RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART I finally stopped moving for the first time in the month since new job, so time to catch a stream!
NotCainNorAbel: congrats on the new job and glad you have a moment of rest
RandomTrivia: lrrSIG !
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
Earthenone: lrrSIG
CururuGuasu: Escape from Cafe
CururuGuasu: Ah, there’s the title change
RandomTrivia: Think of it as leaving early to avoid the Rush lrrBEEJ
Invitare: Melody's Escape from Tarkov
CururuGuasu: I’d try it
RandomTrivia: I'm picturing the animation of Melody eating shit when you miss an input, except in the setting of a Tarkov map :D
djalternative: hoi chat
Dog_of_Myth: And somehow, James falls down a hole.
satyropodobny: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
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Ba_Dum_Tish: The wonderful 101
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TheDailyMapleSyrup: no music?
Dog_of_Myth: Also, greetings chat.
RandomTrivia: sergeHi
HoloTheWiseWolf_: hey all
Earthenone: lrrGOAT
Invitare: sound was fine on our end
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrIAN lrrHEATHER
Invitare: ah professionals
duckace11: hello everybody
RandomTrivia: Ian, your wiring is exposed
HoloTheWiseWolf_: do you ian
Gedderone: We ARE goblins
Invitare: it's a promotion from Troglodytes
Invitare: A mistake?
djalternative: Kobolds? Gremlins?
djalternative: Youtube Kobolds
Dog_of_Myth: Kobolds are fun
duckace11: youtube. ghosts
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Gnomes
mtvcdm: Hopefully we call them Patrons, he said, segueing into the plug
LurkerSpine: drudges?
Gedderone: Troglodytes makes sense for YouTube
Earthenone: !patreon
LRRbot: 2633 patrons for a total of $20,756.94 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Invitare: @Gedderone No it's what Adam calls Chat
RandomTrivia: That sounds amazing
Gedderone: Dammit good poi t
DaxStrife: "Deep in the tank" is a good band name.
LurkerSpine: Oh I wonder what the music differences are for this game in streamer mode
duckace11: Youtube archologists. because they watch after the fact.
mowdownjoe: @gedderone Adam and his chat kind of have the claim to that.
SquareDotCube: the ability to SAY NO
SquareDotCube: just that in itself
HoloTheWiseWolf_: my phone shuts down to the bare minimum an hour befor bed
HoloTheWiseWolf_: and goes into greyscale
Gedderone: Heather can you just call YouTube commenters the blob?
Invitare: I thought this was Heather's House of Lies, not Rhythm Cafe
Lithobraker: Weeeee! Scottish lady time
constablecrab: I had to figure out how to tell Siri not to pause the stream every time anyone says a word that starts with “si-“
Invitare: I'm disappointed
duckace11: it's both Invitare
BlackIsis: I've heard good things
NightValien28: this game is dumb and SOOOO GOOD
mowdownjoe: HIFI RUSH! I loved this game so much.
Greyah: This game is spectacular.
Invitare: Are you going to use Streamer Mode or let the VOD get nuked?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: This game is sweet
constablecrab: I’ve avoided knowing anything about this game until today.
DaxStrife: Nice to see LRR's Steam home is, like mine, telling them to play Witcher 3.
CururuGuasu: Isn’t it Mega-Man’s dog?
mowdownjoe: Oh, so this is House of Lies.
RandomTrivia: Oh, it's the same auditory phenomenon as a joke whooshing over a person's head
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
BrowneePoints: Hi Ri Rush is Megaman's Dog on Weed
BrowneePoints: Fi*
LurkerSpine: Ah, already in the Rhythm Cafe Lie Zone
Lithobraker: The main character in this game is such a dumb dork, I love him
mtvcdm: Kriss Kross, make my video!
CAKHost: I'm sure Ben would like a Mimic Plush (don't actually give Ben a Mimic Plush) XD
Invitare: no one ever said Heather was predicatable
mtvcdm: Hickory and Dickory?
RandomTrivia: !quote 5008
LRRbot: Quote #5008: "Welcome to Heather's House of Lies" —Heather [2018-05-23]
Earthenone: mouse 1 and mouse A
BrowneePoints: Als0 chat if you like this game it's free on gamepass I believe
Invitare: Upper Mouse and Lower Mouse
ApplicativeJones: I'm so glad this game finally fixed its issues with external sound interfaces.
djalternative: Label them Steven and Stephen
constablecrab: What were the names of the mice from HHGTTG?
mowdownjoe: @constablecrab They had names?
Lithobraker: You need to get RGB mice and make the colors switch every 37 minutes
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computercolinx: Really enjoyed this game hope you guys have fun
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constablecrab: I think maybe in the movie?
RandomTrivia: @constablecrab Frankie and Benjy
constablecrab: Yes
Izandai: I have also seen some amount of The Proud Family. But not in many many years.
kusinohki: can I suggest Pinky and Brain for the mice??
djalternative: oh. The Proud Family was good from what I remember
duckace11: ah yes the idiot father trope
Sarah_Serinde: Probably also tropes
Earthenone: speaking of sereo types, Hi Fi
RandomTrivia: This start screen has strong vibes of a well-organised Satisfactory world
BrowneePoints: There is streamer mode for the audio as well
Izandai: In fairness, that was a direct backlash against a looooong time where TV families always had the dad as the competent leader of the family who can do no wrong and always solves everyone's problems. The overcorrection is still dumb though.
ashteranic: the Streamer music is decent.
BrowneePoints: The in house band does Sugar Free riffs on the licensed stuff
djalternative: I will say, you probably want to play this game off stream too because it has fully licensed music in the non-streamer mode
Izandai: Yeah the alt tracks for streamer mode are also good. Some are arguably better than the licensed tracks.
computercolinx: Yea there's some major label music in here
gualdhar: playing a rhythm game with the music getting muted defeats the purpose of a rhythm game
RandomTrivia: If it means we get to hear an original soundtrack, sign me up
Invitare: Bethesda are Microsoft now
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun non-streamer mode has The Black Keys and more while streamer mode has a fully original soundtrack
BrowneePoints: The streamer ost is good and a "oh it's just this song"
thatguy575: Unique ost for steamer mode
Earthenone: where is the call panther button then?
PMAvers: A bunch of things you won't have access to at the start of the game.
RandomTrivia: @Earthenone I don't know what the Wakandan international dialling code is
mowdownjoe: @djalternative Yep, and the bosses have some very good synchronicity with their themes. Feels like you lose that in streamer mode. On the plus side, no need to put up content warnings because there's a Nine Inch Nails song
gehennam_reborn: Ok, I kinda wanna not be spoiled on this game in case I wanna play it, but I also have been waiting to see you guys play it so I can tell if I will want play it for myself.
kusinohki: vibranium absorbs all sound, so phone calls to wakanda never connect...
djalternative: @mowdownjoe they have made some VERY good sound alikes though
gehennam_reborn: So, I'm kinda in a weird spot between the two
BrowneePoints: So the opening song is supposed to be Lonely Boy by the Black Keys
BrowneePoints: If you can hear it
gibbousm: that is a lot of undeserved swagger
computercolinx: Cutscenes are animated by titmousd
djalternative: oh yeah. The original songs are fun because they're sound alikes to the licensed music. See if you can tell what the licensed song is
laundreydhull: Wait, which one?
Strebenherz: Lu-Cille is so done
Greyah: The animation is absolutely stellar. Every cutscene feels like the animators were just flexing for fun.
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RealGamerCow: 3 months!
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Sarah_Serinde: gehennam_reborn You can always watch a bit of the stream to get a feel for it and then leave if/when you make up your mind on it. You won't ruin the whole experience by watching just the first section of it :)
RandomTrivia: Hot damn this world is gorgeous
HoloTheWiseWolf_: sir wht are you running
HoloTheWiseWolf_: why
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mtvcdm: Oh yeah, you can absolutely hear this is supposed to be Lonely Boy.
LurkerSpine: @mtvcdm I wonder if they got as close as they could to the licensed music?
djalternative: oh. also, everone's named after food
duckace11: no hes named after his father... who invented kale
HoloTheWiseWolf_: totaly not an evil guy
KeytarCat: And Vandalism!
Izandai: Yup
laundreydhull: Persona/Cyberpunk Jetsons-World?
RandomTrivia: KITTY
Izandai: :)
Greyah: Diegetic music!
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 4:20 PM
Invitare: he's wearing black and red
RandomTrivia: I've seen Robots, I know where this is going lrrBEEJ
LurkerSpine: Kale feels very handsome jack
James_the_Dabbler: is it project armstrong because it gives the character a strong arm?
duckace11: It's fine I once named a villian in a TTRPG Marmite
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i see your arm is in a cast well lets just replace that
HoloTheWiseWolf_: oh god i was right
CataclysmicReverb: Slight dislocation, time for a replacement
RandomTrivia: "Candidate ideal for [GARBAGE COLLECTION]" LOL
BrowneePoints: I love how the art is very Mix of Jet Set Radio meets Pop Art
NightValien28: helloooooooooo rekka
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i love her
computercolinx: Rekkaaaa
Dog_of_Myth: Rekka is fun
Alness49: He's right, though
Boopity: Losers! Android only
computercolinx: Lol
SaxPython: #ZunesOlnly
Greyah: Love the voice acting, too. Two of the main characters are voiced by the same people that did Akechi and Futaba in Persona 5.
RandomTrivia: *BONK8
RandomTrivia: This is delightful
Earthenone: are we getting the flyed to an ipod?
mtvcdm: Yes
NightValien28: he technically put it back
HoloTheWiseWolf_: oh man where getting fused with an ipod
nickthecatbear: ipod for heart?
RandomTrivia: I love everything about this animation
Izandai: Oh so that's how that happened.
laundreydhull: Oh, this is that Bad Guys grunt cop from the same animated movie
Edgarware: squish
RandomTrivia: 10/10 no notes
BrowneePoints: Heather....Chai's voice is Tuxedo Mask in the Sailor Moon Crystal dub @loadingreadyrun
computercolinx: ❤️❤️
HoloTheWiseWolf_: we are iron man
Izandai: I've seen a bunch of gameplay for this but I've never actually seen that opening cutscene.
mtvcdm: Yep, I could watch this every Saturday morning
HoloTheWiseWolf_: but ipod
NightValien28: HoloTheWiseWolf_ ipod man
PMAvers: And also Akechi from Persona 5.
BrowneePoints: Oh yea and Akechi!
RandomTrivia: Oh good, roadrunner physics
mtvcdm: TODAY
kersmushh: oh hey, devil may necrodance! neat!
RandomTrivia: Oh that cutscene>gameplay transition was SMOOTH
RealGamerCow: I love that he even runs to the beat
kusinohki: who's the VA again? sounds like terry from batman beyond or star lord from guardians cartoon...
Izandai: Don't sleep on conveyor belt.
TehAmelie: better watch out for Kirby
mtvcdm: Ready, set, almost time to go
laundreydhull: Is the accurate terminology "autonomous grafting"?
computercolinx: For him? Robbie daymond iirc
Izandai: @kusinohki Akechi in Persona 5 and Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon Crystal.
laundreydhull: How does he not bruise his bare feet?
RandomTrivia: These ones were both called Carrie i think
HoloTheWiseWolf_: we made our robots scentient s they can feel the same crushing dispare as our fleshy employees
RandomTrivia: Ohhhhhh that makes sense with the scarf
Boopity: These animations are so expressive!
CataclysmicReverb: wait what
mtvcdm: yesssssss
azninsect: ACABots
HoloTheWiseWolf_: oh that feels good
TehAmelie: but wait, we are part bot
duckace11: all cops are bot-stards
mtvcdm: Oh we're going War Machine
HoloTheWiseWolf_: so where musical magnito
CataclysmicReverb: So we're Ratchet?
LurkerSpine: Cheer100 You've got the touch! You've got the power!
MAPBoardgames: He's got an axe!
RandomTrivia: Oh I am all about this maximum anime bullshit
gibbousm: my disbelief is suspended
computercolinx: Heather thank you for enjoying this so much
RandomTrivia: Everything about this is glorious
kersmushh: i have good news for you: it ONLY GETS BETTER
laundreydhull: What system is this for?
NightValien28: laundreydhull nearly everything
kersmushh: literally everything only gets better
ashteranic: The little text above chai's hand going "SNAP"
BrowneePoints: Systems and pc
duckace11: and you get a weird letter grade it is a rhythm game
laundreydhull: LUL
computercolinx: Confirmed works great on steam deck
HoloTheWiseWolf_: so ahh how do we change the songs
gibbousm: pretty sure
Earthenone: if we get shot through the heart, it will be too late
computercolinx: Songs go with levels
satyropodobny: can't believe mp3 players are retro now
SaxPython: Bionic Commando meets teenage Christopher Robin
Greyah: It seems you have found yourself some [MUSICAL ROBOT POWERS]. Sure hope nothing bad will come from that.
kersmushh: @SaxPython can't be bionic commando; no dead wife in his arm 😉
emonotony: Does the writing get less quippy?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: do we just go into our own brain
laundreydhull: He's in over his ego here, maybe.
SaxPython: NotLikeThis
RandomTrivia: Oh my god the diegetic tutorial I am 1000% here for this
mtvcdm: https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/warmachine350medium.png War Machine is an Iron Man-type character who can magnetically attach other weapons to himself and then use them, so.... War Machine it is.
BrowneePoints: But yea Ian visually it's a love letter to ps2 cel-shaded classics like Killer 7 and Jet Set Radio
BrowneePoints: the animation is GORGEOUS
NightValien28: this game overflows with charm
RandomTrivia: The fingersnap too
mtvcdm: There is so much freaking style going on.
Invitare: this sold really well
BrowneePoints: and this game was SHADOW DROPPED
RandomTrivia: Even the little "SNAP" comic panel-style effect
mowdownjoe: And all the animations sync to the beat. So good.
RealGamerCow: Badum-bum BUM
kersmushh: @emonotony kinda? part of chai's character is that he's trying VERY VERY HARD to be cool, so it's legitimately in-character for him to come off as a bit of a twerp
SaxPython: 2s and 4s baby
Greyah: I'm not great at rhythm games, and decent at action games. But the just timing mechanic has forced me to actually pay attention to how I play, and seeing significant improvements throughout levels has felt amazing.
Riandisa: As soon as I learned that this game was made by ppl that worked on Viewtiful Joe, everything made sense
SkylerRingtail: Gods, what a gorgeous game
BrowneePoints: @emonotony It comes off endearing
mtvcdm: Yep
computercolinx: Hahaha
Paradachshund: oh i love how the lights on stage have comics hashing
emonotony: @emonotony Well, that's enough for me to go "not for me", thanks.
tehfewl: now i want a Chai
RandomTrivia: Amazing
jpost042: single braincell protag
RandomTrivia: He's so precious
computercolinx: Stop calling all the jokes lolol
Izandai: Oh yeah Chai is STUPID stupid.
BrowneePoints: Ian Chai is a Yakuza Character, can't convince me otherwise
NightValien28: his braincell is in his chest
satyropodobny: A dork in his natural habitat
ensiferous3: saber
Greyah: They're saber bots.
kersmushh: SBR = saber
SkylerRingtail: "Saber," based on the weapon perhaps?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its a good thing we keep an amount of metal detritus nearby
laundreydhull: "....so he's an idiot?" -Rhodey. "Yeah." -Nebula
computercolinx: He gains a braincell in a [REDACTED]
emonotony: BrowneePoints Maybe it comes off that way to you, I don't like it.
BrowneePoints: Oh yea the visuals are like early 2000s action game meets 60s/early70s comics in the BEST way
RandomTrivia: Holy moly getting the paces to line up with the beat EVEN IN A STAIRS ANIMATION
emonotony: It's fine, plenty of rhythm games out there.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: rekka gona reck
Invitare: talks in third person
mowdownjoe: She is such a wrestling heel.
RandomTrivia: D'awww
laundreydhull: Okay Ms. The Bad Guys cop grunt.
Dog_of_Myth: Love Smidge
HoloTheWiseWolf_: wait what
BrowneePoints: Oh yea as a neat little tip for Ian and Heather, everything is paced so meticulously that the apex of your jump for double jump timing is also timed to the beat
Cptasparagus: hopefully not the fridge from Atomic Heart
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shurtal: 93 Months, and you're playing maybe the best "surpise! this game exists and is out now" game ever made!
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RealGamerCow: hooray for smart fridge
RandomTrivia: Uhhhh
mtvcdm: Beat up the fridge! It excites you!
nickthecatbear: *blushes*
HoloTheWiseWolf_: um
Izandai: demipyroLul The abs.
zimmercj: The abs lol
kersmushh: the ABS
emonotony: I don't think this ever had any chance of beating TOTD Overkill for me or anyone like me.
satyropodobny: @Cptasparagus This fridge gets off on being helpful
shurtal: you KNOW those abs are airbrushed
letfireraindown: IT drew on ABS!
RealGamerCow: the abs
laundreydhull: lrrSPOOP
RandomTrivia: Character design 12/10
letfireraindown: @zimmercj LUL LUL LUL
Bruceski: The sense of humor of this game made perfect sense when I learned it was made by the God Hand guy
TehAmelie: i want to paint abs on my fridge now
nickthecatbear: *blush deepens*
James_the_Dabbler: Um
BrowneePoints: The over the top humor works well for the style of the game
Alness49: This is less that the fridge is monitoring to a distopian level, it's just that Chai is that much of an open book
mtvcdm: You know the comp I think this game has? Sunset Overdrive.
letfireraindown: Absolutely hilarious! MaxLOL MaxLOL MaxLOL
kusinohki: and.... time to crate?
RandomTrivia: Good, the crates are destructible and drop currency - videogame law is obeyed lrrBEEJ
mowdownjoe: Weirdly, outfits are post-game.
kersmushh: the deluxe edition is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY
HoloTheWiseWolf_: always chicken head
jpost042: cat
RandomTrivia: KITTY!
SkylerRingtail: KITTY!
kersmushh: you can get a t-shirt that says "I bought the deluxe edition and all I got was this stupid t-shirt"
kersmushh: what else could you ask for?
mowdownjoe: CoolCat
Lithobraker: The outfits are really fashionable
Greyah: Why would a robot cat need to lick its butt? Don't worry about it.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: dude dont just anounce it
callmesteppinrazor: Hello everyone, happy Sunday!
BrowneePoints: The feedback for combat is SO GOOD
kersmushh: @HoloTheWiseWolf_ you don't seem to understand - he's *really* stupid
emonotony: Greyah Cyborgs generally have most of the bodily functions regular variants do.
MAPBoardgames: Need more kitty
mtvcdm: So apparently even the apex of your jump hits on the beat.
SaxPython: The home run swing makes me so happy
RealGamerCow: *SO* much work went into this game
RandomTrivia: Just from watching it looks like the combat *feels* amazing
HoloTheWiseWolf_: @kersmushh im starting to get the idea
kersmushh: ;)
laundreydhull: Yeah, so like if Sunset Overdrive crashed into Cyberpunk
Izandai: @emonotony The cat isn't a cyborg. It's just a robot.
gualdhar: Lewd, Ian
laundreydhull: Oh, this is a stalker!
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Enjoy sword.
laundreydhull: Duh heck, game!?
azninsect: Your <DODGE>
zimmercj: More ab fridge time?
TehAmelie: the fridge bots are secretly GLaDOS
mtvcdm: LRRBot on point.
RandomTrivia: Oh cool, Chai can wavedash
azninsect: I'm here to discuss <<GAME_MECHANIC_22>>
PMAvers: Adam leans his head in from off camera
RandomTrivia: UHHHH
SaxPython: the speedrun for this game is going to be lit
Sarah_Serinde: The drawn-on abs :D
CataclysmicReverb: who drew abs on the fridge
TehAmelie: yep, totally GLaDOS under cover
Izandai: Immediately after the dodge.
mtvcdm: When this game hits GDQ
ApplicativeJones: hit Y the beat after the dodge press
NightValien28: there ya go
laundreydhull: Byeeee
AndreasCy_: guys this game has PvP or is single player?
azninsect: cat!
RandomTrivia: KITTY!
Boopity: Is this sailor moon
Chaser617: @LoadingReadyRun I love this is a Spiderman voice actor, I think Robbie's just using his spiderman voice
computercolinx: Count fingers
BrowneePoints: I didn't even think of that!
CururuGuasu: Should have the DiC Luna voice
HoloTheWiseWolf_: oh god now what
RandomTrivia: AMAZING
RandomTrivia: GAME GOOD
mowdownjoe: @mtvcdm Poor Smidge is going to be ignored by speed runners. But they'll abuse the triple dodge for moving.
mtvcdm: Game perfect, no notes
laundreydhull: Huh.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: corb
TehAmelie: i hope we get to hold the cat like a gun
Moroklumpen: How are the controls for this game? Do mouse and keyboard work well or does it need controllers?
RandomTrivia: Everything this game does fills me with joy
satyropodobny: We have achieved peak anime.
mtvcdm: Game of the year. Game of all years.
callmesteppinrazor: Man, I have had a heck of a day. Dog got bitten at the park and I had to take him to the vet. This is just what I needed today to de-stress.
jpost042: kitty haro
SaxPython: needs more cowbell
CururuGuasu: Oh no, Chibi-Usa may be nearby. Run!
computercolinx: So satisfying
JakeKamas: 808 is such a wonderful pun name
kersmushh: @JakeKamas it's even better than you think - every noise she makes is FROM an 808
emonotony: JakeKamas ... what's the pun? I get the reference, but not the pun.
RandomTrivia: Of all the streams I might have managed to catch live, I'm SO glad it was this one
CAKHost: If you get a KITTY, is there a chance for birb?
Moroklumpen: SYnth body?
JakeKamas: @emonotony 808 drum machine AND bob as in bobcat
mtvcdm: totally running off with her
emonotony: JakeKamas Ah. Ty.
mtvcdm: Heart piece
gideon_not_graves: you'd be surprised to hear a lot of 808's in your favorite songs
RandomTrivia: Like a piece of some kind of heart...
LordZarano: VU meter?
RandomTrivia: Don't worry, Smidge, the cat doesn't have abs like yours
James_the_Dabbler: Are we really about to romance a fridge?
gideon_not_graves: @kersmushh SMIDGE LOVES YOU TOO I'M SURE
CururuGuasu: Soda machine Baymax
nickthecatbear: THOSE are your innermost thoughts? Chai's mind does not run deep
kersmushh: fun fact, smidge is voiced by the game's director
kersmushh: @kersmushh @gideon_not_graves yay!
Direcheck: This is reminding me a lot of No Straight Roads
NightValien28: I want 20 more games like this
mtvcdm: Like I said, Sunset Overdrive getting in there too for me.
zimmercj: I don't know if I want robokitty or smidge more
RandomTrivia: YEET
Hpjones10: has metal hellsinger been played here?
Direcheck: There's also a bit of Jet Set Radio as well
BrowneePoints: This game was made with a LOT of love
BrowneePoints: and it was SHADOW DROPPED
mtvcdm: Yeah, no hype, this game just happened.
BrowneePoints: They did NO marketing for this, and it has sold like GANGBUSTERS
CururuGuasu: I miss February…
Izandai: With no marketing buildup either. The first announcement was the announcement that it was available for purchace.
Izandai: *purchase
Bruceski: This whole "dork just happy to be living his power fantasy" character vibe has me wanting to replay Viewtiful Joe
duckace11: now I want the LRR awards. where each show gives out there own GOTY
gideon_not_graves: This might top Patapon for my favorite rhythm (Based) game
BrowneePoints: Fun fact!
djalternative: I'm a little disappointed that this wasn't marketed
Dog_of_Myth: I watched a few other streamers play this and they LOVED it
Greyah: There's a good chance this game will be the most enjoyable thing I'll play all year. Which isn't a bad thing. It's just that much fun.
RandomTrivia: That said, it *did* show up in Steam's "new stuff" popup
kersmushh: apparently it'd been in dev since like 2017?
BrowneePoints: I believe this was made by the guy who worked on Viewtiful Joe
BrowneePoints: and DMC
BrowneePoints: and Bayo 1
Izandai: All of Chai's days are those days.
mowdownjoe: Chai, you big idiot...
RandomTrivia: Thank goodness the cat has more than one braincell
shurtal: So, Chai is the dumbest guy, in the best possible way, its great
PMAvers: Yeah, the team's made up of a bunch of Clover folks.
Izandai: Because he's a dumbass.
CataclysmicReverb: the QAcenter, or as most people read it, the Quack Enter
QuietJay: so the defect is going to escape through QA
computercolinx: At least try to esxapdt
Lithobraker: Oof, qa center having the busted sign is a bit on the nose
SkylerRingtail: If the software industry has taught me anything, there's *definitely* an alternate path to reach Prod directly
PMAvers: Okay, thanks Futaba.
SkylerRingtail: @QuietJay Oh damn it!
RandomTrivia: jlrrFall
gideon_not_graves: oh look, a way out...of life
mtvcdm: Falling took like chip damage off our health it seems.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: nobody expects me to be so monumentaly stupid that it will work
BrowneePoints: Oh yea that is erica Lindbeck!
BrowneePoints: We've got Akechi AND Futaba in this Heather!
computercolinx: Big rekka energy
RandomTrivia: I see Rekka *also* only has one braincell :D
TehAmelie: Rekka is a pretty good nickname for Erika
Paradachshund: that was almost gilbert gottfried
adept_nekomancer: Clearly everything she does is important at all times.
Greyah: Nah. REKKA doesn't believe in small letters.
BrowneePoints: AH okay for Ian and Heather I found the Quote
BrowneePoints: "The lead game designer of Hi-Fi Rush is Masaaki Yamada, he worked on Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Bayonetta, Vanquish and The Evil Within. "
laundreydhull: Why does Rekka exclaim herself in the 3rd person?
SaxPython: What's the Borderland guy's name. Mr. Torgue? Do we ship him with Rekka?
azninsect: oh, capitalism levelled up
CururuGuasu: Lousy Smarch weather
BrowneePoints: SUCH good game design
adept_nekomancer: I only just got here, so maybe this has been commented on already, but the rooftop environments here are giving me some strong Mirror's Edge vibes.
Greyah: Literally everything, and that's not an overstatement, *literally everything* in this game moves to the music, and most sound effects as well. It's magical.
laundreydhull: Mirror Edge, Sunset Overdrive, much much Cyberpunks
mowdownjoe: Skipping him the first time then trying to talk to him the second time is hilarious.
NightValien28: would be if souls game had a beat
Invitare: Baby's first Souls game is Kirby
PMAvers: Nah, attacks are way too telegraphed to be a Souls game.
PMAvers: *well telegraphed
gideon_not_graves: HOW COULD YOU STOP SMIDGE :(
Chaser617: @LoadingReadyRun I'm just glad that they included difficulty levels honestly
Invitare: And make it double
BrowneePoints: And I cannot stress how much of a pain in the ASS animation wise it to sync up EVERYTHING to the music without missing frames or beats like that
mowdownjoe: Oh, that's where that is.
shurtal: with a capital V and that rhymes with P and taht stands for POOOOOOOOOOOL
TehAmelie: ironically i don't see any. . .straight roads
Cptasparagus: Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time!
laundreydhull: Ah, I see.
gideon_not_graves: uhhhh
Greyah: Usually called pause combos in other action games.
mtvcdm: Robots don't breathe Smidge
HoloTheWiseWolf_: 100%
oatway: maybe more than a bit
SaxPython: Launch me Daddy
PMAvers: I mean what do you think's in those drinks?
adept_nekomancer: Thanks, fridgebot!
Juliamon: Everyone said this wasn't the Atomic Hearts fridge, but they were lying
NightValien28: drink smidge's insides
CururuGuasu: Vaguely erotic
emberBecky: aw he likes you
HoloTheWiseWolf_: and dead
BrowneePoints: I mean Gatorade DOES have a high salt content
TehAmelie: i tell ya the fridgebot collective is GLaDOS
emberBecky: or they* maybe
gualdhar: masochist feeder is certainly a kink combo
laundreydhull: A fake obstacle course!
mrjujubeans: Definitely hitting on you
HoloTheWiseWolf_: Found is a strong word
BrowneePoints: that was a WONDERFUL transition
gideon_not_graves: one of my favorite tracks, lez go
laundreydhull: Oh, now slider-scrolls
PMAvers: One could say it's.. Viewtiful.
kersmushh: @HoloTheWiseWolf_ so is "shortcut" 😂
Izandai: In
Izandai: Ian
SaxPython: we Crash Bandicoot now
HoloTheWiseWolf_: ok chat what do you think. is our friend vandeleys daughter
Greyah: I love how they make fun of Chai's name.
RandomTrivia: Ok I need to point out the dialogue not resetting when you fall and respawn. That is the best thing in existence
Izandai: There ya go
satyropodobny: If I had a nickel for every time there was a game with a perverted fridge aiding the protagonist I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice. Right?
Boopity: I do like how quick and painless the cut after falling off is
Izandai: demipyroLul
djalternative: sure but it's rhythm platforming
Greyah: I always feel bad when I accidentally hit the SCR-UBs. Even though I know they drop loot.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: if this turns into a bullet hell then we can call yoko taro
kersmushh: if they didn't want to get hit, @Greyah , they wouldn't be full of tasty candy
kersmushh: simple math
emonotony: Who is this sassing, I wonder
PMAvers: Zanzo is basically a person after Ian's heart. Safety Third.
atlr: would love to try this game but microsoft store gamingservices on my PC has been borked since December. oh wait. if this is available on steam, i could get it
BrowneePoints: Mega-Man: Kill the Boss, wear the Boss
emonotony: Wait Heather's never played Mega Man? Not even 2?=
SaxPython: #WhatDoesn'tKillYouMakesYouStronger
Dog_of_Myth: @atlr Good news, it is on Steam
HoloTheWiseWolf_: but what if i wana touch the laseres
mtvcdm: IAN
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
laundreydhull: A fretboard...
Izandai: demipyroLul
NightValien28: saw that coming
mrjujubeans: Damn. Angsty AI
BusTed: That was a pretty visceral "thunk."
LeeshaJoy: I assume someone has has pointed out that Chai's weapon is basically a Flying V with a bunch of greebling?
RandomTrivia: Welp
SaxPython: lol
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
laundreydhull: Almost...
Sarah_Serinde: Thanks for the immediate demonstration of why you shouldn't touch that :D
SaxPython: !clip
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TehAmelie: high voltage cannot kill the metal
mtvcdm: Also you're about to die
kersmushh: nice
SaxPython: @Boopity FBtouchdown
Greyah: @LeeshaJoy It's the same shape, but mostly just made of metal junk. I assume the sound comes from the fact that he's got <MUSICAL ROBOT POWERS>.
mtvcdm: Hey Siri, teach me how to use <special attacks>
BrowneePoints: LOL the anti-joke right there was brilliant
laundreydhull: No. Go away smidge.
Greyah: And that's why I grabbed Hibiki as soon as it became available.
laundreydhull: Could lrrIAN fall into one of the trapdoors?
Cptasparagus: it would be cool if this game had an input overlay in the streamer mode so you could see his timing
BrowneePoints: Yea the super cheeky writing works SO well with the tone the game is setting
mtvcdm: It's about as serious as most Rhythm Cafe games honestly
PMAvers: I know they said Futurama was one of the big influences on it.
BrowneePoints: if it was more serious the writing would be migraine inducing
RandomTrivia: This game seems about as serious as Taiko no Tatsujin Adventure Pack, so about right for Rhythm Cafe :D
HoloTheWiseWolf_: is this also feeling plesure
BusTed: make the box happy
Boopity: Rhythm games generally work really well with cheesy writing because... turns out dancing to save the world isn't exactly the best vehicle for serious storytelling LUL
Cptasparagus: why are you stimulating this chest in the chest
CururuGuasu: …vaguely erotic
NightValien28: dead
laundreydhull: Oh, crafting.
TheDailyMapleSyrup: chest fight
zed_alpha: "vaguely"
zed_alpha: Can we add that as an Ian quote?
BrowneePoints: You gotta Isaac As-Gethemov Ian
laundreydhull: There's crafting I see. Cuz it's broken?
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laundreydhull: lrrSPOOP
RandomTrivia: *SQUIDGE*
mtvcdm: you *think*?
kersmushh: you got me'd!
laundreydhull: I played enough Crash to know what that's like.
computercolinx: I'm glad I'm not the only one doing nonsense to the beat cause it's fun
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adept_nekomancer: Percussive maintenance!
emonotony: kersmushh Heh, I appreciate the username as a joke
Greyah: It's so clever to make your dodges ever so slightly faster than walking, because I often use it outside of fights to keep track of the beat.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: lady we are a tool
17cupsofcoffee: suddenly, osu
BrowneePoints: Percussive Maintenance
kersmushh: @emonotony 😁
CururuGuasu: Percussive maintenance!
RandomTrivia: Percussive Maintenance is a long-standing tradition
kersmushh: time-honored tradition!
emonotony: I've repaired things repeatedly with impacts because they have poor soldering
mowdownjoe: @17cupsofcoffee I wasn't very good with those.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: swap your legs
RandomTrivia: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
kersmushh: @LRRbot you can't tell me what to do, robi! i have a guitar!
adept_nekomancer: @HoloTheWiseWolf_ And stretch your fluids?
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Stretch your fluids and cycle your muscles people
TehAmelie: enjoy a chicken nugget https://i.imgur.com/BGC9KcG.png
shurtal: tha'ts more of achicken Orb
TehAmelie: :3
shurtal: a Chorb
djalternative: love me a chorb
djalternative: wait. can we roll it around katamari style?
Lithobraker: Hey chat is this game available on switch?
gehennam_reborn: No, just Xbox and pc
Earthenone: radio caLRRstetics?
mtvcdm: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1817230/HiFi_RUSH/ If you'd like to pick up this game on Steam
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
BusTed: abs of talc
MAPBoardgames: !findquote lies
LRRbot: Quote #7957: "This is a lie, and you know it." —Az [2022-02-07]
Pteraspidomorphi: Hey chat, are they enjoying this?
Earthenone: i belive so?
Lithobraker: Abs of memory foam
MrTheWalrus: @Pteraspidomorphi If not, they're faking it well
DrLigmaPhD: Abs of mercury. Highly toxic and only solid when frozen
BusTed: Totally
Pteraspidomorphi: It's the game I've been playing too, good game :) (just dislike the checkpointing in some places)
Salbastro: its such a musical trip
computercolinx: And there are more characters to meet!
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
superherofae: If you press the back button you get a little metronome at the bottom of the screen to help with the beat
BusTed: gottem
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
mtvcdm: One shot, one S
RealGamerCow: Heather uses not-a-monster controls
mtvcdm: By 281 people!
Earthenone: !viewers
RandomTrivia: Don't mind us
djalternative: and she got the S rating with the wrong controls
Pharmacistjudge: every move you make, every step you take, she'll be watching you
RandomTrivia: Hahahahahaha
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SaxPython: Hidden break room
RandomTrivia: Pffft
SaxPython: Big Monkee
RandomTrivia: He's such a doofus
Salbastro: chai is just such a himbo
BrowneePoints: Not a himbo
BrowneePoints: just an idiot
RandomTrivia: ^
computercolinx: One time my score spelled ACAB and I felt proudt
Pteraspidomorphi: He's a very... straightforward person
mtvcdm: Time to fill up on stuff before the obvious boss fight
Greyah: Love the O5-KAR units. Gruff little friends.
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
RandomTrivia: Yep, there it is
ArcOfTheConclave: crate job
TheTekkieman: Can't Stack Horses Clu-no!
laundreydhull: Labor-bot internally: that's it. I QUIT!
SaxPython: Next time try a Priority Queue
James_the_Dabbler: @TheTekkieman Did someone say Horse Stack?
mtvcdm: That's the HP counter
mtvcdm: Probably
kersmushh: it's only 2.7 million years...
HeirSquared: God Hi-Fi Rush is SO GOOD
kersmushh: totally legit
RandomTrivia: I totally had her pegged as the penultimate boss
James_the_Dabbler: It even says boss!
azninsect: shes...oh
CataclysmicReverb: I like her belt
azninsect: oh hi
azninsect: hi Rekka
RandomTrivia: I wasn't expecting the act 1 appearance
Invitare: tch
kersmushh: i need her to cut me a promo. i need that very, very badly.
Dog_of_Myth: Yeah, Rekka is a great heel
BrowneePoints: WAIT! This is the same VA as Ninth Sister from Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order!
SaxPython: Summon Legal Eagle
BrowneePoints: and Leia in Star Wars Squadrons?
MAPBoardgames: My cat does that to me sometimes
mtvcdm: Yesssssss
Chaser617: @LoadingReadyRun and that is most definitely not a bad thing to be comparing it to
NightValien28: QA mil
RandomTrivia: Yep, that's definitely Not!Thriller in that riff there :D
BrowneePoints: Wait, Rekka is just Video Game Leia period O.o
laundreydhull: Oh, is that Baker!?
kersmushh: OH NO! HE'S BRITISH!
laundreydhull: Nono, not troy!
RandomTrivia: Did they just Frieza us?
Invitare: worth watching 808 at all times during cutscenes
laundreydhull: There's another...
kersmushh: ^^^^^^^^
QuietJay: plasticMR
shurtal: Total Opinion: I actually prefer most of the streamer mode boss tracks. Like this one!
kersmushh: always worth watching 808, yeah
kersmushh: 808's ride-or-die
SaxPython: QA v 7-sigma defect
laundreydhull: Dee Bradley Baker!?
DEATHlikescats: I think so
mtvcdm: Oh, boss health going left to right, okay.
mtvcdm: I was watching from the other side.
RandomTrivia: Aaaaaaan phase change!
CururuGuasu: Defects Eaten: 3%
SaxPython: New Blastoise Form
CururuGuasu: Defects banished to the void: 2%
laundreydhull: That guy voices every Clone Trooper in the Clone Wars.
RandomTrivia: Oh the healthbar segments are named for song segments. Game good
duckace11: Why is the QA departing trying to write off missles?
djalternative: I love how boss fights are broken up by song section
Izandai: Eeeyup
gehennam_reborn: Isn't this boss normally set to a nine inch nails song?
Dog_of_Myth: @duckace11 Good question. Next question. :p
Sarcastic_comma: for those interested the song used here when streamer mode is off is 10000 by Nine Inch Nails
djalternative: @gehennam_reborn this is the original soundtrack for streamers
NightValien28: so close
duckace11: @Dog_of_Myth ok fine. Why does marketing want tanks?
SaxPython: Bonk
mtvcdm: Phase 3, we're moving right along the MCU
gehennam_reborn: @djalternative I know it's in streamer mode, I just was wanting to make sure I had the listened music right.
RandomTrivia: I am so here for every part of this
BrowneePoints: Yep. This is 10,000 by Nine Inch Nails
Dog_of_Myth: @duckace11 To take over the world. Duh. ;p
mtvcdm: !crossover
LRRbot: At least one of these things is a Pop'n Music character I'm fairly sure.
MAPBoardgames: I'm sorry, I can't take this guy seriously.
CururuGuasu: Consecutive Straight Punches
gideon_not_graves: Imagine militarizing QA
mtvcdm: I believe it LRRBot
RealGamerCow: I honestly want to play this myself because I've only seen streamer mode
oatway: god I love that this game makes so many strong aesthetic choices
BlackIsis: 10,000 or 1,000,000?
Alex_Frostfire: He was waiting for the right part of the song, apparently.
gideon_not_graves: 1,000,000
BlackIsis: Okay, that makes more sense :P
laundreydhull: Oh, this a very 'Bandicoot' boss
Manae: If your Q&A department doesn't have mechs, maybe your company needs to rethink its Q&A
Salbastro: smack the glowing "WEAKSPOT" for massive damage?
SaxPython: QA by BAE Systems and Raytheon
gideon_not_graves: too big to faaaaaiiil
CururuGuasu: Scrolling text up top is having a crisis
kersmushh: too! big! to! fail! too big! to fail!
mtvcdm: Nice finish.
RandomTrivia: Sweet special finisher
duckace11: QA gets the mechs, marketing gets the tanks, and accounting gets those space lazers they always wanted
BrowneePoints: WAIT
mtvcdm: KABONG!
James_the_Dabbler: EXCUSE ME
Salbastro: BONK
BrowneePoints: This is like Scott Pilgrim if Scott Pilgrim wasn't a massive asshole!
RandomTrivia: Holy moly mother of BUS this game is amazing
Pteraspidomorphi: It is!
pyrelight: indeed!
Salbastro: @BrowneePoints youre Just Right about that
kersmushh: hey kids - you fans of FLCL?
Alex_Frostfire: Serious contender for GOTY.
HeirSquared: High contender for GOTY just cuz of how much style its oozing
CururuGuasu: Not too big to fall
laundreydhull: Run u fool!
BrowneePoints: Actually yea I'm getting some FLCL feels too
RandomTrivia: Oh cool, it's a Metroid boss after all
mtvcdm: YES
laundreydhull: Doofenshmirtz...!!!
oatway: no notes
Mathonwy: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:28:39.
iris_of_ether: :D
Chaser617: my side
NightValien28: it only gets better
RandomTrivia: It has to be illegal for a game to be this good
Izandai: heh
Mathonwy: Wonderful. Here towards the end.
laundreydhull: HA.
mtvcdm: Perfect
duckace11: 10/10 game of the year
James_the_Dabbler: Cures you Chai the Musical Human Android!
gehennam_reborn: Chai gives me huge Vash the Stampede vibes minus the occasional serious moments.
Sarcastic_comma: it feels a bit like futurerama too
pyrelight: Found the shortcut :D
BrowneePoints: This is without a doubt the best Rhythm game y'all have had on your hands in a WHILE
James_the_Dabbler: *Curse
kersmushh: @Sarcastic_comma "jet set futurama" is one way i've seen it described
RandomTrivia: Don't say that out loud, Chai!
HeirSquared: Would it be OK if I made a small suggestion? I don't want to backseat
Chaser617: englsih is Robbie damond and Erika Linbech I think for the main duo
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I'm so glad that everyone seems to like this. I just hope it means we get more games like it
laundreydhull: That sinkhole looked bottomless, game!
RandomTrivia: THE TAIL SIGN
Lithobraker: Robot flaming clown spiders
DEATHlikescats: This sounds like Robbie Daymond
adept_nekomancer: This cat is great
NightValien28: 808 BEST
James_the_Dabbler: That was cool
Salbastro: the best way i can describe this game is if Devil May Cry and Scott Pilgrim had a baby
Pteraspidomorphi: I knew him from Infinity Train
kersmushh: @DEATHlikescats might be cuz that's who it is :)
Alex_Frostfire: @DEATHlikescats It is him!
RandomTrivia: Game please, you gotta give it a few seconds before things that break us
laundreydhull: Kay.
BrowneePoints: Also..DISABILITY REP!
NazTMann: @Salbastro That is perfect hehe
HeirSquared: @BrowneePoints Lots of it!!
mtvcdm: Peppermint and Chai?
DEATHlikescats: @kersmushh @alex_frostfire it’s nice to recognize the talent!
mtvcdm: Well, these names fit to a tea
HeirSquared: @mtvcdm Food names galore in this game
pyrelight: digital licks.
kersmushh: @Salbastro devil may necrodance?
RealGamerCow: 808 is such a chefs kiss
RealGamerCow: for a name
Chaser617: Get up street samurai.... we got a city to burn.....
PMAvers: "We call ourselves the Phantom Thieves."
HeirSquared: I wonder if 808 is based on....a BOB cat
protojman: ok Johnny S
Mathonwy: 808 is a great name for something musical.
RealGamerCow: as in, 808 synth
kersmushh: @Chaser617 SOMEONE ELSE FINALLY SEES IT
Alex_Frostfire: I googled it, it turned up a drum machine, I instantly understood.
Izandai: Yup, doesn't know how to play Guitar.
Izandai: He's such an idiot.
BrowneePoints: Hey CDPR see how people with disabilities being oppressed by a corporate regime offering them transhumanism as a form of control are fighting back against the system?
laundreydhull: POSER. *COUGH*
computercolinx: That landed a little flat to me considering he had an arm in a sling
Salbastro: @kersmushh Necrodancer is a rhythm game sure, but its not really the same, for a number reasons
ButterBall000: Art Vandelay Island?
kersmushh: chai has one brain cell and 808 is batting it around like a toy mouse
lightfut: Play with the kitty!
iris_of_ether: OH
DEATHlikescats: Nice!
iris_of_ether: That makes sense
Mathonwy: 808 bass line on a Roland drum machine?
Lithobraker: I can only see 808 as the Hawaii area code...
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Mathonwy: This is a pretty game...
Chaser617: cyberpunk+music rythem and humor, Ok, I'm actually liking this version of cyberpunk
kersmushh: 🤞please see the "get all" button🤞
Salbastro: HOW DARE YOU GIFT ME A SUB @BrowneePoints
Mathonwy: What "get all" button?
Pteraspidomorphi: Took me a while to note that
Mathonwy: Oh, that one.
kersmushh: \o/
Izandai: Ian no
Izandai: Stop
RandomTrivia: jlrrNo
duckace11: Ian no
Mathonwy: Who has their flesh out?
HeirSquared: Pardon?
Phailhammer: IAN
Izandai: Stop it Ian.
BlackIsis: do not do that
BrowneePoints: Chai rocks out with his Clock out
Greyah: Cease.
ApplicativeJones: touch cat!
DEATHlikescats: That’s one way to flesh out a character
James_the_Dabbler: Flesh out? hmmmmm
Bionull: Touch Ian
duckace11: it's your lore!
laundreydhull: Oh, a conspiracy board!
RandomTrivia: Oh no even the drawing pins are adorable
Mathonwy: Kitty cat board!
Mathonwy: So... Limit breaks!
laundreydhull: DOES He Think?!
NightValien28: not once
James_the_Dabbler: It looks like there are more characters too :O
MAPBoardgames: Stomp box speaks my thoughts. [it] Vents the voices from the dark.
Greyah: Thanks to something you unlock later, I haven't felt it necessary to unlock a second Special slot at all.
PMAvers: That second slot is handy if, say, you have that healing Special.
Greyah: In no small part because I like spending all my reverb to Jam.
mtvcdm: Which are the ones with combos you might stumble into.
Pteraspidomorphi: There will be more attacks in that shop
mtvcdm: Oh yeah, there'll be lots more of everything clearly.
Invitare: it has been, yes
TheTekkieman: It does, yeah.
gideon_not_graves: it auto saves
computercolinx: Yes
NightValien28: it does
kersmushh: auotsave is yes
computercolinx: It does
gideon_not_graves: we're modern gaming now
TheTekkieman: Heck, it even saved in the middle of boss phases.
Edgarware: chai has thoughts?
Invitare: Chai thinks?
Mathonwy: Chai has no thoughts.
RandomTrivia: Head already empty
duckace11: I'm counting that as petting the cat
Salbastro: you can pet the cat though
azninsect: i would like to pet 808
Mathonwy: All games should have some form of tamogachi thing.
RandomTrivia: Those sure are some anime BS silhouettes :D
BrowneePoints: It's VERY 1960s Comics
BrowneePoints: and I LOVE it
PMAvers: And it's totally not the logo from a TV show.
BrowneePoints: The visual flair in this game is just PERFECT
RandomTrivia: *mrow*
Salbastro: Time to take out the 8 Evil Exes- I mean the 6 Department Heads
djalternative: implying is for cowards
laundreydhull: Yes, you're an errand boy.
Invitare: 808 joins in
kersmushh: @Salbastro 7 evil exes*
duckace11: This does give me some Dan povienmire vibes jsut a ittle bit .
RandomTrivia: Awww, I was waiting for the drain cover to clonk him on the head
mtvcdm: What kanji is that on 808's collar?
Salbastro: @Salbastro close enough
kersmushh: @mtvcdm it's either "hibiki" or "rock" and "star"
NightValien28: mtvcdm If I am not wrong it says hibiki
gualdhar: so what happens to 808's consciousness when Peppermint takes over?
BrowneePoints: It's Hibiki
NightValien28: which is also the guitar he uses I think
kersmushh: well there ya go then
Mathonwy: This has some serious Comix Zone feels.
BrowneePoints: and stylized like Metallica's Logo
RandomTrivia: Ah, there's the Bethesda
kersmushh: do they know they can bop the talky-bots for extra dialog?
kersmushh: i haven't been paying attention
mtvcdm: Heather.... heather.... it's dead
NightValien28: I think its dead
Salbastro: i think its well smashed now
mtvcdm: Heather why
Usquebaugh67: nah it moved
kersmushh: IT HAD A GUN
gideon_not_graves: I think the govt gets the message now
duckace11: oh right what type of weapon does R&D get?
Greyah: You can also just bonk them, and they'll also say different stuff.
kersmushh: no i mean you can hit them with the guitar :)
kersmushh: yeah, what @Greyah said
RandomTrivia: Wait, fridges? Is Chai just future Adam Jensen?
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
BrowneePoints: Ah okay so Hibiki (the kanji on 808's Collar) means Echo, and was also the Internal Code name for the Game
Izandai: Do both!
MAPBoardgames: What about hitting ON the robots?
gideon_not_graves: Basically assault the robots, and they'll the call the police
gideon_not_graves: as expected
RandomTrivia: @gideon_not_graves So we can Angry Chicken ourselves with the robots? :p
Invitare: Lore detected
MAPBoardgames: What's the over/under on Peppermint being related?
BrowneePoints: oo hooo hooo subtle jab at sexism in the Tech world there too
gideon_not_graves: no comment
Izandai: demipyroThink
djalternative: that was my assumption too
Greyah: I will neither confirm nor deny this.
gideon_not_graves: such a 5 head speculation
mtvcdm: Oh, we just... have a guitar now.
RandomTrivia: Kale did already set himself up to be a perfect archetypical comic book/anime villain
Greyah: Peppermint has some great facial expressions.
BrowneePoints: people's opinions on the writing aside, you HAVE to agree the comedic timing is PERFECT
Alex_Frostfire: This game is built on audio, but it does the visual so well too.
RandomTrivia: Did we try driving the forklift yet?
Pteraspidomorphi: Vandelay has an insane monitor budget
MAPBoardgames: I have a really big head, and really small hands. I don't think this plan is well thought out.
BrowneePoints: You could say Vandelay has a lot of....overhead
Alex_Frostfire: Your arm is magnetic anyway.
Invitare: Dash has ranged pull I think
gideon_not_graves: when you dodge a lot, you magnetize the loot
RandomTrivia: The called Hookshot!
RealGamerCow: we bionic commando now
RandomTrivia: Amazing
PMAvers: Bionic FARM
gideon_not_graves: man, SMIDGE IS THE BEST
RandomTrivia: Awwww
Greyah: The hookshot is fantastic for doing air combos.
RandomTrivia: Chekhov's Forklifts are all over the place
gideon_not_graves: but we can't be forklift certified :(
HeirSquared: Dash also lets you keep your Style Meter up during moments when you can't hit enemies!
kersmushh: why would you need a forklift when you have a hookshot, though?
RandomTrivia: @gideon_not_graves I guarantee you that Chai has not thought about that
Bionull: Leads you to believe that we must find our father's killer?
gideon_not_graves: @kersmushh uhh is there a hookshot certification?
Salbastro: Recreational Forklifting?
djalternative: it's Arnie!
RandomTrivia: (as long as you are not doing so in a public space)
SaxPython: #FunkLift
ThatGenieProblem: I mean sure, but without certification you are NSFW
mtvcdm: There ain't no rule that says you can't take a forklift onto the interstate.
gideon_not_graves: I mean... we ARE in Production right now. We do need that certification
BrowneePoints: OH one of the composers(like the one from this stage) was Capcom's composer for Monster Hunter and Hyrule Warriors!
gideon_not_graves: you can... abuse the cleaning robots
gideon_not_graves: for more money
Greyah: Correct. Fire is hot.
gideon_not_graves: BEST BOI
kersmushh: fire: so hot right now
laundreydhull: O_O
mtvcdm: Smidge, the magnet is not for cuddling
kersmushh: IT CAN BE THOUGH
BrowneePoints: Okay so that makes PERFECT Sense for why the music is so good Ian. The two lead composers worked on Monster Hunter(Reo Uratani) and Metal Gear Solid/Zone of the Enders! (Shuichi Kobori)
djalternative: money is a way to facilitate a large scale barter economy
gideon_not_graves: it's bonus
ArcOfTheConclave: you wouldn't download a car
FormOfSquirrel: Oo! Graffiti! *Right Click + Save As*
Tetroga: I mean shit, wasn't there that guy who sold a Banksy that was on his building's wall by having the wall cut out? xD
NightValien28: yay statue
laundreydhull: Ha. Mustard Gold Bust.
SaxPython: #WhatAThrill
gideon_not_graves: attack on beat to get money
PMAvers: Style Adjudicators!
BrowneePoints: XD
kersmushh: in the DMC, we call this a combo adjudicator :)
r10pez10: pentatonic scale doing a lot of great work here
gideon_not_graves: Kung Fu Cat
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler is jamming some Slay the Spire on Is This Your Card? Game: Slay the Spire) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (48s from now).
NightValien28: 808 is the best
SaxPython: Combat reminds me of Arkham Asylum with more color
mtvcdm: !patreon
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Chaser617: afraid of?
mtvcdm: !discord
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kusinohki: would heather like the nickname of "the human metronome" ??
ConjugateVoices: Fear not that which you love
mtvcdm: !youtube
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BrowneePoints: Arcadey, but offers challenge, and is just stylish as hell
ConjugateVoices: embrace the jam
mtvcdm: !mastodon
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djalternative: oh dang. we are done already. i was hoping we'd make it to Rekka today
Greyah: @ConjugateVoices No, jam comes later.
mtvcdm: !schedule
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gideon_not_graves: JAM
mtvcdm: !homestreams
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gideon_not_graves: This is a checkpoint
ThatGenieProblem: This game absolutely set out to be a Saturday morning cartoon and it nails it
gideon_not_graves: when you leave, you can continue
gideon_not_graves: from this point
NightValien28: if I am not wrong it autosaves after every fight
ArcOfTheConclave: cat typing
Darleysam: really glad you're enjoying it, it rules
mtvcdm: We might want more than March
iris_of_ether: 2020Shred
ThatGenieProblem: Thank you!
benjamin_wheeler: hi fi rush, im ben
shurtal: game came out in january, it's alreayd on so many people's "Best of the Year" short lists, and it TOTALLY deserves it
gideon_not_graves: GJ Guys :)
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SaxPython: @benjamin_wheeler thanks Dad
Chaser617: oh the vods get uploaded to youtube? becuase I'd kind'a like to watch this again
mtvcdm: !store
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Juliamon: Chaser617 It can take up to 2 weeks to get uploaded depending on how Youtube is feeling
Rourke9: Hey Check It Out is a GREAT podcast, was just cleaning my apartment to the latest episode today
cosarprime: Yes
cosarprime: They do
Dog_of_Myth: They do
HoloTheWiseWolf_: yes they work on vods
BrowneePoints: Somewhat. but Twitch is in a constant arms race
SnowBuddy18: usually
SkylerRingtail: They stopped working for me a year ago
HoloTheWiseWolf_: but not live
PMAvers: Or you can just have a broken Twitch account like mine that doesn't show ads ever.
SnowBuddy18: they definitely work on YouTube
gualdhar: sometimes Twitch finds a way to block the ad blockers, but not usually
stichz612: they do not work
LordZarano: uBO absolutely does work on youtube
SaxPython: PogChamp
Chaser617: I freely admit I'm horrible at these games so I like to see others do well at them
gideon_not_graves: OOF
Juliamon: LordZarano Same here, more people should use uBO
mtvcdm: That niche title Goldenye
benjamin_wheeler: ityc is hardly mid
Pteraspidomorphi: uBO is the one. There's also a good one on android if you have fdroid
shurtal: Callisto Protocol is PEAK mid
Pteraspidomorphi: Can't recall the name atm
benjamin_wheeler: its niche dogshit that ppl will email me about 7 years from now
gualdhar: sppoky mid that's actually dead space is still generous
MrGibberish: Ian and Heather are enjoying that hi fi RUSH
DEATHlikescats: Goldeneye brings me back to 2000
duckace11: Hi Wheeler
MrGibberish: !storm
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TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
benjamin_wheeler: 2 year anniversary baby
Phailhammer: cya :)
Strebenherz: See ya Rhyhm Cafe, thank you for stream!
asthanius: 7 year pre-versary for emailing Benjamin, I guess
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
niccus: what have we learned after 2 years of cards and card-like objects
r10pez10: damn, we emailing ben?
KeytarCat: @Pteraspidomorphi Twire?
RealGamerCow: is this a Pagliacci?
asthanius: Wait, twitch is saying it didn’t go offline. Is this the same vod and will Heather get mad?
r10pez10: there was definitely an offline section
asthanius: Huh, the stream timer is still going for me
RunningMonkeys: The uptime for me looks less than 2 hours for me.
asthanius: Says 2 hours 8 minutes
asthanius: Weird
r10pez10: yeah weird i've got that on Chatty
YeetTheRich_: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:50. lrrSPOT
asthanius: Shrug Emoji
RandomTrivia: If you refresh, or click on "LoadingReadyRun" then click it a second time to come back, it should update
theamc2000: Card
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SaxPython: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Sibwow: this is a strange phone bit
duckace11: Wheeler got fancy
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: can some one help me open this ice cream i bought for tonight :((
YeetTheRich_: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
MAPBoardgames: Is it my birthday?
AllTheWeasels: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Sibwow: my wife
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
gideon_not_graves: BIRTHDAY!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RandomTrivia: Yep, there it is!
DeM0nFiRe: 🎂
MantisMind: HB
SaxPython: Magnificent
Rourke9: Birthday!!!
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Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
r10pez10: !clip
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gideon_not_graves: LUL
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: o7
RandomTrivia: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
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AllTheWeasels: Happy birthday ITYC
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chronically_poor: ooohhh
lightfut: 👏👏👏👏👏
Simonark: The timeline seems to be collapsing in on itself again.
gideon_not_graves: LUL LUL LUL LUL
YeetTheRich_: oh god my head
JakeKamas: Thank you Wheeler
Haroldholmes25: "new"
YeetTheRich_: good job
asthanius: Natural born comedian
duckace11: Bravo
MantisMind: SLAY THE SPIRE <3
gideon_not_graves: 10 bucks for a SLICE?
zed_alpha: Ey happy birthday!
Simonark: You deserve fancy cheesecake.
duckace11: 10 CA that us
djalternative: did you get the googley eye mod, Wheeler?
Sibwow: so for the third birthday is that gonna be a whole ass cake cooked by your mother?
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AllTheWeasels: ok but did you bring enough for everyone?
Haroldholmes25: really glad they give you access to james' credit card for this stream
duckace11: by year 4 we are going to be getting Wheeler eats the whole thing
rosesmcgee: 2 years? that's almost a year.
gideon_not_graves: be careful of cat eating the cheese cake
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2633 patrons for a total of $20,764.17 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
r10pez10: hahaha
RandomTrivia: Good bit Wheeler
gideon_not_graves: nice...
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
Pharmacistjudge: you just get the same cheesecake...you just make it into a circle
RandomTrivia: #ConsumateProfessional
YeetTheRich_: mukbang is a card game
djalternative: any circular cheesecake is a whole cheesecake
Simonark: By year five you'll just have to stick your head in a whole trifle. Maybe a swimming cap, out of the tarp budget?
Sibwow: wheelie breakers?
r10pez10: is it anime
asthanius: Slay the whatnow?
YeetTheRich_: no anime FBtouchdown
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djalternative: are we doing vanilla or a whole slew of mods?
MantisMind: Slay the spire rules
SnackPak_: o7 anime
MurphEP: Slay, queen (the Spire)
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL Pffft, I forgot about the profile name :D
theamc2000: Minet
r10pez10: it was a bit?
MantisMind: this game is a masterpiece
duckace11: it's going to be a board game soon
Simonark: I hear game audio, am I hallucinating?
h3rsh3yb4r: did I miss the birthday cake bit?
Kirgo: Slay the Spire famous and known from Deadcells.
SpleenLord: Have you tried the downfall mod?
djalternative: have you tried a daily climb, wheeler?
Sibwow: defect is easy just take the power cards
YeetTheRich_: lrrCIRCLE
MantisMind: the watcher is the hardest imo
r10pez10: last time you played i remember a really broken defect run
Scarbble: aw yeah, let's ponder some orbs
zed_alpha: Defect is amazing. I love 0-cost card defect runs
YeetTheRich_: yuuup
gideon_not_graves: Lightning Defect is best defect
Kirgo: @MantisMind Why would you think that?
Sibwow: you could stream watching it
theamc2000: I have no clue how to silent
SpleenLord: Big Deck Defect!
djalternative: Wheeler, if you want anime, there's a mod that adds an anime PC
rembe0: silent draw decks are fun but hard to get going
gideon_not_graves: ooh Curse iron clad is funny
MantisMind: @Kirgo hardest to build the deck
computercolinx: Orbs are eggs!
YeetTheRich_: there are SO MANY good mods
Simonark: At least, the stream for me, a big baby who plays too much Slay the Spire without much skill.
tehfewl: O R B
duckace11: I love the silent but then again It turns out I just love Damage over time effects in my rouge likes
gideon_not_graves: Ponder time
Sibwow: orbs are for chumps you want to go for POWERS
Kirgo: @MantisMind I suppose. Dont agree with that but I guess it may be subjective.
RandomTrivia: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
benjamin_wheeler: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
djalternative: There's some really good expansion level mods that we can suggest to you if you want some real twists to the gameplay
tehfewl: Claw is Law. No Claw is Flaw.
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
Juliamon: We got to introduce it to Graham last week!
YeetTheRich_: always take claw and chat will be on your side
TheMandrew: oh man, we blew Graham's mind with the Hey Chat command
MurphEP: Contributed a lot of anime
RealGamerCow: Didn't serge add "Heychat" to his home stream?
gideon_not_graves: time to enjoy the pondering RAW
r10pez10: do you mean your new york accent
Sibwow: oh claw is good too
Kirgo: Caw caw! Claw is law! Caw caw!
mhbmk2: Random rare imo
enderofman: What's with the whale
Pharmacistjudge: but i am judge. pedantry is part of the job
gideon_not_graves: I would've chosen Chocolate Cake @benjamin_wheeler
djalternative: I will voice my opinion but I by no means call myself an expert who's advice should be considered as law
RealGamerCow: If you feel like backseating, just go watch the "Oh, good for you" Christian Bale video
SpleenLord: Whale = Neow God of Rebirth