MacTavish"
Raiz0k: TBF, Doom Guy's recently prefers to be called the "Doom Slayer".
Metric_Furlong: Carl Of Duty, of the new hampshire Of Dutys
GapFiller: tho tbf Doomguy is just a better name anyway
Alephred: If there is no John Doody, there bloody well should be.
MAPBoardgames: Cod of Duty
Invitare: They're just cowards
nickthecatbear: John Doody def got made fun of in school as a kid
Raiz0k: Yeah, explosives are wayyyy more powerful underwater, you know.
AtomicAlchemical: Imagine all the fishing related warcrime you can do in glorious HD
Wicker_Guide: @EvilBadman that is lovely
GapFiller: awww
definenull: thats cute
Laserbeaks_Fury: Does the controller have a silver ball on the sticks?
BusTed: tqsWow
electric_claire: Mandalorian Man
Izandai: @EvilBadman demipyroLul Amazing
Invitare: Swee coon
Wicker_Guide: oh dear lrrSPOOP
Wicker_Guide: that's... that's veddy bad
Snowcookies: Wheeler would love this game :P
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah that might be a "file not found" default
BusTed: thejen9Eggy
EvilBadman: nintendo offewring an egg in this Terastal time
Raiz0k: @Laserbeaks_Fury Ah yes, the legendary ternary logic condition.
TemporallyAwry: As long as it's not a MissingNo. Egg is preferable.
Raiz0k: Egg probably provides more protein than MissingNo.
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RockPusher: Pokemon are stored in the balls…
LordZarano: They've been recreated in minecraft multiple times
KeytarCat: The Source ERROR
Wicker_Guide: TBH I'm still bothered that you can log on at all, but maybe they've got other forms of anti-malware
RockPusher: Trousers acquired
SquareDotCube: If you die in Pokemon Sleep, you die in real life
Wicker_Guide: lrrSPOOP
lion_byte: owo?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Pokemon Hydrate
Mai_Andra: Don't leave electronics on your bed while you sleep? I'm pretty sure that's in the textbook on fire hazards...
TehAmelie: this fall: Pokemon Teeth. collect them all
SquareDotCube: Pokemon Nanny State
Wicker_Guide: Pokemon fitness trackers
Nydestroyer: Well they really do want us to live in a pokemon world
Wicker_Guide: Pokemon surveilance capitalism
lion_byte: Pokemon Eat: a food tracker
gnyrinn: Now the only thing missing is Pokémon Work, to encourage productivity.
Wicker_Guide: Drowzee canonically eats dreams
nickthecatbear: Gengar sleep paralysis?
Nydestroyer: pokemon jump scare
nickthecatbear: true nightmare
TemporallyAwry: NO, why would you put that in the world LuvOops
GapFiller: lrrSPOOP
Nydestroyer: rerelease pokemon master trainer the board game!
Earthenone: so is it a pokemon duel disc?
TemporallyAwry: Noteworthy, reissuing the classic pokemon cards for less than 1k a booster-pack PridePog
Invitare: the Pokemon TCG video game is a wild experience
GapFiller: given where yr tend to meet other trainers theyre prob just after human contact
GapFiller: any human contact
MostCallMe__Tim: I hit a lag spot right when paul went "Ugh"
SquareDotCube: Me?
Nydestroyer: is LRR in fortnite yet?
Wicker_Guide: from the Rocky sequels
TehAmelie: and his mirror match twin, Reedc
TheAinMAP: NewRecord
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeFight
TehAmelie: Deerc, even
Raiz0k: Oh, someone needed a new air filter at the Moonbase recently...
Wicker_Guide: Real Steel
Nydestroyer: real steel?
AtomicAlchemical: Real Steel?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Robot Jox?
Wicker_Guide: with Hugh Jackman
SquareDotCube: To catch you up, Adonis Creed is Apollo Creed's son, being trained by Rocky Balboa, friend and rival of his father
KV1NN4: the rock em sock em robots movie yes
TehAmelie: did they make a Rock 'em Sock 'Em movie?
GapFiller: he looks like an MCU char
Wicker_Guide: I mean, the actor who plays Creed also played Killmonger
nickthecatbear: Just a guy with glowing gloves and shredded abs
AtomicAlchemical: And is a big Vegetta fan
Raiz0k: Also, the artists probably haven't seen any human anatomy, given the "abs".
Earthenone: i looked into the pokemon classic just now, i love the idea, but it seems slightly imbalanced to use the 3 starter pokemon as the three decks, wont weaknesses make the matches really one sided?
Coloneljesus: wooooooo!
Wicker_Guide: surprising exactly no one
TehAmelie: i bet it'll get TWO expansions!
Earthenone: there was a big tree, yes
Juliamon: Everyone was excited for new concept art
Coloneljesus: the erdtree is a huge tree glowing in golden light
Wicker_Guide: @Earthenone possibly. Also original Blastoise card was broken...
Raiz0k: @Juliamon Let's preorder! What can go wrong?
Coloneljesus: no, you see, the tree here is black instead of gold
Plasterboard: Almost looks like a Led Zeppelin cover
Wicker_Guide: there are multiple very tall trees in elden ring
TehAmelie: there's several different sizes of impossibly huge trees in the game
Raiz0k: Unless the ambient light has higher intensity of course.
EvilBadman: Bandai Namco put a preposterously huge version of this picture:
Wicker_Guide: given that the civilization living under the erdtree in elden ring was a fascistic empire...
Coloneljesus: boooo paul
RockPusher: tqsClap benginPun escher3PUN
Metric_Furlong: Paul.
lion_byte: eiffel1Laff2 eiffel1Laff2 eiffel1Laff2
Raiz0k: And to that point, if that higher-intensity light were exactly obscured by the tree itself, *that* is what you would see.
Kazman20a: I think they just said after Armored core
Juliamon: EvilBadman "What do you mean preposter--13331x7499????"
EvilBadman: LOL
Wicker_Guide: Also FromSoft needs to figure out how to hide the DLC so that players can't find it like in Bloodborne and DS1
Coloneljesus: dark souls players are used to just get sucked into a painting
TehAmelie: one time you even climb into a painting
Kazman20a: there where and now are three of them
Wicker_Guide: the weirdest part of this one is there's an NPC in front of hte first one that Says this is a place to duel, but you still couldn't open it
Coloneljesus: it's just a pendent. don't worry about it!
RockPusher: Ghosts: Installed
Raiz0k: Ghosts in the He... Limbo.
Coloneljesus: erdtree's haunted. "what?" *cocks gun* erdtree's haunted.
TimIAm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The LRR crew plays Magic the Gathering! This week, a 6-player Phyrexia: All Will Be One draft! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PST (1:23 from now).
HorusFive: Yes- "He's cooler because we told you" has always worked in the past
Earthenone: clive also probobly has a lot more polygons
TehAmelie: but can he top Dante's famous line "why couldn't YOU have been the one to FILL my DARK SOUL with LIGHT?"
RockPusher: mmm, marmalade
AtomicAlchemical: When Clive isn't on screen the audience should be asking "where's Clive?"
Decaped: Asking "who is writing?" is an excellent way to derail that conversation into something more interesting.
RockPusher: marmalade on buttered toast with a nice cup of Earl Grey
SquareDotCube: why not a bagel the size of an innertube?
TehAmelie: or an everything bagel?!
TemporallyAwry: @SquareDotCube Isn't that just an innertube made of bread? lrrBEEJ
Metric_Furlong: it's adorable watching someone panic about turning 26
ashesandmochi: turning 26 over the pandemic felt weird tbf
Raiz0k: Oh right, because it's almost Club 27...
MAPBoardgames: Trash-80
HorusFive: ENIAC
Juliamon: "Don't call me old, but also I'm proud of being older than you"
gnyrinn: "I used to play Pong on the ENIAC"
TemporallyAwry: If your first calculator had a crank handle, you might be old ;p
MAPBoardgames: Back in MY day...
BusTed: Reasonable.
Wicker_Guide: If your first calculator was a person in the library, you might be old
Decaped: if you've done literally anything on a typewriter
Metric_Furlong: back in my day, we just sat around talking about the past
SquareDotCube: messing with a CRT can end very badly in several ways
Raiz0k: TBF, Heather's parents getting scared about that was perfectly rational. Looot of voltage in those tubes.
RockPusher: Do you like hard-to-press rubber membrane keys that each do 7 different things depending on key combo and mode - get yourself a ZX Spectrum!
GapFiller: its still in the schedule
GapFiller: for now
Raiz0k: "And we soldered with lead, which was the style at the time."
TehAmelie: i'm so old, my school had one computer, and it had a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive
GapFiller: along w/ Paul and Heather playing Megs Monster apparently
Earthenone: !youtube
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RockPusher: dongle the bongle
Earthenone: ~whichcord
LRRTwitter: !discord
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GapFiller: sooo if theres on ChillPoint nxt week guessing theres no Paul and Heather play Megs Monster either
LordZarano: !mastodon
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ghyllnox: I sure am!
Earthenone: also in honnor of beej
Earthenone: !stpre
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Metric_Furlong: bye paul and heather
RockPusher: and now, the Twitch degenerates section :D
definenull: Brain go autopilot
GapFiller: assuming it does go ahead lookin fwd to that Megs Monster strem actually
Raiz0k: @RockPusher Proudly.
Metric_Furlong: RockPusher what's twitch degenerating into? Kappa
v_nome: What is Meg's Monster?
MAPBoardgames: Wait, isn't TODAY Friday? Or is it different in Canada?
GapFiller: v_nome a video game Kappa
TemporallyAwry: Time is a circle lrrCIRCLE
Bobbyflay420: Hey guys! Much love from Burlington Ontario! Been consuming your content for a decade!
Earthenone: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
nickthecatbear: It's like speech-jamming, but for days of the week
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definenull: The table will most of that work for you
Invitare: just fit the same person one the thumbnail 6 times instead
RockPusher: elfunkChunk elfunkPopcorn elfunkFart
LordZarano: !tarkovcrew
LRRbot: Other members of the Tarkov Squad can be found at: Serge: El_Funko: Joe Kim: Dylan:
RockPusher: elfunkScav
Invitare: oooh Hi Fi Rush
MAPBoardgames: More Tarky Malarky
DoodlestheGreat: Tomorrow's Tarkov stream is going to be special. They're going to try a sort of special type of run.
Invitare: longer than you'd expect, from what I hear
Izandai: It's a substantial game.
Izandai: And there's a fair bit of postgame stuff too.
Earthenone: if its too bad, you can always go to low fi ping pong for a contrast :P
Invitare: it's like Crypt of the Necrodancer
TemporallyAwry: ^
Invitare: or... that one you played last year
Invitare: er...
Invitare: something about a road
Decaped: Carefully remove Theatrhythm's claws from skin and replace with Hi-Fi Rush himbo
definenull: Oh? Back to slay the spire?
MAPBoardgames: It is a card game (this time)
Invitare: No Straight Roads
mitomanox: lrrPAUL lrrHEART
Earthenone: the spire dident stay slayed from last year i guess
Decaped: The princess has a katana now.
nickthecatbear: It was only side quests today
Earthenone: he spent todays stream sidequesting
TehAmelie: i watched it just before this stream and all i remember is a giant bird
TehAmelie: zomg!
GapFiller: OH
nickthecatbear: Not as nice as Goldeneye 69
Earthenone: does the 64 have a capture card?
SquareDotCube: slappers only no oddjob
Amentur: [Pause Menu music intensifies]
GapFiller: f yeh S1
GapFiller: iirc Bill was there too
Earthenone: super smash too
awmcmillan: Goldeneye was the goto for my college dorm days too
GapFiller: oh wow Bay Centre Takeover is still online:
Earthenone: !findquote thank
LRRbot: Quote #1035: "Thanks for visiting orgy!" —James [2015-11-05]
Metric_Furlong: wait, I did
Metric_Furlong: oh heck, I did
TehAmelie: Perfect Dark is really a strict improvement on Goldeneye as far as the multiplayer deathmatch goes. so much customization
GapFiller: thansk for streaming PH Balance lrrPAUL lrrHEATHER lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
EvilBadman: Cheer100 No bits? not allowed!
Earthenone: i assume bronzefinger is dollar store bond
Wicker_Guide: you're forgetting Silverfinger
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
GapFiller: TehAmelie PD is better than Goldeneye in every way
Snowcookies: ty for stream
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart lrrSHINE
GapFiller: but nobody clears irritatingly
KV1NN4: Bronzefinger, meet Turner, james Turner.
GapFiller: *cares
Raiz0k: Thank you lrrHEATHER lrrPAUL ! Thanks everyone!
LordZarano: Is Brassfinger above or below Bronzefinger? I can never remember
TehAmelie: well, PD is lacking some personality, but it's hard to compete with decades of movie history
LordZarano: It is
TehAmelie: meanwhile, this has bothered me for days
Earthenone: !doesloadingreadyrunstillmakefridaynights
TehAmelie: could you make a more obvious background gag and have people miss it for 30 years, or how long Simpsons has run for
LordZarano: !fnquestion
Lysander_salamander: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The LRR crew plays Magic the Gathering! This week, a 6-player Phyrexia: All Will Be One draft! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PST (54m from now).