PMAvers: Bionic FARM
gideon_not_graves: man, SMIDGE IS THE BEST
RandomTrivia: Awwww
Greyah: The hookshot is fantastic for doing air combos.
RandomTrivia: Chekhov's Forklifts are all over the place
gideon_not_graves: but we can't be forklift certified :(
HeirSquared: Dash also lets you keep your Style Meter up during moments when you can't hit enemies!
kersmushh: why would you need a forklift when you have a hookshot, though?
RandomTrivia: @gideon_not_graves I guarantee you that Chai has not thought about that
Bionull: Leads you to believe that we must find our father's killer?
gideon_not_graves: @kersmushh uhh is there a hookshot certification?
Salbastro: Recreational Forklifting?
djalternative: it's Arnie!
RandomTrivia: (as long as you are not doing so in a public space)
SaxPython: #FunkLift
ThatGenieProblem: I mean sure, but without certification you are NSFW
mtvcdm: There ain't no rule that says you can't take a forklift onto the interstate.
gideon_not_graves: I mean... we ARE in Production right now. We do need that certification
BrowneePoints: OH one of the composers(like the one from this stage) was Capcom's composer for Monster Hunter and Hyrule Warriors!
gideon_not_graves: you can... abuse the cleaning robots
gideon_not_graves: for more money
Greyah: Correct. Fire is hot.
gideon_not_graves: BEST BOI
kersmushh: fire: so hot right now
laundreydhull: O_O
mtvcdm: Smidge, the magnet is not for cuddling
kersmushh: IT CAN BE THOUGH
BrowneePoints: Okay so that makes PERFECT Sense for why the music is so good Ian. The two lead composers worked on Monster Hunter(Reo Uratani) and Metal Gear Solid/Zone of the Enders! (Shuichi Kobori)
djalternative: money is a way to facilitate a large scale barter economy
gideon_not_graves: it's bonus
ArcOfTheConclave: you wouldn't download a car
FormOfSquirrel: Oo! Graffiti! *Right Click + Save As*
Tetroga: I mean shit, wasn't there that guy who sold a Banksy that was on his building's wall by having the wall cut out? xD
NightValien28: yay statue
laundreydhull: Ha. Mustard Gold Bust.
SaxPython: #WhatAThrill
gideon_not_graves: attack on beat to get money
PMAvers: Style Adjudicators!
BrowneePoints: XD
kersmushh: in the DMC, we call this a combo adjudicator :)
r10pez10: pentatonic scale doing a lot of great work here
gideon_not_graves: Kung Fu Cat
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler is jamming some Slay the Spire on Is This Your Card? Game: Slay the Spire) at Sun 06:00 PM PST (48s from now).
NightValien28: 808 is the best
SaxPython: Combat reminds me of Arkham Asylum with more color
mtvcdm: !patreon
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Chaser617: afraid of?
mtvcdm: !discord
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kusinohki: would heather like the nickname of "the human metronome" ??
ConjugateVoices: Fear not that which you love
mtvcdm: !youtube
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BrowneePoints: Arcadey, but offers challenge, and is just stylish as hell
ConjugateVoices: embrace the jam
mtvcdm: !mastodon
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djalternative: oh dang. we are done already. i was hoping we'd make it to Rekka today
Greyah: @ConjugateVoices No, jam comes later.
mtvcdm: !schedule
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gideon_not_graves: JAM
mtvcdm: !homestreams
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gideon_not_graves: This is a checkpoint
ThatGenieProblem: This game absolutely set out to be a Saturday morning cartoon and it nails it
gideon_not_graves: when you leave, you can continue
gideon_not_graves: from this point
NightValien28: if I am not wrong it autosaves after every fight
ArcOfTheConclave: cat typing
Darleysam: really glad you're enjoying it, it rules
mtvcdm: We might want more than March
iris_of_ether: 2020Shred
ThatGenieProblem: Thank you!
benjamin_wheeler: hi fi rush, im ben
shurtal: game came out in january, it's alreayd on so many people's "Best of the Year" short lists, and it TOTALLY deserves it
gideon_not_graves: GJ Guys :)
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SaxPython: @benjamin_wheeler thanks Dad
Chaser617: oh the vods get uploaded to youtube? becuase I'd kind'a like to watch this again
mtvcdm: !store
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Juliamon: Chaser617 It can take up to 2 weeks to get uploaded depending on how Youtube is feeling
Rourke9: Hey Check It Out is a GREAT podcast, was just cleaning my apartment to the latest episode today
cosarprime: Yes
cosarprime: They do
Dog_of_Myth: They do
HoloTheWiseWolf_: yes they work on vods
BrowneePoints: Somewhat. but Twitch is in a constant arms race
SnowBuddy18: usually
SkylerRingtail: They stopped working for me a year ago
HoloTheWiseWolf_: but not live
PMAvers: Or you can just have a broken Twitch account like mine that doesn't show ads ever.
SnowBuddy18: they definitely work on YouTube
gualdhar: sometimes Twitch finds a way to block the ad blockers, but not usually
stichz612: they do not work
LordZarano: uBO absolutely does work on youtube
SaxPython: PogChamp
Chaser617: I freely admit I'm horrible at these games so I like to see others do well at them
gideon_not_graves: OOF
Juliamon: LordZarano Same here, more people should use uBO
mtvcdm: That niche title Goldenye
benjamin_wheeler: ityc is hardly mid
Pteraspidomorphi: uBO is the one. There's also a good one on android if you have fdroid
shurtal: Callisto Protocol is PEAK mid
Pteraspidomorphi: Can't recall the name atm
benjamin_wheeler: its niche dogshit that ppl will email me about 7 years from now
gualdhar: sppoky mid that's actually dead space is still generous
MrGibberish: Ian and Heather are enjoying that hi fi RUSH
DEATHlikescats: Goldeneye brings me back to 2000
duckace11: Hi Wheeler
MrGibberish: !storm
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TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
benjamin_wheeler: 2 year anniversary baby
Phailhammer: cya :)
Strebenherz: See ya Rhyhm Cafe, thank you for stream!
asthanius: 7 year pre-versary for emailing Benjamin, I guess
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
niccus: what have we learned after 2 years of cards and card-like objects
r10pez10: damn, we emailing ben?
KeytarCat: @Pteraspidomorphi Twire?
RealGamerCow: is this a Pagliacci?
asthanius: Wait, twitch is saying it didn’t go offline. Is this the same vod and will Heather get mad?
r10pez10: there was definitely an offline section
asthanius: Huh, the stream timer is still going for me
RunningMonkeys: The uptime for me looks less than 2 hours for me.
asthanius: Says 2 hours 8 minutes
asthanius: Weird
r10pez10: yeah weird i've got that on Chatty
YeetTheRich_: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:50. lrrSPOT
asthanius: Shrug Emoji
RandomTrivia: If you refresh, or click on "LoadingReadyRun" then click it a second time to come back, it should update
theamc2000: Card
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SaxPython: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Sibwow: this is a strange phone bit
duckace11: Wheeler got fancy
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: can some one help me open this ice cream i bought for tonight :((
YeetTheRich_: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
MAPBoardgames: Is it my birthday?
AllTheWeasels: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Sibwow: my wife
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
gideon_not_graves: BIRTHDAY!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RandomTrivia: Yep, there it is!
DeM0nFiRe: 🎂
MantisMind: HB
SaxPython: Magnificent
Rourke9: Birthday!!!
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Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
r10pez10: !clip
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gideon_not_graves: LUL
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: o7
RandomTrivia: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
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AllTheWeasels: Happy birthday ITYC
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chronically_poor: ooohhh
lightfut: 👏👏👏👏👏
Simonark: The timeline seems to be collapsing in on itself again.
gideon_not_graves: LUL LUL LUL LUL
YeetTheRich_: oh god my head
JakeKamas: Thank you Wheeler
Haroldholmes25: "new"
YeetTheRich_: good job
asthanius: Natural born comedian
duckace11: Bravo
MantisMind: SLAY THE SPIRE <3
gideon_not_graves: 10 bucks for a SLICE?
zed_alpha: Ey happy birthday!
Simonark: You deserve fancy cheesecake.
duckace11: 10 CA that us
djalternative: did you get the googley eye mod, Wheeler?
Sibwow: so for the third birthday is that gonna be a whole ass cake cooked by your mother?
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AllTheWeasels: ok but did you bring enough for everyone?
Haroldholmes25: really glad they give you access to james' credit card for this stream
duckace11: by year 4 we are going to be getting Wheeler eats the whole thing
rosesmcgee: 2 years? that's almost a year.
gideon_not_graves: be careful of cat eating the cheese cake
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2633 patrons for a total of $20,764.17 per month.
r10pez10: hahaha
RandomTrivia: Good bit Wheeler
gideon_not_graves: nice...
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
Pharmacistjudge: you just get the same just make it into a circle
RandomTrivia: #ConsumateProfessional
YeetTheRich_: mukbang is a card game
djalternative: any circular cheesecake is a whole cheesecake
Simonark: By year five you'll just have to stick your head in a whole trifle. Maybe a swimming cap, out of the tarp budget?
Sibwow: wheelie breakers?
r10pez10: is it anime
asthanius: Slay the whatnow?
YeetTheRich_: no anime FBtouchdown
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djalternative: are we doing vanilla or a whole slew of mods?
MantisMind: Slay the spire rules
SnackPak_: o7 anime
MurphEP: Slay, queen (the Spire)
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL Pffft, I forgot about the profile name :D
theamc2000: Minet
r10pez10: it was a bit?
MantisMind: this game is a masterpiece
duckace11: it's going to be a board game soon
Simonark: I hear game audio, am I hallucinating?
h3rsh3yb4r: did I miss the birthday cake bit?
Kirgo: Slay the Spire famous and known from Deadcells.
SpleenLord: Have you tried the downfall mod?
djalternative: have you tried a daily climb, wheeler?
Sibwow: defect is easy just take the power cards
YeetTheRich_: lrrCIRCLE
MantisMind: the watcher is the hardest imo
r10pez10: last time you played i remember a really broken defect run
Scarbble: aw yeah, let's ponder some orbs
zed_alpha: Defect is amazing. I love 0-cost card defect runs
YeetTheRich_: yuuup
gideon_not_graves: Lightning Defect is best defect
Kirgo: @MantisMind Why would you think that?
Sibwow: you could stream watching it
theamc2000: I have no clue how to silent
SpleenLord: Big Deck Defect!
djalternative: Wheeler, if you want anime, there's a mod that adds an anime PC
rembe0: silent draw decks are fun but hard to get going
gideon_not_graves: ooh Curse iron clad is funny
MantisMind: @Kirgo hardest to build the deck
computercolinx: Orbs are eggs!
YeetTheRich_: there are SO MANY good mods
Simonark: At least, the stream for me, a big baby who plays too much Slay the Spire without much skill.
tehfewl: O R B
duckace11: I love the silent but then again It turns out I just love Damage over time effects in my rouge likes
gideon_not_graves: Ponder time
Sibwow: orbs are for chumps you want to go for POWERS
Kirgo: @MantisMind I suppose. Dont agree with that but I guess it may be subjective.
RandomTrivia: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
benjamin_wheeler: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
djalternative: There's some really good expansion level mods that we can suggest to you if you want some real twists to the gameplay
tehfewl: Claw is Law. No Claw is Flaw.
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
Juliamon: We got to introduce it to Graham last week!
YeetTheRich_: always take claw and chat will be on your side
TheMandrew: oh man, we blew Graham's mind with the Hey Chat command
MurphEP: Contributed a lot of anime
RealGamerCow: Didn't serge add "Heychat" to his home stream?
gideon_not_graves: time to enjoy the pondering RAW
r10pez10: do you mean your new york accent
Sibwow: oh claw is good too
Kirgo: Caw caw! Claw is law! Caw caw!
mhbmk2: Random rare imo
enderofman: What's with the whale
Pharmacistjudge: but i am judge. pedantry is part of the job
gideon_not_graves: I would've chosen Chocolate Cake @benjamin_wheeler
djalternative: I will voice my opinion but I by no means call myself an expert who's advice should be considered as law
RealGamerCow: If you feel like backseating, just go watch the "Oh, good for you" Christian Bale video
SpleenLord: Whale = Neow God of Rebirth
gideon_not_graves: clap
MurphEP: I've never played this game, so I'll be speaking with maximum confidence
enderofman: @SpleenLord thanks!
SnackPak_: roll those dice
RandomTrivia: Good CD-I LoZ reference streamer
DrChillbrain: these are the faces of evil
Kirgo: Always snipe bosses. iahfySynthKek
djalternative: you need two of them to not be fights
gideon_not_graves: don't people read the bones, not roll them?
r10pez10: dice used to be made of bone
Scarbble: they do both
r10pez10: also you throw them to read them
Sibwow: theyre al block cards
Sibwow: thats the meme right
r10pez10: eat the bones
gideon_not_graves: date the bones
djalternative: fillet the bones
gideon_not_graves: O R B
duckace11: oh right I forget you can do that
Kirgo: örba
SpleenLord: Take the bones to a nice dinner
Sibwow: you have 3 slots
Sibwow: you only have 1 orn
Kirgo: örbs
Sibwow: orb even
SkylerRingtail: M'orb
Kirgo: Örbs bröther.
Scarbble: got the morbs
gideon_not_graves: It's literally...ORBING TIME
Sibwow: nope it evokes the rightmost orb not left
tehfewl: wrong side, but close enough
Haroldholmes25: thanks sib
RandomTrivia: I love the part where Ben says "It's Orbin' time" and then orbs all over the enemies
Kirgo: My favourite part is when the Defect said "Its Orbin time" and orbed all over the enemies.
mhbmk2: Ez beam
Kirgo: @RandomTrivia Damn. Beat me to it.
SpleenLord: 3 fine cards
Haroldholmes25: LUL
r10pez10: !chat
LRRbot: Chat? At this time of year?
RandomTrivia: @Kirgo benginFingers same braincell
Kirgo: iahfySynthyay
WiJohn: Death egg
gideon_not_graves: favorite 3 words
Haroldholmes25: it's that easy
djalternative: we're still in this
gideon_not_graves: ponder the orb
djalternative: we got one more chance for free boss
SpleenLord: Love me some Overclock
mhbmk2: How many forc3d hallway fights are there? 1 or 2
TheThirdTail: ymmv, but it's fun
mhbmk2: You dont want that rn
Gadora: That card can be good. Or it can be bad.
Rourke9: @mhbmk2 there was only the first one
DiamondMX: I think overclock is good if you have a way of getting rid of the burns. But 2 cards for cluttering your deck isn't a great deal imo.
gideon_not_graves: 0 mana draw 2 potential 5 damage on draw
SpleenLord: If your deck is big enough you'll never draw the burn
gideon_not_graves: it's not back
yatagarasu1177: but what does it let you do?
djalternative: you can still get the free fight wheeler, it's 3 not two fights
mhbmk2: You still have a chance
RandomTrivia: Mmmm, always feels good to get revenge on Jaw Worm with the freebie
mhbmk2: Vulnerable is better
DiamondMX: And then it costs 0 after that.
Sibwow: a frorb as we call thhem
RandomTrivia: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
mhbmk2: Beam cell is one of the best attacks
gideon_not_graves: notebook?
Sibwow: there is a 'cards that cost zero' archetype for defect
tehfewl: tier lists don't really work for slay....
mhbmk2: High upgrade priority too
DiamondMX: Huh, I didn't know there was a StS tier list.
djalternative: the tier list is heavily dependant on which build you can pick up
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:41.
duckace11: I thought that was for silent Sibwow
Sibwow: there is the shiv deck for silent and claw for defect
r10pez10: gideon_not_graves
r10pez10: handy dandy notebook got me good
DiamondMX: Huh, I thought Beam Cell was pretty good in my games. But then I do like 0 cost cards :D
r10pez10: also i pressed enter too early
YeetTheRich_: if my maths is correct we have a 71% chance to still get the 1 hp boss
boldwindowpane: <message deleted>Hi. I want to offer promotion of your channel, viewers, followers, views, chat bots. The price is lower than any competitor, the quality is guaranteed to be the best. Auto-on. Incredibly flexible and convenient order management panel, everything is in your hands, turn it on/off/customize. Go to dogehype dot com
YeetTheRich_: 80% now
Simonark: If you're doing the 0 cost spell deck, you'll take Beam Cell but you won't be thrilled about it?
yatagarasu1177: it's great
kumatsu: tierlist also probably goes off of having everything unlocked, too
kusinohki: read enough tier lists and you will see every card is the worst or best depending on who wrote the list...
yatagarasu1177: it's unplayable
RandomTrivia: sergeModLove sergeModLove
Rourke9: @YeetTheRich_ we have already used all three
Valbatross_: I have a great distrust of tier lists
gideon_not_graves: @r10pez10 I live to please
Sibwow: you gotta do silly voices hell yeah
duckace11: the tierlist just says: pick what you want chat is wrong.
mhbmk2: Beam cell is 3 dmg + 50% of all attacks on the turn, that tier list is on something lol
Simonark: It costs a LOT less than 175 to get rid of the curse at a shop.
YeetTheRich_: @Rourke9 a fuck i shouldn't have tabbed out to do math LUL
RealGamerCow: seems like a trustworthy bloke
TheThirdTail: tierlist are a great way to go from minimal knowledge to medium knowledge, but become less helpful after that
JakeKamas: What
Rourke9: Could you link the tier list? that sounds really helpful
JakeKamas: What's the site Wheeler is using?
mhbmk2: Beam cell + strike + strike makes 0 mana 9 dmg 1 card
DiamondMX: I also think it might matter what Ascendancy level you're on. I think cards can change how good they are when the game gets harder.
duckace11: So this teirlist of the LRR crew with you at S is ok? Kappa
Valbatross_: My only real issue with tierlists is that this game is incredibly context sensitive
YeetTheRich_: there are no bad cards only situational cards
Sibwow: at a shop
p3termon: in shops or special events yea
mhbmk2: Especially against slime, you need burst
Rourke9: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
gideon_not_graves: such a happy flower
gideon_not_graves: OH NO PAIN
DAC169: happy flower PrideFlower
Sibwow: there are no bad cards only bad players
RandomTrivia: Happy Flower is so cute, it's just living its best life
DiamondMX: He gets 2 strength any time you cast a skill card.
h3rsh3yb4r: this one buffs when you use skills
p3termon: after a second turn he gains strength for every skill
djalternative: yep. this is the one that buffs for every skill card
TheThirdTail: Gremlin Nob is the one that ends all of my runs because I play dumb and greedy :v
mhbmk2: Lol if only we had beam cell instead of a skill..... XD
gideon_not_graves: More Orbs
Haroldholmes25: only way out is through
Valbatross_: ironically enough beam cell kind of a decent card for this fight specifically
VHGS: got the good rng tho
mhbmk2: Yeah every skill is +2 dmg per turn, very bad
gideon_not_graves: yes dad?
djalternative: evoke burns the orb
DoktorNik: evoked orbs go away
h3rsh3yb4r: evoke consumes the orb
ArcOfTheConclave: evoke consumes
Haroldholmes25: evoke consumes yes
tehfewl: evoking spends the orb
DAC169: evoking an orb removes it
MrBook82: only 1
DiamondMX: You will lose 1 orb.
hb8u: no
mhbmk2: It evokes 1 orb
TheThirdTail: no, dualcast will make one orb go away
gideon_not_graves: Dual Cast REMOVES one orb
Sibwow: it evokes the first orb twice
Sibwow: not the first two orbs
DiamondMX: Also, dualcast is a Skill.
computercolinx: Tag yourself im a nob
TheThirdTail: I'm an empty Neow's blessing
DiamondMX: Very nice.
gideon_not_graves: Pog
YeetTheRich_: FBtouchdown
quixy23: How far is he?
quixy23: Just joined.
Haroldholmes25: ball lightning pog
YeetTheRich_: floor 6
DAC169: Pantograph? rooPog nice! aipOMG
Valbatross_: @quixy23 floor 6
djalternative: !card ball lightning
LRRbot: Ball Lightning [RRR] | Creature — Elemental [6/1] | Trample / Haste / At the beginning of the end step, sacrifice Ball Lightning.
DiamondMX: I like hologram. Drawing cards is nice.
tehfewl: ball lightning is great for early damage
gideon_not_graves: can't wait for the electrodynamics pull
Sibwow: orbs, powers, cheerios
Haroldholmes25: orbs, 0 cost cards
djalternative: Defect has Orb Storm and 0 cost
SpleenLord: Orb, Powers, 0 cost, big deck
Rourke9: Also Power card synergy
DiamondMX: I usually win with the defect with a combination of powers that get silly together.
ArcOfTheConclave: power synergy
Valbatross_: Broadly? there's like two or three orb decks, there's power-spamming, there's 0 cost
Sibwow: you have 2 keys
niccus: lightning orb spam, dark orb stall, power spam,
djalternative: you didn't take the blue key
ArcOfTheConclave: only have 2 keys
Haroldholmes25: still missing sapphire
Simonark: Lightning build is the fun silly one, 0 drop eggs, usually built around claw, there's a frost deck, a plasma big mana deck?
djalternative: oh right Power deck is a thing
Sibwow: you took the plant instead of the key
Simonark: And powers.
Sibwow: the chain means you get one or the other
Haroldholmes25: chest gives the option of relic or key
DiamondMX: To get the sapphire key you need to choose not to take the relic.
djalternative: Blue key you have to pick instead of the other
ArcOfTheConclave: you got saphire or flower, not both
Sibwow: which isnt usually what a chain means
gideon_not_graves: on the bright side, the flower is happy
Sibwow: theyre chained apart
DAC169: always read the description NODDERS
Haroldholmes25: from a land down sunder
Sibwow: go for the eyes boo
SpleenLord: Sunder is legit
DAC169: they're all good in their own way
DiamondMX: Sunder is weaker against strong opponents, though, imo.
Dezufnocosem: it's Ben, 1 Weak
TheThirdTail: I always regret taking Sunder, but it is good early, so shrug
DudelidouX: Sunder sucks against boss and elite. If you're a channel deck go barrage or if you're 0 take Go for the eyes
DAC169: though Barrage depends on how many orbs you have channeled
tehfewl: by the time to get to stronger op you will have better cards
ghizmou: unlock the extra booss
djalternative: unlock act 4
tehfewl: extra act and boss
DiamondMX: They unlock Act 4.
Haroldholmes25: secrets
DoktorNik: bonus boss at end
YeetTheRich_: bonus boss
gideon_not_graves: Special secret end stuff
Atifexe: Unlock act 4
SpleenLord: Is that a hey chat?
DAC169: aipShrug
computercolinx: That
p3termon: presuming u win u unlock a bonus boss
RandomTrivia: Act 4 and the true final boss
DAC169: there's an Act 4? aipS
djalternative: There's a rare card that deals damage and refills your hand with 0 cost cards in your discard. It's why you might consider 0 cost cards
Sibwow: sweet barrage
DoktorNik: recursion is great
DAC169: Recursion aipOMG
RandomTrivia: "Barrage is what bwings us togever, today" lrrBEEJ
r10pez10: recursion is great is great great?
p3termon: recursion is just good
Sibwow: @RandomTrivia yes thats the joke i was going for thank you
DoktorNik: recursion upgrades to be 0 cost
RandomTrivia: @Sibwow benginO7
djalternative: okay. let's build orb storm then
DiamondMX: Rarity matters.
djalternative: card rarity
computercolinx: Card rarity matters
SpleenLord: the better rarity gives more reward
SirElgar: ^^^
DAC169: rarity is all that matters
niccus: burn a card, if you happen to burn a high-rarity card, you can get max health/heal
YeetTheRich_: you burn a common card basically
Valbatross_: uncommons are full heals, rares are max hp+ and full heal
tehfewl: comons nothing, uncommons heal, rares heal and max hp
Sibwow: you can get rid of a curse if you have one
computercolinx: Indicated by border around the art
RandomTrivia: You get a bigger heal for higher rarity
TheThirdTail: giving a common is just a removal, which is honestly usually what you want
DiamondMX: You can give them a bad card and get nothing in return (delete a card) or give them a rarer card and get a heal.
SpleenLord: Functionally this is remove a card
Cptasparagus: deck thinning mostly
Valbatross_: if you give them a curse you get a spirit poop relic
drcthulu: since you just have low rarity it's just a card remove
drcthulu: strike
gideon_not_graves: strike
YeetTheRich_: prob strike
AllTheWeasels: strike
SpleenLord: Depends on your build
tehfewl: strike
Sibwow: strike
Natedogg2: Strike
RandomTrivia: "Yes" "No" "Non-sequitur"
gideon_not_graves: Defect is a Power and Skill guy
Valbatross_: strike if you have a couple ways to make lightning orbs
ArcOfTheConclave: defect is a fine stall class
DiamondMX: I think if you're going orbs, you want your damage to come from the orbs, maybe? And then won't need much strikes.
DiamondMX: Depends on which orbs, I guess :D
djalternative: I like going Lightning Storm when I go orbs personally
IzlanntheLion: I was just watching Is this your card on YouTube, the runetara episodes with Adam
YeetTheRich_: good thing we're so good at gambling
Haroldholmes25: free mull pog
Sibwow: the power of powers compells you
DiamondMX: I also like lightning storm for orbs. But I am bad at making the orbs deck, historically.
djalternative: oh hell yeah. that's a good power
gideon_not_graves: hiyah? HeyGuys
EricTheOrange: oh hey it worked, take some of Jeff Bezos's money from my parents amazon prime.
h3rsh3yb4r: the number of the beast
chumpofthemonth: The Devil?
r10pez10: wasn't expecting a qotsa reference
hb8u: o r b
drcthulu: hologram is like regrowth
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Haroldholmes25: he's morbin
YeetTheRich_: claw on sale pog
tehfewl: Claw
Sibwow: nunchuks are good with the cheerios deck
RealGamerCow: this tingle sounding MF
djalternative: oh hey! that power's cool
drcthulu: claw is a trap
tehfewl: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
hb8u: fall for the claw
h3rsh3yb4r: tempest
YeetTheRich_: unbelievable
niccus: claw is the streamer's curse
tehfewl: Claw is Law
Sibwow: static discharge is good
SpleenLord: Nunchucks are good but not so much in the orb deck
hb8u: tempest is lovely
DAC169: Static Discharge!! aipOMG aipOMG
r10pez10: can you buy the rug
drcthulu: Imo card remove
Simonark: I love static dischage myself.
DoktorNik: remove strike?
TheThirdTail: @r10pez10 it's not for sale, but I've literally just now realized that the membership card is modeled after it :o
drcthulu: nunchucks is more for the 0 cost claw deck
gideon_not_graves: bars
IzlanntheLion: Nice
Valbatross_: his potions are too strong for you
Haroldholmes25: you do get 25 free health
djalternative: yeah. when you can proc nunchuck every turn it's very good
DoktorNik: splits at 50% Health. You want to burst as far past 50% hp in a single turn
gideon_not_graves: GOOPED
computercolinx: Yes
tehfewl: yes
elfmonkey24: ye
DoktorNik: Yes
Eywind: two 25s yes
djalternative: correct
h3rsh3yb4r: yeah
beneckja: no
beneckja: in two 50s
drcthulu: correct, but 71-21 is 50
SpleenLord: No it will split into two 50s
TheThirdTail: if it were 71 and you hit for 21, it would be 50 hp and split into two 50s
theamc2000: Splits at current hp
VHGS: It splits into two that both have the hp the big one had.
djalternative: oh yeah. it doesn't split hp
YeetTheRich_: your assumption is correct, your math isnt
h3rsh3yb4r: no you are right
computercolinx: Right my b
h3rsh3yb4r: you wanna get it close to half
gideon_not_graves: It doesn't split current hp
h3rsh3yb4r: and then burst next turn
AllTheWeasels: You still want to get it as low as you can before a split, so you're still right on the idea
VHGS: But, yeah, same strategy.
TheThirdTail: you still want to do the thing you thought
hb8u: yup
computercolinx: Just means it's even more important for that strategy IMHO tbqh ianastse
DAC169: 71, including orb passive damage after you end your turn
gideon_not_graves: Splitting does however, do no retaliation
hb8u: that was close
hb8u: lmao
Valbatross_: c'mooooon GREED
SpleenLord: GG
hb8u: no I meant the gamble
h3rsh3yb4r: oohhh baby
DoktorNik: Electro is insane!
gideon_not_graves: OOOH
Haroldholmes25: electrodynamics is fun
gideon_not_graves: there it is
djalternative: electodynamics! we hit the one we wanted!
drcthulu: biased cog is also hot
Atifexe: Oooo, I love Electrodynamics
h3rsh3yb4r: electrodynamics is what you want here
DAC169: Electrodynamics!! aipOMG aipOMG
ArcOfTheConclave: electro is a fun build
h3rsh3yb4r: perf rare
tehfewl: electro basically wins low ascen
DiamondMX: These are great.
Kirgo: Caw caw!
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SpleenLord: I would take the Stone
drcthulu: cursed key is my suggestion
gideon_not_graves: is this a hey chat?
DoktorNik: rock is my recommendation
Haroldholmes25: LUL
gideon_not_graves: rock
DiamondMX: I like the rock, personally.
djalternative: I'd go with stone here
SpleenLord: Take the stone
h3rsh3yb4r: crown is the worst
AllTheWeasels: There's no way skipping is right
mazingolfer: dtone
DAC169: Busted Crown helps to keep deck size down. otherwise go for PStone
e_bloc: I always take key
hb8u: yeah stone
YeetTheRich_: yeah stone
manygame1: I always choose the crown
YeetTheRich_: fuck the crown
tehfewl: you almost always take a boss relic
Valbatross_: If you don't roll birds as your first encounter stone is good
TheThirdTail: stone is slightly better than skip imo, but it's close
AllTheWeasels: Probably key or stone
RandomTrivia: The Stone has the smallest downside, Byrds notwithstanding
tehfewl: key is best
mazingolfer: stone is negligible increase to most enemies
gideon_not_graves: rock a billy
DiamondMX: What's the key again?
drcthulu: you take, rock can be problematic with multiattack stuff like the heart; key gives you curses at chests but you can skip
niccus: stone makes the start of act 2 very nasty
violetblight: philo stone's free and then you run into birds
niccus: since you're almost guaranteed a bunch of birds
mazingolfer: the stone only boosts multi hit enemies that you can burst down
VHGS: Electrodynamics is an answer for byrds, so stone is probably ok.
tehfewl: you don't have to open any more chests
DiamondMX: Ah, rock definitely would be my pick.
Valbatross_: I think skip is reasonable, but I also think philo stone is very reasonble
YeetTheRich_: skip is also fine
beneckja: i dont like crown as your deck isn't finished yet
drcthulu: no
Valbatross_: especially with gambler'
computercolinx: Idk man I'm not your doctor
djalternative: nope
Valbatross_: s chip
TheThirdTail: no
RandomTrivia: You absolutely want to take one of them. The extra energy is worth it
drcthulu: str is permanent
computercolinx: Strength stays
Haroldholmes25: energy is a huge upgrade
DoktorNik: Strength doesn't fade, just increases damage by 1.
gideon_not_graves: no, strength stays
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niccus: iiiiit's bird time
violetblight: we have blue key, could just skip every chest if you remember
SpleenLord: It's in the mail
Kirgo: Byrdes incoming.
DiamondMX: C'mon wheeler, you know that free mana is OP. That's a Sapphire Mox right there.
gideon_not_graves: it's in the bag
violetblight: fuck avocado
TheThirdTail: awww, poor avocado
niccus: nobody likes the pear
drcthulu: evil avocado is a b
r10pez10: it'
gideon_not_graves: yes
RandomTrivia: At least it's not Byrds
TheThirdTail: it just wants to hop around
tehfewl: thats the bird
DoktorNik: yeah, you gotta hit it multiple times
SymphonicLolita: evilcado
r10pez10: it's the wat pear
Sibwow: the avocado
computercolinx: Some things persist past concussions
Krauser428: nah that's the other one
djalternative: we hate evil avocado
gideon_not_graves: avocado loves shields
tehfewl: er not bird, snake plant
AllTheWeasels: At least it doesn't have the rat friend this floor
DiamondMX: It has 14 armour every turn, if you damage it, it loses 1 of those armour per turn each time.
DAC169: yes, but dealing HP damage decreases how much armor it gets
drcthulu: yeah at least it's not birds with multi attacks, though you do have electro
Haroldholmes25: barrage is great here
DiamondMX: Now only 11 armour per turn/.
gideon_not_graves: great start
DiamondMX: Gamblers Brew: Do that thing you hate more times!
SpleenLord: Turbo is amazing
djalternative: oh. we can totally use that
RandomTrivia: Nyoooooom
violetblight: zoomies
tehfewl: turbo is a dark rit
Haroldholmes25: you're not part of the turbo team
djalternative: we have bonus energy. we can waste it
drcthulu: it upgrades to dark ritual
chumpofthemonth: Turbo has the best beta art in the game
h3rsh3yb4r: omg storm
gideon_not_graves: dark ritual and pact of negation?
gideon_not_graves: I think?
djalternative: hell yeah storm
drcthulu: cool headed is really good
drcthulu: and it's on sale
hb8u: @chumpofthemonth lol that's a good one
gideon_not_graves: STORM BOIS
DoktorNik: you're not power deck.
DiamondMX: Storm is good if you play a lot of power cards.
drcthulu: storm is for the power deck
gideon_not_graves: true...
computercolinx: Right,
h3rsh3yb4r: you have 2 powers already
DAC169: Storm is good if you have a lot of Power cards
SpleenLord: Storm is key to the power deck. Not really what you are in
TheThirdTail: it's fine, but pretty low upside right now
tehfewl: strike
chronically_poor: each orb evokes when you are out of slots right?
YeetTheRich_: we should look into some defensive cards yeah
TheThirdTail: there are good powers you could get... but you don't have them now, so
Krauser428: defect is easiest to ascend with IMO
tehfewl: you have so many attack cards, you don't need your strikes
DiamondMX: @chronically_poor Yes, if an orb can't fit, the front orb is evoked first.
violetblight: watcher's easiest
niccus: what's the boss for act 2
gideon_not_graves: OOOH
DoktorNik: ooooh... Read is almost always a great rare
icefinch: oh nice
Haroldholmes25: take a look in a book
DiamondMX: Reading is for nerds.
Mudd_II: Picked up a frost I would've removed defend but getting rid of basic cards is always good
chronically_poor: I felt like I remembered making a one slot evoke run one time. That was fun
YeetTheRich_: read about claws
djalternative: oh. look loop
SpleenLord: Nice consume there
Kirgo: Claw spotted.
DoktorNik: skim or loop
chronically_poor: ftl is a good cantrip
drcthulu: loop, compile driver, heatsyncs all prety good
h3rsh3yb4r: shino from naruto?
Sibwow: i love varying perspectives
Valbatross_: legitimately did not notice the worm reference
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Tz_BG: Worm reference. Nice
ghyllnox: Worm?
mazingolfer: Would you love a story if it was a worm
ghyllnox: :D
djalternative: it's a big gum ball
Fr0Dough: Ive waited to say this for awhile...Go on wheeler, slay
DAC169: if only you had Melt cookie148Cry
ghyllnox: I would! I Do!
DoktorNik: Do ball first
DiamondMX: It's 40 + 9.
Sibwow: yes
Athelgar: it goes up each time as well
DoktorNik: DEFRAG
drcthulu: defrag op
djalternative: I'd chuck gambler's brew tbh
AllTheWeasels: wheelerMonkey
Haroldholmes25: defrag is very good
Sibwow: defrag is really good
YeetTheRich_: iAmTheStormThatIsApproaching .mp4
djalternative: we have the chip
SpleenLord: Defrag for the focus
Sibwow: focus is +1 to your orbs
Haroldholmes25: focus is strength for defect
Sibwow: so they do 4/9 instead of 3/8
DiamondMX: Focus is each orb does +1 of whatever it did.
tehfewl: focus is like strength for orbs
h3rsh3yb4r: it's like damage up for orbs
drcthulu: It does +1 damage or block essentially
DoktorNik: So for each focus your lightning orbs do +1 damage passive and +2 channeled
ArcOfTheConclave: greed
djalternative: yes
SpleenLord: Yes
Haroldholmes25: yes
DoktorNik: yes
ArcOfTheConclave: yes
SpleenLord: Also yes
Valbatross_: yup
tehfewl: yes
DrChillbrain: yes
mazingolfer: Ye ye
AllTheWeasels: Yeah you can discard it to gambling chip
gideon_not_graves: correct
SirElgar: yes and yes
drcthulu: yep; also 50% chance you don't get it
niccus: you're asking chat. chat always says yes to this
Haroldholmes25: letter opener can be nice
h3rsh3yb4r: letter opener is sick
TheThirdTail: poor soldier, just stole their letter opener
Cptasparagus: i wanna answer no to every question just so we get a true chat spread
drcthulu: ooh this is a hard figth
gideon_not_graves: ELECTRO BOIS
HasturTheYellow: Apologies, but in Current Internet Terms/tm/ it's now Mummy Milkies not Mummy Juice
DrChillbrain: bro got buried with a letter opener
drcthulu: I'd prob do heals too
drcthulu: kill the guy at the end first
gideon_not_graves: nope
Caffine1138: These aren't minons
DiamondMX: No, you need to kill all 3.
niccus: i'm afraid they're all greedy loners
djalternative: yeah. they have an icon if that's the case
theamc2000: Ah loop. The power that got reworked thrice
gideon_not_graves: EUGH
DoktorNik: no
drcthulu: skip
DiamondMX: Skip is often the best choice.
djalternative: don't be afraid to skip
drcthulu: oh this guy with rock isn't great
theamc2000: Mr stabby arm
drcthulu: stabby book
djalternative: this is just a big stabby arm. nothing special
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niccus: guy who stabs a lot
DiamondMX: No, this one just does a lot of damage and clutters your deck a bit.
e_bloc: no this is an arm coming out of a book with a knife
SpleenLord: This one is just a DPS race
gideon_not_graves: this one gives you WOUNDS when you get hit
Athelgar: it always feltlike atonneberry to me
K_t_Imp000: I don't think this one does less damage if you hit it, this is just a hand-knife full of malice
niccus: oof ouch stabs
DiamondMX: He's thinking of the fading creature, that one deals less damage each turn equal to the damage you deal to it this turn.
drcthulu: yeah prob the focus pot though I'm not sure it'll get you there
TheThirdTail: book of stabbing is a rough fight for a lot of decks
gideon_not_graves: ow
RealGamerCow: I forgot how much health this dude has
drcthulu: you're dead in any event sadly
e_bloc: math is for blockers
gideon_not_graves: oh no
chaostreader: I don’t think I’ve ever had an easy time with the book.
YeetTheRich_: gg go next
drcthulu: I think you live if you did the focus pot the turn before
h3rsh3yb4r: philosophers stone killed you
Mudd_II: It happens
djalternative: oh. we don't have all the cards unlocks
SpleenLord: lowGG seabatClap
AllTheWeasels: Key IMO
Mudd_II: lrrGREED
Oxdans: Key > > Stone
Haroldholmes25: eh I think you didn't hit pop off density
gideon_not_graves: Key,IMO
VHGS: Busted Crown is outrageously terrible.
e_bloc: key gets you like one curse later
drcthulu: The key is usually fine because you can get key or skip at chests so you don't get the bad part
YeetTheRich_: we were lacking defensive cards
putz12a: Crown gives you energy, but you then get no choice in cards after the fight
tehfewl: calipers could be good here
mazingolfer: You gotta get some more ice in your life
DiamondMX: Oh, interesting. You can store up block if you get lots of block.
YeetTheRich_: crown on act 1 is absolute doodoo
niccus: some defect builds get absurd amounts of block, yeah
Haroldholmes25: lots of ice orbs and focus, maybe
djalternative: depends on your build but, maybe
VHGS: Uhhh maybe
TheThirdTail: defect can get a lot of block
Athelgar: frost buils can get up there
e_bloc: if you get a ton of block its good
MinnieKin: If you do a frost build with more orbs/focus calipers is INSANE
DiamondMX: If you build towards it, yeah, you can easily get lots of block. But you probably wouldn't be attacking much in that case.
drcthulu: you can, there's some good block cards for defect
YeetTheRich_: floor 1, you can def build around the calipers if you want
niccus: don't even think about it until after you're free from goblin nobs though
gideon_not_graves: Ice Build
Valbatross_: frost orbs and defragment
chronically_poor: ice vs lightning
djalternative: claw!
YeetTheRich_: claw pog
ari_riran: ice
Haroldholmes25: or time for claw
Valbatross_: glacier is a hell of a card
drcthulu: glacier and the cantrip frost orb is good
mazingolfer: ice orbs give you much in the way of block
AllTheWeasels: ca'claw jorbsBird
YeetTheRich_: one claw is enough if you go full block otherwise
gideon_not_graves: the CLAWWW
niccus: the chat is sated
r10pez10: watch us never pick up another claw
DiamondMX: I have won with claws. Mostly because I also got Echo Form.
gideon_not_graves: A stranger, from the outside....OOOOOOHHH
ari_riran: Claw build lets go
DrChillbrain: claw is law
DiamondMX: 100 damage claws are fun.
djalternative: oh. seek is GREAT
Haroldholmes25: seek is great
YeetTheRich_: bearer of the curse
AllTheWeasels: Sure can
YeetTheRich_: seek seek
niccus: rare vs ball is a rude choice
Anonyman41: best card
r10pez10: bearer lest
drcthulu: yep
Valbatross_: upgraded version is two tutors!
gideon_not_graves: Bear seek seek lest
djalternative: all
YeetTheRich_: all of them
Caffine1138: yes
elfmonkey24: yes
drcthulu: 2-3 and a bunch of draw
AllTheWeasels: Meme: all of them Honest: none
gideon_not_graves: all of the claws
niccus: it's very hard to end up with too many claws
VHGS: Like three or four probably.
djalternative: you're also looking for a specific rare card
tehfewl: card draw is better than multiple claws
DiamondMX: But keep an eye out for cards that let you draw more cards too.
ArkhamArchivist: Scrapes and Alls for One
OnyxOblivion: at least 5 white claws
TheThirdTail: 0 cost cards are generally fine to take as well. wouldn't fault you for taking steam barrier
drrek0: You would have done enough damage you forgot about the 3 damage from the orb
Haroldholmes25: beam cell yes
drcthulu: the really good pick up is the rare that returns all 0 cost cards from your discard to your hand
drrek0: You had 3 strikes right?
drrek0: Were you weak?
Haroldholmes25: yes
drrek0: Ah, sorry, I missed you were weak
drrek0: My bad
djalternative: I'm really pulling for us to find All For One
drcthulu: claw decks take alot to come together
YeetTheRich_: we just need some defense and we're fine
YeetTheRich_: pressure points?
TheThirdTail: yeah, this game has a lot of meme decks. most of them are surprisingly good
YeetTheRich_: to spite serge
DudelidouX: If this is a new game isn't All for One an unlock?
djalternative: Poison, Shivs, Barricade. There's a lot of fan favorite strats
djalternative: @DudelidouX I don't remember which unlock it is but wheeler has 3 left for defect
gideon_not_graves: Claw costs 0 though
drcthulu: the x block card is good
AllTheWeasels: I like reinforced body here ngl
niccus: reinforced body does sound cromulent if claws take shape
AllTheWeasels: You asked if you could ever make more than 15 block with calipers, and here you go
Haroldholmes25: not having good block really hurt last run
theamc2000: What does calipers do.
Snowcookies: Goop!
gideon_not_graves: CLAW
AllTheWeasels: @theamc2000 instead of losing all block at start of turn, lose only 15 block
YeetTheRich_: @theamc2000 you only lose 15 block end of turn
niccus: you're only fighting an elite next, what's the worst that could happen
h3rsh3yb4r: slime man?
SymphonicLolita: g o o p
drcthulu: leave it because elite fight
Kalamaximus: you only lose 15 block not all
theamc2000: @alltheweasels @yeettherich_ ty
chumpofthemonth: Tell me of this goop
Nuurgle: it doesn't say you have goop in your...
ratstronomer: ambiguous health goop
SaxPython: Drink More Goop
gideon_not_graves: HMMMM
YeetTheRich_: 2 cards
drcthulu: you get 2 cards
DudelidouX: Gonna be hard to survive that one
AllTheWeasels: Upgraded seek is double tutor
gideon_not_graves: tutor 2
gideon_not_graves: oof
Haroldholmes25: sequencing strikes again
theamc2000: Oooof
niccus: it's ok, the nob will deliver the punishment for us
YeetTheRich_: you can look at your deck top right for the upgrades
Nuurgle: don't be sorry, be better
e_bloc: happens to the most vulnerable of us
drcthulu: well at least you learned something
gideon_not_graves: phew
AllTheWeasels: not even close nob baby
drcthulu: nice
Snowcookies: Never apologize to chat Kappa
niccus: caclaw
gideon_not_graves: CLAW
Kalamaximus: CLAW
AllTheWeasels: waffle saved
SpleenLord: Waffle!
theamc2000: Waffle
Kalamaximus: rip
h3rsh3yb4r: flash of steel?
e_bloc: waffle copter
drcthulu: waffle is good
MrTheWalrus: Is it waffle time?
AmewTheFox: oh waffle
chumpofthemonth: Genetic Algorithm though
drcthulu: card remove
Haroldholmes25: early gen algorithm could be good
Snowcookies: yumm waffle
AllTheWeasels: algorithm early with calipers sounds lit
The_Knight_Owl: melter
niccus: i'm 50/50 between flash or remove card
Kalamaximus: melter?
YeetTheRich_: algorithm is good
theamc2000: I like hello world
duckace11: who is lee and why do we have his waffle
chronically_poor: melter is good for obs
chronically_poor: orbs
RealGamerCow: I vaguely remember upgraded algorithm is the tits
AllTheWeasels: can we remove + algorithm? not sure what remove cost is at this ascension
YeetTheRich_: how much is remove atm?
drcthulu: you prob want to have more block in your deck too, genetic is good this early
SpleenLord: Algorithm is kinda bad
Kalamaximus: oof
chumpofthemonth: Algorithm is definitely not bad
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djalternative: this early algorithm is likely worth it
Snowcookies: is this character not wearing pants (I got here a few mins ago)
duckace11: they are a robot Snowcookies they don't need pants
TheThirdTail: This character is a robot
TheThirdTail: And yeah, no pants
TheThirdTail: But they do have a stylish shawl
Snowcookies: ah I see
AllTheWeasels: LUL
drcthulu: gamba
AllTheWeasels: wheelerHub
Juliamon: Robots understand the uselessness of pants
duckace11: yeah just look at karn
Juliamon: it would probably make their legs overheat anyway
SpleenLord: Chill is chill
TheThirdTail: Chill is one of those cards where the downside is so low that I almost always take it
Haroldholmes25: chill is equal to number of enemies
e_bloc: I like having a chill
AllTheWeasels: Uh
RealGamerCow: Al Gore Rhythm
YeetTheRich_: ben pls
DAC169: Al's Gore Rythym?
YeetTheRich_: don't skip the gold
theamc2000: Ben you skipped gold
duckace11: I love frost orbs with the artifact that just give you five block if you have no block because the artifact triggers first
AllTheWeasels: We didn't need that gold anyway
squ3e: is this a no backseat stream?
Haroldholmes25: !heychat
TheThirdTail: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
ShaneLeeAtk: !heychat
Juliamon: We're using heychat rules
squ3e: ah hey chat ruless in effect got it
e_bloc: don't let your memes be dreams
drcthulu: oh no he's hot
SymphonicLolita: oops! all claw
Haroldholmes25: casual 0 mana 51 damage
Kalamaximus: CLAW CLAW CLAW
e_bloc: popping off
BrindleBoar: "I'll get you next time, Gadgeeeeeet"
YeetTheRich_: FBtouchdown
Haroldholmes25: this kitty's got claws
Kalamaximus: IT'S WORKING!?!?!?!?!
AllTheWeasels: Yeah double check those costs before looking at meteor strike lol
drcthulu: ooh inserter
YeetTheRich_: pyramid
niccus: of course you get inserter on a claw run
YeetTheRich_: pyramid is so cool
Cptasparagus: factorio!
AllTheWeasels: This is probably not the deck for inserter
tehfewl: pyramid is busto
niccus: inserter's a rough sell on an orbless build
MrTheWalrus: You don't seem to be doing an orb build
TheThirdTail: Pyramid is either broken or gets you killed
DAC169: Inserter is great for Orb builds
mazingolfer: inserter would’ve been great last run
YeetTheRich_: you can also just keep cards in your hand to maximize chances of redrawing your claws
Haroldholmes25: @niccus orbless is a very good term. " this is orbless behavior"
e_bloc: whenever claw is not in your hand, someone should be asking "where's claw?"
drcthulu: no
AllTheWeasels: Vulnerable only applies to damage from your attacks
drcthulu: str only buffs attacks
YeetTheRich_: no claw??
Haroldholmes25: no claws?!
AllTheWeasels: Hologram can get back claw
YeetTheRich_: this is an outrage
AllTheWeasels: Coolheaded can draw claw
e_bloc: no claw this is bullshit
Kalamaximus: NO CLAW?!?!?!?!?!?!
drcthulu: compile driver draws you cards
squ3e: coolheaded can draw claw
YeetTheRich_: no claw? goodbye
chronically_poor: hologram is a good get
niccus: L + clawless
SymphonicLolita: capacitor = more orb?
SpleenLord: Rebound, hologram or steam barrier
Kalamaximus: so no claw then
r10pez10: did we literally only ever find one claw
drcthulu: ooh insect
r10pez10: i went out to get food
AllTheWeasels: Oh insect is really good
SymphonicLolita: we have 3
Kalamaximus: nah like 3
chronically_poor: insect yeah
squ3e: horn can scale claws faster by killing things
r10pez10: okay
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chumpofthemonth: This is a great store
djalternative: we get to remove a strike
mazingolfer: Insect is cracked
Kalamaximus: oof
YeetTheRich_: wheelerMonkey
AllTheWeasels: wheelerMonkey
YeetTheRich_: it's all coming together
drcthulu: ghosts are very strong
Haroldholmes25: wheelerOok
YeetTheRich_: :(
TheThirdTail: "Oh, I'm too short" is the story of my life re: cabinets
Haroldholmes25: ooh FTL
chronically_poor: ftl is a good one
Cptasparagus: people being satisfied with 3 claws is what's wrong with this country
YeetTheRich_: faster than light
drcthulu: faster than light
squ3e: faster than light
SpleenLord: Faster than losers
smtn93: faster than light
theamc2000: Faster than light
r10pez10: find them cLaws
Kalamaximus: faster then light
AllTheWeasels: chill value pog
theamc2000: Different game
ArkhamArchivist: GOD Over Djinn
drcthulu: no claw is flaw
letfireraindown: HA! I was gonna jump in to say Faster Thank Light, but damn the chat beat me too it
RealGamerCow: fuck the lasagna
DiamondMX: @letfireraindown You could say the chat response was... Faster than Light.
squ3e: this turn might sting a bit
Kalamaximus: bud um tsh
Kalamaximus: potion?
DiamondMX: Should you have potioned?
DiamondMX: Nah, wouldn't have killed anyways.
drcthulu: this is a problem with pyramid
niccus: i'm afraid the clapping of your thicc deck is scaring away the claws
Kalamaximus: lmao
DiamondMX: @niccus lol, nice.
ArkhamArchivist: the cat, after coming back from a nail trimming,
YeetTheRich_: love the complete disrespect for block cards
niccus: a gentleman's fight. a claw-off
r10pez10: oh hey it's the thing that killed us
Haroldholmes25: at least it only has 75% of it's normal hp
ShaneLeeAtk: And lockin'
quixy23: SO, did he win the last game?
Kalamaximus: nah no block
RealGamerCow: no he got killed by this dick
DiamondMX: Last game, a book of stabbing killed him.
DiamondMX: Revenge!
YeetTheRich_: claw bank
quixy23: @DiamondMX Oh. Well, not this time.
TheThirdTail: love a good maw bank
Haroldholmes25: scrape pog
niccus: scrape!
drcthulu: scrape is great
AllTheWeasels: Scrape wheelerPog
chronically_poor: scrape yeah
DiamondMX: Scrape isn't a claw, but it will draw you claws.
niccus: scrape is built for claw decks, yeah
Kalamaximus: scrape!
e_bloc: scrape is claw adjacent
SymphonicLolita: scrape and claw are synonyms
DiamondMX: Also, 10 damage is just nice.
DiamondMX: He's going off!
SymphonicLolita: ez game
drcthulu: rebound lets you claw again
Haroldholmes25: ftl is kinda like more claws
DiamondMX: Remove a non-claw to increase claw density?
Orlantia: This is a hell of a Yu-Gi-Oh mod
AllTheWeasels: Or you could remove a card that's not a claw
niccus: it's cuttin time
drcthulu: card remove imo
squ3e: removing a strike increases claw density
Haroldholmes25: removing is probably better tbf
Kalamaximus: cut a card
YeetTheRich_: we don't really need more than one beam cell
MurphEP: No thoughts, only claw
theamc2000: Doesn’t scrape draw you claws?
RealGamerCow: No think. Only claw
DiamondMX: Oh, keeping FTL for next turn to get the card draw - that's a clever play
Haroldholmes25: clawing for his life
r10pez10: on this, the day of your stream's quincinera
Kalamaximus: remember to pop your potion if you need
goombalax: Pressure! Clawin' down on me
SkylerRingtail: Claw player GamesTurner, the Defect
UberDan1337: I just keep thinking of Liar Liar, any time you say "Claw", every single time.
theamc2000: You are weakened
AllTheWeasels: You were weakened, yeah
theamc2000: We’re
Haroldholmes25: these wounds they will not heal
AllTheWeasels: Yeah wounds and Pyramid are a concern in this fight sometimes
goombalax: these wounds, they will not heal
TheThirdTail: you've found the downside of the pyramid
Haroldholmes25: LUL gottem
goombalax: @Haroldholmes25 ayy
DiamondMX: Fission?
AllTheWeasels: oooh if only we had the orbs for fission
mazingolfer: he can’t keep getting away with this
DiamondMX: Kinda like Fission there, not great, but it's still draw cards and get energy.
Haroldholmes25: upgrade hologram for no exhaust seems sick
theamc2000: Wait did hologram lose exhaust?
YeetTheRich_: upgraded hologram doesn't exhaust btw
ArkhamArchivist: whenever Clawchie isn't on screen, they should be saying, "Where's Clawchie?"
AllTheWeasels: Coolheaded or hologram upgrades are the best IMO
Haroldholmes25: more claws more better
MurphEP: More claw wheelerPog
APartofManny: i love this all in on claw strat
DiamondMX: Time to get hyperbeamed :D
SymphonicLolita: claw%
YeetTheRich_: scrape just means more claws so it isn't necessarily the wrong one
drcthulu: he's got debuff defence
Kalamaximus: remember your damage pot
theamc2000: It did
MurphEP: Beeeg turn
masterinferno47: Love me some slay the spire
AllTheWeasels: That lil guy is just holding onto your tutor for you
masterinferno47: CLAWWW
DiamondMX: Artifact negated the vulnerable.
MurphEP: Commence popping
Haroldholmes25: LUL
drcthulu: you had 7
masterinferno47: Anyone in here watch frost?
DiamondMX: Was hand full?
squ3e: @masterinferno47 yup
Kalamaximus: still a beeeg turn
DiamondMX: 10 cards in hand, iirc.
YeetTheRich_: no max is 10 you're good
masterinferno47: Max is 10
MurphEP: lrrSPOOP
Krauser428: can the scrape/claw deck even work? I've tried building it but never had success Sadge
gideon_not_graves: the claw....
Haroldholmes25: gottem again
gideon_not_graves: bamboozled
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
gideon_not_graves: clawed em
AllTheWeasels: echo form pog
drcthulu: echo form
ArkhamArchivist: Echo'd Claws are a good meme
Haroldholmes25: echo form double the claw
gideon_not_graves: CLAW TWICE????
Krauser428: EZ Clap
YeetTheRich_: none of these fit our build
drcthulu: double claws
YeetTheRich_: but echo form is good meme
DiamondMX: Echo form with claw is fantastic.
AllTheWeasels: it double stacks your claws and genetic algorithms yeah
Sibwow: it works with powers real good
Kalamaximus: double claw!
masterinferno47: @krauser428 yes but you only need like 2 claws and an all for one, don't try for more claws, try to play your claws more often
Sibwow: plasma is energy
goombalax: claw chooses who will draw and who will play
gideon_not_graves: Plasma Orb give One Mana
Haroldholmes25: energy orb
chronically_poor: I skip here
DiamondMX: Plasma is 1 energy passive or 2 energy evoked.
drcthulu: Yeah I'd go plasma imo
mazingolfer: plasma or skip
APartofManny: plasma isn't bad here i think
masterinferno47: Plasma is good
squ3e: plasma great for us
AllTheWeasels: Plasma isn't great here, but the other two are shit
TheThirdTail: runic is technically best, but you have to have deep game knowledge
r10pez10: where claw
Sibwow: plasma balls
r10pez10: gottem sibwow
Cptasparagus: i dont understand why anyone would skip when plasma has no downside
djalternative: Donu!
gideon_not_graves: I love donuts
Haroldholmes25: gonna claw into these donuts
invickthus: awwww yeah, hecking love a little Topple the Tower.
theamc2000: Deca
r10pez10: Beat the Babel
Krauser428: @masterinferno47 ty for taking the time to answer :)
djalternative: HA!
gideon_not_graves: also is this an Act 3 run? 1 out of 3 keys atm
r10pez10: lmao
masterinferno47: What's the card that puts one of your cards from discard into hand
Tz_BG: Hologram
Kalamaximus: hologram
Haroldholmes25: can look at 4 cards with seek pog
r10pez10: holoknight
masterinferno47: Yeah those, look for holograms
gideon_not_graves: ecstasy of double claw
masterinferno47: 2 claws, two holograms and an all for one is the best claw deck basically
masterinferno47: The rest just has to be block
Sibwow: borat voice my claw
Kalamaximus: damage pot would have been goated there
Haroldholmes25: genetic algorithm with these calipers and echo form is kinda hot
gideon_not_graves: CLAW
invickthus: Defect used Scratch. It was super effective.
SymphonicLolita: nothing matters, only claw
gideon_not_graves: Head empty, only claw
DiamondMX: Yeah, if you can get genetic algorithm high enough, it might be the only block you ever need.
masterinferno47: @symphoniclolita what about holograms?
APartofManny: echo just wants to help
SirElgar: what's this clause you are talking about?
gideon_not_graves: echo echo
invickthus: echo: "why he shout at me? I'm just doing my job"
theamc2000: Echo form echo
RealGamerCow: Oh I thought you were doing a bit
YeetTheRich_: echo play stacy's mom
invickthus: new title of that card is echo form echo stop.
masterinferno47: Wheeler sts asmr
DiamondMX: Dualcast there would have given you 4 energy.
gideon_not_graves: so @benjamin_wheeler I like you've essentially made a better Atomic Heart robot.
gideon_not_graves: with how much clawing you do
masterinferno47: Didnt know lrr was an ASMR channel
Haroldholmes25: where are all the claws
masterinferno47: Reprogram is good!
theamc2000: Heat sinks?
djalternative: pen nib!
DiamondMX: Spoon might let you seek lots.
masterinferno47: It doesn't effect your plasma
mazingolfer: reprogram seems really good in this environment
rembe0: less cards in deck= more claw
Haroldholmes25: but think of the mental overhead wheelerKappa
drcthulu: card remove
YeetTheRich_: we rely on frost orbs for block so reprogram is kinda meh
Athelgar: you can get negative focus
APartofManny: there are a lot of good cards here
masterinferno47: And makes claws better
SpoonfullOfSugar: what about just getting rid of a non-claw card?
AllTheWeasels: reprogram also isn't very good with claw
masterinferno47: What?
Natural_Ones_Only: Violence hits claws, right?
Natural_Ones_Only: Or am I dumb
djalternative: violence does hit claw
squ3e: @Natural_Ones_Only you right
squ3e: reprogram is usually good with claws too
DiamondMX: I don't remember what the tentacally boy does. Though I've seen some anime so this might be bad.
Krauser428: KEKW
Kalamaximus: ah yes 'anime'
gideon_not_graves: tentacle boi, does "strangle" I think
gideon_not_graves: you get damaged for playing too many cards?
masterinferno47: Oh yeah constrict
Krauser428: strangle me, senpai
Kalamaximus: ok bud go take 5
gideon_not_graves: nvm...clawed
Haroldholmes25: no it's 10/turn
squ3e: tentacle is just flat damage eot
Krauser428: cool cool, imma head out but its been real gang
gideon_not_graves: call echo
masterinferno47: Jaw worms are fun
Krauser428: LUL
DiamondMX: Algorithm is free right now.
squ3e: sideways head takes more damage each card you play, and time eater only lets you play a few cards, but i dont think anything damages per card besides a curse
masterinferno47: @squ3e head also has a huge attack after awhile
masterinferno47: But it will count down to it
gideon_not_graves: very chill
squ3e: yeah, i was just saying for things that care about card plays
gideon_not_graves: WTF
DiamondMX: 116 block, amazing.
Sibwow: i dont think thats enough block
gideon_not_graves: is that shield
r10pez10: Slay the Spire ASMR streamer Wheeler
Sibwow: the trick is to buy the shampoo on purpose
DiamondMX: How many block do you need to get the achievement for that?
squ3e: just call echo form 'wiretap' Kappa Kappa
DiamondMX: Is it 99 or 999?
APartofManny: this game is very addicting
Haroldholmes25: gottem again
YeetTheRich_: STS is a hell of a drug
r10pez10: because it's your birthday
rembe0: game is long
GhostValv: spire slaying takes time :)
gideon_not_graves: SLay does that...
drcthulu: that's spire time
Athelgar: lol
AllTheWeasels: Time flies when you're having claw Wheeler
invickthus: I pour time into this game
DiamondMX: StS has strong One More Turn energy.
gideon_not_graves: TIME FOR CONTRACTUAL BREAK?
Kalamaximus: lmao
Snowcookies: !clip
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YeetTheRich_: hehe yess
SaxPython: <3 <3 <3
omdorastrix: Time to rotate your fluids
GhostValv: :)
Sibwow: you gotta just go whole hog for a month and get through and over it
djalternative: you CAN turn on a run timer in the settings if you want
Juliamon: Some games you can't just play casually
r10pez10: i mean it's no gwent
masterinferno47: He makes a lot of burns
Nuurgle: yeah, this game hit when I was unemployed and all of my time disappeared
Sibwow: defect is sort of like a bald son
TheThirdTail: losing track of time playing StS? impossible
squ3e: he does indeed have a schtick
masterinferno47: And goes small attack then big attack
masterinferno47: Burns alor
masterinferno47: A lot*
AllTheWeasels: The intangible thing is significant
rembe0: to be fair a run is like 50ish duels
DiamondMX: He currently takes only 1 damage per attack no matter the power.
masterinferno47: Oh yeah Intagible
masterinferno47: He gains intangible sometimea
masterinferno47: He only takes 1 damage rn
brookeChigurh: Intangible every other turn
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rembe0: it's ok, claw still stacks
YeetTheRich_: we're fine
YeetTheRich_: claw + block = win
rembe0: welp gg
masterinferno47: YESSSS
Haroldholmes25: just all the nuts
djalternative: we got it!!!!
squ3e: gg
APartofManny: MORE CLAW
AllTheWeasels: Ayy it's the payoff
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
masterinferno47: You got the run nos
Sibwow: more like all for none
Dr_fragenstien: that's the one
GhostValv: :)
TheThirdTail: the thiiiing \o/
Natural_Ones_Only: C-Claw
DiamondMX: All for Claw
SirElgar: All Will Be One
drcthulu: all for one is the card that makes the claw deck pop off
masterinferno47: Uh oh maybe
gideon_not_graves: One for all....FULL CLAWING
masterinferno47: These guys can be an issue
gideon_not_graves: I do hate thorns
seepete: Phyrexia: All For One
masterinferno47: All will be claw
rembe0: that's the gist of claw deck
masterinferno47: I wish I had the frost prime emotes
Haroldholmes25: claw!
APartofManny: MORE CLAW
SymphonicLolita: let's goooo
gideon_not_graves: ONLY CLAW
rembe0: needs more claw
drcthulu: evil bush
squ3e: oofa doofa
Haroldholmes25: not this nerd
gideon_not_graves: oh no...
YeetTheRich_: uh oh spaghetti
chumpofthemonth: This man be clawing
gideon_not_graves: EVIL TANGELA
rembe0: you can manipulate with this deck
DarthRagnar815: The Claw chooses who will die and who will die.
masterinferno47: Oh yeah this is the guy that can put a curse on in your deck
Orxolon: how do we gain SO much armor?i'm lost on that regard
brookeChigurh: Snake Plant?
masterinferno47: I think reinforced body
BrindleBoar: Orxolon doubled genetic algorithm
APartofManny: yea and every time you hit it it changes it's mind
drcthulu: This guy honks for what you're doing
Orxolon: @BrindleBoar aaahhh right right
squ3e: @Orxolon we copied genetic algorithm every fight, and we only lose 15 block
UnusuallyLargeMoth: the Defect is my favorite class in Kill The Pillar
SymphonicLolita: yesss
Orxolon: also another question:armor doesn't go away anymore?
masterinferno47: Yeah if that plant guy lives too long doesn't he give you a curse?
Seth_Erickson: ClawChamp run
SymphonicLolita: 5claw
APartofManny: I think we are hitting peak Claw
invickthus: also what I say when I play this game
rembe0: claw is love claw is life
Athelgar: it is so easy to disappear into this game
UnusuallyLargeMoth: Well you see, Benjamin Wenjamin, you Entered the Spire
masterinferno47: The trick to not getting sucked in is to suck really bad
masterinferno47: So you never get past act 2 boss
YeetTheRich_: the spire has no respect for time
invickthus: hey chat, what keeps our block for us turn to turn?
brookeChigurh: Little bit of info for all yall about the Darklings here, the outer 2 do multi-attacks while the middle 1 never does milti-attacks
rembe0: calipers
cryovandalism: Defects is fun as hell
invickthus: @rembe0 thank you!
brookeChigurh: @invickthus calipers relic means block only goes down by 15 each turn rather than go away
squ3e: oh hell yeah
squ3e: great event
rembe0: yw
Sibwow: you can skip
YeetTheRich_: you don't have to take them
Seth_Erickson: there are good 0 cost colorless cards
Formerly_Beef: You choose like a card reward
squ3e: theyre rewards
TheThirdTail: you can skip
r10pez10: claw memories
squ3e: add 1
Athelgar: they can be very strong
rembe0: cool stuff from these
Dr_fragenstien: these can be good for your deck
squ3e: and skip
ForOhForError: it's X choices of 3
TheThirdTail: some cards are good
Sibwow: you hit add 1 and then not choose it
invickthus: you take one and be sad?
YeetTheRich_: you get three options like any other card reward
Sibwow: flash of steel is perfect
YeetTheRich_: wheelerGre wheelerEed
APartofManny: you can probably do it
rembe0: easy relic
rembe0: but probably unnessesary
squ3e: greed is good baby here we go
squ3e: aw man
MurphEP: [Physically opening the sphere]
Haroldholmes25: nice
MurphEP: Nice
brookeChigurh: no heart fight this run
GhostValv: nice~
KWardJenx: Nice
SymphonicLolita: n....nice
r10pez10: i dislike the donut
r10pez10: are those arms or nipples
invickthus: donu is just dancing to his own groove.
BrindleBoar: yes
SymphonicLolita: that donut dances how I dance
squ3e: dont think about it too much
djalternative: no! Donu is friend
ratstronomer: @invickthus Donu lives for the jam
invickthus: @r10pez10 listen, ours is not to question.
brookeChigurh: @r10pez10 porque no los dos?
Scarbble: i love deca & donu
invickthus: @invickthus raddoeLove raddoeLove raddoeLove raddoeLove
Seth_Erickson: The donut is worse
rembe0: not really with your deck
rembe0: just claw
djalternative: there's only a trick for Ironclad
squ3e: generally kill donut first
GhostValv: wow rude
Sibwow: have you seen the drawing of donu from behind
r10pez10: ornstein and smaug
thraximore: meowdy wheelerMuldcb are you slaying, son?
Sibwow: absurdly cheeked up yes
invickthus: it's a cake donut for sure
CookieMom: Donu is a jerk. Good luck!
RealGamerCow: look how far apart its legs are. Now imagine the ass connecting them
squ3e: ggs boys
Haroldholmes25: such an easy fight
rembe0: got good boss, timelord would have sucked
Sibwow: play some more sts
YeetTheRich_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
GhostValv: wowie
Seth_Erickson: 14 million damage :O
SnackPak_: sergeGG
thraximore: peter griffin death pose
Juliamon: I found the donu art, but I also found plushies of Deca and Donu on Etsy
Seth_Erickson: seabatClap
rembe0: oof
brookeChigurh clap clap clap clap clap
Haroldholmes25: please clawp
squ3e: one more run?
Sibwow: contractually obligated comercial break
APartofManny: XD ok stream done
Snowcookies: and now yu can take a break!
Sibwow: every hour
ratstronomer: fayrenMyaaa fayrenMyaaa fayrenMyaaa
r10pez10: !clip
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r10pez10: Juliamon is it exactly like i'm imagining
djalternative: okay. time to go sleepybye friendos. goodnight
Juliamon: and for the plushies (along with others)
Snowcookies: that sure is a defined butt
r10pez10: it is somehow smaller than i was imaginging
MurphEP: FBtouchdown
thraximore: quitter talk
Dr_fragenstien: fuckin watch me
skuzzo: I beg to differ.
ArkhamArchivist: True there’s also Ice Cream
JusticeJuice: Not with that attitude.
SirElgar: not with that attitude
BrindleBoar: There are two wolves inside you. One is Donu and one is Deca.
MurphEP: :)
r10pez10: but doctor. i am cheesecake
skuzzo: That's what second opinions are for.
thraximore: what a quack sMH
Snowcookies: Your doctor is probably more knowledgeable than us on the matter
zladcommathe: Ben that means you need a new doctor
JusticeJuice: Put veggies inside the cheese cake.
HasturTheYellow: Just change doctors until one says you can, forehead
ArkhamArchivist: Oh yeah, let me see that quack’s medical license. I bet they don’t have a fungineering degree from Cheesecake U
Athelgar: its a strong power
r10pez10: cheesecake me? yes please
JusticeJuice: Veggies are the "egg's" that let you storm Cheesecake.
ArkhamArchivist: Sometimes the power deck is fine with a power with no text on it
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r10pez10: part of a balanced diet
Juliamon: By living with a cat
SymphonicLolita: delicious mulder remnants
Snowcookies: cat hair is all around you
niccus: cat hair rules everything around me
Haroldholmes25: LUL gottem
thraximore: PrideLaugh
skuzzo: Cat Hair Rules Everything Around You
Haroldholmes25: I mean you could, it is a thing
TheThirdTail: the power deck is very fun, but not particularly good
jellybean57: power decks are a thing, but pretty dependent on a specific relic
gsyhiap: Power deck is definitely a thing
rembe0: powerdeck relies on monkey paw
r10pez10: ooh, cheesecake
ArkhamArchivist: Power deck wants a lot of rares
YeetTheRich_: Amplify is a risky start to a power deck
Haroldholmes25: free zap is pretty powerful
mazingolfer: zap becomes free
YeetTheRich_: Defrag pog
ArkhamArchivist: where were you in the Claw deck, shuriken
niccus: spoken like a chat who hasn't moved to SSDs
niccus: i'm genuinely not sure if amplify goes in the power deck
jellybean57: yeah but everyone knows taking a shuriken might as well summon time eater as the act 3 boss
Kalamaximus: tru
r10pez10: is act 4 boss just three donu
SymphonicLolita: claw denied
Athelgar: if you can get the relic that gives you focus you can somtiems race teh amplify
YeetTheRich_: amplify is medium at best and completely dead at worst
MurphEP: No claws?
ArkhamArchivist: when you use it to play multiple stacking Echos Form and Creatives AI it feels great but also it can just sit there dead and kill you
Yolysses: Arguably you’re doing a lot cool with so much ice effects in the deck 😎
shurtal: this enemy from Grizzelbees?
shurtal: cause dog just turned into an Onion Burst™
rembe0: high focus defect is fun, you can just skip turn and win
r10pez10: bloomin' bloody onion
YeetTheRich_: It's like draft, the best strategy is just taking the ”good” cards, but going full hog on a specific archetype is the most fun
shurtal: Seek Lest
rembe0: inserter is top tier
mazingolfer: hold more ice
Athelgar: so much pnodering
Xavion333: Particularly if you want a slow deck anyway
ArkhamArchivist: Look how many frost orbs you can fit in this thing
niccus: inserter is *the* orb perfect relic, yeah
niccus: pervert*
SymphonicLolita: what does focus do?
YeetTheRich_: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE
rembe0: focus increases the effect of orbs by 1
SymphonicLolita: ah
rembe0: most orbs anyway
rembe0: look at that block
shurtal: is this the "Mr. Cool Ice" build?
rembe0: dude literally can't hurt you
thraximore: ice, ice, baby
SymphonicLolita: time to go Full Orb
ArkhamArchivist: oooh
YeetTheRich_: I think we found our lane
Ahxes: Now we just need Blizzard
DiamondMX: Are we still on Claws or did something go wrong?
rembe0: blizzard never happens on good blizzard deck =(
r10pez10: claws won so it's a new run
olias675: Evening all
DiamondMX: Did Claws get to Act 4 and win?
r10pez10: blizzard make famous games such as world of warcraft,
r10pez10: act 3 i think
YeetTheRich_: Damage scaling with frost orbs
Ahxes: Deals damage equal to 2 x the number of times you channeled frost this combat. 3x if upgraded
rembe0: with your orbs you should block all damage
squ3e: blizzards deals 2-3x damage to everyone per frost orb channeled
rembe0: dang
Ahxes: Does barage dualcast sweeping does it?
DiamondMX: That's how it be sometimes.
rembe0: yeah
shurtal: so Wheeler is anti-plant, got it
Ahxes: Plant sucks
mazingolfer: zap, barrage, dualcast might’ve done it
mazingolfer: but then again you did the math probably
Ahxes: Oh I forgot about malleable
mazingolfer: ORB
thraximore: O R B
rembe0: ORB
DiamondMX: Remind me, does the plant also have the thing where it changes its attack plan every time you hit it?
rembe0: thats act 3
YeetTheRich_: Jackpot
JohnPraw: orb plz
niccus: how do you feel about chaos
JohnPraw: sounds like orb to me
mazingolfer: ball lightning so good
rembe0: it's mORBing time!
thraximore: jamblin' wheelerPog
SymphonicLolita: it's orbin time
Ahxes: Chaos is good if you are on the channel build
mazingolfer: ball lightning is like 10 damage
Ahxes: Instead of a specific element
YeetTheRich_: we ballin
DiamondMX: Ball Lightning is just generally a good card.
thraximore: made the same mistake twice LUL
DiamondMX: Is it mORBin time?
SharkHero08: waffle
SharkHero08: seeks not great great early
rembe0: rip
DiamondMX: Seek might not be as good, but it's always the best card you could currently draw.
YeetTheRich_: Seek is just free
r10pez10: inb4 another two hours
theamc2000: Bad run does not. Count
r10pez10: are you getting sassed by the whale
ArkhamArchivist: Feel the pull of the Claaaaaw
mazingolfer: HIGH ROLL
YeetTheRich_: No reason to ever skip seek in low ascension
thraximore: ooh
Natimus_Prime: C'mon RNGesus, give us the god roll
DiamondMX: Wheeler: "So we've been playing Slay the Spire for 6 months now, I think... one more run and then we'll call it a night"
SharkHero08: tempest is fun
rembe0: rip the dream
BrindleBoar: scammed
DEATHlikescats: One, two, three four everybody get on the dance floor
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thraximore: no tilt
theamc2000: One more run then I sleep
mazingolfer: tilted turbo run was hilarious
DEATHlikescats: Excited to see this run
mazingolfer: boot sequence is free
The_Knight_Owl: THA CLAW!
theamc2000: Boot
rembe0: you can't claw twice
rembe0: it's bad juju
gsyhiap: Claw!
Natimus_Prime: Wheeler is the must upright man I've ever seen stream
SymphonicLolita: cannot resist the siren song of claw
SharkHero08: take claw hten find a way to get rid of every other card in your deck
thraximore: yeah!
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
thraximore: FBtouchdown
gsyhiap: FBtouchdown
SymphonicLolita: nice
rembe0: ooooh!
rembe0: power deck here we go
SharkHero08: glacify is really good
Natimus_Prime: power/claw is a great combo
YeetTheRich_: Glacier is good with claw
silenceaux: Getting the 4 block for the rest of the fight seems kinda relevant, tbf
YeetTheRich_: Don't cancel me for saying this but claw doesn't need to be hyper aggro all the time
APartofManny: i hat that he is not an elite but is sooo freaking strong
mazingolfer: this run is cursed
APartofManny: *sry boss
Juliamon: cancelled, banned, go live in the woods
rembe0: this deck may be dead in the water ='(
silenceaux: at ascension 2? We can't possibly be dead yet wait who's the boss
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
theamc2000: Ok
SnackPak_: gg go next
theamc2000: Good nights
rembe0: sorry
Juliamon: it's fine, there's 10 minutes of stream left
Juliamon: plenty of time to get a good run for next week
theamc2000: Speed failing
YeetTheRich_: ”welcome to play it forward, today we will continue final fan- … what do you mean wheeler is still streaming“
Natimus_Prime: Sometimes the boss just isn't a good fit for your deck
mazingolfer: like, you removed all your strikes, picked up claw, wanted powers
thraximore: strike+, oooh
SharkHero08: take Storm
Athelgar: lol so much for playing it slow
Natimus_Prime: storm deck!
thraximore: never listen to chat
mazingolfer: S T O R M
thraximore: !listen
SharkHero08: Storm is so much fun if you pop off
The_Knight_Owl: no, you needed to take the curse out lol
SnackPak_: sergeOwl
YeetTheRich_: Storm is a heavy build around
thraximore: wheelerBless
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
silenceaux: Ooh, fish
rembe0: good hair
r10pez10: nice
hb8u: nice hair
theamc2000: Kiefer has better hair
SymphonicLolita: 10/10
TheThirdTail: panache is a power
SharkHero08: take the Strike
niccus: panache is an even better* power
rembe0: that discounted rare may be good
silenceaux: remove a defend. Kappa
niccus: *...well it's a bit of a buildaround
YeetTheRich_: loop there it is
brookeChigurh: prob no
mazingolfer: remove doubt
YeetTheRich_: nah
rembe0: ouchy
niccus: here it is, loot
rembe0: loot was the friend we made along the way
TheThirdTail: I'm sure Nob is flattered to be called loot
SharkHero08: combat is the whole encounter
rembe0: focus is power!
thraximore: defrag wheelerPog
SnackPak_: defrag is a good get
SharkHero08: hubris
mazingolfer: charge battery is decent
YeetTheRich_: 4 hp boss fight is prob fine :)
rembe0: echo is free!
mazingolfer: echo echo
rembe0: rip
thraximore: umbraSmile
SymphonicLolita: F
SnackPak_: sergeOwl
thraximore: then you hit it
rembe0: quit to menu and reload?
silenceaux: They sleep until you wake them up
mazingolfer: you’re not going all in on orb
SharkHero08: your doing fine... rolling a lot of ones though
K_t_Imp000: @silenceaux Well, after a couple rounds they wake up on their own
rembe0: you need more orb tho
SymphonicLolita: always more orb
rembe0: it's morbing time
jellybean57: you haven't said 'it's orbin time' yet
adept_nekomancer: He's beginning to orb
DAC169: "At least confront the first boss..." the whale's mad at you aipLUL
mazingolfer: you need to be orbing out of your fucking mind
thraximore: it's more orbing time
SymphonicLolita: 6 orb
CobaltShuriken: it’s orbin time
K_t_Imp000: All the orb, get capacity!
SymphonicLolita: at least
HasturTheYellow: Maximum Orbing, also known as MOrbing
The_Knight_Owl: you need morb
gsyhiap: more orb, always more orb
Natimus_Prime: There is no such thing as too much orb, so there logically can never be enough orb either
shurtal: So much morb to give?
lightfut: Is it, or is it not, orbin time?
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
r10pez10: good joke streamer
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
chumpofthemonth: I think you're doing great
thraximore: best joke you mean
rembe0: golf clap
The_Knight_Owl: richBobble richBobble richBobble
YeetTheRich_: fuck
SharkHero08: the horse joke was pretty bad
r10pez10: it's pretty bad that's why i enjoyed it
YeetTheRich_: somebody get this on the highlights im on mobile
SymphonicLolita: on it
mazingolfer: ORB
YeetTheRich_: bless
mazingolfer: add a random power is good shit
PhillKaiba: Hey all and one of my fav games of all time
SharkHero08: Melt is also really good if you get the chance
rembe0: melt is fantastic for one specific monster
PhillKaiba: Oh going a blizzard build?
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r10pez10: daze run
rembe0: good elite
rembe0: defrag
PhillKaiba: Yep
PhillKaiba: And the relic that expand ya orbs
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PhillKaiba: Just because of barage build
rembe0: ORB
SymphonicLolita: orb orb orb orb
rembe0: there is an orb max
Krillin_fan: ORB
K_t_Imp000: ORB
PhillKaiba: Worse elite in early game
Natural_Ones_Only: You absolute Nob
mazingolfer: abuse potions
mazingolfer: you heal off of your potions
Krillin_fan: easy every time
SymphonicLolita: e g g
MrTheWalrus: egg
Frostwriter111: E G G
thatanoyinguy: W
Natural_Ones_Only: EGG
rembe0: power egg!
thatanoyinguy: Egg
APartofManny: not for your build i think
PhillKaiba: In early yes as it scales
rembe0: glacier is good for orb
Natural_Ones_Only: Rn? No
APartofManny: since your going orbs
YeetTheRich_: wheelerFry wheelerFry wheelerFry
mazingolfer: glacier is great for orb
Athelgar: amd it doesnt exhaust
thatanoyinguy: Winnie
thraximore: wheelerFry
Krillin_fan: that's how i play killer instinct, just take glacier
thatanoyinguy: 🍆
PhillKaiba: What ya need Is a couple of copies of blizzard for big damage
rembe0: good boss
SymphonicLolita: slimy boi
rembe0: MORBIN TIME!
thatanoyinguy: 🍆
SymphonicLolita: acceptable level of orb
thraximore: PrideLaugh
PhillKaiba: Echo form is so good
r10pez10: ordering shampoo now
rembe0: echo is a way of life
APartofManny: thunder isn't bad
mazingolfer: echo form a power
gideon_not_graves: I'm back. Did we win last time?
rembe0: are you ready to be echo for life?
thatanoyinguy: Should I get pizza
mazingolfer: plus, it’s upgraded so it’s not etheral
PhillKaiba: Both good choices not thunder as you don't have enough thunder makers
PhillKaiba: Plasma!!
SymphonicLolita: plasmorb
Natimus_Prime: Free orb!
thraximore: thanks for the stream!
mazingolfer: free orb
r10pez10: can't believe wheeler got banned from victoria
YeetTheRich_: exiled from the island
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
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benjamin_wheeler: !homestream
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SymphonicLolita: thanks for the returnal to Is This Your Orb
YeetTheRich_: ha yugioh joke
SymphonicLolita: amazing
shurtal: y'all gonna have a cardboard grid to prevent screen cheating?
Natural_Ones_Only: slap only?
TheMandrew: big head mode/slappers only is the only way to play
Juliamon: Some of us use Prime and there's always that weird half-day where your sub is lapsed but you can't reup it
SymphonicLolita: didn't realize the mods were required to pay you Kappa
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Phailhammer: cya :)
SymphonicLolita: #spiredidnothingwrong