ScrapyardGhostTrain: Area transitions.
Didero: Ah, that's very useful
Didero: wompwomp
LadyLockwood92: I stepped away for a sec and came back to G saying 'Kill it! Kill it!'.
Didero: You stole a whole book from that enemy
theymerLoviatar: @LadyLockwood92 I did the exact same thing
Didero: Gotta read the subs fast before Cori kicks you out :p
ShatteredShamrock: Do not look away from "The Nozzle"
LadyLockwood92: Device Touched.
BrindleBoar: Booty.
theymerLoviatar: booty
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Foxmar320: Nice camera angle
Didero: Switching smoothly from a butt shot to a boob shot
mwlsn: Is The Device like The Machine?
CAKHost: That's the second biggest nightlight I have ever seen!
Bruceski: Final Fantasy 12: the quest for nukes.
LurkerSpine: Nethecite - iiiiiit's plutonium!
jessieimproved: Fran's butt needs a line in the opening credits
LordManiMani: lrrAWESOME
Foxmar320: Thanks for the stream Graham
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
hesterbyrde: Thanks for the stream Graham!
beowuuf: sergeHi thanks and bye! :)
Andymonium: thanks for streaming! lrrSHINE
Leonhart321: Thanks for the stream
BrindleBoar: toodaloo
scientist_captain: thanks G
LordManiMani: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
theymerLoviatar: thanks for stream! tuaLove
LadyLockwood92: Cheers for Stream G~
jdtreker: have a nice afternoon!
TXC2: I wonder if that cutscene is differete based on whose in the party?
Earthenone: !patreon
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mwlsn: After next time, no guarantees
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Thanks, G!
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
GapFiller: thanks for streaming G lrrGRAHAM lrrSHINE
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
grgriffin3: See ya G!
Didero: Hey, Graham has his own teleport stone!
TXC2: !next
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TXC2: !events
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Brozard: 🐴⌚
TehAmelie: rocket league? that's a name i have not heard in probably about 16 seasons
Didero: Ooh! Sorcerer's arena!
BigDaddyBland87: ohh garbage day
TXC2: did we skipp over MoC ?
Didero: I didn't see PiF scheduled for next week
Snowcookies: Graham said MoC
LordManiMani: Not to be confused with Disney Lorcana
GapFiller: TXC2 G is just going thru em at such a clip
DoodlestheGreat: Thanks for the stream, Graham.
theymerLoviatar: Ooooo terrible tribal sounds amazing
CururuGuasu: One tribe better be frogs
TXC2: Ok, thanks chat
TehAmelie: thanks indeed
Brozard: Through The Ages! Ages! ages...ages
CAKHost: One Minecraft will occur
I_Drink_To_Forget_Thermo: glad to be here G!
mwlsn: Thanks very much for the stream, really enjoying having these on!
TXC2: so rats? Kappa
LurkerSpine: like Ogres :D
DoodlestheGreat: BAD TRIBE! No biscuit!
theymerLoviatar: Rebels? tuaLook
CururuGuasu: OSFrog OSFrog
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jdtreker: Like Hominids maybe
Leonhart321: So Yeti, Homunid, Crab and Mono Shapeshifter
TXC2: so lightning bolts alround
WiJohn: Try hard bad tribal? nice
GapFiller: nalvHi bei G nalvHug see yr later nalvHeart take care xoxoxo lrrSHINE
GhostofJeffGoldblum: so the result is like...a totally fine deck
Foxmar320: Thats the second time I popped it this stream
TXC2: !discord
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Didero: Thanks for the stream!
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Foxmar320: LRRbot didn't see it the first time I guess
CAKHost: I wonder if there are Insect decks.
beowuuf: can draw maps club! can have new guests club!
LoadingReadyRun: @Foxmar320 hey as long as it gets caught once, ping it as often as you like :D
GapFiller: maps are not horses confirmed
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TehAmelie: maps can be elephants, though
TehAmelie: thinking of this cartographer who drew an elephant on a map and passed it off as a small mountain
beowuuf: lol
Earthenone: maps, like elephants, never forget
TehAmelie: this was in like victorian times. but for decades the empire thought there was a tiny elephant shaped mountain in this bit of Africa
corianderd: discovered a new obs error
corianderd: NVENC Error: Too many concurrent sessions
PharaohBender27: D:
GapFiller: lrrAWW
beowuuf: oh no :(
Didero: Too many undrawn horses
CAKHost: OBS, but we need those concurrent sessions!
Darleysam: have you tried having fewer sessions
beowuuf: clearly obs is trying to live in gmt and dst
TXC2: but that would mean less art
Darleysam: consolidate all your art into one easy-to-manage artblast today!
CAKHost: Simply load the art into the cannon, aim and fire!
TXC2: isn't that basically AI "art" ? :p
CAKHost: I've been replaying Secret of Mana and I'm remember all the sillyness that comes with using cannons questionably. XD
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
GapFiller: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG nalvNote nalvNote nalvNote
beowuuf: yay!
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
TehAmelie: a cannon fires only once, but words detonate across centuries
TehAmelie: my favorite probably made up Percey Shelley quote
ScrapyardGhostTrain: How we considered that maybe it's not that we can't draw horses, but that the horses simply cannot be drawn?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Can't Draw Horses Club is LIVE! Today @apsalar and @CassMerry are making maps in Wonderdraft 📷 ||
TXC2: maybe the horses Don't want to be drawn ?
TehAmelie: he could be talking about art in general as much as poetry, of course
GapFiller: nalvThink Lovecraftian horses
GapFiller: existing in non Euclidean dimensions
GapFiller: making them undrawable
Darleysam: maybe the horses should draw this time
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TXC2: here we GO!
beowuuf: unlocked with dollers instead :p
beowuuf: horse!
CAKHost: @beowuuf Thanks for the gift sub! lrrSIG !
beowuuf: :)
TehAmelie: if they're non-Euclidian horses, we simply need non-Euclidian drawing techniques
TXC2: Hello cori and Cass
mtvcdm: Helps to have a map!
TehAmelie: ohaio
CAKHost: Hello!
beowuuf: hello cori! hello cass!
TheMerricat: Hallo!
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Hello!
GhostofJeffGoldblum: hello everybody
aerohydra: hello everybody
LordZarano: Will they be texture maps or specular maps or just normal maps?
Manae: We need one of those "what's your mood today?" charts using the CDHC horses
beowuuf: why am map or maps?
TXC2: where is my beutiful map?
PharaohBender27: tqsLOL
DeM0nFiRe: 🤔
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
TXC2: Strong Whole story vibe, like it
beowuuf: morningcrescent reference, oh yes
GhostofJeffGoldblum: I'm learning so much today!
CAKHost: And why are people opinionated on land sizes? (Looking at you, US. :\ )
mtvcdm: You can't just *go* to Mornington Crescent. Not according to the Wilsonson Rules Amendment of 1893.
beowuuf: no left hand rule in effect
Invitare: sadly the only reason to make a map of Slough is so people can more easily avoid going there
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TXC2: Jolkien Rolkein Rolkein Tolkien
mtvcdm: Survey theorized that maps are just a bunch of triangles.
beowuuf: seabatClap sergeJustRight 15/10 no notes perfect
TXC2: and that's....the whole story
PharaohBender27: tqsClap
TheMerricat: It's a good thing Heather isn't listening to this podcast.
noSmokeFire: mountains are purely theoretical
TehAmelie: a full scale map would be perfectly accurate and perfectly useless, they say
beowuuf: lol
ScrapyardGhostTrain: What is laminate flooring if not a 1:1 scale map of your room?
TXC2: a 1-1 scale map of the earth is the 3rd act of Hitchiker's guide
GhostofJeffGoldblum: was the train ever on the rails
noSmokeFire: can we put the crazy train on a map?
PharaohBender27: escher3THUMBSUP
TXC2: sounds good
beowuuf: sounds like a plan
TehAmelie: i mean, we know it's gonna be Shrek
beowuuf: but is a plan a map?
noSmokeFire: oo, that's a good map topic. Wizard land massaes
GhostofJeffGoldblum: does Cass do voiceover work and if not why not because their voice is like the platonic ideal for it
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Ah, the founder of Atlantis.
noSmokeFire: @GhostofJeffGoldblum according to their twitter bio, they do VO!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Sadly, the spell had a finite duration & the city was lost in a tragic accident.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: eggsellent
TehAmelie: so what is this software and where could we get it?
noSmokeFire: @TehAmelie
beowuuf: what is the secret of its power?
TXC2: !humble
LRRbot: LRR is a Humble Partner! Go to and LRR will get a cut of any purchase you make at Humble.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: ooh, self burn
beowuuf: interesting, i already have that link saved!
mtvcdm: There's a lot of random smudges in the world you can get maps off of. Snow piles, oil stains, etc.
CAKHost: Gotta have them squiggle bits
TehAmelie: i've used inkarnate, it seems like a more primitive version of this. at least the free version
TXC2: mtvcdm pot holes
iris_of_ether: Ooh, maps
TehAmelie: do you think you can create great fjords? do you think you can be Slartibartfast?
beowuuf: blame canada, blame canada
GhostofJeffGoldblum: unfortunately my keyboard is a timeshare so I only get it March 19th-24th
TXC2: my keyboard just has me, a dumbass, at the helm :p
beowuuf: dare we dream the impossible dream of the mountain?
mtvcdm: Heck, there's some real parts of the world that have less-realistic looking maps than the smudges. Have you seen Canada? It just breaks apart at the top like it's being torn apart by a wormhole or something.
TXC2: mtvcdm well that's Ice for yeah
TehAmelie: heh. i want to draw a map of the world of my fantasy novel that does show the land dissolving at the edges
mtvcdm: And who just puts Hudson Bay in that spot. Not to mention that random dangly bit in the south where somehow they decided to put all the people.
mtvcdm: You can't prove to me that Toronto is a real place.
iris_of_ether: Lil baby hills
TehAmelie: i have seen Toronto in the movies, what more do you need
beowuuf: that was probably vancouver, everything is
GhostofJeffGoldblum: there is a 90% chance that at any given time you are in Vancouverf
jdtreker: a method of map drawing I saw a video of recently was that they poured a bag of rice out on some paper, then traced around it to get the edges done
Lysander_salamander: hello everyone!
TXC2: hello Lysander_salamander welcome
beowuuf: sergeHi
Lysander_salamander: I've not heard of Wonderdraft before
GhostofJeffGoldblum: t h i c c mountains
Mangledpixel: boop
Mangledpixel: ooooooh maps!
BrowneePoints: Okay, Speaking of Maps Cori. Did you see that well known Cartographer Artist Deven Rue is doing Tolkein Map style lands for the Lord of the Rings Magic Set!?
BrowneePoints: Unintentional serendipity today!
beowuuf: clouds and a little island, cute
iris_of_ether: I need to play with this later :)
TXC2: welcome back Mangledpixel
beowuuf: sea mountains were best mountains :(
TehAmelie: some erdtrees maybe?
TheMerricat: lol
beowuuf: powerful removal tool, takes out a whole mountain
BrowneePoints: OH
BrowneePoints: it's a Larch
BrowneePoints: Larix is the Genus for Larch Cori
iris_of_ether: Aren't larches needle leaves that shed in winter?
beowuuf: no 23. the larch.
iris_of_ether: Or am I misremembering my Tree Lore?
BrowneePoints: yep
BrowneePoints: deciduous conifers
bytecaster: But what is more important tree lore or tree law?
iris_of_ether: I've always wanted to see one IRL
TXC2: "Oh I hate this lousy larch weather"
TheMerricat: "Larch trees, also known as tamarack, are not true evergreen trees like pine and fir trees. They are deciduous, meaning in the fall as temperatures change and light decreases, they sequester nutrients from their needles (mostly nitrogen) for storage. As part of this process, the needles turn yellow then drop off."
beowuuf: wow, that's a great looking moaunting range
GhostofJeffGoldblum: that was an Amoogus bleep
beowuuf: *mountain
Mangledpixel: Number 1, the Larcch
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TehAmelie: trees are weird. like if you think it's weird that crabs evolved independently five times, trees evolved independently thirty five times at least. just on the Canary islands
iris_of_ether: Tree Law can cost you like 5 digits+. Tree Lore just helped win me a trip to Atlanta for middle school Science Olympiad
PharaohBender27: @iris_of_ether tqsLOL
iris_of_ether: I have the weirdest knowledge base
TacitusVigil: Hello all. This map program looks great.
TheMerricat: I love programs like this that let you create worlds, sadly my brain refuses to allow me to ever actually create anything with them because "it has to be right!" like you can't have a jungle next to a desert type thinking.....
TXC2: hello TacitusVigil welcome
TacitusVigil: What is it?
aerohydra: wonderdraft
TheMerricat: Wonderdraft
TXC2: this is Wonderdraft
TacitusVigil: Oh like in the title. Silly me!
TehAmelie: the Order of the Stick webpage has a pretty sweet tutorial about how to draw fantasy maps that make geological sense
iris_of_ether: @themerricat I feel you. I'm there too
TehAmelie: can reocmmend
PharaohBender27: NGL, I initially misread the stream title as "Wonder*craft*"
TacitusVigil: Thank you Merricat!
TXC2: said in the tone of Wonder Core?
beowuuf: reever?
Mangledpixel: sergeCanal
noSmokeFire: canal?
iris_of_ether: I love long water!
TXC2: also Rivers meander A LOT
TehAmelie: hmm how do you get a salt lake again?
aerohydra: put salt in the lake?
Mangledpixel: something something oxbow lakes
TheSpindash: You need a lake of sodium, and a lake of cloride, and connect them with a river.
beowuuf: something to do with mormons?
TXC2: you need a lake to high up
TacitusVigil: Lake Beej
GhostofJeffGoldblum: I think if it's so warm your sodium is liquid at surface temperature the chloride is probably gas?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: So there are some logistical challenges here.
beowuuf: look, has anyone still living ever said they've tried? no!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: The chlorine lake would be clean, at least.
noSmokeFire: @TheSpindash if you let some bears make a log flume ride on that river, you'd have a sodium claw ride
bytecaster: Also I assume the world we are building has some kind of magic. I'm sure we can make it work
SpacePotato01: what about a lake of cola and a mountain of peppermint?
TXC2: isn't chlorine a gas at room temperature ?
bytecaster: A lake of cola and a mountain range of mentos
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Yes. A very toxic gas.
iris_of_ether: My summer camp chemistry teacher definitely had a story about needing to get rid of 5kg of sodium metal. Apocryphally, throwing it off a bridge into a river is a way to rattle the bridge something fierce
noSmokeFire: veins of peppermint throughout a mountain range
TacitusVigil: It flows from the Bigrock Candy Mountains, of course
SpacePotato01: I'm thinking a village has both a peppermint mountain and a lake of cola. They never need sleep, and everyone enjoys the mint mine exports. But beware if the two ever meet...
bytecaster: An ancient dwarf in the deepest of the deep minds: "Lads, we finally did it, we hit Peppermint!"
bytecaster: *mines
DoodlestheGreat: @GhostofJeffGoldblum Cheap thrills.
iris_of_ether: @ghostofjeffgoldblum I don't know and I wonder how true the story was :D
Brozard: @iris_of_ether My high school biology teacher had a similar story. Tossed it into a lake, watched it blow up.
iris_of_ether: @brozard Magnificent
TehAmelie: what world can't be improved by one or more world trees in it?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @TehAmelie Elden Ring, going by how things went there.
iris_of_ether: I *will* say that he made his own thermite and let all of us high schoolers watch a soda can melt on sidewalk, so that may have helped my belief in the sodium story
TXC2: colour? such decadence
TehAmelie: no spoilers please
TheSpindash: The Pepto-bismol rivers help keep the volcanos dormant.
TXC2: the volcanos are all hot sauce right ?
TehAmelie: the stream froze for me, reload if it happened to you too
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zed_alpha: EEEEY AND CAN'T DRAW HORSES MAKES SUB BINGO! Gotta love making maps. Making fantasy maps has always been a special interest of mine, and sometimes I'll just do it as a hobby even if I never use 'em. Love it.
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TheSpindash: Don't step on these towns in bare feet though.
zed_alpha: I always go with the dots on a map style for towns and cities, m'self, but I do like the house sprites
TXC2: that is a LOT of sprawl for that city
TehAmelie: that's how you get a London
TXC2: true
TehAmelie: somewhere between 5 and 40 towns that just grew into each other. every world needs some of that i think
GhostofJeffGoldblum: that amoogus bleep grabs my attention every time, ha
beowuuf: @TXC2 they were trying to escape the chlorine
TXC2: beowuuf ah, it all makes sense now
zed_alpha: @TehAmelie I love that style of city building
TehAmelie: it's nice that we don't have to decide a scale for the map
iris_of_ether: 2020Shhh
LurkerSpine: This program looks so freaking dope
TehAmelie: makes me want to get back to Dorfromantik
beowuuf: is that the ferry route? :)
TXC2: I assume so
PharaohBender27: Or trade routes
TehAmelie: that's a thing somewhat halfway between being a videogame and a map maker. can recommend it too
TXC2: I like to think the ferry doesn't go to the island, just gets REAL close and then goes to the next town Kappa
beowuuf: it's more like a guided tour
LurkerSpine: a three hour tour
beowuuf: lol
TehAmelie: i kind of want to make a map filled with notes as a form of storytelling. would people be into that?
beowuuf: seems like a cool exercise
TXC2: yes, depending on the legibility
iris_of_ether: I want to play the map labeling game Beak, Feather, and Bone with my friends at some point
Lysander_salamander: I want to try out WorldAnvil sometime
TXC2: speaking of, I had google street view car go by my house on Friday, so that was neat
mtvcdm: A map that's just a page of carefully-arranged cryptic words: 'Here', 'Safe', 'Stay Away', 'Violence', '?'
Lysander_salamander: Sounds like it would make a good addition to a solo or journaling tabletop rpg game
TehAmelie: that brings me to a maybe silly question, but what options are there for sharing these maps with people? might just try freeforming something with Unity instead
aerohydra: theres a few fantasy/map subreddits i follow
beowuuf: woot for woods
TXC2: who ever controls that river crossing must make a killing
Mangledpixel: one idea I did have, though do not have anywhere near the time to do, would be to map out an open-world game like Skyrim or whatever using ancient methods - like pacing out the distances between things, and taking bearings from prominent landmarks like mountains, then seeing if what I produced was close to the actual map
TXC2: for skyrim there's probably an in game mod for that :p
TehAmelie: that's a fascinating concept, but i'd take it to some like randomly generated walking simulator map
Mangledpixel: ooh yeh, or a minecraft seed
TheSpindash: Family Circus skin when?
PharaohBender27: Didn't someone do the math and calculate that Skyrim is really like less than the size of NYC?
beowuuf: ooh
Mangledpixel: PharaohBender27 yeh, the whole of Tamriel could fit inside London
Mangledpixel: at the scale of Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim, anyway. Daggerfall has a much, MUCH larger scale
TXC2: we mixed Greek and Celtic to name that city
LordZarano: In general, videogame mountains are not mountains. Cause real mountains take over an hour to walk up
aerohydra: dangerbrook, voted safest city in the map area
TehAmelie: RetroMUD was always my favorite, except for how unplayable it is. several planets worth of real estate, 60 different player character species, etc. wonder what that map size is like
TheSpindash: Founded by Eunice Dangerbrook, an accountant.
Mangledpixel: Dangerbrook sounds like a 50 radio serial hero
Mangledpixel: *50s
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Pyromont? So that's where the hot sauce volcano ended up.,
TacitusVigil: I'm always a fan of Port Manteau
TXC2: Mangledpixel Alphonse Dangerbrook
beowuuf: Daniel Dangerbrook, man of mystery
noSmokeFire: but can we make them Kirby?
Mangledpixel: only Kirby can make them Kirby
Mangledpixel: we brook no brooks
TheSpindash: Nooo! But my One Piece skeleton man!
TehAmelie: we talked earlier about using this stuff for inspiration, but really i think if you just copied this thing by hand you'd have a solid map
GhostofJeffGoldblum: ah that's a typography mistake, it's actually Owls Hire. Yeah it's a town specializing in the gig economy but for owls.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Weird town. Good thai food though.
beowuuf: Owless Desert
bytecaster: Hiring owls? In this economy?
TXC2: Owls like rats
Mangledpixel: feral owls. ferowls.
Lysander_salamander: Dang even in a fantasy world we cant escape the Company Town
TacitusVigil: Desertshire but it's pronounced weird
TehAmelie: that looks sweet
TotallyNotaBeholder: I know I'm a bit late, but oooh, wonderdraft
TehAmelie: at a distance, sure
TXC2: hello TotallyNotaBeholder welcome
Mangledpixel: bees!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
Lysander_salamander: I'll have to bookmark this program for later
Lysander_salamander: bees
jessieimproved: jlrrCooltunes
GhostofJeffGoldblum: live! bees!
PharaohBender27: I should probably use this time to do an errand I've been putting off. Until later!
TXC2: so long PharaohBender27 stay safe
Lysander_salamander: 🐝
LordZarano: escher3BEE escher3BEE
TehAmelie: water your bees, stretch your bodily needs, swap your meds
TXC2: Right chat I'm super tired, so I'm off to bed, Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming Cori and Cass
Mangledpixel: sleep well TXC2! <3
LordZarano: Goodnight TXC2!
beowuuf: night txc2! sergeModLove
TehAmelie: personally, i'm still trying to process the fact that in The BIg Lebowski, you never see The Dude bowl, not one ballso what's cookin? personally, i'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that in The BIg Lebowski, you never see The Dude bowl, not one ball
TehAmelie: umm never mind that. (unless?) haha
corianderd: doesn't seem that weird
TehAmelie: it might have been an accidental paste. but now i'm into it
beowuuf: wb!
TehAmelie: hi again
beowuuf: cool maps
TheSpindash: Counterpoint: Make everything green
beowuuf: !isitgreenyet
LRRbot: I don't know, go check James' home stream at
beowuuf: LMAO
beowuuf: didn't expect that
EricTheOrange: james has become green
beowuuf: or rather james's ridiculous copper wall
GapFiller: thought James was more Iron Man than Hulk
beowuuf: looks so good with colour
GapFiller: !holes
LRRbot: Did somebody mention famous Shia LaBeouf vehicle Holes??
beowuuf: i mean when he breaks (another) netherite pick...
Mangledpixel: mountains of the air
beowuuf: every cloud has a silver lining, and also 900 tons of rock inside
TheSpindash: Cartrogromancy
TheSpindash: There may have been a spare "r" in there
mtvcdm: I mean, you ever play Carto? That whole game is just cartogromancy.
beowuuf: i roll for geography. no, not the knowledge skill :p
EricTheOrange: romance those cartogs
mtvcdm: Tell me this is not doing magic with maps
TehAmelie: think of the Eurasian landmass back when the Black Forest covered most of it
beowuuf: happy little trees
LordZarano: @TehAmelie Eurasia was covered by a huge cake!?
TehAmelie: a cake of ten thousand year old trees
beowuuf: it looks good artistically
LurkerSpine: trees in autumn
beowuuf: the real danger was the fall in the woods
mtvcdm: It's a campaign story beat. Why are those trees like that? Best head up there to find out.
aerohydra: ah yes, the orange trees of happiness, wonder why no one goes there
beowuuf: ends up being ha! bee-ness
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
beowuuf: Skull Island
mtvcdm: The cartographer had a purple pen
aerohydra: theyre radioactive, but the council assured everyone theyre safe
TehAmelie: and think wider, what kind of weather would there be if this happened to be the only piece of dry land on the planet?
TehAmelie: pair a deez
TheMerricat: para deez nuts?
SpacePotato01: Eye-Land
mtvcdm: Cartographer has to answer dumb questions about it every day. Getting irritated. Has started giving people who ask about it maps that maybe have fake landmarks on them.
Mangledpixel: seems (para)deece
beowuuf: Pair Of Dice
TehAmelie: snortle
beowuuf: deeeece deeeece deeece liiiiive deeeece!
mtvcdm: Also... note how on so many maps any icy bits are always in the north. Never in the south.
beowuuf: northern hemisphere bias
mtvcdm: Or if you want to get really off-kilter, the east or west.
TehAmelie: and they thought Atwood went hard with "Paradice"
TheSpindash: The extra 'e's stand for "excellence"
TheSpindash: A distinct laugh
TehAmelie: snortle is the onomatopeia of the laugh i made at "Paradeeeece"
v_nome: Pork industry?
TehAmelie: pork futures?!
SpacePotato01: Just number them
beowuuf: West Ocean, Right OCean
Ivalenz_: dwjftSip
Lysander_salamander: wizardry
mtvcdm: Oh god do we have to restart the ocean generator?
TehAmelie: i mean, generating water is like a 0th level cleric spell
mtvcdm: There's a generator on the island that just *makes ocean* and the world dries up without it constantly on.
SpacePotato01: 'The Fake Desert'
Asimech: "Parade𝑒ᵉ℮ce"
beowuuf: 6 seconds per orison
Asimech: (That took a while longer to put together than it should've.)
ScrapyardGhostTrain: That would suggest that your island used to be a continent & then got small.
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beowuuf: lrrHORN
Mangledpixel: Fruit fruit!
iris_of_ether: That's just a place on a cereal box!
TehAmelie: creating water, purifying water, warming water, the cleric spell list is full of sexy bath setups
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: 25 pounds of quickly rotting fruit
iris_of_ether: Sometimes LRRbot scares me
v_nome: Titanic Void is presumably what Mortal Lake looked into when realizing its own insignificance
beowuuf: beautiful seabatClap
bytecaster: Could be a sky island
Ivalenz_: Don't tell anyone, but LRR is my password generator.
TehAmelie: could be Snortle in the Sky
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Some places are just Hull.
bytecaster: @Ivalenz_ Are all your passwords variations on "bees"?
mtvcdm: LRRBot, what used to be here?
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #3800: "Well... Some people are orange..." —Cori [2016-12-29]
iris_of_ether: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3ANGRY escher3BEE
mtvcdm: Perfect
SpacePotato01: 7.2
beowuuf: very cool!
TehAmelie: 4.6
mtvcdm: So cool!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Pretty cool!
bytecaster: *holds up sign* 10
beowuuf: did cori teach chat nothing last time. ones of times
aerohydra: 9.8
Asimech: A fresh face to grace our days?
iris_of_ether: foxmarSHINY foxmarSHINY foxmarSHINY
mtvcdm: Silver rank
Mangledpixel: I rate it spleven gnorks out of pleem
v_nome: The... Neigh-boring island?
beowuuf: Horsebutt Continent
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Horsehead nebula?
mtvcdm: I mean, artificial islands are a thying and can be any shape you want.
LordZarano: I rate this 1/1 arts
Electrodyne: They have a very stable currency
TehAmelie: me, just realizing: do figure skating judges have to flip through 100 sheets of cardboard to get the one they want to hold up?
iris_of_ether: That island thiccc
beowuuf: @TehAmelie i think they just score based on convenience
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Does the horse-monarch not have a butt?
mtvcdm: This is Isabela, a real island on the Galapagos. It's shaped like a seahorse.
beowuuf: fjord would so so cool
DigitalSeahorse: digita435Seahorse
TehAmelie: sounds more real than the mountain shaped like an elephant
Electrodyne: One of these days I'll stamp a fantasy map into a piece of leather, and paint it
ScrapyardGhostTrain: I'll believe it when I see a photo not sourced from the Daily Fail. :P
v_nome: nevera14Jhorse
TheSpindash: What iiiiiif you made an island. And it looked... sort of like a kidney bean in the water? Eff, I just described Australia.
GapFiller: ScrapyardGhostTrain try this
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @GapFiller Thank you. :D
Mangledpixel: channeling Slartibartfast
LordZarano: Can we ford these fjords?
PharaohBender27: Back from my errand. How goes the cartography?
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Oh, that's a good point. Your previous islands didn't have a glacier for you to write your signatures in!
beowuuf: @PharaohBender27 we're seahorse islanding
DigitalSeahorse: it me
TheMerricat: We definitely are not drawing horses
SagaMonstrum: Ohh! Making maps? I used to do this a whole lot when I was younger, big favorite
PharaohBender27: OK, what *is* causing the AmongUs noises? Our hosts are presumably too occupied to be playing
Asimech: I don't think we can afford to ford the fjords just for a forced farce.
KeytarCat: A rogue finds a strangely enchanted bludgeon in a black market. It's labeled something like "Show them your equine majesty!" The rogue asks the Keeper, in Cant: "Club draw horses?"
KeytarCat: wait no, the Keeper responds, in cant: "Draw horses club"
beowuuf: so the mounatin and the forest and like the sharks and the jets?
beowuuf: oh, nm :p
TheSpindash: How many sirens live in the eye lake?
beowuuf: it was a valiant effort
TheSpindash: Perfect
beowuuf: lol
SpacePotato01: that's so lonely :(
beowuuf: the ruins of a sci-fi socienty
TheSpindash: @SpacePotato01 Don't worry, they'll attract many... rowboat sailors.
Lysander_salamander: cool
SpacePotato01: @SpacePotato01 And then she tries to sell them stuff!
beowuuf: such height, much dimension
Ogrekidd: islands
beowuuf: broken island chains?
beowuuf: cool to see the varienty of housing elements up close
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
PharaohBender27: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
ContingentCat: PrideUwu PrideUwu PrideUwu
beowuuf: wb
beowuuf: horse islands possess no horses
DigitalSeahorse: ssandGHOST
v_nome: Do you think the bottoms of each of those peninsulas are populated by horseshoe crabs?
DigitalSeahorse: PrideFloat PrideCute i missed bees
beowuuf: the bees were in our hearts all along. the doctors save they cannot operate.
YTfriendofsquirrel: yeeeeeeeeeeeeee buddy
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beowuuf: lol
beowuuf: look, how about we avoid subtlety and just go with Arseland?
PharaohBender27: Hooftropolis?
LurkerSpine: Glutropolis
TheSpindash: Back in the day, you could export Sim City 2000 maps to Streets of Sim City and SimCopter. These clearly need exported to Sea of Thieves.
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Great Buttington. Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: dickbuttopolis
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
NoxStryx: Rumptumpolis
beowuuf: Deecebuttington
googoltudoris: something something "y'know, you're being a real horse's ass"
DigitalSeahorse: Buttington Square
beowuuf: buttington crescent
Ogrekidd: little buttington on the bay
googoltudoris: welcome to the lovely beachside hamlet of ANUS
beowuuf: for a horse island shouldn't it be a mountin' ? MiniK
Boopity: Can't describe horses' anatomy club
beowuuf: head, flank, legs, the underside, tail bit, the hoofums
LurkerSpine: Briskette
TheSpindash: I'm trying to think of many horse-themed location names, but the fundamental problem is that Friendship is Magic exists and has taken them ALL.
DigitalSeahorse: Past The Balls, along The Crevice beside The Pit, North Buttington (just like some real addresses)
FITorion: fig?
beowuuf: all london areas are just body parts or diseases of various bodyparts
NoxStryx: Kneesburg?
beowuuf: beware hedge end
LurkerSpine: Shanksville?
GreatWahooney: this seems like a lovely neigh-bourhood lrrAWESOME
Boopity: Wooow LUL
SK__Ren: Gallopolis?
LordZarano: escher3PUN
beowuuf: @SK__Ren sergeJustRight
DigitalSeahorse: Gulf of Shins
LurkerSpine: Whipcrest
v_nome: Twirly Town
beowuuf: the thorn in the hoof, a classic tale
Boopity: Tails End
DigitalSeahorse: Tail's Point
LordZarano: Cape Tail
beowuuf: backend is a solid name
DigitalSeahorse: Oatsville
beowuuf: Castle Underbulge sergeJustRight
DigitalSeahorse: digita435Seahorse
beowuuf: looks like horse island has water wings
DigitalSeahorse: ferociousThink
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: how would you compare wonderdraft to something like inkarnat?
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ScrapyardGhostTrain: I have a question, chat: is there a decent piece of software as idiot-proof & reasonably-priced as this appears to be for making tactical-scale maps, rather than 'world'/campaign maps?
googoltudoris: is it bad that now i want to make all my fantasy maps just be animals?
Invitare: Only the best ideas, here on Horse Club
TheSpindash: Xenoblade Chronimals
Invitare: actually yeah that's just XC2
googoltudoris: gotta catch em all! next time, on Pokemon: Druid
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beowuuf: :D lrrHORN
Azralorne: Lol how long until cori sees it
Boopity: I love the one that's just "Chin"
Azralorne: I wish I hadn't been at work, this whole thing is cool as hell. What program is this?
PharaohBender27: Oh no, the horse is crying!
Azralorne: Fancy
Azralorne: Is it freeeeeeee
TheMerricat: and no
Azralorne: Damn
Azralorne: Cool though
TheMerricat: it is however, one time cost.
Azralorne: It shouldn't be
Invitare: flank?
beowuuf: i'd love the start of a show where the map is zoomed in and pans around and only slowly pans out to show the horse
TheSpindash: An unskilled rider is on the side of a horse.
Azralorne: It just means I gotta wait until I have mons lol
Boopity: Nobody knows what horses are made of. That's why we can't draw them.
Azralorne: Oh my god New Kneeton and Best Kneeton
PharaohBender27: :D
beowuuf: so cool!
Azralorne: Chat is never happy
FITorion: volcano
Invitare: angry eyebrows
TheSpindash: Human teeth
Boopity: Blue Eyes White Horse?
Azralorne: Give it a goatee
beowuuf: great bushy forest of eyebrowns
beowuuf: or eyebrow of forests
Azralorne: A twirly mustache!!
Azralorne: It's got the scarlet rot
beowuuf: is this evil or just bathorse without the mask?
TheSpindash: "There's so much beautiful land around this area. What if I build right in the middle of this death swamp?"
beowuuf: Mare-lice?
v_nome: Nightmere
Boopity: Can we somehow work in a horse glue joke into this?
NoxStryx: Socket of dispair
beowuuf: The Stye of Joy
Invitare: no, that's a Metroid game
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @v_nome Ooh, I like it.
TheSpindash: Conjunctivitis Hollow
beowuuf: The Smoking Crater of Heroic Justice
Invitare: Landhorse island
TheSpindash: Horse Island 2: Son of Horse Island
Boopity: Otherwise that'd be confusing Kappa
beowuuf: Fole Isle
TheMerricat: Seahorland is an entirely different setup....
DigitalSeahorse: digita435Seahorse digita435Seahorse digita435Seahorse
TheSpindash: So it's basically Greenland vs. Iceland?
LurkerSpine: Pony Enclave
TheSpindash: But horses
Boopity: It's like a greenland and iceland situation
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh
beowuuf: perfect
PharaohBender27: Cheer150
beowuuf: this has been great. thanks cass! thanks cori!
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
TheSpindash: Thanks!
beowuuf: obs makes it difficult :p
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun crew join hands (sometimes from the comfort of their homes) to play some video games! Game: Rocket League) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (1:10 from now).
PharaohBender27: tqsLOL
beowuuf: :D
TheSpindash: Peace!
beowuuf: sergeHi byyyyyye
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh PrideFloat PrideCute PrideFloat PrideCute PrideUwu PridePog
DigitalSeahorse: ferociousSituation ferociousSituation ferociousSituation ferociousHug
PharaohBender27: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
TehAmelie: one hour, too little time to marathon Lower Decks. what to do, what to do
beowuuf: just watch the two film parody ones :)
GapFiller: anyone lost for something to watch rn theres Ben and Voxy
GapFiller: its a gas
GapFiller: they just lost a bee
Metric_Furlong: !advice
LRRbot: In order to make clear parts more effective, select three.
Metric_Furlong: !findquote parts
LRRbot: Quote #8026: "It won't hurt me if I don't touch the red part." —Ian [2022-04-03]
Metric_Furlong: I see
GapFiller: !badadvice
LRRbot: Explosions can be contained in a body.
Metric_Furlong: well, the AoE2 tournament stream has ended just it time for me to have not seen any of LRR's things today
Metric_Furlong: although it is golden week so I can almost get away with staying up for some of CtS
TehAmelie: seriously though, The Dude is never shown actually bowling. how weird is that
Metric_Furlong: in general or in relation to the background level of wierdness of the rest of the film?
TehAmelie: yes
xantos69: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun crew join hands (sometimes from the comfort of their homes) to play some video games! Game: Rocket League) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (51m from now).
Metric_Furlong: ok, in that case: it's about 3.79 on the scale
GapFiller: nalvThink gotta watch Kumiko the Treasure Hunter at some point
TehAmelie: it's a movie "about" bowling. at least in The Fast and the Furious they show Dom racing like, twice
GapFiller: speaking of the Coens
GapFiller: TehAmelie eh is it REALLY a movie abt bowling tho?